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File 145231527012.png - (288.68KB , 912x547 , CQ2title8.png )
692338 No. 692338 ID: fe06ff

>after a horrifying collision what remains?

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No. 692341 ID: fe06ff
File 145231540621.png - (305.54KB , 912x547 , CQ2page226.png )

Oken: "owwww . . ."
everything is dark, my body hurts all over.
No. 692342 ID: 8340ec

Can you feel anything wet? Can you move? Are you bleeding? Do you still have all your limbs?
No. 692346 ID: 211d83

Pat yourself down and check for any injuries. We need to check on everyone and then get moving quick before Mint can get down her to silence us.

The faster you can get your story to people the better.
No. 692348 ID: 61fd94

Check self for bleeding and broken bones, call out to the others.

If the ship has any instrumentation working, check if you can get any readings of the outside environment. You got air out there?
No. 692364 ID: 2ccbb3

Slowly test out your arms. Do not move your legs. Check for shrapnel and call for help.

Find the nearest first-aid kit and patch yourself up. Then make sure your squad is okay.
No. 692425 ID: fe06ff
File 145235031015.png - (23.70KB , 912x547 , CQ2page227.png )

it hurts if I try to move my left arm, I use my right arm instead.

I try pushing several buttons . . . nothing happens.

it hurts to breath.

my face feels wet.
No. 692426 ID: 73d849

Focus on not dying and try to stand. Can you remember how to turn on auxiliary power?
No. 692432 ID: 3663d3

you probably have a concussion. stay awake. be happy you are not dead.
No. 692435 ID: bb78f2

You probably have broken ribs, a broken left arm, and a concussion.
Call out to Fuze or Hoft if you can.
No. 692436 ID: c9b901

Stay focused. You are an ace pilot. You know what to do in the event of a crash. There should be manual functions in the event of power failure, and safety features designed to be used in events like this. I'm sure you know where they are.
No. 692437 ID: 61fd94

Well, you've confirmed you're injured (apparently bleeding from a head wound, sprained / dislocated / broken left arm, possible broken rib(s) and/or your chest is crammed up against the console or under debris).

Assuming gravity is oriented towards the bottom of your seat (you're not dangling from your seat-belt, right?) start feeling around for the manual release on your seat restraints.

If possible, call out to the others. You have a medic on board, it would be nice if he were in one piece. Or at least alive and conscious. (Although your passages didn't even have a seat, they probably got thrown around worse than you did).
No. 692443 ID: fe06ff
File 145236328043.png - (13.16KB , 912x547 , CQ2page228.png )

Auxiliary power should have kicked in already . . .

I try to activate auxiliary power manually . . . the console must be broken.

I stand up and call out

Oken: "Fuze! are you there?"

. . .

no response.
No. 692449 ID: 3663d3

would the ship have sealed off the breach you made getting in? if so then just work your way to the door, opening it should let the carrier's light in.
No. 692454 ID: 61fd94

We can't try to open our ship until we know there's air outside. We don't know if the cruiser has sealed the breach on the deck you crashed into yet, or if they just closed the interior bulkheads and let your location decompress to contain you.

Does the ship have an emergency flashlight or anything stowed under the console? It's good practice to keep one in a car, why not a ship.

Failing that, start feeling around. The cockpit wasn't very big, you should find the other two quick enough. Hopefully they're just unconscious.
No. 692529 ID: fe06ff
File 145238222226.png - (132.25KB , 912x547 , CQ2page229.png )

Under normal conditions any hull breach is sealed automatically through the ships shielding.

I don't have a flashlight, but I do have my raygun,
I turn it on.
No. 692530 ID: 61fd94

>Under normal conditions any hull breach is sealed automatically through the ships shielding.
I wouldn't trust that.

Check on your crewmates. Is there a pulse / breathing? Can you see any major injuries? (And uh, I'm not sure how you check a robot's vital signs).
No. 692542 ID: fe06ff
File 145238761329.png - (79.16KB , 912x547 , CQ2page230.png )

Both of them seem to have a pulse, Fuze has blood on his head, like something hit him.

Prince was broken before, he doesn't seem anymore broken now.
No. 692544 ID: 3663d3

he may have been bonked by prince.

is there any way to check pressure on the other side of the door? can you get basic power on in here? if you can't do anything in here besides open the door then you will probably have to.
No. 692545 ID: bb78f2

Hoft isn't here.
How does a man with no legs walk?
No. 692546 ID: 3663d3

he's strapped to the seats that are now on the ceiling.
No. 692554 ID: 61fd94

Is any of the bleeding on him (or you) still happening quickly, or is it mostly dried / staunched already? There's a medkit there if you need to stop blood loss.
No. 692563 ID: b8ceae

Medkit. Apply medical treatment to yourself, then others.
No. 692574 ID: fe06ff
File 145239538099.png - (138.25KB , 912x547 , CQ2page231.png )

All the systems seem offline, including life support . . . I don't think I can get anything to work on this ship.

I use the medical kit and what basic first aid training I have to patch myself and Fuze up.
No. 692575 ID: 3663d3

can you get hoft down safely or would he just crush you?
No. 692576 ID: 2ccbb3

Try to determine if anything is blocking the exit. Open the door and look outside. Then pull Fuze out of the ship and try to find the others.
No. 692577 ID: 61fd94

You need to determine conditions outside of the ship without instrumentation.

Are their any non-electronic viewports where we can look out?
No. 692813 ID: fe06ff
File 145247463962.png - (163.22KB , 912x547 , CQ2page232.png )

Maybe I should get Hoft down . . . no with my bad arm I'd probably just hurt him or myself.

I'd like to take a look outside but the viewports are all broken, I may have no choice but to just open the door.
No. 692836 ID: 61fd94

Open the doors too early, and you asphyxiate. Open them too late, and you probably find a bunch of troopers in power armor waiting for you.

Assuming you can safely get off the shuttle, what would you do?
No. 692841 ID: 3663d3

opening late also results in asphyxiation, we have no life support and three bodies consuming oxygen.

take the chance, pop the hatch.
No. 692848 ID: 2ccbb3

Wait, you crashed straight into the hull of a battlecruiser. The exit to your ship is in the rear. What are the odds, given all confidently known parameters, that the opening of the ship is not subject to the vacuum of space?

I think you should focus on healing Fuze, who can then fix the Comm Link. You can also repair the door-opening mechanisms, but use them when you're heavily breathing.
No. 692857 ID: 3663d3

fuze is a doctor not a mechanic.
No. 692866 ID: fe06ff
File 145248249652.png - (309.72KB , 912x547 , CQ2page233.png )

If I open the door we might die from the vacuum . . . then again the life support is shot so if we stay in here we'll suffocate anyways.

At least if I open the door it'll be quick.

Oken opens the door

well I'm not dead . . .
No. 692868 ID: 211d83

Well now to get your story to someone in charge before Mint can silence you.

What does the area around here look like? Can we move the others or do you think its best to leave them here while you go out alone?
No. 692869 ID: 3663d3

hooray, look around. hopefully the AI will have to report your presence as an astranian and confuse the hell out of everyone as to why an astranian ship was close enough to cause a hull breach when everyone was saying the area was clear.
No. 692870 ID: 61fd94

Look around, see if you can determine what deck you're on / where on the cruiser you are.
No. 693196 ID: fe06ff
File 145261718632.png - (145.41KB , 912x547 , CQ2page234.png )

Okay I need to find-

well crap that's not good.

????: "Miss Oken your piloting skills were . . . impressive."
No. 693197 ID: 3663d3

who's targeting you?
No. 693201 ID: 3d2d5f

I'm not an Ace Pilot for nothing.

*sarcastically* Permission to come on-board?
No. 693262 ID: bb78f2

That's three different people, hopefully they're not all with Mint.
No. 693285 ID: 4bc980

"Thank you?"

Probably best to be polite and go along with what they want until you know what's happening.
No. 693322 ID: 8c66a6

You might want to lower your weapon. Or raise your hands. Or otherwise assume a posture that makes the snipers watching you less likely to pull the trigger.
No. 693323 ID: fe06ff
File 145263959626.png - (176.88KB , 912x547 , CQ2page235.png )

I look around and see nobody just some damaged rooms

Oken: " . . . um, Thanks"
I say to the empty room.
Oken: "but you shouldn't be surprised seeing as I'm an Ace Pilot."

????: "Is that so?"

I see the person speaking to me. he wasn't there before . . . or was he?
It's a Cult-ops Agent they operate outside of astranian law and work directly for a Counselar.

Normal they're used to hunt down traitors.

????: "I'm going to have to ask you to follow me."
No. 693324 ID: 8c66a6

Is that the hole you came in though in the wall? With a shield holding the air in?

...you say ask, but it's not as if I have a choice, do I?

Lead on.
No. 693325 ID: 90f3c0

We'll, you're hardly in a position to do otherwise. Follow and hope for the best. Also inform them that your companions need medical attention.
No. 693327 ID: bb78f2

"I don't suppose you could maybe help me follow you? I'm pretty banged up. I'll follow, but I'm in a lot of pain right now."

