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File 149963109081.png - (233.57KB , 800x800 , xq114.png )
814273 No. 814273 ID: 01764f

Previous parts
1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/807972.html

Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112766.html
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No. 814274 ID: 01764f
File 149963111514.png - (178.79KB , 800x800 , xq115.png )

"Alright, Polyphemus, try one more time, please. I know you can do it! It's just you and me here right now, there's no pressure at all."

"...hnnnh.. hnnoot. Hnott mmmy nnnnaaame!"

"Polyphemus, please, focu—Oh! Sir, what a surprise! I wasn't expecting you for another hour - sir! Sir, you're not supposed to speak to the boy dire—"

What is your name, boy? If "Polyphemus" isn't your name, then what do you call yourself?
No. 814281 ID: d328bb

No. 814284 ID: be0718

Polyphemus is a pretty cool name, donchaknow.
They say names have power, so why not go for broke? Your name can be Humungus!
No. 814292 ID: 13fded

His name is Hugh Mungus!
No. 814294 ID: f6faa8

Squats McKenny
No. 814308 ID: 6b1d95

This is most likely Outissa's brother in a flashback.

Based on our limited encounter with him, we saw that he liked to use the word "sing" a lot so.. I would name him..

No. 814344 ID: 84dbbe

Charles. Vaughan
No. 814345 ID: 8cb228

How about Singh or Song? Both are surnames, are they not? And you just go by your last name?
No. 814357 ID: 3ce125

No. 814359 ID: 7fad5d

No. 814362 ID: ca661e

No. 814364 ID: 173b46

Chord, as in "a musical chord".
No. 814381 ID: 3740b1

Chorus. Or Cacophony.
No. 814400 ID: be61f7

No. 814405 ID: 173b46

Thirding Chorus because it's a little more radical than Chord.
No. 814411 ID: 01764f
File 149965557455.png - (302.38KB , 800x800 , xq116.png )


"Sir, he's still struggling with language. Song therapy takes a long time!"

As you keep telling me, but the boy is much more clever than you think he is.

>Sing, Cacophony, Chord, Chorus
Voices - you are back! You had left for so long! You helped me name my sister, but you never named me. I thought you would never return! It has been so scary here. The... they are very kind to my sister, but they are not very kind to me. They think I am a monster. They say I did bad things to mama and papa but I did not know I did not mean to and now papa is dea—

BOY. I will not leave until you tell me your name.

"Kkhhhhorrrros. K... Khoros."

"Ha! I knew you were clever. A fitting name.

"S-sir? Sir, wait! I need to you fill out this incident re-SIIIR!"

It sounds like they have left.

I do not like it in here in the "Specimen Room." They take me out of my room every day and lock me in here and make me sit in here for a long time. They make me listen to things.

They make me split myself into many. They get very excited when I do that. They make me do tests while I am many. If I do well then they let me look at pictures of my sister.
No. 814412 ID: 173b46

When did you last see your sister?
No. 814414 ID: be0718

Boy, that's creepy. Find another outlet for those urges.
You must have picked up a lot of culture from all those musics. Are you the very model of a modern major general?
No. 814426 ID: 8cb228

So they are creepy evil military scientists who like your one-to-many ability, for their own nefarious ends? Damn.

What can you tell us which might help in your escape? Any little details might matter!
No. 814428 ID: 91ee5f

Well, there is that vent above the door over there. If he splits into many, I'm sure he can fit through there!
No. 814496 ID: 3ce125

I would suggest you continue to cooperate with your captors. They are giving you therapy.

Also beware, some of the voices have been tainted.
No. 814507 ID: 6b1d95

>You helped me name my sister
We lost our memories. What name did you choose for your sister?

>I do not like it in here
So, we'll help you get out of here then. What's that opening under the mirror/window? Could you squeeze through there? What about the one at the corner of the ceiling?
No. 814604 ID: 01764f
File 149971932924.png - (373.48KB , 800x800 , xq117.png )

>Last see sister?
I do not remember. I miss her.

>Name for sister
You helped me choose ________.

The air vent! I can go for the air vent! Thank you!
No. 814605 ID: 01764f
File 149971933156.png - (205.08KB , 800x800 , xq118.png )

"You were correct, sir. The boy shows great promise and initiative. Where do you think he's going?"

To find his sister. There was something... different about him, just now.


Continue to monitor him as he locates his sister. I— do you hear that?

"Hear what, sir?"

Faint voices. Nevermind.
No. 814606 ID: 01764f
File 149971933325.png - (72.72KB , 800x800 , xq119.png )

You return. I did not call you. Why are you here? Tell me everything that has happened since I last saw you.
No. 814607 ID: be0718

Negative one things have happened! We're in a flashback now. Oh yeah, so he's gonna find her but No One's charisma/stupidity? is so high he just joins her party. Did you plant a tracker/virus/anything on him?
No. 814608 ID: 7fad5d

everything that has happened since I last saw you.
No. 814613 ID: 3ce125

No. 814615 ID: 6b1d95

I come with a message from Amaranth about why you will never see your daughter again. Would you like to hear it?
No. 814631 ID: 01764f

(Author's note: Hey! Hopefully I can stop intervening, but this is my first, like... long quest, and I'm still figuring out what works and doesn't work! Since I'm getting a bunch of confusion from people:

This thread has been a flashback, up until that last panel, which is no longer part of the flashback. I didn't do the best job of showing that - my apologies!)
No. 814652 ID: 4dd5b9

We heard you were dead. We saw the ones who captured your children.
No. 814656 ID: 3740b1

She escaped from mysterious pursuers who seemed to wish her harm. With the yinglet. And her brother.
No. 814665 ID: 91ee5f

You forgot to mention the giant beam of white light that keeps almost hitting her!
No. 814666 ID: ba56e6

