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File 145093374232.jpg - (359.82KB , 800x800 , 1.jpg )
690151 No. 690151 ID: ca1cab

Resao is Rezo.

Well I must say it's not everyday you learn your entire history is a lie. The Pariah, the Dance of the Families, Yishic. All just some backdrop to some greater conflict we were never aware of!

Resao is Rezo...dammit it doesn't make any sense and yet the pieces fit! So many unexplained phenomena in our people's origins we cannot hope to understand, and the mad ramblings of Mangalo fill them perfectly!

If so, what's the point to any of this? What's the point of Makag or Gamin? Why bother with the feud between Makag and Rokof? Why should Rezan society exist if it exists on a lie? What's the point to Rezan superiority if that supposed superiority was built on a damned mistake!?

And yet...

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No. 690152 ID: ca1cab
File 145093393907.jpg - (333.32KB , 800x800 , 2.jpg )

And yet why does any of Rezan tradition matter? Why should I, or anyone care? Why should it suffer from the stifling politics of the ruling families? Why should we stay bottled up on our piece of dirt if the rules saying we should can be so easily erased?

Why should the families rule? Why shouldn't ruler-ship be given to one?

...why not me?

No. 690157 ID: 3663d3

i think you mean, why not US.

hows the giant death bot been?
No. 690205 ID: 2ccbb3

Sometimes reality is built on what the masses believe, what they support, and not the truth. They have more power than they know and their leaders just squander and subvert their potential to control them.

Unfortunately, truth is... an unknown concept. All we can do is stick to what we feel is both rational and profitable in context of our goals.

And right now, you feel that the Rezo Empire ought to be purged of its corrupt order so that you can rule alone. Are you sure you feel resolute about this?

... lol pun.
No. 690366 ID: 066a87

Tradition is a powerful tool for maintaining the status quo, keeping your descendants in line, and preventing a mad cycle of open warfare and civil war each time a new dictator wants to seize power. Tradition is a shortcut to loyalty, and a comfort to those that need something greater than themselves to believe in.

Tradition is one of the building blocks of nationalism, but not the only one. If you want to be a tyrant you can overturn tradition, but be prepared to build new traditions to foster stability in your new nation. Or be prepared to lose your nation.
No. 690398 ID: ca1cab
File 145111028050.jpg - (242.17KB , 800x800 , 3.jpg )

The Rezan Empire isn't corrupt, but it is backwards. They are mired in political squabbles content to live on their little island when there is so much out here to exploit. I am aware there will be those that resist, but that is an obstacle I will deal with when I reach it.

You mean the giant eyesore called the Guardian? It's still there, prattling on every hour. If you mean the machine that probed my mind, it's still underneath the city. The fuzzy things agreed to let me use their old city as a place to store it until they can really their people to reclaim the place. By the time that happens, I should be finished here.

Nevermind any of that. I should focus on what I need now.

I NEED to focus on three individuals: Gwendolyn and her secrets to forging metal. That and her immense strength would benefit me greatly if I had her on my side. If there are indeed more of those blue monsters, then I will need to be able to pierce their flesh without relying on the Guardian's weapon.

Speaking of which, that elf girl Lylia seems to have intricate knowledge of that monster. If I can get it out of her, it would benefit me immensely. When the Rezans arrive and I don't have control of that Guardian, it will be a blood bath.

And of course, I need more information about you. About this phenomenon he talks about. Mangalo seems to have devoted his life to studying you so that could mean interrogating him for whatever I can extract, maybe even find out where his loyalties lie.

And of course I only have a month before the Rezans arrive so I'd best get to it. Question is which one takes priority?

No. 690399 ID: 2ccbb3

Leave the Guardian research to Sergei. Try not to interrogate your paranoid staff if you intend to keep them long term, that just screws up their paranoia to destructive levels. Gwendolyn can help you design weapons that revolve around the physics of your planet.
No. 690437 ID: 3663d3

sergei is kinda busy being in the future, man.

hmmm... i think we should go after the elf, lylia. the other two are less time constrained then this one. and Mangalo should at least be loyal to us(the orb).

as for ideas on how to handle it without any additional information, you can try openly stating your new rank as pilot, that a scan will show you have had the pilot implants installed. it will perhaps argue that you are not IT'S pilot, but can counter with that fact you having a rank at all in their system automatically makes you the leader by default unless someone else official can come along.
No. 690578 ID: d4a2dc

Agreeing with all of this. The giant robot has the most immediate potential rewards, and once we have that we can use it to buy time for the other things.

As a side note, what is it you want with rulership, anyway?
No. 690921 ID: ca1cab
File 145153054433.jpg - (265.55KB , 800x800 , 4.jpg )

What do I want? Control of course. Based on Mangalo's records you have existed for quite a while. What if...what if there is more than one artifact that channels your power? The kind of power that can create or destroy a nation in an instant. Such artifacts need to be collected, and stored in one place. Prefereably in a nation that can handle such requirements. Like Rezo. Eastaland is in no shape, with its constantly shifting political structure, Westerland is just a bunch of primititves with close to no permanent structures, and Far Eastaland...well look at this place! The only source of safety comes from a giant machine REZANS made summoned here by freak accident! Enough of that though, we should be focusing on the immediate: Lydia or Gwendolyn?
No. 690922 ID: ca1cab
File 145153064258.jpg - (66.58KB , 800x800 , 5.jpg )

Lydia clearly didn't like me when we first began, earning her trust may be difficult. Especially now. Being abducted and drugged has hurt her pride immensely and it has become harder to approach her. If I want even a chance of accessing the guardian, I'll need to be on her good side.

Ach-ka she's still practicing out there? That's four solid hours now.

