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File 150591077229.png - (201.72KB , 500x500 , Wander to DOOM.png )
831712 No. 831712 ID: 0cf890

-Flash of destiny
-The Warrior Steels Himself
-His wounds aren't what hurts

Previous Chapters:
I: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/827536.html
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No. 831713 ID: 0cf890
File 150591107128.png - (98.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-001.png )

Your eyes slowly adjust to the light of the day. Looks like you were out cold all night. You notice there is no tanuki around.

"Ugh. If I find that Naomi, I'll really give her a piece of my mind."

And then some.

You see your gear and clothing scattered on the grassy ground all around you. The hotspring is nowhere to be found.
No. 831714 ID: 0cf890
File 150591121631.png - (52.34KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-002.png )

Looks like you have found yourself in an odd forest. Through the trees you spy a path made of laid stone and a metallic barrel by it. You hear a faint humming sound, but it is mostly drowned out by the droning in your ears.

You stand up, notice you are still nude from the night before. How do you approach this new situation
No. 831716 ID: 8b01d0

Quick put on your clothes you perv! Then try to get a bit more information out of your surroundings. Are there people around?
No. 831717 ID: b9b4da

Investigate metal drum.
No. 831720 ID: 0cf890
File 150591408619.png - (94.16KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-003.png )

You watch the barrel from afar as you take your time to put on your clothing, but it does not seem too interesting from here. The forest here seems odd, in one way or another. All the trees seemed spaced, leaving a lot of room between them in places, and the odd thing is the grass. Quite a lot of it.

Suddenly you hear someone talk to you.

Stranger: "Hey! Cat!"
No. 831721 ID: 0cf890
File 150591418733.png - (84.02KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-004.png )

Stranger: "Put your wallet in the bag, no funny business, streaker!"

He wears an odd style of clothes, but the man waves a knife around. You don't really feel in the mood to deal with a bandito, but you will do what you have to do.

What is it you have to do.
No. 831722 ID: b9b4da

Challenge him to an honorable duel. The winner shall claim ownership of the "wallet."
No. 831726 ID: 2b3198

I think the whole hot spring may have been an illusion. Well, at least the tanuki's boobs felt real.

You have to grab your katana and point it at him the same way he's pointing his knife at you. Tell him that you'll not take any threats from a scum like him.
No. 831731 ID: 9876c4

You'd be doing the temple and village a favor by killing him.

Challenging samurai in the open? He's asking for it anyway.
No. 831733 ID: 91ee5f

Your sword has got a longer reach than his knife. All you need to do is pull it out and he'll leave you alone.
No. 831734 ID: 9dc26d

You should rob him! Turnabout is fair play.
No. 831735 ID: 094652

Oh look, a Lv. 2 Thug with the "percussive brain surgery" trait. Slice his knife to ribbons.
No. 831749 ID: 0cf890
File 150592146516.png - (79.43KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-005.png )

You raise your eyebrow and shrug. Reaching down, you see him tense up. You draw your sword in your standard quickdraw fashion and point it at him.

Bandito: "I told you! NO FUNNY-"
No. 831750 ID: 0cf890
File 150592150753.png - (74.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-006.png )

No. 831751 ID: 0cf890
File 150592159946.png - (37.88KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-007.png )

The bandito flees the scene, running off into the woods. He drops the bag he was carrying and his knife. You are left to finish putting on your clothes. Do you take whatever is in the bag as your own?
No. 831752 ID: b9b4da

Well it certainly wasn't his. Of course you'll loot it just like you looted Chen's camp.
No. 831753 ID: 039639

Yeah, take it all. It was his idea to try to rob a ronin, so you might as well take whatever he has, he wont be coming back.

Though its probably stolen goods, so if someone you find owns some of it, you can always return it to them
No. 831754 ID: 9dc26d

Why not? I doubt he'll be back for it.
No. 831755 ID: 2b3198

This person must be very generous to be willing to give you free stuff. We shouldn't decline his gift.
No. 831757 ID: ed048e

Leave the bag alone, you don't want anyone to mistake you for the bandito's accomplice, do you? Finish putting on your clothes, you've been embaressed enough today by that Tanuki.
No. 831764 ID: a633c6

What a strange looking knife, look it over along with the contents of the bag.
No. 831770 ID: 4f892e

Into the barrel it goes (unless the barrel contains anything liquid).
No. 831771 ID: 0cf890
File 150592743079.png - (90.52KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-008.png )

After donning the rest of your clothing you kneel down to investigate the bag and the knife.

The knife is odd and chipped in several places, so you set it to the side. Your own wakizashi is much more useful.

You pull the objects out of the bag and they perplex you. Small dark glass bricks, strange cards and odd materials. Inside some of the leather 'pouches' if you could call them that, you find paper. Not many people used paper money, you remember. Normally just shinto priests and high value merchants.

There are purses that you recognize from your last trip to big cities. The town ladies would carry them around.

You aren't too sure what use much of this stuff is.
No. 831773 ID: ebad82

Well, if nothing really stands out to you, put some of it into your bag, then toss the rest away.

I recommend the silvery things that are attached to each other, they might be a different kind of coin, and some of the paper money. I don't think we need to take the knife with us either, so we can just toss that in the woods.
No. 831778 ID: 5767a6

Wait there is a picture of a man inside one of those wallets, you should investigate! While your at it take a quick look around our surroundings with the coin
No. 831779 ID: c08072

Agreed with the guy behind me. No use taking things you cant use. Just toss the stuff you wont take into the barrel and continue on your way. Wherever that way is. Maybe just follow the stone path.
No. 831780 ID: 0cf890
File 150593032151.png - (99.67KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-009.png )

Eh. No sense in weighing yourself down with much of this nonsense. You take some of the paper money, some of the leather folds, whatever those silvery flimsy coins are, and set them into your bag.

Then you pick up the rest of the stuff and set it into the iron drum. You note there is a lot of paper tossed in there as well.

From there you decide to take a peak through your jade coin. It seems like there is no illusions around, or if there are, your coin can't seem to spot them.
No. 831782 ID: 91ee5f

Look at your coin to see if any of the words have changed or anything weird like that.
No. 831786 ID: 3ce125

Hey, is that a picture of you in the leather pouch?
No. 831791 ID: 0cf890
File 150593497960.png - (71.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-010.png )

You check through the leathers again while watching through your jade coin.

You find that the characters on the cards are legible enough to you, and then you notice one of the pictures.

>Is that a picture of you?
Nah, does not even look like you. Seems like some kind of loser though, must of had a lot of money to get a painting this good done of him though.
No. 831793 ID: 2b3198

What about that large square tablet-like stone with the rounded edges? Some sort of magical object? Try rubbing your finger over it, maybe there's some carvings on it or something.
No. 831797 ID: 26012e

Don't waste too much time, take anything you haven't checked through with you, then follow the path and see where it leads you
No. 831801 ID: 3ce125

No. 831806 ID: 0cf890
File 150593888208.png - (76.42KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-011.png )

You decide enough examination for now. You begin walking down the stone path. Your sandals clacking noisily as you do. Each step you take brings you closer to a droning noise you have never heard before, and music too. Strange beating music.

Suddenly you reach the end of the path and your eyes are drawn upwards.
No. 831807 ID: 0cf890
File 150593893835.png - (50.15KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-012.png )

No. 831809 ID: a633c6

That and the paper money says he's rich, though. Maybe he'd be grateful if you returned his stuff from a bandit?
No. 831811 ID: 0cf890
File 150593915480.png - (77.28KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-013s.png )

You take a few long hard swigs of your gourd.

You don't feel like you are in the mountains outside of Tsut anymore.

You find it difficult to peel your eyes off of the scene ahead of you. Buildings of stone and metal towering to the sky, strange lights of all different colors dotting the scene, metal carts rolling down the road, and more people than you can count.

You take a couple more swigs
No. 831812 ID: be0718

Now the foolish warrior seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku!

It must be almost morning. Why don't you go to the address listed in the strange booklet?
No. 831813 ID: 2b3198

Looks like everyone in this town is a monk and uses some weird magic. You should try to stop someone and ask them if they know the person on that picture.
No. 831816 ID: 287664

Looks like something magic did happen in the hotspring (sadly not the kind of magic that has a happy ending) Take a look around, is there anyone directly near you
No. 831817 ID: 91ee5f

I guess this means Future was chosen instead of Sacred Secrets.


>Now the foolish warrior seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku!

>Why don't you go to the address listed in the strange booklet?
Yeah, let's do that.
No. 831820 ID: d4968d

I don't know about that. This place looks pretty big, and I don't think we would know much about addresses considering we are from feudal japan

Try looking around right near you lets see whatcha got
No. 831822 ID: a633c6

Don't waste all your drink idiot, unless you know where to get more around here. Your only lead on where you are and what's going on is the stuff that bandit dropped.
No. 831824 ID: be0718

Oh my god shut up do you not understand how obnoxious that is.
No. 831826 ID: 0cf890
File 150594146169.png - (97.09KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-014.png )

For the most part you seem pretty confused, but your drink evened you out a bit. You strap it back to your side and glance around. The pathway leads to your left and to your right, but the main road ahead looks like it is too busy with carts to pass through.

The nearest people look like a standard group of street toughs, playing music and hanging about.

Besides that, if you wait a moment new groups of people just pass right on by you without too many passing glances so far.

What do you do.
No. 831827 ID: 2b3198

Go uh.. left! Try to find an.. inn?
No. 831828 ID: 3ce125

Go find someone that looks more harmless than the street toughs, and ask where you can find a map.
No. 831829 ID: c08072

Talk to the nearest street tough. Impress them with your masculine bravado and cat-like ways
No. 831830 ID: 2b3198

Could also hit on the nearest nice looking girl.
No. 831831 ID: a633c6

You'll look too conspicuous trying to talk to anybody- look over the stuff you found and try to reason out what's going on.
No. 831832 ID: 741945

Combine the two of these
No. 831834 ID: be0718

Go with the crowd. Try blending in, such as you can, and observing local customs. They seem to be crossing the road in groups at certain spots...
No. 831836 ID: 8b01d0

No. 831837 ID: 0cf890
File 150594629585.png - (91.18KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-015.png )

You approach the street toughs, they seem to be mostly distracted, singing and eating and talking about these two wheeled carts they have sitting around. You notice their jackets have a sigil of a dragon on the back.

You manage to get the attention of the nearest one, and can see why. When she turns around you are pretty shaken.

Most of the time dragons like her are nobility, or priests, or regarded as masters of whatever they do. Seeing one as a street tough is a weird thing.

She seems to have noticed you staring too.

Dragon: "Yo catdaddy, peep anything you like?"

She looks you up and down then raises an eyebrow, pretty amused.
No. 831838 ID: 3abd97

>"Yo catdaddy, peep anything you like?"

She's probably flirting with you. Roll with it.
No. 831839 ID: 3ce125

Tell her you weren't expecting to meet a dragon on the street. Greet her with honor and introduce yourself.
No. 831840 ID: be0718

That's some sleek leather armor she's got. Dyed black, too - she's quite stacked!
No. 831841 ID: 2b3198

Tell her that, yeah, you just arrived in this town and couldn't help but notice her charm and.. style. Ask if she and her friends could maybe show you around.
No. 831846 ID: 5767a6

Best girl confirmed a pompadour dragon, sorry everyone the game was rigged from the start.
No. 831850 ID: 2b3198

I don't think she'll turn out to be anyone special and we don't even know if she's single and looking but hey, can always dream of sleeping with a dragon!
No. 831875 ID: a633c6

No. 831905 ID: ed048e


Disregard all other matters besides the dragon woman. If she's a street tough she's the kind of gal who'd be into a handsome, road-worn samurai like you.
No. 831912 ID: fe7355

Reply that yes, you do, remarking that her hair looks great. What does she use to make it glisten so nicely?

Or there's the possibility she's from the nobility or a wealthy merchant family "slumming it," out to act at being a street tough and experience what it's like. It's not a unheard of thing that happens. Better act like you would with a normal, non-dragon gal, just in case.
No. 831917 ID: 26fdfc

Sneakily try and ask her what town this is
No. 831930 ID: 0cf890
File 150597357448.png - (82.57KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-016.png )

You: "You...? Yeah, you! You can call me Saito!" You wink and offer her a court bow.

Ryu: "Saito eh? Well, call me Ryu. What's with all the eyeball anyways."

You: "I was not expecting to see a dragon, and I was caught by your charm and, uh, style."

Ryu: "You're one to talk daddy-o! Pretty ginchy looks ya got there! Digging the ronin digs."

You: "Wha-"

Ryu: "So what can I do ya for, kitty-cat."

You: "Well I just blew into... town. I've been looking for someone to show me around, could you help me out?"
No. 831931 ID: 0cf890
File 150597370882.png - (137.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-017.png )

She pulls out a roll and starts smoking. Some of the other toughs gather around.

Bunny: "Hey, Ryu, is this cat makin' a scene?"

Ryu: "Nah, nah, he don't seem too jive."

You: "Well... I just walked in to town, do you know where we are?"

Poodle: "Tokyo, baby! The capital city?"

You: "Capital... Edo?"

Bunny: "Pfft, what are you, 500 years old or something?"

The trio start laughing, you awkwardly join in.

Ryu: "You know Saito, you are a pretty cool cat. You down to hang? I'll show ya around later."

She snaps her fingers to add to her point.

How do you respond? Its still pretty early, and she does seem kind of cute even if she is muscled and as tall as you.
No. 831932 ID: 9876c4

Seems like you impressed them, and you do need to know the lay of the land.
No. 831933 ID: 5767a6

Let's go for it, these guys seem like the cool sort of ruffians. Let's make sure we keep all of our close belongings in a safe spot tho.
No. 831934 ID: 91ee5f

Wait.....all of these toughs are women!

If you play your cards right, you might get very lucky here!
No. 831936 ID: a633c6

Well it ain't a village, but it's close enough!
No. 831939 ID: 2b3198

If anyone would know a way around here it would be this bunch. Tell her that you're usually the one to be escorting girls around places but since she's cute, you don't feel embarrassed being in her company and showing a new guy like you around.
No. 831944 ID: 0cf890
File 150599043816.png - (124.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-018.png )

You: "Normally I am the one escorting girls around, but since you are cute, it would be just fine"

Ryu: "Woah, cool your jets tomcat! Buy me dinner first before you lay the sweets down on me like that."

You tilt your head, but then a few guys pull up on overly loud two wheeled carts. They hop off and join the group and the rest go back to chatting.

The dragon girl turns to the group and shouts

Ryu: "Come on Yoshi, I asked you for a burger!"

A mouse guy with big hair speaks up.

Yoshi: "Sorry boss, I ran out of cash!"

The dragon girl taps her foot angrily and turns to you.

Ryu: "Sooo~ Saito. Want to take me out to eat then?"

You think you have the right kind of money for that. If all else fails, you can't think of anyone who would not take silver coins as payment.
No. 831946 ID: 2b3198

Normally you'd be offering to buy a girl a drink, and not the girl asking you to buy it for her. Girls around this village sure are strange. But hey, tell her you like how straight she is, then pull out a few of those paper money bills and hold them in front of her. Ask her how much does she need.
No. 831947 ID: 13fded

Don't just throw money at her. YOU pay for the food. That is the point of buying a girl dinner.
No. 831951 ID: 2b3198

We don't know how much money we actually have. What if we have an equivalent of a couple $1 bills? If we have too much, then great. The girls will love us more. But if we have too little, then it would be quite bad. So it's arguably better to show her what we have beforehand instead of fucking up later. Btw, being a spendthrift is in Saito's nature. Why would he care if he spends a coin too much?
No. 831954 ID: 9876c4

Guys, the paper bills are for major transactions. We're just getting some tempura or something, so our silver coins should be fine.
No. 831955 ID: 3d2d5f

If she's a gang boss, she can probably afford to take you out to eat.

Whatever. You're the one in need of information and after her goodwill. Agree.
No. 831959 ID: 7c55a5

Ask her if she knows a good place and to take you there. either way we have money, so we can consider this a reasonably investment to getting to know the city and Ryu's panties
No. 831961 ID: 91ee5f

>you can't think of anyone who would not take silver coins as payment.
Don't be so sure about that.

You're in an unfamiliar place. They may not accept your money.
No. 831971 ID: be0718

Saito can count, and he can read the bills. If he discretely checks how much he's carrying, it should be more than enough. Wait til he sees what inflation has done to money!
No. 831985 ID: 8b4891

You are right. Silver is universally valued. Even the Mongolians like silver so you should be fine to pay. Tell her to show you a good restaurant nearby and proceed to go on a (lunch date) friendly meal with plenty of innocent questions about the state of things mixed with flirting.
No. 831991 ID: 3ce125

Sure let's.
No. 832000 ID: eda54c

slap her and tell her that her actions are unfit for the doings of a noble woman
No. 832007 ID: ed048e

Pay with the paper money, but be subtle about it so she doesn't think you're showing off, even though you are. If you pull out too much, just mention that bandito who threatened you, but you ran him off and took his stuff. Speaking of which, a good question for the young lady is where the city watch are at? You're sure losers like that guy you found a picture of can't stand up to even lame thugs.
No. 832053 ID: 0cf890
File 150603427694.png - (70.41KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-019.png )

You: "Well, normally I'd be the one asking if you wanted a bite, not the other way around, but sure I'll take you out for a bite." You flash her the same finger snap she did to you.

Ryu: "Hell yeah! I know just the place, lets agitate the gravel."

You don't expect to have to pay for much with your paper money. After all, it all reads in the hundreds or thousands per note. So since it's just lunch, your silver coins should be fine.

You watch as Ryu crosses the road while you are counting up your dough. You have almost [10000 Money] worth in bills! Geeze! No way you could ever spend so much! That thug must have stolen from a monastery.

You follow the herd of people across the road, and get a few odd looks from the commoners. What? Have they never seen a samurai before? Or maybe they can tell you are a rugged ronin and are just (admiring) wary of you.

You reach the building surrounded by shining multicolored lights and signs, and fancy looking carts out in front. Less like carts, more like chariots a daimyo or shogun might ride in. You are wary.
No. 832056 ID: 0cf890
File 150603482658.png - (100.35KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-020.png )

The building is thumping full of twangy music about blue shoes and jails, its bright and the smell of cooking meats fill the air. You wonder what kind of food they serve here.

You spy Ryu's hair over the crowd. She is sitting at one of the bars, chatting with a server cat who seems way into it. Damn. She was only in here a minute, she moves fast.

She notices you walk up behind her and she swivles around in place.

Ryu: "Yo! Saito! Took you long enough, thought it was a fake out! Already ordered you somethin', take a seat." She thumbs to the empty stool near her.

She does work fast, you'll give her that.

The server girl sees you, and gives you a wink before turning away. Exaggerating her tail swipe as she rolls off on wheeled boots

What do you do? You should have a good while until you get your food. This place is packed with rabble rousers and commoners alike. Many of them looking over to you once in a while. Ryu just pumps her eyebrows at you.
No. 832057 ID: 91ee5f

>You have almost [10000 Money] worth in bills! Geeze! No way you could ever spend so much!
He's about to get slapped in the face by how much things cost around here!

>Ryu just pumps her eyebrows at you.
She's probably waiting for you to pay for the food.

Ask her how much money you owe her for the food.
No. 832058 ID: be0718

Thank you for starting to number multi-parters.
"I confess, I haven't been to Ed- the capital before. Is this how everyone dresses here?"
No. 832066 ID: 2b3198

Sit down next to her. I guess you have some time to ask her questions such as, how long she's been here, what does she do, does she know the loser cat on that picture and if she doesn't, how to find him.
No. 832068 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, right, I forgot something.

>That thug must have stolen from a monastery.
Really? You honestly believe that? If that were true, then he would've had more than that knife with him!

And even if he didn't, then he obviously used magic to steal this money! Which means he would've used it on you instead of running away!

He obtained this money somehow, but he's too much of a coward to have gotten it from a monastery. So how did he obtain this money?
No. 832073 ID: 5767a6

Take a seat and offer her a drink, I'm sure a dragon like herself can appreciate the nuance of fine sake.
No. 832074 ID: 91ee5f

You fool! She's a dragon! Saito said she's nobility or something like that! She would be offended if we offered her any of our sake because she clearly would've tasted better and by comparison, our sake would be like pissing in her mouth!

Let's not insult the dragon lady with our cheap ass sake!
No. 832100 ID: 5767a6

I'll have you know we only drink the finest swill! Who are you to say that a fanciful lady such as herself couldn't appreciate the warm comfort a cheap drink provides.
No. 832131 ID: abaa4a

Enter flirt mode. Flirt with the her, she may seem rough outside but deep within is a gentle high class girl you can charm
No. 832171 ID: 0cf890
File 150610750957.png - (82.40KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-021.png )

You: "This place looks nice and all, but I don't see anyone having a real party."

You: "The party is in here I mean." You pull out your sake gourd and swish it around.

Ryu: "Woah, now you're talkin', daddy-o! Pass that thing right over."
No. 832176 ID: 0cf890
File 150610874216.png - (73.12KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-022.png )

You pass over the jug which she uncorks.

You: "Enjoy, but I expect a lady like you would prefer much nicer things, considering..."

She pauses before her drink.

Ryu: "Considering?"

You: You try to phrase it in a polite way, even though its not usually your style. "Well, you know. A 'Regal' girl like you should always enjoy only the nicest things!"

Ryu: "H-haha... Don't be jive, man..."

She seems a bit flustered. You got her now. She takes a few swigs.

You: "Seriously, I bet a mighty girl like yourself would know all the best spots for the best things in Ed- I mean Tokyo. Someone like you could really help me out."

You waggle your eyebrows like she did before, somehow your cheesiest compliment game is working out for you, because she sputters a bit and stammers. She is about to respond when suddenly the catgirl server slides back on her roller-boots with a tray of strange foods and sets them in front of Ryu.

Server: "Be right back with yours, kitty-cat." She winks again.
No. 832177 ID: 0cf890
File 150610922969.png - (144.99KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-023.png )

You note the song changes to something about Fujiyama mamas, but you can't understand the other foreign words. Lovely place though.

Ryu takes the chance to change the subject by taking a couple bites out of her food, and sipping a dark frothy drink from a glass mug.

Should you keep pushing? She seems pretty flustered to you, swishing her tail and whiskers around. You always were curious when those dragon samurai you knew could move them...
No. 832178 ID: fc8158

Quick, suggest that since she had some of your sake, you should get a sip of hers. Then proceed to cheesily share the same malt from the same cup
No. 832185 ID: 9876c4

Seconding indirect kissu.
No. 832190 ID: 5767a6

We got her now lads, go in for the kill with this
No. 832191 ID: 91ee5f

No, let's not ask for a sip of her drink! It might taste so good, that Saito won't be able to stop himself from drinking the whole thing! And that will make Ryu not like us!
No. 832199 ID: be0718

Oh man, we are reaching peak fifties here! Go for it, a-huh a-huh.
No. 832200 ID: 100607

Strange how everyone calls you a kitty-cat. Well, just another one of the weird kinks of this place.

Yes. Except for sharing stuff. That's something lovers would do, not people acquainted for a few minutes lol
Or maybe it will taste like crap to him since he's only used to alcohol. In either case, we can always order more.

