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File 125835498530.png - (11.67KB , 444x444 , LW000.png )
77403 No. 77403 ID: aba0a3

They always say that a person's last words are supposed to mean something...

Now most of the time, I'd say that's a load of bullshit.
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No. 77405 ID: aba0a3
File 125835521869.png - (7.88KB , 444x444 , LW001.png )

The other times, however, they can ruin your day, or your life.

My name is Kuiskata Tywyll. I'm usually just called Detective Ty, if you want to be lazy.

Today's just a day. I need to go meet someone at the Laundry Mat.

Haha, look at that balloon, I wonder what its last words are going to be? It's got a while to think about them floating up into the sky, after all.
No. 77406 ID: c5f90c

Who's that person in the alley?
No. 77407 ID: 135d9a

You doing any detecting right now, or just kind of hanging around?
No. 77408 ID: 476456

check out that piss stained drunkard in a hardboiled manner.
No. 77409 ID: 426169

Quickly retrieve arms from pockets.

Check your inventory.
No. 77411 ID: 9e9b47


It's last words will be "Man it's cold"
No. 77468 ID: aba0a3
File 125837002669.png - (6.34KB , 444x444 , LW002.png )

My Inventory: Detective Badge, Wallet, Revolver, Pack of Cigarettes, Lighter, Flashlight and a Knife.

I'm not on a case this very moment, as I just finished with the last couple. Just picking up some laundry.

That's a homeless drunk. I actually know him. I pay him a few bucks and he gives me some information when I need it. He's given me some rotten eggs every once in a while but he's useful enough for me to consider him reliable.

He looks considerably homeless today.
No. 77469 ID: c0f3bf

Admire your adorable tail.
No. 77471 ID: 4553b2

Toss him a couple dollars and be on your way. He's a reliable source, don't want him to die out here.
No. 77475 ID: 1c907d
File 125837647162.png - (10.47KB , 444x444 , LW003.png )

"Thanks Kuiskata, I--where you goin', man?"

"Don't you worry about it now. I have some business to attend to. You take care of yourself, Juuso. You can give me some information when I need it."

The junkie gives a laugh and snorts something. I don't care to look.

I can't decide if I should go meet my client at the Laundry Mat first, or if I should stop somewhere to pick anything up...
No. 77476 ID: 6550ad

Time to meet your client.
No. 77477 ID: 5d5878

You seem pretty set. Laundromat.
No. 77478 ID: 1c907d
File 125837966067.png - (11.23KB , 444x444 , LW004.png )

The Laundry Mat is only a few blocks away. The streets are pretty empty. There's a Taxi, a delivery truck, and some common cars every now and then but people take the bus or walk a lot more than you would think here.

I prefer to walk. A lot more can be learned traveling on foot. A lot more can be experienced. That is unless you have to go somewhere in a hurry, but who's nitpicking?

I get to the Laundry Mat. Missing a letter on the sign. I like to say that all they need is, "U".

Nobody else thinks that joke is funny, but whatever. Here I am.
No. 77480 ID: 6550ad

Looks like there's something in front of the door. Investigate it, as the detective you are.
No. 77481 ID: 1c907d
File 125838189964.png - (9.76KB , 444x444 , LW005.png )

As I get near to the door to the La_ndry Mat, I pick up something off of the walkway. They appear to be a pair of panties. I certainly hope my client didn't drop them. It certainly ruins the fun of trying to get into them later.

Unless I could think of a good return liner. Dame Clients, haha.
No. 77482 ID: 6550ad

Pocket the panties and go into the Landrymat
No. 77488 ID: 1c907d
File 125838913774.png - (12.61KB , 444x444 , LW006.png )

I take a second to put out my cigarette despite the fact I really don't want to. I put the panties in my pocket and hope I don't get caught with them in there involuntarily.

"Ah, Detective Ty," A voice comes from the right. You turn and begin to walk over. It was Amina, your client. "Of course it is. I see you have a magazine, as per usual."

"I see you smell like cigarettes."

"I might. Now how can I help you?" I do my best to keep from snapping angrily at her. She was going to pay me, from what I knew.

"My pet got loose last night. I fear he was stolen. He's a really rare breed. If you could find him and bring him back, I would be grateful."

"You're aware I charge up front, sleuthing has its costs even if I can't find your baby."

"His name is Llercian."

No. 77492 ID: 036360

Lets ask for some more details here. What the pet looks like, the breed name, habits it might have, a picture would be great.
No. 77499 ID: 1c907d
File 125839231992.png - (12.52KB , 444x444 , LW007.png )

I give a long pause. Waiting for more information. It just refuses to come. I realize after a while that not all people are fully schooled in how to give enough information so I decide to ask more questions.

"May I have some kind of description of the pet, please? Having his name is nice and all but I won't be walking all over the city going, "Here Llercian," constantly."

She gives a gentle blush, "Oh dear, forgive me. He's about a foot high or so. Black body. Nocturnal, prefers the dark. I don't know what it is called though. I know it's rare because I had several people approach me recently about its value."

"That's pretty important."

"Is it?"

"Very, can you tell me who approached you, and give me anything else I can use to find your pet?"

"I'll give you his favorite food, and a hankerchief that smells like me, just don't shine your flashlight on him."

You don't like that idea, and gesture for her to continue while you take your new wrapped package for the animal into your coat.

"There was Tangerine, the bartender at the Downtown Bar named 'Lights Out', Paulsen who owns the Qingzhao Theater, and Professor Vast at the Qingzhao University
No. 77500 ID: 43d730

Why were they interested?
Any special habits or competencies?
No. 77522 ID: 1c907d
File 125839990352.png - (13.38KB , 444x444 , LW008.png )

I raise my right hand to my cigarette. This is a problem because I currently am not smoking one. Idle habit.

"Tell me more about the three people interested in Llercian."

"Tangerine is a very showy bartender. He's a tall, skinny Sherbert Bubble Touched. He heard about it from me talking at the bar with my friends and the other patrons. He seemed a little too curious.

Paulsen is a very large Puppet. Undead don't scare me that much, but he does. He's dressed up nice enough but he has a very bad attitude about him. The second he heard a little bit about my pet he kept throwing amounts of money at me, but I didn't want to sell him. He told me to not come back to the theater and stormed off.

Professor Vast is a very strange robot who teaches Mathematics. He kept talking about how rare it is to find one, and much rarer is it to domesticate one. They are very dangerous, and he got sort of hostile. He told me not to tell anyone else, and requested I bring it to him as soon as possible. I asked him to leave me alone. He has, even though I'm in his class. I can't explain his mood."
No. 77526 ID: c5f90c

Thank her for the information and assure her that we'll find her lost pet.

