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File 125813177828.png - (6.60KB , 444x444 , P000.png )
76213 No. 76213 ID: 1c907d

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No. 76214 ID: 1c907d
File 125813184884.png - (7.58KB , 444x444 , P001.png )

You arise to your feet.
No. 76215 ID: f91cb5

You want that shit to fall in your one good eye Tom? Get out of the way!
No. 76216 ID: 1c907d
File 125813228429.png - (7.39KB , 444x444 , P002.png )

Your name isn't Tom.

You step out of the way regardless.
No. 76217 ID: 119b5c

What's on the shelf pardner?
No. 76220 ID: 1c907d
File 125813291372.png - (7.28KB , 444x444 , P003.png )

It's pretty hard to see from here. It looks like a jar.
No. 76222 ID: 135d9a


Is there anything in here besides you, the shelf, the thing on the shelf, whatever that ball is at your feet, and that chest-looking thing over there?
No. 76223 ID: 1c907d
File 125813452560.png - (8.74KB , 444x444 , P004.png )

They open that door when they need you.

You are very hungry. It has been quite some time since you have eaten. You passed out before due to that same hunger.

Deep from the ___ of your stomach.
No. 76227 ID: 135d9a



The... "pit" of your stomach?

Anyway, would you be able to reach the thing on the shelf by standing on the chest thing or no? (I'm assuming you can figure this out without actually moving the chest around, right?)

And that's a light by the door, not a button, correct?
No. 76229 ID: 5d5878

Middle left.
No. 76236 ID: 632862

Where'd the ball go?
No. 76237 ID: 1c907d
File 125813824796.png - (7.83KB , 444x444 , P005.png )

You can reach the shelf, but you are really close to losing your balance doing this.
No. 76242 ID: 8ec3f9

Grab it! preferably without falling on yer face.
No. 76243 ID: 6550ad

Jump and grab that thing.
No. 76244 ID: 43d730

Grab it and jump down immediately.
No. 76246 ID: 1c907d
File 125813954918.png - (8.12KB , 444x444 , P006.png )

You don't have the balance to jump and grab careful enough so you try to reach it as best as you can without falling.


...Is that a cookie?

As a response from an earlier question, yes that is a light, not a button.
No. 76247 ID: 8ec3f9
File 125813972346.jpg - (70.56KB , 783x377 , hell yea motha fucka.jpg )

oh man, fuck yea that's a cookie. Eat it!
No. 76250 ID: 1c907d
File 12581402381.png - (8.34KB , 444x444 , P007.png )

You picked up a key.
No. 76252 ID: 6550ad

Check out if the key has any bullets in it.

If not, open the chest with it.
No. 76254 ID: 1c907d
File 125814094971.png - (8.33KB , 444x444 , P008.png )

How do you use a cookie on a lock?

Of course a cookie has no bullets in it.
No. 76255 ID: 6550ad

Jam the cookie into the keyhole and turn it. How else?
No. 76256 ID: 632862

Eat the key.
No. 76257 ID: 632862

Um, after using the cookie on the lock, of course.
No. 76258 ID: 1c907d
File 125814149825.png - (8.30KB , 444x444 , P009.png )

You use the key on the chest, you hear and feel it unlock.
No. 76259 ID: 1c907d
File 125814153452.png - (6.61KB , 444x444 , P010.png )

Inside is a picture.
No. 76260 ID: 6550ad

Take the picture and examine it. The back of it too.
No. 76261 ID: 1c907d
File 125814181430.png - (6.43KB , 444x444 , P011.png )

It is a picture of a butterfly.

The back has a message.

You feel lonely. You miss her too.
No. 76263 ID: 632862

Get that ball on the ground.
No. 76265 ID: aba0a3
File 125814345391.png - (4.78KB , 444x444 , P012.png )

You can only hold one item at a time right now. You roll the ball over towards yourself and hold your picture.
No. 76266 ID: 135d9a


Man I just realized you've only got one arm. :<
No. 76267 ID: 8ec3f9

try standing on the chest again and yanking on that string above you.
No. 76268 ID: 632862

Ponder the meaning behind the butterfly.
No. 76270 ID: 6550ad

Investigate the door and the mysterious red spot near it.
No. 76271 ID: aba0a3
File 125814493731.png - (5.52KB , 444x444 , P013.png )

The red light on the door changes color when it is time for you to go out. It is still red. It won't be long.

