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File 125864606933.png - (36.96KB , 750x600 , c4-1.png )
79076 No. 79076 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 79077 ID: fb5d8e
File 125864628254.png - (30.30KB , 750x600 , c4-2.png )

The new dawn breaks.
I'm sure that upstairs my lord's banner is proudly showing itself to the rising sun.

In less than a day me and my two new friends have managed to turn a burned out church into a base of operations.
The room with the statues is left untouched because of the trapdoor, but we use the entry hall as our workplace, the Hall of Man as our bedrooms, and the rotating rooms are used as storage..

No. 79078 ID: fb5d8e
File 125864632970.png - (35.46KB , 750x600 , c4-3.png )

..except for the Room of Noon. I have made it into my private office.
A lot has to happen, so a lot has to be planned.

No. 79080 ID: 6faa8c

What's up, Boss?
No. 79081 ID: dd6eb5

So, now that we've got a base of operations... do we have any actual operations?
No. 79082 ID: 276781

You probably should go see Lina back at Coriander's. And see if you can learn anything more about Coriander's mysterious and possibly evil ally.
No. 79084 ID: fb5d8e
File 125864855452.png - (35.09KB , 750x600 , c4-4.png )

To fight the evil masterminds army I need an army myself. It does not need to be stronger. Smart strategy will do most of the work. But it will need to be an army.
For that to happen I need to find loyal recruits, and have a base to house them in. Both have a whole range of problems associated with them.

Yes, I promised I would go see Lina, but I'm not sure if leaving the base to my two underlings so early in the campaign is such a good idea. I can be persuaded, of course.

No. 79089 ID: 2dd482

how long will it take to go to Coriander's tower? Maybe you could send your mini- er, allies out on resource gather/scouting/recruiting missions for the day while you visit Lina.
No. 79092 ID: 7eda8b

What are you doing? "Base of operations"? Don't be ridiculous. You have no money and a whole two followers. Has the city above you even stopped smoldering?

You're just a poor dude squatting in a burnt down church.

Now go up and start picking through the ruins for survivors and supplies.
No. 79093 ID: 1ce8fb

well, the local population base seems kind of... dead. I'm not sure the tower is where we want to go, but I don't think Iniziare Citta is a place we can get much done in, as things stand.
No. 79095 ID: 2dd482

surely some people survived. Gather them together in the church as a safe haven, provide them with aid and comfort to bolster your reputation as a servant of good. If you just sit in your church and pick through the dead, what are people going to assume when they come to investigate a town destroying fire?
No. 79102 ID: fb5d8e
File 125865400186.png - (97.81KB , 750x600 , c4-5.png )

I'm not sure what I am supposed to do with only three people, one of them a small woman. I don't have the manpower to dig survivors out of the rubble. Even just locating them would mean combing the entire town, which would take at least a week.
Me and Timotei have already searched the direct area. We found a two dozen corpses. Timotei gave them their last respects.

Survivors will hopefully see the church still standing and come in for shelter. If I'm going to actively look for them then please suggest an approach other than simply 'searching', or I could go out to find refugee camps in the surrounding fields.

The travel to Coriander's tower will take a day. That is, if I can cross the river. The ferry boats are not operational anymore.

No. 79109 ID: 632862

Check out the surrounding fields. Wasn't there a windmill nearby?
No. 79117 ID: 7eda8b

How long will it take to travel to the keep to the south to bring them the news? They could send help.
No. 79119 ID: 2dd482

is there any part of the town less destroyed than the rest of it? It would be a good place to look for survivors in the areas with the least damage. Try to find cellars and the like. Fire and smoke always travel up.
No. 79131 ID: 43d730

A beacon in the church's steeple, if it has one.
That should tell the surrounding area that there's still inhabitants.
Maybe a bell in the daytime?
No. 79134 ID: fb5d8e
File 125865840270.png - (51.87KB , 750x600 , c4-6.png )

Why yes, there was a windmill on the outskirts of town. It's still standing, partially.
No. 79139 ID: 34470e

See if there are any people in it.
No. 79140 ID: 632862

See if anyone's in it.
No. 79144 ID: fb5d8e
File 125865957653.png - (48.44KB , 750x600 , c4-7.png )

The windmill appears empty.

