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File 148623473872.jpg - (449.13KB , 1832x2324 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 1.jpg )
777113 No. 777113 ID: 47be15

Previous chapter https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/757996.html
Discussion thread
Draw thread, where you can ask me to draw certain things
Aslo, if you like what I do and want to support me
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No. 777147 ID: 47be15
File 148624273935.jpg - (0.97MB , 1748x5585 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 2.jpg )

No. 777150 ID: 47be15
File 148624366472.jpg - (330.41KB , 1584x1601 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 3.jpg )

No. 777158 ID: 143250

Hey, long time no see. After you went towards that light, we got separated from you, and somehow got stuck in the mind of a drugged up member of Root's cult, a doctor from that same cult, somehow able to prevent killing anyone when we were forced by Andrew, that demon, to kill one of the four cult members, saved WC's life after telling bad jokes, talked to puppets, watched a weird noncannon musical performance in Root's dream, and caught a glimpse of a political person talking to root during his tea time, and managed to save his children.

wow, some of that sounds ridiculous when I say that out loud without the contexts.
No. 777189 ID: 47be15
File 148625831449.jpg - (377.38KB , 1566x1864 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 4.jpg )

No. 777251 ID: 143250

They are pretty dysfunctional from what I've seen, some of them hate their leader, some wants to take his job as cult leader, and some looks like they're just unfortunate people down on their luck who are blindly following Root in hopes for a better life.

I feel it will be pretty easy to get them on our side if we play our cards right, though at the same time it could be very easy for them to betray us given how dysfunctional they are.

We have Delilah, who is claimed by puppet Andrew as the worst member as she contributes very little to the cult, and gets drugged out every now and then. Root even plays into her drug addiction to get her into doing things he wants. She thinks she can be a better leader to kill you, and get other things done. Despite us voting against not killing her, Puppet Andrew claims he will kill her anyway. If we can somehow get to her before Andrew, we might be able to convince her to get her out of the cult. She was given a terrifying dream from us in hopes that she rethinks her drug addiction. Waiting to see how that will play out.

Clara is wheelchaired bound, and is wishing for death. Although she is helpless, Root is bringing her to meetings as a symbol of strength for surviving against your attacks. As such, he has ordered Dr Deadbeat to keep her alive. If we can find some way to apologies to her, and have her find a reason to live, she may persuade her sister to not hunt us down.

Dr Deadbeat is kind of a wimp, but he means well. I pity him. A lot of people bully him in the cult, but he doesn't seem to let it get to him too much. He requested for us to not kill Clara's sister if possible. Might be difficult, but if we can find a way for her to not try to kill us, and get her out of the cult, Deadbeat may be more willing to leave the cult as well.

I think Lorence is jealous in some ways of Root's leadership. We also seen him go against Root's orders by taking Clara away from Deadbeat, for what purpose I don't know. Puppet Andrew claims Lorence is trying too hard to have Andrew promote him.

We saw them having a celebration for Root's future victory, but was interrupted by Logan who was seeking revenge for the death of Absolution. Seems like Root was going to calmly talk to him, but we could not see what for as the person we were following (Delilah) ran away in fear during the meeting.

Three people were not in the celebration as they were busy. As Root puts it, Stitch is fishing, Rosalia is picking flowers, and Mr Tiova is looking for someone. I think at this moment, those are the people we should be looking out for
No. 777311 ID: b81ae6

Also, I think there is a new player in town. A god of dreams, and imagination. From what we've seen, he knows of you, and is fairly neutral to us, but he hates Root for killing his brother. He said he was the brother of Absolution. Soooo I guess that makes him the uncle of AJ (Absolution-Jr). I don't know how he'll react to having him around but we'll see. And if we run into Logan having AJ as our eye will definitely put us in his good graces.
No. 777331 ID: 47be15

From the author
I must compliment that summary of the inner workings of the cult, using all the information so far. Perfect observation
No. 777403 ID: 47be15
File 148633281002.jpg - (582.61KB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 5.jpg )

No. 777407 ID: 47be15
File 148633326242.jpg - (239.93KB , 1668x1115 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 6.jpg )

No. 777446 ID: 475080

Ah, yes, we forgot to mention this guy. This is the "Demon" that Absolution talked about. He isn't actually a part of Root as we are a part of you. He actually has more in common with WC than Root. He's an astral projection that's been cut off from his body and has obtained a kind of quasi-immortality. But he's also very powerful, and tried to play a death game with us and almost got WC killed. Luckily a few raunchy jokes later and a logic trap and he's safe. But here's the deal. What he wants is his body back, and to be flesh and blood again. We might be able to give that too him should we our power continue to grow, so it's a loose alliance we have here.
No. 777456 ID: 47be15
File 148634108339.jpg - (313.76KB , 1580x1964 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 7.jpg )

No. 777587 ID: 3583d1

Who? Delilah? Us? There's been a lot of women crying that we've seen
No. 777614 ID: 47be15
File 148639776443.jpg - (0.98MB , 2564x3372 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 8.jpg )

No. 777639 ID: a05012

Ahh, the things ones does for love.

Except now I imagine Clara is starting to rethink that, I bet it was starting to hit her that Root may only see her as a means to an end.
No. 777690 ID: 47be15
File 148641968651.jpg - (377.73KB , 1748x1472 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 9.jpg )

No. 777709 ID: e469ba

Sounds like he is still mentally trapped his his chair, crippled in mind as well as body
No. 777722 ID: 47be15
File 148642777280.jpg - (217.73KB , 1380x1588 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 10.jpg )

No. 777779 ID: e478fa

"Stitch find and kill Ana." You started it.

Well then how about this? Interfere and no flesh and blood for you Andrew, we said we'd help you didn't kill WC, so far you've held good on that promise, but if you turn on us we won't help you. This includes killing WC, or turning against us. We keep our promises, now it's your turn.

No. 777862 ID: 47be15
File 148648497623.jpg - (758.43KB , 1748x3256 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 11.jpg )

No. 777880 ID: 1ce4e4

Alright, so here's Andrew's deal.

Right now, he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Absolution had the power to bring him into the world with flesh but wouldn't. When he said that there was another voice that was following Root that was a "demon" he was talking about Andrew. However, he's starting to lose his control over Root, as he actually didn't want Root to kill Absolution. So he came to us and asked us to let him help you and give him a body... Specifically yours... we told him to fuck off.

So later he tried to get us to play a death game with some of the people we've seen, all of them being members of the cult that have a potential to be very valuable allies. We chose Wild Cat by mistake. We didn't know we were picking him though. However, we managed to make the game void by telling him that he was acting as a power dampener. See you have a god growing in you, and giving you power. If WC goes that power is going to skyrocket, and with that power we could kill him. So we told if he spared WC and let our power grow naturally, we could then use that power to give him a body, not ours, but his own. He agreed.

So now we have just changed it a little, if he turns on our agreement, or harms you in anyway, including giving orders for anyone to kill us, the deal is off and he will remain as his now.
No. 777886 ID: 143250

Also, I forgot to mention during my summary of events earlier that Dr. Deadbeat's actual name is Lester. His name escaped me during the long explanation. Does that name sound familiar to you?

I don't know if this will help in any way in our quest, but currently, we are speaking with a person who was used as a scapegoat and is being blame for killing a lot of people which he didn't do. His wife pinned the massacre on him in court since it would help her family with her financial problems. He still loves her, but he feels intense anger and sadness for being betrayed by her. Did you hear of any court trials that sound similar to that? What are your thoughts of that?
No. 777895 ID: 47be15
File 148650281985.jpg - (367.43KB , 1572x1160 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 12.jpg )

No. 777906 ID: 143250

...I want to be honest with you about something huge, but I don't know if what I will tell you will give you a huge existential crisis. Do you really want to know? Will your heart be able to take it? Yes, or no?

other than that, I'll just say that from here on out, I think it would be best to follow your own path. We will only give you suggestions on what we want you to do with what we think is best for your safety, and not cause an apocalypse on the world. But if you do not feel what we suggest is right at all, even if we all unanimously suggest you to do something you highly disagree with, you have my permission to ignore us, no questions asked and do your own thing. Andrew in retrospect would punish Root for not following his orders. That is why he forced us to choose who would die. We won't intentionally punish you if you don't follow our suggestions. In that respect, Root is a definition of what puppet is. Not you. It is your life to control, not ours. Think of our guides as suggestions, not as commands you are required to follow. In that respect, I don't see you as a puppet. Make your own choices. Be free.

As for choosing moral choices, it is difficult to see consequences of our actions in some moments. It can be easy to overlook very small details that would in the end cause major consequences. The most we can do is just try to be the best damn person we can be. We can't predict the future. We aren't perfect. Only thing we can do is try.
No. 777930 ID: 47be15
File 148651013789.jpg - (133.61KB , 1668x533 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 13.jpg )

No. 777931 ID: 28314e


Aaaaand... yeah... it's the same guy. This Lester was an astrology professor for a local university before shit went down, they switch between calling him Dr. Deadbeat and Dr. Spaceman. Guess he moved up after you graduated? Well he's obviously still alive and we told him that we were from you so he might help us if we run into him... provided Rosalia doesn't mind our presence...
No. 777942 ID: 143250

Understandable. I won't drop a total bombshell and give you the entire truth until you yourself feel you are ready to handle it in that case, but I will give you part of the truth:

We, the voices, are nothing totally special as you may think we are. We are all just regular normal humans from a different universe, a different earth from yours, sitting behind the light of our computer screens, and using a website call "tgchan.org" to help guide you, and other people in many different universes in different ways and in different forms. We are sometimes in the form of voices in their head or other that they can have conversations with and help guide their actions, or sometimes just as their inner thoughts, without them knowing of our existence, while we push suggestions that we might need them to do to reach their goals. We have helped many people reach the conclusion they want for their goals, though sometimes we lose connection to them, and never know what happens (not saying they die or anything, just that our connection with them just ends abrubtly) If you feel you are ready to know more about us, and your universe, let us know. I'm only easing you in telling you all this.

Speaking of goals, we were given a look at different paths we can take to reach your "goal": The goal of a monster, the goal of an opportunist, the goal of being neutral, the goal of being a survivor, and the goal of being a hero. Currently, we are towards the path of the hero, but I must ask you: what goal do you want to reach? it doesn't have to be the goals that were laid out for us either btw.
No. 777943 ID: 47be15
File 148651268362.jpg - (108.59KB , 1612x496 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 14.jpg )

No. 777948 ID: 47be15
File 148651340339.jpg - (407.48KB , 1540x1088 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 15.jpg )

No. 777951 ID: 143250

Sorry, Ana, looks like I was muted.

Anyway, change of subject, I wonder where WC is at the moment.
No. 777970 ID: 47be15
File 148651916447.jpg - (226.84KB , 1448x803 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 16.jpg )

No. 777977 ID: 7cb4d2

No. 777982 ID: 47be15
File 148652277547.jpg - (558.80KB , 1748x1568 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 17.jpg )

No. 777983 ID: 47be15
File 148652280370.jpg - (466.94KB , 1579x1196 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 18.jpg )

No. 777984 ID: 7cb4d2

No. 777985 ID: 47be15

Question from the author
What song do you think that it will be this time?
Only hint you got it has a calming start and Root will sing it
No. 777990 ID: 7cb4d2

"When you're evil" by Voltaire? "Better get ready to die" by Andrew W.K.?
No. 777995 ID: 47be15

good choices, but it isn't that song
No. 777997 ID: 143250

this one?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5i4vHsF00U

Just kidding.
No. 778000 ID: 47be15

yes definitely absolutely that is the one
No. 778001 ID: 47be15

Just kidding :D
No. 778308 ID: 47be15
File 148663151631.jpg - (0.98MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 19.jpg )

No. 778309 ID: 47be15
File 148663156916.jpg - (1.49MB , 1748x3487 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 20.jpg )

No. 778311 ID: 143250

assuming this is a nightmare, just like Root's. In which case...

Hey, nice nightmare there, Dreamwalker, or at least, I'm assuming this is a nightmare from The Dreamwalker. Wanna chat with us?
No. 778315 ID: 47be15
File 148663618511.jpg - (664.14KB , 1748x2984 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 21.jpg )

No. 778326 ID: fe1fe4

Since we are in MY domain, the land of dreams, and since I am all powerful here, in the realms of sleep and imagination, I say...

Wake up, and get you gone, vermin.
No. 778329 ID: fe1fe4

As for you Andrew I'm at a bit of a loss as to do with you. I didn't give Ana that nightmare, I can only assume you know how to manufacture nightmares as I do. Well I don't exactly care for her. But I do care about my nephew. Lay a finger on her while my nephew is with her, and I know how to completely destroy you.

But! I'd rather not be enemies, in fact we have something in common. We both want the same thing. To punish Root for killing my brother. You, see I'm more of an "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" Kind of fellow. And we both know there is someone you wanted dead... you understand what I'm getting at?
No. 778341 ID: 47be15
File 148666780093.jpg - (299.43KB , 1748x1384 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 22.jpg )

No. 778342 ID: 143250

Ah, Mr dreamwalker, sir. I wanted to speak with you as well

While I am terribly sorry for your loss, and while I respect your decision on choosing what dreams people must have, as dreams is one way to make people a better person, you must realize that revenge isn't going to bring your brother back. Gaining revenge is only going to make you feel empty, lost, and make more enemies wanting revenge against you.

I know this isn't my place to tell you how to do your job, but I must suggest that instead of using nightmares as a form of punishment for revenge, please at least think of the nightmares you give to Root and his followers as a way to advise them on making them a better person. Using them as a form of punishment is going to make you no different to how a puppet master treats his or her puppet to do things they want, and punish them for not following their orders. You must also know that some of his members are good people in heart, and are just lost, trying to find a better life than the previous terrible life they were given.

If you don't want to take my advise, at least keep my suggestion at heart.
No. 778348 ID: 47be15
File 148667020140.jpg - (281.54KB , 1748x1342 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 23.jpg )

No. 778352 ID: dd3142

I could never be disgusted at any human who guards my nephew. Root on the other hand... He is scum. A power obsessed, petty man. No im wrong, a he is less than a man, he is monster, a slave to his own ambition. And I see you a lost one, someone caught between life and death but unable to break their own cycle that they have trapped themselves in. As for being friends, perhaps in time, allies to be sure.

And as to your concerns about making them better people. it's a possiblity, I've seen many of their minds, and there are some among them who I would spare... But until they do repent, their dreams will give them no reprieve or rest, I have sworn it. And Root especially, he will have nothing but fear in his sleep. I can NEVER forgive him for what he took from me, and I plan to get even... My plan starts with Delilah leaving her brother...
No. 778357 ID: dd3142

And forgive me for not being clearer, Andrew. You wore the form of Root for a moment I thought you were him, i wasn't calling Ana vermin. You know my hatred for him runs deep. You may shelter his body and thoughts. But in sleep, he is mine.

As to how you can wake up Ana, I will simply eject you. It's a bit of a shock though, you'll wake up as if you feel yourself falling.
No. 778368 ID: 47be15
File 148667552716.jpg - (507.82KB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 24.jpg )

No. 778370 ID: 143250

to Absolution-Jr: is the Dreamwalker taking revenge for your father something you yourself would want? is it something you believe your father would want? Do you yourself believe Root can be forgiven in some way?
No. 778377 ID: 47be15
File 148667719385.jpg - (93.76KB , 1748x296 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 25.jpg )

No. 778382 ID: 143250

Ana, how do you feel about that deal they are making? I personally don't want your spiritual essence to be switched out with Root. But in the end, as I said before, my words are only advice for you. In the end, it is your freedom to choose.
No. 778392 ID: 1ba9d8

Andrew... Are you suggesting I give my nephew over to Root, the man who killed his father, my brother, the man who robbed me of my family? That doesn't sound like something a friend would say to another, now does it. I'd choose your next words very carefully. A demon nothing to a god...
No. 778400 ID: 1ba9d8

Plus. Call me crazy, Andrew but it sounds as if you are trying to take advantage of me and my nephew. You know full well of the power Ana will wield when AJ matures, as he grows so does she. If Root had that power he would be more powerful than he is now, have enough power to bring you into this world...

Do you take me for a fool?
No. 778405 ID: 47be15
File 148668662337.jpg - (324.81KB , 1662x1557 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 26.jpg )

No. 778407 ID: 3583d1

Clearly, my point went over your head. Let me make it more clear for you.


How dare you?! Even the thought of giving him over infuriates me! We can be allies Andrew, but you even assume this as an option and you will have thrown any hope of this out the window!

No. 778408 ID: 3583d1

And as for any more of my family? There is one other that you haven't met... But you will never know him.
No. 778417 ID: 3583d1


Ohhoho... Perfect...

Speaking of fatherly duties, Andrew. What kind of father leaves his child to get kidnapped by a stranger to go try an play games with other strangers? That doesn't strike me as very "fatherly."
No. 778497 ID: 47be15
File 148675301252.jpg - (600.18KB , 1748x2680 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 27.jpg )

No. 778505 ID: e9b78a

Ha, jokes on you Andrew. I just plant the seeds of a nightmare, I can bend it and shift it if I wish, but I've found the minds of men can conjure more horrors than in hell, otherwise I just stand back and let their own minds terrify them.

And call me Morpheus dear, it's a name you humans Gabe me and I've grown to like it. I did no such thing. I have no powers over prophecy or memories. Although I can shape dreams based on memories. Who am I to question the word of Aos, my father. He is the one who is god of time, space, memories, chaos, and prophecy. it's just a guess but I suspect he is the one who originally gave certain humans the power to see their other selves. For what purpose I haven't a clue. He isn't benevolent or evil really, he just... is. I wish I knew all the answers to give you, my best guess is your other selves have more power than they realize and through the infinite possibilities that this unlocks gives them the knowledge to help you and tell you things. Again though I can only guess, if I knew why, I would be Aos, not merely Morpheus.
No. 778763 ID: 47be15
File 148685199901.jpg - (191.78KB , 1748x664 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 28.jpg )

No. 778772 ID: 861db5

Child, I appreciate your concern and don't worry about tresspassing here. Whenever you wish to talk, all you need is to fall asleep. As for causing a stir in the cult, I have sworn an oath and I will not be deterred. And think of it this way, soon those that slowly leave the cult for their own reasons (if they ever do find a way out) will be saved from the nightmares, and word will spread. Where do you think they will go? You could offer sanctuary. If I were you, I would start to gather a following. Find Logan, and set up a base of operations. Slowly more people will find your resistance group. I will help you as best I can. And don't worry about them trying to kill me, they'll have to find me first and I've already ensured they won't.

And thank you, you helped make my brothers last moments peaceful, and if he considered you family, so do I, and I embrace you as my sister. And please, take care of AJ.

Now, are you ready to wake up?
No. 778775 ID: 47be15
File 148685453877.jpg - (106.14KB , 1291x495 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 29.jpg )

No. 778776 ID: 861db5

Alright, get ready, like I said it will feel like you're falling for a second, it's always a bit of a shock.