You climb back up on your chest and pull down your balloon. A little kid had it delivered to your room earlier because he thought you, "Were really cool and I want to be like you some day."

This was of course said slurred and with whistles due to missing baby teeth. You shook your head and tried to tell him that you weren't happy here but the kid ran away.

You kept the balloon anyway.

You love butterflies.
No. 76272 ID: 632862

...So uh

What's the stain on the floor?
No. 76275 ID: aba0a3
File 125814587666.png - (5.29KB , 444x444 , P014.png )

What? Oh, that's just blood.
No. 76276 ID: 135d9a


... Um.

The ceiling or whatever of this place leaks... blood?
No. 76277 ID: 7a92e7

Taste it.
No. 76279 ID: aba0a3
File 125814635434.png - (4.76KB , 444x444 , P015.png )

Sometimes it leaks blood.

You consider tasting the blood but you don't know where it's been, and you've missed out on the thrill of the hunt anyway.

Oh look, the light turned green. It's time to go up.
No. 76280 ID: 632862

Prepare yourself for the battle to come, and climb the stairs.
No. 76285 ID: aba0a3
File 125814731787.png - (5.58KB , 444x444 , P016.png )

You go up the stairs. You begin to hear noise. Wet gasps, cheering, booing, struggling. Cries of anguish mixed with the Roars of superior vim.

You don't like these things, you think about balloons, butterflies, and cookies.

Oh joy, you might get to eat soon.
No. 76286 ID: 476456

cant you win your freedom or some shit?
No. 76287 ID: 135d9a


That's, um.

I don't believe we caught your name?
No. 76288 ID: 712bb5

And fields full of daisies. With booze.
No. 76292 ID: aba0a3
File 125814908624.png - (9.22KB , 444x444 , P017.png )

You make it up to your little entrance and push your door open.

You sniff the air. It does not smell good, so you don't think about it. There is a large man with an axe at the wall. It looks like they just cleaned up the messes people made before they took a nap.

From what you remember, anyone in this ring needs to take a nap.

Your name is, _____, of course. You are now in your playground, the ___.

You hear people yelling about bets, and comparing and insulting you and your new friend. You try to ignore them. They're all faceless to you. They don't even play with you.
No. 76296 ID: 632862

Have some fun playing with your new friend.
No. 76297 ID: 476456

Ask if he wants to get out. He seems like a strapping,sociable and perfectly reasonable sort of fellow.
No. 76305 ID: aba0a3
File 125815583014.gif - (139.90KB , 444x444 , P018.gif )

Your friend wants to play tag.

[ Animated ]
No. 76307 ID: d912cb

Did he go to sleep already?
No. 76309 ID: 135d9a

No. 76310 ID: 12f282

Poor guy must have been tired.
No. 76314 ID: aba0a3
File 125815844088.png - (14.18KB , 444x444 , P019.png )

He sure was tired! You are really good at playing tag!

Some of the people are unhappy. You don't mind them, they bet you were going to take a nap.

Too bad you don't like this game. It looks like someone is bringing you food!
No. 76315 ID: 34470e

What kind of food?
No. 76316 ID: 7eda8b

wtf is going on
No. 76323 ID: aba0a3
File 125816013324.png - (17.19KB , 444x444 , P020.png )

Yay, butterflies!

You guess food will have to wait.
No. 76324 ID: dda9dd

We appear to be in the somewhat regressed mind of a catguy pitfighter.
No. 76328 ID: 632862

With how strong he seems to be, I'd guess the pit master took his arm and eye while he was sleeping to try and even the odds.

Now they're starving him. It looks like he's still way stronger than anyone else.
No. 76332 ID: 34470e

Plus, who is "she"?
No. 76389 ID: aba0a3
File 125818788590.png - (21.46KB , 444x444 , P021.png )

Spending so much with the butterflies must have worn you out. You feel the world shaking. Still in a dream world. You hear ______ from something close, and far at the same time...

