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File 12598661894.gif - (75.11KB , 1000x600 , title1.gif )
85212 No. 85212 ID: 426169

In the last episode, Mu left the shelter of the temple to begin his one year journey throughout the lands. During this time he is to experience the real world and potentially earn a name for himself.

Once on the road Mu encountered a vicious mountain goblin. To save the life of a foolish peasant boy, Mu battled the lesser demon and defeated him. Mu freed the boy and spared the goblins life, and was offered a boon for his kindness. Mu asked to be taught the Demon Flash Step technique.

This is his training.
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No. 85213 ID: 426169
File 125986640018.gif - (56.82KB , 800x600 , 114.gif )

"Ok, kid. We're here. Let's see what you can do. I want you to run across that patch of sand, pick up a stone, and bring it back to me."
No. 85217 ID: 426169
File 125986979249.gif - (26.38KB , 400x500 , 115.gif )

Toad, hey TOAD!
Can't have you dozing off now. I need your wisdom and judgement on this. And keep and eye out for any trickery from this goblin. I don't trust him all that much.

Should I do what he says for now? Or is there something you want to ask him?
No. 85218 ID: 119b5c

Huh, whazzat? Oh. The sands burning, or filled with things that will kill you. Or quicksand. Watch out.

I'm callin quicksand. I hope your light on your feet.
No. 85219 ID: 43d730

Yeah, that or a pit trap.
Sorry, was busy with my lunch here.
No. 85220 ID: 119b5c

Or possibly all of the above...
Don't hesitate. Run.
No. 85222 ID: 632862

Try poking it with your spear to see if it is quicksand.
No. 85226 ID: 426169
File 125987169823.gif - (49.56KB , 800x500 , 116.gif )

Yeah it's quicksand all right!
Aaaagh it's sucking me in!
No. 85227 ID: 632862

Well you almost made it, keep going. Pull yourself up at the edge.
No. 85229 ID: 632862

Oh, I also heard that if you lie flat on quicksand the increased surface area means you won't sink.

That's not really the point here, though.
No. 85230 ID: 119b5c

Oh good, it's not as deadly as I expected! This is all you my friend. You have to force your feet to stay on top of something that is akin to water.

...Or you can die if you want. I'm sure the goblin would love you as a meal.
No. 85236 ID: 426169
File 12598728152.gif - (41.15KB , 800x500 , 117.gif )

Mmmh MmhhmHMMm MrrrMh
No. 85239 ID: 632862

...I told you that wasn't the point of all this. Why'd you do it? Get off your face, dummy. Grab the edge and pull yourself out of the sand.
No. 85240 ID: dda9dd

Now kind of you know, ease your way the the edge, and crawl out.
No. 85243 ID: 119b5c

This is a little...No...Very Pathetic. I bet if you listen, you can hear the goblin laughing. Get up. At least move with your legs, and not sit there, barely even hanging on. You still have the return trip to deal with.
No. 85248 ID: 107da3


You're an idiot. RUN across the quicksand, not try eating it. Trying to learn flash step, not endless stomach capacity.
No. 85256 ID: 426169
File 125987427450.gif - (31.96KB , 400x600 , 118.gif )

"Bwahahaha, did you hear what he said?"
"Hee hee, we should sell tickets to this."

No. 85260 ID: 119b5c

Ain't that a dam shame. This isn't even a five foot pool of sand! What happens if we ever come across something bigger? More deadly? Get up on the other side, and pick up the rock. Get ready to run. Again.
No. 85261 ID: 426169
File 125987462555.gif - (47.51KB , 800x500 , 119.gif )

"Yeah that'll do kiddo-" "Hee hee" "Now pick up a rock and head on back."
No. 85263 ID: 632862

It's gonna be more difficult this time, with more weight. Try to suck less!
No. 85265 ID: 119b5c

...and my guess is. He doesn't mean the little rock either.
No. 85269 ID: 43d730

Hahaha, this again.
Should I start thinking up more insults to throw at you for when you end up at the bottom of this puddle, too?
Hey, goblin, where do you bury dogs around here?
No. 85276 ID: 426169
File 125987742467.gif - (24.75KB , 400x800 , pause7.gif )

"Hey goblin, where do you bury dogs around here?"
"Oh... Around."
No. 85280 ID: 119b5c

Mu. Stop clowning around, Pick up the rock, and run across. RUN this time.
No. 85353 ID: e27275

Fly over it
like a real man
No. 87536 ID: 426169
File 126021479559.gif - (76.33KB , 800x800 , 121.gif )

"Ow ow ow-"

I really wish he'd stop complaining already. It was just a bunch of rocks.
No. 87537 ID: 632862

Okay, it looks like one of us has gone rogue and hijacked the toad, blocking everyone else out. What's been going on?
No. 87542 ID: 426169
File 126021536420.gif - (76.73KB , 800x800 , 122.gif )

A toad can't talk to himself, eh?

The little gnat had Mu running back and forth the quicksand pit all day, carrying stones of all sizes. It was hilarious at first, but after an hour it started to get old.
From what I could see, Mu didn't make any progress. I don't think he's getting the point of the exercise. I'm not sure if do. Hmmm.

What was the point?
No. 87543 ID: 632862

To not sink.
No. 87546 ID: 632862

Erm, more specifically, to train Mu to be light on his feet. Featherstep training.

Or slogging through the quicksand could've been the entire point. Simple leg muscle training.
No. 87554 ID: 426169
File 126021676198.gif - (75.98KB , 800x800 , 123.gif )

Hrm. A simple muscle exercise would work, sure. In about ten years. If that was the plan we need to speed things up somehow.
Feathersteps.... I don't know. The goblin certainly didn't seem particularly light-
"Ow ow -"
"What's got into you, Old Toad? It wasn't you carrying all that stuff. I don't remember being this beat since those damn rock smashing sessions with Kubai."
Stupid little whiner.
No. 87555 ID: 43d730

Watch out for rockslides tonight.
He might be going for the 'All or Nothing' method of teaching dodges.
No. 87575 ID: 107da3


The flash step is a fundamentally mystical ability, as demonstrated. He only moved quickly when using it. A focusing of ki and other spiritual factors... betting there was something strange about that sand...

Perhaps drawing the mind and body into line and focus?
No. 87578 ID: 632862

If it's not featherstep... well, I guess it could be moving your legs really fast so that the surface tension of the quicksand keeps your feet from going in. Like, taking small, quick steps.
No. 87588 ID: 426169
File 126021971315.gif - (58.49KB , 800x800 , 124.gif )

or so I might think if we were learning how to dodge.

Hmm. Magic sand. Nah, I would have seen it with these eyes of mine. But yes, the Demon Flash must be mystical in nature. He only moved really fast for short moments at a time... and a few steps at a time. Hmh.

