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File 125848100392.png - (52.86KB , 700x700 , c2-1.png )
78014 No. 78014 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 78015 ID: 426169

Smite that fucker!
No. 78016 ID: 2cbe3e

Show that orb who's boss.
No. 78017 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848154953.png - (66.66KB , 700x700 , c2-2.png )

For the rest of the day and night we traveled back up north, to the riverside town of Iniziare Citta. A ferry takes passengers and goods across the river through out the day to enable a steady traderoute.

Here me and my new companion rested.

No. 78018 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848156180.png - (45.77KB , 700x700 , c2-3.png )

I discovered that the human is a paladin serving the Sungod. His name is Timotei.
Despite his low intelligence he is steadfast in his ways. I am convinced that his faith and innate abilities are true. Now that we have left the presence of the orc maiden he also seems to become more rational.. Or perhaps it is because of my guidance.

With the last of my gold I purchased new equipment for him.
With a two-handed sword he is more combat capable than me as my training focused on mounted combat, something I don't have the luxury to dedicate myself to anymore.

No. 78019 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848157280.png - (58.92KB , 700x700 , c2-4.png )

Morning has come again.

It should be a mere days walk to the rocky formation in which the dark lord makes his fortress.

No. 78025 ID: 426169

"Tell me, young Timotei, how did you come to the service of the Sungod?"
No. 78027 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848252741.png - (35.53KB , 700x700 , c2-5.png )

"Tell me, young Timotei, how did you come to the service of the Sungod?"
"Ten years ago monsters killed my parents and monks adopted me and trained me to become a paladin."
No. 78029 ID: 08a4fb

"'Monsters' could refer to many a creature... or many a person."
No. 78031 ID: 5a9e00

Monks trained you as a paladin and not as a monk? Unusual.
No. 78033 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848417540.png - (46.41KB , 700x700 , c2-6.png )

"'Monsters' could refer to many a creature... or many a person."
"All I know is that they were evil so I devoted my life to destroying evil so noone will have to go through the same as me."
Timotei's intense dedication burns into my heart. His simple word only serve to underline his unwavering personality.
It is a strange sensation to stand next to such a person.

"How old are you, Timotei?"
No. 78034 ID: fb5d8e
File 12584841864.png - (50.49KB , 700x700 , c2-7.png )

"I'm 16."

Paying respect to the monks who raised him is not for me to do: That is something Timotei will have to pursue once he thinks he is worthy.
But now priority lies with locating the worlds impending doom.

We set out towards the woods in which the dark lords fortress should be.

No. 78036 ID: 426169

"Tell me, young Timotei, what makes a monster? Is it a matter of race and breed or a wicked taint of the heart?"
No. 78037 ID: 59c190

"Timmy, u busta"
No. 78038 ID: 5a9e00

Malto hug Tim
No. 78041 ID: 632862

Ask him how he learned to fight.
No. 78043 ID: 7eda8b

>With a two-handed sword he is more combat capable than me
Seriously? But you're way bigger and more experienced than him.

Continue on to the woods.
No. 78044 ID: e0499d

Wait. We have no more money?
Continue on to next destination.
No. 78046 ID: 08a4fb

Mounted combat is very different from foot combat. This is especially true when your only weapon is a spear.
No. 78051 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848752598.png - (55.39KB , 700x700 , c2-9.png )

We cross the quiet fields between the town and the woods. Soon enough we leave the creaking windmills behind.
The only movement we see are startled birds and curious deer in the distance.

"Tell me, young Timotei, what makes a monster? Is it a matter of race and breed or a wicked taint of the heart?"
"A monster is something scary that hurts people and is evil."
"Is it evil because it hurts people or is it evil inherently?"
"Because it hurts people when it doesn't have to. A bear hurts people but is not evil but a person doesn't have to hurt people so he is evil if he hurts people."

Amidst the mess of words a wisdom comes forward that I didn't expect from the young human. Evil is no force of nature, but the decisions made by a man.
It silences me. My mind wanders back to the civil war that brought my kingdom to its knees.


The sound of Timotei's unsheathing blade wakes me from my thoughts.
At the forests edge stands a large rock formation: On the front an ominous door.

No. 78052 ID: 08a4fb

Well, those rings are large and convenient. Walk up and knock.
No. 78054 ID: e0499d

We don't know the commander. But we know the orc's and goblin's names.
First, try to have timotei check for an evil presence.
No. 78055 ID: e0499d

With said information, knock saying you're a friend of Lina/Arabella, and that Arabella wanted you to meet the commander.
No. 78057 ID: 7eda8b

Is it even locked? Try prying the door open.
No. 78061 ID: 7d87d9

Man... Renamon needs to cut her hair... looking kinda shaggy!
No. 78062 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848860817.png - (44.89KB , 700x700 , c2-10.png )

I am no man of deceit, and I greatly doubt how fruitful a direct confrontation with such a great evil will be.
I need a better plan than bursting down the front door.

