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File 125967508377.png - (41.30KB , 700x700 , c7-1.png )
84214 No. 84214 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 84215 ID: fb5d8e
File 125967521229.png - (63.02KB , 700x700 , c7-2.png )

"Are you hearing any voices?"
"A-aye, master."
"Good. Please listen to them carefully. They will provide advice and guidance for when I'm not here."
"Yeah, alright."
No. 84216 ID: 1443c0

No. 84217 ID: fb5d8e
File 125967529797.png - (141.84KB , 700x700 , c7-3.png )

"Then I will be off. Please take care of the base. And get as much rest as you can: You're the most combat capable here."
"Got it. 'ave a safe journey."
"Thank you, Black Fang."

I know he means well, but he sure can talk alot.
No. 84223 ID: 718d88

so does the ring fit? if so, around what?
No. 84224 ID: fb5d8e
File 125967598137.png - (145.70KB , 700x700 , c7-4.png )

Aye, I fit it 'round my pinky's nail.
Works well enough. I can hear ya fine.

No. 84228 ID: af3e6d

Now YOU have to deal with the crazy headvoices. You ever think Ridder's a bit nuts? That's us.
No. 84233 ID: fb5d8e
File 125967942667.png - (106.93KB , 700x700 , c7-5.png )

I ain't ever thought master Ridder was nuts after he defeated me. He's small, but he got a brain to make up fer it. That's what I gotta learn.

"Here alright, Kraska?"
"Yeah, man. That's perfect."

But men like him are rare.. Any threat that comes along- well- People say they can outsmart me. Maybe. But noone outsmart cleaver.
No. 84234 ID: 2cbe3e


Well, is there anything particular you need to accomplish? If you wanna exercise your brain also, maybe you should go and read a book about fighting. It might give you some weird ideas.
No. 84235 ID: 8ce2bf

You know Black Fang I've heard that Ridder has Nymph's Jinx, but he is too embarrassed to tell anyone.
No. 84236 ID: fb5d8e
File 125968008947.png - (105.08KB , 700x700 , c7-6.png )

Reading books.. about fightin'? Yeah, alright. That sounds like somethin' Ridder would do.

"Hey, 'Kraska, you got any books 'bout fighting?"
"Sorry, man. Ask Grek, she spends all of her time inside."
No. 84237 ID: 6e2d8d

Assuming you can read.

The brain is a muscle like any other, so to say. Ridder got where he is after a lifetime of using his head; much like you, and your powerful arms.

But, there aren´t many books around, really. Does any of us know some literature by heart?
No. 84238 ID: 2cbe3e


Let's go and talk to Grek. She how she's gettin' along.
No. 84239 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask Grek if she has any books about positions and exercises.
No. 84241 ID: fb5d8e
File 125968108859.png - (127.93KB , 700x700 , c7-7.png )

O'course I can read. All Fang Mercenaries were taught how to read 'n write. And count too.
Had to make sure our pay was right.

I go into the base to the womens bedroom. There's a whole buncha smells in the air that feel like they're stabbin' my nose.

"Hey, Grek."
"Th'feck yeh went?"
"Ya got any books?"
"Beks? 'Bout whet?"
"Like, uhr, positions 'n excercises."
No. 84242 ID: fb5d8e
File 125968113976.png - (43.53KB , 700x700 , c7-8.png )

"Yeh feckin' with me, pup?"
No. 84243 ID: 2cbe3e


Nah I just wanna know how the boss uses his pole so good.
No. 84244 ID: 6e2d8d

She be rude, you be rude. No physical violence, I warn ye.

And yea. You´re serious. If she asks, tell you need something to spend your free time.

