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File 12600579954.jpg - (327.77KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
86304 No. 86304 ID: dba15c

>Invisible Wounds
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No. 88345 ID: 71f412

Enter the moist and tight cave here >>87212 , maybe you'll find something.
No. 88351 ID: b9af96
File 126031262896.jpg - (144.30KB , 1000x600 , exit.jpg )

At the very end it narrows down to a hole and I can feel a cool breeze coming out of it. I can't get through it without dipping my hover unit into the water, and I don't want to do that. I can't float horizontally.
No. 88353 ID: 2cbe3e


Check the vagina cave.
No. 88355 ID: 71f412

Yep, stonegina it is.
No. 88357 ID: 964033

Let's not go that way then. That's where the river ends?

Well let's go back and examine that dark, damp cavern that we passed by before, the one with the heavy bush.
No. 88432 ID: b9af96
File 126031556184.jpg - (167.61KB , 1000x600 , long thick cylindrical object.jpg )

>>Vagina vagina vagina

You people all seem a bit sexu- Now what is this? There's a gigantic rusted metal machine that's penetrating both cavern walls.
No. 88435 ID: 5d5878

Investigate the rusty penis.
No. 88436 ID: 632862

Is there a way inside it?
No. 88441 ID: 66e906

Crack that bitch open.
No. 88448 ID: 964033

Use your fingers to gently spread apart the lips of the vent and peer inside.

If it's dark, use a finger to explore the depths.
No. 88475 ID: 51d0f5

Feel around for the entrance. Don't be too hasty. You can't rush something delicate.
No. 88503 ID: b9af96
File 126031699693.jpg - (150.46KB , 1000x600 , vent hole.jpg )

There's nothing inside but machinery.
No. 88515 ID: 632862

A dead end, then? Okay, search the pigtails for more maggots and milk them.

Then go check out the passage past the towercaps.
No. 88516 ID: 51d0f5

Is that a hatch on top?
No. 88538 ID: b9af96
File 12603183554.jpg - (131.17KB , 1000x600 , tread.jpg )

It's a big crawler tread, like on the side. There doesn't appear to be any entrance

There are hundreds of the maggots, and I filled up my container already.
No. 88544 ID: 632862

Investigate that tube-looking structure on it.
No. 88843 ID: 4b87fc

could you draw it in into your map?

IF we find a way to open that tunnel machine we could try to go through the hole it dug.
Or maybe we find a lifeboat in it, then Heshka could swim over the river.
No. 88877 ID: 632862

Oh hey, I bet it went through the tunnel behind the tower-caps too. Go there.
No. 88914 ID: b9af96
File 126033891242.jpg - (138.12KB , 1000x600 , pipe.jpg )

It's some kind of duct or something, I'm not this good with mechanical stuff.
No. 88916 ID: 964033

Stroke the vein
No. 88917 ID: 632862

Head back and check out the tower-cap tunnel.
No. 88918 ID: b9af96
File 126033897850.jpg - (410.72KB , 1000x600 , player map.jpg )

If my mental map is correct, it should intersect whatever is behind the tower caps if it goes back far enough.
No. 88919 ID: 632862

Go there then!
No. 88925 ID: b9af96
File 126034042688.jpg - (138.07KB , 1000x600 , pit.jpg )

The area behind the tower caps goes almost directly into a gigantic pit, I can't see the bottom or top of it!
No. 88927 ID: 632862

Follow the wall towards where the pigtails were.
No. 88929 ID: 964033

Go back. Talk to Heshka.
No. 88932 ID: b9af96
File 126034104485.jpg - (406.30KB , 1000x600 , player map.jpg )

It isn't big enough to reach around to where the machine would have gone through, in theory at least. It's like a cylindrical pit. Should I lood around here any more?
No. 88933 ID: 632862

Check to see how far up and down it goes.
No. 88934 ID: b9af96
File 126034212556.jpg - (98.49KB , 1000x600 , hole in the top of the pit.jpg )

I'll go up first, I can drop a rock in there and I don't hear it hit the bottom, I don't really want to do down there. It could take forever.
No. 88935 ID: 632862

What's at the top?

