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File 146095102853.png - (56.44KB , 700x600 , 1.png )
717490 No. 717490 ID: 34dbe0

my netx one of these was supposed to be fighting buckwheat at olive garden but idk if buckwheat is even around right now.

what do i do in this olive garden parking lot while waiting for buckwheat to show up
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No. 717491 ID: 805a3e

steal a car. are there cars here
No. 717492 ID: 0e0303

avenge me
No. 717493 ID: b1b975

beat up the next middle aged white person that walks into the parking lot to warm up
No. 717494 ID: 329fef

>Steal Breadsticks
No. 717495 ID: 9ba9d8

Fight everyone else.
No. 717496 ID: 35dcbd

what would chrom do
No. 717497 ID: 02422f

Lay traps so you'll have the edge when buckwheat appears.
No. 717499 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095158498.png - (80.75KB , 700x600 , 2.png )

>steak a car
i dont have a drivers license. im 22 years old and i dont know how to drive. that makes this the best plan

> fight everyone else
> beat up a white guy
I HAVE ot practice. i have to have the edge. i see a guy and im like HEY im going to steal your car. im going to beat you up so i can steal your car

why would you do that says the guy. im just meeting up with my family for my grandmother's birthday dinner, at olive garden, he says. cant i just go inside
No. 717500 ID: 5aab0f

Bait cunning traps with irresistible breadsticks.
No. 717501 ID: 805a3e

i hear olive garden does 2-for-1s birthday funeral combo events. you'd be saving money, here
No. 717502 ID: 5ad4a7

Offer five bux for the beatdown.
No. 717503 ID: 4e5150

let him go inside but only if he agrees 2 brings out his family 4 u 2 fight all of them at once
No. 717504 ID: b17b81

yes, but he has to give you *all* his breadsticks in return. Little does he know that they are limitless.
No. 717505 ID: 2b8bc1

Do you have the capacity to start a fire?
No. 717507 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095199945.png - (69.61KB , 700x600 , 3.png )

i say will you fight me for five dollars

the guy says no

i say will you fight me for all the breadsticks you get

he says why would i pay breadsticks to fight i dont want to fight

i say oh oops i meant to say i'll let you not fight for all the breadsticks you get

he says its unlimited breadsticks id be bound in servitude to dyou indefinitely

i say oh

them i say ok i'll let you not fight if you go get your family and i can fight your whole family

he says again why would i do that. thats a horrible trade. whats wrong with you

this isnt working and buckwheat stilll isnt here
No. 717508 ID: 4e5150

go in and steal some food from the guys table. eat while u wait for buckwheat (whos buckwheat??)
No. 717509 ID: 805a3e

fight the darkness inside your heart
No. 717510 ID: 34dbe0

http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/700750.html buckwheat. he betrayed me ion my last one night only inotoxicated quest. now he has to die
No. 717511 ID: 96aae7

fight the guy anyway fight him and Take His Breadsticks
No. 717512 ID: 348ca9

if you cant fight the man fight the entirety of olive garden
No. 717513 ID: 4e5150

ok still get some food for Energy 2 murder buckwheat plus then if he gets hungry hell have 2 yake a break but u wont
No. 717514 ID: b1b975

what olive garden are you at
No. 717518 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095287075.png - (55.50KB , 700x600 , 4.png )

guy give me some of the food from inside i say

he says what

i say guy i need to eat food so i can get good for a fight let me have some of your food. take me in the olive garden and give me food

he says okay honesly what is going on please leave me alone and take your sjw hair with you
No. 717519 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095290030.png - (532.45KB , 700x720 , 5.png )

No. 717520 ID: 4e5150

dagn now u gotta fight him just deck him right in his yuck ass fac e-_- then eat all his food n take his granny outside 2 wait 4 buckwheat w u -_-
No. 717521 ID: 348ca9

eat him for energy. in fact eat all of olive garden. multi vore
No. 717522 ID: b1b975

No. 717524 ID: 805a3e

summon stand [PWR BTTM]
No. 717528 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095367634.png - (118.58KB , 700x600 , 6.png )

I SUMMON MY STAND, PWR BTTM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgS4lRjFhUg
No. 717529 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095369034.png - (109.74KB , 700x600 , 7.png )

No. 717530 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095372555.png - (42.98KB , 700x600 , 8.png )

ok now hes dead. by the way i have this shirt irl and im weairing it right now

... what now
No. 717531 ID: 96aae7

impersonate him to get into the olive garden and get a free dinner!!
No. 717533 ID: a307f1

go oin as him. kiss his grandma on the cheek. eat her bread sticks
No. 717536 ID: f461c5

Buckwheat cant eat normal food, you must bait the with breadsticks and mild pasta. Like no sauce, or just garlic butter.
No. 717537 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095417809.png - (187.17KB , 700x600 , 9.png )

i made this instead of waiting for suggestiosn
No. 717538 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095450040.png - (53.34KB , 700x600 , 10.png )

okay fine i go in and im like hi grandma happy birthday (i didnt feel like drawing an old woman)

wheres marcus says the old lady

i pushe everyone elses food off the table and i eat all the breadsticks. ok
No. 717540 ID: b1b975

go back out what if you miss buckwheat
No. 717541 ID: a307f1

why did you draw his grandma as a ghost thats fucked up. she is still alive. unless you kill her too
No. 717542 ID: 4e5150

probably maybe apologize 2 the servers or whoever has 2 clean :'(( then fight more customers but outside so u dont make a mess,,,, also wheres buckwheat
No. 717543 ID: 02422f

I killed Marcus, now I am Marcus.
No. 717553 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095657534.png - (122.96KB , 700x600 , vromkun.png )

i got bored in record time. i'll pick this up another time
No. 717557 ID: 34dbe0
File 146095708489.png - (237.98KB , 700x600 , vromkun2.png )

wait okay wait. now im done
No. 717560 ID: 2a2f8a

look just like me
No. 717565 ID: 35151f

can confirm, brom is exactly this anime
No. 717567 ID: defceb

It's 100% true. He even has the bubble background.
No. 717592 ID: 3641d4

Buckwheat betrays FRACTAL again and doesn't even show up. What a fucking dick.
No. 717606 ID: b17b81

Yeah, we should all kick the shit out of him. Dude has no honor.
No. 717613 ID: cd90cb

Demand he pay the bill for all this shit too.
No. 717616 ID: 15a025
File 146100742360.jpg - (83.62KB , 590x365 , apology gift.jpg )

Sorry I'm late to the beat down FRACTAL! A...as.a token of my apologies take this these freshly made OLIVE GARDEN BRAND BREAD-STICKS. So uh...parking lot beat down now?
No. 717972 ID: cd90cb

Did you even try?
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