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File 151744561363.png - (146.47KB , 700x397 , 3-1.png )
863633 No. 863633 ID: a30024

Chapter 3
NSFW warning!

The city of Moot point glows in the sunlight, its white stucco neighborhoods scattering brilliant beams across Akasha Bay. The founder, Augustine Moot, smiles down upon it from her plinth atop the sheltering cliff, making it all the more radiant. Under her watchful gaze the city bustles with activity: filling its marketplaces, cafes, and in the case of small children, its fountains. The sea air wafts through the streets, carrying the promise of fair skys and the smell of something baking…
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No. 863634 ID: a30024
File 151744566979.png - (49.07KB , 347x600 , 3-2.png )

Miki finishes wrapping up a customer's order and looks up as the door jingles.
No. 863635 ID: a30024
File 151744569523.png - (154.74KB , 700x500 , 3-3.png )

The shop lights up as she smiles, “Gabe! How’s it going?”

The lanky mouse strolls in and drapes himself over the glass display case. “Pretty good, Miki! The guys sent me for croissants.” He says, resting his chin in his hands, “Its a tragedy, being a Sender, Miki. All my effort learning to pierce the veil between life and death and what does everyone expect? ‘Gabe can you go get donuts?” He wails in mock distress. “Still, I get to see your smile don’t I?”

She laughs and a tiny curl of flame slips out. " Pooooor, Gabriel. Well I appreciate you." She sympathizes, flipping open a paper bag.
No. 863636 ID: a363ac

soooo~ hows Raithe honey~?
No. 863641 ID: fda98a

Then it is worth it!
How is the Raithe boy doing?
No. 863643 ID: a7f739

"So how are things, babe? You and Raithe getting on well?"
No. 863723 ID: b1b4f3

Augustine seems to be very large.
Heard about any more unique problems that need solving?
No. 863895 ID: a30024
File 151753582672.png - (112.64KB , 600x578 , 3-4.png )

Gabe eyes the biscotti, “How’s everything working out with Raithe?”

Mika beams, “Great! It took him a bit to figure out how to keep the temperatures I need steady, but he burns so cleanly. And he’s such a sweetheart, just having the company in the kitchen has been wonderful.”

“Between you and me,” she conspires, “I’m saving enough on firewood that I went ahead and bought a fire-ward for myself.” She reaches into her neck fluff and draws out an amber colored stone on a chain. "I've been meaning to get one for years, but now... well let's just say thing's are heating up a bit." Miki winks.

“Careful, they say its a bad idea to date your stove.” Gabe snickers.

“Gabriel, I've been practically married to that stove for years.” She rolls her eyes, “The only difference is: now I get to sleep with it.”
No. 863896 ID: a30024
File 151753583086.png - (73.23KB , 487x600 , 3-5.png )

No. 863897 ID: a30024
File 151753583620.png - (124.55KB , 600x555 , 3-6.png )

There’s a whoosh from the kitchen, “Are you guys talking about me?”

Miki chuckles, “What, were your ears burning, hun?”

The salamander groans, “Auuuugh. You see what I have to live with? I’m going back in the firebox!” There’s a clang as he retreats.

Gabe sympathizes but can’t help laughing at the elemental’s plight. “Thanks again for getting us in contact with that last guy, Miki. Got anyone else that might need help?”

She thinks to herself, “Well, we had this one guy in the other day talking about there being a haunted ship out on the bay. Something about there being weird lights and spooky noises on the water at night.”

Gabe nods at this knowingly, “Yeah, the sea’s a pretty haunted place, that might be worth looking into.”

She continues, “I know there’s a guy who works at the opera house who’s a regular. He talked about there being a phantom backstage.”

“Oh yeah I think I heard something about that. Supposedly it causes shows to fail?”

“Yeah, sounds pretty silly if you ask me. Also a friend of mine works at a bathhouse on the coast. She said that they’ve been having problems with customers feeling like there’s something in the water.”

“What, like a chemical?”

“No, something living. Something, touching people...”
No. 863898 ID: a30024
File 151753584212.png - (110.81KB , 600x428 , 3-7.png )

“Spooky. Thanks for the leads Miki!” Knowing that using magic can be pretty tiring, she pops a biscotti in his mouth for the road.
Gabe takes his order and spirit gates home.

“Guys I got food!”

Somewhere in the apartment, there's a giggle.
No. 863902 ID: 91ee5f

Complain loudly by saying, “Hey, no fair! You guys said you’d wait for me to get back!”

Then tell them about the leads and get their opinions on which one to go for.
No. 863903 ID: a363ac

careful I feel like some mice are laying in ambush by the stairs.
The bathouse seems fun
No. 863904 ID: 3abd97

Let's check the bath house, of course.

Save something for the spirits, guys!
No. 863905 ID: eb4746

Yell up that if they're not interested then that's just more doughnuts for you then. That should get them down quick.
No. 863919 ID: 189472

cue obligatory bathhouse episode?
No. 863921 ID: 6c2cf5

Oh look, an obvious trap, let’s walk right into it.
No. 863924 ID: 96f207

"You horndogs. Rodents."
No. 863928 ID: b1b4f3

Head upstairs.
No. 863979 ID: de6d84

Upstairs is go!
No. 863982 ID: d13972

"oh, looks like there's nobody home! guess i'll eat alllllll these pastries myself"
No. 864056 ID: a6ad03

Absolutely bathhouse
No. 864064 ID: fda98a

Hmmm, so many probable outcomes! Lets go upstairs.
No. 864170 ID: a30024
File 151762666858.png - (77.45KB , 488x600 , 3-8.png )

“Guuuyyys, I brought treaaats.” Gabe waggles the bag temptingly as he ascends the staircase, one creaking step at a time.

“I guess all of these are for me now.” He reaches the top of the stairs and an arm snags him by the wrist, dragging him into the bedroom .
No. 864171 ID: a30024
File 151762667472.png - (144.72KB , 700x500 , 3-9.png )

Gabe wiggles and finds his legs pinned by a pair of arms and his arms pinned by a pair of legs. A big, stupid smile spreads across his face, “Y’all are going to get crumbs in the bed.” A pair of very hungry looking mice don’t answer, having set their eyes on one particular treat.
No. 864173 ID: a30024
File 151762673436.png - (163.60KB , 535x700 , 3-10.png )

Gabe feels himself being liberated of his pants and lays back with a dramatically resigned sigh, “Okay I guess breakfast can wait.” He rests his head on Casey’s belly and she, in turn, reaches down to run her fingers around the edges of his ears. The mouse shivers as little starbursts of glee ripple down his spine, “Oh man, no fair! You know what that does to me!” He squirms in feeble protest. All he gets in return is a vicious grin: she knows exactly what it does to him.

Down below, Kol manhandles him expertly; running his strong hands down his sides, cupping his hips, and massaging his thighs. It doesn’t take long for Gabe to start arching his hips desperately, “Okay! You win, you win! Come onnnn guys!”

No. 864175 ID: a363ac

eat your winnings
No. 864178 ID: e1c8f7

Vow to get back at them for this!
No. 864180 ID: 6be18b

Embrace defeat with dignity.
No. 864186 ID: fda98a

This is the only time when you MUST lose. Just let it happen~~.
No. 864200 ID: b1b4f3

Do you have a safeword?
No. 864201 ID: eb4746

I don't think a simple surrender will satisfy them. I think they're enjoying watching you squirm. Struggle harder to try and tempt them.
No. 864217 ID: 6c2cf5

oh no, when you are being attacked by such cruel villains as these i’m afraid there’s nothing you can do.
No. 864224 ID: 4324ce

Alas, these tempters are skilled in the art of seduction. Resist!

Maybe. A bit.
No. 864483 ID: de6d84

I'll get you next tiiiime...!
Wriggle a little, they're liking it.
No. 864489 ID: a30024
File 151776902869.png - (104.72KB , 700x384 , 3-11.png )

"We win, eh?" Kol lifts the pinned mouse's legs, "Mmm, then lets claim our prize."

Gabe wiggles some more, "I see how it is, you guys set me up! What're you gonna do to me, you fiends?" The mouse actually squeaks as he feels himself being prepared down below, "Oh man, for real? Its been a while since-" A shadow moves over him and he suddenly finds himself muffled.
"Hush now. Don't worry, we'll take good care of our catch. Isn't that right Kol?"

No. 864490 ID: a30024
File 151776903377.png - (110.54KB , 700x469 , 3-12.png )

The larger mouse answers by leaning in for a smooch. "Mmmhmmm." He slowly pushes his hips forward and guides himself in. Gabe moans with his mouth full as he feels himself stretched. He lets himself relax and let Kol in but, having not done anal in a while, he's still nice and tight around that hefty dick. Kol's hips bottom out and the three of them pause for a bit while everyone gets comfortable.
No. 864491 ID: a30024
File 151776903896.png - (162.41KB , 700x700 , 3-13.png )

Kol pulls away from the kiss and starts moving, "Let me know if its too much, 'kay?" He sees Gabe's chin nod and keeps his pace slow to start. Gently pounding away, Kol lifts him up off the sheets and savors that feel of mousy ass wrapped around his cock. "Mmm, doing good, Gabe."

Casey shudders, feeling those gentle impacts bumping Gabe into her hips. There's a lot of moans coming from underneath her, but none of them sound like complaints. She leans back and enjoys the view; watching Kol smoothly slip in and out while the soft pap, pap, pap of Gabe's ass getting slapped punctuates each motion. She lets go of one arm in order to feel herself up.

No. 864494 ID: d887c0

Gabe, you grab yourself a handful of mouse ass.
No. 864496 ID: a363ac

Casey 69 that cutie.
No. 864527 ID: fda98a

Gabe, your hands are free! Initiate retaliation, this prey will put up a fight! Quickly, squeeze something!
No. 864555 ID: 56e50f

You will not go quietly into the night! Grab some ass and play with her tailhole.
No. 864575 ID: eb4746

Yeah, if they want to play like this they can't underestimate their prey. Grab that rear and go to town.
No. 864599 ID: 3abd97

Apply some ectoplasm tentacles to that unattended dick.
No. 864913 ID: a30024
File 151788987209.png - (127.89KB , 700x586 , 3-14.png )

Casey leans forward, taking hold of Gabe’s as yet untouched dick. “Mmm, poor Gabriel, need a hand with that?” She feels a moan tingle between her legs and she happily goes down on him. Bobbing her head and rocking her hips back into his mouth, Casey finds a nice balance between giving and receiving.

Gabe, finding his hands free, reaches up and grabs hold of her butt. He guides her hips over his tongue, spreading her so that he can reach everywhere she needs him. An impish idea comes to mind and Casey “MMPH”s as she feels a finger under her tail. While he only meant to tease her, Gabe is surprised when it slips inside easily. Another finger finds its way in after it.

“Fucking Fates, Gabe.” Casey takes a breather while he probes inside. He hesitates but she pants, “No, keep going. Ah, yeah...” She dives back onto his cock with renewed gusto; her body shuddering with over-stimulation.

No. 864914 ID: a30024
File 151788987629.png - (131.46KB , 700x623 , 3-15.png )

Kol, enjoying the show, steadily picks up speed until he’s really pounding away. What was once a gentle rhythm, gives way to savage thrusts that lift Gabe’s ass right off the sheets.

