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File 125980319185.png - (79.06KB , 700x700 , c8-1.png )
84983 No. 84983 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 84987 ID: f21281

Grek, stop fantasizing about Gnollcock and wake the fuck up.
No. 84989 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980371054.png - (130.52KB , 700x700 , c8-2.png )

Sepia Town is cleaner in the center.
Building here are large, clean and wellguarded. The homes of merchants who grew rich in this hotspot of crookedness.

But one of these mansions is home to Dermane Zal. As I understand from what information I was able to get, Zal is a scholar, possibly a wizard, and a very skilled cartographer.. but what really caught my attention is that he is one of my kingdom's noble who got through the revolution unscathed..
I hope that our shared colors will be an incentive for him to offer his aid.

Hm, this must be it.

No. 84990 ID: 718d88


big enough to make ladies squeal.
No. 84991 ID: 51d0f5

Approach and announce "Every tongue will confess that I am the man."
No. 84992 ID: d1210a

Go up and introduce yourself, showing the behavior one would expect a knight to show when coming to call upon a lord.
No. 84993 ID: dda9dd

Or at least the men uncomfortable.
No. 84994 ID: 276781

Be wary and alert. You never know what might lurk about, especially in this den of thievery.

Also, one of Black Fang's old merc 'buddies' paid the base a visit and tried to wipe everyone out. Black Fang managed to take care of things, though - but that means that someone's already taken notice of you. Take that as you will.
No. 84995 ID: 8ce2bf

Tell the guard to stand down, and then walk in.
Be sure to be bursting with manly Kate Moss confidence.
No. 84998 ID: 718d88

If they give you trouble tell them you're merely a nude entertainer and are seeking help with a map to a far off city.
No. 84999 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980471919.png - (72.45KB , 700x700 , c8-3.png )

Very well. I shall announce myself in the fashion of a knight, confident and great.

"Stand down, soldier. I am Sir Ridder of North Piacevol. I am here to see your master."
"Ofcourse, Sir. Master Zal has eagerly awaited those who used to bear Malto's flag. Please continue through the gate."
No. 85001 ID: f21281

I sense a trap.
No. 85002 ID: dda9dd

Thankyou my good man... -nya-
No. 85004 ID: c1b520

This is either very good, or very bad. Go anyway.
No. 85005 ID: d1210a

The phrasing used is.... strange.

Be wary of this, the feel of a trap is in the air.
No. 85006 ID: 66e906

Why would this Zal be so eager to receive you? Question the guard.
No. 85010 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980588331.png - (40.52KB , 700x700 , c8-4.png )

I am always wary. What do I need to look for especially?

"Why is your master so eager to receive men from his country?"
"Master Zal has been having trouble finding people he can trust here.. He hopes that shared colors will be an incentive for cooperation. But please, he can tell you more than I can."
No. 85012 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980604767.png - (101.27KB , 700x700 , c8-5.png )

I continue through the gate. The massive fence somehow decieves the eye into thinking the garden is grand too, but it is only a few paces between dead trees from the gate to the door.
Just as I arrive a disgruntled old man opens it.

"Eh? Who are you? What do you want? Damn guard, I knew I couldn't trust anyone in this dump.."
No. 85014 ID: a22e4d


Introduce yourself.
No. 85015 ID: 8ce2bf

Show him the mark burned into you on your inner thigh that proves you were a knight of Malto.
No. 85016 ID: 34470e

Ignore this person.
No. 85018 ID: dda9dd

I am sure you have some kind of customary greeting spiel or somesuch for just this occasion ehh?
No. 85021 ID: 66e906

Show him your banner.
No. 85023 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980695389.png - (104.75KB , 700x700 , c8-6.png )

"I am Sir Ridder, knight of North Piacevol--"
"What?! How do you know about this? So that's how you got in.. Just tell me what you want and I'll hand it over if you swear you won't spread the word. I'll be knee-deep in 'knights' if anyone else finds out.."

It appears the old man doesn't believe me.
No. 85025 ID: af3e6d

What can I do to prove my loyalty?
No. 85026 ID: 8ce2bf

Offer to do ANYTHING to prove your loyalty.
No. 85028 ID: 43d730

Any callsigns from the revolution?
Oaths that would convince him?
In any case, ask to come inside for a moment.
No. 85031 ID: d1210a

Bow before the man and speak with a clear voice.

"Forgive me if I offended and gave the wrong impression, my lord. I come to you as a fellow survivor, not a thief looking to extort you. Please forgive the misconception.

If there is anything I could do to help you with you false knights, to remove such an odious burden upon you, I would be honored."

Get the foot in the door the polite, knight serving it's lords way.
No. 85032 ID: 6faa8c

Bow, damnit!
No. 85036 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980794114.png - (89.49KB , 700x700 , c8-7.png )

I bow deeply.

"I apologize for the misconception, milord. I come as a fellow survivor of the revolution. Please accept this as my proof of loyalty."

I unfold my banner before him. He stares at it for a moment, then angrily slams his fist into the door.

"Bloody heck.. You're one of those. I hoped the revolution had gotten rid of you all. ..Hmr, fine, come in, "knight" of Piacevol."
No. 85039 ID: f21281

Man, we are just on the wrong side of -everyone-, aren't we?

I think we should have a rather nice history lesson with this guy, and find out why exactly Lord Malto was seen as a tyrant by his people.
No. 85043 ID: ab04d4

I am sure that he'll have a tragic backstory possibly about how his family/other close friends were killed directly or inadvertantly as a result of Lord Malto's marauding.

also, inb4 we make friends with him and he becomes the next recruit we get for our fort.
No. 85045 ID: dda9dd

Consider this guy has a skull on his cane, his opinions on morality may be somewhat skewed.
No. 85049 ID: af3e6d

You know, have you ever thought that the reason he made it through the revolution unscathed and still wealthy could have been because he was not loyal to your lord and assisted the rebels?
No. 85054 ID: fb5d8e
File 125980956625.png - (101.30KB , 700x700 , c8-8.png )

Surely Zal was not harmed by any of lord Malto's actions. As a noble, his life must have been nothing but comfortable.
I'll ask him what he means.

"What do you mean? Why do you refer to me as 'those'?"
"Hmf. What are you-- A northwalker? Leferran? Is that what you things call yourself? You have absolutely no place being a knight of Piacevol. This sort of nonsense meant the end for Malto."
No. 85057 ID: f21281

"Is it not the nature of a Kingdom to expand it's territories, to conquer other nations and conscript it's people into its fold?"
No. 85062 ID: 8b7db1


"How did it mean the end of Malto? I will admit, the revolution caught me completely unaware."

Though come to think of it, how DID your family come under lord Malto's service? [Very OOCly, if you already explained it, I would appreciate knowing where to look.]
No. 85063 ID: dda9dd

It's hardly our fault if there wern't enough Volto at the end to guard their illustrious kingdom themselves. Perhaps their greatest fault was to reach for more more than they could themselves grasp?
No. 85064 ID: 18b9f0

"With respect sir, I am not but walking proof of our old Kingdom's power. Is it not in a kingdom's interest to grow far and wide, to spread across many lands and many peoples? An insular Kingdom that moves nowhere will never gain any purchase."
No. 85071 ID: fb5d8e
File 125981070588.png - (52.32KB , 700x700 , c8-9.png )

"With respect sir, I am not but walking proof of our old Kingdom's power. Is it not in a kingdom's interest to expand it's territories, to conquer other nations and conscript it's people into its fold?"
"Of course! But that is exactly it! Malto spend far too much time with his non-Volto underlings. So much resources were spend on easily replaceable minions. What good comes of it when the kingdom's arms become as important as its heart? Nothing! And then there are the most shameful cases of all: You! A non-Volto knight, for crying out loud. Your parents were mere mercenaries. There is no honor in fighting for money! Bah!"
No. 85073 ID: 66e906

"I am no mercenary."
No. 85075 ID: 8b7db1

"I have grown beyond the station of my ancestors, sir."

Above all, be polite. Be KNIGHTLY.
No. 85080 ID: dda9dd

If I were a mercenary interesting in money alone It would hardly have been in my interest to lug around the hated standard of a dead man for uncounted miles, assembled a small force, and come seeking your services?

As opposed to returning to my own people or perhaps begging you for a job.
No. 85082 ID: a22e4d


"That's why I don't fight for money. I fight for Lord Malto. Which is why I'm here."
No. 85086 ID: af3e6d

Make sure you have an edge to your voice. This man is insulting your honour and that of your parents.
No. 85109 ID: 632862

Is he saying... Malto was disliked because he payed too much attention to non-humans?

Ask him for more information about the rebellion. What triggered it?

Also, you don't fight for Malto, you fight for the good of all his former subjects.
No. 85111 ID: 718d88

>Malto was disliked because he payed too much attention to non-volto.