Other than that, I would not push too aggressively for her. Actually, I think she's totally abusing you and doesn't care about you one bit haha. Maybe find out if she's single? So I would suggest telling her that her boyfriend must be lucky to have a cheeky girl like her (where she would point it out in case she doesn't have a bf), and then just talking with her. Asking when's she's gonna show you around and maybe asking about the loser on the pic.
No. 832232 ID: ed048e

Cute, but don't get too invested. Woman use single men all the time for free food and drinks, which Saito ought to know, being a ladies-man and all. It's still strange she's hanging around on the street. Perhaps her family has fallen from grace?

Saito is in a weird place, and he probably better get used to eating like the locals. Dont force it on her, but do try to get a taste of that drink before your own stuff arrives. Then, ask about how Edo has changed since you last came here, and why there are bandits (nothing you can't handle) roaming in the city. IF she asks you to explain that second part, show her the picture of that super-rich loser you got from the bandit.
No. 832248 ID: 3ce125

Don't push too hard, you only just met her and you're not familiar with this culture.
No. 832262 ID: f13809

Eat your food while sneakily trying to push in with her more, then after that take a sip of her drink.

What's fair is fair, so she's gotta do it. Oh, and I guess its fine to learn if she is single or not, would be good to know if you have to compete with some gangboy or not
No. 832265 ID: 0cf890
File 150615593259.png - (90.49KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-024.png )

You sit down next to her and lean in.

Even if she is trying to use you for your money, you have so much, why not just play along and see how far you can go? Could be a good chance to learn about your situation here.

You lean in. "So what are we eating!'

Ryu: "Oh, er... I got you a burger with cheese and bacon and fried onions. Just how I like it!"

You have never had a food like that, but the individual parts you are familiar with. Soon the server cat returns laying the food out for you.

Server Cat: "Here ya go, sug'. Easy with Ryu. She might be radioactive, but she is a total doll."

There she goes again with that hip-sway as she rolls off. What do these people even mean most of the time?

You look down at your tray of food. Its served set style, so you are pretty familiar. But no soup or rice... Just the burger, and a platter of... tempura veggies?

You dig in. It's delicious. The bread is soft and pliant with the sesame adding a bit of pop, the veggies are crispy and fresh enough... The rest you weren't really able to note since you finished it in about half a minute.

Ryu: "Woah there tiger, we ain't in a hurry!"
No. 832266 ID: 0cf890
File 150615649365.png - (107.84KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-025.png )

You lean in and watch her. Her eyes seem to be racing around the room.

You: "So. This is the average kind of food eh? Pretty tasty alright."

Ryu: "Yeah! Uh... Where did you say you were from? You don't seem foreign..."

You: "I'm from... Out of town. So I am not too familiar with how people act around here."

Ryu: "Well, don't worry baby, you ain't no square!"

It sounds like she said that in a good way. You nod to yourself.

You: "So where is your boy, should he not be the one taking you out to eat?"

You peel one of those reeds and put it into her barely touched drink. She seems nervous and has only eaten a bit of her food. You look at her in one of those 'hope you don't mind' sort of ways.

Ryu: "I'm... Single..." She says, not looking at what you are doing.

You raise your eyebrows and put on one of your best faces. Slowly sipping, then she turns around. She looks bright red.

Well, redder. She is a red dragon.
No. 832268 ID: 100607

Saito you're such a ladykiller! Keep up with the confidence.

Gently put your hand on her neck and ask her if she's alright and if she isn't feeling hungry anymore.
No. 832269 ID: 3ce125

Ask her about her gang! What do they get up to?
No. 832270 ID: 83eb4f

Perfect! Tell her she is pretty cute and ask her what else there is to do in this town.
No. 832282 ID: 32d29a

Rest your hands on hers. Look her in the eyes and suggest that you and her get to know each other better if that is the case.
No. 832285 ID: 70f539

somehow I think it is just a fluke, she probably never gets talked to like that so you are catching her off guard

so keep it up you might get somewhere
No. 832291 ID: 0cf890
File 150617690574.png - (113.29KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-026.png )

All this lovey-dovey stuff almost makes you sick, but you like messing with this dragon girl. You run your hand against hers on 'accident'.

You: "So then Ryu... What else is there to do in this town?"

She fumbles her words a bit

Ryu: "W-wha- well the boys and I mostly hang around and race, or dance... We do other things too but..."

You: "Well, what about for just the two of us? Got any interesting sites to show me?"
No. 832292 ID: 0cf890
File 150617715566.png - (86.82KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-027.png )

She turns around in place a bit, thinking.

Ryu: "Well... I suppose there are a few joints. Maybe somewhere we can get down, or a drink? What are you looking for?"

About then the server girl returns with your bill, laying it out for you before rolling away.
No. 832294 ID: 0cf890
File 150617787348.png - (87.64KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-028.png )

You look it over idly, thinking about what you actually need to get done here. You have plenty of money, so working might not be a problem...

That's when you see the charge on the bill.


Maybe you don't have as much money as you thought. You start to sweat. If that was just lunch for two, you can't imagine your cash would last that long, especially if you had to pay for a room.

You stop the server girl again and ask.

You: "Uh, excuse me miss, can you make change?" You say, holding up a pair of your silvers.

Server Cat: "Sorry hun, this ain't no jewelry store."

You nod and pay her in bills instead.

Right now you have [5 Silver, 1 Chinese Gold Bullion, 1 Jade Coin, and 7500 Money] in your money purse. You think you are pretty secure that your gold and silvers are still worth something, it just seems like it's... No good here.

You turn to Ryu, having finished your meal and payed. What do you do next?
No. 832295 ID: 33b7e7

Looks like the first thing you're looking for is a pawn shop, buddy.
No. 832300 ID: be0718

A jewelry store, huh? We could certainly make a pretty penny off our shinies there!
No. 832301 ID: 100607

Well, we don't really know what we need to get done here. Perhaps that loser cat would give you a nice reward if you returned his painting to him, so that seems like a logical goal. But until then, you might want to prepare to be able to stay in this place for a while, which means exchanging your money to what the locals accept.

Show a silver coin to Ryu and tell her that you'd love to "get down" with her but that you first need to get your wealth exchanged. Ask her if she can take you to a place where they trade this stuff.
No. 832305 ID: 32d29a

Perhaps find a quiet place to pull the dragon aside for some cuddling. Getting the leader of a gang to be puddy in your hands means we might get to use said gang if need to.
No. 832314 ID: 91ee5f

You might need to go somewhere to exchange your silvers and your gold bullion for the correct form of paper money that everyone seems to use around here. And you might need to do that soon, otherwise you're not gonna have enough money for anything!

Ryu probably saw those silvers you tried to use, so if she asks about it, tell her that where you're from, your silvers were an acceptable form of payment, but it looks like they're useless here. Then ask her if she knows where you can go to exchange them for the proper amount of paper money?
No. 832319 ID: 0cf890
File 150618911450.png - (88.68KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-029.png )

You turn to Ryu and shrug. "I'll be down to get down with you, but I need to do a bit of trading. Where can we go that can buy gold and silver from me?"

She thinks for a moment before nodding.
Ryu: "Oh! I got just the place. Ya down for a ride?"

She leads you out to one of those two wheeled carts from before, her's seems much more exaggerated than the rest, painted with flames.

Ryu: "See you boys later, I'm takin' Saito out to see our town."

Most of the street toughs nod and wish her luck. She seems well liked around there. You get behind her, and all of the sudden it roars to life like some kind of beast and you begin rolling down the road.

It's surprising at first, but not too unfamiliar as you often rode in battle before you became a ronin.

After a few minutes of sliding between carts and cutting corners on the road, you pull up to a shop with a strange symbol overhead. A sign near the door says 'We Buy Gold! Silver! Gems!'

No. 832320 ID: 0cf890
File 150618923460.png - (21.41KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-030.png )

You walk in through the front door.

No. 832321 ID: 0cf890
File 150618961022.png - (47.50KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-031.png )

The building is filled with objects you have never seen before, along with things like old looking swords, and jewelry, and instruments. Seems like this store has a little bit of everything.

A birdman speaks up from behind the counter. He is the only one here.

Shopkeep: "Welco- Oh. It's Ryu."

Ryu: "Yo! What's poppin' Aki!"

Aki: "Dang it Ryu, I don't want to buy more car parts."

Ryu: "Nah, man, don't be jive, I'm here for my cat Saito here!"

What things do you own do you want to try to sell?
No. 832322 ID: be0718

Get all your cash converted! I don't think this store carries enough credit to redeem your bullion here.
Hm, do we sell that traveling gear too? On one hand, you won't need it for city living unless you plan to be a hobo, but on the other most of its value is to collectors, not pawn shop owners. ...Sell the travel kit but not the mess kit.
No. 832323 ID: be0718

Oh, I misread, if he's got those antiques behind the counter I think he *is* a collector. Offer the coins and bullion first, you may not even need to sell other stuff.
No. 832325 ID: 91ee5f

Trade in your silver and gold.

Keep the Jade Coin, you might need it later.
No. 832328 ID: 100607

I think we should save some of the stuff for when we find our way back to the Tori gates / hot spring where we last were before appearing in Edo.

You should first ask how much Money he can offer you for 1 silver coin. Just to get a ratio of how much silver coins are worth around here.

And then you should try exchanging the Chinese Gold Bullion. I think the Bullion alone would be fine. As far as you know, you shouldn't expect it to fetch too high of a price, I mean, if this was the past, then my guess would be it would be worth around 10-20 gold coins. That means if you can get like 100-200 silver coins worth of Money for it, you'll know you got an ok deal.

So, whip out the bullion and ask if he accepts gold. Perhaps try to exchange it to gold and silver coins first. Ideally, you should exchange half of your silver/gold, but if he can only offer Money, then that's fine, and you should exchange the bullion for Money.
No. 832336 ID: 0cf890
File 150619868503.png - (139.76KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-032.png )

First you pull from your purse a silver coin. Aki the shop keeper looks at it, intrigued. He seems to rub an oil against it, then look through a magnifying glass.

Aki: "Hmmn, this is an antique coin you have here in alright condition. It is silver, but not the purest it could be. 4500 is my price."

You look your stuff over If you sold all five of your silver coins you would have 22500. You don't think that's too bad.

You put the rest of your stuff from your purse onto the desk, the shopkeeper seems surprised.

You: "Well, how much would I get for the gold."

Aki begins by softly rubbing it against a plate, then pouring a fluid on the rubbing, and weighing it. He places it back on the desk.

Aki: "Sorry, but I can't afford to pay you for that much. The gold on it's own is a small fortune. You may have better luck selling the shavings, but then you would ruin such a good antique."

You stroke your chin in thought. You can't afford to leave without some money, but you do want to keep some silver for when you get back on track for your quest for the legendary village of legend.

You: "How about a trade? I see you have some gold coins here. The combined value of say... 15 of these, should be fine." You point to a familiar shaped gold coin.

Aki: "Sorry, but I don't have 15 of those, and while the price is close, I would not be able to do that one. If we go strictly by weight, I might be able to do something for you."

He walks about his shop, opening lockboxes and returning. "I can give you 5 of these Japanese... 5 of these swiss, 3 British, and 2 american eagles."

You don't know much about the value of these coins. When dealing with gold where you are from, it is usually by weight anyways, so as long as the gold has a value in weight and is a similar size, you think it should be fine.

You: "Alright, I'll do it. 15 gold exchange, and I'll trade three silvers for the value you gave me."

The two of you bow, and the currencies are exchanged.

You: "So Ryu, where was this place about getting down that you were going on about?"
You ask as you are walking out the door.

You turn around at the last moment when Aki begins to speak up.

Aki: "So, uh, that jade coin. I'll give you 50000 for it." He says, eyeballing your jade coin.
No. 832338 ID: be0718

That's some decent dosh on demand! He seems pretty worldly, maybe he could translate the wording on the bullion for-
>50k for the jade
Uh oh.
"No thanks, it's a... family heirloom."
Let's get while the going's good.
No. 832340 ID: 91ee5f

Keep the jade coin. It brought you here, so it might be able to take you back.
No. 832341 ID: 33b7e7

Nope. Tell him you've got enough for now, so you think you'll shop around for quotes on that one. Secretly, of course, you're keeping it, but you need to not give a solid impression it might be worth even more.

Watch yourself, by the way. Your companion seems to have an eye on your riches.
No. 832342 ID: a633c6

Don't sell, ask him what he knows about it.
No. 832349 ID: 100607

So we have 21k Money now. Should be good. Let's hope Saito doesn't find out how expensive it is to sleep in a hotel.

1 gold coin should be worth around 300k Money

Unfortunately, you can't sell the jade coin since that's your only ticket back. But it might be worth asking Aki if he knows anything about it, or knows someone that might know more. Offer him a silver coin for the information.

It's also in your nature to be generous with the girls, so afterwards you should reward Ryu for being so helpful by giving her 1 gold coin. That should keep her hands out of your pockets.
No. 832356 ID: 3ce125

Hang on a second. If he recognizes that it's valuable, ask him what the hell it is.
No. 832367 ID: 0cf890
File 150620532668.png - (89.64KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-033.png )

>Pay Ryu for her time
Woah now, you may be generous with the ladies, and spend money faster than you make it, but you aren't a fan of giving your money away when you aren't paying for anything.

You shrug at Aki and tilt your head from side to side.
You: "I'll think it over. It's an heirloom. Know much of it?"

Aki: "Nope, just that it's jade, looks well carved. Jade is in these days."

You: "Well, thanks, but maybe Ill check around, then!" You close the door behind you.
No. 832368 ID: 0cf890
File 150620550707.png - (14.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-034.png )


"Hey Ryu, so where do you girls like to go to get down in a town like Ed- I mean Tokyo."
No. 832369 ID: 0cf890
File 150620562467.png - (36.61KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-035.png )

Ryu: "I know. I've got some pals out by this PUMPIN' joint. You'll love 'em"

The motorcycle pumps away
No. 832370 ID: 0cf890
File 150620602558.png - (45.06KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-036.png )

Aki: "H-hey, so I just saw one of the things you were on about..."

Phone: "Did you buy it?"

Aki: "H-he said no."

Phone: ...

Aki: "He was with Ryu! The greaser chick."

Phone: "Oh... Her. Does she know?"

Aki: "No. Not a clue what they are. I think they are going to THAT bar."

Phone: "Who is he."

Aki: "Uh... He looked like he was a Yojimbo cosplay or something..."
No. 832386 ID: c64ea7

I suggest laying the moves on with Ryu when you reach the bar she suggested. It's probably full of babes, but don't eyeball them since I bet there is a pimp mackdaddy around too.
No. 832394 ID: 100607

Things are getting interesting. Looks like there's gonna be some bad guys coming after us. How unfortunate for Saito's love life.
No. 832524 ID: 0cf890
File 150629012951.png - (99.91KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-037.png )

The building you enter is large and solid, but as soon as the doors open, the sound of pumping thumping music deafens your ears. You see Ryu trying to word to you, but can't hear. After a few minutes of talking louder, you become used to the noise.

Ryu: "I'll go grab some drinks!"

You: "Try to get them to fill this with sake, I'll pay for that." You hand her your gourd.
[18500 Money Left]

You examine the scene ahead of you.

You: "Wait, does getting down mean dancing here?"

You feel a bit disappointed
No. 832525 ID: 0cf890
File 150629025891.png - (66.58KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-038.png )

Ahead of you is a colorful dance floor, but it's not a kind of dance you can recognize. The music is loud and sort of all over the place, the dancers are not wearing robes, and are just throwing their limbs all over the place in a big bunch. Looks awkward. Sweaty. Some of the girls are pretty cute though. Sweaty.
No. 832526 ID: 0cf890
File 150629042136.png - (68.42KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-039.png )

There are two bars in this building. The first one has drinks, and you see Ryu talking to a confused barman, holding your gourd, but it looks like she filled it up for you.

The second bar has a spotlight shining down on an enormous, delicious looking fresh tuna. Probably one of the biggest you have ever seen. Onlookers gasp at it. Several chefs along the sides are preparing their long, dangerous looking knives to slice it up. Probably for sushi.

You can decide what to do, or wait for Ryu to show you the ropes.
No. 832532 ID: 100607

Ask Ryu what the fish is all about. Then ask if she wants to see your swordsmanship.
No. 832533 ID: be0718

That fish represents a chance to show off your fancy blade skills - but not with your swords! Weapons are frowned upon in this establishment, and you haven't cleaned them recently. See if you can work something out with the chefs, and make sure Ryu is watching.
No. 832544 ID: 91ee5f

You should definitely wait for Ryu to show you the ropes!

You don't want to accidentally do something stupid to offend someone, right? Because if you accidentally do something that gets you kicked out, the Ryu might think you're some kind of loser and won't want to hang around you anymore! Which will ruin your chances of getting in bed with her!
No. 832545 ID: 91ee5f

then Ryu might think
No. 832639 ID: 411de8

Are we implying that just because we are Japanese and a cat that we can make sushi

That being said I fully support it either way. Even if we might get arrested for ruining a few thousand dollar tuna
No. 832649 ID: 01134a

wait for Ryu to show you the ropes
No. 832668 ID: b9b4da

We can handle a blade at least. Surely that skill translates directly into butchery!
No. 832691 ID: 0cf890
File 150635196115.png - (79.51KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-040.png )

You approach from behind the counter when the chefs stop you.

Chef: "Woah, who do you think you are? Staff only here. We are about to slice up the bluefin."

Frog Chef: "Yeah, you don't LOOK like a chef to me. Nice outfit though."

You are pushed away from behind the counter without much of an input. You will have to think of something to say if you really want to slice up that fish.
No. 832693 ID: 0cf890
File 150635236324.png - (95.34KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-041.png )

You are approached by Ryu, who swaggers over with two glasses in her hands. You grip one. It is cold and blue... You don't know what kind of drink this was, you expected sake or shochu or something mixed with tea, but it seems weird.

Ryu eggs you on, so you give it a try, and it tastes sweet. More like a cold juice than an alcohol. She calls it a Blue Hawaii. You are very tempted to drink stuff like that all night with her if left to your devices.

What do you do.
No. 832698 ID: f41a5d

Go with your gut. If we get drunk at least we aren't cutting up expensive fish and getting the constables mixed up with us. It would be very awkward trying to explain who you are.

Then maybe try and get into ryu's leather pants
No. 832702 ID: b9b4da

I suppose now (before you get drunk) is a good time to ask if you could actually cut up that fish like a pro. Oh well! Drain your drink and go dirty dancing with this slick chick.
No. 832718 ID: 5767a6

Drink it chump
No. 832722 ID: 100607

That fish has your name on it. Just like half of the forest that you cut down in the beginning.
Ask Ryu what the fish is all about and if they ever let other people cut it up.
No. 832798 ID: 8d4593

Find a random guy to make a bet with. Bet some cash on a game of skill that demands strength or dexterity. You could probablyy best anyone in here.

Da that, and you'll end up with money to party with AND you'll impress your lady friend.
No. 832800 ID: be0718

Hmm, if you steal a fancy hat, they may think you're a chef too. That's all it takes, right?
Or maybe claim you're a special guest chef for the night - indicate your robes and say you're here to give that tuna an authentic samurai slice-and-dice.
No. 832837 ID: eda54c

No. 832850 ID: 100607

This gives me an idea. We should do a bet, but not with a random guy. It should be with the Chefs. But first we need to get their attention.

Just a moment before they start cutting the tuna, you should loudly shout BOOOOOO. And when you get their attention you should shout that you bet you can cut the tuna way better and faster than they can. If the Chefs have any pride at all, then they'll take you on :D
No. 832853 ID: 91ee5f

No, let's not make ourselves look like an idiot in front of Ryu!
No. 832877 ID: 32d29a

Drink with our dragon friend. This should be nothing compared to what we normally drink so let loose.
No. 832943 ID: 100607

We need to cut the fish tho!

Btw, there was some indication in the beginning that Saito starts randomly swinging his sword around whenever he gets drunk. In other words, letting Saito get fully drunk might not end up well. So, better to cut the tuna than the people around.
No. 832974 ID: e4b014

Don't cut the fish geez.

Hanging out and drinking with Ryu seems like a pretty good idea. Just don't underestimate the drink based on its taste.
No. 832975 ID: 3ce125

Don't assume you can cut that fish better than a professional chef. I bet you could learn from them, even!
No. 833039 ID: 9dc26d

You can tune a shamisen, but can you tuna fish?
No. 834921 ID: ef7676

Make a wager with Ryu that you can convince the chefs that you can slice that tuna
No. 834951 ID: 600f38

It's on a stage, so clearly this is for a performance.
You're not a performer. Go flirt with Ryu.
No. 834954 ID: 91ee5f

No. 835319 ID: 6dbb34
File 150753656503.png - (123.51KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-042.png )

You decide to abandon the fish idea for now. Instead meeting back up with Ryu who seems like she is puffing herself up for the people in this [tavern?]. You decide to strike up some light conversation, enjoying your new drink.

You: "So, Ryu, what brought you to the life of a street tough? Most dragons I know are... You know."

Ryu: "Squares? That's right daddy-o. I aint no square, and you better remember!" She slowly takes a sip of her drink.

You: "Well I'd say. I have never seen a square with curves." You hardly understand what she is going on about but you wing it.

It seems to draw a reaction though, since she sputters her drink and breathes deeply, holding her mouth open for a while before scavenging for the words to say.

Ryu: "S-Saito y-you dumb tomcat... Just who do you think you are trying to woo."

Not that you have met many dragon chicks personally, but she seems pretty helpless compared. You finish your first mixed drink. It so far does not hit you strongly.

What do you respond with or do?
No. 835324 ID: 100607

Tell her this drink is pretty good. Almost as good as her!
Complement her on her knowledge of the local area.
Ask her what the fish is all about.
Maybe try to dance?
No. 835325 ID: 094652

"Why, the most delicious scaled flesh seen in 400 years! Besides the giant tuna."
No. 835326 ID: 91ee5f

>"S-Saito y-you dumb tomcat... Just who do you think you are trying to woo."
"Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to woo you." *audible wink* ;3
No. 835330 ID: be0718

Just trying to strike a match with the hottest flame in the room.
No. 835333 ID: daa216

Give her a kiss and go for a squeeze of her rear.
No. 835544 ID: 6dbb34
File 150762466679.png - (87.49KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-043.png )

You press all as close to Ryu as you can. She sweats. She glances around at the crowd who all seem to be enjoying themselves not paying the two of you much mind at all.

You: "Just appreciating all the help you've given me since I got to Edo. I'd be lost."

Ryu: "Haha, yeah. You seem pretty whack with the whole samurai dig going on there Saito... But it suits you."

She finishes her drink rapidly. The thumping music seems to grow louder as more people join in on the dancing.

You: "So what's the big tuna all about?"

Ryu: "Oh. Its a promotion, every once in a while a poppin' place goes out and buys a big one to really become antsville. SUPER tasty. They'll slice it up soon."

You nod. Dumping back a shot of some auburn alcohol the barman offered you and scoot back against her. For some reason all the thoughts in your head keep telling you to be as cheesy as popular. Luckily that seems to be working for her, so you oblige.

