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File 146232825630.png - (87.86KB , 701x683 , 001b.png )
720801 No. 720801 ID: 433720

I want to do something silly.
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No. 720802 ID: aec7be

Remove your Cleveland College shirt.
No. 720803 ID: 433720
File 146232877028.png - (60.35KB , 701x683 , 002.png )

This doesn't seem very silly to me...
No. 720809 ID: a075ba

Go through your closet, find something sillier to wear.
No. 720810 ID: aec7be


Ok, ok. Well, if there's anything I've learned from the internet, you achieve "silly" by uncreatively repeating memes. So...

Find a way to Expand Knockers.
No. 720812 ID: 35151f

combine permanent marker with you bare chest to create boob-eye smileyface
No. 720813 ID: 433720
File 146232972429.png - (108.19KB , 701x683 , 003.png )

My closet is at home. I'm at the Bus Stop...


I'm kinda busy at the moment to be worrying about that! Besides, I already would have, if I knew how. (I'm a flipping flapjack...)
No. 720815 ID: aec7be

Ok, ok. You still have your shirt, right? Use it to make a ninja mask for yourself.
No. 720817 ID: 433720
File 146233014207.png - (46.88KB , 701x683 , 004.png )

Right! I'll just put my shirt back on and--

Oh no...

Where is it? What Am I gonna do? Somebodies going to see me, and I didn't even wear my Sexy Bra today....
No. 720818 ID: aec7be

Zounds! Who could have done this? Peer suspiciously at the fellow on his phone beside you. Is he even really speaking to someone?!
No. 720825 ID: a075ba

Quick! Look all around for your shirt.
No. 720826 ID: 433720
File 146233094089.png - (103.00KB , 701x683 , 006.png )

He's turning this way! WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?!
No. 720829 ID: aec7be

Pick pocket his cash. Cover it by stepping up close in his face and DEMANDING he tell you who took your shirt.
No. 720833 ID: 38685c

Steal the cash out of his pocket.
No. 720834 ID: 433720
File 146233168776.png - (141.37KB , 701x683 , 007.png )


Oh shoot, my Pants don't have pockets... Where to I hide the dough?
No. 720835 ID: 3663d3

in your undies, duh
No. 720840 ID: 433720
File 146233213393.png - (54.44KB , 701x683 , 008.png )

Ugh, It's kinda sweaty in here...
No. 720850 ID: 742a1e

You're sure that's sweat?
No. 720859 ID: 433720
File 146233382144.png - (37.55KB , 701x683 , 009.png )




It's like 100° out!

Anyway, what should I do now?
No. 720860 ID: 430103

caaaan you just... I dunno, go home or are you headed somewhere?
No. 720861 ID: 59488d

Tell the guy you'll pay him $20 for his jacket, to cover yourself decently.
No. 720863 ID: a075ba

Why were you wearing a big shirt in 100 degree weather then, huh?

No. 720870 ID: 433720
File 146233546164.png - (129.33KB , 701x683 , 010.png )

I was going to take the bus, I live on the other side of the city, but No Shirt, No Service...

"$20 for that jacket?"

Score, a free jacket. With Pockets! Should I put the dough back in my pants? Kinda don't want to get sweat on this nice jacket, but also kinda don't want to sweat on this $20...

Because, it's a cotton shirt, and cotton breathes well, which helps to combat heavy perspiration!
No. 720948 ID: c86083

You want to be silly, get on the next bus and head to Casey's party!
No. 720995 ID: a075ba

>Should I put the dough back in my pants? Kinda don't want to get sweat on this nice jacket, but also kinda don't want to sweat on this $20...
Tuck it between your tiny breasts. You bra and/or top is tight enough to keep in from falling, right?

Where are you going, anyways? I assume you were waiting for the bus for a reason.
No. 721073 ID: 433720
File 146243318259.png - (84.89KB , 701x683 , 011.png )

Yes, that's my bra. My boring plain old bra...

(+1 Material Bonus to Left Knocker Size!)

