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File 148046939241.png - (220.05KB , 600x600 , The Sunfish.png )
762401 No. 762401 ID: b073ca

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No. 762402 ID: b073ca
File 148046940852.png - (54.35KB , 600x600 , 1-1.png )

No. 762404 ID: b073ca
File 148046953639.png - (63.66KB , 600x600 , 1-2.png )

Incoming call!

"Sam, you might want to get up here. I think... yeah we've found something"
No. 762405 ID: b073ca
File 148046954959.png - (65.83KB , 600x600 , 1-3.png )

No. 762408 ID: 398fe1

What did you find?
No. 762409 ID: f0e552

Hello, you best respond in some way to that, hmm? Who are you, by the way? We're us.
No. 762410 ID: 3abd97

Hiss in displeasure at your sleep being disturbed.
No. 762411 ID: 1ce8ec

oh well, might as well get up if yer awake.
reply that you'll be there in a minute, didn't sound all that urgent after all.
No. 762414 ID: ba506f


what'ch find?
No. 762415 ID: 9f3729

>be an unexpectedly chipper morning person with resting bitch face
No. 762417 ID: 180f83

Did we find the sunfish? dinner time!
No. 762421 ID: df1c0c

Grumble under your breath as you get dressed.
No. 762422 ID: db0da2

Ask them what it is while getting dressed. Don't get mad at them for waking you up, you have to remain professional.
No. 762423 ID: 15a025

If it's doesn't involve food or blood, hang up.
No. 762440 ID: b073ca
File 148047410178.png - (99.35KB , 600x527 , 1-4.png )

You snarl but halfway through it turns into a yawn.
Your cabin lights flicker on. You rub sleep from your eyes and check the clock readout on the monitor.

Sam: "Goddamnit Bucky. My shift isn't for another 3 hours"

Bucky: "I know you need your beauty sleep and all, but we're operating on your intel here."

You sigh and sit up.
Sam: "Well what is it?"

Bucky: "Not sure yet, the albedo is making it hard to get details but we have at least one object, pretty good sized."

Sam: "Let me get dressed, I'll be up in a minute."
No. 762441 ID: b073ca
File 148047410955.png - (77.76KB , 600x485 , 1-5.png )

You stretch and feel your body creak a bit. You shuffle to your locker and, grumbling, put on something that doesn't look too dirty. You look around your room and say a fond farewell to your pillow.
No. 762446 ID: 9f3729

Make mental note to masturbate off the frustration once the day's done
No. 762451 ID: 71d443

Investigate cabinets, they could tell you a good deal about the person who lives here.
No. 762452 ID: df1c0c

So what intel did you give them?
No. 762453 ID: 398fe1

Alright so, are you on an airship or a submarine?
No. 762454 ID: 3abd97

Grab your nametag, ID, phone, multitool or whatever from your locker.
No. 762467 ID: 91ee5f

Check under bed to make sure you didn't accidentally kick something important under there.
No. 762472 ID: 180f83

no shower? eh whatever.

We need breakfast. how about toast
No. 762475 ID: d26a7e

Well head up to where you need to go and let's see if this was actually worth getting out of bed for or if someone needs a few less teeth.
No. 762480 ID: b073ca
File 148047958344.png - (97.50KB , 600x582 , 1-6.png )

Urgh, if this turns out to be a false alarm you make a mental note to rub one out before going back to bed and make an additional note to be extra loud about it to spite Bucky. Possibly over the intercom. Maybe you'll see if Annie wants to join in.

You open up the storage space above your bunk and pull out your datapad, which is a kind of all in one phone/computer/electronic multitool and has spaces for additional modules to perform specific tasks. You don't have much room for personal effects in your living space so it also holds most of your photos and videos. Other than that, there's some moonshine from the last colony you stopped off in and some heavily processed snacks from the inner worlds, a rarity this far away from civilization.
No. 762481 ID: b073ca
File 148047960458.png - (113.61KB , 600x509 , 1-7.png )

You make your way up to the bridge and Bucky swivels around in his seat.
Bucky: "Have a look. Pretty much right where you said it would be. Stable orbit, and its not tumbling, LIDAR indicates it's man-made."
No. 762482 ID: b073ca
File 148047961323.png - (80.41KB , 600x420 , 1-8.png )

You peer out of the view-screen. Below the Starlette lies Campo 138, a lifeless ice word well outside of the Goldilocks zone. In the distance, near the horizon you can barely make out a speck, possibly two glinting in the starlight.
No. 762483 ID: 71d443

Nice. Prepare to make contact with the locals.
No. 762484 ID: 398fe1

>right where you said it would be
How did you predict this?

Get a telescope and get a closer look.
No. 762486 ID: 3abd97

Cool. What do you think the artificial satellite is? Why are you here? To salvage it?
No. 762487 ID: 9f3729

Oh shit. Now we gotta rub one out in celebration!
"So what, we gonna check it out then? We've got preparations for alien attack, right?"
No. 762493 ID: 47160d

Is it in a natural geosynchronous orbit or is its maintained altitude artificial? How circular is the orbit? What tipped you off to it and why do you care?
No. 762513 ID: d26a7e

So what are we looking at here? Another ship, a satellite, or just some space junk cought in the planet's orbit, see if we can get a better look at the objects then decide what we want to do with them.
No. 762631 ID: 61c7b9

Huh. Looks like a space station. Well, it might be dangerous, but hell, might also be aliens. Probably just some abandoned smuggler's hideaway, anarch brouha or just a group of scientists.

Still, be on alert. There's no one around to help if whatever that thing is decides to huck a missile in your direction. Advance cautiously, with intent to survey.
No. 762632 ID: 79a07e

Looks like a ship or a space station or something...

Hm. Is this to be expected? Sounded like it. What's this mission objective, then?
No. 762634 ID: 094652

Prepare scanning equipment and a few combat lasers. You are NOT going to star in your own space station horror film at -3i AM in the parapolic-time-space-

Look, you're hungover and don't want any complications. If there are monsters, destroy the speck.
No. 762668 ID: b073ca
File 148052340735.png - (96.74KB , 600x464 , 1-9.png )

Bucky:"How'd you hear about this thing anyway?"

You flip open your datapad.
Sam: "You're not going to believe this, but I got a message... from myself..."

Bucky's ears flop as he cocks his head.
Bucky: "From yourself? You mean 'old Sam'? That doesn't make any sense."

Sam: "Pshh you're telling me. "

Bucky: "Well, if she's accurate, this thing is pre-pinch drive tech. If we can find any genetic samples onboard, we might be able to afford to call off the repo men. Hell, -probably afford installment plans of our own. "

Sam: "Id be the first favor she's done me in a long while..."

Bucky: "Man, everybody's got baggage these days. hang onto something..."

You hear the Starlette's engines cycle up and brace yourself as Bucky accelerates and closes the distance.
No. 762669 ID: b073ca
File 148052342754.png - (117.95KB , 600x600 , 1-10.png )

Its hard to gauge how far you've traveled other than counting off seconds and watching the distant ship slowly grow larger in the viewport. Now that you're closer you can pick out some details, including...

Bucky: "An asteroid... these guys must have taken it with them. Probably to make spare parts in case anything fails. They were really in it for the long haul."
No. 762670 ID: b073ca
File 148052343449.png - (112.37KB , 468x600 , 1-11.png )

He swivels around and beams at you.
Bucky: "Its a generation ship! The'res got to be tons of samples onboard! Sam, we're gonna be RICH!"
No. 762671 ID: 0555b9

Prepare the traditional greeting of a Mark V torpedo spread.
No. 762672 ID: 180f83

Tell him to calm down, and focus. For all we know, this could all be a trap.
No. 762673 ID: f94cb3

Don't go in too hot. But you've watched enough bad fiction and good documentaries to know that there's a ton of ways this could go bad. Having access to lots of safety gear, solutions for a violent confrontation, following proper isolation and quarantine procedures, take your time, assume nothing, make sure to do full inspection, etc. Etc.

In other words, don't be stupid and be cautious as fuck.
No. 762674 ID: cdec48

Is a generation ship what it seems to sound like: a largescale storage system for various species' DNA?
No. 762675 ID: 665ed8

Well fuck generation ships are the worst, should we be expecting devolved passengers or are the life support systems dead?
No. 762682 ID: 398fe1

Alright let's try hailing them first. Maybe someone's awake in there.
No. 762690 ID: 094652

That asteroid is probably the most useful thing in the area. If the ship is infected, you could charge the asteroid into the planet, killing anything that can't FTL out of there. Prepare the asteroid for a crash run in case you need a quick getaway, add some thrusters to the asteroid or set detonation charges or something.
No. 762702 ID: e05680

Bucky is making a big deal about the value of these 'samples'. What exactly are they samples of, and what makes them so valuable?
No. 762703 ID: b2db0f

smile hopefully, but you know to play this safe before you break out the champagne
No. 762705 ID: b073ca
File 148053765576.png - (46.46KB , 600x600 , 1-12.png )

Back before Pinch Drives were invented, deep space travel was a one way gig. Basically you point yourself at a nearby(ish) star and hit the gas for a couple hundred years. Because of the travel time required, the crew was expected to get busy and make more crew members to replace themselves the natural way, hence the name "generation ship". For those discerning travelers that were more interested in actually seeing an alien world: there was always the option of cryogenic storage to help them cheat death and fast forward through all those boring light years. But they probably missed out on some great space orgies...

The surviving records of the generation ship era seem to indicate that most ships used a combination of the two systems to ensure a healthy population once they arrived at their destination. Surviving records also indicate these ships had a success rate worse than early new world colonies and the chances diminished significantly the further they traveled. Those that survived would find themselves scraping pitifully for brief, painful survival on planets never intended to support terrestrial life. It was a hard, brutal, bloodstained period of history that teachers tend to gloss over quickly with with sweaty complexions and strained smiles.

Pinch Drives essentially changed things overnight by crinkling up space and negating all that pesky "distance" bullshit. Now, people can hop from colony to colony in a matter of hours and spread civilization to the stars for college credits. Those floating space hulks are all that remains of that time and worth more than a kings ransom for it.
No. 762706 ID: b073ca
File 148053766493.png - (58.71KB , 354x600 , 1-13.png )

Sam: "Should we try hailing them?"

Bucky: "You don't think they could be alive over there, do you?"

Sam: "Well, its got running lights. Maybe life support is active?"

He shrugs and turns on the ship to ship radio
Bucky: "Your call..."

The radio searches through available frequencies and, surprisingly, finds an open channel.
Sam: "Uh... this is the Starlette hailing unidentified ship, please respond... unidentified ship, please respond..."
No. 762707 ID: b073ca
File 148053774981.png - (98.20KB , 600x436 , 1-14.png )

All you get is static for a while, but eventually you here three deliberate sounding taps, as if someone were testing the microphone followed by nothing.
The sound sends a shiver down your spine and Bucky like someone just poured ice down his onesie. He coughs weakly.

Bucky: "That... didn't just happen did it?"
No. 762712 ID: e05680

Tell Bucky to keep it down. We don't know what that was, but we might as well give it another couple minutes to possibly answer.
No. 762713 ID: 775595

THAT ain't right.
Be honest with yourselves: there's no way in any reality that that was a crewman or a passenger or something normal.
No. Knowing how these situations usually play out, it's probably a twisted, hideous, mutant freak or a hyperagressive alien lifeform or a good, old fashioned killer robot/AI.
No. 762714 ID: db0da2

.-- .... --- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- ..--..?
No. 762717 ID: fe0a40

...Well, it might be Morse code, but unless they're doing it very slowly, I don't know why anyone would signal the letter S and nothing else.
This. Try sending a reply in Morse.
No. 762719 ID: b2db0f

hoookay, that's spooky, but you might as well check it's not morse code or an automated signal or something.
No. 762720 ID: 0555b9

It's an SOS! Prepare the crew for boarding immediately and deploy life rafts!
No. 762727 ID: 3abd97

>Bucky: "From yourself? You mean 'old Sam'? That doesn't make any sense."
So are you a clone, or is she a time-clone from a future?

Well, either the ship is broadcasting noise, we got a broken automated system, or someone is alive over there.

You know there's a good chance you don't share a language, right? It's been hundreds of years for these guys to drift from what they started with, assuming you even come from the same homeworld.

That might have just been someone poking at the com system for making what sounded like nonsense to them. (Especially if the survivors have fallen into barbarianism).
No. 762761 ID: ba506f

see if you can't get a more detailed response, weather through morse code or whatever. Also wake up the rest of the crew. I feel like we're going to be busy for the foreseeable future.

Also I know these ships are worth alot, but what's the plan for anyone that comes across one of these things and finds a living crew?
No. 762763 ID: b073ca
File 148055327234.png - (91.85KB , 519x600 , 1-15.png )

Sam: "Hello?"
You don't know any Morse code beyond SoS. Old Sam might know some, but, ugh... You'd rather not. Instead you tap vaguely at the mic to the beat of "funky town". Something at the other end finishes the beat "tap tap tap" followed by a clatter of noise and the line going dead. You put the intercom back on the dash with exaggerated care.
No. 762764 ID: b073ca
File 148055327852.png - (125.36KB , 536x600 , 1-16.png )

Sam: "Tell you what. Why don't we just leave this channel open in case anyone has something to say... and I'll go get armed- I mean equipped..."

Bucky looks on ashen faced: "good idea... Get Annie armed, er equipped too while you're at it."

Pre-Pinch drive Earth was filled with stories of the horrors awaiting explorers beyond the stars. Once we finally met them, the most threatening among them was about 3 feet long and tasted delicious. Like the twist ending to some cheesy moralistic movie; it turned out the most dangerous life forms alive were terrans. Case in point: Annie. Whatever is over there, you feel a lot safer facing it with her backing you up.

Annie, Bucky and yourself are all technically members of an "installment plan", or "some asshole's plan to cheat death". Basically, if you want to live forever all you have to do is upload your memories somewhere, clone yourself and as the clone matures slowly inject bits of your memories and personalities into them until they are completely overwritten. Its absolutely barbaric and should be illegal, but the people who have installment plans are among the most powerful and wealthy in the known systems and intend to stay that way. Forever. As clones who have bailed before being completely rewritten, you are officially "flakes" or "snowflakes" and are currently working to avoid the attention of certain serious private security firms or "repo men".
No. 762765 ID: 71d443

I'm not sure, but I think they were telling you to land on the asteroid first.
No. 762766 ID: 153e2b

alrighty, what gear can you bring to bear
No. 762767 ID: 398fe1

That's pretty fucked up. You got any useful memories out of the deal? Also, wait, does this mean the older-you is another escaped clone of the same rich fucker? Or is the older-you the rich fucker who tried to overwrite you, and the memory is from her?

If there's anything dangerous on the ship I'm thinking that it came from the asteroid. Also what kind of cool guns ya got?
No. 762768 ID: 3abd97

So if you've bailed on her attempt at immortality, why is old-you helping you? And why do you trust that she's actually helping you and not manipulating you back where you'll be useful for her?
No. 762769 ID: ba506f

>As clones who have bailed before being completely rewritten, you are officially "flakes" or "snowflakes" and are currently working to avoid the attention of certain serious private security firms or "repo men".
ok so quick question for you then? you said your other self sent you this message, the one you ran away from before they rewrote your mind because they're to incompetent to have kids and rise them right. they sent you to the ass end of the universe to find an old but incredibly valuable ship that still has the lights on... Does this look like a trap or am I just overthinking it?
No. 762784 ID: b7883c

>clone yourself and as the clone matures slowly inject bits of your memories and personalities into them until they are completely overwritten.
If this happens while the "parent" is still alive during this process, does there get to a point where the memory transfer is complete but the "parent" is still around for two full-memory copies of the "parent" at once?
No. 762817 ID: db0da2

If all three of you are twins, why do you look so different? What weapons do you have on board (including hull-mounted ones)? What weapons would a generation ship be likely to have?
No. 762884 ID: eb3cf7

They're clones of different rich people.
No. 762900 ID: 8627a0

It could be a kind of contingency plan, like if my installment plan flakes, give them a lead that's too risky for me to investigate, then if anything comes of it claim: They're a clone of me, with my memories, using a lead I gave them, thus their find belongs to me. That or they legitimately want to help you.
No. 763032 ID: 61c7b9

Welp, there's life over there. It's either A.) Miserable degenerate sapient survivors, B.) Crazy mutants, C.) Aliens, D.) An Artificial Intelligence or E.) Weird Degenerate Mutants Who Are Weird But Mostly Okay.
No. 763056 ID: b073ca
File 148064806045.png - (116.64KB , 600x600 , 1-17.png )

One of the benefits of being a Flake is that you've come pre-loaded with decades, if not centuries of acquired knowledge, but there's cost to everything. Old Sam was some kind of gene therapist, so if you let her take over for a second or two you can become a biomedical expert for a while, but every time you do you can feel yourself losing dominance. You do remember bits of her life but they're without context, so its a little like being lost in the woods.

Speaking of Old Sam... You do have to wonder what her game is. There's no way she could have predicted that you would Flake, is there? This thing has been lost in space for centuries, how did she know it would be here? How old was Old Sam?

Still questioning yourself, you descend into the locker room to find Annie.

She nods.
Annie: "Hi Sam. I felt us go into a burn back there, whats up?"

Sam: "Bucky's found what we were looking for: generation ship, pre-pinch. He's bringing us in for a closer look."

Annie: "Good."

Sam: "But.... there may be natives on board..."

Annie cocks her head and ponders this for moment.
Annie: "Okay."

She opens up a locker and starts laying out equipment. She can be a little hard to read emotionally, but Annie's calm and efficient manner has gotten you out of more than a few close scrapes.
No. 763057 ID: b073ca
File 148064806726.png - (69.15KB , 600x393 , 1-18.png )

You have to admit you don't have a whole lot to work with when it comes to tactical gear.

Grapple Gun Super handy in zero G environments, extends for up to 50 yards and can support over 300kg of weight.

Smartfog Aerosolized nanites. When deployed they'll seek out electronic devices and attempt to disrupt normal operations. Can be preprogrammed using your Datapad for a number of uses. Aim away from face.

Owlet Drone Semi au[spoiler][/spoiler]tonomous, controllable VIA datapad. Sends audio/video feedback and automaps as it goes. Capable of leaping several times its own height and operates in all kinds of hazardous environments. Has limited self defense applications, but does have talons. Also: adorable.

Corner Gun 6 round magazine. You have two mags each of HV and LV rounds. High velocity rounds pack more punch but on a spacecraft, penetrating the hull can put everyone in danger. Low velocity rounds lack stopping power but probably won't lead to everyone breathing vacuum. Folds up into a handy carrying brick and peeks around corners for sneaky shootbangs.

Weld Tape Motorized dispenser, high tensile strength adhesive strips. Hard to weaponize but crazy strong space tape has more than a few practical applications.

Chemical Laser Finicky and heavy, but capable of 2-3 second bursts of high energy laser death. Capable of burning through all but the hardest alloys as long as it has power and cooling. Eye protection is recommended when in use.

"Shield" Pack Strap on shaped charges. Can be detonated to deflect incoming projectiles or produce a concussive wall of force. Leaves a bruise but powerful as hell. Three charges per pack.

Stun Baton Good o'l zappy. Produces an incapacitating electrical charge when swung. Powered by micro capacitor that loses effectiveness as it is used but can be recharged nearly instantly when plugged in.

Have Sam choose two
No. 763059 ID: 398fe1

Grapple gun, stun baton. The grapple gun is for grabbing people and yanking them close, at which point you stun them.
No. 763060 ID: 3abd97

Corner gun and weld tape. So you can patch the holes in the walls after suffocating people.
No. 763061 ID: 9f3729

weld tape and owl drone, we'll use the former to MAKE a weapon. I'm thinking a rebar mace!
No. 763062 ID: 4543fe

Stun Baton and Smartfog. If there's some kind of malevolent robotic/cybernetic/electronic entity on board, we want to be able to shut that kind of shit down quick, and if it's a hostile organic being a close-range weapon with no permanent effects that can incapacitate them should be very useful.
No. 763063 ID: 3373e2

I agree with the last guy, Grapple gun and Stun Bat.
No. 763066 ID: 180f83

Owlet Drone, stun baton

Name the Owlet Drone Hootly
No. 763068 ID: 90f3c0

Chemical Laser, because there might be doors or other obstruction you'll need to cut through to traverse the ship.

Stun Baton, for a nonlethal option against any hostile lifeforms on the ship.
No. 763069 ID: a107fd

Owlet drone and chemical laser. And eye protection, of course. First you map the place, and then if you find something hostile, you can shoot it from the other side of a wall.

Corner gun seems unlikely to be useful in the event of any serious hostilities. You've seriously only got 24 bullets total?
No. 763073 ID: 1f8505


Corner Gun and Stun Baton.
No. 763079 ID: 34c437

Stun Baton and Weld Tape.
It's difficult to predict what you will find, but whatever it is you want intact.
No. 763080 ID: 1ad8a4

Grapple Gun and Tape.

You're an engineer now! Duck tape everything!
No. 763099 ID: 8bd626

Owlet and corner gun. They work well together.
No. 763104 ID: 180f83

changing my vote from this >>763066
to this >>763099

(still want to name the owlet Hootly though)
No. 763110 ID: 61c7b9

Owlet and Laser
No. 763117 ID: b4cdcc

Grapple gun and Weld Tape
No. 763130 ID: c11560

Whats Annie gonna use cause we can be an effective team if we dint know what her load out is so we can have a load out the complements hers.
Grapple Gun
Owlet Drone

Weld Tape
Stun Baton
No. 763131 ID: 4b952a

owlet and corner gun
because mastering your location is very useful and the bot is honestly cute. Surely the robo-owl is called Bubo
No. 763139 ID: 583ba6

Grapple Gun for maneuvering about. Stun baton for defense. Can use the grapple gun to ditch a fight if it gets dicey.
No. 763141 ID: 71d443

Stun Baton and weld tape. Grey tide, station wide!
No. 763154 ID: 91ee5f

Grapple Gun and Weld Tape

We are going to Dead Rising the fuck out of any ordinary things we find in there by combining them with tape at a workbench into devastating weapons! .....probably.
No. 763180 ID: 7bc9ee

Grapple gun and weld tape. I dont like going unarmed, but mobility and the ability to fix things are too important to give up. Besides, I know how these things work, we won't see the monster until a while in, and by then we will have had time to improvise a weapon.
No. 763197 ID: 5f7884

Grapple Gun and Stun Baton. If you encounter enemy forces, just yank them from cover with the Grapple Gun and perform a melee takedown with your Stun Baton. If you need to run, the Grapple Gun can pull you out quickly in a low-gravity environment.
No. 763223 ID: cdec48

Weld Tape + Grapple Gun
Less risk of punching holes in things that don't like holes punched in them + an opportunity to temporarily fix things that get holes in them you don't want, like body parts. Might rip some fur out if you do have to use them for a medical application but it's better than bleeding to death.
No. 763227 ID: b073ca

Okay ending voting so I can write.
Leading votes are
Grappling gun with 10
Weld Tape with 9
Stun Baton with 9

Toxwife cast the tiebreaking vote. Tune in to find out what it was.
No. 763251 ID: b073ca
File 148073596850.png - (106.02KB , 600x600 , 1-19.png )

You pick up the Grappling gun and check it out. The head is a kind of mechanical gecko foot with roughly the surface area of Oklahoma compressed into a space a couple of inches long. It uses some kind of electrostatic sorcery to increase its friction coefficient roughly a billionfold and you've yet to find a solid surface it won't stick to. These experiments have resulted in Annie having to remind you that it isn't a toy, its just really really fun. It comes with a handy holster that fits nicely at your side.

Annie cocks her head again as you pick up the Weldtape(tm). The dispenser has a tiny UV LED strip that activates the adhesive into a contact cement that instantly bonds with any surface it touches. The strips themselves are a kind of superstrong woven nanofiber, the same kind of shit they make space elevators out of: in fact if you think this is exactly what they use to repair them. There's a second holster with a belt clip that you hook it so that its within easy reach.

Annie picks up the stun baton and checks the charge on it. Satisfied, she collapses it and stows it in her pocket. She then picks up the Owlet drone and activates it. The little bot casts its eye around curiously as it takes in its surroundings. It gives a little electronic hoot and turns back to Annie.

Owlet: Startup initiated. Input name?
No. 763252 ID: 398fe1

No. 763253 ID: 71d443

No. 763254 ID: 1f8505


No. 763257 ID: db0da2

Sounds good.
No. 763258 ID: 91ee5f

>Grappling gun
>you've yet to find a solid surface it won't stick to.
Have you tried sticking to a person? We need to know if it'll stick to someone, so that if they start floating away in zero gravity, we can reel them in.

Try sticking it to Annie's butt. It's sticking out at you, begging for you to test if the Grappling gun could potentially be used to save her life. Go on, do it. Shoot Annie in the butt with the Grappling gun.
No. 763260 ID: 5f7884

No. 763263 ID: cdec48

No. 763268 ID: 9f3729

No. 763273 ID: b073ca
File 148074658417.png - (121.56KB , 600x600 , 1-20.png )

Annie: "You can be... Kilroy- wha?"

