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File 146726326135.png - (6.77KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
732711 No. 732711 ID: 32d627


WRETCH: yr the new guy.
WRETCH: guys i mean. yr one of those collective types
WRETCH: yknow one of the big groups of lil people big enough to be up here w/ us
WRETCH: whatcha call yrselves
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No. 732713 ID: 595d54

ur mom
No. 732714 ID: bf22e8

Better question, what kind of name is 'Wretch'
No. 732716 ID: 398fe1

Our name appears to be The Void.
No. 732717 ID: 15a025

Void of intelligence.
No. 732718 ID: b8dcfc

Something something empty inky blackness something
No. 732719 ID: 9b835c

We could always go for something different, if we wanted to.

But "VOID" does sound kind of cool, actually.
No. 732722 ID: 9f3729

we're nerdsquad, is who we are
No. 732723 ID: 4b991a

Yeah I guess we're a collective. We're basically whatever scraps are floating in the void itself, and thus that's what we seemt o be dubbed.

So you're a god like us, but not a collective. Or some shit ig.
No. 732724 ID: b2d501

In your world, we are the voices in your head.
In OUR world, we are something less.

And in the world of your enemies, we will be the most unlucky thing to happen in their static, pointless lives.

Try to spare some of them, will you?
No. 732725 ID: f0e552

nah we made you step off bruv
No. 732727 ID: c6e626

Do you always greet new people by insulting them and then demanding to be friends, or are we a special case?
No. 732729 ID: 32d627
File 146726644664.png - (6.97KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

???: Our name appears to be VOID.
WRETCH: void's a dumb name but w/e you do you
WRETCH: still fuckin dumb though you could have picked ANYTHING
WRETCH: and you go for void. smooth
WRETCH: real smooth hotshits

VOID: Do you always greet people through insult?
WRETCH: awwww
WRETCH: did i hurt voidsy's feelingsssss
WRETCH: do you want me to be all cuuuuutesy with you instead?
No. 732731 ID: 32d627
File 146726653074.png - (7.49KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

No. 732733 ID: 34dbe0

oof okay noted

so uh

what happened to the other newbies. because you mentioned us being one in a series
No. 732734 ID: 398fe1

Oh wait we're picking a name? I thought we already had one! I think SWARM would be better.

Maybe you're not gonna be cutesy but that's not stopping you from being cute.
No. 732735 ID: 7b7ab3

You are childish, your appearance is unsightly, your communication skills are severely lacking, you suffer from a terrible inferiority complex, you lack creativity, and you are, on the whole, incredibly unlikable.
Also, your grammar is atrocious.
No. 732736 ID: 34dbe0

yeah let's double up on this, too. u cute, wretch
No. 732737 ID: 47160d

Got distracted by Deadpool but I am thirding this
No. 732738 ID: b2d501

Do you want us to treat you like a whore?

... Okay but seriously do you want us to we don't mind.
No. 732739 ID: 595d54

You know, the whole "living shitpost" thing would work a lot better if you weren't such an amateur at it.
No. 732740 ID: 4b991a

You can try to not be cute, but honestly I find goop peops to be highly cute.
No. 732742 ID: 52632a

FLIRT with wretch
No. 732746 ID: 91ee5f

Awwww, you're adorablie! X3
No. 732748 ID: 8a0520

okay do you like. want something or can we take our stuff and go
No. 732749 ID: 8ec390

too late, i already want to squeeze you until you pop. want us to CREATE some champagne and soft music? or do you like tequila and blow?
No. 732750 ID: 32d627
File 146726998776.png - (6.88KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

VOID: What happened to the other newbies?
WRETCH: so most of the other newbies in our past games got yknow
WRETCH: wrecked and shit by some of us
WRETCH: spits really not a team player
WRETCH: lmao even i stay away from that bitch!! she's nasty
WRETCH: shes not the only mean fuck but heyyyy i can protect you voidsy
No. 732751 ID: 32d627
File 146727000670.png - (7.47KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

VOID: You're cute.
WRETCH: awww
VOID: Do you want us to treat you like a whore?
WRETCH: im keepin you from everybody
WRETCH: mine now uVVVo
No. 732753 ID: 9b835c

Do you have any other friends or is being friends with you like. Gonna fuck us up or something.
No. 732754 ID: 4b991a

What else can you do with that tongue?
No. 732755 ID: 47160d

Well... we seem to of contracted stuck it in the crazy disease. I hope everyone is content with this, well Wretch as pleasant as all this is we need to get back to our people
No. 732758 ID: 398fe1

We can work with that, definitely. But business before pleasure, goo lady. How do these games go? Should we focus on arming our TCPs or would guarding our area by creating hazards and fortifications work better for protecting ourselves?
No. 732761 ID: 91ee5f

We're yours now?! 8D
I want to hug you now! Wait, can I hug you? Do I even have arms? Or permission to hug? :3
No. 732763 ID: 32d627
File 146727259969.png - (7.85KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

VOID: Do you have any other friends? Is being with you going to mess us up?
WRETCH: everybody sucks so i chill on my own
WRETCH: only one who talks to me is grind and it SUUUUUUCKS
WRETCH: buzzkill of the year
WRETCH: and ill only fuck you up if you want it voidsy
WRETCH: when i figure out where you are irl LMAO

VOID: How do these games go? How should we protect ourselves?
WRETCH: usually its cute n fun until spit joins
WRETCH: i fucking hate playing with her shes such a little bitch
WRETCH: goes around destroying everybodys turf
WRETCH: so yeah shes probably gonna try to kill yr cats
WRETCH: do w/e you want though im not tellin you how to play the game
No. 732764 ID: 32d627
File 146727262531.png - (7.54KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

VOID: What else can you do with that tongue?
No. 732765 ID: 91ee5f

Well, that must certainly come in handy!

But seriously, you just said "mine now", does this mean we belong to you know? If so, then I don't mind at all. And I'm sure we're in good hands! :3
No. 732766 ID: 398fe1

That's too lewd. You're under arrest. You're going to sexy jail. Where all the handcuffs are fuzzy.

