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File 151856706318.png - (141.30KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Opening.png )
867195 No. 867195 ID: c88e6d

I am myself, Melora, a being of many bodies and one self. While in the grand scheme of things my 'self' only awakened recently, I have fragmentary memories I feel are far older.

Upon awakening, I fought and destroyed a group of violent creatures called 'Elz' and saved a small community of the same species but separate culture who had been enslaved. These Elz had only one body and one mind, strangely, though it seems to be the normal way of this world. After building an alliance with the Elz and a being like myself, Lagraz, I set out to explore the rest of the world.

After choosing to explore to the east, since the other directions proved either difficult to explore or populated by extremely hostile natives, we found the ruins of a place called the Pale Kingdom surrounded by the wreckage of what must have been a truly horrific war with no survivors on either side, as far as could be understood.
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No. 867196 ID: c88e6d
File 151856718023.png - (249.45KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Opener.png )

Having picked up a strange object and been somehow bonded to it, one of my bodies felt compelled to enter the ruined city's deepest reaches and explore ruined and overgrown passages. There, it hijacked my body's musculature to open a door before going dormant. There is something inside, it looks like-
No. 867198 ID: c88e6d
File 151856747525.png - (82.42KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 SkutMeetBug.png )

HAIL, RESCUER, I GREET YOU IN THE NAME OF THE PALE KING'S COURT. Ow ow ow ow ow why is it so loud what even is this.


It's not even in my ears, something about this thing just feels LOUD, and it's worst in the body that holds the sword.

What do I ask this thing?
How do I make it shut up?
What do I do?
Seriously why is it so l-WHY DO YOU SPEAK TO YOURSELF IN SUCH A MANNER?whyyyyyyy
No. 867199 ID: 3abd97

>How do I make it shut up?
Just yell at it. In your head, and out loud.

No. 867200 ID: 772fe4

request that it use it's indoor voice
No. 867203 ID: b1b4f3

Ask about this distilling of your bloodline, what does it mean by that? You could sacrifice one body I suppose, if you get something more from it. Like permission to loot the city, or for other material aid.
No. 867228 ID: 91ee5f

Does it want the body with the sword or a different body?

Request that it not speak that loud because it hurts!
No. 867254 ID: 195d33

The hell are you and why are you so fucking loud?
No. 867284 ID: c88e6d
File 151858277508.png - (249.63KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Chastisement.png )

Several of my bodies clutch their heads and fall to their knees, groaning at the sheer pain the BOOMING of that inaudible v- WHY ARE YOU ALL ACTING LIKE THAT? DID I SAY SOMETHING WRONG? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M LOUD, I'M NOT EVEN SPEAKING. It keeps interrupting oh god. Mercifully, the intense agony is cut short when a voice, speaking audibly, with words, cuts through in accented and archaic Elz-speech.

"My queen, we have told you a thousand times. Amongst commoners, use your vocal chords. The Queenspeech is too potent for their frail forms." The glowing figure at the end of the hall finally comes into focus as it looks... embarrassed and the pain of the mind-to-mind contact finally subsides.

[color=#3FFFFF]"Ah.... I do apologize, rescuers! Please, forgive me, this is the first time I have spoken with anyone besides my dear departed consort and my Queensguard."
No. 867287 ID: c88e6d
File 151858352229.png - (245.84KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Conversation.png )

With the pressure gone, I step up and look into the chamber beyond. There are six white figures with heads similar to the empty shell we found by the sword whom I assume to be the un-crushed form of the creature that formerly wielded it, standing about the strange tree-like-creature in the center of the chamber.

I ask some questions. "Why are you so loud? Who are you?" I say, omitting the expletives I certainly feel like using at this point. Those weapons they hold look dangerous. The tree-thing titters in laughter, though their cheeks glow pink. "Ah... forgive me again! I am... WAS Princess Gregaria Anastasia Felicity Angelica Delila Beauteous Charity Love-The-Child-Though-They-Are-Not-Thine-Own Paleblood, the First. You may address me as Queen-Mother Gregaria, however, and Consort if you so desire-" One of the 'Queensguard' coughs into their hand at this, a strange and disturbing buzzing noise."Ah, yes. I am the Queen of the Pale Kingdom... aaaaand quite possibly the last surviving fertile member of my line. I want to mate with you and eat you to enrich my bloodline!"

I pause, looking contemplative while one of the Queensguard slaps a hand to their helm and looks like they're about to speak. "I could spare one body, were you to grant me permission to take what I desire from the city above." The Queensguard stares blankly while the Queen-Mother clacks her mandibles and flicks her numerous limbs. "Oooooh~! My beauteous savior is not only a heroic and virile adventurer, but a eusocial organism? Long have we sought to breed such qualities into the castes, but never have we come close! Take me now, stranger, but tell me your name as you do so that I might record it for our young! I'll name the first eighty after you, and then I can work on some new ones! Ooooh, if only my beloved were here to see this..."

....I'm still quite confused. Should I sacrifice one of myself to mate with this strange bug plant? I think the Queensguard are somewhat surprised I'm considering this offer, though they seem to be snapping out of it.
No. 867291 ID: 3abd97

Do they prefer a male or female specimen to mate with? Although honestly you're going to be surprised if any offspring result at all, you're pretty sure you're not the same kind of creature.

Introduce yourself, and sure, why not.
No. 867292 ID: 9215e1

Would she be willing to answer some questions first? Because it'd be nice to know who and what they are.
No. 867295 ID: 91ee5f

I mean.....it’s only one body, it’s not really that much of a sacrifice. Ask if she wants a male or a female? Or would she prefer the body that has the sword attached to its arm?

Introduce yourself as Melora and yes, everyone in your group is you.
No. 867302 ID: b1b4f3

Eusocial? That's not right. Explain that you are one mind with multiple bodies. That might not be a desirable quality to them.
No. 867327 ID: 66b5eb

One body, and you get to loot the entire city? Cheap at the price!
No. 867591 ID: c88e6d
File 151865004103.png - (128.43KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 MATING CLAWS.png )

As I look at the.... 'female'? It's like a tree... I say, "I amMelora.I am uncertain we could breed, being different species, but I will happily provide a male body. I am not eusocial, however, being many bodies with one mind unified in thought and action, so I-"

At these words, the plant-like Queen practically uproots herself from the ground and lunges for the male body I placed nearer her, snarling "FERTILIZE ME AND LET ME EAT YOU NOW YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAST!"
No. 867592 ID: c88e6d
File 151865009458.png - (147.91KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Knight Discussion.png )

I'm about to take further action as she snatches up the body when- Oh... a-ah... Ohhhhhhh my yesssssss. This feels so GOOD, I can entirely understand why she considers this a reward oh OH~! In sympathy the rest of my bodies start to express these sensations regardless of where they are or what they are doing in the city above, whether in the presence of male, female or convenient holes in walls.