"Is there anyone in here?
"No! There is no one here!"
No. 79145 ID: 1ce8fb

I think somebody's lying to you, Ridder.
No. 79149 ID: 34470e

"OK. Since nobody is obviously in here, I guess I'll ask the person who burned down the town to burn down the windmill as well."
No. 79155 ID: e0499d

It's a windmill! get food supplies (milled flour, etc...)

Also check upstairs...

other plans

1: Timotei can sense evil. Can he sense good?

2: You think you can use evil for good. Like necromancers and stuff. Or even "monster portals"

3: Plan out a undergound propaganda. Make the cave evil in the public's eye!
No. 79158 ID: dda9dd

I have a feeling Tim's head will explode if we go around courting the power of necromancers, monster portals, and the like.
No. 79161 ID: 632862

Tell the person you mean them no harm, and are searching for survivors so you can find out what happened to the town.
No. 79163 ID: e0499d

Maybe Monster portals. But necromancers CAN be good. Remember Timotei's definition of evil. Things aren't evil till they fit the definition.
And monsters, like the bears, aren't evil.
No. 79165 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866169916.png - (48.85KB , 750x600 , c4-8.png )

Indeed. My main concern with using the help of monsters or necromancer is Timotei's objections. On the other hand, like you say, Timotei's ability to sense evil will set apart the good from the bad, no matter how noble they may seem at first.

"I mean no harm. I am looking for survivors."
"No one here survived! Go look somewhere else!"
"Are you lying to me?"
"Wh-what if I am? Maybe you're lying to me and you're a bandit!"
No. 79169 ID: 2cbe3e


If that was the case I'd already be stealing everything and filling you full of arrows while my companions spread oil around the place.
No. 79171 ID: 632862

Ask them how you can convince them you mean no harm.
No. 79172 ID: dda9dd

Would I have bothered warning you if I was a bandit?
No. 79175 ID: 7eda8b

"Maybe YOU'RE a bandit."
No. 79177 ID: 34470e

Tell him if he's ever heard of "Ridder Malto".
No. 79180 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866369840.png - (48.85KB , 750x600 , c4-9.png )

"How can I prove I'm not a bandit?"
"Huh? Uh- You can go kill your bandit-buddy in the barn on the other side of the field! I can see him looking spying on me!"
No. 79182 ID: 34470e

Tell him you'll be back with this "bandit" takien care of. (By "taken care of", I mean convinced to leave the guy alone)
No. 79190 ID: fb5d8e
File 12586647148.png - (53.47KB , 750x600 , c4-10.png )

"I will return when I've taken care of him."

I cross the field to enter the barn on the other side.

"Is there anyone in here?"
"Noooo...! Noone here!"
No. 79192 ID: d8d733

You just met the two smartest people in town.
No. 79193 ID: 34470e
File 12586649339.jpg - (8.23KB , 400x259 , facepalm.jpg )


Tell him to quit spying on the dude in the windmill.
No. 79194 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866506271.png - (53.57KB , 750x600 , c4-11.png )

"Quit spying on the man in the windmill."
"You'd like that, wouldn't you, bandit?! No, I've got my eye on you both!"
No. 79195 ID: 34470e

Tell him that the guy in the windmill thinks I work for you.
No. 79196 ID: 7eda8b

Steal both ladders and put them in a pile outside.
No. 79197 ID: 1ce8fb

"That man is no bandit. Incidentally, would you mind telling me your name?"
No. 79199 ID: e0499d

Don't you have a banner on a 10 foot spear? Good way to show you're not a bandit
No. 79205 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866575068.png - (53.32KB , 750x600 , c4-12.png )

"That man is no bandit. He thinks you and me are the bandits. Would you mind telling me your name?"
"Haha, stupid bandit! Think you could trick me that easily, huh? I'm not falling for it!"

I really don't see what good removing their ladders would do.
No. 79206 ID: 2dd482

by removing BOTH ladders you'll prove you're not on either side.
No. 79207 ID: f44349

...It is quickly becoming very tempting to just climb up the ladder and club each of them over the head.
I don't know. Go get your banner I guess.
No. 79214 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866624418.png - (60.87KB , 750x600 , c4-13.png )

I remove both of their ladders and place them in the middle of the field. I am confident they can see them.