The boss is out, you Are going to have free time.
No. 84245 ID: 51d0f5

Insult his hat.
No. 84246 ID: 8ce2bf

"I want to surprise the Boss with some new techniques when he gets back."
No. 84247 ID: 2cbe3e

If she seems near yelling, just quickly say I MEANT FIGHTING WITH MY SWORD
No. 84248 ID: 718d88


that's a she.

also, I doubt she'll have books about fighting, but she may have books about mechanics.

some of the finest weapons in the world are just simple machines.

also, I know a book by heart, but it's "Paddington bear goes to Guantanamo".
No. 84249 ID: fb5d8e
File 125968230055.png - (73.38KB , 700x700 , c7-9.png )

"Hey, pipe down, ya little shit. Master Ridder is out so I got free time. I wanna learn how he uses his pole so good."
"Yeh get sem feckin' nerve, pup! Yer a feckin' Fang mercenary 'n yer askin' me fer books 'bout love makin'?!"
"What-- No, I meant--"
"I know all 'bout yer feckin' kind, shiteface! Remember, five years ago? The Fiveberd Trading Comp'ny thought they'd aughta wesh 'way sem competition 'n hired yer lil' group to feck me caravan inte pieces!"
No. 84250 ID: 6e2d8d

I think the message here is, do not expect cooperation from her.

What can you tell us about this caravan raid?
No. 84251 ID: 718d88


I think she has some resentment towards your past deeds.

I recommend resolving this without causing more resentment.

try to be respectful and not violent.

the best swordsmen can resolve issues without bloodshed.
No. 84252 ID: 51d0f5

Insult her hat.
No. 84253 ID: 718d88


No. 84254 ID: f65015

Insult it? Fuck, it's stylin'. Take it by force instead.
No. 84255 ID: 6e2d8d

Ok, Fangs. We gotta say something.

We have all kinds of voices here, and a number will tell you to do pretty stupid things (remember when we tried to make Ridder whore out for money?). Please, have a heart and learn who to listen, and when.
No. 84256 ID: fb5d8e
File 125968455535.png - (77.05KB , 700x700 , c7-10.png )

I don't really remember. We used to do a lot of jobs back then. Can't keep track of 'em all.

"I, uhr.. Nah, I don't remember."
"Feck! Ye feckin' pep! Me anger fellin' on def ears jest makes it werse!"
"But I ain't no merc no more. I left that b'hind me."
"Bet ye feckin' did, pup. Now yer bein' a big lemp o' goodness, eh? Get th'feck at."

Nah, boys, I know I ain't gotta solve this with my muscles. Just.. makes me at a loss, ya know. S'unexpected, is all.
No. 84257 ID: 718d88

Tell her that "nothing can change the past," you "were a right bastard back in the day," and you "want to better [your]self through working for Ridder."

also fit in that "no amount of grief or anger can bring back the dead" and "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

also, insults rarely beget anything productive.
No. 84258 ID: 2cbe3e


So, uh, can I not get a book or something then?
No. 84259 ID: 6e2d8d

Allright, we just need to cover all bases.

Seriously, lets get this angle. You´re not good, but you be following someone that is. So you do good things now.

Its what you are, a hired hand, right? Its how you survive in this wild fantastic world, with life being cheap.

Say, you liking this more peaceful gig with Ridder?
No. 84263 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969013048.png - (78.00KB , 700x700 , c7-11.png )

"Uhrr, nothing can change the past, I was a bastard, so uh, can I not get a book or something then?"
"Feck off, meatlemp."
No. 84264 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969037333.png - (103.98KB , 700x700 , c7-12.png )

Boys, I 'ave no idea what ya are all talkin' about. I ain't a hired blade anymore, 'n I don't give a shit 'bout good or bad.
I been fightin' for all sorts of causes. Some payin' more than others, some a bit more gruesome.. I've already learned that ain't a way ta live.
Fer me, I don't do anything better than fightin', so twas' always unavoidable. Yet.. I'm gonna make it count my own way.
I will be the ultimate swordsman.
That'll put my existance in the hist'ry books.

No. 84266 ID: f65015

No point in anyone trying to get a book politely out of her - now that you've asked her, she'll never part with it. Instead, acquire it by different means.

