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File 151196269910.png - (184.06KB , 800x600 , NSFW000.png )
848534 No. 848534 ID: 23a020

This is a Patreon funded quest. Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/108985.html Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Radial
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No. 855629 ID: 91ee5f

>Keep in mind I can't really do anything with your tab anymore.
"I was kinda hoping we could do something with your "tab", if you know what I mean?"
No. 855810 ID: 23a020
File 151498868051.png - (112.95KB , 800x600 , NSFW047.png )

"I want you to Fuck the tab."
He raises his brow at me.
"I mean, Pretend I'm like the tab."
He smiles, "So, ignore your demands?"
I frown, stepping away form him and rest my back against a locker.
[Libido] has increased (25)
"What I'm saying is fuc-k the tab. pretend i'm the tab"
Sh-it, I don't think I can think right now.
"I mean, ah, just put it on my tab."
I lift up my skirt, "Fuck, I mean, Fuck me."
No. 855811 ID: 9b8c8d

If you can fumble with his belt to help him out, do it.
No. 855814 ID: 6cc25a

Tear apart your sun dress, then spread your legs further and touch yourself while waiting for him to make a move.
No. 855819 ID: ee43ea

Lean back, hold your skirt up, let him take charge.

Maybe help with his pants I guess.
No. 855827 ID: 9e4723

Let him tease you some more, if you are into that. Say "pretty please" or something along those words.
No. 855844 ID: e1c8f7

Smooth, Kit. Might as well throw in some squirming to push the point.
No. 855878 ID: d36af7

Stop trying to talk, it's clearly not working right. Just take clothes off until there aren't any clothes still on. Start with your own.

Do consider removing the vibrator and/or establishing unambiguous consent before jumping into the actual sex, though.
No. 855889 ID: 3abd97

Perfect delivery.

Now stop talking and wait for him to make a move.
No. 855995 ID: 3a15e3

Stare at him until he gets the idea to do something.
No. 856059 ID: 23a020
File 151507502152.png - (101.18KB , 800x600 , NSFW048.png )

Unfortunately, I am already beaten to the punch at the removal of pants.
Tearing off my dress would be a terrible idea, so instead I take off the straps off of my shoulders and let the rest down.
That certainly gains a rise from him.
[Libido] has increased (26)

>Pick who leads
No. 856063 ID: 9b8c8d

Take charge.
No. 856065 ID: 094652

No leads
No foreplay
Just stick it in and rut like animals in meat with a side order of gropes.
No. 856069 ID: ee43ea

Pounce lustfully on him.

Make sure not to hurt him though.
No. 856072 ID: 6cc25a

You already asked him to fuck you so, it would be a bit strange if you suddenly took the lead now. Besides, you're asking him for a favor so, at least let him do you the way he wants. Let him lead.

But do present yourself to him in a way that would allow for easy access. Pretend that you don't know anything about the vibrator inside you.
No. 856074 ID: 33cbe7

You do, you've led this whole time. Skip straight to the good part, if he isn't titillated on sight by you by now he can't help you anyway.
No. 856075 ID: 471326

No. 856078 ID: 3cc68c

You're horny as all hell and he's way too slow. Keep being in charge, jump his bones.
No. 856083 ID: 91ee5f

You should probably take your vibrator out right now, since it might get in the way of his dick going into you.
No. 856088 ID: 9b8c8d

Stick it up your ass.

Or his ass if he's okay with it.
No. 856102 ID: cf7ab5

Slide it up your rear, yes
No. 856104 ID: e1c8f7

Go get your bone, Kit.
No. 856108 ID: 3abd97

Let him lead.

Unless he thinks he's getting a blowjob without fucking you or something then you're grabbing him and fucking him through the floor.
No. 856123 ID: 93b636

No. 856130 ID: c88e6d

Ride him!
No. 856137 ID: 9e4723

Let him lead!
No. 856141 ID: 3ce125

No. 856758 ID: 21c688

Gonna have to go with that.
No. 856782 ID: b7627b

You could also just jump 'im and get it started already.
No. 857506 ID: 52ef26

He leads, you're in no state to be in charge and besides, you were on top last time.
No. 857509 ID: 205799

Seconded. Thirded?
No. 871303 ID: ea36cf
File 152005352655.png - (146.40KB , 800x600 , NSFW049.png )

I set myself back onto a table, lifting my dress around my waist and pulling my leg up.
Jimmy pulls his dick free from his pants, letting it bounce in time with his heartbeat as it fills out.
He leans up against me, an arm slipping past me onto the table as he grows closer. His left hand holding the base of his member in place as he places it over my slit, making me moan softly into his ear as he rocks his hips, letting his warm rod rub between my lips.
He whispers, asking if I'm ready.