"I removed both of your ladders! Now do you see I'm neither of your sides?!"
"My ladder!"
"Now we're stuck!"
No. 79215 ID: 632862

Tell them you will return them if they agree to come out and discuss this like men.
No. 79216 ID: 276781

"You two are fools. No bandit would loiter around trying to gather trust - they would take what they want and kill you outright.
I will return your ladders if you cease your foolish behavior and meet with me."
No. 79221 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866667518.png - (51.60KB , 750x600 , c4-14.png )

You make a fine point.

"You two are fools. No bandit would loiter around trying to gather trust - they would take what they want and kill you outright.
I will return your ladders if you cease your foolish behavior and meet with me."

"Okay, but no tricks!"
No. 79222 ID: 7eda8b

"Whose ladders? You both claim to be no-one. Thus, I have stolen from no-one."
No. 79224 ID: e0499d

We just established their existance.
It is time to begin reconstruction of the town.
We have a mill, and barn. This means we can start food production with little effort. The fire fertilized the fields (we're assuming they weren't salted), so we get food for our army.

But we need to find what these guys do. They're likely a farmer... and a miller...
No. 79226 ID: 632862

Alright, give them back their ladders and let's get to talkin'
No. 79227 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866749856.png - (70.10KB , 750x600 , c4-15.png )

Two very elderly men come down from their attics. Their posture suggests they already forgot why they weren't coming down.

"I am Ridder, knight-errant. As I said I was looking for survivors. You are the only ones I found so far. Who are you?"
"I'm Broof, the farmer. My chickens lay the best eggs and my cows make the best milk."
"And I'm Cheow, the miller. I make the best of bread.. or I would if Broof's cows don't take up all the land."
"We've lived next to eachother for fifty years! You know damn well that's my land!"
"If it wasn't for those bandits setting the city on fire the governer would surely have named the land mine."
"Oh, lay off, old man."
No. 79228 ID: d8d733

Ask them what they know about the fire.
No. 79229 ID: 632862

Ask them about the bandits. What direction did they come from? Did they have a leader?
No. 79232 ID: 34470e

"Why don't you share the land?"
No. 79233 ID: e0499d

ask about bandits, and let them know that they're 2 of the 3 survivors. They can have as much land as they freakin want
No. 79241 ID: 7eda8b
File 125866830053.png - (78.96KB , 500x500 , fucking_kangaroos.png )

<- do this
No. 79246 ID: 2cbe3e


For the love of god, also use lines this thick.
No. 79248 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866852251.png - (70.54KB , 750x600 , c4-16.png )

"You are two out of three survivors. You can have all the land you want. Now please tell me what you saw of the bandits. What do you know about the fires?"
"Only survivors?"
"But then who will clean the barns?"
"More importantly, who will reap the grain?"
"If your mill goes out of business, I will employ you."
"No sir, I believe your farm will go out of business and I will employ you."
No. 79249 ID: 34470e

"No one is going out of business."
No. 79252 ID: 8ce2bf

"You're both going out of business. Join me in my GRAND QUEST!"
No. 79253 ID: 7eda8b

"By the strength of my muscular yet curvaceous thighs, what is wrong with you idiots?"
No. 79261 ID: fb5d8e
File 125866902939.png - (32.00KB , 750x600 , c4-17.png )

These two men are obviously demented.
I can't make them join my army, nor will it do them any good to stay here. There is not even any grain, cow or chicken in sight.

No. 79262 ID: 1ce8fb

"neither of you are out of business. You are now in charge of all farming and milling in town. Customers will arrive shortly. I am building up a proper army. You will be able to find me in the old church if you need me."
No. 79268 ID: e0499d

Explain to them "I am not going to be working. I am a knight who is building an army to fight the great evil is taking over... the same evil that burned your town. You both are going to help me it. Not by fighting of course, but supporting the army I'm going to build up. We'll provide you with help, and you'll obtain the foodstuffs we need. I understand your feuding, but this is a time to put such matters aside. If not, we are all going to die."
No. 79275 ID: 7eda8b

If they won't see reason, leave them to stew. Maybe they'll be more agreeable in a few days, after the reality of the situation is on them.

