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File 146152694966.png - (145.79KB , 700x600 , i63.png )
718797 No. 718797 ID: 34dbe0

"You know what the funny thing about Ophelia is?"

Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/663996.html
Interlude 1 (Rabbit Soup): http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/676703.html
Chapter 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/691136.html
Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/65967.html[/spoiler]
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No. 718798 ID: 34dbe0
File 146152696778.png - (137.65KB , 700x600 , i64.png )

He's quiet. You shift, turn on your side, and look at him, silhouetted against the motel window. "When I was younger, and I first read Hamlet, I hated her. I thought she was such a coward, such a bitch. But, really - well, mm, if you think ..."

You'd smoke if you weren't in bed. He does all the time, but the idea scares you. You think about fires, about choking on black heavy clouds, hands scrabbling for doorknobs too hot to touch. You only smoke sitting up. "Ophelia is thought of as valuable, beautiful, important, because she suffered and died. Isn't that why she's there? To be a tragic beauty, snatched away in the flower of her youth?"

Silence greets you again. Your stomach contracts. "If she had survived," you say, softly, "if she hadn't suffered - if nothing happening had affected her, if she'd moved on and been happy ... then people really would have hated her. I think she might've ended up the most hated woman in English literature. The ultimate literary cunt."

He says nothing. You reach for him but don't touch. "Isn't that strange? Don't you think it's strange?"

"Jolene," he says finally. You hold your breath.
No. 718799 ID: 34dbe0
File 146152697733.png - (68.92KB , 700x600 , i65.png )

"Can you shut up?"

>A. Shut up.
>B. Get up. Go.
>C. Drag him to the bathroom. Drown him in the bathtub.
>D. Drag him to the bathroom. Drown him in the toilet.
>E. Kiss him.
No. 718802 ID: 39df0e

No. 718803 ID: 1cebc8

B. Go make your ???friend some breakfast.

Add laxative.
No. 718805 ID: e4873e

B. let's not drown anyone just yet, but if this guy is going to be an asshole, let's get out of here.
No. 718806 ID: 4e5150

No. 718807 ID: d1676d

No. 718808 ID: 2193ab

No. 718809 ID: 35dcbd

C and D
No. 718810 ID: 2d26c7

d. ophelia was murdered.

alternatively, b, i guess. start this off tamely.
No. 718811 ID: c8a057

No. 718812 ID: 867a54

b honestly?? get ur ass outta there tbh
No. 718813 ID: 15a025

No. 718814 ID: 52ad92

B. This guy's not worth the time or the effort.
No. 718816 ID: 6d2df6

That's rabies, isn't it?
I suggest we don't murder him right now unless we really want the plot to go nuts.
No. 718819 ID: 15dff5

No. 718821 ID: 737d5c

Imagine D.

In reality, do B.
No. 718827 ID: ae041b

b - go smoke, contemplate yr options
c - seems like poetic justice honestly but be careful baby
No. 718830 ID: ec31f7

fucking drown him lol
No. 718832 ID: b1b975

Unlikely. Jolene's got much darker hair in this, implying that she's significantly younger. This is probably one of her older husbands.

Which means absolutely D.
No. 718833 ID: bb78f2

Let's take it slow.
Maybe smoke.
No. 718834 ID: 96aae7

hes rude and jolene should destroy him so c or d
No. 718836 ID: b2e8b1

No. 718842 ID: 99a64d

E then D, Just to be fucking weird.
No. 718843 ID: 301a01

D. fucking wreck him.
No. 718848 ID: 0543a8

d!!! d!!!!!
No. 718858 ID: bee2c3

A and/or B.
No. 718877 ID: 742494

C. while she's younger and this might be her first time killing a husband(?), especially on an impulse like this, a toilet seems too sloppy. unless jolene's character arc calls for her going from sloppy to classy, a bathtub is more fitting - and resembles ophelia, drowned in the lake. narrative!
No. 718879 ID: f36501

E then d.

Gon act like a bitch, gon die like a bitch
No. 718888 ID: 34dbe0
File 146154812580.png - (130.15KB , 700x600 , i66.png )

"Oh, Boris. Don't be like that."

You sit up. Slink forward. You're going in for a kiss. He's Allowing It, like he always does, acting like it's an inconvenience. You smile.
No. 718889 ID: 34dbe0
File 146154813772.png - (175.97KB , 700x600 , i67.png )

You're so much stronger than him. Your hand closes on the back of his neck. You imagine your fingers punching right into his nape, fingers delving straight through muscle, like La Llorona. That's not what happens, but it's good enough. He grunts and shoves his arm towards yours, trying to knock it away, and his hand glances off your forearm like a whiffle bat. You shove. He slides off the bed and you topple after him, your descent controlled and vicious. He hits the ground hard and you grind his face into the carpet.

"You never liked Shakespeare, I guess." You haven't exerted yourself, but you're panting anyway. "Wasn't it interesting enough for you?" You shove again. There's a loud, sick pop, and blood seeps silently out in a neat circle under his face. "Didn't they suffer enough to hold your attention?"
No. 718890 ID: 34dbe0
File 146154815023.png - (108.27KB , 700x600 , i68.png )

The bathroom is a straight shot from the bed. Right there. You drag him on hands and knees, not because you have to, but because you want to keep his face against the floor. He's not making any noise. You wonder if he knew this would happen someday. Weren't you careful enough? It's something to keep in mind for next time. "That's how it always is, isn't it," you gasp, and he scccrrrrraaaapes when you transition from carpet to cheap bath tile. "It's just not enough. Nothing is tragic enough."

When you drag him upright his head hits the toilet rim hard and you're not sure if you did it on purpose or not. You put your knee on the small of his back and hold his head over the bowl. "How much?" you ask. He throws up. You laugh, disgusted, and slam your knee into his back again, dragging out a dry heave, but he's got nothing left. "How much does someone have to suffer before it's interesting?"

His head's underwater. He's trying to shove at the seat with his big stupid hands to get himself out but they just slip on water and blood and puke. "Nobody wants to listen!" The toilet's bubbling like a jacuzzi. Are you crying? "You're not broken enough! You're not hurt enough! It's not sordid enough! How's anyone supposed to think of you as a sympathetic hero?"

He's not fighting as hard as you thought he would. Maybe he did know. Maybe he's just dying faster than you planned. "You're a bad victim," you sob. "You're not doing it right."
No. 718891 ID: 34dbe0
File 146154815656.png - (118.01KB , 700x600 , i69.png )

No. 718892 ID: 34dbe0
File 146154817289.png - (99.33KB , 700x600 , i70.png )

ahahaha fuck
No. 718893 ID: 34dbe0
File 146154818706.png - (108.19KB , 700x600 , i71.png )


>A. Get up.
>B. Stay down.
>C. Smoke.
>D. Call the babysitter.
No. 718894 ID: 33fde7

No. 718896 ID: 301a01

A and D
No. 718897 ID: d1676d

A & C
No. 718898 ID: 867a54

a. dont let this bother you too much! hes a waste of your feelings.
No. 718899 ID: f39783

No. 718900 ID: 2193ab

C and d
No. 718903 ID: 4e5150

No. 718904 ID: 99a64d

Say good riddance to bad assholes! You shouldn't be sad that he didn't die right, one less philistine in the world is always a good thing. Maybe you can make your next husband a poet, for a more poetic death. Ha.
No. 718905 ID: 90f3c0

C and D
No. 718907 ID: 52ad92

A & D.
You fucked up.
No. 718908 ID: 0a94cb

C + D
No. 718922 ID: 2d26c7

we didn't do it right. a, c. put on a bathrobe before you go onto the balcony, wouldn't do for anyone to see the blood before we get a good victim. can't go out on a bad one.
No. 718925 ID: 34dbe0
File 146155817197.png - (105.91KB , 700x600 , i72.png )

You get up. You almost slip. You don't slip. You find a bathrobe in your suitcase, still open on the floor, and put it on. Your smokes are in your purse and the room key and your wedding ring are on the nightstand. You grab them both before going outside.

Your hands are shaking when you light your cigarette. They've gone still by the time you finish it. You put your ring back on, hold it up to glimmer wetly in the oily electric lights buzzing overhead, and wonder what it would look like if you wore this one and your first one at the same time. Stupid, probably.

There's a payphone next to the parking lot, below the balcony you're on. On the stairs down you almost slip. You don't slip. It's June of 1997 and you wish it wasn't so hot.

You put the babysitter's phone number on a slip of paper inside your cig box because you knew it was the only thing you had a 0% chance of losing. The phone rings twice before he answers.


"Cain. It's Jolene."

"Oh, hey." He's eating something. You feel a little annoyed. "What's up? How's Cincinnati?"

>A. "It's okay."
>B. "I hate it here."
>C. "The set went well."
>D. "I did it."
>E. "We're cancelling the tour."
>F. "How's Sloane?"
No. 718926 ID: 2d26c7

a, c, d, f. that's a decent reply, right? we're fine.
No. 718927 ID: 137516

A, F
No. 718928 ID: 2193ab

E and f and holy shit cain???
No. 718929 ID: 0543a8

b, f
No. 718930 ID: 12412f

A and F!
No. 718933 ID: 867a54

f!! sloane is The Priority
No. 718936 ID: cf2cd0

E, F
No. 718945 ID: d1676d

F.. check on your little girl. then, if the conversation might lead to it, D.
No. 718951 ID: b1b975

A, F, and D, in that order.
No. 718956 ID: cc08c7

A then F. Make sure Sloane is alright with the weeb demon.
No. 718973 ID: 3adcf8


Think about what she means to you.
No. 718981 ID: ec31f7

I cant believe Cain is a babysitter >>718956
No. 718987 ID: 1cebc8

B, F.
No. 718996 ID: ba9e25

f, check in on yr baby then go to c, then d.

