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File 125788865731.png - (20.90KB , 777x777 , BBQ300.png )
75468 No. 75468 ID: aba0a3

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #tgchan on irc.rizon.net ]

Bubble Bucket, Chapter 06.

Listing of previous chapters:
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No. 75469 ID: aba0a3
File 125788883844.png - (153.91KB , 777x777 , BBQ301.png )

You are pushed back a little bit.

You dashing to your left prevented you from being hurt. The crumpled bullet falls off of your bone arm. The voice from the pre-cognition saving you from any real harm.

There is obviously a sniper of some form in these woods.
No. 75470 ID: 6550ad

Teleport to your left between the trees and hammer that motherfucker.
No. 75471 ID: f44349

TELEPOR to directly behind the gun-toting figure
Apply hammer directly to the forehead
No. 75481 ID: aba0a3
File 125789021078.png - (153.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ302.png )

What figure?
No. 75484 ID: 632862

Use the trees for cover, activate the goggles for nightvision, and find the sniper.
No. 75487 ID: 92ffbc

Let's run, He's got a big advantage in this forest. Teleport to the next area!
No. 75609 ID: aba0a3
File 125791795813.png - (163.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ303.png )

You decide to teleport since your assailant has far more advantages and you don't even know where it is.

The moment you vanish, a bullet pierces through the smoke like cloud you left behind...
No. 75611 ID: aba0a3
File 125791811270.png - (80.16KB , 777x777 , BBQ304.png )

You reappear in a new area. Something feels very strange about this place. Your psychic powers and aura feel very bothered.

Exits are Left and Right (to the viewer).
No. 75612 ID: 632862

Investigate the metal plate.
No. 75622 ID: 4e9b58

Looks like a big hinge. Keep your goggles on so you have at least something going for you.
No. 75623 ID: 476456

Inspect hinge, ponder how you can see at night with goggles on.
No. 75624 ID: 9e9b47


Head right!
No. 75631 ID: aba0a3
File 125792026073.png - (65.29KB , 777x777 , BBQ305.png )

You check out the metal. It seems to be some sort of mechanism. It isn't hinged. There must be some way to get it to open.

The only reason you can see at all is because of your goggles in the first place. It's very dark in here.
No. 75635 ID: 8958af

Let's poke the gray spot on the tree and keep going left if it's nothing interesting.
No. 75638 ID: 7de41e

Examine whatever that is on the left tree.
No. 75639 ID: 036360

Well if it's a door, maybe someones inside? Give it a few knocks, and say 'Anybody home?'
No. 75648 ID: aba0a3
File 125792172962.png - (65.13KB , 777x777 , BBQ306.png )

No. 75651 ID: 632862

Alrighty! Investigate the hatch.
No. 75653 ID: 4e9b58

Don't just stick your face in it. :O Do something cautious. Like uh, I dunno. Poke your cane into it.
No. 75663 ID: aba0a3
File 125792408394.png - (66.34KB , 777x777 , BBQ307.png )

You poke around with your cane. There's a figure in it. It is a figure of the God of the Robots, Hyoukyo Gobaku.
No. 75664 ID: 632862


Go left!
No. 75665 ID: 476456

well take it and go before shooty mconlyonewhobroughtagun follows you.
No. 75673 ID: aba0a3
File 125792662663.png - (64.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ308.png )

You walk to the LEFT area. It doesn't look much different.
No. 75674 ID: 8958af

Keep goin'
Woo trees!
No. 75675 ID: 476456

To the left!
No. 75686 ID: aba0a3
File 12579287757.png - (67.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ309.png )

You keep walking [Left].

A beam of moonlight glimmers down from a slight gap in the thick trees.
No. 75689 ID: 476456

Check out that slanted light like you mean business.

also the spherical thing on the tree.
No. 75690 ID: 6550ad

Investigate that white circle in the tree.
No. 75692 ID: aba0a3
File 125792984281.png - (67.66KB , 777x777 , BBQ310.png )

You don't investigate the moonlight, because it's going to be moonlight whether or not you strain yourself staring it down.

You deduce that the thing on the tree is some manner of a sensor. You also conclude it isn't touch sensitive when you kick it.
No. 75693 ID: 476456

Ascertain if it detects dance.
No. 75694 ID: 8958af

Sure is no flashlights in here.

