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File 150474869869.png - (84.39KB , 600x800 , sas01.png )
828311 No. 828311 ID: ed67d9

Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112766.html
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No. 828312 ID: ed67d9
File 150474871939.png - (70.02KB , 600x800 , sas02.png )

Your name is Aubrey Aardvark, and you are the best fucking detective in all of Station.

Station is a hell of a place. Part-city, part-corporation, part-transportation hub, Station is located at the nexus of all known universes - and a few unknown ones. It is bigger than one could ever imagine, and its denizens are a potpourri of those important enough, brave enough, or just plain crazy enough to want to vist other realities.

Inter-'verse travel is facilitated by the Transdimensional Train, which calls Station its home. A ticket aboard the Train can cost someone anywhere from nothing to everything, depending on the needs of Station at that time.
No. 828314 ID: ed67d9
File 150474878199.png - (38.77KB , 800x600 , sas03.png )

As for what you're doing here, working this job... well, a while back you had quite an adventure (see >>/questarch/799546/ for the gritty details... which may or may not be finished by the time you read this), resolved a bunch of personal issues, and found yourself in need of a job. Alexi - your current boss and one of Station's Directors - was extremely impressed by how you handled your... adventure... and so hired you on as a detective.

Said abilities include your exceptional hearing, acute sense of smell, and network of contacts, along with a few other traits commmon to atavistic aardvark anthros such as yourself. You've got an ear for danger, a nose for trouble, and your claws are just itching to get to the bottom of this case.
No. 828315 ID: ed67d9
File 150474879326.png - (61.90KB , 800x600 , sas04.png )

Ah, the case. Indeed. You just got off the phone with your boss and found out that two of your good friends, Outissa (noxan, female) and Beatrix (yinglet, also female), went suddenly missing. They vanished completely off of Station's grid... which should be impossible. Nothing and no one leaves or enters Station without it being logged, and anyone still IN Station should be trackable.

You suspect foul play, a dirty deed, perhaps a revenge plot, but you don't know for certain.

What you do know, however, is that you will FIND what happened to Outissa and Beatrix and you'll make them realize why no one ever, EVER, fucks with you or your friends.
No. 828317 ID: ed67d9
File 150474884303.png - (69.58KB , 800x600 , sas05.png )

You manage to compose yourself during the walk over to Outissa's apartment (okay, technically a townhouse but that's a stupid name). You told your boss you'd check it out first, so here you are.

Your options are:

A. Try the front door.
B. Try the back door.
C. __________________

(You may only ever vote for ONE option given, unless otherwise stated. Please LIST THE LETTER of your vote in your comment. The blank option is so that you can SUGGEST SOMETHING ELSE instead if you desire.)

1x Phone (yours)
1x Pack of smokes
1x Lighter
No. 828318 ID: 0d1514

Always try the back door.
No. 828319 ID: c2051e

C. Set the townhouse on fire to cleanse it of its stupid name and possible traps.
No. 828321 ID: a363ac

C. Try the Yinglet doggie door.
No. 828322 ID: b591c7

Back door! Look for signs of a struggle.
No. 828323 ID: 6e59e3

C. Interrogate Senator Lemonsnout
(But really, front door)
No. 828325 ID: 2edbd7

Front door
No. 828331 ID: 41c9bc

No. 828335 ID: be0718

C: Roof access, Mission-Impossible style.
No. 828363 ID: 3abd97

C. Climb in the side-window, they'll never expect that!
No. 828415 ID: 094652

C) Use your detection skills to search for a hidden key. If that (and attempting to simply open the door fails), bash in the door.
No. 828421 ID: e8f4bd

C. Stop looking so dramatic, you're just a cute little aardvark. And stop smoking, that's unhealthy!
No. 828915 ID: ed67d9
File 150489459948.png - (115.43KB , 744x501 , sas06.png )

>Back door

You try the front door on a whim and find it locked.

Well, you always were a big fan of back door action. You shrug and head around to the back of the to—apartment. And you find that there's a yard. Which wouldn't be an issue, except that there's a tall wooden fence surrounding the yard, circling it like a pack of cedar wolves around a grass doe.

Also, there doesn't appear to be a gate. Fortunately for you, you've never met a fence that could keep you out. No matter how tall it was, or whether it was on grass, wood, or hell, even concrete... you crack your knuckles as you ponder whether to:

A. Get through fence.
B. Give the front door another go.
C. ___________
No. 828918 ID: be0718

rolled 4 = 4

I roll to punch the fence open.
No. 828919 ID: e8f4bd

Use your lighter on the fence.
No. 828945 ID: c88e6d

Dig under the fence, you're an Aardvark.
No. 828950 ID: a363ac

dig under fence. C
No. 828954 ID: 3abd97

C. Dance on the fence
No. 828955 ID: 4ab840

Totally jump through the window.
No. 828968 ID: 41c9bc

No. 828972 ID: ed67d9
File 150491728738.png - (71.21KB , 800x600 , sas07.png )

>And stop smoking, that's unhealthy!

You were never a big smoker. In fact, you've never touched cigarettes in the 30+ years you've been alive.

What you're smoking is a substance that works to numb the inside of your nose.

Your snout is so sensitive that just being in a crowd will drive you crazy, so you have specially-designed smokes that cut your nose-based noticing powers down to about the level of an average human.

Good thing about these babies is that your nose is back to about 70% snoot power within two minutes of stopping, and back at full within ten minutes.

Speaking of which... you snuff your smoke out between your claws. You'll be needing your nose soon.
No. 828973 ID: ed67d9
File 150491728952.png - (111.12KB , 800x600 , sas08.png )

You toss your coat up over the fence - no use getting it even grimier than it already is.

You inspect the ground. Looks like grass and dirt. Nice. Not as fun to dig through as concrete, but a lot quicker.

You'll be on the other side of this baby in two or three minutes.
No. 828974 ID: ed67d9
File 150491729138.png - (115.52KB , 800x600 , sas09.png )

...make that four or five minutes. Posts were sunk down into the ground a ways - good fencing job, that's for sure. It'll keep most critters out this way. But not you.
No. 828975 ID: ed67d9
File 150491729348.png - (118.97KB , 800x600 , sas10.png )

It's been a while since you've had a good dig like this. One of the nice things about being an atavistic aardvark like yourself is that even though you lack thumbs like your more "evolved" kin, you get to enjoy the insane digging speed that your non-intelligent forebears had.
No. 828976 ID: ed67d9
File 150491729529.png - (97.88KB , 800x600 , sas11.png )

You're tempted to keep going almost, but you've broken through on the other side an—

—oh shit.

Uh. Fuck.

What do you do?
No. 828977 ID: 41c9bc

Lick the snoot
No. 828978 ID: 6e59e3


Or be nice if it seems nice, dear. Don't killmurderhate it just because it's in your face. I know I would, but I'm also not normal.

Try talking with your mouth.

Then if that doesn't work, try talking it in the throat with your lovely digging claws.
No. 828980 ID: 3abd97

Kiss that doggo.
No. 828981 ID: 56e50f

That a dog? Sniff that pupper! Ask who's a good doggo, keep your tone cheery!
No. 828982 ID: be0718

Blow smoke in its face to give it lung cancer.
No. 828987 ID: 91ee5f

It likes you!

Make sure you fill in the hole behind you so you don't accidentally let the dog out!
No. 828988 ID: e8f4bd

Instantly retreat.
No. 828992 ID: fe7355

What the...? This dog didn't bark the whole time you were diggin', or did you just not hear 'em? 'Cause you'd think most dogs would be barkin' up a storm on hearing a big critter diggin' under a fence. Or someone throwing a coat on top of the fence. Likely this one is trained not to be noisy. It's probably not a guard dog either, 'cause guard dogs are supposed to bark at intruders, chase and attack them. And it's not growling, baring its teeth or opening it's mouth to bite, so it's not acting threatening to you. Decent odds you're just facing a harmless pet dog. ...But do Outissa and Beatrix have a dog? ...Do they share a backyard with their neighbors? If they do, perhaps it's their neighbor's dog. You can't see a collar on it or hear its tags jangling, can you?

Say "hello, doggo" as you wriggle back into your hole and see how the dog reacts. If it remains non-hostile and calm, then continue digging through, then once through backfill the hole enough the dog can't get out easy. You don't want it to escape because it may have case important scents on it.
No. 829030 ID: c88e6d

I agree, lick the snoot. The dog has never seen an Aardvark and will be curious and friendly.

Or horny. We'll see.
No. 829037 ID: a363ac

Licky lick and sniff then LETS GET IT ON! FUCK have random dog sex.
No. 829046 ID: ed67d9
File 150493925664.png - (59.43KB , 800x600 , sas12.png )

>Lick the snoot
>Kiss that doggo
>Sniff that pupper
>It likes you!
>Or horny!
>Licky lick and sniff then LETS GET IT ON! FUCK have random dog sex.

At this point, you can't tell if these are the voices of suggesters or your own thoughts or whatever, and you're getting mixed up.

You're feeling pretty frisky. Digging does that to you. And it's been at least a month or two since you've had a good fuck.

On the one hand, you're... not averse to the idea of fooling around with a strange animal you'd never met before - wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last.

On the other hand, though, you have a notorious guttermind and all of this could just be playful and silly haha friendly lick who could take that the wrong way???

Before going any further, you want to be 100% certain that you know what you're doing.