Well, would you look at that, there's a sneaky looking Kobold frolicking just behind you. Ask it to get the book without the Goblin knowing. Kobolds are not a bright bunch, so if it inquires about it, say it's for a surprise you're preparing.
No. 84267 ID: 731dcd


Alright Black Fang. (God, this is weird, I never get to participate in these threads, heh.) You got a good face, so I'm gonna settle in and help you out.

First things first, let's get our work done and out of the way so we can have some fun. Let's set up a system of alarms and defenses. This'll take care of your domestic duties. Gah, problem then is how to do that.

For alarms, we'll need something that the non-combats can use to tell every one else that the shit is hitting the fan. I guess until later, shouting can work, but that's not going to reach everyone at once. But we'd need something specific for an alarm.

Defense then. The bolds and the bitch need to know where to fall back to when combat comes up. They need to hole up somewhere until you get there and massacre the dumb bastard that stumbled in here.

I was gonna start suggesting some defensive positions we could set up, but first I want a good idea of how strong you are. Not how good you are in combat, but just how much muscle you can muster. Think you can do that Black Fang?
No. 84268 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969211274.png - (113.89KB , 700x700 , c7-13.png )

"Hey, Iesgip."
"Could ya get a book from Grek for me?"
"Wh-what book, sir?"
"..Uhr, one 'bout fightin' and stuff."
"..I-I can't read, sir.."
"Uh.. any will do then, I guess."

Heh.. Things are going smoother with you guys around.

Aye, that sounds good, alarms 'n secure defenses. We used to use tripwires back in the day.
Never fortified a place with actual glass windows, though.

I'll go put up tripwires 'round the entire house I s'pose.

No. 84269 ID: 5afdf1

Not the whole house. Something we do around here is wire the windows; of course, if the windows can open, we take care so normal open-closing doesn' trips it.

So far, the only window we have seen is the huge glass panel, and other immobile stuff. Those can use a few wires crossed trough. Trust me, a skilled man can be very quiet about breaking and entering windows when he wants to.
No. 84270 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969297311.png - (219.36KB , 700x700 , c7-14.png )

Now see 'ere, boy, I ain't a technician. I'll do what I can, but don't expect a miracle.

Look, this is my kinda alarm. I put this string 'tween these trees with some bones from our last meal on it. Someone walks into it, it'll rattle.
My ears're well tuned to the rattle o' bones.

I've put a whole bunch of 'em 'round the house so we know who's approachin'.

No. 84271 ID: 731dcd


Damn, you're a scary guy. Alright, alright, cool deal. If you think that's enough, I'll go with your opinion. I was thinking some barricades would be good but this doesn't sound bad.

Still, damn, getting impatient. I see a guy like you and I feel like it's a waste if you're not hacking something up. You know anything about the area, Black Fang? Y'know, badguys here and whatnot. Bandits, monsters, etcetera and what have you?
No. 84272 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969384932.png - (118.32KB , 700x700 , c7-15.png )

Nah, I dunno anythin' 'bout the area. There's some big wildlife 'round.. You're right though, I'm aching to chop somethin' up. Maybe there's a bear 'round here. I'll take it with my bare hand--


One of my tripwires just rattled!

No. 84273 ID: 8ce2bf

Are you drooling because you're thinking of a different kind of bone? Perhaps one that belongs to Ridder?
No. 84274 ID: c5b152

I believe my line ought to be: "RIP AND TEAR"
No. 84276 ID: 731dcd


Hell yeah! Let's go get it then, Champ! Show 'em who's the best damn Swordsman around!
No. 84278 ID: 43d730

Make sure it's not a member of the fort before taking action.
No. 84280 ID: 51d0f5

Examine source of shadow following you around. Is it a very small rain cloud? Are you depressed?

I mean, uh, investigate with blade drawn.
No. 84282 ID: fb5d8e
File 12596967592.png - (183.15KB , 700x700 , c7-16.png )

Time for blood!
I rush to the tripwire, blade drawn.

"Ya've stepped in the wrong part o' the woods.."
No. 84284 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969678958.png - (155.44KB , 700x700 , c7-17.png )

"..Violet Fang?"
"Black Fang?"
No. 84285 ID: 2cbe3e


Ask him... what's up.

