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File 125668196585.png - (24.07KB , 777x777 , BBQ240.png )
69873 No. 69873 ID: 954e98

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #tgchan on irc.rizon.net ]

Bubble Bucket, Chapter 05.

Listing of previous chapters:
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No. 69874 ID: 954e98
File 125668203294.png - (142.87KB , 777x777 , BBQ241.png )

You rise up off of the ground with little injured but your pride. You’re already beat up enough from the Naviabull. You wouldn’t want to make it worse, now, would you? Dimitri and some of the other flowers express some worry with your fall, “I’m fine, I’ve been through worse.”

“Cool shit, stay golden,” one of the Rave Flowers states, before the music cranks back up, and they resume their dance.

“I have got to do my best to keep from falling down in the future. This is getting old.”

Adventure awaits, Asali Zakiya.
No. 69881 ID: 6550ad

Well, I guess we had enough party. Go back to the intersection and head the last unexplored road.
No. 69885 ID: 30f43e

To the West, nice and sneaky.
No. 69907 ID: 37a48f

Go check out those damn flies, sheesh. (If you can get past the Naviabull.)
No. 69926 ID: 954e98
File 125669394363.png - (156.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ242.png )

You thank Dimitri for the invite to the party, and he says you're welcome back if you ever want to come.

You high tail it through the intersection and slow down after the path and the flowers come to an end.

You are at the side of a high mountain. The gateway in front of you is closed.
No. 69928 ID: 632862

Check out the magazine, then look at the lock a little closer.
No. 69938 ID: 954e98
File 125669547683.png - (159.52KB , 777x777 , BBQ243.png )

You see a magazine next to the door and pick it up. Oh joy, pornography. Definitely not your kind of subject matter. "Hell's Furry," a mostly Furry publication. Their cover girls are always given demon tails and horns.

"Yiff in hell," is naturally one of their favorite slogans. Gods know what you might need this goddamn thing for, so you take it despite your initial desire to hurl it far away.

The mechanical gate is missing its wires, and a fuse. Once you find those things you could get it to work pretty quick!

Too bad you don't have either of those things.
No. 69942 ID: 632862

Back to the crossroads and go East to check out the flies.

If the bull is in the way just warp past it.
No. 70018 ID: 954e98
File 125670764872.png - (293.80KB , 777x777 , BBQ244.png )

You figure you're going to go check out those flies before you head to the Graveyard if you have nothing more you intend to do here. You head through the intersection but the Naviabull is in the way so instead of confronting it again, you warp all the way to the area and try to investigate the flies.

The flies go away because you attempt to intrude. There doesn't seem to be anything where they were.
No. 70019 ID: 476456

did you see where those flies went?
No. 70021 ID: 632862

I guess they were just flies. Oh crap we forgot to see if the cane did anything for the Fireflower queen. The bull is in the way too. Argh!

Anyway, put the cane in your main inventory instead of the drill.
No. 70027 ID: 476456

Switch it with the wrench. You never unequip the drill!
No. 70035 ID: c24d5c


Dig a bit. Maybe something was shallowly buried there.
No. 70036 ID: f44349

Use the drill!
Wait- no.
Don't do that. It will just mangle the corpse which is definitely buried there.
No. 70039 ID: 15f6d6

Use precog to see if you get anything from the immediate vicinity.
No. 70072 ID: 954e98
File 12567811899.png - (284.23KB , 777x777 , BBQ245.png )

You mess around with the ground. There is nothing around the ground, or even under the ground. You waste your time for a minute or so messing with dirt and flowers before you get frustrated and decide to go to the Graveyard. You feel pretty confident you're done with the Gardens for now. The voices have been screaming to see the Graveyard, so now it was time...
No. 70074 ID: 954e98
File 125678139520.png - (172.06KB , 777x777 , BBQ246.png )

You enter the graveyard and are almost immediately stopped by a very large Robot, the type of which is a machine not built to look humanoid. The (sub-race) is known as Machina. The marking on its body, and its rage are signs it is a Gobaku, the leading system of the forming robot nation, declaring itself, "Spare Parts."