No. 871335 ID: b1b4f3

Heck yeah.
No. 871349 ID: 75c814

No. 871360 ID: 006e5c

Tell him not to hold back and give you all he's got.

Can't wait for his reaction when he finds a vibrator in you.
No. 871375 ID: 364919

Just shut up and jam it in!
No. 871383 ID: ea36cf
File 152008912768.png - (165.54KB , 800x600 , NSFW050.png )

I nod, gripping the table as I feel his tip prod into me.
A hand goes behind my back and holds me up as he slowly slides himself up.
[Libido] has increased (28)
My legs tenses, clamping around his hips as he grips my body close.
We gasp as his shaft hits the vibrator inside of me, but he doesn't stop, nudging the toy deeper than what I could with my fingers alone, up to a point where it hits a wall previously untouched.
[Libido] has increased (30)
I squeal and shudder, with the vibrator hitting something deep within me, barely feeling him slowly slide himself out.
My fluids coating his shaft, letting his next thrust slide in easier, bumping the vibrator again, making me shudder again.
[Libido] has increased (32)
His thrusts increases in pace and our sounds grow to a audible level, followed by a wet slapping as he hits harder.
He growls, trying to keep his voice down as he tenses.
[Libido] has increased (34)
He pauses, straining, and I barely understood him as he whispers, telling me that he's close, asking if I'm satisfied yet.

No. 871384 ID: b7627b

Well your 'libido' or whatever is still going up, so.... No?
No. 871385 ID: 006e5c

I wonder if he noticed the vibrator. He certainly should have. Hmm.

Try to come at the same time he does.
No. 871386 ID: 364919

Going like this, we're going to be about done soon. Tell him to go as fast as he can and to not hold back.
No. 871387 ID: ee43ea

Not going to be satisfied until he is! Creampie.
No. 871388 ID: f6785d

Oh come on now! Just a liiittle more...
No. 871416 ID: 2efe4b

Try use your fingers to get yourself closer.
No. 871417 ID: cb585b

I just realized, how do we get the vibrator out so it doesnt just cause our libido to skyrocket forever even after this?

Also Kaktus posted as Emils instead of Kit, whoops.
No. 871425 ID: d2e2ce

The name of the author is right there in the OP's Patreon link.
No. 871428 ID: c92184

demand more
No. 871429 ID: cb585b

Yep, i realize this now...
No. 871437 ID: c41a08

Listen man We know all Quest Authors are actually the same person but you could at least try to play along.

He can finish if he wants to/needs to but you aren't satiated yet so beg him for more.
Maybe he can use his fingers or you could turn around and he could get a handful of tit while giving you a reach around?
No. 871449 ID: 3cc68c

Wrap legs around his waist, don't let him pull out, make him fuck you hard.
No. 871544 ID: ea36cf
File 152017549775.png - (189.79KB , 800x600 , NSFW051.png )

"Just" I gasp, "a bit more!" I quietly squeal, wrapping my legs behind his, preventing him from pulling out.
He hisses, trying to slow down his hips, but I use my legs to force my hips onto his, stabbing his penis onto the vibrator.
[Libido] has increased (32)
He grunts, legs trembling, choking as he places a hand onto my breast, teasing it's nipple.
[Libido] has increased (33)
"A- a bit more," I grind my hips against his, bringing a hand down to massage my hood, bringing me to the edge of-
[Libido] has decreased (23)
My body clenches down hard on Jimmy, making him grunt and buckle as I feel him spilling into me.
[Libido] has decreased (14)
Another wave hits me as I exhale, relaxing onto the table as he holds still, still hilted into me, letting his body ease up, almost falling over me.
[Libido] has decreased (5)
I softly whisper out a thanks, exhausted as he slides out, spilling some of our fluids onto the floor.
He's still gasping for breath, hovering over me as we take a moment to relax.
[Libido] has increased (6)

>Sleep >Take a moment >Clean up >Others
No. 871545 ID: 6780f5

Smooch bird
No. 871546 ID: b1b4f3

Take a moment. Then clean yourself up. That vibe is a mess now, for sure.
No. 871547 ID: 3894b7

Take a moment to catch your breath, smooch the bird, clean him up.
No. 871548 ID: ee43ea

Now that your libido is calming down and you're hopefully growing a little bit more stable, tell us about the odds of any consequences. Can you get pregnant by the bird? Are you on pills, or some magical thing, or something?
No. 871550 ID: 9c2d0c

is that vibrator going to be retrievable at this point?
No. 871552 ID: 006e5c

Ah, a wholesome day.

