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File 145770814594.png - (2.13KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
708270 No. 708270 ID: 32d627

there is a large VOID here, ripe with creative potential. the void beckons you to engage it- somehow, as a distant, collective consciousness you know two things.

your TCP LIMIT is 1

you can CREATE a TINY CAT PERSON by presenting the void with a WORD. any noun will do.
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No. 708271 ID: 2e3855

So we just need to pick a noun? How about 'Cactus'?
No. 708272 ID: a79844

No. 708273 ID: 665ed8

Von Neuman as in https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-replicating_spacecraft#Von_Neumann_probes
No. 708274 ID: 32d627
File 145771054887.png - (6.78KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

the void CREATES a TENT TCP.
it studies its surroundings cautiously, not that there's anything to see. the tent tcp seems rather content, even with the void having nothing to offer at the moment.

you will need to NAME the tiny cat person before you are able to INFLUENCE it directly.
No. 708277 ID: 665ed8

No. 708278 ID: 32d627
File 145771227809.png - (7.72KB , 500x500 , 3.png )


primus doesn't seem to think much of its new name- names don't have too much meaning to tiny cat people. it does react when a piece of paper pops into existence- a NOTE CREATED by the void.

primus doesn't care too much for the writing on it, choosing instead to paw and bat at the piece of paper, making sharp whistling sounds when it moves.

the note feels very important, and it reads:

GIVE- sharing gifts makes the kitties happy and well! anything can be a gift.
CREATE- the void is pretty but has full of nothing! kitties can't walk or play on nothing.
NAME- naming kitties makes them unique and special! they like two syllables best.
TEACH- kitties have nothing but fluff in their heads! teaching things will make them skilled and strong.
CHECK- checking kitties is a good way to make sure everything's okay! sometimes they have secrets.
SPAWN: if you already have a kitty, you'll need more to keep them company! spawning with words helps you make more, but only if the limit says it's ok.
KILL: sometimes kitties aren't nice to eachother, or go bad along the way. this helps you keep things friendly!
No. 708280 ID: f461c5

Check Primus. Lets see what they want.
No. 708281 ID: 665ed8

Create spawning pool.
No. 708282 ID: 32d627
File 145771459319.png - (8.59KB , 500x500 , 4.png )


primus is a TENT TCP, which means he is a stocky, large tiny cat person. being a STORAGE TCP, he has the ability to store things within his body- in his case, he can either unzip his head to store items, or open his stomach pocket to keep any tiny cat people smaller than he is safe, and allow them to rest and restore their health. these perks give him an inventory without the need for any specific items.

primus is feeling fine and healthy, and is currently very curious about being alive and what this new life entails. he communicates through whistling, and seems very gentle. he's currently wondering what kind of noises he can make by patting and crumpling the note some more.

primus has nothing in his inventory, and is currently fine to directly influence- you can give primus commands along with telling the void to do things.
No. 708283 ID: 32d627
File 145771461701.png - (6.91KB , 500x500 , 5.png )


without any gravity or ground to put it, the pool materializes as a floating, shifting mass of FLUID- the life force behind all tiny cat people.

primus seems startled at first, but definitely interested in the new development, whistling at a low pitch.
No. 708284 ID: 665ed8

Create land witha small crater for the fluid to rest in, cover the dry area with soft moss and then create a .7 earth gravity moving towards a theoretical center below
No. 708285 ID: 2ccbb3

Create Summoning Portal for non-CAT lifeforms.

Like chickens.
No. 708289 ID: f63cf1

Primus is definitely interested in communicating with us. Teach Primus to speak.
No. 708294 ID: cd90cb

Leach teach him how to speak.
No. 708295 ID: 34dbe0

seconding these!
No. 708300 ID: 32d627
File 145772244138.png - (4.60KB , 500x500 , 6.png )


primus falls a little less than gracefully onto the ground, dusting himself off and hopping up with some excited, short whistles- almost like birdsong.

the moss feels fantastic on his feet, and gravity is new and exciting. he can jump and walk around now, instead of just floating- and he takes quite a bit of enjoyment in it.

primus stumbles a lot, nearly tripping into the portal for other, non TCP creatures. he's not very good at this moving around thing, but his heart's in it.
No. 708301 ID: 32d627
File 145772247608.png - (6.84KB , 500x500 , 7.png )


it's not as if he speaks direct english- it's still whistling, but whistling you can definitely understand now, at the very least to a basic degree.

he's greeting and thanking the void, currently. it gave him a lot of great stuff today, and it's only been a short amount of time since he's been alive!
No. 708302 ID: 2a7417

No. 708303 ID: 34dbe0

create FENCE around the summoning portal and a tree with fruit that primus can eat!
No. 708304 ID: 34dbe0

also, you're welcome, primus. we love you
No. 708305 ID: 32d627
File 145772540095.png - (6.28KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

No. 708306 ID: 32d627
File 145772548101.png - (6.45KB , 500x500 , 9.png )


primus really loves the improvements around here- now it's starting to feel like home, and even though tiny cat people don't eat, he starts to wonder aloud what he can make with the fruit.

the bee seems to buzz aimlessly around, bumping into things. primus decides to keep it as a pet, but isn't exactly sure what to call it yet. names still don't mean that much to him, so he calls it BEE for now.

your TCP LIMIT is now 2, and a second tiny cat person could be spawned with a WORD- if you choose to do so.
No. 708307 ID: 430103

Hrrm. A noun right?
No. 708308 ID: 34dbe0

No. 708310 ID: 2a7417

Mold cat
No. 708311 ID: fb6b44

noun: void
No. 708312 ID: f2461f

Shadow Cat.
No. 708313 ID: 401f23

Create clouds to climb on!
No. 708314 ID: 15a025

Send in a mold kitty!
No. 708315 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 708316 ID: 665ed8

Check needs and abilities of TCP
No. 708320 ID: 32d627
File 145772928262.png - (5.35KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

No. 708321 ID: 32d627
File 145772929697.png - (7.05KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

No. 708322 ID: 32d627
File 145772935369.png - (9.63KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

bee is shaking pretty badly, and it takes primus a minute to realize why.
No. 708323 ID: 32d627
File 145772937084.png - (8.78KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

No. 708324 ID: 665ed8

...create guardian
No. 708325 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh no

CHECK knife cat
No. 708326 ID: 665ed8

Teach knife cat friendliness and compassion
No. 708330 ID: a22f87

check knife cat.

Name it Razor
No. 708331 ID: 32d627
File 145773024916.png - (6.91KB , 500x500 , 14.png )


the newcomer doesn't seem to be doing much in particular aside from standing on shaky limbs, lurching slightly, as if it were having a hard time breathing. this was improbable of course, as tiny cat people don't need to breathe.

this TCP cannot be influenced directly, as it has not been NAMED. it is a KNIFE type TCP, and as such has blades jutting out of its delicate skin. being a WEAPON TCP, it is extremely frail, and has poor health conditions. this one in particular looks especially worn out, just from its first few moments of existence.

this TCP, being knife type, can summon more blades on any part of its body, so long as it is willing to sacrifice health.

it does not have an inventory, and appears to look rather lost, and not violent at all. primus isn't sure how to proceed.
No. 708333 ID: fb6b44

NAME: Sacha
No. 708334 ID: 306305

No. 708335 ID: 34dbe0

i fucked up.

NAME: buddy

primus should wave and, if knife cat can understand, communicate that he doesn't mean it any harm!! invite knife cat to come sit under the tree.
No. 708336 ID: f2461f

Name: Buddy
Also give Buddy a comfy towel.
No. 708338 ID: 430103

Ah...We just went hard mode didn't we.
Name: Buddy
Give: Doll
No. 708339 ID: c037b0

name: buddy
give: blanket
No. 708341 ID: ab9ddd

Congrats everyone not even 15 panels in and we've created an abomination. TGchan is the best God, we make a paradise then immediately create a being who can't enjoy it. But in all seriousness, we need to get this little guy something to comfort him.
No. 708344 ID: c3fbed

create: seesaw with fluffy comfortable seats, so they can play together!
teach our new friend how to speak!
No. 708354 ID: 0c7bf6

Name: Buddy
Give: protective rubber covers
We dont want anyone getting stabbed on accident...
No. 708355 ID: 2ccbb3

buddy needs a robot arm

No. 708362 ID: f0e552

We need to ask, does it hurt? When we said knife TCP... Well, we were kind of hoping wolverine style.

Make plans to turn him into a regular TCP with liberal knives, but the knives are reasonable.
No. 708363 ID: 47160d

create upload/download machine. Create tent TCP body
No. 708364 ID: 90f3c0

Buddy is good.

Can Buddy dispel the summoned blades? If not teach it how.

Also teach Primus how to comfort other TCP. It looks like someone needs a hug.
No. 708366 ID: a22f87

do you really think it's a good idea for a tent to hug someone made of knives?
No. 708383 ID: 32d627
File 145775457617.png - (7.33KB , 500x500 , 15.png )


primus invites the newly NAMED buddy to sit with him, concerned about the tiny cat person's condition. he's not so sure about hugging this newcomer, even if it seems like it needs it- buddy's blades look awfully sharp, and he's not sure if he's ready to approach it that closely yet.

buddy seems kind of dazed, taking a bit to acclimate to the sensation of being alive. it cannot withdraw or dispel any blades- and any added blades will be PERMANENT CHANGES .


buddy talks the same way primus does- without audible words or a mouth of any sort, its speech made up of grinding and wheezing sounds that seem to come deep inside its body. it says hello and thanks primus for letting it sit near him, assuring the other TCP that it won't get too close. buddy doesn't want him to feel as bad as it does.


buddy seems surprised by the gifts, standing up to lay the comfy blanket underneath it, pulling the doll safely into its lap. it seems to resemble a BEE TYPE TCP- and primus excitedly remarks that it looks just like his pet.

it's more hesitant about the rubber caps, saying that it'll wait a little bit before putting those on- they look like they might make the pain worse, but it can endure it if primus (and the void) prefer. primus says that buddy can do what it wants- he doesn't really mind so long as buddy's nice.

buddy laughs, a high pitched wheeze mixed with the sound of something metallic being crushed. it says it will do its best, and thanks the void for the nice gifts.


the playground equipment pops into existence a ways away- primus starts clapping excitedly and thanks the void for being so generous. he has no idea what this thing is, but it's new!
No. 708385 ID: 2ccbb3

Create Fields

Plant: Milk-Rice, a carbohydrate based grain that envelops the rice grains in a milk-like substance.
No. 708387 ID: a22f87

create a sky... make it orange
No. 708388 ID: f0e552

create drawing board. ask them to put whatever they want on it!
No. 708389 ID: 430103

Hrrm...Teach: Reading to Primus.
No. 708390 ID: 5ad4a7

Create mountains in the distance
No. 708392 ID: f2461f

Teach Buddy how to heal.
Create a purple moon and blue stars.
No. 708412 ID: 15a025

SPAWN big ball of yarn.
No. 708413 ID: 32d627
File 145776367566.png - (14.73KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

the land area accessible to the tiny cat people grows tremendously. there are now THREE FIELDS OF MILK-RICE PLANTS and a MOUNTAIN range to explore, though distancing themselves from the SPAWNING POOL will leave any newcomers alone if they spawn in while primus and buddy are adventuring.

primus in complete awe of the new landscape, telling buddy that the void is going to make them a home, and that the two of them can be saf here. just look at the lush fields, and those mountains! they could go exploring and find all sorts of new things, adventure was calling their names!

buddy replies quietly that it's all very pretty, but seems slightly overwhelmed by the developments. a void full of nothing somehow felt a lot less like an intimidating open space than the fields do right now, and while it peeks around the tree, it's clear it's hesitant to leave to look around.


the landscape is quickly complimented with a proper sky; primus applauds and whistles in appreciation, but buddy appears to be preoccupied with the fact that those stars seem incredibly close. primus assures it that there's nothing to worry about, and that they're probably a lot further away. probably.
No. 708414 ID: 32d627
File 145776369952.png - (9.61KB , 500x500 , 17.png )


a little drawing board pops into existence, fastened onto primus and buddy's tree. they don't have anything to draw with yet, but even buddy starts getting excited over this development. primus starts going on about how he's going to drafts maps on it, while buddy seems more interested in doodling.


primus can now read! he could go take a look at the NOTE from earlier, having since fallen in the grass, or read any other texts presented to him.
No. 708416 ID: f2461f

Give Primus a pack of markers.
Give Buddy a stress ball.
No. 708419 ID: 5ad4a7

Time to Create a house!
No. 708428 ID: a22f87

create a telescope so they can look around without leaving the spawning pool unless they want to.
No. 708433 ID: 2ccbb3

Create minecart + gold railway system.
No. 708454 ID: 047500

give buddy a set of markers too :(
teach buddy drawing
No. 708456 ID: fc9409

create swingset near the seesaw! :D
teach primus and buddy what those things are and how to use them.
No. 708472 ID: 98cd73

Create a great big comfy field of long yellow grass and cattails.
No. 708475 ID: 03c8e7

teach buddy drawing and create a cozy, quiet cottage that it can go into if it starts to feel overwhelmed out in the open! adventure can wait until we have a few more TPCs - two, maybe, so one can stay with buddy and one can go with primus!
No. 708478 ID: f6595e

I'm kindof curious if they can learn on their own. What would Buddy doodle before we teach him drawing?
No. 708482 ID: b56e57

>>708475 this!

give buddy a coloring book and pencils too!
give primus an alice in wonderland book and a treasure island book! he can read it if he wants to but he doesnt have to.
No. 708485 ID: 99a64d

I think buddy might have Agoraphobia. Let's make him a nice little hobbit home.
No. 708490 ID: 51c5c7

No. 708496 ID: 0c7bf6

Create cottage, give buddy markers, give primus compass, have primus read note!
Also create some paper and pencils for anyone to use. Maybe primus can explore and make a map later?
No. 708497 ID: 47160d

This, we will give buddy a better body!
No. 708569 ID: 32d627
File 145782282804.png - (13.92KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

both buddy and primus seem elated at the new toys- buddy being the first to figure out how to cap and uncap a marker, doing it over and over to make just the right kind of clicking sound. it doesn't take long for it to start scribbling on the drawing board, satisfied and proud of its simple squiggles.

this should help a lot with its anxiety. buddy gives it a few hearty squeezes and thanks the void, sounding a bit more confident and relaxed than before. primus looks pretty relieved that his new friend is settling in better, and joins in on thanking the void for taking such good care of them. it doesn't seem to mind its pain so much anymore.

reading material! with buddy occupied playing with its toys and drawing, primus settles in to start in on treasure island. there's a lot of things he doesn't quite understand or know about yet, like pirates and treasure itself, but he reads the story aloud all the same, buddy listening carefully as it draws.

buddy and primus now know how to play pictionary.
No. 708570 ID: 32d627
File 145782294910.png - (17.53KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

the new playground addition is almost unnoticed by the cats, but buddy points it out when it hears the gentle creak of the swing rocking back and forth. they'll definitely have to check that out when they get a chance.
the landscape additions do go unnoticed by the playing TCPs, but materialize all the same.

a new transportation system is made, from the fields extending into the mountains.
No. 708571 ID: 32d627
File 145782299065.png - (7.50KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

you may choose where to CREATE a cottage for the TCPs- from there, you will be able to customize the floorplan, and furniture/other objects can be created individually from that point.

you may also NAME this area for future reference.

this machine requires a structure to be created + housed in, and will be placed in the finished cottage unless otherwise specified.
No. 708572 ID: 47160d

Hmmm put it on the lower right area under the spawning pool i think.
No. 708578 ID: f0e552

Along with the previous thing, lets make time and day and night. And if they want, they can put things that they want on the board, since we cant understand them.
No. 708584 ID: f6442a

Put it on the floating question marks.
No. 708585 ID: 34dbe0

lower left of this area - which i think we could just call the meadow? - and seconding encouraging buddy and primus to tell us if there's anything they want. let's also teach them the concept (?) of imagination, so they can think abstractly about things we haven't necessarily taught them.

if we're going to make day and night, we have to make a sun! let's make sure it's at an appropriate distance away so that the temperature and brightness is comfortable for the TCPs.
No. 708587 ID: 047500

good job buddy and primus! you did really good! the void is proud!
give: ball!
No. 708590 ID: f2461f

Seconding this course of action.
No. 708597 ID: 32d627
File 145782708553.png - (8.67KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

the meadow is NAMED, and a day/night cycle is now present- though at the current moment, it is still night.

the cottage will be placed here.
No. 708598 ID: 32d627
File 145782714091.png - (3.32KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

you may now design a floor plan if you like.

gonna let this one run for a bit, so take your time!
No. 708605 ID: 2ccbb3
File 145782828007.png - (11.12KB , 500x500 , Groundwork.png )

Start off with a basic hexagonal foundation, make it more stable.

And conjure a giant drill platform that will act as the foundation and an emergency escape route!
No. 708606 ID: 34dbe0
File 145782860220.png - (60.33KB , 500x500 , floor.png )

rooms for both of them (with extra gifts!!) and a common area! i don't see much reason to make it super complicated right now - we'll build on it when we have more TPCs anyway.
No. 708609 ID: dff6b9

This is simple and works well enough.
No. 708611 ID: 6a0e58
File 145782991276.png - (15.68KB , 500x500 , temp.png )

ahahah touchpads totally dont give my hand cramp or anything
No. 708612 ID: 6a0e58

oh gosh i kinda didn't think of separate rooms, more like a clubhouse thing near the spawn pool.

fractals got the right idea segmenting it tho
No. 708613 ID: 34dbe0

oh shit i actually like a lot of elements of this better than mine.... if we can like. smash these two ideas together that would be great
No. 708618 ID: f56624
File 145783123252.png - (108.83KB , 500x500 , the haus.png )

Whats this about a cottage?
Nuts to that, let's get a radical WIZARD TOWER up in here.

As you can see, I've put a lot of thought into this design. From the top down, we have:
-A storage space in the attic, filled with all kinds of food and necessities to help our tiny cat companions
-A bedroom, with a big circular cushioned pile for everyone to sleep on and a window to look at our rad landscape from
-A staircase, possible with some secret nooks in the walls.
-A lobby, with a writing desk for further design work
-And finally, a basement safe-spot for when there's bad stuff happening, complete with subterranean tree lounge and waterfall. Possible connection to the minecart system here too, as well as plenty of room for expansion.

