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File 125788266639.jpg - (64.12KB , 600x450 , Title1.jpg )
75425 No. 75425 ID: c558d4

This is my first attempt at the whole quest running thing and I don't expect things to run smoothly at all. But one never learns what one never tries.

What to expect in short: a WH40k setting which does not fiddle about canon and some roughly scribbled art to go along with the occasional writing.

About writing: It's going to be a bumpy ride, and i don't mean the fun kind of bumby ride. Hopefully improves over time.

About artwork: I'm happy if I occasionally find something which resembles a human face. Art wont be the plowing horse of this story.

About setting: The story is kept within reasonable bounds, all happening to a rather small group of rather unimportant people in a tiny portion of the big, big universe.

Enough of this, let's begin.
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No. 75427 ID: c558d4
File 125788290655.jpg - (84.45KB , 600x500 , sleep1.jpg )

The galaxy is a dark and cold place to be. One feels safer if he can wrap a blanket around himself, even if it's just a thin Imperial Guard standard blanket.

Theodore Levintus currently enjoys a well-deserved recovery cycle from his daily duties.
No. 75428 ID: c558d4
File 125788308466.jpg - (84.99KB , 600x500 , sleep2.jpg )

But his peaceful rest is violantly disturbed!


"What the..."

An extremely loud and annoying voice hurls Levintus into a state of confused semiconsciousness.

No. 75429 ID: c558d4
File 125788327662.jpg - (64.77KB , 600x566 , sleep3.jpg )


The voice continues to assault Levintus's ears with unrelenting force.

Alarmed, he tries to straight up and inevitably collides painfully with the physical confinements of his bunk bed. The sound of Levintus's head banging against steel is however drowned entirely by the yelling.

No. 75432 ID: c558d4
File 125788351162.jpg - (84.44KB , 600x500 , sleep4.jpg )


Levintus slowly sinks back into his pillow. Luckily, his wits, which until now seem to have deserted him entirely, are in the process of regrouping. Levintus now is able to associate the roaring voice with something familiar and not necessarily dangerous.

No. 75434 ID: ec860e

Damn psykers. Try to get back to sleep. We get as little rack time as is.
No. 75438 ID: 2cbe3e


Get up and write a letter to your mother/girlfriend/hetrosexual life mate.
No. 75439 ID: c558d4
File 125788456181.jpg - (102.61KB , 900x500 , noise.jpg )

Levintus gets up from his bed, adequately carefulthis time, and positions himself in front of the loudspeaker on the wall, which is the source of the everyday’s Call of the Faithful, a station-wide propaganda programm.

Levintus can only scowl as he listens to the loudspeaker finally coming to a conclusion.


Levintus is not arrogant enough to judge the station-commander's decision to improve the crew's morale, but whoever was responsible for the Call of the Faithful broadcast surely did a terrible job.

Most of the sentences Levintus just heard would have made the least capable propaganda officer of his staff cringe out of shame.
No. 75440 ID: 34470e

What exactly are these traitors? From the announcement, They sound like alien invaders.
No. 75441 ID: ec860e

What is this talk of propoganda, soldier? This is the will of He Who Sits On The Throne. The filthy degenerate Tau use propoganda. This is The Truth of His Word. Have faith, colonel. HE has done his duty for all of mankind, literally the least you can do is your duty to Him.
No. 75442 ID: c558d4
File 125788479392.jpg - (103.95KB , 900x500 , cabin_grey3.jpg )

>Get up and write a letter to your mother/girlfriend/hetrosexual life mate.

Levintus does not have either one.

>Try to get back to sleep. We get as little rack time as is.

After this experience, Levintus feels unable to sufficiantly relax and get back to sleep. Since he is awake now, he can aswell do something usefull.

Determined, if a little clueless, Levintus turns away from the loudspeaker.
No. 75443 ID: 2cbe3e


So, what do you think of the Emperor buddy? Just between you and us.
No. 75444 ID: 6248cb

Check hour first, then maybe sleep later, Who knows, maybe this IS the wakeup call. Sure isn´ subliminar messagery.
No. 75445 ID: ec860e

Check inventory. Check stats. Hug note. Read Tom.
No. 75447 ID: c558d4
File 125788504717.png - (40.91KB , 495x711 , eri.png )

>hat is this talk of propoganda, soldier? This is the will of He Who Sits On The Throne. The filthy degenerate Tau use propoganda. This is The Truth of His Word. Have faith, colonel. HE has done his duty for all of mankind, literally the least you can do is your duty to Him.

After thinking such thoughts, Levintus feels a rush of Imperial BRAVERY.

It fades soon, however. Levintus has seen enough to be able to distinguish between propaganda and the righteous believe in the Imperium of Man and the Emperor, May He Eternally Watch Over His Servants.
No. 75448 ID: 632862

Check out that book over there.
No. 75449 ID: c558d4
File 125788526043.jpg - (92.46KB , 650x650 , inventory.jpg )

>Check inventory.

Levintus searches thorugh all his pockets.

Current inventory:
- OFFICER'S UNIFORM, carbon-fiber
- KNIFE, hidden in left boot
No. 75450 ID: c558d4

>Check stats


Strength: average
Dexterity: average
Constitution: average
Perception: good
Willpower: average
Intelligence: average
Charisma: average


Movement: basic
Melee: basic
Shooting: basic
Psychic: none
Machinery: basic
Vehicles: advanced
Leadership: excellent

PASSIONATE TECHNOCRAT: Levintus has a soft spot for weapons, special equipment, all kinds of vehicles and other technical things. He really likes them. Of course, to have such a hobby in the Imperium of the 41st millennia is not without drawbacks and one has to be very cautious...
>Levintus may use weapons, items and equipment with a MACHINERY SKILL prerequisite, even if it is one LEVEL higher than his current MACHINERY SKILL LEVEL.
>However, while using that item, Levintus’ suffers from a penalty to his MACHINERY SKILL for any tests occurring due to a BREAK ITEM, WEAPON JAM, EQUIPMENT FAIL or similar event.

No. 75451 ID: c558d4
File 125788551649.jpg - (108.30KB , 900x500 , cabin_grey4.jpg )

>Check out that book over there.

Levintus walks over to the object.
No. 75452 ID: 34470e

Check your bed for anything.
No. 75453 ID: c558d4
File slate_blink_grey.swf - (12.55KB , 900x500 )

Levintus identifys his personal dataslate, an item used to storage or edit information.

Something happens.
No. 75454 ID: 632862

Why is it blinking?
No. 75455 ID: c558d4

>Why is it blinking?

Levintus examines the display of the dataslate. It reads:
"Incoming text message."

This is peculiar, Levintus did not know his dataslate could send or receive any text messages.

The display informs him, that the message was saved among his personal files, where he may read it whenever he wants.
No. 75456 ID: ec860e

Recite the prayer of receiving and perform the ceremony of opening.
No. 75457 ID: c558d4

>Recite the prayer of receiving and perform the ceremony of opening.

By the Emperor, Levintus will do so!

The message is correctly displayed and reads as follows:

Hey Theo!
Bet you can’t find any sleep either. Thought it might be nice to have a little party before we go planet-side. Storage Room 45-B at 0.00 standard time. Drinks aplenty!
And feel free to bring somebody along.

“Well, just as one would expect from Richard.” Levintus is not sure how his good comrade was able to send him the message to his dataslate, but they could talk about that later.

Momentarily, it is 20.00 standard time, as such Levintus has plenty of time left to decide what to make of this invitation.

The dataslate now shows several options:

- SEARCH DATABASE (insert term)
No. 75458 ID: 34470e

No. 75459 ID: ec860e

Thank the Omnissiah and beseech the Machine Spirit of the database to allow you access to current campaign information. Best we know where you are, who you are fighting and how thinggs are going. Unless we're in naval transport of course, in which case you should praying like all heck that the gellar field holds.
No. 75460 ID: c558d4
File 125788707684.jpg - (68.32KB , 550x490 , no_clue.jpg )


Levintus types the necessary commands, but alas, the following message is displayed:

"ERROR: Connection failure. Cannot access database"

Now this is serious! An officer of Levintus's rank should always have access to the central database. He would have to do something about this, sooner or later.
No. 75461 ID: ec860e

Open Personal Files. Make a note to talk to someone about the lack of database access.
No. 75463 ID: c558d4

>Thank the Omnissiah and beseech the Machine Spirit of the database to allow you access to current campaign information. Best we know where you are, who you are fighting and how thinggs are going. Unless we're in naval transport of course, in which case you should praying like all heck that the gellar field holds.

Levintus thinks about his current assignement. His regiment, the 24th Legion from planet Thrivoria, was sent to a small, unimportant planet called Sraellia in the Segmentum Pacificus.
Their task was to help defeating a small, local alien-population, called DESERT-SWEEPERs by the local population. It was a barbaric species which had raided the local human settlements for several hundred years.

The 24th legion was sent because the Desert-Sweepers apparently endangered a mining operation on Sraellia, which was critical for the development of the entire system.

Levintus was thankful that the dangers of warp-travel lay behind him and his men. They were now safely in the space-port of Sraellia, orbiting the planet and waiting to be transported planet-side.
No. 75464 ID: c558d4

>Open Personal Files. Make a note to talk to someone about the lack of database access.

Levintus adds a note to his ToDo-List.

He opens the personal files. They are stored on the local data-core of the dataslate and thus effortlessly accessible.

The first file war his own personal data:

NAME: Theodore Gregory Levintus
AGE: 42 standard years
GENDER: male
HOMEWORLD: Thrivoria
RANK: Colonel
OCCUPATION: Regimental Command of the 24th Thrivorian Legion
GENE PURITY: uncorrupt
PROFICIENCIES OF NOTE: Civilian Pilot’s License Gamma-Level

(file contents are validated by: The Thrivorian Ministry of Civil Administration, The Thrivorian Ministry of Warfare, The Thrivorian Ministry of Higher Justice, The Thrivorian Ministry of Human Resources; Thrivoria Primaris; Thrivoria System; Thrivoria Subsector; Thrivoria Sector; Segmentum Tempestus)

The next file was Levintus's special project. It was the REGIMENT_ORGANISATION_CHART.dat file, at the moment apparently an empty template. Levintus hopes to find a glorious way to incorporate the new conscript platoons in the most efficient way. But that task did not have a high priority.
No. 75465 ID: c558d4
File 125788830240.jpg - (115.46KB , 900x500 , cabin_grey.jpg )

Since he used every function of the datslate curently possible, he commands it to SWITCH TO STAND-BY.

Levintus's attention returns to his room.
No. 75466 ID: ec860e

why the double bunk in a single room?
- investigate under lower pillow.
- aquire hat.
No. 75467 ID: 34470e

I think that's enough dataslate for now. See what's out the window.
No. 75472 ID: c558d4

>why the double bunk in a single room?

The space-port's construction is still not completed. There weren't enough suitable rooms for all officers. But since a Colonel has right to a room of his own, Levintus was assigned a room with four bunks. The two on the other side of the room were totally empty and did not even have blankets.
No. 75474 ID: c558d4
File 125788920527.jpg - (94.03KB , 900x500 , cabin_grey6.jpg )

>- investigate under lower pillow.

Levintus kneels to get a better view of his own bed. The object under his pillow is of course his trusty Laspistol.

Levintus adds Laspistol to inventory.
No. 75475 ID: 34470e

Why didn't we add the dataslate to our inventory?
No. 75476 ID: c558d4
File 125788945366.png - (41.95KB , 900x500 , cabin_1.png )

>- aquire hat

Levintus looks at the object lying on the bunk above his own.

It's his hat.

Levintus adds Officer's hat to inventory. Levintus EQUIPS Officer's hat.
No. 75477 ID: ec860e

Now, lets get dressed and go see whats happening in 45-B
No. 75478 ID: c558d4
File 125788985416.png - (48.10KB , 900x500 , cabin_2.png )

> Why didn't we add the dataslate to our inventory?

By the Emperor! We shall correct this at once!

Levintus adds Dataslate to his inventory.

(OoC: Thx for poiting that one out!)
No. 75479 ID: c558d4
File 125789005351.png - (46.92KB , 900x500 , cabin_3.png )

>I think that's enough dataslate for now. See what's out the window.

Levintus gets closer to the porthole and looks outside.
No. 75480 ID: c558d4
File 125789012842.jpg - (102.58KB , 697x670 , porthole1.jpg )

The view impresses Levintus.
No. 75482 ID: c558d4
File quest_suns.swf - (6.46KB , 696x610 )

Suddenly, stellar event!
No. 75483 ID: c558d4
File 125789034438.jpg - (53.97KB , 650x650 , shining.jpg )

Levintus is nearly blinded and averts his gaze.
No. 75485 ID: c558d4
File 125789054155.jpg - (102.22KB , 697x611 , porthole2.jpg )

After his eyes adjusted, Levintus identifies the second sun of the Sraellia system, Sraellia-Beta!
No. 75486 ID: 632862

Those portholes could use a faster reaction time for adjusting to changes in light intensity. It should be simple to setup a photoreceptor tied to a program that adjusts the opacity near-instantly...

Rub your eyes while taking a walk out into the corridor.
No. 75488 ID: c558d4
File quest_hatch.swf - (7.05KB , 690x600 )

Levintus hopes to see one of the system's planets, but then...

This probably means, that the night-cylce on the station has begun. Usually, all minor windows are closed by armored hatches.
No. 75490 ID: c558d4

>Rub your eyes while taking a walk out into the corridor

Levintus eyes recover and his vision is back to normal.

He leaves his room.
No. 75498 ID: c558d4
File 125789145971.png - (94.96KB , 1100x470 , corridor.png )

You are now in the corridor. Your cabin has number 876.

The other side of the corridor looks similar, just the door numbers are different.

As far as Levintus remembers, the main part of the station with all importan sections lies to the RIGHT (current point of view).

To the LEFT the Corridor ends with an armored hatch. Levintus suspects it leads to the vacuum.

The doors around Levintus belong to the cabins where the members of his staff reside, including some of the highest ranking officers in the Regiment.
No. 75500 ID: 34470e

Is there a superior you can report the database connection problem to?
No. 75505 ID: c558d4

>Is there a superior you can report the database connection problem to?

Usually, the Regiment's Master of Armory and his trusted Enginseers would deal with technical difficulties.
The Enginseer 82-Sirius should have his cabin right here in this corridor.

But since the problem seems to be the connection between dataslate and the central database, which is part of the station, Levintus suspects he could also report the problem to the Navy personnel found in the MAINTENANCE-AREA.
No. 75508 ID: 2cbe3e


Well let's go talk to 82-Sirius then. Better to do that then show to maintenance and have it have been something small and easily fixed the whole time.
No. 75513 ID: c558d4
File 125789399331.png - (47.11KB , 544x689 , eri3.png )

>Well let's go talk to 82-Sirius then. Better to do that then show to maintenance and have it have been something small and easily fixed the whole time

Levintus decides, that he should not bother the maintenance personnel.

Luckily, he remembers the door number of 82-Sirius. He uses the door control to ring.

82-Sirius steps out of his cabin. Almost his entire body is covered by the large red cloak he wears, but two small non-biological arms protrude his back.

Levintus greets the man politely. An Enginseer, although technically part of the Regiment since assignement, was also an official envoy of the Adeptus Mechanicus and thus should always be treated with respect.


As far as Levintus could tell, the automated of 82-Sirius sounded suprised.

"Did you see any psykers?"

Levintus is puzzled by that question. Several psykers were part of the regiment and Levintus had to deal with them regulary. 82-Sirius should know that.

"I'm not sure...", he begins, but the Enginseer interrupts.

"No time for talk. Enter."

Levintus is very suprised. The Enginseer, normally one of the most logical and even-tempered persons Levintus knew, seemed to be in a state of excitement. Of course, it is hard to tell with the lack of any major facial features.