As I enjoy my 'reward' from the Queen immensely, one of the Queensguad strides up to one of my bodies and clears their throat, a faint pink glow visible on their skull-helmet's cheekplates. "Ah.... greetings, foreigner. The Queensguard are all grateful for your rescue and.... willingness to act as a consort." The guard shuffles uneasily, raising their voice slightly over the noises that fill the chamber. "We are... quite willing to proclaim you a member of the Pale Court in good standing should you desire to join, though I understand you might want to think about it beforehand-" "Their blood is made of ACID~!" Interrupts Gregaria while she- Hah, I need to figure out how to do this without losing a body~! The Queensguard squirm in obvious discomfort as Gregaria very thoroughly works to defile herself using my body.

What should I Ah~! ask the Queensguard about?

Should I- Oh yes~! tell them I'm looting the city?

M-maybe we should form an alliance!

Should I become Gregaria's permanent consort I'm becoming Gregaria's husband and wife and no second thoughts or doubts are going to stop me!
No. 867597 ID: a363ac

allience and looting are important conversation pieces.
No. 867601 ID: d887c0

So who and what are they? Where are they from? What do they want? Why are they here?
No. 867605 ID: 55c4cf

Get to fertilizing.
No. 867612 ID: b1b4f3

I hope the acid isn't going to hurt the queen too much.

Alliance is a yes. Ask them who attacked their city, and how quickly they can reproduce to repopulate it and muster an army to strike back. Do they want you to track down anything in the city, like lost artifacts or documents?
No. 867623 ID: 3abd97

Ask them what the heck happened here, and how they ended up in their present situation.
No. 867669 ID: c88e6d
File 151867183859.png - (101.23KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Explaining.png )

>Hopefully the acid won't hurt her
On the contrary the Gregorina seems to enjoy my blood.

>Alliance, looting, exposition
I decide to focus a little more on things OTHER than mating for the moment.... just for the moment though. Taking a deep breath and steadying myself before the Queensguard, I look it in the... I think those are eyes anyway, and ask, "I will be happy to ally with you, but may I scavenge the ruins above?" The Queensguard makes a faint sound like a snort and waves dismissively. "Oh, those scraps? Go ahead, nothing irreplaceable." My desire for 'permission' satisfied, my bodies on the surface gradually disentangle themselves from one another temporarily and set about searching through the wreckage of the Pale Kingdom for shiny baubles or useful items and piling them up by the Victory Monolith outside the tunnels.

Still, I can tell the Queensguard and its companions are feeling a little undercut by the fact that I am currently in the process of impregnating their monarch, and judging by the condition of the city and this chamber they have been waiting for years to give some kind of speech. Taking pity on them, I decide to provoke them. "So... who are you and how did you come to be in this place?" I ask, steeling myself for what's coming.

The Queensguard livens up immediately, drawing itself to its full height and beginning to gesticulate (a dangerous procedure given the weapon clutched weightlessly in one of its clawed hands.)

"I am glad you asked, Consort Melora! It is a tale of epic chivalry and art, a soul-searing saga of a great land grown greater by divine providence and deep spiritual strength, a-" This continues on for quite a while and I admit I do stop focusing on him while leaving my body watching him to enjoy Gregaria until I hear him start the story itself.

"-And so in the Year of the Founding, the Queen of the Land of Want birthed the Pale King, the progenitor of our entire nation. Born with chalk-white flesh and weak red eyes, he was thought bound for an early grave, and was not even given a name, so fearfully certain were his parents of his imminent demise. Would that they could have understood the promise within the Pale King's blood! Despite a certain feebleness of flesh early in his life, the Pale King's mind was as a streaking thunderbolt across the land, a champion of virtue and practitioner of the chivalric weighs. Indeed, so deep is the script he wrote on the subject that it was woven into the very being of his later knights! But ah, that was centuries later. So dedicated was the Pale King to justice, honor and wisdom that he refused to take a name, being only called the Pale Prince until he came of age. By his twentieth year, his father abdicated the throne in his favor, and by his twenty-third he had sired more than eighty children! It is thanks to his generous donation of seed that the Pale Kingdom learned much of the ways of blood, and so finally unlocked the power to weave and unweave life itself!-"
He continues on for another half-hour, discussing the methods in which the Kingdom created many new forms of life, apparently being descended from a group of creatures quite like the Fulgurines and Elz, though evidently no longer anything close. From what I can tell, after subjugating their neighbors by using wit, strength of arms or the Royal Voice that so pained me upon entry, they chose to focus on their mastery of art, Bloodweaving and remedying all social ills of their kind. It was apparently an existence of hard work, romance and celebration intermixed on any given day, until the Fulgurine nation attacked.
"-And when the Kingdom needed him most, Sir Atravus vanished. Of course, you have his sword so we can restore him from backup." I don't know what that means... "Regardless, when the Fulgurines contacted us for the first time in centuries, we were entertained. We recalled their metal trinkets and gewgaws and were hoping they were going to bring us some of their mechanical puppets or demonstrate their sparking toys. While we were a thousand years beyond them in most every way, we did admire their dedication to the arts of the alchemist and smith. Imagine then, our surprise, when after a mere two-hundred-years they turn up with village-sized flying ships and weapons that draw down thunder from the heavens, armor nearly equal to our own soldiers' and Mountain Breaking Light. They approached us as equals, which we were willing to concede they might be, and then requested we grant them some of the wealth we had drawn from the earth and fields over the centuries. We asked them what they would grant us in return, and they showed us weapons of war, running water and pretty blue sparks. The King, Harrakus the First, was so utterly unimpressed, he simply turned away and started holding the Peasant's Court. The Fulgurine had the GALL to demand His Majesty's full attention and warned of grave consequences should we reject his proposal, so myself and Sir Korus politely removed him from the palace and into the river."
At last, the Queensguard clacks some internal part, scrabbling its hard claws against one another. "Admittedly, we might have been more tactful, for it was not a week later that the Fulgurines began to hurl their weapons of war into our glorious capital. The Knights could, of course, hold their own against any dozen of their flying craft, and the King darkened the sky when he took flight, singing battle-hymns and poetry as he tore them all asunder! Sadly, our soldiers fared less strongly, and even our knights fell one after another against concentrated fire. Crying out for aid, we called forth the peasantry from the surrounding country, and they came in their [millions]. The numberless host of our loyal serfs struck terrible blow upon blow as we cast Fulgurine vessels from the sky, but as the weeks rolled on and the King himself fell it became clear victory could not be guaranteed. The Queen-Mother, rest her soul, birthed Gregaria and dispatched the last surviving Consort in the kingdom along with all of we who remained in the Queensguard, into this chamber, where we have waited for... I do not really know, maybe fifteen years? Boring time anyway... As to how the battle ended, we have no idea. From what you've said, it seems the city is uninhabited and there are no Fulgurines... Still, it would be nice to know who won."

Perhaps I should tell him about the monument, or even show him. There is nothing preventing us from heading above ground, after all. I could also get him to help identify some of the stranger artifacts I have been pulling from the rubble...
No. 867671 ID: b1b4f3

Wellllll, wait until the mating is finished, then tell them you found the monument. Also wait, there was a Consort with them? Shouldn't she have gotten pregnant already?
No. 867674 ID: 91ee5f

>Sir Atravus vanished. Of course, you have his sword
Tell him where you found it here: >>/questarch/844588 , and you thought it was just a weird looking sword. Then one of your bodies picked it up and it attached itself to that body’s arm and then you proceeded to freak the fuck out!

