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File 151807450133.png - (259.13KB , 800x600 , xq251.png )
865754 No. 865754 ID: ed67d9

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No. 865756 ID: ed67d9
File 151807456688.png - (247.55KB , 800x600 , xq252.png )

Part One https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/852936.html

No. 865757 ID: ed67d9
File 151807458771.png - (85.68KB , 800x600 , xq253.png )

Must run. Must run. Cannot stop. Must run.
No. 865758 ID: 094652

Who are you this time?
No. 865762 ID: a363ac

why run? hide let the danger pass you by.
No. 865764 ID: c9f250

But what if you napped, instead?
No. 865769 ID: 2120ee

Are you late? Late for a very important date?
No. 865770 ID: 0816b6

What are you running from, Outissa?
No. 865785 ID: c88e6d

Careful, you're low on food. See about getting in the window.
No. 865798 ID: e1c8f7

Hello, don't be startled by us voices. We're here to help. If you're being tailed, move unpredictably. If creating distance, avoid straight face climbs. You move faster on flat surfaces. If persuing, maintain line of sight with the target.
No. 865838 ID: 12b116

What are you running from?
No. 865839 ID: 006e5c

Who are you? Who are we?
No. 865851 ID: b1b4f3

Who are you? Can we help?
No. 865865 ID: ed67d9
File 151811636547.png - (65.87KB , 800x600 , xq254.png )

>Who are you? Who are we?
You are Outissa.

>Low on food
You are fortunate that you just ate. You have enough food to last you for a while.
No. 865866 ID: ed67d9
File 151811636681.png - (69.60KB , 800x600 , xq255.png )

>Running from?
No. 865867 ID: ed67d9
File 151811636959.png - (87.55KB , 800x600 , xq256.png )

No. 865868 ID: a363ac

oooooo they smokey. the best way to dodge will probably be losing line of sight or attacking it when it doesn't expect it.
No. 865869 ID: 006e5c

> >>865865 >You are Outissa.
We are Outissa..


It doesn't look like open-ended parkour is going to allow us to escape this noxan.
Outissa should try to find an open window of a building and try to enter it. Find a place to hide.
No. 865870 ID: c88e6d

Find other people, they'll be able to help protect you.
No. 865875 ID: b1b4f3

Is that motherfucker teleporting? I wonder what the drawback is compared to your "teleport" power. Well, keep running. You can probably safely bet they'll run out of food before you. Do you know WHY they're chasing you?

Oh, by the way, Khoros is looking for you. Does that make you relieved or further worried?
No. 865904 ID: e1c8f7

They move fast, so you need to move smart. Avoid rooftops, they will see you there. Drop to the streets and break line of sight.
No. 865948 ID: 0816b6

Will it pursue you around others? Maybe you should find a crowded place near people. Even if it knows where you are it might hesitate to follow.
No. 866013 ID: 66b5eb

If this guy can teleport, your best course of action is to break line of sight somehow and juke them. I recommend going inside a building, or finding a crowd somewhere.
No. 866019 ID: f6785d

You should go down. You are an easy target on the roofs.
No. 866049 ID: cc5f4f

What's that? Another noxan?
It jumps without crossing air,
Or does it turn to dust and float?
No. 866117 ID: 90124d

Who remembers the future that never will happened and who remembers the past that never happened.
No. 867238 ID: ed67d9
File 151857442744.png - (176.34KB , 800x600 , xq257.png )

No. 867239 ID: ed67d9
File 151857442997.png - (192.30KB , 800x600 , xq258.png )

No. 867240 ID: ed67d9
File 151857443296.png - (176.36KB , 800x600 , xq259.png )

So fast! Faster than you. Teleports farther than you.
No. 867241 ID: ed67d9
File 151857443557.png - (180.27KB , 800x600 , xq260.png )

Your own teleportation has a range of 1 mm, but you can teleport several dozen times per second.

You can choose to teleport all objects in contact with you. Like your scarf.

You can also choose to have your teleport cancel your momentum, as well as anything touching you.

That is the extent of your magic.
No. 867242 ID: ed67d9
File 151857443603.png - (73.56KB , 800x600 , xq261.png )

No. 867243 ID: ed67d9
File 151857443953.png - (100.51KB , 800x600 , xq262.png )

You have no idea exactly what this other noxan's magic is.
No. 867244 ID: ed67d9
File 151857444151.png - (117.38KB , 800x600 , xq263.png )

No. 867245 ID: ed67d9
File 151857444310.png - (124.79KB , 800x600 , xq264.png )

It does not seem like you can run.

That's fine, though...
No. 867246 ID: ed67d9
File 151857444551.png - (40.84KB , 800x600 , xq265.png )

The odds have been stacked against you your whole life.

Time to kick some ass.

What do you do?
No. 867247 ID: 12b116

Punch him in the snout, to establish dominance
No. 867248 ID: 3abd97

"Hurt me baby, hurt me real bad."
No. 867252 ID: a363ac

wait and be prepared to dodge. don't know what he has to use.
No. 867253 ID: f6785d

Kick them in the groin to establish dominance.
Seriously, do they know that you can teleport around? If not, use this in your advantage. Take them by surprise.
No. 867260 ID: b1b4f3

Due to the limitations on Outissa's power it's more like minor momentum control. Though I guess it could also be used to lift/push heavy things, maybe?

Outissa, see if teleporting your opponent screws up whatever weird shit he's doing with his hand. He seems reluctant to use his feet at all, so tripping him might help you out. Also I'm sure you've done this before, but you can probably absorb punches and kicks by canceling your opponent's momentum. It'll also throw them off balance slightly.
No. 867261 ID: 91ee5f

>Your own teleportation has a range of 1 mm
>1 millimeter
Wow, that’s not very far.

>You can also choose to have your teleport cancel your momentum, as well as anything touching you.
That actually explains how you could jump off that cliff earlier and not be hurt from falling.

It has multiple abilities?!

No. 867271 ID: b1b4f3

Noxans do not have multiple abilities. They have a single ability, though this often has more than one application. Somehow, this noxan's ability covers both instant medium-range movement and whatever that weird energy is.

Could be some space warping power which has been finely tuned to create that energy. Considering he turned around during that final teleport, it must involve some sort of warping of space... Or it could be an illusion and this guy has been standing here this entire time, broadcasting illusions of himself to chase Outissa around and drive her towards him.
OR he could have some time fuckery power that allows him to freeze time but be unable to interact with solid matter while time is frozen. He would just need to get a bit of forward momentum and freeze time then unfreeze at the right spot to seemingly teleport. Not sure how that makes that glowy stuff... could be particles accelerated in time to generate heat?

Really the biggest question is, if that energy is harmful why isn't it hurting him?
No. 867275 ID: 56e50f

We're not going to let that thing touch us. We're going to have to attack from the right, it's left. No matter how good at dodging you are, it's risky to do without a distraction. Is there anything nearby we can use to create an opening? Loose pipe, dirt, a flock of pigeons?
No. 867278 ID: 91ee5f

>Noxans do not have multiple abilities.
What if its ability allows it to have multiple abilities? Maybe its ability is to allow it to copy/steal the abilities of other noxans? That would allow it to have multiple abilities.
No. 867308 ID: 66b5eb

I suspect that this Noxan either has some kind of weapon, or some kind of teleportation device independent of their power. If you can disable the device, then you only have to deal with an opponent with one ability.

As for ass kicking, pull one of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e50PWAQPi_Q
No. 867332 ID: 6e59e3

Fight. Kill.

If you are afraid, let it fuel your fury.
If you are hateful, let it fuel your cunning.

Play the gambit. Act afraid. Helpless. Scared. Hunted.

Then rip its eyes out.
Then rip its throat out.
No. 867401 ID: c88e6d

Clearly, it's not a noxan. Someone is screwing with you. Seek others to aid you. Meanwhile, kick it in the fork. If it falls down in agony, it's a living creature, otherwise it's an illusion or a puppet.
No. 867415 ID: 006e5c

Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness. Tell them that those spaghetti were just too irresistible to eat and that you didn't know they were theirs.
No. 867457 ID: 0816b6

Have we considered that it might be fast enough to counter if we try to attack first? That weapon it's holding, we don't know how deadly that is.

Hold back, Outissa. Be cautious.
No. 867481 ID: 006e5c

To clarify, I'm suggesting a talk option.

Does Outissa know anything about why this noxan would be trying to confront her? What sort of recent activities could've led to this situation?
No. 867485 ID: b1b4f3

...actually if this guy is doing outright impossible things maybe this is a dream?
No. 867681 ID: ed67d9
File 151867517420.png - (87.55KB , 800x600 , xq266.png )

Perhaps this noxan builds up energy during each teleport, and must shunt it afterward? Or perhaps it is an item of some sort that is being used. You are not certain.

Options and paths for how to approach this combat spin through your mind as you consider a myriad of possibilties.


Each update, you will have different options available to vote on. Your choices will be determined based on where on the continuum of Aggressive vs Conservative you are.

Being more aggressive means that you will take the initiative with attacks, allowing you to set the tempo and pace of the fight and keep the other noxan on the back foot. However, you will burn through your food reserves faster - and no food means no magic.

A more conservative approach means that you will be better able to react to what this other noxan does, focusing on evasion and countering - this will help your food last longer, but the other noxan will be setting the rhythm.

As the fight goes on, you can include "Aggressive" or "Conservative" along with your suggestion and I will update the gauge.


With that out of the way... should you start this combat Aggressive or Conservative?
No. 867683 ID: b1b4f3

Conservative until you figure out what his fighting style is, then aggressive.
No. 867684 ID: c88e6d

No. 867691 ID: 66b5eb

Conservative for now. Try to deduce the nature of this noxan's power and/or equipment. Based on that we can determine a better strategy for combat.

Try to avoid mid range hand to hand. Your best chance is to stay in close enough that the blade can't be brought to bear effectively, considering that it comes straight out from the noxan's arm.
No. 867697 ID: 006e5c

Considering how fast it can move, I don't think conservative's gonna cut it.

Are there any items of any sort in proximity which you could use?
No. 867698 ID: f6785d

Conservative. Let's see what is the deal with their power.
No. 867712 ID: e1c8f7

The most efficient offense is a good counter. Using their effort against them. They can spend their energy trying to hit you wile you get a measure of their rhythm. When the opening appears, strike. Be conservative.
No. 867713 ID: 3740b1

Agreed on going aggressive. The nature of its movement isn't going to allow any room for error when it comes to dodging and fighting reactively. Better to force it to use the teleportation to dodge your attacks. Do you have any weapon aside from your claws?

By the way... what was your power again? I could swear it used to be something different
No. 867752 ID: a363ac

he is already using loads of food go conservative.
No. 867755 ID: 0816b6

Let it burn itself down further. As long as you can avoid and dodge, you'll have the upper hand when it runs out of magic.

Be Conservative, Outissa. Be safe.
No. 867814 ID: 806769

No. 867819 ID: 90124d

Conservative we have no idea what this dude is capable of. Dodge.
No. 867825 ID: 12b116

Aggressive! Punch him in the snout!
No. 867857 ID: ed67d9
File 151874404018.png - (526.28KB , 800x600 , xq267.png )

>Be prepared to Dodge

You are Conservative enough to Dodge this attack!
No. 867858 ID: ed67d9
File 151874404257.png - (96.12KB , 800x600 , xq268.png )

No. 867859 ID: ed67d9
File 151874404489.png - (224.36KB , 800x600 , xq269.png )

Dodge successful!
No. 867860 ID: ed67d9
File 151874404737.png - (112.11KB , 800x600 , xq270.png )

>Absorb punches and kicks by cancelling opponent's momentum
This IS something that you can do, but you are not Conservative enough yet for that.

You are Conservative enough to have the following options:
Hold back

You are Aggressive enough to have the following options:
Snout punch

Choose ONLY ONE option. As a reminder, you can also include "Aggressive" or "Conservative" with your vote.
No. 867861 ID: 3abd97

Play dead.

No. 867862 ID: 12b116



No. 867863 ID: c2051e

Punch his snout.
No. 867864 ID: a363ac

analyze X3
No. 867865 ID: 1594bd

Fake out being hurt/dead aggressively.
No. 867866 ID: 5be7d1

Boop that snoot.
No. 867867 ID: cb585b


No. 867868 ID: 0816b6

So far this is working well for you, Outissa. Be more Conservative, keep Dodging.

Your agility is your greatest asset. Use it.
No. 867870 ID: 56e50f

Analyze. We need to find an opening To take advantage of later. Stay conservative.
No. 867873 ID: b1b4f3

Analyze. Conservative.
No. 867945 ID: f6785d

Analyze, what are we facing?
No. 867946 ID: f6785d

Analyze, what are we facing?
No. 867956 ID: 006e5c

>cancelling opponent's momentum
Is there a limit of how much momentum/mass we can stop and how far away? I would find it kinda unrealistic if we could, I dunno, stop a massive battleship just by touching it. Is it easier to cancel the momentum of Outissa's body as compared to other things? Does it use up more food than usual?

No. 867960 ID: c88e6d

No. 868010 ID: 90124d

No. 868044 ID: cc5f4f

Analyze... Aggressively.
No. 868530 ID: ed67d9
File 151901852215.png - (195.30KB , 800x600 , xq271.png )

You focus all of your attention to Analyze your opponent.
No. 868531 ID: ed67d9
File 151901852489.png - (113.66KB , 800x600 , xq272.png )

Less agile than you are.
Teleports only in a straight line.
Her sword appears to be charged by teleporting.
No. 868534 ID: ed67d9
File 151901854238.png - (140.39KB , 800x600 , xq273.png )

Conclusion: She relies heavily on her sword+teleport combo, and does not seem to have nearly the finesse or raw power of some of the other opponents you've fought.
No. 868535 ID: ed67d9
File 151901855575.png - (87.58KB , 800x600 , xq274.png )

In other words, she's a one-trick noxan.
No. 868536 ID: ed67d9
File 151901855814.png - (83.24KB , 800x600 , xq275.png )

You are Conservative to have the following options:
Hold Back

You are Aggressive enough to have the following options:
Snout Punch
Teleport-assisted Attack

You are Balanced enough to have the following option:
Bait and Counter
No. 868537 ID: b1b4f3

Bait and Counter. Bitch cut your scarf! Aggressive.
No. 868539 ID: a363ac

do that Teleport Assisted Snoot punch now that we have a bead on her it will be easy.
No. 868540 ID: 91ee5f

Bait and Counter because she fucking cut your scarf! That’s your favorite and only scarf!
No. 868542 ID: cb585b

Bait and Counter

Well i mean Outissa's scarf looks a little more badass now to be honest, so that's a bonus i guess...
No. 868543 ID: e1c8f7

An informed fighter is an effective fighter. Bait and counter. Open a window to start getting aggressive.
No. 868544 ID: f6785d

Consequences, will not be, the same!
No. 868546 ID: c88e6d

Bait and counter.
No. 868547 ID: 8439fb

Why has her sword dissipated?
No. 868558 ID: 66b5eb

The sword is gone. If we bait and counter, that gives her the opportunity to teleport and get another sword charge.

Get in close. Now is the moment to strike. Teleport assisted attack.
No. 868562 ID: 006e5c

Since the sword disappeared, it looks like she's going to teleport next.
And since she's reckless, baiting would be easy.
Or at least she appears to be so. This could be a part of her plan to make you try to counter her, which could be a trap of sorts and her trump card.

Bait and feint counter. Basically, make a really weak and careful counter.

I'm sure it will grow back.
No. 868578 ID: 10c408

Dodge. If she's got any other tricks up her sleeve then this is probably when she'll spring them on you
No. 868791 ID: 6e59e3

No. 868810 ID: bef60d

Seconding this
No. 868825 ID: ed67d9
File 151911155977.png - (79.53KB , 800x600 , xq276.png )

Bait and Counter. This should be easy. All you need to do is get her to chase you...
No. 868826 ID: ed67d9
File 151911156190.png - (79.58KB , 800x600 , xq277.png )

...and since she's too slow on foot...
No. 868827 ID: ed67d9
File 151911156419.png - (149.31KB , 800x600 , xq278.png )

...that mean's she is going to—
No. 868828 ID: ed67d9
File 151911158067.png - (282.24KB , 800x600 , xq279.png )

No. 868829 ID: ed67d9
File 151911158327.png - (275.86KB , 800x600 , xq280.png )

You dodge aside at the absolute possible moment, using your teleportation to give you a bit of a boost out of the way.
No. 868830 ID: ed67d9
File 151911158640.png - (140.40KB , 800x600 , xq281.png )

No. 868831 ID: ed67d9
File 151911159453.png - (188.85KB , 800x600 , xq282.png )

She's vulnerable! Now is the time to strike! What do you do?

You are Conservative enough to have the following option:
Hold Back

You are Aggressive enough to have the following options:
Snout Punch
Teleport-assisted Attack
No. 868833 ID: b1b4f3

Conservative. If she's not downed after this we'll need to do another dodge or something because she'll have the sword out probably.
No. 868834 ID: 6b7d70

She is huge! That means she has huge guts! RIP AND TEAR!
No. 868835 ID: c88e6d

Teleport Assisted Attack.
No. 868838 ID: 5245b2


But don’t. Going berserk leaves one vulnerable to attack. As much as I would like to see somebody dancing inside another’s organ cavity, I don’t want that to be you. A snout is sensitive. PUNCH THE SNOOTER!
No. 868843 ID: 9d4af9

Go for the Teleport-assisted Attack! Make sure to do it Conservatively though. You need to keep your options open.

Rip and Tear is restricted to tozzles only :3
No. 868851 ID: e1c8f7

Teleport-assisted Attack! I recommend going for a kick at the center of her gravity and then using the teleport assisted force to knock her off the roof. The force of the impact should at least leave her dazed enough for you to get away.
No. 868859 ID: 006e5c

Rip and tear.. that cloak of hers off.
No. 868860 ID: e1c8f7

Oh, and we should be conservative so we can have more energy for running away.
No. 868862 ID: 094652

Does RIP AND TEAR involve disarming the opponent? If so, then do this.

Conservative to re-balance yourself. They might switch tactics after this.
No. 868878 ID: a363ac

you hold back aggressively. she clearly has a sword up wait for the swing then go for the kill
No. 868888 ID: f6785d

I think Rip and Tear is a little to excessive right now. But a good Teleport-assisted Attack will left her open for further damage.If her guard opens, hurt her plenty.
No. 868898 ID: 12b116

No. 868899 ID: 0816b6

Teleport Assisted Attack, Outissa!

You've got an opening but don't over-reach! And remember her blade was charged by that attack, so be ready to get out of the way!
No. 868911 ID: 3ed073

No. 868916 ID: ed67d9
File 151915276759.png - (107.41KB , 800x600 , xq283.png )

No. 868917 ID: ed67d9
File 151915276985.png - (116.53KB , 800x600 , xq284.png )

No. 868918 ID: ed67d9
File 151915277157.png - (42.83KB , 1100x600 , xq285.png )

No. 868919 ID: ed67d9
File 151915277337.png - (49.59KB , 1100x600 , xq286.png )

No. 868920 ID: ed67d9
File 151915277653.png - (71.03KB , 1100x600 , xq287.png )

No. 868921 ID: ed67d9
File 151915277867.png - (39.88KB , 1100x600 , xq288.png )

No. 868922 ID: ed67d9
File 151915278098.png - (84.75KB , 1100x600 , xq289.png )

No. 868923 ID: ed67d9
File 151915278289.png - (34.31KB , 1100x600 , xq290.png )

No. 868924 ID: ed67d9
File 151915278504.png - (97.58KB , 1100x600 , xq291.png )

No. 868925 ID: ed67d9
File 151915278780.png - (15.27KB , 1100x600 , xq292.png )

No. 868926 ID: ed67d9
File 151915279055.png - (13.53KB , 1100x600 , xq293.png )

No. 868928 ID: 0816b6

Outissa are you okay?