What are our usual rates for this stuff?
No. 77531 ID: 632862

I think we should investigate the Professor first. At the very least we should get some more detailed information about the pet from him.
No. 77638 ID: aba0a3
File 125841008820.png - (7.06KB , 444x444 , LW009.png )

I hop up off of my bench. I don't think there's much else to get from the dame. I step over to her with a smooth press over my worn coat.

"I will find your pet for you, Amina. Thank you for telling me everything you can remember. Now, the Points?" You try to be smooth. It seems to be working well enough.

"Here you go, just be very careful," She looks away, a heavy look of worry spilling over her face. She gazes at her laundry, almost dry. "We talked about a million things." She sighs and leans back. Bouncing her foot.

So, I guess I should catch a bus, or a cab or something if I'm to get to the University, assuming I go see Professor Vast first.
No. 77662 ID: 8ec3f9

Bus is always fun, get to meet new people.
No. 77668 ID: 135d9a

Yeah, go take a bus to the university.
No. 78047 ID: 1c907d
File 125848629066.png - (9.67KB , 444x444 , LW010.png )

I step out of the La_ndry Mat and head over to the bus stop. I sit down and light up a cigarette. The smoke raises my mood a bit. The bus will be a few minutes.

A fairly tall man with an angry disposition joins me at the bus stop. This is a little uncomfortable.
No. 78058 ID: 6550ad

Make some small talk and ask him why the long face, to make time until the bus arrives.
No. 217173 ID: 55c4cf
File 128148480425.png - (8.50KB , 444x444 , LW011.png )

Finally the bus arrives. It feels like it took almost a year to get here. I get on the bus first and pay the small amount of money required to ride. The Driver Dog doesn't seem interested in me.

The tall angry man gets in after me. The bus is very empty, and I'm not sure where to sit. I sincerely hope this man doesn't sit near me, his gaze is rather disconcerting.

As I step into the aisle, Driver Dog turns and speaks up, "It's nice you remembered to put out your cigarette this time."

"Nice for you, maybe," I snap right back.
No. 217174 ID: 8f63ab


Look for a free seat at the end of the bus. If you don't want that guy to sit down at your side, put your hat on the seat next to you.
No. 217185 ID: 476456

Hey no smoking up the bus you..smoker
No. 217218 ID: 77b27a

Sit in the back, on an aisle seat. That way, you can keep an eye on the angry guy, and discourage him from sitting next to you since he'll have to awkwardly pass you.
No. 217235 ID: c4c313

You know, when you put out your cigarette right before you get on the bus you still give off this nasty acrid stench for a few minutes, like your pores are all screaming at once or something. You probably can't smell it but other people can. I hate it when smokers stab out their cigs and get on right away. It's like "try not to smell the death try not to smell the death"
No. 217260 ID: 42822e
File 128150846816.jpg - (87.39KB , 576x576 , socially awkward penguin oh exploitable.jpg )

fuck that, sit at one of those sideways seats at the front and have a conversation with dog driver-san. You might improve your relationship with his panting butt and you can keep an eye on that sucker too.
No. 229703 ID: 4e9b58
File 128425491457.png - (14.67KB , 73x67 , p.png )

I see what you did there.
No. 331061 ID: 55c4cf
File 131157285399.png - (65.53KB , 444x444 , LW012.png )

I take my seat on the bus. It's empty. I'd say it was unusual but not too many people want to go to the University at this hour. The people that do want to be there, already are there.

I feel awful. Something is wrong, and I get the feeling it isn't just me not having a cigarette.
No. 331062 ID: 35e1a0

leap across to the other seat and draw your gun.
No. 331065 ID: 476456

throw your hat while you dave
No. 331072 ID: e8cd4a

throw your knife over your shoulder and drop out of sight.
No. 331074 ID: 0d7a83

That's the feeling you get when there's a bullet starin' at ya down a cold steel barrel.
In other words, duck.
No. 331087 ID: 9c538a

Spin around only to realize someone has inexplicably left some sort of faux gun balanced on the seats.
No. 331101 ID: a35261

Duck and draw your trusty revolver.
No. 331130 ID: 0d095c

No. 331143 ID: 874bd8

No. 331154 ID: e6ceaf

Gun senses tingling! Dodge!!

... Without letting the shot hit the driver instead if you can manage it!
No. 331335 ID: 1a218c

Duck and move to your right, while possibly drawing any reliable weapon you might have. If you can hit the gun to change it's trajectory then do so. We wouldn't want to accidentally kill the bus driver after all.
No. 331465 ID: 55c4cf
File 131165592715.png - (110.47KB , 444x444 , LW012.png )

I duck and roll out of the seat on suspicion. Sure enough a gunshot rings out. It would have made an interesting head ornament for me.

I feel guilty for a second, because getting out of the way—I can hear the driver's head splatter against the windshield. I fire my trusty revolver into the man's right shoulder.
I wish I could have done it faster and saved the driver, but there was no way I could redirect an aimed gun that quickly.

The bus is going pretty fast, I need to pick whether to stop the bus, get off the bus, or continue to assault the gunman.
No. 331473 ID: 476456

you're gonna feel guiltier if that bus hits somebody, fire on the gunman while retreating to the front.
No. 331482 ID: 1854db

I agree.
No. 331484 ID: 1a218c

Fire at the gunman as you make your way to the front and try to stop the bus. Do what you can to keep from being hit though.
No. 331658 ID: a35261

Yeah, fire on the gunman, while retreating to the front of the bus.
No. 331687 ID: 55c4cf
File 131167995602.png - (115.88KB , 444x444 , LW014.png )

I start to run towards the front. I take a shot, but running and firing lowers accuracy. The bullet buys me time, which is what I wanted. I make it to the driver's seat and as much as I hate it I take the driver as a shield. I move to put my foot on the brake as I take another shot. The man is using the seats for cover.

I only have three bullets left, but at least the bus isn't going to crash. I have to be very careful.

At least I'm close to the University, right?
No. 331688 ID: a35261

You have a big revolver, the bus' seats offer no cover to that guy, the bullets will go through them.

