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File 126002641119.png - (217.39KB , 800x600 , 92.png )
86159 No. 86159 ID: f98e0b

In Oren's dream he goes to the fair with his parents, and loses them in the push and jostle. He stumbles around the crowds of people he does not know, looking for them, wondering whether he should cry or not. Eventually he reaches the tents and stalls where people have set up businesses selling unhealthy, overpriced foods. This, he vaguely recalls, is where he knew he would find mom and dad. He still can't.
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No. 86160 ID: 632862

Go talk with the food vendor. Ask him about his hat.
No. 86162 ID: f98e0b
File 126002716572.png - (147.15KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

That appears to be the undertaker in a white striped hat. Oren wanders over.
"Hey, undertaker. You haven't seen my parents around here, have you?"
"Sorry, Mr. Loper."
"Ain't nothing. What's with the hat?" Oren asks.

"I'm trying to fit into the general carnival aesthetic going on right now." the undertaker explains. "I feel like it doesn't look good on me, somehow. By the way, Mr. Loper, you were a cute kid."

Oren looks down at himself and remembers that he is currently six years old.
No. 86163 ID: 632862

Note that the sign changes. Try to will it to something you want it to say, like "Tasty! Treats!"
No. 86165 ID: a5fa92

Climb on the undertaker's stall, maybe thats the vantage point you need to see your parents.
No. 86177 ID: f98e0b
File 126002912974.png - (58.57KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

Doesn't seem like it does anything.

"Lemme up on your stall," says Oren. "It's a good vantage point to check for my parents in the crowd."

"Are you sure? It may just be healthier to move on to adulthood, Mr. Loper. You can't be a kid with your parents forever."

"It's just a dream undertaker. Come on."

"Well...fine. No one's buying, anyway."
Oren reaches up. There is a silence.
"What's wrong?" asks the undertaker.
"Can you, um, give me a boost?"
No. 86178 ID: f98e0b
File 126002919137.png - (325.31KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

"See them?" asks the undertaker.

Oren looks out across the crowd. He can see nothing.
"No," he says. "Reckon I can't."
"Sorry, kiddo." says the undertaker.
No. 86181 ID: 632862

Oh well. Time to grow up a bit, I guess.
No. 86182 ID: a5fa92

Too bad...

I wonder how this dream ends? With you sitting with Undertaker? Or something more freudian maybe?
No. 86188 ID: f98e0b
File 126003007332.png - (30.01KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

Usually it ends when Oren gets waked up by a knock or Leah getting him up in the morning. Neither of which are ever particularly pleasant.

Oren is already grown up, of course, but it still hurts to lose something close to you. Innocence, maybe. Hell, he doesn't know, he's not a psychologist.
"Cheer up, Mr. Loper. It's not all bad, growing up. There are advantages, you just have to reach for them." says the undertaker. He reaches down into the stall and puills up a shiny red apple.
"Want one?"
"Shouldn't you be selling corn dogs or something?"
"I guess. Try it."
No. 86189 ID: af3e6d

Well, try it.
No. 86192 ID: f98e0b
File 126003063013.png - (40.14KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

The undertaker tosses Oren the apple. He catches it and hey wait a minute. What kind of apple is this? It's... soft and squishy and... is that a ni-

No. 86193 ID: f98e0b
File 126003064480.png - (223.17KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

realizes it's the left breast of his Deputy, Nessie Squires, lying in the bed next to him. She's up, if only halfway. "Honk," she notes, with a sleepy smile.
No. 86201 ID: a5fa92

Hehehehehehehe xD
Whos awesome? Shes awesome xD
No. 86214 ID: f98e0b
File 126003584968.png - (246.25KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

"So. What's breakfast?" Squires asks as she pulls on her clothing.
"Your turn," Oren reminds her.

"I'd have to consult some kind of handbook, but I'm pretty sure it's some kind of faux pas to fondle someone then not make them breakfast."

"Whatever." says Oren. "Bacon okay?"
"When has bacon ever not been okay?"
No. 86223 ID: f98e0b
File 126003626417.png - (136.21KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

"So, then, Deppity Squires," says Oren as they eat. "What is on the Official Authority Agenda for today?"
"Dunno. Usually when someone needs something they come to us. We could do our general administrative duties, or go to town and do stuff there, or make love some more," says Squires. "Hey, watch me sink this one."
"Bet you a piece of bacon?"
"Fuck you, I love bacon."
"If you miss you have to play Freebird, then."
"Fine." she says, and lets fly. The card flutters to the ground. "Dammit. Why is it always Freebird."
No. 86227 ID: 43d730

At some point, that marble needs checking out.
No. 86233 ID: d1210a

Admire Squire's shirt.

At least, that is the excuse you will go with when she inevitably catches you staring at her chest.

While she rocks out on Freebird, how about this: Maybe take this as a chance to get in some good exercise, practice for the job and all that? After all, if homunculi are about, you may need to swing a mace rather frequently.

And if the training eventually ends up turning into sex, hey, at least you tried.
No. 86246 ID: af3e6d

That's a very good point. There's always time for slacking off (among other things) later.
No. 86248 ID: 49b4c0

I think checking on that glass thing, marble, creature[ s eye, whatever you call it, could be done today.

If she doesn' want to, offer sexings as an option. Always works.
No. 86250 ID: f98e0b
File 126004801696.png - (134.14KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

Oh, yeah. The marble. Oren takes it out and idly rolls it around on the table. They got an arcanist on site as part of the investigation, who proclaimed it, the sigil, and the cloak of the mage as entirely mundane. Unless he wants to play spooky playground games, the eye-marble is useless.

There's still something about it that entirely unsettles him.
No. 86254 ID: 49b4c0

Dont worry. It unsettles all of us.

I assume whatever happened to the body, it cant be traced huh?

Better leave the glass eye in the evidence safe, or your pocket.. wherever is safer.
No. 86268 ID: f98e0b
File 126005287995.png - (88.16KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

Oren announces that they're going to hit the gym. There's a handy workout room off the barracks they can use, and after a couple of minutes of grumbling Squires agrees that it could be useful to at least warm up.
No. 86276 ID: 51d0f5

By 'go to town,' I assume you mean where your girlfriend is waiting?

Think you could handle a full-on breakup? A face to face breakup's going to be a huge pile of stress and yelling, but is the only decent thing to do. Still, it can wait a day or two. More important is investigating the scene of the crime for more clues, unless you think that's pretty much tapped out.
No. 86279 ID: f98e0b
File 126005478412.png - (251.88KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

No. 86280 ID: f98e0b
File 126005486793.png - (77.02KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

"Was that the door?" asks Squires.
"Shit, I think it was." says Oren.
No. 86283 ID: 476456

Oh you guys.
No. 86284 ID: af3e6d

Yeah, good workout. Make yourself presentable and answer yon door. With all the shit that recently went down, you don't want to neglect work.
No. 86290 ID: f98e0b
File 126005643447.png - (257.43KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

Oren puts on pants and answers the door. "How can I hh-"
No. 86291 ID: 49b4c0

Its lili, isn´ it?
No. 86292 ID: f98e0b
File 126005655645.png - (297.67KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

Standing in the doorway is the Hatchtown Hacker, who Oren is pretty sure should be in an induced coma at the Hatchtown Asylum for the criminally insane.

"My name is The Late Allen Arbock, and I say, are you quite alright?" the Hatchtown Hacker asks. "May I come in?"
No. 86293 ID: dda9dd

Was that the door or just you two?
No. 86295 ID: dda9dd

Oh, well damn... I guess you should, er let him in? Safer than letting him wander the streets I guess. Maybe give him a free cell?
No. 86296 ID: f21281

Late? As in...dead?
No. 86297 ID: f69bdd


... You need a Peeping Slot on your door chief.

Ok, so I assume this is some psycho murderer guy. He seems to have only just got out judging by the jacket (watch his hands, though - those long sleeves are probably hiding something). Still, he's only one man, and both of you are professional apprehendeers. Keep your wits about and you should be reasonably safe. Let him in, see what he's about, try engineer a way to get him into a cell so he can be shipped back where he came from.

Beware: this guy may have been released as a distraction.
No. 86301 ID: dba15c

He's either fuckin with you or he's some kinda zombi
No. 86328 ID: f98e0b
File 126006088085.png - (96.23KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

"Late as in dead late?" asks Oren.
"I'm afraid so," says the Hacker. "If you would perhaps afford me a chance to explain..."
"Fine. Get in here before I realize how stupid I'm being."
"Capitol! You wouldn't happen to have any blood sausage, would you? I'm feeling a mite peckish."
"No blood sausage."
"Some stale bread then, perhaps? I've a strange culinary mood today, it seems."

Oren levels his bow at the Hacker while he eats. The cell is currently occupied by a drunk they found in the middle of a road earlier. And he doesn't want to put the Hacker in a small enclosed space with anyone.

The hacker appears content just to eat. It falls upon Oren to break the silence.
No. 86332 ID: 43d730

What's it like being dead?"
No. 86334 ID: 135d9a

Ask him what he wants. Surely he had a reason to come bother you besides food.
No. 86335 ID: 632862

Ask him how he got out of the Asylum, and what he wants.
No. 86337 ID: f98e0b
File 126006159280.png - (97.40KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

"So." says Oren. "What's it like being dead?"
"Disadvantageous, to be honest." says the Hacker.

munch munch munch

"I'm gonna be quick about this. How did you get here and what do you want."

"I'm a little hazy on how I ended up in this charming town of..." he pauses, waiting for Oren to tell him. Oren remains stony-faced. "In this charming town. I located the nearest local constabulary for help. I'd like to hire you, Mr. um..."
"Mr. Loper." he rolls the name around his mouth. "I need your help, it would seem."
No. 86340 ID: dba15c

He doesn't look the least bit dead to me. I think we need some actual proof here.
No. 86345 ID: dda9dd

Yeah, you don't look particularity dead, most dead people don't knock on my door for one thing.
No. 86361 ID: f98e0b
File 126006337944.png - (121.62KB , 800x600 , 109.png )

"Now I've seen dead men, Mr. Arbock, and you don't appear all that dead to me, on account of we're having this conversation. You seem more like a dangerous psychopath."

"Well, yes, I would imagine I do look like a living psychopath because that is exactly what I am at the moment. Um, I feel as if I could be explaining this better."
"Yeah no shit." says Oren.

"In life I was a fairly gifted thaumaturgist, and in death I was a fairly gifted thaumaturgist in desperate need of a corporeal body and a favor. This one presented itself," says Arbock/Hacker with a shrug. "I say, excellent bread here. Strange how a new lease on life gives you new tastes."

Squires walks in, saying "Sheriff, sir, if we're done in the weightroom could you help me who is this guy and why are you pointing an arrow at him"

"He's a guy who came to us looking for some sort of help," says Oren. "And I am pointing an arrow at him because he also happens to be the Hatchtown Hacker."
"Oh," says Squires.
No. 86373 ID: 632862

So, ask him what he wants to hire you to do.
No. 86375 ID: f98e0b
File 12600648143.png - (122.59KB , 800x600 , 110.png )

"What exactly do you need us to do, Mr. Arbock?" asks Oren. The Hacker looks away from Squires, who is staring at him, silently daring him to step out of line.

"I say, is all this necessary?"
"You're the Hatchtown Hacker, Mr. Arbock."
"Good lord, the Hatchtown Hacker? You mean the one with the meat hooks and the barrels and the-"
"Yep, Mr. Arbock."
"Well, I certainly know how to pick them, eh? Do what you think is required, Sheriff."

"Reckon I will. What do you want, Mr, Arbock?"

"Well it's quite simple. What does any murdered man want?" asks Arbock. "I'd like to hire you to bring the man who killed me to justice. I'm fairly certain it was within the family, don't you know. I am, was, that is to say, the chief holder of Arbock Airmills, incorporated. The motive is easy enough to find. But I need you for the rest, Mr. Loper."
No. 86376 ID: 632862

He wants us to investigate a murder? That sounds like something we should be doing normally. Ah, but it's in another town, isn't it? One without a competent/non-corrupt sherrif?
No. 86387 ID: dda9dd

So how permanently to you plan on staying in you current abode Mr. Arbock? It would be nice to have some warning on when, or if to expect the Hacker back, if you understand?
No. 86388 ID: 49b4c0

As far as I am concerned, he can keep him.

Hey, Undertaker? Can you see if its really mr. Arbock there? Can you tell us if the Hacker will come back alive if Arbock leaves?
No. 86397 ID: f98e0b
File 126006769724.png - (20.35KB , 800x600 , 111.png )

Oh dear, oh dear indeed.

Up until a week ago, things seemed to be going so right for Allen Arbock. He was the youngest CEO in Arbock history, inheriting his father's company at age 29. Now he is dead, most likely killed by one of his own (fairly dysfunctional) family, and to top it all off, has taken up residence inside the blank mind of an insane serial killer in a coma. He remembers when the only difficult part of his life was trying to convince his chef that "a little midnight snack, you understand" did not equate "a four course meal".
No. 86398 ID: f98e0b
File 126006778169.png - (33.52KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

The undertaker forms, with a sound like the universe coughing, politely.

"I say, who are you?" asks Allen. "I don't recall saying this killer's corpse was a public convention."

"My apologies, sir." says the undertaker. "I am an employee of Mr. Loper's."
No. 86403 ID: f98e0b
File 126006858728.png - (40.29KB , 800x600 , 113.png )

"Oh, well," says Allen. "I apologize for my, you know, tetchiness and all that. It hasn't been the most ideal of times for me, lately. Keep having an intriguing urge to drink blood and collect appendixes, left over from the last fellow who was using this body."

"Is the soul of Mr. The Hacker still in residence?" asks the undertaker.

"Well, of course it is. I wouldn't banish it or anything of the sort, I'm not some sort of necromancer." says Allen, unveiling the small, angry spirit of the Hacker. "Rather weak, though, all things considered. And dreadfully dull company. He really is fixed on burrowing down my throat and eating out my guts, you know."

"Were you planning on relinquishing control to the Hacker any time soon?"

"I doubt if I did, it could use it. There really was nothing going on up here for a while before I came in. one of the reasons I was so attracted to the place. If I'd known it came used, and just what the stains were, well..."

"Understood, Mr. Arbock."

"To tell the truth, I was thinking of making this a permanent engagement. It's good to be alive again, and strong. Even if it's in the body of a psychopath. I don't suppose Mr. Loper will consider my case, now?"
No. 86404 ID: 49b4c0

Wait, this is a world with corporations, but without guns?

Hmmn.. can he tell us how did he die?
No. 86407 ID: 632862

Yes, this seems like a good idea to me.
No. 86413 ID: 49b4c0

Ah, and my vote is, he can keep the body, if its safe. And if he can deal with living around, looking like a serial killer. And can handle the Hacker´s spirit. And the urges...

Would be better if the Undertaker made those possible risks known both to him and to Oren, so they know what Arbock is getting into if he tries to stay >.>;

Having his body marionetted would be a fitting punishment for the Hacker I guess, but angered spirits can get very powerful very quickly, if fiction serves me well.
No. 86424 ID: f98e0b
File 126007010838.png - (33.37KB , 800x600 , 114.png )

"It seems likely," says the undertaker. "I'll tell him I spoke with you. Do you have any idea how you died?"
"I...don't really know, and I don't want to dwell on it, to be honest." says Allen sadly. "I just went to bed and when I woke up...well, I didn't wake up. I just remember pain, a lot of it, and then my soul was launched out of its body like an arrow from a bow." He looks out through the Hacker's eyes. "Hmm. Bad analogy."

"Are you sure you can handle the Hacker's spirit taking up the same body? There have been undead in the past who have been forced out by old souls, and anger could lead to issues."

"Undead. Such a sepulchral word." sniffs Allen. "No, I think I know what I'm doing. Not to toot my own horn, but I am fairly capable at thaumaturgy. Lot of good it did me. And it's not like the Hacker's soul isn't angry all the time anyway. I'll be safe, I'm sure. The coma was drug-induced as the Hacker's punishment, as it is with many of the dangerously criminally insane. You'll tell Mr. Loper I told the truth, yes? Will he take my case?"

"We'll see," says the undertaker, fading from view.
No. 86425 ID: f98e0b
File 126007016080.png - (24.16KB , 800x600 , 115.png )

"This must be what I have heard referred to as 'one of those weeks'," says Allen.

"RRAJRFRASKGHJKL," says the Hacker.
No. 86433 ID: 51d0f5

Okay, so his story's true. The story can be true and he can still be a sonofabich. Be careful.

...in the meantime, get him a mask or something. Not that a mask will convince people he's not a psychopath.

He's in a bit of a pickle, I'd say. I don't suppose there's some established procedure for this sort of thing?
No. 86439 ID: 632862

I kinda like him. I think we should help him out.
No. 86440 ID: 135d9a

He does seem like a nice enough guy, and he's been pretty straight forward; why not help him out?
No. 86447 ID: af3e6d

Seems legit. Assist the dead man residing in the crazy man.
No. 86459 ID: f98e0b
File 126007380062.png - (116.48KB , 800x600 , 116.png )

[Mr. Loper?]
[Welcome back, undertaker. What'd you find in crazy's mind?]
[That he isn't as crazy as we thought. Eccentric, maybe. But not crazy. He's telling the truth and he seems like a good guy.]
[You've already saved my life once, undertaker. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt this time.]

Oren lowers his bow. "I'll take the case," he says, feeling like some hardboiled PI as he says it. Arbock brightens up considerably. Squires looks incredulous. "Why are you trusting the serial killer, exactly?"

"Because the little man in my head told me to. I think you've already met but you didn't realize it." She raises one eyebrow. "I'll explain later."

"You don't need to, babe. I don't think you're crazy."
"A little lacking in the brainpan, but not crazy."
"Who made you bacon?"
"You made me bacon."
"Forget it not, Grasshopper."

"If I may interrupt," says Arbock. "Do you have a phone I can use?"
No. 86463 ID: 51d0f5

Ask "Who ya gonna call?"

If he doesn't say "Ghostbusters," act disappointed.
No. 86464 ID: 632862

Let him use the phone but tell him he should try to avoid bringing attention to himself. If the murderer finds out that Allen got a new body he's gonna try to kill him again, probably.
No. 86466 ID: dda9dd

It's not like he probably won't just get himself a new one.

Now that I think about it... magic is pretty hax around here. Determined by birth, seems it can do all kinds of wacky shit, and powerful enough that this fella here may be practically immortal as long as he has a steady supply of warm, drugged up shells to hop into.

Granted this means that he probably has some fierce competition from other dead mages, but still.
No. 86471 ID: f98e0b
File 126007519969.png - (146.25KB , 800x600 , 117.png )

"Who ya gonna call?" asks Oren.

"Ghosthelpers," explains Allen. "I had actually planned for several contingencies, murder/possession included, with an external agency." He flips open the phone. "Cloud background. Tasteful."

"It's the default." says Oren. "Who are these people? You might not want to let everyone know you're back or the killer will try again."

"Just some friends," says Allen. He dials a number, waits a minute, then says into the phone, "Password Nell-five. Murder plan four in effect. No, I didn't kill anyone, that's murder plan four. No, four. You don't need to tell any tabloids. Do they know already? What did-- a crime of passion? I'm going to be remem-- no, don't worry about it, just send the--right. I'll ask." He puts a hand to the phone and asks, "Where are we?"