Sleep :D
No. 871562 ID: f6785d

Catch a breath. Thank him and clean him up, he earn it. Then make yourself look "presentable" and go home. Take a cold shower and rest.
No. 871564 ID: 3abd97

Take a moment
No. 871566 ID: 3894b7

We can't go home yet - need to get something to eat first.
No. 871718 ID: c92184

Clean, you fuckers are a mess.
No. 871735 ID: e1c8f7

Yeah, ya need to give him a peck hah and clean up.
No. 871756 ID: b15da4

Get yourself cleaned up, so you're ready for the next time.
No. 871770 ID: de6d84

Take a moment
No. 871831 ID: ea36cf
File 152030296929.png - (130.90KB , 800x600 , NSFW052.png )

I take a moment, trying to catch my breath as I feel fluids leak out of me.
[Libido] has increased (7)
There are anti-pregnancy medicine, but cross-breeding is not a possible thing, so I'm safe.
[Libido] has increased (8)
I try to stop the vibrator, but I am too exhausted to control the flow of mana towards it. I lift myself up, opting for the manual method as I try digging my fingers into myself, scooping the white fluids out while I'm at it.
"So," Jimmy speaks out, breathing heavily while sitting on a chair nearby, "You usually aren't this proactive, what gives?"
I give my fingers a taste, "The client was very, very agreeable."
[Libido] has increased (9)
He frowns, "You know it's a bad idea to get too attached to traveling clients."
I shrug, "Nah, it doesn't seem that she's the kind to get clingy." I lick another scoop, "Anyways, she seems to have some kind of weird smell around her."
[Libido] has increased (10)
"She smells bad?"
"No, that's not what I meant. She smelled familiar, like something from before I came here."
Jimmy sits upright, "Should we be worried?"
"I don't know. Maybe? Don't tell dad, though. I kinda want to know what that scent is on my own."
"You sure?"
I nod, "By the way, you should eat more fruits. I heard that would make your stuff taste better."
He shrugs, tossing me a towel as he wipes himself, "Why would I know what I taste like? And don't ask me to watch what I eat, you're not my mother."
"This would be really awkward if I was." I press the towel over my crotch, standing to let gravity do it's work inside of me.
[Libido] has increased (11)
I try again to dig out the vibrator, now with less of the viscus fluids inside of me, but my fingertips keeps slipping, and instead nudges the toy deeper.
[Libido] has increased (12) >Ask for help >Do it yourself >Others
No. 871832 ID: 3894b7

Let it stay there for the time being. It's not going to hurt you or anything - you can get it out at your own leisure while you get washed at home.

For now, let's go get something to eat.
No. 871837 ID: f6785d

Oh what the hell, ask for help. Your livido is allready going up again, you ninpho.
No. 871843 ID: b1b4f3

Can't you push it out?
No. 871844 ID: ee43ea

Just turn it off for now, but don't worry about fishing it out of you for the time being. We've got to focus on the essentials: you're still hungry, right?
No. 871856 ID: 91ee5f

>Just turn it off for now
She already said that she can’t turn it off.
No. 871875 ID: 038bdc

Ask for help disabling/extracting the vibrator.
No. 871881 ID: e1c8f7

Assistance, please!
No. 871885 ID: caf1de

we owe this motherfucker so much
No. 871912 ID: 33cbe7

DIY. This is the fun kind of emotional rollercoaster, right?
No. 871930 ID: 006e5c

Try to get it out on your own. If you manage to push it even deeper, good!
No. 871946 ID: b7627b

I'm sure Asera wouldn't mind helping during the job. If you can wait that long.
No. 871957 ID: 59550b

Jumping jacks.
No. 872088 ID: 094652

Get it out with a spoon
No. 872352 ID: c92184

Ask for help.
No. 876035 ID: ea36cf
File 152242886247.png - (136.34KB , 800x600 , NSFW053.png )

With a lot of squeezing and panting and scooping, the egg pops free from inside of me, still vibrating before dying out as the mana inside of it dries up.
[Libido] has increased (13)

"I thought I felt something in there." Jimmy comments, zipping up.
"Nowadays I kinda need all the help I can get to get the edge off" I sigh.
"That can't be healthy." he shrugs, "But Rabbold physiology isn't my best. So what now? You can't possibly just be here for a booty call."
"Ah, yeah." I wipe off the egg, "I kinda need some advice on what to get for a long trip. I know you used to travel a lot before you settled down here."
"Ah. Yeah, there's a few things you could get in regards to supplies." He heads into a file cabinet and pulls out a few sheets of paper. "Well, you're gonna be gone for a week at least, so you could either take one of the heavy gear, medium gear, or light gear." He places a list of each gear on the desk next to me.