Good luck!
No. 778778 ID: 143250

See ya, dreamwalker. Keep what I said to you in mind, even if you don't plan on following it.
No. 778787 ID: 47be15
File 148685653398.jpg - (278.14KB , 1748x1577 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 30.jpg )

No. 778798 ID: 143250

Hang on, I'll catch ya.

No. 778825 ID: 3583d1

Morning AnaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

No. 778850 ID: 47be15
File 148686706130.jpg - (60.71KB , 1292x320 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 31.jpg )

No. 778851 ID: 47be15
File 148686710409.jpg - (114.75KB , 1183x642 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 32.jpg )

No. 778882 ID: e478fa

Oh, hey WC where to begin....

So apparently my other selves are able to time travel and see lives of others and found a whole bunch of dirt on Root and his cronies. Also Absolutions brother Morpheus has sworn vengeance on Root...

Where are we right now?
No. 779417 ID: 143250

Hey, we just got done learning about the cult member Lorence.

Apparently, he was sent to prison because he was unwillingly forced to become a scapegoat for his wife, and some other mustachioed dude for the killing of a lot of people, and having secrets revealed. He spent a very long time in solitary confinement, losing his sanity, forgetting the face of his wife, and was tormented by the endless ticking of a clock that would not work in a lunch room. But he held no grudge against his wife or anyone at the time. Root saved him, and he started a new life under Root's order. as a symbolism of leaving his old life behind, he burned the corpse of a drugged man before leaving.

couple weeks later, he went back to the house he used to live in with his wife, only to find that she had moved far away, and changed her name to keep her distance from Lorence. Instead, he found a complete stranger living there who he thought was his wife. After figuring out she wasn't his wife, he drugged her to have her forget about him, and left that house. But he has told Root that during that time, he had a strong urge to kill when he was there, tormented by the ticking whenever he was going to do something he couldn't undo, as he puts it. Root somehow managed to find a way to make him forget his family to help with his sanity. No idea if he agreed to Root's offer to forget or not, but it is likely he did.

I wonder what would happen if he were to hear the ticking of that same clock right now? we might be able to use that as an advantage to trigger some memories of his family, but at the same time it might cause further problems with his sanity, and might even have him snap and go on a killing spree. We might want to try looking for that clock, and decide whether or not we want to destroy it so it won't cause trouble in case Root or another cult member would want to use it as a way to release Lorence's inner monster, or keep it, and find a way to use it to make Lorence remember his family, and his old life, and possibly get him out of the cult.

Other voices, tell me if I missed anything important in that summary please.
No. 779510 ID: 915428
File 148709270885.jpg - (411.33KB , 1748x1893 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 33.jpg )

No. 779527 ID: 143250

hm. Does the last name Nilton mean anything to you, Ana? it could be that Lorence is a new name he gave himself when he started his second life in the cult. We never did learn his first name when he was in prison...
No. 779547 ID: 915428
File 148710682583.jpg - (180.20KB , 1581x920 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 34.jpg )

No. 779558 ID: 143250

I hope it isn't a glitter bomb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8taEx249cs
No. 779662 ID: 064dd5

Hi Casper, so who is this one from, you should be free now right?
No. 779687 ID: 915428
File 148713150652.jpg - (92.99KB , 1064x639 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 35.jpg )

No. 779688 ID: 143250

Oh man, Casper should totally read it to us, singing telegram style. That would be hilarious.
No. 779712 ID: 52bd63

Yeah you can read it Casper. Also what is he even apologizing for?
No. 779760 ID: 915428
File 148717901774.jpg - (426.33KB , 1652x1727 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 36.jpg )

No. 779785 ID: fe1fe4

Huh... as you and your sister are safe. I guess you're free to do what ever you wish Casper. I think we are going to try and find Logan. I think some shit has gone down and Root's was kidnapped by Logan. Though if he was able to send a letter he may have escaped, so there's no telling what shape Logan is in now. Any good leads or ideas where we should start guys?
No. 779826 ID: 915428
File 148719896969.jpg - (343.05KB , 1568x1773 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 37.jpg )

No. 779832 ID: 143250

Better to hide. Don't know who we are up against.
No. 779833 ID: 3583d1

Hide, but have that Taser ready to go
No. 779931 ID: 915428
File 148721657227.jpg - (301.67KB , 1652x1498 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 38.jpg )

No. 779932 ID: e6eb4d

Heeeeey, it's the guy from the dream! Think we should say hello? Or stay hidden? Right now I say stay hidden until we know who they really are. If they are part of the cult WC can disguise as a cult member
No. 779944 ID: 915428
File 148721910881.jpg - (182.75KB , 1280x808 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 39.jpg )

No. 779946 ID: e6eb4d

Woah, what?!

Hold up there now, it might be a good idea to introduce yourself now. Tumble out of the tires, keep hands up to show you mean no harm. Also if you want to help maybe make yourself look a little bumbling (a pratfall our the tires may make it look like you are a little helpless and plus it's good to make yourself look weak, makes enemies underestimate you).
No. 779954 ID: 915428
File 148722036147.jpg - (131.68KB , 1349x656 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 40.jpg )

No. 779955 ID: e6eb4d

"Uhh... Ana... please don't shoot me."
No. 779959 ID: 52bd63

"I was hiding in here when I fell asleep, then I heard you come in and hid. I was a afraid you were one of the other cultists or something."
No. 779962 ID: 915428
File 148722116023.jpg - (264.22KB , 1263x1434 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 41.jpg )

No. 779964 ID: 52bd63

Alright tell me one thing, do the actual cultist have a mask as goofy looking as mine? They all were the same ones
No. 779966 ID: 52bd63

Hey wait a minute... that coat... And the old guy... Daniel is that you?
No. 779973 ID: 915428

From the author
I will save you from the mistaken identity it isn't Daniel
No. 779976 ID: 52bd63

Ah the coat was what threw me off
No. 780018 ID: 915428
File 148725796875.jpg - (644.28KB , 1748x2695 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 42.jpg )

No. 780022 ID: fe1fe4

I'm trying to get out of here same as you are, but I'm also looking for anyone who can help, I also keep hearing about them mentiononing someone named Logan. Please, I'm not your enemy. Here, I'll tell you what, if you let me come with you, a friend of mine gave me a sawed-off shotgun, if you let me help you it's yours to use.
No. 780032 ID: 915428
File 148726566540.jpg - (329.84KB , 1636x1420 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 43.jpg )

No. 780037 ID: fe1fe4

My hands aren't moving while you've got a gun pointed at me. As a show of good will though will you allow me to take off my backpack so I may hand it to you, and you can get the shotgun? I don't see a weapon on your grandfather so I think it would be good if he had a weapon as well.

I simply wanted to talk with you because we both have some thing we both can use, information. We both know certain things about the cult and if we trade what we know we can figure out better ways of defending ourselves. And if you let me come with you, I have some extra skills that can prove very useful. We don't have to immediately trust each other, but we are the same side here.
No. 780066 ID: 915428
File 148727759489.jpg - (823.45KB , 1748x3192 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 44.jpg )

No. 780134 ID: 52bd63

There is no surviving, this fog is spreading and soon no place will be safe from the cults influence. The only option is to fight. And look I said I was willing to part with the shotgun, but I need my bag. Please, I'm not your enemy and there is no reason you should do this. We can help each other.

Please. Don't do this...
No. 780135 ID: 52bd63

And fine, you think I am lying, ask me what you want to know and I will answer truthfully.
No. 780159 ID: 915428
File 148729627527.jpg - (671.35KB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 45.jpg )

No. 780174 ID: 7cb4d2

Yes. I'm in the interest of saving those that can be saved. And they've already take so much from me. I'm not letting them take anything else from me. I won't tell them. You can trust me.
No. 780177 ID: 7cb4d2

So please, don't take everything from me. I'm willing to help you escape. The more people that are safe the better.
No. 780341 ID: 915428
File 148737031298.jpg - (372.88KB , 1748x1400 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 46.jpg )

No. 780431 ID: bf9770

Thank you, listen for a second. It's good to have allies, we may not exactly be friends but I have a few people who I think could help you out. And this may sound odd but do you have a cellphone? If we remain in contact we can warn each other if either of us find anything out or if one of us is in danger. Would that be acceptable to you? Even though I may not be able to come with you, I still want to help you if you'll let me.
No. 780509 ID: 915428
File 148738865089.jpg - (377.88KB , 1645x1601 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 47.jpg )

No. 780531 ID: 143250

Lets vote on this before we decide.

If Ana wants to take down the cult, I think it might not be a good idea to join these strangers. They seem mean well as they just want to survive and not get involved with our business to take down the cult, but we must consider that we don't really know these people also. There is a risk they might do something we will not agree with along the way. I've played a fair amount of Tell Tale Game's Walking Dead to know how these things turn out.

Though, we should still keep in contact in case something happens, like finding out the cult members are near their location of something.

So, unless Ana herself wants to abandon the quest to take down the cult, and just try to survive, lets part ways, and exchange contact info.
No. 780543 ID: 915428

From the author
Important division in the story choose wisely
No. 780551 ID: bf9770

I agree, we need to find Logan but we should exchange contact info so that we can assist each other.
No. 780692 ID: 915428
File 148742999724.jpg - (104.41KB , 1389x874 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 48.jpg )

No. 780722 ID: bf9770

We've said, just communicate long range. There's no telling how big the fog has spread by this point. Ask them to call you when they're out of the fog so we can get a rough estimate of how far it spreads.

"I wish you two all the best luck and safe journeys."
No. 780866 ID: 143250

Long range communication. Even if we do go with them, the cult will still be going after you, and we don't want them getting into our trouble, especially since they don't want to get involved personally.

Thank them for the offer, but decline and exchange contact info. Probably best not to put them in speed dial though in case the cult steals your, or their phone somehow.
No. 780930 ID: 915428
File 148746756358.jpg - (649.89KB , 1748x2636 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 49.jpg )

No. 780953 ID: 0fa5de

I thought you said we shouldn't summon him up unless we have something worth selling?
No. 780957 ID: 915428
File 148747124601.jpg - (119.67KB , 1580x606 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 50.jpg )

No. 780971 ID: 143250

Remind me, what is in your bag, maybe we could stand to sell something valuable we don't need anymore?
No. 781117 ID: 915428
File 148749228787.jpg - (175.87KB , 1479x838 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 51.jpg )

No. 781127 ID: 0fa5de

Ohhhh man, we have an abundance of that. I don't know how Ana, but we've somehow gained an ability to... time travel? No, maybe that's the wrong term. We can see into the past and have some influence on it. But it's like our minds are split. The majority of our sight and attention is on you, but there are other pieces of us who are able to see and know the minds of the cult members. I don't know how we got this. Maybe it's a side effect of having AJ as our eye, we gained the ability to travel through the weaves of fate? This is just my own speculation though.
No. 781160 ID: 143250

Lets be careful not to cause a time paradox, okay?
No. 781167 ID: 915428
File 148752277869.jpg - (194.97KB , 1496x911 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 52.jpg )

No. 781278 ID: 0fa5de

Alright, well if we are ready lets get our barter faces ready and summon him up.
No. 781303 ID: 22471c
File 148755894226.jpg - (244.69KB , 1637x1296 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 53.jpg )

No. 781305 ID: 0fa5de

"Hello there, and it's not actually what I would like it's what my partner here would like to purchase."

Alright so stay on your toes here when it comes to bantering. Firstly anything we offer him he will probably take as an insult. He will probably do this in order to get more out of you so you'll end up over paying him and we'll pay him more than what's actually owed. Just keep your face straight and keep a determined poker face going. If he offers you anything you do the same, anything he offers is an insult and say he is underselling you. The second offer you may show a little more interest in, but still look as if it's not enough. On the third offer is when you can really begin to barter.
No. 781310 ID: 22471c

I must warn you there is a reason why I choose Beetlejuice Main theme for this characters introduction. Also how do you think that he looks
No. 781316 ID: 0fa5de

I think we can all guess that one.
No. 781383 ID: 22471c
File 148758089058.jpg - (694.94KB , 1748x3032 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 54.jpg )

No. 781459 ID: 143250

Gardener. or Trimmer, whichever Ana likes more.
No. 781475 ID: 22471c
File 148761404175.jpg - (180.21KB , 1693x734 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 55.jpg )

No. 781552 ID: 3583d1

We'll be Scissor Blades.
No. 781553 ID: 143250

or shears
No. 781560 ID: 3583d1

I almost went with that but I was worried it was too obvious.
No. 781584 ID: 22471c
File 148763822934.jpg - (522.13KB , 1748x2264 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 56.jpg )

No. 781585 ID: 3583d1

fight on, and don't die.
No. 781603 ID: 22471c
File 148764166090.jpg - (253.31KB , 1748x1458 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 57.jpg )

No. 781606 ID: 5c4463

I don't really have any thing I need at the moment. What did WC want to buy?
No. 781776 ID: 22471c
File 148769066977.jpg - (720.70KB , 1748x2887 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 58.jpg )

No. 781801 ID: 8138da

I think the only thing we could part with is the knife-bomb/detenator. Keep in mind however sir, it's something we COULD part with not something we WANT to part with.

However on the topic of WCs payment, he's asked for my help with that. And what we've discussed is you not only sell and trade items, but information as well. And I happen to have some of the best knowledge infiltration units, and they've told me certain inner workings of the Cult. Even some of their secrets.
No. 781833 ID: 22471c
File 148771117882.jpg - (440.32KB , 1748x1768 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 59.jpg )

No. 781837 ID: 8138da

Oh shit... I forgot about this...

Yeeeeeaaaaahhh... Uh, Ana? Root was the one who was connected to WC before us... and to disconnect the two of them... Root... cut off his own hand...... and uhhh... I think you can figure it out from here...
No. 781852 ID: 22471c
File 148771472745.jpg - (309.37KB , 1748x1936 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 60.jpg )

No. 781853 ID: 3583d1

You shut your mouth!

ANA! Calm down, just look at me okay! I know you can see me. We need to take this one step at a time. You'll get used to it... I did anyway. Just deep breaths, look at me, just look at me. It's going to be okay.
No. 782077 ID: 22471c
File 148777448097.jpg - (607.61KB , 1748x2504 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 61.jpg )

No. 782084 ID: fe1fe4

There is something that I am interested in, a healing item. Something that could be used to heal someone who is "broken." Might you have anything like that?
No. 782121 ID: 22471c
File 148779638473.jpg - (180.26KB , 1592x1064 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 62.jpg )

No. 782123 ID: fe9b88

Both, broken in mind from a shattered faith, a broken heart from a shattered sense of love, and broken in body from... let's just call it what it was, a severe beating...
No. 782233 ID: 22471c
File 148781964729.jpg - (204.43KB , 1562x1037 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 63.jpg )

No. 782237 ID: 143250

Question first, How did you know the person we are trying to heal is a "her" if we didn't at all mention who the person was in the first place? Just curious.

Anyway, if we give this person the surgery, they probably won't need the depressants if they are fully healed, so we won't need those, at least not yet (we also run the risk of this person overdosing on them, plus they are not even prescribed, and one of the people who this person associates with is a drug addict, might try to steal this person's drugs).

Also, We'll check into the lonely branch website, but not just for this person ;).

Hacksaw to go. We need to do some serious thinking about this hand thing.
No. 782243 ID: fe9b88

WOOOAAAAHHHH. Hold up there space cowboy.
If we cut off this hand we lose WC, are we going risk that?
No. 782245 ID: 143250

Thats why I said to go, so we have time to think about it. if it's for here, he'll cut it off right here, right now.
No. 782254 ID: fe9b88


And how will we pay for this hack-job amputation equipment (Pun 100% intended)?
No. 782270 ID: 143250

Lets wait until WC gets back to discuss this then. Ana wants to remove the hand, we gotta consider her choices, and how she feels, but we must also speak with WC on how he feels on removing the hand.
No. 782329 ID: 22471c
File 148784248952.jpg - (895.16KB , 2477x3099 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 64.jpg )

No. 782486 ID: 064dd5

I've already asked about healing items, let's see what you have to offer.
No. 782623 ID: 22471c
File 148796503713.jpg - (808.39KB , 2706x2776 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 65.jpg )

No. 782724 ID: b913ba

Hmm... this needle of life is interesting. But I got the impression this is what the cult use in order to reject their mortality and become... whatever they do to make their eyes black and teeth sharp.
No. 782824 ID: 22471c
File 148800972564.jpg - (337.05KB , 1604x1797 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 66.jpg )

No. 782835 ID: 272cf3

Even though we will always try to be merciful first, if violence is necessary we should see our choices for weapons. I assume guns, knives, and ammo will be common?
No. 782999 ID: 22471c
File 148806785179.jpg - (725.05KB , 2480x2964 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 67.jpg )

No. 783004 ID: 272cf3

A discount katana.... eeewwwwww....

I'm sorry but as someone who collects swords that makes me cringe. Any katana that is "discount" is not going to be of good quality.
No. 783006 ID: 22471c
File 148806976969.jpg - (135.36KB , 769x941 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 68.jpg )

No. 783007 ID: 272cf3

Then I worry about the quality of your remaining weapone...
No. 783030 ID: 22471c
File 148807808064.jpg - (216.90KB , 1210x1305 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 69.jpg )

No. 783075 ID: 9ecbd6

Huh. I'm assuming it may be the same for your selections of armor?

Hey also what does your weapon repair kit look like? Can it up grad weapons as well?
No. 783141 ID: 22471c
File 148813878726.jpg - (312.60KB , 1700x1653 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 70.jpg )

No. 783417 ID: d8b9a6

Hmm. So what kind of upgrade do you think he could do with my hockey stick? It's foldable so could we get some other kind of attachment other than a hockey stick? Like a blade for instance
No. 783643 ID: 22471c
File 148832336003.jpg - (403.01KB , 1748x2204 , Don't feed them after midnight 65.jpg )

No. 783703 ID: 7cb4d2

How about an Ahlspiess? Basically putting a double edged sword on it. Think that is doable? But I'd like to know the price of these changes before I make any real purchase.