Please say you're okay.
No. 868931 ID: a363ac

Astarte we need a hug
No. 868937 ID: 006e5c

Wake up!
No. 868938 ID: f6785d

This dream is a bunch OF BULLSHIT! WHAT IS THIS?! WAKE UP!
No. 868939 ID: 094652


No. 868941 ID: c88e6d

Welp, that was brief. Let's go possess that bastard with the sword and haunt them till they go insane.
No. 868951 ID: ed67d9
File 151915890192.png - (3.13KB , 800x600 , xq294.png )

The pain is so intense that you barely cling to consciousness.

"Annnnnnd the winner, with a BRUTAL finish, is... MITERA!"

The roaring of the crowd washes over you like an ocean wave, a raucous mix of cheers and boos from all sorts of species.

You finally pass out.

No. 868952 ID: ed67d9
File 151915890937.png - (3.13KB , 800x600 , xq295.png )

"Okay! You should be right as rain! You will have a bit of scarring but that is something I am sure that you are used to be now."

A warm hand pats you. You don't want to open your eyes - the bed you are in is so comfortable. The room smells like a mixture of sweat and antiseptic, with an electric ozone undercurrent of healing magic.

The medic tending you shuffles off and you are left alone for several moments, before you hear the tick-ticking of claws on the hard floor.

No. 868953 ID: ed67d9
File 151915891892.png - (3.13KB , 800x600 , xq296.png )

"Hey zhere! You almost had zhat one! I zhink if you had held back instead of going for ze attack at ze end zhere, you would have been fine!"

A clawed hand pats your brow, moving to scratch affectionately at the bases of your shorn-off horns.

"We won't know ze final standings for a little while still, but even zhough you lost, I zhink you still will end up wizh some amount of prize money, yes!"
No. 868954 ID: ed67d9
File 151915892347.png - (46.59KB , 800x600 , xq297.png )

"So! How is Beatrix's most favorite noxan in ze entire world feeling today?"
No. 868956 ID: c88e6d

Chirp. Grumpily. Scarring sucks.
No. 868959 ID: a363ac

tell Beatrix she better be extra careful with you tonight or we might wind up back in here.
No. 868961 ID: 006e5c

Ask her how much ice cream you can get for the prize money.
No. 868966 ID: 10c408

Whine a bit while you exam your poor scarf.
No. 868968 ID: e1c8f7

Pat a spot on the bed next to you. When she lays down, proceed to hug your friend. Do not let go.
No. 868972 ID: 91ee5f

>I zhink if you had held back instead of going for ze attack at ze end zhere, you would have been fine!
There’s more than one way to win a fight. Telling us that there was only one way to win and we didn’t choose it is insulting!
No. 868981 ID: 9d4af9

We'll get'em next time

Is noxan bloodsport a common thing around here?
No. 869012 ID: b1b4f3

I thought you said she wasn't as agile as you? How'd she get a hit on you before you could attack?
No. 869046 ID: 90124d

I highly doubt zis wasn't a competition out of nowhere. What is wrong zis universe? Please, tell me, zis should not be happening.
No. 869048 ID: 90124d

Zhey were holding back conservatively and fooled our analysis.
No. 869051 ID: 05ff2f

Chirp half-heartedly before moving to sign and wincing at the soreness of your re-attached arm. "Glad to see you, as always. Sore. Sorta grumpy. Disappointed in myself for losing because I was too aggressive. I wanted so much to win and not get another set of scars and the memory of pain that goes with them." Sigh. "Hugs?" Then pull her up and hug her tight to your chest, nuzzle and feel better.

When you finally get out of bed look and feel over your new scars in the mirror and see the sorry state of your scarf. You'll need to get it mended again.
No. 869058 ID: f6785d

You need A LOT MORE training. You don't want to get ass kicked like that again.
No. 869059 ID: 094652

Wow, personal space Beatrix. We can see your eye in color up... close...

Wait, the rest of the room and her fur is gray, but you can still see her eye in color? That's not contact lenses...
No. 869260 ID: ed67d9
File 151924548849.png - (58.54KB , 800x600 , xq298.png )

Your shoulder twinges and you wince and chirp as you sign your response to Beatrix.

"I am very glad to see you. I am sore and grumpy and I am disappointed because I lost."

"Zhat is okay! You will win next time, yes, I am certain of it! We can get a lot of ice cream later!"

She cuddles up against you and you hug her close. You purr and rumble, half to comfort yourself, and Beatrix nuzzles your neck, right above your fresh, new scarf. "Oh! Tissa, I tried to save ze old scarf but it was all gross and bloody and ew so you probably do not want it for your collection."

You have gone through more scarves than you can even remember at this point. It took only a couple weeks of competing in tournaments before Beatrix started having them ordered for you in bulk.
No. 869261 ID: ed67d9
File 151924549083.png - (14.50KB , 800x600 , xq299.png )

You and your girlfriend just lay there for a bit longer. Your light doze is interrupted by the arrival of someone new, and Beatrix clambers off the bed.
No. 869262 ID: ed67d9
File 151924549394.png - (239.27KB , 800x600 , xq300.png )

Ah. It is Mitera, your opponent.

"Hello. I wanted to tell you that you fought very well. You came very close to beating me!"

You sign, "I got careless at the end. I thought about attacking you when you dropped your sword but instead I decided to bait you."

Mitera grins. "If you had attacked me then then you would have had me. Or if you had just kept dodging — I cannot keep up with people who play keep-away!"
No. 869263 ID: ed67d9
File 151924549509.png - (243.06KB , 800x600 , xq301.png )

"Mommy mommy is this the lady you were playing with?"

"Yes, pumpkin, it is! Her name is Outissa! She almost won against Mommy! Say hi to Outissa!"
No. 869264 ID: ed67d9
File 151924549858.png - (243.70KB , 800x600 , xq302.png )

"Hi! I am four! My name is Astraea! I wanna be like my mommy someday! I can count reaaaaal big!"
No. 869265 ID: ed67d9
File 151924550139.png - (225.74KB , 800x600 , xq303.png )

"Alright, come on, pumpkin. We should let Outissa rest a bit! Mommy has to go pick up her prize money! Until next time, Outissa."

"'kay! Byyyye!"

You wave goodbye at the two.
No. 869266 ID: ed67d9
File 151924550327.png - (10.43KB , 800x600 , xq304.png )

No. 869267 ID: ed67d9
File 151924550513.png - (3.13KB , 800x600 , xq305.png )

As much as you love competing, it's the little moments like that really make it all worth it to you.

As you drift off to sleep, you feel Beatrix curl back up against you.
"Hey, Tissa - when you are done resting, what would you like to do?"
No. 869268 ID: 12b116

No. 869269 ID: a363ac

adopt a kid.
No. 869272 ID: c88e6d

Adorable. Oh well, we need to go have a relaxing day reading. Maybe go see the family.
No. 869275 ID: f6785d

Yeah, that sounds good.
No. 869276 ID: cb585b

Hmm, good idea, but obviously Outissa's gotta eat as well considering she's probably hungry from the fight and loss, so perhaps lunch/dinner with friends?
No. 869284 ID: 536c4b

Cuddling on the couch, watching movies seems like a good idea.
No. 869291 ID: 006e5c

"Jump into the sky as high as I can. Float high in the air for the briefest moment and let my stress fade away."
No. 869408 ID: 91ee5f

>As much as you love competing, it's the little moments like that really make it all worth it to you.
Outissa, have you considered having a child of your own? Either adopted or your own offspring?

How does that sound to you, Mama Outissa?
No. 869436 ID: ed67d9
File 151928463577.png - (16.16KB , 800x600 , xq306.png )

>have children!
You are wonderful with little noxans and love them dearly!

And you want to KEEP it that way, which is why you don't want any of your own.

You sign to Beatrix, "Let us go home and order pizza and watch bad movies."

Your only answer is a pleased squeak and a warm kiss.


(Note! This thread will remain open, so feel free to keep posting! This next chapter will return to the POV of Penelope, so if there's anything you want to plan or discuss beforehand, now is a good time!)
No. 869455 ID: c88e6d

Still adorable.
No. 869458 ID: 006e5c

Plans for Penelope? We'll probably be helping Khoros and Astarte, but it's hard to say what to do with Melinoë as we don't know how that situation unfolded.

One thing to mention would be to pay attention to the emotions involved, since Penelope is drawn to them.
No. 869463 ID: a363ac

No. 869488 ID: f6785d

No. 869529 ID: ed67d9
File 151934401128.png - (73.78KB , 800x600 , xq307.png )

No. 869530 ID: ed67d9
File 151934401242.png - (81.86KB , 800x600 , xq308.png )

Ohohohoh yessss... heh... heh...
No. 869531 ID: ed67d9
File 151934401519.png - (45.02KB , 800x600 , xq309.png )

No. 869532 ID: ed67d9
File 151934401708.png - (65.29KB , 800x600 , xq310.png )

No. 869533 ID: ed67d9
File 151934401950.png - (38.99KB , 800x600 , xq311.png )

No. 869534 ID: ed67d9
File 151934402177.png - (146.88KB , 800x600 , xq312.png )

No. 869535 ID: ed67d9
File 151934402414.png - (161.54KB , 800x600 , xq313.png )

Whew...! Okay! I did it! It is your turn now!

You and Astarte have been hanging out in the hotel room. Khoros and Melinoë started yelling at each other, and so you made them leave the room. They're probably down in the lobby.

In the meanwhile, you and Astarte have been keeping busy by playing...

Truth or Dare? Penelope you have to choose one now! Eh heh heh heh. I am very, very glad you taught me this game!
No. 869536 ID: d0bba6

No. 869538 ID: e1c8f7

Dare! We tell you how much we love hanging out with you, Astarte?
No. 869541 ID: a363ac

No. 869545 ID: 91ee5f

While we’re here, we might as well look at that note that’s in the bathroom.
No. 869546 ID: f6785d

...Truth? What where you doing exactly? Man i missed yah!
No. 869558 ID: c88e6d

Dare! See where the other two went by the way? They both really need to get some help.

Impressively done, by the way. You're really flexible!
No. 869629 ID: a363ac

burn that note never look at it ever.
No. 869630 ID: 66b5eb

Dare! We go hard every time all the time!

...I really hope we don't need to call hotel security on Khoros and Melinoe.
No. 869638 ID: b0788c

No. 869641 ID: 006e5c

Did we just.. dare her to..

No. 869662 ID: 10c408

Truth. How much do you remember since meeting us, astarte?
No. 870089 ID: ed67d9
File 151960135948.png - (125.62KB , 800x600 , xq314.png )

>Love hanging out
Awww! Eh heh heh! I love hanging out with you!

>Missed you
Why? You have not gone anywhere! You and I have been here together since you had me burn away the cookies!

>Remember since meeting us?
You asked me that and I told you! It took a long time! That was before that cutie Kho~ros came over.

>Where did the other two go?
You asked them to leave the room and they are probably in the lobby!

>What doing?
I... I was doing the dare you asked me to do! It was naughty! You are silly for asking me things that just happened!
No. 870090 ID: ed67d9
File 151960136293.png - (176.82KB , 800x600 , xq315.png )


Dare? Yay! Dare is the most fun! It is difficult to figure out what you can be dared to do! You do not have a body.

Oh! I know! Since you do not have a body, maybe you can possess people!

I dare you... to try to possess... me!
No. 870092 ID: 9d4af9

Well, if you say so... Seems like an empirically terrible idea, but we did pick dare after all.
No. 870093 ID: 12b116

can we try to press into her face real hard? Maybe that will work.
No. 870095 ID: b1b4f3

Okay but we need to be able to see what we're doing, so walk over to that mirror. Then we can try to like, take up the same physical space you're in and see what happens.
No. 870096 ID: 12b116

wait what's that in the room back there?
No. 870100 ID: a363ac

T_T hug astarte then go get Khoros and possess him to drag him back up here NOW.
No. 870101 ID: 0d45a9

Erm, look at the mirror. There's a unconscious, bleeding Astarte (Look at the bow) reflected in there. Be on full alert for anything.
No. 870103 ID: c9f250

Okay, trying!
No. 870111 ID: b0788c

Investigate the dead Astarte on the bed.
No. 870115 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, look in the mirror! Astarte is bleeding on the bed!

You’re not Astarte, are you?!

No. 870119 ID: 006e5c

Ok. First, you need to close your eyes. Then extend your hands in front of you and hold them up. Next, open your palms and hold them open as well. Hold them up, vertically. Finally, have the thumbs at a square angle to your other fingers and have the thumbs touch each other. Doing things like this will create a doorway, allowing us to possess you. But it may take a minute for the process to finish, so be patient~~

(while she waits, we go check out the bedroom)
No. 870120 ID: f6785d

Possess you? i don't think we can- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT IN THE BEDROOM!?
No. 870139 ID: c88e6d

Wait yeah why is Astarted bleeding on the bed in that mirror. I am extremely upset and alarmed.
No. 870141 ID: b1b4f3

Well so much for subtlety.
No. 870143 ID: 91ee5f

Also, we don’t remember doing any of those things and we know Melinoë‘s power lets her mess with people’s memories. So knock it off already, Melinoë!
No. 870147 ID: e1c8f7

Are you okay? Are we okay? Astarte, I don't think things are alright..
No. 870157 ID: 10c408

Sure, we can try and possess you. Put your hands over your eyes first though, okay?

Run the fuck away whether or not she does this. Find out what the HELL is going on in the other room that's being reflected by the mirror.
No. 870159 ID: 05ff2f

[Say nothing, step backwards, phase through wall into adjacent hotel room, step right to wall bed in this room is on, use phasing to lean forward through wall to check the bed in this room.]
No. 870193 ID: afd23a
File 151962329919.png - (150.32KB , 800x600 , xq316.png )

Really? You are not just saying this to get out of the dare? Eh heh! I do not see anything at all over there!
No. 870195 ID: afd23a
File 151962330530.gif - (807.16KB , 800x600 , xq317.gif )

Okay. Please do not be upset! I will go investigate for you! Stay here and I will be right back!
No. 870199 ID: a363ac

hug the head.
No. 870201 ID: b1b4f3

Speaking of subtlety, that is really obviously a hallucination now.
No. 870205 ID: 91ee5f

*insert high pitched screams of horror here*


We don’t know that! It could be a monster that travels through mirrors and is currently coming out of a mirror to attack us!
No. 870206 ID: a363ac

no just a hallucination.
No. 870207 ID: c88e6d

*whiiiiines* Astaaaaarte, we're scared! There's a scary phantasm of you with blood coming out of your eyes and we're feeling unhappyyyyy.
No. 870208 ID: cc5f4f

Uhhh... I wanna poke it. Poke.

I wanna pat it. Pat.

If something happens, I wanna run. Hide.
No. 870210 ID: ee965a

Did one of your dares involve some serious hallucinogens, Astarte? Cause we're seeing some shit.
No. 870215 ID: e1c8f7

where.. did you burn those cookies?
Moving to the front door, now!
No. 870223 ID: b1b4f3

Astarte just go downstairs and bring us with you. We need to get out of this hotel and away from Melinoe.
No. 870224 ID: 05ff2f

Astarte, there's some cut-rate spookhouse hallucination horseshit going on for me right now, which suspiciously started right when you dared me to possess you. I'm thinking that someone is trying to scare me away from trying to possess you. Well, it ain't gonna work! Get back over here so I can get inside you! ...Okay, that was a poor choice of words.
No. 870225 ID: c88e6d

This voice has a good idea! [*tries to possess Astarte so they can hide from the spooky hallucinations*]
No. 870228 ID: ed67d9
File 151963195473.png - (201.13KB , 800x600 , xq318.png )

Nothing over here either! Penelope you promise that you are not just joking?

Yes... yes. A hallucination.

Wait... not

You recall that as an ethereal construct you live in the realm of thought and emotion and memory.

The strongest memories are those of your own.

No. 870229 ID: ed67d9
File 151963195629.png - (313.86KB , 800x600 , xq319.png )

Eh heh heh heh is this how the body was laying that you saw?

>Suspiciously started right when you dared me to possess you.
This makes sense. Given the nature of this particular memory.
No. 870230 ID: ed67d9
File 151963195886.png - (226.90KB , 800x600 , xq320.png )

The pieces of your shattered mind glint in such a way, triggered by the thought of possessing someone. Your surroundings fade away as you relive this moment - this warning from the past.
No. 870231 ID: ed67d9
File 151963196156.png - (1.33MB , 800x600 , xq321.png )

Everything is in painfully sharp focus. You remember looking down at... at yourself.

You remember the glassy stare of your eye, exposed and vulnerable.

You remember seeing the trail of blood running through your sunlight fur.

You remember the sounds of the late afternoon, children squealing as they played in the park.

No. 870232 ID: ed67d9
File 151963196385.png - (1.25MB , 800x600 , xq322.png )

A shadow covers your body, but you cannot see who it is. You cannot stop staring at yourself.

Penelope!? PENELOPE OH NO ARE YOU OKAY!? Outissa tell me what happened!

You recognize your brother's voice. You remember wanting to tell him that you'd tried to surprise your sister, but finding no words. The two of you had done this before, after all! She let you ride around her body all the time! The only thing that was different this time is that you didn't ask her first.
No. 870233 ID: ed67d9
File 151963196651.png - (1.25MB , 800x600 , xq323.png )

You remember trying to lift your hands and finding yourself staring down through them. Like you were ethereal. But that wasn't how that worked! Your body always went with you, even when you possessed someone - you'd never been separated from it like this! It terrifies you! You don't know what to do!
No. 870236 ID: ed67d9
File 151963204127.png - (3.13KB , 800x600 , xq324.png )

Fortunately, all you had to do was wait. You returned to your body when it ran out of food to burn. You were fine. Nothing had been permanently damaged. Just a big scare.

But you remember the lesson:

Never try to possess someone who hasn't given you permission first.
No. 870237 ID: ed67d9
File 151963205168.png - (58.02KB , 800x600 , xq325.png )

Penelope? You were screaming and crying and is everything okay? I am worried! I came right away! I am sorry that I thought you were joking.
No. 870238 ID: c88e6d

Embrace her firmly.
No. 870256 ID: 10c408

"Just... remembered what happened we were foolish and used our ability in a foolish manner."

Hide IN the bed.
No. 870263 ID: cc5f4f

I have remembered, dear Astarte.
A nightmare, we wish not to restart.
None is harmed; it is all but a memory,
But sticks and stones may not hurt me,
Words can forever haunt frail Penelope.
No. 870265 ID: 91ee5f

Just tell Astarte about the memory we just had.

Also, I’m kinda nervous about trying to possess Astarte because Khoros told us that we’re permanently stuck like this because of what Melinoë did to us. And since we don’t have any food in our body to run out of, I’m afraid we might be get permanently stuck in Astarte’s body!
No. 870272 ID: 006e5c

Apologize for the outburst and tell her that you're alright. Tell her that you had some shocking experience with trying to possess someone in the past. It's something that's been haunting you for a long time and it caused you to hallucinate for a bit just now.

But I think that, to be able to get over the bad experience, trying to possess Astarte wouldn't be a bad idea. Of course, you'd only dare to possess her if she gave you her absolute permission.
No. 870275 ID: f6785d

DUDE THE WAS THE SCARIEST FUCKING THING I HAVE SEEN IN A WHILE. I want a hug. Please hug me. And don't let go.
No. 870277 ID: a363ac

hug starte
No. 870285 ID: b1b4f3

>returned to body when it ran out of food
...I wonder if our body still exists somewhere and it's being forcefed? Also I wonder if we possess Khoros while he's Many then he becomes One again, it'll cure the fragmentation?