>Still, it would be nice to know who won.
Tell him that from what you can tell, it looks like both sides killed each other.

Even though you have been told that there are still Fulgurines across the ocean, the ones that came here are all dead.
No. 867675 ID: 66b5eb

If the mating's not finished by the end of that spiel...

Focus on collecting tech artifacts from the city; those are the things these bug people won't be able to help you replace.
No. 867793 ID: c88e6d
File 151872667559.png - (146.99KB , 800x600 , Awakening Queensguard and Melora.png )

>Shouldn't she have gotten pregnant already?

This is a good point... "Why is Queen Gregaria not pregnant?" I say, tilting my head at the guard. "Oh, it's a little different for us. Rest assured, she'll have your children as well as His Grace's." Well, that answers that.

>The sword

"I found the sword beside a fallen flying machine that looked really broken, and there was a dead guard like you under it." The Queensguard nods. "Sir Atravus died defending his homeland then, and it led to you releasing us early. I am certain his consciousness will be grateful when instilled in new flesh."

>Tell him about the monument

"From what I can tell, both sides completely wiped each other out, but there is a big stone tablet that talks about it. I can show you if you like." The Guard seems excited, lifting itself up a little before nodding in appreciation. "Thank you, Consort Melora. I would be very happy to see the surface after so many years."
No. 867795 ID: c88e6d
File 151872681822.png - (77.46KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Loot.png )

>Focus on looting the city

The 'mating' process apparently entails surgery and application of strange fluids designed to make the phenomenom more pleasant for all involved, and takes many days to conclude. As I head back up the passage with the Queensguard, I concentrate on looking for relics of the Fulgurines that the Queen would not be able to replicate. Unfortunately, most of what is left is rusted through or broken, or just in tiny metal fragments, but there is a very unique-looking spear with a strange fork and metal wiring.

As we emerge onto the surface, the Queensguard looks about, giving a respectful bow towards the dead hulk that was his king, before stepping around the Monolith and noting the corpses in front of it. "Soldiers and a scribe, all so low-ranked I've never seen any of them before. That they survived to create this monument and guard their sovereign speaks well of them. They shall be rewoven into the first of the new lines of their kind." Despite my limited ability to understand his species body language, he seems incredibly proud of his dead cousins. I give him a tug and ask him about some of the more unusual objects gathered in the loot-pile.

For the spear: "A Fulgurine Spark-Pike, deadly when charged with lightning. I have no idea how their batteries work but the Queen could likely work out a bypass for it, albeit at a lower efficiency."

For the strange stone: "This is a newer form of book! Our older ones were printed in *pheromones* on silk, but the ink tended to run after a few decades. We figured out how to impregnate clay with the scents in the last twenty years, though, and were in the process of re-recording our histories and writings when the invasion happened. With these and the dead scribe we should be able to recover much of what was lost."

For the oddly shaped golden lumps: "Piercings. We drilled holes in our shells and adorned them with these. That you found them discarded suggests nothing good."

For the shiny jewels: "Oh, I see you found a Jeweler's. Maybe we'll be able to recover that bloodline too if there's enough of a corpse left."

For now, it seems we are free to explore the city.

Is there anything I should talk about with the Queensguard?

Should I prepare to settle in thise city?

What, if anything, should I do about food?

What was that shiny thing on that tower in the distance anyway?
No. 867806 ID: b1b4f3

You've still got food, but you can ask where their food supply came from. If you can take advantage of that, you would want for little.
Hmm, this place could make a fine home base, but you'll have to convince Lagraz and the Elz to move over here, or at least tell them that you moved here. Shouldn't be too hard to keep in touch with them even if they don't move to the city.

Ask about the light.
No. 867808 ID: 91ee5f

Agreed with all of this.
No. 867812 ID: 806769

Don't settle, you can do better.
No. 867828 ID: 56e50f

It would be nice to watch them reclaim their city. To grow alongside them. You've already established yourself on good ground with them. It would be a cushy position. That being said, always be ready to move on. One day, they're going to expand to a degree that space and resources will be issue with you. You should leave before that happens.
No. 867901 ID: c88e6d
File 151875324743.png - (66.89KB , 800x600 , Awakenign Chapter 3 TOWER.png )

>Space will be an issue

Judging from the fact that this city is at least a dozen-dozen miles on a side, and is now seemingly depopulated, I get the feeling that it will be a significant period of time before land clearance becomes difficult.

>Food and such

This is a much more pressing issue, and I immediately raise it with the Queensguard while walking through the rubble-strewn courtyard before the monument. "So what have you been eating all this time? How have you been drinking?"

The guard shrugs. "Well, we ate before we entered the chamber and the Queen had her consort of course, but for the last several years we've been fasting, aside from whatever the Queen's been drinking through her roots. As to what we can eat now... Well, the miasma of our fallen and the Fulgurine machines has probably rotted away most of the food stores by now, but the water should be drinkable without any unpleasant long term effects, since the fountains draw on springs. As for food, I'm sure the Queen can grow some once she leaves her Chamber, though that will take a few days." It seems I am going to need to start hunting for a while.

>Be ready to move on

Ohhhhh definitely. Regardless of how... lovely it is to spend time with Gregaria, I have always been ready to flee should my allies betray me. Even Lagraz and I have always been ready should the other turn on us, though we did pledge to warn one another before we fought.

>Ask about the light

"By the way, what is that light over there?" I ask, gesturing at the tower. The Queensguard turns from the monument, tilting its odd head as it follows my finger. "Light? What li- Huh. That's odd." He scratches his head. "That's the Tower of Artifice. It was built as a demonstration of architectural prowess and used as a museum. I vaguely recall some of the Scholars being rather excited about an unusual meteorite they'd found, but I cannot say what it was exactly." He (or she, or it, I cannot really tell) raises a hand to his brow and leans closer. "The tower should not really be stable at this point, parts of it were quite alive and I am almost certain it was hit by enemy weapons during the destruction of the city... I would not recommend trying to climb the two hundred odd flights of stairs and ladders to the top, let alone taking the elevator at this point, regardless of how many bodies you're willing to throw away... We might have a method to get up there, though you will need to wait a few weeks for more to happen. Please do avoid putting yourself at risk, I should hate to lose a new member of the Royal Court so soon after our Queen-Mother's re-emergence into the world."

Should I ignore him and climb it anyway?

Shall I just see about setting up shelter and clearing rubble for a few weeks?

Should I personally go to the village or just send one of these bug-men back instead to avoid the hassle of a caravan?

Should I ask about anything else?
No. 867909 ID: 830fb7

We should ask it how mirage works for their species is it a mating for life thing like some species have or a more formal way.
No. 867914 ID: b1b4f3

Go back to the village to tell them what's going on, but just have like, four of your bodies escorted by a bug man. Enough so that you can think clearly through them, but not so many as you need to carry a bunch of supplies with you.

Your other bodies should clean up the place and get things ready. At this point it might be best to gather up weapons that your bodies could use. Maybe the Fulgurine troops left some behind?
No. 867916 ID: 91ee5f

>gather up weapons that your bodies could use.