Feeling insistent messages coming from his prostate, Gabe tries to moan a warning to Casey. Coherent thought goes out the window as Kol hammers an orgasm into him. His muscles lock up and suddenly he’s spurting long threads of cum into Casey’s mouth. Caught by surprise she coughs and gasps, closing her eyes as pale ropes of semen drape themselves across her face. “Ah, yeah- that’s it... give it to me.” She pumps his shaft in a sticky fist, trying to claim every pearlescent drop.

No. 864915 ID: a30024
File 151788988130.png - (213.59KB , 800x800 , 3-16.png )

The medium groans as Gabe clenches around him, humping harder into the tightening hole. One last flurry of thrusts and he feels himself give way, pouring what feels like an ocean of pent up cum into the mouse’s ass. He hilts himself into his partner and looks down at where they’re joined, "Ahh… fuck, wow. You okay Gabe?"

The sender lays back against the sheets "You guys are too much." He pants and wipes his mouth. "Holy Fates, we're a mess…"

No. 864920 ID: fda98a

Yeah, we are a mess, BUT, we are a mess together. And is really fun.
No. 864926 ID: c914a9

A hot mess! Clean up and plan what you're going to do for the day. Gabe, tell the others all the stuff Miki told you.
No. 864933 ID: e1c8f7

Towel, anyone?
No. 864937 ID: b1b4f3

Time for clean up and then you can pick a job.
No. 864951 ID: d887c0

It is time for a washing and post-sex chilling.
No. 865004 ID: de6d84

Cuddle time! Share the food among yourselves
No. 865058 ID: d7427d

One more to go, guys! Casey needs her 'O' now. Teamup time?
No. 865063 ID: b27006

What is even the point of wearing clothes at home if you guys are just going to do this all the time!?
No. 865114 ID: a363ac

"where the fuck are those pasties?" hydrate
No. 865157 ID: 7ad049

Adorable <3 Time for sticky cuddles
No. 865270 ID: 3abd97

Hopefully you guys don't have an urgent job dumped in your laps, because you might not be ready to fuck a spirit into shape for a bit.
No. 865281 ID: eb4746

So who wants to go to a bathhouse to take care of a serial groper?
No. 865290 ID: a30024
File 151796699526.png - (107.62KB , 600x567 , 3-17.png )

The three of them flop into an utterly fucking exhausted pile on the sheets. Various hands reach out in a languor to rub against sweaty bodies, exploring the sweet sensitivity of the afterglow.

There’s a rustle of a paper bag and Gabe munches on a danish. “Mmmmm why’s everything taste better after sex?”
No. 865291 ID: a30024
File 151796699916.png - (0B , 600x383 )

“Endorphins...” Casey’s hand lolls in a circle.
No. 865292 ID: a30024
File 151796700359.png - (62.90KB , 600x407 , 3-19.png )

“Yeah, ‘s probably endorphins...” Kol mutters into the sheets.

Gabe takes another bite, “Those’re some good fuckin’ endorphins.” He chuckles, “Good fuckin’ too. Are you guys gonna ambush me every time I go to Miki’s? ‘Cause she’s going to have some questions if I start coming in three or four times a day.” There’s a couple of sweaty giggles in response.

“Oh, yeah speaking of Miki, she’s got some leads. Apparently there's a bathhouse up the coast that's got some kind of activity going on.”

“A bathhouse? Good, I could do with a bath...”

“Kol, we can’t show up like this. Come on, we gotta shower first...”

The lumbering mouse grumbles a bit and gets up. Three of them take turns in the tiny shower; more out of space concerns than privacy.
No. 865293 ID: a30024
File 151796700748.png - (91.65KB , 524x600 , 3-20.png )

While he’s waiting Gabe uncovers their crystal ball and scries up Miki’s place. After a minute or two, he sees her uncover a ball on her end and wave a distorted hand. “Oh hi, Gabe! What can I do for you?”

“Hey, Miki. We were just wondering about that bathhouse, you mentioned...”
No. 865304 ID: b1b4f3

When does the presence show up? In which bath?
No. 865324 ID: d887c0

Let me guess.
>The bathhouse uses fire elementals to heat their baths, and the elementals are on strike.
>Somebody drowned there and now their ghost is spooking up the joint
No. 865356 ID: 2d1231


Nah, totally gonna be a peepin' spirit. I mean, it's a bathhouse, so obviously some magical being is being pervy~
No. 865359 ID: b1b4f3

It's probably a water elemental.
No. 865520 ID: c914a9

I think maybe the spirit could be just trying to make contact rather than groping people for its own pleasure? Perhaps a mix of both? As soon as you get there make sure to ask for more details such as WHERE the spirit touch and when, and if it has ever tried to establish any further kind of communication besides touching.
No. 865720 ID: ab5f17

Full deets, bruh
No. 865945 ID: a30024
File 151814074117.png - (130.82KB , 700x582 , 3-21.png )

“-Do you know anything more about what’s going on there?” Gabe continues. “Where’s it taking place, and do you know if they have any elementals working there?”

Miki thinks about it, “I heard it was happening in some of the smaller side baths. I don’t know much else though: I don’t really go in for water baths myself. I’ve got to use dust baths or my fur gets ruined. Um… I don’t think she’s mentioned any elementals working there, but that doesn’t mean one couldn’t slip in... It would probably be best to ask them yourselves. Here, let me get you the address. There should be a beacon nearby you can gate to.”

She scribbles the bathhouse’s address on a piece of paper as well as the beacon waypoint number then holds it up for him. Gabe takes this down and thanks Miki, saying “I’ll come by and see you again soon!” Miki picks up on some kind of extra meaning there and an ear twitches questioningly, but she smiles and says goodbye.

Gabe goes to a shelf and takes down a large, leather bound book. Cracking it open and dropping it on the table, he scans down lines of reference numbers, finds the one he needs and turns to a page containing a detailed map of the coast. His finger traces a network of lines that shift in real time against the page, illustrating the ebb and flow of mana across the countryside. The digit spears a tangle of lines decisively and he turns back to the crystal ball, calling up the location in the curved glass. He walks around the sphere, learning the landscape and, having memorized it, dismisses the image.
No. 865946 ID: a30024
File 151814074550.png - (115.05KB , 700x391 , 3-22.png )

A little while later, the guides step out of a hole in space and into a field. Down the hill is a two story building, the back of which opens up into a series of pools overlooking the ocean.
No. 865947 ID: a30024
File 151814074979.png - (134.77KB , 700x518 , 3-23.png )

A couple of minutes of walking takes them past a sign: Coral Pools Bath and Natatorium. The front door is opened by a tall, fit woman in a robe. She waves as the guides approach, “Hey there! Are you the spirit guides? I just got done talking to Miki, thanks for coming!” She shakes them warmly by the hands. There’s a hearty power to her grip, as though she's been doing laps across the bay all day. “I’m Delilah, I run the place.”

“Nice to meet you, I'm Casey, this is Kol and Gabe. I hope we’re not here a bad time.”

Delilah shrugs, “Nah. We’re not that busy this time of morning. Plus, eh, word’s been getting around and making people nervous.” She scratches the back of her head self consciously.

“Yeah, can you explain what’s been happening?”

“Well, it started a couple of weeks ago. We had a couple back in one of the smaller heated baths suddenly storm out. They complained that something kept touching them in the water, but when we looked there was nothing there. A week later, the same thing happened: different bath, different couple, same touches.” She sighs. “It tends to happen when there's two, sometimes three bathers, but we're not sure why."

Kol scratches his chin, “Hmm, do you know have any elementals that work or live here? Could be that one of them is getting frisky.”

“We get our water from a spring up in the hills. There’s an elemental who lives up there, but he’s ancient and sleeps all the time: since long before the bathhouse was built...” she shrugs. "He's old enough that other undines tend to stay away: they consider the spring to be his territory."
No. 865957 ID: b1b4f3

Well the incidents are too infrequent to just go in and hope to catch whatever's doing it. Let's go investigate the old elemental. If he's not doing it, he might be able to help.

Hmm, though... was it exactly a week between occurrences? In that case, are we here on the right day to possibly catch it happening?
No. 865962 ID: d887c0

Ask if there have ever been any fatalities in the bathhouse. It could be that a ghost is being a creeper.
No. 865969 ID: 91ee5f

What was here before the bathhouse was built?

Do you think that maybe the bathhouse was built on top of someone’s grave by accident?
No. 865986 ID: b27006

Well the obvious thing to do seems to be sending kol & casey to a bath together while gabe continues asking questions or looks around.
No. 866023 ID: f6785d

Could there be some water elementals that are hiding and making trouble? It might be the opposite of Miki's problem. This could all be because one or two teenagers making trouble, and hiding afterwards. It's one possibility.
No. 866163 ID: 56e50f

Replicating the circumstances should come after we investigate the ancient
No. 866240 ID: a30024
File 151822910960.png - (95.69KB , 513x600 , 3-24.png )

Kol thinks, "Huh, What was here before the bathhouse?"

"I think it was just farmlands. People have been bating in the springs here for generations though."

"Ever had any fatalities on grounds?"

Delilah gives a confident smirk, "Not while I've been here. Can't say for sure that its always been that way."

"Hmm, so we can't rule out a ghost. Do you think the timing has anything to do with it?"

She shrugs, "Your guess is as good as mine…"

"Well, if its going after couples, Casey and I could try luring it out… You said it was in the private baths?"

Delilah nods, "Yeah, any of the smaller rooms. I was thinking of going to check on the ancient undine at some point, but it’s a bit of hike. I haven't had time to get out there."

Gabe smiles, "Shoot, I could get you there and back. Just give me a few minutes to scry it out."
No. 866241 ID: a30024
File 151822911367.png - (124.64KB , 700x500 , 3-25.png )

Kol and Casey head to the changing rooms and grab some towels, inspecting the bathhouse as they go. They easily find an unoccupied room and slip into the water together. Their relaxed sighs, echo against the intricate tile work. The rejuvenating energy of the spring water soaks into them, drawing the tension from them until their muscles turn to jelly.
No. 866242 ID: a30024
File 151822911736.png - (81.33KB , 700x500 , 3-26.png )

"Oof, Sorry I couldn't get us closer. The ley lines get kinda tangled up in these hills." Gabe slides down a rocky scree, trying to keep pace with Delilah. He fights off various scrubby plants that seem intent on grabbing at his clothes.

She pauses and smiles back at him, "Its no problem, I appreciate the gate. The spring is just ahead.” She shrugs off her robe, revealing a tight fitting one piece swimsuit. “I used to go swimming here when I was a kid. ‘Course I didn’t have the guts to dive all the way into his lair back then. I only made it as far as the antechamber.”

Gabe pulls up short, suddenly finding himself at the edge of a shallow cenote. A couple of meters below him lies a placid lake of dazzling blue; a color so pure and vivid that its appearance in nature is slightly unsettling. There are stairs roughly hewn into the limestone walls, and a thin beach against one side of the sinkhole.