With your dream fading away, your closest thing to her goes away. You'll find her, you tell yourself...
No. 76391 ID: 34470e

Where are you?
No. 76392 ID: aba0a3
File 125818815360.png - (10.48KB , 444x444 , P022.png )

You are in the back of an enclosed pick-up truck. You are in a makeshift straitjacket keeping your game playing right hand out of the way. They must want to save it for a big game.

You feel like you were force fed in your sleep. There's whatever slop quaking beside you in your mouth and on your face even now.

You can hear some of what is being said by the driver and their buddy or buddies. It seems that your beating the last man in tag, and the rest of them lately was ruining the odds, and costing them money.

A new client was interested in ______, and want to see him in their ___.
No. 76393 ID: 34470e

Can you break out of the straightjacket?
No. 76397 ID: f58f98

Stand up and look around. Are we going on a trip?
No. 76399 ID: 632862

Look at the cord attached to your butt.
No. 76402 ID: aba0a3
File 125819102826.png - (10.06KB , 444x444 , P023.png )

If you could break out of it, it wouldn't be a very good one, would it. You can't stand up too easy, but you sit up and start to stand up.

"You keep down, you won't like what you're attached to if you don't." You receive a warning, and the passenger waves a remote.

We are going to a trip to another ___, from what you heard before, and the cable is attached to your collar and neck.
No. 76403 ID: 34470e

Look at that weird turtle.
No. 76404 ID: 632862

Look at what the cord is attached to.
No. 76413 ID: aba0a3
File 12582107903.png - (10.26KB , 444x444 , P024.png )

Your turtle friend doesn't seem to move much. It must not like the bumpy ride.

You turn around slowly and look at what your leash is attached to. It's some sort of metal contraption. It seems to be humming and buzzing. It sounds ominous.
No. 76414 ID: c5f90c

Tell the turtle that it'll all be alright. We'll make sure to protect him.
No. 76415 ID: c1b520

You must protect our turtley friend! He shall be your companion and bestest friend forever.
No. 76420 ID: aba0a3
File 12582127363.gif - (14.80KB , 444x444 , P025.gif )

Don't worry turtle friend, I will protect you.

To ensure he is protected, you hide him.

[ Animated. ]
No. 76426 ID: 8ce2bf

That's a pretty good hiding place.
No. 76427 ID: c5f90c

That's not hiding! You killed him D:

Catboy, I am disappoint.
No. 76431 ID: aba0a3
File 125821635431.png - (8.96KB , 444x444 , P026.png )

You think your hiding place is good, but you hide yourself behind a wheel well and commence wagging furiously.

Luckily you are not a cat so you don't feel bad. You are now alone with an empty plate.
No. 76432 ID: c5f90c

So... can you disconnect yourself from that thing? Bite it or something?

And Dogboy, I am disappoint.
No. 76434 ID: d912cb

Are there any windows? Outside is nice to watch.
No. 76437 ID: e0499d

Go back to sleep. hide (what's left of) turtle friend behind head
No. 76455 ID: 12f282

CLEARLY he is a Wolfboy. Look at that tail.
No. 76460 ID: 107da3


You should hide the string and the jacket in the same place as the turtle.
No. 76624 ID: 632862

Examine the pointy object next to the metal contraption.
No. 76644 ID: aba0a3
File 125824853538.gif - (55.62KB , 444x444 , P027.gif )

You bite the cable.

[ Animated. ]
No. 76646 ID: 632862

Check brain for injuries.
No. 76662 ID: b4e503

Aww, the cable wants to play!
No. 76663 ID: aba0a3
File 125824930933.png - (10.25KB , 444x444 , P028.png )

When you come to again, you notice there's a puddle of drool connecting to your jaw and chin. You smell a little like you were cooked, even if just faintly, and your body is wracked in pain.

Time has passed, but the truck is still moving.
No. 76667 ID: 632862

DON'T bite the cable again. Examine that pointy object next to the metal contraption.
No. 76676 ID: aba0a3
File 125825071950.png - (8.45KB , 444x444 , P029.png )

You DON'T bite the cable. It slips out of your mouth and you slide your knees over to look at the pointy thing.