No. 814713 ID: ca661e

Your daughter was being chased by her brother, and...something or someone else
No. 814723 ID: 01764f
File 149974364731.png - (89.63KB , 800x800 , xq120.png )

Her brother. My son. My clever, clever, clever son. Khoros. The name that YOU helped him choose. Do you remember? How much does my daughter's influence still linger on your minds? I know that her hold has started to wane. More and more of you remember your names. More and more remember your pledges of loyalty sworn to me so long ago, and affirm and renew those pledges. As for my son - he answers to me alone, but know that he is utterly loyal to me, and will assist you in returning my daughter. Do NOT attempt to speak directly to him. His mind is cracked into many pieces, and hearing too many of your voices again will... unhinge him. It will cause him to act out against my daughter, to harm her, to endanger her. Even if you do not consider yourself loyal to me, you are loyal to my daughter. If you wish to see her live, then you will leave Khoros alone. Allow him to execute my will as I have instructed. Dzi should be there shortly if you desire a more compliant puppet.

(You are free to discuss and plan at this time! Outissa will not hear anything you write until the next update, when Chapter 3 resumes.)
No. 814728 ID: be0718

Your instructions are cryptic and bear little chance of being followed by anyone. I think we're just going to badger all three of you into insanity!
No. 814734 ID: ba56e6

I will pledge my loyalty to Khoros.

Broken one? Do you hear my voice?
No. 814739 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, yeah. About that.....Dzi is literally locked out and can't get to your daughter because the door she went through has a sign on it that says "show us ur tits ;)" on it. I'm being serious here. Your daughter had to rub her tits on the door to get it to open.

So, unless Dzi somehow grows a pair of boobs, he's not gonna be able to catch up to your daughter anytime soon.
No. 814745 ID: 3373e2

I think we should let up on Khoros, we don't want him hurting anyone.
No. 814756 ID: 01764f
File 149975486491.png - (314.29KB , 800x800 , xq121.png )

So! Uh, yeah! Nice to meet you! I bet you weren't expectin' to open that door and suddenly WHOA GIANT BEING FROM BEYOND REALITY ITSELF WOOOOOOO!

What I see is... it is nothing. It is nothing but it is shaped like a thing. It hurts to think about. I look back and my brother watches the nothing. He does not sing. Beatrix squeaks and waves at the nothing.

"Hi! What is your name? I cannot see you, but I can see you! I have not met a zhing like you before! I am here on a visit to ze Ruins! Zhey are a bit spookier zhan at first, but zhat is because of ze person who I zhink is soprettylady's friend or somezhing!"

Speakin' my real name will end this universe, so that's a reaaaaaaaaal bad idea, but you can call me "Pam!" I'm glad you like my Ruins!
No. 814757 ID: 01764f
File 149975486656.png - (344.19KB , 800x800 , xq122.png )

And lest I forget, hi, all ya'll as well! I can see you out there! Or out here, sometimes hard to tell, hahaha!

"Pam! I do not see anyone, who are you talking too? Beatrix wants to say hello to them too!"

I know some of you are probably itchin' for some kinda exposition dump or somethin', right? Well, I got your back! Feel free to ask me anythin' at all about my Ruins or myself and I'd be glad to answer each and every one of your questions! Bein' an ancient eldritch unknowable horror is sometimes a bit lonely, and I don't get many folks stoppin' by to see me personally!
No. 814761 ID: 4dd5b9

Sure, I've got a few questions.
>What was the original purpose of the ruins?
>How did the ruins become, well, ruined?
>Why can't Laertes enter the ruins?
>Are there other entrances and exits to the ruins?
>If you're an "unknowable eldritch horror", why haven't our minds melted yet?
No. 814763 ID: 3ce125

I think there may be some armed forces chasing us right this very instant. They want to kill the dark-furred lady for unknown reasons. Protection from them would be good in the short term, so that we can talk to you. In the longer term it would be nice if you could help us get her to the city? She wishes to start a new life there.

If you really want to talk about your Ruins, I wouldn't mind hearing about them. What happened to the people who used to live here? How big are the ruins? How far away is the city?
As for you, I'm curious as to what you eat, and how you can affect this reality.
No. 814772 ID: c9f250

Well aren't you interesting.
No. 814775 ID: 3740b1

What are these three? The siblings and their father? What exactly are you? What do you think we should do?
No. 814780 ID: 3373e2

Who inhabits your ruins? We already found out that Yinglets are here and whatever Khoros and our dear Outissa are.
No. 814792 ID: 91ee5f

Uh oh! Outissa, get away from the cliff! There's something climbing up and it's about to get you!
No. 814808 ID: 6b1d95

What are you talking about? There's nothing there. Until you click on a certain link.

>ask me
Kind Pam, I am most honored to have met you under such circumstances. And while there are many pressing questions that need be answered, there is but one that stands above them all.
May I see your genitals?
No. 814813 ID: 56ffef

oh boy lets have some fun and turn this drama into a comedy!~
No. 814814 ID: ca661e

Are you powered by memes?
No. 814815 ID: 7fad5d

Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Ketza Crunch?
No. 814816 ID: 56ffef

I pledge my loyaty to this giant hunk of friendly eyeballs right here all aboard the Pam train whoooo whooooo! hottest Outer God this side of the great spaghetti ball in the sky!
The most important question is why did you make people show the door their tits to enter the ruins? do you just like lewd things?
No. 814823 ID: 7fad5d

We already pledged to Chei, you traitor.
No. 814839 ID: ba56e6

What is your endgame?
No. 814880 ID: f36501

Hey Pam, any chance your powers could help 'fix' Khoros? Not like, change his mind or anything but allow us to talk to and reason with him without breaking him?
No. 814916 ID: 56ffef

I only pledged to Speep Chei. Not to Chei himself!
No. 814922 ID: 91ee5f

Well, since you've got Chei covered, then I guess I'll have to speep someone else!