Thinking back, the goblin took rather long steps while using Demon Flash Step. Hmh.
No. 87635 ID: bebdd2

He might be getting Mu used to running through resistance. If Mu starts to move wickedfast, he's going to have a lot of air resistance to deal with.
No. 87659 ID: 632862

I guess Mu could try getting across the sand in the fewest steps possible.
No. 87674 ID: 426169
File 126022238828.gif - (568.48KB , 1000x500 , 125.gif )

Hmmm.... Let's see if we can remember, eh?
No. 87677 ID: 632862

Focusing chi into the legs? Well, that's something I suppose. Mu's already got half of that ability learned.
No. 87681 ID: 5eea01

Huh, guess we'll have to get Mu to learn how to propel himself using...err...chi/magic/PHAZON which zaps out of his feet or something.
No. 87682 ID: 426169
File 126022268266.gif - (548.93KB , 1000x500 , 125b.gif )

Hmmm.... Let's see if we can remember, eh?

[Had a derp with animation, fixed.]
No. 87690 ID: e2020c

The Element of Water can be affected with sound. I've heard of a woman who had an ability to make even an expensive goblet break up by only letting out of her mouth a high enough voice. I'm coming to it... Even if a large officer yelled at a goblet much louder than the woman did, it didn't break up. It has to be something in this technique that is subtle, something invisible, so that it is unusual and not everyone knows it. Maybe something that comes out of the one who takes the steps and changes the surrounding... not the surroundings. An idea

MEH! Maybe the goblin was partially levitating?
No. 87692 ID: 34470e

Dude, I've seen that happen on MythBusters.
No. 87775 ID: 426169
File 126022857722.gif - (30.06KB , 800x800 , pause8.gif )

No. 87778 ID: c259ba

i came.
i like you toad.
No. 87779 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, that sounds about right if we're the toad.
No. 88197 ID: 426169
File 126029489119.gif - (62.82KB , 800x800 , 126.gif )

"mhrm... five more minutes..."
No. 88202 ID: decbc0

Yeah right. WAKE UP YOU WUSS.
No. 88203 ID: 426169
File 126029564434.gif - (143.56KB , 800x800 , 127.gif )

"You were right. He is still sleeping."
No. 88215 ID: 426169
File 126029747065.gif - (86.65KB , 1000x1000 , 128.gif )

"C'mon goblin, lets have a little chat about this training of yours while our brave boy blue here gathers himself."
"All right, Toady."


"So, what did you want to ask, eh?"
No. 88218 ID: 80a8a0



Tell us about the last dragon you met? Was she or he through here in the last Thousand years or so?

Also, perhaps we should ask him to show US that move. Be pretty handy if we needed a way to get some height really quick.
No. 88231 ID: 426169
File 126030168011.gif - (85.00KB , 1000x1000 , 129.gif )

Unfortunately I can't control chi worth a jack. These little toad bodies aren't made for that.

"Uh... Tell us about the last dragon you met? Was she or he through here in the last Thousand years or so?"
"Oh there's a few going around every now and then. I haven't met one since the year of the Dancing Dog but word gets around. We had a promising one a few decades ago to the west, but some larker put her down. Fierce battle too, from what I hear. Somewhere near Willow Peak. Never met that one.
The last one I did meet... Hmm, Lü Dòngbin was his name if I remember correctly. Wasn't much of a warrior-type but he had his moments. Why the sudden interest in Dragons?"
No. 88247 ID: bebdd2

Well, we've never heard the term before and we only have a vague idea of what it refers to.

What is a Dragon?
No. 88248 ID: 1831fc


We're kind of in debt to one. Hence tagging along with the kid.

Tell us more about Dongbin. Sounds more like a scholarly sort. Maybe he'll be able to help us out.
No. 88259 ID: 426169
File 126030561762.gif - (82.69KB , 1000x1000 , 130.gif )

"Well I'm sort of indebted to one. I gotta say, she kept me pretty much in the dark. I'm not even all that sure what a Dragon is. Could you enlighten me?"
"Ah. What is a Dragon? Well... There are many answers to that. Most simply, a Dragon is a mortal who has mastered the Demon Arts. They're.... interesting people. Very interesting."
"Interesting how?"
"A Dragon is quite powerful compared to mortals. They can and often do cause great chaos and bring about change. Stormcrows, some would say. Some do great good, of course. From their own point of view anyway. All in all they do make things interesting for those of us who watch from afar. The most interesting kind are those who seek immortality, I suppose. They're the ones who never stop and settle down. Like that Lü Dòngbin. Now there was an interesting case."
No. 88289 ID: 34470e

What happened with Lü Dòngbin?
No. 88327 ID: ab04d4

Lü Dòngbin

history lesson time

Lu dongbin, or 吕洞宾 in Chinese, is this famous taoist dude who is reputed to have achieved immortality through the Tao. He was one of the Eight Immortals or Eight Spirits (八仙), and was also one of the five founders of the Quan Zhen Pai, or... Lemme think... Order of Wholesome Truth (全真派).

He's a pretty powerful guy among those who believe in Taoist mythology. Some of his titles are Master Lu(吕祖), Grand Teacher Lu(吕祖师), and Grandmaster of the Pure Sun (纯阳祖师).

He was also a real scholar whose existence was recorded in Chinese history; after his death he became known in folklore as an immortal, presumably on the basis of his great wisdom and intellect.

His abilities included Alchemy, notably the conversion of common stones into gold (点石成金);Many worship him as a god of medicine, scholars, or wealth.

There's a billion folk fables and myths about his acts, many of which involve him getting drunk and beating the shit out of some random monster.

There's your history lesson for today, dunno how OP is gonna interpret this stuff.
No. 88330 ID: 426169
File 126031140937.gif - (179.06KB , 500x1000 , 131 and pause9.gif )

"So what happened to him?"
"They caught up with him in Red Blossom Pass. Put his head on a pike. Such a shame."
No. 88342 ID: ab04d4


Well that wasn't what I was expecting.

Who were "they"? What were they after? What skills had Lu Dongbin mastered?
No. 88366 ID: 426169
File 126031341961.gif - (80.45KB , 1000x1000 , 132 and for real pause this time.gif )

"Who's they?"
"Well, you other mortals. Most of the time Dragons are feared, sometimes they are reviled, and occasionally hated. You must understand that Lü was as harmless as a bunny, would never hurt a thing. He was a scholar, not a warrior. I know of no-one else who had learned so many of the Demon Arts and that includes some major Demons. He was a wonder to teach. His only vice was drinking. Often he'd visit a wine house and get drunk while listening to rumours of nearby monsters. In the morning he'd wake up somewhere out in the woods next to a dead monster. From what I hear that sort of thing spawned stories. Lots of them. Eventually the Silver Guard monks were sent out after him. Like I said, I don't know the details."
"This was way back of course. What's it, three hundred, three hundred fifty years ago. Around the birth of your current kingdom. ... Hey Toad."
"If you ever learn what happened in Red Blossom Pass, let me know. I'd appreciate it."
No. 89563 ID: 426169
File 126044453293.gif - (78.70KB , 1000x1000 , 133.gif )

"Well, at least he's working. He has pretty good stamina for someone so young.... What kind of a student was he back at the temple?"
No. 89565 ID: 426169

[Author's note: Yes, you can make it up.]
No. 89566 ID: 5eea01

Determined, to say the least. Which is why he's slogging through quicksand carrying rocks right now.
No. 89578 ID: 1831fc


A good one. He hasn't always excelled but the minute he puts his mind to it...