Go find another thing.
No. 79297 ID: 632862

Ask them where the cows and grain are.
No. 79313 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867175822.png - (33.95KB , 750x600 , c4-18.png )

"Where are your cows and grain?"
"What now?"
"The boys always took care of that."
"Did you steal them?"
No. 79317 ID: 7eda8b

Say "You are boring."

Go find another thing.
No. 79330 ID: e0499d

"DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS SITUATION! EVERYONE IS DEAD! THERE WAS A FIRE!? YOUR CROPS AND COWS AND EVERYTHING WERE DESTROYED BY THE EVIL BANDITS. Either you two make up and stop fighting, or I will leave you two to die alone. Your choice.
No. 79332 ID: 632862


This is bad.

Gently break the news to them that they've been getting all their support from their families, and it's quite likely that they are dead now. Ask if they are still fit enough to get a farm started.
No. 79341 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867311992.png - (70.75KB , 750x600 , c4-19.png )

"Sirs. It is quite possible that your family has passed away."
"Huh? No, I'm sure the boys are just out slacking off again."
"My dear Gruffy must be out picking herbs."
"They've been gone for a while though, I'll give you that."
"Heh, enjoy it while you can, old man. When they come back it'll be real noisy again."
"You're one to talk! All your daughters make such a racket that even my grain covers its ears."
"..Are you still fit enough to farm?"
"Of course. I could lift you right now."
"If I wanted I could lift the both of you."
"I could lift you both and myself!"
No. 79350 ID: e0499d

They aren't of any use. They're old, and they won't work. Just ask about the incident itself and leave em' to rot till they come to your church. Just tell them to come to the church when they agree with each other. And that they have to come together.
No. 79352 ID: 7eda8b

End this fruitless conversation, already.
No. 79357 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867386664.png - (30.27KB , 750x600 , c4-20.png )

"Alright. What do you remember about the incident? Did you see who started the fire?"
"What fire?"

... Hmm.
I can offer these two shelter in the church for a short time. However, I can't turn my base into a refugee camp. I don't have the manpower to maintain it.
I will need to come up with a more definite solution.

No. 79358 ID: 476456

"you two need to look at the town right now."
No. 79361 ID: 7eda8b

Leave already.
No. 79362 ID: e0499d

Just ask them to stay in your church, and have Timotei check up on them. Goal: Find what else they're good for. Realistically our first goal is being able to SUPPORT the army we'll build. We have money. Let's head for the other towns and see if we can buy the services of peasents to reap the soil here... and buy livestock.

These old men can lead the peasents.

We can stop by the South tower on the way to other settlements
No. 79391 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867653130.png - (40.41KB , 750x600 , c4-21.png )

Very well. I shall take them to the church.

"Gentlemen, please follow me. I will take you to a safe place."
"Safer than my farm?"
"Anything's saver when you're not there."
"Why, then I'll come with you!"
"Then I'll stay here."
"I can provide protection from bandits."
"Maybe I will go anyway."

I lead the two men through the smoldering streets. They appear unmoved by the scenery, possibly due to dementia or bad vision.

..Hm, that's odd. There is a mount in front of the church.

No. 79393 ID: 34470e

No. 79394 ID: 5d5878

Fuck year chocobos.
No. 79395 ID: ab04d4

Obvious chocobo resemblance besides, this means that there's someone in there. Investigate and hope that they didn't find your lair and that if they did they aren't hostile.
No. 79396 ID: 632862

Draw steel and advance with caution.
No. 79397 ID: 632862

Oh, also tell the old men to wait outside.
No. 79398 ID: c7a54a

No, tell the old men to go in first. If there's gonna be battle we can afford to lose these two useless things.
No. 79399 ID: 5d5878

You sir have no honour. Tell the old men to wait outside.
No. 79404 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867778227.png - (60.26KB , 750x600 , c4-22.png )

"Wait here. There may be a bandit inside."
"I knew I shouldve stayed at the farm!"

I draw my longsword. With caution and stealth I enter the church.
I find a heavily armored figure trying to open the hatch.