You're not sure what it is. You don't know machines. It's either a puncture in it, or it might be some sort of fitting device. You're not sure what for.
No. 76678 ID: e0499d

YOU'RE FREE! and there's red lights.
Red means run
No. 76681 ID: 632862

Rub your jacket against it and try to cut the strap holding your arm back.
No. 76687 ID: 197650

The red lights mean we're playing hide and seek, and it's your turn to hide.
Don't hide in this place though, this is a bad hiding spot.
No. 76710 ID: aba0a3
File 125825595067.png - (9.66KB , 444x444 , P030.png )

Oh boy! You got your arm free. Now you can play hide and go seek with the other people in the truck. You should probably do it quick before they notice you.

What red lights?
No. 76711 ID: 12f282

Hurray! Go surprise the other people in the truck!
No. 76712 ID: 34470e

Where are the potential good hiding spots? I know you're good at this game.
No. 76714 ID: 632862

There aren't any good hiding spots in here. Try hiding outside the truck!
No. 76715 ID: e75a2f

Yeah, go hide outside the truck. They'll never find you there.
No. 76718 ID: 276781

Yeah, hide outside!
And if they find you, you have to tag them before you can hide again. That's the rules!
No. 76719 ID: b4e503

Why hide? You're "it"!
Go tag the guys up front!
No. 76720 ID: 34470e

Be careful. They might cheat.
No. 76722 ID: e0499d

hide outside and tag them when they try to find you inside the car
No. 76733 ID: aba0a3
File 125826417234.gif - (36.07KB , 222x222 , P031.gif )

You go up and tag them so they know they are it, then you hide.

[ Animated. ]
No. 76735 ID: 12f282

Don't bother hiding, it looks like they are napping now.
No. 76736 ID: 34470e

Look around to find a good hiding place.
No. 76737 ID: 632862

Look around for a good hiding spot.
No. 76742 ID: b4e503

Look around for a good hiding area.
No. 76743 ID: aba0a3
File 125826638769.png - (10.36KB , 444x444 , P032.png )

You begin to walk down the street. Trying to find a sense of direction, and where you are, in addition to a good place to hide.

You track down your one and only possession, the picture.

_____. Oh you miss her so much. Now that you are free, you can find your butterfly.
No. 76744 ID: c5f90c

You're a wolf-thingy, right? Sniff 'er out!
No. 76747 ID: 632862

I m
iss you

Issyou? Is that your name?
No. 76751 ID: b4e503

What memories do you have of 'your butterfly'?
Anything concrete?
No. 76753 ID: e75a2f

Finding some signs is usually a good way to figure out where you are. They're usually on buildings or hanging from poles. Some are even embedded in the ground.

You've been in the grinder for too long, man.
No. 76754 ID: aba0a3
File 125826898769.png - (11.43KB , 444x444 , P033.png )

You sniff the air. You have a general idea where you were. Fortunately for you, the ___ was not more than a few hours walk from where you are now.

Your name is not Issyou.

When you were a boy, you were sold into slavery. At a young age, your natural prowess in a scuffle was realized. This was due to your feral nature.

When you were a bit older, your owner decided to make a good amount of money off of you by selling you on an auction.

_____ purchased you. That is how you met your butterfly.
No. 76755 ID: 34470e

When did they take away your arm and eye?
No. 76760 ID: 632862

What did your new owner do with you?
No. 76762 ID: aba0a3
File 125827102878.png - (10.52KB , 444x444 , P034.png )

Your butterfly gave you a sandwich upon taking you home. She spent months teaching you not to act like a slave, but only so much could be done.

You fell in love with her. Her birthday was coming up, and you wanted to buy her a present.

You decided to try making money for her present the only way you knew how. You entered a Death Tournament with a very high payout.
No. 76765 ID: 8ec3f9
File 125827127040.jpg - (13.50KB , 270x347 , Heavycantenjoyhissandvich.jpg )


so, what happened there?
No. 76766 ID: 632862

Did you win?
No. 76772 ID: 4e9b58

It was a death tournament, of course he won. :P
No. 76774 ID: e75a2f

Unless he just escaped from the tourney.
No. 76776 ID: aba0a3
File 125827373689.png - (27.00KB , 444x444 , P035.png )

There were not many people who joined it. You had expected a much larger turnout. Not as many people are willing to put their lives on the line for a price as you figured was natural.

Magic couldn't stop you. Armor and technology was a game.

In the final round, your opponent was a talented sword master. She managed to cleave off your left arm, but during the moment of the blow, you crushed her skull with your right hand.