Also, what's going on with the Goblin.
No. 84286 ID: 632862

Looks like a girl to me.

Ask her what she's doing here. Stay on guard, though.
No. 84287 ID: e0499d

bleeding female goblin? Ask what that's about
No. 84288 ID: 731dcd


Another Fang, eh? How many of you guys were there anyway? Mmm, in anycase, false alarm this time, but this looks interesting at the very least. Let's see what's going on here, champ.
No. 84289 ID: e0499d

I'm guessing one for every color known.
No. 84293 ID: 731dcd


Jeez, that'd be a lot of gnolls... wait, wait, Black Fang left the Fangs, right? So did that mercenary band fall apart or is it still operating? Holy crap, a whole mercenary company of these monsters might still exist! Scary stuff.
No. 84296 ID: f21281

So is there a Rainbow Fang?

No. 84299 ID: fb5d8e
File 125969912945.png - (88.48KB , 700x700 , c7-18.png )

The Fangs Mercenary Company.. I haven't heard of them since I left. We had quite a bit in numbers. Most of us knew eachother from a very young age: Me and Violet Fang here grew up together. And we.. we shared a few special moments.

"What are ya doin' here?"
"You feckin' tretter! I swer ye led 'em 'ere-- URK!"
"Hey, shut up, you.. I'm here to clear out the camp of some goody two shoes. ..Wow.. Black Fang. How long 'as it been? Two years? Three years? When ya disappeared.. White Fang got killed 'n we failed the mission. Then it seemed like ev'ryone left. Red Fang, Orange Fang.. Twasn't 'til Yellow Fang took control that the rest o' us get together again. But it ain't the same.. What 'appened back there, Black Fang?"
No. 84303 ID: 2cbe3e


What is he talking about?

No. 84305 ID: 731dcd


Wait a second, so that's OUR goblin? Tch, damn it. Alright, let's get some facts straight. First, I'm a little surprised news spread so fast. How that happened is important, but moreso is why Violet is here. A Mercenary Fang is coming to our door, so somebody musta hired her.

See if you can get that information out of her, Black. And now I gotta ask, and I'm sorry man, but where do your loyalties lie? Because you know as well as the rest of us where this could lead.
No. 84306 ID: 632862

Wait, that's Grek? Shit, didn't recognize her under all those bruises.

Tell her you got tired of mercenary work and decided to make a name for yourself as a master swordsman. Then inform her that she's gonna have to drop the goblin and leave, or fight you.
No. 84310 ID: b12bc5

You should probably let her know that Red Fang is dead now.

But yeah, what did happen back there?
No. 84313 ID: b12bc5

>and leave
no need for that. But do let her know that there won't be any "clearing out" going on.
No. 84321 ID: 476456

By goody two shoes she must mean Ridder.

Which means you should probably be evaluating if you can take her.
No. 84324 ID: 445c48

Ask who's she's working for, if that sort of question is one she would answer. You know her better than we do.
No. 84328 ID: 445c48

To the bedroom.

No, see if you can get her over to our side.
No. 84332 ID: 2dd482

take her to the bedroom to convince her otherwise
No. 84335 ID: 43d730

And most importantly, whether the rest of the gang is here.
No. 84340 ID: fb5d8e
File 125970234640.png - (160.91KB , 700x700 , c7-19.png )

"Who d'ya work for now? Why does 'e want this place cleared out?"
"I dunno. Our employer only talks ta Yellow Fang.. We get the orders, we move in. Green Fang told us this camp ain't fortified yet, so I'm soloing it."
"Well, there ain't gonna be any clearin' out. I'm part o' the camp."
"..What are ya saying, Black Fang? Damnit, what happened back there? Did Orange Fang and Red Fang come with you?"
"Red Fang is dead. I'm.. I'm with the army opposing his killer."
"..R-red Fang is dead..?"

Her gasps breaks her steel expression.

