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File 150453893745.png - (161.23KB , 800x800 , Opening Scene.png )
827536 No. 827536 ID: 0cf890

The moon shines silently down on an old dusty path through what seems to be an ordinary bamboo forest. A small stream leading to a pond, accompanied by the sound of frogs and crickets are all that break the otherwise perfect silence. You awaken slowly. But who exactly are you? What are you doing in the middle of the woods?
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No. 827538 ID: d04b11

You are 'Saito Issen Yoshida' a cat samurai ronin who is known throughout the land for his quick wits, and even quicker draw. Famed as a legendary lady-killer, and loves a strong, strong drink.
No. 827541 ID: 13fded

I like that.
No. 827542 ID: be0718

You are a bamboo tree. That's where bamboo trees grow. You haven't thought about having a name before. 'Reed' suits you fine.
No. 827547 ID: b88139


Or maybe, you are a tanuki noodlemaker and you fell and hit your head on the way to town
No. 827554 ID: 4770e3

A squirrel gunslinger awakening in a strange land, with a strange fixation on foreign girls
No. 827569 ID: 0cf890
File 150454989972.png - (248.56KB , 800x800 , Sitting Up.png )

As your eyes slowly start to adjust, you quickly sit up. Tossing many leaves off you. How long were you laying there? Suddenly in your confusion, a pain rings through your head. The oh-so familiar pain of a hangover coming to an end. That brings you back to earth. You are Saito Issen Yoshida. Yoshida as you are commonly referred to. The ladies, and those who are friendly call you Saito.

You slowly get to your feet to start recalling a bit more.
No. 827571 ID: 0cf890
File 150455025615.png - (200.96KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-001.png )

Ah of course! Yoshida. A name that strikes fear in many in this land. You were a powerful samurai who served under a mighty daimyo until his heart gave out. With your father you trained your entire life in the art of the quick-draw and many other sword styles. Now you are a masterless ronin, traveling the land to sample the finer things in life. Food... Drink... Women... Ah yes, a lady killer. With a proclivity to wooing those you find the cutest, and even then. You can't often be picky. Especially when you go spending all the money you earn on sake and booze.

But back to the matter at hand. What are you doing right now?
No. 827572 ID: 770042

Practicing your swing on some poor bamboo stalks. Or at least, the bamboo would be unfortunate if you do more than make a few thousand pathetic scratches.
No. 827577 ID: db1520

Why not try to examine the area around? It looks like a two way path, and hopefully something nearby. How long until day by the looks of things?
No. 827578 ID: be0718

You were dumping the body of your latest conquest. It was an accident, you were drunk, it's not your fault, etc. Hurry up, it's starting to stink.
No. 827580 ID: 13fded

You've heard rumours of a village where all the inhabitants are young beautiful women. The legends also tell about travellers been attacked by mysterious beasts on the surrounding areas, but that does nothing to dissuade you.
Right now you are travelling toward the village. The progress is slow and full of recreational stops. You are in no hurry to pursue something that may not be true.
No. 827581 ID: c31aac

We're trying to find a legendary smith so he can make us a sweet motorbike to go with our bitchin' sword skills
No. 827583 ID: 8d4593

No. 827584 ID: 0cf890
File 150455248499.png - (220.29KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-002.png )

Just to make sure you have your skills about you when you are traveling through a dark forest, you launch an attack on two bamboo. They topple down when your sword returns to it's scabbard. Strange though, could have sworn one was named Reed.

You glance around the forest nearby. There is two paths to follow. The one behind you appears to have fallen trees along the path, the one ahead of you seems to lead to an unlit wayshrine, but before you can register much more your eyes are immediately pulled towards the pond. What looks like a gourd of sake lying there on the ground.

What kind of horrible, horrible monster would leave such a perfectly good drink just there on the floor? You pilfer it, but it looks like it only has a couple drops left. A sudden sadness grips you as you tie the gourd to your belt.

Which way should you go? Examine the shrine, or skip right over?
No. 827590 ID: 46a8da

Go along the road towards the shrine and examine it. It might hold a clue as to where exactly are you. No need to be trudging over fallen trees in the dark. How long until day?
No. 827599 ID: be0718

That gourd practically screams 'DRINK ME.' Chug! Chug! Chug!
No. 827600 ID: 043bdf

He said it only had a few drops left so he just took the jug.

Seconding this guy. Lets see where the road takes us
No. 827601 ID: be0718

A few drops is all it takes sometimes.
Anyway, the shrine is a fine goal.
No. 827603 ID: 0cf890
File 150456060461.png - (236.24KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-003.png )

Looking up at the moon, you judge at least an hour or so until the sun starts to shine. As you walk through the forest along the moonlit path, you take a moment to remember what that ancient monk told you one time. A legendary village full of women, the finest hunnies in all the lands, without a man in sight.

As you thoughtfully meditate on these images that come to mind, your mind can't help but wander to thoughts of your previous conquest. Because as a mighty warrior, only the most buxom of babes seem to just fall into your lap. That's when you start to think of what happened with that lop-eared chick. Did you even tap that sweet sweet bunny-rabbit ass? You did rack up quite the bill at that inn...
No. 827605 ID: 0cf890
File 150456096170.png - (173.86KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-004.png )

A sudden pang of hunger rocks your stomach and jogs your memory. Nope, that was the inn-keepers daughter and you did not have a single coin to pay for it so you high-tailed it into the woods with the closest jug of rice wine you could reach.

Yeah... Somehow that feels like what happened. Not your best moment, but far from your worst.

You examine the shrine. It looks to be a guardian shrine. One of those that was set up like a thousand years ago to guard the roads. But the lantern is not lit.

You notice that the offering box seems to have a few coins in it, some offered food, and a few other bobbles.

The wooden signboard placed in front of the shrine indicates the way you are heading leads to the next village. 'Tsut' What a drab name. It also reads that the path behind you with the fallen trees is towards the inn you can't show up at anymore.
No. 827608 ID: 13fded

Take half the coins and maybe a small bite. You are shameless and in need but since you don't know how long will you be in that village it may be a good idea to avoid having your misbehaviour be noticed by the local monks. They won't notice the offerings is less than it should be, let's hope the spirits don't mind.
No. 827613 ID: 22d3a4

You may be desperate, but stealing offerings is just low. Does lighting the lantern grant good luck or something? 'cause you could use that a lot more.
No. 827616 ID: 094652

That was a brothel you idiot! Now the pimp will send out a hit for dashing on a hundred-yen bill!

Leave the drink, take the coins.
No. 827622 ID: e958e4

Best not anger the village nearby if they discovered that you pilfered from this shrine they may not be so happy with you. Just go forth towards Tsut and ignore your grumbling stomach.
No. 827762 ID: 0cf890
File 150460218332.png - (192.66KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-005.png )

You think long and hard as you look over the shrine, clutching your stomach as you ponder your options. It looks like there is a firestart by the stones near the wayshrine. You hold it in your hands and count over the coins... The kami of the road wont miss a couple right?

No you decide, you might be hungry and out of cash, but you feel like fixing up a bit of your luck. Who knows, you can probably rustle up some food and money in Tsut.

You light the shrine and walk down the road, thinking back on the feeling of having a bagfull of coins. The sun looks like its slowly peaking up over the mountains.
No. 827763 ID: 0cf890
File 150460263654.png - (202.46KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-006.png )

You walk for roughly four hours at a leisurely pace. The sun is in the sky fully, and its about time to start the day. During the time you travel, you think mostly about the growl in your stomach. Maybe you should have pilfered those offerings...

No matter. Tsut is probably just a backwoods village full of farmers. There has to be a way for you to earn a bit of cash there. As you travel you notice more signs of civilization. The edges of rice farms and buckwheat visible for a moment between the trees and bamboo as you walk along this dusty path. The sky seems clear today, which is a fair sight since its supposed to be the rainy season.

In the distance you can see high, snowcapped mountains. Thinking of ice and rain seems to reveal to you just how dry your throat is. Thankfully, you see the tops of buildings around the bend.
No. 827764 ID: 0cf890
File 150460278086.png - (124.84KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-007.png )

You see the village of Tsut ahead. It looks in alright repair, but you don't see any villagers around. Infact, the only things in the main square (If you could even call it that) is a dimpy looking well, and a noodle stand. Set up this early? Its barely noon.

What should you do?
No. 827765 ID: 13fded

A village without people? Doesn't that sound like half of all the legends about monsters?
Well, you need to eat and there is food unguarded. Go eat before anyone notice. Stay alert.
No. 827770 ID: 46a8da

Maybe go see if you can check around for people? Just a quick glance though. Then see whats going down at that noodle stand. Its always better to apologize than to ask for permission.
No. 827784 ID: be0718

Quench your thirst at the well! Water is more important than food.
No. 827804 ID: 0cf890
File 150462209229.png - (179.04KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-008.png )

You step into town proper and glance around. Yup, no people you can see. You glance around and then approach the nearest few buildings. One marked as an inn, and one as a general store. You knock on the doors and announce your presence.

"Hello? Is anyone in there?"

You say after a couple knocks on the shop and the Inn. Both doors seem like they are locked.
No. 827807 ID: 2fe26a

Keep knocking on doors til you attract someone's attention.
No. 827809 ID: 0cf890
File 150462249305.png - (225.25KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-009.png )

Well, since no one is around, and water is free, you decide to jauntily step your way over to the stone well. Dumping the bucket in and drawing out a fresh pale of water. Looks clear and fresh, and smells fine to you, so you dip the ladle in and take a hearty swig.

The most rancid drink you have ever tasted fills your mouth. That is saying something, considering what you drink. It tastes like a combination between horse piss, spoiled eggs, and a few other rancid things you can't quite put your finger on. You immediately spit it out and glance around. Maybe the bad water made everyone leave?

The sudden oral assault has left you parched and hungry. You turn your attention to the noodle stand. Hopefully there is at least some raw noodles you can chew on.
No. 827811 ID: 0cf890
File 150462274219.png - (202.45KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-0010.png )

You walk across the village center towards the noodle stand that is set up across from the well. Prime position for selling if anyone was even there.

As you near the stand, a heavenly smell graces your nose, and when you peak your head behind the red pull curtains you are shocked to see.

A full bowl of pork ramen, complete with spring onions, slices of porkbelly, eggs, and all the trimmings. A pair of chopsticks sit to the side, and you consider your options. But gorging yourself without a second thought is definitely high on your list.
No. 827815 ID: 91ee5f

There's no one around, yet there's a bowl of ramen conveniently sitting there? I don't trust it! This smells like a trap! Is there even a cook behind the counter?

Something happened in this village to make everyone disappear, so you better not become another victim!
No. 827824 ID: 2fe26a

For once, I'm more curious what will happen if you don't spring the trap. Set up a fire and start boiling a bucket from the well. You can wait a little longer to see what happens at the noodle stand. If *still* nothing's happened, reheat the noodles on your fire and have a bite. Can't let good food go to waste after all.
No. 827825 ID: 094652

With your luck, it's spoiled inside. Grab some non-perishable loot, possibly the inn's safe if you can, and leave quickly.
No. 827826 ID: 13fded

That is definitely some supernatural thing.
Do this.
No. 827832 ID: 46a8da

It does not seem that bad to me. I mean why do you even call yourself Saito Issen Yoshida if you don't take risks?! Plus is it even really a risk. After all its just noodles, could it be worse than the well water?
No. 827840 ID: 22d3a4

Don't start fucking with the supernatural now.
No. 827867 ID: 0cf890
File 150464066955.png - (252.30KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-011.png )

Apparently you are conflicted over if you want to eat the noodles or not. You hang over them lustfully, breathing in their savory, noodley fumes, imagining the thought of slurping them down loudly and finishing the meal off with the last few drops of sake in your gourd flask... but... You end up going with your better judgement, and avoid the suspicious food. Luckily you only looked, but did not touch. Something you aren't normally used to doing.

You slowly pull yourself from the noodles. Setting the chopsticks down with a firm clack and look up.
No. 827869 ID: 0cf890
File 150464095227.png - (188.97KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-012.png )

You sit up with a start. A figure appeared while you were consumed by the noodles and if you wanted to eat them or not. Apparently your hunger distracted you to the point that the noodleman returned to his post without you noticing. Before you can say anything, the older looking fox speaks out.

"Welcome to my stand! Looks delicious right?"

You pause, dumbfounded for a moment, considering the town seemed abandoned when you looked over it, and since its already mid-day. You think of what to say to him.
No. 827871 ID: 2fe26a

"You didn't make this with the pisswater from the well, did you?"
No. 827877 ID: 46a8da

Ask him what the deal with this village. Tsut seems out of the ordinary. Also don't be afraid to shake your name around. Maybe they have heard of you, even if this is a puny back woods village.

Also, see try to maneuver the conversation so that the noodles come into it again. Maybe you can see if these are good to eat, worry about payment later.
No. 827906 ID: f9529f

Asking him where all the babes are while eating the noodles sounds like a logical answer
No. 827912 ID: 0cf890
File 150464885615.png - (226.16KB , 800x800 , Wanderer-013.png )

You look over the fox. Opening the conversation quite normally.

You: "Yeah it seems delicious. Not having eaten for a few days might do that to you though."