Anything reflective enough to test it with moonlight? Maybe the goggles.
No. 75698 ID: aba0a3
File 125793306189.png - (66.22KB , 777x777 , BBQ311.png )

You figure to not use your goggles, as it would be impossible to see the sensor with how dark it is in the forest without them.

You improvise and use the Hell's Furry pornography's glossy cover to reflect the light towards the sensor. You hear a, "Click."
No. 75699 ID: 6550ad

Hmm, go back to your right, see if something has changed with the statue down the hatch.

If not, continue exploring to the left.
No. 75700 ID: 7a8258

First, see if whatever progress was made will be undone when the moonlight stops shining on the sensor. Move the magazine away and listen for another click that might indicate it resetting.
No. 75701 ID: aba0a3
File 125793422751.png - (68.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ312.png )

You start moving to the right, and then wonder why you'd go to an empty hatch. You took the Hyoukyo Figure with you. There is no click when you step away from the moonlight.
No. 75702 ID: 6550ad

Take that question mark with you, it might be useful.

And continue to the left.
No. 75703 ID: 7a8258

No, leave the question mark there. It will probably just give you away when you're confused, making all bluffing and hiding-whilst-perplexed unnecessarily difficult.
No. 75704 ID: aba0a3
File 125793492275.png - (64.44KB , 777x777 , BBQ313.png )

What question mark?

You go [Left].

There's a pedestal sitting between the path and the trees. It is carved out of stone.
No. 75705 ID: 92ffbc

I'm getting a random idea here, let's put that book there on the pedestal.

Failing that an inventory check.
No. 75706 ID: aba0a3
File 125793555880.png - (56.59KB , 777x777 , BBQ314.png )

Upon closer inspection of the surface of the pedestal you decide the book probably has nothing to do with it. There is a button in the bottom left corner. The slots on the pedestal are the same size of the Hyoukyo Figure in your possession currently.
No. 75707 ID: 6550ad

Put the Hyoukyo Figure on the The Wild slot.
No. 75708 ID: aba0a3
File 125793630016.png - (54.89KB , 777x777 , BBQ315.png )

You set Hyoukyo on The Wild.
No. 75709 ID: 6550ad

And press the buttan.
No. 75710 ID: aba0a3
File 125793666885.png - (110.52KB , 777x777 , BBQ316.png )

The button activates a strange mystical game with glowing letters. It floats several inches above the pedestal.
No. 75711 ID: 92ffbc
File 125793705826.png - (207.91KB , 777x777 , do dees.png )

No. 75712 ID: aba0a3
File 125794209056.png - (111.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ317.png )

The chess game glimmers and gives a chime of a noise. A compartment pops open on the side of the pedestal. You receive a Muchisujo Figure.
No. 75713 ID: 1d2f56

Place Muchisujo on the Tactician slot.
No. 75722 ID: 4e9b58

Are the slots even visible at this point, or do we have to make another move?
No. 75724 ID: aba0a3
File 125797272210.png - (52.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ318.png )

You set Muchisujo upon the Tactician slot. The Red Button loses its red glow and becomes part of the stone pedestal.
No. 75726 ID: 4e9b58

Muchisujo is the avenger.
No. 75730 ID: 77c26c

Left has served us well.
Left is our friend.
Left we should go again.
Left will never run around and desert us.
No. 75731 ID: 6550ad

Let's explore the forest and find other figures/clues before messing around with this anymore. Keep going to the left till you get to a new zone.
No. 75736 ID: 954933

Put Muchisujo on the Avenger slot, and hit the button again if it's red, I guess? Let's not leave this behind just yet.

(What are these a reference to? Bubble Bobble again?)
No. 75739 ID: aba0a3
File 125797700440.png - (131.81KB , 777x777 , BBQ319.png )

"Screw this," you say towards the pedestal and the needed figures that you are lacking. You give the button a few pushes but it's no longer a button because you already solved the puzzle.

Obviously your schizophrenia stumbling over itself like back when you kept wanting to solve the solved dial puzzle.

You head left.