I was going to ride the bus home, but you just reminded me about Casey's Party tonight!

But I can't go dressed like this, and the bus driver wont let me on the bus without a shirt...

No. 721074 ID: 433720
File 146243357391.png - (121.98KB , 701x683 , 012.png )

Just behind me is the Mall, Up th street is my College, and Across the street is a Sleazy Sex Shop.

I have $20 on me, and I have a $100 Emergency Fund Hidden at the College. But that's only for Emergencies!

The current time is 1:50pmm.
The Party is at 7:00pm.
And the Free Bus runs till 5:00pm, and is replaced by a $5 Bus till 9:00pm. A bus Stops by every Hour.
If need be, I could probably call a taxi for $15.

What should I do?

No. 721097 ID: b46e4c

Zip up your jacket so he cant tell if you have a shirt
Go home, then through your closet for the ultimate party outfit
No. 721104 ID: 3d2d5f

Yeah, that seems good.

If you're desperate for a shirt or closing the jacket doesn't work, you could try and find a cheap one in the mall.
No. 721119 ID: 813bc6

go to the sex shop...maybe they'd have a T-shirt or two in there, probably with something naughty written on it, but hey, clothes are clothes...and we totally aren't looking at all the sexy things!
No. 721123 ID: c86083

I'm gonna vote to go home
No. 721215 ID: 433720
File 146250427375.png - (77.27KB , 701x683 , 013.png )

And a top is a top.

But on second thought, if I go home I don't have to buy new clothes.

This is a Suit Jacket, it's got buttons.

No. 721216 ID: 433720
File 146250446048.png - (153.74KB , 701x683 , 014.png )

Shoot, he saw through me...

No. 721222 ID: a075ba

Protest that a jacket is totally a shirt, who made him the fashion police.
No. 721227 ID: f6442a

Your coat is see-through? How lewd!
No. 721229 ID: 5ad4a7

Shit. HEY LOOK A PLOT HOOK I mean store. It sells t-shirts! Go get one so you can get on the bus.
No. 721233 ID: 433720
File 146250958975.png - (135.24KB , 701x683 , 015.png )

"How did you know? And this Totally functions as a Shirt!"

I sure hope nobody see's me walk in there...

No. 721234 ID: 433720
File 146250974676.png - (65.40KB , 701x683 , 016.png )


Jeez that's some wicked acne...

The different sections of the store are:
T Shirts

No. 721263 ID: c86083

Umm, toys! Get a goddamn butt plug!
No. 721264 ID: 0b20a2

Seconded. You can't go wrong with one of those.
No. 721276 ID: b46e4c

find a shirt first
No. 721277 ID: 3d2d5f

You're looking for a cheap t-shirt, even if it says something terrible.
No. 721279 ID: 15a025

Ask for the cheapest shirt in the store that'll fit you.
No. 721290 ID: 433720
File 146256644315.png - (98.94KB , 701x683 , 017.png )


"I-I mean T-Shirts... Where are the T-Shirts?"

He leads me by the Buttplugs, peeks back at me, then to the T-Shirts.


He walks away.

The cheapest Buttplug I saw was $20...
No. 721294 ID: 15a025

Get the "Got Milk" t-shirt.
No. 721300 ID: c86083

Buy? BUY??
NO! STEAL THE GOT MILK SHIRT AND THE MOST EXPENSIVE BUTT PLUG! (i'm sure you'll find a good place to hide it *winks*)
No. 721301 ID: c86083

Wait? is this called tits quest because she has no tits?
And it's a quest to get tits?
No. 721307 ID: 433720
File 146256811344.png - (62.82KB , 701x683 , 018.png )

The T-Shirts aren't actually here, I'm guessing that I have to go ask the guy for the T-Shirt I want.

As far as Buttplugs go, the toys are right in view of the Register, almost as if they thought somebody might try 'playing' with them. Besides, I don't think the Most expensive one will fit in me...

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if you're going to help me get Tits, that'd make me super happy!