No. 85154 ID: 18b9f0

Goddammit we're not going to get anywhere by arguing with the man who we've come to for help.

Just tell him "I'm sorry you feel that way, sir."
And get on with it!
No. 85167 ID: 718d88



tell him you are here to contest a great evil gathering in an old cave not far away, and that you require his cartography skills or whatever it is you're here for.

I wasn't really paying attention.
No. 85187 ID: 8ce2bf

"Sir if it makes you feel better I never responded to his constant sexual advances."
No. 85201 ID: fb5d8e
File 125985603322.png - (87.42KB , 700x700 , c8-10.png )

"Sir, I can not.. I can not do anything but approve of lord Malto's decisions. If you feel different I am sorry. But, greater things are afoot: An army of great evil is gathering to the south, and I need your help as a cartographer to battle it."
"Evil? Considering you continue to claim you're a lackey to Malto I have to doubt your ability to judge what's evil. What are you even still doing here? You belong in the Far North. Your lord is long dead. Bloody heck, I'll give you a map with the old traderoute to the Far North if you get lost."
"I- I can't. I have a duty to the people of North Piacevol--"
"Shut up about that already! You mean nothing to Piacevol anymore. You're a non-Volto follower of Malto the Big Dreamer. This land ill needs a saviour such as you. At least your parents understood this."
No. 85203 ID: 5696d4

I wonder what this guy's sense of justice is. Does he even care about Piacevol? You'd better look into him more; his reasoning seems biased and untruthful.
No. 85207 ID: d1210a

"If I am not the savior needed, who is?

Can any afford to wait for the proper person, of suitable disposition and lineage?

Until that person appears, I shall do what I can to buy time for their arrival, for the threat is immediate, and if we do not take action now, it could be too late."
No. 85214 ID: f44349

I came here hoping to find an ally who would honor our kingdom's memory, but instead it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no one here but a bitter old man who is more interested in his own selfish hatreds than in doing any thing good with his life.
Good day sir!"
No. 85216 ID: e0499d

If a former noble also questions the Malto name, there is something wrong with the decisions of Malto.

This man doesn't seem to want to remember malto. The part previous about the nation's arms becoming as important as the nation's heart is another thing to be noted.

What you have here is a great way to find out what Malto did wrong so you can seduce the revolutionaries to your cause. You may have to drop the Malto name though... but you can still be loyal to the former cause.
No. 85221 ID: 632862

Even a peasant has a duty to his kingdom. This evil man has already burned down an entire town, who knows what he'll do next? This will only escalate unless someone does something. Someone has to stop him.
No. 85228 ID: dda9dd

"Your cribbed phrases and ill ease conceal a greater truth here. Your people are dead or separated, and disorganized. The Rebbelion is obviously of no use to anyone as even two such divergent people as us cannot find a place in it!

Within but a few generations I would be surprised to see a pureblood Volto left! You yourself must know this! You surround yourself with nothing but the cats and the fleeting distractions of this festering city.

The only legacy your people have left to claim is if you sink back into the clay and mire that spawned you... or if you fight on for what is necessary and just, despite the swiftly dying light, despite the promise of no tomorrow. Which is it you shall choose?"
No. 85231 ID: fb5d8e
File 125987206150.png - (101.19KB , 700x700 , c8-11.png )

Yes.. I certainly begin to doubt this man's loyalty to Malto-- No, rather, it is quite obvious this man is not loyal to Malto at all. However, he does seem to care about North Piacevol.

"Could you tell me what exactly lord Malto did that summoned such wrath in you and the revolutionists?"
"Bloody heck, northwalker, you sure are as dumb as you look. And don't toss me in with those reckless revolutionists! I just said that Malto had no idea to care for a country. He spend far too much resources and time in.. in underlings, lesser races. For the good of the kingdom he had to be removed."[/b]
No. 85232 ID: 632862

That's it? That's the only reason?

...just let it drop for now. You have to convince him to lend aid so that this evil "Boss" won't wind up laying siege to Sepia Town.
No. 85233 ID: 426169

He... spent too much time in underlings?

This sounds somewhat... ok I'm fine with that.
Ask him again about that map. We need a detailed, current map of the area. Say fifty kilometers in each direction.
No. 85234 ID: dda9dd

Hell from the looks of things an inferno would only improve the atmosphere around here. It would certainly be more fitting anyhow.
No. 85266 ID: 445c48

He probably isn't going to help you out of the goodness of his heart, because he believes in your cause.

We just need a map from this guy, right? Just buy one and go.
No. 85268 ID: 8ce2bf

"Would a lesser race have THIS?"
Proceed to drop your pants.
No. 85283 ID: fb5d8e
File 125987953861.png - (86.96KB , 700x700 , c8-12.png )

"I won't bother you about this topic again, sir. I would to purchase a detailed map of the continent."
"So you're finally going to drop that ridiculious Malto-Malto attitude? Good, good. At least you learn quickly, like your parents. I suppose I have one of those maps, since you're here now anyway. That'll be a hundred coins."

I have nowhere near that kind of money.
No. 85285 ID: 476456

How much money DO we have?
No. 85286 ID: 2dd482

offer your services in payment.
No. 85287 ID: 8ce2bf

How about a bit of gambling, old man?
We'll play a game of poker, with your gold and my clothes on the line.
No. 85288 ID: 632862

Well, you know what happened the last two times you were offered a job in this town.

I guess it can't hurt to ask, though. See if he has something that's not morally objectionable or embarrassing.
No. 85289 ID: 778e29

Don't let him think you don't have enough at all: just say "I don't make a habit of carrying that much money in this town" (it's true!) and that "my holdings are a bit distant to retrieve additional resources" (also true).

Then offer a service.
No. 85295 ID: fb5d8e
File 125988102587.png - (80.65KB , 700x700 , c8-13.png )

Yes, it may be prudent not to show my poverty to this kind of person. As much as I dislike misleading others, I can't return to the base emptyhanded.

"I have made it a point not to carry that kind of money in this town. Perhaps I can perform a service worth an equal amount."
"Absolutely not. I have help enough-- No.. I suppose I do have something. Better let outsiders deal with each other. Very well, listen: Recently a thief has broken into my assets and made off with quite a wealth of items. Not uncommon considering this is Sepia Town.. however, my contacts have pointed out that this crook isn't native to Sepia Town and that irks me. I want you to put something in its drink.. where is it.. ah, here we go. It won't harm the criminal, it will just.. let it feel a little more at home. If you're succesful then perhaps we I can arrange some more work until you've earned a hundred coins, and thus the map."
No. 85296 ID: 8ce2bf

I think we can trust this guy, ask where the thief is.
No. 85298 ID: 632862

That actually doesn't sound too objectionable. If he's telling the truth. Go along with it, for now.
No. 85299 ID: 51d0f5

Ask him for a less extensive map for cheaper.
No. 85300 ID: 778e29


Well, last time you objected to this kind of thing, it was on the basis that your employer hadn't been personally wronged. That's not the case now, so I would suppose it's acceptable.
No. 85302 ID: f44349

>It won't harm the criminal, it will just.. let it feel a little more at home.

A thief took the things he had.
What things does he have? MAPS.
Forget this old coot, lets just find that thief.
No. 85303 ID: 8b7db1

Ominous potion is ominous.

And I'm not sure if I like doing this... at least ask what was stolen, if not what the potion DOES.
No. 85304 ID: f6ec00

What is it, a voltolizing potion?
No. 85308 ID: 476456

ask "Do they need to drink all of it or would i have more than one opportunity"
No. 85310 ID: dda9dd

That turns people into cats doesn't it?
No. 85311 ID: fb5d8e
File 125988272584.png - (89.62KB , 700x700 , c8-14.png )

"What did the thief steal from you?"
"Oh, worthless things, really. Uncut gems, golddust.. Treasures to the common man. I use them for my magical experiments. I have more than enough resources to replace them, it's just the principal of it."
"What does the potion do?"
"Put that thief where it belongs, right along the ranks of all the disgusting catfolk lowlife in this town."
"Very well, I'll do it. Where can I find the rogue?"
"It should be staying at the Deadly Curiosity, not far from here. Just make sure it consumes the potion. I'll hear if you succeeded through my own ways."
No. 85312 ID: 632862

How will we know who it is?
No. 85314 ID: dda9dd

Ridder, were most Volto quite as -erh- xenophobic as this particular specimen? Was Malto some kind of oddity among their kind?
No. 85322 ID: dda9dd

The Thief is an an outsider (ie, not a catfolk... yet), Sticks is far more likely a possibility.
No. 85323 ID: f21281

"...out of curiosity...I'm going to guess it turns it into a cat?"
No. 85332 ID: 43d730

It turns into a cat or else it gets the hose again.