Achievement unlocked!
Trapped in Forest: Walk around in a circle.
No. 75743 ID: 632862

Dammit Left! You've betrayed us!
No. 78072 ID: 1c907d
File 125848941874.png - (90.65KB , 777x777 , BBQ320.png )

So now you're back in the area you started in.

The most unsettling thing is that the way, or entrance you thought you followed along is no longer there. You don't know how to get out of here.

At least you have a plan with the figures, so far. Any ideas?
No. 78075 ID: 476456

maybe try hitting the switch on the tree again..

or going left!
No. 78088 ID: 8c2027

Go left.
No. 78140 ID: aba0a3
File 125849621220.png - (65.52KB , 777x777 , BBQ321.png )

You flip the switch and close the hatch, hell yeah!
No. 78143 ID: 8c2027

Go left at least two thousand and two times, and then use precognition.
No. 78156 ID: aba0a3
File 125849808354.png - (31.97KB , 777x777 , BBQ322.png )

>Go around 2002 times.
>500.5 revolutions.
No. 78161 ID: 34470e

Push the start button
No. 78166 ID: 0cc59e

No. 78168 ID: e75a2f

^ ^ v v < > < > B A
No. 78172 ID: c5f90c

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.
No. 78175 ID: 0cc59e

No. 78176 ID: 632862

How about we go right instead. Perhaps the forest behaves differently depending on what direction we're going.
No. 78177 ID: 8c2027

Tweak your nipples and hop on one foor three times.
No. 78180 ID: f21281
File 125849890297.jpg - (61.48KB , 800x600 , CHEETZ.jpg )

No. 78191 ID: aba0a3
File 125849943314.png - (65.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ323.png )


You traversed to the area left of the hatch. The voices in your head are going nuts!

You pretend you are flying in the process.
No. 78196 ID: 8c2027

Preeeee caaaaaawg neeee teeee aaaaawn.
No. 78199 ID: 632862

Go right.
No. 78204 ID: f21281

Walk -into- the woods.
No. 78208 ID: e75a2f

Strike down the infidels with your hammer.

Those trees are surely the work of Baphomet.
No. 78214 ID: f21281
File 125850047135.jpg - (54.22KB , 298x240 , cheetz2.jpg )

Also nyeeeh.
No. 78219 ID: aba0a3
File 125850137180.png - (52.63KB , 777x777 , BBQ324.png )

You use Precognition.
No. 78220 ID: 632862

Ah, we never found out what that moonlight-switch did. Go back to it and push it or something now that it's changed from white to grey.
No. 78234 ID: aba0a3
File 125850265348.png - (67.77KB , 777x777 , BBQ325.png )

There's no cover over the sensor anymore. There's something in there.

The forest is preventing you from going forward. The darkness seems to be tangible in some way, keeping you from going in there.
No. 78235 ID: 632862

Well take what's in there.
No. 78266 ID: aba0a3
File 125850560464.png - (69.14KB , 777x777 , BBQ326.png )

Jianyu figure acquired!
No. 78284 ID: 7de41e

Go to the area left of the hatch and examine the object on the ground, near the far right tree.
No. 78286 ID: 632862

Ponder the history of the people depicted by these figurines while walking to the pedestal.
No. 78292 ID: 632862

Or while doing this. This is good.
No. 78320 ID: aba0a3
File 125850945844.png - (64.41KB , 777x777 , BBQ327.png )

You wander around until you pass the hatch and then notice a strange red button.

[ Hyoukyo ]
The main deity of the robots, said to be the one who initiated the movement to eradicate the humans and war on any others that resisted.

[ Muchisujo ]
The former wielder of the god slaying sword, Reikonshou. He has somehow managed to survive the process of separating the sword and is the only known wielder to do so. He reigns in the Continent of Amaranton, and has made many alterations in politics and war over the years.

[ Jianyu ]
The Deity of the Moon, and the center of attention of the main religion of the continent of Mingxia. They follow strict laws, and despite many wars he has been near, or in, he has rarely ever shown his might. He has talked armies away, or into joining him.
No. 78323 ID: 6b6f88

Button :D
No. 78324 ID: 632862

Push button.
No. 78327 ID: 5d5878

Receive bacon.
No. 78328 ID: 7deb21

Receive the bacon!
No. 78335 ID: f21281
File 125851025528.png - (7.73KB , 640x480 , haevy.png )

No. 78340 ID: aba0a3
File 125851060134.png - (75.74KB , 777x777 , BBQ328.png )

You push the button.