You: "Probably not the tastiest thing here!"
No. 835546 ID: 6dbb34
File 150762504560.png - (83.82KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-044.png )

Ryu: "Woah... I-I g-guess-"

You: "Easy there, girly. I thought dragons were supposed to be wise."

You slip your hands down and grab at that pliant dragon-ass, she does not complain but it looks like she might overheat.

She tries to play it cool by faintly chuckling, she opens her mouth but no words come out, and she curls her whiskers. You guess that if she minded she probably would have burned you with her fire breath or something by now. Score.
No. 835547 ID: 6dbb34
File 150762542697.png - (104.46KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-045.png )

You note the floor around you two begins to fill with more dancers and people pouring in through the front door, pressing up against you two as it fills. The spotlights that lit the room suddenly begin to point towards the chefs and their enormous fish, leaving the rest of the room much darker.

Ryu takes the opportunity to act distracted by the spectacle going on but it seems difficult for her with your hands on her ass. You suddenly feel a pinch on your hip.

You: "Ah, finally getting playful are we?" You ask Ryu, returning with a pinch to her rear.

Ryu: "Ow! W-what are you gabbing about, dummy... I did not do anything."

What do you do?
No. 835549 ID: 3ce125

Look for who pinched you.

Also check to make sure you didn't just get pick-pocketed.
No. 835550 ID: 50eb5a

Quick, get your boogie on, or heckle the chefs if its not as cool as everyone is making it out to be.
No. 835554 ID: 100607

Tell her to wait just a second and then turn to where the pinch came from. Check if there's someone obviously staring at you, or running away.
No. 835558 ID: 094652

Are you going to do the "pickpockets get their hands chopped off" thing?
No. 835559 ID: 600f38

Pickpocket after the coin.
No. 835560 ID: be0718

Check inventory.
No. 835570 ID: 91ee5f

>I did not do anything.
Check to make sure someone didn't take your stuff!
No. 835601 ID: 6dbb34
File 150766597949.png - (37.31KB , 500x500 , Currentitems.png )

Wait a minute... something does not seem right. You hold Ryu a bit away and glance around yourself.

>Check inventory

Your bag is gone! Someone must have cut the string and then made off with it!
No. 835602 ID: 6dbb34
File 150766610041.png - (23.48KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-047.png )

In the distance you see a streak of orange hurry through the crowds and dash through the door as it closes. No one else seems very phased as they were distracted by the music or the scene.
No. 835604 ID: 6dbb34
File 150766617515.png - (67.66KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-046.png )

When the crowd seems to close back up, blocking your way through.

Ryu: "W-whats wrong there, Saito?" She seems to notice you are all shook up.

What do you do?
No. 835606 ID: 2fe26a

Ryu, some lout just lifted my loot. We need to boogie our way out of this crowd and give chase!
No. 835608 ID: 91ee5f

>"W-whats wrong there, Saito?"
"Someone just stole my money and ran out the door!"

>What do you do?
Chase after that thief! They took the Jade Coin! Without it, you might not be able to get back home!
No. 835613 ID: 76b56f

Ryu seems like a connected girl. See if she knows anyone who can help you out here
No. 835626 ID: 100607

Tell her someone just stole your stuff.
The jade and all them gold coins..
Tell her you're gonna chase after them. She will probably follow you.
No. 835639 ID: be0718

You gotta hop on that hog and re-grab your bag!
Try intimidating your way through the crowd with kung-fu moves. If all else fails, pelvic thrust.
No. 835747 ID: 830fb7

Say: "My stuff" and proceed to chase them. If she asks again say your stuff was stolen by a guy with a splotch tipped mat coloured bushy tail.
No. 835779 ID: 6dbb34
File 150770910116.png - (105.83KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-048.png )

You: "Someone just stole my bag with all my things!" You dodge and push through the crowd as best you can, but it is difficult and takes you longer than you wished.

You finally reach the outside and spy a black cart race and screech down the road. You shout out at him.

You: "NO ONE can steal my stuff right off me! I'll get it back, you thief!"

You try to keep an eye on the cart but it zig-zags between the others on the road and dodges behind a corner, not to be seen again.
No. 835781 ID: 6dbb34
File 150770967120.png - (146.38KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-049.png )

You see Ryu burst through the door a few moments later. She draws a little handle which flicks out into a knife. Looks like she is almost disappointed there was no fight.

Ryu: "Aww man that's some jive-ass shit right there, daddy-o. I was ready for a rumble and everything!"

You: "Yeah, he stole all my money and my jade! How are we supposed to find him in a city like this!"

Ryu: "Well... Maybe I know someone who can help us find out who this turkey was, but, he is kinda. Well; a real 'Mack Daddy' as they say. Whatever that means."

You MIGHT be able to try using your tracking skills to find this guy, but Ryu is offering some help. Somehow you think if you still had a yumi then you would still have your money.
No. 835782 ID: e4b014

Ryu's help is probably going to be more effective than your tracking, no offense.
No. 835784 ID: 3ce125

You have no experience tracking in THESE conditions. Not unless you literally have magic tracking abilities. I mean look at the road- it's hard as rock. Nothing's leaving a trace of passage.

Tell Ryu that you would appreciate the help, if it's not too much trouble. The date was going so well too...
Was the cart heading towards the shop where you exchanged your currency?
No. 835792 ID: 100607

Oh well. Give her butt another grab and tell her you'd appreciate it.

I don't think giving her information about the thief (fox), or telling her about the car would be helpful at this point.
No. 835793 ID: 830fb7

The only other person who knew you had the jade and gold was that shopkeeper that traded with you. go ruff him up and see if he squeals its location.
No. 835804 ID: 91ee5f

>Ryu offers to help.
Accept her offer.

>You MIGHT be able to try using your tracking skills to find this guy
I agree with this: >>835784 , you've got no experience in tracking these carts or tracking in these conditions!

I also agree with thinking about if it went towards the shop.

This is true. And that Aki was very insistent on trying to get that Jade Coin from you, especially considering how much money he was offering you for it!

Why don't you ask Ryu if it's possible that Aki sent someone to steal back his money and that Jade Coin?
No. 835806 ID: 830fb7

If you look at the number plate it looks like it says AIr. If that's his plate number it'll be easier to find it's owner.
No. 835807 ID: b9b4da

Alright, you gotta ask: What year is it? You've never seen a carriage like that, and while it's clearly not 1100, there are computers and things, so it doesn't... seem like? 1950 either. You're not the only one feeling a little anachronistic right now.
No. 835897 ID: be0718

Your tracking skills are so old school, they might just work, eventually. Ryu's going to work a lot faster though. Do it her way.
No. 835972 ID: 76b56f

Considering the smartphones and neon from before, I think its modern times. It's just tokyo is a weird town, and I think Ryu is one of those yoyogi rockabillies
No. 835988 ID: 6dbb34
File 150777212890.png - (100.56KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-50.png )

While you know that trying to track a cart like that through a city like this would truly be a test of your legendary skills, you don't feel like spending that much time. Instead you accept the help Ryu offered.

Ryu reaches into one of her many pockets and draws forth a black stone tablet. After a few moments she holds it up to her ear and begins to speak.

Ryu: "Yo, Prince Mackdaddy Flava Fresh?"

She does not seem very amused.

Ryu: "Yeah, I know, I know. His-majesty, King Prince Mackdaddy Flava Fresh... I'm callin' because a pal and I were touring one of your fine establishments when his loot got lifted."
Ryu: "Yup, right through your own front door!"
Ryu: "Sure, see ya here Big Daddy Flava Fresh..."

Ryu looks back to you. "He will be here in ten minutes, he says."

The whole conversation confused you, since she was talking to someone else. A king apparently, but none you have heard of before. Probably foreign.

You have another ten minutes to wait. Your loot probably getting further and further every moment, but it leaves another chance to chat with Ryu.
No. 835997 ID: 792ea9

Ask her if she normally turned red when being flirted with or something along those lines
No. 836000 ID: daa216

Chat nothing. Tell her if you have ten minutes you might as well continue where you left off and then start getting close again.
No. 836003 ID: 91ee5f

"From the look on your face, I'd say that was someone you don't really like talking to, correct? What is this person like?"
No. 836099 ID: 6dbb34
File 150779331470.png - (100.40KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-051.png )

You inch in close and Ryu starts to take notice.

You inch in even closer.

You: "Well, since we have ten minutes, might as well get back to what we were doing before."

Ryu: "HAHA! Doing what!! I Don't remember what you mean we weren't doin' nothin'! You're so jive, Saito, you a crazy cat!"

She blushes somehow through her red scales.

You: "So do you normally turn red(er) when someone flirts with you?" You give her waggly eyebrows.

Ryu: "Uh... Not a lot of people flirt like that with me. I'm usually the one doing the flirting like that..." She starts to sweat.
No. 836104 ID: 13fded

Try not to think about the possibility of Ryu been one of your descendants...
No. 836107 ID: 3ce125

Oh, she likes to take charge, huh? Well tell her to go right ahead then.
No. 836111 ID: 100607

Yeah, I'd guess that normal males would keep their distance from this gang member girl. So she probably never actually had anyone fearlessly flirt with her before. So lonely!

Hmm, what to do with Ryu for 10 minutes.. some of the ideas I could come up with would be:
-Go back into the club
-Play with her hair
-Spank her butt
-Hold her hand (+ maybe kiss it)
-Compliment her lips (+ maybe kiss her)

But I can't quite decide on which option would be the best.

The whole reason why we were able to get close to her was probably because we were in charge. Also, the way I imagine her being in charge is femdom-style heh.
No. 836118 ID: f7e6cc

This dragon is too cute.
No. 836129 ID: daa216

See if you can get to first base and possibly round second?
No. 836144 ID: be0718

Ask her if she likes it.

I'm pretty sure we're far enough removed if that's the case.
No. 836166 ID: 91ee5f

>"Uh... Not a lot of people flirt like that with me. I'm usually the one doing the flirting like that..."
Then we must've caught her off guard when we flirted with her like that!

This! Let's see what she's got!
No. 836180 ID: 2fe26a

Show us what you got, lady!
No. 836181 ID: 8b2654

Draw her in close.
"Such is the curse of the warrior; living through intimidation and violence is antithetical to gentle affection. It is natural to crave that which is outside your reach, and there is always the fear that to try would be to open a vulnerability."
Lean in and whisper in her ear.
"How does it feel, getting what you could never ask for? My respect for you only grows; most are too afraid to allow themselves to exist beyond their mask."
No. 836209 ID: 76b56f

Yeah it for sure seemed like Ryu was taking charge when we first met her, chatting with the waitress and stringing you along to her stops and all. This is probably a good thing that you fluster her with your wiley ronin ways
No. 836478 ID: 6dbb34
File 150793242237.png - (140.65KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-052.png )

You stand around for a moment before opening conversation.

You: "Well. If you normally take charge, what's the difference? I'm the same way, actually. Always messing with the cutest girls I find."

She chuckles and scoots a bit closer to you.

Ryu: "Well... I don't mind it... I think it's pretty-"

All of the sudden blaring music is heard flying down the road. Cutting her off.

An impressive purple cart that seems way too shiny to belong to just anyone rolls up. The deep toned funky music filling the air.

If this is him, that was nowhere near ten whole minutes.
No. 836479 ID: 6dbb34
File 150793258765.png - (63.97KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-053.png )

The door swings wide and the music blasts louder when it does. A single boot of glass is the first thing that steps out. Is... It filled with fish?
No. 836480 ID: 6dbb34
File 150793384928.png - (121.77KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-054.png )

A moment later the rest of him is seen, and two babes clutching his arms. A raccoon wearing a strange outfit, covered in gold and jewels. Even some of his teeth are gold In his hat and almost falling out of his pockets are notes and notes of paper money. He wields a goblet of gold and a cane.

King: "Ahh, Ryu! Long time no see." He says, lifting his chalice up to her then taking a drink."

Ryu: "Yeah, what's good Prince."

Snakebabe: "That's His-majesty to you, chickie!"

King: "Easy, honeys. I ain't in the mood, here on business remember?" He pets the snake and the sheep girl on their snoots.

King: "So whatcha deal with cat? Some bitch lift your loot?"

This guy seems almost comical, but he has a lot of gold. Probably connections too.
No. 836481 ID: 100607

Damn, that's some funky-ass footwear. Thumbs up for originality!

Tell him he's got style and a nice place, but his reputation is going down the drain since you couldn't even have a little bit of fun without getting sacked after a few minutes.

You can also tell him that, based on the tail, it looks like it was a fox that did you in, and that their.. ride looked somewhat similar to his, with the word "Air" inscribed on the back plate.
No. 836482 ID: be0718

He must be royalty from a foreign land! Show your respect.
Explain that someone pinched your wallet and sundry possessions right off the dance floor before getting away in a less fancy car than his. A sharp loss, as you were traveling pretty light for someone far from home. We beseech his aid in tracking down this criminal!
No. 836490 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him that it was someone with an orange fur covered tail and when you chased them, they sped away in a black cart with "AIr" written on a little sign on the back of the cart.

If he was royalty, then Ryu would be all over him like those other girls are. He's probably not actual royalty, but he's close enough that every considers him to be royalty.

But whether he is actual royalty or not, don't offend him! You're going to need his help!

>Damn, that's some funky-ass footwear. Thumbs up for originality!
Actually, those types of shoes have been around since the 70s IRL. They also died in the 70s. Although, sometimes pimps, like this guy, wear them because it completes their "pimp" look.
No. 836515 ID: daa216

This part of japan is weird... Tell the pimp you didn't get a look at the person who fleeced you, but you did see them ride away in a black cart with fins on the back.
No. 836582 ID: f9bb11

Im getting flashbacks from downtown tokyo. Tell the king that his territory is getting dishonored by thievery in broad daylight, and compliment him on his babes and golds
No. 836586 ID: 830fb7

Bowing down in a Traditional Japanese manner
"Sorry to disturb you my lord but my bag was just stolen from inside of your fine establishment, I would not have disturbed you and your honourable concubines had I known you where royalty and if I had any other means of locating them."
(showing your respect for members of royalty like a true samurai would)
No. 836744 ID: 6dbb34
File 150803928247.png - (138.43KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-055.png )

He seems like he could be some form of foreign nobility, and as such, you bow to him like you would a foreign noble. He seems to take it well.

You: "A thousand pardons for being a bother, lord King, but as Ryu had described, a rogue had robbed me of all my gold and possessions just inside the tavern there. She suggested you may be able to lend a hand."

He steps up to you mid bow, pushing past his babes. Looking you up and down, as if judging your worth.

King: "Yo, man, I'm DOWN for that whole boo-shi-dough deal, tell ya what. I'll lend my hand, I'll be able to find your foxy thief, easy. Any distinguishing features?"

You: "Hmn. His cart had fins on the rear, and the letters AIr on the sign behind it. Whatever that means."

The raccoon steps past you towards the bar.

King: "Hmmmn. Interesting. I'll help, but, I seen those old samurai movies. Honor code dictates I scratch your back, you scratch mine." He looks back towards you and tilts his hat. "When the time comes, of course."

He twirls his cane around and begins to head into the bar. "Yo, where mah hos at!" He taps his cane to the ground, and the two girls by his cart, along with a few others from the crowds nearby flock to his side. You always had a bit of envy for this part of nobility.

He shouts back at you as he passes through the door. "It's gonna take a full day, at least for me to get in touch with my boys! Ill call Ryu when its done! Nice outfit! Reminds me of that one Yojimbo movie. Damn I love me old films!"

With that he enters and the street outside the bar is mostly silent once more.
No. 836745 ID: 6dbb34
File 150803990961.png - (115.58KB , 500x500 , wandererthink.png )

This leaves you with a moment or two to collect your thoughts.

You are obviously still in Japan you think. You can read all or most of the characters written on the signs, so it's not Korea, or China. If this is Edo, it's no Edo you recognize, since you've been through it in the past. Something magical happened with you, Naomi, your jade coin, and the spring. You can only imagine that this is some time in the future, as that is the word you clung to when you had blacked out.

You figure you are going to need your coin back if you want to ever return home and return to your quest for The Legendary Village of Single Babes written in your journal that was also stolen. After retrieving your stuff, you will have a chance to figure out what you need to do actually use it... Odds are there are probably priests or monks or something around here that might be able to give you a clue.

All in all, you are in a bit of a pinch. It's not like you haven't been completely broke in the past, in fact you were just a couple days ago, but in this future, you doubt you can make enough money for a room for the night with the few hours left in the day. Maybe its a good thing you've been busy getting with Ryu, and now you can try getting busy with her. Maybe she can let you stay at her place tonight.

Or find out some other way to learn more about the times, place, or anything.
No. 836746 ID: 5767a6

We've had a long day, let's go back to the dragons place.
No. 836747 ID: daa216

I suppose we should wait a bit for him to come back out with what info he has. Also the "Air" in Belair was in Japanese? Thats different.
No. 836749 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Ryu, "Now, where were we before that thief so rudely interrupted us? Oh, yeah. Now I remember."

Then get really close to her and say, "We were busy getting to know each other.~~~" Don't forget to waggle your eyebrows at her!
No. 836750 ID: be0718

Better stay with Ryu since she's your point of contact with King. In fact, you should find a few more points of contact with her...
No. 836752 ID: 387b2b

He said a whole day before he gets anything solid. And the AIr, I think was written that way just for simplicity's sake since Wanderer usually writes the background stuff in japanese anyways
No. 836754 ID: fe7355

You may need to use the same spring you dropped the jade coin in to get back to your time. Do you remember where you were back then? What towns and cities were around and your location relative to Edo? If you do know roughly where you were back then, then you'll need a current map of Japan to track it down. Ask Ryu where you can go to view a current map of the whole of Japan. You can only hope that where the spring lay hasn't been built over by a city expanding like Edo apparently has. But besides that, you are curious as to how much has changed besides Edo's name to Tokyo.

Also consider the possibility that Naomi got flung across time and space like you did. If you do need her in order to get back to the past, then you can only hope she ended up near you and not years in the past or future or hundreds of miles away.
No. 836772 ID: 100607

Ask Ryu about staying at her place, and if she wants to go there now, or stay here for a while longer.
No. 836774 ID: f9bb11

This is a tough one. I'm wondering if maybe we can somehow get Ryu to help us out, bring us to an internet cafe or something so we can learn some more about the coin or anything else out there. It could be a good chance for us, but as a ronin, we don't have much use for anything beyond furthering our own goal, which so far has been booty.

So as long as we get home, maybe rooming with Ryu would be a good idea, since we decided to talk to the street toughs instead of any other kawaii japanese girl.
No. 836927 ID: 6dbb34

The real question. Would you a butch dragon girl
No. 836934 ID: 9876c4

That's not a question, it's an answer. To Life.
No. 837344 ID: 6dbb34
File 150822911751.png - (107.34KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-056.png )

You return to Ryu and give her the works. Eyebrow waggle and all.

You: "Well then Ryu, Seeing what His Majesty said, that's a whole day. All my money and gold was stolen, mind if I come crash with you for a bit?"

You really push it. Closing and leaning in until she almost starts to shake, because for some reason bullying the dragon girl is something that comes naturally to you and the thoughts in your head.

Ryu: "S-sure! That's cool with me Saito... We can hit the gravel I guess..."

The two of you head back over to her ride and hop on. She tells you that her place is a bit of a ride from here, so you get to exchange a few words with her at each stop you make.
No. 837345 ID: 6dbb34
File 150822927937.png - (56.62KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-057.png )

Eventually the sun begins to set by the time you reach her building. The shops all around begin to close down, and the two of you climb off her mount. You start your way through the building and are a few steps up the stairs when Ryu tells you to just stand in what she calls the 'lift' with her. Soft music plays, and she seems to be very embarrassed because when your eyes meet, she looks away.
No. 837346 ID: 6dbb34
File 150822958114.png - (156.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-058.png )

By the time you reach the 20th floor, the doors of the lift open and you step out. Ryu guides you over to her room and unlocks the door. Inside she immediately takes her jacket off, revealing what she calls her hawaiian shirt.

Ryu: "My bads, cat. Sorry for the mess, I did not expect anyone over."

She hurry's over to the only other room in the place and locks the door behind her. She says to wait a minute while she uses the restroom.
No. 837347 ID: 6dbb34
File 150822982099.png - (139.50KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-059.png )

You remove your geta and set them by the door, where Ryu had done the same to her large heavy boots.

The room ahead is really small. Only maybe five or six mats in total. A glowing screen sits atop a small table with a chair nearby, many posters line the walls, and small figurines atop the desks.

More floral images as well, and a necklace of flowers near metal jars on the counter by a large mirror. Clothing and platters seem to be spread around.

You are in a girl's room, but... Are those underwear?
No. 837349 ID: 76b56f

shiet well I guess its kinda close to what I expected. Make the best of your opportunity and look through her stuff
No. 837351 ID: daa216

Inspect the posters on the wall. The artwork will tell us more about what our host enjoys in life.
No. 837354 ID: 13fded

Looks like Ryu is found of ladies. That is probable the reason she have such a confidant attitude in general but is so embarrassed with your advances.
I get that the priority is to get into her pants, but at some point you should clarify your out of time situation and ask about the weird stuff.
No. 837355 ID: 100607

What a strange room. This is unlike anything you remember. Check the glowing screen. Light coming out of a square object? Could it be a portal or something? You should touch it to make sure.

Whatever happens, try not to overreact and just act cool no matter how weird you find it to be. You should assume that everything here is normal to people in this town and that it doesn't say anything special about them.

Once Ryu returns, ask her if she lives alone here. Also, what does she do to pass the time? On that note, you could propose some.. activities to her.
No. 837356 ID: 830fb7

He is to old to know what air conditioning is, I really want to see his reaction to this technical marvel of an object that blows cold air at him. I guess there always is the posters and figures to look at though.
No. 837368 ID: 35089a

oh my whats that peeking out at the bottom there
No. 837380 ID: 2fe26a

So much underwear! And all of it's hers? Such luxury.
Inspect the figurines. Be they deities or renowned warriors? The right one looks familiar.
No. 837400 ID: 842db9

Is that a happy trail I spy

Also is that monmusume I spy

examine the posters, this dragon may have great taste too
No. 837407 ID: b9b4da

Uh ohh, looks like there's only one bedroll!
Honestly though, I think you're wearing enough furs to make a comfortable nest if she's not comfortable sharing.
No. 837410 ID: 3ce125

Check out the tiny boxes by the big flat thing.
No. 838180 ID: 6dbb34
File 150847308694.png - (140.40KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-060.png )

First you decide to glance at the artwork.

You move to get a better view, and stand to admire. It seems like Ryu might like girls almost as much as you do. You like the whole islander deal too.

The whole deal seems to be girls in grass skirts and different carts. There is a bunny girl you think you saw before in town on some other pictures, and a poster describing 'Every day life with monster girls' You don't think that is every day life, even in an Edo like this one.

The screen has an island thing, with a woman holding a stringed instrument. It seems complex as when you touch the screen nothing happens.

You consider how it would be taking shears to a grass skirt islander girl if you ever encountered one.
No. 838193 ID: 3ce125

Check out her little boxes next.
No. 838197 ID: daa216

Maybe make yourself a little more comfortable and a little less dressed for when she comes back.
No. 838213 ID: 100607

Perhaps she's richer than you thought considering how much artwork she's able to afford.