Shoot a couple of times in his direction, then take cover behind the driver seat and corpse. Wait for him to shoot back. Once you know where is he hiding, shoot the last bullet through the seat.
No. 331697 ID: 3b9af0

Don't waste bullets. Once you get the bus stopped, just walk towards the gunman with the late Driver Dog and train your aim so you can make one clean shot if he tries to move or shoot you.
No. 331778 ID: e8cd4a

stay trained on the seats and punch the gas when he makes his move. i'm guessing this is a six-shot; lets not reload for now
No. 331783 ID: 950529

put the driver corpse on the gas pedal and jump out while its speeding up again
No. 331793 ID: 476456

duck behind one of the seats,set your revolver to an empty chamber followed by one of your live rounds, pull the trigger and yell "SHIT"
No. 331813 ID: 1a218c

This is the only plan.
No. 331855 ID: 55c4cf
File 131172238786.png - (98.25KB , 444x444 , LW015.png )

I keep the bus stopped. There are people near, crashing it would be dangerous. I save my bullets and wait for a good shot. Take my time and shoot careful, this could all be over so quickly.

It is over quickly. However the idea to take my time and make one careful shot hits me hard just like the bullet piercing through my face.
He hasn't made a shot since he missed the first time, this is my third. He was hurt, but he was careful. Took all that time caring for his sights onto my head, shield or not.
Right before the instant the bullet hits me I take my own careful shot. I can't take a very long time to take pride in my aim being true because the back of my head splashes towards the front of the bus.

The world slows down. The pain is excruciating. It's not time for me to die. It's not time for my Last Words. I think about the things I want to do today. I think about that sweet cigarette in my coat that has been calling my name for the entire bus ride. How badly I want to light the tip on fire and put it in my lips. I have this case to solve.
God damn does this hurt.

The Gunman mumbles, “Got her,” or at least most of it before his head snapped back. Those are pretty shitty last words. I hope the Bus Driver's were better, but they were probably bitching about traffic.
No. 331858 ID: 476456

take an aspirin.
No. 331860 ID: 1854db

Yeah, stumble out of the bus and ask if anyone's got some painkillers. Someone will probably call an ambulance instead.

Also you may as well shift the bus into Park.
No. 331862 ID: 1a218c

Walk it off.
No. 331866 ID: a35261

Light that ciggarette and smoke it like a badass, stumbling out of the bus with a hole in your head.

Then nonchalantly ask one of the bystanders to kindly call an ambulance.
No. 331885 ID: e8cd4a

no smoking on the bus
No. 331904 ID: 11841d

call an ambulance goddamn
No. 331906 ID: 55c4cf
File 131172738297.png - (82.24KB , 444x444 , LW016.png )

Pain Killers might help. Too bad I don't have any of those. Same as it's a good thing I didn't run out of bullets. I don't have any to reload it with. Probably left the moon clips in the other coat.
A cigarette will help me feel better. Better is a funny concept when the back of your head lost weight. I put the cannon back in my coat and stumble out of the bus as I struggle to keep my composure and slide a square out.

A porcupine man is standing on the sidewalk. He almost seems like he was waiting to get on the bus. How unfortunate for this guy. He's going to be late.
“Hey, stranger. Call the cops, and if you have any pain killers, give them to me. There are two people dead on the bus.”
“Excuse me, I am on the phone.”
“I know you're on the goddamn phone, did you hear me, there are two dead people. Call the police immediately. If you don't do that and/or give me pain killers, I'm going to be less polite.”
“Alright, alright, gods. You seem to be in a bad mood.”
“Try getting shot in the face sometime.”
“I don't have any pain killers though, but I'm calling them right now.”


I don't need an ambulance, just time. This hurts a lot, but I am a slime-like. I just try to keep it to myself so the scum of the city doesn't wise up and try more things than shooting for my head.
My head will be back to normal in a few minutes, so don't worry. It's time for Detective Kuiskata's dark side. These pet thieves must be in some serious trouble if they're willing to kill a cop to keep me away. This is big, but they're dealing with the wrong detective if they think I'll go quietly.
This lost pet thing is taking a serious turn, so I'm going to have to be more careful. I need more supplies that's for damn sure.

I am a detective, so clearing this shooting with the cops should be simple, but getting to Professor Vast might be time imperative.
Should I wait for the cops, book it to the Professor, or go to the store?
No. 331911 ID: e8cd4a

store. treat yourself to a pack or three
No. 331913 ID: a35261

Go to the store, you need ammo, more cigarettes and something to drink.
No. 331915 ID: 1854db

Get your smoke on. Then wait until the cops get here- you can't let someone walk in and plant evidence to frame you or something.
No. 331916 ID: 35e1a0

also, get hat back on to cover your wound.
No. 331948 ID: 1a218c

Go to the store, but first get your hat back. You wouldn't want to alarm the shop keeper. While at the store get some cigarettes, ammo, and some note paper if you don't already have some.

Write a quick note to the police telling them what happened. In the note inform them that you'll be more then happy to answer any questions about the attack later, but that right now you have to get to someone very important before something goes horribly wrong.

After that's all settled make your way to the university as fast as you can.
No. 332063 ID: 476456

Yeah you should wait for the cops you dont wanna take the fall for this.
No. 332261 ID: 11841d

Head for the store only if you can return before the police arrive. Otherwise, stay here.
No. 332266 ID: 11841d

Also grab your hat gosh
No. 332924 ID: 55c4cf
File 131184233096.png - (69.29KB , 444x444 , LW017.png )

I grab my hat and place it firmly over what remains of my head. I need to stick around for the police. It should not give me much trouble. I take a quick stop into a corner store to get some pain killers. I have a good amount of cash in my wallet so it's not much of an issue to get anything I need.

This clerk doesn't seem to want me here. What should I buy? Keep in mind I can only carry another 4 more items in my coat max. Cigarettes are probably a must, I'm going to smoke one the second after I take those sweet sweet pills.
No. 332929 ID: 00d3d5

Eat a Fruit Cocktail and a Coach Bar, then buy the discount CD.
Stat boosts! Hooray!
No. 332930 ID: 07416a

Fruit cocktail.
No. 332931 ID: 1854db

Cigs, Pain Killers, Fruit Cocktail to wash down the pills, Coach Bar because you're gonna be hungry from healing.
No. 332932 ID: 476456


Maybe its time to quit.
No. 332935 ID: b6908e

what kinda fruit would have a fruit cocktail?

Get some smokes and some pills.
No. 332938 ID: 11841d

Just get your pills, cigarettes, and a Coach Bar.


No. 332959 ID: a35261

Get your peelz, the cigarettes and the coach bar. And nothing else.
No. 333072 ID: 6fe91c

Pills, cigs, coach bar and the discount CD, it may have it's uses in the future.
No. 333509 ID: 3b9af0

Buy four copies of that CD, I bet it's golden.
No. 333516 ID: 476456

The chief seems incapabable of not caring.
No. 333518 ID: 55c4cf
File 131193068162.png - (98.36KB , 444x444 , LW018.png )

I make my purchase of everything I can think of except for the suspicious Fruit Cocktail. Although I do admit it looks delicious.

