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File 148451199724.png - (27.45KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
772439 No. 772439 ID: bfb318

"Finally! After ten thousand years, we've come to know everything there is to know about the ring shell!"
"Yea, Rulekeep?"
"Has your consciousness been going for that long? It has only been about 20 years for us."
"... I mean, close enough, you know?"
>"How the heck did you do this for ten thousand years?!" Haydi asks. "I've gone a few months alone and god damn it's tough."
"Well, things were a little different back then, and you know, I had people to... well, after a few centuries. Everything just kind of."


"The first 500 felt longer than the last 9500."

"Or at least past me thought so I think?"
>"... so what are you now, anyway?"
>"I can't tell if you're actually the glitcher, or just some projection of the glitcher."
>"Mom you've been wondering that too!"
"Sooner you stop worrying about it, the better!"
>"Just answer me. What are you? The more we look at you and the RS, the more different you appear."
"Say wasn't 'Haydi' supposed to just be a temporary name?"
>"Don't change the sub-"
"'cause I just realized your permanent name should be Shopkeeper 2 with all this existential crisis talk going on!"
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No. 772440 ID: bfb318
File 148451208578.png - (15.29KB , 800x800 , 2.png )

"Look, I know I'm in the best position to answer that question, but I'm the worst person to ask it. Whether I'm the ring shell just projecting the glitcher or the glitcher running the RS, well, it's just kind of a double-shape illusion that changes what it looks like based on how you look at it. Considering that you guys run off the RS too, well, if you're unique people, then so am I, the glitcher. I just have not-strings dangling between me and the whole rest of the RS."
>"And if you cut those? Where is your conscious stored? This shell, or the RS?"
"Wow you think I give a shit about that well I don't! Geez I thought you'd be the closest one to approach me in how little I want to think about that."
>"That's Mittens, but the rest of us are the scientists trying to figure this stuff out aren't we?"
"Oh yeah. I guess. I dunno."
"It is most likely both." says the Rulekeeper. "I fear that the distinction between you and the ring shell has become more blurred than I could see at first look. Our omniscience covers the entire contestant universe, yet yours appears to be more uncontrolled and involuntary than mine. I at least can turn it off and on, and selectively so. I have seen you doze off, as though you forget you have a shell. Either way, neither form suits our personalities or identities as individuals. It is a necessary function for us, and I hate this fact."


"Guess what it's time for a break!"
"Wait. Real time will pass."
"We'll dumb the contestants down. Shaving off a tiny bit of intellect they'll barely notice is like, triple the computation speed."
"Glitcher, the salikai could be coming down to shut us off right now."
"It'll take less than 20 seconds!"

Choose Character:

No. 772442 ID: 595d54

We've been Radmin enough, let's go with Sevener for once.
No. 772443 ID: 211d83

Sevener. Or see what Sweatermouse and Radmin are up to.
No. 772444 ID: 4546ab

Chief. I want to see how he has been getting along after he had to be responsible for hundreds of years.
No. 772445 ID: 3abd97

No. 772446 ID: e22b1d

Yay you know more about the ring shell woo.

Just remember it took thousands of the best scientists ever several generations to build this thing so try to avoid worrying about whats going on inside your own head to much. That sort of thinking gets you dressed in black makeup crying in a corner wondering why your parents can't understand your pain.

As for contestants lets go look at Chomper (the chain eating guy) I want to see how he grew up.
No. 772448 ID: b412df

I'd say Sevener, maybe a quick look at how Mittens is doing as well.

But first, what did you find out about the ring shell? You were a super wizard before, so what are you now?
No. 772457 ID: 90f3c0

Sweatermouse, of course.
No. 772462 ID: 97cee0

It's probably a structure lack that in some forms of pantheism, where the entire RS is theoretically one consciousness but it's so big that if it all "woke up" at once it wouldn't really be able to cohesively be like a person because all the thoughts would splinter and disperse too far and so on? Like with some really big animals they have to basically have more than one brain because their legs are too far away from their head so they need extra brains in their butt or something. So it stays "asleep" and "dreams" that it's a bunch of smaller separated people. People like you are lucid dreamers who have realized they can control the dream, while still maintaining the mental structures that allow the RS to stay "asleep".

There are theories that organic intelligences are basically the same thing, so it doesn't mean anything as to whether you're not a person. Which means you should be nice to your children. I hope you've been trying to keep a good lead on the good dad leaderboard!

Anyway I vote Sweatermouse as well. Or if not her then let's see slightly-dumber Sevener. Radmin's had enough time and we'd barely notice him not being so smart.
No. 772471 ID: 098e6f

Chief.Sevener if not.
No. 772475 ID: 094652

Dumb them down by a LOT if they're on vacation. Then send them to the arena. I wanna see blood!

Plus, morale is low. Some crazy hijinks with low processing power should cheer us up.

>Switch to
No. 772503 ID: db0da2

Chief, I love Radmin but we haven't seen Chief in a while and I'm interested in seeing how he's doing. Sevener is too reactive, I don't think she'd be as fun to be as she is to interact with normally.
No. 772524 ID: 4763a1

Lets see if Chief has learned to relax.
No. 772527 ID: 91ee5f

No. 772537 ID: 395c02

Sevener, why not.
No. 772540 ID: 30c34d

Radmin cause we can't have enough radmin in our life's.
No. 772543 ID: 87ec13

Chief as I'm curious what he's been up to.
No. 772544 ID: c441c1

No. 772545 ID: 595d54

Changing vote to sweatermouse, she seems like she'd have better interactions with /quest/.
No. 772546 ID: fd73fa

How has Chief been holding on?
No. 772550 ID: db0da2

Current tally (not counting characters with >4 votes):
IIII Sevener (gains one if either Chief or Sweatermouse loses)
IIIIIII Sweatermouse
No. 772556 ID: ff8f56

Sevener, want to find out what shes been up to.
No. 772557 ID: 3fb34c

No. 772560 ID: bfb318

Due to a close 3 way tie, there may be character swapping instead of sticking with one character.
No. 772561 ID: bfb318
File 148454024058.png - (14.84KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

>How's Chief doing?
He's been a team lead. I didn't even invite him to be one! He just showed up and was all taking charge. I was gonna have a boot clip right through his ass and then turn on collision while it was inside, but then I realized he took charge of all the boring parts and it was great.

Except he's a total workaholic and he's on mandatory break duty for now.

Glaring in a corner to scout for someone she might tolerate enough to be a teammate. Radmin and her are still a team on paper, but they're mixing it up with some side shows.

They're doing alright. I made it so they destroyed everything they touched, but I guess Rulekeep reverted that.

... makes me want to think more about the Ring Shell.

>What have you learned about the Ring Shell?
It's pretty cool.

It's like a double layered thing though. It took me a while to notice it, but when I do a thing, or rather, when the RS does a thing, another sub-RS thing does a thing to mirror that or something I dunno I just run the experiments I don't process the data.

See with strings, they seemed complex at first, but it seemed pretty basic once I stared at them for awhile. It all came together and that's how I became a super wizard.

But now that I'm working with the RS I can't just call myself a super wizard anymore. I know what I'm not calling myself - a super genius! Or even just smart.

RS pixels? It's a good thing I've got people to actually think for me, because the more I learn about them the more I think I don't know anything about them.

I'm contemplating running some routines to make some contestants, or maybe Rulekeeper, some kind of super-genius.

But that's for later! For now I'm gonna do, uh, something else.
No. 772562 ID: bfb318
File 148454025570.png - (24.12KB , 800x800 , 4.png )

You are Sweatermouse. You might not be the referee anymore, but that's because you finally got backup in the form of Birdfeed. He seems to like being in the center ring of attention without actually being the focus of the attention.

Right now, there's a lull in the fights. You don't know where Radmin is, since he seems much more talented at finding you than you finding him. You also thought about going to Alison, but you've become worried about being way too clingy. Alison is too nice to say anything.

As a result, you've got nothing better to do than sit in your little house and play video games.

It sounds bad when you put it like that, but it's nice.
No. 772563 ID: 211d83

What type of game you playing? And do you have anyone you like playing with?

How are the matches going? And are they actually deciding a admin anymore or is it just for fun?

And how are you feeling about Glitcher's little trap went off that "protected" you from Radmin and Glam's amorous intentions? It's nice that he was worried about you but that must have been weird.
No. 772565 ID: b2db3f

After all the death battles and murder puzzles this seems pretty nice actually.

So did you ever get a second date with Radmin after the last one got awkward?
No. 772566 ID: 3abd97

Oh no we turned Sweatermouse into a loner vidya nerd.

What are you playing, anyways?

So you don't know how to find your boyfriend to hang out? Or you girlfriend. How the heck did you even end up almost hooking up with two people by accident. Try not to get too weirded out by all of that.

Did you ever get a chance to see Arbiter? Is he still out in the stage proper or has he shown up in Sanctuary 2.0 yet?
No. 772568 ID: e3d17c

Carefully check house for glitter bombs, traps or other potential radmin shenanigans.
No. 772570 ID: 91ee5f

With your luck, Radmin is going to find you on the game you're playing, both of you will end up on the same team, and he'll start bugging you by stealing your points!
No. 772571 ID: 3abd97

Oh, hey, what happened to any of the other Alison ghost-team people? Have you met any of them again? They here somewhere too?
No. 772575 ID: bfb318
File 148454342901.png - (25.56KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

>Are they actually deciding a admin anymore or is it just for fun?
You're pretty sure it's just for fun now. The only person who really even cares is Radmin, and possible Sevener, and Guitar Knight seems pretty stoked to get...

On second thought, the ex-admins care about the prize, but no one else.

>Did you ever get a chance to see Arbiter?
Nope. You'd like to!

>Alison ghost-team people?
You've introduced yourself to several you could find. But, they were always so busy with other people and you sometimes just felt weird snuggling her while complete strangers were there. You thought it might be best if you gave them some room, first.

>So you don't know how to find your boyfriend to hang out?
There's just not a good way to find pe -

That's a strong word! He hasn't called you his girlfriend so far.

You're afraid things got awkward with the sensory potions. You hope he isn't avoiding you over it. The last time you've seen him was during his one on one grudge match with GK, and he acknowledged you, but there wasn't as much interaction with you and him compared to other matches.

>How are you feeling about Glitcher's little trap went off that "protected" you?
You really tried to see it from his point of view, but you really wish he didn't! You should probably talk to him about that. In fact you would have, but the idea of giving him a little lip is a spooky thought.

On the bright side, you got a cool floating house in the sky. Now you just have to say a magic code to teleport here, and there's a teleporter with a few destinations to go back out. It's like your own little safe zone. You would think Radmin couldn't barge in here, but you'd rather not jinx it. It's more likely he'd show up in the video game, somehow finding you, and stealing your items.

>What kind of game is it?
You're currently playing an exploration game. It's not exciting or anything, but it's multiplayer with all the other people. Running around and finding items in ruins and subterranean lairs and stuff seems like the kind of thing that would be traumatic, but it turns out it's fun when you don't actually have to do it for real.

You've made a few friends. To protect your identity as the referee (for reasons that might just be limited to a case of social nervousness) you stick to speech to text. You talk about the places you've been.
No. 772579 ID: 211d83

Wait so you are hiding in a castle in the sky where Radmin can't even get to you? Well that's going to make sure he is forced to avoid you. I think little miss Sweatermouse is nervous and avoiding someone.

You should schedule another date and just hang out some more. Then you will be able to tell if you just want to be friends or maybe something more. Regardless if you want that sort of relationship you two seemed to have fun together. Radmin is a big joker and likes to tease and needs someone to make sure he does not take things to far. Honestly he is a lot like Glitcher. Probably why they fight so much.

And you did seem to enjoy a lot of the teasing. You looked like you were having quite the time hanging out with him.

Anyways video games are fun just make sure you are not using your new secret space house to hide. (Also make sure you are not avoiding Alison because her sister was this close to tag teaming you with Radmin)
No. 772580 ID: e3d17c

Double check and make sure the sky isn't on fire or anything
No. 772582 ID: b2db3f

You got nervous and are hiding from Radmin and Glamison aren't you? Have you even seen them since you got teleported away? Man they thought you had gotten eaten by the ghost or something and were panicking pretty bad.

I think you should go talk with them about things. Playing mmo's while locked in your house is great if you are not doing it to hide away from the world.

As for Glitcher, why not thank him for worrying about you but that he owes you one extra romantic date location to make up for it? Yeah it was a bit awkward but its nice that he made a thing to keep you safe (Even if it was from himself).

Made any new friends in your game?
No. 772584 ID: 3abd97

Does everyone get secret skybases, or is this a Referee perk.

Poke the chest! Hopefully it's not a trap. Or a mimic. If you were Alison, you could hug a mimic and recruit it when it attacked you.

>That's a strong word! He hasn't called you his girlfriend so far.
Well, maybe he couldn't! Vocabulary gets a little awkward on a literal double date.

>There's just not a good way to find pe-
Considering the teleport operators hang out with him, you could probably exploit that to teleport to him.

Or maybe you have to bug one of the god-types to set up a search function. Or a phone system. There are millions or billions of people in the sanctuary right now, it should be easier to find each other.

>You hope he isn't avoiding you over it.
Maybe you need to do something to let him know you're okay? I mean, neither he or Glam is gonna make a move if they think you're still bothered by it. Maybe you need to pull a prank or something so they know things are back to normal. The ball's in your court.

...or oh gosh, maybe, this time, you need to seduce them! Ha! That would take them by surprise! If you don't die of embarrassment for thinking of that first.
No. 772588 ID: c441c1

You know what you should do instead of sitting around becoming "Homely Mouse" you should get out there and cause some trouble! Break into Radmin's house and steal HIS items. Spray paint over the propaganda supporting him in the ring he doubtlessly leaves around town. Challenge Radmin to a one-on-one fight in the Ring as his new Rival: Heart-breaker.
No. 772592 ID: 91ee5f

>It's more likely he'd show up in the video game, somehow finding you, and stealing your items.
You fool! You've jinxed it and now he's going to show up in the game! He's gonna steal all of your items! DX
No. 772637 ID: bfb318
File 148458622521.png - (20.54KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

You weren't planning on hiding away from people forever, but now that you think about it, you have been sitting here for a while. This chair is incredibly comfortable. Your in-game dice roll didn't let you open the big chest over your friends, but that's okay. You let them know you've got to sign off, but you'll be back later.

>Bug the gods
You completely forgot about the key phrase!

"Rulekeep, please!"
"Hello, Sweatermouse. How are you doing?"
"I'm okay. Can we have a phone system or something to call people with?"
"Yes. There is one already. I suppose I should publicize it, as you are not the first to call me for one. Here is a tablet. Your ID number is 137940."
"Okay thanks! Oh and congratulations on seeing Glitcher again, I know how much he meant to you. Uhh. Could you please tell Glitcher thanks for looking out for me but to not do things like teleport me away for no good reason!"
"I will, but it would have more impact if you told him yourself."
"Oh... I guess I should. But then I should tell him he owes me... a date?"
"NO! NO! I mean! No I was thinking about - I dated people and that's been on my mind and I lost my train of thought and then I just muttered out date and I didn't mean that I should date Glitcher oh no oh no I slipped bad I'm sorry I - "
"Sweatermouse. You do not need to panic. Although, perhaps you should rehearse what you would like to say to Glitcher."
"YES. Please don't tell him what I said here!"
"He already knows."
No. 772638 ID: bfb318
File 148458631577.png - (62.53KB , 800x800 , 7.png )

You freeze, and Rulekeep leaves because she's a glorious person that gracefully escapes the situation instead of wrongfully thinking you could ever salavage this situation. You look outside. The sky isn't on fire or anything, so you haven't been missing out on anything cataclysmic.

>Is a skybase a referee perk or an available thing?
Nope, as far as you know, you're the only one! It was custom made by the glitcher, and so it's sort of like a perk for being picked on.

Messing around with your tablet reveals a database of people and who they go by, with disambiguation and everything.

You confirm that Radmin exists, but he has no ID number. You also see Glamison, your g-

Ohhhhh you're getting ahead of yourself too much!

She doesn't have an ID either. The tablet doesn't even say where exactly they're at, and you would sooner jump out this window and hope you land on either Radmin or Glamison sooner than calling Rulekeeper back. At the same time, the thought crosses your might that they might be avoiding you because they think you just need more room or something wrong! You hope it's not that. Maybe you should approach them, after all.

>Cause trouble as a wrestler named the Heart-breaker
As bad of a job as you'd do at it, you are still an invincible entity, so it wouldn't be as disasterous as someone might think.

It certainly wouldn't as bad of a job as if you tried to seduce them back! You would crash and burn harder than any invincibility state could protect you from. You try to think of how a situation like that would play out, but your mind goes blank. Just as blank as thinking what you would dress up as if you did dress up as a wrestler.
No. 772641 ID: 595d54

Just call Radmin and tell him to describe what he'd like to do with you if the two of you were alone again. Maybe Glamison too if you feel like it.
No. 772642 ID: db0da2

>That's a strong word! He hasn't called you his girlfriend so far.
He probably won't until you do first. As much as they hate each other Radmin and Glitcher are surprisingly alike. He enjoys cultivating the lovable douchebag appearance, but he's afraid of being an actual douchebag. If you want your relationship to go back to normal you're going to need to be the one to extend the olive branch.

Feelings are hard, express yourself by becoming a wrestler. Just imagine it, the moment you got unmasked would be amazing! Also it would give you an easy excuse to talk to Radmin and Glamison.
No. 772643 ID: 211d83

Well try calling Radmin and Glam to see if it works even without a number. If you can get them on the line say hi and that you want another date and this time you are taking them both out.

If you can't call them then yell for Glitcher. Tell him:

"Hey Glitcher I am glad you are back (insert hug here). And thanks for the house and trying to protect me. It means a lot that you set up something special just for me while you were getting ready to fight that thing."

"But disappearing sort of ruined my date and I think I was sort of liking being seduced? I want to go on another date with them but have never done anything like this before. And I sort of want to seduce them back? But pretty sure I have no idea how to seduce anyone really. So I was wondering if you could give me a hand?"

"Er not with the seducing I mean but maybe help setting up a date?"
No. 772645 ID: b2db3f

You should have Glitcher set up a wrestling match with the prize being a ultimate date coupon/ticket. Then join the contest as the invincible masked seduction mouse.

Then just beat Radmin and Glam (as they will be going for the ticket to give to you anyway) and then use the coupon on them after you win.

Or you know just call them and say you want another date.
No. 772646 ID: 929ca6

Ask Glitcher for help seducing Radmin and Glamison.

Nothing will go wrong.
No. 772647 ID: e22b1d

Want to turn the tables on Radmin and seduce him and Glam in ridiculous prank fashion?

Get a mod from shopkeep that turns you into a guy (Or just part of you) and have Glitcher "accidentally" turn Radmin into a lady.

Then you can show up and seduce the crap out of him while he is confused.

Or you know just dress up real nice and lure in Radmin with you sexiness. Might have to have Glitcher zap all of you with potions again though.
No. 772648 ID: 8111b6

Not all wrestling characters have to be good at wrestling. Comedic relief can be fun, even if they're not good wrestlers. Maybe you could make a storyline where you get knocked in the head and think you're a wrestler. It's mostly for fun, right? I suppose it could also set up for future cheesy 'oh no, I hit my head and now I'm this other thing' storylines for fun.

Have you met any other you's?
No. 772649 ID: 3d2d5f


"Glitcher, since you're a peeping Tom who apparently hears everything I say, don't go teleporting me needlessly to protect me anymore! It's rude and condescending and a little insulting. I may just be a silly mouse but I can make my own choices!"

>Just as blank as thinking what you would dress up as if you did dress up as a wrestler.
Hmmm. Options that come to mind are either a silly cliche-ed superhero look (cape and mask and all) or go with something completely unsuited for wrestling, like a sparkly dress or tux and then cheat with invincibility or ref powers.

I do like the idea of a rigged contest where you snatch the prize in the last round and use it to take them out. They'd never see it coming, especially if you did normal ref stuff beforehand.
No. 772650 ID: 395c02

This is too entertaining of a concept not to second.
No. 772660 ID: 91ee5f

>The sky isn't on fire or anything
That's because Rulekeeper told Glitcher that's not a prank anyone would find funny, so he's not allowed to change the sky's settings from "normal" to "on fire".

>have Glitcher "accidentally" turn Radmin into a lady.
>Then you can show up and seduce the crap out of him while he is confused.
This is Radmin we're talking about here! He'd just roll with it and be completely unfazed by that happening and he would still end up out flirting Sweatermouse!

>Saying things to Glitcher by screaming at the sky.
Yeah, let's do that.
No. 772670 ID: bfb318
File 148459483107.png - (17.92KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

>Call them
You don't know their number!

It stores data on everyone that's in town, but it just means that they're able to be found. You can't call people that haven't gotten a tablet, which includes both Radmin and Glamison.

At this rate you're going to have to call out to Glitcher for assistance.

But that's a terrible idea!

>Maybe you could make a storyline where you get knocked in the head and think you're a wrestler.
You could. It's also a terrible idea but for different reasons! Terrible as in terribly cheesy. It would actually work, you think.

>What could go wrong?
Lots! Lots could go wrong! Lots will go wrong!

>"Dang, I'm offended!" Glitcher slides into view from off the tablet's screen.
No. 772671 ID: bfb318
File 148459485209.png - (15.67KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

You drop the tablet, and as soon as it hits the ground, the TV turns on.

>"Hello it's me. Did you know I can read thoughts?"
"... yes?! You shouldn't."

Glitcher stares at you with those bug eyes. His eyes are okay, but the way that he seems to focus on you without properly aiming his eyes on you creates unnerving juxtaposition.

>"I can't really help it. Sorry."
"Oh. Well... maybe if you... uh, geez. Huh."
>"Rulekeep says you haven't something to tell me!"
"Erk - yeah but - she also said I should reheaaarssee wait a second if you can't help but read thoughts then shouldn't you already know how I feel?!"
>"Yeah but it'd be rude to pry into your thoughts."



>".... or should I turn you into a guy and Radmin into a gi - "
>"Well okay then."
"I just want help finding Radmin and Glamison!"
>"Well, Radmin is in his dressing room. Glamison is in the backstage of the concert hall. With all the other Alisons. Like, they're both in the first places anyone should guess in."
"Well, I want to recover the date since this whole house thing kind of ruined the last one for me!"
>"What house thing?"
"... what?"
>"Hold on let me look at - oh. Ohhh that was meeee. Huh. Why'd I do that? Man I keep screwing this up. Should I just leave?"
No. 772673 ID: 3d2d5f

You did that because you were worried you might go too far someday. Which is maybe a good thing you should still be doing if you're casually reading people's minds now. But it had unintended consequences because you're still a doof who doesn't think things through and was self centered enough not to think anyone who wasn't you could set off your trap!

So think things through! You can't afford not to, and you of all people will always have time to.

So no, you don't have to go but stop doing stuff recklessly. Even safety things. Yellow card.
No. 772674 ID: 211d83

Please stay.

I think you were scared after messing with someone so you made a anti jerk system to keep me safe. Thank you by the way. (Tell him to show up in person so you can give him a hug)

Anyways I want to try the date again but I have never planned one or tried to seduce anyone. And I sort of want to try but last time it was all going so naturally even though I was nervous.

So I want to try again but am not sure how to set it up. I figured you might enjoy helping me figure out something fun.

That and I wanted to see you again to say thanks for everything. When you went off and died we were all sad so I figured I owed the new you a hug or two.
No. 772677 ID: db0da2

Well, uh, I guess we got the "talk to Glitcher" thing squared away.

Tell him about your wrestling plan!

>>"Hello it's me. Did you know I can read thoughts?"
>"... yes?! You shouldn't."
I think a big part of this whole becoming a CAI thing is getting comfortable with never having any privacy whatsoever, so yeah.
No. 772682 ID: 929ca6

Tell him no, it's ok, you actually kind of appreciated the idea of what he did? It's just that in actual practice it was kind of a problem. Like, it caused a bit of distress for everyone involved, for a little while, and meant you missed out on some good times, but the intention was pretty sweet. So don't stop doing things like that! Just... well, put a little more thought into them? They'll still go wrong sometimes just, when they do, just help clean it up and repay for the trouble.

Really, Glitcher, if you'd been around when it happened you probably would have fixed it up right away! We want you around.
No. 772688 ID: b2db3f

I think you were worried about becoming a asshole god like Savior was and so you put a lot of reminders around to help remind you to treat people properly.

We know you never wanted the job Glitcher. But you are the strongest of us now and until you can get us somewhere safe you are stuck being our protector.

Anyways I thought since the old you accidentally messed up my last date the new you could help me plan a even better one. So I can seduce Radmin and Glamison somehow.
No. 772699 ID: 91ee5f

Ask him if he can please turn off the "teleport Sweatermouse when she gets nervous" feature so that you don't teleport away in the middle of another date.
No. 772727 ID: bfb318
File 148460825889.png - (19.58KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

"Nnnnoooo don't go! I mean what you did was pretty nice in theory it's just the practice that kind of was not good. Except the house. I'd have given you a yellow card but I really like the house! And I can't actually give people yellow cards."
>"What really? You should be able to?"
"What? How?"
>"It's a referee ability. Have you ever just... tried it?"
"I - wha - nevermind! Could you turn off any other features that teleports me or does anything like that that might be lying around?"
>"1, 2, 3, done!"
"Can you show up in person by the way?"
>"Uh sure."

Glitcher climbs out of the TV, and you hug him.

"If I was in your spot, I'd screw up everything way harder, so it'd be bad of me to hold a grudge. Thanks for everything, and just be sure to think things through, since you do have all the time."
>"Haahaa yeahhhhhh but hey I didn't know I was talking to Alison."
"Aaaa noo I just learned from her is all! Anyway since I have your attention, I wanted to mention that I do want to seduce? no date those two again and was hoping you could help! Or, alternatively, I might, you know, be a wrestler as long as I still have the invulnerability tag or some other way to not make it totally embarrasing."
>"Uh no offense but I think you'd find a way to be totally embarrased."
"It'd be like as a secret wrestler or something! I was hoping to set up something fun, or for help on how to seduce either or both of them."
>"... huh, no one's ever come to me for seduction tips before. Not sure why that could be."
"Well, you and Rulekeep are an item, right?"
>"Yeah and it was such a baffling event that the whole universe got broke as a result!"
>"But I can teleport you to them to, you know, chat about things. I could also help set you up as a wrestler. I mean, getting cozy with things is probably more up your alley, but man, the idea of you drop kicking Radmin? Real nice."
"Heeee... actually something I was wondering, do you actually hate Radmin? Are you frenemies or something?"
>"I don't like him, but I feel more free around him. I can freely screw up the whole 'try not to be a jerk' thing when I prank him, and I don't feel bad about it later! So it's great. So no, I don't like him, but I like him existing. Anyway I'd ask you what you see in the jerk but that's enough talking about our feelings. Let's talk business. You want to date Radmin an' Glamison, or wrestle 'em. Or both! That'd be a weird date. Maybe, maybe not. Up to you, but I'll help you out with whichever you want to go after."

A) Romantic? Dates. It's more of what you've already done, but you'd love to hope this one will go right.
B) Secret Wrestler, ignore fact that it will be incredibly obvious who you actually are unless you alter your body as well.
C) Both, somehow.
No. 772728 ID: 25393f

No. 772731 ID: 3abd97

>I don't like him, but I feel a freer around him. I can freely screw up the whole 'try not to be a jerk' thing when I prank him, and I don't feel bad about it later! So it's great. So no, I don't like him, but I like him existing.
That's good, he needs someone who will stand up to him, besides me. And you need a safe target to be a jerk to, sometimes.

C is clearly the only answer. If you do everything at once there's no way you'll be embarrassed! Because either it will be perfect or too confusing for anyone to really know what you were doing and judge you on it.
No. 772734 ID: 211d83


We get some wrestling fun in and tease Radmin and Glam horribly. Then segway that into a romantic date later.

All Glitcher has to do is help us get into the contest and make some new prizes and costume stuff. The rest is up to Sweatermouse.

I like the idea of having a special set of matches with the perfect date being the end prize. That will lure in Radmin and Glam who will want to win it to take Sweatermouse out (we hope). Then Sweatermouse joins the contest to try and steal it away as her masked wrestler persona. No matter who wins it works out and we get to have wrestling fun.
No. 772737 ID: db0da2

C leaning B. I'm sure there's some way to naturally segue wrestling into dating, I don't know what it is, but we can figure it out as we go.

>ignore fact that it will be incredibly obvious who you actually are unless you alter your body as well.
Keep your head the same, but make your body really big and muscle-y. That way when your mask comes off you'll have the goofy badly photoshopped body look.
No. 772738 ID: e17aca

There is no other answer than C.
No. 772740 ID: 398fe1

A private mud wrestling match.
No. 772744 ID: bfb318
File 148461205825.png - (14.60KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

"Well that's good, someone's got to stand up to Radmin!"
>"Yeah, and I don't feel like it, so I hope you're ready to rumble, Sweatermouse."
"Ahahhhh well I guuuuess I'll do both! How about if you get me in a special contest and the prize is a perfect date!"
>"Define 'perfect date'?"
"One that doesn't get messed up!"
>"Wow you'll make a good wrestler cause you sure don't pull punches. What if Radmin and Glamison don't join in, though?"
"Then the plan fails!"
>"Maybe let's work on that plan. Keep thinking of ideas! But wrestling date sounds good. Now, you gotta look like a good wrestler and you look like..."
"Like what?"
>"A referee."
"I really don't look like that either! Maybe I look dumpy but I'm comfortable with it."
>"Hey, I'm not judging cept your eyes are cool and you always keep them shut. Anyways let's see what we have to work with for getting you a wrestling outfit."
No. 772745 ID: bfb318
File 148461206649.png - (16.39KB , 800x1000 , 12.png )

Paper Doll Mode


>"Okay maybe we do have a problem. If you do go with this body you are going to be about as well disguised as Radmin's ego! Maybe we should change it? Or I don't know there's something great about having you be an obvious secret. Haydi would love that."
No. 772747 ID: 211d83

If it's obviously you then Radmin and Glam will easily know what they are getting into. Will not have to worry about why some new strange wrestler is hitting on them.

Plus Sweater does have the figure for silly wrestling antics.

As for a costume we could go with a Ref gone bad theme maybe. A Black and white sexy ref costume.
No. 772748 ID: 094652

How about plastic hands that cover her whole body, and their gimmick is that they move around and occasionally grope Sweatermouse if she gets aroused (this is also to help her indicate when a situation is sexual or just funny) while constantly covering the sensitive parts with alternating fingers at all times.
No. 772750 ID: 3abd97
File 148461344316.png - (63.54KB , 800x1000 , No one will ever suspect.png )

No. 772751 ID: 3abd97

...you need a body double you can control from your house's video game system. A tall sexy non-sweater rodent who doesn't look like you! (Who needs a mask, because she's hiding her identity).