I guess you should sit down at the table and wait for Ryu.
No. 838224 ID: 5767a6

When she returns find out where her trail goes, might lead to some treasure...
No. 838392 ID: eda54c

ask her if she ever shaves... you know... down there
No. 838641 ID: 6dbb34
File 150866123537.png - (104.30KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-061.png )

You decide that even though you are like thirty stories up it's still a house, and you are her guest, so you remove your sword.


Might as well remove the whole belt and second sword while you are at it too. Placing your armor and furs down. She would probably want you to be comfortable after all.
No. 838644 ID: 6dbb34
File 150866172904.png - (162.87KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-062.png )

You examine the stack of books near her dresser. It looks like these books are mostly art describing stories... Romance novels? Books about fighting and school children and monster girls mostly it seems.

Besides that there are some wider books marked 'Magazines'. Lets see here. "Swimsuits: Otters Editions: Foreign Rated #1 (Full body fold out!), "Muscle Cars: How To Hotrod for Japs!", and "Ten Reasons You Should Eat Raw Food!"

There also seems to be large hard boards marked 'Tunes'. Mostly covers of foreign musicians or something it seems.

Most of this seems odd to you
No. 838645 ID: 13fded

"covers of foreign musicians" How the hell do you understand this concept? Cover of a musician? Boxes of "music"? The so familiar locals imitating a foreigner cultural costume you never saw?
I get banging the dragon is more important than understanding what is going on, but how much bullshit you will pretend to be normal before start to ask some questions?

Take a look at the porn. I'm sure it's something that interest you and you never say in with such quality.
No. 838646 ID: 3ce125

Flip through one of those action books while you're waiting. At least you know what to do with the books.
No. 838648 ID: 019ede

I think he meant that the box they were in was marked 'tunes', but looking at the cover of Elvis you can't argue he does not look like a musician there. An American would definitely look foreign to a japanese samurai.

Assuming its more rockabilly stuff its probably more people with guitars and stuff like that, so that's assumable, the musician part anyways.

As for the acting cool thing, that was established as soon as we left the park. It was decided we had to pretend everything we see would be normal for the people around and to just bare it even if it was odd to us.

But I agree, we need to start asking Ryu some questions. We know this is Edo turned Tokyo, because they mentioned it being Edo like 500 years ago, we know it's the future, and there is not a lot of stuff we can figure out for our self unless its marked specifically in japanese.

Maybe when Ryu comes out of the bathroom we should just tell her we are a ronin from the distant past and the only way we think we can return is that magical jade coin the fox stole.

Would that accomplish much though? Maybe she can teach us a bit about this place though.
No. 838650 ID: 13fded

To be honest I don't even think Saito should be asking questions before banging Ryo. If the oddity of the situation or the suspicion of insanity prevent the intercourse most of the things he did since his arrival would be time wasted on a failed enterprise.
The thing is his acting like everything is normal is just that, an acting. He shouldn't understand photographies, electronic music and pretty much everything else.
That is why I think a magazine with pictures of beautiful naked women should blow his mind! Even though this is Japan and everything is censured...
No. 838651 ID: 950990

I don't think we should tell her anything just yet. We might get tossed out if she think's we are crazy. Just bring it up in pillow talk after.

Speaking of which, examine the smol otter girls
No. 838660 ID: 100607

I think you've done enough peering into Ryu's private stuff for now. Sit tight and wait for her.
No. 838672 ID: daa216

I vote for sitting down and waiting for our host.
No. 838686 ID: be0718

Tempting, but just sit and wait in a not-so-revealing pose for now.
No. 838912 ID: b15da4

Examine monstergirls. Why are so many of them hybridized with some hairless... thing? How unnatural. Maybe it's a hunting guide.
No. 839443 ID: 6dbb34
File 150891508588.png - (93.23KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-063.png )

You take a seat. Thinking about all this stuff around you is getting to be a bit too much. Objects that light up and move with no flames or shadows, horseless carriages and so many people flooding the streets.

You don't think you would like to stay around this new Edo. At least the magic you had encountered the nights before in the woods with the Chinese sorceress were relatively easy to grasp since you heard stories about it in the past.

Most of this stuff is ridiculous, and the fact you were able to hold your cool this far is because you feel like showing how odd everything is would only make you an outcast and even harder for you to return your coin.

You resign not to tell Ryu about yourself yet. Later though. Soon.
No. 839447 ID: 6dbb34
File 150891545144.png - (113.64KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-064.png )

You glance at the pictures of monsters across the room, remembering the actual monster you have fought, they must be just as horrible as the ogre. If not worse judging by the detail the artist painted it in.

A moment later, Ryu returns from the side room. She walks softly, and she seems a bit shorter after removing her boots. Not by much though.

She seems to see you have made yourself a bit more comfortable.

Ryu: "S-so... What do you wanna do? I could... Stream a movie or show or something... Order a pizza?"

She can't help but let her eyes drag back towards you, even though you are being pretty modest with your robe still on your shoulders and fundoshi tied.

How do you respond
No. 839450 ID: 13fded

I have many ideas for what I wanna do.
No. 839455 ID: 3ce125

Sure, that sounds good.
No. 839459 ID: 91ee5f

"Pizza? What is this pizza you speak of? I don't have that where I'm from."
No. 839460 ID: 81e384

"I'm your guest so I'm fine with anything you might offer. But if it was up to me, I'd sit you in my lap and hold you all night long."
No. 839463 ID: 094652

"Do you have a sushi riceball I could crack open?"
No. 839481 ID: be0718

Stream a movie? But I don't see any streams around here.
No. 839484 ID: daa216

Ask her if everything is alright. She seems nervous about something.
No. 839489 ID: 4854ef

Pizza's some local oddball name. Just say she can order some if she'd like.
No. 839502 ID: b9b4da

She's not used to dates being this forward, but she's already said she doesn't mind it.
Let us do both of those things you don't know what they are. (Perhaps Blue Hawaii will give you some insight into her personal hero.)
No. 839763 ID: 6dbb34
File 150898402155.png - (124.14KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-065.png )

You: "I'm your guest so I'm fine with anything you might offer."

Ryu begins pulling out her little device and holds it to her ear.

You: "...But if it was up to me, I'd sit you in my lap and hold you all night long."

She stutters mid sentence and just manages to spout out 'The Usual' before putting it back into her pocket. She moves around and grabs at a few objects around the room, and suddenly the black mirror in front of the table lights up.

Monsters... Moving across the mirror. You reach for your wakizashi on the ground, but notice Ryu has sat down besides you. She looks frazzled.
No. 839764 ID: be0718

Cool it down before she overheats!
No. 839765 ID: 3ce125

Ask what this is.
No. 839767 ID: 91ee5f

Ask what this thing is with the monsters is. You don't have one where you're from.
No. 839782 ID: 13fded

Hug her and quietly observe. See how she react and advance accordingly.
No. 839784 ID: 9876c4

enter the dragon
No. 839796 ID: daa216

She is still quite fully dressed. An odd thing. Ask her if she is uncomfortable by your presence and inform her that she need not to still be in full silks if she wants to relax with you.
No. 839803 ID: 66a4ca

Tell her that she looks a bit tense. Offer a back massage.

Also, make small talk. Ask if she lives here alone. If she lived here all her life etc.
No. 839810 ID: 6dbb34
File 150900270494.png - (98.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-066.png )

You sit there and eyeball the screen with caution. Ryu seems to notice you seem like you haven't seen this before.

She tells you its a 'sorta slice of life, harem type deal.' and ends that it is kind of cheesy but everyone likes it. Her especially.

You note most of the characters in the moving artwork look like regular people, but some of them are obviously monsters. Much like the ogre you faced, and like others you have heard of. She seems pretty relaxed so you two settle in to watch for a bit.

You: "So. Have you lived here all your life?"

Ryu: "In Tokyo? Yeah. In this flat? Nah, moved in a couple years ago. Payments are easy to make and all that."

You note that she is close to you but sorta facing away, as though embarrassed. You scoot in.
No. 839811 ID: 6dbb34
File 150900275372.png - (120.34KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-067.png )

The show continues to play, and you actually kind of enjoy it. Your favorite part is the girls.

The monster girls especially, but which is the best girl?

You notice Ryu still seems tense, and you can't help but notice she is still fully dressed besides leaving her heavy boots at the door.

You: "Are you uncomfortable? You don't have to be fully clothed when relaxing in your own home, especially with me around."

She seems tense, so you toss an arm around her to tug her in a little closer. By about that time the entertaining pictures and music fade from the screen, and there is a knock on the door.

Ryu: "Ah! T-the food! I should get that, I think... But; you might be right. I can't be so square."
No. 839813 ID: 91ee5f

Let her go get the food.
No. 839815 ID: 387b2b

While she gets up to answer the door, NOW is when you relax into the seductive pose.

Also best girl is harpy
No. 839817 ID: 35089a

best girl is dragon
No. 839820 ID: 66a4ca

Best girl is Polt.

Oh? They brought food to her doorstep like to a queen. Perhaps she has a higher social standing than you thought. You should tell her to sit tight and that you'll go get the food for her.
No. 839828 ID: be0718

Didn't your mother tell you if you keep making that face, it's gonna get stuck that way? Make a silly face at her.
No. 839831 ID: 2fe26a

Rev up those eyebrows while she's turned to get the food.
No. 840324 ID: 6dbb34
File 150919012746.png - (94.14KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-068.png )

After seeing that they obviously brought the food to her door, not that something like that is unusual for a dragon, you move to get up before she does.

You: "Not to worry, Ryu, I'll get it!"

Ryu: "Uhh-"

Before she can say much you are pretty much at the door.

You silently decide to start making sillier faces to help break the ice
No. 840325 ID: 6dbb34
File 150919062441.png - (84.43KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-069.png )

Oh man Ryu's door again... Boy she always has so many chicks over, I wish I could join her club... Maybe... This time I'll ask her out!

You swing the door open, and in front of you is a young deer guy. He carries a large box and a flask and reads from a scroll nervously without looking up.

Deer: "T-that'll be a, uhh large supreme pizza and one Bepsi™ for Ryu."

His voice cracks but he continues.
No. 840327 ID: 6dbb34
File 150919091644.png - (105.04KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-070.png )

Deer: "Prepaid!" He says, looking up sorta stunned.

Odd, you aren't indecent or anything like that. Maybe he was just expecting Ryu.

You: "That's for us buddy, thanks. Ryu's back in there, resting her behind. Been riding all day after all!"

you throw up your finger with a little snap, holding the door open wide so the light from within shines out.

The Deer seems like he is out of it somehow
No. 840328 ID: 830fb7

Deer in headlights, you may need to take him in the room and treat him like an injured warrior at least till he wake up. I think at this point you should realise that what you are wearing is not what is known as acceptable in this area. Ask Ryu if there is something wrong with what you are wearing in the meanwhile.
No. 840331 ID: 66a4ca

Prepaid? How convenient! Pat him on the shoulder and tell him that you understand that life of a lowly servant like him must be hard. Then take the food and bring it to Ryu. Tell her that the deer person wasn't doing a very good job because he looked so dazed.
No. 840335 ID: 534033

take the boxes and shut the door. No need for small talk. You have anime to watch, pizza to eat, and a dragon to woo!
No. 840343 ID: be0718

Consider affixing your belt again. That doesn't seem to be the fashion nowadays.
No. 840349 ID: 3ce125

Ask if he is okay.
No. 840353 ID: 91ee5f

Just thank him for food and take it in to Ryu.
No. 840516 ID: 6dbb34
File 150924885190.png - (97.35KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-71.png )

You nobly pat the deer's shoulder. He is probably just frazzled from working a long time.

You: "I understand what difficulty it is being a lowly servant, but keep it up. You might end up servant to a shogun one day!"

You close the door after taking the bottle and box from him. Poor guy.

You set the box on the table, it's a bit big to be some kind of bento or anything similar. Ryu flips the cover open which reveals a meal of bread... and cheese?

She takes a slice and starts eating it like that. No chopsticks involved so you follow suite.

It is delicious and melts in your mouth! She pours you a cup of Bepsi™, which is bubbly and strong, but once again sweet. Why is everything in the future so sweet?
No. 840526 ID: 6dbb34
File 150924914282.png - (108.58KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-72.png )

You start making those faces you kept telling yourself to make, and turn back to Ryu.

You don't say anything, just motion exaggeratedly, she seems into it. You notice the 'show' she described has changed to something that looks more realistic. The musician you saw from before with the hair is talking and singing with islanders.

Neat, but what kind of boring night would it be if it was just like this?
No. 840529 ID: 5767a6

Alright now jump her bones!
No. 840569 ID: c23250

Try and spin it so you are bullying Ryu. I have always thought about dragon succ after all.
No. 840575 ID: be0718

One in which your job skills are severely outdated? Maybe you'll get to fend off an intruder in the night or something.
Let Ryu know you're happy to have made fast friends in the big city. And with the nobility no less!
No. 840611 ID: daa216

Work on undressing her. See if she matches up to the glorious tales you heard of the dragons of old.
No. 840613 ID: 3ce125

Tell a tale of your adventures as a wandering samurai to impress her!
No. 840640 ID: 66a4ca

Place your hand on her thigh and ask her if she's up for something more exciting. And then, unless she explicitly says no, you can move in for a kiss.
No. 840648 ID: 8de95d

Seconding this. Dragonsucc is an important thing.
No. 840650 ID: 019ede

Thirding, but go a step further and make it into a challenge. She seems like the kind to accept any challenge, and in doing so, tug your fundoshi off
No. 840652 ID: 6dbb34
File 150927230865.png - (86.62KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-73.png )

You sit up after another slice of pizza and a cup of Bepsi-Cola™, and begin to speak a moment or two after a more boring scene on the screen comes on. As much as you would like to brag about your skills or speak of your times wandering as a ronin, you still think you should save the explanations for a time when you are a bit 'closer' to Ryu.

You: "It's been a real pleasure getting to make such a good companion as soon as I got into town! Glad I did not just turn the other way when I saw those street toughs."

Ryu: "Heh, you're pretty cool yourself, daddy-o, and don't worry. We get that a lot."

You: "Oh yeah? You guys must be pretty fearless."

Ryu: "Only the most, cat. I ain't afraid of nothin', nobody, no-how."

You: "Hmn. What about earlier when I was hitting on you? You seemed pretty shook up."

Ryu: "Uhh-well-UH. You just surprised me! That's all! I'm usually the one in charge!"

You: "That might explain all the pictures of naked girls around... Haven't you ever even been with a guy before?"

Ryu: "Hey! What's that s'posed to mean!"

You: "Just that it seems like you don't have it in you to ever be with a man! Especially a man like me. Yoshida." You stand up and begin to stretch your back out a bit. Ryu takes a long sip from her Bepsi™.

Ryu: "Pfft, you think you are such hot stuff. I've been with guys before, and they always loved me. I'm the best after all!"
No. 840653 ID: 6dbb34
File 150927248844.png - (54.97KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-74.png )

You: "Prove it!"

Ryu: "P-prove it?"

You let your robes fall from your shoulders as you undo your fundoshi in a single tug. One of your signature moves.

No. 840655 ID: 6dbb34
File 150927264513.png - (89.81KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-75.png )

Ryu: "Prove it..."

She seems shy. She was talking big game a moment ago, but looks like she is choking under pressure.
No. 840659 ID: 66a4ca

First, free her hands by taking what she's holding and placing the stuff on the table.
Then guide her hand to your manhood and wrap her fingers around it. Let's see if she will know what to do!
No. 840678 ID: daa216

I second naileD's idea.
No. 840682 ID: 600f38

Yes, lets do this.
No. 840686 ID: 7dc051

I don't know, that might be pushing a little hard.
No. 840689 ID: be0718

Remember: Silly faces.
No. 840791 ID: 9c28e5

Take it slow, she might not be as experienced as you. Show her the pleasures of the flesh gently. Also this >>840689
No. 840998 ID: 6dbb34
File 150935848860.png - (89.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-76.png )

You gently reach forth and grip the drink from her hand and place it on the table besides you. She regains herself when she feels your member press against her hand.

Ryu: "Prove it? Aw man, Saito you think you are such a hot cat..."

Her hands are surprisingly warm and soft. She fidgets around on her knees.

Ryu: "There... C-come on now Saito, I proved it r-right?"

No. 841000 ID: 6dbb34
File 150935874455.png - (85.09KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-77.png )

You: "Not quite! Seems like you don't have the DRIVE to prove it."

She seems like she does not have the experience of being on this end of things, but she opens her mouth once more to reply, and no words come out. So you take a cheeky step forwards...

She looks like she is about to overheat,
but not opposed

No. 841001 ID: d50e3d

Now THIS is a good start. Keep it up, maybe she will get the picture and give you some fine dragonsucc. I remember you wanting to know whats the deal with those whiskers since dragons can move them and all that. Try challenging her a bit more it might rile her up and get her sopping
No. 841003 ID: 792ea9

Prove you're hot stuff too! Give her a bit of loving on. Stroke her cheek or get settled in a 69 position ?
No. 841012 ID: 66a4ca

Yeah, this isn't gonna work if she isn't going to use her mouth. Seems she's a virgin in this department. Looks like you're gonna have to give her some encouragement and show her the ropes. I mean, this isn't the first time you had to teach a girl how to give oral.

Lie to her that she's doing a really good job and that she's got talent. But also tell her that she could be even better if she tried moving her head a bit, so in a way covertly teach her. To use her lips, her tongue, to help with her hands etc.
No. 841013 ID: 600f38

Hand on the back of her head, and start gently guiding her.
No. 841043 ID: 8b3951

This. Let's not be selfish here.
No. 841116 ID: 9876c4

Let's be selfish here.
No. 841211 ID: daa216

Gently stroke her cheek or hair to calm her a bit. (also someone should probably list this now as an nsfw quest)
No. 841225 ID: 3ce125

At some point ask if she'd like to get more comfortable, so you can move this to the bed.
No. 841259 ID: 6dbb34
File 150943807220.png - (112.87KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-78.png )

You are right. It's not the first time you helped her out, and it looks like she could use a little encouragement in the form of another challenge. You give her a little wink.

You: "Not bad, but far from Proving It."

She grumbles and looks up at you as you hold onto the back of her head, but then she pulls back and speaks up.

Ryu: "Watch the hair dumbass..."

You oblige and move your hand to her cheek. She seems to collect herself afterwords, and follows your motions. Giving you the 'hows this?' look.

No. 841260 ID: 6dbb34
File 150943827098.png - (73.90KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-79.png )

Oh kami, she is actually very good at this, and you forgot just how cute dragongirls could be. She fidgets around, working on the buttons to her shirt and pants. You don't think you could last very long like that. That is one legendary dragonblow.
No. 841261 ID: 6dbb34
File 150943840830.png - (93.25KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-80.png )

You pull back panting, and she sits on her butt on her bedroll. She looks kind of frazzled.

Ryu: "I told you not to mess with my hair, dumbass cat..."
No. 841264 ID: 3ce125

"I'll make it up to you."
Then show her how good you are with your mouth.
No. 841266 ID: 66a4ca

Tell her that she definitely proved being good. In return, you'll prove to her that you're not so bad yourself.

Eat her out.
No. 841268 ID: 830fb7

"Ok then, let me make it up to you."
Reciprocate it, but take her to the edge before stoping and taking it to the next level.
No. 841278 ID: 792ea9

She's having a mad josuke moment! Tell her how atttactive her hair is and then go down on her.
No. 841282 ID: 600f38

No. 841578 ID: 6dbb34
File 150952780624.png - (116.46KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-81.png )

You: "Don't worry. I can make it up to you."

You crawl up between her legs and tug those absolutely sodden panties off and toss them onto the pile of your clothing.

The first touch of your tongue seems to just cause her to squirm around and almost writhe. It does not help you have Rough Cat Tongue. She gasps and whines and only lets out the occasional mean word to try and act tough.

No. 841580 ID: 6dbb34
File 150952806636.png - (104.24KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-82.png )

She grows almost warm enough down there to burn your tongue or singe your whiskers, so you pull back, and wipe your lips.

You: "I think your hair looks good when I mess it up!"

You heft her toned frame fully onto the nearby bedroll

Ryu: "W-what are we gonna do on the bed... Saito-kun~?"

No. 841584 ID: d5b588

We are going to play pancakes on the bed
No. 841585 ID: 393ae0

Really good job with the art so far. Enjoying the style.

Tell her not to worry and that you're gonna be very gentle. Forget the guys she's been with before because you're gonna show her a new world of pleasure!

Then proceed to have sex with her. Use various positions. You should know how to handle details.
No. 841587 ID: 792ea9

Edo style rompin
No. 841592 ID: daa216

Im going to take you to a whole new level of bliss.
No. 841634 ID: 3ce125

Hey don't forget birth control.
No. 841668 ID: 9876c4

Hey forget birth control!
No. 841669 ID: 66a4ca

There was no birth control 500 years ago!
No. 841725 ID: 9dc26d

Pulling out is birth control. So is cycle tracking.
No. 842165 ID: 6dbb34
File 150970100276.png - (75.50KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-83.png )

You: "How's about a real Edo style romp!"

She just timidly looks around as you ease close to her. Her body is warm and inviting, but she looks to the side.

Ryu: "U-uh... Maybe you should use that... Under the magazine."

No. 842166 ID: 6dbb34
File 150970109058.png - (73.70KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-84.png )

You turn your head to look onto one of her desks and spy what she means. You could have sworn it was not there before. She must have put it there while you were eating.
No. 842167 ID: 6dbb34
File 150970133693.png - (83.79KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-85.png )

You walk over to it and pick it up. The hell is this? Its one of those weird silvery coins you had before. This one seems a bit fancier somehow... It has a description on what to do on it in small print. Good thing too, if you took too much longer Ryu might have gotten curious.

'Birth control...' Hmmn... It seems odd, but if it means you can bust one inside without worrying about kids!

No. 842168 ID: 6dbb34
File 150970153163.png - (118.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-86.png )

You tug the condom on, and it seems odd... Constricting almost, but Ryu seems to insist. Not one to throw away a chance at hitting that, you ease over to her.

With a firm thrust you push into that soft dragon. Way too tight, but so slick. Poor girl feels like she's wanted it all day. She lets out little dragon noises.

No. 842169 ID: 019ede

Do her in, but make sure to get good views. This is something you are going to want to remember for posterity. Also keep those dragonpanties when you finish! Dragonpanties are good luck.
No. 842170 ID: 9876c4

Don't do it!

This world needs catragons in a big way!
No. 842171 ID: 3ce125

Ask if she likes it rough. Spanking or tail-pulling?

Regardless, give it your best and hang in there until she's satisfied.
No. 842180 ID: 66a4ca

Eh, I thought cats and dragons aren't compatible.

Yeah, try to finish at the same time she does. And then you can sleep with satisfaction. Assuming she would want that.
No. 842181 ID: 792ea9

shes gettung all submissive, so give her booty a few smacks. And be sure to xussle her afterwards.
No. 842182 ID: 792ea9

cuddle *
No. 842268 ID: 5767a6

Damn she has a sizeable rump! Hive her a couple of test slaps.
No. 843366 ID: 6dbb34
File 151011581822.png - (60.76KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-88.png )

You begin thinking of the logistics of catdragons. Usually, when there is a children between species, there seems to be mostly the children resembling the mother's race, with the father's features thrown in. Sometimes the other way around. Exceptions occur of course. Not that you care. Your motto seems to be, try to avoid children, because when you leave the mother for your quest you don't want any unknown kids coming to try and slay you in the future.