"Colonel, please. Enter, before you are seen", the Enginseer continues.

Levintus can scarcely believe his ears. Enough polite talk.
"Before I am seen? What is the meaning of this!?"

"Please, Colonel, not here in public. Enter my cabin."
No. 75514 ID: 34470e

Just enter. We can ask him after he's done talking with us.
No. 75516 ID: 6dd76f

Suspicious, but we have a weapon. Enter his cabin, making sure to check for anything immediately out of place.
No. 75517 ID: 9d41ab

This stinks of heresy most foul. You should investigate immediately.
No. 75531 ID: c558d4
File 125789715445.png - (24.29KB , 477x482 , eri1.png )

> ...enter...

Urged on by the Enginseer, Levintus decides he should enter the cabin to find out what is going on.

As the Enginseer closes the door, thus sealing them both from the outer world, Levintus feels an itchy suspicion rise and unconsciously checks the correct positioning of his laspistol. The cool metal of the grip feels reassuring.

82-Sirius on the other hand is acting very strange. He checks the door twice and then adjusts certain machines with his bionic arm. Levintus does not know the purpose of these machines, but suddenly, the smell of ozone reaches his nose.

"82-Sigma! I will not ask you again..."

The Enginseer turns to face Levintus. "Everything is alright, Colonel. I established a suppressor field to render any eavesdroppers unoperational. Now we can talk openly."

Levintus knows, the members of the Adeptus Mechanicus were a special bunch. Maybe this was all some kind of paranoia 82-Sirius has developed over the years? He would not be the first...

But still, a small factor of suspicion remains.

"82-Sirius, you say we can talk openly now. But about what? To be honest, you are straining my patience."

"Forgive me, Colonel", the Enginseer responds. "But the situation at hand forces me to act swiftly. Over the years, have I not always been a loyal member of your staff?"

"Well, yes. Yes, indeed."

"In that case, I beg you, to trust in me oncemore. Please, take a look."

82-Sirius points at a small table. Three little devices of unknown purpose are placed ontop of it.

"What are these, 82-Sirius? They look like the micro-beads we use for squad-level communication..."

"Indeed, your guess is not too far from the truth. These devices are precious to me and the Adpeptus Mechanicus, truly delicate prototypes."

"Well, I feel honoured that you allow me to see them, but..."

"They are the reason for my safety arrangements, Colonel. I fear they might be stolen."


"Yes, and that is why I want you to take them with you."

Levintus, if mildly confused up to this point, now lost it completely. The Adeptus Mechanicus guarded its secrets and technologies jealously. Why, by the Emperor, would an Enginseer actually gave three precious devices away?

"I don't understand..."

"Youe see, it is an extra measure of safety. It is believed that I am the possessor of these devices. You would just have to take them with you for a few days. As soon as we arrive on planet Sraellia, you can give them back to me."

"Don't be ridiculous, 82-Sirius. We are deep in imperial space, on a heavily fortified space-station, surrounded by Navy detail and our own men. Why would..."

"I know it's a great favor to ask. But nevertheless i ask you still. Please take these devices and hide them for three days."

Levintus shakes his head. 82-Sirius had always been a loyal and trustworthy member of his regiment. But what is the meaning of this folly?

"These devices are not... illegal, or are they?"

"Of course not! On the contrary, the Imperium would benefit greatly, if I could deliver them to where I was supposed to."

"On whose order?"

"Order of my superiors. Of the Adeptus Mechanicus."

The Enginseer takes one of the devices carefully, almost tenderly in one of his augmetic hands.

"Will you grant me what I have asked of you, Colonel?"

Levintus thoughts are racing...
No. 75538 ID: c558d4
File 125789776638.jpg - (64.06KB , 600x450 , on_hold.jpg )

OoC: That's it for now. You may have noticed the picture to text ratio has developed in a negative manner.

I actually learned alot about organising a quest, so thanks to everyone who participated.

I kinda want to try to continue this for bit, but I would have to prepare some more stuff. Maybe this'll lead to something entertaining.

Again, many thanks to all who have participated!
No. 75549 ID: 34470e

"Before I give my answer I must ask a small favor of you: A little while ago I tried to check something in the database, but I couldn't access it. The connection doesn't seem to be working. Could you look into that for me?"
No. 76249 ID: 954933

This quest was really quite good - and don't knock your art, it did exactly what it needed to and was definitely on the higher end of the art scale in my opinion. I look forward to its continuation!
No. 77180 ID: cafd80
File 12583358896.jpg - (64.77KB , 600x450 , cont.jpg )

OoC: A small update just to show it's not dead.

Motivation booster, thanks!
No. 77186 ID: cafd80
File 125833598835.jpg - (86.33KB , 600x600 , dataslate.jpg )

>"Before I give my answer I must ask a small favor of you: A little while ago I tried to check something in the database, but I couldn't access it. The connection doesn't seem to be working. Could you look into that for me?"

82-Sirius replies, he will be glad to perform the Ceremony of Repairing. He will do so even if the Colonel does not agree to hide the three devices, since it is his holy duty as an Enginseer to look after the well-being of every machine-spirit.

However, the necessary rituals will take a considerable amount of time and the Colonel would have to leave the dataslate here. 82-Sirius promises to have it delivered either to the Colonel’s cabin or to the Colonel personally as soon as he is done.
No. 77220 ID: 34470e

Reluctantly agree to hide the devices and hand the dataslate over to him. Mention you want the dataslate returned to you personally.
No. 77222 ID: 436b4b
File 125833809252.jpg - (48.50KB , 600x600 , hands.jpg )

>Reluctantly agree to hide the devices and hand the dataslate over to him. Mention you want the dataslate returned to you personally

Levintus takes dataslate from his inventory and hands it to the Enginseer. 82-Sirius takes it into his arms like a mother would hold her sick child. If augmetic eyes could look worried, the Enginseer’s pair would do so now, Levintus is sure of it.

“I will ease the machine’s pain”, mumbles 82-Sirius.

“Great. Please return it to me personally as soon as you are done.

Well, concerning these three devices… I will take them with me and hide them for the next three days. But I also tell you that your concerns to their safety shall be proven utterly wrong, since the palace on Holy Terra could not be saver than we are at the moment.”

“I cannot express my gratitude, Colonel. And I hope your last statement will hold true.” 82-Sirius turns to the small table and puts the three devices into a handy metal box he had probably prepared for that exact purpose.
No. 77223 ID: 436b4b
File 125833814671.jpg - (72.21KB , 600x600 , givebox.jpg )

“It comes without saying, Colonel, that the matter should be handled confidentially.” the Enginseer says, handing the box to Levintus.

“Confidential, I see.”

Levintus adds METAL BOX to his inventory. It feels heavier than it looks.

“You should leave now. Your presence here, as short as it may have been, could have already raised suspicion. Omnissah bless you, Colonel.”
No. 77228 ID: 34470e

Leave the room.
No. 77229 ID: 436b4b
File 125833858524.jpg - (130.00KB , 1100x470 , corridor2.jpg )

Levintus leaves, the door closing automatically behind him. Seems like Levintus left just in time! The sound of military boots approaches from around the next corner.
No. 77230 ID: 34470e

Um... Go back to your room?
No. 77234 ID: d7df6a
File 125833934595.jpg - (118.62KB , 774x962 , METALBOXES.jpg )

No. 77235 ID: 436b4b
File 125833944057.jpg - (68.42KB , 600x600 , lulby1.jpg )

>Um... Go back to your room?

Levintus turns to go back to his room, but a voice calls him back.

“Good evening, Theodore!”

It is Abigael Lulby, the regiment’s Master of Vox and apparently one of the few persons allowed to use Levintus’s forename.

“Good evening, Abigael."

"How are the children?", she asks.

"Good... I presume."
No. 77236 ID: dda9dd

We have kids?
No. 77237 ID: 436b4b
File 125833949715.jpg - (89.74KB , 600x600 , inquiry.jpg )

“Oh, Theodore. You didn’t make any inquires, right?”

“Come on, nobody does that. Some months ago, the Ministry of Human Resources told me they were healthy, they behaved themselves and my oldest son started to work in a one of the capital’s power plants. What would you possibly want to know more about your children?”

“Well, I, for once, want to know if my daughters have friends, if they like the schooling they were chosen to get, how they spend their free time…”

“What for? The autocracy cares for them just like for every other youngster.”
No. 77239 ID: 436b4b
File 125833961213.png - (44.81KB , 647x689 , erf9.png )

"Dunno. Might have something to do with carrying them in my belly for nine months?”

“You should have done in-vitro after three months, like normal people do. But who am I talking to?”

“I think, it’s really something Thrivoria could learn from other worlds, you know? Family bonds…”

“If it was something beneficial, the autocrats would have already established it.”

“Glory to the Thrivorian autrocacy. Ugh.”

“If your daughters are anything like you, they will have reduced the overseers at education camp to despair.”

“Oh, they have. Don’t forget, unlike you, I get letters from time to time.”
No. 77244 ID: dda9dd

To be fair on some worlds your kids are expected to care for you in your old age and you are expected to care for them...

What with most not having some kind of autocratic planetary state to care for them.
No. 77245 ID: 436b4b

>We have kids?

Levintus thinks about his children. He had four, but one of them died due to an illness. As per Thrivorian tradition, all children grew up together at a children's care center and were sent to one of the several education camps as soon as they were old enough.

Parents usually spent practically no time whatsoever with their children. This system was provided by the Thrivorian authocracy, thus every citizen was able to tend to his duties for practically his whole life.
No. 77249 ID: 436b4b
File 125834028339.png - (50.98KB , 544x689 , lulby4.png )

“Sooooooo, got any news for me?” Lulby asks.


"Reaaally? Or should I ask 82-Sirius?"
No. 77250 ID: 34470e

Just tell her that you gave your dataslate to him to fix.
No. 77251 ID: 436b4b
File 125834091895.jpg - (69.42KB , 600x600 , lev2.jpg )

>Just tell her that you gave your dataslate to him to fix.

"I had problems with my dataslate. He said he will have a look."

"And just for that he had to diasable all internal sensors in a radius of 5 meters?"

"How do you... You logged into the internal systems, again? Abigael, if you get caught I won't..."

"They'll never catch me. And don't try to change the topic."

"I'll be frank, it's not your business."
No. 77253 ID: 192956

Clearly she is trying to black mail you.
No. 77254 ID: 436b4b
File 125834110012.jpg - (67.74KB , 600x600 , lulby2.jpg )

"Hey, don't get all inquisitorial-agent-like.

I'm just saying, you either tell me now or I'll hack your dataslate later. Your choice."
No. 77257 ID: 192956

If you think she is trust worthy offer to tell her in private not standing in the middle of a hallway.
No. 77258 ID: 34470e

Tell her secretly that he heard of an assasination plot against you, though the details of it are extremely vague.
No. 77259 ID: dda9dd

Pity about that... my dataslate in currently under repairs.. I just have to remember to tell him to give it stronger locks.
No. 77261 ID: 436b4b
File 125834147517.jpg - (61.61KB , 600x600 , lev_talk.jpg )

>If you think she is trust worthy offer to tell her in private not standing in the middle of a hallway.

Levintus sighs. "Okay, listen. I'll tell you later in private. Here is not the right place..."

"For real? Sounds heretical."
No. 77265 ID: 436b4b
File 125834157642.jpg - (104.39KB , 600x600 , newarski.jpg )

"Heretical? Where?"

Senior-Commissar Julios Newarski just opened his door.
No. 77266 ID: 34470e

Assassination plot. If you are forced into a corner, use that lie.
No. 77268 ID: 192956

Teenage pop music, I was just talking about how I won't let my kids listen to it.
No. 77269 ID: 436b4b
File 125834217588.png - (37.57KB , 647x689 , erf10.png )

>Assassination plot. If you are forced into a corner, use that lie

"Senior-Commissar!" Levintus clears his throat.
"Captain Lulby and I just talked about how heretical it would be if somebody tried to plot an assassination of... of... you. But clearly, nobody is. Nobody! Because, that would be utterly heretical. And a plot. And assassination. Yes... No. Nobody."
No. 77271 ID: 192956

Perfect he would never expect that.
No. 77274 ID: 436b4b
File 125834246871.png - (48.65KB , 544x689 , eri4.png )

"I see."

Newarski's black eyes are sharper than laser-beams.

"Very well. But we should never let our guard down, should we?"

"No, never, Senior-Commissar. I mean, yes. Yes, never. I mean, you are clearly right. Everbody can see that."

"Of course. Good evening, Colonel, Captain."

Newarski disappears in his cabin.

No. 77275 ID: 08f315


A distraction works as well as anything else. Perhaps it's not so wise to let anyone know you've been with Sirius just now.

"Oh, wait, there's one thing. I was awoken rather abruptly not too long ago...You wouldn't happen to know who is behind the Call of the Faithful here on the station, would you? As I was torn from my sleep just now, I had a brief vision of the Emperor placing salvation right between my knuckles and I feel in a mood to share. Heh, I'm just kidding of course, but damn, I swear that call could wake the dead, Abigael."
No. 77276 ID: 08f315

Disregard the last post. It seems to have gotten stuck in some long-ass internet burp.
No. 77281 ID: 436b4b
File 125834268763.png - (35.63KB , 468x649 , lulby3.png )

"Assassination plot?" Lulby laughs. "I mean, really?"

"Shut up. If they had told me I had to deal with that reptile on a regular basis, I would have never accepted that promotion."
No. 77284 ID: 192956

Unless you have further you would like to discuss I suggest we talk later.
No. 77285 ID: 436b4b
File 125834296973.jpg - (84.11KB , 600x600 , lulby4.jpg )

"Well, you are clearly a man in great demand now.

Oh, and while we ar at it: There's a servo-skull heading your way right now."

"How do you... Oh, right. Implants."

"Yes - ah, here it comes."
No. 77286 ID: 34470e

Servo-skull? Implants?
No. 77290 ID: 08f315

Well, servo-skulls are tech-priest stuff. Could be related to Sirius, could be something else. Perhaps it's just as well to get away from underfoot while you're carrying what might be confidential contraband outside a room that even your own officer knows suddenly got cut off the proverbial grid. And considering Sirius went THAT far to prevent the truth coming out, perhaps it's better to tell your officer some white lie of what went on instead of the full truth?
No. 77292 ID: 436b4b
File 125834341670.jpg - (70.34KB , 600x600 , skull.jpg )

A servo-skull aproaches, flying through the corridor like a fish through water.
As soon as it gets aware of Levintus, it fixes its dead gaze on him.

A slight tingling tells him, his face is currently scanned.

The servo-skull extends one of its tiny limbs. Levintus understands and offers his hand.

The limb slashes out and the tip of a needle penetrates the skin of his forefinger. A drop of blood appears and is sucked away by another limb.

After the genetic identificcation process is complete, the servo-skull moves up until it's floating an arm's length above Levintus and Lulby.
No. 77296 ID: 08f315


Wait, so...Is this process common on this station?
No. 77299 ID: 436b4b
File 125834374277.jpg - (68.93KB , 600x600 , morton.jpg )

A hololithic is projected by the skull. The bony man is Morton Sprio, Medical Officer and head of the regiment's medical department.

The projected Sprio begins to speak. It's a recorded message, not a two-way communication attempt.

The sound quality is terrible, but sufficient to understand what Sprio is saying.

“Colonel. Please forgive me for disturbing you during night-cycle, but I have to report a strange incident. A young man, who claims to be a pilgrim, smuggled himself onto the station. Due to his bad state of health, I ordered the Navy detail to deliver him to my office. He seems to be confused, but also absolutely harmless. The reason I’m bothering you is as follows: the security officer of the Navy wants to throw him out of an airlock, with or without a docked ship at hand. I beg you to use your authority and have the man’s life spared.”