And ALL of this is wrapped up in a delightful Crooked Tower design, to accentuate our wonderful new lands.
No. 708660 ID: f2461f

Another vote for the tower.
No. 708719 ID: 15a025

That's an amazing tower!
Also, can we spawn a litterbox or something? I feel like our TCP would like a spot to relief themselves.
No. 708729 ID: 2ccbb3

Tower looks great. Add some extra stairs, extra floors, and replace the roof with a giant drill.
No. 708753 ID: 32d627
File 145785698333.png - (7.70KB , 500x500 , 23.png )


instead of the original cottage plan, a wizard tower pops into existence at your request. the TCPs are utterly fascinated, in pure awe from their spot under the tree. the meadow feels like HOME now, and they will consider it such unless told otherwise.

they start to head over, primus leading the way while buddy wobbles behind, clutching its doll and stress ball close to its chest.
No. 708755 ID: 32d627
File 145785701136.png - (8.22KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

the main floor is full of pillows and cushions, everything looking just right for relaxing and playing together. there's a nice couch big enough for two TCPs to share, and a hatch leading to a safety bunker underground.

the UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD machine is installed underneath the stairs, and is functional. you can change a living TCP's TYPE by uploading a dead TCP's corpse and downloading said type into the chosen TCP.
No. 708758 ID: 32d627
File 145785707563.png - (6.25KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

buddy examines its room for a few minutes, wordless. it touches the large easel propped against the wall, and the silken sheets of its bed, before setting up its toys nicely. it was perfect, and it feels incredibly safe here.
No. 708759 ID: 32d627
File 145785710719.png - (7.59KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

primus on the other hand, is absolutely ecstatic. he runs in circles around his room, whistling and cheering, before plunking down on his backside and taking it all in.
No. 708760 ID: 32d627
File 145785713415.png - (3.63KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

storage is empty, for now.
No. 708761 ID: 32d627
File 145785717120.png - (5.95KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

as is the basement.
it should be noted that TCPs do not need to excrete waste- as they do not need to eat, or breathe.
No. 708762 ID: 34dbe0

can we CHECK both TCPs again? do they have any pressing/recurring needs? and also even though they seem pretty happy right now, i still want to ask them directly if there's anything else they'd like to have.
No. 708772 ID: f2461f

Give Primus a bedside lamp.
Give Buddy a music box.
No. 708773 ID: 9fd26b

keep an eye on our limit so we can CREATE a new friend and get them to keep buddy company while primus goes out on an Adventure
No. 708778 ID: 5ad4a7

I wonder if we should TEACH Buddy how to draw?
No. 708784 ID: a22f87

create some sleeping bags, a lantern, and some fold up chairs in the basement. Just incase anyone ever needed to hide down there they'd at least have the basics.
No. 708790 ID: af3241

CREATE magic
No. 708796 ID: 32d627
File 145786962663.png - (9.33KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

tiny cat people do not have any biological needs, as they lack organs. the only way a TCP can die is to be KILLED by another TCP- at the void's request. mentally, TCPs crave the company of others, to varying degrees. some only need sparse communication to be content, but others require near constant attendance. in addition, TCPs need the void to TEACH them- they are essentially blank slates without its help, and would not know how to do anything without it. they are its children, and it will guide them towards happy, healthy lives.

primus is a TENT TCP, which means he is a stocky, large tiny cat person. being a STORAGE TCP, he has the ability to store things within his body- in his case, he can either unzip his head to store items, or open his stomach pocket to keep any tiny cat people smaller than he is safe, and allow them to rest and restore their health. these perks give him an inventory without the need for any specific items.

primus is feeling absolutely fantastic on all counts! he communicates through whistling, and is elated to have a new friend and a proper home.

he's currently wondering what adventures he can get up to today, and how buddy is doing. he also wonders what the purpose of the large machine on the first floor is, and if he can find pirates someday, like in treasure island. he tells the void that pirates would be nice, but maybe not near the house. primus worries that pirates, while very adventurous and fun for him, would probably just scare buddy.

primus can speak, read and play pictionary; all of which are things he enjoys doing. he likes reading the most, and is excited to read more of treasure island and start in on alice in wonderland. he hasn't had a chance to try pictionary yet, but he looks forward to the chance. speech may have been his first skill, but he is still extremely grateful for it!

primus has nothing in his inventory, but can store objects in his head pouch, and smaller TCPs in his stomach pocket to heal them over time.
No. 708797 ID: 32d627
File 145786971356.png - (7.65KB , 500x500 , 30.png )


buddy is a KNIFE type TCP, and as such has blades jutting out of its delicate skin. being a WEAPON TCP, it is extremely frail, and has poor health conditions. buddy has three blades as of this moment- one on its head and two replacing its left arm.

buddy's health is still poor right now, despite it being able to push past the pain thanks to the void's guidance. it has trouble walking, and seems to have panic attacks over large, open spaces, and being alone or vulnerable.

buddy is wondering what kinds of things there are to draw, and if it could possibly draw ALL of them. there might just be too many things, even with it and primus's world being this small, and it doesn't even know how to draw. thinking about this makes it nervous, so it stops thinking about it, and practices saying the names of the things in its bedroom aloud. it says that if it were to ask for anything, it would probably be to have its body stop hurting so much. it doesn't want to worry primus about its health.

buddy can speak and play pictionary. it has only really tried speaking, and doesn't consider itself very good at it yet, but it will continue to try. it thanks the void for teaching it to speak.

this TCP, being knife type, can summon more blades on any part of its body, so long as it is willing to sacrifice health. these knives are permanent changes to its body, and cannot be gotten rid of.

it does not have an inventory, and will need some sort of storage item to carry things on its person, aside from what it can fit in its one arm.

your TCP limit is still at 2.
No. 708798 ID: 32d627
File 145786973567.png - (7.54KB , 500x500 , 31.png )


primus runs over to tap at it with a finger, before realizing that poking at the base turns it on and off. he finds this to be incredible fun, and takes more than a couple of moments to switch it on and off again. he whistles in short, high pitched bursts- his version of laughter.

everything feels new to him, and it doesn't take him long to realize he can move his hands around and block the light if he chooses. he thanks the void profusely for this wonderful gift!
No. 708799 ID: 32d627
File 145786976671.png - (10.16KB , 500x500 , 32.png )


buddy ignores the flickering light upstairs when the music box is created, cautiously circling it before sitting down and running its hand over its surface. it seems more interested in the texture of the object than anything else, until it clicks open and scares the tiny cat person terribly.

it takes it a few moments to calm back down, shifting back into a sitting position and realizing that the box is playing music for it; a tiny, private concert. maybe new things aren't so scary.
No. 708800 ID: 32d627
File 145786979458.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , 33.png )


the basement is a proper safety bunker now, well equipped for potential emergencies.
No. 708802 ID: a22f87

can we create a first aid kit in buddy's room to help him with his pain? I mean it does look like some of his wounds are still bleeding so it might help to at least bandage him up.
No. 708814 ID: f0e552

How far technologically are we allowed to go? Would be just stopping buddy's pain in regards to its knife body be too much? What if we spawned a prosthetic arm? I wonder just how much power we have.

I think we should give buddy either a prosthetic arm or something to aid its pain, though it would do it good to learn how to lessen its pain naturally, is there a way, I wonder?
No. 708815 ID: 6a0e58

Create a mini-version of the entire world, then put it inside primus to heal everyones health!

...or if that's kinda OP find a way to temporarily shrink buddy so it can fit inside without damaging primus.
No. 708820 ID: 34dbe0

TEACH primus upload/download machine use, then explain to him that we don't anticipate having to use it, because we don't anticipate having any corpses on hand. it's for emergencies only.

TEACH buddy self-soothing techniques, including deep breathing - it doesn't ALWAYS work, but maybe it can be a go-to coping mechanism for when it panics.

TEACH buddy how to draw, then CREATE a sketchbook! that way it can draw wherever it wants, not just at the easel. A
also CREATE more soft toys. buddy deserves a big old pile of soft toys.

TEACH primus narrative and shadow puppetry! then have him call buddy up, if it wants, to tell a Non-Scary story using the lamp.

re: the last two points, it seems like so far, the most effective thing for buddy's pain has been distraction. i think we should be really careful about the concept of putting buddy inside primus - it's a good thought, but not until we can somehow guarantee that buddy wouldn't accidentally hurt primus from the inside.
No. 708823 ID: 4f0a85

This is good I second this >>708820
No. 708830 ID: 99a64d

Let's get Buddy a lifetime supply of dermoplast, and a bag or purse or something so he can carry stuff. Teach Primus teaching, so that he can teach buddy how to do the things we're teaching him to do, hopefully distracting him and growing their bond.

>the only way a TCP can die is to be KILLED by another TCP
Really? So, even if we filled the world with lava or acid or upped the gravity by 1,000% they'd be fine?
No. 708832 ID: 47160d

They would likely be in terrible pain but live
No. 708839 ID: 47160d

Child the whole reason I had that thing built was to put Buddy in a better body
No. 708845 ID: 4f0a85

But you cant, since you need a dead Tcp and we are not killing anyone.
No. 708846 ID: 47160d

Just create a dead body
No. 708850 ID: 3adcf8

Teach Buddy READING and WRITING so it can write stories for Primus
No. 708889 ID: 4f0a85

That's horrifying, maybe wait till they're more used to their new life.
No. 708917 ID: c180f3

>>708820 seconded
perhaps GIVE buddy a backpack so it can carry stuff like primus
No. 708922 ID: 32d627

since things are getting rolling at last, i think i'll make a quick note that we do have a disthread if you want to debate how you're going to approach this problem! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/98325.html
No. 708923 ID: 5ad4a7

TEACH Buddy how to drawwwwwww.
>and allow them to rest and restore their health
...I wonder if Primus doing that would help Buddy? Or is it at max hp already?
No. 708925 ID: 78a868

GIVE both TCP a hug, gentle enough not to harm Buddy.
No. 708927 ID: 78a868

also, use the PORTAL to spawn a swarm of tiny, harmless bioluminescent critters, like fireflies!
No. 708929 ID: af3241

CREATE wild herds of MARIMO
No. 708966 ID: 5ad4a7

Wait a minute... are the knives part of Buddy's body? Or can they simply be removed? Then we can give it a COOL ROBOT ARM and its head wound should just heal.
No. 708969 ID: 4f0a85

knives are a part of its body, its knifetype :(
GIVE buddy a bunch of stuffed toys with different textures and GIVE primus a pirate hat :D
No. 708974 ID: 531aac

CREATE art supplies for Buddy.
No. 708975 ID: 99a64d

Just because they're part of its body doesn't mean they can't be removed, amputation is a useful medical procedure.

Speaking of medicine, let's teach Primus the basics of first aid, just in case he needs it on his inevitable adventures.
No. 708978 ID: 09bd04

CREATE medicinal herbs for the purpose of painkilling
No. 708979 ID: 15a025

SPAWN a cute little bunny for buddy to keep as a pet.
No. 708998 ID: 32d627
File 145792679709.png - (17.60KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

the world is a bit more lively now!
No. 708999 ID: 32d627
File 145792685954.png - (6.40KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

buddy now knows self care methods, and knowing that it can care for itself now calms a lot of its nerves. it says it trusts the void fine, but it was very worried about disappointing it and losing its support. it thanks the void, its voice a genuine, gentle grinding of metal on metal.

with the new skill of reading and writing as well, buddy feels a bit more up to speed with its friend primus. it wonders if it should bring the books in from earlier, and get to work on reading alice in wonderland while primus takes on treasure island.

buddy now knows how to draw! it's grateful, as it has no idea how long it would take to learn otherwise.
No. 709000 ID: 32d627
File 145792695521.png - (8.10KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

a giant mass of soft plushes is created for buddy's room. it says it'll ask primus if it wants any, as primus has been really great about sharing his possessions with buddy.

it thanks you for the art supplies, promising to get to sketching some of the things around the meadow when the pain lets up a bit- getting its mind of the pain certainly helps, but it doesn't quite make it go away.

speaking of, these should help a lot. it applies some and lets out a rattle of relief. it may not do much for the problem itself, but it certainly helps with the current pain issue.

buddy now has an inventory, and can hold things in its backpack.
No. 709001 ID: 32d627
File 145792698388.png - (7.77KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

primus is kind of surprised by this, but he understands what the machine does and what he might have to use it for. he says he doesn't want to kill anybody, but will trust the void's judgment. he says he'd much rather try healing buddy himself using his stomach pocket, even if it looks like it'd hurt a lot to have those knives inside of him.

primus now knows how to tell stories, especially ones using shadow puppets! this brightens his mood considerably, and he starts brainstorming of some plays to put on for buddy.

this should come in handy, he'll pass on what he knows to buddy when he gets the chance.

primus is kind of concerned you'd teach him this, but starts to understand why quickly. he says that if the void wants him to try, he thinks he can get buddy to agree to it, and it might just help his friend. he's not sure enough to make that call by himself, and he might need some equipment to try and get the knives out.
No. 709003 ID: 3663d3

create X-ray booth.

so we can get a scan of how the knives are in buddy.
No. 709004 ID: f2461f

Give Primus X-ray goggles instead, less space and portable.
Create dungeons in the mountains.
No. 709006 ID: 5ad4a7

Primus: try healing Buddy via your pocket. It will hurt, but it is the method with least risk to Buddy. Though, those rubber caps might help with the inner stabbings.
No. 709009 ID: 34dbe0

tell buddy we would NEVER stop supporting it, and we would never be disappointed in it for having a hard time. we're here to protect it and take care of it.

seconded on creating xray tech of some kind - can we add an additional level to the tower to create a clinic of some kind for caring for buddy?

i think we have to be really careful. we don't know how pulling out the knives will effect buddy, so the more research we can do, the better.
No. 709010 ID: 47160d

Yes tell Buddy we love it and will never leave it alone... also ask if it would like a new body
No. 709011 ID: 9fd26b

maybe give them a break? i can't help but think they're going to get overwhelmed with all this attention. just leave some sign so they know we haven't abandoned them and let them relax, read, have a nap
No. 709012 ID: 34dbe0

ok and actually, also, yeah ask buddy if it would want a new body if we could give it one.

CREATE plushie tpc corpse OUTSIDE of the tower, so we can examine it. we don't have to do anything with it yet, we can just see how it turns out.
No. 709015 ID: 47160d

seconding the sounding of my idea with all the zeal I can muster!
No. 709018 ID: 47160d

Adding an addendum to help with the danger of the machine use, create an addition to the machine that will copy anything it uploads/downloads
No. 709032 ID: 47160d

Don't create the corpse, destroy the machine at the earliest chance. The author has been very clear this is a horror quest and we are tempting fate and fucking over Buddy if we do that
No. 709035 ID: 32d627
File 145793204856.png - (8.87KB , 500x500 , 38.png )


the goggles pop into existence at primus' feet, and he holds them in his hands carefully. he waits a few moments before asking if he needs anything else.

buddy asks if there's something wrong with its current body.
No. 709036 ID: 32d627
File 145793206691.png - (8.55KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

No. 709037 ID: 32d627
File 145793209237.png - (9.61KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

your TCP limit is now 3
No. 709039 ID: 5ad4a7

I don't like where this is going.
No. 709040 ID: 34dbe0


no, buddy, there's nothing wrong with you. we were just trying to find out if there was a way to help you with your pain - but if you like your body how it is we don't have to do anything to it. we never have to do anything you don't want to.

ummm tell primus to hang on for a second. we might do that plan later after the void has had more time to talk
No. 709043 ID: af3241

CREATE tomb-shrine around corpse
No. 709044 ID: f2461f

Spawn Magic Cat.
No. 709046 ID: 0543a8

what the hell mortis

check the corpse tcp. is it actually a corpse or is it alive
No. 709047 ID: 3663d3

spawn healer cat.

someone get that body thing out of here.
No. 709048 ID: f6442a

Just delete and keep trying until the ooze is at manageable levels.
No. 709049 ID: e34813


Well buddy, we're just worried it's causing you pain, what with the bleeding and such. If you're content the way you are we'll leave it be, but if you're not we're looking into ways to change that.
No. 709054 ID: 78a868

No. 709055 ID: 5ad4a7

CREATE disposal pit

Also, uh, I'm not sure how well we can directly speak to our TCPs. Maybe have Primus ask if Buddy wants to change its body? If you think about it, Buddy might consider the knives part of its body and not want them removed. Surely it wants to be free of the pain, though?

I wonder, can we TEACH "pain suppression" to Buddy?
No. 709056 ID: 34dbe0

SPAWN DAD CAT. addendum: spawn GOOD DAD CAT
No. 709058 ID: f6442a

Who needs a disposal pit when you have an endless void?
No. 709059 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh hang on... what about

CAT cat?
No. 709060 ID: 9fd26b

let's go all the way. SPAWN TCP CAT
No. 709061 ID: af3241

spawn self-similar cat
No. 709063 ID: fac1d0

nono buddy! we're just worried that you're in pain, and we don't want you to be in pain if here's a way we can help.

but we should have asked you before making it our goal. sorry. do you like your body? what can we do to help you?

both of you! if you want for anything let us know please.
No. 709064 ID: 5ad4a7

Those are not single words!
No. 709073 ID: f0e552

No. 709074 ID: a22f87

well we got crops in the background that we haven't touched yet. Let's spawn hoe cat to be a gardner and help us bring beauty to this world... you know so we can take a brake every now and then and just watch the world develop on it's own.

Also for the love of god can we get rid of the corpse before the other two see it and are mentally scared for life. No one likes being reminded of they're own mortality and for someone who's never even considered or ever really ever even known about it before... well it would probably brake them.
No. 709075 ID: f6442a

No. 709077 ID: f562b1

>buddy asks if there's something wrong with its current body.
Remember, the blades are permanent unless his type is changed. Some TCP might enjoy rougher competition and a Weapon Type would be useful to defend against them. Also, non-TCP could turn out intentionally violent, despite our best intentions.
We should teach one of them to dig and supply a shovel, as well as a short leaflet on graveyards. CREATE a field of softer soil with a metal fence surrounding it for the graveyard.
No. 709078 ID: f562b1

>check the corpse tcp. is it actually a corpse or is it alive
Wait, let's do this first. If it's an actual living TCP, then we can hold off on the graveyard idea. Or just do it anyways and simply use it for non-TCP guys in case any of our TCP like the idea of changing their type.
No. 709080 ID: 90f3c0

Spawn necromancy cat.
No. 709081 ID: 1e8e7a

Dad Cat sounds good, but we should help Buddy and that corpse, so...