"Ya always had a thing for Red Fang."
"Is.. Is that what it's all 'bout?! That why ya left? Tell me, damnit!"
"I got tired, Violet! I didn't want all the pointless fighting anymore."
"..I never knew ya were so weak."
"It ain't 'bout being weak! Tis' about fighting for somethin' that.. that means something to you."
"What about the pack, Black Fang? What about the Fangs? Come back with me. We're your home."
"There ain't no home there, Violet. The pack only ever cared 'bout money."
"I didn't.."
No. 84341 ID: 51d0f5

Why are you all color coded.
No. 84343 ID: 1443c0

if it comes down to it you may need to fight the other fangs.
can you list the fangs by strengths for us?
and if she didnt care about money then why is she still with the fangs, she could come join us
No. 84344 ID: b12bc5

Probably because gnolls don't see color, and thus such things are mystical to them.

Tell her she's welcome to find something worth fighting for with you.
No. 84345 ID: 445c48

What happened to indigo fang?
No. 84346 ID: 1443c0

how about magenta fang?
No. 84347 ID: f7a826

Probably the Fangs is what she thinks family is.

Try growing up with a buncha mercs since infancy. That becomes family, the whole duration of their short lives.
No. 84348 ID: 632862

Ask her what she fights for.

No. 84349 ID: 276781

"I got a better idea. You come with me, an' we help take down the guy what killed Red Fang."
Hey, it's worth a shot, right?
No. 84351 ID: f7a826

You killed his father. Prepare to die.
No. 84352 ID: 445c48

Yes, do it.
No. 84359 ID: 2cbe3e


Tell her to give you the Goblin, or there's going to be trouble, one way or the other.
No. 84369 ID: fb5d8e
File 125970485723.png - (143.17KB , 700x700 , c7-20.png )

"Then come with me. We'll kill the guy who killed Red Fang together."
"I.. I can't."
"Why.. why not? What do ya fight for, Violet?"
"For.. For family, Black Fang. We're the Fangs. That's why you have to come back with me.. Things aren't perfect, but.. We don't have anyone else. We need each other. ..I need you."
"...Would ya have said the same to Red?"
"B-black Fang!"
"I can never go back, Violet. I fight for myself, for something I believe in now. I have become apprentice to a great master who has already cared more for me than White Fang ever did."
"How can you say that?! And how can you fight for yourself when you follow a master?!"
"Because this is what I choose."
"Black Fang.."
No. 84370 ID: fb5d8e
File 125970486123.png - (106.72KB , 700x700 , c7-21.png )

"..I wish I was as strong as you.
No. 84371 ID: 2dd482

No. 84372 ID: 2cbe3e


Seriously. Give me the Goblin.
No. 84376 ID: 43d730

Crushing hug tiem.
You'll drive the sword further in, but keep it from being used elsewhere, and try for submission hold.
No. 84377 ID: f7a826

Oh god dammit dont tell me this will kill you so easily! >.<

Is Ridder hearing this? HEY RIDDER! EMERGENCY!
No. 84378 ID: 632862

Grab her arm, then cut her in two.
No. 84379 ID: f65015

Punch 'er in that tit!
No. 84380 ID: 51d0f5

Kick her away.
No. 84381 ID: f7a826

Hello? its in his neck?

Hmmn, where did we have seen this before?
Would grabbing her hand work?
No. 84382 ID: 445c48

Kiss her
No. 84386 ID: f21281

Break puny sword.

Bitchslap bitch.

No. 84387 ID: 8ce2bf

Push the flat of your blade against her and push her away.
No. 84419 ID: fb5d8e
File 12597073136.png - (105.29KB , 700x700 , c7-22.png )

I grab her tiny arm and tear her away from me. With a soft snap the blade breaks off.

I sound a deafenin' roar!

No. 84421 ID: 632862

Smash her against the ground and follow up with the cleaver.
No. 84427 ID: 445c48

Kiss her!

[This is a she right]
No. 84428 ID: 2cbe3e


Grab her by the throat, hold her up to eye level. Tell her to inform the others that this place is under your protection.