I'd say that Mint's probably been the one branded a traitor over you, Oken. These cult guys are psychic, they'll probably know when you're lying. It's probably how he was able to mask his presence for a second. Don't do any bullshit about following him, it's just going to annoy the biggest threat in the room. Might as well try and get him to like you instead of annoy him, in case he's here to arrest Mint, so don't act like too much of a smart alec.
No. 693335 ID: bb78f2

Actually, you know what Oken, compliment his fly outfit.
No. 693365 ID: b88e47

"I have two injured crewmates that need treatment."
No. 693366 ID: 3663d3

with your gun not already pointed at them i have no doubt they could aim and fire before you could. so follow.
No. 693368 ID: b8ceae

"I'm injured, but I'll do my best.
I've got two wounded crewmates who need medical attention.
Also, we came to warn you that we discovered Mint has been in collusion with a techleech."
No. 693372 ID: 8c66a6

Actually, yes, that is a good point. Say that.
No. 693513 ID: fe06ff
File 145271873426.png - (149.53KB , 912x547 , CQ2page236.png )

Oken: "I guess I don't have much of a choice"

????: "you always have a choice"

. . .

Oken: ". . . I have two friends on board they're injured and-"

????: "they'll be taken care of."

* * *

we enter the central transporter

????: "I'm going to need to hold onto your Raygun."
No. 693515 ID: 3663d3

not sure what more harm that can do. already at their mercy. can say you really don't want to after being betrayed before.
No. 693517 ID: bb78f2

Can you disarm your Raygun, oken, take it apart without breaking any laws? Even just the ammo clip? I'd suggest doing that before handing it to him.
No. 693520 ID: b8ceae

"Only once I can confirm you're not the traitor I'm chasing who infiltrated the ship. I'll need to see your face."
No. 693537 ID: fe06ff
File 145272497547.png - (78.34KB , 912x547 , CQ2page237.png )

Oken: "No, I don't even know who you are!"

????: "You will give me that weapon."

Oken: "what happened to always having a choice?"

????: "I would advise against pointless defiance"

he starts walking towards me
No. 693538 ID: 007e78

Just sigh and hand him the weapon, butt first.
No. 693550 ID: 6a98e9

Submit like a deer.
No. 693624 ID: 2ccbb3

May as well throw the damn thing.

At his face.
No. 693645 ID: fe06ff
File 145274034399.png - (196.61KB , 912x547 , CQ2page238.png )

he's right it's pointless, I'm no match for an agent in close quarters like this, and hurt as I am.

I hand him my raygun, he takes it.

* * *

We seem to be going to the Commander's audience chamber. normally it's only for meetings between Commanders and Counselars
No. 693654 ID: 007e78

So... you're either being taken right where you want, or Mint has completely taken over and is waiting for you.

I wonder if those are guns embankments in the walls.
No. 693855 ID: fe06ff
File 145280188930.png - (159.59KB , 912x547 , CQ2page239.png )

I don't know why or how, but there she is . . .
No. 693856 ID: fe06ff
File 145280193906.png - (97.39KB , 912x547 , CQ2page240.png )

. . . Geragine Mint.
No. 693859 ID: 1f8505


Are you shitting me.

Oken, grab the nearest Raytech weapon and start firing it at Mint right now.
No. 693860 ID: 211d83

Challenge her to trial by combat to take the throne. Just make sure the fight involves spaceship combat. Surely your culture has some ridiculous system that would make that work.

If not say hi.
No. 693863 ID: 3d2d5f


So you wanna start by bragging how you pulled this coup off, or by gloating that you have me in captivity?
No. 693867 ID: bb78f2

Oh my god, Mint...

Tell her you just don't care anymore. You just don't. Go ahead Mint, do what you gonna do. Just wipe the smirk away, for the love of god, you don't deserve it.
No. 693871 ID: 0099e1

Ok Oken if you are going to have a chance here you will need to stay calm and keep your wits about you.

If you start shouting at her about betrayal or trying to call her out on what she did its going to end badly. You have no evidence on hand and it will just weaken your position. Even her attack on your ship was a weapon test that you were warned about.

So keep calm and politic the crap out of this. There will be a time to set things right but now is probably not it.

Treat her like your old friend and let nothing slip about what happened. If she brings up you ramming the ship just apologize and mention that you were under attack. Thank her for the brilliant idea of staging a weapons test to scare off the pirates. As she knew a ace pilot such as yourself could easily avoid it.

Then do the same with anything else she talks about. Make it so that if she takes action against you it is obviously because of her personal vendetta. If you give her a chance she will use your words against you so keep things simple and polite.
No. 693929 ID: c22069

"So are you actually in charge here, or did this whole fiasco only net you a promotion to the Rank of the Commander's Official Seat Warmer?"
No. 693946 ID: 3663d3

stay calm. wouldn't have brought you here for nothing.
No. 693974 ID: b8ceae

Is the other guy still here?
If so, then "Wow, selling our species out to the leeches worked out well for you."
No. 694014 ID: b88e47

Don't be an asshole.
No. 694101 ID: d1242e

Stay completely silent. Let her talk first. Even if it drags on awkwardly long because Mint was expecting you to speak by now. ESPECIALLY if it drags on awkwardly long because Mint was expecting you to speak by now.
No. 694121 ID: fe06ff
File 145288964640.png - (89.32KB , 912x547 , CQ2page241.png )

I choose to keep quiet for now

Mint: "So you managed to convice Target to spare you, now THAT is a feat."
"Not even an ace pilot should be able to do that."

Oken: " . . . "

Mint: "you're right there's nothing really more to say."
No. 694122 ID: fe06ff
File 145288976726.png - (139.68KB , 912x547 , CQ2page242.png )

Mint: "Agent Target, I thought I told you I don't care if she's an ace pilot, that was an order"
No. 694123 ID: fe06ff
File 145288979526.png - (105.97KB , 912x547 , CQ2page243.png )

Mint: "KILL. HER. NOW."
No. 694124 ID: fe06ff
File 145288985047.png - (64.88KB , 912x547 , CQ2page244.png )

Target: "Oh, she's not an ace pilot"
No. 694125 ID: fe06ff
File 145288988779.png - (113.17KB , 912x547 , CQ2page245.png )

Mint: "Eh?!"
No. 694128 ID: 3d2d5f

Completely ignore the serious situation and threat to your life and focus on them questioning your status.

>not an Ace pilot
I'm not? That doesn't sound right. I'm pretty sure I am.
No. 694129 ID: 211d83

Hey that's uncalled for.

I can handle the possibility of my imminent death. But I am not going to let someone claim that I am anything less than a ace pilot.

So take that back.
No. 694130 ID: 3663d3

don't say that, just give a *WHAAAA?* expression.
No. 694134 ID: 3663d3

who's says it's less? clearly we are above an ace pilot.
No. 694138 ID: b8ceae

Cock your head in confusion.
No. 694157 ID: 67d5dc

We did just crash a shuttle into an 'allied' battle ship.
That's gonna look terrible on her track record.
No. 694174 ID: 92a560

Dispite all weapons lock on us, the lasers fired at where we were and not where we were going. He wasn't aiming to destroy us. Oken only avoided getting shot because they didn't want to shoot us without giving us a chance.
No. 694179 ID: cc08c7

Alright everyone just sit down for a second and try to figure out exactly what the hell is going on now.
No. 694216 ID: 8371c4

yeah im a super ace pilot
No. 694226 ID: bb78f2

Maybe now's not the time to stay silent, since that smirk is off her face and you now have regained some control of the situation.

Mint, how did you go from trying to kill me in self defense to wanting to kill me over... I don't know. But that's murder.

No trial, no nothing. I'm not even a traitor by any regular Astranian standard I see, I never even betrayed our friendship, you did. You were going to use Astranian tax payer money to kill me out of a grudge. Fuck off, Mint. I could forgive you for doing your weird, sneaky stuff because you were doing it because you believed you were being patriotic, but I can't forgive attempted murder, without a trial or explanation.

Man, Mint, if you have always been like, secret Cult-Ops or whatever, like, that's fine, but your desire to see me die has nothing to do with Astranian matters. I was your fucking friend, maybe your ONLY one, and you want me dead. Did I investigate the murder you did, yes, I did, nothing wrong with that, I'm a captain, you murdered an asset that was helping us off planet when he hadn't actually asked us for anything in return, me and Fuze had to investigate. Did I question your motives when you explained, yes, I did, for good reasons.

But the thing is, I saved your life. I granted you mercy when, for all intents and purposes, I had a traitor on my team, and a traitor to our friendship. Because, despite EVERYTHING, I cared about you, you were there for me when I needed someone the most, and I appreciated that. How have we come to this, Mint? You were my best friend, and now you want to kill me? Are you the same Mint that helped me through my planet's destruction
No. 694359 ID: b88e47

We made a boarding breach with our ship. 100% intentional and we did it well.
No. 694391 ID: 5a1d11

Is this the part where he announces that after that stunt you just pulled you got a promotion and now outrank Mink
No. 694648 ID: fe06ff
File 145300827037.png - (169.37KB , 912x547 , CQ2page246.png )

Oken: "Whaat?!"