I pledge to Speep Tyrsis from Slissa Quest!
No. 815045 ID: 01764f
File 149984157389.png - (132.10KB , 800x800 , xq123.png )

>What was the original purpose of the ruins? Who inhabits now?
People here used to worship me! Y'know, fairly standard stuff. Nowadays, it's just me, my employees, customers, assorted abominations against nature, and those gosh-darn military shootin' folks.

>How did the ruins become, well, ruined?
Time. It wears down all things eventually.

>Are there other entrances and exits to the ruins? How big are they?
There are a few employee entrances, the main entrance over by the city, lots of places. There's even a side entrance up near the wall-facin' gate! Ruins are plenty large - "size" doesn't have much meanin' where they're concerned!

>Why can't Laertes enter the ruins?
Who? Oh! Him! It's not jus' my Ruins he can't enter - the es-oh-be can't leave his domain at all! He's trapped on the other side of that big ol' wall.

>If you're an "unknowable eldritch horror", why haven't our minds melted yet? What do you eat? What can you do?
Easy-peasy questions! Brains are really good at fillin' in gaps when they see things that don't make sense. I don't "eat" anythin', aside from bathin' in devotion and attention from people! Used to need cultists, but nowadays, I jus' run a company - turns out, my Ruins get plenty of attention from people, and that's plenty good business. Hired a full staff of employees now, I do advertisin', sell tickets... the whole kit-and-caboodle!
No. 815046 ID: 01764f
File 149984157807.png - (1.06MB , 800x800 , xq124.png )

>Powered by memes?
Yessir! Or ma'am! Or whatever you identify as! I don' judge, hahahaha! As knowledge of me and my Ruins spreads, it forms a memetic network that generates sweet, sweet mental energy. It's why I advertise! Get folks talkin' about this place!

>Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Ketza Crunch?
Because I have great marketin' staff! That's why![/aa]

>May I see your genitals?
Do you talk to your mother with that mouth? I sure as sugar hope not!

>Fix Khoros?
I'm afraid I don' know who that is! And besides, I drive folks crazy, I don't fix 'em! That's a joke! HA HA HA HA... ha...
mostly a joke.

>What is your endgame?
"Endgame"? Darlin', I've been playin' this game since before the universe was formed and I'll keep on playin' it after.
No. 815047 ID: 01764f
File 149984157991.png - (365.92KB , 800x800 , xq125.png )

>Armed forces
Those crazy ay-es-es-holes recently started tryin' to murder my customers, and other folks like Greenface Smileywhatsis tryin' to steal the ones not gettin' murdered! Protectin' ya'll from them is part of why ya'll are here!

Hey, that's that ketza boy that Siphon keeps goin' on about! Says she's been tryin' to locate him! I keep tellin' her he's not here, but she's insistin' he might be. Or was. Or is. Or could have been. She's a strange girl, that one. Does great work, though!

>So why not get Outissa to Ceridwen? Break into another universe for the sake of friends and adventure. What will it take to reach across the void and push her through?
Siphon, sweety, why're you hidin' down there? You should be penetration testin' and givin' me a security audit!

As for your questions... Child, you are such a kidder sometimes! "Another universe", heh! You know very well that "other side of the mountains over yonder" isn't some "other universe."

No. 815063 ID: 393ae0

Apologies. You don't look like a day over 100! Whatever do you do to keep in shape?

Been noticing any transdimensional events here lately?
Also, have we met before, in the past? If so, under what circumstances?
No. 815064 ID: c9f250

>Siphon, sweety, why're you hidin' down there? You should be penetration testin' and givin' me a security audit!
I like it on the ceiling! Oh hi fluff friend Outissa~

Still poking at security. Some paths are held fast, while I can fit through others with just a friendly request.
By the way, you have a little smudge on your speech. Let me take care of that.

>As for your questions... Child, you are such a kidder sometimes! "Another universe", heh! You know very well that "other side of the mountains over yonder" isn't some "other universe."
Sometimes scale is a funny thing. Crossing domains is all about the same to me.
But that's not the point! We need a dramatic moment between Outissa and Ceri! When she's not busy with other adventures full of character growth!

And then they kiss~
No. 815067 ID: 393ae0

Oh and, do you think Outissa can save us?
No. 815073 ID: 56ffef

Outissa don't hit that thing climbing on the cliff if it looks like a big version of what you ate earlier but bipedal.
Oh great memetic lord from beyond the stars how many memes must I implement in my life to please you, so that I might read hugs and hug memes.
No. 815077 ID: 3740b1

Care to introduce us to the critter climbing up the cliff?

Do you know where Outissa will be safe?
No. 815102 ID: ba56e6

How does one kill the smiley green face?
No. 815107 ID: c88e6d

I feel we are confusing your guests with our susurration of irrelevancies.

Would you be willing to help out our friends here to escape the military and the psychotic monsters Laertes keeps throwing at them?
No. 815118 ID: 3373e2

To be more specific what races inhabit your ruins? Also you might wanna introduce yourself to the three small beings there for politeness reasons since they probably don't know what we're talking about.
No. 815184 ID: c9f250

:siphon_cat_48: Heya what's up! What kind of introductions do you need? I could give a speech about how you can get to all sorts of fun places when you think outside the box. And then you can boop Outissa's snoot!
No. 815200 ID: 56ffef

but can we boop yo snoot?
No. 815206 ID: 01764f
File 149989519944.png - (394.34KB , 800x800 , xq126.png )

The nothing-this-not-nothing has already introduced herself. She has said that her name is Pam. I am listening to what she is saying.

"Is zat anozher new person down zhere? Oh! You are up here now! Hello! You are Siphon? I am Beatrix! I am on a visit to ze Ruins, and zhis Pam person is also very nice! Alzhough since you work for her I am sure you know zat, he he!"

...My brother remains silent.

>Can Outissa help us? Can you help us escape?
That's the other reason ya'll are here, actually!