No. 79406 ID: dda9dd

ello there? Problem with the hatch latch?
No. 79407 ID: e0499d

WAIT! It's a sungod temple underneath. Chances are that this guy is good.
Still, hide behind a pew and ask if he's a paladin.
(also, are Timotei and Sticks down in the temple?)
No. 79408 ID: 43d730

Cough politely to inform him of your presence.
No. 79409 ID: 5d5878

Sneak up with your sword pointed at him and make sure he can't reach his sword before you stab, then ask what he thinks he's doing?
No. 79413 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867872536.png - (65.40KB , 750x600 , c4-23.png )

I approach silently until I am within range of him. I grab onto his sword with one hand, as I press my blade against his neck with the other.
Hopefully this will be enough to prevent a fight.

"What are you doing?"
"Hmf.. Are you the one who put that awful flag there?"
No. 79414 ID: 7eda8b

"Friend or foe!"
No. 79416 ID: 5d5878

That depends. What reason have you to care about such an "awful" flag in this place?
No. 79417 ID: 43d730

Who are you, what are you doing here, and where were you a few days ago?
No. 79418 ID: 632862

"Awful? What do you mean? It was the banner of my fallen lord Baron Malto. I used to be his knight."
No. 79423 ID: e0499d

"That'd be the flag of the late Lord Malto, last ruler of the land. And you're the owner of the catacomb underneath?"
(disarm him and sheath your blade)
No. 79426 ID: fb5d8e
File 125867974198.png - (77.82KB , 750x600 , c4-24.png )

"What reason have you to care about such an "awful" flag in this place? It was the banner of my fallen lord Malto. I used to be his knight."
"Tsh! I thought we got rid of you crooks years ago!"

My mind flashes back to my days of failure.
The armored man immediately takes advantage of my lapse in focus. He unbuckles his shield and sheath, and makes a hard roll out of my range.

"Long live the revolution, Malto scum!"
No. 79427 ID: 6faa8c

State you are no longer allied with Malto. You merely await another cause under which to fly your banner.
No. 79430 ID: 5d5878

That marks him as a definite enemy. I'm not sure how you feel about striking down an unarmed combatant, but that would be the expedient option.
No. 79432 ID: c7a54a

Well, if we do end up killing him, he seems to have a bit of armor-loot that we could use.

But before that we should try diplomacy.
No. 79433 ID: dda9dd

Looks like all we'll be getting from him is the same tired old stream of revolutionary bullshevik.
No. 79434 ID: 1ce8fb

Why does this man feel so strongly against your fallen lord? Strike him down.
No. 79435 ID: 632862

Assume a battle stance.

Demand to know why he insists on befouling the name of your lord.
No. 79436 ID: 276781

But is Ridder no longer allied with the Malto family? Is he no longer loyal to his king?
What of the king's cousins and their families - surely they yet live, which gives him someone to remain loyal to?

I digress. At this point, Ridder must deal with this revolutionary.
No. 79439 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Identify yourself, that I may know who I am burying this day."
No. 79440 ID: ebd93c

No, Ridder's focus has shifted. He will deal with the evil at hand, when he realizes it is a malto he is dealing with, we may have a potential ally in front of us. Try not to kill this person.
No. 79444 ID: e0499d

Get over it. He's not evil. His revolution may have been pure in heart. Timotei can be the judge of his evil.

This is the time to make new allies.

"Give me a break. The revolution is over. I refuse to fight you over a war that no longer exists. I would like you to help me. And I swear, in the name of the sun god that it doesn't involve the rule of Lord Malto. It involves fighting a great evil creeping upon our land, and judging fom the fact you have a base in this church... you have a stake in defeating it too."

Hand out for handshake, other hand still on your sword in case he tries to punch you out.
No. 79446 ID: e0499d

We don't know it's a malto we're dealing with.
The moment ridder recognizes this, we'll have a identity crisis
No. 79455 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868124949.png - (75.38KB , 750x600 , c4-25.png )

I fight in my lord's name. Whichever evil will face death by my blade will feel it in my lord's name. I will forever be loyal to it!