Not much of this is on your mind, as its voice booms, "ORGANIC SCUM, TAKE NOT A STEP FURTHER."

You oblige in shock...
No. 70075 ID: 954e98
File 125678153631.png - (287.56KB , 777x777 , BBQ247.png )

"I'm just looking around for a way to get off this island, I'm also not a human. I know you are at war with them. I'm not here t--"


He is louder than even IKIT, and his booming voice shakes you to the very bones.
No. 70076 ID: 954e98
File 125678201743.png - (71.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ248.png )

"The Gods be damned, will you stop yelling!"

"I am capable of this function, however..."

(For those unfamiliar with this concept. Gamma insults you, you retort with a rhyming insult right back. If he takes offense/it's good, you will gain an edge, and it will be your turn to insult him right back, or vice versa).

"Shouldn't you be oozing in a corner somewhere, ORGANIC FILTH?"
No. 70079 ID: c75a95

Wouldn't you rather be getting an oil change in a back alley Mechanical Punk?
No. 70082 ID: 3c482b

"You fell and you're stuck here, were you too girly to be a Sylph?"
No. 70083 ID: 954e98
File 125678335865.png - (71.61KB , 777x777 , BBQ249.png )

"You fell and you're stuck here, were you too girly to be a Sylph?"

You are reaching a bit far, since what you are using isn't even uncommon knowledge, Gamma doesn't seem phased, and he just keeps right on going.

"For a second I thought you were a genelab reject!"
No. 70084 ID: 43d730

And what are you, a school science project?
No. 70085 ID: aaca08

Punk rhymes with reject? 8D
No. 70088 ID: 954e98
File 125678421583.png - (71.63KB , 777x777 , BBQ250.png )

"And what are you, a school science project?"

You say with a little more confidence than last time. Although it was short and simple, you seem to have stunned the robotic titan. You have a chance to initiate an insult!
No. 70091 ID: dda9dd

I can tell it was a nerd who built you too, from the four eyes you got.
No. 70093 ID: c75a95

wtf are you talking about? The word was filth not Reject, and nothing good rhymes with filth.

I see you have a washing machine over there Rusty, is that your date for the night?
No. 70098 ID: 5eea01

You did NOT JUST-!
You're asking because you couldn't even get a toaster...am I right?
No. 70100 ID: 954e98
File 125678555096.png - (72.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ251.png )

"I see you have a washing machine over there Rusty, is that your date for the night?" You coo out rudely, using what's around him to your advantage.

Gamma seems flustered, and on the brink of getting angry, but tries to reply, "You did NOT JUST-! You're asking because you couldn't even get a toaster...am I right?"

His retort doesn't work too well, and you continue to have the edge in this bout.
No. 70101 ID: 3c482b

I just got an entire Bridge to raise. Oh, does she have a headache tonight?
No. 70102 ID: c75a95

Hanging out in a graveyard, you must be envious of the plague. I bet you haven't killed this many organics in your entire life.
No. 70105 ID: 5eea01

So says someone so frail they could be killed with a butter knife!
No. 70106 ID: 954e98
File 125678749859.png - (73.89KB , 777x777 , BBQ252.png )

"Hanging out in a graveyard, you must be envious of the plague. I bet you haven't killed this many organics in your entire life."

You are getting good at this, to your account. The Gobaku Machina is getting more and more enraged. "SO SAYS SOMEONE SO FRAIL THEY COULD BE KILLED WITH A BUTTERKNIFE!"

He obviously hasn't observed your adventure so far.
No. 70107 ID: 632862

I bet you can't fit through the gate 'cuz your chassis's too heavy.
No. 70108 ID: 135d9a

So... Gamma. Not good enough for Alpha or Beta?
No. 70109 ID: 5eea01

No. 70110 ID: c75a95

I don't know what they built you for Tin Can, because all you seem to do is hold a bunch of... *goggles* Hot air.
No. 70111 ID: dda9dd

I wonder if you will ever know half as much strife?
No. 70116 ID: 954e98
File 125678866225.png - (73.85KB , 777x777 , BBQ253.png )

"So... Gamma. Not good enough for Alpha or Beta?" You say, about two words from a pick up line, what are you doing?


