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File 124789734415.gif - (7.16KB , 800x600 , 131.gif )
7947 No. 7947 ID: c01408

There was a time when revenge was the only thing I wanted, to reclaim my Kingdom, and destroy those responsible for my amercement, and the trials which followed.
But over time, my scars toughed up.

Getting even just wasn't enough.
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No. 7949 ID: 53e089

Shit's about to get real...
No. 7950 ID: 7eda8b

Hello, self.

Please review the agenda for this day/night cycle.
No. 7951 ID: c01408
File 124789766116.gif - (16.56KB , 800x600 , 132.gif )

Our concern now is for the present, and immediate future. With the conquest of Red Fang's Den, I have acquired a base of operations from which to control my future plays and gambits.

It's going to need some cleaning up and some remodeling, of course, until it better suits my intentions. It may be small now, but in time, I am determined to make this into a formidable dungeon fortress.

The destruction of the Monster Portal, however unavoidable, is certainly a setback. Without a working Portal, I'll be lacking monstrous minions of any considerable caliber.
However, I'll still be able to utilize hirelings and your more standard-variety servants. It should be all right, for a start.

I must rebuild the Portal, I must expand, I must make moves for power, I must begin developing an army, and I must begin fortifying and defending this dungeon as well as maintaining it.

So much to do, so little time.

What shall we do?
No. 7952 ID: 34d3ad


Use some of your gold to hire some mercenaries to guard your fortress while you get to work on cleaning the place up.
No. 7955 ID: 9c72c8

Hi Boss! Me and the voices have been talking, and... well, you pretty much covered everything.
I guess that's why you're the boss, Boss.
We all pretty much agree that the first thing you should do is get some minions. I mean, resetting traps? Manual labor? Cleaning? That's grunt work, boss! We gotta hire some mooks, and quick.

Preferably before any wouldbe adventurers show up. I mean, we thought to come here. It's only a matter of time before some 'hero' shows up, too, right?

I'm sure the other voices will have some ideas for how to go about it, but for now, I really think we should find some lackeys. Everything else comes second, boss!
No. 7956 ID: 7eda8b

What is the nearest source of manpower? Do we have the ability to rebuild the Portal ourselves, or do we need to contract? How much time will this take?

Is there some way we could feign an altruistic or at least non-villainous motivation for repairing the monster portal? Pretending to have no ill intent will be to our benefit until this current period of vulnerability passes.
No. 7959 ID: c80cec

Minions! Every bad-guy boss-man has minions. Since we destroyed the monster portal, Let's look into repairing it.

What do we know about monster portals and their workings? If we don't know enough to go on, do we at least know of some place that we could find some more information on them?
No. 7960 ID: ed8d8a

Might want to publicize that this dungeon has been cleared out, so we do not have some random adventurer show up *tomorrow* when it is just you, some rotting corpses, and a bloody spear trap to face off against them. Need to buy some time to get established.
No. 7961 ID: 53e089

Make sure that if you plan to leave the dungeon, you first fortify it somehow. We don't want someone squatting on our turf while we're out hiring minions.
No. 7962 ID: c01408
File 124789850568.gif - (16.58KB , 800x600 , 133.gif )

>I mean, resetting traps? Manual labor? Cleaning? That's grunt work, boss!
I'm glad you think so. I agree wholeheartedly.
First order of business is decided then: I need some hired help to various ends:
1. Reconstruct the Monster Portal.
2. Clean and repair the dungeon proper.
3. Guard the dungeon from any immediate threats or intruders.

Lacking a monster portal, I'll have to recruit locally. Which brings us to our next issue:
>What is the nearest source of manpower?

Luckily, I have something for just this occasion.
No. 7966 ID: c01408
File 124789868824.gif - (20.68KB , 800x600 , 134.gif )

This is a map of the known world. Landmarks have all been laid out.
My new dungeon and base -- as yet unnamed, it occurs to me -- are located neatly in the center of things.

From this we can find just about anything we need.
No. 7969 ID: 7eda8b

The two nearby towns appear roughly equidistant. Which would more quickly offer a portal repair service for competitive rates? Perhaps I'm making a mountain from a molehill, but the church drawn on the non-forest town seems worrisome given the task at hand.
No. 7971 ID: 9c72c8

We should think of a name for our dungeon while we're doing other stuff. It's a simple enough matter.

How about something befitting the great Muschio? Something well achieved of our vocabulary. What're some good, noblesque, obscure words to describe this place?

... Abderian Keep?
No. 7972 ID: 34d3ad


We can't be just like every other villain when it comes to naming our fortress. There are probably dozens of "Daggercave of No Return" or other pretentious names like that out there, but we should be different. We should have a name that lulls our enemies into a false sense of security, only to leave them humiliated when they inevitably fall victim to our might.

Let's name it "Sparklestone."
No. 7973 ID: f21281

Ruination's Somnolence
No. 7974 ID: 7eda8b

I recall now. The town in the woods is Iniziare Citta. Near to the forest cottage where we have lived the majority of our lives.

Funny how we can forget things like that.
No. 7975 ID: 9c72c8

Flip it around.
Somnolence's Ruin.
No. 7976 ID: c01408
File 124789977668.gif - (20.86KB , 800x600 , 135.gif )

You raise a good point. Seeing as the dungeon is currently fully unprotected, I should keep today's journeys limited in scope, so as not to leave myself open to attack. Therefore, one of the four nearest locales should be my destination.

To the north lies Sepia Town, a rough-and-tumble walled city filled with a mix of peoples from all areas. The town is crude, dangerous, and untamed. It holds loyalty to no one, but this also makes it weak on a political and economic level.
To the east, Iniziare Citta, the town I lived nearest to and routinely bought my supplies from. Quiet, peaceful, and largely unprotected -- save by their faith.
To the south, my old home of Piacevole, the Kingdom which was stolen from me. I have not ventured there for many years.
Lastly, to the west lies the Timore woodlands, an untamed wilderness that many demi-humans and lesser races call home.
No. 7977 ID: 34d3ad


Sepia Town seems like a good place to get our hands on some mercenaries and interior decorators. We can save off on repairing the portal for when we have our fortress operational.
No. 7979 ID: 4714be

Any idea on how much this restaffing project is going to cost? I must confess that I am at a loss when it comes to the current pricing of quality goons.
No. 7981 ID: 7eda8b

Iniziare Citta and Piacevole are to be our prime targets once we're up and running. We want to stay a shadowy and mysterious figure to them, rather than 'that man who wanted a monster portal rebuilt inside this dungeon.' Sepia is promising, but a town of savvy criminals is also dangerous.

For these reasons, I would choose the Timore woodlands. It seems the nearest locale of all, (if not necessarily the easiest journey) and lesser races seem the first choice for most dungeon dwellers. I assume this is not without reason. Let us go there.

...As for a name, I might consider an ironic immortalization of our victory. Shattered Shield. Or perhaps the Severed Escutcheon, if you prefer.
No. 7983 ID: 9c72c8

Well, it seems Sepia Town or the Timore Woodlands would work, if we want to skip right towards the cutthroats and monsters. But it might be dangerous, using either of those.

On the other hand, we could probably pick up some impressionable idiots in Iniziare Citta, if we know where to look. Doubtless any of them will prove any threat, and willing to do whatever if we play our cards right. But we'll probably want to replace them as soon as we're able.

Your call, boss.
No. 7985 ID: 7eda8b

Actually, it's our call. If his decision-making faculties were still intact, he would have no need of the Orb at all.
No. 7986 ID: 9c72c8

And yet we're about tied between Sepia and Timore.
Should we vote?
No. 7989 ID: 7eda8b

Sepia seems further. Our knee and chest are not yet healed. Timore is full of, I hope, archetypal villain species, rather than cutpurses out to, well... cut our purse. To be certain, both present dangers, but to this voice, the choice is clear.
No. 7990 ID: 9c72c8

Timore it is, then.
No. 7991 ID: 7eda8b

Don't forget to bring along that scepter. (Watch your nose this time!) We might be able to get it recharged, or at least pawn it for more gold.
No. 7999 ID: c01408
File 12479065348.gif - (8.79KB , 800x600 , 136.gif )

Timore it is, then.
I set off for the demi-human's woods and leave my new home behind for the first time.
I'm sure it will survive in my absence.
No. 8000 ID: a0bf14

I got a bad feeling about this boss...

But I suppose it's necessary, so onward to Timore!
No. 8001 ID: aef236


You are going to go through with this aren't you?


Fine, just make sure you construct a well hidden escape route in your boss room. Currently there is only one entrance in your dungeon and if that gets blocked and you are faced with overwhelming odds then you’re pretty much dead.
No. 8002 ID: c01408
File 124790744127.gif - (11.05KB , 800x600 , 137.gif )

As I enter the forest -- a conifer ecology, very unlike the forests to the northeast -- I very uncomfortably pass a group of ventripotent woodcutters.
There is an awkward silence as I head into the realm of non-men.
No. 8003 ID: 67c611

I'd recommend doing stealth raids on Sepia for loot to fund this venture. We can't fight anyone face to face and be guaranteed victory. Do everything you can to lay low and not attract attention.

.....hiring minions and raiding other dungeons would be a good way to cover up your intentions and gather resources. People might even be hard pressed to believe that you could be the one raiding the town. After all, look at all the good you've done.
No. 8004 ID: f44349

...Remember their faces so you can kill them later for looking at you funny.

Also it occurs to me... What ARE you? You don't look human, and you said you weren't a bird...
No. 8005 ID: 9c72c8

... what good is that exactly?
I agree with lying low, though. No need to arouse suspicion until you can crush them beneath your heel.