Waiting on more input before we make this life changing decision!
No. 721309 ID: b46e4c

get the fucking male abs shirt og my god thats hilarious i want one
No. 721315 ID: a075ba

...did they steal your CC shirt and are now reselling it. That's outrageous.

I like "Cum here" and "FUTA".

(Although the smart answer is to just where whatever you get inside out).
No. 721317 ID: 433720

No, it appears to be an item they carry regularly. As Sex Shops don't usually sell Used Items, with good reason.

First to 3 Votes Wins:
2 Votes Got Milk?
1 Vote Male Abs
1 Vote Futa
1 Vote Cum Here

No. 721437 ID: 813bc6

abs or futa, with preference for abs
No. 721449 ID: d41523

Futa's good. Though you may end up disappointing someone later if you wear it.
No. 721451 ID: f6442a

oh just go with milk
No. 721478 ID: 813bc6

Optional objective?
No. 721523 ID: 433720

2 Votes Got Milk?
2 Vote Male Abs
2 Vote Futa
1 Vote Cum Here

2 Votes Got Milk?
2 Vote Male Abs
3 Vote Futa
1 Vote Cum Here

We have a winner!

Sorry, Futa already got 3 Votes.

I'll be right back with the Update.
No. 721526 ID: 433720
File 146260165678.png - (69.53KB , 701x683 , 019.png )

If you think that'll help me, I guess.

"I'll take a small FUTA T-Shirt."

Just before saying 'Special' Deal, he glances around the store and blushes.

Should I take him up on the offer? Y'all seemed to want me to get one earlier, there had to be a reason for that. And there doesn't seem to be any other way to get a Buttplug.
No. 721528 ID: d11a67

ask for his number!
No. 721546 ID: 433720
File 146260666715.png - (77.30KB , 701x683 , 020.png )


He's startled, but writes his number down and hands it to me.

I open up my jacket to put his number in the jacket pocket, revealing that I'm currently topless. He Blushes and asks if I would like to take him up on his offer. He seems to be waiting for a response before he rings up my purchase.

[Chet the Sex Shop Guy's Number Acquired!]
No. 721551 ID: 5add44

No. 721560 ID: 3e182c

Eh. Why Not.
No. 721561 ID: a107fd

>had to be a reason for that
Keeping a buttplug in is one of the simplest ways to make yourself feel like a full-time sex pervert, which, in turn, does something to your hormone levels that might help your tits grow.
No. 721568 ID: a075ba

I, okay, what's the special offer?
No. 721569 ID: 36f185

No. 721582 ID: c86083

Agreed, insert and exaunt the sex shop.
No. 721619 ID: 813bc6

Trust me, It will! The internet loves futa cocks, therefore people love futa cocks, because the internet is made of people. my logic is infallible. Yeah, anyway, ask about the special offer...
No. 721620 ID: 433720
File 146265154014.png - (78.93KB , 701x683 , 021.png )

I can't argue with that logic!

"Yes, I'll do it."

"Wait, what's the 'Special' Deal?"

Oh, umm...

What do?
No. 721621 ID: d41523

Do it. This is important.
No. 721628 ID: a107fd

Ask Chet whether he means you should put your hand down the front of his pants. If he does, immediately do so.
No. 721633 ID: 813bc6

Only if he wears sunglasses! Because we only mess around with cool guys
No. 721636 ID: 433720
File 146265352229.png - (71.59KB , 701x683 , 022.png )


No. 721639 ID: 433720
File 146265376310.png - (123.11KB , 701x683 , 023.png )

He put's sunglasses on without me having to ask.

He leads me around the counter and tells me to get on my knees. I do, then he un-zips his pants and-- Oh my...

No. 721643 ID: 813bc6

Suddenly acquire penis envy...but anyway, get to it...Slobber that knobber
No. 721646 ID: a075ba

Someone flipped the "open" sign at the front of the store over to "closed", right?

Well get to it, before you miss your bus!