That hurts on some dimension you can't fully grasp. It's like four walls were just smashed with you in the building.

No. 70117 ID: c75a95

Your insults are incredibly lame, they make me so queasy.
No. 70118 ID: 632862

Your paint job's so ugly it's making me queasy.
No. 70119 ID: dda9dd

So is that your shadow or are you just that greasy?
No. 70142 ID: 954e98
File 125679326833.png - (50.29KB , 777x777 , BBQ254.png )

"I have to say, having to listen to your childish banter is making me..." You take hold of your goggles, and slowly remove them in a condescending manner, "...really queasy."

You bite your lip, and stare, a reverse Horatio has been pulled. Gamma admits defeat.
No. 70165 ID: 954e98
File 125680062770.png - (287.80KB , 777x777 , BBQ255.png )

Gamma slumps his mini-gun like arms and gives off a mechanical pout. "YOU ARE A WORTHY ADVERSARY. OH, WAit, I apologize, I should remember my volume. My name is Gamma Gobaku. You may call me Gamma if you wish. I escaped from my owner some time ago, and salvaged this ship to get away. However, it did not get me far and crash landed. I've done my best but it's too rusted and damaged to be of use anymore... I do not often meet organics of which are useful or intelligent. I would very much appreciate your name, and your face--a picture, if you can acquire one. Oh!... C-can I have that as well, I'll repay you, if I can."

Gamma is interested in the white cone item you have been referring to as a drill. "I'll let you know a secret if you let me."
No. 70166 ID: 6faa8c

>give robot dri-

No. 70174 ID: c75a95

oh hey we have a picture! give him it and the cone and tell him your name of course.
No. 70177 ID: 3c482b

..sure. And along with proper introductions let's give him the picture too, we can always find something reflective when in a narcissistic mood.
No. 70182 ID: 632862

Oh haha, I bet the 'drill' is actually an agitator for the washing machine. A quick google image search seems to confirm this, so definitely give it to him.
No. 70183 ID: 954e98
File 125680658936.png - (82.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ256.png )

Gamma gives you a cable in exchange for the [drill]. You politely install [drill] into Washing Machine. With your skills, you repair the machine and it now operates, sans the water. "It's good to go if you install plumbing."
No. 70184 ID: 954e98
File 125680704244.png - (287.10KB , 777x777 , BBQ257.png )

"I'm not worried about the water, I don't wear clothes. I'm just happy she's fixed."

"She?" You ask, trailing off. You realize you don't want the answer. You brush your hands off and rub your hands together, handing that picture of yourself you found in Chilitown with a grin. "I'm Asali. Asali Nyonya Zakiya. I don't need the picture anyway, feel free to keep it."

"Thank you, you are the only organic I have ever felt the desire to talk to, rather than outright murder--but the secret. I'm out of ammunition. If you ever find any, I'd appreciate it. I promise I won't shoot you if you do, I give my honor on that. Before you try exploring up here, there's nothing interesting. I checked. (I was bored). I can't fit down the little stairs back there though, you can explore. I'll just spend time with my Washing Machine now. Until the Gobaku find me and pick me up."

He pounds his powerful metal legs over to the washing machine to sit and idle.
No. 70185 ID: c0f3bf

Little stairs back there. GO.
No. 70186 ID: 954e98
File 125680904780.png - (110.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ258.png )

Before you venture down the stairs, what item would you like keep on hand to replace the washing machine agitator you just used?
No. 70187 ID: e75a2f

Equip pimpcane
No. 70188 ID: 632862

Equip the cane.

