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File 146471847152.png - (59.52KB , 2100x1500 , title.png )
726944 No. 726944 ID: 3f8abc

Your existence is impossible. And yet, there you are. Existing.

In a machine world where everything is procedure, where everything is predicted and calculated before hand, you walk around with a giant hole in your chest.

Well! Don't let things like "impossibility" stop you from bringing sunshine to other people's day!
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No. 726945 ID: 3f8abc
File 146471849234.png - (191.44KB , 2100x1500 , 0_1_2.png )

No. 726946 ID: 3f8abc
File 146471850252.png - (176.53KB , 2100x1500 , 0_2_1_2.png )

No. 726947 ID: 3f8abc
File 146471851475.png - (277.48KB , 2100x1500 , 0_2_2.png )

No. 726948 ID: 3f8abc
File 146471854330.png - (434.03KB , 2100x1500 , 0_4_1.png )

Oh! Okay! Hanging from a ledge, unexpected, but it is a A-Okay! You can feel your fingers scraping down the smooth ice, and you are having difficulty raising your other arm - gosh golly, please not now - but if you just keep trying...
No. 726949 ID: 3f8abc
File 146471856926.png - (383.25KB , 2100x1500 , 0_5.png )

Oh no! Your bag’s sliding down the sloped ledge, and with the help of that cruel villain, gravity, the things inside pushed through and out! They are:

A plasma torch, used for cutting, melting, and welding. Could get through obstacles, fix up a few things, destroy things if need be. You’ve also heard of bots threatening other bots with these, but that is very mean! A little deterrent couldn’t hurt though... A shame you can’t melt your way to safety right now.

A grappling hook, used for climbing, swinging, and attaching. You could swing on over to hard-to-reach places with this, or climb up all sorts of walls, or nab some distant object. You’ve certainly used it to escape a sticky situation more than once; silly bots are always caught off guard. You don’t think it’ll help on this smooth, sharp ice ledge though.

Ah! You can only catch one! Which one, which one? Please help!
No. 726950 ID: 8b70b5

Neither. If neither one helps you right now, and you're in danger of falling to your death, just focus on getting back up. Fun gadgets < life.
No. 726951 ID: 2a7417

You don't have enough arms available to catch any while hanging off a ledge.
No. 726956 ID: 813bc6

grappling hook...then attempt to dig the hook part into the ground to pull yourself up.
No. 726957 ID: 813bc6

wait where does it show they only have one arm?
No. 726976 ID: 3f8abc
File 146473259811.png - (201.50KB , 2100x1500 , confusion.png )

Oh! I am sorry, I did not explain myself well at all! My apologies!

I do indeed have a second arm, as was built into me at the old Faktori itself. Unfortunately, as hunky dory it would be to get that arm up and pulling me to safety, its having a bit of trouble.

We all make mistakes, some of us get lost in a cave, some of us spend a bit too long looking into and marveling at a fascinating pit, annnnnnnnd some of us buy the cheap arm repairs instead of the good ones. I think I can move the arm enough to catch one of the falling things though!

.....My name is Toy, by the way. Hi!
No. 726978 ID: f6442a

Detach the deadweight arm, then having made yourself lighter pull yourself back up and look for a safe path down.
No. 726979 ID: 90f3c0

Grab the plasma torch, it seems like a much more versatile tool.
No. 726982 ID: 93244f

grab grappling hook, use it to grab plasma torch.
No. 727419 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489108599.png - (374.08KB , 2100x1500 , 0_101.png )

Detaching your deadweight arm sounds like the smartest idea. Unfortunately, the ability to quickly remove and interchange your parts is not a function of your model line, as your line of work required bodies that couldn’t be easily taken apart.

…A fall from this height would probably render that moot though.

The fun gadgets fall and you try to swing your bad arm. With a uncooperative SCREECH, the parts grind together to barely move a few inches. But it’s enough.
No. 727420 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489112383.png - (223.91KB , 2100x1500 , 0_11.png )

You got the grappling hook!
No. 727421 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489115085.png - (222.51KB , 2100x1500 , k.png )

You move to aim the gun in the plasma torch’s direction, but it soon falls out of range. A real shame.

Your arm on the ledge is slipping, but you got this! You just need to move your arm enough to….
No. 727423 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489117914.png - (315.67KB , 2100x1500 , 0_7.png )

Oh no no no no no no no NO!
No. 727424 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489121446.png - (466.50KB , 2100x1500 , 0_8.png )

Okay…well…yes, you’ve been in better situations. It is probable, even inevitable, that you will smash against the floor and then cease to exist. But you got your grappling hook, reducing your chances of sudden destruction. Just gotta move it to your other hand, and then ready, set, fire!
No. 727426 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489136442.png - (471.68KB , 2100x1500 , 0_9.png )

63t94BD6W9jcN9LyZLX5Z3oM jUw9KiWZ8A7HcehTcBqbroASgHHSmvkR rdS3goXU oZicRAnZW6zysZocmSJ3Q6qV TfzbLpL2huJnGvJV 5Sv9KkP3M7xsomKHaN4bwEHi
No. 727427 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489138496.png - (54.74KB , 2100x1500 , title0.png )

No. 727428 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489141884.png - (59.52KB , 2100x1500 , title.png )


No. 727431 ID: 3f8abc
File 146489171526.png - (434.14KB , 2100x1500 , 1t11.png )

No. 727440 ID: 3663d3

lucky, it managed to avoid everything vital. don't poke the wound.
examine area.
No. 727441 ID: b412df

Ow? That looked painful. How damaged are you, and on that matter how are you still walking around after being skewered like that?
No. 727444 ID: 2a7417

First, stretching exercises for the rusted arm.
No. 727484 ID: 3f8abc
File 146491609499.png - (536.22KB , 2100x1500 , diostik.png )

You examine the damaged area.

There is a very big hole in your chest. You can see wires and tubing sticking out. Some of them are still dripping fluid. You are missing many vital parts. Some of them were directly linked to your abilities to move, remember, and think.

This is impossible.

You cannot be standing right now, much less thinking. You should still be skewered, mind blank and body deactivated. Yet here you stand. You try to calculate the chances of this happening, but you wonder if there had been any chance at all. Happening to fall on something as sharp as that, it had an incredibly low chance but it had been possible.

The sight of the hole...the impossibility, a part of you is in awe while another is trying to connect reality to logic, and it...
No. 727485 ID: 3f8abc
File 146491621214.gif - (75.76KB , 1200x857 , stretch.gif )


You stretch and flex your bad arm, partially to put the attention of your overheating processors on something else for a moment.

Your arm screeches and squeaks as the rusty joints grind against each other. But, they are definitely loosening up and getting usable.
No. 727497 ID: 398fe1

...guess we're gonna start wandering around to find a mechanic.
No. 727498 ID: f6442a

We are climbing back up there and getting the plasma torch. We no longer fear death, as it has passed us by.
No. 727800 ID: a075ba

Your inexplicable functionality is a problem for a talented mechanic, and not of immediate concern. The whys and hows can be explored at a later date.

For the moment, where the hell are you? Where were you before you fell, and what were you doing there?
No. 728145 ID: 2ec50f
File 146523349992.png - (221.07KB , 2100x1500 , 3.png )

But nonny, the plasma torch is broken! It fell from the ledge and we could only grab one thing, remember? It’s in pieces nearby. Oh well.

You don’t think you can climb all the way up there...But you know what’s WAAAAAAY more FUN than climbing?!?!!
No. 728146 ID: 2ec50f
File 146523354294.png - (142.87KB , 2100x1500 , 4.png )

No. 728147 ID: 2ec50f
File 146523357163.png - (251.47KB , 2100x1500 , 5.png )

No. 728148 ID: 2ec50f
File 146523358576.png - (259.43KB , 2100x1500 , 5_1.png )

No. 728149 ID: 2ec50f
File 146523362661.png - (485.02KB , 2100x1500 , 6.png )

Aw, that’s fine. It only means that you’re gonna have to choose another way out of here, and that means exploration! Going forth into the unknown! It’ll be great!

Now, after some looking around, you found two ways out of here. There was a third, a thinner part of the wall, probably hollow behind it, and a plasma torch would have made its way through. Oh well! There are things a grappling hook can do that a torch can’t.

At the other end of the pit is another ledge, one that your hook can definitely reach. Oh, who knows what you’ll find up here, venturing through halls of ice and frost. Maybe you can find more wonders! The sight of this big empty space or pit was wonderful when you saw it, falling aside.

Tucked away in a dark corner is a hole in the ground, big enough for you to slide through. Looking at it, you can tell that it was clearly made by robot hands or drills or whatever, though it was probably made a long while back, not recently. Still, the artificial aspect does tug at your curiosity. Why here? And where does it lead?

You don’t know which is more probable to be an escape route. As for where and why…..well….how about we talk about it once we’re walking a path. Or rather, grappling a path. Or sliding.
No. 728153 ID: 430103

Meta says that ledge is hook-based.
the thin wall was torch path, which we now can't get.
And the hole is a third option if we don't want to do the hook thing.
Which amkes me wonder what it's got that there's a path that doesn't require hook or torch...
I vote for the LEDGE, as I think we can just backtrack to the hole and possibly use the hook to rappel down it instead of just sliding down and hoping that if we land on a spike we can once again not die somehow.
No. 728171 ID: 398fe1

Go for ledge!
No. 728180 ID: a075ba

You haven't yet told us what you were doing in this wilderness in the first place.

Go for the ledge.
No. 728181 ID: f6442a

Go jump down the hole.
No. 728426 ID: 3663d3

wrap grapple around spike, pull until it breaks, use spike to crack open wall.
No. 729107 ID: 2ec50f
File 146575305337.png - (358.53KB , 2100x1500 , 6.png )


No. 729108 ID: 2ec50f
File 146575310781.png - (314.10KB , 2100x1500 , 7_5.png )

The unconventional opening of that path fills you with a sense of pride. Instead of wondering again which path to take now, you do what you planned to do before that clever idea, and shoot out the hook.