The Pain Pills, however are far more delicious. I take a dose of them right away. Once they dissolve my headache fades away pleasantly.

I immediately return to the crime scene and flash my badge. Chief Cran is here. Either the police force is dying out, he cares about me deeply, or he knows something I don't. I'm going to find out one way or another.

I do the most important thing first, I light a cigarette. Then, I tell the chief what happened. He believes me. This is good. This guy was a thug from one of the local gangs. Trying to be an assassin. Had a good chunk of change on him. That's good for me. It means whoever is behind this is desperate to get rid of me. Probably has low resources, not used to this side of the law. He'll get sloppy. I'll find him.

What should I talk to the chief about, and should I ask him for anything before I go?

Rays: 314.33
2 Bullets.
Detective Badge, Wallet, Revolver, Pack of Cigarettes(10), Lighter, Flashlight and a Knife.

(New) Fresh Pack of Cigarettes(20), Pain Killers(24), Coach Bar(2), Discount CD.
No. 333522 ID: 1854db

Ask why he came down in person. Also, which gang?
And does he have any ammo that'll work for your gun?
No. 333525 ID: f5e4b4


Would it be safe to tell him about your current case? Ask him if he knows something about the barman, sounds like the kind of suspect the cops might know something about.
No. 333532 ID: 0bd0b0

Besides what you already wanted to ask? Maybe some home remedies for gaping bullet wounds, specifically in/on the head.
No. 333697 ID: 07416a

Yeah. You, uh, you don't seem especially long for this world. Make sure someone knows why you died, mmkay?
No. 333700 ID: 950529

tell him he looks adorable and pinch his 'cheeks'
No. 333704 ID: 11841d

Ask why he decided to grace you with his presence.
No. 333737 ID: c5fc25

Ask why he came personally, what gang the brute was from and where they tend to hang out, if he has any information on Tangerine, Vast, or Paulsen.
Any information he has may point you in the right direction.
No. 333789 ID: 55c4cf
File 131198771082.png - (80.35KB , 444x444 , LW019.png )

“What Gang was the tall fellow in, exactly?”
“Real loud group called Entro9y. It isn't a huge gang, but they're very dangerous. I'd be careful, you don't know if any more of the gang are going to be after you.”
“I'll do my best, why the personal appearance anyway, Chief?”
“You're a good, honest cop but the main reason is I've heard some strange things about this animal you are after. Things might go really bad, really fast.”
“Strange things about the animal?”
“They're apparently very dangerous. Could be pretty awful in the wrong hands. Don't know what they're called, or what it actually is.”
“Me neither, no picture to go by, makes the case pretty difficult. Anyway, I got three suspects. Tangerine the drink smith, Paulsen from the theater, and Professor Vast at the university. I was just about to go talk to him.”
“Tangerine's pretty clean. Only times he's made any waves was calling the cops to settle disputes at the bar. That's not anything you can complain about. Paulsen has a couple incidents of violence. Nothing major, just angry and gets into fights a little too easily. Vast is clean as a whistle and a great teacher. He is pretty rich though. Need anything else?”
“Nah, I'm pretty good unless you got a few rounds for my six shooter.”
“I brought you two moon clips in case you were running low. I know how bad you are at keeping ammunition.”
“I don't like shooting, Chief.”
“I don't think anybody does, Kuiskata. But having bullets when you need them is a lot better than having an empty gun when you do need them.”
“Let's hope these are enough then.”

Alright. With that settled, and a little more information. It's time to go see Vast. He's either holding a class or in his office. How should I approach Vast? Passive, Assertive, Aggressive.
Feel free to describe how.
No. 333791 ID: f5e4b4


Start being passive and polite. Show yourself interested in his work and position in the university. Ask about the animal, but in such a way you seem to be interested in the scientific rarity of the specimen, don't let him think you consider him a suspect.
No. 333808 ID: 476456

a rich teacher? I'm already suspicious
No. 333866 ID: 0bd0b0

Don't bust any heads in unless they show hesitation or are trying to hide something.
No. 333959 ID: c5fc25

Pretty much do this. Make it seem like you're trying to learn what it is, and that you really just need him to explain why someone would want to steal it, etc.
No. 334095 ID: b6908e

Passive, no sense getting on his ass for something that there is a 2/3 chance he didn't do.
No. 334097 ID: 11841d

Approach him politely, but be ready for anything. You already had someone after your life before the end of the day after taking this case.
No. 334101 ID: 958cf2

Start assertive and direct. Attempt getting the information you need before you dillydally with small talk.
No. 334112 ID: 55c4cf
File 131201625663.png - (96.08KB , 444x444 , LW019.png )

The university takes a few minutes to travel through. At the very least the escapade of getting shot had the advantage of waiting out the classes that were in session that were relevant to my case. I notice the distinct reaction of zero from the Professor.
If I had somebody killed and they walked in my office, I'd have some sort of reaction. Then again this one does happen to be a robot. I don't think he is involved, but I am careful all the same.
I approach his desk cautiously. I don't want to interrupt the professor, so I try to wait a couple of minutes. Still nothing. I think he is grading homework.

“Excuse me, Professor Vast.”
I get nothing.
“Professor Vast!”
For a second he turns his head, but he is just writing on the board and going over whatever records he is working on.

The lights dim, and then glow again. The professor's arms all stop in their actions and there is a moment of silence before a harsh monotone voice chirps from its speakers under the eyes, “I am sorry Not-A-Student. It is hard for me to do so ma-ny things at once. How may I help you to-day?”
“I'm Detective Tywyll, I'm here to ask you a couple questions, I hope you can spare just a moment of your time for me, it will make a big difference.”
“What would you like to know de-tec-tive. My spe-cil-ty is in Mathe-mat-ics. Do you have a Math Prob-lem for me to solve. Will it solve a cr-iiiiIiiIme.”