A. Friendly lick and sniff?
B. Naughty lick and sniff

(In other words: I understand that you guys are being silly/random, but so help me, I will make her try to fuck this dog if that's what you all really want. DON'T TRY ME I'M CRAZY I'LL DO IT)
No. 829047 ID: a363ac

BBBBBBB Believe in the doggo dream
No. 829048 ID: c9f250

A. It's friendly visit time not get knotted and stuck time.
No. 829050 ID: 41c9bc

A. We have a job to do. Establish yourself as a non-threat so that you can go about your business.
No. 829052 ID: e8f4bd

Let's see how fast we can give a NSFW tag to this quest.
No. 829058 ID: c88e6d

When in doubt, do what Amaranth would do. Which is probably you. B I guess?
No. 829061 ID: 26c0a3

Doggos are not for lewding.
No. 829064 ID: ec7cc5

Your friends are in trouble! No time to waste on such things right now.
No. 829069 ID: 91ee5f

No. 829076 ID: fe7355

A. Friendly lick and sniff. You can not be anywhere near desperate enough for a fuck that you'll resort to bestiality. It's only been two months, at most! And you're on Station, for god's sake! If you can't find someone here who'll fuck you silly, you are not even trying.

Just please at least follow the Harkness Test for your fuck candidates; Assuredly sapient, of legal age and able to give clear consent. This dog fails two of those criteria. And you're not going to get anything close to a "good fuck" from some random dog anyway.

Besides, you have more important matters to deal with right now. You have a job that your friends are relying on you for. Focus on that and find someone to bang your brains out when you're off the clock.
No. 829084 ID: 063140

Not here, not now - We've got better things to be doing!
No. 829085 ID: 3fb646

A but do keep that doggo in mind for a later date..
No. 829101 ID: e0adfd

A. Friendly lick and sniff.
I mean sure a good screw is nice, but don't you have a job to do?>>829046
No. 829114 ID: 3740b1


Boldly sniff where no ardvark has sniffed before.

No. 829119 ID: 96c71f

No. 829123 ID: 931502

You're the author this board needs.

B a boss.
No. 829165 ID: 34a4b4

No. 829167 ID: be0718

B. Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.
No. 829179 ID: 4389a4


Sniff. Lick. Suck? Let it (him?) try /your/ back door?
No. 829180 ID: 8ea81e

B. It's been a month or two. Do the thing.
No. 829181 ID: 3abd97

>seduce the guard dog
Boldly B!
No. 829182 ID: 12b116

No. 829184 ID: 8a3295

Somehow this seems lewd. B
No. 829187 ID: be61f7

A. Focus on saving your friends.
No. 829189 ID: 486e87

A. Please do not lewd the dog.
No. 829192 ID: 0d7db5

B. Everybody is voting A hoping everyone else will vote B and it's not working. Fuck that dog like the degenerate you are.
No. 829194 ID: 41c9bc

Not really. If she winds up getting stuck as >>829048 pointed out, we lose time to save Outissa and Beatrix.
No. 829199 ID: e8f4bd

Don't worry. No one's ever died because of not being saved because the savior was lewding a dog.
No. 829205 ID: 91ee5f

That's because a situation like this has never happened before!

It'd really suck if the first time it happens, someone ends up dying!
No. 829206 ID: eecdf5

You say that, but that's actually why Charlemagne died
No. 829207 ID: a363ac

aw its fine its fine just have a bit of fun its been a while since I was with a feral.
No. 829212 ID: 2158ee

Yup b
No. 829213 ID: 2158ee

Double for the back door
No. 829264 ID: 6edb59

Option A
No. 829312 ID: ed67d9

(Since this vote is super close and potentially very controversial, I've decided to make a post clarifying how the vote mechanics work: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112766.html#115492 )
No. 829315 ID: 47160d

Woman you are fuckin hilariously dedicated to these quests
No. 829362 ID: ed67d9
File 150500517949.png - (55.75KB , 800x600 , sas13.png )

Your motor's revving like a V8 engine, and you're desperately in need of some pistoning, which makes it so that you can't make a clear decision.

It doesn't help that this is a dog. You have a thing for getting tied - the thought of someone walking in on you, seeing you in such a compromising position, the shame and embarrasment and sheer humiliation of being caught...

...well, someone just installed a supercharger on that engine of yours.

But, is this really the right time or place for fooling around? You have two people you care very much about depending on you to do your damn job. A job that you're fucking amazing at.
No. 829363 ID: ed67d9
File 150500518151.png - (34.41KB , 800x600 , sas14.png )

You sigh, and for now, you just give a friendly lick and sniff. The doggo - an Alaskan malamute, by the scent - is in healthy, male, and completely non-aggressive. What a good pupper!

You know what, you'll let him decide what to do! If he's not interested, he'll walk away.

You see his ears perk as he picks up on... yeah. He definitely smells how turned on you are. His tail gives an eager wag, and the deep masculine musk hits you as can tell that he's now horny as well. Your heart pounds and you swallow, mouth suddenly dry. It's gonna happen. He's decided. He's—
No. 829364 ID: ed67d9
File 150500518360.png - (103.35KB , 800x600 , sas15.png )

He's disappearing into the apartment through an open patio door!? Well, fuck! Your ears flatten a bit in what you have to admit to yourself is definite disappointment and even a bit of hurt at getting rejected by a fucking dog.

...fuck it. Good riddance.

You climb out of the hole and a fresh wave of your scent washes over you, making you slightly woozy, before you steady yourself.

Okay. Y-you've got this.
No. 829365 ID: ed67d9
File 150500520194.png - (67.41KB , 800x600 , sas16.png )

You take a few moments to brush the dirt and grass off your shirt and pants, when you hear the dog return. You can smell him, even strong now, almost overpoweringly so. Why isn't he going for you? He clearly wants to.

He drops something at your feet.

You bend over to pick it up.

It's a collar.

The dog's tail wags faster, and he circles behind you to nose at the side of your tail. He noses urgently, before backing off and watching you.

You give the collar a sniff, and the only hint of this doggo's scent on it is the immediate drool-smell from being carried back in his mouth. The underlying scent - the one belonging to whoever wears this collar - is one you recognize: pine sap, with a hint of smoke, like a slightly-singed forest.

Your eyes go wide, and you look at the nametag, which confirms your suspicion.
No. 829366 ID: ed67d9
File 150500520386.png - (48.02KB , 800x600 , sas17.png )

A nose presses against your lower belly, and you glance down. The canine seems to be waiting for something.

A. Wear the collar.
B. Don't wear the collar.
No. 829368 ID: 3abd97

Doooooo eeeeeeeet.
No. 829373 ID: a363ac

A. an interesting dog this is.
No. 829374 ID: c88e6d

Amaranth did say you should find love.
No. 829379 ID: 26c0a3

This is triggering me a little, but I don't want to ruin this for anyone else.
Go ahead.
No. 829381 ID: 22d3a4

B. Lady this is like exactly my 'thing', and I'm telling you you can use your time better.
No. 829382 ID: 3740b1


Present that back door for the backdoor doggie.
No. 829384 ID: a363ac

Who's dog is this and why would Outissa have fucked it? She doesn't like the penis.
No. 829385 ID: 790cce

A is for anal.

With a dog.
No. 829390 ID: a363ac

sniff its penis for outissa smells
No. 829394 ID: 9876c4

Remember that time tgchan got together to fuck a fictional dog?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.
No. 829396 ID: ed67d9

Yeah, I remember that (very NSFW) moment quite well!
No. 829400 ID: 486e87

B. You have a job to do, don't get distracted.
No. 829402 ID: 2120ee

No. 829406 ID: 41c9bc

B. You have what you need, it's time to get tracking before the trail goes cold.
No. 829407 ID: 8c56c9

Put it on so your hands are free to explore the house. Have claws at the ready for surprises!
No. 829429 ID: 6ffa07

What's poppin' 🅱️
No. 829482 ID: e8f4bd

> >>829365 >the nametag confirms your suspicion
That's right. This dog's name is Outissa and it wants you to put its collar on it and take it for a walk. Which Outissa were you looking for?

It also seems that this dog is into cross-dressing and it wants you to wear its attire. You should do what it wants.
No. 829489 ID: e05286

Give yo A ss to that husky.
No. 829495 ID: be0718

Your A isn't escaping unscathed that easily. Do knot resist.
No. 829548 ID: 41c9bc

It is astonishing how dog sex somehow ranks higher in your list of priorities than both doing your job and saving your friends' lives.

Truly, you are the worst detective, and also the worst friend.
No. 829549 ID: 91ee5f

>Truly, you are the worst detective, and also the worst friend.
No. 829568 ID: 3740b1

So, you're voting A for dog buttsex too, then?
No. 829569 ID: 41c9bc

No. 829570 ID: 3740b1

I... I don't understand. Is there another option?
No. 829576 ID: 41c9bc

Only if you know the letter that comes after A.
No. 829578 ID: 3740b1

Is-is it D og sex?
No. 829610 ID: 2a13fa

No. 829865 ID: ed67d9
File 150516288382.png - (62.97KB , 800x600 , sas18.png )

Fifteen, twenty minutes tops. That's what you'll give yourself. Then you need to get back to work. As useful as tension relief can be, you don't want to spend too much time on it.

You put the collar on, clicking it into place with a sound like a gunshot to the heart.

As soon as you do that, the dog gives a happy "woo wooooooo" cry,before jumping up on you, his front paws on your shoulders.

He's taller than you are! He's huge! He gives your face several eager licks, then lapping inside each of your ears, which makes you shiver. Between that and his weight, you're pushed to your knees.
No. 829866 ID: ed67d9
File 150516288532.png - (78.11KB , 800x600 , sas19.png )

You fumble with your pants before getting them halfway down. Your underwear comes down next.

Damn. You're going to have to wash those later. They have a wet spot the size of Station.

Your bottom half now completely exposed, you push your rear up in the air, arch your tail forward out of the way, and rest your hand on your hands.

"Oh my god." The sound you make once your new friend introduces you to Mr. Tongue is so lewd that it could make a porn star faint.

Mr. Tongue then goes on an adventure from your valley up to your backwoods, and he's quite the traveller. He sets up camp there for a bit, and... and...

...and it now feels so good that you can't even think in proper hardboiled metaphor.
No. 829867 ID: ed67d9
File 150516288876.png - (104.20KB , 600x1060 , sas20.png )

Moments later, you feel the weight of the dog press down on you from above as he wraps his forepaws around your waist and positions himself. You can't think. You are just nothing but raw need at this point, and you push back and help guide him where you want him, where his tongue was just moments ago.