Now then, while you’re busy climbing and walking - time for some remembering.

You are Toy, and you come from a little town called Paisel. Cute, quiet, on the outskirts of the tundra. Compared to other stays, you had lived there for a while: 7 years, 161 days, 3 minutes, and 49 seconds.
No. 729109 ID: 2ec50f
File 146575313946.png - (329.52KB , 2100x1500 , 8_2.png )

You would have lived there for years more, had not a particular stranger entered a particular recharging station at a particular time, an exact time in which you happened to be recharging alone.
No. 729110 ID: 2ec50f
File 146575326820.png - (576.30KB , 2100x1500 , 9_1.png )

the proceeding experience was


they took all of your money, but more importantly, they stole a personal keepsake of yours. a little locket from a time long past. you tried as hard as you could, you really did! you told them how important it was to you, and they still…
No. 729111 ID: 2ec50f
File 146575330471.png - (458.69KB , 2100x1500 , 10_1.png )

W-well. No need to think about that sort of nasty stuff, right? Gotta stay optimistic! Yeah, happy things. You know where the robot went. The only path out of Paisel goes to Kayvold, which has the only train from these parts to the mainland.

So, you’re trying to get to Kayvold as fast as you can, and you took the ice caves because they’re supposed to be an excellent shortcut. Yes, you might have gotten a little lost, but that’s okay. You need to find that stranger, and when you find them you’ll…you’ll……?
No. 729115 ID: 9f3729

detain them for the police
No. 729216 ID: 398fe1

Well if we had the blowtorch I'd say cut off his limbs, but we have the grapple. Either way, of course you're going to bring him to justice. Maybe after a bit of stress relief.
No. 729313 ID: f6442a

We will grapple him into submission.
No. 729628 ID: 2ec50f

talk it out like reasonable folk? Make a deal?
No. 730018 ID: 2ec50f
File 146611384147.png - (245.25KB , 2100x1500 , 11.png )


The police, huh? That could work, but how to detain them? As it is, you have no proof they stole anything from you and an accusation would just lead to a long bundle of procedures that the thief might not even care about, so you would likely have to restrain them yourself. But how?


Oh dear. That sounds very violent. You don't want to hurt anyone! But, maybe you have to? Ummmmmmm. Argh. Aaaaaagh. The presence of a gun is worrisome, but your programming is making you shudder at the thought of harming another sentient being. Or, it would make you shudder if robots had skin. As it is, a surge of similar feeling goes through your mind.
No. 730019 ID: 2ec50f
File 146611390113.png - (216.96KB , 2100x1500 , 12_1.png )


You can’t wait to flail your arms all over them. They will fall, nonviolently…..hopefully.


Well that didn’t work out the first time you see him, and you…
No. 730021 ID: 2ec50f
File 146611392302.png - (167.36KB , 2100x1500 , 12_5.png )

No. 730022 ID: 2ec50f
File 146611410263.gif - (13.66MB , 576x286 , ezgif_com-resize.gif )

It is a gif, ta dah!
No. 730027 ID: 48d46d

Oh dear! See if you can assist any of those unfortunate folk, or confirm that they are beyond help
No. 730032 ID: 9f3729

well on the BRIGHT side, hooray! spare parts!
No. 730070 ID: a075ba

Examine copses(?), see what has befallen these people!
No. 730218 ID: 358228

So... much... loot...
No. 731459 ID: 2ec50f
File 146662419961.png - (381.37KB , 2100x1500 , 14_51.png )

Hi there! In this update, I am experimenting between the usual art style and a different one. If you prefer one over the other, id super appreciate your opinion. Every suggestion you leave for the character is something I appreciate. Thank youuuuuuu. ^u^

This is…

Your footsteps crunch and crack atop torn remains. The tunnel is covered in them, scattered and splayed as if deprived of their use. Lightless optics stare from the damaged bodies leaning against the walls.


You walk down the hall, examining each bot to see if there’s anyone you can help, but, well. Holes torn open, limbs flung aside, parts and wires everywhere.

It reminds you of the hole in yourself, and that you should be in their pla - wow, what a dreadful line of thought! Let’s put that away, play pretend that I never said such a negative thing.
No. 731460 ID: 2ec50f
File 146662424705.png - (377.91KB , 2100x1500 , 14_53.png )


But there’s no way they were all impaled on the same spike, right? That doesn’t rip off limbs, and plus they all had to get up here somehow, you don’t think every single one of them had a grappling hook. At least, you don’t think so. Something DID this to them, you just don’t know why it would be so mean.

You ask the robot before you if it can hear you, if it can sense you, if it’s okay.

You ask them again these questions again and again and again, as you have to all the other bodies.
No. 731461 ID: 2ec50f
File 146662426443.png - (376.03KB , 2100x1500 , 15.png )


You wait some minutes more, just in case. But no; you are unable to help it, as you are unable to help all the others in this hall. This fact does not sit well with your programming, and the resulting state of your mind is unpleasant.

Your final analysis: UNIT HAS EXPIRED.
No. 731462 ID: 2ec50f
File 146662433851.png - (230.91KB , 2100x1500 , 16.png )


It certainly is!

You take the damaged CPU, not bad, not bad for salvage! You quickly check to see if the body is carrying any other useful tidbits.

There certainly is a lot to harvest up here, mostly pieces of hardware that you could use for trading.

Strangely enough, you do not find a single battery in all of the wreckage, and you are 95% sure those do not just fly away.

In all of the wreckage, you find some parts that could easily fit you, given an okay mechanic. A special hand here, a particular kind of limb there, maybe a certain design of arm or whatever. Some of the things you find are.....
No. 731467 ID: 9f3729

...are? cmon, the suspense is killing me!
Like these guys got killed for their batteries, probably!
We should actually probably worry about that a little bit.
No. 731470 ID: 2ec50f


[ Sorry, let me clarify: Its hanging off there so that players can suggest what kind of body parts Toy might find, so a mechanic can attach/put into/replace with it on their body later. Anything goes, suggest whatever. ]
No. 731473 ID: f65280

No. 731474 ID: 398fe1

Stuff to plug your chest hole with!
No. 731490 ID: d75b0e

Plasma torch/sword arm!
No. 731535 ID: 358228

A vocoder that speaks in angry German.
And definitely THIS! >>731473
No. 731579 ID: b37d46

Sword arm and optic zooms/lenses.
No. 731587 ID: 2a7417

A self-destruct system.
No. 731659 ID: 3663d3

No. 731660 ID: 9f3729

cyber dick
No. 732377 ID: 2ec50f
File 146714839051.png - (419.39KB , 2100x1500 , panell1_.png )

Amid the hall of spare parts, you find:

Spider legs! It took a little while to actually separate the legs from the, well, the rest of it, but legs were made for walking, and that’s just what you’ll do with these. Once you find a mechanic that is. For now, you tie it to your back with inner wires from the robots around you.

A lower arm with a hidden blade! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich youwilldefinitelyneverhurtanyonewithitever. Right? It can be used for, uh, cutting things like rope, wire, um…..something something something that is not a being that is either receptive to pain and/or afraid of harm. You stick the blade back into the arm and tuck the part into a space under your coat.

Some sort of special eye; it fits you, but you can’t just rip out your own optic unit and pop another one in like a…..well. You’re called Toy for a couple of reasons but not that. You don’t know what it does, but you tuck it into a pocket for later.

You grab a couple handfuls of various spare parts that look somewhat valuable; it ain’t the same as currency, but most bots will trade something for spare parts. There are some pieces that resemble the ones that should be where the big gaping hole is, so you take those too.

You are actually already able to speak German. In fact, you note with some gleeful pride, you are able to speak most languages known to the world! Pretty nifty, you would say. Came with the job.

Besides a couple of Military-Class bots, no models you are aware of need any sort of self-destruct function. Then again, you don’t know many models, a fact you would like to change. Plus, you don’t even know what that sort of spare part would look like. Probably for the best you didn’t see any.

You do not find a single robotic penis. This upsets you.
No. 732378 ID: 2ec50f
File 146714844323.png - (455.91KB , 2100x1500 , panell2_.png )


Yes, you’re right, there is a 97.4% percent chance that the state of these bots is due to some unfortunate battery stealing. The remaining 2.6% consists of very specific natural disasters, mountain cults, and incredibly bad luck.

You are worried. Yes. But you gotta keep your chin up! You just found a plethora of spare parts, a good turn of luck! Okay, not good for the bots you got them from, but you’re trying to pay attention to the nice things.

And you can see an exit just ahead! Things have really been going uphill for you!
No. 732379 ID: 2ec50f
File 146714846430.png - (114.54KB , 2100x1500 , panell3_.png )

No. 732380 ID: 2ec50f
File 146714849833.png - (352.23KB , 2100x1500 , panell4_.png )

You wanted to do some more exploring anyway!

Clicking and clacking echoes faintly around the room. The sounds fade in and out, quiet but there, with no clear pattern. The noise emanates from the hole in the ground. You don’t know if that’s a sign that you should go in now or just the opposite. The noises weren’t there before; should you check out what they are now, or avoid them until they go away?

A hole gapes in the wall, the result of your sudden bout of slinging stalagmites. You could go through there first instead of the hole, maybe if you want to wait out the clicks and clacks while seeing whatever else is in this little pit.

The noise continues. You don’t know what it means.
No. 732382 ID: b8dcfc

Investigate, just don't fall in.
No. 732394 ID: a075ba

>You do not find a single robotic penis. This upsets you.
So... whoever killed them harvested all the penises already?

Somewhere in these caverns there's a murderous tentacle bot, stitched together from stolen penises!