Then kick her in the crotch.
No. 84431 ID: ab04d4

Incapacitate her and capture her. Sexual tension may or may not be optional.
No. 84432 ID: f7a826

Ya kidding, she leaves, she warns the others.
She stays, the others come for her.

Damn. Lose-lose.
No. 84435 ID: 099247

No. 84440 ID: f21281
File 125970813595.jpg - (78.18KB , 600x419 , Ba\'alIsPleased.jpg )

No. 84474 ID: 51d0f5

Don't let her go, but chop her in half.
No. 84478 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971046971.png - (92.65KB , 700x700 , c7-23.png )

We were born in blood.

We grew up in blood.

We lived in blood.

No. 84479 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971047253.png - (66.55KB , 700x700 , c7-24.png )

And so we shall part in blood.
No. 84487 ID: f7a826

... eh.

So long, and thanks for all the fish and stuff... too bad you had to do it, Fang.
No. 84488 ID: 51d0f5

Find a healer before trying to take the blade out.
No. 84489 ID: 632862

It's too bad, really. She would've been a good help.

See to your wound, then give her a proper Fang burial. Whatever that may be.
No. 84490 ID: 276781

Make sure Grek isn't banged up too badly.
No. 84491 ID: 9891a9

Impressive show, Black. How bad was the stab anyway? No vital areas punctured and it missed your jugular I presume?
No. 84492 ID: 135d9a


Now that that's out of the way, you might want to see about that part-of-a-sword sticking out of your throat there.
No. 84494 ID: 51b4dc


"You alright, Grek?"
No. 84496 ID: ab04d4

Hrm. This was unexpected.

I am somewhat surprised that you'd do this, Black Fang. Now be a good boy and clean up.
No. 84497 ID: f21281

Devour her heart to add her strength to your own.
No. 84502 ID: e0499d

Let's go with the approach of breaking the blade as close to the skin as possible. We can't take it out without loosing blood.

Of course, being a mercenary, you already know that... and first aid...
No. 84503 ID: e0499d

I also think she knew she was gonna die... She wanted to die?
No. 84520 ID: af3e6d

Well. Hmm. Good job, then. Ask our gobbo if she's okay, and go see if Iesgip has anything for bleeding. You still have a chunk of a sword in you, for the record.
No. 84521 ID: b12bc5

Of course she didn't want to. But she would rather die than abandon her principles. Thus she died a good death.

Inform Ridder that the fang mercenaries have been contracted to kill you. Then I think it would be best to seek them out, and wrest control of them from Orange Fang. Kill those who would oppose you, bind the rest to your service. You shall not be denied.
No. 84528 ID: 18b9f0

>give her a proper Fang burial. Whatever that may be.
Well it's a complicated process to explain, so unless--

>Devour her heart to add her strength to your own.
Oh, so you've already seen one performed, then.
No. 84532 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971282670.png - (110.43KB , 700x700 , c7-25.png )

"Ya doin' alright?"
No. 84533 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971283091.png - (118.89KB , 700x700 , c7-26.png )

"O-oi! Black Feng!"
No. 84534 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971283390.png - (44.13KB , 700x700 , c7-27.png )

once there were seven goblins

sitting in seven houses

they had seven children

and loved their seven spouses

"They worked in seven mines

Where they wielded hammer and pickaxe

until seven times the lunchbell chimed"
No. 84535 ID: 632862

Wake up grumbling.
No. 84536 ID: 718d88

congratulations, Black fang; you just make the tinker like you.
No. 84537 ID: 18b9f0

Hug her and smother your face between her breasts.
Then immediately pull back and apologize profusely.
No. 84540 ID: af3e6d

Congratulations, the initial hatred is gone. Granted I expect her to entirely deny this fact. Wake up grumbling, ask what happened and how you got in here.
No. 84542 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971372289.png - (60.74KB , 700x700 , c7-27.png )

That's worth it.. I guess..

"Hmmrrr... What happened?"
"Oi, ye fin'ly 'wake. Ye know whet I went through te dreg yer 'endred ten ass back 'ere? Then it tek all three o' us te get ye on the bed, ye fat ass."
No. 84545 ID: ab04d4

Ooh, nice rhyme thingy that is. Man, I cannot just impromptu make one of those up so fast. Or was it impromptu?