There is no bacon. You feel extremely hungry and tired now, because you have no bacon.

You should feel bad, and you do.
No. 78341 ID: 5d5878

Well, the quest IS BBQ.
No. 78345 ID: 4e9b58

See what non bacon items are within.

Also, wave hi to the podoboo.
No. 78346 ID: 632862

Fire... what's up with that fire?
No. 78347 ID: 4e9b58

Scratch that, I thought it opened something.
No. 78352 ID: c5f90c

Call Prometheus a loser.
No. 78410 ID: aba0a3
File 125851676417.png - (76.66KB , 777x777 , BBQ329.png )

You get up from the switch, and step over to the path. A panel of some sort has opened up in the path and a flame is roaring. It's like the flame of a small campfire.

It's nice and warm, there's something deep down inside of the fire.
No. 78412 ID: f21281

Provide the cane is fire-resistant enough, knock whatever is in the fire out of the fire.
No. 78415 ID: f21281


Inventory check :I
No. 78416 ID: c5f90c

Um... we still have that freaky skeleton arm, right?

Well... is it fire-proof?
No. 78419 ID: 632862

Check inventory.
No. 78420 ID: 6b6f88

Campfire + skeleton arm = ???
No. 78424 ID: aba0a3
File 12585174352.png - (46.17KB , 777x777 , BBQ330.png )

[ Inventory Displayed. ]

(Keep in mind two of the figures are technically on the pedestal right now).
No. 78425 ID: 5d5878

Push button again?
No. 78428 ID: c5f90c

Cautiously. CAUTIOUSLY. Test to see if your arm is fire-proof.
No. 78430 ID: 6b6f88

Is there a visible fuel source?
No. 78435 ID: 632862

Attach the blue thing to the wire and try to use that to hook whatever's in there and pull it out.
No. 78443 ID: 4e9b58

Might wanna unwrap it first. Bandages are not fireproof.
No. 78481 ID: aba0a3
File 125852180944.png - (73.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ331.png )


Rong Statue acquired.
No. 78483 ID: 4e9b58

So it is fireproof? :O
No. 78504 ID: aba0a3
File 125852338468.png - (67.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ332.png )

You crawl over and push the button to make the fire go away, and slowly wrap your heated bones in your bandages. The intense pain, not just your bones, but your flesh nearer to the bones had been singed. It wasn't a split moment of pain, it was digging around in flames to grab something deep in and pulling it out. Tears well up and drip down your goggles while you struggle to bandage yourself back up.

Surely there was another way. You are now a little less willing to listen to the voices if it seems too dangerous.
No. 78506 ID: 4e9b58

The idea was to carefully see if it's fireproof, not dive right in. :< Silly Asali.
No. 78510 ID: af1812

It was test for fireproof time, not stick hand in fire without testing time! ;_;

Stupid figure. Stupid slots. Jianyu probably goes on the diplomat mark. Rong? Hmm, ponder Rong's domain.
No. 78527 ID: aba0a3
File 125852478473.png - (46.30KB , 777x777 , BBQ333.png )

You did test it. Without skin however, it was impossible to tell that it would begin to burn intensely with longer term exposure. By the time you realized this fact, it was too late, the inside of your bones were in agony, and you were grasping at the figure.

You learned about Rong in the Mountain already.

You get up and travel right until you find the pedestal.

You set Jianyu on The Diplomat, and Rong on The Avenger because only he remains. Nothing happens.
No. 78531 ID: 8ec3f9

switch Rong and Muchi.
No. 78534 ID: aba0a3
File 125852506573.png - (46.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ334.png )

Still nothing.
No. 78537 ID: 4e9b58

Switch them back, then switch Rong with Hyoukyo.
No. 78538 ID: 632862

Seems like Rong is The Wild. Hyoukyo is most likely The Avenger, because he's getting revenge against the humans. Just switch those two.
No. 78541 ID: 632862

I mean do this.
No. 78545 ID: aba0a3
File 125852572295.png - (46.40KB , 777x777 , BBQ335.png )

Once you lock the figures into place on the pedestal, a compartment snaps open. Inside of it is a key. You feel something strange happen in the trees. Not sure what yet.