"Hearthback," Squires responds, fascinated.

"Hearthback. Well how should I know? Use a map." Allen says into the phone. "Sorry. No. Okay. You too. Ciao." He closes the phone. "I'd pack around now, if I were you."
No. 86475 ID: 632862

They're providing transportation, then?

Hmm, should we leave Squires behind to fill the desk? Probably shouldn't leave the office empty.

While packing, ask how he got out of the Asylum.
No. 86476 ID: 43d730

Make sure to kiss her as you leave.
And tell her to be creative if Leah comes around.
No. 86484 ID: dba15c

He uhh, probably wants to get rid of that straitjacket first of all.
No. 86504 ID: 51d0f5

Remove straitjacket. Get him some leper bandages. They're always in style.

Get your shit together. Got a coat you can hide a sword in?
No. 86688 ID: 0103e7


What if this is EXACTLY what happened to the other mage from yesterday? Except he used some kind of constructed body? He could be around in a claymade backup!
No. 86691 ID: f373c2

Don't get rid of the straitjacket. He's still in the body of a serial killer. It's best not to take too many chances.
No. 86728 ID: f69bdd


The Hacker was in a coma because of DRUGS

Ensure this man has a supply of DRUGS
No. 86738 ID: dda9dd

If he was really devious he would have switched bodies with Squires and killed off her as him.

That right there the kind of screwed up stuff these wizards and such seem capable of.
No. 86741 ID: f98e0b
File 126012152125.png - (150.66KB , 800x600 , 118.png )

Possession is a uniquely thaumaturgical power. And mostly the only ones who can truly use it are thaumatrugists who have trained all their lives. Unless Oren was fighting some sort of horrific archmage, he's fairly sure he doesn't have much to worry about.

Oren packs his bow, mace, and a shortsword, as well as some clothes, and his investigation kit, with magnifying glass, flashlight, and other such essentials. Let him know if he should bring something in particular.

He and Squires share a kiss in the office while Arbock waits outside. "There's three banquets' worth of frozen food in the fridge and you have my number," says Oren. "I'll call you when I've found anything out and we'll work together to solve the case."
"Jinkies," says Squires. "Have a good time, Oren. See if you can't get this guy to show you around the finer things in life. I can handle things here for a few days."

"What if Leah comes around?"
"I'll tell her you cut off your balls and joined a monastery or something."
"She'd love that," says Oren.
"Nah, we'll just have a girls' night out or something. Get our nails did."
"I'm not sure if harpy talons can get 'did'," says Oren. Squires laughs and pushes him out the door.
"Bye, Sheriff. Have fun with Crazy."
"Bye, Deputy."
No. 86742 ID: fb5d8e

Come on, you have time for a quickie. Just fuck her right there.
Any chance could be the last, you know.
No. 86744 ID: af3e6d

Get going, you can have much sexytimes when you return.
No. 86746 ID: f98e0b
File 126012254869.png - (182.51KB , 800x600 , 119.png )

Oren briefly imagines taking her right there on the desk. Probably a bad idea if only because it would send paperwork flying everywhere. He casts one more longing look at the office and turns away.

"Deputy Squires is certainly a passionate individual," says Arbock. "You make a good couple, if I may say so,"
"Thanks," mutters Oren.
"I'll try to keep your time apart as brief as possible, Mr. Loper."
"Thanks," mutters Oren.
"And we can get you a hands-free headset, of course." says Arbock.
"Just making sure you were listening." says Arbock brightly.
No. 86758 ID: f98e0b
File 126012725823.png - (358.74KB , 800x600 , 120.png )

"Where, exactly, are we going?" asks Oren.
"Anchorturn," says Allen. "It's a frontier city, but a large one. Half a day or so, as the crow flies."
"Well if you think I'm willing to walk across the Wastes, you're crazier than the Hacker, and my car's in repairs right now."

"I wouldn't worry about transportation, Mr. Loper." says Allen with a grin. "When you help out an Arbock..."
No. 86759 ID: f98e0b
File 126012728685.png - (358.68KB , 800x600 , 121.png )

("These people aren't paid for their thematic timing, I'm afraid.")
No. 86760 ID: f98e0b
File 126012738282.png - (305.12KB , 800x600 , 122.png )

"The Arbocks help you."

A sleek iron landskiff slides across the horizon and stops itself nearby with the low hiss of packed sand.
"Lombardi Landskiffs," says Allen. "For the man who must compensate for nothing. But still wants to."
No. 86764 ID: dda9dd

No. 86850 ID: ee22d7

sweet tits. He needs to at least roll up those sleeves though.
No. 86870 ID: f98e0b
File 126013906552.png - (181.55KB , 800x600 , 124.png )

Allen leads Oren to his car.
"The trip's about eight hours," he explains. "This is your own personal space, but you'll pardon me or the crew if we need to move about between the cabins, I hope. We'll knock first."

Oren tosses his bag onto the ground and looks around. This is pretty damn ritzy, complete with flatscreen and bed. He imagines this one boxcar is more expensive than his apartment.

"Righto. I'm going to go change into some threads that are a little less consticting. And, er, insane. My skin longs for silk, as it were," says Allen, walking to the door. "Is there anything I can clear up about this case before we go?"
No. 86904 ID: 942355


I don't think we need much. Maybe a drink if we're going for hours through the desert. Remind him to keep an eye on the Hacker, he may get stronger as the drugs that put him in a coma get weaker.
No. 86910 ID: 135d9a

Well, if he hasn't really got any information beyond "a guy killed him and it was probably a family member," I'd say you're pretty much good on that front.
No. 86912 ID: dda9dd

So with all of this lovely power and convenience about, why are you fellows still using cord-and-wood bows?

Or is that just a boonies thing?
No. 86970 ID: f98e0b
File 126014667310.png - (166.33KB , 800x600 , 125.png )

"I reckon I'm good for now," says Oren. "But, uh, not impose, but there ain't anything to drink around here, is there?"

"Of course, dear boy," says Allen. "Check the minibar unde the desk if you get hungry. I have a date with a well stocked wardrobe. Ciao."
"Bye. Oh, and Mr. Arbock."
"Yes, Mr. Loper?"
"Watch the Hacker."
"Of course, Mr. Loper."
He exits.

No. 86983 ID: 5d5878

Check out the minibar. Don't get too drunk.
No. 86985 ID: f98e0b
File 126014768335.png - (32.20KB , 800x600 , 126.png )

Gotta be, can't you see/You x Me, OTP/Plain to s-
"Hey, Oren. Calling so soon?"
"Hey, Squires. How did you know it was me?"
"Personalized ringtone. How's the ride?"
"There's a minibar on here, Squires. And I think some of the Fudgie Bars have gold leaf inside. This is classy as hell."
"I saw the skiff."
"Impressive, ain't it? I'm not a greedy man but it makes me wish I had this kind of cash."
"He's compensating for something, babe. You don't need to."
"Now that's generalizi- really?"
"More than satisfactory."
"Good to know."
No. 86990 ID: f98e0b
File 126014793870.png - (270.35KB , 800x600 , 127.png )

"I miss you, Nessie. Well, not yet, it's only been five minutes, but I will. I know."

"Listen, Oren. It's just for a little bit. Solve the case, get the moolah, come home alive, and we'll screw like wild bunnies. I promise. Oh, and bring me back a ritzy-minibar Blastybar."
"Really? I'd never pegged you as a blasthead."
"You've never rocked the Blastybars? Back during basic training it was all I ever ate,"
"Maybe that explains why you were so damn twitchy during Archery..."

The Skiff rides away from the sun and Hearthback, and on.
No. 87063 ID: dbc08c

Ah, this is life..

No much else to do but wait, I guess. maybe they have eight hours straight of DVDs somewhere?
No. 88251 ID: f98e0b
File 126030462322.png - (112.58KB , 800x600 , 128.png )

Oren roots around and finds the entire Wars of The Colossi trilogy. Excellent.

He's halfway through the last one when Allen knocks and comes in, wearing makeup over the Hacker's distinctive markings. "I'd been wishing this fit me for years," he says. "I feel like the hacker makes it look fairly good. Silver lining, eh?"
"Sure," says Oren, not totally paying attention.
"I hate to interrupt the siege of Estovia fortress, but you may want to come look at the view," says Allen, gesturing to the front of the skiff.
No. 88253 ID: f98e0b
File 126030484346.png - (372.45KB , 800x600 , 129.png )

"See there? That's Arbock Tower in the distance. We're getting close to the city," says Allen.
"And just look at the sunset," says Oren, digging out his phone to get a new wallpaper.
"Oh, yes, I suppose that's nice too," says Allen. "We have reservations at Anchorturn Inn. Shall we go there now, or would you prefer to do some sort of investigation first? I can think of several leads that could lend you a helping hand."
No. 88265 ID: 1831fc


>War of the Collossi

>Possible Shadow of the Colossus reference

Fuck. Yes.

Someone hurry up and become a director so they can make this a reality.
No. 88304 ID: e30533

Okay guys. Priorities, priorities.

First thing to do is determine cause of death, altho hes probably buried by now. We can still check the official records and see if its inconsistent with sudden pain.

Second, crime scene. Discover who had access to him, if his rom can be sniped from outside, et cetera.

Ah, and we gotta trace Arbock's steps up to the moment of his death. Maybe something unusula happened on that day? Spiked drinks? Different people?

Once we have all set up, we can dispatch the evidence to Jack McCoy and let him handle it :3
No. 88588 ID: f98e0b
File 126032021635.png - (157.16KB , 800x600 , 130.png )

>Skiff Docks, Anchorturn
No. 88591 ID: f98e0b
File 126032035127.png - (122.38KB , 800x600 , 131.png )

"My name, by the by, if anyone asks, is Jhonen Fortword," says Arbock. "We've got a pretty nice hotel to stay in but I imagine you'll be working as much as possible to try to crack this case and go home, yes?"

"Depends on your definition of nice," says Oren. "Is the body buried by now?"
No. 88599 ID: f98e0b
File 126032059953.png - (140.63KB , 800x600 , 132.png )

"I wouldn't imagine so," says Arbock, stepping on to the platform. "While the investigation is pending, it's going to be in the Authority Morgue. I've kept one ear to the ground, and it's clear that the case isn't yet officially closed. That probably means that the Anchorturn Sheriff will want to speak to you, but he can wait until tomorrow if need be."
"Sir?" says a muffled voice, and a man who was for some reason lying on the ground holds up a hotel keycard.

"Ah, thank you, Denwick. Denwick, Sheriff Loper. He's my gentleman's gentleman. Here's the key to the rooms. Of course, you wanted to investigate, first? Where to now?"
No. 88607 ID: f21281


Can we call you Joe for short?
No. 88611 ID: 135d9a

Well, go talk to the sheriff first, if you're feeling up to it.
No. 88640 ID: f98e0b
File 12603244205.png - (244.84KB , 800x600 , 133.png )

"Sheriff Loper, I have heard nothing but positive reports from your precinct. Seems with a skeleton crew you've managed to keep the peace on a frontier town admirably for two years."
No. 88642 ID: f98e0b
File 126032450313.png - (126.25KB , 800x600 , 134.png )

"So perhaps you're wondering," says Sheriff Ferdinand Blejwas of Anchorturn, "why I'm not cracking open a brewski and celebrating your arrival."
No. 88644 ID: f98e0b
File 126032471452.png - (125.65KB , 800x600 , 135.png )

"The fact is," he says, "I felt we had this investigation well in hand until this external agency brought you in as a... what's the word? Consultant. I'm not going to pretend to smile and stab you in the back, Sheriff Loper. I consider it an insult to my department that you're here. But I'm going to tell you anything you need to know about this case, the events surrounding it, and its current suspects. Maybe together we can suss out just how this Allen got his ticket punched. And who did it."

Oren is moderately intimidated. "Look forward to it, Sheriff."

"Course." says Blejwas. "Any questions about the investigation thus far?"
No. 88648 ID: 135d9a

Well, I think we decided we wanted to know the cause of death first, I guess.
No. 88659 ID: f98e0b
File 126032583516.png - (320.58KB , 800x600 , 136.png )

"Allen Arbock was hacked to death one week ago," says Blejwas. "The remains were found stuffed into a garbage bag behind a Sun Spirit restaurant downtown the Arbock family frequented."

"Hacked to death by what, in particular?" asks Oren.

"Unsure, but whatever did it did it messily. The cuts were clean, but the body itself was hacked apart into at least eight pieces. There were a few shallow wounds but most of them scythed through large portions of the body."
No. 88664 ID: 135d9a


Can we have a look at, well, where he was when he got hacked to bits?
No. 88669 ID: 276781

Any suspects? Jealous family members who don't have alibis? Family members who do have alibis, but might be flimsy? Outstanding enemies?
No. 88671 ID: 632862

It sounds like he was thrown into a blender. Or some kind of rapidly moving blade.
No. 88687 ID: f98e0b
File 126032811211.png - (69.12KB , 800x600 , 137.png )

"Any suspects? Jealous family members who don't have alibis? Family members who do have alibis, but might be flimsy? Outstanding enemies?" asks Oren.

"Suspects we got," says Blejwas. "And you're on top of it with the Family thing. The Arbock dynasty has never been an orderly one. The three prime suspects are currently:

Ordo Arbock was second in line to the head of the house. Allen's death was the most convenient to him over all. And he has the power to do it.

Celyne Arbock has ideas for Arbock Inc. By all Accounts Allen never listened to any of them. Infuriated her.

Mendel Parter is CEO of Windfall, Arbock's chief competitor. Hates them, all of them."
No. 88697 ID: 51d0f5

Jeeze. Any of them could've hired any number of people by any number of means.

>It sounds like he was thrown into a blender. Or some kind of rapidly moving blade.
Nah. Probably just chopped up to be more easily transported without suspicion.

Has the place where Allen last slept been picked over with a fine tooth comb yet?
No. 88745 ID: 632862

It's incredibly difficult to get a clean cut straight through the body. You'd need some kind of huge blade going very fast.

If he had been chopped up by someone using an axe or something, it would not have been a clean cut.
No. 88799 ID: bfcc12

A very shar,p, very narrow blade would make it easier. Like a katana or an extra sharp scythe.
No. 88938 ID: 107da3


Arm blades, now what sort of creature is extremely strong and has large blades/for limbs?
No. 88951 ID: 4d0d8b

The sad thing being, we need the person who actually hacked Arbock. From there we can hope to establish a chain that goes up to one of those three, if we do the Dragnet way.

Or, we can try to just deduce all with clues and logic. Was Oren a fan of Agatha Christie?
No. 89104 ID: f98e0b
File 126037107020.png - (140.97KB , 800x600 , 138.png )

"Where did Allen last sleep?"

"He went to bed in the executive suite at the top of Arbock Tower," says Blejwas, sidling over to his desk and pulling out a sheaf of papers. "These'll get you generally anywhere you want to go in Anchorturn, including there. I've included a list of all the pertinent sites to the case and where each of the major suspects can be found. You'll probably want to schedule an appointment with them first. There's also enough paperwork in there to choke a bureaucrat's horse. Anyone tries to give you shit about warrants, just show them. You don't have to let me know if you find anything important but I'd appreciate it. Good hunting, Loper."
No. 89110 ID: 135d9a

Thank him for the help.

Then check over that "list of pertinent sites," and let's get cracking.
No. 89113 ID: 135d9a

oops fuck name whatever
No. 89117 ID: f98e0b
File 126037219392.png - (58.95KB , 800x600 , 139.png )

Oren thanks Blejwas, who grunts in acknowledgment, then heads for the hotel where Al-um, Jhonen said they'd meet. He takes a look at the papers while he walks.
No. 89118 ID: 632862

Get a map of the city and plot all these locations out on it.
No. 89136 ID: 135d9a

Well, go meet "Jhonen," then.

And then get on investigating places and talking to people, since you've got that nice straightforward list there. See if we can't get this wrapped up before too long.
No. 89158 ID: f98e0b
File 12603838254.png - (85.12KB , 800x600 , 140.png )

Oren meets Arbock in his room at the hotel.
"How went the meeting, old boy?" asks Allen.
"Well, I guess." says Oren. "Blejwas seems competent. And intimidating. He gave me this list of suspects."
"And they are?"
"Family, mostly."

"Of course," sighs Allen. "Hard to get along with such strong-willed siblings."
"Usually my brothers just stuffed mud in my ear," says Oren. "Dismemberment was generally off the radar."

"Well, it's a starting point, if it's anything." says Allen. "It's getting fairly late right now, though. Perhaps investigation could wait until morning?"
No. 89163 ID: 632862

Yeah, I guess. Ask him if he wants to see crime photos of his own body! (wait, do we have photos?)
No. 89170 ID: f98e0b
File 126038548057.png - (121.37KB , 800x600 , 141.png )

"Fine," says Oren. "Where's my room?"

"Oh. Right. Um. Well," says Allen. "We only really haveoneroomsoforthebedlet'sdoNOSES"
No. 89171 ID: f98e0b
File 126038550153.png - (82.23KB , 800x600 , 142.png )

"First!" announces Allen.
No. 89173 ID: f98e0b
File 126038614115.png - (52.18KB , 800x600 , 143.png )

The sweet life could be a little sweeter.
No. 89178 ID: f21281

...why didn't you just ask the hotel staff if they have any spare roll-out cots?
No. 89189 ID: b9af96

First things first, don't talk to any suspects until after you've investigated the crime scene and the body. Check the body for poison, or possibly small wounds, as the dismemberment is likely just to obfuscate the true cause of death. I'd say look at the body first, 'cause it's not going to get any less decomposed.
No. 91016 ID: 45be60

Find out why he wanted to hire an outside sheriff. Does he have reason to suspect incompetence or corruption on the part of the local police?
No. 92909 ID: f98e0b
File 126099618013.png - (47.15KB , 800x600 , 144.png )


No. 92910 ID: f98e0b
File 126099619426.png - (49.50KB , 800x600 , 145.png )

No. 92914 ID: f98e0b
File 126099648866.png - (132.39KB , 800x600 , 146.png )

"Loper," says Oren.
"This is the Hearthback Authority center, Deputy Squires speaking," says Nessie, sleepily. "Be advised, the Dragon is inbound. Repeat, dragon is inbound."
"Hey, Squires," says Oren.
"Hey, Sheriff," says Nessie. "Indala just called the office looking for you. Apparently she removed your number from her phone after your fight and forgot it."
"What did you tell her?"
"I didn't tell her anything, I just said you weren't around. Said I didn't have your number either. It's just a matter of time till she gets it, though. She sounded kind of- you know-"
"Do I?"
"Like bloooargh I want Oren back graaaghbl," she says.
No. 92921 ID: e024d0

A pity then that this case is looking to take a while ehh? You just hang in there.
No. 92933 ID: f98e0b
File 126100055239.png - (106.77KB , 800x600 , 147.png )

"Well what'd you say to her?" asks Oren. "Did you tell her about us?"

"Ummm, no." says Nessie. "What would I have said? Oh yes, Miss Indala, the Sheriff had an itch on his penis and I felt it was my duty as deputy to scratch it. With my cooch. Speaking of which, I miss you and lil' Orry already. It's going to be really fucking annoying, making my own breakfast."

"No need," says Oren. "I froze some pancakes from yesterday."
"Did you?" she asks. "Wow, you did. This is why you're sexy, Sheriff."
"I try. 'Lil' Orry?'"
"You can name my boobs if you want. It's only fair. How's the case going?"

