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File 150117010985.png - (673.19KB , 1212x826 , TItle Card.png )
818827 No. 818827 ID: 8a947d

Distant stars, come in black or red.
I've seen their worlds, inside my head.
They connect, with the fall of man.
They breathe you in, and dive as deep as they can.
There's nothing you can do for them, they are the force between
When the sunlight is arising.
There's nothing you can say to him, he is without a heart
And the space has been broken.

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3Quest
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No. 826816 ID: 8a947d
File 150431476969.png - (223.32KB , 1212x826 , The Tides Recede 3.png )

You: Yeah...but It wasn't your fault, you were tricked into doing it.

Uma: I still let her use me...because I was scared for my own life, a-and now innocent people are dead because of me.

Troy: I'm sorry to say that's true, but what's more important is that we make sure this never happens again.

Uma: I...I-I don't think it will. I talked to Gya...Well she just sorta s-screamed at me, but I told her I wouldn't let her use me like that again. She can't do anything to me can she ?

Troy: God's can't do anythin' to hurt their prophet. Uma, you have almost complete control over Gya. There's nothin' she can do to about it. The most important thing to remember is that a god need's it's prophet to survive, not the other way 'round.

Uma:...Well w-what now ?
No. 826819 ID: 083a3b

Come with us. At least for a while, until you feel you have redemption.

Troy here is a prophet too, he can show you how to get a hold on your powers. What do you think Troy? Ever had an apprentice Prophet?
No. 826820 ID: 734373

Start a museum of Entomology.
No. 826821 ID: 3abd97

Maybe... try to do something you think is important? You won't give up and give in to her again, if you have something that matters.
No. 826823 ID: fc33ea

Right now we need to worry about getting off this boat without attracting the churches attention. There's going to be a lot of people doing a lot of talking, so if the priests don't know what happened here already they will soon.
No. 826836 ID: 13fded

Redemption? Are we priests? No.
Come with us because you just caused a lot of trouble and is going to need help if trouble come back to haunt you. Come with us because there is a lot you need to learn about been a prophets and it may be difficult to find someone beside Troy. Come with us because we will appreciate the help, and will certainly want to keep an eye on you to make sure Gya won't regain control.

This can be temporary. We can part ways at some point after we got far away from this boat.
No. 826837 ID: 3ce125

...wait, with the pilot and captain dead we need someone to steer the ship!
No. 826843 ID: 8a947d
File 150431734947.png - (175.98KB , 1212x826 , The Tides Recede 4.png )

The boat is on automatic, hopefully that means it'll auto dock too.

You: Well... try to do something you think is important? You won't give in to Gya again if you have something that matters to you.

You: You have an interest in bugs right ?

Uma: How did you-

You: I looked through some of your stuff to help you, anyway maybe that fascination with insects is something you can hold onto.

Uma: Do you really think so ? I always thought it was...sort of silly.

You: Eh there are dumber things to be interested in. Some people base whole religions around stupid shit.

You: Really though what's most important is that we got off of this damn boat without drawing too much attention to use. If anyone calls for help then this boat'll be swarmed with church authorities. You outta come with us too, you'll be in a lot of trouble if they catch you; You don't need to stay with us forever.

Uma: That sounds like it's for the best...I don't think I'd be of m-much use though.
No. 826853 ID: 3ce125

Are you kidding those fish things are brutal. You're like a Pagan that can summon things for free!
No. 826855 ID: fc33ea

Hey don't worry! If troy can manage to make himself useful, you'll do fine!
No. 826856 ID: 3abd97

>Uma: Do you really think so ? I always thought it was...sort of silly.
Be who you are, even if it's silly.

Would you believe I sometimes run around in a dress?

>I don't think I'd be of m-much use though
You might surprise yourself.
No. 826859 ID: 13fded

If there are sea creatures around.
Guess she can always "empower" Issei, but... probable not a welcome help.
No. 826873 ID: 3ce125

There were eggs spawning inside the walls of the ship, so I suspect her powers can be used on dry land.
No. 826874 ID: d36af7

The four of us, Gallows, Issei, Troy, and Fiddler Imp? We're a pretty scary team. We've taken on priests, giant voodoo sandworms, even an indescribable abomination from beyond the world. Despite all that, your "weird interest in bugs" had us scrambling. Even after I went all-out summoning demons, our best plans involved trying to negotiate and/or run away. You're amazing, Uma, and don't let any stupid god tell you otherwise. Team up with us, we'd be unstoppable.
No. 826901 ID: 91ee5f

>You don't need to stay with us forever.
Roland's right, we shouldn't make Uma travel with us forever. After all, with the Shadowmen still chasing us for the Azerite, eventual run ins with Priests, and how we always end up accidentally running into something that's trying to kill us, it's going to be way too dangerous for Uma, since she can barely use her powers.