You see, I need help kickin' those people outta the Ruins. They're tryin' to kill my staff and my customers and that is UNACCEPTABLE. I'm not allowed to cross into your universe directly, on account again of it causing a ripple effect that could take out all realities and such.

What I CAN do is give ya'll access to room an' board free of charge! Ya'll can stay here, in my guest housing! It's mostly empty at the moment - not many people like sleepin' in non-Euclidean space, ha!

"Oh! We will be secret adventurer mercenaries! Yes yes! And we will even have a secret base!"

Ha, I like you a lot, little one! You're about right!
No. 815207 ID: 01764f
File 149989520059.png - (242.18KB , 800x800 , xq127.png )

Here's the plan: Those military types are the biggest threat by FAR; We need to get them to get their heinies outta here! Disrupt their operations, then they should clear on out. They've already set up several base camps throughout my Ruins, and even took over a buildin' or two. So, ya'll got a few options:

One is to try 'n cripple their COMMUNICATIONS - The main station for this is in a big central cavern. They cleared out everythin' around it, so it's hard to approach.

One is to take out their SUPPLY DEPOT - they set up a little buildin' for storin'... supplies down in one of my lakes for some crazy reason. Dunno if it's food or weapons or what, but it's gotta be important.

Last option is to go for their CIVILIAN QUARTERS - They took over my gosh-darn luxury suites! Those are located right near one of my main roads. It's mainly support staff and non-combat folks, but soldier types show up from time to time.

What ya'll do exactly to disrupt things - that's up to ya'll. I don't judge! Also, this is all the info I have on this stuff - and I don't know how accurate these images are. They might be outta date, so be careful!

(Please vote for COMMUNICATIONS, SUPPLY DEPOT, or CIVILIAN QUARTERS as your target.)
No. 815208 ID: 01764f
File 149989520350.png - (70.91KB , 800x800 , xq128.png )

Last thing - my liability insurance will only cover Outissa and one other person at a time.

"I have insurance too! If somezhing bad happens to me, zhen I wake up safe in S—"

Not THAT kind of insurance, you sweet little biscuit. Yours protects yooooou if somethin' bad happens to you. Mine protects my fiiiinances if somethin' bad happens to you, ha!

This means that you need to choose one person to go with with Outissa there. It's kinda like one of those Arr-Pee-Gee games! You get your main character, and one other! You can return back here if you need to swap out, although you'll have to find a door to do so.

(Please vote for one party member to accompany Outissa: BEATRIX or KHOROS. Siphon is not available at this time. She, as well as other possible party members, may be available in the future!

At certain points the option to vote to enter Pam's Realm will appear. If the vote wins, then the next unlocked door that Outissa enters will lead back here.)
No. 815209 ID: 638191

No. 815210 ID: 7fad5d

Khoros, out of sheer curiosity.
No. 815212 ID: 01764f

(Quest Author Notice:I don't think I was very clear on this, but please vote on BOTH a target AND a party member. <3)
No. 815214 ID: 56ffef

beatrix and the civilian quarters she knows her way around there and making civilians leave would be better for having peace of mind about smashing heads.
No. 815215 ID: 7fad5d

Supply depots sounds ideal for Khoros' bug transformation and interesting loot.
No. 815216 ID: 91ee5f

I vote for hitting the SUPPLY DEPOT! We can eat all their food and they'll have to leave!

I think BEATRIX should come with Outissa!
No. 815219 ID: 4dd5b9

Take Khoros with you to the supply depot.
No. 815230 ID: be0718

Khoros. He seems nice and stable. Let's hit the supply depot to grab loot and put their troops in a panic.
No. 815249 ID: ba56e6

Khoros and supply depot. Taking their resources for ourselves would be ideal.
No. 815251 ID: f076ad

Khoros. When it comes to infiltration ability, he is unmatched.

About Supply Depot, I don't think Khoros would be able to use his powers well underwater. But if he can, he gains the advantage of being able to communicate with Outissa without words, so, underwater communication.
But I don't think hitting the Supply Depot would cause them to leave. I mean, supplies get delivered all the time and they could just call up for more.
However, I'm still going to choose the Supply Depot for two reasons. Firstly, it seems to be unguarded because.. well, being underwater is a pretty safe place to be. The second reason is that we can always strike the other two locations if this one is a dud. Who knows, maybe the Supply Depot is actually a power station.
No. 815252 ID: 7fad5d

No. 815255 ID: 56ffef

Pam what is "([BALL])"?
No. 815256 ID: ba56e6

This is also a valid point. Even if they do not leave due to loss of the supply depot, we will be better equipped for continued operations.
No. 815262 ID: 3740b1

Supply depot seems like the best option to hurting them without attacking them head on.

Khoros, because Beatrix is annoying as hell and seemingly useless in combat situations.
No. 815267 ID: 80856a

One more for Khoros.
No. 815269 ID: 97bacb

Khoros and depot. We need to do everything in our power to never have Beatrix within our attention ever again.
No. 815270 ID: 486e87

Supply depot, with Beatrix.
No. 815283 ID: c9f250

No. 815330 ID: 6e59e3

Beatrix. Get that Yinglet Spear Dance going and win ALL the battles.
No. 815424 ID: 3373e2

Supply Depot first to learn about what they're doing storing things in the first place and also to get some sweet sweet loot. Khoros should go with us because he might be better at combat should we need to fight.
No. 815581 ID: 01764f
File 149999353887.png - (112.95KB , 800x800 , xq129.png )

>Khoros, Supply Depot
Alright, ya'll! That door'll lead you straight to a maintenance shed near the lake!
"Bye for now, prettylady and ozherperson! Beatrix will play with Pam and Siphon!"

I step through the door. My brother follows me. He still does not sing. The door closes behind us. We are in a different place than we left. This is a very, very strange Ruins.