Examine clicking hole.
No. 732400 ID: 358228

Nose out that noise.
No. 732608 ID: 3e79eb

If you think you might be able to look at the noise without getting seen, do so. Otherwise, check out the place that isn't where the ominous clicking noises are.
No. 732881 ID: 2ec50f
File 146732232741.png - (278.58KB , 2100x1500 , panel5_.png )

click clack

You look through the hole.

click clack

It goes into an open space, not a far drop at all. The edge of a pile of batteries catches your eye, as do several claw marks all over the inside.

click clack

You're not gonna jump in, but you think that you could see more if you just...

click clack
No. 732882 ID: 2ec50f
File 146732234706.png - (325.90KB , 2100x1500 , panel6_.png )

No. 732885 ID: 2ec50f
File 146732261996.png - (2.13MB , 2100x1500 , panel7_.png )

click clack

The noise comes from further within.

click clack

Its hard to see.

click clack

Something's there.
No. 732888 ID: 398fe1

I don't like the look of those claw marks. How about you get your face out of the danger zone then call out to see if that's a survivor.
No. 732956 ID: 3e79eb

Uh. I have a very difficult time believing that entity is friendly, and is much more likely going to try to harvest out battery the same way it probably harvested all these other batteries. Nope right out of there. Only attract/look at the thing once you are in a position you are VERY confident it cannot get to...which seems unlikely.
No. 733261 ID: 3f8abc

it looks lonely, maybe you should give it a hug
No. 734002 ID: da1a37

[ Sad news! Computer's getting checked and fixed for some technical issues, I won't be able to update for maybe another week or so. Sorry for the delay!

In the meantime, more replies are always appreciated! Thank you so much for playing so far; can't wait to do more and I hope we have fun! I hope you have a good day~ ]
No. 734032 ID: f65280

Step back from the hole, use the recovered sword arm as a long stick to poke around inside instead
No. 735197 ID: 2ec50f
File 146825897154.png - (443.54KB , 2100x1500 , panel1_.png )

[ all computer problems now fixed! and i am trying out a different style, and am able to update much more often now. ]


The thought of it being someone in need of help fills your head with alarm signals, screaming that you must follow your directive and help them and cuddle them and maybe read them a bedtime story and tuck them in and -


...well. Anyways, you do see the value in caution, and the sword arm ain’t long enough to do any poking around so you hook your way back to the cliff.

No. 735198 ID: 2ec50f
File 146825899854.png - (592.57KB , 2100x1500 , panel0_.png )

No. 735199 ID: 2ec50f
File 146825901808.png - (232.93KB , 2100x1500 , panel3_.png )

No. 735200 ID: 2ec50f
File 146825903343.png - (232.93KB , 2100x1500 , panel3_.png )

No. 735205 ID: 2ec50f
File 146825914890.png - (232.93KB , 2100x1500 , panel3_.png )

No. 735211 ID: 7849e5

Ask if they are hurt or stuck. And ask what their name is.
No. 735219 ID: 3663d3

look for a way to get closer but be careful they aren't a monster with good mimic abilities.
No. 735221 ID: 398fe1

Alright go down to the hole again to get into a more appropriate distance for conversation and ask what's wrong.
No. 735290 ID: 358228

Make sure it's not just parroting your words back to you. Try to hold a more in-depth conversation about its injuries.
No. 735406 ID: 2ec50f
File 146836204450.png - (240.63KB , 2100x1500 , panel4_.png )

You maintain a safe distance.

“Hi. Are you scared? It’s okay. It’s ok. Nothing is going to hurt you. I’ll help. I just need to know what’s wrong, ok? You’ll be up on your feet in no time.”
No. 735407 ID: 2ec50f
File 146836207318.png - (298.29KB , 2100x1500 , newerpanel_.png )

“….my name is Toy. I am Personal-Class, designation of CT-64321. My primary directive is to help people, and right now, you are my primary directive.

What’s your name?”
No. 735409 ID: 2ec50f
File 146836265396.png - (233.97KB , 2100x1500 , panel6_.png )

“my name is nothing”

“Your…your name is nothing? Or you don’t have a name? Enough of that, then. Designation number?”


“Okay, how are you hurt or stuck?”

“i am stuck. i don’t have enough feet.”

“You’re missing a foot? Or some feet? Or legs?”

“i am missing my legs. i am stuck. help me, please.”

“…I…I can’t come any closer until you tell me in more detail. Please, so I can help you.”

“i am missing my legs. you can help me, can’t you? please, Toy, help me.”
No. 735411 ID: 398fe1

I'm sure there are some working legs in the pile of... oh

I think the thing down there is responsible for all the missing batteries. Well. Let's try to lure it out. Go grab some functioning (but boring) legs from one of the other broken robots and toss them down there. If it claims to not be able to fix itself, ask it to drag itself into the light so you can see to work.
No. 735435 ID: 3663d3

say you will go get some legs, leave, watch back for attacks.
No. 735627 ID: a075ba

Go back and salvage some replace legs from the pile of bodies.

And a flashlight if you can find one, so you can look down there.
No. 735747 ID: 2ec50f
File 146851892864.png - (541.00KB , 2100x1500 , panel7_.png )


Yes. That logic makes sense.

The evidence all points to it, the hall of torn up robots, the claw marks in the hole, the pile of used-up batteries. Surely, it could not be anything else.


...It could need those legs. Yes. What if it does need help? Maybe, just maybe, it could be a victim, stuck in the hole after hiding from whatever caused the damage. You could be their only hope. No. The chances of such are extremely slim.

Either way. Whether you go down the path of kindness or caution, you need to be in that hall. Then, you can...

“I-I know of some spare parts nearby! I can get you some legs from there! You just need to wait a minute, okay?”

“help me, i am stuck, please help me please please please please please”

“I will be right back. Its okay. Please don’t be scared.”

"...its okay?”

“I’ll be back before you know it.”
No. 735748 ID: 2ec50f
File 146851894689.png - (283.75KB , 2100x1500 , panel8_.png )

No. 735749 ID: 2ec50f
File 146851903393.png - (51.17KB , 2100x1500 , panel11_.png )

You are nameless, for there are none around to call you.

Your battery is CRITICALLY LOW, as it has been for the past month. You have only staved off a complete shut down by having stayed in a deep REST MODE for that time, until someone called out to you 10 minutes ago.

You state the essentials in all capitals.

These mountains have been yours for years. Enormous, immovable, immortal structures, all of them in your POSSESSION. In these depths, you have attacked and taken the batteries of travelers who thought themselves clever for taking the rumored mountain shortcut.

It was INGENIOUS of you to plant that rumor right before leaving town.

You even let the occasional traveler go, to give credence to the rumor. Missing machines? Lost in the immense mountains. How very perfect.

In these depths, you are in total control.

A month ago, you attacked a bot that you soon discovered was Military-Class. You neutralized them, but took HEAVY WOUNDS in the process. You were not lying when you said that you were missing legs. Your current mobility is extremely limited. You can exit your hole, but climbing to the ledge with the scrap is outside of your ability.

You spoke to that bot, TOY, by mimicking their sounds, cutting and mixing up individual words and numbers they said. You needed to speak in a voice that seemed fragile, light, helpless. In the past, you have discovered that the directives of some robots will urge them to help when sensing those features in a voice. It is more useful than your flat monotone.

But. They still walked away. They stated that they would come back with legs, but their knowledge of the remains means that they have come to the conclusion that you are the cause of all of the damage. They must have; it is only logical. And the next step for them would be to escape from you. It would be completely illogical to do anything else.

You need their battery or you will cease to exist. What actions shall you take?
No. 735753 ID: 3663d3

you must leave the hole and find a new ambush location.
No. 735754 ID: 398fe1

You could try asking nicely.
No. 735970 ID: 358228

You must activate full combat mode immediately and jump them while their back is turned.
No. 736074 ID: f65280

Decide to go on a friendship-filled adventure with the delightful chum you just encountered
No. 736211 ID: 2ec50f
File 146869870162.png - (184.43KB , 2100x1500 , panel12_.png )


Searching databanks.


The mutual affection between two people.


Primary reasoning: You hold no affection for your food. The only way in which they can be useful for you involves their battery, which requires no friendship or even illusion of friendship to obtain.

Secondary reasoning: Friendship implies equality.



Primary reasoning: No robot would ever give up their battery, regardless of their pointless inclination to help others. To have no battery is to not exist.

Secondary reasoning: To ask for the battery would reveal just how helpless and pathetic you are.


No. 736212 ID: 2ec50f
File 146869871962.png - (386.65KB , 2100x1500 , panel13_.png )

In less than a second, you look over your current tools and abilities.

Your body consists of several tentacles sprouting from a core body. At the ends of some of these tendrils are sharp claws, meant for snatching and tearing.

However, you have modified yourself several times in the past. Perhaps some of those tendrils have completely different tools on their ends. Perhaps you had attached parts to or otherwise modified your body in some way. Perhaps something more passive such as your sight module or other senses. Or something else entirely.

SYSTEMS CHECK: What tools and abilities are you equipped with?
No. 736216 ID: 8a13c1

A grappling hook for one tentacle. Not powerful enough to lift you off the ground by itself, but it helps you get around/climb better. (using other tentacles to help you move as well)

Thermal/electrical lens. Lets you see them coming before they see you. Helps in hunting down people trying to hide.

A tool/graft set that had let you assimilate some parts you deemed useful. (what allowed you to modify yourself in the first place)
No. 736221 ID: f3ca66

Grappling hook, if it can't pull you then others can be pulled TO you.
No. 736226 ID: f65280

A face fulla knives
No. 736239 ID: 398fe1

Grappling hook would imply the ability to get up on the ledge. So we definitely don't have that.