"These Arbocks are a fucked-up family. The Authority here thinks it was one of them," says Oren. "I'm heading out to take a look at the body soon."
"Are you gonna talk to any of the witnesses or suspects or something?" asks Nessie.
No. 92935 ID: e024d0

If these people are as professional as they seem any witnesses are going to be found is a selection small bags scattered at the bottom of various municipal garbage cans.

Well, either that or very well paid off. There's a company fortune at stake here. These folks are going to be rolling in enough to keep the peace nice and peaceful.
No. 92953 ID: f98e0b
File 126100349699.png - (210.90KB , 800x600 , 148.png )

"There were no witnesses to the murder itself," says Oren, checking the case file. "And I'm willing to bet anyone else who knows something was bribed or met a similar end, judging by how influential the suspects are."
"Then go check the corpse, by all means," says Squires. "Call me if anything big goes up, okay?"
"Okay. Love you."
"Love you too, hon."
Oren hangs up and heads out to the Mortuary...
No. 92957 ID: 1831fc


Is she just... walking around with her bottoms off?

I like this chick.
No. 92959 ID: e024d0

That she is, but I don't think Oren was made aware of that fact.

Lets see what story the dead have to tell then Oren.
No. 92964 ID: f98e0b
File 126100399396.png - (82.30KB , 800x600 , 149.png )

...but runs into a bit of trouble inside.
"It's, um, total bullshit, what you're doing," Celyne Arbock is saying. "We can't have any sort of ceremony until you give back the um body."

"What's left of it?" asks the receptionist, who seems more interested in his lunch than in the conversation. "Look, Miss Arbock. The rules state that I can't surrender the cadaver until the investigation is closed, and it's not, okay? It's that simple. Come back next week."
"To hell with the rules!" says Celyne. "Just give me um the body so we can cremate it and be done. What the hell can you find out you haven't after, um, a week anyway?"

Oren is trying hard to keep his head down and remain in deep fascination of his hands. This has been going on for five minutes now, though, and it doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon.

Oren seems to recall the plan was not to talk to any of the suspects until he'd examined the evidence. What now?
No. 92967 ID: e75a2f

Lay low, but if the guy at the desk shows signs of letting up, casually flash your badge/paperwork and head in without acknowledging the bitch's presence.

For all you know all three of them murdered the poor bastard.
No. 92969 ID: e024d0

Her ears look rather odd. I would advise not revealing your presence to her unless absolutely necessarily to prevent the body from being taken away.
No. 93015 ID: f98e0b
File 126100964783.png - (82.84KB , 800x600 , 150.png )

Oren stays down and listens, ready to jump in if the receptionist relents.
"I'm not giving you the body, Miss Arbock. Nothing you can say short of solving the case will change that. Are we done here?"
"Oh no," says Celyne. "We are not, um, done. You'll know we're done when a pack of ravenous lawyers descends from the, um, heavens and darkens the sky with lawsuits. That's when we'll be done. I am not leaving."

"Whatever," says the receptionist, starting in on his lunch. "I can wait."

"So can I, buster. We'll, um, see who gives up first." Celyne says, standing at the desk. She shoots an apologetic look to Oren but doesn't move.

No. 93037 ID: 632862

Try talking to her about what's going on. If she's just gonna stand around and do nothing, we may as well gab at her. Um, take the pretense of someone who just wants to gossip.
No. 93041 ID: f8c23f

If you reveal yourself as an investigator, you may get through. Both of them seem like they would want this whole thing over with quicker.

On the other hand, she might latch on and start pestering you for information.

This would be so much easier if you were a ninja, boss.
No. 93055 ID: f98e0b
File 126101276059.png - (83.67KB , 800x600 , 151.png )

Oren would really like his skills from playing Hidden Blades when he was a kid to kick in at this point. Seems like it's not in the cards.

"Uh, 'scuse me," says Oren. "What's going on here?"
"Generally what it, um looks like," says Celyne. "You've heard Allen Arbock is dead, right? I'm his sister, I've been here for half an hour, and I'm, um, not leaving without my brother." She flashes him an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry if it's inconveniencing you, but the Arbocks don't abandon their own. We may nearly bite each others' heads off everytime we're in the same room, but we, um, don't abandon our own."

"You could try taking your shirt off," observes the receptionist.
"Would that convince you?" growls Celyne.
"No, but at least one person'd be having a good time," says the receptionist, shrugging.
No. 93058 ID: 632862

I spy a clue. She's got a needle mark. The relevance of this fact is debatable, however.

Ask her if she has any idea who killed him.
No. 93072 ID: f98e0b
File 126101418798.png - (87.03KB , 800x600 , 152.png )

Mark noted. Hmm.

"The papers all say it's a mystery. You wouldn't know, would you?"

"I'm sure, um, there's nothing I know that they wouldn't," says Celyne. "Arbocks aren't exactly private people. Um. You know who I think it was? That rat bastard Mendel Parter, the one who runs Windfall. He went, um, to one of my parties I throw once in a while, and the whole time just leered at me. Left in a bit of a hurry, too. Suspicious, I'd say. Always hanging around the Arbocks, watching me. Us. And this was the night Allen died, too. They were both at the party."

"The way you want to get rid of this damn body, I'd say you were a pretty big suspect," says the receptionist.

Celyne scowls. "The Authority um, seems to think the same way. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous."
No. 93080 ID: e024d0

Well how would this other fellow, -erh- Mendel Parter, benefit from Allen dying?
No. 93082 ID: 15f6d6

Cant you just show the receptionist the papers and move on through? Try not to let Celyne know what you're doing, though.

It's not like the receptionist is prevented from letting you go about your business just because Celyne is standing there.
No. 93085 ID: 632862

"Why's it so ridiculous? You got an alibi?"
No. 93086 ID: f98e0b
File 12610167487.png - (79.61KB , 800x600 , 153.png )

Oren certainly could. He looks down into his pocket and checks his ID and papers. He could just waltz up to the receptionist and go in to check the body. But the woman who is either the coldblooded killer or a mourning sister is standing right there. Either way, she could well be a problem if she figures out who he is. Should he?
No. 93089 ID: e024d0

I rather think not, not unless, you could imply that you were seeing someone else's body? I mean you plan to investigate her later correct? She will likely remember you from either way. So might as well have your own alibi for being here, eh?

But if you can't think up a story then perhaps it would be best to wait it out or distract this rather pesky heiress into going elsewhere?
No. 93090 ID: 15f6d6

Oren should ask to speak with the receptionist privately and just step him to the side to show him the papers, and then see if he cant get surreptitous directions inside. If she asks, or tries to nose in, tell her its a private matter.
No. 93094 ID: f21281

Step outside and call the Sheriff. Ask him if he can call Celyne for a second round of questioning or something, just to get her out of the morgue so you can do your job.
No. 93098 ID: c88bbf

No, this is a bad idea
No. 93101 ID: 632862

Not quite yet. Ask her why she's the only Arbock here trying to get the body back.
No. 93110 ID: c88bbf

Let's see if she will just let us go in and see the body of our departed friend who got too close to the edge of the docks. Always did get some fool ideas in his head, ol' Slater, when he was drunk.
No. 93111 ID: f98e0b
File 126101844477.png - (82.33KB , 800x600 , 154.png )

"But it seems like you're the only Arbock trying to get at the body," says Oren.

Celyne pauses at this. "Yeah, I am somehow. Um. Mom's been sort of unhinged ever since dad passed on, and Allen just made it worse. Ordo's just plain fucking petrified. he's never been any good at making decisions. He was relieved when Allen took office. I'd imagine he's um, in a little private hell right now. So it falls to me to get Allen home..." she trails off. "Empty-headed, optimistic, happy Allen. I...um. I'm not sure. Um."

"What's Parter's angle? What does he get from Allen's death?"

"Arbock is Windfall's chief competitor. We're still ahead, despite some very interesting, um, innovations on their part. I tried to emulate their technology, but Allen didn't listen. Parter could totally benefit from a power vacancy, and everyone knows Ordo is not exactly competent. He had everything to gain, and he hates me, um, and the other Arbocks.
No. 93126 ID: 632862

She seems legit. Now, ask her what she was doing at the time of the murder. She might realize we're more than we seem at this point, so smirk a little. Tell her you're a consultant, if she asks.

I think we should start doing what we came here to do, at this point.
No. 93146 ID: e024d0

ehhh, I would just back off now before you seem too nosy.
No. 93175 ID: 497870


She looks like she's getting suspicious, boss. Either we should get out, or come clean.
No. 93209 ID: 15f6d6

She doesn't seem suspicious at all, although she is pretty free with the information. Oren needs to keep in mind that she is not being honest. Although she called Allen empty headed and optimistic, he was fully prepared for exactly what happened.

Ask her about Allen, don't tell her why you're here.
No. 93536 ID: f98e0b
File 126109393681.png - (68.45KB , 800x600 , 155.png )

"So what exactly is your alibi, anyway?" asks Oren.

Celyne takes a long look at him. "You're who, exactly?" she asks.

"Loper," says Oren. "Consultant."
"You're new," says Celyne. "I personally know half the damn Authority by now, but I don't think we've met." she smiles and slinks over to sit down next to him. The receptionist sees this as a temporary fix to his problem, and heads into the back.

"How did you know?" asks Oren.
"You asked a lot of questions and didn't act like you instantly recognized me. Most all of Anchorturn does," she says. "I'm not a complete airhead, Mr. Loper. And I had, um, heard they brought in another sheriff. Anyway. I promise not to try to use, um, seduction on you if you promise to believe at least a little of what I tell you. Not that it would work, I guess. You already have a girlfriend, don't you? A good one?"

"How did you know that?" asks Oren.
"You can look me in the eyes instead of directly at these every few seconds," she says, pushing her chest out a little. "So are you going to go in and look at my brother now? Can I come?"
No. 93539 ID: f21281

That depends. Do you really think you can handle seeing your (baby/big) brother hacked into gruesome little pieces?
No. 93540 ID: f91e71

"I believe you will understand if I say no. There really is not much to see, but I'm willing to hear."

Cat's out of the bag anyway.
No. 93545 ID: 632862

I don't think it would be a good idea to have a civilian present when inspecting evidence. Also, she didn't answer the alibi question at all.

Now that the receptionist is gone, you could mention the needle mark.
No. 93560 ID: e024d0

It would be a good idea to gauge her reaction to the corpse, but she may not be allowed to remove or touch anything at this time.
No. 93574 ID: f98e0b
File 126109628013.png - (73.74KB , 800x600 , 156.png )

"You didn't answer my question," says Oren. "What were you doing?"

"I was sleeping, I um expect," says Celyne dismissively. "The killing was done late at night."

"That mark, on your arm." says Oren. "Looks like a needle. What is that?"
"You think that's a needlemark?" asks Celyne, looking at it. "Hmm. Maybe. I just thought it was a bugbite or, um, something. It's been there about a week."

"Are you sure you want to see the body?" asks Oren. "Allen was apparently sliced up pretty bad,"

"I um caught a few glimpses at it already," says Celyne. "I was there at the Sun Spirit when they found him. All the Arbocks were (except Allen of course). We were, um, having dinner."

So. Is Oren letting Celyne in to see the body?
No. 93578 ID: 9891a9

Yes, because >>93560 has a good plan.
No. 93583 ID: 15f6d6

Oren should go look at it by himself first, then let her come in later. She could easily wreck shit up in no time if you let her in with you.
No. 93629 ID: 1831fc


Sleeping and at the restaurant?

Something doesn't fit here...
No. 93633 ID: f98e0b
File 126110172033.png - (219.58KB , 800x600 , 157.png )

"The Arbock woman really shouldn't be in here," says the receptionist, "so I'll give you five minutes. Take a look."

Oren does so. Allen is lying, or perhaps a better word is stacked, inside a body locker. There's certainly a lot of blood.

"Oh, Allen. Oh, shit." Celyne is saying.
No. 93636 ID: 632862

HEY! I see a similar dot on his arm! Something odd is going on here.
No. 93639 ID: 632862

Find out if they did a proper autopsy, or just assumed he died from the huge cuts.
No. 93643 ID: f98e0b
File 126110248052.png - (247.37KB , 800x600 , 158.png )

Oren takes a closer look. Something sure as hell is.

"Did you do a proper autopsy?"
"Of course we did," says the receptionist. "Death came from a slash that cracked the skull in one solid hit." Clearly enjoying the look on Celyne's face, he goes on. "The brain was scrambled up like a fuckin' egg yolk. At least he went quick, no? The bloodstream had enough sedatives in it to knock out a bull, to boot. Your time's near up."
No. 93647 ID: 632862

Ask Celyne where she slept that night. She was probably drugged too.
No. 93648 ID: 15f6d6

Ask them what the fuck that mark is. If it could possibly be a bug bite or if it's a needle mark. Actually, make Celyne show the guy hers, if you can. Maybe he knows wtf is up with that.
No. 93650 ID: f98e0b
File 126110298942.png - (146.23KB , 800x600 , 159.png )

"What's the mark?" asks Oren. "Right there on the arm?"

"That would be the where they injected him with sedative," says the receptionist impatiently. "Hey, are we done here? I don't want to get in trouble..."

"Wait, okay," says Oren. "Celyne, where did you sleep the night Allen died?"
"My room, um, at the Tower," says Celyne. "We all have rooms up there. Me and Ordo and Allen."
No. 93651 ID: 15f6d6

He died two weeks ago. I doubt she would still have a mark on her arm from that long ago. needle pricks go away in about a day. Her's had to be more recently acquired. Maybe ask her if she normally remembers falling asleep or if she ever wakes up during the night? I don't know.
No. 93652 ID: e024d0

We probably don't want to tip our hand to fast, if she knows we saw her needle mark she could tell others. Perhaps others with the mark would hide it?
No. 93653 ID: 15f6d6

Oren already asked her about it directly... so, kinda too late for that.
No. 93656 ID: e75a2f

Mark on the arm. Said she was sleeping. Mark has been there allegedly one week, lining up with the time of death of Allen himself.

Ask her what she remembers EXACTLY about one week ago, and compare the two marks. Also see about running her through a blood test; trace remains of a sedative may still be there, though probably not. Bring her in for questioning as well. You can't do anything official but seeing as how you may have a lead here you can make it damn near uncomfortable for her.

If you can find that syringe, you win.
No. 93664 ID: 632862

I think we need to talk to Ordo next. Whatever happened in the Tower that night involved more than one victim. If we can talk to Celyne in private again, we need to ask her if she was alone that night. It seems that someone drugged her too.

With the way she described Mendel's behavior that night, I'm going to lean towards a rape + opportunity killing theory. We need evidence, though.
No. 93825 ID: 77af84

I know its farfetched, but could've been a somehow dirty needle.

You know, like a tattoo needle. Ink stays right below skin?

Humn. Can you knock someone out with a narcotic-loaded tattooing needle?
No. 93830 ID: f98e0b
File 126116731083.png - (218.94KB , 800x600 , 160.png )

Celyne rolls up her sleeve and compares marks.
Hers is smaller and less painful-looking.

"Miss Arbock. Think. The night of Allen's death. Did you go to bed alone?"
"What? Of course," says Celyne, flustered. "Wait, do you think someone may have..." she wretches. "When I get home I am going to take the longest shower I've um ever had. And a blood test."

Oren can head to Arbock tower. Should he go now?
No. 93831 ID: 632862

Yes, it's Tower time.
No. 93846 ID: e75a2f

Also I don't think I have to mention the possibility of her mark being self-inflicted to solidify her alibi.

However, the size difference could be the indication of a struggle on Allen's part. At the scene of the murder, was there anything to indicate that Allen may have fought back?

If Celyne was asleep and slipped a sedative to make sure she was asleep, her mark would be noticeably different from the same mark from an awake Allen due to the attacker most likely having to use some forceful restraint.

Another lead to pursue is find out exactly what chemical was used as a sedative. It might be something not readily available to everyone, narrowing down your search somewhat.
No. 93855 ID: 632862

If he fought back, he would've remembered it.

I think perhaps this was merely an indication that the murderer jabbed the needle in deeper into Allen. Or used a bigger needle for a larger injection.
No. 93870 ID: f98e0b
File 126117265662.png - (186.87KB , 800x600 , 161.png )

"Mr. Arbock? A Sheriff Loper to speak to you, sir."

"Yes, he called ahead. Send him through."

"Very good, sir."
No. 93872 ID: f98e0b
File 12611728415.png - (185.57KB , 800x600 , 162.png )

Oren strides purposefully into the room, trying not to show on his face how intimidated he is.
"I'm Sheriff Oren Loper, pleased to meet you," he says, pulling out his Authority ID and puttin it on the desk. "I'd like you to answer some questions about Allen."

"Of course, sheriff." says Ordo, smiling weakly. He's not a big man, but he looks taller sitting behind the desk. "Ask me any questions you like, and please, take a seat. I'm told the furniture is quite expensive."
No. 93878 ID: 632862

Did that chair just appear out of thin air? I guess the furniture is expensive for a reason.

Ask him if he was in his room at the Tower that night, and if he heard anything.
No. 93891 ID: 77af84

Security tapes. You must has them. Or ask for them too.

Check him for needle marks.
No. 94038 ID: f98e0b
File 126118723795.png - (183.03KB , 800x600 , 163.png )

"The night of the murder. This was eight days ago. Where were you that night, when Allen was killed?"
"Sleeping," says Ordo. "In my room at the tower."
"Did you hear anything?" asks Oren.
"Nothing." says Ordo.

"Okay," says Oren. "What about tapes? You must have them somewhere."
"No," says Ordo. "The tapes from that night were destroyed. Demagnetized."

"Roll up your sleeves." says Oren.
"What?" says Ordo.
"Roll up your sleeves for me." says Oren.
"Why?" asks Ordo.
No. 94043 ID: d18387

You are investigating a potential lead.
No. 94053 ID: 632862

Tell him you're investigating an interesting pattern of evidence.
No. 94055 ID: 15f6d6

Further insist that he rolls up his sleeve.
No. 94056 ID: f98e0b
File 126118828951.png - (41.06KB , 800x600 , 164.png )

"Investigating a lead," says Oren.
"Fine," says Ordo. He unrolls his sleeves.


"What exactly were you looking for?" asks Ordo.
No. 94057 ID: c88bbf

Yeah, we are following up on a lead.
No. 94059 ID: 15f6d6

Don't tell him anything. If he doesn't have a mark, he is our prime suspect.
No. 94061 ID: d18387


"Something that you, apparently, don't need to worry about. Thank you for your cooperation."
No. 94063 ID: 632862


Don't answer him. Ask who had access to the tapes. Then just ask his general feelings on the matter. How he got along with Ordo, Allen, and Mendel. How the company is doing.
No. 94064 ID: c88bbf

Can't really say at the moment.
No. 94068 ID: 8aeffb

What about his other arm.
No. 94069 ID: 632862

He did move his hand so you could see his whole arm, right?
No. 94079 ID: f98e0b
File 126118931899.png - (180.90KB , 800x600 , 165.png )


"Oh, nothing," says Oren brightly.
"It wouldn't be some sort of mysterious mark? Only Celyne was complaining about it earlier and I have one on my... you know."
"No," says Oren.
"Rear," says Ordo.
"I see," says Oren. "Can I see?"
"What? No." says Ordo.
"I can't force you to give up personal evidence," says Oren, reciting the memorized lines like a cant. "but it could impact your case considerably."
"I'm not showing you my rear, sheriff."
"Your decision," says Oren cooly. "How's the business going?"
"Well enough."
"How was your relationship with Allen?"
"He kept the place running. It was inconvenient, his death. To be honest..." Ordo lowers his voice. "I'm in way over my head at this point. I don't suppose the authority has the power of resurrection?"
"Beyond us, Mr. Arbock, I'm sure."
Oren's just about ready to leave. He wonders if he should ask anything else.
No. 94085 ID: 15f6d6

Ask him when Celyne started complaining about hers. Ask him when he first noticed the mark. Ask him his opinion of Celyne in general also. Ask him who he thinks may have been involved, if Allen had any enemies.
No. 94130 ID: d18387


The posterior is another place where needles are applied. It doesn't seem like something they could miss, though, unless it's while they sleep, and even then they'd need a bit of chloroform or something to keep them under. You may need to ask to see their bedrooms.