(is. cain the same cain in the main story?)
No. 719012 ID: 33fde7

D, B, F
No. 719019 ID: 737d5c

A and F.

Worry about Cain's habits rubbing off on Sloane.
No. 719078 ID: 34dbe0
File 146161998834.png - (136.95KB , 700x600 , i73.png )

"It's okay," you lie. You push your hair away from your neck and lean into the phone. "How's Sloane?"
No. 719079 ID: 34dbe0
File 146162000173.png - (226.00KB , 700x600 , i74.png )

Cain snorts. "What do you mean, 'how is it?' It's a baby. All it does is sleep and poop."

You can't raise your voice so you swing the opposite direction, letting your voice crawl down quiet and dangerous. "I'm not playing games, demon."

"Yeesh, okay. She's fine, because she's a baby, and she's sleeping." He slurps something, loudly. "How's Dickheadski Mikassholekov?"

You pause, hand pulling idly at the phone cord. Your lips part slowly. "I did it."
No. 719080 ID: 34dbe0
File 146162001666.png - (247.11KB , 700x600 , i75.png )

Cain laughs very, very softly.

"Well. How's that phrase go? First time's an accident, second time's a coincidence -"

Your hand tightens on the phone.

"Third time's a solid business partnership. So I guess I'm not gonna relax til round three."

You swallow and wet your lips. You wish you could take the robe off. "Don't make me regret contracting you."

"Oh, you won't." You hear something crunch - chicken bones? "Hurry home, Jojo, 'cause you won't."
No. 719081 ID: 34dbe0
File 146162003011.png - (150.31KB , 700x600 , i76.png )

You didn't.

It is August of 2015 and things are going exactly according to plan.

The girl just left. You ended up liking her more than you dared. Now that the wedding is (more or less) under control, you can focus on other things.

>A. Think about what you overheard from Sloane this morning.
>B. Call the Oyabun to harass her discuss the wedding.
>C. Wait for Rabies to get home.
>D. Something else?
No. 719082 ID: 301a01

No. 719083 ID: 35dcbd

No. 719084 ID: 33fde7

A, what did you overhear?
and D, Cain was at your party. Did he seem to recognize you? Did you acknowledge each other?
No. 719085 ID: cf2cd0

A, then B
No. 719086 ID: 2d26c7

a then b
No. 719089 ID: 2193ab

A and b and are you sti contracted with cain?
No. 719090 ID: 39df0e

a & b
No. 719092 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 719097 ID: e4873e

A and D - what are your thoughts on Cain being at the party?
No. 719100 ID: 16830d

D) What do you mean by "liking her more than you dared"? Fo you mean that you thought you wouldnt like her, or that you didnt want to like her?

Also B
No. 719106 ID: ec31f7

A,B, d- what do you mean you like her more than you dared?
No. 719107 ID: bb78f2

D Lets find and kill Ne before Sloane finds out how related to her boyfriend's murder you are, even if its tangential. We've had our fun with Lowry in regards to Ne, now lets tie up a loose end.
No. 719112 ID: 1cebc8

Actually, that's a good idea, but go for the non-lethal capture route. Johnny was just a mook but Sloane invested some tiny piece of herself in him (wait, how does Sloane usually prod her toys?). Sloane might pretend to be a run-of-the-mill psycho but she has a heart made of piano wire. Ne now has access to one of her heartstrings, and you do NOT let enemy hackers gain access to threads and then live to tear down your empire. Capture him alive, give him to Rabies (alongside two eye-eating parasites, a box of gold nails, and a hula hoop), and let HIM get his killing scent all over Ne so you have a convenient excuse to make Sloane and the bunnies kiss and make up.
No. 719115 ID: 15a025

No. 719129 ID: ec31f7

stitch this post in gold thread and frame it above your bed.
No. 719143 ID: 4e5150

No. 719166 ID: 0543a8

think about how nice cain looked at the party......
No. 719198 ID: f586a0

No. 719212 ID: 5d5845

A and D! think about lowry. shes kinda hot, huh?
No. 719218 ID: 9c6d36

Huh. Turns out I actually like Jolene with her hair straight and her real eyes.

Shame both those things changed.
No. 719219 ID: cc08c7

A then B. Bug those bunnies.
No. 719228 ID: 6a92a0

No. 719249 ID: f107e8

a, b
No. 719271 ID: ca9b0d

a & b
No. 719274 ID: 737d5c

A and C.

B might make Rabies suspect something, even if he is a brute.
No. 719296 ID: 2c4dc5


All these.

Maybe leave the Oyabun out of it for now, don't want Rabies getting suspicious.
No. 719311 ID: ba9e25

a!!!!! and b while waiting for c, or! go put on lemonade and teach solone the notes for her fav song (solone Sings and Is Very Good At It, her mum is Very Proud)
No. 719354 ID: 372e67

acid soup takes place in august of 2015 - tragically for everyone involved, "lemonade" has not yet dropped.
No. 719425 ID: 34dbe0
File 146173815589.png - (181.79KB , 700x600 , i77.png )

It was odd, seeing Cain. It's been a long time since you've had to request his services, but certainly not long enough for him to forget you. That would take longer than a mortal lifetime. You would have said something - about him getting thinner, about his hair going long - but he seemed to be playing the "I don't know you" card, and you weren't going to kill whatever he had going on. Business is business.

You wonder if you should call him.

You've got your phone out - for the Oyabun, not him - but thoughts of the dinner party slow your fingers and eventually bring them to a stop, hovering over the keypad. You wonder what Sloane wanted to ask you about. It couldn't have been what you heard this morning.
No. 719426 ID: 34dbe0
File 146173816787.png - (122.42KB , 700x600 , i78.png )

She was in her bedroom, door demurely cracked since that boy was in there, and you shouldn't have listened but she was already talking.

Johnny, baby, she's saying, would you be a doll and go get something for me?

What is it?

You can hear the laugh curling in the edges of her voice. You guess he can't. I bought something from Ne, and he emailed me today saying it was in ... won't you go pick it up for me?

He kicks at the floor, shoves his hands in his pockets. Aw, I dunno, toots. I'm not s'posed 'ta leave. Bosslady's got that party tonight, and we're all s'posed 'ta stay in the manor, on account of-

Oh, Johnny, she's saying, and you recognize the way her voice lilts. You didn't teach her that. You wonder when she started absorbing it. It's so humid out, and I hate to walk around by myself ... my hair'll get mussed. You hear the bed creak. Don't you want me to be pretty for you, Johnny? Can't you do a little favor for your girl?
No. 719427 ID: 34dbe0
File 146173817965.png - (96.71KB , 700x600 , i79.png )

You heard about the kid's death not an hour and a half later. Sometimes you worry Sloane's taking after you faster than you intended. God only knows her motives - maybe she just wanted to know whether she could pull it off. Her performance at dinner was ... worrying, to say the least, if only because you wonder if you'd have fallen for it if you hadn't already known.

Probably. She's her mother's daughter, after all.
No. 719428 ID: 34dbe0
File 146173819280.png - (153.32KB , 700x600 , i80.png )

Rabies is still likely to be out long enough for you to get a few calls done, so you scroll down to the Oyabun's contact and let it ring. It's her personal number, and she picks up quickly, but doesn't speak. You can imagine her now, cross-legged and wreathed in pipe smoke, all ink and long hair. You'll have to talk first.

>A. "Hello, Oyabun."
>B. "Hello, Sachi."
>C. "Hey, baby."
>D. "I didn't know you liked blondes."
No. 719431 ID: b1b975

depending on how flippant we want to be, b or c. b implies familiarity and that's good, and so does c, but to the point of disrespect

personally my vote goes b if it's between the two
No. 719432 ID: f586a0

No. 719433 ID: a307f1

b and especially d
No. 719434 ID: bb78f2

B, D.
No. 719435 ID: aedf64

c c c c c
No. 719436 ID: 2193ab

c and d. oyabun/jolene for life
No. 719437 ID: 0543a8

b.... d.... im dying fractal.... pls...
No. 719439 ID: ce574f

b, d or c, d
No. 719440 ID: 6f03c1

fractal Holy Fuck just thinking about C is clearing my skin, curing my illnesses, adding years to my life, Please,
No. 719442 ID: 15dff5

c + d
No. 719444 ID: b46e4c

No. 719448 ID: ebfd56

.........c..... holy fuck
No. 719453 ID: 71335c

No. 719455 ID: b4c14d

oh my god i'm foaming at the mouth at The Content.. B and D, maybe throw in a little bit of C there for added gay
No. 719459 ID: ba9e25


B - formal greeting, from what we know about the oyabun she's traditional / formal start like that and move from there? (think c at top volume)
No. 719470 ID: 4e5150

B, then D
No. 719471 ID: 99a64d

C because fuck it
No. 719472 ID: f39783

B holy shit I'm so gay
No. 719474 ID: 5edb49

c + d go gay as hell or go home
No. 719479 ID: 1cebc8

Make intrusive breathing noises. Gauge her reactions and respond accordingly.
No. 719481 ID: cf2cd0

C, and then D.
No. 719493 ID: 3adcf8

B. Think about the first time you saw all her ink.
No. 719494 ID: 15a025

C and D.
No. 719502 ID: ff3d13

C FOR SURE?? GIVE YOUR QUASI/EX GF THE AFFECTION SHE DESERVES. also, ask her how shes doing! make it smooth, somewhat caring, and Personal.
No. 719662 ID: 09bd04

No. 719753 ID: bec4fa

fffffffffffffffffffsloane.......... I did NOT see that coming oh my god and here I thought she was genuine, and honest....... holy shit.......... I love Sloane ??????????