Too many low-tier villains end up dead because they didn't have a realistic assessment of where they stood at the time.
No. 8006 ID: c01408
File 124790805962.gif - (9.01KB , 800x600 , 138.gif )

If memory serves me, this forest is home to a number of lesser races and demi-humans, but most especially goblins, kobolds, and ogres.

I should consider my options.
No. 8007 ID: df371c

You keep talking about demi-humans and non-men.
What exactly are you?
No. 8008 ID: 9c72c8

I think we should start small. Shouldn't we start small? Let's start with Goblins or Kobolds -- they're both equally good choices for starting villains such as ourselves.

We'll probably be able to recruit them with promises of a roof and possibly candy. Shouldn't be too hard.

Ogres are larger and more dangerous, and therefore more difficult to handle. We can try recruiting some later, maybe as soon as after this initial recruitment 'test run'. Either way, having smaller squishables to pick on in their off time will keep them distracted.
No. 8009 ID: 7eda8b

>goblins, kobolds, and ogres
...Either they or we know how to fix a monster portal, right? Which amongst them would?

Kobolds are the obvious choice for a low-level dungeon. I am sorry to say, but we are starting off at a low-level. That, of course, assumes that they are merely cheap but not utterly ineffectual, and can build a monster portal.

I wonder what their problem is? As far as they know you're just a man taking a walk in the forest. What's wrong with that?
No. 8010 ID: f95743

No. 8011 ID: c01408
File 124790918692.gif - (8.86KB , 800x600 , 139.gif )

I'm a Volto. As was my father. One of the races of men.
Not many of us left though.

Now, you raise good points. Kobolds are the cheapest and most easily gulled of the three, though Ogres are hardly more intelligent -- just more confident from their physical prowess.
Of course, that counts against us too. Weak and stupid does not a great minion make. Guards and builders need both, depending on the job, but I have to take what I can get I suppose. Still, I doubt they'll be up to much heavy lifting.
It's very likely the only ones capable of repairing a Monster Portal would be the innovative Goblins, but even then I'd need luck to find one skilled enough. I may have to find a more specialized worker.

For now though, my main priority remains the same: recruit hireling(s) to guard and begin repairs/construction on the dungeon.
No. 8012 ID: df371c

Try to get an smart looking Goblin for repairing the Monster Portal and setting traps.
Furthermore hire a bunch of kobolds for general grunt work.
No. 8013 ID: 7eda8b

We may be overthinking this. Unless you have another, more detailed map on hand, we're just going to be walking around until we stumble across some potential minions.

That said, Red Claw had a portal working. I would keep an eye out for Gnolls, who we have evidence posses such skills as we need: Strength, at least acceptable intellect, and knowledge of portals.
No. 8014 ID: 9c72c8

Eventually, we're going to have much more than these cretins. Why, some day, we might have all three, and then some.

For now, we just need someone to fill space and do gruntwork. Someone to take orders, and who isn't going to get ideas above their station.
Let's just go with the Kobolds, for now. They can hold a broom and look passably menacing, right?

We'll look for more effective flunkies later. Maybe we'll even keep one as a pet, in remembrance for how far we'll have come.
No. 8015 ID: ed469a

I think it's highly unlikely that Red Fang himself made that portal.

That being said, we should hire goblins to be our initial grunts. They're smart enough for complicated orders but cowardly enough not to rebel immediately. And they're more likely to be able do some decent quality construction than either of the other two.

For the portal, I think we need some kind of a magical artisan (hence specialized worker). We should be careful in picking one as they are likely not cheap, and we might have a use for someone like that even after the portal is fixed.
No. 8016 ID: ed469a

Nope, goblins are more cost-efficient.
No. 8017 ID: 60ba63

If you need someone keeping your dungeon clean of meddlesome adventurers I know the perfect guy for the job.

He's called... Sigmund.
No. 8018 ID: ed469a

Some ideas:

How isolated is Timore? Do people from outside ever go in? I would suggest that we covertly take over the place. We don't want a "OH GAWD MONSTERS IN THE HILLS"-kind of a reaction, at least not early on since that would attract a military response. I'd prefer it if we went unnoticed by the powers that be for as long as possible.

Secondly, I think we should totally look into imbuing the Portal with the power of the Orb. That oughta make the monsters easier to control, possibly even letting us affect their form and/or control them directly?
No. 8034 ID: 670155

Kobolds would probably do it for respect and shelter.

Goblins might want a little more.

go for a goblin right hand man with a bunch of kobold henchmen.
No. 8035 ID: 0dcc29

Personally, i think we should aim to trick an ogre into service with us, Muschio is after all, quite the dapper gentleman, I'm sure he could convince some shit-for-brains to join us if it was promised gold, food or just some big pointy stick.

Although i do agree we should get the goblin and one or two kobolds for remedial work.

tl;dr: get everything, but in smaller quantities.
No. 8041 ID: ed469a


Ogres can wait for later.
No. 8393 ID: c01408
File 124796531177.gif - (11.00KB , 800x600 , 140.gif )

Very well. I'll seek out a Goblin first, for our more crafty requirements, and multiple Kobolds for grunt work thereafter.

It doesn't take long to find a Goblin camp in these woods. Thin plumes of black smoke and the smell of roasting horseflesh is compass enough.

The camp is small, but the presence of a watchtower suggests these Goblins are vigilant to intruders. I should be certain I know how to approach this situation.
No. 8394 ID: 0dcc29

Might i suggest a rather unorthodox friendly wave to them? Let them know we're here and want to talk to them. They're vigilant against intruders, so, as long was we don't go where we're not wanted they shouldn't attack us on sight, right? We could easily suave our way through this.
No. 8395 ID: 9c72c8

Try to approach in a friendly manner. Friendly as we ever are, at least.
We're not here to dominate -- we're here to offer a once-in-a-lifetime offer, for one lucky goblin to get in on the ground floor of a new empire as our first second-in-command!

Leave out the part where they might get demoted if we find a more suitable second down the line.
No. 8396 ID: 7eda8b

Offer a peaceful gesture. I'd tell you to look the part with a dangerous smile, but you seem to have that well in hand, you devilish rogue.

Say, "Greetings, goblins! I am hiring!"
No. 8398 ID: ed469a

Open approach is probably the best, but be ready to use the shield to block incoming arrows. You know, in case they don't like the cut of our jib.

An impressive introductory speech wouldn't hurt either.

Also, curse you, I was just going to bed. SCREW SLEEP, MORE DIVEQUEST.
No. 8399 ID: c01408
File 124796649269.gif - (9.21KB , 800x600 , 141.gif )

Diplomacy is better than force in this situation. I approach with hands high to show I come in peace and don't have any weapons in-hand.

"Greetings, goblins! I am hiring!"
No. 8400 ID: ed469a

Unhh, we do speak goblin, right?
No. 8401 ID: e3d75a

If we don't, just shout LOUDER and SLOW-ER, they are bound to make something of that, the ungrateful savages, camping out here, taking our jobs.
No. 8402 ID: 0dcc29

"This is your lucky day, for one of you at least! To kick-start an empire! One of you will be walking away today with an entire fort (We can exaggerate, right?) under his belt! Which one shall it be?"

Aaaand hope they understand our language.
No. 8403 ID: c01408
File 124796697394.gif - (7.33KB , 800x600 , 142.gif )

"One of you lucky individuals will be rewarded with the opportunity to help me found an empire of power unlike any the world has yet seen! Who will it be?"

>"...what are you doing?"
No. 8404 ID: 1afd58

Tr... trying to hire you? Or some other thing of your species?
No. 8405 ID: 0dcc29

"I have a fort in need of expansion. I want you to help me. I can pay you money. How hard is it, really?"
No. 8407 ID: ed469a

This sheepish behavior is UNFITTING for the MIGHTY MUSCHIO.
Glare at the like they were dirt and demand to see their leader.
No. 8410 ID: c01408
File 124796741869.gif - (7.51KB , 800x600 , 143.gif )

"Er... tr-trying to hire you? Or one of you, anyway."

>"We have a life here. We have jobs and responsibilities among our own kind already. Why should any of us come with you?"
No. 8411 ID: 1afd58

I can... pay you. In gold or in eventual power over your peers and subordinates.
No. 8412 ID: ed469a

"Look, just let me in the camp. I won't cause trouble. I'll talk to a few people and see if I can find a volunteer, ok?"
(if that doesn't work, palm him a few coins to grease the way)
No. 8413 ID: c01408
File 124796772693.gif - (7.88KB , 800x600 , 144.gif )

"Look here! I won't have you standing in my way! I'm a man of great ambitions and I demand to speak to the elder here, immediately!"

>"All right, fine. This way."
No. 8416 ID: 1afd58

Follow politely. Try not to get shot for being kind of a jerk.
No. 8418 ID: ed469a


OK, so a quick infosearch: How does one become the leader of a goblin tribe? Kill the previous leader and eat his flesh?

But for now, let's follow the guard to the elder and probe our possibilities. Perhaps we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement with said elder. A win-win if you will.
No. 8420 ID: ed469a

That guy is the real Muschio.
I never want to see this >>8410 loser again.
No. 8423 ID: c01408
File 124796825030.gif - (12.43KB , 800x600 , 145.gif )

The Goblin leads me to the elder's hut, and parting the curtain, I enter. A decorative shield and pair of weapons hangs above the doorway.

Before me stands the tribe's elder, a man of great stature covered in tattoos and piercings of bone.