Suffice to say you are pretty sure you don't have kids. Pretty sure.


Why are you getting distracted, it's not often you can do in a dragon girl.

No. 843368 ID: 6dbb34
File 151011626985.png - (122.18KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-87.png )

You squeeze on that scaly rump, enjoying the little moans she lets out. The occasional slaps to that rear ring out and you glance down to get a good view as you near your finish. When your movements turn more to bucks, she squirms, her insides squeezing you all tight.

Suddenly, kenjataimu. You understand. You are here in your homeland, but hundreds of years into the future. The information you need, not only to return home, but to continue your quest could be available. You can learn about the wider world. This suddenly you feel small

No. 843371 ID: 6dbb34
File 151011660040.png - (102.81KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-89.png )

Suddenly you feel Ryu flop onto her bed weakly. She seems spent. You lay down a bit of a ways to her side, wrapping an arm around her waist, and tilting your head.

You: "Enjoy yourself there?"

Ryu: "You dumb tom-cat... I swear Saito!" She gasps out.

You give her the beverage of hers and lay back down besides. There is still a bit of time in the night before you should sleep for sure. Ryu seems pretty content.
No. 843372 ID: c23250

Ask her if she has any scrolls or books, or stuff to learn from, since you need some information about magic jade and maybe to see who the next shogun is going to be back in your time so you can be on their good side.

Or break it to her you are actually a ronin from the feudal era. Who knows how she could react to that though.
No. 843380 ID: 830fb7

Kiss the dragon.
No. 843382 ID: be0718

How can you feel small in such a tight space? Hohoho! You should ask her what's the fastest way to get the info you seek (internet) and look up that shrine from long ago, and perhaps the sorceress Chen.
No. 843413 ID: daa216

First cuddle the dragon. Business after you make sure she feels like this wasn't just you using her for sex.
No. 843428 ID: 66a4ca

Well, that was nice. Also, orgasms give you revelations? Sounds like we'll need more of those in the future then heh.

Tell her she looks really cute like this. And then go to sleep. Afterglow isn't a good time to talk about random things.
No. 843447 ID: 792ea9

After a nixe intimate snuggle, ask about looking into Japanese History. See if that shrine you were bathing in is still around
No. 843710 ID: c23250

Don't orgasms give you revelations too?

If I am not msitaken, kenjataimu the instant after orgasm that you are suddenly completely clear minded. For most of us it makes us full of regret to what we just fapped too I guess. To a well trained mind it could mean understandings.

Squeeze the dragon, ask if you can have some help finding some information. Words simple like that should get you what you need.
No. 843717 ID: 6dbb34
File 151020894827.png - (123.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-90.png )

You squeeze the dragon and rest for a while. Idly taunting her pliability. Watching the screen as the story of the islander musician and his good hair unfolds.

You tug her close, but notice the dragon girl yawn. You want to catch her before she gets too tired.

You: "So... Ryu, can you help me look up some information for my trip?"

Ryu: "Uhh, sure Saito. My computer is just right up there, go ahead."

You tense up, another strange gadget. You glanced at it before and it seems too odd for you to figure out on your own.

You: "Can you show me how it works? I'm a bit of a novice. Not much practice."

Ryu: "Eh? Don't they have computer lessons in the countryside? Come on you bumpkin."

You follow Ryu. The machine flickers to life, and it is pretty overwhelming, and makes you quite nervous actually. Not exactly a feeling you show often.

Ryu: "Well, you know how to write, and you can read, so you can use the computer. Just use the mouse to click and right click on things as you need them. Easy. What is the first thing you need to know about?"

You: "Err... Well, how are the repairs coming to the shrine near the village of Tsut?"

She takes a seat and begins to type. Pulling new screens and 'windows' as she calls them. Even another moving picture with some strangely dressed scholars explaining odd terms.

Ryu: "Uh... The village of Tsut is mentioned like once? Only one time in a story book about a monster hunter. I think this is the shrine you mean?"

She shows you pictures of the mountains and points to a single red tori gate. At least they have not changed much.

Ryu: "It says it was never used after the priestess abandoned it. All that remains is the Tori gate."

You: "How about the hotsprings?"

Ryu: "Nope. None in those mountains."

Your expression is pretty blank. You know which priestess that was. Damn it Naomi

She gets up and tells you to take her seat. She explains to you as best as you can, and looks like she is having fun of your struggle. You bear it enough to learn the absolute basics of operating this machine. It takes you about five minutes navigating the keys to write anything you need, but this is the chance to specifically find what you want. Ryu introduces you to a few websites to get started. Videos, information, and general search.

Ryu: "There, take it easy though, daddy-o. If you need help just ask."


Ryu: "Don't open my folder marked 'Reference'"

You aren't sure you can do this, but you can try. What do you do first?
No. 843720 ID: 3ce125

Well you can google Jade Coins, and you can also look up the history of this area.
No. 843727 ID: 66a4ca

Open the folder marked Reference.
No. 843729 ID: 91ee5f

Good idea.

But can we make it specifically to the coin that we had? Like searching for "jade coin with characters for Future, Peace, and Sacred Secret on it".

That way if it's part of a set, it'll show us other coins. Possibly show us who has been collecting them, so we know who might've taken our coin.
No. 843774 ID: be0718

Find the tale of this monster hunter.
No. 843787 ID: 13fded

Now might be the appropriate to explain you were born literally in the wrong age.
No. 843815 ID: 2fe26a

Navigate to Tgchan and start suggesting in your own quest.
No. 844016 ID: d50e3d

This might be a good chance to learn a bit about the world. I recommend searching for information regarding the coin, then just reading about the world. Who knows, the knowledge might come in handy, and maybe a bit of practice on the computer might do you good.

Just be very careful and do everything as Ryu showed you. Don't want to break anything or open any (folders) up by 'mistake'
No. 844718 ID: 6dbb34
File 151056563965.png - (127.42KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-91.png )

You begin searching for any mention of the jade coin. You try being as specific as you can, but no results. The further you get from specificity the more general your search results are.

You wind up finding jewelry shops, where jade is mined, and the properties of jade. It is said that in ancient times it was believed that jade had magical properties and was holy. Chinese royalty would grind pure jade into dust and add to their teas so as to heal them of any damage or sickness.

It is also said that jade is anathema to yokai or corrupted monsters and spirits. Able to hit hungry ghosts where normal unblessed steel could not.

Yeah you remember your sword barely scratching that ogre.

However, you do stumble on a page that has a picture of several jade objects, but it is written in a foreign language. So you simply write down the directory to the information as Ryu had shown you. With a bit more of her help you are able to get it down correctly.

Next, you decide to do a bit of digging about the lone story of a monster hunter.

It is said that the huntress trained from a young age to be able to slay any demon or monster that dared cross the veil into our lands. She had been tracking a great ogre through the mountains for many moons until finally she stumbled across a nameless ronin, in a battle of will against a white haired witch from a strange land.
No. 844720 ID: 6dbb34
File 151056639302.png - (136.84KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-92.png )

Damn that last painting really captured your glorious essence

Just as the witch was gaining an upper hand, the ogre crashed through the woods, and the witch fled. Leaving behind the now uncursed denizens of Tsut.

The huntress who was about to join the fight with the witch, instead was presented her target. She lined up the perfect shot, when suddenly the drunken ronin challenged the Ogre to combat, jumping in the way of the perfect shot before the huntress could place it.

The ogre left the drunken ronin flat on the ground as his sword merely bounced off of his rugged flesh. Leaving the final battle to the lone huntress.

This painting is much less flattering.

You see in her hand, clasped a magical kris knife, like she had described. Under the painting there is text that said the following.

'Note the magical dagger described in the painting and story are of a strange design for this period in Japanese history. Reminiscent of european curving daggers, references found 'Here''
No. 844723 ID: 6dbb34
File 151056663741.png - (60.32KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-93.png )

The rest of the story described her quest in finding the witch once more who she suspected in releasing more vile monsters into the realm, only to find out she did not release any.

She faced dragons, oni, kirin, and angry spirits along the way, while the drunken ronin abandoned the monster huntress.

You can't help but feel unsatisfied with the ending of the story since it had very little mention of you. You did save the villagers after all. You think.

Besides that, you don't think you learned much of the jade or the coin. What else should you do on the computer? You still don't think you've really got it. For the most part you are stumbling around blind.
No. 844728 ID: 094652

What about that ID card you found in the bag?
No. 844730 ID: 66a4ca

Open the folder marked 'Reference' when she's not looking.

Also, if you still have the stolen wallet, look up that Kiyoshi guy who's on the picture.

Try to search for a "famous tanuki". Or "Naomi". If she was also transported to this age, then maybe she's gotten famous enough to be searchable. Or "local arrests" in case she got arrested heh.
No. 844744 ID: 13fded

Complain loudly about how that wasn't what happened!
"The enchantress was doing some magical bullshit, but other than that her gang was a bunch of normal bandits. You didn't just stumbled across the huntress, you had to rescue her from the enchantress.
I bet Kisumi left this part out. Madam Chen wanted to dress her like a doll. I don't know what was up with that.
And what upper hand was that crazy lady getting? I defeated all her goons before that ogre appear. I didn't got to see her doing any spell against me. I suspected she was all talk and underhanded tactics.
And yes, I screw up with that ogre, but I never saw anything like that in my life. And I didn't prevented her from shooting him. In fact her shoot was the reason he got angry and decided to trow me instead of eating my head."

We got to find a way to go back. Stop Kisumi from telling lies about us and waste her time chasing that loud mouth gang boss. The girl know/knew a lot about the supernatural but she was bad at dealing with normal criminals.
No. 844759 ID: b9b4da

Look up the face in the wallet and tackle your next technological challenge: the talky box.
No. 844771 ID: 91ee5f

Look up the name of this guy: >>831791 .

>Open the folder marked 'Reference' when she's not looking.
No, don't do that.
No. 844797 ID: 33cbe7

You can edit that page yourself to better reflect your heroic deeds, you know!
Speaking of villages, maybe this thing knows where that legendary village of maidens was located.
No. 845344 ID: 8de95d

I vote searching through the internet about information on the world beyond japan. The lands of Wa are expansive, sure, but imagine all the exotic cuties like those islanders in the lands beyond. Plus all the cool history to learn about.
No. 845456 ID: 6dbb34
File 151082080213.png - (93.42KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-94.png )

You: "Unbelievable! How can anyone get history so wrong! With only one mention of me in all the books... Even with my time as a proper samurai... Not even my name either!"

You slump in your seat. You never thought being almost completely forgotten would sting as it does. It is strange though, as back in your time you were a swordsman of high renown.

Either way you need to get back to your time so you can get Kisumi to not chase the witch, find the proper source of those beasts, and maybe if you stick around with her you will be able to get even more renown, and be known through more paintings and stories.


If only you could find more information about that jade coin... Or that knucklehead of a tanuki.

You doubt historical texts can find anything about her, but you give it a hearty go.

Your search immediately pays off. Or so you think. There are no names or pictures, just the same style articles everywhere.

>Strange trickster steals clothes off of cosplayers

>Witnesses spot a tanuki woman trying to start a fight with a bus

>Mysterious disappearing sake and doughnuts. Leaves left in their places.

Almost no one had seen anything useful or told you where they are, so you think locating your coin from the thief would probably still be your top priority. Naomi does not seem like she would fly under the radar, so you could probably find her easy.
No. 845459 ID: 6dbb34
File 151082112373.png - (53.32KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-095.png )

You decide to spend your time trying to catch up on the last half a thousand years or so of history.

It is shocking to say the least. Especially the history of this land of yours. You then turn your attention to the lands surrounding. By first clicking the "reference" The 'page' about the monster hunter described. Bringing you to stories and text of a land now known as Europe. You know of some europeans. You've seen the girls on some boats once or twice whenever they are rarely allowed into port. Fine. Exotic. Women.

You spend the next several hours trying to catch up as much as you can but you get pretty burned out on that as you start reading about the 'turn of the century' as they called it, and more 'current day' things confuse you too much.
No. 845460 ID: 6dbb34
File 151082141175.png - (75.95KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-096.png )

You decide to ease it up with some light reading, listening to those song pages that Ryu brought up for you to check out, and other such nonsense. When you were about to as for suggestions from her, you notice that Ryu seems to have fallen asleep.

Your curiosity gets the better of you and you open the folder marked 'reference'.

Thousands of images of nude girls and actual pornography spill out onto the screen to be scrolled through at your liking.

Which you do.

For a while.

The future sure seems nice.

You note that it is reaching the wee hours of the morning. You have spent much time on the computer, mostly fumbling around trying not to mess anything up, but learning a bit here and there. Almost too much to process.

You could rest to let it sink in, or anything else
No. 845461 ID: 3ce125

Dang yo, you should probably sleep. Be sure to close that folder.
No. 845463 ID: 8de95d

Slip into bed with Ryu while contemplating just how small you are in the grand scheme of things. How even if you are the fastest blade in all of Japan, that does not even count the rest of this whole wide world, and the time that is left yet to pass.

Consider a way of reuniting with Naomi once you have your jade. She is magic though, so she might be on her way to find it as well.
No. 845471 ID: 66a4ca

It's too bad your legacy is non-existent. Well, at least you were able to confirm that Naomi's in this time also. Shouldn't be too hard to find her as long as you carry sake with you.

The joys of modern technology. Hmm. Guess Ryu really is into girls. Mostly. Or she has certain problems with males. Still, you can definitely use that 'reference' to figure out the kind of stuff Ryu's into. Are there certain dominant themes among those pictures? Certain positions? Could use some of those on Ryu at a late time. Or in the morning heh.

Time to get some sleep!
No. 845479 ID: daa216

Cuddle that dragon girl. Thats my vote. If the porn gave you a second wind, give her a few squeezes while you're at it.
No. 845482 ID: 91ee5f

Close that 'reference' folder and then go to sleep!
No. 845486 ID: 33cbe7

Close that folder and get some sleep. Beware the the pitfall of staying up all night to get lucky!
No. 845598 ID: 6dbb34
File 151089106154.png - (123.19KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-097.png )

You slip into Ryu's bed and lay there in unease.

Coming this far, and learning as much as you think you have been has made you a bit on edge, especially considering you have lived most of your life in blissful ignorance to most things.

As you lay besides the nude, snoring dragon girl, you contemplate what it means to have a legacy. At least you have skills to return to building it when you return home. That is probably the reason your legacy did not last. You were not there to live the rest of it out.

That is, if you ever do return home.
No. 845599 ID: 6dbb34
File 151089124719.png - (97.01KB , 500x500 , wanderer2-098.png )

You begin to feel truly tired. This past week has been too full of events for you to really come to grips with everything.

Magic, monsters, the strange future, the even stranger scenes, and all these far off lands you have learned about.

You pour yourself a cup of sake and lay down to sleep. Ready to dream of all those exotic cuties, and the legendary village of legend.
No. 845607 ID: 830fb7

If your going to share the bed with her you could at least put the blanket over her so she doesn't get cold during the night.
No. 845618 ID: 792ea9

dragons are warm. Snuggle the dragon. Be the big spoon
No. 845637 ID: 830fb7

Do both of these but also get off of her tail. make things as comfortable for her as possible then go to sleep.
When it comes to morning if she is still asleep when you wake, make her and yourself breakfast she will be surprised at one you didn't leave and two that you went through so much trouble to compensate her for what she did for you. A samurai (or Ronin) is always honourable even if they have no master, doing this means you are showing her both respect and honouring her (she is a dragon so she should be treated like one >>831837 "dragons like her are nobility, or priests, or regarded as masters of whatever they do" ).
No. 845641 ID: 66a4ca

Use her tail as a pillow.
No. 846982 ID: 6dbb34
File 151133921044.png - (86.44KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-099.png )

You cuddle up to the dragongirl as best as you can. She seems like a very heavy sleeper. Not that you mind, the warmth this time of year is quite welcome. Your dreams are disturbed by recurring images of what you had seen during the day, and on the computer. There always seems to be a nagging, watching feeling.

You awaken. The sun is already in the sky, and you consider your options. Ryu is still hard asleep, so you do not pull the window shades or make much of a ruckus.

Your stomach rumbles, and so that sets your goal. You examine her kitchen for edible food. Honestly, it all seems very strange to you, so you grab the simplest stuff you can. Some rice, eggs, and miso. You are a simple wanderer, and never learned much of how to prepare food. Mostly how to eat it.

The machines in her kitchen are complex, so after a minute or two of fiddling with them, you shrug and head outside to begin preparing a meal.
No. 846983 ID: 6dbb34
File 151133950610.png - (106.73KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-100.png )


Ryu: "Saito?... Are you still here?"

The dragon stretches and rubs her eyes, Sitting up from her mat, probably awoken by the smell of food.
No. 846984 ID: 6dbb34
File 151133987641.png - (103.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-101.png )

You sit before her, having begun to eat already. You were once a full fledged samurai after all, and you may not have a master to respect anymore, you still have at least a bit of what it takes to be nice to ladies. Sometimes.

You: "Made some extra food, in case you wanted some."

Ryu: "Uh... Sure. I'm down to eat. What's this for though, Saito, you ain't gotta push yourself for me."

You: "Nonsense. I do what I please."

She moves up near you and the two of you begin to eat. Not too many words are exchanged, but you do lift an eyebrow when your glances meet.

King said he was going to reach Ryu this evening, so you have time today in case you wanted to do anything else. You sure do need your stuff back, but once again, the world is your oyster.
No. 846985 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Ryu if she knows anywhere that we can go to kill some time until King contacts us in the evening.
No. 846989 ID: 66a4ca

You don't need to stick to her like glue all the time. I'm sure she'd like some time for herself and her gang as well.

Tell her that you're ok with being on your own for a while so the two of you should meet at some place in the evening.
No. 846991 ID: 33cbe7

Let's look for Naomi at the various shrines around town. Perhaps she's couch surfing with one of her spirit friends, as we did. The fastest method is by mechanical beast.
No. 846992 ID: daa216

Before heading out. Flirt with our hostess a bit and attempt to mess with her hair in a flirty manner.
No. 847178 ID: d50e3d

I think he does, since we have to be around her for when King ends up calling.
No. 848365 ID: 6dbb34
File 151185508494.png - (93.35KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-102.png )

You smile to her and she blushes. You stand and begin to get dressed.

You: "Hope nothing is too strange between us. Got any big Ryu plans today?"

Ryu: "Nah, not at all Daddy-o! Just got some nonsense with the boys to get done, got a date tomorrow with the waitress from yesterday, but I should be free for when King calls. He's real jive for being on time."

You: "Huh... Well, if that's the case, don't let me hold you back. Anything interesting to do around this town in the mean time?"
No. 848367 ID: 6dbb34
File 151185558918.png - (110.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-103.png )

Ryu: "You're joking right? This is Tokyo. You can do or find pretty much whatever you like. What do you feel interested in? Food, video games, cars..."

She looks you up and down as you finish dressing yourself. She begins to clothe up as well.

Ryu: "Martial arts... Anime... Comics..." She lifts and eyebrow

You: "How about cute dragon girls?" You scoot in closely and she heats up.

Ryu: "D-d-don't be a dummy... You jive tomcat!"

You: "Yeah, alright. You can't hide behind that tough exterior forever!" You playfully mess up her hair and she sorta freezes. When you pull your hand back, it feels pretty greasy.

Ryu: "You BAKA! I told you not to mess with the h-hair!" She flicks a comb out of nowhere and gets to preparing it. She seems to be avoiding your gaze.

Ryu: "W-well anyways... What are you into? So I can recommend something. We can set up a time to meet up, probably around 3, and If you are still in town tomorrow we can go twosies on the waitress girly."
No. 848373 ID: 830fb7

say "Do you need help with your gang activity's" don't want to let your skills or those swords get rusty.
No. 848378 ID: 91ee5f

Suddenly realize that whatever you'd think of doing probably involves needing money. And since all of your money has been stolen.....good luck with trying to do anything around here!

Also try and get a map of some kind, so that you don't get lost!
No. 848389 ID: 66a4ca

I'd definitely take her on the offer tomorrow.

But as for today, considering you don't really know what video games, cars, anime etc are.. I'd pick martial arts. And yeah, meet up at 3.
No. 848391 ID: daa216

A date with that waitress eh? Guess you don't want to be a third wheel. Maybe ask her if any of her gang would be cool to hang with seeing they would be able to get in touch with her if the need arises.
No. 848395 ID: 84c07e

Any sword schools in the area?
And DEFINITELY take her up on the offer for tomorrow.
No. 848419 ID: b9b4da

She's serious about that hair! And that waitress.
Well, you're into wandering, and showing off that sword... parks are free, right?
No. 848440 ID: 5767a6

If you can't touch her hair, then play with her tail. :3
No. 850704 ID: 6dbb34
File 151288619813.png - (124.31KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-104.png )

Things often do cost money, so you decide to take her offer of taking a trip around towards one of the parks near a shrine. You suppose it's about time to pay a visit. Who knows, maybe a spirit will take pity on you or something.

The two of you hop on Ryu's ride, and begin to roll down the road. The whole trip only takes a bit, but during the ride you can't help but think of things you've learned as they just swim around your head. The world is far more different than you initially thought, and maybe you should be on your guard.

The park area around you seems reasonably lively. Crowds of uniformed youngsters and cityfolk seem to be making their way, enjoying the scenery, purchasing food from small carts, or entering into many shops and buildings surrounding this small patch of forest.

When you get off, Ryu smiles and says "Catch ya by three, daddy-o! Let's meet by the fountain in the park!"

Before you can say another word, she gives you a wink and snaps her finger before speeding off.
No. 850707 ID: 33cbe7

hey, is this *the* park? Maybe you should investigate your landing site again.
No. 850714 ID: 13fded

Time to look out for Naomi. She probable want to find you as well, so just walking around the areas she was saw causing confusion should suffice.
Have we concluded that she was a kind of normal priest or a supernatural entity?
No. 850758 ID: daa216

Get a good look at the people at the park. See if anyone looks out of place, important, or in need of help for instance.
No. 850759 ID: 6cc25a

Visit the shrine.
No. 851732 ID: 2fe26a

Meditate upon the mysteries of the eye.
No. 852630 ID: 6dbb34
File 151366267746.png - (119.80KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-105.png )

You glance around your immediate surroundings. You are near a road, and opposite you are a line of stores and buildings marked and advertising many strange objects and crafts for sale.

Further down that side of the road you see many streams and crowds of people flowing into and out of an enormous building marked 'MALL'.
No. 852631 ID: 6dbb34
File 151366303922.png - (80.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-106.png )

You glance back at the other direction. This definitely seems like a different park than the one in which you arrived. It is quieter, and with much fewer people. The occasional park-goer sitting at benches or near a stream. You see spurts from the water's surface every now and then from the pond the stream leads into. It must be the fountain Ryu described.

You look for people in need or odd folk on this side of the bridge. Seemingly the only person out of place is you. Where are all the robes anyways? You haven't even seen a single samurai either since you arrived in Edo.