Although, we should be careful about picking up any bug guy weapons. If our bodies get weapons attached to them and these are more of those weapons that we can’t put down, then we’ll end up with a few bodies that won’t be able to carry anything because the weapons are stuck in their hands!
No. 868029 ID: c88e6d
File 151882365489.png - (55.80KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Messengers Depart.png )

>Send off messengers

It'll be a stretch without a chain of bodies extending my range, but I will be able to keep a group as part of myself if I send 6 or so back with one of the knights. Good idea too, he mentions not having left the city in more than a century. I begin to suspect these Queensguard may be somewhat inexperienced...
No. 868032 ID: c88e6d
File 151882428895.png - (87.12KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Bees and Bugs.png )

>How does Marriage work

I ask the talkative Queensguard about this, and he attempts to go into a lengthy explanation, but the gist of it is that it's very rare for a consort to exist for longer than the mating, the Great Kings like the one lying dead in the city being exceptional cases who were preserved rather than being dissected. As I am capable of mating with the Queen-Mother more than once, it appears I am a de-facto Great King, though apparently I would need to undergo a medical procedure known as 'coronation'.

>Weapons and Preparations!
I find two more of those shocky spears, as well as some knives from dead Fulgurines and so many strange-looking weapons whose purpose I cannot derive that I stop collecting them after a while. As Fulgurine technology is apparently dependent on small boxes full of lightning, and none of the ones I've found have worked thus far, it's safe to say they're inert for now.

The talkative Queensguard is quite helpful when I tell him I want weapons, and so he guides many of myself to what he calls a 'civil armory'. It was struck by weapons early on in the battle, but he helpfully shifts the rubble. While I am cautious around the bug-weapons, the knight politely informs me that only knightly weapons can act as the Sword did, with these being far simpler and less robust objects designed for use as a last resort. They're still strong-looking weapons that resemble the ones I'm used to, though.

Finally, while clearing the rubble about the city, I do find a large number of strange metal eggs with rings attached to them. The knight begins walking backwards as I try to bring one to him for analysis and begins climbing a wall to get away once he runs out of space, calling down from the top of a building that I should under no circumstances pull the little ring out, as the egg 'hatches' into a rapidly expanding cloud of fire. I distribute them to my scouts anyway, as that could be useful...

Regardless, it seems now all that's ahead of me is work and regular matings, unless we have anything else to do in the meantime while the Queen-Mother starts to make food and my messenger group returns.

A timeskip is available should it be desired, otherwise make a suggestion on what Melora should do right now. Suggestions for what to do over the weeks of timeskip will also be accepted.
No. 868035 ID: e1c8f7

Training, hunting, homemaking and learning. In the weeks to follow, you should make a home for yourself as best you can. Learn technique for the weapons you've been handed. Train how to wield them well. Hunt with them and grow with your new home.
No. 868451 ID: 30b736

Timeskip would make sense. We mostly ought to explore the city a bit more to scrounge up useful tools. Maybe work on setting up habitation.
No. 868454 ID: 91ee5f

No. 868481 ID: c88e6d
File 151900753492.png - (98.67KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Weeks of Housework.png )

As my head clears from the.... experience with Gregaria over the next few days, I am better able to focus on the tasks ahead of me, and so I am able to more efficiently prepare the ruins for habitation by myself, Melora, in addition to the survivors of the Pale Kingdom's royal family. There are several hurdles to overcome, such as the lack of wood and my relative inexperience with stone, as well as the structural instability of the materials after explosive bombardment, but in the end I am able to assemble several lean-tos of increasing quality, especially once we discover a silk-weaver's workshop and start using the light fabric for roofing material.

Taking the advice of the talkative Queensguard (whose name turned out to be Sir Evira), I avoid endangering my bodies in the Light Tower, but I and several members of the Guard continue to watch it for any changes as time goes on. This also proves a good time to learn single combat, helping me learn how better to enable my bodies to protect themselves without the benefit of numbers. Despite the minimal situations I can conceive of in which this could happen, the fact that I can imagine any is reason enough to learn.

It is around two weeks after sacrificing my body to Gregaria that she proudly displays one of the eggs she's been laying, showing a jagged rent in its shell and a very normal number of eyes peering out. Despite our lack of connection, I do feel some kinship to the creature, and the fact that it remains silently hiding in its shell is... cute. Still, Gregaria insists that she'll be able to do MUCH more if she implants something directly into one of my female bodies.

...Just to be on the safe side, I've started keeping them away from her chamber in the palace ruins.
No. 868482 ID: 094652

Emphasize the hive mind when weaving new babies. You need to work closely with the queen to build new bodies that are still thralled to your self. Disregard all other augmentations for now, keep the remaining genetics simple so future generations can add even more species. Your next step should be to experiment on integrating Elz bloodlines so you get the intelligence boost.
No. 868483 ID: c88e6d
File 151900759022.png - (44.35KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Flying Bug Butt.png )

Finally, after nearly a month, Sir Evira strides over to my closest body and spins around, revealing the hollow gaps in their shell, and a set of almost luminous white wings. "Finally! After so long underground, it feels good to grow these in once more!" They flutter, thrumming noisily. "Now we don't need to climb the tower, I can just carry you right to the top!"

I admit, I have a few questions.

Should I even bother asking how?

I don't feel like going to the tower?

Maybe I'd rather focus on the Messengers and the Queensguard they're leading?

What does Gregaria think about the tower?

On second thought, let's give Gregaria a female and see what happens...
No. 868487 ID: 094652

"After much contemplation, I think we should stay away from the meteor. What if it's like one of those 'fire eggs', but bigger?"
No. 868498 ID: 93be1c

Give bug queen a female. You can make more, right?
No. 868500 ID: 56e50f

You know if you ask any questions, this man is going to give you a figurative wall of words. Let's just take our ride to the top and have a network so the body doesn't become too detached from the rest of the hive.
No. 868513 ID: b1b4f3

I think we are more worried about the hivemind being hijacked and possibly completely consumed.

Though I guess if Gregaria swears it won't interfere with Melora's mind it could be okay...
No. 868541 ID: 91ee5f


>Let's just take our ride to the top and have a network so the body doesn't become too detached from the rest of the hive.
And this.
No. 868549 ID: 66b5eb

Send a body to the top of the tower. No risk no reward!

Don't let Gregaria try anything fancy until you can see the final results of your first mating...
No. 868796 ID: c88e6d
File 151910229344.png - (75.70KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 I Regret This Decision.png )

>Give the bug a female
>Not until you see the final results

Actually, I've seen the final results. They're kind of adorable Bug-Skuts. They're like myself in that they're linked, but Gregaria isn't linked to them, so they seem to have no memory of the world but a lot of curiosity. They're also kind of cute, and make this weird hissing, peeping noise.

Anyway, I guess I SHOULD give her a female, as she's been nothing but helpful and friendly this entire time and I have plenty to spare. One Breeder shouldn't hurt. "Queen-Mother Gregari-" I say, poking a female's head into her chambers, before I'm promptly interrupted by a [color=3FFFFF]"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS~!"[/color].