And you can pretend to be a normal ref for part of the time, and reveal your true form in the last match / round to surprise the others.

For your actual outfit, I think we need something silly. Like crossing referee black and white stripes with formal wear and a masquerade mask.
No. 772770 ID: 929ca6
File 148461709563.png - (20.47KB , 800x1000 , sweatermowz.png )

A paper-thin disguise, but one that would last a thousand years.

>If you do go with this body you are going to be about as well disguised as Radmin's ego!

Do you doubt the POWER OF THE MASK?!?

Really though the aim of this is to seduce as well, so you need to be showing yourself off as much as winning. I'm sure they won't notice a thing! The glamor and challenge of the ring will occupy their minds too much as well as being literally dumber because of brain drain.
No. 772771 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe if you change your body so that you're not a mouse, you'll be better disguised? I mean, think of the looks on Radmin's and Glamison's faces when you reveal yourself as Sweatermouse and neither of them had any idea it was you!

I know! You can disguise yourself as an Alison! It's the perfect disguise! Everyone will think you're an Alison and will have no idea it's you!
No. 772773 ID: e17aca

Stay a mouse but change the proportions. Slender, Taller. A cape is a must, of course.
No. 772780 ID: db0da2

Give me muscle mouse.

I want something edgy looking that does a good job of disguising our features. Maybe a trench coat and a hood with spooky face-obscuring shadows. It'd either be funny watching Sweatermouse fail to be edgy or funny watching everyone react to the mysterious masked monster of a wrestler turn out to be Sweatermouse.
No. 772807 ID: bfb318
File 148463760017.png - (57.54KB , 1200x800 , 13.png )

"I have so many ideas! It's tough to decide!"
>"How about you share 'em?"
"Ahh but it'd come out like a stream of consciousness!
>"How about I stop pretending that I'm oblivious to your thoughts?"
"... okay. But thank you for pretending first!"
>"Nothin'. So okay, I'll give you some visuals.Here's a referee costume that's probably seductive, I dunno. It has cleavage, that's something. Some people think that's rad."
"Ah that's a lot of it!"
>"If you don't like it then then why did you get... nevermind, some things are even beyond my understanding. Also here's a mannequin of you except more slender and taller and a bit buffer."
"Oh gosh that doesn't look like me at all."
>"Haha yeah it doesn't suit you at all but that's the idea. Ideas like your costume that has the plastic hands that gro-"
"OKAY start pretending again please!"
>"That's what I'm good at!
"Oh but I do have an idea for a mask. It was pink in my head but maybe it should be black or white for the referee thing?"
>"Little at a time there, mind-racer. Oh, and you can have a body double, heck, you could probably control two bodies at once given a little rulekeep-intervention. Even an Alison shaped one. Oh whoops, not supposed to pay attention to your mind."
"Well, it does make explaining easy, and I am bad at that!"
>"Haha you sure are. But keep up the ideas. I like it."
No. 772817 ID: 91ee5f

I say for the body changing options, we completely lose all of the mouse features so that no one can see through the disguise. That's what'll make the big reveal even more surprising!

But, other than that, I can't decide between the slender, taller, buffer body type or the Alison body type!
No. 772819 ID: 094652

Okay, how about an Alison-shaped body with TWO torsos, one on each tail end? That way, you can seductively grope-hug each other to tease Radmin and Glamison!
No. 772831 ID: a8bc5c

Why not just alter your appearance to a muscular wrestler build that specifically lacks mouse features, then gain the ability to switch back to normal with glitcher's help?

This way, you can fight radmin to rope him into a date and then surprise the hell out of him by changing form.
No. 772847 ID: 929ca6

Look, right, the whole point of this is to signal to Radmin and Glamison that you still want to date them and/or get their body parts all up in your body parts, with the secondary goal of making yourself look really attractive so that they are eager to meet that desire. If they spend the whole time looking at/admiring/getting all wrestly with someone who doesn't look like you, how's that going to accomplish your goal?

Take the option to try controlling two bodies at once. For one, it's something interesting that you haven't done before and will be cool to try (you can try hugging yourself! You're very huggable), second they'll never suspect the costumed sweatermouse they're fighting is you if they see you elsewhere at the same time, third it's not like there aren't duplicates of people running around anyway so they'll assume it's an alternate cycle Sweatermouse who was brought back at some point. If you like, you could probably construct an elaborate scenario where you have an evil twin who's stolen your referee powers or something.

Alternately, you could probably just have Glitcher and Rulekeeper make you an "enchanted mask" that literally prevents people who see it from figuring out who's wearing it. They'd see you and they'd see all your cute features but the aura of the mask would just prevent that little recognition connection from being made in their brains. That's a tiny bit mind controlly I know but it's harmless, not much more of a thing than the sensation sampling was.
No. 772850 ID: db0da2

I do like the being our own partner thing, maybe we could do it were one body stays obviously Sweatermouse-y while the other goes full wrestler. We could even have the one that looks like Sweatermouse be controlled by someone else.

Could you use dark magic to make it obvious to the audience that Sweatermouse is Sweatermouse, but block the other wrestlers from comprehending it? Get a bit of dramatic irony going on.
No. 772855 ID: 7397ab

Honestly all of those forms are still instantly recognizable due to your cute ears. So cute.

And as >>772847 states the whole idea of this match is a fun date activity. And to make your intentions public (oh so very public).

So enchanted mask or evil twin Sweatermouse that was actually just you controlling both bodies while you ref the match sounds fun.

Anything more complex seems like it could be edging on manipulative stuff. A fun prank is good but we are aiming for a serious relationship so don't want to do anything that would leave a bad feeling later.
No. 772863 ID: e17aca

Sweatermouse is adorable but I am seriously digging the buff-sweatermouse look. Especially if she decided to open her eyes (even the glitcher likes her eyes).
No. 772864 ID: 952ab0

I would like tall skinny and buff option more if we took the tall out of it. Keep SM short and thick, but thick with muscle instead of soft.
No. 772885 ID: 87353e

I like the controlling two bodies option with the Wrestleing Musclemowz body who you can probably pass off as an alternate cycle Sweatermouse if pressed, and the Traditional Thiccmouse body as a decoy to throw of suspicons.
No. 772890 ID: 3abd97

>Look, right, the whole point of this is to signal to Radmin and Glamison that you still want to date them and/or get their body parts all up in your body parts, with the secondary goal of making yourself look really attractive so that they are eager to meet that desire. If they spend the whole time looking at/admiring/getting all wrestly with someone who doesn't look like you, how's that going to accomplish your goal?
I have to sort of agree that trying to show them things are okay / normal again by not being yourself to a large degree is sort of counter intuitive.
No. 772894 ID: e6e9af


Wait, Glitcher is on a roll with that Haydee stuff!

Let's have Haydee run an ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN between three wrestlers, one of whom is the mysterious new figure never before scene! We'll make it so obvious that it's Sweatermouse by having her BE Sweatermouse, but it's her super secret saucy alter ego, Stockingmouse!

She'll have incredible (striped) thigh-highs, a mini-skirt of justice, and a cute cropped jacket that invigorates whilst leaving much to the imagination.

Everyone will have such a hard time believing it's Sweatermouse in disguise that no one will think that it could possibly be her. She'll be hidden in plain sight.
No. 772907 ID: 4763a1

Stockingmouse sounds fun.
No. 772917 ID: bfb318
File 148469713717.png - (29.96KB , 800x800 , 14.png )

"Wait wait wait hold on! This whole idea is just to show Radmin and Glamison that nothing weirded me out for long and that I still want to see them! I look flattering there but it's not me and I should at least look like me."
>"Well that makes it simple."
"Maybe me but if I looked just a little tougher. Oh, like an alternate cycle me! Wait, are there alternate me's right now?"

You don't wait for Glitcher to respond, and type in 'Sweatermouse' to your phone. It comes up with 4 results including one that went by the name 'Mediator'.

"There are!"
>"And we can act like your body double is from some other cycle, too, put in the system and all that. A cycle number that no one is from to fact check. It's perfect. Here's a mannequin. Looks like you except like if you did squats. Like, a whole dozen of them."
"Like an evil twin!"
>"... heh. Yeah, like an evil twin. Here's a body. How's this look?"
"She's dressed with even less than me!"
>"Yeah, cause she's evil. Evil people wear less.."
"What? Who said that?"
>"Outside media! I've seen the outside world, you know."
"Oh, I guess you must be right, then - wait what about Glamison she's a good person?!"
>"... focus, Sweatermouse!"
"Okay okay, could we make it so her mask makes it hard for the other wrestlers to recognize that as me? Uh on second thought I dunno if I want to do something so mind controlly."
>"Yeah that's the kind of dangerous road that messed up your date in the first place! Let's stay away from that, alright?"
>"Don't worry though, we'll be all 'This wrestler who is secretly controlled by Sweatermouse unbeknownst to the wrestlers!' while blocking the sound from the ring so the wrestlers can't hear. Oh and also Radmin's stupid operators in the audience. Heck, maybe you can capture them all to stop them from learning about your terrible secret."
"That I have an evil twin?"
>"N-no, your evil twin with a mind of its own because it's totally a different person."
>"Yeah, in fact that could be the... no, the storyline is about dating. What if your evil twin thinks you're totally inferior, and that Radmin and Glamison should've been dating her from the get go? And to prove it she'll show she's actually the strongest."
"Wow this is getting a little convoluted!"
>"Yeah it's perfect. What's her name gonna be?"
"... Stockingmouse?"
>"I thought 'Murdermouse' had a ring to it but maybe a little subtlety can sneak its way in the ring."
No. 772918 ID: 211d83

You know this is going to end up with you having to sleep with your twin right? Cause why date one sweatermouse when you can make your 3 way a 4 way.

Plus it's only fair to let her in on the fun if you are going to use a actual person instead of a clone.
No. 772919 ID: 3abd97

>"Yeah, cause she's evil. Evil people wear less.."
>"Oh, I guess you must be right, then - wait what about Glamison she's a good person?!"
Just imagine how little evil Glam must wear!

>"... Stockingmouse?"
>"I thought 'Murdermouse' had a ring to it
You can be stockingmouse when you do your face heel turn and reveal yourself as an actually-who-you-are wrestling persona. Murdermouse is perfect for an alt-cycle you out to teach you a lesson for being a wuss or something.

And an evil twin you coming in to ruin everything is actually perfect for a wrestling story-line. The evil alt ref! Who isn't even a ref at all and doesn't respect the rules!

I mean you have to pretend to be outraged by all this in public but by this point that's easy.
No. 772924 ID: bfb318
File 148469891882.png - (17.39KB , 800x800 , 15.png )

>Actual person
"Wait this is just like some puppet I control right?"
>"Yeah. Your consciousness, controlling two bodies. So I guess not an actual puppet, just, another you, but not their own person. You can probably pull it off. Hold on let me set it up."

You feel yourself in two places at once, and the disorientation sets in. You manage to hold your referee body up, but you lose balance on your evil-twin and fall down there.

>"Oh right freeroam. Well maybe you need a little practice, but you'll get it. I mean, you could probably use the practice acting like an actual evil twin, because, you know, going in blushing and putting your palms on your cheeks is gonna make people think 'adorable harmless sister' sooner than 'dastardly evil twin.' We can get you up to speed while you decide on a name."
"So far I'm leaning on Murdermouse for the wrestling name but turn into Stockingmouse when I reveal I'm actually Sweatermouse! Er... that the body-double is Stockingmouse, just to tell the difference. But if I have to practice then I don't need to decide yet!"
>"Yeah put it off sure. Oh speaking of that there's another problem, because right now you've got like, no wrestling talent. No offense. So with invincibility tag, it just means that Radmin and slash or Sevener are going to beat your face in for 5 straight minutes and then kick you out of the ring when they get bored. Think you should have a training montage, or should we just give you, a completely hopeless fighter, some overhwhelming stats and see what happens?"
No. 772925 ID: 595d54

Don't think about having sex with yourself and whether it would be masturbation or not.

Why not both?
No. 772926 ID: c441c1

Overweilming stats
No. 772927 ID: 211d83

Bit of column B bit of column B I think.

Even with super stats if you have no skill at all then you could get over powered and kicked out the ring fast.

So a bit of training and some enhanced stats.

Maybe even a new stat bar. Like have the normal stats but also have a evil meter and a lust bar or something. Lets you have huge power boosts when doing dastardly things and lewd combos.
No. 772929 ID: 91ee5f

Time to insert the evil female anime laugh here! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NoblewomansLaugh
No. 772932 ID: 398fe1

You gotta do SOME training, I mean cmon.
No. 772933 ID: e6e9af


Just enough know-how to not QUITE look like she's totally Sweatermouse in stockings, but with mysteriously awesome stats / power-ups because evil twin mojo.

That sounds good.

Also we'll glitch it up with some kind of crazy totally-not-cheating-we-swear-it's-legit nonsense. Which probably has something to do with making Glamison and / or Radmin flustered. Or her opponents.

No. 772937 ID: 3abd97

Murdermouse should get the stats. Because she's a cheater. Heck, you could just rig the evil twin to have a block against stuttering and blushing and stuff.

>training montage
...how do you train to be an evil twin? What are evil twin things?
No. 772944 ID: 929ca6

The danger of the evil twin trying to steal your dates is that you won't manage to make her evil enough and Radmin and Glamison will end up liking her and go "well hey this is already a multi-person thing why not add another Sweatermouse" and then you'd have to disappoint them and/or get jealous of yourself.

How about if your evil twin thinks of herself as your big sister and she's heard of Radmin and Glamison and disapproves of their shenanigans so she's kidnapped you and put on a competition where they have to either prove their worth to date you or if they lose be humiliated while you watch so you're convinced they're not worth your time? That would also be a good angle for her to have captured the operators, because she wants Radmin to prove what he can do by himself. She could even have you tied up and gagged on a podium above the ring or something so you don't have to do so much work controlling two bodies and don't have to keep up double banter. You can even have her do a big speech where she talks about how you said you wanted to date them again, and slip in everything you want to tell them that way!

Anyway pick up your other body, give each other a hug, and then do a combination controlling two bodies/wrestling/kissing practice montage! Also get yourself some stats, though.
No. 772964 ID: 91ee5f

Or she could do sexy Bayonetta style dancing?
No. 772987 ID: db0da2

We could train, but just randomly being really strong sounds funnier, and would fit better with our gimmick. Can we get some extra comp power to better control the second body?
No. 772988 ID: e6e9af


Mousonetta. With all the kinky abilities. I can dig it.
No. 773016 ID: bfb318
File 148471887319.png - (18.17KB , 800x800 , 16.png )

>Sexy dancing
>Sex with oneself
>Lust bar stat
>Lewd combos

>"Yeah, do any of that weird stuff, and they'll think there's no way your evil twin is actually you!"
"N-no way! I mean, maybe a little seduction stuff, but I'd prefer like, power boosts when I do something dirty!"
"Nono I mean like dirty moves."
"Stop pretending! You know what I mean!"
>"Yeah, you mean the CHP stars."
"... okay maybe a little different. Like an evil meter!"
>"Pfff, mouse, we both know you don't have what it takes to be evil! You'd feel terrible after that."
"Yeahhh.... plus if I was that unlikeable, then it would backfire when the 'unmasking' happens and they realize it was me. Actually how will the unmasking work?"
>"The twin will be a sweatermouse from cycle question mark, and she's got to be beaten to figure out from which! Then it's from this cycle, and it's revealed it's a body double."
"Oh okay."
>"Anyway for an evil meter to work it would need to be like, ineffectual villainy. Just like being saucy! Like a saucy meter. A sauce pan. No, just sauce meter. It powers up when you get a rise out of people, either by villainy or seduction."
"Oh, but I should practice wrestling moves just a little so I know the basics, and then get some stat boosts so that it's still high power with low ability to use it! I could probably be seductive and lusty and stuff if I tried!"
>".... we have a literal succubus, you know! And... hey, seriously. You do also know that if you were comfortable with that kind of stuff, then you wouldn't be in this house, would you?"
"Y...yeahhh. But... I... do I want that? I feel like I do."
>"Here's a... no, I'll spell it out. What you want is the confidence to act that way. You don't have honest interest in a sex drive even though you're now constantly thinking about it whether you like it or not, but you like the idea of a whole new way to bond with people. In other words, it weirds you out, but you love the social aspect. I'll tell you one thing you want for sure, though! The confidence to go get what you want in a room full of a million people."
"Wow, sheesh, reading my mind does make it e-easy! But, I, er, am not actually confident, especially not to act like a saucy villain in front of so many people at once! The thought of it is! Eee!"
>"It's exciting for you, if excitement came with feeling like a rock just got dropped on your gut! But remember, it's not you, it's your 'evil twin'! Think of it as just a character. The secret is just between you and me, and if you can pull it off, then revealing yourself will be the easy step."
"D-do... do you think I can do it?"
>"I wouldn't be having this longass discussion with you if I thought you'd flub it all."
"O-ohh, geez... Mmmaybe... uh, I don't know, could you maybe put an override or something on Murdermouse so she doesn't blush or stutter?"
>".... yeah we should probably do that."
"We should."
>"Okay, let's see what you got, try to suplex yourself or something!"
"Can I get more computational power or something? It's tough!"
>"You have more than enough! Adding more power won't actually help."
No. 773017 ID: bfb318
File 148471889388.png - (30.21KB , 800x800 , 17.png )

>What if Murdermouse sees herself as the big sister?
That could work! You can see how to act after you sort out the mechanics of how this'll work.

Murdermouse turns white, so as to not look like a ghost. You, as her, move and balance enough to attempt to suplex Sweatermouse. Murdermouse doesn't do it right and plants her own face in the ground.

>"Maybe some practice would help. But is this good? We set up a false-entry as though Murdermouse is really from a different unknown cycle? The uniforms, the looks? I guess Sweatermouse should go back to a sweater now. The, uh, hm, mechanics... let's make it look like you barely have a dot in any stars, but it turns out your actual star power is, across the board, at the same level as how far your meter goes! The sauce meter, powered by villainy and seduction, and only available to you, since I know you won't let it get out of control just for more star power. But you will have to rev it up strong at the start, like remotely detonating Radmin's truck!"
"Yeah ma - wait do what?!"
>"Oh please, that truck basically has a respawn timer."
"Well okay."
>"Then if it's all fine with you, then we can - oh right the last thing before you're set off on the world. Signature moves! If you're okay with everything to this point, you'll need at least a couple signature moves."
No. 773020 ID: f1fe20

> Signature Move
The Snake Fingerfillet - Tackle chest, scream something in Japanese, then lock arms through the armpits, grab neck, and headbutt chest a second time all before you hit the floor.
No. 773021 ID: 8c5e12

The Whisker Twister! Where you just laugh or chuckle to yourself ohohohoho style while idly toying with your whiskers. It's just sort of a standard idle meter-raiser. But you have to use it when it's appropriate to laugh evilly/seductively, and it can leave you open!

The Mouse Bounce! That's any move where you ram, slam, crush or otherwise heavily impact someone using one of the regions of your body that can be thought of as "bouncy": generally speaking, your chest, butt or upper legs. Maybe your ears? They're probably pretty bouncy when you move!

The Three Blinds! Three moves in one, of escalating power and danger! Three Blinds Level One is when you distract your opponent's sight by drawing their attention to part of your body, creating an opportunity. Flipped skirt, wardrobe malfunction, et cetera. Three Blinds Level Two is when you blind an opponent with an item of your clothing - generally, one you have to take off first. Finally, Three Blinds Level Three, the terrible forbidden technique - actually shoving your opponent's face into a soft area of your body, blinding, muffling and generally even trapping them in place until rescued or released! See how they run!

You should probably also have some sort of escape move, since grapples may be your weakness two-on-one. Can't think of a good one right now, though.
No. 773023 ID: 91ee5f

>Signature moves
I'm voting for this: http://kinnikuman.wikia.com/wiki/Kinniku_Buster and this: http://kinnikuman.wikia.com/wiki/Muscle_Millennium ! Can anyone think of different names for these moves so that they'll better fit Murdermouse?
No. 773024 ID: 595d54

The Dirty Double! Just straight-up flash Radmin or Glamison and then sucker-kick them. It's two ways of dirty in one!
No. 773025 ID: 3abd97

The nice thing about being invincible is being your own punching bag.

>at least a couple signature moves
Spin the Rest. Revenge for / inversion of "Spin the ref". Make the entire ring spin around you! (Like, do a ballerina twirl, screech to a halt, but the spin is transferred to the environment).

The Ref rules. Murdermouse hijacks the real-ref's powers just long enough to cheat with them or do something unfair to an opponent.

Bombchu. If you're playing up the old time villian sterotypes, you need to be able to pull a cartoon bomb out of the air. And you're a mouse in a mask, a mouse mask bomb is perfect. (If you make them part of your costume, you can use your existing ref power to summon your clothes back to yourself at will to pull a bomb out of the air).

Don't Sweat her! Bonus against those jerks who are trying to stand up for / control Sweatermouse. Put them in their place.

Might need to replace / reinvent some of these when you do your reveal / face heel turn at the end.
No. 773026 ID: 8c5e12

Actually, speaking of Succubus, why not get some training from her as well? Just some tips on being seductive and in having confidence.

It might also be useful to leave original Sweatermouse on standby and go hang out and strut the streets for a while as Stockingmouse, to practice her personality. Because your actions won't be be associated with your true identity until you reveal it later but hopefully you won't realize that, you might feel the inhibition-loosening effects of anonymity and be able to pick up a sense of how to act from that.
No. 773027 ID: c441c1

The Jerry. Blow up your opponents things (such as a monster Truck) using planted explosives at the start of a match.
No. 773035 ID: 91ee5f

Or Glitcher could just download all of that into Stocking/Sweatermouse right now, minus the confidence, and then she'll already have all of the seductive training nessecary. It's only a matter of building up the confidence on her own.
No. 773049 ID: bfb318
File 148473417183.png - (86.82KB , 800x800 , 18.png )

"Say could you like... download all that seduction and wrestling training into Murdermouse so that I can just, you know, work on that confidence and have everything else just automatically given to me?"
>".... No."
No. 773050 ID: bfb318
File 148473421260.png - (27.01KB , 800x800 , 19.png )

"... o-o-okay!" you say, and he returns back to a normal, unglitched state. "Well for moves... how about... The Whisker Twister, a condescending laugh! Oh but it's too unfair if it gets me power for just standing there, so... only if it appropriate for me to laugh like that and it leaves me open! Then, the Three Blinds! Level one is when I distract them with my body somehow, Level 2 I blind them with some of my clothing and then level three I shooove their ffffface in a soft area of my body.
>"Such as?"
"My.... hair."
>"Cool. Keep 'em coming."
"D-d-Dirty Double? Where I just flash them and then sucker punch!"
>"I'd say that sounds too much like the Three Blinds but if you manage to pull off something that blunt then damn if I'll get in your way."
"Spin the rest! Instead of getting spun around, I spin the whole ring around me! Ref Rules I use ref powers. The Jerry! I pull a bomb out of nowhere. And I can detonate it remotely! The Mouse Millenium, where I lure someone up near the ropes, slingshot myself off the opposing ropes and push them into their ropes so that it'll leave a mark! Oh and the Snake Fingerfillet, where I tackle, scream, lock them, headbutt, and then hit the floor! Probably!"
>"Well since you're a special fighter I guess it's fine if you have like a hundred attacks! One more and that's it."
"The, uhhhh Mouse Bounce!"
>".... which does?"
"I hit them!"
>"That's just called a strike."
"Wiiiith... wait you can read my mind!"
>"Say it!"
"A heavy impact with a bouncy part of my body like my ears."

>Evasion/Escape maneuver move, perhaps?
You forgot! You think that perhaps the Ref Rules could help you out and reset the timer or something.

>"Okay well that sounds like Murdermouse is ready to go! I'll give Murdermouse alone the powers of teleportation - try not to abuse it!"
"Oh um... do you think... the Succubus would be willing to, uh... give me some pointers?"
>"Only if you trust her not to spill the secret identity! But let's face it. If you can trust me with it, you can probably trust her with it."
"Maybe I should practice my personality a little by hitting the streets and... talking."
>"Sure. Heck, you can go to the sanctuary and talk there if you want to talk to people who probably won't even be in the live audience. Anyway, ready for me to get out of your way?"

You put a collar on Murdermouse just to see how it would look. Both bodies of yours stare back at one another and wonder if you really are up to this, and if you are getting a little bit carried away here. You certainly never thought of your form as being suitable towards either action or revealing clothes. It might have been a subconcious display of how much faith you had in getting past more than a single stage or two. As strange of a time as it is to feel this way, you get a powerful sensation of being extremely lucky.

But on the topic of clothing, you recognize that you also panicked about just changing to your earlier date clothing. You're not sure how much of your panic is legitimate and how much is you being you.
No. 773055 ID: 211d83

Why do I have the feeling you asking Glitcher to change you just now set off another one of his hidden traps he built for himself? Maybe a don't ever fuck with people's brains cause that's what bad people do and I am not going to ever go down that route?

You know what Sweatermouse you are pretty lucky. (and lets hope its in general and not just a feeling cause you almost just got smote just now)

As for getting carried away? Oh hell yeah you are. This whole affair is going to end in a silly mess one way or another. But you know what? That's not a bad thing. Taking a big jump and trying something outside of your normal comfort zone can be a lot of fun.

You want a bit of the confidence that Radmin and Glam have. The ability to stand in front of a million of your peers and be a bit silly like they have been. You got a taste of it while playing Ref with Radmin's matches and you sort of liked it. You enjoyed the silly back and forth you two had going and it ended up getting a bit flirty. So now you want to follow that flirty part to its logical conclusion and see what its like.

You don't want to totally slut it up in front of everyone but you want practice being a little suggestive to give you confidence so you can slut it up for Radmin in private. Sound about right?

As for being nervous about your clothes and form. Its perfectly all right. While your new clothes are a bit more suggestive its by far from being over the top. And you know what? Your original form is pretty sexy on its own. You made yourself a cute busty female with big hips shortly after you were born Sweatermouse. You just never had the confidence to use it that way.

So give Glitcher another hug and give him some honest thanks for everything he has done for you. Then go teleport over to succubus's door to chat and have tea.
No. 773064 ID: 3d2d5f

The collar works. Keep it.

>If you can trust me with it, you can probably trust her with it.
Well I sorta have to trust you with it, since you know basically everything now!

Well you already had the ref version of that.

>Anyway, ready for me to get out of your way?
Yeah I think I can muddle through things from here. Probably. Thanks, Glitcher.

>You're not sure how much of your panic is legitimate and how much is you being you.
It's probably you, but that doesn't make it not legit.

>get tips and practice?
I think it would be more interesting to just wing it. You showed you could feign outrage and stuff with the teasing game with Radmin in public. This is sort of the same thing, except Murdermouse will be the teaser. And normal you gets to hide what you're doing behind your regular act.

Hmmm. We need to plan your villain persona's debut.
No. 773111 ID: db0da2

>Why do I have the feeling you asking Glitcher to change you just now set off another one of his hidden traps he built for himself?
He didn't actually do anything though. I think he just realized that he's totally able to do that and was horrified at the implications.

While I don't think we need too much practice it would be a disservice to the audience to go up there with absolutely no idea what we're doing. Let's send out Murdermouse to get into character. Remember, think "suacier female Radmin". Also take some time to make sure we can at least control both bodies at once and execute our basic moves correctly.
No. 773114 ID: bfb318
File 148477543724.png - (19.13KB , 800x800 , 20.png )

>Ref version of teleport
It was a version of teleport that was outside of your control to decide on either time or location.

"Thanks for everything Glitcher! I do kinda need to trust you with the secret since you know everything anyway. I'll do my best to take it from here."

You go in for another careful hug, hoping to not give him another little mini-episode. Before you reach him, he puts his hand on your head and ruffles your hair.

>"You're not bad."
"O-oh, thank you?"

His ruffling gets more mechanical as he looks like he's thinking about something.

>"Okay I never know how to say I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. About the date. I mean. As tempting as it is to magic ring shell all this away, I'll just give you room to fix it yourself. Don't worry about failure, if it goes bad, I can just rewind it like it never happened. Good luck. If you need help, just say the word."

Before you can say another word, he vanishes.

Left alone to your thoughts, you keep thinking about what to do now while you practice controlling two bodies. Once you get the hang of that, you can go somewhere with Sweatermouse and somewhere else with Murdermouse to have double the productivity.
No. 773117 ID: c441c1

First we need to get Sevener to not enter the Ring for this one which sounds like a job for Sweatermouse, and Murdermouse could plant the bomb in the Monster truck.
No. 773123 ID: 3abd97

First up, Sweatermouse needs to be seen somewhere in public. You need plausible deniability when Murdermouse makes her debut. No one expects you to actually be in two places at once. So you need to be doing something normal and public.

We'll need to manipulate Rad and Glam to a good place to witness her opening too, or wait for them to be there. Or you know, make sure Murder shows her face in front of a bunch of cameras.
No. 773129 ID: a8bc5c

Fire up a co-op game and get a second controller.

When you can successfully play for an hour straight without fudging anything, you may leave.
No. 773150 ID: 8c5e12

Live out all your secret fantasies of what you'd like to do with another person but never had the courage to ask anyone for. Like... uh. Piggyback rides? Nose rubs? Being pet? A massage?

Anyway, for training, you need a few separate skills: How to keep track of sensing different things, how to do different things, how to say different things, all at the same time. So, I think you should get each body a set of headphones, put on a different song for each one, and each of you do a different dance while each singing along to your own song. That'll cover a few things at once.

If you're going for the "evil older sister challenging potential suitors" angle, then you have an excuse for the two of you to be seen out together: you're getting chummy with an alternate self of yours, talking about your life with her, and that's what will inspire her to her challenge later! So you could get some practice at disguising your double consciousness, carrying on conversations with a third person with the both of you at once while not giving it away, et cetera. Then you can separate for a while, get practice at that, and then Murdermous can disappear for a little while to "set up" the challenge.

But you should get practice with someone who won't give it away, first, if you do slip up. I say Succubus is trustworthy and you can go to her for that practice as well as for the seduction and confidence tips.
No. 773158 ID: 91ee5f

First things first, have sex with yourself!

This to help with your coordination.