If you did want to take a break and contemplate for a bit, it feels even more quiet further within. Even though it has not been really your style recently, you did learn to meditate when you were still a samurai.
No. 852649 ID: 3163b7

enter the shrine in the distance and try to meditate for a while.

Or maybe go chat to the cute girls in sailor outfits
No. 852697 ID: 6cc25a

Go into the park and try to get some alone time. There might also be a clue if Naomi was here.
No. 852707 ID: 33cbe7

Investigate shrine.
No. 852874 ID: 6dbb34
File 151376359608.png - (104.09KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-107.png )

You lay your eyes upon the shrine. It is small and simple, yet it seems to fit nicely here nestled between the trees. Crossing a second steam lands you at the gently sloping steps which you ascend.

You perform the proper rites that you learned in your youth, thinking you probably fumbled somewhere. Then you slide the door open for the light of the mid day sun to shine through as best it could
No. 852875 ID: 6dbb34
File 151376395337.png - (103.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-108.png )

A sign at the doorway marks this shrine a home to 'The Luck Stone', and the sword saint's cloth.

A holy stone said to bring good fortune ever since a treasure fell from the hole at it's peak, and what is left of the clothing of a sword saint. It is said he faced a hundred warriors at once, dodging blow after blow, escaping with no wound, but his clothing left in tatters.

You decide it is as good a place as ever to pray for luck on your /quest/.
No. 852876 ID: 6dbb34
File 151376424786.png - (97.90KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-109.png )

You remove your sword and kneel before all the iconography depicting various holy words, and then the stone and cloth itself. Lighting a nearby incense with one of the candles, and sitting in silence.

Your mind swirls. Clouded and unfocused. As you would expect, you never practice meditation anymore, much less prayer, so it takes you a while to get a clear enough mind.

However you breath a bit too deep and the incense smoke burns your nose
No. 852877 ID: 6dbb34
File 151376435134.png - (124.24KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-110.png )

You look up through the clouds and whisps of smoke that block the view, and through the hole of luck stone, against the cloth behind, you swear you see a painted eye glance back at you
No. 852878 ID: 6dbb34
File 151376455899.png - (38.25KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-111.png )

You remain seated as a gust of wind clears the incense while you wipe your smoke filled vision clear. Nothing remains of the eye against the cloth above you. You swear that you have seen it in the past, and you don't think you were hallucinating.

It gives you anxiety.

What do you pray for
No. 852879 ID: 3ce125

Pray to find that which was stolen from you.
No. 852891 ID: 6cc25a

Pray to.. uh.. have good luck in your love life!
No. 852892 ID: daa216

Guidance on your mission to find your stone.
No. 852900 ID: 792ea9

great luck for finding things you look for
that or wish you drown in pussy
No. 852906 ID: 13fded

Pray for a safe return.
No. 852907 ID: 91ee5f

Pray to find what was stolen from you and for the thief to be punished for stealing from you!
No. 855382 ID: 6dbb34
File 151487463807.png - (113.11KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-112.png )

You bow your head and speak a simple prayer. Mostly because you can't remember any different ones.

You: "Oh great kami of the luck stone, I pray...

The swift return of my money and belongings would mean
To find that which was stolen from me...

This place is wonderful, and frightening, but I still have my quest, and I cannot rest knowing I leave my old time and see that my renown does not stay after I go...
To make a safe return to whence I am from...

Though... I don't mind if I get side-tracked... I suppose as long as it's some fine booty.
I pray to drown in tail...

You feel warmth creep through your limbs, and it continues to do so, even after you replace your wooden sandals and exit the small park shrine. You feel like you can do anything!

However, you still have a good couple hours until Ryu returns with word from King.

You have prayed for the first time in a long while, and spirits or kami seem receptive. When the time is suitable for a prayer, you can vote for one of the three prayers to manifest, granting great rate of success, But only once in total. Once one is used, the blessing cannot be repeated.
No. 855383 ID: b1b4f3

Who's that by the tree?
No. 855396 ID: 33cbe7

Investigate handsome stranger listening in on your prayers.
No. 855435 ID: 6cc25a

Ask that person by the tree if they've seen anything weird happening around here lately.
No. 855458 ID: 094652

The first one, stupid.
No. 855487 ID: b41312

Pray to get your stuff back and then see who's over by the tree.
No. 855658 ID: 3163b7

The way I understood it was that if we come to a situation where we can use one of those three prayers, we can choose to activate it or not. Like a hidden luck boost depending on the situation. Like Runescape
No. 856963 ID: 6dbb34
File 151539952784.png - (73.89KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-113.png )

Since you have finished your prayers with time to spare, you decide to talk to the locals. You notice one creeping around behind a tree.

Fox: Yeah... Yeah... I seen 'em...

Fox: Nah! Don't be jive, the cat just went into the shrine, he's probably prayin' or something...

Fox: Heh, I'm the stealthiest sucker out here, daddy-o, following him for ages, he ain't seen JACK!

You can only assume he means you. You approach from the side and seem to catch him off-guard
No. 856964 ID: 6dbb34
File 151540029968.png - (100.91KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-114.png )

The fox seems surprised to say the least.

Fox: "WOAH! W-when did you get out here? You must be some kinda... Ninja or somethin'!"

You raise an eyebrow. This fox is suspicious to say the least. Something seems familiar about him, but he does not seem to be very dangerous, much less wielding any weapons.

Even though you don't have your notebook or scrolls with you, you try to remember some of your goals, and will remember to update them when you get your stuff back.

Yokai Hunter: Find out more about the monsters and find a way to slay them
No-speaky China: Translate Madam Chen's decorative parchment
Eye of Jade: Find out what the deal with the jade coin and it's properties.

Static Quest
Find The Mythical Village of Legend

Prayer of Property: Locate something you need
Prayer of Return: Return to where you came from
Prayer of Tail: Many tails will come your way

All these prayers increase the luck and likelihood of something turning out well when used in a good situation. Only one use between all three.
No. 856965 ID: 33cbe7

How many 50s re-enactment troupes could there be in this town? Without giving away you heard his call, ask whose gang he's from.
No. 856968 ID: 13fded

Maybe he is from Ryu's gang. Don't let' him know you though this was a possibility.
"Dude, why are you following me?"
No. 856977 ID: 364e51

Snatch the phone and greet whoever is on the other end.
No. 856979 ID: 6cc25a

Draw your sword and tell him to not try to run away if he values his life. Then order him to remove all of his clothes and put them on the ground. (we're gonna be trying those on!)

Tell him that you noticed he's been following you. In fact, he looks awfully familiar to the guy that stole your stuff. Question him about who he is, why he's following you, who he works for and where is your stuff.
No. 856995 ID: daa216

One vote for the taking of clothes from the spy. We need to blend in better.
No. 857003 ID: 91ee5f

"Whoever you were talking to, you might want to tell them that I just found you."
No. 857156 ID: 6dbb34
File 151547082280.png - (113.51KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-115.png )

You approach the fox and place yourself in an intimidating stance.

You: "Alright... So whoever you are talking to, might as well tell them I have found you."

Fox: "UHHH..." The fox stammers before snapping his fingers. "You got it, cat!" He lifts his device back to his head and speaks.

Fox: "Sorry chicky, the cat's found me out, I guess the jig is up!"

You: "Who exactly are you anyways. Why were you following me?"

The fox lets out a sly smile, as is their nature. It comes out kind of nervous.

Inari: "The name's Inari! Sorry for the creepin' cat, It's just, we were worried about Ryu! Boss hardly ever just goes off with dudes like that, and then she tells us she is dealing with King again... Some of the boys decided we needed to make sure you were on the up-n'-up! Ya dig?"
No. 857160 ID: 792ea9

the what and what?
No. 857167 ID: 13fded

I... hum... what?
Fine. You could've just talked to me.
No. 857180 ID: 33cbe7

I'm not working for King, he's working for me. Sort of. For this particular job. It's cool. Why wouldn't we be cool?
No. 857196 ID: daa216

Take his pants. You need pants.
No. 857208 ID: 28cb85

NNNO. You're going to tell the truth now.
No. 857531 ID: 6dbb34
File 151556914998.png - (90.96KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-116.png )

You: "You aren't being very convincing fox... Tell me the truth."

Inari: "It is the truth! Look!"

He turns his device towards you. Revealing an image of Ryu, the bunny from yesterday, and what looks like Inari's snout.
No. 857532 ID: 6dbb34
File 151556971331.png - (81.63KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-117.png )

Inari: "Look at that picture! SEE? Boss takes time out of her busy, busy day to take pictures with us, to hang out with us! How can we not be so careful, when she is so fuckin' HEP?"

Inari looks like he is getting a bit over emotional

You: "Well... You could have just told me earlier. You know, instead of try to stalk me."

Inari: "The rest of the goons and I could not be sure! What with her dealing with King again because of you! You could have been anyone! The katana on your hip does not add much to make ya a friendly character, ya dig?"

You: "Well, don't worry too much. Ryu is not working for King. He is sort of working for me, from a certain point of view."

Inari: "EHH? YOU? A boss bigger than King Prince?"
No. 857533 ID: 91ee5f

>"EHH? YOU? A boss bigger than King Prince?"
"Actually, it's more like a thief stole my stuff while I was with Ryu in King's establishment and King feels it's his responsibility to catch the thief and help me get my stuff back since the theft happened in his building."
No. 857536 ID: 3ce125

Yeah, that. King's trying to save his rep, Ryu just helped contact him.
No. 857607 ID: 28cb85

...are you seriously going to cry over this
No. 857611 ID: 6cc25a

Hmm, altho the Prince guy is helping us, it seems he's still quite a shady guy if this fox was worried about that. Like Ryu was trying not to have to deal with that guy but had no choice in this case.

Ask him to tell you more about Prince and why they were so worried about Ryu dealing with him. Also, ask him to tell you more about Ryu. What does she do in the gang and what's she like. Got some interesting stories about her?
No. 857689 ID: daa216

I still vote we take his pants. Just in case.
No. 867904 ID: 6dbb34
File 151875401289.png - (142.79KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-118.png )

You: "Sorry, but you kind of got that wrong, its more like he is trying to save his reputation for letting a patron get robbed in the middle of his establishment. Ryu just got me into contact with him."

He seems just as emotional as before, but somehow gained an aura of determination. You don't know if he is insufferable yet.

Inari: "No way! I knew it! It is just like Boss to look at other people's troubles and treat them as her own! To lend a hand! It's why we all love her so much!"

You: "Yeah... Well, what can you tell me of Prince Mackdaddy? Is he that shady of a character?"

Inari: "Well... Actually, he and boss used to run together, back with the..." He looks from side to side to make sure you two were alone. "Yakuza..."

Great, organized crime. You've had plenty of run ins with the likes of those goons.

Inari: "He ain't in with 'em anymore. He coughs up his end of any promise, since he considers himself a very chivalrous dude, y'know? Knights n' shit... But he likes to make people promise him 'favors' in return that pretty much always wind up in doom. It's whack, jack!"

You: "Hmn... Anything you can tell me about Ryu? What's her whole deal?"

Inari: "Woah! I've got tons of stuff to tell you about Boss!"

Oh boy. Seems like he is ready to talk your ear off. Still want to listen to this doof?
No. 867911 ID: 830fb7

Ask him what was his plan for the day other than stalking you, at this point we are looking for something to do and he may provide us some ideas.
No. 867913 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh boy. Seems like he is ready to talk your ear off. Still want to listen to this doof?
No. 867931 ID: daa216

I suppose we have nothing better to do. Might as well listen.
No. 867990 ID: 33cbe7

Take it as a sign of trust he's so willing to talk your ear off about his boss.
No. 868180 ID: 792ea9

talk it over after you let him treat you out for lunch.
No. 873508 ID: 6dbb34
File 152099659802.png - (109.48KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-119.png )

Well, since you have nothing better to do, might as well listen, but you want at least a good meal out of it.

You: "I am sure you do, but why don't you tell me over a bowl of some food. Least you could do after stalking me."

Inari: "H-ha! Yeah, sure thing my man. I know a spot right by here..."

The two of you walk through the park, it still feels mostly deserted, until you reach the road. It is like night and day, mobs of people flocking on each side of a busy black stone road.

The two of you sit down at a metallic table on the side of the street, and you order up something that seems tasty.

Inari: "So! You probably know a bit about her, but Boss is just about the coolest cat in town. She don't take nothin' from no one!"

You: "Oh yeah? She is that 'hot' eh?"

Inari: "For sure! The rest of us? We were just street rats. She knew what was good and showed us the way to coolsville. One way ticket, you know? Now we gotta listen to everything she says! It's the only way we can repay her!"

You: "Hmmn. Well, what about the befo-"

Inari: "Like, there was this one time when a bunch of those koreans down at the docks thought they were tough shit, trying to overcharge for some goods, one word from her, and BOOM! Easy as cake. Then there was this other time with those brothers from Seto..."

It seems like he is just getting over excited and rambling on. You might be able to get an extra question or something in there, but you kind of doubt you might get too much out of him if you stay on the subject of Ryu.

At least there are a lot of people to watch as they walk by.
No. 873510 ID: 33cbe7

Does anyone walking by have as much character as this cool cat?
No. 873570 ID: 792ea9

maybe we should see what else this area has to offer.
Arcade, maid cafe, karaoke perhaps?

Maybe see someone interesting walk into an even more interesting place.

my vote is on an arcade
No. 873596 ID: daa216

Ask him if he could help you find some "cool cat" clothes as you are in fact a cool cat yourself.
No. 873617 ID: 830fb7

Ask if there was anything else he was supposed to do today other than stalk you and talk your ears off, we may be able to help the Elvis gang while we wait for time to pass.
No. 873631 ID: 006e5c

See anyone of interest walking by?

Also, ask him if he's heard any rumors about a "magical tanuki"
No. 873635 ID: 555f33

Right finding her is a priority.
No. 873707 ID: 6dbb34
File 152108549679.png - (112.55KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-120.png )

>Does anyone walking by have as much character as this cool cat?

You glance around and notice many people dressed similar, teenagers in uniform, older men in very slick apparel, everyone seems to have their purpose, every once in a while you see someone dressed oddly. Bright colors, hanging chains, baggy clothes, some of them make Inari here look pretty average.

You can't help but have your attention pulled every once in a while by a passer by, or your waitress.

Then you remember that one of your main possible ways of returning to your time is likely with the help of that damned priestess, Naomi. The Tanuki, you expect, to be somewhere around Edo.

Your thoughts are disturbed by Inari suddenly bursting out in laughter.

Inari: "-And THEN she said, 'What do I look like, white rice?' it was HILARIOUS!" He says, slamming the table with his closed hand.

You: "Heh... yeah... Speaking of which, hear much in the way of rumors about a 'magical tanuki girl' these past couple of days?"

Inari: "Hmmmn! Can't say I have, jack, I ain't really got the ears for that sorta stuff. I am what they call, a runner; but you know. I think Bonnie might, she is good with findin' good dirt, ya dig?"

He pulls out his device once more, and after a couple taps of his finger, he puts it to his ear.

Inari: "Yo! Bon-bon! How's it drippin' short-stuff? I'm with that cat, Saito. You know the one... What do you mean slice me apart? He's as gentle as a kitten! Anyways, I've got this favor. Hear anything of some kinda 'magical tanuki girl?' Just in the papers? Well, could you do a bit-a diggin' for me? Saito's lookin' for her! Plus, I we kinda owe him for the whole 'stalking' thing."

He spends a couple more minutes talking to Bonnie, only to close with a laugh, and putting away the device.

Inari: "She says she might be able to help, but she would have to check with the boys. What-cha say we go for a bit of a yoke around? You still got a couple hours until Boss is supposed to get back here right?"

You look around for the sun. He is right, you have maybe a good two hours left until she is supposed to arrive with King.
No. 873708 ID: 830fb7

Nothing else to do so why not. Maybe by doing this we can establish a network that will inform us when info we want appears.
No. 873709 ID: 33cbe7

What did you have in mind, a jog?
No. 873721 ID: 006e5c

Go for it.
No. 873776 ID: 71d260

Initiate montage of fun things, and return JUST barely in time for Ryu to get back!

Maybe you can find out some more on your own during the activities
No. 881242 ID: 6dbb34
File 152490788057.png - (110.67KB , 400x400 , Wanderer2-121.png )

Those two hours somehow stretched much longer than you anticipated. With Inari here showing you around the street. The two of you stop at his favorite place, the arcade.

After showing you a couple different games, you grow tired with how often he beats you, so the two of you head outside for a smoke and to watch the people who are arriving for a convention.

Inari offers you a smoke as the two of you wait for Ryu, so you oblige. Before you can begin to speak, he already pulled out his ringing device. "One sec, cat." He says.

Inari: "Yeah, I'm still with him! Just joshin', hangin' around n' all... Eh? You got something for him?" He pulls the box from his ear and hands it to you.

You hesitantly put it up to your ear and hear a woman's voice coming through it when you speak.

Bonnie: "Sup, Yoshida right? I got some info on that magic tanuki from the papers. One of the boys says she's been hanging around the south side of town causing trouble for people passing by, then suddenly vanished in a cloud of smoke. Another chick I know said she saw her west side lookin' for something, but she never said what. That's all I got."

You: "Something? Not someone?"

Bonnie: "Nope, but there's more. I don't really know what the dealio between you and Ryu is, but I can tell one thing. You seem like the type to get into more trouble than you can handle. Try to keep her away from that kinda stuff... Not that she can't handle it, but I mean you already got her talkin' with that sleezeball King Prince after all.

You: "I'll keep that in mind. Is your name really Bonnie?"

Bonnie: "Nope!"

You pass the device back to Inari, and just then a purple cart pulls in front of the two of you. A pane of glass rolls down, and you see King Prince golden toothed smile. "Get in, kitty-cat, we got places to be." He says in his smooth voice. Ryu sits quietly next to him.
No. 881243 ID: daa216

guess it is time to get in the car and go to places. Thank him for the ride while getting in of course.
No. 881248 ID: 992200

Well, they certainly had no problems finding you. Get in.

Ask if they were able to find the culprit.
No. 882303 ID: 6dbb34
File 152534381622.png - (145.46KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-122.png )

You and Inari squeeze into the rear seat of King's vehicle. Suddenly deep beats and funky music fill the cot of the cart. Inside everything is either plush or covered in white and black beast stripes. It takes a moment for anyone to say anything, and by the time they do you are already moving.

King: "So how's it layin' cat? I see you brought a lil' friend. Ain't you one of Ryu's?" He says, lowering the volume of the music a bit.

Inari: "Yeah! One of Boss'! Y-you aren't doing anything shady with b-boss are you, your majesty?" Inari seems almost like me might go easy with his yap for once.

King: "Actually, speakin' of that, it's why we met here. I got the low-down on where your loot's stashed, Sai-to."

You: "Oh yeah? Perfect! Let us go pick it up then. Did the fox cause any trouble?"

King: "Hmn! You see, that's part of that 'shady business' we was talkin' about, you dig? I found where your swag is hidden, and I got you the means to get to it, but I'm gonna have to call in that favor you owe me already. Seems like 'fate's got a reason to bring you and I, together' Sai-to... Or somethin' like that, you know."

You: "...Keep talking then."

King: "You see, some real funky business been going down in my part-a town. Not funky in the good way neither. I worked hard carvin' myself a name here. Do you know how hard it is for a man in my business to work his way up from nothin'? Impossible. Thats why I'm a full time partner of an organization. That's how we met! Aint it Ryu!"

She sorta idly nods, not having said much. Anything really.

King: "Now that I'm flyin' mostly solo, with no problems, these fuckin' turkeys who follow one of the big boss's lieutenant finna gang in my territory, ya dig? Its straight whack! They're the cats who stole your loot, and they's the cats tryna steal my business! Now you see my issue. My businesses, my territories, my hos. Fair and square."

You: "What are you trying to say, Lord prince?"

He looks at you through the small mirror above him. A sudden seriousness seems to wash over his being, even through his tinted glasses.

King: "I'm the biggest pimp in this town. You mess with my businesses, you mess with me. Do whatever you gotta, I ain't picky, but let 'em know who sent ya... I know them blades on yo hip ain't just for show. You know?"

He seems to catch your eyes with his, once again through his shades.

King: "Aint no bouddadoubt that!" He smiles, showing off his golden teeth. "Whats your code of boo-shi-dough say 'bout that? You in, cat? Keep in mind, you owe me one for this..."

You catch Ryu's glance as well. She has not said anything yet, but you can tell she seems ashamed she got you involved in this.

Inari bumps your side with his elbow and speaks lowly. "You ain't really thinking of getting in a rumble with the actual yakuza are you? Koreans, thieves and gangs are one thing, but these guys can be the real deal, daddy-o..."

King: "Shush you! I can read people. I know this cat Yo-shi-da here is the real Zen master style fightin' man. I see it in his eyes!"
No. 882305 ID: 992200

Oh, this is simpler than you thought. Get your stuff back and repay the favor, two birds with one stone.

Tell him there ain't a man alive that stole from you and got to keep your stuff!
Ask him if "His-majesty, King Prince Mackdaddy Flava Fresh" is the name you should carve into them.
No. 882316 ID: 830fb7

I say we should do as honour demands of us after all stealing from a samurai (or a former one) is a really bad idea, but get Ryu's opinion first (show respect to the dragon) before going out and making enemies.
No. 882366 ID: 2fe26a

Hey, you don't plan on sticking around long enough to deal with the consequences. Go for it!
No. 883596 ID: 6dbb34
File 152593271138.png - (75.38KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-123.png )

You sit in your seat a moment, contemplating your decision, but you don't have to think long. It's not the first time you've dealt with goons, and it probably wont be your last, but Inari does have a point. Organized crime has always been dangerous. Not that you care too much, you are the fastest draw in all of the land.

You: "I accept this, and it sounds like a fine deal. Is 'His-majesty, King Prince Mackdaddy Flava Fresh' the name you want me to carve into them?"

King: "Anything that gets the job done. Be as flashy as you like, or not. They's gonna keep your loot in the vault of the 'Twisted Whisker'. Their joke attempt of a club and Boudoir, but it's crawlin' with 'em. Their base after all."

You: "Uhh... What do you recommend then, Your majesty?"

King: "Well, how am I spo-" He is interrupted by Ryu, finally speaking after the whole ride.

Ryu: "You could take the back way in... A smuggler tunnel in the shipping district."

Inari: "Aw man, that place? Sure its quiet, and not as guarded but there is more than just meathead guards! Honestly, you'd have to be jive to do either of those!"

King pulls to the side and pulls a lever with his heavily ringed hand once his vehicle comes to a stop, cracking his neck. "Its all down to whatever the ronin here has in mind. How are you gonna do this, cat?"
No. 883610 ID: dbf422

Ryu has yet to steer us wrong, and it's cooler to ambush them anyway.
No. 883625 ID: daa216

Back way sounds like a plan. While the main way has flash, one never knows what the guards are armed with in this strange time.
No. 883626 ID: 8df643

Put your hand on Ryu's shoulder and tell her you appreciate her worrying about you. You'll take the back entrance just for her.
No. 883630 ID: 830fb7

Say "I'll do as her majesty asks" and go in the back entrance as Ryu suggested (To Saito Dragons = Royalty so saying this kind of suits him).
No. 883640 ID: 33cbe7

The shortest path to the vault is likely through the back, let's take the "smuggler" tunnels.
No. 888628 ID: 6dbb34
File 152878253392.png - (80.39KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-124.png )

"Ill do what her majesty asks."