I think she should temporarily come with us. And once she's able to better control her powers, she can go back home. Or at least make a trip to the Museum of Entomology like she originally wanted, then go home.
No. 826902 ID: 094652

Uma, the church inquisitors will rape and cripple and torture you for what you and Gya have done here. Even after everything you did, you still don't deserve a fraction of what they did to me just for being the son of a rabble-rouser. If you're worthless, we'll just leave you in the next town over. And with Gya's mastery over biomodification, I highly doubt that.
No. 826904 ID: fc33ea

Don't terrorize the poor girl geez.
No. 826907 ID: 8a947d
File 150432271615.png - (164.06KB , 1212x826 , The Tides Recede 5.png )

You: Don't sell yourself short after all of the things we've been through you've given us quite the run for our money.

Troy: Though... I fee like Uma won't be quite as powerful now. Before we never saw Uma mutatin' fish, only Gya. I feel like now that Uma's in control she ain't gonna be as attuned with her magic as before.

Uma: But you'll teach me how to get better...w-won't you ?

Troy: Well of course. Prophet's gotta stick together.

Issei: also i feel we are glossing over the most important thing. Uma travelling with us means she's at great risk of injury or death.

Issei: priests and voodoo men have been chasing us for quite sometime and if you do come with us you will be another target for them to hit, and you don't seem like the fighting time.

Uma: ...W-well...If there's one thing Gya's told me that wasn't an insult it's that I-I need to take more risks. Maybe this'll be my first step ? Besides, if things get too bad I can just go home. I live in Gudon so that'll be a pretty long trip... but with Troy teaching me new things, hopefully I won't be so useless!
No. 826908 ID: 8a947d
File 150432326787.png - (169.97KB , 1212x826 , Uma's Sheet.png )

Uma has joined your party!

HP: 20

[Entomology 2]: +5 to any roll involving insects
[Sneak 1]: +2 to any roll involving not being noticed

[Prophet]: Divine protection. Uma takes less damage from magic attacks, but takes much more damage from anti-magic or anti-godly attacks
[Good Natured]: +5 to social rolls (any roll involving interacting with another living being) but -10 to any combat roll (does not apply to fish created by Deep Blue)

[Deep Blue]: Allows Uma to mutate an aquatic creature into a minion, can control up to 3 minions at once.
No. 826914 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, she does look pretty weak. Can't even keep her minions around all the time since that would attract a lot of attention.
She could carry some goldfish around in a bag of water to serve as material for making tiny tiny minions... I'm not sure how useful that would be though. Right now she's pretty strong since we're on a boat and decent-sized fish are readily available. Maybe she should practice a bit while we're traveling to get a handle on the limitations of this power.
No. 826917 ID: 094652

... DEFINITELY not useless.

But she'll need to put points into Perception and Charisma later on, Gya dominated her with average speech checks and might do so again if she gets lucky.
No. 826930 ID: 91ee5f

>I live in Gudon so that'll be a pretty long trip...
"That's where you're wrong. We can go back anytime, without having to take a long boat ride, thanks to this Waykey I've got! All I need to do is find a Waystone and we'll be good to go!"

Her stats aren't that bad.

You know, maybe we should head up to the bridge and make sure the ship doesn't crash into something? And maybe find the PA system to tell the whole ship that they can come out now and the monsters have all been killed.
No. 826949 ID: 083a3b

Stats aren't too bad, she could definitely be something of a glass cannon. When we get a chance we should see about getting her some traveling comfy traveling clothes, because seriously... Beach clothes in a battle? Might as well be wearing a bullseye. We should also see about getting her weapon seeing as how her magic might not be too good unless she has access to fish. Maybe some knives or a gun? Or maybe a blade on a chain? As for her magic, we could maybe get something now since we are in the ocea ? Something small that she can hide easily? How long does it last? Best time to practice is now!
No. 826950 ID: 3ce125

She has -10 to combat rolls. She will be straight up useless for direct fighting. The best thing we could do is get her a magic item she can use to buff/heal with.
No. 826951 ID: 91ee5f

Well it's a good thing she's gonna be fighting indirectly! That -10 doesn't apply to any fish minions she makes with her Deep Blue ability!
No. 826952 ID: 083a3b

Ooh, that's not good... We'll maybe we can get her to be a diplomancer, or hey, since we already have something of a band with Roland, Fidler and Troy, how is her singing? I don't think she plays an instrument but maybe she could sing?
No. 826967 ID: 8a947d
File 150433189726.png - (253.69KB , 1212x826 , Ding.png )

You're sure Uma will have some role to play in your party, she has her strengths and weaknesses and your you have a feeling you'll figure out more as you go. For now however, you feel it's a good time to Level Up.

Choose one ability to upgrade.

[Stun Claw] ==> [Stun Spear]
Stun Spear deals moderate damage and has a low chance of knocking out anyone hit.

[Aether Sight] ==> [Aether Scan]
Passively allows you to accurately assess enemy health. When activated allows you to see enemy weaknesses to deal more damage.