Well, it's like a pack of Temple Guardian Fu Dogs were at his heels. He'll throw his head down and go until he gets away.

And you know how determined those Fu Dogs can get. I know I do. *Shiver*
No. 89582 ID: e2020c

His spirit was strong and his attitude towards training was purely joyous.
No. 89585 ID: 632862

He was a little dense sometimes during training. That hasn't changed.

Hey Mu, try using some Focused Chi kicks at the quicksand to propel you on your trip back without the stone!
No. 89591 ID: 426169
File 126046072197.gif - (66.26KB , 1000x1000 , 134.gif )

"Determined, a bit dog-headed. Won't give up no matter what. He's a little dense like that."
"Yeah I can see that."
"Nah, he's a good kid. Strong spirit and all that. Just needs a swift kick in the buttocks every now and then to keep him on the right track. Hey Mu!"
"C'mere for a moment."
No. 89597 ID: 426169
File 126046162034.gif - (85.08KB , 1000x1000 , 135.gif )

"You had some advice, Old Toad?"

The Devil Toad's advice was influential in the training. By his advice, one of the following things happened:

A) Try harder! - Mu fails to learn the Demon Flash Step, but gains an overall increase in speed regardless. This increase is always active.

B) Focus your Chi into kicking the ground! - Mu learns a variant of the Demon Flash Step. Maximum of three paces, and may be combined with Chi kicks.

C) Channel your Chi into your feet and maintain it! - Mu learns a variant of the Demon Flash Step. Maximum of five paces.

How did the Devil Toad advise Mu?

No. 89598 ID: 1831fc


B. Speed's nice, but if we can flash step AND kick people with Chi power, that'd be nice.
No. 89615 ID: 5d5878


C) I prefer the more finesse-based method to the brute-force kick.
No. 89616 ID: 2cbe3e


B. That sounds neat.
No. 89622 ID: 34470e

Go with B. And name the variant Mu Flash Step.
No. 89674 ID: 5ba271


Mobility is incredibly useful, and while we won't be able to strike out of a step as powerfully, it'll be easier to get in a hit if someone has a weapon with a reach longer than three paces.
No. 89688 ID: bebdd2

Go with B. More utility is always good.
No. 89692 ID: 107da3


B is bestest.
No. 89917 ID: 426169
File 126049436125.gif - (503.81KB , 1000x1000 , 136.gif )

[B selected]
[Mu has learned Demon Flash Step, Thundering Cloud variant!]

"Is this the mortal man you told this one of?"
"Yup, that's the one."
"This one wishes to know how long he has been in training."
"About a week."
"And do you think him ready?"
"Oh thereabouts. You sure you want him?"
"This one has not reached a decision."
"Well there he goes again. Watch."
"See, spiffy for a mortal, no?"
"This one would see him in combat. Would you honour this one with a showing of his skill?"
"Hey kid, c'mere for a minute."
No. 89918 ID: 426169
File 12604943824.gif - (61.11KB , 1000x1000 , 137.gif )

"*wheeze* You called?"
"Allow me to introduce you to lady Min of the Whispering Valley. She is an old acquiantance of mine."
"You honor this one."
I'm... at a loss for words. Toad, help me out here.
No. 89931 ID: 5d5878

C'mon, kid, just introduce yourself.
No. 89941 ID: 4aacd9

Be Polite, Be Efficient, Have A Plan To Kill Everyone You Meet.
No. 89945 ID: 34470e

I think you should introduce yourself.
No. 89946 ID: 4aacd9

Tell them you are honored to be in their presence and to have the opportunity to meet them.
No. 89961 ID: 632862

"The honor is mine, lady Min. I am a humble student of the temple near here, recently graduated."

Now Toad should butt in and tell Mu to stop staring at the pretty lady; it's time for combat training.
No. 89983 ID: a3b36a

Pettan pettan tsurupettan...

Also, politely introduce yourself, dum-dum. But watch yourself.
No. 89999 ID: 426169
File 126049796695.gif - (61.66KB , 1000x1000 , 138.gif )

"The honour is mine, lady Min. I am a humble student of the temple near here, recently graduated."
"This one is pleased to make your acquaintance."
"All right quit starin at the pretty lady. There's fightin to be done!"
"The little toad is right, kid. You're progressing well. I think it's time to give you a little test. Are you ready?"
No. 90001 ID: 5d5878

'Course you are. Now go show us your stuff.
No. 90006 ID: 4aacd9

No. 90027 ID: 426169
File 126049960190.gif - (36.03KB , 1000x1000 , 139.gif )

"I am ready."
"Good. To pass, you must strike me once. Don't think I'll let you off easily, kid."
No. 90028 ID: 426169
File 126049961569.gif - (79.30KB , 1000x1000 , 140.gif )

No. 90035 ID: 632862
File 126050026857.gif - (36.91KB , 1000x1000 , fakeout.gif )

Fake him out!
No. 90098 ID: 4553b2
File 126050946663.png - (120.86KB , 1000x1000 , complicated.png )

Step in as shown, then swing a wild arcing punch early. This way, if he rushes you, you can catch him, but I doubt that he will. Use the momentum of the punch to spin around and duck (the duck is important because he will likely try to smack you while your back is to him). Swing your leg wide in a low arc, like a trip. Follow it up with a one two punch at stomach level, if he's still there.

The force of the blow doesn't matter - you just need to hit - so go for speed and quantity, not accuracy or quality.
No. 90112 ID: 4553b2

I forgot the dots. The first two steps should be Mu Flash Steps.
No. 90147 ID: f78140
File 126051897925.png - (71.50KB , 1000x1000 , fakeout.png )

flash step twice, start stabbing, flashstep the third time, finish stabbing.
No. 90152 ID: 34470e

>Focus your Chi into kicking the ground! - Mu learns a variant of the Demon Flash Step. Maximum of three paces, and may be combined with Chi kicks.
>Maximum of three paces
No. 90154 ID: 119b5c
File 126052111991.gif - (39.26KB , 1000x1000 , Leaf in Fall.gif )

No. 90155 ID: 119b5c
File 126052113950.gif - (41.38KB , 1000x1000 , Demon Storm.gif )

No. 90165 ID: 8e5181
File 12605337878.jpg - (82.47KB , 1000x1000 , 1111111111.jpg )

No. 90166 ID: 5ba271
File 126053414919.png - (44.60KB , 1000x1000 , what.png )

I just want to see how he would react to this.
No. 90187 ID: 954933

Sorry, no fancy suggestion, but this is a fucking awesome way to get suggesters involved. Well done!
No. 90190 ID: 1831fc


Building off of this suggestion.

Demon flash step twice behind once he's dodged your easy punch, feint a high kick, Demon Flash step in front and deliver a gut blow.

I lack the tools for a proper demonstration at this time.
No. 90476 ID: e2020c

No tricks, just punch the goblin as fast as we can.
No. 90479 ID: 426169
File 126064292525.gif - (271.82KB , 1000x1000 , 141.gif )

No. 90483 ID: 426169
File 126064464236.gif - (36.08KB , 1000x1000 , 142.gif )

"Try again, fool."