King: "Sure man, whatever you say!" He snickers

Ryu blushes as King starts the vehicle back up.

Inari: "Your Majesty... That's a good one."

King: "That place is across town by the docks. You fools wanna catch somethin' to eat before we go?"

You nod, a light snack before action promotes luck. Or something.

He navigates through the city streets until he finds a place that serves up to the vehicle. It's the same servergirl cat from before, rolling up to the vehicle on her wheeled boots.

Server: "Woah! Ryu! How's it hanging!"

Ryu: "Not too bad, baby... Just on a cruise with the boys. You remember Saito, and Inari."

Server: "Ah yeah cosplay guy!" She snickers and gives you a wink. "What can I get for you guys?"

You guys recite your orders as she scrawls them onto a little notepad. You order the same thing Ryu got for you last time. It was that delicious.

The next couple minutes are relatively tame. A few words are exchanged as king puts on funky music. You notice clouds begin to form overhead as the sun lowers. If it is how King said, it may be close to dark by the time you all arrive at the port.

Server: "Enjoy!" The kittycat comes back with your guy's food, served in paper pouches and wrapped up for travel. Quite nice!

King pays for the meal and the four of you guys head back on the road again. Inari wants to trade some of his onion rings for some of your fries. You accept.

They were delicious.
No. 888629 ID: 6dbb34
File 152878315930.png - (47.85KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-125.png )

You guys arrive in the shipping district as it seems. Enormous metal crates stacked high as they are loaded and offloaded onto enormous ships of steel. Once again you are in a bit of awe at the scale of things these days.

You look around as King is waved on past by some of the workers. He seems to be actively avoiding the busier parts of the workyard, before coming to a stop behind some of the shipping containers.

King: "Alright Yo-shi-da. We arrived. Just follow the path down there and you made it to the warehouse."

You get out of the cart and stretch before looking around. You turn back to see Ryu beckoning you closer.

She pulls you down by your robes to her level after opening the window. She stares at you for a moment all tsundere before pushing you away again and blushing. "Just... Come back to my place you fuckin' cat."

You offer her a small smile and nod your head.

King starts to roll the cart away back to the entrance. "Make sure you send the message!"

You are left in the yard alone.

Slowly you begin to walk in the direction he pointed you in. Taking care as you see people milling around. It seems like there are very few workers on this side of the sector. Your geta clack loudly against the hard floor, occasionally you kick to the side bits of glass and loose stones as you contemplate how to do this. Ahead you see the warehouse he spoke of.

A squat building, but quite long. The only entrances you can spy are raised doorways. A single man stands watch, but obviously not too well. He seems distracted by something in his hand, and his smoking. You wait a while longer, no one seems to be coming.

How do you approach this?
No. 888630 ID: 792ea9

Use the way of the ninja and sneak in.
No. 888632 ID: daa216

Try to sneak up on the guard and knock him out with a swift hit to the back of the head. Might not even be a guard. Could be some working taking a break for all you know, so one shouldnt be too hasty to use lethal force on them.
No. 888636 ID: dbf422

There's really no way to sneak up on him. Maybe you could play at being injured and attack him while he's unaware?
No. 888643 ID: 5fa661

DYNAMIC ENTRY. Run up and jumpkick that fool in the face.
No. 888660 ID: 91ee5f

>Your geta clack loudly against the hard floor, occasionally you kick to the side bits of glass and loose stones as you contemplate how to do this.
Well that’s a problem. Your geta will give away your position, but if you take them off, the bits of glass and loose stones will hurt your feet!
No. 888661 ID: 33cbe7

Lure him closer by imitating the sounds of a cat fight. You have feral cats around here, right? That's not weird, is it? Just knock him out - I don't think King wants this to escalate to murder.
No. 889842 ID: 8df643

It looks like you're in luck. The guy's not holding a sword nor does it look like he's holding a gun (as far as you remember, they were pretty large)

Run up to him quickly while he's distracted. Focus your blade on his hands first, in case he pulls out anything fishy.
No. 896377 ID: f7b510
File 153370595722.png - (63.08KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-126.png )

You think for a moment. The lot in front of the warehouse is mostly bare, and it does not look like it would be simple to sneak up on him even if he is distracted.

Not that he looks all that intimidating. Some twigboy in a puffy outfit.
No. 896378 ID: f7b510
File 153370612883.png - (76.46KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-127.png )

You sneak for a bit out of cover and then settle into your best injured man impression. Letting out a few coughs and a low wail for help which seems to grab his attention. He drops his cigarette and hurries up close. You clutch your sides with both hands.

He kneels and asks "Woah are you okay?!"
No. 896379 ID: f7b510
File 153370641583.png - (117.48KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-128.png )

You: "I..." You pause

Him: "Yeah?!"

You: "I'm fine..."

He visibly relaxes, letting his guard down. "Oh thank god. Speaking of which, you can't-"

You: "BUT YOU'RE NOT!" You surprise him with a bushwhack and he lays on the ground. Out cold.

The path to the warehouse seems fair and clear, but there seems to be a large padlock on the door.
No. 896380 ID: 33cbe7

Did he drop any good loot? Like, say, a key to that door?
No. 896381 ID: daa216

If there is no key to be found nearby, if your sword would be able to handle the thickness of the padlock you should slice that right off.
No. 896390 ID: dbf422

Well, padlocks are notoriously weak. You could pretty easily smash it with a rock and break the mechanism inside with just a few hits. Probably. The problem is that would be really, really loud, so it's best to hope for a key.
No. 896393 ID: 0cfbce

prop the guy up on the ledge so it looks like he passed out on the job instead of being knocked out.
No. 896399 ID: ff82d2

If he doesn't have a key, then look for alternative ways inside. Either through some window or by climbing up.
No. 896490 ID: f7b510
File 153379323809.png - (93.76KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-129.png )

You lay the twigboy guard as best as you can, and check through his pockets and folds on his outfit. You gather what he had on him and discover the key. It seems like it matches the lock correctly.

If you want to take anything else that he has, you easily could. Who would stop you? Him?
No. 896492 ID: f7b510
File 153379360016.png - (40.24KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-130.png )

You fumble a bit with the lock and chain, then you slide the door up. Inside you see a dark, dusty warehouse. Steel crates seem to be organized in a row on both sides of the warehouse as far as you can see through the darkness.

The tunnel could be anywhere, but maybe it would be dangerous to feel around in the dark.
No. 896494 ID: 33cbe7

Phone's locked, but he could use it to call for help. Throw it away. You're maybe a little broke, so the funny paper slips in his wallet will help too. Oh right, you know what money looks like at this point. Sorry.
Take your chances in the dark.
No. 896495 ID: 094652

Your friends said that "phone" thing could act like an alarm for every guard in the entire area, so take it from him in case he tries to call for help when he wakes up.

Might as well take his wallet. It's stealing, but there might be evidence of further wrongdoing in there.

The phone! Even locked it can still shine in the dark a little!
No. 896497 ID: 91ee5f

Does Saito even know that thing is called a phone? As far as he knows, it’s just a strange looking brick that lets people talk to each other.
No. 896498 ID: daa216

Take the phone. Use the glowing screen as a makeshift flashlight as best you can.
No. 896510 ID: ff82d2

The square item you can take to make light, but we don't need his wallet since we'll be getting our stuff back soon enough.
Of course you should also try finding a switch on the wall near the door to turn on the light. You've probably seen Ryu do that before.

Then look around for the tunnel they were mentioning. Or any cover on the floor or walls that could be hiding a passage.
No. 896514 ID: dbf422

Just take everything. Why bother taking time to think about what's best? Try shaking the phone, could create a light that way. If not, all you have is the screen but it's brighter than nothing.

Actually check the wallet, maybe there's a clue to unlock the phone.
No. 896519 ID: b1b4f3

Phone makes noise. Bad on a sneaking mission.
No. 896617 ID: f7b510
File 153388032484.png - (46.53KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-131.png )

You use his glowing device as best you can. It occasionally becomes dim again until you fumble with it some more. But it's a bit better than pure darkness, even with your perfect vision.

You search through the warehouse in search of the hidden pathway. You find several large steel containers all lined up in rows. Often interspersed are several boxes lined up on the floor and on shelved counters.

Some of the steel containers are locked, some are left open, and almost all the small boxes are sealed with some kind of clear resin covered cloth.

The tunnel has to be somewhere secret, you know that much. Along with the containers and boxes, it seems like this place must be used often enough not to have gathered too much dust.
No. 896623 ID: daa216

Look for marks on the ground showing the movement of something heavy repeatedly. That would be a good indication of a secret location. Other than that, the place seems to be empty. Maybe you should return to the king and tell him it is prime for ransacking.
No. 896635 ID: ff82d2

Even if there's a secret tunnel, there's no guarantee that it's used so often that you could notice a trail leading to it. Still, it's worth a try.

The tunnel is most likely inside one of the containers, so check out all the unlocked ones first. As far as the locked ones go, you could try using the key on a couple to see if it works. You should also inspect some of the boxes to see what's inside them.
No. 896663 ID: 9e1eaa

Places like this have a loud echo, so listen and see if you hear anything
No. 896726 ID: f7b510
File 153398301239.png - (69.41KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-133.png )

You search the darkness for a while before settling with examining some of the contents of the boxes and containers. Most of them seem to contain miscellaneous objects of little interest. Things like devices, books in foreign languages, stuffed children's toys, and more sealed boxes. Whatever use they have is mostly lost on you, but there seems to be a lot of them everywhere you check.

Your key seems to fit certain containers, all of which seem to contain more boxes of the same.
No. 896727 ID: f7b510
File 153398320219.png - (104.37KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-132.png )

Whatever could be stored in the ones you can't reach is a mystery. The further you enter the warehouse, the more seems to be opened by your key. Until you find one container that upon opening is completely empty.

You find it odd considering how full most others are, so you examine the ground, and find what you were expecting. Scraping raspy marks upon the otherwise smooth stone of the warehouse floor. They are very faint, but with your light you are able to see them.
No. 896728 ID: f7b510
File 153398366191.png - (56.70KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-134.png )

You figure the container, even though it is empty, will be very hard to push as it is made of iron or steel or similar metal, so you try it from several angles until one seems to work. You find that after about an inch, it fell onto wheels, or bearings or something that allowed it to be pushed the rest of the way without giving you a hernia.

The action causes an loud rasping metallic creak as it rubs against stone that echoes through the warehouse. If there was anyone inside, you suspect they would have heard you.

Not that there was or anything, your search was pretty thorough.
No. 896729 ID: f7b510
File 153398383427.png - (41.08KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-135.png )

At the end of the container's push you are left with a solid iron hatch set into the stone of the ground below. This must be the passageway!

The only issue seems your key doesn't fit the lock, and the angle its set at makes it awfully difficult to destroy with a stone or something similar.

What do you do?
No. 896739 ID: 33cbe7

Can you pick that lock?
Seems odd for an escape tunnel to be locked from the outside...
No. 896740 ID: ff82d2

It would also not have been covered by a massive container. Clearly it's not an emergency escape tunnel.

I've got no clue. The options that I see are:
- Fiddle with the lock. Maybe it's already unlocked and it only looks locked.
- Have you ever cut iron with your katana? In that case we could hit the weaker parts or the joints of the hatch and possibly dislodge it.
- Search the place again in case the right key is in some toolbox or hanging somewhere.
- Wait for the guard to wake up and "convince" him to help you. (Saito wouldn't know how to operate a blowtorch even if we found one)
No. 896745 ID: daa216

Unless you think you can cut through the lock with your sword, we might want to go back to the others and see if anyone knows how to lockpick.
No. 896750 ID: 91ee5f

They already drove off, Saito is on his own here.
No. 896841 ID: 5732eb

Its probably how they get stuff into circulation from the warehouse here in the shipping district.

Try slicing open some of the things in the boxes. People have been smuggling things inside of other non-conspicuous things since time began, maybe you can find some good stuff for King.

As for the lock, maybe you could try picking it with anything that is laying around. Otherwise I think we might need some ((luck)) since I don't think awaking the guard to help sneak in is a good idea.

If anything maybe you can try something with the hinges?

As far as you know, you've got all the time in the world (at least until the guard wakes up, but what would he do without being able to make calls or anything similar)
No. 896859 ID: f7b510
File 153406686079.png - (90.62KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-136.png )

You take another wander around the warehouse.

>>Try slicing open some of the things in the boxes
After a bit, you decide why not. After all, if there is a smuggling tunnel here, there might be something to smuggle.

You take your wakizashi and slice through some of the softer stuffed toys. You would have stopped after the first if it did not contain a heavily wrapped bundle of what you can only assume to be contraband in the city.

You uncover many of these. Almost every other stuffed toy and device seems to contain them. Two different varieties. Wrapped in green and black resin cloth.

You commit a sample of both to the inside folds of your outfit.
No. 896861 ID: f7b510
File 153406716669.png - (39.62KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-137.png )

You look through the warehouse, it may be a den of crime, but it still seems to be a place of work, so you find a metal box of tools. Most of it seems rather useless to you, save for a small chisel and a pliant mallet.

Using the two of them you make short work of the lock and with a bit of muscle you pry open the passageway. Below you a ladder leads into the darkness.
No. 896862 ID: f7b510
File 153406780268.png - (30.77KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-138.png )

The path winds through the underground, supported by what seem to be wooden beams along the floor and ceiling.

You take it slow and disable the light of your device so as to not arouse any attention in case someone may be further down the tunnel.

You walk for what seems to be about half an hour until you begin finding passages that lead off the first. Most lead to clearly visible ends, but some stray off into the deeper darkness.

Further down the main pathway you begin to hear the beats of music thudding softly through the stones, so you follow this. Eventually you come to what seems to be the end of the main passage. A ladder to your left, and a stairwell down a short pathway to your right.

A mounted sign on the wall dictates STORAGE to the right, and PROPER to the left.

Why smugglers need signs like that you would not be able to say, but you are certain people will be above you in either path you choose.
No. 896868 ID: ff82d2

Go right to the Storage first.
No. 896869 ID: 91ee5f

Storage first. Reclaim your stolen property.
No. 896876 ID: 33cbe7

Go left. You want to get into the club proper to reach its vault!
No. 896877 ID: daa216

Storage for sure. Less guards and higher chance of getting what we need.
No. 896983 ID: f7b510
File 153414908002.png - (48.81KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-139.png )

You travel up the stairs and find another trap door. This one appears unlocked, but you wait for a moment in case you could hear anyone above you.

After a minute or two of waiting, you figure there is no one. So you begin to heft the iron trapdoor up, just enough to peek through.

The room is plain and bare. There are two doorways, one to your right, and one in front. Boxes and metallic barrels line the walls, along with bottles of liquor on shelves. A heavy sent of alcohol fills the air, like someone spilled some hard wine.

Beyond this, you note the faint sound of music being played. A set of footsteps echoes down a hall beyond the door directly to your front.

"Take it easy, Ill grab something for the boys."

Someone says in a low gruff voice. Suddenly the door begins to open and you duck down. Lowering the trap door without a sound.

It seems as though the storage level has guards. What will you do? The man seems to be rummaging around in the boxes above you, but you can't tell much more.

There could be anything above, though you are sure you are in the same building as the club proper.
No. 896986 ID: ff82d2

Wait until he leaves, then enter and check out the doorway to the right.
No. 896988 ID: 33cbe7

it's a well oiled hinge, so try and take this guy by surprise to learn the whereabouts of the vault. Then knock him out and leave him in the tunnel.
No. 897025 ID: df1270

take him down and beat him for answers!
No. 897072 ID: daa216

Wait for him to leave. Then look for your things. If someone else enters you'll have an easier time when not under a metal plate that will make noise if you jump from under it.
No. 897083 ID: f7b510
File 153421459884.png - (29.09KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-140.png )

You decide to be patient, and wait for another minute. After all, you don't know what these men could be armed with.

After a bit, he seems to have found what he needed and you hear the door slam shut, shaking a bottle off a nearby shelf onto the floor.

You emerge and search through the room. You don't find much of interest as this room seems to be mainly used for bottles of hard booze and metallic kegs of beer. You recall that King assured your stuff would likely be in their vault. Probably since you were mostly carrying valuables anyway.

You take a peek through the nearby door and find yourself looking down a corridor. To your left you see several passages and hear music down that way. Likely the path of the man you heard before.

To your right you see another passage, and a solid looking door with no visible locks. You note that you still seem to be underground.

You feel that in any case, you may encounter goons.

Which are your courses of action? Any particular genius plan you want to try and cook up? You can always resort to your quickdraw skills; They are what you are known for anyways, but it may be wise to try other things.
No. 897099 ID: de46a9

Lets head in the opposite direction of the music. No need to get the whole yakuza involved in something you can probably solve on your own.

I imagine a vault would be located underground, and it probably will be guarded, at least a little bit.

Try to remain as stealthy as you can but as soon as you see someone who might cause some trouble, and you figure he has a weapon on him, make quick work. Goons are goons, no matter what part of history you are.
No. 897119 ID: 33cbe7

Follow that corridor off to the right.
No. 897123 ID: ff82d2

Can't really go on much other than guessing. Exit this room through the door to the right and, if you don't see or hear anyone, try entering the door in front of you to the right.
No. 897217 ID: 957a19

Seconding >>897099

Just make sure to not make too much sound if possible. If this is a secret lair, it stands to reason that there might be some kind of secret meeting rooms or armories or something further underground, or maybe the vault is very well hidden. For now just follow right, but dont take the door.
No. 897243 ID: f7b510
File 153431699880.png - (83.29KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-141.png )

You stealthily make your way down the right hand corridor and peer down the pathway near the door.

You spy a single man in a pressed robe. He stands guard in front of a paper sliding door. You note that the hallway here becomes a bit more welcoming, with decoration and warm light. A pair of shoes rest near the doorway on a firm mat.

He didn't seem to have any weapons visibly, but you doubt he is unarmed. Any kind of struggle would probably drag the attention of anyone beyond the paper door.
No. 897248 ID: ff82d2

Draw him away from the door by throwing something shiny, or maybe rolling a bottle of booze on the floor. After he moves closer to inspect the thing, attack him.
No. 897260 ID: daa216

Try walking up to him. Most people wouldn't expect a sudden attack. Be friendly at first and when his guard is down strike.
No. 897261 ID: 33cbe7

Go with plan distractions. These guys, or at least some of them, seem to know an awful lot about you.
No. 897365 ID: f7b510
File 153440600351.png - (27.97KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-142.png )

You decide on a classic distraction, and grab a bottle of booze from the nearby supply room and give it a little roll towards the corridor.

The guard turns and begins an approach.

Guard "I thought I told you idiots to stop with the drinking. You're here to WORK."
No. 897366 ID: f7b510
File 153440607025.png - (34.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-143.png )

Guard: [i]"If you want to be drunks, do it on your own time. I don't care that you were picked for thi-"
No. 897367 ID: f7b510
File 153440640634.png - (110.13KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-144.png )

Just as he rounds the corner you sock him right in the face and put him into a hold.

This damned guy might have just spoiled the whole operation. You hear someone shout from down the hall behind you.

"What? You wanted to drink too?"

You round the corner dragging him with you and holding him there for a moment to think.

If there are many other agents or more guards, in this tight of quarters they would overrun you. You know for sure there are more behind you and towards the club, but there is likely more further within, judging by the shoes and that someone was guarding down here.

You look down at your captive and realize you held the grip a bit hard and he passed out. You seat him at his post.
No. 897368 ID: 33cbe7

A quick pocket search and then you need somewhere to hide. I suppose we don't know if the solid door's actually locked or not - give it a look?
No. 897369 ID: ff82d2

Check if the guy has any keys or other useful things on him. Also check if there's anything in the drawer cabinet.

Then we got two rooms. I suggest checking out the south one first, assuming there's no one in it.
No. 897373 ID: daa216

Wait and listen for how many come around to talk to the man you just took out, if there sounds to be just one, repeat the knock out action.
No. 897379 ID: 91ee5f

>You look down at your captive and realize you held the grip a bit hard and he passed out. You seat him at his post.
Grab the bottle of booze you use in your distraction and put it in this guy’s hand. Make it look like he’s passed out instead of knocked out!
No. 897441 ID: 824ac6

take his clothes
No. 897588 ID: 576eef

Seconding this, but if you feel like there is not enough time to change out of yours and into his, just leave him up against the wall with the bottle like >>897373 suggested.

I think we should go through the rice door. At least we would be more secure in what it is since there is only the two pairs of shoes in front of it.

Take absolutely everything in his pockets though.
No. 897605 ID: f7b510
File 153454931443.png - (68.56KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-145.png )

After you seat him at his post you quickly search him.

You find:

A billfold
Another device like the ones in the warehouses
A striped card held around his neck on a lanyard
And a kama that was concealed in a sheath on his belt behind his back.

As you thought, these guys are armed. You take everything, and begin pulling his clothes off to make a better disguise when you hear;

"Hold on, hold on, what were you saying? Give us a bit to put our pants back on."

and decide to abandon that idea at least for now.

You check the south door and find it unlocked but a little stuck. You press your ear against it for a quick listen and find you hear softer music playing and the sounds of chatter. Pipe smoke wafts up from under the door. If you wanted to open it, you might need to throw your shoulder or weight against it.
No. 897637 ID: daa216

See if there is a spot to slide that square thing on a rope. Should open the door. Just a hunch. If there is no place for that, knock and grab whomever looks out to see who is there.
No. 897648 ID: 33cbe7

Head into the room he was guarding. I suspect the other door appreciates interlopers even less.
No. 897719 ID: ff82d2

If there's some people getting high in there then I doubt there's anything important in there.

Go through the door to the east. If there's people in there as well, then you'll need to make sure that you close the door behind you after you enter so that no one hears when you make a mess in there.
No. 897923 ID: 576eef

If this is some kind of Yakuza base its probably illegal card games and people smoking big cigars. Probably with things more dangerous than a kama to keep the peace.

Go through the paper door before the goons come to check on the guard. Close it behind you.
No. 897929 ID: f7b510
File 153467005842.png - (55.91KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-146.png )

You head towards the rice paper door, kneeling down and putting your ear up to it. You hear two men chatting with low voices, but can't quite make out what they are saying.

You use your claw to poke a small hole near the wooden strut where it would be less visible. You then sit up and peer through.
No. 897930 ID: f7b510
File 153467033248.png - (54.05KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-147.png )

The room is mostly bare, a second door on the other side. You see two men kneeling at a table, two cups in front of them.

The two of them are wearing the same pressed suits as the guard you took out just now.