No. 690923 ID: ca1cab
File 145153075828.jpg - (90.01KB , 800x800 , 6.jpg )

Gwendolyn...I don't know. Our first encounter she thought I was her brother, and when she sobered up she hit me pretty hard on the jaw. Surprised nothing is broken after that. Ever since then though she's been obsessed with cleaning her sword. Won't talk to anyone, or even look at them. Granted I haven't tried talking to her yet, but after that crack and me, I'm hesitant.
No. 690924 ID: 2ccbb3

I find that giving a single family ultimate and unchallenged power is just a powder keg waiting for a bored descendant to unleash unconstrained horrors on everyone within their general vicinity.

But yeah, separation of powers is also screwed up because nobody knows who's getting what, so the luckier psychopaths ALSO have a smaller pool of victims to play lazer-guided nuke-spank on.

Long story short, please talk to someone about this opportunity to distribute what is currently unconstrained and planet-destroying weaponry. If you have to resort to sagely advice from chopped-up old dudes whose last words involve cursing your family using numbers that do not exist on the real spectrum, then fine.

This is where you play the butler and get her some fruit juice. Exercise and other stressful activities tend to leave the brain fragile and easily persuaded, so you can start your conversation while her stubbornness is weakened.

Find her a laboratory with some weapon mods. You don't understand her but you can show that you're willing to help. Also, let her slap you around for a few minutes, get her to realize that you're not some savage lecher.
No. 690925 ID: 3663d3

ask her to spar. practice alone is fine, but having a fight helps you get better faster. after that just ask her what's eating her. give her someone to vent to about how angry that situation has made her.

also, maybe explain the other robot underground is the guardian's brother? cousin?
No. 690934 ID: 066a87

Humiliating as Gwendolyn's situation was, it's no surprise she only punched you. It was reflexive, I think.

You saved her, and that will count for a lot. Don't rub that in her face though. Just go talk to her and see if you can draw her out a bit. This may take a few days.
No. 691437 ID: ca1cab
File 145181080347.jpg - (193.74KB , 800x800 , 7.jpg )

Fine a quick word with her, and then see what I can get from Lylia.

:gwendolyn:"Oh hullo....you?"

"It's Venian, quite alright, you were rather intoxicated when I told you my name. How have you been since then?"


"I'm glad to hear that."

:gwendolyn:"If ye came fer an apology I ain't givin' one."


:gwendolyn:"Ye heard. I dun promised i would slug ya. I canna say I remember much but I do remember promising that."

"Oh no, you were quite justified. You...remember nothing?"

:gwendolyn:"No. Just a bit 'ere and there but nothin' that makes sense."

"Ah. Did Mangalo tell you anything?"

:gwendolyn:"Nae. That Manjeh jus' said wait fer ye ta tell. I've been waitin' For while now. What happened?"
No. 691448 ID: 2ccbb3

Three things:
1. Rezo is self-righteous. There is no "Rezan Superiority", not when Rezan abilities and technology are based on the designs of other civilizations.
2. You can build your own empire here, and Gwendolyn can help you forge a society for this empire from scratch. Whatever she says now could last for millennia. There will also be cake. Lots and lots of emperor cake.
3. You'd like to know how to kill those big guys, because the big guys have epidermal armor that is really hard to cut into. Please advise now.
No. 691488 ID: 066a87

She's putting something on her blade. Wonder what that is?
No. 691493 ID: 3663d3

just tell her the truth as you know it.... lets start after you woke from that technicolor hellscape and met her brother. and go from there.
No. 691505 ID: 4854ef

There is no need for deception here, just explain what happened... And hope she doesn't think your the one on drugs currently.
No. 692632 ID: ca1cab
File 145240782142.jpg - (120.29KB , 800x800 , 8.jpg )

"You...don't know what I am?"

:gwendolyn:"I know, but whatever happened to me...it keeps me from rememberin' what ye are. The start would be nice."

"Right...I came to this city escorting Mangalo, the er... eccentric human. An ambush led to me meeting your brother. Apparently some of my own soldiers were taken prisoner by-what did he call them? Gerhami? Goomahu?"


"Yes them. We had stumbled upon your brother who said you were held captive by them. Do you remember anything of that time?"

:gwendolyn:"Things. I see pictures, none of them connect or make sense. Sometimes I hear sounds, and voices. Sometimes it's mine. But like I said. No sense to any of it."

"Ah well, you were heavily drugged when I found you, I suppose that would make sense."

:gwendolyn:"Was..was I wearin' anything."

"Ah-no. It was very awkward interacting with you. In fact for a majority of the time, you thought I was your brother."

:gwendolyn:"Alright enough! I-I...I need time. Time to figure this out."
No. 693997 ID: ca1cab
File 145283875370.jpg - (93.90KB , 800x800 , 9.jpg )

I guess the blue things' drug is more powerful than I thought. She seems so much more...quiet and restrained. Nothing like the crazy warrior I met down there.

I'm almost afraid to see how Lylia was affec

:Lylia:"Ah, it's you. Sorry. I broke another training blade."

"I can see that, wait. Another?"

:Lylia:"They're too fragile for me I'm afraid."

Those things are solid iron...
No. 693999 ID: 2ccbb3

"I guess Gwendolyn can make you a blade."
No. 694001 ID: 59cd84

Ask what kinds of swords she usually uses.

>Those things are solid iron...
Literally all iron, or do you mean steel? Pure iron is actually pretty mediocre.
No. 696488 ID: ca1cab
File 145350004365.jpg - (195.45KB , 800x800 , 10.jpg )

It's not the sword made of iron that's the problem, it's that she's breaking them and bits are flying everywhere. The damn thing lodged itself in the wall!

"Is something wrong, or are you destroy Mangalo's property for fun?"

:lylia:"The damned elves."


:lylia:"Those damned elves! This is all their fault!"