Ok we're ok, we just had to remember something scary, then the hallucinations stopped. You still want to be possessed? We can totally do that.
No. 870326 ID: 56e50f

We could use a hug..
No. 870535 ID: ed67d9
File 151976898071.png - (63.89KB , 800x600 , xq326.png )

>Tell about memory
>Apologize say alright
Oh no! That sounds very, very scary. You do not have to apologize. I am glad that you are okay!
No. 870536 ID: ed67d9
File 151976898243.png - (87.02KB , 800x600 , xq327.png )

I can try! Um... eh heh. Oh! My hand goes through you - you feel warm though! I will hold still in a hug pose and you can hug!

Your form tingles as her hand passes through. It is an unusual sensation, but not an unpleasant one. Astarte holds and you hug her, as light as a whisper's caress. Even without the comforting, warm press of a normal embrace you still feel more of that tingle wherever your form touches hers. It's... it's actually kind of nice.
No. 870537 ID: ed67d9
File 151976898573.png - (137.97KB , 800x600 , xq328.png )

>Nervous about possessing
That makes sense! I would not want you to do something you do not want to do. Hmm. Oh! I know I know! If you can possess people and are ethereal then maybe you can see ethereal things! I have read stories about that! I dare you to try to see etheral things!
No. 870538 ID: ed67d9
File 151976898844.gif - (871.76KB , 800x600 , 329.gif )

You focus and nothing seems to happen. So, you close your eyes to see if that helps.
No. 870539 ID: ed67d9
File 151976899928.png - (11.09KB , 800x600 , 330.png )

Oh! Yes! Keep your eyes closed that is a good idea! Eh heh heh heh heh.

Suddenly, you feel your mind's eye expand. It feels almost like how your throat opens up during an intense yawn. Except... with your eyes.


No. 870540 ID: ed67d9
File 151976900363.png - (220.80KB , 800x600 , 331.png )

Shapes shimmer into view.

You know intuitively that each is tied to someone you're connected with.

The brightest is Astarte - perhaps because of her proximity? You can see the heart of her Pattern glowing cheerfully.

Down and to your left you sense the sullen red of your brother Khoros.

Ahead and extremely far away — it's hard to get a sense of the exact distance — is your sister, Outissa, a pleasant and mellow purple.

Farther than Khoros but closer than Outissa is...


...you can't remember. You don't have any idea who that is. It's definitely not Melinoë; that much you're certain of.

No. 870541 ID: ed67d9
File 151976900578.png - (198.55KB , 800x600 , 332.png )

Eh heh heh heh. Do you see anything? Keep them closed and keep trying!
No. 870542 ID: ed67d9
File 151976900967.png - (109.54KB , 800x600 , 333.png )

eh heh heh
No. 870543 ID: ed67d9
File 151976901212.png - (113.29KB , 800x600 , 334.png )

You open your eyes.
No. 870545 ID: a363ac

HIDE AND SEEK! let's play check just outside the room
No. 870546 ID: c88e6d

There was that noxan in the food place near the entrance. Maybe you're pinging them? They seemed nice enough. Also, TIME TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK! Check in the closet and also behind you.
No. 870547 ID: 10c408

Float through the bed to check under it. Do the same for the closet and that towel nearby.
No. 870554 ID: 91ee5f

If we're gonna do this, then we’re gonna do it properly. Announce out loud, “Ready or not, here I come!” Then we start looking for her.

She’s either on the other side of the wall or she’s behind the towels.
No. 870603 ID: f6785d

I swear, if i get scared like that again, i am going to make a polstergate!
Ok, ready or not here we come! Try to find her with your...soul vision? But keep your eye on that unknown color.
No. 870631 ID: 0816b6

Let's peek through walls and see if we can't spot her, then sneak up on her! Boo!
No. 870643 ID: 14581c

All you have to do is follow the sound of eh heh heh :3 You know she won't stop.
No. 870644 ID: b1b4f3

Let's look for the brown mark person. A missing memory implies something important to remember. They were moving around a bit so they must be pretty close.
Also I guess this means Melinoe isn't anywhere nearby? Khoros is likely keeping guard for now, thanks bro.
No. 870649 ID: e1c8f7

Thank you, Astarte. We feel better now.. want to play a new game?
No. 870661 ID: 91ee5f

If you were paying attention, you’d know that people we’re connected to show up as colors. We don’t have any sort of connection with Melinoë, so she’s not going to appear as a color.

And since we were told that Melinoë and Khoros were told to leave the room to yell at each other, that means that Melinoë is currently with Khoros right now. She’s there, we just can’t see her as a color.
No. 870682 ID: 006e5c

Let's close our eyes again and look around to see where she is.
No. 870688 ID: b1b4f3

If you were paying attention, you'd know that we should have a strong connection with Melinoe, both from our past and our present.
No. 870748 ID: ed67d9
File 151985744090.png - (156.78KB , 800x600 , 335.png )

>“Ready or not, here I come!” Then we start looking for her.
eh heh heh heh heh
No. 870749 ID: ed67d9
File 151985744417.png - (161.74KB , 800x600 , 336.png )

>Check closet and outside room
You can totally see her. You tell Astarte this.
No. 870750 ID: ed67d9
File 151985744882.gif - (1.29MB , 800x600 , xq337.gif )

Oh hi! Yay! You found me!
No. 870751 ID: ed67d9
File 151985745703.png - (174.94KB , 800x600 , xq338.png )

That was very, very fun! I realized that you said you were okay with trying to possess me so you can try and we can see what happens!
No. 870752 ID: ed67d9
File 151985745991.png - (199.51KB , 800x600 , xq339.png )

You reach out towards Astarte and that glowing core you saw in her earlier and...
No. 870753 ID: ed67d9
File 151985746135.png - (8.65KB , 800x600 , xq340.png )

No. 870754 ID: ed67d9
File 151985746498.png - (258.26KB , 800x600 , xq341.png )

You have presence once more. Your senses overload as everything hits you all at once. You had expected maybe to feel and smell again and imagined what it would be like, but it all of that is overwhelmed by one sensation:


It's like being tackled and mauled by a monster made of pure NEED. There's a scent that permeates the air, sweet and slightly musky - it takes you a heartbeat or two to realize that it's
Astarte. The press of the floor against you and the tug of gravity get lost in the burning warmth in your lower stomach, the heat flushing through your veins. All you can do is just sit there and tremble, reeling, trying to regain enough control to do ANYTHING.

A voice pipes up, familiar, welcome - it's coming from inside your head.

Eh heh heh heh! Hiiiii~ I should have warned you but that would not have been as fun!

You relax a little and, unbidden, the fingers on your hand flex and unflex.

Ooo! We share control! That will be very, very useful!
No. 870757 ID: a363ac

lets go hug Khoros!
No. 870759 ID: c9f250


No. 870764 ID: 10c408

Let's make sure we remember how to walk properly first. Practice moving around a bit.
No. 870767 ID: f6785d

Wow, ok this is weird. Let's get the hang of this first, we don't want to cause trouble because of one body with two different objectives.
No. 870770 ID: b0788c

Since you both share control we should ask her first if she wants to do anything specific.
No. 870774 ID: b1b4f3

Let's go hug Khoros and then find that other person we saw that had brown color.
No. 870780 ID: 14581c


... I feel really bad for Astarte if this is what she has to deal with all the time... And she puts such a good face on it too...
No. 870800 ID: 56e50f

M-Maybe.. a touch wouldn't hurt..
No. 870827 ID: 9da75d

We should try and get the hang of moving around. One body with two minds will surely take some getting used to.
Unless Astarte can just pilot her body while we ride "shotgun".
No. 870920 ID: 006e5c

Hug yourself and cry. Because it's been so long since you've been able to feel even a simple thing such as the hide on your own body.
No. 871117 ID: c88e6d

Sadly we cannot 'hug' Khoros, he's our brother and he really doesn't roll that way. We can give him noserubs though. Let's go do that.
No. 871238 ID: ed67d9
File 152004233076.png - (296.20KB , 600x1000 , xq342.png )

You try to stand up and a sense of something missing hits you. It feels like your left leg has fallen asleep, but from the knee down. You stumble, falling flat on your butt, the bit of pain like a symphony of sensation, the rush of endorphins cutting through the haze of lust for a moment.

Ow! Eh heh heh heh!

You try again. It is not unlike when you used to turn your lower legs ethereal and try to walk on the stumps, honestly. You manage to stand all the way up an—

Too slow! My turn! Let us let you see what you look like!

You feel yourself being puppeted and you ease up a bit. One thing you've learned from years of practice was to NEVER try to fight for control.

You left the bathroom light on! Turn that off! There! Now! The mirror! POSE TIME! Eh heh heh!
No. 871239 ID: ed67d9
File 152004233216.png - (293.56KB , 600x1000 , xq343.png )

Fancy pose done, Astarte gives you the reins again. One of the things that had always fascinated you the most was just how different body language was from person to person.

Your heart beats even faster as you drink in the scent of horny noxan teenager, the slow rise and fall of your chest with each breath, the pleasant, bitter taste of cookies still in your mouth.

Being in a female body always felt somehow
right to you. You love your brother Khoros dearly, but being his identical twin definitely had its drawbacks when you were mentally female.

Ohhh! You seem to be getting even more turned on! That is very, very nice! You think I am pretty! Ehehehe... that is so flattering!

It's true. Astarte is gorgeous and it takes every bit of your self-control to fight against the yearning for some kind of sexual satisfaction.

Astarte's right hand sneaks down and starts teasing at the downy fur on your... her... lower stomach.

It is okay! We can have fun! We are very, very good friends! It feels very, very good! I can fit all of my han—
No. 871240 ID: ed67d9
File 152004233481.png - (463.58KB , 800x600 , xq344.png )

I apologize for that taking so long. Melinoë and I had much to discuss. I did not realize that she was as hurt inside as she was. We agreed that it would be best if she went to get some help. She has needed it for a lon—
No. 871241 ID: ed67d9
File 152004234595.png - (420.14KB , 800x600 , xq345.png )

No. 871242 ID: ed67d9
File 152004234808.png - (343.90KB , 800x600 , xq346.png )

No. 871243 ID: ed67d9
File 152004234932.png - (176.12KB , 800x600 , xq347.png )

Finally. You give Khoros the hug that you have been wanting to give him forever. He is much taller than you are used to, and when he wraps his arms around you in return it's like a comforting embrace from night itself. He nuzzles the top of your head, and you squeeze tighter, not wanting to ever let go.
No. 871244 ID: ed67d9
File 152004235144.png - (76.40KB , 800x600 , xq348.png )

No. 871245 ID: ed67d9
File 152004235454.png - (3.14KB , 800x600 , xq349.png )

No. 871246 ID: ed67d9
File 152004235625.png - (67.72KB , 800x600 , xq350.png )

No. 871247 ID: ed67d9
File 152004235857.png - (68.96KB , 800x600 , xq351.png )

No. 871248 ID: ed67d9
File 152004236046.png - (82.85KB , 800x600 , xq352.png )


Eh heh heh heh~ You are excited! I can feel!

...now is not really the time for that. Okay?

Oh! Okay! I always wondered what one felt like! Yours is the first I have touched!

I-it is?

Yes! It is very, very warm and very, very smooth and very, very slick!
No. 871249 ID: ed67d9
File 152004236489.png - (123.45KB , 800x600 , xq353.png )

I s-SEE. Well please refrain from that. We need to concentrate on other things. Like find my sister. Remember? You get to come with myself and Penelope on adventure! We should make certain we are ready to go!

Okay! Khoros you are very, very wise!
No. 871250 ID: ed67d9
File 152004236644.png - (118.70KB , 800x600 , xq354.png )

...and very, very tasty. Eh heh.
No. 871251 ID: a363ac

time for some friendly good natured family teasing> "Khoros we are already in the motel you can always make like 20 quick babies for her at least~ come on it will be so cute~ just look at her face so precious~"
No. 871254 ID: b1b4f3

Astarte pls.

Khoros we saw someone else when we were trying out Etherial Sight! Do you know of a noxan that wears something brown? Or maybe it was someone that wasn't a noxan.
No. 871265 ID: 6e59e3




I mean unless you really like it. We don't get a say in your sex life.
No. 871282 ID: 1d3d9e

Sorry Astarte, he's still not on the market! Please go easy on him, he's a big weenie. ..Do you want to use the bathroom, Khoros?
No. 871285 ID: bef60d

Disregard this person, Stay together.
No. 871291 ID: c88e6d

If you like, we can give you two some privacy and just check on Outissa and Melinoe. Maybe go search for ethereal celotape. Dunno. Everything seems pretty fine right now. To be fair though Khoros, it's up to you if you wanna do lewd things or try and focus through it while you're so 'heated'.
No. 871297 ID: 91ee5f

Waggle eyebrows at Khoros. He’ll know that his ethereal sister will tease him about this for a while~. XD
No. 871298 ID: 91ee5f

Penelope isn’t actually going to Outissa during those points of the story. We’re actually playing as Outissa herself instead of Penelope hanging around Outissa.
No. 871348 ID: 05ff2f

Lean in to whisper into Khoros' ear. "She's certainly something beautiful and amazing, isn't she? She's got the hots for you as well, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. Heh heh heh. So, how are you feeling about her and her getting you feeling randy? A novel feeling for you, isn't it? If you want to follow through I wouldn't blame ya, but you ought to know beforehand she really wants a family. Like, a huge one. And a mate or several to raise her kids with. And at the moment she's got her sights set on you. So unless you wanna be a dad, take care, okay.

Also, we need to see about getting her some means of contraception. Otherwise she's gonna be the epicenter of a small noxan population boom once she's out and about among the noxan guys.

On to important non-sexual matters, I spotted Outissa while using my ethereal sight. She's really far away, no idea how far, but that she's alive is a relief. I also saw another Pattern I can't remember who's it is. They must be important to me to even show up, so maybe from a memory Melinoë removed? ...Perhaps our mom or dad?"
No. 871353 ID: 8ef863

Best back off, Astarte. We don't want Khoros to fall apart on us, do we?
ba dum tshhh

Let's go find Outissa, shall we?
No. 871356 ID: c9f250

Cutie~ Well you're going to get teased whether or not you snuggle up and explore Astarte back, so take your time and consider whether you want her enthusiastic help, a few minutes of overwhelming sticky privacy, or to run around with that bright flash of red. No judgement about that deep flush of desire :3c
No. 871365 ID: 10c408

I think a cold shower for Astarte is in order, try and dampen down on the endless lust before we set out.
No. 871366 ID: 006e5c

I don't see any problems here. When do we leave?
No. 871373 ID: fac517

Come on, it wouldn't be fair to Astarte to deny her this chance. And Khoros is obviously into it. He's probably just very shy. Grab that D and tell him he's not going anywhere yet.
No. 871390 ID: f6785d

Oh my god Khoros that was the cutest face i have seen from you in ages! Totaly worth it.
Astarte, if you keep on making him make that face, you have my suport. Sorry boss, but that was just too adorable. BUT enough with the teasing, calm yourself down, brother, there is somthing i must tell you about someone i don't recognise near us. I saw them while using my soul vision, if we can call it that.
No. 872090 ID: ed67d9
File 152039465131.png - (192.78KB , 800x600 , xq355.png )

>Totally should have sex with Astarte in this motel
It is a hotel. And I am not going to be making babies with... I KNEW you had planted that idea in her!

Eh heh heh heh... you can plant something in me whenever you want

No. 872091 ID: ed67d9
File 152039465486.png - (126.05KB , 800x600 , xq356.png )

>Cutie~ Well you're going to get teased whether or not you snuggle up and explore Astarte back, so take your time and consider whether you want her enthusiastic help, a few minutes of overwhelming sticky privacy, or to run around with that bright flash of red. No judgement about that deep flush of desire :3c

... Kotadyl please end my life now just let me die I promise I will actually pray to You and attend services if You just strike me down right now in this moment thanks
No. 872095 ID: ed67d9
File 152039474070.png - (117.21KB , 800x600 , xq357.png )

>Ethereal sight

You can do that? That should not be possible. Unless you are somehow acquiring abilities tha—

I bet Penelope has been ethereal long enough that she has ~extra powers~! That is very, very impressive!

—t is exactly what I was about to say.

Two things about this. First thing. I cannot think of anyone outside of myself and Outissa and perhaps Astarte that you would have that level of bond with. I am worried that this might be a trap or something. I am confident that this is not Melinoë's doing. She cannot affect me at all with her memory powers.

No. 872096 ID: ed67d9
File 152039474371.png - (107.84KB , 800x600 , xq358.png )

Second thing. If you are starting to show abilities that some other ethereal creatures have then I think it is a good idea for you to consider practicing and developing these abilities. In fact - before we leave you should choose something to focus on improving.
No. 872097 ID: ed67d9
File 152039475728.png - (228.26KB , 800x600 , xq359.png )

Now that you're comfortable with how Possession and Ethereal Sight work, it's time to choose one of two Paths to specialize in!

Each Path has a different focus, and over time you will be able to unlock new abilities in your chosen Path.

You WILL retain the ability to use both basic Possession and basic Ethereal Sight no matter what Path you choose.

If you choose to not follow a Path, you cannot change your mind and go down it later. However, each Path does lead to further choices down the road....

Note: If your goal is to one day become physical permanently again, don't worry - both Paths are equally likely to lead to that option.
No. 872098 ID: ed67d9
File 152039475929.png - (304.19KB , 800x600 , xq360.png )

The Path of Possession - Choosing this Path will grant you the following benefit:
Prodigious Proprioception. Significantly reduce the time it takes you to adjust to using a Possessed body.

The Path of Ether - Choosing this Path will grant you the following benefit:
Spectral Seeing. You will be able to see ethereal creatures whenever you use your Ethereal Sight.

Please vote one which you choose.
No. 872102 ID: 6e9b78

If both paths are equally likely to lead to us becoming physical, then would choosing neither path be more likely?
No. 872104 ID: 10c408

Path of ether! If we become physical again we won't need to possess people as often!

Also khoros we didn't 'implant' anything of the sort in astarte. It was the first thing she asked when we met her by the elevator.
No. 872106 ID: 12b116

☿ Ether ☿
No. 872107 ID: c88e6d

No. 872108 ID: a363ac

path of possession.
No. 872112 ID: 91ee5f

>And I am not going to be making babies with...I KNEW you had planted that idea in her!
Actually, no we didn’t, Astarte wanted that all on her own.

>...Kotadyl please end my life now just let me die I promise I will actually pray to You and attend services if You just strike me down right now in this moment thanks
Oh, don’t be like that! We’re just teasing you!

Besides, if you get struck down now, who’s gonna protect us and Astarte? And also help us find Outissa?

>Choose path
Path of Possession because I’m hoping we’ll eventually be able to possess objects. Then we can be a spooky ghost!

Or if we need to, we can possess an object and have it fly at a bad guy to smack them in the face! XD
No. 872114 ID: 1ea1d9

Hidden option both, break free with ultimate power
No. 872115 ID: 4854ef

Path of Possession
No. 872116 ID: cb585b

Path of Ether, interrogate a spooky ghost for info on getting still even more powers.
No. 872119 ID: c9f250


Also pap Khoros snoot!
No. 872126 ID: cc5f4f


Are those the alchemical symbols for salt and mercury?
No. 872159 ID: b1b4f3

Ether. Seeing stuff other people can't see is cool. Maybe the path of Possession will let us eventually boost the abilities of whoever we're possessing but I like the sight better.