The fox just breaks out with a deep laugh. You remark something about a guy his age needing to take it easy or he might strain something which just seems to make him laugh even more.

When he calms down from his hystericals, he can finally get a word in.

Fox: "You look like a samurai! What brings you to this village, stranger?"

You: "Just sort of found my way here I guess. The name is Yoshida... Yoshida Saito."

Tatto: "You can just call me Tatto then, Yoshida. Say. You look like you can take care of yourself."

You notice that your namedrop seemed to go without the response you were looking for.

You: "You could say that. I've lived this far by my wits after all... So... These noodles. You didn't make these with the pisswater from the well did you?"

Tatto: "Nope! Brought the stock in myself. Dig in if you'd like. First bowl of the day."

He leans there, smiling at you expectantly. What do you do? This is almost the exact response you could have hoped for. They look and smell fine.
No. 827917 ID: be0718

Huh, I thought the ramen turned into this dude. Was gonna apologize for almost eating him.
Accept a stranger's kindness and wolf it down.
No. 827920 ID: 22d3a4

Thank him kindly and try not to look like a starved animal when you eat it.
No. 827921 ID: 91ee5f

Do you happen to know where everyone is? It's mid-day, yet the village is quiet. It's.....ominous. Almost like something has dragged everyone away.
No. 828143 ID: 0cf890
File 150469629839.png - (104.52KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-13.png )

You see no qualms with eating the noodles after seeing this man, so without a second thought you dig into the hot noodle bowl. Flavorful, thick broth, perfectly cooked springy noodles, the porkbelly is fatty and delicious, while the onions and mushrooms compliment everything perfectly. Essentially, this is the best bowl of noodles you have ever tasted. Even if you weren't as hungry as you were, you would say the exact same thing.

The older foxman Tatto begins to laugh again, but slowly he raises his eyebrows and look around.

"Boy, I sure hope business picks up soon. You are my first customer in a couple days."

That catches you by surprise.

You pull yourself away from the bowl of noodles long enough to respond.

"So you mean you don't know where the villagers are? Don't you live here?"

Tatto: "More or less, anyways. I was on a trip out of town for ingredients I can't find here. Before I left, most things seemed fine, and when I returned, the whole village was gone!"

You pause mid-slurp once again. What this guy is saying does not shake you too right. Before you could reply again, he opens his mouth.

Tatto: "That is, anyway. There was one odd thing that happened right before I left, the water in the village and the farms spoiled. It turned bad. Another stranger and her friends came into town. She dressed strangely, maybe she was from the south or something. She said she knew why the water went bad, but I could not stay any longer as I was out of stock. Something does not seem to sit with me the right way about all of this."

The fox falls silent, stroking his beard in thought

What do you respond with?
No. 828144 ID: 094652

Honestly, you don't care if she's a western foreigner or an evil matriarch.

You're eating these noodles so you can continue your journey. Screw adventure.
No. 828145 ID: d04b11

We gotta remember that we just ate noodles that we can't pay for, and we have no money. Maybe this is a chance to get a little spending capital

I recommend maybe pursuing this option. If it proves too dangerous, just leave, but say you'll take the noodles as a down payment and act up your honor and bravado. Maybe he can give you something else too.
No. 828146 ID: d04b11

Oh, almost forgot. What exactly do we own? Can we get an inventory screen or something
No. 828147 ID: be0718

Hmm... well, if there's no one else left in the village, there's not much else you can do here (besides loot the place!). You probably won't find the lady in question without knowing which direction they went in, but if you go south maybe other people from there will know about the phenomenon. ...Hmm. Maybe you should find some clean water before you go that way. Just as a precaution, in case this isn't a one-off phenomenon.
No. 828150 ID: 7f23b2

Now I am not normally one to take the first quest pitched, but with no money and technically a bowl of noodles in debt, maybe we can check it out and just drop it if its too tough.

Ask him if he saw any tracks or has any idea where they might be going. Who knows, this might be a step closer to your main quest of finding the buxom babe village of legend
No. 828161 ID: 0cf890
File 150471201612.png - (104.46KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-014.png )

Seeing this as a way to turn around your noodle-debt and pennilessness, you spring into action. Your charisma fueled by your newly full belly and thoughts of your future.

"Its absolutely no problem, pops. as a matter of fact, I am a skilled problem solver, and I can get your village back!"

Tatto: "Is that true? Could you really get them back? My daughter was here when they all vanished..." He says, stroking his beard in thought.

"Of course! I've got what it takes. The only thing is, I am on a long journey throughout the land, and I will need supplies for the road after this."

The older fox nods his head, you seem to have sparked some kind of hope in him.

"Ah yes. I am sure that if they are in danger then the shopkeep and farmers would pitch in to help you... I can't offer much, but I can give you my ramen recipe if you bring back my daughter unharmed. It is the finest in all the land, bet my beard!"

"Well that's fine. All I need is some water and Ill take this bowl of noodles as a down payment for my services."

Tatto: "Deal! You sure are brave, Mr. Yoshida."

You aren't sure you need a ramen recipe, but the thought is what matters... Right?

You figure if it seems too dangerous you can always just split. Its not like anyone is forcing you to do any of this.
No. 828162 ID: 0cf890
File 150471211921.png - (80.14KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-015.png )

You think for a moment before speaking.
"Do you know where I should start? Looking around town it looks like they just went up and vanished. No signs of struggle or anything."

The fox thinks for a moment before shaking his head. He starts to clean the counter of his stand before suddenly he looks up with a thought of revelation.

Tatto: "Actually! The night I first arrived, I saw light up in the hills to the west. When I went to investigate a bit further from town, I saw dozens of tracks through the muddy road down through the farms. They must be in the hills."

You thank him for the noodles and sit up. Looking yourself over before considering what to do. Tatto was kind enough to give you a water skin, which you put in your bag.

You are now standing in the empty town. You look to the east and you can see the hills he was talking about, and the road down to the farms. Either way you would have to go down that road to leave town, unless you would want to just walk through the forest to leave Tsut that is.
No. 828163 ID: 0cf890
File 150471239482.png - (39.29KB , 500x500 , Currentitems.png )

Currently in your possession are four 'key items' that are important to you.

1: Your bag
- Water Skin (full)
- Coin Pouch (empty)
2: Your daisho. An old sword, and a shortsword.

3: Your outfit outfit including your gi, sandals, underwear and accessories.

4: Gourd flask (Empty)
No. 828167 ID: 043bdf

While it is tempting to steal from the villagers, I don't see the need. Lets go find them. Into the mountains we go!

Though be careful. Keep note of how far you travel, and use your ronin skills to follow the tracks when they stop being too obvious.
No. 828168 ID: d438a2

Hmn. Well, it seems like we are slowly gaining tasks. Maybe we should find a way to keep track of them? You don't want to forget what you were doing if you go out drinking again.
No. 828171 ID: b9b4da

Step 1: Put your clothes back on you weirdo.
Step 3: Look in the inn for abandoned travelers' valuables. Think of it as picking their items up to return to them when you find them.
Step 4: Forget Step 2.
Step 5: Go west, young cat.
No. 828181 ID: 0cf890
File 150472548188.png - (35.76KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-016.png )

You decide before your journey to the hills you will see if there is anything of interest in the INN. You try to slide the door, and it just opens. Seems like they did not bother locking it. The inside of the INN is drab and dark, and lit by the open door and a window on the far end.

A quick peruse around the INN reveals a few places that might be of some kind of interest.

1: The kitchen
2: The bar
3: The stairs up and down
4: The low tables.
5 and 6: Rooms with closed doors.

The whole first floor is very low. If you stood on your tip toes, your ears brush the ceiling, and strangely, all the meals on the tables are half finished and look like they have been sitting there for a around two days. Not quite long enough to start to smell, but its getting there.

The bar looks full of bottles and drinks, and several mugs and clay cups are lined for would-be-drinkers
No. 828184 ID: be0718

Check out room 6 first. 6 is a lucky number.
No. 828190 ID: 05a851

While you are on the first floor might as well check out the bar. Maybe take a swig of a bottle of drank that was served on the counter. Its hard for rice wine to go bad after a couple days. After that, check upstairs!
No. 828200 ID: 0cf890
File 150473152515.png - (74.70KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-017.png )

You step over to the bar, careful to avoid stepping on any tables in the dark. You take a swig of the nearest jug of what smells like alcohol, but as soon as it hits your tongue you immediately regret your decision. It tastes rancid and rotten, and somehow just as bad as the well water. You don't expect it to just be how the drink is normally.

You spit it out and wipe your tongue, Trying to get the taste out of your mouth while you look behind the counter. Immediately in front of you, you spy a box marked 'Lost and Found'. The only thing in it is a small bound book marked 'Yokai Hunter's Guide To The Supernatural'. A traveler's edition.
No. 828201 ID: be0718

*All* the water in town went bad. if you keep chugging it, whatever got the townsfolk might get you too.
Well, that book's now Found. Let's see what else was lost and/or found in the guest rooms.
No. 828202 ID: 2f7f1f

Read the page, come on now. Maybe there is a clue to what is going on with all the food and junk around here.
No. 828205 ID: 0cf890
File 150473227547.png - (75.49KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-019.png )

You flip it open, but the only thing left in the book describes what is called a 'Mountain Ogre'. The rest of the pages look like it was torn out.

It describes a beast that is larger than a bear and with teeth as big as daggers that lurks in the mountains and eats and kidnaps people or anything that wanders into its territory. A dumb cousin to the more powerful and intelligent Oni. There is written text at the bottom that looks like it was inked in that says "Target" Big and bold.

You think back to childhood stories of creatures like ogres and goblins and oni and yokai. If there ever was creatures like that, you think them to be long dead. You've been all over these lands and have never seen anything like that.

Not that you are discounting anything, since you know that some priests and monks can do some pretty supernatural things, and you swear when you were a kid you saw a kappa once, but having a healthy skepticism is good.

You walk upstairs and look at the rooms. The one on your right is unlocked and slides open, to a bare room ready for someone to stay in. You look it over and find nothing really. The opposite room though (number 6) is locked, and you swear you saw a light under the door that vanished when you neared it. You don't see a visible mechanism, so it looks like it is locked from the inside.
No. 828206 ID: be0718

Hey, aren't the doors around here made of paper? I suppose it's polite to knock first.
No. 828270 ID: 0cf890
File 150474066167.png - (97.09KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-020.png )

You knock, then announce yourself.

"Is anyone still there?"

You wait a moment before impatiently using your claw to rip a hole in the rice paper frame of the door. It looks like someone barred the door from the inside...
No. 828274 ID: 0cf890
File 150474081434.png - (42.79KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-021.png )

The room in front of you is windowless and bare. Save for a small table with a tea set, a used bed, and what looks like a scroll that someone hastily hung up then tore.

There is a set of robes and underwear on the ground in front of you. Between them is a strange jade coin.
No. 828278 ID: 0cf890
File 150474103310.png - (28.20KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-022.png )

You take the coin in your hand. It is large and warm and made from solid jade. It is so pure it feels like it should be translucent, but it looks like a metallic minted coin... The heck is this?

The carvings on the first face say Peace, Future, and on the opposite face it says Sacred Secret. It feels like there should be more writing on it but its missing.
No. 828327 ID: 13fded

I can't conclude anything for sure.
Someone was concerned about ogres kidnapping people. The paper describe an aggressive creature, but there is no signs of struggle.
The drinks are contaminated the same way the water from the well is. If the bad taste doesn't go away after boiling or adding alcohol then why wouldn't people seek other sources of water like Tatto did? It's also possible it was poisoned the same way the well was.
The coin is puzzling. Unless it's a fake coin that is the monetary resource of some group of people. Have you ever heard of jade coins?

Whatever happened here we might be unable to deduce right now. Let's find out if the hill lights left more evidences.
No. 828334 ID: be0718

Odd. Someone was just here, or so we think, but we can't tell where they've gone. Or was that flash of light from this warm coin? Pocket this and begin our quest.
No. 828425 ID: 0cf890
File 150477510826.png - (109.21KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-023.png )

After you stand around for a moment, you notice the tea set on the table is still warm and steaming. A quick finger dip reveals its just as revolting as the rest of the water in town, but with a subtle herbal after taste.

As for the coin, you've been all across these islands and have never once seen anyone use actual jade coins for money. You've seen jade bullion and bars traded before, but you pay no mind. You slip the coin into your purse and exit the INN.

As you talk across the village, Tatto waves farewell and bids you good fortune. The sun is still reasonably high in the sky, and the hills don't look far off. You walk off towards the flooded rice fields and find the tracks that the older fox mentioned to you. Footprints and shoe prints in the dried mud of the road.

As you follow them, you gain a closer look at the rice sprouts. They seem wilted, but alive. Probably not for long if your hunch is right and the field water is spoiled as well. You notice dead fish floating in the farms, which does not speak well.