Gabe hears the quick “thump thump thump” of heavy footsteps behind him and Delilah sails past, her body pulled into a graceful swan dive. She hits the water with a splash that sends a small ripple across the surface, as though a circular iris had just opened.
No. 866243 ID: a30024
File 151822912161.png - (101.18KB , 600x513 , 3-27.png )

She surfaces a second later and snorts water from her nose. “Hey, you coming?” Her voice echos against the walls of the sinkhole, booming out a friendly challenge.
No. 866250 ID: b1b4f3

Go on then! Jump in!
No. 866258 ID: f6785d

Unless you can't swim, go right ahead!
No. 866260 ID: a633c6

No. 866263 ID: d887c0

>nb4 drowned rat jokes

Time to get wet!
No. 866271 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you don’t land on her!

And make sure you jump far enough so you don’t end up hitting the stairs or the sand!
No. 866275 ID: a30024
File 151823680154.png - (91.40KB , 501x600 , 3-28.png )

Gabe hesitates for a moment before flinging himself in after her. He lands curled into a cannonball that sends water sloshing across the lake.
No. 866276 ID: a30024
File 151823680508.png - (54.20KB , 600x428 , 3-29.png )

No. 866277 ID: a30024
File 151823681071.png - (89.55KB , 600x514 , 3-30.png )

There’s a beat before he explodes to the surface again with a shriek, “AIEEEGH! COLD! FUCK!”
No. 866278 ID: a30024
File 151823681338.png - (0B , 700x500 )

Delilah chuckles warmly, the only source of warmth in the lake. She lazily paddles herself over to the far side of the cenote, pointing down into the shadow cast by the wall. “That’s where we need to go.” A shivering Gabe splashes closer and looks under the surface: about a meter down is darker shape against the shadow, an underwater cave.

Delilah explains, “Fortunately, he doesn’t live very far in. Once you pass through the entrance, there’s a beach inside where there’s air. Past that is another submerged passage, just a couple of meters long, that leads to his lair.”

Gabe treads water, struggling to hold onto his body heat. “Is- is- is it safe?”

She smiles, “Sure. I used to take people down to that beach all the time. Was a nice place out of sight to do, well...” there’s a husky chuckle, “- teen shit.” She looks lost in a happy memory for a moment.
“Not as familiar with the second passage though. Only made that trip twice. Its darker and longer, so I definitely don’t want to attempt it alone. I was hoping you might be able to lend a hand: give us something that could help us see, or gate us out of there if things get scary.”

“If you’re cool with that, follow me when you’re ready.”
Gabe nods and Delilah takes a number of strong breaths through her nose before slipping under the surface. The mouse watches her distorted shape kick its way into the shadow and disappear.
No. 866296 ID: b1b4f3

>help us see
Is that a thing you can do...? Maybe summon up some glowing warding magic that covers the area you're moving through?
But yeah get a little more used to the cold then follow the lady.
No. 866307 ID: c914a9

Aw, I swear, Gabe is the cutest thing! Follow her carefully, and be ready to open a gate and get both of you outta there if things get too scary.
How good are you at swimming and how long can you hold your breath? I assume you should be good enough and there's no way for you to just give up now so be a brave mouse and follow her into the dark cave!
If your gates can create some kind of light it could also be useful for you to open one just to help guide you two through the darkness but ONLY if it wouldn't be much trouble for you.
No. 866309 ID: f6785d

And down you go. What magic you know that could help in this scenario?
No. 866310 ID: d887c0

Get your magic warmed up and take some deep breaths, then follow.
No. 866381 ID: e1c8f7

Follow her example, get your lungs ready with several deep breaths then take the dive after her.
No. 866410 ID: a30024
File 151830201804.png - (148.55KB , 700x518 , 3-32.png )

Cold and alone in the cenote, Gabe psyches himself up, huffing in as much air as he can hold and diving after her. He passes into the overhang, turns, and starts clawing his way across the ceiling. He feels the cold in his bones sapping his strength and the urgent need to breathe rising in his lungs. He sees bubbles escaping his lips and feels his hand break the surface.
No. 866411 ID: a30024
File 151830202241.png - (196.58KB , 700x618 , 3-33.png )

He one last push kicks him upwards and he doggy paddles blindly in a circle. Delilah grabs his wrist and heaves him bodily onto a patch of soft sand. The mouse immediately curls into a shivering, teeth-chattering ball of wet fur.
"Oh shit, are you okay man?" Delilah looms over him.
No. 866412 ID: a30024
File 151830202611.png - (129.70KB , 700x500 , 3-34.png )

"Hang on, I've got you, Gabe." She claps her hands together; in the tiny cave, it sounds like a cannon going off. A flicker of mana blazes between her palms.
No. 866413 ID: a30024
File 151830203099.png - (168.62KB , 700x500 , 3-35.png )

Gabe feels her hands on his body and a gentle warmth spreads through him. He lets himself uncurl as Delilah kneads her mana into his muscles, "There we go. Healing magic is practically mandatory for a lifeguard. Sorry, I didn't realize how cold it was."
No. 866414 ID: a363ac

how are you not cold?
No. 866444 ID: a30024
File 151831220239.png - (132.71KB , 700x363 , 3-36.png )

"H-h-h-how are you not cold?" Gabe stammers.

"Eh, just used to it: early morning swims for 20 years." She slaps a thigh, "Plus, I got all this. Keeps me hot blooded, yah know? I'm like a furnace."

As the hypothermia dissipates Gabe takes a look around the cave. The tiny wavelets of light coming in illuminate a space that's actually deeper than he thought, with enough space for several people, provided you don’t mind walking around with your head ducked.
"N-n-nice place. S-s-so this is w-where you'd come to do teen shit? W-w-what'd you guys get up to?"

She laughs, "What else? Hang out, get high, fuck each others brains out."
No. 866454 ID: d887c0

"Sounds familiar. So where's the guy?"
No. 866456 ID: b1b4f3

The second passage leads to the undine's lair. It's longer which means Gabe might have a hard time getting through at all. Maybe it would be better if we got the undine to come to us?

Ask her how often people have sex in her baths. Maybe that's what attracts attention?
No. 866623 ID: 56e50f

Would she be able to help you get across the deeper tunnel?
No. 866624 ID: 91ee5f

>"Eh, just used to it: early morning swims for 20 years." She slaps a thigh, "Plus, I got all this. Keeps me hot blooded, yah know? I'm like a furnace."
“No fair! You’ve got a hot sexy body to keep you warm and I don’t!”
No. 866630 ID: a633c6

How? My nuts are about to freeze off!
No. 866631 ID: 689e8d

>hot blooded
That hand placement.
>fuck cave

>second passage

>deeper tunnel

Why am I like this?

Just go with this.
No. 866651 ID: f6785d

A place to fuck? Cool, i wold love to try taht here.

I second this.
No. 866652 ID: 90f3c0

That sounds like a great way to warm up. Ask her to share some of that body heat.
No. 866675 ID: a30024
File 151839691466.png - (156.00KB , 700x500 , 3-37.png )

"A-a-any idea how we're going to get through the scary, darker, longer tunnel? I don’t have a hot bod like yours to keep me warm."

Delilah presses her hands to his chest, pouring her heat into his core. "We'll just have to get you all warmed up first."

She looks down and notices a certain change in Gabe's bloodflow. "Speaking of warmed up…"
No. 866728 ID: b1b4f3

Ask her if she wants to get up to some teen shit.
No. 866732 ID: f6785d

"Oups, well, for the record, it is kind of your fault. You are just to hot!"
No. 866736 ID: 7962a4

"Hot people have that effect on me."
No. 866740 ID: 56e50f

I like this.
"I'm uh, 'up' for teen shit if you are."
No. 866750 ID: 6e30ae

No. 866752 ID: 689e8d

Her tail wagin'
No. 866987 ID: a30024
File 151848245947.png - (145.73KB , 700x500 , 3-38.png )

“Oh, dang! Sorry about that...” Gabe tucks his knees together so its not so apparent.

Delilah laughs and Gabe feels it reverberate through her fingertips. “Its okay. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. Healing magic does that sometimes.”

Gabe smirks, “Right. Its the magic, obviously, we’ll go with that. Clearly not the beautiful woman saving me.”

There’s a hint of a blush under the healers fur, and Gabe feels the heat pouring off of her intensify. “You know, Miki told me all about you guys. I have to admit I was curious about you guys.” Her hand slides lower and she hears no complaints. “Good to see she wasn’t wrong.”

They lean their heads closer, Gabe muses “Well, I know we just met, but how would you feel about some ‘teen shit’?”
No. 866988 ID: a30024
File 151848246595.png - (100.00KB , 700x437 , 3-39.png )

“Yeah, okay.” The healer closes the distance between them and goes for a kiss. The two of them lock together for a while in the dark, eyes closed and sharing each other’s warmth.
No. 866989 ID: a30024
File 151848247045.png - (100.93KB , 700x437 , 3-40.png )

“Mmph!” His mouth still occupied, Gabe’s eyes shoot open as he feels a large and very warm hand slip into his pants and wrap itself around him.
No. 866991 ID: a363ac

give her a hand too.
No. 867000 ID: b1b4f3

I think this is an appropriate time to cop a feel.
No. 867007 ID: 56e50f

Don't just sit there my dude, return the favor. Your hands may be cold, but your host is warm. See where they need to be?
No. 867013 ID: a30024
File 151849191078.png - (116.60KB , 500x700 , 3-41.png )

Gabe sits up and the two of them pull each other close. Their hands roaming across each other's bodies, exhilarating in the thrill of a new lovers touch. Gabe slips a hand between her thighs and every toned muscle in Delilah's body shivers with delight.

She breaks away from the kiss with a gasp. "Ohh fuck. Here, give me a hand." She turns around an lifts her hair up so that Gabe can reach the zipper on her suit. He drags it down her back, admiring the feel of the fabric stretched over her powerful frame.
Delilah squirms in place as she disrobes, her back still facing him and saying nothing.

No. 867014 ID: a30024
File 151849191632.png - (131.87KB , 571x700 , 3-42.png )

She finally tosses the garment aside and turns to face him, exposed for the first time. Excited, yet undeniably self conscious, she licks her lips, "Heh. Never thought I'd be doing this again…"

No. 867019 ID: a363ac

"gorgeous" pet her inner ear while grabbing some bob.
No. 867057 ID: e1c8f7

Now isn't this just exciting? Gets your heart pumping real well, that's for sure. No need to bring down any mood, but do tell her that you're glad to have this experience with her. The cold has got you shivering like it was your first time.
No. 867065 ID: 7ad049

She's gorgeous
No. 867077 ID: f6785d

She truly is gorgeous. Tell her that there is never a time stop loving.
You just have to go and find it, with someone that appreciates you.
No. 867165 ID: a30024
File 151855909671.png - (118.35KB , 564x700 , 3-43.png )

"…I'm not exactly a teen anymore…" She shuffles closer.