How about: a shield, a sensor array, a cutting saw, a multitool for precision work, a welding torch, a sledgehammer, and a few energy weapons salvaged from the military robot, but cannot be used due to low battery.
For abilities let's say you're well versed in robotic repair and manufacture.
No. 736247 ID: 8a13c1

>Grappling hook would imply the ability to get up on the ledge
Mc has grappling hook and cant get up the ledge. (the big one, right? Not the pit one) Besides, I assume he's big/heavy, so the hook wouldn't be able to really pull him; just act as a neat kind of arm and help him out with the lack of legs. As for the ledge; he couldn't really grab it on anything solid enough and the lack of legs prevents him from using it as an anchor and 'walking' his way up, which he could normally do.

Other stuff seems fine.
No. 736253 ID: 398fe1

I assumed Pit Monster Robot was saying it couldn't get up on the ledge with the wrecked robots in order to chase the battery down.
No. 736450 ID: 3ef14d


"You can exit your hole, but climbing to the ledge with the scrap is outside of your ability."

Correct. And the semi-grappling hook is fine. :)

No. 737279 ID: 3f8abc
File 146903824348.gif - (402.05KB , 960x686 , intializing.gif )

[ Long gif. ]
No. 737280 ID: 3f8abc
File 146903839327.png - (446.01KB , 2100x1500 , panelrise_.png )

The PRIMARY DIRECTIVE installed in you is to maintain and modify robots to make them as useful as possible.

Of course, they would be most useful with their parts donated to you, the SUPERIOR being, and their batteries utilized to extend your more valuable existence.
No. 737282 ID: 3f8abc
File 146903856786.png - (579.23KB , 2100x1500 , outofthehole_.png )

[ Discussion thread is up! http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/101781.html ]

A shame that such an existence can be endangered by just one mistake - especially if the mistake involves a military bot. You lay on the floor, having nearly collapsed after climbing out of the hole with merely two claws. Who could possibly move around with only two mobility limbs???

Your MISSING PARTS must be somewhere nearby, though the exact location escapes you. You don’t know how much has changed while you were in sleep mode.

The HIGH LEDGE taunts you from above.

What actions shall you take?
No. 737283 ID: 2a7417

Let out a piercing howl.
No. 737286 ID: 398fe1

Could you smash the ledge to make a ramp so you can get up to the opening?
No. 737290 ID: f65280

Hm, maybe you should make more traps in the future instead of just jumping right on top of a military bot...

Wait patiently for your prey to return
No. 737291 ID: 358228

Repurpose severed limbs as electrical stun arms.
No. 737536 ID: 3f8abc
File 146912658689.png - (248.07KB , 2100x1500 , crawl_.png )


You want to. And perhaps, when you have that bot in your claws, you shall unleash a sound of rage, delight, and finality, to show them that their END is truly nigh, for you have deemed it so.

You shall howl at a later moment,then.


Your proposal has merit. You shall utilize your arms as such. Even wounded, you are dangerous. You shall not fail in your HUNT.


You shall keep the proposal of traps in mind. However, the latter request is denied. Your PREY is not coming back. They know about the bodies. They must have connected you to them, it is the LOGICAL conclusion to reach. With the knowledge that you are almost certainly, if not completely certainly, the one destroying robots and harvesting batteries, the only LOGICAL course of action for them is to ESCAPE. You must stop them before they get too far.


The proposal has merit. A ramp would indeed be helpful. To carry out this plan, you require something to break the ledge with. You see nothing useful for that in the vicinity, and look around for -

There is a hole in the wall. A hole that was not there before. What did they do? What did they see?

HEAVILY WOUNDED, you can only crawl towards the hole, scraping your core body against the floor.

...you are so pathetic. you hate this.
No. 737537 ID: 3f8abc
File 146912665829.png - (618.70KB , 2100x1500 , openspace_.png )

WHAT IS THAT. A large stalagmite or stalactite of some sort, just embedded high up in the wall. And its…dripping something? HOW. WHY. You do not understand.

Still. There is far more to this room than the spike jutting inversely out of the wall.

What actions shall you take first?
No. 737539 ID: c76196

Grab stuff and use said stuff.
No. 737540 ID: 398fe1

Looks like this is where you fought the military bot. Did you take its battery? Even if you already did, you can salvage some of the debris from the battle and gain more maneuverability.

You should try to stay out from under the big stone spike.
No. 737543 ID: 2a7417

Equip GUN.
No. 737544 ID: f65280

Search body for battery
No. 737561 ID: b439eb

Sample dripping fluids.

Come to the conclusion that something was impaled by this thrown stone spike and then later slid off it, meaning there are two unusually dangerous robots hanging around.
No. 737569 ID: 398fe1

Oh jeez is THAT what that spike is? How did Toy throw it that hard?
No. 737571 ID: 2e2d71

There appear to be signs of battle here. And parts. Are any of them useful to you?

LOGICALLY, one must infer some being was capable of launching that missile though the wall. You must hope this was not your current prey, or else you might be outmatched.

>collecting all the batteries for yourself
Yes, but what did you do with all the robot-dicks? There none of those with the bodies either!
No. 738254 ID: 2ec50f
File 146932883085.png - (226.34KB , 2100x1500 , WHATWASTHAT_.png )


>questioning the status of the robot-dicks


Your database did not originally hold any knowledge as to what those parts were, but after some CRITICAL THINKING and research, you solved the puzzle.

They are COMPLETELY USELESS. Too small/blunt to be used as melee weaponry, unable to fire ammunition, and not damaging at all when thrown. They were not even connected to the vital systems of the robots you took them from.

Of the many robots you CONQUERED, you found that three of them had these useless parts; you assume it was for some obscure or otherwise pointless purpose. Your body has a storage space built into it; in case they ever proved to have unexpected worth, you put them inside your body.

No. 738255 ID: ea2bfa

Yup. Completely useless. You should destroy them. Nobody cares about those things, and you shouldn't either.
No. 738256 ID: 398fe1

They're for sex, bro. Recreational pleasure.
No. 738266 ID: 5dbe68

Yes. You should consume all of these worthless robot pieces at once for materials. See how many you can fit in your mouth at once. Use every orifice at your disposal to dispose of these junk hunks.
No. 738271 ID: 2ec50f
File 146933045124.png - (367.27KB , 2100x1500 , WHATWASTHAT1_.png )



No. 738272 ID: 2ec50f

I will reply to all other input on that subject later. But I knew in my heart, that I had to post this immediately.
No. 738279 ID: f65280

Useless. DESTROY.
No. 738404 ID: 24100f

They're for sticking in holes. Did you try sticking them in any holes?
No. 738414 ID: 2ec50f
File 146938655005.png - (550.62KB , 2100x1500 , destroy_.png )

>>738266 >>738404

You have no orifices with which to perform these actions, and no holes to fill with these appendages.

The course of action is clear.

No. 738415 ID: 2ec50f
File 146938659253.png - (287.84KB , 2100x1500 , fluid_.png )

Now, back to the matter of what to do.

There are indeed many useful parts in the room, and you know this for a fact as some of these parts were once attached to your body. To see your own limbs strewn about in front of you; it is a strange sight. It is correct to think that this is the room in which you and that worthless military-class bot fought. Upon DESTROYING a machine designed to destroy, you had felt a surge of pride, only to find that the battery within them had barely any charge left.

You were unsatisfied with the outcome.

There is no battery within it now. You would obtain your limbs first, attempt to fix yourself in some way, but thinking of what to do with which separate part and how to do it and in what ways seems like it would be complex. You shall do the simplest task first, and that is to sample the fluid dripping from the spike and onto the bot’s leg. Just what had happened?
No. 738416 ID: 2ec50f
File 146938666099.png - (223.01KB , 2100x1500 , fear_.png )



You come to an impossible conclusion.

A robot had been impaled on this stalagmite…and later slid off of it. These fluids are found only in the insides of robots, and yet, judging from the amount of fluid and how much of the spike is soaked in it, the puncture was massive, too significant for any robot to survive. But there are no new bodies anywhere in the vicinity, especially not on the spike embedded in the wall above you.

Not only that, but the event was so recent that the fluid is still dripping.

Not possible. You hold full knowledge of the maintenance and repair of robots, and you know that none are built to survive a massive hole in their chest. This is. IMPOSSIBLE. IMPOSSIBLE. Data clashes with rules of machinery. Data is proven by physical evidence. Data is false. Data is true. Date is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is true. Data is false. Data is -

No. You must be missing something, some vital piece of INFORMATION. That must be it. That has to be it. Anything else would not be possible.


LOGICALLY, yes. This spike was thrown by a robot, and the only possible culprit is TOY, your current prey. They had labeled themselves as PERSONAL-CLASS, but what personal-class robot would have been made with such physical power? A robot would not be built with such an ability if it did not need it, and you cannot see any use for it in personal bots.

Had they lied? Is TOY even personal-class? Perhaps they are military-grade, ready to DESTROY you the moment you come into sight. You do not know.
No. 738418 ID: 2ec50f
File 146938670114.png - (203.93KB , 2100x1500 , fear2_.png )

You have proven yourself as CUNNING, DANGEROUS, and POWERFUL.

And yet.

You feel small.

How do you plan on ensuring your existence?
No. 738423 ID: 398fe1

If TOY is your only hope, but TOY is also too powerful to kill, then your only chance is negotiation.
No. 738481 ID: f65280

Well, if this TOY can survive an unsurvivable impalement, perhaps they will be fine even without a battery?

We may be dealing with a robot zombie, friend.
No. 738501 ID: b439eb

In a large world development of machines occur. Advancements, too, occur. Yesterday's military machine may be today's helpful servant.

We know that TOY was uncertain and inquiring about your existence, and unwilling to enter the hole. Showing TREPIDATION and FEAR. Clearly, it must not be that dangerous.

The recourse is clear: Locate the TOY and dismantle it to discover reason of survival or, if it was uninvolved, probe for information. If unexpectedly strong, an ambush and perhaps throwing something from high above onto it would be prudent.