Also what's up with the sky? It's got a big ol' red spiral in it.
No. 70189 ID: 954e98
File 125681409865.png - (117.11KB , 777x777 , BBQ259.png )

"Where's my money, bitch?"
No. 70423 ID: 954e98
File 125694642097.png - (158.40KB , 777x777 , BBQ260.png )

You step into the dark Mausoleum. There is a statue of a Furry Touched rabbit right near you. Although it is enshrouded in darkness, your goggles adjust the levels for you and allow sight. There is a shrine of sorts with a jar on it. There are other decorations on the walls in places.
No. 70424 ID: c75a95

I got a bad feeling, use some Precog on this room.
No. 70425 ID: 6550ad

First of all, examine the statue, see if there's anything interesting or particularly revealing about it.
No. 70426 ID: ac3813

What's the purple thingamajigger south of the altar?
No. 70428 ID: 954e98
File 125694785135.png - (125.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ261.png )

You use precognition.

You step near the statue, there is a circlet on the head of the rabbit. You smell something sweet, and alluring. You recognize it from the temple.
No. 70431 ID: c75a95

hrm, check out the urn/jar thing.
No. 70434 ID: 954e98
File 125694925196.png - (149.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ262.png )

You examine the large jar.
No. 70442 ID: c75a95

hmmm, can you take the circlet off the statue?
No. 70453 ID: 6550ad

Ok, let's see...

Well, the emblem in the book covered in blood is the same we saw in the premonition, so let's hope that's Duke's blood. And... the medallion might be the little blue thing we found in the mines and we've been carrying with us all this time. Put those two in the jar.

Now... let's try to get that circle out of the statue. Try to reach it with your pimpcane.
No. 70458 ID: 954e98
File 125695189753.png - (157.75KB , 777x777 , BBQ263.png )

You get the circlet off of the statue. Being near the statue continues the habit of that strong alluring smell.
No. 70459 ID: 43d730

Lick statue.
No. 70460 ID: 3d26c9

Put circlet in jar, then?
No. 70468 ID: 632862

Trace the smell.
No. 70470 ID: 954e98
File 125695323260.png - (158.96KB , 777x777 , BBQ264.png )

Hell no, you aren't licking this statue. That is disgusting.

You take the circlet and throw in the electrician's booklet as well into the jar.
No. 70473 ID: 632862

Touch the statue.
No. 70474 ID: 6550ad

Well, we only need the medallion, then... Hmm, could it be the little blue thing in your pocket dimension?... If it's not that, I don't know what else to do...

Well. We could break the statue with the hammer, to see if there's something inside causing the smell, but I don't know if that would be a good idea.
No. 70480 ID: 954e98
File 125695395045.png - (159.05KB , 777x777 , BBQ265.png )

You put the blue metal ring with a broken piece of stem into the jar. Nothing happens.

You touched the statue when you took the circlet off.
No. 70483 ID: 632862

Try moving the statue, and touch the floor that it was standing on.
No. 70485 ID: 6550ad

Look into that book about necromancy, look for a spell for the ocassion. How to bring some dude back to life or something.
No. 70491 ID: 632862

It's in a language Asali can't understand.
No. 70497 ID: 954e98
File 125695508359.png - (160.56KB , 777x777 , BBQ266.png )

You move the statue, the smell gets stronger as the wall slides out of the way and reveals a new area.

As you just told yourself, you can't read the language used in the book.
No. 70504 ID: 632862

What's in there? Looks like wires.

See if you can find another invisible message like the last time you smelled something like this.
No. 70506 ID: 6550ad

If those are loose wires, fix the fuck out of them.
No. 70509 ID: 954e98
File 125695586927.png - (121.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ267.png )

You pick up the stray wires, and follow the scent to the wall and touch it. A similar message to the one in the temple appears.
No. 70510 ID: 4e9b58

Maybe it's a good thing we didn't pick electric bubbles. :P
No. 70511 ID: 632862

Time to get moving then. Travel to the forest.
No. 70512 ID: c75a95

pick the stuff back up before ya go.
No. 70514 ID: 6550ad

Ok, we have the wires. We could fix the door back in the gardens if we just had a fuse.


