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File 152097934628.png - (310.33KB , 800x600 , 0.png )
873307 No. 873307 ID: e77725

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Audit%20Quest
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No. 941449 ID: 10c408

Do not take the runes just yet. There may be some nefarious law or ruling against demons that could be used against us by the bank when we eventually take them to court that allows the judge to throw the whole case out.
No. 941451 ID: 151656

Nah, I think you're focusing on the wrong thing. An auditor shouldn't choose her runes based on themes, but on ROI; she should audit every rune and watch carefully how much she stands to benefit from each one and choose based on that. Choosing based on wishy-washy stuff like how much they mesh with her personality and all that stuff is for non-auditing plebs.
No. 941453 ID: 10670f

That would be Fancy, Alochol, Fancy, Alochol, I'd believe.

Make fancy Booze with magic and sell it online. Use the runes generated from slimes to make Mana and just sell the stuff by the crate-load. The rest is just advertising, get a bunch of reviews on how 'great' your booze is and get a good rep so you can overcharge people for booze you can make for free. From what I've seen the Underworld doesn't really have a FDA to get in your way.
No. 941454 ID: 151656

But we're not talking about making items here, we're talking about runes for Mary to infuse herself with. Since that can be done with just creating items with runes, infusing herself would be an unnecessary risk. Also, not all benefit is directly monetary; ROI on power, survivability and whatnot should be also taken into account.
No. 941469 ID: d856aa

Mary, can you pull up a trait sheet like that for us? I'm curious as to what our traits are.
No. 941494 ID: 0f41e2

Hmmm, our Runecapacity is 17. Is that much? Next to nothing? Average? Ask Mary.
No. 941497 ID: 0f41e2

Oh, nearly forgot.
Yes, i think we should at least Rune ourselves.
I mean, imagine you could walk you of here, just now.
Would you du it? I think this Job is the most freedom you can have in this world.
But not right here right now.
No. 941499 ID: 8eaf98

still going to stress this is not the time to be making such a important decision. This is currently manipulation. (honestly just like tack a week onto mandatory refusal to rune self every time dungeoneer asks)
No. 941500 ID: b1b4f3

Hey didn't we have a human underling that wanted runes? But refused to decide? Let's make her decide now. It'll get Dungeoneer off our backs and give a good indication of how it would affect Mary.
No. 941501 ID: 10f5f8

Nice to see Rune Capacity is directly tied to # of Spiders Killed
No. 941526 ID: 867391

the real question is how did mary manage to go through life without killing far more spiders than 17.
No. 941528 ID: 151656

It's probably a reference to Larro's game, like Lust Defense.
No. 941538 ID: 05fc40

As someone above me said, taking runes into yourself could fuck up your looming court case. You really cannot afford that. So if you want to take runes into yourself? Wait until all that is handled.

As an alternative, buy an enchanter and have him make you mad artifacts to boost your scrawny self with in the interim. Maybe a Letter opener since those can double as daggers.
No. 941540 ID: 05fc40

Also order up a phone and contact a law firm to get your case in order. Any major law firm would be SALIVATING for this case. Like you will probably have lawyers fighting death battles in your dungeon just for the chance to get to be on this case and the counter suit.

Probably should also call your family.
No. 941565 ID: c26b8d

WOW you have -6 luck, no wonder everything has been going so shitty for you.
No. 941571 ID: c26b8d

I think you should call your family, or the family lawyer at least, you might have some inheritance to collect.
No. 941573 ID: 1ed92d

Take some time off to think about your life choices and possible careers. And also if being a demon is a significant departure from being an Auditor.
No. 941625 ID: 679a6d

Let's see...

365*29 is 10585

10854-10585 is 269

365-269 is 96

So Mary's birthday is in about 3 months. We need to alert Curi and the rest of the dungeon of this.

I think that might be Charm Defense rather than Lust Defense, and the former is ridiculously high at 243.
No. 941626 ID: 151656

If she's lucky, "Number of Dead Immediate Relatives That Are Personally Known About: 0" means "you don't know your dead relatives" rather than "you don't know your relatives are dead". But just to make sure, call your family.
No. 941633 ID: a9af05

Don't rune yourself until you're good and ready to do so. Don't let yourself be pushed into it.

Also check to see if those reviews have come in while you were looking at your stats.
No. 941655 ID: 977456

Someone else already pointed out the problem with your initial statement.
No. 941663 ID: 151656

Well, shit.
No. 941685 ID: 679a6d

I just had an idea of how to do that.
Chaos Slime, go tell Mama Curi that Mary's birthday is in 96 days!
No. 941689 ID: e3e99e

I have an idea.
Ask Alex or Hemlock to get a new phone. You have some calls to make.

First, obviously, you need to call your parents.

Second? Call a cursebreaker.