Then these.
No. 773185 ID: bfb318
File 148479536668.png - (36.35KB , 1000x800 , 21.png )

>Co-op game
>Don't blunder video games for a full hour
That's a lot to ask with just one body!

It is true though that it would be great practice, especially if you played two different games in different locations. You can also focus on each respective music track. It's a small house, so you just set up another smaller television and play video games side by side, making sure to practice a smug look for Murdermouse.

It takes some time, but Glitcher was right, you've apparently been given the dual brain power to operate two bodies at once, and it just took a while to get used to the sensation. Now you just have to get used to the idea that there's a seperate body you can interact with that is actually yourself, and you can do just about anything with each other.

And no one would ever know. You have something in mind, but it's so weird and unusual you think that you never admit to anyone how much you liked it, and no one found out on their own since there'd be no way they would know.

Murdermouse shuts off the game to get up, and gets ready to get behind Sweatermouse who is doing the same.
No. 773186 ID: bfb318
File 148479537997.png - (13.05KB , 800x800 , 22.png )

Murdermouse raises her hand to scratch the back of Sweatermouse's ear at the base where it meets the skull.
No. 773187 ID: bfb318
File 148479539243.png - (30.00KB , 1000x800 , 23.png )


Sweatermouse immediately jumps forward while Murdermouse spins and writhes around. You can practically feel glitcher's judgement in the air. You may have coordination now, but giving yourself physical affection is staggering.
No. 773188 ID: 211d83

Man we have a long way to go don't we? If you act like this with just yourself what sort of mess will you be with Radmin and Glam touching you all over?

Well do a few more practice runs and then get ready for your public appearance. First we need to find out what Radmin and Glam are currently up to and figure out a way of springing this on them.
No. 773189 ID: c441c1

alright in your down time between now and the match you have to practice ear scratches when you can do that with no shame you will be ready.
No. 773191 ID: 3abd97

Radmin must never know!

...Go all the way. Double self hug. Doooo iiiiit.

More seriously, that means you're going to have to avoid touching yourself at all if you don't want to blow your cover later. Or not freak out when it's not affection, at least.
No. 773192 ID: 398fe1

I guess we can file that one under "nevermind nevermind nevermind"

Time to engage the plan.
No. 773200 ID: 91ee5f

You'd better get that under control. Imagine how awkward it would be if something like that happened to Murdermouse while you're in the middle of a conversation with someone as Sweatermouse and then both of your bodies had a reaction.

Or what if you as Sweatermouse got into another tickle fight with Radmin and Glamison and then Murdermouse started laughing for no reason in the middle of a movie theater or something?
No. 773213 ID: 493b5f

Yeah, looks like you need to get practice separating your responses and reactions.

So you'll need to do some more of that. And some other things, I guess.
No. 773229 ID: bfb318
File 148480648619.png - (18.67KB , 800x800 , 24.png )

You've got to get that under control! By doing some more of that, and some other things, because you've got a long way to go. You'll work your way up to ear scratches, and eventually load up a video tape that glitcher left behind, called 'Wrestling 101', using yourself as a training dummy.

As you come to terms with all of these facts, you realize you've basically got no choice. To work your way up, you've got to start at the bottom, and do the things you're most comfortable with but still offer a challenge to your delicate sensibilities.

You've got to give yourself a double self-hug.

No. 773230 ID: bfb318
File 148480649448.png - (19.81KB , 800x800 , 25.png )

No. 773233 ID: bfb318
File 148480669667.png - (24.75KB , 800x800 , 26.png )


You hold this position until you stop screaming. It takes awhile, but you're slowly getting the hang of self inflicted affection.

Murdermouse isn't affectionmouse, though, and has to be able to be evil! Or at least mean-like. You realize you can practice both being mean and holding a conversation with yourself, by being mean to yourself. You speak through Sweatermouse to get the ball rolling.

"H-Hi, Murdermouse! Nice day outside, isn't it?"

>Insert dastardly response
No. 773234 ID: c441c1

No. 773236 ID: 7d8168

"A nice day for now. We'll have to fix that."
No. 773238 ID: 595d54

Murdermouse should kiss Sweatermouse and bite her bottom lip. Because that's evil.

Alternatively, say that it would be a lot better without Sweatermouse's butt taking up so much of the scenery.
No. 773242 ID: 91ee5f

>"H-Hi, Murdermouse! Nice day outside, isn't it?"
"It'd be even nicer if your big butt wasn't blocking all of the nice scenery!"

And then Murdermouse gives Sweatermouse a wedgie!

Or Murdermouse suplexes Sweatermouse, just because she can!

Or Murdermouse gives Sweatermouse a wedgie then suplexes Sweatermouse, just because she can!
No. 773249 ID: a8bc5c

"Indeed, it is a very fine day!"

Murdermouse should grab hold of sweatermouse and throw her at this point.

"For painting the town red with the blood of my enemy!"
No. 773271 ID: f1fe20

> Insert dastardly response

"Take off your sweater, 8!+(#."
No. 773285 ID: 493b5f

"Yes, it would be a shame if anything ruined it."

or, for less direct malevolence and more egotism/subtlety:

"You're welcome."
No. 773291 ID: 3d2d5f

>You realize you can practice both being mean and holding a conversation with yourself, by being mean to yourself.
And to think, we'd usually be advocating for characters to do the exact opposite.

>Insert dastardly response
"Well it was, till you went and ruined it by showing up!"

"You make all us sweatermice look bad the way you've been carrying on. I'm here to fix that, you wuss."
No. 773303 ID: 326609

uh uh uh it'll be your last!...?
No. 773325 ID: 67ed9b

"There isn't a day/night cycle, you dumbass." Punctuated with a suplex.
No. 773343 ID: 211d83

A nice day for me to steal your boyfriend that is. Then let out a evil laugh.
No. 773370 ID: bfb318
File 148485971087.png - (19.24KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

"Yes, it is a nice day out!"

"For, uh.... for your doom!"

You may need to work on delivery.

"It is a fine day! For painting the town red with the blood of wait we don't bleed."

"It is, but it would be a lot better without your big butt taking up all the scenery!"
"Ahhh! Just turn around then!"

That's a better start. Maybe, you think, you can go farther.

"It is! Take off your sweater, biiiiii.... oh no I can't say that... there's no day night cycle, dumba- dummy!"

You might need to learn to swear at yourself. Or maybe that's just a limit you can't cross. You move on.

"It's a nice day and will be your last! Also I'm going to steal your boyfriend! Hehehehehe!"

Murdermouse needs to work on the laugh. She stops trying words and throws Sweatermouse into the chair, which topples back.

"S-sorry!" she says, and you immediately regret it. Murdermouse does not apologize!
"It-it's okay!"

It's not okay.
No. 773371 ID: bfb318
File 148485972045.png - (27.55KB , 800x800 , 28.png )

Sweatermouse scrambles up, and the whole practice thing is put on pause to load the tutorial video so that Murdermouse can learn how to suplex. When she's gone through it, the practice resumes with a perfect suplex, or at least, a suplex that doesn't involve Murdermouse planting her own face into the ground like last time.

Which probably means you're finally ready enough to go places.
No. 773376 ID: 493b5f

Find out where Succubus is and go to her for training!

Knock on the door before you go in wherever she is, though.
No. 773378 ID: 91ee5f

Murdermouse is supposed to be bad! That includes swearing! She needs to be able to say a few swears!
No. 773393 ID: 3abd97

>You might need to learn to swear at yourself. Or maybe that's just a limit you can't cross.
You can act suitably villainous without actually swearing. If anything, it's probably funnier that way. And it makes Murdermouse more believable as a alternate-cycle Sweatermouse if she retains some of your traits instead of being completely different in personality.

>what do
You need to go out in public someonewhere before you can unveil Murdermouse. No one is going to expect you to be in two places at once, so you need to be out there so people really think she's an alt.

Preferably, we need to pick a location for Murdermouse's debut. Where she can show up, be seen, do something dastardly, get some kind of reaction, and make her demands / mission clear, thus setting up the wrestling stuff you're planning. You should probably be seen reacting to this too.

So... what are good public venues to crash? Preferably somewhere Rad and Glam are near, or can be arranged to be nearby to witness the thing.
No. 773399 ID: 7397ab

Yeah you can be a great villain without resorting to crass swearing. Just practice some creative cursing if you can't deal with proper profanity.

Stuff like "You bumbling oaf" and if referring your self maybe "Cease your prattling you floppy eared pacifist"

Maybe go to Succubus and tell her that you made friends with one of your alter cycle incarnations and it was going well but it turns out she is a bad mouse! She said you do not deserve nice things cause you are to timid! And she is off to seduce your boyfriend and girlfriend away from you! And you need advice on seduction stuff.

Then have Murdermouse go cause a ruckus ringside and call out Radmin and Glam. Say that you have kidnapped Sweatermouse and if they want her back they will have to beat Murder in the ring.
No. 773402 ID: a8bc5c

Before you go, practice speaking at the same time so that you can manage two different conversations at the same time without fucking it up.
No. 773551 ID: a107fd

>learn to swear
Classic softcore cartoon-villain insults are "impudent" (for when the subject is opposing or offending you personally in a way that's likely to end badly for them) and "fool" (for a more general accusation of incompetence).
No. 773626 ID: bfb318
File 148495241979.png - (24.60KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

You decide to practice a proper conversation for at least a little bit as the last step.

"Hi, also-Sweatermouse!"
"Hi, Sis. I heard you're the ref!"
"I am!"
"And that you let yourself get swung around like a weapon!"
".... I do!"
"And how many times do you swing Radmin around huh!?"
".... I don't!"
"That's pathetic girl! That's just a jerkbag! Have they even tried to contact you, or did they even notice you were gone?"
"They don't have to contact me if they don't wanna!"
"That's double-pathetic! You should teach 'em a lesson and make them respect you!"
"Ohmygosh be quiet!
"Words only spoken by people who can't make me. I bet they're weak, and that's why they go picking on little floppy eared pacifists like you who won't fight back! I'll go show you they're not all that impressive and beat 'em myself!"
"That is totally not necessary!"
"It is if you're going to have a relationship worth worrying about! And you're going to watch?"
"You can't make me!"
"I can and I will!"
"Why though?!"
"Because you don't have anything better to do than the chair cushion into a big mold of your butt!"
No. 773627 ID: bfb318
File 148495243118.png - (16.37KB , 800x800 , 30.png )


It's not perfect, but making fun of yourself is coming a little too naturally.

And that means you're ready.
No. 773629 ID: bfb318
File 148495249196.png - (16.45KB , 800x800 , 31.png )

You call Succubus since she has a phone and you don't know where she is.


"Hi it's Sweatermouse!"
>"Oh, the referee, right? What do you need?"
>"Hm? What kind of advice do y..." she trails off for a second, and then speaks in a much less light tone. "What kind."
"S-seduction? How to get guys to like me."
>"Oh thank god. I mean yes. Yes, absolutely. Here, I'll text you my address, stop on by soon, I don't know when I'll be busy again!"
"What do you even do?"
>"I'm the social conduit between all the departments of the ring shell science network.
"Oh wow. Geez am I going to be interrupting something important?"
>"No. No we are on mandatory break time and Chief has no idea how to relax and I don't want to leave him alone to stew. Come save us from this overwhelming boredom. Please."

Since Succubus and Chief are high profile people, being with them is a good alibi, meaning that Murdermouse can go elsewhere, even if Sweatermouse isn't around to react to it.

Radmin's last known location was the dressing room, and Glamison in the backstage of a concert hall.
No. 773631 ID: fe0a90

Succubus, then Glamison. Don't cut Radmin any slack, he'll slobber all over you.
No. 773632 ID: 3abd97

>It's not perfect, but making fun of yourself is coming a little too naturally.
It it that different than when you let Radmin make fun of you, and play along? It's sort of the same game, just a new twist. And you know you were into being teased before.

>"S-seduction? How to get guys to like me."
Not just a guy. (Although maybe you don't want to admit that yet).

>"I'm the social conduit between all the departments of the ring shell science network.
Good fit for her, really. Good to the the social skilled people are there running interference between people who are good at other things.

>Since Succubus and Chief are high profile people, being with them is a good alibi, meaning that Murdermouse can go elsewhere, even if Sweatermouse isn't around to react to it.
Let's deploy you first. So you have time to talk with them a little before news of Murdermouse gets there and distracts from actually giving you advice. Cause an evil twin is the kind of thing that distracts people and changes the subject.

>Come save us from this overwhelming boredom. Please.
...wait how many people are you going to be entertaining by letting them advise your love life.

>Radmin's last known location was the dressing room, and Glamison in the backstage of a concert hall.
Dressing room and backstage aren't public enough for a villainous debut and delivering her challenge.

Obviously, the dressing room is near the ring, and Glam's neat the concert hall. Anything else notable in the area?
No. 773633 ID: a107fd

>Oh thank god.

Kinda curious what she was worried about there.
No. 773644 ID: bfb318
File 148495714203.png - (28.24KB , 800x800 , 32.png )

"Wait who's us?!"
>"Just Chief and me. Oh, you might want this to be private, don't you?"
"If it's just chief and he can keep this secret then it's fine!"
>"Okay, then come on down."
"And er, were you worried about giving advice on something else?"
>"Don't fret about that!"

You head to Succubus before Murdermouse goes anywhere, since right now, you're unsure of how to make a big splash with her when Radmin and Glamison are in private areas, provided they're still there.

One thing you have access to is the city-wide speaker and video system. You've never used it before, but you're pretty sure it would be a simple thing to teleport Murdermouse in, and use it to make a public announcement. Maybe even make a pre-game challenge for Radison that they have to overcome before they get to fight Murdermouse, but maybe it's best to just get straight to the goal.

The directions to Succubus' apartment are simple and you make it there easily enough, since you could teleport close by and managed to avoid crowds.

>"Hey Sweatermouse." says Succubus.
>"Hi." Chief says.
"So uh... gosh, this is weird for me to ask advice about seduction isn't it?"
>"Yeah, it is!" Succubus says.

Chief shrugs.

>"I don't think so. You're a social one, but only with small parties that are kept intimate. It shouldn't be a surprise you would want to know all arts of gaining rapport with others."
>"Yeah, but this... oh, nevermind. What practice do you have seducing others, Sweatermouse?" Succubus asks.
>"Okay, well I have to know about where I should begin with you, so let's pretend you want to get to know Chief better. Try to seduce Chief for me."
"Uh, er, okay, uh... hey, Chief?"
".... wanna go out?!"
No. 773645 ID: bfb318
File 148495714803.png - (9.44KB , 800x800 , 33.png )

The Succubus pauses, and you start grinding your teeth lightly just so you don't have to swim in this deafening silence. Finally, the Chief comes to the rescue and breaks the silence.

>"No!" the Succubus yells back. "I mean - okay. Sweatermouse. Take a deep breath. Then try again for real, because I know that's not how you'd approach anyone naturally."
No. 773648 ID: 211d83

Murdermouse can grab a camera crew of operators and steal Radmin's truck. Then crash it into his dressing room and throw glitter on him while you challenge his team to a match.

As for Chief lets try seducing him properly. You have read books with that sort of thing right?

So saunter up to him and put your finger under his chin and say. "So Chief how about you and me meet back at my place for a little fun?" Then wink and turn around and shake your butt a bit as you walk away.
No. 773657 ID: 3abd97

>One thing you have access to is the city-wide speaker and video system. You've never used it before, but you're pretty sure it would be a simple thing to teleport Murdermouse in, and use it to make a public announcement. Maybe even make a pre-game challenge for Radison that they have to overcome before they get to fight Murdermouse, but maybe it's best to just get straight to the goal.
Murdermouse could teleport back and forth from the booth. She shows up there, announced herself, cuts to her actual appearance somewhere else, cuts back to comment again. Hijacking something you have access to fits her theme.

Obviously, you leave bombs behind when you teleport out of places in a properly villainous way. (Don't blow up the communications room until your done with it / people are breaking the door down, though).

Hmmm. You can announce your intent to show up Sweater, to prove you're not all wusses, to teach a lesson to the people who have been putting you down pretty easy. Not sure how we work a date into being the prize somehow.

She might even be able to get some of the staff / crew to go along with helping her initially, by "lying" and claiming she's you, and using official ref authority to get a camera crew and stuff one site. Oh, and actually, to initiate the organization and prize for the special wresting series she's setting up.

>Then try again for real, because I know that's not how you'd approach anyone naturally.
Um. In fairness, running up to someone and just going "EE" is pretty natural for me!

Well normally you'd just act vulnerable and/or indigent until they were hugging or teasing you but that's not what you want here and wait did you admit that second part out loud oh gosh don't tell anyone about that.
No. 773689 ID: bfb318
File 148496379968.png - (16.99KB , 800x800 , 34.png )

>You have read books with that sort of thing right?
... only if fiction counts!

"Welll I'll try, but going 'ee' isn't unnatural!"
>"I meant before, but go on.

You put your finger under Chief's chin.

"So, how about me and I meet back at my place for a little fun?" you say, then wiggle your butt, then remember you should have turned around first.
>"Not stoppin' ya."
"Er, it's... wait no I meant you and I! You and I meet back at my place! For fun!"
>"Like boardgames?"
"Oh my gosh have you played Island Hop it's amazing but I can't find a place where people pl... play iiit. I'm screwing up aren't I."
>"That depends." says Succubus. "Does Chief like board games?"
>"I do." he says. "When I'm able to take time off, but I'm in no mood now."
>"So, the time is bad, but that doesn't matter since this is just practice. Your seduction is on point, Sweater."
"R.... really?!"
>"Yes. You two would have a great time playing board games if you approached Chief while he was less, well, stressed."
"But I thought seduction was like... getting to... attract someone? Uh... wait are you saying I should get Radmin and Glamison to play board games?"
>"Hah! Only if they like them too. It's not that it's board games, it's that it's enjoyable and personable. My point is that, sure, you can wiggle your butt and tap their chin and all that if you like doing that and they like that, but the most important thing to know about seduction is knowing the person you're trying to seduce. Know their likes, dislikes, what makes them tick, their little habits, everything. Be the person they would like that suits all of that."
"That sounds manipulative!"
>"It is. That's the social game in a nutshell. Being manipulative doesn't have to be bad, for instance, you manipulated me into saying 'Hello Sweatermouse' when you came through our door and said 'Hello'. There's nothing wrong with that."
"I, hm... is that really all there is to it?"
>"Technically no, but it all boils down to that, unless you want to run through the thousand and one ways to wiggle your butt at people. Get them to associate you with the things they like, and you'll become the very thing they like. Don't overthink it."
"Well okay!"
No. 773690 ID: bfb318
File 148496381444.png - (28.23KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

That was easier than you thought!

You're not sure if you should teleport all the time, as the referee teleportation was something you couldn't really control. Murder's teleport is freer, but it's a glitcher given ability that there's no real reason for Murdermouse to have that isn't the truth.

You think that, but right now, Murdermouse is going through her first operation as a villain: infiltrate the Operator's lobby area that Radmin did his first unsanctioned match in, which was also his first match, and bag every single operator working under him. Suprisingly, upon Murdermouse yelling at them to raise their hands for Radmin, all obediently did so. They even cooperated with getting inside of the bags.

Murdermouse then moves out of sight and teleports off to place them in the back of Radmin's truck, one by one, in the public parking lot. The operators, as is typical, seem to have no reaction to their steadily depleting numbers.
No. 773696 ID: 094652

Now practice seduction on Murdermouse! See, you try to seduce her while she tries to push you away. Since you're both the same person, this will be like playing chess against yourself, but with prostitution!
No. 773697 ID: 211d83

Oh ask Glitcher if he can make you a evil volcano lair out in the bay with a big evil lair on top with a wrestling arena.

Then you can kidnap Radmin's operators and keep them there in a giant cage suspended over a lava lake. (with a little ice cream stand and some sitting pillows cause we are not that evil)

So once that is set up you crash his monster truck into wherever he is and give out a evil laugh. State your intentions (Murdermouse got brought back from a old cyle by Glitcher and after making friends with Sweatermouse realized that she was weak and did not deserve Radmin and Glam's attentions. Or something along those lines)

Challenge his team to a match for there Admin slot. And once you win and are in charge you will take what Sweater was to nervous to ask for by force!

Man this is going to be confusing. Oh well Radmin and Glam should figure the game out quickly and have fun with it.
No. 773698 ID: 3abd97

>"It is. That's the social game in a nutshell. Being manipulative doesn't have to be bad, for instance, you manipulated me into saying 'Hello Sweatermouse' when you came through our door and said 'Hello'. There's nothing wrong with that."
Well if it's all about doing things they like then I guess this prank thing you're about to start sure is seducing Radmin!

...try not to think about if this means Radmin and Glitcher have been seducing each other this whole time. Oops, you did. Which means now Glitcher is thinking about it too. Wait does that count as you seducing Glitcher oh gosh I'm sorry Rulekeep!

Plant bombs in the truck to light it up. Then we should rig it to crash through the wall. (Maybe just an Operator to do it for you, after they hear you say a certain keyword over the broadcast. Turn on the truck radio for em). So then you go make your speech, the truck goes through the wall, Radmin gets upset, then you blow it up and laugh evilly.
No. 773702 ID: 493b5f

Ok, you have the seduction tips, now ask for confidence tips. Also maybe tell them the full plan? They know enough already that they'll figure it out once everything starts to go down. That way, after thanking them for the actual seduction help, you can ask if she has any acting seductive advice, like the stereotypical saucy scandal being a big ol' tease behavior.

Well, not the pure stereotype, for murdermouse it'll be flavored with being a villain and being all taunting and that. But you know.
No. 773709 ID: bfb318
File 148497011691.png - (13.94KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

"So, uh, if pranks are liked by both Radmin and Glitcher, does that mean they've been seducing one another?"
>"No, but that's a whole other can of worms. Assuming they both like getting pranked, it doesn't mean they like all pranks, plus, there's a whole lot more to each other than their prank game. I don't know their relationship that well, though, but Radmin is probably too self-absorbed. Heh, if you did a prank, Glitcher would probably think it cuter than if Radmin did the exact same thing."
"Am I seducing Glitcher?!"
>"N... probably not? Just focus on who you're after for now."
"Radmin and Glamison!"
>"Yes, those two then."
"Thanks! Oh wait do you have any tips on being confidence?"
>"Oh, geez... that's tough, unless I just shower you with stereotypical stuff like 'be positive' and 'set up small tasks you know you can succeed with'.

You think of what it would be like to have Sweatermouse seduce Murdermouse. It would guarantee success! But you don't think you'd be more confident over a success like that.

Also you'd probably fail.

"Okayokay I need to come clean I'm gonna be controlling another body called Murdermouse and that was actual seduction help on a way broader scale than I expected! And that's nice and thank you for that but since I'm controlling someone named Murdermouse I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff I'm too shy to do normally, and that means acting saucy and like a villain and being all taunting and teasing and I was honestly hoping on advice on acting seductive!"
>"Um... huh. Honestly, Sweatermouse, it's hard to see you like that. Like, really hard. I don't want to be unhelpful, but I don't know if it's going to be you, even if that's kind of the point with this alter ego stuff. Why exactly do you want to do this?"

I spill out the entire plan.

>"Wow. I mean, that sounds entertaining for watchers, but most people would just build up the nerve to, you know, go and talk with them. Normally. Like people. Instead of all that, and learning how to be an actual seductress."
>"Are you trying to keep the girl innocent, Succubus?" asks Chief.
>"... yeah, I guess I am."
>"Why're you called Succubus again?"
>"Hey now, I didn't name myself!"
>"Oh right. I named you that, didn't I. Anyway, teach the poor girl how to strut herself if she wants to know."
>"Heh, what, are you into that, now?"
>"No, but I can appreciate irony, and this? I have got to see this."
>"Wait, this is actually taking your mind off work, isn't it... okay. Alright, Sweatermouse, I don't personally approve, but it's two against one, I'll teach you how to move your body."
>"Murdermouse, though? That's cheesy."
>"I get it."

Succubus takes me into a more open area, and starts training while I also move around with Murdermouse.
No. 773711 ID: bfb318
File 148497017692.png - (21.91KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

Back at Murdermouse...

"Glitcher can I have a big evil volcano lair out in the bay with a big evil lair on top with a wrestling arena?!"
>"I don't see why not! But you can't teleport there until you've been there."
"What why not?"
>"I'm not that helpful. Look, I'll make an underground tunnel you can drive through, or there's boats in the harbor, whatever. Or you can just forget about the lair, move the operators somewhere else, and drive the truck right into Radmin's dressing room to get started."
No. 773713 ID: 211d83

Teleporting would ruin the chance for a exciting car/boat chase.

So why not put the operators in the back of the truck throw a net over them so they don't fall out and then drive the truck into Radmin's room. Then he has to chase you to try and rescue them.

Tell Succubus that you thought of just wandering over and talking with Radmin and Glam but you wanted to do something special and get in on the silly fun they have been having with the wrestling. And then it just sort of ballooned into a big confusing mess but it should still be fun.

Worst case you apologize for the confusing plot and go on a normal date.
No. 773714 ID: 398fe1

You really can't go wrong with driving a truck into someone's room.

Also I'm kindof against Sweatermouse corrupting herself. No need to get physical, and she got Radmin and Radison's attention by being her original self.
No. 773722 ID: 3abd97

>"Radmin and Glamison!"
I'm surprised you admitted to who you were after, much less that you're going after two people at once.

>I spill out the entire plan.
But Sweater, these two were supposed to be your alibi. Now they know the truth and they need to lie for you! And if they don't lie the whole thing is ruined!

...oh well at least they both have experience being good liars. Even if that's a mean thing to think about someone.

>>"No, but I can appreciate irony, and this? I have got to see this."
Pffff, oh goodness, we found a dastardly plan good enough to earn Chief's approval. We're on the right track!

> I don't want to be unhelpful, but I don't know if it's going to be you, even if that's kind of the point with this alter ego stuff. Why exactly do you want to do this?
Because things got all messed up last time and I want to do something to fix it and it'll be awkward if I go up and ask them to come after me so I have to do something to go after them so things will be good again, and silly crazy prank stuff is right up Radmin's alley, and Glam not as much but I think she likes all the drama and theater of it and yeah that's why I guess.

>Or you can just forget about the lair, move the operators somewhere else, and drive the truck right into Radmin's dressing room to get started.
The lair is probably over-complicating it, and gives away that you got Glitcher or Rulekeep or one of the kids to help you, which makes your act more suspicious.
No. 773724 ID: 91ee5f

All of this.
No. 773726 ID: bfb318
File 148497317037.png - (15.56KB , 800x800 , 38.png )

>No need to get physical
Hugs are nice though you wouldn't want to shy away from those.

"Oh wait no it'll be way too obvious I got glitcher help if I have a super secret base involved! I want this to seem as glitcher and rulekeep free as possible!"
>"Well a pleasure to keep your company too!"
"Oh nooo no no that's not wh-!"
>"Well hello there Sweatermouse I thought I was talking to Murdermouse! Also I'm just messing with you. Gosh. You're right, you know, that's using your noggin."
"Thanks and you'r - I mean, yeah, I am smart, I know it! I'll take it from here!"

Glitcher leaves, and Sweatermouse takes the wheel.

Murdermouse has found her first predicament.
No. 773728 ID: 493b5f

Obviously Murdermouse needs to start her crime spree by stealing a smaller car!

I was about to say, in order to explain all her shenanigans, maybe you could suggest to Glitcher that the evil Sweatermouse found an evil Glitcher to help her. I mean, there are still some other old Glitchers around? She could convince one of them maybe? Only not really that'd just be the story, it'd be your Glitcher his own self making another body to puppet and playing this game too. If he wants to. All the glitchkeeper family would be in on it, of course.

He's vanished back away now, though.
No. 773729 ID: 211d83

Dang. Well go find some broomsticks and make some things to hit the pedals. And then a box to sit on.

That or used Murdermouses super strength and invincibility to just suplex the truck into the wall.
No. 773730 ID: 3abd97

Sit on the bag of Operators so you can see over the wheel.

And use another bag to hold the gas down. It's okay if you can't break, because you're a villain and you plan to crash this car and blow it up anyways!
No. 773732 ID: b2db3f

Yeah just hurl the car through his window/wall. Can't just copy Radmin and his truck driving ways. Got to mix it up.
No. 773734 ID: 91ee5f

What the? I thought Glitcher made Murdermouse taller than Sweatermouse? Or was that a just a mannequin he made to show off an idea that Sweatermouse didn't choose?
No. 773736 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, what's that behind the seat? There's something white sticking up over the top of the seat.
No. 773746 ID: 094652

Stack up. Literally. Murdermouse on the wheel, Sweatermouse on the gas.
No. 773750 ID: bfb318
File 148498080640.png - (20.38KB , 800x800 , 39.png )

>I thought Glitcher made Murdermouse taller
That was an option but Murdermouse was chosen to be like Sweatermouse but not!

>Wait, what's that behind the seat?
Radmin's litter!

Murdermouse doesn't need to drive! She can just pick it up! Or try to!

Oh try to! Yes, after testing it, you are able to pick up the car!
No. 773751 ID: bfb318
File 148498081750.png - (23.36KB , 1000x800 , 40.png )

But the wheels don't list. You're so short, that even the undercarriage is too high to push the wheels off. The wheels also turn whenever you try to lift it up with those and all around the whole thing is awful.
No. 773752 ID: bfb318
File 148498085906.png - (23.35KB , 800x800 , 41.png )

You gather some operator bags, stack them on the chair, get ready to drive, then throw a bag on the accellerator and go riding off.

Radmin's dressing room isn't far off, and you have a good mental layout of the stadium, which is good, because you have to stay low enough to reach far enough to steer, and even then it's troublesome. In short, you can't see much of anything.

>"Why, what's that sound I hear nearby?" asks Radmin, who can't be more than 10 feet from the truck. "Oh yeah, I know that noise, I hear it often! It's the noise I hear when someone else is making a horrible, horrible mistake!"
No. 773753 ID: 094652

And now, stealth!

Also, bomb the operatives.
No. 773758 ID: 398fe1

Yeah what are you gonna do about it without your Operators... BADMIN?
No. 773759 ID: 91ee5f

Drive through Radmin's dressing room while screaming, "WHOOOO!!!!! THANKS FOR THE TRUCK LOSER!!!!!"

Or you could drive into Radmin's dressing room, jump out and say, "HERE'S A PRESENT FOR YA!!!!!" and then blow up his truck and Operators!
No. 773763 ID: 07685c

Guys, we're forgetting someone.

What's to stop sevener from getting involved?
No. 773779 ID: 211d83


I think once Sevener sees us attacking Radmin she will instantly realize whats going on and sigh a lot and leave.