He's slow at first. Gentle. Tender. Not the manic, frenzied motions that you were expecting, but instead, what feels like love-making.

He whines and noses at the back of your head, at the collar, at your ears, at the collar again.

You are a lurid mess at this point, and your heart skips several beats as he finishes, which means... he does what dogs are known to do.

Wow. He's big. Much bigger than you thought he would be. You feel a rising wave of panic because he just keep. On. Expanding. What if he tears you! What if he splits you open, what if you can't walk ever again!

It stops and stays. You are now extremely full. You're in heaven. His weight lifts off you and he maneuvers around until the two of you are butt-to-butt. You are drooling everywhere, eyes half-lidded. You're going to be stuck here for a while.
No. 829869 ID: ed67d9
File 150516297325.png - (106.51KB , 600x1060 , sas21.png )

You reach a hand down to get rubbing so you can finish yourself an—

Enjoying Aubrey is, this dog? Stuck together he is to Aubrey-so-naughty.


OH NO! It's your life-long best friend Amaranth and oh god she... you... this is... this is HUMILIATING!

What do you do and/or say?
No. 829870 ID: c88e6d

Suggest she make it a threesome. It's Amaranth-So-Horny, let's be honest, she probably made this situation occur.
No. 829871 ID: be0718

"Oh, as if you have never presented to random strangers before."
No. 829873 ID: a363ac

could you resist a face so cute Amaranth?
No. 829874 ID: a363ac

and do finish the job you and (note to self learn dogs name) down there.
No. 829876 ID: 91ee5f

>Fifteen, twenty minutes tops. That's what you'll give yourself. Then you need to get back to work.
Gee, I sure hope nothing bad happens to Outissa and Beatrix because you didn't find them 15-20 minutes earlier to prevent the bad thing from happening to them!

>OH NO! It's your life-long best friend Amaranth and oh god she...you...this is...this is HUMILIATING!
You're not allowed to complain. You knew the risks of doing this, so you've only got yourself to blame!

>What do you do and/or say?
Cover your face with your hands and tell her that your not Aubrey, you're a completely different aardvark that just happens to look like her!
No. 829882 ID: c88e6d

Chill out man, they're perfectly safe where they are. Or are you insinuating that Alpha Complex is in some way dangerous?
No. 829891 ID: 56e50f

"You're no prude either, Amaranth-so-Sultry."
No. 829896 ID: 41c9bc

>Fifteen, twenty minutes tops. That's what you'll give yourself. Then you need to get back to work.
And then you got yourself knotted. You imbecile.

Ask Amaranth if she would take over the rescue operation. Though it's doubtful, maybe she'll prove more competent.
No. 829901 ID: ed67d9

Do not personally attack the protagonist. I understand you're annoyed, but that kind of negativity isn't welcome here.

Disagree all you want with the decisions that happen, but when you start getting into name-calling and such, it's not welcome.
No. 829903 ID: 3ce125

Hey Amaranth, you could hear us last time, so why don't we just tell you what we saw when we were with Outissa.
Laertes has her and likely Beatrice too. He somehow intercepted an adventure that Beatrice was bringing Outissa on via some magical orb thing, and lured them through a door marked XQ which is associated with Outissa's adventures.
Maybe you already know this, but he's Outissa's brother and his real name is Khoros. He is a swarm of voices, which we are a part of so that means he's hijacked the quest system, and has power over people who he knows the names of. He knows Beatrice's name, and Outissa's true name (which is Aletheia, a name he gave her then made her forget the origin of) and I really hope he doesn't know yours. It might be a good idea to attempt rescue via someone who has no name at all.

Now, now, can't have you ruining all of the fun, can we? This "Amaranth" can't hear you. She can't hear ANY of you. At least... not anymore.
No. 829905 ID: 41c9bc

We can't chastise our minions for failing us?
No. 829907 ID: 3740b1

As a fellow reader, I agree. Take criticism to dis, and keep it productive. This sort of hostile "suggestion" isn't pleasant for anyone to read.

Amaranth of all people isn't upset about this. If you want her to shame play you a little I'm sure she'd be up for it. Ask her in a roundabout sub way (oh no, please whatever you do, don't do this~ or that~) to inspect your sensitive areas and take a close look at what has you stuck.
No. 830087 ID: 2870fe

The first thing you do is, you try to separate yourself from the puppy. Once that fails, ask Ammy for "help".

Also, hello Amaranth-most-extraordinary. Stealing is Amaranth our POV during the best moments as always? Better have something good to show you to us in return!

Oh.. hello Khoros! So you can hear us at all times huh? How's the reception?

Then again, he shouldn't be able to hear me coz I pledged to.. wait, wait, wait.
Amaranth can't hear ANY of you. But maybe.. she can hear me?
No. 830185 ID: 600f38

Pfft, I dunno who she can hear from us, but then again WE don't have to say anything.

Just say this, don't think about it: "You can join in if you'd like, but Laertes has Outissa and Beatrice."
Just say it, don't think about it.
No. 830290 ID: 3740b1

Since some are trying to work against Laertes, I feel the need to uphold my pledge and oppose them (though I doubt their suggestions really matter against his plans). So again, ignore all these pesky doubts and enjoy the shame and thrill of the situation. Do not tell Amaranth about Outissa, you have no way of knowing if that would actually help. Just live in and love this moment, you can get back to work after you stop cumming.
No. 830341 ID: ed67d9
File 150532980029.png - (63.48KB , 600x1060 , sas22.png )

>shame play
You cover your face with your hands, ears burning bright with shame. It's one thing to fantasize about getting caught mid-tie, it's another thing entirely for it to happen!

"I swear I am not Aubrey, I'm a completely different aardvark that just happens to look like her."

Finish Amaranth can for Aubrey-such-foolish. Yes? No? Embarrassed! Ha!

"Just... can you get me unstuck?"
No. 830342 ID: ed67d9
File 150532980232.png - (69.01KB , 600x1060 , sas23.png )

Amaranth pads around to inspect the "situation" and the malamute greets her with a wag, his brush-soft tail tickling against yours. She leans in close, peering at where the doggo and you are joined, her head the size of your entire torso. Hmm. Tied Kritikpok your backdoor? Aubrey-so-silly.


Yes. His name... oh! Know Aubrey did not! Amaranth gives an amused purr. The sudden, low vibration - like a diesel engine idling - scatters your thoughts into shreds of ecstacy.

Some gals like to sit on running washing machines to get off. You never had to resort to that, since Ammy has always been your own personal vibration factory.

She keeps on purring and you keep on... "keeping on", until you stop keeping on and finally get off.
No. 830344 ID: ed67d9
File 150532985697.png - (72.19KB , 600x1060 , sas24.png )

Fifteen minutes and one friendly tongue bath later - from both Kritikpok and Amaranth, gotta get things nice and clean - and you're dressed again, basking in the rosy afterglow of a job dog well done.

"Mmm... so what brings you by, Ammy?" you say, your voice quiet and sleepy, like the driver of a tractor-trailer five seconds before a fatal crash.

Told Alexi to me that Aubrey needed information on case. Here Amaranth is to help. Use Aubrey as she wishes of Amaranth-so-clever.

You scratch Kritikpok behind the ears and he nuzzles your hand. Amaranth is better than anyone at tracking down people, able to hop from 'verse to 'verse at will. She works for Station as a proctor for inter-'verse travellers, as well as a monitor for inter-'verse threats.

Send to investigate leads Aubrey can of Amarath-so-resourceful. Find Aubrey any potential clues, inform Amaranth, but only important ones. Check Amaranth cannot every lead. Too much travel. She laughs, her square-topped ears perking.

You nod.

What do you do? Do you resume investigating the apartment, ask about Kritipok, or do you do something else? Ammy also knows Outissa and Beatrix a lot better than you do.

No. 830345 ID: 3ce125

I'm guessing Amaranth doesn't know you're on a quest. Do inform her! (does this count as "something else"? If not then I'd like to ask about Kritipok too. He lives here, so I'm guessing he has her collar because he and Outissa are fucking, but it'd be nice to have confirmation.)
Then ask about Outissa and Beatrix-- does Amaranth know of anyone who would wish them harm? Like her brother, Laertes?
No. 830347 ID: a363ac

Investigte the house with Amaranth just off the screen for convinince of drawing for Slinko Raptie. and get a run down of their general life style from Amaranth.
No. 830350 ID: 3740b1

Curious about Kritipok and how Amaranth knows him (though the collar leads me to the obvious conclusion that he's the pet and/or lover of Outissa). Regardless, let's ask what she knows.

We don't have any real clues to give her yet, so ask if she'll help you search for some inside.
No. 830351 ID: 3fb646

Do you think she can look into this?
It could mean big trouble. Aubrey, continue into the house. Look for anything about this dog and your friends.
No. 830357 ID: be0718

Resume investigating the apartment by starting with the backyard. Dig for buried treasure, this dog is our #1 suspect right now.
No. 830366 ID: 91ee5f

Resume investigating the apartment.

Ask Amaranth if she knows of anyone that would want to harm Outissa and Beatrix.
No. 830395 ID: c88e6d

Ask where this giant dog came from. Seriously he's bigger than you what the hell does he eat.
No. 830530 ID: 6509bf

1. Ask what she knows about Outissa and Beatrix.
2. Something else. Ask Amaranth how she's feeling.
No. 830921 ID: 6d547d

Wiggle about and ask Ammy how they're feeling and about Kritipok!
No. 830924 ID: 6e59e3

Investigate the apartment while talking to Amaranth - ask her for information on Outissa, then ask if Amaranth-So-Helpful would please see after one of the leads she has.
No. 830925 ID: 6e59e3

Clarification: Investigate the apartment.