“A pilgrim?” Lulby looks puzzled. "Here? In this corner of the sector?"
No. 77301 ID: 34470e

Well, if the assassination lie comes up again, we have a scapegoat. Maybe we should go talk to him in the meantime?
No. 77306 ID: dda9dd

Lets have a look at this vagabond ehh?
No. 77308 ID: 436b4b
File 12583444413.jpg - (65.35KB , 600x450 , paused.jpg )

And again, on hold. And only humble story progress. Oh, well, I said it was a small update. But until next time, I'll surely finish the prologue...

Again, thanks for showing interest and participatng!
No. 77316 ID: 08f315


For future reference, perhaps you could add a specific tag, such as "(contd)", to your posts when you are posting several posts and images in a sequence? Would make it easier for us to discern when we are meant to post suggestions, and when you are simply updating the story.
No. 77320 ID: 436b4b


Sounds sensible. Will do.
No. 79983 ID: d5d142
File 125877644286.png - (250.60KB , 900x600 , corridor1_color.png )


(Sequence 1/2)

“Pilgrim or not, Sprio sounded urgent. I’ll go take a look.”

“I’ll accompany you, if you don’t mind.” Lulby sighs. “Animals get dull after a while.”

“What? Animals? What animals?”

“Ah, forget it. A nobleman’s ship was unloaded in the docking bay and I watched. He brought his personal zoo along with his household, dozens of exotic animals from just as many planets. Was quite a sight, I tell you, but creatures in cages won’t keep me interested for the rest of the night.”

“I see. Well, feel free to come along. Sprio’s office is on deck F, right?”

“Deck F, exactly. If you’d follow me, I’ll show you the shortest way to the next elevator.”
Levintus nods.

“Go ahead, Abigael.”

He dismisses the servo-skull, which hovers out of sight in no time, minding whatever business currently occupies its automated mind.

Levintus and Lulby head for the next elevator, which is just five minutes away.
No. 79987 ID: d5d142
File 12587765797.png - (728.04KB , 942x728 , elevator1_color.png )

(Sequence 2/2)

The nearest elevator is rather small, built for transporting people or lightweight freight only.
Lulby pushes the button to call the elevator car, but it is currently operating in one of the lower decks, thus they have to wait.

In the corner, three soldiers of the 24th legion are talking quietly to each other.

“They should put up more elevators. Could be quite a hassle, if a large number of people has to move during an emergency”, says Levintus.

“Oh, they are. Next to your room is that hatch, remember? Behind that, a whole new section of the station is currently being constructed. With ample elevators.”

“Really? Too bad, we’ll be planet-side long before they are finished.”


Levintus cocks his head. “How do you know what they’re constructing, by the way?”

“I saw the construction plan. Found it on some local data storage unit.”

“Huh.” Levintus does not want to know how Lulby acquired this data storage unit she mentioned.

The elevator takes his time.
No. 80008 ID: 88d217


Step closer to the door, planting yourself to better overhear the whispered conversation.
No. 80031 ID: d5d142
File 125877802240.png - (712.02KB , 942x728 , elevator2b_color.png )


Levintus takes a step forward, but unfortunately, the soldiers notice him immediately and turn arround.

They salute.

"Good evening, Sir!" says the one in the middle. Levintus observes that he seems slightly nervous.
No. 80032 ID: 632862

"Good evening. What's that you've got there, behind your back?"
No. 80033 ID: 5d5878

Good evening, at ease, etc. What are they doing out here?
No. 80053 ID: d5d142
File 125877872268.png - (28.95KB , 362x282 , zoom.png )

>>Good evening, at ease, etc. What are they doing out here?

The soldiers reply they are off-duty and they were just talking to each other.

>>"Good evening. What's that you've got there, behind your back?"

While he asks that question, Levintus takes a closer look at the badly hidden object.

It’s a thin booklet without title and it looks suspiciously like something Levintus already saw some years ago. He does not like that a bit.

There had been an ugly incident involving a radical political group. The members of the group, some of them soldiers of the 24th legion, pleaded for more personal rights and freedoms and similar heresies. They managed to print some writings to propagate their traitorous views and those were similar to the booklet in the hand of that soldier.

The thorough investigation of that radical group led to some men getting executed by firing-squad. Levintus does not want something like that to happen again, it would be a disaster for regiment’s morale right before the deployment on Sraellia.

But he just could not ignore this, could he?
No. 80056 ID: dda9dd

Likely unsanctioned xenos pornography!
No. 80058 ID: 88d217


Ignore making a scene of it here. Report it to a superior if you find the chance.
No. 80059 ID: 5d5878

He can't ignore it, but if that's really what it is, it needs to be stopped. A firing squad would destroy morale, so a more discreet method is needed. At the very least, it has to be removed from their possession.
No. 80079 ID: d5d142


Levintus's regiment currently not part of a larger battlegroup, thus no higher-ranking officer of the Imperial Guard is at hand.

It would be possible to report to Senior-Commissar Newarski or any other Commissar currently assigned to the regiment.


"Give me that, private!", Levintus barks. The soldier obeys uncomfortably.

Levintus adds UNKNOWN BOOKLET to his inventory.

Should he read it now or or just keep it as evidence?
No. 80086 ID: 5d5878

Cursory glance to get a vague idea.
No. 80103 ID: d5d142
File 125878046390.png - (113.23KB , 400x550 , document1.png )


(Sequence 1/3)

Levintus decides to open the booklet.

He hopes it's at worst some political content and not runes of the foul forces of Chaos which will corrupt his soul as soon as he looks.

Levintus opens the booklet with slightly nervous hands.
No. 80107 ID: d5d142
File 125878063174.png - (122.31KB , 360x495 , pinup.png )

(Sequence 2/3)

The booklet contains... pictures of scarcely clad women. Human, non-mutated women. Phew.
No. 80134 ID: d5d142
File 125878119715.png - (149.55KB , 400x550 , document2.png )

(Sequence 3/3)
“Well, her implants are surely different than mine”, Lulby laughs, as she looks over Levintus’s shoulder.

“It’s not on the index, Sir!” the soldier hurries to explain.

“That is for me to decide, Private,” Levintus growls.
But in reality, he is relieved.In contrast to what he suspected, this is a bagatelle.
No. 80143 ID: 5d5878

Phew, praise be to the Emperor. Let them off with nothing more than a scolding, I guess.
No. 80145 ID: d5d142
File 12587815962.jpg - (64.18KB , 600x450 , tobecon.jpg )

OoC: My internet connection is failing me. Have to abort early. Hopefully can post rest of the update this weekend.
No. 80146 ID: 632862

This seems inconsequential. Just give it back and tell them to consider such things in a less public place.
No. 80151 ID: 773d10

What is this 'index' the private mentioned? The index of the pamphlet, or something else?

Hand it back, but ask for his name and platoon. That should make him sweat some, and if you really want to make an issue out of it you can talk with his commanding officer later.

Right now, you're supposed to meet with Sprio.
No. 80325 ID: 02925f

Much like in medieval times, they must have an index of publications banned by the Inquisition.

Seems a blacklist-style type of thing; by listing forbidden books, many of questionable content end up allowed just by not being disallowed.

My vote on this is, let him keep it. Look, its not even nudes. Just give a warning.
No. 80559 ID: d5d142
File 125885397592.png - (123.17KB , 400x550 , document3.png )

(Sequence 1/4)

“No banned content, indeed. But don’t forget: As soon as we are planet-sided, the citizens will look up to you as representatives of the Imperium. Behave accordingly.”

The soldiers mumble in agreement.
“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”
“Yes, Sir.”

Levintus gives the booklet back to the soldier.

BIKINI MAGAZINE removed from inventory.

“Now make yourselves scarce. I don’t want to run into you again, today.”

“At once, Sir.”

While the soldiers leave, Levintus raises his voice again. “And while you are at it, think about what Newarski would have done in my place.”

He can see from a distance how the soldiers duck their heads and allows himself to take a deep breath. Crisis successfully averted.
No. 80560 ID: ce2dd5
File 125885409210.png - (651.40KB , 942x728 , talk.png )

(Sequence 2/5)

Lulby is humming. “You are too lenient, or so they say.”

Levintus does not answer.

“But don’t mind me. I like lenient.”
They return to their waiting post in front of the elevator.

“But you know as well, as soon as we are down on the surface, one will be able to drag out a platoon worth of men out of the local brothels”, Lulby continues.

“I know.”

“And you know, too, that there’ll be also some NCOs and probably one or two officers among them.”

“I know”, Levintus grumbles.

“Nice to hear we share the same viewpoint. Ah, our lift is here.”

The doors of the elevator open and Levintus and Lulby enter.
No. 80561 ID: ce2dd5
File 125885416183.png - (420.78KB , 659x667 , elev_car1.png )

(Sequence 3/5)

Lulby presses the button for deck F and they both feel the acceleration. Too bad the direction is incorrect; it goes down instead of up.

“Seems like somebody is trying to hijack our elevator.”

“Was probably faster at pressing the button.”

The elevator car descends. It seems to be a rather slow model.

“You know, they should play music in these things”, Lulby suggests.


“Music for listening. In elevators. It’s not like there’s much else to do.”

“Are you in earnest?”

“Yes. Although, Newarski would probably have it play hymns the whole time. Better forget the idea.”

Levintus shakes his head. “Alright.”

The elevator car stops and the doors open. A person enters.
No. 80563 ID: ce2dd5
File 12588542841.png - (467.14KB , 659x667 , elev_car2.png )

(Sequence 4/5)

It is Frederike Vanth, the head of the psyker detachment of the 24th Legion.

“Oh, good evening, Colonel. Captain Lulby.”

“Good evening, Lady Vanth.”

The elevator car accelerates again, upwards this time.

“Still awake?” asks Vanth. “I didn’t get accustomed to the station day-night-cycle, too.”

“If it was just that…” Levintus mumbles.

“So true.” Lulby nods. “And we still have to look forward to the 30-hour-days of Sraellia.”

“30 and a half, to be precise”, says Vanth, “But at least we’ll stay for quite some… eh.”
No. 80565 ID: ce2dd5
File 125885446078.png - (476.10KB , 659x667 , elev_car3.png )

(Sequence 5/5)

Levintus and Lulby look at Vanth. She seems to be sick all of a sudden.

“Huh…” The psyker is pressing a hand against her head. “Something is not right.”

“That is not funny, Vanth…”

The psyker staggers. Lulby steps forward and tries to support her.

“My head, I… So weak…”
No. 80566 ID: dda9dd

Day/Night Cycles?

Vanth.. how do you even see from behind that thing? I didn't imagine that the sight immaterium distinguished between arbitrarily decided timing cycles.
No. 80568 ID: 34470e

Lay him down and ask what is happening.
No. 80570 ID: 5d5878

This could be bad. Ask her what's going on.
No. 80581 ID: 632862

Shit, I bet it's that thing that 82-Sirus gave you. Some kind of psyker-jamming device? Try getting him to the opposite side of the elevator from you. Like, have him sit in the corner while you walk over to the buttons and push the one for the next floor so it stops early.
No. 80695 ID: 7b5ee7

Oh dear. A psyker not being alright is troubling indeed. Be on your guard against any sudden moves from Vanth, Colonel. If it appears necessary, go for your gun.

If she does not appear possessed try to get her to focus and tell you what, exactly, is wrong beyond her feeling weak.


There are other possibilities beyond the devices Sirius gave us (frankly, I think Vanth would have reacted at once if it was that).

There could be a blank (a person who is like a psychic black hole) station-board and getting closer as the elevator takes us up. The new pilgrim, perhaps?

Or it could be the warp mucking up, somehow. Hope like hell this is not the case, because it usually means bad things.
No. 81833 ID: c1fab3
File 125927590950.png - (150.72KB , 600x600 , getting_better1.png )



"Hey! What is wrong, Vanth?"

"Terrible headache. And I can't see anymore." the psyker groans.
No. 81835 ID: c1fab3
File 125927614948.png - (427.98KB , 664x667 , elev1_ns.png )

>>Try getting him to the opposite side of the elevator from you. Like, have him sit in the corner while you walk over to the buttons and push the one for the next floor so it stops early.

Levintus reaches for the elevator controls and presses the button of the next deck. The elevator car wlowly grinds to a halt.

"Vanth, could you go over there?" Levintus asks and points to the opposite side of the elevator car. But the psyker is too occupied with herself to react.

"Abigael, would you get her to that corner?"

Lulby, who attempts to talk to Vanth in a calm manner, looks at him in bewilderment. "What? Why...?"

"Just do it!"

Lulby shrugs and grabs Vanth by the arm. But the psyker refused to move. Lulby puts her arms around Vanth's waist and partly pulls, partly carries Vanth to the corner.

Meanwhile, Levintus presses his back against the wall, to increase the distance between him and the psyker.

The elevator car stops and its doors open.
No. 81837 ID: c1fab3
File 125927671426.png - (438.46KB , 650x660 , elev2_ns.png )


The distance between Vanth and Levintus barely reaches two meters, but Vanth suddenly lets go of her head struggles free from Lulby's grip.

"It's... it's gone now."

"What is gone?"

"The black hole. The emptiness..." Vanth shivers, as if she felt cold.

"I... I have to rest. Please excuse me."

"Uh, shouldn't you go to see a doctor or something..." Lulby begins, but Vanth dashes through the open elevator doors and disappears behind a corner.

"Well, what the.." Levintus and Lulby look after her, feeling confused. The elevator doors close.
No. 81839 ID: c1fab3
File 125927737071.png - (418.58KB , 659x667 , elev3_ns.png )


"Well, talk about miracle healing. That was odd."

"Yes. But was it just psyker-odd or was it psyker-dangerously-odd?" Lulyb asks.

"Uhm, if you ask me..." Levintus begins.

"I do."

"I don't think it was a dangerous incident. I mean, did you feel anything?"


"Headache? Nose-bleeding? The urge to vomit?"

"No, nothing like that."

"Well, I'm not an expert for these sort of things, but I think it we would have noticed if something really bad would have happenend."

"You could be right. Still, it was not normal."

"Definitely not. Maybe we should keep an eye on Vanth for the next days."

"Good idea."

Levintus presses the button for deck F and the elevator car begins to move again.

"But now, please tell what that 'Move the psyker to the corner' stuff was about", Lulby says. "I mean, what was that supposed to be good for?"
No. 81840 ID: 34470e

The elevator might have been off-kilter enough to mess with his mind.(she is SO not gonna buy that)
No. 81860 ID: f3b88e

Possible answers...
"We're testing something on this side of the elevator."
"Its me. I'm one with the chaos." (I wonder if she'd get this one as a joke)
And so on, and so forth.
No. 81862 ID: c1fab3

rolled 8 = 8

>>The elevator might have been off-kilter enough to mess with his mind.(she is SO not gonna buy that)

Roll for Bluff
No. 81863 ID: c1fab3
File 125928259130.png - (132.96KB , 600x600 , qu_llby.png )



"I thought it was the elevator's unsteadiness. Bringing Vanth closer to one of the walls should have stabilized her stand", Levintus explains. "Well, it worked! Hooray?"

Lulby glares at Levintus. "Feeling sooo funny today, huh?"
No. 81868 ID: 107da3


"More seriously, sometimes goods are transported or stashed in the elevator shaft or nearby that are... not necessarily things we should think about."
No. 81869 ID: af3e6d

You're not a known douchebag, and she seems pretty cool. Just tell her to trust you on this, there was a very good, very classified reason.
No. 81886 ID: 35cea2

Admit that it was some dumb rumor that you heard somewhere that psykers in close proximity to certain people make them get all loopy.