"Aren't you an elf?"

:lylia:"That changes nothing!"

Alright she isn't making any sense and-oh gods she grabbed another sword.
No. 696515 ID: 3663d3

i am reminded of Cacame Awemedinade. an elf that lived in an elven village under control of the dwarf nation. the elves of the neighboring nation attacked the village in the name of "taking back what was theirs" but they killed indiscriminately. sir Cacame's wife was among the dead. so he joined the military and quickly rose in the ranks because even though he was an elf himself, the dwarves respected his prowess and hate of other elves.

basically, the other elves did something that she could not abide.
No. 698704 ID: ca1cab
File 145431152838.jpg - (216.23KB , 800x800 , 11.jpg )

Cacame Awemedinade...strange name. Never heard of him. Sounds like someone I'd want to meet. Maybe that is what's happening here.

"Miss Lylia, whatever the elves did to you in the past, are you certain they-"

:Lylia:"They did nothing to me! Aside from the events underground, this barely has anything to do with me!"

"Then how is this the elves' fault?"

:Lylia:"That was a coordinated attack. Those monstrosities that captured me and addled my mind? They were aiding a coalition from the south. Only way they could have gotten through was with the permission of House Dyaine, the elves that are 'supposed' to watch the southern border!"

"Maybe they themselves were attacked?"

:Lylia:"If they wanted to, they could have driven that force back easily. No, House Dyaine let them pass. Which means we are going to investigate why."


:Lylia:"Yes, Dominore Mangalo is coming, which means you come as well right?"

"I suppose, but you sound upset about it."

:Lylia:"Because it means meeting my mother again..."
No. 698708 ID: 680484

Is it possible the elves have switched sides altogether? We might want to have a backup plan for if they outright attack us when we are in their territory. (Maybe something relating to the guardian?)
No. 698719 ID: 3663d3

ask if the guardian can come along as a deterrent to make sure they can't doublecross us.
No. 700996 ID: ca1cab
File 145521749514.jpg - (81.86KB , 800x800 , 12.jpg )

The Guardian? I've been attempting to get those things to work for me during those periods you go silent. I tried telling it what to do before. It has something called a 'Holy Directive' or some such nonsense and it won't let me do anything.

The machine I used has been excavated but any attempt to get it to do anything I'm told 'Power loss critical.' Not sure what that means but it can't be good.

"Are you sure a small party would be enough? What if they are planning a pre-emptive attack on us?"

:lylia:"The elves? Hah! They've been at war with each other. They aren't about to abandon thier millenia old enemy to fight even a skirmish with someone else. Why? Did you think we would need the Guardian?"


:lylia:"I would like nothing more than to scorch their towns with the Guardian but it goes against its Holy Directive. And these people-my people, are something we can handle easily."
No. 700999 ID: 2ccbb3

"Power Loss Critical" means it's almost out of fuel. Seriously, didn't they teach you that in middle school?

Okay, let's take a look at the "Holy Directive". We might be able to find a loophole or a weak point to hack.

Let's not erase the entire AI. There might be targeting algorithms written into the personality program to prevent selective hacking.
No. 701159 ID: b8ceae

Is the airship nearby? We might be able to shift some power around.
[Query the mech to determine its power plant type and intended fuel]
No. 701163 ID: 3663d3

if it was a person it would be saying it's too hungry to do anything. in the case of giant robots it wants to eat something other then food.

anyway, what if there is a second army of those blue things? having the guardian nearby would let us wipe them out and show that it was a bad idea to strike any sort of deal with them.
No. 702737 ID: ca1cab
File 145575749910.jpg - (95.77KB , 800x800 , 13.jpg )

Airship? What airshi-



Ach ka that's loud!

:lylia:"Are you alright?"
No. 702739 ID: ca1cab
File 145575788492.gif - (68.00KB , 800x800 , 14.gif )


Function:Holy_Directive in Effect

Level req: Aerch-Deacon

No. 702740 ID: ca1cab
File 145575819854.gif - (91.42KB , 800x800 , 15.gif )


Power Supply: Rez-Industrial Fusion Plant
Output: Error 7200: solid fuel supply insufficient
Recommend alternate source

No. 702748 ID: b8ceae

Oh, a fusion plant?
Is distilled water an acceptable source of light elements?
No. 702750 ID: 2ccbb3

Oh doody, your cybernetics kicked in!

Welcome to cyberspace! You are currently seeing objective representations of protocol and status! Your mind has been adjusted to interact clearly and efficiently with the workings of the giant @#$%ing robot! This technology is beyond even us but is designed SPECIFICALLY so that you can build a snowman like an idiot and suddenly the giant robot learns how to play three violins because your actions are translated into master-level spells. Just think of this as using every neuron and memory in your body, from the ability to chop wood to the inner workings of some mathematical formula you've never used your entire life, all simultaneously interworking on a subconscious level while YOU push blocks and draw kiddie pictures in cyberspace.

Good news is, you can now understand and even program the giant robot.

Bad news is that using your cybernetics for extended periods of time could cause brain damage. Your mind is forced into hyperdrive so everything in real life seems to have slowed to a crawl.

First things first: fuel. You need to specify some guidelines.

Like not turning your civilians and slaves into "makeshift ethanol" because the robot can only see them as dots in cyberspace. Let's change that.
No. 703025 ID: 3663d3

state atomic makeup of usable fuels.
No. 703035 ID: 2a7417

Start listing available fuels to see if its Mr. Fusion can use them. Will it take coal? Wood? Store credit?
No. 703387 ID: 066a87

No, idiots. You can't just chuck anything in there and expect it to work.