>"Why have you come to this place, son of man?"
No. 8424 ID: 0dcc29

Woah, easy there bub, Muschio already admitted he gets a little tongue tied around people cut him the barrels he lacks, jack.
No. 8425 ID: 1afd58

I seek to hire one of your people to be a gadgeteer in my rising empire.
No. 8426 ID: ed469a

"I have come to recruit the services of you skilled tribe, honorable elder. I can pay both in gold and in power."
No. 8427 ID: bde1b8

Explain that we are trying to hire soldiers for our dungeon, and also a repairman for a monster portal. If his town has no one willing or able to do either, ask if he knows anywhere with such work available.
No. 8428 ID: e3d75a

If this does not go as planned try to inflict misfortune upon them without them noticing, then reap upon this to recruit them into your legions.
The perfect plan.
No. 8430 ID: ed469a

Hmh. The fact that he gets tongue tied doesn't mean he cannot strive to be better. Fortunately he does excellent menacing poses and a wonderful icy stare. Perhaps we should look into hiring someone to do his talking for him.
No. 8432 ID: d5b2d6

> son of man

Hey now, there's no need to be so rude.
No. 8433 ID: 0dcc29

"Hello there good sir. I am looking for engineers or even simple craftsmen to enter into my employ. I understand and appreciate the high value of goblin craft; I can pay well and I assure you high quality lodgings in my, completely safe and secure, fort for those who i employ. What say you?"
No. 8434 ID: f44349

"I have plans.
GRAND plans.
But first I need allies.
That is why I am here.
I need someone with knowledge of traps and construction, and someone with knowledge of monster portals."
No. 8435 ID: ed469a

Oh good lord man! Don't go mentioning a monster portal so casually. For all we know these goblins might hate monster portals.
No. 8436 ID: 7eda8b

There is no need to be rude.

"I desire the services of a mystic artisan to repair a shattered dimensional portal. I thought this village might contain a goblin of such talents. I am willing to pay in gold. I have no desire to harm your village. I simply wish to do business."
No. 8437 ID: 7eda8b

Well what are we supposed to say? 'I need a dude who can do some stuff in a place?'
No. 8438 ID: ed469a

Bah, we should approach the subject carefully. Maybe start with magical artisans, then start talking about those specializing in dimensional magic and so forth.
Although the "Stuff at a place"-approach might just work.
No. 8439 ID: c01408
File 124796934662.gif - (13.15KB , 800x600 , 146.gif )

"I have no desire to harm you or anyone else in this village. I've only come searching for a Goblin who has knowledge of traps and construction, so that I may keep him with honest wages of gold under my own employ."

>"There is such a Goblin here, but he will not go with you!"
No. 8440 ID: 1afd58

And why the hell not?
No. 8441 ID: d5b2d6

No. 8442 ID: 297818

Not even for a quick commissioned job?
No. 8443 ID: ed469a

"May I inquire why that is?"
No. 8444 ID: 0dcc29

"And why not? If i may ask? Perhaps you seek a better deal? I could appease you all with wealth, should you want it"
No. 8445 ID: 7eda8b

Gosh. A seller's market for goblin labor. Who would have dreamed?

"Not even temporarily? Why not?"
No. 8446 ID: ed469a

We're not some two bit thug smacking his hoes, we're the Illustrious Muschio!
No. 8447 ID: e3d75a

"I was trying to be nice, I really was. Fine them, tell me why he will not go with me." say so as you attempt to loom over them in a vaguely (but not quite yet) threatening manner.
No. 8452 ID: c01408
File 124796983993.gif - (13.60KB , 800x600 , 147.gif )

"And why not? Surely that is his own decision to make."

>"It is not! This village must band together and unite as one if we are to stave off Red Fang's Gnoll raiders!"
No. 8454 ID: bde1b8

...Oh really.

You see, I have a funny story about that...
No. 8455 ID: d5b2d6

"Red Fang? Red Fang is long since dead, my friend. I defeated him and all of his allies in the very same place I am asking for help rebuilding."
No. 8456 ID: 7eda8b

Laugh for ten solid seconds, then say "Oh, pardon me. Please, pardon that outburst. I have killed Red Fang."
No. 8457 ID: 0dcc29

"Oh ho~? Red Fang? Then you must know of where my new fort is located. Yes, i have dealt with him. Should you require proof i shall bring his husk down for you to see with your own eyes. Would you like that?"
No. 8458 ID: 1afd58

No, goddamnit, don't tell him where we live.

They'll just kill us right here and march over to take it.
No. 8459 ID: e3d75a

"Ah. Then you're in for a pleasant surprise for you see, I, have slain Red Fang, he and his raiders are no more."
No. 8460 ID: ed469a

"Hmm. Perhaps I could slay this monster, should you agree to place your village into my service for the next year or so?"
No. 8463 ID: 7eda8b

Wait, that's actually a better idea. But that would need more direct proof we killed him. We left his corpse for scavengers.
No. 8467 ID: ed469a

We have his sword. The goblins should be fairly accustomed to that, right?
No. 8469 ID: 7eda8b

That's a good idea. Unless it's too late (I fear it might be due to the chorus thus far, including my own voice) we should say "Very well. If I bring for you Red Fang's sword, will your fair village reward me with your talents?"
No. 8471 ID: c01408
File 124797093637.gif - (23.95KB , 800x600 , 148.gif )

This twist of fortune is too good to ignore. After an impulsive laugh, I calmly inform the elder that Red Fang has been destroyed, and his forces undoubtedly scattered.

They need not fear him anymore.

No. 8472 ID: ed469a

Well maybe if we become the village hero we can get cheap labor?

Explain to them that the place needs a good solid garrison to prevent other foes like Red Fang from occupying it.
No. 8473 ID: bde1b8

Well you certainly have this evil villain thing down. Almost too well. Might want to cut back a bit before it gets you into too much trouble.
No. 8474 ID: 9c72c8

Ahahaha! Incredible, Muschio! If we play our cards right, we could drag the whole village with us.
I still think we should get some Kobolds, though. They make good expendable footstools.
They can be underling to the Goblins.
No. 8475 ID: ed469a

"Ah. The laugh. It's a human thing. Please excuse me."
No. 8478 ID: 0dcc29
File 124797146429.jpg - (60.19KB , 958x607 , a lot of moss.jpg )

No. 8479 ID: 1afd58

Yeahh... Muschie. Maybe try to tone down the crazy a bit, ok?
No. 8480 ID: f44349

EXCELLENT evil laugh.
Now is the time for BOLDNESS!
Inform them that you intend to replace Red Fang as the master of his dungeon, and that you would like to forge an alliance with the denizens of this village.
If they respond hostilely remind them that if they kill you someone ELSE will take over Red Fang's dungeon and THEY would probably not be so kind to the poor goblin village.
No. 8482 ID: 7eda8b

Make a note to keep the heads of our future opponents, in case proof of their demise becomes necessary, and as disincentive to cross us. We will need a taxidermist in the future...

Smile and say, "So, how about it?"

If you brought the gnollboss' sword, show them.

After our trials and torments thus far, can we not at least accept what pleasures life provides?
No. 8483 ID: 9c72c8

Why? Don't tell him not to laugh. Look at him -- he's so happy.
No. 8484 ID: 670155

obviously they're smart enough to know what an evil laugh is.

this is why we're hiring one.
No. 8486 ID: c01408
File 124797220316.gif - (13.76KB , 800x600 , 149.gif )

My response to their risible comments have obviously sparked some reaction.
To dismiss their skepticism, I proudly display Red Fang's signature flyssa.

>"That is indeed the scourge's sword! Then it's true!"

"I will make my offer one last time. You can side with me and allow me to employ your cleverest citizen and his peirastic mind, and in return this village and I will henceforth coexist peacefully."

>"Accepted, and gladly. You will always be welcome in our village, O Slayer of Red Fang.
>You will find our tinker in the wooden shack at the edge of the village."
No. 8487 ID: d5b2d6

Awesome! Allies! High-five, Muschio!

...but not in front of the goblin elder.

No. 8488 ID: 1afd58

Go get the fellow.

If he is substandard, run him through and then leave the village, noting to yourself to burn it to the ground later.
No. 8489 ID: d5b2d6

uh no
No. 8491 ID: 7eda8b

Well, no sense dallying. Make haste for the shack.
No. 8492 ID: f44349

Now, now, we haven't enough power to be so picky... yet.
No. 8493 ID: 9c72c8

Heheheh~! Peaceful coexistance.
Well, backup allies never hurt. Who knows what the future will bring? There may come a time when we need them.

But for now, let's go get that tinker.
No. 8494 ID: 45afb1

Before we go we need to ask the elder about the relations with the nearby villages, we don't want to put kobolds and goblins in the same room if they hate each other, same goes for the ogres.
No. 8495 ID: 670155

A villain with genuine friends is one that dies of old age rather than from a knife in his back I always say.
No. 8496 ID: c01408
File 124797346577.gif - (14.69KB , 800x600 , 150.gif )

With the elder's guidance, I find the hut of the Goblin Tinker.
He's busy at work on something at his desk. The room is neatly organized.
Burning incense in a hanging basket overhead fills the room with a pleasant scent that mixes strangely with what I perceive to be burnt powder.
No. 8497 ID: 1afd58

Your life has been granted to me, gobbo slave.

Bow down before your new master.
No. 8498 ID: d5b2d6

"Greetings, tinkerer! I require your assistance in recreating a dimensional portal that has been broken. Your chief has dictated that you help me."
No. 8499 ID: 4714be

Cough politely to catch his attention, then introduce yourself.
No. 8500 ID: 45afb1

Politely ask him what hes working on.

Ask to see if there is anything you can do to help. It may be relevant to your "noble" cause.
No. 8502 ID: c01408
File 124797418435.gif - (14.40KB , 800x600 , 151.gif )

"Greetings, tinker. My name is Muschio Malto, and I am seeking your service. Your chief has decreed that you help me."