Target: "Evaluating her records, she simply doesn't have the aptitude to be any sort of pilot let alone an ace.
Even is she was, it still would not explain her actions, even a perfect pilot could not predict the pattern
to the degree of accuracy required to compensate for the shuttle's poor maneuvering"

Mint: "well clearly she must have had some manner of abnormal skill to dodge those shots."

Target: "Skill is no object here, I evaluated the weapons record each targeting orb
had a momentary glitch upon firing leaving the shots a degree off target.".

Mint: "sabotage?"

Target: "not exactly, it's a known flaw, Commander Flek is still working out the bugs, it happens 0.01 percent of the time"

Mint: " are you telling me she just got lucky?"

Target: "Yes."

Mint: "no one is that lucky . . . unless"

Target: "Normally I would have to assume personal error on my part but-"

Mint: "-But my event report convinced you otherwise, created a pattern of unlikely success."

Target: "Yes"
No. 694649 ID: fe06ff
File 145300831205.png - (137.90KB , 912x547 , CQ2page247.png )

Mint: " . . . heh"

Mint: "heh heh heh"

Mint: "HAH HAH HA HA!"
No. 694651 ID: 211d83

Wait so I have psychic luck powers?

Also lets be fair that piloting was pretty good.
No. 694653 ID: 3663d3

No. 694656 ID: cc08c7

Oken's got some creepy MGS2 luck powers going on here.
No. 694657 ID: 007e78

I guess this is what happens when you breed deer for luck.

"Look if you're not killing me yet could I get a better explanation."
No. 694662 ID: 9815dc

Wow, Oken. If you are secret subconscious psychic instead of an ace pilot, then instead of having an innate talent, an enhanced awareness of the world around you, and an affinity for astranian technology, you instead have an innate talent, an enhanced awareness of the world around you, and an affinity for astranian technology.

It would change everything!
No. 694665 ID: b8c824

Maybe if you glare at Mind hard enough she will have a heat attack :V

Ask where IS Flek anyway, or the ship's crew for that matter.
No. 694666 ID: f7a64f

I find it more likely Target isn't on board with Mint and is fucking with her for his own amusement, or for some other reason.
No. 694676 ID: 6fdd6b

It could also be that the bugs are helping us.
No. 694678 ID: 2ccbb3

Channel self-hatred into Mint's frontal lobe.
No. 694696 ID: bb78f2

Mint, shut the fuck up you sound like a film villain, seriously.
No. 694705 ID: 8a3061

I wonder if it's the lucky ear tag thing
No. 694861 ID: 799984

You are too an Ace Pilot.
No. 694958 ID: 73c49c

"sorry mint but the comedy show your seeing is only going on in your head..."
No. 694959 ID: f56624

Yeah though, pretty much this. All this means is that your "ace piloting" abilities have always just been more versatile in application.
No. 695319 ID: cee89f

"So are you two having a private joke before you kill me? ... Because I don't see the punchline."
No. 695333 ID: fe06ff
File 145317808008.png - (158.69KB , 912x547 , CQ2page248.png )

Oken: "Wait, do you mean I have magical super luck powers?"

Mint: "no you idiot, you have Chrono-Caller!"


No. 695334 ID: fe06ff
File 145317812204.png - (116.72KB , 912x547 , CQ2page249.png )

Oken: "ooooowwwww"

My poor broken snout . . . hasn't it suffered enough?!

wait did she say Chrono-Caller?

I know what those are . . .
No. 695338 ID: bb78f2

Slap her shit!
You don't deserve this treatment, this fucking disrespect.
What the FUCK happened to the friend we called Mint!
No. 695339 ID: 211d83

Well figure out how to use your chrono powers to slap Mint silly then.
No. 695340 ID: b8ceae

Well, we've got no idea what that means.

"Ugh, why are you being so mean? It's not like I did anything to you!"
No. 695341 ID: 3663d3

well then use it now to avoid the nose flick.
No. 695352 ID: fe06ff
File 145318026560.png - (149.34KB , 1824x1094 , CQ2page250.png )

there's an old legend

Three hundred years ago the precursor guardians of the sector known as the
Obilisc Enforcers decided to pass the torch onto a new order,
an order that would become the Astranian Alliance.

as a sign of faith the Obilisc deputized the greatest heroes with badges of office,
in time of dire need these badges could be drained of power to call forth a Enforcer from lost time.
these badges were known as Chrono-Callers.

there's never been any hard evidence of these badges ever existing though.

and I don't remember being deputized, or even receiving a badge . . .

or I never earned one because I inherited it from my Father.
No. 695354 ID: 2ccbb3

What are they supposed to do, then?
No. 695355 ID: 007e78

Is it possible your good luck charm is a badge?

Why would being one of these make impossibly improbable things happen around you, anyways.

Address the others: does the alliance have hard evidence Chrono-Callers ever even existed? That kind of information would have been way above my security clearance.
No. 695357 ID: 3663d3

who gave you that 'lucky earring'?
No. 695360 ID: bb78f2

If you're a Chrono-Caller, you outrank Mint and have the right to fuck her up.
Can you slap her shit now?
No. 695365 ID: 30f6e2

How does calling an Enforcer result in improbable fortune? Do they have luck powers?
No. 695380 ID: cee89f

No, seriously."
No. 695459 ID: fe06ff
File 145323272819.png - (115.25KB , 912x547 , CQ2page251.png )

There's no legends of the chrono callers protecting anybody or anything like that, they were supposed to be a kind of time radio.

Oken: "Chrono-Caller? but theres no hard evidence they even exist!"

Mint: "Oh whats that? the glorious Alliance has kept secrets from it's troopers? truly I am shocked."

I guess if it's top secret stuff I wouldn't know.

Mint: the good news is that you don't need to die anymore, no one does,
all you need to do is give us the Chrono-Caller and we'll be on our way."
No. 695460 ID: 3d2d5f

You expect me to just hand over the only leverage I have on you? Now I'm shocked.
No. 695463 ID: 2ccbb3

No you won't Mint. You'll get off by shooting Oken and raping her corpse.

Oken, open fire! You have the Chrono-Caller, you can do this!
No. 695464 ID: bb78f2

You're lying Mint.
You're trying to kill me for personal reasons, not patriotic. You'll kill me as soon as I give you what you want.
No. 695465 ID: a573b3

I guess... if it's a time thing, then a Chrono-Caller might be "predestined" for whatever use it's eventually put to. Like, if it calls something from the past, then technically it's already been used. The point in the future at which it will get used is as much a fixed point in time as the one in the past. So, if a Chrono-Caller's past can't be altered, then its future can't be altered either, only the path that it takes to get there.

So, anything that would theoretically prevent it from being used in the way that it's going-to-be/already-was used just can't happen. It's impossible. Ridiculous coincidences will prevent it from being destroyed or disabled.

But... that shouldn't have protected you, Oken. It should be perfectly possible for something to kill you and leave the Chrono-Caller to be taken. The shots fired at the shuttle, for example, could have killed you and left the Caller to be salvaged.

Unless it's not only that the Chrono Caller has already will have been used, but already will be used by you. Which means you can't lose it, give it away or have it taken. Some ridiculous coincidence will happen to prevent any such thing.

So, you can explain that to Mint. Whatever she wants to use the Chrono-Caller for, she needs you to be the one who actually uses it. So maybe she should try explaining things for once.

She said you would be better off not knowing any of this, but she ordered your death anyway now, so one would assume that's passed. She might as well try telling you what's what and hoping you agree with her decisions on what to do.
No. 695470 ID: cc08c7

So uh, how are we supposed to give you something we didn't even know we had, or can't even see?
No. 695509 ID: 30f6e2

Laugh in her face. She seriously expects you to believe she won't kill us if she has a chance, after she has made it exceedingly clear how desperately eager she is to do just that? No, if she isn't killing you to take the Chrono Caller from your corpse its because she can't without draining its remaining power in the process.
No. 695574 ID: 8371c4

might not need to but whose to you wont kill anyway?
No. 695576 ID: fe06ff
File 145325515326.png - (121.34KB , 912x547 , CQ2page252.png )

Oken: "No way you'll kill me no matter what, you have it in for me."

Mint: "I've tried so hard to spare you Oken, it's why I've kept you in the dark, if you didn't know anything you couldn't screw it up. Then you pushed me too far, you forced me to use the Portal Matrix, we couldn't have you knowing about that.
But the Chrono-Caller changes everything, our time table will leap forward, nothing you know would be able to even slow us down, even if they believe you.

Oken: "You're lying to me like you always do! you'll shoot me dead the second I hand it over!"

Mint: *sigh* "Asnia Oken I don't want to kill you, I never have,
I like you Asnia, you saved my life, you inspired me to make a difference.
It's that same inspiration that has set us apart.
I will do what's best for the alliance . . . even if I have to kill you."
No. 695579 ID: fe06ff
File 145325520205.png - (56.06KB , 912x547 , CQ2page253.png )

and for a moment Garagine isn't the laughing monster, she's just the crying Maloran I met three years ago when my world burned.
Memory of flames that will never die, it felt like she was the only one who cared.