Oh. actuallly. A. be really formal
No. 719886 ID: 39247f

c and d... Both
No. 719906 ID: 88965b

B or D but mostly D
No. 720323 ID: d1676d

c & d . power lesbian jolene is everything i never knew i needed
No. 720326 ID: a075ba

No. 720414 ID: 34dbe0
File 146216243435.png - (101.58KB , 700x600 , i81.png )

You lean against the wall, tuck your hair back, and lower your voice in a way that usually feels practiced and theatrical. Not now, though. "Hey, baby."

She hangs up.

It takes three calls, each one ringing all the way through to voicemail, before she picks up again. This time she does speak first. "You'd do well not to waste my fucking time, Drool."

"Oh, don't do the last name thing, Sachi. You're hurting my feelings." You raise your hand to your mouth, press long fingers against a rebellious smile. You're usually in perfect control of your facial expressions, every twitch and tiny gesture, but you can't find it in yourself to be annoyed at the lapse.

"What do you want?"

"I saw your lieutenant today." Your voice is breathy, easy. Settling in again, to the patterns and scripts that you know work, the ones that are effective, that get you what you want. "I didn't know you liked blondes."
No. 720417 ID: 34dbe0
File 146216253828.png - (165.17KB , 700x600 , i82.png )

The line goes silent. You're about to speak up again, just to check if she's there, when she responds, stiff and quiet. "Sada is extremely competent."

"Really? Because you seem stressed. How good of a job can she be doing?"

"If I'm stressed, it's because of entirely different -"

"It was a sex joke, Sachi," you cut in, feigning exasperation. "A sex joke."

You swear you can hear her pressing her lips together. "I am not having sex with my first lieutenant." Before you can respond, she's on the offensive again. "Is that why you called? To ask if I'm having sex with my first lieutenant? I'll hang up again."

>A. "Yes."
>B. "We have to talk about Rabies."
>C. "We have to talk about the wedding."
>D. "We have to talk about how we're divvying up the city when we win."
>E. "I just wanted to hear from you."
>F. ___________
No. 720418 ID: f39783

No. 720419 ID: ff3d13

e. love ur rabbit gf
No. 720420 ID: b1b975

c, d, and e, in whatever order seems most appropriate.
No. 720421 ID: 146b4b

E and then A
No. 720422 ID: a075ba

F: Partially. I knew it would be fun to ask.

Then E.
No. 720423 ID: 6a92a0

No. 720424 ID: 35dcbd

C, D, E
No. 720426 ID: cc08c7

C. She's clearly not in the mood to play with us right now.
No. 720427 ID: 2193ab

No. 720428 ID: 1cebc8

C, F) "That kitty client of yours. I like her, even though she makes my tits quiver in ragelust. It's like, I'm happy that she's not on my side - because she'll cause trouble in a way that only the protagonist of a mass-murder story can cause respect and awe in the audience. If she kills Rabies she'll get creative. Make history in weeks. I WANT THAT.

So, what's her story? Because I'm planning on keeping her and her self-inflicted misery-pleasure alive for a VERY long time."
No. 720429 ID: 0543a8

c................... i love jolene/sachi............... it's gay.................
No. 720433 ID: c7f326

F: Would you believe me if I said I just wanted to talk to you/hear your voice? If she responds negatively, go right into C before she can hang up
No. 720445 ID: 028dcc

c + d, we have to get down to business. confirm our plans for the wedding and the immediate aftermath.
(but slip e in there if the timing feels right ... if the atmosphere feels gay enough ...)
No. 720455 ID: bb78f2

E]] of course

F]] After all, what use is a number, a friendship without some teasing? Come now, the heads of this city need to rib on each other. Do me, come on. That wasn't a sex joke, I mean actually tease me, come on now. Oh, and I will talk business soon, but really, we must pay each other respects and talk casual first, otherwise it isn't a real connection.
No. 720457 ID: 34dbe0
File 146217045901.png - (161.70KB , 700x600 , i83.png )

You pause. Think about if you want to say it. Wonder how long you can deliberate before she gets impatient. Not very long, you decide, so you inhale and go ahead. "Would you believe me if I said I just wanted to hear from you?"

The Oyabun huffs, one little exasperated exhale. When she speaks again her voice has gone from steel to glass. "A little. Just a little. But I know you have other motives, too."

"A little is all I need." You mean it. You hope she knows you mean it. You're scared she might know you mean it. She probably doesn't.

"Oh, you don't have to tell me that. I know." She sighs, and you're following the sound like a trapline, and you're not ready for her next question. "When can I see you again?"

To your credit, you don't stumble on your response, don't miss a beat, and your voice is as smooth and careless as ever. "If you don't go out of your way, then at the wedding, likely. Which we still have to talk about." You flip your wrist and check your nails, acting out the flippant attitude you know you don't have. "I trust your very competent little blonde already gave you the rundown."

"Jojo. Don't."

You weren't ready for that, either, and the prickling laugh you throw out in defense is a little too fast, a little too loud. "You know I don't mean anything by it."

"I don't know that, actually," Sachi says. "I never know what you mean by anything."

"Good," you say, immediately, instinctively, reflexively. You don't let the silence hang. "The wedding."

"The wedding," she replies.
No. 720458 ID: 34dbe0
File 146217047558.png - (62.87KB , 700x600 , i84.png )

"The -" You don't say 'blonde.' "Your lieutenant made it sound like this would be beaureaucratic hell."

"It would be, if she had her way."

"And your way?"

Sachi turns her head away from the phone receiver, murmurs something to someone, and you hear her breathe in and out once, evenly. You wonder if she's just started smoking. "Jolene, I can't give you any of my women for this."

The laugh you bark out this time is just right. "And why not?"

"Because I know you don't need them."

>A. "That just means there's no risk involved."
>B. "I'll make it worth your while."
>C. "You know I'll pay well. Better than well."
>D. "I'm just being cautious."
>E. "Please, Sachi."
>F. "Fine. I can do without."
No. 720460 ID: 35dcbd

a and bbbbbbbbbbbb
No. 720461 ID: b4c14d

b, then d!!!
No. 720463 ID: 742494

A, then E. if Sachi is quiet after that, B, C, or D
No. 720464 ID: bb78f2

No. 720466 ID: 876878

No. 720467 ID: 2193ab

B and d
No. 720468 ID: 0543a8

b, d. this is so fucking gay i cant believe it i love it
No. 720469 ID: ff3d13

a, c.....lascivious pause, and then b.
No. 720472 ID: 028dcc

a then d, and if there's a pause, e
(I'm Burning Alive TM)
No. 720473 ID: 4201a2

D and B. Don't do E.
No. 720480 ID: 3f5166

A and D.
No. 720481 ID: 15dff5

d b e
No. 720483 ID: 2067a4

b d..... e

this is gay n i love it
No. 720493 ID: d32132

d, b, e
No. 720495 ID: ba9e25

No. 720498 ID: b46e4c

D then c and b
No. 720505 ID: 2c4dc5


I'm on fire holy fuck this is the best thing
No. 720510 ID: 7fbbbf

A and D, it's going to work, it has to ...but no harm in being safe
No. 720511 ID: 1cebc8

D. "Any sane woman would bring extra security when she plans to have a murder at her wedding."

Sachi will probably respond with something like "you've got too high a body count to be close to mimicking sanity", "Jolene. What you just described is not sane", at which point you say:

"Then insanity makes me even more cautious, because I know that I'm bearing my ass to the rest of the Universe's military. Willingly. Get me some guards before I screw myself over."
No. 720549 ID: 3adcf8

E. "Sachi please you know how much it would mean to me. I love a good audience"
No. 720634 ID: b46e4c

a b eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
No. 720638 ID: 61491a

D. You ARE just being cautious, right?
No. 720639 ID: 3d2d5f

No. 720761 ID: 88e50b

d, then b
No. 720998 ID: 15a025

C and E.
No. 722909 ID: 34dbe0
File 146312284578.png - (229.78KB , 700x600 , i85.png )

“I’m just being cautious, Sachi,” you murmur into the phone, soothingly. “Any sane woman would be, right?”

You can practically hear her rolling her eyes. “Oh, so you’re sane now?”

You laugh it off, and it’s reassuring when you get a small chuckle out of her, too. As your laugh dies out, you sigh, rolling your shoulders backwards. “Sachi,” you say, letting your voice drop to velvet, “you know I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Ha. Whatever innuendos you’re spinning are things you’d be happy to give me anyway.”

“I’ll give them to you harder if you help me.”

“Jojo,” she says, trying to be stern, but there’s still a laugh curling at the edges of her voice.

“Sachi,” you reply, your tone teasingly pushing back at hers. You pause, then say it again. “Sachi. Please.”
No. 722910 ID: 34dbe0
File 146312285784.png - (150.90KB , 700x600 , i86.png )

“Oh, don’t,” she snaps, and your stomach lurches immediately. It was a misstep. “Don’t fucking do that, Jolene. God. I’m not one of your fucking husbands, so don’t beg around me.”