The Goblin responds without looking up.
>"What's in it for me?"
No. 8503 ID: 1afd58

What else? Money. Power. The satisfaction of seeing your devices slay those who would call you a monster.
No. 8504 ID: d5b2d6

"Uh... we won't kill you and your village like we did Red Fang?"
No. 8506 ID: 0dcc29

Ask him what he's working on, from that derive/ask about his specialties, explain the slaying of red fang and his subsequent relocation.
No. 8507 ID: 7eda8b

"The continued safety and prosperity of your tribe. I slayed Red Fang, freeing your people from his shadow."

After he inevitably stares silently at you, quirk an eyebrow and say "A fair wage of gold concurrent with your skill."
No. 8508 ID: 35cea2


"Payment in gold, and a large, quiet workspace."
No. 8509 ID: 9c72c8

"You'll get to boss around a bunch of Kobolds."
No. 8510 ID: 742ab9

Why, nothing more than carte blanche in regards to your mechanical pursuits, my dear fellow! All I ask is for the occasional assistance with a portal or two, and perhaps some traps.
No. 8512 ID: c01408
File 124797510282.gif - (8.29KB , 800x600 , 152.gif )

"Wages in gold and an opportunity to practice your experiments in the safety of my purview."

>"200 gold."

"All I ask for is your assistance with basic repairs, as well as traps, and the reconstruction of a monster portal."

>"...120 gold."
No. 8513 ID: bde1b8

A fair deal for services you are in need of. Pay him honestly.
No. 8514 ID: d5b2d6

Try to lower it to 100. If he won't take it, accept his offer.

Once that's done with, we have kobolds to recruit!
No. 8516 ID: 742ab9

He seems intrigued by the idea of the monster portal. Meet his offer of 120 gold, and expound upon the details of our device.
No. 8517 ID: 0dcc29

"You reduced your price? Why? Can you do the repairs?"
No. 8518 ID: 7eda8b

"One hundred."
No. 8521 ID: f44349

You can reconstruct a monster portal then?"
If yes, meet his price. We need him and the more he likes us the better.(If he's lying we can deal with him appropriately later)
If no, start to hagglin'!
No. 8523 ID: c01408
File 124797605518.gif - (7.90KB , 800x600 , 153.gif )

"One hundred."

>"One-ten. And I get to put the portal up myself."
No. 8524 ID: 45afb1

No. 8526 ID: 1afd58

Deal, assuming monster portals can be keyed to specific people for control and not just whoever puts them up.

We don't want to be under the goblin's thumb just because s/he is the only one who can control the monsters.
No. 8527 ID: 7eda8b

"Why do you consider this important? Don't lie or I'll know."
No. 8528 ID: f44349

>I get to put the portal up myself.
...That doesn't entail him getting control of the monsters or something stupid like that does it?
If not and he's just very interested in the monster portal then agree.
No. 8529 ID: c01408
File 124797665760.gif - (7.25KB , 800x600 , 154.gif )

"Why is that so important? Don't lie, or I'll know."

>"Monster Portals are high arcana technology. I so rarely have a chance to toy with that level of complexity. Don't worry, I'll have it running smooth for you in no time, no matter how badly it's broken right now."
No. 8530 ID: 1afd58


Well, so long as I can still control what monsters come out if it without your assistance, then fine.

Come. We need to recruit some manual labor. What do you know of the kobolds in the area?
No. 8531 ID: 0dcc29

goblin moe~

Very well, ask her to prepare her stuff for moving.
No. 8533 ID: 4714be

That's quite the difference in hand size.
No. 8534 ID: 7eda8b

"Very well. One hundred and ten. Any other caveats I should know about?"
No. 8535 ID: c80cec

Very well. Deal accepted. Ask for the tinkerer's name.
No. 8536 ID: 35cea2


Just wondering, what's your opinion on Kobolds?
No. 8537 ID: c01408
File 124797850814.gif - (11.97KB , 800x600 , 155.gif )

The tinker, who calls itself "Finesse", says there are Kobold tree-dwellers a short ways north of the Goblin camp, and they make cheap if easily-distracted workers.
It also insists it is female, but it hardly concerns me.
No. 8538 ID: 742ab9

Try not to stare at her freakishly huge hand.
No. 8539 ID: 7eda8b

Realize you have killed only one gnoll, and the elder was quite specific about there being raiders plural. Groups of them may return to our new home at any time.

With this in mind, should we return home as quickly as possible, or try to recruit some muscle in case more gnolls have set up shop?

I vote we head straight home, and trust in our swords (both for swinging and as trophy) to win over any possible hyenids. They would make far superior muscle than Kobolds.
No. 8540 ID: 9c72c8

Alright! Tinker acquired! *FANFARE*
Now let's get some Kobolds! We need someone to clean up the mess all those monsters made.
They bleed. So much.

Then we'll get the portal working, and the traps reset, and then... then we can do more interesting things!

Like redesigning our boss room. I'm thinking we need a new wallhanging...
No. 8541 ID: 4714be

Hardly concerns you? Once you go Gobbo, the others you'll drop-o~

Anyhow, time to acquire some kobold minions.
No. 8543 ID: 670155

That goblin seems smart enough to have an intelligent conversation with. You dont wanna be lonely at the top...

or maybe you do actually i'm not really sure of your prerogatives..
No. 8547 ID: ed469a

"So, Finesse. Do you have any long term plans career-wise? I mean, do you really wish to spend the rest of your life as the town tinker? You said it yourself, you hardly ever get to play with the cool toys."
If she seems amicable to that approach, suggest that "If things go smoothly, there may be permanent openings available in my employ."
No. 8548 ID: ed469a

continued with "Your own workshop, the very best tools, your own lackeys. Think it over."

And prepare to wow the kobolds with your fire magic.
No. 8617 ID: fb5d8e

Finesse kiss Muschio
No. 8622 ID: f95743

No. 8624 ID: cd27c6

I am loneliness, spirit-weakening, masturbation-inducing.
No. 8695 ID: 7eda8b

We don't actually have lackeys or tools yet.
No. 8697 ID: ed469a

Why should that stop us from promising those?
No. 8702 ID: 7eda8b

Because she's not stupid and will quickly be able to assess our situation. We're basically saying "If you build me a workshop... you can use it."
No. 8904 ID: c01408
File 124804206031.gif - (8.83KB , 800x600 , 156.gif )

Through Finesse's directions, we shortly arrive at the Koboldhomes. A harpocratic still pervades the scenery, and the numerous windows and doorways carved to the tree-trunks are sealed, betraying no motion from within.

>"Hiding, of course."
No. 8905 ID: 1afd58

Kobolds! I am Muscio Malto! I seek to provide a number of you with food and protection in exchange for your work reconstructing a fortress I have come into possession of. You will not be harmed.
No. 8914 ID: 7eda8b

Say, "Hello! I mean you no harm! I wish to provide fair wages for your services as lookouts and laborers."
No. 8915 ID: c01408
File 124804269444.gif - (8.87KB , 800x600 , 157.gif )

"Kobolds! My name is Muschio Malto! I have not come to harm you. I am here because I wish to hire you -- manual labor in exchange for payment, food, and shelter!"

The silence yet persists.

>"No dice, master Muschio."
No. 8916 ID: 1afd58

Perhaps this situation could use some Finesse.

What do you suggest?
No. 8919 ID: 9c72c8

"... if you don't come out, I will harm you."
No. 8920 ID: f42c4e

Right. You asked for it.

Burst into their homes and kidnap.
No. 8926 ID: 7eda8b

They're just shy.

Go knock on a door.
No. 8934 ID: 0dcc29

Good call. Ask her if she could smoke them out with something? Or see if she has any bright ideas?
No. 8936 ID: c80cec

Ask Finesse if she knows a better way to get them out of hiding.
No. 8956 ID: c01408
File 124804412887.gif - (7.54KB , 800x600 , 158.gif )

I ask Finesse for a little help in what I'm doing wrong.

>"Beats me. Kobolds are usually skittish, but the mention of gold usually brings 'em running. Something must be going on."
No. 8958 ID: ed469a

Enter a dwelling and investigate!
Then hug Finesse!
No. 8959 ID: 0dcc29

Now would be the time to investigate the doors. Knock first, be a proper gentleman, if there's no reply just start smashing shit up to find these bastards.
No. 8960 ID: 1afd58

Well, scout around a bit then, Muschio. Is there any obvious danger? Repeat your plea for service in exchange for food and protection periodically.
No. 8961 ID: a5e666

"Come out come out where ever you are! I have gold!"

Jingle your purse in a seductive manner.
No. 8962 ID: 7eda8b

Go knock on a door.

Maybe they're all dead. Then you'll feel foolish for spending so long standing around and yelling.
No. 8964 ID: bd2eec

"Understood. Let's search out our will-be laborers and find out why they didn't respond."
No. 8968 ID: 9c72c8

Indeed, let's pick a door at random, knock, and try to open it. We're going to make contact with someone, damnit.
No. 8971 ID: c80cec

Yell out that we can see that the kobolds are scared of something. Offer to help them with whatever problem it is they have in return for labor.
No. 8975 ID: c01408
File 124804472449.gif - (11.62KB , 800x600 , 159.gif )

I decide to attempt a less violent approach, at least at first. Door-breaking will follow if I am still denied answer.

"Hello? I said I have gold..."
No. 8979 ID: ed469a

Be on the lookout for traps. Don't want a repeat of last time.
No. 8987 ID: c01408
File 124804498142.gif - (10.14KB , 800x600 , 160.gif )

After a pause, a small Kobold answers the wood-carved door.