I'm having trouble deciding.
A) >>90098
B) >>90165
These two moves seem the most feasible.
No. 90485 ID: 5d5878

I vote A.
No. 90486 ID: 7302dd

B option
No. 90487 ID: 43d730

No. 90489 ID: 4553b2

I vote A.
No. 90490 ID: 6164e0

Can't A and B be combined to a degree? As in, while doing the normal step forward duck and lunge forward with a blow or two (mostly to keep him from closing on you), before initiating your variant of Demon Flash.

Also, should this second attempt fail, decide to continue running rocks across the quicksand.

Only this time, carry two rocks at a time (start with smaller ones) and do hand strike positioning while doing the quicksand running. Hopefully, a bit more practice with this new technique, plus some strengthening exercises, should see you improving shortly.
No. 90493 ID: 6164e0

My vote, should a combination of A's ducking and punching with the attack pattern of B be unusable. , is to simply use B
No. 90495 ID: 8e7062

B) looks good on paper. Try that.
No. 90502 ID: 5ba271

Try >>90166 again!

It's so predictable he won't expect it!
No. 90513 ID: 426169
File 126064876981.gif - (67.37KB , 1000x1000 , 143.gif )

This is not a true ending, try again with a friend!
No. 90515 ID: 5ba271

Alright, now do it again a third time, but change into B on the second step!
No. 90516 ID: 6164e0

...Can.... can we just try B now? or A, even.
No. 90517 ID: 7139d7

Try >>90166 again!

It's so predictable he won't expect it!
No. 90524 ID: 632862

I vote B.
No. 90698 ID: 426169
File 126066571023.gif - (600.19KB , 1000x1000 , 144.gif )

"Oh you bloody idiot."
No. 90707 ID: 7139d7

Try >>90166 again!

It's so predictable he won't expect it!
No. 90728 ID: 426169
File 126066713445.gif - (99.16KB , 1000x1000 , 145.gif )

Oshi- he looks mad.
No. 90732 ID: 5d5878

Well, you beat him before. He can't be that pissed.
No. 90734 ID: 5ba271

Put on your best shitfaced grin
No. 90743 ID: 43d730

"Sacrifice the peach tree to save the plum."
No. 90745 ID: e024d0

Keep your cool bro. He just lost his, that is your strength.
No. 90746 ID: 426169
File 126066873577.gif - (63.47KB , 1000x1000 , 146.gif )

Doing my best.

I think he's pissed because I caught him for real. He probably intended to play around for a bit and let me land a hit. I guess he didn't expect me to catch him off guard.

"S-sacrifice the peach tree to save the - the plum?"
No. 90748 ID: 7139d7

Errr...Try >>90166 again!

It's so predictable he won't expect it!

No. 90749 ID: 5d5878

Remind him that he has a guest so he shouldn't lose his cool.
No. 90768 ID: 426169
File 126067243333.gif - (734.76KB , 1000x1000 , 147.gif )

No. 90771 ID: 1831fc



We're boned.
No. 90773 ID: 34470e

No. 90775 ID: 5ba271

Okay, now run away
No. 90786 ID: 7139d7

Oh god! Try... Yeah, that's not work this time.

Try >>90775!

It's so predictable he won't expect it!
No. 90789 ID: 6164e0

He is going to kick the shit out of you.

You know this.

He knows this.

Might as well use this as a chance to see how well you can do sans trickery (valid tactic or no). Just fight him, everything you got, full strength. Don't even attempt to conserve energy, this.... will not be a long fight. But maybe you can turn his wrath into another chance to learn.
No. 90791 ID: 426169
File 126067343593.gif - (206.56KB , 1000x2000 , 148 and pause ohgod 5am.gif )

No. 90796 ID: 4553b2

I'm with Bob. Fight back, to the best of your ability. Hold back NOTHING.
No. 90806 ID: 6164e0

Remember, if you pay attention, you may be able to read his killing intent, and be able to last, even if only for a short while against him.

But do not waver, do not doubt, do not let fear overtake you.

Use the fear, that desperation. Channel it, channel every fiber of your body and mind towards fighting as hard and fast as possible. Show him everything you got, and maybe he won't kill you for the insult you just gave him.
No. 90819 ID: 107da3


No. 90823 ID: 6164e0

To elaborate on what is meant by 'hold back nothing', I mean, throw out your personal limit of three steps. I don't care if the next one is slower, or less steady. You keep doing them, as long as you can, no matter how they may degrade, because that is still faster than you normally are, and you need every bit of speed you got.

Kep kicking, keep darting about him, and use your arms for blocking and defense only unless you see a great opportunity.

You are potentially demonstrating skill in front of a greater master, and if you don't fight your best, you may die before the demon's wrath. channel every bit of chi you have, and channel your focus. Until you lose your last bit of chi or your last iota of consciousness, you will not stop using flash step both for movements or kicks, no matter how difficult or painful, in a mad bid to overwhelm the goblin.

It is your best chance to survive.

And your best chance to further your training in live combat.
No. 90838 ID: 5ba271

Alternatively, don't do this at the risk of permanently damaging your ability to control chi.
No. 90884 ID: 8e7062

You've hit the vicious mountain goblin. Twice, even, by taking refuge in audacity and getting your opponent into letting his guard down. Conagratulations!

Now demonstrate your ability in not getting utterly mauled in return. Combine THUNDERING STEPS and UNCANNY DODGE to avoid the goblin's own speedyness and anything he throws at you until he a) calms down or b) an opening presents itself for you to knock him silly. Dodge as if your life depended on it. Considering the killing eyes he has, it just might.
No. 90901 ID: 632862

Hang on now. Get some distance from him, and focus to sense his murderous intent. You're fast enough to dodge his attacks now, so just keep dodging until he calms down.
No. 90951 ID: 426169
File 126070962596.gif - (844.63KB , 1000x1000 , 149.gif )

No. 90954 ID: 426169
File 126071113477.gif - (0.96MB , 1000x1000 , 150.gif )

The goblin has become enraged! His murderous intent is difficult to read!
No. 90956 ID: 632862
File 126071469147.gif - (62.24KB , 1000x1000 , Combat plan.gif )

Well, crap.

At least he's gonna be a little slower with his increased size, and since he's enraged it means he's less focused. That might compensate a little for being unable to see what he's planning. Looks like he's generally going to go for a straight-on attack though so use this pattern.

I think we should try to calm him down anyway. As the toad, tell him Mu didn't actually mean to trick him the third time around. The first round was to see how serious he was, and the second round was because we wanted to handicap Mu with additional injuries before making the third attempt.
No. 90958 ID: 426169
File 126071688630.gif - (257.25KB , 1000x1000 , 151.gif )

"Not bad for a human, eh Toad?"
No. 90959 ID: 632862

Don't get cocky, you fool. He's not down for the count at all! Make with the dodging!
No. 90961 ID: 426169
File 12607178432.gif - (36.20KB , 1000x1000 , 152.gif )

No. 90962 ID: 43d730

He's either going to spit fire or breathe acid or anyway it'll be unpleasant move move move.
No. 90963 ID: 426169
File 126071861216.gif - (450.91KB , 1000x1000 , 153.gif )


No. 90964 ID: 632862

Roll around on the ground to put out the flames if you're on fire. Especially if it's snow.
No. 90965 ID: 426169
File 126071912242.gif - (49.98KB , 1000x1000 , aaaaaaaah.gif )

No. 90966 ID: 632862

Jump over the fire, then!
No. 90967 ID: 426169
File 12607193698.gif - (48.09KB , 1000x1000 , 155.gif )

I'm.... not dead?
No. 90968 ID: 632862

I'm betting Lady Min has intervened.
No. 90970 ID: 426169
File 126072069824.gif - (164.68KB , 1000x2000 , 156.gif )

No. 90971 ID: 426169
File 126072161231.gif - (292.51KB , 1000x2000 , 157.gif )


"Are you all right?"
No. 90972 ID: 5eea01


Fall in love~
No. 90975 ID: 632862

"Yes, lady Min. I'm just a bit scuffed up from those first two rounds. None of his fire hit me, thanks to you. I am in your debt." Bow respectfully.