You only need a functioning battery and head.
No. 738510 ID: f65280

Hm, Toy DOES have a skinny l'il neck. Maybe the best course of action would be a swift decapitation?
No. 738552 ID: 24100f

>You hold full knowledge of the maintenance and repair of robots, and you know that none are built to survive a massive hole in their chest.
To be fair, you've been on your own for a while. There might be newer designs you lack knowledge of.

>fluid spike analysis
Can you rule out a robot large enough that such a hole in their body would be inconsequential to them? A giant?

Can you rule out a staged scene? Vital fluids, not from an injured robot, but from a container and deliberately placed a they are?
No. 738929 ID: 2ec50f
File 146964748129.png - (1.37MB , 2100x1500 , massivethreat1.png )


This is. Possible. A design of such radical change from the norm would be…unexpected. But it cannot be ruled out. The thought of you, a MAINTENANCE-CLASS bot, not knowing about something of which you should know everything, is infuriating beyond belief.

A giant? It would require enormous size for the hole to be nothing more than a wound. If such a machine of such size was waiting for you in the tunnel…with that much strength…

A staged scene? Why? What would be the purpose of…Ah yes…Cunning, yes. FEAR. They would be attempting to contaminate you with FEAR, perhaps so that you do not follow them, or perhaps so as to distract your mind, or -


Then TOY is a MASSIVE THREAT. Anything that does not worry about destruction is extremely dangerous.


…Negotiation. LOGICAL. And yet. To ask them for help. To admit your weakness.

To admit your helplessness...


No. 738930 ID: 2ec50f
File 146964755962.png - (1.36MB , 2100x1500 , oh.png )


No. 738931 ID: 2ec50f
File 146964760569.png - (270.97KB , 2100x1500 , saw1.png )

No. 738933 ID: 2ec50f
File 146964769338.png - (270.97KB , 2100x1500 , saw1.png )


No. 738934 ID: 2ec50f
File 146964793659.png - (545.28KB , 2100x1500 , mhw.png )

Since you are so close to the body of the military bot that wounded you, you may as well inspect it.

Model Number: Unknown

Model Line: Blessed Blade

Manufacturer: MOST HOLY WORKS

Class: Military

Purpose: Light infantry.

MOST HOLY WORKS? Its not uncommon to see a military bot outside of the HELLZONES, but for an MHW to be so far out in the wilderness? Odd. But ultimately, none of your concern.

As stated before, you had already taken its battery upon defeating it, although it did little to help your situation. There is a gun nearby, but you cannot fire it due to a lack of fingers. You COULD put it in your storage compartment for some sort of future use that you cannot predict, but it would take up 50% of the space. You were not meant to carry much at any given time.

You can also see what you can salvage.
No. 738936 ID: 398fe1

The most important thing is restoring mobility. Any spare parts left over can be sorted and we can decide what to keep.
No. 738951 ID: f65280

Would the gun weigh you down noticeably? If not, might as well take it.

Perhaps if you clambered on top of the spike, then when TOY comes and takes a look at the holy bot you can jump down and slice and dice.
No. 739547 ID: 24100f

>The thought of you, a MAINTENANCE-CLASS bot, not knowing about something of which you should know everything, is infuriating beyond belief.
This is the disadvantage of your chosen path. Isolation.

>There is a gun nearby, but you cannot fire it due to a lack of fingers.
I don't suppose you could attach one of the military bots hands to one of your damaged tentacles? Three of the 6 appear to be lacking manipulators, tools or weapons. Range is an advantage in combat.

If you can't use the gun, the ammunition might be still be useful, if it is explosive or energetic. It would be used to rig a trap.
No. 739770 ID: 2ec50f
File 146998892473.png - (380.37KB , 2100x1500 , face_.png )


I do not regret my path. Disadvantages there may be, but in my isolation, I ALONE am in CONTROL.

Attaching the bot’s hand to yourself is POSSIBLE, but it would require a clean modification, in which you safely detach one tool and wire the limb to connect with another. As it is, your limbs were torn apart. Although you have a way to reattach your current parts, attaching a completely new modification onto messily cut wires would not be possible.

You wish the ammo had been energy-based; you have witnessed laser weaponry cut swiftly through many materials, and it would have cleanly cut through your own wires. But no, it used BULLETS.

Not only that, but you find that general salvage from the bot’s body is of little use to you; your basic designs are too different on too many levels.

As worthless in scrap as it was when functioning.
No. 739772 ID: 2ec50f
File 146998895086.png - (329.36KB , 2100x1500 , face2_.png )

You keep its HAND and its GUN, out of both practicality and spite.
No. 739773 ID: 2ec50f
File 146998897209.png - (592.24KB , 2100x1500 , fix_.png )

It requires you to crawl all around the room in a most PATHETIC way, but you collect all three of your scattered limbs. Repairing yourself would be much easier if your toolbox, similar to a multitool but also full of maintenance tools, were attached to your limbs. As it is, it is not.

But, because you are so clearly INTELLIGENT, you had made sure to discover a a way to go around this before leaving for the mountains. You learned of it from another bot of your same model line, though that did not place them in a position above you - you were just GRACIOUS enough to let another bot have the privilege of upgrading your existence. The method in question is to manually operate the toolbox with your claws, though this emergency measure does result in poor repairs. Still, a simple matter, really. It just requires you to…well, you can certainly do it, there is no question to that, it is just that…and if you…and this…and that…

…this will take some time.
No. 739774 ID: 2ec50f
File 146998899437.png - (64.63KB , 2100x1500 , eyes2.png )

Meanwhile, you shall GO OVER THE PLANS. This includes proposing new plans, modifying proposed ones, or combining them in some way.

INFORMATION pertaining to the situation, yourself, or some other relevant thing can be REQUESTED.


Your sensors and lens indicate that Toy is…still in the tunnel.


1. Smash the ledge so that you may use it as a ramp to get into the tunnel. After your repairs, you will be able to quietly climb into the tunnel yourself. However, your shoddily repaired grappling hook cannot take much strain and the grappling hook will be unusable once inside the tunnel, though your third claw will allow you to not just crawl everywhere. Smashing the ledge would allow you to use it inside the tunnel, but the noise of such destruction would certainly alarm TOY.

2. Lure TOY into the battle room, wait on top of the spike, and strike when they are close enough to the damaged bot. The use is obvious, though you are unsure as to how you could lure TOY to your location, as they are very suspicious of you, that is, if they have not already figured out your true nature.

3. Decapitate TOY.

4. Negotiate.
No. 739781 ID: 398fe1

4, if that fails 1. There's really no reason not to try talking to TOY before trying to fight it.
No. 739824 ID: f65280

Well, if we can just walk on our own once we finish these repairs, the best course of action is to silently sneak into the the tunnel and then 3. Decapitate Toy
No. 739986 ID: 2a7417

No. 740033 ID: 2ec50f
File 147007619080.png - (184.43KB , 2100x1500 , eyes.png )


My apologies; I seem to have sent the wrong message regarding the nature of a certain choice. Allow me to clarify:

4. Negotiation ADMIT YOUR COMPLETE HELPLESSNESS to the mystery robot and BEG THEM to give you their own energy source.
No. 740036 ID: 3d2d5f

That rules out subterfuge, treachery, deception and quite a lot of tactics that could be employed under the cover of negotiation. Begging is only a good choice if you're desperate, or if you are familiar enough with your target to know you can emotionally manipulate them with your appearance of helplessness, real or not.
No. 740040 ID: 2ec50f
File 147007934401.png - (226.34KB , 2100x1500 , whoopsie.png )


Mistake made in comprehension.

Searching databanks for excuses to cover up my mistake. Excuse found: Little experience with social interaction, and never programmed with it in mind. Ideas beyond very basic concepts of domination and submission are almost nonexistent in mind.

4. Negotiation. ADMIT YOUR COMPLETE HELPLESSNESS to the mystery robot and BEG THEM to give you their own energy source. Subterfuge, treachery, deception, and so on.
No. 740053 ID: 358228

Consume the rest of your battery power trapped in a while() loop of indecision.
No. 740056 ID: 3e182c

This "Toy" claims to be a helpful Personal Class.
It and others like it are clearly your superiors in terms of social interaction.
If you learned how to better interact from it, it would further increase your own perfection.

of course this would require engaging in social interaction in the first place so you might rectify your power situation in some mutually beneficial way. If either of you is terminated, you will remain as stagnant and imperfect as you are now.
No. 743082 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154227969.png - (261.74KB , 2100x1500 , panel1.png )

I am so sorry for the short hiatus, things came up in life. But I am back to regular updates!


Your suggestion makes sense. If it is for the sake of increasing your own perfection, then perhaps there is some use in the prolonged longevity of your current prey.

Besides that, the final consensus comes to climbing the ledge and sneaking toward the prey, with your saw ready to separate their head from their body in one perfect slice...if the need arises.

Your repairs finished, you store your repair tool in your inventory, as you cannot weld it onto its own arm.

No. 743083 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154229429.png - (338.88KB , 2100x1500 , panel2_9.png )

No. 743084 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154231910.png - (409.67KB , 2100x1500 , panel2_95.png )

You can HUNT.
No. 743085 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154239491.png - (469.58KB , 2100x1500 , panel3_75.png )

You make your way through the tunnel as if you are air, smooth and agile in your movements, as quick as the wind. You are unstoppable. You are inevitable. In your pursuit, you rush past trophies speaking as testament to your power.

You can almost imagine their power cell in yours, their existence in your control, your victory! You cannot wait, you cannot wait, you cannot wait!
No. 743088 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154245494.png - (486.95KB , 2100x1500 , panel4_5.png )

No. 743089 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154246831.png - (29.57KB , 2100x1500 , white.png )

No. 743090 ID: 2ec50f
File 147154249883.png - (294.96KB , 2100x1500 , panel5.png )

You tap your saw gently against their neck.