"Timotei, do you sense any evil?"
The young paladin looks sick. Somehow it feels that its only his loyalty to me that keeps him standing.
"Yes. There is a very big evil behind this door."
His voice sounds broken.
No. 78063 ID: 7d87d9

So are we STILL in a cutscene or something?
No. 78064 ID: e0499d

See if there's some way to temporarily block the evil from his senses. Or for him to communicate with you from a distance.

And the commander hiding in there doesn't know that you're looking to purge evil. Just knock and say you're a friend of Arabella. Simple as that.
No. 78066 ID: e72a14

Wait... when did we hear Arabella's name?
No. 78070 ID: e0499d

Back when Lina was giving us the story of Arabella's pregnency... i go find...
No. 78071 ID: e72a14

If you notice, the first bolded text in each update is frequently something somebody suggested. When it's not, it's generally because nothing suggested was really in character. Just because suggestions aren't directly quoted doesn't mean they're not being used.
No. 78077 ID: 7d87d9

Man up then you coward! CHARGE THE ENEMY
No. 78078 ID: fb5d8e
File 125848965055.png - (54.16KB , 700x700 , c2-11.png )

I don't think you understand. I can not lie. I most certainly won't abuse names I learned in good faith.
If entering through the front door is the only way then I will do it with spear to front. I am certain that Timotei feels the same.

No. 78080 ID: 7d87d9

Less Yip more BLITZ.

I got feeling you're a coward.
No. 78084 ID: 276781

Did you know the young Prince Malto very well?
This may or may not be important. Probably not.
No. 78085 ID: 476456

Be wary of traps.
No. 78086 ID: e0499d

YOU ARE NOT LYING! You are a friend of lady Lina am I not correct? You shall not be lying. There is no deceipt. Only a fact. You are hiding nothing, and you are expecting nothing to be hid from you
No. 78087 ID: 7d87d9

Of course being so conservative lets the enemy have plenty of time to gather and overrun you.

RUSH AND ATTACK is the best option!
No. 78098 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849204854.png - (38.72KB , 700x700 , c2-12.png )

That is a good point. I do not have to hide my intentions for a diplomatic meeting.
I almost let my arrogance get the better of me again.

Timotei will stay here as I go in. He does not have to face the evil that sickens him so badly.
I will tell him to keep watch.

No. 78102 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849257288.png - (46.90KB , 700x700 , c2-13.png )

I use one of the rings to knock on the door. I can hear the sound echo on the other side.
Before long footsteps approach, and the door opens to a crack.

An ogre looks down on me from the other side.

"Who is?"
"I am Sir Ridder, knight-errant. I am friends to madam Lina."
"Me not know Lina. You leave now."
No. 78103 ID: e0499d

"You don't know Lina? Lina of the south tower? Friends with Anabella? (any other connections that exist that could get recognition)
No. 78104 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849292759.png - (48.56KB , 700x700 , c2-14.png )

"You don't know Lina? Lina of the south tower? Friends with Arabella? Employed by Commander Coriander Salamander?"
"Nope. Boss not say. You leave now or me crush you."
No. 78105 ID: e0499d

"Oh... so you're not the boss... at least ask the boss about them. They said that the boss knew them."
No. 78107 ID: e3f578

"Before you crush me, is there any way I can contact your boss to conduct business?"
No. 78109 ID: 7d87d9

Thrust up and into its neck.

We are to SMITE EVIL.

No. 78110 ID: e0499d

Evil is whatever attacks without good reason as our paladin friend says.
It's not evil till proven evil
No. 78116 ID: 7d87d9

Paladins tend to be idiots.
No. 78118 ID: e0499d

Well... I can't argue with that ಠ_ಠ
No. 78119 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849422322.png - (35.16KB , 700x700 , c2-15.png )

"Before you crush me, is there any way I can contact your boss to conduct business?"
"I dunno. Me not like talking much. Me going to get stick and crush you."

It has become obvious that the hulking brute is nothing more than a second pair of doors. The owner of this complex must be worried about his security.. or prefers not to receive random visitors. Both seem likely for an evil mastermind.
Me and Timotei should be able to fight off this ogre as long as it has no reinforcements.

No. 78123 ID: 7d87d9

If the fool stays behind the gate you should be able to easily eliminate them and use its body as cover if the balloon goes up
No. 78124 ID: e0499d

Roll eyes and say that you'll have your friend duel him up the road.
Tell paladin to hide in bushes with bow readied.

Dumb ogre goes up, leaves door open, you go in, he gets sniped.

Very simple plan.
Or we can say that his boss will probably get VERY angry if you were to be crushed. Tell him to at least ask boss for permission to crush you.
No. 78127 ID: f4a809

Can we risk that he doesnt though?