She glares at the claw and then at you.
Annie: "Sam... You realize you're getting the spray bottle..."

Sam: "Dude, how could I not? You're angry now but some day my ass grabbing might save your life."

Annie sighs and starts up the stairs, Kilroy following at her heels like a tiny robotic duckling.
Annie: "Come on, ungrapple my rear and show me this ship."

You cling to your grappling gun impishly.
Sam: "No, your ass must drag me there."

She rolls her eyes and sets off, trailing nanofilament cable behind her.
No. 763274 ID: 952ab0

Welp, the owlet is now named Kilroywha
No. 763275 ID: d9cc5c

wait, no guns?
No. 763276 ID: 5f7884

Yep. Hull breaches are no joke. A single man-sized hole can easily clear out an entire room.

Which is why Bucky will be on standby with the ship's peashooters in case something goes wrong.
No. 763277 ID: 180f83

please make this cannon
No. 763279 ID: 91ee5f

I'm surprised no one tried to stop that and I'm even more surprised Toxoglossa actually drew that! I'm so happy right now! XD
Yes, it works! Now if she ever floats away, we can just grapple her butt, figuratively and quite possibly literally, and bring her back! :D

Now follow her up there like this. Let her ass guide you to the bridge! XD

When you get up there, reel the claw back in. Hopefully you don't accidentally rip a hole in the butt of her suit. Or accidentally pluck a few tail feathers of her butt.
Yeah, I know I'm pushing my luck at this point, but you can't stop me from at least trying! XD
No. 763280 ID: 398fe1

How does the claw ungrapple, anyway?
No. 763283 ID: 594c18

well, it was relatively harmless, and informative, so :)
but yeah, disconnect it before you reel it in, or you'll just end up knocking her on her ass and possibly damaging the hook. I mean it's probably sturdier than that but

Pretty sure true.
No. 763287 ID: 2d31ae

Kilroy-wha to be precise.

Now your just being silly.
We'll grapple her and pull her into bed after the mission so lets not wast any more time.
No. 763289 ID: f429f6

Everyone confirmed for cute
No. 763370 ID: b073ca
File 148081379733.png - (155.48KB , 600x518 , 1-21.png )

You slowly reel yourself in, following the birdie butt up to the bridge. You catch up to Annie and bump into her back, causing her to turn and glare at you before rolling her eyes.

Bucky chuckles.
Bucky: "Having fun you two?"

Annie: "Sam's practicing her long distance ass grab."

You beam at her.
Sam: "You never know when it'll come in handy."

You press a button and the grappling hook detaches itself with a mechanical whirr before zipping back to your hands.
No. 763371 ID: b073ca
File 148081380551.png - (172.85KB , 600x600 , 1-22.png )

Bucky's managed to bring the Starlette up along side the massive ship, and you finally get a good look at it. It's forward surfaces are pockmarked and scarred from various high energy collisions over the centuries and you can see signs of corrosion around the engines. However, for as old as it appears to be, the ship seems to be in good shape: you don't see any holes in the bulkhead or signs that the interior has been compromised. Various running lights show that the ship still has power, though you’re not sure what source could be. Now that you're closer, you can finally make out the livery.

Sam: "the Sunfish..."

Bucky: "Hmm, never heard of that one... I wonder if the registry has anything on it?"
No. 763372 ID: 71d443

Look in through the windows, and check for weapons systems onboard. One is important for making a hasty exit, and the other is for surviving a hasty retreat.
No. 763373 ID: 3343bd

Any languages shifts since the generation ships set out?
No. 763375 ID: 3abd97

If Old Sam was a gene therapist (in addition to being a rich bitch and mysterious quest giver), do you know what Old Annie and Old Bucky were?

>Bucky: "Hmm, never heard of that one... I wonder if the registry has anything on it?"
If we have some kind of database to look the ship up on before you go poking around, that's probably a smart move.

Assuming pinging the registry doesn't alert others to our location or that we found a prize. ...then again if Old Sam new this was here and dropped you a hint, at least one person already knows you're here.
No. 763379 ID: 973861

see anything looking like a front door for us to use?
No. 763380 ID: b412df

What do the sensors say about the ship, any particularly hot spots in IR? That might tell you where it's power generation is, or at least where it's heat radiators are.
No. 763390 ID: db0da2

>birdie butt
So is that, like, a gene-mod thing, or did y'all just evolve that way?
No. 763397 ID: 91ee5f

>"Sam's practicing her long distance ass grab."
Hey, it's not my fault! You're the one that bent over and made your ass such an inviting target! I literally couldn't resist!
No. 763409 ID: 1f8505


Check to see if the escape pods or lifeboats are still present. If they aren't, you might be OK to board. If not...

...you might be in trouble.
No. 763411 ID: 094652

They made it look like a sunfish. WHY did they make it look like a sunfish.

Look for artillery. If you can find some, start out your salvage mission by detaching all weapons you find, and grafting them to your own ship as best you can. Destroy them if you must. No sense letting the enemy reclaim their overwhelming firepower if you can disable it now; having all the big guns on your side will seriously help.
No. 763412 ID: 1cd498

So what's policy for scrapping found ships? Do you plan to make sure it's clear before you try to tow it somewhere, or do you send off for specialists to scrap it for you, or do you go onboard and grab some valuable parts? Cause the second means you dont necessarily have to even go on the ship. The first would mean you should probably disable their engines/controls for safety's sake(specific point mission), and the third would essentially be exploring with a cart/bag to carry your loot.

What's your crew's opinion on cutting free the chunk of rock they grabbed?(is it's worth worth the hassle of keeping it attached for the reclamation?)
No. 763414 ID: 398fe1

Can't hurt to check. Meanwhile let's look at the connection to the asteroid. Did someone hollow it out and use it as an extension of the ship somehow?
No. 763441 ID: 594c18

More likely they noticed it looked like a sunfish and so named it that.

But hey who knows what crazy ancient slave people get up to.
No. 763510 ID: b073ca
File 148088212625.png - (81.21KB , 600x530 , 1-23.png )

None of you exactly like talking about your old selves, but from what you know, Old Bucky had some kind of political position. The Starlette was part of his estate and before you all flaked, Bucky managed to extract it as well as a pretty decent chunk of assets from the account. He refuses to talk about what he did to get it though.

Annie is even more secretive. There's something in her past that clearly terrifies her. It seems to be the only thing that does scare her, but every time she dips into her past she disappears for a while to be by herself.
No. 763511 ID: b073ca
File 148088213384.png - (90.17KB , 511x600 , 1-24.png )

You open up the registry. It might be a little out of date; it probably hasn't updated since you left the inner worlds. The entry for the Sunfish is surprisingly brief.
Sunfish: 1088 passengers. 35 crew compliment. Departed Earth June 18th, 2259. Destination: Pallisade system, ETA October 2570.

Sam: "Sounds like it was one of the last generation ships to leave. In fact... it left 3 months after the first pinch drive was successfully tested! It was supposed to arrive at Pallisade over a hundred years ago... What's it doing all the way out here?"

Bucky: "What? Why didn't they retrofit it? A ship like that could have started a dozen colonies with a pinch drive...."

Annie pours over the LIDAR data.
Annie: "No ship to ship weapons that I see. They might have a mining laser for breaking off bits of that asteroid but it would be ancient compared to our defenses. Scan shows 3 onboard maintenance craft in the mining bay."
No. 763514 ID: 3abd97

Is old you old enough she was around when this ship was launched? Maybe she knew why they didn't wait for a pinch retrofit, or what they were up to.

Regardless, I think it's time to board. What are our options for entry points?
No. 763515 ID: 71d443

Open the maintenance pod bay doors, Sam.
No. 763516 ID: 211d83

That sounds suspicious. Could this thing have been secretly fitted with a pinch drive before leaving? Maybe its not what it looks like.

Instead of going out to start colonies maybe it got sent out on another mission for someone with enough money or power to snatch it up in the confusion during the switch over from generation ships to Pinch ships.

Regardless you need to be very very careful about this thing.
No. 763517 ID: 398fe1

Evidence suggests this ship was not meant to create a colony. It might be some kind of science experiment. There could be anything on board not listed on the official log...

Well, I guess we can still investigate. Just be careful, and keep a line of communication open so that if things go tits up you can evac. I presume you'll have spacesuits? Could Bucky fire upon the Sunfish to open a hole in the hull so you can just spacewalk out?
No. 763518 ID: 91ee5f

>It might be some kind of science experiment. There could be anything on board not listed on the official log...
Great, so now we've got Vault-Tec in space.
No. 763520 ID: a70fe1

Some weird stuff going on with this whole situation, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained.
Use all manner of scans on the ship and that asteroid just in case it's more interesting than is readily apparent.

Other than that though, suit up and move out.
No. 763527 ID: 094652

> 3 months after FTL was invented
Hilarious. Just... hilarious.

... But what if that was INTENTIONAL? They had more than enough funding to install a tracking beacon for the new FTL scouters to catch up and tell them their ship became the starfleet equivalent of a caulked wagon, and you don't just fire up an obsolete colony ship months before the big publicized Mach 100 experiment.

Something happened on this ship, I'm sure of it.
No. 763573 ID: b073ca
File 148090643364.png - (109.10KB , 600x528 , 1-25.png )

Bucky: "Hang on, I'm matching speeds."
The Starlette groans as Bucky pulls along side the behemoth and fires a pair of tow cables onto the plating. They're basically super beefy versions of the grappling hook you have strapped to your hip. Designed for salvage work; you could probably use them to peel the Sunfish] like an orange with enough time and effort. Bucky winches the ship into position just outside the maintenance bay.
No. 763574 ID: b073ca
File 148090644053.png - (72.24KB , 600x427 , 1-26.png )

Bucky: "You guys should probably suit up, I'll stand by in case you run into any trouble."

Your tail swishes as you turn to leave.
Sam: "My fuzzy tailed knight in shining armor."

Annie stoops to give him a little beak on his cheek.
Annie: "I'll take good care of her, Bucky."
No. 763575 ID: b073ca
File 148090646069.png - (111.34KB , 600x600 , 1-27.png )

Once you've both donned your pressure suits, checked and rechecked the seals, you give Bucky the go ahead to open the forward hatches on the Starlette. Various warning lights start flashing as the airlock starts to depressurize, and you feel the joints on your suit bulge slightly in the vacuum.
Bucky: "Opening hangar bay 1, good luck out there."
The airlock doors unlock with a dull clank, which you feel more than hear, and slowly separate.
No. 763577 ID: 71d443

Don't forget to bring a fire extinguisher for advanced maneuvering!
No. 763578 ID: 3abd97

>Designed for salvage work; you could probably use them to peel the Sunfish like an orange with enough time and effort.
Let's hold that option in reserve for now. We only really need that if the ship is say, infested with murder monsters and they only safe option is to space them all and pick valuables out of the broken pieces of the ship.

So... what do we see?
No. 763585 ID: 398fe1

So how well armored are those suits? Do they have any power assist?

Obviously we need to start using the grappling hook right away.
No. 763587 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Annie to let you know if she starts floating away so that you can use your long distance ass grab to save her ass.

But seriously, head on out and make sure your foot is firmly planted before taking the next step. Unless you both have jetpacks. Then just try to keep yourselfs close to the ship and don't fly too far away from it. And make sure you keep an eye on your jetpack's fuel.
No. 763598 ID: 1f8505

Check out the first room here. Make sure it's secure so you can head back in case of emergency.
No. 763613 ID: bb78f2

Oh, you have a thing with Bucky? Didn't know that.

You floating in zero g to the other hanger now or are you ACTUALLY in the sunfish right now? Or on it.

We still need to open that door if we're outside it, so do we have tools for that or hacking ability or is there a switch on the outside?
No. 763642 ID: fe774c

Lucky shit flying around space with two hot chicks that go both ways.

Annie what do your bird eyes see?
No. 763645 ID: 7d8168

Given the interactions so far, I suspect they've all got things going with each other.

Investigating reports of ships-within-the-ship seems probably an good early priority. Stuff to salvage, possible ways to brave the vacuum of space if something happens to your suits, and potentially a prime source of wrenches-in-your-plans. Figure out how to get into that mining bay.
No. 763647 ID: ba506f

check to make sure your radio works. Better to make sure everything is working before you enter the sunfish.
No. 763734 ID: 5b93d3

The Starlette appears to have some sort of artificial gravity, but did ships of the Sunfish's era? Or are you going to need to manoeuvre in microgravity? I'd asume you boots have similar 'grip' the the grapples, but maybe a good idea to bring a thruster pack, or at least a 'broomstick', to move about without touching the walls.
No. 763818 ID: 04ea2f

Try to get to the bridge, whoever was responding to your hails, they might still be there
No. 763856 ID: b073ca
File 148099870318.png - (119.06KB , 600x600 , 1-28.png )

You fire your grappling gun and Annie holds onto you as you're pulled down to the surface of the sunfish. You hit the deck a little faster than you intended and feel yourself bounce slightly. Your feet flail and scrape against the smooth metal for a second before you manage to get one of them flat.
The sole touches the deck and performs a little electrostatic magic to lock you in place before you cautiously plant the other leg. Annie untangles herself from you and stands up. You both look at each other and perform a little panicked chuckle.

Sam: "I told you I needed more practice."

Annie: "I see. I'm sure we'll find time to work on that."

You smirk and nudge her before pressing the comm button on your helmet.

Sam : "Bucky we've touched down safely and are going to try opening one of the maintenance bay doors. If that doesn't work we'll investigate the mining bay. "

Bucky ten fours and you set off across the deck with a kind of Velcro footed silly walk.
No. 763857 ID: b073ca
File 148099871810.png - (110.01KB , 600x530 , 1-29.png )

The massive blast doors loom over you and you approach one corner of them that seems to function as a smaller, person sized access port. A terminal nearby detects your approach and flickers to life like an aging fluorescent light.

There doesn't seem to be any kind of lock active on the panel and although the interface is ancient you quickly find the option to cycle the airlock. You activate it and few minutes later the door slides aside, revealing a small, poorly lit antechamber.
No. 763859 ID: 3abd97

Well, kinda small for anything surprise to be hiding in there, dimly lit or not.

Go on, cycle thought the airlock.
No. 763860 ID: 398fe1

Alright, head in and look for controls. If someone's monitoring the airlock and doesn't want you in they might vent it while you're in there so you may want to tape the exit door shut. Or just grapple the floor in preparation.
No. 763869 ID: ded3b0

Cycle through, but still keep suit on in case the airlock malfunctioned or there's no air inside either.
No. 763871 ID: edfc59

"I hope getting out is as easy as getting in."

Then after you say that then say, "well you know what the say, ladies first." Then walk in before her.
No. 763876 ID: df90d0

After the airlock cycles, maybe send Kilroy in to scout ahead before you go in?
No. 763890 ID: 71d443

You can both squeeze in there together. Watch your tails!
No. 764075 ID: a107fd

Yeah, see if you can get Kilroy-wha to operate the airlock controls and go in by itself. Valuable practice with the drone controls, and if the hull is a Faraday cage, or the control panel on the inside of the lock is busted, it's better to find that out before you're locked inside.
No. 764097 ID: b073ca
File 148107914882.png - (101.11KB , 450x600 , 1-30.png )

Sam: "Huh. I guess no one was expecting anyone to come knocking."

The two of you squeeze into the airlock and the door seals itself behind you. You find the controls and after a moment you feel buffeted as a set of vents kick to life and flood the room with air. A quick reading from your helmet HUD tells you it should be safe to breathe, but you keep your suits sealed all the same.
No. 764098 ID: b073ca
File 148107917331.png - (47.16KB , 600x600 , 1-31.png )

The inner door clunks and slides open. You peek into the darkened room beyond, but Annie pulls you back. She pulls Kilroy out of her pack and underhands it into the maintenance bay. The little white orb sails into the darkness in a flat trajectory, suggesting that at least this part of the ship is still zero g.
No. 764099 ID: b073ca
File 148107918689.png - (59.52KB , 600x526 , 1-32.png )

Kilroy hits the wall at the far end of the chamber and quietly unfolds itself.
No. 764100 ID: 9f3729

peek about, kilroy!
No. 764101 ID: 398fe1

So far so good. Check the control pad to see what it sees. Have it scout the general area, then move in if it's clear.
No. 764114 ID: 6431e0

Can kilroy transmit pictures or video?
No. 764126 ID: 1f8505


No. 764127 ID: 71d443

Lay egg bombs. Explosive recompression!
No. 764128 ID: 3abd97

>A quick reading from your helmet HUD tells you it should be safe to breathe, but you keep your suits sealed all the same.
That's the safe response. Your suit can't check the air for absolutely everything. No telling what could be in here.

Right so... anything of interest in the maintenance bay? If not, what are our exits?
No. 764165 ID: 61c7b9

Kilroy, assess local environment for invisible and visible mutant alien communists!

Also, if something tries to kill you, scream horribly before dying, to let everyone else know of the danger.
No. 764200 ID: ba506f

killroy refuses to respond to any command until his true name is spoken. KillroyWHA!

But for real look around the room and once we've decided if it's safe or not move in so the two of you aren't trapped in that airlock. If something dangerous is in that room the two of you are pretty much fish in a barrel.
No. 764215 ID: 094652

Kilroy, do a sonar dance!

"Sonar dance, sonar dance, does whatever a Kilroy can..."
No. 764370 ID: b073ca
File 148115711823.png - (155.82KB , 800x369 , hangar1.png )

Kilroy emits an ultrasonic ping and listens to it bounce around for a few seconds while it maps out the room. There are a number of pipes and canisters floating freely, presenting a mild hazard for anyone blindly entering the room. Above Kilroy, relative to you, are two structures that seem to be control rooms or observation platforms. Catwalks stretch across the ceiling, leading to a pair of massive objects suspended from gantries. The long, flattened looking shapes have a thruster at one end, leading you to assume that these are two of the ships Annie picked up on her scan. The arrangement of robotic arms around the dorsal surface indicates that these are some kind of maintenance craft for performing exterior repairs. There looks like there might be a stairwell down in the middle of the room and the gantries above seem to extend into large shutters that lead to areas above you.
No. 764373 ID: 398fe1

Odd, shouldn't all that stuff be tied down in a zero-G garage? Hey, does this design of ship have artificial gravity? This room having gravity of some sort then losing it would explain why everything is floating freely.

"Down" is further into the interior of the ship. Let's take a look at what's up top first.
No. 764374 ID: f0e552

What is our objective, exactly, in this ship? I suppose it might be to just look around and scavenge for anything really valuable? The main floor looks kind of uninteresting, check the observation rooms, they might have lights or files or something.
No. 764403 ID: ba506f

right... so what exactly are we looking for again? Might as well have killroy check the office area up in the catwalks to see if anything interesting is up there before going down the stairs.
No. 764410 ID: b073ca
File 148116556121.png - (80.37KB , 600x428 , 1-33.png )

While there might be some technology on board that some people would pay nicely for, the real treasure is the genetic scans of the passengers. Between all the space travel, cloning and genetic modification, Terran genetic code has been steadily wearing thin over the centuries. Gene therapists seem to be having to work harder and harder to account for missing pieces of the genome, making it harder to treat disease and increasing mortality rates across systems. It's one of the reasons a clone, even a flake such as yourself is so valuable: just cloning someone is easy, making it viable is the tricky part. The flash frozen colonists are more than likely going to be able to fill in a couple holes in the genetic code, and will probably have a few missing phenotypes that the genetic modders would be interested in.

If this is a late model generation ship, they probably have gravitational plating built in to the structure. Early models relied on rotating cylinders and toruses to simulate gravity but it seemed to cause structural problems over the long term, causing several historically spectacular tragedies. Grav flexing technology was actually a stepping stone towards pinch drive tech, and you would be surprised if they had come all this way without it. The fact that things are floating freely seems to indicate that this room normally does have its grav plating active, but has been turned off at some point.

You direct Kilroy to strut up the wall and into one of the observation decks. Inside is an array of controls and monitors as well as a doorway that leads further into the ship. Kilroy's speakers start picking up the sound of footsteps beyond the door.
No. 764411 ID: 398fe1

Direct Kilroy to hide under the room but keep its sonar active to view whoever comes in. ...wait shit, whoever comes in is gonna have access to the controls for this room! They could render the room impassible by ramping up the gravity to dangerous levels(is that possible?) or generally being a nuisance with the controls. You two might want to take cover in the stairwell before whoever it is reaches the controls.
No. 764439 ID: 71d443

Kilroy comes in peace! Take us to your leader.

Are you two still playing Seven Minutes in Zero-Gee in the airlock?
No. 764453 ID: 26eab7

if the steps are approaching, kilroy should hide on the underside of the room near the ladder. if they're retreating or are of a uniform volume kilroy can risk planting himself behind a monitor in the room
No. 764473 ID: ba506f

have killroy hide on the ceiling above the door and see if anyone comes through.
No. 764625 ID: b073ca
File 148124592374.png - (54.76KB , 600x504 , 1-34.png )

You command Kilroy to hide and it scurries out of the room, tucking itself underneath the observation platform just as the door opens.

?: "I'm telling you, something hit the ship. I heard it."

??: "And I'm telling you it wasn't shit. You need to get yer ears checked, Robbie."

Robbie?: "I've got the same goddamn ears as you, mate, and I felt it. Go on, hit the light, Bax. "

Bax?: "Oh you felt it with your ears then? That's a trick- Here, who left the grav off?"

Robbie?: "Wasn't me. You know that.

Bax?: "I know miss Feist'll send you to the fuckin cycler if she knows you left the grav off again. Hang on."

An unseen hand activates the gravity plating in the hangar and you feel your joints creak as they catch your weight. Around the room a cacophony of objects clatter to the floor as Kilroy clings to its perch. Hidden from view it listens to the chirpy, oddly accented voices argue.

Bax: "Fuckin hell, did'ya feel that then? With yer special ears?"

Robbie: "Oh fuck right off. I just want to check the cams. I don't need the fuckin running commentary."

You realize how exposed the Starlette is outside. If they have cameras posted by the hangar doors, Bucky would have to move the ship immediately to keep from being spotted. If you distract them you might be able to give him more time, but risk giving away your position. Alternatively you could attempt to talk to them.
No. 764630 ID: defceb

Ask them for genetic material. Then wink faux-seductively.
No. 764631 ID: 3abd97

Moving the ship won't do much. If they have cameras, they almost certainly record, and they'll rewind to try and see the impact Robbie heard. Moving the ship won't erase it from the tapes, it'll just get it off the live display. That buys you minutes at most, unless they give up immediately.

You might as well try and contact them. Maybe after hearing how they react to seeing a ship? (A poor reaction would mean don't make contact).
No. 764632 ID: 398fe1

Sounds like they're clones, and Feist rules with an iron fist. If they're ALL clones then the genetic material here is going to be near worthless. Heck, you might be more valuable to them than they are to you!

I say have Kilroy distract them. Lure them out of the control center, even, so you can ambush them.
No. 764633 ID: db0da2

Let them see the ship, your cover is more important than its cover. Watching how they react to the ship's presence should give you a good idea of how they're likely to react to you, and it's not as if you don't outgun them in ship-to-ship combat.
No. 764636 ID: 9f3729

make presence known
No. 764637 ID: bb78f2

If they're up, or these are people not native to the sunfish, doesn't that automatically make this job a bust?
No. 764644 ID: 9145ba

Use your weld tape to weld the hangar shut and cut off their routes of escape!
No. 764648 ID: 73d945

A guess would be that Bax and Robbie here are less-than-legal salvagers, AKA space pirates. Exercise caution, there might be more of them.
No. 764659 ID: 6431e0

Trust no one
No. 764660 ID: b073ca
File 148125331117.png - (85.40KB , 600x600 , 1-35.png )

You realize that just moving the ship won't hide its presence if they check the replay, so instead you call Bucky on the radio.
Sam: "Heads up, I think you're about to be spotted. Hold position..."

Bucky: "Roger, holding."

The mic on Kilroy picks up a matching pair of matching expressions of shock.
Bax: "COCK!"

Robbie: "FUCK-ING HELL!"

There's a lot of indistinguishable cross talk for a minute, most of it composed of "What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that?" The stop for a breather and compose themselves.
Bax: "That. Is a FUCK-ing space ship. Right?"

Robbie: "It isn't a fucking parade float is it?"

Bax: "Well. Whatizitfuckindoinghere?"

Robbie: "Why don't you ask it, then?"

Bax seems to mull this over for a moment.
Bax: "We ought to call Feist..."

Robbie: "Well now, lets hang on a minute there...Maybe, we should find out what it wants first. Because, maybe if we help each other, they'd be kind enough to give us a lift somewhere?"

Bax: "Where? Where the fuck would you go, Robin?"

Robbie: "Somewhere that isn't fuckin here!"
No. 764661 ID: b073ca
File 148125332113.png - (61.70KB , 387x600 , 1-36.png )

Having gauged their reactions, you feel as though you need to get their attention. You issue a little whistle through kilroy's onboard speaker.