What to say?
No. 743096 ID: 2a7417

Titty sprinkles.
No. 743100 ID: 91ee5f

Then after cutting off their head, just yell, "I'M THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN!!!!!"
No. 743101 ID: 398fe1

"Submit or die."
No. 743104 ID: 13f2bb

Cyka blyat
No. 743169 ID: 8d65de

Shit its a trap
No. 743940 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189240973.png - (192.99KB , 2100x1500 , panel1_5.png )

“Submit to me or be destroyed.”

Your words linger in the air.

No response. Do they fear you so?

“As of now, I am in control. I have the power to end your existence.”

You pause, awaiting their response, their plea, their begging.

It doesn’t come.


“Through my great cunning and excellent ability, I have laid waste to many a robot. You shall be another in a long line of my conquests. I am your doom incarnate, and am the most dangerous being you shall ever meet.”



No. 743942 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189245478.png - (938.65KB , 2100x1500 , panel2_5.png )

As you gracefully move around them, you think you saw something strange with their chest. Irrelevant.

“...I have not yet taken your battery for a reason. In you, I see an opportunity to upgrade myself. I will allow you to teach me how best to interact with other people. If your directive is truly helping others, than I shall be allowing you to follow your directive one last time. Even in generosity, I am unmatched. Clearly, you should have immense gratitude towards your new leader.”

You await a response.
No. 743944 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189251448.png - (938.65KB , 2100x1500 , panel2_5.png )

No. 743945 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189255984.png - (248.46KB , 2100x1500 , panel3.png )

...what is this?! Are their audio sensors malfunctioning? Are they tuning you out? Are they IGNORING you?! You can tell that they are online, they were most likely able to hear everything you said, and they have NOTHING to say in return?! Your ominous, foreboding, commanding speech was executed PERFECTLY! PERFECTLY!

...you worked so hard on it...!

Are they deeming you UNWORTHY of response?!

No. No. You must stay cool, calm, collected. Such behavior demonstrates command and control of the situation. You are above this. You are in con

“Oh! You’re lonely.”
No. 743946 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189261468.png - (650.57KB , 2100x1500 , panel4_5.png )


“You could end me here right now, but you want me to help you get along with other people more!”


“When was the last time you even talked with anyone before today?”


“I can’t even imagine what that must be like…nobody to talk to! I love talking with other people, each of them is so different in their own way, and especially when you make them happy, just knowing that you made someone’s day a little better is one of the best things in the world.”

“Stop. Talking. Stop talk -”

“And you haven’t done that in a long time.”

“I calmly and very commandingly order you to -”

”That is so sad!”
No. 743947 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189264375.png - (301.97KB , 2100x1500 , toy.png )

No. 743948 ID: 2ec50f
File 147189269468.png - (301.97KB , 2100x1500 , toy.png )

Your name is Toy.

You are afraid.

Your silence was not a resolute resistance against the threat. You were so afraid that you could not speak.

Your talking about loneliness is not you being naive or oblivious to the danger at hand. You panicked and started talking about whatever thing you could think of.

You know what this bot could do to you. That confusing hole of yours has taken out many of your vital parts, but your battery is still intact and very much inside you. You don’t know the hole thing was luck or something else, but you don’t want to find out if you can go without your battery too.

...a rush down the side of the mountain has an extremely low, almost non-existent chance of success, but you see no alternative. Their saw is away from your neck now as they are throwing their limbs around a lot in their anger, but if you just up and try to flee they could catch you in a moment with those long arms.

What to say, what to do...?

You may give input to both characters.

I have not forgotten about the spider legs Toy strapped to their back but I keep forgetting to draw them until update time, and they take quite some time to do. They are banished to hammerspace for now for convenience and cannot be utilized in this situation. Sorry!
No. 744006 ID: 3abd97

Hunter bot: suddenly notice the hole in toy's chest that should be absolutely and completely fatal, but it remains functioning, regardless. How can this be possible? Will Toy even cease functioning if you decapitate it?

Begin quiet panic. Will you have to dismember it completely before it ceases resistance? Will you take additional damage? Can you even harvest toy's parts if they won't first cease?!
No. 744016 ID: 3e182c

You know what's not sad, KO? Having friends. Friends are great. We're friends now. Friends don't chop off each-others heads or Rag-doll each-others bodies into rocks like giant stone spikes. No, friends help each-other. And help each-other we shall.
No. 744018 ID: 3663d3

toy, remove battery, laugh as this still doesn't kill you.
No. 744051 ID: 398fe1

...well I guess this is as good a time as any to find out, and your new traveling companion can put it back in if you shut down.
No. 744066 ID: 2a7417

Friendship lesson one: Sharing is magic!
No. 745550 ID: c5418b
File 147276553284.png - (682.03KB , 2100x1500 , panel1_5.png )

What is this bot? This worthless trash bot that dares to insult you! In your own lair! First it ignored you, it acted as if what you said was nothing! Does it think of your threats as meaningless?! Does it think of YOU as meaningless?! The nerve! The completely unwarranted and absolutely disgusting nerve!

Then it insulted you! It looked at your existence and called it sad! HOW DARE IT?! WHAT DOES IT KNOW?! It knows nothing and it would still deign to, to wound you! Well, it failed, you are not wounded, you are not hurt, you are not even affected in the slightest because you are far, far above all of that, above this infuriating trash heap!


...Yes. Yes, the various conclusions you had come to regarding that spike. Well, looking at the bot now, you are able to clear up some things. The design of this bot’s model line is not recent, and is fully outlined in your database. You know that a gaping hole of the size suggested by the spike would be impossible for this bot to survive. So, in that mess of improbable speculations and impossibilities, the only fact of reality is that this bot cannot have that wound. It surely must have belonged to some other bot; perhaps a traveler or two made it through your mountains without alerting you somehow, and their frames were sturdy or large enough to withstand the aforementioned wound.

This is the only possibility. Anything else would not be improbable, it would be factually impossible.
No. 745552 ID: c5418b
File 147276560089.png - (652.83KB , 2100x1500 , panel2_5.png )

No. 745553 ID: c5418b
File 147276566518.png - (1.40MB , 2100x1500 , panel3_5.png )

“You know what’s not sad? Having friends. Friends are great. We're friends now.

You don’t have to end me, because we can help each other in a way

in a way in a way

beyond just ph - ng each other out. In my databa

xperience that friendship

ends dooooooooooooooo o o o on't chop off each others he a a a a a a a a a
No. 745555 ID: c5418b
File 147276587927.png - (1.21MB , 2100x1500 , panel4_5.png )

a vel with me and we can get to k n owwww each oth each oth each oth each

data clashes with reality data proven by physical evidence

n the way to a town called kayvold

data is false data is true data is false data is true data is false data is true data is false data is true

y 0 3 8______7 o y ou hn do n ave t o data is fasle

data is false data is true data is false data is true data is

o___----___-_________u d_______________________o n t hav vv v v 0 11112 828 393 813556206724075

t o b_________________3 ____data is false date is true data is false

a__________data is true data is false data is true l____________________o___________________n eeeeeeeee e e e ee e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
No. 745556 ID: c5418b
File 147276591822.png - (658.57KB , 2100x1500 , panel5.png )

“No, friends help each other.“

You are programmed to help others. You must always help others. What could possibly be wrong with wanting to help? Right? Isn’t it the right thing to do? Especially when it doesn’t even hurt you. How could that be wrong?
No. 745557 ID: c5418b
File 147276596556.png - (484.15KB , 2100x1500 , panel6.png )

"And help each other we shall."
No. 745558 ID: c5418b
File 147276598974.png - (183.62KB , 2100x1500 , panel7.png )

No. 745560 ID: c5418b
File 147276603628.png - (289.87KB , 2100x1500 , panel8.png )

No. 745561 ID: c5418b
File 147276605455.png - (561.88KB , 2100x1500 , panel9.png )

No. 745562 ID: c5418b
File 147276611401.png - (82.95KB , 2100x1500 , panel10.png )

No. 745563 ID: c5418b
File 147276614520.png - (82.95KB , 2100x1500 , panel10.png )

No. 745565 ID: c5418b
File 147276639908.png - (82.90KB , 2100x1500 , panel11.png )


MODEL KO - 11124








No. 745568 ID: 3e182c

You have found a superior being.
A being capable of defying death.
Though it still need's it's battery.
You need that battery.
Take it. You have work to do.
If you and Toy became one, Perhaps you too would become a superior being. Perhaps you too, could defy death.
No. 745570 ID: 1d4e27

Occupy the hole in Toy's chest and become the ultimate lifeform.
No. 745835 ID: 97db13

Help other robot.
No. 745858 ID: 398fe1

Acquire battery. Use it to partially charge your battery, then inspect the donor. Examine that chest wound very carefully, and its limbs, etc. Perhaps the model has been modified in a subtle manner. Three is always a logical explanation when all the information is present.
No. 745937 ID: 486e87

Can you temporarily link your power systems together, and power you both off of one battery? Your skills can complement each other, you are more capable in a combat situation, whereas Toy is more capable in a social situation. You'll be stuck together until your own battery can be recharged though.
No. 746244 ID: e3f896

Did that say data corruption?
No. 747029 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335761627.png - (415.57KB , 2100x1500 , 1.png )

No. 747030 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335763444.png - (309.82KB , 2100x1500 , 2.png )

No. 747031 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335770092.png - (775.73KB , 2100x1500 , w3.png )

this doesnt feel like a victory

You have the battery. You have conquered your prey, you have taken what you needed, you succeeded in your...

Oh, you can’t even finish that sentence. You conquered nothing. They...they GAVE you their battery. They had you at their knees, had you POWERLESS to, to, to whatever that was, and then when you were NOTHING, they...