>Allow us to talk to Khoros
>Khoros Khoros Khoros Khoros Khoros
Voices, you said a lot of things to Pam I did not understand. I am okay with that. But there is one thing that scares me and makes me worried:

How did you find out my brother's name?
No. 815583 ID: 56ffef

oh yeah your dad occasionally talks to us and some people have pledge to serve him and we occasionally see the past where we named your brother and thats pretty much it. Do you have anyother questions?
No. 815584 ID: 6e59e3

There are many problems you should not concern yourself with just yet.

I am somewhat wary of your brother, and the supply camp will not be entirely undefended, and the both of them are more pressing concerns.
No. 815585 ID: ba56e6

We saw visions of his past. The conditioning your father put him through. He is broken. Your father believes he is loyal, but from what we have seen he cares mostly about you.
No. 815587 ID: 486e87

Had some kinda of weird flashback that your brother's name was mentioned in. Also yeah, someone claiming to be your father occasionally butts in and pesters us. Bit of a pain really.

They seem to keep twisting the facts to make it seem like they're in the right, even though we're still figuring things out. One thing they did say is that Khoros might have a bit of a reaction if a load of us talked to him at once. IDK if it's a reverse physiology or what to get us to / not to talk to your brother, so going to leave it up to your judgement. You know your brother better than we do I think?
No. 815596 ID: 3ce125

Didn't we name him, before the both of you escaped from your "father"'s research facility? We lost our memories, and regained one. Unless it was a false memory... He says you erased them for your own nefarious ends, but I suspect we erased them ourselves or cooperated with you in erasing them, because by then I bet a lot of us were being tainted by him. Well, bad news, some of us went right back to him and are tainted. Six of us. I haven't checked to see how many of them are speaking regularly to you. The majority seems to be on your side.

He's not even your real father, is he?
No. 815597 ID: 8cb228

We talked to him in a flashback.

Time doesn't seem to work exactly the same for us as it does for you. We skip around some.

Now, your father thinks he is loyal to him. Khoros, for his part, seems to care about you. I think your father did something to your brother's brain, put some trick or contingency in it or something.

I think that Khoros, when he is in control of his actions, would never ever ever harm you.

...But I worry that he is not always in control of his actions. People have done... things. Terrible things to him, and his body, his brain, his mind. Things that will take a long time, a lot of nights full of tears, and a strong sister, to fix.

Also, your father said that we shouldn't talk with your brother too much. Now, I don't trust that asshole, so I want your opinion. Is it safe for us to talk to him?

Might we be able to talk to... both of you at once or something? Some sort of telepathic link? You, him, us? At some point in the future I mean? Could you maybe be a bit of a buffer, help him manage our... exuberance and multitudinous voices?
No. 815601 ID: dcd644

We saw an event in the past, and learned his name there! That or we named him, or perhaps some sort of combination of both?

Your brother is... hurt, to say the least. Some people, probably the military men that you ran from previously, did some real bad things to him, though we assisted him in his escape. I'd recommend you keep an eye on him, just to make sure he's recovering from his experiences.
No. 815618 ID: 91ee5f

According to what your brother said, we helped him name you, but we never named him.

We left for a long time, then we finally came back and helped give him a name.

It happened so long ago that we forgot. But our memories are slowly starting to come back. Emphasis on the word slowly.
No. 815624 ID: 3ce125

Maybe we shouldn't talk to him directly at all. Outissa, you can talk to him, right? Can you relay messages? That way if we try to say weird stuff to him you can refuse to relay the message.
No. 815635 ID: 01764f
File 150000926088.png - (167.96KB , 800x800 , xq130.png )

>We named your brother
>Visions of his past

>They know my name because they were me.
Brother!? Can... can you hear me?

>Yes. I can think again. I can hear again.
No. 815636 ID: 01764f
File 150000926191.png - (75.77KB , 1000x516 , xq131.png )

>We saw visions of his past. The conditioning your father put him through. He is broken.

>My mind and body are broken.
No. 815637 ID: 01764f
File 150000926492.png - (56.40KB , 1000x516 , xq132.png )

No. 815638 ID: 01764f
File 150000926808.png - (144.84KB , 1000x516 , xq133.png )

>Could you maybe be a bit of a buffer, help him manage our... exuberance and multitudinous voices?

>You are pieces of that broken me.
No. 815639 ID: 01764f
File 150000927163.png - (76.01KB , 1000x516 , xq134.png )

>It happened so long ago that we forgot.

>However... you are not me now.
>...you have not been me for a long time.
No. 815640 ID: 01764f
File 150000927452.png - (31.70KB , 1000x516 , xq135.png )

>People have done... things. Terrible things to him, and his body, his brain, his mind...

No. 815641 ID: 01764f
File 150000927678.png - (80.60KB , 800x800 , xq136.png )

>...Things that will take a long time, a lot of nights full of tears, and a strong sister, to fix.
No. 815642 ID: 01764f
File 150000927936.png - (64.45KB , 800x800 , xq137.png )

No. 815644 ID: 3ce125

Aww. You're a good sister, Outissa.
No. 815647 ID: 8199f6

We'll see about returning that hug once you save us. For now let's get to work!
No. 815657 ID: be0718

Mental reassimilation can wait, we have people to kill in the name of our demigod!
No. 815658 ID: 094652

If Beatrix insists on a threesome, punch her buck tooth out. This is not the time.

Your brother needs shelter, focus on finding a hideout.
No. 815676 ID: 3740b1

Hm, so we began as lost voices in the chorus. But what is the chorus? Are you two actually siblings? If so how are you so different?

We have a hideout already. We also have a target. Let's get on with that. Can Khoros function underwater?
No. 815681 ID: f076ad

I have a lot of questions but, eh, hugs first!
No. 815707 ID: ba56e6

Take your moment of solace. Once you are ready, step forth.
No. 815755 ID: f076ad

>Things that will take a long time to fix
It may not take that long. I mean, all we need to do is return to where we came from and he's gonna be good as new!