There's only a couple of solid fuels worth using in fusion. A reactor this compact, light, and energetic probably uses the p+ Boron-11 chain, since that gives a good amount of energy with almost none of the energy released as neutrons. Furthermore, Boron-11 is stable, so the fuel supply would have kept. It might have been nearly exhausted when we found this machine, but it would have kept for all the time the machine was sitting idle. Lithium-6 would have decayed and probably been completely useless.

Boron-11 is the predominant isotope. Purification may be an issue, but this reactor might be able to run "dirty" with Boron-10 contamination.
No. 703394 ID: 3663d3

not just anything. is why i am asking what materials it can work with. if it can handle hydrogen for a bit to get it going so it can gather better fuel then that's good.
No. 706057 ID: ca1cab
File 145664405812.gif - (92.13KB , 800x800 , 16.gif )

Fuel required: 1 Rez-Industrial Solid Fuel Unit

Makeup: classified by RI Patent Office

Fuel Unit Transfer recommended

Transfer Platforms detected - 1

No. 706058 ID: ca1cab
File 145664418859.gif - (51.75KB , 800x800 , 17.gif )

Req : Fuel Unit

No. 706059 ID: ca1cab
File 145664449507.jpg - (313.33KB , 800x800 , 18.jpg )

Permission required
Level req: Guar
:lylia:"...alright? Speak! Say anything! Hello?"

"Grrk! I'm fine! Please stop shaking me!"

:lylia:"Sorry, but your eyes. They looked strange for a moment, and you just stopped moving for a moment there. I was worried something had happened. Are you ill?"

"No! No, I don't think I am."

I'm taking a wild guess here, but I assume the thing the Rokof 'mech' was asking for was something from the Guardian. But it said something about needing permission? I don't know what that means but something tells me I may need Lylia to get this to work...my brain tastes like blue.
No. 706060 ID: 2ccbb3

Locate transfer platform. Scan for additional fuel alternatives. Run diagnostics: deep scan.
No. 706083 ID: 066a87

Yeah, it seems like it needs the Guardian's permission to be able to use the transfer platform for resupply. I have no idea what it looks like, but if it can detect it, it's probably not too far away.

Summoning the transfer platform, or going to it, will give us a chance to look at it and see what other goodies it has. If it's a support unit I would expect it to carry munitions, fuel, spare parts, maybe materiel for a support company too.

Finding a solid fuel unit and giving Mangalo a directive to figure out what's in it should be a priority. We want to be able to make more of these.
No. 706084 ID: 066a87

Also wow, Lydia has really beautiful eyes.
No. 706091 ID: 3663d3

let's relax on the machine communing till the blue goes away.

actually, ask her right away that your mech is asking for the guardian's help. but it requires the permission of someone guardian rank. does her card have that?

not a transfer platform system. just a tube. the guardian wants to link to our mech and send one of it's fuel pellets over.
No. 707471 ID: ca1cab
File 145723322920.jpg - (223.15KB , 800x800 , 19.jpg )

"I'm fine, I'm fine. G-get away!"

:lylia:"No, your eyes were lit up, let me see."

"No! There's nothing there!"

:lylia:"I could have sworn they were glowing, it looked like Sir Stoneheart!"

"Calm down and listen I need to know-wait what?"

:lylia:"Sir Stoneheart, the one who found the guardian. His eyes were said to have the light of the Holy in them. Like yours."

"Light of the-what?"

:lylia:"But you aren't even a believer! Why would you have the divine glow?"
No. 707486 ID: 2ccbb3

Ask her about what happened to Stoneheart. If your cybernetics can cause health problems, you want to know NOW.
No. 707492 ID: 3663d3

hate to burst her bubble, but that glow just means you are marked by a guardian, everything other then that is people attributing things that were just incidental.
No. 707523 ID: 066a87

Okay. So Seven01a19's request to the machine is probably what woke it up. It checked with Venian, who it apparently thinks has "Aerch-Deacon" level clearance for permission to refuel. Transfer of a fuel unit from Guardian requires permission from Guardian's handler, apparently.

Just tell Lydia that the machine you found just talked to you, and you now know you need permission for Guardian to transfer a fuel unit to it.
No. 708619 ID: ca1cab
File 145783178512.jpg - (230.94KB , 800x800 , 20.jpg )

"Fine, fine I can tell you want to tell me about this Stoneheart character, go ah-eeaAH!"

:lylia:"Sir Stoneheart, previously Dominore Egicius Mongicello, the one who first was gifted the Guardian by the Holy-"

:gwendolyn:"Ya mean he tripped on its leg an' found it!"

:lylia:"No! He received a vision after a week of fasting! That was what revealed it to him!"

:gwendolyn:"Ay, I start seein' funny stuff to ifn' I stave for that long."

:lylia:"Then explain the holy glow! Explain that if he was just hallucinating!"

:gwendolyn:"Obviously, it's made up fancy nonsense like him being Dominore whatever! He wasn't even human. He was a dwarf!"

:lylia:"That's a lie and you know it!"

So this Stoneheart person found the Guardian out there. Would that imply he became the 'pilot' to that thing and that is why it's so...garish now?

:gwendolyn:"Only liars is your heathen church!"

And they keep referring to Stoneheart as 'was'. Does that mean he's dead now? If so, how is that thing still functioning?

:lylia:"Of course you northerners would say that."

:gwendolyn:"Cause we're right!"
No. 708624 ID: 2ccbb3

"Girls, I am warning you. The next one to continue arguing has to sleep with three people of my choice.

Are we good? You're good friends and you're not going to argue like schoolchildren. Okay. I need an objective review of Dominore's life and abilities, anything that can give me a hint on how to work with this guardian. This guardian is trying to talk to me in a logical and concise manner, because it needs some VERY specific things and religious interpretation in the ingredients and methods will cause a giant explosion. I need to know WHERE THE FUEL FOR THE GUARDIAN IS.