You swallow. “Don’t be unreasonable, Sachi. You know that’s not what I-”

“You keep saying that I know things about you,” she laughs, steely. “That’s really fucking rich. What could I possibly know?
No. 722911 ID: 34dbe0
File 146312287032.png - (21.13KB , 700x600 , i87.png )

You don’t know what to say. She’s the only person who ever does that to you.

“I have things to do,” she says finally. Her voice is still heated. “I’m sure you’ll call me again when you want something.”

“Sachi -”

“Until then, enjoy playing with your toys. I’ll be happy to talk again when you realize I’m not one of them.”

When she hangs up, the sudden silence has an uncomfortable air of finality around it. You stare down at the darkened screen of your phone.

>A. Call her back. Try to patch things up.
>B. Give her some time to cool off. She gets like that sometimes.
>C. Text her an apology. She’ll reach out to you when she’s calmed down.
>D. Call/text someone else.
>E. Find Sloane.
>F. Something else?
No. 722913 ID: 43a5b9

C and F: slowly sweep the shattered remnants of ur heart off the floor (have a drink)
No. 722915 ID: 2067a4

Oh nooooooo

anyway, give her a moment to cool off, then call back with an apology. Tbh she does kinda have a point, I guess?? So really thinking it over is a good idea. Maybe you can go find sloane while you're waiting for a good moment to call?
No. 722918 ID: 4201a2

Saw that coming a mile away. Seriously, not everything revolves around us.

B, and ANYTHING other than A. She's obviously not going to pick it back up.
No. 722919 ID: bb78f2

D. Contact the Mortician, see if they have any fun knick knacks you might want that could be useful for the plan, or for a random, unrelated good time in between the plan and now.
F. Smoke Weed.
No. 722923 ID: bb78f2

Alternate F: Text her back "We're both toys who haven't played with each other in a while. You're the only one worth playing me, my sweet, wooden Gepetto. There's no puppet without its strings. I'd give you mine, and maybe you'd give me yours in return?"
No. 722924 ID: 568845

B and e dont seem so desperate
No. 722925 ID: 094652

C, E. Also, what's the basic plan for Rabies' execution? You KNOW he won't go down as easy as the first four, this guy also has his own murder technique and he's ITCHING for an excuse to use it on someone important.
No. 722926 ID: 0bae9e

>>722923 not this.
Text her an apology and find Sloane. She probably wont pick up if you call.
No. 722930 ID: 3adcf8

Give her some space both for her and so you can let your desperation calm down. Maybe send her text saying "I'm sorry I fell into such bad habits. I'll call you tomorrow" and go check on Sloane.
No. 722935 ID: a04f7a

E first to allow time for B. Then C. Don't bother calling again--showing her that things can happen on her terms is showing that you're not trying to box her in like you would with one of your husbands.
No. 722965 ID: 2d26c7

b and e. she won't like a call, and texting her to apologize immediately would be really forced and fake.

anyway, let's check on sloane. maybe ask about that boy.
No. 723039 ID: a8e933

C: "You might not know some things, but I want you to. Sorry Sachi." Or something along those lines whatever feels right.

Then E.
No. 723141 ID: fca52c

!!!! B, A then E
i wanna check up on the bby gurl
No. 723369 ID: 5edb49

E then B. Like others have said give her some space on her own terms. And might as well spend the time checking up on the girl!
No. 724333 ID: 88965b

C and F

Tell her youre sorry, and ask if she can meet with you for lunch/dinner/something somewhere. Give a place and a time. On you, obviously

She DID ask when she could see you again. why not meet up with her in person, thats the best way to really clear up misunderstandings...
No. 724352 ID: 34dbe0
File 146363426560.png - (107.20KB , 700x600 , i88.png )

There's no reason to agitate her any further. You check your phone one last time, sigh, and put it away. You'll send a text to apologize later, but for now it's probably best to let her cool off.

As you turn towards the stairwell, you catch a Doberman who's heading for the kitchen. "You. Where's my baby?"

"B'lieve she went to her room, Boss," he replies, dipping his head respectfully. "She's got a friend over, but that friend's bein' shown around the kitchen n' fed, on account of Your Bossness had company over."

You clap him once on the back. "Good boy. Get outta here."
No. 724353 ID: 34dbe0
File 146363428680.png - (174.74KB , 700x600 , i89.png )

The halls look better in red. Everything looks better after you've gotten your hands on it. It makes you snort to think that these halls used to all be bare metal, dented and rusting. It only took you a few months to twist enough arms and get this all done. Sure, you're living in an actual junkyard, but damn if you aren't going to do it in style. (And damn if you'd let your daughter live in a dump.)

Her door is ajar, and when she hears your heels click-clacking down the long hallway, she pokes her head out of the door.

"Ah, there you are!" She smiles at you. Your heart melts. "Mama, will you help me brush my hair?"

>A. "I'm sorry, babygirl, I don't have time right now. I was just checking on you."
>B. "You're getting a little old for that, honey."
>C. "Of course, sweetheart."
No. 724360 ID: a04f7a


fractal whys the doberman got a josuke haircut
No. 724361 ID: a307f1

The Answer Is C
No. 724363 ID: d11a67

C. Time for some mother-daughter bonding!
No. 724364 ID: e2422f

No. 724366 ID: 174f27

c!! can't say no to our baby
No. 724370 ID: 4d6146

say B,,,, but C
No. 724371 ID: ebe831

c?? obviously?? i love sloanes dynamic w jolene sm im tearing up
No. 724372 ID: 347df6

No. 724380 ID: 0543a8

c :3c
No. 724399 ID: 8111b6

c, but also mention b
No. 724400 ID: ea949d


During that, show interest in that friend of hers who's being fed.
No. 724409 ID: c7f326

there is honestly no other viable option other than c
No. 724420 ID: 048704

c... definitely c
No. 724421 ID: ba9e25

No. 724425 ID: f107e8

No. 724431 ID: 595d54

D. Cut it instead.
No. 724442 ID: ff0f9d

C!!!!! omggg
No. 724448 ID: 2c8ccb

She smiles at you. Your heart melts.
No. 724449 ID: 2c8ccb

why must you claw at my heart like this.... my goodness ....
No. 724491 ID: 98ff64

cant say no to our Baby
No. 724497 ID: 88e50b

c not even a question this has to happen
No. 724748 ID: f39783

C why is there even a vote we're not monsters
No. 724779 ID: 094652

no but we're still douchebags

No. 724833 ID: 34dbe0
File 146381480329.png - (148.59KB , 700x600 , i90.png )

"You're getting a little old for that, honey," you say, but you both know the protest is half-hearted. She beams at you, unconvinced, and you sigh and relent. "Oh, alright."

"Yay!" She immediately disappears back into her room. You follow her to find her already sitting at her vanity, eagerly flipping her hair back over her shoulder.

You're so much taller than her that it's easier for you to just sit down as well - Sloane has a second chair waiting by her vanity just for this, and you pull it over and settle into it. Her brush is boar bristle, silver-backed with mother of pearl inlaid on the handle - one you gave her for her birthday when she was ten. She cares for it obsessively and refuses to use anything else. The repeated glide of the bristles through her silky hair is just as soothing to you as it must be to her, and you start to hum as you brush, a smoky tune that riffs off the lounge music you used to sing when you were her age.

"I'm soooo tired," she says, leaning back against her chair. She hums contentedly as you smooth your free hand over her hair, keeping the strands in place after each stroke. "I was planning on staying up late tonight, too, but now I don't know..."

"I'll get the boys to make you some coffee, if you like," you offer. "There's nothing wrong with turning in early, though, either."

Sloane catches your eyes in the mirror and smiles again, her entire expression saturated with affection. "You're the best, mama." She closes her eyes again, folding her hands over her chest. "You seem kinda quiet tonight. Is there something you're thinking about?"

>A. Ask about Johnny.
>B. Ask about what you overheard with Johnny.
>C. Ask about what she wanted to ask you earlier.
>D. Ask about the friend she has over.
>E. Ask what she thought of Lowry.
>F. Ask what she thinks about the wedding.
>G. __________
No. 724839 ID: d11a67

C, and if the subject hasn't already been discussed, B!
No. 724841 ID: 43a5b9

No. 724842 ID: 7de580

Best leave a girl to her murders. D and E!
No. 724845 ID: 0543a8

No. 724850 ID: 094652

E, G) "Mama's little mass-murderer. You're going to surpass me at this rate, I didn't bludgeon a chubby brat into public defecating insanity until I was 21. I'm not sure about how to feel about indirect killing, but I'm sure you'll learn the craft."