If we have to break this deal, then figure out a way to keep the potion.
Or karmically arrange for him to drink it.
No. 85333 ID: fc93c8


"How will I know when I see the culprit? Petty thieves and shady individuals aren't exactly a rarity in this place."
No. 85336 ID: fb5d8e
File 125988519812.png - (56.96KB , 700x700 , c8-15.png )

"How will I know when I see the culprit? Petty thieves and shady individuals aren't exactly a rarity in this place."
"Bloody hell, northwalker! Even your parents were less stupid than you! I just said it's an outsider. If that's not enough information then I doubt you'll even be able to get out the door. Now go do it or return the potion. In either case.. get out the door!"
No. 85337 ID: fc93c8


Resist urge to punch him in the face. Let's get the hell out of here.
No. 85339 ID: f6ec00

So what? We'll just give the potion to the first non-volto, non-catperson we see? How thick is that guy's skull? according to this logic, you might as well drink it.
No. 85341 ID: dda9dd

He's at that bar he mentioned, the "Deadly Curiosity." How many non-catfolk could there be in there? Read a little closer.
No. 85343 ID: f6ec00

In my defense, I dont trust too mutable information like 'his last whereabouts were...' 'his last meal was...' 'the color of his panties is...'
No. 85344 ID: f44349

God. This guy is such a DICK.
Fuckit, lets poison HIS drink.
No. 85347 ID: dda9dd

>he color of his panties is...
Hey tracking Mudy Latral Scarlet delaSkulking the Fifth Blutjagger would be easy as hell with that info, he wore the same pair for most of the first season.

Also, let us be off, we have a thief to find, and Nya~

We can undo this honor-less, pompous, racist blowhard 'after' we gain our map.
No. 85358 ID: 632862

Okay fine, let's go. If we hit the wrong person, then I guess it's his fault.
No. 85362 ID: 718d88


think of it this way; what have we seen everywhere in this town?

cat people.

to wit; the person we're looking for is someone who is not a cat person.

No. 85370 ID: 8b7db1

The thing is that our 'employer' says there is only one non-catperson at this bar. What if we show up, and there are two of them? That's the main root of the problem. Of course, I doubt we can get any more information out of him without making him even MORE pissed off, so lets just go and do our dirty business.
No. 85373 ID: 718d88


they we strike up a conversation and find the right one via subterfuge.
No. 85374 ID: fb5d8e
File 125989255699.png - (130.58KB , 700x700 , c8-16.png )

I nod and leave the mansion in silence. Behind me I hear the old Volto grumbling to himself.

The guard outside the gate is able to give me a very accurate description of how to get to the Deadly Curiosity.

It appears to be a well-visited club. The atmosphere is inviting and intimate.
I just find the sign outside rather confusing.
What is that man looking at...

No. 85375 ID: dda9dd

I think some of these people recognize your previous performance in town.
No. 85376 ID: fc93c8


Pay it no mind. Go inside.
No. 85377 ID: d1210a

....Well then.

Go in, I suppose. You do have a duty to do, after all.
No. 85382 ID: 51d0f5

No. Leave. A map isn't worth your dignity.
No. 85384 ID: 2dd482

don't look now Ridder, but those fine ladies back there are giving you the eyes
No. 85385 ID: 632862

That man is looking at another man's crotch. Remember how one of the guys liked watching you dance naked? Expect more people like that in there. Steel yourself!
No. 85387 ID: e3f578

Just naive are you, Ridder? I mean there's sorta entertaining naivete and then there's just absurd naivete.
No. 85389 ID: 1831fc


No. 85390 ID: f21281


No. 85391 ID: fb5d8e
File 125989369713.png - (95.18KB , 700x700 , c8-17.png )

..Ah. A meeting place for homosexuals.
No, it didn't cross my mind, I'm afraid. I'll be cautious.. but I doubt that there will be much to worry about. Everyone seems very friendly.

"Hey there, handsome. You're not from around here, are you? Ready to experience some new things?"
No. 85393 ID: 18b9f0

There's nothing to worry about. They're not magically more dangerous than any of the other seedy inhabitants of this town and if you're capable of defending yourself from assault you shouldn't have the slightest concern about passive come-ons.
Besides, obviously you're an open-minded type and while this life isn't for you I'm sure you're well aware that it's not contagious or anything foolish like that. All those panicked voices you here are misplaced.

So just focus, continue with your mission, and things will be fine. This changes nothing.
No. 85395 ID: fc93c8


"Sorry, honey, but business comes before pleasure, and I'm on the clock. Would you happen to have seen another outsider in this place recently?"
No. 85396 ID: 8b7db1

"I feel I already am. But no, I am looking for a man. ...a person. A specific person. Someone not from here."
No. 85397 ID: f21281

"Actually, I'm looking for an acquaintance of mine. Have you seen them? They shouldn't have been too hard to notice, they're not from Sepia Town."
No. 85398 ID: 51d0f5

Well, uh? Are you into that sort of thing? It's fine if you are. We won't get mad or anything.

I don't suppose any non-cats are visible?
No. 85399 ID: 8ce2bf

Dreadfully sorry toots but I'm afraid I already have a man in mind. Have you seen an outsider around?
No. 85401 ID: dda9dd

Just looking for someone I know.
No. 85402 ID: f44349

>Everyone seems very friendly.
You're just too adorable.

"Sorry... I'm afraid I'm already looking for someone in particular. Have you seen any outsiders about?"
No. 85403 ID: 632862

Hmm. How are we going to find the target without blowing our cover?

I think you're going to have to pretend to be interested. Have you ever thought about this kind of thing, Ridder? Just say you're curious about the whole 'scene' but don't want to commit yourself yet.
No. 85407 ID: fb5d8e
File 125989463260.png - (61.71KB , 700x700 , c8-18.png )

I have never thought about homosexuality much, I have to admit. I'm content letting people keep their sexuality private business. ...Though I suppose this place is to make it a public business.
No matter, I have something to attend to.

"Actually, I'm looking for an acquaintance of mine. They shouldn't have been too hard to notice, they're not from Sepia Town. Have you seen them?"
"Ah, a friend of the big spender, hm? He's in the back. I'm sure he'd love the additional company."
No. 85408 ID: fc93c8


"Thanks, cutie."

Head on over.
No. 85409 ID: 632862

Don't walk directly over. Meander around, taking in the sights, before appearing to just happen to walk by the table and see him there. Be indirect; don't want to arouse suspicion.
No. 85411 ID: 8ce2bf

Hey Ridder now that we know where he is we don't need to strike right away. Try to blend in a little, make it so you won't be suspected. Chat up the cute little number with you right now, he seems pretty into you!
No. 85412 ID: a3b36a

Buy a drink. Put the potion in it. Give to 'big spender', saying it's from someone else.
No. 85420 ID: fb5d8e
File 12598959159.png - (93.37KB , 700x700 , c8-19.png )

Good idea. I will purchase a drink and put the potion in, then simply wander around for a while. This will prevent me from raising too much suspicion.
I'll try to walk by the outsider several times to get a good idea of who he is.

"Now you two kiss! With tongues! With tongues! I want to see your tongues touching!"
"Oh, master gnome, you are so naughty~"
No. 85425 ID: 8ce2bf

Sidle your way in, participate if you must, your cover cannot be blown. Once you have made it to the table you can slip the potion into a drink he has.
No. 85426 ID: fc93c8


My penis has never been so confused.
No. 85429 ID: 43d730

Fucking gnomes.
If it's Sticks, she still deserves it for hiding as a gnome.
No. 85438 ID: 632862

Oh man. This is going to be so awesome. I wonder... give 'him' the drink, and say it's from someone called "Sticks".
No. 85444 ID: 51d0f5

Lean down and whisper:

"I'm wearing my sister's panties."
No. 85447 ID: 8b7db1

...wait a minute, last time we were in Sepia Town, didn't that cat lady say she wanted to rob the place of a DWARF WIZARD? Who has STOLEN OTHERS GEMS?
No. 85449 ID: 1831fc

Proceed with operation: Expose the trap.
No. 85457 ID: fb5d8e
File 125989790685.png - (103.46KB , 700x700 , c8-20.png )

It is easy to confuse dwarves and gnomes if you are unaware of the details. It may be the jeweler.
I lean in and place the drink - with the potion mixed in - on the table.

"Sir, please accept this drink as offered by sticks."
"Oh aye! Thank you, boy, have a coin. Say, your voice is pretty familiar. Have you joined me before? I wouldn't mind some more company for these boys!"
"Teehee, oh master gnome~"
No. 85463 ID: 8ce2bf

Agree to keep him company, you want to make sure the potion works and doesn't harm him.
No. 85466 ID: 9d07d9


We've got to stay with him and make sure he's the one that drinks the potion. We don't want to cause any collateral damage through our inaction.
No. 85467 ID: dda9dd

Keep the conversation running, but don't sit down. You may need to make a rather hasty exit here.