Could we use the little blue thing as a fuse? (Yes I'm desperated to find a use for that, so what).

Oh, and take all the shit in the jar, don't just leave it there so any vandal can come in and steal it.
No. 70515 ID: 632862

Oh, take the stuff out of the jar first.
No. 70531 ID: 954e98
File 12569581058.png - (37.51KB , 777x777 , BBQ268.png )

You go to the jar and take your strange blue ring, electrician's manual, circlet, and a vial of red fluid.

Wait you didn't put the vial in there, did you?...

As you turn around, you do take note of three dials on the north wall.
No. 70532 ID: e75a2f

Read that copy of Dean's Electronics.

Gain a point in your Repair skill.
No. 70533 ID: 632862

Go mess with the dials!
No. 70540 ID: 954e98
File 125695882071.png - (37.07KB , 777x777 , BBQ269.png )

You check those dials after flipping through the manual again and learning nothing just like the last time you looked at it.
No. 70544 ID: 4e9b58

Open Z hatch.

Only not, let's turn all three on the =w= face and see if it does anything to the purpley thing in the corner.
No. 70547 ID: c75a95

hrm, those look like---

Put the first one on the spikey one (opposite the arrow currently), the second on the double cross thing, the third on the oval(eye?) with an X
No. 70549 ID: 632862

I think we need to find the third (second? We're missing II) scent message.
No. 70551 ID: e75a2f

The second dial symbols mirror the third dial symbols with only the crossy lines and the spiral switched.

Also those are symbols of dieties. The Xeye is Exuno, the cross is Muchisujo or whatever the fuck his name is.
No. 70567 ID: 954e98
File 125696075843.png - (83.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ270.png )

You try a triple =w= combination.

Nothing happens.

You turn them to a different combination...
No. 70571 ID: 954e98
File 125696080794.png - (163.67KB , 777x777 , BBQ271.png )


Medallion received.
No. 70577 ID: 632862

Place the Vial, Medallion, and Circlet into the jar.
No. 70597 ID: 954e98
File 125696219452.png - (161.10KB , 777x777 , BBQ272.png )

You put the circlet and medallion in the jar with the vial.

Nothing happens.
No. 70601 ID: e75a2f

You have to turn the blender on.
No. 70607 ID: 4e9b58

Well we need something to draw with? Do we have anything useful in that department?
No. 70613 ID: c75a95

hrm, try saying his name out loud.

If that doesn't work I have to guess we will need to find his ghost and get him back here.
No. 70618 ID: 632862

I'm betting that the rest of the ritual is in the necromancy book. We've got to get that thing translated, or learn its language.
No. 70625 ID: 4e9b58

Maybe we have to go somewhere else first.
No. 70626 ID: 632862

I support calling out his name.
No. 70662 ID: 954e98
File 125696609120.png - (57.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ273.png )

Nothing happens.
No. 70663 ID: 43d730

Say it three times and spin around?
No. 70669 ID: 632862

Look under the pot. Is that a sarcophagus? Maybe open it...?
No. 70687 ID: 954e98
File 125696770323.png - (11.63KB , 777x777 , BBQ274.png )

You examine the shrine. No, there doesn't seem to be a sarcophagus hidden in this nearly solid ceramic shrine.
No. 70689 ID: 3d26c9

Doesn't that match up to a combination on the three dials, or did we already do that one?
No. 70690 ID: 632862

I guess it's worth a shot. Set the dials to that combination. Cross, sun, cross.
No. 70697 ID: 954e98
File 125696917623.png - (71.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ275.png )

Nothing happens!

You're getting good at that.
No. 70700 ID: 68c337

Passing through every single combination would only take 2-4 minutes, but seems a bit doubtful to do much.
No. 70702 ID: 9891a9

Wait, don't we need his blood for this to work according to the message? Can you take that bloody message off the jar or is it molded into it? If so, put it in with the rest of the ingredients.
No. 70704 ID: 632862

That's in the vial.