Your journey on the dried mud road is easy. You suspect you can arrive at the top of the hills before sundown. That is, until you reach the end of the fields and find most of the tracks have vanished, now covered in leaves or seemingly mostly washed away.
No. 828429 ID: 0cf890
File 150477594137.png - (84.81KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-024.png )

As you pick your way through the woods to follow the tracks and return to the trail, you notice they seem to diverge. The majority of the tracks seem to follow the left trail that leads nearly straight up the hill, while the right trail leads up but as a low angle. Making it a very slow climb. There are less footprints this way but they seem deep and recent.
No. 828444 ID: f67630

The tea was still warm too and the door was blocked from the inside? Sounds ODD to me. I suggest taking the path on the right hand side. I know its a full village that is missing, but if they are more recent tracks, then maybe its related, or some of them went off that way first. Be ready in case there is danger. Something is really fishy in the village of Tsut
No. 828456 ID: 7ac3a1

Seconding. Don't need to get slain by banditos while you are just walking around. Be reasonably silent and be ready to use that famed quickdraw of ours.
No. 828458 ID: 0cf890
File 150478303001.png - (70.28KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-025.png )

Ehh? Well, might as well go right. You begin trudging along the right path. Following the obviously fresh tracks through the hillside. The forest seems alive with the sounds of birds and insects. As you travel along the twisting path, notice broken branches, cut bamboo and chopped trees sprinkled here and there.

You place your hand on your sword, ready in case someone does try for you. After about two hours of silent walking through the hillside, following the tracks, you arrive at a small cave entrance. A stack of crates and barrels are near the mouth of the cave,

Listening into it, you hear nothing but wind and dripping water.

What do you do?
No. 828469 ID: be0718

Welcome to the rice fields, mothafucka
Just follow our lead, and sneak around! Be careful not to make a sound.
No. 828499 ID: 0cf890
File 150479548502.png - (81.27KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-026.png )

You slowly descend into the mouth of the cave. Quickly the air grows thick and fetid. The damp floor does little to disguise your steps so you begin to sneak as well as you can.
No. 828500 ID: 0cf890
File 150479568333.png - (78.01KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-027.png )

Soon the cave opens up into a very dimly lit room. Here you are able to see puddles of water, rock formations and stacked crates and barrels, and an entrance to another room. A large iron cage houses a shadowed figure. The cage is obviously built for something much larger than whoever is in there.

There looks to be shattered wooden remains strewn across the floor. You don't hear anything but frustrated breathing from the cage's occupant.
No. 828503 ID: 2a9490

Uh oh. She has not seen you yet. You better go save her. Just go see if you can smash the lock or something.
No. 828507 ID: 2fe26a

Smash the lock? Why bother? She could get out between the bars if she wanted. Get a closer look at the occupant before moving to free them.
No. 828511 ID: 0cf890
File 150479815480.png - (78.89KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-028.png )

You move as silent as you can towards the cage. When you get close enough to see properly, you can tell that its a dog girl. A shiba? You can't tell in this light. Dressed in strangely unspoiled robes considering the dirt and grime all around.

She snarls at you.

Dog: "Oh GREAT. Another one of YOU guys again. I haven't tried to leave, don't get your fundoshi in a bunch!"

Looks like she thinks you are one of her captors. You? A charismatic, roguish, handsome ronin? Confused for a bandito?

How do you reply
No. 828513 ID: 2fe26a

Motion for her to keep quiet, and get some important info: Are all of her captors currently inside the cave and not out, why are they keeping her, and lastly who are her captors. Asking who she is or about the village can wait, her actual captors could return any moment!
No. 828515 ID: 91ee5f

No. 828549 ID: 4741cb

Politely inform her that the bars look wide enough for her to slip through. She doesn't even have to turn side on
No. 828554 ID: 0cf890
File 150480911160.png - (100.80KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-029.png )

You put your finger up to her nose to motion for her to be quiet. You don't need to hear shouting now, it echos in the cave anyways.

You start to speakat a low volume to the angry dog.

"I'm not your captor, don't worry. I'm here to help."

You begin.

"So why haven't you left anyways. Those bars are wide enough to just walk through."

The dog raises her eyebrow at you, looking at you like you are some kind of idiot.

Dog Girl: "I'm here, because if I try to go, they will just grab me again. I was here hunting, but I got snatched by this chick in crazy robes."

You give her a raised eyebrow in return. Two can play at that game.

Dog Girl: "...So you came alone then, right?" She says looking behind you, motioning with her eyes.

You aren't quite sure you trust this chick. She is just sitting in a cage she can leave just fine, in the dark, with silk robes on.
No. 828559 ID: 2fe26a

'No. I came here with a search and rescue party for a nearby village.' The party is your sake gourd, but she doesn't need to know that yet.
No. 828565 ID: 13fded

What else can she tell you about those people. Chick in a crazy robe doesn't tell you much.
After hearing what she has to say go look for her jailers. Try to stay out of sign of the inhabitants of this cave and this suspicious woman.
Don't attack unless you can confirm those people are dangerous. We got to make sure this woman isn't a big monster magically disguised before freeing her.
No. 828567 ID: 2a9490

While I don't trust that dog girl, even if she is kind of cute, I think its alright to risk it. With reflexes as good as ours, I think that if she tried anything funny you could grab her. Is there something behind you?
No. 828573 ID: 2fe26a

"You wouldn't happen to have seen any mountain ogres around here, would you?"
No. 828576 ID: 91ee5f

Weren't you told that a weird woman came to the village before everyone went missing?
No. 828588 ID: 0457f7

I say we play along with her. I remember there was one other room in this cave that could prove to be full of danger.

So maybe she is looking at the danger right now, turn around, lets see.
No. 828590 ID: b88139

Yup, she was probably who stole away this girl in the cage.

My recommendation is look around, see if there is any reason she can't leave the cage, then just go back to the other path
No. 828596 ID: 3ce125

There was another room and she just yelled, so draw your sword and prepare to defend yourself!
No. 828610 ID: 0cf890
File 150481527476.png - (104.53KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-030.png )

You consider for the moment that this girl might actually not be trying to get you to lower your guard, which so many other girls have managed to do before.

"What the hell are you talking about, woman, don't you see I am alone?"

You say, before you hear the rasp of a blade being drawn.
No. 828612 ID: 9876c4

Let's see if your sensei taught you well.

Iaijutsu strike, while rolling to the side.
No. 828613 ID: 2fe26a

Your attacker gives themselves away. Defend against all comers!
No. 828614 ID: 094652

Time to use the old "Forester Base Swing".
Duck, draw your sword with the scabbard still in, then use two hands to bat the back of your opponent's kneecaps.
No. 828621 ID: d04b11

Everyone knows a true samurai can judge a man's skill by seeing how they stand or draw their sword. But since you did not see him do it, quickdraw up and defend against his swing. From there you can decide his power and how to deal with him.
No. 828643 ID: be0718

This is probably why you aren't supposed to unsheathe unless ready to strike. Give your opponent a reminder he won't soon forget.
Are you a two-weapon-wielder, or is the tiny sword a backup?
No. 828647 ID: 0457f7

Block with your sword, then slice him through. Should be an easy feat, he just looks like a ruffian
No. 828653 ID: 0cf890
File 150482029232.png - (135.02KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-031.png )

Your cat-like reflexes spring into action. You vouch to take the safe route this time, as you did not know what you were facing, and use your quick-draw to deflect his sword's downswing.

From there you have him at your mercy.
No. 828659 ID: 0cf890
File 150482060207.png - (72.08KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-032.png )

You specialize in one blade techniques, so your wakizashi is mostly a backup weapon or used for 'ceremonial' purposes, as your father liked to describe it. Though, as a samurai, you are ready to fight with it in your offhand as well if needed.

The bandito seemed like a novice, as he put his full weight into the first swing, seeming like he just wanted to crush you then and there. You use the open moment after the deflaction to lunge forwards, slashing across his belly. Your old sword proved useful again, as he slumps to the ground. Strangely, he did not even utter a single sound of demise.

You look back to the dog girl, who looks at you wide-eyed. Pretty convinced you are not one of them. From here you can see into the next room of the cavern. Just mats lay on the floor, and no others remain in the cave besides you and the lady.
No. 828665 ID: 6fa9cc

Try to knock him in the side of the head with the hilt, he might be under some form of mind control
No. 828667 ID: d04b11

Perfect! Just as planned. From there, see if he has anything relevant to the task at hand. Or a money pouch?

Then ask the woman more about herself as you guys leave the cave. Ask if she knows what the purpose of the cage is and what the hell happened in Tsut
No. 828668 ID: be0718

Disarm the corpse... so the dog has a way to defend herself, of course. Not because you're afraid he might get up and use it again.
No. 828669 ID: 043bdf

I don't know man, it sure seems like he was being controlled, but it looks a bit late for him if he got belly cut. If we encounter any more like him later on though, we should for sure try to knock their heads.

I suggest we try to see if there is any goods to take with us here, then find out more about the cute girl. Where is the rest of the village?
No. 828680 ID: b45f64

Seconding these. As well as apply flirt mode to the dog girl when you clear the cave. You are supposed to be a lady killer devilishly handsome ronin, right?
No. 828711 ID: 0cf890
File 150482732645.png - (125.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-033.png )

You motion to the the dog-girl to come out of the large cage.

"So... What's your name?"

Kisumi: "I am Kisumi. A monster hunter."

You can't help but hold back a chuckle.
"Monster hunter? What kind of monsters do you hunt in silk robes?"

She glares at you.
Kisumi: "The crazy woman who kidnapped me and placed me in the cave took my normal clothes and gave me this to wear. She... Also did my hair."

You begin to rummage around the cave for anything useful. For the most part, you only find *2 Coppers* among the bandito's possessions in the other cavern room. You return to Kisumi and pick up the sword from the odd bandit, and give it to her. She holds it in both hands.

The two of you begin to head out of the cave and walk back down the forest path when you start to speak again.

"So, this chick, what's she all about? Are there many more goons?"

Kisuni: Shrugs and tucks her hair behind her ears. "Its tough to say. She was babbling a lot when I saw her, and she spoke about needing the villagers for some 'grand vision' she said."


"So monster hunter eh? You know, I am a pretty big monster myself."
No. 828718 ID: be0718

In bed!

Sounds like the same mysterious lady to me all right. Did she try forcing you to drink crappy water?
We should go after her together, for our separate reasons.
No. 828721 ID: 3ce125

Ask her what her father's name is.
No. 828874 ID: 46a8da

Well, if she is a monster hunter, why was she taken away from the rest of the town? You should try asking her if she knows anything about fighting in case it comes down to it.

See if she is willing to stop this woman from doing whatever it is she is doing, because from what we have seen so far, it does not sound fun.
No. 828876 ID: b88139

Somehow I don't think it's Tatto's kid, just because she is a shiba and he is a fox.

Let her know she is not obligated to come with you, but that it might be helpful, and she has a bit more experience with this crazy chick than you do
No. 828877 ID: 094652

If you really do want to bed her, I suggest you SHUT YOUR MOUTH and show her how high your combat level is.
No. 828892 ID: 0cf890
File 150488129863.png - (23.94KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-034.png )

"In bed."

The dog girl rolls her eyes at you. The two of you walk for the two hours, exchanging a few words here and there. You find out she was staying in the Inn, and the book you found with all the pages ripped out belonged to her. She has been hunting a mountain ogre in these hills, and finally tracked it to that cave. She set up a trap, but the ones who showed up were the crazy woman and her goons.

The two of you finally reach the crossroads. The opportunity for her to go back to the village to relative safety, or to follow you to check out the commotion at the top of the hill.

"Well, you don't have to come with me if you aren't up for it, Kisumi."

Kisumi: already began climbing the hill towards the top. "Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself."

You haven't known her that long, but for some reason she seems like she is trying to play tough.

You climb the path through the hills for another pair of hours. The distance is shorter, but the hike is a bit tougher than it was lower down. As you climb you begin seeing strange charms along the sides of the paths. Bowls of water suspended from tree limbs, or ontop of wooden poles stuck into the ground. Each one containing a single floating object, from a candle, to flower petals, to coins and stones. Objects that would normally not float, doing so.

Kisumi: Looks a little worried about this actually. You think she is pretty deep in thought. "Don't touch that stuff. It's a bad, outsider charm. I've read about them before, and the best we can do is stop the things from floating."

You stroke your chin, its easy enough to avoid them as you climb, but there are things like gold coins and you think you see gemstones as well. You estimate it to be maybe ten minutes or more until you reach the top of the hill.
No. 828895 ID: 0cf890
File 150488184384.png - (123.30KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-035.png )

When you reach the top of the hill, the sight around baffles you. You take Kisumi and duck into the foliage nearby. Immediately in front of you, you see a large pool of water. Swirling in circles, with maybe two dozen people sitting in the edges of the pool. Some up to their necks in water.

Above everything, you see a white-furred tiger woman wearing extravagant robes and a gold head dress. In her hands she has a flute and a ceremonial fan. She seems to be chanting something in a different language.

With each word she says, the pool seems to ripple and almost glow in a different way. The people seated in the water don't seem to be responding well. Almost like they were drugged.