SPAWN: Doctor Dad Cat
No. 709082 ID: 3f9dc0

I mean, I was just gonna say have buddy try on those rubber caps and have primus do the tent thing. All this seems a bit much, honestly.
No. 709083 ID: 32d627
File 145793865349.png - (6.21KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

primus says he can hear you just fine, and asks if something's wrong. the void sounds kind of different, and he's not used to it. did something happen?
No. 709084 ID: 32d627
File 145793878975.png - (7.38KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

buddy says that it doesn't know if it would want to get rid of its body completely, but anything to fix the pain without doing that is worth a shot...it hurts so much. it's starting to like its body though, just a little.
No. 709085 ID: 32d627
File 145793880624.png - (8.79KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

No. 709086 ID: 1e8e7a

TEACH Dad parental duties! And then GIVE him some khaki shorts
No. 709087 ID: 9fd26b

No. 709088 ID: c180f3

No. 709089 ID: 7e4e9f

Name dad TCP Dad. Teach him paternal affection.
No. 709090 ID: 34dbe0

NAME dad cat KEVIN.
CHECK dad cat.
ask dad cat to uh. bbbbury tcp corpse. give SHOVEL and create SOFT DIRT.
that's what dads are for, right? cleaning up messes????

(actually yeah CHECK tcp corpse real quick but. i'm pretty sure it's just a corpse.)
No. 709091 ID: 90f3c0

Teach Dad how to make terrible puns.
No. 709092 ID: 586f5c

seconded on naming DAD TCP: DAD.

GIVE dad TCP a "what's cooking good looking" barbecue man apron
TEACH dad TCP empathy
No. 709093 ID: 78a868

Seconding these!
No. 709094 ID: 5ad4a7

Primus, Buddy, come out and meet your new friend.
No. 709095 ID: 586f5c

wait i change my mind

No. 709096 ID: f2461f

Give DAD a pipe.
No. 709099 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh uh, DAD cat, that corpse is not real, don't worry about it. Nobody died, we made that thing from scratch.
No. 709100 ID: 32d627
File 145794030935.png - (6.69KB , 500x500 , 44.png )


dad is a DAD TYPE TCP, and is thus very small, but incredibly powerful. being a CREATURE TCP, her abilities are passive and cannot be used intentionally. DAD TYPES have a leadership passive effect- any TCPs in her immediate vicinity will prioritize listening to her over any other commands- from the void, or other TCPs.

dad's health is doing perfectly fine, but she's not exactly comfortable with the fact that she spawned next to a corpse, even without the concept of death. it feels wrong to her, even in her first few minutes of life, and she can't shake a feeling of unease.

dad has no skills, and no inventory.
No. 709101 ID: 51c5c7

No. 709102 ID: 34dbe0

GIVE dad a bubble pipe and khakis.

TEACH dad bad puns and paternal affection.

sorry about the corpse, dad. nobody was actually hurt - it's basically just an object that we made. an unsettling object, but an object all the same.

my vote is still for giving dad the items needed to bury it, but i'm up for however anyone else wants to handle it.
No. 709104 ID: c180f3

teach dad star trek quotes. just in case. you never know

hello dad. the corpse is an object we created, which we were not entirely sure what to do with actually and now we just kind of want it out of the way, and we cant exactly reach right in there and bury the corpse. hopefully you can understand

suggest greeting the others i guess. and set up a room for her in the tower with a bed and a. ship in a bottle or something

i think this world could use more interesting things to explore - CREATE forest? anybody have better ideas
No. 709106 ID: 0543a8

give her a bubble pipe and some newspaper and the inability to be present in her kids' lives
No. 709108 ID: 5ad4a7

Sorry Dad, the Void is a little chaotic.

TEACH Dad how to speak, read, write.
No. 709111 ID: 39c8c2

TEACH Dad the entirety of Sun Tzu's Art of War.
Just so she can apply it to her leadership skills.
No. 709116 ID: 5b7863

Teach Dad about the upload download thing, wait for her to go away.
Create a hole for the corpse, then create earth inside the hole. Then create flowers on the earth.

beware the dad. There may be mutiny
No. 709118 ID: 99a64d

Let's pile some dirt on that corpse.

haha what

Teach Dad to do fatherly things, like smoking, shaving, and giving stern looks.
No. 709119 ID: 6266cb

give dad cool hat and toys. she's still a kitty....
No. 709120 ID: a7001c

Tell buddy we just are trying to figure out how to take the pain away. That route is no longer an option though so it doesn't matter.
No. 709121 ID: a7001c

Hmmmm could we create an avatar of ourselves?
No. 709122 ID: f56624


also yeah corpse was a bad idea on our part, apologies.

turns out we dumb sometimes
No. 709123 ID: a7001c

Oh yeah give all of the apologies for the corpse
No. 709127 ID: c47b0c

Let's get another knife coming out of Buddy. If it's possible to control where, then how about one coming through his eye?
No. 709133 ID: 397dd3

no absolutely not, negative, nope, incorrect

maybe give dad cat a satchel or something, as an inventory? and er, yeah, that corpse...sorry about that
No. 709153 ID: 1e8e7a

TEACH Dad...TO DANCE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r832EbNXyG0)
No. 709154 ID: a307f1

>any TCPs in her immediate vicinity will prioritize listening to her over any other commands

I dunno about dad......... I dont trust dad

TEACH dad pacifism and healthy conflict resolution
No. 709156 ID: 5dcc1e

No knives, no knives
No. 709166 ID: fac1d0

GIVE dad: book of jokes and puns, bubble pipe, grill, white hat

TEACH dad: conflict resolution, humor, cooking, parental guidance

also will putting the corpse in the machine just like store it? as data or just like a coffin? because if it disintegrates to be stored that is probably the best way to get rid of it.
No. 709170 ID: 8658b3

Give all TCP a musical instrument of some kind.
No. 709171 ID: 0c7bf6

Teach dad upload/download machine, ask her to use it on the corpse. Hope buddy and primus don't see yet. The corpse was a dumb idea, apologize to dad.
Teach dad speech, give joke book.
No. 709176 ID: f562b1

Read the discuss thread I guess Mortis said surgical removal was permitted a try for Buddy's blades, whoops
Okay, sure, Dad works.

Teach Dad: Digging, Reading, Talking
Give Dad: Shovel, Leaflet/pamphlet explaining graveyards
Create: Area of soft soil for digging, surrounding metal fence with a gate
Name Soft Soil zone: Graveyard
Order Dad: Bury corpse in Graveyard

Create: Tower Annex: Wooden den with futon

That or we need to decide if we want to just store the data just in case. Because, like I said before, it might be useful to change a type when the TCP wants it, or if a TCP gets out of hand (Dad's control might do so, for example)
No. 709187 ID: 32d627
File 145798061937.png - (10.04KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

a forest is created on the other side of the plains.

primus asks if the void's alright- it got really quiet about his questions, and he wonders if he's asked something wrong, or crossed a boundary. he's sorry, and he'll definitely xray buddy and do the operation if that's what the void wants- he didn't mean to sound so hesitant, and it does sound like it'll help.

dad is kind of confused. she just started living, and her first experience of life is well... a corpse. she uses her newfound speech skill to start asking questions back to the void. was this...thing, like her? what do you mean you didn't kill it- is this thing not alive anymore? you mean to tell her that things can be NOT alive just as easily as she IS alive?

she holds her head for a few moments, before returning to her interrogation of the omnipotent collective. why in the world would you MAKE something that isn't alive on purpose?
No. 709188 ID: 32d627
File 145798064342.png - (8.68KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

okay, so that explains that...sort of. dad says that that's kind of a messed up thing to do all the same. were you going to use this machine or something?

dad is appreciative of essential skills being taught to her-

but there's kind of a corpse-

No. 709189 ID: 32d627
File 145798066215.png - (7.88KB , 500x500 , 47.png )


No. 709190 ID: 32d627
File 145798067916.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , 48.png )


thank you.
No. 709191 ID: 34dbe0

yes, things can stop being alive - but that's why we're here! to stop that from happening.

also, sorry, i know this must be pretty overwhelming! there's a lot of things to teach and so we kind of automatically try to get a bunch of it out of the way at the same time.

an aside thought to the rest of the void: i'm concerned, now that i think about it, about the original thought of just having dad bury the corpse and not telling the other two at all. i think there's a chance that that'll breed distrust, which is the last thing we need now that we have dad and her Super Authority. even though they'll be a little freaked out, i think it might be a better idea to call buddy and primus out to meet her and explain our mistake with the corpse openly to them. i think that would be better for our long-term relationship with them than if we had dad essentially hide the corpse and then tell them later that we actively chose to keep them out of the loop.
No. 709193 ID: f2461f

Sorry Primus, we were attending to another matter. We are still trying to finalize a good plan on how to best help Buddy. For now if you could just look at Buddy with the goggles we can have a better idea on how to move forward.
No. 709195 ID: 1e8e7a

CHECK back on Primus and Buddy, what are they up to?
No. 709199 ID: f562b1

Things can die when exposed to certain harmful elements. We have been trying to find a way to stop the harm that another TCP had, but... Well, this one came out dead before we even tried anything. I'll leave it to your judgement, Dad, if you want to bury it or upload it, but the other two living cats are inside the tower.

Primus: Just x-ray for now. Hold off on surgical removals until Buddy's health has improved, but if there's something that can safely help him out, then you can perform surgery. His health is already poor, I do not wish to risk it lowering too far.
No. 709201 ID: e34813

Don't worry Primus, we're talking things over with buddy. He doesn't know if he wants to get rid of his body completely and is getting attached to it, so we're looking into different ways to help that don't involve the swapping machine.

Dad: could you please bury plushie in the Forest? and to answer your questions, it was not exactly like you, it didn't originate from the lake. You'll understand why we've done this when you see buddy.
No. 709203 ID: 15a025

Spawn some cute little birdies. It'll help liven up the place a bit.
No. 709205 ID: 665ed8

Give dad a gift!
No. 709207 ID: 7046d3

Look, Dad, we have lot of plans happening at once, sometimes dead bodies get left out to rot in the open, get used to it. As Dad you need to be responsible and have an understanding of the harsh realities of life, so I suppose you seeing that useless corpse did serve a purpose.
No. 709208 ID: 78a868

Teach DAD about the inevitability of death!
Let's send this cat off the deep end, boys!
No. 709209 ID: b1b975

Absolutely do not tell Dad to just "get used to" corpses. Dad has authority over us with Buddy and Primus, and that is going to Piss Her Off. We may be omnipotent but we also need to be accountable for our actions and Dad is probably going to start holding us to that.

Dad: we hecked up really bad trying to help Buddy, and we didn't realize how bad it was until it was already done, and we're sorry, and if you could help us try to fix this by maybe explaining death to Primus and Buddy so we don't have to go through that conversation later when Somebody Actually Dies, and then maybe bury the corpse, that would be amazing. But if not, I, at least, understand.
No. 709210 ID: 665ed8

Tell Primus we didn't mind the questions and encourage him to continue to ask questions. We are just preoccupied trying to help Buddy somehow right now
No. 709211 ID: fac1d0

apologize to dad. she really got screwed over when we created that corpse.

we didn't mean for her first experience to be a scary one, but sometimes when you care about someone you can do scary things. we're not sure about using the machine. we don't want to kill anyone, which is why we tried using a loophole to create something already dead.

again, sorry. but on the bright side you have new friends waiting for you!
No. 709218 ID: 32d627
File 145798538803.png - (8.67KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

primus calls buddy up into his room, explaining the situation, and the fact that he's going to use the goggles the void gave him to see how the knives are in its body.

buddy says that that's fine, as it trusts the void and its friend. it asks if it'll hurt at all, to which primus says he doesn't think so.
No. 709219 ID: 32d627
File 145798544483.png - (5.69KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

No. 709220 ID: 32d627
File 145798546195.png - (13.38KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

buddy asks how bad it is.
No. 709221 ID: 665ed8

...Tell Buddy we need to look for other solutions, but we wont stop. Primus, try to hug Buddy carefully
No. 709224 ID: 2a7417

Spawn joy.
No. 709225 ID: 665ed8

Create euphoria, give euphoria to all TCPs
No. 709227 ID: 6a0e58

hahahaha drugs

but srsly tho what about uploading and then Creating a robot body?
No. 709228 ID: 9f0d3c

Assuming we only need to get rid of the ones piercing its skin that doesn't actually look that bad, they seem to be in pretty shallow, especially the one on Buddy's head. Even if we do have to remove the ones on the inside too it'll be fine, it's not like we can accidentally kill him or anything, even if we do fuck up. The worst this operation can be is tedious. I think we can do this.
Teach Dad surgery and anesthesiology.
No. 709231 ID: b1b975

Hey hey wait hold up though. If we remove all of the knives, will Buddy lose its classification? Because how can you be a knife TCP without knives? Also, what if Buddy's body is an infinite knife factory.
No. 709232 ID: 5ad4a7

Primus, tell it that knives appear to be an integral part of its body. I think that's the best way to break the news.

Oh hey we need to make a new room for Dad!
No. 709235 ID: af3241

thank primus and buddy for being such good cats

+ create a stately study attached to the tower for dad's use, a dad needs a good study

++ can we give buddy some soft bandages so that it doesn't have to be leaking all over the place if it doesn't want to be?
No. 709236 ID: 51c5c7


Anyway, Just GIVE buddy some MILD PAINKILLERS to be used as needed, It's not like they seem to be doing any real damage to him...Though maybe some (Give)BANDAGES would be good to wrap around the knives poking out of the wounds and such.
No. 709237 ID: 2a7417

Buddy needs a thorough medical examination before we operate.
Spawn MRI scanner.
No. 709240 ID: 1e8e7a

Ask Buddy what the POINT is of telling them what's what
No. 709241 ID: 16daa4

Don't do that; metal in an MRI is a super bad idea.
No. 709242 ID: 47160d

No MRI do you not know how that works?!??!?!?!!!! He would die!
No. 709257 ID: 3663d3

we just have to do this slowly. take out one or two, let buddy recover and heal, then take out more. as long as he doesn't try to spawn any they should stay gone.
No. 709259 ID: 6a476f

>>709257 no.
>>709083 yes.
but first, lets introduce dad to the other cats?
>>709235 this
No. 709270 ID: 99a64d

>He would die!
No, it would be very painful 4u
No. 709303 ID: fac1d0

primus, i hope that didn't spook you. it should be okay.

buddy, you're going to be more than fine.

honestly our best bet for pain fixing is rubber caps + tent pouch. even if it does hurt for a little bit if it means having less pain overall isn't that a fair trade?

also, ask dad what she would like to do. again we are sorry about the corpse, that was messed up of us, and if she doesn't want to handle it we understand.

also have we taught buddy how the machine works? because if people are still okay with using it i think it should be taught how it works and asked for it's opinion.
No. 709305 ID: 34dbe0

No. 709307 ID: fde523

No. 709334 ID: 0c7bf6

Also tell buddy it can take as long as it wants to answer, that's a very tough decision. No rush.
No. 709378 ID: f0e552

Primus, be very careful when you comfort Buddy. You don't want to hurt him.

Would removing these even be possible? These knives are like his entire being...
No. 709382 ID: 32d627
File 145802194933.png - (10.47KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

forgot buddy's cheek spots in the last update, that's just an artist error. edited for typos

a study is created for dad to live in, branching off of buddy's room. she starts burying the body in the meantime, not exactly happy about it. she says she understands why the void wants to hide this from the others, but does make a point of saying that she's going to tell them whether you like it or not. you can't just go dropping that kind of revelation in without teaching the others about it, she doesn't know enough about it to tell them herself.

the other TCPs aren't nearly as direct about their concerns, but dad doesn't seem to care about offending the void either way. her voice is rumbly and deep, sounding vaguely like a truck on a freeway- abstract sounds, similar to primus' whistling and buddy's metal grinding.

dad suggests a sitdown with all of the TCPs, herself included. somebody's gotta talk to all of us about this death thing, she says. how we deal with death is how we deal with life, and if the void keeps handling death like this, we tiny cat people are gonna have a terrible tiny cat life.

she wraps up burying the body, throws the shovel aside and goes to grab the rubber caps left by the tree. if you're going to keep talking about doing things, she says, she may as well help speed things along.
No. 709383 ID: 32d627
File 145802198944.png - (9.01KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

dad makes her way into the tower, keeping her words brief. she's new and alive now, the void calls her dad and she's not sure about what's going on here- and she stops mid sentence when she sees buddy's wounds. there's a silence in the room as dad looks buddy over, and it's a few solid minutes before she asks how she can help.

primus says bandaging it up and getting the caps on is probably a good start, so the two of them get to work on that. buddy says hello to dad, and says the thing on her head is very pretty. dad tells it that it's apparently called a hat, and that buddy could wear it sometime if it wanted.

buddy laughs, distracted from its wounds for now.
No. 709384 ID: 34dbe0

dad, i think it would make buddy happy if you let it wear your hat! it's up to you, though.

anyway. i guess something it's important for you guys to know is even though we (the void) technically CAN do whatever WE want, what we actually want to do is whatever YOU guys want. so if you guys decide you don't like something we're doing, or you think we aren't making good choices, we want you to tell us so we can stop and do something different.

TEACH tcps concept of DEATH.
this is something we're trying to prevent. we're worried that if we aren't careful enough, or if we mess up, that you guys could get hurt. again, we can DO almost anything we want, but we don't KNOW everything, and we can make mistakes. trying to help you guys as much as we can while also being careful and keeping you safe has proved to be more challenging than we thought it would be.

we want this to be teamwork, not just us doing things and you guys suffering the consequences. we might need help with that! we're sorry if we make mistakes, but it's important that we communicate with you guys to minimize mistakes as much as possible.
No. 709385 ID: f0e552

Teach LIFE and DEATH.