Hey Khoros where is our old body? Are we still in it, or is it in a coma somewhere? We were separated from it when we failed to possess Outissa that one time so it feels like it would be possible for us to have completely abandoned it. If we didn't abandon it, how come we can't just go solid again by running out of food? Maybe our power is just fucked up and we need to find a new way of turning it off or returning to our body.
No. 872162 ID: 91ee5f

Khoros has already explained this to us.

This is our body, we can’t turn our power off from running out of food, and we feed off of strong emotions in others.
No. 872172 ID: 10c408

This was all covered in the previous thread, man.

but the tl;dr version is that it's all meliones fault and we might not even be the real penelope.

No. 872175 ID: cb32b6

No. 872178 ID: 10c408

Also... paranoia check. Khoros, can you summarized what you and melione discussed in the lobby? If she screwed with your brain it'll be obvious to us.
No. 872179 ID: 094652

Possession. We can suffuse a permanent advantage in capturing and using enemy forces against themselves - Gatling Knife, we missed you!
No. 872183 ID: b0788c

No. 872192 ID: 006e5c

Path of Possession. Because the other path would make things too simple.
No. 872205 ID: f6785d

Hey, we didn't conviced her on anything! We were just teasing you. And some day you are going to have to give us some nephews or nieces.
Ok, i am going to go with Ether, becouse is cool as fuck. But what ever path we chose, i am going for the "geting our body back" plan.
No. 872207 ID: b1b4f3

I read that thread, bro. The explanation was that Melinoe "shattered" Penelope's mind while she was Ethereal, and as I said it's possible for Penelope to become separated from her body when her powers fail so it might've happened again. And I think it's pretty fucking solidly confirmed we're the real Penelope, considering we have her memories and there's no way Khoros has ethereal powers.
No. 872216 ID: e1c8f7

Ether. We will be the light in the dark.
No. 872254 ID: ca332d

Ether sounds cool. There could be ethereal guys all over the place that we don't know about!
No. 872470 ID: ed67d9
File 152057528392.png - (156.60KB , 800x600 , xq363.png )

You choose...

The Path of Ether.

New ability acquired: Spectral Seeing.
No. 872471 ID: ed67d9
File 152057580012.png - (334.16KB , 800x600 , xq362.png )

It would appear that you have made a choice! Excellent, Sister. What did you go with?

>Spectral Seeing
That is a good idea. Being able to see things the rest of us cannot will be very useful.

Very, very useful!

...anyway. Before we go! You should try this out to see how it works.

You decide to test out your new ability!
No. 872472 ID: ed67d9
File 152057580564.png - (156.60KB , 800x600 , xq363.png )

You activate your ability and you see a sight that is horrible beyond description. It feels as if part of your mind is being torn away almost by the entity in front of you.

No. 872473 ID: ed67d9
File 152057580934.png - (188.52KB , 800x600 , xq364.png )

What do you see, Sister?

Y̕eS ̨P͏E҉neLO͜P̶e wh҉a͡t́ D͘O̢ YOU͘ See̴ ̵ȨH̵ ̸HEH҉ HE̷H͡ h͝éh

No. 872480 ID: a363ac

I see the next thing Astarte will say is "OW MY FACE! ehehe ehehe" Jojo pose
No. 872483 ID: c88e6d

No. 872484 ID: 91ee5f

Tell them exactly what we see!

Also this because that’s something Astarte would definitely say! XD
No. 872486 ID: 6e59e3

I see a funny good friend noxan female

I see a weird brown aura of a Noxan male

I see a purple aura of Outissa, most likely.

And lastly, I see our red-eyed reflection. Were we ever so cute? We can only hope and dream so.
No. 872493 ID: c82a99

We can see that we've made a mistake. Knowledge of the beyond is veiled for a reason.

Release Psychic Scream.
No. 872495 ID: 10c408

The "big scary toothy green thing" is astarte, guys.

At least I HOPE it's just astarte and not something else piggybacking off of her.

"Well uh. brother, you look like a red outline of your usual self with a big red circle in your chest, no surprise there.

Astarte is green and brown with a scorpion tail for some reason? Weeeird.

We do see a very familiar purple aura to our immediate upper right and a not so familiar teal aura to our lower right."
No. 872501 ID: e1c8f7

A void of light that reaches into us and takes our light.. but also gives a different light in return. Thinking about it hurts, Brother.
No. 872504 ID: b1b4f3

What? I don't see anything green at all.

I don't see a scorpion tail on Astarte, and any brown you see is probably where the cyan and red are mixing together. What teal color are you talking about? I see brown over there, not teal.

>no ethereal creatures nearby
Not too surprising.
I just see Khoros as a red transparent dude and Astarte as a cyan transparent lady climbing between the walls like a big silly. Hey that's interesting, her prosthetic leg is colored in with the rest of her. There's a purple glow off in the distance to the top right and a brown glow off to the bottom right.

Hey Khoros wanna go scout out the brown thing? I think we can see people through walls once we're close enough so we can be sneaky about it!
No. 872536 ID: f6785d

The only problem with this vision is that the material world just turns all black. So we should turn this vision on and off when need it.
I guess that's it for now. Pretty basic, but useful for being the first power in the etheral path.
No. 872537 ID: 12b116

Tell Khoros, inspect the fourth one
No. 872541 ID: 0816b6

I see something blue, and it is feeding off of us slowly and giving us something back so we cannot see it.

I think the ethereal world is subjective, because we may be seeing different things. Khoros is a pale red, and if there is brown it is hidden by the blue tendrils attached to us...
No. 872542 ID: 664b03

Our lawyers will be in contact shortly.
No. 872543 ID: d2e2ce

See if you can build up speed to access virtual parallel universes.
No. 872546 ID: b1b4f3

Alright everyone, check questdis and post the images that aren't there yet!
No. 872551 ID: 05ff2f

Also add that that thing that has its tendrils in you, it has more than just the two tendrils leading to you. There's many more tendrils leading off of it that fade into the darkness. There's probably others this thing has its tendrils in. Maybe you can follow those tendrils to find who they're stuck in and help them.

Try gripping the tendril that's extracting from you using both hands and yank hard on it. See if you can pull it loose.
No. 872562 ID: c7680f

Smack that thing! No one sucks on us without permission!
No. 872563 ID: 4854ef

There is nothing nearby, continue on normally~
No. 872608 ID: ed67d9

To clarify on something, because I had people ask - yes, it's TOTALLY okay and in fact encouraged to discuss here and in the disthread what you see. <3
No. 872675 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah let's fight back against the blue thing, even though I can't see it directly.
No. 872687 ID: f6785d

Ok, I don't see anithing touching us. But if there IS, make it stop, that can't be good. Ethereal shit is nothing to scoff about.
No. 872927 ID: ed67d9
File 152074704173.png - (212.84KB , 800x600 , xq365.png )

>Astarte being silly; nothing ethereal
>A blue creature with tendrils in us
Hold on. You are not making any sense. You are contradicting yourself, Sister.

I w͡il̸l͟ ͟po̷is̕o͏n y̢ou̵r ̷b͝roth͟er҉ ąnd̡ ͘fe̸e͢d̛ ͢o̵ń ͞h̢i̧m.͞ ̕I̢ hav̢e he̴l͘d͝ ͏d҉own͞ ̧yoųr͘ s͟is͏ter ͘Ơu͞t̨i̸s͘s͏a ̀and͏ fe͢d̷ ̀on ͡he̶r̵ s͞oul ̕aņd ͞s̡h̨e ͘i̧s̢ de͞ad. Your͠ pŗeci҉ou̶s̴ ͞A͜s̵tart͏e͝ ͠i͞s̢ ͘gone.̧ Th͏er͏e̡ i̢s͡ ̛onl͜y m͠e. ̸I ͞a͢m ̧y҉óur ̷m͠a̴d͝ńe̸s̕s͡ ma̛de ͝ma̵nif̢e҉s̡t҉.̸ ̡

A͝n̸d͘ ͢I̸ a̵m҉ co̸m̷ing҉ for ̵yo̢u ̢n͘ex҉t̸, Pen͜el͘ope͟.

Your sanity feels like it is fraying, being drawn away and devoured by this creature. You are transfixed and cannot look away. You are suspect that the other fragments are blind to the immediate danger right here.

Sister, please - can you come to a consensus among your fragments as to what is happening? I want to help but I need to know what is going on.

No. 872933 ID: b1b4f3

There is a blue ethereal creature that is sucking out part of our pattern(which itches) and effectively drugging us to make us not notice it is there. Some of us can't see anything wrong (like me), some of us get a bad reaction from the drug and see Astarte as a scary monster, and others see the truth.
Pardon us if we start flailing around at something you can't see.

We need to fight back against the parasite!
No. 872934 ID: b1b4f3

This is basically an ethereal mosquito isn't it.
No. 872936 ID: e1c8f7

We've become victim to a parasite that misleads our fragments. It's not actively harming us.. but it is feeding off us. Brother, I hope I am seeing the truth.
No. 872940 ID: c88e6d

No. 872943 ID: 4854ef

The other fragments are confused, they are hallucinating that there is something going on.. It would not be the first time after-all that issues have cropped up.

Everything is fine everyone, do not be concerned.
No. 872947 ID: 09e13b

Different fragments are seeing different things, we can't tell what's real. Are you in pain? Because this fragment sees something stabbing you in the heart...
No. 872949 ID: b1b4f3

You know you don't have to play along with what you're seeing, right? It is possible to make a reasonable deduction from the information we have instead of pretending to be idiots.
No. 872961 ID: b1b4f3

...wait a minute, let's look behind us at the brown signature. It's possible that is the source of the itch and BOTH possible threats we can see are hallucinations. I kindof doubt it though, everything seems to point to the parasite being real.
No. 872965 ID: a363ac

eh some people in here are Totally Crazy, don't listen to them everything is fine we should head on our way.
No. 872967 ID: a363ac

No. 872969 ID: b0788c

Kill the parasite or scare it off.
No. 872979 ID: 4854ef

Except that our sight has not always proven to be correct in the past. We have mistaken others for other things and our vision and consciousness can be shoddy, the idea that we are idiots for not believing that there's something trying to consume us despite nothing really going on is not too hard to believe.
No. 872984 ID: 2676f5

This makes sense to this fragment. The unexplained itching sensation in my version leads me believe we should go with the version that explains that anomaly.
No. 872994 ID: 98c63e

Well everything looks to be in order, just hallucinations
No. 873002 ID: 12b116

can we focus on the brown spot and try to see who it might be?
No. 873041 ID: 0816b6

I think we're hallucinating, like we were before. If we stay calm it should pass.

Khoros, we are perfectly fine. How about we move on with things?
No. 873047 ID: 52501c

We are fine Brother, We suspect that some of us are seeing different things due to never using this power before.
Also... Astarte, please be careful up there.
No. 873048 ID: f6785d

Well, THIS fragment, doesn't sees anything, but not being 100% sure of what i am truly seeing makes me uneasy.
No. 873050 ID: 094652

You're all hazy silhouettes with a bright core dancing in a black void - wait, what's that thing in the lower-right corner?
No. 873075 ID: ed67d9

Hey, everyone! Just a heads-up that there's been a REALLY IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION about what's happening over in the Disthread!


If you decide you want to change your mind about your post, based on what's in there, you 100% can. <3
No. 873083 ID: 7fad5d

We're hallucinating. Let's just relax.
No. 873094 ID: 006e5c

I don't think this is something we should worry about for now. Even if there really is something there, there's nothing we can do about it. (btw I see nothing)

Well, we could try something. How about a group meditation? Sit down, stand very still and emotionless and relax, to reduce any source of feelings, and see if that changes anything. Altho that would also reduce our own source of food, maybe whatever else that is here would get starved before us.
No. 873095 ID: b1b4f3

>nothing we can do about it
Uh, what about, like, slapping a tentacle away? If it can touch us, we can touch it.
No. 873128 ID: f6785d

It's very risky, but it might work. I would prefer to do this than nothing.
No. 873133 ID: 05ff2f

Okay, I'm calling bullshit on there being a scary scorpion monster. First off, if Astarte had just dropped dead back there, Khoros would have reacted to hearing her hit the floor. Second, if Outissa was dead by the monster's hand already, we wouldn't be able to see her Pattern's color. And third, the color of the Pattern we couldn't identify earlier is wrong. It's the color of Astarte's Patten, not the... Brown? Is that brown? I'm bad with colors. Anyway, it's not the color of the unidentified Pattern. Roll it all together and it doesn't add up. It's incongruous like a dream, thus I say it's definitely not happening.

As for if the parasite is real or not... I dunno. But what could we do about it if it was real? Or how could we know it was real? Our psyche is such a mess it could be a figment we're hallucinating, but due to the nature of the Ethereal it'll be made real by us believing it's real. But if it's already real and we ignore it, it'll still be there. But if we act to try and remove it, to pull its tendrils away, we'd believe it's real and make it real...? What we need is another person with Ethereal Sight and a non-fractured psyche to look us over. In the mean time, I say ignore it.
No. 873138 ID: b1b4f3

Alright my final decision is to ignore the vision of the blue thing. Even if it's real it probably won't cause much damage, but if it's not real we don't want to make it real.

Gotta scratch that itch though.
No. 873158 ID: 193288

Nothing to report here.
No. 873428 ID: ed67d9
File 152098945064.png - (357.09KB , 800x600 , xq366.png )

>Consensus: Nothing, just our imagination
Okay. Sister, if you insist that this is the case then I trust you. You can always ask me—

—or me!

...if you have questions about ethereal things. I know that there are many kinds of entities. Some of them are predators. Some are parasites. Some are harmless.

At any rate. Let us depart. You mentioned seeing a brown Pattern - did you want to investigate that? Or do you think that is part of the hallucination?

Yay! I am very, very happy to be out of here!
No. 873429 ID: ed67d9
File 152098945324.png - (37.80KB , 800x600 , xq367.png )

No. 873430 ID: ed67d9
File 152098945782.png - (65.86KB , 800x600 , xq368.png )

This certainly is an interesting walk through this hotel! There are corridors and a lobby and things!

Keep walking. Do not lick that! Gah! I want to get out of here. We need to discuss what to do.
No. 873431 ID: ed67d9
File 152098946166.png - (392.87KB , 800x600 , xq369.png )

No. 873432 ID: ed67d9
File 152098946497.png - (391.69KB , 800x600 , xq370.png )

Wheee! Yay for adventure! I am excited to explore more of the Ruins! Ooo it is morning! Hello, sun! You are so bright!


No. 873433 ID: ed67d9
File 152098946590.png - (398.82KB , 800x600 , xq371.png )

Rolling is fun! You should try it! Eh heh heh heh.


No. 873434 ID: ed67d9
File 152098946829.png - (397.04KB , 800x600 , xq372.png )

Come on! Just once! Yes! Like that!

...this is going to be a long trip.

No. 873435 ID: a363ac

Astarte is both best girl and BALL.
No. 873437 ID: b1b4f3

Is there something on the building behind you?
No. 873447 ID: c88e6d

Penelope: Chirp at the building-noxan.
No. 873473 ID: 1761a3

Yes Brother We would like to investigate the Brown pattern.
No. 873478 ID: 4854ef

Breathe deep brother. Astarte means well enough and is just a very excitable, but good gal.. Though where she gets all the energy she has is almost envious.
No. 873494 ID: e7c79d

The other chose not to heed the warning. But I see. Khoros. Behind you, Danger!
No. 873498 ID: a363ac

go to Outissa screw the brown
No. 873512 ID: f6785d

The brown one was there before, i am certain that at least that it is no illusion. If you would be so kind as to accompany me to where it was, it would be very appreciated, boss.
Astarte, please, NEVER change.
No. 873521 ID: 05ff2f

Brother, we see someone on your six, up high, on the hotel awning. A shaggy noxon. They popped out shortly after you two passed underneath. Do you see them too?

Could you tell us more of these ethereal predators? Like, what do they prey on? Memories? Emotions? How do they commonly exhibit themselves? And how about ethereal parasites?

If we're to follow the brown Pattern, we'll need to use our ethereal sight for a short bit to get a bearing. We'll point the way and the both of you sight along our arm and figure which way to go. ...Though, why are we following the brown Pattern when I thought Khoros wanted to track down Outissa? Here, we'll point towards Outissa's pattern with our other arm.
No. 873632 ID: 006e5c

It seems that Khoros is pretty good at resisting Astarte's aura even when she's so close.

Yep, no reason to worry about parasitic ethereal beings or more stalking noxans. Hmm, sure is a gloomy day outside. Day? Isn't this the first time we see daylight in XQ? Are we past the wall and the underground ruins?

Ask Khoros how long the trip is going to take.
No. 873892 ID: ed67d9
File 152116927656.png - (399.43KB , 800x600 , xq373.png )

>Chirp at the building-noxan
No. 873893 ID: ed67d9
File 152116927899.png - (396.96KB , 800x600 , xq374.png )

No. 873894 ID: ed67d9
File 152116928894.png - (412.34KB , 800x600 , xq375.png )

Ahhh. Prey thinks it is clever. Prey makes a sound and then prey hides. Noxan will play! Noxan will find prey. Will hunt-kill-eat prey. Then noxan will go for other prey. Easy to find. Very loud. That prey does not hide. Hhhheh.
No. 873897 ID: 0816b6

I don't think it can see us. Or that it knows we are a noxan too. Has it gone completely feral?

We should warn Khoros about this.
No. 873901 ID: 10c408

No. 873902 ID: 91ee5f

.....why the fuck can’t we control who we get stuck with?! I don’t want to be stuck with this guy! TT_TT
No. 873904 ID: c88e6d

[Recommendation for angry chirps! Puff up and make yourself look bigger!]
No. 873906 ID: a363ac

You ugly! want to play a game I bet you can't touch this prey before we can be right next to you. stakes are a day to do whatever you please with the body of the loser. you game or just a poor hunter?
No. 873915 ID: f6785d

Are they referring to Astarte? They did hear us. You better don't touch her, you poor bastard, or you are going to regret it.
Boss, a noxan is following us, i think is feral. Should we confront them now, or we face him later?
No. 873931 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's an interesting form of teleportation. Eye first, then the rest of the body?
No. 873955 ID: e1c8f7

I'd like to see this guy try! Brother will put him in his place while he pointlessly tries to harm us.
No. 873973 ID: 006e5c

What's your name?
No. 873980 ID: 94bef7

A gnarly Noxan came near
Our curious chirp he did hear
Called us prey and clever
Thought as hidden like fever

Can it see, or could it not
The ethereal creature that's 'fore him?
I don't know, I know not.
His gnarly hair's scary'n the dim.
No. 874001 ID: a363ac

more likely she moves through shadows.
No. 874044 ID: ed67d9
File 152123183606.png - (356.66KB , 800x600 , xq376.png )

Prey talks and talks and talks. Most of it is nonsense! You do not even know that Fierce-Stalking-Death is female! Silly prey.
No. 874046 ID: ed67d9
File 152123183961.png - (413.61KB , 800x600 , xq377.png )

Prey is not the only one who can hide. Noxan can hide too. Noxan will wait until you cannot hide any more and then will strike. Lave prey's blood from prey's gnawed bones.
No. 874047 ID: ed67d9
File 152123184767.png - (412.49KB , 800x600 , xq378.png )

Hhhheh. Fierce-Stalking-Death goes now for other prey.
No. 874048 ID: ed67d9
File 152123185003.png - (721.60KB , 800x600 , xq379.png )

heh heh heh
No. 874049 ID: ed67d9
File 152123185486.png - (723.32KB , 800x600 , xq380.png )

>Boss, a noxan is following us, i think is feral
>A gnarly Noxan came near
>Has it gone completely feral?
No. 874050 ID: ed67d9
File 152123185529.png - (728.50KB , 800x600 , xq381.png )

No. 874051 ID: ed67d9
File 152123185776.png - (722.91KB , 800x600 , xq382.png )

Ha. Very funny. Ugh.