Also Ana, I know you don't want to be a killer, if you don't want to have this done we understand, my hope is we will never have to use this. If possible we will find a peaceful way first.
No. 783863 ID: 22471c
File 148840117106.jpg - (576.51KB , 1748x2708 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 72.jpg )

No. 783920 ID: d8b9a6

How about instead we make it similar to how a bayonet works? So we modify it so that the hockey stick it detachable, and we use that when we want to use a nonlethal weapon. Then we also have the ahlspiess head (which if we can get a wider blade that functions well for both slashing and stabbing that would be awesome, this would give it the slashing capabilities of a Swedish Svardstav, along with the stabbing capability of the German Ahlspiess) which can be used like a detachable sword bayonet, and then we can the attach it to the stick to give us more reach.
No. 785148 ID: 16ace0
File 148873395835.jpg - (212.71KB , 1544x1195 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 73.jpg )

No. 785179 ID: a82793

A few things yeah, your blacksmith here has volunteered to make me a new weapon and the needle of life also caught my eye, but I don't want it for myself.
No. 785193 ID: 16ace0
File 148874499752.jpg - (184.06KB , 1748x982 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 74.jpg )

No. 785196 ID: a82793

.... how did you even get that?
No. 785251 ID: 16ace0
File 148875719440.jpg - (168.71KB , 1436x810 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 75.jpg )

No. 785271 ID: a82793

Hmm. Alright then, are you familiar with equivalent exchange? Oh what am I saying, of course you are. So what do you say? I have something in my possession that is of equal value, perhaps even slightly more. What say you?
No. 785583 ID: 16ace0
File 148885380740.jpg - (164.42KB , 1375x1486 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 76.jpg )

No. 785604 ID: 9ecbd6

Well then, since you have the detenator to the bomb in my leg, I'll give you a detenator to the knife bomb, and will
Include the knife bomb itself, if anything I'd say your getting the better deal. The question is however, and I find this is more a question for gambling than it is bargaining, is how do we know that really is the detenator to our leg? So since you aren't going tell us for free how about you tell us where you got it from and we'll tell you some information about the cult that we have learned so far?
No. 785875 ID: 16ace0
File 148893844186.jpg - (196.81KB , 1293x1018 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 77.jpg )

No. 785883 ID: 064dd5

Huh, you shouldn't have said that because now we have a bit of information for free, no good tradesman would just give away information like that, but it's a moot point. See while that might neutralize her to be certain, there in lies the rub. We don't necessarily want her dead, we made a promise to someone, someone who at this very moment is probably fighting for his life. We promised him we wouldn't kill her. We want her on our side, she already doesn't like Root, I suspect the only reason she stays is for her sister. So if we want her we need to help her sister whose face is in dire need of some help. That's why we wanted the needle of life, to give to her so she can heal her sister. And while you may be able to respect noble intentions, you won't give it up for free.

And as for information on the cult we actually know a few of their secrets, and even their weakness. As for their names, we are slowly learning their names on our own.
No. 785887 ID: 064dd5

As it stands we can tell you about Dr. Lester, A bit about Root, Deliliah, Matilda, and Lorence. But we can easily tell you more as we learn it.
No. 785994 ID: 16ace0
File 148896508272.jpg - (146.09KB , 981x786 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 78.jpg )

No. 785995 ID: 383cd2

Whose to say that we are even talking about the same Matilda? Wait... did your daughter ever have a very odd incident involving a donkey?
No. 786025 ID: 16ace0
File 148899525463.jpg - (381.17KB , 1547x1712 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 79.jpg )

No. 786037 ID: 383cd2

Yep we know of her, and from what we've told you it seems she is in league with Root of Ash's cult. But here's the deal sir. While I truly do want to tell you of your daughter, really I do. We are still bargaining, what would you be willing to give us for information of your daughter? And believe me, we know her quite well now.
No. 786039 ID: 383cd2

But as a sign of goodwill, and due to the love a man can have for his daughter, we will tell you for free, that she is
currently alive and well. Any more details than that and we will have to bargain for it.
No. 786073 ID: 16ace0
File 148900689752.jpg - (666.64KB , 1748x2744 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 80.jpg )

No. 786157 ID: 383cd2

Alright, so here's the deal, you've told us what information you need so we'll tell you what we know, and then at the s end of it we decide how much our information was worth and what we can get for what we gave you, and given that one of which concerns the immediate safety of your daughter I'd advise you not to try and cheat us. So settle in this may take a while...

Alright, so Matilda first. She has been working with the cult as Root's personal maid and Chauffeur. However, it looks like she may try and change her profession, possibly to a lawyer. See, two kids harassed her and ended up playing a cruel prank, that they had planned out in advance with 2 other friends. They ended up breaking her nose. These kids were the children of one of Root's mentors, some general. Well 2 of the kids snuck into the limo that Matilda was driving, one of whom was pretending to be the son of the general. The kids accused Matilda of kidnapping them, and so a trial was held, Lorence and Luvia were the prosecution, and Clara (by the way that's another cult member we can tell you about, along with a little about Rozalia). Matilda was able to slowly dissect the kids plan of how they executed the plan and proved her innocence and beat Lorence and Luvia, had she not she would have been executed. She ended up forgiving Lorence actually even though he effectively tried to kill her. WC you yourself were a key witness in this trial and helped prove her innocence. They sadly wiped your memory of the whole event by injecting this hand with some kind of magical agent the erased your memory of the trial. I imagine you can only get a few snippets here and there. When we left Matilda she was having coffee with Lorence and Bob, her would be executioner. I think she is going to quit being a maid/chauffeur and become an attorney for Root instead.
No. 786213 ID: 383cd2

We pretended to be a psychic cup when we talked with Delilah, strange and weird I know but she was high out of her mind when we met with her so she just kinda rolled with it, ended up trusting us completely actually. Ana, because you don't necessarily see what we see, Delilah is Root's adopted sister, her family took him in when his parents died. She told us a lot of juicy gossip, including but not limited too, and I'm completely serious, how she took Root's, her adopted brother keep in mind, she took his virginity.... I'm not kidding...

Anyway, as for her drug use, she's going cold turkey right now, meaning she doesn't have any access to her stuff except anything she might have saved. Lester did give her some medication to help with that but.... we'll get to him in a minute. Let's just say she rejected the treatment. I suspect she will be getting more and more rebellious until finally she breaks away from her brother just to get a fix. If we can find a way to help her that would be good, but it's not going to be easy. So as it stands for you Jack, don't expect to see her anytime soon unless you can somehow meet covertly. But here is a problem with that, sell anything she needs, except drugs. If she goes off the handle again she will NOT survive and her body is likely to shut down. If you sell her drugs lower the dosage so we can ween her off of it. You can turn a profit if their dead.
No. 786218 ID: 383cd2

Lorence is an interesting fellow. We saw him from the very beginning. He was in prison for an uncertain amount of time, facing charges that he took for his wife who was the real guilty party. He didn't want to to him it was a betrayal of trust. And trust and loyalty have become everything to him. We don't know how long he was in there but it drove him to the brink of insanity. When the Root released him, he wasn't mentally well, he even broke into a woman's home and almost killed her, all because his mind thought it was his wife. She's gone though so no telling where she is. He has a particular penchant for clocks, or rather the destruction of them. The sound of a clock ticking is a real trigger for his PTSD, he either freezes like a deer caught in headlights or flys into a rage.

As I said, trust as loyalty are everything to Lorence, I suspect this is why he doesn't trust curators like yourselves. Especially you WC. During Matilda's trial he argued that you shouldn't even be allowed to speak as you were too untrustworthy. In fact he said no curator could be trusted. WC I think this is because you said your actions got a few of the cult members killed, I think this is why he doesn't trust curators, he judges the whole by the mistakes of one. Case in point, during Matilda's trial he seemed to hate her with a deep passion as he felt she had betrayed the cult, and probably would have continued to hate any and all of Root's maids because of it had she been proven guilty. However after she was proven innocent he noticeably calmed and became much more amicable.
No. 786219 ID: 383cd2

And finally Dr. Lester. Honestly jack, this another who I want to save, and he needs the most immediate attention, because when we last saw him, Delilah had just stabbed him, and stomped on the pills he gave her to make her detox easier. He is currently bleeding out on one of the hospital beds, and I do not know if he is alive or dead st the moment... So if he dies you won't make anymore profit out of him, if he lives, he will probably need more Ash Dust for wounds.

Delilah actually stabbed him because he wouldn't sleep with her. Lester chose instead to remain loyal to Rozalia, his... love? I'm not sure what their relationship is because I think is also dating Matilda... sooo... I don't know what their deal is. Maybe he's part of her harem or something. But regardless, we promised him that we would try our hardest to spare Rozalia, and we intend to keep that.
No. 786220 ID: 383cd2

One last thing, and this concerns all of them, they all probably haven't gotten a good sleep in a long while and I imagine tension and stress are running high. All of them are going to be having nightmares as long as they stay in the cult. The God of Dreams has sworn vengeance for his brother's death at the hands of Root. As Matilda's father, I would advise her to leave as soon as possible.

Well that's all the information I have, now what will you trade to us in exchange for all of this?
No. 786223 ID: 143250


(Psst, It might have been a bad idea to give out all that info in one go. For bartering, it might have been better if we would have given part of the information, and offer more in order to get discounts, or more stuff out of him

for example, we could tell him part of Matilda's trial, and give him the results of the trial on whether or not she was innocent on the condition he gives us a better deal on an item, or throw in something free)
No. 786228 ID: 383cd2

(That's what I get for trying to play lawful good)
No. 786231 ID: 383cd2

(I suppose we could always tell him some of what I said withhold the rest until he knocks off the price)
No. 786244 ID: 143250

(sorry if I sounded rude in my post, I just want to make sure we are playing this safe :D)
Sounds good. For Matilda, will tell him about the trial, and give him more info like the results if he offers something for free, or discount something.

Delilah, take out juicy info on Delilah taking Root's virginity, and I think the info you gave will be fine, we are still learning more about her as of right now in Street Smarts.

Lorence: withdraw info on his hatred of clocks, as it could be used for him as a exploit. We can offer info on that if he offers discount, or something.

Keep Lester's relationship with Delilah, and Rozalia a secret. Sounds like juicy information.

Once we give info on Matilda's trial results, we can tell him about getting Matilda out of the cult.
No. 786307 ID: 16ace0
File 148908045033.jpg - (854.89KB , 2480x3140 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 81.jpg )

No. 786320 ID: 2679e1

The big two things that I need from you are the detenator, and a needle of life.

Also why shouldn't you show us the connection category?
No. 786335 ID: 16ace0
File 148909461085.jpg - (360.93KB , 2192x1313 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 82.jpg )

No. 786339 ID: 143250

I don't really see ourselves hiring an assassin, rest assured. Maybe a body guard, but not an assassin.

Do you guys do delivery? I'm thinking we could probably send the needle of life to someone if we do get it. Clara might not want to use it though if we try sending it to her. I was thinking we could send it to Lorence, since whether he knows it or not, he owes us one for helping him get out of prison as his inner thoughts, and he is going to be with Clara to study and make sure she can be trustworthy to the cult during an evaluation. Maybe after he evaluates on Clara, he may use the needle of life to heal Clara. We just have to make sure that he tells her it was sent by us, and not withdraw that info when healing her.

That decision isn't final yet though, as I want to hear what the others think of that.
No. 786340 ID: 2679e1

I agree, we are trying not to be a killer, I don't see why we would hire one. A bodyguard though... Hey do you have a way that we can maybe get a friend of ours back? He died a while ago but I think there's still a chance to see him, his last words to us were, "I will see you in Valhalla."
No. 786343 ID: 2679e1

As for the needle? How could we be so sure she wouldn't want it? And yes we can have Lorence do it if they deliver but I was also hoping to give it to Rozalia if we are able to convince her to help us. This way we can show Rozalia that we want to fix the mistake we made. The detonator won't even be used, hell I'll even give that too her as well. If we tell her that we don't want to hurt her and when we are fucking WELL capable of doing that with the detenator, just maybe we can get her to listen to reason long enough to give her the detenator, the needle, and tell her that Lorence is hurt and maybe dying, we can slowly get her help
No. 786345 ID: 143250

*Lester is hurt and maybe dying
No. 786363 ID: 2679e1

Ah thanks for pointing that out
No. 786368 ID: 143250

Really, there are benefits and negatives of giving the needle of life to either Rosalia, or Lorence.

If we try giving it to Rosalia, we'll have to somehow convince her first hand that we did not mean any harm, and to somehow get her to trust us. Even if we use the rose on her to question her faith, we may still have difficulty, as she might still have anger towards us for purposely hurting her sister blind her, making it very difficult for her to listen to reason, and difficult for her trust us if we try to give the needle to her. She may also think the needle of life is a trap to finish Clara off or something. Not to mention, she is very dangerous. The first thing she would want to do is fight and try to kill us, and ignore everything we say, so we run the risk of getting Ana killed. The detonator, and rose might be a good start to get her to at least listen to us, from there, we have to somehow show that we apologize. Keep in mind that we didn't hurt Clara on accident, so it may take more than that to have her forgive us. But if we do somehow get her to forgive us, she might leave the cult, and/or join us in our cause.

Lorence, as I said, owes us for helping him escape prison, and probably saw Clara as a valued member before her injuries, and may want the chance to bring her back. He might be more willing to help us if only for that reason, though, there was that time during the end of Meaningless Ticking where he said he was going to evaluate her to see how loyal she is to the cult. Perhaps after his evaluation he is going to use the needle of life that we might give him to heal up Clara, but we cannot be too sure if that is what his intentions are, as we cannot see into the future. We can only theorize on that. Even if the evaluation is for seeing she is trustworthy enough to heal, it all hinges on whether or not Clara can pass the evaluation. I don't think she did anything to purposely anger Lorence though in the past. Plus, we run the risk of Lorence not telling Clara or Rosalia that it was us who gave him the needle of life to heal her. He is our enemy in the cult, after all. Lorence is also known to hate curators, and might not want anything to do with the delivery, but maybe the shopkeeper can use clocks as an advantage.
No. 786369 ID: d0002a
File 148911055042.jpg - (342.76KB , 1700x545 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 83.jpg )

No. 786387 ID: 143250

What we could do is deliver one needle of life to Lorence with a letter telling him what we, and probably he wants to do with the needle: heal Clara. We should mention that we have saved him out of prison if he needs a reason to cooperate with us if only for this moment. as proof, we can tell him some key events that he did like seeing his wife for the last time, writing a farewell on the wall, asking for 3 wishes to Root, stuff like that. We'll tell him the perfect opportunity to take Clara from Lester to perform this deed which is when Lester, and Clara go outside during a celebration Root will have. There, she will be at her lowest, and will need Lorence's help the most. The only request we have for helping save Clara is that he tells Clara, or Rosalia that we were the ones who sent the needles to get her healed.

If this plan fails, plan b will be trying to offer Rosalia a needle of life if we can get her to cooperate. Sounds good, fellow voices?
No. 786388 ID: b0371a

Sounds doable, I didn't think we were getting all 3 of them. My only request is Lorence knows who the needle come from and why it came to her, because we made a horrible mistake and want to correct it.
No. 786389 ID: b0371a

The best part is if we do give Rozalia the other needle she can use it to heal Lester
No. 786397 ID: d0002a
File 148911543385.jpg - (337.73KB , 1748x1424 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 84.jpg )

No. 786399 ID: b0371a

LOGAN! M-my husband... Don't tell him that, obviously...

No I've been looking for you Logan! If you are referring to AJ he's currently bound to me I don't know how to hand him over, but we are on the same side! I've been looking for you because Absolution, or AJ as I call him, is getting stronger and... I'm rambling...

Sorry... I'm Ana, and I've been looking for you Logan. Please I want to help you, we are on the same side. Will you allow me to explain everything to you?
No. 786401 ID: 143250

Aha, you must be Logan we heard so much about you. Ana please stay calm and collected.

that phrase sounded familiar.

anyway, listen to this one: >>786399
No. 787074 ID: d0002a
File 148942914579.jpg - (647.17KB , 2665x848 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 85.jpg )

No. 787077 ID: 97af11

Wait hold on I'm very confused, what do you think you know about me? I'm not your enemy, hell absolution talked really highly of you

I have a few things that were given to me. This rose was given to me by Mother Gaia, I don't really know what it does yet but we were grieving together and she gave it to me. Also I have AJ with me and.... hey are we outside of the fog? Can I take of this mask so he can talk to you himself? I can see we need to clear the water first, but I swear by absolution that we are not enemies.
No. 788195 ID: b8f2da
File 148978512254.jpg - (306.35KB , 1748x1116 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 86.jpg )

No. 788213 ID: 3583d1

... I know. There hasn't been a moment gone by that I haven't thought of it. What I could have done differently, what I want to have done differently. I've thought that maybe it would have been better if I killed Clara, or maybe gone back further and killed Casper. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. It's not in my nature to want to hurt people, we don't want to hurt or kill. But that's the world we are living in. Absolution knew it, and in the end I think he respected it, and I sometimes think he chose his fate so we wouldn't have to. But its something we will have to shoulder forever, that we let our friend, someone who considered us family... We just weren't strong enough to save him, he didn't deserve what happened to him, but neither did Casper, or anyone. But we have someone we can blame. Logan, you have every right to be angry at me, I still haven't forgiven myself for it. We know who is really responsible for this. And I am already making preparations for his downfall. When Root falls, then maybe I can be forgiven for it.

For now Logan, all I can say is how sorry I am for everything that has happened. I know i'm probably one of the last people you want to hear it from, but it's true. I am so sorry, for everything that's happened. And... someone I know want you to know that she loves you very much...
No. 788259 ID: b8f2da
File 148979525311.jpg - (298.50KB , 1712x1109 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 87.jpg )

No. 788269 ID: cc3193

Oookaaay, there we go. Astral projecting as a Vǫrðr is weird, I don't know how Absolution did it so easily . Having legs is so strange.

Hi Ana. May I speak for a moment? I've been watching the moment Logan showed up and I guess I need to step in now. Logan, you should know that demons like Andrew rarely tell the truth, and if they do it's only half truths. For example he tried to bargain with both me and Ana's... other selves? For use of her body and to take AJ from us. With me, he tried to convince me to switch her minds with Root of Ash, as he wanted to have AJ and punish Root for killing Absolution. When he propositioned Ana, he would have taken over her body himself and AJ would also have been his. Both times we needed to threaten him to leave, violence, decit, and cruelty are the only languages he will understand it seems.

Also Logan, I want you to meet Wild Cat here, he is a curator. Now along with AJ, he also provides Ana with special powers. Where as AJ gives her offense, Wild Cat gives her defense, particularly stealth. With his help, and mine they won't find her.

Lastly, you know what Absolution told Ana? He would gladly consider her part of his family. As far as I am concerned she is my sister just as you are my nephew by the bond you and Absolution shared. Ana has my protection as well as WC's. We will not let AJ fall into the cults hands, and I know Ana won't either.
No. 788331 ID: 143250

lets take this conversation to a more private area. We'll be right back, shopkeeper.

Yeah, not only does Ana has his, WC, and AJ's protection, she has us astral projections as well guiding her.