Mint: "But it doesn't have to be that way this time, just give me the Chrono-Caller"
No. 695581 ID: 799984

Well then. She just ran out of excuses to not explain herself. Either you cooperate, she has what she needs, and you're literally incapable of harming her efforts by her admission. Or, you resist, she kills you, she has what she needs and you're doubly incapable of harming her efforts.

You deserve an explanation.
No. 695583 ID: 007e78

If it doesn't matter what I know, then tell me. Then you either kill me for my silence, or I give you the badge and you accelerate your timetable to the point where it doesn't matter what I know.
No. 695588 ID: 2ccbb3

"I don't care if you work for Heaven itself, if you can't be anything more than a paranoid trigger-happy self-righteous government lapdog then @#$% you and @#$% everything that you believe is good. You can call me an idiot, but are you so mentally retarded from the secrecy that you can't even mutter the truth to an empty room in the middle of your giant battlecruiser out on the fringes of the galaxy?"
No. 695594 ID: 211d83

If I could believe that what you are doing is best for the alliance I would help you in a heartbeat. But you have kept me in the dark and done nothing to prove to me that you are not just some rogue agent.

Prove to me you are trustworthy and I would be right at your side helping you.
No. 695596 ID: 30f6e2

>I don't want to kill you, I never have, I like you Asnia
Well gee, maybe she-

- oh right, that. Spoilered because we should keep quiet about the blatant contradiction while trying to get an explanation, and Oken would as likely as not blurt it out.

>nothing you know would be able to even slow us down
Tell her that if she no longer cares about what you know than to prove it. Demand she explain what her plan is, who the "we" planning it is, how the Portal Matrix and Chrono Caller come into it, how all this secrecy and lying helps the alliance. Point out that if she really wants to keep it a secret she can just keep you here on her big empty ship.
No. 695597 ID: b8ceae

Well, this incredibly complicated situation has a simple solution:
You can't trust Mint. At all. For anything. Ever.
She has made a habit out of lying and betrayal, and even now she says she tried so hard to spare you immediately after multiple attempts to kill you.
She also just flicked you right in your broken snout, which is a total dick move.

So here's what we'll do. Her cohort here seems to be more honest, so they will explain EVERYTHING that's going on so you can make an informed decision. You will not turn over a powerful artifact unless you can be certain it will be used properly.
If they decline, or you think they're deceiving you or holding out on you, then activate the tag to summon the enforcer and purge the ship of everybody but you and the two squadmates you CAN trust.
No. 695604 ID: f56624

Pretty much, yeah.
This is a pretty shitty piss-poor plea for sympathy after all the shit she put us through.
C'mon mint, try a BIT harder.
No. 695606 ID: fa9b55

Call the Enforcer, let it decide who to help.
No. 695651 ID: bb78f2

Tell me one thing first, why did you laugh at the thought of my demise when I was flying my way here?
No. 695662 ID: fe06ff
File 145326335953.png - (121.10KB , 912x547 , CQ2page254.png )

Oken: "tell me everything about what you plan to do with these things, and your secret orginization."

Mint: "by the dead gods, you really are good at missing the point."
and just like that the image is gone and the monster returns.

Mint: "nothing you know NOW can hinder us. Long story short I'm not telling you jack shit about our plan, your prize for the trinket is you and your chump friends in the shuttle getting to live."
No. 695663 ID: f56624

"Gee, it's almost like you've given me absolutely no reasons to trust you this whole goddamn time, mint."

Do a rude hand gesture, one of the REALLY bad ones.
No. 695667 ID: 30f6e2

I think it says a lot about her true intentions that she apparently never even considered that you might choose to join her if you knew anything about her plan.
No. 695682 ID: 2ccbb3

"... You can call us losers because that's what we think we are. You can lord over us like kings when you hold the guns. You can draw up a plan and predict the future. Fine.

Now you claim that the gods are dead.

This was never about making the galaxy a better place, of course. But it was NEVER about getting filthy rich and happy while everyone else suffers.

It was always about CONTROL.

Your alliance can't handle the fact that it will never be in control of everything. Dimensions crack. Atoms shift. Demons and gods are born and die.

So it built a lie out of the dead.

For what it's worth, maybe some do want to control the galaxy to make things better, because chaos brings madness and destruction.

But now you claim that the gods are dead. That means there's no higher power controlling us all. Why would you ever say that, if you didn't want the Alliance to fill in the gap.

This thing brings luck and you WANT it. A @#$%ing 0.1% chance of failure in your cannons of your @#$%ing giant battlecruiser, and it scares you enough to crave a stupid badge. A piece of chaos scares YOU.

You have power that I'll never have. Take it, and leave us alone."
No. 695686 ID: 007e78

You're still asking me to trust you without showing any in return. That's sill not enough. I'm sorry, but I can't.
No. 695687 ID: 3663d3

the caller can't be taken only given, if she kills you to take it it will be lost to her forever.

also yeah, she thinks it somehow is impossible to convince you that what is happening would be for the good of the alliance? cause that is the only reason she could have to not tell you. meaning whatever her plan is would be bad for the alliance.
No. 695699 ID: b8ceae

Ok, activate the badge.
"You just convinced me you plan to use this for horrible purposes, so I HAVE to keep it from you. Only one way to ensure that."
No. 695727 ID: 44950f

"Did you ever consider that I might agree with you if you told me what it was you were trying to do? If the Chrono Caller has been keeping me from dying and keeping me from losing it then I can't give it to you and you can't take it anyway, it must need me to use it. I know you think we're all stupid Mint but you won't lose anything by trying to convince me now."
No. 695729 ID: 211d83

No the point was if you could be trusted then that was the way to maybe prove it.

Now I know you are a traitor to the alliance and this is just about power and control. If I give up the badge me and my friends are as good as dead.

Well Oken if you cant figure out how to used that badge shortly you are dead. And with how shady Mint is being and her having a battlecruiser and minions I think this would count as a time of dire need. Whatever she is up to its no good for anyone other than her.
No. 695769 ID: bb78f2

You have done nothing but ensure me that you are a sociopath. Are you even the real Mint? Did you take her memories? I don't KNOW YOU!

The real Mint would have NEVER said such a thing about her team. She might joke, she might prod, but she would never belittle their lives!
No. 695903 ID: fe06ff
File 145331985713.png - (136.99KB , 912x547 , CQ2page255.png )

Oken: "I can't trust you! I'll never trust you again! All you've done is convince me you're a sociopath!"

Mint: "Hah! maybe I am. To be quite honest I wouldn't trust me either, fortunately for both of us you don't have to!"

Oken: " . . . what?"

Mint: "You've probably noticed that I can't just take the Caller from you,
(as much fun as strip searching you to find it would have been) no it has to be given, but there's another catch . . . what do you know about the Obilisc?"

Oken: "I know they made the Chrono-caller, and that the Astranian Alliance replaced their order."

Mint: "That's right, but there's more to it, they didn't promote us out of benevolence, they needed stewards to watch the sector, they had hoped to return.
The Obilisc through their near constant use of time travel destabalized themselves from reality their bodies dissipating into little more than shadows and their minds fracturing into insanity. Soon the Obilisc Enforcers began to loose sight of their difference between good and evil, right and wrong, or even friend and foe, but they had a solution. They invented a Psyche sensor known as the "moralode", a sensor to find malcontents for them, ultimately the machines didn't work but I'll get into that later.

When they created the Chrono-Callers they equipped them with a Dimshifter hooked to a moralode, the idea being that only people with an honest heart could receive one. Thing is Moralodes don't and have never worked (a scanner to detect good and evil is pretty stupid so go figure),
but they do have an interesting effect however and that is their ability to detect deceit, which they are really good at.

Essentially the Caller will know if I'm receiving it based on false pretenses. so if I believe I'm deceiving you to get it, I could never touch it.
So the Obilisc and their Moralodes are really the only ones you have to trust."

Oken: " . . . "
I've never heard any of this stuff before.
No. 695904 ID: 211d83

Yeah none of that matters. It could all easily be lies. And you have seem to done a great job of deceiving yourself Mint.

If your really wanted to go that way you would have just told me what you were up to and tried to convince me normally. But its becoming obvious that you cant or wont tell be because your plan is so ridiculous or cartoonishly evil that I would never agree with it.
No. 695905 ID: 3d2d5f

...so instead of trusting you, I let magic trust you. If I trust you're telling me the truth about the magic I've never heard of in the first place.

In the end that still means trusting your word, Mint. You haven't changed the equation.

She's probably telling the truth that it needs to be given, at least, since otherwise she would have just taken it by force.
No. 695908 ID: bb78f2

If I was entrusted with a Chrono Caller Badge, doesn't that mean I outrank you in our society? That I'm better than you? It means our forefather's trust me, one way or another. That I bear a legacy for the Alliance, not you.