No. 874052 ID: 12b116

Well, other than that one. There's some raggedy-ass looking Noxan skulking around talking about how we're its prey. It might be the brown presence we felt earlier, because it certainly looks dirty.

(can we etherial sight?)
No. 874053 ID: a363ac

lighten up baby brother~ we are on a fun adventure not life or death stakes! Astarte let me possess you so I can give this uptight nerd a noogie.
No. 874056 ID: c88e6d

Check our ether-sight. Also, Astarte, has Khoros warmed up to ya yet? He's a nice guy, you two should share your collective interests. What do you like to do other than meet nice friendly boys and girls?
No. 874058 ID: 006e5c

Did it turn ethereal? Or some other form of stealth? Would've been useful to had used ether-o-vision right then. Well, I'd still try using the vision again now.

So, how are you doing Khoros? Don't you like Astarte? Or are you simply not feeling well?

Do either of you two know of any really shaggy noxans with white glowing eyes? Asking coz there's one probably following us.
No. 874059 ID: 10c408

Not astarte, Khoros. Someone else. They turn invisible and intend on hunting BOTH of you down.
No. 874060 ID: 91ee5f

>Ha. Very funny. Ugh.
No, Khoros, we’re not talking about Astarte! We’re talking about a different Noxan that calls herself Fierce-Stalking-Death!

She can turn invisible and she’s currently stalking us so that she can eat us!
No. 874067 ID: 60e421

Actual danger. Ethereal sight will show.
No. 874094 ID: f6785d

NO, not that feral noxan! Boss, look we are serious about this. Someone IS HUNTING US. Stay alert, they can or either make themselves invisible or they can become ethereal like us.
Astarte, sweetheart, please behave yourself. There is a time for fun, and there is a time to be serious. From now on you will have to lern when is one and when it is another. You understand?
No. 874101 ID: 4854ef

There is a noxan who calls themselves Fierce-Stalking-Death.. that doesn't seem to be a normal Noxan name is it?
No. 874119 ID: e1c8f7

"Mors ferox venandi"

We will not be blindsided.
No. 874201 ID: ed67d9
File 152133754223.png - (86.73KB , 800x600 , 383.png )

>Danger! A dirty, shaggy-furred feral noxan called Fierce-Stalking-Death wants to hunt us all down and eat us. And is the brown-colored Pattern we saw earlier. And can turn invisible. And turn ethereal.
Just like the scorpion? And the "parasite"? And "Laertes"? Seeing our sister? Astarte also told me about what you saw while you were in the room together.

No. 874202 ID: ed67d9
File 152133754575.png - (67.33KB , 600x800 , xq383.png )

>Astarte, sweetheart, please behave yourself. There is a time for fun, and there is a time to be serious. From now on you will have to lern when is one and when it is another. You understand?


I am sorry. I did not mean to be bad. I am not very good at knowing things sometimes.
No. 874203 ID: ed67d9
File 152133755302.png - (62.64KB , 600x800 , xq384.png )

I am sorry.

please do not make me go away i will be good
No. 874205 ID: ed67d9
File 152133756019.png - (84.93KB , 600x800 , xq385.png )

Come here, child, it is okay. You did not do anything wrong.
No. 874206 ID: ed67d9
File 152133756982.png - (647.74KB , 800x600 , xq386.png )

No. 874208 ID: ed67d9
File 152133758077.png - (117.62KB , 800x600 , xq387.png )

Sister... I am very concerned about you. I understand that a lot of these are echoes. But. I hoped that using ethereal seeing would help you with your hallucinations. Help you see what is real and what is not.

It unfortunately appears that is not the case. And... and now you have hurt Astarte!

No. 874209 ID: ed67d9
File 152133758897.png - (647.95KB , 800x600 , xq388.png )

>Spectral Seeing
I do not see how that can help our situation right now. We can see if there is someone in the Ruins that can also see ethereal creatures. We could use that person to maybe help you. I love you very much, Sister. I do not want this to keep happening to you.

>Spectral Seeing! Danger!
There is no danger. But I know you are going to use it anyway. Just please keep it to yourself this time.

No. 874211 ID: ed67d9
File 152133759871.png - (703.58KB , 800x600 , xq389.png )

You decide to activate Spectral Seeing anyway. This time, instead of closing your eyes first, you leave them open.

You can see the Patterns overlaid over the people making them. That makes sense. Outissa’s is still far off in the City, and the brownish-orange one appears to b—


Just as you had suspected and feared, Fierce-Stalking-Death is the orange pattern! It looks like she is about to strike! What will you do!?

No. 874214 ID: a363ac

Hate self. apologize to Astarte. we are a monster.
No. 874218 ID: b1b4f3

>brownish-orange is in the same direction
What I'm seeing disagrees with the text for some reason. I see the brown signature behind us, towards where the wild noxan was. I don't know why people thought that noxan was the brown signature since the position doesn't match with what we saw earlier.
I still don't see any ethereal creatures. Does our vision disagree again? Even if we start seeing the parasite or the monster again, we should look back towards the hotel to see if we can spot the wild noxan.

Khoros please tell us about ethereal parasites. We might have fallen prey to one. Is there one that feeds on ethereal creatures and hides itself by administering a perception-altering substance into the victim? That would explain our ethereal sight issues. If there is such a parasite, please tell us how to deal with it safely.
Also how the hell did we make you and Melinoe leave the room earlier? We can't remember how, and Astarte seems to be worried about it as if we have power over other people, so I'm worried too. I know we can't possess people without permission!
No. 874220 ID: c879a1

Some brown and nothing around?
No. 874223 ID: ed67d9

[Whoops! That was an editing error left over from a previous version. Text should be correct now!]
No. 874227 ID: 12b116

Astarte didn't do anything bad, we just want to protect her. We would never want her to leave!
Khoros doesn't believe us, but there is definitely something else around, the brown signature is still there.
No. 874228 ID: 10c408

Well since Khoros isn't gonna to listen to us when we tell him about the predatory invisible creature RIGHT IN FRONT AND DOWN VERY LOW I guess the only thing to do is go interrupt her by throwing our collective mass at her face and seeing if that freaks her out.
No. 874241 ID: c88e6d

Khoros, you are ignoring our perception based on our mental illness in the worst possible circumstances. Please let us possess you to let you see with our eyes.
No. 874245 ID: c3d2ed

okay that happened
nothing is here from what we see so just keep going I guess
No. 874252 ID: b1b4f3

That is an interesting idea! We didn't try it out when we were possessing Astarte... if we can show Khoros what we see then he can use his knowledge to help.
If we just plain can't possess Khoros because of the same reason he's immune to Melinoe's bullshit, we should ask Astarte to let us possess her again and activate Ethereal Sight again with her. She can see and direct Khoros to defend the group.
No. 874254 ID: 56e50f

Apologies, Boss.. We meant no harm to Astarte and aren't trying to test your patience. We see what we see.. just stay safe and please, if you know any way to protect against ethereal parasites, we'd like to know. Some of us see the Huntress behind you but we can't trust our vision as is. We.. suspect that is a symptom of the parasite. We're just scared.
No. 874257 ID: b1b4f3

Voting to believe the parasite vision this time and actually do something about it.
No. 874260 ID: 05ff2f

I'm also backing this plan. If Khoros can use our ethereal sight directly, having someone who's perception isn't broken see through it will help immensely.

I think there's a ethereal parasite on us that feeds on fear and is attempting to induce it with hallucinations, it's just not working right 'cause our psyche is fractured. Some of the pieces are experiencing our senses before the parasite scrubs itself out, others after that point, and still others after its inserted the object of fear, in this case Fiece-Stalking-Death stalking up on the two people we care so much for. But what do we do about it? Lets try yanking a tendril out before possessing Khoros or Astarte.
No. 874266 ID: 737597

the predatory invisible creature RIGHT IN FRONT AND DOWN VERY LOW

You mean the big glowy blue thing with all the tentacles in the centerish upper rightish?
No. 874268 ID: 05ff2f

Check the quest discussion: >>/questdis/119482. Each of us is being shown one of three different images and text and they've been posted there.
No. 874270 ID: efcc58

Can we see ourselves?
No. 874275 ID: c88e6d

There's a parasite? Ewwwwww, get it off! Maybe if we get it out, we'll be able to think straight.
No. 874278 ID: f6785d

Nooo, Astarte i didn't mean to hurt you, i would never do that. I am just worried about you and Khoros. I am scared, i can't even control my oun power to keep you two safe, and that scares my. I got stressed, I am VERY sorry.

I am putting all my money in the vision with the parasite as the real one. I bet that that thing is messing with us. The one with the monster is probably fake, it's color is orange, and not brown like we have been seing before. We should have spot it before if there was another noxan near us. Besides, the color brown is still there.
No. 874287 ID: 05ff2f

Wait, wait, wait! Everybody, look to the upper right! Above the branch next to the tree trunk! That's a EYE! That's where Fierce-Stalking-Death is going to appear! She's real, and the one we see stalking Astarte and Khoros in the ether is a parasite induced illusion!

Run towards the eye while pointing at it and shouting to Khoros to look up there and tell us if he sees a gleaming eye just floating in the air. If so, then we know it's real and it's Fierce and we should shout that it's a attacker!

And to be clear, this means I'm dropping my support at the moment for >>874252's idea that I expressed in >>874260. My thoughts on the parasite creating fearful illusions still stand.
No. 874289 ID: b1b4f3

Nice catch. As further evidence, that showed up after Khoros griped at us but before we turned on Ethereal Sight.

Probably shouldn't bother Khoros/Astarte about the parasite just yet, we have something more important to tell him.
Maybe we can just deal with the parasite ourselves anyway. Unless we can go corporeal again we won't be any use fighting F-S-D.
No. 874296 ID: 4fe2d1

How quick our own "dear" brother is to turn on us. How quick it is that he will regret it.
No. 874298 ID: 4854ef

Itchy itch itch... There are eyes in the trees.
No. 874315 ID: 006e5c

A peculiar situation. FSD is definitely here, and she said she's after "other prey", so either Khoros or Astarte, but we can't inform Khoros since he won't believe us.
In this case, there's only one solution. We need to get Astarte to use her lust aura to rat out the stalker.
However, I'm not sure how to do this, since Khoros would definitely be uncomfortable with it.

Other than that, I would float up on the tree and ask FSD which one of the two other prey she's going to go for.
No. 874325 ID: 05ff2f

False alarm, folks. Raptie wrote Fierce-Stalking-Death's eye appearing up there is a art error: >>/questdis/121622. Raptie also wrote that FSD doesn't teleport, so it's not likely she got here so quickly.

Reverting my choice back to what I wrote in >>874260.
No. 874328 ID: 29ce9a

We are most sorry Astarte, We did not mean to upset or hurt you.
You are like a sister to us and we love you like one.
No. 874331 ID: 393ae0

> >>874325 >False alarm
The err is in panel 373, not the last one.
No. 874335 ID: 05ff2f

<facepalm>...Dammit, I didn't check the image numbers.</facepalm>

Okay, my choice is back to what I wrote in >>874287. And I have another observation to back that Fierce-Stalking-Death is up there: The eye appeared between >>874206 and >>874209, before we used ethereal sight. That means it's not a ethereal illusion or hallucination. It's really up there.
No. 874337 ID: b1d97d

What? For better or worse, Astarte needs to learn that not everything is fun and games... We should still apologize for hurting her though.

From now on, lets only give Khoros immediately actionable information. Whenever we try to give him advance notice of anything, he just thinks we're crazy...

That hunter noxan needs some therapy or something, damn.
No. 874345 ID: ed67d9
File 152140167779.png - (648.24KB , 800x600 , xq390.png )

>Probably shouldn't bother Khoros/Astarte about the parasite just yet
You disable Spectral Seeing for now.

>Loudly point and shout out exactly where the eye is
No. 874346 ID: ed67d9
File 152140167979.png - (648.07KB , 800x600 , xq391.png )

Penelope... I asked you not to tell me what you saw.

>The eye appeared...before we used ethereal sight. That means it's not a ethereal illusion or hallucination. It's really up there.
Okay. I... I will look.

Me too.
No. 874347 ID: ed67d9
File 152140168178.png - (647.62KB , 800x600 , xq392.png )


No. 874348 ID: ed67d9
File 152140168385.png - (648.41KB , 800x600 , xq393.png )

... i am worried. is penelope gonna be okay?

Shhh...shhh. We will find someone to help her and everything will end up working out.

can i please keep hugging you? i am not very good at being sad

Neither am I. We can keep hugging for a bit.
No. 874349 ID: ed67d9
File 152140168659.png - (726.91KB , 800x600 , xq394.png )

You sit there, feeling numb and distant. About half an hour or so passes as you contemplate what has happened.
No. 874350 ID: 12b116

Can we just sublty whisper to Khoros to look over at those eyes? Instead of spazzing out about it?
No. 874351 ID: 6e59e3

Let us get fed up with this predator's game.

We stray to put ourselves behind the predator, to follow it, to stray behind it. Should Khoros deign to look at us, he will look at us, and by looking at us, look at the monster.

And should the monster move too fast for us to follow, then it should at least move so fast as to make noise that we do not.
No. 874352 ID: b1b4f3

Half an hour? Hugging for half an hour what is this nonsense

Well FSD isn't attacking so let's just ask Khoros about the parasite instead.
No. 874353 ID: c88e6d

Khoros, can you help us get this parasite out? Also, Astarte, can you turn your aura up?
No. 874355 ID: 6e59e3

This is literally the worst option unless we want to die.

The only reason to do this would be if Khoros and Astarte are killed, and we wish to kill -him- with us.
No. 874356 ID: faff2e

Ram into the eyes there
No. 874358 ID: 006e5c

What we need is a plan. A plan that will work. I propose the following plan:
1. Hide and get behind FSD
2. Absorb enough strong emotions
3. Become non-ethereal and grab FSD from behind

I think right now would be a good time for this, as both Khoros and Astarte are highly emotional.
No. 874359 ID: 10c408

We can't turn corporeal again. we're stuck which is the entire problem.

Let's just get in FSD's way since she's about to strike.
No. 874361 ID: ed67d9
File 152140496576.png - (739.73KB , 800x600 , xq395.png )

No. 874364 ID: c88e6d

Okay we need to switch Ethereal Sight back on and get this thing out of our head. We need to be able to support our family, and we can't do that if a thing in our ether is making us crazy.
No. 874365 ID: 91ee5f

No. 874368 ID: 006e5c

Let's not start shouting again. Simply ask Khoros if there's something wrong. What does he see.
No. 874371 ID: b1d97d

Told you, bro.
No. 874372 ID: ed67d9
File 152140549915.gif - (0.99MB , 800x600 , xq396.gif )

What the hell!?

Hhhheh. Noxan has brought entire pack. No escaping for prey.
No. 874373 ID: ed67d9
File 152140550399.png - (727.94KB , 800x600 , xq397.png )

Prey will come with Fierce-Stalking-Death and pack. If hiding prey and male prey do not come with... then pack will claw-tear-rend smaller prey to pieces right here.
No. 874375 ID: ed67d9
File 152140554260.png - (21.17KB , 800x600 , xq398.png )

Fine. Just do not hurt her.

You are very, very spiky! There are so many of you!


(Note! This thread will remain open, so feel free to keep posting!)
No. 874377 ID: b1d97d

Maybe try paying attention to us next time Khoros?

We may have hallucinations sometimes, but we're not batshit crazy.
No. 874390 ID: f6785d

No. 874396 ID: d2a66c

Guess we're just crazy and seeing nonsense, right brother Khoros?

No. 874398 ID: 006e5c

Don't worry brother, we'll save you from getting eaten!
No. 874403 ID: 56e50f

We've failed you again, Brother. Nevermind the ethereal parasite, the Huntress is a clear danger. So in the interest of Astarte's safety, I vote we become non-ethereal and surrender to the Huntress. We're so sorry Astarte, Khoros. Astarte.. please do not turn down your power.

If FSD interjects to that, explain that Astarte has a 'calming' aura that relaxes those around her. Doesn't she want her pray calm and placated?
No. 874414 ID: c88e6d

You uh... do realize we can't take corporeal form on our own unless we are perfectly united and charged up by a powerful emotion, right?
No. 874424 ID: 10c408

Well fuck. So, khoros. I seem to recall an incident involving a couple of giant spiders and how you said you were incorrect about not needing our assistance..?

Yes I am trying to sass him.
No. 874426 ID: b1b4f3

We were corporeal before without needing to be united.
No. 874438 ID: 05ff2f

[Mute or drown out these voices so FSD and company don't hear them]
Guys, anything we say in the open here is fair game to be possibly heard by those around us, at Raptie's choice. Either take the discussion of plans and what we, Khoros and Astarte are capable of to the questdis or spoiler them.
Also, FSD also doesn't want her or her pack "calm and placated" so that lie won't fly here.
No. 874439 ID: ed67d9

Not the case!
No one can hear you at the moment. That was an old-XQ thing, not something I've been doing in the reboot.
No. 874440 ID: 05ff2f

Ah, that's good. Doesn't leave us feeling like we have to police what everyone else is saying all the time.

And you lot, don't emotionally kick Khoros when he's already down from the situation! Especially when it was our fuck ups that landed him, us and Astarte here! Don't y'all dare pin this on him.
No. 874442 ID: 10c408

...Except we fucking have to? Khoros didn't believe us about FSD because we claimed too much bullshit about her. One jerk comment made astarte cry, which magnified all the problems of the minority vote to turn e-sight back on.
No. 874444 ID: 4854ef

It wasn't really much of a jerk comment, it was more of a stern measure for one to learn to control one's measure of self in potentially serious situation.

The problem is that Astarte needs more of a gentler touch due to the lack of people around her, which set her off a bit when she thought she was being bad by being chided.
No. 874446 ID: ed67d9

It's in between chapters at the moment. No one can hear you.
No. 874450 ID: 05ff2f

>It wasn't really much of a jerk comment, it was more of a stern measure for one to learn to control one's measure of self in potentially serious situation.
Thing is, when Astarte was acting silly, it wasn't a serious situation as far as her or Khoros knew at the time. We knew, but they didn't. So Penelope chiding Astarte set off her fears and came off as unwarranted and excessive to Khoros.
No. 874487 ID: f6785d

I didn't meant to make Astarte cry! I Was just trying to make her understand that we where in danger in the most calm way posible! If anything, I should blame Raptie to make me sound like a jerk! I have being used, i tell you! USED!
No. 874583 ID: ed67d9
File 152157166993.png - (426.94KB , 800x600 , xq399.png )

You resolve to go after Astarte and Khoros. You will rescue them. You start to follo—

"Penelope. Wait."
No. 874584 ID: ed67d9
File 152157167197.png - (560.39KB , 800x600 , xq400.png )

"I have been following you and Khoros and Astarte... I heard everything since you left the hotel.

"I know you want to go rescue Astarte and your brother. I want to help you. I want them to be safe as well.

"But you need to wait. It is going to rain soon. That will let me see if there are any invisible noxans waiting around.

"I cannot use my power to erase memories unless I know where someone is.

"Since we are going to be waiting... we have some time to talk. I am sure you have many questions. I can answer them.

"I know you probably do not trust me; you probably think I am insane.