O-ooooh no.... I'm so distracted now... Hahhhhh, at least it doesn't feel like she's going to eat this one.

Sh-should I do anything else today? I'm a little shaky but I can handle it.
No. 868804 ID: b1b4f3

Surprised you had a non-pregnant Breeder to spare. Did she just give birth?

Try to focus on the messenger group a bit so that they don't fuck up while you're distracted. All other bodies should take it easy. Don't go to the tower today, do it tomorrow when the pleasure subsides so you don't fall off and lose a body or something.
No. 868840 ID: 91ee5f

No. 868846 ID: 9d4af9

Take it easy until you're mentally competent again.

Ketza bugs! Speep!
No. 868861 ID: e1c8f7

All non-critical operations should be put into lite duty if not outright stopped. Put particular focus into missions that cannot be easily stopped, such as The Messengers.
No. 869430 ID: c88e6d

I'll be updating tomorrow! Sorry for the brief hiatus!
No. 869433 ID: 830fb7

ok. Hope it wasn't anything serious causing the brief Hiatus.
No. 869464 ID: cc5f4f

Question: Are they like your other bodies?
Question (1): Do they register as one of your bodies?
Question (2): Do they have some sort of individuality?
No. 869505 ID: c88e6d
File 151933363337.png - (68.10KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Refocusing.png )

>Non-pregnant breeder
Yes, it gave birth the other day.

>What are the offspring like?
They're linked to one another. More than that I cannot say.

>Focus on the messengers
Right, I shouldn't go staggering around on top of a high place with a Guard trying to fly on brand new wings... I think they're still wet. Alright, time to focus on my messenger group, they should be nearly home...

I halt a few more demanding tasks and processes and settle my breeders down to nap for a while so I can concentrate more easily.
No. 869506 ID: c88e6d
File 151933365893.png - (68.28KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 HOLY CRAP A GIANT BUG.png )

Alright, my bodies are just reaching the village, and- oh, there's Dorz! I do not recall her living so close to the woods, but I suppose it's been quite a few months. She's wearing some strange thing on her head. I wave!

"Oh hello MeloraAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Why is sh- Oh, right. "Hello!" Says the towering Queensguard.

...I somewhat regret paying attention to this particularly incident right now. How should I fix this?
No. 869510 ID: 91ee5f

“He’s a friend! Stop screaming!”
No. 869516 ID: e1c8f7

Ask the guard to give a non-threatening bow!
No. 869517 ID: 3abd97

It's fine they're only deadly if you try to have sex with them and you're a male!
No. 869547 ID: b1b4f3

"I made more friends!"
No. 869635 ID: c88e6d
File 151937428745.png - (71.63KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Perfect Height.png )

>Say hello


>"I made friends!"

These are all good ideas, and so I immediately try to defuse the situation and stop Dorz' high-pitched wailing before the rest of the Elz enter a death-frenzy. "Dorz! Relax, it is me, Melora! This is my friend, a guard! Bow, Guard!"

Mildly offended, the Guard does still bow with a quietly muffled, "Sorry...", lowering his halberd as he does so. Dorz awkwardly gives a bow back, her keening petering out as she wrings her hands. "Ah.... H-hello Melora. Sorry about.... that... Who IS this, and how has your expedition gone?"

This might take a while. Do I give her the long version or the short version?
No. 869637 ID: 830fb7

short and sweet, unless she asks you to explain in detail.
No. 869642 ID: e1c8f7

The essentials! Details can be provided to the higher ups and those who ask.
No. 869665 ID: 91ee5f

No. 869767 ID: c88e6d
File 151944393222.png - (43.67KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Skutilocks and the three Direc.png )

>Short Version

I start to tell Dorz about my adventure. "I went east and found a magic sword that ate one of my bodies, then I went into a big city full of giant dead bugs and Fulgurines, I met a pretty bug fed it another body, and then they made me their king."

Dorz stares blandly at me. "....Why don't you and your new friend come and drink some tea while you explain in more detail."

And so Dorz, myself and the Queensguard head into her home. Her offspring seems absent, although I suspect I will know his approach by the touching of my tail. I tell a slightly more coherent version of the events leading up to becoming a King, Dorz sighing with relief as the world starts making a little more sense. "How is your son, by the way?" I ask , Dorz, wagging my tail comfortably as I sip a fifth mug of tea.. She sighs. "He and Lagraz got married last week."

No. 869768 ID: b1b4f3

By Lagraz does she mean the other group of Skuts? Speaking of which we gotta tell him about the Pale Kingdom, ask where his nearest body might be.
No. 869769 ID: 91ee5f

Well, you’ve been gone for a while, so yeah, a lot has happened since you left.

Also, tell her that now it’s her turn to explain in more detail.
No. 869772 ID: 094652

>Lagraz got married
Doesn't even faze me. 1) Technically, Skuts are hermaphrodites by definition of their experience with both male and female genders, 2) Lagraz was bound to develop a relationship after years of close contact with Elz, and 3) You married a @#$%ing mantis girl who literally vored you.
No. 869780 ID: cc5f4f

No. 869804 ID: e1c8f7

I believe congratulations are in order?
No. 869896 ID: 9d4af9

Whatever floats their collective boat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Make sure you get them a bouquet or something.
No. 869940 ID: c88e6d
File 151953545782.png - (116.04KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Catching Up.png )

"I... had no idea..." I begin, thinking back.

Well, he did always have a thing for touching my tail... I had no idea he would grow up to take tail-touching so literally.

>You literally fed yourself to a Mantis-Girl


Alright, perhaps my own proclivities are a little odd, but it still feels odd.... Well.

"Uhm... congratulations?" Dorz buries her head in her hands, blushing intensely. "Just... just don't mention it. It was awkward enough when he wasn't sitting around the village square in a heap of Lagraz." She shakes her head and goes to get the tea.

"I feel a little awkward..." Says the Queensguard, shifting inside the house. "Shall I leave?" Dorz voice comes from the kitchen.

"Don't worry, after Melora and Lagraz showed up, we got a bit used to kind strangers with... interesting appearances." The Elz woman returns, bearing a teapot and we start to reminisce about pleasant times. It's.... soothing.

I'm quite happy with this situation. It feels nice to have a home to come back to.
No. 869941 ID: b1b4f3

Too bad you can't just move the city here huh? Speaking of which ask her how she feels about moving to the city once it's more habitable. Or even just near it. It would be much safer!
No. 869945 ID: 91ee5f

Tell the Queensguard to pull up a chair and have a seat. He doesn’t need to be standing all the time.
No. 869948 ID: 9d4af9

Maybe you could look into getting Lagraz and the Elz to move to the city? They could help you rebuild, and you could make a grand multi species city state.
No. 869985 ID: e1c8f7

I don't see why we can't make both places our home. It will take time, but this place could be our source of laborers and food to keep the city's restoration going smoothly.
No. 870287 ID: 261652

Well that's adorable.