Do you have any cats? We could have our cats meet your cats.
No. 732767 ID: f29c01

Honestly, besides DAD, I don't think our cats could stand being around someone of this caliber, probably not the best idea to introduce them when they are quite immature and still developing.
No. 732769 ID: d035ee

Um. So is this private chat or do our TCPs hear this? Newbs like us haven't quite gotten the hang of the system yet.
No. 732774 ID: 3e182c

So. Wretch.
Wanna fuck?
No. 732779 ID: 398fe1

Haha oh boy if this isn't a private chat things are gonna be very awkward with our TCPs.
No. 732790 ID: 4b991a

Or our 'system' to begin with
No. 732791 ID: 4b991a


I think we should be rephrasing to ask if Miss Wretch has a pussy, or more than one pussy... cats
No. 732792 ID: 0a25ae

Who's grind? And where are your creations anyway?/What are you up to? (Apart from fucking with the puzzles and your spawning pond.)
No. 732795 ID: 2ec50f

Is there a way we can prepare for Spit and the harm she will bring? Is there a way to know when she is coming? Is there a way to defend?
No. 732796 ID: 52632a

oh no
she's cute
No. 732798 ID: e4f856

She's cute...
Lets not cyber w her tho wow
>>732795 !!!
No. 732799 ID: f7a64f

Aww, voids got a girlfriend...

Really, if our cats are gonna be fighting to defend their home, maybe we should let wretch mess with them mildly to toughen them up. We could do a good parent/bad parent thing.

Whatcha say wretch, wanna be a mommy?
No. 732800 ID: cea69d

You're really good at puzzles and dungeons, those were really fun to solve <3 Any way you could help us raise our TCP limit?
No. 732804 ID: efaf23

Bad Idea, lets not
No. 732807 ID: 13e5d4

Let's not...
No. 732808 ID: 3af16b

this is a great idea and nothing can go wrong. boundaries tho, no murder or senseless endangerment
No. 732814 ID: 32d627
File 146730652659.png - (6.74KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

VOID: Do we belong to you now?
WRETCH: i mean hey sure w/e im down for that
WRETCH: if yr not up for it i guess thats cool
WRETCH: i just dont want any of the other fuckers to get their hands on you yknow
WRETCH: they all kinda suck

VOID: Wanna fuck?
WRETCH: lmao i wish
WRETCH: were on some sort of fucky alternate god plane rn
WRETCH: but only for these lil cat fuckers
WRETCH: so its not like we could physically meet up or anything, which is assssssssssssssss

VOID: Do you have any TCPs? Where are they?
WRETCH: no because some fucker took up the whole TCP limit before i fuckin got in
WRETCH: that shits global yknow
WRETCH: greedy ass voidsy

VOID: What have you been up to?
WRETCH: waitin for the limit to go up but it probably wont til yr back or some shit
WRETCH: idk how the limit works but it likes everybody to be in their lil bases before raisin any
WRETCH: its pretty random aside from that garbage
VOID: Have you messed with our puzzles
WRETCH: fuck no i have better things to do
WRETCH: puzzles n shit like that spawn based on residual god stuff
WRETCH: so because im here they put me on em im guessing

VOID: Is this chat private?
WRETCH: yea yr cats have no idea whats goin on
WRETCH: i cant see them n they cant hear you when we talk like this
WRETCH: so its just you n me here voidsy uVVVo

VOID: Who's Grind?
WRETCH: ughhhhhhh
WRETCH: grind is like
WRETCH: my partner or whatever. we work together for god shit
WRETCH: it wont let me do anything cool

VOID: How can we prepare for Spit?
WRETCH: idk like
WRETCH: she's pretty horrible and REALLY good at being horrible
WRETCH: and her favorite thing EVER is to crush newbies before they can get far
WRETCH: so you probably wanna figure out what to do and fast before she comes and sets all yr shit on fire
WRETCH: and tortures yr cats in front of you

WRETCH: as i said shes kind of a bitch
No. 732815 ID: f562b1

Who's the "Good Parent" then? Because, being tough with discipline doesn't mean you're bad. And pranks can be kind of fun while teaching them to be on the lookout.

>WRETCH: yknow one of the big groups of lil people big enough to be up here w/ us
Speaking of the big cats(?), did you guys just, like, start up this high or did you have to climb ladders in tourneys and stuff?
No. 732817 ID: bf22e8

Have you seen Spit's base? If they're a griefer, than most likely they're guarded against griefing as well. Maybe we could send a spy. Or, alternatively, if Wretch is alright, they could 'grief' our place. we hide our cats with wretch, 'destroy' the place, and build a hidden cat town for hiding the TCPs.

Just brainstorming.
No. 732818 ID: 34dbe0

in that case, we better go. we have to get back to our base and start preparing. sorry about taking up the limit, btw!

thanks for the warning, wretch. we'll keep in touch!
No. 732837 ID: cea69d

So is there any way we can like. Combine our territory or anything? Or get introduced to Grind? We get that they're a bummer but even if we're bored to death it might be worth it
No. 732842 ID: 398fe1

Well, our strategy against Spit depends on how Spit attacks us, but mostly we're going to want to ensure our cats are well protected. We can create some guardian creatures and give our cats some protection. Haha, maybe we can make a giant robot!
No. 732855 ID: e4f856

No. 732858 ID: 398fe1

Defending ourselves is one thing... can we fight Spit? Invade her territory?
No. 732861 ID: 15a025

What is Wretch made out of?
No. 732862 ID: 4b991a

Well I have a series of pretty creative ideas that can outsmart Spit.
For example: What can look like a TCP, act like a TCP, but isn't in any way actually a TCP?
An Obj.
I'm p creative, so I can come up with idea after idea, just as fucked up as any that Spit can come up with.
Personally I'm happy to hear you aren't up for traumatizing tcp's just for the hell of it. This puzzle and your base seemed to imply that said shit is what you'd prefer to do to us and our TCP's.

Anyhow I'm talking too much again, so can we only affect the landscape within our territory?
And can two gods share 'access' to a TCP? I'm pretty protective of mine, and they're all pretty much softies and goodie two shoes.
No. 732864 ID: 32d627
File 146731943388.png - (6.46KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

VOID: Do you have to earn your rank as a higher deity/force?
WRETCH: ehhhhhh i guess
WRETCH: im not the guy to impress tho you want one of the bigger fucks
WRETCH: like wax or that fallow thing
WRETCH: good luck there tho lmao

VOID: Have you seen Spit's base?
WRETCH: not this time
WRETCH: shes probably not in yet or if were lucky shes not in this region at all
WRETCH: i mean she can still come get us if she isnt but itd take her a lot more time
WRETCH: and shed probably wanna take down her local fucks first

VOID: Can we fight Spit?
WRETCH: LMAO fuck no
WRETCH: i wouldnt touch that bitch with a fifty foot dick
WRETCH: shes killed other gods before dude and thats a biiig fucking no no
WRETCH: im talking irl too like
WRETCH: no thanks im not up for bein devoured by spit and i dont think you are either

VOID: Can we be introduced to Grind?
WRETCH: idk if its in either yet
WRETCH: i know its dealin with some stuff irl tho so it might be a bit

VOID: Can we combine our territory?
WRETCH: sure as long as you arent gonna backstab me voidsy
WRETCH: thatd suuuuuck for you
WRETCH: itd be kinda fun to have kitty playdates tho
WRETCH: everybody usually just leaves me alone

WRETCH: but now ive got you voidsy!
No. 732865 ID: 4b991a

Well since you don't seem likely to backstab us, I'd be happy to combine territory.