And if you give a stupid answer you two will have to kiss and make up. Okay, go."
No. 708652 ID: 3663d3

the fuck? [negate all of that]

he could have merged with it. just plugged in and never became unplugged and forget he was a being that was separate from it.

but yes, the religious order seems to be taking liberties with the story to make them more magical then the events really were.

you should go see it in person so you don't have to do any headache inducing mind talk and ask who has guardian rank. it may scan and realize nobody with that rank is alive still and adjust itself.

as for the girls being at each other's throats, tell them to test their theories, that is what it means to be open minded. if he was a dwarf then there should be proof of it somewhere.
No. 708653 ID: 1f8505


Please don't.
No. 708691 ID: a22f87

you know you could ask if stoneheart is still kicking right? that would be an easy way to find out what happened to him... Might also want to find something to cover your eyes so you don't get swarmed by a bunch of religious nut jobs.

Also speaking of religion ask the girls to stop arguing about theirs as you have a big enough head ache without people yelling at each other about who is and isn't right.
No. 710542 ID: ca1cab
File 145845135123.jpg - (284.54KB , 800x800 , 21.jpg )

That was...yes I don't think I will be doing that.

"Ladies! Your arguing tells me nothing! First of all is Stoneheart even still alive?"

:lylia:"Of course not, he was still human, and this was a century ago."

:gwendolyn:"He is too still alive. You lot excommunicated him cause he was sayin' too much!"

:lylia:"We did not! That is just your heathen little group trying to brainwash others!"

:gwendolyn:"Who're you calling-"

"Ladies please!If it is really such a debatable issue then can't we just test your theories to see who is right?"

:gwendolyn:"And what do ye propose for that?"

...I have no idea what I can propose that won't get them started again.
No. 710630 ID: 066a87

You can talk to the Guardian directly can't you?

You could ask it.
No. 710730 ID: 8d3cbc

well if he's alive couldn't you just... ask... him?
No. 710738 ID: a22f87

wait, maybe if we change the subject they'll stop fighting. Ask how they refuel their giant robot? We might get lucky and actually find a way to get your giant robot to stop yelling at you.
No. 710740 ID: 3663d3

yes, the guardian itself should know the fate of it's own pilot.
No. 711110 ID: ca1cab
File 145879225704.gif - (30.18KB , 800x800 , 22.gif )

I suppose if he is still alive, I could ask the Guardian-

Contacting Pilot...Error

Not again...
No. 711112 ID: ca1cab
File 145879291244.gif - (4.39MB , 800x800 , 23.gif )

:gwendolyn:"H................e.........y............o..........u............r................. e.........y..........e..........s"



Pilot absent.
Location: Unknown
Auto-Pilot Engaged for: 587309.94 hours

WARNING: Auto-Pilot durations longer than 100 hours require cleanUp Program every additional 10 hours.

cleanUp last run: 734629 hours ago

No. 711128 ID: b6efab

I kind of want to do cleanup but it's probably best not to mess with something that working untill you have a good reason to.

Disconnect and tell them.

"I checked with the gaurdian and it hasn't had a pilot for 67 years. Though I guess that doesn't tell us what happend at least we have a date to check out."
No. 711129 ID: ab5f13

Well shit, let's get started on that clean up program then. How long will it take?
No. 711136 ID: b6efab

Ask it to show you the logs of when the pilot left and find out what happened.
No. 711158 ID: 3663d3

ask it for the nearest guardian ranked or higher person so you can get permission.
No. 711159 ID: 3663d3

actually. the fact the clean up was last run a long time before the auto-pilot was turned on tells me why it's acting like it is. it has gained learned behaviors from it's pilot and has been following their example. so it smites heretics because the guy called the enemies heretics. actually, once we power up ours we should run that cleanup, maybe that's why it was overly aggressive?
No. 711431 ID: 066a87

If you run the cleanup program you will probably make it useless without a pilot in the seat.

Being able to bypass a lot of the usual interface layer is a powerful tool, but it means that stuff that you'd normally be locked out of doing is a very real possibility with our help.
No. 711742 ID: 1cebc8

Sit in the pilot's seat, THEN activate the CleanUp program.
No. 712594 ID: ca1cab
File 145939025923.jpg - (226.22KB , 800x800 , 24.jpg )

Yes, I don't think I could do anything with this Guardian unless I could be there physically.

"Girwf I- whaffuh?"

:lylia:"Will you let go of him? That is most unbecoming!"

:gwendolyn: "But his eyes. Ye saw them didn't ya? Lighten up an' all!"

:lylia:"I know, I told him it must be the light of the Holy, but he wouldn't lis-hey! Stop touching him!"

:gwendolyn:"Ye leggo first!"
No. 712598 ID: 1cebc8


Seriously unprofessional, girls.
No. 712652 ID: 3663d3

okay, this may actually be the correct time for a crude joke.
girls, you can touch me all you want later *eyebrow waggle*

or just try to turn it off so they stop if you want to be boring.
No. 712680 ID: d07302

Stop poking me while I talk to my giant robot. I'm try to get the damn thing running again so it will stop yelling at me
No. 712685 ID: 4854ef

Leggo! It's fine! I'm just connecting with something when I do that so stop squeezing me!
No. 712730 ID: 066a87

Squeeze them back?
No. 713013 ID: ca1cab
File 145953905560.jpg - (148.51KB , 800x800 , 1_4.jpg )

"You know what? Fine. Mind powers activate."


:gwendolyn:"I guess I didn't hit you hard enough last time."
No. 713039 ID: 1cebc8

Wow that was dumb.