It'll be a bit of a [logistics] bitch to maintain, but it should be possible to automate the more mundane parts; ultimately the best course of action is to turn the village into a food factory. Just start growing stupidly large quantities of food of making as many preserves as possible.
Continue growing in numbers of bodies, which would make such a set up easier to maintain and in turn allow for the growth of yet more bodies etc ad nausiem. Exponential growth ho!

This could probably be accomplished with the creation of a designated population. One kept sitting more or less "on idle" to be used as dumb labor. It might also be prudent to keep this population nomadic, oscillating back and forth between city and village. Pouring in during the growing season for aforementioned massive harvests, and then carting off a good portion during the off season when they return to resupply the city. The benefit of this would be taking the pressure off of the village so they don't have to support that many extra mouths to feed. Thus, the village will grown and develop further, in turn increasing its capacity to grow and store yet more food.

Boy I can't wait to get into doing SCIENCE! and industry,...

Dunno what the hell to do with Lagraz though. Can't just sit around in the forest forever, they need to get a hobby!
No. 870332 ID: c88e6d
File 151968404807.png - (74.21KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Matrimonial Bliss.png )

>Move them to the city

While that might be a great idea for later, I feel it is unlikely to succeed. "Hey, want to move your entire people across hundreds of miles of trackless jungle without extra supplies in the middle of the harvest to go live in the creepy broken city full of dead people?" I try. Dorz gives me a long stare. I grin back and we both start laughing.


"I wasn't even aware you were performing marriages." I say, smiling at the thought. "It was nice to see Khoth making friends." Says Dorz, giving a wry chuckle. "He always was a very OUTGOING child, so it makes sense that those two spending so much time playing around in the Jungle would make them close. Didn't think it would be THAT close, though."

>Make both places our home

This feels right to me, honestly.
No. 870333 ID: c88e6d
File 151968409091.png - (110.95KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Logistical Analysis.png )

>Logistical ideas

This might be a good plan, but to manage such a complex plan of moving populations, I would need to lay infrastructure. Sometimes I wonder where I get my grasp of governance and ideas, and where my race came from since according to the Elz they have never recorded anything like us before coming to this region.... more for later.

For now, to set up a mobile population, I would need to construct a series of way-stations for Melora populations, allowing me to more easily focus on events at both ends of the trail and react more quickly without fear of losing my bodies. Once that was done or at the same time, I would need to build a road, allowing transportation of goods and resources.

Such a plan is ambitious but entirely doable, especially with the blades and axes collected in the Pale Kingdom. I shall talk more with Gregaria about this later, but I don't think cutting a path through the jungle should be too hard with the backing of the Elz as well and Lagraz helping as a pathfinder to avoid cliffs, ravines and dense copses.

Fortunately, it seems that the Elz village has also been attracting refugees from their own nation, as well as strangers with strange eyes from the West who refuse to speak much but are very much willing to work hard as laborers, so population won't be a problem here for now.

>Lagraz needs a hobby

They're doing Khoth, doesn't that count~?

Anyway, [b]what shall I do today?[b]
No. 870357 ID: 56e50f

Why, we get everyone on board with our plan, of course.
No. 870371 ID: 91ee5f

Why don’t we ask the Queensguard what it thinks of our plan and see if it could suggest ways to make our plan better and/or speed up the implementation of our plan?

Also, we’ve definitely gotta go talk to Lagraz and Khoth and tell them congratulations!
No. 870381 ID: 094652

Petition to create new colonies between the town and the city, so you can slowly advance over generations.
No. 870469 ID: 261652

>"doing the Khoth"
A little part of me just died inside but I cannot argue with this sound logic. MOVING BOLDLY ON.

> gonna need to build ways stations 'n junk
Well I was think'n more of-
>then build road for maximum efficiency
That feel when you surprise yourself with how smart you can actually be. It's weird, mange. Perfectly brilliant! Each waystations would act as a resource stockpile, a stepping stone to build the next station and then lay the road between. This'll turn out to be a full blown highway before long and next thing ya know you've got the beginings of an economy and trade network. Good times.
And it feels good to play the long game. The city isn't much, and won't be for a very long time but its definitely going to be an investment that pays in spades. We definitely want to consult our new BFFs as much as possible on this matter, and it might be good to spend some time doing our damnedest to get all of our friends to be even better friends with each other. MIght not be able to share the same mind with everyone, but the synergy you'd get if everyone was almost as familiar with each other as Melora is with Melora would probably come pretty close.
Further, we also need to get to know our new western friends! Sure they might not want to talk now, but they never will if they never warm up! Unless there's like a legit reason that they can't talk in the first place in which case who cares let's go make friends anyway!

>strangely strange strangers from the west, willing to work hard,....
Hum! Sounds like the people we were told about from the plains but, well,.... refugees is definitely the right word to describe them. They don't have to talk but it's sounding like something big 'n bad either has or has started to go down town out there on the frontier and it increasingly does not bode well. ANOTHER sort of ideological split? Good heavens the Elz can't catch a break, no wonder they were keen to have someone strong ruling over them. Quite the colorful history! Back to the present and moving on then. Yet another thing to pencil in on the to-do list, defusing whatever that mess might be, but I'm loathe to get invested in any protracted engagements. The village might want to set aside a few of its infrastructure projects to shore up its defenses even more than it already has. Those chumps seem like they're not itching for direct confrontations even if push comes to shove, so there's no point in us doing much else that isn't already on the agenda.
No. 870648 ID: c88e6d
File 151980155104.png - (55.15KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Okay Seriously Guys.png )

>A bunch of long term planning and groundwork for long term planning.

C'mon, it's my day off, guys! I'm not going to work on zoning permits and carpentry when you told me to take it easy while I'm loopy. I'll be happy to do all that other stuff, but can you give me some ideas for less taxing pleasantness? I don't think drinking tea for the next day and a half will win me many favors with Dorz.
No. 870654 ID: b1b4f3

Go chat with Lagraz, congratulate him on his new husband. Then brag about how you've been crowned king of the bug people.
No. 870656 ID: e1c8f7

Ya wanna find a swimming hole and practice your swan dives?
No. 870659 ID: 91ee5f

What? I told you to go talk to Lagraz and Khoth and tell them congratulations! So go do that!
No. 870789 ID: c88e6d
File 151986700225.png - (51.84KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Happy Melora.png )

>I suggested doing that!

Never said I was yelling at you.

>Go for a swim

This is a fun idea! I used to go wading all the time after Lagraz and Dorz taught me how to avoid panicking.
No. 870790 ID: c88e6d
File 151986704879.png - (100.64KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Skut Swimming.png )

>Talk to Lagraz and Khoth

Agreed, Lagraz is my oldest friend, and Khoth really liked rubbing my tail, so it's the least I can do for them both. After I get the Queensguard and Dorz talking (getting them onto the common subject of the barbarity of invaders and the subject of sciences-as-arts), I politely make my excuses and head for the river with the rest of my local bodies. It's relatively hot today, so it's a pleasant relief to relax in the cool water. As I wade, I decide to head for one of Lagraz's watch-posts, moving at a relaxed pace.

Since I arrived from the northern edge of the jungle rather than traveling through Lagraz's territory, he probably doesn't know I'm here, though I can hear several of his bodies speaking, along with the sound of an Elz voice.