"You should listen to me however."
No. 874585 ID: ed67d9
File 152157167359.png - (262.06KB , 800x600 , xq401.png )

"Because you know how much hurts when people that you care about ignore you because they think that you are crazy."
No. 874586 ID: c88e6d

Politely inquire as to whether Melinoe has taken a nap recently.
No. 874589 ID: 006e5c

What do you know about these noxans?
Also, do you know anything about ethereal powers and creatures?
No. 874590 ID: 094652

Well, what the heck, tell us your entire history. You can erase our memory of it on a whim.
No. 874592 ID: 615377

Could you erase our memories of XQ1?
No. 874597 ID: 91ee5f

“No, I completely understand why Khoros and Astarte ignored me and thought I was crazy, I’m not mad at them for that. I’m mad at them because they stood here for an entire 30 minutes just hugging each other! That’s way too long for a hug unless they were starting to get intimate, which they weren’t! So it was their own fault for getting captured! However, I would like to thank you for offering to help me rescue them, there’s no way I could do this on my own.”
No. 874599 ID: b1b4f3

Melinoe, you're worse than delusional. You messed with Astarte's memory just to make her forget she saw Khoros, instead of talking to her and trying to convince her that Khoros was dangerous. You didn't treat her like a person.

Abusing your power like that is not okay. Heck, you showing up just now is suspicious. You might have been why all three of us zoned out for half an hour there.

I say you can do your rescue mission in the rain if you want, we won't stop you. But you haven't given us any reason to be there with you. You won't need our help, will you?
No. 874600 ID: b1b4f3

Wait no nevermind Khoros is immune to your power so you couldn't have been why that happened. I don't know why he did that.
Not that I understand why Khoros is immune in the first place.
No. 874601 ID: 10c408

"You... you..! You did this to us!

You broke our mind for petty jealous reasons and trapped us in a a vicious cycle of confusion, pain and torment in which we can't even interact with the world beyond those who knew of us!"

Sob for a bit here.

"It's all broken. We're broken. You are broken."
No. 874604 ID: 4854ef

I want to listen to you.. We've not really heard your story from you after-all.. And Everyone deserves to be heard out at least once.. We are messed up, it is hard for us to focus.

Please, while waiting for the rain, tell us more about what you know of us. What you know of Khoros and maybe even Astarte if you knew of her beforehand.
No. 874605 ID: f6785d

Very well. Let's talk. What is your side of the story then?
No. 874606 ID: c88e6d

You are WRONG. Cease. Melinoe wounded us because she was hallucinating from weeks of sleep deprivation.

Trying to blame her for that is like blaming us for hallucinating horrible green murder-beasts eating our friends. Stop being a hypocrite.
No. 874608 ID: 56e50f

"..Does this feeling ever go away?"
No. 874609 ID: 53bc97

Why did you destroy me?
No. 874614 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, where did you get that from?
No. 874637 ID: 05ff2f

[Jump up on the tree branch, keeping out of Melinoë's reach] If you've heard everything since the hotel, then why the fuck are you holding me up?! You must have heard that cannibal bitch say that if Khoros and I didn't come with her, then her pack of kin would rip Astarte apart! If I'm not there to reply when she calls for me to say I'm there, Astarte is dead! So save the Q&A session for after we're all safe and sound, okay. You follow on once the rain comes, and if you got anything to say that we need to know that's vitally important to us saving them, then say it now and say it quick. You got twenty seconds. [Stay well out of Melinoë's reach when we run after Astarte and Khoros]

Melinoë being close enough to hear our talking throughout the walk is sketchy as fuck. She said she can't target anyone she can't see, so she couldn't have memory wiped Fierce-Stalking-Death or FSD's kin since they were invisible, so home come none of them jumped her as well? She could maybe deal with one or two alone, but if there were one or more invisible and watching they'd know what she did and warn the others of their pack. She should have been taken down by them, but for some reason she wasn't. There's something fishy going on here.
No. 874641 ID: 05ff2f

Dammit, I just realized that without our ethereal sight locating Khoros and Astarte's patterns to follow, Melinoë won't be able to find where they are. Well, unless she's got some heretofore unknown great tracking skills. But even if she did, the rain will wash those tracks away. And besides that, she needs the rain to be able to use her power on FSD's pack to be able to follow and save Astarte and Khoros. But if we wait and FSD demands we announce we're there when we aren't, then Astarte will be killed! ...Okay, I say we go to Khoros and Astarte now, only waiting a bit if Melinoë has vital information to say, then go back to Melinoë after the rain starts and we have a window where we don't need to prove our presence to guide her.
No. 874653 ID: c9f250

Hi! Feeling okay? (Also please don't be upset because we're upset oops.)

Do you know much about these invisible noxans?

Oh and um is it a terrible idea to aim you at an ethereal parasite that totally probably exists?

did you break us?
No. 874654 ID: 56e50f

"You said you saw what you thought was happening through your nightmares? What was that like? We've been meaning to ask our brother about ethereal beings. Do you know anything about that? We're fairly certain that we're being fed upon by an ethereal parasite."
No. 874723 ID: 05ff2f

If we do end up waiting here with Melinoë, ask her how she stayed close enough to be in earshot of us, Khoros and Astarte and yet didn't get spotted or caught by Fierce-Stalking-Death or FSD's pack when they stalked up on our little group.
No. 874782 ID: 8a3ef2

Fill us in on what you think we need to know. We'd have a hell of a lot of questions, if we knew which ones to ask.

Also what's your favorite breakfast food?

guys lets hear what she has to say before jumping to conclusions. It's still pretty unclear what's going on between Melinoë and everyone, and this might be a chance to clear that up.
No. 874803 ID: ed67d9
File 152168443036.png - (429.56KB , 800x600 , xq402.png )

>Nap recently? How feeling?
"No nap. I am feeling as okay as someone can when a person that they love has been abducted by terrifying creatures."

>What's your favorite breakfast food?
"Vanilla yogurt."

>What know about these noxans?
"I know that they can turn invisible. All of them. Which should be impossible. They have very strange proportions - and yes I am aware of the irony of me saying that. I know that when they are invisible you can see their eyes unless they close them.

"It is fortunate that they use crude visual invisibility and not a mental or memory kind. That is why rain will show where they are."

>Why the fuck are you holding me up!?
"Some of those noxans could still be waiting here with their eyes closed. When the rain starts up I will be able to see if they are hiding. If they are then I need to erase their memories."
No. 874804 ID: ed67d9
File 152168443356.png - (430.68KB , 800x600 , xq403.png )

>What do you know of us? Khoros? Astarte?
>Don't know why Khoros is immune to power
"Khoros and I were in a relationship for a long time. It ended up not working out. Khoros thinks I was jealous of the time that he spent with you but that is not true. I do not know much about Astarte.

"Khoros is immune to my power because of his nature. I cannot find the part of him that is... 'him'... because it is spread out over many creatures. I would need to be able to know how many there are and know exactly where they are all at once in order to affect him."

>What know about ethereal powers and creatures
"Not much. I know my power can be used on them if I know where they are. But that is about it."

>Parasite feeding on us!
"That sounds like it would be a problem. If you have some way of letting me see or sense it then I can try to use my power on it to make it forget about you."
No. 874805 ID: ed67d9
File 152168443439.png - (465.18KB , 800x600 , xq404.png )

>Abusive with power, suspicious, don't need our help
>How did you manage to hear what we said but didn't get seen by FSD?
"You are right to be suspicious. You are right to be angry. You are right to feel hurt.

"I could hear what was said because I was erasing myself from your memory. When I saw that the pack was coming I went and hid normally. It is difficult to use precision memory wiping for a lot of people at once."

>What is your side of the story? Why did you destroy me? Did you break us?
>You... you..! You did this to us! You broke our mind for petty jealous reasons and trapped us in a a vicious cycle of confusion, pain and torment in which we can't even interact with the world beyond those who knew of us!
"The reason that I broke your mind was because... was be... because...

"...was because I wanted to protect you from Laertes. My nightmares said that he could control people if he knew their name. In... in my nightmares you were already fragmented. You had many different names and some fragments did not even have names!

"In my nightmares that is what kept you from being controlled entirely.

"I was delusional and took that as a sign that I needed to do that for real. To protect you. To protect all of us. To give you the chance to fight against such a horrible and terrifying creature as Laertes."
No. 874806 ID: ed67d9
File 152168443613.png - (369.81KB , 800x600 , xq405.png )

"I am sorry. I am so very, very sorry. I know that you can never forgive me for what I did. And I do not even deserve forgiveness. It was a grave mistake that I made. I thought I was helping you - my nightmares convinced me of a thing that I believed to be true and so I acted on it.

"I thought that this thing was true up until Khoros talked to me earlier today. He told me that 'Laertes' was not real. That I had been acting on nightmares that did not have any real basis.

"He helped me understand that I have been sick. And that me being sick has hurt a lot of people. Especially you.

"If I could go back and unbreak you I would."
No. 874811 ID: 6e59e3

Hug her.
Appreciate her being here.
Thank you for being here, for helping us and choosing to help us. We are sorry for causing you discomfort, and we appreciate your attempt at protecting us.
No. 874812 ID: c88e6d

Thank you Melinoe. Please allow us to possess you so that we can use our ethereal sight to show you the parasite.
No. 874814 ID: 1a4728

Action: Deliver hug.

Target: Melinoë.
No. 874815 ID: f6785d

I thank you for your honesty. It is a step to forgiveness. I can't just let it all slide yet though. There is much work for us berfore that. First, you are going to help me save Khoros and Astarte. And then, i want you to help me get muy life back. My body, my mind, my powers, Everything. It might bu to much, it might even be imposible, but if you at least try, it would mean that you actually care, and that would mean a lot to me.
No. 874820 ID: 2120ee

The weird part is the power 'Laertes' had isn't all that threatening against you in particular. Was it cowardice? A need to push the responsibility onto someone else? The irony is that shattering someone as a footsoldier so you didn't have to get your hands dirty is exactly the kind of thing the fiction of Laertes would have done. You chose to fight a monster by becoming one.

Why were you following us? If it was to apologize or to explain yourself, you should have just done it, not continue your sins on a smaller scale because you didn't have the guts to face us. Hell, you let us walk into the trap, abandoned us to the danger of a pack of these things while our words were ignored.

Anyway, we should not possess her. There is a chance that with the effects of astral vision, she could affect Khoros. It's too much of a risk and she can't be trusted. Her judgement or her willpower.
No. 874825 ID: c9f250


To go back and save friends...

Don't dwell so hard you fall apart.

We'll both be okay.


If we share ethereal sight, be warned that we're seeing both real and fake parasites.
No. 874826 ID: 8a3ef2

Thank you for you honesty. It's hard to forgive, but we can understand. For now, we have work to do. Let us posses you in order to grant you vision of the parasite which currently afflicts us. Not all of us can see it, so you may need to look carefully to find out where it is.
No. 874828 ID: 6e59e3

Trust begets trust. Mercy begets mercy.

Melinoe is no traitor or threat to us. She tried to protect us, and wants to protect us.
She has bared herself to our anger, our wrath, to protect us from yet greater claws than our own. She is vulnerable. Afraid. Guilty.


Forgive her - we will never forget, but we can forgive.
Trust her.

Melinoe, it is alright. Help us help you help us, and ignore the mistrustful of us. Your power may be responsible, but your heart was noble and of good intentions.
No. 874832 ID: 4854ef

It is curious to see what she will see..

I do believe you acted in the best of intentions.. of course next time, do not panic, talk to someone else..

Also we wish to possess you to grant you our ethereal sight.
No. 874837 ID: b1b4f3

>should be impossible
Probably not noxans. Or they're mutants. Or they were experimented upon by some mad scientist.
> some way of letting me see or sense it
Give us permission to- actually no. You could lie and say we have permission to possess you then block us, which would injure us further I suspect. You have not earned my trust.
>erasing myself from your memory
Stop fucking with our memories! If you do that again we will never trust you, understand? I doubt your motives for following us were pure since you could have easily vouched for us.
Okay, now that that's out of the way... how much can you do with your power? You can erase memories, obviously. Can you create them? Modify them? Recover erased memories?

As for the parasite I vote we just bite the shit out of it.
No. 874838 ID: b1b4f3

Hell no she isn't.
We can't touch her and she could just erase our memory of this conversation if it goes badly for her, then try again. Imagine someone that can cheat at personal relationships whenever they want- that is Melinoe. We've seen she is perfectly willing to abuse her power. Khoros is the only person she can't retry conversations with, which is probably why she grew attached to him. He was a challenge.

The advantage is wholly hers right now. We must be absolutely sure before we give her even an ounce of trust.
No. 874845 ID: 10c408

As much as I want to pile on with the "don't trust melinoe" camp, there's two things to consider

one: We'd have no way of knowing if this is even her first attempt at talking to us about stuff to try and help.

two: we NEED melinoe's help with the parasite AND rescuing khoros and astarte before those freaks do pretty much anything.

What're we gonna do without her? Float threw FSD and fuck ourselves up by trying to forcefully possess someone?

So yeah, tell Melinoe that if we possess her, it's gonna get weird when we turn on ethereal sight and we'll probably freak out since we/penelope don't end up seeing the same thing.

Also when this is over she's got to clean up her act and apologize to astarte.
No. 874846 ID: b1b4f3

We don't necessarily need Melinoe's help with the parasite; we could probably fight it off if we tried hard enough. Yeah it's possible this isn't even her first try at regaining our trust. She has a time limit though, she can't retry infinitely. What she could do is force us to go blank and drag us along, like she did to get Astarte into the hotel.

As for what we can do... well, remember we forced Khoros and Astarte to leave the room. We could use that against the cannibal tribe. The problem is we don't remember HOW we did it, but at this point I think we don't remember how because Melinoe erased our memory of doing it as soon as she was able to resist whatever we did. She probably also blocked my attempt to ask Khoros how we did it and may have been influencing our communications and thoughts to keep us from doing anything productive about the parasite once she realized we had one. Then she could try to gain our trust by helping us deal with it once she had us alone. Look at how quickly she offered help, and in a way that we already thought up and suggested in this very thread! Keep in mind that in order to edit thoughts and memories, she must be able to read them as well. I'm not sure if she can read everything we say here though, it's possible she might not be able to read thoughts we have amongst ourselves.

I guess if we knew what she really wanted, we could decide better if we can trust her to allow us to possess her. If she wants us dead or worse she could block us. If she just wants to get back into Khoros' good graces and doesn't actually care about us, she's looking to help us enough to gain our trust, which means possession would be safe. Possession would also be safe if she earnestly regrets her actions.

I will voice further thoughts on this in a more private place where she definitely cannot hear us. (questdis)
No. 874847 ID: 05ff2f

>What're we gonna do without her? Float threw FSD and fuck ourselves up by trying to forcefully possess someone?
How about telling FSD that if she doesn't release Khoros and Astarte that we'll become a screeching, howling ghost over her and her pack, scaring off all their prey, announcing their position to everyone in earshot and not letting them get a wink of sleep? And if she kills one or both, we'll keep doing that for the rest of their short, wretched lives. Not like she or her pack has a way to stop us since they can't even touch us. She'll have to balance the worth of keeping Khoros and Astarte against the trouble of finding a way to rid her pack of us and the risk that she won't be able to find a way before they either go mad from sleep deprivation, are discovered by those who want 'em dead for their previous murders, or starve. ...Actually, they can eat a lot of other things than meat since they're noxans so they probably won't starve, but the other threats stand.
No. 874849 ID: b1b4f3

Melinoe, how did you keep sight of us while remaining unseen by Khoros?
What was in the second note?
How did we force you and Khoros out of the hotel room?
Did you even try to explain to Khoros why you broke us?
No. 874852 ID: 10c408

Except we do need her help with the parasite? Only a select percentage of us are aware of it's exact position, the others are effectively blind.
No. 874854 ID: b1b4f3

Why does that matter? Our body doesn't require full agreement to control. Those that can see it will move the body accurately so long as the majority agrees that we should. I assume, anyway. Is that an unreasonable assumption?
No. 874866 ID: 05ff2f

[Lean in close to Melinoë and whisper]
Why the heck are you not talking low when you said you're worried about members of FSD's pack lingering about? If one or more is in earshot you just gave away your whole plan and what your capabilities are to 'em. Then they could slink off to inform the rest of the pack and your plan goes up in smoke! The pack will hide in ambush where they're sheltered from the rain so you can't target them or some other trick. Now we have to assume your plan is already compromised and they know you're coming.

...And wait a second. Khoros is immune to your power so you couldn't have hid yourself from him using it while you were following within earshot. So why didn't he call you out for screwing with our memory and Astarte's to hide yourself, hm? Why even try to hide yourself when he'd know you were tailing the group?

No. 874902 ID: e1c8f7

Before we move anywhere, we should ask her for permission to touch her. If she says yes, we can try our best to give her a hug.

"Forgiveness can be given to those who truly seek it. You acted the way you did because you thought it was the right thing to do. If there was something we could do to help them now, we can find it together. We have and idea but first, we have to tell you that we forgive you. This is who we are now and we accept that. We hope that you can learn to forgive yourself. For now, will you help us protect those we love?"
No. 874903 ID: a363ac

just sit around and wait for the rain to come look at the clouds and see if you can find a funny shape in them.
No. 874922 ID: 006e5c

>my nightmares
Tell us more about your nightmares. Are they recurring? Why do you think you're having them? Is there a time when they showed you something that turned out to be true?
No. 874940 ID: ed67d9
File 152175516358.png - (294.34KB , 800x600 , xq406.png )

>Thank you for honesty/helping
"I help because it is the right thing to do. I appreciate you wanting to hug and to forgive me but I have not earned that.

"Even though my heart breaks over what I did to you... no. Do not forgive me. Remember what I did and what I am capable of. Even though I am dedicated to changing and making up for what I did... I am still the same person that hurt you."

>Stop fucking with our memories! We will never trust you again if you do. Your motives are suspect.
"I cannot promise that I will stop. I will do so only if absolutely necessary however."

>What exactly can you do with memories?
"I can erase memories. As a whole or selectively. The more people that I have to affect at once then the harder it is to be precise.

"I cannot implant memories or edit existing memories other than to remove parts of them."
No. 874941 ID: ed67d9
File 152175516604.png - (379.40KB , 800x600 , xq407.png )

>What was in the second note?
"It does not matter. It was the ravings of delusional noxan."

>Did you even try to explain to Khoros why you broke us?
"Yes. We discussed many things and that was included."

>How did we force you and Khoros out of the hotel room?
"You told us to leave because we were yelling at each other."

>Your plan is compromised if anyone is in earshot! They could slink off!
"They would not be able to get far if they are escaping with their eyes closed. I am confident that I will be able to see them.

"Also, I am not speaking very loudly. You are literally right next to me."
No. 874942 ID: ed67d9
File 152175516834.png - (505.68KB , 800x600 , xq408.png )

>The weird part is the power 'Laertes' had isn't all that threatening against you in particular. Was it cowardice? A need to push the responsibility onto someone else? The irony is that shattering someone as a footsoldier so you didn't have to get your hands dirty is exactly the kind of thing the fiction of Laertes would have done. You chose to fight a monster by becoming one.
"I do not agree with the motivation you presume I had, but you correct that I had become a monster."

>Melinoe, how did you keep sight of us while remaining unseen by Khoros?
>Why didn't Khoros call you out for hiding yourself?
>Why even hide when he'd know you were tailing the group?
>Why were you following us? If it was to apologize or to explain yourself, you should have just done it, not continue your sins on a smaller scale because you didn't have the guts to face us. Hell, you let us walk into the trap, abandoned us to the danger of a pack of these things while our words were ignored.

"Khoros asked me to follow. He asked me to keep hidden in case I was needed.

"I am the contingency plan."
No. 874943 ID: ed67d9
File 152175517094.png - (64.95KB , 800x600 , xq409.png )

>Please let us possess you so can use ethereal sight for showing parasite
"Certainly. That is a good idea."