Gabe shuffles next to her and his fingers thread between hers, "You're gorgeous, Delilah. You should always be loving and finding people to share that love with."
No. 867166 ID: a30024
File 151855910012.png - (145.27KB , 700x500 , 3-44.png )

She goes in for another kiss, this time pushing him back until she is straddling him. She feels him straining upwards between her legs and rolls her hips hungrily against his. "Excited?" Gabe whispers into her ear as he slips his pants down. She nods in response, "Yeah…"
No. 867167 ID: a30024
File 151855910489.png - (131.70KB , 700x500 , 3-45.png )

Gabe adjusts slightly, holding himself steady as she sinks down on top of him. That first, electric touch from pushing inside shoots through them, leaving them both slack-jawed and breathless. They both look down at where they join with wordless ecstasy as warmth courses through their bodies. They gently grind and shift, not yet ready to draw away, simply enjoying the feel of fullness within one another.
No. 867169 ID: d887c0

Fondle that firm doggy butt.
No. 867173 ID: 3999eb

Give the underside of her jaw some nice, tender licks.
No. 867176 ID: a363ac

kiss/lick neck.
No. 867179 ID: d7427d


Both of these combined would be perfect.
No. 867183 ID: f6785d

Strike the neck~
No. 867232 ID: 56e50f

Love on her chest if you can't get to the neck comfortably. She's fit enough to control her pace without tiring quickly.
No. 867233 ID: a30024
File 151857349935.png - (164.78KB , 674x700 , 3-46.png )

Delilah raises her hips and starts to slowly ride him, delighting as his shaft stretches her followed by the aching withdraw. She does her best to control her weight on top of him, setting a careful rhythm. Gabe grabs her hips and helps guide her, giving her a little squeeze as he does and finding very little give to the toned butt. "That’s it. Yeah…"

No. 867234 ID: a30024
File 151857350425.png - (131.48KB , 500x700 , 3-47.png )

She's so warm inside, Gabe wonders how long he would last if he hadn't cum earlier. Needing to help her along, he pulls her close so that he can kiss and lick at her neck. "You're beautiful, so amazing…" He whispers to her. She moans a wordless reply and the gentle slap of their bodies colliding speeds up.
No. 867236 ID: d887c0

Nibble on the good doggy's ear~
No. 867250 ID: 56e50f

Nibble that year if you can reach it. Don't stop squeezing either.
No. 867251 ID: ed67d9

Let her know that she's a good girl.

Ask her if she would like to get a bit more adventurous, or if this currently is perfect.
No. 867255 ID: a363ac

No. 867285 ID: a30024
File 151858296328.png - (137.49KB , 700x500 , 3-48.png )

"Mmm, do you want to try switching it up?" Gabe asks.

"Oh shoot, I wasn't squishing you was I?" Delilah pauses, mid hump.

"No, you're fine, just curious if there's anything you'd like."

She hesitates, "From behind? Is that okay?"

Gabe nods and Delilah lifts herself so that he can get up. There's that brief moment of hungry separation before he positions himself behind her. He slips inside and starts to thrust, "Like that?"

"Yeah, oh fuck yeah. Faster!" She pants.

No. 867286 ID: a30024
File 151858296710.png - (150.38KB , 700x500 , 3-49.png )

Gabe grabs her hips and starts to really pound his way in, the enthusiastic slaps echoing inside the tiny cave. "You like that?"

"MMMMm hmmmm." Delilah whines. "Ah, Gabe, fuck me!"

"Yeah, that’s a good girl." He leans over her as his cock slams inside her again and again. "Are you a good girl?"

Her arms buckle and she falls forward, moaning, "I'm a-a good girl. Fuck me! Fuck that good girl!" She practically barks. Gabe can feel her shuddering as her climax approaches; her excitement edging him closer too.

No. 867289 ID: 9215e1

Maybe rub her belly a little before she finishes.
No. 867290 ID: a363ac

No. 867294 ID: 56e50f

Dog: Pet
Bone: Given
Nut: Primed

Give the good girl her treat.
No. 867297 ID: 87f492

Ghost ride the whip.
No. 867314 ID: ed67d9

Bellyscritches until her leg starts to kick - that's gonna make for one intense orgasm!
No. 867429 ID: 7ad049


Fill her up balls deep <3
No. 867645 ID: a30024
File 151866552846.png - (141.58KB , 545x700 , 3-50.png )

“Yeaaah, that’s a good girl! You get a treat...” Gabe’s fingers dive between her legs and rub furiously. The effect is immediate: Delilah bucks wildly, shrieking with pleasure as the digit works her clit in a blur. Her mind blanks out, and as that bliss courses through her she senselessly repeats “Good girl, goood giiirl, good giiirl....” in between panting breaths.

No. 867646 ID: a30024
File 151866553390.png - (154.56KB , 637x700 , 3-51.png )

“Oh fuck, I-I’m gonna cum! Del, where?” Gabe manages, as he feels his cock get very warm and very wet indeed, sending the telltale tingle of impending orgasm up his spine.

She barks back at him, “Give it to me! Fill your good girl!” Delilah feels him swelling inside her and it feels gooooood.

Gabe feels her clench up around him and manages a last few thrusts before burying his cock in her and cascading into an orgasm. He clamps himself against Delilah, still fingering her, and wishes he had more to give; having already felt spent from the morning’s activities.
Even after emptying himself completely, he feels his cock throbbing and twitching inside her: desperate to give her everything.

No. 867647 ID: a30024
File 151866553636.png - (0B , 700x317 )

As that all too brief moment of shared ecstasy fades, Gabe drapes across Delilah’s back, running his palms across her body: each touch eliciting little delightful orgasmic aftershocks. For a while they lay there, feeling each other rise and fall as they breath, unable to say a word. Eventually he slips free of her, letting a dribble of commingled fluids trail down to the cave floor.

Delilah turns her head and sighs, "Hey Gabe…


"Thanks, that was really fun…"

No. 867650 ID: a363ac

hey think that was enough noise to wake that old Undine up?
No. 867653 ID: d887c0

Feeling warmed up now, Gabe?
No. 867701 ID: f6785d

My pleasure. Let's rest for a bit.
No. 867703 ID: e1c8f7

"Thank you, Del."
Lie next to her. Your chest is probably a comfier spot for her head than the floor.
No. 867839 ID: a30024
File 151874070142.png - (71.74KB , 456x600 , 3-53.png )

“Thank you, Delilah. We should do that again. You wanna, maybe, get dinner sometime?” Gabe flops down next to her.

“Oh!” Her hand gropes in the dark and finds his, “Would your partners be okay with that?”

“Yeah, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be. As long as its okay with you.”

“Yeah, sure.” She chuckles, “Huh, I never imagined a spirit guide dating someone...”

“Well, believe it or not, most of them aren’t as...”


“Yeah promiscuous as us. But, you know, we all dedicate ourselves to trying to… like, be empathetic and caring to everyone. That just manifests in different ways, I guess. I mean, it doesn’t mean we have sex with just anyone. But we're supposed to be able to connect with them and accept them.”

“Mmm, cool. Its kind of like that with healers. Part of learning healing magic is about putting others before yourself. Learning to perform a laying of hands on someone dying and extend your life energy to buy them just a few moments. Learning to make that connection even if someone is gravely wounded, or ill and knowing that you might fail... its not an easy task.”

Gabe squeezes her hand in his and they lay curled together in the dark for a moment.

“Okay, I’m starting to get cold again, we better do this.”
No. 867840 ID: a30024
File 151874070643.png - (160.58KB , 500x700 , 3-54.png )

Delilah nods and as they get dressed she explains, “So the second tunnel is about 5 meters long before we can surface. I’m counting on you to illuminate it.”

Gabe gives her a thumbs up, and makes a few passes with his hands; a moment later a red glow spreads through the water.

“Cool,” Delilah grins, “Considering how rough the first tunnel was on you, I think it might be best if you hang onto me. If we run into trouble, make a gate and we’ll bail. Okay?”

“Sounds good.”

She starts taking deep breaths again, “Okay, I’m going to go in once you’re ready. You come in right after me, okay?”
No. 867844 ID: 56e50f

Match her breathing. She's a professional. Asking for pointers wouldn't hurt either.
No. 867846 ID: a363ac

Gabe be sure to hold that belly tight
No. 867850 ID: d887c0

Roger dodger!
No. 867891 ID: a30024
File 151875220221.png - (187.24KB , 500x700 , 3-55.png )

Gabe follows her example, sucking in air and swelling his skinny chest until he feels slightly dizzy. “Okay, I think I’m good. Lets do this.”
Delilah dives in headfirst, arms extended. A moment later, Gabe follows in a cascade of bubbles. Feeling the cold bite at him, he kicks furiously to catch up with her and grabs her hips.

Delilah dives into the glowing tunnel with Gabe wrapped around her as though he were weightless. Thanks to the illumination, she threads her way through the crevasse easily: pushing off of dangerous rocks and ducking through low overhangs. Gabe hangs on for dear life, his heart pounding in his ears as the crimson tunnel rushes past in a blur. He feels air forcing itself out of him and just as he starts to panic, he sees Delilah break the surface ahead of him.
No. 867892 ID: a30024
File 151875220809.png - (138.90KB , 500x700 , 3-56.png )

He kicks his way up to join her, emerging in a dark space that feels… vast. Somewhere in the shadows, something moves.
No. 867894 ID: b1b4f3

Introduce yourself to the old fish, and ask how he's been. Any restless dreams? Know of any other water elementals in the area?
No. 867896 ID: f6785d

Yeah, you know your thing and she knows hers. Ask for tips.
No. 867902 ID: a363ac

No. 867919 ID: 56e50f

Introduce yourself. Be sure to bow once you get out of the water. Respect and such.
No. 867938 ID: a81b0d

Just follow Delilah's lead now. She's met this being before.
No. 867943 ID: 91ee5f

Accidentally wake him up by sneezing really loudly.
No. 867944 ID: f6785d

Let's not assume anything. Quietly ask her if she knows what this is. If not... well i guess, politely introduce yourself?
No. 867948 ID: ff0402

No. 868016 ID: 965ac1

Nice cave.
No. 868255 ID: a30024
File 151890866064.png - (141.05KB , 500x700 , 3-57.png )

Gabe and Delilah paddle to the edge of the pool and clamber out. The air here is cold and damp; condensing on the stalactites and dripping ice cold surprises onto unsuspecting spines.

Gabe whispers "So how do we do this?"

"What? You're the Spirit Guide, I thought you knew!" comes a hushed response.

"I thought you'd met him!"

"No I never woke him up! I don’t think anyone even knows his name anymore…"

There's a slight shifting to the coiled elemental and Gabe swears, "Lichfire! Okay we'll wing it." Gabe saunters ahead and stands before the behemoth. He looks back at Delilah for a second, checking if she has any clue. She shrugs. He clears his throat, "Um, hi. Er… Hello!" There's the whispered slither of something large paying attention. "Um, I am Gabriel Wikk, Spirit Guide and Sender of the 5th order. May I present Delilah…"

"Oh, Magallon!" Delilah bows.

"-Healer and guardian of your spring. Er… we come to you in… the spirit of… inquiry?"

The two visitors stand in the dark and wait for something to happen: uncertain but unwilling to risk offending the ancient.