Say that you doubt it was true, and Vanthe's uneasiness was probably just some random short lived event not at all related to you.
No. 81909 ID: 7b7087
File 125929126761.png - (413.37KB , 659x667 , cab6.png )


"Okay, okay, I was just pulling your leg. Now, seriously, I had a certain assumption and, as we saw, the assumption proved to be correct. But unfortunately it is impossible for me to tell you any details."

"Oh, come on now!"

"Abigael. you know me. If it was something which could threaten your life or the life of anyone on this station, I would tell you. But for now, my hands are tied and the classified information shall remain as they are: classified."
No. 81913 ID: 7b7087
File 125929171029.png - (412.82KB , 659x667 , pun.png )

"Well, seems like I have to accept that you have a higher clearance level..." Lulby smiles.
"For Vanth of a better explanation, I will accept what you told me."

"Riiiight. And you told me, I had my funny day..."

"Yes, I really vanthed to tell you."

"Please stop that, Abigael."

The elevator doors open. Levintus and Lulby arrived at Deck F.
No. 81916 ID: 34470e

Proceed to Spirio's office.
No. 81926 ID: 7b7087
File 125929344354.png - (558.12KB , 824x672 , office1ns.png )

>>Proceed to Spirio's office.

Levintus and Lulby leave the elevator and head towards Sprio's office. The corridors are pretty deserted, since this deck contains no crucial system of the station and only the night shift is out and about.

But as they get closer to the corridor where Sprio's office is located, angry voices can be heared.

"No, you won't"

"Sounds like Sprio", Lulby says. Her enhanced sense of hearing makes it possible for her to identify the voice.

"Let's hurry."

As they arrive in front of Sprio's office, several people are already present.

Levintus sees Sprio, a Navy officer and two security troopers.

The officer, whose rank insignia mark him as a Lieutenant, and Sprio are currently having a loud argument.

The topic seems to be the stowaway, or to be more precise, the imminent disposal of the aforementioned stowaway.
No. 81934 ID: 34470e

Tell them that you've come to interrogate the stowaway.
No. 82084 ID: 119b5c

Listen in for a second.
No. 86144 ID: 48572a

Colonels are supposed to have authority. So use that. Since the man's under the auspices of YOUR medicae...Give the lieutenant your best authoritative glare and voice. Question what is the matter here. If they just want to toss the guy out the airlock for the sake of it, send them on their merry way, as you'll be the judge of that.

If they want to argue, they should contact their superiors. Navy or not, you outrank this guy and then some, don't you?
No. 88945 ID: 8c3827
File 126034730556.png - (144.37KB , 600x600 , argu.png )

Levintus and Lulby wait and listen.

“Be reasonable”, the Navy Lieutenant says, “Stand aside.”

Sprio does not flinch. “I will not.”

“The stowaway gained access to the spaceport without authorization. He has to face the consequences.”

“Indeed, he has. I have no intention to protect a criminal from receiving proper punishment. But I have also heard that Lord Fornak demanded the man’s death and I will not allow that.”

“Hey…” Lulby whispers into Levintus’s ear. “Didn’t I tell you about a ship with animals and stuff, the one I saw getting unloaded? That Fornak bloke is the owner.”

The Lieutenant seems to grow impatient. “The stowaway hid on Lord Fornak’s ship, thus violating his Lordship’s private property. Lord Fornak wants me to bring the stowaway to him. His Lordship’s intentions concerning the stowaway’s demise are not my...”

“But this is murder!” Sprio shouts. "Punish him according to Navy statutes, for the Emperor's sake!"

The Navy Lieutenant shakes his head. “My superiors have already agreed to turn the stowaway over to Lord Fornak. His Lordship possesses the prerogative to…”

“Your superiors kiss Fornak's lordly arse, because he is the cousin of the planetary governor!”Sprio exclaims.
No. 88946 ID: 8c3827
File 126034735496.png - (554.72KB , 824x672 , argu2.png )

“Enough! I tried to reason with you, but I see that it is futile.” The Lieutenant turns to the two security troopers. “Men, restrain him!”
No. 88947 ID: 34470e

What the fuck are you doing just STANDING THERE?
No. 88948 ID: 119b5c

"Belay that. Stand down gentlemen." Have the transfer of authority over the stowaway go over to you, and tell the lieutenant to report back to his Superior as to the situation is now under your control. This is clearly gotten out of hand, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the stow-away might not be a sneak after all, judging by how the noble reacted to his sudden appearance. Heresy is afoot, I can almost smell it.

If they want the stowaway so badly, they'll have to send more then just a lieutenant.
No. 89640 ID: 8c3827
File 126046969864.png - (136.53KB , 600x600 , argu4.png )

Levintus quickly steps forward. “Belay that”, he barks. The Lieutenant and his men turn around, surprised.

“Colonel! And Captain Lulby, too. Glad you made it!” Sprio’s voice sounds calm, but it is clear that he is relieved.

“What is the meaning of this?” asks the Lieutnant, still angry. “Who are you?”

“Mind your tongue. I am Colonel Levintus and the man you want to restrain is a medical officer of my regiment. I forbid you to lay hands on him.”
The Lieutenant clicks his heels. “Sir, I have to inform you that you are interfering with Navy affairs. A stowaway...”

“I am aware of the situation and I will handle this from now. You and your men may stand down.”

The Lieutenant frowns. “The responsibility...”

“...does not rest with the Navy. This spaceport is a civilian facility, just as Lord Fornak’s ship is a civilian’s property. The stowaway is the concern of whatever authority is at hand and that will be me.”

Levintus knows that his reasoning is dodgy at best, but for now he can rely on the superiority of his rank. And on his good memory: What was the name of the Commissar accompanying the station’s Navy detachment? Feline? Flening?

“You should report back to your superiors that the situation is now under my control. But if you insist, we can call Commissar Feling and ask him for advice on this matter. Although I think he might not be amused to be disturbed at this hour...”

The Lieutenant pales. “I don’t think it will be necessary to call for Commissar Feling, Sir. I think I’ll go and report to the Commodore.”
No. 89642 ID: 8c3827
File 126046974583.png - (527.92KB , 820x655 , argu3.png )

Levintus, Lulby and Sprio watch the Lieutenant and his men leave.

“Thank you for your help, Sir” Sprio says. “Although it could be that you have just antagonized a very powerful man...”
No. 89648 ID: e024d0

Commissars are always lovely people to refer back to. No one has the balls to go ask their thoughts on the matter.

Anyhow, I suppose now we have to work our own way inside to see the stowaway, huh?
No. 89677 ID: adbbab


What's Sprio like? He's clearly a principled man if he's willing to stand up in face of authority like that. Anyway, hang your head, sigh and say something like this.

"Which one, the commissar, the commodore or lord Fornak?"

Then go have a look at the man you've jeopardized your relationship with the planetary governor, the navy and the commissariat for. Perhaps it's a christmas miracle and he's a saint in disguise.

Oh, and have a look at that prayer thingie hanging on the wall there, as well. What's it say?
No. 91411 ID: 26cf58
File 126076711083.png - (438.61KB , 602x722 , sprio1.png )

Sprio? He has been head of the medical department for more than fifteen years now, but Levintus did not have much business with him until his promotion to regimental command. All Levintus can say is that Sprio appears to be a man devoted to his work.

Sprio’s principles are probably part of his parentage: The medical officer, along with most of the medical staff, is in fact not a Thrivorian but a descendant of Reglon, a hiveworld in the Segmentum Solar. Sprio and his medics were transferred to the 24th Thrivorian Legion after their own regiment, the 18th Reglonish Regulars, suffered so many losses in battle, it was decided to distribute the surviving elements instead of restoring the 18th. The consolidation had been quite a cultural shock for the isolationist Thrivorians...

Anyway, the Reglonish society is surely different from the Thrivorian society and Levintus is simply not acquainted enough with Sprio to tell more about his moral views.

“I suppose you’d like to meet the stowaway now?” Sprio gestures towards the door to his office.

“Sure. Just give me a minute.”
No. 91412 ID: 26cf58
File 126076715736.png - (178.21KB , 600x600 , seal.png )

Levintus examines the scripture attached to the wall by a seal. The writing is partly faded, but from what he can decipher it seems to be a kind of blessing, begging the Emperor to protect the spaceport and its inhabitants.
Nothing unusual, these things are usually distributed by men of the Ecclesiarchy in exchange for a donation...
“Strange. The last line indicates that the blessing was invoked by Confessor Zirrus and dates back ten years” Levintus murmurs “But I do remember Zirrus getting killed in battle twelve years ago? Newarksi was inconsolable for nearly a week, he really liked Zirrus’s litanies and poems...”

How odd. But maybe the date is just a scribal error?
No. 91413 ID: 26cf58
File 126076719249.png - (676.95KB , 851x661 , stowaway.png )

Levintus turns away from the seal and follows Sprio and Lulby into the office.

“May I introduce...” begins Sprio “...Writker Boffles.”

“Oh, hello there!” A young man in shabby clothes is standing behind Sprio’s desk

“Writker, this is Colonel Levintus and this is Captain Lulby” continues Sprio. “They mean no harm.”
No. 91437 ID: 5d5878

Remind him that as commanding officer, you are required to mean him harm if you don't like his reason for being here.
No. 91448 ID: e024d0

Odd, perhaps you should have a scribe look to that later.

He seems unusually cheerful for a man who could soon face the wrath of an angry noble. Considering this particular noble's beast trade proclivities I would guess as to the 'entertaining' nature of his possible punishment.
No. 91462 ID: 119b5c

"Straight to the point. Why were you aboard Lord Fornak's ship?" Punishment is coming, As he is indeed a stowaway, and leniency on such trouble-making would only invite worse, but I'm curious as to why Lord Fornak would want him dead personally, rather then let the punishment be handed down from whoever is in charge at the moment. There is much to be left to suspicion, and he may even lie to lead us off the trail.

Hmm...All I see available, is a short list of questions, to try and gain a upper hand in the envitable arguement later with Lord Fornak, or his men.

Why was he aboard?
Why does Fornak want him dead?
Where does he come from, and rather, what does the ship hold?
On top of that, we might want to place him under watch of a guard, or someone likewise. No need for him to become a nuisance without playing a stronger hand then being a "helpless castaway."
No. 91469 ID: 8e7062

Well Colonel, time to be a leader. Greet Writker, and then settle into command mode. Ask Sprio and Writker to explain their case. Make it clear that there's no doubt SOME sort of official punishment awaiting Writker for sneaking onto the station without authorization, and you cannot guarantee to shield him from that, even should you want to. You've only staved off this current punishment out of respect to your company's head medicae, whose admirable dedication to preserving life was just about to get him into trouble.

Points of interests in the story:

-Who is Writker? A Sraellian?
-Why did Writker sneak onto Fornak's ship and onto the station? Are there no ordinary shuttles he could have taken?
-How did Writker manage to sneak aboard Fornak's ship?
-Why does Fornak desire to have Writker brought to him so that he can be put to death? Is privacy that important to Sraellian nobles?
No. 91569 ID: 107da3


He looks like a pilgrim.
No. 91766 ID: 26cf58
File 126083519967.png - (290.17KB , 845x655 , interrogation1.png )

It is high time to get investigative.

“Greetings, Writker. You do not know yet, but you owe me some answers. More cooperation from your side leads to more cooperation from my side. Understood?”

Writker nods uncomfortably.

“Good. Why are you here?”

“Mister Sprio brought me here.”

“No, why are you on this station?”

“I am conducting the Great Pilgrimage, your Highness. I visit every shrineworld from here to Terra.”

“Spare me the highness stuff, I am not a noble. If you truly are conducting the Great Pilgrimage, why are you here, in orbit of this backwater planet?”

“Backwater planet? Is this not the planet Tanubta?”

“No, you are in orbit of planet Sraellia.”

“Oh no! Did I really pick the wrong ship!? Or did they fly in the wrong direction?”

“Pick a ship? You are a stowaway. Being transported on a ship without permission of the skipper is considered a criminal act. And don’t get any wrong ideas, that’ll have consequences.”

“But the pilgrimage is important!”

“Well, it’s true that sometimes traders allow pilgrims or poor passengers to travel on their craft without charging a fee. But that’s always in agreement with the owner” Lulby says.

“There you have it. Pilgrimage or not, your behaviour was wrong.”

“But... But that’s what we always do!” Writker protests.

“We? Are there more like you?”

“Well, my brothers. We split up, so we could get the pilgrimage done faster.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, visiting all the shrineworlds. Look!” Writker points at the piece of cloth that hangs from his neck. Levintus already saw that there were words written on it, but just now he realized that the words were actually planet names. He recognized some, imperial shrineworlds the whole lot.

“Are you telling me that you and your brothers are zigzagging through imperial space, smuggling themselves from ship to ship, planet to planet in order to reach those shrineworlds?”

“No, not those planets. Look, the list is incomplete.” Writker shows the ripped end of the textile. “My brothers have the other parts.”

“How many brothers?”


“Holy crap!” Lulby shouts out “If their pieces are just as long that could be practically every shrineworld in the Imperium.”

“My mother made the list” Writker tells proudly “She was a wise woman. Not as wise as the Emperor, of course, but she taught us everything we had to know to finish the pilgrimage. How to get on a ship without being caught and where to get something to eat...”

“Where are you guys from, anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“Writker, that’s not the answer I wanted to hear.”

“Uhm, well. I was born on Macharia. But I don’t know on which planet my grandparents started the whole thing. But I’ll worry about that after I’ve been to Holy Terra.”

“Boy...” Levintus sighs. “Do you have any idea why Lord Fornak wanted to have you dead?”

“Hrm.... He’s probably jealous because I have been to more shrineworlds than him and he will never end his pilgrimage if he keeps flying the wrong way.” The young man’s voice is so full of honesty and naiveté, Levintus decides Writker either tells the truth or is one of the best actors he ever saw.

“Flying the wrong way, huh? Why did you get on Fornak’s ship in the first place?”

“Well, I heard two of his men at the docks on Naftael. One of them said they were going to fly to the most precious planet in the sector. It had to be Tanubta! What other planet could be more important in the sector than the shrineworld Tanubta?”

“Naftael? Isn’t that the planet where Sraellia’s new governor came from?” asks Levintus.

“Yeah, the governor of Sraellia is Naftaelian. And his cousin Fornak apparently too” answers Lulby.

“Hrm, I visited a cathedral there on Naftael. It wasn’t too big...” Writker sighs. “Uhm, do you have any other questions, Mister Colonel?”
No. 91786 ID: 119b5c

This doesn't strike me as a man that would be wanted dead. Something else is afoot. When is the next ship to Tanubta? What's worse, is this doesn't give us any ammunition to defend the man from Fornak when he comes, besides his holy intentions. ~I~ feel like I'm missing something big, but can't put my finger on it.

Do we have the authority to put this man under guard, and set it up for him to be put to work in the meantime? At least, until he can find an agreement with a trader heading to Tanubta
No. 91807 ID: 5d5878

It honestly strikes me as odd that he has not died a horrible, horrible death yet.
No. 91898 ID: e024d0

Hmmm, even with a whole family is could take centuries to traverse the galaxy to 'every' shrineworld.
No. 91915 ID: c1b520

What we need to do is verify his claims. We need a holy man to make sure that all the planets on his list are indeed shrine planets. What bothers me the most is this man's mother. How could she have all of this information, and why would she only send her boys and not go herself. Something is not right about all this.
No. 92432 ID: e02c32

I dont think there is much to gain by investigating him, y'know. Just an red herring to the real problem's the Lord's ship.

I think his mom (or grandparents) was just a hiveworlder, and therefore, taught how to do the pilgrimage the only way she knew.