Either that or it's some kind of amnesia drug, or there's some magic that'd help.
No. 94160 ID: f98e0b
File 126119371893.png - (180.03KB , 800x600 , 166.png )

"Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Arbock. Before I go, did Allen have any major enemies in life? People who would want him dead?"

"I can think of one," says Ordo. "Just one."
No. 94161 ID: f98e0b
File 126119377158.png - (51.54KB , 800x600 , 167.png )

"That would be Mendel Parter."
No. 94169 ID: e024d0

Ominous looking son of... isn't he?

Also, I advise he head down forensics or a doctor and have that mark on his ass check out, it would help validate his story.
No. 94172 ID: 632862

Do we have photos of what Allen's room looked like right after the murder, or an evidence readout or anything?
No. 94173 ID: 15f6d6

Maybe we should actually check out the bedroom and see if there are any clues at the scene of the crime.
No. 94410 ID: 193ff5

Remember: going after who ordered the murder doesn' means shit. We need the actual murderer.
No. 94414 ID: 15f6d6

In the real world, that isn't true at all. Solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to murder make everyone who participated guilty of the actual murder, just like they did it with their own hands, if the murder actually happens. All we would need would be proof.
No. 94417 ID: 193ff5

AFAIK, we need the actual murderer to find who ordered the guy murdered to establish connection, y'know.
No. 94423 ID: f98e0b
File 126123938459.png - (313.24KB , 800x600 , 168.png )

Oren excuses himself, and on the way out looks into Allen's bedroom.
No. 94425 ID: 193ff5

naturally, it has been cleaned up.

Lemmesee... Wardrobe, drawers. Anything?
No. 94433 ID: 632862

Looks like blood splatter on the side of the dresser, and one drop on the front. What's that yellow thing under the lamp?
No. 94466 ID: f98e0b
File 126125070073.png - (410.06KB , 800x600 , 169.png )

Yes, that's blood. Looks like there's more on the side of the cabinet. Oren collects some just in case Blejwas' Authority has any forensics.

The paper appears to be a note to Allen from Celyne with a structural design from Windfall Industries on it. Looks like some sort of hirzontal airmill powered by a Windstone. It's a magic artifact, fairly easy to make but expensive anyway. Oren doesn't exactly get any of the technical jiggery-pokery. He feels even more like a bumpkin than usual.

Nothing but suits that are starting to look a little dusty and an old paperback suspense novel.
No. 94467 ID: 119b5c

Any chance of it continuing behind the dresser?
No. 94477 ID: 632862

Oh wow, I think we're looking at the design of the murder weapon here. Check to see if the blood splatter continues behind the dresser.
No. 94485 ID: f98e0b
File 126125340170.png - (328.92KB , 800x600 , 170.png )

>Oh wow, I think we're looking at the design of the murder weapon here.
Oren thinks we are. He takes the note.

There's no blood on the back. Oren wonders if Ordo knows he's checking this room, and whether he should.
No. 94509 ID: 193ff5

Whats this windmill is usually used for, as a fan? Is it just a toy?

anyway, if there are no other clues... time to find the actual murder weapon or something.
No. 94510 ID: 193ff5

Sorry for the doublepost, but check under the bed.
No. 94597 ID: e024d0

That bed looks to be flat on the ground, but there could be something under the mattress.
No. 94841 ID: 632862

What's the proper police procedure here?
No. 95051 ID: c88bbf

put the evidence in a bag and lock it up in and evidence locker.
No. 101733 ID: f98e0b
File 126222050481.png - (144.10KB , 800x600 , 171.png )

Oren swings by the Authority Plaza to do that, and isn't tremendously surprised when he realizes that a cart with the Windfall logo on the hood has been tailing him a few blocks.
No. 101775 ID: e0aea5

Straight up approach the car and knock on their window.
No. 101796 ID: f98e0b
File 126222548889.png - (69.49KB , 800x600 , 172.png )

Oren strides up to the tinted window and raps his knuckle on it.
"Okay, open up. Sheriff Loper, Authority."
No. 101800 ID: f98e0b
File 126222587637.png - (159.64KB , 800x600 , 173.png )

The window winches down to reveal a painfully thin man in formal wear.

"Good day, Sheriff. My name is Brizio, Mr. Parter's Gentleman's Gentleman. I apologize for the skullduggery. My employer would like to speak with you about the death of Allen Arbock."
No. 101801 ID: 059c31

Oh boy... this is probably going to be awkward... be ready to duck just in case the plan on using an alternative meaning for "open up."
No. 101838 ID: e0aea5

Ask why you were approached in such a manner rather in a straightforward an honest way. You should probably say you will meet him later or in a different place, just in case this is a trap.
No. 102223 ID: f98e0b
File 126227447354.png - (199.29KB , 800x600 , 174.png )

"Why didn't you just come up and ask me?" says Oren. "Why the tail?"

"I simply had to ascertain you were who you said you were." says Brizio. "And Messr. Parter strictly told me only to speak with you if you initiated the conversation."

"What? Whatever." says Oren. "Look, maybe I'll talk to him later, but this looks too much like a trap for me to just go with you."

"Please reconsider, sir," says Brizio, a pleading tone sneaking into his smooth Butler monotone. "Messr. Parter would like to speak with you as soon as possible. If I keep him waiting, he'll be moderately displeased. I assure you I am unarmed."
No. 102234 ID: e0aea5

Let's get a cab.
No. 102236 ID: 059c31

It isn't him we are wary of, it's who else could suddenly accompany this trip that is a bit of a trouble. However, speaking with him did seem the next logical step considering where all the evidence has been pointing so far.
No. 114084 ID: f98e0b
File 126385578547.png - (49.77KB , 800x600 , 175.png )

On the whole ride to Mendel Suites, Benizio watches Oren with a sort of professional butlery disdain. The atmosphere is uncomfortable, to say the least.
They enter one of the slowest elevator's Oren has ever taken, and begin to ascend to Mendel's office.

Oren bathes in the awkward silence, lamely wondering if he should make small talk.
No. 114086 ID: 15f6d6

Ask him what exactly his function is and what he knows about the case.
No. 114113 ID: f98e0b
File 126385809386.png - (51.25KB , 800x600 , 176.png )

"So. Um." says Oren, clearing his throat. "Brizio. What exactly is your function as Mr. Parter's servant?"
"Serving," replies Brizio.

There's silence for some time.

"So what do you know about the Arbock case?" asks Oren.
"I know what Messr. Parter told me," says Brizio.
"And that'd be..?" asks Oren.
"To refrain from discussing the case in his absence." says Brizio.

Fun guy.
No. 114120 ID: 632862

That says something though. It means he's worried about what he might say.
No. 114144 ID: 3a2be8

Sounds like he knows he knows something.
No. 114158 ID: f98e0b
File 126386090075.png - (48.92KB , 800x600 , 177.png )

"You know you're sounding pretty suspicious right now, don't you?" asks Oren.

"Sir," says Brizio.
No. 114208 ID: f98e0b
File 12638655318.png - (118.84KB , 800x600 , 178.png )

They reach the top floor, and the door opens with a soft ping. Oren enters Parter's office, grateful for the escape. Brizio slides out after him and takes up position on the far side of the wall.

Parter is sitting at his office chair, holding a wireless controller. The splash screen for Operation Raven blinks on a large tv in front of him. "Hi. It's Orville or something, right?" says Parter, not taking his eyes off the screen.

"Oren," says Oren.

"Whatever. Orville. Owen. Orrydorry. You know who I am. How's your mother? Fine? Good. Good pleasantries. Nice chat." says Parter. "Sit the fuck down and grab a controller and let's talk shit. Let's talk business. Let's talk about about a dead Arbock named Allen, shall we?"
No. 114210 ID: 632862

The game is to keep you distracted so you can't think straight, and looking at the TV so you can't read his face. I would decline politely.
No. 114212 ID: 15f6d6

Sit down and grab the controller. He seems like a man of business. Let him do most of the talking.
No. 114216 ID: 632862

What's the title of the book on his desk?
No. 114219 ID: 3a2be8

"If we were talking business it may be more trusting to do so face to face, no?"
No. 114229 ID: f98e0b
File 12638674672.png - (58.36KB , 800x600 , 179.png )

"How to Succeed at Business Even if you are a Drooling Idiot With a Brain the Size of Your Pinky Toe".
By Mendel Parter.

"I'm used to doing most of my talking face to face, Mr. Parter." says Oren.

"Right. Face-to-face. Mano a Mano. Must be a country thing, Osric. Here in town we mix business with pleasure, if you get my upshot. Drift. Message."
Oren thinks about Squires, waiting back home for him, and about them together. "Reckon I do, Mr. Parter. It seems like this'll just be a distraction, though."

"Pff." says Parter. "It's OpRaven. Mindless FPW fun. I conduct all my business meetings like this. Networking, get it? My little joke. My pun. Seriously, siddown, pardner. If you don't I'll only answer your questions with riddles. Or anagrams or something."
No. 114233 ID: 632862

Damn it. Fine.
No. 114277 ID: c0f3bf

You'd better sit. Sitting is good.
No. 114594 ID: 62b30e

Big city has weird rules.
No. 114772 ID: f98e0b
File 126394381153.png - (122.90KB , 800x600 , 180.png )

Oren sits and grabs a controller.
"Okay, pick your guy," says Parter. The game looks like standard FPW, no surprises in class selection. Sniping guy, Bow guy, Sneaky guy, Sword guy. That sort of thing.

"So you've already talked to the Arbocks, yes? What'd they say? No hey wait, let me guess, they're not guitly, right? Neither of them is guilty," says Parter.
"Nope," says Oren, flicking through the menu.
"Well here's a shocker for you. One of us is lying, because I certainly didn't do it," says Parter, scratching his wrist.

"Sir should refrain from using the heavy crossbow," comments Brizio.
"Why shouldn't I, I'd like to know?" asks Parter.
"When I endeavor to make that selection, sir announces it is for 'faggot camping douche-wads', sir," says Brizio.
"I know that, and you know that..." mutters Parter, choosing a different weapon. "So. Looper."
"I ran out of first names. You trust me?"
No. 114775 ID: 15f6d6

"of course not. I'd be pretty stupid to at this point."
No. 114779 ID: 632862

"I don't trust anyone."
No. 114781 ID: a56bd0

"To the degree that I am sitting in your building with my eyes focused on a rather distracting screen of.. oh hey I didn't know the Amazon's alternate costume did "that" when you jumped.. anyhow.. to the degree that I am here listening to you.. yes, but at this point in time it doesn't really feel save to trust anyone on their word now does it?"
No. 114785 ID: f98e0b
File 126394532078.png - (94.60KB , 800x600 , 181.png )

"I'd be stupid if I did," says Oren.
"Damn straight, says Parter.

Oren spawns in an office hallway or something.

"So you want evidence or proof or something, right?" says Parter, rubbing his wrist. "Ask me anything,"
No. 114790 ID: 632862

Hmm, maybe he rubs his wrist when he's nervous, or lying.

Ask him where he was that night.
No. 114822 ID: 15f6d6

I mean, you may as well work the stereotypical questions, although asking him where he was is kinda useless. I seriously doubt he'd do the deed himself.

Ask him what he thinks of the other suspects as well.
No. 114824 ID: 15f6d6

Also, try being shitty at the game. It might make him underestimate you. If he notices that you are being shitty on purpose, it means he's super cagey, and totally faking you out with his demeanor.
No. 114835 ID: 648286

So you're running around in an office building killing people? Take note of the level's layout, this guy might be one of those really nutty killers feeding you weird clues just to mess with your head.

See if you can get the butler to play, too. Just to know where he is.
No. 114856 ID: f98e0b
File 126395182667.png - (64.36KB , 800x600 , 182.png )

Oren can do that, though it pains him to lose on purpose after hours feverishly logged into Operation Jackal in Authority Academy. He got pretty damn good at that game. The sequel plays generally how he remembers. He barges through most of the doors without using the Snake Cam and doesn't shield up at all. He catches an arrow in his chest for the effort.

"The night of Allen's death. Where were you?" asks Oren, as he waits to respawn.

"Me? I was at Miss Arbock's weekly shindig thingy," says Mendel, drawing another arrow. "Generally it's the place for everybody who's everybody. I make it a habit to gatecrash it as often as possible."

"What do you think of the other suspects?" asks Oren.

"Let me guess. They pointed you at me," says Mendel. "I make no denial that I've got a rivalry going with Arbock Corp. They aren't that innovative, but they're fucking everywhere, you know?" He scratches, pondering. "It was only really the old man I had a problem with. When Allen took over I took it as a good sign. He was an okay guy. We actually played this a couple of times during meetings, discuss our two corporationas and where we stood, y'know? Flaming as a forest fire, but less of a tightass than Arbock Senior."

"Okay. What about the other... wait, flaming?"

"Bisexual, technically. The way he saw it, he told me, beautiful's beautiful. He even came onto me once. Told him thanks but no thanks. Hey, let me ask you. Am I your primary suspect right now?"
No. 114857 ID: f0fac0

Total fag. Let's not quite tell him directly who we are suspecting... wait, who do we suspect the most?
No. 114873 ID: a1ac99

"Not at liberty to discuss evidence, but most of everything points at you, at least as readily as it does everyone else, if not moreso. With all the conflicting evidence, it's hard to say."

Ask him if he's had any odd marks on his person come up lately, like the tiny black spot we found on the others.
No. 114876 ID: 632862

"Dunno, seems like anyone could've done it" in reference to the primary suspect thing.

Then ask him about Celyne.
No. 114900 ID: f98e0b
File 126395474413.png - (72.01KB , 800x600 , 183.png )

"Couldn't tell you who done it at this point, to be perfectly honest," says Oren. "We ain't got enough evidence to point to anyone in particular." He realizes he's slipping back into his accent and mentally corrects himself midway through his sentence. "To be honest? Most everything so far points to you. Including the testimony of the Arbocks."

"Well." says Mendel. "The Arbocks. Hell, they trust me about as far as they can throw me, and I was a middleweight champ in School B." Oren raises an eyebrow. "It's all muscle."

"Let's talk about Celyne," says Oren.
Mendel falters in playing. "What about her?" he asks.
He's distracted. He doesn't see that on Oren's side of the splitscreen he's a wide open target.
No. 114901 ID: 632862

"She says you were leering at her at the party. Then you left, in rather a hurry. Conflicts with your alibi, doesn't it?"

Kill his archer guy.
No. 114903 ID: 15f6d6

"So, what's with all the following and creepy butler stuff? Did you bring me here to say something or to pretend like you aren't incredibly suspicious?"
No. 114943 ID: f98e0b
File 12639568815.png - (70.74KB , 800x600 , 184.png )

"She says you were leering at her at the party. Then you left, in rather a hurry. Conflicts with your alibi, don't it?" says Oren, as he impales Mendel from behind then thinking about how suggestive that sounds.

Mendel is quiet.

"And why did you bring me here in the first place? What's with the creepy butler and the car? Do you not already know you're suspicious as hell, did you want to just show me something?"

Mendel finally speaks. "Talking to you, y'know, it makes me realize, I'm pretty damn guilty-looking, huh?"
Oren nods.
"Suspect number one. Mendel Parter." says Mendel. "I don't- I can't- jail, man. I didn't do it. I- okay, Loper, Celyne had reasons to say what she did, okay. I need to tell you something but you can't tell anyone else. Not even-hell, especially not an Arbock, okay?"

Oren opens his mouth, and Parter interrupts. "No, I don't give a shit about rules. You and I know you don't have to tell anyone, not if you don't want to." Oren starts to speak again. "Not Blejwas, either. Ever wonder why you were brought in to this investigation? Guy's as crooked as a fuckin' punched-in smile.
Do you promise this is between us? 'Cause if you don't I'm saying nothing about why I left and you can arrest me and you'll get the wrong guy, I promise you."
No. 114962 ID: 632862

Only if his excuse isn't something else illegal.
No. 114964 ID: 15f6d6

"Okay then. Talk."
No. 114966 ID: 15f6d6

Alternately, explain that you are a sheriff, and you aren't from here. Your only real concern is with solving the case, not some crazy big city political bruhaha.
No. 114975 ID: 1831fc

Pony up.
No. 115006 ID: f98e0b
File 126396018493.png - (121.14KB , 800x600 , 185.png )

"Okay. Talk." says Oren.

Mendel puts down the controller and turns around. "I've got the hots bad for Celyne Arbock. I mean real bad for her." His words come out in a torrent, like he's grateful to finally vent. Brizio raises his eyebrows. Mendel ignores him.

"I mean I know it's a weird thing to be so secretive about. Shit. It feels like I'm in fucking School B, y'know? Like keeping secrets like this even if it means I'd get a-fucking-rested. You have to understand. I'm a Parter. She's an Arbock. It's like, Roebuck and Julia shit we're talking about here.

And I know I'm Mendel Parter what hates the Arbocks, all the Arbocks, but when I think of Celyne, I don't think about her as an Arbock. I think about stretching her across my desk and us screwing like animals. I think of her breasts and her hips and her face. I think about her as this strong sexy woman who is the first, the first not to fall for my whole schtick. You haven't been rich. You don't get it. Money, suits, power, they open legs, Loper. Celyne is different. She doesn't take my bullshit. And I love that. And I could have had that.
No. 115008 ID: f21281

"Sounds more like lust than love, but whatever, like you said, I've never been rich. So what's keepin' you from still having her?"
No. 115013 ID: f98e0b
File 12639606642.png - (30.70KB , 800x600 , 186.png )

"So that night. She comes up to me in one of the more empty rooms. And yeah, we've met before, I've gone to some of her parties and we've schmoozed and, y'know, boring board meetings and shit, but she really comes up to me, you know, and she tells me she's seen I want her, and that she wants me. And she's pretty clear about what she wants, Celyne.

She says she's seen all my new ideas and she's thrilled by them and she's read about me and she owns my book and thinks I'm funny when I crack stupid jokes at her siblings' expense and she doesn't give a shit I'm Mendel, and everything I was thinking, and she just lays it out there. And she's wearing a dress cut lower than a limbo bar at a contortionist center, which doesn't hurt."

"What did you do?" asks Oren.