What questions should I ask the Professor?
No. 334113 ID: 476456

Time to play some goo cop bad cop
No. 334114 ID: f5e4b4


Uuuhhh... Just cut to the chase, ask him about your client's pet. You heard he's interested in it and you're curious about why is it so valuable.
No. 334119 ID: b6908e

man that was bad even by my standards of punnery

first ask him if he knows anything about the pet's species, then ask if he knows anyone who owns one, then get direct and ask him about your client and their argument.
No. 334345 ID: c5fc25

Tell him that you are here on behalf of your client. Explain that her pet has gone missing and it seems to be more then a simple case of a lost pet. Ask about what exactly the pet is and why anyone may want to steal it. It would also be helpful to ask about what occurred between the owner and himself.
Make it seem like you're simply there to get some information on the animal and not because you suspect him.
No. 334747 ID: 476456

see if you can get him to break his robot act.
No. 334752 ID: 950529

If A is a pet, B is a pet thief, C is a detective, and D is a hired assassin, then after A + B = nul and C + D = C, then who is B and the parent of D?
No. 334758 ID: e8cd4a

if he's so good at math, ask what he thinks pet + hit adds up to.
No. 335064 ID: 55c4cf
File 131222634359.png - (89.36KB , 444x444 , LW020.png )

“I wanted to ask you a couple of questions concerning a student of yours, Amina.”
“I un-der-stand. I have not heard from her. Has her pet kill-ed her, de-tec-tive?”

That right there was something I had not expected him to say. I have to pause because my line of questioning I had thought out did not account for that answer.
“Why would it kill her? Do you know what her pet is, Professor? Nobody seems to know anything about it, not even Amina.”
“Well you see, De-tec-tive, the crea-ture is not some-thing ma-ny peo-ple are a-ware of. The beast is na-tive to dark-ness. They are ve-ry violent norm-a-lly. My stu-dent seems to have ac-qui-red a docile spe-ci-men. Its va-lue in the wrong hands con-cerns me for the safe-ty of my stu-dent. I a-ttem-pted to pur-chase the a-ni-mal from my stu-dent be-fore some-thing un-for-tu-nate hap-pen-ed to her.”
“Professor, the creature. Are you trying to tell me it's...” I fade off, because I don't actually know what he is talking about. I try to use his impatience to tell me what I am pretending to know.”
“It is a Grue, De-tec-tive.”

[ Paused ]
No. 335066 ID: c5fc25

Ask if the good professor has any idea where she acquired the grue, and if he knows of anyone in particular that may interested in one.
Also inquire into how he learned about his student obtaining it. Was she bragging about in the open, or maybe come to him with questions?
Finally ask him what he was going to do with the beast if she had sold it to him.
No. 335067 ID: cacb83

Tell the professor that the grue has been stolen, and with it being such a dangerous creature, he'd agree with you that is capital to find it ASAP.

Ask him if he knows any useful information about grues and their behavior, other than the obvious. Ask who would want to steal it.
No. 335935 ID: 3b9af0

Ask if he knows any dangerous people who would want such a creature.
No. 618474 ID: 55c4cf
File 142053994774.png - (49.00KB , 444x444 , LW021.png )

"That makes the case a lot more vague and dangerous," I mindlessly place a cigarette back into my lips. I have the memory enough to not light it up, "Well, Prof. Vast. If you were concerned about her safety it's a little late. The grue was stolen, it'd be imperative that you tell me anything I should know to keep the number of people dead to a minimum."

There is a long pause while I think about Grues. What do they look like? I know they can just massacre folk in the darkness. How do I FIND something that hides in the dark that none quite know how they look?

"There was an aw-ful man who works at a the-a-ter, he came trying to buy the Grue off me, didn't believe that I didn't have it. That is pro-ba-bly a good place to start. I do not know much more, please find them De-tec-tive."
No. 618475 ID: f31369

Bring a lamp you can turn on very quickly.
No. 618476 ID: e844a4

Give the professor your number, in case he gets any important info on the case, then make your way to the theater in style.
No. 618498 ID: dc9b7e

cans tied to string ! time to stake out the theater
No. 618500 ID: b6981d

Both of these, we can't be too cautious with one of those around.
No. 618812 ID: 55c4cf
File 142069428272.png - (47.59KB , 444x444 , LW022.png )

I thank the Professor for his time. I am not sure if I trust him on the whole, but I didn’t get any pangs of doubt over how much he cares about his students. The man at the Theater. That checks out with suspects that the dame Amina gave me. Now that I have left the University I light a smoke and inhale that sweet toxin.

I’m going to the Qingzhao Theater to find Paulsen. The question is how do I get there, and how do I approach this big lummox? He’s a right big fucker, and even my gun is going to have trouble putting down a Puppet. They heal easy and they go down hard.
No. 618833 ID: e844a4

Be a sneaky sneak shadow. Try to enter into the theater through the back door, or try to find a window to sneak inside. Let's be sneaky and find for evidence or try to get the jump on him, instead of jump going to him straight forward.
No. 618852 ID: 052639

Take a Taxi and stop it a bit away from the Cinema. Try and sneak in, maybe you can overhear some information.
No. 618868 ID: dc9b7e

how about something poisonous to them ?
No. 618982 ID: 55c4cf
File LW023.swf - (946.32KB , 444x444 )

I take a cab, sure it costs me almost fifteen Rays, but I haven’t actually spent a whole lot of cash on the case yet. If this guy is the man I am looking for, the case could be over quickly. While riding in the back of a cab to a block away from the Theater I decided to listen to the CD that I bought at the store earlier…

It’s certainly something.

..I could poison Paulsen with this music.

[ Sound / "Music" ]
No. 618983 ID: b6981d

Keep an expense report, put in pain and suffering for buying this CD on this case.
No. 618984 ID: dc9b7e

itll be at least a decent distraction for sneaks ..
No. 619023 ID: 687279

Okay, you know he's prone to fits of anger, so try not to provoke him. Ask him if anyone approached him trying to get him to buy a grue. Don't frontload the questions you really need to know, just sortof sidle up to it.
No. 619024 ID: 07e788

I still prefer the sneaky approach, rather than just confronting him. See if there are back entrances to the theater.
No. 619895 ID: 9b9ee7

This, but be careful. If he catches you he's likely to punch your lights out.
No. 620038 ID: 55c4cf
File 142113175732.png - (30.15KB , 444x444 , LW024.png )

I was dropped off a couple buildings away to the alley that leads toward the back of the theater. The back entrance seems to be guarded by a rather beefy Cockatrice. Getting past him seems more difficult than I really anticipated. I can't see an easy solution to sneak past him quite immediately.
No. 620043 ID: 71c006

Don't mess with a cockatrice. They have a death stare. Something about the back door of a theater being guarded by a burly bouncer seems kind of...off. You're probably still recovering from getting your head blown in half and getting into a fight now is not the best of ideas. Get way out of earshot, and call up Chief Cran and see if he knows anything about a cockatrice employed by the theater.