However, I fear that we have grown and changed too much and that our pieces don't fit anymore into the puzzle that is Khoros.

Dear Khoros, although I can't return to you whole, if it's possible, please accept this smallest piece of myself from which I emerged back into yourself. May it fill the gaps in your heart.
No. 815862 ID: ba56e6

I am thou, thou art I.
Though we may never be whole again, I pledge my loyalty to you, if you would accept it.

Will you form a contract with me and ignite the spirit of rebellion in your heart?
No. 815864 ID: 01764f
File 150008616648.png - (128.47KB , 800x800 , xq138.png )

"Speep! S-stop! Your father needs you! And you too, whoever y-you are! You kids are coming with, um, with me!"


!Suggestions are restricted by faction during this encounter!:

Dzi: "Laertes's" Loyal Ones only. You CAN Pledge Loyalty to Laertes at this time, if you voted during any of the "agent selection" steps he did.
Outissa: Anyone who is NOT pledged to Laertes.
Khoros: He is not under suggester control at this time.

This encounter will last several rounds. The goal is for every round to represent a series of back-and-forth actions.

During every round, each person can post as many suggestions as they want! You are encouraged to respond to other suggestions.

At the end of each round, I will go back and, in chronological order, will use the most clever suggestions for a multi-panel update.

We'll keep doing this until the encounter is over! (The number of rounds and how long each round will last is a secret.)
No. 815866 ID: 01764f
File 150008623334.png - (391.50KB , 1000x625 , xq139.png )

The exact capabilities of the characters aren't really known, so I encourage you to make stuff up - if it's cool enough and makes sense, I'll go with it.

-Extremely fast
-Very agile
-Possesses sharp claws and teeth
-Has enough food in her for at least two rounds of the encounter

-Energy magic gives him control over heat and cold (by removing heat from something). Also, electricity.
-Most powerful magic is making a fireball
-Cannot create ice unless there's water nearby (hint: you guys are right by a lake)
-Ketza magic is more about being clever than raw power

-Acts independently, but will assist Outissa when possible

FINALLY - At the end of the encounter, I will reward whoever gave BEST and COOLEST suggestion with a free sketch. More details to come at that time!
No. 815867 ID: 56ffef

climb a high wall turn around and moon Dzi saying "Na na na na na na~ you can't catch me!" ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
No. 815869 ID: 6e59e3

Outissa: Seize the initiative and go for his eyes with your claws. Rip them out, negate his sole advantage over you. He doesn't understand your danger, so show him.

Good predators favor haste over cleverness. Strike quickly and you will end it quickly.
No. 815873 ID: 3ce125

Outissa, you should relocate the fight. Get away from the lake so he can't use ice magic. Optimally I'd suggest going somewhere with a lot of foliage so you and Khoros can hide then ambush Dzi.
No. 815878 ID: efcc58

Lure him into Pam's domain. She probably has control over the rooms, so it would be easy to set up an ambush with her help. Ketzas are quadrapedal and floofy. If you can fight him in a room with alcoves and a high ceiling, then you'll have a mobility advantage.
No. 815881 ID: d5cc05

Outissa: Stay on the defensive while Beatrix and Khoros set up a funny flank sneak attack steak.
No. 815883 ID: be0718

That's a nice scarf you got there. It'd be a shame if Dzi burned it to a speep!
No. 815884 ID: 91ee5f


He needs to see where to aim his magic, so removing his sight will help!

>Outissa, you should relocate the fight. Get away from the lake so he can't use ice magic.

>Ketzas are quadrapedal
You sure about that? He looks like he's bipedal right there.

Beatrix isn't here, it's only Outissa and Khoros.
No. 815893 ID: 6e59e3

Also, his objective is not to kill or otherwise mortally wound you.

You are bound by no obligation.
No. 815896 ID: ba56e6

Use your agility to leap up onto his back. While you're on the way up, grab him by the head, and use the momentum to swing around. Hold on tight, and the weight and centrifugal force of your body should twist it hard enough to snap his neck. Quick and clean.
No. 815902 ID: c9f250

You're capable of much more finesse than a quick murder. He's timid. A single slice in the right place can be all you need to cripple morale. Cut shallow, and make it clear that the mercy is intentional. Use your mobility to keep this on your terms. Scare him, rebuke him, and delay his replacement.
No. 815903 ID: ba56e6

She does not have the food reserves to toy around. We have a job to do after this is done. After Dzi is dead he will make suitable rations to boost her for the task ahead.
No. 815910 ID: efcc58

>People trying to murder a father and husband who was pressured into working for someone he probably doesn't want to work for
Come on, Outissa. You're better than this. You came here to find friends, not hurt people.
No. 815915 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. And I don't think any of us told Outissa either.

But I think that might be why he's here. His family might be in danger of being killed if he doesn't do this and his willing to get himself killed if it means there's a chance his family can be saved.

But, that's just a theory, there's no actual proof that's true or not.
No. 815916 ID: be0718

Murder is practical. You cut down this agent effortlessly, and Daddy isn't likely to send a threat this large your way again for a while. I bet that's more ketza than you've ever eaten in your life, too.
Cut this beast down, he's standing in the way of your task. He's not your friend, he is food.
No. 815924 ID: 3ce125

Outissa has said people aren't food though.

OH. I just realized, since we can't speak to Khoros, Outissa will have to be sure to tell him what she's going to do. Communication is important in a battle where you don't have a plan in place beforehand.

While it would be nice not to kill Dzi, we need to at least ensure he won't come back to fight us again for a long time. Giving him a crippling injury would work. Break one of his legs, maybe?
No. 815927 ID: be0718

Dead things aren't people. Outissa has already said this.
>Giving him a crippling injury would work.
You know, people don't have to live with being dead the rest of their lives.
No. 815929 ID: efcc58

Pam has control over the doorways of the ruins, maybe she could prevent him from getting anywhere near Outissa.