Or you really think everyone is so friendly to pilgrims as legends say?
No. 92548 ID: 0ccc56
File 126091473127.png - (100.17KB , 500x600 , interrogation2.png )

“Wait a moment, Writker.” Levintus turns to Lulby and Sprio, gesturing to them to come closer.

“Well guys”, Lulby begins “Is that the strangest story you ever heard or is that the strangest story you ever heard? I mean, really, a several generation-long pilgrimage to almost every shrineworld... And if Holy Terra is the ultimate destination after visiting the other shrineworlds... I mean, I doubt his grand-grand-grand-grandsons will reach it.”

“Emperor, no” says Sprio “This could take hundreds and hundreds of years, especially considering how they do it. I’m surprised he wasn’t caught until now or got himself killed.”

Levintus interrupts them. “May I remind you that we have more important things to talk about? I just snubbed the Navy for that man and I doubt Fornak will give up so easily. I heard nobles can be quite vengeful...”

“You did the right thing, Sir. I mean the nomadic life-style... He does not know anything else. He thinks the universe works like that. His intentions weren’t evil, he is just trying to do what his culture demands from him.”

“Pious-space-rats-nomads-culture is not a credible argument, Sprio” Levintus grumbles. “Besides, he practically admitted that he is illegally using ships to travel from planet to planet just like his parents and seemingly his grandparents did. He didn’t commit a single crime, his whole lifestyle is criminal. And honestly, I see no reason why I should cover him...”
No. 92550 ID: 0ccc56
File 126091478718.png - (139.27KB , 500x600 , interrogation3.png )

Sprio takes a depp breath. “Sir, please, listen to me. There are countless different human cultures within the Imperium. Writker didn’t commit his crimes consciously, all he ever learned was that he had to conduct the pilgrimage. Isn’t it our duty to protect the Imperium? And doesn’t that mean also to protect the cultures within the Imperium?
Don’t you remember how appalled you Thrivorians were the first time you got in contact to another planet’s society? How barbaric you thought they were? Or take us Reglonish: You thought we were an undisciplined bunch, aligned to unduly individualism. Take yourself: In the first years, you upheld Thrivorian traditions even more strict than some imperial rules. Because that was simply the way you were brought up. That’s how it is: depending on the point of view, a culture could be wrong or right.”

“Well, I think I see what you mean... truly a reglonish take on the matter” says Levintus “But take my word for it, Lord Fornak won’t be impressed by your lecture. And still, even if I wanted to help him, I see no way how...”

“Simple, Sir. You make him part of your retinue. You are a Colonel, if you point at him and say: ‘He’s important for our cause. Make him work for us’, nobody would protest against it. Regiments often have a bunch of non-military followers, priests or locals as guides and similar. And thus, becoming part of the regiment, the punishment for Writker’s crimes would be a matter of the Imperial Guard. You could be lawful and spare him death.” Sprio takes a deep breath. “It would be a righteous thing to do, Colonel, but it’s ultimately your call. If you decide against helping Writker, I think... I think I can understand it.”

“Recruit him into the regiment? That... that lackwit?”

“Well, we can send him to Tanubta, as soon as the next trader comes to Sraellia. Although that could take some months...”

“Waaiiit a moment” Lulby barges in “This plan is nice and all, and I have to say that his story sounds kinda cute. But what tells us he’s not lying? Shouldn’t we check first if he tells the truth?”

“How should we do that?” asks Levintus.

“Well, for once, we could check if the planets on his list really are shrineworlds or not.”

“But how would we do that? Do you know a holy man, who could...”

“Oh, Theo! We are on a spaceport, there are bound to be navigational charts in the database. Just give me a servitor, that console over there and five minutes of time. Agreed?”
No. 92554 ID: 5d5878

I don't see any reason not to.
No. 92560 ID: 119b5c

How about a recruiter? Sometimes, a regiment needs special duties to be performed, and most of the time, they can't be found on the station. Bring him into the regiment, train him, Impress upon him the need for talent, and when all is said and done, he can leave for the continuation of his pilgrimage, under special orders from yourself. This way, if he can manage it, he has at least an identity in which he can use to LEGALLY continue his pilgrimage, while performing duties. He can send notable individuals your way, and you can add talent into your ranks. Also, after the training, this gets him off the station with an excuse, and away from the scorned noble.

This satisfies the punishment on our part, but still not the problem of the noble. Some worlds are declared heresy, just from the ways of their peoples. Some worlds need the fires of war to forge them into a good, Emperor-fearing populace. Not all worlds are peaceful. Not all traditions are as harmless as his. Be wary. Be watchful. I doubt he's entirely truthful. I sincerely doubt that he's here on any sort of "Pilgrimage"
No. 93312 ID: 15f6d6

You may as well check to see if he's lying. There is no harm in that.

Recruiting him seems slightly useless. He's just some ignorant peasant, but you probably should just to keep Spiro on your good side. He seems like an extremely principled man, and even though he says he will understand, he will probably hate you for it if you have the pilgrim put to death.

If you do recruit him, though, you should make him actually work for you. At the very least he can talk with locals to gather information that people might not be willing to disclose to Guardsmen for whatever reason. He probably also has some useful skill of some kind. Definitely check up on the planet list first.
No. 95820 ID: a752e3
File 126138270968.png - (639.36KB , 851x661 , 01.png )

Levintus scowls at Lulby for a moment, since she is supposed to address him formally whenever other persons are present.

“Sounds like a good plan. Do it, Captain.”

Lulby nods. “Well, what about the servitor?”

“What do you need it for?”

“Comparing the lists of planets. I’m not going to read through three meters of inscribed drapery myself.”

“I see.”

“In that case” Sprio says “just take one of our servoskulls. Our servitors are still in storage and I don’t want to call one of the station’s right now. Who knows to whom it will relay information afterwards.”

“Well, where are the ‘skulls?”

“In the next room is a keyboard” Sprio says and points towards a door to his right. “Just push the biggest button and one will appear shortly.”

“Great.” Lulby leaves the office and enters the backroom.

Sprio and Levintus return to their conversation. Writker seems quite oblivious to what they are talking about and seems content humming some kind of religious song.

“I think your plan will work” Levintus means. “If Lulby’s research supports his story, I will make him join the regiment. Working for us will be his punishment.”

“I’m glad to hear that”, Sprio says and looks true to his words. “And when we send him away to continue the pilgrimage, we could give him a disguise. Make him a recruiter, for example. We say he has to send special recruits to us and so he can travel safely...”

“Sorry, Sprio, but only a Reglonish could think of something like that.”

“Uh, I forgot. Thrivorians have rather strict recruitment regulations...”

“Yes. I think I’ll make him a simple servant for now. It would be useful to keep him close. As soon as we are on Sraellia, we’ll have to deal with a population that’s not used to see uniformed Imperials. They’ll be more trustful if they see a civilian’s face.”

“Hrm, especially an oblivious face like Writker’s.”

No. 95821 ID: a752e3
File 126138275574.png - (344.24KB , 644x502 , 02.png )

Lulby returns. “I hope the servoskull won’t take too long.”

She activates the console and begins to work. “Uh damn.”

“What is it?” asks Levintus.

“Well, it seems I can’t access the charts.”


“There’s a security protocol rejecting access. It says the requested data ...bla bla bla... may only be viewed by a Navy Officer... bla bla bla. And here’s a field for a fingerprint scan, blinking.”

“Uhm, we are Guard officers. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to...”

“I think I know. We’re in transit, right? Just for three, four days on the station? They didn’t think it would be necessary to feed the system with our authorisations...” Lulby sighs. “I could try to get around the protocol, but that could lead to... complications if the notice it. Or we could get a Navy Officer to allow us access. Or we could get a Navy Officer’s finger.”

“I didn’t want to hear the last thing” Levintus says sternly and ponders what to do.
No. 95828 ID: 119b5c

Forget about it. You can access the records later, with proper authorization. If it's a pressing issue, leave the pilgrim here with the good doctor, and we can go get it from other sources. Surely, the techpriests or other officers might have a spare servo to use, or access to the records. Even more so, we can visit the station chapel, and the attendants there might be able to help us. Getting into trouble is NOT what we want, especially with the techpriests...things...

It would be in the best interests to keep a low profile. The chapel might hold answers.
No. 96726 ID: bcbb1d
File 126153133186.png - (318.70KB , 644x502 , 03.png )

"Wait!" Levintus shouts "It's not that important right now. We'll find another way."

"If you say so" Lulby answers "But just let me try..."

"No, don't do anything that could get us in trouble."

"Would I ever? Nah, don't worry. I just tried another query... Processing... Damned, it's just a map of the spaceport."
No. 96728 ID: bcbb1d
File 126153143255.png - (87.78KB , 981x1004 , map.png )

"A map of the spaceport? Let me see, that could be useful."

Lulby nods. "The red dot is our current position. Do you want me to find ot where a specific location is?"
No. 96926 ID: a752e3
File 126155650350.png - (88.23KB , 981x1004 , map2.png )

>The chapel might hold answers.

"Show me the the Chapel."

"..." She presses some buttons. "Yellow dot."


"What now? We go there, or what?"
No. 96997 ID: 35cea2

Yep. Let's go to the chapel
No. 97000 ID: e024d0

Chapels are always important places, and important places are almost always full of important people.
No. 97013 ID: 51d0f5

And important people in chapels means assassins bursting in through stained glass windows!

Better hustle.
No. 97030 ID: a752e3
File hh.swf - (4.43KB , 700x700 )


"Yes, the chapel is our destination. And we should waste no time!"

"Alright" Lulby says "Just let me shut down the console... oh no!"

"What is it?"

"Just some data garbage. Stupid machine..."

"Keep your temper, Captain! You're lucky no Enginseer is within earshot."

After some hassle with the console, Lulby is able to shut it down. "Ok, done. Off we go!"

"Very well. Writker, please stay here in Sprio's office" Levintus turns to face the Medical Officer. "Keep an eye on him, Sprio."

"Of course, Sir."
No. 97032 ID: a752e3
File 126159528339.jpg - (64.06KB , 600x450 , prologue_end.jpg )

Levintus and Lulby leave the office and head for the station's chapel.

Who know what awaits them there?
No. 102891 ID: 30e48e
File 126235915793.png - (21.62KB , 600x450 , 00.png )

The corridors of the station are bland.
No. 102892 ID: 30e48e
File 126235920576.png - (227.89KB , 1200x800 , notes.png )

Before he left Sprio’ office, Levintus snatched a piece of electro-paper and a magnetic pen from the Medial Officer’s desk.

Waiting in another elevator car, he seizes the opportunity to take some notes. While doing so, he makes sure Lulby is not able to read what he is writing. She does not have to know everything, at least not now.
No. 102893 ID: 30e48e
File 126235923664.png - (363.05KB , 1000x1400 , 01.png )

They enter the station’s chapel through one of the side entrances, placing them in the front end of the Chapel. The air is cool and smells of incense.

Just as Levintus expected from the spaceport of such a remote planet, the Chapel is rather small and humble. Since no ecclesiarch is saying Mass at the moment, the place is also rather deserted, but nonetheless the Colonel can see a few people in the forward ranks. He can spot a Thrivorian uniform, too.

In the alcoves left and right, Levintus hears the rustle of cleaning servitors, their mechanical limbs humming.
No. 102894 ID: c2c011

Go up and speak with the soldiers there. Maybe commend them on their piety. Also look around for a priest so that you can check up on the whole Shrineworld buisness.
No. 103001 ID: 059c31

Agreed commend the soldiers, or at least find out why they are here when no one else is. Let us also find out if a priest here is familiar with an Imperial Cult sub-sect or tradition of trying to visit 'every' imperial shrineworld.

Maybe there is a precedent for this kind of behavior or even a special order, commendation, or seal such unusual pilgrims can acquire?
No. 103158 ID: e0aea5

We know that the priest isn't busy, because he isn't saying mass. Let's locate him and see if he knows his shrineworlds. He might also have access to some kind of cogitator or something so we can compare the lists.
No. 103741 ID: f652ad
File 126245981495.png - (252.03KB , 800x700 , 02.png )

Levintus takes off his hat and they walk towards the sitting man in the Thrivorian uniform. While they approach, Levintus registers that the all the other people on the benches more are either local crewmen or civilians.

The Colonel speaks out. “Saying your prayers during leisure time? Exemplary, I must say.”

The man turns around. It is Lieutenant Milton McKavsky, a pale, ever tired man responsible for the accounting division of the regiment, the smallest division of the staff. Levintus is a bit surprised to see him here, McKavsky never seemed to be a very pious man.

“Uhm, thank you, Sir.” Despite the distance between him and Levintus and the smell of censer in the air, it is noticeable that McKavsky is surrounded by a thick cloud of cigarette smoke.

“You don’t happen to know where one could find a priest?” Levintus asks.

“Well, Sir, the priests’ chambers are to the left. One is retreating there right now” He points.

“Thank you, Lieutenant.”

McKavsky nods.
No. 103742 ID: f652ad
File 126245985688.png - (131.08KB , 600x500 , 03.png )

They head to the left of the Chapel. A priest is about to enter one of the doors which are recessed in the alcoves.

“Father, may I have a word with you?” Levintus asks him.

“No, you may not, my son.” The priest reaches for the door knob.
No. 103744 ID: c2c011

Tell him that a very devout pilgrims live is at stake unless he can help you.
No. 103792 ID: 059c31

It is concerning the quite literal salvation of one of the faithful here.
No. 105517 ID: 03cccb

"If not with you, then at least with one of your fellows, then? He On Earth **make the aquila gesture** has seen fit to put a rather interesting problem in my hands and a pious young man's life may be at stake. I had at least hoped for some guidance, and maybe a little help."

Treat the fellow with respect, as you ask for help. They like that. Usually.
No. 105600 ID: d51819
File 126272639617.png - (155.58KB , 600x500 , 04.png )


"If not with you, then at least with one of your fellows, then? He On Earth has seen fit to put a rather interesting problem in my hands and a pious young man's life may be at stake. I had at least hoped for some guidance, and maybe a little help."

The priest squints. "You are one of those Thrivorians, right? From that Imperial Guard regiment?"

"Exactly, Father."

"Well, I fear the majority of the priesthood is resting at the moment, preparing themselves for the morning prayer" the priest says. "You will have to contend yourself with my counsel."

Levintus notices a very slight vibration below his feet, going along with a low, distant drumming noise.

"Now, what exactly do you want from me?" asks the priest, sounding slightly interested now. "You said a man's life may be in danger? How so?"
No. 105612 ID: c2c011

Ask for either the use of a databank to confirm the planets of if he simply can confirm it himself. Also we should ask if he has ever heard of a cult of pilgrims devoted to visiting every shrine world by means of stowing away on ships.

And that drumming could be worth to investigate. It's not time for the party yet. Btw are there any other Imperial Regiments on the station currently?
No. 105760 ID: 03cccb

Ahem. Trying my hand at this "guide his speech" thing again, but here's a summary.

Step 1: Tell the priest, in respectful and summed-up terms, the whole story.
Step 2: Ask him politely if he could verify existense of Pilgrimage and/or holy shrines on Writker's list.
Step 3: Pray HARD for best possible result/reaction.

"Well, it's an odd tale to say the least, Father. A pilgrim named Writker Boffles stowed away on Lord Fornak's ship, thinking that it would take him to Tanubta. When it arrived here instead, he was discovered, but was ill and the Navy's guards brought him to my company's head medicae for treatment. My medicae, a Reglonish man I must add, then heard that Lord Fornak was demanding the pilgrim's death...Why, I do not know yet.

When the navy men returned for Writker, my medicae objected and called for me. I've used my authority to stave off this punishment to investigate more properly, as I am not interested in either getting my medicae in trouble for his principles, or be part in the death of an apparently pious, if unusual, person.