Try tricking him some more. Assure him that he won't have to do any talking. All he has to do is let us in and we'll talk to the boss for him.
No. 78128 ID: e0499d

Tell him he can escort us. That way, we don't do any damage, and his boss doesn't get angry
No. 78133 ID: 8611a8

"If you'd just tell somebody there's a visitor who wants to see the boss outside there's no need for any crushing"
No. 78141 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849627754.png - (49.37KB , 700x700 , c2-16.png )

"If you'd just tell somebody there's a visitor who wants to see the boss outside there's no need for any crushing."
The ogre sighs deeply and rolls his eyes. He responds in a tired tone.
"Hurray me soul, d'ye ever do anything a'sides talk all day? I said no, now get'ya gone!"
The door is slammed shut in front of me.
No. 78144 ID: 135d9a

Ask him what just happened with his accent.
No. 78145 ID: e0499d

wait... the affair was how many days ago?
Best we can do is find something to write on (assuming the court=literacy) and give him a note to give to the commander.

Also, if the ogre didn't attack. It's probably not evil. remind self to check with Timotei for another evil location session later.
No. 78152 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849778025.png - (50.42KB , 700x700 , c2-17.png )

The door has just been shut. To speak to the ogre I will have to knock again, but it made itself clear about its willingness to talk.
From the exchange I learned that the mastermind is powerful or wealthy enough to keep ogres under his control, and is careful enough not to flaunt his power to any random stranger. I'm sure that the modest cave entrance is just the tip of the iceberg.

"How are you doing, Timotei?"
"I am doing okay. I am trained for this. If you fight I will fight with you."
No. 78155 ID: 426169

"If this evil is as clever as I suspect, there is undoubtedly a secret door into the fortress. No competent strategist would allow themselves to be sieged so easily. Are you able to use your paladin senses to locate such a passage? Or are you still overwhelmed?"
No. 78157 ID: 276781

Set up a form of camp outside the door. If anyone comes to or leaves from the lair/what-have-you, they will have to speak with you two first.

Perhaps they'll be more talkative and reasonable than the ogre guard.
No. 78159 ID: 8c2027

This being a mountain cave with living beings in it, there surely is a shaft going in directly from above.

Find that shaft, and hook a loogie in it.
No. 78160 ID: f44349

Obviously the diplomatic approach is no good here.
If this truly is as great a den of evil as it seems there is bound to be a secondary hidden entrance.
Search nearby for some kind of hidden door.
No. 78179 ID: 0cc59e

If he's that rich then he'll have another entrance. Scout around.
No. 78187 ID: fb5d8e
File 12584992633.png - (50.28KB , 700x700 , c2-18.png )

Well thought of. Common logic dictates that cavedwellers will have some sort of ventilation shafts. A secret entrance seems farfetched, but not too unlikely.
I climb the side of the rock formation and slowly work my way up.

No. 78189 ID: e72a14

Any fortress needs some manner of airflow. The observable form suggests that the most likely allowance for this would be ventilation shafts. I therefore suggest that you discretely examine this rock formation for any such orifices. They may well be disguised.
No. 78190 ID: e0499d

We have rope... right?
(while we're in there, we might as well loot a little gold... just a little...)
No. 78198 ID: 7d87d9

NO man take a shit in it.

Also I don't think Renamons are good at climbing SHEER CLIFFS
No. 78200 ID: fb5d8e
File 125849982816.png - (36.73KB , 700x700 , c2-19.png )

With your suggestions it isn't long before we find a suspicious crack in the rock. Though it appears natural, someone has reinforced it with steel bars to prevent access.
The crack leads into a deep shaft.
Quiet sounds echo up from far below.

No. 78201 ID: 632862

While we have a moment... concentrate with Tim to find the source of the evil.
No. 78203 ID: e75a2f

Gas them out with alchemical smoke.
No. 78205 ID: e72a14

well, try jiggling the bars a bit, see if they come out.In the likely event that they don't, try pissing in there, see what happens.
No. 78209 ID: 426169

Use the acid you bought in town to melt the bars.
No. 78217 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850065744.png - (51.11KB , 700x700 , c2-20.png )

Brilliant. I carefully empty the flask of acid onto the metal bars. Withered and brittle, they offer no more resistance when I jiggle them out.
The next step is easy to guess.
I tie the rope around my waist and hand the other part to Timotei. He nods.

No. 78218 ID: 8c2027

That crack looks awfully slim. Try to not get your huge hindquarters stuck while crawling through.
No. 78222 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850178967.png - (171.62KB , 700x700 , c2-21.png )

Despite having no exceptional hindquarters, your advice was not unnecessary.
About halfway down the shaft it suddenly narrows. If I had been going down at full speed I may have gotten stuck or injured myself here.

I can see the flickering of torchlights come from below.

No. 78223 ID: e0499d

you go first. Paladin might go 'hedge whacker' on these guys. We need to knock them out, or at least be stealthy.

Did we get any stealth training as a knight (I think not...)
No. 78224 ID: e72a14

Be careful not to get acid all over your clothes. It'll fuck your look right up.
No. 78225 ID: 135d9a

Well, I don't think this has established anything you don't already know.

