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File 145248348568.png - (128.30KB , 600x600 , BC1.png )
692872 No. 692872 ID: 3e2cae

Expand all images
No. 692873 ID: 3e2cae
File 145248359793.png - (51.05KB , 600x600 , BC2.png )

Wait for it.
No. 692874 ID: 3e2cae
File 145248361257.png - (83.53KB , 600x600 , BC2a.png )

There you are.
No. 692875 ID: 88e46e

Cool, we get to be a cliff. Sedimentary, too, from the looks of it. What was your deposition like?
No. 692876 ID: 3663d3

dust self off.
No. 692877 ID: 3e2cae
File 145248391212.png - (166.68KB , 600x600 , BC3.png )

You are Battle Babe, the strongest warrior on all of Luminasia, and currently in the process of getting your ass handed to you.
No. 692878 ID: 3e2cae
File 145248398140.png - (131.62KB , 600x600 , BC4.png )

By this guy. He's easily the strongest foe you've ever faced. Look at this smug motherfucker. He's laughing at you!
Uh oh, now he's charging up some sort of beam...
No. 692879 ID: 3e2cae
File 145248402003.png - (133.19KB , 600x600 , BC5.png )

Looks like you're really for it this time. What do you do with your last moments?
No. 692880 ID: edf87a

Try training to become stronger. You only have a few seconds so make it count.
No. 692881 ID: f56624

Suplex yourself. Go recursive.
No. 692882 ID: 38685c

Reflect it with the orby thing in middle of your armor. or something.
No. 692883 ID: 3663d3

flex so hard you cause a gravitational anomaly and bend the beam.
No. 692884 ID: 61fd94

Rip that gem thing off your chest and use it to reflex / refract the beam.
No. 692885 ID: 162ab6

You're implanted in the side of a plateau, dummy, just twitch a bit and you'll pop out and fall.
No. 692886 ID: 9816c1

Remember what you're fighting for. That'll either give you the extra boost of strength you need or the peace you need to die with a smile.
No. 692890 ID: 88e46e

Well, probably die. Make peace with your deity or have a flashback of your entire life or something.
No. 692894 ID: 2ccbb3

If you're the champion, do not give up yet. Run down the side of the cliff, use the adrenaline to dash towards the pillar and smash it.

Use pillar with douchebag.
No. 692905 ID: 833f38

This would be a good time to pull out a mirror if we have one,
No. 692916 ID: f2461f

Transfer all your power into a new champion to preserve your legacy and protect the cosmos.
No. 692918 ID: 0fc976

Call upon the the spirits of legendary warriors past in your soul gem to attain ULTIMATE STRENGTH!
No. 692948 ID: d9d287

What *can* you do with your supposed last moments? If there's nothing left to try to escape or reverse this situation you could always call up someone to give them last words. If that's not on because you're really a true sociopathic loner with no loved ones to say goodbye to maybe a few seconds of self-love or set off your emergency self-destruct contingency that'll prevent this fucker from surviving this at least?
No. 692952 ID: 99a64d

Off yourself, no one kills us but us!
No. 692953 ID: a107fd

Peel yourself out of the impact crater, dive, take cover behind the base of that pillar of rock.
No. 692959 ID: adf4e4

No. 693033 ID: 3ab69d

Aaron approves.

Flex this guy off the planet!
No. 693034 ID: 3ab69d

Alternatively, RKO the beam.
No. 693054 ID: 5ea852

Cry out for Saitama.
No. 693088 ID: e18d6f

This a thousand times.
No. 693112 ID: 99a64d

Do you honestly believe he'd arrive in time?
No. 693119 ID: 833f38

alternatively...wait until he's right about to fire, and tell him he's got something on his shirt (He doesn't have one, but sometimes they fall for it anyway)
No. 693124 ID: 3e2cae
File 145257314926.png - (171.53KB , 600x600 , BC6.png )


That jewel is your Heartstone. It's the source of your amazing powers. Removing it would be a bad idea.
No. 693125 ID: 3e2cae
File 145257315573.png - (279.35KB , 600x600 , BC7.png )

Even if you knew how, it wouldn't do any good. This guy would waste them before they could even learn to use their powers... Nope, the legacy of the Guardian of Luminasia dies with you... along with the rest of your planet, probably.

You decide to spend your last moments thinking of all the friends and loved ones you'll be letting down when you die. Mother and Father, V.I.S.O.R., Valkyriea... and yes... even Furgo.

Is this how it ends? Are you just going to give up and let them all down like this?
No. 693126 ID: 3e2cae
File 145257316097.png - (138.42KB , 600x600 , BC8.png )

No. 693127 ID: 3e2cae
File 145257317348.png - (132.46KB , 600x600 , BC9.png )


With a single flex of your mighty ass muscles, you break free and explode out of the rock!
No. 693128 ID: 3e2cae
File 145257320494.png - (113.53KB , 600x600 , BC10.png )

The Monster fires!
No. 693136 ID: 4201a2

Maybe you could... deflect the laser off the shiny Heartstone?
Or your shiny ass? Whichever works.
No. 693137 ID: 49be2f

Boob smash
No. 693138 ID: f56624

just grab the laser with your hands and throw it back at him, what is even the problem here
No. 693139 ID: 0fc976

It's just a laser, which is made of light. Close your eyes and it won't do anything to you!
No. 693140 ID: 13ac27

unless you have some form of attack at long range or a defense from beams, you should dodge this and charge him. otherwise, you could always just throw shit.
No. 693179 ID: f4d940


Ooh, ooh, or like, rip a sheet of rock off the mountain somehow and like, surf the laser back down to his face.
No. 693186 ID: 5ea852

Follow Superman's example from 8:00.

No. 693198 ID: f2461f

Use the forbidden technique.
No. 693313 ID: 1ae76d

Yes. listen to your king, perform the forbidden technique
No. 693314 ID: 8c66a6

Suplex the entire mesa, crushing him with it.
No. 693400 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266079553.png - (93.24KB , 600x600 , BC11.png )

Well, this is it. It's all or nothing. You decide it's time to go all in. It's a desperate move with little chance of success, but you've got nothing to lose. It's time to use...
No. 693401 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266080221.png - (88.02KB , 600x600 , BC12.png )

The Forbidden Technique!
No. 693404 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266091079.png - (144.33KB , 600x650 , BC13.png )

As the blast of unfathomable energy hurtles toward you, you draw back a mighty fist and...
No. 693405 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266093431.png - (161.17KB , 600x600 , BC14.png )

Put the beam in a chokehold!
No. 693406 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266104939.png - (78.71KB , 600x600 , BC15.png )

Squeezing with all your might, you choke off the flow of energy through the beam, causing it to back up until the blast swells up to enormous size!

Finally, the flow of energy stops and you're able to tie off the end.
No. 693407 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266105735.png - (130.54KB , 600x600 , BC16.png )

No. 693408 ID: 3e2cae
File 145266108291.png - (107.64KB , 600x600 , BC17.png )

Well well well... Against all odds and several laws of physics, you seem to be holding a big ball of unfathomable energy. What shall we do with it, I wonder?
No. 693409 ID: c22069

Rev up a Hammer Throw and Return to Sender.
No. 693414 ID: 0e2750

No. 693415 ID: 2ccbb3

None of this makes sense in terms of regular physics anyway, so

EAT IT, followed by LAZER SLAM
No. 693417 ID: 7b7ab3

This. With appropriate one liner.
No. 693418 ID: f56624

"Cry now, little man."
>return to sender
No. 693420 ID: 4201a2

That's legit.
No. 693446 ID: 5ea852

It's time to spirit bomb the shit out of him.
No. 693460 ID: 2eeb65

1. Throw LASER in Skeletor Wannabe's direction
2. Jump onto LASER mid-flight
3. Ride LASER a la Dr. Strangelove
4. After LASER hits Skeletor Wannabe, punch him in the face
5. One-liner
No. 693463 ID: 2a7417

Eat it, then LASER BREATH the chump.
No. 693475 ID: f2461f

Breaking a law of the universe will have its consequences, try not to break too many more. Now take that big ball of potential death and make this chump sorry he ever challenged you.
No. 693527 ID: 2f4b71