It's nothing to be afraid of. It's natural.
No. 709386 ID: f562b1

Buddy, Primus, we already mentioned some of this to Dad, but you too: If a TCP's health drops too low, they will cease to live--Something we call "death."
Teach: Concept of mortality.
We want to prevent this from happening, of course, but... a mistake in wording left one dead already.
No. 709387 ID: 343b23

Hey you won't die of old age though. Plus the other one was created dead so it was technically never a living thing. And could still serve its purpose if we don't find another way to help buddy.
No. 709388 ID: 51c5c7

Give:hat catalogue
Then GIVE:whatever hat is wanted
No. 709390 ID: 32d627
File 145802902723.png - (8.95KB , 500x500 , 54.png )


the TCPs listen carefully to the void, and have a pretty good grasp on the concept of death. buddy seems a bit shaken by the idea of there being something dead outside, but thanks the void for acting in its interest. it does ask you however, to maybe not do that again. it doesn't want anyone dying or getting hurt for its sake.

a catalog of hats is made- and upon further inspection, is full of other garments and accessories to wear too. the TCPs are delighted, and say that the void can help them pick something out.

dad says she's fine with anything, as long as it doesn't look too ridiculous. primus seems equally flexible, but offers the idea of something good for adventuring. buddy says it would like to look cute, if possible.
No. 709394 ID: 34dbe0
File 145803068938.png - (13.53KB , 500x500 , tfcp.png )

No. 709395 ID: 34dbe0
File 145803070783.png - (13.34KB , 500x500 , tfcp2.png )

also, if buddy prefers shorts to a skirt, we can do that too!
No. 709396 ID: af3241
File 145803082843.png - (13.93KB , 500x500 , looks like machine food to me.png )

tcp brand partner dlc skin tie-in exclusives
No. 709400 ID: 7e4e9f

Don't worry about it too much, Buddy. That plush cat didn't die - it was a body which never had that particular quality which makes things alive. Still spooky though, so sorry.
No. 709403 ID: f0e552

I vote for buddy to look like this, and I vote for this design of Primus to mix with >>709396

dad is dad
No. 709406 ID: 5ad4a7

You linked the same post twice though?
No. 709407 ID: af3241
File 145803377216.png - (250.19KB , 325x405 , rollout.png )

he must be Strong
No. 709408 ID: 9a0bd9

!! >>709394
No. 709414 ID: af3241
File 145803675817.png - (6.52KB , 196x457 , runnin in the 90s.png )

he's an active boy
No. 709418 ID: 99a64d

I like this, except for dad, she doesn't look dadly enough, so use >>709394 for her.
No. 709421 ID: f56624
File 145803886042.png - (63.11KB , 500x500 , dad crawler mk 1.png )

the DAD CRAWLER, mk 1.
Featuring heavy-duty shielding and all-terrain bipedal mobility, the DAD CRAWLER mk 1 is the PEAK of defense dad technology.

It also has a brandy dispenser and extra large cupholders.
No. 709422 ID: af3241
File 145803924946.png - (3.90KB , 179x242 , 3 inches tall with the soft physique.png )

dadly you say
No. 709423 ID: 99a64d

No. 709427 ID: c47b0c

FRACTAL is the god of clothes design.
No. 709432 ID: f56624
File 145804572282.png - (7.70KB , 500x500 , sad dad.png )

No. 709434 ID: 635052
File 145804606954.png - (13.29KB , 500x500 , JOYFUL FAMILY.png )

I think we can all agree on making this family as joyful as possible.

(middle one is not mine)
No. 709435 ID: 32d627


i deserve this

also ill be letting this one go til tomorrow night so have fun

No. 709445 ID: 938de5
File 145805457707.png - (14.99KB , 500x500 , hat trading simulator version.png )

>you said there were hats Eggman
No. 709446 ID: b1b975

dad needs to have long socks with loafers

this primus

this buddy but maybe? give it a little bag or something so it has an inventory
No. 709451 ID: b6d927

Small bags are bad, Buddy deserves only the finest of duffel bags.
No. 709454 ID: 34dbe0

No. 709456 ID: b6d927

I can't draw, but I think Primus needs an Indiana Jones outfit, even if it's just for when he goes on adventures.
No. 709457 ID: cd90cb

Lets get some more knives going through buddy.
No. 709459 ID: b1b975

yeah but like. a cute one
No. 709464 ID: f562b1
File 145806459022.png - (259.56KB , 437x750 , Cleru.png )

I can't art so I'll just post this image of Cleru and suggest it for Primus. I'm not sure what the cylinder is actually supposed to be for but it would make a great map holder! That way Primus could carry his standard inventory separate from the map to avoid damaging the map.
No. 709467 ID: f56624
File 145806570750.png - (4.76KB , 500x500 , F A T H E R.png )

One more, courtesy of Mr. Warburton
No. 709478 ID: fac1d0
File 145806663107.jpg - (33.22KB , 300x417 , 3729e80c525000fda7e870b537e41c17.jpg )

also can't art, so one of these hats for primus!

one of those lil vests with all the pockets, cargo shorts and boots.

this dad with the hat in>>709445

and for buddy the cute poncho type deal works great with it's body shape/knives! add some more flowers and swirls and colors! it's gonna be the cutest dang knifecat this world has or will ever see!
No. 709481 ID: f562b1

Oh dear. Remember to not spawn a TCP using the noun "DELIGHT," folks.
No. 709499 ID: b6d927
File 145806950394.jpg - (14.39KB , 200x250 , atticus-finch.jpg )

This look is ideal for Dad, plus hat and jacket for going out.
No. 709502 ID: d21b57
File 145807011262.png - (23.46KB , 500x500 , whathaveievendone.png )

Ain't much on fashion, but both cover sorta cold and mostly hot weather. Figured giving Primus adventurer garb would be fitting seeing as how he asked for something like that. Bracers and kneepads for all the falling and sliding around adventurers tend to do

I really like the outfit for Buddy here. Kinda makes me imagine them as a monk, oddly enough.

Dad's outfit here gets my vote, but bonus points for giving her a hawaiian shirt.
No. 709508 ID: ab9ddd

Oh. My. God. Buddy looks adorable. I love this line-up a lot.
No. 709520 ID: 0c7bf6

>>709394 or >>709395 for buddy is adorable
No. 709522 ID: 2a7417
File 145807455872.png - (8.60KB , 202x459 , steveus.png )

All Primus needs is a fresh coat of paint.
No. 709555 ID: 3f9dc0

oh you
No. 709652 ID: 32d627
File 145811547548.png - (7.56KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

buddy is silent at first, tugging on the edge of its poncho and shuffling in the stockings before doing a little twirl, watching the poncho flare as it did. it pats at its new flower and suspenders, realizing quickly that the necklace duals as a gentle light when held. it paces a little around primus' room, testing out how moving feels with the new apparel before thanking the void.

its voice is softer and less metallic than usual, almost as if it were about to cry. thank you, it repeats, and sits back down on the floor to play with its new light and the soft fabric of its poncho. buddy now has an inventory, capable of holding anything that fits in a duffel bag.
No. 709653 ID: 32d627
File 145811550621.png - (7.92KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

primus is just as happy- choosing to express his thanks through whistling entire melodies as he stomps around in his new boots. it's perfect, he says, absolutely perfect. the void gives him so much, he's so grateful, and it's like he can't run out of praise if he tries. he flips his hood up and down, chirping out his content.

he sits next to buddy after the initial excitement wears off, pointing to its poncho. we match, he says, and buddy laughs. he notes how many pockets he has now, and that he has plenty of places to put pirate treasure. primus now has another inventory for maps only.
No. 709654 ID: 32d627
File 145811552888.png - (8.41KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

dad is much more reserved about her gifts, but seems impressed when the walker pops in. after some struggle to actually get inside the mech, it doesn't take her long to get comfortable and swap out her clothes for the new suit and hat. she packs the old garments away in an on board luggage compartment, wiggling the legs around and enjoying how responsive it was. she says thank you, that this would definitely help her get around. plus, she loves the height.

she stays in the walker for now, looking down at the other TCPs and giving them a friendly poke with one of the walker's legs. before too long, the three of them are laughing. primus and buddy are quick to ask if she can do any tricks, and dad fiddles with the controls until she can manage a proper sitting position. not too impressive, but it's a start. dad now has inventories- a large inventory for anything that can fit aboard the walker, and a smaller one specifically for cup shaped objects, thanks to the onboard cupholders.
No. 709655 ID: f562b1

Give Dad: Walker Manual.
Other than that, I think we're good to go for a quick little adventure. Haven't even had the chance to check out the fields yet!
No. 709656 ID: f0e552

There's nothing out there to adventure with just yet, actually, does our world create its own creatures and organisms depending on what we give it?
No. 709657 ID: 894107

teach dad: walker use, give dad: a puzzle game
teach primus: Parkour and skateboarding, give skateboard
where is BEE?
No. 709660 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey Buddy, what do you think about climbing inside Primus for the adventure? It's that or stay home and draw.
No. 709671 ID: cfe293

Teach everyone how to dance.
No. 709676 ID: fac1d0

GIVE Primus: rope, extra pocket for BEE to sit in
TEACH Primus: parkour, rock climbing, risk assessment (be careful please we love you)

GIVE Buddy: map paper, extra drawing materials, those little squishy rubber pencil holder things?
TEACH Buddy: cartography

GIVE Dad: toolkit, cups in whatever style she likes (two or four depending on the amount of cupholders)
TEACH Dad: robot use, mechanics + repair
No. 709684 ID: cd90cb

Give buddy a knife sharpener.
No. 709689 ID: 2a7417

Spawn a face on the moon.
No. 709691 ID: 1b60c0

Hey, can we CREATE some caves up in those mountains?
Maybe SPAWN some cryo-bats to fill them with?
No. 709692 ID: 34dbe0


then let's try the rubber caps + primus belly idea, if both of them feel up to it, then go meet the marimo herds!
No. 709694 ID: 2a7417

The creature spawn pool is right outside their door. They'd better stay inside while the dungeon monsters are spawning.
No. 709695 ID: 1e8e7a

GIVE Primus slightly outdated iPod nano with only thrash core camping songs on it. Yes, he needs this.
No. 709700 ID: 626b9c

No cryo bats >>709691
amd also what fractal said
No. 709708 ID: 15a025

No. 709721 ID: 665ed8

Why are we making enemies that could hurt the poor dears?
No. 709723 ID: 665ed8

Spawn MCP
No. 709724 ID: 34dbe0

No. 709726 ID: 6a0e58

CREATE: An infinite randomly generated terrain beyond the horizon, with every possible environment if you travel far enough.
Let's give them something to explore.

Create: A great and beautiful dawn for us to see the sun with. Clouds too.
No. 709727 ID: 99a64d

Primus needs cool things to discover on his adventures, nothing too dangerous, but exiting enough to keep him interested and/or thrilled.

Create two warring tribes of cannibalistic pygmies in the mountains. Create a waterfall concealing a cave with a treasure chest filled with the greatest treasure of all; shounen manga. Create a set of "ancient" ruins with carvings describing abstract mathematics on the walls that connects to a cave system filled with animate fungi. Create a sentient tree that dispenses wisdom in the form of haikus as well as mystical blessings. Create Trogodor. Create mole people. Create weather. Create unusual weather in the mountains. Create frequent falling rocks in the mountains.
No. 709728 ID: 99a64d

No, you don't want randomized terrain, you want procedurally generated terrain. And if you want that you need to define the parameters of the procedures. Though personally I'd prefer not leaving Primus's happiness up to chance.
No. 709729 ID: 3fff84

No, no, and DEFINITELY NO CANNIBALISTIC PYGMIES, THAT IS HORRIFYING, WTF, do you seriously think they wont be horrifed by eating corpses and WAR
ask the tcps if they even want to go adventuring now

CREATE: parkour terrain near the house. CREATE: small herds of capybara
like lets not make stuff that is a) horrifying to them and b) dangerous
s e ri ou sl y
No. 709732 ID: 99a64d

Cannibalistic pygmies are a well known staple of the pulp adventure genre, I thought it would fit the theme.

>do you seriously think they wont be horrifed by eating corpses and WAR
Yeah, maybe war is going a bit far, they have shown themselves to be disturbed by mortality before. Maybe the pygmies can just be hostile towards each other? The reason I wanted there to be two tribes that don't like each other is so that Primus could have to face a dilemma without necessarily being in much danger himself.
I actually don't know if they'd be bothered by cannibalism, they don't have mouths, or a cultural taboo on it, and the cannibals aren't TCPs, so their meat wouldn't look similar, heck we could even make the pygmies insectoid or plantlike.

I think that, considering TCPs can only be killed by other TCPs, it's fine to make things that are a little bit dangerous. If they get hurt we can always bail them out, we are nearly omnipotent.
No. 709737 ID: af3241

>extra pocket for BEE to sit in

requesting that the extra pocket instead be a babee sling or a babee carrier
No. 709743 ID: 1b60c0


SPAWN Cannibal Cryo-Pygmies.
No. 709745 ID: af3241
File 145816491623.png - (16.53KB , 500x226 , cyrocannibal revengeance.png )

No. 709753 ID: 99a64d


but, like, not really tho
No. 709755 ID: f56624

Spawn some kind of dragon robot with it's own little robot village to terrorize. Create quests for our little adventurer.
But secretly-safe ones that wont kill him or seriously injure him, like with padded claws and hold-back mechanisms.
No. 709760 ID: f6442a


Spawn cryo-bats. They don't bite, they just freeze intruders into their domain that thaw out later. Safe enemies for an adventurer.
No. 709764 ID: 32d627
File 145816922728.png - (11.27KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

caves are now available to explore in the mountains!
capybara will be able to be found in the forest!
the TCPs now have a general sense of rhythm and dance, but nothing too specific in terms of style.
everybody scoots into the main room of the house, to discuss and prepare for the possibility of an adventure.
No. 709766 ID: 32d627
File 145816925562.png - (11.32KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

dad's now adept enough to scoot around in the DADCRAWLER with no problem, tucking the manual under the seat and assuring the void she wouldn't wreck it. much.
these should come in handy, especially if they run into trouble with the walker at any point. dad gives a rumble of appreciation, clearly warming up to the void's pragmatic gifts.
can't go wrong with onboard entertainment. everything goes in the luggage, and dad puts the cups exactly where they belong. now this, she says, is a fine piece of machinery. she could get some serious things done in this baby.
No. 709767 ID: 32d627
File 145816928330.png - (11.26KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

primus can now scale and vault things with incredible ease, and looks forward to adventuring even more now that he won't be tripping all over himself anymore. the risk assessment bit relaxes buddy more than him- with the possibility of hanging around in his stomach pocket, it's not huge on the idea of him being in situations he can't handle.
primus feels ready for anything involving rails or ramps.
now he's REALLY ready. those mountains will be no problem.
a perfect cherry on top, primus whistles along as best as he can to the first track before turning it back off and tucking it into his overall pocket. he says he wants to save the rest of the songs for the adventure itself.
No. 709768 ID: 32d627
File 145816946771.png - (9.29KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

buddy can now make maps, and these supplies should do just fine for helping primus chart things along the way. the meadow should get one too, it points out, and starts scribbling what it knows of their tiny scope of the world. it can't help but see the little pencil grips as toys, more than their intended purposes. very fun, colorful toys, good for squishing and fiddling with.

buddy sticks this carefully in its duffel bag with its other gifts without a word.

if adventuring, the tiny cat people will need a location, and to decide if buddy will come along in primus's stomach pocket.
No. 709771 ID: f6442a

Bring Buddy.

Now that we've created those dandy caves for exploring, we're going to...

...The forest!
No. 709779 ID: 99a64d

Let's just flat out ask them what level of danger they find acceptable on this adventure. I'd prefer not to leave Buddy alone, but it should be left behind if there's any danger of worsening its condition.

To yon forest!
No. 709781 ID: 15a025

Pocket Buddy and let's go have a forest adventure
Also: Spawn cute lil Bunnies in the forest.
No. 709786 ID: 90f3c0

Create: Mysterious ancient temple in the forest. It wouldn't be a proper adventure without some ruins to investigate.
No. 709788 ID: a23bfc

ask buddy if it wants to go? it doesn't have to go if it feels scared or unsafe.
do the rubber caps hurt?

SPAWN: songbirds! nothing like forest exploring to birdy tunes!
CREATE: colourful flowers in the forest! drawing inspiration!
CREATE: a secret treehouse in the forest? why not have a second home base, for the tcps to stumble on and explore?

i think we should take it easy on our first adventure - why not the forest first?
No. 709791 ID: 1b60c0

Of course bring buddy.
Also, TEACH buddy basic wilderness survival and intuition. (LISTEN IT WOULD BE GREAT IF BUDDY WAS AWESOME AT NAVIGATION)
Teach Primus: Basic defense skills.
Give Primus a light steel shield.
Teach Dad about short term and long term goal planning.