How about instead of having it inside the vial, open it and pour it in the jar.
No. 70705 ID: 632862

Ah, or should we put the circlet on, wear the medallion, and... ew, drink the blood?
No. 70719 ID: 954e98
File 125697140211.png - (174.69KB , 777x777 , BBQ276.png )

You put the medallion and circlet back into the jar and pour the blood over the items. You feel the air distort and take a few steps back as the wraith of what you assume is Duke Hoppite the Third forms in front of you.
No. 70720 ID: c75a95

"Sup dawg."
No. 70721 ID: 9891a9

Perhaps keep it simple. "Welcome back, Duke."
No. 70722 ID: 632862

A wraith!? Be wary. Keep a respectful distance.

Also bow, this guy's royalty.
No. 70730 ID: 954e98
File 125697319667.png - (159.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ277.png )

You bow down in respect, although you are quite suspect that he deserves it. he settles his translucent form on the shrine and looks around.

"Oh good, it seems someone has went through the trouble of bringing me back? Someone who of course reeks of peasant, and unimportant. I do hope you're not a criminal, as I'd have to kill you anyway--by chance do you know where Epsilon is? He escaped King Bubba's sentence, and murdered me for doing my job. Nearly bit me in two."

He has quite a soft, feminine voice about him in addition to a very snotty tone. He wasn't joking about the aforementioned wound, there is a massive bite mark across his torso, which seems stitched together some even now.
No. 70732 ID: 632862

This could get dangerous. Tell him you don't know where Epsilon is, or even who he is. Also, almost everyone on the island is dead, killed by some kind of black plague.
No. 70741 ID: 954e98
File 125697513627.png - (159.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ278.png )

"I've never met Epsilon, or heard of him. I'm sorry, I've been wandering around all night. Some black plague wiped everyone out."

Hoppite scoffs and throws a key at you. "Very well, peasant. Here is your reward for helping me come back from death. I pray you hurry. I do not wish to see you again unless you bring me Epsilon, or at least information on the murderous fiend."
No. 70743 ID: d1210a

"If I see or hear about this Epsilon, I will bring word to you, mighty one."

Hey, if this guy can come back from death, no reason to not get on his nice side.
No. 70744 ID: 632862

Ask him what was Epsilon's crime was. That may help us find information about him.
No. 70746 ID: 632862

Scratch that, there was a wanted poster in the ruined police station. He's a murderer. Instead, ask what he looks like, and if there's anything else he can tell us about Epsilon.
No. 70747 ID: 954e98
File 125697708123.png - (256.06KB , 777x777 , BBQ279.png )

"I will bring what I can to you, mighty one? Is there anything I should know before I take my leave?"

"He is a dastardly murderer with no values or respect for authority. He defied the king, he defied me, and the gods know who he killed after he got me. He'll kill us all."
No. 71197 ID: 954e98
File 125708039146.png - (158.50KB , 777x777 , BBQ280.png )

"If I am to find him, what does he look like?" You ask.

"You just can't take your reward and go away? He is a Shadow. He is known for his bite. His appearance otherwise is hard to really state." Duke Hoppite the Third seems to be getting annoyed at your continued presence pestering him.
No. 71198 ID: 632862

Interesting, we did see a giant black thing in the chasm under the bridge that tried to bite us. That could be Epsilon, I suppose. May as well tell him.

Go unlock the door and collect whatever's there.
No. 71539 ID: 954e98
File 125715147934.png - (160.90KB , 777x777 , BBQ281.png )

"There was a big black monster that almost got me in the chasm in the mountain, perhaps you could check that out." You state to the wraith, maybe. Where did he go? Oh well.

You unlock the treasure room, it takes the key with it when it opens...
No. 71540 ID: 954e98
File 125715153313.png - (281.39KB , 777x777 , BBQ282.png )

You enter the treasure room.
No. 71541 ID: 6550ad

This place is likely to have traps, so use your precognition skill before doing anything else.
No. 71542 ID: 2a890a

grab that thing in the corner and see what those dots on the ceiling are.


and open the chest of course.
No. 71543 ID: e75a2f

Do not advance upon the chest.