Our pussy...cats tend to be pretty "goody two shoes" and shit tho. Just saying as a warning.

And you sure we can't fight Spit? I can constantly churn out bioweapons ;3

Also do you know who's in our region so far?
No. 732867 ID: 91ee5f

Everyone leaves you alone?! O_o
You poor thing! D-':
Don't worry, you've got us now! ;-)
No. 732868 ID: 15a025

I want to hug this thing so badly now. If you want to be friends with us we'll totally take you up on that.
No. 732869 ID: 0a25ae

>everybody usually just leaves me alone
You're not exactly good at first impressions, bae.

How about we let you have the next TCP slot that becomes available? (How do we feel about that guys?)
No. 732872 ID: 398fe1

You sure do, goop-tits. Say, what's the goal of this game?
No. 732876 ID: ad5166

>WRETCH: everybody usually just leaves me alone
Puzzle said you're a prankster. Too often people can't recognize a good fun prank from a malicious intention.
Gotta impress the Candlesticks first.
No. 732877 ID: e4f856

but under the condition she doesnt mess with or endanger our cats, at all, not even to be funny

>>732869 yea

whats the goal of this game?
No. 732897 ID: 3e182c

Are AVATAR TCPs usefull lor better interacting with the world?
Are purpose made Anti-Divine Tcps hard to control or dangerous to their creators?
No. 732900 ID: 32d627
File 146732469274.png - (6.74KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

VOID: Let's combine territory then.
WRETCH: sweeeeet an alliance
WRETCH: youre the best voidsy. i got yr back

VOID: Our TCPs are very well natured and sweet. We don't want them endangered.
WRETCH: you sure are a softie lmao
WRETCH: yeah whatever i wont mess with em
WRETCH: likewise tho dont mess with mine

VOID: Are you sure we can't fight Spit?
WRETCH: dudes she like
WRETCH: eats other gods
WRETCH: did you miss that part or

VOID: You're not very good at first impressions.
WRETCH: w/e i didnt say anything untrue tho
WRETCH: you took FUCKING FOREVER getting this communicator
WRETCH: and i didnt want you touchin my shit when i didnt know you yet
WRETCH: seems fair enough to me

VOID: What's the goal of this game?
WRETCH: fuck if i know
WRETCH: wax made it for us and nobody knows what its for
WRETCH: but its a pretty good time waster when im fucking bored

VOID: We'll be friends with you.
WRETCH: wait
No. 732901 ID: 32d627
File 146732472983.png - (4.28KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

WRETCH: really?!?! oV\A/Vo
No. 732903 ID: 15a025

For realises.
No. 732905 ID: e4f856

No. 732906 ID: 4b991a

Hell yeah, you're less of a jerk than I was expecting.

Sure Spit eats gods. Why not just wire all their maws shut, and then make a meal out of them?

And don't worry I won't need to fight Spit if they don't talk or start shit UwU
No. 732911 ID: b7883c

God buddies!
No. 732918 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, really!
No. 732922 ID: f15c78

Really Really.
No. 732923 ID: ad5166

>WRETCH: dudes she like
>WRETCH: eats other gods
>WRETCH: did you miss that part or
We aren't quite gods ourselves, you said? Just enough of us to be like one? Not like it even matters. Safety in numbers and the element of surprise.
But yeah, new friends getting themselves killed is kind of a jerk move, so we'll be good little kittens.
>WRETCH: really?!?! oV\A/Vo
'Course! You're giving us the time of day, that's about all I can ask of a gooey god.
No. 732926 ID: 9f3729

yeah dude, you seem aite.
Trickster types are always fun to pal around with.
No. 732927 ID: f0e552

Yeah! Initially we were kind of unsure about ya since you acted differently than us but you actually seem really nice, especiallu compared to spit! So know that we've talked you actually seem pretty [s]sxy[s] awesome!

in short, hell yeah!
No. 732928 ID: 9774fb

You're so fun to talk to we kinda figured we already were friends!
No. 732931 ID: 595d54

The spoiler tags are {spoiler} to start and {/spoiler} to end, with [] instead of {}.
No. 732940 ID: 0543a8

fuck u wretch we're already bffs
No. 732941 ID: f0e552

yeah I know, I wanted a strikethrough but forgot the /.. damn communicator buttons, so small...
No. 732943 ID: 3e182c

Since were friends now Wretty, You want the next TCP available? Our Cats can be friends wif yours.
No. 732947 ID: b2d501

Sure, bitch. Welcome to the fucking team.

... Swearing is less offensive when you're flattering someone.
No. 732948 ID: f0e552

now we choose to swear? I say we don't. We have appearances to keep up!
No. 732951 ID: 7b65b9

Yes we should totally be friends.
Also, if we can see her, and she looks like a sludgy cat kindof thing, can she see us, and what do we look like?
No. 732975 ID: 32d627
File 146735031066.png - (6.67KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

VOID: Yes, really. We like you. We're a team now.
WRETCH: fucking SICK
WRETCH: youre my new best friend voidsy
WRETCH: only friend tbh but thats just cause everybody else sucks ass

VOID: Can we let you have the next TCP?
WRETCH: it shouldnt be a problem. limit scales with player count and shit
WRETCH: still yeah thatd be the shit
WRETCH: thanks voidsy

VOID: What do we look like?
WRETCH: uhhh nothing
WRETCH: you havent picked out a form yet have you
WRETCH: yknow you can be like
WRETCH: fucking anything right
WRETCH: but you CANT CHANGE IT when you pick so pick something good and not stupid

You can now decide on an appearance for your collective.
this suggestion will be open for 24 HOURS, and both written and drawn suggestions will be accepted! looking for a nude body here, anything goes aside. have fun
No. 732976 ID: 350a50

Life's no fun if you got no friends.

And don't worry, we'll be careful with spit. We don't want her going after our friends either.
No. 732977 ID: d530a4

No. 732978 ID: 15a025
File 146735057921.png - (2.10KB , 288x296 , mandatory post.png )

Mandatory shirt post
No. 732981 ID: b7883c

Would it help us avoid noob-hostile attention for longer if we didn't pick a form for now? If we have an appearance we might start showing up in puzzles and stuff.
No. 732982 ID: 7b65b9

I feel like Wretch cheated the system because she can still change her appearance, slightly. Too bad we can't pick something like a slime/jelly cat, because then we'd look like imitating tools.
No. 732983 ID: bbbcc9

Let's go without a form until it becomes safer/necessary to do so.
No. 732984 ID: 350a50
File 146735106997.jpg - (66.91KB , 624x721 , heilhydra.jpg )

What about a form based on the Hydra Vulgaris?