...ohhh, this is a volcano vent isn't it.
No. 88939 ID: b9af96
File 126034419793.jpg - (143.19KB , 1000x600 , whack-an-emma.jpg )

There's.. outside!
I'm no geologist but I think it would be really hot in here if it was a volcano
No. 88940 ID: 632862

Well, I guess it's just a big pit then. Weird. Get above the treeline and look around. Especially look for where the river exits the mountain. If there are rapids or something it's best if you knew ahead of time.
No. 88949 ID: 51d0f5

If there's really an outside, can you go there?
No. 89008 ID: b39202

Are there visible stars? A moon? Several moons?
No. 89078 ID: 368399

OK ... our options are.
The River, the machine, and up the pit.

River and pit are impassable for Heshkam, so ... hadn't he a grenate? Maybe it's possible to blow the hull open.

Or you go up the pit to search for a rope.
No. 89120 ID: 71f412

Tell Heska about the machine and ask him for help about it.
He's a dude, kind of, they are better with machines.
No. 89320 ID: b9af96
File 12604099459.jpg - (200.45KB , 1000x600 , long thick cylindrical object.jpg )

I don't know how to get there, though. What if it's far away?
I just did.
No, it's black and kind of windy.
Heshka says you'd need some demolition charges to move that thing.
He can't figure out how to get in there either.
No. 89322 ID: 632862

Looks like you're gonna have to make a raft by chopping towercaps and making rope from pigtails.
No. 89326 ID: 4aacd9

He has demolition charges in his chest!
No. 89338 ID: 7711b8

>>it should intersect whatever is behind the tower caps
Well, have you looked if the tunnel made by the machine's accessible from the pit?
No. 89340 ID: 51d0f5

Assess the feasibility of weaving a long and sturdy rope out of pig tails so Heshka can haul himself up to the surface.
No. 89342 ID: 4aacd9

Ask if we could use the charges he has rigged up in his chest?
No. 89499 ID: b9af96
File 126042300613.jpg - (212.07KB , 1000x600 , long thick cylindrical object.jpg )

That could work.

I'm definitely not trying this. He says they're wired directly to his heart. That means if I disconnected one they would all go off at the same time. I'd prefer to not to become a stain on the wall.

Yes, I checked, It doesn't go far back enough to intersect the path.

That might work though I'm not really an engineer or something. I'm not sure if it would hold him up.
No. 89504 ID: 632862

I'm voting for raft-making action.
No. 89505 ID: 51d0f5

>I'm not sure if it would hold him up.
Well, don't want to risk him falling into a bottomless pit.

I guess the raft is our best bet.
No. 89529 ID: b9af96
File 126042789258.jpg - (128.45KB , 1000x600 , triple phallic raft.jpg )

It takes quite a while, about a day, but we made a raft. I've gone to sleep and drank maggot milk all day.
No. 89537 ID: 34470e

How does maggot milk taste?
No. 89538 ID: 964033

Get on the wall of dicks you've constructed and float across the river.
No. 89539 ID: 9e9b47


Randomly ask Heshka if he's afraid of anything.
No. 89546 ID: 632862

Refill your milk before you go.
No. 89562 ID: 8095e6

i hope Heshka can still swim with that implants.
if he needs the heat he'll probably cool down and stop working ... then ... B O O M
No. 89587 ID: 5d5878

Prepare yourself, then go climb the wall of dicks.
No. 89639 ID: 2cbe3e

In the huge pit room, try exploring deeper down into the pit.
No. 89920 ID: b9af96
File 126049446219.jpg - (143.88KB , 1000x600 , opening into the pit.jpg )

I do not really have anything to compare it to, being only a few days decanted.

I've done that, of course.


He makes an unpleasant rasping sound that I assume to be laughter.

You possibly have an obession with something.

My knowledge of his specific implants is limited, but it should be waterproof to keep his blood from leaking out all over the place.

Some peoples' thoughts seem awfully preoccupied with genitals today.

I'll check this again, how long should I look down there?
No. 89923 ID: c66efe

Until it stops feeling good, I say.
No. 89930 ID: 632862

Refilling food supplies is a perfectly reasonable thing to do before going on a trip.