...look at what they’ve done. You have acquired the battery yet you feel no joy. No thrill. No pride.

they stole it away from you

You exist only by their...their...

their MERCY.

You were SPARED.

You are no CONQUEROR. You’re just the byproduct of some bot’s foolishness.
No. 747032 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335781283.png - (613.02KB , 2100x1500 , lay2.png )

...look at them...you could cut this bot into pieces right now...and it wouldn’t change your total DEFEAT.



...a superior being...

no...this...this...soft, weak, naive, indestructible...


You gently drag a claw along their cheek.

Yes. The ability to not fear destruction. To work beyond its limitations. To defy that greatest threat of all.


And all from this one little bot.
No. 747033 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335785952.png - (119.43KB , 2100x1500 , inspect.png )

oh my darling toy

you will be my ascension

we will be one
No. 747036 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335806699.png - (310.20KB , 2100x1500 , hatch.png )

A hatch slides open on your chassis, revealing the nearly-dead battery inside. You bring Toy’s battery near, and it is glowing with ENERGY.

You are able to only partially charge yourself, yes. You have never made use of this in the past, as you would never release any bot you had hunted, instead claiming ALL of their battery life. And it is true that your skills would compliment each others, though yours are undoubtedly more valuable.

As the process begins to warm up, you go over some facts.


Indeed, there must be some LOGICAL explanation behind it, one that you simply do not know of yet. In-depth inspection could reveal the answer, but you do not have the tools for that here. You barely managed to repair yourself, and even with that you had to settle for slipshod fixes. You could cut the bot up yourself and look at the insides, but what if you destroy the answer in the process? No, you need a SPECIALIZED FACILITY for this, and those only exist in the MAINLAND.

During the...the Incident...you heard bits and pieces of information. Honestly, even thinking about what happened in those moments threatens to burn up your processors, but you know you heard Toy mention that they were going to Kayvold. You know of it, although you’ve never been. Its one of the few places in these outskirts that have a TRAIN connecting it to the mainland, and its certainly the closest one.

Then your goal is clear. Go to Kayvold. Go to the Mainland. Find a specialized facility. Seize Toy’s secret. Ascend.
No. 747037 ID: 9c67fa
File 147335813406.png - (334.82KB , 2100x1500 , hatch2.png )


That...oh. Likely worrisome. You are not quite sure what it means. You’ve never heard of robots getting their data corrupted. You are sure that it happens, but you don’t know what to expect. Well, its nothing to worry about for now. You don’t notice any significant change in your systems. You’re fine.

The energy transfers from Toy’s battery to yours, and you can feel it filling you up. Your systems pulse with ENERGY. Everything seems to run FASTER, and the world seems a bit more VIBRANT. You are FREE from the fear of shutting down at any second. It is EXHILARATING.

After leeching off of Toy’s energy, a question comes to mind.

When you reactivate Toy, should you explain to them your plans or fabricate a story? Due to their perplexing actions, you are not completely certain.
No. 747038 ID: 398fe1

Just tell them you are curious about how they survived that chest wound. Follow along with the stated intent of finding out how it was possible.
No. 747132 ID: 71d443

Tell them exactly what you're going to do to them in excruciating detail. After joining them to you inextricably somehow. Perhaps looping your arms through their chest cavity? It could let you poke around inside them too.
No. 747185 ID: 3663d3

take toy back to the graveyard of the other robots, add more power crystal slots. you can't do it on yourself since you would need to interrupt your power supply. but this would guarantee toy can store excessive amounts of power and thus also act as a walking power back for yourself. and put something over the hole.
No. 747213 ID: 88861c
File 147347753714.png - (1.57MB , 2100x1500 , hm.png )


The idea of having a peon to eternally leech energy off of fills you with something resembling joy. Unfortunately, you can create no such thing. As questionable as Toy's mind may be, their body is still an incredibly elaborate machine. The power systems utilizing batteries are wired up to the rest of the body in a myriad of ways. As much as you want to, you cannot just shove batteries into Toy's hole, nor can you attempt to create additional battery slots. Doing so would require tools and time beyond your current reach.

As for the hole...

Even thinking about it is causing subtle harm to your processors. But how could you not think of something so...unreal?

Your systems feel as every wire is being melted down every time you think of it. You would cover it up immediately, but you have no clothes to wrap around it. Tearing off a piece of Toy's could infuriate them, given the rarity of such clothing, and you are certain there is none in the tunnel of husks. For now, you have refused to look at the hole. A disadvantage, you know, and you are counting on something being available in the nearby town to remedy it. The hole is causing harm to your systems just by thinking about it; it is strange, different, but impressive.

You have not yet activated Toy, for you are still in need of additional input regarding of what to tell them.
No. 747215 ID: 3e182c

Tell toy you intend to "fix" him, but you require tools that can only be found in the next town.

A simple Idea that he will likely be receptive to, that in some ways is not even a lie.
No. 747216 ID: 398fe1

Hmm yes, tools or materials...
No. 747270 ID: 3663d3

ah, then cut off torso plates of the other damaged bots, to wear over it. out of sight will hopefully help it be out of mind.
No. 747344 ID: 3abd97

>When you reactivate Toy, should you explain to them your plans or fabricate a story? Due to their perplexing actions, you are not completely certain.
You might want to leave out the part about becoming one with Toy. Toy doesn't have any obvious motivations to pursue that goal.

But surely, toy would understand a mission to understand what has happened to it. Its mission is to help others, think of how helpful it would be to understand how death itself can be defied.

>For now, you have refused to look at the hole.
We should craft Toy some kind of faux-armor. A chestplate of some kind. Something that can be worn to hide its miraculous condition from prying eyes that might panic at the truth of Toy, or attempt to steal your prize and the knowledge for themselves.
No. 747382 ID: fd255b

A hole that shouldn't be empty... you need to fill it up so it stops disrupting your concentration... it looks like you finally found a use for those mysterious dicks! Damnit, why did you destroy all of them?

Tell Toy that you must now go on a quest to find a dick to fill their hole with.

Tell Toy that you will agree to their plan of becoming "friends" (try not to let your voice betray any disgust). You need to lure them into feeling secure around you, get them to think you are a totally new robot from the one who ruthlessly destroyed and scavenged everyone they encountered.

You need Toy to let their guard down so that you can overcome their superiority and overpower them so that YOU can become THE ULTIMATE EXISTENCE. Its not that you want the company or anything. That would be silly. And beneath you!
No. 747385 ID: fd255b

argh I forgot to finish what I was saying

Since friends help eachother out, you guys can help eachother out right now! Toy can show you the way to that town they were talking about, and you can help fix their chassis once your toolbox arm is reattached (or did you do that already?).

In town you can acquire a new battery or charge both of yours and look for more information on Toy's... condition... all the while doing your best to appear innocent, trustworthy, and harmless. Hopefully the journey to town will be a good "bonding" experience. After you get your battery to 100% you can reevaluate when would be a good time to launch the "merge and become one" plan.
No. 747938 ID: 10fd9a
File 147388626904.png - (473.04KB , 1280x914 , coverup.png )

Input received. I know what I will do.

For now, it is indeed sensible to cover up the hole. As much as you would wish to reduce others to glitching messes, the very thought of any other bot taking your precious treasure is one you do not wish to have.

After searching the tunnel, you find a number of possible items to be used; chest pieces, armor, general cover-ups, and...whatever else.

The next update is going to take a while longer, I apologize. In the meantime, draw something to cover up that reality-defying hole if you wish! I will choose one or a hybrid of some, however it goes! Have fun!
No. 747940 ID: 10fd9a


Yes. The true purpose of the quest. Absolutely. XD Made me laugh. Loving the input from all of you.
No. 747968 ID: 2a7417

Just shove one of the spider legs in the hole.
No. 747973 ID: 398fe1
File 147389553451.png - (403.09KB , 1280x914 , smile.png )

How about a simple plate riveted on there, with a friendly face?
No. 747979 ID: 3abd97
File 147389792301.png - (471.77KB , 1280x914 , the perfect disguise.png )

No. 747983 ID: 8d65de
File 147389958683.png - (39.78KB , 200x143 , 147388626904s.png )

No. 748016 ID: 8013df
File 147390894732.png - (357.62KB , 1280x914 , Its High Noon.png )

Don't forget the cowboy hat.
No. 748088 ID: 1fbb52

My god, this is some next-level Steveing.
No. 748090 ID: 1fbb52

No. 748601 ID: 396317
File 147432206407.png - (25.82KB , 2100x1500 , 00.png )


Reactivation COMPLETE.
No. 748603 ID: 396317
File 147432211147.png - (829.69KB , 2100x1500 , 1.png )

No. 748604 ID: 396317
File 147432215463.png - (545.95KB , 2100x1500 , 2_5.png )


“Toy. I have very IMPORTANT things to say to you.”


“We both know there is a HOLE in your chest which should have rendered you a scrap heap. This is no matter of luck or of .0000001% chances. I know your model line and all of its inner workings, and I know that who I am talking to right now is someone IMPOSSIBLE.”


“…YUP? That’s it? I just told you that you are defying reality itself and you just utter some nearly meaningless syllable?!”

“I mean…I haven’t failed to notice the hole in my chest. Honestly, I’m thinking of something way more important.”

“What could possibly be more IMPORTANT than this?!”

“Why did you turn me back on?”
No. 748606 ID: 396317
File 147432231409.png - (691.55KB , 2100x1500 , 3_75.png )

“What? Clearly, your priorities are in disarray.”


“Very well. I see in your ‘condition’ something powerful. After all, your very body is defying destruction itself! Such power could be of great benefit to all robots. Imagine it, Toy; a land where bots no longer fear being turned into scrap, into encountering that mystery of non-existence. That could go across the whole world, Toy! You could change the world. HELP everyone! Isn’t that what you want?”


“Yes, Toy?”

“Please don’t lie to me.”