Robin: "The fuck?"

Bax: "I heard it too."

There's the sound of scuffling followed by a head popping out of the hatchway and blinking at Kilroy in amazement.

Robin: "Baxter... We've been invaded... By an egg..."
No. 764662 ID: 9f3729

chirp adorably
No. 764663 ID: 211d83

We have come for your Terran women.

Try to avoid giggling.
No. 764664 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, tell them how you attempted communication but all you got were taps on the mic. Ask what their situation is here.
No. 764665 ID: 3abd97

>Robin: "Baxter... We've been invaded... By an egg..."
Obviously you need to respond with an egg pun.

>Robin: "Baxter... We've been invaded... By an egg..."
Egg-sactly! Greetings from your invaders.

If we're going to negotiate, we might want to avoid letting them know how valuable genetic scans of the frozen passengers are. If and when it comes up, make it seem historical, or a routine precaution before bringing them back somewhere more civilized (like to prevent disease and such).
No. 764666 ID: 6431e0

"Which way is the little owl's room?"
No. 764667 ID: 595d54

To combine two earlier suggestions:

"Eggsactly. We have come for your Terran women."
No. 764681 ID: 0569d3

No. 764682 ID: 73d945

"Yes hello! Galactic DNA census bureau here! Please comply to minuscule DNA sample yes?"
No. 764683 ID: a107fd

"Surrender immediately, or be laughed at in a cruel and derisive manner!"
No. 764689 ID: bb78f2

Give us your sperm! (and blood, and bone marrow)
No. 764690 ID: 91ee5f

Speak at him in a very slow manner.

No. 764694 ID: 9145ba

Klaatu barada nikto!
No. 764706 ID: 8747d9

"I came here to fuck bitches and chew superconductors."

"And I'm all out of superconductors."
No. 764715 ID: dd4df2


"But seriously, greetings from Terra. Heard you wanted a lift? Boy do I have good news! You're but a few days away from a civilizations. Pinch drives, baby! The universe has officially become less of a bitch.

Speaking of... have things gotten bad on The Sunfish? We tried calling you guys over the radio and only got a series of weird taps in response. Sooo... what's up with that? Please tell us if we're gonna get shot up for intruding."
No. 764719 ID: 094652

Great, rival scavengers. Maybe they're also replacement shell clones? That would explain why your mother lured you here - so all the rebel children could fight each other to the death on a space hulk shaped like a @#$%ing sunfish.

As for tweedleduh and tweedleduuuh, distract them with the cuteness antics that are Kilroy, then sneak up from behind and whack them with the stun baton.
No. 764721 ID: 0555b9

Kilroy: Whip out your gun and instruct them to put their hands above their head. Under?
No. 764724 ID: 19d1ee

Don't talk crap, you're not supposed to be here either, aren't you?
No. 764729 ID: 8a204b

No. 764743 ID: b412df

Something simple like: "Hi, we tried calling you over the radio a short while ago, and all we got back was some weird taps, so we sent in this remote drone to have a look. Mind if we come in to talk properly?"
No. 764746 ID: 8fc696

"We come in peace."

By the way, thinking ahead a bit, how many people can your ship carry? We might run into issues of a lot of people wanting to be taken back to civilization and possibly getting impatient about being in the first group out instead of waiting for you to come back for a second trip. (How long would that take with the pinch drive, anyway?)
No. 764774 ID: 1f8505


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
No. 764789 ID: 594c18

No. 764792 ID: db0da2

The universal greeting works every time. Also, >>764743.
No. 764815 ID: 0d9869

No. 764843 ID: b073ca
File 148133004567.png - (96.54KB , 600x560 , 1-37.png )

Baxter: "Did you just say egg?"

Robin: "Yeah it's just looking at me."

Baxter: "With what? Eggs don't have eyes, mate."

Robin: "This one's got one. And legs."

Baxter: "The fuck are you talking about, Robbie?"

You chime in through the mic.

Sam: "Eggcuse me, can you understand me?"

Robin: "Baaaaax, its talking to me. What do I do?"

Baxter: "Ask it what it wants! That's what you were on about, right?"

Sam: "Can I come up?"

Robin backs out of the hatchway and Kilroy clambers into the room. The pair of them gawk at the tiny drone and you get your first look at them. Physically they look identical: skinny but otherwise healthy mice and clad in heavily worn work clothes that are patched with tape and scraps of cloth.

Baxter looks sidelong at his counterpart and sighs.
Baxter: "Robin.....Its a robot."

Robin: "Well it was dark, right? Anyway what's it doing here? What do you want?"

Sam: "Actually, quick question: are you two clones?"

Robin: "What? Nooo. Siblings! We're Twins! Identical!"

Baxter: "Shame, isn't it?"
Robin throws a quick elbow at his ribs.

Robin: "Anyway, why do you ask?"

Sam: "We're doing a kind of census. We're looking for DNA samples from around the galaxy and we want to gather some from members of this ship."

Baxter: "What, now? S'a bit personal don't you think?"

Sam: "What? I mean, yeah that works but I meant just a scan or some hair or blood or something. Physical samples would be better but even just the data would help."

Robin: "And in exchange you'd be willing to give us a lift in your ship?"

You and Annie exchange a glance. The Starlette has more than enough space for the three of you, but the more people you add, the further it will stretch your supplies. Just these two should be fine but you're looking at a ship with potentially over a thousand people on board, things are going to get cramped very quickly if you keep promising rides. You're a couple days away from the nearest starport, and unfortunately didn't expect to be picking up refugees.
No. 764845 ID: 398fe1

Before you tell them ANYTHING, ask what their situation here is. They mentioned someone called Feist? And a cycler?

You might have to promise them a ride to get their help dealing with Feist. I suspect you'll have to get them to steal samples for you, or even outright take over the ship, so that you can get paid before telling anyone where their ship is so they can get evacuated. I mean if you call in an evac everyone will know where the Sunfish is, and there goes your paycheck.
No. 764846 ID: ba506f

say maybe, it depends if everyone on this ship wants a ride because there is no way in hell that we'd be able to fit everyone. Ask about the ship, like a quick run down of what happened on this ship since it left earth, why they left without a pinch drive, the original purpose of this ship, and what's it like on the ship today. As in is everyone happy, the ship currently in the middle of some kind of blood feud or civil war, what should we expect if we were just to walk in their.

Tell them they can ask questions as well. If they want we can take turns asking questions.
No. 764847 ID: 1f8505


"So uh... the more people we add to the Starlette, the further it will stretch our supplies. Just you two should be fine but we're looking at a ship with potentially over a thousand people on board, things are going to get cramped very quickly if we keep promising rides. We're a couple days away from the nearest starport, and unfortunately didn't expect to be picking up refugees."

"Why do you need a ride?"
No. 764848 ID: 398fe1

They don't have a Pinch Drive. I bet their ship would take years and years and years to get there.
No. 764851 ID: c05359

Ask how many you'd be giving a ride to. If it doesn't seem like many they may be abandoning their compatriots. If they aren't then there shouldn't be a reason they couldn't bring their own supplies along. They have been living out here for quite a while. Another option could be to get a few samples, use that to buy them a pinch drive, then exchange that for the remaining samples. That of course, requires that their ship is not so out of date that it can't handle modern Pinch Drives.
No. 764852 ID: 3abd97

How hard is it to retrofit this kind of ship with a pinch drive? If there's a whole bunch of people here, could we fly them to a space mechanic and negotiate them sending a detail over to upgrade this thing and give everyone a way out?

>give you a lift
That... kind of depends on the situation here?

Like, for example, we sorta don't want to effectively kidnap / abduct you and leave your friends and family here worrying. Or if you were open with the others about your leaving, we wouldn't want to start some kind of war with people on board fighting for the chance to get off. I mean, if you've still got a full crew on board, our ship obviously has less carrying capacity than yours.
No. 764858 ID: a107fd

How much will you get paid per head for gene samples, how much does a round trip to the starport cost (fuel, maintenance, docking fees, etc.), and how much would it cost to stock up some extra supplies, or rent a self-contained life support module that'd fit in the cargo hold, or something? "Sorry, we've just got a tiny survey vessel, no room to spare, but stay put and we'll come back in a week with a passenger liner."

For that matter, if the Sunfish has cryosleep facilities, how feasible would it be to remove those tanks intact and just thaw the folks out on arrival at the starport?
No. 764859 ID: 8a204b

Wait, I thought we were looking for humans.

These are humans?

Did I fall asleep in Earth History and miss the bit where Humanity mass-spliced themselves with animals?
No. 764860 ID: c409ac

Terran, not human.
Either everyone is animal-folk or that's just part of the 'cloning and genetic modification' issues that make generation ship genetic material so valuable.

Anyway explain the logistical issues with trying to transport any number of folk but follow up with the fact that you can find your way back here with better preparation now, moreso if you have a successful "census" here.
No. 764881 ID: bb78f2

You can't... like, TOW the ship towards the nearest starport, or kajigger your pinch drive with their engines or something?
No. 764884 ID: 1f2ce2

If you do this on your terms, you could make a fair profit.

Set up the brig, ship them in irons for a fee, bring back repair supplies for another fee. Repeat until half the crew is transferred to the local space station and the other half has enough scrap and intel to build a pinch drive. Just make sure they don't get a chance to take over your ship.
No. 764917 ID: 569f52

Well they are both cute, and male and twins. We can make a bargain.
We could offer to help them get and install a pinch-drive in there ship?
No. 764941 ID: 0d9869

Basically this.

"Just you two or the entire ship?"
No. 764943 ID: 3e182c

Yeah a lift is fine if its not more than them and a few others.
No. 764981 ID: dea742

If the people here have viable genetic samples, that's worth money right? How much? Could you make enough ferrying a few people out of here to afford a bigger ship or a pinch drive you could retrofit to this thing? This might be a gold mine.

Before proposing that, however, we should ascertain the situation. How are they both alive and awake? I thought they were supposed to be in stasis. How many people are on the ship? How many active? How many in stasis?
No. 764988 ID: b073ca
File 148139742940.png - (77.76KB , 600x518 , 1-38.png )

You think about the resources you'd need to get everyone off the ship. The easiest way would be to go back to a nearby system and hire a massive pinch equipped transport, something beyond your current means. You'd need a pretty significant amount of liquid assets to accomplish that, made even more difficult by the potential value of the cargo they'd be carrying. You could ferry people back to civilization in small groups, but on a ship like this that could take months and would likely attract attention. You might be able to tow something smaller with the Starlette to reduce the number of trips but repeated towings might cause structural issues.

Sam: "We can probably take a few people right now, but we never planned for a rescue mission, to be honest. Why do you want to leave?"

Baxter: "Yeah Robbie, what's the rush?"

Robin: "The rush is that I don't want to spend the rest of my life on this goddamn ship! A couple of popsicles like us don't get no respect here. All it takes is a couple mistakes and its back in the fuckin fridge for us. They're all bonkers up here, mate."

Sam: "You mentioned someone named Feist? And something called a cycler?"

Baxter: "Oh, you heard that, then? Miss Feist is the commander; second in command, kind of an enforcer who keeps us popsicles in line. Fuck ups get put on the cycler, the Re-cycler: we gotta recycle everything here, which is about as pleasant as it sounds."

Robin: "Miss Polly is nice..."

Baxter: "For someone who shovels shit all day. Anyway, too many fuck ups and you go back in the icebox and you get thawed out when they good and feel like it. He's got a point, but where would we go; I mean where are you even from little... egg robot?"

Annie exchanges a glance with you and takes the mic.
Annie: "We're Terran, like you. We came from what we call the inner worlds, which have been successfully colonized. This is just a scout."

Robin: "Eyyyy, there someone else in there! Been a while since two girls been asking after my DNA."

Baxter: "You don't know they're girls, Robbie."

Robin: "They sound like girls, Bax. Anyway... m' not that picky."

Baxter: "That, you are not. Alright then, count me in, I suppose."
No. 764991 ID: 34c437

Do we have some kinky cat and mouse twins fantasy? If so we can do that on the return trip, for now let's focus on the samples.
Those two should basic count as one. Maybe they can take us on a tour and present us to the cooperative crew members. Starting with the popsicles.
No. 764993 ID: 398fe1

How many people are thawed out right now?
No. 764994 ID: 952ab0

So what's the story with this ship? We looked up a registry on the name painted on your fin, says you were supposed to have been landed by now. You get lost?
No. 765000 ID: 3e182c

It sounds like there are a lot of people on board, and they have some sort of society, order, and means of maintaining it.

We do not know how well armed they are. We do not know how desperate they are. Though our technology may be superior, that means little in the flesh. Almost all of our power is concentrated within the Starlette.
It must be protected at all costs.

If were taking passengers, we should let no one board until immediately before departure, and we should only take up to as many as we could forcibly control should they attempt to take the ship.

Honestly I'm skeptical about us being able to trade with these people for their DNA. Even though anything we could give them would be effectively free for them just being here reveals our hand. Anyone in power will quickly figure out what kind of tech we have(Advanced and Wonderful Future Tech), and how valuable they really are(Very).

If we keep this operation small, perhaps enlisting these two and perhaps an expert who also want's to leave, we may be able to covertly extract the data, or get samples from the frozen colonists.
Alternatively we could leave the owl drone for communication, return to the ship, and just threaten them with the big guns.
Or We could go back to the ship, get as much smart fog as possible, and Hijack the Sunfishes critical systems.

If were going to be diplomatic, I would suggest using our new friends to help us in identifying, locating, and surveying colonists in key positions before parleying with their leader. It would need to be fast, or brilliantly scripted though. Word Travels fast. Our position is too precarious to take anything at face value, so getting information from the colonists first would put us in a better negotiating position.
No. 765001 ID: b7883c

To maker our plans, lets consider a few things:
- Around how many people can your ship fit?
- Around how many DNA samples would it take to rent a somewhat larger ship?
- For reference, around how many DNA samples would be needed to buy off the repo men?
What I'm considering is that we take some people back now, rent a somewhat larger ship, then take those ships here to take even more people back, rent a third larger ship with that money (from somewhere other than where we rented the first one to avoid attention) and so on.

We might be able to get a jump start if we can get these two to put us in contact with someone who works in cleaning, so we can get some hair samples.
No. 765004 ID: bfea5f

Also, why are people on ice in the first place? I thought this was supposed to be a generation ship...
No. 765006 ID: 61c7b9

Honestly, this seems like a "Cultist Compound" situation. Take these two with you, grab as many DNA samples as you can, then trade em for a Pinch Equipped Transport or a Dedicated Tug. Be hailed as heroes!

But since that's not an option, evacuate these two and prepare for a fight. The command staff are likely treating the passengers like shit and using the Generation ship as their own personal hell-hole, considering they're HUNDREDS OF LIGHT YEARS OFF COURSE AND DON'T EVEN HAVE THE ENGINE SWITCHED ON.
No. 765026 ID: 91ee5f

If we take these two with us, they're gonna need spacesuits that aren't held together with duct tape and stitches because they're gonna die in those things they're wearing right now. And if the situation is as bad as they say it is, then good luck getting the good, not damaged spacesuits. Those are probably under the watchful eye of Feist.

They're pretty much stuck here unless they want to risk stealing those spacesuits.
No. 765028 ID: db0da2

These ships used both cryogenics and a living population.
No. 765031 ID: 9145ba

Maybe they could borrow ours. Sam and Annie return to the ship, leaving Kilroy as their contact point, and one of your crew takes the other two space suits over to the Sunfish.

Of course, you could just grab two firesuits, some coffee and a space heater if you're feeling adventurous. You're not parked that far away.
No. 765032 ID: 3e182c

Actually instant death to space Vacuum is Hollywood myth. It wouldn't be comfortable, but so long as they closed their eyes and exhaled before hand, they could easily survive a short bout through the void. We just need to keep it under a minute or so. Apparently near absolute zero doesn't feel cold at all without a convection medium.

The engines don't need to be on for a space ship to be moving, as space lacks friction. Though they are just orbiting some dead planet. Maybe they lack the fuel to reach escape velocity?
No. 765033 ID: 91ee5f

That might work. But the suits on the Starlette were made for Sam, Bucky, and Annie. Would they even be able to fit on Baxter and Robin? I mean, sure the suits might fit, but it's the helmets I'm worried about. Because if the twins' helmets are in the same condition as their suits, I don't think we have any spare helmets that'll fit their head shape.
No. 765034 ID: 91ee5f

>Actually instant death to space Vacuum is Hollywood myth.
I just said they would die, I never said anything about them dying instantly. But that is good to know, now we just need to know if they can hold their breath that long.
No. 765050 ID: 3abd97

Why are they up here on the ship anyways, and not down there colonizing like... colonists?

In theory, I don't have a problem rescuing a few people in order to get some gene scanning done. To be clear, are they negotiating for themselves specifically, the entire group, or for a smaller group they expect to take with them?

If there's cryo-frozen people, getting access to cold storage sounds like a great way to do a lot of gene scanning without a lot of complicated negotiating.

If they don't want their ride to be noticed by the others, they might need to do something about the cameras or recordings.
No. 765056 ID: 3abd97

Taking a suitless trip is survivable but not exactly fun. You're also naked to any radiation around, and there is a star in this system.

...on the plus side anyone we brought on board that way wouldn't be in a state to stage a mutiny soon after boarding.

Realistically, there must be pressure suits on board this ship, for external maintenance and repairs if nothing else. And if we have to, we brought super-tape to hold suits together.

>Apparently near absolute zero doesn't feel cold at all without a convection medium.
Similar principle as to why you can pour liquid nitrogen over your hand without harm if you do it right. So long as you don't hit any hairs for it to wick up, and you're careful not to cup your hand or let it pool, it's mostly not in contact with you long enough to do any appreciable conductive heat exchange.

In space, all you've got to work with is radiation- conduction and convection aren't options. And radiation is the least effective of the three heat transfer mechanisms.
No. 765077 ID: 3e182c

True, but we are far out from the star here. This world probably gets a tiny fraction of the radiation earth does, barring unusual circumstances. Also assuming its not a moon of a gas giant.
No. 765105 ID: 55ad9c

>If we take these two with us, they're gonna need spacesuits that aren't held together with duct tape and stitches...
>Because if the twins' helmets are in the same condition as their suits...
Um... Robin and Baxter are wearing heavily worn work suits, not spacesuits. Sam said so back in >>764843 when she finally got a clear look at them. So they'll still need spacesuits, just not for the reasons you thought.
No. 765130 ID: 55ad9c

Tell the bros that the "little egg robot" is a semi-autonomous owlbot that Annie named Kilroy, just to clear things up. Then they can at least call it what it is instead of a "egg."

...Oh, dear. Here's a troubling thought. The cameras and their recording systems are undoubtedly hooked into the ship's internal network and viewable from any connected computer, right? Which would mean there's a very solid chance whoever picked up the microphone earlier has been flipping through the external cameras and reviewing the recordings, looking for a ship. If they haven't spotted where the Starlette is yet, they're going to real soon and you don't know how they're going to react. But worse, they'll have seen you and Annie enter through the airlock as well. There could be a group heading here right now with the intent of capturing you two, with the Bridge remotely locking down the airlock and maintenance bay exit after the group enters to trap you two. Or they might react differently. You just don't know how the people on board in charge would react. But thankfully, you have Robin and Baxter to ask.

Move Kilroy near to the door so it can listen for footfalls and urgently ask Robin and Baxter if there are any internal cameras or microphones in this control room or the hangar bay below that can be accessed remotely. Explain that you ask because when your ship was approaching you hailed the Sunfish, telling them the odd exchange you had over the radio. Ask them who would have been listening on the ship's radio and how do they think they'd react to hearing another ship, and how would who they report to react to that news. You ask because you'd bet good money they've been remotely looking over the external camera feeds and recordings since then for your ship and probably found it by now. Probably along with footage of you two spacewalking over. So you want to know if we're about to have more company down here, and how friendly or not they're going to be. Is this a situation where they're going to have to scramble to get spacesuits on and out the airlock?

As for spacesuits to get the guys across, if there are two safely working ones available, or ones that could be patched to spaceworthy-ness with Sam's space tape, then great. Use those when the time comes. Otherwise, Robin and Baxter are going to have to borrow suits from the Starlette crew. If Sam and Annie head back to the Starlette, then whichever of the three of the crews' suits that would fit Robin and Baxter best could be placed in the Starlette's airlock. Then the Starlette could be maneuvered around to face its airlock close to the Sunfish's, then depressurize, de-grav, and open it and bump the suits out into the Sunfish's airlock. Once in, Robin and Baxter just have to cycle the Sunfish's airlock to get the suits.

However, Robin and Baxter taking off could be premature, depending on what they say of the situation and the possibility that someone has been listening in to this conversation remotely. If they're reasonably sure nobody is listening in, then they could remain on-board for a bit and help get more genetic samples from the cryo'd crew. Possibly recruit one more who they know desperately wants to get off this tub into the cause, though they have to be sure they won't blab.

There might be a easier way to get the DNA samples you need, although not as good. The ship's medical database archives might contain complete sequenced genomes for the cryo crew and the passengers who originally came on board, and possibly for some of the following generations. A copy of that data won't be as good as tissue samples from everyone on board, but it'll be better than nothing and probably a heck of a lot easier to get. Ask Robin and Baxter if they know if the ship's medical records would contain this data.

Ask Robin and Baxter what their expertise is in, given that they're presumably part of the original cryo'd crew who launched with the ship; They might have knowledge and skills that could help you out here. Or are you being presumptuous and they aren't, instead being born on this ship and stuck in cryo for reasons you don't know?

And if there's nobody else coming and no immediate rush, tell them this ship is quite the mystery. Tell them what little the ship registry database had for the Sunfish, along with the current date, that they definitely aren't in the Pallisade System, and that the pinch FTL drive was successfully tested three months before the Sunfish launched. Which raises the big questions of why the Sunfish wasn't refitted with a pinch drive, why the ship ended up here, and why in the holy fuck did all those people stay on the Sunfish instead of waiting around for a FTL colony ship to be built. Seriously, the news of the pinch drive would have totally saturated the Sol system for months after the successful test, so they had to have known, right?

...Wait a second. Didn't Sam say it took centuries for a generation ship to reach its destination? And the Sunfish was one of the last generation ships to launch, if not the last one, in the year 2259? And the pinch drive was successfully tested three months before. So, depending on when generation ships first started launching, wouldn't that mean that only a few of the earliest launched generation ships would have reached their destinations by the time pinch drive colony ships were heading out? That would leave a lot of generation ships reaching their destinations and finding them already colonized, wouldn't it? And wouldn't there be pinch drive ships jumping out into the interstellar void roughly where generation ships are projected to be on their courses, trying to find them for a genetic sample payday?
No. 765147 ID: a107fd

Let's hire the mouse twins to do most of the dirty work for us. They know their way around, and whoever's running the place is likely to respond to misbehavior on their part with threats of long-term privilege losses rather than immediate violence, so they can get away with a lot if they've got a ticket out of town at the end of the day. So, if it's just about the two of them getting out, the best option might be a more or less smash-and-grab raid.

Basically, steal as many different DNA samples as possible (ideally individually-wrapped and labeled germlines from the sperm bank, but specimens from the med lab's analysis queue, or hair and skin and blood from fast-talked or ambushed crewmates, or whatever else might be useful) before some enforcer catches up to them. Then the alien invaders step up to bail them out of that tight spot, they jump inside a big plastic bag, which you tape shut, cram through the airlock, and drag back to your ship. Upon return to civilization, the two of them get 40% of the profits, a nice tidy equal share by headcount.
No. 765160 ID: 398fe1

40% is way too much! Let's say they're owed an equal share of 40%, but half of that goes towards them getting rescued so they only get 20% in cash. Which would still be a rather generous amount to start their new lives with.
No. 765174 ID: a107fd

If you really want to seize more than 60%, just overstate your expenses, or grab the samples and leave them behind to face cryosleep, or... basically anything from convoluted third-act-in-a-heist-movie shenanigans, to "I am altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further," to heartlessly tearing open the improvised rescue ball and leaving them to learn how well they can breathe and swim in vacuum without equipment. You're holding all the cards at that point.

Letting them think they're going to be equal partners is much better for morale. If you're obviously trying to screw them right from the start, they're going to spend valuable time and energy thinking about ways to increase their share instead of maximizing the total payout.
No. 765175 ID: 5b93d3

>There could be a group heading here right now with the intent of capturing you two, with the Bridge remotely locking down the airlock and maintenance bay exit after the group enters to trap you two.
The good news is they're still sitting in the airlock. Close the inner door, open the outer door, jam it open (that super-tape seems like it would be just the ticket) and that inner door is now effectively an impenetrable barricade against them capturing you. Even if any safety interlocks can be overriden or broken, they'd still need to deal with keeping the inside of their ship airtight, so would need to turn the entire maintenance bay into an excruciatingly slowly cycling airlock.
No. 765228 ID: b073ca
File 148149118984.png - (111.30KB , 600x431 , 1-39.png )

You and Annie are starting to feel kind of cramped sitting in the airlock.
Sam: "Maybe it would be easier if we came up and you can show us around."