I feel bad about leaving the goblin on such a sour note, though. We did agree to come back if we found out what happened to Lü Dòngbin, and it would be rather inconvenient if he tried to kill Mu again. Heck, we don't even know his name. First, ask him his name. Then ask if he'd feel better if we had a rematch, without any trickery or messing around. Of course, it would also include him not trying to kill us.
No. 90979 ID: e2020c

Oh yes, that goblin is just so freaking evil.
No. 90986 ID: e2020c

Combine under the effect of the autonomous Chi with blurting out some of the loving thoughts >>90972
, as if you weren't talking about sexual excitement, but something that relates to the goblin and not your mouth.

"Oh yes, that goblin is just so 变得极度兴奋 evil."
No. 90989 ID: 5d5878

Mu, now is not the time to forget your manners. Thank the lady.
No. 90990 ID: 6164e0

Well, after showing courtesy (bowing to Min, thanking her for her gracious assistance, etc) ask her, respectfully, if she came here to simply see a new would be dragon, or if their were additional reasons. She isn't likely to answer (fox-based, could be secretive), but if phrased so that you are polite and at least somewhat self-effacing, she should find your queries entertaining (who doesn't like compliments?)

After that, if she doesn't jump straight into why she is here, fill the extra time asking her what she imagines could help improve our 'woefully unrefined Demon Flash step' It actually works fine, but she clearly is a higher tier demon, she may know more about chi than the goblin.
No. 90991 ID: 119b5c

Please do not tell a demon, whether friendly or not, that you are in their debt.
No. 91011 ID: e024d0

A good idea, a friendly fox, is still a fox.

Thank her and make no mention of debts.
No. 91036 ID: 426169
File 126073853158.gif - (247.63KB , 1000x1000 , 158.gif )

"Y-yes lady Min~ I thank you for your help. I'm a bit scuffed from the first two rounds but you shielded me from the fire, and I thank you for that."
"This one deserves no thanks. This one is at fault. He would not have been taken by the Fury if this one had not instigated a showing of skill. This one must offer recompense."
No. 91041 ID: 5aa60d

sexual favors
No. 91054 ID: 5d5878

If she can teach you another one of those demon abilities, that'd be great. I don't think you can accept anything else.
No. 91057 ID: aba0a3
File 126073989395.jpg - (107.66KB , 552x480 , 2rp4od5.jpg )

This is the path to victory.
No. 91060 ID: e75a2f

How long has it been since you ate, dude? Ask her for some food or something before you stare to death.
No. 91071 ID: 426169
File 126074108193.gif - (73.82KB , 1000x1000 , 159.gif )

"Hey man, we have to eat."
"This one is sorry, but one does not have any food on hand. This one may acquire some if you wish."
"Actually, I was thinking you could maybe teach me one of these demon techniques?"
"This one is no demon and spirit fox abilities cannot be learned by mortals. This one is sorry to cause disappointment."
No. 91072 ID: e024d0

Perhaps we would ask what you are willing to offer? Our training has taught us to survive on simplicity and we would not wish to offend.
No. 91077 ID: 6164e0

Perhaps knowledge of what Spirit Fox techniques are so that we may better understand them, or perhaps being introduced to someone else who knows demon techniques? We are a student of the martial path, and what student would we be if we did not try to learn?
No. 91087 ID: f78140

ask for advice/information. given how well (not) travelled we are, suggestions as to where to go after we're done here are always useful; a particular location that is good for training either our mind or our body would be priceless when we can't find another master or when we find something we need to learn on our own, and even places of only passing interest may be useful in expanding our horizons.
(bigger/more detailed map/new locations/that sort of thing)
No. 91091 ID: f78140

before i forget, you may want to find a master of iron shirt to start training; it's a slow, ongoing process, but given the type of masters you tend to get to teach you, you probably want to get started as soon as possible.
(for reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_shirt )
No. 91100 ID: 107da3


Oh yeah Mu, for future reference: Something isn't down until it's groaning repeatedly. And it isn't dead until you've cut off the head and put it on a stake somewhere.

So don't turn your back on them.
No. 91120 ID: 426169
File 126074406155.gif - (70.33KB , 1000x1000 , 160.gif )

"Umm... Maybe you could tell me where to find someone who can?"
"Perhaps. But this is not the place for such a discussion, this one must see to poor Quan."
Oh man, I forgot to ask his name.
"Quan was his name?"
"Yes. Xiao Quan, or Quan of the Mountain some would say."
"What happened to him?"
"The Fury overtook him. It is the curse all demonkin bear. An everburning hatred of all things not themselves. This one is saddened to see him reduced such. He must have lingered outside the wards for too long."
No. 91164 ID: 6164e0

The wards? Express regret that you do not know what wards she speaks of, and ask her to elaborate. It would be better to avoid this in the future if possible, or at least be able to see it coming better.
No. 91169 ID: 426169
File 12607458904.gif - (58.05KB , 1000x1000 , 161 and pause.gif )

"The wards? I am sorry, I don't know what you mean."
"Xiao Quan voluntarily lives within a sanctified cave. It suppresses the demon blood, and helps him retain himself. Come, let you and one move him to his home. He will recover, with time."
"M-move him?"
"Do not fear. This one will render him unconscious."
"Will he be all right?"
"In time. His wife knows how to care for him when he is like this. But she will not be pleased."
No. 91190 ID: f78140

after you've moved Quan back to his cave, make sure to leave him a letter of thanks/apology. He taught you a valuable skill, and you didn't even ask him his name before driving him to madness. I would also suggest finding and bringing back a ton of meat for the period when Quan isn't in any condition to get food: Maybe about an elk's worth of meat.
No. 91192 ID: 6164e0

"...Respectfully, do you think it would be a good idea to meet with his wife an apologize? I'm afraid I have never met her, and know little of her personality."
No. 91369 ID: 8e7062

Ask if there is anything else you can do to help.
No. 91444 ID: 6164e0

Also, a thought based off of this.

If we find something like Iron Shirt to learn, we would have:

A well-made Pudao we are capable with.
Demon Flash step movement/kick combo abilities
A hardened body.

We could be a great offensive fighter like this. Defend our body with chi to lessen/minimize impacts rather than using evasive movements, so we can focus on kicks and polearm use.

It sounds like the foundations of forming our own style.

