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File 124795925252.png - (33.96KB , 566x556 , ghost1.png )
8291 No. 8291 ID: 40dc56

Your name is fGhost (the f is silent).

You are one of the world's best stamp collectors.

You are on a quest to collect the seven rarest stamps in the known world.

You are in your stamp room.
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No. 8298 ID: 77d627

lick stamps
No. 8300 ID: 41f1b5

look at your sexy model edition stamps
No. 8302 ID: c7236c

Punch everything!
No. 8305 ID: 77d627

make a fort out of the stamps
No. 8308 ID: bc8ef0

Lose some weight.

No. 8309 ID: 40dc56
File 124795977953.png - (33.75KB , 566x556 , ghost2.png )

They are lovely, aren't they?
Heavens no! That'd decrease their value!
No. 8311 ID: 1cf2ea

Stay the fuck away from Pac Man.
No. 8313 ID: c80cec

Give croagunk his mouth back.
No. 8314 ID: c7236c

So what kind of rarest stamps are we talking about?
The hard-to-find kind, or the hard-to-get kind?
No. 8331 ID: 41f1b5

punch hole in ground because you can while screaming FFFFFUCK
No. 8345 ID: 40dc56
File 124796158547.png - (19.68KB , 566x556 , ghost3.png )

I'm glad you asked! Each stamp's location is known, but are in locations of various dangers!

1. The Golden Bee Stamp: Located in the great bee forest west of here. Said to have the power to walk on any surface.
2. The Merlin Stamp: Located in a tower of one of the world's most evil wizards. Said to have the power to grant one wish.
3. The Hell's Hand Stamp: Located in the Underworld. Said to give the holder an unknown power.
4. The Zephyr Stamp: Located in a castle in the sky. Said to give the holder the power of the winds.
5. The Climate Stamp: Located at the bottom of the world's largest volcano. Said to give the holder resistance to all elements.
6. The Terra Stamp: Located in the mighty dwarven cliffs. Said to grow and act as a shield crafted from the world's finest and sturdiest materials.
7. This stamp is unknown to me, but is said that a doorway to this legendary stamp will appear when the other 6 are together.

So which shall we search for first?
No. 8352 ID: 41f1b5

search for the last 1... FOREVEEEER
No. 8355 ID: c80cec

Get Merlin stamp, wish for other stamps.
No. 8357 ID: bc8ef0

Put on your robe and wizard hat. We ride for the Tower.
No. 8358 ID: bde1b8

Do any of our current stamps grant us powers?
No. 8363 ID: f39593
File 124796221922.jpg - (25.50KB , 222x229 , seinfeld_beees.jpg )

No. 8368 ID: 77d627

Go piss off some bees
No. 8374 ID: c73b9f

Zephyr stamp!
No. 8386 ID: d5b2d6

No. 8391 ID: 40dc56
File 124796391636.png - (30.71KB , 566x556 , ghost4.png )

Oh my goodness I wish. I'm sorry to say all my stamps, although amazing and awesome, do not possess any special powers.

The Golden Bee Stamp it is! We ride at dawn!

No. 8555 ID: 408036

You have my approval. Proceed.

To bee forest, of course.
No. 8556 ID: 41f1b5

get your god damn wizard clothe and your god damn wizard hat
No. 8657 ID: 40dc56
File 124802816573.png - (14.53KB , 566x556 , ghost5.png )

I don't have any of those my in inventory.

I have a potion and a Cheeseburger.

I should probably also take the time to explain this to you, this is my inventory and below it are two meters.

My health, you guys pretty much know that stuff.
Below it is my Hunger, yes I'm a ghost that needs to eat.

If you guys want to know what's in my inventory or my status at anytime just ask and I'll show you.
No. 8658 ID: 40dc56
File 124802824368.png - (17.36KB , 566x556 , ghost6.png )

Anyway off we go!
No. 8659 ID: f39593

examine potion
No. 8662 ID: 77d627

skip to the west
No. 8663 ID: cd27c6

No. 8664 ID: f07a92

cut sign into equally sized strips of lumber for later use.
No. 8669 ID: 40dc56
File 124802867049.png - (13.99KB , 604x565 , ghost7.png )

it's a potion of adequate healing.
No. 8679 ID: 40dc56
File 124802911330.png - (14.16KB , 604x565 , ghost8.png )

The sign says: "fGhost's House."
No. 8681 ID: f07a92

climb a tree then jump off only to find that you are a ghost. subsequently, consume enough leaves to become your own tree and haunt forests regularly.
No. 8703 ID: 35cea2

Hey fGhost how did you die and become goast?
No. 8711 ID: d5b2d6


die and become zombie goast
No. 8732 ID: 77d627

contiune skipping faGhost
No. 8735 ID: 40dc56
File 124803128575.png - (19.07KB , 604x565 , ghost9.png )

Funnily enough, I starved to death.
Oh hey! The entrance to the forest. That was quick.
No. 8738 ID: 7eda8b

>Funnily enough, I starved to death.

Are you sure it wasn't from someone getting mad about the smug grin you constantly wear? No offense.

Also: Go into the forest.
No. 8742 ID: 77d627

Go in smugly
No. 8761 ID: 40dc56
File 124803293582.png - (26.76KB , 604x565 , ghost10.png )

None taken.

The path ahead is kinda taken over by roots. I can hear a slight hum.
No. 8763 ID: 2b9a8f

Climb nearest tree and gently hover above the roots. Alternatively, call upon the god of the apes and swing from tree to tree.
No. 8768 ID: c73b9f

Walk over the roots.
No. 8772 ID: 40dc56
File 124803360863.png - (14.38KB , 604x565 , ghost11.png )


...no response.
No. 8779 ID: 77d627

in style
No. 8784 ID: 40dc56
File 124803413040.png - (26.61KB , 604x565 , ghost12.png )

Boy, that was easy.
No. 8791 ID: 2b9a8f

No spirit murdering samurai? No tentacle demons from the pit of hell? No Ghostbusters coming to bust yo' ass?

Just like that?

Skip to the goddamn west.
No. 8801 ID: 7eda8b

Continue walking. What, do I have to hold your hand?
No. 8820 ID: 40dc56
File 124803611063.png - (25.56KB , 604x565 , ghost13.png )

Oh hey that's a big hive.



No. 8830 ID: 45afb1

Bee honest, tell them you are a stamp collector looking for a very special stamp.
No. 8836 ID: 1afd58

I agree. Honeyed words, no stinging remarks. Ask what the buzz is with stamp collecting.
No. 8948 ID: fb5d8e

I lol'd
No. 9243 ID: f95743

Ask the bees whether you can comb through their hive.
No. 9259 ID: 41f1b5

will they BEE your valentine
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