Anyways. Wake up. Also, I hate "it was all a dream" endings. Still, at least we got valuable info about Black Fang and some backstory from this dream.
No. 84546 ID: 632862

"It's all muscle, baby."
No. 84548 ID: 445c48

What dream? He's got a bandage around where he was stabbed and all.
Get book now. One on fighting and one on loving.
No. 84549 ID: af3e6d

Throw her off guard, ask if she has a book on fighting.
No. 84552 ID: ab04d4

Ah crap. Didn't notice that bandage. So the threat is real after all? Ask her what they did with Violet's body.
No. 84555 ID: f21281

"A hunnerd of that is muscle. The other 10...*lecherous grin*"
No. 84558 ID: b12bc5

I do not endorse this course of action. It seems narratively inappropriate to me.
No. 84561 ID: 8ce2bf

You want to know how Ridder is really such a good fighter? It came naturally after being a good lover.
No. 84562 ID: b12bc5

The other 10 is bone. Or organ.
No. 84563 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971455975.png - (63.14KB , 700x700 , c7-28.png )

"Tis' all muscle, lass."
"...I.. I know. ...Thank yeh. I'm serry 'bet.. 'bet her."
No. 84564 ID: ab04d4

Ask what you did with her body, whether it still lies there in the wilderness for scavenging dogs and foul creatures to happen upon. Let a single tear run down your furred cheek as you do so.
No. 84567 ID: 445c48

No. 84568 ID: f44349

Tell her it's alright.
Y'know... Live by the sword, die by the sword an' all of that.
No. 84570 ID: 43d730

"She expected to die. It's what sellswords deal with."
No. 84572 ID: 632862

She died in battle. That's a good way to go.
No. 84574 ID: fb5d8e
File 125971632776.png - (65.62KB , 700x700 , c7-29.png )

"S'alright.. Live by th'sword, die by th'sword."

"Hey, I got the fresh broth-- Oh, is he awake? Sir, would you like me to get the book I got from Grek for you?"
No. 84575 ID: fb5d8e
File 12597163319.png - (101.90KB , 700x700 , c7-30.png )

"WHAT?!! YE FECKIN'--!!!"
No. 84576 ID: f21281

"IT'S A BOOK ABOUT FIGHTIN', YOU DIRTY LITTLE WENCH! Damn Goblins, always thinkin' 'bout sex..."
No. 84579 ID: af3e6d

Excellent chapter end, balancing the seriousness with humour.
No. 84592 ID: 718d88

but yeah, you just know she's into you now.

saving bitches' lives get's their panties wet like nothing else.
No. 84717 ID: dda9dd

Goblinism must be a dominant trait or else the poor xenophilic buggers would breed themselves to oblivion it seems.

But yeah... she's into you now.
No. 84741 ID: 718d88


how do you think they got so damn tall?

remember when they were barely dick sucking height? and lacked visible pupils?

'sall that intermingling with other races.

frankly, I don't see a problem.

Black fang, cultivate this relationship. you may just find something new worth fighting for.
No. 84796 ID: 42680d
File 12597434338.jpg - (7.20KB , 219x320 , Asari_Councillor2.jpg )

so, gobbos are the tgchan version of mass effect's Asari?
No. 84797 ID: 51d0f5

No way. Hold out for some proper gnoll bitch.
No. 84798 ID: 8a8213

I think they're really just omniphilic. I've never heard of them being unattracted to other goblins.

>Black fang, cultivate this relationship.
But I'd rather see him cultivate a relationship with Ridder...
No. 84799 ID: 66e906

>But I'd rather see him cultivate a relationship with Ridder...
And how.
No. 84801 ID: 718d88


I didn't say it couldn't be platonic.

or even polyamorous.
No. 84808 ID: af3e6d

I think we should skip out on the gay option AND the interspecies one. Though having a tsundere gobbo hanger-on will be fun.
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