Go down the pit for... let's say 10 minutes before turning back.
No. 89955 ID: b9af96

((that was supposed to be "I've done that, of course." I sometimes juxtapose my quotes by accident))
No. 90047 ID: b9af96
File 126050154479.jpg - (217.58KB , 1000x600 , emmacam.jpg )

I've been going about ten minutes, at a kind of slow pace. I don't see anything different down here, but I don't see the end of this pit either.
No. 90048 ID: 964033

Let's go back.
No. 90049 ID: b4054f

No no let's keep going. Make sure you notice any sudden changes in temperature or if it gets hard to breathe.
No. 90050 ID: 6e1933

Make sure you wipe thoroughly.
No. 90051 ID: 15f6d6

Go down for an hour.
No. 90052 ID: 9e9b47


No. 90053 ID: b9af96
File 126050288025.jpg - (230.78KB , 1000x600 , emmacam.jpg )

After about a half hour the stone changes to some red veined type of rock, It's a comfortable temperature down here now.
No. 90056 ID: 15f6d6

Keep going until shit gets crazy.
No. 90057 ID: 964033

Let's uh... Hmm. Let's get out of here before it closes.
No. 90058 ID: 9e9b47


Keep on goin'
No. 90059 ID: b4054f

Well, at least the scenery is fascinating. Keep going.
No. 90060 ID: e3f578

Those are her tits, not scenery.
No. 90061 ID: 51d0f5

This seems pointless. Go back.
No. 90066 ID: 632862

Try chipping some stone off the wall.
No. 90075 ID: b9af96
File 126050693879.jpg - (188.60KB , 1000x600 , emmacam.jpg )

I keep going about another half hour down, it's getting kind of hot.
No. 90077 ID: 2dd482

We appear to be in a magmapipe. Kepp on going till you confirm whatever that orange glow is, then GTFO.
No. 90081 ID: 632862

Check out that green thing on the right wall.
No. 90090 ID: 9e9b47


No. 90092 ID: 964033

Definitely check out the green dot.
No. 90097 ID: b9af96
File 126050943647.jpg - (158.53KB , 1000x600 , emerald.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed!
It's a green hexagonal crystal in the wall, I break it free easily and take it.
No. 90100 ID: 632862

Great! Grab it and get back up to Heshka. Be careful, though. You might cause a cavein or something.
No. 90101 ID: 9e9b47


keep going down
No. 90102 ID: 964033

Go ahead and stick your finger in the slit and press firmly against the gem within.
No. 90127 ID: b9af96
File 126051307184.jpg - (153.26KB , 1000x600 , hot tits.jpg )

I have it already. I don't think that this tiny crystal is structurally significant in any way, seeing as how the top half was just out in the open.

uhh, it's getting hot down here...

No need for that, it broke right off.
No. 90128 ID: 34470e

>it's getting hot down here♪
So take off all your clothes♪
I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off♪
No. 90129 ID: 632862

Go back up. You're too close to the magma now.
No. 90130 ID: 45be60

can we leave the magma vent now?
No. 90131 ID: 964033

Let's go back up now.
No. 90133 ID: 9e9b47


No. 90135 ID: b9af96
File 126051482529.jpg - (131.00KB , 1000x600 , opening into the pit.jpg )

I dont' see any magma to be honest, there's a very far off dim red glow, it looks like it's miles away, though. I'm all to happy to get out of here.
No. 90136 ID: 632862

I hope Heshka didn't leave without you...
No. 90142 ID: b9af96
File 126051708088.jpg - (172.94KB , 1000x600 , triple phallic raft.jpg )

Heshka is sitting on the makeshift raft. Is there anything else I should look at before leaving?
No. 90171 ID: 338fd2

time to leave.
show Heshka what you've found down there and go on.
in4b "nishhh little ssshhhtone ... trow it away"
No. 90175 ID: 632862

I think that's all there is to see. Hrm, is there anything you can use as a paddle or a pole so you can steer the raft? Maybe chop up a small towercap and carve something?
No. 90177 ID: 15f6d6

Stimulate his prostate to see if he can still experience orgasm even with a total lack of genitals. It's important for SCIENCE!
No. 90183 ID: 0421f5

No don't.
His prostate, if still existing at all, is most likely wired to the demolition charges.
No. 90201 ID: 964033

No. 90213 ID: 43d730

For some reason, I find that funny and horrible at the same time.
I think it should be called the 'Rapist Surprise'.
No. 90446 ID: b9af96
File 126060594542.jpg - (256.23KB , 1000x600 , Squadalah.jpg )

OK, we're off then! This way looks like it leads outside!
No. 90447 ID: b9af96
File 126060598833.jpg - (288.59KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

No. 90454 ID: 697b23
File 126061104041.jpg - (23.79KB , 300x300 , dat hover chassis.jpg )

No. 90457 ID: 87a296

i wonder if it was possible to get in the digging machine
No. 90469 ID: 632862

No, but there was a secret in that room, obviously.
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