You reach out to Melinoë and where you feel that her core Pattern is, and sink in.
No. 874944 ID: ed67d9
File 152175518450.png - (783.75KB , 800x600 , xq410.png )

Having recently possessed Astarte, Melinoë is far, far more tame in comparison. The green scent of rain, the drops picking up intensity and running down your fur, the rough earthen path beneath your feet... it washes over and through you. You try to take a step forward and stumble, your center of gravity thrown off by the this body's oversized arms. Immediately, you feel Melinoë's presence firm and gentle, easing control away from you, even as her voice sounds inside your head.

Alright. What does this parasi—hold on.

Your vision snaps to the left and your feel your eyes squint and focus on a hunched-over shape that the rain spatters off of.

I knew it!
No. 874949 ID: ed67d9
File 152175527267.png - (654.97KB , 800x600 , xq411.png )

You gasp as your vision unexpectedly warps, the previously-invisible shape now holding a strange patchwork of... threads?
No. 874950 ID: ed67d9
File 152175527614.png - (968.86KB , 800x600 , xq412.png )

The patchwork tangle grows until it fills your vision, and the threads align and order themselves.

It is a visual representation of that noxan's Pattern. A mental construct to allow me to easily manipulate memory - to find the relevant threads and just snip them. Explaining the specifics would be unimaginably complex.
No. 874951 ID: ed67d9
File 152175527778.png - (967.65KB , 800x600 , xq413.png )

One hand lifts, the claws sliding out as it makes a sort of snipping motion - one of the threads falls free, disappearing.

There. That is the thread containing the noxan's last two hours. It is not very precise - it will have a blackout - but should be enough to get it to start to head back to its pack. Once we take care of the parasite we can follow the noxan. It requires all of my concentration to keep pruning short-term memory so I will wait until you are done possessing me.
No. 874952 ID: ed67d9
File 152175527980.png - (650.38KB , 800x600 , xq414.png )

Okay. As I was saying. What does this parasite look like exactly? What can I expect to see?
No. 874953 ID: 2120ee

>"Khoros asked me to follow. He asked me to keep hidden in case I was needed.
>"I am the contingency plan."

Well that's just obtuse. I'm about done dealing with his bullshit. Yours too. Erasing the particulars of asking you two idiots to stop yelling in our room? For what possible reason?

The nicest thing I can say, and I'm sure you'll love this, is that the two of you deserve each other.
No. 874954 ID: 4854ef

*Use Ethereal Sight*
According to the others it is like a aquamarine orb, with several bright similarly colored tendrils that reaches out towards and connects to us.
No. 874957 ID: c9f250

A blue/cyan? (not sure how ethereal colors work) blob, with several tendrils winding out of it, some attached to us and interfering with our perceptions.

And not a green/orange gremlin. That's a nightmare.

It's less forgiveness, more acceptance and trying to be supportive. Keep up the effort to improve. We'll have plenty of time later.
No. 874958 ID: ed67d9

I'm butting in to point something out because this keeps derailing stuff. And it's perhaps my fault for not making it clear.

Specifically, there was nothing erased. No memory hole. I summarized in this post what happened. It wasn't important, so I didn't detail every little thing.

To be SUPER clear:

Melinoë did not erase anyone's memories of that argument.

Khoros and Melinoë started yelling at each other, Penelope told them to take it outside, which they did. When they were down in the lobby, they worked out a bunch of stuff, while Penelope and Astarte hung out in the room.)
No. 874971 ID: 05ff2f

The parasite is a blue blobby sphere core floating about with pairs of tendrils reaching out into us, half pumping into us, half sucking out. There was one pair when we first saw it back in the hotel, two when we saw it later out here, so it's digging deeper into us as time goes on. And it appears to alter our ethereal perception. Some of us see it plainly, some of us see the scene after it scrubs itself out and some of us see its next step where it inserts a object of fear drawn from our psyche into the scene. I suspect that if we were not fractured we would have only seen that final step with the fear illusion.

Also, the location of the Patterns of four people we know will show up in our vision: Khoros' red one, Astarte's white one, Outissa's purple one, and a orange-brown one of someone we can't remember who it is. Outissa's is in the city and the orange-brown one should be closer than hers but still far away. If they're in the wrong positions or missing, it's likely the parasite messing with our vision.

I don't know what you will see once we activate our ethereal sight. You may see one of those three scenes, all three composited, less or even more scenes or something else. Just be aware that if you see a frightful scene it is most likely a parasite induced hallucination. There's also the possibility it will attach itself to you or even both of us and feed us our fears, so be ready for that. Activating e-sight now. [Enable ethereal sight]

>"I am the contingency plan."
Ah, I suspected that is what Khoros did, but wanted to hear it from you. He would not have left you behind, but he would also not want you to upset us or Astarte as we traveled. And you'd also be around in case of trouble. Still, we'll ask him about this once he's safe and sound to confirm the events and silence those of us that are paranoid .

>Once we take care of the parasite we can follow the noxan.
Or we can use our ethereal sight to track Khoros and Astarte's Patterns to where FSD and her kin are, if the one you whammied already slunk off while we were dealing with our parasite.
No. 874994 ID: b1b4f3

(next timeskip it would be more clear if the summary was immediately presented via our own inner monologue instead of someone telling us)
>contingency plan
Man, I wish he had told us. I can understand why he didn't though, since we would've gotten mad about it and argued with him.
It's like a ball with tentacles coming out of it and attached to us. Initially it had two tentacles, one drawing out color that matched our pattern, the other pumping in a different color. That was before we left the hotel, shortly after Khoros came back from talking to you. We looked again when we tried to warn them about Fierce-Stalking-Death, and it had grown an additional tentacle to feed off of us. That was over half an hour ago, it's either done feeding or it's grown even more tentacles.
No. 874999 ID: c88e6d

It's a blue blob with squiggly blue lines penetrating our ethereal form. We think it's altering our perception and making us hallucinate threats in addition to attempting to distract us from it while also presenting a view of the world where 'everything is fine'. Despite this it is still growing and is making us anxious and unhappy.
No. 875002 ID: 4854ef

(That was presented with our own internal monologue, the italics is entirely us)
No. 875024 ID: e1c8f7

Oh you'll know when you see it. It's a bright blue mass leeching off us and filling us with false information. If you see nothing, or some sort of terrible Beast, then that is the falsified information it's been feeding us.
No. 875029 ID: b1b4f3

Wh... I remembered Astarte telling us that. Maybe it was edited for clarity for the archive's sake, or maybe I just misread it before.
No. 875038 ID: f6785d

As i said before, i am going to have some words with the boss, and the more time it pases, the more harsh this words will be. You aren't excluded either. We are going to have a long chat after all this. You will recognise the parasite once you see it. But you will also will see other things, and at the same time, nothing at all. It would seem that our vision was cut into three, the one with the parasite, one that shows no threat at all, and one that shows some creature that is allways threating us.
No. 875054 ID: 297b5e

When we use our ethereal sight, it appears to some as a blue mass floating somewhere above us, connected with a tether. We can lend you our sight, but be careful; many of us fragments see different things. Do not be overwhelmed.
No. 875135 ID: 12b116

Some fragments see it as a blue shape, others see it as a different, green shape. Some don't see it at all.
No. 875144 ID: 006e5c

What would happen if you cut all the threads?
No. 875300 ID: ed67d9
File 152193821513.png - (113.29KB , 800x600 , xq415.png )

Having now prepared Melinoë on what you will see... you close your eyes and activate Spectral Seeing.

The four Patterns you expect to see there are... still there. You are a bit surprised to see the orange one is, in fact, NOT Melinoë.

This time there is no itching. And no sign of any monsters. It appears that the parasite lost track of you went you possessed Melinoë, and it just sorta floats there, its tendrils shivering in confusion at suddenly losing its meal.

No. 875301 ID: ed67d9
File 152193821857.png - (115.65KB , 800x600 , xq416.png )

Melinoë takes control and... yes! The patchwork of threads shows up - this one much, much more simple than that of the noxan.
No. 875302 ID: ed67d9
File 152193821915.png - (274.62KB , 800x600 , xq417.png )

The Pattern expands your vision again, and your host speaks up internally. I do not want to cause this creature un-due harm. I will just cut the threads related specifically to its memory of you. See how there are four threads and they are woven in a more complicated manner? That is because I am keeping everything intact but what it remembers about you.
No. 875303 ID: ed67d9
File 152193822260.png - (347.21KB , 800x600 , xq418.png )

Your hand raises to trim the threads and you notice something unexpected: You can see Melinoë's aura now! It would appear that possessing someone means that they will show up on your Ethereal Sight! That is very useful to know...
No. 875304 ID: ed67d9
File 152193822578.png - (313.02KB , 800x600 , xq419.png )

The parasite, its prey forgotten, wanders off.
No. 875305 ID: ed67d9
File 152193822745.png - (85.92KB , 800x600 , xq420.png )

No. 875306 ID: ed67d9
File 152193822992.png - (78.61KB , 800x600 , xq421.png )

No. 875307 ID: ed67d9
File 152193823242.png - (75.22KB , 800x600 , xq422.png )

No. 875308 ID: ed67d9
File 152193823460.png - (799.67KB , 800x600 , xq423.png )

One more thing. This is perhaps the only chance we will have to plan and talk without being overheard. How will we go about rescuing Khoros and Astarte? Any ideas or plans or tactics or anything would be very good to discuss right now.
No. 875310 ID: 56e50f

The noxan up ahead of us has already been wiped, yeah? We won't lose track of them with ethereal sight. That said, we can't see anything about what's going on. I say we go on ahead and wipe as many memories as we can from a safe distance. Try picking them off one by one as we get closer.
No. 875311 ID: 10c408

Alright, this is what we need to do.

First, get off this path so that FSD and her murder-pack can't spot our approach.

When melinoe gets closer, we need to stop possessing her and scout around the camp without alerting khoros or astarte.

We'll have a ton of options at that point with all the info we can just safely gather.
No. 875313 ID: b1b4f3

Personally I'm not surprised at all the orange pattern isn't Melinoe since it was never pointing towards her and Melinoe's associated color is yellow. I assume people were just guessing it was her based on... nothing at all.
We'll find out soon I think. It seems to be about as far away as Khoros and Astarte. Another captive of the tribe? Someone hunting the tribe? Or is it a member of the tribe...?

Ah, it is nice to know we will be able to use spectral sight safely from here on.
It's hard to plan when we don't know how they're being held. If they're just using huts it won't be so bad since you can use your power to enter unnoticed and let Khoros know you're there. Once he knows you can assist he will likely split up and release Astarte, at which point you can keep the tribe scrubbed and we just walk out.
There is a potential problem with this plan however. How many people can you keep unaware of you at once? I know it's at least two. If there is an upper limit that's likely to be hit by attempting to walk right in, we'll need to find a less-guarded route and sneak through.

How about a compromise. Let's just scout out the camp for now, using your power sparingly until we can find a route through that won't push you too hard?

Another option, though not much of a plan, is to head towards the orange pattern you saw and hope they can help. I can't quite tell how far away they are from Astarte and Khoros though. It's possible they are near the cannibal settlement but not close enough to get there and back before the rain stops. I'm thinking we can just head there after getting our friends free. ...Melinoe, once Khoros and Astarte are free and we've reached a safe place I would like you to wear a blindfold and let yourself be guided along by someone. Then we can trust you aren't going to mess with anyone's memories. A blindfold is easy enough to take off if you need to use your power to protect the group.
No. 875314 ID: b1b4f3

...strange. Are Khoros and Astarte underground? Man if these cannibals are cave-dwellers that's gonna make things difficult.
No. 875321 ID: a363ac

Melinoë stay hidden nearby while we scout the place and find out what they are doing with Khoros and Astarte going high into the sky will help find landmarks in their home.
No. 875324 ID: c88e6d

Could we perhaps convince one of the invisible noxans to allow us to possess them?
No. 875329 ID: 91ee5f

That invisible noxan is staring at us! Should we be worried about it attacking us?
No. 875341 ID: b1b4f3

Melinoe did you forget to account for the rain revealing your presence as well?
No. 875359 ID: f6785d

Wait. Didn't the ferals knew about our presence even if we don't have a body? Or they just knew about us because we spoke with them?
In any case, i don't think that pattern near Outisa is from the pack, it's like it is something alse entairly. That is where we were heading before all this, right?
No. 875366 ID: 05ff2f

You saw what looked like Khoros and Astarte's Patterns descending below ground level too, right? My guess is FSD's pack has a subterranean hidy-hole and they're being led down a ladder or tight stairway to there. That's gonna be a problem if they travel underground any significant distance from the entrance. We won't be able to find the entrance just following their Patterns alone. If we tried to we'd just end up on the surface above them.

Since you can see us but Fierce-Stalking-Death and her pack can't, we should use sign language to communicate over distance instead of speaking, so nobody else will hear. If we're right by each other, we'll whisper to each other as softly as possible to communicate. And the general plan if we're advancing together is that you'll find a hiding spot while we scout ahead for threats and the next hiding spot, then run back to inform you of any threats and lead you to the next hiding spot.

Okay, here's the plan idea. Scrub all memory of you from the lurking noxan next to the path and keep doing it. Move over to where you can hide while doing that. Hopefully after a few minutes they'll head to where Astarte and Khoros are and we'll tail 'em there and then run back to you to guide you that way. Unfortunately, there's also the chance they won't budge or won't go that way and we'll end up wasting valuable time waiting. Hm...

Alright, second plan idea. You do the memory scrub one this one, find a hiding spot and tail 'em if they leave. In the meantime we'll run towards the spot where Khoros and Astarte's Patterns started descending and search around for any underground entrance they were led down. Whether we find it or not we'll overlay our ethereal sight to head to you and lead you if there is a entrance there, noting any threats on the way.

However, if we can't find the entrance, then after we inform you of that we'll jump directly to Khoros; I know we can since we did it before back and forth between him and Astarte. Then we'll sign to him and Astarte that we're working with you to save them and we'll backtrack the way they came to lead you to them. Then we'll follow the route back up and out, noting anything that'd be a threat to you on the way, and lead you to them.

>You are a bit surprised to see the orange one is, in fact, NOT Melinoë.
>It would appear that possessing someone means that they will show up on your Ethereal Sight!
Ah, so perhaps the unknown Pattern is that of someone we had previously possessed. ...Though, we did see Astarte's Pattern using our ethereal sight before possessing her, so it's not certain we see the orange Pattern because it's someone we possessed before. Well, we'll figure it out later.
No. 875369 ID: 4854ef

It took them a bit, but remember the first one thought we were hiding until we made our presence really "known". So no it's unlikely that they deliberately can tell unless we show ourselves off to them?

Also thank you Melinoe, that parasite has caused us no end of problems.
No. 875370 ID: 006e5c

What if the noxans.. don't stand in the rain? I mean, it's possible that noxans don't just like standing in the rain and getting soaked so, how would we deal with a situation where their dwellings are, you know, covered?
No. 875371 ID: ed67d9

(Oh god this is embarrassing - a good chunk of text got left off of that last panel, and I'm just now noticing it. D:

Here is the missing text:

That noxan is heading back now. That is good.

One thing that is very important to know: When I use my power on someone to make them blackout - like I did for this noxan - it takes several minutes before they will start remembering anything new. That is why it is not reacting to me standing here in the open. )
No. 875375 ID: f6785d

Oi, that's quite a detail, no?
Ok, then we have some time before he notices that something is wrong. If they can't sense us if we don't make ourselfs known, we should scout ahead and then come back to Melinoe.
And yes, tahnk you for taking care of that thing, it was quite anoying,Melinoe.
No. 875411 ID: 05ff2f

Ah, this definitely changes what plan I think we should take.

Alright, new game plan: Melinoë, tail the invisible noxan from a distance and use your power to continually scrub your existence from their memory. We'll walk with the noxan and keep on the lookout for more if its kin lurking about. Since you're able to see us and they can't, we'll communicate upcoming threats back to you using sign language, but if we lose line of sight we'll run back and whisper them to you.

Once the number of FSD's pack coming up is too great for you to handle, hide and we'll keep following this noxan to wherever they hole up. Then we'll scout around for a safer route there and come back to you to guide you that way. Hopefully wherever that is is where Astarte and Khoros are imprisoned. However, if this noxan doesn't go where Astarte and Khoros are being held, I think we should use my previous idea of us jumping directly to Astarte and Khoros, then backtracking to lead you to where they're being held.

Melinoë, we need to know the capabilities and nuances of your power so we can plan around them. What is its range, how many people can you use it on simultaneously, and does it have a cooldown period? How much food does it burn to use, how satiated are you right now, and what is the effect if you "overdrive" it like Astarte did with her power back in the hotel room?

And before we stop possessing you. [Hug Melinoë with her own arms] Thank you for helping us, even if you don't feel you deserve thanks.
No. 875417 ID: 56e50f

An important stipulation. Hug her with her own arms.
No. 875419 ID: b1b4f3

No hugging Melinoe.
No. 875424 ID: 05ff2f

Um, on second thought, I retract my suggestion to hug Melinoë. She's already expressed that she doesn't feel she deserves such and I don't want to foist it on her at such a time as this. We have more vital things to focus our time on right now. After we're all safe and sound and away from this pack of cannibals, then we can turn towards thanking her.
No. 875502 ID: f6785d

We could pat her in the head. It would be more of a joke or a tease then a complement.
No. 875511 ID: 4854ef

Would be, some of us forgive her and do wish to show it.. Plus it's rare for us to get to feel someone else like this after-all.
No. 875827 ID: 2f1000

Let's follow the invisible noxan in the rain. If he spots us, we can just snip his memories again.
No. 875855 ID: ed67d9
File 152235748628.png - (792.96KB , 800x600 , xq424.png )

Your resolution of the parasite problem and increasing familiarity with what is and is not real has upgraded you along the Path of Ether.

New passive ability acquired: Verisimilitude Vision. You will know always know whether or not something you are looking at is an echo or hallucination, or if it is real. This ability is always on, whether or not you are using Spectral Seeing or possessing someone.

>Plans: We scout ahead, you follow noxan. We find out where Astarte and Khoros are imprisoned and then come back to lead you to where they are held.
Okay. This sounds like a good idea. I will keep following this noxan.
No. 875856 ID: ed67d9
File 152235748879.png - (5.00KB , 800x600 , xq425.png )

No. 875857 ID: ed67d9
File 152235749833.png - (678.05KB , 800x600 , xq426.png )

You nod at Melinoë and focus on the Patterns of Khoros and Astarte, and feel yourself sl i p away
No. 875858 ID: ed67d9
File 152235749948.png - (281.86KB , 800x600 , xq427.png )

...it will be okay. I promise you. Penelope did not leave you.

o-okay. i am very, very scared
No. 875859 ID: d2e2ce

hi dorks
No. 875861 ID: a363ac

No. 875862 ID: b1b4f3

Hey we're back. Khoros, your contingency plan was very annoying but it worked. She's following one of the wild noxans back here, we're gonna scout out the area. First, tell us what you know about this place.

Oh also Khoros you should know we dealt with the problems we were having with Ethereal Sight. We had a parasite and only some of us could see it. On top of that, your hopes were realized; we can now tell for sure what is real and what isn't.
No. 875863 ID: c88e6d

Hihi! We're back. We didn't leave you, Melinoe was helping us get better after being sick.
No. 875865 ID: b1b4f3

Well we can just get real close and whisper.
No. 875866 ID: fecb94

quiet boo!

Parasite's gone and Melinoë's thing is neat to watch and how may we be of assistance today.
No. 875867 ID: 486e87

Not sure who we are at the moment, given the post title.

If we're still Penelope:
Remember FSD's pack can turn invisible by closing their eyes, one of them could be in here listening in. So let's keep all communication non-verbal.