Unless, of course, we choose to go the path of the formless master, and become a less-structured martial artist, master of the empty style, employing whatever is most ideal of our entire arsenal at any given moment.

Which fits our name.
No. 91460 ID: 426169
File 126080454049.gif - (18.24KB , 1000x1000 , 162.gif )

"Who's out there? Is that you, plum?"
No. 91461 ID: 632862

"Um, hello. Just returning your husband, ma'am. He was outside for too long."
No. 91464 ID: 8e7062

I imagine it would be best to let Lady Min handle the interoduction bits here. You can probably introduce yourself, and express your regret at taking part in Quan becoming overcome by the Fury, though.

Hmh. You could also ask if there's anything you could do to help with your knowledge of MEDICINE. Perhaps you know of some herb or something that could help quicken Quan's "recovery".
No. 91475 ID: 426169
File 126081622884.gif - (275.29KB , 1000x1000 , 163.gif )

"Um, hello. Just returning your husband, ma'am."
"Eh? Who are you? A mortal? Oh, BeGONE from this place lest the Vile FORCES of eternal DARKNESS consume your-"
"It is this one, Snow Blossom. This one brings sad tidings. Quan is enthralled by the Fury once more."
"What, again? Oh and he was doing so well... You better bring him inside."
No. 91476 ID: 426169
File 126081647738.gif - (81.48KB , 1000x500 , 164.gif )

"I was worried this might happen, what with all the goings-on and staying outside all day. What do you have to say for yourself?"
No. 91483 ID: 119b5c

Apologize, and excuse yourself from being ignorant to the danger that being outside posed to him.
No. 91486 ID: 426169
File 126081899314.gif - (81.31KB , 1000x500 , 165.gif )

"I apologize. I wasn't aware that being outside would pose a danger to him."
"Hrmph. And I suppose you think that makes it all right?"
"The young one is not at fault. This one requested to see what he had been taught."
"Well YOU should have known better."
"This is most deeply sorry."
"Hrmph. Well it's no use crying about it now. He'll be back to his senses in a week or two. Always has. What was your name, Mu?"
"That's right, ma'am."
"Well listen close, Mu. I want you out of here by dawn, y'hear? I can't have you upsetting Quan any further."
"...yes ma'am."
"You and that damn raccoon can sleep in the outer cave."
"yes ma'am."
"Now shoo."

[ Talk to ... (about ...) | Leave | Other ]
No. 91487 ID: 119b5c

Talk to Lady Min, she is curious, but why would curiosity alone bring her from her home to see Mu?
No. 91495 ID: 6164e0

Tell 'Wife of Quan' That you shall bring meat (like, a good sized goat or elk)as an apology when next you visit, as a a small form of repayment for Quan's tutelage. Doesn't matter if she largely ignores your claim potentially berated you, so long as you politely convey that you will repay Quan and er for what was taught to you.

Then ask Lady Min if she has any suggestions on where a martial artist could go, to learn more about themselves and the art, be it mortal techniques or demon. Yours is the path of self improvement, and you must keep learning.

Maybe ask about Iron Shirt technique teachers (Or any boy strengthening martial style in that vein) Not dying quite as easily sounds useful.
No. 91520 ID: 426169
File 126082168440.gif - (144.57KB , 1000x500 , 166.gif )

"So, uh. Lady Min. As you have undoubtedly seen many places, could you tell me where one such as I might go to learn more martial arts techniques? Maybe some boy st- I mean body strengthening techniques?"
"Perhaps one might find strong boys in a temple or monastery?"
"That's not what I-"
No. 91540 ID: 6164e0

Don't even try to correct what you said, or anything of the sort.

Simply smile and run with it, otherwise she is just going to trip you up with your own words.

All things aside, ask her is she does know of Iron Shirt, or really any style that uses chi placement, muscle tensing and the like to make one's form more durable.
No. 91542 ID: 426169
File 126082272175.gif - (104.79KB , 1000x1000 , 167.gif )

"Y-you're having a laugh, right?"
"Would this one do such a thing?"
"I.... I suppose not. Do you know of a place where I might train my stam-toughness?"
"Well... the northern folk are reputed for their great fortitude. Perhaps one could find such a teacher in the Northlands. Or perhaps one could find a master among the ogres? This one could take you to either of these places in no time at all, as recompense for the trouble caused. One might also consider the temples and monasteries of this land, but this one is ignorant of what they teach."
"I'll think about that. I thank you for the offer... If you don't mind me asking, why did you come see me?"
"This one cannot trouble you further, to cause further problems would be unbecoming."

[ Talk about { Quan, Northlands, Ogres, Problems, Mu, Min, Something else (specify) } | Go bother the Goblin Matron | Go to sleep ]
No. 91544 ID: 632862

Talk about {problems}.
No. 91553 ID: 426169
File 126082377564.gif - (144.47KB , 1000x500 , 168.gif )

"No, really, you can tell me."
"This one has been tasked with finding a champion. A group of brigands have made camp very close to the Whispering Valley. They are doing much harm to the woods there. Our queen wishes to be rid of them, but their leader carries a cold iron blade. So Honoured Mother ordered this one to find a mortal champion to drive them out."
No. 91558 ID: 119b5c

Bandits? Bandit's don't sound like too much of a problem. Do it without reward.
No. 91559 ID: 107da3


Cold iron... isn't that what your spear's blade is made out of?

Or is cold iron something specific.
No. 91560 ID: 6164e0

Bandits can mean a couple opportunistic thugs, or could mean a rogue army, or some crazy martial arts dude forging a style by slaughtering as many creatures as possible, and his hangers on that take the wealth/try to learn from him, making it a nihilistic roving dojo of bandits. Seriously, you never know.

Ask her for some more information about the situation, as respectfully, if the bandit force is particularly lethal, we may need help to face it, or even be better off declining rather than failing to fulfill a promise.

Let's find out more.
No. 91566 ID: 15f6d6

Give her a kiss. :D
No. 91604 ID: 426169
File 126082686113.gif - (174.46KB , 1000x1000 , 169.gif )

I- I can't do that! She's a fox! Haven't you heard the stories?
"Are you all right?"
"Y-yes I'm fine. So uhh. What kind of bandits are they?"
"This one is unsure. They seem clumsy oafs like all - pardon this one's offence. They did not seem particularly skilled apart from their leader. That one is called Red Kuei, this one believes. The others carry bows, axes and spears. This one and others could easily handle them if not for Red Kuei's blade."

I think she means meteoric iron. Iron that hasn't been smelted or heated by mortal hands. My pudao is made of fine steel, but it is merely steel.
No. 91606 ID: e024d0

Which Stories?
No. 91608 ID: 632862

Sounds like we just have to take out Red Kuei. You should accept the task, it sounds like an interesting test of your skills.

Oh, and what stories do you speak of, Mu? We were in that jar for so long we forgot a lot of things.
No. 91609 ID: 426169
File 126082722566.png - (274.10KB , 1000x1000 , 170 oh god what lossage with gifs.png )

The ones where they lure young men out into the woods and have their way with them. Those stories?
No. 91610 ID: 632862

So you're saying that if you kissed her she'd probably rape you? Is that what you mean? I guess that's worse than just being really awkward and inappropriate.