Okay, five minute break.
No. 713040 ID: 3663d3


and then ask if they have calmed down now. this is important. you need their, and the guardian's help.
No. 713349 ID: ca1cab
File 145963390758.jpg - (293.52KB , 800x800 , 25.jpg )

"Girls! Hands off! Damn that girl's grip, I think she pushed a tooth loose! Seriously unprofessional, girls."
:gwendolyn:"What was that last bit?"

:lylia:"I apologize, you're right. That...was unproffesional of me."

:gwendolyn:"Unpro-you were ready ta rip his shirt off."

:lylia:"I was not you little-"

"It doesn't matter. Ach-ka it still hurts. The point is the Guardian...thing, has been empty for near seventy years. Yes?"

:lylia:"Yes, but how did you-"

"The Guardian needs a thing called a CleanUp program."

:lylia::gwendolyn:"Wait, what?"

Wait, it's an icon for them, they don't understand.

No. 713350 ID: 8d3cbc

So do we reveal it's just a machine or take advantage of their beliefs?
No. 713351 ID: 973861

tell them the thing is low on power so it needs to gather it's strength, it can do this but it needs to "clean up" or basically get it's shit together so it can recharge and move around again.
No. 713354 ID: 3663d3

wrong one. the guardian is the one that is on. ours is off.

try to explain it like a super intelligent dog. it bonds with a master and learns from them. everything the guardian does it learned from Stoneheart, before he bonded to it the guardian was an empty shell. now, some things from when it was empty are still around, in this case it needs someone it refers to as a guardian to give it permission to help me.

ask: maybe the guard you have? or a card someone else has?
No. 713495 ID: b8ceae

As a technical person, I can tell you maintenance is suggested for a reason.
Run the cleanup program and everything will be fine.
No. 715295 ID: ca1cab
File 146024886876.jpg - (236.21KB , 800x800 , 26.jpg )

That's my problem. I barely understand it. I can't explain something that baffles even me. I'll go with the dog thing I suppose.

"Look, the Guardian...it's like a large dog. Stoneheart was the guide, or maybe guardian, teaching it what it had to do. It needs a new guardian, I think."

:lylia:"You think?"

"That's what I've been able to understand. When my eyes do whatever it was you said, I hear things. From the Guardian. But the Guardian says it needs a...new guardian for something it calls a cleanUp program."

:lylia:"What's that?"

"I'm not sure, but I need to get inside to find out what. Lylia, I'm sure you can help me with that."



:lylia:"I can't. I can help you, but I can't."

"I-I don't follow."

:lylia:"You saved me from the beasts below, and for that I am grateful. But despite your heroism, despite your mark showing you as Touched, I cannot allow you into the Guardian without inducting you into the Order."

"Yet I saved you. You said it yourself. Doesn't that count for anything?"

:lylia:"Your deed was benefit to me, but not the Order. There are plenty who would say you were in league with the beasts-"

:gwendolyn:"They're called Gormoamhi."

:lylia:"Regardless of their name, some would even claim that you are trying to seduce me, that my rescue was staged. If you were to help me with this House Dyaine problem, there would be no way they could deny you."

"But you said it yourself, this matter with the elves is trivial. I don't see how that would help-"

:lylia:"It is something I am formally requesting from you. No way it can be planned out by some foreigner beforehand. Also I really don't want to meet my mother alone!"
No. 715302 ID: 1cebc8

Tell Lylia that you can handle a Mafia feud like this, but she really needs to get a grip on reality. You don't appreciate her forceful re-association of efforts and events to people and organizations that she doesn't fully understand; it makes things harder to track and is a strong source of corruption in powerful organizations.
No. 715321 ID: 3663d3

ah, her mother. that explains it. mom probably doesn't approve of her choice in career.
No. 717485 ID: ca1cab
File 146094966831.jpg - (182.47KB , 800x800 , 27.jpg )

Of course I can handle them, but that isn't why I'm here. I'm here to weaken them. I suppose visiting these elves could help, if only to get a better knowledge of the surrounding territory.

"I'll do it if only for you. Not for that feud you have with your order. I don't appreciate your I hope I'm saying this part rightforceful re-association of efforts and events to people and organizations that you don't fully understand."

:lylia:"Do...does that mean you will help?"

"Ach-ka...yes! Yes, I'll do it."

:lylia:"R-really? That was easier than I thought it'd be."

I'm not sure if Lydia's mother disapproval is the problem. From what Yviel has told me, the House Elves are very...strange. It's one of the reasons her family moved to the mountains, and why they came to Rezo voluntarily. Despite our reach, few in Rezo know about House Elves aside from the fact they exist. If Lylia's mother is part of this...House Dyaine then I'd be a fool to pass an opportunity to learn more about them. But that does mean I'm going into unknown territory. I'd best prepare. You're the omniscient ones, any tips on dealing with magical beings with more power than sense?

No. 717498 ID: a22f87

>You're the omniscient ones, any tips on dealing with magical beings with more power than sense?
Well usually they act like spoiled man children as in they believe they can do no wrong, are easily upset, have a skewed since of right and wrong, and if they're as powerful as you think they are then they actually have the ability to back up their bullshit.

Also, how long have you been around us? You of all people should know by now that we are far from all Knowing.
No. 717577 ID: 066a87

Limited omniscient powers. The more we use them, the bigger the chance something will change and then, oops, you end up your own grandfather or something worse. Mostly we make good guesses. Sometimes we do other things.

My advice? You have an expert on the matter right in front of you. Ask Lylia what to expect, and we'll see what we can learn from what she says and does not say.
No. 717578 ID: 1cebc8

Not that most of us know anything concrete about magic, but when it comes to idiots with superpowers, stay as low-profile as possible and lead them into coming up with plans that work in your favor.