Baxter shrugs.
Baxter: "Sounds good to me."

A few minutes later and you're standing in the observation deck with the twins. The two of you pop the helmets off of your suits and stow them and your O2 away. The air in the ship has a kind of sweaty smell to it, but that may just be the presence of the mice; space travel does that to people.

Robin is standing there with a big goofy grin on his face, while his sibling's expression is one of skeptical interest.
Robin: "Sorry, introductions eh? I'm Robin, the other one is Baxter."

You extend a hand and Robin shakes it enthusiastically: "I'm Sam."

Annie nods: "Annie."

Robbie nudges his sibling again faux-whispers: "Told you they were girls, Bax."
No. 765229 ID: b073ca
File 148149119710.png - (80.84KB , 600x365 , 1-40.png )

You clear your throat.
Sam: "How many people are there onboard?"

Baxter: "Thawed? Probably about fifty at a time I suppose. We don't know everyone's names though since they tend to rotate us all out of the cooler pretty frequently. Keeps everyone fresh, I guess but it means we end up keeping out heads down a lot. They say there's about a thousand on ice total though."

Sam: "We need access to as many samples of their DNA as we can, any ideas?"

Baxter: "Well... medbay might have a lot of that on file, the frozen ones at least. Though we'd need someone with archives access to get it, I bet. Dr. Spencer might be able to help, but Dr. Kent would sooner fridge us."

Robin: "I bet recycling has a bunch of DNA we could use! Miss Polly's a sweetheart, she'd help us!"

Baxter: "Yeah, but you wouldn't know who you were getting it from, I bet. Since most of the crew is frozen, you'd only get a few people."

Robin: "Yeah, and cryo-storage is top tier security. No one goes in or out without Feist's say so."

Annie: "There's another problem: once we get the samples we need, how do we get you on to our ship?"

Robin's face droops. His brother backhands his chest lightly.
Robin: "Awww fuck me."

Baxter: "Didn't even think about that part, did you? You think they were just going to magic you onboard with their fancy teleporters or something?"

Sam: "Before you ask, no we don't have teleporters. Don't you have EVA suits or something? Our pilot has a spare one, but it may not fit very well."

Baxter: "Everything for going outside is going to be in the mining and processing department. Its volunteer only, dangerous work that they give only to serious people: people not like us. We'd probably have to steal them. Although... I seem to remember hearing they keep one or two spares in the bunker on the asteroid."

Robin: "Well, look: we don't have to go very far do we? We might be able to rig something up to get us there. Dachell, shes one of our engineers, could probably do it."

Baxter: "Yeah but she'd have some fuckin questions for us, mate."

Sam: "One more thing... We tried radioing the ship before we came aboard. All we got was some weird knocking sound and then the line went dead, any idea what could have caused that?"

The two of them look pretty shocked.
Baxter: "Haven't had anyone in the comm's center in years, mate. Some kind of accident, I heard. Don't know what you heard."
No. 765231 ID: 4cfe41

Seal them in duct tape and carry them back onboard in an airtight cocoon. Hope they can hold their breaths.
No. 765235 ID: db0da2

>hope they can hold their breaths
Or you could just hook up some of your extra oxygen. You have spare tanks, right?

Regardless, all this espionage seems unnecceary, remind me again why we shouldn't just contact this ship's administration and begin negotiations?
No. 765236 ID: 3abd97

Important question: do they know why everyone is still camping out on the ship and not trying to settle anywhere? No viable worlds in this system?

>I'm Robin, the other one is Baxter.
Can you tell them apart or is this gonna get awkward.

>getting people over to your ship
You might not need suits if there are airtight cargo containers you could seal them in and then grapple over. (Although for that to work, they'd need containers small enough to pass through your airlock).

I don't suppose docking is an option? Might be too much to hope for standardized docking fitting hundreds of years apart. And maneuvering close to the ship would be hard to keep quiet.

>thousand people on ice, people get rotated so no one knows everybody
That's... advantageous, actually. That means someone not recognizing you if you're seen doesn't necessarily get attention right off the bat. Although your gear and your accents will.

Downside is if you get grabbed and tossed in the freezer yourself if you piss someone off and don't get a chance to explain.

>Baxter: "Haven't had anyone in the comm's center in years, mate. Some kind of accident, I heard. Don't know what you heard."
Random equipment glitch, maybe. Maybe someone hiding out in there.

>remind me again why we shouldn't just contact this ship's administration and begin negotiations?
Probably because whoever's in charge would ask a steeper price for genetic sampling than smuggling two mice. They'd want a bigger cut of the take, or for us to take more people, etc.

I suppose we could always ask the twins how the leadership here would react to us.
No. 765237 ID: 9145ba

So you just... boarded it up and forgot about it? You didn't even like, jettison the affected area? Do you want giant spiders? Because this is how you get giant spiders.

Next question: The asteroid. Is there anything up there besides rock and miners? Will anyone be inside the bunker, or does it usually lay dormant?

So far, the plan is you two will go and grab the spacesuits from the mining asteroid, and your men on the inside will grab the DNA records. Be careful, though: only the most robust spacemen join Mining.
No. 765239 ID: 34c437

If the duct tape is as awesome as I was lead to believe we can improvise an airtight box with some sturdy metal plates.

If they manage to hold air inside their lungs in the vacuum of space their chests will explode with the pressure.

I'm sure we can invent a bunch of uncomfortable solutions for a discrete escape. If we are lucky maybe they won't lose the fluids in their eyes to the vacuum.

For now the best approach is to try to go unnoticed, keep the secret for as long as we can. Baxter and Robin can take the samples at the medbay while Sam and Annie look for materials to improvise a space capsule in the unused areas.
Do they have a morgue?
No. 765240 ID: 3e182c

A variation of this would actually be extremely effective.
They would still need to hold their breath, but so long as the majority of their bodies are tightly wrapped, it would prevent any depressurization sickness caused by vacuum exposure. Doesn't even need to be air tight. Have fun getting it of though xD

I can see a literal cocoon working as well but getting the thing uniformly air tight and strong and up to the correct pressure would be a nightmare. It would probably be easier to rig up a makeshift regulator and just use a tank and the duct tape pressure wrap, problem with that though is fucking up a regulator really can be instant death(Exploding Lungs)

Really their better off going without air and making the trip short, barring stealing a suit, of course.

Polly have Spencer sound useful, I'd be more interested in talking to poly first though, as she sounds like the kind of person who would help someone for no reason by the way these two describe her.

Also, the comm tapping reminded me of an SOS in morres code. Maybe someone needs/needed help? Could be a chance to get some more hands on our side. Could be trouble. Sounds interesting.
No. 765241 ID: a107fd

>contact this ship's administration and begin negotiations

If we're doing that, and Moore's Law kept going for any appreciable period after the Sunfish set out, your opening offer could be something like... a cheap portable computer, some off-the-shelf machine tools and lab equipment, a few college-level engineering textbooks (particularly anything FTL-related) from the last ten years, and maybe some scrap metal (whatever they're short on), in exchange for bone marrow samples from everyone on board, frozen or otherwise. Wouldn't cost you much to acquire, but any one of those could be a huge advantage for a struggling colony, so they might jump at the chance. If the boss wants to haggle, leaves plenty of room to make symbolic concessions without actually losing anything. For example, bone marrow's super painful to extract, so you could "back down" to just gametes or skin or blood or even archived data.
No. 765243 ID: ba506f

so what was the goal with this ship and how likely is it that both me and Annie could just walk around without anyone noticing that we're not suppose to be here? I mean you did say that you guys don't know everyone on the ship because they keep getting cycled around.
No. 765255 ID: 398fe1

Maybe it was a pet that wandered in there? Do they have animals on board?

Anyway, let's recruit Dr. Spencer to get the frozen DNA samples. That'll be enough for the cash moneys. Once the DNA samples are secured, we can get the engineer's help to jury rig a transport to the ship so we can evac the four people that helped. After we get home and get paid we can tell someone about the ship and they can get fully evacuated in like a week or something. If that's even something people do.

If Robin insists on flirting, don't outright shut him down. It'll help keep him loyal if he thinks he has a chance of getting that booty.
No. 765279 ID: c441c1

ask if they are certain that this Feist character isn't putting people into the re-cycler when she puts them on ice and you haven't just been eating the other passengers this whole time? also that you two aren't actually clones and just told you were twins?
No. 765286 ID: eb3cf7

Yo I literally just watched Moon. Nice.
No. 765335 ID: 188451

>Haven't had anyone in the comm's center in years
Why is that?

>Miss Feist is the commander; second in command
Who is first in command then? How long has this rotation stuff been going on? How old is she?(if everyone else has been rotating in and out because of her, she must be a fair bit older than the others) Is there a pilot on board? Do y'all plan to start moving the ship any time soon or are you just gonna stay floating in this little bit of space?

(also I love that we actually have multiple options for direction)
No. 765440 ID: 8cb228

Sorry if this is a little off topic... but uh, why exactly did humanity mass splice themselves with animals?

I mean, I can see giving themselves prehensile feet and prehensile tails and some sort of genofixing to get rid of all of the problems with zero-g and low-g lifestyle, but the animal thing seems to come out of left field. Or is humanity mostly just transhumanity, what with a whole mess of animal uplifts or something? If that's the case, wouldn't most uplifts be from the clever animals first (dolphins, crows, monkeys, pigs, octopuses, etc.)?

Or was the first person or AI or whatever who came up with a really good genefixing package a big fan of the anthropomorphic animal aesthetic? If so, what's the story behind THAT?
No. 765442 ID: b073ca
File 148159283809.png - (67.91KB , 566x600 , 1-41.png )

Sam: "You mentioned not knowing everyone. How likely would we be able to pass for defrosted crewmembers?"

Baxter: You'll probably turn a few heads, but most of the popcicles will keep quiet about it. Now the long term staff, like the security boys, they'll probably recognize that you're not natives."

Annie: "How long do the staff usually stay out of cryo? Seems like they'd be getting old."

Robin: "Regulars guys like us, we get 1 year defrosted at a time and if you've got one of the high risk jobs like mining or something, that's 3 years. Staff I hear are 5 years, but they don't like to talk about it much. That's one of those things you don't ask about, mate. Don't ask where we're going, don't ask about cryo, just keep yer head down and keep warm. You ask too many questions and someone decides you got too much free time, gives you extra duty."

Sam: "I say we start with this Dr. Spencer you mentioned. If they're a friend, maybe we can recruit them."

Robin: "Alright! Medical isn't that far. Quickest way is to go through the grove. Unless you feel like going through the underdecks. Either way we have to go through the gaps first."

Baxter: "The Grove is where a lot of people camp out, though. We might get spotted... though it is a fuck'n forest so, maybe not."
No. 765443 ID: b073ca
File 148159284631.png - (70.12KB , 545x600 , 1-42.png )

You pull out your datapad and compose a quick message for Bucky.
Made contact with 2 crewmen. are making arrangements to get DNA. have agreed to take them with us after completion. hang tight and let us know if you see anything.

A moment later he responds.
>Can do. stay safe girls. kind of jealous you're having all the fun
No. 765446 ID: ac3b02

Before heading off, try to convince the twins to make out with each other.
For future science.
No. 765447 ID: 398fe1

Tell bucky that means you just owe him even more fun when you get back and get paid.

Also tell him he may want to move the ship so it doesn't get caught by any more cameras.
No. 765448 ID: c441c1

why not!
No. 765449 ID: ba506f

so what's the grove like and what the underdocks like? if the underdocks only problem is low gravity and atmosphere we have suits to deal with that.
No. 765486 ID: 9145ba

Why would they make out with each other when there's two fresh and available ladies right there with them?

Take the underdecks route, away from the prying eyes of shitcurity.
No. 765487 ID: 6431e0

Promise Bucky more fun than he can handle when you get back.

In the meantime, let's try this doctor. And be wary of these two or anyone trying to throw you in a freezer.
No. 765501 ID: ac3b02

For the entertainment of the ladies.
No. 765513 ID: 8cb228

Think pervy thoughts and blush, but don't actually do or say anything pervy right now.

Like, sexual mores have changed quite a lot in the last few centuries normally, right? Who the hell knows what their society is like, you don't wanna offend.
No. 765646 ID: b073ca
File 148168211038.png - (99.27KB , 600x611 , 1-43.png )

The four of you set off into the corridor, the twins leading the way towards the area they called "the gaps".

Dont worry. Plenty of fun when we get back. By the way, you might want to move the ship so that no one else spots it.

Robin: "Oh is that for messages? Who're you talking to?"

Sam: "Just our pilot. Letting him know we're okay."

Robin: "Is that it, then? Cause you look a bit, how shall I say this, red about the ears?"

Baxter: "Boundaries, Robbie! Sorry bout him, he gets like this sometimes: he's a bit pent up lately, most of us are to be honest."

Sam: "That's okay. I don't know how things are here, but its not that big a deal for us."

Robin: "I was right then, about your note?"

Sam: "Oh yeah, absolutely. "

Robin nods smugly: "I'm always right."

Baxter sighs and trudges on.
No. 765647 ID: b073ca
File 148168211925.png - (234.08KB , 800x444 , 1-44.png )

Before long you come to an area where it seems a great deal of remodeling had been done. Huge holes in the bulkheads show that the area was once separated into individual compartments. Over time the crew has scavenged the plating for other uses, leaving bare pipes and conduits exposed between massive supports. In some areas lights flicker fitfully and drifts of insulation are piled into fluffy pink heaps.

Baxter: "As they used to say 'mind the gap'. There's holes that go down two or three decks around here. Course the grav isn't as powerful either. Mostly just junk, all the good stuff's been repurposed for other things."

Annie: "You mentioned two routes, what's the difference?"

Baxter: "The grove is what it sounds like, kind of a forest; does a lot of CO2 scrubbing and where we grow a lot of stuff. People liked it so much they set up camp there and we've got a kind of village in the middle. Lots of people, but we might be able to swing through without anyone noticing.

The underdecks are a kind of tram line that used to run around under the ship, broke down years ago. Now the tunnels make for a decent way to get around. Kind of dark though."
No. 765649 ID: 3abd97

>lots of holes and gaps everywhere
So this place is a mad grapple hook user's wet dream, in other words. Tons of mobility.

>tunnels or forest
Avoiding crowds is probably better if we're being clandestine. And the dark tunnels should be fine so long as we have the owl-bot on point with echolocation mapping it.
No. 765650 ID: 398fe1

>swing through
>we have a grappling hook
You know you want to.

Alternatively we could pick the boring option and just have Kilroy guide us through the tunnels, even if we don't have a flashlight or anything.
No. 765652 ID: ba506f

So I take it you guys haven't found a planet to call home yet. Thought to be fair you're doing a lot better then most generation ship did.

If killroy has a night vision attachment I say use the underdecks. We can just have him perch onto someone shoulder and use the tablet to see where we're going.
No. 765677 ID: 249e0d

Dark tunnels?
sure, might as well get some of that derelict ship experience since you've found out it's occupied. Maybe see if anyone gets spooked.
No. 765697 ID: 3e182c

Dark tunnels are a go. But really, can you resist getting your inner Spider-Man on before that?
I think not.
No. 765728 ID: 91ee5f

>But really, can you resist getting your inner Spider-Man on before that?
More like her inner George of the Jungle.

No. 765768 ID: 9145ba

What could there possibly be in those tunnels to be afraid of? Now let's go, and take your grappling gun with you! It's gonna be like an old abandoned amusement park! (With slightly less tetanus.)
No. 765936 ID: b073ca
File 148176748292.png - (132.49KB , 600x600 , 1-45.png )

Sam: "Let's head for the underdeck: the fewer people we have to deal with the better. We'll meet you at the bottom."

You whip out your grappling gun and fire the claw at an exposed girder. You hug Annie to your hip with your free hand and together step off the edge. Annie wraps her arms around your neck, light as a feather boa, as you execute a graceful arc into the darkened lower deck.

You hear a distant voice dopplering behind you.

"That's fine, we'll walk, then!"
No. 765938 ID: b073ca
File 148176748913.png - (131.30KB , 700x388 , 1-46.png )

You touch down near the opening of a darkened tunnel. Inside you can see a set of rails mounted to the ceiling and extending into the underdeck.

You detach the claw and it zips back to the gun with a whipping sound. For the moment you seem to be alone with Annie. She sets down Kilroy and it clicks on a light.

Annie: "What do you think? About those two? Can we trust them?"
No. 765940 ID: 398fe1

Maybe, but let's not take any chances. We need to confirm their story somehow.
No. 765944 ID: c10644

No @#$%ing way. They might not radiate betrayal, but their spines would break with a light massage. Expect them to yap the moment they get within earshot of a security guard twirling around his dildo-shaped baton. We have to hurry.
No. 765945 ID: 3abd97

*Indiana Jones theme plays as our hero swings through the archeological ruin, gal on his her side*

>do you trust them
My gut isn't screaming that they're liars who are plotting to murder us, at least.

I figure they're probably exaggerating how bad things are, or the leadership is, to encourage us to work with them. Or not telling us everything. They have to figure they won't be getting what they want if we have to cut a different deal.

I mean, we're using them, they're probably using us, but I guess that seems fair enough to me. I wouldn't want to be cooped up in one place forever either, and like we said, there's no way we could evac this whole ship.
No. 765948 ID: ba506f

>What do you think? About those two? Can we trust them?

they haven't done anything to really suggest they're plotting against us but then again this does seem to be a little to easy doesn't it? For now I say let them help us but keep an eye on them until we can get some more information to either confirm their story or see if they're full of shit.

How bout you, what do you think?
No. 765961 ID: 3e182c

These two seem like idiots.
So yeah. We can trust them. As far as you can trust an idiot at least.
No. 765970 ID: 9145ba

I trust them about as far as I can throw them: Which, if given a running start, is probably into this system's sun.
No. 765988 ID: 5fbc54

i'm thinking i can probably trust them. after all i've got you to be suspicious of them for me.
No. 766106 ID: 55ad9c

Well, ordinarily you'd be a bit suspicious at how quick they took up your offer, but then you think of the kind of person who'd sign up for a generation ship and how they'd react to the situation you figure they're in. They went into cryo expecting to head off to some alien world and colonize it, and instead they find they're stuck on a metaphorically slowly sinking ship that's going nowhere. Their future is looking like they're either gonna go into the freezer again and never wake up due to cryo equipment failure, die due to some accident caused by a ship system failing, or, if they're lucky, die of old age. And in all of those possibilities, they never set foot on another world, never do what they wanted to do. Enter us. We're their golden ticket off this ship to the possibility of a better future. They'll trust us, so long as they believe we'll stick to our word, which we will.

On the flip side, they might be having a similar conversation about trusting us. Probably worrying that as soon as we have the tissue samples and genome database we'll say "so long, suckers" as soon as we get back on our ship and leave them behind. Which reminds you: You forgot to message Bucky that we'll need EVA suits for Robin and Baxter and that they said there is a pair of suits in the asteroid mining bunker which he should pick up, preferably without the Sunfish crew seeing. It'll go a fair way to showing we're not going to break the deal if we get the suits and drop them in the maintenance bay airlock, ready to go when those two are.

But then there's the bigger question of how other members of the crew will react if we get found out. The thought of possibly being caught and held hostage by those in charge in exchange for passage off this half-cannibalized tub does not sit well in your mind.
No. 766117 ID: 9f3729

They're horny idiots, so they'll probably get on fine with us. Rest of the crew has me a bit wary from their description, though.
No. 766179 ID: b073ca
File 148185523312.png - (129.53KB , 600x587 , 1-47.png )

Sam: "I trust them for now, I guess. Either there's a lot they don't know or something they're not saying, until we know more I say we follow them. Besides, If it comes down to it, that's what you're here for."

Annie winks at you.

Annie: "They don't seem dangerous at least."

The two of you poke around the entrance of the tunnel for a few minutes, finding a few forgotten tools and fasteners amid the debris. Like everything here, they look old and very worn, but mostly free of corrosion.
No. 766180 ID: b073ca
File 148185524724.png - (94.74KB , 600x514 , 1-48.png )

A short time later the twins arrive at the bottom a little winded.

Robin: "Fuckin hell, that was cool! Where do I get one of those?"

Annie: "Off a dead repo-man."

Baxter side eyes Annie nervously.

Baxter: "A repo-man?"

You can feel Annie bristling and she ruffles her feathers.

Annie: "Slavers, basically."
No. 766182 ID: 3abd97

Welcome to the galactic community of the future, boys, where being a clone kinda sucks.
No. 766183 ID: 398fe1

Tell him debt collection has gotten really rough while he was on ice.

Let's get moving.
No. 766185 ID: ba506f

tell him not to worry about repo-men. They don't go after his kind any how.

so how long of a walk are we looking at here? or could we get lucky and find a still kinda useable tram and fix it up a little to speed things along?
No. 766190 ID: 398fe1

Hang on, don't tell them about the clone thing. We don't want them to know that they could potentially be paid a huge bounty for turning us in.
No. 766196 ID: 91ee5f

>Fuckin hell, that was cool!
It's also good for something we like to call the "long distance ass grab"! ;D

>You can feel Annie bristling and she ruffles her feathers.
Tell Annie to hang on, then lick your hand and comb down her feathers on her head. When you're done, you say "There, that's better!"
No. 766217 ID: a107fd

This, but get super serious for a moment, stare him right in the eye, and tell him to never, ever sign a contract more than ten pages long without reading it all.
No. 766351 ID: b073ca
File 148193988754.png - (90.43KB , 600x582 , 1-49.png )

Robin: "So are you two slaves, then? I didn't think that would be a problem anymore."

You thread your fingers between Annie's and watch as she settles down.

Sam: "Its a bit more complicated than that. I doubt you'd have anything to worry about from them. But yeah, you want to be careful out there. One of the reasons we're here is, hopefully, to be done with them forever."
No. 766352 ID: b073ca
File 148193990083.png - (88.96KB , 600x411 , 1-50.png )

The four of you set off down the tunnel with Kilroy lighting the way. Annie has her datapad out, reading the ultrasonic and thermal scans from Kilroy.

Sam: "How far is it to medical?"

Baxter: "About a 15 minute walk. It's hard to gauge distance, having lived here for so long, but I heard someone say once the ship is about two miles long.
No. 766368 ID: dea742

What can you tell us about Doctor Spencer? What should we expect, and how open should we be?

Also Dr. Kent. We're apparently not looking to actually talk to him, but it'll be good to know who we're dealing with if we happen to cross paths.
No. 766378 ID: 398fe1

Keep an eye on the open doors as you pass. Don't get ambushed.
No. 766671 ID: b073ca
File 148208350082.png - (64.15KB , 472x600 , 1-51.png )

Sam: "What can we expect from this doctor? Dr. Spencer?"

Robin: "Oh she's great, always wants to help us popsicles. We can come to her about anything at all, gets right to the heart of things and doesn't hesitate to treat us. Drives Dr. Kent crazy, says she's wasting time on us."

Baxter: "Yeah Dr. Kent, he's got no time for us. Always working on something else in his lab, can't be bothered with popsicles. If someone's hurt bad or sick he just pops 'em in the freezer till he can figure out what to do with them. Its tragic really, makes people upset."
No. 766672 ID: b073ca
File 148208350863.png - (85.19KB , 600x575 , 1-52.png )

Suddenly Kilroy's light turns off. Annie shushes everyone.
Annie: "Movement... Something on thermal."
No. 766676 ID: 3abd97

That's... an awful small bogey. Too small to be a person, I think. Considering it's right next to a side door for scale.

Do the twin pops have any idea what that might be?
No. 766702 ID: 9145ba

Does the Sunfish have a rat problem onboard?

...Oh. Uh, no offense guys.
No. 766708 ID: 398fe1

Alright, time to get out the stun rod.

If it's small enough (looks like it) you could grapple it to reel it in for a closer inspection without it being able to do anything but thrash around. Might need to turn the light on for a moment to aim though. Oh, one problem: if there's more than one, it could be a bad idea to get its attention like that. So let's just observe for a bit, and whisper to the twins asking what that could be. A lost pet?
No. 766717 ID: b30f05

looks pretty small, still, if it's a huge spider or something you'll want a squishing implement at hand
No. 766720 ID: 64f807

Are thermal cameras capable of distinguish spiders? Either way, for a spider that is huge! Nothing about that line of though make me want to get close to it.