Obviously, even for a pilgrim, stowing away on Fornak's spaceship was a foolish and unlawful thing to do, and a proper measure of punishment should come from this, but death is harsher than I think necessary.

Furthermore, it looks like this Writker could use some looking after. It appears it is not the first time he has done such a thing, nor that is he alone in doing so. He claims he and his brothers are conducting a Great Pilgrimage, to visit every shrine world in the Empire and that he simply does as his parents and parents parents before him...Sneaking and living onboard space shuttles in order to reach blessed worlds, and eventually Holy Terra itself. He has a part of a list his mother wrote that he wears, with hundreds of planetary names, who I suspect to be shrine worlds one and all.

And that is the tale so far. To have one of the ecclesiarchy verify the truth, either by confirming the existence of this Great Pilgrimage, or to take a look at this list's veracity, would be a weight of my mind. Advice would not be amiss either.

If he IS as he speaks, I suspect the best way to rescue him from Lord Fornak's clutches, and furthermore from himself, would be to have him join my regiment as a member of the servant staff. It should keep him out of trouble, and he could serve a sentence of sorts for the times he has stolen aboard other spaceships. Eventually we could drop him off at or near a shrine world, presuming we have by then taught him a better way to travel."
No. 106412 ID: 794b13
File 126282177219.png - (189.94KB , 550x550 , 05.png )

>Btw are there any other Imperial Regiments on the station currently?

The 24th Thrivorian Legion is the only Imperial Guard regiment sent by Subsector HQ to this remote system.
But beside the Navy troopers, who Levintus encountered earlier, there should be a number of Naftaelian soldiers on the station. But they are not Imperial Guard, they belong to the feudal army of the Planetary Governor, of whose behalf they were shipped here.

Naturally, the PDF of Sraellia, as ludicrously small as it may be, should be maintaining a branch office on the spaceport.


"Well, it's an odd tale to say the least, Father. A pilgrim named Writker Boffles stowed away on Lord Fornak's ship, thinking that it would take him to Tanubta.”

“Ah, Tanubta. Lovely little world” the priest remarks.

“When it arrived here instead, he was discovered, but was ill and the Navy's guards brought him to my company's head medicae for treatment. My medicae, a Reglonish man I must add, then heard that Lord Fornak was demanding the pilgrim's death...Why, I do not know yet. “

“Quite harsh, I must say.” The priest sighs. “But alas, Naftaelian nobles are hot-tempered...”

“When the navy men returned for Writker, my medicae objected and called for me. I've used my authority to stave off this punishment to investigate more properly, as I am not interested in either getting my medicae in trouble for his principles, or be part in the death of an apparently pious, if unusual, person“, Levintus continues.

“Devotion to the Emperor indeed reveals itself in many different ways.”

“Obviously, even for a pilgrim, stowing away on Fornak's spaceship was a foolish and unlawful thing to do, and a proper measure of punishment should come from this, but death is harsher than I think necessary.”

“I agree.” The priest nods.

“Furthermore, it looks like this Writker could use some looking after. It appears it is not the first time he has done such a thing, nor that is he alone in doing so. He claims he and his brothers are conducting a Great Pilgrimage, to visit every shrine world in the Empire and that he simply does as his parents and parents parents before him...Sneaking and living onboard spaceships in order to reach blessed worlds, and eventually Holy Terra itself. He has a part of a list his mother wrote that he wears, with hundreds of planetary names, who I suspect to be shrine worlds one and all. “

“It would be very interesting to examine the list you speak of."

“Well that is the tale so far, Father. To have one of the ecclesiarchy verify the truth, either by confirming the existence of this Great Pilgrimage, or to take a look at this list's veracity, would be a weight of my mind. Advice would not be amiss either.
If he truly is as he speaks, I suspect the best way to rescue him from Lord Fornak's clutches, and furthermore from himself, would be to have him join my regiment as a member of the servant staff. It should keep him out of trouble, and he could serve a sentence of sorts for the times he has stolen aboard other spaceships. Eventually we could drop him off at or near a shrine world, presuming we have by then taught him a better way to travel."

The priest takes a deep breath. “This is a story is unlike one I have ever heard in my years. For the sake of this pilgrim’s life, I am willing to help you on that matter.

At first, allow me to tell you that I have indeed heard of imperial cults, which, while entirely loyal to the Imperial Creed, seem highly strange and unfamiliar or even dangerous to uneducated men. I presume that this may be the case here.
While I did not hear of a tradition as you described it, I would not rule it out at all. The Athonisians come to mind, whose adolescents have to travel by foot through the endless snow planes of their world to find a special kind of ice shard. It's a rite of passage...”

Another vibration interrupts him, this time stronger. One could even say the entire chapel is shaking a little. Also, the accompanying noise is much more noticeable this time. Lulby and the old priest look around, irritated.

“You... you heard that too, right?” asks Lulby.
No. 106414 ID: 794b13
File 06.swf - (14.31KB , 600x600 )

Before anybody can answer her, a commotion at the side entrance on this side of the Chapel draws off everybody’s attention.

A man stumbles into the Chapel, screaming.
“HELP! They have guns, they-“
No. 106428 ID: 445c48

Well, the shots injured him, so they clearly can't be from standard issue lasguns!

Also he's bleeding, that ain't right.
No. 106434 ID: 059c31

The things are probably on power conserving levels... or who knows.. maybe some Hullghasts are running up from the lower levels with laslocks (actually those shots were 'way way' too low power for laslocks) and other low quality crap weapons.

Or hell maybe we have a Hrud infestation (though I don't think those looked like a fussil shot at all!)
No. 106450 ID: 8ecfd4

Time for some heroics. Get out whatever weapons you have on you and rally the men in the chapel to blockade the doors.

Ask the priest if they keep any weapons in the chapel and ask Lulby to tap into the station com network to see if it's a stationwide attack or just an attack at the chapel as well as send out a call to arms to your regiment. After that you should try to rejoin the regiment. Some Emperor damned fool has seen fit to launch an attack on one of the Emperors space stations, it's our duty to make sure that they pay for their impudence. Also, they may have disrupted the party we were looking forward too.
No. 106485 ID: e0499d

protect the priest. get him into the quarters (so he's not suspected of anything)
Use the pews as cover
No. 106486 ID: 445c48

I mean, if they were lasguns, or anything that shot lasers, the wound would be cauterized, right? Doesn't that mean they wouldn't bleed?
No. 106489 ID: 059c31

Actually the steam explosion would do most of the damage and probably rip the wound open.
No. 106541 ID: b62d89

This space station is under attack by someone, or something. You have a duty to defend it!

Send the priest to warn his fellows and rally your men, Colonel! Milton should still be around, pray he has a firearm, and Lulby may have a gun too. If not, keep them close regardless, they can serve as spotters.

Draw your laspistol, and take cover behind the pews, and order your fellows to do the same. If nobody comes through the door, approach in a squad pattern, one going ahead, with the other covering.

Only if you're sure nobody is going/shooting through the door do you drag the wounded/dying man away and leave him to the ministrations of the priests.
No. 110283 ID: cd4d81
File 126342580340.png - (182.93KB , 550x600 , 07.png )


Father, I don’t presume you keep any weapons in here?”

“In the Chapel? Holy Throne, no!”

“Now, please withdraw to your chamber and shut the door firmly. We’ll deal with this.” The priest does as he is told, for he is aware of the urgency of the situation.

Levintus draws his laspistol. “Lulby, where’s your sidearm?”

She looks at him oddly. “At the armoury, where it’s supposed to be. The spaceport is gun-restricted area for non-station personnel.”

“Tell that the guys behind the door”, Levintus growls, “Now, vox the security and our men.”

“Already on it.” Lulby shakes her head. “Vox traffic is dead. I recognise a jamming signal with an unusual pattern, but strong. That’s probably why we’re not hearing any alarm sirens already.”

“Does that mean the internal sensor grid is also offline?”

“In all likelihood, yes.”

“Damn. Now, let’s get into cover behind the pews.”
No. 110286 ID: cd4d81
File 12634258837.png - (222.71KB , 700x700 , 08.png )

Levintus and Lulby crouch down behind a pew which seems to provide good cover while still being in reasonable distance to the Chapel’s side entrance.

The Colonel is just about to beckon McKravsky over, as the Lieutenant already arrives by his side, keeping his head low.

“What’s going on? I heard las-shots.”

“We’re still assessing the situation. But now, please tell me you have a sidearm, Lieutenant.”

“It’s in the armoury, Sir. The station is a gun-restricted area for visi...”

“Right. No gun”, Levintus interrupts him. “Really, how do you people sleep at night?”

He checks his laspistol. The weapon was with him since he was Lieutenant and he kept in best working condition. Capable of semi-automatic and fully automatic fire with the charged magazine providing 20 shots on low power setting, approximately half as many on full power.

“Shouldn’t we try to get the wounded crewman into cover?” Lulby asks.

McKravsky dares to throw a quick glance at the man on the floor. “I think you can write him off, as we from accounting say.”
No. 110289 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell your comrades to stay put and try to make your way to the sides of the door. Once you're there either wait for the enemy to go in and shoot them from the side or if necessary ask your comrades to try and lure the enemy inside so you can get in a clear surprise shoot on them.

You don't really have the ammunition to spare for a drawn out firefight and we need to rejoin our soldiers as well as arm our comrades.
No. 110295 ID: bf2bdb

how many ways out of the chapel?
No. 110310 ID: 427aab

Did anybody catch sight of them?
No. 110595 ID: 263be1

Ask Lulby if she can access anything at all, or if the current jamming cancels all her vox Master skills.

Hand Either Lulby or McKravsky your boot-knife, whichever's got the best aim and toss. Hell, even if they aren't very good, it's still something. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight, but better a knife than nothing at all.

Investigate the exit with the dead man, using the pews as cover, and prepare to ambush anyone coming through with your laspistol set on semi-automatic.

Spend some time aiming, they won't expect you to have a gun if everyone delivers theirs to the armoury. Tell Lulby and McKravsky to make themselves useful as lookouts, in case any other exits starts offering surprises...And to keep an eye on the other praying fellows. If any of those have weapons as well, it could be handy to combine forces.
No. 111459 ID: 107da3


Turn your gun into a makeshift explosive.

Get them to cluster together (somehow).

Throw the bomb.
No. 111466 ID: ba41e5

And defile the machine spirits? I don't think so.
No. 111490 ID: 8413b2
File 126361517451.png - (134.41KB , 600x500 , 09.png )


“Can’t you access anything at all, Captain?”

“I’m checking every frequency. But the jamming signal is just too strong. The source must be close.”

Levintus takes the knife out of his boot and wonders to whom he should give it. McKravsky is probably a bit stronger than Lulby, but than again he trusts Lulby’s general weapon handling skills a bit more. Also, she and Levintus always got along quite well, so hopefully she’ll be more willing to use the knife in support of him than the rather solitary Lieutenant.

“Here, take this”, he says, handing her the knife. “Last resort.”

“Cute. Am I supposed to tickle them with it?”

“Whatever you do, remember the blade is quite thin. I would suggest stabbing, not cutting.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

>Did anybody catch sight of them?

“Did anybody actually see one of the attackers?” Levintus asks.

McKravsky and Lulby shake their heads.

“That damn door is dead as dead” McKravsky complains, “Why don’t they come out already, so we can mow them down?”

“Mow them down? You mean with our wide assortment of arms?” Lulby unhappily eyes the knife Levintus gave her.

“You two stay put”, Levintus orders, “Observe the other entrances, too. I will go investigate.”
No. 111491 ID: 8413b2
File 126361523388.png - (62.78KB , 1518x1271 , Chapel.png )

>how many ways out of the chapel?

If Levintus could draw a map of the Chapel in his mind, it would probably look a bit like this.

SE: side entrance
ME: main entrance

Grey dot: priest
White dot: civilian
Yellow dot: wounded or dead man
Cyan dot: Thrivorian

To the left a sideview, so it's clear the arrow-shapes aren't walls.

There are certainly more rooms adjacent to the Chapel, but at the moment Levintus neither knows nor cares.
No. 111492 ID: 8413b2
File 126361527252.png - (782.98KB , 781x790 , 10.png )

Using every cover available, Levintus places himself beside the door.

The wounded man seems pretty dead from his point of view. But he must have lived a bit after being shot, since the blood pool under him got bigger...
Levintus could take a closer look at the man, but that would expose him to anyone behind the door.

Suddenly he can hear voices, some sound angry, some rather frightened.
Unfortunately, Levintus is not able to tell them apart precisely, thus he is not able to determine how many people are speaking. Lulby and her enhanced hearing would have been useful right now, but she stayed behind.

“God damned. Navy is almost here! What should we do?” A male.

“How many explosives have we left?”

“Just one pack. Salomo has the other two” a female voice answers.

“I saw Salomo hit the floor. One of the Smilers took his brains out.”

“Shit. What now?”

“I tell ya what. We take as many with us as we can.”

“That room in front of us, isn’t that a place of worship for them, or something? There’re probably a lot of people in...”

“But we can’t go back either! Security is cutting us off.”

“Are you afraid, coward? I say, we’ll make good use of all explosives we got.”

“Oh shit shit shit, that’s totally not how it was supposed to go...”

“Shut the fuck up. Sybil, prepare the explosives. Jorse, you handle the freak. Melech, you give me cover. I’ll scout ahead.”

The voices fall silent, but Levintus can hear footsteps instead. He also recognizes the sound of solid slugs being loaded into what must be a projectile weapon.
No. 111541 ID: 119b5c

Explosives? On MY Space Station?
Get'em Colonel.

We've got to move fast.
No. 111546 ID: 15f6d6

Sounds like there are at least 4. See if you can't squeeze off some shots and maybe get one of em. Duck back quick, but it sounds like they're somewhat a little distracted right now, and you sure as shit don't want them putting explosives or reading explosives or anything having to do with explosives at all.
No. 111626 ID: 107da3


"place of worship for them?"

Either A. They're xenos or B. HERETICS. They deserve to die.
No. 111746 ID: 8ecfd4

Wait for the one scouting ahead to expose themeselves to you. Either hide and let him call up his friends or shoot him or her immediatly and grab the extra weapons.

It's probably better to get them all to a place where you can fire on all of them. If they decide that they can't go forward and can't retreat then they might just decide to blow themselves and everyone else up with those explosives.
No. 111753 ID: 54af1f

roll across the doorway and shoot any heretics you see, trying to minimize your own exposure but disrupt them from setting up explosives.
No. 113646 ID: 1590df
File 12637890059.png - (257.31KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

The footsteps come closer.

"Whoa guys,this place is huge! But seems like we're lucky, it's pretty empty in here..."

A man enters. He makes an attempt to check if somebody stands beside the door, Levintus has to give him that...
No. 113647 ID: 1590df
File 126378902961.png - (228.80KB , 700x800 , 12.png )

...but he chooses the wrong side first.

The man falls to the floor, his brain still boiling. Levintus seizes the opportunity to look through the entrance, his weapon ready to fire again.
No. 113649 ID: 1590df
File 126378909445.png - (264.33KB , 900x600 , 13.png )

He looks into the corridor.

Thank the Emperor, Levintus seems to have taken the attackers by surprise!

He has a few precious moments before they can react.
No. 113703 ID: b1b3d1

Line up a shot at the two gun-toting men, then step out of angle from the pistol-guy and aim for the woman with the 'splosives. That way you might kill three of them before they can react. The witch-thing...Well. Perhaps your trinkets will save your life yet.

And kick the guy's weapon away from the door so one of your subordinates can pick it up.
No. 113734 ID: b14128

I say? Full auto, spray a quick burst towards the guys with rifles and the girl digging in the pack to try and make them panic (The fact your laspistol can apparently shoot -through- people might mean you can take down both rifles with one shot if you would rather try for that, though), then swing over to try and hit the two weirdos on the right with a better aimed burst. After that, duck back into cover, as they'll likely start shooting back at that point.
No. 113804 ID: 107da3


FUCK DAEMONHOST. Okay, hopefully that box of yours will prevent it from seeing you.