Don't forget to swallow, you don't want to get any on your new shirt or jacket.
No. 721647 ID: 433720
File 146265531868.png - (119.50KB , 701x683 , 024.png )

Knobber Slobbered!

>Open Sign
I'm a little busy at the moment.
>Don't get any on your jacket.
Oh yeah! Good thinking!
No. 721649 ID: 813bc6

So, focus on the head, it's the most sensitive part, Pop it in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it, Guy's probably a virgin given he's willing to give away free stuff to get that succ, so he probably won't last too long.
No. 721650 ID: d41523

Make sure to work the whole thing, shaft and all. It'll be easier to keep any mess from getting on your stuff if your mouth is fully wrapped around him when he comes. Obviously, swallow as well.
No. 721678 ID: c86083

If we do well enough, we can push way further than a butt plug!
No. 721681 ID: 8f9054

This. Try and work something else cool into the deal. one of those little egg vibrators?
No. 721692 ID: 813bc6

Don't forget to fondle the balls! maybe a finger in his butt if he's willing to let that happen.
No. 721748 ID: eb385b

Have you done this for.
No. 721751 ID: eb385b

Have you done this before
No. 721920 ID: 433720
File 146274918271.png - (147.09KB , 701x683 , 025.png )



No. 721921 ID: 433720
File 146274921092.png - (95.41KB , 701x683 , 026.png )


No. 721922 ID: 433720
File 146274924104.png - (91.74KB , 701x683 , 027.png )

"Cough... Cough..."
"You're gonna have to throw something else in--"

No. 721923 ID: 433720
File 146274926413.png - (88.08KB , 701x683 , 028.png )


No. 721924 ID: 15a025

Ask for a napkin or something to help wipe that off?
No. 721925 ID: 240e41

Aww come on! I mean really, most guys ALWAYS wanna blow their load inside...it's like he was TRYING To ruin your clothes! be mildly upset about this
No. 721926 ID: 8710c0

Well, now he's gotta throw in a free shirt!
No. 721953 ID: a075ba

Clean up, collect butt plug.
No. 721961 ID: d11a67

ask him if hes down for a threesome with your friend jc as in jesus christ son of god and both of you go to church
No. 721962 ID: 433720
File 146277324190.png - (98.28KB , 701x683 , 029.png )

"Okay, you did this on purpose! I demand the T-Shirt be free to make up for it!"

I'm sure he'll just mess that up too. I'll go to the Bathroom instead.

I don't think that's appropriate Post Blowjob Conversation...

No. 721963 ID: 433720
File 146277348246.png - (86.60KB , 701x683 , 030.png )

Free Loot!

What do now? Should I go back to the Bus Stop or somewhere else?

The Current time is 2:40pm
The Next Bus arrives at 3:00pm
Casey's Part is at 7:00pm

- Buttplug (Small)
- Lube (Sample Size; 1 Use)
- Chet the Sex Shop Guy's Number (Dry)
- $20 (Slightly Wet Still)

No. 721965 ID: 240e41

We must contemplate how to achieve our goals! to obtain either bigger tits, or a futa cock...or both preferably!
No. 721967 ID: 240e41

Oh! use the sex shop bathroom (if they have one anyway) to slip the buttplug in!
No. 721973 ID: a107fd

Bus stop first, figure out buttplug mechanics at home.
No. 721986 ID: 5827ca

No. 721987 ID: 5827ca

Umm can we not do a futa cock, i'm a little bored of futa threads plus big tits are more fun.
No. 721997 ID: 595d54

No. 722004 ID: 3e182c

Horny futa we are not.

No. 722669 ID: f7c6eb

No. 722670 ID: a075ba

Negative one-ed.
No. 722711 ID: 5827ca

re fourthed
No. 722773 ID: 595d54

Re-thirded. Or...-1ed, I guess.
No. 722859 ID: 2f5847

This post, and it's rationale, is crucial. Eyes on the prize, people.
No. 722884 ID: 595d54

To clarify, I support the buttplug, but I believe that a sex shop's bathroom is not a good place to try and put something up your butt for the first time.
No. 722947 ID: 433720

Hello! Sorry I haven't updated in a while!