Point it towards him, then let go of the pinched-off bit so it flies towards him making the deflating-balloon-high-pitched-fart noise.
Basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-SmfybCbsY
No. 693636 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274008111.png - (82.81KB , 600x600 , BC18.png )

Gripping the ball of light firmly, you begin to whirl around at tremendous speed, building up enough momentum to launch your deadly projectile back to whence it came.
No. 693637 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274010258.png - (69.33KB , 600x600 , BC19.png )

No. 693639 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274011244.png - (66.77KB , 600x600 , BC20.png )

No. 693640 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274012537.png - (91.75KB , 600x600 , BC21.png )

No. 693641 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274013101.png - (123.74KB , 600x600 , BC22.png )

No. 693644 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274034030.png - (136.05KB , 600x600 , BC23.png )

Scratch one monster. It's a shame you had to demolish a national park in the process but you suppose it's a small price to pay for saving your whole planet.
No. 693655 ID: 007e78

Rip, roadrunners. You've lost your natural habitat.
No. 693663 ID: f2461f

Since that is taken care of it is time to head back home. Just don't mention that we use the forbidden technique.
No. 693665 ID: 3e2cae
File 145274253377.png - (134.89KB , 600x600 , BC24.png )

Also you've burned up your hands pretty bad. You suppose that's to be expected when you're using them to carry around hundreds of pounds of high energy photons.

They'll heal once you return to your base form, but they hurt like the dickens right now. Ouch!
No. 693674 ID: 066a87

Go somewhere safe, change forms, arrange press conference
No. 693675 ID: 211d83

Make sure the big guy is completely dead before wandering off. Just in case he regenerates from just a head or something.
No. 693676 ID: 2ccbb3


Stuff your hands somewhere that they won't feel so bad. Now.
No. 693677 ID: 83adbf

I don't suppose any of your science-minded allies would be able to study the monster remains to see what was the deal with that guy?
No. 694461 ID: 3e2cae
File 145298965719.png - (133.22KB , 600x600 , BC25.png )

Oh you have no doubt whatsoever that your friend Science Mind would flip his cybernetic lid at the prospect of examining this specimen.
No. 694462 ID: 3e2cae
File 145298966019.png - (101.54KB , 600x600 , BC26.png )

You just need to make sure the monster's dead first. Flexing the steel-taut muscles of your legs, you launch yourself in the direction of the crater.
No. 694463 ID: 3e2cae
File 145298966377.png - (75.34KB , 600x600 , BC27.png )

You have no idea who this monster was or where he came from, but he sure put up a fight! Looks like that blast was too much even for him, though.

You don't see any signs of regeneration, but there's only one way to be sure...
No. 694464 ID: 3e2cae
File 145298966799.png - (87.65KB , 600x600 , BC28.png )

You ready your Heartstone to absorb the monster's life force.
No. 694465 ID: 3e2cae
File 145298977063.png - (141.57KB , 600x631 , BC29.png )

The life force of every enemy you vanquish can be absorbed to increase your strength. Originally, your Battle Babe form was much smaller. It's taken you a thousand or so victories to get this buff.
No. 694467 ID: 3e2cae
File 145298981580.png - (92.76KB , 600x600 , BC30.png )

Sure enough, the monster is dead. His life force seeps from his charred bones to be absorbed by your Heartstone.
No. 694468 ID: 3e2cae
File 145299001103.png - (109.35KB , 600x600 , BC31.png )

But there's something strange... When you faced this creature in combat, he was nearly as powerful as you! You should double in strength, but instead, the life force you're absorbing now is more akin to that of a minor evil underling!
No. 694469 ID: 3e2cae
File 145299005958.png - (42.72KB , 600x600 , BC32.png )

You're not sure what's going on, but either way, your time as Battle Babe seems to be up for today!
No. 694470 ID: 3e2cae
File 145299007360.png - (73.99KB , 600x600 , BC33.png )

No. 694471 ID: 3e2cae
File 145299008192.png - (54.59KB , 600x600 , BC34.png )

No. 694472 ID: 3e2cae
File 145299033850.png - (86.97KB , 600x600 , BC35.png )

You are Princess Photon of the Royal House of Luminasia.
Your magical Heartstone allows you to take the form of Battle Babe for up to six hours every day, with a twenty four hour recharge time between transformations.
You've just defeated your most challenging foe yet and burned your hands pretty badly in the process. Returning to your basic form has healed them, but the memory of the pain lingers.
No. 694473 ID: 7b7ab3

That's some serious shrinkage.

You alright?
No. 694474 ID: 3663d3

examine the creature's eye, it surviving while the rest of it's flesh did not has me suspicious. i think it had it's own heartstone.
No. 694475 ID: 4854ef

Could it be that the creature's strength is not it's own? That his weak life force is his actual strength, and the poweer you fought pushed into his body?

Regardless, science mind should be able to explain it better, we should find somewhere to deal with what happened, and maybe relax.
No. 694476 ID: edf87a

So what happens if two monsters attack on the same day?
No. 694478 ID: 6de7d9

So, once you transform, the only advantage to turning back, say, an hour before the time limit, is that you'll be able to transform again one hour earlier?
No. 694495 ID: 2ccbb3

Let me put it this way; this adversary is a mere mook compared to the sheer galactic scale of your latest enemy faction, the incomprehensibility of their abilities and potential wander in the territory of the eldritch, where the thought of merely glancing at your existence may be enough to supernova your galaxy's core.


So I'd say you BOTH have a chance of winning.

Now that you're sure that the lug is dead, start disabling any covert surveillance equipment on his corpse. Grab what you can and turn in the quest loot to Science Mind.

Nice work.
No. 694499 ID: c43722

Remember that you keep forgetting to crouch down when you transform back and keep landing on your rump like a chump and getting bruised back there. You gotta keep reminding yourself to not stand up when you do that.

>You should double in strength, but instead, the life force you're absorbing now is more akin to that of a minor evil underling!
Curious. Perhaps it burned most of its life force just for that one devastating attack, or maybe it was only acting as a remote conduit for another, much greater power to channel through. No way to tell on your own, but Science Mind might be able to glean something from analyzing the monster's remains that'll say something.

The worrying thing is if this mook was just a conduit puppet, that likely means whatever was pulling its strings saw the whole battle, including your physics-defying finisher. Expect whatever it is to pull out a hell of a lot more stops for the next battle.

Now, how are you going to get back home? You left your ride nearby or you gonna have to call for a pick-up? And how are you going to get the monster's corpse back for Science Mind? You got a cleanup crew for this kind of thing?

You know where this cyclopean cad first showed up? Think it'd be possible to track back from there to where its master or mistress is?
No. 694506 ID: 007e78

You'd think you'd be prepared and practiced to land from that fall, since it must happen every single time.

>what do
Do you have a phone or comms or something? Maybe you should call for a pickup. Send the royal jet or helicopter or something. Unless you want to walk home from a national park in the middle of nowhere.
No. 694511 ID: a107fd

That thing's eye bears a notable resemblance to your heartstone.
No. 694514 ID: f6442a

Perhaps he was channeling the strength of a greater being... You need to suss out this new threat to the kingdom, fast. But not too fast, since you need a day to recharge.
As the royal princess, can you... call a cab or something? it's a long way back to civilization.
No. 694529 ID: 99a64d

Clearly the power was being granted to the monster by an external force, which is now searching for a new host. What's the contingency plan should it find one before your battle babe form is ready again?
No. 695047 ID: 3e2cae
File 145314426482.png - (240.91KB , 600x600 , BC36a.png )

While you are by far the greatest warrior of Luminasia, your kingdom has many other great knights in its service whose cumulative power rivals yours. In addition, Luminasia has many allies upon whom it can call in times of need. Taken together, they're more than a match for the rare occasions on which multiple monsters attack at greater than six hour intervals within a twenty four hour period.