"You know what I did. I ran. I excused myself. I was a weak bitch who couldn't bear the thought of being seen in public with her, even as my mind raced with what we could do with each other, and I took a cold shower and I kicked myself in my head over and over and over. And I have been kicking myself all week and we haven't talked to each other and now I suppose she thinks I killed her brother. I fucked up, Oren. I fucked up bad.
And now you come and my alibi sounds like the plot of a shitty rom-com sans the happy ending add one life sentence."
No. 115020 ID: 632862

Great. Just great.

Well, one last thing. Ask to take a look at his wrist.
No. 115023 ID: 3a2be8

Ouch, and now I guess coming on toe her after her brother dies brutally would be pretty tacky eh, especially with the whole, "she suspects you are the killer thing" huh?
No. 115031 ID: 632862

Interesting that Ordo has been the one least cooperative, and the one with the most opportunity to drug both Allen and Celyne, then kill Allen, chop him up with the device and erase the tapes.

But what's his motive? Did he find out about the possibility of something happening between Celyne and Parter? Did he get pissed at Allen for something we don't know about yet? We need some kind of evidence, too. We need to find the murder weapon, for one thing.
No. 115037 ID: f98e0b
File 126396257188.png - (54.51KB , 800x600 , 187.png )

Oren doesn't know what to say in response. Mendel looks crushed. He almost wants to say something reassuring. Instead he clears his throat and says, "Let me see your wrist."

Wordlessly, Mendel pulls up his sleeve.
Oren is not surprised by what he sees.

"Yeah, it's like a bug bite or something." says Mendel. "Itches something awful. Apparently it's sort of, y'know, infected or something so they've got me on meds. Still itchy."

"Mmm." says Oren, not really listening.

"Why do you want to see this? What does this mean?" asks Mendel.
No. 115039 ID: f21281

"When was the last time you remembered not having that? And did you feel nauseous or woozy the first time you discovered it?"
No. 115043 ID: 632862

Ask him where he slept the night of the murder.
No. 115237 ID: f98e0b
File 126401792798.png - (261.02KB , 800x600 , 188.png )

"Where did you sleep the night of the murder?" asks Oren.

"Cheapo hotel near the party. The, um, the Mayview," says Mendel, wiping his eyes.

"When was the last time you remember not having that?" asks Oren.
"Must have been around, hey, around a week or so," says Mendel. "That's weird. Does this have anything to do with the case?"

"Did you feel nauseous or woozy at all after you got it?" asks Oren.
"Not particularly. I mean, I woke up with a headache, but hey, it's a Celyne Arbock dinner party, there's a lot of free booze there."

He pauses the game. "Now are we finished here? Because I wanna show you something interesting," He gets up and wanders to the elevator. "Play some botmaches or something, Brizio, we won't be long," he says to the butler. "You coming, Loper?"
No. 115240 ID: f0fac0

sure. Stay on guard, this guy is way too free with information...
No. 115242 ID: f0fac0

Oh, and make sure he always goes first. watch him closely and follow his steps exactly.
No. 115301 ID: f98e0b
File 12640289803.png - (66.52KB , 800x600 , 189.png )

Oren cautiously follows him into the elevator, where he presses the button to go down into the basement. Oren starts, but Mendel shoots him a reassuring look and he stays in the elevator, wishing he had his bow with him.

In the basement Mendel leads him through a steel door into a huge, windy room, with around two dozen huge horizontal turbines humming. "You like?" asks Mendel, leaning over the guardrail. Oren stays back. "They provide power to the entire suite. Why?"

"Why what?" asks Oren.

"Why am I showing you this? I'll tell you. The turbines need to be shut down regularly for cleaning in order to run right. Well Block D right here..." he gestures down toward a close column. "...had a lower turbine go missing a couple weeks ago during cleaning. I put it down to simple thievery. It's happened before, people sneak in with a cart and some manpower to score some free energy. But it came back three or four days ago. Just reinserted into the column. How whoever did it did it without my knowing I have no idea. I checked the tapes for this room but they'd been destroyed. Like, demagnetized or something. It got me thinking. Allen was chopped up, right? I mean... maybe you're looking at the weapon."
No. 115310 ID: af3e6d

This could go somewhere, though you still have to take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Ask him to show you the exact one, take a look at it.
No. 115314 ID: 3a2be8
File 126403060386.gif - (37.32KB , 701x683 , 1232196961079.gif )

Yes, but let not look too closely if you catch my meaning.. you know how villains do don't you?

They like to dramatically show you the murder weapon, give you a quick shove and then... well... it will blend...
No. 115315 ID: 15f6d6

Ask him if he could have the one that was stolen removed and sent to the police station or something. I sure as hell don't think that investigating a turbine here is a good idea at fucking all.
No. 115318 ID: 8eaf73

We need a private lab to do this. If the police knows we have the murder weapon, they'll just jump on Mendel.
No. 115324 ID: f98e0b
File 12640318588.png - (94.94KB , 800x600 , 190.png )

Ever since Oren saw that movie with Leah he's had a mild to moderate paranoia about any sort of turbine at all. Leah and him both freaked out and held each other at any scene involving Stitches.

Still, he needs to see this turbine. He heads down into the floor of the facility with Mendel, who leads him to the turbine in question. The entire lower area is filled with a windy roar that makes talking fairly difficult. They need to shout to be understood.

"This is the turbine that was stolen!" Mendel shouts, gesturing to one sitting on the floor near the wall. "See that big stain right there? Whoever took it tried washing it with water, which is a big no-no with these air cores! It's been damaged! I called the College of Evocators for a replacement, but whoever killed Allen also owes me five hundred Gilt!"

"Who do you think it was, anyway?" asks Oren.

"No idea!" says Mendel. "Hey, so you should come to Celyne's next thing, like, her party! It's tomorrow night, maybe you can find something then! Anyway, I need to go to try to clear things up with her! I mean I have do do something, y'know? And I could really use a wingman, emotional backup, y'know?"
No. 115327 ID: 3a2be8

Water doesn't was away blood proteins note, if they weren't very thorough with their cleansing additives there should still be some material residue left.
No. 115328 ID: 8eaf73

i cant shake the feeling we haven' met all players of this mess yet.

I cant shake the feeling Arbok's murder wasn' the reason this fan was relocated.

And I cant shake the feeling whatever is the real reason it was taken away, involved all the needled ones. Either they'd be relocated while unconscious... or something was taken from them? Blood?

I cant shake the feeling its a bit too odd for such persistent needlemark exist. Even if its just a dirty needle.
No. 115333 ID: f98e0b
File 12640330038.png - (30.16KB , 800x600 , 191.png )

"Okay, turn the turbine off for a bit," says Oren. Mendel dutifully goes off and shuts it off.

"Now let's go in and take a look," says Oren. "You first."

"But these are nice pants..." says Mendel.

"I'm not going into a giant blender with a murder suspect waiting outside," says Oren. "I want a look in there. Get in,"

"Dry cleaning's on you, then," mutters Mendel as they clamber into the turbine housing. "See anything?"
No. 115345 ID: f0fac0

Let's have a look around the damaged one, shall we?
No. 115354 ID: f98e0b
File 126403516254.png - (54.35KB , 800x600 , 192.png )

This is the damaged one.
No. 115356 ID: 632862

I see a tiny drop of blood!
No. 115357 ID: 632862

More than one, in fact.
No. 115365 ID: f98e0b
File 126403573399.png - (32.93KB , 800x600 , 193.png )


Oren snags a sample of the blood. He's found the murder weapon. He stands up. He nods to Mendel and they climb out of the Turbine.

Oren should probably get this to someone. Is there anything else he should do here?
No. 115369 ID: 107da3


It seems a bit big to easily move without a lot of noise and people knowing.

I mean, seriously, how are you going to hide something moving through gigantic doors and twenty feet tall.

Either A. his staff is in on it or B. lots of heavy-duty magic.
No. 115377 ID: f21281

Get that turbine somewhere safe, secure, and totally unknown to anyone but you. It's the MURDER WEAPON. That shit can be dusted for fingerprints and all that shit.

It's evidence, bitch.
No. 115380 ID: 632862

I'm thinking magic is involved somehow here. Probably someone who is able to utilize magnetism and lift heavy metal objects.

If we confront them it would probably be wise not to try to attack with anything containing iron.
No. 115385 ID: f98e0b
File 126403693248.png - (85.83KB , 800x600 , 194.png )

Oren poses the question of magic to Mendel.

"Eeeh, it's unlikely." he says. "This has happened twice before. Once with a rival wind corporation trying to do some spying and once by some guy who just didn't want to pay his electric bill. You can easily just wait until the columns are disassembled and it takes about five or six guys to carry one of the turbines to a cart. It's not, like, real heavy, it's mostly just blades, a frame, and a windstone."

"Why haven't you made any effort to stop this the last two times?"

"It was easier just to identify whoever did it using the cameras, hunt them down easy, and make 'em give it back along with a huge fine. Profitable, too. There's a certain allowance our insurance covers as far as theft is concerned that we can afford to lose a couple a year." says Mendel. "So hey, about that party. You could even borrow a tux, if you wanted. I can spare one."
No. 115387 ID: 8eaf73

Its not heavy, just big. Hm.

See if you can take Arbok -- well, whatever is the name he's using -- with you.
No. 115388 ID: f21281

If you do go to this party, I would HIGHLY suggest not drinking -anything- there. And being on your guard. Whoever did the murder may not like you snooping around, and they might poke you with a needle and do who knows what while you're unconscious.
No. 115419 ID: 632862

Hmm, alright then. Whoever did it probably has accomplices of some sort.

But anyway, go to the party. Mention that if he somehow makes Celyne aware of his needle mark, she might become less suspicious of him.
No. 115469 ID: f98e0b
File 126404103474.png - (61.50KB , 800x600 , 195.png )

Oren supposes he'll go to this party tomorrow. He walks back to the hotel to tell "Jhonen" his plans. Maybe he'd like to come along incognito.

Oren climbs up to his floor in the hotel and


The door is ajar. Oren knows he locked it. He smells blood. He subconsciously slides his mace out of its side holster and clutches its cold pommel.
No. 115471 ID: f21281

The Hacker, The Hacker, the Hacker's on the loose! You'd better get your guns and you'd better fetch a noose!
No. 115476 ID: 632862

Oh for crap's sake. Is he dead AGAIN?
No. 115484 ID: af3e6d

Is he insured on this thing for a SECOND death?
No. 115518 ID: 632862

So anyway, check inside. There's blood right on the wall just past the door so *someone* got whacked right there. Dunno if it was Allen or his assailant.
No. 115540 ID: f98e0b
File 126404432962.png - (87.67KB , 800x600 , 196.png )

Oren takes a peek inside.

Allen is in the room, patching himself up. He's humming a jazz tune under his breath.
No. 115542 ID: f21281

Keep the gun out of sight. Walk in, and frown.

"Dude. What the hell. What. The. Hell."
No. 115543 ID: 632862

Go in and ask what happened.
No. 115558 ID: 655d51

He's armed, did the Hacker hum anything?
No. 115561 ID: f98e0b
File 126404607742.png - (298.03KB , 800x600 , 197.png )

Just Hacked, for the most part.


"What the hell is this, Mr. Arbock?" asks Oren.

"Oh. Aftufnoov, feriff," says Arbock, then spits out the scrap of fabric in his mouth. "Afternoon, sheriff. How went the sheriffing?"

"What the fuck happened here?" asks Oren.
"You just missed it, in point of fact. A couple of men came calling around here for you. Well, actually I entered the room to, erm, evacuate myself and they jumped me. They asked me where you were and generally acted in a thuggish way, pulling out weapons and so forth, so I admonished them with this unusually sharp breadknife." He holds up the bloodstained knife.

"Why so much blood? Allen, did you kill these men?" says Oren.

"No, of course not. The only casualties were the television, which was pressganged into the role of improvised weapon, and one of my good linen shirts. Damn shame, but what can you do. I simply provided them with a reminder to the power of a little politeness before resorting to aggression. Speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for a finger somewhere. I think it's around the bed. How went your investigations, if I may ask?"
No. 115563 ID: 632862

Well enough. Looks like Ordo is responsible, just need to find more evidence to confirm it. Also figure out his motive. Perhaps he's faking being dumb, or thinks he can handle it anyway?

Ask Allen if he saw anything at the party that night.
No. 115564 ID: f21281

"I'd be a bit more inclined to tell you if you would put that knife down."
No. 115567 ID: 498c52

yeah this.
No. 115568 ID: 498c52

Let's hunt around for that finger while we're at it. We can go run prints on it.
No. 115579 ID: f98e0b
File 126404911716.png - (27.52KB , 800x600 , 198.png )

Oren finds his grisly prize under the bed. He'll grab that just as soon as he finds a plastic bag or something to put it in.

"Did you see anything at the party, the night before you died?" asks Oren. "Anything out of the usual?"

"Hmmm, not much strange insomuch as most things not seeming too strange at one of Cel's parties," says Allen. "I wouldn't go so far as to call them decadent, but she certainly doesn't spare much expense in ensuring entertainment. Oh, yes, there was one thing. The whole Celyne nearly dryhumping Mendel business. They both have something to do with the case, as I understand. You think that's significant?"

"Wait, what? You saw that?" asks Oren.

"Of course I did. I was going to the loo at the time and passed through the room. Good for her, says I. Of course, she may simply have been seducing him. Good at putting on false appearances, we Arbocks Nice catch, Mendel may have been, but boys will be boys."

"Allen." says Oren. "Did you bump into Ordo on your way to the bathroom?"
"What? I...um, I think so. Yes. Why? Does this mean we're going to the party tomorrow?" asks Allen.
No. 115582 ID: 498c52

We need to put some leather protective clothing on under out clothes. I think they all got stuck at the party, and somebody might try something again.
No. 115584 ID: f21281

Baggie and ice, to keep it preserved. Also I would suggest having law enforcement canvas the local hospitals for anyone coming in for "severe brusings and loss of finger"
No. 115587 ID: 632862

Yes, that would make sense. Some sort of slow-acting sedative. Enough to keep them from waking up once they go to sleep.

How would Ordo have reacted to seeing Mendel and Celyne like that?
No. 115588 ID: 632862

Or... oh god, what if Ordo thought Allen was the one interested in Mendel?
No. 115925 ID: f98e0b
File 126411319190.png - (50.20KB , 800x600 , 199.png )

The phone's buzzing. Leah?
No. 115926 ID: 632862

Maybe. Answer it without assumptions.
No. 115942 ID: f98e0b
File 126411401318.png - (48.58KB , 800x600 , 200.png )

No. 115946 ID: f98e0b
File 126411423122.png - (118.22KB , 800x600 , 201.png )

"We've got it, Loper," says Blejwas. "The blood you recovered from the crime scene matches up with Mendel Parter's perfectly. Good work."
"Yep. Forensics confirms it. We have our killer. He must have broken in, there was a struggle, Allen did something to try to stop him, then someone jammed a needle in him and it was over. You want to be there when we take him in?"
No. 115949 ID: f21281

"...but we -just- found it. How the HELL did you send it to a lab, have them test it, and then get results, THAT QUICKLY.

I smell bullshit. Also a cover-up. Also a frame job."
No. 115951 ID: 632862

That doesn't confirm guilt. That just confirms he was in the room.

...wait, all this time we assumed the needle marks were from injections. What if it was from a withdrawal? Someone could have taken his blood and planted it in the bedroom.

It really wouldn't make any sense for Allen to have been killed in his bedroom anyway. It's not like you can fit the turbine in there.

...how does he know about the needle?
No. 115955 ID: 16ae59

We need to tip Mendel off.
We cant tip Mendel off >.<; It would be in our phone record!

Arbok needs to tip Mendel off.
No. 115977 ID: 6834bc

Oren, things don't look good for Mendel, obviously. The question is, how bitter is this rivalry between the Arbocks and Mr. Parter?

Is it bitter enough to frame him for the murder of one of their own?

Ordo's feeling pretty suspicious. He didn't have a needlemark, and when he claimed that he did, you got no proof beyond his word... and it's pretty easy to act like an incompetent oaf.
No. 115991 ID: 498c52

It's still circumstantial evidence, no way are we sure of getting a solid conviction off of just that. There's more to this going on, and we can get some solid evidence, but it depends on not acting till we've got it.
No. 116001 ID: e75a2f

The best way to talk to someone without having it traced to you is by payphone.
No. 116049 ID: 15f6d6

They need to hold their horses on the arresting. there's still a lot of investigating to do.
No. 116064 ID: e75a2f

It takes six people to disassemble and carry one of those turbines. Who says some men on the police force are accomplices? You can't look at just the three prime suspects when working a murder case like this.

There's a very easy way to find out if this is true or not too. Feint. Tell him you found evidence that incriminates him and some of his officers in the Arbock murder. Tell him you knew there was a chance the local cops were corrupt and that you brought your own lab equipment to do your tests first before you send them off to the locals.

Then see who comes after you. They know where you're staying already; they've already attacked. After you see who comes breaking down the door you can trace them back to the source.
No. 116104 ID: f98e0b
File 126412359498.png - (111.62KB , 800x600 , 202.png )

"Blood does not equal guilt," says Oren. "We need more proof than just this."

"Maybe," says Blejwas. "But proof is easy. We can find proof anywhere. What we're going to do now is bag the perp."

"But we don't know if Mendel's the man," argues Oren. "We need more time, Blejwas. This all seems like a giant setup to me."

"My ass," says Blejwas. "Sometimes the reason something appears the most obvious is because it's right, Loper. I'm running this investigation, if you remember."

"We need," repeats Oren, "more time. This ain't as straightforward as you make it out to be.
And I'm starting to think that with you, nothing is, Blejwas."

There is a pause on the line. "What?" asks Blejwas quietly.

Oren takes his mace out and turns it around and around in his hand. "The murder weapon was a turbine, Blejwas. A heavy one. Which makes me think whoever did this did it with help. You seem eager to convict Parter on flimsy evidence. These lab results you're talking about came out a little quick. And there were some thugs in my room earlier. The room only me, Jhonen, and your department know the location of."

"You are calling me crooked," says Blejwas.
"I reckon," says Oren.

"You do not want to do this, cowboy." says Blejwas. "You don't."
No. 116109 ID: e75a2f

"Maybe I don't, but this conversation is currently being recorded, so if you want to do anything about it I suggest you act quickly."
No. 116111 ID: af3e6d

At this point that's looking more and more like the real story. However, you're not really in a situation to call him out on it. This is a very dangerous path to take.
No. 116118 ID: e75a2f

Dangerous, but sure-fire and and quick to produce results. Don't forget Oren has two rich and very powerful friends; Allen Arbock and Mendel Parter, as well as his own precinct he left with Squires.

It may get tighter, but we still have plenty of wiggle-room to get around. Hopefully it's what it seems and Ordo's acting alone on this enabling us to have Celyne on our side as well, but we can't yet rule out the possibility that they either aren't working together or that Ordo actually IS innocent and Celyne's the culprit.

The only way you can solve this case is by slow, careful evidence gathering or by poking around in the bushes hoping to hit the hornets nest. With this new development we either had to switch to probing the hornet's nest or sacrifice Parter.