I've been working on a Remodel at work. Meaning I've been moving Books from one place to another for about 9 hours a day. My arms and especially my wrists are basically dead... I'll get back to ya when I'm feeling better!

Probably some time after the weekend.

Also, in this post the background is white again because she stepped outside the Sex Shop already. It'd be pretty embarrassing to step back inside, like that scene from Ping Pong Summer where the Bully guy leaves but then he comes back because he forgot his jacket. But less funny because she isn't a Bad Guy.

No. 723077 ID: 2f5847

We love you, Bub!

>Spend $20 on starter weapon (wooden sword, or club)
>Defeat rats and slimes until level 2.
>Spend stat points on hormones
No. 723078 ID: a075ba

Hey we need some of that 20 for bus fare, bub.
No. 723184 ID: 5827ca

Let's not mention the futa thing anymore then.
No. 723457 ID: 5596ee

Theres a high possibility of a glory hole being in this restroom....so, restroom
No. 723812 ID: 433720
File 146344431261.png - (82.75KB , 701x683 , 031.png )

I already left the store, it'd be kinda embarrassing to go back in now...

Okay, fine.

I go back inside and ask to use the Employee Restroom again. Chet gives me the key.

I go into the restroom apply Lube. (Lube Sample removed from inventory)

Oh, ohmy--
It feels a lot bigger when you put it in!
(-1 Hunger, +1 Arousal)

According to the instructions on the Buttplug Box, I should use Lube and shouldn't have the Buttplug inserted for more that 2 hours. It's a silicone Buttplug and I have Oil Based Lube.

Hello! I'm back! Unfortunately I am working on the Remodel again this week... But I'm not working in books! So my wrists aren't dead. At least not yet anyway...
No. 723815 ID: a075ba

Go check the bus schedule now, I guess.
No. 723833 ID: 433720
File 146344746562.png - (137.05KB , 701x683 , 032.png )

I already know the Bus Arrives every hour. And based on the position of the sun, it'll arrive in about 5 minutes.

The bus is free until 5 PM. I already said this here >>721074

Current time 2:55pm.
No. 723835 ID: a075ba

Well, you've five minutes to get used to sitting on your new bum before you have to deal with sitting it in a bouncing bus.
No. 723878 ID: c45b7e

gaze, gaze upon the magnificent dick shaped cloud and dream of the possibilities.
No. 723906 ID: 2f5847

I Immensely enjoy that the blush effect is seemingly now constant.

There's a propaganda poster with tits on it! Read that sucker for all it's worth!
No. 723921 ID: ef9b09

Man's got a point.
No. 724021 ID: 433720
File 146352824705.png - (45.02KB , 701x683 , 033.png )

Oh no.

(+1 Arousal)

(Mammarymancy Survey Number Added to inventory)
No. 724026 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 724037 ID: 2f5847

I'm a little curious about that other handbill but yeah.

If we can't call now, ride bus to dorm, and do it there.
No. 724040 ID: 15a025

Let's throw them a call.
No. 724056 ID: a075ba

Write that number down. You can call them at home, or if you have a cell phone, while waiting out your bus ride. (Assuming you can concentrate enough to speak, at that point).
No. 724184 ID: 433720
File 146356785978.png - (75.92KB , 701x683 , 034.png )

I'll have to wait till I get home. And I took the last tear tab with the number on it, so I don't have to write it down.

Not sure what other one you're talking about, so I'll just read the next one over.

Looks like the bus is almost here, I might be able to read one more flier before it gets here.
No. 724188 ID: 2f5847

Upper Left.
No. 724247 ID: 433720
File 146360389959.png - (46.93KB , 701x683 , 035.png )

It's too high up to read. I'll pull it down.
(Muscle Fighting Tournament flier added to inventory.)