Perhaps ask him if he frequents the other local dives? Perhaps you met him around?
No. 85470 ID: 632862

Oh yes, we have been acquainted before, I believe. It was a fiery encounter, if I remember correctly. Now drink up. It'll put hair on your chest.
No. 85484 ID: fb5d8e
File 125989904923.png - (77.82KB , 700x700 , c8-21.png )

"Perhaps you frequent any of the other dives? The 'Cat In The Bag' inn, perhaps?"
"Hmm, no no, it wasn't in Sepia Town. You sound a lot like the guy who saved me, but I forgot the name.. Hold on, it'll come back to me."

The gnome takes a large swig of the mug. So far he seems unharmed.
No. 85494 ID: fb5d8e
File 125989928139.png - (80.13KB , 700x700 , c8-22.png )

"Oh, it was-- !"

Suddenly he drops the mug onto the table. The rentboys around him stare in shock.

"..Excuse me, boys, I'm suddenly not feeling very well anymore.. I'm.. I'm retreating to my room."
No. 85495 ID: dda9dd

Have you had a haircut between now and then?

I must confess you too sound familiar, but I can't place the face.
No. 85499 ID: fc93c8


I think we just made a very big mistake.
No. 85504 ID: 632862

No, we tried to warn her.

See if you can follow the gnome.
No. 85506 ID: 43d730

Help him up to his room.
Running would be suspicious.
No. 85508 ID: dda9dd

Sounds like a good idea here.
No. 85517 ID: e75a2f

It's one of those farmers from before.
No. 85526 ID: fb5d8e
File 125990046987.png - (69.33KB , 700x700 , c8-23.png )

"Let me help you to your room, sir."
"Uh, thank you-- Ridder?!"
"..I.. I mean- Uh, rid 'er, lad. It's what we gnomes say when, uh, someone is being helpful."
No. 85532 ID: 632862

Wait until you get to the room before talking.
No. 85537 ID: af3e6d

You have quite a bit to talk about.
No. 85544 ID: fb5d8e
File 125990131965.png - (60.71KB , 700x700 , c8-24.png )

We reach the gnomes room. He fidgets nervously in place.

"Yes, well, thank you very much. I'll be fine now. I just need a bit of privacy. Yes.."
No. 85545 ID: 18b9f0

Not a chance.
Pull off hat, confront obviously-premade acquaintance. We know who this person is, or at least they know us.
No. 85548 ID: b9870a

Short and a thief. Hi, Sticks.
No. 85550 ID: 632862

Tell her you tried to warn her. Also, you expected it to make her as tall as the other cat people. What a pity.
No. 85554 ID: fc93c8


"You need to listen to me very carefully. What you just drank contained a shapeshifting potion. This may be a little...jarring."
No. 85557 ID: 1831fc

Say Hello to Sticks.
No. 85580 ID: dda9dd

You shouldn't meddle so in the affairs of wizards Sticks.
No. 85586 ID: 51d0f5

Say "You clearly remember me, so you won't mind letting me know you."
No. 85592 ID: fb5d8e
File 125990282324.png - (62.66KB , 700x700 , c8-25.png )

"You clearly remember me, so you won't mind letting me know who you are."

I pull off the hat and fake beard.

"Y-yeah it's me.. Sticks.. Hey Ridder.. I- I'm sorry for pretending to be a guy in your gay club. I guess this is a suitable punishment, huh.."
No. 85594 ID: f21281

No. 85598 ID: 1831fc


Oh god damnit.

Explain what you're after.
No. 85600 ID: 5696d4


Mreow. She sure tricked a lot of guys there.

So why is Sticks pretending to be a guy, exactly?
No. 85601 ID: 476456

"ok sticks, i'm really sorry this happened but you have to admit its ...its....

...its really funny"
No. 85603 ID: 6faa8c

Ridder hug Sticks
No. 85604 ID: fc93c8


"You misunderstand."

Explain everything to her.
No. 85607 ID: 8b7db1

"No, it was because you stole from a wealthy, and vengeful man. ...and I'm sorry about how I treated you earli- wait, MY gay bar?"
No. 85613 ID: 81c465

Hi there, Sticks!
Hope you like Fancy Feast - nyaa~
No. 85616 ID: 81c465

She's into yaoi.
No. 85619 ID: dda9dd

It seems we both have some explaining to do ehh?
No. 85629 ID: fb5d8e
File 12599037592.png - (59.47KB , 700x700 , c8-26.png )

"Sticks, I- This is not my gay bar. No, I.. I'm working for a cartographer because I can't afford to buy a map. He told me about a certain thief who he wanted to punish by putting a magic potion in his drink: Which is what just happened to you. If I had recognized you.. Why were you pretending to be a man?"
"B-because the boys here are very pretty and it's fun to watch them make out~ G-guess it's my fault I got all carried away.."
No. 85631 ID: fc93c8


"What happened to the paladin?"
No. 85633 ID: 476456

Its ok to laugh ridder.
No. 85635 ID: 1831fc


Where is Timotei?
No. 85637 ID: 632862

Ask what happened to that ungrateful bastard Tim.
No. 85638 ID: e3f578

"To be honest, the only evil you committed today was stealing. Unless you were leading the men on for intimacy they desired, I didn't see anything they probably didn't enjoy themselves."
No. 85639 ID: 51d0f5

"Why would turning you into one of the Sepia Folk be a punishment...? Wait, are you still a woman?"
No. 85643 ID: 81c465

Pretty certain she's still female.
Is it permanent? I think I like Kitty Edition Sticks

No. 85646 ID: dda9dd

Probably because that particular Volto is a racist prick to the non-men races.
No. 85652 ID: fb5d8e
File 125990494976.png - (41.74KB , 700x700 , c8-27.png )

"It seemed like the rentboys you were with had a good time, but you were paying them with stolen money no doubt."
"Y-yes. I guess I should've known stealing from such luxurious places would come around to bite me in the behind. If you didn't do this then someone else would have.."
"Perhaps we will find something to reverse it again. What happened to Timotei?"
"I dunno.. We parted ways. Our styles just clashed too much. He knew nothing about being subtle. How- How is your church coming along?"
"I moved my base to the woods east of here. I have four men stationed there already."
"Oh! Well, uhm. If you let me, uh, maybe I can help you now? I mean, since you already got people at the base, maybe you got things that need to be done outside.."
No. 85656 ID: 445c48

Establish a loving relationship with Sticks.

Also bring her with you, or tell her to wait a safe location, then go get the map and go to base.
No. 85657 ID: 18b9f0

"Or maybe I'll get YOU done outside."
Then take her robe right off of her, grab her under one arm, and haul her out of there. Dump her back at your base and tell Black Fang to go wild on her.

Or, you know, just make sure she's okay, offer her a place back home, and tell her you'll escort her there after you get the map.

Either one, really.
No. 85658 ID: fc93c8


"Sure thing. And come to think of it...how'd you like to get some revenge on the guy who made me do this?"
No. 85659 ID: 632862

Yes please! Warn her that they're group from quite diverse backgrounds. Do make sure she knows she can't be seen leaving town with you though. She can either wait until you've done enough work to get the map, or go on ahead with a note or something so whoever's on guard duty will know she's permitted to enter.
No. 85663 ID: 51d0f5

Ask her if she met anyone worth adding to the team.
No. 85664 ID: f44349

Hmm... This "Dermane Zal" has caused enough trouble, I think.
He is a racist, bitter old man and he has insulted the name of your lord.
I think we just might have a job for Sticks to do RIGHT now...
Tell her to sneak into Zal's place one more time, but this time she needs to steal a map of this region and then one of his transformy potions and spike HIS drink with it.
A fitting punishment, no?
No. 85665 ID: 81c465

Actually, this new form may be advantageous for Sticks, considering her line of work.
No. 85667 ID: e3f578

Ask her why she doesn't seem completely horrified of what happened to her and actually seems to be accepting of the punishment. Does she know something of this poison? Is it temporary?

If not we'll find a cure or find another transformation vial to a dwarf. We do have a herbalist back at the base.
No. 85669 ID: dda9dd

Quite, I mean, she is likely more flexible, balanced, and silent if anything.
No. 85685 ID: fb5d8e
File 125990654473.png - (38.32KB , 700x700 , c8-28.png )

"Of course. I will show you where it is and assign you a duty that keeps you from sitting still all day."