Maybe it's just paranoia, but there seems something more to Paulsen than "angry theater owner".
No. 620049 ID: b6981d

well if it's a theater, and that's the back entrance, just tell him you're in the show. You look like quite the character [HEH]
No. 620052 ID: 9ddf68

any reason we have to go in the back? I mean it's not like we're trying to arrest the guy (yet) or that we're going in to shot up the place. Not seeing why we can't go through the front and find the theater owner for a nice chat. Unless of course you mean to snoop around a bit first to see if you can't find anything. But again you could probably just do that from the front with the excuse that you're looking for so and so and think they're back here.

Also what's the neighborhood you're in like. I mean unless your near a ghetto or somewhere with a lot of crime I find it odd that a theater of all things needs a bouncer.
No. 620073 ID: 07e788

It's not normal to see a guard (and a cockatrice, no less) guarding the back door to a theater, they'd normally just lock it. I think they're hiding something, and it might be a grue.

But yeah, it might be too risky right now, so let's do the frontal approach and go for the front door and ask to see Paulsen. Maybe we can sneak once inside, or find a way to send the Cockatrice away.
No. 620219 ID: 9b9ee7

They're clearly hiding something !

But a cockatrice would be dangerous to go toe to toe with. You should snoop around some more as long as you don't get caught.
No. 646564 ID: 55c4cf
File 143357912274.png - (29.15KB , 950x950 , LastWords025.png )

I decide to check on my options instead of trying my luck immediately with the steroid laced chicken beast. The front doesn’t look a whole lot safer. They got a monster to one side. The sleeping fellow in the ticket stand seems irrelevant. The other guard seems to be sent here from the mob, straight from the Windy City.
It’s night time, what business does this jackass have wearing sunglasses?

I need to get inside, so I guess I need to weigh my options. Seeing as I was already shot in the head today, I have no intentions to knock gently on their door if it comes to that. What shall I do first...
No. 646565 ID: f31369

flirt with the monster as you pass by, check for back entrances.
No. 646566 ID: 50614c

can you make a repair-guy act ? its a theater, after all
No. 646567 ID: 91de70

Try to suave your way inside, tell the Windy guy that Paulsen is waiting for you and you don't want to make him wait.

Be ready to toss the monster dude into the tornado dude, just in case.
No. 646574 ID: 9ddf68

Repairs my ass, I've got $10 that the mob or at least someone in there just bribed the owner for a more "private" show. As for what private could mean I'm not to sure but if it really was closed for repairs I highly doubt they'd post TWO guards and still have the ticket vendor at his post... The back is starting to look better I think.
No. 646754 ID: b6981d

Shadey guy on the right seems like he might be a cool weather front, I'd say chill out and try and chat your way in.
No. 650270 ID: 55c4cf
File 143504780221.png - (19.15KB , 950x950 , LW026.png )

I decide to just walk right through their doors.
"Hey there gustman, you ever let someone else blow on you?"
The tornado with the sweet shades just blushes and kind of looks to the door unsure what to do.
"Your boss is expecting me, can I get inside where it's warm?"
"Yeah, sure. Stay around a while though, my shift ends in an hour."

More effective than I really planned for... What a chump.
No. 650271 ID: 7085f7

Blow them a kiss and walk right in.
No. 650272 ID: 10ab7c

Nice. Keep your cool, wink at him and walk inside. Stay alert.
No. 650273 ID: f31369

nice, wink at them.
No. 656475 ID: 55c4cf
File 143711576966.png - (26.16KB , 950x950 , LW027.png )

I sneak into the lobby. A concession worker is cleaning. He has a Tommy Gun right next to him. That could be a lot of trouble.

The exits from this room are: Out the entrance, Left Hallway, Right Hallway, Concession Backroom.

How do I handle the situation?
No. 656476 ID: 856762

make him think you belong there, ask him for directions.
No. 656477 ID: 856762

but stay close enough to hit him
No. 656478 ID: 12d0f4

give 'em the dollary doos
No. 656479 ID: 6d599d

No. 656480 ID: b6981d

I'd say fists, this guy doesn't seem as easily flustered as that storm and that gun means we can't really risk it, just knock him out.
No. 656481 ID: e17c62

He might not be a goon and just work here, so before going for violence let's try something else.

Let's be flirty.
No. 656496 ID: c8770e

Fists arent too effective, gun's too loud, and unless everyone here is desperate, its up to us to use our wits to solve this i guess.

Stay close to him, and then ask him for directions, if he does the usual routine of "HOW DID YOU GET HERE" tell the dick to calm down, using the fact you got past a sentient mini-tornado thing to support the fact you're supposed to be here, then just go from there.

Or alternatively clobber him over the head with the butt of the tommy, either one works really, its just that we dont know how easily this guy is gonna wake up from that.
No. 656497 ID: 47c6e9

Go with your wits AND flirting. As soon as this turns into a fight the whole theater will be on your ass, that and it gives the guy you're after a warning you're coming and to scram.
No. 656501 ID: e114bc

Knock that fool out.
No. 656666 ID: 55c4cf
File 143720229447.png - (21.94KB , 1100x800 , LW028.png )

"Hey there, slacking off on the job?" I bark at the worker. He responds by pointing his tommy gun at me.
"My job is cutting down interlopers," he growls back.

I decide to make use of my wits. "Excuse me? Your boss asked me here on important business, that's how I just walked in the front door."

The strange guy tilts and looks at both of the doormen who are standing in good health, then he stares at me a moment. "I suppose, they're in Theater 3. Don't make a habit of startling guys with machine guns, it's bad for your health."

Right Hallway was the correct answer.

My hostage should be in there, I need to think of a good entrance...
No. 656667 ID: 9ddf68

going in quite would be a good idea just to get an idea of what/who is in there before they hopefully notice you're there. Don't think we can use the, "your boss is expecting me" lie for much longer as well. Seeing as we're about to see the guy and I believe he actually knows what you look like and who you are.
No. 656668 ID: 856762

thank him, since you may be shooting him in a second
No. 656670 ID: b6981d

try and peek in first to get a gist of the situation, maybe look for alternate entrances. We can't go in willy nilly risking mr hostage's life
No. 656678 ID: e17c62

Just walk in like you own the place. Too many people have seen you to go for a stealthy approach.
No. 656732 ID: b99797

Get your gun ready, but be stealthy. Your hostage is very dangerous, so you need to be extra careful.
No. 657782 ID: 55c4cf
File 143771822812.png - (18.85KB , 950x950 , LW029.png )

He told me theater three, so I go in there. There are voices ahead, so I start sneaking forward as carefully as I can.