Finally, yes create bunnies and ancient temples because so choice dude
No. 709804 ID: f36501

wherever the marimo are first! then when we're outside, they can pick which way they wanna go!

buddy probably doesn't need to hang out in the pouch until climbing is involved, so it can walk around for as long as it feels up to it!
No. 709811 ID: 34dbe0

yep, confirm that buddy wants to go. it can stay home and draw if it'd rather.

spawn BUNNIES and FLOWERS in the forest, but let's meet the marimo herd first!
No. 709812 ID: af3241

create a plum/fruit tree grove and some bats/hummingbirds/macaques to help pollinate them?
No. 709818 ID: 51c5c7

Create: Level one slimes
No. 709823 ID: 5ad4a7

I see no reason to introduce legitimate danger on the first adventure. Maybe the second one?
No. 709828 ID: f36501

I see no reason to purposely introduce danger at all! unless they ask?

protect these tiny cat people at all costs, damnit
No. 709832 ID: 0c7bf6

Marimo herd, forest, then the ancient ruins sound fun! There doesnt have to be any danger, just cool stuff like hieroglyphs and puzzles!
No. 709838 ID: 0d6c82

Sliding block puzzles!
No. 709839 ID: e9b604

Cooperative sliding block puzzles! Like one TCP has to stand on a switch to raise a gate so another one can slide a block to a different switch. Dad + walker is extra heavy, Buddy can cut things, and Primus can carry another TCP, so maybe we can use that to create puzzles that need a specific TCP to solve?
No. 709840 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, sure, so long as no outside threats show up, we can make the void playground pretty safe. What if one shows up, though? I feel as though at least ONE of our TCPs should be experienced in fighting. I guess we could outright TEACH that though.
No. 709843 ID: 32d627
File 145820180551.png - (10.87KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

some flora and fauna have been created for the surrounding area, and can be found when adventuring!

a treehouse has been made in the forest!

temples have been created in the mountains, with puzzles of the sliding block, cooperative variety.

primus quickly sets his clothes aside so he can pocket buddy, giving it a quick hug. buddy says it'll try not to hurt primus, but the tent TCP assures it that he won't be bothered at all. dad asks if the two of them can cut the sap and get to it- they had an adventure to go on. primus nods, but runs upstairs quickly to grab something from buddy's room before coming back down.
No. 709844 ID: 32d627
File 145820183461.png - (73.18KB , 1000x1000 , 63.png )

No. 709845 ID: 32d627
File 145820187869.png - (7.88KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

buddy is now pocketed, primus' SHELTER ability allowing it to regain health over time, until its health has reached a maximum. primus has buddy hold onto its doll so that it could take it inside, but the duffel bag will have to be left at home. it's decently warm, but surprisingly not suffocating.

buddy has a knowledge of survival techniques now, and to everyone's relief, can talk to primus through the pocket. as long as he narrates for it, it can give advice when it's needed.

primus can defend himself now! he hopes he won't have to use it, but he does want to be able to protect buddy if it comes down to it.

dad can now plan and suggest goals- her current plan is to try and bring back treasure, which primus seconds eagerly.
No. 709846 ID: 32d627
File 145820190301.png - (11.10KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

the current route is: fields, forest, mountain temples. is this a satisfying route, and are the TCPs ready?
No. 709847 ID: 5ad4a7

Did we CREATE treasure in the temples?

I think we're about ready.
No. 709848 ID: 1b60c0

Like, I was pretty stoked about Cryo-cannibal pygmies... But I am super stoked about these three perfect cinnamon rolls going on their first adventure! I think we're ready :D
No. 709850 ID: 51c5c7

Give dadcat's mech a bike horn.
No. 709852 ID: 99a64d

No. 709853 ID: 9bc300

TEACH primus and buddy about VORE.
TEACH Dad about the birds and the bees.
No. 709856 ID: cbfd73

>>709850 yes
lol no >>709853
can dad carry buddys dufflebag in the dadcrawler?
No. 709864 ID: f562b1

If we didn't, then just "Create: Treasures (Size sorted by difficulty of puzzles and adventure)"
No. 709870 ID: 7d0e16

TCPs do not have mouths or genetalia.
No. 709880 ID: 34dbe0

no, plus this won't mean anything to them anyway
yes - treasures should be defined less by monetary value, which they wouldn't care about, and more by stuff they would personally enjoy. also the treehouse should just be stocked with gifts and goodies anyway.
No. 709883 ID: cd90cb

Oh god yes. Please teach them this stuff.
No. 709887 ID: 1b60c0

Negative on the VORE.
But yes on birds and bees. Look, if they ever encounter birds or bees, they need to know about them. Maybe they can start an egg farm or collect honey to kickstart their tribal economy. These are vital living creatures to know about!
No. 709891 ID: 2a7417

TEACH Primus about proper care and maintenance for his bee. SPAWN buzzards.
No. 709906 ID: 3f9dc0

good gravy, just let them go on the adventure. They don't need more things or more questionable skills
No. 709911 ID: 6a0e58

Create ecosystem, insects to live off the plants, small animals to feed off insects, larger animals to feed off them and eachother
No. 709916 ID: 15a025

Let's teach primus about rare gems. That way he can bring back some cool rocks that are worth something.
No. 709954 ID: af3241

teach dad bushcraft
No. 709976 ID: 60d847

teach dad KUNG FU
he needs to learn self defense
No. 709980 ID: efaf23

No. 709983 ID: f56624

Tiny cat people are devoid of sexuality, this info would mean nothing to them. Like, teach if you want, but without our points of reference they'd probably just be confused.
No. 710019 ID: 5ad4a7

Uhhhh nooooo?
No. 710025 ID: f36501

Goddamn, none of this other than spawning neat treasures!

We are ready lets gooooo
No. 710034 ID: 8e4883

https://soundcloud.com/amstrauz/asgore-rides-a-bike final boss

if it's not too late, can we GIVE buddy something chewy/squishy like the pencil grips? idk, a stress ball or smth
No. 710039 ID: f562b1

I raise you a mambo honk.
(Of course, we could just give several horn options, it is a walker with probably several buttons and switches available)
No. 710047 ID: 32d627
File 145828074271.png - (12.13KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

there are now great personalized treasures to find within the temple!
she gives it a few test honks before giving a thumbs up in approval.

the ADVENTURE has begun.

when on an ADVENTURE, all commands aside from CHECK and suggestions to the TCPs themselves will be ignored for the sake of getting shit done in a timely manner. prepare your tiny cat people well!
No. 710048 ID: 32d627
File 145828076730.png - (10.23KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

the first stop is the fields just outside of the meadow- the marimo herds have migrated all over the hilled area, rolling gently along. primus is fascinated by the grass itself, having only been exposed to the moss of the meadow.

it tickles, he yells to dad, who has busied herself with seeing how the DADCRAWLER does with different kinds of terrain. he shrugs at her lack of response and continues to play with it, taking a few handfuls and sticking them in his overall pockets for later. he figures buddy might find it just as cool as he does.

bee has followed behind, and primus can't help but give his pet a big hug before noting that if it came down to it, he could probably put bee inside his main overall pocket for safekeeping, underneath his poncho.
No. 710049 ID: 32d627
File 145828079069.png - (9.82KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

dad pokes at a marimo, the giant mass of moss peeping in response. dad rumbles in surprise and nearly runs the gentle thing over, only to have it bounce off the walker and down the hill. it seems like these things are indeed alive, and resilient at that.

the TCPs can move on from here, or stick around to investigate the marimo herd a bit. the milk-rice and grass fields are too far away in the other direction to visit for now.
No. 710051 ID: 34dbe0

let buddy out to see the marimo for a little bit!! also, can we CHECK buddy to see if being in primus' pouch has had any effect so far?
No. 710052 ID: f2461f

Let's keep moving forward.
No. 710054 ID: a307f1

yes! let buddy take a little peek and CHECK it as well.
No. 710073 ID: a13510

!!! >>710051
No. 710080 ID: 31efaa

Sure, let's get buddy out here.
No. 710094 ID: f36501

if it's not too much of a hassle with the clothes, buddy can come out! it might like how soft the marimo feel.
No. 710129 ID: 78a868

If it doesnt feel like coming out yet, we could also see about finding a marimo small enough to pass into the pouch for it!
No. 710207 ID: 32d627
File 145835630579.png - (9.94KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

it's a bit of a fuss with all of the clothes, but buddy crawls out after being assured that it's safe to come out. it instantly stumbles over to a large marimo and latches onto it. the moss ball peeps lightly at the TCP, and buddy asks quietly if they can bring one back home later.

primus says maybe if they have the time and energy for it, and dad notes that even if they can't, they're close enough so that buddy could visit. buddy seems satisfied with this answer, and asks if it hurts primus at all to shelter. thanks to the rubber caps, the worst he feels is minor discomfort, and it's no issue at all.

buddy brings a little marimo inside the stomach pocket with it, which primus pretends not to notice. it seemed to be having fun trying (and failing) to be sneaky.
No. 710208 ID: 32d627
File 145835633745.png - (8.32KB , 500x500 , 70.png )


buddy is a KNIFE type TCP, and as such has blades jutting out of its delicate skin. being a WEAPON TCP, it is extremely frail, and has poor health conditions. buddy has three blades as of this moment- one on its head and two replacing its left arm. currently, these blades are capped + bandaged.

buddy's health is low right now, but has improved slightly thanks to primus' shelter ability.

buddy cannot stop thinking about marimos.

buddy can speak, self care, design maps, play pictionary, read, write, draw, dance, and understands the concepts of mortality. due to the large volume of skills, from now on, a TCP's skills will have to be specifically CHECKED.

this TCP, being knife type, can summon more blades on any part of its body, so long as it is willing to sacrifice health. these knives are permanent changes to its body, and cannot be gotten rid of.

it does not have an inventory on hand at the moment, as its duffel bag is in the DADCRAWLER.
No. 710209 ID: 5ad4a7


Let's keep going then.
No. 710213 ID: 15a025

Forward march!
No. 710217 ID: f36501

awwww. we can teach it how to take care of marimo when we get home! buddy can be a lil marimo shepherd

but for now, onward march!
No. 710348 ID: 34dbe0

BUDDY AWWWW .... well, ok then! let's keep going. gently remind buddy to be gentle with the marimo it picked up, and that we should let it go when we cross through the marimo herd again, at least until we can spend some time learning how to take care of them.
No. 710470 ID: 32d627
File 145844042339.png - (10.30KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

the TCPs move on, and the entrance to the forest looms ahead- it looks a lot denser up close, and more intimidating when they were looking down on it from the meadow. there are a couple of routes to take, and they can always come back to explore more later. the mountains are on the other side either way.
dad hops out of the crawler to go take a peek, reporting back that both paths look entirely identical, and either would be a reasonable choice.
No. 710471 ID: 34dbe0

well, with no discernible difference, we just gotta pick at random. i say left!
No. 710472 ID: f6442a

Go left.
No. 710475 ID: 5ad4a7

Left is the traditional choice when given identical options.
No. 710494 ID: 6e773d
File 145844362590.jpg - (231.20KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )

When the TCP's came to a set of 2 open paths, they entered the path on their left.
No. 710511 ID: ff8371

Why would it be called the "right" path if it wasn't the "right" path to take?
Christianity: 0
Atheism: Also 0
No. 710519 ID: 343b23

No. 710526 ID: 7b7ab3

Left now, right later.
No. 710713 ID: 0c7bf6

I see what you did there.
Also left.
No. 710745 ID: 32d627
File 145855198787.png - (14.50KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

the TCPs venture onward, taking the left path. the forest is less dense here, allowing the sky to peek through the sparse canopy. it's an easy walk for sure, with hardly any rocks in the way. primus details the scenery for buddy as they walk, his friend taking mental notes for a map. bee darts in between primus and dad, bumping into trees occasionally.

dad hums a tune as they walk, occasionally honking her horn for emphasis. the walker isn't exactly quiet, but the noise of it stumbling along is somewhat calming to all of the TCPs.
No. 710746 ID: 32d627
File 145855201522.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

the next branch is a bit more diverse, with three obvious paths- the left similar to the ones they approached earlier, the middle a small path made of shrubbery, and the right a clear, grassy path.
No. 710747 ID: f56624

middle. Open fields are prime for snipers and I just have a bad feeling about continuing through the forest stroll.
No. 710764 ID: 2a7417

Go through- the shrubbery!
No. 710766 ID: 7b7ab3

We already went left once and Dad's walker would have a hard time with those shrubs.
No. 710769 ID: 1b60c0

We can't risk damage to dad walker. Let's veer to the right
No. 710773 ID: 90f3c0

The shrubbery looks like the more adventurous route. Go middle.
No. 710787 ID: f2461f

Go right.
No. 710788 ID: 2a7417

We kinda can. We'll just spawn another one at base if it somehow can't handle the underbrush.
No. 710989 ID: 32d627
File 145871413367.png - (13.45KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

the TCPs leave the DADCRAWLER behind for now, squishing down under the brush to take the middle path. it's a little prickly, but primus' gear keeps him from getting scratched up. he assures dad they'll come back for her walker, and she grunts in response, saying that whatever's out here better be worth it.

and it is; you have discovered THE TREEHOUSE. there are a couple areas surrounding the base to look around, along with the base itself. the TCPs are welcome to explore any of the areas; TREEHOUSE BASE, BERRY BUSHES, WRETCH RUINS, HOLLOW LOGS.
No. 710991 ID: f0e552

Let's save the best for... first! Check inside the treehouse!
No. 710992 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's let Buddy out to see the stuff!
No. 710995 ID: f562b1

Well, let it out after climbing the ladder if they're going up.
No. 711006 ID: 2a7417

It's treehouse time.
If Primus is able to fit non-TCPs shorter than him, leave Dad and Buddy here while he goes to retrieve the Dadwalker.
No. 711115 ID: 32d627
File 145879322346.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

there's unfortunately no way for primus to hold the DADCRAWLER in either of his storage pouches, but it'll be easy enough to pick it up on the way back home. he makes his way up the ladder and lets buddy out on the porch.

buddy's immediately frightened by the sheer height of the treehouse, sticking as close to the base's walls as possible. dad hauls herself up (not without difficulty) and tries to calm the panicking TCP down. it's fine, she says, we're safe and primus can carry you up and down the ladder. you're okay, and nothing bad is going to happen on her watch.

buddy makes a soft sound, a metallic whine of anxiety, and dad pats it gently on the back. dad gives primus a thumbs up and the go ahead to check around the outside porch and surrounding area while she takes buddy inside to relax and breathe a bit. primus thanks her sincerely, and gets to work on surveying the surrounding area.

everything surrounding the base is decently visible, and primus can start taking note of the other points of interest nearby. he makes sure to try and remember everything's relative location so he can pass on the information to buddy, and a map could be made later on. bee keeps him company, occasionally bumping into the side of the base.
No. 711116 ID: 32d627
File 145879329148.png - (10.07KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

the HOLLOW LOGS look like they're in a fairly open clearing, and are just what they sound like- hollowed out logs spread out in a what looked like an organic playground. primus could only imagine what a day spent playing in it would be like, or even turning it into another base! there's probably goodies to be found as well, and he notes that it'd be a worthwhile trip at some point if the void wanted them to pick up some more natural materials.
No. 711117 ID: 32d627
File 145879333079.png - (11.80KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

the WRETCH RUINS are probably the weirdest thing in the area- a lot of broken down pillars and a huge statue lay untouched in a clearing. the statue is hard to make out entirely from this far away, but it seems to dual as a fountain of SPAWNING FLUID. primus says it's a little creepy, but might have some interesting things to see.
No. 711118 ID: 32d627
File 145879335885.png - (9.48KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

the BERRY BUSHES are pretty simple, but catch primus' attention quickly. a large clearing full of fruit sounds like a great place to visit, and might have a lot of creatures to see. even if the TCPs might not eat, there was bound to be plenty of food for any sort of animals they came across.
No. 711121 ID: 32d627
File 145879342482.png - (10.47KB , 500x500 , 79.png )

inside the treehouse, buddy and dad are getting a feel for the layout. it's pretty cozy, and buddy's doing its best to calm down with its doll and marimo friend. dad's trying to preoccupy it with making a cozy nest out of pillows and asking about its doll. buddy is quiet at first but says its doll's name is susie, and that susie isn't afraid of anything, ever.

dad says it's okay to be a little bit afraid, since that keeps you on your toes. being scared of things is safer than thinking you can take on things you can't handle, and if buddy works at it, it'll overcome its irrational fears. buddy asks if dad really thinks so, and dad assures it that she KNOWS so. susie told her so, she makes sure to add, and buddy starts giggling all over again.
No. 711125 ID: 5ad4a7

Aww yeah Dad being a great dad.

Primus should investigate HOLLOW LOGS first. Try out that parkour skill.
No. 711130 ID: f6442a

I think someone added an extra W to the Wretch Ruins' name some time ago. Investigate the spawning pool.
No. 711152 ID: 7b7ab3

Primus should run and play!

hnnnnnng my heart
No. 711163 ID: 0cb8d1

No. 711167 ID: f0e552

send buddy to look at the spawning pool fountain, what is that doing out here? I certainly hope it's not spawning anything.
No. 711169 ID: 733ded

Tell dad that the void approves greatly
No. 711191 ID: 2c4dc5

gosh that was cute. i love these tiny cat children.

let primus go play at the logs or go pick some berries, whichever he prefers!

we can go to check out the fountain with everyone there later after everyone has some fun and relaxes. honestly, it's a lil spooky so maybe only if they want to go.

also can we make the treehouse a base? i was thinking we should give/spawn teleportation pads at each place for quick access!
No. 711192 ID: ab9ddd

You want to send Buddy out to the creepy ass crying statue in the middle of the woods? Buddy? I do hope you meant Primus.
No. 711196 ID: 2a7417

Well, Buddy's a weapon TCP. She can defend herself.
No. 711224 ID: 6ff77f

It. Dad is our only "she" right now.
No. 711228 ID: 15a025

Let's check out the creepy ruins with Primus! There's bound to be some kind of cool treasures there.
No. 711292 ID: 32d627
File 145886377076.png - (10.89KB , 500x500 , 80.png )

primus says he'll head off to the logs, and buddy and dad can join him later at the ruins. he'll makes sure all of them get a good look at the spawning pool, and being together will make it less creepy.

primus gives both dad and buddy a hug, getting his gear together and promises to bring back some sort of treasure, no matter how small. he points out the box on the table, saying that while he's gone, they could investigate that. buddy tells him to come back soon, and dad stands up on a chair to give him a pat on the back for luck.
No. 711293 ID: 32d627
File 145886379667.png - (11.30KB , 500x500 , 81.png )

running through the forest is a little easier without having to wait for dad to catch up or worrying about buddy's safety, and primus doesn't hesitate to get moving. vaulting over rocks and brush isn't quite what he had in mind when he wanted adventure, but it's definitely good practice.
No. 711297 ID: 32d627
File 145886420003.png - (13.54KB , 500x500 , 82.png )

the HOLLOW LOGS are way larger than he expected- you could easily fit a TCP twice his size in one without having to stretch. he tells the void he's up for trying anything while he's got the chance to practice his parkour and adventuring skills.
No. 711298 ID: 5ad4a7

Try doing a running climb up the side of a vertical log to catch the upper lip!
No. 711301 ID: f6442a

Find your way to the top of a fully vertical log.
No. 711306 ID: f7a64f

Are the insides of the logs smooth? Try to get some speed and then slide down the inside of one on your feet.
No. 711326 ID: f0e552

climbing up trees is useful, try that!
No. 711394 ID: 5ad4a7

>buddy and dad can join him later at the ruins
Wait... how is Buddy going to get down?
No. 711423 ID: 1fbb52


No. 711476 ID: 32d627
File 145895564264.png - (8.24KB , 500x500 , 83.png )

it takes primus some warming up to get going, but sliding down the inside of the logs is tons of fun, even if he ends up falling on his face the first time he tries. after stumbling and finally finding his balance, it's no issue at all to get some momentum.
No. 711479 ID: 32d627
File 145895567836.png - (9.38KB , 500x500 , 84.png )

No. 711480 ID: 32d627
File 145895572321.png - (10.15KB , 500x500 , 85.png )

climbing the logs looks like it might be more of a challenge.
No. 711482 ID: 32d627
File 145895579308.png - (10.18KB , 500x500 , 86.png )

meanwhile, buddy and dad decide to check out the chest on the table. it takes some strength to get it open, but between the two of them, the prize is revealed.
No. 711483 ID: 32d627
File 145895585552.png - (8.76KB , 500x500 , 87.png )

No. 711484 ID: 15a025

No. 711485 ID: f6442a

Examine Buddy's back. What could it mean?
No. 711486 ID: 5ad4a7


We didn't put that there, did we? Who wants the knife? When we get to the spawning pool we can arm all of you with weapons that you find agreeable. Maybe some basic armor as well, but I really have no idea what parts of a TCP should be protected.