You hear a voice, "Gods are not the riot they believe they are. Let's feast."

You think of bacon almost instantly, but you recognize the voice. It's the voice that told you to move left earlier in your vision.
No. 78546 ID: 632862

Ask the voice who it is.
No. 78553 ID: a3b36a

Do the statues or trees look any more edible? If not, let's take the key and move on.
No. 78559 ID: aba0a3
File 125852724531.png - (64.65KB , 777x777 , BBQ336.png )

I look around the area. Can't see anything around here changed.

"Hello?" I call out, trying to find the unknown creature. There is no reply. Only the unsettling sounds of the forest.
No. 78560 ID: 8ec3f9

then you know what you must do....

No. 78571 ID: aba0a3
File 125852917588.png - (68.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ337.png )

You go left until something is different.
No. 78572 ID: 476456

Dramatically duck and roll past the thing..then go take a look at it.
No. 78573 ID: c5f90c

Was that strange symbol there before?

Inspect it if not!
No. 78575 ID: f44349

It's a thing!
Poke it! Poke the thing!
No. 78576 ID: aba0a3
File 125853008993.png - (67.77KB , 777x777 , BBQ338.png )

You poke the strange glowing marking in the darkness. It glows brighter, your key reacts to the glow.
No. 78577 ID: c5f90c

Stick the key in!
No. 78578 ID: 632862

Slowly penetrate it with the key.
No. 78582 ID: e75a2f

After all this time, you probably have to fart.
No. 78589 ID: aba0a3
File 125853195794.gif - (178.28KB , 777x777 , BBQ339.gif )

You insert the key and turn it.

[ Animated. ]
No. 79580 ID: aba0a3
File 125869028274.png - (71.30KB , 777x777 , BBQ340.png )

You are in a strange room. It's very bare bones. There is a somewhat made bed, a small table with steak, rice, and a biscuit with a steaming cup of tea on it.

You know that it is pitch dark in this little secret room, but thanks to your goggles you can see perfectly. You feel safer than you've felt on this island.

A strand of drool drips from the corner of your mouth at that food. You just hope this isn't a dream.
No. 79582 ID: 476456

Dream no, too good to be true probably.
No. 79583 ID: 632862

"Hello? Anyone here? Is this food for me?"
No. 79584 ID: 34470e

Check under the pillows
No. 79585 ID: 4e9b58

No. 79586 ID: 5d5878

No. 79588 ID: e75a2f

Did this just pull a Kingdom Hearts?

Goddamn keyholes.
No. 79589 ID: f44349

Consequence be damned!
No. 79598 ID: 632862

Hey uh... What's that black fabric looking thing hanging down anyway?
No. 79606 ID: aba0a3
File 125869326594.png - (73.89KB , 777x777 , BBQ341.png )

You devour the food.

(They're ragged drapes).
No. 79608 ID: c0f3bf

Fall backwards onto the bed from the roofies in the food. Brace for rape.
No. 79610 ID: 476456

This seems like a good place to relocate mint for uh..safekeeping.
No. 79612 ID: 4e9b58

Hot food = someone here. :O Or soon to be here. Prepare yourself for waving hi.
No. 79615 ID: 632862

Use Precognition.
No. 79616 ID: aba0a3
File 125869476259.png - (60.18KB , 777x777 , BBQ342.png )


You are so tired that this is surely the best option. You go to sleep.
No. 79617 ID: 34470e

Have a prophetic dream.
No. 79618 ID: 632862

No. 79640 ID: aba0a3
File 125869867897.png - (75.47KB , 777x777 , BBQ343.png )

Your dreams are not as nice as your night, and only so much of it was sleeping. When the owner of this home returned, your magnetism is your understanding right now. You are there for each other, and enjoy the night.

Then you slept. His name is, "Nu," he says with a very smooth voice. One which has saved your life, and whose aura you've felt stronger and stronger nearing this Forest. It feels so wonderful in his arms, you forgot about everything else. You've even ignored the fact he took 5 points from you. Your own aura feels a lot stronger after his, "Training."