You spy a few mounts off by a set of tents on the other side of the pool by the woman, and what looks like several dark observers looking in on what is happening through the trees and bamboo. What do you do?
No. 828901 ID: 13fded

Disrupting whatever ritual she is performing on the villagers can be an urgent matter.
The surrounding goons will see you if you try to approach... How good are you at throwing stuff? If you hit her head with a rock I bet she will be too disorientate to continue this ritual or curse you.
No. 828902 ID: 8d3d62

Scope out the knockers on HER! Consider non-lethal takedown and propose threesome with her and Kisumi
No. 828904 ID: be0718

Gank the treeline observers one by one before confronting the big bad witch.
No. 828905 ID: b88139

The woman seems chinese to me, and chinese witches are no joke. I recommend trying to stop the ritual but her goons look like they are watching from the trees. If they have you at the ranged advantage, you are pretty through. Maybe you can sneak around to remove the goons first?

Alternatively, try just talking to her. It might shake her up from finding this 'grand vision' or whatever.
No. 828910 ID: d04b11

Seconding. They look impressive, and the plan is solid enough. Try to get Kisumi to back you up from behind and watch out if anyone tries to sneak up on you
No. 828914 ID: 0cf890
File 150489390494.png - (135.81KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-036.png )

Seeing that it looks like its not clear enough to confront the tiger straight on, you decide to sneak around to deal with the banditos first.

You whisper as silent as you can to Kisumi about your plan and to follow behind you, and keep watch. You silently dodge through the woods and undergrowth, careful to not be noticed.

You sneak up between the two that you see, and knock them over the head with a club. Here you can get a great view of the tigress. She is snow white with dark stripes, wearing robes that are obviously from mainland China, but exaggerated somehow. She begins to play few notes on her flute, and you hear the ground rumble and several loud thuds. Suddenly you see the water shimmer and an image begins to come into form, it captures your attention and you can't seem to pull yourself away. The image is almost clear enough to see... but suddenly you hear Kisumi shout.

"YOSHIDA! Behind you!"
No. 828929 ID: 7b6617

Then look behind you.
No. 828931 ID: 0cf890
File 150489690656.png - (70.56KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-037.png )

((SORRY GUYS My internet died mid-update.))

You turn around, First seeing Kisumi engaged in battle with a bandito who seemingly does not stand much of a chance, but then your eye is drawn to the base of a large tree where a cat wearing a red outfit points a gun at out.

A gun? What the hell, Some of these people are obviously foreigners, like the one wielding a gun, and the tigress, but the rest just seem like local rabble. They really are up to no good here. You hear several more booming thuds coming from their camp, overwhelming flute song, and now a cat with a gun pointed at you, at least 15 meters away.

What do you do?
No. 828934 ID: 7b6617

Use a bandit as shield as you move into cover (and then from one cover to the next).
No. 828942 ID: 13fded

After shooting the reloading process will take a long time. Move around between covers until he shoot and hopefully miss, then you run toward him and put an end to this nonsense.
No. 828946 ID: be0718

A matchlock? if you just douse this guy with something his gun should stop working. Use your latest target as a meatshield and put that boomstick out of commission.
No. 829016 ID: db1520

You did not knock those guys out for just any reason, since they seem mostly controlled I would not use them as a meatshield, so see if you can throw your club at him, then take it all out from there.
No. 829019 ID: dcdd15

Agreed with the post behind me. Try dodging through the trees, then when you are close enough, throw the club at him.
No. 829166 ID: be0718

These look like hired goons and general scum more than village victims, any injury they suffer under the tigress' employ is unfortunate but better than us taking lead shot ourselves.
No. 829185 ID: 8a3295

Both suggestions are pretty good. Maybe a combination? Somehow I doubt a single body would be enough to stop a lead ball from a chinese rifle, but maybe the combination of the two can save our skins.
No. 829430 ID: 6ffa07

Find a way to knock out the chinacat. That firelance might come in useful later but not if you have to stop and reload it.
No. 829484 ID: 0cf890
File 150504231680.png - (76.51KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-038.png )

You curse your luck. If you spot the gunner earlier you would have been able to have a firmer plan, and picking up one of the men to use as a shield might take too long.

You decide to duck between the trees rapidly trying to close the difference. Using cover as best as you can, and the gunner seems like he does not want to risk a shot that is not clear enough.

You close the distance from tree to tree, 15 meters, 10 meters, 5, then with a firm throw, you launch the club you picked up earlier as hard as you can.
No. 829485 ID: 0cf890
File 150504244601.png - (98.82KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-039.png )


The wooden club split against him after a short shout from Kisumi distracted the gunner just long enough for your throw to hit home. The cat falls to the floor, the lights knocked out of him.

Suddenly you hear an annoying laugh come the pool of water, you can only assume to be the tigress has taken notice of you.
No. 829486 ID: 2a9490

You should approach her valiantly, but still far enough away that you can run away just in case. Announce with a gleam in your eye that you are here to stop whatever you are doing.

Try to avoid staring at that rack
No. 829487 ID: 16807d

Guns are made for anti-armor, physical and magical! Grab his gun and shoot the &!+(#!
No. 829488 ID: 4cc55a

Maybe try diplomacy. You don't know what kind of powers a white haired witch that can control an entire town is like. Try to demand what she is doing, and see if you can see whatever vision she was forming in the pool
No. 829491 ID: f9529f

Go talk to her, but make sure you don't have any weapons out. Not that having them sheathed would be a problem to a master of iaijutsu such as us
No. 829493 ID: be0718

Remain silent, wait for an appropriate moment for a 'you and what army?' comeback.
No. 829502 ID: 0cf890
File 150505488835.png - (74.83KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-040.png )

You approach the edge of the pool, but in a nice clear space with plenty of room to run as fast as you can if something goes poorly. You get a great view from here though.
No. 829503 ID: 0cf890
File 150505493841.png - (104.96KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-041.png )

You hear several loud earthy thuds, but then she speaks out.

Madam Chen: "HAHAHA! The first hero come to stop me, Madam Chen EH? Well you look like a nobody!"

A NOBODY? That was enough to pull your attention.

You: "Listen here, you. What the hell are you doing with all these villagers? Why were your goons so bad!"

Madam Chen: "That's not for a mere wandering swordsman to know. I shall have my vision in the pool, and then the path will be clear!"

Kisumi: "Why did you have to dress me up like this?" Kisumi asks from a bush to the side.

Madam Chen: "Because I had nothing else going on! HAHAHA!" She cackles.

You: "Sounds crazy... I think I should just stop you here and now if it's just some sort of vision." You say, attempting to threaten her.

Madam Chen: "You can't ever stop me! You will be defeated, samurai!"

The tigress just smiles. Snapping her finger as the pool continues to swirl, and suddenly flash.
No. 829504 ID: 0cf890
File 150505501821.png - (72.11KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-042.png )

Several more thuds approach from behind. You hear Kisumi AND Chen shriek before you reply.
"Oh yeah? You and what army-"
No. 829505 ID: 0cf890
File 150505506249.png - (44.04KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-043.png )

No. 829506 ID: 0cf890
File 150505508078.png - (108.87KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-044.png )

No. 829510 ID: be0718

They both shrieked? Probably for different reasons.
Leap straight up in the air like a frightened cat! Which you are.
No. 829515 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, look, it's a Mountain Ogre. You read about that in Kisumi's book she left at the inn where you found it. Too bad it didn't tell you how to beat it!

Wait, it's Kisumi's book, so even though the pages were ripped out, she probably has it memorized! Go find her and ask her how to beat this thing!
No. 829519 ID: a633c6

Sure would like to have a gun right now. Nothing like a large near immobile target for you.
No. 829523 ID: 0cf890
File 150506134801.png - (93.77KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-045.png )

Yeah, of course, no need to worry. You steel yourself. You are a mighty ronin, and its obvious that even though he is big, you stand a perfect chance the SKILLS like yours.

You quickly drop into a stance, hand on your sword, AND-!
No. 829524 ID: 0cf890
File 150506139425.png - (114.40KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-046.png )

...Uh. His hide is thicker than a lot of armor. He takes the strike without so much as a flinch. You see his fist go up in a very face-smashing motion.

In the corner of your vision you see Kisumi finishing off the bandito she was fighting, and she turns, shouting.

Kisumi: I don't have my magic dagger! Normal strikes are ineffective!

Yeah. Great.

What do you do
No. 829525 ID: a633c6

Git that gun. Bastard is huge and near immobile, it'll do some damage.
No. 829528 ID: 91ee5f

>I don't have my magic dagger! Normal strikes are ineffective!
Ask her to describe what it looks like. You might've picked it up at the inn!

If she happens to mention that it's made of Jade, then since it's a magic dagger, it could be disguised as that Jade Coin you picked up!

>You see his fist go up in a very face-smashing motion.
>What do you do?
Well obviously you should DODGE!!!
No. 829529 ID: db1520

Dodge and try to distract him while Kisumi lines up a shot. Can you tell what Madam Chen is doing? Why did she shriek?
No. 829690 ID: 5af913

Dodge first, and when you get the opportunity, kick him in the family jewels. Thick, armor-like skin or no, that's still going to hurt.
No. 829713 ID: 9dc26d

The coin's not a dagger, the coin's a person.

Anyway, go for the eyes. That almost always works.
No. 829714 ID: 0cf890
File 150509994841.png - (89.06KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-047.png )

You dodge the strike and it whistles through the air above you. His fist is as big as your head!

You shout to Kisumi to pick up the gun, even if its ineffective, it might do something. You look over, expecting to see Madam Chen laughing hysterically at you
No. 829716 ID: 0cf890
File 150510019453.png - (103.60KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-048.png )

But... It looks like she is running away. You feel like she was not expecting the monster either.

You see Kisumi dart over for the fallen weapon, and you shout out.

"Hey! What does your dagger look like!"

Kisumi: "It's a krisknife, foreign!"

Damn. Well, you resign to trying to get close enough to kick the ogre in the groin. Maybe your wooden sandals will distract him long enough. In the meantime, you try to gain an opening by brandishing your sword.
No. 829718 ID: 094652

Catch up to Chen while she's distracted and force her to fix this or die!
No. 829719 ID: 0cf890
File 150510069942.png - (110.97KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-049.png )

You hear Chen shout on her way through the woods to the mount tied in her camp.

Madam Chen: "You have not heard the last of me, samurai! I won't rest until that vision is mine, and I've had my revenge!"

In reality you should have seen something like this coming. She was crazy but besides her goons, she seemed reasonably harmless.

You note the water continues to shine, and Kisumi shouts that she got the gun.

You edge closer and closer to a good position for the ball-kick, but the ogre's longer reach makes the task difficult for you. Suddenly, with a burst of speed, he grabs your hands around the hilt of your sword in one hand.

Oh boy. What next?
No. 829720 ID: 2a9490

Maybe we can tell Kisumi to shoot Chen instead? She is on the other side of the pool, and you are fighting the Ogre. But maybe using the shot on the monster is the better idea. Realistically with a match gun, we only have one shot.
No. 829723 ID: be0718

That's his sword now. You should move to regroup with Kisumi.
Maybe we can use the bad mojo of the charms against it?
No. 829725 ID: 0457f7

Struggle! He has you by the hands, so the only shot you have left is quite literally Kisumi's shot!
No. 829728 ID: 13fded

Free your hand before he break your wrist. Use your wakizashi to stab his fist to weaken his grip.
No. 829730 ID: dfd3c4

Besides getting grabbed by the ogre you are doing your distraction job perfectly. Keep it up. Since you don't have use of your hands, the only thing left you can do is to look as unappetising as possible.
No. 829740 ID: 91ee5f

Are you close enough to kick him in the nuts? Because that might be a good thing to do right about now!
No. 829743 ID: 3ce125

Wait, if she didn't expect this guy maybe he's not an enemy? Just try to avoid getting hit and ask him if it's not too late to talk.
No. 829765 ID: 0cf890
File 150511684388.png - (110.34KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-050.png )

You try a combination of different tactics. First you try to struggle as hard as you can to free yourself, then the ogre lifts you off the ground by the hands. He holds you up to his face, and you can no longer reach his jewels with a kick.

At a relative eye level with his tusks you smell his breath. It is fetid and smells of rotten flesh. Not very nice. You begin trying to reason with him.

You: "UH. Wait, if you aren't with her, then maybe we should tag together!"

Ogre: *S n o r t*

You: "Think about it. Yoshida and Ogre, unstoppable!"

The ogre wets his lips. You don't think you are doing too well of a job looking unappetizing.

You could stall for time while Kisumi lights a fuse for the gun though. Unless you have any other great ideas.
No. 829798 ID: 94754a

You tried your best to ally the ogre. Now all you can do is stall for Kisumi and then pray it's enough for you to slip away.
No. 829800 ID: 13fded

The only thing you got from the book is that it eat people and is dumber ans less powerful than an Oni.
Perhaps you should appeal to his ego. Call him an Oni. Say that a powerful and intelligent being such as himself wouldn't waste food. There are more people here than he can eat at one, no need to kill you specifically.

Let's hope Kisumi knows something we don't. At this point she is your only real hope.
No. 829807 ID: db1520

That's a good point, but we should count ourselves pretty lucky he did not start picking villagers up out of the pool and eat them and instead chose us. Hopefully we put up at least a bit more of a fight than comatose villagers in a pond

I recommend trying to appeal to the ogre as best as you can until Kisumi can line up the shot. Then after that, leg it a safe distance to find a way out of this scrap.
No. 829810 ID: b9b4da

Tell him you bet he throws like a girl.
No. 829820 ID: 0cf890
File 150513962695.png - (87.69KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-051.png )

To you, the only thing between being free of the monster and doom seems to be mostly Kisumi or your quick wits. So you put both to work. Out of the corner of your eye you see her lining up a shot, but you know for a fact that guns are very inaccurate, and she has as much a chance of hitting you as hitting the ogre when he is holding you up like this.