Paulsen is god damn gigantic. The animal & dragon folk are half his size. It looks like they're selling my client's pet right now. Now is the time for action. Too bad I am at a severe disadvantage.

How do I get Amina's pet back?
No. 657785 ID: b6981d

Push Paulsen over, the ensuing earthquake will leave the others stunned!

Wait no that's a terrible plan.

Sneak in on the left, using the cage to block their sight, take out the guy there, then lift the cover up on your side and take the grue out, replacing it with guy. They'll try and sell him their buddy in a cage.

Only hitch is if it makes a noise or the guy, Grues shouldn't be noisy so this should work I think.

Also what's that on Paulsen's neck?
No. 657787 ID: e114bc

Could you call for backup?
No. 657788 ID: 2630d4

Well the pet us a grue right? And those things do well in the dark right? Aim for the theater's lights and remember where the cage is then once everyone is confused release the grue.
No. 657791 ID: e17c62

Look for a way to turn off the lights, then we can try to let the grue out and do its thing.
No. 657796 ID: e114bc

I like this idea, but how will we get it back in the cage afterwards?
No. 657801 ID: 99cfa8

More importantly, how do we prevent it eating us?
No. 657814 ID: 9ddf68

well if we can get it to eat Paulsen first then it should be full for a week.
No. 690420 ID: 55c4cf
File 145113292964.png - (5.14KB , 444x444 , LW030.png )

I play it safe and sneak around the theater to get up behind the side of the veiled cage where only one guard was there. There's no way they'd shoot at me past this cover. All I have to take out this one guy. Not sure how much longer I can play this quiet, things are about to get messy.

...Well damn, I never reloaded my gun, better make this count.

How to proceed?
Fist, Flirts, Gun, Wits
No. 690421 ID: 856762


flip the sheet up and bring it down over that guy.
No. 690422 ID: 38710f

We've already used wits and flirt, it's time to use our fists! Surprise attack!
No. 690424 ID: dd338c

Time to fist!
No. 690435 ID: 0f22cc

No. 690439 ID: 4780ef

fist are quit, let's go with fist.
No. 690461 ID: 55c4cf
File 145116152551.png - (8.71KB , 444x444 , LW031.png )

I decide to physically assert myself with just my hands than to waste a bullet. I step forward and wrench my arm around the guy's neck and wrench him back. He wasn't ready to be choked out, or taken down so he goes down quietly.

Fortunately for me the two parties on the other side are arguing.

Now I need to figure out what to do about the massive boss, or all the mafioso thugs with the machine guns.
No. 690462 ID: 4b8c93

Any chance we could lift the veil and open the cage, getting the pet without them being any the wiser?

If you can't, then gun them, you can probably get 2 before they even know which way to look.
No. 690463 ID: a10361

How many bullets do you have left in your magazine/chamber? It'd probably be safer to dispatch with range.
No. 690464 ID: 4780ef

lights still on? any way to shut them off. could give you the advantage you need to actually not get torn apart here.
No. 690465 ID: 38710f

Pull up your side of the veil stealthily, confirm contact with the pet. Make friends with her, then shoot down the lights and open the cage.
No. 690499 ID: 856762

check out that pet
No. 690505 ID: 55c4cf
File 145118997394.png - (4.29KB , 444x444 , LW032.png )

I rest the unconscious person to the side and lift up the veil a little bit. Look at their face. They look unhappy.

The commotion settles down, and I can hear them ask the guy who I just knocked out to take the veil off. Well my cover's about to be blown no matter what I do.
No. 690506 ID: 568c83

No. 690507 ID: 856762

take the cover off, hold it up, hide behind it.
No. 690508 ID: 4b8c93

Spooky! Throw the veil towards them, then shoot them through it like a badass. Or after it's out of the way I guess. You're not an action movie hero.
No. 690509 ID: 4780ef

whelp, in that case, shot out the lights before they get a beed on you and open the cage... or reload and shot the lock off if you can't open it. We can worry about the rest if we make it out of this.
No. 690510 ID: 5ad4a7

Wink at the Grue, then shoot out the lights.
No. 690511 ID: 568c83

insert grue into trenchcoat
No. 690513 ID: 2260e4

wink into the abyss
No. 690514 ID: 0f22cc

Bullet to da lightbulb
No. 690523 ID: 55c4cf
File 145119845566.png - (6.63KB , 444x444 , LW033.png )

I do my best to shoot out the lights, but this is a theater, there are lights up along the sides near the ceiling, and one is a projector. The projector is making the most light so I fail to shoot that.

Now everyone is aware I am here.

Paulsen barely reacts, "Ah, you are here as I was warned. Thanks for not killing any of my men so far, I suppose."

WELL, that didn't go well.
No. 690524 ID: 568c83

put grue under hat and cheese it
No. 690525 ID: 4b8c93

No. 690526 ID: 4780ef

No. 690537 ID: 856762

well that was embarassing,grab grue and run
No. 690538 ID: 2260e4

can you run with grue?

if so, run with grue.
No. 690539 ID: 0f22cc

Play dead.
No. 690540 ID: 5ad4a7

Can't run with the grue, it'll die if it's exposed to light.

Maybe... we can negotiate? Tell him if he hands over the stolen pet, none of his goons will have to die. His hired help and reputation is more valuable than a single grue, right?
No. 690541 ID: b5b419

Grab the grue, stuff it under your hat, or wrap it in the sheet - pretend you're part of the other group and try to get them to start shooting at each other.
No. 690542 ID: 4780ef

there's a back door right?
No. 690543 ID: b5b419

Alternatively, bluff that the cops are outside and the place is surrounded.
No. 690544 ID: 38710f

Take grue under coat or hat if you're able, whisper that it'll be fine. Then point your gun up to the boss, tell them that if they shoot you, they'll kill the grue too.
No. 690546 ID: 2dbc63

Flee with the grue.
No. 690559 ID: 55c4cf
File 145121782798.png - (9.66KB , 444x444 , LW034.png )

Paulsen lifts his hands from behind his back, in one hand he was holding a rather bizarre firearm.

I look toward the cave, grabbing the creature and fleeing seemed really good.

"Your client is dead. We found her and forced information out of her. I knew you were coming, and I know you're a slime."

As he says this, from what I can tell, his weapon was able to detect where my core was. To punctuate his words while I was preparing to act, he fired the weapon. The weapon pierces my core, which leads us back to the beginning of this story. This is where I started.

My client is dead, and now it looks like so am I.

What meaningful last words can I offer?...
No. 690560 ID: 5ad4a7

Bury me with my money...
No. 690562 ID: b5b419

A truly GRUEsome death.