Try to listen for a conversation or something; if you can't get anything out of that you should probably get back out of there.
No. 78230 ID: 8ce2bf

You're going to have to take off your clothes and grease yourself up to get through.
No. 78231 ID: e72a14

I think your hindquarters are exceptional~
No. 78232 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850245444.png - (171.93KB , 700x700 , c2-22.png )

Down here the sounds from the cave complex are easy to distinguish.
The voice of the ogre reaches my ears first.

"Smells real nice in 'ere. Tha' ya plant stuff or jus' ya?"

A soft female voice responds.

"It's the herbs I just gathered. When you grind them like this the smell really gets out."
"I see.. Eh- Seems like th'boss stayin' out in Iniziare Citta fer quite a bit.. So.. y'don' mind me 'avin' lunch wi'ye, do you?"
"Ofcourse not. We all eat in the main hall together."
"Oh, aye.."
No. 78233 ID: 632862

This means the ogre must not be guarding the front gate any longer! Tug twice to signal Tim to help pull you up.
No. 78236 ID: 8ce2bf

Get out of the hole, muss up your pretty face with some dirt, switch clothes with Timotei, and use your cloak as a hood to disguise most of your face.
Go back to the main door and say the Boss sent you from "Inziare Citta" as a new guard, and to start immediately.
No. 78237 ID: 5d5878

Boss ain't here? I think you should get Tim to pull you up now.
No. 78239 ID: b764ac

Also means the source of all evil, their boss, isn´ present.
No. 78240 ID: 426169

Which raises the question of what Tim was sensing in the first place.

I'm pretty sure "citta" means city.
No. 78241 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850344221.png - (57.83KB , 700x700 , c2-23.png )

Indeed, so it seems their leader is not there.
I tug on the rope to have Timotei pull me up. A tiring climb later I am standing next to him again.

Trying to go in through the front door on my own again will undoubtedly end in a bloody fight. Even if the ogre is not standing in front of the door that doesn't mean I can walk through the cave unnoticed.

No. 78242 ID: 8ce2bf

He probably sensed the lingering evil of the place. If it lingered in Arabella there is no way it wouldn't linger at his own home.
No. 78243 ID: 632862

Concentrate with Tim to see what evil he sensed, since it wasn't the boss of this place.
No. 78244 ID: 2c14ac


(Isn't that the place with the Collector?)

I would suggest we locate the Citta. Shall we check the map?
No. 78246 ID: 43d730

There's no better time to strike!
Go to the city, use Timotei's Detect ability to find Malto, and kill him there.
The head is out of the shell.
No. 78247 ID: 2c14ac


(We don't know who the Boss is! I'm not sure Ridder knows about Malto's son!)
No. 78248 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850396926.png - (44.72KB , 700x700 , c2-24.png )

Good idea. We better hurry.

"Timotei, their leader is not here right now. What you sensed must have been his lingering aura. He is at 'Iniziare Citta'. We must locate this place, head towards it and use your detecting ability to find him."
"Iniziare Citta is the city we just came from."
No. 78251 ID: 632862

On the other hand, we could wait here for him instead and confront him at the entrance.
No. 78252 ID: e0499d

Gape and begin the track back to the ferry
No. 78253 ID: e72a14

well, go there then.

while ambush would certainly be the ideal method of contact, doing it on his own doorstep seems monumentally unwise. Besides, scoping him out while he's in town is quite likely to be beneficial, though we don't know what we might learn until we try.
No. 78255 ID: e0499d

maybe if we know he's staying at the city a while, we could visit the tower a while. We can exchange information and make sense of what we know there.

Maybe even get a pass of some sort from the commander.
No. 78258 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850530858.png - (57.55KB , 700x700 , c2-25.png )

Indeed, finding out what business he is conducting in town will prove most valuable. I believe ambushing him will be premature, but a good option should the chance present itself.

We quickly climb down the rocks and follow the tracks back to the city, Iniziare Citta.

As we approach familiar scenery, the sky begins to turn dark.

"Sir Ridder.."

No. 78259 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850532338.png - (172.66KB , 700x700 , c2-26.png )

No. 78262 ID: 135d9a

Wait, what?
No. 78263 ID: 632862

Rush towards the town and help put out the fires!
No. 78264 ID: 2c14ac


No. 78265 ID: ab04d4

Yay! Something bad happened! This means that we get to sit back and occasionally tell you to make a bad decision!

No. 78267 ID: 2dd482

Tim didn't detect the evil while in the town?
No. 78269 ID: 426169

It's too late to put this fire out.

Strike your spear to the ground and say: "By my honor and family name I swear to bring righteous vengeance on whoever spilt the blood of innocents this day! My blade will drink deeply of their tainted blood and blackened hearts. I will not rest until this deed has been done. This I, Sir Ridder [von lastname], swear to you."
No. 78270 ID: e0499d

Evil was likely masked. You'd have to checked for it... which we didn't get a chance to do.
There is nothing you can do. Best course of action is to run back to south tower and let them know about the sack of Iniziare Citta.