Yeah pretty much. When you first began, you could barely last an hour in your Battle Babe form. The time you can spend as Battle Babe has increased as you've grown in strength. The cooldown period has remained constant, however.
No. 695049 ID: 3e2cae
File 145314439679.png - (95.28KB , 600x600 , BC36.png )

>Disable covert surveillance equipment
You doubt any surveillance equipment concealed on the monster itself would have survived the blast. Nonetheless, you still can't shake the feeling that you're being watched... Possibly by someone close by... Someone waiting for the perfect moment to-
No. 695050 ID: 3e2cae
File 145314442131.png - (233.96KB , 600x750 , BC37.png )

GAH! Gods DAMMIT Furgo!
No. 695055 ID: f6442a

Send Furgo to the Royal Dungeons. How did he escape them in the first place?
No. 695058 ID: 3663d3

make furgo feel useful by having them take a finger of the mosnter back to science mind, while you get a professional to take the rest.
No. 695062 ID: 5ea852

Sit upon Furgo. It may be annoying as a blitznak during the seventh mooncycle, but its comfiness rivals that of a mastercrafted ottoman.
No. 695072 ID: 2ccbb3

Who the heck is Furgo anyway? Does he just loiter as the family pet or does he do anything?

Alright, take 20, grab the skull. Also, since your shift's over, go do something you like. Then some exercise.
No. 695200 ID: 007e78

No. 695204 ID: 5ad4a7

You realize the guy's energy was low most likely because he was using some kind of artificial enhancement, right? Like your Battle Form. Check the corpse for any suspicious bits.
No. 695210 ID: 99a64d

No. 695404 ID: b6178d


Ask Furgo if Furgo saw something unusual during this fight.
No. 695640 ID: 3e2cae
File 145326192879.png - (138.48KB , 600x600 , BC42.png )

He's sort of a cross between your pet and your purse. He's a Pouchling from the Island of Makpoolo. Very exotic and magical. A Pouchling's pouch acts as a sort of bag of lesser holding, able to store objects larger than its external volume, but nothing as big as a person. They're smart (as animals go) and extremely useful when properly trained.

Back when you were just a little princess, you begged your father for a pet Pouchling for your eighth birthday. Of course your doting parents couldn't refuse, especially not after you screamed your head off for a week straight until they caved.
You loved him when you were a kid, but you've sort of outgrown him. Too bad Pouchlings have a natural lifespan of over thirty years. The little pest isn't even middle aged yet.
No. 695641 ID: 3e2cae
File 145326195646.png - (177.39KB , 600x600 , BC38.png )

You send Furgo to go check for anything weird. He's got a great knack for inadvertently stirring up trouble. If there's anything dangerous lurking around, he'll definitely draw it out.
No. 695642 ID: 3e2cae
File 145326196146.png - (117.55KB , 600x600 , BC39.png )

Who knows, maybe the little furball will blow himself up or something.
No. 695643 ID: 3e2cae
File 145326196528.png - (110.43KB , 600x600 , BC40.png )

No. 695644 ID: 3e2cae
File 145326196872.png - (142.23KB , 600x600 , BC41.png )

Holy shit!
No. 695646 ID: 9b5409

That would probably explain why the thing was so strong but had so little power for you to absorb. Is there absolutely any way to make a pouchling stop talking in third person? I feel that would make him at least twice as tolerable.
No. 695648 ID: 30f6e2

We suspected something like that.
...Wait, the Heartstone isn't going to bond with him to make MegaFurgo, is it? That would end badly for everyone.
No. 695650 ID: f6442a

So... do you eat it to gain its strength? That's how these usually work, right?
No. 695652 ID: 211d83

Oh crap that was someones battle form?

Good job little guy. Lets get that over to science head and have him figure it out.
No. 695660 ID: f56624

he seems eager to help at least.
Check heartstone slot real quick tho, be sure that's not yours.
No. 695665 ID: 007e78

Grab boobs, check for stone.

Was his eye a heartstone?
No. 695708 ID: 38685c

Use both heartstones and position them over your nipples so they're nipplestones
No. 695713 ID: 3663d3

so are heartstones stupidly rare?

would having two of them cause horrible thigns to happen?

can you drain that one into yours so you only have one super stone?
No. 695724 ID: 2ccbb3

Can you equip multiple heartstones? Maybe Valkyria can use it...
No. 695894 ID: fa9b55

so, that minion was buffed up by the heartstone, and you didn't absorb anything from it?

Perhaps you should take it to whoever you got your heartstone from?

Also do NOT keep it inside Furgo, unless you want him to suddenly get swole and possibly turn into an evil minion.
No. 695931 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 696041 ID: 3e2cae
File 145334697966.png - (129.26KB , 600x600 , BC43.png )

You don't think it will fuse with him. The only people on Luminasia who were ever able to activate your heartstone were those of royal blood.

You take the stone away, just to be on the safe side...

Heartstones are exceptionally rare. In fact, up until this moment, you believed yours to be totally unique. It's been passed down through your family for generations.

It certainly looks like your heartstone...
No. 696042 ID: 3e2cae
File 145334698824.png - (151.84KB , 600x600 , BC44.png )

No. 696045 ID: 3e2cae
File 145334708910.png - (206.81KB , 600x600 , BC45.png )

Who's this guy!?
No. 696050 ID: a107fd

Ask whether that means you're allowed to keep the loot.
No. 696052 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask who the hell he is.

Is there any way you can potentially call up your warrior buddies to save you from this guy if he turns out to be hostile?
No. 696054 ID: 88e46e

No. 696055 ID: daa319

Before he explains make a guess: he is here to tell you how there are more like that laser jerk and they are going to come to fight you in ascending order of power while he sits on his nonexistent ass and watches due to some non-interference policy.
(Its either that or he is himself another enemy here to make a go at you now that you are de-transformed, in which case you are going to need some serious help.)
No. 696073 ID: 2ccbb3

Oh great, another Mr. Giant Referee Head.

Ask him why you have to participate in a galactic blood sport.
No. 696083 ID: f6442a

Furgo, steal his whistle.
No. 696144 ID: 38685c

Put a bag over his head and then wiggle your ass at the tentacles. For science.
No. 696307 ID: 2eeb65

No. 698603 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428029735.png - (139.79KB , 600x600 , BC46.png )

Furgo is too paralyzed with fear to move!
No. 698604 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428030162.png - (119.58KB , 600x600 , BC47.png )

No. 698605 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428030343.png - (202.42KB , 600x600 , BC48.png )

No. 698606 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428030711.png - (170.04KB , 600x600 , BC49.png )

No. 698607 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428031099.png - (181.20KB , 600x600 , BC50.png )

No. 698608 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428031372.png - (176.96KB , 600x600 , BC51.png )

No. 698613 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428150729.png - (248.58KB , 600x600 , BC52.png )

You have indeed been selected to compete in an interplanetary bloodsport known as the Battle of the Cosmic Champions!
A competition that is held only once a millennium, and is open only to those who have proven themselves the mightiest warriors in the galaxy!
However, you shall not be fighting your opponents in ascending order of power. The Battle of the Cosmic Champions is a Free For All that spans the length and breadth of the galaxy.
Currently there are approximately three hundred active contestants, though the average contestant will probably find themselves facing no more than a dozen other contestants at most.

Rule Number One of the BotCC is that there can only be ONE ultimate victor. This is a fight to the death, surrender or forfeit is not permitted under any circumstances. Contestants may form temporary alliances, but they will eventually be required to face each other.

The Second Rule of the BotCC is that anything goes. Subterfuge, poison, stealth, blackmail, extortion, betrayal and playing dirty are all viable tactics. Contestants may also consider themselves above any galactic law they can get away with breaking. Though they may face punishment by local authorities, the contestant will not be penalized by any rules of this contest for doing so.