You need to get on the same level as your daughter NOW, before your murderwhore tendencies tear you into enemies.
No. 724854 ID: 3c5d01

B - be sure to compliment her on her performance, encourage her to be careful about getting carried away though, current events are a good example why.
No. 724894 ID: 813bc6

b Are we sure we want her to end up like us? I mean aren't we kinda...crazy and such?
No. 724908 ID: 780fd5

d, is it ne? i swear if its ne..
No. 724919 ID: dee33c

c & f?
No. 724921 ID: 46bd57

c and e!! ahhhh
No. 724927 ID: f39783

B, c & f
No. 724931 ID: 0c7bf6

C, d and e!!
No. 724945 ID: fafe46

i dont think we want her to be like us, manipulating and callous
its a sad life, and we did this so she wouldnt have to, so shed have a good life, in luxury
No. 724972 ID: 3c5d01

yes but she's already learned things we've never taught her, from sheer example she already has guys wrapped around her little finger and enemies scared shitless.
not that those aren't good skills to have, just try and let her learn from our mistakes before she even has a chance to make them.
No. 724992 ID: a307f1

B and D!
No. 725004 ID: bb78f2

G] Do you want to do tequilla shots with Momma?
No. 725125 ID: 2f2120

in order of importance: C, D and/or E
No. 725199 ID: 4e5150

C, possibly also E and F?
No. 725667 ID: 2067a4

C and D. I'm not sure we want to do E right now.
No. 726870 ID: 15a025

C and F.
No. 727054 ID: 34dbe0
File 146474969104.png - (135.34KB , 700x600 , i91.png )

"Mm. I was thinking about dinner." You card long fingers through her hair, gently untangling a few stubborn knots with your shiny sharp nails. "I wondered what you thought of Miss Lewis."

"I think I liked her," Sloane responds, almost immediately. Her eyes are still closed. "You shouldn't trust her, though. No matter how useful she is."

You chuckle a little. There's something endearing about Sloane thinking she knows better than you. It's the kind of confidence you've always wanted to cultivate in her, and you're glad it's working. "Don't worry, babygirl. I don't."

"She was very... poised." Her voice drops a little. "Even when I ... lost my temper. I thought maybe she'd be a little scared. She didn't seem like it, though."

"She wasn't."

"That's good." Now that her hair is brushed out, you idly start braiding it, if only because the two of you aren't finished talking yet, and Sloane tilts her head back obligingly. "One day I wanna be as good at this as you are, Mama."

"What, at using people?" You chuckle softly. "If I get my way, sweet girl, you won't ever have to." You pause, reaching forward to smooth a few unruly strands into the plait. "Speaking of your arrival at dinner, by the way..."
No. 727055 ID: 34dbe0
File 146474970217.png - (82.99KB , 700x600 , i92.png )

She tenses, just a little - likely because she expects you to ask about Johnny. She's going to have to learn not to do that. And you do think about asking, just a little, but quickly decide to pass it over. "You said you wanted to ask me something?"

Sloane immediately relaxes. Another thing she's going to have to learn to curb. "Oh, that! I brought a friend home and wanted to ask if she could stay the night."

"Oh, someone did tell me that you had someone over. Who is it?"

"Her name is Gretchen Gott! Mutter found her earlier on his walk and she followed him back to the junkyard, and we got to talking and really hit it off. I think she's getting something to eat right now, but I'd love for you to meet her."

"She is, one of the boys told me." You're thinking a mile a minute. The name is familiar, but you're having trouble placing it. It isn't until your thoughts flicker back to the dinner again that it occurs to you. Gretchen Gott is a girl under Sukebun protection.

>A. "I'd love to, Sloane."
>B. "She can't stay here, Sloane."
>C. "She can't stay here unless I talk to the Oyabun, Sloane."
>D. "Does anyone else know she's here?"
>E. __________
No. 727059 ID: f39783

No. 727060 ID: 8f692c

e: make sure to keep her safe. it could cause serious problems if anything happens to her.
No. 727061 ID: a2227c

c. gives you an excuse to talk to sachi, too. text her the apology first, and then if she responds in a timely manner, ask about gretchen.

this too.
No. 727068 ID: 2edaad

A. i doubt the oyabun cares or knows about the girl with the amount of ppl under the sukebuns protection so you shouldnt waste ur time seeming so desperate ykno? Play a little hot and cold just make sure the girl doesnt get hurt and assign some extra protection for her. If she gets hurt this could make some big problems
No. 727070 ID: 0c7bf6

D, then C. The sukebun seem to care a lot about people under their protection, so make sure nothing happens to her.
No. 727074 ID: 0543a8

i dont trust sloane. dont tell her gretchen is important it gives her leverage against you. just say A and be casual
No. 727075 ID: 7d5dae

C sounds good because talking to sachi,, maybe D also
No. 727100 ID: 1b46c2

c & d. best to play it safe.
No. 727176 ID: 4e63fa

C and D. We don't want Saki to think that we have absolutely no respect for her business.
No. 727208 ID: cb40c6

the sweet eyeball has returned bless us

d first - make sure to like cover tracks in case of anything
then maybe c? idk there has to be respect for the business over personal feelings

and / or e: talk to gretchen, ask if she can report where she is?

i guess the biggest factor is that she is under the protection right? if you intend to cause her harm that would be REALLY stepping on toes, but this seems a little. gentle and docile so it might be okay
No. 727360 ID: 88965b

A, then E: "how did you two hit it off?" Just cause i wanna kno

should probably also tell sachi where she is, so she doesnt think its some weird move youre making. Might help build confidence if she knows its just your daughter having a girls night in and not you trying to make some sort of power play
No. 727368 ID: 094652

Free sniper.

No. 727714 ID: 2f2120

Keep Sloane in the dark about the Sukebun protection thing, settle the matters by yourself.
No. 729518 ID: 0820c7

I think we should tell our lil baby, then ask eyeball girl to report to the sukebun (she might be a bit upset though, after what happened before) so report to the oyabun too
No. 729519 ID: 0820c7

Sloane is becoming nore like you though
Its good to have her trust us in that sense?she even has her own agendas too so having communication with her is best •v•
No. 731601 ID: 4e5150

No. 732167 ID: 7d9f2e

...wait. when was Rabies getting back?

Rabies loves taking eyes.
Gretchen is a giant walking eyeball.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you might want to watch over her yourself so the Oyabun doesn't get pissed off
No. 732871 ID: 34dbe0
File 146732095277.png - (145.30KB , 700x600 , i93.png )

You tie her braid off and stand. "Does anyone else know she's here?"

Sloane's eyes follow you, curious. "Well... some of the boys, of course. Anyone who's on kitchen duty tonight. Mutter, and anyone else who's seen her while she's here."

Your instinct is not to tell her. Witholding information is the default, as far as you're concerned. But the widening gap between the two of you, especially lately, has been worrying, and if someone has to start rebuilding a bridge, it'll be you. You don't want her to think that she can't tell you things - or that you can't tell her things, either. "She's under Sukebun protection, babygirl. I can't have her staying here without the Oyabun knowing."

She looks unimpressed. "I doubt she has to call in her location any time she stays over with a friend, mama."

Frustration snaps up in you like a broken twig and you do your best to wrestle it down. "Sloane, you're smarter than that. You know there are circumstances. You are not separate from the Junkyard." Even against your best efforts your voice comes out edged and tense, and you feel guilty immediately. You inhale through your nose. Regroup. There's absolutely no reason to be sharp with her right now. "You know that the politics between us and the Sukebun are ... strained at best, right now. Don't ignore facts just to be smart with me."

Sloane leans back in her chair, petulantly rolling a tube of lipstick under her fingers. "Wasn't being smart with you." She pauses, considering something, then says, "If I'm not allowed to be separate from the Junkyard, when we're talking about the Sukebun, how come you get to be?" Your head snaps around. Her gaze on you is chillingly neutral. "I mean... are things between the Junkyard and the Sukebun strained? Or just between you and the Oyabun?”

And there it is again, the ghost of your own voice coming from her mouth - smooth, disconnected malice that isn't there for her own satisfaction, but for your own discomfort. You didn't teach her that. And you have no idea how she could know about what she's alluding to.

>A. Ignore it. "I have to go make a call."
>B. Ignore it. "I have to go wait for Rabies."
>C. "How do you know about that?"
>D. "I don't know what you're talking about."
>E. "You don't want to start a conversation about acting outside of the gang's best interests."
>F. __________
No. 732875 ID: dee33c

if were making a point of not closing her out, C
No. 732878 ID: e4f856

just because you succeeded in leading your toy to his death doesnt mean you want to have this kind of conversation with /me/, honey.
No. 732890 ID: 6257df

so maybe we taught sloane a little too well... doesn't mean it's not too late to change that. i'd go for something gentle and open, but i'd also mention that we know the truth about her actions surrounding the death of her boytoy. something maternal, honest, something to remind her we're on the same team here, honey, that she's all we've got and vice versa.
No. 732891 ID: c6e626


(and just because you didn't teach it to her doesn't mean she didn't learn it from you.)
No. 732892 ID: f39783

C. Let's not have animosity between us and our baby, now is a good a time as any to get mostly on the same page about things and our goals/motivations. foster a little mother/daughter trust.
No. 732902 ID: e2422f

C & E. on both i think it's best to come off as non-confrontational as possible. we're not here to start a fight, but we do need to be on the same page. if we want sloane to be open with us we have to be willing to be open with her as well - maybe offer some information about our relationship with the oyabun? nothing incriminating, but something to show sloane that we trust her and that she can talk to us
No. 732917 ID: 9fdb37


Ask Sloane why she is giving you this attitude. Should you be worried? Is she having some problems you missed to notice?

Is it youthful rebellion, a way to challenge your authority and set some new boundaries? If it is, talk it out with her. Maybe she needs to start having some responsibilities of her own to the gang through which she can actualise her own independence while still being within your motherly reach. But, do assert that there is no need for cheap blows between mother and daughter. You didn't raise her to be a bratty little bitch that chooses her targets poorly.
No. 732937 ID: 0543a8

i KNEW it sloane is too good. fuck off. c though, she already knows so no use trying to hide it
No. 733421 ID: db0da2

I think A, but whatever you do, remember to be filled with pride in your daughter.
No. 733978 ID: 8fe0b1

E then F with "sorry baby girl but i used to be hella gay and things got hella complicated" then call the oya bun and try to reignite a conversation uwu
No. 734023 ID: 7de580

F. Apologize for getting frustrated. Admit that she has a point, that it's fine having her stay over, except that it'd be really, really bad if anything happened to her, and the Oyabun may see it as a threat, which is not how we want to be seen.