Of course Parter could actually be the murderer too, but exonerating him is easy; we know the hotel he supposedly stayed at so all we have to do is check the records to see if he did check in and out. Regardless if Parter is the murderer or not, the local police are definitely corrupt, and bagging the right person is useless while they remain so.
No. 116278 ID: 632862

"I don't know what to think right now. Everything's weird. Just don't jump the gun until things are all straight okay? Don't arrest someone just because you think you got a lucky break from a single blood sample from a week-old crime scene. It could've easily been contaminated or planted."
No. 116308 ID: f98e0b
File 126413540943.png - (69.27KB , 800x600 , 203.png )

"Look. Maybe you're legit, maybe you're not. I don't know what to think right now. Everything's weird. Just don't jump the gun until things are all straight okay? Don't arrest someone just because you think you got a lucky break from a single blood sample from a week-old crime scene. It could've easily been contaminated or planted. If you've taken bribes, whatever. Just stay out of the way."

"Fine, Cowboy. Fine," says Blejwas. "One day. I'm going to that Arbock shindig, and after that if you don't have any results I am making the arrest, you understand me?"
He hangs up before Oren can respond.

"I guess now it's time to see if Parter's story checks out," says Oren.

"Erm, not quite, old bean," says Allen. "It's fairly late at night. It can wait until tomorrow, can't it?"

Oren suddenly realizes how tired he is. "Maybe."

"Righto," says Allen. "your turn for the bed, I suppose. Are we going to Cel's party tomorrow?" He perks up.
No. 116325 ID: e75a2f

Do not let your guard down for a minute tonight.

If the police really are corrupt they could still come to knock you off. Remember that Allen is in the body of the Hatchtown Hacker, and they could easily use that to recreate a murder scene.
No. 116328 ID: 498c52

Yeah, I think something's gonna unfold at that party.
No. 116351 ID: f98e0b
File 126413712589.png - (131.55KB , 800x600 , 204.png )

"If Blejwas or the killer want to make a move, that party is the place for it," says Oren. "So yes, I guess we are."

"Excellent! I'll find you a tuxedo or a suit or something, I've got so many to spare. There's a Furledian cut one I'm sure'll look smashing on you. It'll be famous, I know it! You'll see how the Arbocks throw a get-together. And let none say Allen Arbock has lost his touch with the ladies, or the gents, just because he just happens to be in the body of a man who collected toes, then teeth, then tonsils, then torsos! Indecisive, that hacker. Was fond of the letter T, by all accounts. And making doilies out of skin. You know, I'm going to take a look around the drawers right now, in fact. You'll look smashing." he says, and heads out to his closet, a man on a mission.

"You may want to, uh, wash off the blood too," Oren calls after him.
"Right, right," says Allen.
No. 116368 ID: 632862

I feel like Allen may have become slightly unhinged from being in the Hacker's body. Or was he like that all along?
No. 116588 ID: 4f8ae3

Ahemn. Plastic bag. FINGER.

Gotta put that in a freezer for tomorrow.
No. 116920 ID: f98e0b
File 126421427433.png - (33.13KB , 800x600 , 205.png )

"Why do I have a sense of foreboding about all this?" asks Oren.

"Trust me, Mr. Loper. You'll look great. I haven't misled you yet, have I? You've woken up with all limbs intact on multiple occasions." says Allen. "Now I suspect you'll want something classy?"

"Just, uh, don't overdo it or anything, please," says Oren.

((oh hey it's another one of these guys remember them))
No. 116946 ID: c16184
File 126421580314.png - (27.28KB , 308x600 , mr-loper-you-are-fabulous.png )

No. 117006 ID: 8b956c
File 126422231423.png - (50.88KB , 800x600 , squires_would_love_it.png )

No. 117022 ID: 445c48
File 126422454870.png - (35.23KB , 800x600 , TheClassiest.png )

No. 117085 ID: 45be60
File 126423866393.png - (16.60KB , 800x700 , Elegant Oren.png )

Man, been months since I made one of these.
But its actually not a bad idea this time.
No. 117369 ID: be6e7a

I'm working on one, but I'm also terrible at art, so don't expect much.
No. 117371 ID: 0a273b
File 126429351790.png - (77.24KB , 800x600 , 126421427433.png )

Errh how about something classy, yet official, for some reason I'm imagining something between a Duster and a Cossack uniform.
No. 117372 ID: be6e7a
File 126429364195.png - (25.06KB , 800x600 , oren_suit.png )

How's this?
No. 117373 ID: be6e7a
File 126429372338.jpg - (39.23KB , 500x500 , shitright.jpg )

No. 117382 ID: be6e7a
File 126429571335.png - (24.50KB , 800x600 , oren_suit.png )

And now that I feel like I'm not racing against time, the actually-makes-sense version.
No. 117384 ID: be6e7a
File 126429596670.png - (24.68KB , 800x600 , oren_suit.png )

I'll stop repeatedly posting the same exact suit with tiny alterations after this one, I swear!
No. 117386 ID: f98e0b
File 12642961526.png - (79.01KB , 800x600 , 206.png )

"So you're Oren Loper and Jhonen Fortword?"
No. 117387 ID: f98e0b
File 126429624298.png - (146.72KB , 800x600 , 207.png )

"Jah, Zat is right!" says Allen. "Ve are here for the bootiful ladies und to party!"

"allen what are you doing"
"getting into character, of course. i can't be recognized"
No. 117389 ID: 4fe2f2
File 126429626658.png - (26.85KB , 648x648 , problemsheriff.png )

"Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly hard boiled tonight."
No. 117399 ID: 7b807e
File 126429827196.png - (11.56KB , 800x600 , MEGAMEGA.png )

No. 117404 ID: c0f3bf

You don't need a persona though, right? Party time~
No. 117419 ID: f98e0b
File 126430030149.png - (97.41KB , 800x600 , 208.png )

"Everything's in order. Welcome to the party," says the receptionist. She reaches under the table and presses her finger up against a scanner at the desk. After a second, she looks up, embarrassed, and tries again. "It's these new scanner things," she says. "Mr. Arbock's employees were all coded into the system but sometimes it takes a second to work. Frankly I missed the keycards...here we go," she laughs nervously as the gate across the entrance unfolds, leaving the entrance to the lobby open.

"there's a customary speech near the tail end of the night. i'll meet you then. have a good time, mr. loper. you've worked hard, after all." says Allen, and walks through the door. "Saluton, Partygoers! Zer party may now begin!"
No. 117420 ID: 632862

...finger scanners, and we've got a finger.

No. 117462 ID: f98e0b
File 126430344883.png - (73.18KB , 800x600 , 209.png )

Of course. Oren brought the finger, in case he needed to show anyone evidence or proof or something. If he can get this receptionist away from the desk long enough to test it on the scanner, he could prove that the people who were after him were employed by Ordo.

But how can he? A clever ploy? Bribery? Would seduction work? Perhaps he shouldn't have left that delightful bondage gear you picked out for him behind.
No. 117504 ID: a1ac99

You could try telling her the truth. Like, try a few other things, but act clumsy, don't really try to get them to work, that kind of thing, then belt out:

"Okay, look, I'm a sheriff and, while I'd like to go into the party, I have an odd piece of evidence from someone that tried to attack me and my guest in our hotel room. Since your computer uses finger scanners, it's actually useful - it's a finger that got severed in the ensuing ruckus - and I have a feeling that the person it belongs to works here. I know it probably breaks all protocol, but... do you mind if I try it in the scanner?"
No. 117511 ID: 15f6d6

Oh god please do not do this. Walk over to "Jhonen Fortword" and see if he can work some magic on the receptionist while you slip in and try the scanner.
No. 117566 ID: 632862

Ask her what other places the scanners are used.
No. 117683 ID: 498c52

much better idea, this.
No. 117705 ID: 632862

I think it would be suspicious if we brought him back over here. The receptionist wouldn't fall for it. Bribe her.
No. 117965 ID: f98e0b
File 126437644143.png - (92.83KB , 800x600 , 210.png )

Oren doesn't want to do that. The receptionist hasn't done anything to deserve getting messed up by magic.

"That's pretty damn impressive," says Oren. "Never seen one of those where I'm from."

"Oh, you aren't from around here?" asks the receptionist.
"No ma'am, I'm from out in the country."
"Oh, I-um..."
"Is that used anywhere else in this place?" asks Oren.
"Yes, um, yeah. I, uh, there's one leading into the kitchens, and, um, at the door to the maintenance room, and at the doors with 'employees only' on them, and all over the place, really," says the receptionist. "I, ah..."

"Thanks, ma'am," says Oren, grinning. "Name's Oren."
"I know. It's, the, um, from the guest list. I'm Angie. Um. Enjoy the party."
"Thanks, ma'am."
No. 117967 ID: f98e0b
File 126437647785.png - (79.37KB , 800x600 , 211.png )

"...call me..."
No. 117984 ID: be4cc8

Oren the charmy hunk :3

Why were you stuck with lizzie anyway?
Why girls are only after you when you have a girlfriend? >.>

Hmmn. Try a random corridor, or the kitchen...
Or some higher security room, so you can access a fingerprint scanner with a screen. So you can see who own that finger.

Lets start with kitchen and corridors.
No. 117987 ID: 997ccd

Check out the kitchen first. Maybe we can get a drink.
No. 118003 ID: f98e0b
File 126438121612.png - (66.80KB , 800x600 , 212.png )

Oren 'scuses and elbows his way through the crowd and gets to the kitchen doors. He gets the finger out of his pocket.
No. 118007 ID: f98e0b
File 126438149471.png - (83.39KB , 800x600 , 213.png )

And oh whoa here's Blejwas.

"What're you doing, Sheriff?" asks Blejwas.

"Hello, Blejwas. Nothing," says Oren. "Enoying the party."

"'Cause it looks like you were trying to fiddle around with Arbock property," says Blejwas. "Not sure I can allow that."

"Just looking to see how the food's coming along in there," says Oren.

"There's plenty of food already out at the buffet table," says Blejwas. "You wouldn't want to take advantage of our hosts and take more than what's yours. Come on, let's go get some horse'devourers. Or however you pronounce that."
No. 118065 ID: 997ccd


Narrow your eyes dramatically and say "nothing better have puff pastry in it. I'm allergic to puff pastry."
No. 118426 ID: f98e0b
File 126445932634.png - (248.45KB , 800x600 , 214.png )

"Nothing better have puff pastry in it," says Oren. "I'm allergic to puff pastry."

"Cute," says Blejwas.

As they walk through the crowd, Blejwas remarks, "Lively party, eh, Sheriff?"
"Suppose so," says Oren.
"They have any sort of thing like this from where you're from out in the backwater?" asks Blejwas.
"Well, Blejwas, sometimes we all put on our sunday bests, get out the ol' banjo and the good rotgut and have ourselves a little hoedown," says Oren.
"Hm," says Blejwas. "How's your investigation going? Have you cracked the astonishing case or can I finish up here?"
No. 118515 ID: 632862

You said you would wait until after the party, Blejwas.
No. 118558 ID: 6c28cf

Sadly, current cracking has been less than I would have hoped.
No. 118611 ID: f98e0b
File 126447703256.png - (237.51KB , 800x600 , 215.png )

"Wouldn't really call it 'cracking', right now," says Oren.

"Welp, that settles it," says Blejwas. "Can't say I'm particularly surprised. I'm making the call,"

"Now here I thought I was going to have the rest of the party to investigate," says Oren.
"What is there to investigate? The entrees? We have the proof, we have the guy right at the party. If you want to search around, that's an investigation and I believe we don't have a warrant for this place. You want to be arrested, Loper?"
"I want to finish what you started, Blejwas."
"Okay, Cowpoke. Listen. You've wasted enough of our time on this fucking case. This is my department-"
Oren loses it.
"Your department, is that it, you fucking crook? You're bent, Blejwas. Now you give me time to bring the right man to justice, or I swear to the spirits-"
"-My department, you inbred fucking hillbilly, and if you think you can walk in and overturn everything I've-"
"-You ain't a cop. You're a disgrace to the Authority and if we were alone I swear I'd-"
"-You'd what, pigfucker? This is MY CITY you're tracking mud all over, and I will-"
"Um, excuse me?" says a voice over Blejwas' shoulder.
No. 118612 ID: 632862

No. 118615 ID: f98e0b
File 126447727833.png - (314.06KB , 800x600 , 216.png )

"Mr Blejwas, it's such a um pleasant surprise seeing you here!" says Celyne. "How's the hardest working man in the city? Enjoying the party?"

"I-" says Blejwas.

"Listen. The speech is coming up and I'd like to talk to you about security," says Celyne. "I mean," she puts on her best ditzy voice, "what if the killer strikes again? I need you to, um, look around and make sure we're perfectly safe which I'm sure only you can do, Mr. Blejwas, on account of your skills at deduction and all."

"Well, I guess..." says Blejwas, glaring at Oren.
"Smashing!" says Celyne. "Right this way, Mr. Blejwas." She leads him away. As they go she gives Oren the thumbs up and mouths, 'good luck'.
No. 118616 ID: 135d9a

Wow, that was some impressive timing on Celyne's part.

You just dodged a bullet there, man.
No. 118635 ID: 632862

Looks like we're gonna have to be a loose cannon that doesn't play by the rules. Unfortunately that means we can't use any evidence we find here in court. We need to find something here that will either A) convince Blejwas to let Parter off the hook until we can get some proof that works in court, or B) find something that will let us ask the right questions, or prompt a confession.

Regardless, go find another fingerprint scanner. Not the one by the kitchen. Try finding a door off to the side where nobody will notice.
No. 118641 ID: e75a2f

Obviously Parker has made contact with Celyne.
No. 118701 ID: de3db8

Check the scanner at the door to the maintenance room.
No. 118806 ID: bb1955

Fuck yes! Time to go crack the case.
No. 122321 ID: f98e0b
File 126491408975.png - (53.94KB , 800x600 , 217.png )

Actually according to the Wartime Clause II in the Authority Charter, any evidence found, including recovered illegally, can be used in court if it is a class II crime or higher as long as there's a war going on. And there is. Several, actually. The whole Wartime Clause is a sort of faux-martial law thing. Oren's never felt comfortable about using it, but it'll help.

Oren rushes to the maintenance door and presses the finger to the scanner. It makes a chirping noise and an indicator turns green. Oren hears the door unlock with a soft click.
No. 122362 ID: 498c52

Well we know who tried to fuck us then, don't we?
No. 122368 ID: 6c28cf

word choice
No. 122376 ID: 632862

We should go in.
No. 122434 ID: ca841f

Cool, patriot act.

We should browse the corridors till we can find some security scanner that can be used to really identify this bloke. As in, name and picture. But that probably will only be found in the main security room.

Or go straight to Blewjas. Maybe he isn' crooked, just lazy.
No. 122473 ID: f98e0b
File 126495088764.png - (19.45KB , 800x600 , 218.png )

Oren slips through the door, but all he finds on the other side are a broom closet, a couple dingy hallways, a generator to recieve the power from the Turbine Network, and the boiler room.
None of these things are particularly damning. It may be enough that he confirmed the thug's finger was an employee of Arbock. Maybe not.

Oren hears the chatter in the party above subsiding. Sounds like people are crowding into the auditorium for the speeches.
No. 122558 ID: 1831fc


Well, hurry up with the searching for clues, Sheriff! We should probably go about to saving ol' Parters Hide, I reckon.
No. 122591 ID: f98e0b
File 126496699033.png - (116.43KB , 800x600 , 219.png )

Oren looks around the maintenance rooms. No clues. If the speeches are starting Blejwas is going to Arest Mendel soon. Looks like the evidence Oren has already gathered will do.

He slips into the auditorium and sits next to Allen. Jhonen. Whatever.
Celyne is preparing to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the keynote address for the 74th meeting of the Airpower Union, wherein we discuss the economic issues associated with our profession at the moment," she announces. After a pause, she says, "And now that the gatecrashers have all left, welcome, everyone. How's the party?" Laughter.
"As most of you know, unless you just come to these shindigs for the free booze, which disqualifies about half of us, this is the first time we've all met here since the death of my brother, Allen." She takes a breath. "I say what better way to grieve than come here, have a good time, and wake up tomorrow lying next to someone you don't ever remember having met. He'd have liked it that way." Applause. "I'd like to, at this point, extend my gratitude toward the investigators who have taken charge of the case so far. Detective Oren Loper, who's somewhere in the audience out there..." Oren waves. The crowd applauds. "...and Ferdinand Blejwas." Blejwas nods. "Now I know no one wants to hear a tipsy heiress talking when there's a guy who has a license to carry a crossbow behind her, and Blejwas tells me Mr. Loper has solved the case and is willing to tell us all here, tonight, just who exactly dun it." Oren freezes in his chair. Blejwas is grinning.

"So let's get Oren up here." Celyne is saying. "Sheriff? Are you out there?"
No. 122607 ID: c5c9d2

Go up there.
Time to spill the beans about the finger. "The one who ordered Arbok dead... hired the owner of this finger to kill me. Someone who worked for this family."

Oh boy, this is gonna be a clusterfuck.
No. 122659 ID: 107da3


Oh right. Remember to keep an eye out for snipers, poisonous gasses, and someone sneaking up behind you with a knife.

It's harder to hit someone in a crowd, but it's harder to spot someone there too.
No. 122663 ID: 498c52

We know it wasn't Parter, he'd been drugged the same as Allen had.
No. 122665 ID: c5c9d2

"Ladies and gentlemen."
"Allen wasn't the only victim."
"This was an attempted triple murder. We of the police force do not know all of the circumstances, but Allen, Parter and Celine were all drugged on the same night."

Wait for the general reaction. If you MUST, continue.
"We found the murder weapon. We cannot give the detrails, but it is a heavy piece of machinery; it would need many people to transport and operate. Allen vas a victim of a conspiracy, which we still are unveiling."
"The mystery will go on, ladies and gentlemen. But I felt like you all needed to know, the case is going on. We ARE looking for the real culprits."
No. 122689 ID: 632862

We know it's Ordo but how do we even prove that? All I can think of to say is that the needle marks prove that Celyne and Mendel were not involved in the murder, which makes Ordo the only prime suspect left, and we just proved that the finger belonged to a goon hired by the Arbock company.

What we really need to do? Find the guy whose finger it is. That will probably clinch the case, when it turns out to be someone close to Ordo.
No. 122693 ID: c5c9d2

Yet, we cant out the finger's owner. Not yet.

All we can do now is not let the wrong guy be arrested.
No. 122703 ID: 632862

Well, if our intent is simply to keep Mendel from getting thrown in the cooler, then all we have to say is that we have made a breakthrough in the case, and proven that the murderer is someone in the Arbock company.
No. 122705 ID: f98e0b
File 126497971471.png - (115.21KB , 800x600 , 220.png )

Oren gets up out of his seat and walks to the stage. He notices each step, the way his feet channel the impact up his legs and then push off and drive him closer to the spotlight. And the sound his shoes make. First the padding thump on the carpet then the sharp clack on the stage. Wow, those lights are bright. It seems like they should be turned down a little. Did he ever say anything about having stagefright? He sort of has stagefright. He um sort of has it.

"L-ladies and gentlemen. Allen wasn't the only victim."

"you're trying to stall, loper." says Blejwas behind him. Oren ignores him.

"This was an attempted triple murder. We of the Authority do not know all of the circumstances, but Allen, Mendel P-parter and Celyne were all drugged on the same night."

"not gonna work, loper," says Blejwas behind him, a hint of sadistic glee in his voice.

"We found the murder weapon. We cannot give the details, but it is a heavy piece of machinery; it would need many people to transport and operate."

"my town, loper," Blejwas says. "my town, pigfucker."