>Light Gear Food Rain Jacket Sleeping Roll or Hammock Food/Drink Map/Compass Flint and Steel >Medium Gear Forest Coat Shovel Cooking gear + Spices Solid Fuel Knife Tent(Small) Medical Kit(Small) >Heavy Gear Thick Coat Axe Ropes Beast Repellent Tarp Water purification kit MRE Tent(Larger) Medical Kit(Large)
No. 876039 ID: b1b4f3

No. 876043 ID: 222883

Medium gear works.
No. 876047 ID: e1c8f7

This depends entirely on if we're hoofing it or if your employer has a carriage to travel in of some sort. Medium pack if not and Heavy if so.
No. 876087 ID: 006e5c

Light + your own knife.

Since you know exactly how long the trip will take, there's no need to pack more than you need, and you'll probably be restocking the food at the destination. If Asera has a carriage, then it's even more unnecessary to bring the heavier stuff.
No. 876102 ID: 33cbe7

Medium kit. The spices are most intriguing. The tent affords some privacy.
No. 876108 ID: c92184

No. 876161 ID: cb585b

Medium, since there is always that chance of an attack and having to ditch the carriage, possibly first aid as well if it's a bad one
No. 876166 ID: eeb7d9

... Happy Easter eh?... You're pretty good...

No. 876173 ID: 094652

Medium rare
No. 876193 ID: 555f33

MREs are fine. Better than salted meat and dried fruit at least, which I imagine are probably the standard. Notable is that medium doesn't come with any food, just the ability to make anything she finds tastier.

I'll stick with my guns and go HEAVY.
No. 876197 ID: 6780f5

No. 882796 ID: ea36cf
File 152558616777.png - (104.57KB , 800x600 , NSFW054.png )


"Medium pack, please!" I point out to the middle paper.
"Alright, hold on."
Jimmy walks into a storage room as I wonder where to put the egg in the meanwhile.
He walks out with a pre-packed kit, ready to use.
He dumps the pack onto the table next to me as I step off, letting him unpack the bag and letting us inspect the various items.
Once that has been done with, we re-pack the bag and I sling it over my shoulders.
"There's some space for your personal effects, but I suggest separating it with waterproof bags. These packs are used by everyone, so sometimes we find little stuff forgotten in the pockets or somewhere in the bed rolls."
It's a bit heavy, not enough to block rough movement, but a pull-cord on the shoulder straps allows the bag to be ejected immediately.
"Costs for perishables would taken a bit out of guild tax, so don't worry about using it, but any broken tools or containers would have to be repaid. The whole thing can be returned at any guild once you reach the capital."
"Alright, anything else I might need?"
"Seeing as how the client is dealing with transport accommodations, not really. Just keep your senses out and keep them safe. Items don't matter, your lives do." He says with a serious tone.
I nod, "I'll be fine."
He unlocks the door, "Now get out, I need to get back to work."
I head someone walking away form the door quickly, but don't get to see who as Jimmy walks out first.
I wave off Jimmy and head off home to prepare.

>Suggest items to bring along
No. 882803 ID: a32dcc

Toothbrush, soap, more toys.
No. 882804 ID: b1b4f3

Sex toys, lube, cleaning supplies(a towel and such), an extra canteen, binoculars, compass, food/drink.
No. 882805 ID: a32dcc

Oh yeah, towel is the most important thing a traveller could ever have. Always bring a towel!
No. 882811 ID: 0373ab

an extra set of clothes for change in case they get dirty or torn!
No. 882814 ID: 33cbe7

Rope, cards, and a snorkeling mask.
No. 882831 ID: c92184

The egg, rope, and all the sex toys you have.
No. 882833 ID: 992200

Monster attracting spray. You know, in case you get attacked, you can spray it on some item, throw the item away, and then get away safely.
No. 882843 ID: dbf422

Ah, yeah, rope is good. You always need rope for adventures. Pits are lurking. And towels I guess? And trail mix.
No. 882970 ID: e1c8f7

Extra clothes.
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