Third? Call a lawfirm, because you have a big old case that's unassailable.
*The loan the Demon King took out was a personal loan. Thread 1 established that there was no collateral backing it up, meaning there were no liens on the dungeon. It's his debt as a person, not a debt on the dungeon or its DM. We can ask for a declaratory judgement to that effect, and an order for Drachma bank to stop attempting to collect a debt from people who do not on it.
*We can sue for wrongful termination, breach of contract, and back pay. They have a cursebreaker on staff for these events, which implies a contractual obligation to break curses on employees. However, they chose to instead terminate our employment due to on-the-job injury. Because we were trapped on a work site, when they terminated our employment without notifying us they actually owe us our salary to the point where they chose to notify us. That's quite a bit of pay.
*We can demand a declaratory judgement that even if Drachma bank had any rights or claims to the dungeon, they have explicitly and implicitly given up those rights. First when they refused to accept it from Mary when she was in their employ, and again following the termination of her employment when they affirmatively stated that it is Mary's property rather than their own.

Short version? Mary doesn't owe them shit, but they actually owe Mary money.

The specific amount that the King of Demons owed doesn't appear to have ever been stated, and since Mary isn't going to abandon the dungeon at this point since she's personally invested it's best to cut these dangling plot threads.
No. 941690 ID: 679a6d

It's 159,000 Gold, listed when Alex arrived at the Dungeon.

Not sure if that's before or after interest though.
No. 941723 ID: 977456

>wrongful termination
There is an argument that they had no choice, due to conflicting interests. I would like to think that there is an alternative, especially considering the ease with which employment can be imposed, that would be a sort-of deferred employment where your status is suppressed pending legal evaluation.
Or they could be sued for unsafe working conditions on the grounds that they have a curse-breaker who they can't use because what they need is a curse-preventer. That could even be a class-action by all of their employees...
Then there is the matter that they fired her to avoid a conflict of interests in the explicit way that resulted in them maintaining the debts. They could have dropped the contract instead for the same outcome, and such would seem to be the appropriate response given that Mary was employed against her will. So they are on record as having acted wrongfully due to conflict of interest...
No. 941754 ID: c8a789

I would say go for it, if only because this job is better then your last and you have certainly made a few friends here. Its not logical to get rid of such a invesment, go for a law rune, to enhance your abilitys.
No. 941801 ID: 98db10

It's either 103 or 104 days, actually. Leap years are a thing. (Possibly only 102, but that's kind of improbable)

>lawyer talk
I think this calls for a repost from Chapter 4:
>Mary already said that debt transference isn't a thing that the Demon King could have done. However, it is possible that the property we are presently bound to by his magic would go under something called "fraudulent conveyance".

>In short, the Demon King gave us this property and then fled to avoid paying his taxes, putting his property out of the hands of his creditors. Depending on the legal statute of the realms, such an intentional way to defraud the system may be considered insufficient to protect the property from foreclosure, liquidation, or anything of that sort to help the initial investor recoup their losses.

>Basically, the Demon King's debt isn't on us, but it may be on the dungeon. However, two problems arise from this. First is that in effect of his means of conveyance of the property, the demon king deprived us of our personal liberties and put us in a hostile situation with no means of escape, meaning that he can be sued in a court of law for reckless endangerment (a felonious infraction), deprivation of personal liberties (a felonious infraction), and personal damages.

>In such cases, criminal procedure overtakes civil procedure (such as debt collection), putting a halt to all other liens against his property until the case has been resolved. Reparations can then be easily named in the millions of gold, and should he not arrive to defend himself in a court of law within a certain number of days once we've put up a trial for the appeal, we can easily have him forfeit his former, reclaimable properties for immediate, grievous damages before the banks can foreclose on anything. This would effectively discharge the debt while netting us the property.

>The second is that the dungeon itself was a derelict structure beforehand possessed of a dangerous, extremely pernicious entity which would have made its original pricing negative. In short, the property without the added value that Mary has added, which she, by all rights could send back to start before leaving to return the property in initial condition, would not be worth reclaiming.

>In short, the bank lost this one from the second the Demon King stuck us here. They can go chasing his bony ass across the abyss for whatever gold they can wring out of him. The dungeon is ours, the debt is his, and if they try to take our home, they'll have ashes instead.