No, I do not condone outright stealing. I can not prevent Sticks from living her life, but it shall not be under my order that she pilfers a map.
However, it would be great to have a way to reverse the potion.. although-

"You don't seem very torn up about your change."
"Well hey, what's being upset gonna do? I guess the punishment was supposed to be preventing me from ever returning to The Burrows, but I honestly wasn't planning on going back there.. ever, really."
No. 85687 ID: fc93c8


Can we at least turn the racist jerk into a cat too?

"Did you have some sort of falling-out with them?"
No. 85688 ID: 476456

surely you can have her steal the map if he doesnt make good on the payment however.
No. 85689 ID: 632862

Become slightly embarrassed and pull her robe up.

...or just let it slip further, pretending you don't notice.
No. 85690 ID: 445c48

I see an itty bitty kitty titty. :3

Respectfully and discreetly tell her to cover herself, or leave room or turn around or something.

Eventually start romancing her.
No. 85694 ID: 43d730

Seconding pull robe up.
Use opportunity to rest hands on shoulders momentarily.
Thank her for agreeing to join the team.
Allow her to get her stuff together, head back for payment.
After all, you've fulfilled your part of the mission, regardless of what happens after.
See what else bitchy xenophobe wants.
No. 85714 ID: fb5d8e
File 125990861245.png - (66.55KB , 700x700 , c8-29.png )

I quickly pull her robe up. She gasps in surprise and we both blush quite a bit.
I continue the conversation to prevent any awkwardness from growing.

"Did you have some sort of falling-out with them?"
"W-well.. Uhm.. Kind of-- Ehr, maybe we can talk about it when we're a-at your base?"
"Very well. I better return to the cartographer to see what he wants me to do next."
"O-one job wasn't enough?"
"He said I would have to work until I earned the equivalent of one hundred coins."
"H-hey, I'll give you a hundred coins worth of stuff.. I mean, I guess it's stolen, but I mean, I stole it from him in the first place.. That make sense..?"
No. 85717 ID: 632862

He'd probably recognize it.

Then again maybe he wouldn't care, and praise you for retrieving some of his goods.
No. 85721 ID: 1831fc


Accept the deal. You'll have to lie a bit and tell the Malto that you ended up cornering the thief and shaking him down. A risky maneuver, but it paid well, as he was foolish enough to be leaving Sepia town with the items just as you found him.

Or something like that.
No. 85722 ID: d1210a

I suppose you could.

If you are firm yet polite, I see absolutely no reason that coming back with a tale of not just doing the deed requested of you but reclaiming the lost goods, you could surely get the map you desire.

Conversely, you could use the goods to acquire funds of your own and forego the map in favor of getting your allies better provided for. Perhaps either a reforging for Black Fang's sword or a new one altogether? New alembics, vials and tools for the rest.... I imagine that would be at least as useful, if not more so than the map.
No. 85725 ID: 8b7db1

...take the stuff back to him. If he refuses to allow that as [partial] payment, say you are keeping them per finders-keepers.
No. 85727 ID: ce1966

keep the loot. don't dare try to sell it in this town. Have Sticks take it back with her to the fort.

Tell mister cartogropher that potion was pretty nifty. Ask for the next job.
No. 85739 ID: fb5d8e
File 125991032861.png - (61.29KB , 700x700 , c8-30.png )

"Yes, that will work very well. Hopefully the cartographer will put a sufficient bounty on the return of his belongings."

She rummages through her bedsheets for a moment, then retrieves a pouch. She hands it to me.

"Thank you, Sticks. Now please, pack your things and head for the east gate. I will pick you up there."
"Alright, Ridder. Good luck."
No. 85742 ID: 81c465

>Dat Face

Oh God X3

Will she be safe on her own, in her current condition?
No. 85760 ID: 632862

I guess that's about it. Time to get back to the cartographer.

(in b4 someone stops Ridder in the bar and propositions him)
No. 85771 ID: fb5d8e
File 125991219890.png - (104.55KB , 700x700 , c8-31.png )

Back at the mansion I immediately present the pouch to Zal.

"The deed is done. In addition I have been able to retrieve most of the stolen goods. Perhaps this will be enough to cover the cost of the map I need."
"Huh... It seems a bit strange to accept my own belongings as payment.. Then again, it does save me some hundreds in replacing them. Fine, I'll get you your map. But now that the deal is done, I don't want to see your filthy hide here anymore!"[/b]
No. 85772 ID: fb5d8e
File 125991220122.png - (50.83KB , 700x700 , c8-32.png )

Soon enough, we are moving east again.
This trip has gotten me the map I need and the return of Sticks.

I hope everyone is doing well back at the base.

No. 85775 ID: 8b7db1

Inb4 your minions chasing each other with blunt objects.
No. 85776 ID: d1210a

No. 85777 ID: 632862

I think for the most part this is true.
No. 85778 ID: 426169

You better hug her tight while riding, don't want her falling off.
No. 85790 ID: fc93c8


Once again the drawback of being Lawful Good rears its ugly head.
No. 85799 ID: 632862

So, tell us about your parents, Ridder.
No. 85802 ID: 66e906

What do you know of how your people fared under Malto's rule?
No. 85842 ID: e0499d

Where did Timotei split from you? from that we can create a probability radius we can find Timotei in. He's definately slower than Sticks (with the gear) so tracking him shouldn't be hard. Plus, maybe one of our recruits can track by scent or something.
No. 85849 ID: fb5d8e
File 125995999527.png - (82.96KB , 700x700 , c8-33.png )

Ah, what can I tell you about my people and my parents.

I assume you mean Leferrans when you refer to "my people". Personally I prefer to be referred to as Piacevolian. Lord Malto made it so that nationality transcended species.
In any case, the Leferrans were never really under Lord Malto's rule. We hail from the Far North, past the barrier. There our independent tribes travel the steppes.

My parents.. well, what can I say. They were two of the great mercenary forces. Their northern prowess was in high demand. When Lord Malto need an extra edge in deflecting the Estellian occupation he hired my parents.
I understand it wasn't long before they realized how.. how great of a leader Lord Malto was. They went above and beyond what they were paid for in their efforts to turn the tides of the battle. Lord Malto recognized their dedication and awarded them the title of knight and minor noble.

When the revolution came, however.. They seemed to just vanish. It.. It caught me offguard. The revolution was going to be the first real battle I fought in, yet I always assumed my parents would be there to support me.
When they left-- Well, I failed. The rest is history.
Later I heard they returned to the Far North just days prior to the first coup.

I hope that will do? Or perhaps you wanted to hear a more personal side? I'm not the best at conveying my emotions, I'm afraid.

"Do you remember where Timotei and you parted ways? Perhaps we can find him."
"I dunno.. I dont think he'd stay in the same place. He was being pretty vigilante, ya know? Roaming the plains, destroy bandit camps as he came across them.."
No. 85851 ID: d1210a

Ridder, have you ever had a chance to test your full measure against the skills of your parents?

Should you ever find yourself in the north, you may wish to find them, not only to tell them of your well-being, but to see if you are as capable as you believe yourself. I imagine it would make them happy, to see their son alive, well, and striving to be a valiant knight.

Actually.... your parents are capable warriors, and as your parents, would most likely be inclined to help you. Perhaps a visit could garner more than familial bonding, perhaps they or others from their home might aid you in defeating the evil you seek.

Also, ask Sticks what else she has been up to, besides the act that reunited the two of you.
No. 85854 ID: fb5d8e
File 125996222364.png - (72.43KB , 700x700 , c8-34.png )

The Far North is not a place one simply 'visits'. It's a dedicated journey. Just getting to the barrier pass will take days.
If I am to find my parents I expect I will be gone for at least a month.

"What have you been keeping yourself busy with, Sticks? Apart from.. how we met."
"After Timotei and me split ways I jumped on the first passing caravan. That's how I ended up in Sepia Town.. It felt like a horrible place at first.. But then I got caught up in the flow of stealing and spending, and ended up staying in the Deadly Curiosity for quite a while. Err.. I-I'm quite pathetic, a-aren't I?"
No. 85855 ID: 9cece1

get a halfy
make sure twigs can feel it
No. 85856 ID: 445c48

Say no.
No. 85857 ID: 51d0f5

"Yeah, but you're adorable now, so it's okay. How are you feeling with your new body? Any problems I should know about?"

"Seems we've no real leads on meeting up with him. Best not waste time trying. If we're to cross paths again, so be it."
No. 85862 ID: f44349

No. 85863 ID: fb5d8e
File 125996334922.png - (82.82KB , 700x700 , c8-35.png )

"Perhaps, but you're adorable now, so it's okay."

Sticks blushes furiously. I hope the remark will make her feel better about herself.

