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File 148199666923.png - (5.98KB , 512x512 , CSQ.png )
766464 No. 766464 ID: 37a528

You are standing on your 6th out of 8 hours dealing with Inept customers and there computers. You work at a Computer repair Shop the only shop in town that deals with the less the respected of society... KOBOLDS
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No. 766465 ID: 37a528
File 148199685519.png - (7.93KB , 512x512 , customer service.png )

You sigh longing for the days when Kobolds attacked and stole things and there was a clear Villainy in this world excitement! ADVENTURE! GLORY!

No. 766466 ID: 37a528
File 148199702167.png - (5.17KB , 512x512 , CSQ3.png )

"HI! I've got a Problem with the Computer I got from here! When I turn it on it says its UNDER ATTACK! Can you fix it please?"

No. 766468 ID: 62e3c5

Did you try turning it off and then back on again? Sorry, we have to ask that of everybody. Let's just boot it up and have a look.
No. 766470 ID: ca0e20

Plug in a monitor to see it for yourself.
No. 766473 ID: 3abd97

"Did you try attacking it?"
No. 766474 ID: db0da2

Did you turn it on by attacking it?
No. 766476 ID: 180f83

Have you been downloading porn?
No. 766481 ID: 9145ba

Does it say this as soon as it turns on? You'll need to grab the appropriate BIOS cleaning software from the back. Or just shelve it and let them know when to come back, depending on the type of operation you run.
No. 766490 ID: 37a528
File 148200831821.png - (16.05KB , 512x512 , CSQ4.png )

Taking the monitor you move to the testing area and turn it on.

"SAY SOMETHING!" Blares through the built in speaker and 100's of pop ups appear!

"Can you fix it?" the Young kobold asks innocently and in earnest
No. 766492 ID: 1ba9d8

Run antivirus programs and pop up blocker and advise more careful internet browsing in the future
No. 766494 ID: 62e3c5

I'm thinking we may have to reboot into safe mode to get anything done with that many pop-ups. Does he not have any protection on this thing, or did he turn off all the filters?
No. 766495 ID: 398fe1

Tell him yeah you can get rid of the popups, probably. Most malware can be removed completely with the right tools. Reboot into safe mode, run a bunch of antivirus/antimalware software (from CD) to get rid of the garbage it's infected with. Then start it up into normal mode again, to see if the job's done.

I'm hoping the weird voice thing sticks around after the popups are gone because that'd be interesting. Especially if it isn't detected by a virus scan.
No. 766514 ID: 37a528
File 148201858251.png - (7.51KB , 512x512 , CSQ5.png )

As you go to start removing the malware the screen blips and changes to a Animated Dragon Face, As the drive caught fire!

"One soul to continue!"

"So can you uh... Fix that?"
No. 766515 ID: 62e3c5

Sorry man, there isn't anything we can do once the hardware catches fire. This one soul to continue thing sound promising, but our soul was taken by corporate long ago.
No. 766518 ID: 180f83

backup all important files the customer wants to keep on a USB disk drive if possible in safe mode, then perform a factory reset
No. 766519 ID: 90f3c0

You should have imaged the drive before starting, now you've lost all the customer's files. What a rookie mistake.

Swap out the hard drive and reinstall the OS.
No. 766527 ID: 3abd97

Unplug it, and then get a priest.
No. 766528 ID: ca0e20

Ask the kobold where he got this computer.
No. 766529 ID: 804a8c

Do you have anything you want to keep on this? It might be simpler to treat everything as lost and reformat the whole thing.
No. 766533 ID: 398fe1

Well that's super impossible. What, does this world have magic or something?
No. 766569 ID: 9876c4

I feel like this is probably an excellent recap of company policy.
No. 766572 ID: 37a528
File 148203478519.png - (8.66KB , 512x512 , New Canvas.png )

(There is magic but people tend not to use it because of industrial revolution)


You fall back as the other costumers ran from the store

A large Dragon emerged from the Computer.
No. 766574 ID: 62e3c5

Quick, throw the computer at it. Maybe you can trap it back inside before it sets you on fire.
No. 766583 ID: 180f83

Oh jeez, call a manager and ask what we should do if a dragon bursts out of the computer. You weren't experienced enough to handle this.
No. 766598 ID: 9145ba

Ctrl+Alt+Delete, end process 'Dragon.exe'
No. 766599 ID: 398fe1

Back away from the large dragon.
No. 766614 ID: c441c1

oh shit did you play pony island on this thing!
No. 766677 ID: a21032

That takes too long, just unplug the damn thing.
No. 766694 ID: 37a528
File 148209082233.png - (21.36KB , 1029x512 , csq7.png )

Thinking you have finally succumbed to psychosis You Pull the plug and run outside.

In the parking lot you look up To see the Dragons of Myth Burst from your former work place, You stand there in awe Srounded by the yapping Kobolds.
No. 766695 ID: 3abd97

Well you're probably fired.
No. 766698 ID: ca0e20

Can you find the Kobold who owned that computer? You have to recruit him to help you now, since it's their fault too. You can guilt them to be your sidekick on this adventure to fight dragons.

Plus it had a cute face.
No. 766710 ID: 62e3c5

No, that is a bad kobold! You will worship the almighty dollar with the rest of us and like it. Slap him for good measure, so he learns dragons are not gods. They are just horrible fire-breathing lizards and all they do is lower property values and kidnap princesses.
No. 766712 ID: 180f83

Well, it's not your problem. let the military sort it out.
No. 766801 ID: 8b04db

get back to work before our boss yells at us
No. 766823 ID: 9876c4

Call up Tony to fix the roof. Gonna be hell to pay if it rains on your repair jobs.
No. 766845 ID: 37a528

'you get back work!' You hear while looking at the carnage as your boss starts stomping fires.