Shoot the backpack and then dive back behind the door; it probably contains explosives.
No. 113870 ID: ec4966

Shoot the psyker. Maybe he'll explode.

Okay, I don't actually know anything about psykers. If that's dumb, just shoot at the guys with the biggest guns, then dive for cover.
No. 113929 ID: 8ecfd4

I would suggest shooting the odd levitating guy first. And make sure you hit him in the head. Then shoot the lady with the bomb pack. Then duck back into cover again, position yourself so that you can fire from a different angle and go again.
No. 113958 ID: 54af1f

Shoot the guy in front first, then the one with the explosives, then clear the doorway before anyone can line up on you.
No. 113985 ID: 119b5c

Clearly, Shoot the guy holding the levitating guys leash. It's the best way to deal with them, is let them deal with themselves.
No. 115829 ID: ff48a8
File 126410438921.png - (1.47MB , 1093x1368 , 14.png )


No doubts, the vile witchcraft of the psyker has to be stopped immediately.

The advantage of surprising them really pays off now! Levintus takes aim and delivers a lethal hit.

The other attackers are trying to bring their weapons to bear. Levintus steps to the side, making it impossible for the man with the pistol to target him. But it also inhibits the darkskinned man to be shot by Levintus.

Firing five additional shots, he hits the man in the front in the shoulder, resulting in him dropping his lascarbine. Also, the woman seems to have suffered a hit to the hand. The man at the back remains unwounded, aiming his weapon at Levintus.

The Colonel decides that it would be wise now to get back into cover again. Enemy laserbeams fly past him, hissing and scorching the stonework on the other side of the Chapel.
No. 115830 ID: ff48a8
File 126410442427.png - (499.27KB , 1200x1200 , 15.png )

McKravsky arrives, picking up the gun on the ground and getting into position on the other side of the entrance.
The bang of a projectile weapon echoes through the hall. Chunks of wood burst out of the wooden door, leaving fist-sized holes.

“Is that a boltgun?”The Lieutenant is alarmed.

“Negative.” Levintus shakes his head curtly. “Autopistol. Probably custom-made ammo.”

“Fancy.” The Lieutenant coughs. “Anyway, Sir, Captain Lulby wants you to know that the jamming signal has suddenly ceased to be. She is voxing for reinforcements right now.”
No. 115839 ID: e0499d

Blind firing would be worth it now... Dead guy probably carrys enough ammo for it to be a possibility. While one blind fires, the other can use the cover time to get closer and in cover...
No. 115938 ID: 711f87

Don't forget they still have that bomb there. Having nothing to lose, they might decide to use it on a suicide charge, or just blow themselves up.

They might also overhear any orders we give to McKravsky, as you overheard them. Hm. That could be used to our advantage. For example, as a distraction, splitting their attention.

"Excellent, Lieutenant. Navy will close in behind them at any moment and then they can either surrender or die."

Indicate an attack pattern to McKravsky. Switch from semi to automatic fire and count down on your fingers. At zero, you both lean out of cover to hose down the room. Try to focus on the two effectives, the darkskinned man and the lasgun guy at the back.
No. 115973 ID: 8ecfd4

This sounds like a solid plan.
No. 116177 ID: ca043f
File 126412819073.png - (469.59KB , 592x736 , 16.png )

Levintus switches to automatic fire.

He calls out: "Excellent, Lieutenant. Navy will close in behind them at any moment and then they can either surrender or die."

McKravsky seems confused, but Levintus uses his free hand to indicate his plan. He wants the attackers to keep an eye on their backs rather than on the door, and then, on Levintus's mark, the two guardsmen shall both assault what's left of the enemies.

McKravsky nods, he understands.

Levintus raises his hand, three digits extendend.

"Fuck this. You're not paying me nearly enough for this shit."

Levintus hears an object clatter on the floor, than a bang and a hissing sound.

"Jorse! What are you doing?"

"The freak is down. We're fucked. I'm outta here bfore the Navy comes."

"NOO! You traitor!"

No. 116182 ID: ca043f
File 12641283257.png - (757.21KB , 950x800 , 17.png )

Levintus and McKravsky storm forward.

Thick smoke has filled the corridor. The frantic sounds of footsteps and objects being dragged come from the dark.

{OoC: 14.png, 1,4mb? FFFF- Mea culpa, mea culpa}
No. 116208 ID: e0499d

best you can do is just open fire continuously and hhope to hit something
No. 116232 ID: ec4966

Silently go forwards. You're better trained and have better reflexes, and are moving proactively instead of reactively.

It is said that in the dark, all armies are the same size.

Just make certain you keep next to one another and remain aware of one another, so you don't accidentally shoot each other.

...Also, consider switching to .jpg.
No. 116236 ID: af3e6d

If there's reinforcements coming, then you could probably wait here and pick them off when they get pushed through this doorway.

Also there's a handy thread somewhere on the subject of image formats that I can't seem to find
No. 116246 ID: 445c48

Don't shoot the red glow. None of them seemed to have augmetic anything. It could be the bomb.
No. 117246 ID: 8b956c
File 126428360313.png - (432.86KB , 900x600 , 18.png )

After nothing happened for half a minute, Levintus gives the order to advance. McKravsky doesn't look pleased at all, the low visual range seems to unnerve him.

"In the dark, all armies are the same size" Levintus says reassuringly.

"Wasn't it rather, in the dark ugly women are fine too?" McKravsky mutters under his breath. "Or all dicks are the same size? Damn it all, I'm just accountancy..."


"Sorry, Sir! Advancing now, Sir!"

Cautiously, they move into the corridor.

The red glow got bigger and the hissing sound has stopped.
No. 117339 ID: 655d51

No. 117357 ID: 445c48

Red's a bomb, knew it. Shoot both of the corpses on the floor, just in case.
No. 117363 ID: ec4966

Do either of you know Explosives Ordnance Disposal?

If not, run away and communicate a warning by any means available higher up the chain.
No. 117779 ID: 15f6d6

It might be best to retreat and have everybody (including the priest) doubletime it out the other exit. Vox whoever can deal with something like this.
No. 117847 ID: e0499d

You guys needt to get to the inner part of the station. When that bomb blows, the passage will rupture and there'll definately not be air.
No. 117872 ID: 3dbae2

This is pretty much in the middle of the station, though. Even if the bomb goes off, it might not cause a leak. Unless it completely disrupts the structural integrity of the station. Depends on how strong the bomb is.

Tch. Colonel, remain icy calm and tell McKravsky to run back to the Vox Master and ask her to get a demolitionist specialist to the scene immediately, and that three hostiles are making a run for it, two redshirts, one wounded, one dark-skinned mercenary.

Can the colonel himself disable the bomb somehow using his MACHINERY SKILL? He's a Passionate Technocrat, so he might be able to do it.

Or he could talk to the someone lying beside it on how to do it. Seems like it's the woman he shot, from how she's holding her hand. This means she a) has no OBVIOUS weapons and only one hand to use a hidden one and b) is the demolitionist, so maybe she can be "persuaded" to disable the bomb. Advance on her and the bomb with your lasgun trained on her. Check if the timer on the bomb is running out.

"In a hurry to die, woman?"

Can Levintus' Leadership be used to convince enemy combatants to give up? Or...What -can- it be used for, really? Give good commands?
No. 119636 ID: 96960c
File 126463980217.jpg - (41.44KB , 867x700 , 19.jpg )


The station's air filtration system kicks in and the smoke is getting thinner.

Levintus approaches the bomb, his weapon aimed at the person on the floor.

"In a hurry to die, woman?"

He gets no response.

McKravsky is checking the other body on the floor.
"Dead. No doubts about it", he says.

"Very well. Lieutenant, get back to Captain Lulby and tell her we need a demolition specialist as fast as possible. Also, let her report that three attackers have left this position and have to be seized immediately. Two men in red shirts and a dark-skinned mercenary."

"Yes, Sir!" The Lieutenant leaves.

Levintus looks at the bomb. It blinks in a regular pattern, without getting faster or slower.
He doesn't have much experience with explosives, but Levintus thinks he could make an attempt to disable it. It looks a bit complicated, though.

The woman is clutching her hand and seems to pay no attention to Levintus.

Basic Machinery Skill is not enough to play around with the bomb, but the PASSIONATE TECHNOCRAT rule would allow it nonetheless. But it also means a -5 penalty.
Rolling a D20, a 17+ would be needed to succeed, with a 7 or less leading to a CRITICAL FAILURE, whose consequences I leave to your imagination.

If Levintus should disable the bomb, I will roll once using the board's dice system and I'll accept the result.

More information about the rule system in the /questdis/ thread.

No. 119677 ID: b14128

Ehhhhhhhhyyyyyyeeeaaaaaah- No. We need to figure out something else.
No. 119832 ID: 498c52

I reckon we should endeavor to get a techpriest in here, like, NOW.
No. 119843 ID: 51d0f5

Secure the prisoner and retreat from the immediate blast zone. Keep it under observation until the EODs arrive, in case the enemy returns to tamper with the device.
No. 119896 ID: 7aa71b
File 126466580873.png - (283.18KB , 900x600 , 20.png )

Two men arrive, saluting.
"Sir! Sraellia PDF, EOD, SIR! We were told there's an explosive device here."

"You're already here?" Levintus wonders.

"In fact, we were sent as soon as your position was made known, Sir. The terrorists have already attempted to sabotage the station with explosives. Station command thought we might see some action."

"Great. Allow me to ask, can you even see through those visors of yours?"

"Of course, Sir! We're professionals!"

"Well, I'm over here lads, just follow my voice. And the bomb is over there." Levintus points.
No. 119897 ID: 7aa71b
File 126466583755.png - (112.12KB , 550x400 , 21.png )

The two experts begin their work and ask Levintus to evacuate the area in case their attempts to disable the bomb are unsuccessful.

Levintus takes the woman prisoner, and together with Lulby, McKravsky, the priest and the civilians he leaves the Chapel.

As soon as they reach the next corridor, Lulby receives two important messages via vox.

“The EOD have secured the explosive device. They say it was a very simple design, cheap but reliable.”

“Now that’s a relief.”

“Damage reports are coming in... All in all it seems like they were able to set off two bombs, but they didn’t cause any critical damage. Security teams are still searching the station, just in case the attackers left a surprise. And... Yes, the rest of the attackers are done for good. They tried to access one of the hangar bays, but they were stopped. Three men, two redshirts and a dark-skinned one.”

“Sounds about right.”

“They were all killed during the fight. Seems like we caught the only prisoner. Navy wants us to deliver her” Lulby gestures towards the wounded woman “as soon as possible. Seems like they want to investigate the attack as soon as possible.”

“Naturally. I mean, considering they were neither well trained nor well equipped, it surprises me they made it this far.”

“Hm... Navy command invites you to witness the investigation, if you wish. They seem to be thankful we hold them off from entering the Chapel. Okay, okay, you hold them off.”

“Did they say when they’ll begin?

“Eleven standard. But they want the prisoner patched up until then, although I don’t know why. I mean, she’ll need a bigger bandage after the interrogation, right?”

Levintus nods, throwing a side-glance at the woman. The stumps of her fingers still leak blood.

“Hm hm, maybe we should separate. That way we’ll get done things faster”, Lulby reckons.
No. 119905 ID: 6550ad

Well, it seems that we need a doctor to patch the prisoner up. Ask Lulby to call Dr. Sprio so he can take care of the woman. Keep an eye on her in case she tries something funny.

You could kill two birds with one stone and ask Sprio to bring Writker and hand him to the priest to investigate his story.
No. 119916 ID: 15f6d6

Have Lubby handle the rest of the Writker stuff while you go do the terrorist stuff.
No. 121747 ID: 18a2d7
File 126485843222.png - (146.40KB , 800x400 , 22.png )

“First of all, call Sprio” Levintus orders “He has to treat the prisoner’s hand. And tell him he should bring Writker along.”


Approximately fifteen minutes later, Sprio and Writker arrive. The civilians from the Chapel have dispersed by then.

“Sorry Sir, we would have been here earlier, but the elevators were occupied. Whole station is busy like a hive” Sprio says.

“No problem, Sprio. Please take a look at the prisoner.”

Sprio asks the woman to show him her hand. She obeys.

“Hm, fingers were las-burned off.”

“Yes, I suspected as much. Can you stop the bleeding?”

“Of course, but if she wants her fingers reattached later, I would have to...”

“Just stop the bleeding.”

Sprio takes a small device from the bag he carries with him and aims at the stumps. It sprays a thin layer of fluid over the open wounds. Levintus knows the stuff, it’s a kind of biocompatible glue. The device is standard equipment for all combat medics to seal off small wounds.

The woman flinches.

“No worry, the bleeding has stopped” Sprio says “Now maybe a painkiller...”

“Sprio, that woman belongs to the people who attacked the station. I’m about to deliver her to Navy security for interrogation. I think a painkiller would be... counter-productive.”

“I see...” Sprio looks a bit unhappy.
No. 121748 ID: 18a2d7
File 126485848030.png - (118.46KB , 550x400 , 23.png )

Levintus beckons everybody closer.“Okay, listen. I will take the prisoner with me. Lulby, where am I supposed to go?”

“Conference room 3, just some decks below us" she answers.

“Very well. In the meanwhile, you stay with Sprio, Writker and the priest. You know what to do.”

“Sure. By the way, here’s your knife.”

“Thank you.” Levintus turns to the Lieutenant. “You...”

“Uhm, Sir?” McKravsky says. “With respect, Sir, I still have some duties to attend to. If you allow it, I’ll return to my workstation.”

Levintus thinks it’s a bit strange to worry about bookkeeping now. But on the other hand, Levintus assumes he won’t have any problems handling the prisoner alone.
No. 121750 ID: 54af1f

Let him head off, and take the prisoner where you need to go.
No. 121803 ID: 18a2d7
File 126487810877.png - (116.51KB , 600x500 , 24.png )

“Well, be off, then.”

“Yes, Sir.” The Lieutenant leaves, disappearing behind the next corner.

“Well, maybe we should go to my study?” the priest suggests. “I’m sure there’ll be everything we need.”

“As you wish, Father.” Lulby, Sprio and Writker follow the priest, leaving Levintus and the prisoner behind.

“Hm.” The woman is silent. Levintus keeps his gun aimed at her, set to semi-automatic, with 13 shots left. More than enough in case he would have to use it.

“You go first, where I can see you” Levintus indicates the direction they have to take. She nods and they begin to make their way to conference room 3.

After a short time, the woman asks: "You blues have a strange accent. From what world are you?"

Levintus doesn't answer.

"Are you here to help the crested ones?" she continues.

"Be quiet."


"I do not talk with heretics."

She cocks her head. "You Imperials do not talk much, eh? The Naftaelians do not talk, either. They let their guns do the talking for them."

"Stop babbling."

"'Tis true. Take the opportunity to talk to a real Sraellian while you have it, there won't be many left soon."

Levintus snarles something incomprehensible. Why won't that woman shut up?
No. 121808 ID: ee6f69

Let her talk, not much else to do for the moment.
No. 121820 ID: bb1955

Let her talk. You may learn something, and as long as your faith is strong enough anything heretical she speaks of cannot hurt you.
No. 121839 ID: c75865

Something isn't right here. Aren't you here to take out the alien Desert Sweepers threatening that mine development? A terrorist threat of native nonbelievers wasn't mentioned at all. Nor Naftaelian military presence shooting or oppressing or exterminating Sraellians, unless the Naftaelians are the PDF. Signs of agressive colonization and takeover, maybe?