We aren't here to exterminate infestations. Just use Kilroy to take a picture of this creature and decide if we should run or ignore it.
No. 766727 ID: ba506f

can killroy get a better look at it?
No. 766732 ID: 095a81

Before you take action against whatever this is, show the screen to the twins and as if there are any vermin on the ship that match what your 'bot is seeing. Move Kilroy up the wall and closer to get a clearer view, as well as cycling to low-light and radar to get a better idea what this thing is.
No. 766793 ID: 5fbc54

oh shit, it's a rat! would the twins be offended if we kill a relative of theirs?
No. 766837 ID: 91ee5f

Eek! A rat! Quickly! Leap into Annie's protective arms!
No. 766847 ID: 85f3cb

Don't make the obvious joke. It's been made too often, no doubt, and is beneath you. Also it isn't your place to kill it. But do ask if they have had a vermin problem first.
No. 766991 ID: b073ca
File 148219705169.png - (84.65KB , 600x600 , 1-53.png )

Annie sneaks Kilroy in closer, trying to get a better look at whatever the anomaly is. It switches over to a greenish low light camera and the two of you squint at the screen. It's hard to tell what you're looking at in the grainy image but you capture a still picture just in case.

You whisper to the twins: "Do you guys have a pest problem or something?"

Robin: "You mean besides us? Not that we know of. Course, we've been on the road for who knows how long? You hear about things."

Baxter: "Fuckin ghost stories, you mean."
No. 766996 ID: 398fe1

What the fuck? That doesn't look like anything. It's certainly not a person. Maybe it's some kind of space fungus that they dug out of the asteroid.

I say keep away from it. Wait for it to leave.
How does it appear to move? Like a blob? Or something with four legs? More legs than that?
No. 767000 ID: ba506f

it looks like a fungus or something. It isn't moving is it? either way if it doesn't move just walk around it and move on.
No. 767120 ID: 2bbaec

Anyone else seeing a metroid? I am 80% sure it looks like a metroid with more teeth
Could just be the image quality but whatever it is looks small and weird. Have Annie keep her baton in hand as you approach and when you're about 15ft away from it, turn Kilroy's torch/spotlight thing on.
Also be sure to peek into that doorway.
No. 767128 ID: 5d2db0

They said that one of the doctors was always experimenting in his lab right? Whats the bet that they found something in that austeroid and have been experimenting on it. Or he might just be messing with Bio-science and created a little abomination that has now escaped.

Star ships are scanned and handled with care to prevent things like rodents and even fungi from getting on to cause problems. So it would have had to have been a vary sloppy job to let something like feral rats or other vermin on board.
No. 767130 ID: 348bb9

Yea its metroids should've brought the gun.
Quick Annie engage ball mode.
No. 767211 ID: b073ca
File 148228296186.png - (61.81KB , 600x457 , 1-54.png )

Annie silently flips out her baton and creeps closer. As she gets into striking distance Kilroy lights up its headlight and nails the creature. There's a squawk of alarm and it disappears into a vent in a flurry of movement. Even with the light it was hard to tell what it was: all you could make out was matted hair, rows of crooked teeth and a pale blue eye staring at you from the middle of it all.
No. 767212 ID: b073ca
File 148228296753.png - (49.90KB , 449x600 , 1-55.png )

At the far end of the tunnel flips on a flashlight and aims it in your direction. A voice booms down the empty corridor in an authoritative shout.

?: "Who's down there?"
No. 767213 ID: 9f3729

uh oh, company. Hide, let the twins handle it maybe?
No. 767214 ID: 3abd97

>who's there
Elbow one of the twins in the side and give them a look.

They need to give a reasonable answer. It's them, going to visit the doc.
No. 767215 ID: ba506f

twins can deal with it if they can. If they need a bullshit excuse, there are 2 hot girls and 2 cute(ish) guys in a place away from prying eyes. What do you think we're doing down here?
No. 767216 ID: 9145ba

"Two hot and single ladies looking to get some action!"

It's a double bluff.
No. 767217 ID: 398fe1

Looks like a mutant cat. How the heck did one of those get on board?

Yeah let the twins announce themselves.
No. 767219 ID: 64f807

Don't mention you just saw a mutant. Whatever fucked experiment they are doing has been kept secret from the crew, who know what they are willing to do to keep it that way.
No. 767253 ID: 3e182c

Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!
Yeah no but seriously, twins you're up.
No. 767289 ID: 08bee8

erm that's 50% more eyes than it ever should be.
No. 767424 ID: b073ca
File 148237250528.png - (64.12KB , 600x600 , 1-56.png )

Baxter: "Ah fuck, its Flint. Hang back, we'll deal with him."

You and Annie scoot back into the darkness and tuck yourselves into a handy doorway. Flint's flashlight probes the shadows as he approaches the twins.

Flint: "You?! What the hell are you two doing down here?"

Robin: "Did ya see it? What the hell was that?"

Flint: "See what? What're you talking about?"

Robin: "I dunno! Some kind of weird mutant and thing. It buggered off!"

Flint: "I don't know about mutants but I'm looking at a couple of weird creatures that are going to be getting mighty cold unless they start talking."

Baxter: "Don't mind him sir. We were just coming back from B hangar. Robbie had just remembered that he left the grav off last time we were down there."

You hear Flint sigh and his boots scuff.

Flint: "And I trust you boys cleaned up after yourselves?"

You can hear the twins writhing and groaning with guilt under the questioning.

Flint: "Because if I find a mess down there like last time, you'll be tidying it up in double gravity, won't you?"

The two of them manage a guilty "yes sir".

Flint: "I'll give you boys an hour or two, sound fair?"

The twins turn and start back to the hangar, hesitating as they pass you're hiding spot.
No. 767425 ID: b073ca
File 148237251339.png - (78.50KB , 512x600 , 1-57.png )

Flint sniffs the air in a smug manner and you hear his boots scuff back and fourth around the abandoned tunnel. His light plays around the walls and floor curiously before you hear him mutter something before clomping back towards the front of the ship.
No. 767426 ID: 398fe1

Let's keep going. The twins said we could pass as civvies so long as we don't talk to any guards. So we just have to ask some random civvie where the doctor is.
No. 767434 ID: 3e182c

Let's not leave our minions. They are useful and only loyal so long as they believe were taking them with us. Lets not give them reason to think otherwise. Also, they don't actually need to clean the hanger. They are leaving anyway. There are no major consequences for not doing it. Flint will continue being annoying either way.
No. 767450 ID: 3abd97

Wait a little longer before coming out of hiding. You can catch up to them.
No. 767461 ID: 64f807

Stalk Flint using Kilroy so we know how to avoid him and maybe got a better idea of what is going on.
Meanwhile you should see if Robin and Baxter believe they can avoid to risk Flint's punishment without wasting time cleaning their mess.
No. 767467 ID: 91ee5f

>Stalk Flint using Kilroy
Let's not send away our tiny robot. Especially since we don't know the guard's patrol routes. Someone can easily turn a corner and see a tiny egg with legs following Flint and they'll say, "Hey, Flint! What's that thing behind you?" And then we lose Kilroy.
No. 767566 ID: fe7355

Well, you can already tell this Flint guy is going to be repeating pain in your ass. He also might be more competent than you think and is thinking something is off besides the twins being down here. Don't trust that he'll just walk off and not sneak back. Better safe than sorry, right.

Set Kilroy to auditory and echolocation mode and measure how far away and roughly where Kilroy's footsteps are until they can't be detected any more. Then send Kilroy in the dark towards Flint's last known location and have it hide somewhere to listen and watch for if he doubles-back. Then you two can safely leave your hiding spot. You can bring Kilroy back up the tunnel as you walk, having it move from hiding spot to hiding spot.

You shouldn't push on ahead without your guides. You don't know what the layout is, plus they won't be able to find you if you do, since you don't have any way to communicate long distance. You should head back towards the hangar and meet up with them. Help them clean it up if that's what they're going to do.

Oh, actually, before leaving, send Kilroy up into the vent that creature fled into, if it'll fit. Then maybe you can track the critter to get close enough to get a better picture of it. You might even find its nest.
No. 767643 ID: b073ca
File 148245797686.png - (91.85KB , 600x556 , 1-58.png )

You wait for a few minutes to let Flint get out of earshot before hustling down the corridor after the twins. A short jog later and you manage to catch up with them.

Baxter: "Oh hey, sorry about that. Flint likes to push us popcicles around. Makes all the security boys feel big."

Robin: "All the more reason to bail on this place! We should just get the samples and go, Bax. Screw Flint!"

Annie: "If I had to guess, I doubt we'll be able to get what we need and get you two out in less than an hour."

Baxter: "Yeah, last thing we want is Flint and his crew chasing us around the ship because we ignored him. To be honest, it'll go much faster with four people and your grappling thing."
No. 767644 ID: 9145ba

Ooh yeah. This is the adventure you signed up for. Zero-g hangar maintenance.
No. 767646 ID: 3abd97

>use for the grapple gun
Told you I picked the right weapon!

Unglamorous cover keeping slash 3-d tetris playing time.
No. 767668 ID: 3e182c

He would literally wast his time hunting you two down? I guess there's not much for him to do here.

Fuck it. Let's see if it can be done in 20 minutes.
No. 767671 ID: 64f807

While we waste time playing with the grappling-hook, tell Bucky about the presence of mutants (that probable explain the radio earlier) and ask for information about illegal genetic experiments from when this ship were launched.
No. 767674 ID: fe7355

Sure, you'll help them tidy up the hangar bay. You'll even let them use your grapple gun once or twice, which includes swinging from the rafters by it if they want.

This'll also give you a opportunity to get back in contact with Bucky and update him with what's happening. And also let him know about the two EVA suits in the asteroid bunker that he can get for the twins.

Oh, important thing we should have considered about possibly blending in with the crew: Our outfits. Going by the state of the twin's uniforms, you assume they don't have a way to make proper cloth to repair clothing, correct? So will your practically new in comparison outfits unacceptably stand out?

>He would literally wast his time hunting you two down? I guess there's not much for him to do here.
Well, one relatively exciting thing he could do is hunting down "popsicles" who ran off to avoid being stuck back in the deep freeze. However, this is a nearly two mile long ship with likely loads of potential hiding spots, so it'd be a major pain to. Ask Baxter and Robin if there's been anybody who ran off and hid to avoid being put on ice.

>Fuck it. Let's see if it can be done in 20 minutes.
Hold up on that. Gotta keep the time it's completed in at least plausible for the twins to have done it alone, so ask 'em how long it took 'em the last time they had to clean it up. We'll have to stick around after finishing until about that long.
No. 767695 ID: b039e3

bah it can't take too long, go nuts with that grappple gun
No. 767696 ID: 3e182c

>Gotta keep the time it's completed in at least plausible for the twins to have done it alone

Flint hasn't actually seen the hanger. He merely knows what to expect when the gravity is left off. For all he knows getting it done quick means it wasn't particularly messy instance or that they got help from another popsicle who happened to be down there, perhaps in passing. One of the benefits of remaining yet undetected is that even under unusual circumstances, we wont even be suspected. In fact, intruders are probably the last thing they would expect. They are off floating alone in deep space. Who the hell would they ever possibly run into?

At the same time, every extra minute spent here is another minute something unexpected can show up to blow our cover. This is unexplored territory and we shouldn't spend more time here than absolutely necessary.
No. 767720 ID: 2ed8f8


 Suggestion 2016/12/22(Thu)22:51 No. 767696 ID: 3e182c

>Gotta keep the time it's completed in at least plausible for the twins to have done it alone 
Nothing forces you to report completion of the task as soon as it's completed. Best to keep him assuming you're still there.
No. 767722 ID: fe7355

Alright, good points. No reason to spend more time there than is needed to clean it up. Still gotta figure out from the twins if any of the crew'll notice or care that Sam and Annie's outfits are not worn to hell and back. Same question goes for their gear. Explaining away future tech is not going to be as easy as nearly new clothes.
No. 767746 ID: b1b4f3

Why was Flint down here though? Security patrols are everywhere?
No. 767767 ID: 790549

Yeah, we can't just ignore the cleaning, but I don't think we should just completely delay getting those samples either. The longer we stick around the more likely we are to be identified as outsiders. Sam with her grapple gun will help one ratbro clean up while Annie goes with the other to secure the samples. That way Annie is there to explain why we want the samples in case the doctor asks, and someone she knows is there as a friendly face. As soon as they return with the samples we bail regardless of how much is left to clean up.
No. 767892 ID: b073ca
File 148255520571.png - (115.67KB , 600x600 , 1-59.png )

The two of you agree to help the twins with some housekeeping and trek back to the hangar. Once there, they dial the gravity back to a fifth of the Terran standard and start collecting the scattered detritus. Your combined efforts make quick work of the mess and you secure everything so it won't fly around next time. You lend the twins your grappling gun for a few minutes while you contact Bucky.

Sam: hey you still there?

Bucky: yeah, I moved the ship to the far side of the asteroid, should be pretty well hidden. How's things going?

You look over your shoulder at the mice executing sick low grav stunts. As you watch, Robin runs up the wall, launches himself into the air and threads the needle through an impossibly tight gap in the catwalk. He fires the grappling gun and pulls himself into a tight arc, which ends with him landing deftly in the middle of the catwalk with a bow. Annie nods approvingly and gives you a thumbs up.

Sam: pretty good, just having to help with a quick errand. We ran into something strange in one of the corridors here. Is there any information on genetic developments or mutations from the time before the sunfish launched?

Bucky: There seems to have been a kind of gold rush mentality about gene tech during that era. Nothing specific in the database, though the installment plan tech came out roughly a decade after the sunfish launched. Old Sam would probably know best, you might want to consider asking her.
No. 767893 ID: b073ca
File 148255523888.png - (114.68KB , 600x600 , 1-60.png )

You watching the twins, you realize that anyone looking at you would probably be pretty suspicious of your clean, well cared for clothes.

Sam: "Hey, Baxter! Does anyone on this ship make fabric?"

Baxter hops down and checks out your suits.

Baxter: "We can, but it takes a lot of work for just a little bit. We mostly just use it to patch up what we've got. I see what you're thinking: you do stand out, not sure what we can do about it though."

Sam: "I've got it covered. Annie, come over here for a second..."

A few minutes of work with the tape gun and you've "mended" her coveralls into something more appropriate.

Annie: "I'm not sure why you needed to tape both my butt cheeks, but I suppose it works."

Sam: "Oh shush, you look great. Now do me."

Fortunately Annie is a bit more sensible about her faux repairs: reinforcing your joints and patching areas that wear out quickly. When she's done you're left with a suit that would fool the casual observer.

Robin touches down with a bounce, drawn by the sight of you patching Annie's ass.

Robin: "Woah, is that a whole roll of tape? There's people onboard would kill for some of that. I bet we could get some favors if we use it right."

Baxter: "Its pretty fuckin fancy looking tape, Robin. We might get some questions, but it's a good idea."

Robin: "Dachell wouldn't care, she says the stuff we make is barely enough as it is."
No. 767896 ID: 3abd97

Bartering with supplies is an option, though we don't want to be too quick to give away what we have. (Might need to have someone go over mundane supplies on the ship we can afford to trade outside of our weapons cabinet).
No. 767902 ID: 91ee5f

>"I'm not sure why you needed to tape both my butt cheeks, but I suppose it works."
Think of them as an X marks the spot for whenever I need to shoot you with the grapple gun. And just to let you know, I'll be aiming for the Xs! ;P
No. 767923 ID: 3e182c

Can't conventional tape be made entirely from derivatives of wood? Don't they have a forest? I find it strange that they wouldn't have tape. Then again they may just be lacking in chemistry supplies or talent. Something to consider later perhaps.

>and threads the needle through an impossibly tight gap in the catwalk.
Well now we know they parkour for fun.

Lets get back to business. We still need to talk to that doc.
No. 768083 ID: dea742


I like this Robin guy. He knows how to have fun.
No. 768233 ID: b073ca
File 148272447724.png - (73.15KB , 431x600 , 1-61.png )

Realizing that the Starlette is probably a treasure trove of hard to get items, you draft up a text for Bucky.

Sam: Hey Bucky, see if you can round up a list of as much non essential crap we have onboard. We may be able to use some of it to barter with the locals.

You think back to your private stash of booze and snacks and mentally prepare yourself to part with it.

Bucky: Like what?

Sam: Tools, food, toys, medicine. Anything we can part with that someone might find a use for.
Bucky: Sure, it'll be a while to catalogue it.
No. 768234 ID: b073ca
File 148272448383.png - (87.41KB , 600x600 , 1-62.png )

Sam: "Okay,we still need to make it to the doctor. We should get going."
The four of you backtrack through the gaps and arrive at the entrance to the underdecks.

Along the way you think a bit about asking Old Sam about genetic research. You aren't sure how old she is, but she might know about research from that era.
No. 768235 ID: bb78f2

Yeah sure,
I would like to see what "talking" to old sam actually entails anyway, even if I think it's a big risk for some reason.
No. 768237 ID: 64f807

Although we have reason to suspect, we have very little evidence that those presumable genetic experiments will create a dangerous environment or will be an obstacle to our mission. I think it's too earlier to risk your mental integrity for uncertain information.

Going by genre rules we know all of this will be relevant and shit will hit the fan. If the characters were genre savvy they would wish to gather information as earlier as possible to avoid mistakes. The audience, on the other hand, shouldn't want to take advantage of those tropes because the knowledge the character acquire cannot prevent the plot from happening.
No. 768241 ID: 3abd97

Do mean literally talking to old Sam, or figuratively tapping into implanted memories?

Either way, doesn't seem worth the risk right now. Remember, she sent you here. What if she knew there were a few weird gene things here, and that you'd be tempted to tap into your inner old-Sam? This might be a ploy to try and trick you into putting yourself back on track. She just needs to get you to lean on those memories enough and you fall back in line, right?

...unless you actually have reason to trust her?
No. 768248 ID: e85fea

eh, chances are we're probably going to find out more about whatever that thing was on our own. As such I feel we should hold off on losing a part of our mind until we need to.
No. 768272 ID: 1277f8

So, it's never been really clear how much money you stand to gain, here. Like, I'm thinking, it's thousands of people. I'd feel kinda bad selling their own dna out from under them just to be even more obscenely rich. Could you split the profits from each person ~50% with said person? I suspect you'll still be obscenely rich. Also, do the twins KNOW they're off course, late, and not actually going anywhere, at the moment? Also, don't hit the hint button just yet. Maybe the good doctor will be able to shed some light on it. Or get you silenced.
No. 768273 ID: 3e182c


Yeah but talking to our "Old Selves" will likely be necessary later, and I for one would like to know exactly what were dealing with when we do so. This is a quiet moment, perfect for testing the waters.

Besides that, were about to talk to a doctor about genetics, so literally putting our head in that particular game right now could be a boon to us.
No. 768274 ID: b039e3

yeah it's worth asking why they seem resigned to sitting in orbit here (in an obscure area of space)
might want to hold off on using radical terms like 'splitting' and '50%' though, their current situation doesn't even have a use for money.
No. 768403 ID: b073ca
File 148281445447.png - (63.75KB , 600x460 , 1-63.png )

As you walk into the dark you decide to have a chat with old Sam. There's a strange awareness that awakens and for a moment you feel as though your skin is not your own. Sam flickers through your consciousness like a fish at the bottom of a very dark pond. You feel her peer through your eyes and taste the air.
You feel momentarily disoriented by her confusion.
>Where am I? What is this?
Usually when you have to get her attention its like waking up a drunk roommate. It takes her a while to adjust and if you aren't careful to keep yourself asserted she can get pushy and you find yourself losing control.
Remember your message? We're on the Sunfish. There's something on here with us. Do you remember anything about that? Some kind of mutation?
>Mutation? No, everything should be stable... Did something go wrong?
No. 768404 ID: 9f3729

there was a cronenberg, what would cause cronenbergs?
No. 768405 ID: 398fe1

What is "everything"? What is the Sunfish doing?
No. 768409 ID: 3abd97

So did you "Inner Old-Sam" give you the tip that lead you here, or did "Literal in the Flesh Old-Sam" send you a message?

>No, everything should be stable... Did something go wrong?
It's a colony ship that never built a colony and is being held together with duct tape- no they ran out of that, actually. So something must have, yes.

The would-be rat with mattered hair, crooked teeth, and way too many eyes running around doesn't seem normal either.

What's here that should have been kept stable? Some genes more interesting than your average ancient popsicle?
No. 768410 ID: 094652

"Nice try, but your gibbering minions couldn't be bothered to stay behind the curtain. You sent me to this eldritch hellhole and I will shove my eyes into your skull and make you watch the unending madness for me if you don't tell me where the treasure is and a reliable way to get it off this ship."
No. 768418 ID: 8cb228

Yea, there's some straange mutated critter on the ship, which never managed to set up an actual colony. I smell a bit of a conspiracy -- the ship is suspiciously uninterested in doing anything other than sitting in orbit next to a no-name planet. Anyway, the critter had too many eyes, was the size of a rat, and had matted fur. Someone's been up to some shenanigans. Any insight?
No. 768423 ID: 1277f8

Oh, right, well, I didn't actually mean discuss it with them, more like, maybe don't completely rip them off. (Though arguably, you might want to be careful about giving them enough financial rope to hang you with, if they still decided you were too greedy.)

Also, everything most things everyone else has said.
No. 768425 ID: e85fea

tell her about the thing you saw.
No. 768438 ID: fe7355

Point out that in order for you to know if something has gone wrong with the Sunfish, you need to know what it going right would entail, so you ask what that would be. What mission or tasks or objectives did the Sunfish have? And also ask how she knew where the Sunfish would be now, when the old ship registry entry listed a destination that is not the system the Sunfish ended up in.

>I smell a bit of a conspiracy -- the ship is suspiciously uninterested in doing anything other than sitting in orbit next to a no-name planet.
Might be that they don't have the fuel to make it out of the system, and no way to manufacture it. Or that they do have the means but don't have a way to make it in the quantity needed. It has to take a fuck-ton of fuel to get this ship up to fractional light speed, then decelerate it. They probably set out with enough fuel to make it to their destination. It's just that the actual destination was this out of the way star system that wouldn't be a candidate for colonization. Likely whatever the Sunfish was to do or was meant for, it needed to be kept from being found.
No. 768691 ID: b073ca
File 148296773004.png - (96.12KB , 502x600 , 1-64.png )

It seems like it was never meant to last this long, it should have landed and formed a colony a century ago. It looks like they've started cannibalizing the ship, its hard to say how much longer it can hold together.
>The mutations? What were they like? Some new phenotype?
It was small, covered in hair... and teeth? And pale blue eyes. It ran off before we could get a good look at it.
>... That... Shouldn't be possible. Everything was designed to be perfect. Self sustained. Self repairing... I, I need to talk to someone, find out what's going wrong!
You feel her start to push and her anxiety wells up in your chest. Your breathing starts to get heavy and you resist the urge to run, to fight.
No. 768692 ID: b073ca
File 148296773717.png - (125.39KB , 538x600 , 1-65.png )

A warm hand envelop yours, soft and calloused, it massages your palm.

Annie: "Hey, its okay. Come back now..."

The uncertainty drains out of your mind and you feel your two pairs of eyes looking at her, one of them anchoring itself in your psyche. You start to forget you were Old Sam and she slips away as a collection of protesting murmurs, leaving you with a single thought: cancer?

Annie leans close and you take in everything about her: her feathery musk, the warmth of her breath, her concerned whisper. For a brief moment you let her be your whole world, desperate to never forget her. Despite yourself, you purr a little.

Annie: "You okay?"

You squeeze her hand a little to reassure her.

Annie: "She tell you anything?"

Sam: "Not much. It sounds like she's involved somehow. She wanted to talk to someone, find out about that mutant. She learned about it and said it wasn't supposed to happen."

You get the sense that the twins are picking up on all of this. They remain willfully silent, though you can imagine the unshared thoughts crackling between them.
No. 768693 ID: b073ca
File 148296774991.png - (114.68KB , 700x478 , 1-66.png )

Before long the tunnel widens and you come to a dimly lit station platform. Hanging from the central rail is a broken passenger car. It seems to have been stripped for parts, leaving wire dangling loosely from gaps in the plating and gaping holes where there once was glass. The whole thing puts you in the mind of a giant skull floating eerily in space, empty and dead. But not abandoned, it seems: someone has hung plastic sheeting as a kind of privacy curtain as well as an improvised light glowing from inside.
No. 768695 ID: 790549

Privacy sheets? I hope we haven't found someone's private love shack. Lights could indicate occupants. Send rat twins to check.
No. 768696 ID: 398fe1

If Old Sam was responsible for this project, that means you will be recognized by the higher ups. This suddenly got a lot more risky.

Listen to see if the place is occupied. If not, take a look inside.
No. 768697 ID: 9145ba

Possibly. It's also possible anyone who would recognize her is dead or in cryo - it's a generation ship.

Bother the love shack, ask a local about the mutants.
No. 768701 ID: e85fea

someone living in this thing?
No. 768706 ID: 3abd97

>You get the sense that the twins are picking up on all of this. They remain willfully silent, though you can imagine the unshared thoughts crackling between them.
It's kind of hard to miss one of the two stangers you just met, maybe the first new people they've met in their whole lives, who they've got their hopes staked on. Especially when one of them goes into a trance, kinda flips out, and then starts talking about a conversation that didn't happen. While making major gaga eyes at her companion.