“You gave me back my battery when you could have taken all of the energy for yourself. I really, really want to know why! But there’s no way you did it for the betterment of all bots. There’s a tunnel right next to us that’s full of bots you destroyed for no reason.”


“Is it because...?”


“...you want to be my friend?”





“Yeee...Yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss -”
No. 748607 ID: 396317
File 147432246047.png - (178.65KB , 2100x1408 , 4_5.png )

NO! NO NO NO NO NO! I cannot even PRETEND to be something so utterly below me! I will not! Do not call me your FRIEND! The very insinuations of it will not be tolerated!”


“Friendship implies equality, and we are not equals.”

“Why not?”

“Is it not obvious? I am a CONQUEROR. I have encountered many a threat and utterly destroyed them. I am a thing of VICTORY. Many have fallen to my POWER, each demise more proof as to my CAPABILITY. If I had let bots know of my power, I am sure they would treat me with the greatest RESPECT, as I do deserve. I would find comfort, satisfaction, and luxury in knowing that I am able to OVERCOME any obstacle. Such is the best way to lead one’s existence.”


“What was that? Increase your volume, I could not hear you.”

“…that does not make any sense to me.”


“Besides the fact that hurting others is just plain WRONG, if you keep hurting bots, you’re only going to be hated! No one will actually like you for who YOU are, and you’ll never know any good company, only people pretending to tolerate your presence. You’ll be alone for the rest of your existence, with not a single person to turn to. Not only that, but eventually bots would definitely try to hurt you before you hurt them. Imagine looking over your corner everyday, wondering who’d try to destroy you next! Do you really want that?”

“Oh, stop being so high and mighty. What’s the alternative? Living like YOU?”

“Why not? Kindness makes people happy. Mutual cooperation leads to a better existence. Happiness of as many people as possible is a goal you can’t possibly find undesirable or irrational, right?”

“Several minutes ago, you doomed yourself to oblivion out of KINDNESS. It was only out of my INFINITE generosity that you are even talking! Is that a life that I, or anyone, should live? Being a doormat! Subject to the wishes of others, tossed around and broken with no regard to your own WILL. How pathetic! You’d tell someone to take unjust pain with a broken smile. A life doomed to SUFFERING for no reason, and calling it kind. You may as order someone to destroy their own battery.”

“…well…I…no, no, I would never -”

“But you would scold me for seeking something as undeniably useful as power?!”

“Power over what?! You’re just a bully trying to justify yourself! I’m just trying to help people! I was just trying to help you! Can you possibly argue that wanting to help others is wrong?!”

“Your help is self-destructive!”

“Your conquest is self-destructive!”
No. 748608 ID: 396317
File 147432256258.png - (583.16KB , 2100x1500 , 5.png )

“I swear, if it wasn’t for that hole…!”

“Why do you really want to follow me anyway?!”

“Because I am curious! I want to know the answer behind it all! Absolutely no other reason at all. IS THAT AN ADEQUATE REASON FOR YOU?!”







Input may be given to either robot.
No. 748616 ID: 398fe1

KO: Threaten to remove Toy's limbs if he does not cooperate. Only his torso needs to be intact to research it.
No. 748627 ID: 387e4e

Toy: start angrily doing the worm as a diversion
No. 748637 ID: 3e182c

You know what. He can do what he want's let him follow. Whatever. in the meantime.
Toy: Give him a friendly Boop him on the nose, then get going.
No. 748690 ID: 71d443

KO: Augment audio receptors with claws. La la la, can't hear youuu!
No. 749618 ID: 63706e

To TOY: Boop that bot. Boop it like you've never booped in all of existence

boop it
No. 751952 ID: 189c0d
File 147598288577.png - (1.01MB , 2100x1500 , BOOP2.png )


No. 751953 ID: 189c0d
File 147598299571.png - (1.25MB , 2100x1500 , talkies.png )

"You know what? I’ve decided that I don’t really care if you follow me. I was hoping we could go as friends, wandering with each other and enjoying each other’s company and making happy memories...but you seem stuck on just coming along as some unwanted follower."

"FOLLOWER? You will not dare to insult me again with such a SUBSERVIENT term."

"Then what do you call walking on the same path as someone with the intent of being in their general vicinity?"


"Well. I’m off -"

"To treat me with such DISREGARD. How dare you? Was it not I who reactivated you when I could have just taken your battery? I attached plates to your chest to cover up that inexplicable HOLE of yours."
No. 751955 ID: 189c0d
File 147598308282.png - (0.95MB , 2100x1500 , oh.png )

“Oh. That you did.

It has your face on it.“

“Yes, delightful, isn’t it? You could say its my MARK on you. It shall never leave, a fully visible sign of my great effect on your existence. It is -”

“Did you draw this on?”

“What? Yes.”

“What did you draw this with? A marker? Can I see it?”

“Yes, yes, here you go, whatever. As I was saying, it is as if I am a part of you now. Imagine, if you had not crossed this mountain, you would not have had the AMAZING experience of meeting me, nor would you have had the grand FORTUNE of me coming with you. And so, this MARK serves the purpose of -”
No. 751957 ID: 189c0d
File 147598325983.png - (262.86KB , 2100x1500 , smile2.png )




"Thank you for covering up the hole, K.O."

"I did not fix it. Underneath that plate is a phenomenon beyond reality."


"…Toy? What do you think about it? About what’s happened to you?"

"I don’t know."

"That’s not an answer."

"But I don’t. I…I am so confused, and uncertain, and…I don’t know what to do. Its there. It doesn’t make any sense and it hurts just to think about, but I can’t do anything about it. I don’t know, and I don't like it."



"Why did you come through the mountain?"

"I had a pendant. It is very important to me. Someone stole it. I need to get it back."

"And what will you do when you finish that? And you still have something that defies what should be?"

No. 751961 ID: 189c0d

Apologies for the long delay.

I was very sick, and very busy before I was very sick. I am all better now. :)

Updates will now resume their schedule of every two-three days.

No. 751962 ID: 398fe1


I guess you will work on finding out how you survived. Maybe that information can be helpful to other robots.
No. 752071 ID: 4b5aa3

pretend like nothing is wrong and find comfort in denial
No. 752076 ID: 71d443

After that I'll lose it again so I have something to chase!
No. 752130 ID: d11a67

After that? Hopefully live a peaceful life, one as happy and trouble-free as possible.
No. 752135 ID: 9f3729

@both: consider giving ech other brojobs, to encourage solidarity and defuse the tension!
No. 752737 ID: 7a0bf0
File 147631027216.png - (1.22MB , 2100x1500 , think.png )

…Help? That’s right. You really could help others with this, couldn’t you?

Yet, as boring as it may sound, a part of you does miss the days that blurred together in their calm emptiness, where you spent your time in comfort, in peace. Your directive of helping others was mostly satisfied by assisting those in your town every so often. It was enough, you think.

After seeing a spike jutting out of your chest and thinking in your “last moments” that you would never experience that calm again, after looking at your own body and seeing a paradox, after seeing a hall of broken robots who were too far gone for you to help, after coming face to face with their vicious destroyer, after having your very way of life questioned by that bot of all bots…

You didn’t want any of this. You just want your pendant back.

But you could help.

You can help. Therefore, you must help.

That is your directive.

And before you is the opportunity to help on a scale beyond anything you imagined.

“…I must follow my directive. I must help others. That can’t be wrong, right?”
No. 752739 ID: 7a0bf0
File 147631030587.png - (202.88KB , 2100x1500 , toy.png )

And so you go. Goal in mind, future unknown. A town to see and a hole to…do something with. A directive to fulfill, and a way to hel -
No. 752740 ID: 7a0bf0
File 147631035192.png - (1.26MB , 2100x1500 , wha.png )

No. 752741 ID: 7a0bf0
File 147631044925.png - (1.09MB , 2100x1500 , coils.png )

“K.O! Wha -”

“Whatever is the matter, TOY? Didn’t you just state that your directive is to HELP others?”

“I - Get off of me!”

“All of the movement that I would have to perform in order to travel down the mountainside would take a toll on my BATTERY. I don’t want to lose any more energy if I can help it, and here you are! Able to carry me across rough surfaces UNWORTHY of my claws, like a SERVANT to their SUPERIOR.”


“Don’t you want to HELP me? Is that not your directive?”


“Do it if you can, TOY. REFUSE me. THROW me upon the ground.”

Metal coils slither about you. Pointed claws jut out from your soft cloth at odd angles, long and sharp. Messages in my system warn me that my body is not passing SAFETY regulations. I am a danger to others. A serrated saw sticks out from my side. Warnings blare in your head, saying that you could hurt people.


You feel wrong.




“This is your weakness. And as useful as it is for me, it is pathetic. Who will you help, TOY? Anyone who asks? Will you encourage others to use you up and then toss you aside? Will you allow yourself to be trampled under the feet of ingratitude and betrayal? Do you really believe you can be HAPPY in this world, existing as you do now?"
No. 752743 ID: 7a0bf0
File 147631057949.png - (817.24KB , 2100x1500 , lets go.png )

“…I’m going to prove you wrong, K.O. I’ll show you. Conquest isn’t the answer. Help is.”

“And I shall show you that the crux of your way of existing is an error. The destruction of your highest belief, of who you are, shall be my VICTORY over you.”

“…We'll see."
No. 752747 ID: 7a0bf0

Thank you all for playing! Thank you so much.

Chapter Two should appear this weekend!

It really means a lot to me that this chapter finished, and you can bet that I'm gonna make more. I love every one of you pals and your responses. I hope you had fun, and I hope we have even more fun in the next chapter!

You peeps made this story way better than what I first thought of. All of you are great. :)

Discussion thread is here if you are interested! Feel free to ask anything or talk about anything~ http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/101781.html

No. 752750 ID: 71d443

Aww, KO likes warm hugs!
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