Couldn't I just order Target to arrest you, right now?
No. 695909 ID: 44950f

So we can trust that you're not lying... IF we trust that you aren't lying right now?
No. 695910 ID: 3663d3

"what's stopping me from just calling the enforcer and having them kill you?"
No. 695914 ID: b8ceae

Yep. We've given Mint ways to accomplish her stated goal, but she insists on building up her claims instead. It's obvious she's not even going to change tactics.

Also? Even if it can't be transferred under false pretenses, the only statement Mint has made is that she'll let you go. She could do that by shoving you back into your now-ruined shuttle and shoving it at the planet.
She didn't even agree to not come back and kill you later; she only said she didn't HAVE to.

Besides, you're military. You have a duty to deny assets to the enemy, and in this case it is painfully obvious that failure is worse than death. Her refusal to tell you what she intends to use it for is proof enough that she intends to use it in ways you would find morally reprehensible.

Ask Target to take you to see your friends and explain what is going on.
No. 695947 ID: a5aaad

So instead of trusting her, she wants you to trust a description of ancient technology... that was told to you by her.

>destabalized themselves from reality their bodies dissipating into little more than shadows and their minds fracturing into insanity.
>no physical body
>fractured mind
>dubious sense of right and wrong
You know, I am beginning to suspect that Oken can't summon the Obilisc Enforcer now... because we're already here!
No. 695960 ID: bb78f2

Well then, let's experiment!
[Pick up Mint and Target]
No. 695962 ID: 211d83


Yes use enforcer powers to set mints hair on fire a little bit.
No. 695964 ID: 2ccbb3

"I think you're too far gone to realize that you're deceiving yourself. So logically, the moralode wouldn't work."
No. 695980 ID: b8ceae

Oken: Say "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death might die."
If we ARE an enforcer then there is absolutely no possible way we aren't using that as an identifying keyphrase.
No. 696014 ID: fe06ff
File 145334276441.png - (168.89KB , 912x547 , CQ2page256.png )

Oken: "wait that doesn't change anything! I would still have to trust the stuff you just said!"

Mint: "and here I thought you WANTED me to tell you stuff, my mistake."

Oken: "what's stopping me from just summoning the Obilisc and ordering it to destroy you"

Mint: "Sanity? Common sense? a desire to live? maybe you missed the part where they've gone completely insane. The Chrono-Caller isn't a magic control device, or even a badge of authority, it's a signal beacon."

Oken: "again more lies!"

Mint: "well if you're just going to not believe anything I say, I guess we're done here."

Target: "Are we returning to plan A?"

Mint: "seems like it."

Oken: "Target! as a bearer of the Chrono-Caller I order you to arrest Mint!"

Target: "No"

Mint: "If it makes you feel better, he's promised to kill me after our plan succeeds."

Target speaks into his sleeve

Target: "Aimlock, Bring up the Rirthian"
No. 696029 ID: 211d83

This is where they will probably try to torture and or kill the rest of your crew in front of you in order to make you give in.

So if they try it I would go with the summoning and hope your luck stays with you.
No. 696033 ID: b8ceae

They're bringing up Fuze? They're probably going to attempt to force you to comply by threatening him, and hoping you won't realize they'll kill all of you either way.
If they threaten Fuze then immediately activate the badge. Your squad's odds of survival are a wash either way (Maybe slightly better against an insane time ghost than they are now), but for the ship of traitors they'd go from certain survival to certain death.
If your squad is dead either way, then the best way to go out is taking some monsters with you.
No. 696035 ID: 007e78

You know, they never explained how a simple beacon made ridiculously improbable misses happen.

No, Mint. Ultimatum: If you try to torture and/or kill my friends to make me comply, I will just summon it. Even if it kills us all, the consequences won't be any worse for me and mine, and will likely be resolved faster.

>so if I believe I'm deceiving you to get it, I could never touch it.
...wait, could we just test this? Have someone who's not Mint say something we know is a lie to Oken, and then see if they can touch it.
No. 696040 ID: 7b7ab3

Just activate it.

Fuck you, Mint.
No. 696048 ID: daa319

This. (The ultimatum part. Testing someone touching it might be interpreted by the device as "giving", and there are no neutral parties here.) If she is going to harm your friends than you will truly have nothing left lo lose.

Or if you can figure out how to do so now, activating it now instead of threatening probably would be the best thing to do, for the reasons stated in the threat.
No. 696059 ID: fe06ff
File 145334872092.png - (132.06KB , 912x547 , CQ2page257.png )

Target: She's asking "dead or alive?"

Oken: "If you hurt him I will use the Chrono-Caller and summon the Obilisc!!"

There is a moment of silence, Geragine stares at me dead on, her eyes wide, yet I can see no trace of fear.
she smiles in a way that chills me to the bone.

Target: "Us dying here would prove a major setba-"

without blinking or averting her gaze from me, Geragine speaks

Geragine: "Tell Aimlock I want him dead."
Target: " . . . very well."
No. 696060 ID: f56624

>summon that shit, we aint no wuss-ass nerd
No. 696062 ID: 211d83

Ask Target if they are willing to suffer such a setback just to appease Mints sadism.

As for using the badge we are really out of options. Might be a horrible idea but its probably your best chance. So if you cant convince Target that Mint is not fit for command go ahead and use it.
No. 696067 ID: cc08c7

Okay, we might wanna stop, that's the face of someone who's either completely batshit insane or someone who's about to get exactly what they want. We have no idea how this thing works and she only said to kill Fuze after we freaked on her.
No. 696070 ID: 007e78

I don't suppose you could just smack Target's communicator so it breaks.

...or it could suffer a highly improbable equipment malfunction?

This still doesn't make sense. If she wanted it summoned, she didn't have to try and talk you into handing it over. She could have pushed you into a confrontation sooner.
No. 696071 ID: 2ccbb3

I think she realizes that you can't use the badge.

So bend it REALLY HARD.
No. 696072 ID: b8ceae

Do it. Activate the badge in the hopes that it cleanses the ship of hostiles.
No. 696090 ID: 190040

Even considering the possibility she wants you to use the badge for some convoluted reason, doing so is over all our best chance of stopping her at this point.
No. 696095 ID: 4ed1bd

Fuck it. Summon the Power of Grayskull
No. 696124 ID: b8ceae

Pretty much. Handing it over is the only other option we can say would definitely have a worse outcome no matter what they're trying to manipulate Oken into, but our ability to influence Oken will almost certainly break if they use her friends as a means to attack her compassion.

If they weren't going to force the issue then the best option would have been to refuse to engage them, but that's not an option.

Wait, crazy idea here - can you fly this ship? They haven't even attempted to bind you, and they might not even be able to kill you, so perhaps you could ruin their carefully constructed manipulation scenario by hijacking the ship and flying it someplace it definitely shouldn't go.
No. 696306 ID: bb78f2

Sucker punch Mint.
Also summon at the same time.
No. 696525 ID: cee89f

Grin maniacally right back. "Well if you're both okay with that setback."

Then use it.

Death to Astramarr's enemies.
No. 696527 ID: 92a560

Do we even know what or where the badge is? Were just accepting whatever mint says at face value. This could just be a setup.
No. 697472 ID: fe06ff
File 145386123720.png - (175.32KB , 912x547 , CQ2page258.png )

I'm not sure how I know what to do
but I do
No. 697477 ID: fe06ff
File 145386139866.png - (147.29KB , 912x547 , CQ2page259.png )

Target: "erg!"

something happens quickly, but I don't see what and my mind is elsewhere . . .
No. 697478 ID: fe06ff
File 145386142934.png - (248.31KB , 912x547 , CQ2page260.png )

. . . it's absorbed by the figure before me.
No. 697479 ID: fe06ff
File 145386150773.png - (309.39KB , 912x547 , CQ2page261.png )

. . . An Obilisc enforcer
No. 697483 ID: fe06ff
File 145386178166.png - (177.89KB , 912x547 , CQ2page262.png )

Chapter 9: end
No. 697497 ID: 1f8505


Oooohhhh shit.
No. 697499 ID: 388970

Still probably won't be worse than Mint.
No. 697544 ID: 0460a2

I swear to god if this is going to be one of those reverse psychology things where this is what Mint wanted to happen I will be so pissed!
No. 697922 ID: fe06ff
File 145403080330.png - (152.89KB , 912x547 , CQ2title9.png )

The Obilisc emits a series of trumpeting hoots.

???? *Dwooot-Dwoot-toot-Dwoooot-Dwooot-Wip-Dwoot-Dwooot-wip-Dwoooot-Dwooot.*

sounds that only moments ago meant nothing to me assault me from all angles with new meaning!

No. 697924 ID: 02422f

Uh, can you whistle? Try to reproduce the "welcome" tone.
No. 697965 ID: b10c1b

Try humming the fifth one.
No. 699038 ID: fe06ff
File 145463459113.png - (171.60KB , 912x547 , CQ2page263.png )

I try imitating some of the sounds.

Oken: "Mwooot!"

Obilisc "Dwooot"

this time the Obilisc's sound doesn't come back. I try again

Oken: "Meh Maah Moooh!"