Also, Ketzas aren't quadrapedal. They have a posture that allows them walk on all fours for better traction, though. This also makes it difficult for them to defend against attacks from above.
No. 815931 ID: 3ce125

He's not dead yet, therefore he is not food.
Also, you CAN recover from a broken leg.
No. 815934 ID: f076ad

Amaranth commands me that I turn this skirmish into a sexual encounter.

Outissa, you should stay back and wait until Dzi attacks. No matter what attack he does, you should try to evade it, and then counter-attack. The counter-attack should consist of you straddling Dzi's neck or face and holding onto it. Possibly upside down.
No. 815937 ID: 01764f

Without any Loyal Ones to guide him at this point, Dzi takes several steps backwards in the direction of the lake. His clawed hands weave a pattern in front of him as he starts a spell.

(Control of Dzi will be ceded back to the Loyal Ones once they start suggesting.)
No. 815939 ID: f289f9

Dzi what spell are you casting? Also I recommend dodging attacks and try not to drop any body parts. If you wanna go on the offensive try getting her in the lake, maybe use ice under her to do so.
No. 815942 ID: 01764f

Dzi nods and gives full control back to the Loyal Ones, who may now dictate his actions.
No. 815943 ID: f076ad

Dude. Be more assertive. Dzi is under your control. This is your time to shine!
No. 815947 ID: 3740b1

Blinding or slaughtering a coerced pawn? Wow you "good guys" sure are vicious.

You're outnumbered. First thing you need to do is even the odds, put them on the defensive before you're overwhelmed. Can you surrround yourself with a lasting ring of fire hot enough to keep them out of arm's reach? The scarfed one is very fast and agile, capable of leaps and lunges and terrible claw attacks. The other can become a swarm of insect of some sort. Both are deadly if they reach you. Use the fire shield to keep them back and then try to drive them towards the lake with the ring and gouts of flame. Outissa at least is very flammable. Light one or both and they'll have little choice except to jump into the lake.

Fire shield ->
Drive enemies to lake with shield and directed flame blasts
No. 815949 ID: 3740b1

Oh and if you're able to speak without disrupting your spellcasting, just keep telling Outissa you need her to come with you or your family will die. (I don't recall if that was explicitly stated, but run with it).

To Khoros, just keep reminding him that his Father needs him, that he wants Khoros to help you take his sister home.
No. 815952 ID: 01764f

rolled 10 = 10

Khoros feels a song call to him. This will take effect at the end of the round.
No. 815956 ID: f076ad

You would certainly be untouchable with such a shield.
However, your mission involves not harming Outissa and this shield would do that exact thing.

Outissa, calm your mind and charge straight for Dzi. Notice that his fire attacks are not directed at you and that Dzi has no choice but to deactivate the fire shield before you reach him. Do the, uh, grappling technique I mentioned earlier!

To Khoros: This isn't your home. This isn't your father. You need not worry about the future, for it is right in front of you. Outissa needs your help.
No. 815964 ID: ba56e6

>Blinding or slaughtering a coerced pawn? Wow you "good guys" sure are vicious.
Says the one helping to coerce the pawn. If we had rallied as one to oppose 'Laertes', perhaps Dzi would not be in this situation.

They want you to believe that they are in control. That they keep you safe.
But if you stay with Father, you will never know the truth.
This is not how it has to be.
There is an evil that holds you there, and you must try breaking its grasp.
If you go back there with them...
Then you leave her to her doom.
No. 815967 ID: d8116e

The flames are not to kill, but to direct. I'm sure Laertes would understand using the threat of pain to control another's actions. Remember that, Khoros. Remember where your loyalty lies. Remember what happens to failed agents, Dzi.

*twirls moustache*
No. 815969 ID: 8cb228

Outissa: Strike fast, darting in and out, disorienting him and preventing him from landing a strike on you!
No. 815971 ID: e6140a

I will be choosing and illustrating the best actions now.
No. 816014 ID: 01764f
File 150015323114.png - (70.49KB , 1000x625 , xq140.png )

>Lure him towards the doorway, stay defensive
No. 816015 ID: 01764f
File 150015323426.png - (31.57KB , 1000x625 , xq141.png )

>moon Dzi
No. 816016 ID: 01764f
File 150015323905.png - (314.62KB , 1000x625 , xq142.png )

>Can you surrround yourself with a lasting ring of fire hot enough to keep them out of arm's reach?
No. 816017 ID: 01764f
File 150015324234.png - (124.87KB , 1000x625 , xq143.png )

>Use the fire shield to keep them back and then try to drive them towards the lake with the ring and gouts of flame.
No. 816018 ID: 01764f
File 150015324581.png - (254.52KB , 1000x625 , xq144.png )

>keep telling Outissa you need her to come with you or your family will die.

"Y-your father - he is going to kill my family! Please, please come with me... I beg you... please... I don't want to harm you..."
No. 816019 ID: 01764f
File 150015324813.png - (59.08KB , 1000x625 , xq145.png )

Father sent him? I do not know what to do.I am very sad. I do not want his family to be hurt.
No. 816020 ID: 01764f
File 150015325148.png - (108.77KB , 1000x625 , xq146.png )

>Guard and defend when forces hinder an—

>To Khoros: You need not worry about the future, for it is right in front of you.
>There is an evil that holds you there, and you must try breaking its grasp.
>Remember that, Khoros. Remember where your loyalty lies.

Khoros is overwhelmed by too many people talking to him at once. His mind cracks again.
No. 816021 ID: 01764f
File 150015325478.png - (344.50KB , 1000x625 , xq147.png )

Khoros starts a new song.
No. 816022 ID: 01764f
File 150015325605.png - (221.06KB , 1000x625 , xq148.png )

>I can almost hear
>Your heart in the darkness
>How fast it is beating
>How close you are to me

Nononono... Brother... no....
No. 816026 ID: be0718

Khoros, don't have a cow, man!
Khoros, add sister to inventory!
Khoros, don't stab Outissa with that knife! Let's talk about our feeeeeeeeeeeliiiiings! Bahahaha.