"Identify yourself, that I may know who I am burying this day."
"My name is Vite Vispa, knave. You may take it into hell where you will burn like all the people you killed yesterday."
No. 79456 ID: ebd93c

Juuuust thinking ahead, i suppose we /quest/ors should pretend we don't have foresight.
No. 79459 ID: 5d5878

Waitwaitwait. He thinks you did this. You gotta convince him otherwise somehow.
No. 79461 ID: 8b7db1

"I killed noone yesterday. I came to find this town in flames, and saved the only person I could in time. ...though I did later kill a zombie, but I doubt that counts as a person."
No. 79462 ID: 34470e

I don't remember you killing anyone yesterday.
No. 79470 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868173729.png - (75.45KB , 750x600 , c4-26.png )

"I killed noone yesterday. I came to find this town in flames, and saved the only person I could in time!"
"If it's not some Malto loyalist, then who the hell did do it, huh?!"
No. 79472 ID: 632862

Tell him we have circumstantial evidence that suggests the lord of the dungeon to the west was responsible.
No. 79473 ID: 5d5878

If we could find evidence, would he hear us out?
No. 79475 ID: 6faa8c

"As if the Malto is the source of all evil in the world! Do you cry out 'Malto' when your milk spoils?!"
No. 79477 ID: 426169

"I do not know, but I aspire to find out. I suspect it may be whichever evil lurks in the caves west of here."
No. 79481 ID: e0499d

Lower your weapon. Show non-intimidation
"It appears we have the same goal. I found a paladin who sensed a great evil coming from the cave to the west. We investigated, and heard that 'the boss' of the cave was here. We ran back to intercept the boss, but found this city in flames. Is there anything you know? Did you see anybody who may have done this? I talked to two old men, who are just outside, and a thief. They don't know who's responisble."
No. 79483 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868263449.png - (74.51KB , 750x600 , c4-27.png )

"It appears we have the same goal. I found a paladin who sensed a great evil coming from the cave to the west. We investigated, and heard that 'the boss' of the cave was here. We ran back to intercept the boss, but found this city in flames."

As I speak I lower the sword. The armored man also loosens his stance.
We no longer threaten eachother.

"Then we have a common goal indeed. I am willing to put our feud aside until we find the person responsible."
No. 79485 ID: 5d5878

Hmm. Hand him back his sword, but be ready at any time to use yours. Ask him who he is and what he's doing?
No. 79486 ID: 6faa8c

Introduce the man to your companions.

Ask him what he knows. Compare notes.
No. 79489 ID: 632862

Is our sword glowing?
No. 79490 ID: e0499d

Get the old men in. Open the hatch. Have big group talk (assuming that Timotei and Sticks are down there).
No. 79493 ID: d8d733

You might want to tell him you're not trying to reconquer the kingdom or anything like that despite your flag.
No. 79495 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868359762.png - (49.71KB , 750x600 , c4-28.png )

I hand the man his sword back as a sign of good will.

"How much do you know about the attack?"
"Absolutely nothing. I run the refugee camp to the south and everyone claims to have seen something, but almost none of the stories match."

He lifts his helmets visor.

"If I hear anything new I'll share it with you. And if you keep the frontline here then you can also count on me for supplies... But you're still not welcome any further south than that, Malto scum."
No. 79499 ID: 426169

"We will maintain this outpost as long as we can. If you have any supplies or manpower, please send them here."
No. 79501 ID: e3f578

"What has Lord Malto done to incur such wrath upon him and his followers? I saw not but a noble deeds of good from him."
No. 79504 ID: e0499d

(note: OH SHITS! Look familiar... cept... without round eyes?)

The old men! Give them to the refugee camp! Their families are probably there (also means that there were many survivors).

Invite the man into what was the temple. (you may want to stop using it as a base conisdering you're messing around with the guy's property... might)
No. 79506 ID: e0499d

And that too. You've never heard of the dark side of Malto.
No. 79508 ID: 632862

Tell her about the old men outside. They are most definitely refugees.
No. 79513 ID: 5d5878

Well, that's better than nothing. That's an ally, and we need as many as we can get. Give thanks for the support, you're unlikely to convince anyone against being revolutionist scum.
No. 79515 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868481848.png - (68.18KB , 750x600 , c4-29.png )

"Outside are two elderly men I found on the outskirts of town. Perhaps their families are in your refugee camp."
"Very well, I'll take them with me."