>"Hello. We would very much like your gold. But we are having a problem that gold will not help. We must attend."
No. 8988 ID: 1afd58

What problem is that? Perhaps I can assist.
No. 8990 ID: 7eda8b

"Is this about Red Fang?"
No. 8991 ID: 83777b

"And what may that be? Perhaps I could provide assistance in exchange for later service?"
No. 8997 ID: ed469a

Those kobolds don't seem as idiotic as previously feared. They will make good minions.
No. 9003 ID: 7eda8b

Aww, he's cute.
No. 9013 ID: 885f78

Adorabolds. I bet they wear little Victorian era outfits and drink tea!
No. 9014 ID: c01408
File 124804632426.gif - (14.31KB , 800x600 , 161.gif )

"Perhaps I can assist."
>"We would gladly listening to your offer if you help."

The kobold leads me up the inside of the treehouse, through a winding stairway and into a small hollow where a child lies in bed, its skin tinted with a strange purpureal hue.

>"Daughter, a man has come to make you better. You will be fine again soon, my little whisker."

Another Kobold, perhaps the young one's mother, stands on the opposite side of the bed.
>"She ate a bad mush. Now she is very sick and will getting worse. We have had enough death this year."
No. 9016 ID: c80cec

Does muschio's experience lend him any knowledge on herbalism?
No. 9017 ID: 1afd58

Well, if she ate something poisonous and not caustic, vomiting would be a good idea.

Where is that succimer machine?
No. 9018 ID: f42c4e

Finesse, any ideas? If she has any then... make the Kobold vomit.
No. 9025 ID: 0dcc29

This shit is a waste of Muchio's time, these guys really don't look as if they're in the mood, or the ability to put up much resistance if push came to shove. They say they've lost people, ask how?
No. 9026 ID: f42c4e

HASN'T! Not has! Woops.
No. 9029 ID: f44349

Why did they have to be so adorable...
...I don't think I have the heart to use them for cannon fodder.
No. 9030 ID: ed469a

Obviously the poison's in her blood now. Letting out the bad blood should fix her right up.
Three-four liters should do it.
No. 9031 ID: 9c72c8

Ask if they've induced vomiting.
If it's too late for that, we may need to find an antidote.

But probably try vomiting first.
No. 9032 ID: 7eda8b

"I have a magical healing device, but it's out of charges. Do any of you have the ability to provide etheric energy?"
No. 9042 ID: c01408
File 124804753448.gif - (10.45KB , 800x600 , 162.gif )

My skills never encompassed herbalism, and I know of no cure for ingrained mycetism. From the look of her skin, the case is serious. A celadon haze surrounds her like an aura of death, and her wan expression and ceaseless algor tell me she is not long for this world.
>"Hope you've got a healing spell up your sleeve, Master. I'm a tinker, not a healer."
No. 9045 ID: 1afd58

Oh no. The adorable kobold is going to die.

I still say induce vomiting... do we have any potions from the dungeon left? She's dead either way, toss it down her gullet if we do.
No. 9055 ID: 7eda8b

So recharging the sceptre is a no go? Wouldn't hurt to ask. Maybe they've got some fancy tribal recharging thingy.

If not, give the critter a sip of the mystery potion and hope for the best. Be ready to run if it doesn't work.
No. 9058 ID: c80cec

Ask if Finesse can recharge our healing wand.
No. 9060 ID: 9c72c8

Hey, we still have that potion from the dungeon, right?
Now's as good a time as any to test it out.
I mean, she's gonna die if it doesn't work anyway, right?
No. 9061 ID: 6f594f

Flip it over, look for more symptoms.
It won't survive vomiting, so don't induce that.
The thing seems to be shivering, would it not be a good idea to cover it up in something other than rags?
No. 9062 ID: c01408
File 12480482568.gif - (8.33KB , 800x600 , 163.gif )

>"We are simple folk. We no have any magic to help. If we did, my little whisker would be running about."

...I still have that cesious and foul-smelling elixir, but... I'm unsure of its effects.
No. 9063 ID: 1afd58


No. 9069 ID: 885f78

Good medicine always tastes bad. Go for it.

If you're unsure, take a sip of it yourself first and see what happens.
No. 9072 ID: 35cea2


That seems awful altruistic for a villan. Oh well, we can work on being repulsive when we can afford to.

I suppose taking a sip yourself would be a good idea as any.
No. 9073 ID: c01408
File 124804868616.gif - (11.37KB , 800x600 , 164.gif )

I administer the questionable elixir to the young kobold, in the hopes that it is miraculously some manner of cure.
No. 9074 ID: 1afd58

Please don't explode ;-;
No. 9075 ID: f44349

Brace for "OH GOD WHY ;_;"
No. 9076 ID: 670155

Be prepared to haul ass.
No. 9077 ID: 7eda8b

Get ready to leg it if he starts puking up organs.
No. 9078 ID: f44349

Also we are a terrible villainous mind
The first sign of some thing cute and helpless and we have him giving up potions to save them.
No. 9079 ID: 7eda8b

Oh please. All we know about that stuff is it smells bad. Red Fang could've been collecting his spit in a jar for all we know.

Testing it out on some random youth in hopes it will win us manpower sounds about right.
No. 9081 ID: 8ce2bf

Not only does it smell bad, it smells of bad body odor.
No. 9082 ID: 7eda8b

Who knows what Red Fang liked to collect in jars?
No. 9083 ID: c01408
File 124804987071.gif - (104.19KB , 800x600 , 165.gif )

A few minutes of nervous waiting post-medication are finally met with the Kobold sitting up in bed. Her shakes seem to have subsided.

Perhaps fortune smiles on us yet.

No. 9084 ID: 1afd58

No. 9085 ID: 885f78

No. 9086 ID: 7eda8b

Pause in silence for several seconds.


Pause for several more seconds.

"So how do you feel?"
No. 9087 ID: 670155

well that was.....kind of expected.
No. 9088 ID: c01408
File 124805025271.gif - (19.81KB , 800x600 , 166.gif )

>"I feel betters!"
No. 9089 ID: 1afd58


You kobolds owe us a month's free labor for that.
No. 9090 ID: ec1a70

haha, oh wow.
No. 9091 ID: f44349

Fair enough, it just seems like we're being so nice t-
No. 9092 ID: 670155

Disgustingly adorable.

mostly disgusting. Proceed to offer them jobs!
No. 9093 ID: 9c72c8

... victory!
No. 9094 ID: 4714be

You need to pretend you knew this was going to happen.
No. 9095 ID: 7eda8b

Awesome. Now we're friends with two different tribes of monstrous minions, affordable manpower with which we can begin our quest of vengeance.

Today has been very productive, and it's not even over. Now get a fucking towel.
No. 9097 ID: c01408
File 124805080870.gif - (5.71KB , 800x600 , 167.gif )

"Yes. All according to plan. You see? I've cured your daughter."

Finesse looks at me with a very unimpressed expression, but the Kobolds are both ecstatic.
One quick toweling-off later, I inspect the child, who is still dripping an ichorous fluid of blood and detritus from her facial orifices. It doesn't seem to cause her any discomfort.
The black contagion in the fluid grows thinner by the moment, suggesting a purging of the system.

Her sickly pallor has been replaced with a rather striking rubor. I consider this while examining her to the best of my abilities.

>"Mommy says you made me betters! When I grows up I'm gonna be just like you!"
No. 9098 ID: 35cea2

Oh boy.
No. 9100 ID: 1afd58

Hope that she does not die.
No. 9101 ID: 34d3ad


"I certainly hope not. I intend to be the best. And I don't like company."
No. 9102 ID: c80cec

Excellent... Steeple your fingers for a second, and then ask the parents if they would be willing to part with a few villagers as paid-laborers.
No. 9103 ID: 871098

Oh god, I have to speak up. We can't do this, she's too innocent.

Confide in her.
"That is not a good idea. You see, I am... evil."
No. 9104 ID: 7eda8b

>Rubor: inflammation: a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat

Look visibly concerned so as to cover your ass.

... Get ready to run the fuck away.
No. 9105 ID: 35cea2


Get her a glass of water or something.
No. 9106 ID: 670155

No. 9107 ID: 8ce2bf

Reel back and headbutt her to cause further blood loss to fix her excess of blood.
No. 9108 ID: 670155


No. 9109 ID: c01408
File 124805165294.gif - (5.84KB , 800x600 , 168.gif )

The flow begins to subside a bit, now fully cleansed of ichor and returned to clean blood. Still, the trickle continues. If I didn't know better, I'd say she's developed a sudden case of hyperaemia. The excess of blood is familiar -- my aunt had it.
It has a tendency to run in the family. I missed it, but I certainly hope I haven't tainted this young girl's bloodline.

"You don't want to be like me, little girl. You see... I am evil."
No. 9110 ID: f42c4e

Add "And hiring" quickly.
No. 9111 ID: c01408
File 124805174318.gif - (5.30KB , 800x600 , 169.gif )

Her nose continues to bleed.
>"Then I wanna be evil too!"

She smiles sweetly to me, and her eyes gleam as she takes in my appearance.
>"You're handsome! Are you a king? I wanna be a king too! I'm gonna be an evil king!"

"Girls can't be kings."

This situation is making me vaguely uncomfortable.
No. 9112 ID: 1afd58

Fine, we can use an apprentice. Just... make sure you follow orders.
No. 9113 ID: 4714be

Oh dear, it seems you have an admirer.
No. 9115 ID: 9c72c8

Look, we'll just...
Tell her she can be a princess if it'll shut her up.