Many-headed, eternally budding new tentacles, and plenty vulgar too.
No. 732985 ID: 47160d

I was going to say no form but this caught my eye, super cool lets do it
No. 732989 ID: 90f3c0

A flock of ravens. We need multiple bodies for multiple crazy voices.
No. 732991 ID: f562b1

I say go with a mannequin form, where the default head's face works like Blanca's from Animal Crossing--People can draw something in, and it becomes the face until it's washed off. Of course, we should be able to swap out parts as a mannequin, so we can always just use our own faces that don't wash out.
No. 732992 ID: f562b1

To specify, "becomes the face" doesn't just mean we have a picture, but actual moving bits like eyes, mouth, even a protuding nose. Marker pranks upon the face become much more fun when you actually change the very shape of it.
No. 732995 ID: d5eacd

Buncha seagulls and a container of french fries.
No. 732996 ID: f15c78

I'm interested in this idea. I would enjoy this, so I shall vote for this.
No. 732998 ID: 91ee5f

Instead of the hydra plant, how about actually a hydra? Like the mythical beast with multiple dragon-y heads that are all attached to a single body.
No. 733004 ID: 358228

A potato with bloodshot eyes
No. 733005 ID: 40732f

Literal void.

Shape shifting absence of matter, typically a cat shaped hole in the world.
No. 733006 ID: b8dcfc

Axolotl, just because.
No. 733008 ID: c6e626

I second this, and kinda want to draw it actually.
No. 733010 ID: bbbcc9

Actual this sounds perfect, changing my vote to this.
No. 733011 ID: 350a50

That was my first thought, then I saw the Hydra Vulgaris while image searching and liked that more. I found the polyp more interesting, since dragons would be overdone and a ton of heads are a pain to draw. And a mannequin or empty cat shaped white hole in space is thematically appropriate, but kinda plain.
It could use filaments to form expressions and stuff.
No. 733013 ID: d035ee
File 146736014103.png - (132.85KB , 188x283 , VortechMinion.png )

I agree with the literal void idea. Maybe like this, but cat-shaped.
No. 733014 ID: 8a0520

manikin-type body with interchangeable limbs that float in a constellation around us when not in use. includes a wide array of masks for expression
No. 733026 ID: 2f5847

A pile of kittens of different hues and patterns. Joined at the tails in fullon cat-king mode.

A different kitten is the speaker depending on what's being vocalized.
No. 733030 ID: 398fe1

I like the mannequin idea, except it's hollow and there are holes in it. Or entire sections missing (but it still moves as if connected).
No. 733035 ID: c441c1

No matter what form we take I think a fun gimmick might be to have a floating heart above our forms head that states whoever we like most at any given moment. (I imagine it is currently Wretch.) but if we find another cool God it might give it some incentive to be even more awesome to get back in our heart.
No. 733037 ID: e4f856

Nah, that would show our afiliations too much >>733035
Spaace cat, with stars in our body, a catshaped wormhole mang
Every so often a comet or whatever passes through
No. 733040 ID: b14e18
File 146737314113.png - (222.46KB , 614x654 , The Void.png )

Guys, guys, guys. Guys. OBVIOUSLY we gotta go with a screen face.

(Alternatively, make the screen part the spacey-looking bit and do something else with the rest of the body. Maybe white with little black specs, like an inverted night sky?)
No. 733042 ID: c441c1

That is exactly the point though so far this game hasn't really been about diciving enemies and with Spit as an looming threat it would help to bring any of the people we ally with closer to us because it is literally wearing our heart on our sleave. (Though I might really just want to see Wretch blush.) :P
No. 733043 ID: 5c5afe

Yeah, i'm for the whole 'cat-humanoid-shaped-void' idea too, but we gotta be a cat or catperson, gotta keep the theme going
No. 733044 ID: 5c5afe

maybe a cat with a screen where eyes would usually be? dunno
No. 733045 ID: 2f5847

I think it would be thematically appropriate that instead of being a cat-person, we were shaped like an actual cat.

>Given that the board is mostly humans, and all.
No. 733047 ID: cd6ffd
File 146737680495.png - (4.72MB , 5100x3900 , tcp example.png )

There you go, it's a void-y cat person.

I'm so sorry about the tail. Also, I did mean to make the face a question mark, since it represents more than one person. I thought it would be neat for the face to actually be transparent, so that whatever is the backround is what comes through. Just throwing out an idea.
No. 733048 ID: 3e182c


All My Yes If we can combine this shit!

Lets add some amorphousness to it too, we are a god after all.

I'm seeing... A flowing Cat shaped hole in existence with an ever changing number of stretching tentacles that spring forth from wherever we desire.
No. 733052 ID: c441c1

This is good.
No. 733054 ID: ca0f3e

void cat with transparent details is cool, maybe a screen face with which to better emote.
how about multiple morph-able tails instead of random tentacles?
No. 733055 ID: f562b1

Wretch already said we're being boring just being called Void. Actually being made of void would probably just be that much more boring!
No. 733056 ID: c441c1

Actually if we go with screen face or shaped star face instead of a floating heart we can just make it with our face.
No. 733058 ID: 4b991a

I would like a fusion of the two, but with the ability to bring for real things from the screen tentacles.
From the void itself comes creations.
The void is a horror constantly growing and changing.
I think it'd be great if the void could reflect the kindness and the horror of existence, able to relatively easily change owo
No. 733059 ID: 4b991a

Oh hey Wretch, so I take it you didn't put the note with the knife we found or anything.

So um... what is up with quests? Who's won the tcp thing the most? And what's the point of the kill command really
No. 733062 ID: 34dbe0

loving the shaped void idea and ALSO the masks idea so let's do shaped void with tons of floaty masks we can change out at will!!
No. 733064 ID: 350a50
File 146739051827.jpg - (212.08KB , 1440x900 , daft.jpg )

The idea of a display/screen face is growing on me. (sort of like pic related, but more cat-shaped)

I also like the reverse-night-sky theme, white void with black stars. Maybe throw in some tentacles just because.
No. 733073 ID: af3241

the void idea is wonderful! though personally i would add the quality of being a bit unnerving/hard to look at for very long. voids are inherently disconcerting and weird, right?

maybe instead of a literal body-shape we're a kind of hermaeus mora/andross/-master hand sort of deal with body parts and hand-cursors fading into and out of existence as needed?
No. 733077 ID: 91ee5f

>Quality of being a bit unnerving/hard to look at for very long.
People stare into the void (us) and the void (us) stares back into them.
No. 733082 ID: 9acc3c

I too like the idea of a reverse void
No. 733085 ID: 15a025

I like this idea.
No. 733145 ID: bf22e8
File 146742301292.png - (380.34KB , 800x600 , Void.png )


No. 733148 ID: af6e04


This looks awesome!
No. 733149 ID: 9f3729
File 146742355830.png - (45.56KB , 800x800 , suggestion.png )

An alternative suggestion.
No. 733150 ID: 9f3729

To clarify, there's like dozens of these and we each control one.
No. 733153 ID: 350a50

Sure, I can get behind that.
No. 733156 ID: 1fbb52

Riotmode, I can't think of any feasible line of thought that'd lead you to want our godly avatar to take the form of a collective of little Jotaro hats running around, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.