I have reason to believe it is a mimic.
No. 71544 ID: 954e98
File 125715231761.png - (249.65KB , 777x777 , BBQ283.png )

You use precognition.
No. 71545 ID: 6550ad


Ok, avoid walk over the area inmediatly in front of the chest. Examine the holes in the ceiling and that thing in the corner.

After that, try to open the chest, but do it from the side, and using the cane for that purpose.
No. 71547 ID: 6550ad


Also don't walk right through the middle of the room, walk near the walls.
No. 71550 ID: 954e98
File 125715321371.png - (283.45KB , 777x777 , BBQ284.png )

You pick up the floppy.
No. 71551 ID: 2a890a
File 125715336364.jpg - (41.73KB , 490x336 , dont copy that floppy.jpg )

Don't Copy That Floppy!

and yea what's that on the ceiling?
No. 71552 ID: 954e98
File 125715339040.png - (117.68KB , 777x777 , BBQ285.png )

You examine the holes in the ceiling.
No. 71553 ID: e75a2f

There appears to be a crude effigy of a cake scrawled on that plate.
No. 71554 ID: 954e98
File 125715422713.png - (283.96KB , 777x777 , BBQ286.png )

You use your cane to prod at the chest with your cane. It won't budge. It appears to be sealed extremely tight. There is no sign of a lock on it.
No. 71555 ID: 276781

Is the cane thin enough to be inserted in the holes in the ceiling?
Try not to test this by shoving the cane in a hole, as we don't know what that will do, if anything.
No. 71556 ID: 2a890a
File 125715482020.jpg - (67.67KB , 627x620 , uhhwhat.jpg )

yea I'm really not going to feel confident on this one until we find the second slab or something that more obviously leads to this... and I really don't want to risk messing this up.

Let's leave this one for now shall we?
No. 71557 ID: 6550ad


Well yeah, but I'm pretty sure we're going to need whatever is inside that chest, and that we have clues enough to solve the puzzle.


According to >>71544 , I think the Lightning is the trap. Heart is too obvious, so my vote would be Cloud.
No. 71558 ID: 6550ad


No, wait. II = Skull might mean that two of the holes are traps. And there are clouds and lightnings in the precognition...

So I change my vote.

I say stick the cane in the Heart hole.
No. 71560 ID: 954e98
File 125715570587.png - (285.30KB , 777x777 , BBQ287.png )

You compare the size of the cane with the holes. It would fit. You don't quite put it in there as you aren't sure which to select.
No. 71561 ID: 2a890a

yea, let's leave this and hit the forest.
No. 71563 ID: 276781

...Gonna second this.
And praying it doesn't kill us.
No. 71565 ID: 954e98
File 125715830663.png - (282.58KB , 777x777 , BBQ288.png )

You nervously rise up and stick your cane into the hole after a moment of self debate. You push until you hear a loud click, and then there's a cracking sound. The chest's top seems to have vanished. The reward is a pretty nice haul.
No. 71566 ID: 2a890a
File 12571584409.jpg - (16.51KB , 473x320 , YES!YES!.jpg )

oh thank god. now let's leave that death trap.
No. 71567 ID: 6550ad

Well meh. Be sure to doublecheck the chest and head to the forest
No. 71570 ID: 15f6d6

Loot dat loot
No. 71573 ID: 6550ad
File 125716846353.png - (43.56KB , 777x777 , 12551759967.png )

Oh, I just realized that we have enough points to go and buy that Rare Yellow Jewel at IKIT's.

Maybe we should go there before visiting the forest. He might also let us go through the mysterious trap door.
No. 71574 ID: 9d41ab

Let's do that. That is a thing we should do.
No. 71721 ID: 954e98
File 12572028441.png - (74.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ289.png )

You decide to go to the forest...
No. 71723 ID: 954e98
File 125720303630.png - (234.36KB , 777x777 , BBQ290.png )

You step up to the forest. All of the trees are bending inward, closing the forest off any entry into it. There is a much larger, older tree in front of you. You raise your hand to give an obligatory wave to it when you are cut off.