And not only that, we astral projections seem to be gaining more power. Recently, we had gained the power to time travel, and act out as these cult member's inner thoughts to learn more about what made them who they are, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Who knows, maybe one day we may act as your inner thoughts and help you, that is, if you want our help.
No. 788394 ID: b8f2da
File 148984243299.jpg - (874.51KB , 1832x2636 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 88.jpg )

No. 788414 ID: 143250

Oh, let me make a prediction: it is an invitation to Root's boring celebration party thing.
No. 788438 ID: cc3193

Eeeehhhhhh.... I wouldn't accept. Last time I got a letter from him he sent me a used condom, the sick fuck.
No. 788476 ID: b8f2da
File 148986507447.jpg - (627.85KB , 1474x1953 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 89.jpg )

No. 788477 ID: cc3193

So Logan? Do we trust these? I certainly don't
No. 788778 ID: b8f2da
File 148994693421.jpg - (249.80KB , 1448x1367 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 90.jpg )

No. 788815 ID: 5c2d63

Listen Logan, I want there to be complete honesty between us, mostly because I want to show you how I can be better ally and partner. If we are to take down the cult we can do this together but we need to just be honest with each other. Remember how I said some of my other selves can time travel? They saw into the near future and right now Root is planning a dinner party for later this evening to celebrate his "defeat" of Absolution. The fucking bastards are just partying it up like it's some great triumph. At the party is Root along with all of his generals and heads of the cult. At this time other selves were talking with Root's sister, Delilah, who is only there to get more drugs from her brother as she is a huge drug addict. The other person we talked with was Dr. Lester, he is the cults doctor and bullied a lot by other cult members, especially Delilah. Lester is helping Clara, the woman whose face as smashed after... after everything that happened. Clara asks to go out to the balcony and Lester Obliges, only to be horrified when she asks he to thrown off the side. Lester saves her but Lorence comes out and demands to see her but Lester blocks her and they begin a heated argument. Lorence actually gets so fed up with everything that he ends up shooting Clara with a dart that knocks her out, there's a lot of infighting in the cult

It's at this time you make your appearance, you materialize into the room. You scare the shit out of everyone, except Root who tries to bargain with you but he gets distracted as Delilah says "fuck this shit" and ditches the party heading out to the balcony to find Lester and Lorence fighting and Clara unconscious. It's here she start to go through withdrawal and collapses. During this time and this opportune distraction, you've kidnapped Root. The rest of the story doesn't have much to do with you, but I'll tell you if you want.

The next time we saw you were holding Root in the air on the old radio tower near the edge of town. But he wasn't afraid of you, he was laughing with nostalgia. It looked as if you were about to start torturing him, but Root had that look of a man about to turn the tide on an enemy.

I can't stop you from doing anything but I did tell you this a kind of knowledge ahead, that's probably why you were able to capture him is with this knowledge you be three steps ahead of him. But I've just got this gut feeling that something will go wrong....
No. 788818 ID: 5c2d63

We can tell you more of what we have learned about Root if you want, that way you can go in much more prepared. We know more things... what he is afraid of for example...
No. 788828 ID: 143250


>I want there to be complete honesty between us

>Clara, the woman whose face as smashed after... after everything that happened.

to be more specific if we want complete honesty, that was our fault. We did that to her. And we feel great regret over that.
No. 788876 ID: b8f2da
File 148996875504.jpg - (1.20MB , 1748x2354 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 91.jpg )

No. 788896 ID: 5c2d63

Eat a dick, cripple.
No. 788897 ID: 5c2d63

And no Logan, me and this monster are most definitely not Allies. Threatening to have three monsters rape you after killing your friend with a spear in front of you doesn't exactly make for an enjoyable time.
No. 788930 ID: 143250

I have a feeling why he is thinking us as his best friend, and if it is true, I wonder how he found out.

Anyway, care to explain why you claim us as your friend, Root so? because what you said once before contradicts your claim...
No. 788973 ID: 3583d1

and if he does know... Eh fuck it, double down.

"I'm not friends with someone who threatens people with rape and fucks their own sister."
No. 788998 ID: b8f2da
File 149001226514.jpg - (456.89KB , 1496x952 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 92.jpg )

No. 789026 ID: 143250

Ah, it was as I thought. Good memory. But to be fair, the voices you heard were us astral projections, not Ana herself. she has no control where we ended up, and who we helped. Sorry if there were any misunderstandings.

Why we helped you? multiple reasons, but to name a few: avoid time paradoxes, learn more about who you are, you were a different person back then needing desperate help, and we have the heart to help.

Though we didn't really help you thinking about it now, we only got you in a situation where Delilah almost tossed you down some stairs. Whoops.

Here is the contradiction to your claim about being our friend I am referring to considering the person you have become: "First rule of living on the streets: trust no one!"
No. 789034 ID: 3583d1

No. 789039 ID: b8f2da
File 149002846623.jpg - (350.92KB , 1450x918 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 93.jpg )

No. 789040 ID: 3583d1

Consider us however you want, but you are no ally of ours. And since honesty is kind of our thing, you want to know why we helped you? Pity. We saw a sad, broken kid, and we saw someone who was a poisonous person to him and used him more like a punching bag than a brother. We wanted to show you how to stand up to a bully, not become one. Now look at you, you've become a monster. Your parents would be so proud of you...

Logan, we owe you an apology. This on us, not Ana. I understand if you cannot trust us from now on, but know that she is a true person whom you can trust and rely on. We will try to regain your trust.
No. 789046 ID: b8f2da
File 149003507890.jpg - (718.72KB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 94.jpg )

No. 789047 ID: 3583d1

Logan, don't listen to him! He tells nothing but lies! Ana shred that letter maybe that will get him to shut up!

Logan, what is he talking about? If he means AJ, then remember what we said, if we had the power we would give him over, but we don't know how. But we know who does. It was Mother Gaia who bonded us together, if we can find her I'm sure she would help us. Please let me help you...
No. 789049 ID: b8f2da
File 149003745252.jpg - (737.73KB , 1748x1450 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 95.jpg )

No. 789060 ID: 3583d1

Oh... I remember now...

The eye of Absolution. You took it from him. You stabbed him through the eye with a spear, and you took his eye. You, have all the dignity of a badger with the clap. Shark shit has more fiber than you. You should crawl back inside of your mother's still rotting corpse until you matured enough to be a real human being.
No. 789122 ID: b8f2da
File 149005187962.jpg - (1.23MB , 1748x2136 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 96.jpg )

No. 789124 ID: c5b754

Alright then? Give a piece to Everyone here. Ooh! It's spearmint flavor too!
No. 789131 ID: 143250

jeez, what is this? Like the fifth interruption in a row? First Logan, then Dreamwalker, then Jack, then Root, now Lorence. Anyone else here wants to interrupt?

fine, we'll take the damn gum, but consider ourselves even for helping you, Rooty Tooty.
No. 789138 ID: b8f2da
File 149005914440.jpg - (1.60MB , 1964x2636 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 97.jpg )

No. 789152 ID: 9ecbd6

Has Root left yet, we need to plan where to meet up if things go wrong which I'm pretty sure they will.
No. 789154 ID: 143250

*whispers* Psst, Ana, got any more pieces of gum? we might need to send a couple to your new survivor friends we met earlier.

We can't stop Logan, despite our warnings not to go, but we can probably give or buy him something before he heads into the unknown to raise his chances of survival. We do have 3 needles of life, and we already have plans for the first two... Should we give Logan our last one, or keep it for ourselves? I vote give it to Logan.
No. 789155 ID: 143250

And if we buy something, the shopkeeper probably overheard our entire conversation since Logan got here. He should be able to let us have at least one more thing after hearing our conversation and learn about us as a price.
No. 789156 ID: 9ecbd6

Last one goes to Logan, he's a strong magic user and can teleport, we've seen that much but we need him whole and alive. So yeah last one goes to him.
No. 789168 ID: b8f2da
File 149006548301.jpg - (913.46KB , 1568x1898 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 98.jpg )

No. 789174 ID: c5b754

Damn your pride, Logan! *whispers* I- I can't lose you again... Not when you have a chance at happiness...*whisper*

Listen, we told you what was going to happen up to what we saw but we didn't say you would win, Root was laughing at you. He ALWAYS has something up his sleeve, he's expecting you now so that just gives him that much more time to prepare. Take the needle, and if something happens we'll need to regroup somewhere. Just please let's decide on where we need to meet up if it goes wrong, and let's find a way to stay in contact... Please...
No. 789192 ID: 143250

You forget that there is a more dangerous threat than Root: Andrew. Even if you do get an advantage on Root, Andrew surly may turn that around. That guy is crazy strong.

I have an idea, I'm going to see if I can work out something so that we can become your inner thoughts while we help Ana. Be right back.
No. 789269 ID: b8f2da
File 149009667589.jpg - (776.47KB , 1616x1390 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 99.jpg )

No. 789272 ID: 143250

I think it is time we weigh our options

for having AJ be with Logan


1. will make a good asset for him, giving him power for him to take down the cult easily

2. Logan is pretty skilled, and the future shows him having the upper hand


1. Should Logan fail, Root will take AJ very easily as a reward.

2. While it looks like Logan has the upper hand, all Root did was laugh at his situation. It is believed he might have something dastardly up his sleeve. A man that should not be underestimated at any time.

Having Ana keep AJ


1. it will keep AJ safe from harm if Logan were to fail, especially since Ana had AJ for quite a while, she should be better adjusted with her powers as she continues to grow more powerful. Absolution did trust AJ with us before he died, after all.

2. We have the help of multiple people, rather than just one person to protect AJ. Safety in numbers. WC will keep us hidden, Dreamwalker and us astral projections will be her guide.


1. When Logan fights the cult, it will be slightly more difficult,.

2. While we are strong as is, there is still room for improvement. As such, we are vulnerable. We have a few people trying to hunt us down as of right now. While WC can keep us hidden, we're still not completely safe. Logan for example was able to find us.

Speaking of which, how did you find us in the first place, Logan? you also seemed to recognize Ana with her mask on as well.

Anyway, if anyone else want to throw in some pros and cons, bring them to the table. I would be all for giving AJ to Logan, but unless he has a backup plan to keep AJ away from the cult should he fail, as of right now my choice is undecided.
No. 789280 ID: 3583d1

If we want to keep AJ safe, it's best that he stays with Ana for now.
No. 789338 ID: 3583d1

But I still think the the last needle should go to Logan. Root is hiding something, and I want Logan to be prepared, he has to have some kind of edge that will be his ace in the hole. What kind of magic did Absolution teach you? Will any of those be significant enough to get you out should it all go jenga?

Jack what can we buy for him with the information you've over heard this whole time?
No. 789341 ID: b8f2da
File 149012420864.jpg - (1.05MB , 1700x2061 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 100.jpg )

No. 789343 ID: cf19a6

I suppose that we are? What did you have in mind Jack?
No. 789351 ID: cf19a6

As for the ghosts, Logan, they can decide for themselves whether or not they want to fight. Talk Casper, he's a friend who will help you.
No. 789359 ID: b8f2da
File 149013416123.jpg - (1.35MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 101.jpg )

No. 789362 ID: cf19a6

No. 789364 ID: cf19a6

No. 789365 ID: 143250

No. 789440 ID: b8f2da
File 149017693144.jpg - (1.72MB , 1748x3131 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 102.jpg )

No. 789462 ID: 3583d1

No you won't Lorence Nilton. You aren't going to report Jack and you certainly won't tell us where we are, do you know why? Because you owe us, whether you realize it or not, you owe us and we're going to collect. And since you don't remember this, allow us to refresh your memory...

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

You were in prison. An innocent man, taking the blame for things that were beyond your own control. And the worst part of it all? Your own wife was responsible, and you taking the fall for her own actions...

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

You were put into the darkness, the isolation room, the hole. Nothing but darkness and a broken clock, and not even a rat for company. You were all alone...

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sound of that clock was at first nothing. Then it became annoying. Then it became a mad noise. Then it drove you to the brink of insanity...

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

But one thing, kept you from complete madness, a small voice, somewhere in the back of your mind. And there was more than just one voice...

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

They asked you questions, they talked to you, they kept you from the brink of total madness. And when the opportunity for escape arrived? They gave you the will to live, the chance at freedom!

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.


Now, what say you?
No. 789478 ID: b8f2da
File 149020169491.jpg - (1.60MB , 1748x3055 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 103.jpg )

No. 789500 ID: 28314e

How's the Ahlspiess/Svardstav coming along?
No. 789504 ID: b8f2da
File 149020973869.jpg - (534.84KB , 1688x1162 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 104.jpg )

No. 789508 ID: 28314e

Maybe just the body guards, we don't need assassins. You are awesome, Smithy. Can we test it out? You got any post dummies we can swing at?
No. 789509 ID: 143250

No time to test, time is not on our side. but yeah, a body guard or two is fine.
No. 789583 ID: b8f2da
File 149022890809.jpg - (1.26MB , 2451x3152 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 105.jpg )

No. 789594 ID: 143250

Their all pretty... deranged.

Crimson cinnamon Jimmy, and Fire of Hate, and the ambassador are my top three choices, but there maybe possible trouble here. Jimmy's any means possible could guarantee safety, but the policy of any means necessary could be extreme and work against what we are trying to accomplish, like killing when it is unnecessarily needed. Fire of Hate suggesting you have a Love of fire could mean she may purposely burn you to accept the love of fire. We could give BBB a try, but I have doubts on trusting him. It could be possible we might be interesting enough for him to join us though...

Lets give the Ambassador a call first and get an idea of the kind of person he is. Then, Jimmy or FoH.

Any objections, other voices?
No. 789603 ID: 28314e

I would have preferred to take some with a sense of honor and duty. I know loyalty would probably cost extra but... Yeah... I don't about all of these guys

Yeah I'm with you in the fact that these people seems pretty pretty... insane. The Handy-j and Jack off dude seem.. I don't know okay? I mean if we can pay them off in porn that would work out alright I guess (excluding pictures of ourselves of course). The wolf pack sounds good but honestly I don't know if they would want to help us. They love what this world has become and since we are trying to change it... yeah you can see the problem here, they might swiftly turn on us. Crimson Jimmy. No. No no no no no no NO. FoH might be interesting but we'd have to be careful not to get cause in the cross fire. Although some extra girl power might be good and hey since we can already cast fireball and create fire from nothing she'd probably love us. As for the Ambassador I think we'd need to cause more of a stir around this place if we want his help, but definitely pick him up before the cult does.
No. 789613 ID: 28314e
File 149023433307.jpg - (1.55MB , 2847x4024 , IMG_3292.jpg )

Also blacky? I have one last request from you. They cult knows us by this fish mask. And to be honest I don't think any bodyguard is going to take us very seriously with this on. We kinda made it at the last minute anyway. So maybe it's time we upped our game with this. I've got this design, it's the first mask for our Guild of Shears, I think it matches our goal exactly. And unlike the Cult, we don't forget our mortality...

"We remember our humanity!"

Think you could make this for us?
No. 789618 ID: b8f2da
File 149023700079.jpg - (955.35KB , 2181x1665 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 106.jpg )

No. 789622 ID: 28314e

As a chess piece, The White King. It may sound pretentious and I bet you hear that answer a lot. But the reason why is I'm about to wage a war on the black king. Each of us are the most important piece but simultaneously the weakest for if either of us fall it all falls apart.
As a playing card, the Queen of clubs. The clubs used to represent the peasantry in terms of suit. I am not a spade as I am not royalty, I am not a heart as I am not particularly religious, and I am not diamond because I'm not exactly merchant, I am a club as I am just a regular person trying to do the right thing in a lawless world. And. Queen became I am a womn If you couldn't tell by my voice.
And as for the tarot? That's almost a trick question as no one tarot card can define a person in a reading. At the beginning of everything I was the moon, afraid scared and alone, unsure of who to trust or what to do. My current self I would say is the Seven of Wands as I have finally decided to hold my ground. The result has been The Chariot as war is coming. The future for me is the Wheel of Fortune, as everything is left to chance. The rest of my tarot has not yet come to pass.
No. 789632 ID: 28314e

Also... The Lovers is a very distinct possibility...
No. 789675 ID: b8f2da
File 149027207933.jpg - (1.73MB , 2215x2336 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 107.jpg )

No. 789695 ID: 28314e

I suppose in war there will always be casualties. And to be completely honest I would rather save a life than end it. I've learned that killing someone will always bring consequences, where as saving someone is more likely to keep you in good graces as well as keeping ones own concious clean. You could argue that if you kill in self defense it is justified but there are still consequences for it, that person may have a lover, or a family member who wants revenge, and the cycle of blood continues. I just try to be good person, only killing when it is absolutely necessary for self defense.
As for Cowboys vs Indians? The correct answer is ninjas.
No. 789701 ID: b8f2da
File 149028471724.jpg - (784.99KB , 1748x1273 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 108.jpg )

No. 789704 ID: 3583d1

One because I never played cowboys and Indians, and ninjas are much more fun. But Its also do not agree with those choices. Time and time again it seems I've been stuck having to choose from options that people give me, As if those were the only choices. I say, bollocks to that. I want to be able to chose for myself the correct choice, bring something to this game that people didn't even consider but changes the game entirely, hopefully in my favor.
No. 789720 ID: b8f2da
File 149029311764.jpg - (538.74KB , 1604x897 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 109.jpg )

No. 789729 ID: 3583d1

I'm Ana. I'm looking to hire a bodyguard for me and a friend of mine. We're planning on fighting the cult and go against The Root of Ash.
No. 789797 ID: b8f2da
File 149030774072.jpg - (845.62KB , 1708x1408 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 110.jpg )

No. 789810 ID: 10976e

Depends. If you abandon what Lorence told you and join me then you are the White Queen. If you stick with your previous orders then you are the Black Queen.
No. 789820 ID: 143250

If you see us as chess pieces, then you know a king isn't allowed to be killed, they are only checkmated or stalemated. Lorence telling you to kill me is contradictory in that.
No. 789889 ID: 6f5376
File 149032445041.jpg - (1.15MB , 1685x1920 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 111.jpg )

No. 789891 ID: b0371a

Then for now we have common ground. But the way you phrase it, it sounds as if you wish to take over. How can I be sure if we overthrow one tyrant we aren't putting in another?
No. 789897 ID: 143250

If you are looking to replace Root as king, might I recommend checkers over chess? At least there, once you reach the end, you become king, and become much more free in your movements.

Just a random thought that came out of nowhere. Think of it what you will.
No. 789969 ID: 6f5376
File 149035691932.jpg - (1.30MB , 1748x2624 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 112.jpg )

No. 789973 ID: 3583d1

I honestly doubt we can truly trust each other seeing as how we want very different things, which I am sorry for. But for now I am at least willing to work together to overthrow Root. But in order to truly understand one another I want to know one thing, why do you want the world to stay as it is ?
No. 789990 ID: 143250

You told us what chess piece you would be. What do you see yourself as a tarot card and a card from a deck?
No. 790017 ID: 6f5376
File 149038062337.jpg - (1.34MB , 1748x2540 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 113.jpg )

No. 790045 ID: 10976e

No. 790062 ID: 143250

Hey Stitch, how is Susan and fake Anthony doing?
No. 790065 ID: 143250

psst, ana, before turning around, put your mask on. he might not recognize you with your mask on.
No. 790066 ID: 10976e

No. 790169 ID: 6f5376
File 149040374740.jpg - (1.11MB , 1688x2265 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 114.jpg )

No. 790192 ID: 143250

what item? this item: >>781303

but be prepared, I have a feeling this is going to be an out of the frying pan and into the fire situation
No. 790200 ID: 10976e

No you're right! That's what brought us here! RING THE BELL!!!
No. 790288 ID: 6f5376
File 149043773989.jpg - (1.24MB , 2429x2050 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 115.jpg )

No. 790305 ID: 143250

well, We could amuse him and pretend that the stabs are hurting you, and play dead, that way you can fake your death, Stitch will report your death, and the cult will leave you alone for a while thinking your dead.