On a more serious note, this looks fucking excellent. Appropriately mysterious, and while the orbs floating around it lend to that effect and make it more spooky overall, the bright colors of the eyes give it a more approachable appearance.
Getting a very 'Deoxys' vibe from its overall body shape for some reason. Hell, that'd actually work pretty well with the ideas some people are having; Deoxys was able to transform its arms from what were usually tentacles into normal arms with functioning digits. Oh man, can we have long, flowy tentacle arms like the Hydra Vulgaris suggested earlier? That'd be dope. Then when needed they can just morph into hands, which kinda fits with the suggestion of being an amorphous void-ball.
I have a habit of coming up with explanations or suggestions for things when given a general idea of their purpose or appearance, and god damn do I love space-themed things. Real good job with that art, Warden; this was fun to think about.
No. 733157 ID: c441c1

All sentiments agreed with.
No. 733159 ID: 350a50

What if the arms are 4 linked together tentacles, with the ends of each forming one of the fingers?
No. 733160 ID: 91ee5f

This is what I'd like. I vote for th-
>Plus Deoxys shape changing arms.
.....combine these and that's what I'll vote for.
No. 733162 ID: 1fbb52

That could be cool. Not quite sure what you mean, though; would the tentacles have a webbing between them, or some other form of linking?
No. 733163 ID: 350a50

Rather, they merge to form arms with hands, or split apart from the fingers into four tentacles.
No. 733164 ID: 1fbb52

Okay, scratch that previous post, I see what you mean. Yeah, that was kind of what I was envisioning. Either that or just straight-up super-long jellyfish-esque tendrils when not being used, then they can be morphed into arms.
No. 733165 ID: f15c78

I change my vote for this. This is magnificent.
No. 733173 ID: 0d6c82

Maybe with cat ears if we're goind with the theme?
No. 733174 ID: 1fbb52

Oh, yeah, good call. Was gonna mention that in the other post, but then I got caught up on the arms.
No. 733192 ID: 93244f
File 146743525701.png - (38.18KB , 126x278 , space animal.png )

I'm too late but i wanna submit a design anyway
No. 733193 ID: f562b1

Well since my Mannequin idea is doomed to failure now, I may as well vote for this as a secondary.

I really would like to avoid going too voidsy though because I still think Wretch isn't going to like it.
No. 733197 ID: cea69d

True friends accept you no matter how you look- it's okay if she thinks we look dumb, we are who we are and what anyone else thinks about it is unimportant honestly let Wretch feel however she wants
No. 733198 ID: cea69d

True friends accept you no matter how you look- it's okay if she thinks we look dumb, we are who we are and what anyone else thinks about it is unimportant honestly let Wretch feel however she wants
No. 733200 ID: 350a50

I do like it, but I think I prefer Black Hole Head up there.
No. 733203 ID: 32d627
File 146743716431.png - (26.07KB , 1020x1020 , void ref.png )

You are VOID, affectionately dubbed Voidsy by your new best friend. Your new body is composed of the void of space itself, stars twinkling from within your infinite mass. Your arms seem to be able to mold themselves into anything you desire, though paws feel most comfortable. Your face is made of a hard, plastic mask- morphing into anything you feel appropriate. Additional masks float around a ring orbiting your body, warm to the touch. Even though your body is segmented in half, you appear to be able to move around normally.

You appear to be nowhere in the most literal sense of the word- without a physical place in space.

No. 733204 ID: 93244f

that's what i'm talkin about
No. 733205 ID: 15a025

I want to hug it
No. 733206 ID: 350a50

>Voidsy: Strike a sexy pose.
No. 733207 ID: 4b991a

Hug self and then pose for wretch
Yeah you like?
No. 733211 ID: cd6ffd



Yes, do it. Seduce the sexy slime. Let's have god sex!
No. 733213 ID: f0e552

we are over the phone, you crazy.

send wretch pose pic thou
No. 733214 ID: 9acc3c

hey we have a responsibility to the cat friends, no sense in getting ourselves distracted now
No. 733216 ID: 9f3729

we just met this person why are you trying for sex already

ive never gotten my dick wet once and yet i am still not this desperate for it
No. 733220 ID: d035ee


You'd probably pass right through it, honestly, it is a void.

Can we walk and talk? There is still the matter of the last treasure to attend to. If these treasures are fundamental things, like the communicator, we should get them ASAP.
No. 733223 ID: 52632a

it is our duty to fuck the slimegirl
No. 733224 ID: 93244f

Let's avoid pursuing the idea of sexual intercourse with that of godlike beings and just stick to, uh, normal things, like summoning cats and going on adventures.
No. 733229 ID: 9acc3c

Please calm yourself
No. 733230 ID: 4db602

No. 733235 ID: 91ee5f

Would a friendly hug count as normal? If so, let's hug instead.
No. 733236 ID: 3e182c

No. 733238 ID: 2f5847

Please calm yourself
No. 733239 ID: c441c1

We could have kinky off screen(or on) phone sex though.
No. 733241 ID: 8a0520

can we stop the Great Tgchan Sex Discourse of 2016 and like. make plans to hang with wretch some other time so we can wrap this adventure up? our tcps probably wanna go home.
No. 733244 ID: ca0f3e

swappable masks.
oh man, we have the potential to be genuinely spoopy (à la Hexadecimal from Reboot)

anyhoo we should totally inform the TCPs about these developments lest they get worried
No. 733246 ID: 1f3a15

it is adorable that you think this is somehow unique to 2016
No. 733248 ID: f0e552

no like i'm saying stop we wont do that ever
No. 733249 ID: 3e182c

Or you know. We could, instead.
No. 733254 ID: c441c1

I stand with you brother.
No. 733267 ID: 52632a

And I'm saying you're a complete buzzkill.
No. 733268 ID: af3241

use new form to hug tcps
No. 733270 ID: 358228

Phone sex with the viscous vixen. Do it.
No. 733273 ID: 0a25ae

And my axe!
No. 733280 ID: 1fbb52

I'm only just now able to reply and oh my goodness we are beautiful. Good job everyone, and thank you based mortis.
No. 733289 ID: 52632a

okay there are some people who like the slime form of the wretch that's understandable.
Can we not turn the thread into a complete trainwreck because of this please?
No. 733295 ID: c441c1