It'll make them realize the situation they're in. Allying with these guys=massive destruction+loss of forces.
No. 78272 ID: e0499d

Or, hide in the trees. Have Timotei snipe the hell out of the leader with his bow.
No. 78274 ID: e72a14

That's our Mushio~ <3
No. 78275 ID: 5d5878

You're both good, honourable men! See if there's anything you can do to help these people!
No. 78276 ID: 426169

Oh and after this, let out a fell scream while crying manly tears.
No. 78277 ID: 632862

We know nothing about who started the fire. We need to find a survivor before we place blame.
No. 78278 ID: 1db014

>This I, Sir Ridder [von lastname], swear to you.
Spoiler warning here "von" means "from", so in this case "lastname" would actually be "city or region the person is from". It's not actually a last name.
No. 78281 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850644794.png - (54.96KB , 700x700 , c2-27.png )

It is far too late to stop the fires, but we may be able to save someone!

"Timotei! We have to look for survivors!"
"Yes, sir!"
No. 78289 ID: e0499d

wait... if he can sense evil...
can he sense good/innocence?

if so, finding survivors will be easy!
No. 78290 ID: 5d5878

And ridder is basically the title "Knight" in dutch. Though I'm not sure if that was meant any more than the obvious Rider.
No. 78291 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850713418.png - (83.18KB , 700x700 , c2-28.png )

I run through the blazing streets yelling frantically.

"Is anyone there?! Is anyone still alive? Anyone?!"

A weakened voice responds from nearby.

"H-here! Over here! Help!"
"Where are you?!"
"The second floor! Please help me!"
No. 78293 ID: c1b520

No. 78294 ID: 426169

"Jump down! I will catch you!"
No. 78295 ID: 632862

This is a good plan.
No. 78299 ID: e72a14

This is ridiculous. Why would somebody remain in a burning building on the off-chance that there would be some do-gooder to thwart?
No. 78300 ID: 5d5878

Because nobody would ever expect it. It's brilliant!
No. 78303 ID: fb5d8e
File 12585081676.png - (55.57KB , 700x700 , c2-29.png )

"Jump down! I will catch you!"

I stretched out my arms and step forward. The flames coming from the house begins to bite at my skin but I endure it.

Suddenly a cry pierces through the smoke.


It's Timotei.
No. 78304 ID: e0499d

tie rope to rock, throw rock, get man to tie rope to somehthing, he climbs down.
No. 78306 ID: 632862

Don't get look away, you don't want to screw up the catch.
No. 78307 ID: 1db014

Tell the man to hurry! You cannot abandon the innocent citizen, even for your own ward! Further, he could hold valuable information. He knew the risks when he got into this, just hope he's capable enough to fend for himself long enough for you to save this person, then rush to his aid!

Remember your priorities!
No. 78308 ID: 426169

Give a quick glance in Timotei's direction, but keep your focus on the heavy load dropping four meters into your lap.
No. 78309 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850866058.png - (123.21KB , 700x700 , c2-30.png )

I keep my mind on the victim. Timotei should be able to fend for himself for now.. I hope.

"Hurry up..! Umf!"
No. 78311 ID: 8ce2bf

Smother them in your cloak and then find Timotei.
No. 78314 ID: 7deb21

hug stranded guy, read paladin.
No. 78315 ID: 5d5878

Get you and the survivor out of the direct flames, find your young ward.
No. 78316 ID: 632862

Okay make sure she's not on fire then hurry to Tim!
No. 78317 ID: e0499d

smother to drive off flames, run for thy sidekick
No. 78319 ID: fb5d8e
File 12585093669.png - (73.92KB , 700x700 , c2-31.png )

I immediately smother the survivor with my cloak. This way he will also be protected from other flames and smoke.
As soon as I get back on my feet I turn around to look for Timotei.
He stands nearby, shivering and unresponsive to the flames approaching him.

"Timotei! Answer me!"
No. 78321 ID: 426169

"By the cracking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

Ready yourself, the source of all this evil is nearby.
No. 78322 ID: 632862

He's overwhelmed! Help him focus, quickly!
No. 78325 ID: 5d5878

Grab him, move him from flames.
No. 78326 ID: 7eda8b


Closely examine the person you have just rescued!
No. 78329 ID: fb5d8e
File 125850993886.png - (74.96KB , 700x700 , c2-32.png )

I pull Timotei to the middle of the street. For now the flames won't reach us, as long as the buildings don't collapse around us.

"Timotei! Pull yourself together! Focus!"
"He was here! He walked here! It's too intense!"
No. 78330 ID: e0499d

we really need a evil block for him.

tell him to stand by you and kill what ever he sees, other than what you tell him isn't an enemy (like the guy you saved).