Other than that, we might be able to interact with the House Elves if they use technology similar to our own, even if their inventions are made from magic magic and magic.
No. 718884 ID: ca1cab
File 146154296584.jpg - (303.29KB , 800x800 , 28.jpg )

I am aware you aren't all knowing, I'm more hoping you had some spark of wisdom or something. Like possibly you've had experience in dealing with beings that are ageless, and do strange things for strange reasons.

Where the hells is my armor?

I intend to ask Lylia as we go, though that may not be my best option. I don't know if she left of her own volition, or if she was cast out. If the latter, what she may know may get me killed. Dying puts a serious obstacle in my plans.

Dammit, it has to be here, it's my room isn't it?

I'm not asking you to alter reality, just to tell me what I should do with...elves. Only ones I know have adopted Rezan culture and that's no help.

Gods dammit if it's gone for some stupid time altering reason I'm going to...be really upset. What else can I do?

No. 718886 ID: a22f87

who's all been in your room since you last put it away? think someone might have taken it out to clean it or something?

Anyways, yeah we know of elves but we're kinda in the same boat as you. Elves are like people as in they don't have just one culture so it's kinda hard to guess what they are like without some kind of source to base it off of. I guess you could ask around while looking for your armor and see what the locals know.
No. 718983 ID: 3663d3

maybe can help with that
[locate armor]
No. 721655 ID: ca1cab
File 146265906343.gif - (73.78KB , 800x800 , 29.gif )

Are you sure that's a good idea to use your power to-

"Dam■it! Armor's ██ █ █ ██nctional! P██ ██ █ack! Pull back!"

"B⌡ck off yo█u fakkin-"

No. 721656 ID: ca1cab
File 146265911006.jpg - (283.92KB , 800x800 , 30.jpg )

...you know what? Let's just assume my armor's gone, and leave it at that. No more bizarre magic reality bending crap. Please.
No. 721677 ID: 973861

we probably should have been a little more specific but yeah let's wait awhile before we try that again... unless you want us to try and us our reality bending powers to get some info on the elves. Or you could just ask around if you don't want us to do that.
No. 721731 ID: 1cebc8

You'd need formal attire with combat enchantments for your next mission anyway.

... Time to go shopping?
No. 725258 ID: ca1cab
File 146396372963.jpg - (233.59KB , 800x800 , 31.jpg )

NO! No, enough mind benders. I'll...hells now my head hurts. Yeah I can just ask around. Or-something.

:gwendolyn:"Lookin' fer somethin'?"

"Yes, my armor. I-ah, can't find it."

:gwendolyn:"Ah, Mangalo said yer memories was full'a holes. If'n ye need a new set, ye can come with me. I'll be headin' along too."
No. 725260 ID: ca1cab
File 146396384625.jpg - (200.01KB , 800x800 , 32.jpg )

"You are? Why?"

:gwendolyn:"I dun trust that elf. If it's as important as she says, why is she so demandin' to bring ye along?"

"So you think something is wrong?"

:gwendolyn:"Aye. That and...ye savin' me. This'll repay the boon owed to ye."
No. 725370 ID: a22f87

why... is she blushing?

Anyways ask her what she knows about the elves then. I mean if the two of you are going shopping then it's as good of a topic as any to talk about while you go get your things. Also ask her what did happen to your armor, she seems to actually know about it so might as well ask.
No. 725446 ID: 094652

Ask her if she needs supplies for her craft. Also, buy her a new blacksmithing kit.

I wonder how Gyoji's doing.
No. 725502 ID: 3663d3

well, lets have her fill those holes. and then later you can fill her holes.
No. 726616 ID: ca1cab
File 146450265764.png - (26.44KB , 800x800 , 33.png )

Gyoji...it feels so long ago since I've seen her. Yet I can still remember her face perfectly. A conflict of emotions. Sadness. Fear. Relief? I wonder how she is doing? If she is with father she should be safe...unless father is doing something foolhardy like starting a war up north.

"Remind me again why I'm stripped down."

:gwendolyn:"The smithy needs yer measurements. Yer new armor remember?"

"Speaking of which, you said there were holes in my memory regarding that? What happened."

:gwendolyn:"Well I can't say I know proper what happened seein' as how I was out on yer back, so dun take me word for it. Ye marched out with some fancy named sword-what did Mangalo call it? Udumbli? Uminki? Whatever. While the other folk were busy keepin' the Gormoamhi, ye snuck out with me an' Mangalo tae get yer armor, then you an' the rest o' yer throng went out an' gave 'em a whoopin. Wish I was awake tae see it."

"That still doesn't explain what happened to my armor."

:gwendolyn:"Oh something about stormin' Mangalo's manor, settin' off a trap and meltin' metal. I wasn' nae payin' much attention tae that part of the story."

Make some armor for Veni. He can't face danger naked! Well he can but that'd be a bad idea.

No. 726998 ID: 93244f
File 146473971067.png - (22.45KB , 376x800 , i got really lazy on this near the end.png )

I'm not even reading this quest.
Whatever, have some armor.
No. 729079 ID: ca1cab
File 146572107486.jpg - (325.90KB , 800x800 , 34.jpg )

:gwendolyn:"Ye look silly."

"Don't mock, they made this. Tell me, what do you know about the elves?"

:gwendolyn:"Who is they? Wot, the blokes yer gonna fight?"

"We don't know if there is any fighting yet."

:gwendolyn:"There prob'ly will be."

"Why? Are they aggressive."

:gwendolyn:"Nai. They're a pain to figure out. Even if they don' try an' kill you fer breakin' some taboo only they know about, it's impossible to tell what they want ye tae do."

"And why's that?"

