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File 146494942550.png - (143.33KB , 701x683 , 001.png )
727561 No. 727561 ID: 433720

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/720801.html

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No. 727563 ID: 433720
File 146495017611.png - (133.61KB , 701x683 , 002.png )

This is a Map of my Room.
I'm in my Room.

Time: 3:40pm

- Buttplug (Inserted)
- Chet the Sex Shop Guy's Number (Dry)
- $20 (Dry)
- Mammarymancy Number
- Muscle Fighting Tournament Flier
- Jacket with Pockets (Wet)

Looks like some of the Lube leaked out onto my pants and jacket when I was doing 'Magic Tricks' on the Bus.
I'm still wearing the FUTA Shirt.

Casey's Party is at 7:00pm.

The Bus show's up here every hour on the Half Hour.

What Do?

No. 727564 ID: 2f5847

Put Chet's number somewhere safe.
Dab jacket with soap to get oil-based stain out.

Mostly, call for the TITMAGIC
No. 727575 ID: ac8ee4

Ok, here is a magic trick. Put the mammarymancy number on google to check out an address or any account that is linked to that number and check them out.
No. 727576 ID: 77f467

Remove buttplug. There is a time-limit on how long one is supposed to wear it, and I still want it to be worn later in the day.
No. 727579 ID: c45b7e

comp research pr0n. titmagic?
No. 727583 ID: 2f5847

Read the last thread. We may have learned of a Breastamancer consortium.
No. 727598 ID: 759cd8

go to the closet, pick a sexy outfit for the party.
I don't think a FUTA top is going to attract the right kind of attention.
No. 727604 ID: ef98fb

Remove buttplug, find porn on computer, commence shliking
No. 727616 ID: 433720
File 146499186290.png - (99.70KB , 701x683 , 003.png )

I put Chet's Number on my Dresser.
I Lather Rinse a Repeat, then I hang the Jacket up in the Bathroom to dry.

That's neat.

No. 727617 ID: 433720
File 146499191254.png - (100.32KB , 701x683 , 004.png )

(Buttplug Removed)

I'll see what I've got.
Draw Suggested outfits here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/100061.html
I'll narrow it down to a few that I think I can draw, then We'll vote on which one. I wont have her change into it till we leave for the party, so we can continue with the thread till then.

Shliking Commenced.

No. 727618 ID: ef98fb

Any porn have mammarymancy involved in them?
No. 727622 ID: 2f5847

No seriously, call the titmagicians before they close!

Also, I have made an outfit suggestion.
No. 727643 ID: 3e182c

do this while shlicking, obv's
No. 727733 ID: 433720
File 146503652551.png - (61.98KB , 701x683 , 005.png )

Not that I've ever seen.

(+1 Arousal)
That's was kinda underwhelming...
(-1 Arousal)
No. 727736 ID: 35151f

summon your stand to finish the job
No. 727737 ID: 3e182c

Don't finish the job, get yourself to the edge and keep yourself there.

Strange sexual magics always work best if you cum while they're doing their thing, Right?
No. 727742 ID: 4fa90a

Huh they didn't mention how long it would take. 'It's on its way' kinda draws the image of a package just being thrown at your building by a car that doesn't even bother to slow down first.
No. 727757 ID: 759cd8
File 146505315280.jpg - (30.00KB , 551x424 , tq.jpg )

wear this
No. 727758 ID: 759cd8
File 146505340213.jpg - (35.80KB , 599x500 , tq2.jpg )

maybe this old thing
No. 727763 ID: a075ba

You might want to shower before the party.
No. 727770 ID: 2f5847

One of our subquests is to stimulate arousal.
And we will probably get a Silly bonus for going stinky.
No. 727892 ID: 433720
File 146510624607.png - (137.49KB , 701x683 , 006.png )

What? I don't think I can do that...

I don't know, but that sounds good!

That was kinda weird. Maybe I shouldn't have given him my address...

I'm not sure what would be silly about grossing the whole party out.

The water is making me kinda slippery, but not much.
(+.5 Arousal)

Could you move these to the Discussion Thread, so that we can keep the Main Thread Clutter Free? Link: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/100061.html[/spoiler]
No. 727896 ID: 7e1ea2

Grab one of them shampoo bottles, use as dildo, continue to rub clitoris.
No. 727899 ID: 91cfcf

>Grab one of them shampoo bottles, use as dildo
You have never seen a vagina.
No. 727903 ID: 3663d3

anything is a dildo if you are brave enough!

but, unfortunately, nothing says they would be particularly good dildos...
No. 727905 ID: 2f5847

Seems pretty silly so I will back it. Conditioner bottle seems a bit more lady-shaped.
No. 727925 ID: 3e182c

Ok. Bottles in the vagoo are always a bad idea, but utilizing the butt plug could allow you to stay on edge while still being dressed to accept company. Assuming its a beginners size, it could possibly be inserted into your Vaj if thoroughly cleansed.
No. 727952 ID: 433720
File 146515754133.png - (96.30KB , 701x683 , 007.png )

(Shower Time Bonus Activated, +1 Int)

I don't think those where designed for that... Besides, there's no texture or anything, I doubt it would stimulate me at all.