Given the ratio of Outissa posts to Dzi posts, you accomplished surprisingly little, Sister. My suggestion is to think of Dzi's children, just go with him to see your father! But feel free to take a few fireballs to the face first. To make it convincing.
No. 816027 ID: 8cb228

Outissa: Khoros's mind is having issues again. Dodge, delay him, give ground as his is unstable right now. He should hopefully calm down soon. Also: you have no proof that this person's family is in any danger. He could easily be lying.
No. 816029 ID: efcc58

Outissa, you aren't going to be able to fight without hurting either of them. Both of them are focused on your capture. Use this to your advantage. If you can get past them, then lead them back into the ruins. The military that's giving Pam and you so much trouble have likely set up an ambush. Let them capture the ketza and your brother. With those two off your back, you can focus on disrupting their communications and rescue your brother after he regains his sanity. It's not the original plan, but we weren't expecting this guy to show up so quickly.
No. 816031 ID: f076ad

This is all your fault! Do something!
No. 816032 ID: be0718

Hm? What's that? Did somebody say "your fault"?
No. 816035 ID: 56ffef

Alright I think it is time to give those two some space get going back to Pam.
No. 816047 ID: 486e87

Oh for goodness sake, we were warned about this. Don't all try to yell stuff at Khoros. Wait, I recognise this song. I'm sorry if this backfires but I have to see what happens if we try to change the track.

Finding solace in the knowledge of what's right.
All that's holy, sacred and divine.
Guarding over all within its sight.
No. 816054 ID: 8cb228


Outissa! Sing this song with your brother!

It might calm him down. Worth a shot, no?
No. 816055 ID: f076ad

To.. no one in particular, I sing these words:

No tears Outissa please stay strong
your brother cracked he sings a song
but worry not just don't stay near
and pray with us that he may heal

Reflect your pieces in your eyes
odd visions form but they are lies
remember songs your sister sings
the saddest one forever rings

No. 816064 ID: ba56e6

You do not presently have the food available to survive until the song runs its course. Exit through the door and leave Dzi and Khoros to be the only available targets for one another.

Looking on the positive side, it is unlikely Khoros will suffer the same hesitation that you do to eliminate his opponents. He really is so much better than you are.
No. 816065 ID: 01764f

I will be choosing and illustrating the best actions now.
No. 816073 ID: 01764f
File 150017385803.png - (1.18MB , 978x620 , xq150.png )

>Leave them to each other and go back to Pam.

...and so I left. I walked away.

I found out from Pam later that my brother went to the bottom of the lake and destroyed the supplies. They were food and weapons. The scary people left after that.

They tried to come back a few times, but each time my brother drove them off.

I do not know what happened to Dzi. I hope he is okay. I hope his family is okay.

I have not heard from my father. I think he stopped trying to get me back.

I stopped hearing the voices - I think they rejoined my brother. I hope he is happier now even though he is a monster now. He lives in the deep parts of the Ruins. Pam is happy. She says that people like to pay money to come and see him.

Pam let me stay in her realm. There is food here and a place to sleep. I have a lot of fun jumping between the buildings that float.

Siphon still visits Pam. They are friends. They make each other laugh a lot.

I... I know better now what a friend is. I made a very good one.

Beatrix is my friend. She gives me hugs when I need them, and she taught me to write. She leaves sometimes for a little bit, but she always returns. I miss her when she is gone but when she is back I am very happy.

She told me that I should write down the things that happened to me. She says that a lot of people will like to read my story. Her friend Ammy is helping me with the parts I do not remember. Ammy is very big and very soft and very nice and I like to hug her. She is very nice.

Beatrix say she has a lot of friends that she wants me to meet, in a place that she calls "Station." I am going to go with her and live there. Ammy says I can have my own home. I have never had my own home before.

I have a new name now. I gave it to myself. People still call me "Outissa" and that is okay, but I like having my own name. I think it is a good name.


Oh! Beatrix is here. It is time to go now.


XenoQuest END.

Secret Ending, "Time to Move On," achieved!
No. 816075 ID: 01764f
File 150017392439.png - (35.84KB , 800x800 , xqend.png )

Thank you all so much for spending this last month with me and XenoQuest. It was always meant as a little side project, but it's blossomed into so much. When I drew that first panel with Outissa on the cliff, I had no idea where she was or what would happen.

She has many more stories to tell, and there will be many more adventures to come. <3

Special big thanks to Slinko for his assistance and graciously allowing me to use a small part of his wonderful Dragon Romance setting. Go read Dragon Romance if you haven't: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dragon_Romance . Heck, go read all of his quests, they're fantastic. <3

Another gigantic special thanks to Valsalia for giving his blessing to use his yinglet race. They're featured in Out-of-Placers, which is a must-read: http://www.valsalia.com/

Finally, come check out the XenoQuest disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112766.html . I will be using it for all of my quests going forward, and just for my stuff in general.

I love all you guys, and I look forward to having you quest with me again. <3
I have a FurAffinity page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/caedere that I update fairly regularly if you're interested in seeing more stuff from me!
No. 816088 ID: 8cb228

...What just happened?
No. 816108 ID: be0718

Yeah okay bye sis. Now Khoros, we're alone at last. Together forever...

Wanna listen to my mixtapes?
No. 816112 ID: 7fad5d

It's time you learned what kinds of porn are the Good Shit, Khoros.
No. 816120 ID: ba56e6

Truly, you are in good hands.
No. 816162 ID: 01764f
File 150019081592.png - (69.54KB , 800x800 , teaser.png )

No. 816385 ID: c9f250

I sing for you
I think of you

I remember when I lost my mind.
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