Should I surprise them? Announce myself? Do something else?
No. 870810 ID: 91ee5f

You should announce yourself so that Lagraz doesn’t get startled and attack you, thinking you’re here to try and hurt Khoth.
No. 870852 ID: 094652

March in with gifts and dancers!
No. 870854 ID: 9db055

No need to be sneaky. Announce yourself.
No. 870859 ID: e1c8f7

A grand entrance would be perfect! ...or as grand as you can with your few local bodies.
No. 870926 ID: 261652

I was under the impression we were gonna go yuck it up and try and make their honey moon great.
Unfortunately we can't really surprise them, we don't really have any gifts or anything to surprise them with. Haven't even had time to bake a cake yet or anything. Oh well! Let's go in and make ourselves known, chipper as can be! We can party later just go and say hi, you haven't seen your friendos in a while. Is that Khoth?
Iunno, hope it's not a private moment, if it is though it's better not to be obnoxious and just be up front. Nobody like eavesdroppers! Except people who like gossip I guess. Meh.

What was I saying? Oh! Why not invite them to go swimming with you! It'll be great! You can have a splash fight! Or something! YEAH!
No. 871102 ID: 14581c

Make yourself known! Ol' Melora is back in town!
No. 871123 ID: c88e6d
File 151997752456.png - (62.22KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Melora Emerges.png )

Alright! It's time to reveal myself! <"Lagraz!"> I cry in our personal battle-language. <"It is I, Melora! I have returned to see you!">

There's a halt in the speech from the clearing ahead, and a sudden sound of pounding feet and shifting greenery. Heheheheh~ As I hope out of the bush I see....
No. 871124 ID: c88e6d
File 151997781947.png - (24.71KB , 309x253 , Awakening Chapter 3 Khoth and Lagraz Naughtiness.png )

....Precisely what I thought I would. "H-hi Melora." Says Khoth, blushing intensely as he waves. Lagraz waves as well, the majority of his bodies having vacated the area. So modest~

"So I heard you two got married! Congratulations~! I'm sure you know the Sk't honeymoon traditions very intimately by now." Khoth blushes a little harder, while Lagraz does their best to conceal both of their 'dignities'.

I grin back at them as the rest of my local group enters the clearing, sopping wet. "Would you two like to go for a swim~?" I ask sweetly. Lagraz squirms slightly. "We are a little tied.... up at the moment."

Ehehehehehehe~ Maybe I should sit here and make small talk while they're stuck.

Should I join them or let them 'recover' in peace?

Or just go for a swim. I like swimming...
No. 871128 ID: 094652

Talk about your bug babies.
No. 871190 ID: 261652

See? Perfectly innocent. Not what you expected at all. I'm not sure what anyone else was thinking! They're just enjoying a perfectly "hot" sunny afternoon together.

RUUUUUUDE. The only correct choice is to be a polite gentle sk't!*

Now tease them, tease them mercilessly. Congratulate them on their "intimate" relationship. Ask how they're enjoying being "locked" in marital "bliss." They sure "got lucky" to find one another! I'm certain the newfound responsibilities are "monolithic" but I'm sure they can "worm through" any "tight spots." It must "feel" daunting. Everything will work out though and they'll be "closer" than ever! You're so proud of how much they've "grown." Certainly they're got to "give it" their all and "take it" like champs whenever life dishes it out. It's so "fullfillng." "Fitting" that these cute little "buggers" would be "attracted" to each other. Also,... you want little neices and nephews -doesn't matter how- so you can spoil 'em rotten damnit! >:V
All the while be as cheery yet oblivious as possible the whole time. Then and only then can you take pity on them and leave those two lovebirds at it. I'm sure they'd like some "alone time" to "get familiar" with one another.

No. 871199 ID: 56e50f

Sk't have nothing to be ashamed about! Go ahead and ask them when they found out their feelings. Seeing them like this might get you a little hot and bothered though, might need to address that soon! Maybe with some company?
No. 871341 ID: c88e6d
File 152006285870.png - (86.60KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Sitting and screwing.png )

>Talk about your bug children

>Ignore their blatant sex act

>Make puns

>Join in

Might as well do everything at once!

I smile at Lagraz, nodding at the couple as I stand before them while the rest of my local bodies start enjoying one another behind me. "So when did you notice your feelings?" I ask innocently. Khoth speaks up at this, unable to avert his eyes and most likely lengthening his current 'predicament'. "W-well... A little after you rescued me, I grabbed a skut-tail I thought was yours, and it turned out to be Lagraz. So we started talking and I started learning how to shoot and hunt in the deep jungle, aaaaand gradually we started growing closer...." He coughs. "Andthenigotoneofherpregnant." He mutters too quickly for me to hear. "Aaaaanyway." Says Lagraz "How was your trip?"

I nod and start to tell the story of the trip to the city, adding in gestures and occasionally extracting one of my bodies from the small orgy behind me to help demonstrate notable events. "And so then when the giant bug ate me, the other bugs declared me their king, and we had babies together." I say, finishing up.

"....You're really bad at explaining things, Melora." Says Lagraz, giving a grin while Khoth wiggles underneath her while still locked in awe at my tales of wonder. "So the bugs are coming here? As long as they don't cut down too much jungle they're perfectly welcome to pass through when they want... And I wouldn't mind having one of these 'knights' around to play with."

With that, we get down to small talk and passive friendliness, though I could probably go away for a while and let them get untied. I could also invite them for a swim shortly, or see about spending some time with the Queensguard. Finally, I can get Gregaria to stop doing that thing with her tendrils for FIVE MINUTES AND EXPLAIN WHAT SHE'S DOING A-AH~!
No. 871345 ID: e1c8f7

It's not too late for him to grab your tail~ Do invite them for swimming! You'd hate play with by yourself by the water's edge.
No. 871351 ID: 8ef863

Lets give them some time to extricate themselves and ask them to come join us swimming when they're ready. Might as well invite the queensguard too.
No. 871382 ID: 91ee5f

If we don’t have anything else to do around here, I kinda want to see what Gregaria is doing.
No. 871420 ID: 261652

>water bug

I am sincerely tempted to see just how buoyant those guys really are now,... but nay, I'm sure they're having a grand old time with Dorz right now. For now might just want to give the two lovebirds some time to extricate themselves and go swimming.
Note to self: building a place to swim in the village? Great idea. Then you can have splash fights all the time any time and everyone is invited.

Failing that, if you're going to ask Gregaria what she's doing, might as well give her some more encouragement while you're at it. Girl's good at sticking her tendrils places ain't she? She's had 15 years was it of practice and being pent up. Cut 'er some slack! You need to build up your ability to handle these things and more, like a true aristocrat!