"Consider it a discount, sweetling. I've unlocked your innate psychic powers for you. I can also improve any of your psychic powers if you need it."

The Undead Shadow, his shape that of a shark, known as Nu grins wide with his jagged black jaws, chuckling playfully.

"If and whenever you want more training, let me know, dusky dessert."

"A strange sales pitch you have there, it's As-"

"Asali, dear, I know."

He kisses your forehead and pets you gently.

[ Nu's Psychic Training! ]
This is a Shop, and Nu is a merchant. However he doesn't deal with goods.

Pre-cognition (Related, Foggy Visions and Hints)
>Level 2: 10 (Clearer visions)
>Level 3:+15 (Clear, direct visions)

Offensive Aura (1.0 Attack Modifier using Aura)
>Level 2:10 (1.5x attack modifier using Aura)(+1 to Criticals)
>Level 3:+15 (2.0x attack modifier using Aura)(+3 to Criticals)

Telepathy (Read thoughts, Mild Suggestion, Short Range)
>Level 2:10 (Communicate through thought, Medium Suggestion, Medium Range)
>Level 3:+15 (Control thoughts, Severe Suggestion, Longer Range)

Psi Recovery Level 2:10 (1/6 Chance Recovery(+1 Psi)
>Level 2:10 (1/3 Chance Recovery (+1 Psi, Bonus Chance on Crit))
>Level 3:+15 (1/2 Chance Recovery (+1 Psi, Bonus on Crit))

Psionic Well (1 Psi Point Well)
>Level 2:10 (+2 to Psi Well)
>Level 3:+15 (+3 to Psi Well)

* Currently Asali has a Psi well of 1 Point. Maxed out she has 6.
** The level of the skill is also the cost of Psi to use it.
*** So I don't need to say this when someone thinks they can buy a Level 3 Skill for 15 Points. Buying a Level 3 from a Level 1 costs 25 Points. The +15 means 10 + 15.

[ Discuss with each other in #tgchan, and Bubble Bucket's Quest-Discussion thread before posting in here. Psychic purchase next session on Tuesday! Have a good weekend. ]
No. 79643 ID: 7eda8b

I'm not 100% on what you just had sex with.
No. 79647 ID: c0f3bf

Does this matter?
No. 79648 ID: e75a2f

Way to go around banging random dudes.

For a minute there I thought you had some class for once.
No. 79649 ID: c5f90c


This right here.

Totally disappointed.
No. 79651 ID: 632862

Oh shush. He did save her life, you know.
No. 79664 ID: 632862

You know, it might be a good idea to ask him why the skeleton arm still works, since he seems to know a lot about us.
No. 81307 ID: aae186


If he didn't, he does now!

We seem to have 56 points. I suggest springing for +1 level to Recover and Well at least, 10 points each. Since we don't seem well suited to fighting, I'd then recommend going up one in precognition and telepathy as well.

Once we get the points, max out telepathy!
No. 81338 ID: aba0a3
File 125912089574.png - (76.48KB , 777x777 , BBQ344.png )

You and Nu discuss things for a little bit. After a while you manage to compromise with yourself to purchase Level 3 Psi Well, and Level 2 of both Telepathy and Offensive Aura.

That does take a while to further train your mind and body.

Now you're about ready to go, having dressed.

You consider asking about your bone arm, but he hasn't seen it yet and you're a little hesitant to share. Dressed now, you're about to speak when Nu does instead.

"I can take get you out of the forest if you have something explosive and possibly bright and distracting. Otherwise I can help you to the entrance."

You take a moment to decide where you want him to help you travel.

"I lost my Bracers a long time ago somewhere on this island if you find those ever."
No. 81343 ID: aae186

I believe it may be sparky boom time!
No. 81349 ID: 8ec3f9

No. 81365 ID: 7eda8b

>You and Nu discuss things for a little bit.
With your genitals.
No. 81384 ID: aba0a3
File 125913262636.png - (401.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ345.png )

You offer the Rainbow Buster. He gives a vicious grin and shuffles around. He provides a tattered cloak and adorns it over your shoulders. "This should protect you more. Follow me."