Or we could wait for him to let it all out of his system before we try talking to him.

Either way, blacksmith, you might want to hide. This guy is insane.
No. 790348 ID: 10976e

If he plays with children I'm hoping he is as crazy as they would have us believe, but yeah hide for now. In fact I'm almost tempted to give him an incorporeal hug just to show him that we are a nice lady and don't want to hurt him or have him hurt us. It would be pretty funny to see (bonus points if he stabs himself)
No. 790350 ID: 6f5376
File 149046207749.jpg - (958.25KB , 2596x1486 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 116.jpg )

No. 790354 ID: 10976e

Oh my goody gracious...

I just realized he might be stuck here for a while. We don't know how he got here and he's probably just going to keep stabbing us to no effect, so he might just take out some of the cult for us. How? If he is stuck here eventually they will have to send in some people to come get him... ooohhhh how amazing would it be if in his anger he just hacked them up?

But as funny as that might seem, wholesale slaughter is THAT funny, if ever, let's try to calm him down if we can. Maybe give him that incorporeal hug just to throw him off.
No. 790359 ID: 10976e

Before we do that might want to ask Blacky if we can touch him? He can't touch us though
No. 790396 ID: 6f5376
File 149047335077.jpg - (1.22MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 117.jpg )

Moral of the story, never underestimate your opponent
No. 790397 ID: 10976e

He wants you to ring the bell so we stop leaving the store...
No. 790398 ID: 10976e

Damnir where is Jack? Shouldn't he know that his blacksmith is getting hurt? I'm assuming he should
have some kind of counter measures so deal with surly customers...
No. 790427 ID: 6f5376
File 149048194317.jpg - (1.01MB , 1748x2192 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 118.jpg )

No. 790432 ID: c9ce4d

Ana. Hold your mind steady for minute.

I've known the minds of billions of people, able to see into their dreams at night gives you a clear idea of what people are like. Now I can help you fight this monster, I've seen the minds of various spear masters and if you wish I can give you enough marshal prowess I can share a few ways of combat to fight him off. He will be stronger than you but you need to be faster. What I'll also do is create a binding spell between myself and your right hand and AJ. If you get close enough where you can lay hands on his head I can cast a spell on him to put him into a short coma. I've seen every kind in the cult except for his, he doesn't sleep. And I'm interested in what havoc I can do after seeing his mind...

Are you ready? Get your Svardstav ready, ring the bell. GO!
No. 790434 ID: c9ce4d

Also use the bell to you advantage! When you ring it you'll go incorporeal making it impossible for him to hit you, but you won't be able to hit him, so when you ring it you must make your shot count, for the briefest of moments you'll be vulnerable!
No. 790448 ID: 6f5376
File 149049094184.jpg - (941.48KB , 1748x2121 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 119.jpg )

No. 790450 ID: c9ce4d

*whispers* Alright... I'm taking a gamble here... hold on I'm borrowing one of your astral projections. A little thought and a little memory... A little bit of WCs magic to change form into a cultist... A slight changing of forms, some DNA from the skin of your new right hand...

And one perfect copy of Root's form. Now to just appear dramatically behind him...

"STITCH! Your mission was to kill Ana, not to harm the smith. We need him to make us more weapons and by harming him we risk ruining any hopes trading with his employer. Since you can't harm her, you have failed this mission. Return to the base and think of how badly you have failed, go fishing or something, I don't care."
No. 790457 ID: 143250

I'm more afraid what kind of havoc his sick mind would do to you once you enter it.

Yeah, lets get out of here.
No. 790475 ID: 6f5376
File 149049592724.jpg - (1.44MB , 1748x2851 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 120.jpg )

No. 790485 ID: 143250

Lets find a place to camp, hide out, and rest. It's been a very long time since you had a break, Ana. you probably need a lot of time to think, and not worry about people giving us difficult choices or try to kill us.
No. 790538 ID: e478fa

That... I... didn't think he would keep hurting him... fuck...
No. 790541 ID: 143250

Oh, you followed us out. I thought you were going to keep Stitch distracted, or try to give him a nightmare or something. Was his mind too twisted for you?
No. 790547 ID: c9ce4d

He... It left... I didn't mean for that to happen... I've seen the nightmares of evil men.... I've seen twisted minds before... hell I know the minds of many people... But I've never caused something like... that... am I too blame for that...??
No. 790554 ID: 143250

hm, looks like Ana isn't the only one who might need a break.

Ana needs somewhere safe to work out that traumatizing experience,

Dreamwalker needs to think things through after seeing Stitch's warped mind,

WC needs to work on his memory,

and us astral projections need to think hard and question how our decisions has and will effect everyone, because I'm worried if some of the ideas we threw out there were terrible mistakes, like that letter to Lorence, or threatening Andrew with AJ, or actually getting the Ambassador as our body guard, when he might be worse than Root himself. we astral projections need to figure out how we can be better at this decision making.

Yeah, lets find somewhere safe from all the madness to collect ourselves. Anywhere but here.
No. 790585 ID: 6f5376
File 149053342814.jpg - (1.42MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 121.jpg )

No. 790590 ID: 143250

I really want to help that person but...

You're right, Ana. We are in no condition to do anything at this moment. We're all shaken up and traumatized by the events that happened, we don't know the context that is happening here, we promised Logan to stay hidden, and these could be cult members for all we know.

Right now, my only suggestion is to find a hiding place in this garage. With the lights on, these guys will assume someone is in this very garage, and come looking for us to steal our stuff, or worse. I'd say turn off the lights, but that will only just get these guys to notice and confirm someone is in here.
No. 790610 ID: c9ce4d

Balls to that.

If you think they are going to come in here anyway, then I'd rather meet them on my feet! And besides they'll see the lights go off anyway and probably check it out anyway. We've seen too much death now, and I'm not going to stand for any more! Too many people have gotten killed from our own inability to do anything, and now when it's in our power we want to turn the lights off and hide? Bullshit. We are not cowards.

Draw your gun, and get the Svardstav ready. Svardstav in one hand gun in the other. Point the gun at them and if the rush shoot to maim, we aren't killers. If they get any closer drop the gun and bring the Svardstav into battle!
No. 790647 ID: 6f5376
File 149056438851.jpg - (2.19MB , 2172x3383 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 122.jpg )

No. 790655 ID: 143250

She seems to want to save people just like us. This person can be a potential ally if we can save her. But how can we save her without giving away Ana's position?

Dreamwalker, you can change us astral projection's forms, right? I know you are low on morale right now after what happened, but if you want to redeem yourself, can you change my form into something (of your choice) so I can act as a distraction on these freaks while Ana and WC sneaks in and attempts to get this person out of danger? Who's dna do you have besides Root's?

Ana, if you are up to doing this, please make sure your radio is turned off in case those survivors call us and give away your position. This will be a stealth mission.

No. 790675 ID: 6f5376

From the author
That trick with the astral projection only worked in other dimensions where you all are visible. It vont work in reality
No. 790683 ID: c9ce4d

Whatever you are for Ana, we need to move fast there is no time to be stealthy. But these sound like uninformed kids, they don't see us so point our gun at them and they will have to turn around to fire. We the advantage because they will have to turn to see us. I can't see if they armed with other guns but we know one has a bat. If we need to shoot, shoot their hands, it won't be fatal and if keeps them from using that gun.
No. 790695 ID: c9ce4d

And just to let them know that this is some real shit, and not just a biological attack, put a fireball in your hand showing them that magic is real.
No. 790810 ID: 3583d1

So have the gun pointed at them, a fireball in one hand ready to throw. Wild Cat help out, look scary behind us. By the way it works better if you say something intimidating,For example...

"FREEZE! Drop your weapons and stand clear or i'll send you all to your graves!"
No. 790838 ID: 6f5376
File 149062015359.jpg - (1.93MB , 1748x3818 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 123.jpg )

No. 790839 ID: 6f5376

No. 790846 ID: 3583d1

No. 790866 ID: 6f5376
File 149063029552.jpg - (50.21KB , 972x216 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 124.jpg )

No. 790868 ID: 6f5376
File 149063034264.jpg - (50.21KB , 972x216 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 124.jpg )

No. 790918 ID: 6f5376
File 149064364568.jpg - (725.46KB , 1514x2169 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 125.jpg )

No. 790921 ID: 3583d1

No. 790957 ID: 6f5376
File 149065325234.jpg - (1.54MB , 1820x2562 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 126.jpg )

No. 790960 ID: 3583d1

No. I know who he is girls, you can't fight him. Just walk away, and you can get out this scott free right now. Take your stuff and leave town, get out while you can, and leave those masks on until you get out of the fog.
No. 791142 ID: 6f5376
File 149068641306.jpg - (1.82MB , 1748x3796 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 127.jpg )


No. 791148 ID: c9ce4d

I'm still me regardless of how I changed. How I changed doesnt make me who I am, my choices do. I don't know who kind of person I'll become or what I'll do, only what I am. And what I am is still human.

Hey, Doctor? Are you alright?
No. 791155 ID: 6f5376
File 149069382874.jpg - (1.28MB , 1748x2696 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 128.jpg )

How Jimmy sees the world
No. 791157 ID: 143250

In that case, Don't say anything, and don't make a decision. We are not choosing any option, including option 3. get ready to fight. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and Root gave us bubble gum earlier.

(this was why I wanted to stay in the safety of the garage in the first place and think up a plan of action or maybe train Ana's powers.)

See if the Gretel can help you in return for saving her life.
No. 791161 ID: 143250

but before that, ask how much it would cost for him to be your bodyguard instead. We might not have enough cash, but for the heck of it, might as well ask. Maybe Greta might have the money.
No. 791173 ID: 6f5376
File 149070644654.jpg - (779.73KB , 1748x1598 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 129.jpg )

No. 791182 ID: 3583d1

Huh. Teddy bear trap. Well I have to give him points for creativity, but take away 3 million for sensible thinking.

Either dodge, or shoot the mouth of the bear where the spring lock is which will activate the trap, your gun is already drawn. Then have that fireball you have ready and throw it at his chest. Since it a magical fire and not a conventional method it should work, but reason I said chest is you are throwing magical fire at his clothes, if they catch fire... Ana just look away, and don't listen... Take Gretel and go.
No. 791198 ID: 143250

I've seen this technique before. He is using the bear as a distraction.

Shoot the bear, and immediately jump back. He is going to try to attack you while you are distracted with shooting the bear.
No. 791201 ID: 6f5376
File 149071743752.jpg - (1.13MB , 1748x2887 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 130.jpg )

No. 791207 ID: 3583d1

Ana, focus. You still have access to my power if I am with you. I can channel my magic through AJ and give you something. The sleep gaze spell might help you here. Unlike what I wanted to do with stitch which was a coma, I realize that wouldn't have worked, you can only use as much magic as your abilities allow. This is lowest I can give right now, but it should help. You just need to make eye contact with them for about five seconds and then, naptime.
No. 791211 ID: 3583d1

I should also inform you thought while AJ is attached to you and while you be able to cast many fireballs, since we have no real bonded link my magic is not infinite. You can use sleep gaze once per day, if your magic abilities go up
then it's possible to allow you more access.
No. 791223 ID: 6f5376
File 149072842699.jpg - (1.39MB , 1748x2528 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 131.jpg )

No. 791224 ID: 6f5376

No. 791225 ID: c9ce4d

Fucking surprise me...
No. 791226 ID: 6f5376
File 149072893381.jpg - (291.43KB , 952x1007 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 132.jpg )

No. 791229 ID: c9ce4d

Fucking what...? I still feel my hands.
No. 791240 ID: 143250

You didn't kill Gretel, did you?

It looks like we lost. do your worst.
No. 791248 ID: c9ce4d

Nothing is over.

If he has cut off our hands then he fucked up. Root is obsessed with us right? Imagine how much more money he could get from bringing us alive and whole (this is me stalling for time)
No. 791260 ID: 6f5376
File 149073866163.jpg - (1.70MB , 1748x3200 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 133.jpg )

Obvious inspiration for this character
No. 791289 ID: 58ae0d

Blacky's your boyfriend...?

In my bag there is a bell that will take you to the shop. As well as a needle of life, we were saving it for someone else but this is more important. Ring the bell and get to Blacky, He'll need it. One of Root's men, a man named Lorence, sent the monster Stitch after me. But because I had rung the bell, at Blacky's request, he couldn't touch me, so he hurt the only thing he could. Blacky. He's lost a hand and is hurt badly. Stitch left shortly after we did because we managed to fool him, but Blacky is hurt. We were about to go back for him when we heard the commotion outside and lept to help Gretel. We don't want anyone getting hurt because of us, even when we fought you we were trying to save Gretel. And I am telling you this because Blacky helped us and made us go when we wanted to stay and fight. I owe him my life and I give you the chance to save him.
No. 791347 ID: 7cb4d2

Hmm. You know after following his own threads of fate, Seidr, you remember? It makes me sad that the more evil a man is the more tragic his history.

Bleeding Jimmy's real name is James Donovan Lynch, the younger son of Pamela and Russell Lynch. His parents dotedon his older brother Travis, he was a football star, captain prom king, a good Christian, the perfect man in the small town of Hillwood. Just one problem, Jimmy grew up in a rather... xenophobic town. His family knew he was gay, they did what they felt was right, bible camps, gay camps, none of it worked. In a fit of drunken anger his father called him "a disgrace and a monster." And what stung most was that they doted so much on his brother, they never saw anything good in Jimmy. He was brilliant, often building his own toys, an engineer he could be! But none of it mattered to his family, he was a queer to them, a faggot, a freak. One day it was just too much...

When the policeman found their bodies, they couldn't tell who went with what parts. Jimmy was nowhere to be found. And written in blood on the wall, "at last we know each other as what we are." If his family believed him a monster, he would show them what a real monster is. It's why he can kill so easily, to him, "human" and "monster" have no meaning anymore, it's all the same...
No. 791418 ID: 6f5376
File 149078986480.jpg - (2.16MB , 1748x3724 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 134.jpg )

No. 791436 ID: 3583d1

I am no majesty. People have died for me, and I hate it. I don't want people getting hurt because of me, but it seems almost inescapable. You know what I want Jim? I want to take some of the fight to Root. I want to stand and fight for what I believe in, and that is life for all. And as for escaping the city, I'll go with you for a while, because we need people like Gretel to stay alive, kindness is rare and she has it. But I have someone here who is depending on me. I can't leave just yet. If I do go with you though you should know. A woman named Rozalia is also after me. But I know how to get her to leave me alone. Also, I wanted to ask you a favor. As long as I am with you for a while, I need a teacher. Someone to help me learn how to fight. Blacky made me a weapon, it's in my backpack. Think you can teach me how to use it?
No. 791452 ID: 6f5376
File 149081213242.jpg - (714.56KB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 135.jpg )

No. 791460 ID: 3583d1

Or you could let me go, get a walkie talkie, and join a radio channel I have going with other survivors. They can each act as lookouts for each other. And as for me coming along, you think I haven't considered the danger in that? Of course I have because you are right, bad luck is drawn to me like flies to fly paper. All I want is to do some good. That's why I suggested I come along for part of your journey, I can't stay with you and if I do the chances of you and her getting hurt increases. But all I want Jim, is a chance. Just one.
No. 791471 ID: 143250

yikes, it might be a bad idea to reveal that we are in contact with the survivors. lets keep them protected and a secret from everyone.
No. 791472 ID: 3583d1

Fair enough
No. 791536 ID: 6f5376
File 149083139276.jpg - (956.72KB , 1676x1881 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 136.jpg )

No. 791542 ID: 58ae0d

We are all ears!
No. 791545 ID: 143250

We'll listen to what you have to say, WC, but we have to consider what will happen if we leave. He might blame Gretel for our escape and have her suffer for example.

So far, a lot of the decisions we are making are having unforeseen consequences. We have to be more careful with what we are doing. For all we know, he knows that we can escape, and has a backup plan for us trying to escape. Plus, I know this guy is insane, but what if he doesn't torture us? he already had the tools to do it when he was here with us. Why would he have to leave? Maybe he is planning something else.

That said, tell us your plan.
No. 791550 ID: 6f5376
File 149083457926.jpg - (448.60KB , 916x1304 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 137.jpg )

No. 791555 ID: 143250

I still have my worries. Gretel going against Jimmy's orders could be a breach of contract, and thus he may quit his job with her and punish her afterwards for breaking their trust.

But then again, it was our past decisions that keep getting Ana in trouble... For all we know, my choice to stay here based off of my worries will probably be worst off for Ana. At this point, you are probably are a better guide than we are for Ana.

Alright, lets escape.
No. 791558 ID: 58ae0d

Fair enough but how could we get her attention down here? And we do this as long as we don't hurt Gretel.
No. 791583 ID: 58ae0d

Wait wait wait, let's just think about this, because I think you are right, there's no way anyone can come out of this and not suffer. If Gretel let's us loose I'm hoping Jimmy was paid well because a breach of contract could put her in danger. Theres got to be something we can do that won't result in her getting hurt. Maybe when she lets us go we just give her a brief warning of what he was going to do to us and in order to keep her from getting hurt we have to leave.
No. 791636 ID: 6f5376
File 149086903453.jpg - (1.22MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 138.jpg )

No. 791659 ID: 3583d1

She's afraid for those around her. She wanted to come along but doesn't want you getting mixed up in her problems. I'm going after her, go back and wait for me.
No. 791660 ID: 3583d1

No. 791663 ID: 3583d1

(Also get your backpack and gear but be quick!!!)
No. 791669 ID: 3583d1

(Actually just hold the mind for a second...)

Alright so the more I think about it the less comfortable I am with leaving Gretel alone with him. He's too destructive and one day he WILL hurt her. Should we bring her along like tell her to come with us because "she trusts you and will probably listen to you over me" I don't want to leave her with him.
No. 791670 ID: 6f5376
File 149088577683.jpg - (383.20KB , 1664x2100 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 139.jpg )

No. 791672 ID: 3583d1

No. 791680 ID: 143250

run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg
No. 791681 ID: 6f5376

LOL :)
No. 791683 ID: 6f5376
File 149089259155.jpg - (496.47KB , 2308x1712 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 140.jpg )

No. 791706 ID: 027085

I don't really consider anyone who thinks torturing someone a good idea to be really capable of protecting anyone.
No. 791755 ID: 6f5376
File 149091004672.jpg - (0.99MB , 2317x1688 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 141.jpg )

No. 791770 ID: 143250

Oh jeez, oh man, oh no.

D...Don't panic, Ana. Whatever you do, don't panic.
No. 791790 ID: 027085

Gretel, Hide.