No. 724249 ID: 433720
File 146360400595.gif - (97.75KB , 701x683 , 036.gif )


I get on the bus and the Bus Driver gives me a funny look.

"A shirt is a shirt!"

I walk about 2/3rds back. Theres nobody else on the bus.

We take off, and every bump feels like magic.
(+2 Arousal)

There... are two... unf--StOPs! ... My.. Appar--ment. Ohmy..

No. 724260 ID: 5ad4a7

You could kneel on the seat. Or lie sideways on it.
No. 724262 ID: 433720
File 146360647684.png - (42.63KB , 701x683 , 037.png )

Good Idea!

Guess not...

I'll *Gasp* have to.. *pant* Endure.
No. 724263 ID: c41c07

Remove your jacket, bunch it up a bit, and sit on it. The cushioning should absorb some of the jostling. I just hope that doesn't violate one of these buses stupid rules.
No. 724280 ID: 2f5847

Tough it out, you're almost home.

On the plus side, getting on the bus in this state was kind of silly! But we can go sillier.
No. 724310 ID: c45b7e

Practice butt kegels, build up that muscle. just in case you have to fight in the tournament.
No. 724314 ID: ac8ee4

I feel like this thread started a bit silly but now it is kinda hot. Shamefully so.
No. 724381 ID: 3e182c

Pull your knees up close to yourself so every bump is even MORE magic.

You'll be magician or a wizard or some kid with a fancy forehead scar by the time you get home.
No. 724393 ID: 433720
File 146364396383.png - (180.79KB , 701x683 , 038.png )

Okay... unh..
(+1 Arousal)
Omigosh, omigosh.. Unf.- "I'm." *Pant* "Cumming." *Gasp* "AAaaaaahh..."
(Orgasm Achieved! Arousal Reduced to 0, +1 Focus)
*Pant* *Pant*
No. 724410 ID: 3e182c

That is the most stoic of grandmothers.
No. 724411 ID: 35151f

Keep riding that bus I guess
No. 724413 ID: 4c553a

Strike up a conversation with the stoic grandma.
No. 724450 ID: 433720
File 146368495068.png - (152.84KB , 701x683 , 039.png )

"So, how about that female reproductive system. Sure is a doozy ain't it?"
(+1 Embarrassment)

No. 724451 ID: 433720
File 146368498153.png - (185.26KB , 701x683 , 040.png )

That's my stop!

Time sure does fly when you're involuntarily orgasming in pubic.

No. 724453 ID: 430425

Make a quick check to be certain stoic grandma isn't actually dead grandma.
No. 724455 ID: 433720
File 146368773843.png - (158.28KB , 701x683 , 041.png )

When she snores, the Bus Driver looks back for a second. Then goes back to driving.
No. 724456 ID: 430425

Time to get off then. I mean the bus, get off the bus.
No. 724460 ID: 15a025

Get off...in both ways. At the same time.
No. 724465 ID: a075ba

No, no, don't keep driving! This is my stop, let me off, please!

Pull the emergency cord thing if you have to.
No. 724466 ID: 3e182c

I bet you could snag that pair of sweet, Retro-Ass shades off her face without waking her.

Old people sleep like death after all. They gotta practice for the real thing.
No. 724474 ID: 2f5847

Yeah, this.

But hide them in your jacket pocket, and don't put them on until you're outside.
No. 724612 ID: 79a07e

Nah, don't be a thief.
No. 724619 ID: 35151f

What, and ruin Rad Granny's whole aesthetic? we may have already stolen some guy's money, but that's MONEY! You can't steal someone's STYLE, that's moral-event-horizon level!
No. 724626 ID: 813bc6

Just hurry home and make with the mammarymancy
No. 724645 ID: 433720
File 146372996737.png - (152.30KB , 701x683 , 042.png )

But this isn't my stop. The NEXT stop, is my stop.

Sure is a good think I don't have to blindly follow your Suggestions. Otherwise I might end up in some REAL Trouble...

Those are pretty Rad Shades.