I hope.
No. 773788 ID: 3abd97

>What's to stop sevener from getting involved?
The fact that she wouldn't be voluntarily hanging out in the dressing room with Radmin if she could avoid it.

>It's the noise I hear when someone else is making a horrible, horrible mistake!
"How can you hear that over the noise of your own mistakes, Badmin? Especially when they come due?"

Taunt him, force him to come to you to try and get you out of the car, or see who it is, then teleport out to the video center and blow the bombs.

Then we display the footage of you blowing up Radmin and make your evil villian speech.
No. 773820 ID: 493b5f

Shout to ask if Sevener's there and that this is a callout for Radmin that doesn't involve her. I think it'd fit Murdermouse's persona to think Sevener is pretty cool?
No. 773830 ID: bfb318
File 148504231625.png - (20.04KB , 800x800 , 42.png )

You reach down and have the operator roll over to the left to hit the brakes. You still end up crashing the hood through the back wall, but you can see over the window better than over the hood, so it all works out.

"Thanks for the truck Badmin! Should I yell harder, because if you can hear people's mistakes, I'm surprised you're not deafened by the thunder going on in that skull of yours! Anyway, I was just here to set off a present!" Murdermouse says, pulling out a bomb.

It doesn't look like Sevener is here. You would think she'd have said or done something by now, but you look around just in case.
No. 773831 ID: bfb318
File 148504232482.png - (20.70KB , 800x800 , 43.png )

You were just about to pull out a bomb, but something else catches your eye.
No. 773834 ID: bfb318
File 148504240110.png - (31.03KB , 800x800 , 44.png )

>"S-so cool."

That's not you! You're still with Succubus, or at least, Sweatermouse-you is.

Sweatermouse asks Succubus to hold on a moment, and looks up the other sweatermouses. This one is from the very first cycle.
No. 773835 ID: 3abd97

Well great, it's kind of different if you're lying to one of your sisters instead of lying to Radmin, although this does make it a lot more believable there are multiples of you running around.

>"S-so cool."
"That's right, sis I am cool! And I darn sick of the way these wrestlers have been making Sweater-ref and all the rest of us Sweatermice look bad! I'm here to show her up for being a wuss, and I'm here to show you up for the way you've treated her, Radmin! Look at you, you're even canoodling with one of her twins in your dressing room!"

Make your determined speech then teleport out and explode the truck.
No. 773836 ID: 211d83

Ah ha I knew it! My plan to steal away Radmin away from Sweatermouse was the best plan! Because my wishy washy sister can't even keep other Sweatermouses from stealing him away from her.

Well maybe she would be willing to share but I am evil and want him and Glam all to myself!

Whisper to cycle 1 Sweater "But hey want to hang out after this? Am just having a fun wrestling game with Radmin. Don't blow my cover as I am not actually evil just in character."
No. 773840 ID: 3abd97

Don't tell the truth to other-Sweater yet. Sweatermouse can barely trust herself not to blurt out the secret as is.
No. 773842 ID: 395c02

This sounds in keeping with the character you're trying to go for.
No. 773849 ID: 91ee5f

Since Sweatermouse just told Succubus and Chief her plan, would it be ok if she tells Succubus and Chief (since he's tagging along because he wants to see how entertaining this will be) what she, as Murdermouse, is currently seeing?
No. 773850 ID: 91ee5f

Also, do this: >>773835 .
No. 773857 ID: b2db3f

Well this complicates things. Be careful with the seduction part of your plan. It might have to wait until later now.

Mostly because feelings could get hurt if you are not careful. You becoming a wrestler and pranking Radmin should stay somewhat separate from you wanting to seduce him. Otherwise could be some confusion and a mess of hurt feelings.

Hopefully he brought Sweatermouse 1 here to try and learn more about you. I bet after you disappeared and stayed in hiding he wanted to figure out a way of doing roughly what you are trying now. He was worried that he came on to hard and scared you.

>>773835 Seems like a good direction to go. Keep things silly and based on wrestling to start. Once everyone gets comfortable then you can mix in some seduction stuff.
No. 773865 ID: 493b5f

Well, you do have a kind of fangirl personality, that might be universal to sweatermice! If so, and if she's reacting this way to you, she's probably been watching the wrestling and has become a fan of Radmin. Maybe Radmin noticed her and called her in to get advice about talking to you? Well, in any case, this gives you material.

Deliver an "Oho ho ho ho!" and then start monologing. Remember, you've got to really ham it up!

"As I would suspect, you rogue! You get denied the blueberry, so you go running to stuff your face with the original recipe! Well now, hot and spicy is here to tell you I think maybe you don't deserve to stuff your face, you pig! I've heard how you treat Sweatermice, and I don't think I approve! Refermouse told me aaaaaallll about you and Glamison! Poor, sweet, innocent Referee sister. She wanted to know how she should approach you again! Well, I think you should be the ones having to approach her... through a gauntlet of fire, to prove your dedication! You're not getting any more Sweatermouse until you and Glamison defeat me in dishonorable wrestling combat! And on that subject..."

(You grab first-cycle Sweatermouse.)

"Yoink! See you in the ring, luch-douche! If you can even get there!"

Then escape with originalmouse by jumping away from the explosion or teleporting away with her or something.
No. 773878 ID: 87353e

Yes! Kidnap that First Edition SweaterMouse!
No. 773889 ID: 398fe1

Wait, no. Kidnapping is ACTUALLY mean, and also impossible because of Safe Zone rules.
No. 773890 ID: 211d83


Safe zone just means we cant hurt her. We can grab her and drag her along with us. And we don't want to hurt her. Just have her along for the ride and let her in on the fun.
No. 773893 ID: 3abd97

We tested that in an early safe zone (when Swordsman was being a jerk and a spaz, I think). If you try to restrain or drag someone against their will for more than a little bit they just get teleported out of your grip.

First Edition Sweater would be able to break free so long as she wanted to. She might not object to being abducted by her cool sister. (Or she might object on the surface, but be fine with it really, much like Sweatermouse's own reaction to teasing). Although that assumes safe zone rules. Wrestling has been sort of a weird hybrid of safe zone and free roam depending on circumstances.
No. 773895 ID: 493b5f


If we jump down beside her and do a cheesy sisterly one-arm-hug around her during the speech, we could probably get the chance to whisper into her ear asking her to play along.

I mean, we're in costume wrestler mode. I think everyone around here knows that Murdermouse's over-the-top accusations and challenges are still ultimately just going to be for fun and show.
No. 773902 ID: 15a025

Your gosh darn right it's cool sis. Now hop in and let's blow this pop stand.
No. 773963 ID: e6e9af


Wait, what better way to practice how to enjoy stuff with Radmin and Glamison (should our future dates progress like that again) than by kidnapping an us that isn't US and practicing with them!?

First Edition Sweatermouse is totally all over Murdermouse, which would definitely make for a great training montage in figuring out both what we like and what we can comfortably do.

I mean, that's the point of all this, right? To understand our boundaries and whatnot?

(And besides, if it's another Sweatermouse, is it really too much of a worry?)
No. 774077 ID: bfb318
File 148514202463.png - (29.06KB , 1000x800 , 45.png )

Murdermouse stands on the window frame. One of the reporters flys into the dressing room, and is probably recording this live.

"Ohhohoho! You're right about that Sis, I am cool! Now, Radmin, I'm here for two reasons. One! To show everyone not all sweatermice can be pushed around without danger of pushing back! Like you're probably doing right now!""
>"Actually!" says First Edition Sweatermouse. "He thought I was this cycle's Sweatermouse. He kinda kidnapped me at first but it wasn't really pushing me around!"
"... second, this cycle's referee mouse told me all about you, and how to best approach you, and you know what? I don't think you or Glamison are good enough for Sweatermouse! You're not seeing her until you and Glamison defeat me in dishonorable wrestling combat!"
>"Ha, that's the very kind of wrestling combat that I'm best at, and even I'm reluctant to accept it!"
"Wwwwait, are you scared?!"
>"Scared? No, I'm kind! And me, fighting you? That would be like a grown warrior fighting a tantrumming child, because that's exactly what it is, you vs me respectively! Why, it would be no fun for anyone, least of all me!"
No. 774078 ID: bfb318
File 148514203350.png - (25.78KB , 800x800 , 46.png )

Bomb time is now, you think.

Murdermouse leaps down, grabs Sweatermouse, leaps back up, and drops a bomb in her wake.

"Well, if you don't want to fight, then I guess you won't need your truck or operators anymore! Meet me in the ring, or else!"
>"AHHH" Sweatermouse screams as you roll away.

You're not sure how well safe zone rules apply here, but you recognize that scream as excited concern and confusion but not of an unpleasant sort. In other words, First Edition is fine.
No. 774079 ID: bfb318
File 148514208480.png - (19.58KB , 800x800 , 47.png )

You pull her in and toss her to the seat.

>"Where are you taking me?!"
"Away from the explosion!"
>"O-oh thanks I guess?!"

Your tablet starts making a ringing noise. It's Glamison calling.
No. 774080 ID: 3abd97

>"Actually!" says First Edition Sweatermouse. "He thought I was this cycle's Sweatermouse. He kinda kidnapped me at first but it wasn't really pushing me around!"
He shouldn't be kidnapping anyone, least of all us!

Careful, you can't watch your phone and the road at the same time. Don't crash except when it's on purpose!

>Glamison calling
Um, is that Sweatermouse's tablet (so Glam thinks she's calling you) or did you get Murdermouse a tablet already? (So Glam is trying to call other-you).

If that's not a new phone you either can't answer, or you have to pretend you stole it.

>You're not seeing her until you and Glamison defeat me in dishonorable wrestling combat
We have to make the a date the official prize, but it needs to be ambiguously worded so you can face heel turn to light side at the last minute, win, and then claim a date with them as the prize instead of them claiming a date with you, or you winning a date with yourself.
No. 774081 ID: 211d83

Did Glitcher give you a murdermouse number? Or do you have a phone on each body now?

If you can't answer it with your Sweater body then maybe pretend that you have stolen Sweatermouses phone (and her). Having this other Sweatermouse next to you can help sell things.

Before you answer whisper to Cycle 1 to play along. It's a fun date thing and if she wants to join in the fun she can.
No. 774092 ID: 493b5f

Just answer the phone as Murdermouse. If Glamison acts surprised like she was expecting to talk to Sweatermouse, say that you took the phone from her.

Then, either way, deliver your challenge again.
No. 774095 ID: 094652

Make sure you answer Glamison AT HOME, and not on a tablet where she can totally track you and realize you're in Radmin's van. She might get ideas.
No. 774197 ID: e6e9af


Oh, good idea! We deliver the challenge by pretending to have taken Sweatermouse's phone to prove ... uh, whatever that was. About how they need to show they're capable. Or something.
No. 774247 ID: bfb318
File 148521250053.png - (17.10KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

Murdermouse has her own number, so Glamison must have looked up Murdermouse on the directory. The call is answered.

>Careful, you can't watch your phone and the road at the same time.
Honestly, you can't really see the road anyways, at least not anything that's not as high as the hood.
"Murdermouse speaking!"
>"Hi! I saw your stunt with Radmin. So you don't think I'm good enough for sweatermouse, huh?"
"Not till you prove it!"
>"Well who're you to decide that?"
"Murdermouse! And who're you to decide it?"
>"No one! Sweatermouse is the one to say it, because she's a smart girl who can make decisions for herself!"
"Aww ge - I mean she's got to stick up for herself more, but if she won't, then I will!"
>"... you know what, I'll fight you, just to show that it's unbecoming for sweatermice to be a fighter in the ring!"
>"You heard me! Now drive that truck over to the ring and Radmin and I will be over in just a minute!"
"How do you know I'm in a truck?!"
>"I hope you fight better than you drive, because otherwise this is going to be one big disappointment!"

Glamison points her phone backwards to show monster truck sized tire tracks on her tail.

Sweatermouse receives a text message from Radmin.

'Hey SM come Referee my match I'm going to beat up your sister then go out for some pizza and ice cream.'
No. 774248 ID: 3abd97

>Ran over Glam's tail
Whups. I guess you owe her an apology at the end of this.

>>"... you know what, I'll fight you, just to show that it's unbecoming for sweatermice to be a fighter in the ring!"
That's so mean! But then I guess you were kind of mean to her first. Man you hope you aren't messing everything up.

>'Hey SM come Referee my match I'm going to beat up your sister then go out for some pizza and ice cream.'
Time for an appropriately Sweatermouse response.

"You're going to WHAT?! That is not something nice people celebrate!!!!!!"

But yeah real-you should use ref powers to get to the ring and be properly outraged about all this. At everyone. Except maybe First Edition, she didn't do anything but get kidnapped twice.
No. 774251 ID: 7397ab

Have Sweater text back. "Wait sister? Do you mean Murder? She was muttering about doing something crazy."

"So are you going out alone for pizza and ice cream? Or do have room for a little Sweatermouse? Sort of wanted to continue things where we left off with Glamison last time.
No. 774256 ID: 398fe1

Sweatermouse cannot referee the fight, she's not impartial. Both publicly and secretly.
No. 774258 ID: 91ee5f

>Glamison points her phone backwards to show monster truck sized tire tracks on her tail.
"Hey! That's not my fault! It's Radmin's fault for having such a big truck! And it's also your fault for having such a long tail and not moving out of the way of a giant truck that's impossible to not see coming unless you're blind!"
No. 774291 ID: 493b5f

Say to Glamison: "Whoops! Sorry Glam, don't know how I didn't see your huge back end grinding under me! Stripes look good on you though. Maybe I'll stripe your hide a bit more in the ring! See you there!!"

Text Radmin back: "Uh she already asked me to ref your match, she says she wants me to be watching. Sorry about this! I don't think she's really mean she's trying to help but in a kind of bossy acting mean way and also she wants to be part of the show? Don't underestimate her she somehow has weird powers, she canpk[dssfdssdlkj;n Murdermouse here, boy I told you you're not seeing her until you and Glamison defeat me! And before you get smart about her being at the match that's "seeing" in the sense of hanging out, chatting or romance! So no phone calls!!"

I think during the match you should pretend Murdermouse has weird hax powers or something that give her some ability to restrain Sweatermouse. I'd bet that at some point Radmin or Glamison will go pull the "oh let's see what Sweatermouse thinks it's up to her bluh bluh" tactic, and it'd be handy if Murdermouse can just go "nope" and click her finger at Sweatermouse and Sweatermouse mimes like she's trying to talk but she's been muted.

If there's time before the match, maybe have a little talk with First Edition, bring her into the loop and see what she thinks.

Also: since the basis of this match is an issue of romance and intimacy, and it has a set of particularly saucy competitors, perhaps it should open up with some disclaimer for people who don't want to see salacious shenanigans? Or, I dunno, is there some equivalent of an adult hour on the broadcasts or something?
No. 774337 ID: 791a6c

Indeed. Instead, she should send a very obvious dummy "posing" as Sweatermouse.
No. 774400 ID: 3ace27


This is turning out better than expected! We learn to stand up for yourself, and these two show how much they care for us!

And top all that off with pizza and ice cream? Talk about the best date ever!
No. 774448 ID: bfb318
File 148529612852.png - (31.18KB , 800x800 , 49.png )

"Whoops, I don't know how I didn't see your huge back tail grinding under me! Except that I think it's believable if you managed to not see a giant truck coming your way!"
>"You came through the wall!"
"Well, I, for one, think that stripes look good on you."
>"... wait do you mean that or are you being condescending."
"I mean it! I mean you must think so too if you let yourself get ran over!"
>"Whatever just meet us in the ring!"
"Yeah, then maybe I'll stripe your hide a bit more in the ring!"
>"... wait did you just give me innuendo?
"... wait what? I just mean I'm gonna like, tie you up with the ropes or something!"
>"Oh my."
"That's not an appropriate reaction!"
>"I think it is."

Glamison hangs up, so Murdermouse speaks to first edition.

"So want me to drop you off somewhere?"
>"Oh yeah there's a game building somewhere out of this building and I wanted to stop by so if it's not too inconvenient could you stop there?"
"Mayyybe, but wait, you're not going out with Radmin, are you?"
>"Oh nono, he's all yours, I have someone else!"
"I - what?"
>"Oh wait I'm sorry are you not either?"

You don't know if you can trust another you to not talk, so you decide on keeping her out of the loop. The game building is out of the way, but you don't believe that it would make Murdermouse forfeit her fight or anything.

Furthermore, Murdermouse's evil meter is at a mere three stars. While it might be acceptable in a one on one fight, she'll have a difficult time if she has to fight both of them at the same time.

>Perhaps warn viewers of the incoming salacious shenanigans, or put make it an adult hour of the broadcast
You're not going to get that saucy!
No. 774449 ID: bfb318
File 148529614673.png - (31.81KB , 800x800 , 50.png )

Sweatermouse replies to Radmin.

"Beating up my sister isn't something a nice person celebrates!"
>"Murdermouse isn't a nice person, is she?"
"She's trying to help in her own way!"
>"An evil way!"
"A helpful way!"
>"Sorry, my cute little punching bag, but I think my opinion is well settled upon those who steal my truck, steal my operators, then throw a bomb in my face! An opinion that they are evil. Also a fact but that's less important."
"So wait are you going out alone for pizza and ice cream, or do you have room for a little Sweatermouse?"
>"Hahaha what loner goes out for pizza and ice cream alone?! You and Glamison are coming with me!"
"Oh okay that sounds like the best!"

You think you'll try to keep this from getting any more complex and show up in person, rather than, say, have Murdermouse have a false-sweatermouse to referee the fight for her own advantage, which is actually the real sweatermouse in disguise.

>Sweatermouse cannot referee the fight, she's not impartial.
While absolutely true, you don't actually think that that's actually something that would bar Sweatermouse from refereeing.
No. 774453 ID: c441c1

We can just say we were bribed with dilicous cheesy Pizza that is why we clearly aren't upholding the rules of wrestling.
No. 774456 ID: 3abd97

>Your taunting just ends up with you blatantly flirting with Glamison
Pffffff. Well, either this plan isn't working as well as you hoped, or it's gone horribly right.

>Oh nono, he's all yours, I have someone else!
Oh, really?

You'll have to put actually catching up with your sister on the to do list when you're not kipnapping her in the process of straightening out your own love life.

>You think you'll try to keep this from getting any more complex and show up in person, rather than, say, have Murdermouse have a false-sweatermouse to referee the fight for her own advantage, which is actually the real sweatermouse in disguise.
I... thought doing that exact thing was the whole point of having two bodies and not just dressing up.

And Sweatermouse should try to be a good ref, it's just Murdermouse can counter by using Ref Rules to cheat.
No. 774464 ID: 398fe1

Alright, ref your own fight then.

If you need more Naughtiness stars, you can prank First Edition Sweatermouse as you drop her off. Like give her a wedgie or give her a "present" that is actually a bomb in a box.
No. 774466 ID: 211d83

We should catch up after all of this. Then give Prime your number. Oh and make sure to kick her out of the truck when you drop her off to raise your evil meter.

Sounds like your date stuff should go well. Just got to get your evil meter up enough to make the match a fight. Without hurting anyone's feelings that is.

Have Murder get on the phone and use the announcement system to tell everyone about the match. Got to get a crowd ready. Describe in detail how you are going to thrash Radmin for being a big jerk and toying with your sisters affections. And how after today everyone will know the name Murdermouse!
No. 774478 ID: e6e9af


Actually yeah, let's totally ref the fight. Play it up that Murdermouse is our big sister looking out for us (even if she's actually just us learning to be assertive about what we want -- which is Radmin and Glamison and probably cuddles. Lots of them).
No. 774480 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, would Sweatermouse actually be able to coordinate both bodies in the middle of a match without accidentally having the wrong body say/do something that was meant for the other body to say/do?
No. 774594 ID: 493b5f

Hmm. You know, if you were worried about not being able to look at certain things the same way after you'd gotten intimate with someone, maybe body separation would help with that? If you set things up for a sort of "when I'm in this body it's private personal fun, and in this body it's innocence and public stuff", maybe it would create a sort of sense of a "switch" in your mind, that you flip one way or the other to think in slightly different ways? I mean, some people accomplish something similar by just wearing different clothes. Just an idea.

Anyway, if you want to raise Murdermouse's villainy, maybe she should go to the ring ahead of time and set up some tricksy traps or hidden extra weapons and things for herself. Like maybe put a secret cache in one of the ring posts, or a hidden drop net in the ceiling lights that can be activated remotely.

Or maybe she could "capture" Sweatermouse, leave her tied up on a podium or something, able to see the ring and speak so she can referee, but restrained so Murdermouse can claim that Radmin and Glamison won't get their date unless they win. With ambiguous wording, like "You think you can make plans before you've even won? You two need to face me in a match first, victory earns a date!", that would imply they need to win to get a date but technically means the winner gets a date if it's you too, would allow you to still fight and try to win without lying or giving up the date.
No. 774798 ID: 8111b6

Would it be evil to tease and torment about this 'somone else'? After all, you know how you are about that kind of stuff. Tossing her out of the still moving truck is an option, too, but kinda mean.

Also, sweatermouse being the ref adds to the drama! You've gotta consider the narrative aspect of it! True, she and ref sweatermouse are the same, but the audience doesn't know that.
No. 774811 ID: 91ee5f

>Or maybe she could "capture" Sweatermouse, leave her tied up on a podium or something, able to see the ring and speak so she can referee, but restrained so Murdermouse can claim that Radmin and Glamison won't get their date unless they win. With ambiguous wording, like "You think you can make plans before you've even won? You two need to face me in a match first, victory earns a date!", that would imply they need to win to get a date but technically means the winner gets a date if it's you too, would allow you to still fight and try to win without lying or giving up the date.
A good way to do that would be if Murdermouse can and took Sweatermouse in the middle of her call with Radmin! That'll hopefully get Radmin to react with a look on his face that says, "Oh, hell no! She did not just do that!"

But if that can't happen, then after Sweatermouse hangs up the phone with Radmin, she should tell Succubus that the plan is moving a little ahead of schedule and if she and Chief want to see what's going to happen, they should head over to the ring. And hurry before all the good seats are taken!
No. 775099 ID: bfb318
File 148555206810.png - (29.61KB , 800x800 , 51.png )

"Thanks for everything Succubus, but plans are moving up so I've got to get going!" says Sweatermouse. "If you want to see the match, you should come to the ring before all the good seats are taken!"
>"The TV's fine. It's just as good of a view as the stadium, except people aren't constantly bumping into me." says Chief.
>"Good luck, Sweaterstuff." Succubus waves you off with her tail.
No. 775100 ID: bfb318
File 148555217540.png - (28.77KB , 800x800 , 52.png )

>Wasn't false-but-real-sweatermouse reffing the fight the whole point of having two bodies and not just dressing up?
You think the point was to have the real-sweatermouse reffing the fight, not real but acting like a fake but turns out to be real sweatermouse refereeing.

Murdermouse drives to where First Edition wants to be dropped off.

>"Please slow down it's coming rig - " she starts, but Murdermouse picks her up and throws her out of the window. You notice that Murdermouse's meter has been increasing steadily, instead of just jumping up suddenly when you threw First Edition out. Judging by the bumps in the roads and all the commotion, you may be running over more people.

You're a little late to start secretly rigging the ring with nets on the rafters and bomb caches in the ring posts, but no one would know that. In other words, you could get glitcher to set up some traps in the ring for Murdermouse, without anyone knowing that there was glitcher intervention.
No. 775112 ID: c441c1

Traps sounds like an evil and fun thing to do. But it will be even more fun if anyone can use them have Glitcher set them up but don't tell you where they are and see how it goes.
No. 775114 ID: 3abd97

>You think the point was to have the real-sweatermouse reffing the fight, not real but acting like a fake but turns out to be real sweatermouse refereeing.
Um, right. What you said. (Gosh this is all so complicated)!

>Judging by the bumps in the roads and all the commotion, you may be running over more people.
>not even sure if you're running people over
Well I guess you earned your evil card, all right. (Yes, of course, you're a card carrying member. Aren't all bad guys?).

>In other words, you could get glitcher to set up some traps in the ring for Murdermouse
It's evil to cheat, and you're going to need the edge to keep ahead of Glam and Radmin since they have more experience at this than you.

Just remember you can't give Radmin a chance to look around and find any of your traps before the fight starts. Dirty tricks are his thing and he would totally steal your traps and reuse the stuff.
No. 775121 ID: 7397ab

If you get more evil points for running over people take the long way into the stadium and drive the truck in via the upstairs parking ramp. That way you can drive down to the ring over the audience.

Yeah ask Glitcher if he would mind helping you with evil traps. If not we can make due.
No. 775175 ID: 3c2ab4

When you get to the ring drive the truck RIGHT at Radmin.

"I think your monster truck has an inherent flaw, Radmin!"

Blow up the truck.

"It's combustible."
No. 775326 ID: 15a025

If we're gonna get some more help from glitcher, we should trick out Radmin's truck with some glitcher styled car decorations.
No. 775327 ID: 76b09c

Traps sound good.

Be prepared for what exactly the traps do to be a surprise to you too.
No. 775493 ID: b412df

Traps are evil, which fits what you're going for. Although maybe don't go to far with them, as not to give you too much of a advantage, since it'll also raise your evil meter. I don't think a steamroll of a fight will be fun for either you or Radmin and Glamison.
No. 776134 ID: bfb318
File 148590965995.png - (46.76KB , 800x800 , 53.png )

Sweatermouse runs out in front of the monster truck's path just in time to get ""kidnapped"", while Murdermouse multitasks by asking for some retroactively placed traps.

>Don't steamroll them
You don't think your bar can go high enough to count as a steamroll!

Murdermouse makes her way to the stadium, but instead of driving through the appropriate lanes, she crashes through the top level of the stadium wall and begins driving down the viewing area, running over whoever happens to get in the way.

Traps are made. Murdermouse is only given vague ideas about how the traps work and what exactly they do.

Apparently some of the structure above the ring can have its connection blown up, dropping various stuff onto the ring. Parts of the ring itself are unstable, and can be remotely detonated to drop people standing over the spots to fall through the ring. At least 2 of the posts have bombs planted in them, which will destabilize or remove the connected ropes if blown up.

The commentator's desk is also rigged to explode at Murdermouse's command.

Lastly, a few sweatermice have just sent messages to Murdermouse saying that if she gives the word, they'll run in and help if they can.

At the bottom, Radmin and Glamison can be seen inside of the ring. Sweatermouse can be tied up if preferred, and Murdermouse can either drive straight into the ring, or enter the ring in some other way.

Blowing up the truck is also an option.
No. 776139 ID: 211d83

Tie Sweatermouse to a pole and plant her like a flag somewhere out in the open. She can ref from there and the winner can untie her (or not).

Drive the truck right up to the ring so you can blow it up after throwing someone on or in it later. But not over the ring cause we need that for wrestling.
No. 776145 ID: a363ac

throw sweatermouse into the commentators desk seat. Then while standing on the hood of the Monster truck blow it up and land in the ring like the awesome mouse you are.
No. 776150 ID: 3abd97

>The commentator's desk is also rigged to explode at Murdermouse's command.
Um. Who are the commenters now?

>Murdermouse can either drive straight into the ring, or enter the ring in some other way.
Pull up in the car, make it look like you're going to get out of it, then have it explode.

Enter the ring from the opposite side, having teleported out first.

Murdermouse makes her opening speech about what she's trying to do, gets to set the stakes. Sweatermouse gets to be appropriately indigent about all of this. No gag, but you can be tied up (have the sleeves of the sweater tied together).
No. 776192 ID: 334e1c

Tie up SM, throw SM into the commentator's desk.
No. 776193 ID: 65ec8d

Tie up SM and prop her up somewhere she can oversee the ring and referee. Not somewhere that she'll be easily retrievable, unless you want to be pulled down and used as a weapon at some point.
No. 776210 ID: 398fe1

Sweatermouse being tied up for an extended period will look strange since because of Safe Zone rules she can get out of it at any time. But I mean we could still do that and toss her somewhere at which point she'll get out of the ropes and start doing her job.
No. 776218 ID: 91ee5f

That's a good point.
No. 776228 ID: a8bc5c

Blow the truck up with SM in it, sending her catapulting into the sky.

Winner gets to catch her when she inevitably plummets.
No. 776236 ID: bfb318
File 148592694668.png - (28.84KB , 800x800 , 54.png )

>Who are the commenters now?
It appears to be Haydi and Glitcher Junior.

You really hope Glitcher knew what he was asking for when he helped you by rigging their own booth to blow up.

For now, you set up Sweatermouse for her introduction, and you have Murdermouse drive it to the ring while she stands on the hood.

>"How thoughtful of you to return my truck to me!" Radmin yells out.
No. 776238 ID: bfb318
File 148592696856.png - (40.53KB , 800x800 , 55.png )

You grab Sweatermouse, leap off the truck, and vault Sweatermouse near the commentator desk.

As you land, the truck explodes. You realize you haven't rehearsed your landing at all and you're pretty sure this isn't the ideal pose, but you didn't belly flop on the stage and the crowd is excited and that's about all you could ask for.

"You're doing a really bad job of making Sweatermice look good!" Sweatermouse yells.
"I'm not making us look good, I'm making us look unscre - "

You spend a moment rechoosing your words.

"Like we're not shorties to be screwed around with!"
No. 776239 ID: bfb318
File 148592697997.png - (28.52KB , 800x800 , 56.png )

>"Funny, you don't seem to be good at that either." says Radmin. "Because blowing up my truck is the best way to get me to screw with them."
>"Damn, all dressed up like a cartoonish wrestling villain and everything. You're even more adorable in person!" Glamison says.

You mentally thank glitcher very much for his interference, because if he wasn't so accodating, Murdermouse would be blushing so much right now.
No. 776247 ID: 3abd97

>You're even more adorable in person!
Seduction successful?

"Oh, you really thing so? I... hey, wait, I'm here to teach a lesson, not take compliments! (Even if I am totally awesome and deserve all of them)."

>"Like we're not shorties to be screwed around with!"
...technically, isn't the whole point of this because a certain shorty didn't get screwed and is trying to fix that? (Oh thank goodness for blushproofing).

>"Because blowing up my truck is the best way to get me to screw with them."
"Really. You don't say. How many other people blew up your truck before you started messing with them? Why my innocent little sis up there must have wrecked a ton to have earned everything you put her through!"
No. 776248 ID: 398fe1

Oh you think I'm adorable? Great cuz if I win you have to take me out on a date!
No. 776253 ID: 7ea7cc

Try something, Radmin!