WC form into a cultist. But be ready with a gun or something if he is testing us this could be another bluff.
No. 791791 ID: 6f5376
File 149091778864.jpg - (0.98MB , 2408x1518 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 142.jpg )

No. 791793 ID: 6f5376

Looks like Ana panicked
No. 791796 ID: 027085

We don't have to let the world change who we are. There is always a better way.
No. 791801 ID: 143250

I'm not just afraid that he'll kill me and Gretel, I'm also worried he might kill you, Jimmy despite you kidnapping me, and putting myself in danger. Do you really see your life being worthless like that?
No. 791805 ID: 027085

We never have to be what the world or what others dictate us to be! We just are who we are, and no one, not even the world can make us change if we don't let it!
No. 791825 ID: 6f5376
File 149092406741.jpg - (1.23MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 143.jpg )


No. 791829 ID: c3605f

Ow... damage report?
No. 791831 ID: c3605f

And we don't have the needle of life...

No. 791832 ID: c3605f

No. 791836 ID: 143250

Ana, can you hear me? Ana? ANA? OH GOD ANA! WAKE UP!

No. 791837 ID: 6f5376
File 149092558270.jpg - (200.55KB , 844x624 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 144.jpg )

No. 791838 ID: c3605f

No. 791841 ID: 143250

Oh, over reacted there, sorry. But still, knives are not good. And hopefully Stitch didn't hear you fall, unless Jimmy was lying just to mess with you and Stitch wasn't actually here.
No. 791842 ID: 143250

Wait, looking closely, one of those sharp objects is not a knife, but looks like a syringe. Ana, I think you have been drugged...
No. 791843 ID: c3605f
File 149092604461.jpg - (645.98KB , 1228x1600 , IMG_3328.jpg )


No. 791844 ID: 143250

da fuck?
No. 791845 ID: 6f5376

From the author
I am scared
No. 791846 ID: 143250

Me too. Please make the scary guy go away.
No. 791851 ID: 027085


I don't think you should take whatever it's selling...
No. 791856 ID: 143250

It, I think it is a hallucination. As I said, I think Ana got drugged.
No. 791857 ID: c3605f
File 149092900734.jpg - (121.47KB , 616x583 , IMG_3330.jpg )


No. 791859 ID: 027085

Jimmy said he wanted her to change... what if whatever was in that needle brought this... thing, out?
No. 791860 ID: 143250

Wait a minute,
You are not who you claim to be. You are not Ana's rage, you are astral projection number c3605f. Please come back to us. snap out of it. We don't want to lose another person to insanity :(.

What was that drug that did this to you?
No. 791879 ID: 027085

I'm hoping are wrong. Because if it was that drug that did this to her, what is it doing to Ana right now?
No. 791939 ID: 6f5376
File 149096358120.jpg - (221.79KB , 1044x657 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 145.jpg )

No. 791972 ID: 027085

What's it say?
No. 791981 ID: 143250

Read note, then find a place to hide. We promised Logan we'd stay hidden.
No. 791997 ID: 6f5376
File 149098183421.jpg - (708.60KB , 1540x1184 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 146.jpg )


Never forget what we lost that fateful day
Waddle on
No. 792008 ID: 3583d1

... ever get the feeling you've been had?

Right, pull the knives out and needle yourself, that should heal you up. I guess see if the knives are good, you can never have too many knives. Get your gear and let's find a place just lay low for a while... wherever we settle down for now we should radio in, see how deadhope and Gramps are doing.
No. 792009 ID: 143250

Well, unless you want to eat garbage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK0CL7bHbII), I suggest taking the gifts, and your stuff, and find somewhere to hide, preferably somewhere far from there since at least two people know where we are right now.
No. 792023 ID: 6f5376
File 149098931670.jpg - (665.03KB , 1621x1376 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 147.jpg )

No. 792035 ID: 143250

Lets see, Going to the main street will leave you open for attacks, and more easily seen by people looking for you. We might be able to take it if you use WC's power again to disguise yourself, but I wonder how long that power lasts.

Alley way, you'll be more hidden, but dangerous people are known to hang out in alleyways, even before this whole fog thing happened. Same deal with the sewers. Sewers will make you a whole lot more hidden than the Alleyways, but it might smell really bad. Dangerous people are also known to hide out down there as well, but maybe less so because the sewers stink, and no one wants to go down there.

My vote is either Sewers or Alleyway. Choosing sewers is easy for us to choose because as astral projections, we can't smell. You might not enjoy it however. If we go to the alleyway, we might find a side door we can enter a building and hide out in for a while.

Someone want to be a tiebreaker?
No. 792046 ID: 027085

I say alleyways. Even though I we are all healed I'm worried about infections that we can get from the sewer. And yeah the smell isn't appealing either. And I think we are well equipped to deal with some bad people. Also, how
Are our clothes holding up Ana? This coat has probably taken quite a beating, might want to find some new threads soon.
No. 792058 ID: 6f5376
File 149100542545.jpg - (929.61KB , 1672x1917 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 148.jpg )

No. 792059 ID: 027085

Nope, just a survivor like yourself. I'm Ana.
No. 792061 ID: 143250

This, but lets use a fake name from this point on in case an enemy asks him where we are. How about Nina?
No. 792065 ID: 6f5376
File 149100698453.jpg - (472.09KB , 1350x1402 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 149.jpg )

No. 792068 ID: 143250

Aren't we all running from someone at this point? There's freaks and monsters out there, and I'm just looking for somewhere to hide and catch a breather.

How have you've been surviving this hell since the fog hit?
No. 792070 ID: 027085

This is good. Hey, maybe for his troubles we can give him a knife or something. We did suddenly come into a lot of them.
No. 792073 ID: 6f5376
File 149100883402.jpg - (392.72KB , 1629x856 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 150.jpg )

No. 792092 ID: 027085

That right? Well, given our current situation i'd say that's a useful skill to have.
No. 792107 ID: 143250

Indeed, and as of right now, a lot of people has become homeless.
No. 792122 ID: 6f5376
File 149101383579.jpg - (731.92KB , 1404x1915 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 151.jpg )

No. 792125 ID: 143250

I... can relate to that actually...

Before I leave you be, do you know of any good safe places nearby? I know you said you were never a help to anyone, but just a small tip like that would be a ginormous help for me right now. Thanks.
No. 792126 ID: 027085

... I know what it's like to feel that low. Well you want some water? I have a spare bottle here if you want a drink. It's like I have anywhere to go right now.
No. 792332 ID: 6f5376
File 149104582710.jpg - (808.58KB , 1388x2032 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 152.jpg )

No. 792353 ID: 143250

Silently leave.
No. 792364 ID: 027085

No one deserves ever to be alone for the mistakes they've made. There is always a chance for redemption.

No. 792382 ID: 143250

It will look cool if she says this while she is walking away from him.
No. 792399 ID: 6f5376
File 149106861388.jpg - (219.67KB , 1244x555 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 153.jpg )

No. 792400 ID: 027085

I'm going to be honest here, im scared for him. I've seen his body language and tone of voice before. They committed suicide shortly after. I think we came across him enjoying his last meal before he either removes that box or uses the shotgun on himself. He doesn't want you here because he doesn't t want anyone around when he does the deed. I'm afraid that if we leave him, he'll do it.
No. 792407 ID: 6f5376
File 149107072066.jpg - (316.75KB , 1284x920 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 154.jpg )

No. 792419 ID: 027085

No one is ever just "nothing." And if you really were nothing, then I wouldn't be here. To be honest I'm actually glad to talk with with you, I think you are one of the first people that haven't been crazy or evil in someway.
No. 792450 ID: 17aee7
File 149107714438.jpg - (443.95KB , 1654x896 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 155.jpg )

No. 792454 ID: 027085

Heh. Me too.
No. 792538 ID: 17aee7
File 149109054317.jpg - (0.97MB , 1748x1948 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 156.jpg )

This is how the fight played out
No. 792544 ID: 027085

FOOL! Dare to attack us! We have the power to combine our power, transforming Ana into the ultimate warrior woman, she is the one named Sailor Kick-Ass!


(Happy April fools day)
No. 792557 ID: 17aee7
File 149109209912.jpg - (235.48KB , 1188x792 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 157.jpg )

Happy April fools day
No. 792579 ID: 027085

.... BWAH!!! What a weird day-dream... Don't know what the fuck that was about. Anyway what did I miss anything? Ana still talking to the boxy hobo?

No. 792747 ID: 143250

Fuck it. Time to crash and end this pity party, and start a cheesy pep talk.

Instead of dwelling on the past mistakes, It is time both Ana, Box Hobo and us Astral Projections learn from our past mistakes and move on. If we dwell on the past, we'll only become depressed, and less confident. God knows We've all made a lot of mistakes that could have been prevented and paid price for it, losing friendship, hurting people, losing valuable possessions, and I know more unpreventable mistakes will happen. If they can't be prevented, then why the hell should we even worry about mistakes we will make in the future either in tough decisions? It will make us too anxious and lose our confidence. we should live in the present moment without fear.

Whatever happens, happens.
No. 792756 ID: 17aee7
File 149113481422.jpg - (1.19MB , 1748x2242 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 158.jpg )


This wonderful moment was brought to you by the this wonderful scene

No. 792759 ID: 17aee7

Current representation of the journey that Ana is taking
No. 792777 ID: 143250

I didn't mean for Ana to get a little threatening there, but if that is how she feels, so be it, lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUGi-aTILx4

In hindsight, sometimes someone needs harsh words directed at them like that to help better themselves.

Let him finish his meal before we do anything else, and then both of you find a safe spot.
No. 792790 ID: 17aee7
File 149115142554.jpg - (710.47KB , 1748x1462 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 159.jpg )

No. 792793 ID: 027085

Isn't there an old church around her we might able ton crash at for a while? And Jesus Ana calm your tits. That was pretty fucking mean. Having someone join us out of fear won't make for a good ally.
No. 792796 ID: 17aee7
File 149115596945.jpg - (0.97MB , 1706x2224 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 160.jpg )

No. 792834 ID: 51058c

Hooray for... semi-forced cooperation?

Well if you know another way into the hotel that might work too. Any one else crashing there though?
No. 792847 ID: 17aee7
File 149116739221.jpg - (333.30KB , 1492x856 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 161.jpg )

No. 792870 ID: 143250

Well, lets take the hidden secret private classified entrance that no one knows about.
No. 792947 ID: 17aee7
File 149118513710.jpg - (1.00MB , 1495x2215 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 162.jpg )

No. 792951 ID: 027085

If he tries he'll find himself alone and without help. And If we show ourselves to be good people but not people to be taken advantage of, then I don't think he will try anything. Besides, now he has something to prove, he will want to
do better. At least I hope so.
No. 793052 ID: 17aee7
File 149121590670.jpg - (1.17MB , 1671x2577 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 163.jpg )

No. 793070 ID: 027085

It's not quite the apocalypse yet. But that is what will be happening if we don't stop it. A cult is responsible for all of it. The ones you call "Them." They have a lot of names "Followers of the Ash Tree," "Children of The Ash," and "The Scavengers." Their god is a demon that is called the Ash Tree. Only unlike other cults this thing appears to have some real power behind it. The symbol on our masks is the face of The Ash Tree. This fog also comes from the cult, and as I'm sure you've found out, it's no normal fog. This symbol is what makes the fog not kill you. So let me ask you this, after hearing what I've said would you be willing to believe in magic?
No. 793074 ID: 17aee7
File 149124126767.jpg - (1.11MB , 1812x2144 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 164.jpg )

No. 793091 ID: 3583d1

They can be killed. Personally I'd rather avoid killing if necessary, but if they want to start a fight, I'll finish it. If they are human than they can be killed just like any others. There is also another kind, they are more monster than man. Those can't be killed easily, but their hearts and brains are still vulnerable... huh you know thinking about it they're almost like vampires, even down to the pointy teeth, they just don't drink blood.

Speaking of fighting how many shells do you have for that shotgun?
No. 793111 ID: 17aee7
File 149124795989.jpg - (936.61KB , 1766x1859 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 165.jpg )

No. 793113 ID: 3583d1

To be honest I have no idea anymore. It all just kind of happened at once. As for why someone is chasing me... I made a big mistake, but I have plans to correct it and I even know how to avoid bloodshed and get my pursuer on my side.
No. 793115 ID: 3583d1

Hey, actually you remind me of someone. Especially with that "infinite sadness" thing. You ever meet a depressed bald kid named Daniel?
No. 793134 ID: 17aee7
File 149125336925.jpg - (944.11KB , 1468x2232 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 166.jpg )

No. 793136 ID: 3583d1

Might want to get out your weapons.

"You got anything you want to say to me, Boxy? I thought you said no one was here..."
No. 793150 ID: 143250

We can't catch a break, can we.

Step away from the door, and survey the area. watch out for rabid rats.
No. 793177 ID: 17aee7
File 149126334878.jpg - (1.13MB , 1748x2396 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 167.jpg )

No. 793187 ID: 143250

What do ya want with me? are you with the cult?

And something tells me from experience that things are going to get messy even if I do accept defeat.
No. 793197 ID: 17aee7
File 149126654992.jpg - (519.88KB , 1532x1256 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 168.jpg )

No. 793217 ID: 027085

I recognize this guy, his biggest weakness is his pride. If you shame him he'll want to take revenge personally. We need to goad him into a fight, him and you.

"... Don't you play second fiddle to the meat head guy, all dressed up in armor? He seems like a real douchebag, always talking about the score of the game? I bet he got all the credit for the assault on the city, while all you got was a pat on the head and a good job from no one important. I'll bet that one fucking stung...

So how about this then, General Insignificant, come down here and fight me one on one. Prove to Root that you deserve to stand taller than your meat-head boss. Prove it to him by showing that you are a better warrior and soldier. Who knows you might even get Luvia's attention..."
No. 793257 ID: 44a93a

Ana! I've seen this before and I've always wanted to do this!

"Your next line is: 'What did you just say, bitch!'"

No. 793309 ID: 17aee7
File 149130202261.jpg - (1.09MB , 1748x2224 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 169.jpg )

No. 793311 ID: 143250

Wait, so let me get this straight, while Root has gone missing, and is most likely in huge danger against a very powerful foe, you are here wasting time trying to capture me while Root could most likely be getting killed right now without you helping your friends finding and saving Root's life.

Ha ha ha, no wonder why you haven't been promoted from your shitty position all these years. Even if you do capture me, Root would be dead, all because you weren't trying to help look for him. Idiot.
No. 793324 ID: 027085

Your next line is: "You annoying cunt, don't act like
You know everything!"

You clearly don't have your priorities in check. Firstly, I'm betting that you weren't the only general who coordinated the attack on the city, if your boss is dead then they stand to have just as much of a chance as you do. Secondly, If Root has been kidnapped then honestly, what's the point of going after me? So you capture me and bring me back. Then what I get to sit around bored for a while, maybe get tortured by your creepy old carpenter man, and if Root doesn't come back? You'll have captured me for absolutely nothing. But if you were the one to SAVE Root? Ahhh, now there is a chance for real recognition!
No. 793460 ID: 17aee7
File 149135330723.jpg - (3.44MB , 2851x4272 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 170.jpg )

No. 793461 ID: 17aee7
File 149135337047.jpg - (315.22KB , 1798x973 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 171.jpg )

No. 793475 ID: 7cb4d2

Was that who I thought it was... My teacher, Lord of Cross Ash...

MY LORD GODFREY OF THE CROSS ASH! I and my companion seek parole and your asylum. These men have forgotten the faces of their fathers and chose to resort to these cowardly tactics! I have given a choice of an honorable duel and he has chosen this instead. I will surrender to you, and only to you, because I know you to be a man of honor and justice.
No. 793477 ID: 7cb4d2

That ought to stir somethings up! Flint can either take that, and let Godfrey take us or he will be pressured into accepting our challenge. If he lets Godfrey take us? He is a man who will listen to us. He is an honorable and kind man.
No. 793478 ID: 143250

Or worst case scenario out of anger, he might kill Godfrey.

But yeah, it is worth a shot.
No. 793480 ID: 7cb4d2

I'm not worried about him, you know those awesome anime moments where the protagonist makes lightning by fast strikes with his sword and the people that just got cut up freeze in place until the protagonist sheathes his sword? I've seen him do that.
No. 793482 ID: 17aee7
File 149135841950.jpg - (785.65KB , 1828x1427 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 172.jpg )

No. 793483 ID: 7cb4d2

You do not know me my lord, but I do know you. You are one whom I will surrender to, for I know you to be a man of good will who shelters the weak and guides the poor. Will you give me and my companion asylum?
No. 793571 ID: 143250

If he doesn't agree to take us, then we'll have to fight. If that happens, I'd say, stay right there in that safe area and let them come to you. once they get close enough, summon a fireball, and shoot at the gasoline. Take them all out at once, or at least confuse them.
No. 793585 ID: 17aee7
File 149139585076.jpg - (1.14MB , 1705x2312 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 173.jpg )

No. 793600 ID: 3583d1

Let's give Godfrey enough of a distraction...

"Sounds like you'll bend over for anyone in power, Flint. How do you like taking Lorence's cock up the ass?

No. 793607 ID: 143250

You have proven my point of how much of a coward you are, Flint. You gave me the choice of fighting or surrendering, and after I chose to surrender, it only got you scared and paranoid, threatening more people, and making my choice worthless forcing me into the other choice of fighting.

Godfrey, I apologize for getting you into this situation for making the choice to surrender. I only wanted to avoid violence, and Flint hated my choice. I'll understand if you want revenge against me. I can only suggest you request to stand in trial, and ask Matilda to defend you in court. She was able to defend herself when she was falsely accused of kidnapping against 2 prosecutors, one of which being Larence himself. I'm sure she can defend you successfully against these false claims.
No. 793608 ID: 027085

Let's stir some more things up shall we?

"Madamé Rosaline, if I had offered to surrender to you and the teacups do you think Flint would have thrown his same temper tantrum he's throwing at Godfrey now? Even threatening you and your guard with this same threat of investigation? And you Inquisitor Raphael? How ironic would it be to be investigated, when investigation and questioning is your specialty. In fact whose to say that this whole meeting was a test to see where you all stand, possibly even get rid of some rivals?"
No. 793646 ID: 17aee7
File 149141623333.jpg - (2.50MB , 1808x4056 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 174.jpg )

No. 793662 ID: 010e5b

Flint, think about what you just said there, the only way I know your names and positions is "Godfrey told me." Why not someone else here? It could have been Rosaline, perhaps these teacups are about to turn their guns on you, I imagine they are getting rather nervous with all the shouting and tensions rising. And Raphael deals with getting information out of people, through... not so savory methods, he could be filled with secrets...
No. 793663 ID: 010e5b

And did I just hear a sword unsheathing? I would consider your next words very carefully, Flint.
No. 793692 ID: 17aee7
File 149142314275.jpg - (1.05MB , 1748x2097 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 175.jpg )

Also this seems appropriate
No. 793696 ID: 3583d1

My original offer still stands, Flint. I will either accept surrender and allow only Godfrey to take me where he will, or you and me can duel. Those are my terms, now we can either pursue this farce till its final stupidity, or we each go our separate ways and we all leave here with nothing but a little injured pride.