So yeah there are quite a few things that might have caught their attention, and they're probably not sure if they can ask questions without potentially messing things up for themselves.

You could maybe explain at some less awkward moment that being a clone does mean there's an "old you" hidden away in your head you can try and get information from.

Scout acoustically with the owl-drone, ask the Popsicle Twinpack what's up with this thing.
No. 768710 ID: 64f807

If old Sam was directly involved with the project... blue eyes, white fur... could it be?

Let's avoid be seen by any authority figure that might recognize Sam. That mean we avoid Dr. Kent like the plague, but if possible let Annie interact with Dr Spencer just in case.

When our guides got confidence enough to ask, tell them you were consulting a ghost. Can't waste opportunities to spook them.
For now Baxter and Robin do the talking. Let's see who is living alone in those dark tunnels.
No. 768803 ID: 3181a5

If this is a love shack then take yourself and Annie, and maybe the twins, inside for you appear to be in a certain mood.

Okay fine just ask the twins what the hell this thing is, maybe tease them about bringing two lovely ladies to the ship orgy room.
No. 768813 ID: e6e9af


That's ... a thought. And seeing as it LOOKS like a generation ship but has most of the crew in cryo at any given time, I think instead it wasn't supposed to be.

I think this could have been Old Sam's big backup plan -- or her thesis on genetic splicing bullshit, since that seems to be what she did. What are you willing to bet on the following?

1. The deterioration of the ship and its crew is directly linked to the cycling of members in and out of cryo, which is causing a relative decay of cognitive abilities and possibly tissues as well, potentially heightening the rate at which mutations occur during cell division -- i.e.: how cancer happens, just as Old Sam suspects.

2. No one has "seen" us yet but the twins, who are kept in the dark like most of the low-class service members of the ship, which insofar seems to be a sizable majority. We can go around fine because nobody has yet to recognize anything other than our admittedly suave outfit (and cute girlfriend). Which leads to my last point:

3. Blue fur, white eyes, lots of teeth, and something that should not be. Sounds a hell of a lot like there might be an entire room full of Sams in here somewhere. I mean, think about it; presumably one of the top gene therapists in her field, able to afford one of these fucked up "Installment Plans," and likely possessing the know-how and skillset to make one black market style? Yeah, there could be a real possibility that Old Sam wanted us to find this thing for one reason or another, and likely related to whatever the hell she did back then, especially given that she already knew about its EXACT location.

So assuming that this was all planned, which she has insofar inferred, this brings up the question not only how old Old Sam was (we can estimate ~450 to 470 years minimum based on the Sunfish's launch date and likely age of 35 to 50 and the implied current date of 2670 or so), but also how MANY Sams there have been.


Hehe ... okay, definitely tease them. They sure seem to know their way around, and this DEFINITELY looks like the kinda secret place you'd bring a pair of gals to so as to tip back some funky space-beer and get to know them better.
No. 769161 ID: b073ca
File 148313378297.png - (113.91KB , 700x465 , 1-67.png )

Kilroy hops up onto the edge of an open window and peers inside.
Annie: "Thermals are negative, its clean."

You approach the shell and push aside one of the curtains to peek inside. Much of the interior has been stripped away, leaving room for a pair of mattresses to be shoved into opposite ends of the car. There's a sweaty, animal smell to the place and a few small items of clothing lay discarded on the floor.

Sam: "Define 'clean', Annie..."
No. 769162 ID: b073ca
File 148313379413.png - (79.99KB , 534x600 , 1-68.png )

You nudge one of the twins.
Baxter: "Well, we're on a generation ship, aren't we? You need a place to, er."

His brother chimes in with a grin.
Robin: "-Make more generations."

Sam: "Charming. Having ideas, were we?"

Robin responds by upping his grin game from "cheeky" to "hopeful".
Robin: "Hey, you're the one who came here after me DNA..."
No. 769164 ID: 0555b9

Pheeeew. If we're doing this, it's gonna be at my place, not yours.

Carry on down the tunnel, my wayward Sam.
No. 769169 ID: e85fea

wrong kind of dna buddy. Nice try though, next time try for somewhere a bit... cleaner for a start.
No. 769171 ID: 3abd97

Somewhere deep inside, your inner undead geneticist is offended by the fact they're not using a sterile laboratory.

If that were how you planned on gather samples from the ship at large, this stealth exercise would be kind of pointless.

...actually wait, what medium are we using to take genetic samples? Do we just need electronic data or records from whatever database they have here? Do we need to collect physical samples? Do we have some kind of fancy scanner that logs genetic information about subjects? (If so, we might as well wave it around in here, lots of DNA left behind, smells like).
No. 769174 ID: 398fe1

If this is really the place where they have sex to make kids, it wasn't originally meant to be. That means the original planned location was compromised somehow. It also means they originally had trams but they've been shut down. This place really is a mess.

Anyway, though there is privacy here it's not exactly a clean place to take off clothes. Also we ain't got any condoms or lube.
No. 769175 ID: 2169b1

Give them an A for effort, but decline. Like, cmon, really? You need AT LEAST three drinks in you before The Bang Train starts resembling anything close to a good idea.
No. 769180 ID: db0da2

It's not often that you're actually "on the job", but on rare occasions such as this where you are, you can at least keep your pants on. If there's nothing at the front of the tram then get moving, you've got work to do and there'll be plenty of time for that later.
No. 769182 ID: bb78f2

Sorry, not without Bucky. And not here. That's the rule on our ship. Everyone participates or nothing.
No. 769185 ID: 64f807

Aren't you tempted to have dirty dirty sex with naive twin boys and this tough girl? The girl who cares and protects you when you need, the flattering pervert that is eager to please and the shy brother that may have so many embarrassing desires...
And then you think about how disgusting would be to touch a four hundred years old mattress that have been used for generations in the most unsanitary ways. I would be afraid to sit in it and get herpes in my butt.
Leave the naughtiness to when we have access to a clean bed. For now just scan the genetic material from the mattress.
No. 769186 ID: 878ff6

"Not saying no, but now's not the right time, and here's definitely not the right place. This kind of sampling can wait until we're back on our ship."
No. 769191 ID: 309d35

Try buying me a drink first, buddy.
No. 769237 ID: e6e9af


Annie remembered to bring those sample vials, right? You and she can just duck behind the tarp over there while these two prep a sample for you, I'm sure.
No. 769260 ID: 781eab

funny. not now and definitely not here.
No. 769281 ID: 3e182c

No. 769285 ID: 05758b

Basically: f*ck those mice
No. 769311 ID: 4f18a7

"Well tempting I'm gonna have to disappoint you two. You'll to wait till we're safe on our clean ship with the other samples before you give it to me."
No. 769312 ID: 91ee5f

>"Hey, you're the one who came here after me DNA..."
Is it "speak like a pirate day" or something?

Anyways, that's not what the condoms---I mean, DNA samplers! That's not what the DNA samplers are for! >///<
No. 769397 ID: b073ca
File 148322834968.png - (96.78KB , 600x588 , 1-69.png )

Sam: "Maybe later. Sssssomewhere... sanitary. Nice try though. Is that what really goes on here?"

Robin: "I dunno if you've noticed, but space is fuckin boring and privacy is kind of hard to find, even on a ship this big."

You nod. Its never been a problem with your partners on the Starlette but clones like yourself spent most of their early years in small enclaves while they developed. The watchful eyes of your corporate overlords made privacy a treasured thing.
You pull out your Datapad and clip a DNA scanner into one of the module ports. The display blinks for a moment as it recognizes the hardware and gives you the okay to start scanning. Since there's really no "liquid" for you to sample, you run the head of it over one of the mattresses and it vacuums up a collection of hair, skin cells and various residues into a tiny sterile cube. Inside, a collection of nanites get to work sorting out what is Terran DNA and what is just junk, setting aside the trash to be broken down later. That being done, a popup displays a progress bar at the top of the screen. The whole thing is self sterilizing and can contain over a hundred samples, but you wipe the scanner off anyway because... ew.
Annie does the same with the other mattress and gives you a thumbs up: money in the bank! Gross, gross money...

Sam: "Alright, lets keep going, where to?"

Baxter: "This actually puts us pretty close, we can just take the main halls from here."
No. 769398 ID: b073ca
File 148322835603.png - (85.07KB , 600x412 , 1-70.png )

You exit the platform and the twins lead you through a series of moderately clean hallways. Instead of the cannibalized look of the rear of the ship, everything looks to be in good shape and actively maintained here. The lights work and the air feels fresh, and from what you can see, things are in working order.
As you're walking a flushed face couple emerges from one of the nearby doors, obviously looking for a little privacy of their own. They spot your group, slowing down and pretending not to stare.
No. 769404 ID: 3abd97

They're probably more surprised by the implied foursome than the fact they don't recognize you, or embarrassed to be witnessed sneaking off to fuck.

Refuge in audacity. Give 'em a knowing smirk and keep walking.
No. 769412 ID: 398fe1

No. 769423 ID: e85fea

unless they stop and talk keep walking
No. 769445 ID: 9145ba

Double thumbs up.
No. 769450 ID: 309d35

Don't stick out. You don't want to cause suspicion too early.
No. 769457 ID: 9145ba

It's not Sam and Annie who have to worry about something sticking out.
No. 769467 ID: 3e182c

They'll justify your presence as a popsicle they've never seen before as long as you don't make a stink.
No. 769482 ID: a107fd

Stage-whisper something vaguely reassuring about the room being empty and you having helped the twins clean up after themselves. Technically true, extremely misleading. The more emotionally awkward and uncomfortable this encounter is, within plausibility, the longer it's likely to be before they mention you to anyone further up the chain of command.
No. 769509 ID: 4f18a7

and finger pistol
then go 'Ayyyyyy'

Yea okay no don't do this. Just give a knowing nod and keep walking.
No. 769514 ID: db0da2

Keep it simple, just a smirk will do, maybe a wink if you're feeling particularly audacious.
No. 769533 ID: bb78f2

Man, we give them a knowing smirk, a snap, and a finger gun point guesture
No. 769581 ID: 094652

Take interest in vixen.
No. 769582 ID: b073ca
File 148330480808.png - (79.02KB , 600x446 , 1-71.png )

You swivel around hit them with a wink. Double fingerguns: direct hits captain.
Sam: "All yours~! "

The pair blush an even darker shade and scurry off in search of privacy. You doubt they'll be mentioning this to anyone if they're feeling that self conscious.
No. 769584 ID: b073ca
File 148330482273.png - (54.98KB , 600x355 , 1-72.png )

You turn onto a larger corridor and find yourself standing in an open, courtyard-like space in which a number of small buildings have been lumped together awkwardly. According to the signs posted the main building is Medbay, There are two wings branching off into opposite directions: one leads to the Cryo-lab, the other to Research.

Baxter: "Dr. Spencer should be in the medbay proper, assuming she's on call right now. Hopefully Kent and his minions aren't lurking around."
No. 769589 ID: 96c896

First things first, go get your paycheck.
No. 769596 ID: 3abd97

Seems like we should keep relying on the drone. Acoustic mapping and/or thermal should tell us how many people are hanging around before we even get inside.
No. 769621 ID: e85fea

so which of the two areas would be less suspicious for us to walk down? Because both kinda sound like you need clearance to walk around freely in.
No. 769690 ID: 9145ba

Strange design choice for a ship, you think. All this open space... Would they really sacrifice this much room just for peace of mind?
No. 769807 ID: 3e182c

Moral and psychological well being would be paramount on a long mission like this. If the wrong person just a single crew member were to go crazy, It could jepordize the mission and the lives of everyone on board. The less like a prison the ship seems, the better. Not to mention, this thing likely was assembled in space and is in no way designed for combat. Open space is less of a trade and off than one might normally expect.

Anyway, to the medbay. The robot could scout it i suppose, but we have these two strapping young men as well.
No. 769809 ID: e6e9af


In terms of adequate radiation shielding, structural integrity, and containment of a hull breach, this would actually be pretty bad, though the hazards of a vessel this size losing gravity and engaging evasive maneuvers are probably nil, despite the other hazards of a body careening through a football-field sized space to adequately demonstrate Newton's laws of motion.


Ask the cute mouse duo if there's a way for one of them to call ahead to be sure, or if need be, send in the owlet to make sure we don't bump into any of these Kent guys en-route to the medbay.
No. 769860 ID: 3e182c

>In terms of adequate radiation shielding, structural integrity, and containment of a hull breach, this would actually be pretty bad

While there is truth to this, it also launched in 2259.
Clearly these issues have been solved with magic future construction material. Hell super strong nano fibers and self healing polymers are already in development today. In over two centuries from now such things will likely have long been standard.

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if there existed yet larger, more open craft in this story's universe.
No. 769896 ID: 2c6727

i'm more concerned with why didn't they tear down and recycle the signs.
No. 769912 ID: b073ca
File 148339526761.png - (91.08KB , 600x457 , 1-73.png )

carry orb mode.
Sam: "You guys take Kilroy in and drop him off somewhere to scout for us, we'll sit tight out of the way. Come back when you're done."

You watch as the twins walk uncertainly through the entryway before ducking around the corner. Annie pulls out her datapad and checks the feed.
No. 769913 ID: b073ca
File 148339527608.png - (85.21KB , 600x414 , 1-74.png )

Immediately inside is a waiting room and a desk manned by a bored looking individual, who the twins recognize as Reed. Robin immediately goes red.
Reed: "Hey guys, can I help you?"

Robin: "Oh hell..."
No. 769914 ID: 595d54

Tell him Robbie Rotten over here needs a blowjob, and ask if he minds helping.
No. 769929 ID: 398fe1

Be brave! Ask if Dr Spencer is in.
No. 769932 ID: 64f807

He did say he wasn't picky.
If you can whisper without Reed noticing tell Robin you aren't judging. This may be an excellent opportunity to left at his embarrassment, but we can't risk been exposed because he's behavior calls attention to our robot.
No. 769941 ID: e6e9af


Oh no, Robin has attained +100 cute-points. We'll have to cash those in later ... preferably after we get Reed off this intergalactic tugboat, too. (finger-guns.png)

In fact, yeah. Let's whisper to Robin to get Reed in on the it! The running away thing, too, I mean.


All Robin has to do is hold it and not do much with it. Or we could just quietly observe and see where all this goes~
No. 769967 ID: 3e182c

We're lookin for miss Polly.
Robby broke his dick again.
No. 770332 ID: b073ca
File 148349751484.png - (75.70KB , 600x535 , 1-75.png )

Baxter hisses at his brother: "What? What's 'oh hell'?"

Robin: "Nothing, its fine. Hi Reed!"

Reed: "Um, hi? You guys need anything?"

Robin: "No, I mean yeah, I mean-"

Baxter cuts in: "Is Dr. Spencer in?"

Reed: "She's with someone right now, did you want to wait for her?"
No. 770333 ID: 398fe1

That's fine.

Psst Robin do you have a crush on Reed?
No. 770337 ID: e85fea


so what's the story with this guy?
No. 770375 ID: 9145ba

He must be their proctologist.
No. 770396 ID: fd5ed0

robin, in a few days you will not see them ever again. if there's something you wanted tp say but never got a chance to, now's your last shot.
No. 770440 ID: 3ace27

Tsun-deery to the max.

Looks like Robin needs to put those underworked balls of his to use and tell Reed whatever's on his mind!
No. 770585 ID: b073ca
File 148358741256.png - (89.06KB , 600x511 , 1-76.png )

You find yourself privy to a hushed conversation as the twins sit on the couch and argue in a flurry of church whispers.
Baxter: "What is with you Robbie?"

Robin: "Its nothing, I just... had a thing for him, okay?"

Baxter: "Of course you did..."

Robin: "But he'd never give me the time of day. I could never work up the nerve."

Baxter: "Fuck me... Mister Robin 'shagged half the ship' Carey with cold feet? I think I've heard everything."

Robin: "Well, yeah. What'd he see in a, a..."

Baxter: "Fuckboy?"

Robin: "-Fuckboy like me?"

You whisper through the microphone.
Sam: "You know, you might not get another chance, Robin..."

The mouse sits quietly for a moment in thought, then you see the camera shift suddenly as Kilroy is handed to Baxter. Robin stands up suddenly, his slight frame twanging with nervousness, and marches up to the counter as if pulled there by a puppeteer. Reed watches all of this with interest and growing concern.
No. 770586 ID: b073ca
File 148358742128.png - (81.97KB , 600x522 , 1-77.png )

Reed: "Are... you...okay? Do you need me to get the doctor?"

Robin: "Um, no I, I'm fine. I just, um.... Ilikeyourhorns."

Reed takes a minute to process this and reaches up to touch his head.
Reed: "My...horns? My antlers, you mean?"

Robin: "Yeah, yer antlers. They're cool!"

Reed: "Th, thanks? They're still coming in. Kinda itches to feel them grow, but once the velvet comes off they should be pretty good sized..."
No. 770587 ID: b073ca
File 148358742758.png - (112.65KB , 600x600 , 1-78.png )

While Robin chats up the receptionist about his magestic head bones, you use Kilroy to emit an ultrasonic ping to map out the medbay. In addition to ta general layout of the building , you pick up a few clusters of noise and heat that indicate people. Two of them are in a smaller side room which you guess to be the doctor and her patient.
No. 770596 ID: 3abd97

Well it would probably be rude to interrupt the doctor while they're with a patient.
No. 770597 ID: 398fe1

Try getting onto the roof and looking for another way in. It seems like someone is in research but the ping didn't hit anything in cryo, so maybe you can drop down in there so Reed doesn't see you.
No. 770602 ID: 790549

Just growing in huh. Is he a bit fresh out of the freezer? Tell him you're sure it'll grow into a fine rack, then wiggle eyebrows with all your might.
No. 770608 ID: bed12a

Be cool, hit him with a good line like you suck dick on the first date. Or now
No. 770610 ID: 91ee5f

Guys, we're controlling Sam the cat lady, not Robin 'shagged half the ship' Carey the mouse. We can't make suggestions to him if he's not holding Killroy.
No. 770617 ID: ac199c

that's the best face anyone has ever drawn

wait. the two spots on the left are you two gals, right? what's that red spot above you?
No. 770656 ID: 8ff2ea

Please tell me we're recording this.

Now well we wait ask Bax about the 'shagged half the ship' thing. I wanna know more about the "Fuckboy" we promised a ride to.
No. 770657 ID: 8111b6

Wait... is that plant real? Are plants worth anything for the DNA market?
No. 770673 ID: c575a2


oh my gosh Robin is my new favorite

That very bright red one near the entryway; is that you two huddled together, or something big approaching?
No. 770787 ID: b073ca
File 148366983938.png - (88.13KB , 565x600 , 1-79.png )

Reed: "...makes it hard to put on a shirt. "

Robin: "Heh, I'd like to see that. I mean..."

Sam: "'Shagged half the ship'? For real?"

Baxter sighs: "Not quite, but getting there."

Sam: "He does come on strong..."

Baxter: "Eh that's how he is: he just wants people to like him, even if it's only for a few minutes on his back.Doesn't care if they respect 'im, as long as they like 'im."

Sam: "Sound's like he cares if this guy respects him..."

Baxter: "Yeah.... Can't say I've seen that before... Still, getting off this tub would do him good."

Sam: "And you?"

Baxter pauses for a minute and you hear Robin laughing in the background: "It'd do me good too..."
No. 770788 ID: b073ca
File 148366984781.png - (80.75KB , 486x600 , 1-80.png )

Robin and Reed look up as a pair of people enter from the rear of the building.

Reed: "-Oh, Dr. Spencer! These two wanted to see you about something."

Dr Spencer appears... younger than you would have expected, probably only a few years older than you. She blinks a little myopically at the twins and greets them warmly.
Dr. Spencer: "Robin? Baxter? To what do I owe the pleasure? Everything okay? You aren't due for physicals for another two months..."
No. 770790 ID: 398fe1

Say it's uh... an embarrassing problem. Ask to talk about it in private.
No. 770854 ID: 3e182c

This works if were controlling the twins. There's not much we can do otherwise but wait at this point.
No. 770862 ID: 3373e2

Say something embossing about Robin and Reed. Like he got Love Fever or something.
No. 770863 ID: e6e9af


No way, we need this. They need this.

We also need them. Just think of how much DNA Reed could give us!
No. 770906 ID: 572e7b

We can use Robins sweaty and flustered appearance as part of any excuse we make up.
No. 770910 ID: a1b331

I know that thing is self-sterilizing, but I would not like to test how well that function works by retrieving samples either up someone's rectum or down their throat, so let's just ignore any samples Robin manages to collect from Reed and focus on those the doctor can provide.
No. 770973 ID: b073ca
File 148375571667.png - (72.26KB , 568x600 , 1-81.png )

Baxter: "Er, its... something rather sensitive. Kind of hard to explain, actually. Could we talk in private?"

Dr. Spencer: "Um, certainly! Robin are you coming?"

Robin: "Oh I'm just here for emotional support. Feel better, Bax!"

He waves his brother away with a wink and turns his attention back to the receptionist.
No. 770975 ID: b073ca
File 148375599953.png - (109.35KB , 564x600 , 1-82.png )

The doctor ushers Baxter into a treatment room in the back and closes the door.

Dr. Spencer: "What seems to be the problem, Baxter?"

Baxter holds out the tiny white sphere for the doctor to inspect: "Its about this..."

Dr. Spencer: "Uh... that's not really my area of expertise. What is it?"
No. 770976 ID: 398fe1

Hello. This is a remote control scouting drone. This is Sam and Annie. We're here to offer you a trip off this ship, in exchange for DNA samples of as many people as you can get.
No. 770977 ID: 595d54

"Eggscelent. We have cum for your DNA."
No. 770979 ID: 211d83

Beep Boop. (Kill all humans)

Kilroy desires your dna! Please insert dna samples! Beep Boop.
No. 771014 ID: b073ca
File 148376719356.png - (113.43KB , 600x564 , 1-83.png )

Sam: "Hello? Can you hear m?"

Unsure, Dr. Spencer looks around: "Yessss? Um, who.. who is this?"

Sam: "You don't know us, but we're visitors on your ship. This is a remote controlled drone we're using to scout and communicate."

She fixes Baxter with a glare.
Dr. Spencer: "Is this.... some kind of prank? Did Robin set you up for this? Where did you find this... drone?"

Baxter: "Its not a prank, Doc. These two women, they've got a ship! They want to make a deal with us!"

She slowly approaches this idea, speaking each word with trepidation.
Dr Spencer: "What... Kind.. of... deal?"

Annie: "We're looking for DNA from the crew and passengers. We were told the ship's archive may have data we need."

Dr. Spencer suddenly looks scared: "Our DNA? Wha-why? What are you going to do with it?"
No. 771017 ID: 3abd97

>"Our DNA? Wha-why? What are you going to do with it?"
Comparative analysis. You guys stepped out the gene pool generations ago. Being able to take a peek into the past and changes over time is useful, scientifically.

Don't worry, no cloning or mad science or anything like that. Nice boring research.
No. 771018 ID: 64f807

Population census. The genetic diversity in this place need to be registered in order to avoid it's lost.

Please don't tell her Sam's name.
No. 771019 ID: 398fe1

Yeah let's stick with the census story. Ask if there's a problem.
No. 771027 ID: 3e182c

Rampant cloning and genetic engineering has damaged the terran gene pool over the centuries. Unadulterated samples are vital to restoring its integrety.
There are a great number of clones and people descended from clones. Due to errors in thier genomes however, they suffer from unique diseases and disorders. Your natural Dna could cure many of them!
No. 771046 ID: db0da2

We need it to help us create the ultimate being and surpass god.
No. 771050 ID: 525c0e

"Just a census thing, generation ships like yours are important to document when they crop up, you're like a little window into the past on lots of stuff."
No. 771063 ID: e6e9af


Why not? This worked already. We simply tell the good doctor that we desire samples of genetic material in order to develop a population census. As a generation ship, they will likely have enough genetic drift in isolation that their DNA will be unique amongst current terran development; and moreover, due to the tampering of genetic manipulation over the years on [Terra?], any samples which could help identify lost genes would be invaluable to future generations and those who require them for medical purposes.

Insofar none of that's an outright lie, yes? We're more of ... omitting what exactly it's for.

But above all else, be CERTAIN to tell her we have materials and goods to trade, as we recognize that they may not wish to part with this lightly. (Because hey, a roll of tape to save our hides is a pretty sweet bargain).
No. 771064 ID: 8a204b

"You know what happens when you make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy?"

"Yeah. Think of that, but with the human genome. We're the umpteenth iteration. You're the OG printing plate."
No. 771065 ID: 3e182c

Ok census is a good story to tell the average Joe who won't think to ask more questions, but not a doctor. Once the questions start they won't stop until we are foiled, and we lose our advantage. (That advantage being not offering much in return.)

That said, we can avoid that by telling most of the truth. The only things that we need leave out are that we intend to Sell the information, and that we are rouge clones.
No. 771083 ID: b073ca
File 148381590439.png - (97.69KB , 508x600 , 1-84.png )

Sam: "Genetic census: the Sunfish represents a window into the past which we're trying to document. We're looking for genetic code that may have been lost to the Terran genome over the last few centuries, much of which could be invaluable for medical research and help future generations."