And Glamison, we can go somewhere nice after this- it'll help you get the taste of mat out of your mouth!
No. 776256 ID: 094652

"I got one question for you, just one: HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU?! And don't pick something you've already done, I want to make this murder MEMORABLE!!!"
No. 776273 ID: 91ee5f

Sweatermouse says, "W-wait, guys! Don't compliment her, she's mean! She doesn't deserve it!"

Murdermouse says, "Just like they don't deserve you! In fact, I caught Radmin cheating on you with Sweatermouse from cycle 1 in his dressing room!"

Sweatermouse starts crying and says, "W-w-what?! Radmin, h-how could y-you?!"

(Spreading lies to make Radmin look bad counts as being evil, right?)
No. 776276 ID: a8bc5c

Now would be a good time to drop an anvil on glamison's head. Or drop activate one of those pits.

*anything* to reinforce being a dastardly villain to empower murdermouse before she starts putting Radmin in his place.
No. 776279 ID: a363ac

Both of these are dastardly and murdermousey
No. 776376 ID: bfb318
File 148598648712.png - (25.39KB , 800x955 , 57.png )

rolled 7 = 7

"Don't compliment her she's mean she doesn't deserve compliments!"
"They don't deserve you, Sweatermouse! Did you know Radmin was cheating on you with another sweatermouse?!"
>"Heheh." Radmin chuckles, shrugging with his hands. "That would imply I went chasing after that sweatermouse, but she's the one who clung onto me. And can you blame her? I'm irresistable. So actually, if you think about it, it was her cheating me."
".... that's not even close to how it works! That doesn't even make sense! At least Glamison is starting off nice. Maybe I'll take her on a date and let her wash her tongue of the taste of mat!... with food! And ice cream! But Radmin, or should I say, Fiver, how many people did you mess with before they ruined your truck?! My innocent little sister up there must have wrecked a ton to earn everything you put her through!"
>"Haha, have you seen her ref? She's wrecked the outcome of just about every match!"
"What?! Oh my gosh do you feel that way really?! You think I'm a bad ref?!"
>"Dear little mouse, of course not. You've constantly intervened in my favor unfairly. You're the best ref, and thanks to your wingman, Birdfeed, there's no quips back about you being the only ref!"
"That's enough! Let's get started! How do you want to get murdered, Radmin?! Make sure it's memorable, I don't want anyone forgetting, especially you! Even after you're dead!"

Murdermouse pressed a button to set off a bomb under the ring.

Rolling for effectiveness, with 1 being least effective.
No. 776379 ID: bfb318
File 148598714611.png - (19.12KB , 800x800 , 58.png )

Result: Better Than Expected

The bomb is set off, and the area underneath Glamison rumbles before a perfectly rectangular segment drops underneath her. The naga's OP body was too large to get fully dropped, but it looks like it will delay her long enough to give Murdermouse a chance to do something without getting immediately double teamed.

"I want to get murdered by a formidable opponent!" says Radmin even as his teammate drops. "It doesn't look like I'm getting killed today, though."
No. 776380 ID: 398fe1

Prove him wrong. Running clothesline! To his midsection, sure.
No. 776383 ID: a363ac

Use your superior strength and relatively same agility to pick Radmin up and throw him into the hole at Glamisons face.
No. 776384 ID: 094652

The grappler is stunned! Skirt around the field and sucker-punch Radmin in the dick!
No. 776389 ID: 3abd97

>it looks like it will delay her long enough to give Murdermouse a chance to do something without getting immediately double teamed
When you do get double teamed that's when you call foul and force the ref to intervene on your behalf. One of them should be tagged out!

Forcing Sweaterref to enforce the rules against her own interest is evil at its best.

>"I want to get murdered by a formidable opponent!" says Radmin even as his teammate drops
Start things off with a Mouse Bounce headbutt. If possible, hit him again when he bounces off the ropes.
No. 776390 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, we can't bust out the high level techniques right away, that's not a good show. But we should start building up expectation.

Say "Doesn't look like you're getting killed? Then maybe you need to check your eyes! Three Blinds: Level One!"

Then you run at him, making it look like you're going for an arm or elbow strike or shoulder tackle, focusing his attention on your upper body. At the last minute, though, turn it into a power slide, coincidentally flipping your skirt up, and sweep his legs!
No. 776469 ID: bfb318
File 148601046813.png - (50.26KB , 800x955 , 59.png )

"Well technically no one ever truly dies here so Radmin is telling the truth." you hear Glitcher Junior say now that you're paying attention to the commentary.
"Uh no Radmin has died before, I mean I even met him in hell!" says Haydi.

Using your signature move right off the bat is kind of a wrestling no-no, you're pretty sure! Or maybe it's fine? You decide to play it safe and just attack normally.

By running up to Radmin, picking him up, and throwing him into the pit. He sinks in and Glamison loses what grip she had, tumbling down under the ring with him. Radmin almost seemed to let it happen, and you're not sure if that's because you were much stronger than he thought you'd be, or if he just isn't taking this seriously at all.

Which he shouldn't be taking it too seriously, but you think he should take it a little seriously!

"You can practically hear him asking for Murdermouse to just get down there and finish the job!" says Haydi.
"H... he's not though." Junior says.
"Well don't give it away geez."
"Anyway, the crowd reaction is is loud but mixed! They don't know what they expect!
"Or want!"

No. 776470 ID: 398fe1

...dangit radmin! You can't grandstand from down there! Get back up here and be a big showoff!
Wait no let's just send a camera down there and jump in for a PIT FIGHT. Murdermouse can wait for a minute at first, tapping her foot impatiently, then jump down with a huge ELBOW DROP.
No. 776471 ID: a363ac

Instead of attacking take a jab at his ego and flatly say "wow you suck" because come on he just sucked a fat one there. Also watch out for cheap under the ring attacks from Glamisons tail or Radmins cheapness
No. 776472 ID: 1cc24b

Say you're doing some kind of drop in move, but throw a bomb in there instead.
No. 776473 ID: 3abd97

"Hey, take me seriously, you jerk! This is my whole problem, there's no respect!"

"Well if you don't take me seriously, I'll make you!"

Toss a bombchu in the hole after him.

Sweatermouse: start swinging back and forth like a pendulum, trying to get free, and try to do ref stuff.
No. 776474 ID: 595d54

"Wow. You suck." Then call out a move but just chuck a bomb in after them.
No. 776478 ID: 99f752

Nah, you gotta call out a drop-in move, toss in a bomb, and then actually drop in with the move once the explosion's gone off. Evil bomb drops are good, but if you just camp up top the audience'll think you're being lame.
No. 776515 ID: 65ec8d

You have lots of signature moves, you just need to save some for later! You don't need to avoid using any at all, or you'll never get to use most of them.

Express your disappointment/amusement. "Wow, Radmin. Hey, in case I didn't make it clear, that date with Sweatermouse you've been talking about? That's the prize for winning! I guess it shows how much you care if you're not even trying? Well, I came into this expecting to prove you weren't worth Sweatermouse's attention, I guess I was more right than I thought! Oh ho ho ho!"

Use your whisker twister laugh to charge up while they're climbing out of the hole/preparing to attack you from underneath it.
No. 776920 ID: 8111b6

Maybe you should play to the crowd. Give them a chance at actually getting out of the hole. It's for entertainment, right? Ham it up. Running around the ring, triumphantly shaking hands and such. ...and then try for a cheap shot like a true heel when they start climbing out. Just tossing a bomb in there isn't FUN for the audience yet. Maybe either a running kick to the face or stepping on their head or hand to get over the hole.

Radmin, at least understands the importance of working the crowd.
No. 776929 ID: 91ee5f

Wait! Use the The Whisker Twister! A condescending laugh is appropriate to use now, right?
No. 776944 ID: e6e9af


Wondering if it's kosher to prefix any witty retort with "Oh my Glitcher," seeing as he IS technically one of this world's gods, and all that. Kinda.

... Nah, twist them whiskers and have a good laugh at their having already fallen for it -- and Radmin of all wrestlers, the so-called king of cheap tricks, too!
No. 777212 ID: 15a025

Taunt them saying you were expecting more of a challenge than this
No. 780369 ID: bfb318
File 148737428285.png - (44.07KB , 800x955 , 60.png )

"Haha, you really suck, Radmin! Or were you not taking me seriously? Or maybe you're just that bad and not worth Sweatermouse's attention after all? That must be it! Ohohohoho!"

You stand as high as a short mouse can, using Whisker Twister to squeeze out audience bonuses. which seems to go to SIG. You have Sweatermouse start swinging around on the stick to try to get free and maybe do ref stuff.
No. 780370 ID: bfb318
File 148737429337.png - (24.79KB , 800x800 , 61.png )

You have Murdermouse then throw a bomb. You can't use your best signature moves right off the bat, but this still counts as starting small.

Also, you're all too aware of how they may try to attack you from underneath the ring, so you keep a watch out to find a sneak attack.
No. 780371 ID: bfb318
File 148737430298.png - (24.66KB , 800x800 , 62.png )

You found one.
No. 780372 ID: bfb318
File 148737431004.png - (59.49KB , 800x800 , 63.png )

What you also see is Glamison springing out of the hole you made. The explosion goes off, then, and the shockwave picks up Glamison and hurtles her at you.
No. 780373 ID: bfb318
File 148737432188.png - (28.30KB , 800x955 , 64.png )

By the time you decide to react, part of Glamison's tail collides into you.
No. 780376 ID: 398fe1

Wriggle out of it! Can't let her grapple you! See if you can give her a kick in the face to boot. Heh, boot.
No. 780377 ID: 3abd97

You've (barely) got more STR than the snake, and she's only barely got you. You can escape the grapple by flipping over her tail, or slipping under it.

Bonus points for leaving her a bomb to grapple instead.

Worst case: if you get stuck in the middle of her coils, with your own bomb? Invoke Ref Rules and steal invincibility for a minute to you can tank the blast while she can't.
No. 780385 ID: a363ac

Be on the look out for a cheap attack from Radmin !
No. 780410 ID: 211d83

Your stats are still way over hers. Wiggle up onto her tail and the Butt drop her at the end of the arc of this attack.
No. 780661 ID: 094652

Tie her tail in a knot!
No. 781050 ID: 15a025

Agreed. Let's get "knotty" and tie her like a shoe lace.
No. 781259 ID: bfb318
File 148754775424.png - (29.51KB , 800x800 , 65.png )

You've got a single moment to do anything notable, and you do your best to make it count by sliding down her tail near the end, looping it up, over, and through a hole. It's not much of a knot right now, but as Glamison hits the rope, a couple of ideas pop into your head.

You could slip under her while she bounces back, and use the change in direction to hold onto her tail and tie that knot off tighter than she can easily undo it. If you really pull out your A game, you could even drop a bomb in the middle of that knot, but that would be difficult. You suspect the knot will severely penalize her agility. Alternatively, the incoming speed difference would make for a powerful straight forward attack.

There's no sign of Radmin, yet.
No. 781262 ID: b412df

Just go with the knot, I think it'd be better to get a certain debuff on Glamison rather than a uncertain bomb attack or a solid hit in.

Plus, tying her tail in a knot is evil. We need to show the crowd we can be diverse in our evilness instead of just bombs.
No. 781263 ID: 3abd97

A bomb in the knot would probably untie it, which would sort of undo the advantage for just hurting her.

What if after the knot you did a spin in place and hammer-threw her? Spin the rest might work for that.
No. 781264 ID: 094652

Now for the kicker - tie a bomb into the knot, then throw it at Glamison's face!
No. 781275 ID: ed3883

plant your feet and pull so the knot travels up her form and she can't use it as a cub as easily.
No. 781324 ID: 211d83

Watch out for your mask slipping there Murder.

Go for broke I say.

This whole affair has been set up for you to have some wrestling fun and show your newly amorous romantic intentions to your dates.

So put your A game on and do your best to get that tail tied around a bomb. Radmin will be butting his head in somewhere but can deal with him once he appears.
No. 781327 ID: bfb318
File 148756557502.png - (33.98KB , 1000x955 , 66.png )

>Watch out for your mask slipping there Murder.
Your mask isn't even attached to your face physically speaking. It just rests on the bridge of your nose and stays there through the magic of Equip Item, only coming off if something would properly lift or knock it off.

You go for the plain knot.

You think she's very polite for panicking and thrashing around, essentially tossing you away from any more of her coils, hair or limbs. That might be Murdermouse speaking, though.

You've seen every wrestling match, with all kinds of stuff that shouldn't work but does. It's due to this learning by watching that not just do you manage to tie a snake into a knot, but you lift up, and the loosened knot slides up her tail, finally snagging just a bit above her middle, ensuring she won't be able to use it like a giant club without awkwardly flailing.

"Oh thank goodness." says Haydi. "I've always wanted to know how an Alison could move if you tied up her tail, but I could never ask!"
No. 781328 ID: 398fe1

Holy shit how did Radmin get out? Don't cheat, Murdermouse shouldn't be able to see him. Get caught by the ladder and take some hits.
No. 781329 ID: 595d54

"Coincidentally" swing Glamison into Radmin's ladder and/or Radmin himself.
No. 781331 ID: a363ac

Spin The Rest use your position in the ring to spin the ring into Radmin.
No. 781332 ID: 3abd97

Yup, exactly this. Break out the signature move and swing them right into each other. Technically MM doesn't have to "know" Radmin is there to pull that off, even if you can only see behind your back thanks to Sweatermouse.

...is she free yet? At the very least she should be saying something.
No. 781333 ID: a363ac

Also make a bad pun about Knots. Such as "Well you certainly are a Knotty girl." "I never knew you could be knotted so easily." "Time to get Knotty."
No. 781543 ID: b412df

Is there a way we can block that ladder and make it look accidental? The only way we're able to see that attack coming is because Sweatermouse is also Murdermouse. Otherwise just take the hit, try and minimise damage while doing so.
No. 781626 ID: bfb318
File 148765113071.png - (21.65KB , 800x800 , 67.png )

>Is she free yet?
It turns out you're way, way better at making knots than getting out of them.

"I didn't know nagas got knotty so easily!"

Glamison shoots you a look of confused disapproval, but you're already moving on to other things. Murdermouse uses Spin The Rest, which is performed by doing a ballerina twirl followed by stopping. You have a feeling that multiple rolls may increase the duration of the spin,

You spin around fast, and perhaps Murdermouse would have noticed Radmin in time, but instead, she opts to tank the hit in order to finish her signature move.
No. 781628 ID: bfb318
File 148765121155.png - (36.75KB , 800x800 , 68.png )

The key moment of your foot stopping the twirl still occurs at precisely the same time as one of the ladder holes being slammed down around you, knocking Glamison out of your grasp.
No. 781632 ID: bfb318
File 148765137016.png - (13.65KB , 800x800 , 69.png )

The ring starts rotating. The acceleration is fast, but it gives Radmin a moment to react to the incoming ring wall about to crash into him. He throws his end of the ladder to the side, for a reason you're sure you'll find out in a moment.

Murdermouse acts as the the center point of the ring's rotation, and since she was near a corner, the ring's rotation will cover a lot of ground. Glamison ends up rolling across the ground, out of the ring.

>"What the hell is this overpowered move?!" she yells.

>"We might want to move." says Glitcher junior.
"Nah." Haydi replies.
No. 781633 ID: bfb318
File 148765137927.png - (21.84KB , 800x800 , 70.png )

Radmin manages to catch himself ringside instead of being run over.

The ring is also going to run into Sweatermouse's pole, so if she's lucky, she'll land hard enough to undo her ropes or however that works.

>"This can't be legal, Sweatermouse!" he says.
"Neither is using a ladder!"
No. 781635 ID: bfb318
File 148765151483.png - (26.09KB , 800x955 , 71.png )

Meanwhile, you finally realize why Radmin tossed his end of the ladder to the side. He put the last stair gap over the pole.

From Sweatermouse's angle, it doesn't look like this should be at all a challenge for Murdermouse to get out of, but it is giving her problems all the same. You're not even sure how Radmin got it down so far in the first place, and assume his CHP must have given the power.
No. 781637 ID: 398fe1

Loudly curse your generous curves. Then FLEX to break the ladder outright!
No. 781639 ID: 595d54

Spin harder and use the ladder as a weapon to whack your enemies.
No. 781645 ID: 91ee5f

Watch out! Radmin's SIG stat is pretty high! There's a good chance he might try to hit you with a Signature Move while you're stuck! Specifically, his RKO move or, if Sweatermouse's pole fell over but she's still tied up, he'll try to use Spin the Ref by swinging around Sweatermouse while she's still stuck to the pole!
No. 781647 ID: a363ac

Now might be a good time to let them get a reversal and let them go on the offensive for the show.
No. 781657 ID: a8bc5c

You are two stars short of a maxed out strength bar. Just break the damn ladder and then roll away.

Then get ready to counterattack Radmin.
No. 781658 ID: 3abd97

Your str is good, and str is for escaping grapples. Just pull yourself forward and roll out.
No. 781661 ID: 65ec8d

You can push it up over you, it'll just take some squeezing. Maybe it's time for the first of the Three Blinds?
No. 781713 ID: bfb318
File 148766651181.png - (25.38KB , 800x800 , 82.png )

You try to flex out of it, but you just squish against it more. Efforts to snap it in half fail, as while your strength is high, this doesn't appear to be a prop ladder, or even a cheap ladder, it's just plain metal.

Your hips are too wide to push yourself forward still, so you start pushing it up and over you, as you certainly have the strength to push through that tight fit. It is then that you realize just how astoundingly awkward this is going to be.

Then you push your hesitation to the side, because this isn't Sweatermouse, this is Murdermouse. It might not look graceful, and in light of recent events you may not even think it's decent, but Murdermouse has a mission to beat up Radmin, or at least that's what you want to do. Plus, you're pretty sure Radmin is about to use spin the ref.

You take a deep breath, then continue. Then exhale, because breathing doesn't help.
No. 781714 ID: bfb318
File 148766651999.png - (30.32KB , 1200x800 , 83.png )

You initiate Level One of Three Blinds, though you don't have to escalate it to the second level.

Your current actions are distracting for a variety of reasons, and you know it. Both Glamison and Radmin are included, though Glamison is still out of the ring.

>"Where'd Glamison go anyway?"
"Who knows?"
No. 781716 ID: bfb318
File 148766658970.png - (32.64KB , 800x955 , 84.png )

"Dang these curves!" Murdermouse yells, squirming around in ways the Succubus taught her. Sweatermouse's blood rushes to her face on Murder's behalf.

While Murdermouse worms through the ladder, Sweatermouse's pole tips over the ring. Radmin rolls into the ring on cue, then stands up by the base of the pole. His SIG goes up, and it's obvious what he's about to do what you feared.

He does not swing the ref. He turns back to the crowd and starts inquisitively gesturing to the base of the pool, although he stares at the crowd through Murdermouse, as Three Blinds is sufficiently distracting. The spinning ring messes up his theatrics some, and he has to keep a hand on the ropes to keep his balance, but all the same, the crowd starts getting noisy. Radmin is acting like he doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

The crowd clearly wants to see the ref spun.

"He's building up signature power! He might turn this around if Murdermouse lets him get away with beating up his sister!" Haydi yells.
>"Hey, Murdermouse! I think the crowd wants to see me swing the Ref! I even think the ref wants to see it too." says Radmin.

You kind of do but you've also got rekindled motivation towards beating the heck out of him.

Murdermouse is almost out of the ladder thanks to time and stat increases. She's either got to do something like continue Three Blinds, or let Radmin start some reversal in momentum.
No. 781719 ID: 91ee5f

As soon as you get out of that ladder, try spinning the ring in the opposite direction. You'll either make it come to a sudden stop or start spinning in the other direction.

The sudden change in the ring's momentum will make Sweatermouse slide away from Radmin and he'll have to waste time to chase after her to do his move. Or, if he's already holding Sweatermouse or is in the middle of swinging her, the sudden change in the ring's momentum will mess him up and make him miss.

Also, Glamison's AGI stat has started to go up, so she's either untied herself or she's found another way to move around without slithering.
No. 781757 ID: 211d83

Start the second phase of the three blinds by "accidentally" catching your top on the ladder as you get it over your head.

Time this so right as you get the ladder off you get smacked by a swung Sweatermouse. Go down in a lewd pile of curvy mouse flesh so it distracts everyone.
No. 781772 ID: 7397ab

Seeing as Radmin basically phased the ladder though your arms you might have to wiggle a lot to get out.

Try turning sideways to see if it gives you more room.


Something like this should work. If you time your wiggling suggestive escape from the ladder right (with lots of slipped clothing and erotic wiggling to activate the second blind move) You should be able to get it over your head right as Radmin smacks Sweatermouse into you.

The goal is to end up in a half clothed pile of curvy moaning mouse bits that gets both Radmin and Glam thinking lewd thoughts.
No. 781805 ID: bfb318
File 148770664237.png - (34.10KB , 800x955 , 85.png )

>Radmin phased that ladder through your arms
You did have your hands up to hold up the snake tail at the time of ladder-impact. That's not to say, though, that you wouldn't be surprised if Radmin had cheap shots that broke physics.

Murdermouse pretend-struggles for a moment as Radmin finally maxes out his SIG. He grabs the pole and lifts up Sweatermouse like a baseball bat, and stares at Murdermouse, timing his hit.

The ladder is tossed up, and Murdermouse's top is "accidentally" brought along with it. The jacket is also tossed up, by real accident.

"AAAAAAA" says Sweatermouse, as Radmin starts swinging.
No. 781806 ID: bfb318
File 148770668316.png - (26.38KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

If you were capable of feeling outright pain, you would be feeling a lot of it right now. While pinned between rope and sweater, the commentators keep talking.

"Ohh that's got to hurt!"
>"I don't think Murdermouse will quickly recover from that one."

The ring starts bumping as it rolls over something, and it begins slowing down to a gradual stop.
No. 781807 ID: bfb318
File 148770673407.png - (29.61KB , 800x955 , 87.png )

You bounce off the ropes, and both of your bodies tumble together back onto the mat on the opposite side of the ring. Your jacket lands nearby. Murdermouse is partially stunned, meaning that while she can move, she'll be clumsy about it.
No. 781816 ID: 65ec8d

Looks like Glamison's about to slam down with that tail knot, or maybe use it to hook herself over and launch in onto.

You know, I wonder. I know this is supposed to be a heel vs. heel match, but it's about making the crowd care, right? You're playing to a character archetype, and that archetype can be more complex than just hero or villain so long as it's cohesive. Murdermouse has been talking about looking after Sweatermouse. If Murdermouse dodges, it might put Sweatermouse in line for the hit - she's invulnerable, but it still looks bad. If Murdermouse "instinctively" tanks the hit to stop it hitting Sweatermouse, which is in-character to the saucy big sisterly persona, perhaps the crowd would like it?
No. 781829 ID: 9411c6

Good idea. Get up and put yourself between Glamison and SweaterMouse.
No. 781835 ID: a8bc5c

You're going to have to tank the next attack from glamison and see about getting sweatermouse out dodge.

You know, staying in-character about MM's intentions.

Might as well ham it up about radmin having to resort to using the ref to attack you in a match that revolves around treating her and the rest of the sweatermice better.
No. 781843 ID: 398fe1

Don't dodge, then. Block. Maybe also grab.
No. 781848 ID: 91ee5f

Aw, I just realized we could've used Mouse Bounce to have Sweatermouse bounce off of Murdermouse and not do any damage to Murdermouse!

While it's true that Murdermouse is playing the protective "big sister", remember, we have an ESM (Evil/Saucy Meter) powered by villainy and seduction. If we protect Sweatermouse, that'll be considered a "good action" and drain away our stat stars, since the stars are equal to the ESM! Once the audience sees that Murdermouse isn't "evil" our ESM is going to drain away and we'll start to lose!

So unless Murdermouse pulls out all the stops and uses only seduction to keep the ESM filling up, we ain't gonna win!

I mean, winning wasn't the plan, but we might as well do it! It'd also be pretty funny to see the look on Radmin's face when his "never lost a match" win streak is finally broken! XD
No. 781856 ID: 3abd97

Sweatermouse should start protesting and trying to get from under MM before Glam can hammer them both. "Hey, I'm the ref! And the hostage! Leave me out of this! You're all getting infractions at this rate! Wait what rules am I supposed to be enforcing for this match."

Murdermouse can use Ref Rules to steal invincibility for a moment and block the hit "saving" Sweater, and using the opportunity to be smug at her opponents. "Now you're attacking her? I thought you were trying to save little old Sweater."

A taunt also gives you a chance to escalate up another level of three blinds, or to do another ohohohohoh laugh.

Maybe then shove Sweater to go grab your top?

>While it's true that Murdermouse is playing the protective "big sister", remember, we have an ESM (Evil/Saucy Meter) powered by villainy and seduction. If we protect Sweatermouse, that'll be considered a "good action" and drain away our stat stars, since the stars are equal to the ESM! Once the audience sees that Murdermouse isn't "evil" our ESM is going to drain away and we'll start to lose!
I dunno, so long as we make saving Sweatermouse saucy, or we do it in a condescending manner, I think it's still from the villain playbook. We're butting in to provide a defense she never asked for. There's also the fine villain tradition of showing up the "heroes" just because you can.

I mean, MM's sort of an anti-villain, here. She's doing dastardly deeds to teach some jerks a lesson. (And her own respect).
No. 781863 ID: bfb318
File 148771765360.png - (22.81KB , 800x800 , 88.png )

Murdermouse staggers upright to block the incoming shot, rather than overtly defend sweatermouse and risk losing a bunch of ESM.

"Leave me outta this, I'm the ref! And the hostage! You're all getting infractions and cards at this rate! Is this even a real match?!"
"Learn to help yourself already instead of hiding behind your referee state!" Murdermouse says.
No. 781865 ID: bfb318
File 148771770643.png - (32.23KB , 800x955 , 89.png )

"OOF." Sweatermouse says as the knot hits Murdermouse hard enough to knock her back down, but it was still soft enough to not re-stun her. Murdermouse also manages to get a good grip on the tail. "Can someone please untie me already?!"

"I thought you were trying to save sweater? You're just using her to attack me!" Murdermouse yells.
>"We're undefeated for a reason, now just stay down, cutey!" says Glamison. "You're cool, but you're still a sweatermouse at heart, and sweatermice aren't fighters, they're friends."
No. 781870 ID: 398fe1

That's what you think! MURDER SUPLEX!

Pull the tail, hard enough to whip her back into the ring and slam down behind you.
No. 781872 ID: 3abd97

That Glamison taunt should probably at least get an indigent "Hey!" out of Sweater.

>sweatermice aren't fighters
>>sweatermice aren't fighters
>>>sweatermice aren't fighters
This is exactly the attitude Murdermouse is here to correct, and everything she thinks these two are doing wrong. It's time to see red and flip out, I think. Suplex the snake.

>aren't fighters, they're friends.
"Friends deserve respect! Sweatermouses Power! Murder Suplex!!"

Bonus points if you can smash her into Radmin.

"I'll teach you to respect Sweatermice! I'm gonna show we can be more than doormat doormice!"
No. 781873 ID: 211d83

That comment from Glam could be the perfect chance to get Sweatermouse on your team. Then you could even the number advantage.

Would just have to have your Sweatermouse avatar take offense to that comment. Have her be "You don't think I could be a wrestler?" then give Glam a sad look. Then decide to join Murder's team to show them you can kick there ass.

Or just have Sweater make horribly unfair rulings and "accidentally" help murder a bunch.
No. 781882 ID: 91ee5f

>We're undefeated for a reason
"What do you mean 'we'? Last I checked, the only undefeated ones here are me, since this is my first match, and Radmin. You ain't undefeated and, if I remember correctly, Radmin was the one that defeated you!"

>sweatermice aren't fighters, they're friends.
"Are they really your friends? I've seen the way you treat her and how you take advantage of her! If that's how you treat your 'friends', I'd hate to see how you treat your enemies!"
No. 781889 ID: 87547f

Are you sure you did not mean Sweatermice are food you big ol snake?

This is why you don't deserve Sweatermouse. I bet she could fight just fine if she wanted to.

Suplex Glam then use Sweatermouse as a bludgeon for whatever comes next. Radmin is not the only one who can use you as a weapon. Plus you can be mean to yourself for more evil points.
No. 781893 ID: bfb318
File 148772304314.png - (23.14KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

"Hey! You don't think I could be a wrestler?!" Sweatermouse asks.
>"I just can't really imagine it, sorry!"
>"Hey, you tried to fight Radmin that one time, and it went pretty, uh... bad."
"And who do you mean 'we', you were defeated!"
>"As in me and Radmin as a team! Personally yeah once, but Radmin and I are undefeated!"

>sweatermice aren't fighters
>>sweatermice aren't fighters
>>>sweatermice aren't fighters

"Friends deserve respect! If this is how you treat your friends, I'd hate to see how you treat your enemies!"
>"If you keep trying to be a fighter against us, we'll show you just that!"
"We aren't doormat doormice! Murder Suplex!"

The tail isn't rigid, so she can't just suplex the snake like she would a long stick. Instead, she pushes the tail up, then yanks it back down to whip Glamison up and over the ropes.
No. 781894 ID: bfb318
File 148772305371.png - (30.88KB , 800x955 , 91.png )

You try to slam Glamison down on Radmin, but Radmin is nowhere to be seen, so you just slam her on the mat.

This may be a good time to untie Sweatermouse, as she can enter the fight either as a referee or a fighter. Possibly both.
No. 781895 ID: a363ac

untie Sweatermouse and have her do a fake hit on glamison to make her think that mouse is weaker than Murdermouse for a surprise later.
No. 781896 ID: 211d83

Letting her loose would help but would it be evil?

Maybe steal her sweater to cover up your chest (leaving her cruelly exposed) and leave her on the pole as a weapon. That should pop up your evil meter a bit.
No. 781899 ID: 094652

Keep up the pressure by chomping on Glamison's tail while you untie your main body, then have her help you twirl Glamison around by the knot!
No. 781902 ID: 91ee5f

No. 781904 ID: 3abd97

Maybe you could crack Glam's tail like a whip for a second smack before she recovers. Or you could just roll a bomb down her tail like it was a marble track. It'll probably blow up in her face or her torso before she's recovered enough from that slam to redirect it or use it for propulsion.

>This may be a good time to untie Sweatermouse, as she can enter the fight either as a referee or a fighter. Possibly both.
"You gonna make yourself useful at all, sis?"

Sweatermouse: hop up to cover Murdermourse's chest once the tail is out of the way, blushing and/or stuttering furiously. "Stop flashing my- your- at everyone! I mean they're yours but they look exactly like mine, uh, notthatIwaslooking!
No. 781905 ID: 91ee5f

Also, Radmin's CHP stat is half a star away from being maxed out! He's most likely going to try to hit you with a cheap attack when he sees an opening! So watch out!
No. 781906 ID: d4eb75

Pick a side sweatermouse! Take a stand!