That handle reminds me of Primus' color scheme.
No. 711487 ID: 50d772

Uh. Is there another side to the note? Cause I want a better explanation than that.
No. 711488 ID: 430103

...Suffice it to say we don't all agree as to what 'adventures' could be. Some of us wanted combat. So you might need that knife, I'm afraid.
No. 711489 ID: 99a64d

Oh boy, this seems interesting. This is either a result of the compromise between suggestions, or there's another group active in this world. Either could have some fascinating repercussions.

We should get Primus a skateboard.
No. 711492 ID: f56624

the fuck you mean skateboard?
magnetic skates are the only true path
No. 711498 ID: b1b975

>primus feels ready for anything involving rails or ramps.

We did that already.

But no yeah this is way unsettling.
No. 711501 ID: f0e552

maybe we should stay silent for this one. The TCP's trust each other right?

Though, if someone decides to pick it up, let's say something.
No. 711527 ID: f562b1

Staying silent until they either ask or make a decision for themselves sounds good. And even if they ask, I don't really want to make a decision for them, simply explain the uses of it in either leaving it in the box or taking it, and let them decide still.
No. 711532 ID: ea2f8b

Oh sweet, free knife! Now we just need a kitchen and something to prepare with our new tool.

Alternatively we could teach one of the cats to whittle.
No. 711539 ID: ab9ddd

This being a result of compromise would make sense if it weren't for the note. I don't want to say it couldn't have been us, but part of me feels like terrible things outside of our control may be on the horizon. Dad and Buddy should just close the chest and wait for Primus to return for now.
No. 711613 ID: 5ad4a7

Clearly Primus should do some SICK TRICKS.
No. 711615 ID: f7a64f

Maybe a side affect of creating things like this treehouse is the creation of it's sub zones, and by extension dangerous creatures that inhabit it and further this, which the TCP might need to protect themselves.
No. 711620 ID: a107fd

Create rope, pitons, hammer. Teach Primus mountaineering.
No. 711645 ID: 5ad4a7

Can't do that, we have no access to the spawning pool yet and are on an Adventure so "spawn things from midair" is blocked.
No. 711647 ID: f6442a

Ah, but there's a spawning pool at the Retching Ruins!
No. 711648 ID: 5ad4a7

Which we are not at.
No. 711649 ID: 0c7bf6

It looks like there's either:
A) another group like us active
B) a TCP wandering around that learned on its own
or C) a non-TCP creature that is intelligent?
The knife and message could be a threat or a warning, but I think it's a warning because they gave us the knife to use. Most likely to defend ourselves from an unknown danger.
No. 711654 ID: f36501

okay tiny cat children. this is fine and we are not concerned.

we won't let anything bad happen to you if we can help it.

but like only say this if they're concerned about the message. I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE A CUTE PUZZLE.
No. 711665 ID: 32d627

heads up: ANY sort of commands aside from check + direct suggestions to the TCPs will be ignored in adventure for the sake of time, even if at a spawning pool. ADVENTURES end when the final treasure has been found!
No. 711713 ID: d15021

I love this mix of cute and creepy. It's great.

DAD:TAKE the KNIFE and put it in the CRAWLER, BUDDY: TRY not to FLIP OUT.
No. 711715 ID: f461c5

That would be leaving buddy alone, which is exactly the opposite of what is reasonable to do.
No. 711727 ID: d15021

But it would certainly be interesting!
No. 711780 ID: 2067a4

????? No, please dont do this!! Aaa I just want everyone to be safe and happy
No. 711804 ID: f36501

Interesting does not equal fun.

Keep the cats safe, keep em happy.
No. 711823 ID: 38685c

store the knife inside buddy along with all the others
No. 711827 ID: b7dfa3

Don't do that; that would further injure Buddy. Also we might not be able to get the knife back out again.
No. 711912 ID: 32d627
File 145920347811.png - (9.15KB , 500x500 , 88.png )

dad and buddy check each other's backs, and find nothing. buddy says that it's scared, and dad gives it a hug as best as she can from her perch on the chair. the knife TCP is shaking badly, and dad tells it to go lay back down in the hammock while she investigates. buddy nods and clambers back in, curling up into a tight ball and trying not to freak out.
No. 711913 ID: 32d627
File 145920350304.png - (5.68KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

dad checks the other side of the note, and finds nothing. she debates taking the knife, but concludes that it wouldn't help them any to carry it around now. if anything, it would probably just make them nervous. she says that it'll be fine to buddy, and that from now on, she'd keep their backs on HIGH SURVEILLANCE. nobody was going to mess with them if dad could help it.

buddy laughs nervously, and buries itself in pillows some more. it clutches its doll and marimo tightly, and says that it hopes dad is right.
No. 711914 ID: 32d627
File 145920352974.png - (12.14KB , 500x500 , 90.png )

dad waits til buddy is relatively relaxed before stepping out onto the porch and demanding to know what the void knew about this. did the void leave this for them? because if so, it needed to explain. now.
No. 711915 ID: 32d627
File 145920356111.png - (11.73KB , 500x500 , 91.png )

primus has stopped doing tricks for now, and asks if the void is okay. it got all quiet again, is everybody okay back at the treehouse?
No. 711916 ID: 5ad4a7

Dad: Uh yeah we didn't intentionally put that there. When we create large scale objects the details are not well defined. That may have been put there by one of our commands, but we can't know for sure, and it was not our intention to make you paranoid.

Primus, please come back to the treehouse. Dad will show you what she found.
No. 711917 ID: ea0700

we dont know, primus. something's afoot, go regroup with dad and buddy and be on your guard.

Dad, I don't think this was our doing unless indirectly so. keep an eye open, we'll help as we can.
No. 711921 ID: 301a01

can we have buddy do some self care to make itself feel better??

dad, we definitely didn't do that intentionally.
No. 711925 ID: 401f23

Tell dad that we the void tried to create an adventure for them, but didn't think in detail about what that adventure might be and we're sorry if we accidentally introduced peril! We're going to do the best we can to look after you!
No. 711940 ID: 0c7bf6

I'm doubtful that we could have created something like this accidentally- even if we created something vague like "treehouse", it should just create regular things to find in a treehouse. A knife and creepy note in a box are not normal treehouse items, as far as I know.
No. 711944 ID: 8dae8e

the void had nothing to do w this...
No. 711948 ID: f562b1

We did not specifically create a knife, no. We created "treasures that would be appreciated", which leaves me to wonder how a knife ended up there. Conflict was definitely not our intention.
We are talking amongst ourselves, and have come up with two possible answers: One is that we have accidentally created wild animals that aren't very friendly, the other, that something else is creating things. The latter is worrying, and yet, if so, it left it in a place we made for you, suggesting they, as well, are trying to help.
If not the knife, please grab a sturdy stick from somewhere. A stick can be used for a greater variety of nonharmful things than a knife, such as holding things up or pushing things from a distance.

Primus, head back to the treehouse. The box on the table had something worrying.

With the mapping supplies Primus has, I think we can write on the back of the note, so that if there is another group, we can leave a mention of friendly intentions.
No. 711962 ID: 99a64d

You really shouldn't worry when we go quiet, sometimes we just don't have anything to say, not this time... but still!
Buddy and Dad found a knife with a threat attached! Exciting, don't you think!

What's an adventure without a little danger, huh? Don't worry, my idea for cannibalistic pygmies got vetoed, so there shouldn't be any *real* danger, but don't tell that to Primus, he might get disappointed.
No. 711983 ID: f36501

dad, we don't think it was us. we created large scale things for "puzzle adventures" and "treasures" for you guys to have some fun. we didn't specify the details, but this seems contradictory to what we wanted to happen.

primus, nothing too alarming hopefully! but it's probably best to get back to the treehouse, buddy doesn't want to be up there anymore.

buddy, it's going to be okay. is there anything we can do to make you feel safer?
No. 712025 ID: 32d627
File 145923007282.png - (9.23KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

primus nods and grabs his things immediately, heading back even faster than he came. there would be better times to play in the logs, especially if buddy was having anxiety issues right now. he can't help but worry he says, because every time the void DOES go quiet, it seems to mean somebody's hurting or going to hurt- first with buddy being in pain, and now something scary at the treehouse? it worried him.

primus accepts the void's explanation of what happened, and says he believes it in that it didn't mean to make the knife. he just hoped that whatever did, he said, if SOMETHING or SOMEONE did make it, that it had good intentions.
No. 712026 ID: 32d627
File 145923026206.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

buddy remembers its self care techniques, and tries to relax by counting the things in the room and gently squeezing its marimo friend- the little thing peeping in response. dad comes back in and asks if the knife TCP's doing alright, and after a few minutes buddy gives a semi-confident yes. it would be okay, and apologizes for startling both dad and the void.

dad says it's not buddy's fault, and climbs up in with it to keep it company. buddy welcomes her, dad and says they can wait for primus to come back together. it's not until dad gives buddy a hug that it realizes that the fatherly TCP is just as shaky as it was earlier.
No. 712029 ID: 34dbe0

buddy and dad, what can we do to make you feel safer? because we're in an adventure, we can't directly make anything right now, but if you want to leave the treehouse or anything we can make that happen. we want adventures to be fun, not scary, and we want to find out why this happened.

primus should get in on the hug when he arrives!
No. 712037 ID: f6442a

Turn the hammock into a tent. No, a blanket fort!
No. 712038 ID: 5ad4a7

Don't worry Dad. We'll all get through this together. It's an adventure for us too, you know...

No. 712209 ID: 32d627
File 145929780973.png - (10.28KB , 500x500 , 94.png )

primus doesn't stop to relax until he's climbed up the rope ladder and in the treehouse, his whole body tensed up until he sees the two other TCPs okay and safe. buddy almost jumps out to greet him, but he assures it he'll join them in a moment. he just wants to check the knife first.

it's sharp, and primus nearly cuts himself on the blade. primus notes to himself that it might even be sharper than buddy's knives- definitely sharper with those caps on it. it makes him uneasy to look at, and the feeling only gets worse when he reads the note. he pockets it all the same, figuring it might come in handy.

he holds the knife carefully in his hands, weighing it and scrutinizing every part of it. it was small, but with how scary that blade was, that fact only made him feel nervous. losing track of this thing could get someone seriously hurt. the color of the handle seems to match buddy's outfit, and the box's colors add to the feeling that it was made for the knife TCP itself.

he brings this up, and buddy reluctantly says it'll carry it. primus tells it that it doesnt have to, but buddy insists that whatever left it here, probably intended the knife to go to it. plus, with the caps on, buddy feels kind of defenseless. it sounds like it's trying to force a bit of positivity when it says that it might end up being more useful carrying this thing around.
No. 712210 ID: 32d627
File 145929788211.png - (12.92KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

the three TCP's don't hesitate to regroup in the hammock. primus says they can't sit around hugging forever, as they still have to finish the ADVENTURE, but the three of them should get ready to get going as a team after this.

splitting up might turn out more risky than they thought.
No. 712211 ID: 32d627
File 145929792735.png - (7.48KB , 500x500 , 96.png )


dad is a DAD TYPE TCP, and is thus very small, but incredibly powerful. being a CREATURE TCP, her abilities are passive and cannot be used intentionally. DAD TYPES have a leadership passive effect- any TCPs in her immediate vicinity will prioritize listening to her over any other commands- from the void, or other TCPs.

dad's health is doing perfectly fine, but she's having some serious anxiety over this whole knife ordeal. she's barely grasped the concept of having an all-knowing void collective watch over her, let alone the idea of there possibly being another one out there somewhere.

dad's skills can be CHECKED separately, and she currently has no inventory.
No. 712215 ID: f56624

well, if there's going to be danger I say first step is shoring up our defenses. Let's try to get some log pilons set up, maybe see if we can get some fight training done so everyone has a better shot.

Buddy probably should be the knife wielder too, since they're not quite as defensibly capable as primus or dad because of their poor health.

See if you can go get the dad walker through too, I'm certain a big mobile pair of armored legs would come in fantastically handy in case of attack, especially with all the hidden goodies in it.
gotta love the brandy dispenser.
No. 712218 ID: f562b1

Well, on the plus side, a well crafted knife can still be used for some fun activities. While it's not the right shape for proper woodcutting, it can help make wooden nails, and when making meals for the animals you may befriend, a knife is useful for reducing the size of certain items.
That's not to say it definitely cannot be used for defensive purposes, just that it's not the only use.
No. 712223 ID: f36501

ask what they want to do.

explore some more as a team? go home? if we can get to that spawning pool we can start making teleporter pads (specifically coded to only activate for our tcp, of course) for little sort of 'quicksaves'
No. 712227 ID: 5ad4a7

You guys wanna check out the SUPER SPOOKY WRETCH RUINS? Or the clearing with the animals? Probably the latter, right?
No. 712232 ID: f562b1

Now that they're together and armed, I think it's better to check out the ruins first. Make absolutely sure they're safe. Also, Dad, I would still like you to grab a stick. Can't woodcut without wood.
No. 712329 ID: f6442a

The first step to feeling safer when other creative entities of unknown intentions are about is to GET OUT OF THEIR TREEHOUSE.
The second step is to confront your fears and examine the Retching Wruins together.
No. 712869 ID: 32d627
File 145948636030.png - (10.62KB , 500x500 , 97.png )

buddy says it wants to go to the RUINS- it's not scared, and they could check out the berry bushes later to cheer themselves up after, in case it was scary. dad agrees, saying that getting the rough stuff out of the way might be best. they came here to had an adventure, and nothing was going to slow them down.

everyone gathers up their supplies, primus giving buddy a hug and a pat on the shoulder before letting it take shelter inside his stomach pocket again. he promises to carry it until they got to the ruins, and they set off immediately.

the TCPs talk on the way.

primus wants to know how everybody's feeling, because he can't help but feel a bit nervous about all this. he says he knows he's supposed to be the adventurous one of the group, but something feels off.

dad says she'd like to get some loot out of this deal, and isn't keen on returning empty handed. after all, she says, if the knife WAS a treasure, there had to be more chests elsewhere.

buddy says it wants to become braver, the sound of its metallic voice muffled through the security of primus's stomach pocket. that's all.

the group goes quiet.
No. 712870 ID: 32d627
File 145948641121.png - (10.85KB , 500x500 , 98.png )

they arrive at the WRETCH RUINS. there's something wrong with the clearing that the TCPs can't quite place. buddy's let out and the three TCPs tread with caution- it's as if they shouldn't be here.

the destroyed pillars around the statue crumble at the touch, the ones still standing wobble when they walk past. the air feels thicker, and primus comments that he feels sick. dad agrees, muttering that she doesn't like the look of this place. buddy remains quiet, holding its knife close and treading carefully.

the statue in the center is the only thing really intact- spawning fluid oozing slowly from its mouth. the void is NOT PERMITTED to use this pool; as this fluid does not belong to it.
No. 712872 ID: 5ad4a7

...I think we just confirmed there's another creation-entity in this world. Hmm. I wonder what it is, exactly?

Oh, nuts. I'd like it if we could bring back a sample of the fluid to analyze, but I don't think any of the TCPs have any bottles to carry it in.

Or would any old container work? Primus, do you have anything in your bag that could carry the fluid?
No. 712879 ID: b36019

If we are the void, then perhaps our complementary entity is the wholeness. Where we create in broad strokes, they creates in minute detail. Perhaps, lacking a way to communicate directly, such as the connection the TCPs and we share, it expresses its worries and anxieties over the TCPs through its items.

Is it possible that there are dangers even we do not know, which the wholeness is trying to warn not only the TCPs, but also us about?
No. 712880 ID: 5ad4a7

It's also possible that the other entity is paranoid about us...?
No. 712883 ID: b36019

Also possible. Is there a way we could assuage their possible fear, given this lack of communication? Is there a way that we, or TCPs, could respond in kind? Is the wholeness more-or-less constantly aware of the goings on of the TCPs, or are they more limited? Or perhaps even less limited?