Dr. Spencer: "So you are Terrans then?"
She gnaws on a claw for a moment, rolling this information around in her mind.
Dr. Spencer: "I have a lot of questions...but first I want to know what you're offering in return..."
No. 771085 ID: 211d83

Well what do you want and or need? We are just a small survey crew and none of us are rich in credits or materials.

But we would be willing to work out a deal or trade.
No. 771090 ID: 094652

We can offer you a ride off this prison camp. Technological insight into Faster-Than-Light space travel. Minor connections to our asshole parents who are multibillionaires and political leaders. I say 'minor' because they're trying to chop us into bits for replacement organs.
No. 771093 ID: 64f807

Do we have medical data? As a doctor she may be particularly interested in that.
No. 771096 ID: bb78f2

A ride home, at least for you and a few crew.

There's no need for you to be out here anymore, unless at this point you're like old frontiersmen going "We've been here for generations, and we're going to continue being here for generations,"

But honestly, at this point, your ship government is sounding more dystopic as time goes on, and before you know it there might be a bloody mutiny, and you guys don't sound like you're going to colonize a planet ANY time soon, like you could with your outdated tech, or at least as well as present society could. So may as well send a few of you home before that happens.

Not that you have a home to go back to, considering the time passed, but you can make a home elsewhere and enjoy the incredible technology you could have only dreamed of back when this ship first launched.

We can't TAKE that many, but Robin, Baxter, and you could be a nice start. Once we're not in any danger of being found out by your ships government, we can then start brainstorming ideas on how to get the rest of the ship to present civilization.
No. 771104 ID: 350a50


We can take her, Bax, and Robin, but any more and supplies will be stretched thin. If we can get a pinch-drive and hook it up to the Sunfish, we might be able to get the whole thing to a livable planet and off of this icetub.
No. 771111 ID: 97cee0

More up-to-date information from earth, more advanced technology that you might be able to study and replicate to an extent, probably anything nonessential off our ship, and maybe a jaunt or two around the place to give you information on your surrounds?
No. 771117 ID: 97cee0

By the way, this lady was described as caring about people, so the suggestion that she could abandon them isn't likely to do much.
No. 771122 ID: 398fe1

We can offer a ride off this ship, or if she doesn't want to come or feels it would be irresponsible of her, she can give her ticket to someone else she wants to help leave?

The spaceship has supplies, so if she wants some manner of physical payment there's that. We have the super-tape with us if that will do.
No. 771123 ID: e6e9af


This guy has the right of it. She's more valuable to the crew of the Sunfish here. Taking her is likely to cause hostilities.
No. 771126 ID: 3abd97

>first I want to know what you're offering in return
We can offer some amount of supplies and perhaps outside assistance in problems you may be having? Data's cheap- we can could update your records or databases with more recent information, although we might not have access to sufficiently specialized stuff. (Access to a copy of your ship's modern medical database is cheap for us, invaluable to her).

We don't have the resources to evacuate the entire crew or move your entire vessel elsewhere, if that's what you're asking, I'm afraid.
No. 771129 ID: 5b93d3

What would it feasibly cost to retrofit their ship with a Pinch Drive? And would it be affordable with the funds that could be raised from the sale of some/all the genetic material available on-board?
No. 771133 ID: 3e182c

She clearly has something already in mind. Offer nothing, it'll just raise the price and show our hand.
Instead, just ask her what she wants.
No. 771134 ID: a107fd

A nearly full roll of space-elevator-grade tape, and quite a bit of other random useful supplies. Full inventory on those is pending. If you'd prefer some materials we don't have on hand, such as advanced medical equipment or a small FTL-capable cargo ship for your own use, we could take your shopping list to the nearest outpost, bring the goods back here inside a week. This census project has a fair amount of slack in the budget whenever we can show that we're making progress, and technology has been marching steadily onward.

...you weren't expecting us to be of Terran origin? Who else is out there, doc?
No. 771135 ID: e6e9af


Presuming we would even have the capacity to do this (and they the engineers) ... wouldn't this be going against whatever Old Sam was sending us here for?
No. 771152 ID: 3b3647

This. Trading with her will involve giving stuff, not taking her away.
No. 771158 ID: b073ca
File 148383611516.png - (58.85KB , 414x600 , 1-85.png )

Sam: "Well, obviously our biggest asset is that we have a ship. It has a pinch drive that can take us and maybe 3-4 people back to the Terran colonies within a few days. We could probably arrange to ferry you and a number of people back to civilization, if they wanted."

She looks a little sad as she shakes her head.
Dr. Spencer: "I'm sorry, but that's out of the question for me. I'm needed here and I can't leave these people without my expertise. However, I... won't stop others from leaving if they wish."

Sam: "We have medical knowledge, centuries of research and development and access to up to date scientific development."

Dr. Spencer: "That would certainly be worth thinking about... Our ability to synthesize or develop new treatments is... limited to say the least."

Sam: "Well, what do you really need?"

Dr.Spencer: "Honestly, we need supplies. Just simple things like cloth, alcohol, antihistamines, anticoagulants... A big help would be a new scavenger system for our N2O tanks. Our current one is cobbled together out of an EVA suit and I'm worried its going to fall apart. Dr. Kent's experiments allow us to produce some of the medicine that we need, but its hard to stockpile important treatments. There's an increasing number of cases where we have had to freeze people until they can be treated and, sad to say, we are developing a backlog."

You think about what you have onboard the Starlette. The ship does have a small surgery bay, equipped with emergency essentials like coagulants, a crash cart, bandages, sutures, and disinfectants. More importantly, it does have an N2O scavenger system: an essential device if you plan on using a airborne anesthetic inside a closed, unventelated system like a spaceship. You also have a small gene sequencer onboard, really more for looking for missing pieces of the Terran genome, but a resourceful scientist could use it to create drug synthesizing plasmids inside bacterial cultures. However, it would be a shame to part with it before you get to fully analyze the samples you're collecting.
No. 771167 ID: 3abd97

>basically emptying medbay of spare supplies
That means you'd be in trouble if anyone got hurt before you made it back to someplace safe, but honestly that's a fair trade. Medical supplies are basically humanitarian aid, and you can feel good providing that. (I assume your payday will more than recover restocking).

>it does have an N2O scavenger system
Can we assume you have more than one and you're not dooming yourself to death in space giving it up?

>However, it would be a shame to part with [small gene sequencer] before you get to fully analyze the samples you're collecting.
And I'm assuming you want to analyze the data before you sell it.

How long would the analysis take? Assuming we build some trust (say, hand over some other supplies first, before they give us the data) it might be possible to run our analysis here, hand over the analyzer after, then leave. They just have to trust you enough not to run the minute you have the data you want in hand.
No. 771168 ID: bb78f2

give them the n20
were not going to need it unless shit hits the fan REAL hard, and at that point we're fucked anyway, probably, because we don't have a real doctor on the team.
No. 771176 ID: 188451

I'd say half the meds, the scavenger, and any research she wants. We need the sequencer, we don't want to be completely out of needed meds, and the research is really only useful to is as a bargaining chip, and out of the two who can use it, we are probably only gonna deal with her. Make sure to include that she will not directly tell people about us without asking. (And try to find some way of transferring the data to her that can interface with their tech. Getting stuff out of ancient tech can be done, but will putting stuff in be that easy?)

>Old scavenger is made of EVA suit
How intact is it? We could maybe use it for tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum.
No. 771177 ID: 188451

Actually, as a note she could make a good excuse that her old set-up failed and requisition a new suit. Would probably weigh on her mind though, and I'd rather we not involve her in theft by deception.
No. 771180 ID: 398fe1

Go with the N2O scavenger. If someone gets hurt badly enough to need it you can still save them, but without anesthetic.
No. 771183 ID: 97cee0

At this point you could probably start thinking of climbing the authority ladder and getting your trade deals in some sort of writing, from someone who's not going to get overturned by someone further up. Once important things start being traded, the crew are going to notice and the people on top will probably be offended if they weren't included.

But you should make a point to the people you talk to that this should be kept quiet from the larger part of the population for now, since sudden visitors from the larger universe will probably cause a fuss.
No. 771184 ID: a107fd

Hand over the N2O scavenger and a majority of your consumable medical supplies (or plausible substitutes, such as cloth, wire, nontoxic glue...), but hold on to a few essentials. It'd be super embarrassing to die on the way back for lack of an epinephrine autoinjector or something simple like that.
No. 771187 ID: 350a50

Offer the N2O scavenger.
No. 771188 ID: e6e9af


Would we be able to help them repair their scavenger? It seems like we have the resources between us to do so. We could probably part with ours if it isn't a huge risk, but that'd likely force us to use injected or topical anesthetics instead.
No. 771269 ID: 3b3647

This post, all of it.
No. 771274 ID: 398fe1

Another alternative is to hand it over and then borrow it to analyze the DNA before we leave.
No. 771286 ID: 3e182c

Med supplies and N20 Scavenger are more than fair. The Gene Sequencer is mission critical so no to that. At least not at first. It would be fine to trade AFTER you analyzed the data.

That said, you should also inquire about the little mutant, and whatever happened in comms. Perhaps there are non-material things that can be traded as well.
No. 771288 ID: a45cf8

How vital is your scavenger system? also if you have any med supplies that could count as 'spare' maybe look into using them to sweeten whatever deal you go with.
No. 771317 ID: b073ca
File 148390701560.png - (70.10KB , 405x600 , 1-86.png )

Sam: "We have some medical and surgical supplies we can give you, including an N2O scavenger system. It's not a lot, but we weren't expecting for there to be so many people. We can give you those and updated medical research as a bonus."

Dr. Spencer nods slowly: "I'm not really sure if this is the best idea... but if you can deliver those supplies, I'll give you archives access to the passengers medical data. However, I can't give you any of our data on the crew; I would need clearance from commander Feist just to access those files. I'm still not sure if I should be trusting you, and I have so many questions... Like how did you even find us?"
No. 771319 ID: b073ca
File 148390705728.png - (88.70KB , 600x600 , 1-87.png )

No. 771320 ID: 3abd97

>I'll give you archives access to the passengers medical data. However, I can't give you any of our data on the crew
On a colony ship, the passengers typically outnumber the crew by a fair margin, so that's most of the data in one swoop.

>Like how did you even find us?
Got a tip you might be out here. It's been a while, and things can get lost, but records do survive (in crazy life extension cloning experiments).

Turn to look at the tapper, give them a small wave, and put a questioning look on your face.

Someone's trying to get your attention and you don't know why. That's pretty much how anyone who's supposed to be on this ship would react this, right?
No. 771321 ID: c441c1

Wave them away like they are disturbing your important work. Like they are.
No. 771331 ID: e6e9af


Ooookay, spookiest way to get someone's attention after our initial run-in with the hitherto unseen "The Tapper." Give our resident spacegull a slightly annoyed smile and scuttle on over elsewhere, as clearly he is intruding on our waiting for our friends to return from their talk with the doctor.

Nah, he's totally wondering if that thing has that super fun Asteroid Crash game and if he can borrow it for a bit.
No. 771335 ID: 3e182c

Don't turn around. Just walk away. They can't see your faces. Keep it that way.

Name drop old Sam. If she knows it then:
You can say files recovered from her records identified a likely location,
Or...If whatever else was in her message fits with your story, tell her that.
No. 771382 ID: b073ca
File 148392763811.png - (97.40KB , 600x600 , 1-88.png )

You and Annie pretend not to hear Tappy Mc'Tapperson.
Sam: "We got a tip that you'd be out here, a tip from someone named 'Sam'."

Dr. Spencer immediately lights up with a squeal. She snatches Kilroy out of Baxter's hands and the camera window is filled with her smiling snout.
Dr. Spencer: "Sam?!? Sam Tran? As in Dr. Sam Tran? Is she okay? Where is she!?"
No. 771383 ID: b073ca
File 148392764685.png - (72.29KB , 600x600 , 1-89.png )

The guy at the window is quite insistent, and you turn slightly to acknowledge him and give him a wave. The second he catches your eye he staggers and his eyes go wide as if he had just seen a ghost.
No. 771386 ID: 3abd97

>Dr. Spencer: "Sam?!? Sam Tran? As in Dr. Sam Tran? Is she okay? Where is she!?"
She's... okay. Still kicking somewhere back in civilization, and plenty successful, last I heard.

Did you know her? Was she involved in this project?

Shake your head slowly and then mouth, very deliberately "I'm not her."
No. 771390 ID: 91ee5f

Uh oh. Looks like Dr. Spencer isn't the only one that recognizes Sam.

Ask if you can come in to meet her face to face because some weird flamingo guy from the 2nd floor window is giving you a weird look and it's making you uncomfortable.

>Shake your head slowly and then mouth, very deliberately "I'm not her."
That's not going to work. He's going to run off before she can even do that.
No. 771394 ID: 97cee0

Might be best to just come clean. Partially. A little.

Say something like "Oh man you know her, I'm actually kind of her clone, maybe we should meet face to face somehow and it'd be easier to answer all your questions? Also is she like a celebrity on this ship because there's a guy over here who's looking at me funny through a window."
No. 771395 ID: 8cb228

You may want to mention you're a relative of hers. NOT a clone. That's true, and holds some of the cards close to your chest. If you're going to give information out, it should be minimal and damage control-ish. "I'm a relative of hers and I think someone just mistook me for her." (These are both true, and tell the minimum amount of truth possible).

That said, if there's a way to not give out information, that still stops whoever it is from causing a huuuge problem, that'd be ideal.
No. 771403 ID: bb78f2

Dead, or dying.
I'm her clone.
No. 771404 ID: 3abd97

I like this approach. Claiming to be a relative isn't untrue.
No. 771405 ID: e6e9af


I ... was afraid of this.

At least that explains why Old Sam knew of the place and why she needed us to be here. The question is whether or not we can safely reveal who we are (or were), and whether or not our being here suddenly got a lot more dangerous.

And Tappy's reaction has me greatly bothered that there are those amongst the crew / civilians who know of or knew Sam. The question is: WHEN.

We may need to make ourselves scarce, and then question the good doctor how she knows that name.

Thinking back on our situation, I am reminded of ghost dubbing from Ghost in the Shell. I wonder if the same degradation would persist between successive clones or if there's a master copy. In the event of the latter, things may have suddenly gotten a hell of a lot more twisted, and would explain our mysterious little creepy-crawly in the Underdeck
No. 771409 ID: db0da2

Just own up to being her clone, they shouldn't know about installment plans, right? Say that old sam's on her deathbed.
No. 771411 ID: 398fe1


Put your finger up to your mouth, like "shh". Since "you" are important he'll follow the implied instruction to keep quiet.
No. 771414 ID: a107fd

"Sam's... technically my mom. We aren't on great terms, so I can't really say what she's up to right now."

How many passengers are there vs. how many crew? If this medical database is 80% or more of your potential payout, it might be time to close the deal and GTFO instead of being greedy and sticking around until something spooky bites you in the tail. If you're super curious about all the mysterious secrets, well, they've been fermenting for decades, so it can probably wait another week or two for you to come back with the best equipment money can buy.
No. 771415 ID: 3e182c

He recognized you. She will recognize you.
You're Sam's... Great grandaughter.
Didn't even know she existed outside of name until you got this message not long ago. She must be out there somewhere if shes sending messages.
No. 771426 ID: 350a50

No. 771427 ID: 9f3729

just continue to shrug vague "what?" gestures at 'em.
No. 771439 ID: 21783c

Low on the details, guys. 'Relative' is enough. You don't know this person!
No. 771513 ID: b073ca
File 148401471499.png - (68.87KB , 600x382 , 1-90.png )

Sam: "Sam is... its complicated, but she's doing okay. I'm actually relative of hers. Look, is it alright if we talked face to face? I think we've just been spotted and we're trying to keep a low profile. We're right outside."

Dr. Spencer: "Oh, of course! Yes! Come in!"

You hurriedly rush around the corner and into the medbay, having noticed that the window tapper has disappeared. Dr. Spencer waves you into the back of the clinic, drawing a confused look from Reed.
No. 771514 ID: b073ca
File 148401472184.png - (111.79KB , 600x600 , 1-91.png )

She pushes you into an examination room and shuts the door. Moments later you hear the squeak of soft soled shoes.
Dr. Spencer: "Kent? What's wrong?"

You hear him breathing heavily and gulping for air.
Dr. Kent: "I *pant* saw *hah* her!"

Dr. Spencer: "Saw who?"

Dr. Kent: "Tran! Samantha Tran! She was outside my window! Her and some...body else I didn't recognize!"

Dr. Spencer: "Calm down, Kent. What're you talking about? What would Dr. Tran be doing outside your window? It must have been someone else..."

Dr. Kent: "Someone else? Cheri, you and I know the name and face of every Terran warmer than room temperature on the crew. I can tell you that whoever that was, they don't belong on this ship."

Dr. Spencer: "Okay now calm down..."

Dr. Kent: "We need to tell Feist. She needs to know..."

Dr. Spencer: "If you think so, look I'm with someone right now so..."
You hear the voices Doppler into the distance as though Dr. Spencer were leading Dr. Kent out of the clinic.
No. 771516 ID: 398fe1

Look around the room you're in. Also where are the boys?
No. 771517 ID: 350a50


Check the area.
No. 771518 ID: 3abd97

Wait to see if she comes back, look around the room.
No. 771523 ID: 64f807

Baxter, can you bullshit Dr. Kent? Maybe you could guide him into a goose chase.
No. 771549 ID: 3e182c

"That would be a deal breaker, drSpencer."
No. 771552 ID: 9cdcfd

Before you come in, tell Dr Spencer to be ready, you probably look a huge amount like Sam.
No. 771554 ID: e6e9af


Considering we are a genetic clone using a system that appears very well refined for it, we should absolutely give "dead ringer" a run for its money.


Give us a look of what's going on with the boys? From there perhaps we can get Baxter to peek in on Dr. Spencer.
No. 771557 ID: 5f2b81

lmao Dr Tran.

Look around I guess idk.
No. 771571 ID: 952ab0

I think a few of you missed the idea that we already walked by Dr Spencer, she saw us, we are hiding in her office, and she is currently a receding voice in the distance.

Also remember there is more to appearance than genetic cloning would cover, we may also be a different apparent age than the Old Sam iteration they remember.
No. 771637 ID: e6e9af


inb4 someone takes a nail to the gut while trying to escape a murderous fowl and the ship's supplies are a century's worth of hickory smoked horse buttholes, all to support the front for a secret underground Dickables factory hidden in the Underdecks. I mean, if you think about it, we already have 100% ice(pops) ...
No. 771642 ID: eb3cf7

I don't see i time machine or i laser canon being out of the question in this setting, either, or Sam beating old Sam to death with a lawn chair. Dr Tran.
No. 771657 ID: b073ca
File 148410129445.png - (93.49KB , 600x450 , 1-92.png )

You take a moment to look at the examination room, providing you a small window into a world of medicine in which nothing is disposable. The tools that you see are all heavily worn stainless steel or brass and in some cases have a handmade quality to them. Where you would normally see gauze you see small chunks of some kind of porous plastic sponge. One corner of the desk is taken up by what seems to be an autoclave. Next to it is a 3-D printer with a stack of plastic tongue depressors. In one corner is a blue tub Half filled with used plastics, likely destined for the "cycler" department. Above everything is a shelf containing a few dozen hand labeled bottles and a trio of mangled aloe Vera plants under a grow light. A scratched and battered stepladder leans in the corner within arms reach.
No. 771658 ID: b073ca
File 148410130665.png - (105.23KB , 515x600 , 1-93.png )

You hear footsteps and a moment later Dr. Spencer enters the room. She closes the door and leans against it and exhales a gust of relief.
Dr. Spencer: "He should be gone for now. Now let's have a look at you."
She adjusts her glasses, breaks into a huge smile and launches herself at you, hugging you around the waist.
Dr. Spencer: "Oh my GOD you look just like her! Tell me, where is Sam? Is she coming? What's been happening? Tell me about yourself! Who is your friend?"
No. 771661 ID: 398fe1

Sorry, you can't tell her much about Sam. She's quite secretive, but you did report to her about something you saw here, and she wants details about how research is going. She said it was supposed to be self-sufficient.
No. 771662 ID: 350a50

Sam is old and grey now, but she's still kicking.
No. 771664 ID: 094652

"... Mom was too proud to let herself die. Too fixated on seeing her projects ascend to greatness.

She designed me and my older sister. She watched over us, taught us the secrets of the universe, fed us pork pudding on Wednesdays.

Then one day she personally stabbed Sarah and ripped her intestines out.

Turns out, we were just extremely conditioned spare parts. I stole as much as I could and fled with my friends, who were also bred at the same facility for the same purpose."
No. 771666 ID: f0e552

I wonder if she would care if we're a rogue clone or not? Maybe we should just tell her we technically ARE Sam but we're also not. I don't see why she would be against us now, considering we only want mutual agreements?
No. 771670 ID: 90f4f8

Say that to be totally honest, you don't know her all that well - she's a "distant" relation.

This could be a chance to learn more about her without the risk of losing yourself.
No. 771675 ID: 97cee0

Ok, this is an educated woman of science, she clearly knows Sam's face and characteristics, she's not going to buy that you're some vague distant relation. I say tell her about the whole clone reincarnation thing, but make out that you're a failed reincarnation clone - that it's an imprecise science, the memory thing didn't entirely take, and you have access to some memories but not the full package. And it's because you're a "reject" that you're out here earning your way like this.

The best lies are the ones that match up with the truth as much as possible. With this story, any slip-ups you make with old Sam's knowledge, or any convoluted scenarios where someone looks at your gene sequence, won't be a problem.
No. 771676 ID: 64f807

Our relation was never all that great. She doesn't like to share much with me, but if you want I can send her a message.
No. 771677 ID: 3abd97

>enthusiastic hug
I... were you two close?

>Tell me about yourself! Who is your friend?
This is Annie. Hope it doesn't get too confusing, but I'm Sam too, actually. I was named after her.

>Tell me, where is Sam? Is she coming?
Back in the inner worlds. She doesn't get up to exploring and adventure on the fringes of civilization anymore.

>What's been happening?
Oh geeze. It's been centuries. I don't know where to start!

Old-Sam only really pointed us in your direction with a few hints and a wink. She likes to play up being mysterious. We don't know a lot to what you're up to out here, except that she was somehow involved.
No. 771683 ID: 64f807

Don't tell her your name. Say she can call you Alice.
No. 771701 ID: 8ae082

This sounds good.
No. 771704 ID: 91ee5f

She's only failed because she's got her own personality.

Old Sam is trapped in the back of New Sam's mind. If New Sam tries talking with Old Sam too much, Old Sam will try to take over New Sam's body.
No. 771706 ID: 398fe1

Yes, see, it's a lie. The lie is that she's a failed reincarnation clone.
No. 771717 ID: dce082

Question your species identity, more specifically have an internal debate with yourself about whether you are a cat Terran or some kind of monkey Terran.

After that question her about the overly enthusiastic hug and tell her more about you being failed clones but leave out some details like the repo-men or being rouge play it off as more of just being a failed clone.
No. 771721 ID: 89c2c5

Do a mixture of these.
No. 771731 ID: 9e72a7

Bam done!
But it looks like she may have had a good relationship with old Sam so maybe also add that old Sam still felt somewhat responsible for you and that's why she helped you out and told you about this ship.
And don't badmouth old Sam around anyone on this ship, no matter what your opinions of her are.
No. 771759 ID: 350a50

Sure, changing my vote to this.
No. 771796 ID: db0da2

Voting for this.
No. 771800 ID: e6e9af


This is the cutest.
No. 771846 ID: b073ca
File 148418761513.png - (67.29KB , 508x600 , 1-94.png )

Sam: "Sam is... well, close in a sense. You see, I'm a clone. I have some of her memories implanted in my head and... she told me to come here."

Dr. Spencer: "Ahhhh."

She looks grim.

Dr. Spencer: "We were worried about something like that. It was one of the proposals we came up with when starting out, but rejected out of ethical concerns. It doesn't surprise me that our... benefactors... would stoop so low."

Sam: "Were you two close?"

Dr. Spencer: "We were... friends and we worked on several projects together; her on the development end, I would be the one studying her results. She had a way of looking at problems that let her find the solutions no one could have dreamed of. It drove Walter, Dr. Kent, crazy. That and the way she would flirt with everyone."

She chuckles but then her ears droop.
Dr. Spencer: "So you don't know what happened to her?"

Sam: "No, I have no idea. If she was around for the launch of the Sunfish there's no telling what happened to her."
No. 771848 ID: b073ca
File 148418766242.png - (116.07KB , 600x600 , 1-95.png )

Dr.Spencer: "So then how did you find us? You said that she told you..."

Annie leans forward and cocks her head in interest.