That's a good Idea, one problem though. I don't have any Lube for reinsertion...

Okay, I've made my choices for the Dress Up Poll! Please make your votes on the Discussion Page: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/100061.html
No. 728016 ID: 2f5847

I'd save the plug until right before the party. 6:45 or so.
Butt it should work with anything viscous- olive oil,
hand lotion, tanning butter, uh, normal butter too.

Penetrating your butt at home is not silly, just deviant.
No. 728022 ID: 7e1ea2

Call up Chet for no reason other than to masturbate over the phone with him.
No. 728275 ID: 8ee3b6

And the winner is....?
No. 728282 ID: 433720
File 146530403380.png - (85.82KB , 701x683 , 008.png )

Anime Cosplay Outfit donned! (+2 Sexyness)

No Answer...
(-1 Arousal)
(Arousal at Negative! +1 Seriousness. Cannot gain Arousal Points while Seriousness points are active.)
(Arousal Set to 0)

I need to finish preparing for the Party.
I'll bring my Phone and a Condom, just to be safe.
I can fit One, maybe Two more things into my One Pocket.
What should I bring?

I don't think Public Masturbation is a very good Idea. I'll leave the Buttplug at Home...

Time: 4:10 pm
Last Free Bus: 4:30 pm (Seriousness Bonus)
Last Bus Before Party: 6:30 pm, $5 fee (Seriousness Bonus)

- Cell Phone (57% Battery, 2 Bars)
- Generic Condom (Sealed)
- ---
No. 728288 ID: 8ee3b6

knuckle dusters, things could get hairy
No. 728289 ID: 2f5847

You need the phone in case he calls you back, of course.
Or for emergency pizza delivery.

Besides, cosplayers can't get pregnant.
No. 728297 ID: 2f5847

I misread the prompt. Take Money, and a kazoo.
No. 728321 ID: 3e182c

Where the hell is this Mammary-Mancer Anyway?

Money and...

Those little white pills the almost naked homeless guy gave you last week.
No. 728338 ID: 433720
File 146533594938.png - (80.19KB , 701x683 , 009.png )

Money, there's still room for one more thing.

I don't think I cosplay enough to qualify for that immunity. Although, I don't think that's a thing...

I didn't take those. I just ran away.

If things get hairy shouldn't I have a Lintroller or Brush?

A kazoo would fit, and it's a conversation starter.

What do?
No. 728340 ID: a075ba

Take kazoo.
No. 728344 ID: 7e1ea2

Take the Kazoo, you can sedeuse men with its sirens call. Or just play a really goofy song with it, whatever.
No. 728345 ID: 433720
File 146533792053.png - (75.75KB , 701x683 , 010.png )

Kazoo it is.

Inventory (Full):
- Cell Phone (57% Battery, 2 Bars)
- Generic Condom (Sealed)
- $20 (Dry)
- Kazoo

Packing for the party is complete.
(-1 Seriousness.)
(Seriousness is 0)

Is there anything else I should do Before the Party?
No. 728347 ID: a075ba

Charge phone as much as time allows?
No. 728349 ID: 7e1ea2

Charge phone and continue to watch whatever is on the computer, resist touching yourself to stimulate greater self teasing and arousal.
No. 728353 ID: 2f5847

Anything in da fridge? I'm not sure they're going to feed you.

Don't forget to put your robot ears on before watching porn.
No. 728361 ID: 180f83

Start a virus scan on your computer before you leave. With all those sites you go to, seems like a reasonable thing to do while your gone.
No. 728368 ID: 180f83

gaze, gaze upon the magnificent boob shaped light fixture and dream of the possibilities.
No. 728465 ID: 4f00c4

We should head out now, i'd say we're ready
No. 728476 ID: 0e4511

Dunno that we should go to a party 2 hours early. Unless saving 5$ is really that important.
No. 728478 ID: 3e182c

Yeah, especially Since The Titty Wizard is on their way like right now. We can wait.

She said "The Book" instead of "To Book" didn't she?

Go check if any cars have driven by and flung magical literature at the building without even bothering to slow down.
No. 728480 ID: 4f00c4

No. 728609 ID: 433720
File 146550444523.png - (99.03KB , 701x683 , 011.png )

(Phone removed from inventory.)
(Phone Charging.)

I don't have a fridge, but there's a cafeteria down stairs.
(Robo Ears reequipped)

(+1 Bonus Arousal. Will take affect next time Arousal Points are earned.)

Boob shaped?

Oh... ... ...

No. 728610 ID: 433720
File 146550447867.png - (114.72KB , 701x683 , 012.png )

Virus scan Started.