What do the rest of you say?
No. 793697 ID: 3583d1

And before you object Flint, think of it this way. This is also a test of Godfrey's loyalty. If he brings me in then his loyalty is assured, if he doesn't then you get the satisfaction of being right and getting to deliver just desserts.
No. 793698 ID: 143250

You said you were willing to leave your position and look for Root, and Lorence ordered you to hold position in the city. Is that really true? Because before Logan came in to crash the party, Lorence was not there to witness it. Instead, he sneaked out in the middle of the party secretly to retrieve Clara from Dr. Lester, and left the building with him, Clara, and Delilah. There was no way he would have time to give you that order if he was secretly taking Clara away to evaluate her. So again, I ask why are you risking Root's life with your time wasting?
No. 793719 ID: 3583d1

He could have always just given that order after he found out...
No. 793749 ID: 17aee7
File 149143517664.jpg - (1.24MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 176.jpg )

No. 793750 ID: 3583d1


This is either going to be really good, or really bad..
No. 793753 ID: 010e5b

I suggest we recommend that Godfrey get out of there ASAP...
No. 793754 ID: 143250

Or really both.

Lets take the wait and see approach.

Psst, dreamwalker. Hoping Ana won't hear me when I say this.

If you are still here with us, do me a favor: if the ambassador has chosen to protect us and things starts to get ugly between him and our pursuers, and if you have the ability to do it, put Ana to sleep for a little while. She will not like what she will see the Ambassador do to them. we don't want her any more traumatized than she needs to be at this point.

No. 793756 ID: 010e5b

Yes, I can do that. I can get a few people at a time. I'll get Ana, Boxy, and anyone else you want but I can only do this to 5 people.
No. 793759 ID: 17aee7
File 149143784957.jpg - (0.98MB , 1748x1730 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 177.jpg )

No. 793765 ID: 143250

Not yet. Questions: How does one win a round? knock out? submission? *gulp* death?

Ana, this is a chance to train yourself. We can't keep running away from fights forever. If we don't get fighting experience now, we will be too weak to protect ourselves. Lets try disarming our opponents and making them give up, if that is how we win that is.
No. 793775 ID: 17aee7
File 149144075974.jpg - (1.04MB , 1596x2029 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 178.jpg )

No. 793788 ID: 17aee7
File 149144282877.jpg - (845.07KB , 1540x1640 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 179.jpg )

No. 793791 ID: 010e5b

Alright then... let's piiiiick...

Oh... look up.

I pick Rozalia. I needed to talk with her anyway.
No. 793799 ID: 143250

Wait, I'm confused, is Rosaline and Rosalia the same person? sorry if that sounded stupid.
No. 793800 ID: 17aee7
File 149144415379.jpg - (335.46KB , 1260x757 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 180.jpg )

No. 793804 ID: 17aee7
File 149144466017.jpg - (269.17KB , 1177x688 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 181.jpg )

No. 793809 ID: 010e5b

sorry, I've been deleting my posts cuz I realize their stupid and don't make sense.

Ok then. Let's go with, your private, Flint, since they seemed eager enough to do it. And I like that they stood up for you, even if you don't deserve it, that shows loyalty, and I admire that. It would be an honor face them.
No. 793812 ID: 17aee7
File 149144627481.jpg - (973.63KB , 1668x2024 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 182.jpg )

No. 793813 ID: 143250

Knock out is the winning condition, not giving up. But I appreciate the thought.

And before you say anything, NO! I am not going to knock you out.
No. 793814 ID: 010e5b

Wait can seriously can we do that? I have a feeling if we did that some other rule would be thrown in saying we have to fight or something. That's just... too easy...
No. 793816 ID: 17aee7
File 149144711504.jpg - (129.17KB , 1244x527 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 183.jpg )

No. 793818 ID: 010e5b

Y'know seeing as how with that glare I think you might make it worse for me later when you pick the opponent. Let's just go with the first pick.
No. 793824 ID: 143250

No. 793837 ID: 010e5b

That works too
No. 793839 ID: 143250

Yeah, we would not want Flint, the toughest guy here in the second round choosing how we fight. Get him out of the way first.
No. 793958 ID: 17aee7
File 149149757934.jpg - (814.70KB , 1748x1712 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 184.jpg )

No. 793968 ID: 20f33b

I think you might be right, boxy might actually give me a challenge. Besides, I can read you like a book.

Next you'll say: I swear to god if you do the "your next line is" crap I will beat you within an inch of your life!
No. 793969 ID: 20f33b

Pick you weapon, Flint, let's get this started!
No. 793970 ID: 143250

Oh please, you are only telling me to fight boxhead because as we have established, you are a coward, you're scared to lose. Put up, or shut up.
No. 793972 ID: 143250

Ana, do not be afraid to beat the shit out of this guy. Go all out. As long as he isn't dead, we can give him one of the needles Jimmy gave us if we beat him up too badly like Clara.

That said, do not underestimate him either. A coward will pull all sorts of cheap tactics to get an advantage on you. Stay wary of his actions.
No. 793973 ID: 20f33b

Or if he is stepping into the area that they spilled all the gasoline into we can just conjure up a fireball and make him so scared he pees himself like I planned to do to him anyway.
No. 793974 ID: 143250

Good plan. During the battle, get him to stand on gasoline. let him live up to his name and ignite him.
No. 793975 ID: 20f33b

You forget the part where we'd also be standing in gasoline... so yeah... hopefully we can just scare him badly enough that he submits
No. 793976 ID: 17aee7
File 149151099031.jpg - (975.36KB , 1748x2144 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 185.jpg )

No. 793978 ID: 143250

Lets keep your fireball magic a secret until he steps on the gasoline. If he finds out you have that power early, he will definitely try to avoid stepping on the gasoline.

For now, keep your distance, dodge his first moves, and wield the new weapon you got from the blacksmith. should be long range enough to keep your distance from him and still attack him. Your goal here is to try to lure him to the gas. So for now, try to get him between you, and the gasoline to start. throw in some insults now and then to keep him distracted.
No. 793985 ID: 20f33b

Throw a bunch of knives if you can, including that special one with the bomb in it, use those as a diversion, once you've thrown them, try to get in close and push him. If the bomb knife has sunk though, then that's checkmate, just tell him what it is and you can threaten to detonate it if he doesn't surrender. If that fails Have your revolver and your Svardstav ready as well. Try to get in close and push him. Your bullet proof vest should kept you save from the machine gun for a while, but it will still hurt like a mother fucker. The buckshot can go anywhere so the vest will only help you so much. Try not to let it take too much punishment though.
No. 793992 ID: 17aee7
File 149151962625.jpg - (778.54KB , 1716x1596 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 186.jpg )

No. 793995 ID: 20f33b

"Forgive me I don't exactly trust you, Flint. Alright fisticuffs it is."

Put the knives away, we'll help you with grappling and fist fighting. But he doesn't know you have magic. And I'm betting he has something in his coat. He was willing to try and trap you here and burn you alive. He won't fight fairly, so put the knives in your coat for now.
No. 794008 ID: 17aee7
File 149152635518.jpg - (669.48KB , 1748x1288 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 187.jpg )

No. 794011 ID: 20f33b

Oh... your one of those types of people (fucking useless ass Dan Hibiki). Ana, fuck this guy up. Duck low and put all the power of your punch into the hip with your step, that's what boxers do when the punch. And aim for his midriff that's his solar plexus, this guy will go down like a sack of potatoes.
No. 794012 ID: 20f33b

No. 794013 ID: 143250

He may seem hammy, but don't you dare underestimate him.
No. 794015 ID: b0371a

You mean like how is underestimating us but somehow deliberately stalling for time? Sure, why not...
No. 794018 ID: 17aee7
File 149152950833.jpg - (667.52KB , 1490x1665 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 188.jpg )

No. 794023 ID: b0371a

... okay... and I mean seriously here? What idiot put this guy in the position of general? THIS guy was supposed to take the place of your previous High General??? And you, *points at the private who stepped up* I admire your bravery but I hope in the future you get a general worth your time. And what was that bullshit about leading he assault on the city? How would you guys get anything done with the tom and jerry tactics this guy was trying to pull here??? In fact what assault were you talking about? The fog took out most of the armed forces who would have fought back, if all you did was open up the way for the fog then you literally serve the same purpose as a can opener.

Someone get him out of here...
No. 794026 ID: 143250

Start the count out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As3WkTlOmiA
No. 794030 ID: 17aee7
File 149153345794.jpg - (1.29MB , 1748x2262 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 189.jpg )

No. 794031 ID: b0371a

No. 794032 ID: b0371a

And wait is this guy the older brother to Anthony and Susan? Huh... Well knowing that he probably had this coming anyway
No. 794033 ID: 143250

So, do we still choose our opponent for the second round, or does the opponent gets to choose this time?

Don't let that victory get to your head, Ana. Please focus.
No. 794034 ID: b0371a

They choose this time. If we lose then the Ambassador picks the final round.
No. 794036 ID: 17aee7
File 149153586514.jpg - (398.86KB , 1540x1000 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 190.jpg )

No. 794037 ID: b0371a

Spin around weapons ready!
No. 794038 ID: 143250

immediately side jump.
No. 794069 ID: 17aee7
File 149156119547.jpg - (660.96KB , 1440x1509 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 191.jpg )

No. 794082 ID: 20f33b

But we didn't feel anything? Hey wait a minute...


So close, yet so far. I keep my wallet in my back pocket! You hit that! Saved by leather and plastic cards! Haha! Now I am going to count backwards from 10, if I hit 1 I am going to shoot you in the leg. Then I am going to start counting again, I hit one I shoot the other leg. You can stop it but you need to surrender.

No. 794115 ID: 143250

Beat him up with your new weapon. We can heal him soon after if he is beaten beyond recognizable like Clara.
No. 794116 ID: 143250

And by that, I mean beat him up until he is unconscious. Try not to break him too much.
No. 794129 ID: 17aee7
File 149159661605.jpg - (2.27MB , 2480x3664 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 192.jpg )

No. 794130 ID: 20f33b

Fuck you.
No. 794132 ID: 20f33b

Fine. Pick your next asshole.
No. 794143 ID: 143250

How long is this paralysis? depending how long it is, Boxhead will have to fight, that is unless these people are willing to wait for Ana to get back up.
No. 794148 ID: 143250

Also, cool, Ambassador plays Tekken 3, maybe Ana during a small free moment could play that game with him, that is if we ever get one.
No. 794232 ID: 17aee7
File 149161305870.jpg - (1.77MB , 2280x3052 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 193.jpg )

No. 794234 ID: 20f33b

An even more important question is will Ana be concious in time and concious enough for round 2? And and even bigger concern is if she isn't then who is going to step up?
No. 794247 ID: 17aee7
File 149161572113.jpg - (367.97KB , 1548x744 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 194.jpg )

No. 794257 ID: 20f33b

Alright then here's a question for the two of you, who are your picks for the second match?
No. 794263 ID: 143250

Is this a dream? Is Ana dreaming again?

Anyway, who will Flint choose? probably someone strong, like Rosaline. I don't think he'd choose Godfrey as he is showing signs of distrust on him.

I'm wondering, if we choose boxhead hobo, will he be able to put up a fight? he does have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, and was about to kill himself before we gave him motivation, so he might not be as afraid of death. maybe he will make it through with those in mind. Only downside, the dude is depressed, and shows no problem with killing.

I wonder How Ana will feel after she awakens.

(Also, thanks for using my neighborhood watch joke in the story. Hilarious.)
No. 794331 ID: 17aee7
File 149164250708.jpg - (634.71KB , 1477x1456 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 195.jpg )

No. 794336 ID: 143250

Ah, Gon. That character is pretty popular in japan with his own manga series a long time ago, his own weird game on the super famicom (super nintendo in japan), almost had his own movie, ect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5v8cdP9loI for more info

Sorry, you probably don't want to hear ramblings of a geek.

Right, back to the fight. The hobo is a newcomer to the scene for everyone. Based off of what you and us all know about him, what are both your opinion on the man. already said my thoughts on him here: >>794263 I'd say it is too early to tell, but based off of what we know so far, I'd say it is 50/50 on how successful he will be.
No. 794337 ID: 143250

And my favorite Tekken character, Chandelure. Wait, thats Pokken tournament. Ah jeez. My mistake.
No. 794401 ID: 76bba0
File 149168373352.jpg - (2.00MB , 2720x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 196.jpg )

No. 794403 ID: 20f33b

Round 2 mother fucker. Get over here!

No. 794412 ID: 143250

>>794403 I'd rather fight someone else. Otherwise, we'd look like a bully at this point.

Flint, choose who will represent you in battle, and have him or her choose the stipulation. Unless you want another go?
No. 794414 ID: 20f33b

By the expressions his "comrades" I think they are going to throw him under the bus and pick him again.
No. 794441 ID: 143250


It's implied here >>794232 that Flint is the one choosing the opponent, though I bet if they were the ones choosing, they would like nothing more than to get him to fight again.
No. 794448 ID: 20f33b


I suppose that's true, but again looking at his people right now they might just say "fuck you, fight your own battles." Whoever we pick must also be willing to fight, it might be the same for Flint.
No. 794461 ID: 76bba0
File 149169211591.jpg - (1.23MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 197.jpg )

No. 794464 ID: 20f33b

Ana, you feeling up to it? If not I think I have an idea who might be willing to go for us.
No. 794467 ID: 143250

First tell me the stipulation. Then I'll choose.
No. 794471 ID: 76bba0
File 149169441927.jpg - (395.11KB , 1308x1040 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 198.jpg )

No. 794473 ID: 143250

Interesting to know, Ana. Keep in mind to stay away from gasoline spots on the floor.

Alright, we will go again. That last match didn't feel like a fight. I trust he will be a worthy opponent.

Wanna Offer to shake his hand for a good battle before you two start?
No. 794474 ID: 20f33b

Is that right?

Stand down Ana, I'll champion you. You, Firestarter, what is your meager flames to a GOD?

No. 794491 ID: 143250

You want to fight? interesting.

Keep in mind that if you choose to fight for us, you will not be able to get help from us other projections, as we are tied to Ana, not you Dreamwalker.

Not saying that is a bad thing, I'm sure you can put up a good fight without our help, just wanted to let you know what you will sacrifice fighting in her place.
No. 794494 ID: 76bba0
File 149169820253.jpg - (882.18KB , 1748x1910 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 199.jpg )

No. 794506 ID: 20f33b

Interesting. Very interesting. Very well, since I would have had to literally destroy the fire witches mind, and that leaves nothing but a comatose vegetable... and I don't think Ana would enjoy that.
No. 794509 ID: 143250

Godfrey, i appreciate your concern for my safety, but if I choose you, you are going to throw the match as soon as it starts in order for me to become Root's captive easily without me or others getting hurt.

No, this is not about me not trusting you. This is something I have to do for myself to get strong enough to save myself and others suffering the wrath of the cult. I can't just keep running away any longer.
No. 794538 ID: 76bba0
File 149170477469.jpg - (1.20MB , 2275x2049 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 200.jpg )

No. 794548 ID: 143250

If they are not going to fight now, they will fight later regardless of our protesting, and Godfrey would be in a disadvantage at that time.

Godfrey, if you are willing to fight for us, you will most likely be banished from the cult and hunted down by them. If you decide to fight, I can only offer you a spot in our rebellion and protect each other and everyone else after the fight if you want in.
No. 794672 ID: 81c4c9
File 149176403876.jpg - (770.93KB , 1453x1473 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 201.jpg )

No. 794690 ID: e06de5

WC I think even if we did step in, this fight is going to happen regardless of what happens. If they don't fight now you know Godfrey will seek a duel later.
No. 794702 ID: 81c4c9
File 149176996378.jpg - (567.85KB , 1260x1108 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 202.jpg )

No. 794704 ID: e06de5

Oh oh! We have that cheapo plastic ring!
No. 794734 ID: 81c4c9
File 149178127997.jpg - (1.71MB , 2035x2863 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 203.jpg )

No. 794741 ID: e06de5

We greet you Grandmaster Godfrey, Knight-Commander of the Cross Ash.

What manner of demon is that? We are not afraid of her Fire. But you are rather flammable. We will guide you, oh brave soul who fears not death.
No. 794751 ID: 81c4c9
File 149178694306.jpg - (570.14KB , 1524x1257 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 204.jpg )

No. 794760 ID: e06de5

A flamethrower needs to shoot a stream of fuel before the flame is ready to go, I'm betting she is using a type of napalm in it. It's very sticky and once that burns no stop dropping and rolling will help you. But for that brief 3 seconds there will be no fire. You need to be fast than her flames. Your best best is to get in fast, if you get inside her reach she'll need to take both hands off her flamethrower to fight. And up close I'm betting you excell at that kind of combat. My advice would be to go in a spiral and move fast she will try to move the flame thrower closer in toward you but as you move you must be faster and spiral in closer, and once you get closer you can engage in close range combat.
No. 794772 ID: 143250

Survey the area, watch for the gasoline spots on the floor. Avoid those.
No. 794801 ID: 81c4c9
File 149181782338.jpg - (1.23MB , 1748x2952 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 205.jpg )

Try not to get GRILLED
No. 794805 ID: 3583d1

She's directly in front you! Leap high and forward to escape the incoming flames and close the distance! I know you have the ability of the Sword Dance! You speed up and your reflexes get sharper while everyone else seems to slow down, DO IT!
No. 794839 ID: 81c4c9
File 149183874064.jpg - (842.02KB , 1748x2053 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 206.jpg )

No. 794841 ID: 3583d1

Godfrey that shield won't hold for long, but there is a way you can fight this but you you need to be quick. Move low under under the fire, the flames also obscure her vision and she can't see you from behind that shield and the wall of flame. Get close and cut the fuel line, that thing will
Be useless and you can finish her off!
No. 794842 ID: 3583d1

Use your shield for cover but move fast as that thing. Will heat up and damage you further
No. 794849 ID: e06de5

And last of all, if you can't get around or under the fire, there is one final tactic you can do. I would not recommend it because if you mess it up, you will be weaponless. You can throw your sword at her. I do not recommend it because if you miss your done. If there is a way around this we will find it.
No. 794863 ID: 81c4c9
File 149184721752.jpg - (1.28MB , 1748x2904 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 207.jpg )

No. 794887 ID: 143250

is she impervious to fire? if she isn't, is it possible to douse her in gasoline with the fuel line? it will make it easier for her to burn herself by accident if she tries another fire move. if not, best to try to dodge and keep her between you, and the the gas spill to keep your distance from that spill.
No. 794888 ID: 143250

Also, mind giving us a quick rundown of your moves, skillset, and if you have it, magic powers that you have?
No. 794891 ID: e06de5

Alright she has one morning star, and looks like a punching dagger. Be careful not to get your sword caught around its chain, she can easily pull it out of your reach if that happens. But as it stands you now how the advantage, press her. Keep away from the gasoline because a fire freak like her has to have something up her sleeve. Block the morning star as best you can, use your shield to its advantage. Try to knock the morning star away using the shield, don't keep it stationary, those things were meant to get around shields. If she lunges with the punching dagger use the sword to take her arm off at the elbow, you have the reach advantage there. Also keep her on your good side, I know your eye hurts and it's probably hard to see out of that one so be sure to keep your good eye on her and make sure she doesn't take your blind side.
No. 794909 ID: 81c4c9
File 149186617879.jpg - (1.22MB , 1748x2480 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 208.jpg )

Also shit just got real!
No. 794912 ID: 81c4c9

this video represent how the fight is going so far
No. 794914 ID: e06de5

How about I tip the scales...