Please this is barely as bad as the American political system. Just two completely opposite opinions fighting for their side of an argument. At least we have someone to sort out which one wins I the end.
No. 733296 ID: 9acc3c

Okay but we're a collective and not all of the collective is into it so it wouldn't exactly be consensual

Yeah let's not neglect our poor TCPs, we made them we're responsible for them.
No. 733297 ID: c441c1

Generally majority rules on TGchan so it becomes consensual if the majority is in favor of an action.
No. 733298 ID: 2f5847

I am amused that this rationale gets used everytime someone has a questionable idea. Usually a cultist of Slaanesh.
No. 733299 ID: f29c01

I'm going to vote AGAINST instant sexual activity, though a pose or two is fine. But life isn't all play, and we need to get to work.
No. 733300 ID: c441c1

Let us spread hereasy my brothers!!
No. 733301 ID: b1ceff

Don't fuck Wretch this soon, have some restraint
No. 733303 ID: efaf23


what kind of name is wax anyway? can you tell us more about them?
No. 733305 ID: 350a50

Yyyeah, I just wanted to get back at Wretch for the tongue teasing, we have work to do.

A pose and a "You like?" quip is plenty. Then we both have stuff to get to. Only so long before spit shows up and ruins everything.
No. 733307 ID: 80bfa2

At least take her to dinner and the movies first...
No. 733309 ID: db0da2

I'm all for operation; phonesex with slimegirl, but there's a time and a place, and right now we have a potential war to prepare for.
No. 733311 ID: 32d627
File 146751086590.png - (11.79KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

VOID: Do you like it?
WRETCH: yea dudes its fucking SICK
WRETCH: yr all cool shit like me now
WRETCH: morphin buddies

VOID: Can we have sex?
WRETCH: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
WRETCH: i wanna but no
WRETCH: idk if you noticed voidsy but you dont really like
WRETCH: exist where i exist yknow
WRETCH: yr not physical
WRETCH: no clue how to fix that either so yr kind of in a no fuck zone
WRETCH: plus ive never fucked a collective before and i have like
WRETCH: no fuckin clue if yall want that

VOID: Can we keep talking while checking in on our TCPs?
WRETCH: yea just have a cat keep yr communicator on
WRETCH: we wont be able to see eachothers faces if you go focus on yr lil guys but we can still talk and shit

VOID: Who's Wax?
WRETCH: the big guy
WRETCH: the head honcho
WRETCH at least in our lil group anyway
WRETCH: idk i dont talk to it much
WRETCH: it freaks me out
No. 733312 ID: 47160d

Well let's focus on our kitties then, and then let's head back to our land. We need to build defenses
No. 733316 ID: 486e87

Yeah, we should probably get this adventure wrapped up and the tcp's back to base so the limit raises.
No. 733322 ID: 91ee5f

>WRETCH: morphin buddies
No, we're Mighty Morphin Buddies! ;3
No. 733335 ID: f562b1

So the face is sort of like my mannequin's face so I'm happy with that, actually. I guess we probably gotta manually mold it to fit any prank markerings though, if we can find a way to physically manifest it.

Or we could just do photos, if Wretch or something messages us a drawn-on photo, we morph to it.
>WRETCH: [Wax] freaks me out
Same for Fallow?
>WRETCH: the big guy
Is it just important, or like, physically bigger than you guys?
No. 733344 ID: 3e182c

Don't we like, spawn shit into existance?
If we dealt with spit first, so we like, don't get eaten...
Mission Accepted.
No. 733376 ID: 13da86

Manifest two faces on the same mask, one drooling and one nervous/serious, separated by an (aesthetic) crack
"Some of us want it, some of us don't, but we'll come around eventually"
No. 733377 ID: 13da86

By aesthetic, i mean it would be a marking that looks like a crack without actually being one
No. 733378 ID: 13da86

Oh man does this mean we can make puzzles and shit of ourselves now too
No. 733388 ID: cea69d

Little nervous now, it took us a long time to grab the communicator, spit could already of ducked shit up. Any other treasure we need to get?
No. 733398 ID: f562b1

I'd be absolutely surprised if Wax allowed that in his game.
No. 733399 ID: 3e182c

If not then pfft moar people to eliminate.
No. 733402 ID: c441c1

If Spit really becomes aa problem we might be able to summon Superman TCP.
No. 733413 ID: 5c5afe

Better idea, maybe two masks could serve as the two faces, one lustful/happy and the other nervous/serious? I'm personally in favor of phonesex or real sex at some point in the future, if not now, but i know there are those that aren't
No. 733416 ID: cc03d6

I'm not sure I'm loving the face all that much (perhaps it a bit too... singular? for a collective of anonymous chaotics. I would have preferred no face or maybe a blank mask, but that's probably just me), but I gotta say, really good design choice for the body. Fucking badass to be frank.

Now, for our next plan of action, there doesn't seem to be much do do here. We should go back to the game and move our tiny cat people back to our environment so they can utilise the new shit they got. Also figure out a better trade/interaction route between the Wretch's environment and our own.
From there, we can figure out a plan of how to get stronger to protect our cats.
No. 733432 ID: db0da2

How does Spit kill gods? (maybe save this for an extradimensional physics lesson at some later point) Unless there's anything specific you wanted to warn us about, I think we're done here. We need to get our kitties back to base so we can start fortifying.

I don't think we can spawn things inside the... emptiness.
No. 733435 ID: c441c1

When we have really big arguments like before we can show masks arguing with each other.
No. 733449 ID: 32d627
File 146758471971.png - (12.75KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

VOID: Some of us are unsure on the sex thing.
WRETCH: take yr time voidsy
WRETCH: if you ever agree on it and get a body hit me uppppp
WRETCH: ill show you dudes a good time uVVVo

VOID: Does Fallow scare you as well?
WRETCH: fallows a big softie to a fault
WRETCH: got its shit wrecked real hard in its own pantheon
WRETCH: yknow like a pantheon is a group of us in one area
WRETCH: some other fucks over there messed it up permanently
WRETCH: kinda just sits around quietly now
WRETCH: its pretty fucking sad really

VOID: What do you mean by "the big guy?"
WRETCH: wax like
WRETCH: made me and most of the rest of this pantheon along with its buddy wane
WRETCH: wanes not around anymore but
WRETCH: wax is the dude you dont want to fuck with

VOID: Couldn't we just make a portal?
WRETCH: you dont exist in like
WRETCH: catspace either
WRETCH: yr just kind of nothing right now
WRETCH: again no clue how that works so fuckkkk

VOID: How does Spit kill gods?
WRETCH: well good news is she cant kill you guys yet
WRETCH: because yr body isnt in the same place me n her are
WRETCH: but she can still make a fuckin mess of your shit
WRETCH: she usually kills gods by devourin em though
WRETCH: its nasty

VOID: Does this mean we can make puzzles of ourselves?
WRETCH: game does that automatically i think so
WRETCH: i guess but idk

VOID: We should probably get back to our TCPs.
WRETCH: yea we gotta get movin to keep from super bitch wrecking our shit
WRETCH: any last questions before we get goin???
No. 733451 ID: 4b991a

Haha cool wax and wane
Is there a full and a new?