Special Rules may be put into effect by me at any time. Defeating an opponent within the constraints of those special rules will earn the victor a significant bonus that may give him or her an edge in future battles. Failure to comply may result in devastating penalties.
No. 698614 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428151226.png - (171.21KB , 600x600 , BC52a.png )

Several other contestants carry Power Stones like yours. There are thirteen Power Stones altogether, scattered across the galaxy. Though the stones grant the bearer a significant advantage in combat, there are contestants whose natural abilities are more than a match for a Stonebearer's power.
If you defeat a Stonebearer, his power stone or stones belong to you.
No. 698616 ID: 3e2cae
File 145428164120.png - (187.47KB , 600x600 , BC53.png )

No. 698618 ID: 2ccbb3


Also, @#$% you. Let me guess AGAIN since I've been desensitized to your backstabbing propaganda: you or your dominatrix are trying to take over the galaxy by causing anarchy and death in places that would otherwise be unassailable, using the galaxy's most experienced and formidable champions as PAWNS who can't rebel as they're too busy killing each other to survive, and then you'll just brainwash or trap the remaining dumb muscle so that nobody with half a brain will have enough strength to start a revolution against you.

Because I have a LIFE."
No. 698620 ID: 3663d3

how do we combine these powerstones? or use both of them? or something?
No. 698625 ID: 99a64d

What gives you the Authority to declare someone emperor of the galaxy? Who the hell do you think you are?! I'm dealing with enough bullshit here without putting a bounty the size of the galaxy on my head, and I'm definitely not doing that for some hollow bullshit "emperor of the galaxy" title. Princess of the Royal House of Luminasia is fine for me, thanks.
No. 698628 ID: a22f87

so what you're saying is that weather or not I agree these guys are still going to be running around the galaxy and will probably come here anyways to wreck the place because they're seeking other opponents and just because they can?
No. 698637 ID: 889ae9

Ask if there time limit in this competition and also, what happened to the previous Emperor?

...We are totally going to fight that Ref eventually. That guy (or whatever organization he represents) just kicked off a galactic war and threw us into it without even the pretense asking. While we probably couldn't take him yet even as BB, we should keep in mind that guy has an eventual beatdown coming.
No. 698638 ID: e18d6f

No. 698640 ID: 99a64d

do not question kome
No. 698645 ID: 5ad4a7

I already see a huge unstated issue here. If you DO get arrested, your opponents will be able to know where you are, either while you're in jail or when you get out. Prison could easily lead to death.

What does The Referee get out of this?
No. 698650 ID: 8a3061

it seems an extraordinarily bad method for selecting the emperor of the galaxy
No. 698670 ID: 5ea852

None of this sounds particularly righteous. Why should you go out of your way to kill people who might be heroes of other worlds?

This might be some ploy to destroy the defenders of the galaxy under a pretense of a competition for a title that is impossible to enforce.
No. 698676 ID: 3e2cae
File 145430078012.png - (186.89KB , 600x600 , BC54.png )

Photon: What gives you the authority to declare someone Emperor of the Galaxy?

Referee: *heh* Any being strong enough to defeat all of the galaxy's champions would be powerful enough to declare himself emperor on her own authority, don't you think? After all, who would be left to oppose you? My employers simply provide the media coverage to let everyone know.

Photon: Who the hell do you think you are?! I'm dealing with enough bullshit here without putting a bounty the size of the galaxy on my head, and I'm definitely not doing that for some hollow bullshit "emperor of the galaxy" title. Princess of the Royal House of Luminasia is fine for me, thanks.

Referee: I'm nothing more than a humble servant. I didn't create the contest, I merely enforce the rules. Besides, I'm given to understand one of the nice things about being Emperor of the entire galaxy is that you can do pretty much anything you want. If your first act is to abdicate, I'm sure no one will stand in your way...

Photon: So... weather or not I agree these guys are still going to be running around the galaxy and will probably come here anyways to wreck the place because they're seeking other opponents and just because they can?

Referee: Precisely. Even if you refuse to seek out other contestants, they will still come to you, potentially putting your people and loved ones in significant danger.

Photon: Is there a time limit?

Referee: No. The contest ends when there is only one champion left standing. It could be weeks or months or decades, but in the end there will be only one.

Photon: This seems like an extraordinarily bad method for selecting the emperor of the galaxy.

Referee: Isn't your planet a hereditary monarchy?

Photon: >___>

Referee: One final matter. All contestants are issued a Locator Crystal. With it, you can track the location of any other champion in the galaxy to an accuracy of approximately ten miles. Short range stealth techniques are still effective, but long term attempts to hide or flee are impossible. If you're thinking of smashing the crystal, don't bother; it's not how we track you. Other champions will still be able to view your location and you'll be at a significant disadvantage if you don't know when they're coming.
No. 698678 ID: 3e2cae
File 145430083148.png - (167.18KB , 600x600 , BC55.png )

You've acquired a Locator Crystal!
No. 698679 ID: 3663d3

okay, we better see science-mind about integrating that new heartstone.
No. 698680 ID: 5ad4a7

Bet you 50 bux this is just a way for them to harvest life energy. Once the "emperor" is victorious, The Referee's masters show up to take the power stones and suck out their energy. The stones are then scattered throughout the galaxy in preparation for the next battle.

I think you should spend your downtime scouring the galactical archives for evidence of what happened at the end of the last Battle.
No. 698681 ID: 99a64d

Soo... basically we just keep doing what we've been doing? Maybe we should get our people to fortify some more.
No. 698683 ID: 2ccbb3

Sounds likely.

Maybe you could find a way to force-feed all that life force into the galactic core or whatever. If you can throw lazer beams, it shouldn't be too hard to blow life force straight into a science experiment.
No. 698688 ID: a22f87

god damnit, well might as well head home and give everyone a heads up that shit's about to get real. I have to wonder if this really changes anything though. I mean you're home was getting attacked every other week before this bullshit started up and at least now you get some warning when the dick bags show up. Just hope they don't have armies under there control as well that they'll use to wear you out and wait till your crystal runs dry and starts to recharge before attacking... and on that note I wonder if you can use that other crystal as well as a back up. I mean the ref did say there were other gem users so they probably know your weaknesses but they might not be expecting you to have 2 crystals... well at least not at first anyways.
No. 698691 ID: 02422f

Check locator, now. Anyone incoming? Or near?
No. 698693 ID: b8ceae

Doesn't seem like they have a way to enforce the to-the-death part of it.
It also seems that the power of the emperor is based on there being nobody powerful enough to tell them no; sure, if you team up with people the contest doesn't officially end until you betray them, but if you're the X most powerful beings in the universe nobody can really force the issue.
Unless these referees are doing it as some kind of harvest, in which case you'd clearly be better off working with a team since they're prepared for a lone warrior.
Either way, ignore the rules.

Look for the ones that are actively hunting down others, and kill them.
No. 698703 ID: f6442a

Give Furgo the crystal, convince the next champion that he's the one they want.
No. 698707 ID: 680484

>Bet you 50 bux this is just a way for them to harvest life energy.
I'll take you up on that bet. My spacebux say its not about harvesting life-stone energy so much as about culling supers who might get in the way of the Referee faction's goals by reducing their number to one who can then be manipulated or finished off. Has there even been a previous Cosmic Champion Battle? (If there have been others than the Referee faction is probably just maintaining some status quo that benefits them, but if it has not happens before than that would suggest a much more dramatic grand plan.)

>Doesn't seem like they have a way to enforce the to-the-death part of it.
Not officially, but I am willing to bet that if the Referee decides you are making too many friends or otherwise becoming a threat to his plans he will apply special rules to encourage others to attack you or even penalize them for not doing so if he gets desperate.
No. 698829 ID: a107fd

>Look for the ones that are actively hunting down others, and kill them.

That would make you one of "the ones that are actively hunting down others." Instead, notify as many of the other active Champions as possible of your decision to opt out of the whole tournament-slash-pointless-galactic-civil-war. You're not going to use lethal force against anybody who hasn't made an unprovoked attack on you personally, and you're going to stick to defending your homeworld... unless some other Champion unilaterally adopts a similar policy, makes a good-faith effort to stick to it, and then later asks for your assistance in defending their own homeworld against an unprovoked attack. Most of all, you're going to investigate this so-called "referee's" backers and see them brought to justice.