Now when can these kobolds start cleaning up the bloodsplatters we left behind?
No. 9116 ID: c01408
File 124805259814.gif - (8.23KB , 800x600 , 170.gif )

That's enough of that! It's time to get back to business. Since this family will be too busy tending their own affairs to help, I return to the commons.

"I have cured the ill girl! Now I say again: I have gold, warm food, and a place to sleep! I am offering employment for honest work!"

This time, there's a more significant response.
I suppose I get my pick of the litter.
No. 9117 ID: 7eda8b

That's silly. Girls can't be kings at all.

Never mind. There is no point arguing with children.

"Well, now that's settled. May we now speak recruitment?"
No. 9118 ID: 40dc56

Well let's round up the strongest looking of the group
No. 9119 ID: 1afd58

Well, pick a couple of the stronger looking of the adorable buggers and get going.
No. 9121 ID: 7eda8b

Round up some gullible looking strong backs.

What sort of pay rate does a kobold minion merit, Muschio?
No. 9123 ID: 0dc731

Even if you do have the dormant form of a blood-borne illness in your genetics, it is doubtful that you passed it to her as you never actually put your genetic material into the flask.

More likely, the voiding of the ichor from her nose, mouth and eyes damaged the mucous membranes in those areas. If it doesn't subside in a few days, we may have a problem, otherwise, it's fine.

Be prepared for her to follow you back, however. She seems to be attracted to you on some childish level.
No. 9125 ID: 35cea2


Try to find a few that have some sort of combat experience. They may not make optimal guards, but at least they're better than nothing.
No. 9126 ID: a0bf14

See how much each is willing to work for. Remember we only have 10 gold left.
No. 9128 ID: d5b2d6

If by '10' you mean '91' then yup.
No. 9133 ID: c01408
File 124805362759.gif - (14.05KB , 800x600 , 171.gif )

Kobolds are a diverse bunch, but the traits that run common to them are their dogged resilience and determination, their crafty and underhanded ways, their limited intellect and simplistic mindset, and their near-bestial status.

I have quite a selection before me. The going rate is 40 gold a head. After spending 120 on Finesse, I have 81 left.
That gives me enough to hire one Kobold, or spend up the last of my savings and hire two.

On the one hand, money is always good to have on one's person.
On the other hand, more money will come.

I'm still trying to decide exactly what manner of Kobold to hire.
No. 9134 ID: 7eda8b

Having some guys to stand around and raise an alarm is handy. They can do nothing but sweep floors and that's still handy since it's stuff we don't have to do ourselves.

And if they're useless, their pay rates will be minuscule. The only concern is food. How do we get food?
No. 9135 ID: 1afd58

Back left, and bottom center. Then go home and devise a way to make some money.
No. 9136 ID: a0bf14

Ah yes, my mistake.
No. 9137 ID: c73b9f

Serrated knife kobold, bottom left looks good.
I would definitely choose that one, if only one were to be chosen.
No. 9138 ID: 40dc56

back center and use the rest of the money for food
No. 9139 ID: 35cea2


Ask each of them what they are good at.
No. 9140 ID: 40dc56

actually this.
No. 9141 ID: ec1a70

Fisty, back right looks smart. I'd go for her (?) or the big knife one, front left.
No. 9142 ID: c80cec

Take bottom-left and top-right. Worry about money later.
No. 9143 ID: 7eda8b

Upper middle has a hammer which is promising, but I don't like his face. Upper right, then.
No. 9146 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask them what they're good at and take bottom left anyway.
No. 9147 ID: 7eda8b

We don't really have a lot of food. We could use some money on hand.
No. 9149 ID: d5b2d6

Bottom left and back center.
No. 9150 ID: ed8d8a

for fucks sake don't take the one with the bent spear and the whiskers. If I have to keep looking at that one my eyes will bleed from all the ugly.
Bottom left and top right!
No. 9151 ID: fb5d8e

Pick the cutest most adorable yet sexually attractive one. Bonus points for only just being able to fit your entire penis in.
Don't feel bad about giving it a testdrive.
No. 9153 ID: d5b2d6


Bottom left and top right*

By bottom I mean the one with the serrated knife
No. 9154 ID: d5b2d6

Guys, they're 40 gold a head. What we need to do is cut off all their heads, and then take the whole village for free.
No. 9158 ID: 7eda8b
File 124805502073.gif - (5.25KB , 330x459 , spearbold.gif )

This one.
No. 9163 ID: fb5d8e
File 124805539732.png - (4.83KB , 400x600 , koboldling.png )

No, this one.
No. 9167 ID: 408036

Bottom left
No. 9168 ID: 7b9042

Get the Classic Cutebold.
No. 9169 ID: a8e598

This is 80 gold worth of kobolds.
No. 9171 ID: d5b2d6

and serrated knife kobold
No. 9174 ID: ed8d8a

Lets see.. I shall dub them
Cutebold, ????, Deerbold,
Foxbold, Ratbold, Goatbold.
No. 9175 ID: 45afb1

Might I suggest Musclebold or Oldbold?
No. 9187 ID: f373c2

It's too soon to pick one out. All we know of them is what they look like. Talk to each one for a bit and get to know them. Ask them if they have any particular skills.

We should look for someone hardworking with a good memory who can understand new things easily. That should make for a versatile and dependable henchman.
No. 9216 ID: 0dc731

Hammerbold maybe?
No. 9267 ID: ed469a

Pick the one who most resembles Joe Pesci. Like the one with the serrated sword. He looks like he can get shit done.

Also, take the hero-worshiping girl with you. We could use someone keeping the place tidy.
No. 9270 ID: f42c4e

Calling that Kobold Girl will betray us in a twisted attempt to gain our respect.
No. 9279 ID: ebded3

I say kobold girl will bleed out and it will e our fault
No. 9322 ID: 0dcc29

Bottom far left one
Top far right one
No. 9324 ID: ed469a

Wut? Someone actually making useful suggestions?
We dun want yer kind 'ere.
No. 9336 ID: 0dcc29

Sorry, i just put my pro-gamer face on. Although on a second thought i do think the axebold would be useful for lumberjacking.
No. 9608 ID: d5b2d6

moar liek min/maxer face mirite
No. 11184 ID: 227d44
File 124832632283.gif - (16.13KB , 800x600 , this.gif )

No. 11196 ID: f373c2

I think we've failed to communicate.

Are you asking to choose from those six specific kobolds, or asking for general traits to look for in kobold minions?
No. 11198 ID: 227d44

I believe the first one, good sir.
No. 11327 ID: ed469a

Muschio is certainly taking his time.

In addition to hiring two guards, we should look into getting a more detailed map of our surroundings. The one we have is a little vague.
No. 11793 ID: c01408
File 124840194055.gif - (8.98KB , 800x600 , 172.gif )

Evidently I have grossly misrepresented the situation, so allow me to begin afresh.

With danger passed and an offering of gold, I've got my pick of nearly this entire village. And as it is self-sufficient (as necessity demands for Kobolds) there are a variety of talents to be found here.

My choice should be based on what skills I want these minions to have, and what abilities -- not appearance alone. I just need to figure out what kind of low-tech and tribal skills would come in handy, and then I can easily sort them out.
I'm sure I could find herbary (a simple kind of alchemy and potion-making), trapping, tracking, archery, and a number of other crude skills within this motley bunch, so please, help me decide on what would prove useful.
And when all is said and done, if there is still the possibility of variation, then perhaps I can indulge in a little aesthetic differentiation.
No. 11797 ID: 35cea2

Find one that is good with herbs and healing. Considering how many injuries seem to happen around you, this would be a prudent idea.
No. 11801 ID: 1afd58

Find an herbalist and a hunter.

These skills will help sustain your small group with food and healing abilities.
No. 11804 ID: 35cea2


On second thought, find a good thief to provide us a steady income of gold and trinkets.
No. 11806 ID: c73b9f

We are in need of traps. Traps can function in lieu of a conventional armed force for a time.

Herbary and trapping would be excellent choices.

The herber kobold could perhaps even make poisons for the traps.
No. 11808 ID: 408036

No. 11812 ID: d5b2d6


(Anon has canceled browse tgchan: interrupted by Elephant.)
No. 11814 ID: 06b21e

Herbalist and trapper.

We're just holding the fort down at the moment, so we don't need a good fighter.
No. 11817 ID: d5b2d6

Guys Finesse is making our traps you realize
No. 11818 ID: 35cea2

Finesse is our trapper, what we need is a bold who can get us a steady income (thief, miner, whatever)
No. 11819 ID: a3b36a

Carpentry and masonry are needed for construction purposes, and item hauling for gruntwork. Some combat skills would be good, but those could be trained...
No. 11820 ID: 06b21e

That's actually a good point.

Just an herbalist, then. A thief would likely attract attention.
No. 11851 ID: bd2eec

Actually, instead of just a straight out HERBALIST or THIEF, could we get ones with a mixture of skills? Like one that knows herbalism, thievery and hunting and another who knows mining, construction and a bit of fighting?
No. 11858 ID: c01408
File 124840456778.gif - (7.88KB , 800x600 , 173.gif )

Unfortunately, stoneworking and mining are out of the purview of Kobold expertise. After all, these are woods-dwelling creatures. They're no Dwarves.
For the eventual reconstruction and expansion of the dungeon into the depths of the earth I'll need something a bit tougher, but for now, I'll have to work with what I can get.
No. 11859 ID: 1afd58

Then herbalist and hunter seems to work.
No. 11864 ID: fb5d8e

Thievery + hunting = Ranger
No. 11865 ID: bd2eec

It'd be a good idea to take a kobold who knows herbalism and farming and a kobold who knows how to hunt and is skilled with thievery then.
No. 11871 ID: bd2eec

I mean, because with the herbalism we have some source of healing and with the farming we have a way to feed ourselves.