You had won. You had more than enough for _____'s birthday present now!
No. 76777 ID: 632862


How did you lose your eye?
No. 76778 ID: f44349

But then... what happened?
How did you end up stuck fighting in the
No. 76779 ID: 632862

Also, what was the present going to be?
No. 76780 ID: aba0a3
File 125827581614.png - (10.38KB , 444x444 , P036.png )

Soon after your victory, you were living in the ___. Your talent was noticed. The owners began to escalate the challenges. The opponent right before your last in the ___ was also told where you would come up, and landed an arrow in your eye. They wanted you to lose.

You've arrived at _____'s house. You can smell something sweet inside.
No. 76781 ID: 632862

Oh, go in and say hello.
No. 76782 ID: e75a2f

It's a trap.
No. 76783 ID: 8ec3f9
File 125827680896.jpg - (50.30KB , 360x468 , completly safe.jpg )

No. 76784 ID: e75a2f

No, they probably know all about her, and that if he escapes that's where he'll go.

He's probably got little time before they find him.
No. 76785 ID: 34470e

Do they even know he's escaped yet?
No. 76786 ID: e75a2f

When you got a guy that strong, his captors probably have everything on a timer.

When the truck becomes late, they'll know exactly what's going on.
No. 76787 ID: aba0a3
File 125827811461.png - (6.23KB , 444x444 , P037.png )

You step into the front room. You can hear your butterfly talking in the kitchen. She is cooking something.
No. 76788 ID: 8ec3f9

walk over and say hi! I bet she'll be really happy to see you :3
No. 76789 ID: 632862

Sit by the fireplace and wait.
No. 76790 ID: b4e503

Go say hello! It's been so long...
No. 76791 ID: 632862

Well okay make sure you aren't interrupting her when she's holding something hot or cutting something. Surprising someone in the kitchen can be dangerous.
No. 76792 ID: aba0a3
File 125827990427.png - (6.10KB , 444x444 , P038.png )

You step quietly into the kitchen. You can smell her. Hear her humming. See her raising her heel off of the kitchen floor as she moves. You missed her.

Here she is, your butterfly.
No. 76793 ID: 476456

No. 76794 ID: 632862

Show her the photo.
No. 76795 ID: 6550ad

Say hi.
No. 76796 ID: aba0a3
File 125828285185.png - (17.65KB , 444x444 , P039.png )

You missed her last time. You won't now...

With your prizes and prize money from the tournament you returned to _____ with a present.

She struck you to the ground and asked why you would waste money and damage her goods to buy her something. She didn't want it.

"I love you," you said from the floor, and she kicked you in the chest for it. You couldn't help but cry.

"That is exactly why I've sold you back to the ___. It's obviously what you want to do. You should die doing it." The owner of the ___ carts you away, broken.

The present wasn't even opened.

...You turn her around and gouge out her eye with your hand, and waste no time tearing her arm off.

You got your butterfly back.
No. 76797 ID: aba0a3
File 125828293386.png - (2.72KB , 444x444 , P040.png )

Apathy hurtles Grace down a pit.
No. 76798 ID: 34470e

...This better not be a one-shot.
No. 76799 ID: 9891a9

It's a one-shot.
No. 76801 ID: 476456

HAHahahahaahahhaha yes!yesss!
No. 76802 ID: 632862

Holy shit.

I guess he both hated and loved her, even then.
No. 76803 ID: 7aa967

What a fantastic quest.
Bumping away the spoilars
No. 76804 ID: f58f98

So, what was the present?
No. 77304 ID: e88e98

Well... this was a downer...
No. 77428 ID: aba0a3
File 125835970598.png - (121.88KB , 444x444 , P041.png )

...As you are about to drop her into the pit, she says one last thing to you.

"Check the counter," She laughs a little, some remaining spite and joy in her despite it all. You snap your hand and tear off her head and hurl it down after the tumbling corpse. You step back into the house.

Inside of the house, in the kitchen you find a stack of papers. One of which is a medical bill of a somewhat recent abortion.

The blood smearing from your hands does not help your heart. It rises into your throat and sobs and whimpers escape.

You set the house on fire and trudge away. You can't seek revenge twice. It's already over. You do not feel you have won, but you are free.

Freedom has its costs.
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