Obilisc "Dwooot-Teh-Taa-Dwoooh"

I don't think I'm very good at making these sounds, Mint and Target seem unimpressed.

Mint: "So this is an Obilisc Enforcer huh? . . . well? aren't you going to enact justice? maybe kill me or something?

Obilisc: "Wip-Dwoot-T'wip-tute-Dwoot-Duwoot"


Mint: "you hear that? "Justice sleeps", this bastard isn't gonna provide help worth beans."
No. 699039 ID: 2ccbb3

I think Mint can't hear some of the words. Try to talk in words and not sentences.
No. 699040 ID: bb78f2

Ask it kindly to move forward? Shield you?

[Obilisc: Move forward, shield user Oken, imprison criminals Mint and Target]
No. 699041 ID: 02422f

I was sort of expecting your status to be the reason you could understand the beeps, but I suppose it's an open band if Mint can hear it. That, or she's the same as you.

If we can't get it to act by trying to communicate with it, maybe we can force it to act by putting yourself in danger, starting a conflict. Attack one of the others, force it to take a side.

Dunno if Target every passed on that kill order, or if he ignored it over the summoning.
No. 699092 ID: 73c49c

Before it said home and welcome, but in the wrong order. its bottom to top in order and only >< words. so this time it said "sleep realm" or perhaps "justice mindless". i think - - things are read top to bottom so "mindless justice".
No. 699097 ID: 93f4f5

Might those symbols or intonations of the words may have some significance on their translation. After all, they are chronologically confused, thus they may habitually prefix their words to denote order (rather than assuming order would be transmitted properly in time.)


Shade, home, and night, all have the '||' mark. However only home includes the closing '||' mark.

welcome and home share the '> <' mark.

surface, shadow and obsidion all have '- -'.

All words close with a '|' excepting obsidian and home. Since home closes with a double '||' maybe that represents a complete message end?

Possible translation: obsidian surface shadow night, Shade, welcome home.

Sleep Realm. Mindless Justice.

At least, that makes slightly more sense than 'mindless realm justice sleep'? Or maybe I'm just looking for a solution in the wrong place.
No. 699110 ID: 3663d3

explain your case. mint is being a huge dick and basically everyone on her side is too and needs to die.
No. 699135 ID: b8ceae

No. 699187 ID: 1b7025

Look this giant crystal buddy probably isn't going to be too impressed if we tell it that we called it here just to keep Oken and her friends alive, or to kill Mint.

So, tell it there's a threat to all astranians in the form of mind controlling bugs manipulating you and another species into war with each other and you want it to help figure out what's going on and deal with it, please, if you don't mind mister crystal space demigod. And this nice lady here was telling me she knows how to solve problems and I called you here because of her suggestion, so I'm sure she can explain things better than me.
No. 699190 ID: f56624

No. 700269 ID: fe06ff
File 145497601665.png - (221.63KB , 912x547 , CQ2page264.png )

I try all manner of statements and expressions, trying to getting any sort of reaction, and it only ever sends back a meaningless jumble of words

If only I knew more about the Obilisc . . .

After a few more minutes of trying to get through to the floating crystal Mint seems to get bored

Mint: "The Obilisc are relics of the past who spent too much time in the future and not enough in the present, They can't help help us anymore, Astramar stands or falls alone."
A pained look crosses her face.

She starts walking towards me and that look quickly vanishes,
Replaced once more with the murderous glee of a night reaver.
Mint:"I really wished you had just given me the Chrono-caller, I wish it didn't have to be this way."
I'm sure if she's lying to me or to herself.
She reaches for a weapon.

I Swing hoping to not give her the chance, but my broken body just responds too slow.
Mint laughs.
No. 700284 ID: 2ccbb3

Obilisc, non-lethal takedown!

No. 700288 ID: 3b7ad4

No. 700289 ID: 31f7bc

Obilisc, your summoner is in danger!
Protect! Protect!
No. 700341 ID: 02422f

Okay, there's one sure way to make the obelisk activate.

Attack it. You can't hurt it anyways, Mint is about to kill you, but if you show it aggression, you'll probably trip a defense protocol.
No. 700348 ID: 0cdf95

What kind of dorau do you call yourself if you can't headbutt someone, Oken!? And look, one of your goggles' eyepieces is already broken, if you headbutt her with that it'll probably shatter in her face!
No. 700365 ID: c22069

She's got one of those warp keys around her neck! Flail for it with your good hand or trip up her legs and take it!
Or I guess alternatively, try to set it off while its still on her and hope it sends her some place inconvenient.
No. 700759 ID: e813b1

Try and grab that key off her neck and see if you can use it to teleport away. Or at least break it off and wave it about as a delaying tactic. If we can teleport away we can re-approach this situation on our own terms, hopefully with friends as well.
No. 701507 ID: fe06ff
File 145537609002.png - (35.90KB , 912x547 , CQ2page265.png )

I try to grab the portal matrix . . .
but Mint is too fast and my body in to much pain

Oken: "Obilisc help me!"

Obilisc: "Wip-Dwoot-T'wip-tute-Dwoot-Duwoot"

No. 701508 ID: fe06ff
File 145537624568.png - (81.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page266.png )

Mint's bladed hand swing towards me
I prepare a head butt counter attack
No. 701509 ID: fe06ff
File 145537642964.png - (185.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page267.png )

before I can strike
Mint cringes in pain and then collapses, paralyzed from a stun shot.
No. 701515 ID: cee89f

"... Huh. I was kind of expecting you to shoot her but I thought it'd come AFTER I'd been killed."
No. 701516 ID: 1cebc8

Yeah, I wondered why he didn't do that earlier.

Okay, take a few minutes to discuss the alliance's current agenda, then negotiate for the Obilisc.
No. 701530 ID: 8e9d4b

Maybe you need to touch the Obilisc? Or, knowing you guys, maybe bleed on it?
No. 701532 ID: 02422f

Um, thank you, but why?

If Target allows you, you should probably disarm Mint before she recovers.

No change, it repeated itself exactly. I guess it will remain in a loop until the right stimulus occurs.

My best guess is Mint was trying to get a response from it by attacking you, and Target didn't want that. He did that to keep the obelisk inert, not to help you.

(Which means one option for trying to get the obelisk to take some action might be deliberately harming yourself. Not sure we'd be able to right now, Target would probably stun you if he saw you trying).
No. 701554 ID: bb78f2

oh my god, target, THANK YOU for wiping that smug smirk off of her.
And saving my life, but really, the smug smirk was more important.
No. 701656 ID: b2e8b1

Do you have anything useful in your pockets?
No. 704150 ID: fe06ff
File 145606727069.png - (164.42KB , 912x547 , CQ2page268.png )

Oken: "Um, thank you, but why?"

Target: "I had a choice to make, we always do."

Oken: "that's . . . not really an answer."

Target: "It's all your getting."

>Do you have anything useful in your pockets?
I have a [space compass] and a [battery]
No. 704155 ID: 3663d3

frisk mint, so if she comes to she will be unarmed.
No. 704163 ID: 502e6f

So now what; is she under arrest? ...Am I?
No. 704165 ID: a33f42

Also rifle through Mint's pockets. See what she has. Take her boots and jacket or something.
No. 704172 ID: 02422f

Relieve Mint of her weapon, if Target allows it. He already took the portal matrix.

I don't suppose the compass is giving off any interesting readings around the Obilisc.
No. 704173 ID: 9c6d36

Step on Mints neck and stand there until long after she stops breathing.
No. 704174 ID: bb78f2

You know, could you call off the order to kill my friends if you save my life please? Or did you fake that?

Can we just go home now? I don't know why Mint complicated that for us, even with her mysterious goals. There's no way they were incompatible. My goal still didn't change when she betrayed us, I had a duty to get my team home, that was the priority. She was even fine with you killing her after she got whatever THIS whole thing is done, so it wasn't her trying to save her neck. She's done a lot that doesn't make sense.

I don't want the full picture, it's not my responsibility to know and report it, since you already do. I just want to go home. If you're still going ahead with her plan, go ahead, I don't know what it even is. I'm not going to stop you. Just please don't kill a bunch of people to do it, and that's jsut me politely asking. My priority, as it's always been, has been the safety of my team. I'm not going to compromise that under any circumstances. I can't save Mint, though. Not anymore. You can't save a person from themselves. And she left the team when she tried to kill it.

Can I just say again that she basically tried to kill us all for no REAL reason at all? It's fucking bonkers, Target. I don't mean what she did just now to get me to break the Chrono caller, I know that was manipulation. I was talking about trying to prevent me from coming aboard the ship with that INSANE shootemup dodge game.
No. 704311 ID: fe06ff
File 145610428793.png - (133.89KB , 912x547 , CQ2page269.png )

She has an uplink hand-computer, and several-CarvDiscs some of which she was using as makeshift weapons.

I'm not taking her jacket, it's just a standard dress coat.
her Gravboots are a newer model then mine, but I'm not really interested, I know mine better.

I want to crush her, I feel it in my veins, like a pulse that beats with my heart, I want to see the traitor die . . .