Going back inside you walk past the Damaged part of the store and go back to where you where working. There's just the one Costomer who you where working with last.

"How much is all this going to cost me?"
He asks taking out 2 crumpled 20$ and a coupon for all you can eat medieval themed resonant near by.
No. 766846 ID: 37a528
File 148217327707.png - (11.88KB , 512x512 , CSQ9.png )

No. 766848 ID: 0555b9

Eternal servitude and one of your kidneys. Don't believe me? Check the sign.
No. 766852 ID: 180f83

um, he does realize that the dragon probably totally destroyed his computer after emerging from it, right?

ask why he is still paying even though we didn't fix it.
No. 766882 ID: c9f250


Nah just take the money and go out to themed dinner.
No. 766897 ID: 9876c4

This should just about cover it. Come back if you have any more problems. with more money
No. 767180 ID: 37a528
File 148226690565.png - (21.18KB , 1024x1024 , CSQ10.png )

See the kobold that started the trouble had returned to your line you inform him of store policy and tie his hands.

"Ah hem, all crimes will be punished with the Kobold in question being put up for auction to recoup the damages, Sorry man You seam nice"
You tell the Kobold as you escort him to the back room to await his fate.

He Complains
No. 767182 ID: ca0e20

You say you want adventure and excitement. Best way is to recruit him instead of making him a slave and go on an adventure with him (and whoever you recruit along the way).

The company you're working for will probably keep sending parties after you for going against them! While you're trying to find and kill a dragon! Excitements!
No. 767185 ID: 61c7b9

Well, he can pay. It's not like they're stealing his assets or anything. He's just being sold into slavery first.
No. 767186 ID: 14d66e

Point him to the complaints window.

No. 767194 ID: 3abd97

I'm sorry, your warranty doesn't cover acts of dragons. I'm afraid we can't fix it.

Well sure, you can buy yourself out of slavery, if you can afford it. But to be on the safe side we're going to clap you in irons first.
No. 767200 ID: 9145ba

There'll be no backtalk allowed from your new kobold butler.
No. 767339 ID: 37a528
File 148235514589.png - (21.24KB , 1024x1024 , CSQ11.png )

"You can wait in here till the manager comes to get you."

You think about how easy it would be to run from this lawful evil world you live it as you tend to the next few costumers...

The net hour drags slowly as you deal with old Kobolds who want the internet installed on there PC and a Human comes in! But he only wanted to use the bathroom.


You think about the nice kobold who came back to pay for the damages...
No. 767342 ID: eb3fae

Pat the kobold on the head, they are a good kobold
No. 767352 ID: 9876c4

Can we afford a pet on our salary?
No. 767358 ID: 61c7b9

We can, they're not very expensive.
No. 767364 ID: 3abd97

>You think about the nice kobold who came back to pay for the damages...
Man he did a good thing coming back and paying for the damage by selling himself into slavery! Sure made your day easier. What a bro. Too bad about the slavery, but thems the breaks after all.
No. 767367 ID: 398fe1

Does he actually have the kind of money to pay for the damages or does he think 20 bucks is really enough?

Imagine: a rich kobold, indebted to you.
No. 767538 ID: b15da4

We can charge other people to pet the kobold.
No. 767972 ID: 37a528

As your work day ends your boss Mr.Ironsnout approaches you.

"Good news! you're not a kobold so we can't sell you into slavery, Bad news.. You unleashed that thing into the store so your fired don't come back." Mr.Ironsnout informs you

"But I didnt do it! That computer I worked on had it on there!" You say

"I'm sure, and don't worry that kobold will get whats coming to him."
Mr.Ironsnout Waves you out.

Standing next to the employee lockers you have to think about where to go from here.
In this world without a job you cant afford your apartment! Maybe you should go talk to that kobold you locked up
No. 767973 ID: ca0e20

Yeah! Bust him out of there! You can always ask it where it lives too.
No. 767999 ID: 9f3729

"Fuck it, they fired me and slavery's fucked up. C'mon boyo, you're with me now."
No. 768458 ID: 56ffef

Dress your boss up as a Kobold then sell him into slavery.
No. 768587 ID: 37a528

Dress your boss up as a Kobold then sell him into slavery.
<Bad news Boss is a Kobold!>

You Ninja your way to where the kobold is being held
(Aka walk)
And untie him.
"Hay Im busting you outta here!"

"Wha why?"
he asks
No. 768589 ID: 180f83

because it is my job (or was) to give excellent customer service.
No. 768628 ID: 91ee5f

Because it was my job to follow the rules of the store. Now that I've been fired, I don't need to follow those rules anymore.
No. 768635 ID: 3abd97

Because they fired me, so in a time honored tradition, I'm stealing company merchandise on the way out.
No. 768640 ID: 398fe1

No. 771954 ID: 37a528
File 148424777351.png - (22.07KB , 1024x768 , End.png )

The customer that started this joins you eagerly, The to of you take to the streets and pack up your former life's and began a new life as adventuring partners. Who knows what the future holds.

(Sorry This kinda crashed and burned But I learned a lot thanks :3)
No. 771963 ID: ca0e20

We got to save a cute Kobold from being a slave. I enjoyed it! =3
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