Plus the hunter/thief can bring us cash and shit to sell for more cash while providing some food as well.
No. 11880 ID: 7968e8

Skills we need: Herbalism, Healing, Hunting, Scouting, Fighting.

Combine these amongst two Kobolds somehow. Or even one if you find someone quite gifted and outdoorsy.

PS: What IS our current plan to get a cash flow?
No. 11883 ID: a3b36a

We need gruntwork skills too. Hauling. Construction.
No. 11886 ID: c01408
File 124840607732.gif - (9.32KB , 800x600 , 174.gif )

After sorting through the rank and file, I finally find what I'm looking for.

I pick out two kobolds for the job, leaving me with 11 gold in my bag.
I formally introduce myself to my two new lackeys:

Tislomer is an outdoorsman, an ambusher, hunter, and herbalist who knows a few handy alchemical recipes and stocks a few potions of healing and sleep.
Babrakus is a farmer/herder who lives on the outskirts of town. He's skilled as a crops-grower and as a carpenter and has been self-sufficient almost all his life.
No. 11887 ID: 35cea2


PS: What IS our current plan to get a cash flow?

That's our job! I say we first sell illegal drugs we get from the herbalist. Then we move up to theft, then up to extorting money from towns.
No. 11888 ID: 1afd58

Do they require/own anything else they can bring to assist? Starter seeds, equipment, crafting stuff for arrows and weaponry?

If so, take them.

Otherwise, what is our next step?
No. 11890 ID: 35cea2


Awesome. Lets head back to base and start expanding.
No. 11924 ID: c01408
File 124840756788.gif - (15.37KB , 800x600 , 175.gif )

Very well then.

Tislomer brings a few potions -- healing, sleep-inducing, and a mild poison -- as well as a variety of herbs, his spear, and some camouflage for ambush-hunting.
Babrakus has little to offer, but provides some common plant seeds to get us started should we need to till the soil and grow our own crops.

With my new hirelings selected, the four of us set back towards the Den of the late Red Fang and my new home. I really must come up with a better name soon.
Mentally, I begin going over my preparations. What must come first? Perhaps a reappraisal of the entire dungeon is in order.
No. 11925 ID: f98e0b

Fen of Muschio.
No. 11926 ID: 1afd58

Perhaps a decent blueprint-like map of the place would help your more decisive half, Muschio.

Let us see what we have to work with.
No. 11927 ID: 8ce2bf

Pinch Finesse's bottom and then head back to the dungeon. See what Finesse can do about the monster gate, how fast can she get it running again? We want to be ready to defend our spoils lest we end up back where we started and have to go get stabbed some more.
No. 11934 ID: 35cea2


We should call our fort Malebolge
No. 11936 ID: c01408
File 124840852357.gif - (9.65KB , 800x600 , 176.gif )

Yes, an overview of the dungeon! How very prudent. That should help plan out what we're going to do with each room, where we're going to put our supplies, and where our people are going to stay.
Let me see if I can produce a decent mental image from what I remember.
No. 11938 ID: 7968e8

First let's make sure the place hasn't been taken over by feral gnolls in the meantime.

I don't suppose Muschio had any /preexisting/ ideas for making money?
No. 11939 ID: 35cea2


Some time later, we must locate your quarters further away from the entrance.
No. 11940 ID: 670155

Muschio's Murder Mansion!
No. 11943 ID: c73b9f

I suggest we give it the moniker of 'The Vault'!
No. 11944 ID: bd2eec
File 124840983277.png - (20.91KB , 800x600 , durp.png )

1 is where Finesse will sleep and work as well as where we will store common supplies.
2 is temporary sleeping quarters for Babrakus and Tislomer. We need Finesse to deactivate any traps that would keep them from getting there for the time being.
3 is where you will obviously stay and work.
4 is the monster portal that Finesse needs to get back up and running as soon as she can. Till she does, we need to pass ourselves off to any wandering adventurers that this is simply our new home that we cleared out already and the minions are simply hired hands helping with getting you set up.
5 is where the aforementioned kobolds need to set up a small farm and garden. We'll need to get the tools first if we don't have them. If the prices of such items aren't that much, we should be alright.
6 are areas that we need to consider opening up further for more room to work with once we have someone who can do that.
No. 11945 ID: f373c2

I like "The Vault", but I'd prefer something more exotic and foreign-sounding, like "Volta del Fantasma".
No. 11946 ID: 45afb1

I think we should keep it simple for now and rename it to something more menacing when we can handle the outside interventions of outgoing heros. I was thinking The Dive.
No. 11947 ID: f98e0b

I like this name. It sounds sufficiently Italian (Volto-ian?).
No. 11951 ID: c01408
File 124841168725.gif - (6.72KB , 800x600 , 177.gif )

Yes... I think for now I shall call it "The Vault". It stands a fitting enough name for the time being.

We arrive after a brief and uneventful walk back out of the woods. Luckily there are no gawking lumberjacks in our path this time around.
The soil out front of the dungeon seems fertile enough to be tilled, and I inform Babrakus that a field should be set up here. The only seeds we have now are simple staple crops but they'll do fine for what we have. Babrakus already has the necessary tools to begin farming -- most notably, a shovel and a tilling hoe. But as the day is growing late, we'll begin tomorrow.

The alcove is narrow and dangerous. I wouldn't recommend putting the Kobolds in there. The Monster Quarters and Workshop could both serve as sleeping quarters for the time being, and should it be required I suppose I could share my chambers until we manage a bit of expansion.

The day grows late, so we should begin setting up. Final designations are required.
No. 11956 ID: ed8d8a

putting the 'bolds up in the monster portal room seems fine to me. Its moderately huge even with the wreckage on the floor. Finesse gets the workshop.
No. 11957 ID: 670155

Share your quarters with Finesse. What could go wrong.
No. 11958 ID: ed8d8a

Say, examining the archive for room layouts, I ran across those mysterious runes in the OHGODTRAPS hallway again. Any chance Finesse knows crazy moon language?
No. 11961 ID: 9a71e2

>>Share your quarters with Finesse. What could go oh so right?
Fixed it for you.
No. 11966 ID: c01408
File 124841792157.gif - (15.14KB , 800x600 , 178.gif )

>"Not a bad place, boss."
We re-enter my newly-claimed Vault and I begin relaying the accommodations I've thought up on the way here. Babrakus and Tislomer both head into the Monster Quarters to unpack their belongings and prepare a place for themselves to bed down for the night. I inform them, on their way, that work will begin prompt and early tomorrow.

Finesse, meanwhile, takes in the sights. She seems less impressed than the Kobolds.
>"I kind of expected more."
No. 11967 ID: a3b36a

"So it's a fixer-upper. Every lair's gotta start somehow, right?"
No. 11968 ID: 96945d

Wait, we still don't know what that grate leads to, do we?
No. 11969 ID: b2c6ce

Well... we're working on it, ok?
No. 11974 ID: f44349

"It is humble, for now.
But I don't intend to stop until this humble little dungeon sits at the center of an empire that spans the entire globe."
No. 11977 ID: c01408
File 12484204409.gif - (16.41KB , 800x600 , 179.gif )

"I suppose it is a bit humble now, but I have great plans for it. It's a fixer-upper -- and that's why I hired you three, of course."

>"Fair enough."

"Through this door is the storeroom. It was originally a carpenter's workshop, so Babrakus may have to make use of it from time to time, but you'll have access to a workbench for any of your tinkering projects.
Further, this will be your room for the time being, so if -- oh.

Yes, uh... you may want to clean it up a bit before you bunk down for the night."
No. 11978 ID: b2c6ce

"Sorry about that, you could ask one of the kobolds to help clean it up."
No. 11979 ID: c01408
File 124842155087.gif - (13.64KB , 800x600 , 180.gif )

"You... may want to get the Kobolds to help you clean that up. Here."

Opening the door to the Monster Quarters, I find the two Kobolds are already hard at work clearing the debris to one side and establishing their areas in a primitively-territorial manner, each claiming a corner.

The skills and abilities I hired them for come as an added bonus to their natural capabilities for manual labor. Babrakus, being a farm worker, appears more physically capable than the other, and hauls heavier stones in a shorter period of time.

Presently, I realize I've become so distracted watching the demi-human hirelings work, I forgot Finesse was standing right next to me.

>"What exactly is all that rubble?"
No. 11980 ID: 670155

She's going to be pissed when we tell her its the monster portal..
No. 11981 ID: a3b36a

That used to be our monster portal. It was either push it over and break it, or becoming supper for the denizens lurking within.
No. 11982 ID: b2c6ce

"That would be the monster portal. You said you'd repair it no matter what condition it was in, so don't get uppity about it."
No. 11983 ID: 5e64a9

Let's just... not mention the part about how we broke it.
We're a leader. It's not our job to take responsibility.
No. 11984 ID: a3b36a

Think of it as a golden opportunity to test your skills. If we require resources, ask, and we shall strive to obtain them.
No. 11985 ID: c01408
File 124842225192.gif - (6.16KB , 800x600 , 181.gif )

"That would be the monster portal. You said you'd repair it no matter what condition it was in, so don't get uppity about it."

Finesse seems unamused.
No. 11986 ID: c01408
File 124842236842.gif - (6.31KB , 800x600 , 182.gif )

>"Yes, I did say that. As long as the pieces are all still there I should be able to get it working again. All the runes should be self-contained within the portal itself, so it's just a matter of putting those runes together the proper way.
>It's just going to take a while."
No. 11987 ID: 5e64a9

"Better get to work, then."
No. 11988 ID: 670155


"we're in no hurry"
No. 11989 ID: a3b36a

I always was fond of puzzles. Keeps the mind sharp. Helps with spatial thinking.
No. 11993 ID: c01408
File 124842451618.gif - (8.88KB , 800x600 , 183.gif )

For whatever reason, Finesse seems slightly disconcerted with our current situation. But this will pass.