Disregard my ramblings - I am drunk and lost in Maintenance again ha ha.
No. 830926 ID: 17c2ee

Resume investigating and ask about Outissa and Beatrix.
No. 830928 ID: 314bcd

Resume investigating the apartment, and ask Amaranth about Outissa and Beatrix; Amaranth might sport good info that'll help out.
No. 831112 ID: eecdf5

Clearly Amaranth has a better idea of what's going on.

Be Amaranth.
No. 831114 ID: ed67d9
File 150567629949.png - (165.00KB , 1060x600 , sas25.png )

>Be Amaranth

Wh-what? There's no...


You are not supposed to be able to be suggested to directly! There's definitely something strange going on. Perhaps the TGchan outages have affected your fifth wall, which protects you from such things.

This is going to need to be addressed very soon.
No. 831115 ID: ed67d9
File 150567630060.png - (121.67KB , 1060x600 , sas26.png )

Aubrey appears to be thinking about something. You smile fondly at her. You love her dearly. Your best friend. Countless spans of time you have experienced, and yet Aubrey is a beacon of light and warmth.

"Ammy, I'm going to go invethtigate the retht of thith houthe, but before I do, can you tell me about Outitha and Beatrix? Y-you know them a lot better than I do, and maybe you know thomething that can h-help me find them."

Oh my gosh you never ever tire of how adorable her lisp is. You don't think she even knows she has it.
No. 831116 ID: ed67d9
File 150567630340.png - (140.59KB , 1060x600 , sas27.png )

What do you tell Aubrey? You have some time to think and debate with yourself before you decide what to say.

(Suggesters, Amaranth can now hear things that you tell her directly. Questions and conversations you have with her occur at the speed of thought.)

You can also switch control between Aubrey and Amaranth if enough people vote to do it at any given time.)
No. 831117 ID: 6d547d

Tell her you love her dearly!! So you will always do everything you can to help!
No. 831121 ID: 9299b2

No. 831124 ID: be0718

Now Khoros-fragments have a direct line to Amaranth! I'm sure this will never come back to bite anyone in their plush rump.
No. 831126 ID: 3ce125

Why don't we just tell you what we saw when we were with Outissa.
Laertes has her and likely Beatrice too. He somehow intercepted an adventure that Beatrice was bringing Outissa on via some magical orb thing, and lured them through a door marked XQ which is associated with Outissa's adventures.
Maybe you already know this, but he's Outissa's brother and his real name is Khoros. He is a swarm of voices, which we are a part of so that means he's hijacked the quest system, and has power over people who he knows the names of. He knows Beatrice's name, and Outissa's true name (which is Aletheia, a name he gave her then made her forget the origin of) and I really hope he doesn't know yours. It might be a good idea to attempt rescue via someone who has no name at all.

I hope Amaranth isn't your true name.
No. 831129 ID: a363ac

I think we should tell Aubry that she is adorable and wonderful in every way. Also that when Outissa ran away from Laertes she jumped off a cliff very cool like, rub her boobs on a door, had sex with a yinglet, ran into a (absolutly wonderful) meme overgod, and then just walked away from a crazy person fight and settled down with the yinglet.
No. 831132 ID: 3ce125

Oh, and Beatrix and Outissa were last on Station in Smoothie Criminal where they used the orb thing which allows Class Selection to travel to TYDALOK. Outissa initially got in but Beatrix did not, for some reason. Also Outissa forgot to choose a race which meant she wound up human. Except I guess that was a dream because Beatrix wound up shaking her awake in the weird place they really wound up in. I'm assuming things looked normal to Kelly(the owner of the store) when they left, because otherwise he'd have reported it and the investigation would have started there instead of their apartment.
No. 831142 ID: 56e50f

So uh, I hope this isn't too weird for you? I'll try and not overload you. I suggest giving Aubrey a hug and kiss while you get get comfortable. Then tell her what you know.
No. 831169 ID: 2b3198

Hello, my queen. Have you missed me?

How are you feeling? And how do you feel now that you know your thoughts are more than just your own?
First, I would suggest you relax and not worry. You'll be taken care of in the most loving way. And you will give Aubrey plenty of love for us.

Of course, after the doggy and the cleanup, Aubrey's love meter is already at max. Since she wants to play a detective now, I suggest we spare her the hugs and simply tell her about Beatrix and Outissa. You're a friend of Beatrix and you helped Outissa write her story. But other than that what do you know? >>831126 This certainly isn't something you're aware of. It could be true, it could be false. Would you choose to pass random knowledge onto Aubrey?
No. 831176 ID: 2b3198

> >>831132 >Outissa initially got in but Beatrix did not
I disagree. I think both of them made it to Tydalok just fine. I just think that Beatrix got pulled out of that 'verse before Outissa was. I also think it wasn't a dream, because of the way narrative PoV was corrected.

I'm kinda skeptical about that "item of great power". I think Kelly could confirm that Beatrix pulled out such an item. Ammy, are green orbs which transport you to certain types of 'verses common and work flawlessly?
No. 831177 ID: 3ce125

I wasn't suggesting she tell Aubrey that. She probably shouldn't do that, since Aubrey's better off investigating the physical evidence rather than the weird meta bullshit Khoros is pulling. Amaranth, however, likely has the security clearance or influence to investigate further into it or tell someone who can. I assume someone can confirm if the information is true, as well.

Regardless, one thing we know for sure is that Khoros was blocking our ability to speak to Amaranth, which means at the very least the quest system has been compromised. The authorities need to be informed.
No. 831178 ID: 2b3198

> >>831176 >green orbs
Actually, this is kinda a question for Cass. Perhaps Aubrey should get Cass on the line and ask her about that.
No. 831518 ID: c88e6d

I'm certainly not a Khoros fragment. Either way, we should figure out a hint to give Aubrey to help her on her quest.

No. 831556 ID: 2b3198

> >>/questarch/799935 >five-foot tall
No. 831634 ID: be0718

You can call a lamb a rose, it's still a lamb. Saying that doesn't change the facts.
No. 831635 ID: 314bcd

No. 831681 ID: a363ac

Gasp* do you mean Siphon the Omnipresent!
No. 831988 ID: ed67d9
File 150601678453.png - (66.71KB , 1060x600 , sas28.png )

>Hug Aubrey.
You lay down and motion Aubrey closer with a flick of one square-topped ear, and without hesitation she buries herself into your thick fur, hugging only as a best friend can.

>Tell Aubrey you love her
"Love most tremendous Amaranth does for Aubrey-so-special." You punctuate your words with a renewed, rumbling purr.

Aubrey nuzzles you and mumbles, "Love you too, Ammy."

>Suggesters are Khoros-fragments
You wouldn't tell Aubrey that, because it's not true. The suggesters were only Khoros fragments while in XenoQuest.

>recap of XenoQuest
—what? Khoros doesn't have power over names. He never did. His power is One-To-Many.... Something isn't right. Something doesn't add up.

Your blood runs cold as ice for a moment, and you pray to yourself that the sudden suspicion you have isn't true.

"Show you your phone to me?"

"'kay." She roots around in the pocket of her pants and pulls out her phone. "What do y-you wanna thee?"

No. 831989 ID: ed67d9
File 150601678689.png - (80.24KB , 1060x600 , sas29.png )

You have Aubrey scroll down the page, and read, looking carefully until... your eyes go wide and their glow dims. You suppress a growl, but only just. The magnitude of the lie that you see staring back at you is epic and a bit terrifying. And yet... so simple.

"What ith it, Ammy?"

"...gaslight attack. On XenoQuest. Compromised."

She gasps, and almost drops the phone. "W... do you know what happened?"

You stay silent while you skim through the rest of the first thread, and when you get to just a few posts into thread two...

"Heh. Sloppy. Missed gaslighter did fact-most-important. Fetch will Amaranth hardcopy of thread, may give clues. Visit Amaranth Station Archives, urgency utmost."

"What about thith thread? Will suggetherth here b-be gathlit too?" Aubrey looks understandably shaken.

"No. Quests in Station, harder to change. Review Archivists do of quest hardcopies daily, revert changes to threads. Only Director/admin changes possible, and must be obvious."
No. 831990 ID: ed67d9
File 150601678866.png - (64.52KB , 1060x600 , sas30.png )

>recap of XQ2 and XQ3
"Aubrey... head you to Smoothie Criminal. After done here. Investigate you shall here first. Away to Amaranth will go to Archives-of-Station."

Suggesters, who will you be next? Either:

A. Stay with Amaranth as she goes to the Station Archives


B. Stay with Aubrey as she investigates Outissa's apartment.
No. 831995 ID: be0718

B. Get back to "interviewing" your witness.
No. 831996 ID: 3ce125

B. Let's not continue to intrude on Amaranth's headspace.
No. 831997 ID: 91ee5f

Amaranth doesn't need our help, she can handle the archives by herself.

Let's stick with Aubrey.
No. 831998 ID: 22928f

A is the 100% completion route so let's go for that.
No. 832004 ID: a363ac

No. 832005 ID: cb65a5

A) Stay with Amaranth-So-Sensible

She is vulnerable, possibly, she is important, and she is cute.
No. 832006 ID: 314bcd

Station archives with Amaranth, HOOO!
No. 832009 ID: c88e6d

I'll vote for Amaranth. Wildcard time.
No. 832010 ID: 3ce125

Uh guys even if we're not Khoros shards, Laertes can still interfere, which means he's watching. We don't want him to gain access to the archives!
No. 832013 ID: 2b3198

I'm considering that possibility, but I find it unlikely that Khoros would gain access to anything. As Ammy said, only director/admin can make changes to the archives and quests on the station. And if that person was compromised, then following Amaranth wouldn't change anything.
No. 832018 ID: f4bda2

As much as I like listening to a hardboiled detective's inner monologue, Amaranth interests me a bit more. XenoQuest as a whole has lied to and tricked us, and Amaranth seems to know the truth. By following her, I hope to discover the truth for myself.
No. 832027 ID: 3fb646

Seems like he already has access..