"Why are you so angry?" You reply.

"Well, I have no brains... sometimes it hurts... SO I AM ANGRY!"
No. 71730 ID: 632862

Show him the pinecone and ask what it is.
No. 71732 ID: e75a2f

Show him your pinecones.
No. 71745 ID: 954e98
File 125721139377.png - (235.98KB , 777x777 , BBQ291.png )

"Perhaps you could use this? It's a brain I found from another tree."

"YOU BROUGHT ME A BRAIN? I... uh... I guess that could help make me less angry. I would still be Angry Tree though, right? That's my name."
No. 71746 ID: 632862

Say "Sure. Can I go through, then?"
No. 71747 ID: f21281

How about "The Aboreal Formerly Known as Angry Tree?"
No. 71748 ID: e75a2f

I would have figured a testicle transplant would be a more intricate operation.
No. 71754 ID: 954e98
File 125721316571.png - (241.56KB , 777x777 , BBQ292.png )

You give the tree the Decorated Pine cone, and the trees lean away from each other, opening up a path behind Angry Tree. You start to enter the forest...

"Well, I have brains... sometimes they hurt... SO I AM STILL ANGRY! Ahaha, perfect! Thank you, be careful in the forest. I wouldn't want to miss more chances to be angry at you."
No. 71755 ID: 43d730

Make sure to bid him a delightfully enraging day.
No. 71908 ID: 954e98
File 125723046260.png - (155.18KB , 777x777 , BBQ293.png )

You step behind the Angry tree after saying,
"Have the most enraging day possible!"

The path is a long one. The trees are very thick. There is a faint sweet smell touching your senses.
No. 71911 ID: eb8a91

Let's be polite and thank the trees while taking the path toward the light.
No. 71914 ID: 2a890a

Is that smell like the one from the slabs? keep going forward if it keeps getting stronger.
No. 71915 ID: 632862

Is the smell nearby? Find where it comes from.
No. 71923 ID: 954e98
File 125723195174.png - (155.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ294.png )

"THANKS, TREES!" You spin around giving a double thumbs up for good measure. Stepping along the smell gets stronger. It's coming from the the right side of the path towards the light.
No. 71928 ID: eb8a91

To the smell!
No. 71932 ID: 2a890a

keep going until you find where the smell is strongest!

(if I had to guess it'll be where the path widens a bit on the right)
No. 71936 ID: 632862

Yeah, check out that little bulge in the path.
No. 71941 ID: 954e98
File 125723332626.png - (152.87KB , 777x777 , BBQ295.png )

You find the slab.
No. 71942 ID: 954e98
File 125723336695.png - (142.42KB , 777x777 , BBQ296.png )

You roll about and read it.
No. 71954 ID: 2a890a

yay! now get to that light!
No. 71963 ID: 276781

If we haven't been doing this so far, we should probably make mental notes of these slabs (And all the information on them.)
No. 71966 ID: 954e98
File 125723629869.png - (154.37KB , 777x777 , BBQ297.png )

You leave the slab and begin to walk to the end of the path. There is some noise coming from in the trees.
No. 71968 ID: f44349

No. 71970 ID: 2a890a

or uh... be less hyper and use Precog
No. 71984 ID: 954e98
File 12572390191.png - (38.72KB , 777x777 , BBQ298.png )

You use Precognition.
No. 71987 ID: 2a890a
File 125723930139.jpg - (108.17KB , 646x1305 , what the hell is this.jpg )

ohhhh crap... get ready for something from the left... or run to the left if the noises are from the right.
No. 71989 ID: 476456

Look left, ready wepon.
No. 71995 ID: 6550ad

That thing looks friendly. Run to the left.
No. 72016 ID: 954e98
File 125724299229.png - (116.28KB , 777x777 , BBQ299.png )

You hear a gunshot.

One way or another, this situation is...
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