The dog missing his pinky seems to be explaining to the chicken opposite of him something important as they both seem stressed.
No. 897933 ID: 33cbe7

It's tempting to interrupt, as these people surely know where your stuff is, but you should take out the guy about to round the corner first.
No. 897943 ID: ff82d2

King did mention turkeys. Seems he wasn't lying. Listen in if you can make out anything interesting. But I think you'll need to bust in there in the end anyway. Hmm, to talk or not to talk. Since you got the upper hand, I suppose you can afford entering and simply pointing your blade at them and telling them to stay quiet. Ask them which of the two is superior. Once they answer, knock out the lesser guy and then quietly interrogate the other one. Find out where the vault is and how to open it.
No. 897950 ID: daa216

Two people who would be easy to take out. Break through the rice paper and dispatch them. If you are able to keep one up, ask him where your things are.
No. 898282 ID: 576eef

I vote we kick ass and take names. (carefully)

Enter into the room, close the door behind you and intimidate them with your sword. Find out what you need to know and keep going forwards. If they help you then leave them be. Otherwise make them get that you mean business.
No. 898287 ID: f7b510
File 153483195848.png - (99.70KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-148.png )

You enter the room silently then close the door with a loud 'CLACK'. The two men's attention suddenly turns to you.

Chicken: "Who the hell-"

Like a flash of lightning, your sword is in your hand. You announce yourself.

You: "I'm here to send a message. Don't bother standing up, you'd just be cut back down."
No. 898288 ID: f7b510
File 153483211918.png - (55.10KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-149.png )

You approach them with your sword out, prepared for any sudden movements.

You: "Keep your hands on the table, or you will lose more than just a finger."

The chicken man sits, but you can tell by his expression he is not happy.

You: "I need information, and one of you is going to give it to me."

He sits silently.
No. 898289 ID: f7b510
File 153483222157.png - (46.01KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-150.png )

The other speaks up, drawing your attention. He motions to the first to keep calm.

Dog: "Woah now, no need for violence... What did you want to know?"
No. 898292 ID: 094652

"I had an artifact on me. One of your men MUGGED me IN BROAD DAYLIGHT for it. You are going to return it now, or the things I will do to your lower extremities will be NOTHING compared to the political fallout of the public realizing you thugs are resorting to cutpurse methods and overreaching their cut of the take like it's the 1500's."
No. 898303 ID: ff82d2

"Who is the cutest girl in this town?"

Other than that, explain to them that you got robbed and that a certain King proclaimed them to be the culprits. That you're there to get your stuff back and to send them a message not to mess with wrong people. Do they have anything to say for themselves?
No. 898316 ID: daa216

Ask them if they know where a green coin is. Your green coin. The coin they took.
No. 898326 ID: 33cbe7

You were mugged in a competitor's establishment. Neither of you take very kindly to such acts. Just return the stolen goods and all will be forgiven.
No. 898396 ID: 2ac8b7

Somehow I doubt these guys are very important. Try to get them to spill the beans on where the vault is then run for it. In and out is the name of the game. Don't want to linger too long.
No. 898744 ID: f7b510
File 153501439112.png - (113.53KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-151.png )

You begin.

You: "I am Saito Issen Yoshida, and your men MUGGED me in broad daylight, and you expect not for me to take vengeance? If it were not for the laws of Bushido I would have slaughtered you... Already, anyway. You think you are stealthy? Well your actions came to King's attention, and now I am here to make an example of you."

Dog: "King? I told them it was a bad idea... All the trouble and now you too? I can't seem to catch a break."

You: "Now tell me where your vault is, I'll be leaving with my jade, my gold, and anything else I feel will cover the trouble you've caused for King and I."

You raise your sword to him.

Dog: "N-now now... Hold on! I am sure we can work something out... You know I c-can't just HELP you get to the vault right? Maybe..."

You: "Tell me, or maybe your master will take more than just a pinky from you when they see the mess I've made-"
No. 898745 ID: f7b510
File 153501449219.png - (72.99KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-152.png )

No. 898746 ID: f7b510
File 153501485705.png - (79.68KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-153.png )

You see the flash of steel and react accordingly. He had drawn a tanto from under the table and sought to find it a new sheath in your back, but you strike him first and the chicken lays clutching his sword wound.

You pick up the tanto.


You look down at him and squint. He reels back a bit.

Dog: "B-but you'll never make it now! the guards down there have guns!"

What do you do? You are sure that the people behind you have heard the commotion, and if there are any people past the paper door in your way, they will be prepared after hearing the dog and the chicken shout.
No. 898747 ID: ff82d2

>I told them it was a bad idea
Who's "them"?

>you'll never make it
Unless.. we take some hostages! Bring both of them along to the vault. We'll use the two to disarm the guards, get out stuff from the vault, and lock the guards inside the vault.
No. 898750 ID: 094652

"Well, you'd better come up with a way to circumvent a hail of 'bullets' in three minutes because I'M USING BOTH OF YOU AS MY BULLET UMBRELLAS."
No. 898751 ID: 33cbe7

Just take the dog. You need at least one hand for fancy sword tricks! Got anything you can use to muzzle him?
No. 898777 ID: deec6e


Look down coldly at the chicken-guy. Maybe you can use him to distract the people that will come up behind you.

"A wise man does not pounce the tiger. The fault of this is your own. Learn respect and pray your men bring you to a healer before you bleed out."

>you'll never make it

Put the tanto to dog-guy's throat with one hand and keep your blade in the other, hidden out of sight. The guards have been alerted, and as they have dangerous weapons you will need a meat shield to bypass them - or get close enough to disable them.

"Then WE will never make it, foolish hound. Already you've treated my demand for reparation with contempt and cowardice and my friend King's sovereignty with disrespect. For this, you shall be my armor as well as my informant. That will balance your karma. Now move."

If you have the time on your way to the Vault, add a couple of questions.

"How many guards are there at the vault? Will they disarm at your command? If your life has no value, admit it, and I shall save us both some bother."

"What other 'troubles' are these, that plague your gang? Upsetting King and me wasn't enough?"
No. 898853 ID: f7b510
File 153509866840.png - (94.04KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-154.png )

You turn away from the chicken man and lower your blade.

You: "A wise man does not pounce the tiger. The fault of this is your own. Know that you are outmatched. Beg the men who are coming to get you some help."

Now facing the quaking guard dog, you grip him by his neck sash and pull him up onto his feet.

You: "Then WE will never make it, foolish hound. Already you've shown your true colors as a coward by nature, and your organization showed King and me total disrespect of the highest order. Pray your men can hold their fire long enough for you to talk them down. For your sake."

The two of you near the paper door, you hold the tanto to his throat and with a pair of swipes with your sword, and a short kick of your foot, the door bursts open, revealing a long hallway. No one seems to have arrived but you hear energetic shouting from further within. At any moment people may burst through the doors on either side.

You: "What do you think? Trust in your friends enough to not take you down?"

Guard Dog: "I... I Don't know. Everyone is on edge! This is only going to provoke them further!"

In the distance you see a grand carved red wooden door, decorated and carved with dragons. That must be the door, according to the dog.

You reckon you could sprint for it if you wanted to. Otherwise you don't think this guy will be much of an issue. He does not seem to have any hidden weapons on him as of yet.
No. 898855 ID: ff82d2

Ask him why they're on the edge. Is it because they knew they stole from the King, or is there some other reason? Is anyone else after them or ordering them around?

Continue towards the red wooden door.
No. 898866 ID: 33cbe7

No. 898869 ID: 91ee5f

Keep moving towards vault to reclaim your stuff.
No. 898885 ID: daa216

Keep your sword against him and prep the knife for a toss at the first guy who goes into your line of sight(if you can do that). If you can't then slowly move forward with your shield till they come into view or till you reach the door.
No. 898957 ID: 5d5ac0

Try to make it to the door as fast as you can. If you meet resistance, slice them up then toss your goon.

If its heavy enough, barricade the door.

Before you get to the door ask him a quick question that can be answered in a short time, like 'WHERES YOUR BOSS!" or something
No. 898958 ID: 91ee5f

I think the chicken guy is his boss.
No. 898976 ID: f7b510
File 153519725764.png - (157.47KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-155.png )

You decide not to run for it and instead make your way with the dog still as your shield.

In less than a moment a man bursts through a door further down the hallway and readies a hand canon at you, but he notices the guard dog you are using and hesitates for a moment. You take that opportunity to toss the Tanto with close enough precision that you strike him.

Now without a weapon to his neck, your captive struggled. You grip him by his pressed robes and continue, when you hear heavy boots strike the ground at the door next to you, suddenly another man bursts through holding another gun, but with your sword already out, you are too quick. Dropping to your knee for the strike.

Opposite of that door, a third man enters, wielding a sword. Your strike is clean. You drag the frightened captive to the grand red door.

"Why is everyone so frightened! Where is your boss!" You demand.

Guard Dog: "B-boss? Back at the baths!! Oh god he's going to kill us!!"

You reach the door and spend a moment to pry it open. It is not stuck, just heavy.

You: "Answer me, hound! Why is everyone so frightened! Was it King?"
No. 898977 ID: f7b510
File 153519741175.png - (128.10KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-156.png )

You manage to pull the door open and head through.

Guard Dog: "I-I don't know! Honest!"

You: "You are USELESS then!!"

At that moment the door opposite yours flies open, and you kick your captive into the oncoming goons. Knocking them over.
No. 898978 ID: f7b510
File 153519757039.png - (86.17KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-157.png )

You hurry and yank the door shut. A quick glance around reveals the barricade plank, which you hoist up onto it's slats on the door. At that moment you hear cracks like thunder and splinters of wood fly off the door.

You drop the plank into position as you hear them trying to break through. That should hold them, at least for now.
No. 898980 ID: f7b510
File 153519771434.png - (82.58KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-158.png )

At last. This should be a piece of cake! Now all you have to do is break into the vau-

You turn around and witness the scene in front of you.

A Mess
No. 898983 ID: ff82d2

It looks like someone was here before you.

Check the wounds on the bodies. What kind of weapon killed them?

Then check out the door past the koi pond.
No. 898984 ID: 33cbe7

Are any of those guys still moving?
Check your corners very carefully, but proceed.
No. 898987 ID: f572d1

Oh hey, free guns. Oh, might want to check for survivors there in case one of 'em can say what the hell went on.
No. 899131 ID: f7b510
File 153527822931.png - (41.11KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-159.png )

You begin by checking out the rest of the room. It seems highly decorative and smells of incense, with about a dozen koi within the pond.

You examine the gang members and find they have been killed. One of them has been sliced by a sword.The rest though? No arrow hafts or splinters are around, and Wounds like these can only be caused by guns. A lot of them, probably.
No. 899132 ID: f7b510
File 153527830750.png - (54.45KB , 500x500 , wanderer2-160.png )

You peep through the crack in the door and see someone tampering with a device on the wall of this office. It seems he hasn't noticed you yet, but in the darkness of the room you can't see too much more.
No. 899136 ID: ff82d2

Sneak behind this person and wait until they're done with whatever they're trying to do, then surprise them.
No. 899138 ID: daa216

Wait for them to finish what they are doing. Then surprise them.
No. 899141 ID: 91ee5f

He’s going to notice your shadow if you continue forward.
No. 899167 ID: 33cbe7

Use your catlike stealth to approach the door. Get low to the ground so your shadow doesn't disturb him.
No. 899246 ID: 5d5ac0

Swing the doors open to let the light in and ask who they are and what they are doing here.
No. 899247 ID: dbf422

No that's a bad idea now that guns are definitely involved. Staying low and sneaking up to get in sword range is the best idea if he wants to talk.
No. 899249 ID: f7b510
File 153535681230.png - (68.88KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-161.png )

You reach for the door handles to swing them open but stop yourself. If this was the man who shot all those gangsters down, you would not want to be on the receiving end with so much distance between the two of you.

You crouch and begin to stealthily close distance, placing yourself behind the desk. You wait for him to finish whatever he's doing, but then you hear him say something you don't understand.

What do you do?
No. 899250 ID: ff82d2

Get close to him. With your sword.
No. 899252 ID: a94e23

How nice of him to do these things for us.
Wait for him to finish what he’s doing then hold him still with your sword to his neck so we can question him.
No. 899253 ID: 33cbe7

Get ready for an ambush. Whose? That's to be decided.
No. 899265 ID: 094652

Stab him in the knee so he can't escape. Then knock him out.
No. 899275 ID: 5d5ac0

Don't hurt him yet, but surprise him when he turns around. Keep your sword out if you need to but keep it easy. He might be foreign, but he might still speak Japanese.

Try and figure out what he is doing, maybe you two can work together.

Plus it seems like he is trying to access something on that device. Maybe the card you got earlier can help him out.
No. 899276 ID: dbf422

Different language maybe? Press your sword to his neck and ask him to repeat that in Japanese.
No. 899369 ID: f7b510
File 153544919912.png - (44.63KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-162.png )

You decide you want to know who this guy is and what he is doing here.

So you creep up behind him, as quiet as you can, avoiding the light behind you so as not to cast a shadow.

After about a step you hear a piercing beeping sound.
No. 899370 ID: f7b510
File 153544931134.png - (30.73KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-163.png )

He spins around with his hand out, and from where you can only guess must have been his sleeve, a weapon appears to meet your sword in front of you.

A parasol?
No. 899371 ID: f7b510
File 153544965977.png - (72.80KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-164.png )

A cat in a more garish robe than any you have seen today is in front of you. He wields his parasol strangely, his other hand first behind his back, then above his head.

He says something in a different language, but then catches himself when he sees your head tilt.

Fancy Cat: "Ahem, pardon me! Bloody took you long enough! Almost got the drop on me! You were late, I almost thought you had gotten caught!"

He begins to speak in a tongue more familiar to yours.

What a weird guy
No. 899377 ID: 5d5ac0

quick try to play along. Maybe you can get somewhere with this
No. 899384 ID: ff82d2

It looks like he doesn't know you personally considering he didn't know what language you speak.

Ask him who he is and how does he know you were coming. Also, why is he here and what's his objective.
No. 899397 ID: 33cbe7

Capper? Is that you?
Ask who sent him.
No. 899401 ID: 4d58db

Perfect I like where this is going. Try to team up with the dandy. Maybe the two of you can slay some mad poon after this heist.

Is he a thief or maybe some kind of government operative?
No. 899427 ID: daa216

If your sword didn't slice through his umbrella you should try to see if it looks like it doubles as a weapon. That might be his gun.
No. 899576 ID: f7b510
File 153561197660.png - (59.40KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-165.png )

From the heft you felt, it seems like the parasol is more than just what it seems to be. A sword or other weapon could easily be hidden, you've seen monks and old samurai carry similar swords before.

You: "Not like I expected much help in here."

Fancy Cat: "I'm quite surprised actually."

You: "Why is that?"

He lowers his weapon and leans against it, striking a dandy pose.

You can't say you expected to meet someone as strange as him down here, but you are starting to learn that thing's don't seem to turn out how you were expecting.
No. 899578 ID: f7b510
File 153561267739.png - (73.07KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-166.png )

Fancy Cat: "Not that many people can manage the drop on me! I knew it had to be you. Not to mention the briefing."

You: "Err... Briefing?"

Fancy Cat: "They said that the Japanese agent who was to help would be coming in disguise. I expected you to be in a yakuza outfit with the regular signal!"

Fancy Cat: "Not dressed as some kind of feudal samurai!"

Fancy Cat: "Anyway, for the debriefing's sake, we should speak our parts of the code phrase."

He clears his throat.

Fancy Cat: "The weather sure is nice. I always did like the sunset in Tokyo."

He looks at you with a short smile, expecting.
No. 899589 ID: ff82d2

Haha, I think he's got the wrong person. There's no way we can guess the signal. Or can we?

Repeat after him, "The weather sure is nice. I always did like the sunset in Tokyo.". Perhaps this will confuse him and he will think that he accidentally said your part of the code. Or perhaps he will correct you and just tell you what your part of the code was.

If this doesn't confuse him and he again asks you for your part, then say that you don't remember exactly and that you only remember your phrase being about <insert subject>, for instance, food.

If he still demands that you say your phrase, then make something up. For intance, "I will always love the city lights at night. The saké tastes good this time of the year.".
No. 899590 ID: 33cbe7

Does the black moon howl?
No. 899591 ID: 094652

Stab him while he's distracted by the sound of his own voice.
No. 899592 ID: a94e23

Alright you got me, i’m not your partner but before you try anything, i’m not here for you.
I’m here for two reasons: to send these yakuza a message and take back something that was stolen recently. You speak like a good deal of planning went into this on your end so we’re probably not after the same thing. If you stay out of my way then i’ll stay out of yours and we can all have what we want.
No. 899594 ID: bfdaf0

Okay, it's obvious now: This guy is a shinobi sent by another faction. And he expects an accomplice, who would know a passphrase.

The sentence he just said, does it remind you of an existing poem or something?
No. 899595 ID: ee2d6e

"You got a briefing? I was just told to get here dressed in this stupid outfit, and that was it."
No. 899682 ID: daa216

Tell him that your brief was that you were meant to do code words -before- he shot up a whole room of people. He'll need to move onto the part.
No. 899847 ID: 9a9227

Hmmn. Tough one, and it seems like you will have to just guess if you want to keep up the charade. A shinobi could be a valuable ally to help you pick the lock on the vault when you get to it.

If he used the word Tokyo, maybe you can try something similar. Just say something that comes naturally. "Yes, but I remember it as Edo." Something similarly cryptic.

Or maybe we can use one of our prayers here? I would like to try and keep this guy as a pal or something, he seems useful. Even if he is a dandy.
No. 899926 ID: 83ff94

Tell him 'no time for that! We have to watch the door!' or something. Since that wooden plank probably wont keep the gangsters back for long, at least if they have axes or something.
No. 899928 ID: f7b510
File 153579760413.png - (66.75KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-167.png )

Code phrases? Briefing? Enough skill to slay those yakuza without being caught? Obviously he is a Shinobi and is waiting for his contact.

He seems to be waiting for a response, so you go to speak the first thing that comes to mind.

You: "Edo is fair but-"

Suddenly you hear loud banging on the door you blocked up, pulling his attention from you for a moment.

You somehow got to buy yourself a little time.

You: "Yeah the phrase. We should share them after we take care of those Yakuza trying to break down the door."
No. 899929 ID: f7b510
File 153579815326.png - (65.40KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-168.png )

He looks at you and squints.

Fancy Cat: "Alright... You have a crack at the safety locks then. My decoder doesn't seem compatible. I am sure our counterparts here in Japan can surprise me with how advanced your gear is yet again..."

He collapses the parasol and slips it into his sleeve.

Fancy Cat: "I'll see about slowing those bloody fools down."

He says, pulling from his jacket a dark hand canon and screwing a tube to it's end.

You take a look at the device he was interacting with before.

It has numbers one through ten, a small glowing window with four empty spaces, and a slot on the side.

Even just a quick glance at it makes you feel anxiety. You've usually just disarmed locks in the past by breaking them... Same principle applies right?
No. 899930 ID: ff82d2

Yeah. Break the panel off and drag your blade all over the metal contacts.
No. 899932 ID: 33cbe7

Don't try that here.
Man, looking at this through the jade coin would probably help... but we're here to retrieve that coin. Look in the desk?
No. 900000 ID: c1c621

Search through the desk, and if you find anything then maybe that could help. Otherwise, maybe take the card and try to swipe it?

There isn't much reason why Saito would know what to do with the card, but maybe searching will reveal something more?

Check under the desk for hidden buttons or compartments.
No. 900005 ID: 094652

I think Fancy Pants knows you were giving off the wrong code phrase.

Takedown before he becomes a problem, leave him on the floor and ambush the confused cavalry.
No. 900054 ID: f7b510
File 153587854104.png - (67.29KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-169.png )

You consider ambushing the fancy shinobi. It probably would not be too hard, but his skill seems impressive in any case, if the room before was any indicator, and how he could detect you sneaking up.

He probably thought your codephrase seemed off, and gave you this task to see if you could succeed at something worthwhile.

You decide that dealing with the panel directly would be too much of a headache, so you glance around the room and begin to search under the dest.
No. 900055 ID: f7b510
File 153587888483.png - (73.35KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-170.png )

Honestly, with your coin back you suspect everything would be easily done, it seemed to help you out when you just couldn't see what was going on.

You press the button down for a moment and suddenly the back wall slides open with a screeching wail. Some alarm klaxon switched on. Great, perfect. The way out is going to be a lot more difficult with that ringing out through the entire lair.

Suddenly you hear shooting coming from the room before with the koi.
No. 900056 ID: f7b510
File 153587910418.png - (47.46KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-171.png )

Before you lays the passageway to the vault chamber. An empty hallway.

The fancy cat still hasn't returned, but besides the alarm, it sounds as though combat has stopped.

You hear him shout from the other room.

Fancy Cat: "You bleeding idiot! Now the boys upstairs are going to be knocking the bloody doors down!"

You could probably wait a moment for him to return, or do anything really. How would you get into a vault like that? It looks enormous and made of steel!
No. 900057 ID: 094652

First, try opening it. Maybe it's just there for presentation?

Yell back to the agent to switch, because you didn't bring any explosives to deal with a remote-locked vault door.

(then totally knock him out right after the explosion)
No. 900062 ID: ff82d2

Try to spin that wheel at the end of the hallway.
No. 900068 ID: 91be00

Throw something down the corridor first, it may be trapped.
No. 900164 ID: f7b510
File 153593691255.png - (28.81KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-172.png )

You decide to find something and lob it down the hallway. It feels too bare, and is likely full of pressure traps or tripwires you can't see.

You grab the ashtray and toss it. When it hits the ground down the hall, it is split in half and smoking.
No. 900166 ID: f7b510
File 153593710029.png - (101.86KB , 500x500 , Wanderer2-173.png )

Well now that's strange. You can't see any blades or razor wires that could have sliced it; and with smoke too?

Either way it feels dangerous. If you were to step forwards, you would likely be sliced to bits.

You: "The hallway to the vault is trapped!" You shout.

Fancy Cat: "Well of course it is! Why do you think I wanted the security panel off!" He shouts back.

You hear loud scraping sounds, and eventually the klaxon dies down, but the tense situation seems to continue to rise.
No. 900170 ID: b1b4f3

Hey, be observant. The smoke is revealing something.
No. 900175 ID: 91ee5f


Blow smoke into the hallway!
No. 900177 ID: 4c908d

There's beams of red light your smoke is revealing, but don't touch them; They're like threads of concentrated heat.

Do you think your sword is resilient and shiny enough to reflect them like a mirror?
No. 900188 ID: dbf422

Yup, be Cat-herine Zeta-Jones!
No. 900198 ID: 05ff2f

Look, there's something shining in the smoke. Looks like a pair of beams of light. Solid bet the whole corridor has beams like these two criss-crossing it's length and one of them sliced the ashtray in half.

Okay, take a series of drags on the cigar and puff smoke out across the corridor to make the beams show up. If you're lucky, there'll be a gap big enough to step through you can take. Might need to take your swords off or any other things that'd stick out, lest they get sliced. Hopefully you can do the smoke trick all the way down and there'll be a shutoff for them inside the vault itself so you don't have to repeat it on the way back.

>Do you think your sword is resilient and shiny enough to reflect them like a mirror?
Depends on what material that ashtray was. If it was plastic, the sword probably could reflect or block the beam. If it was ceramic or glass, the beam's probably strong enough it'd cut the sword or at least heat it to the point of bending. But if you do test sticking the sword in the beam's way, at least first try it where it'd cause the least damage, like right at the tip.
No. 900281 ID: ff82d2

A single cigar isn't gonna be enough for that.

Find some paper, partially burn it, and then blow it out. The embers will generate smoke for a while.
No. 900404 ID: f7b510