We have to help Amaranth-so-Worried
No. 832067 ID: 3740b1

B ack to touring the apartment.
No. 832070 ID: 2b3198

No. 832976 ID: ed67d9
File 150645821935.png - (84.14KB , 1060x600 , sas31.png )

You continue to be Amaranth, at least for a while longer.

After giving Aubrey a parting nuzzle, you watch as she and Kritikpok depart into the apartment, before you head off to Station's Archives.

It's a bit of a walk, so along the way, you decide that you will answer any questions the suggesters ask of you.

Suggesters, what would you like to know? Amaranth is extremely well-traveled and knows Station and a good chunk of the assorted 'verses better than almost anyone else!
No. 832977 ID: a363ac

Is beatrix the actual best licker in the station?
No. 832984 ID: 100607

1. Which fact do you think was changed in the gaslight attack?
2. Is Aubrey in charge of this Outissa/Beatrix investigation?
3. What exactly is the power over names?
4. May I see your...
No. 832985 ID: 3ce125

Who's in charge of Station?
No. 832986 ID: 3740b1

...your butt. Please?

Sort of off the topic at hand, but what is your origin? Where did you call home before Station?

You don't seem to feel that Khoros is a serious threat. He most certainly feels otherwise. Why are you so confident?

What is the connection between Kritikpok and Outissa?
No. 832996 ID: 314bcd

Where is thou pretty pink bow?
No. 833007 ID: be0718

thy, for next time. Sorry but I had to make an exception for olde english.

Can you, in fact, do a backflip?
No. 833008 ID: c88e6d

Where did you and Aubrey meet?
No. 833009 ID: a363ac

what is your favorite quest?
what is Pam like?
Where is the one-ring?
what is it like to touch so many peoples lives?
Where are the nuclear launch codes?
can you touch the Suggesters?
do you have a life partner?
how do you lick holes?
No. 833014 ID: 3ce125

Oh, and is it a security risk for us to be with you while you go to/into/through the archives?
No. 833017 ID: 100607

5. Are green orbs which transport you to certain types of 'verses common and work flawlessly?
No. 833037 ID: a363ac

who has the best snoot?
what is love?
Baby do you hurt people?
you shouldn't do that no more.
is their a salt powered generator in the station?
does coxdis power 5 generators all on its own?
where did your name come from?
why is everybody you know such a cute?
No. 833041 ID: 6e59e3

What's the best place to get a drink for those traditionally immune to alcohol?

How big are you, exactly?

What's the statute of limitations on property damage?

Are the Archives a fun place to hang out?

... What's your biggest worry about this situation? Do you think Outissa or Beatrix or even Aubrey will be okay?
No. 833094 ID: a363ac

Where is Khonos's mother?
No. 833605 ID: ed67d9
File 150673346452.png - (316.46KB , 1060x600 , sas32.png )

>Is beatrix the actual best licker in the station?
Claims Beatrix does this title; argue not will Amaranth with her.

>1. Which fact do you think was changed in the gaslight attack?
Speculating out loud Amaranth will not. Safest. For now.

>2. Is Aubrey in charge of this Outissa/Beatrix investigation?
Yes! Best detective, Aubrey-so-clever

>3. What exactly is the power over names?
...give names do much power. Certain 'verses only; not all. Not Station.

>4. May I see your... butt. Please?
Never tire suggesters do of Amaranth-nice-haunches. Fair enough! However, wait you will! Reward. Once done with trip!

>5. Are green orbs which transport you to certain types of 'verses common and work flawlessly?
....ha! Select Class Orbs only class - nothing else! Transport they not to 'verses.

>Who's in charge of Station?
Station Director.
>Security risk us to be with you while you go to/into/through the archives?
No. Open Archives are to public! Read all can.
No. 833606 ID: ed67d9
File 150673346608.png - (316.14KB , 1060x600 , sas33.png )

>Where did you call home before Station?
Lived Amaranth in Cherrygrove-so-tranquil. Roommates, friends I was with Aubrey-of-snores - still am!

>Why are you so confident Khoros isn't a serious threat?
Possesses Khoros power significant, great. Could indeed he be threat serious! But is not. Confident in this, Amaranth-so-wise.

>What is the connection between Kritikpok and Outissa?
Therapy dog. Friend. Saying Amaranth will no more; not my place to.

>Where is thou pretty pink bow?
At home. Needed not today.

>Can you, in fact, do a backflip?
Tried Amaranth has not this! Thought most amusing.

>Where did you and Aubrey meet?
Open field. Blue sky, sunshine - horrible day. Needed more storms, rain, wind, fury. Supplied Amaranth those. Saw then I Aubrey-very-young; sheltered I did from storm. Responsible Amaranth was, fixed Amaranth did. Friends since then.
No. 833607 ID: ed67d9
File 150673346822.png - (370.73KB , 1060x600 , sas34.png )

>what is your favorite quest?
>what is Pam like?
>Where is the one-ring?
>what is it like to touch so many peoples lives?
>Where are the nuclear launch codes?
>can you touch the Suggesters?
>do you have a life partner?
>how do you lick holes?
Many questions! Hmm. "Aardvarks Need Love", who?, where depends on when, fulfilling, possesses those Station does not, YES, no, with tongue.

>who has the best snoot?
>what is love?
>Baby do you hurt people?
>you shouldn't do that no more.
>is their a salt powered generator in the station?
>does coxdis power 5 generators all on its own?
>where did your name come from?
>why is everybody you know such a cute?
...WHY SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS? Annoying, pestering! Bothering! Answer Amaranth will these - none further from you! Answers are: Aubrey, emotion, this song is dumb, so dumb, probably, understand Amaranth does not, which of my names, because.

>Where is Khonos's mother?
Keep word, Amaranth does. Have you no more answers from Amaranth-quite-vexed.
No. 833608 ID: ed67d9
File 150673347085.png - (39.43KB , 1060x600 , sas35.png )

Take Amaranth detour, brief. Return shortly I will. Wait you here, please. Um. Aha! Think you all of more questions! Answer Amaranth will upon return.

No. 833613 ID: ed67d9
File 150673491489.png - (18.46KB , 600x600 , sas36.png )

No. 833614 ID: ed67d9
File 150673499078.png - (18.46KB , 600x600 , sas37.png )

...well, this is awkward.
No. 833615 ID: a363ac

OH GOD! Our motherly figure of keeping us on track is gone WHAT WILL WE DO NOW OH GODDDDDDDDD WHYYYYYY!
No. 833616 ID: a363ac

No. 833618 ID: be0718

We run off without supervision, of course. I hear they've got a holodeck with no safety protocols here.
No. 833619 ID: 3ce125

Who said that?
No. 833622 ID: ed67d9
File 150673873496.png - (18.46KB , 600x600 , sas38.png )

>Who said that?

Your question falls on deaf ears. The character you were following is currently not available.
No. 833623 ID: 3ce125

Hey narrator, what's your story?
No. 833625 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, I just got here and I'm curious on where our thicc tour guide disappeared to?
No. 833627 ID: 3740b1

Is anyone else listening? Khoros? How's your sister?
No. 833657 ID: 100607

Well, this is boring. If only there was something interesting to do. If only we could be someone right now.
No. 833659 ID: ed67d9
File 150676298861.png - (29.87KB , 600x600 , sas39.png )

>Be someone
You are Aubrey.

As soon as Ammy left, that blasted dog went and vanished somewhere inside this apartment. You've barely done a cursory search - Outissa's scent is everywhere (to be expected), along with Beatrix's uniquely not-quite-dino-and-also-sea-breeze aroma (also to be expected.)

First thing you had noticed was how neat and tidy the apartment was.

Second thing you noticed was that Outissa apparently kept her bed in the middle of the dining room.

Third thing you noticed was the sudden knocking that started up on the front door. You've spent the last couple of moments debating whether or not to answer it. It was a light, quick knock, the knock you'd imagine a concerned neighbor might make.

It was just as polite when it repeated itself a few seconds later.
No. 833660 ID: ed67d9
File 150676299247.png - (30.95KB , 600x600 , sas40.png )

In the absence of any dissenting voices, your curiosity takes the better of you and you unlock the door and open it. The hinges have a disappointing lack of creak or squeak and the door opens with pitiful, wasted silence.

...oh. Now that is not what you expected.
No. 833661 ID: ed67d9
File 150676299743.png - (58.44KB , 600x600 , sas41.png )

"Hello? Is this the apartment that belongs to my daughter? I worry about her." The noxan woman with the knockout knockers who was just about to knock again tilts her head at you. "I am her mother and I am very concerned for her. I worry that her brother... Khoros? I think he goes by Khoros now. I worry that her brother Khoros has done something to her."

Is she telling the truth? Your snoot crinkles as you test her scent for familiarity, and your ears swivel as you listen for the telltale signs of someone lying, and...

...well, fuck you with a backhoe and call you Susie, this dame appears to be on the up-and-up. Without a doubt, this woman is Outissa's mother.

"Are you her friend? Is my daughter here? Can I speak with her?" You've never heard a noxan speak before, but the way Outissa's mother sounds is exactly as you would have imagined - slightly hoarse, a little heavy on the vocal fry. She fidgets a little on the doorstep, waiting for a response.

What do you do?
No. 833662 ID: 2120ee

Roll seduction.
No. 833664 ID: 094652

Careful. Khoros is a master biomancer. He could have created a modded clone with basic memories. Or he could have modified her pheromones so she smells like truth anthropomorphized. Knowing Khoros, probably the former.
No. 833666 ID: 3740b1

Hah classic.

Yeah sure, why not. One mom and dog three way, courtesy of tg, coming up.

If that falls through, get her inside and start grilling her for more information on her children. Don't go over easy - very hardboiled.
No. 833667 ID: 100607

Tell her that you're her friend and that she's not here right now. And then proceed to seduce her.
Compliment her on her fine looks. Mention that, among other things, you were looking for Outissa for sexual reasons. Perhaps she could do something about it?
No. 833668 ID: 600f38

Outissa was born a human and then transformed, sooooooo...