I wasn't the slimiest person in the room.


I banged your mom...

I wish I ate that last slice of pizza
No. 690563 ID: 38710f

"You won't get away with it, you will g-RUE this day!"
No. 690565 ID: dd338c

"I was only 2 days away from retirement..."
No. 690566 ID: b5b419

"Llercian. Kill them all."

"Goodbye, goodnight, let the good times roll."

"Told me earlier. Would have just walked."
No. 690567 ID: 55c4cf
File 145122205659.png - (8.15KB , 444x444 , LW035.png )

I've never had my core damaged very much before. The pain is like having boiling water and broken glass torn across your heart and then dripping off in a freezer.

I think about Amina, already murdered for Paulsen's profits. Her pet stolen, and killed for it. Now the pet doesn't even have an owner to go home to if I had succeeded. This is a pretty awful end to a day, haha. Like a lit cigarette in the eye.

At some point I lit a cigarette. I don't remember that but it seems like a thing I would do.

Poor fucking pet, monster or not. I rasp out their name, "Llercian..."

A weird grinding noise echoes from up in the theater. A weird popping noise and some smoke billows before the lit theater screen suddenly goes out, the theater is pitch black.
No. 690568 ID: 38710f

Find grim solace knowing that the ones that killed you are about to get grue'd
No. 690570 ID: b5b419

It's a damn shame there's no doctor or machine that can put you back together.

And even if there was some sort of smart professor like that, how would you get there?
No. 690571 ID: 55c4cf
File 145122360970.png - (4.34KB , 444x444 , LW036.png )

I give the most pained laugh of my life and lift my hand as best I can with every last gram of strength inside of me. I point at the cage, and whisper, "Kill them all."

Paulsen screams, "NO," in tandem with the gunshot. The sick shatter of what might have been glass and some kind of reinforced bars. They were no match for my trusty revolver.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
No. 690572 ID: 38710f

Justice is served.

And so is dinner.
No. 690573 ID: 55c4cf
File 145122438160.png - (1.00KB , 444x444 , LW037.png )

As my vision fades, I hear them all cursing my name. Screams, gunshots, and blood splashing all over the place.

Not my problem, not like they can kill me again.
My cigarette falls out of my mouth and I fall into the peaceful abyss.
No. 690574 ID: 55c4cf
File 145122578964.png - (4.03KB , 444x444 , LW038.png )

Inquisitive slurp.
Concerned lick.
Sorrowful whimper
No. 690576 ID: 38710f

Aw ; o;

If only a grue could call for help.
No. 690580 ID: 4780ef

pet whatever is licking you

or if we're the grue

try nudging her.
No. 690581 ID: fd93cf

Surprise, yer not dead. Or for the creature, get outside and lure someone in.
No. 690586 ID: 55c4cf
File 145123574782.png - (14.07KB , 444x444 , LW039.png )

There was nothing for a while.

Faint sirens.

Am I being teased before I fade completely?
No. 690587 ID: 38710f

Hold on! You can do it!
No. 690588 ID: a10361

If you want to hold on then do it. You'll make it.
No. 690599 ID: 4cdcb3

After all that has happened I say you need a drink... And they might not have a bar on the other side so just to be safe hold on till you can get to a bar.
No. 690603 ID: 2dbc63

You've come too far to give up now.
No. 690605 ID: 55c4cf
File 145124875081.png - (8.23KB , 444x444 , LW040.png )

No. 690606 ID: 4b8c93

No. 690607 ID: 38710f

Hey, you're alive! Open your eyes and call the nurse/doctor. What happened with the grue?
No. 690608 ID: 2dbc63

Well, you're alive. Might as well rest for now.
No. 690609 ID: 856762

make a bad metaphor to describe how you feel at the moment
No. 690610 ID: 2260e4

Make a GOOD metaphor about how you feel at the moment.
No. 690611 ID: 5ad4a7

Hit the nurse call button. Find out what happened to the pet.
No. 690613 ID: 568c83

Fuck that make a bad simile about how you feel at the moment
No. 690614 ID: 55c4cf
File 145125297025.png - (7.01KB , 444x444 , LW041.png )

I have no idea what happened to the Grue, I haven't been conscious for at least a couple days from what I can tell. My core is still recovering, so I can't really go back to work or anything.
No. 690615 ID: 38710f

Take it easy, time to relax and recover and see what happens next.
No. 690616 ID: fd93cf

Check out your fine self and see if you can move an appendage or two.
No. 690617 ID: 5ad4a7

Is the nurse cute? If so, flirt with them.
No. 690618 ID: 2dbc63

Better not stress yourself. Just take stock of your surroundings for now.
No. 690624 ID: d7971f

So should we press the call nurse button and let them know we're awake or just sleep on it for now?
No. 690625 ID: 55c4cf
File 145125724185.png - (7.63KB , 444x444 , LW042.png )

Relaxing would be really nice.

I call the nurse and ask if I can smoke a cigarette.
She says that there is no smoking in the hospital.

I ask her why they didn't let me die then, she doesn't like that.

"It's too bright in here for me to go back to sleep, can you fix that for me at least."
"Sure, one minute. Sorry, there's smoking zones outside but you can't move for a couple more days."

No. 690626 ID: 2260e4

sounds like you're breaking the habit tonight.
No. 690627 ID: 38710f

You're a slime, you don't have lungs to ruin, but ok.

Turn the lights off and take a nap.
No. 690628 ID: 856762

keep somethin handy to throw.
No. 690634 ID: 55c4cf
File 145125944969.png - (5.19KB , 444x444 , LW043.png )

I'm too tired and frustrated. The nurse checks up on me, leaves, darkens the windows and shuts off the light so I can rest.

I'm so weak and tired, waking up and asking for a smoke was exhausting enough, so I melt right back to sleep.

It is pitch dark.
No. 690635 ID: b5b419

"Good boy, Llercian. Thank you."
No. 690636 ID: 38710f

Wake up, hopefully you won't be eaten by a grue.
No. 690637 ID: 4b8c93

Looks like you have a new pet buddy
No. 690638 ID: dd338c

Embrace your new, incredibly broken in the dark partner!

... once you get some rest.
No. 690639 ID: 55c4cf
File 145126057719.png - (4.05KB , 444x444 , LW044.png )

You are likely to be partnered with a Grue.

Good night, and goodbye.
No. 690640 ID: 38710f

No. 690641 ID: 2dbc63

Lil' buddy :3
No. 690648 ID: a22f87

it's been a hell of a ride, thanks for running and finishing this. It's been fun
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