[Empower] ==> [Embolden]
Embolden's effect lasts for two turns instead of one.
No. 826980 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go for Aether Scan this time!
No. 826982 ID: 9876c4

Aether Scan, obvs.
No. 826986 ID: 3ce125

Yeah, Aether Scan.
No. 826987 ID: 3ce125

...hey when is Troy gonna get a level up? Gallows is way ahead of the rest of the party...
No. 826988 ID: 35add2

Carrying goldfish around like that is a great way to end up with dead goldfish. We'll figure something out. At the very least she'll be useful if we need someone with a high Int and then we can just have her hide during combat.
If she were to make a fish creature while we are next to the ocean could it follow us outside of the water indefinitely?

Aether Scan
No. 826991 ID: 734373

Let's get Embolden. We use Empower a lot.
No. 826992 ID: 91ee5f

>...hey when is Troy gonna get a level up?
.....I feel the same way about Issei.
No. 826995 ID: 8d4593

Aether Scan
No. 827024 ID: 8a947d
File 150434228964.png - (59.93KB , 816x516 , What about us.png )

You take Aether Scan, now that you've leveled next you should-

Troy: Uhhh...Gallows ?

You: Yeah ? Whats up ?

Troy: You keep doing that level up thing where ya get stronger, what's that all about ?

You:...I didn't think anyone else could see that.

Troy: It makes this loud ding noise too, it's hard not to hear man.
No. 827025 ID: 8a947d
File 150434234969.png - (92.19KB , 1212x826 , What about us 2.png )

Troy: Well...can we do that too ?

You: I...I-sure I guess ? I can't stop you.

Troy: Cool.
No. 827026 ID: 8a947d
File 150434257398.png - (244.36KB , 1212x826 , Ding 2.png )

Troy and Issei level up too!

Troy learns a new ability:
[Ice Block]: Troy summons a large wall of ice that can block almost any attack.

Issei learns a new ability:
[Puncture]: A powerful attack that can puncture tough armor. causes BLEED

Now that everyone's done leveling up. All that's left to do is wait for the boat to dock and try to get off without being noticed...
No. 827055 ID: ff3007

Welp, now what?
No. 827105 ID: 91ee5f

I guess you could go to the bridge and make sure the ship doesn't crash into anything. Or at least find a speaker system to make an announcement to the rest of the surviving passengers to let them know that we're not in danger anymore.

Ask Issei what it felt like when Gya controlled him? And ask why he never mentioned that he was a fish?

Wait, this trip was supposed to be 8 or 9 hours long, right? How long has it been and how much longer until we get to Ebony Port?
No. 827119 ID: fc33ea

Issei did mention, remember how he talked about how he likes berries?

Now I think we should track down a lifeboat to get off the ship before it docks & gets swarmed with authorities.
No. 827125 ID: 91ee5f

Depends on how far we are from land. Because I don't think our group will want to be stuck on a tiny lifeboat not meant for 4 people while they're still miles away from land.
No. 827201 ID: 8a947d
File 150439492432.png - (118.05KB , 1212x826 , The Tides Recede 6.png )

The Autopilot on the ship is keeping the boat on a straight safe course for Ebony Port. However you guess going to the front to make sure nothing 's gonna hit you couldn't hurt.

At the head of the ship you can see land begin to peek over he horizon. You're getting closer to Ebony, and closer to your goal.
No. 827203 ID: 8a947d
File 150439513797.png - (2.94KB , 1212x826 , Plan B Failed 1.png )


Shorty: How longs he been gone ?

Slim: Two days, it never takes him this long!...you don't think-

No. 827204 ID: 8a947d
File 150439551673.png - (71.92KB , 1212x826 , Plan B Failed 2.png )


Slim: Boss! You're bleeding!

Boss: Am I ?...Oh yeah I am...that's not good.

Shorty: Well W-what happened ?

Boss: Plan B didn't go quite as smooth as I thought it would...wheres Uma and Gya ?

Shorty: We don't know...well they're still alive but they just haven't come back.

Boss: 'Course they haven't. Gya's impulsive and immature, she probably dragged Uma off on another stupid errand. Wait... that pagan's not dead is he ?

Slim: N-no...he's still kickin'. So I guess...Gya failed.

Boss: But she's still alive ? The pagan took care of 'em without killing them ?

No. 827207 ID: 8a947d
File 150439586306.png - (72.03KB , 1212x826 , Plan B Failed 3.png )

Shorty: Looks like that's the case, I mean he didn't kill us either.


Boss: There's a lot more to this guy than I thought...

Slim: Boss d'you want some one to look at those cuts ? They're not closing up.

Boss: It's fine. You two take the day off, I've gotta do something...

No. 827208 ID: 8a947d
File 150439600382.png - (95.56KB , 1053x801 , Plan B Failed 4.png )


Boss: Looks like Plan C's next...I'm cuttin' it real close here...


No. 827210 ID: 3ce125

I sure hope plan C is "Ask the Pagan for help".
No. 827215 ID: 91ee5f

After everything he's done to try and kill Roland and his group? I highly doubt it.
No. 829022 ID: ad94f3

Seconded, His plan is doomed to fail
right??? I mean, Plan C seems like hes going all out.
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