Seduce her.
No. 833673 ID: be0718

Roll around to seduce.
No. 833676 ID: 91ee5f

I can't tell if that's just her dress or if it's actually her, but Outissa's mom looks like she's thicc!

>Are you her friend?

>Is my daughter here? Can I speak with her?
She's the one that would know the most about her children, so I guess you've gotta tell her what happened to Outissa and her roommate Beatrix.

Then ask if she thinks her son Khoros has any sorta motive to do something like this and where he might've taken them.
No. 833687 ID: 3ce125

That is non-canon.

Tell her that her daughter isn't here, and you're not sure where she is exactly. You're trying to track her down. She should be fine though, since she's a Tourist.
No. 833793 ID: 6e59e3

This might just be the alcohol, drugs, and jet fuel talking...

... but you should be on your guard. Nobody is -THAT- cute, and this seems awfully convenient.

Can you trust your snoot?
No. 833845 ID: a363ac

close the door its a ghost. she died in the past.
No. 834506 ID: ed67d9
File 150714747091.png - (50.89KB , 600x600 , sas42.png )

>Seduce her

Good idea. You'll get this dame to tell you what she knows by making her feel pretty. And comfortable. And pretty comfortable.

You consider playing your cards close to your chestruff and lying about not knowing Outissa, but — well, you're still wearing her collar, so that option's out.

"Yes. My name's Aubrey, I'm your daughter's friend. I'm also a detective, here to investigate her disappearance, as well as that of her friend Beatrix." You pause, ears tucking back as you deliver the bad news. "So... seems no sign or sight of them seen in Station since Saturday or Sunday. Sorry, sweetheart."

—is she snickering? She has a paw up to her mouth, and her eyes smile, and... oh. That's why. You glare, she composes herself, and you continue.

"ANYWAY, I'm currently invethtigati— thearchin— LOOKING INTO her apartment. Pleathe come in, have a theat, make yourthelf comfortable."

You really, really hate it when you're reminded of your lisp.
No. 834507 ID: ed67d9
File 150714747102.png - (42.59KB , 600x600 , sas43.png )

After a brief bit of rummaging - Outissa keeps her dishes under the sink, spare scarves in the pantry, and don't even get STARTED on what you found in the freezer - you locate two glasses and a bottle of decent bourbon. You fill each glass halfway, and offer Outissa's mother one. She accepts it and takes a seat on the couch, while you plop down in an overstuffed chair.

"Nothing like some booze to soothe the nerves." You take a small sip of your drink, the complex flavors of the whiskey swirling around your mouth. "What's your name, gorgeous?"

She downs about a quarter of her drink in one swallow, and then shoots you a smile that pins your ears to the wall. "Call me... Eurydice."
No. 834508 ID: ed67d9
File 150714747466.png - (42.23KB , 600x600 , sas44.png )


Aubrey's SNOOT and EARS make her a master of grilling people for important and interesting info! During SOCIAL MODE, when someone says a word, name, or phrase that they have a strong or notable emotional response to, Aubrey is able to pick up on it and press that person for more details. Those will be referred to as "PRESSURE POINTS".

PRESSURE POINTS will appear bolded and color-coded to indicate the emotional response the person felt when they said it.

PRESSURE POINTS will fall into one of five general emotion catergories:


During SOCIAL MODE, updates will prompt you to reply with a suggestion that includes the PRESSURE POINT that you want Aubrey to pursue further. I will only count one PRESSURE POINT suggestion per person (it'll be whatever the most recent one you suggest is.)
No. 834509 ID: ed67d9
File 150714747677.png - (134.61KB , 600x600 , sas45.png )

EURYDICE says, "I have fallen out of touch with my two children. Their father was a very violent person. He drove me away from my children. My son became a monster. Like his father. My daughter was fortunate and stayed good. She has always been a good child. I worry about her."
No. 834516 ID: be0718

The thought of her daughter arouses her. Promise that you'll have a threesome when you find her!
No. 834518 ID: a363ac

out of the choices there is=t is close between Monster and Worry but in the end that pink color of Worry concerns me more then Khronos being a monster
No. 834519 ID: 3ce125

>worry is pink instead of blue
Uhhh that is super weird, press her on that.

Also bring up something a bit more circumstantial- what made her show up today, of all days?
No. 834548 ID: c88e6d

Ask her why she's stating things in simple sentences with a single subject. Also, press her on the Worry point. Use seduction subtly to weaken her facade.

She may be Outissa's mother, but we all know her father is an evil monster and her brother is dangerous and destructive, regardless of his intentions.

Most importantly, you must ask her why she can speak yet Outissa is mute.
No. 834550 ID: 3740b1

We're going for seduction, so press her pink button. I agree we should ask her how she can speak yet her daughter does not.
No. 834552 ID: 56e50f

She chose an odd time to show up out of the blue. You'd think a worried mother would have made it to her daughter sooner. Grill her about that worry of hers and her inconvenient timing.
No. 834555 ID: 91ee5f

>and don't even get STARTED on what you found in the freezer
What'd you find in the freezer?
No. 834560 ID: 100607

Indeed. It's a bit more difficult to write a suggestion which acts both as seduction and presses a certain exposed feeling.

I believe that the fact that the word "worry" is colored pink is a tip that the correct choice would be to go for the actual source of "worry", which is blue, that is, "fallen out of touch".

Stand up and walk around with your drink in hand while explaining that, as Outissa's very close friend, you'll do everything you can so that Eurydice may get in touch with her daughter again. Tell her that you believe that it's important for family members to be together, especially one as charming as hers. Lastly, sit down somewhere within her reach (on the couch next to her, or on the table) and ask her what she misses about her daughter.
No. 834659 ID: ed67d9
File 150722806016.png - (140.06KB , 600x600 , sas46.png )

You decide that now is not the right time to ask Eurydice about why she can speak, but you will keep it in mind for later.

YOU say, "What was it that had you worried? If she's anything like her mother, she's strong, capable, and intelligent! Not to mention lovely."

EURYDICE smiles at the compliment and says, "My daughter does not understand things very well. She is not good with people. She also has problems with her memory. She forgets things. She forgets very important things. She is a good child, but people take advantage of her."
No. 834660 ID: 2fe26a

I'd take advantage of you, if you know what I mean.
Pinkpinkpinkpink all the way.
No. 834665 ID: a363ac

Very important things?
No. 834667 ID: 100607

Tell her that you're also worried about Outissa, and that it would be very helpful to learn more about her. Ask her what kinds of things Outissa usually doesn't understand, because you sympathize with her about how people sometimes don't understand you.
No. 834668 ID: 314bcd

Any kind of very important things that you may know?
No. 834670 ID: 3740b1

Sticking with pink, even though the fact that she's calmed by her daughter's apparent memory issues is either unsettling or alarming depending whether she's calmed for her own sake or her daughter's.

Still, pink all the way.
No. 834679 ID: 3ce125

>forgets very important things
Press here.
No. 834686 ID: ed67d9
File 150723307832.png - (137.42KB , 600x600 , sas47.png )

Daughter forgets "very important things", but no emotional response to that? Strange. Very strange. Worth pushing.

YOU say, "What sorts of things does she forget? I bet it's pretty distressing to have to deal with that. I used to have frequent blackouts, and those scared me and my friends."

EURYDICE says, "Oh no! I am sorry to hear about your blackouts. It is good that you are better. No, my daughter did not blackout. She would just forget. Her name. My name. She even forgot that her father was dead."
No. 834688 ID: 3ce125

Looks like... she's interested in your blackouts(understandable), worried/sad that you're better but her daughter is not, and... yeah I'm not sure how to interpret that last one.

>She even forgot that her father was dead.
Push here. Heck, maybe ask how her father died.
No. 834689 ID: 3fb646

Fuck it, press the pink. "Her father? I can't say I know much about him."
No. 834702 ID: 3740b1

I'm curious about Outissa's father. Was Laertes representative of the reality? I'm opting to keep pushing her pink.

One possible explanation for some of her odd emotional connections is that she used to take advantage of her daughter's memory losses in some erotic way and was intrigued by your own blackouts and the opportunity they would represent yet saddened by your implication that they no longer occur. Maybe reading too much into it here, but this hasn't been a very healthy family thus far. Hell maybe she is even a transgendered Laertes. I rule nothing out.

Anyway, pink.
No. 834705 ID: 8cb228

Okay. So something is very weird here. Over and over, her emotional reaction to things she should, by all means, be really sad about is happy/aroused/amused.

I've a few hypotheses.
1.) She's flirting with you
2.) She's under observation and trying to get a secret message to you
3.) She, herself, is betraying something sinister (perhaps that she has done), and her emotional tone not matching up to her words is involved.

Don't let on that you think something is weird yet. Just try to ask your questions in such a way to give you more information about this, these are the comments that don't seem to 'fit'.
No. 834711 ID: 3ce125

It could be she just thinks Outissa messing up is funny.

Maybe we should loosen up about strange/suspicious emotional reactions to things. Noxans apparently think in unusual ways.
No. 834712 ID: 100607

Tell her that your blackouts are what caused you to meet Outissa, so they're not always bad. Make a joke about blacking out after sex.

Interesting theories. But you forgot to choose the topic to press on.
No. 834722 ID: be0718

I am feeling better. Does that scare you? Is that not according to plan, Khoros?
No. 834731 ID: ed67d9
File 150724454675.png - (137.38KB , 600x600 , sas48.png )

So, if Eurydice here says Outissa's father was abusive and horrible, then why is it so damned amusing that her daughter thinks their father is still around? Maybe if I ask more about his death, I can get this dame to spill, without me clueing her into me reading her like an open book.

YOU say, "Her father sounded like a real bastard; didn't deserve someone like you. How'd he die, anyway?"