>Do. Not. Fuck. With. Mary.
No. 941802 ID: 151656

>[...] it may be on the dungeon. [...] criminal procedure overtakes civil procedure (such as debt collection), putting a halt to all other liens against his property until the case has been resolved. [...] have him forfeit his former, reclaimable properties for immediate, grievous damages before the banks can foreclose on anything. This would effectively discharge the debt while netting us the property.
There's something I don't follow there. If the debt was on the dungeon, and then Mary claims the dungeon as reparations for damages, doesn't she end up with the debt, since it was on the dungeon and not the King? Even if the case isn't considered resolved, it'll just be halted, but it wouldn't disappear. As far as I understand, claiming property attached to a debt also claims the debt, unless specifically insured against it.
Other than that, the logic is solid, and it does a good job of explaining why the bank was trying to get Mary to talk terms (in essence, she would be voluntarily overriding the halt to civil procedure).
No. 941808 ID: e3e99e

Not quite.
In thread 1 Mary establishes that there is no actual collateral securing this debt. That means it's the Demon King's debt, rather than a lien on the property.
They can sue him to attempt to convert that debt into a lien, and they can attempt to recoup the value of 'gifts' he distributed to avoid payment.
However, the value of the existing dungeon was approximately equal to the cost of an empty dungeon, less any maluses that would apply. The horrible thing in the basement, for example, is basically a malicious squatter who cannot be removed.
I want Mary to lawyer up and end that plot thread so we can focus on important things, like seducing Dungeoneer and researching new runes.

Speaking of which: Mary, seduce Dungeoneer!
No. 941815 ID: 977456

>Mary, seduce Dungeoneer!
That sounds impossible. Like, Mary can get right onto that after she moistens water and dries ice. Pretty sure if you somehow succeeded Dungeoneer would just start frothing-at-the-mouth while literally falling into a coma.
No. 941824 ID: 151656

But a Dungeon is not merely a property, but also a business in itself, you can inquire a debt on a business without collateral. Hmm, but then if Mary claims she only claimed the real estate, constructs and monsters, and used it to start a new business... which checks out with her changing the name of the dungeon as soon as she was able to... then the debt would be associated with the Dungeon of Pain, which is unrelated to Mary. Yes, this is workable, we have a solid case now. Carry on.
No. 941825 ID: 94b78e

Hey, wait a minute. You can buy things now, with your new auditor levels. Buy a phone and call for help!
No. 941845 ID: 1a6fd4

That's nice and all, but that case is based on the legal system of a different world. For all we know, the legal system in Mary's world works in a Phoenix Wright-esque way where she's still considered guilty until her lawyer gets someone else behind bars, or something else entirely.

We've had phones back for a while now. I think we had Demo buy one along with some other necessities one time. We also have Alex's phone and Moon Elf's communicator.
No. 941925 ID: ce39da

Don’t forget to actually call the nice poison demon’s sister before you commit to anything major.
No. 941927 ID: e3e99e

Oh, yes. We should do that after seducing Dungeoneer.
No. 946361 ID: e77725
File 157013531248.png - (141.74KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

"No." Mary says.

"... No?"

"No, I think I'll stay the way I am for now."

"But... So many Dungeon Masters become demons... It's great."

"I will do it as an absolute last resort, but as you can see I won a whole fight without needing it."

"She was at death's door."

"I am the best at this while being a normal person."

Also, stop discussing my age...
No. 946362 ID: e77725
File 157013540697.png - (111.33KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

"Now, if you'll excuse me I have -several- phone calls to make. I need you to make sure the reviews are archived, I want to check them out later."

"Yeah, gotcha." Dungeoneer says. She watches Mary walk off and strokes her chin. "Last resort, huh..?"
No. 946363 ID: 151656

Dungeoneer, no. Bad Dungeoneer.
No. 946364 ID: 094652

Dungeoneer, you have our permission to push her limits, but if you intentionally cause a costly failure, you're fired.
No. 946365 ID: 1a6fd4

Speak for yourself, she definitely doesn't have mine.
No. 946367 ID: 977456

But... becoming a demon alters ones appearance. You need to make a bucket list of things to do with Mary's humanity before she goes demon. And make sure to get pictures of everything! They'll become limited editions once the source is gone!
No. 946368 ID: d856aa

Mary, remember we still have Belladonna.
No. 946369 ID: 10f5f8

Dungeoneer, what are you doing? Dungeoneer stahp!

P.s. Do it you wont
No. 946371 ID: 0fae41

She clearly meant resorts of the tropical variety, Dungeoneer. Start workin' on that beach bod.
No. 946376 ID: e3e99e

Dungeoneer, you don't need to turn her into a demon in order to seduce her.
We'd be happy to help you get your sempai to notice you.
No. 946377 ID: ad51b8

oh that does not bode well.
No. 946378 ID: 06095b


Yo, other hat. Control your accessory's murder boner.
No. 946384 ID: 10670f

"Only as a Last Resort"

Umm, Mary? I don't think getting Rune'd works like that. Like, just now, you kinda needed those Runes before you found yourself locked in a room with an Abberation. I'm pretty sure they don't work like a potion to be chugged, there's probably this whole "process" that Dungeoneer has to go through to get it to work.
No. 946388 ID: 58b4f3

At least wait until you get a Dragon Rune! Then you can turn Mary into a dragon!
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