"How are you feeling with your new body? Any problems I should know about?"
"N-no.. It.. It's working to my advantage~"
"I'm glad. Well, it seems like we've no real leads on meeting up with Timotei. Best not waste time trying. If we're to cross paths again, so be it."
"You said it, chief~"
No. 85864 ID: 9cece1

get a boner
go back to base
No. 85865 ID: 445c48
File 125996383195.gif - (1.33KB , 15x15 , winky.gif )

>"N-no.. It.. It's working to my advantage~"
No. 85869 ID: 18b9f0

She's bearing her soul to you here, shamefully and embarrassedly admitting to all the things she did in Sepia Town. It would form a stronger bond with her -- and further gain her trust and loyalty -- if you came clean and admitted the somewhat undignified things you did there. Otherwise you'll never have a chance to bring it up without things getting intensely awkward. And besides, it would help her feel more accepted and less out of place. Take a moment and deepen the bond, here.
No. 85870 ID: f44349

Suddenly realize an attractive female is in your lap.
Blush furiously.
No. 85874 ID: 43d730

At least you didn't wander into a bar and end up doing a weapons exhibition.

Act as though unaware of the innuendo.
No. 85878 ID: fb5d8e
File 125996545017.png - (87.16KB , 700x700 , c8-36.png )

I.. would have preffered if you didn't make me so aware. I'd like to keep relations with my companions strictly professional-- Though, well, trust and friendship is invaluable for a team.

"To be honest.. You're not the only one who was part of shenanigans in Sepia's sleazy bars. I.. got so focused on earning coin to provide for my army that I ended up doing a nude routine on stage."
"..Nude~? On stage~?"
"Yes. I was flexing and stretching. I'm not proud of it."
"It's okay, chief. I bet you made a lot of people happy that night."
"That's nice of you to say."
No. 85879 ID: fb5d8e
File 125996554989.png - (147.28KB , 700x700 , c8-37.png )

With our chatter filling up the evening air, we reach the base before I realize it. I help Sticks off the mount and carry her belongings.
Then something catches my eye.

A grave?
It seems fresh.

No. 85882 ID: 445c48

She's so excited!

It is clear that she likes you. You ought to reciprocate her feelings.
No. 85885 ID: 135d9a

Somebody likes you~

Right, uh, did we mention that we were in Black Fang's head for a bit and he killed his sister who was attacking before? 'Cause, uh... yeah.
No. 85886 ID: 51d0f5

Find some folks to get up to speed.
No. 85887 ID: 9cece1

Ask Black Fang about the other fangs
They were up to some shenanigans while you were away
No. 85900 ID: 8ce2bf

Teach Black Fang how you use your pole so well.
No. 85907 ID: 445c48

I think you mean Sticks.
No. 85908 ID: fb5d8e
File 125996749419.png - (79.34KB , 700x700 , c8-38.png )

"Black Fang! Iesgip! Report to the front gate, please!"

Iesgip scitters to the front with such speed I don't notice her until she's already standing next to me, saluting and holding her breath in anticipation.
Black Fang casually trots out of the hallway.

"Iesgip, see to it that our new companion settles into the womens bedroom. Her name is Sticks. Sticks, we'll have a full formal introduction during dinner."
"Got it, chief. Thanks for the help, Iesgip."
"Iesgip at your service, ma'am! I'm the gatherer and trapper here! But I mostly cook."
"Wait-- Did you say 'traps'?"
"Yes.. Why, do you like traps?"
"I think we'll have something to talk about, you 'n me."

When the chatter disappears through the doors I turn to Black Fang.
"Welcome back, master."
"Thank you, Black Fang. It's good to be back. Was everything alright while I was away?"
"Kinda.. Did ya see the grave outside?"
"I did. Please tell me what happened."

Black Fang explains all of the occured events.

"Did the ring help?"
"Aye, I 'spose it did.."
"Would you like to hang on to it?"
"As you wish, master. I'm pretty confident in my own abil'ties, so maybe it'll 'elp someone else more."
No. 85919 ID: 8ce2bf

Give the ring to Sticks, we want to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble.
No. 85921 ID: 445c48

I feel we should give the ring to Sticks.

Wait, in order for us to speak through the ring, do you have to be wearing it? If not, give yours to Sticks.
No. 85926 ID: 51d0f5

>Wait, in order for us to speak through the ring, do you have to be wearing it? If not, give yours to Sticks.
Yeah. We mostly just seem to be getting Ridder into trouble, or else pointing out obvious things he already was going to do. The ring should go to someone with even less common sense than us.
No. 85931 ID: 135d9a

Black Fang does indeed seem to be able to take care of himself pretty well.

Sticks, uh, not so much. Give her the ring.
No. 85967 ID: fb5d8e
File 125997010811.png - (143.88KB , 700x700 , c8-39.png )

"Very well. Then please give the ring to our newcomer, Sticks."
"Aye, master.."
"Black Fang."
"I'm sorry about your sister in arms."
"Live by th'sword, die by th'sword."

I give the gnoll a reassuring nod as he follows the women.
I continue in through the double doors. Nakraska has already finished a large round table, placed perfectly in the middle of the ballroom. I spread the map on it.

Perfect. The only thing needed now is a steady stream of up to date information.

No. 85969 ID: 43d730

Cackl- I mean ponder.
Like you're doing.
No. 85972 ID: 34470e

>steady stream of up to date information.
I think we just found a job for Sticks.
No. 85976 ID: 445c48

Billiant. And the rings will allow us to quickly get reports, none of this "Send out a scout and wait a week" business.
No. 85977 ID: 51d0f5

Well, first you need ANY up to date information. You still have little idea of what you're up against.

You need to put the enemy dungeon under long-term observation. You also need a source of cash other than stripping. Timotei apparently was able to raid nearby bandit camps. That's probably a good source of cash and XP. How do you find bandits?
No. 85984 ID: 445c48

Incorrect. What we need are more strippers.
No. 86011 ID: fb5d8e
File 125997245919.png - (143.88KB , 700x700 , c8-40.png )

Sticks did make clear she did not want to sit around the base waiting. However, I have to wonder if it will be prudent to send her at this stage.
I have no means of providing her with additional equipment, survival gear, or even long lasting food rations. She needs a secondary base near the 'Boss's cave to operate from.

Using the ring as longdistance communication might be an amazing solution, if it is indeed functional on such distances. Well, there is only one way to find out.
While she has the ring, however, you won't be able to assist anyone at this base.

As for unrooting random bandit camps, I don't see the fruit of actively searching for them. They travel a lot as there are little ambush spots in the fields.
Perhaps Timotei used his evil sense to find them.

No. 86018 ID: 445c48

Oh, right, did we mention someone hired violet fang to clear out your base of goody two shoes? I suppose we can get cash by fending off evil adventurers.

Alternatively stripping. Even more alternatively, sell potions.
No. 86022 ID: d1210a

Sell potions designed to be useful to the good but burn those who are evil, market to paladins for extreme profits.
No. 86038 ID: fde057

Well, you can send her to test if the communication works or not for starters. Finding out if more of <color> Fangs are gonna show up could be good too.

For future plans you might want to get the window cleaned and the glass repaired or replaced.
No. 86069 ID: dda9dd

I have a feeling the potions market may be just a little flooded at the moment.
No. 86140 ID: 632862

Possible locations for a secondary base near the Boss's lair are: The kobold camp we helped out, the goblin camp we helped out, the church again, and the refugee camp.

To get in the refugee camp, she could say she was a survivor of the fire. It wouldn't be a lie. Of course they would be suspicious since it's been so long since then. Also, nobody in town would recognize her. So maybe that wouldn't work out.
No. 86142 ID: fb5d8e
File 126001978268.png - (143.67KB , 700x700 , c8-41.png )

Of course! We have allied with the goblin settlement. It will be their duty to house at least one of my agents. Anything she may need can be provided there.
I best inform her about this plan at once.

Regarding the Fang Mercenary Company threat.. From what I understand, they see this camp as a minor challenge for now, but also have it under surveillance. What comes to my mind is the question why the 'Boss' would hire mercenaries to take me out if he sees me as a threat. On the other hand, it could be that the mercenaries keep my location a secret to ensure their employment.
Or there may be a third party involved..
I don't know how I can find out.

Creating stable revenue in order to purchase supplies and equipment will be more beneficial than simply looting falling enemies.
Iesgip seems skilled at herbal medicine. However, her focus seems to lie on simply cooking and doing menial tasks to make everyone comfortable.
Nakraska's work is of high quality. However, I have no mode of transportation to get his furniture to other settlements. If I have to contact trade caravans that'll mean giving away our position.
Black Fang's strength is needed to protect the base, now more than ever.
Sticks will be send out on assignment, as we just discussed.
That only leaves Grek, who.. I have no idea what Grek is doing. I took her in at your advice regarding a technology arms race. I just don't know what she's really doing.