Target's words echo in my head.

I Look to Target, and he stares back for a moment, he says nothing then throws me my RayGun.
No. 704313 ID: 1f8505


Letting her go in the past has always proven to be a mistake.

Execute her.
No. 704315 ID: 02422f

Be better than her. Spare her life.

...that, and I suspect the Obilisc will react to a killing. Mint was willing to attack you to set it off, but Target would seem to prefer you did. I'm not sure we have any reason to trust him, either.

Make as is you're psyching yourself up to kill her, then stun him at the last moment.

Then see about restraining the both of them.
No. 704316 ID: 2ccbb3

She's insane, so use her as a hostage. Start by crippling her so that she can't fight back. Kill if necessary.
No. 704327 ID: 5ad4a7

Kill the shitty fat cat.
No. 704331 ID: e89427

You're going to regret her survival.

You're going to regret letting her go.

If she gets up right now, she's going to flay you.

I suggest you end her, the consequences of her death, who she's working for, and what her long term scheme was can be figured out later.

You've been out of the frying pan and in the oven for a while now, might as well light a match.
No. 704347 ID: 1f8505


She's not useful as a hostage, she's a gigantic liability at this point. There's no point to sparing her.
No. 704348 ID: f56624

"Hey if I shoot her is that going to make the obelisk do things? Like, I really want to shoot her but I'm not a complete idiot here"
No. 704350 ID: cc08c7


Or, are we going to get labeled as a traitor for killing off the captain for him? It seems like the kind of dick move the higher ups of any military would pull.
No. 704351 ID: a3a5d7

Just tie her up and threaten her if she still refuses to explain herself. Shoot her in the leg or something.
No. 704396 ID: b8ceae

"So, Target, can you explain... Well, any of this? I've been incommunicado for awhile, but even if I wasn't I'm pretty sure I'd have no idea why this is happening."
No. 704401 ID: 799984

Kill her. She's exploited every previous second chance and bit of trust extended to her.
No. 704412 ID: bb78f2

If you're going to kill her, don't do it out of malice. Don't take pleasure in it.
Calm your head, purge your thought of those emotions, and make it like any other duty you've done.

Remember the good times only as you kill her. Make it so you don't WANT to kill her when you do. Then kill her.
No. 704421 ID: 9c6d36

She's caused you nothing but pain. Kill her and enjoy every second of it. Traitors get what they deserve.
No. 704464 ID: cee89f

Mint has to die at this point, but taking pleasure in it wouldn't be right. We're doing this for Astramaar, not personal gain, okay?

*shrug* There's a reason Agents don't reveal their true names. Their entire job is to hunt traitors to Astramaar. If he said that Mint was a traitor he'd probably get off scot-free, or 'Target' would be 'executed' and his other identity would not get punished at all.
No. 704511 ID: 2d538d

Just fucking shoot her.
No. 704570 ID: a33f42

Once you decide what to do with Mint. Anything important on that hand computer?
No. 704645 ID: cc08c7

From the looks of things we have no choice at this point. Just shoot her, it's obvious whoever this is she's far from the person you knew.
No. 704716 ID: 6cb462

Don't say anything, don't listen to anything she says, just kill her quickly.
No. 704776 ID: c22069

Maybe don't kill her, you are better then that. But don't just let her off lightly. Lex Talionis, blast her legs off for Hoft.
No. 704783 ID: ae5fb3

>You're going to regret her survival.
>You're going to regret letting her go.

You are gonna regret anyway, why not?
No. 705003 ID: 9c6d36

You're not going to regret it. You're going to feel a great weight off your shoulders as a constant threat to you and your actual friends disappears.
No. 705892 ID: fe06ff
File 145658886225.png - (108.27KB , 912x547 , CQ2page270.png )

My heart pounds with exitement and desire
No. 705893 ID: fe06ff
File 145658889905.png - (35.03KB , 912x547 , CQ2page272.png )

No. 705894 ID: fe06ff
File 145658893602.png - (141.28KB , 912x547 , CQ2page271.png )

There is no guilt,
no remorse,
only a deep feeling of rightness within me.
I have done well.
even the pain of my injury feels like nothing in the face of this triumph.

The Traitor is destroyed.
Geragine Mint is dead.
No. 705905 ID: 90f3c0

That crack in the Obelisc sure is ominous...

Mint is dead, but it's unlikely she was working alone. You probably won't get any straight answers from Target, but ask him what the hell she was up to anyway.
No. 705910 ID: bb78f2

I'm fine with not knowing what's up.
Just get me and my team medical attention and home. I don't care about anything else.
No. 705911 ID: 211d83

I wouldn't call it a triumph really. A old friend went a bit crazy and tried to kill you several times over while never explaining themselves. More of a tragedy really.

Specially if she was under the control of the mind leech things.

But if you had let her live she would be instantly back to trying to kill you.

Ask target what happens now.
No. 705913 ID: 2ccbb3

Well, she was crazy and a threat. That's all.

I don't think she can be a traitor if she's too insane from watching her planet explode to remember that she was on your side.

Whatever, you did what you thought was best. I'll respect your decision. Grab the skull and let's move.
No. 705916 ID: e89427

You have stirred the Obelisc. You have no idea what it might do. Brace yourself.
No. 705922 ID: 799984

Way to be a spaz, Oken.
No. 705924 ID: 6f73bb

Be on guard you have no idea what to expect form the Obilisc or Target.

If he's still there and not hostile then ask target what's next, what to do about the Obilisc, and if your crew are alright.
No. 705930 ID: 73c49c

Try and find your other crew members, their safety is why you did all this!
No. 706025 ID: cc08c7

>Evil red eye
>Crack in Obelisc

Oh yeah that's a good sign alright. Nice one Oken.
No. 706055 ID: 1f8505


No. 706068 ID: 9c6d36

Earning Renegade points has never felt so good.
No. 706099 ID: 2d538d

Good fucking riddance. Now let's find our buddies. Maybe the good doctor might know more about the obelisk? He's a scholarly type!
No. 706101 ID: eda59a

Some day, in some way, you will regret this.
No. 706103 ID: 741634

Sure, and someday we'd regret letting Mint live in some way, too.
No. 706329 ID: fe06ff
File 145679331545.png - (91.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page273.png )

>You probably won't get any straight answers from Target, but ask him what the hell she was up to anyway.
I glance around the room for Target . . . it seems he left

>You have stirred the Obelisc. You have no idea what it might do. Brace yourself.
The Obilisc is cracked now, other than that it still doesn't seem to want to do much.

I hear the sound of a door opening followed by harsh words in voice distantly familiar
the voice stops short
No. 706331 ID: 211d83

Turn and see who it is. But keep your gun at your side so they don't get a itchy trigger finger.
No. 706336 ID: 0fc52c

Whoops, looks like you just got framed for the murder that you technically did do.
No. 706350 ID: 2ccbb3

Oken, how good a shot are you? Decide if you want to test your luck or put the gun down slowly

except that's probably one of your squad members. Turn around slowly.
No. 706363 ID: f56624

"I've already handled the traitor. Where are my crew mates?"
No. 706369 ID: 16daa4

"Everything's ok. Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are The traitor is dead."
No. 706388 ID: b8ceae

Drop the gun and slowly turn around. No reason to get shot now.
No. 706405 ID: cee89f

"The traitor lays dead, and I'm in no position to fight. If you're here to kill me, hurry up, it's been a horrible day ... Oh, and this is an Obilisc Enforcer. It doesn't say or do much, but the cracks are new."
No. 706521 ID: 6f73bb

Keep hold of your weapon but do not raise it or make any hostile movements, just turn and look at who is addressing you. Hopefully it'll be a friend or crew-mate.
No. 707458 ID: fe06ff
File 145721994562.png - (256.77KB , 912x547 , CQ2page274.png )

I turn around, but they don't even seem to notice me, they're all just standing there staring at the giant crystal floating in the center of the room.

Fuze: " . . . An Obilisc? here?"

I recognize Combat-Master Pary-Zegh, she was chief of security aboard the Ecliptor Last I was aboard.
No. 707464 ID: 211d83

Oh now you guys are here. A minute earlier and this would have been way different. Did you find Fuze 5 seconds after I got kidnapped by the creepy spec ops person or what?

Bet its to late to jam the damn thing back in your earring.
No. 707475 ID: 16daa4

Fuze, your ok! Do you know what is going on around here? This traitor *kick Mint bone* was acting like she owned the place.
No. 707479 ID: 6f73bb

Acknowledge your superior then ask Fuze what he knows about the Obilisc. If you feel like you're in good enough company to do so then explain what happened to summon it. Also find some time to ask if he and Hoft are alright.
No. 707493 ID: 3663d3

explain all the who said what truthfully.
No. 707508 ID: 2d538d

>Fuze: " . . . An Obilisc? here?"