Ready thy blade/spear
No. 78331 ID: 426169

"Timotei, look at me! We need to get out of here before the fire kills us. Now move those feet, paladin!"
No. 78332 ID: 5d5878

He really needs some training to turn down his sensing until he focuses on it. He's a liability to himself here, you gotta get him out.
No. 78333 ID: 7eda8b

Closely examine the person you have just rescued!
No. 78334 ID: 43d730

1. Get a bucket
2. Find the pope
3. Ask to have bucket blessed
No. 78342 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851063757.png - (164.73KB , 700x700 , c2-33.png )

"Timotei, look at me! We need to get out of here before the fire kills us. Now move those feet, paladin!"

With flames at my back, one hand on the paladin and a survivor in my cloak, I lead the way through burning streets into the open fields.
Behind us the flames intensify. The rumble of collapsing buildings follows.

No. 78344 ID: 7eda8b

Closely examine the person you have rescued.
No. 78348 ID: 5d5878

Well, shit. At least you saved someone? Who did you save anyway?
No. 78349 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851107660.png - (111.83KB , 700x700 , c2-34.png )

I raise my cloak to look at the person I just rescued.
It appears to be a young woman of a race I am not familiar with. She looks in shock, but otherwise uninjured.

No. 78351 ID: 5d5878

Ask if she's alright.
No. 78353 ID: 632862

She looks fine. Now check on Timotei.
No. 78354 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851143490.png - (115.88KB , 700x700 , c2-35.png )

"Are you alright?"
"Heh, I don't know: Do you mean compared to usual, or compared to being burned alive?"

She's fine.
No. 78359 ID: 5d5878

Alright, check young ward.
No. 78360 ID: e0499d

heading back to the cave is likely a bad idea...

He's BEEN here... but the plan was for him to be in the city...

So he's obviously not on the way back (We just walked the trail)... so he's somewhere else.

No. 78361 ID: e72a14

Oh god. Poor Ridder. He now has two teenage charges of opposite genders.
No. 78362 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851195577.png - (109.85KB , 700x700 , c2-36.png )

Timotei is unconscious. His expression is peaceful. The strain must have been too much.
Physically he looks to be fine.
If necessary I can carry him, but not for great distances.

I recollect my thoughts.

The boss is more than I expected. Once again arrogance got the best of me. How I could have thought to defeat a man of such strength by simply walking through the front door is beyond me now.
There is obviously no way I can deal with someone who can set an entire city ablaze and disappear again. Not as a lone vagrant wanderer.

No. 78363 ID: d941cd

Don't jump to conclusions. You don't know if he set it ablaze, somebody set it ablaze against him, or it had nothing to do with it. Weren't you just trying to get to know him anyway?
No. 78364 ID: 7eda8b

Delicately get information from the girl about what happened.
No. 78365 ID: e3f578

Are you certain a single man could do this? Perhaps he did have a party but that is unknown to us. I am aware coincidence is hardly possible in this case but we must remain skeptical to avoid further arrogance-filled actions. Arabella was not aware of the evil inside of her, what if it is the same with this man? That a shadow or curse is tailing him?
No. 78366 ID: 5d5878

You're going to need some backup. Do you know how to contact anyone else who was loyal to the late Lord Malto that you could call upon? And try to find out if the poor girl knows anything. You may have just gained another charge to look after...
No. 78367 ID: 632862

Ask the girl how the fire started.
No. 78368 ID: e72a14

Make your egress from the town. Carry the boy. The girl can walk, so she shall do so. You may save more, lord willing, once these two are safe.
No. 78370 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851322752.png - (105.68KB , 700x700 , c2-37.png )

That the man might not have been alone is exactly what I meant: That would mean he has an army.
I have no means of contacting others who are still loyal to Lord Malto.. and even if I did, I have no reason to assume that they would join me in this campaign.
I need to find another way of forming an army to oppose this rising evil.

"Girl, how did the fires get started?"
"I dunno. I was just looking around that house and then suddenly everything went up in flames. My name is Sticks, by the way. Thank you for saving me."
No. 78371 ID: 7eda8b

We need to learn more about what we're up against before we can know how to stop it.

Ask her if she knows anyone who can take care of her?
No. 78372 ID: 2dd482

>I was just looking around that house and then suddenly everything went up in flames.

she's a thief. Punish her!(with lawful hot dickings)
No. 78373 ID: 5d5878

If your name has any clout at all, it would be wise to get those who would also fight for what is right. You have a banner, you just need people to rally behind it. To your knowledge, this man burned an innocent town. You're gonna need all the help you can find. You may wish to pass on information to Commander Salamander, at least to let them know just how dangerous this man really is.
No. 78379 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851425468.png - (80.19KB , 700x700 , c2-38.png )

That's true. A banner and a name is half an army already: First come the loyalty, then come the heads.
But I need a fixed place to put it. A base of operations. The only dedication found in a moving army is that towards home.

I feel nothing towards contacting Commander Salamander again. I believe if this man is such a destructive force than the commander was well aware of that. The number of weapons stored in that tower did nothing but suggest she is little different when moved to action.