If you've got access to comprehensive galactic star maps, pick out some desolate backwater world with no significant natural resources or native sapient life and start building an embassy there. Have your legal counsel draft a multi-party nonaggression pact which specifies that world as neutral territory, apart from specifically designated embassies, and include specific provisions for arranging formal duels in the opposite hemisphere.
No. 698830 ID: f129fa

Alright. How can we take the power out of that stone and add it to the one we're using now?
No. 698912 ID: 4229c9

So… how is this a contest? They do absolutely nothing at all. They don’t have any "rules" to enforce and they can change these rules how they want.

If anyone wanted to go around and kill everyone, they could have done so already, declaring this a contest changes absolutely nothing. Furthermore, the whole Empress of the Galaxy title is pretty much unrelated to the galaxy as well.
No. 699540 ID: 3e2cae
File 145480924521.png - (177.93KB , 600x600 , BC56.png )

Looks like the closest competitor is Robo Maximus, Primarch of the Changetrons.
The Changetrons are a nomadic tribe of intelligent robots that roam the galaxy bringing conflict wherever they go.
They're currently settled on an uninhabited planet in the nearby Procronus System.
No. 699546 ID: 3e2cae
File 145480951297.png - (174.88KB , 600x600 , BC57.png )

The next closest competitor is Leonidas, Chieftain of the Sparticats.
The Sparticats are known to the Luminasians. Centuries ago, your two societies clashed in a series of fierce border skirmishes, but there's been no contact between the two kingdoms since your people singed a peace treaty with them over a generation ago.
Their champion looks extremely formidable, and he's a Stonebearer.
No. 699548 ID: 938aea

Well clearly this championship is pure bullshit.
Once the galaxy has been softened up by all the fighting the aliens or whoever will just come in and finish it off.

Our only hope is to try and make as many allies as possible, figure out what's really going on, and try to put a stop to it.

Hopefully Leo and Max are willing to listen to reason.
No. 699549 ID: 2ccbb3

These are the warlords of successful nomadic cultures. They have learned the cost of war and the price of peace. They will understand the value of harnessing both tactics and violence as a single train of thought.

Head out and attempt to forge an alliance, but show them caution by attempting a system that allows for chaos; if any of you betray the others, you'd better have a fallback scenario. They will respect that.
No. 699550 ID: 5ea852

Maybe it would be a good idea to start with Leonidas since there was a conflict between your peoples and there is a standing peace treaty. Going for Changetrons first could possibly leave your home undefended if Leonidas is a sort that goes against lion stereotypes.

Announce your intention to come to his planet.

It's technically a contest since they proposed this bullshit to a bunch of people. They're playing to people's sense of paranoia.
No. 699554 ID: f56624

Form a temporary alliance with the stonebearer, and go attack the giant robutss with them.
No. 699556 ID: 7b7ab3

There's something rotten afoot, and we're going to need help if we're going to deal with it.
I would also like to point out that if they've made this offer to the local heroes then they've almost definitely made the same offer to the local villains.
So that's a problem.
No. 699620 ID: 3e2cae
File 145482350721.png - (173.20KB , 600x600 , BC58.png )

Furgo's right, you should probably get back to the royal palace and tell your parents what's happened.
No. 699621 ID: 3e2cae
File 145482351266.png - (137.65KB , 600x600 , BC59.png )

Inside the throne room of the royal palace, your parents, the King and Queen of Luminasia, listen to your story with growing concern.

Queen: It seems we have little choice but for you to participate in this... this dubious "contest." Although I must say it all sounds terribly preposterous.

King: I've never heard of this "Battle of the Cosmic Champions" ever taking place before! ...Although then again Luminasia's historical records only go back to the Great Cataclysm one thousand years ago...

Queen: I still can't believe you didn't ask this "Referee" character for any sort of credentials. Honestly we taught you better than that.
No. 699622 ID: 211d83

He ran for it before answering any of my questions.
No. 699623 ID: 99a64d

We totally did though! He ran away though, which is, like, max suspicious.
No. 699624 ID: 3663d3

also explain we want to speak with the Sparticats first so we can settle this without risking the treaty.
No. 699635 ID: cbd7dc

Cataclysm 1000 years ago? You mean when the last championship supposedly happened? Shit.
No. 699639 ID: 72684a

Yeah. You'd think he wanted us to be suspicious, he was acting so shady
Yeah, there's no way that's a coincidence. Did anything else happen 1000 years ago that we should know about?
No. 699641 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell us more about the Great Cataclysm.
No. 699648 ID: c97c73

>It seems we have little choice but for you to participate in this... this dubious "contest."

Eh!? Why? That’s just a random dude telling us to fight some other random dudes for literally no benefit at all. Why would anyone actually do that, other than for the reason of general bloodthirstiness or something. All that has changes is that we now have a radar for other powerful people, which may proof useful.
No. 699663 ID: f6442a

Minimize the Maximus in his prime.
No. 699773 ID: 2a90dc

No. 699834 ID: f5e25e

>held once a millennium
>it's happening right now
>gee, what could have happened 1000 years ago?
Come on, guys.
No. 699864 ID: 5ea852

There was something called The Great Cataclysm. As far as we know, this competition could be some sort of a blood sacrifice to bring about another Great Cataclysm.
No. 699893 ID: 9dee0d

Focus on the important stuff, what can becoming a double stonebearer do for you?

Like can you use it to be twice as strong, or use it to have a backup while your original stone recharges?
No. 699982 ID: fa9b55

We should probably arrange to leave the planet ASAP, just in case some eager fuckwit among the contenders likes to go after 'newbies' right when they become traceable.

You saw how much collateral damage there was for the entrance exam, after all.
No. 700357 ID: 2c4c23

>gee, what could have happened 1000 years ago?
The fact that the Cataclysm sounds like a previous instance of this is exactly why we want to know more about it, especially what happened in the endgame or what became of the "winner".

>Eh!? Why? That’s just a random dude telling us to fight some other random dudes for literally no benefit at all.
We have to participate to the extent of defending ourself for survival, but I agree that we should probably avoid going on the offensive if possible, as that is just doing the Ref's dirty work for him. The downside of a purely defensive/alliance strategy though (aside from Ref meddling) is the possibility that a more aggressive stone-bearer might be able to kill non-stone-bearer contestants faster than we can and therefore amass more power.
About that locator stone, I have been wondering if those transmit location data as well as receiving it. We should test this out, as being able to have our location logged as somewhere we are not could be useful.
No. 700691 ID: a107fd

There's always a choice. First, we should contact the Sparticats and formally reaffirm the peace treaty, possibly even expand it with mutual-defense terms and/or a joint research project to figure out more about how heartstones work, made possible by the fact that we've now got a spare to experiment on.
No. 701877 ID: 02422f

You know, it occurs to me this game is sort of like a giant prisoner's dilemma. The only thing forcing the contestants to attack each other is themselves, and the incentive of victory. The reward for no one taking any action is safety and peace (and the avoidance of a cataclysm?).

Problem is the win-win outcome only works if people decide to trust each other.

>the Great Cataclysm one thousand years ago
If anything, that only supports what we've been told. The last iteration of this contest could very well have been the cause of the cataclysm.

>I still can't believe you didn't ask this "Referee" character for any sort of credentials.
He's not part of our country, society, or world. What credentials could he have presented we would have recognized as valid?
No. 717176 ID: 735b52
File 146086661631.png - (199.58KB , 800x800 , BC60.png )

>He's not part of our country, society, or world. What credentials could he have presented we would have recognized as valid?

As if your mother would take that as an excuse. You can hear her now "anybody who's anybody always has credentials."