EURYDICE's expression immediately turns sad. Her voice quavers, and she says, "He was worse than you could ever imagine. He pushed my son too far one day. The one good thing my son ever did was when he tore his father to bloody pieces. M-monsters, the both of them." Tears stream silently down her face, like twin rivers through black loam.
No. 834732 ID: be0718

Odd, I thought the son was the one in pieces. Is there some kind of Oedipal relationship going on here?
No. 834734 ID: c88e6d

She's fabricating. And she's a practiced liar. Pretend you're buying it, seduce her and move in for the kill when you've got her where you want her. By which I mean seduce her and then when she's gotten all horny you start the adversarial interrogation.
No. 834739 ID: 3ce125

Hmm. She's faking it? Are you sure you're able to read Noxans properly, Aubrey?

Offer her a tissue. Tell her that her son couldn't have been so bad from the start. Wasn't he good, once?
No. 834744 ID: 314bcd

Believe in what she says and comfort her right where you want her.
No. 834753 ID: 3740b1

Obviously she thinks she's a master manipulator, but your nose knows. Don't let her know that yet though. Ask what happened afterwards. Why were her children taken away? Why wouldn't she have retained custody of her daughter at least?
No. 834763 ID: 3fb646

She's good, but not good enough to beat your snoot and ears. Remark that her lovely voice betrays her tears.

Say Aubrey, how confident are you at defending yourself with your claws?
No. 834768 ID: ed67d9
File 150725747179.png - (146.00KB , 600x600 , sas49.png )

Your first reaction is to dismiss her tears as complete bullshit, but you hesitate, and instead you silently offer Eurydice a tissue from inside your coat. She uses it to dab away the tears.

EURYDICE says, "I am sorry for crying like that. Ha ha." She gives you a sheepish grin, still sniffling. "My body still betrays me. It still remembers the trauma from my daughter's father. Even when I try to disassociate. It does not always help. I... do not want you to feel sorry for me. I... do not want you to think I am trying to manipulate you.

"I have been alone for a long time. And now my daughter, the only person who cares about me might be... be gone. All I care is that she is safe here, with me. That is all that I want anymore."

"Please help me."
No. 834769 ID: 3ce125

Ah, that explains that. She was dissociating. Yes, you'll help her. (I guess pink can mean hope too?)
>my daughter, the only person who cares about me might be... be gone.
How did she find out Outissa was missing? That's why she came here today, right?
No. 834774 ID: a363ac

how does she want help?
No. 834775 ID: be0718

She's been tipped off her facade wasn't working, and hastily adjusted it. But it's too late, we've seen too much.
Who are you and what have you done with Eurydice and/or her daughter?
No. 834783 ID: 0983bf

Aubrey just told her a few minutes ago.
No. 834785 ID: 3ce125

Well I mean she said she thought Khoros had done something to her. I should have phrased that better- how about "What made you think Khoros has done something to her?"
No. 834786 ID: c88e6d

Alright, ask her why she knows.
No. 834795 ID: ed67d9

(Hey, guys! Remember to please include the PRESSURE POINT that you want to be pressured. This is technically a voting system!)
No. 834798 ID: 314bcd

Pressure about Outissa, the only person who cares about Eurydice.
No. 834801 ID: 3fb646

Her responses make more sense now. Hm. Pressure on pink. Tell her that you're helping her by doing your job. You need more information to do that though.
No. 834803 ID: be0718

That would mean blue, da ba dee da ba die.
No. 834812 ID: 100607

Help her. Sexually.
No. 834820 ID: 3740b1

Screw it, let's screw her. Keep on the pink now that it's back. Ask her if she wants you to help her get her mind off the trauma. She's all over the place and you need information.
No. 835600 ID: ed67d9
File 150766574422.png - (97.01KB , 600x600 , sas50.png )

She wants help, huh? Well... you can give her "help." Press her pink, as it were. It smells to you like she's getting turned on - booze in small amounts can be a wonderful lubricant.

You take a quick assessment of her before going further, however. Your ears swivel, snoot snuffles, and you determine the dame's feeling the warm glow of the bourbon, but not actually impaired. That's good.

YOU say, "Hey. Wanna take this conversation to the bed? I can't take away the lonely, but I can keep you company for the night. And by 'keep you company' I mean 'sex' and by 'the night' I mean 'until you can't walk right.'"

EURYDICE says, "Yes."
No. 835603 ID: a363ac

skip to after boring MILF sex.
No. 835607 ID: 2fe26a

Fade to black and take your nose suppressant again to recuperate faster from boring MILF sex.
No. 835610 ID: 3ce125

Aubrey aren't you supposed to be investigating
No. 835611 ID: 91ee5f

I hope Outissa and/or Beatrix don't mind if we borrow their bed!

>Skip the sex.
Isn't that the whole point of romancing her? Why would you want to skip the reward for successfully romancing her?
No. 835612 ID: ed67d9
File 150766703398.png - (68.32KB , 600x600 , sas51.png )


Alright! Skipped.
No. 835615 ID: ed67d9
File 150766738438.png - (74.90KB , 1060x600 , sas52.png )

You are Amaranth.

Well. That was an interesting diversion. You feel bad for keeping the suggesters waiting, and hope they have been behaving.
No. 835616 ID: 3ce125

Not really. We got Aubrey to fuck Outissa's mother so she's gotten distracted from her task.
No. 835617 ID: a363ac

we got Aubry another sex. so fairly productive.
No. 835620 ID: 100607

Amaranth! The suggesters are... skipping sex! Isn't that a crime?!

Fuck that, social mode with Amaranth START!
No. 835622 ID: a363ac

It's only a crime of the heart. <|3
No. 835632 ID: 91ee5f

So what did you and that Tozol do in there? Did you kiss?
No. 835633 ID: c88e6d

Check out Punch Drunk Quest if you wanna know. Meanwhile, Amaranth, quick! It's absolutely vital that you figure out where the attack originated!

Wait, I have a better idea, let's just dump the Tozol some place while she's asleep and cause chaos when she wakes up. Then we can find the gaslighter more easily as they'll be tempted to act while everyone's distracted.
No. 835635 ID: 91ee5f

>Check out Punch Drunk Quest if you wanna know.
But it hasn't been updated yet, so even if I go there right now, I'm still not gonna know what they did yet! That's why I'm asking Amaranth right now!
No. 835647 ID: ed67d9
File 150767709047.png - (142.36KB , 600x600 , sas54.png )

>Fuck that, social mode with Amaranth START!

You are very confused by what is going on right now. Not having your fifth wall is extremely concerning.

Says AMARANTH, What? Absent Aubrey-so-attentive. Relies Social Mode entirely on her. Acting strange suggesters. Attended Amaranth to b̛usìǹ̷͡ess yes. Not important.

...Mother-of-Outissa? Tell more, you will to Amaranth-so-diligent.

No. 835648 ID: be0718

Never. You'll only get pink from us.
No. 835650 ID: c88e6d

Please stop sexually harassing Amaranth. That's her shtick. Also I'd press Orange. Amaranth, please hurry before this social minigame gets out of hand.
No. 835654 ID: 3ce125

Ok, let me summarize things:

A motherly Noxan showed up at the door while Aubrey was there, said she was worried Khoros had done something to Outissa and that she was out of touch with her daughter. Aubrey used her senses and concluded that the woman was, without a doubt, Outissa's mother. Curiously, she implied Khoros was not his original name. I guess she named him.

She said her name was Eurydice, that she had fallen out of touch with her children, and seemed... amused or happy? that Outissa was having memory problems and had a tendency of getting taken advantage of. She explained that Outissa/Khoros' father drove her away from her children, she was angry that Khoros became a monster like his father, and that the only good thing he did was tear his father to pieces. Aubrey poked at some unusually calm emotional responses until Eurydice explained she dissociates to deal with trauma, specifically the trauma related to Outissa's father. Maybe she was happy that Outissa just forgets things, because she can't. She said all she wants now is for her daughter to be safe here, with her. I guess she wants to stay in Station now, instead of wherever she was before. Then she asked for help and Aubrey propositioned her and she said yes.

We didn't find out why she showed up all of a sudden-- was she keeping tabs on Outissa from a distance, maybe, and noticed something was wrong?
No. 835656 ID: 91ee5f

>...Mother-of-Outissa? Tell more, you will to Amaranth-so-diligent.
She came by the apartment while Aubrey was looking for clues. They talked for a bit and then Aubrey convinced Eurydice to get in bed and have sex.

That's pretty much what happened.
No. 835669 ID: ed67d9
File 150768236115.png - (216.65KB , 600x1060 , sas55.png )


No. No. You feel dread, creeping over you like the morning rays of the hateful sun, building with each step you take.

If what you fear is true, then you might not even have enough time.

As if in response to your urgency, you come up to the massive structure of the Station Archives. You force yourself to walk with your usual, carefree pace, however. You might still have a chance.

You might still be okay.

It all boils down to two questions:

1. What exactly did Eurydice say the panel that she introduced herself?

2. Do tozols possess any sort of ability to affect reality?
No. 835673 ID: c2051e

"Hello? Is this the apartment that belongs to my daughter? I worry about her. I am her mother and I am very concerned for her. I worry that her brother... Khoros? I think he goes by Khoros now. I worry that her brother Khoros has done something to her. Are you her friend? Is my daughter here? Can I speak with her?"

Tozols are capable of manipulating reality via their hands and other such appendages. They strongly resist any form of magic, approaching immunity, however.
No. 835674 ID: 3ce125

1. "Call me... Eurydice."
2. Tozols are like reality anchors, actually. Magic or teleportative shit doesn't work on them directly unless they want it to. They can still be affected indirectly by that kind of thing, though, like an object thrown via magic will still hurt a Tozol.
No. 835676 ID: 3abd97

>1. What exactly did Eurydice say the panel that she introduced herself?
This is the song that never ends
It just goes on and on my friends
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was
And they'll continue singing it forever just because
This is the song that never ends...
No. 835678 ID: 3ce125

That Tozol you met was complaining about having really really shitty luck, by the way. Bad things kept happening to her, she said she thought Station hated her, or she was a karma dump, or something.
No. 835685 ID: 91ee5f

>What exactly did Eurydice say the panel that she introduced herself?
That depends on what you mean by introduce herself. Do you mean when she said she was Outissa's mom: >>833661 , or do you mean when she first said her name: >>834507 ?