"Allen was a victim of a conspiracy, which we still are unveiling. The mystery will go on, ladies and gentlemen. But I felt like you all needed to know, the case is going on. We ARE looking for the real culprits."
He is met by murmuring curiosity.

"Right," says Blejwas, detaching himself from the wall he was leaning on. "If the Sheriff is done with his campfire story, I have an arrest to make. Is Mr. Parter in the house?"
No. 122706 ID: c5c9d2

"Are you deaf, Blewjas? You are trying to arrest one of the victims."
No. 122707 ID: 135d9a

Okay that didn't go so hot.
No. 122708 ID: c5c9d2

Its time to shut Blewjas up. He is too convinced its Mendell.
No. 122710 ID: 498c52

No. 122711 ID: 632862

I think it's time we showed Blejwas the finger. The severed one, too.
No. 122718 ID: c5c9d2

I dont think showing him the finger of someone we dont know who it is is a good idea. Sides, will end up working against us >.>; We're withholding evidence.

We can, in no circumstances, say what the murder weapon is, though.
No. 122722 ID: f98e0b
File 126498161833.png - (211.29KB , 800x600 , 221.png )

"Are you deaf, Blejwas? You are trying to arrest one of the victims," says Oren.

"Every piece of evidence we found points to Parter," says Blejwas. "Every one. We found his blood on the crime scene, spirits' sake. I have forensic evidence. All you have is an exciting story. I'm making the arrest, Loper."
No. 122725 ID: f21281

"Oh yeah, well I have a finger!"

Then flip him off.

Then produce the severed finger.

"See? Finger!"
No. 122730 ID: 632862

What other evidence? That's the only thing you've mentioned. Two men tried to kill me last night, and I have proof that they were employed in this very building. I just collected blood from a turbine I believe is the murder weapon, and I can bet you that it will match either Allen's or the real culprit's.
No. 122731 ID: c5c9d2

"FINE! How an unconscious man can move a giant hacksaw the SIZE of an SUV up GOD KNOWS HOW MANY FLOORS and into Allen's ROOM to hack him apart?"
No. 122732 ID: 498c52

So what's the weapon then? Because I know for sure what it is.
No. 122733 ID: 498c52

If it's a murder scene, why isn't any of Allen's blood anywhere?
No. 122735 ID: c5c9d2

Guuuuyus keep quiet on the attack on uuuussss, we cant show we know too muuuuch. Also, we're withholding evidence. We cant connect the guys who attacked us to thiiiiis!
No. 122755 ID: f98e0b
File 126498310920.png - (213.22KB , 800x600 , 222.png )

"Got the murder weapon, Blejwas?" asks Oren. Blejwas pauses for a moment. Oren leaps.

"Because I do. It's a turbine, it's the size of a cart and no man could haul it up to the top floor of a tower, much less an unconscious one. And I have Allen's blood on it to prove it.It's all about the blood with you, ain't that right, Blejwas? Where's Allen's? Where on the crime scene? He was hacked apart, Blejwas. There should've been buckets."

"That's...not enough, Loper. Just because you've got the weapon and you say you do isn't enough to pardon Parter. You said yourself Allen was sedated. What if he was moved? How do you know Mendel didn't use your 'murder weapon'? This turbine you mention. He makes them too, Loper." he says, growing bolder. "You've only just helped to bolster my case, Loper. I see no proof."
No. 122758 ID: 632862

Mendel didn't use the murder weapon because it was stolen from him. Whoever used it also had no idea how to clean it properly, and damaged it in the process. If Mendel had used it, he would have cleaned it right.
No. 122763 ID: c5c9d2

I TOLD to not tell it was a turbine!

"Then WHERE is the murder scene? WHERE si Parter's blood? WHERE was the body moved to? You SAID you had his blood in the murder scene. YOU DONT HAVE EVEN THAT! If wasn't for ME, you wouldn't have the murder WEAPON!"
No. 122773 ID: cfad4e

"Who the hell uses a murder weapon the size of a car that's got their company logo on the boilerplate? No, you use one that's got someone else's logo on it. Even that's a little obvious. But I guess they only had to fool you."
No. 122777 ID: c5c9d2

The point I'm trying to make is that he doesn' has a case. he has nothing to connect Parter to Allen's murder. He doesn' even have where he was murdered!
No. 122780 ID: e75a2f

Talk about the finger and the attack.

That'll ram his shorts up his ass.
No. 122786 ID: e9b708

When you tell them about the finger you should probably just say that you have a finger that was confirmed to be someone from in the building. Instead of letting them know that you have the finger with you.
No. 122788 ID: f98e0b
File 126498562122.png - (106.69KB , 800x600 , 223.png )

"Then where's the murder scene? Where's the blood? Where was the body moved to? You said you had Parter's blood in the murder scene and now you don't even have that! If wasn't for that hick Sheriff Loper, you wouldn't have the weapon! I have proof (Oren subconsciously reaches for the finger, then stills his hand. No need to reveal everything all at once.) that whoever helped with this crime is under Arbock employment, got it? Stone cold proof!"
"The weapon was damaged. Cleaned wrong. Mendel admitted it was worth a lot of money. You think he'd have not known how to clean his own turbine? You think he would have wasted cash? Who the hell uses a murder weapon the size of a car that's got their company logo on the boilerplate, anyway? No, you use one that's got someone else's logo on it. Even that's a little obvious. But I guess they only had to fool you, Blejwas." Oren is dimly aware of the audience. They are watching in rapt silence.

"Okay, Loper." says Blejwas. "Okay. Mendel walks and you've blown the case wide open in front of a crowd of people including the other two suspects. So I'm bringing someone tonight before they skip town, you understand? O all-seeing-all-knowing-Messia-wunderkind-detective-PI-hick. Who did it? Who killed Allen if not your pal Parter?"
No. 122790 ID: c5c9d2

"Well, I hope you can tell me, because if you wasn't so keen on picking the wrong person, we would not be having this conversation, would WE?"
No. 122792 ID: cfad4e


...In hindsight, maybe we should've not let on that we knew it was someone else.
No. 122793 ID: f21281

"Then we're going old school. Close this place down. No one in or out."
No. 122796 ID: c5c9d2

Take Celyne. We need to get to the security central, the archive, wherever we can check the fingerowner's identity.

And I'm sure Celyne will have access to that place.
No. 122804 ID: e0499d

second. And also say you're heading up to check the key evidence. If a guy starts trailing you, you got him just as good as scannin' that finger.
No. 122809 ID: f98e0b
File 126498854165.png - (67.30KB , 800x600 , 224.png )

Oren locks down the auditorium with Blejwas' grudging help. The crowd takes it all fairly well, talking amongst each other excitedly. Maybe the drinks are helping.

Oren and Celyne head to the security office, and Celyne boots up the mainframe of fingerprints. She gags when Oren takes out the finger and presses it against the scanner.

The screen shows the owner was a member of Ordo's Personal Security.
"Oh, Ordo." says Celyne. "Oh, shit."
No. 122812 ID: 6834bc

Well that's some pretty damning evidence, I'd say.
No. 122814 ID: 632862

I think that just about clinches it. Ordo must have bribed someone in the police force to get Oren's address, and bribed someone else in Parter's building to erase the tapes.
No. 122815 ID: 3af198

Ordo is also the only suspect without needle mark, although he does claim to have one.
When we were checking out Ordo's arm he said
"It wouldn't be some sort of mysterious mark? Only Celyne was complaining about it earlier and I have one on my... you know."
But Celyne said
"You think that's a needlemark?" asks Celyne, looking at it. "Hmm. Maybe. I just thought it was a bugbite or, um, something. It's been there about a week."
Celyne didn't act like it was a mysterious mark.
We can find out if Celyne actually complained to Ordo about the mark.
No. 122828 ID: cfad4e

Say "NOW we have evidence."

Have your composure waver as you suddenly consider the possibility that you only have Allen's word about where the finger came from. How he could be deceiving you. Then dismiss this because you can't imagine what he has to gain from this that would be worth dying and coming back to life as a serial murderer.
No. 122831 ID: f98e0b
File 126499091364.png - (131.85KB , 800x600 , 225.png )

Oren's inclined to agree.
Celyne starts crying, quietly.

Oren's not really worried about Allen. He seems more like an affable socialite with an inherited business who just got unlucky. He's more worried about the fact that he just realized he left the bent cop and the killer alone together and the killer has a lot of cash and the keys to the building
No. 122833 ID: 135d9a

Aw shit.

No. 122834 ID: 498c52

Yeah let's get over there post haste.
No. 122835 ID: 632862

Alone? ...not in the auditorium?

Well get moving then and catch him.
No. 122842 ID: 1831fc


No. 122848 ID: f98e0b
File 126499246759.png - (122.03KB , 800x600 , 226.png )

In the auditorium

oren runs
celyne follows
No. 122849 ID: f98e0b
File 126499253429.png - (78.52KB , 800x600 , 227.png )

"Hff...Hff...wheeze...gah. Open open openopenopen"
No. 122850 ID: f98e0b
File 126499257975.png - (89.50KB , 800x600 , 228.png )

"gah...hff...hooo. Whoo.
Heh. Eheh. "
No. 122852 ID: f98e0b
File 126499262155.png - (109.40KB , 800x600 , 229.png )

No. 122855 ID: 632862

Knock him out. Killing him will cause trouble.
No. 122875 ID: f21281


But the best thing to do right now is to taunt to freak him out and make him crash. Preferably in a way that he knows it's you, from beyond the grave.
No. 122876 ID: cfad4e

Stick a knife in him.
No. 122879 ID: bb1955


In a way that only a serial killer could accomplish.
No. 122885 ID: e0499d

don't kill him...
KO him, and drag him somewhere to be interrogated.
We don't have all the details. There may be a larger conspiracy connected.

We need all the information before we kill this sad bastard
No. 122887 ID: 1831fc

No. 122888 ID: e9b708

No killing. That would only mess things up.
No. 122889 ID: e9b708

Have fun scaring the hell out of him though.
No. 122897 ID: 9e9b47


Knock him the fuck out.

Steal the money from his wallet to buy a nice dinner.
No. 123941 ID: f98e0b
File 126516012125.png - (237.21KB , 800x600 , 230.png )

Oren takes a break from hunting on the front lawn of the mansion. The search for Ordo has lasted an hour. It's late. The other guests were eager to help at first, but they're dispersing now. Oren stays behind, looking at his hand in the reflective waters of the Divining Pool in front of Arbock Tower. Celyne's still here, sniffling, talking with Mendel. Blejwas is just standing, staring up at the darkening sky. It's cold.

Oren's just about given up. He figures Ordo has skipped town.
No. 123949 ID: f98e0b
File 126516038287.png - (314.62KB , 800x600 , 231.png )

It comes as a pleasant surprise, then, when Allen strides into view with a deathly pale Ordo in tow.
"Sheiff! I haff been lookink for you!" he says in his terrible accent. "I caught up viz Mr. Arbock in zer garage. Ve had a conversation, und after considering zer alternatives..." Ordo stiffens, "...ve decided he should come und haff a chat viz you."

He pushes Ordo forward. "I'm sure you haff many qvestions for him. You two haff much to dizcuss, no?"
No. 123951 ID: 632862

"So why'd you do it, Ordo? And how, exactly?"
No. 123994 ID: a56bd0

"alternatives"... hehe.. I like the sound of that.
No. 124035 ID: 1831fc


You are twisted, Allen.

I like it.
No. 124078 ID: e0499d

well... time to find a secluded room to interrogate this guy...
No. 124080 ID: 632862

Like the police station.
No. 124086 ID: f98e0b
File 126516566110.png - (228.19KB , 800x600 , 232.png )

"Okay, let's take..."
"No," says Celyne, strangely calm. "Do it here, Oren. I um want to hear this."

"O...kay. Why did you do this, Ordo? And how?"

"Broke into Allen's room after the party. Sedated him. Went to Mendel's hotel. He was drunk. Took his keys, took his blood. I stole a turbine. Killed Allen. Planted evidence and blood on the crime scene. I- I'm..." He falls silent.
No. 124088 ID: f98e0b
File 126516569637.png - (235.22KB , 800x600 , 233.png )

“Why, Ordo?” asks Celyne, storming up to him. “What the fuck were you um thinking? And what’s the hole in my arm?”

“You needed an alibi. You always, you, I mean you got into fights with Allen all the time,” says Ordo. “Cel. I did this for you.”

“What?” asks Cel, her voice dangerously low.
“You had all these ideas, and Allen wouldn’t listen, he never listened,” says Ordo. “And. And I cared I care for you, Cel, and I thought if I ran the company we could, you know, I would listen to you and when I saw you and Mendel I knew I had to do it, and Mendel had to be guilty or you’d make a terrible mistake. I just, I mean
No. 124089 ID: f98e0b
File 126516570751.png - (316.71KB , 800x600 , 234.png )

No. 124090 ID: 9891a9

You go, girl!
No. 124092 ID: 15f6d6

Just let it happen, Oren. Also, pat yourself on the back.
No. 124093 ID: 1831fc


Nut him again for good measure.
No. 124094 ID: 498c52

once again
No. 124097 ID: 632862

"Alright, break it up break it up. Let's get this punk behind bars."
No. 124132 ID: f98e0b
File 126516813535.png - (267.52KB , 800x600 , 235.png )

Celyne looks set to start stomping on Ordo on the ground, so Oren intercedes. "Okay, break it up, we need this punk behind bars," he says.

Celyne considers the shivering man on the ground and turns away. "Right," she says. "Okay. I just um found out my brother was murdered by my other brother who had some sort of creepy fixation on me. I'm going to bed and I'm not doing it alone. I could really use a lay right now. Loper's out, you're seeing someone. Blejwas, you're an asshole. Yes, you are. Don't um look at me like that. Parter," she barks.

"Yeah," says Parter.

"Say you were a coward last week," says Celyne. "At the party. Say you were a pussy."

"I was a pussy," says Parter. "I was a giant yellow sissy,"


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorrysorrysorry."

"Okay, now um complement me somehow," says Celyne.

"Your, ah. Your tits are astounding, they, I mean-"
"Go higher."
"Your eyes, they're like pools of, pools of..."
"Yeah, water, and they reflect...uh...I..."

"Good enough. Let's get the fuck out of here. Your place has a mini bar, right?"
"Then we're going to your place," says Celyne. "Sheriff Loper, whoever is paying you isn't paying you enough. I'm adding to your salary. Come on, Parter. Show me that tattoo you wrote about in How To Succeed."

Celyne drags a not unhappy looking Parter away into the night.
No. 124144 ID: 632862

Things ended well, it seems. Back to the policework. Arrest the perp, read him his rights, bring him to the joint, fingerprint him, take his confession, etc etc.
No. 124151 ID: e0499d

that turned out well...

Time to cuff him and end this mystery...
Kinda odd he did this over something so trivial...

I still say we interogate him some more before barring him... some place that has painful objects >:3

No. 124167 ID: 402e63

We have a problem.
Considering Blewjas just let the bastard escape, what the hell are we gonna do with Ordo now?

Does this guy still wants to escape?

"Jhonen, what did you do?"
No. 124171 ID: 402e63

Heh. You should watch Law and Order more. People kill for the dumbest reasons.
No. 124176 ID: 632862

I don't think he's gonna be able to bribe his way out of a jail cell.
No. 124200 ID: f98e0b
File 126517029443.png - (195.02KB , 800x600 , 236.png )

"What did you do?" asks Oren.
"We talked," says Allen.

"I'll go back to the Authority building," says Blejwas. "Bring around a cart, some reinforcements, get this guy in a cell."
"I'll come viz you," says Allen brightly.
"I don't think that's a good idea," says Blejwas.
"Nonsense," says Allen. "I've alvays vanted to see how zer Authority sausage gets made, if you vill. Can I ride in the Squad Cart?"
"I-fine." says Blejwas, walking off with Allen keeping a watchful eye on him. "Loper, make the arrest."

And so Loper's alone with Ordo.
"Mr. Arbock? Can you hear me?" asks Oren.
"Gnnnk." says Ordo.
"Yes or no, Mr. Arbock."
"Guck. Yus." says Ordo.
"Mr. Arbock, you are under arrest for the murder of Allen Arbock and the attempted murders of Oren Loper and Jhonen Fortword. Be advised at this time that any effort to resist arrest, perjure, or mislead will cause loss of some or all of the proceeding rights granted under the Authority Charter," says Loper. "These include the right to Personal Privacy and Safety, the right to Self or Peer Representation, and the right to Accommodation and Fair Trial preceding court decision. Do you by oath understand."
"Okay. Spirits be charitable on you, Mr. Arbock."
No. 124207 ID: 402e63

"Ordo, next time you come to like a girl, know this. Killing family is a bad way to get in her good graces. Specially her family."
No. 124211 ID: 632862

Hmm. Well, we've got a bit of a wait. Just put the handcuffs on him while he's lying there.

Wanna call your girl while you've got time?
No. 124397 ID: 15f6d6

You might as well call Squires. Pat this bastard down too to make sure he doesn't have any other tricks up his sleeve.
No. 124429 ID: c05c83

Silently congratulate yourself on a job well done.
No. 124443 ID: 85c4f7

Even if it just ended well by pure chance.
No. 124444 ID: f98e0b
File 126522722599.png - (212.60KB , 800x600 , 237.png )

"Look, Mr. Sode, I reckon I understand, but I can't just go down there and arrest the kids. Well, because you haven't given any sort of charges. They're not loitering if they're browsing your wares. No, I know, I know. But being a teenager ain't a crime last time I looked, Mr. Sode. Okay, hey, I've got another call waiting I need to take. Yes, I'll tell Sheriff Loper next time I see him. Yeah, thanks for saying, Mr. Sode. You have a good night, now."


"Hearthback Authority Center. Deputy Squires speaking," Oren hears Nessie say. "How can I help you this evening?"
No. 124449 ID: 051fad


How's things, Ness?
No. 124450 ID: e0499d

a very long "wazap" or "hey" should suffice...
and/or sexual innuendo, joking in another voice, or just saying hi.
No. 124466 ID: f98e0b
File 126523127621.png - (143.62KB , 800x600 , 238.png )

"Hey, Nessie," says Oren. "How are things?"

"Sheriff! Oren! I mean, hi, hon!" says Nessie. She's the first person to sound happy to hear him in a couple days. "Pretty good. Slow. I just got off the phone with Henry Sodo, the guy with the bookstore. Wanted me to arrest some kids that were down there."
"Doing what?" asks Oren.
"Dunno. Reading I guess," says Nessie. "You know how Sodo is. I love the guy, but he's a war criminal. Anyway, there was a fender bender a little bit ago between Jed Harman and that new guy in town, the one with the lisp. And yesterday I caught Bruce Hallow trying to break into some place."
"Book him?"
"No need. This is Bruce Hallow we're talking about. The guy who once tried to rob a bank and presented photo ID. I just gave him a stern talking to. It's been pretty uneventful without you around, though, Oren. Manning the desk is boring. I've been drawing on myself."
"Giving myself tattoos. I just made one of a cobracorn."
"What's a cobracorn?"
"It's like a unicorn but instead of a horn it has a snake. How are you? How's the case going? Nab the baddie yet?"
No. 124467 ID: e0499d

explain everything:
from finding out it was the brother;
to finding that the sister just got laid with a rival company CEO.
No. 124471 ID: 655d51

No. 124493 ID: f98e0b
File 126523427776.png - (253.62KB , 800x600 , 239.png )

((how dare you! bacon legs or baconleglexia is a v. serious condition which requires sensitivity and is not to be joked about. now you feel so terrible -ed.))