Hammer throw Alison into the ref stand and blow it to smitheroons.
No. 781911 ID: 91ee5f

You mean the thing the Glitch kids are sitting at? It's actually the commenters' booth.
No. 781914 ID: d4eb75

Yeah, that's it. Slam her about a bit like a proper heel should, then get her out of there so you can show some love to Radmin.
No. 781920 ID: a8bc5c

Sweater/murdermouse. You know how radmin fights. He gets a hit in, and then runs away. His CHP is almost fully maxed out, so he's totally going to RKO you and it is REALLY going to fucking hurt.

You best bet is to throw glamison at something (the ropes, the turnbuckle, the commentator's booth, etc) and then sidestep.
No. 781923 ID: bfb318
File 148772843433.png - (26.77KB , 1000x800 , 92.png )

You keep on the pressure for another hit by whipping Glamison up and down a few more times in a combo like manner, before making one big finishing hit by throwing her down on the commentator's table. You were afraid you were about to hit Glitcher Junior but he and Glamison clip through each other.

"Wow, after all that trouble to keep our table from getting ran over by the ring, Murdermouse just trashes our table anyway! And after all that brutality! That's messed up!"
>"It was an important table and made us look less awkward than just sitting over here with chairs." says Junior.
No. 781924 ID: bfb318
File 148772844722.png - (28.41KB , 800x955 , 93.png )

Murdermouse bites down onto Glamison's tail to keep a hold on it, while she unties Sweatermouse.

"Choose a side, Sweatermouse! Make a stand!"
>"I dunno about all Sweatermice but she has a point about me! I'm not a strong fighter!"

Technically it's not a lie, as you doubt that Sweatermouse has much star power.

"Then I'll at least use you for a good reason."

Murdermouse unties the sweater sleeves and yanks it off, freeing Sweatermouse's hands. They reach up to try to pull Murder's top down for some modesty, but Murdermouse uses that opportunity to take her sweater off.

"NOOO at least give me your top! What do you even need my sweater for?!"

You did not prepare a response to yourself in advance. There is difficulty speaking, too, because you're well aware that Radmin's CHP stat is near maxed out, and you keep trying to look left and right while you continue to dance around the ground so he can't grab your feet.
No. 781926 ID: 211d83

I am going to use your invincible sweater to tie up Radmin for good once he shows up. (don't say this out loud)

Thrash Glam all over a bit to lower stats and keep her stunned. Keep the sweater ready in one hand for when you find Radmin. Once you beat them both you can drag them off to go on a victory date with you and Sweatermouse.

Oh and make sure to look up as well as left and right and down. You can probably survive a max cheap hit but it would hurt.
No. 781929 ID: 094652

Fondle boobies then jump on them and use the sweater as a whip against Radmin, then stuff bombs in the sweater arm holes while he's distracted and throw them into his face.

"Your tits are extra soft, I'm gonna steal a giant cartoon syringe and inject caramel fudge cream straight into your nips. Don't move~"
No. 781937 ID: 3abd97

Steal Sweater, shove Sweatermouse towards your discarded jacket.

Using the invinci-sweater as a grappling weapon versus Radmin as he appears seems like a good idea. You can swing it around even if he comes from an unexpected angle (and you can counter with your own cheap move, if you hide a bomb inside for him when he yanks the sweater away).

...our own cheap stat is pretty high. We could take a preemptive cheap shot at Glam as a trap to draw Radmin out. Or ham it up with a villainous laugh, leaving a weak spot / blind spot to attack from. But make sure you point your back at one of your hidden traps or something similar.

Counter-cheap time! (Your trap card triggers my counter trap!).
No. 781939 ID: 91ee5f

Well, Glitcher set up an explosive in the commentator's desk to explode at Murdermouse's command. Glamison is in the perfect spot and her AGI stat is so low, there's no way for her to dodge fast enough!

So I vote for exploding the commentator's desk!

Murdermouse can tell the Glitch kids, "Yeah, your desk was important to me, too! So I could do this!" then explode the desk and Glamison!
No. 781940 ID: 398fe1

If Radmin is under the ring, you should set off another bomb under there.
No. 781943 ID: d4eb75

Where are your other traps? He's not disarming them, is he?

Time to blow up the desk.
No. 781946 ID: 91ee5f

>Where are your other traps?
They're right here: >>776134 !

We've already used one of the bombs in the ring. And if Radmin is disarming the traps, unless he learned to fly or jump good, he couldn't be in the structure up above the ring and the Glitch kids would've noticed Radmin trying to get under their desk. So he's probably under the ring.

Oh! I just remembered something! Before the match started, a few sweatermice sent messages to Murdermouse saying that if she gives the word, they'll run in and help if they can. If we want to, we can ask those sweatermice to come in and find Radmin!
No. 781947 ID: 87547f


Call the other Sweatermice to cause a distraction. Blow up the commentators desk to further damage Glam. Heck even take out one or two of the roof supports or ring bombs to make a mess.

Send Sweater under the ring to see if she can spot Radmin. Plus she can hide her exposed cleavage.

All the while you smack Glam around while waiting with one eye looking for Radmin so you can cancel out his cheap shot and wrap him up in your invincible sweater.

Once you do thrash him around until you win and then drag Glam and him off to date time.
No. 781951 ID: a8bc5c

Blow up the commentators desk after a cheesy one liner.

Then shout "ladies!" to get the other sweatermice to appear and tie up Radmin and his CHP meter while you pin Glamison.
No. 781952 ID: 398fe1

You can tell Sweater "You'll see!"
No. 781956 ID: bfb318
File 148773566366.png - (35.92KB , 1000x800 , 94.png )

"You'll see!"

You'll be using the sweater to tie up Radmin. You have Sweatermouse untied after all, and Murdermouse gives her a push to the discarded jacket.

"Your table was important to me, too!" Murdermouse yells to the commentators, then blows it up while Glamison is still catching her breath.

Glamison has been knocked out. If she doesn't wake up soon, or she gets pinned for three seconds, she'll be out of the match.

"Ohoho! Sweatermouse, go search under the ring for Radmin! Ladies!" Murdermouse yells to the sweatermice in the audience. Look around, where's Radmin hiding?!"

"The rafter's! He's up in the rafters!"

You can't see him when you look up, but you do have bombs there. On the other hand, Glamison will most likely wake up left to her own devices, and you may want to have Sweatermouse do a countdown, possibly pinning her yourself. You doubt Radmin can just jump down without doing more harm to him than you.
No. 781958 ID: 398fe1

Pin Glamison by just standing on her with one foot, making a smug gesture to the crowd. Ham it up a bit.
No. 781960 ID: 3abd97


Sweater should do the countdown, as she's still technically the ref. Glares all around, at MM and Glam. One for kidnapping, the other for badmouthing and tail-dropping.
No. 781961 ID: a8bc5c

Uh, yeah, no. He's totally going to drop something on you. Look up while you move towards glamison, then pin her while being hammy.
No. 781962 ID: 211d83


Do this while watching for Radmin in the rafters.

Have Sweatermouse keep a close eye just in case its a trick and he is under the ring somehow.

Or just blow the rafters while pinning Glam so you can pick him out of the rubble and tie him up.
No. 781965 ID: bfb318
File 148773785596.png - (33.32KB , 800x800 , 95.png )

"Sweatermouse, come ref for me!"
"Okay okay I didn't see him under the ring, just a lot of boxes and stuff!"

You go over to Glamison, and put your foot just below her clavicle, and wave to the crowd.

"I dunno if that counts as a pin?"
"If it doesn't, then she can get up!"
"Uh, okay... one!"

One of the audience sweatermouse calls out.

>"He's doing something! On a console!"

Murdermouse does keep an eye above her. It doesn't look liks there's anything that can be dropped on her.
No. 781969 ID: 91ee5f

He's going to try and drop something on Sweatermouse to stop the pin count!

Either have Sweatermouse count faster or have Murdermouse set off the bombs in the rafters! Or both!
No. 781971 ID: 91ee5f

Or he's trying to turn off the lights so that he can drop on Murdermouse! Or he's turning off the lights so that Sweatermouse can't see if Glamison is still pinned and the pin count doesn't count if the ref can't see the pin!
No. 781973 ID: a8bc5c

Well. Hm. The rafter trap is suppose to drop stuff, not take out anyone up there...

I guess just start tapping on your imaginary wrist watch in a condescending manner while hamming it up.

Be prepared to sacrifice your pin to avoid whatever it is Radmin is about to activate.
No. 781975 ID: 398fe1

If turns out the lights, making it impossible to verify the count, then Murdermouse should just tell Sweatermouse to keep counting, and you'll set off a bomb at the final count to make light so she can see Glamison is still knocked out.
No. 781976 ID: 211d83

Just because nothing is directly above you does not mean he can not hit you with something. Or do something to the ring you are on.

Maybe that console has your bombs wired through it so he can mess them up or set them off. Are you standing on a bomb area? He could drop some lighting or something on a chain or line so it swings to hit you. He could control the truck you stole somehow. He could hit the lights and then surprise you.

Gesture to Sweater (so it looks like you used a evil ability) and have her quick count so it only lasts a second and Glam is out. Then be ready to use Glam's body as a shield in case he has a trick ready. Blow your bombs in the rafters to try and knock Radmin down at the same time.

Also have the Sweatermice look for operators who are doing anything suspicious (in the truck maybe?).
No. 781977 ID: 3abd97

>"He's doing something! On a console!"
Maybe he's gonna remote crash his car into the ring. Would it have respawned already?

Or maybe he's gonna set off your own traps.

>if he turns out the lights
Pull a bomb and have Sweater keep counting by the light of the fuse.
No. 781978 ID: a8bc5c

radmin's truck was exploded at the start of the match. It's out of the equation.

Unless the console makes a new one drop on MM's head and crushes her AND Glamison.
No. 781979 ID: bfb318
File 148774038009.png - (17.99KB , 800x800 , 96.png )

Murdermouse taps on her wrist to get Sweatermouse to hurry up the count.

At the same time, the rafter bombs are set off.

"Two!" Sweatermouse calls.

No bombs explode.

You could have Sweatermouse instantly call out three at the risk of Radmin giving you sass over it, or just keep your foot firmly on Glamison. There's lots of stuff Radmin can do, but it would be touhg to stop your pin. You can make a new bomb for lighting if he knocks out the lights, otherwise, anything that swings into you is going to take more than a second. Even more than a wrestling second. Anything dropped on you would just pin you on her too.

The remaining sweatermice can't see anything out of the norm either. Even so, you're tempted to just leap out of the way and abandon the pin, but you can't imagine what he can do that would be worth sacrificing Glamison for. Plus, it would be embarrasing to leap off when Radmin didn't have any tricks up his sleeve, but you see nothing.
No. 781981 ID: 398fe1

Call his bluff. Continue the pin. In fact, loudly proclaim you're calling his bluff. He can't stop you!
No. 781983 ID: bfb318
File 148774166133.png - (31.72KB , 800x800 , 97.png )

"I'm calling your bluff, Radmin! You can't stop me!"

"Three!" Sweatermouse yells loudly, and the crowd makes some noise. Precisely then, Murdermouse feels something yank her top off.

She reflexively covers her chest, while Sweatermouse sees it getting lifted by nothing.

>"Ahaha!" yells Radmin. "Next time you want to boobytrap the rafters, don't leave them in such plain sight! You may have stats, but I was made for this city, from the stadium, to the streets, to the pizza arcades! I have prepared by mastering them all, from the ring, to the trucks, to the hard mode of claw crane - where the claw turns invisible!"
No. 781985 ID: bfb318
File 148774181042.png - (125.16KB , 800x800 , 98.png )

You see Radmin stand up where you can see him. He tosses away the control console as an invisible crane drops the top to him. He waves it to the audience.

>"And when I saw that, of course I yanked out the mechanics and brought them here! Of course, I thought I'd have my operators use it, but it was so much more satisfying to do it myself anyways."

This might explain why there were pizza boxes and various out of place items under the wrestling ring that you didn't pay mind to. Also why no one has ever liked fighing Radmin.
No. 781986 ID: a363ac

Care not for his weak and feeble mind games preform the "Are you not entertained?" pose and call him out like the fool he is.
No. 781987 ID: 3abd97

>Radmin just stole your top
...seems to me this is the perfect time to counter with the Three Blinds. There's no way in hell he expects a Sweatermouse to flaunt it.
No. 781989 ID: 398fe1

Oh no. OH NO! He's gonna wear it! He's stealing your powers!

Welp. At least you can put sweatermouse's sweater on now. Or go topless, for distracting Radmin. You're gonna need the edge... probably go topless and stop covering yourself.
also why is there an invisible crane?
No. 781994 ID: a8bc5c

Direct the sweatermice to the rafters.

Then milk that almost full ESM meter for all it's worth and make a bomb.

A highly explosive, lightweight bomb. Throw it not at Radmin, but at his precious console.

If that doesn't work you are gonna have to run while three blinds is in full effect.
No. 781995 ID: d4eb75

Direct one of the sweatermice to appropriate the console while you banter.
No. 781996 ID: 91ee5f

Murdermouse, stop covering yourself! Remember, you don't care if you're topless!

I wonder if we can get him to come down by insulting him?

Try saying, "Is that all? How lame. Just as lame as your wrestling. In your past matches, the only reason you won was because you had a partner as a distraction. But now that you're alone, there's no way you can win! In fact, I bet you not even know how to wrestle without a partner to save your sorry ass!"

That's all i've got. Does anyone else have any better insults? Try to attack Radmin's ego to see if we can actually make him lose his cool if that's even possible, since we've never seen him lose his cool even once!
No. 781997 ID: 91ee5f

>Throw it not at Radmin, but at his precious console.
He already threw the console away, so that's not going to work.

How about throwing a bomb at the platform he's standing on instead?
No. 782000 ID: a8bc5c

I don't think we've got a leg to stand on when it comes to insulting Radmin into fury. He is simply the best there is and any attempt is probably going to be a suckers game.

Right, forgot about that. Blow up the platform instead and then either rip off his precious luchadore mask or pin him or get your top back, depending entirely on how stunned he is.
No. 782012 ID: bfb318
File 148774630950.png - (22.10KB , 1000x800 , 99.png )

"Why is there an invisible crane?!"
>"Have you not played the claw arcade games, Sweatermouse? The one where you direct a crane inside of a box full of goodies, put it over a goodie you'd like, and press the button to grab what you want? Well, in hard mode, the crane is invisible! The goodies are better! And I removed it and installed it here, knowing some day I would need to fight someone with more stars!"
"Is that it Radmin? That's lame, just as lame as your wrestling tactics. You've only won because you've had a partner, but alone? You're a fool with no chance of winning, and no knowledge of how to wrestle without a partner to save your sorry butt! You just wanted to see my chest, huh?"

Murdermouse creates two bombs, and throws them up at the rafters to knock him down. He runs to the side and manages to pick up some things and throw it the bombs. You admit you're impressed, actually, as they go careening down into the audience. He probably practiced carnival games a bunch to do that kind of thing. You start sending up the sweatermice to chase Radmin. You then have Murdermouse put her arms out and her chest forward to activate Three Blinds level one, as you're too far away to make use of levels 2 or 3. You think you're going to die from mortification, but then you'd never want to come back to life after dying like that.
>"Hmm? You started off a sentence so well by saying 'I've only won.' Because yes, I've only won. That's because I'm after victory, mouse, but I'm glad to see a sweatermouse that knows how to appreciate their own short form!" he says, staring at places you'd find impolite, except that you're trying to get him to stare there. Even with that, he's not losing his cool or stuttering or anything at all. "You must think you're in a good position after beating Glamison, but did you honestly think I would let her be knocked out of the match without ensuring my own? After all, we're a team, and my victory is our victory. Even if it's because of me."
"You're also right about one thing - from down here, it does look like I'm winning!"
>"You don't need to specify 'down there', little mouse! It's a little redundant, don't you think!"
"Ohhhh I could punch you right in the snout! You... you think you're so good?!"
>"Aren't I? Do you realize who you've challenged to a fight? Do you think I've even taken this seriously?"
No. 782013 ID: bfb318
File 148774631682.png - (71.21KB , 800x800 , 100.png )

>"I am the administrator that has mastered contests against all odds! You? You are just my final test. Did you even know that? I've defeated all of the other wrestlers. I only need to put a special opponent face down to secure my spot in an administrative throne room and return to my old glory. You are that stepping stone, and one at a comfortable stepping height to boot. And to top it all off, you're one that's fresh out of a dead cycle, with no practice, no training, no experience. Did you even ask Sweatermouse about my abilities?"

It dawns on you. He's going to wear it. He slices a claw through your top.

>"Your discarded jacket was hardly more than an accessory, so I wouldn't gain much, so I had Glamison distract you so I could steal a more prized possession. The claw was all so that I could nab someone's clothing without getting close."
No. 782014 ID: bfb318
File 148774632396.png - (25.34KB , 800x955 , 101.png )

He puts it on as the sweatermice start to get on his rafter level. Stats are checked.

BAPM - Being A Prick Meter

>"But when it's all said and done, you've got my undivided attention now, rodent. Are you ready, mini-mouse, to experience just how silly you look when fighting without an overwhelming stat advantage?
No. 782016 ID: 398fe1

C'mon Sweatermouse, you trained for this. You have some moves. Maybe. Also, a bunch of allies. Toss bombs up to them and have them blow up the rafters manually.

Then sit on Glamison and glare at that huge jerk.
Time to shatter his dreams. He knows there's no contest to administrate anymore, right? He's gunning for a position of glory that no longer exists.
No. 782020 ID: 3abd97

He just "bound" himself with the second of the three Blinds, which means when he takes a flying jump down from the rafters, (or when you take a flying, bomb boosted jump up) he's set you up perfectly to chest slam him with level 3.

You should be able throw your whole signature and cheap meter into that, because it's totally cheap when you use someone else's master plan to power up your move instead.

And of course you have to pull Ref-Rules out to outright cheat at some point.

...oh. The absolute finisher. Sweatermouse has to break down. Sweatermouse has to get actually upset with Radmin if / when he's winning, not the fake enjoying-being-teased outrage, so he's forced to break character and his own Being A Prick Meter to be not terrible to her. Flat out emotional manipulation that breaks the rules you agreed to after he first apologized to you. It's the cheapest move you could pull, using your dual personas to undermine Radmin at a critical moment.

It's okay, he'll think you're fantastic for pulling off something so evil, later.

Up to that point, SW is on censorship bird duties.
No. 782021 ID: 3abd97

>Up to that point, SW is on censorship bird duties.
Or you equip the stolen sweater (not necessarily the appropriate way) or you reclaim your jacket and pull a Glamison where that somehow covers things up.
No. 782023 ID: 398fe1

Let's not cheat (except in ways we're already allowed to cheat) or have Sweatermouse lie to him. Honestly, if he wins, he deserves the victory. I do support Sweatermouse joining the fight as a fighter, though. Just to sneak up behind him and blind him or something at a crucial moment.

I really want to win and say "You thought your first defeat was to Murdermouse" (and then have both Sweatermouse and Murdermouse talk at the same time) "but it was ME! SWEATERMOUSE!" then have the two bodies high five and Murdermouse vanishes in an explosion.
I guess it'd be okay if it was "You thought your final opponent was Murdermouse" or some other concession speech, though. Just... not as cool.
No. 782028 ID: a8bc5c

"Depends. You got any more dirty tricks up your sleeve, FIVER!? Because I haven't used up half of my techniques and that's not a good sign for you! We may be on near equal footing but your precious RKO isn't going to save you from me kicking your ass!"
No. 782029 ID: 3abd97

It occurs to me that MM actually has a perfect counter to this strategy. Ref Rules lets her temporarily steal ref powers from Sweatermouse. At the end of the first wrestling thread, Sweater shows us snapping her fingers to get her top back was within her ref powers. MM could depower Radmin whenever she wants, with one signature move.

...while it would be kind of funny to anticlimax all that speechifying with a snap of our fingers, it's probably more fun to toy with him for a while.

Personally, I wanted to save the reveal for the end, when MM has Radmin on the ropes. Right when it looks like they're gonna lose the match, and the bet for Sweater, *surprise* it's her who's winning after all, which means the date's still on, cause that's her prize.
No. 782032 ID: 398fe1

>SM could get her top back
Those were standard safe zone powers. I think that would be cheating in this fight.
No. 782034 ID: 91ee5f

Wow, now that I think about it, we did kinda turn Radmin into a one trick pony, since his RKO is the move he's almost always relied on for every match!

Hey, you're right! He doesn't even know that he's screwed no matter what! I can't wait to see the look on his face when we do that! And as an added bonus, since he's playing by Luchador rules, he'll be disqualified since he's not wearing his mask under Murdermouse's top! XD

I guess, we can do a Whisker Twister and tell him, "Even with your new stats, you still don't stand a chance of beating me!"
No. 782035 ID: 595d54

Oh nooooooooooo

Sounds like a good idea.
No. 782038 ID: 91ee5f

Also add, "You've already lost the match and you don't even know it yet!"
No. 782058 ID: b412df

Cheating may be a assured victory, but it isn't a satisfying one. Given that we're trying to woo Glamison and Radmin as well as have some fun.

I'd say don't cheat, because imo it doesn't matter if we win or lose, as long as it's a satisfying win or loss for everyone. The crowd wants a show, and we want to give Radmin and Glamison a show too.
No. 782070 ID: 91ee5f

But the crowd loves it when Radmin cheats! Why isn't Murdermouse allowed to cheat also? It's in character for her, since she's evil.
No. 782071 ID: 65ec8d

Well he has the stats, but he still doesn't know all your moves, right? You can still edge this out. No need to (obviously) cheat or use serious emotional manipulation.

Give him a laugh and a speech. Some flirty innuendo might enhance the effect of the Blinds. "So, all that effort just to get your hands on my chestpiece! But that doesn't mean you know what to do with what you've grabbed, Radmin! Will you be able to use your massive stat bar effectively, or will you lose your hold and show everyone what a mess of things you can make? Obviously, I can't contain myself any longer! You're going to feel the full weight of what a Sweatermouse has to show!"

That last line might inspire him to drop something on you, so watch for that. Anyway, you can still win! Use referee invulnerability, that'll make you immune to the effects of strikes. You could still lose by being pinned, but any attempt to grapple with you could open him up the Third Blind - which specifies it captures until rescued or released, so with Glamison out, it's very powerful! The only way he'd be able to get out is if he gets you to release him, so it'd be a battle of wills. You have a bunch of other moves and traps still to use, so get to it!
No. 782073 ID: 211d83

"What as opposed to how silly you look fighting normally? Do you even know what to do with the stats you stole? Or are you going to just run around up there all night and play with invisible toys?"

(We could zap back our top but should save that trick for a proper moment. Same with any over the top emotional attacks. Having fun wrestling Radmin and Glam is the goal not winning at any cost.)

"Is sitting on the admin throne more important to you than poor Sweatermouse? This is why I am here to stop you from stealing her heart and then abandoning her!"
No. 782087 ID: 531554

So you are doing this for some silly throne?

Where are poor Glam and Sweater going to be in this fantasyland of yours?

(Give him a proper Murdermouse speech before we continue.)
No. 782098 ID: 440bb8

"All your planning has done is get you exactly where I want you Radfink!"

"I wanted you to steal my clothes because then you would gain my powers and also the horrible weakness that goes along with them! "

"To keep those stars you have to be a evil jerk! If you want to beat me then you will have to show Sweatermouse and everyone else just what sort of horrible person you really are deep down! That is if you can even beat me. I sort of like the idea of stealing your silly throne."

Then stand there and do your whisker twirl laugh while Sweatermouse looks worried at Radmin off to the side.

(Ideally we try to goad him into doing something over the top and have Sweatermouse disapprove horribly. Then see if he stays on his jerk path or changes things because of Sweatermouse turning away from him. Either way should be a fun final match. Win or lose just aim to have a fun time.)

That being said we still want to try and win the fight.
No. 782684 ID: bfb318
File 148798761062.png - (28.99KB , 800x800 , 102.png )

>Emotional manipulation by having Sweatermouse break down to get Radmin to break character, losing prick-levels and Murdermouse gaining evil levels
That's too evil! You don't want to win that badly.

If Radmin is that jerkish on his own, you may take advantage of it, but you don't want to manipulate him into doing something terrible.

If you really want to win, you'll employ Ref-Rules to, presumably, be able to snap your clothes back from Radmin, leaving him maskless. You're not sure if this will even work though, as even if Murdermouse is tagged as a ref, she'd still be tagged as a wrestler too, and you're not sure which supersedes the other.

"As opposed to how silly you look fighting? You're doing this for an old throne with a system that has no followers, hmm? Where does that leave Glam and Sweater in all this?"

You throw a couple bombs up for some sweatermice to catch to blow up the rafters.

>"The same place as always - as you say, administration doesn't mean anything more, and it's no longer even about the job - it's about the title."
"I'm sure you'll do just fine showing what an awful person you are, but hey, that's what gives you a chance to win! A small one. I sort of like the idea of taking your silly throne." Murdermouse says, twirling her whiskers.
>"Show I'm a horrible person? Mouse, for you, I'll be the worst."
No. 782685 ID: bfb318
File 148798768537.png - (40.29KB , 800x800 , 103.png )

Radmin leaps down on his own accord just before the bombs go off, looking like he's going to land about center stage. Murdermouse has a moment to intercept him with an attempted Level 3 Three Blinds or other tactic, if she doesn't want to let his theatrics go unanswered.
No. 782689 ID: e22b1d

Did... we just blow out that rafter? Is it going to fall down on the stage? Well, better make sure it lands on Radmin and not you.

>Murdermouse has a moment to intercept him with an attempted Level 3 Three Blinds or other tactic, if she doesn't want to let his theatrics go unanswered.
You already did steps one and two you're primed for step 3.
No. 782700 ID: 90f3c0

You've got Three Blinds ready, you might as well go for it.
No. 782720 ID: 277439

NO! Don't let him get the RKO!
No. 782722 ID: 96c896

Leave a bomb for him to land on.
No. 782738 ID: a363ac

Blind his prickeness
No. 782743 ID: a8bc5c

Pirouette away from Radmin. NOW. You can fight him after he lands and, hopefully, takes damage from physics.
No. 782757 ID: bfb318
File 148799802749.png - (98.19KB , 800x955 , 104.png )

Instead of risking an RKO - even a non-running one - you leave a bomb for his landing position and leap away, grabbing the discarded jacket back from Sweatermouse, who then runs to get the sweater you had left behind.

Radmin lands square on the bomb, which explodes right as he lands. You can no longer see him.
No. 782768 ID: a363ac

Check above and below first
No. 782783 ID: e22b1d

Star twirling. When he tries something (or if he stays hidden) you stop and make the room spin to throw him off, or force him out of hiding.
No. 782784 ID: a8bc5c

The ring doesn't look like it has a new hole in it. He's above you.
No. 782795 ID: bfb318
File 148800345241.png - (38.05KB , 800x800 , 105.png )

Seeing the lack of a pit, you check above before anywhere else or risking a counterattack. You see him up once again, and although he still faces you with a smug expression, he seems more off balance coming down this time, allowing for a better chance of Mouse Bounce or Level Three Blind.
No. 782796 ID: e22b1d

Three Binds. Flying (exposed) chest tackle him, mid air.
No. 782797 ID: 65ec8d

... You could try bomb juggling him.

No, wait. Pull out another bomb like you're going to try doing that, but this time it's actually a smoke bomb. Having braced himself for another explosion, he'll land less gracefully than he would and you should have an opportunity for an attack. I'd combo Mouse Bounce to knock him down and then max power Third Blind by locking his head between your legs.
No. 782825 ID: 9522b5

...he's on fire and he's STILL SMILING.

I don't trust this one bit, we out. Let physics do the work while you run for the ropes and out of the way.

Bounce off of them and use the momentum to tuck into a ball and Mouse Bounce your way across the ring and over his prone form.
No. 782827 ID: dd5b4d

Ah yes the famous 'Man on Fire Burning Chariot Kick'. Any chance you can get that man a pail of water?
No. 782861 ID: 211d83

He is now powered by jerkiness. So if you three blinds him by having him land in your boobs he will counter by motor boating you or groping you.

Should be the same if you butt bounce him. (not entirely a bad thing but if we let him win he would be sad so we have to do our best to win.)

Right now his stats are still slightly above yours so you will lose a direct exchange until we lower his stats a bit.

Here is a thought.

1. Have Sweatermouse teleport to the opposite corner of the ring.(so that when you spin the ring she will swap places with where you stand now.

2. Wait until the last second and spin the ring as he comes down so he lands on the invincible Sweatermouse who may or may not have her sweater back on by now so he may get entangled in her jiggly bits/sweater being put on. (or gets hit by her as she spins into place)

3. Meanwhile you dash to the ropes so you can Mouse Millenium off of the ropes and into the now entangled Radmin and Sweatermouse (cause he will do something jerk like to Sweater upon landing to maintain his jerk meter)

There are other options but our stats will fall if we keep using the bombs to much as the audience will get bored. Need to spice things up with new moves and flashy fighting.(Plus we want to get up close and personal with Radmin a bit anyway)

Now Radmin could counter by jerkily groping the stuck getting dressed Sweatermouse (making Sweater so embarrassed she freezes) letting him grab Sweatermouse and use her as a shield/spin the ref. So if mid bounce you are about to run into a Sweatermouse shield/spin you need to spin the ring to get her out of the way and rebounce off of the next set of ropes. Then hit him from behind. That or mouse bounce off Sweater to gain velocity and bounce back off the ropes even harder. (Which would result in a odd game of bouncy mouse pinball until Radmin missed you and you knock him down. (also you would have lots of vaguely lewd half clothed collisions with yourself)
No. 782972 ID: bfb318
File 148806222062.png - (25.71KB , 800x800 , 106.png )

Although you don't have much time to charge it for long, you perform Spin the Rest as you get equidistant between Radmin's landing spot and Sweatermouse, so that Sweatermouse will be underneath Radmin.

Your timing is spot on, but Radmin cleanly tackles Sweatermouse, somersaults forward with her, and then gets back up as he throws Sweater out of the ring.
No. 782973 ID: bfb318
File 148806227354.png - (31.35KB , 800x955 , 107.png )

While he tossed Sweater, you rocketed yourself off the ropes to Mouse Bounce into Radmin. You land squarely into his side, flinging him into the nearby ropes.
No. 782974 ID: a363ac

No. 782975 ID: 3abd97

Sweater really needs to protest this treatment to some extent. "You're the worst! Both of you!"