Anyway, accept the mission to kill the bandit leader.
No. 91613 ID: e024d0

Doesn't sound so bad, what do you think... eheheh. Don't worry I have actually heard a few of those tales.

Anyhow, Bandits sound like a good task to take care of.
No. 91626 ID: 15f6d6

I've heard that their kisses bestow mystical energy to the ones they kiss. I wouldn't lie about this sort of thing. Look at her! Those coquettish, teasing eyes... It would practically be a slap in the face not to kiss her...
No. 91631 ID: 2cbe3e


This. She wants it.
No. 91632 ID: 426169
File 126082858571.png - (272.64KB , 1000x1000 , 171.png )

I'm onto you!
They swallow men whole!
"Are you all right? You are looking a little flushed."
"I'll do it."
"Forgive this one, it is too much to ask."
"I said I'll do it."
"To offer so much even after all the trouble this one caused. You have a noble heart, young one."
No. 91633 ID: 34470e

Why are you blushing anyway? You find her hot, don't you?
No. 91651 ID: 15f6d6

You might need her kiss power to persevere. You know her type of magic is different than demon magic. This is the only way to get it. Besides, just look at her.
No. 91652 ID: 632862

Thank her for the compliment. Ask her about the {Northlands} now.
No. 91675 ID: 426169
File 126083168339.png - (286.30KB , 1000x1000 , 172.png )

"So, uhh. What are the Northlands like?"
"It is a harsh land, frozen for much of the year. There is no kingdom there, just scattered tribes. This one knows little else about the land; this one has never lingered long."
"A-ah. Thanks."
"Are you all right? You seem feverish."
No. 91678 ID: 119b5c

This is getting uncomfortable. Excuse yourself, and go to the Goblin Matron, if only to tell her you will bring food to ease the trouble you've made.
No. 91679 ID: 5d5878

You're fine, kid. Excuse yourself to go get some air or something.
No. 91689 ID: 6164e0

You are fine.

THink of this as a mental focus exercise.

Calm yourself, and ask Lady Min, does she know any ogres who might be willing to teach you their techniques? Phrase it as a question for what you will do AFTER you deal with the bandits' leader.

And, if possible, if there is any comment she or another Spirit Fox may make on this Red Kuei and any potential weaknesses, flaws or tells that he may use. Any knowledge is better than none.
No. 91693 ID: 15f6d6

Your fine. Reach out and gently touch her head. If she doesn't move or anything, then just close your eyes and lean forward. Just let it happen. Free magic power, man, free magic power.
No. 91711 ID: 632862

Ermmmm... don't do this?
No. 91714 ID: e024d0

Think of this as an exercise in willpower.
No. 91743 ID: 426169
File 126083456822.png - (314.06KB , 1000x1000 , 173.png )

Mental focus exercise. Ok. Calm down.
"I'm fine. Thank you for you concern. So uh, do you have any idea of Red Kuei's strengths or weaknesses?"
"We must ask this one's sisters. They have been watching the bandits for longer than this one."
"Mmmhm I guess it can wait. After we're done with that, do you think you could introduce me to an Ogre who would be willing to teach me?"
"This one is not acquainted with such an ogre, but will help you find one. To start with, one must present a suitable gift if one wishes to speak with one."
No. 91744 ID: a3b36a

There's nothing wrong with those emotions, Mu. You're both sentient beings, and she's the consummate lady. She's witty and wise.

It's up to you to decide if you want to test those 'stories' for truth someday. Still, nothing wrong with a bit of xenophilia now and then. Even if you don't test those stories of maneating vixens, she would be a source of wisdom.

...I wonder what she'd be like when drunk.
No. 91745 ID: 445c48

I vote for doing it.
No. 91749 ID: 15f6d6

Just a gentle touch, Mu. Contact allows two beings to more fully understand one another. There is nothing unnatural or untoward in a simple touch, to feel her fur.
No. 91752 ID: 6164e0

That's it. Your mind is yours to control and direct, just as your form and your chi are. Clam thyself, and be at peace.

Well then, I suggest going with Lady Min then, to meet whichever of her sisters may have the insight we seek.

Along the way, ask her if she knows of appropriate gifts for ogres. Perhaps strong spirits?
No. 91753 ID: 119b5c

Well, if we're calmed down, ask as to what would it take, would it be okay if the bandits just left? Could it be resolved without violence? What sort of trouble are these bandits causing?
No. 91757 ID: 964033

Kiss the fox, show it some affection. It's always good to have the tricksters with you rather than against you.
No. 91761 ID: 5d5878

Kid, you are under no circumstances getting intimate with a fox. Ask her what gift would be appropriate.
No. 91767 ID: 632862

(Hey guys you know if we want to do stuff to the fox, we could always do it as Toad, instead of using Mu as some kind of weird middleman)
No. 91770 ID: 445c48

A suitable gift? How about a kiss!
No. 91771 ID: a3b36a

(But then we wouldn't be as compatible. And, as a toad, we're much more bite-sized)

I say, hold off on any physical activities. Go the mental route.

Do you play Go? Majongg? Wait.. you wouldn't have a set most likely. So, pointless to offer a game while discussing strategies for the bandits.
No. 91778 ID: 426169
File 126083570737.gif - (44.75KB , 1000x1000 , pause10.gif )

No. 91791 ID: 445c48

Oh, yes. Let's.
No. 91793 ID: 5d5878

Hey man, as a toad, you'd be amazed what we could do with that tongue.
No. 91806 ID: 426169

[You know what, screw sleep. Lemme get some coffay and lets do this thing.]
No. 91810 ID: 119b5c

Dig deep!
No. 91813 ID: 1831fc



No. 91815 ID: e024d0

Keep Calm, Go the mental route, Foxes love mental stimulation, riddles, puzzles, games, perhaps even... the Oldest Game?
No. 91848 ID: e0499d

No. 91867 ID: 426169
File 126083891413.gif - (76.54KB , 1000x1000 , 174.gif )

"So, uh. What kind of trouble are the bandits causing?"
"The usual. Killing more animals than they eat, cutting down trees for their huts and suchlike. Sometimes they try to hunt this one and others. Unsuccessfully of course. But mostly bring too much attention to the Valley. Their presence will bring others. More bandits will follow, and so will soldiers, eventually. The queen cannot allow that."
"Well, is violence necessary? I mean, would it be all right if they left voluntarily?"
"Such noble sentiment. But yes, this one believes the queen would accept such an outcome. As long as the brigands leave, this one and others will not care how. Persuade them, if you wish and can. Or steal the cursed blade. Or break all their spines. This one cares not."
"I... guess I'll decide when I see the situation first hand."
"Most wise choice."
"So... What would be a suitable gift for the Ogres?"
"Various things, this one believes. Gold and jewels perhaps, the Ogres are particular to shine and glitter. Or strong spirits, the more the better. An item of great power wouldn't go amiss. Or an unbedded woman, if you can find one."
"Thank you for lending me your wisdom."
"This one is glad to be of service."
"So, lady Min... Do you enjoy games?"
"Depends on the game. What did you have in mind?"
No. 91871 ID: 964033

Strip poker.
No. 91872 ID: 15f6d6
File 126083901857.jpg - (7.51KB , 200x196 , sebastian.jpg )

Tell her to close her eyes...
No. 91874 ID: 6164e0

Mental note: A giant gold urn, covered in glittery gems and whatnot, filled with the most potent spiritis you can find= AWESOME GIFT.