Every child on Luminasia knows the story of the Great Cataclysm, but here's the short version:

One thousand years ago, the planet Luminasia was ruled by a terrible dragon. The dragon demanded tribute from all the peoples of the world and they were very unhappy. They prayed for a savior to come rescue them.
No. 717177 ID: 735b52
File 146086663031.png - (203.66KB , 800x800 , BC61.png )

As if in answer to their prayers, a great warrior appeared in the stars above Luminasia, riding a pillar of fire. The warrior was blessed with a magical heart that granted him the strength of one hundred men.
No. 717178 ID: 735b52
File 146086663497.png - (219.06KB , 800x800 , BC62.png )

The dragon and the warrior clashed in fearsome combat. The force of the warrior's blows shook the ground and the dragon's fire set the forests and cities of the planet ablaze. The battle raged for forty days and forty nights, but ultimately the warrior was victorious over his monstrous foe.
No. 717179 ID: 735b52
File 146086664015.png - (173.11KB , 800x800 , BC63.png )

When the warrior saw the destruction he'd wrought upon Luminasia, he was filled with a terrible grief. The price of his victory was too high for him to bear.
No. 717180 ID: 735b52
File 146086665407.png - (145.77KB , 800x800 , BC64.png )

Unable to live with his guilt, the warrior reached into his chest and pulled out his magical heart, which he bestowed upon his son (who had come along with him I guess?).
No. 717181 ID: 735b52
File 146086670063.png - (191.59KB , 800x800 , BC65.png )

Anyway, the warrior's son vowed to use the heart to atone for what his father had done. He rebuilt the world's civilization and founded the line of Photon, which is pledged to protect Luminasia and all its peoples from harm forevermore.

And that's why your dad gets to be king of the whole planet and stuff. Anyway there's a whole holiday period where you spend forty days in mourning for the devestation of the planet followed by a big feast and celebration of the founding of the kingdom and everyone gives each other paper hearts with love notes on them. It's a lot of fun, really.
No. 717182 ID: 735b52
File 146086671809.png - (95.66KB , 800x800 , BC66.png )


King: Science Mind, have you completed you analysis of the second stone?

Science Mind: Yes, my liege. From what I've been able to gather, the second stone's properties are nearly identical to those of the Princess. I have also been able to determine that the second stone exhibits a harmonic signature identical to that of the Princess's bio-energy field, suggesting that it is soul-bonded to her in the same manner as the Heartstone.

Queen: So only she can use it?

Science Mind: Affirmative, your highness, that seems to be the case. According to my calculations, the princess should be able to activate the new stone at will in the same manner as the Heartstone, and even utilize both stones simultaneously.

King: What would happen if she activates both stones at once? Would she become twice as strong?

Science Mind: Well, I'm not entirely certain, your highness, but our best estimates indicate that she would at least experience a 150% increase in strength at the very least. The new stone does not appear to have the same energy level as the Princess's Heartstone, though its power is still vast.

King: I see...
No. 717186 ID: f6442a

How does he fit that under his hood?
No. 717187 ID: 735b52

King: Well, Princess, it appears this is your battle to fight. What do you propose to do?
No. 717188 ID: 735b52

You can't see from this angle, but behind him it's very baggy.
No. 717198 ID: 99a64d

God, Science Mind is so cool, we should get a cool science brain like his so that we can be super smart.
No. 717207 ID: 59a537

So the second stone has a similar cooldown system (though cooling down independently)? In that case I'd guess the best strategy would be to start fights using one stone (since that form is durable enough to take a few hits) and keep the other stone in reserve for either a MID-FIGHT POWER UP or a SECOND-FIGHT BACKUP FORM for when our first one is on cooldown.
So will the new stone transform us into Battle Babe or another form? Let's go somewhere suitable for weapons testing and try it out.
No. 717240 ID: 1cebc8

Lent followed by Valentine's Day? Not a good combo.

It's possible that each stone has a specific "function" as to how it applies life force and that you need the full set to obtain an ultimate-tier super mode. See if your R&D team can use their technology to create a "bridge" between the two stones, get them to work in tandem as part of a larger device.
No. 717251 ID: a107fd

First, contact the Sparticats, see what they've been up to the past few decades, and what their intentions are. Hopefully, reaffirm the peace treaty. If they're hostile, this sudden power boost will disrupt their plans, and maybe we even get a third stone out of it (along with the moral high ground of having negotiated in good faith). Worry about Deceptibots the Autocons Changetrons after that. Since they don't have any history with us, they might move on and look for easier prey elsewhere. If we picked a fight with them first, well, they're nomadic raiders with no civilians or logistical tail to worry about. They'd be able to kite us away, avoiding a major battle until the stone powers down, and then Leonidas could make his move while Luminasia's greatest defender is far away and tapped out.
No. 717310 ID: 3663d3

get the new stone mounted properly to a part of your outfit so you wont risk losing it.
No. 717395 ID: 02422f

>What would happen if she activates both stones at once? Would she become twice as strong?
Perhaps the more important question is if it's safe to use both stones at once. If these things work on harmonic frequencies, amplifying a resonance past a certain point tends to have destructive results. And even without that, there's the question of how much power you can safely channel.

>King: Well, Princess, it appears this is your battle to fight. What do you propose to do?
We should probably arrange experimental conditions for you to test the second stone, after you've recovered. See how it differs from the first, before you find yourself in another combat situation.

Of course, it's a risk to use up a day's transformation, but it's also a risk to go into battle unprepared or uninformed.
No. 729300 ID: a4ec41
File 146578996035.png - (212.88KB , 750x600 , BC67.png )

King: I agree with this course of action. Although I wholeheartedly disapprove of he idea of you entering some shady interplanetary street fight, this situation at the very least merits further investigation. The Sparticats are a noble race but they are dangerous warriors. If they have been stirred into violence by this "Referee" character, we must know immediately.

You shall have the swiftest starship in the kingdom: the RLS Fastbird. It shall be loaded with food, fuel and supplies for twelve people to last sixty days, and outfitted with our latest and most potent defenses.
No. 729301 ID: a4ec41
File 146578996889.png - (183.40KB , 600x600 , BC68.png )

King:Secondly, You shall be accompanied by a contingent of the house guard comprising six guardsmen and two pilots, to be commanded by Captain Francis Bottom.

Thirdly, you are vulnerable during the periods while your Heartstone is recharging. Though Luminasia shall need every knight and warrior to defend the kingdom in your absence, and I am loathe to spare even one of them, I am even less willing to send my beloved daughter out into the stars without some protection that is at least somewhat equal to the threats you may face. Therefore, you shall select one of the knights of Luminasia to accompany you on your journey. Choose wisely.
No. 729302 ID: a4ec41
File 146579000218.png - (198.07KB , 600x600 , BC69.png )

Valkyrea Charm
Your cousin. A skilled warrior and tactician. Her magical Bow of Ages fires enchanted, crystal tipped arrows that can seek out targets at vast distances with amazing accuracy, pierce even the mightiest armor, and return to their master upon completion of their mission.

Additionally, Valkyrea's magical wing harness grants her the power to soar over the battlefield and travel at great speeds. The harness is controlled telepathically through the golden circlet on her forehead.

Unfortunately, being your cousin and of noble blood on top of being a mighty warrior, she thinks she's above taking orders, even from you. She is cocky, defiant and highly unlikely to follow any plans you come up with.
No. 729303 ID: a4ec41
File 146579002997.png - (111.04KB , 600x600 , BC70.png )

The only one of Evil Prince Nightheart's lieutenants to defect and survive. Gorgol surrendered to you personally on the condition that you help his brother and sister escape Nightheart's dungeons and grant them sanctuary in Luminasia. You did so and he has been unfalteringly loyal to you ever since.

Unfortunately, all your fellow Luminasians see is a monster. He is shunned by everyone but you and is often forced to work alone. This is certainly in part because up until recently, he was a brutal and terrifying enemy combatant. It will be an uphill battle for him to gain the trust of the other crew members and morale is likely to suffer.

Also he's kind of shy.

Though not as powerful as you by a wide margin, Gorgol is still immensely strong. He is one of the few monsters to take the full brunt of your attacks and survive. He would be extremely effective in close quarters combat.
No. 729304 ID: a4ec41
File 146579005452.png - (89.58KB , 600x600 , BC71.png )

The royal assassin, Whisper is a cunning and dangerous warrior. Master of the art of the silent kill. Though not comparatively strong, she is capable of slaying enemies many times her size and strength by assessing and striking their critical weak points. Also a master of camouflage, traps and poisons.

Unfortunately, you and her don't get along because she's a total bitch poser who just hates you for no reason and also you may have slept with her boyfriend when you were teenagers (but only because she slept with yours!).