...maybe Sweater should go check on Glam. That's a thing the ref can do, right?

Land, let him bound off the ropes, and then chest slam his face for the level 3 three blinds.
No. 782976 ID: 211d83

He looks like he is enjoying himself. But his cheap meter actually rose so the crowd expects him to go that direction.

Bouncing him into the ropes might cause him to use that momentum to bounce back.

Drop a bomb where you stand and keep moving. Get your Sweatermice in the audience to close in around the ring if you can. Can toss them bombs so they can throw them at Radmin from all directions.

Keep up the bouncing if you can. But this match will turn to proper wrestling once he can get a hold of you. So have stuff in place to help you break free if that goes badly for you.
No. 782979 ID: 65ec8d

Watch out for him to grab at something with that hand, there.

I'm guessing the Mouse Bounce launches you off in the other direction after it hits, so use that momentum to spring away. He'll probably try bounce off the ropes for something himself. Go to the opposite ropes and spring yourself off them, to meet him again in the middle. He might try some sort of bluff or trip or something, but it won't matter much, because what you'll try do is leap up and spread your legs, for level one Blind leading into a level three. If he ducks or something, you'll miss and can land to try again, but if he does anything else you should be able to trap his face for at least a moment, with his arms underneath you. That'll give you the chance to make a grab for the back of the mask.
No. 783015 ID: bfb318
File 148807387206.png - (19.14KB , 800x800 , 108.png )

"You guys are the worst! The both of you!" Sweatermouse yells.
>"Then hang out with me."

Glamison sneaks up, somehow, behind Sweatermouse and coils around her.

The audience sweatermice start coming back down from the rafters and from the audience itself to help if need be.
No. 783016 ID: bfb318
File 148807394315.png - (28.36KB , 800x955 , 109.png )

Murdermouse bounces backwards, where she tries to leave a bomb where Radmin will land. It'd difficult to aim, though, as the ring still spins around Murdermouse's central location, which is changing as she mouse bounces backward. The bomb ends up missing as Radmin tumbles forward, but Murdermouse manages to aim herself off the opposing ropes to set off Mouse Millenium, rubbing Radmin's back onto the ropes hard enough that they'll leave three lines. Despite the maneuver, though, Radmin manages to put his hands around Murdermouse and give her a bear hug.

>"Right into my hands!" he says, boasting.

Your hands are completely free to try and undo his mask, though, so as soon as you go for it, he'll leave himself wide open for Level 3 Blind to restrain him reliably, but you've been indecisive as to how to approach it:

A) Chest to face
B) Legs to face
C) Something else entirely
No. 783017 ID: a363ac

C Face to Face. Kissu~
No. 783021 ID: 3abd97

Oh, uh, heh-heh, hi Glam.

Are you rescued now, or have you just been captured by someone different?

I'm tempted to say chest to face, since you're in the position for it already, and it's pretty easy to flash open that barely-covers-you top and boob-smash him.

But your thighs are considerably more dangerous weapons than your chest, and he's already seen the first, which might decrease the effectiveness.
No. 783022 ID: 65ec8d


No, kissing Radmin has to be done with Sweatermouse's body! It'd more romantic that way.

I want to say B, but if I'm envisioning this scenario correctly, when you go for his mask his arms will lift behind his head to stop you. That'll trap your arms in against the sides of his head, so legs won't really be possible. Chest will, though, and it'll leave your legs free to counter him pushing forward to slam you on the mat.

So, A.
No. 783024 ID: 277439

Ears to face. The important bit is you get the mask.
No. 783027 ID: 96c896

Thighs to face, but fall backwards with your legs locked around his head and use the momentum to slam him into the mat.

At this point I kindof want Murdermouse to lose but only after putting up enough of a fight that Glamison and Radmin are forced to admit a Sweatermouse can be a passable fighter.
No. 783040 ID: 688206

That will NEVER happen if radmin wins his stupid 'throne'

Glamison's opinion can probably be swayed but radmin? No way.

Anyways. Let's go with C: DIRTY DOUBLE. He's not going to see it coming and we have free use of our arms to flash him.
No. 783041 ID: 15a025

A. It'll help keep your legs free in case you need them.
No. 783043 ID: 72a406

Sweatermouse kisses Glamison, Murdermouse BITES Radmin's cheeks until she can rip off his face.
No. 783047 ID: 3abd97

...Sweater and Glam kissing at the right time might work as an effective Radmin distraction, actually.
No. 783071 ID: 804a8c

Simultaneous makeouts would be extremely distracting.
No. 783241 ID: bfb318
File 148816595936.png - (22.11KB , 800x800 , 110.png )

In cycles that have passed...

Cycle 606

No. 783242 ID: bfb318
File 148816596748.png - (62.04KB , 800x800 , 111.png )

Cycle 994


No. 783243 ID: bfb318
File 148816597683.png - (25.80KB , 800x800 , 112.png )

Cycle 2845


No. 783244 ID: bfb318
File 148816601914.png - (32.42KB , 800x800 , 113.png )


Cycle 3119


No. 783245 ID: bfb318
File 148816604319.png - (24.33KB , 800x800 , 114.png )

No. 783246 ID: bfb318
File 148816605453.png - (25.11KB , 800x800 , 115.png )

"Fruitless." says a muffled Radmin. He raises his hands, presumably to wrench himself free to no avail, and Murdermouse prepares to defend himself.

He jabs his fingers under Murder's ribs, and while she winces expecting proper strikes, jolts are sent through her, and spasms and thrashes follow.

"Wha - nononoNONO hahahahaha"

"Tickling?! Seriously?!" Sweatermouse calls out.
>"Well it is effective, I'd know. Now if you'll excuse me, Sweatermouse, I've got to make sure none of the other sweatermice go get in the way." says Glamison.
"Wait no don't do that."
>"What're you gonna do to stop me."
No. 783253 ID: bfb318
File 148816663352.png - (33.47KB , 800x955 , 116-fix.png )

Sweatermouse kisses Glamison.

>"I mean that's great but I can't be bribed with kisses, Sweatermouse!" Glamison says, and even while coiling around Sweater, she begins slithering into the ring. "I'm gonna stop those Sweatermice from getting in the way."

>"But I'm totally going to take you out for a night now." she adds.
No. 783254 ID: 398fe1

Sweatermouse needs to use whatever ref powers she has to keep Glamison from interfering with the match. She got pinned and counted out! No cheating! Granted, I don't think there's anything preventing her from interfering with the sweatermice outside the ring, though.

For one, she can teleport out of those coils easily. For two, uhhhhhh what ref powers does she have, again? Can she give Glamison a yellow card or something?

Murdermouse needs to try to grab at Radmin's mask since his hands are indeed occupied. Or start smashing him in the head with elbow strikes.
No. 783256 ID: 3abd97

Hey, you got tagged out, stay out of the ring!

Tickle her? Slap her with a yellow card? Test if Ref powers actually do anything.

Untie his mask? Or suplex him.
No. 783260 ID: 211d83

Murder: Untie that bow on the back of his mask to de power him. All you have to do is grab one end with each hand and pull.

Sweater: If Glam gets to cheat you get to fight dirty. You could teleport away and take her with you. But how about really distracting her instead. Teleport out of her snakey coils and give her a really distracting kiss. Not on the cheek so she cant do anything else but pay attention to you.
No. 783262 ID: 65ec8d

Lock Murdermouse's legs around his torso, and channel the tickling reaction into squirming and wriggling around his head. That should loosen his mask, and then all you need to do is manage to grab it and pull it up off him. Fight the tickles! You can do it!!

Tell Glamison that she can try stop the Sweatermice interfering but she has to do it from outside the ring! She got counted out fair and square, so it's against the rules for her to get back in there! She's large enough that she wouldn't be able to help interfering with Murdermouse and Radmin. That would go beyond normal cheating, so you'd have to disqualify them both and Murdermouse would win by default!

I mean I guess she could get some third party or parties to counter the Sweatermice for her? Maybe call in a bunch of alternate Alisons to capture all the alternate Sweatermice. It might not be best for our current goal to give her that idea but when's the next time you'd get the opportunity to create a massive multi-cycle mousenaga hug party? If your alternates are mostly like you they'll probably be grateful.
No. 783272 ID: 094652

Sweatermouse DOUBLE BAPAP
No. 783274 ID: 277439

Grab his mask by the knot and kick off of his chest. Wink at the audience as you fly through the air.

Glamison said 'now', hope she meant it because you aren't gonna let her get away
No. 783281 ID: bfb318
File 148817082476.png - (27.96KB , 800x800 , 117.png )

"I'm gonna give you a yellow card Glamison!"
>"You wouldn't."
"I am!"

Ref power: Yellow card

Glamison's star power has been reduced by 1 for each stat.

>".... okay?"

In a desperate plot to distract Glamison, she kisses her dead on. Glamison's attention is certainly given, but she's able to kiss back while still slithering up the ring.
No. 783282 ID: bfb318
File 148817084086.png - (21.35KB , 800x800 , 118.png )

"Well I'm gonna disqualify you both if you don't get out of the ring this instant!" says Sweatermouse.
>"Yeah what about all those Sweatermouse coming through the doors?!"
"That's not against the rules like bringing in multiple Alison's isn't against the rules!"
>"Why do you think no Sweatermice have shown up yet?!"

Sweatermouse starts tickling Glamison. It's effective.
No. 783283 ID: bfb318
File 148817085094.png - (27.15KB , 800x800 , 119.png )

It's so effective that Glamison instantly responds by flinging Sweatermouse with enough power to land in the audience.
No. 783285 ID: bfb318
File 148817090795.png - (32.43KB , 800x955 , 120.png )

Murdermouse, meanwhile, starts reflexively trying to smack him and elbow strike him, but she can't strike him hard enough to lower his stats as fast as he's lowering hers. She starts untying Radmin's mask to get the tickling to stop, but she can barely fight against it well enough to undo the mask at all. Her attempts to kick off his chest to get away are met with more tickles and bear hugs, and all she can use them for is to cling onto him, which is much of the problem.

Through that, he manages to yank and stretch Murder's jacket around the back of his head, distracting any defensive maneuvers against it by motorboating her chest. He then clutches the jacket into a bundled pseudo-knot with a single hand. With his face hidden in her chest, he continues tickling her. She can't not be ticklish, and as unfair as it is, her stats are dwindling quickly in an unflattering, unmurdermouselike manner. Her sauciness meter is rising, but it's offset by her laughing uncontrollably being a decidedly not-evil performance as you screams at him to stop through laughs and squirms.

>"Still just a Sweatermouse." Radmin whispers, with a much more affectionate tone than you would have expected.
No. 783287 ID: 211d83

Tickle him back you fool! You can't bring smacks to a tickle fight!

Get those Sweatermice from the audience in there to help you tickle him and Glam if need be.

Tickles everywhere!
No. 783288 ID: a363ac

Its time to stop playing around and just grab the knot and pull pull out some fur while you are at it and leave him with a baldspot on the back of his head pull off your top to get to that knot.
No. 783291 ID: 398fe1

This calls for emergency measures! Teleport out of his grasp, right in front of him, so that you can grab him for a suplex! I checked earlier, teleportation IS part of MM's powerset. She's just not supposed to abuse it.

At the same time Sweatermouse can teleport-grab Glamison for a suplex. Simultaneous suplexes! Even an unpowered Sweatermouse should be able to manage that against a debuffed Glamison. Hopefully. If not she can give her another yellow card. Or a red card? Not sure what other cards do.
No. 783292 ID: 3abd97

>"Still just a Sweatermouse." Radmin whispers, with a much more affectionate tone than you would have expected.
Enraged Murdermouse time. Headbutt him. Right in the sensitive snout.

Or shove a bomb in his face and use Ref Rules to steal invincibility to tank the blast.

Deputize the audience members around you and sick them on Glamison. Drag that cheater out of the ring!
No. 783293 ID: 277439

Grab the mask by the knot and kick away, dammit!
No. 783295 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, 2 of the posts have bombs planted in them and you have Radmin directly next to one of the posts! But there's no way to tell if it's 1 of the 2 posts with a bomb or 1 of the 2 posts that don't have a bomb!

I guess you just need to detonate both of them and hope that the one Radmin's next to is one of the bomb posts!

Don't worry though! Since Radmin is between you and the post, he'll take most of the damage while you use him as a shield! Just hold on tight when you go flying, so that he doesn't get away! He'll be stunned long enough to leave his mask unprotected for you to take it off!
No. 783297 ID: 91ee5f

Also, bite down on his ears!
No. 783301 ID: 65ec8d

Ah, wait - I should have realized earlier. Your tail! You can use it to tickle him back without having to give up your hands.

But... I have another idea, too. He's using your clothes to protect himself. If they're being a liability to you... then you must destroy them! Even if it means blasting them to shreds!

"Just!? JUST!?! That's it! Three Blinds, Final Technique!!" [Pull out a bomb held at point blank] "FLASH BOMB!!"
No. 783308 ID: bfb318
File 148817550384.png - (16.58KB , 800x800 , 121.png )

You tickle his ribs, then his ears, then anywhere you can find, and all you find is that he's not ticklish, which allows you to deduce that the world is an incredibly unfair place.

Instead, you just grab tufts of fur and yank, pulling them out of his skin. It sounds incredibly painful. So much so, that the sound of it is probably giving you more pain than what he's actually feeling. You still bite down on his ears, and Radmin reacts by biting down on Murdermouse's choker.

Sweatermouse gives Glamison a red card, and she teleports away. It gives you the idea to have Murder teleport away to escape Radmin as well, but Glitcher gave the power to you not to abuse, and you think that meant to just use teleport to get around the city unnaturally quickly. Using it to escape a grapple is in bad taste, you think.

You feel Murdermouse's body starting to get numb, and your stats are getting pathetic to the maximized stats of Radmin, so you pull out another desperation move on the fly. You try to explode the two posts that have caches of bombs inside, but they're not close enough to break Radmin's grip.

"J-just?! Fine, you - you asked for it! You need my clothes to live, so - flash bomb!" she says, summoning out another bomb. By this point, your bombs have weakened due to overuse, but this one is different with an icon of clothing inside of a no sign.
No. 783309 ID: bfb318
File 148817551161.png - (88.73KB , 800x800 , 122.png )

It explodes, sending a burst of smoke outwards and the shredded remnants of clothing visibly out beyond it. Radmin, still clutching onto the mouse, rolls into one of the pits of the ring before the smoke clears, tickling Murdermouse the whole way down.
No. 783310 ID: bfb318
File 148817555693.png - (26.54KB , 800x955 , 123.png )

>"Not bad!" he whisper-yells as both land on the ground. He pushes off of Murdermouse slightly, but still keeps his hands on ticklish points.

Murder tries to catch her breath, stunned and unable to move. Around her are mostly boxes, as reported, though skid marks are under them where they apparently spun with the ring itself, somehow. "I think that's enough of this match. Want to ditch it, grab Sweatermouse, and go have some pizza? If so, I'll show you the secret tunnel out of the ring so neither of us have to walk back out there in the nude."

"Wh... what?! You just want to stop here?"
>"Disappearing, making the audience wonder just what happened down here and where we went? You'd better bet I'd do that. The alternative is that I tickle you into submission, then wear you like a scarf as I emerge victorious, right?"
"Then why don't you?"
>"Cause you're just a sweatermouse."

He keeps going before you manage to break the stun with anger alone.

>"And this cycle's iteration of it has made me love Sweatermice."
No. 783311 ID: 277439

His mask is gone, that's a victory, right?
No. 783312 ID: 595d54

Nah just beat him up until he surrenders. Make him regret saying you weren't a fighter. He should be way depowered from losing his "mask", and it's evil enough that you should reduce your penalties. You're Murdermouse for a reason, act like it.
No. 783316 ID: a363ac

take him up on his offer just long enough to get your stats back up then scream "Sweater mice will not be taken advantage of!" Then RKO him into the ground and start the count.
No. 783318 ID: 3abd97

"I'm looking at your maskless face, Luchador. Did you forget the mask rules? You already lost!"

*sly* "You're just asking me to help you save face in front of everyone else. So what are you gonna bribe me with for that?"

>"And this cycle's iteration of it has made me love Sweatermice."
Start laughing. Successful seduction. You got him and Glam. And blush, even though MM isn't supposed to be able to.

"No you don't. You love Sweatermouse, you dummy. It's me!"

Then playfully hit him.

"So yes, you're taking me out for the date I just won and successfully and brilliantly seduced you into, and I don't wanna hear you gushing about my sisters anymore, either."
No. 783319 ID: 65ec8d

Well, if we're out of sight then let's just get real (mostly) for a moment and bring Radmin into our plot. So...

"Geez Radmin I appreciate that but saying "just" still implies we're inferior or something! Anyway, ok listen a moment, I'm not happy just walking away. I guess we're breaking character down here, so then I'll say I'd actually even prefer to lose if that's the alternative! If we just disappear that'll mean I can't do my big twist reveal!! Also it'll really be a let-down to the audience. Also also I set up this whole thing to help this cycle's Sweatermouse get over her awkwardness and just get with you and Glamison without fretting about it too much! And to have fun and put on a show too, of course, but mainly that. If you want to do stuff with me as well, well we can talk about that later, I mean it's possible. But right now you should focus on her. Originally I had a vague idea I'd give a good show and then you'd vanquish me and rescue her and that sort of thing, that wouldn't work so much now but you get the sort of thing I'd like to go for, right?"
No. 783320 ID: 398fe1

Alright, that's enough. This is a good ending to the fight, he's right.

Meanwhile, Sweatermouse-as-Ref can go "The wrestlers have vanished! I guess that makes this match... a draw."
No. 783330 ID: bfb318
File 148817735383.png - (15.08KB , 800x800 , 124.png )

"Your mask is gone! That's my victory!"
>"The public must never see my face. But one or two people? That's just fine."
"What. I'm not giving up! Saying 'just' still implies we're inferior or something!"
>"Is it, really? What if I said this was 'just' the most entertaining match I've had in awhile? That the glitcher is 'just' the most powerful person we know? That Alison 'just' likes to hug and there's nothing wrong with that? That you're 'just' a sweatermouse, and that's great."
"You're making it simultaneously making me want to hit you and making it hard to want to hit you!"
>"I do that."
"If I just disappear than I can't do my big twist reveal?"
>"And what would that be?"
No. 783331 ID: 277439

Harrumph, turn away and cross your arms. Guess he'll never know!
No. 783332 ID: 398fe1

That you're this cycle's Sweatermouse, controlling two bodies. Wait a minute, he said "this cycle's sweatermouse" DID HE ALREADY KNOW!?
No. 783333 ID: 688206

Yeah, no. Let's not do any "big reveal" where we tell radmin, OF ALL PEOPLE, the secret.

Instead, let's just tell him this.

"Sorry, I'm not interested in a date with you. But I will take that offer of the secret escape tunnel. Oh, and for the record? This was sweatermouse's idea. She wanted to get back at you and I wanted to put you in your place.

..Or as close as I could, anyway. Next time will be different!
No. 783335 ID: 3abd97

Activate Ref Rules, and use it for the clothing restore snap trick. Put on the non-villain Stockingmouse version of Murdermouse's outfit. (Maskless, no stripes on the stockings still, but not on the other clothes).

"I'm me, you dummy. I'm not a Sweatermouse, I'm your Sweatermouse."

"Glitcher owed me a favor for that stunt he pulled."
No. 783336 ID: bfb318
File 148817785903.png - (20.02KB , 800x800 , 125.png )

"Hmph. I don't know if I want to tell you yet! And I'm not interested in a date with you! But I will take that offer of an escape tunnel. Also, Sweatermouse wanted to get back at you, and I wanted to put you in your place. Or as close as I could. Next time will be different."
>"Ha. Better join the line. Now what would Sweatermouse want to get back at me for? Last I checked, we enjoyed each other's company just fine."

Radmin gestures to follow him, while Murdermouse activates ref rules to summon her clothes back while she formulates a response, possibly before making the big reveal.
No. 783337 ID: 595d54

Let's not say "your" Sweatermouse so easily.
No. 783338 ID: 3abd97

Still think we should go with >>783335

>Now what would Sweatermouse want to get back at me for? Last I checked, we enjoyed each other's company just fine.
"Hey, I had lots to get you back for! And I had to get you back for seducing me by seducing you!"

And then hit him. "And now I have to get you back for claiming to love all my sisters. You only get one Sweatermouse! Um, two. Sort of. Murdermouse doesn't count, she's a spare."
No. 783339 ID: 398fe1

Be honest. Tell him that it started out as a kind of misunderstanding, but you also wanted to prove you could fight. So you made up this Murdermouse persona, and got some powers from Glitcher to make up for your low stats. Also you thought it'd be fun! And it was!
No. 783340 ID: 91ee5f

Get Murdermouse's mask back on real quick and have Sweatermouse look under the ring before Radmin leaves so that Mirdermouse can be declared the winner!
No. 783342 ID: e66267

I like the breaking straight into referring to sweatermouse as me plan.
No. 783344 ID: bfb318
File 148817901508.png - (50.26KB , 800x800 , 126.png )

Sweatermouse declares the match above to be a draw, as Radmin and Murdermouse take a secret tunnel to some other location. Sweatermouse could swipe a look to see a maskless Radmin and declare Murdermouse the winner, but she can't seem to care about a win anymore. Murder resummons her clothes, and now that the match is over, Radmin does the same. Both forego their masks while they have a moment with each other, alone.

"I'm me, you dummy! The sweatermouse you know!"
"Don't act so unsurprised! Did you already know?!"
>"I had a minor suspicion! But I admit I didn't know in full, and would not have bet on it! Of course, it's fully believeable you had two bodies - or was that Sweatermouse before a phony? No matter, any whichway is believable, except that you, my sweatermouse, would, heh, do that." You'll never admit that your heart skipped a beat when he said 'my' Sweatermouse. Maybe not even to yourself.
"Well I had to get you back for seducing me, by seducing you!"
>"Sweater, you seduced me long ago! I can't even say when."
"I wanted to prove I could fight, as well. So I made Murdermouse, so I could have some stats! So I thought it'd be fun!"
>"Was it?"
".... yeah. It was."
"Okay but now I have to get you back to claiming to love all my sisters! You only get one!"
>"If you're controlling two sweatermouse bodies, how about two?"
"That's fine too! Sort of! Murdermouse is a spare!"
>"If you can feel and talk with this 'spare', it's no different. But alright, if you demand Radmin all to yourself, then that's what you'll have! Of course, you can't expect me to not make friends with other Sweatermice, but you'll know that you receive the most of Radmin out of all, as the most special friend."
"That's... that's fine!" Murdermouse says, with her voice starting to increase in pitch, sounding like her normal self. Her blush comes back, as well.
>"How about we go and get some pizza and play frivolous games, then?"
No. 783345 ID: 688206

Still voting no on a reveal or breaking the news via accident pronoun use.

"Honestly? Off the stage, yeah she enjoys you. Alot. But on stage? You are a jerk. And in my cycle, I didn't take kind of attitude from anybody."

Instead, let's go with a fake tragic backstory! I'm thinking mental snap after Sevener 'wins' the cai fight Alison.
No. 783346 ID: 3abd97

Everything was just kind of awkward after... *cough* before. So I thought I needed a crazy plan to get you two back and fix things! And Glitcher owed me, so... yeah. Murdermouse happened.

>How about we go
Yeah, let's catch up with Glam and me.
No. 783347 ID: 398fe1

Yeah! Also we gotta find out where the red card sent Glamison.

Haha maybe the ref-Sweatermouse can go on a date with her while the spare goes out with Radmin.
No. 783348 ID: 91ee5f

Bump into him with your hip and tell him, "This wasn't just about trying to seduce you and Glamison. This was also a way for me to try to build up some confidence for myself so that I'd stop being so shy and awkward all the time! Which, considering that I actually did...that to your face, I guess it worked! Kinda???"

"Anyways, let's go find Glam so I can do my big reveal to her also!"

Just for fun, teleport your Sweatermouse body down here so that you can hold both of his hands. Why? Just because you can, that's why!
No. 783349 ID: 91ee5f

Too late! She already revealed herself!
No. 783350 ID: bfb318
File 148818056587.png - (18.42KB , 800x800 , 127.png )

"Uh before I answer, I just wanted to say that things got a little awkward after..."

You cough in your jacket.

"So I needed a crazy plan to get you two back and fix things! And Glitcher owed me! And I wanted some confidence! So murdermouse happened."
>"Instead of a normal plan that involved coming to us and say 'hey that was awkward, let's never go back to the sensation bar ever again?'"
"... would that have worked?"
>"Yes, but this plan was much better!"
"Okay. Well fine then let's go catch up with Glam and other-me!"
>"Let's. Where did Glamison go, by the way?"
"Oh uh, Referee jail! I'll pull her out."
No. 783351 ID: bfb318
File 148818059216.png - (26.38KB , 800x800 , 128.png )

You all regroup go to a private instance of the pizza place. The ensuing hours are nothing short of great fun.

Still, there was something back at your mind, though, about how Radmin mentioned that Murdermouse was the final challenge of his.

You use ref powers to verify what he said, and learn that his words weren't entirely true after all. There was no special boss he had to face to regain his worthless but sentimental title after beating all of the other wrestlers. The issue lay in the fact that due to a cycling of teammates, he had not yet beaten all of the other wrestlers required. One more remained.
No. 783352 ID: bfb318
File 148818064073.png - (57.98KB , 800x800 , 129.png )

Despite how ridiculous all of this has been, despite how antiquated administration had become, sheer principle stands through it all. And because of that, you have no intention of losing to that egotistical brat.

Either you've got to challenge him, or he's got to challenge you, but no matter which way it goes, you don't intend on fighting him on his own terms.
No. 783354 ID: 91ee5f

It doesn't matter who wins this fight. You're both undefeated and the last 2 wrestlers standing, so it's obvious you've both already got your Admin titles back.

But, obviously that doesn't matter now. This is a matter of pride, damnit! Radmin's let all of these wins go to his head and he thinks he's unbeatable now! It's high time you knock him down a peg and put him in his place! He'll have to get used to being in second place after hove kicked his ass!

Finally, we get to play as Severner! I've been waiting for this for a while!
No. 783356 ID: 91ee5f

>after hove kicked his ass!
*after you've kick his ass!
No. 783357 ID: 3abd97

Isn't he busy with the Sweaternerd(s)? If you bust in to challenge him she's just gonna ref teleport you away for interrupting. You're kind of stuck until he finishes.

Besides it's not much of a personal victory if you beat him up after Murdermouse already did half the work for you.
No. 783360 ID: 398fe1

Challenge him to a CAGE MATCH.
No. 783365 ID: b412df

Still wearing that glitter Sevener? Do you like it, or has it just not come off yet, that stuff is a pain to get rid of.
No. 783367 ID: 688206

if you don't want to fight him on his terms, you are going to have to make extra sure that he cannot engage in any kind of shenanigans.

In short, remove his operators from play. Thoroughly examine the entire ring and the surrounding area for any surprises. Ensure that glamison and sweatermouse are preoccupied, birdfeed as the referee and it's a cage match.

Oh, and pull the spark plugs to disable the monster truck.

No. 783377 ID: 211d83


Wait a minute "Never go back to the sensation bar again?" My whole plan was to seduce you so you knew I was ok with that sort of stuff now! I want to have those sort of sensations!

I was very nervous last time but not unwilling you know.


If you want to fight Radmin properly you need to prepare for his preparations. He has already seduced the Ref and will no doubt have all sorts of tricks set up in the stadium.

So the obvious way to avoid those tricks will be to have the final battle somewhere different. A epic final match in a secret area so he can not trap the place up.
No. 783403 ID: 91ee5f

Assuming Sevener just watched what happened with Murdermouse, Sevener also needs to be aware of invisible crane game claws!
No. 783405 ID: 65ec8d

If this is the final battle, you have license to really rev it up. Ask Glitcher to make you a super cage match arrangement, the whole ring propped high in the air under an open sky, tower stands all around it. Give the commentators a hovercar or something, and have a bunch of flying cameras. Nowhere to hide anything above, no way to hide anything underneath, no entrance or exit until the match is done.

If Radmin can keep cheating through that, he'll deserve to be able to.
No. 783445 ID: 121c6b


While the sensation bar was awkward I was trying to show that I was ready for that sort of stuff now Radmin. Not that I never wanted to try it again. Thus the smooching and other stuff (start embarrassed muttering right about here).


Ok Sevener if you want to beat Radmin you have your work cut out for you. Here is some stuff to watch out for.

1. One of his moves revolves around you. Sure it technically will not work when fighting against you at the moment. But don't count on that staying that way.

2. Radmin works best when he can plot and prepare. Right now he has several advantages in that he is now dating the Ref and has a nice following with the audience. You on the other hand don't like playing that sort of game so have zero seduced wrestling officials on your side.

3. Moving the match to somewhere special should be our first priority. Second should be making sure that Glitcher creates it right when the match starts so Radmin does not have time to prepare traps or tricks.

4. Operators need to be lured to your side. Having some sort of backup to tie up Radmin's minions will be essential.

5. You need to make sure you are in a good mental place for this match. You got pretty angry during the hell nonsense. Make sure you are enjoying this and treat it as the fun diversion it is. If winning this mess will make you happy go for it. If not figure out what will. You and your friends broke the cycles so baring something outside your control causing a disaster you now have a long time to figure out what you want out of life.
No. 783467 ID: 398fe1

Jeez you guys. Sweatermouse is trying to stay mostly pure, don't ruin it.
No. 783471 ID: 595d54

>Jeez you guys. Sweatermouse is trying to stay mostly pure, don't ruin it.
Objectively false, unless a threesome counts as "pure".
No. 783472 ID: 3abd97

Closing the door completely on any kind of future fooling around if and when she's ready for her seduction to pay off is a step too far, is all.
No. 783474 ID: b2db3f


Yeah this whole silly thing was to romance Glam and Radmin and show them that there amorous advances were not unwanted.

We don't want them getting the wrong idea and thinking Sweater wants to keep there relationship away from the sort of stuff that happened in the sensation bar.
No. 783480 ID: 398fe1

Glitcher literally read her mind and saw she was only interested in sex academically. Like, the social aspect of it.
No. 783485 ID: 595d54

Okay, and...? She's still interested in sex, I don't know why you think that specific reason is anti-sex. The post you're paraphrasing said she LOVED the social aspect. She's not trying to avoid sex or keep her "purity".
No. 783615 ID: 0b99d7

Cage match!
I can see it now:
"2 wrestlers! no prep! no interference! 1 winner!!!"

no real grudge or spite (they got left in hell) just pure 1v1sies to claim top wrestling admin.
No. 785020 ID: 15a025

1 on 1, hell in cell cage match right now.
No. 785537 ID: bfb318
File 148884888113.png - (121.07KB , 800x800 , 130.png )

>Isn't he busy with the Sweaternerd(s)?
Yes, and that's fine, as you don't intend on fighting him right now. Especially not in a place as volatile as a pizza arcade, which if you had to bet, is where he's at now.