Yeah I was kind of hoping you'd be able to elucidate. Some chucklefuck called Target is in league with Mint. They have a plan. Fuck knows what it is. Mint fell victim to her own hubris. Target has wandered off somewhere. If we're gonna get any answers it's probably from him.
No. 707517 ID: a6dc58

You've been through a lot, express relief to see Fuze okay and concern over Hoft.
No. 707651 ID: b8ceae

Tell them you would explain what happened, but you don't really understand it yourself.
No. 707830 ID: fe06ff
File 145748328567.png - (178.04KB , 912x547 , CQ2page275.png )

Fuze: "I wonder why it's here?"
Pary-Zegh: "I'm not sure, but clearly it's the reason the traitors retreated."

Oken: "I summoned it here."

they are startled by my words and take note of me for the first time

Fuze: "Oken! you're alive!"
Pary-Zeigh: "And you've killed a traitor, excellent work trooper!"

The sense of awe broken the Combat-Master and her triplet bodyguards scan the room.
I try to tell them what happened but other than Fuze they don't seem to be listening
"room clear" one of the Pelt triplets states

Pary-Zeigh: "Let's keep moving there may yet be enemies lurking aboard."

Fuze: "I'll need to take Oken to Med bay, she's likely suffering from Binder's Lash, on top of her crash wounds."

Binder's Lash, I've heard of it. When and Astranian kills another for the first time it can cause short term lunacy and severe heart pains, I don't know much else about it, but apparently it has to do with conflicting ritual oaths.

I feel fine though, good actually, just a warm heat soothing my chest
No. 707858 ID: 3663d3

say that you don't think leaving the room right now is a good idea. what with the Obilisc and all.
No. 707861 ID: bb78f2

What about your injuries, Fuze? You should have a concussion.

When you came to, did they brief you on everything Mint did? She was really confusing, I don't even know how she came to power here, or how everyone knew she was a traitor.
No. 707871 ID: 2ccbb3

Take a nap, you might be too drugged on euphoria to feel pain. Plus, you'll want a full body scan to make sure Mint wasn't diseased.
No. 707886 ID: 3663d3

oh fuck, idea. what if the Obilisc just rewrote history? as in. everyone was sure zane was on their side and shit. but now, suddenly, everyone knows zane was a traitor. everything warped so you are the hero.
No. 707893 ID: 5d44f3

It also might be the source of that righteous anger that enabled Oken do what needed to be done. It might fade, so prepare for that.
No. 707947 ID: b8ceae

Put your weapon away.
"I feel fine, but I should probably be checked.
I don't think I should leave, though. I summoned this, and I don't know what will happen if I leave."
No. 707955 ID: 6f73bb

Put you weapon away, tell them about target, and ask if the Obilisc will be alright without you here since this is all fairly new to you.

If given the go ahead then leave for the Med bay with Fuze and ask him about the Obilisc, himself, Hoft, and Mint along the way.
No. 708038 ID: fe06ff
File 145757869644.png - (160.01KB , 912x547 , CQ2page276.png )

Oken: "I feel fine, actually"

Fuze pauses for a moment, seemingly confused, but simply states
Fuze: "well we should get you checked out anyways."

Oken: "Is it, alright to leave the Obilisc here?"

Fuze: "I'm afraid I don't know much about them. your guess is as good as mine"

Oken: "The Commander would know . . ."

Fuze: "He probably does, the enforcers were much more active in his day."

I simply nod and and we head for med bay.

* * *

Oken: "Is Hoft alright?"

Fuze: "He's in good hands, Master Yeli is tending to him personally! she'll sort you out too I'll bet."

Ray-Tech Leech-Master Balthene Yeli, she's served Commander Flek for twice as long as I've been alive . . . I've never met her though, she's assigned as Chief Medical Officer but this is the first time I've heard of her actually assisting in ship activity, Medbay must be really short handed.
No. 708041 ID: bb78f2

Fuze, come on, what happened?
Get a situation report, what the HELL was all this even about?
No. 708822 ID: fe06ff
File 145787810978.png - (119.28KB , 912x547 , CQ2page277.png )

Oken: "Tell me what happened Fuze"

Fuze's face goes sullen and he responds in a clinical manner.

Fuze: "Traitors had gotten aboard the ship, they revealed themselves when a champion of theirs, an assassin named Aimlock slaughtered the entire bridge crew."

Oken: "The entire bridge crew?"

Fuze: " . . . I've been told Commander Flek was not aboard."
No. 708926 ID: 16daa4

Mint was giving orders to an Aimlock. Is this Aimlock still at large? Mint was also working with an agent Target, though Target turned against her at the last minute. I don't know if he is on anyone's side, because unless he wanted the Obilisc summoned for some reason he could have ended this one way or another much earlier.
No. 708946 ID: 3663d3

ask if he has any ideas as to their goals. mint seemed to think she could use the Obilisc to further her goal.
No. 708968 ID: bb78f2

That's not consistant with what Target said at all. He said that Flek was investigating how it was possible for us to even make it through the laser test, which revealed me as an inheritor of the Oblisc summony thing because apparently that makes the insanely improbable happen.
No. 709609 ID: fe06ff
File 145809199689.png - (115.88KB , 912x547 , CQ2page278.png )

Oken: "Do you know what they were after?"

Fuze: "I was hoping you'd be able to provide the answer to that."

we toy with a few theories but neither of us have much in the way of answers.

Oken: "Flek would know . . . "

Fuze takes this for a cue to say something he's clearly been meaning to say for a while.
Fuze: "So I take then you'd be all for helping us going back to Jucha to find him?

Oken: "Anything for the Commander!"

Fuze: "I got Pary-Zegh to make finding you a top priority, It's seems Ecliptor-Alta desperately needs a new pilot".

Oken: "You don't mean . . ."

Fuze: "can you pilot a capital ship ? I might have promised some people you could . . ."
I can see clear worry on Fuze's face.

I give him a confident smile
Oken: "I can Pilot any ship!"


A may ad a couple epilogue updates later
No. 709626 ID: 1f8505


HOORAY! Good end!
No. 709633 ID: 0d6c82

Acest pilot.
No. 709639 ID: a6dc58

Acest pilot indeed!
No. 709672 ID: 2d538d

Holy shit it ended. Wow, I've following this since it begun. Great job man, I look forward to the epilogue!
No. 709730 ID: 4e0f96

What makes you think its over!?
No. 709934 ID: 2d538d
File 145824661455.jpg - (34.53KB , 995x420 , FINAL.jpg )

idk man call it a hunch
No. 709961 ID: 67d5dc

Epilogue: Mint was right; Oken's piloting skills were all luck based. The battleship is run directly into the nearest moon.
No. 710304 ID: fe06ff
File 145840777172.png - (183.01KB , 912x547 , CQ2page279.png )

On a distant moon orbiting a cold world, shadowy agents return home
No. 710305 ID: fe06ff
File 145840784502.png - (394.83KB , 912x547 , CQ2page280.png )

Target: "I have returned my liege, your third relic is in my hand"

Zeos: "I can see that you arrogant fool, the portal matrices are not toys!"

Target: "I assumed time was crucial, Have I displeased you holy king Zeos?"

Zeos: "do not call me that, I'll not have you parrot the words of those idiots"

Target: "forgive me Councilar, I meant no disrespect."

Zeos: "Where is Geragine."

Target: "Do you not already know wise one?"

Zeos: "give voice to your failures Target."

Target: *sigh* "very well my lord; She is dead, she had been too long from your side, the bloodlust had reclaimed her."

Zeos: "She was integral to my plans."

Target: "We'll have to make do without."

Zeos: "All alternative are less . . . loyal."

Target: "She'd also earned the malice of the Verox some how, the attention of them pursuing her would have done us no favors."

Zeos: "An irritant at best, Where is Aimlock?"

Target: "We were separated, a meddlesome doctor ratted the commander's hounds on us."

Zeos: "You left her there? I am beginning to question your competence."

Target: "She is a master of stealth, she well meet back at the planned extraction point."

Zeos: "She'll be dead, they will find her. She will be dead by your failures."

Target: "Aimlock is the best of us she'll-"


Target: " . . . Then we'll make do without her as well."

Zeos: " you will acknowledge the ruin you've brought to your allies. Perhaps your death will remove the greatest threat to the lives of my remaining operatives."
No. 710306 ID: fe06ff
File 145840790993.png - (16.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page281.png )

The agent remains silent for a moment

Target: " . . . I accept your eternal judgement."

Zeos: "Good, but I think not yet. Tell me of Oken's Daughter."

Target: "You were correct she truly is an ace pilot, the most talented I've ever seen, not even Flek's mightiest weapons were a match for her skill."

The tyrant gives a cold smile

Zeos: "Perfect."

Okay now it's really the end now, hope everyone enjoyed the quest! Ace Pilot Oken will return in: THE FALL OF ASTRAMAR
No. 710311 ID: 3663d3

meaning oken actually did dodge the lasers, not using a time god to cheat the odds.
No. 710331 ID: bb78f2

Target is such a Starscream
No. 710353 ID: e2db64

Illuminastranians confirmed!

So Target was either lying either to Mint or to this guy about Oken. I am starting to wonder of he has a bit of the old Compulsive Backstabbing Disorder.
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