Also, Oldest Game, why not. Just so long as we are gracious.
No. 91875 ID: 6164e0

And play the game while making your way back to the woods she hales from. Might as well start the journey now.
No. 91878 ID: e024d0

Majong, Go, or... the Oldest Game.
No. 91879 ID: a3b36a

How about one of those games where one picks a subject, and you take turns saying an item to do with the subject? The first letter of the following is the last letter of the previous. That can be fun.
No. 91880 ID: e0499d

stip oldest game? (is that possible?)
No. 91881 ID: 5d5878

The Oldest Ga-
Er... Go, maybe?
No. 91888 ID: a3b36a

Strip-anything isn't that feasible, guys. She wears nothing but fluff.

That's a good idea. Word games, riddles, or thought puzzles would be best for that, methinks.
No. 91897 ID: 426169
File 126083994166.gif - (75.82KB , 1000x1000 , 175.gif )

"Oh, I- this one is sorry. This one is keeping your from your rest. You must be terribly tired."
"Uh... yeah."
"If there is nothing else, this one will allow you to sleep undisturbed."
No. 91922 ID: 426169
File 126084102123.gif - (32.45KB , 500x500 , 176.gif )

It's a cold night.
No. 91942 ID: 426169
File 126084137065.gif - (49.04KB , 500x500 , 177.gif )

"How does one wake him up?"
No. 91945 ID: 6164e0

And your stoic endurance of it took you just one more step down the endless rode of refining your spirit and will.
No. 91950 ID: e024d0

He's gunna get a kink in his neck if he sleeps with that kind of posture every night.
No. 91953 ID: 34470e

No. 91955 ID: 632862

(Toad) "I always wake him up like this."

Sit on his chest, grab his cheeks and pull.
No. 91971 ID: 119b5c

Put the skeletons arm on his shoulder.
No. 91980 ID: 426169
File 126084216481.gif - (50.28KB , 500x500 , 178.gif )

"ACK leggo oh mah fssh"
No. 91986 ID: 5d5878

Toad is credit to team! Which coincidentally, consists of toad.
No. 91991 ID: 6164e0

Lady Min is already up, let's not keep her waiting, COME ON.
No. 92035 ID: 426169
File 126084363749.gif - (64.23KB , 1000x1000 , 179.gif )

"I'm up! I'm up! Quit yelling."
"This one hopes you slept well?"
No. 92041 ID: 632862

As well as could be expected, all things considered. Let's get going.
No. 92042 ID: 34470e

Mu, what'dya dream about? Making out with Lady min? How improper of you!
No. 92045 ID: 6164e0

"Regrettably, it seems I slept too well. My apologies if I kept you, Lady Min."

Look around surroundings, on the off chance she used some sort of technique to bring you to the woods whilst you slumbered.

If she hasn't simply add "Well, shall we be off?" And then offer a game of wits, perhaps Categories, The Oldest Game, 2 truths and a lie, whatever.

But if she did transport you, DO NOT ACT SURPRISED.

Just graciously thank her for her assistance, and follow her. After all, you need to hear from foxes that have engaged Red Kuei on his style and flaws, and hopefully learn more about Spirit Foxes in the process.
No. 92050 ID: 82167e


No. 92081 ID: 426169
File 126084492048.gif - (44.63KB , 1000x1000 , 180.gif )

"I'm fine, lady Min. Or will be in a moment anyway."
Gimme a minute.


That's... ah ha ha... better.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."
"This one matters little. Are you ready for the journey? Unfortunately the path to the Whispering Valley is not a short one."
No. 92095 ID: 34470e

Well, Mu, let's get cracking. Not literally. That sounded painful.
No. 92126 ID: 6164e0


On the way, use Thundering Cloud Demon Flash Step whenever you can. Sure, it doesn't really speed your travel speed that much (after all, it's still three paces), but whenever you can safely use it, do so. If you have a long journey anyway, might as well keep honing your foot techniques as you travel.

While doing this, see how long each step can be made. Maybe... even a one legged-leap? After all, this form can be used for kicks as well, think of it as just kicking the ground so a step takes you farther.

In between each successive iteration of practice, play wit games with Lady Min. I suggest Categories, or maybe Two Truths and a Lie.
No. 92136 ID: 426169
File 126084627826.gif - (75.51KB , 1000x1000 , 181.gif )

And so Mu had mastered the mountain goblin's technique. At the request of the mysterious Lady Min, Mu and the Devil Toad turned towards the Whispering Valley. What exiting new challenges await the journeyman monk? What secrets does the enchanting Spirit Fox hold? Will Toad ever get it on with Min? Tune in next time to find out.
No. 92189 ID: 426169
File 126084775732.gif - (55.48KB , 1000x1000 , 182.gif )

"This one has never known a man. This one has never eaten human flesh. This one never cheats at games."
No. 92192 ID: c0f3bf

This one needs to get laid.
No. 92212 ID: 43d730

But oh, Lady, one of the statements is supposed to be a lie.
No. 92259 ID: 6164e0

Mu, you ARE remembering to practice the Demon Flash step as you walk, right?


Two truths and a lie.

Well, based off of her behavior, she seems experienced, refined. Too refined, perhaps, to feast on sapient flesh, especially considering she is not a demon, but a spirit creature. However, most deals made by supernatural creatures need to be made in fairness.

Based off of her disposition and established lore on dealing with the supernatural, I would estimate the lie to be that she has never known a man.

After all, she only said 'know' a man.

You are of adult age, or near enough, that even you would qualify for that. Semantics are important, because it isn't outright cheating, but does play into the trickster roll of foxes.
No. 92270 ID: 43d730

I was going for flirting, but whatever.
No. 92287 ID: 445c48

The first one's a lie, she knows Mu!

Toad keep hitting on her.
No. 92399 ID: 1831fc

The meaning.


Your head.
No. 92402 ID: e024d0

Gentlemen by 'knowing a man' she likely means in the biblical sense of the word. (ie; sexed up)

Anyhow,if never cheating at games is a lie, then we cannot know it because she could cheat. The mere inclusion of this option is quite problematic.
No. 92450 ID: 8e5181

If "never cheating at games" is false it doesn't involve "always cheating at games" or "not playing mind games". This might mean that this one occasionally cheats at games, but not in this particular game.

However, "This one has never known a man. This one has never eaten human flesh. This one never cheats at games." involves "playing mind games".

Does "being always benevolent" involve "playing mind games"? Because "being always destructive" doesn't apply to Demons, like the goblin or Toad, there's little to point into that spirits are always benevolent. But then I would ask, are there Spirits? I believe that Demons just lack ethics, they're not bound to being entirely benevolent. More further, aren't mind games benevolent? Isn't that what Mu was searching to develop himself in?
No. 92452 ID: 426169

This thread gunna get archiv'd, if you want you can pick this up at the questdis thread.
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