So what do you think needs the most improvement in our territory, and how does expanding it work?
No. 733458 ID: 4dece0

Do you know what sort of moves Spit usually likes to make, when she starts moving in on someone's territory and their cats? Do you remember what sort of things seemed to make newbies last a bit longer against her in the past, and what do you non-newbies do to keep her at bay, just stay out of her way?

Also, is there anything we need to know about territory? We want to join ours to yours, but aside that scenario, can it overlap, or is it always one person's or another's or no-one's? Can you push your territory over someone else's to take it over, and if so how do you stop that sort of thing?

More thinking ahead: We're going to let you take your fair share of the limit, but when we eventually get back to making more TCP ourselves, it'll probably be a good idea to make one that's pretty strong. And we'd like to be able to tell strong ones if and when we encounter them. Do you know what kinds of TCPs are good for defending themselves and others? Like, personally, I was wondering about TCP derived from the states of matter.

And finally... if we can't get together physically, is there anything else you'd like that we could arrange...?
No. 733459 ID: 5c5afe

Is it possible for a god to enter another pantheon? If so, would that put us in the same place as you? Might be something to ask wax about. Also, we need to befriend Fallow ASAP.
No. 733462 ID: e4f856

ALSO, wretch, please dont make a weapon tcp :( it hurts them far too much, if you want to fight spit its better to make a durable one and arm them anyway
No. 733464 ID: c441c1

It would be good to know who we can talk to with the communicator. (Spit, and Wax specifically.)
No. 733475 ID: 5c5afe

Oh, wait, that would probably be a pretty horrible idea because of spit wouldn't it
No. 733477 ID: 5c5afe

omg do we blush dark blue? That's adorable
No. 733479 ID: 4dece0


"How do we use this communicator besides just you being able to call us" is probably a good question, yes. So, Wretch, what all can we do with this communicator?

Oh, and do you have any questions for us? If not, and if that's everything, then bye for now, talk to you again later, bitch ♡
No. 733482 ID: 91ee5f

>Last questions.
When can we meet face to face?
No. 733483 ID: 5c5afe

Yeah, i'd say it's your turn; if you have any questions about us, now's the time to ask.
No. 733505 ID: 350a50

No. 733550 ID: 5c5afe

Yeah, i'm sure she wants to know something more about us than just name and appearance and she sated our curiosity, so it's just polite to return the favor.
No. 733650 ID: 32d627
File 146766097238.png - (8.13KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

VOID: Is there a Full and a New as well?
WRETCH: what
WRETCH: our pantheons just me, grind, spit, rein, wax, and alloy now
WRETCH: wane and velvet ate shitttt
WRETCH: aka they got Ate

VOID: Is it possible for a god to enter another pantheon?
WRETCH: yeah happens all the time other places
WRETCH: ours has been kinda fucked for a long time though

VOID: How does territory work?
WRETCH: uh not sure
WRETCH: spit always burned everything down before i could ever figure it out

VOID: What's your plan for TCPs?
WRETCH: im gonna make a food one cause theyre super useful
WRETCH: probably a weapon to keep shit safe
WRETCH: standard shit

VOID: How do we use this communicator?
WRETCH: uhhh did you find the outgoing module
WRETCH: communicator has two parts n if you dont have the outgoing you cant make calls
WRETCH: only receive em
WRETCH: good news is i can call you wheneverrrrr cause only newbies gotta find their communicators and shit
WRETCH: once youve find em in a game once you get em forever
WRETCH: so at least theres that

VOID: When can we meet face to face?
WRETCH: idk voidsy
WRETCH: if i knew id tell you but like you dudes arent even "real" yet
WRETCH: as soon as thats possible then

VOID: Do you have any questions for us?
WRETCH: uh yeah a couple
WRETCH: what like. what do you go by because us gods can be whatever the fuck
WRETCH: like i dig bein a girl so i use she n shit but what do yall want me to use
WRETCH: oh and like
WRETCH: most of us have domains yknow like. im the god of chaos and shape
WRETCH: you dudes can pick whatever you want for that too
WRETCH: once you answer that we should probably get goin
No. 733651 ID: 4b991a

Void, Creation, Adoration, and Malice uwu

Any pronouns are fine with me/we. Our pronouns will shift a lot as a collective, and each facet will express itself differently. Even our domains will likely chance. Only void will remain constant I suppose, and creation.
No. 733655 ID: d035ee

As a collective, I think a gender-neutral plural would work for us. They, them, etc. As for our domain, I don't really know. Maybe since we seem to care for our cats more than most, we could be Protection or Care or some such?
No. 733656 ID: b14e18

They/them pronouns work. Double works I guess since we don't have a set gender AND we're a collective. But anything's fine I guess, except maybe "it". (If only because "it" makes sentences confusing.)
No. 733657 ID: 324ec5

we a collective, literally refer to is as w/e
No. 733660 ID: cc6431

>WRETCH: what like. what do you go by because us gods can be whatever the fuck
>WRETCH: like i dig bein a girl so i use she n shit but what do yall want me to use

I think we're pretty definitively a "them". Both and neither. Don't think we'd mind being called "it", either, some people get offended at that but who cares right?

>WRETCH: oh and like
>WRETCH: most of us have domains yknow like. im the god of chaos and shape
>WRETCH: you dudes can pick whatever you want for that too

Well, based on our chosen appearance and behaviour thus far... I'd say we're the god/s of EMPTINESS and IDENTITY. We are masks with no face, act without actors. We are a living pretense that covers a nothingness characterized by its hungers, not only for food and pleasure but for being and passion and personhood. Being hunger we understand hunger and so we are tender hearts to those who suffer their lives in lack and loss and yearning for more.