The Cafeteria hasn't opened for dinner yet...

No Magic Literature out here.

Time: 4:35pm

I suddenly decided to do a little more coloring.

No. 728615 ID: 4f00c4

do some squats, try get that booty bigger while we wait for tits.
No. 728619 ID: 2f5847

Is there time to visit the cafeteria before the 6:30 bus?

Look out your window for anything unusual.
No. 728728 ID: 3e182c

I suppose while you wait, you can practice the Dance of your people.

Them Sweet moves will surely get you much party cred.
No. 728735 ID: 433720
File 146558632785.png - (44.22KB , 701x683 , 013.png )

Awww yeee.
(+1 Sillyness)

I'm already outside my window. And if by Unusual you mean Rad, then yes, it's me.

It's almost 4:40pm, so there's almost 2 whole hours of time to visit the cafeteria before the 6:30 Bus. However, it's not open till 5pm, so we won't be able to get food till then.
No. 728739 ID: 08ed3a

are you not wearing pants? or just really short shorts? Oh well, dance/power walk (gotta work the booty too!) to the cafeteria to get some food, if it is still closed when you get there continue to dancing to make money to pay for the meal.
No. 728762 ID: 2f5847

The shirt is supposed to be long enough to cover most of the crotch. That may not work with all forms of tribal dance.
Touché. You may want to move it indoors eventually, because it's a hot day, right?

But yea. Party down til suppertime.
No. 728788 ID: 3e182c

Dance/Power Walk?
Fuck that. POWER DANCE!
No. 728794 ID: 7e1ea2

No. 728869 ID: 8111b6

Crab people! Crab people! Crab people! Taste like crab, talk like people!
No. 728870 ID: 3e182c

Also, Is it just me or did everyone in the 80's have absurdly large mouth holes?
No. 728872 ID: 4f00c4

where are our booty stats at?
No. 729161 ID: 433720
File 146576542576.png - (88.67KB , 701x683 , 014.png )

I already have a $20.
It is, but I've dressed light.
(+1 BoogaLoo)
(+1 Sillyness)

Oh no, there's a line. But then again there's always a line, so this is less surprising than I originally made it out to be.

On the BACK of the Character Sheet.
No. 729173 ID: 7e1ea2

Twerk/lap dance on the dude in front of you, but also ask politely how long he has been waiting in line to get in.
No. 729177 ID: 7e1ea2

And if there are any Dinner specials going on.
No. 729195 ID: 2f5847

30 minutes to eat, then an hour to kill before the party...

Strike up a conversation about that AWESOME FIGHTING TOURNAMENT going on.
No. 729278 ID: 180f83

Flash them while their not looking.
No. 729290 ID: 8111b6

At least we're pretty early in the line! Since the place is currently closed, that means when it opens, we'll be able to get our order in pretty quickly.

Nah. Because it's so close to opening time, there's people on the other side of the windows, for sure. If we wanted to flash someone, they might appreciate it more. Provided they don't decide that they don't approve of indecent exposure.
No. 729625 ID: 605f49

Goddamit! Twerk in the line like you never have before!
No. 730190 ID: 433720

Sorry about the Long Silence again! Just a little Roommate Drama that's been escalating recently. Hopefully it'll die back down soon. I'll see about making an update tomorrow! For now, I'm gonna get some rest before my Roommates get home.
No. 730284 ID: 433720
File 146621147614.png - (112.52KB , 701x683 , 015.png )

He ignores me...

What's the point of flashing if they aren't looking?
The blinds are closed, so they wouldn't see it either.

Nothing eventful happens until I get inside!

No. 730285 ID: 433720
File 146621149565.png - (158.27KB , 701x683 , 016.png )

They charged me $7.50

No. 730290 ID: 25433a


Eat food like a BAWSS!
No. 730350 ID: 15a025

Eat up.
No. 730357 ID: 180f83

Eat everything but the broccoli.instead before you leave, throw the broccoli at a couple of people and scream FOOD FIGHT then get the hell out of there.
No. 730375 ID: 2f5847

Chop steaks fine, use potatoes to soak up the steak grease. Add a little steak sauce. Mix meat and taters. That is the tastiest you can make this particular meal.

Also this.
No. 730378 ID: 2f5847

Even though they are probably burgers, maintain course.
No. 730409 ID: 433720
File 146623817804.gif - (271.61KB , 701x683 , 017.gif )


No. 730410 ID: 433720
File 146623821229.png - (245.32KB , 701x683 , 018.png )

I would but...

No. 730411 ID: 433720
File 146623826879.png - (95.62KB , 701x683 , 019.png )

(Quest: Boogaloo, Complete, Kinda..., Rank: C)
(Side Quests Completed: 2, again)
(Loot Bonus: 1)
(Sexy/Silly Bonus: 2)
(Overall: Pretty Good, but the first one was better.)
(Thread 2 Installed, Please follow the instructions in Thread 3 before continuing.)

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