With a slowness that could grind eternity to dust, the creature's massive head raises from its nest. It blinks back myopic cave sight and turns to inspect them. Its voice as steady and patient as a river carving mountains in half, the water elemental declares, "What is this? Such small things. Another dream?"
No. 868257 ID: a363ac

yes we tiny people have come to you in hopes that you would know what mischievous spirit is feeling up people down river.
No. 868259 ID: 499d93

Uh no, you are not dreaming, we’re sorry for waking you but we’ve come in hopes that you would have information regarding some strange events nearby. We just want to ask some questions if that’s okay with you.
No. 868274 ID: 266349

"No dream, great one. Please forgive our intrusion, but we seek your wise counsel."
No. 868290 ID: 094652

"There is a spirit in the waters, poking and prodding and annoying everything they can find. Just help us apprehend them so we can all go back to sleep."
No. 868329 ID: f6785d

No. 868339 ID: e1c8f7

Let's keep formalities until we're in the clear of familiarity.
No. 868378 ID: a30024
File 151897979955.png - (110.96KB , 580x700 , 3-58.png )

"Uh, apologies great one, but this is no dream. We are sorry for waking you, but we have questions about… events nearby." Gabe continues. "Uh… people in your waters have spoken of strange forces or mischievous spirits harassing them."

A long pause follows as the creature's glacial thought process engages. The giant elemental's head back sinks down onto its coiled body. "Mmm, what a tedious dream. The last one was more interesting. "
No. 868380 ID: a363ac

ask if he would mind being petted/groomed.
No. 868381 ID: 3abd97

Offer to make it more interesting?
No. 868383 ID: a9488e

No. 868385 ID: 0d45a9

Ask them about the interesting dream.
No. 868386 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what his last dream was about.
No. 868403 ID: 56e50f

Tell him that it's no dream, and offer him today's date. Ask what the last dream was about.
No. 868413 ID: f6785d

This is going to be fun, i can tell. What would make this dream more entertaining, great old one?
No. 868469 ID: a30024
File 151900651023.png - (106.21KB , 555x600 , 3-59.png )

"What happened in this dream you speak of, er… oh great spirit?"

Heavy lids droop over the behemoth's eyes and it murmurs sleepily, "In this dream, a creature spoke unto me, demanding to be my consort. Small, so small; though not as small as you." It chuckles to itself, " It is to laugh: such fragile things making demands of me." A giant toothless maw smacks its lips sleepily.

Delilah steps forward and raises her voice, "If I may, um, sir: what was this creature?"

"Mmm? Hmm… If I remember correctly…"
No. 868470 ID: a30024
File 151900651475.png - (99.74KB , 524x700 , 3-60.png )

"…it was a horse…"
No. 868472 ID: a363ac

touch that cute butt.
No. 868485 ID: d4420c

No. 868510 ID: f6785d

That Kelpie is a pervert.
No. 868519 ID: b1b4f3

Hah, looks like the other two team members are gonna grab themselves a pervert.
No. 868523 ID: a30024
File 151901742511.png - (80.26KB , 428x600 , 3-61.png )

"A horse?" Gabe's mind races and a realization comes to him, "We have to go!" The boom of a spirit gate opening echoes through the cave. The giant cave dweller squints at the light grumpily. "Apologies for disturbing you, sir!"

"What? Why?" Delilah steps towards the gate," What is it?"

Gabe takes her hand and they step through, shielding their eyes against the brilliant glare.
No. 868524 ID: a30024
File 151901743821.png - (138.41KB , 565x700 , 3-62.png )

Together, they race into the bathhouse, searching through twisted tile corridors for signs of the other guides. "I know what it is!" They slide to a halt outside a steaming doorway and step inside…

They're brought up short by Casey, who waves them silent, "No sudden movements…"
No. 868525 ID: a30024
File 151901744306.png - (142.92KB , 500x700 , 3-63.png )

"It’s a Kelpie…"

From the corner comes a voice. If the bottom of a well had a voice it might sound like this: low, wet and dark. It utters one word: "Miiine…"
No. 868526 ID: a363ac

can we share?
No. 868529 ID: b1b4f3

Welp, maybe you can negotiate with it. Apparently Kelpies can be captured with some form of "tack" with a holy symbol on it, but I doubt there's anything like that around.
No. 868533 ID: f6785d

Wait, where is Casey?!
No. 868545 ID: e1c8f7

You're going to want to appear as non-threatening as possible. Take a cautious step in and see how they react. If they let you, you can see about taking a seat at the edge of the pool. All you need to ask is one simple question, "Why him?"
No. 868555 ID: d4420c

This is very, very bad.
The gang's been trained, right? They went to school for this stuff. There must have been courses on fairy creatures. What can they remember? Is there any protocol for dealing with the Fair Folk?
Outside of "Don't deal with the Fair Folk."
No. 868763 ID: 40e6bf

Whatever anyone does, nobody antagonize the dangerous fairy. What do we know about them? What's their typical behavior? Do they have any weaknesses?
No. 868780 ID: 600f38

"Cold Iron".
People commonly make the mistake of thinking that means that cold iron has some sort of properties that are inherently harmful to fae, but that's actually a misconception. "Cold Iron" is a euphemism that's basically equivalent to "Hot lead".
They're extremely powerful, and their weakness is that they die if you can manage to kill them.

HOWEVER! They do tend to be easily distracted by shiny objects. You could trade your friends for bag of cut glass beads.
No. 869065 ID: a30024
File 151918101731.png - (125.02KB , 500x700 , 3-64.png )

“Okay, lets everyone stay calm.” Kol says from his perch between the kelpie’s thighs. “Let’s see what she wants before we do anything rash...” She starts to nuzzle her wet mane against him, “See? She’s not going to hurt me...”

“Yeah, but we just met with the elemental: he said she was looking for a consort...” Delilah moves towards the pool, keeping her voice low.

The kelpie scoffs, it sounds like disdainful gargling. ”Him too sleepy. Big sleep. Useless big head full of dreams him. Need this one. Watch this one give strong love to pretty lady. This one is mine for me.”
No. 869069 ID: a30024
File 151918139868.png - (76.89KB , 500x700 , 3-65.png )

Casey folds her arms, "Hold on. We know the laws of the Fae: nothing can be taken that isn't given freely."

A sour look crosses the kelpie's face. She clutches Kol tighter, but shifts uncomfortably. "No faiiiiir." She whines. "No leave. Unless him for me. We stay."

"How did she even get in here?" Delilah asks, "I thought the Fair folk couldn't enter a place without permission."

"Him send me. Big sleepyhead." She giggles wetly and booms out a passable imitation of the giant elemental, "Go wherever my waters may take you, but pester me not again, little dream."
No. 869070 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Seems like we need to make a deal. It's obvious what she wants, so ask her how much sex she would need to leave this place and not return until the owner specifically gives her permission to.
No. 869078 ID: f6785d

No, that is to simple. I don't think this is about just sex. The Fair folk allways wants more. They are greedy. Always looking for a way to get more than they pact when they make a deal. They try to make certan rules that people obviuslly shouldn't break, but are so tempting that they try to get it anyway and then they lose everything, specially their freedom or their soul. At least that is how it works where i come from. The Fair folk are all dangerous if you don't know how to deal with them. But they all have a trick, we just need to know what is it.
No. 869081 ID: a363ac

thats fine we can stay for a while. would you mind if I sit in your lap with him?
No. 869084 ID: bb78f2

Like just having Kol leave it's arms and not engage with it. Kol didn't consent to being in its arms or made any deals with it... so he should just be able to... leave its grasp.

If we ignore the problem, does it go away when its bored? We just tell there's nothing here for it.

Go away Fey, you're not wanted here.

We could also smack it with a bible... or give it a Kol body pillow.
No. 869085 ID: 4b1927

We had to go pester the spirit because the kelpie was causing trouble for the baths.
Technically, it pestered the spirit by proxy.
Just saying.
No. 869112 ID: fb45d4

alright kelpie, you seem well meaning enough but you really do have to ask first for these things, both in this situation and with the other people who go to the bathhouse. just because people are here doesn't mean you can touch em, let alone claim em
No. 869118 ID: 4e4ab9

Kol reach down and start rubbing.
Could we give her her own private bath and advertise it as a sensual private bath?
No. 869175 ID: 6d811c

Hold on. She's been peeping on multiple people. Why is it Kol she wants?
No. 869238 ID: e1c8f7

"The point stands you can't have him. Although.. have you considered learning how to use those big hands of yours for a massage?"
No. 869365 ID: a30024
File 151926744699.png - (117.38KB , 700x428 , 3-66.png )

“Sorry, no deal. You didn’t ask first. That’s the rule remember?” Casey extends her hand. “Come on Kol, lets go.” The medium stands up without issue and sloshes over to her. The kelpie reaches for him weakly and pouts, making a little mewling noise.

”Then me stay. And stay and stay. Until one for me is yes.” she folds her arms.

Delilah looks to the guides, “I can’t have her here harassing the guests. Nobody is going to want to come here.”

Gabe shrugs, “Well to be fair, one type of person will come here. But I don’t think that’s the kind if bathhouse you’re looking to run.” Delilah groans and shakes her head.
No. 869366 ID: a30024
File 151926745093.png - (77.35KB , 390x600 , 3-67.png )

The fair creature scratches under her chin, her dark eyes squinted in contemplation. Then her face brightens with a smile. ”A game then! The seeking game. You to find, me to hide. In this place I go, you hunt for one hour.“

Casey narrows her eyes at the fey, “What happens then?”

The creature beams, ”Once hunt over, I go. I find another place. But! If no catch for you, then he for me. For one night. You win. You lose. I go. Is fair.”

“Let me get this straight,” Casey repeats, knowing that a fey must never be allowed to set the terms of an agreement in their own words, “You will hide here, in this bathhouse, and give us one hour to find you.” The creature nods. “If we don’t catch you, Kol has to spend one night with you.” Another nod. “But either way, after the hunt, you agree to leave?” The kelpie’s massive hands clap together, once ”Yes! An agreement yes?”

Everyone looks to Kol, looking for his decision.
The mouse thinks. As a medium, his body is merely a vessel for his spirit. Putting it in danger is something he’s prepared to do any time he uses his magic. But he needs to be sure of the conditions before doing so. He tries to think of any terms to set before agreeing.
No. 869370 ID: be0b68

How about:
-You must choose a place that reasonably can be found by us, (assuming water power bullshittery) no sitting in a narrow pipe u-bend or anything like that.

-Once you choose a hiding spot, you stay there. No sneaking around to places we've already checked.
No. 869377 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what will happen during that night you spend with her, if you lose. Will any harm come to you or your soul?
If she hides, she can't be invisible or hide in the pipes. It must be possible for her to be found.
No. 869383 ID: 10c408

No overly metaphysical shenanigans, like hiding in our shadow or turning into seawater.
No. 869397 ID: f6785d

God damn it. This is exactly what i was talking about. Can't think of any tricks for this one. We are going to have to be really exhaustive to find any possible cheat in her game. Where would she go if she loses?
No. 869415 ID: a30024
File 151927724282.png - (72.89KB , 499x600 , 3-68.png )

"You'd have to agree to stay tangible. And visible. No turning into air or water." Kol scratches behind an ear. "And no hiding in the pipes, or walls. You have to hide in a room somewhere."

"Mmm, yes good, good."

"And you have to stay put once you're hidden, no running around."

She wags a finger at this, clicking her tongue in dissappointment, "Not very fun. Catching fun. What fun is catch if no run?"

"What happens to me if we lose? Where would we go?"