A part of being honest with someone is acknowledging their needs. You need to be on good footing to negotiate with the Oyabun, but your daughter needs to be able to spend time with her friends. You can find a compromise if you're honest.
No. 734058 ID: 5a893f

F) the ouyabun and me a have a complex personal history, which allows for some risks and playing. Not to mention you suggested Lowry bring Suyabun protection so that knew things were likely going to go civil.

The sukebun have no connection to you, don't know you, and Gretchen Gott is unrelated to anything within the junkyard. Should word get out, the sukebun would throw their heads in the air trying to peace together why she would brazenly go into a rival gangs hq with an unknown agent of the junkyard, or what possibly could this unknown agent want with her.

With Lowry being publicly summoned to dinner, and her known associations combined with mine, the sukebun would be tense but they'd know a few things about why she's coming here. With Gretchen, they may have their hands forced into conflict with us, the junkyard, or both because this looks off as fuck from their perspective.
No. 734282 ID: 4c106e

No. 735732 ID: 675270

What dirtbag said ^^^
No. 735741 ID: 5a893f

After thinking about it further, I think your daughter wants to play with you like she thinks you play others, like a toy. She respects you, but she's too curious about what will happen if you fail or put into such a corner that a rat remains docile and accepts it's fate.
No. 736035 ID: 176d09

C for lack of anything better. Don't sound anything except impressed. She's forcing the gap between us open, C is surrendering to her when there shouldnt be a fight in the first place.
No. 736046 ID: db0da2

Whatever you do, don't forget to be proud of your daughter.
No. 736681 ID: 6257df

i think sloane's testing her powers. if we-- gently-- put her in her place, mention the johnny thing, making it clear she's not in trouble (this time) so she doesn't get defensive and decide to lash out, we can turn this into a bonding moment.

it really sounds like sloane's shaping up to be the wrench in the works of both lowry and jolene's plans, doesn't it.

No. 744344 ID: 03c8e7
File 147215680721.png - (417.80KB , 700x503 , i94.png )

updates will be traditional media and in black and white until i get some tablet issues sorted on my new computer. thank you for your patience!

You know how your own mother would have reacted to this kind of tested rebellion. You feel the ghost of your mother's hand in your own, feel her phantom limb raise -

You are not your mother. Sloane is not you. Your hand does not move.

"How do you know about that?" you say, and you keep your tone neutral, lightly impressed. Sloane shrugs and pushes back against her chair.

"A lady doesn't reveal her sources," she says - again your own words, echoed back at you. "None of the boys, though, if that's what you're worried about. If you have things you don't want me to know, I'm not going to use them to eavesdrop." She turns in her chair, eyes lidded with a danger you recognize. "Now there are things only you and I know. And nobody else. But that's the problem, mama. There are things those dogs know that I don't, aren't there? We don't even know them. We don't know them and you trust them with things you don't trust me with."

Your answer is immediate. "I don't want you involved in gang affairs if you don't have to be."
No. 744345 ID: 03c8e7
File 147215683128.png - (366.53KB , 700x535 , i95.png )

"Mama. You rule the gang. I'm your daughter. I'm involved - you said so yourself." She stands, crosses to you. "I want to be. Especially because I'm scared for you."

"There's no reason to be," you say, soothingly. You pet her hair. Her expression doesn't change.

"That's the problem, Mama. You think you're invincible."

"I don't think that. I plan the way I do because I know I'm not."

"That's what I'm talking about. Right there. You think you're invincible because you have a plan." She takes your hand away from her hair, holds it loosely between you. "Sometimes a plan isn't enough. You have blind spots, mama, you set up a plan and then you leave it. And you're so fixated on protecting me that you don't think about protecting yourself."

Her teeth bare, just a little. It's unconscious. You need, desperately, to teach her to control her expressions. "I'm protecting you, too, mama. If anyone tries to hurt you - if anyone gets close - I'm going to fucking kill them. You have to give me enough space to let me do that."

Your heart is swelling with pride. It's so intense, so overwhelming, that it's almost painful - you feel that you'll split open, you feel that you'll spill onto the floor. You almost want to cry. Your daughter is the only one, the only person on the planet, that can make you feel that way.

No. 744348 ID: a8d16c

Well. She is just you, isn't she?
Unfortunately, we all know how you acted at that age. What is the possibility that she is feeding you misinformation in order to get you to think that she cares about you?

Let her have her space, and let her have her power. If you do not, it is likely that she will make an attempt to gain that power by herself, and that will put both of you in danger.
Make sure she can not compromise your current plan, though. We do not know her intentions in full, so play it a little safe while also letting her feel trusted as an adult.
No. 744358 ID: fd694f

You're contradicting yourself in your hopes for your daughter..... on one hand, you *say* you're doing all this so she won't have to, but you keep thinking how she needs to learn / you need to teach her to control her facial expressions, hide her emotions, not show when she's tense etc.
but if she's going to have a good life that you're providing her, the goal should be that she doesn't have to be so guarded (to put it politely. less politely: manipulative, fake) in the first place.

it's hell. its exhausting to be that way all the time, to have literally no one where you can let your guard down, and it's messing with all of your relationships, making it hard to impossible to find closeness. Do you really want that for your daughter?
No. 744371 ID: 50880e

Hug this wonder that is your flesh and blood, let her know just how proud you are of her.

Give her some freedom to act, perhaps even collaborate to some extent (she thinks you have blindspots without even knowing what the plans ARE) to ensure neither of you unknowingly interferes with the other. Let her know about her expressions.

But most importantly; try to have her understand that you don't want her playing this game forever, that you want something pure and genuine for her future, something like what you have between yourselves now, but lasting and unafraid of it being taken away if she missteps.

I can't put into words how I wish to have this work out for them
No. 744480 ID: 79158d

Well of course, because if it fails we have dead dogmom, possibly dead rabbit lesbians, and even a chance of dead catbitch
No. 744486 ID: 01f08c

Oh jesus how can I hold all these feels
No. 744503 ID: b2d501

Begin anime-mother sobbing and hug Sloane to your breasts while shouting/crying how badass your daughter is.

No. 747046 ID: 03c8e7
File 147336286094.png - (343.59KB , 700x491 , i96.png )

You pull her into your arms. She sniffles, just once, against your shoulder, and you decide that for now you can let it go.

“Okay,” you say, finally, when the two of you pull apart. “Okay, sweetheart. I might not want you doing this forever, but … as long as you’re here. I’ll trust you. Okay?”

She nods, tight-lipped, her eyelids fluttering, and you cup her face gently.

“We can start talking about things for you to do around the junkyard. I’ll tell you about the things I have planned.” You rub your thumb over her cheekbone, and she nods a little harder, blinking rapidly. “I love you, babygirl. I didn’t mean to make you feel patronized. I just want you to be safe. So let’s do this together, okay?”

“Yeah.” She looks up, finally, and gives you a tiny smile. “I love you too, mama.”
You pat her on the shoulder and step away. “Tell me, next time something bothers you, alright?”

“I will.”

“Good girl. Now, mama has some other things to take care of tonight - but if you need anything, send one of the boys to get me.” You pause at her bedroom door. “I love you,” you say again, “and I’m so proud of you.”

This time her smile is nice and big - she beams. “Good night, mama.”
No. 747047 ID: 03c8e7
File 147336287806.png - (265.76KB , 700x478 , i97.png )

You step into the hallway. On your way back to the staircase, you catch sight of the girl - Gretchen Gott, Sachi’s ward, your daughter’s new friend. She stumbles when she sees you, frail and nervous.

“Oh … hello …” Her voice is subdued and watery. “Um! You must be Sloane’s mom.”

>A. “Did you eat well?”
>B. “Do you need anything?”
>C. “Do the Sukebun know where you are?”
>D. “Sloane’s bedroom is down the hall here.”
>E. Ignore her
No. 747051 ID: 094652

D, C.
No. 747054 ID: 881425

A and D
Just play the pleasant host. No need to spook her or Sloane by getting too involved in her stay, we'll get the details later no doubt.
No. 747062 ID: e6dceb

No. 747093 ID: 2c75f0

d c
No. 747096 ID: 28ff5a

A,B,C,D in that order. We will be a gracious host.
No. 747131 ID: fb1c7d

We are the hostess with the mostess. We can deal with any problems that this may bring and playing as the nice host might help alleviate some of them.
No. 747209 ID: 5dffa0

A, D, C.

For the first two, be as homely (in the British sense of the word) to her as you can be. For the last one, serious the fuck up.
No. 754658 ID: b68e42

No. 754877 ID: 8111b6

some variation of abcd. Treating her well might get back to the Sukebun and smooth things over a little.