You try to get on the ogre's good side.

You: "Oh mighty ogre of the hills! Your power is obvious! Though you might have me at your mercy, I still think your great power is worthy!"

The ogre speaks in a deep, dull voice. "Ehhh?" He says raising an eyebrow.

Ogre: "I still eat this cat"

Damn. That is out of the question I guess.

You: "... I bet you throw like a girl..."

Suddenly you hear a boom blow through the forest. Loud enough to shake leaves off the trees.
No. 829822 ID: 0cf890
File 150513987624.png - (93.92KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-052.png )

You look at the ogre and he looks shocked to say the least. You look at Kisumi and mouth the words 'help me'

Suddenly the ogre draws his eyes down to the new gun wound in his shoulder. Looks like she was trying to hit him in the head. Between your ears.

The ogre seems to hyperventilate. He has obviously never experienced getting hit with a high speed iron ball, but he remembers your words, and you sort of regret it now
No. 829826 ID: 0cf890
File 150514010160.png - (82.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-053.png )

The ogre winds up and shouts at the top of his lungs. Just as loud as the gunshot. The next thing you know, you are flying through the air, about to hit Kisumi
No. 829828 ID: 0cf890
File 150514038945.png - (20.14KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-054.png )

Smack. You fall unconscious.
No. 829829 ID: b9b4da

Just as planned!

Wait, not as planned.
No. 829841 ID: 0cf890
File 150514629743.png - (28.37KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-055.png )

You stand in a dark place. You feel floaty, like a dream. But that is weird, you don't remember dreaming after getting knocked out before.

You are pretty sure you aren't dead. Might be something witchy going on here. Oh well. How do you pass the time until you wake up.
No. 829842 ID: 91ee5f

Pull out that Jade Coin and flip it in the air. See how many times you can correctly call heads or tails when you catch it.
No. 829846 ID: 0cf890
File 150514893434.png - (30.49KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-056.png )

You resign to running a couple tests since you seem to be mostly aware of this state you are in. You take out the large jade coin from your coin purse and hold it in your hand.

The warmth you remember from before has faded, and the coin remains heavy. You flip it into the air. It seems to get a few extra spins in than you would think, with a longer hang time. When it lands, you only successfully guess the result once. The first time out of 10.

You wonder what else you can do
No. 829848 ID: b9b4da

Look around for Kisumi and honk her boob. or the sorceress's.
No. 829856 ID: 91ee5f

I don't know, maybe some kinda hint on what we're supposed to do?

We weren't really given any kinda clue on what to do here in this void.

Are we supposed to wait for something to happen or are we supposed to do something to make something happen?
No. 829859 ID: be0718

You're doing it again. Stop that.

Is the gravity here low? Jump around!
No. 829860 ID: 8fa948

Imagine what the sorceress looks like under her robes
No. 829932 ID: 0cf890
File 150517580365.png - (81.95KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-057.png )

You decide to test a couple other things. Jumping for instance. It sure feels like you can jump, but no more than usual.

You take a stroll through the void, looking for Kisumi... Then looking for anyone. It feels like the only things with any substance are you and the coin. Maybe imagining things will work?

You push yourself to imagine Kisumi and Madam Chen. Nude of course. It feels like the images are THIS close to manifesting, but you don't seem to have the strength just yet.

You eventually push yourself through to the pool of water from reality. It seems to have changed. More like a starry soup of swirling celestial images and clouds. You decide to do the coin test again, and this time it feels like you could guess the side more than the last time.

Wait, what the hell
No. 829934 ID: 3ce125

Do things look different if you look through the hole in the coin?
No. 829937 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, I see what happened.

Chen did something to make the water all glowy and stuff.

The Ogre threw you at Kisumi, who was standing next to the water.

You collided with Kisumi, which caused both of you to fall into the glowy water.

So that's where you are, you're in the water.

.....you might want to come up for air before you drown!
No. 829943 ID: 0cf890
File 150517707573.png - (42.75KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-058.png )

You thought you saw something, so you hold it up to your eye and peer through the coin. It is different than what you saw before, but somehow not really in focus. You concentrate for a moment. What is it you are looking at?
No. 829952 ID: 0cf890
File 150517881035.png - (75.99KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-059.png )

Looks like you weren't able to get a good view before suddenly something just yanks the coin away. Damn.

Do you give chase?
No. 829954 ID: 91ee5f

>Do you give chase?
No. 829963 ID: 0cf890
File 150518081959.png - (31.59KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-060.png )

You chase after the winding hand through the void. No matter how hard you run it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up, and you grow tired.

That is when you lift your head up and begin to try to manifest something to stop the hand and get your coin back. You are in your mindscape after all. Its not reality and you should be able to do something.

Suddenly a large blade falls and slices the hand below the wrist before vanishing. The hand falls to the floor and the coin rolls from its grip.

The hand begins to billow away into the void, like it was burning, and you lift the coin.

Seems like you have gained a bit of power in this mindscape of yours. Might as well do something fun right?
No. 829994 ID: 3ce125

Right. Imagine that you can fly! Then start flying around looking at things with the hole in the coin.
No. 830002 ID: 094652

>Can make small things, including organic matter
>What make
You mean it isn't obvious?
>Psychic sword likes to cut manifested organic matter
Guess you're not getting pussy, the risk is too great.

Create floating, lactating breasts!
No. 830011 ID: a633c6

Imagine a comfy chair as you continue your examination.
No. 830051 ID: 79d019

Might as well imagine how your main goal, the village of buxom women would be like until you wake up
No. 830082 ID: be0718

It seems you were looking at the sorceress' butt. Fashion the coin into a fancy monocle and try manifesting your mind-sword again. Then, give it a look through the lens of monetary value.
No. 830083 ID: 0cf890
File 150521971028.png - (93.98KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-061.png )

You decide you need to have a think. Focusing on comfort, you manifest yourself a chair to sit in, and some of your comfort foods and drink. You hold onto the coin and begin to try and draw conclusions.

You are obviously unconscious, you know that much. Things seem unpredictable in this mindscape because of the coin toss test, and when glancing through the coin, you feel like there are things there that might otherwise not be. You could not control anything here in this place, until you were threatened by an impossibly long arm stealing your coin away. After that, it felt like more of your will was grounded and you got to where you are now.

You place the coin against your eye, holding it in place with your brow as you command your seat to fly around. You glance at the vast nothingness of this void, and see not much of a difference.

When you come back to the location of the pool, you see it slowly fading. Through the coin you catch a glance of metal and stones and villagers milling around with their heads down, everyone has a place to be, something to do. You pity them. The swirling clouds are the first to fade, then the stars, and then you are left facing the black void.

You sit there, drinking your 'tea' and lower the coin.

Thats when you grow bored of that.
No. 830084 ID: 0cf890
File 150521976685.png - (114.78KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-062.png )

New images come to mind.

You arrive in a village with buildings out of focus. Ladies of all different sorts crowd around you like you are some sort of spectacle. After a sly few words, they are all over you. This truly is the village of legend that the monk told you of that one time. Of course, the tigress was there. She might be crazy but you'd tap that. I mean, remember the rack on her? That butt was fine too. Plus you always had a thing for exotic girls.

You could rest there pretty peacefully...
No. 830092 ID: 0cf890
File 150522319511.png - (66.30KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-063.png )

But sadly you don't. Sadly you wake up with a bad headache, after obviously being dragged into a bush to hide you. Kisumi is nowhere to be seen, and neither is the ogre. You find that Kisumi had taken care to make sure you were safe enough before keeping up her hunt.

Looks like it will be dark in about an hour. Chen's camp is nearby, and you no longer see any villagers sitting in the pond.
No. 830099 ID: 13fded

You could help Kisumi deal with the ogre but you don't know where they are and without magical weapons the best you can do is distract the monster.
If there are no lingering effects from your lost of consciousness go deal with Chen. You know where she is and probable don't want to give her time to prepare. She and her goons should be alert but you still got another chance to approach stealthy.
No. 830100 ID: 2fe26a

Hmm. Are the charms still in place? Destroy any remains of the ritual before you go.
Is your water skein still drinkable?
Once you're all set, you should head back to the village to make sure everyone came back safely.
No. 830108 ID: 0cf890
File 150523058793.png - (73.44KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-064.png )

As you get up and dust yourself off, you decide that you might not be as effective as you would like to be if you try to help Kisumi out with the ogre. Your strikes barely cut through, and he is just too big.

After taking a swig of water (still good), you resign yourself to going to check the camp out and dispose of any goons or deal with Chen if you spot her. You creep through the woods, and find yourself close to the camp, peering through the brush.

No one is there, but you see horse tracks running off into the woods. The fire feels like its a few hours old. They might be long gone.

The pot of food in the pot looks delicious, but smells horrible. You think they are some kind of chinese bun.
No. 830110 ID: 0cf890
File 150523087827.png - (50.28KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-065.png )

Inside the larger tent, you notice that there it is pretty fancy, for what you are used to anyways. A wooden chest and table sit near a rug and bedroll. Your eyes are drawn to... A gold bullion and several coins sitting next to the tea pot
No. 830113 ID: 2fe26a

Are they anything like your jade coin?

Yeah, loot! That's what we're all about! Maybe we'll find a journal that explains Chen's crazy scheme in her stead. Just have to make sure there's no anti-theft measures on the trunk.
No. 830114 ID: 91ee5f

You'd better make sure no one is still hiding in one of the nearby tents before you grab that!
No. 830115 ID: 13fded

Don't touch anything that look like part of some ritual, like the floating stuff from before. Also don't eat or drink around here.
Other than that loot everything!
No. 830125 ID: 0cf890
File 150523528082.png - (110.27KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-066.png )

You look around the camp, making sure no one would sneak up on you, before you grab-hands at the loot on the tea table.

You now have:
5 Copper, 3 Silvers, 2 Golds
1 Jade Coin, 1 Chinese Gold Bullion

Within the trunk, you mostly find different silk robes. There is a parchment with writing, but its written in chinese, which you have no clue how to read.

From there, you feel you have ransacked the camp enough. You begin walking back towards the village of Tsut to see if everything is alright.

You eventually arrive at the farms early at night, just as the sun goes down. You see many lights lit in the village proper. Seems to you like people have returned.
No. 830140 ID: 3ce125

Alright let's go look around for that daughter.
No. 830143 ID: b15da4

The daughter wouldn't know us, let's ask the chef if his daughter made it back.
No. 830145 ID: 0cf890
File 150524178955.png - (101.83KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-67.png )

When you arrive in the village, most people watch you with fearful eyes. When you walk into the middle of the village, your geta clacking as you step, the old fox Tatto slaps a scroll into your hand. You raise your eyebrow at him, and he just laughs.

Tatto: "I promised you my recipe if you got my daughter back, and you did! Thank you, samurai!"

From then, the villagers begin to mutter between themselves things like 'That's the ronin who saved us!'. I mean, you sort of did something, you suppose. It could have gone better.

Now you have a purse full of coins, a journey ahead of you, and you are feeling pretty good besides a bit of a sore head and needing a bit of a bath.

Do you ham up the attention or would you prefer doing something else.
No. 830146 ID: b15da4

Celebrate your feat at the inn. You've earned it, tiger.
Be sure to play up your role in defeating the sorceress AND a mountain ogre significantly! And Kisumi was there too, you guess.
No. 830165 ID: 094652

Leave now, before they realize that Chen wasn't responsible for the poison and they need every scrap of money that you currently have to survive.
No. 830167 ID: be0718

How is the water now? The people here seem okay, but maybe it just hasn't settled in yet that someone poisoned the well.

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow there'll be some new crisis.
No. 830170 ID: a633c6

Something's not right. Look through the coin.
No. 830171 ID: 13fded

I'm glad they can show appreciation, but as much as you would love to commemorate and enjoy the favour you just gained with the local beauties they must know that the danger isn't over yet. The sorcerer is still around and the monster hunter may be in danger.
First see if anyone can read chinese. You still are more effective against her than the ogre and we can put some faith on Kisumi professionalism.
If no clues on the witch emerge we should focus on helping the hunter. What can the villagers tell about her and the location of the ogre's lair.
No. 830203 ID: 3ce125

Find the house you got the coin from and see if the person who previously owned it is back.
No. 830282 ID: 0cf890
File 150529031515.png - (65.00KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-068.png )

You begin to revel in the praise, and just before you open your mouth to start hitting on the chicks, you feel something just is not right. You pull the jade coin from your purse and place it to your eye and glance around.

You see nothing out of the ordinary, except when you shift your vision over the well, a single silver thread that is not visible except through the coin is seen.

It originates from a small blip above the well and sinks down into it. You think you found the source of the water trouble.
No. 830283 ID: 0cf890
File 150529048836.png - (91.04KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-069.png )

You move to slice it, and see a thin clear liquid is rolling down the string into the well. You cut it down, and the string falls into nothingness. Weird.

To test your theory, you toss in the bucket, and hoist it up. From there you tentatively dip your finger in and taste.