She'd make an excellent forward scout, which is good because you want her as far away from you as possible.
No. 729305 ID: a4ec41
File 146579007387.png - (156.22KB , 600x600 , BC72.png )

Spencer the Magnificent
The court magician. A powerful and learned mage, skilled in many mystical arts. Though not physically imposing, you have seen him do things on the battlefield which could turn even Gorgol's stomach. Knows many offensive and defensive spells of great power and potency.

He's also totally kaka coocoo. All that time plunging the depths of the universe's ancient, forbidden knowledge has unhinged him to an unsettling degree. He's probably not dangerous to you... probably.
No. 729306 ID: a4ec41
File 146579008306.png - (114.17KB , 600x600 , BC73.png )

Science Mindette
Science Mind's brilliant young daughter. Though not as experienced as her father in the ways of science and engineering, she is at least as brilliant if not moreso. With her on your team, she will no doubt be more than equal to the task of analyzing and adapting any technology or artifacts you encounter on your travels, as well as provide further understanding into the mysterious workings of the Heartstones.

So, whom do you choose as your companion?
No. 729308 ID: a075ba

>who pick
Shy lizardbro who needs to prove himself only you've been willing to give a chance? Seems like his time to shine!

No. 729309 ID: 15fae4


Gorgol of course need that DILF
No. 729317 ID: 742a1e

Gorgol is fucking sexy. That is completely true. Anyone who thinks that Science Mindette can't use abstract theory to deal offensive damage is underestimating the powers of application, though. The thermodynamics-obliterating Aperture Science was started as an investigation into the shower curtain effect, and Vault Tec was an elaborate social experiment.

Can we bang the fuck out of Gorgol without taking him as a companion?
No. 729318 ID: 0b1397

Gorgol is new husbando
No. 729320 ID: 9f3729

gorgol or mindette, clearly
we can even solve the latter's problems by getting her some kind of sickradical mechasuit
No. 729321 ID: f6442a

Science Mindette has a good variety of support abilities, but GORGOL has won over my heart in a few short paragraphs! Redundancy, schmedundancy.
No. 729323 ID: 4201a2

Obviously Gorgol.
No. 729331 ID: eb048a

Jumping on the Gorgol train!
Gotta get those monster muscles!
No. 729332 ID: b7883c

Science Mindette would clearly be able to contribute much more with us than staying, since we will be going around seeing new places/tech while the knights staying will only be seeing new things in the form of occasional potential attackers (which Science Mind Senior will still be there to analyze).
Gorgol is also a good option since his strength/toughness would be good for holding off enemies while we are on cooldown, but holding off enemies while we are unavailable is also the job of the knights staying home so he would do about as well there (aside from the trust thing).

Over all, keep in mind that all of this fighting is just a symptom of the blatantly cybernetic Referee(s?). That means getting to the root of the problem is a matter of sleuthing and figuring out weird tech shenanigans, which means we should bring Science Mindette.
No. 729339 ID: 094652

Science Mindette

Because you're going into SPACE. Space is dangerous because as of now, 99% of space is unknown territory to you. You could send a horde of murdermachines into a random sector and they could all DIE of radiation poisoning, not because of ANY combat inexperience in ANY field but because they simply DIDN'T KNOW.

Having an R&D team, even of one, can help you with anti-elemental shields and strategic planning so you don't throw yourself into an invisible sun or something, or at least protect yourself in advance. And what you do know about space is that it's VAST, so you'll have enough time to hide and recharge your heartcores.
No. 729348 ID: 4854ef

No. 729359 ID: 045a0f

actually really coherent and thought out
i was voting smartypanties anyways but yeah
No. 729369 ID: 79a07e

Science Mindette. She brings skills to the table that we don't readily have. It'd work better for rounding us out.

And like others have said, she may not have natural brawn, but that doesn't mean she can't get a bit of a helping hand in that. Easier to make someone artificially STRONG than artificially SMART.
No. 729387 ID: a107fd

Another vote for science. Tank is always good, and personal loyalty compounded by social isolation might be even better in the right context, but this is primarily a recon mission.

I'd also like to note that the three remaining non-Gorgol knights have been effectively removed from consideration by disadvantages that boil down to "likely to disobey orders at the worst possible moment."
No. 729394 ID: e71d1c

[[Author's Note]]
So yeah, it looks like I did a really poor job of differentiating the leadership challenges of each knight.
I'm not out to change anyone's mind, I love both Gorgol and Mindette, but none of the characters are meant to be "throwaway options" so I feel I ought to clarify a little:

Valkyrea Is probably not gonna follow your plans, but she's more than happy to follow her own, and her plans are pretty good. They're not always gonna be perfrct, but neither are yours.
When she deviates from your orders, it's probably because she thinks she sees a better way.
Over time you can bring her in line and teach her to trust your judgement. Out of combat she's your cool cousin.

Dislikes you personally, but will follow orders. She is just less inclined to take initiative because of her bad attitude. Give her clear direction and she will do it.
Out of combat, she will be distant when she can, hostile when she can't. Players looking for a friend or waifu will have to break down her barriers first.

Is the one most likely to go off the reservation. He won't attack you deliberately, but in combat he can get carried away and if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time you may get zapped.
He also comes with a lot of potential for collateral damage when he stops being careful.
Out of combat he's zany lolrandom.

So basically with those three their problems boil down to, respectively:
Too much Initiative
No Initiative
Erratic behavior

With Gorgol, he may not be difficult for you to work with, but if you choose hom the crew is more likely to be slightly hostile to you and you will have to work to win them over.

For those of you hoping to have Mindette build a mechsuit and have both brains and brawn, that's an option, but bear in mind it will probably be a while before you can do that since you won't have parts on board and she doesn't typically think in those directions. She is also kind of ADD and is prone to fits of obsession and distraction. Those of you hoping to keep her on permanent weapons R&D are gonna have a tough time of it, since alien butterflies are as fascinating to her as Ultra Laser Rifles and mechsuits.

Anyway you guys have a little time to choose still, as I'm gonna update HFA next.
I have no real preference, so most votes wins.
No. 729395 ID: 911ffc

One final note: Gorgol really is every bit the cutie pie husbando you hope he'd be and more. Anyway happy voting!
No. 729400 ID: 9fdb37


You can always claim that you're bringing him with you to keep an eye on him.
No. 729402 ID: 79a07e

Still voting for Mindette. I wasnt expecting to keep her on weapons R&D at all.
No. 729404 ID: 8a3061

> One final note: Gorgol really is every bit the cutie pie husbando you hope he'd be and more

you can't post stuff like that and expect us not to pick him
No. 729432 ID: 49b0a8

Golgo. Unfalteringly loyal beefcake all the way.
No. 729449 ID: eb385b

Science Mindette
No. 729451 ID: 927808

go go gorgol
No. 729461 ID: 605f49

Valkyria sounds like a character
No. 729475 ID: 066a87

>Spencer the Magnificent
I pick this one! I want this guy! He's got crazy eyes, he'll be perfect!
No. 729478 ID: e94191

Vote for Whisper
No. 729512 ID: b7883c

Also still voting for Mindette, since I was thinking less R&D than analyzing and possibly reverse engineering the tech from other civilizations we come across, especially the super bs super-tech the Referee will almost inevitably use against us sooner or later.
No. 729563 ID: dd338c

No. 729569 ID: 9f3729

I have confirmed from the author that everyone is waifuable and that science mindette is a FREAK in the sack
ergo my vote goes to her still, because in addition to giant robots we get that
No. 729612 ID: c45b7e

Science Mindette

Out of everyone, she is the only who will make us stronger. The others simply aid, and we must become stronk.
No. 729618 ID: 439f4b

Well, Valkyrea isn't really waifuable because she is your blood cousin, but she's rad cool.
No. 729623 ID: 2a7417

Damn the giant mechas, full Gorgol ahead!
No. 729666 ID: 30370e

Science Mindette, for weaponized mecha alien butterflies
No. 729762 ID: 9fdb37

I don't think blood relations ever stopped royalty from getting what they wanted. Plus, it's not like any abomination could spawn from that incest unless magic is involved.
No. 729866 ID: 9f3729

Not to mention tgchan has a rich and storied history of encouraging incest
No. 729922 ID: 3663d3

regardless of who wins you should visibly be deliberating to make the ones not picked feel better.
No. 729944 ID: 25433a

Gorgol, double the muscle, double the fun!
No. 730261 ID: 3e6394

Gorgol is loyal. Gorgol is brave. Gorgol can survive Battle Babe snu-snu.