"The Feywild. One night. Just us to have fun. Yes?"

"One night. One mortal night. None of this 'one day passes but to me it’s a million lifetimes' bullshit."

She rolls her eyes, visible as little slivers of white around her dark sclera. Fiiine. Yes. A mortal night." She smiles again, "We agree, yes?"
No. 869418 ID: bb78f2

It will be acceptable if you also take mortal form of Kol's, Casey's, or Gabe's size and shape and use powers to the extents of a guides own abilities, no fey abilities will be allowed, in fact, you will not KNOW you're a fey at all. You will just think you're a person JUST like us playing a game for a bet to get laid by a dude you're crushing on, and yes we mean crushing as in the slang term crush, as in attracted to him and really want to have sex with him.

Not only that, but if you do still win, you will think Kol is the fey, and that you're the escort that he won in the bet for that entire night.

Ideally, that will limit her intelligence to avoid her probably rules lawyering a loophole into winning or keeping Kol forever... even with the mortal night rule currently in place. If she thinks she's a mortal, then she can't pull fey bullshit. She will even be incentivised that way to want to have the night stop, eventually.
No. 869424 ID: 91ee5f

Hmmm, what if she’s a sore loser and tries to take Kol anyways? Could we make this a situation of whoever wins gets to take the loser to their house for one mortal night?

That way, if we win, she comes to our house for one mortal night and Gabe, Kol, and Casey get to have some fun with her. And if she wins, Kol goes to her house for one mortal night.

If she’s allowed to be with Kol either way, then she might be less likely to try and find loopholes to cheat.

.....maybe that’s not such a good idea?
No. 869426 ID: b1b4f3

Cmon man there's only so far we can limit her until it's not much of a game anymore.

Hmm, my guess is she'll use camouflage. She'll be visible but hard to spot even in the open. Still sounds fair.
No. 869442 ID: a363ac

ok that sounds pretty fair. however if we find you can still run and we get to catch you just for fun~ but not part of the deal ok?
No. 869448 ID: b6c7da

Why are we doing this again? If we win she leaves, if we lose she leaves after having a fling with Kol, she's already agreed to leave regardless of the games outcome so why don't Kol and Gabe just double team her now and get this whole mess over with? Hell get some strap-ons and the girls can join in too.

I we win we're in charge for the night, if she wins she's in charge of the three of us for the night?
No. 869472 ID: 8a204b

I'm confused.

She said she wanted one night of fun with Kol as the "prize" for winning the game.

Why not just skip the game and offer her one mortal night of fun with all of you as a tit-for-tat for leaving the bathhouse alone in the future?
No. 869475 ID: 10c408

Because the Fey don't hesitate when it comes to screwing over mortals in poorly worded agreements.
No. 869487 ID: f6785d

I Knew she had something up on her sleeve. You can't be to cautious with Fair folk.

Exactly. They play dirty, so don't easy on them.
No. 869523 ID: a30024
File 151934304912.png - (144.70KB , 500x700 , 3-69.png )

Kol sighs, “I think that’s as fair as we’re going to get. Okay, I’m in.”

The creature wiggles with glee, her long tail sending an omnidirectional spray of water across the room. ”Yes! Yes good! Ready?”

The assembled guides nod.
No. 869524 ID: a30024
File 151934305437.png - (116.63KB , 428x600 , 3-70.png )

In a flash, the kelpie dives headfirst into a small, decorative fountain set in the wall. She writhes against the impossibly small opening and disappears inside with a flick of her tail. There's a scrabbling sound from deep within the wall.

“Hay! I thought we said no pipes!” Gabe shouts after her.

A gurgling laugh emerges from the opening, Silly. This for no hiding. This for running! A head start for me!

“Well, at least we know how she’s been getting around...” Gabe mutters.

“Shit,” Delilah moans, “Those things go everywhere. How are we going to keep up with her?”
No. 869525 ID: a363ac

we look around. she isn't hiding in them and make sure to look in dark corners of ceiling. we find her we win we play a bit thats it.
No. 869526 ID: e1c8f7

We split up of course! Everyone take a section of where that pipe connects too.
No. 869527 ID: a363ac

go around loudly masturbating to draw her out.
No. 869528 ID: 8220b8

Give the kelpie some time to settle in.

Then engage in some faerie games of your own. Draw her out with copious amounts of foreplay and teasing and showing off.

If this kelpie is so impulsive and so lust-filled, enticing her out of hiding will be your best course of action.

Get her to want to join in your own sort of 'game'. Preferably while showing off as much of yourself as possible.
No. 869542 ID: 91ee5f

We never made a rule that said that we can’t block these openings. Start blocking them to cut off ways for her to run away when we find her!

We also never made a rule that said that we can’t mess with the water’s temperature. If we turn the temperature down to freezing cold, that could make her sluggish and easier to catch!
No. 869543 ID: b1b4f3

She has to pick a room to hide in, so we split up and find that room.
No. 869548 ID: f6785d

These sound good.
No. 869549 ID: 90f3c0

Keep up with? That's not how you play hide and seek.

It's only fair that we stick to the established rules of the game. Count to 100, the split up and search every room.
No. 869568 ID: 05ff2f

Everyone get out of the water and huddle up to work out the plan in a whisper. Out of the water 'cause the kelpie may hear if we're standing in it.

Closing all the water valves would seem like a good idea. Limit the kelpie's ability to move through the pipes, forcing her to come out to open them if she wants to keep moving through the pipes. That's assuming she can't from the inside, though. Each of the baths I assume has a valve to shut them off right? Also make sure the all the drain valves are closed so she can't hide in the drain lines. ...Wait, would removing all the water hinder her? If so, close the main water valve and open all the drains and the interior valves to dump all the water out, then close things up.

Alternate plan would be to make the water in the pipes totally unpleasant or even hazardous for her. Does the bath house have any cleaning chemical concentrates to clean the baths? Bleach or even just liquid soap? I'm thinking you dump some of that in the water intake and run it through the water lines 'till it's coming out of every tap, then close 'em all up and the water main too. See how she likes the taste of soap or bleach.

Closing each door and window in the building would also make sense. If she opens them she may make noise. She also leaves a trail of water wherever she goes, right? That will make it easy to follow her if we dry the floors out and not spread water around ourselves. Drain the baths out as well so they can be splashed around on the floors or leave the kelpie any water to work with.

How long can Casey's spirit binding tentacles reach if stretched out real thin? Can she snake 'em down a pipe to wrap around the kelpie? Maybe even just touching her would be enough to win. ...Wait, we never did define what being caught entails, did we? Would Casey's magic be considered a extension of herself? Is a touch good enough or does there have to be a grip on the kelpie? Better call out to the kelpie to work out what constitutes being caught.
No. 869594 ID: 2d1231


How much water pressure can those things handle? I mean, we COULD always play her at her own game. Especially if she's not allowed to use her magics or abilities as a fey.

It's all in good fun.
No. 869728 ID: a30024
File 151942827572.png - (185.96KB , 700x500 , 3-71.png )

"Gabe, can you put a ward on the plumbing system?" Casey asks.

"Shit, the whole thing? For an hour?" He shrugs, "No way. That would drain my mana in couple of minutes."

Delilah snaps her fingers, "Maybe we don't need to. Gabe, follow me! You guys start looking!"

Gabe follows her to a stairwell tucked out of the way. Delilah pushes her way through an "employees only" door and into a dark, steamy chamber. As he follows her down the stairs, he sees what she's doing: turning off the water. She cranks a reluctant valve with a squeal and half turns back to him, "If we close all of these, it should be harder for her to get around! Give me a hand!"
No. 869729 ID: a30024
File 151942827986.png - (157.38KB , 700x500 , 3-72.png )

As they work to shut off the water, Casey and Kol split up in search of the kelpie. Wrapped in a towel, Casey steps into one of the larger pool rooms.
No. 869730 ID: a363ac

look up at that nice kelpie hiding in the alcove above you.
No. 869737 ID: 56e50f

Run through your mental checklist of abilities fae can use to hide. Cross out abilities that were explicitly stated she can't use. Check that mural above your head, but see if you can get a ladder to check that opening in the ceiling above you.
No. 869746 ID: f6785d

Nice, Delilah! Strong, pretty AND smart!
Can you guys sence magic?
Could you trace a magic user if they don't use their magic? You never said that you couldn't use your magic.
Use what you can in your advantage.
No. 869752 ID: e54266

That carving above the doorway looks awfully familiar.
No. 869757 ID: a30024
File 151944235731.png - (80.26KB , 453x600 , 3-73.png )

Casey walks around the edge of the pool, carefully poking and inspecting every suspicious object. She peers into the channel of running water hopefully and watches as the flow dribbles to a stop. Without the constant babble of running water, the room is silent, eerie, motionless.
No. 869758 ID: a30024
File 151944236047.png - (150.87KB , 500x700 , 3-74.png )

The binder’s feet plap, plap against the tile, planting herself. Suddenly she turns, her binding spell uncoiling like a whip. Casey snaps it at the mosaic over the pool and the hidden kelpie explodes out of hiding. It giggles as it dances out of her reach.
”Too easy! Easy!”

Casey sends her other spell at it, and the creature retreats in a flash, making for the door. Casey gives chase, her feet slipping on the wet tile. She winds up to unleash her spells again, but the kelpie slips out the door with a last swish of its tail.
No. 869759 ID: a30024
File 151944236433.png - (81.85KB , 500x700 , 3-75.png )

Gabe and Delilah come back upstairs at the sound of a commotion, finding a set of wet footprints stamped across the carpet.
"Awww, come on! She's making a mess!" Delilah's palm slaps across her forehead.
No. 869760 ID: a30024
File 151944236808.png - (237.20KB , 800x571 , 3-76.png )

Following the trail, they find themselves in a conservatory. Its walls hanging with ferns and orchids, the air is heavy with heat and moisture. They cast their eyes around for movement among the foliage.
No. 869761 ID: c31aac

Follow the water trail to find your slippery green prize
No. 869763 ID: 136183

Remind her that she broke your agreement when she ran and now she's forfeited the chance to spend a night with him.
No. 869765 ID: b1b4f3

I think when we brought that up she disapproved and didn't agree to it, so it's not part of the deal.

Don't forget to look up! The pipe(?) up there has hanging "hair" on it. Hmm, that potted plant over there looks a bit too wilted, too.
No. 869770 ID: f6785d

We have to think of a way to catch her. She is wet and slippery. Do we have something to dry her up, or something dry to grab a hold of her?
No. 869774 ID: 10c408

Investigate the second planter box, the trail ends there. do NOT take your eyes off of the doorway though.
No. 869781 ID: bb78f2

... You know she can't resist groping Kol very much.