...No rotten egg pisswater? You expected to start gagging and you are surprised you did not. You turn to the villagers and seem pretty ready to revel about now.
No. 830284 ID: 3ce125

There's an eye on that house. Check it out.
No. 830292 ID: f9e607

Maybe you could hire a tailor to refashion that jade coin into an eyepatch with some cloth.

For now, search for further 'poison systems' and cut the curses from the cheese.
No. 830309 ID: b9b4da

All it would take is some string. Like the string we just dropped in the well... too bad.
Could there be more of these blips indoors? All the water in town went bad, even stuff already drawn from the well (unless someone went so far as making tea before realizing it stank). You could use this as an excuse to invite yourself into houses, if only you could secure some proof.
No. 830316 ID: 0cf890
File 150531621178.png - (55.67KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-070.png )

You furiously peer at the house, with and without the coin, and you don't seem to find anything. Something in the back of your head tells you not to look for it.

You walk around the village, looking for more invisible strings to cut, but even with the coin, you don't find any. Some STRANGE witchery must have been going on. The rest of the liquid in the town seems to have returned to normal, and you see the villagers celebrating by taking big swigs of whatever it is they have around. You tell them, that just in case, always run a knife above whatever you are trying to drink, for good luck of course.

The longer you wear the coin, the heavier you feel. You tuck the coin into your bag and pat it. You feel a bit lighter when you put it away. Whatever it is, its powerful.

You question around town to ask if anyone speaks or reads chinese, predictably, there is no chinamen or travelers in this backwoods village.

With that, you keep the parchment and the noodle recipe carefully tucked away in your travel-sack.

You feel a little tired, but you are down for whatever. The store looks like its staying open a bit longer while villagers go buy things. The Inn looks pretty busy, as it serves a second purpose as a place to drink.
No. 830317 ID: b9b4da

Go inn-side.
No. 830331 ID: 0cf890
File 150532565522.png - (114.96KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-071.png )

You stroll to the INN, and as soon as you burst through the door, a single cheer occupies the air. He must really think you are a cool guy.

Suddenly a younger looking bird taps your shoulder, says "The brewer said to give you this as a gift!" She lifts a jug of sake and you tilt your head and are about to accept it before you notice all the eyes of the INN on you.

They probably don't think you are a cool guy.
No. 830333 ID: a633c6

Anyone got something they wanna say?
No. 830336 ID: b9b4da

Know your audience! Who are these sullen patrons of the fermented arts? Or is the inn just empty?
No. 830403 ID: 0cf890
File 150535633857.png - (105.39KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-073.png )

Since you don't see much of a reason to shy away, and since you've always been a Suave Charmer, you decide to lay on your moves.

It seems like the crowd is mostly mixed villagers and farmers, so you play up the heroics of your tale, starting from the cavern, and ending here in the village after 'chasing off' the ogre, and 'removing' Madam Chen's plot.

All the while you let the brewer's assistant fill your gourd, and you take swigs from the jug when she finishes. The tavern-goers seem to react well, and a couple even choose to buy you a drink or food as a gift for saving them after seeing that Tatto and the brewer had both given you a gift as well.

The evening quickly deteriorates though, like every good night of drinking. During the chats you learn that there may be Chinese speakers in the north that could translate the notes left by Chen in her camp, and that there you could buy more things, considering that the next big town or city from here is a good two or three days of travel.

You expect you would need to purchase items for the road tomorrow, and then the WORLD is your oyster.

The conversation eventually steers to your main quest. Adventure for the village of ladies. Everyone whispers that it is nothing but a myth, but this does not deter you.

You could spend a whole 2 Copper Coins to stay in the INN if you so choose.
No. 830421 ID: 3ce125

Sure! Beats camping in the wilds.
No. 830425 ID: be0718

Oh this beats the hell out of camping.
I wonder if Chen came from the south, or if she went down south and came back up? It looks like your journey is still taking you north.
No. 830439 ID: c67353

That's a good point. Do you remember which direction Chen was running? Ask the innkeeper who was staying in the room you found the coin. The weird thing is it had no windows and was barred from the inside. The tea was warm and there were clothes on the floor but you did not see anyone
No. 830447 ID: 683000

Might as well ask if anyone has seen a dog woman. It might not be the best idea for someone to hunt an ogre by themselves
No. 830477 ID: 0cf890
File 150538580861.png - (84.21KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-073.png )

You decide that sleeping in the woods would probably be less comfortable than staying at the end, so you ask to pay for a room for the night. You now have 3 Copper, 3 Silvers, 2 Golds, 1 Jade Coin, 1 Chinese Gold Bullion.

Your gourd is full for your travels, and your belly full after today's scuffles. You feel much better after spending the evening laughing with the bargoers. You asked the Inn-keeper who was staying in the room that was barred.

He replies that no one had been staying there since Kisumi checked out about a week ago. Hmn.

You retreat up to your room at the end of the night, and bed down. There you start thinking of the possibilities for tomorrow. You remember seeing Chen flee somewhere on her mount off to the north west, your path will lead you south out of the town, then curve around the bend north through the mountains for a couple days before you reach the town of Kaisho. There you are supposed to be able to find a monk or learned person who could translate chinese for your parchment.

Then your thoughts turn to Kisumi, she is out there hunting an ogre all by herself. You don't know if she got her magic dagger back, and you have no idea where she left to after pulling you into the bushes. Normally not being in charge of things that go on outside of your line of sight is your sort of thing, but you imagine that she should be fine. You think.

That night's dreams are filled with thoughts of taking a nice long bath in clean water with some wine in your hand and some food by you. Somehow that jade coin makes it into all of the scenes in your dreams.

When you awaken, you are free to do whatever you would like in the early morning village of Tsut. The noodle stand is closed, the shop is open, and you get a complimentary breakfast from the INN.
No. 830481 ID: be0718

Eat, then shop!
No. 830488 ID: 0cf890
File 150539913333.png - (76.74KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-074.png )

After a quick meal of rice and egg, you enter the shop. A large eared older batman stands around.

Bat: "Ello, young'n, what can I sell ya!"

He has many items for sale.

Travel Gear: (Firestart, fishing line, Bedroll, Candles[2]) all for 5 Silver Coins
Mess Kit: (Small rice pot, cup, chopsticks) 2 Silver Coins
Travel Food: (Rice, dried foods) 5 Copper per day
Silver Prayer Bell: 2 Silver
Tea: 2 Copper
Notebook, Ink and Brush: 5 Silver Coins

However there is a ton of stuff in this little shop. Anything specific you could want, beyond really expensive stuff, you can buy.

You remember that its about 10 copper to one silver, 10 silver to one gold. You don't know the value of the bullion or the Jade coin.
No. 830489 ID: 2fe26a

You really were down to the clothes on your back, huh? Well, for basic supplies, a week of food and 5 tea it'll run you 1 gold and 2 silver, with 5 copper back. You're not particularly religious, are you? the bell is an extravagance. Tea, on the other hand, is a basic necessity for life!
The jade coin has other uses besides currency, the bullion is best fenced somewhere discreet.
No. 830501 ID: a633c6

>you imagine that she should be fine. You think.
You kidding? she's hopeless without you! You're going to have to save her sweet ass again, believe me. Unless you want leaving a girl alone in the woods to fight an ogre on our conscience.
No. 830650 ID: 3d22f6

I recommend purchasing the mess kit, travel gear, note kit (for keeping track of our growing mission stockpile) two days of rations, and three teas. You don't know when the tea would be useful and you predict that you have two to three days of travel. If you eat in town then you only need food for two days.

Besides that try purchasing some rope and maybe a stuff like that. I don't think you'd need a silver bell.

Not too much of a choice. We were passed out for several hours in the bushes while they went off to fight. We did not find her dagger in Chen's camp so we have to imagine she found it. Plus it's not that we could do much to help. Out strikes barely did anything against a yokai like that.

Maybe that's a good point. We need to try and find a priest or magic smith so we can have something to fight those sorts of creatures if we encounter them again.
No. 830689 ID: 0cf890
File 150547684863.png - (85.82KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-075.png )

You purchase the Mess Kit, the Travel Kit, The writing set, two days worth of travel food, and three teas. You have 9 Silver Remaining

After placing your new items on your person, you take your a scroll out and prepare your ink to start making notes.

Yokai Hunter: Find out more about the monsters and find a way to slay them
No-speaky china: Translate Madam Chen's decorative parchment
Eye of Jade: Find out what the deal with the jade coin and it's properties.

Static Quest
Find The Mythical Village of Legend

You of course have many, many 'goals' as the sly fox you are. So you can add those as you think of them.

When you finish in the shop, you head outside. If there is anything you wish to do with the villagers, its your chance to do it before you get back on the road. You see Tatto setting up his stand. He waves at you, then gives you a thumbs up.

You are now prepared to leave for the mountains.
No. 830695 ID: 91ee5f

> the sly fox you are.
But you're not a fox, you're a cat!
No. 830710 ID: 0cf890
File 150548613874.png - (106.25KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-076.png )

>Not a fox, I'm a cat
The very same argument you got in with a fox in a tavern once. To be fair you had a huge bill.

You strap up and head through town. The villagers wave at you happily, and you nod back at them, winking at the ladies.

You travel for several hours as the path eventually curves away from the south, and then heads north through the volcanic mountain range. Beyond it is your goal. An actual large city, with someone who might be able to translate chinese.

You follow the paths in front of you until it nears night time. That is when you come across a fork in the road. You see an old busted down sign pointing to Kaisho, and a temple nearby. You don't see it from here, but you see the first of the Tori gates.

You remember its good luck to pass under those gates, but only if you pass under all of them at once. If you can't pass under one... You forgot the rest.

The night is increasingly cold however, it may be uncomfortable sleeping in the cold. The promise of a temple sounds nice though. What do you do?
No. 830713 ID: be0718

Find the temple! The jog will keep you warm.
No. 830718 ID: 0cf890
File 150549092749.png - (94.38KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-077.png )

You stroll through the woods and pass under the first gate. This path seems to wind and twist up through the mountains and you eventually pass the second one. It is much quieter here, very few insects and birds seem to be making noise.

Not that you care too much. You are looking for a nice place to stay for the night. You pass under the second gate, and then you begin seeing some more of those stone wayshrines along the path side or at the base of trees. Many seem old and some have slumped or fallen over.

You see many old looking charms hanging from the trees. Familiar to you though, unlike Chen's fetishes, they look peaceful.

Eventually you pass into a clearing and your eyes widen
No. 830719 ID: 0cf890
File 150549101135.png - (92.22KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-078.png )

A warm hot water spring! Must be because of that nearby temple, but you don't see one. A few more of those shrines decorate the area, but man do those waters look inviting. Maybe it should be time for a drink and some food.
No. 830720 ID: be0718

Does the path keep going? You just told us about the gates being either very good or very bad mojo.
No. 830725 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, isn't that the 3rd gate you're standing next to? It looks like someone broke it.

Even though it's broken, it might still be a good idea to walk between what's left of it, since you can't exactly go under it anymore.
No. 830792 ID: ff0191

Quickly. Strip and enjoy the evening in the spring. It's easier to say sorry than ask permission
No. 830804 ID: 9f4d22

Agreed. This is a good opportunity to was off your Ronin stink and eat something. You need your strength to deal with monks
No. 830818 ID: 0cf890
File 150554448540.png - (92.01KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-079.png )

>Better strip down
Way ahead of you.

You fold your clothes and set it on a nearby rock, then toss your fundoshi off as well and step in the pool. Who needs to ask permission anyways, you can always just make up an excuse if someone comes to bother you.
No. 830821 ID: 0cf890
File 150554460936.png - (96.94KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-080.png )

You relax in the pool and begin to enjoy a nice evening of steaming and sake and food. You unpack some of the rice and dried fish the villagers handed you on your way out, and sit there for a moment. Bathtime is a chance for quiet contemplation after all.

You know, this sort of reminds you of when you were young. You had a bad experience in a running stream in the forest.
No. 830828 ID: 746c33

No. 830829 ID: be0718

Grab the leaf!

Wait, weren't tanuki known for their enormous - ah, nevermind.
No. 830832 ID: 91ee5f

*insert Metal Gear Solid "!" sound effect here*
No. 830833 ID: 0cf890
File 150554933762.png - (101.75KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-081.png )

You reach for your bowl and see it completely empty. Then you see your gourd is nearly half empty!

What the hell is going on here!
No. 830834 ID: 0cf890
File 150554940950.png - (86.00KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-082.png )

You turn around as fast as you can and see your underpants missing. Uh oh. This is just like that one time at the river...
No. 830837 ID: 0cf890
File 150554955797.png - (93.12KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-082_5.png )

You remember it almost like yesterday. You were splashing around alone and you noticed your stuff started to go missing, but you did not care, you were just a little kid.

Then out of the corner of your eye you saw it. You swear. A KAPPA trying to steal your Pearl
No. 830838 ID: be0718

Why are you sitting there having a flashback? The thief's getting away!
No. 830840 ID: 789ec3

He's behind you!
No. 830841 ID: 91ee5f

Quickly, look through the Jade Coin!
No. 830844 ID: 0cf890
File 150555247990.png - (106.05KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-083.png )

You reach for the jade coin, just to find your bag is no longer there. Only a horrible monster would taunt you like this. Stealing all your things one by one, leaving you naked and afraid in a spring, just to drag you under.