Maybe, one of the TCPs could write a response (perhaps a thank you, but also a comment that the presentation of this gift was stressful) on the back of the note? If the wholeness has a grasp on the situation, at least in as much as its own gifts are involved, then perhaps in will respond in kind with some future gift.
No. 712905 ID: 34dbe0

yeah, let's try communicating - either aloud or through some kind of note - and tell whatever else is here, since it must be observing, that we don't mean any harm and would like to coexist.

after that, make sure the TCP know that they can leave right away if they want to. better to trust your gut, and if you feel like you shouldn't be here, then we should go pretty soon.
No. 712911 ID: 196d3c

maybe the void wasn't empty to begin with? maybe this was just hidden. maybe we aren't the first creator and we're just poking at the ruins of the last
No. 712913 ID: cbd7dc

This is probably a center of power for some malevolent counterpart of ours--that's why our voidespawned TCPs are feeling uneasy just by being in its presence. Is it possible to cancel a quest by retreating? We need to teach them skills of diplomacy and self-defence and equip them for such.
No. 712915 ID: 5ad4a7

I feel that the TCPs can continue. They want some real loot, and we know we put loot in the puzzle temple, which we haven't found yet. That place should be safe, surely?
No. 712917 ID: 32d627
File 145949917220.png - (14.17KB , 500x500 , 99.png )

primus stands tall with his friends, mustering up some courage before yelling into the air as loud as he can. the void wants to talk with whoever's here, he says. buddy quietly adds that they are friendly.
No. 712918 ID: 32d627
File 145949919809.png - (6.04KB , 500x500 , 100.png )

a note pops into the air, and primus catches it.
No. 712919 ID: 196d3c

No. 712921 ID: 5ad4a7

Hahaha, well, looks like whoever it is, they've been here longer than us. Or they claim to, anyway. Well, okay. I think we should probably just go. They just seem to be looking down on us, but not actively hostile, and by leaving we can keep things from getting any worse.

So, out of the ruins, and let's try to find places we're supposed to be.
No. 712922 ID: f2461f

Well alrighty then. Perhaps now would be the time to backtrack to the walker and choose a different path.
We also should relay we meant no disrespect and that our curiosity got the better of us.
No. 712923 ID: 76c187

Primus could you write 'no u' on the other side of the note and put it on the ledge of the fountain? I think Buddy has some pencils. Thanks.
No. 712924 ID: f0e552

No. 712926 ID: 51c5c7

Create Hat for (w)retch ruins. Make it something silly, to lighten the mood a bit,
No. 712927 ID: 51c5c7

Shit forgot we couldn't do that on adventures. Anyway...at least the other...being, doesn't seem outright hostile.
No. 712929 ID: 99a64d

I guess they've been here longer than us? I don't see how that's possible considering we only recently created this world.

I would suggest taking the note's advice. I'd rather not piss whoever this is off more than necessary.
No. 712952 ID: 34dbe0

if we're telling them we want to coexist, that means we should comply with their requests, colorfully phrased as they may be. let's leave and have everyone check the hollow logs together - i think we probably missed some goodies there.

(oh, wait - check behind the statue really quick, in case there's treasure or something. we just wanna make sure we don't miss whatever loot we need to end the adventure.)
No. 712982 ID: 15a025

Rip up the note and leave.
No. 712983 ID: d15021

CHECK wretched fountain.
No. 712987 ID: b36019

Lamentable. We should apologize for intruding. Hopefully retreating back to the tower will count as 'fucking off.'

We'll have to remember that bleed-heart signature, and keep away from it unless we're invited.

Though, it does say 'newbie,' not 'newbies.'

I don't think the TCPs would be too comfortable with it, but maybe we appease this bleeding-heart by leaving them on their own, waiting for them to return back to the tower. Maybe they even believe that we're coddling them, somehow?
No. 712989 ID: 7b7ab3

Maybe it'd be a good idea to keep that knife we found.
We may also want to consider making some defenses for our spawning pool and the TCP.
No. 713068 ID: f6442a

It seems the other void only speaks shitpost. Gr8 b8 m8 8/8.
No. 713089 ID: 7333da

If this "bleeding heart" shows up at our portal, we can leave a similar but more eloquent note for them: "Back off, Rookie." We need our own signature though.

Also, it's possible that the universe "resets" from time to time and Bleeding Heart is from an older universe, thus newer to this one, but more experienced with TCP.
No. 713144 ID: 32d627
File 145956265640.png - (9.18KB , 500x500 , 101.png )

the fountain seems to portray a large, mammalian being. upon touching it, primus pulls his hand back immediately, sticky tar coming off with it. dad makes a noise of disgust, while buddy leans in to pull some off deliberately. it says it might be interesting to look at back at the tower.

a note reading "DONT TOUCH MY SHITTTT YOU ASSHOLE!!!" pops into existence next to him.
No. 713145 ID: 32d627
File 145956267437.png - (7.74KB , 500x500 , 102.png )

the TCPs agree it's better to leave than to linger. whatever's here, it isn't exactly fond of them.

they could go to the hollow logs, the berry bushes, move on towards the temple, or go home. wherever they go, they should do it quickly. a sign just appeared, and it doesn't seem very friendly.
No. 713149 ID: 32d627
File 145956309555.png - (7.07KB , 500x500 , 103.png )

No. 713158 ID: f6442a

Temple run. Wipe the tar off on the note, specifically the parts that say DON'T and SHIT YOU.
No. 713159 ID: 59a537

I don't see any point in hanging around here to argue or pick a fight with this jerk. Lets go search the logs for loots.
No. 713163 ID: ae7fc4

Spawn APOLOGY FRUIT BASKET, go check out the berry bushes.
No. 713164 ID: b7f847

Let's search the temple and the logs, then head home.
No. 713165 ID: b36019

Yeah, I guess we're messing bleeding heart's starting area. I say we should go check the berry bushes. If we meet further resistance, we head home as fast as possible, and if we don't, we can collect some berries then head back.
No. 713166 ID: 5ad4a7

Seriously let's not mess with the godlike entity.
No. 713250 ID: 627d61

CHECK if buddy wants to keep the the STRANGE TAR. He might CRAFT something out of it!
No. 713262 ID: 3e182c

We should leave for now...
Our TCP's are ill prepared to do battle with a god.
But they wont be next time. This place will be ours... or no one's at all.
No. 713362 ID: 99a64d

The note accompanying the fruit basket reads "sorry you're such an asshole."

Are we still in adventure mode? If not I'd like to create a massive defensive arsenal, just in case.
No. 713370 ID: f6442a

Creators' spawn privileges don't extend outside their starting area, no need to start an arms race with someone or something this immature.
No. 713383 ID: 99a64d

A cold war would be interesting, but really, I just don't want to be caught unprepared if "immature" turns into "aggressive".
No. 713899 ID: 32d627
File 145980893392.png - (13.49KB , 500x500 , 104.png )

buddy smears the tar from the fountain inside primus' map carrier for now, promising to clean it out and put it in something else later. primus says not to worry about it.

the TCPs set off for the berry bushes, buddy opting to stay outside of primus's stomach pocket this time. it mutters that it wants to help keep everybody safe in case of an attack, and holds its knife closely. dad says it's a relief to have someone with an actual weapon walk with them, and primus has to agree. the world feels more dangerous now.
No. 713900 ID: 32d627
File 145980896119.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , 105.png )

the berry bushes are full of some sort of fruit- and capybara! the grim mood settling over the TCPs fades quickly, and dad wastes no time claiming one for herself.
No. 713904 ID: 5ad4a7

Cute! Are they tame? I guess they're at least docile enough to not run away.
No. 713911 ID: 15a025

Pick some berries and feed them to our new friends!
No. 713929 ID: f2461f

Let dad name the capybara.
CHECK Buddy.
No. 713932 ID: 7b7ab3

Enough scary nonsense! Time for some cute shenanigans!
No. 713962 ID: 3e182c

We need moar capybaras. Surly these are the true treasure here. Just think. A Capybara Ranch!
No. 713963 ID: b36019

I don't want to take any capybaras with us, as cute as they are. I feel like we may still be too close for bleeding-heart, and I don't want to aggravate them further. I get the feeling that bleeding-heart may take offense at the TCPs taking anything back with them that wasn't explicitly a gift.
No. 713988 ID: 9f0151

but we made the capybaras, theyre ours.
NAME them! :D
No. 714010 ID: 34dbe0

agreed on let dad name the capybara + check buddy!
No. 714043 ID: 32d627
File 145989071060.png - (12.08KB , 500x500 , 106.png )

the capybara seem tame enough- they let dad sit on them without any protest, and one even crawls into buddy's lap for some affection.
primus gathers some berries for the capybara to eat, seeing as everyone else is either covered in the animals or taking one for a ride. they go for the berries immediately, eating right out of his hands.
No. 714044 ID: 32d627
File 145989077651.png - (8.49KB , 500x500 , 107.png )


buddy is a KNIFE type TCP, and as such has blades jutting out of its delicate skin. being a WEAPON TCP, it is extremely frail, and has poor health conditions. buddy has three blades as of this moment- one on its head and two replacing its left arm. currently, these blades are capped + bandaged.

buddy's health is okay right now, and has reached its cap after remaining in primus' shelter.

buddy wants to start a farm full of friends, like the marimo and the capybara. everything is very soft.

this TCP, being knife type, can summon more blades on any part of its body, so long as it is willing to sacrifice health. these knives are permanent changes to its body, and cannot be gotten rid of.

it does not have an inventory on hand at the moment, as its duffel bag is in the DADCRAWLER.
No. 714045 ID: 32d627
File 145989082157.png - (10.39KB , 500x500 , 108.png )

dad NAMES her capybara douglas, and says he's coming with her no matter what. the bleeding heart thing could deal with it, and if anything happened, dad would take full responsibility.

they could try to take more back as well, but it's up to the void.
No. 714046 ID: 5ad4a7

I don't see any problem with it. We can make a habitat for them.

Hey Buddy, how are you feeling now? You've reached the full benefit of Shelter.
No. 714205 ID: 3663d3

yeah, can't make anything in the adventure zone, but we can still by the house, if not right now then when we get back.
[create capybara habitat next to house/tower]
No. 714216 ID: f36501

Better yet, spawn a TINY CREATURE RANCH next to the tower, with all sorts of mini-biomes for them to put assorted creatures in!

douglas is of course welcome to come with, and if buddy or primus want to bring more that's fine too!
No. 714251 ID: 32d627
File 145997772343.png - (6.84KB , 500x500 , 109.png )

buddy says it feels a lot better! it may not be a very healthy TCP, but this is the best it's ever felt and it thanks both primus and the void profusely for it. it would like to take a couple of capybara back as well- if that's okay.
No. 714252 ID: 32d627
File 145997774356.png - (10.95KB , 500x500 , 110.png )

there's a lot of capybara here- which ones will the TCPs take? primus says it's probably best to keep it under 5, seeing as that plus douglas brings it to an even six.
No. 714254 ID: 2a7417

Take the bottom four.
No. 714255 ID: 1e8e7a

Big brown one in the bottom left, the white one on the right, and the one with the big ol staring eyes...they know very much
No. 714257 ID: 5ad4a7

I'm so glad to hear that, Buddy! I wonder if Dad can boost her health level or if she's at maximum already?
No. 714305 ID: e4873e


yep, seconding this!
No. 714313 ID: 7b7ab3

Thirding this!

Though I love all these little cuties.

Don't hurt them ;w;.
No. 714333 ID: 34dbe0

let buddy and primus each pick whichever one they want, and then as extra we can bring home the ones that have been suggested.
No. 714348 ID: 93cc25

Seconding FRACTAL
No. 714356 ID: f2461f

I agree with this.
No. 714358 ID: 99a64d

I like the bottom two and the two just below the top two.
No. 714467 ID: 3e182c

Awww, The Wittle one wif da waid bawk eaws!
er-. Uh. I mean.
Second Down to the left.
No. 714546 ID: 32d627
File 146006444893.png - (12.03KB , 500x500 , 111.png )

primus picks out his capybara, and names it ginger. ginger is the most active one, he says, and is going to keep up with him better than any of the others! she may be the smallest, but he sees a lot of potential in tina as an adventure friend. bee is great too, but it does tend to get stuck on things and bumble into walls a lot.
No. 714547 ID: 32d627
File 146006447305.png - (11.33KB , 500x500 , 112.png )

buddy goes for the palest of the bunch- her name would be cathy. dad asks why it picked out that one in particular, to which buddy shrugs and mutters that she looked like she'd be a nice friend.
No. 714548 ID: 32d627
File 146006450123.png - (9.28KB , 500x500 , 113.png )

the other capybara are chosen as well- making a nice and even 6. they are named DOUGLAS, GINGER, CATHY, MARTHA, GARY, and LIAM.

everyone agrees that with the capybara in tow, it's time to move on- to the temple, or back home?
No. 714550 ID: 15a025

Let's go to the water TEMPLE!
No. 714554 ID: 2a7417

Even with these capybara in tow, let's go to the temple.
No. 714571 ID: 8fabd6

I say we go home.
No. 714575 ID: f2461f

Adventuring with this precious creatures sounds like a poor idea. Let's take these guys home.
No. 714662 ID: f562b1

I say head back home. However, if the team goes on to the temple, I'd at least like to take a look back home to make sure Bleeding Heart isn't there.
No. 714663 ID: 5ad4a7

It's just a puzzle temple, it'll be fine.
No. 714746 ID: fe0a40

We're so close! Let's keep going to the temple.
No. 714761 ID: 99a64d

Temple go!
No. 714774 ID: 32d627
File 146015107402.png - (12.22KB , 500x500 , 114.png )

the TCP head off for the temple, feeling brave even in the presence of another omnipotent being. the temple would be SAFE, as it was created by the void and is under its guidance.

the temple itself is quite large, and primus tells the capybara herd to wait outside for them to return- even with it only being puzzles inside, better to be safe than sorry.
No. 714778 ID: 32d627
File 146015112661.png - (13.86KB , 500x500 , 115.png )

they are met with three gates. they can split up, or all go together into one.
No. 714779 ID: f6442a

They're ice cream flavors! All of you, pick chocolate!
No. 714795 ID: 301a01

Whatever you do, stay together!!!
No. 714802 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's go with door number three.
No. 714805 ID: 90f3c0

Everyone should stay together. Start with the left door.
No. 714853 ID: ed804d

Safety lies in teamwork. I agree that we should all stick together.
No. 714876 ID: 99a64d

Vanilla flavor!
No. 715066 ID: f562b1

Go together, but make your own choice on which door to take. Primus, you always felt most adventurous, why not take charge of the choice?
No. 715069 ID: 0c7bf6

Chocolate!!!! Flavor!!! Door!!!
No. 715103 ID: f2461f

Let the cats take control, they temple was made for them not us. So whatever they want to do now let them.
No. 715104 ID: 15a025

No. 715159 ID: 9f0151

No. 715243 ID: 32d627
File 146023778639.png - (5.88KB , 500x500 , 116.png )

the TCPs decide to go for the rightmost door, which slides open with a gentle touch. they stick close together, holding each other's hands for extra safety.

inside, a small chamber with a locked door and a slide puzzle awaits.
No. 715247 ID: 32d627
File 146023787707.png - (5.37KB , 500x500 , 117.png )

No. 715253 ID: f6442a

Looks like it's meant to resemble Primus, but sliding this one update at a time is gonna take forever. Dadcat, roll INT check.
No. 715256 ID: 32d627

for the sake of speed, this kind of puzzle will be Solved when someone comes up with the correct slide order
No. 715271 ID: ed804d

The empty space has a tile that is up from it, right from it, down from it, and left from it (except when it's on edges and corners, but whatever). Here is the list of tiles, labeled by their position with respect to the empty space, that need to be slid into the empty space, in this order. Hopefully!

Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down.
No. 715272 ID: e89427

Not the solved picture, the order the pieces are slid in.
No. 715317 ID: 32d627
File 146025410558.png - (5.31KB , 500x500 , 118.png )

the puzzle is unlocked, and the door opens! some confetti even floats down from the ceiling to celebrate the victory.
No. 715318 ID: 32d627
File 146025412966.png - (8.68KB , 500x500 , 119.png )

moving on, there's a similar small room ahead- the only difference being a slightly more difficult puzzle, and vegetation growing through the cracks in the bricks.
No. 715319 ID: 32d627
File 146025416839.png - (46.31KB , 500x500 , 120.png )

screencap the finished puzzle to progress! working on the big cooperative puzzle for next update.

No. 715332 ID: b412df
File 146025491966.png - (64.87KB , 490x552 , TCP I was bored.png )

And so it has been solved.
No. 715333 ID: ed804d

We're doing pretty good. Exciting!
No. 715862 ID: 32d627
File 146041003975.png - (12.30KB , 500x500 , 121.png )

the final puzzle chamber is enormous- the previous rooms dwarf in comparison. a tent made of translucent fabric encases the puzzle room itself, vegetation surrounding the platform. the air is clean and fresh, even this deep inside the temple.
No. 715863 ID: 32d627
File 146041007188.png - (4.32KB , 500x500 , 122.png )

there are four slide puzzles surrounding the pillar. the pillar is currently 7 bricks high, and too tall to reach the treasure on top.
No. 715865 ID: 5ad4a7

Cheat and climb up by finding handholds in the brick seams.
No. 715872 ID: a88764

We've been able to handle slide puzzles in a few minutes so far, so just tackling them head-on seems the most effort-efficient and safest way of handling this.
No. 715891 ID: 15a025

Bring on the slide puzzles!
No. 715894 ID: 36402c

Let's solve the slide puzzles and see if that creates a path for us to the top!
No. 716018 ID: 3e182c

Take the knife (or Shelter Buddy)
and climb up the sides of the giant tent. When directly above the platform, cut through the top of the fabric construction and drop down onto the tall pillar.
No. 716046 ID: 32d627
File 146049672249.png - (12.34KB , 500x500 , 123.png )

if it'll save them some time on the puzzles, why not? buddy gives primus the knife, and he gets ready to climb up. primus stretches out and latches onto the side of the tent, shimmying up as best he can.

dad calls out that he better be careful, and to come down if it's not safe. primus reassures her that the fabric the tent's made of is surprisingly thick and sturdy, only bending a little bit at his weight.
No. 716048 ID: 32d627
File 146049674918.png - (8.91KB , 500x500 , 124.png )

he scoots across the tent's surface when it's more horizontal, careful not to slip. the treasure chest is directly beneath him now, and he carefully cuts a hole...
No. 716049 ID: 32d627
File 146049679009.png - (12.68KB , 500x500 , 125.png )

and lands right next to the treasure.
No. 716051 ID: 35151f

alright, now duck down and use the knife to pop open the chest in case it's trapped
No. 716052 ID: 5ad4a7

Time to open the treasure! *chest opening music plays*
No. 716098 ID: a88764

I'll second being careful about where you stand when you pop open the chest. Especially if it resists being opened (who knows, maybe the puzzles would have unlocked the chest/disarmed the trap as well as opened up a path).
No. 716100 ID: 32d627
File 146050880181.png - (8.87KB , 500x500 , 126.png )

primus pokes at the chest with buddy's knife, finding no traps. he opens it with the blade, just to be sure.
No. 716103 ID: 35151f

inspect mysterious disc
No. 716113 ID: 5ad4a7

Huh, what is it? Is part of it hidden by the cushioning?