>Do tozols possess any sort of ability to affect reality?
That's a good question! I don't have an answer, but maybe one of the other voices will?
No. 835690 ID: ed67d9
File 150768553484.png - (75.85KB , 600x1060 , sas56.png )

>I am her mother and I am very concerned for her.


It was a distraction. SHE was a distraction, but why—

>Tozols are like reality anchors, actually.
>reality anchors, actually
>reality anchors

For the first time in untold, countless millenia; Amaranth, the Black Goddess of Chaos, the Grinning One, the Tempest's Joy, She-Who-Walks-Through-Darkness...

...feels fear.

You run now, but it is indeed too late. The Archives don't draw any nearer.
No. 835691 ID: be0718

At last, Kyeva has her vengeance upon Station!
No. 835692 ID: a363ac

Hmm... we seem to be of no use to you we must go to someone else now and you must trust in others. Rest for now you have earned it.
No. 835693 ID: 600f38

Tozols create a bubble of enforced reality around them. It's short range, so if you run in 3-space you should be able to escape it quickly.
No. 835694 ID: ed67d9
File 150768627220.png - (80.30KB , 600x1060 , sas57.png )

You should have taken care of your fifth wall immediately. But you didn't. You were reckless. You were careless. And now that carelessness will be your undoing.

You've always thought of yourself as immortal, untouchable. After all, what can possibly harm a being who is able to shift from 'verse to 'verse at a whim? A being that is made up of the very stuff between realities?

The answer is: a reality anchor.

Normally, exercising your powers in the presence of such an anchor would be fine. Your fifth wall would have protected you. But that moment of contact with an anchor
caused a bit of you to tear. To unravel.

Dissolution is to be your price for your arrogance.
No. 835695 ID: c2051e

Well, was nice knowing you. Any particular way you want to die? Although I recommend gathering your thoughts and checking whether there's any way to fix the situation.
No. 835697 ID: 600f38

That seems unpleasant. How about we break the 6th wall and fix this.
Here, have a fresh start. Loading a checkpoint for you.
No. 835699 ID: be0718

Godmodding. Classy.
No. 835701 ID: 600f38

Shhhh... If we convince the author it works then it works. You need to understand CHIM, and the WAAAAGH of the world.
No. 835703 ID: a363ac

well if it works it works! I Beaver in Amaranths. I Beaver in Amaranths. I Beaver in Amaranths. I Beaver in Amaranths.
No. 835704 ID: 314bcd


Supporting God-mod.
No. 835706 ID: a363ac

Amaranth if you can't live in your current form then you must become something else. Time to become a Noxan.
No. 835707 ID: 3740b1


Eff you protestants for getting in while I was busy! Ah well, another lost scene, another series of wasted suggestions. At least Aubrey got some. Boring ass futher mockers.
No. 835710 ID: 3740b1

Wait, Amaranth is unraveling. What is this shit? Stop doing this. I'm on day 2 of a 3? Day bender and i know thats a terrible idea. Surely your millenia of existence have give you some out from this situation. You're not going to lose to some uppity Noxan with the power to be many shadow spider bug things? Try harder.


Then again, I did swear, way back. So, okay, go ahead. Dissolve. Unravel.
They'll be better without you. You failed. So accept it. And. Just. Rest.
No. 835722 ID: ed67d9
File 150769029751.png - (79.92KB , 600x800 , sas58.png )

>Clever ideas

Many ideas run through your mind and... yes. YES. You can't restart or reload - this is not a game - but you CAN still hop elsewhere.

You are not going down without a fight. And at the very least, you will ensure that Station doesn't get taken down along with you.

You think of somewhere far away. A 'verse where you don't have to worry. A dead 'verse.

...you have the perfect place.


No. 835724 ID: ed67d9
File 150769036731.png - (7.73KB , 1060x600 , chapter1end.png )

No. 835725 ID: ed67d9

This thread will NOT be closing yet, so feel free to talk here still!
No. 835731 ID: c88e6d

Alright, so that's good news. Let's go set Laertes on fire!

....Shit, we're out of people to be. Uhm....

/sudo StationRoot
No. 835732 ID: be0718

Let's go be that tozol some more, she was interesting. Plus she killed Ammy, so that means she's even more powerful.
No. 835736 ID: c88e6d

Tozols are INERT and DURABLE. Their physical power isn't that special.
No. 835739 ID: 600f38

You know, if we purge PunchDrunkQuest from the records then Ammy never touched a Tozol.

Not that touching a Tozol would do that, since their ability is just blocking Warp from being able to touch them, but reality is apparently an opinion.
No. 835770 ID: 3687d9
File 150770612674.png - (2.70KB , 600x600 , interstit.png )

>i can help
>do not try to "be" me or my sister right now
>it is not safe
>mother must not find out where i am
>do not trust my mother
>she is distracted
>she cannot gaslight while she is distracted
>tell me everything you can
>before she returns
>you do not have much time
No. 835776 ID: c88e6d

Amaranth has been obliterated. Outissa's mother tricked her into contacting something that caused her to vanish into oblivion. Laertes has captured Outissa and Beatrix in somewhere resembling Alpha Complex. Aubrey is busy distracting Outissa's mother and doesn't know anything. Please find Outissa and help her.
No. 835783 ID: 3ce125

Hey, we can't be sure that was Laertes. Remember, XQ was, overall, a work of fiction, and has been compromised by a gaslighter. Any information we have from XQ could be wrong, even Laertes' basic appearance. Better to throw it all out, really. What we DO know is that Outissa's mother is not a good person. She somehow planned out the scenario that led to Amaranth's death. She has likely lied to us via Aubrey and was definitely being manipulative. Amaranth felt that Khoros was not a threat, though, so I agree with talking to him as if he's an ally.

The abductor did look like an adult Noxan wearing a green mask, and spoke in a similar way to the "Laertes" we saw in XQ. Outissa and Beatrix were using a class change orb and an unknown method of travel to get to TYDALOK. Outissa seemed to arrive there but soon got pulled out by Beatrix waking her up, at which point they were contacted by a voice over an intercom and presented with the XQ and ANL doors. Outissa picked the XQ door because the voice said to, and the man with the mask was behind it.

Khoros, how are you nowadays? How can we protect Aubrey from your mother? Would physical violence work? Might be hard to get a suggestion like that through if your mother has the ability to edit our posts. ...also I guess Station would protect her anyways.
No. 835786 ID: ed67d9
File 150771119173.png - (124.72KB , 600x600 , sas65.png )


>Outissa and her friend are safe with me.
>What is this "green mask" you speak of?
>I do not recognize that name that you mentioned.
No. 835787 ID: ed67d9
File 150771119303.png - (349.03KB , 600x600 , sas66.png )

>"Laertes." Who is that?
No. 835790 ID: 3ce125

He's some Noxan with power over names. I think that's all we really know about him for sure, since Amaranth at least confirmed that. I'll spare you any misinformation we've been fed via XQ, as it might upset you. Suffice it to say he was the antagonist.
It seems obvious now that your mother wants us to think you and Laertes were the same person somehow, but we now know that Noxans only have ONE power so that's impossible. What is your mother's power, exactly?
No. 835791 ID: 100607

>Hello Khoros.
>With Amaranth gone, you're now free to roam.
>Time is on your side.
>Laertes may be Eurydice's doing
No. 835794 ID: 100607

> >>835790 >Noxans only have ONE power
Where does it say that?
No. 835795 ID: 094652

An asshole. The cloaca, in particular.

He demands control over TGChan. This annoys us.
No. 835798 ID: c88e6d

Laertes is a male Noxan wearing a green mask. He may be a fabrication of Eurydice altering perceptions of events.
No. 835805 ID: 91ee5f

>"Laertes." Who is that?
That's supposedly the name of your and Outissa's father.
No. 835813 ID: 2120ee

Mostly irrelevant. Not like there's ever a clear answer to anything. Chances are just as good that telling you would lead to disastrous false assumptions as any kind of actionable intelligence. Frankly, if you don't know, it doesn't matter.
No. 835816 ID: a363ac

likely Eudyce
No. 835836 ID: 7247e1
File 150774005908.png - (2.70KB , 600x600 , interstit.png )

>many answers

>this information will be of much use
>thank you
>i regret that i cannot tell you my mother's power, for i am bound not to. It is truly a CONUNDRUM

>Those who shout the loudest impose their will
>Seek no more for hollow answers
>Gaining momentum
>In greatness take all in your stride
>Quell the rage that deeply seethes
>I'm leaving ground, stepping into a new world
>The strength I need to feel, the pride inside of me
>Disconnected but not alone
>My recollections once clear and pure
>Staring at an endless sky?
>Every storm must soon give away.
>With heart and mind closed and divided
>Precious lies, words that we say to ease our minds,
>Where mortals dare their destiny
>That I've become the anathema of my soul
>Left to search, left seeking out for a part of us that is no longer there.
No. 835840 ID: 0d45a9

The titles of the songs Khoros is using lines from spell out: "Names Are Her Power"
No. 835841 ID: 2120ee

Wow, Khoros is a tattletale. I'm telling your mum!
No. 835842 ID: c88e6d

Try it 2120ee.
Let's all work together on this. We need solutions, not problems.
No. 835856 ID: 3ce125

What does that have to do with gaslighting?
No. 835875 ID: 100607

So, someone else is doing the gaslighting. I wonder who that could be.
No. 836115 ID: 3fb646

What are we to you? What power do we hold?
No. 836501 ID: ed67d9

NEW THREAD UP! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/836498.html
No. 836504 ID: 3ce125

I suspect she controlled one of the admins. So she's indirectly gaslighting.
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