"Do you have anyone to take care of you?"
"Uh? No, I'm a.. a traveller."
"You are a thief. That is why you were in that house."
"..Welp, you found me out. But that doesn't matter now, since all the valuables have been burned.. No, not even that! The owners have been burned to. You know, I steal from the rich, but I would never hurt someone. Not like this.."
No. 78381 ID: 6faa8c

A theif's skills are many and varied, and she may help to defeat this manifold threat. Take her on along with the Paladin, after having him check evil.
No. 78383 ID: 7eda8b

She's right. You have far more important things to worry about. In either case, the lawmen whose jurisdiction this falls under are presently being roasted.

"I intend to bring justice to those responsible. Will you help me?"
No. 78385 ID: 5d5878

She may be useful, and it's not like she really has anywhere to go. Maybe your influence can steer her right. As for a base, I have no idea. But referring to the Commander, I was more thinking of telling Lina what's going on. She seemed quite taken with you, and may want to help.
No. 78386 ID: d941cd

Adopt her, lead her away from her life of crime.
No. 78391 ID: 276781

You have to go back to Coriander's tower, if only to try to convince Lina to join up with you.
She likes you, Ridder, you can't ignore that.
No. 78392 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851551950.png - (38.18KB , 700x700 , c2-39.png )

Lina.. You're right, I can't ignore her. I will return to the tower to speak to her, but only once I have established a proper base. I need to get a hold in the area now I still can.

The girl next to me looks up with great hope in her eyes. It feels as if she is anticipating my question.

"I intend to bring justice to those responsible. Will you help me?"
"I thought you'd never ask. I can't just let something like this slide. Besides.. I owe you."

No. 78395 ID: ff20dc

... you know, she's not really very good looking.
No. 78398 ID: d941cd

At first i thought it was a snarky little girl... now i noticed dem tits. I guess she's a particularly short dwarf, or a gnome or halfling.

Perhaps you should walk around the town, see if anybody else managed to escape.
No. 78400 ID: 5d5878

She owes you nothing, you were doing the right thing. It's just a shame you weren't able to help any more than just her...
No. 78403 ID: 632862

It's important that we find out for sure who did it. Or at least, find out the name of the master of the dungeon so we can tell people who we're fighting against.
No. 78404 ID: 7eda8b

Ask her about the dungeon you found. Maybe she's heard of it.
No. 78407 ID: ff20dc

Check for additional survivors, perhaps?
No. 78409 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851675357.png - (82.59KB , 700x700 , c2-40.png )

"You owe me nothing. I was merely doing the right thing."

She looks away, silenced.
I carry Timotei back into the city.

The fire has died out having burned all of its fuel. Buildings lie collapsed in the streets.
I call out but find no answer.
It aches my heart to know that anyone I might have been able to save would not have made it when their houses collapsed on top of them.

Only one building remains. The church stands steadfast in the middle of the townsquare. Its insides are completely torched, yet its robust outer frame remains as a memorial to its builders unwavering faith.

No. 78413 ID: 7eda8b

Would it be against your code to sift through the rubble for coins?
No. 78417 ID: 276781

Perhaps you could use the church as a temporary base of operations.
It might need some repairing, though, to keep out the elements. And make sure it won't collapse.
No. 78418 ID: 5d5878

What god is that a church of? Because that may very well be a good base (assuming it's not too sacrilegious). From beneath the ashes of tyranny, justice shall arise, guided by the gods themselves. If anything, the standing building is a sign.
No. 78438 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851851789.png - (67.49KB , 700x700 , c2-41.png )

Sifting through the rubble for useful remains can always be done later. I don't like it, but it is unavoidable during times of war.
I am not a religious man and I am unable to identify the charred illustrations and shattered stained glass.
The interior has been burned to the ground.

No. 78440 ID: ff20dc

Who is the lord of this town anyway - do you know?
No. 78442 ID: e3f578

Yell out a hello for people taking shelter here, then examine the thing on the altar. If its dead, everyone else that took shelter in here probably also died of smoke poisoning.
No. 78445 ID: 632862

The priest was burned alive where he stood? How is that possible? Inspect the body.
No. 78451 ID: fb5d8e
File 125851985129.png - (47.33KB , 700x700 , c2-42.png )

I call out again.
There is no response.
The lone figure in this church is standing at the alter, apparently burned where he stood. For that to happen the flames must have come in a flash.
I will investigate closer.

The body and altar look wet somehow, despite the charring around it.
I move the body to take a closer look.. and it suddenly bursts back into flame.

No. 78453 ID: 5d5878

That's... disconcerting. Could this have been the source of the blaze?
No. 78454 ID: e321ff

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm gonna guess this is a temple to the Sun god.

See if you can rouse Timotei.
No. 78455 ID: dda9dd

hmmm investigate further... examine the book likely on lectern.
No. 78457 ID: 632862

This was not simply the work of an army setting the city to torch and sword. Something is VERY wrong here. Try not to get burned alive.
No. 78461 ID: 7eda8b

Rouse Timotei and ask him about the teachings of the Sun God, and if this relates to some prophecy.
No. 78463 ID: fb5d8e
File 12585206239.png - (41.47KB , 700x700 , c2-43.png )

I prefer to look into this myself before waking up Timotei. He needs the rest.