Let's bring Gorgol.
No. 730275 ID: 90f3c0

Gorgol. There are a lot of logical reasons to choose Mindette, but lizard husbando.
No. 730325 ID: e6ec84

I vote for science gal. Because science and she's also cute.
No. 730594 ID: a4ec41

The polls are now closed. It looks like Gorgol beats Mindette 15 votes to 10.
No. 730599 ID: a4ec41
File 146630668922.png - (114.13KB , 600x600 , BC76.png )

It's a tough decision, but ultimately you decide Gorgol is the best man -er- monster for the job. He's the only one you've met who can take a punch better than Battle Babe can, even if he can't hit back quite as hard. If ever you're down for the count, you want Gorgol in your corner.

Not to mention he's a total beefcake.

All around the chamber, the council members break into concerned huddles at your announcement, while the King and Queen exchange nervous looks.
No. 730600 ID: a4ec41
File 146630670280.png - (48.11KB , 600x600 , BC77.png )

Gorgol seems as shocked as anyone by your choice.

Meanwhile the murmuring among the courtiers has risen to a dull roar.

King: "Silence! Everyone shall please calm down at once!

Uvee, surely this is not a decision to be made in haste. We shall adjourn for now and speak more on the matter in private."
No. 730601 ID: a4ec41
File 146630671097.png - (145.95KB , 600x600 , BC74b.png )

Your parents try to talk you out of it, but you make an impassioned argument in Gorgol's defense.

At long last, they see reason and acquiesce... that is to say, accept your decision.
No. 730602 ID: a4ec41
File 146630672090.png - (99.38KB , 600x600 , BC78.png )

Valkyrea is waiting for you as you exit the royal chambers. Looks like she's got a lot on her mind.
No. 730615 ID: 9f3729

Give her a mammy-choked hug to snap her out of it.
No. 730617 ID: d8dc8a

"What's up?"
No. 730618 ID: a075ba

Hey, cuz.

What's on your mind?
No. 730663 ID: 97d6f1

Waaazz Aaaahhhpp!?
No. 730675 ID: 433720

Can we demand to also have Science Mindette? Or is that totally off the table?

Clearly she is initiating a Brutal Cousin Vs Cousin Staring Contest to the Death, (Metaphorical Death that is.) and We don't intend on losing. POKE HER IN THE EYE!
No. 730720 ID: 605f49

She wants the red gem thing doesn't she
No. 730778 ID: 4efb02

Even more reason to poke her in the eye!
No. 731442 ID: b2d501

Something tells me she never expected the first-in-line to go on a space adventure. Just explain that you need to go on the offensive or this entire planet is going to turn into a warzone for the Heartstone within the next decade.

If she asks why you didn't bring her, just say that you needed someone to hold the planet together while you were away.

After all, she might become queen for the rest of her life even if you DO come back. Galactic Championship and all that. Give her a big hug and say you'll miss [whatever you two do].
No. 731531 ID: 9fdb37

"What's with the concerned expression?"
No. 732185 ID: dd4df2


If she's got a complaint with your pick, tell her that you're not going to be dumb about this stupid contest. While you're out gallivanting the galaxy, beatin' up ever-stronger enemies, any number of those douchebag contestants might try to come at the home of one of their rivals, or at least send minions to do so, in order to get an edge. The home team needs to be the best there is and balanced with an edge towards being able to outwit, out-maneuver and out-strategize stronger opponents.

Gorgol's an ok pick for what you're doing, not just because he's super strong and super durable and can probably stand up to another contestant while the Heartstone recharges, but because he's an outsider to the core knight team and his presence won't be as badly missed.

So that's (part of) why he's your pick, and there's no changing that.

If she wanna heap on some advice before you leave, though, particularly in regards to the two closest opponents, you're all ears.
No. 734103 ID: a4ec41
File 146786077237.png - (198.32KB , 800x600 , BC79.png )

No. 734104 ID: a4ec41
File 146786077653.png - (100.27KB , 600x600 , BC80.png )

UGH! You hate it when she gets like this. Sometimes you just want to poke her in the eye!
No. 734105 ID: a4ec41
File 146786078483.png - (97.40KB , 600x600 , BC81.png )

You: Is this about me not picking you to go into space with me?

Val: It's not about going into space!

You: Are you sure? Because it really seems like this is about going into space.

Val: ...

You: Look, I didn't mean it as a snub to you. If anything you should take it as a compliment, With me gone-

Val: "Luminasia's going to need its strongest warriors here to protect the kingdom" blah de blah de blah.

You: Well it's the truth!

Val: I get that it's just... well, you know how much I've always envied you for being the Stonebearer. Remember how jealous I was when you were the one chosen?
No. 734106 ID: a4ec41
File 146786082466.png - (218.89KB , 600x600 , BC81a.png )

You: You think I had any control over that? Trust me, no one was more surprised than I was when the stone picked me to be the next bearer after Grandpa died!

Val: Well, I think your brother might have been. He was so sure it was going to be him!

You: We all were... But I couldn't help that!

Val: No, you couldn't, but you knew how much I wanted it, so imagine how I feel now that a second stone has appeared and you snatch that one up too!

You: I didn't have any control in that either! I had no idea the second stone even existed until after it had bonded to me!

Val: Okay, fine, that's fair, I get it. But now, now we've found out that there are dozens of these power stones floating around out there in space, and that this is a perfect opportunity for someone other than you to snag one for once, and instead of choosing your own cousin who's been your best friend since we were kids, you choose some damn lunkheaded dragon who until just recently was doing his best to kill you and everyone you love!

You: ... I never... I didn't realize-

Val: No I guess not. All you could think about was being the big hero and saving the entire universe and bulgy lizard beefcake!
No. 734107 ID: a4ec41
File 146786083379.png - (206.88KB , 800x800 , BC82.png )

You: Val I'm so sorry I didn't consider your feelings more when I picked Gorgol. I had no idea you still wanted the stone so much.

Val: I don't want your damned stone! I'm just saying is all!

You: I hear what you're saying, and I completely understand how you feel, but I'm worried, too. Nightheart also coveted the stone. He obsessed over it so much that it drove him to... to... do what he did to himself...

I don't want to see you end up like him, Val.

Val: Aw I'm not gonna end up like Nightheart. I just wish you'd have thought of me before making your choice.

You: Well, if there's really over a dozen stones out there, there'll be plenty to go around, even with Gorgol on the trip and I promise that I'll do my best to bring one back for you to have.

Val: Make it two and you've got a deal.

You: Friends?

Val: *sigh* Friends.
No. 734108 ID: a4ec41
File 146786084130.png - (36.15KB , 600x600 , BC84.png )

No. 734109 ID: a4ec41
File 146786084521.png - (117.82KB , 600x600 , BC83.png )

No. 734110 ID: a4ec41
File 146786084844.png - (201.37KB , 600x600 , BC85.png )

No. 734111 ID: a4ec41
File 146786085358.png - (140.80KB , 600x600 , BC86.png )

No. 734112 ID: a4ec41

End of Chapter One!
No. 734115 ID: b7883c

Well he's certainly more menacing looking than Skeletor.
No. 734261 ID: b2d501

And a @#$%ing retard. He does realize that this is a battle for the GALAXY, right? If he doesn't have a heartstone, he should be focused on defending his planet or following Photon before another champion and their army KILL EVERYONE HERE. FOR LUNCH.

This obsessive villain might be useful, actually. Nightheart isn't a registered champion, which gives him free reign to infiltrate enemy bases and steal heartstones, while his augmentations give him a fighting chance at surviving a heartstone champion. He might become Photon's worst adversary this way, but at least he's one that she knows all too well.

And thus easier to kill than the others.
No. 734276 ID: 709f80

In all fairness to Nightheart, he didn't overhear the part about the contest, just the existence of other stones out in space.
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