You should at least try to figure out what this means, whether from this woman, or from other Sraellia-knowledgable people. If an insurgency is on-going, it could be an added security threat for you and your men.

"Have it your way then, but I'll be asking the questions, and then we can see if you're willing to answer. Why attack the station?"
No. 121847 ID: c2c011

Let him head off. And remember to add a commendation to him for managing a combat situation fine despite being in logistics. Also keep an eye on him in the future. I find him a wee bit suspicious.
No. 121853 ID: 18a2d7
File 126488419743.png - (118.48KB , 600x500 , 25.png )

The reports given to him did not mention any of these strange things she talks about. Levintus decides it could be useful to acquire some information.

"Have it your way then, but I'll be asking the questions, and then we can see if you're willing to answer. Why attack the station?"

„Why not attack the station? It’s the Naftaelian supply line. They arrive here and get shipped down to the planet. It sounded like a viable target.”

„You answer my questions? Just like that?”

She shrugs. “What does it matter to me? I think I’ll lose more today than just my fingers.”

Heretic or not, she is certainly right about the last thing, Levintus thinks.
No. 121928 ID: 6550ad

But what's the reason of their attack, who are they working for?

And how did they manage to smuggle weapons, explosives and that psyker-dude in the station?

You might as well try to get all the information you're able now if she's so cooperative. That way maybe you'll spare yourself the watching the interrogation. It doesn't sound like it's going to be something pleasant to see.
No. 122001 ID: 18a2d7
File 126489330338.png - (125.45KB , 600x500 , 26.png )

“What is the reason for your attack?”
“Reason? Do you need a reason to kill your enemies?”
“Enemies? Who?”
She seems a bit angry now.

“Are you trying to fool me? You Imperials of course! You come to our planet, with your terrible gods and your strange rules and laws. And you expect us to bend our knee so easily?”
“So, you are a kind of separatist movement?”
“We want to conserve our ways. Our people. Our belief.”

“Hm. Let’s talk about the attack itself. How did you get on the station?”
She laughs, but it doesn’t sound amused. “Public transport.”
“You lie. You would have never smuggled the weapons and the explosives in the station that way.”
“Maybe you’re right.”
“What does that mean?”
“Well, if we didn’t smuggle the weapons in here with us on public transport, they must have come some other way...” She refuses to elaborate on that point.

“What avout the two odd guys? The dark one? The psyker?”
“Mercenaries from other systems. I don’t know. Really I don’t. They were donated by a ...hm, a benefactor. Yes, we are not without friends, Imperialist.”
“You hired a ROGUE PSYKER?”
“He was weak. Too weak for our task in the beginning. But we found a way to... improve him. And then his head was sufficient for the task.”

Levintus remembers the spikes in the psyker’s head and shudders.

“What task was that?”
“He should disguise us from the station’s sensor systems. Mess with the... what is the word? Machine spirits? Electronics?”
“Psykers are able to manipulate reality, yes? Well, the station’s sensors are part of our reality. Do you think it would be difficult for a psyker to mess with some tiny conductors?”

“Why the inadequate explosives?”
“We didn’t have anything better. But we’ll get more stuff, soon. Oh yes, we will.”

“Who is ‘we’?”
“There are many groups who want to protect Sraellia, Imperialist. I belong to the Free Merchants of Sraellia. Expect to hear from my comrades.”

“And now, you really won’t tell me how you got the weapons aboard?”

“Eh, our benefactor might have something to do with this. But simple members like me are not told everything, so I don’t know who or where that person is.”

“Fair enough, heretic.”

It doesn't look like she is willing to tell more. At least not by herself.
No. 122131 ID: b14128

'Terrible gods'? We only have one god, the God-Emperor of Mankind.
No. 122235 ID: a74cce

I'd say show her mercy, take her to a prison, treat her nicely... and see if you can 'convert' her.
Try to understand the problem so you can make her think it can be 'fixed'... even if it can't.
No. 122280 ID: 498c52

Tell her that the path of the Emprah is the path of righteousness. To stray from the Emprah is to invite destruction.
No. 122438 ID: 6550ad


It's not our call to decide her fate, the Navy is in charge here and the penalty for treason and heresy is death. We can only hand her to them and hope that the interrogation will be quick
No. 123434 ID: c85bc8
File 126506332493.png - (364.19KB , 995x920 , 27.png )

"'Terrible gods'? We only have one god, the God-Emperor of Mankind. To stray away from the Emperor invokes destruction upon Mankind."

She glares angrily. "I knew I couldn't talk to you. You're just like the others. Ignorant!"

Now, Levintus doesn't have to stand that, at least not from a heretic. Besides, the prisoner seems clearly unwilling to participate in further talking.
"Move on. Navy's expecting you."

A short while after, they almost arrived at their destination. Levintus looks around the corner in an unsuspicious manner, he still is a bit wary due to what happened in the Chapel.

A small group of Navy men have gathered in the corridor. Unlike the ones Levintus saw before they have exchanged their shock-batons for compact autopistols. They all look remarkebly uniform...

But no! Levintus recognises one of the men: It is the Navy Lieutenant he met in front of Sprio's office. He lacks the hat though, and he seems to be slightly battered.
No. 123720 ID: 6550ad

Salute the lieutenant like nothing happened earlier, and tell him you bring the prisoner for interrogation, as requested.
No. 126566 ID: e921b3
File 126550096745.png - (117.87KB , 619x381 , 28.png )

"I bring the prisoner, as requested."

The moment he becomes aware of Levintus, the Lieutenant hesitates just one tiny moment. Then he salutes, his face neutral.

"Yes, I see." He beckons two Navy troopers to come closer. "Take her to Room 2 and guard her."

"Yes, Sir!" The woman is led away.

"Well, Sir, the Commodore offered you to be present during the meeting", the Lieutenant says.

"And I had my Master of Vox broadcast my agreement" Levintus answers. "I assume it's the room over there?"

"Indeed, Sir."
No. 126567 ID: e921b3
File 126550101163.png - (509.58KB , 1239x1048 , 29.png )

Levintus enters Room 3. It seems like the meeting has already begun.

Four men are present, three of them apparently having a fervid discussion. Upon the sound of the automated door, they all turn around.
No. 126571 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm those look like military men. Commence with a round of introduction. You need to know who is there and why they're there.
No. 126596 ID: 107da3


Name, rank, salute. Be polite. One of them looks like an interrogator, and they're probably higher-ups.
No. 126993 ID: b9a472
File 126551972918.png - (400.87KB , 1100x931 , 30.png )

"Emperor's blessings, gentlemen. I am Colonel Levintus, of the 24th Thrivorian Legion."

"I'm glad you were able to arrive in time, Colonel" the man in the blue uniform says. "I'm Commodore Trantor, Imperial Navy. Currently responsible for everything happening in Imperial space within the system and a few dozen lightyears beyond."

The man in green curtly shows the sign of the aquila. "I'm Brigadier Malard, Sraellian Defence Forces. Allow me to say the PDF welcomes the support of the Imperial Guard and I personally look forward to our forces' cooperation."

The man in yellow steps forward: "I am Captain Lasker of the 8th Royal Dragoons, the Count of Juszhold, Baron of Narchester, subsecretary of the Naftaelian Ministry of Trade, honory member of the Royal Society for the Betterment of Sraellia and current representator of the Governour's interests on this station." He breathes in. "Furthermore..."

"I think Captain Lasker will suffice for now" the Commodore hurries to add.
Lasker mumbles something in acknowledgement.

Everybody's eyes now rest on the man in grey clothes. A raspy voice from behind the visor-mask announces: "Kreft. Mercenary."

A moment of silence follows, during which the others seem to wait for further words, but Kreft clearly intends to betray those expectations.

"Mister Kreft and his men were able to render the second team of attackers innocuous, thus I invited him to attend, too" the Commodore finally explains.
No. 126996 ID: 107da3


Nod. Hmnh... to communicate what you've learned or not about a dissatisfied populace...
No. 127174 ID: 6550ad

Yeah, tell them what she told you, it's not like they aren't going to find out anyways.

Also, revealing confidential information to a mercenary is such a great idea...

Not like you're going to tell that to your superiors, but seriously.
No. 127218 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm, inviting a merc is hardly good operational security. Especially not one that goes around with it's face covered. That could be a god damn Eldar and we wouldn't be able to see it.

Pdf guy and the commodore seems like they might know what they're doing. The noble captain looks like a noble playing at soldier on the weekends, try to keep him as far from anything important that you can.

Otherwise let's get this show on the road. It was odd though that the terrorist claimed the Empire worships several gods. There could be hertical forces at work down there claiming to be spreading the light of the Emperor.
No. 127388 ID: e62a92

Yeah, this seems likely. I don't think we wanna get the Inquisition involved though.
No. 127397 ID: 8ecfd4

There are no inquisition agents there that we know off. Damn inquisition agents tend to be more paranoid than an asylum of paranoid schizophreniacs so I doubt we could even find one if we looked. Unless that Merc is an inquisitor or atleast an interogator. In which case they might already know and will haul us in if we don't tell them, or maybe they want to see how good we are at keeping operational security. Damn Inqusition and their mindfuckery!

Well keep your suspicions to yourself Lev. Just tell them what she told you and don't elaborate on your own opinions. If they can't see something wrong with it themselves then they're worthy of suspiscion.
No. 127411 ID: 54af1f

Find out what they know about these insurgents.
No. 127424 ID: c69844

Banish the thought of the inquisition from your mind. The mercenary's presence isn't that unusual, he's probably the representative/leader of his group, and might provide information on the rebels he fought.

Allow the Commodore start the briefing proper, and listen to what he's got to say.

You don't know if you can trust the heretic's words, but you might as well share them when you can, and ask what's going on on. You weren't informed about an insurgency in your missing briefings, after all.
No. 128184 ID: 3fc16d

If the Emperor's own Guard is not good enough for them that they have to employ mercenaries, (probably heathen ones) that is nothing short of blasphemy. Heresy is definitely afoot here. Stay wary.
No. 128688 ID: 024198
File 126573274262.png - (196.62KB , 600x600 , 31.png )

“Commodore, a word, if you please.”
“What is it, Colonel?”
“I am somewhat suspicious about the mercenary. By all respect, do you think it is a good idea to have him attend the meeting?”
“What are you implying, Colonel? Do you think I will reveal critical information just like that? Do you take me for a fool?”
“Of course not, Commodore.”
“If we want to avert any further terroristic attacks, we need as much information as possible. I want to hear what Kreft has to report about the attackers, just as I want to hear your report.”
“ I see.” Levintus sounds apologetic. “I merely wanted to state my concerns.”
“Duly noted.”
No. 128689 ID: 024198
File 126573278183.png - (203.12KB , 800x800 , 32.png )

The Commodore asks everybody to gather around him.
“As we all know, this space station was cowardly attacked by heretical forces. And although this is the first attack on this station, there have been several incidients on the planet. Am I right?”

“You’re overestimating the problem, Sir”, Captain Lasker means, “Naftaelian troops will surely establish imperial law and order on planet in no time.”

“Be that as it may, let us begin by gathering what we know. Mister Kreft, would you care to tell us about your encounter with the attackers?”

The masked man nods.

“Our leader, together with me and some other Kinsmen, were on our way to one of the hangars. We wanted to rent a transport vehicle. We were not aware of any attack, since no alarm sounds could be heard, thus we were quite surprised when several armed men came around the next corner. Sadly, my superior was lethally wounded. The rest of us avenged him.”

“Against several armed men? Say, how? Non-Navy personnel are not allowed to carry guns while on the station, as far as I know.”
The man in grey clenches one of his fists. “Guns are not the only weapons a man can carry.”
“I see. And no prisoners?”
“Accidentally not.”
“Can you say us something about the attackers? Something that caught your eye?”
Kreft seems to think. “Their bones were very soft.”
There is pause. “Allow me one last question. You said your leader was lethally wounded.”
“But I thought you were the leader of your mercenary group?”
“I am now.”
Again, a pause. “Well, thank you for your time, Mister Kreft. If you could wait in Conference Room 1, there will be a scribe to write down your report.”
“Agreed.” Kreft leaves.

“Now, Colonel, would you care to share your thoughts?”
“About the attack? Of course.” Levintus recounts everything that happened in the Chapel. He also mentions what the woman revealed to him.
“Free Merchants of Sraellia? Malard, do you know something about the group?” the Commodore asks.
“Yes. That’s the name the slavers opposing the imperial rule gave themselves.”
“Xeno slavers. They have a long tradition on Sraellia and have repeatedly clashed with imperial rule. Until now, they never grew bold enough to commit terroristic attacks, though.”
“Well, we have an experienced psyker on route to the prisoner. Surely, we’ll have more information soon. Malard, would you please continue?”
“Yes, Commodore.”
No. 128690 ID: 024198
File 126573281338.png - (174.08KB , 1000x600 , 33.png )

Malard activates the monitor at the back of the room and gives some instructions to the servitor slaved to the wall.
“As you can see, gentlemen, statistics show that the number of rebellious or heretical attacks has increased drastically since the arrival of the Naftaelian Governor.”
“Outrageous!” Lasker cries.
“Please, Captain, I merely pointed at the chronological, not the causal connection.”
“Until now, most attacks were performed by the two of the more popular organisation, the People’s Front of Sraellia and the Sraellian Front of People. Both groups share similar goals, but they usually don’t work together. Until now we were unable to locate the leaders of either.”

“Are there more groups?” Levintus asks.

“More than I can count, Colonel. Most of them are tiny and don’t have any influence to speak of, but they exist. And their determination and fellowship seems to grow.”

“Now now, this is surely just a matter of time. As soon as people embrace the rule of the new Governor, things will calm down quickly”, Lasker says, still a bit sulky.

“I don’t make predictions, that is not part my job. But, if the gentlemen would like to hear my personal opinion, I am worried about the current developments on the planet.”

“I share that notion” the Commodore says. “And I will order a reorganization of my Navy details to maintain a high-level security on the station. Sadly, that is all I am able to do, until I get further word of Sub-Sector command. I shall send copies of the reports to them as soon as possible.”

He looks around. “Now, any questions? Or something you would like to add?”
No. 128693 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask for more information about the Xeno slavers. Aside from that I think you would need to have a few personal disscussion with the PDF commander and the commodore.

The terrorists got onto the station and with weapons for the attack. Which either means that they got there first in civilian transports and then later smuggled in the weapons or got there in a craft of their own and used their psyker to keep alarms from going off. Either one are troublesome, fanatics can turn even civilian space craft into weapons. And the other option could be even more worrisome, if they managed to smuggle on arms then that either implies slack security on the side of the navy or people on the inside of the navy working with the terrorists. A more personal talk with the commodore might reaveal which one is the case.

As for the PDF commander. Without the noble captain there you should be able to gather better information. The point of intrest recently would be the governors arrival. The amount of attacks have risen pretty steeply since he got there. Which either indicates that he might be quite incompetent or there is some larger plan at work out there. The PDF commander should also be able to give better assessments on what kind of resistance you might expect and the quality of his own forces as well as that of the nobles.

It could also be worthwhile to talk a bit with Kreft. By his accounts of the fight it sounds like he and his mercenaries are from a heavy gravity world or have some augmentation done to them, possibly both. And if he and his company are to deploy on the ground it could be important to get to know him and his men better. You might after all work together or end up opposing him.
No. 135351 ID: 891a1f
File 126660867968.png - (79.46KB , 800x480 , on_hiatus.png )

A strange symbol appears on the monitor.

Busy, busy busy times. No time for quest. D:

I somehow wanted this little thing to reach a conclusion, but I failed. Eh, fun times nevertheless.

I'll still be hanging around the board, some quests are just too awesome to leave them unread... :3

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