>Still wearing that glitter Sevener?
As much as you dislike why it's on there, it does add a flair that works far better than it should considering the circumstances. It is an easy target for Radmin to make fun of, since it's like his marker on your uniform, but even if you were to get rid of it, he would just go for the next lowest hanging fruit for his taunts.

You did modify your mask, though, after finding an oil that slicks your hair enough to be virtually ungrabbable, allowing it to be free.

>One of his moves revolves around you.
Although the rule specified you, that was when you were his teammate. He may be able to change the target - you expect it, even.

You may have the advantage over his weakness - his inclination to save face, even as a villain. It's a well covered weakness, as he can slither through unflattering situations, and spin discussions on himself. He has made himself out to be an unbeatable street wrestler though, who can win anyplace, anytime.

If you challenge him in a neutral, unused ring, he won't be able to rig anything in advance, nor will he easily be able to decline the challenge without losing his precious reputation.

>Cage match
This will also help ensure that his operators won't be able to assist as freely. It may not negate them, though, and it wouldn't hurt to attempt to get some help on your side. You've got a reputation as a hardass on your workers, and gathering just anyone else may look like you're turning it into a team of people against Radmin, even if they're just keeping the side of the ring clear of shenanigans. You would need to gather people who have a good reputation. The only people you know who fit this bill, offhand, are the Alison - excluding Glamison.

Birdfeed as a ref would be ideal. His skills as a ref are mediocre, but his integrity appears solid and uncompromised.

You also consider that you should put your mental self in a more relaxed state for this considering that your temperament didn't help in the hell match. It's recognized, all the same, that your temperament hindered you through artificial statistics more than it hindered your actual wrestling power.

In short: Cage match outside of the main stadium. Birdfeed as a ref, maybe even two referees. Optionally, get Alison's help, and take this whole thing less seriously.

As for all of this, you believe you'll need system help to create all of this. You know you can call on Rulekeep at any time, and Glitcher may be responsive to everything as well, but you have misgivings. You doubt that Glitcher would make a ring shenanigigan-free. Rulekeep would herself, but she's had a tendency to have input from others, and those 'others' may influence the integrity of the match even unintentionally.
No. 785542 ID: 211d83

Well Glitcher has a sort of Friend/enemy thing going on with Radmin so either way we cant trust him to not interfere.

I would ask Rulekeeper but wait to summon her until you get Alison and Birdfeed beside you. Then they can provide some input for Rulekeeper to work off of.

Also consider talking to her kids first. They seem to be a bit more balanced than there poor traumatized father and mother.

But before all of that you have to go check on Alison and see if she wants to wrestle with you. Plus you still have some lingering issues with her that need to get cleared up if your are going to find your zen and such.
No. 785544 ID: a363ac

while Glitcher may be unpredictable he does have an even bigger hatred of Radmin than you likely most of the items on the list can be acquired just by asking Glitcher to make it so. Make it so operators are all confined to their seats for the match done. Cage and arena outside of Radmins control done. the only big deal is getting a helper on your end just in case. Glitcher seems like he would enjoy Radmin going down
No. 785553 ID: 65ec8d

I think it's too much to hope for no shenanigans. At the very least, remember, you're powered by the crowd's approval! They've come to expect twists and turns and surprises, now, so for the climactic battle to have no spectacle will reduce both your powers. It should have more spectacle than any previous match! You don't power up from shenanigans yourself, but I'd bet you do power up from powering through them and overcoming, by being the mighty mountain against which Radmin's slippery trickster rain beats in vain!

Besides, providing a good show is part of your job, aside from its influence on whether you win or lose. So call Rulekeeper. She'll at least make sure things don't get too slanted against you, and the input she'll take should spice things up a bit. Take the Alisons' help, too.

... Hey, here's an idea. If this is the last battle, how about you call Glitcher or Haydee and ask if you and Radmin can have extra powers and special moves? Like, maybe explain it as you two having harvested the fighting spirits of the wrestlers you've taken down before, or something. Now you and Radmin have split the powers between you and you fight so that the victor can have them all. That'd make for a bigger show.

And hey, if you're having a cage match, why not a special three-dimensional ring? A wrestling cube! Climb the walls for huge slams, bounce your opponent off the ceiling! Other special features? With the wrestling gods on call, there are a lot of possibilities.
No. 785564 ID: 3abd97

>you believe you'll need system help to create all of this
This might be a silly question, but could you just get assistance setting things up the hard way? You don't need Glitcher or Rulekeeper magic to assemble a wrestling ring, or a cage. You just need bodies and organization and materials.

Like, there must be some kind of civic effort by this point, right? People doing things for themselves?

Find someone you can trust to be neutral and keep the setup fair (Bandit, for example) and ask for help organizing it.

>Birdfeed as a ref would be ideal. His skills as a ref are mediocre, but his integrity appears solid and uncompromised.
Persuading the mouse to recuse herself probably won't be too hard.

I thought this was supposed to be one on one?

>You also consider that you should put your mental self in a more relaxed state for this considering that your temperament didn't help in the hell match.
Honestly, this is the hardest one. What do you do with yourself to improve your mental state? You have anything to get over or let go? Conflicts to resolve?
No. 785779 ID: bfb318
File 148892461944.png - (142.59KB , 800x800 , 131.png )

>This might be a silly question, but could you just get assistance setting things up the hard way?
Now that you think about it, that's perfectly possible. There's still a danger of glitcher family intervention, and accusations that you made it to your own advantage. Then again, no one would take Radmin's word over a neutral constructor's word. Or at least no one should. Again, Alison would be a good choice for it.

>I thought this was supposed to be one on one?
It is, and you're going to do what you can to make sure it stays while Radmin won't be above getting outside help.

>Too much to hope for no shenanigans
You'd be naive to think it's going to be perfect, especially from how the audience sways. However, every match has been a farce made by grappling clowns. It would not surprise you if at least part of the audience was amenable to a no bullshit match with actual wrestling.

>What do you do with yourself to improve your mental state?
This is a tough one, but it's also the lowest priority, so long as Haydi doesn't put in mechanics that don't like your attitude.

You'll consider having glitcher - or perhaps preferably his kids - make some flair, fairly. First off, though, you'll meet Alison.

She's on a roof, whispering things to Glitcher.
No. 785780 ID: b412df

Find a place nearby to wait, Glitcher almost certainly knows you're there, but hopefully he'll appreciate the sentiment. He's been through a awful lot recently.
No. 785794 ID: 3abd97

>Then again, no one would take Radmin's word over a neutral constructor's word. Or at least no one should. Again, Alison would be a good choice for it.
*cough* Bandit *cough*. But someone known for wanting a level playing field in charge of setting up your level playing field. Alison's more prone to heroics, and some people might see her as an ally of yours. Or Radmins.

Though she can probably be trusted to help prevent Radmin bringing in outside help.

Hey. Can I talk to you, when you're done with your hug-fest?

>>What do you do with yourself to improve your mental state?
>This is a tough one
What about clearing up your Alison-baggage?
No. 785801 ID: 398fe1

Yeah let's bring Bandit in on this.
No. 785814 ID: 91ee5f

Well, you can ask Glitcher and/or his family to make anything put in place around the ring before a match by one of the wrestlers and/or their helpers is immediately removed/destroyed.

Or you can ask Glitcher and/or his family to teleport you and Radmin to a completely different arena when it's time for the match and have them not announce that the match will take place in a different arena. That way if Radmin does try to hide another invisible crane arm or something, it'll be a waste of time since you won't be going to the normal arena.
No. 785818 ID: bfb318
File 148893017585.png - (68.00KB , 800x800 , 132.png )

>What about clearing up your Alison-baggage?
You'll test the waters while asking about ringside assistance.

You're vaguely aware of his existence. You got yourself a phone, so you look him up and give him a call while stepping away so that Alison and Glitcher can have a moment.

>"Hello, Sevener?"
"Hi. I need some help with something. Are you busy?"
>"Yes. Yes I am. But I may not be too busy. What do you need?"
"I intend on fighting Radmin. I want to make a new ring that's confirmed fair, and spearheaded by someone who has a reputation of being fair."
>"You want me to oversee a construction of a new ring?"
"That's right, or at least give your approval that it's fair for all combatants."
>"I can at least inspect and approve it, yeah. Got a ring ready?"
>"Okay. Give me a call when you start, and I'll look at it while it's being made."
"Alright, thanks."
>"No problem."

That was easy. You wait for a moment of silence to speak to Alison.

"Alison. I want to talk to you after you're done with your hugs. Same with you, glitcher."
>"I'd love to, Anya. I might be a while, but for now, tell me what you need." says Alison. Glitcher remains quiet.
No. 785820 ID: 211d83

I wanted to get your help with making sure the final match between me and Radmin is as fair as possible. So that when all is said and done we are both satisfied with the results and don't have any lingering doubts or anything.

Also I want to mend things between us. I spent a long time angry at you for something that turned out to be a mistake.

And after seeing the friendship that our counterparts had in the cycles before the logs poisoned me against you, well I want to see if we can have that sort of relationship as well.

So take your time with Glitcher and we can talk more later.
No. 785831 ID: 3abd97

Ask about getting her help keeping the match fair (Radmin not getting other people to intervene). She's capable, and she's got enough respect she can probably pull it off. And it's important to you that you finish this whole silly thing up legit, even if it doesn't really mean anything.

The rest... that doesn't need an audience. It's hard enough trying to talk about that without someone looking on. Especially that glitchy doof. Even if Glitcher and Rulekeep and the godlings are basically omniscient anyways, it's different when they're there.
No. 785834 ID: 87547f

She is busy with therapy so keep it short for now.

I wanted some help with the upcoming match. But we can talk about it later. No rush.

Want to get dinner tonight and talk about it?
No. 785839 ID: e22b1d

Ask her out on a date. We can explain things there after she is not so busy.

Then wander off to scout a location for the new ring until date time.
No. 785858 ID: bfb318
File 148893626773.png - (35.76KB , 800x800 , 133.png )

"It's wrestling matters. What you're doing is more important, so just catch me at dinner or something when you're done."

You find yourself choking on your words, because they're true. There's a lot of big fish to fry, and your ability to do anything has been reduced to fucking around in a leotard. Glitcher doesn't seem interested in your conversation, despite this whole thing was his idea.

>"Okay! If you have a phone, I'll look you up in the system the first chance I get - and even if you don't, I'll find you anyway."

You'd like to bring up your previously misplaced anger at her, but she's giving her voice a tone as if you've never had a rough spot with her at any point in your life, which pisses you off.

Since the Glitcher himself seems indisposed to this for the time, you'd rather approach a different glitch or system entity. Alternatively, you're still all too aware that there are thousands of Alisons slithering around. You don't need to interact exclusively with your own cycle's, even if the others aren't a full substitute.

Or you can just scout a new location for a ring. It doesn't need to be large. It may even be better if it's a small area.
No. 785867 ID: 3abd97

>talk it out over diner
Wait. Did you just accidentally ask Alison on a date?

>You find yourself choking on your words, because they're true.
It's okay to do things because they're important to you, even if they're not intrinsically useful. Isn't that what the hug brigade for fighting for the whole time anyways?

And I mean, arguably, you're shaping and defining your nascent culture here with what you're doing in your first big form of public entertainment, but that's a lot more nebulous and I kinda doubt you'll buy into that meaning much.

>You'd like to bring up your previously misplaced anger at her, but she's giving her voice a tone as if you've never had a rough spot with her at any point in your life, which pisses you off.
Does kinda make it hard to unburden yourself if she acts like it didn't even affect her. Or if it really didn't.

>Or you can just scout a new location for a ring. It doesn't need to be large. It may even be better if it's a small area.
Find a map!
No. 785872 ID: 211d83

Yeah there are other Alisons. But its your Alison that you need to work with. Don't take the easy way out just because it gets you nervous. You will have to live with your cowardice if you do.

As for Glitcher he has other things to worry about. He died and got put back together and is scared. Right now keeping him stable is the most important thing in the world. If he could give you his responsibilities and powers he probably would in a heartbeat.

The silly wrestling contest? Yeah its silly but what else are you going to do right now? It's helping the contestants and Admin become friends better than most other methods I could think of.

Go scout a ring location. Somewhere private and small.
No. 785920 ID: 65ec8d

Glitcher seems uncharacteristically quiet. Ask him if he's ok.
No. 785945 ID: bfb318
File 148894546366.png - (20.32KB , 800x800 , 134.png )

>Did you just accidentally ask Alison on a date?
No, you asked her out to dinn-

You realize that a date is exactly that, according to people you see talking about dates. You're going to have to explain to Alison that this isn't a date, it's just dinner and talking.

>It's okay to do things because they're important to you, even if they're not intrinsically useful. Isn't that what the hug brigade for fighting for the whole time anyways?
What's important to you are things that are important.

"Hey, Glitcher. You okay?"

... nothing.

>"He's sleeping." Alison says. It's definitely not any form of sleep you've ever seen, but either he really does sleep and that's how he does it, or Alison is dismissing the issue.
No. 785946 ID: bfb318
File 148894548599.png - (80.43KB , 800x800 , 135.png )

>What else are you going to do right now, if not the wrestling contest?
You think that this contest is near worthless, but the only other thing you can think of doing is the only thing that's even more worthless - nothing at all.

>Don't take the easy way out by talking to other Alisons
You won't talk to other Alisons to come to terms with your interactions with this Alison, you'll talk to other Alison's to keep Radmin's operators from screwing with your match.

>Find a map
The only map available is just primary locations. Free rooms, stadiums, points of interest, all highly public. Outside of the map is just the empty city, aside from wanderers looking around.

It does give you a few ideas, though. Some rooftops on the far reaches of town may be inconspicuous enough to have a bit of construction going on, though it could be seen by other wanderers. You could go for one of the tallest skyscrapers, but you imagine wanderers would go to the tops of those. You'd have to remove witnesses by throwing them off the top, and that would hardly settle the matter. Alternatively, the basement of buildings may be expansive and discreet enough without needing to travel far.

You think you saw a hole somewhere in the valley's cliffside, where you blew up Radmin's truck. If you scale the wall there, you could build a ring in a cave.

There are islands out in the distance. There may even be a boat to save you from a long swim.
No. 785947 ID: 211d83

Well if there is anything we can do for him she would let us know. No use worrying about Glitcher problems when you can do something about the Sevener problems.

How about the bottom of the bay? A little ring down there in a giant clamshell or something with a air bubble.

All you really need are 4 posts and some giant rubber bands. Can make a ring anywhere really. String some lines in between some traffic lights and you could make a intersection a ring.
No. 785951 ID: 65ec8d


Huh. Sure hope he isn't engaged in some titanic psychic cyberduel with some terrible external entity and he's keeping it quiet from most people so as not to disturb them.

That's unlikely, though. Actually, wasn't there something about people taking turns to "sleep", as in go into low-activity dormant periods, so everyone gets a go at consciousness? Maybe Glitcher's just taking his turn. Though, that's odd as well that he's included in that, given that he's supposed to be the one running most of everything.

Comment that you heard her whispering something to him.

>Where to place the ring

Didn't you and Radmin burst out of a newly formed volcano when you returned from wrestling hell? That seems like it'd be a rad place for a final showdown between the two of you.
No. 785959 ID: a8bc5c

You know what you could do?

Have the ring constructed on the island, made to look like it's in a building.

Then ambush Radmin by having him teleported to it and infront of a camera with a hard choice. Fight you fairly or leave in disgrace.
No. 785965 ID: 3abd97

Well he's probably been awake forever and doing who knows what god things. Maybe he doesn't even know how to sleep right. It's not like he does anything else normally.

>where build
If we take an island, you know Radmin is gonna hydroplane his damn truck right across the sea. And someone will burst out of the water as a surprise, eventually. You can't set a foolproof guard over the ocean.

Cave actually looks the most secure.

Hmmm. What if you claimed the inside of a tall building? Claim the top few inner floors of a skyscraper (where no one can see you), clear out the inner-walls and floors to make room for an arena. Inside and high up would be hard to see, and you can lock some doors to keep idle explorers out.

Then when the match starts, blow off the top and outside walls, leaving the ring exposed on the (now slightly shorter) top of the building.
No. 786172 ID: bfb318
File 148902099717.png - (120.89KB , 800x800 , 136.png )

You catch yourself wondering what Alison whispered to him. You'll ask her if you still care enough to remember during dinner.

For now, you've got a ring on your mind. If you put in as much effort as you cared about this, you'd just string 4 rubber bands around light poles in a street intersection and call it done, but if you're going to do this at all, you're going to do it right.

The windows in most buildings are one way, so you realize you can build a ring indoors. After a few hours of scouting, you find a nice, open room that's wide open and empty, and creates a decent view outside.

There's enough spare materials in the stadium to make your own ring, and this is close enough that you can haul it all up by yourself without spending days walking back and forth. There's also enough debris around the building to properly close off this area from any wanderers.

You receive a call from Alison.

>"Hey, Anya. I can talk, now. Do you have a preference for where?"
"I couldn't care less, as long as it's not some public place where I'll get hassled."
>"Okay. I'll teleport you to where I am, now. Just let me know when you're ready."
"Do it already."
No. 786173 ID: bfb318
File 148902104720.png - (67.88KB , 800x800 , 137.png )

You end up in an unfamiliar place.

"Where's this?"
>"This is the ring shell. Glitcher and the science team have been altering its look. They're trying to get it to look more like a safe zone, but it's difficult. Enough on that, though, how have you been?"
"Just fine."


"... that not a good enough answer for you?"
>"If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me. What would you like to talk about?"

You almost answer, but she then keeps talking.

>"I like your glitter, by the way!"

You find yourself grumbling audibly, and now will never admit to her that you're keeping it on by choice.
No. 786176 ID: 65ec8d

>"I like your glitter, by the way!"
>You find yourself grumbling audibly, and now will never admit to her that you're keeping it on by choice.

Hey, now. You chose to keep the glitter on, so it was your choice to wear it right now. She's complimenting the choice you made. Isn't that what you want? To be in a position to make choices, and have those choices be ones that others - including Alison - recognize as good choices?

Anyway, preface your talk by telling Alison that the way she says things sometimes ticks you off, so for a little while, you'd like her to either just listen to you or, if she wants to say something, be... practical, or something. Businesslike? No sentiment, cushiony, comforty stuff. That sort of thing makes you feel talked down to or patronized or coddled or something that annoys you, and you know she doesn't mean it that way but you react to it like that anyway sometimes and that's something you need to fix but if you want to make progress right now you'd like her to be a bit more... eh, like yourself, basically. Temporarily. Just with you.

Then talk to her about your feelings.
No. 786189 ID: 91ee5f

You suddenly realize that Alison has never given you her "Hug of Trust", which is odd considering how often she hugs everyone. No wait, now you remember, you never let her hug you. Actually, you don't care. Why are you suddenly thinking about hugs anyways?!

You want to ask for her help to make sure Radmin doesn't try to cheat when you challenge him. Which means making sure he doesn't try to set up any invisible crane arms or something like that before the match.
No. 786192 ID: 3abd97

>just string 4 rubber bands around light poles in a street intersection and call it done
An urban environment highway ring might be interesting, but it plays right into Radmin's stupid car gimmick.

>>"I like your glitter, by the way!"
You didn't plan it, but it stuck.

Looks like we're skipping the date. Or just setting things straight, first.

>What would you like to talk about?
"Look, do you remember how I was pissed at you for basically forever? Did you ever get why?"

Assuming she still doesn't: *grumble* "I swear how can someone who's whole fucking thing is social skills be so oblivious sometimes."

So tell her how you feel. Why it was such a big fucking deal past hers betrayed past yous in other cycles. Why it pissed you off you weren't so much as mentioned in her logs. Why it continued to piss you off she couldn't take a hint when you were fighting.
No. 786193 ID: 211d83

(Idea for the final match, The ring to end all rings the "Rumble in the Ringshell!")

As for Alison.

Just fucking tell her the truth. Confess your feelings for her and get them on the table.

"So Alison I am all torn up inside about us and being friends and our relationship. Stupid logs made me do stupid things and before that we were apparently best friends or even closer for hundreds of cycles."

"I want to be like that again but I don't know what to do or how to say it. And I want you to be mad at me for all the mistakes I made trying to stop you but you are always so nice I just can't stand it."
No. 786225 ID: bfb318
File 148903067263.png - (67.45KB , 800x800 , 138.png )

>You're choosing to keep the glitter on
And you're not sure why you're grumbling about it. It's probably that it's a compliment coming from Alison.

Come to think of it, this would be a good spot for a ringbut right now, that's in the back of your mind.

"The way you talk ticks me off."
>"How so?"
"It's nice."
>"... that's bad?"
"It's inappropriate when it's not directed at someone you should be nice to. It's patronizing and dismissive."
>"Do you want me to be mean to you?"
"That, or businesslike. No sentimental, cushiony, comforty shit. I doubt you could be mean."
>"I doubt it, too. I can try to be less comforting, though."
"That's a fuckin' laugh, but go for it."
>"Okay. Please keep talking, because I know that's not the entire problem."
"Yeah. Remember how I was pissed at you forever?"
>"No, I remember how you were angry at me until the end of the CAI battle."
"I was angry at you for much longer and you know why?"
>"I hope it's not because of my past selves."
"What if it is? We've got a long history, even of being friends or more."
No. 786226 ID: bfb318
File 148903069489.png - (56.87KB , 800x800 , 139.png )

>"I'd like to show - "
"Alison." She's cushioning her speech again.
>"... right, sorry. Let me show you something."

She pulls out her tablet and shows you someone that looks like you.

"Don't fuckin' say that's me."
>"It's not. It's a Sevener from an old cycle. Nervous around people, and scared for everything. She didn't make it far, certainly not far enough to ever be known as Sevener, and she was terribly nice and eager to please."
"So nothing like me."
>"Not quite the opposite, but close. My point is that we have our trends, but each person in each cycle should be treated as an individual, not a template."
"Yeah, well, you seem like a typical enough Alison, not an outlier, so I think I can judge you a bit for not putting me in a single log. Why's that?"
>"Because whenever we got close, I failed you in some way, I think. We had different goals in the end that no longer apply. I don't want to speak for those Alisons, but I think that the Alisons that could leave logs found it painful to think about you."
"That sounds like placating bullshit. If anything, if they found it tough to think about me, then that means I'd be the last thought to get deleted, which is what a log is."
>"I'm sorry, Anya, you have a point, and I can't speculate. Do you prefer Sevener?"
"If I cared now, I would've corrected you. So maybe you don't know, but even now you sound so dismissive. I fought you, I wanted to destroy you, and never see you again. And what do you end up doing as you move to stage 7 and beyond? You act like you don't care about any of that. Like what I did was just without any consequence. You never even took the hints during fighting."
>"If I acted like I was mad about you fighting, I'd be faking it."
"Did you not care about what I was doing even as I was fighting you?"
>"Anya, there's many more ways to care than to be mad. I didn't stage a multi thousand allied attack on system administration and risk everything because I didn't care."
"Fine, but it was all over, you forgave me instantly, like it was just nothing."
>"You were acting on the best information you had, and then you got better information. That was it."
"That's it?"
>"Am I missing something?"
No. 786227 ID: bfb318
File 148903070488.png - (56.00KB , 800x800 , 140.png )

She pulls out a dinner table from the floor.

"... I don't know."
>"Take your time. Time isn't moving fast, back at the stadium."
"Goddamnit. This would've been over a long time ago if you just yelled at me or something, instead of constantly taking the wind out of my sails."
>"Do you want me to yell at you?"
"Yeah! No. I would, but it doesn't mean a fuckin' thing if you yell at me because you're obliging my request to yell."
>"Anya... you're mad at yourself too, right?"
"Gee, you think? Got a problem with that?"
>"Not a problem, but..."
"You think I've got no legitimate reason to be mad at myself?"
>"...... no, Anya. I don't, I really don't. You're great, and I don't understand, at all, how or why you'd be mad over the things you've done. I'm sorry if I've seemed dismissive of you, but I think I've only come across as dismissive because you expected to be mad or disappointed, and I'm not in the least bit."
No. 786230 ID: a363ac

Jesus Christ Anya just take her out to the Sensation Bar and fuck her already you dopey angry ball of self-hatred. That seems to be the only way you might get over this at this point so just stop thinking you are the worst and deal with your feelings the best way you know how with actions and strategically applied violence.
No. 786232 ID: 211d83

She has a point. Everything you did and felt was based on a large pool of info your past selves left you that said Alison was not to be trusted. And any info to the contrary was locked away until the perfect set of events unlocked it last cycle.

If you had done anything different you all would be dead right now. You had to be mad at Alison and fight her. She had to die and come back and sacrifice herself. Every event that happened this cycle all lead up to the vital events of Rulekeeper being created and Glitcher being around to hook up with her. Even Glitchers death was vital to solving the final puzzle.

But I think there is a bigger issue that is bothering you. I think it's driving you nuts that you never really appeared in Alison's logs. You have hundreds of logs obsessed with taking Alison down after her betrayal and how many of hers mention you as a enemy?

I think you loved her once. You probably still do today. But in a fit of anger long long ago you left a angry log that you wish you could take back. And in the years since you have fought her countless times because of it.

But she never left any logs about your fights. So you started thinking that maybe she never loved you back. Why else would she never try to give herself hints about how to fight you? If she really cared about you why would she not leave some logs to try and fix things between you?

Maybe you should tell her how you feel.
No. 786233 ID: 398fe1

Maybe some of that anger is from her soft approach working so much better than your hard approach. Jealousy, or frustration? Or angry because you feel like you should just be happy with the victory. She helped end the cycles.

Or angry at yourself because despite her trying to be nice to you and find out what was wrong you blamed her for everything and barely gave her a chance to defend herself. You were mean to someone who is almost incapable of being anything but nice. That's like kicking a puppy.
No. 786234 ID: e22b1d

Tell her that you are scared she does not care about you the same way you do about her. You have been obsessed with her for thousands of cycles and she just ignored you and went on her way.

You wanted her to care about you more than everyone else. Why did she keep trying to save everyone else when you were the one who cared about her the most.

Why did she spend lifetimes trying to save the world and never once tried to save what you two had?
No. 786240 ID: 3abd97

Why'd did Alison even have floophy Anya ready to go like that.

Gonna need a bigger table than that. (Unless Sevener is supposed to sit on the floor, or Alison's tail).

>>"...... no, Anya. I don't, I really don't. You're great, and I don't understand, at all, how or why you'd be mad over the things you've done. I'm sorry if I've seemed dismissive of you, but I think I've only come across as dismissive because you expected to be mad or disappointed, and I'm not in the least bit."
Fucking hell. I don't understand it either, but that's what I got.

I don't get how how can move past all this so easy. Fuck, I think I'm jealous, actually.

>"Gee, you think? Got a problem with that?"
Alison suggestion: I just don't like seeing you making yourself hurt.
No. 786258 ID: bfb318
File 148903770254.png - (162.34KB , 800x800 , 141.png )

>Why did Alison even have floophy Anya ready to go like that.
She took a second to pull it up. Then again, she did seem ready to pull it up at a moment's notice.

>Go to the sensation bar
You've got no business experimenting in artificially inflicted emotions and senses, when you don't even have your own shit sorted out.

>"But also, I don't like seeing you make yourself hurt." Alison says, finishing pulling the table all the way up. Food appears on it.
"You think I'm hurting myself? You know what, I think I know what's pissing me off after all. It still has to do with you not leaving logs."
>"Does that insult leave that bad of a mark?"
"I guess so. I spend hundreds of cycles and logs noting - even obsessing - over you, with nearly every emotion I've ever felt. And from you? Nothing. Nothing at all. And you're the one who's had a soft approach, and one that works, but it's all to save everyone, and in that, I'm not even a footnote. And when I cross paths with you, you just move right past it."
>"You're not, though. You're important to me, and worth my time."
"Hasn't seemed like it."
>"But you know that I've tried to show you otherwise, but you usually push me away."
"Well feel free to remind my forgetful ass, because I sure don't remember what you're talking about."
No. 786259 ID: bfb318
File 148903771607.png - (50.14KB , 1000x800 , 142.png )

She moves to the side of the table and outstretches her arms to me.
No. 786266 ID: 398fe1

Hugs. Are you too good for hugs?

Tell her okay fine but don't go bragging about it.
No. 786267 ID: 3abd97

Give her the squinty eye. Stare. And hold it for a while.

No. 786269 ID: 91ee5f

There it is. There's Alison's signature "Hug of Trust". She must've been holding that one in for a long time, just waiting for you to accept it.

Question is: Anya, will you accept Alison's trust?
No. 786291 ID: 211d83

Wait a minute she hugs everyone she really likes.

Demand a extra special Sevener hug.
No. 786301 ID: 65ec8d

You don't get hugged. You do the hugging! Crush the naga in a mighty bear squeeze of tough love.
No. 786327 ID: a8bc5c

This is perfect, let's do it.
No. 786354 ID: bfb318
File 148910280905.png - (106.19KB , 800x800 , 143.png )

You make sure your grumbling is internal.
No. 786356 ID: bfb318
File 148910286888.png - (129.24KB , 800x800 , 144.png )

"Fine." you say, doing the hugging. "Just don't go bragging about it."
>"It can be as much of a secret as you like."

You hold it for a few moments, before Alison speaks.

>"You said you wanted to talk about your wrestling match, too?"
"Who gives a shit about that?"
>"Lots of people, Anya. You're more popular than you might think, and a lot of people are rooting for you."
"Yeah whatever, one look at Radmin and I'll remember why I'm doing this. I want some help protecting the ring from Radmin's operators or anyone that'll screw around with a fair match."
>"Of course I can help with that."
"Just make it look like you're a neutral third party, not my personal army. And you should look like it because you will be neutral about it. I don't want your help beating up Radmin himself."
>"Mhm. That's no problem, I'd love to do it. I'll get other Alisons to help, since Radmin does use a lot of operators."
"While you're at it, could you help me construct a ring?"
>"Of course. Is there anything else you'd like help with or talk about, wrestling or otherwise?"
No. 786358 ID: a363ac

Just admit that you like like her already you would never hold a grudge with someone for this long if you didn't care for them a lot.
No. 786359 ID: 211d83

Continue the hug and ask her if she wants to go out and see a movie or get some dinner some