She's probably a ditz that needs things to be laid out bluntly for any understanding to get through.
No. 754882 ID: 52d0bb

What this guy said. Your top priority should be to cement your bond with Sloane. She is your daughter and therefore can be assumed to have an agenda. You should consult her before trying to hijack it.
No. 761406 ID: 6ee077

jolyne, you need to be really really careful right now. if someone in your organization wants to overthrow you and that person has influence over sloane in any way, they could be luring gretchen here to kill her knowing it'll make you look bad and possibly even get you killed too. even if you trust sloane, somebody could be manipulating her without telling her the significance of what she's doing. she's smart, but we all have our blind spots - and speaking of blind spots, gretchen is a very unassuming person, but people who look innocent and weak are often in actuality just great actors. she could be here to do something you don't want her to do.

you don't want to leave gretchen alone with anyone else, and preferably you don't want to be alone WITH gretchen either - though it doesn't seem like just being alone with her is that risky at this moment, because you're alone with her now and she's not trying anything against you. Go for A and B, and see if you can intercept Gretchen and take her to the kitchen or something. if not, then C, and contact the oyabun right away no matter what she says. do not show her to sloane's room.
No. 786629 ID: 696f7c
File 148925045047.png - (148.32KB , 700x600 , IMG_5334.png )

"Yes. Mz. Jolyne Drool. Soon to be Mrs. Rex." You fold your hands, tuck your long nails under, make yourself soft and inviting. "Did you eat well?"

"Ah - ah, well - ah." Gretchen flounders wetly. You control the impatient tick in your jaw. "They, uh, they, when I got here they automatically took me to the kitchen to feed me, but, uh -" Her pupil contracts, her voice dipping into an apologetic register. "I'm an eyeball."


"Yeah, so, uh, it - it didn't really -" She gestures limply. "But, uh! It was very - it looked like it must have been good. For people with mouths."

"I see," you say - not wryly, but she lets out a hysterical giggle anyway, and you can't help but release a little amused exhale when you retroactively notice the pun yourself. "Well, Sloane's room is just down the hall here."
No. 786630 ID: 696f7c
File 148925047691.png - (115.21KB , 700x600 , IMG_5335.png )

"Ooh, thank you." You think she's smiling. Probably. Maybe? It's just the atmosphere she's exuding. "And, um, thank you for letting me stay over, and everything. I, um." She twists her fingers together. "I don't, um. Have many friends. So -"

Christ. You don't want her whole backstory. You smile, indulgently, and cut in as gently as you can. "Sloane will be a lovely friend. Girls should stick together."

"Oh. Oh, yes, I think so too. Um. Good night, Mz. Drool."


She stops halfway down the hallway, frozen, the second you say it. Like a soldier told to halt.

You keep your voice soft, but the cloying hostess act is no longer necessary. "Do the Sukebun know you're here."

You hear a faint, wet noise - Blinking? Swallowing? - and the creak of the floorboards as she shifts her weight. "No."

>A. "Call them and let them know."
>B. "I'll call them and let them know."
>C. "Alright. Good night."
>D. "What are you thinking."
No. 786632 ID: 7b7ab3

A. Take responsibility for your actions, Gretchen.
No. 786634 ID: 90f3c0

D, A
No. 786637 ID: 199dd3

No. 786638 ID: 242b80

C. She came here from her own decision, just make sure she stays safe. She's the one who came onto your terrotory and you're the ones who treated her well. It's true that's it's more complex than that but even though the relationship with the sukebun is very strained it's not unreasonable.
No. 786639 ID: 03051c

D, B
No. 786648 ID: 0543a8

c. nothing to worry about if nothing happens to her. you're in charge here, so that shouldn't be hard. it shouldn't be a problem.
No. 786662 ID: 094652

D, but be gentle about it. Get her to explain what happened. Also, record the conversation and send it to the Sukebun. They'll be more tolerant of a video recording in their expensive television set than someone who seems to be making excuses.
No. 786664 ID: 0b99d7

C, it's not on you to deal with her obligations, you've played nice, Sloane is playing nice as far as we know, trust them both to do right.
No. 786754 ID: 15a025

No. 786854 ID: 5cdf3a

D, A.
No. 787215 ID: 1c69a5

No. 787991 ID: 7ea33e

D, A
No. 790935 ID: 218f17
File 149064844350.png - (109.76KB , 700x600 , i100.png )

"Oh, what are you thinking." You manage to keep it gentle. There's no point in berating her.

"Um," she says, "in my defense-" - and you cringe internally, because you hate that phrase - "- I didn't know she was the daughter of a gang leader when I agreed to come over?"

Well, alright. You have to admit that's reasonable. "Well, call them and tell them where you are. It would cause problems for me if it seemed like I was keeping it from them."

"Oh! Oh. I - Oh no. I didn't think of that. I - I'm sorry."

"You're fine, sweetheart." You allow yourself one glance over your shoulder, try to toss her something soft and indulgent. "As long as it gets done. Have fun, alright?"
No. 790936 ID: 218f17
File 149064845692.png - (105.42KB , 700x600 , i101.png )

And that's that. Rabies should be home soon. You continue down the hallway, towards your own room, and halfway there your phone rings.

>A. Pick up.
>B. Let it ring to voicemail.
>C. Hang up; text "Can't talk now."
>D. __________
No. 790940 ID: 458820

No. 790943 ID: 114739

Mix of B and C. Let it ring to voicemail, listen, and text or call back if it's important.
No. 790944 ID: a0ab09

No. 790945 ID: 9bdd95

No. 790947 ID: 2d26c7

a. may as well see what the little asshole wants. we were sniffing out his apartment anyway
No. 790950 ID: e4873e

A. might as well not put it off for later?
No. 790959 ID: 4e7a79

A, but don't speak first
No. 790979 ID: 96af5c

No. 790981 ID: 85cc2c

a, but let him talk first
No. 791021 ID: 218f17
File 149066792246.png - (156.65KB , 700x600 , i102.png )

You don't intend to speak first, but he doesn't give you a chance anyway.

"Hey Jojo. Hey. Hi. Sup. Listen, I just - listen, listen. Just wanna know. Just wondering - I, you know, I just have one question. Yeah? Just one question." His voice is fast, frantic, nasal. "What the fuck. Yeah? That's all I wanna know. I just, you know, I'm wondering, I wanna know, if maybe you could take a minute and explain to me the precise nature of the fuck."

No. 791028 ID: 716256

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

Say it in a calm, relaxed manner, as if someone just asked "Did you eat that last slice of cake?"
No. 791030 ID: d102c0

Boy you high as fuck.
No. 791063 ID: bb78f2

It got me a meeting with someone I've wanted to meet for a while AND put me in an advantageous position over the Sukebun. I profited from this result. Wasn't gonna happen any other way sweetie.
No. 791107 ID: fc2586

Could you run that by me again, using your big boy words?
No. 791127 ID: 71f631

ne, you knew there was danger when you agreed to be a pawn. you got paid - nobody promised you'd be safe.
No. 791230 ID: 5cdf3a

Remind the bitch who you are.
No. 791271 ID: 52b8df

Oh my god
Hey, he could be still valuable.
No. 792593 ID: 15a025

Just ask the question before we hang up.
No. 802248 ID: 3e5bf0

oh, well this is just adorable. this little vermin thinks he's owed an explanation? from ME? laugh harder than you have in years- this is fucking rich.
No. 821590 ID: 160092
File 150240441932.png - (167.66KB , 700x600 , i103.png )

>Remind the bitch who you are.

Your laugh starts low in your throat, all growl and broken glass, by by the time it reaches a full roar it's so loud that you can't even hear him trying to cut in. It echoes off the walls of the hallway, off the high vaulted warehouse ceilings. It drowns out the worried whines of the guards posted at the stairwell, the constant creaking of the cranes outside the tall, small-paneled windows.

You don't come down until you're good and ready. The other end of the line is stony silence. You wipe your eyes, with a sigh that you hope perfectly evokes the gesture. "Oh, Ne," you say, "who the fuck do you think you are."

"No, actually," you cut in, before he can respond, "more importantly, who do you think I am. Hm? Am I your babysitter?"

He finally gets a word in edgewise. "You set the fucking Sukebun on me-"

You don't let him speak long, but it's not your fault. You can't help the bark of laughter his bullshit conjures up. "Me? I didn't fucking do anything. I bought a gun from you, and you gave it to the wrong person, because you're a stupid little piece of shit who can't do anything right. You're calling me to whine about the domino effect of one of your own fuckups?"

"As if you didn't orchestrate it all," he hisses back. "As if it's a COINCIDENCE that you had that hairless bitch over to your place the night after -"

"Ooh, careful, Ne. I've started to like her better than you, honestly." Your acrylics need filled. You'll call your nail stylist tomorrow. "Keep yourself useful, Ne, and don't get full of yourself, or I might throw you away."

>A. Keep control of the entire situation. Hang up on him.
>B. See what he has to say in reply.
No. 821593 ID: a307f1

you really should hang up on him, but I kinda wanna laugh at him some more. so B
No. 821604 ID: 7b7ab3

Control is everything.
No. 821631 ID: 88d6d0

hang up on him before he opens his big dumb mouth again. everything that boy has to say is bad news
No. 821643 ID: 7b8056

Hang up on him now. Have him killed right away before he becomes a bigger problem. Since when have you hesitated to murder a man?

If you let him think he is safe "for the time being", you are giving him a free pass to make another mistake. Have someone give him a boiling oil enema and be done with him for good.
No. 821668 ID: 4ac793

hang up, he's wasted enough of your time
No. 821769 ID: 36de2e

A. Just hang up.
No. 822082 ID: 4458f2

No. 822193 ID: 090d51

b. maybe he has something to say that isn't whining
No. 822306 ID: 15a025

No. 896402 ID: 270774
File 153372807208.png - (198.65KB , 700x600 , i104.png )

Your thumb is on the disconnect button before the first syllable of whatever shit Ne is howling crosses the line. It might be a mistake, you think, idly. Ne isn’t to be underestimated. But neither are you, fucking frankly, and you didn’t get that way by letting men yell at you. Whatever he cooks up in response to this, you’ll deal with, and you’ll deal with it easily if you can pull off this alliance with the Sukebun.