There is no book on the pedestal, only half a globe. A steady flame comes through a small hole in the top.
Despite the fire coming out, the globe itself is cool to the touch. It's a polished copper like the two bowls on each side of the altar.

No. 78465 ID: 6faa8c


Look into the flame directly.
No. 78466 ID: 7eda8b

Look for seams or compartments built in the pedestal itself, or near it.
No. 78468 ID: 5d5878

It's probably connected to some sort of tube running through the altar. Why I have no idea.
No. 78469 ID: dda9dd

Perhaps the corpse and globe here was the inferno's source? The local dampness could have been early attempts at containment before it grew out of control?

Are there any marking on the globe itself... don't fool with it too much. This blaze could have been triggered as some kind of divine judgment for ritual impropriety on the crispy fellow beside you.
No. 78470 ID: fb5d8e
File 125852125277.png - (42.45KB , 700x700 , c2-44.png )

I touch the altar for any hidden seams or compartments. My finger finds a thin line and I follow it.
With a smothered clunk the half globe turns out to be a full globe as I accidentally pull it out of the altar.

No. 78472 ID: 632862

What if stopping the flame -say by collapsing on top of it after having a heart attack- caused the fire? Like, it had nowhere to vent the flame and overloaded?

This could be an accident.
No. 78473 ID: 5d5878

...huh. Whaddyaknow. Be careful with that, examine it and the hole where it was once situated. CAREFULLY.
No. 78474 ID: e3f578

I'm guessing this is a sun god artifact that goes crazy in the presence of great evil and unleashes great amounts of flame?
No. 78476 ID: 7eda8b

Could also be that he threw himself on the altar to stop it somehow.

Is there any liquid in the bowls?
No. 78477 ID: dda9dd

So it some kind of ball of everlasting flame here, any controls, patterns, buttons or knobs on the thing?
No. 78479 ID: ff20dc

Seems like we've found the source.
No. 78480 ID: fb5d8e
File 125852176869.png - (42.32KB , 700x700 , c2-45.png )

I found it highly unlikely for the source of this devastating fire to be inside the only building that is still standing.

The altar has a simple shape-fitting dent where the globe can go.
Neither of the bowls seem to have any liquid in them, but circular stains indicate that they may have had liquid in them at some point.

No. 78490 ID: fb5d8e
File 12585228342.png - (42.32KB , 700x700 , c2-46.png )

A fire that burns even when wet..
A fire that ends when choked but rises again when stirred..
Liquids in a temple to the sungod..
I don't know what I can make of this.

No. 78499 ID: 7eda8b

Well, I'm stumped.
I think it's time to wake up Timmy and ask him how this is supposed to work.
No. 78500 ID: 8b7db1

Rocket Launcher!

But seriously, only thing I can think of is maybe the liquid is flammable. Maybe it would become 'holier' is you used the orb on the braziers, get the rightous flames going again. Because I'm trying to reach for symbolism, and I'm stumped.

...maybe ask the thief what she knows about this church, if anything. ...and find out what race she is. She is way too stacked to be a child.
No. 78502 ID: 3ccb64

>A fire that burns even when wet..
>Liquids in a temple to the sungod..
It's just oil, Ridder. Or possibly a flammable waxy resin. How do you think he can be wet and burning at the same time?
Anyway start bringing this place back to order! Relight the braziers, clean up the ashen piles as best as you can, remove the worn tapestries (to be replaced later) and mount your damn standard behind the podium already!
No. 78514 ID: fb5d8e
File 125852399490.png - (51.17KB , 700x700 , c2-47.png )

Oil! Of course.
You were going on about magic and divine retribution so much that I forgot all about such mundane means of fire. The priest must have been been handling it when the fire struck and somehow covered himself with oil.

Setting my spear with the banner on the altar seems like a great idea. It is centered and symbolizes a bright future for my army.

I have wrapped the charred body in my cloak. It was the only way to douse its flames.
I will find a suitable place to bury it later.

I pour some oil into the braziers to light them.

No. 78517 ID: fb5d8e
File 125852424875.png - (54.00KB , 700x700 , c2-48.png )

No. 78521 ID: 8b7db1

It was symbolic! Of being in a PUZZLE GAME.

Perhaps bring the girl with you, in case there is a lock or something. Plus, to keep an eye on her.
No. 78536 ID: fb5d8e
File 125852517679.png - (58.70KB , 700x700 , c2-49.png )

I call for Sticks to come down the stairs with me. She gladly obliges.

The cold narrow staircase leads down into a hallway with two other doors.

No. 78539 ID: 632862

Open the single door first.
No. 78542 ID: fb5d8e
File 125852556255.png - (38.22KB , 700x700 , c2-50.png )

What could this place be?
A crypt? Secret passages?
It may open up a whole new range of oppertunities for establishing a base.. or it may prove a whole new series of danger.

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