Take the whole box, why not.
No. 716126 ID: b1b975

Take the treasure. B)
No. 716127 ID: a88764

I just realized, the messages in the prize-boxes probably aren't being written by Bleeding Heart. The tact they take is different. They seem more like advice, versus Bleeding Heart's verbal attacks.

I'd take the note off and keep it with the previous one. Collecting is fun.

Also, seconding that we inspect the mysterious disk. Be careful, though. The knife is awfully sharp, and while that may just be because it's aspected towards Buddy, there's still an off possibility that the disk will be dangerous as well.
No. 716128 ID: 171e1d

Now we can find all the treasure!
No. 716135 ID: 3e182c

Looks like the next door we go to is the left one.

If Primus cant climb down, Can hen jump? Does he have bones that would break if he did or is he largely hollow?

If Necessary, Primus can drop Dad and Buddy either his pants or poncho, for them to spread and hold tight so he can break his fall and not himself.
No. 716137 ID: f6442a

Eat pastry.
No. 716146 ID: f2461f

Claim treasure.
No. 716199 ID: 32d627
File 146053552528.png - (4.49KB , 500x500 , 127.png )

the treasure comes off of its cushion with no resistance- light and easy to hold in primus' hand. no traps go off, thankfully enough.

it seems to be reacting to primus' touch.
No. 716200 ID: 32d627
File 146053560158.png - (3.94KB , 500x500 , 128.png )

a map materializes on the treasure's surface- primus can navigate it by putting his hands on the edges.

there doesn't seem to be too much of interest in the surrounding areas though.
No. 716201 ID: 32d627
File 146053563128.png - (6.50KB , 500x500 , 129.png )

something new pops up when he taps on the map.
No. 716202 ID: f562b1

I suspect the messages are written "By us;" while not actually our intentionally writing, we did generate treasures that would be useful, and so the messages included are what's useful for them to hear or know of.
>Find Your Way
...This is useful. We can keep watch of "Wretch" with this, and stay out of their territory. For now, we should use it to keep to our path when returning. Before every adventure, check it and make sure Wretch hasn't taken any of our paths--Can't be certain they're safe if they do.
No. 716204 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh! Wretch is the name of the other power, then.

...hmm, check further down in the map. Do our areas of control meet up at a common point?
No. 716205 ID: 35151f

well isn't THAT just......
.......the cat's meow.
No. 716206 ID: 5ad4a7

Also, hey, if each TCP gets a reward box tailored to them from this temple, does that mean Buddy is going to get two gifts?

I kinda want to go through the other branches of the temple.
No. 716220 ID: 2a7417

Let's save them for a future adventure. Time to head back to base and resupply.
Can you zoom out by pushing your thumbs together? I want to see the extent of Bleeding Wretch's teritory.
No. 716227 ID: a88764

I agree with the sentiment that we should head home. Preferably with a path that avoid Wretch's territory, now that we tell where that is.

Not to mention, we know that TCPs can cross territories, and that Wretch has a spawning pool, so for all we know, there are already 'foreign' TCPs en-route to the tower.
No. 716276 ID: bf47e4

So our Devil is the ... Wretch? That's hardly an awful name. Seems more petty than powerful.
Although I guess we could have guessed that from the way he was interacting with our creations.
No. 716295 ID: 0e7a6f

I wonder. We've previously seen Wretch's spawning pool called 'Wretch Ruins.' They've also referred to us and our TCPs as newbies. Maybe they really are older than us?

If so, it's curious that we haven't encountered any of their TCPs. Is it possible that their TCP Limit has been reduce, possibly to 0, somehow?
No. 717626 ID: 32d627
File 146101249198.png - (3.79KB , 500x500 , 130.png )

it looks like the coast is clear- no intersections between the void and wretch's territory for now.

the TCPs can choose to head home to resupply and come back later, or backtrack and continue adventuring. either way, primus notes he's going to need to figure out how to get down from here.
No. 717630 ID: 5ad4a7

You've got some rope. If the box is anchored to the pillar you can tie the rope around the box and climb down.

Alternatively, use Rock Climbing skills to climb down by hand.
No. 717651 ID: f562b1

>primus notes he's going to need to figure out how to get down from here.
I totally saw that coming... That's what happens when you take shortcuts. Now we have to solve the puzzles anyways.
No. 717652 ID: 9f0151

Continue exploring the temple!!!
No. 717654 ID: cab7d6

Just float down using your poncho as a parachute.
No. 717712 ID: 3e182c

First drop down your pants or poncho.
Then Direct Buddy and Dad to the edge of tent, near the wall.
Have them pull it tight between them.
Then do a RUNNING LEAP to the side wall of the giant tent over where they are standing, stab into it, and ride it down as it tears.
You should end up landing on your outstretched clothing, as held by dad and buddy, effectively breaking your fall.
No. 717989 ID: 32d627
File 146118814462.png - (8.10KB , 500x500 , 131.png )

the map pops perfectly on the end of his map-carrier, and with that primus takes off his poncho and collects himself.

primus calls out that he's going to jump down, and use his poncho as a parachute.
No. 717990 ID: 32d627
File 146118816710.png - (8.86KB , 500x500 , 132.png )

dad tells him not to screw up and hurt himself, and buddy agrees, albeit more gently.
No. 717991 ID: 32d627
File 146118818859.png - (8.04KB , 500x500 , 133.png )

primus nods, takes off-
No. 717993 ID: 32d627
File 146118820557.png - (12.70KB , 500x500 , 134.png )

and lands relatively safely.
No. 717998 ID: b0f2af

Yeah! Go Primus!

Now, let's get back home.
No. 717999 ID: bbd089

Onward! To the next path and more loot!
No. 718001 ID: 3663d3

great job big guy, you looked cool.
No. 718006 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's check the middle path now.
No. 718018 ID: f6442a

Solve the chamber puzzles anyway so they don't feel left out.
No. 718038 ID: 3e182c

LOL that worked just like it would in the movies. To the next puzzle!
No. 718839 ID: cc9c5d

Return to the three doors of various ice-cream colors, and solve the middle path. Something tells me we are going to interact with the Wretch sooner rather than later, so it would be in our best interests if we collect as many character-related artifacts as possible.
No. 722303 ID: 32d627
File 146283527376.png - (13.83KB , 500x500 , 135.png )

the TCPs return to the main chamber, babbling excitedly about their adventure. they already got one puzzle- who knows what the other chambers hold?
No. 722304 ID: 32d627
File 146283531332.png - (15.25KB , 500x500 , 136.png )

the middle chamber seems like an easy choice for the next puzzle.
inside is a similarly set up slide puzzle chamber.

the room is full of knives. there are four slide puzzles, and a central pillar 7 blocks tall.
No. 722305 ID: 15a025

>more slide puzzles
Bring it on! Let's show these slide puzzles what we're made of!
No. 722306 ID: 2a7417

Punch the blocks out of the central pillar, like a hypermasculine Jenga puzzle.
No. 722311 ID: 5ad4a7

Looks like no way to bypass this one. Gotta do the puzzles. Let's start with the one on the bottom-left.
No. 722315 ID: 3663d3

look around for any knife sized holes.
No. 722341 ID: cc9c5d

Let us start with the bottom left slide puzzle.
No. 722408 ID: 3e182c

Look! High Vines!
Perhaps if we could cut one somehow, we could climb it to the top.
No. 722508 ID: 32d627
File 146293500360.png - (48.81KB , 436x433 , 137.png )

the TCPs start in on the bottom left puzzle.
No. 722512 ID: 5ad4a7
File 146293585796.png - (37.08KB , 443x500 , Puzzle.png )

No. 722533 ID: 32d627
File 146294551540.png - (6.81KB , 500x500 , 138.png )

once dad slides the last piece into place, the whole room shakes.
No. 722534 ID: 32d627
File 146294555033.png - (15.37KB , 500x500 , 139.png )

the pillar is now 5 bricks tall.
No. 722535 ID: 5ad4a7

Just so you guys know, Wretch messed with this room. That chest up there is probably not a reward for Buddy. My guess is Wretch took Buddy's reward and put it in the Tree House, then put something else in the box up on top of the pillar in this room.

How about we save this room for last? Let's go to the puzzle chamber for Dad's reward.
No. 722536 ID: 3663d3

we can't know that, there is no way to confirm without looking.
we just have to use caution when opening and act like it will be a mimic.
No. 722537 ID: f6442a

That's just a theory. A gggggAAAAAME THeORY

Move on to the puzzle in the opposite corner.
No. 722538 ID: f562b1

Well, it's a maybe Wretch influenced thing. It could just be that because Buddy touched the Wretch statue, that puzzle is referencing that bit of history. The puzzles seem to represent the TCP or their history--we didn't take a look at Primus's four central puzzles so we have no proper comparison yet.

Keep your attention focused just in case, Buddy. We'll help you three solve the other sliders too.
No. 722552 ID: 659dde

We don't need to solve every puzzle to open the chest if the puzzle of this room behaves like Primus's Room. Lets just solve another Sliding puzzle so that if we decide to cheat, it will be easier. Sure, buddy's prize could very well have been the knife, and it is a possibility that the wretch sent some goons to solve the puzzles and steal our loot, but we don't know if we don't try.
No. 722555 ID: cd90cb

more slide puzzles!!!
No. 722557 ID: 98ff64

Lets just do the puzzles. Enjoy the adventure properly.
No. 722575 ID: 3e182c

But.. but... One more slide puzzle we could prolly give a TCP a boosty and just grab the damn thing. Boosties!
No. 722583 ID: 15a025

No. 722607 ID: 32d627
File 146300980560.png - (49.46KB , 430x427 , 140.png )

the TCPs start in on the top left corner.


No. 722618 ID: d1fde2
File 146301183306.png - (109.41KB , 606x562 , bloop.png )

It was not pretty. I am no expert.
No. 722648 ID: d8dc8a

Oh God, the Wretch is fucking with our shit.
No. 722666 ID: f7c6eb

Then we just need to be extra careful opening it.

This is a good chance to discover if the wretch is openly malicious or just kinda a dick. e can handle rude neighbors, but not ones harboring ill intent.
No. 722716 ID: 3e182c

Its also possible that Wretch didn't fuck with it, but rather that it's simply related to him.

Either way, this is creepy.
No. 722958 ID: cc9c5d

Welp, I think we should skedaddle sooner rather than later. Let's see if Primus can scale the tower yet on his own while Buddy and Dad watch the entrance to the puzzle room. We don't want to get caught with our pants down.
No. 722983 ID: 32d627
File 146317975453.png - (7.71KB , 500x500 , 141.png )

the rumbling starts again as soon as the last piece of the puzzle clicks into place.
No. 722984 ID: 32d627
File 146317978340.png - (15.35KB , 500x500 , 142.png )

the pillar rises to 8 blocks high.
No. 722985 ID: 5ad4a7

Hahaha what?! Un-solve that puzzle immediately.
No. 722988 ID: d8dc8a

Go back and check the other room. I bet the puzzles are connected.
No. 722993 ID: 35151f

..pff. Yeah, alright, that's a pretty good prank
No. 722995 ID: 4261ce

Wretch, you jerk! Why are you being mean to Buddy?

I guess we should test if unsolving the puzzle (at least by one step) undoes what solving it did. If it does, we should leave it unsolved. Hopefully we can come back to it later.

Let's try solving the puzzle on the upper right before moving on to another room.
No. 723030 ID: f6442a

Bullying? Come on, it's just a tile puzzle. You're accusing floor tiles of being mean.

...Undo the previous puzzle first.
No. 723031 ID: 9e8b77

If solving/unsolving works, maybe there's a second treasure under the pillar.
No. 723161 ID: 1fbb52

Clever thought. I think we should try and get the chest atop the pillar first, though. Just in case.
No. 723258 ID: cc9c5d

If this is true, then there's a chance that the prize under the tower could have been missed by the Wretch. If we come to find that the prize atop the tower is missing/a box with a mean note inside, we should look into this.
No. 723458 ID: 32d627
File 146335004203.png - (10.67KB , 500x500 , 143.png )

unsolving the puzzle does nothing to the pillar, but a click noise sounds through the room. buddy asks if it messed up the puzzle in some way.
No. 723459 ID: 15a025

A click? Could be the chest locking or unlocking. Probably be best if we tried doing another slide puzzle.
No. 723460 ID: 5ad4a7

Nope, it's not your fault Buddy. If something's wrong with the puzzle I think we can blame Wretch. Hmm, can't be sure if that click was good or bad... or even if the pillar raising is part of the original puzzle! It could just be that Wretch put in new pictures but otherwise left the puzzle mechanisms alone. For now, put the puzzle back into its solved state and let's try the upper-right one. If it turns out we need to unsolve the puzzles that raise the pillar, in the end, then we can do that. It could be some kind of meta-puzzle.
No. 723477 ID: 98ff64

its not your fault buddy!!
No. 723506 ID: f6442a

Nope, this is all part of the puzzle-solving process. Alright, move that puzzle into place again and let's move on to the third.
No. 723676 ID: 0c7bf6

Puzzles are all about trial and error, buddy! Lets move onto the third puzzle and see if that moves the pillar down even further??
No. 723823 ID: 32d627
File 146344644513.png - (15.17KB , 500x500 , 144.png )

as soon as buddy resolves the puzzle, the pillar rises another 3 blocks.
No. 723824 ID: 15a025

Let's try solving a different slide puzzle.
No. 723825 ID: 3663d3

unsolve and resolve the first one a few times.
No. 723826 ID: 5ad4a7

Good idea.
No. 723830 ID: 3e182c

This, but keep solving unsolving until it breaks.
No. 723831 ID: 35151f

this is an excellent idea that cannot possibly backfire
No. 723935 ID: 24fe59

If solving one puzzle multiple times raises it, then solving another one should lower it. Try solving and un-solving the first one until something good or terrible happens.
No. 723939 ID: 2a7417

Start by solving the first puzzle again. Once the tower is back to about original height, do puzzle 3.
No. 723944 ID: cd90cb

No. 724158 ID: 1a138d

If we're sure about doing this, solve the next puzzle! Don't cheat on this one- it doesn't feel like a good idea. If the tower continues to rise, get out of there. This isn't a good place.
No. 724211 ID: 370962

I feel like cheating unendingly is the way to go here.
No. 724295 ID: a107fd

How close is the pillar to the ceiling? We don't want to mess up and crush the treasure.
No. 724953 ID: 32d627
File 146386968121.png - (15.32KB , 500x500 , 145.png )

upon resolving the bottom left puzzle twice, the pillar sinks 4 blocks back into the ground. dad lets out a triumphant rumble, and buddy perks up significantly.
No. 724954 ID: 398fe1

Well we can just keep doing that, right?
No. 724956 ID: f6442a

Going in order around the pillar, let's do the top right.
No. 724975 ID: 32d627
File 146387537189.png - (15.26KB , 500x500 , 146.png )

primus says he'll take on the top right puzzle, and dad works on resolving the bottom left. the pillar falls another 2 blocks.
No. 724978 ID: 32d627
File 146387552833.png - (42.65KB , 444x441 , 147.png )

buddy wishes primus good luck, eager to get at the treasure.
No. 724980 ID: 398fe1
File 146387638482.png - (34.35KB , 434x542 , Puzl.png )

Here we go!

Wretch are you okay
No. 724981 ID: 32d627
File 146387656179.png - (15.11KB , 500x500 , 148.png )

the pillar raises four blocks. dad starts screaming in frustration.
No. 724982 ID: 398fe1

Wretch why u do dis

Dad, maybe you can let Buddy resolve the bottom left one, and Primus (we) can work on the last, bottom right one to see if that lowers it. It should. I mean, it makes sense for two of them to raise it and two to lower the pillar.
No. 724983 ID: f6442a

One more puzzle to go. Once you understand all the pieces then you can fit them together. Or slide them, in this case.
No. 724988 ID: 32d627
File 146387724218.png - (46.39KB , 439x439 , 149.png )


primus scoots down to solve the last puzzle.
No. 724989 ID: b412df
File 146387777085.png - (53.69KB , 475x587 , Tired Puzzle.png )

No. 724990 ID: 32d627
File 146387860207.png - (52.12KB , 1500x1500 , 150.png )

with the puzzles solved, a distant, echoing voice of indiscriminate age begins to speak.

WRETCH is a deity of CHAOS and SPACE ITSELF, known for her seemingly infinite reservoirs of aphrodisiac, hallucinogenic sludge. she is VIOLENT and COCKY to all who approach, and while mostly harmless unless provoked, takes great enjoyment in playing violent games.
No. 724991 ID: 32d627
File 146387864764.png - (15.17KB , 500x500 , 151.png )

the pillar drops 3 blocks. a loud rumbling sound echoes beneath the pillar, now that all of the puzzles are completed.
No. 724996 ID: f6442a

Solve bottom left and right once each, or bottom left twice if you think you can scale 1 block's height.

*click* WRETCH IS- *click* *click* WRETCH IS- *click* *click* WRETCH IS- *click* *click* WRETCH IS- *click*
No. 724999 ID: 398fe1

Oh, I wonder if we'll get some kind of information like that if we solve all of Primus' room's puzzles?

Anyway yeah now we know which puzzles lower the pillar. Resolve those until you can get to the top. Might be able to boost Buddy up with Primus to reach the top early.
No. 725040 ID: a107fd

Don't mess with the puzzles any more, that's just going to trigger more penalties. Instead, teamwork!
Buddy, crouch in front of the pillar, with your back to it, hand forming a step.
Primus, pick up Dad, get a running start, and jump/climb as far up the pillar as possible, then throw Dad the rest of the way up there as needed.
Be careful not to land on Buddy's sharp side.
Dad... assuming this works? Land softly and open the chest.
No. 725051 ID: 99d6a0

How sturdy is the knife? Could we jam it in the brick seems and use as a platform for Primus to use his parkouring skills on? With a boost from the other two he might be able to reach the top.