You walk after Nu. He leads you through the forest circle, in the area where the Rong Figure, and the fire was he pushes aside a hidden barrier leading into a path. He turns and whispers while he walks forward slowly.

"I don't know if you've ever heard of Bandersnatches, but they have extremely thick hides. One of the more dangerous monsters on Eight. I'm going to use the Rainbow Buster to distract them for you. Go through the tunnel. Be safe, darling."

He lights the firework and points towards the hole in the ground, to give reference to the path, and to express some urgency.
No. 81386 ID: 34470e

Proceed with a little bit of haste.
No. 81388 ID: 8ec3f9

No. 81391 ID: 632862

Get moving, saying goodbye as you go.
No. 81392 ID: aba0a3
File 125913491084.png - (412.60KB , 777x777 , BBQ346.png )

"Goodbye, Nu. Thank you."

You state before you rush towards the hole and crawl into the tunnel.

Nu hurls the Rainbow Buster through the air towards the pack of blind beasts.
No. 81401 ID: 6550ad

Don't stop believi- I meann running.
No. 81402 ID: aba0a3
File 125913826860.png - (15.63KB , 777x777 , BBQ347.png )

You go through the tunnel. As you make your way through you hear an explosion. The split second after the boom there is a large chorus of roars and screeches. Then the gnashing of teeth, and a lot of struggling. You frown, worried, but not carrying on could prove more dangerous. There's something blocking the end of the tunnel.
No. 81403 ID: 8ec3f9

oh hey, a frog. say hi.
No. 81404 ID: c5f90c

Acquire frog.
No. 81406 ID: 34470e

Kiss it.
No. 81414 ID: aba0a3
File 125914004056.png - (17.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ348.png )

You acquire a frog.

"Hello frog."


You consider kissing it, but that sounds gross. You have no idea where the frog has been.
No. 81415 ID: 632862

Investigate the grey block thing and its white breasts.
No. 81416 ID: aba0a3
File 125914310840.png - (26.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ349.png )

You crawl over and examine the [Word Tumbler] on the blocked end of the tunnel. It looks like a riddle.
No. 81417 ID: 34470e

Um, by the riddle, I think that when you solve it, your skeleton arm will fall off. Saying that, solve it!
No. 81418 ID: 632862

I think it's time for...


Also turn all the dials fully so you know what letters you have to choose from.
No. 81420 ID: aba0a3
File 125914492810.png - (103.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ350.png )

>solve it!

No. 81421 ID: 34470e
File 125914544576.png - (81.28KB , 421x544 , THAT2.png )

No. 81422 ID: 632862

No. 81423 ID: aba0a3
File 125914600991.png - (26.14KB , 777x777 , BBQ351.png )

Whatever a MUDKIP is, didn't seem to have any effect.
No. 81424 ID: aba0a3
File 125914619330.png - (26.48KB , 777x777 , BBQ352.png )

DANCER is not very effective.
No. 81425 ID: 632862


No. 81426 ID: 34470e

Uuh, R A P I S T?
No. 81427 ID: aba0a3
File 125914710813.png - (26.68KB , 777x777 , BBQ353.png )

Wait, one of the letters is off. Perhaps this letter makes a difference in the puzzle.
No. 81428 ID: 632862

No. 81429 ID: aba0a3
File 125914820078.png - (26.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ354.png )


No. 81430 ID: 632862

Move along now.
No. 81431 ID: aba0a3
File 12591484885.png - (31.00KB , 777x777 , BBQ355.png )

Where shall you move to?

[ New Locations: ]
Strange Landmark, Ice Cave.
No. 81432 ID: 6550ad

Strange Landmark!
No. 81433 ID: 632862

Let's go to the Strange Landmark!
No. 81434 ID: 34470e

Strange Landmark
No. 81436 ID: 1d2f56

Yeah, I'm gonna have to say Strange Landmark too. Ice caves are cold!
No. 81441 ID: e75a2f

Why would you go to an Ice cave with Mission J. Frog? He'll freeze to death.