You hear a light splash behind you. This is it. Its how you die.
No. 830845 ID: be0718

Grab the leaf first, then the boobs to make sure they are real.
No. 830847 ID: 9876c4

You gonna get culturally enriched.
No. 830848 ID: 57047b

Backhand punch over your right shoulder.
No. 830849 ID: 0cf890
File 150556301921.png - (84.06KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-084.png )

Well at least its not a kappa. You turn around and grab the leaf then her breasts. You've heard rumors.
Yeah... They're real...

Tanuki: "Woah, jumping in my spring then this? Pretty forward."

"Yeah, well what did you expect. Sneaking up on me like that. Stealing my food no less."

The tanuki girl laughs and flicks your nose. You let go.

Naomi: "Anyway, I was here to thank you! The name is Naomi"

"Thanks? For what?"
No. 830850 ID: 0cf890
File 150556319989.png - (80.54KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-085.png )

Naomi: "Thank you for lighting my shrine down there! It is so far, and most travelers these days just ignore it. Everyone donated and lit it when I first built it."

Naomi: "Oh. And thanks for the food and sake too."

What a weird chick. You know a few tanukis. They are usually heavy eaters and drinkers, and some are supposed to be magic, but you have never seen that.
No. 830856 ID: 9c1f3f

Ask her what she did with your stuff and see if she has your jade coin. You need that to investigate her shinanigens
No. 830866 ID: a633c6

I didn't donate that, and you took more than just my food...I wouldn't mind sharing, though.

Lets see how she handles her sake.
No. 830913 ID: 0cf890
File 150559712009.png - (84.57KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-086.png )

"I didn't donate that food you know. That was my dinner... I guess I can share."

Naomi just smiles and shrugs

You: "So what are you doing here?"

Naomi: "I'm the priestess here. In charge of the shrines and stuff!"

You: "Ah. Well... Where is my stuff?"
No. 830914 ID: 0cf890
File 150559728209.png - (56.97KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-087_5.png )

Naomi: "Well right behind you!"

You spin around and find all your things set up back on the rock. Minus the food you prepared, and half the sake bottle. You check through your bag to make everything is there, and you feel it all is, except for your jade coin.

Oh boy, how to you approach this. Though this might be a good chance.
No. 830922 ID: be0718

Seduce the tanuki before you retrieve the jade coin.
No. 830938 ID: 91ee5f

"No, that's not all of it. I'm still missing something."
No. 830939 ID: be0718

Companionship, clearly.
No. 830964 ID: deec6e

(Ugh, millennials.)

If she really wanted to steal from you or hurt you, she wouldn't have returned (most) of your stuff. Perhaps she thinks she's teaching you a lesson (hah!) by taking your food and your most valuable trinket, given that you just hopped into her sacred spring without as much as a by-your-leave.

Might just want to grin and bear her attitude since she does appear to have... something strange going on. Magic tanuki powers? Well, hey, if she's magical, maybe she knows what's up with your jade coin. Which she appears to have taken.

Uh, just play it cool for now. In fact, while you're rooting through your bag, set aside some more food and a modest offering of coin and sake, whatever's appropriate for a temple visit and then some (3 silver?). Don't comment on it. Just put it aside.

"Name's Saito... and this might sound like a weird question, but do you know anything about magical jade coins, Naomi? I found one recently that said 'Peace, Future' on one side, and 'Sacred Secret' on the other. Helped me a lift a curse on the village of Tsut down the road. Seemed like a handy item to have."
No. 830981 ID: 9876c4

I showed you my fundoshi answer me
No. 831025 ID: 0cf890
File 150564029001.png - (86.63KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-087.png )

You decide that this tanuki is obviously trying to run one by you for getting in her spring. You take a deep breath and put on one of your agreeable faces. From there you spin back around with a gleam in your eye.

You: "It's no problem then. After all, just harmless pranks spice up life.

Naomi: "That's what I am saying! Its so boring being around here without a way to blow off steam like that!"

Your eye twitches.

Naomi: "So what do you think you are doing here anyways?"

You: "Just trying to find myself some rest after all. Been a tough couple of days. The name is Yoshida, but you can call me Saito."

Naomi: "Saito eh? Well nice to meet you!"
She smiles in a cheeky, you raise your eyebrows.

You: "Say, Naomi, do you know much about magic jade? Specifically a magic jade coin with the words 'sacred secret' and 'Peace, Future' on it?"
No. 831026 ID: 0cf890
File 150564037709.png - (91.02KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-088.png )

Naomi: "Oh a jade coin? Do you mean like THIS?!"

With a quick motion of her fingers she brings the coin out and holds it out in the two of them.

Yeah, she has it, and is definitely trying to pull one over you. She scoots closer to you through the warm water and is near enough to grab it.

Naomi: "This thing is pretty special you know!"
No. 831030 ID: 9c1f3f

Grab the coin and tell her you'd like to know more about her and the coin
No. 831035 ID: 32d29a

Squeeze her breasts again and state "Not as special as you" while shes distracted by that then go for the coin.
No. 831040 ID: b90cbe

Just grab the coin, make sure to hold it tight in case she tries to pull off some tanuki trickery
No. 831047 ID: 9ba917

Just take the coin. If you want to tap that nuki, you will probably want to do it inside anyways, so see if you can move the conversation towards her shrine.

After tugging the coin out of her hand that is
No. 831051 ID: 2b3198

This. You can never go wrong with boobs and she seems to be ok with having some fun. And if we're lucky, she may squeeze something of yours in return hehehe..
No. 831052 ID: 2ed453

I don't know man, her cheeky levels are pretty high. Im down for railing the tanuki girl, but we don't know anything about the coin yet so we should get it back. Best not to dally, take the coin now, squeeze later.
No. 831053 ID: 0cf890
File 150566169819.png - (77.04KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-089.png )

Man, Naomi here is really asking for a pinch or something. All you wanted to do was relax after a few hard days and forget about that ogre that probably ate Kisumi if she did not kill it or something.

You: "Calm down a bit, you're cute but you can't just overdo the trickster part!"

You compromise between your urges to go full deviant on her, or just take the coin back, and apply an equally cheeky pinch while grabbing the coin.

Naomi: "Hey! WAIT!"

She seems to not let go which begins to annoy you.
No. 831054 ID: 0cf890
File 150566191276.png - (182.68KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-090.png )

Man, this girl just does not want to let go.

Naomi: "Wait! Wait! Don't do th- uh oh."

That did not sound good. You see the jade stone coin begins vibrating, the vibrant colors of it becoming more so. The words on the coin becoming more brightly notable. 'Sacred Secret. Future, Peace'

What does it mean? An orb of energy begins to form in the eye of the coin. Suddenly it becomes very hot, painfully so.

What do you do?
No. 831055 ID: deec6e


Well, alright... maybe you should let the girl who seems to know something about your magic coin talk about your magic coin some more?

If she had any intention of taking it, she just could have ran off the moment she got it. Let it go... for now.
No. 831056 ID: 56a397

Just drop it, something seems off about this whole coin deal. Suspiciously so.

Also don't want to burn our fingers. We need those
No. 831061 ID: 2b3198

I guess the coin doesn't like people fighting.

You know what's the opposite of fighting? Love! So you should pull the tanuki girl close and kiss her~

Actually, a kiss could be considered a symbol of something that's "sacred", "secret" and which represents both "future" and "peace". At least that's the theory.
No. 831072 ID: 0cf890
File 150566739829.png - (110.23KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-091.png )

With a sharp yelp, you drop the coin, and it looks like Naomi had the same idea.


It drops into the water of the sacred spring.

Naomi falls into a panic.

Naomi: "That's not good"

No. 831073 ID: 0cf890
File 150566747545.png - (3.08KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-092.png )

There is a sudden flash of green light. The words run through your mind.

Sacred Secret

To which do you cling to
No. 831074 ID: 66e189

Future! Deciding the power of the coin is a cool idea
No. 831075 ID: 3abd97

Sacred secret
No. 831076 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder why there's an eye in the bottom right corner?

>To which do you cling to?
Sacred Secret seems interesting so let's cling to that.
No. 831077 ID: de8056

Future! Lets see what happens next.
No. 831078 ID: be0718

No. 831079 ID: 2b3198

All of those are too abstract and could mean pretty much anything.

I would exclude "future" since you aren't the type to usually care about that. Living for the moment, thinking on the fly and only care so much to see tomorrow.
I would also exclude "peace", since you're a ronin and a samurai. Being able to wield your sword is one of your passions, even if you'd prefer not to use it on any living person.

This leaves me to choose "sacred secret".
No. 831084 ID: 6403b4

Future. Lets see those space tiddies
No. 831097 ID: 0cf890
File 150567223879.png - (15.17KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-092.png )

rolled 2 = 2

Your mind swirls. The more the words pass over your vision, the less think you can cling to one.

You live in the now, its your way of life to never think of things long term. The way of the warrior is to be in the now.

Peace is a nice idea, but in practice is just too boring for the likes of you

Sacred Secrets are things unknown, and what you don't know never hurt you.

Future and Sacred Secrets are the only words filling your mind now. You reach out and grab one.
No. 831101 ID: 0cf890
File 150567336265.png - (91.88KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-093.png )


You are hard at work. What are you doing, who are you?
No. 831103 ID: bd08df

You are Kiyoshi Tsumori. A slightly depressed office worker, who's only thing going for him is his work and he really needs the promotion coming up.
No. 831104 ID: 91ee5f

You are Ian Moone.

You are currently pretending to work, hoping your boss doesn't catch you playing an online game, where you've named your character Saito Issen Yoshida, who is a cat samurai ronin.
No. 831106 ID: be0718

You're a programmer for an online MMO. You haven't left your cubicle in three days. You've slept maybe four hours in that time. Send help.
No. 831107 ID: 2c99d0

This sounds neat
No. 831109 ID: a633c6

Ian lo, student currently skipping a language class because you know it already.
No. 831113 ID: 2b3198

You are Sachihiro Ito, a student during day, and an amateur hacker going by the codename 'Saito' at night. And right now it's the night, which means you're working hard to hack into a company that specializes in virtual reality equipment and games. After all, some equipment that you ordered from them recently has been malfunctioning.
No. 831127 ID: 0cf890
File 150567893117.png - (108.58KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-094.png )

You are Kiyoshi Tsumori. A programmer who has been working as an office worker here for the past five years. No one notices you, except when they need work done for them.

You wake up every morning at 7 to commute to work in the city, and stay there until the wee hours. Sometimes you have been known to stay overnight. You have not had a girlfriend, and the last friends you had outside of work were back in highschool.

You earn a modest wage, and you get sunday off, but sometimes you end up working then as well. You work so much you even had to quit playing your favorite MMO. Age of Barbaria

You despise your life

You have grown unsatisfied with your work. You need to get the upcoming promotion that would lead you out of this office and lead a team of your own. Higher pay, less hours. Your boss announced that the position will become available in a month and they will make the announcement for who gets it then.

You have been working. Programming for three straight days, and have barely slept at all. You can't sleep though, if you don't prove yourself for this, and can't leave this dead end office job, you will probably kill yourself.

Suddenly you hear a voice behind you. You jump out of your skin.

Mr. Kiato: "Workin' hard there, or hardly workin', eh, uh, Mori?"

You: "Yes sir, err I mean no sir, uh!"

Mr. Kiato: "I'm just pulling your leg. Say, I know you are busy with that project, but Keme is taking some time off. Could you take over her project too?"

You: "Y-yes sir. I'll get right on that..."

Mr. Kiato gives you finger guns before strolling off to the center of the office. Chatting with one of the secretaries.

God. More work?

You sigh, then hear Mr. Kiato start speaking again, but addressing the whole office floor.
No. 831131 ID: 0cf890
File 150567936232.png - (88.99KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-095.png )

Mr. Kiato: "I know I said I would be announcing the position for the replacement in our west Tokyo office in a couple more weeks, but I've decided. I looked over the files for all the candidates, and I settled."

He glances at your line of cubicles, then the rest of the room.

Mr. Kiato: "It's someone with fantastic skill. Head of their class. They have only been here a couple years, but I feel they have proved themselves time and time again."

Your body shakes. You have never missed a single deadline or a single day or work in five years.

Mr. Kiato: "Really. They are the only suitable replacement for good ol' Yoshi, newly retired."

Your boss takes a deep breath and pulls from his jacket pocket a fancy looking watch.
No. 831133 ID: 0cf890
File 150567979632.png - (113.57KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-096.png )

Mr. Kiato: "Congratulations, Ashitari!"

The office fills with applause and people congratulating Ashitari. You can only hit your head against your keyboard. Your soul is crushed.

Thats when your neighboring cubicle partner Ken steps up to your side with a fresh mug of coffee and takes a sip.

Ken: "Man, that really sucks. Ashitari has not even been working here half as long as you, and you work three times as hard as anyone I have ever seen."

You: "Thanks, Ken."

Ken: "Hey, don't worry dude. Those positions should open up. There will be more chances!"

You: "Yeah, every 30 years or so when the last guy retires."