No. 86143 ID: 476456

its probably those damned revolutionaries.

if we come across some money it might be prudent to counter-hire the same mercenaries.
No. 86146 ID: 632862

You should check up on her, then, and find out if she's making traps or what. Speaking of traps, maybe we can get Sticks to help work on trap layouts before we send her on spy duty? She seemed quite interested in talking to Iesgip about that, and it seems that practically everyone else save perhaps Nakraska has some experience in trap setting. Well, actually we can't be sure if Grek has experience in that, though as a tinker she should be good at making the mechanisms.
No. 86148 ID: fb5d8e
File 126002127355.png - (77.53KB , 700x700 , c8-42.png )

Very well. I should find Iesgip, Sticks and Grek in the womens quarters.

There seems to be quite the racket coming from there, though..
I find Grek and Black Fang in the hall.

"Ya don't just feckin' berst inte a gerls room, ya feckin'baber'an!"
"The master wanted me to give this ring to the newbie."
"Then ye feckin' kneck! Gemme that!"
No. 86150 ID: 679536

"Would you two lovebirds settle your differences already? Sheesh. Please give the ring to Sticks, Grek."
No. 86152 ID: 632862

Ask them what the problem is.
No. 86153 ID: 8ce2bf

Take the ring from Black Fang and bust into the girls' room to give it to Sticks yourself.
No. 86154 ID: fb5d8e
File 126002280853.png - (77.72KB , 700x700 , c8-43.png )

"Please don't let your lovers squabbles interfere with your work."
"Wh-wha.. Eye, ser. I'll get the reng te the newbie."
"I'd also like to discuss your work, Grek."
"Oh! Reght. Cem in."
No. 86155 ID: 632862

Looks like you hit closer to the truth than they want to admit. Don't let on that you were anything but completely serious, but make a note to treat the matter with a bit more sensitivity from now on.

Continue in.
No. 86156 ID: fb5d8e
File 126002507691.png - (84.75KB , 700x700 , c8-44.png )

I follow Grek into the womens quarters.
She tosses the ring at Sticks, who sits with Iesgip on one of the beds. Sticks nimbly catches it, as expected.

"Big hat wents yeh te wear it. Now 'hen, look et thes. That feckin' Fang merc that came 'ere had yer shapes.. Neh effense. I werked a bit on 'er arm'r te mekkit fit yeh."
No. 86157 ID: 632862

Sweet, new digs! ...I guess Black Fang aimed for the head, then. Compliment her on her resourcefulness. Then try it on.
No. 86158 ID: 632862

While we're talking about outfits, ask her about that big hooded suit she has. Seems rather unusual.
No. 86161 ID: a5fa92

Always thought it was their equivalent for a labcoat or hazmat suit. Something thick and leathery to be in between her face and acids.

Grek seems a chemist type to me, while Finnie is the mechanical tinkerer one.
No. 86166 ID: fb5d8e
File 126002773089.png - (106.89KB , 700x700 , c8-45.png )

"Great! Thank you, Grek. I commend your resourcefulness."

With Iesgip's help I try on the new armor.

"While we are on the topic, may I ask what that big hooded suit of yours is? Is it to protect you from the dangers of your work?"
"Yeh, tis'. Sometimes steff blows up or turns te poison's ges. I'm tryin' te make non-megic 'splosives I can masspreduce. S'far I only been able ta make shite feckin' hot. Used some o' it ta bent the metal on this 'ere suit."
No. 86167 ID: af3e6d

I dunno, the armor looks a bit womanly to me. Though it is in fact much better than nothing.
No. 86168 ID: a5fa92

Its the skirt. He might need to lose it, or be known as a transvestite paladin.
No. 86170 ID: 632862

Uh, it looks like the armor is attached to a dress. Perhaps part of the fabric could be removed? That would additionally serve to make it lighter.
No. 86173 ID: f7e3cf

Politely ask if you can turn that skirt into a cape with the good old malto insignia?

We need to look badass here people.
No. 86174 ID: a5fa92

How thick is the skirt? imean, maybe its there to protect the legs, no?
No. 86175 ID: f7e3cf

Also, perhaps now we can get grek working on some weapons, such as a better blade for fang or a pike or glaive of some kind for us, i mean we're okay using our banner as a spear but it cant be at its most efficient, also, you stand a chance of having the banner torn.
No. 86176 ID: 4d3daa

I like the skirt. W/o it it our skinny legs would make us look off balance.

But if everyone else is so insecure, let's see what a set of heavy greaves and boots would look like.
No. 86179 ID: f373c2

Don't worry about it, boss. It looks good on you.
No. 86180 ID: fb5d8e
File 126002946545.png - (110.27KB , 700x700 , c8-46.png )

Ofcourse it is for protection. I don't understand how you could even imagine someone attaching a skirt to their armor for no reason, even for a woman.
It's layers of padding. Not the best quality, but efficient.

It is true that though the spear and the banner have a strong place in my heart, I always fear the banner will be damaged further. I'd much rather place it in the warroom as a testament to our loyalty.

"Very well done. Perhaps you could create weapons as well?"
"Create? I jest said I worked'n thes armor we got from th'Feng gerl by superheaten' et. Then I jus' beat on et till it got a shape that'd fit ye. I dun know an'then bet weaponsmethen."
No. 86185 ID: 632862

You're not wearing your pants under it?

...at least remove the frills on the bottom. There's no excuse for that.
No. 86186 ID: f7e3cf

okay okay, good point on the skirt

but at least remove the frills...
No. 86187 ID: af3e6d

Maybe we need a smith now? Get some greaves, ditch the dress.
No. 86190 ID: f7e3cf

seconded, we can keep the tinker on by to work on explosives and for general alterations, they'd be handy. She can also compliment any smith we get with that superheating capability.
No. 86194 ID: 632862

...ask Sticks how it looks.
No. 86198 ID: dc14a0

hot daym we are going to give her a nosebleed
No. 86200 ID: d1210a


A dragoon's armaments seem to be making their way to you. With spear and armor, you shall be a force of valiant judgment on the battlefield.

Also, while the leg is revealed, try flexing it this way and that, to test how the weight of the armor has settled on you.
No. 86203 ID: fb5d8e
File 126003379736.png - (53.98KB , 700x700 , c8-47.png )

Getting a smith would be extraordinarily cost inefficient. I have only two warriors in my force at the moment.
I turn my attention to Sticks.

"What do you think, Sticks?"
"Ah- Uhm.. Very dashing."
"Thank you. Now then, I would like to discuss your first assignment with you. As to your preference, you will be working the long range information channel. I need you to spy on our adversary from a nearby goblin settlement. The ring I gave you may let you communicate with me, or at least the voices they let you hear, who can in turn communicate with me. If not, we will have to think of another system of communication."
"Oh yeah, alright. When do I start? ..Do I still get to join you for dinner?"
"Of course. If you agree, you will leave tomorrow when you are ready."
"Alone? Or.. will you take me there?"

Taking her to her destination will be faster and more secure, but will not let us test the ring's range until I've returned. More importantly, it will cost time that I could spend preparing other things.
No. 86204 ID: d1210a

"I'm afraid you may have to wait for dinner. There is much to do, and as much as I would enjoy your company, I have duties of my own to fulfill."
No. 86205 ID: 632862

She means tomorrow.
No. 86206 ID: 9e9b47


We should bring her. She likes ya, boss.
No. 86207 ID: dc14a0

i think you should take her there.
make sure shes safe and all that
No. 86208 ID: 66e906

Hold up a moment. What "other things" do you mean?
No. 86211 ID: fb5d8e
File 126003574041.png - (55.40KB , 700x700 , c8-48.png )

The other things are anything you could think of that requires me to be at the base. Obviously, I can lose a day's worth of opportunity to do those if I ride out.

"Very well. I will look after your safety."
"Thanks~ I was worried I'd have to walk all the way. Y'know.. It kinda feels like you got stronger since our time in the church."
"Thank you, Sticks. I try to be there for my followers."
"It shows."

..Well, I should go do something until dinner.
No. 86220 ID: e3f578

Analyze our new map of course.
No. 86221 ID: 8ce2bf

When she said "It shows" she meant that your outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination.
You should go have a talk with Blackfang about how to treat ladies.
No. 86225 ID: d1210a

Take a look at the new map.

Also, take a moment to speak to Black Fang. He wants to find true strength, and is likely at least somewhat disheartened by the fact he had to kill a comrade.

But more importantly, he faced someone who did not have the will to follow their own path, and bested them. This could be noted to him, for his path to strength, that being able to walk a path of your own forging, to fight for what you choose and not what you must, is what causes a warrior to become truly strong.

If you have any anecdotal stories about you (or better yet your parents, as he might feel more similar to them) finding the paths in life you wish to take.
No. 86230 ID: 51d0f5

No worries. When a guy wears one, it's called a kilt. Or whatever the romans called theirs.