You're right, Aesthetic is probably all she's got left...
No. 724648 ID: 5827ca

Ok , think we need to increase the pressure.
Have at least 1 size bigger breasts by te time we get to the party!
Whatever breast size you achieve, I (the fourth wall) will double it!
No. 724649 ID: 35151f

gross, don't e-rp in the thread
Really though, make the most of your remaining ride with some more buttplug squatting.
No. 724655 ID: 3e182c

Yes. Aesthetic. It may be all she has left. But SHE HAS IT.
You need it, for that party later.
Because RAD Shades = RAD party. Ya Dig?

Besides, It's Just ONE moral event horizon.

Evil's pretty cool. Evil people are RAD. They have RAD shades, after all. Granny over there is prolly pretty Evil herself, no WAY some goody two shoes would ever get a pair of shades as RAD as that. She prolly stole them herself off of someone less RAD.

So go ahead. Take the shades. Complete the cycle.
The RAD Cycle. They're pretty much already yours if you think about it. You're way RAD and deserving of those RAD glasses.

It's easy. Just reach over...
And be RAD!
No. 724658 ID: c45b7e

Counter point to the suggestion of glasses theft: But....what if....bukkake? That old lady may need them to protect her eyes, in the event of horrible old people sex party bukkake sessions. Do you really want those on your face?
No. 724659 ID: 3e182c

That like Triples their value AT LEAST.
They don't call'um "The Golden Years" for nothin'.
There's GOLD in that cum!

Now we gotta take 'um.
No. 724664 ID: c45b7e

is she dead?
No. 724666 ID: 5827ca

what if, and yo don't have to like it it's just a suggestion...we kill her.
Then take the shades knowing she doesn't need them?
No. 724667 ID: 5827ca

what if, and yo don't have to like it it's just a suggestion...we kill her.
Then take the shades knowing she doesn't need them?
No. 724673 ID: c43722

Dude, don't take the old lady's sunglasses. Not only is it stealing, and it's stealing from a old woman which is worse. And it's even worse than that 'cause people often wear those kind of fit-over sunglasses 'cause they just got eye surgery. So when "granny" here wakes up and opens her eyes, she may end up blinded and it may be permanent. But stealing them is almost certainly a non-option 'cause you'll get caught 'cause that bus driver seems to have eyes in the back of his head. You'll probably get banned from his bus route, if not the whole bus system, for petty theft, and might get the cops called on you.

Just take your seat and get off at your stop. Then you can call that mammarymancy number once you get home, take the survey and see if you win.
No. 724679 ID: 3e182c

So what your saying is...
If we kill her first... She won't end up with permanent blindness when we take her shades?
Seems like a win to me.
No. 724681 ID: 433720
File 146377343155.png - (148.29KB , 701x683 , 043.png )

If we could just give her Big Ol' Tiddies, this wouldn't be much of a quest...

(+1 Arousal)

First off, I'm not committing Murder, because some disembodied voices told me to. Second, we already decided not to steal the Rad Shades. >>724645

I don't think dead people snore... >>724455

Anyway, where at my stop now.

Maybe sitting on my jacket wasn't such a great idea after all...

No. 724683 ID: 433720
File 146377348046.png - (147.10KB , 701x683 , 044.png )

Welcome Home. Please excuse the poor architecture, the government funded it's construction... At least we're a major Economic Power...

(Quest: GET HOME!, Complete, Rank: A.)
(Side Quests Completed: 2)
(Loot Bonus: 2)
(Sexy/Silly Bonus: 3)
(Overall: Yeah, that was pretty cool.)
(Thread 1 completed. Please insert Thread 2)

Hello! You did it! You helped... *Cough* get home safely! I need some time to prepare for the next part of the adventure. See y'all soon!

No. 724684 ID: 433720

No. 726516 ID: 6a552a

when will this return?
No. 726553 ID: 91cfcf

Do you realize the problem of asking an absent author when they're coming back?
No. 727559 ID: 433720

Pretty soon!
No. 727562 ID: 433720

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