I say we cheat a little, have Kol do a little strip number than BAM! Caught her. I mean we technically HAVE to find her first but she can't KNOW we know where she is or she'll run.
No. 869782 ID: a363ac

that pipe is more tail and hair then pipe.
No. 869820 ID: a30024
File 151948893959.png - (165.87KB , 614x700 , 3-77.png )

Gabe and Delilah sneak forward on careful toe tips, tracing the trail of water. They come to the edge of the planter and Delilah looks down, "Gabe…" she hushes. She silently mouths "Horse tail fern" while pointing at a collection of straight stemmed plants.
No. 869828 ID: a363ac

place a portal by the door that will lead her right into your arms gabe
No. 869837 ID: 2d1231


Could be mean, actually. If you'd be able to maintain it, place a portal on the door, and another at the far end of the conservatory, thus trapping her inside. Then it's a big dogpile with the horse-noodle.
No. 869838 ID: 555f33

Good plan. If there's another exit maybe Delilah can block that one.
No. 869839 ID: f6785d

It sounds solid to me. Let's do it.
No. 869843 ID: 91ee5f

There wasn’t a rule against using wards to keep her trapped inside of it, so if a ward could trap her, we can do that.

Otherwise, do this: >>869828 , and have Casey ready to do something if that fails.

.....and where is Kol?
No. 869922 ID: a30024
File 151952933395.png - (134.00KB , 700x490 , 3-78.png )

Gabe puts a portal in front of the door, and with a bit of concentration, makes it loop back on itself. "Uh, never tried this before. Feels weird…"

"Don't worry, just get ready…" Delilah crouches, "One…two…"
No. 869923 ID: a30024
File 151952937166.png - (141.84KB , 500x700 , 3-79.png )

A giggle from behind them interrupts her train of thought. They turn to look but are swept off their feet by a heavy tail, bowling them into a clump of ficus trees. The portal disappears as Gabe loses focus and, as they untangle themselves, they hear a voice calling back "Yes! Yes! More fun for me!"
No. 869924 ID: a30024
File 151952938558.png - (111.19KB , 500x700 , 3-80.png )

Kol looks up from searching the changing room, hearing someone behind him.
No. 869928 ID: b1b4f3

...horse hoof flowers? Okay whatever.

Fur marking on her mouth is missing, that's the Kelpie. Say hello. Ask what that expression is for, does she know how to catch the Kelpie? If she makes an effort to be lewd or suggests sex then make some initial protests because cmon you need to win this game. Eventually I guess cave in but grab her when her guard is lowered.
No. 869933 ID: 67456a

If Casey suggests smut here, play along. Suggest doing something that "she totally loves", except it's something she actually hates. 

If she agrees, grab her arm and declare the game over. 

If she gets ticked off or asks what you're smoking, reveal your plan then say no. Sure, you're coming back, but spending too long in another dimension can't be good for your mental health. 

Or spiritual health, for that matter.
No. 869934 ID: a363ac

No. 869937 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm I bet it would be most effective to get her restrained by making it part of "foreplay".
No. 869953 ID: f6785d

Shapeshifting? Clever girl. Try to trick her.
No. 869959 ID: de6d84

Solid plan
No. 869973 ID: e1c8f7

Ask her if she's had any luck.
No. 870081 ID: a30024
File 151960027896.png - (124.21KB , 464x700 , 3-81.png )

"Hey, Case. Any luck?" Kol asks as he spots her.

She shrugs, "She's just toying with us. We'll never catch her just playing her game."

"What're you thinking?"

"I'm thinking we lure her out. The same way we did earlier…"

"Oh yeah? Is that what you're smiling about?"

"Maybe… Are you game?" Casey comes closer, her towel dropping away with a tilt of her hips.
No. 870084 ID: a363ac

same plan as before with trying to see if this is a disguised Kelpie.
but lets start the fuck.
No. 870086 ID: f6785d

Well, it is a win-win situation. Let's get wet.
No. 870087 ID: b1b4f3

Oh the missing marking around her mouth was an art error(since it's fixed now), and she's got the arm tattoo too.

Okay so this may actually be a good plan, but you can't just grab the Kelpie mid-coitus can you? Gonna need to either bank on her trying to get in on the action, or have the others waiting to ambush her.
No. 870113 ID: 67456a

Again, you can't be sure this is really her. Suggest something she totally hates, but lie about how she loves it.  

If she agrees, you've got a kelpie.  

If not, it's her. The Kelpie seems to have some pretty terrible self-control, so if you roll the Dicking Dice here you've got good odds. Leave it to your judgement, really.
No. 870149 ID: e1c8f7

Better safe than sorry.
No. 870167 ID: a30024
File 151961839091.png - (85.36KB , 495x600 , 3-82.png )

"Sounds like a plan." Kol lets his towel fall away and Casey presses herself close, her fingers wrapping around him. "How do I know you're not that pesky kelpie trying to seduce me?"
No. 870169 ID: a30024
File 151961839311.png - (102.86KB , 529x700 , 3-83.png )

"Good question," she admits as she drops to her knees, "I guess you'll just have to catch me then." Casey winks and any further questions are cut short as she takes him into her mouth.
No. 870170 ID: a363ac

"I guess so huh" rub her ears and give her a nice head massage while Kelpie/Casey is working no need to be rude.
No. 870171 ID: ed67d9

Deeeeeeeefinitely the kelpie - she didn't copy the arm tattoo correctly!

So, give her a big hug and say you caught her. And then have lewd fun! Everyone wins.
No. 870172 ID: e1c8f7

Enjoy this. Feel her head, and play with her ears. that tongue feel any different?
No. 870176 ID: 7c21bb

I mean, maybe look for any signs of shapeshifting. They had to have taught a course or two in... uh... Spirit Guide University??? 

Also, get REAL loud. Let 'em know you're enjoying it. You want everyone to hear you, including that Kelpie. Just ham it up.
No. 870186 ID: 91ee5f

>give her a big hug and say you caught her
No. 870266 ID: 18b08e

Hang on, did we ever actually define what counts as catching?
No. 870288 ID: 555f33

Looks like the kelpie got one over on them. Other than submitting, could be the only way to catch her is with an airtight trap.
No. 870300 ID: 18b08e

Her eyes are huge, and was her muzzle always that square?
No. 870377 ID: a30024
File 151969350998.png - (83.08KB , 700x461 , 3-84.png )

Casey bobs her head on Kol’s shaft and he puts his hand on her head encouragingly. “Mmm, thats good.” She gives him another wink and her head dips lower. Kol feels himself slip down her throat and lurches with surprise, “Woah, that's new. You been practicing?” She hilts him inside her mouth several times before pulling away.

Casey pumps his slick cock with one hand and coughs, “Maybe. Maybe I’m a sneaky kelpie trying to steal your heart...”

No. 870378 ID: a30024
File 151969351515.png - (69.17KB , 479x600 , 3-85.png )

She turns away from him and thinks, “Well, if I were a kelpie, I think the best way would be to bend me over that bench there...”

No. 870379 ID: a30024
File 151969353428.png - (80.05KB , 700x500 , 3-86.png )

Kol steps behind giving her a push. She obliges him and lands on the bench, rear in the air.

“And pin me down...”

No. 870380 ID: a30024
File 151969355074.png - (117.42KB , 500x700 , 3-87.png )

Kol looms over her, clamping her arms to her side.

“And make me yours..”

No. 870383 ID: a363ac

Anal basiclly.
No. 870386 ID: f6785d

...I don't want to sound pessimistic, but this is going FAR to well. I REALLY don't like to deal with Fair Folk.
No. 870387 ID: 67456a

Kol I hate to sound like a boner killer but how much longer do you have?

You can keep going, but maybe try something to ensure that even if you're pounding the real Casey the Kelpie will have a reason to come find you?

Unless this is, like, the Conjugal Visit before you get shipped off to the Titania Memorial Penitentiary in which case go nuts.
No. 870388 ID: 2e22fa

Well, if she were a kelpie, then that's a pretty nice glamor she's got there.
Not perfect, but that's a problem with all glamors.
No. 870389 ID: b1b4f3

If that is the Kelpie, you've definitely caught her. May as well say as much.
No. 870409 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t stick your dick in yet. Just lean down and say, “I caught you!” and wait for her to admit defeat before you continue your fun.
No. 870424 ID: 324920

Tell her that the two of you are going to have to be much louder if you want to have any chance of attracting the Kelpie's attention. Then give it to her, so that she can't even keep her voice down. Plus, if it is the Kelpie that'll improve the chance of getting the attention of the real Casey's attention.
No. 870432 ID: bb78f2

My only conclusion that this is the kelpie is that I don't think Casey would fuck around like this during an assignment involving a fey and your life.

I know we managed to talk the fey down to a mortal night, but who KNOWs what she has up her sleeve? What if fucking a fey like this kickstarts an obscure fey law?
No. 870435 ID: 91ee5f

Good point.
No. 870439 ID: e1c8f7

Oblige the lady. Give her a good ride.
No. 870440 ID: 7ad049


No. 870447 ID: ed67d9

Dooooo it. Do iiiit.

"Involving your life?" "Last day?" Holy shit guys, I think you've 100% missed the tone of this quest. It's honestly kind of a downer to be ready this light-hearted comfylewd thing, only to have suggesters insist that it's going to end up horribly for everyone involved. I mean, geeez.
No. 870448 ID: 91ee5f

We’re allowed to have our opinions on the possibility of the kelpie screwing us over. And not all quests keep the same tone throughout the entire thing, the tone can shift to a more serious one before going back to being fun.
No. 870457 ID: a363ac

see quest dis
No. 870462 ID: 10c408

"Well, I suppose if you WERE the kelpie I wouldn't mind giving her a good shag after catching her."


"I've caught you, obviously."
No. 870463 ID: 13cc26

I'm not sure which of these things you should say but regardless of which one you pick you should totally do it.
No. 870472 ID: 906811

Then anal!
No. 870480 ID: 6780f5

Lube her up, then do buttstuff.
No. 870498 ID: 9c2d0c

"Well, I better show that Kelpie how nice it is to be caught"
No. 870499 ID: b0bda0

Can you apply wards to the room while you fool around, or do they require too much concentration for that?
No. 870533 ID: 9aca35

now where
have I seen that expression before?

Still go ahead though. If you screw her and win the game, everyone is happy, no nights in the feywild required.
No. 870568 ID: 1561e1

>>870533 Hey, you forgot one

No. 870572 ID: 9aca35

I'd considered it but it seems more like earnest happiness or excitement than a cheeky smirk.
No. 870588 ID: a30024
File 151978115905.png - (87.49KB , 700x336 , 3-88.png )

“You ready?” Kol rolls his hips against her and she gasps.

“Mmmhmmm!” Casey moans, writhing in his grip.

“You want me to catch you?” He teases.

“Yessss, catch me...”

He leans over her so that he can growl in to her ear, “What’s that? I don’t think anyone heard you?”

Casey's lewd echos against the tiled walls, “Catch me! Make me yours! Give it to me!” She shivers with anticipation as she grinds against him.

No. 870589 ID: a30024
File 151978116521.png - (120.23KB , 581x700 , 3-89.png )

Kol dips his hips and thrusts into her in one smooth motion. Casey’s back arches and she squeals an impossible, pleasurable note.

Kol holds her there, hilted inside and immobile. Casey rolls an eye back at him as she is pressed against the bench, panting and wordless. He pulls her close and snarls in her ear, “You’re mine...”

Then he starts to fuck her.

No. 870590 ID: 7b53bd

wait, has she always had green eyes?
No. 870591 ID: ed67d9

Time to show her just how much warm iron you can pound into her over and over again.

the warm iron is your erection
No. 870593 ID: a363ac

hold her tight and loving show her what it means to be yours in words and actions.
No. 870594 ID: dfd2f7

Decisive Victory!