Have Black Fang instructed to try and raid the countryside for bandits, like Timotei did. They'll have cash and information. And XP.
No. 86231 ID: 632862

I would suggest doing some training with Black Fang. You're supposed to be making him the ultimate swordsman, remember?
No. 86232 ID: f7e3cf

I suppose it could be rather inefficient for now but when you get one depends on the rate that you think you will acquire troops at.

Then, on our way to the goblin village tomorrow why dont we see if we can acquire some new weapons?
Might as well while out and about.
No. 86239 ID: e0499d

waaaiiittt.... mass produced non-magic explosives?
... we have a map... we need to mark where things are in the immediate area. Mainly fields, mines, and hunting grounds.
We need labor too.
No. 86241 ID: fb5d8e
File 126004308824.png - (341.78KB , 700x700 , c8-49.png )

A good plan. I can see about acquiring new weapons on the way back from Sticks' destination.

I ask Iesgip to send Black Fang to the ballroo- I mean warroom. She happily obliges.
I wish the ladies good afternoon and hear there myself.

The map is enormous. It covers the entire table.
With it came a piece of paper with an extensive list on it: The map is indexed, from A-1 to Q-21.
What parts are essential to know about right now?

No. 86242 ID: f21281

No. 86243 ID: b9870a

Is that giant skull between B8 and B10 just for show? I sure hope not. If so, J/K 4.
No. 86247 ID: 8b7db1

...I think a good question to ask is, where are WE? Where is THE EVIL PLACE?
No. 86253 ID: fb5d8e
File 126004870654.png - (350.23KB , 700x700 , c8-50.png )

Both A-15 and K-4 are far removed from our position. What do you hope to find there?

We are in the forest's edge. The 'Boss' is in this rock formation.

No. 86258 ID: f7e3cf

oh, i just remembered something, we still have to pick up our little goblin friend from the tower to the south. We should also consider keeping tabs on the tower as we know of their affiliation with "the boss"
No. 86259 ID: 9e9b47


What about H-12?
No. 86260 ID: 51d0f5

Start regularly scouting adjacent squares with da boys.
No. 86262 ID: fb5d8e
File 126005179722.png - (375.04KB , 700x700 , c8-51.png )

I honestly doubt I will still be welcome at Commander Coriander Salamander's tower. I do agree it will be good to keep track of them.

The area near H-12 is the Old Graveyard, according to the index. I would suspect it to be a place where evil men gather to hide, but considering its close proximity to the true den of villainy Sepia Town, I doubt we have anything to fear.

Iesgip already scouts the area when she gathers food and herbs. She reports anything odd to Black Fang, who looks after the safety of the base.

Well then, I suppose there is nothing you really gain from having this map without knowing the location of our enemy's troops.
I'll turn my attention to Black Fang.

No. 86269 ID: fb5d8e
File 126005320610.png - (152.99KB , 700x700 , c8-52.png )

"Aye, ya wanted ta see me, master?"
"Yes, I want to talk with you about the incident with Violent Fang."
"Already told ya all I r'member 'bout it."
"That's not what I meant, Black Fang. I'd like to talk about your feelings."
"I 'ave a life full o' death behind me, master. It ain't affect me anymore. But I'll talk with ya, if ya wish."
No. 86270 ID: 476456

We'll probably be coming into conflict with more of them. What do you know about them.
No. 86277 ID: d1210a

"I think the strength of will, the dedication to your choices that led you to prevail in the struggle, was part of the path to the ultimate swordsman."
No. 86317 ID: fb5d8e
File 126005901634.png - (152.85KB , 700x700 , c8-53.png )

"I won't force you, Black Fang. It is sad that she had to die. However, I believe that the strength of will, the dedication to your choices that led you to prevail in the struggle, was part of the path to the ultimate swordsman."
"Thank ya, master.. I.. I did my best."
"Just remember not to become as cold as your steel."
"Master.. I don't understand. Ya tell me my dedication's my strength.. Why not lose myself in it?"
"A true warrior needs a goal to fight for, Black Fang. Something that fuels the fire in his heart. To become a stonecold killer means becoming nothing more than an animal."
"Is something wrong?"
"Nay, master.. I just.. just was awed fer a moment. Hrr, d'ya need me for anything else?"
"Yes. We are sure to encounter more of your former colleagues. Please tell me about the Fangs Mercenary Company."
"Hrrr, I can't tell ya much, master. I was- well, the muscles, not the brain. My talent was jus' tearin' and slashin' things apart, so White Fang ne'er let me in on much. All the others.. well, they all played their part."
"Was White Fang the leader?"
"Aye.. He was an albino gnoll which branded 'im an outcast from the moment 'e was born. I heard that's why he set up the Fangs, ta provide a home to all gnoll orphans 'n runaways. Y'could say he raised us all."
No. 86318 ID: 632862

Ask him about Orange Fang, the only other not to stay with the group.
No. 86320 ID: 8ce2bf

Hug Black Fang while considering if you yourself would have the resolve to go against those that raised you if need be.
Whisper "I'll be your family now" into his ear.

then fuck him
No. 86321 ID: dda9dd

Yes, lets ask about this Orange Fang fellow, perhaps he could be of some use?
No. 86323 ID: fb5d8e
File 126006008363.png - (41.81KB , 700x700 , c8-54.png )

It is indeed awful to hear about someone going against their family, blood-tied or not. I cannot imagine fighting my own parents.

"What about Orange Fang, the third one to leave?"
"Orange Fang.. He was the odd one out most o' the time.. Would only comfort'bly speak ta White Fang. He just.. He was always goin' on 'bout things the rest o' us didn't understand. Magic 'n stars.. A wizard-type 'e was."
No. 86324 ID: 8ce2bf

Why are you always snarling, Black Fang?
No. 86329 ID: d1210a

"Well, Black Fang, if you ever feel I am not keeping you in the loop, please tell me. I would not want you to feel excluded. I value your opinion as a fellow warrior. Besides, what kind of person would I be to learn from if I did not take interest in the student?"
No. 86331 ID: 632862

Ask him if he has any idea where he might've gone. Even if he can't be persuaded to help us directly, perhaps we can get advice from him.
No. 86336 ID: fb5d8e
File 126006147699.png - (152.38KB , 700x700 , c8-55.png )

"Do you have any idea where he might have gone?"
"Nah.. I only 'eard from Violet that he left, 'n I ne'er knew him well."
"I understand. ..Well, if you ever feel I am not keeping you in the loop, please tell me. I would not want you to feel excluded, Black Fang. I'll do my best to be your new family."
"..Master.. Th-thank you.."

We exchange a form handshake, much like when we first met. But when it lingers this time it's with a much stronger feeling.
No. 86341 ID: ac6b9d

Habit, probably. Looking tough was a major proponent of the job around which his formative years were oriented.
No. 86343 ID: d1210a

Okay, now's the time he would be most receptive.

Maybe do some light sparring, try to get a sense of any particular flaws in how Black Fang fights, and try to help him with them. He should pay a good bit of attention to what you say, considering what just happened. This is pretty much the ideal teaching situation, here.

And in it, a chance for you to limber up and make sure your skills don't wane.
No. 86347 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 86348 ID: dda9dd

I suppose some sparing to work up an appetite for dinner later may be in order.
No. 86350 ID: 66e906

Proceed to dance the tango.
No. 86358 ID: f44349

Bromance is a beautiful thing.
Also I suppose a little sparring wouldn't hurt.
No. 86400 ID: 445c48

Less homosexuality. more Sticks-loving. Bromance is fine, though.
No. 86405 ID: 43d730

I must see this.
No. 86423 ID: f7e3cf

The tango of blades
Our dancing is ALWAYS DEADLY
No. 86429 ID: 632862

Hey... If we can learn how to use the hook trap, we could replace the hooks with less lethal objects like spheres of wood and have people train dodging with it.
No. 86435 ID: fb5d8e
File 126007119226.png - (140.60KB , 700x700 , c8-56.png )

Black Fang and I have a light sparring session. We exchange techniques and alert eachother of our weaknesses.
Dinner time comes with the setting of the sun. During it we welcome Sticks to the group.

Tomorrow I shall ride out to the goblin settlement, leaving the base in the hands of my beloved followers once again.
For now, all is peaceful...

...but I can't shake the feeling that I overlooked something very important.

No. 86436 ID: 445c48

Dinner with Sticks!

Unless there's something else.
No. 86437 ID: b71223

No. 86442 ID: dc14a0

the harp
do you know how to play it?
if you do have a ball
No. 86443 ID: 51d0f5

Still got a hole in the window?
No. 86445 ID: 67ccd2

Well, duh! Looking for your father.

Wait... wrong quest.
No. 86454 ID: 632862

You're close anyway.

We could've gotten more backstory on Ridder's parents
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