What incendiary grenade? It just... vanished...

And my my you shouldn't gloat witch, not when you are standing there weaponless with arms outstretched and there is a man with a sword in front of you...
No. 794919 ID: 81c4c9
File 149187297897.jpg - (661.58KB , 1492x1608 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 209.jpg )

No. 794923 ID: e06de5

Well to be honest I didn't actually make it disappear, I actually just threw it-


Farther away...

But yes I suppose failing that he has that fireproof cloak, I'd drape that over his face and take a swing at her while she's open then quickly duck under the cloak.
No. 794942 ID: 9ecbd6

Better yet do a tuck and roll making it look like you are trying to get of the way, and you are in a way, roll away from the spills of gas. Once it goes off the fire is going to spread. And you are going to be stuck in the one corner where you are defenseless. Best to attack as you move then leap into your roll and cover yourself up with the cloak
No. 794987 ID: 81c4c9
File 149190707573.jpg - (831.85KB , 1613x1984 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 210.jpg )

No. 794996 ID: e06de5

End her.
No. 795015 ID: 81c4c9
File 149191767514.jpg - (777.25KB , 1748x1570 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 211.jpg )

No. 795020 ID: 3583d1

Alright we're going to pull a Legolas. Get your shield, but we aren't going to use it as a shield, you cant exactly walk through that fire without getting burned, that cloak will shield you from the worst of it but the fire will still get through underneath. So... we're going to slide across the floor, get a running start and slide the shield across the ground and hop on, the shield will create a usable hole in the wall's fuel supply for you to get through, and you can drive your sword through her!
No. 795046 ID: 81c4c9
File 149193463055.jpg - (2.07MB , 2480x3164 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 212.jpg )

No. 795052 ID: e06de5

Godfrey. I don't see much other way out of this, what you must do will hurt, and hurt a lot, but Ana has a needle of
Life and if you hang on you can get healed. Firstly you need to pull yourself up, even though you are impaled, the blade has missed your heart, if it had been just a fraction right it would have killed you. Thengrip on to her hand holding that axe, you hold for all your worth, then you stab with the sword and you keep stabbing, you stab for everything this demon has done to you, you stab for all the innocents dead at her hand, and you stab for god and the Ash Tree, you will not die this day crusder, And with her last breath you let her know who you are!

No. 795055 ID: e06de5

And also throw your cloak at her, it will put out her fire and also blind her and with this >>795052 it will give you enough time to do that as her main weapon, fire, is smothered and useless.

No. 795080 ID: 81c4c9
File 149194513918.jpg - (1.25MB , 1748x2320 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 213.jpg )

No. 795085 ID: 143250

Big decision here: Give her mercy or death, Godfrey?

If you kill her, it will stop her from killing more innocent lives, BUT it will make things look bad and harder for yourself during your trial, most likely getting yourself executed.

If you spare her, she is going to keep on killing, but it will give you an easier chance to prove you are still loyal, and possibly let you live another day to continue fighting for innocent lives.

Ask right there and out loud to everyone to hear if she surrenders, or if she wishes for death. Tell her if she doesn't decide soon, you will give her death.

If she surrenders, threaten her that if she harms the lives of the innocent again, you will not go easy on her like you did throughout this match, and WILL kill her.

If she wishes for death, might as well grant it.
No. 795086 ID: 143250

Me personally though, I prefer you spare her.
No. 795087 ID: e06de5

Godfrey there's something you should know, we aren't ancient beings, we are future selves of Ana. I was trained by you personally my lord, my teacher. And you taught me, "Kill that which is evil, so that what is good may flourish." But you also taught me that "mercy is part of valor."

In the end we cannot decide your choice for you, I suggest slaying this woman but you already have her down and could easily make her sumbit. It is your choice but whatever you choose do not give her a chance to fight back and kill you.
No. 795093 ID: 143250

Actually, knocking her out did not come to mind at the time. If she doesn't surrender, knock her out cold.
No. 795094 ID: 81c4c9
File 149194895867.jpg - (589.62KB , 1748x1036 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 214.jpg )

No. 795095 ID: e06de5


Godfrey, Ana can teach her something, this woman is a fire demon, but there is a way we can reform her.

Ana, show her YOUR fire, the true fire, one that is called from ones own will. The magic of fire. If you surrender and join us we will try to teach you how to call the pure fire, and it can be put to better use.
No. 795096 ID: e06de5

If she refuses, then end her Godfrey, I suspect this is a woman who wants to die. Her own fire has consumed her soul.

(And I would strike anywhere but the neck, I think this woman has one more trick up her sleeve)
No. 795098 ID: e06de5

In fact... yes... we know her. She goes by Fire of Hate, and she works for the acceptance of fire

Ana say this to her "Fire of Hate, a demon has ensnared your soul, a demon a greed and of rage. It's consumed your love of fire to an obsession. But one who craves fire like an addict craves their drugs can never hear the calling of the true fire, the one that is call from within, this is the fire of love."

And show her your fireball Ana, the one that you can summon forth, by magic and will alone. Here is where we give her our ultimatum. Live and reform, or die and her fire extinguishes.
No. 795124 ID: 143250

Knock her unconscious.
No. 795253 ID: 81c4c9
File 149198841086.jpg - (442.51KB , 1652x832 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 215.jpg )

No. 795258 ID: 81c4c9
File 149199142874.jpg - (1.17MB , 1780x1976 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 216.jpg )

No. 795262 ID: 3583d1


No. 795309 ID: 81c4c9
File 149203772859.jpg - (419.77KB , 1748x820 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 217.jpg )

No. 795310 ID: 3583d1

Ok its clear Ana can't hear us, Godfrey will you yell at Ana to show fire of hate what a true fire summoned from ones own will looks like? She will know what you mean. Once she sees it then you can tell her our proposal.

If she says no... Then sing her one last bedtime song.
No. 795312 ID: 143250

Actually, lets let her see the twinkle stars. Knock her hard enough over the head unconscious, and get her out of the flames once she drops the match.
No. 795330 ID: 81c4c9
File 149204673263.jpg - (1.47MB , 1748x2688 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 218.jpg )

No. 795339 ID: aebd9f

That would explain why we couldn't hear you or reach you. She is Fire of Hate Ana, she was an option to be a body guard. But after facing her, we knew her. She is a woman that a demon has infested. All she knows is hate and addiction, fire is her addiction but it is is also her weakness. She is someone who will only accept death on her own terms, and she was willing to set herself on fire to end it all, to join the fire. She is one whom we can save. If we show her and maybe teach her how to conjure up fire like the fireballs we can summon, the fire of our will and passion perhaps she can get better. And speaking of better I would hit Godfrey with a needle of life.
No. 795343 ID: 143250

He felt the burden that you have faced, Ana. fighting against the odds favoring against us. Don't weep of pity, Ana. If you must weep, weep in joy that we have saved Godfrey, in more ways that you may think. physically, and morally.
No. 795452 ID: 81c4c9
File 149207618483.jpg - (1.99MB , 1892x3339 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 219.jpg )

No. 795483 ID: aebd9f

Having support is always nice, but I'm assuming there will be consequences if they interfere.
No. 795486 ID: 81c4c9
File 149209002117.jpg - (432.85KB , 1340x1079 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 220.jpg )

No. 795532 ID: 3583d1

I think shameful dishonorable dipshit coward fits him better. Frankly I'm more interested in seeing who you will pick than the arena, but it's probably best if we have no interference from the audience and from the shameful dishonorable dipshit coward, your father would be fucking disgraced if he saw you.
No. 795545 ID: 143250

Did Flint try to do something during Godfrey's match?
No. 795559 ID: 81c4c9
File 149211364038.jpg - (1.86MB , 1748x2881 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 221.jpg )

No. 795571 ID: 3583d1

why dont we ask the ambassador? What are the perks of having the shell around the arena? He would know more about it than us.
No. 795582 ID: 143250

If anyone is afraid to act, there will be no need for the shield. But yeah, lets ask first the pros and cons with the Ambassador.
No. 795591 ID: 81c4c9
File 149211972399.jpg - (496.24KB , 1460x913 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 222.jpg )

No. 795603 ID: 143250

cheering at least does help boost moral support, and motivation.

But seeing as the other team has more people on their side, they could have an advantage in that. So yeah, might as well keep the battle enclosed.
No. 795608 ID: 143250

Oh, and maybe have this last battle be private, with no one watching. I have a feeling this last one is going to be very personal. Just a request.
No. 795635 ID: aebd9f

Well let's not jump the gun. It MIGHT be personal, it all depends on who the Ambassador picks. Also is Ana going to fight? Godfrey is sturdy but I no position to fight at the moment. If Ana is going in I suggest we return to her soon.
No. 795639 ID: 81c4c9
File 149212926613.jpg - (1.33MB , 1748x2852 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 223.jpg )

No. 795648 ID: aebd9f

The last fight was definitely tense. I was really worried there for a while. It really shows you what an utter-badass Godfrey is, but no normal man can withstand that kind of punishment. It makes me wonder what he has sacrificed in order to get that power. Maybe the whole reason he's started an order of knights is to redeem any lost piece of humanity.

As for who the next combatant will be. Well I have a couple of ideas. Foremost in my mind is Rozalia but that's almost too easy, and I'm willing to bet the Ambassador is going to pull something out of left field. Maybe, just maybe, if Lorence gave Clara the needle... we might have round 3 be another round 2...
No. 795721 ID: 143250

My thoughts of the second round: intense, in lots of ways. I'm glad we were able to prevent Godfrey's thirst for revenge

3rd round opponents I can think of if we choose Ana:

Logan: Would be one way of saving Root, and seeing how we suggested to Ana to call the Ambassador to be our body guard, he might not be happy about that and will want to take us down, worst case scenario. I suggest offering him AJ, see how he will respond to that.

Root: The Ambassador might want to get him out of the picture as soon as possible, and get it done and over with. Plus, that could be one way to for him to avoid Logan.

Rosalia: we need to fight and/or talk to her sooner or later.

Stitch: OH NOOOOOOO! Might be chosen to teach Ana that sometimes, killing is the only answer to win. I don't think he can be knocked out either

The Ambassador himself: He might be betraying us all this time.

if the hobo is fighting, I can only think that he will go up against his ex wife and/or children. would be heartbreaking there. We barely even know that guy.

If Dreamwalker fights: probably Delilah: He seems to have an interest in giving her in particular nightmares I noticed. I could be wrong. Though, given how drugged out she usually is, it might not be a fair fight.
No. 795739 ID: aebd9f

I highly doubt he is going to chose someone who outmaches Ana. He was Root overthrown as soon as possible so he can take over, chances are he's going to put her up against someone who if she wins will cripple Root. I didn't think of Delilah but that's a choice I didn't think of.
No. 795747 ID: aebd9f

If is it Delilah... I shudder to think at what we would see happen...
No. 795760 ID: 143250

Now question for you two, aurthor, and Ambassador: who do you think we will pick for Ana's team for the final round?
No. 795808 ID: 81c4c9
File 149215953123.jpg - (512.08KB , 1574x1000 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 224.jpg )

No. 795810 ID: 3583d1

Well let's get to it then! Who's the lucky (or unlucky) combatant?
No. 795828 ID: 143250

Hm. Interesting. I know it isn't time to choose our fighter, and I'm not speaking for everyone else here, but I'm personally hoping to see either Ana, or the Dreamwalker fight.

Ana because she has not had a proper fight, I think she has a lot of hidden potential in her and AJ, and she is pretty much the leader in our team.

But my top choice would be Dreamwalker, few reasons: he is probably the strongest asset in our team at the moment so we might as well finish strong, he is a good representation of us: the astral projections, and personally, I'm interested in what you meant by whoever will fight will become a different person.
personally when you said that, I hoping you meant that this battle will set the person who is battling straight, and no offense, I think Dreamwalker is someone who could stand to learn a lesson or two. He can be controlling at times (such as controlling one of us Astral projections out of nowhere without permission, or taking action without going it over with us or Ana), might be over his head a little with his powers, can be extreme with his methods (he threatened to use his powers to turn someone into a comatose vegetable, jeez) and is blinded by revenge against Root using nightmares as a form of torture instead of using these dreams to make the members of the cult better themselves as a person. I'm not saying I'm hoping he would lose, just hoping that he will face a challenge that will both mentally, and psychically set him straight with a different mindset if only a little.

Again, this is just who I am hoping we will choose. I'm not speaking for everyone else here. But nonetheless, whoever is chosen I'm sure the opponent will be shocking.
No. 795832 ID: 143250

And as far as Boxhead Hobo goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Unless you, Ambassador have been spying on him in the past and seen his fighting skills. Even we haven't seen him fight yet.

On the subject of Dreamwalker, I must ask Fanart Guy: how do you feel about him controlling you as a vessel to speak out, and take action? Were you even aware of him doing that?
No. 795849 ID: 81c4c9
File 149217715796.jpg - (629.60KB , 2012x931 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 225.jpg )

No. 795867 ID: 3583d1

No. 795881 ID: 81c4c9
File 149218880363.jpg - (767.41KB , 1748x1486 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 226.jpg )

No. 795882 ID: 3583d1

Is that right? Well, I'm not making any Faustian bargains if that is necessary to do this.
No. 795887 ID: 3583d1

Not to to say I am not interested, my brother could manifest in other forms such as when he appeared before Ana after she used magic for the first time. But that's because his magic directly could change reality. My powers being of the mind and brain I can only really manifest through that, that's why I'm with Ana and her other selves, by latching on to one I can disguise myself as one of her other selves, because they are part of her interwoven mind.

Also, can Ana's other selves have a say in this? I'd rather not make any decisions alone here.
No. 795898 ID: 81c4c9
File 149219615555.jpg - (1.22MB , 1996x2025 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 227.jpg )

No. 795907 ID: 3583d1
File 149219767208.jpg - (1.30MB , 2725x3901 , IMG_3410.jpg )

I... I don't know. Frankly, I didn't see this coming... I suppose I could mind myself to you, and you would be a prime candidate for that. But I'm also afraid if this is some trick of the Ambassador. If I were to bind myself to you, then could you yourself fight Ana? If it would ever harm my nephew... I couldn't do it. He also said that the final battle would change the two, so perhaps this is the final battle? But if you would perhaps aid Ana, I would consider it. I would become your eyes, and I would always dwell in part of your mind. I don't know. I'd like to hear Ana's other thoughts on this.

At the very least, I can do this for you. This is you as I see you. Can you read Braille? It's your name, Laura.
No. 795910 ID: 3583d1

Also it would be amiss of me if I did not warn you what bind to me would mean. Think of it, almost as a marriage contract. What is mine would be yours, and this may not be a good thing. You would know the minds of everyone you would see, their fears, their hopes, their dreams. You would hear and see much more than you would want know. You could see children suffering and their hopes of a better tomorrow only knowing it wouldn't come. You could see the mind of killers and how the smell of blood even permiates in their sleep. And right now, the world is full of fear, paranoia, and hate. It would be like drowning in a sea of unconscious thoughts. I've seen and lived through it for thousands of Millennia, but you? I don't know if I could ever put someone through that.

But you would have power, I've already begun spreading nightmares among the cult, and their thoughts are all dark. You could make a person completely brain-dead if you wanted, you can make them fall asleep and have them completely at your mercy. What would you do with that kind of power?
No. 795913 ID: 143250

Laura. you have the same name to a certain FBI agent we know.

Yeah, I'd like to know about this person, if you don't mind :)
No. 795914 ID: 81c4c9

From the author
Well there can be two persons with the same name and it will be a problem if both those persons are in the same place
No. 795916 ID: 81c4c9
File 149220200049.jpg - (586.37KB , 1748x974 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 228.jpg )

No. 795918 ID: aebd9f

Here. I can share ideas with people, so you can see what I will see, if only for a moment. Now, you can see your face. What do you think?
No. 795926 ID: 81c4c9
File 149220581128.jpg - (277.18KB , 1324x624 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 229.jpg )

No. 795936 ID: 143250

As Dreamwalker put it, it is best if we don't rush into this fusion blindly. It is best if you too learn about each other first, like what both your stances on the cult, and Ana's rebellion is, what you're both fighting to achieve, what you too will expect in the long run, and your pasts. I want to be sure you both know what you too will be getting yourselves into in this uphill battle we are facing, and that you too can fully trust each other first. You seem like a nice young woman, Laura, but I want to know your backstory, and I'm sure you would like to know Dreamwalker's as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s73W_ASL75c
No. 795947 ID: 81c4c9
File 149221210205.jpg - (706.32KB , 1644x1224 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 230.jpg )

No. 795965 ID: aebd9f

... Hah. You know its funny, I bet the last person you expected to hear problems from was someone like me. I know exactly who Root is, and I hate him. I hate him as much as anyone can. He IS the evil ruler that Ana is trying to overthrow. As to why he would refer to himself as such is beyond me. I guess it means he's aware that what he's doing is evil, but doesn't care anymore.

He killed my brother, Laura. He killed my brother, Absolution, stole his inner eye, and left his wife a widow... I've sworn vengeance for him, for him and for my sister-in-law. If you would like to know who she is, she is Mother Gaia, the goddess of the earth. I wonder if I do choose to bind to you, will you inherit my hatred of him and followers as well?

As for my backstory, I am one of the two sons of The great cosmic god, I know him as Aos, but really he has an infinite number of names, because my father IS infinite. One common name I've heard him called is Siorj Baliac. He is a god of chaos, he isn't evil though, he's not good, he just kind of IS. Believe me though in the past me and Absolution had to talk him out of some pretty absurd stuff with his creations! I mean one time we had to... sniff

Sorry, I don't mean to cry in front you, we did a lot of stuff together. Thinking about it and knowing I won't get any of those moments anymore...
No. 795967 ID: 81c4c9
File 149222317054.jpg - (846.28KB , 1661x1448 , Root and branches chapter 2 part 231.jpg )

No. 795968 ID: aebd9f

I will allow it, under 3 conditions.

1. Laura, you must allow me to see into your mind. If anything you have told me is a lie, I will know.

2. Laura, if you a part of Roots cult, you leave, effective immediately and join Ana. Tell no one where you are going, and meet up with her.

3. And finally, Laura, you must protect my nephew and by extension, Ana. He is all I have of my brother left, and he is my main priority.

This joining will make you into my Seeress. Just as Logan is Absolution's wizard, you will bear my symbol, and you will have no need of the mask you currently wear. It will change to reflect who you are. Do you agree?