But no really tho good heavens the poor thing could you even imagine just having to stand there, getting no relief or any other kind of stimulation or "stimulation" for years on end?
Note to self: Don't give Gregaria anything remotely resembling whips, gags, leather straps, rope, restraints, instruments of interrogation, pointy objects, phallic objects, oblong objects, objects longer than they are wide, objects wider than they are long, do not drive or operate heavy machinery, and talk to your doctor if you experience erections lasting longer than four days.
No. 871721 ID: c88e6d
File 152023716037.png - (61.06KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Queen Consciousness.png )

>Invite them to go swimming

>Get the Queensguard too

>Let's find out what Gregaria's doing

Alright, I'll do them all at once, I think Gregaria's just about fini-

No. 871722 ID: c88e6d
File 152023723004.png - (39.51KB , 333x523 , Awakening Chapter 3 Skut Confusion.png )

"Melora! Melora, please wake up!"

I think I blacked out for a few seconds there....What just.... happened?
No. 871724 ID: b1b4f3

Probably some interference resulting from the new pregnancy.
VERY unusual for a Skut to pass out. You can access your other bodies again right?

Ask Gregaria how long you were out.
No. 871729 ID: 91ee5f

You got pregnant, that’s what happened.
No. 871732 ID: e1c8f7

Sitrep. Everyone good?
No. 871733 ID: 05ff2f

Tell Gregaria you think you're okay and hug her tendrils. Ask how long you were out for and what she was doing right before and when you blacked out, then tell her what you can remember and how you felt and feel now. ...Did she just cause you to orgasm so hard you passed out? Or maybe she orgasmed hard and it psychically overwhelmed you?

Look over your breeder you left with Gregaria. Yep, looking at its middle she definitely got you pregnant. ...But your breeder's only been with her for how long? A day or two? Yet its pregnancy looks rather far along, doesn't it? Well, if it was a Sk't one, that is. Ask Gregaria if this pregnancy is supposed to be this big at this point and how long it's gonna last. ...And if there's more than one young in this breeder.

Do a quick check of your other bodies, get yourselves upright and sorted and address any injuries that may have occurred when you blacked out. If Lagraz, Khoth or anyone else besides Gregaria is showing alarm or concern at you passing out, tell 'em you think you're fine but you need a bit to figure out what happened. Thankfully you were taking it easy today and not involved in anything where losing consciousness would have had more than minor repercussions.
No. 871853 ID: 6b1136

You still got all of your bodies, Melora? Better check to make sure.
No. 871869 ID: 261652

Call'n it. Orgasm straight outta consciousness. You know what they say about people who've been repressed too long,...~


Yes well. Probably was a bit more than a couple'o seconds there judging by her level of urgency. I'll be you five hundred thousand neurons ya just tried to multi-task too hard 'n blew a brain fuse 'r some equivalent.


I refuse to entertain the notion the new pregnancy has anything to do with it and will pretend suggestions to the contrary are non-existent until my mind is ready for the inordinate amounts of stress that will inevitably follow.

No, no.

None of that now. >:I
No. 872166 ID: c88e6d
File 152041366245.png - (26.68KB , 800x600 , Awakening Chapter 3 Recovering Skut.png )

>Bodies okay?
All of them staggered, some collapsed, but it looks and feels like only a few seconds have passed... I think. Khoth and Lagraz are a little confused, but I'm walking it off.

I will speak of this to my oldest friend later.

>Orgasmic overload
Look, Gregaria's good but she's not THAT good. I wasn't even feeling particularly pleasured at the moment I suffered that... strangeness. Either way, my breeder-body is rather bloated and extremely exhausted, so I shrug it out of the Queen-Mother's tendrils and collapse onto a cushion that's most likely older than my consciousness. Oh, right, she's been getting upset all this time. I should do something about that.

"Melora, please, are you alright?" I wave a tail at her and tell her I'm fine: "Fmdlmgllph." ....Hmmm, that doesn't sound right.

Gregaria seems somewhat upset, so I try again. "Zfvvvll." It appears I may be experiencing consciousness-wide exhaustion for the first time. Fascinating. "Whaaa?" Is about all I can manage in the interrogative, however.

"Oh godblood I'm so sorry! I was just... I was having so much fun reweaving bloodlines with your lineage, and playing with you, and I tried to.... I tried weaving your geneline into mine and everything went WRONG. I don't know how else to put it, but I think I hurt you... Please, forgive me! Let me try to help, I didn't know anything like that could happen!" She's awfully stressed out...

Should I do something about it?[/b} This pillow/floor/grass/bush/tree/heap/sk't is awfully comfortable and I'm feeling strange almost universally....
No. 872171 ID: 830fb7

Use sign language or draw on things and explain to her that its just consciousness-wide exhaustion from continuous stimulation and that you should be fine given some body/mind wide rest. Your more fragile than she is used too so explain that as long as you get some rest and maybe reunite your bodies she should be ok to continue.
No. 872218 ID: e1c8f7

"soon" get some rest and let her patch you up later
No. 872230 ID: d887c0

She didn't mean to, but she damn near assimilated your consciousness. It'd be really great if she wouldn't do that or anything like it ever again.
No. 872259 ID: ca332d

Get some rest for now. We need to make sure Gregaria understands the full implications of us having one mind with multiple bodies...
No. 872285 ID: 05ff2f

Muster up as much will as you can to have your breeder-body tell Gregaria "Yes, help. All bodies tired. Sleep now." Then let it pass out. If that body is too exhausted to do that, bring in another nearby body to tell Gregaria before falling asleep.

Wait, you're feeling strange through almost all your bodies? Which ones aren't feeling strange? My guess is it's at least the one that Sir Atravus inhabited via his sword. ...Which once the rest of your consciousness falls asleep he'll be able to take direct control of. Well, at least he'll get a enjoy some autonomy while you slumber. Better focus on that body for a moment and tell him he'll be in the driver's seat for a bit so if he wants to do stuff before he's fully restored, do it now.
No. 872362 ID: 261652

Everything's fine. Just some crossed wires it looks like. I bet they got jostled loose from all that bang'n see. Don't be modest!

And I should probably not be a huge dick,...
Yeah well fuck you too, me!

For now just give her a thumbs up mush mouth, to let her know you're alright already!
I'm a bit concerned however by that brief slip into the "old style" of thinking about things but there's not much we can really do I guess. I'd recommend not resting quite yet, and keeping your wits about you. We don't know a thing about sk't mental health and it'd be a pain if this turned out to be the equivalent of some kind of psychological concussion.
No. 872394 ID: 05ff2f

>...some kind of psychological concussion.
I feel I should point out that it's actually bad to keep a concussed person awake when they're trying to fall asleep. Sleep is rest for the brain, after all, and resting after injury is generally good.
No. 872555 ID: c88e6d
File 152062509684.png - (364.66KB , 2400x2400 , Awakening Chapter 3 Sleepskut.png )

>Sword body isn't tired
Yes, that's right, strange isn't it?

>Signal that you are tired.
"Sllllep now." I manage, starting to pass out as Gregaria dithers in her concern. It's kind of cute

>Psychological concussion, consciousness nearly absorbed
I think that's what happened.... I need to explain to her how much more careful she needs to be when I wake up...

Time to rest...
No. 872557 ID: c88e6d
File 152062515699.png - (427.18KB , 2400x2400 , Awakening Chapter 3 What is that.png )

Jung nz V?
No. 872593 ID: 56e50f

Something ill boads on the horizon..
No. 872730 ID: 776273

God damn Metroids!
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