"Yeah, we got him." says Oren.
"Holy shit," says Squires. "I mean, I knew you would, but-good work. Who is it? How'd you get him?"
Oren tells her about Ordo, and gives her a general rundown of the events that led up to his arrest.

"See, this is why I'm glad I'm an only child," says Nessie. "Are you coming home soon?"

"I'd imagine," says Oren. "Ritzy life was interesting and I won't deny the city has great taste in champagne, but I miss Hearthback. Miss you, too, Nessie."
"We'll see each other again soon, Oren, don't worry," says Squires. "I've been practicing my 'come hither' glance and sexy walk for you, even."
"How's that working out for you?"
"I look like a constipated hula dancer. We should probably get some sleep, Oren. It's past midnight, you know."

"I could just hop on the skiff and be back by morning," says Oren.
"Sleep, Loper," says Squires. "You've earned it. I waited to be with you since Authority Academy, I can wait another night. Did Leah ever call, by the way?"

"Nope," says Oren.
"She kept badgering me for your contact info so I gave her the number for some phone sex line from the yellow pages," says Squires. "Wonder if she can tell the difference. Night, Oren."
"Night, Nessie."
No. 124497 ID: e0499d


I like this girl.

As for advice... I'd say sleep... or sneak a camera into Ceylene's room and use the resulting tape as a prank...

But that'd lower your cash flow, wouldn't it...
No. 124520 ID: 5a2e05

So... yeah. You heard the lady. Sleep.
No. 124536 ID: 632862

Remember that Ordo's two thugs still know where you sleep.

Get a different hotel room.
No. 124682 ID: f98e0b
File 126524682239.png - (92.92KB , 800x600 , 240.png )

Allen gets Oren a room in another hotel. It's not a bad place, not as fancy as the other room, but it's comfy compared to the drafty barracks back home at least.

So why can't Oren sleep?

He's sure he got the right guy. Ordo's sitting in a cell. Allen's happy. Celyne and Mendel didn't come through without bruises but they're probably making each other feel a bit better right now. Oren's going to be quite a bit more well-off now that he finished the job and tomorrow he'll be home, so why can't Oren sleep?

Maybe it's because he never found anything to use against Blejwas. Nothing to prove just how crooked he is. Maybe it's because Blejwas is right. This is his town. And Oren's just a yokel, when all is said and done. Blejwas lost tonight but tomorrow he'll still have all the power, the authority, the position, and a fresh hatred of one country sheriff who sidled into town and bloodied his nose. Oren's glad he's leaving tomorrow. Despite the new friends he's made here he doesn't want to stay in Anchorturn for very long at all.

He's scared.
No. 124689 ID: 4b452a

... nothing is as sweet as the consequences of humiliating in public an Authority figure...

Its over now, mr. Loper. Its not like he'll send an army of thugs tonight to get revenge.

Sleep well, and keep your blade close. We'll keep watch on you, right mr. Undertaker?
No. 124707 ID: e0499d

when you can't sleep, that's generally a bad thing when we're around.

Get a gun... or something deadly that can be concealed and get outta there...

Find Allen first, look for a way out.
No. 124832 ID: 107da3


The orb.

The red orb you picked up.
No. 125393 ID: f98e0b
File 126533091893.png - (212.47KB , 800x600 , 241.png )

"Deb, let me the fuck in! I want to talk about this! Come the fuck on!"
No. 125395 ID: f98e0b
File 126533105856.png - (124.40KB , 800x600 , 242.png )

"I will turn the front door into fucking kindling, bitch! Open up!"

Erza Hayes has an unfaithful girlfriend and a problem. The problem is that he has just made two mistakes. Mistake number one is that he has forgotten that while cheating on your boozehound boyfriend is technically legal, threatening your girlfriend with an axe is not.
No. 125397 ID: f98e0b
File 126533114240.png - (69.91KB , 800x600 , 243.png )

The second is that he is attempting to commit a crime in the precinct of Nessie Motherfucking Squires, deputy and badass.

Now how to go about this.
No. 125405 ID: 7371b0



Bash his skull in. Just do it in both a hard boiled manner, and in a way that keeps his head in one piece.
No. 125409 ID: a009f5

SHeild bash the fuck out of him, then kick him in the ribs a few times because he's resisting arrest.
No. 125412 ID: 5a2e05

Go about it the correct legal way, get within range, let him know he's committing a crime and to give up and put down the weapon. I assume you can take a drunk man if he decides to use the axe.
No. 125418 ID: 632862

I'd say get in close then tell him to drop the weapon. Make sure you've got your shield ready to block if he's really stupid and decides to attack you.
No. 125430 ID: e0499d

Just know that Oren is worrying excessively about you...
If you got a crossbow, time to pull er' out.

Keep your distance...
Generally, when someone is nervous about the other: bad things happen.
No. 125481 ID: f98e0b
File 126533728691.png - (78.15KB , 800x600 , 244.png )

"Hey. Erza. Drop the axe." says Nessie.

This is when Erza makes mistake number 3.
No. 125484 ID: f98e0b
File 126533739240.png - (316.98KB , 800x600 , 245.png )

Machismo and drink take over and he spins around, swinging his axe at Nessie.

The result is generally what you'd expect when a drunken man with a hatchet goes after someone holding up a shield.

Erza has just enough time to realize what he's just done and go "Wh-"
No. 125486 ID: f98e0b
File 126533740740.png - (330.42KB , 800x600 , 246.png )

No. 125493 ID: e0499d


he may have a pistol or a small weapon hidden.
Get him in a position he can't hurt you in.
And check him for weapons.

Having a knife at his throat the whole time wouldn't hurt...
No. 125496 ID: 1831fc

Pommel. Apply directly to the forehead. Pommel. Apply directly to the forehead. Pommel. Apply directly to the forehead.
No. 125512 ID: 5a2e05

He attacked an officer of the law, you are fully within your rights to knock him out.
No. 125515 ID: 1d2d60

I think pommeling him might be a little extreme. He's already dropped his weapon... if he goes to retrieve it perhaps... but he's just a drunk and very angry man with home problems... no need to give him brain damage on top of that. (besides can't be too careful with 'police brutality'... I mean this isn't exactly a mob riot so we don't have anyone else to scare.)
No. 125627 ID: 632862

He's disabled and stunned. I think you should make the arrest.
No. 125861 ID: f98e0b
File 126542110414.png - (128.59KB , 800x600 , 247.png )

Squires quickly cuffs him while he's lying on the ground, stunned and bleeding profusely, and confiscates a penknife she finds in his back pocket. She loads him into a cart she borrowed from Grease.

"By nofe," mutters Erza on the drive back to the barracks. He's got a cell waiting for him till when they send him off to some bigger town for trial. "You bnoke it. You bnoke by nofe,"
"Quiet back there," says Squires.
"Why dib you do dat?" says Erza. "Bish."

"Well hey now, you swung an axe at me," says Squires. "How do you think that makes me feel? I mean imagine if you were at your job or whatever and someone tried to kill you with an axe. That's what I just went through, okay? It would have been legal to impale you just then."

"Dint habter brage by nofe though," says Erza.

"Stop talking," says Squires. "You'll fuck up the bandages and bleed all over the cart. And you sound ridiculous. You know that, right?"

"Your fault. Bish. Ugly-aff Mutt shitfafed bish."
No. 125863 ID: f21281


Oh my, do I detect a hint of minority bashing?
No. 125864 ID: 627d28


"Anything you say can be used in court against you, sir..."
No. 125881 ID: f98e0b
File 126542276948.png - (128.32KB , 800x600 , 249.png )

Well, he's technically right, Squires is a mutt. Her dad was pure gray and her mom was mostly brown. There are those who consider that a bad thing, think uneven coloration is ugly or one race or another is inferior, call people like her shitfaces or whatever. Squires doesn't really care. It's never been a big deal. Anyway, Oren thinks it's cute.

Erza's got the right to vent at someone. Hell, he lost his girlfriend to Eliot Papp, who runs the landfill and has a lazy eye. Plus he's plain drunk, and she did just break his nose. She imagines she wouldn't feel too charitable toward anyone in particular if they broke her nose. The axe may have been a little too far, but no harm done. Technically he assaulted an Authority Member, but she'll let that slide. It was a kneejerk reaction, a shitty choice. She can relate. And he's in deep enough shit as it is. Probably looking at at least six months.

She's not going to let him get to her, not when she still has the treasured memory of the sound her shield made against his face and especially not when when Oren is coming home from the city tonight.

She's stoked.
No. 125912 ID: 15f6d6

After you lock this bastard up, is there any more CRIME that needs bustin?
No. 125926 ID: f98e0b
File 126542704052.png - (129.07KB , 800x600 , 250.png )

Nah, this is technically after her shift but she got a call from Deborah, the girlfriend, about Erza so she hauled ass over here to help.

She's hoping there won't be any more distractions. She wants to make sure Oren's homecoming is perfect. They've only really been together as a couple for less than a day before Oren had to rush off to help Allen. She wants to make sure this'll work. Hell, she got candles and she's even making dinner for them which she is just realizing now she should have taken out of the oven 20 minutes ago when she was driving down here.
No. 125929 ID: f21281


I'm not going to say "brace for fire" because you probably already know that there's going to be a fire.

Got a cell phone? Call the fire department now.
No. 125940 ID: 1e7931

Nessie, you spaz.
No. 125941 ID: 15f6d6

Speed like a motherfuck. Who'se going to arrest you? You?
No. 125943 ID: 6c28cf

Well, that's no good. You know it's gonna be burned. So it goes. No use worrying about it.

Considering she was rushing out to save some poor bitch from getting the axe, I reckon forgetting about the cooking is an acceptable mistake.
No. 125974 ID: f98e0b
File 126542965627.png - (121.37KB , 800x600 , 251.png )

floor it floor it floor it
gah squires you fuckup
No. 125975 ID: f98e0b
File 12654297507.png - (148.43KB , 800x600 , 252.png )

"Here is your cell there are some walls and a floor and oh some bars so you just sit in there and think about what you have done"


"I gotta go so you have a good time I am sorry about the nose"
No. 125976 ID: f98e0b
File 126542978338.png - (308.32KB , 800x600 , 253.png )

You know what Squires could really go for right now?

No. 125980 ID: abb30a

aw yeah, pizza
fatten yourself up so we can eat you
er, I mean
No. 125983 ID: f21281

When he comes in, make sure you say "I made you a dinner...but I burnded it :("
No. 126260 ID: 632862

Hmm. Maybe you could find a store that sells ready-made meals?
No. 126291 ID: c0f3bf

Nah, that would be cheating.
No. 126312 ID: 2eac65

I hope you remembered to lock the cell door.

If you did, then the obvious solution is bacon.
No. 126330 ID: 107da3


Dammit Squires. Alright listen closely, he's coming home soon and you need to cook fast. What've you got as foodstuffs. It's either that or go the lame route with pizza.
No. 126456 ID: e75a2f

Do you really think Oren's gonna care about eating pizza right now?

No matter what goes down, it's going to end the same way.

Bangin' like rabbits.
No. 126508 ID: f98e0b
File 126549644290.png - (250.46KB , 800x600 , 254.png )

Yeah, it's locked. Even if it wasn't Erza is too stinking drunk to do much.

Nessie rapidly takes stock of the situation. She has been subsisting an assload of baby carrots, which she loves, several days' worth of frozen food, a jar of chocolate chips, a bunch of energy bars, and a cell phone with Give Pizza a Chance and Duprian Takeout on speed dial.

She freezes as she hears the front door open.
"Spirits' shit, it's good to be home," she hears Oren call. "Nessie? I'm back. Where are you? What's that burning smell?
No. 126512 ID: 632862

"It was food at one point."
No. 126563 ID: 5a2e05

No. 126572 ID: f98e0b
File 126550123393.png - (343.84KB , 800x600 , 255.png )

"Dinner!" announces Nessie, entering the room. "Sort of. It was at one point."

"You made dinner?" asks Oren.
"Yeah only then Deborah Holeman called and there was a problem with Erza her boyfriend because he heard she was cheating with Eliot Papp..."
"Smelly Eli?"
"With the lazy eye, yeah, and so he shows up at her place with an axe so I had to go down there and I forgot to take the turkey out of the oven so when I got back it was burned all over and so I had to sort of extinguish it and I was thinking maybe we should just have pizza instead? Or something?"

"Is Deb okay?" asks Oren.
"Yeah. Erza's fine too, except his nose. I broke it when I brought him in."
"Good work," says Oren. "Pizza is fine."
No. 126575 ID: 1e7931


D'aww... He's beat. Help him into a chair and then order the pizza. He can tell you all about the mission when you sit with him.

Or on him. Your choice.
No. 126661 ID: f98e0b
File 12655059358.png - (213.63KB , 800x600 , 256.png )

The pizza gets there about twenty minutes later, and they clear the shiny stuff off the table. They shoot the shit for a while about Anchorturn. Oren does his best Angry Blejwas impression, which sends soda up Nessie's nose, and she tells him about what happened when she and Grease got an idea yesterday to try and hook up a nitro tank to the police cart and about scraping the bird guts off the windshield once it came back down.

"So," says Nessie, swallowing another bite. "What do you want to do after dinner?"
"Dunno. What do you want to do?" asks Oren.
"I converted the firing range into a racquetball court while you were out on account of the fact that I don't use bows. We can play a few rounds."
"And then we can move the targets back inside," says Oren.
"Aw. Fine," says Nessie. "What about after that? We need to talk about the cash you made and what we're gonna do with it. Also, to be frank, I've been waiting to screw you since about an hour after you left."
"Well, if there's one thing we out in the country need to learn from the big city," says Oren, "it's about mixing business with pleasure."
No. 126667 ID: c16184

I think it's been a while since you made love
Not a quickie fuck
But just a solid tender intimate passionate hot lovemaking sessions several hours worth.
No. 126672 ID: e75a2f

Fuck while playing racquetball.
No. 126728 ID: e9b708

Yes. do this.
No. 126800 ID: f98e0b
File 126551066039.png - (44.77KB , 800x600 , 257.png )

Squires is up to the idea, but Oren's pretty sure neither of them are that flexible, and as sexy as it sounds the floor is cold as hell.
This seems like a better idea.

After an hour or so of playing they can't resist each other any more and book it to the bedroom. Squires has shoved two of the beds together so they'll have more room.

"Glad you're better at this than you are at playing racquetball, Sheriff," says Squires.
"I keep telling you that spiking the ball into the other player isn't a way to score points." says Oren.
"And I keep telling you that we were playing by Furlesian rules," says Squires. "So. How much did Allen pay you, anyway?"

Oren tells her.
"Oh, wow." she says. "That's, um. That's a lot. Any idea on what we're going to spend all that money on?"
Oren thinks. They have enough cash to get pretty much whatever they want for the Authority station, within reason.
No. 126808 ID: e75a2f

This is a much more fun game.
No. 126832 ID: f98e0b
File 126551234519.png - (46.30KB , 800x600 , 258.png )


"I think we should probably not spend everything all at once," says Oren. "Maybe just a few renovations or some new equipment or something and keep the rest just in case."

"Well what -eek- did you have in mind?" asks Nessie, turning around for a moment. "You can speed up, by the way, Oren. Don't think you have to take it slow on my account."

"Let's see. We -ah- could always use more weapons, maybe better living quarters than what we've got now. We could get better armor," says Oren. "Or maybe we could pay Grease to soup up the cart a little while he's repairing it."
"Boring. I -unf- think we should get a landskiff. Like Arbock's. Travel across the wastes in style."
"Those things are expensive as hell, Nessie." says Oren.
No. 126855 ID: f21281

Quit talkin' business and shag her silly, you fool.
No. 126876 ID: f98e0b
File 126551433499.png - (50.02KB , 800x600 , 259.png )

"Don't see you coming up with any more fun ideas," says Nessie. "You solved the case. With flying colors. We have toooooh celebrate"

"Va problem wiv vat cafe..." says Oren, then stops nibbling Nessie's ear. "The problem with that case is that I didn't get anything on Blejwas. I don't get it. He was crooked as hell. There should have been something. Anything. Some kind of dirt on him. I didn't find nothing. I don't get it."

"You're worrying too much," says Nessie. "Sure, by all accounts the guy was a bastard, but there isn't much he can do to you now. Get back on the ear, that felt good."

"I'm not fo fure," says Oren. "He haf a lot of power back in Anphorturn. What if he trief fomefing? I fouldn't have been fo antagoniftic."
No. 126877 ID: f98e0b
File 126551438167.png - (47.54KB , 800x600 , 260.png )

“Sheriff,” says Nessie, pushing him over and pouncing on top of him, “while I find this whole ‘business while sexing’ thing fairly cute, I have to say it seems to me like you’re worrying too much. Now quit talking business and shag me silly.”

“Maybe you’re right,” says Oren as she bounces on top of him. “It’s just I feel like it should have been, hell, I don’t know, better. I just-Could you do that thing with the hips?”

“What, this?” asks Nessie, shaking her ass and sending lightning up Oren’s spine. “Look. Oren. I think I learned something today while I was putting out dinner. Life –ah- is never as perfect –oh- as you’re gonna hope it is. If you –mmn- kick back and learn to enjoy it, it can still be pretty damn good.”
No. 126897 ID: 15f6d6

Make her vagina ejaculate vagina liquids from her vagina.
No. 126904 ID: f98e0b
File 126551500267.png - (45.52KB , 800x600 , 261.png )

"A philosophy to live by, I'm sure," says Oren, clutching at Nessie's hips, driving them closer together. "Wish I could think like tha- Nessie? I feel- I'm..."

"No hey not yet one second I'm almost there stall it" says Nessie.

"Ummm my mom on a cold day my mom on a cold day 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 A B C D E effffffffffff"
Oren can't hold on anymore. He finishes as he feels the muscles in Nessie's hips and thighs spasm and he grabs her side and her hand and holds on for dear life and she throws her head back and howls, just belts one, nearly pops one of Oren's eardrums.
No. 126905 ID: f21281

That's better.

Now grab her and slam her up against the wall, and fuck like mutated rabbits with a third eye on their forehead.
No. 126913 ID: f98e0b
File 126551562159.png - (150.62KB , 800x600 , 262.png )

They lie there for a while, breathing.
No. 126914 ID: f98e0b
File 126551566552.png - (152.69KB , 800x600 , 263.png )

"We just came at the same time," says Nessie.
No. 126916 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 126917 ID: f98e0b
File 126551574828.png - (155.41KB , 800x600 , 264.png )

"Kaboom," says Oren.
No. 126918 ID: f21281

Say "Yes, achievement unlocked! Dueling Orgasms!"
No. 126920 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 126937 ID: f98e0b
File 12655162891.png - (32.50KB , 800x600 , 265.png )

"There's a lot to do tomorrow," says Oren. "Paperwork to fill out about Allen's payment. Plus we need to figure out just what to do with the damn paycheck."
"I wouldn't call shopping for things work, Sheriff. Anyway. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Tonight's ours."
"Amen. Round two?"
"Furlesian rules."
"Fuck you."

It's good to be home.
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