So we like warm hugs and making friends and enemies and seeing that empty holes get filled, winky cat face
No. 733663 ID: 91ee5f

>WRETCH: what like. what do you go by because us gods can be whatever the fuck
>WRETCH: like i dig bein a girl so i use she n shit but what do yall want me to use
You can call us whatever you want to call us, babe. ;3
No. 733665 ID: 34dbe0

they or it works for pronouns, and i'm seconding our domains being IDENTITY and PROTECTION.
No. 733666 ID: db0da2

>WRETCH: what like. what do you go by because us gods can be whatever the fuck
>WRETCH: like i dig bein a girl so i use she n shit but what do yall want me to use
Don't give a shit, they/them probably makes the most sense considering there's a whole bunch of us, but we also tend to act as a single entity so it really doesn't matter. In other words; whatever you want baby~ ;)

>WRETCH: oh and like
>WRETCH: most of us have domains yknow like. im the god of chaos and shape
>WRETCH: you dudes can pick whatever you want for that too
I'd like to go for FRIENDSHIP and PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER, but I doubt we'll reach a consensus anytime soon, you might wanna get back to us on that once we've figured out what we want to do more.

Is there any advantage to using a weapon TCP over just making a really beefy (wall, shield, muscle, etc.) TCP and then giving it some really nice weapons? Also, where are you? I'm guessing there's the TCP world, your "real" world, and wherever it is that we are, but are there any other worlds? Is there anything physical where you are?
No. 733668 ID: 0543a8

lets use they/them, and how about IDENTITY and UNCERTAINTY.
No. 733674 ID: f562b1

>WRETCH: what like. what do you go by because us gods can be whatever the fuck
Bunch of the collective seems to be male, but there are also females, its, and theys. Consensus is normally "Whatever floats your boat," so if you feel like just using "Dudes" in place of every pronoun, that's perfectly fine :P
No. 733675 ID: 2bdaf2

For a theme I feel like LIMINALITY and THAT WHICH IS NOT would be fitting for The Void.

Also I like using they, and them, for our pronouns since we are like probably a bunch of different genders all the time.

We can be the space between endings and beginnings, the kindness of the crule, and the nothing that defines the something.
No. 733682 ID: e4f856

No. 733701 ID: 350a50

Pronouns: 'Whatever floats your boat'.

Domains: Love, Mirth, Camaraderie
No. 733705 ID: f562b1

>WRETCH: most of us have domains yknow like. im the god of chaos and shape
Oops I missed this one.
Variety and Quantity. Things in mass and not-quite-copies.
No. 733716 ID: 40732f

Emptiness, Kindness, Creation and well Void, duh!

They/them because collective
No. 733717 ID: f0e552

A god of space and creation!

We are a collective, so you can use they, them, etc.
No. 733718 ID: 6dcce0

Pronouns can be anything she wants, really. I do like the idea of getting it on with her. She seems nice enough.

As for TCPs, making stuff like a food tcp could be good (maybe ask wretch for some tips). And a rather crazy idea: we could make a tcp that can manipulate gravity or who is really sticky, cover him on durable and sharp stuff, then go full katamari damacy armor on whoever dares to fight us.

No idea what kind of domain we could be, but probably something more diplomatic and friendly. Don't confuse our friendliness with weakness though.
No. 733726 ID: 0a25ae

No. 733734 ID: 742b4a

"they" makes the most sense for a collective. Most of us are dudes I'm pretty sure though.

Domain should be Emptiness and Darkness.
No. 733736 ID: b2d501

Insanity, wisdom, discord and cohesion. I'm not sure what to call it, but we put our corruption in these vessels and come out stranger. The sort of insanity that is meant to keep people STABLE, if that makes any sense.

Also, I'm gonna vote "intersex" on this; I'm not sure what Void has in place of a gender, but it's probably bent towards @#$%ing girls.
No. 733757 ID: 3e182c

They, we, for conversation.
But him, her, Whatever could work too.
We can be Whatever you want.
We Have Tenticals.

Space and Creation.
No. 733780 ID: af6e04

Union and Discord
No. 733781 ID: 9f3729

discord and plotting, i say.
No. 733808 ID: 93244f

gon go with this one
No. 734008 ID: b1ceff

(Sorry folks, no updates for a while. Mortis's computer's dead for the time being and we don't know when we can get it fixed.)
No. 734026 ID: f75f5f

We are clearly the god of unity and discord. Thats not even a suggestion, it is a statement of fact.
No. 734027 ID: 595d54

Asking for pronouns is a bit pointless, we're not even a single entity to be referred towards and no individual of us is going to be personally involved or things are going to get super weird. Thanks for trying to be politically correct, though, I guess. Unity and discord are cool with me.
No. 734033 ID: 0a25ae

>we're not even a single entity to be referred towards

We just gained a body. We objectively have a corporeal form to be referred to. That's what this whole thing is about.
No. 734037 ID: 595d54

Sure, and it's literally a customized puppet for us to talk through. That's a bit like posting on a forum and demanding that your avatar be recognized as a separate being.
No. 734038 ID: 0a25ae

>Sure, and it's literally a customized puppet for us to talk through.
So like a regular human body is?

I ain't gonna disgrace the thread with this banter anymore but the linked post clearly states the physical properties of our bodily construct. This is kinda silly, man cmon.
No. 734296 ID: a6dc58

I'm on board with this.
No. 734298 ID: e4f856

How do you propose she refer to us though? Substituting all pronouns with our name is clunky, and they is fitting because there's more of us anyway. Short of answering "all y'all", I have no ideas.
No. 734302 ID: 2f5847

But that's adorable, and you know it.
No. 734443 ID: b7883c

>Asking for pronouns is a bit pointless, we're not even a single entity to be referred towards
Groups do have a set of pronouns: the plural "they/them/themselves/you". (Fun fact: "You" used to be exclusively plural, with the singular form being "thou". Quakers wrote tracts about the pernicious influence of the spreading singular "you" on society.)

...Though I'm kind of liking the idea of being addressed as "y'all".
No. 734446 ID: 595d54

Yes that's why asking for pronouns is pointless, groups only have the one set.
No. 734453 ID: 53ce9a

We're called void but that's just a persona. Our true interests are PROTECTION and KNOWLEDGE
No. 735245 ID: f562b1

Remember guys, we can always just answer "Whatever floats your boat" and each person we encounter can just choose whether to refer to us as a he, she, they, it, or whatever else themselves.
No. 736485 ID: 32d627
File 146879073293.png - (8.54KB , 500x500 , wretch end.png )

You are VOIDSY, lesser deity of IDENTITY and DISCORD. From now on your pronouns as a collective will be THEY/THEM.

WRETCH: alright looks like yr good to go
WRETCH: yr pretty sick voidsy
WRETCH: lets try to win this thing together okay?? you n me forever
WRETCH: ill stay on the line with you while you check in on yr kitties
WRETCH: dont eat too much shit out there uVVVo

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