We exit the church where the two men are bickering as usual. Vite forces them both on top of her mount.
It will be a long walk with that much armor, but she must understand that these men are far too old for any kind of walk.

"Help, I'm going to fall off!"
"We won't fall if you stop shaking so much."
"Hey, did you fall asleep?!"

I watch her prepare her mount for the journey in thought.
Just as she is about to leave, the question rolls off my tongue.

"What has Lord Malto done to incur such wrath upon him and his followers? I saw not but a noble deeds of good from him."
"That's because you and me are from different worlds, knight."

Without another word she walks off.
No. 79516 ID: 5d5878

Ah, yes. As a knight I'm assuming you were born into the noble class, Ridder?
No. 79517 ID: 476456

yell "Okay but that doesnt make any sense" after her.
No. 79518 ID: e3f578

What nerve to persecute those who might follow Lords when they are unknowing of their misdeeds and not even presenting evidence.

The rebels are animals.
No. 79523 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868559778.png - (100.76KB , 750x600 , c4-30.png )

Yes, I myself was born into noble class. My parents were not originally from Piacevole, but were recognized by lord Malto for their valor and bravery when they were working as mere mercenaries.

I mark the location of the refugee camp on my map.

No. 79524 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, that would explain it. I assume Ms. Vispa was a touch more common in lineage. There tends to be a bit of a difference in treatment between nobility and commoners.
No. 79525 ID: e3f578

We will need to discuss this issue later. To improve trust between this new ally we must dig deeper into her grievances with Lord Malto.

If indeed the man was evil when not in public, what will you do Ridder?
No. 79526 ID: e0499d

explains much. Time to get a base up!
First stop, buying the services of peasents in other towns!... and stopping at S tower on the way. 2 birds, 1 stone
No. 79528 ID: 426169

Ok, this intruder has amply demonstrated that we need to set up a watch. Can't have strangers wandering into our camp like that.

Would the remains of the windmill serve as a watchtower?
No. 79529 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868695296.png - (43.27KB , 750x600 , c4-31.png )

I have no business judging my lord. Not when he was alive, and not now he's gone.

Hiring peasants from other towns brings several obstacles: I have no gold to pay them with. There may not be peasants available to travel so far from their homes. They may not even be willing to join me in the heart of a recently deceased city with the intention of holding off an unspeakable evil.

No. 79531 ID: 5d5878

Then you have to find those sympathetic to your cause.
No. 79537 ID: e3f578

I think it's obvious going back to the old kingdom for help against this evil might not be pleasant, but there might be old friends there who will be more than glad to help stop such an evil in the name of Lord Malto. Or more like our recent ally, then well...

We should also think about heading to Sepia Town. A criminal haven might be a good source of information on this evil.
No. 79538 ID: 7eda8b

There's gotta be a ton of gold and valuables in the rubble!
No. 79552 ID: e0499d

didn't we get a bunch of gold from that room with the dead people in it?
No. 79566 ID: fb5d8e
File 125868858782.png - (47.61KB , 750x600 , c4-32.png )

Indeed, I need men who are dedicated to the cause. The call of coin will attracts looters and criminals to the buried treasure around here soon enough, and I don't need them in my base.

Now there's just the question where I can find such men.

In addition I need to get my priorities straight.
I can't help but feel I'm overlooking some things.

No. 79568 ID: e0499d

The main problem here is that we need to have grains and stuffs. Without the basics, we have nothing. We'll need farmers, millers, tree cutters, and builders before we can get anywhere.

Essentially, we need to rebuild the town. The way an empire gets an army is by using its towns' resources. We need a town to start off.
No. 79569 ID: e0499d

OH Snap... just realized.
We have the entire refugee camp down south. They can (and probably want to) rebuild. No money's even needed. Just get them up, and begin salvaging/building.
No. 79571 ID: 632862

We should also ask Sticks if she has any contacts we can use.
No. 79572 ID: 2dd482


looking pretty evil overlord there boss
No. 79573 ID: 5d5878

Shh, we can't let him know he's a foil.
No. 79599 ID: d8d733

For starters the followers of the sun god will probably want this temple back.

Also... you don't even know who started the fire and are jumping to conclusions based the loosest evidence.
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