Ken: "Well, still. I was planning on going out tonight. Wanna come? I know you have that project you are working on, but why not take the night off after work? Grab a beer."

Really, you have a lot of work to do now. Part of you wants to throw yourself off the top of the highrise, the other part wants to just keep finishing this stuff.

What do you do
No. 831136 ID: be0718

"Projects, now." Code monkey needs drink, badly.
No. 831137 ID: a633c6

fuck work, acquire alcohol.
No. 831143 ID: 2b3198

Go out. Take the red pill.
No. 831172 ID: ae9b99

please keep working.
No. 831195 ID: 746c33

Threaten to quit. Put your current project on a flash drive and confront your boss. It would be very bad for the company to have two projects be stopped at the same time and you are obviously the best gopher they could ask for. Raise and less hours or train another employee that can't do half the shit you can.
No. 831196 ID: 91ee5f

>Put your current project on a flash drive
What're we gonna do with that, threaten to sell it to a rival company?
No. 831197 ID: 746c33

In the event of them spitting in our face I don't wanna lose something we worked hard and long on, even if we get fired we could finish it at home and sell it or even possibly use it to get a new job
No. 831199 ID: 4d790d

You're one of the unfortunate "too good to promote": Your boss wants you here doing programming work, not trying to manage time and resources for projects.
No. 831200 ID: 4d790d

At least he didn't summon you personally in his office to tell you that, like Ed Bighead's boss did.
No. 831231 ID: b9b4da

Climbing to the top of a highrise sounds like work. You have enough work to do. Maybe your coworker's on to something, some alcohol would help you tackle this project.
No. 831233 ID: 0cf890
File 150574642480.png - (64.71KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-097.png )

>Threaten to quit
Oh man, you can't do something like that. Even if you could manage to convince them, it might not be worth the risk. You have school debts to pay, and...

Well you don't know if you could talk to Mr. Kiato like that. Maybe you can work up the courage after a couple drinks and try it another time.

You turn to Ken and nod.

You: "Alright Ken. I'll go."

Ken: "Perfect! It will be fun, we can grab a ride after work."
No. 831234 ID: 0cf890
File 150574660498.png - (37.93KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-098.png )

After work, you grab your stuff, but just in case, partly because you are worried something might be lost, you make a copy of your current project. Including the one that was just assigned to you, and save it onto a thumb drive which you slide into your wallet for safe keeping. Then you meet up with Ken.
No. 831235 ID: 0cf890
File 150574677643.png - (55.21KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-099.png )

This is the first time since you started working here that you have actually gone out with someone else after work. Normally you would just take the train home.

Ken leads you through the streets and you two catch a ride to his favorite small bar. Good food and beer for cheap he said.

When you see it, you could see why it might be cheap. Its pretty much a whole in the wall. The inside is dimly lit and a little smokey, but it seems nice enough.

How would you like to spend this evening of drinking.
No. 831238 ID: ecdd61

Stay until they kick you out! Who cares, just try NOT thinking about killing yourself.
No. 831241 ID: 9876c4

2 beers, then onto something stronger. And dem yakitoris.
No. 831243 ID: b9b4da

A drinking game. Every time the sportsball team misses, take a drink!
No. 831246 ID: 2b3198

>How would you like to spend this evening of drinking.
Preferably with a girl. What are the chances an office worker girl in the same situation as you finds herself drinking here?
No. 831251 ID: 0cf890
File 150575416113.png - (98.73KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-100.png )

You enter the bar and find yourself sitting down with Ken, who quickly flags down the waitress and orders the two of you beers.

Ken: "So, Tsumori, how's life been? Outside the office I mean."

That question sorta throws you off your groove. You could have just said 'busy with all the work' but he said OUTSIDE of work.
You scratch your head.

You: "Nothing. I have nothing going on, Ken."

Ken: "Oh, come on Tsumori."

You: ...

Ken: "Oh, you're serious. Well, tell you what man. You are out today, so that's something. Make the most of every chance at free time! Its what I do!"

He sort of makes sense.
The beers arrive, and you thank the waitress.

Ken: "Don't stress over the guys at work. Screw the whole lot of them."

He lifts his beer to toast, and you return it.
No. 831252 ID: 0cf890
File 150575467220.png - (80.67KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-101.png )

The two of you spend a bit chatting, and you begin to feel a bit better. Maybe drowning in the bay sounds less appealing. The two of you order a second round, and get half way through when all of the sudden Ken gets a phone call.

Ken: "Really? I'm out with a friend right now."


Ken: "Are you sure? It's sort of important on this end too..." He glances at you.


Ken takes a breath and hangs up. He looks at you with an almost worried expression.

Ken: "I'm sorry Tsumori, my mother is calling me home. She says my brother is out of cash and needs a ride from the airport."

Before you get much of a chance to respond, he stands up, finishes his drink, leaving a couple bills to pay for his, and heads for the exit. He turns at the last moment.

Ken: "Don't focus on work tonight. Grab another drink, and something to eat. The noodles here are probably the best in the whole world." He smiles before leaving.

You sit alone at your table. The rest of the building suddenly feels a whole lot emptier.

What do you do now?
No. 831253 ID: 205cb0

Consider the pros and cons of throwing yourself in front of the train
No. 831262 ID: 9876c4

It's time for yakitori and self-pity.
And either sake or the World's Saddest pina colada.
No. 831263 ID: eaa493

Well, what Ken said is not wrong. You are already here, so thats half the battle. Next, spend the whole night drinking and eating and forget your pain. Let [future] self deal with it
No. 831270 ID: 2b3198

Order some noodles and look around. Maybe there's someone here who would look interesting. If not, and if nothing else grabs your attention, then leave and go for a walk.
No. 831275 ID: 92b598

Drink until they kick you out! Then go out for a walk through the city and eventually find your way home.
No. 831279 ID: 0cf890
File 150576223967.png - (89.94KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-102.png )

>consider the pros and cons of throwing yourself in front of a train
You probably would not do it like that. You are too polite to make anyone late to go home or work for your sake.

But you decide, once and for all that Ken was right. Screw those guys at work. They could not see your potential, but you have loads of it. You have just been spending all of your time, even your free time, being not much better off than a slave.

You order a bowl of their noodles, yakitori, and sake, and another beer. You glance around, and see the bar is mostly empty save for a few people who seem to be on name basis with the servers. Regulars you assume.

You vow to enjoy the night, so help you.
No. 831280 ID: 0cf890
File 150576228008.png - (25.53KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-103.png )

No. 831282 ID: 0cf890
File 150576246467.png - (87.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-104.png )

Its near closing time and the server stirs you from your depressed stupor. You have spent the last half of your stay hating your life.

The first half was alright, you conversed with some of the other patrons, mostly office workers and dockworkers. Apparently your trip with Ken took you near the sea side of the city.
No. 831284 ID: 0cf890
File 150576256517.png - (83.31KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-105.png )

You pay your bill with a wad of cash and slowly stumble over past the door. You are the last one out and they close the door behind you.

The last train departed an hour ago, and you think you are clear across town from your apartment. You have no friends, and you don't know what you could do. You could begin taking a walk through town you suppose.
No. 831285 ID: a633c6

Go out and look at the ocean, as long as you're here.
No. 831287 ID: a8b3ad

Take a walk through town and find a park. Strolling through parks is usually a fun time.
No. 831295 ID: 2b3198

In this case, one would normally call a cab. But I feel a relaxing walk would do you just fine here. What's the worst that can happen!
No. 831315 ID: eda54c

you better run all the way home mother trucker
No. 831316 ID: 0cf890
File 150576877643.png - (46.52KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-106.png )

You decide that you can make it home pretty much any time with a cab, so might as well take a walk. As you step through the city streets, it seems much quieter than your part of town. At every time of night you would hear the rolling or cars or people talking in the apartments around yours, but here its just a distant city hum.

You eventually come across a city park on your path towards the sea, and you decide to have a detour. You feel a little bit like some kind of fantasy character. Being able to make decisions of what to do, as you go along. Living minute by minute.
No. 831318 ID: 0cf890
File 150576896812.png - (76.94KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-107.png )

You decide to rest for a minute and sit down on a park bench. The night air is comfortable, and you silently consider your life so far.

Average childhood, top of your class in high school, graduated college, could not find work for ages until you found your current job.

That's where you are, but you feel its just a dead end.

You glance around at the trees and plants. How much simpler life would be if you were born another time.
No. 831320 ID: 0cf890
File 150576911714.png - (64.67KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-108.png )

That is when you looked up and saw a stranger smoking a cigarette. He carries a bag over his shoulder and wears a patched jacket.

"Boy, you sure look like you are in a sorry state. What's your problem?"

He talks sorta gravely, like you would expect a smoker to.

What do you say?
No. 831323 ID: eda54c

"I'm still breathing, help a stranger breathe less by lending a cigarette?"
No. 831327 ID: 2c1085

Tell him you are just thinking about things and needed some peace so you came out here. Ask him what's going on with him too
No. 831334 ID: 2b3198

Tell him that the stress of being an office worker and planning your life is bearing down on you. Ask him if he's got any advice.
No. 831340 ID: 8d4593

I work too hard because I'm a pushover.
No. 831342 ID: a633c6

Tell him nobody respects your time. You've lived your life by the book, and all you've got for it is walked on and passed over.
No. 831456 ID: 0cf890
File 150582644468.png - (45.62KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-109.png )

You sigh. Guess opening up to a stranger is better than nothing.

You: "I'm still breathing, help a stranger breathe less by lending a cigarette?"

You don't really smoke, but it might help even your nerves.

The stranger chuckles and takes a seat next to you, pulling out a busted box with maybe three cigarettes left. He sparks one for you.

You: "I feel like I have been tread on all my life. Playing by the book has gotten me nowhere, and no one respects me."

Stranger: "Trust me, buddy, I get ya."

He sets his bag next to him and stretches.

You: "I'm just a pushover. No one respects a pushover, and everyone forgets about me until they need something.
No. 831457 ID: 0cf890
File 150582681391.png - (88.72KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-110.png )

You take a drag before speaking again.

"Got any advice?"

The stranger chuckles and leans forwards a bit.

Stranger: "All I can say, is the only one who can sort yourself out is you. Don't expect nothin' from no-one, because all they want is what you got."

You breath deeply. The smoke burns your throat a little, but you understand.

You: "So what brings you here?"

Stranger: "Well, to be honest, I was going to rob ya, but seeing you in such a sorry state, sort of made me feel sorry for you. Looks like you got more issues than I do."

He smiles and laughs before standing up and walking down the path. After a bit, he is out of view. leaving you there, alone with your thoughts.

You don't have much left to do tonight, except maybe go look at the sea.
No. 831464 ID: c13b78

Woah, we almost got robbed. I guess us admitting we were a total loser was a good thing. Make sure your wallet is still there, then make your way to the sea
No. 831468 ID: 2b3198

So you gotta sort your life by yourself. You could say that living by the book isn't living as you'd choose yourself. Maybe he's right.

Go check out the sea.
No. 831483 ID: 2fe26a

Sea the see. Make a plan for getting out of this place and seeing the world.
No. 831486 ID: 0cf890
File 150583444548.png - (76.13KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-111.png )

You stand up Honestly kind of shook up about your encounter. You check yourself to find your wallet missing, instead replaced by a note.

"See Ya Around - Jimmy"

You sigh and walk through the park. Taking a few last glances at the ponds and trees, and you follow the scent of the sea all the way to the suspension bridge over the bay. A clear view in towards the city, and out towards the sea.
No. 831488 ID: 0cf890
File 150583463661.png - (81.56KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-112.png )

You walk out onto the bridge and climb over the railing so you have a good view of the sea. You stare westward across the water, your mind drifting from one thought to another, wistfully thinking about almost anything.

A deep regret pains your side, and the wind picks up softly. Maybe Jimmy and Ken were right.

You take another deep breath. Maybe you were right.

No. 831489 ID: 0cf890
File 150583479596.png - (52.02KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-113.png )


Your phone begins to ring.

I gotta be, a Macho Man

You check it. An unknown number. Do you pick it up?
No. 831490 ID: 2b3198

If it was your boss, then I'd say no. But an unknown number is A-Ok!
No. 831491 ID: 2fe26a

Put that hand back on the bridge support and answer it with your other hand.
No. 831499 ID: 20e6cf

Nice ringtone. Pick up the phone. Lets see what happens.
No. 831502 ID: 0cf890
File 150583839236.png - (76.20KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-114.png )

You scoot over and grip the support to your side.

Your mind fills with thoughts you wish you had before you had reached this point in your life. You hate your existence and the waste of time you had become. You had many chances to be much more, but here you are. On a bridge over the sea.

With a click you flip open the phone and put it to your ear. Unsure of what to expect.

At first, Silence. Just the sound of the wind blowing.

You: "Hello?"
No. 831503 ID: 0cf890
File 150583849935.png - (75.85KB , 500x500 , Wanderer-115.png )


End of Chapter I
No. 831505 ID: 91ee5f

There's that eye symbol again! What does it mean?!
No. 831566 ID: 2b3198

Is this gonna continue here or a new thread?
No. 831584 ID: 8648d8

New thread tomorrow by the looks of things
No. 831671 ID: eda54c

well I really liked that
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