Now go to pound town, sport. You've earned it.
No. 870595 ID: 324920

Lean in close and whisper into her ear huskily, "You're going to admit you've lost the seeking game now, otherwise..." Then slowly make to remove yourself from her rear. That should get an admission of defeat out of her.
No. 870606 ID: 10c408

Tell her to change her appearance back, but keep the same size.

Then bang her. Fuck train has no brakes!
No. 870655 ID: e1c8f7

Right? Love on her, gently.
No. 870667 ID: 906811

Is is in the pooper right?
No. 870826 ID: a30024
File 151987424205.png - (146.19KB , 598x700 , 3-90.png )

Kol slams into her with slow, powerful thrusts, punctuating each with a question.










As Kol watches, her figure changes; the kelpie’s glamour crumbling bit by bit as he hammers away at her.

He pauses mid thrust, leaving only the tip inside as he waits for her answer.
The kelpie writhes in his grip and begs, ”Yes! Yes! You win! Good fun! Good catch!”. Kol rolls his hips into her claims his prize.

No. 870829 ID: 67456a

Well I'd recommend celebrating.

But you seem to have that well in hand. Go nuts!
No. 870831 ID: a363ac

or really empty your nuts
No. 870832 ID: a363ac

be sure to tell her how cute she is~
No. 870834 ID: f6785d

Good girl. Now, to celebrate!
No. 870860 ID: e1c8f7

Celebrations are in order then. Proceed as you were! You're gracious in victory, yes?
No. 870888 ID: 324920

"Good girl" Now go ahead and wreck 'er most tenderly.
No. 870914 ID: 24f307

Fuck the fairy.
No. 871041 ID: a30024
File 151995846294.png - (136.77KB , 700x484 , 3-91.png )

As the kelpie changes size, Kol shifts his stance and finds better leverage. He lets go of her arms, grabs her hips and drives his cock into her like frenzied animal. His partner moans as she’s stuffed, urging him on with strange fey gibbering.

“I think... I’m gonna...” Kol warns as the urge to finish rises. He can feel her getting close as well, welcoming warmth that urges him faster.

”Yes! Yes! Give to me! Please!”

Kol manages a staccato of thrusts, before coursing over the edge. His hips slam home one last time and he clutches himself to her. Her body shivers in ecstasy, riding a wave of orgasmic bliss as a tide of warm cum pours into her. Kol gasps for breath, his body sweating as though he had just run a marathon and glowing with a rush of endorphins.

No. 871042 ID: a30024
File 151995846817.png - (134.23KB , 664x700 , 3-92.png )

He slips free on wobbly legs and plops down on the bench beside the Kelpie. She lays still, her mouth stretched into a satisfied, impish grin.

“Have fun?” Kol asks between pants.

”Very good! Good game! Much fun! Fun for me! Thank you!”

“Heh, you’re welcome.” He looks at her a little warily, “So what happens now?”

She rolls over, giving him a strange upside down grin. ”You catch me! Now me for you! Good for you! This is rules!”

Kol blinks back bafflement, “What.”

No. 871043 ID: a363ac

ask for some water
No. 871045 ID: 3abd97

Uh, can I have a minute to catch my breath.
No. 871047 ID: ed67d9

She's on her back?

Sneak a peek at that glorious cream-pie she's rocking now.
No. 871048 ID: f6785d

My words exactly, Kol. Care to elaborate miss kelpie? I don't think i quite catch what that meant.
No. 871051 ID: f785a3

Well, okay, making her leave would just be cruel. But as much of a SEXUAL GOD as you are, Kol, I doubt you'd be able to keep up with her all night.

I recommend a sleepover. Comfy pajamas, scary movies, and pizza.

And some banging.
No. 871052 ID: 4324ce

Iiiiii think that means she considers herself to belong to him now since he caught her and those are 'the rules'.
No. 871054 ID: 2d1231


KELPIE has joined your party, whether you like it or not!
No. 871056 ID: 96d2ce

It took me a few times to figure out what she meant!
If you look at their lewd banter you can see that she set up another game when she said "are you game?" and then the whole thing of "make me yours!"
No. 871057 ID: b1b4f3

I don't remember that as part of the rules of the game... what are the terms of... ownership?
No. 871086 ID: 600f38

"That wasn't in the rules of the game. What rules are you talking about?"
No. 871087 ID: 555f33

Ohhhh. I dunno how to go about getting that annulled but make sure she's at least allowed to leave if she wants to. She's fae though so who knows. If she wants to stay though, she's fun to have around!
No. 871112 ID: 4f78c3

Hey, don't look a gift kelpie in the mouth.
No. 871116 ID: 094652

"Okay. Now get in this box and don't come out for the next 24 hours."
No. 871148 ID: e54266

While I don't remember ever agreeing to that, I am not going to argue against it because that was a damn good lay and having a fairy on call could be very useful.
No. 871193 ID: 56e50f

Yeah, we got one night with her so let's make it count.
"I think my friends would like to meet you."
No. 871296 ID: de6d84

"*pant* Please, some time to recover..."
No. 871304 ID: a30024
File 152005409093.png - (80.26KB , 600x414 , 3-93.png )

“W-Wait... are you saying you belong to me now?” Kol stammers.

The kelpie rotates her head so that she’s the right way up, keeping the same expression. “You’re mine...” she repeats in an uncanny imitation of Kol. "Rule of Fae. You caught fair. Fair as fae, fine as wine!"

“Oh...” he contemplates this, “What do you mean? I didn’t mean to...”

She shushes him with a smooch that sends a shiver down his spine.
No. 871305 ID: a30024
File 152005409405.png - (51.66KB , 531x600 , 3-94.png )

As she pulls away Kol feels something in his mouth. He shifts it between his cheeks and spits it into his palm; finding a perfectly round, black pearl a couple of centimeters across. He stares into the iridescent surface, “T-thanks...” Kol looks back at her, “What is it?”

”For to call. Bring me to you. We do more fun, make games, yes?” she beams at him, ”Speak to it, I hear it call to me, I come to you!” she purrs ”We have another game?”

"Uh…" Kol hesitates, before gripping the pearl tight in his palm, "Okay! We'll have more fun next time!"
No. 871306 ID: a30024
File 152005410021.png - (100.76KB , 426x700 , 3-95.png )

She stands up and stretches, her head nearly scraping the ceiling. "Mmm, was good game. You make me sore. Shame you not lose, would be a good, long night. You and I. We have good night next time."
No. 871307 ID: a30024
File 152005410511.png - (60.35KB , 303x600 , 3-96.png )

"Oh! One thing…" Kol hods the pearl up, "What do I call you? What's your name?"

The keplie blinks her dark eyes and brings an enormous hand to her lips. "A name, you to give?" its hard to tell whether she's confused or touched by the question.
No. 871309 ID: a363ac

No. 871311 ID: 7b53bd

No. 871315 ID: b1b4f3

No. 871316 ID: ed67d9


Variant of "nixie", a water spirit.
No. 871320 ID: e1c8f7

Vanessa. Ness for short, Nessie for an affectionate name.
No. 871321 ID: 555f33

Braelynn is a nice name.
No. 871332 ID: 094652

Do not give a fae a name!
No. 871334 ID: 555f33

Changing to this
No. 871346 ID: 75c814

This seams good
No. 871354 ID: 8ef863

This one is far too good to pass up
No. 871359 ID: 8a204b


No. 871372 ID: 138717

No. 871392 ID: f6785d

I like the reference, Nammu is cool.
No. 871393 ID: 67456a

This is a good one.
No. 871487 ID: a30024
File 152013672857.png - (166.74KB , 700x666 , 3-97.png )

"You want me to name you? Um…." Kol rummages in his head for something fitting, "How about Nixxy? That’s cute, right?"

The kelpie's eyes slowly go wide and utters a rising squeal that, in the tiled room, sounds like a pack of dolphins fighting over a power drill. "Nixxy? A name for me and I! Good name, yes!"
No. 871488 ID: a30024
File 152013673247.png - (110.56KB , 700x698 , 3-98.png )

"A name! I go use it, yes?" She twirls in a quicksilver flash and is out the door.
No. 871489 ID: a30024
File 152013673649.png - (156.21KB , 700x500 , 3-99.png )

The rest of the guardians, drawn by the unearthly squeals are astonished when the fae suddenly appears in front of them. She seizes Casey's hand and shakes it warmly. Hello, I am Nixxy! Hello, I am Nixxy! Hello, I am Nixxy!" introducing herself in turn, she continues to pump Casey's arm enthusiastically, "Nice to meet you!"

Gabe mutters out of the side of his mouth, "So… uh, did we win?"
No. 871492 ID: a363ac

speep~ I mean PILE!
No. 871494 ID: 3b1718

Well, I don't think she'll bother bathhouse patrons anymore...
No. 871495 ID: f6785d

It would apear so. VICTORY. A plesure to meet you Nixxy!
No. 871496 ID: 2ff99b

Well shes a cutie
No. 871508 ID: 555f33

It turns out that the real victory was the friends we made along the way.
No. 871512 ID: 67456a

No, Gabe, she just forgot we were playing. Short attention span, y'see.
No. 871515 ID: 8a204b

Try not to notice the dribbling river of white oozing down her thighs.

No. 871739 ID: e1c8f7

No. 872080 ID: a30024
File 152039136114.png - (210.02KB , 700x500 , 3-100.png )

Kol comes running up, wrapped in a towel. “Yeah I- I think so.”

Delilah breathes a sigh of relief, “Okay, good. That means you’ll leave my patrons alone, then?”

”Oh yes. I go. Good game! Much fun! You all play more games with Nixxy next time!” She smiles, showing an unsettling amount of teeth.

Casey shoots a worried look at Kol, “Next time?”

He clears his throat and holds up the pearl with the helpless shrug of a big guy looking self conscious, “Nixxy says I caught her, sooo she’s kind of... mine now?” He stares up at the massive fae and scratches his head, “I don’t exactly know what that means, but she said that I can call her with this.”

Casey sighs, “Well at least we don’t have to worry about Kol getting whisked away...” She stares up into Nixxy's smiling eyes, “but I guess that means you’re our responsibility now.”

A large, gentle hand pats her on the shoulder, ”You good friends to take care of Nixxy. Nixxy no trouble, yes?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. We’ll figure it out, Case!” Gabe gives her a thumbs up. He scratches his chin, “Wait, doe’s that mean she’s gonna be living with us? We’re gonna need a bigger bathroom... Hey Delilah, can I set a beacon here?”

The healer chuckles, “You can come back any time you want.” She adds, “As long as Nixxy is well behaved. Hopefully a couple of up and coming spirit guides as regulars will be enough to bring back our guests. I can't thank you guys enough!"

Gabe rests an elbow on his partner. "Yeah, see? Told you it would be fine! Another satisfied customer!"

End of Chapter three!
Kol received: Kelpie's pearl- Use at any point to summon Nixxy
Gabe added a new gate waypoint: Coral Pools
No. 872089 ID: f6785d

You forgot to add: Gabe has a date~
But hey, mission accomplished! Good job everyone!
No. 872286 ID: a30024

Next thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/872282.html#872282
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