The Kobolds set up their respective areas and Tislomer hands me two flasks, one containing a hearty red fluid he explains is for healing, and one containing a pale bluish mixture which he says induces deep sleep.
He asks me to put them in storage somewhere, and that his potion-making services will be available henceforth, should the necessary herbs and alchemical composites be available at the time.

With that, the two of them proceed with Finesse to the workshop to clean up the mess so the Goblin Tinker can get some sleep.
No. 11996 ID: c01408
File 124842492319.gif - (15.32KB , 800x600 , 184.gif )

It's not long before the corpse and its remnants are removed, and my new hirelings are settled sleeping in their respective rooms.

I suppose this is my room now. It may lack a bed for now, but I can make do.
It's a rather fitting place.
In this throne I feel powerful, accomplished. Ready for the trials that must surely lay ahead.

...and yet, for some reason, I can't sleep.
No. 11997 ID: a3b36a

Maybe it's the bloody smear? Or the skull on the wall? Those don't seem like they match your aesthetic tastes.
No. 11998 ID: 5e64a9

>>11996 >>11997
We NEED to redecorate.
No. 12000 ID: ed469a

Right, get some paper and let's start seriously planning this shit out.

Object number 1:
Getting some cash-flow in. Underhanded or honest work? By honest I mean exploiting the FUCK out of the local natural resources, and by underhanded I mean exploiting the FUCK out of local inhabitants.

Also, we need to start planning on how to remodel our dungeon. The master chamber is FAR too close the entrance, an adventurer could just walk in and stab us in the face.
No. 12002 ID: c01408
File 124842560471.gif - (15.37KB , 800x600 , 185.gif )

Firstly, a complete rehaul of the dungeon is in certainly order soon -- but aesthetics can follow after we have our basic necessities established.

Secondly, we have no one capable of rebuilding the dungeon's layout, lacking hirelings strong enough to act as miners and stoneworkers.

And finally...

...I believe I can hear a faint knocking sound coming from the front door.
No. 12003 ID: b2c6ce

Well, answer it you oaf! Just because you're evil doesn't mean you have to be discourteous!
No. 12004 ID: c01408
File 124842626994.gif - (43.40KB , 800x600 , 186.gif )

Very well, let's see who it is.

No. 12005 ID: f95743

No. 12006 ID: f95743

No. 12007 ID: b2c6ce

"And just who the hell are you supposed to be?"
No. 12008 ID: 5e64a9

Check and make sure he's alone. If he is alone, plan to kill him, he's seen too much.
If he brought friends, be extremely courteous.
No. 12009 ID: ed469a

Be polite and friendly, explain that we only took up residence here to prevent other gnoll-kin from using this place as their lair.
No. 12010 ID: ed469a
File 124842659022.png - (49.90KB , 1084x845 , map_new.png )

Here's my suggestion for expanding the place.
Will need plenty of stonework.

Also, we should totally look into getting a scrying device. Every successful evil overlord has one.
No. 12011 ID: c01408
File 124842665034.gif - (17.31KB , 800x600 , 187.gif )

>"...so it really is you."

I feel as though I should know this man.
I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before.
No. 12012 ID: f95743

No. 12013 ID: b2c6ce

THINK! You have the memory! Is he one of those revolutionaries who killed your father? That could be a problem.
No. 12014 ID: 5e64a9

He probably saw you buying equipment or walking somewhere.
You have a very distinctive countenance.

Unless... he's a remnant of your old kingdom.
QUICK! Interrogation!
No. 12015 ID: f95743

No. 12016 ID: ed469a

"I see. I wasn't expecting you. Do come in."
No. 12017 ID: c01408
File 124842714538.gif - (9.13KB , 800x600 , 188.gif )

He's... one of the woodcutters from earlier. I passed him going into the Timore Woodlands.

And yet... there's more than that.
Something from a long time ago.
No. 12019 ID: f95743


No. 12020 ID: c01408
File 124842751397.gif - (7.21KB , 800x600 , 189.gif )

Rungord Hookdon.

I haven't seen this human since I was still attending classes among the other high-class students.
Rungord was, for lack of a better term, my rival in those days.
My nemesis.

He played a rather nasty trick on me once when we were studying under the same tutor.
I retaliated.

That was perhaps a year before my father's throne was usurped.
No. 12021 ID: 5e64a9

Oh. Yeah. That guy.
Of course!
Ask him what he wants.
No. 12022 ID: bd2eec

Alright boss, play it safe.
Don't want word getting out that we are still around and inhabiting a dungeon.
We don't know if he really truly recognizes us yet.
Play it off like we don't remember him and inquire as to why he has come upon your door at such a late hour.
No. 12023 ID: ed469a

*laugh inwardly*
It seems Muschio is doing better than that guy these days. How delicious.
Perhaps it would be prudent to be generous and offer him a job.
Nothing would be better than having our old nemesis be our servant.
No. 12024 ID: f95743

No. 12025 ID: 5816b2

May also want to build a stairs for up and downstairs levels access.
No. 12026 ID: f95743

No. 12027 ID: c01408
File 124842810199.gif - (16.97KB , 800x600 , 190.gif )

Rungord seems so far removed now from his former self, once guffawing with guttural laughter at my own humiliation before my peers.

"All right. So why are you here? What do you want?"

A look of soulless desperation crosses the human's face. He looks broken, empty. I half expect him to begin weeping, but his eyes are dry.

>"I didn't come here to fight you, Muschio. I don't have any more anger in me. I only followed you because... I have to know."

He avoids my eyes, staring down at the floor with a hollow gaze.

>"Please. Just tell me what happened to her."
No. 12028 ID: ed469a
File 124842813287.png - (63.45KB , 1084x845 , map_new2.png )

Like so? Also, that grate needs checking out.
Also, do we have any kind of drainage here?
No. 12029 ID: ed469a

"She's imprisoned in the old kingdom.
Say, would you wish to assist in freeing her?"
No. 12030 ID: f95743

No. 12032 ID: c01408
File 124842899059.gif - (17.00KB , 800x600 , 191.gif )

>"It's been a long time, now. I- I still think about her every day. Ever since she went to the palace with you for private studying.
>I don't expect to ever see her again. And I didn't come here to try to make you feel guilty.
>After all this time, I still don't know what became of her. I just need to know. Please. What did you do?

>I need to know what happened to her."
No. 12034 ID: f95743


No. 12035 ID: ed469a

Maybe it's truth time.
"I caught her in the barn with one of the stableboys. I spread the rumors around to get back at you. I didn't expect her to drown herself. I'm sorry."
No. 12037 ID: 5e64a9

Tell him he might see her again.
But he has to do everything you say.
From now on.
No. 12038 ID: 5816b2

Do you know what he is talking about?
No. 12040 ID: c01408
File 124843054698.gif - (4.54KB , 800x600 , 192.gif )

Oh, yes.
I remember.

He's referring to Linbella.
I recall they were quite in love while we were students.

And then I recall he chose to cross me.

One of my finest moments, to be sure. Here indeed stands my old nemesis, utterly broken.
I suspected this would haunt him, but perhaps I underestimated to what extent.
Perhaps he should know, after all.
Should I tell him?
No. 12041 ID: 357089

No. SHOW him.
No. 12042 ID: c7a59a

Tell us exactly what you did then we'll decide what you should tell him.
No. 12043 ID: 0df2d0

Yo should use what you know to press him in your service.
He appears to be stronger than your sub-human minions and at the same time spineless enough to be manipulated.
No. 12044 ID: ed469a

We must use this as leverage to gain power.
If we give him closure he would have no motivation to become our minion.
Dangle the hope of seeing her again in front of him, if he does what we tell him to.
Under no condition actually give him closure.
No. 12045 ID: f95743

No. 12046 ID: c01408
File 12484323055.gif - (6.79KB , 800x600 , 193.gif )

No part of me wants this human around. He is weak, spineless, broken. I feel an aura of odium emanating from his repugnant form.

This pathetic shell is all that is left of this once-proud man.

"If you truly wish to know what happened to Linbella, drink this potion.

...And I will show you."
No. 12047 ID: f95743

No. 12048 ID: 0df2d0

>what happened to Linbella
So you're gonna molest him behind the barn while he's passed out?
Not cool dude.
No. 12049 ID: c01408
File 124843261075.gif - (84.88KB , 800x600 , 194.gif )

Rungord Hookdon takes his time deciding.

No. 12050 ID: f95743

No. 12051 ID: 5816b2

Devour his heart to claim his vital essence.
No. 12052 ID: ed469a

No, no killing. We must prepare this carefully. He would make an excellent minion.
No. 12053 ID: c01408
File 124843387377.gif - (200.66KB , 800x600 , 195.gif )

No. 12054 ID: f95743



No. 12055 ID: c01408
File 124843417582.gif - (4.65KB , 800x600 , 196.gif )

I think perhaps I shall sleep well after all.
No. 12056 ID: f95743

No. 12057 ID: ed469a

*blink blink*
That... That was beautiful. I am in awe.

Now. Do we let him die or do we dig him up just before he suffocates and brainwash him to be our servant?
No. 12058 ID: 631bad

No. 12059 ID: f95743

No. 12060 ID: ed469a

Good-night, sweet prince.
No. 12070 ID: 1afd58

I feel bad for the rival, but if we are to be evil, we have to be evil.

I look forward to chapter three.
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