Wave to get their attention and put a finger to your lip to indicate they shouldn't talk.
No. 875868 ID: 12b116

How did you get put in here
No. 875869 ID: b1b4f3

The name field in each update tells us what person we're following. When we possess someone it changes to a combination of the two names, otherwise it's straightforward.
No. 875870 ID: eeb7d9

Psst! We are back, and we are better than ever! HAHA i wish. But nevermind that. Melinoe helped me with ONE of our many problems, Boss i would like to have some words abot that, later. And now we are going to get you two out off here. Astarte, stay calm my dear, don't be afraid.
Boss, let me posses you so you can tell me what you've lerned from this place with out them noticing.
No. 875880 ID: 006e5c

Glass rooms? Could it be that the glass is special in a way to reveal us, or a trap? Hmm.
Also, there's no rain in here, so no way to find out if there's any hidden noxans in here.
We don't really have much choice. I suggest we move next to our brother and announce our presence. If we need to stay invisible, then I suggest we ask Astarte if we can possess her. I don't think we can possess our brother anyway. Or at least I doubt we can, considering Melinoë can't affect him. But first, apologize to Astarte for being late.
No. 875899 ID: 05ff2f

Hm, this place is much more modern than I expected the likes of Fierce-Stalking-Death and her kin to have. That means we have to worry about cameras and microphones possibly watching and listening in in addition to invisible noxans.

Approach the two with a single finger to our lips in a clear gesture to them to remain quiet and a single palm held flat and waving down to indicate to stay put. Quickly step around the room to check for cameras and the eyes of any invisible noxans. Unfortunately, we can't see any ones with their eyes closed so we'll have to act like there's one here, listening in.

First choice to communicate would be to possess Khoros, with Astarte as the secondary choice. Possession would allow direct mind-to-mind speaking, with no way a outside party could watch or listen in. We'll use sign language to ask Khoros to allow us to possess him so we can speak with assurance nobody is eavesdropping on our conversation.

Secondary choice, if possession is not a option, is to use sign language between us and Khoros. However, only do so if there's no cameras or other eyes watching. If there's invisible noxans listening in, they'll have their eyes closed so they won't be able to see us signing to each other.

Once we're talking, inform Khoros that we met Melinoë after he and Astarte were captured. Confirm with him that she was his "contingency plan," and if she was then tell him we'll have words with him later about having her screw with our memory. But the important thing is that she helped us get rid of the ethereal parasite we had, so our spectral sight is clear now, and she's on her way to free him and Astarte. She's currently following a returning member of FSD's pack. What we need to know is the exact route they led him and Astarte down here and what kind of opposing force and other threats were on the way so we can inform Melinoë of them.
No. 875907 ID: 4854ef

We are sorry for taking so long, we had to ensure some help would be coming.

Do not be sad Astarte we are here.
No. 875913 ID: 2120ee

Told you so.

I think we've all learned a valuable lesson. Penelope is always right.
No. 875920 ID: 91ee5f

“Khoros, I want an apology for not believing me about the invisible noxans. The way you just thought I was making things up and/or thought I was crazy and not even giving me the benefit of the doubt.....that hurt. I would understand Astarte not believing me because we’ve only just met, but you, my own brother? You have no idea how much that hurt me.”
No. 875943 ID: 096d92

Apologies and reconciliation can wait, we need to get Khoros and Astarte out now. How are the enclosures secured here? Maybe we can locate where the key or release mechanism is before Melinoe gets here.

What's important is the safety of our Family.
No. 875988 ID: cc2547

>First choice to communicate would be to possess Khoros, with Astarte as the secondary choice. Possession would allow direct mind-to-mind speaking, with no way a outside party could watch or listen in. We'll use sign language to ask Khoros to allow us to possess him so we can speak with assurance nobody is eavesdropping on our conversation.

We can't posses Khoros because his "multiple" nature. We can definitely try signing to Astarte for permission. Whatever we do though, we have to make sure we do without raising any suspicions or sudden movements from either of them. Signing is our friend here. Finger to our mouth as soon as they spot us.
No. 875995 ID: 80e8d5

Hey. What if the orange aura is the aura of the coffee shop noxan?

Hi ho, brother and Astarte.
It seems that something wrong had come to part.
A plan is what we quite need.
Permission is quite in need.

Tell us, tell us, telephone.
How did such disaster come home?
Some fault somewhere, I know.
We'll help break this prison, glassen poe.
No. 876041 ID: b1b4f3

Oh right, Noxans know sign language, we can just use sign language to communicate. Apparently Astarte and Khoros can see us but the FSD cannot.
No. 876129 ID: 05ff2f

Yeah, but they can still see Khoros or Astarte hand signing, so before those two do gotta make sure nobody we don't want seeing them sign is watching.
No. 876132 ID: 91ee5f

They wouldn’t be watching. They would have their eyes closed so that they would be invisible, meaning they won’t be able to see us doing sign language.
No. 876195 ID: 10c408

We're overthinking this. Just turn on spectral sight and scan the room before we interact with anyone
No. 876196 ID: e1c8f7

Ethereal sight only shows ethereal beings and the auras of the ones we have an emotional connection with. It would not show FSD or her pack.
No. 876581 ID: ed67d9
File 152264658268.png - (282.89KB , 800x600 , xq428.png )

>We return! Melinoë is following one of the wild noxans here!

How do you know that Penelope did not leave me? I do not see her anywhere! She is very, very good at hiding but she is not THAT good!

She will show up at any moment. She would never abandon either myself or you.
No. 876582 ID: ed67d9
File 152264658679.png - (288.53KB , 800x600 , xq429.png )

What else is bothering you, child? Remember that we are alone here and can speak freely without fear of being overheard.

Yes! I am very, very good at speaking a lot when I know that nobody can hear what I am saying! Thank you for reassuring me about Penelope. Those noxans were very scary! Do you know anything about that "gate" they mentioned when they were bringing us in? It sounded weird! I do not think they are from here.
No. 876584 ID: ed67d9
File 152264659097.png - (290.30KB , 800x600 , xq430.png )

Astarte signs, "You are invisible to them. Eh heh heh."

It is difficult to say. I wish I could go to the hallway we passed on the way in and listen in on that room somehow. The one with the open door where the noxans were talking. But I cannot.
Khoros motions over his shoulder with a thumb.
No. 876587 ID: b1b4f3

Give a thumbs up and let's go poke our head through that wall.
No. 876588 ID: 91ee5f

Go to the room that Khoros is pointing towards and listen in on what the asshole noxans talk about.
No. 876595 ID: 05ff2f

Nod in acknowledgement and give a thumbs up, then hurry to where Khoros indicated to eavesdrop. After we do, if we don't have a better plan we'll scout the place to locate threats and find the entrance to inform Melinoë.

Did that invisible noxan hear us when we spoke? 'Cause if so, we just gave away Melinoë is coming. I'm unsure what determines if a person can hear us. Is it those we focus on and those we have a link with? Could FSD hear us 'cause we were "shadowing" her outside the hotel earlier, but her pack couldn't?
No. 876601 ID: eeb7d9

Probably that noxan is confused.
Either way. Time to do what Penelope does best: Be a ghost. Let's check that place the Boss was talking about. Let's show Astarte how cool we are! woshhh
No. 876606 ID: c88e6d

Time to go explore the wall!
No. 876609 ID: 006e5c

No. 876617 ID: e1c8f7

Sign to them we love them.
We'll check that room immediately.
No. 876634 ID: a363ac

call them BOTH "good girls" in sign language. then head on down to secrets town.
No. 876814 ID: ed67d9
File 152273161851.png - (553.98KB , 600x1060 , xq431.png )

You head back the way that Khoros indicated and you almost immediately run into a hallway with SEVERAL of these strange noxans coming and going.

None of them seem to see you.

It is unnerving however - you can't shake the feeling of being
watched. You know that you are invisible to these noxans and you're not making any sounds, but still.
No. 876815 ID: ed67d9
File 152273162118.png - (372.49KB , 800x600 , xq432.png )

You nearly pass the turn-off and stop just in time to see an alcove. There's an open door... that must be the door that Astarte mentioned! You can see more of those noxans inside, but you can't hear really what they're saying.

You also see a door to the right of the open one that is closed, with another noxan hiding outside of it.

No. 876817 ID: b1b4f3

Can we not just walk through walls and doors, being Ethereal?

Listen in on the noxans before we peek through the closed door.
No. 876819 ID: c88e6d

Turn on Ethereal Sight and try to sense a connection between these fake-noxans. Maybe there's a noxan with the power to copy itself? Or turn other species into noxans with the power of invisibility?
No. 876855 ID: e1c8f7

Sit in the opposite corner of the watching noxan, let's see what we can hear through the doorway. Maybe we can take a quick scan with Ethereal sight while we listen. Let's be careful not to let our claws click against the floor too. Invisible or not, we need to mind our noise. Can't be too careful.
No. 876860 ID: 006e5c

Check out the right door first.
No. 876863 ID: 094652

Can you possess the one on the right, compulse him to throw himself into the group as a distraction?
No. 876865 ID: a363ac

why not just stick your head into the shut door if there is nothing interesting move on to the open
No. 876881 ID: 91ee5f

No because we’ve already been told that we need permission to possess someone.
No. 876897 ID: eeb7d9

We can't make noise other than with our voice because we don't have a physical body. That is like our main goal, get our body back somehow. At least that's MY goal. Can't give hugs without a body. Or eat pizza. That sucks.
No. 877041 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152281477032.png - (277.32KB , 800x600 , xq433.png )

>Ethereal Sight
You don't think you'll get any interesting information from this, but you figure a quick peek can't hurt.

Orange/brown - Above ground somewhere
Purple (Outissa) - in the direction of the City
Teal (Astarte) - to your left, back with Khoros
Red (Khoros) - to your left, with Astarte
Red (Khoros) - another Khoros? This one is below you and a bit to the left. Farther than the other Khoros Pattern.
New! Tan (Melinoë) - To your right and up a bit. Closer than you expected - she must have found the entrance to this place and is heading inside.

You don't see any other Patterns nor do you see any ethereal creatures.

No. 877042 ID: c88e6d

We could check on Orange?
No. 877043 ID: 91ee5f

>2 Khoros?
Oh, I see. Khoros secretly split a tiny bit of himself and he’s also looking for a way out.
No. 877044 ID: 91ee5f

No, stick to the plan. Go into the room on the left and listen in on what the enemy is planning.
No. 877048 ID: b1b4f3

Neat, Khoros is scouting. Alright let's continue with the eavesdropping(and peeking through the closed door), try to get some useful info, then report back to Melinoe.
No. 877051 ID: 12b116

see what they're talking about. It's not like they can stop us
No. 877058 ID: eeb7d9

Sticking to the plan.
No. 877064 ID: 3740b1

Check the second Khoros pattern. Maybe they imitated Khoros somehow and you're about to walk into a trap on the advice of an imposter. Or maybe it's somehow your body down there? You're Khoros' twin after all. Either way the anomaly should be investigated.
No. 877065 ID: e1c8f7

Alright, let's listen in. Stay calm. We got this. We can creep in if we can't hear anything outside.
No. 877068 ID: a363ac

stcik head in left door
No. 877107 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152286887672.png - (69.63KB , 800x600 , xq434.png )

>Stick to plan; check left door
You turn off your ethereal sight and head into the door.

Yes. They insist that they are noxan.

What? Ridiculous! They do not look like noxan! They do not SPEAK like noxan! They do not even smell like noxan!

Hhhheh. It gets worse. The smaller one mentioned it eats meat.





It must be lying!

Not lies. Truth. Flowing-Swift-Dances saw its teeth. They are the teeth of a beast.

Esteemed Sister - you put this pack in danger!

How could you?

Yes - how could you?

Calm down. Flowing-Swift-Dances lied to the beasts. Noxan told beasts her name was "Fierce-Stalking-Death."

...that is a ridiculous name.

Beasts believed Esteemed Sister?

Yes! Clever-smart-cunning Flowing-Swift-Dances convinced beasts that this pack was more dangerous than beasts! Others who were with will attest! Plants-Bountiful-Harvest - you were there!

Yes. Esteemed Sister speaks truth. Beasts are afraid of us.




No. 877108 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152286888677.png - (61.85KB , 800x600 , xq435.png )

So. Since beasts are afraid of this pack... noxan believes they will answer questions.

Esteemed Sister means to question-pry-interrogate beasts?

Yes. Perhaps can give answers about this place.

Noxan does not like it here.

Want to go home!

Yes! Home!

...this noxan likes staying here. Much less scary than home.

Hush. Gate has not shown our home yet. Some of this pack are watching gate and will alert others if our home shows again. Does pack have any further questions?

How are food supplies doing?

Excellent question! Stocks are doing fine. Mushroom planting is underway. This pack can survive here if needed for as long as needed. Anything else?


Okay. Then meeting over. Flowing-Swift-Dances will go question-pry-interrogate beasts now. After that then pack can discuss what to do with beasts.

No. 877111 ID: 006e5c

So, they're actually harmless. Good to know!

Check out the room next to this one, then return to Khoros and Astarte and we can inform them of this.
No. 877114 ID: 12b116

relay this information to khoros and astarte. They think they're noxans, but may not be? Tell Astarte they are afraid of her teeth
No. 877117 ID: b1b4f3

Hahaha they're herbivorous noxans from another dimension. No wonder they have anomalous behavior, appearance, and a single common power. They also need help getting home. We should try to help them!

Let's relay this information to Melinoe first, then Khoros and Astarte. Also we need to verify this by looking at their teeth. If they're really herbivorous they won't have any canines.
No. 877118 ID: a363ac

return to Khoros and astarte now and tell them the Noxan are just lost and don't know where they are should be harmless.

whisper to Astarte to act like she is trying to eat khoros it should be funny
No. 877120 ID: 12b116

Peep in the side room before we go just to see
No. 877125 ID: e1c8f7

This is good. Let's return. Maybe we can diplomatically talk our way out of this.
No. 877130 ID: 91ee5f

Go to Khoros and tell him that these noxans are completely harmless herbivores and they lied when they said they were dangerous.

Also when Fierce-Stalking-Death comes to talk to them, he should call her by her real name, which is “Flowing-Swift-Dances”. That’ll catch them off guard!

After we tell Khoros, we should go to Melinoë and tell her what’s going on.
No. 877159 ID: eeb7d9

Well, they have my respect. They did pull our leg. This information will be useful. At least we don't have to... engange in violet interactions with them.
I say we should tell Khoros and Astarte to "keep looking afraid" while we and Melinoë plan their release. They will understand.
No. 877162 ID: 4854ef

Agreeing with this, I'm curious what sort of questions they'll be asking overall as a result.
No. 877176 ID: c88e6d

....My opinion of these invisible creatures has diminished. Their behavior is intolerable. How can they imprison people in glass boxes without food or water or waste-removal areas when they have done nothing? So cruel.
No. 877178 ID: b1b4f3

Well I mean they'd probably deliver food and water and let them out for a bathroom break.
No. 877189 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152290096588.png - (286.15KB , 800x600 , xq436.png )

You feel a bit of an urge to peek in the other room, but decide that you should just return to Khoros and Astarte for now.

Heeeeey! Noxan person! Spiky noxan! Am I seducing you yet? EH HEH HEH HEH this metal is cold eeek!

I have never in my life more wanted to run into a bug zapper. Or a pesticide. That would also work. Just end it all right now.
No. 877190 ID: a363ac

👍 👍 👍 👍 @astarte. then go ahead and tell khoros they are a group of lost people who don't know where they are or why they are here
No. 877192 ID: 12b116

Relay what we learned to Astarte if she can stop being gross for five minutes. We probably just need to talk to the nasty noxans and figure out what their goals are here. They think Khoros and Astarte are dangerous but we can probably just talk to them to prove we aren't. Hell we might even be able to help.
No. 877193 ID: b1b4f3

oh my god astarte

Let's... try to tell Khoros the good news, about how these guys are herbivorous noxans from another dimension and not cannibals at all. If he wants proof, ask him if he's seen their teeth. Do they have any sharp teeth at all?
They need help getting home so let's help them. Fierce-Stalking-Death is actually Flowing-Swift-Dances, by the way.
No. 877195 ID: 56e50f

Wave them down. We have some signing to do. Slowly. "They are strangers from far away. They are stranded here after coming through a gate of some kind. They are coming to interrogate you."
No. 877197 ID: 094652

Giggletown. Our team is trapped in @#$%ing Giggletown, Pop. Giggity.

Khoros, do we possess any of these herbivores yet or will you do the mauling?
No. 877199 ID: eeb7d9

My original plan was to go full killing spree, but since they didn't hurt either Khoros or Astarte, i would let them live.

Oh my god, Astarte, Sweety... We don't have time for this right now.

Pisst, Boss, we have news. Long story short, they are herbivores noxan from other dimencion, i think, so you don't have to worry about them. Really they should be worried about Astarte. We will go back to Mel and make a plan to get you two out off there.
Just hold on a little longer, boss, you can do it... although, you have to admit that that is a verry unique and bold way of distrancting someone, and not everyone can do it.
No. 877201 ID: 91ee5f

Go into the cell with Khoros so that we can whisper to him without alerting the guard that someone else is here.

We can’t possess anyone without their permission to let us possess them!
No. 877203 ID: c88e6d

....I honestly think we should probably just remain silent and see how this goes.
No. 877206 ID: 4854ef

I'd say we could, though I cant stop giggling at the sight, that poor noxan is so conflicted and confused eh heh heh.
No. 877210 ID: 05ff2f

*snerk* Shit. Gotta maintain composure. Slip up next to Astarte and whisper to her to get where she can watch us sign to her what we found out while we tell Khoros. Then move to next to Khoros and whisper to him that we're back and we found out a lot.

Whisper to Khoros and sign to Astarte that this pack of noxans are from another universe, came here via a Gate and want to return to their home. They're not carnivorous at all, consider eating meat bestial and are fearful of you two because you have carnivore's teeth. The whole cannibal hunter thing was a ruse by "Fierce-Stalking-Death," who's real name is Flowing-Swift-Dances. She's coming here right now to interrogate you both about this place and probably this world too.

Whisper just to Khoros that we also spotted via etheral sight the part of himself he split off to scout. Good idea, that.
No. 877211 ID: 006e5c

Astarte seems to be doing quite well for herself.

I suggest we play along for now. That is, tell only Khoros about what we heard, but also suggest to him that we pretend that we're still scared of these noxans and answer their questions in such a manner.

Oh right. We also don't need Melinoë anymore. We can go tell her to leave... and go buy some ice cream, candy, sandwiches etc for us. These poor noxans never ate good food in their lives! Alternatively, Khoros' fragment can bring the food.
No. 877216 ID: e1c8f7

Guys, we can't speak out loud! We have to sign unless we want to blow our cover.

Get Astarte's attention. Sign at her to tell Khoros to look to his left.
No. 877226 ID: 91ee5f

We can go into the cell with Khoros and whisper to him.
No. 877403 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152297698151.png - (95.24KB , 800x600 , xq437.png )

You try to catch Khoros's eye, but he's looking away and doesn't notice you.

Spiky noxan! I cannot see your cockpopple! Do you have one? Do you maybe not like girls? Oh! OH! Are you very, very interested in Khoros?

Astarte you need to please not do this righ—

...yes maybe i mean flowing-swift-dances said you are beasts but this noxan is not certain if the esteemed sister is correct on that i mean beasts would be scary and frightening and mean and not pressing up against a door like that and noxan does not know how to feel but anyway "khoros" is very cute yes even for a creature that is not a noxan i would still maybe give it i mean him a hug a-and maybe more depending argh this noxan apologizes for he has not had much success with other males and is feeling very strange right now and does not know why


U-um. I... I am very flattered to hear that. I...
No. 877404 ID: 4ccc6a