Rabies is going to be home soon.

>A. Get into your nightclothes and wait for him.
>B. Go to sleep. You’ll talk in the morning.
>C. Go out. You’re not in the mood to see him right now.
No. 896403 ID: 90f3c0

A: You shouldn't leave him on his own for too long.
No. 896405 ID: 9b52ce

No. 896407 ID: 587bce

C is the most Jolene-like, but . . . I want to finally see Rabies so I'm voting A.
No. 896410 ID: 91ee5f

No. 896415 ID: 03051c

No. 896418 ID: 202867

A and make sure you have a loyal gunner at the ready - for all you know, Rabies might want to murder you as much as you want to murder him. Only sooner. Because he's an idiot.
No. 896420 ID: dbc4ac

c! your day is going good, so don't let him ruin it
No. 896425 ID: 3740b1

A for the A.
No. 896431 ID: d887c0

You don't have to put up with any more crap tonight. Pull a C and have a night to yourself. Find a place with people who aren't a bunch of hoods and gangsters. Relax a little.
No. 896439 ID: bb78f2

A only if Rabies is only good at giving the D. If not, C and... eh, we'll have fun some other way.
No. 896469 ID: b3841d

A — but make sure you’re ready for any of his moods and his suspicions over who’s really running the junkyard now
No. 896474 ID: 62c2d6

No. 896702 ID: 21b3b1

A. Don't chance a fuckup with the eyeball in the house, not with things with the oyabun stressed as they are.
No. 896833 ID: 15a025

No. 896998 ID: 33cbe7

B. Avoid the temptation to just kill him ahead of schedule.
No. 897027 ID: 644ad1

No. 897067 ID: 3062f7

No. 897222 ID: 270774
File 153430679746.png - (230.37KB , 700x600 , i105.png )

You think about going out. You really do. The night has gone swimmingly so far, and the idea of ending on a sour note - or even a boring one - is unappealing. But when plans are going so well, the absolute worst thing to do is to relax. You know that well. Rabies can’t be left unattended.

You think about him as you undress and dress again. It must seem ridiculous, to reapply makeup before bed, but your mother always told you that presentation is everything. A husband returning is like curtains opening on a stage - everything must be set, lights and greasepaint, and the backstage carefully hidden away in shadow. This, you know well, too.

Your mother taught you many things, and you disliked a lot of it. Your mind wanders.
No. 897223 ID: 270774
File 153430681443.png - (163.70KB , 700x600 , i106.png )

You’d stayed home from school to cry the day away. Another breakup, this one even more bitter than the last. Part of the anger and hurt was the bewilderment, because as you lay on your bed, biting your nails and weeping, you found that nothing you were feeling was heartbreak. It was only bitterness, bitterness, bitterness, a feeling of defeat and humiliation - like you’d lost some kind of game in front of everyone. But when you think of the boy - well. You haven’t thought of the boy. You’ve thought only of your own failures, reviewed and rehashed every step you made, wondered where you could have gone so wrong that your constructed allure couldn’t hold up to daily wear and tear.

You realize as you soak the pillow that you’ve never particularly liked any of these boys. It’s not balm. It makes you unable to understand why, then, you feel so stricken every time this happens - why the embarrassment and the rage is so potent. It doesn’t make any sense, and you hate problems that you can’t solve.

Any time your friends pored over the pages of the yearbook, picking their next prey, comparing hairstyles and muzzle lines, you always felt like you were doing it wrong. Their racing hearts and shrill giggles were never something you could replicate, at least not genuinely. You always just asked the boy’s heights. At seventeen you’re already approaching six foot, and you quietly crossed out anyone who would look absurd walking next to you. The pool was small, but it made success more satisfying.
No. 897224 ID: 270774
File 153430683197.png - (148.35KB , 700x600 , i107.png )

Your mother enters the room. She never asks. She doesn’t have to. She’s your mother. “Are you done yet? Come on, now, Jolene, he wasn’t that much to begin with. You could do better.”

You sit up. The hand dragged across your eyes brings a streak of makeup with it. “I know I could do better.” Your voice is brittle. “That’s why it hurts. He wasn’t even good enough for me, so how could he?” Something’s seizing your chest, and again, it’s nothing to do with him. It feels like the shock of being plunged into cold water. You’re realizing something. “I didn’t even like him. I never like them.”
“Well,” starts your mother, but you cut her off.

“I don’t think I like men.” The air in your room feels so cold. “At all. I think - Mama, I think I like -”
No. 897225 ID: 270774
File 153430684420.png - (66.41KB , 700x600 , i108.png )

Your mother’s mouth is a red gash. “Jolene.”

You don’t look at her. You can’t. She’s your mother.

“I think you’re just a little frustrated with boys right now.”
No. 897226 ID: 270774
File 153430685679.png - (156.30KB , 700x600 , i109.png )

You think about Rabies. You feel the same thing you do about every man you’ve ever loved - pity, and vague annoyance. It’s nothing to do with the fact that you intend to kill him. You always separate your career and your personal life - you pride yourself on it. You’re just a little frustrated with him right now.

“Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” - another piece of ancestral wisdom.
No. 897227 ID: 270774
File 153430687015.png - (179.31KB , 700x600 , i110.png )

He gets home loud and rowdy and awful as always, setting all the boys downstairs howling and baying. You listen for his footfalls, for metal stairs creaking under heavy steps.

And there he is. Your man.

“Hey, sugar,” says Rabies. His mouth drips. You smile. “Whatcha been up to all day, huh?”

>A. Be coy. “I had some girlfriends over for dinner to catch up. It was so nice to see them!”
>B. Be flattering. “I just waited for you, honey.”
>C. Be matter-of-fact. “I attended to some business relationships.”
>D. Be nurturing. “I had a large dinner made, and there should be plenty of leftovers for you. Sloane has a friend over, and they’ll be up late.”
>E. Be provocative. “I saw Lowry Lewis.”
No. 897228 ID: 270774

i've started up a fresh, more up-to-date disthread! if you want to discuss acid soup, go to this one, not the one linked in the first post of this thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
No. 897229 ID: 8b438a

a, may as well tell him what happened
No. 897230 ID: e372f2

No. 897235 ID: 5ee468

No. 897236 ID: 5402ba

a! please don't provoke him on purpose, we know what he's like
No. 897240 ID: 094652

E, "and now she's a lazy 8!+(#-ass. I'm impressed, can I write a book on how you broke your ex-girlfriends? I want to lord it over them when we tie the knot."
No. 897247 ID: 6245ba

No. 897249 ID: a94e23

A and D
Under no circumstances should we agitate him. We want him to be predictable for what we’re planning.
No. 897264 ID: 0a0bd6

If we say D, I really don't think we should mention Gretchen being here. Cut that part out.
No. 897265 ID: 914f96

A + D... be Careful jolyne, this guy took your eyes
No. 897333 ID: b80b5a

A + D but don't mention Sloane's friend, perhaps mention that she got a little worked up at dinner and needs her rest instead.
No. 897352 ID: 194b7a

C, D
No. 897392 ID: a62780

A and D seem like the best way to go for now.
No. 897519 ID: bf1602

something between A and C. a work dinner, that sort of tone
No. 897823 ID: 15a025

No. 897925 ID: 33cbe7

A & D. Now's a good time to see if he appreciates subtlety.
No. 898894 ID: 270774
File 153515914753.png - (61.26KB , 700x600 , i111.png )

“I had some girlfriends over for dinner,” you tell him, sweet and easy. He doesn’t care about shit like this, so it’s always safe. “It was so nice to do some catching up with them.”

He’s stripping off his vest and shirt, and they both go on the floor. There’s a noncommittal grunt, somewhere deep in his throat.

“I had a large dinner made, since we had company, and so there should be plenty of leftovers for you,” you add. That’s something more on his radar. “Should I have someone heat something up, darling?”

“I’m good, baby.” He turns his head over his shoulder, and in the dim light of the bedroom you can see that his mouth is dripping with blood, not slaver. “I ate while me and the boys were out.” He wipes his jaw on the back of his hand, then wipes his hand on the bedsheets, and you smile.
No. 898895 ID: 270774
File 153515916827.png - (57.15KB , 700x600 , i112.png )

You keep smiling as you cross the room to him, and when he takes you in his arms you smile over his shoulder, out at the wall of windows that spans one plane of your bedroom, where it opens out into dark dusky air and smokestacks and oily lights that shift and grind into new positions every night, dragging rubble and screeching metal along the ground, a groaning screaming orchestra that lasts all the way through til morning. Right now, he’s standing between you and all of that, a warm and solid obstacle, one you can sink your nails into.

Whatever he’s saying into your ear right now is unimportant to you, just as much as any lies you could spin up would mean nothing to him. What you’re thinking about now is time.
No. 898896 ID: 270774
File 153515918719.png - (146.76KB , 700x600 , i113.png )

It’ll move so quickly. A skyscraper downtown creaks and tilts sideways - you hold your breath, waiting for it to collapse onto its side, but it doesn’t. Not yet. Not tonight.

No. 898899 ID: 270774

chapter 3: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/898897.html
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