Go to the strange landmark you deranged murderers.
No. 81512 ID: 5c3942

Ice cave seems like it'd be full of "blue ore". Would we be able to handle tha-


No. 81515 ID: c1b520

No. 81519 ID: 88d217

yah let's not kill the frog. strange landmark
No. 81535 ID: 5c3942
File 125919196798.jpg - (83.42KB , 416x315 , InjectTubes.jpg )

No. 81588 ID: aba0a3
File 125920648536.png - (63.87KB , 777x777 , BBQ356.png )

You step close to the Strange Landmark. It appears to be some sort of ancient ceramic structure on the ground. There are lines and markings around it to the center, where there is a slight crevice. The area is otherwise empty.
No. 81593 ID: f44349


...Or you could investigate the center of it I guess.
No. 81594 ID: 34470e

No. 81608 ID: e75a2f

Send Mission J. Frog to investigate. He was trained for these kinds of infiltration missions.

Just follow his lead and you'll get out alive.
No. 81612 ID: 632862

Try rotating the rings.
No. 81614 ID: 4e9b58

Spin it right round baby.
No. 81632 ID: aba0a3
File 125921054873.png - (68.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ356.png )

You and your frog you have now named, "Mission," due to his stoic demeanor and enthusiasm to complete quests investigate the marking in the center together. It looks like something belongs here.

The rings do not rotate, it's very solid.
No. 81635 ID: c0f3bf

Inventory check?
No. 81638 ID: 34470e

Inventory check
No. 81639 ID: 4e9b58

Inventory gogogo
No. 81642 ID: 632862

We don't have what goes in there. How disappointing. I guess we get to go to the Ice Cave next.
No. 81644 ID: 632862

There's the last inventory screen; after that we lost the statues, gained a frog and cloak, and lost the rainbow rocket.
No. 81645 ID: e75a2f

Damnit. Crafty bastards.

Call Mission J. Frog back; they're obviously using some kind of advanced locking mechanism.

Round up the troops and send a search party into the surrounding areas to look for clues and question the locals. Someone must have an idea of what's going on here.
No. 81688 ID: aba0a3
File 125921686220.png - (118.72KB , 777x777 , BBQ357.png )

You regroup with Mission and leave the Strange Landmark for the time being. You travel to the Ice Cave.

It's fairly cold here. The entrance is covered with a massive block of ice. Since you are not a Kibai (The Fire Bubble clan of Bubble Touched), you will likely need some other means to gain entry.
No. 81689 ID: 632862

Arse. Um, try smashing it with the hammer.
No. 81690 ID: e75a2f


How prepped is Mission J. Frog for an arctic environment? And can you smash that ice with your hammer?
No. 81691 ID: f44349

Just telep-
Never mind.
Hm... Hammer time?
No. 81697 ID: aba0a3
File 125921829772.png - (119.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ358.png )

You bash your hammer against the ice in frustration. It gives off a deep, solid doonk noise in response to the strike. Your arms vibrate from the blow. It was a very solid hit, but it doesn't appear that brute force will get past this obstacle.
No. 81704 ID: e75a2f

We need some fire support, stat.

Take your cloak and wrap it around the cane. Strike the metal piece against your hammer to produce a spark and light the cloak on fire. From there, use the heat from the fire to melt the ice.
No. 81705 ID: e75a2f

'Could also use the porno, I guess, but Mission J. Frog probably wouldn't appreciate that.
No. 81707 ID: 276781

>burn armor to gain access to ice cave
I gotta say I don't like this idea.
No. 81710 ID: 141a13

Burning things vs. a massive ice block doesn't sound very effective, but if anything the manual should be the sacrifice.
No. 81716 ID: e75a2f

Mission J. Frog once served as a Combat Engineer at the beginning of the war. He should have all the electronic skills you need.

Let's burn the manual; the kid's right.
No. 81717 ID: 632862

I don't think we have anything that can actually produce a spark.

Use Precognition!
No. 81743 ID: aba0a3
File 125922434774.png - (107.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ359.png )

You're not going to burn your things, especially not the cloak Nu gave you, to try and thaw this massive thing of ice.

It seems you don't have the things to continue out here, it's about time you [ Left. ]

[ Act I Close. ]
No. 81746 ID: e75a2f

See? Look. You pissed off Mission J. Frog.
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