Sam: "It happened during memory injection... The way it works is that, as we age, we're fed more and more of the original's memories and thoughts; but they're suppressed to prevent us from developing a dissociative identity. Once they feel like they injected personality is strong enough we receive a 'trigger' command that causes the suppressed memories to take control. But... I never received one, instead it was a memory: its was Sam... Dr. Tran, and she told me where to find you."

Dr. Spencer: "Hah! That sounds like the Sam I know!"
No. 771850 ID: ba506f

>Dr. Spencer: "Hah! That sounds like the Sam I know!"
she regularly body snatched people?
No. 771852 ID: 398fe1

So ask her what she's doing here. What is the true purpose of the SUNFISH?
No. 771866 ID: eb3cf7

Huh! So she sabotaged the memory injection so that you could be your own person. I think I like old Sam.
No. 771869 ID: 97cee0

Sounds like Old Sam might not have been on board with the clone thing. If she had a unique "way of looking at problems", maybe someone wanted her preserved against her will. I guess that's something to feel better about, eh? That the person a lot of you is copied from wasn't that bad a person?

Better ask if there was any special reason why Old Sam would have wanted you to come out here.
No. 771883 ID: bb78f2

Sam might technically not be a flake if she's close enough to the original personality. And it's possible she didn't consent to the memory clone thing, so she might have inteferred with it
No. 771913 ID: 8111b6

At least the flirtatious nature seems consistent between you two. Who are you to buck tradition?

Also, start asking about what happened to the ship once you've had your fun.
No. 771953 ID: 398fe1

Wait where's the drone? And the twins? Check your pad.
No. 772053 ID: b073ca
File 148427493816.png - (85.90KB , 443x600 , 1-96.png )

Sam: "What do you mean 'the Sam you know'?"

Dr. Spencer: "She never liked the idea; said it made us look like vampires. It's just like her to sabotage her own immortality. Go on, what happened next."

You sit down as your brain struggles to process this information. You don't know much about Old Sam, but never imagined that she was anything more than a parasite. It sounds as though someone cloned her against her will, but have no idea why anyone would go through the effort just to preserve the mind of a centuries old geneticist.

Sam: "Um, the company, ReNu, thought I was fully processed, and arranged for my release. Once out, I used some of Dr. Tran's connections to figure out a way to spoof triggers for Annie here and our partner Bucky and help them escape."
No. 772054 ID: b073ca
File 148427494979.png - (66.06KB , 494x600 , 1-97.png )

Dr. Spencer: "Ahhh, so the system isn't perfect. Interesting."

Sam: "Well, then why did she send me here?"

Dr. Spencer: "Isn't it obvious? In search of perfection, my dear..."
No. 772060 ID: 398fe1

...fine, how? So long as it's less ethically questionable you'll help.
No. 772063 ID: 3abd97

>Um, the company, ReNu, thought I was fully processed, and arranged for my release.
I take it they figured out you were a flake at some point, since you have repo men on your butt, and you don't have all of Old Sam's resources at your disposal.

>Dr. Spencer: "Isn't it obvious? In search of perfection, my dear..."
No offense, but if I owe my non-overwritten existence to the fact the system is imperfect, why would I want to mess it up perfecting it?

Come on, seriously, it's bad enough I gotta deal with me being mysterious with me. Don't you start too.
No. 772065 ID: e6e9af


Suddenly I have the feeling the doctor is not as nice as she seems.
No. 772066 ID: 97cee0


"Uh, ok I appreciate the effect you're going for, but could you explain what you mean? No offense but this place doesn't exactly seem like where you'd find any kind of perfection."

"... Also, are you plotting to trigger me to get your friend back? Because that'd be a jerk move, Doc. Pretty sure the Sam you're describing wouldn't be friends with you after that. Not assuming, just checking!"
No. 772067 ID: 094652

Looks like ReNu wants to make slaves of dead heroes.

Not that the eldritch enemies on this ship are any better.

"Define perfection".
No. 772077 ID: a107fd

>made us look like vampires

Doc, are you on an installment plan?
No. 772079 ID: 4286b3

perfection of what?

also, old sam wanted to talk to someone about what went wrong, this seems like a good a someone as we'll get.
No. 772080 ID: 309d35

I'm not responsible for your funding, you don't have to impress me, really.
No. 772088 ID: dce082

I think this might be more of a threat than trying to impress us... and our best weapon is our stun baton...
No. 772102 ID: e6e9af


Oh shit, it makes sense. Why would Old Sam say what she did unless someone was doing things she wouldn't know of with another 200 or more years of time to work on it?

We are very likely not the only Sam anymore, nor the only attempted clone.

If they could someone obtain all of Old Sam's memories, nothing is to say there wasn't a copy made. A copy that could well be on the Sunfish.
No. 772134 ID: 3e182c

Our best weapon is The Starlette.
As long as we have control of it, that asteroid and everyone and everything in it are our hostages. Breaking the tether would be trivial for us.
And that's assuming the Starlette has no weapons. Even the piddliest laser would grant us the ability to kill everyone on the Sunfish.

While there's no need to break out the strong arm yet, there is no threat they can make that we can't top.
No. 772166 ID: 91ee5f

Don't forget to ask her about whatever the fuck this thing is: >>767211 .
No. 772204 ID: b073ca
File 148436139146.png - (74.23KB , 391x600 , 1-98.png )

You see Annie casually reaching for her baton.

Sam: "What do you mean 'perfection'? Are... you on an installment plan too?"

The doctor looks aghast.
Dr. Spencer: "Young lady, I am not a monster!"
No. 772205 ID: b073ca
File 148436140227.png - (103.08KB , 600x539 , 1-99.png )

You hear a voice from Annie's datapad: "Uh, hello? You lot might want to take a look at this..."

The camera pans from a worried close up of Baxter's face to a view looking through the front door of the medbay. You see a trio of officers rapidly approaching; two of them appear to be armed with homemade weapons flanking a serious faced Flint.
No. 772211 ID: 3abd97

Oh, good. I'm glad we're of the same mind there. Sorry, you went for "mysterious" and I got "ominous".

...it looks like we've attracted a security response. I think we might need to make ourselves scarce.
No. 772212 ID: e6e9af


Oh man, big sigh of relie---



Tappy McTapperson tapped the wrong glass, the bastard. Quick, ask Dr. Spencer where we can hide!
No. 772213 ID: 350a50

Engage evasive maneuvers.

Ask the doc if there's anywhere to hide or a back way out. If not, get ready with Annie for an ambush. Should it come to a fight, use your grapple gun to boost up and flying kick the one with the mancatcher. Let Annie disarm the one with the gun.
No. 772215 ID: 952ab0

He is carrying Annie's helmet. I suspect he went to investigate the cargo bay cleanup and found it.
No. 772222 ID: bb78f2

You know we COULD pretend to be Old Sam. Ask how things are going, if the project's been forgotten. If we do run into a corner and sorta get found out, more partial truth's and lies. We're not a flake, but a clone with glitched memories, and we need to be refreshed on the ship's experiments for the sake of it's patient holder's and owners that we pretend to really work for.

If we started this ship's project, even lead it, that mean's we're Flint's superior. We COULD use that. Why would Flint kill Sam, his boss?
No. 772223 ID: 8cb228


And if it goes REALLY bad, we just let Sam out. Leave that for 'shit has hit the fan and I am in imminent danger of having my insides on my outsides and need to talk my way out of it.' plan, oh, L or so.
No. 772225 ID: 398fe1

That was FAST. Ask Dr Spencer what kind of gun that is, so we know what we're dealing with. Is Flint likely to take you prisoner, or will he consider you to be an authority figure if you try to pass as Old Sam?

Well, if we hurry we can exit the examination room and go up the stairs before they get here, to get a better tactical advantage. Being cornered in a dead end is bad when we have no ranged weapons.
No. 772265 ID: 9cdcfd

Oh heck, now we've gotta find other space suits if we dont get it back.
No. 772269 ID: 398fe1

Ah... because of that, we'll either have to beat up Flint or just straight up ally with the crew. It's not what we came here to do, but it might be the best thing to do. It's a chance to put a stop to installment plans!
No. 772298 ID: b073ca
File 148442191117.png - (103.86KB , 600x600 , 1-100.png )

Annie: "What is that gun he's holding?"

Dr. Spencer: "That? Looks like its a pushgun. Its basically a piece of grav plating with a trigger and battery pack."

Sam: "Is there a back way out of here?"

Dr. Spencer racks her brain for a few seconds: "Come with me!"
You exit the examination room and run into Baxter coming the other way.
Sam: "Where's Robin?"

Baxter: "No idea, what do we do?"

The doctor leads you to the back of the medbay, to a large panel set into the wall, labelled with a blue triangle.
Dr. Spencer: "This'll take you to the recycling center, it... it should be safe there, at least for a little while.
No. 772302 ID: 9145ba

Yesss, it was a kinetic accelerator (of sorts)!

...You don't usually send living people through here, do you?
No. 772306 ID: 398fe1

Alright, we'll go down there. Tell Dr Spencer you'll be back to talk more about her research, and maybe help her?
No. 772308 ID: 3abd97

>garbage chute
Someone has been watching too much star wars. Can I assume there's a human accessible exit in there?

>where's Robin
Tell Baxter he's welcome to come with us or to stay here with his twin and do damage control. I don't know what you want to tell them or how much of the truth, Doc, but that's on you for now.

We'll be in contact later.

Don't forget the owl-drone.
No. 772310 ID: 350a50

Might be better just to stage an ambush here.
No. 772325 ID: 15a025

Book it out of here.
No. 772333 ID: 91ee5f

Just because the doctor is ok with seeing Sam, doesn't mean everyone else on the ship will be just as excited to see her. In fact, some may jump at the chance to kill her. So I say we leave.

Wasn't he still trying to flirt with Reed?
No. 772389 ID: fe7355

How far down is it and how steep is the incline? You don't want to come out so fast and hard you break your legs, now do you? ...In fact, you have just the thing to counter that risk. Stick your grappling hook to the far wall of the chute, after wiping off a spot of the grunge so it can adhere properly. You and those that follow can rappel down the chute using its tether, at least for the first 50 yards.

Ask Dr. Spencer and Baxter what's on the levels right below this spot. You're thinking that there are more recycling chute hatches like this one along the way, so a possibility instead of falling all the way to the recycling center is to climb back out using one of them. That is, if you could be reasonably sure nobody would spot you doing so. It would be less likely that your pursuers would think you'd be able to climb back out that way instead of sliding all the way to the bottom, wouldn't it?

You should go first, followed by Annie, then Baxter, since his presence might possibly be explained away if Flint and company catch up before he gets into the chute.
No. 772392 ID: 3e182c

Down the chut we go!
No. 772492 ID: b073ca
File 148452034586.png - (101.25KB , 600x508 , 1-101.png )

Sam:"Does this connect anywhere else?"

Dr. Spencer: "No, our recycling gets sorted separately, its a direct connection."

You eye the chute warily but realize that you dont have much time to decide. Its a steep drop into the dark, so you attach your grappling hook to the inside before lowering yourself in.

Sam: "Baxter, you coming?"

Baxter fidgets: "I... would but I'm worried about Robbie. I'll catch up with you two when I can."
He hands Kilroy back to Annie and she nods, giving him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
No. 772493 ID: b073ca
File 148452035311.png - (76.20KB , 600x600 , 1-102.png )

You lower yourself down and Annie slips in behind you. Together you slide down the chute, dropping through at least two of the decks until you feel the grappling hook stop at the end of its tether. About 10 feet below you, you see light.
No. 772495 ID: 9145ba

Go to the light, Sam!
No. 772498 ID: 398fe1

Brace yourself against the chute, then attach the grappling hook to a new spot so you and Annie can lower yourselves safely.
No. 772500 ID: 350a50

No. 772501 ID: 3abd97

So, Annie is further up, rappelling down the line?

Gotta wait till she catches up, or has herself braced, before you can release the grapple and drop the rest of the way down. Or else you just drop her on top of you.

Actually, if you still have your mag-boot on, you might want to use those to brace when you release the grapple.
No. 772526 ID: fe7355

Wait for Annie to catch up, then deploy Kilroy to walk down the chute wall to the end and take a peek for anybody about. That is, after it does a sonar and radar ping to check for anybody nearby. If the coast is clear, then you two can brace yourselves and release and rapidly reel in the grappling hook before redeploying it to lower the both of you the rest of the way.
No. 772549 ID: e6e9af


Yeah, let's get a good look of what's down there before we do anything silly.
No. 772555 ID: e95cec

Pfft, I escaped through a garbage chute, once. Read: got stuck in a garbage chute, once.

yeah this.
No. 772620 ID: fe7355

Better reordering of this: Brace, then retract the grappling hook, then deploy Kilroy. That way anybody checking the recycling chute doesn't spot your anchor and tether.
No. 772659 ID: 346c1a

listen first. maybe send killroy?
also look up, there's a birdbutt just in reach.
No. 772781 ID: b073ca
File 148461989789.png - (138.03KB , 600x600 , 1-103.png )

You and Annie try to brace yourselves on the slick walls of the chute to re-position the grappling hook. Above you you hear scuffles and swearing and a moment later you end up with Annie's feathery butt in your face.

Annie: "Damnit! Sorry, Sam."

Unable to answer for the moment, you brace yourself to try and support the both of you. You're always amazed by how little Annie weighs, but even so, you still find yourself in a losing battle. Your claws scrabble for purchase on the smooth stainless steel, but ultimately give out and you tumble down the chute.
No. 772782 ID: b073ca
File 148461993228.png - (144.83KB , 600x458 , 1-104.png )

The two of you fall into a dumpster half full of plastic refuse which clangs like a gong as you land. The two of you exchange groans and pull yourselves to your feet.
No. 772783 ID: b073ca
File 148461994477.png - (115.01KB , 600x428 , 1-105.png )

You find yourselves in one corner of the recycling center: a low, cavernous chamber filled with bins, chutes, and piles of debris. Various tanks and pipes line the walls, forming an alchemical network designed to take apart the refuse of the ship and reuse as much as possible.
No. 772784 ID: b073ca
File 148461995492.png - (92.10KB , 600x600 , 1-106.png )

One end of the chamber is occupied by several tables, manned by half a dozen popcicles dismally sorting through trash. They definitely took notice of your arrival, but are shooed back by a large woman wearing an apron and what looks like little else.

She yells in your direction, the noise bouncing off the
low ceiling.
???: "Who's that? You okay?"
No. 772785 ID: 3abd97

Exactly as awkward as you hoped.

We're fine, thank you! Sorry to drop in.
No. 772787 ID: 9145ba

No apology necessary, Annie.
Uh, we fell in because Fran here dropped her pill bottle down the chute by accident? It was a spur of the moment decision. Why, it could be any of these bottles... we'd be better off getting another, I'm afraid.
No. 772788 ID: 398fe1

If Dr Spencer thinks it was safe to go down here then you should namedrop her.

Possibly flirt with the croc.
No. 772793 ID: 143250

politely avert your eyes.
No. 772796 ID: 91ee5f

>a large woman wearing an apron and what looks like little else.
Either it gets really hot down here or she had so many holes in her clothes that couldn't be repaired with sewing, she said, "Fuck it!" and decided to go with the least amount of clothing that'll still keep her modest.

Or it's like the twins said, you're on a generation ship. So this lady is wearing minimal clothing in case she wants to go off to "have fun" or she's wearing minimal clothing to show off her body in order to attract someone to go "have fun" with her.

>"Who's that? You okay?"
Tell Annie, without calling her by her name, "See? I told you it was a shortcut! Except I think your butt broke something when it landed on me."
No. 772798 ID: 929ca6

Ok, scenario: you're both new, it's your first time out and about on the ship, and the two felt you'd be more comfortable if you knew your way around. So, you're exploring right now, and someone told you you should come down here through the chute. It was supposed to be fast but they didn't tell you it'd hurt.

(All technically sort of true, but paints you as fresh out of the icebox, exploring the ship, and that you got pranked.)

Sorry ma'am.
No. 772804 ID: 3e182c

"My pride is shattered!"

Then scurry in the opposite direction.
No. 772844 ID: 0555b9

"Aaaah! Brother was right! There ARE alligators in the sewers!"
No. 772891 ID: 346c1a

yeah, sorry, fell in.. can you point us to the way out please?
No. 772968 ID: b073ca
File 148470444365.png - (133.32KB , 600x600 , 1-107.png )

You wade to the edge of the dumpster, trying and failing not to touch any of the medical waste. The stranger shows none of your trepidation and offers you a hand which practically picks you up off your feet.

???: "Anything hurt?"

Sam: "Just our pride, thanks."

???: "There shouldn't be any sharps in there, at least. People call me Ms Polly; I'm not one to normally ask questions, but people don't normally arrive by the medical waste chute. Might I inquire why you saw fit to drop in?"

Standing in front of the large, nearly nude woman you politely avert your eyes and she politely pretends not to notice.
No. 772969 ID: b073ca
File 148470445303.png - (147.32KB , 600x600 , 1-108.png )

Sam: "Um, we dropped a pill bottle and Dr. Spencer said we could find it here."

Polly: "Cheri sent you?"

She mulls this over, clearly testing her policy of not asking questions. She shrugs.

Polly: "Fair enough, a lot of people come down here looking for something, or maybe to avoid attention for a while. So long as they lend a hand, I don't need to know why. This place is too vital to get tangled up in the drama upstairs. By the way, if you girls need a shower you can borrow ours, as long as you keep it short."

Feeling sticky with valuable DNA samples of various types, you strongly consider her offer.
No. 772970 ID: 147a0c

Shower with that there birdy
No. 772971 ID: 143250

Yeah. Shower. Wash away that shame.
No. 772972 ID: 595d54

Ask her if she can show you how the shower works. It's always so awkward trying to figure out the plumbing someplace new.
No. 772974 ID: 3abd97

Quick shower scene is probably smart.

Plus, hey, lots of DNA to scan off of shower drains. Not to mention the stuff on you.

>So long as they lend a hand
What kind of help do you need?

Hopefully the security team didn't hear us crash down the chute. No telling how long it takes to go round the long way.
No. 772977 ID: 398fe1

Observe the booty. Tell her you'd be willing to help her out any time.
No. 772978 ID: bed12a

You should probably shower with Annie, just to save water of course. Nothing else
No. 772979 ID: 9145ba

Have the croc show you where the shower is.
No. 772982 ID: 350a50

Engage bird bath
No. 772983 ID: ba506f

shower yes, help out yes. We can use the time to get a better idea on how things are around here and see how things are going upstairs with they eggbot.
No. 772985 ID: 3e182c

Head of security Is Lupine. Best eradicate smell.
Second >>772982
No. 772986 ID: c441c1

have quick shower sex
No. 772990 ID: e6e9af


Hoover off first if you can, using your trust sample-taker-thing, then yes. A shower.


(And yeah, let's share it with Annie so that we can be quick and not waste the ship's limited water resources!)
No. 772994 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder if it's laundry day? Or maybe someone stole most of her clothes? Or maybe she really likes showing off her body?

No Annie! Don't stare at Polly's booty! There's too much of it for you to handle!

We can't. Killroy is with us, not upstairs.
No. 772998 ID: 8cb228

Yes, definitely shower, and try and get your clothes cleaned too! And then help out and catch up on gossip!
No. 773007 ID: b073ca
File 148471801409.png - (139.74KB , 600x600 , 1-109.png )

Ms Polly leads the pair of you to a series of shacks deep within the cavernous chamber. Little more than dividers set up to create a sense of privacy, indicating that people actually live down here. You and Annie step into a tall cubical with a showerhead and drain, as well as several tubs of grey'ish water.
The pair of you strip down and take the opportunity to scan the various stains dotting your bodies. A quick look at your scanners show 6 unique Terran DNA strains already, with more to process.
No. 773008 ID: b073ca
File 148471802364.png - (123.07KB , 483x600 , 1-110.png )

Purely in the aim of conserving water, the pair of you squeeze under the showerhead to scrub some of the filth from your bodies. There's a bar of hard, unscented soap left nearby and you take turns lathering each other up under the lukewarm spray. You take the moment to enjoy the feel of her lean chest muscles and that satisfying way your hand fits into the curve of her hip. She holds you close and you recognize the anxiety on her face.

Sam: "Hey, you okay?"

Annie: "That guard had my helmet, which means they probably have both of our suits..."

Sam: "I know... We'll think of something, okay?"

She nods and wraps her arms around your shoulders, bringing you in for a big feathery hug.
No. 773011 ID: 9145ba

Maybe we could con our way into the mining department and 'borrow' their suits.

First, though, you've got a debt to pay! While you're here might be a good time to ask your supervisor some questions. How often are crews rotated through the cycler? Does anything at all go to waste? Would you mind terribly contributing some DNA to our ship census when this shift's over?
No. 773013 ID: 398fe1

Smooch the bird.

Tell her you're starting to think Old Sam sent you here to help, and that if you do, you might be able to get installment plans shut down in favor of this more ethical option. Wouldn't that be even better than money? Saving the lives of an untold number of future clones? If you help, they'll willingly return your spacesuits, too. What does she think of that plan?

Distract her by being lewd.
No. 773015 ID: c441c1

hug it out but do nothing else sexual because their could be cameras watching and you must conserve the water.
No. 773018 ID: 398fe1

Honestly water is like one of the easiest things to recycle if you have infinite energy, and I'd assume they have that kind of power source on the ship for it to be running this long. Just gotta distill it, right?
No. 773052 ID: dce082

Just keep it at a hug, maybe look a bit embarrassed. this is just a sweet caring moment no need to make it anything else.
No. 773063 ID: bed12a

Annie seems a bit down. Give her a few reassuring kisses and a bit of something lewd. Then tell her you two will be alright
No. 773069 ID: 0e4457

Use your best judgment for whether she needs platonic comfort or a lewd distraction to take her mind off of things.
No. 773071 ID: 350a50

No. 773072 ID: 91ee5f

No. 773090 ID: 3ace27


Maybe a quick kiss, just to show her we care. Anything more can wait until AFTER the shower.

And hey, it's not like the two of you aren't gonna get out of this! You're just set back a bit, like falling down a chute into a pit of gross … well, samples. And not only did that help you score some cash, you get to snuggle Annie.


While all wet.

So … not the worst turn of events, eh? ;3c
No. 773099 ID: fd5137

hug and maybe kiss.
keep it cute and brief, you have much more troublesome issues to deal with.
You'll need to find out where security keeps contraband and stuff now.
No. 773161 ID: b073ca
File 148478946645.png - (120.15KB , 516x600 , 1-111.png )

You wrap your arms tight around her and nuzzle your face into her neck with a crescendo of kisses.

Sam: "It'll be okay, we've got each other. And we've still got Bucky."

Annie arches herself against you with an appreciative sigh and murmurs a protective growl: "Always....I won't let anything happen to you."

She rubs her head against yours and gently nibbles at your ear in a way that reduces you to a knock-kneed kitten. While she may not be well equipped for kissing, Annie always knows exactly how to turn you into a purring lump of putty. You find yourself wishing you had time to really show your appreciation, but the responsible part of your mind remembers Polly's instructions to keep things short. You tuck your affections away for a later date, but give her one last squeeze under the tail feathers to let her in on your intentions.
No. 773162 ID: b073ca
File 148478947716.png - (101.27KB , 485x600 , 1-112.png )

Reluctantly you turn off the water and dry yourselves on small, inadequate towels. Using the brick of soap and some grey water you manage to spot clean your garments to the point where they might be wearable again.
No. 773163 ID: b073ca
File 148478948386.png - (82.25KB , 523x600 , 1-113.png )

Finally presentable, you step out of the cubical and find Ms Polly nearby. She looks the pair of you up and down with an expression of interest and expectation.

Polly: "Feeling better, I hope?"

Sam: "Yeah, thank you. Um... you mentioned something about needing help, could we-?"

Polly: "Glad you asked! There's always something that needs doing. The sorting tables could always use a hand, you could help us load some plastic into the recycler, or if you're feeling particularly adventurous there's always the compost."
No. 773164 ID: 9145ba

Sorting tables! It's like an inventory check for the entire ship.
No. 773165 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 773166 ID: 350a50

This, most information to gain, and everything will have DNA on it.
No. 773167 ID: bed12a

Gladly help Ms.Polly out, the least you can do to thank her for using the shower. It gives you time to look at nice Croc butt too
No. 773170 ID: e6e9af


Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....!! Annie, you are TOO CUTE.


Let's get Polly's input on what seems best for first-timers. No sense in going overboard just yet. Maybe also ask her if you or she could ring up to Dr. Spencer and just tell her that "Bucky's friends" are okay. Best not to use names just yet.
No. 773176 ID: 9145ba

Hey, don't forget to flirt! DNA samples are best when taken straight from the source.
No. 773177 ID: 91ee5f

"Does it get hot down here or something? I couldn't help but notice how you're dressed and I thought I'd ask."

No. 773181 ID: fe7355

Except they can't whip out their obviously-not-from-the-Sunfish DNA scanner at the table without raising a lot of questions they don't want asked. And smuggling bits away from the tables is probably watched for as well.