:gwendolyn:"Masks! They all wear masks all the damn time! An' just when ya think ye figure them out, they switch masks without ye lookin' and they act different. It's like dealin' with children! Children with magic that can kill ya!"
No. 729476 ID: a22f87

so they're like actors then, playing the part of the mask. Which means we're going to have to find out what their mask mean and what taboos they do and don't have. Well time to pin lylia in a corner and see what she knows. Maybe threaten that if she doesn't give us the information we need to actually go into this meeting without knowing how to avoid a fight we'll call the whole thing off.
No. 730112 ID: b7883c

Lylia will probably know the general idea of what the masks we are likely to see would represent. Would it help or make them mad if we got some masks of our own?
No. 731105 ID: ca1cab
File 146646504518.png - (631.80KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

Well you made more sense out of her than I did. The more I learn, the more Lylia's demands seem odd. She's hiding something, and that' unacceptable. I'm the one that's supposed to be deceiving people!

Speak of them and they come...

:lylia:"Get this out by the hour, I don't care what it takes."
No. 731128 ID: ca1cab
File 146646794999.png - (303.65KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

"Lylia! You have some explaining!"


"You want me to go and 'help' you, but I have no information on what I am facing. What are these masks?"

:lylia:"What mas-who did you hear that from?!"
No. 731144 ID: 3663d3

why does it matter who? do they have masks or not? and don't say they don't unless they really don't because if everyone puts on a mask at this meeting after you say no, i will be very cross with you.
No. 731405 ID: b2d501

Please stop lording over Lylia. You're being invasive.

Ask about how to step over the elves' tails (figuratively, as you might literally need to step on a few tails for reasons) and focus on the mission.
No. 731454 ID: 0a94cb

Suplex her continuously until she gives you some answers.
No. 732058 ID: ca1cab
File 146699200006.jpg - (428.18KB , 800x800 , 37.jpg )

She was going to let me go into a scenario where I could be killed by a bunch of crazy elves for not following some nebulous rules. Rules that she knows since she was raised by them. I am owed some explanation, and if intimidating it out of her is necessary, I'll do it.

But I will not suplex her. That's just...no.

"Why does it matter who? Do they have masks or not?"


"And don't say they don't unless they really don't because if everyone puts on a mask at this meeting after you say no-"

:Lylia:"No! They-they do! I just thought you didn't need to know because...I already thought you knew."

"No you didn't."

:Lylia:"I did! Well I didn't think you knew exactly. But I guessed you did. Because Mangalo?"

"And a guess was all you needed? Didn't need to ask me if I knew?"

:Lylia:"I used to be so good at deception..."
No. 732113 ID: 3663d3

well, to be fair you have us in your head interpreting things. anyway, should we also have masks or would a non-elf wearing a mask be a grave insult that makes them disagree with anything we say out of principal? which could still be used to our advantage if we word the request right...
No. 732115 ID: 4854ef

Considering she mentioned she was formerly good at deception, I wonder how much more she's lied to us about so far.
No. 733308 ID: ca1cab
File 146750712995.jpg - (413.41KB , 800x800 , 38.jpg )

"Start. Talking."

:lylia:"I. Ah-I didn't even know of this issue. In truth, I was chosen by a commander for this because I am-was an elf of the Old Houses. That is why I am going."

"That doesn't explain why-"

:lylia:"And when I was assigned, you were mentioned. After what happened with the Guardian, you have attracted a lot of attention from the militant leaders of the order. They said I was to have you come along. I do not know why."

"Why the deception though?"

:lylia:"I was supposed to just bring you along, willingly or otherwise. I was hoping you'd come along willingly...I don't want to face the Houses alone. I've been away too long."

"And I was supposed to go in with no mask?"

:lylia:"Oh! No, I-ah, was making one for you...it's still not finished. I planned to finish it as we traveled. I needed to know more about you to make it..."

Something tells me she only thought she was ever good at deceiving people. I barely even started prying and she's confessing everything to me. Though that is worrying. I am attracting unwanted attention.
No. 733346 ID: b2d501

She seems to have specialized training in one type of misdirection, but may be new to other types of psychological warfare. If her mother really did plan on abandoning her, then having her trained for one specific job and nothing else would maximize her chances of succeeding at her job and dying straight after.

Ask about how you're supposed to wear the mask.
No. 733347 ID: 3663d3

hmmm, well, let's get back inside. if things get dicey during this thing you can just tell the guardian to blow someone up.
No. 734983 ID: ca1cab
File 146819459266.png - (281.50KB , 1280x1024 , 39.png )

Inside? Inside where? We're leaving soon on this expedition. If this is a trap, it's a poorly made one if she is so quick to reveal it to me.

"This is the mask? How am I supposed to wear this? It's too small for me."

:lylia:"It will fit, just put it on and it will stay. Though I don't think you should wear it yet. It isn't finished. You won't see correctly."

"The holes are in the correct places. I could see just fine with this."

:lylia:"No that's not what I mean."
No. 734984 ID: ca1cab
File 146819463410.png - (1.05MB , 1280x1024 , 40.png )

:lylia:"I mean you won't SEE correctly."

Wow my head hurts.
No. 735001 ID: a22f87

...why does she look like a fox person thing?

Maybe take the mask back off.
No. 735002 ID: 4854ef

So is it magically enchanted? What purpose could that be?

Either way this is going to be a strange and interesting party.
No. 735010 ID: 326fa0

... Why the hell are her breasts smaller? Does this imply something disappointing? Not your problem, you're not dating her.

Ask her about the augmented reality; how "accurate" is it? I'd guess like 70% (physics, placement of entities, stuff other than appearance).
No. 735173 ID: 3663d3

No. 736617 ID: ca1cab
File 146881223598.jpg - (114.77KB , 1280x1024 , 41.jpg )

Take it off? How does one take off their face? What is the accuracy of reality if it isn't reality? Why must-

:lylia:"See? It isn't ready yet. Neither are you."

The light dances across my eyes a shimmering glance upon my
No. 736619 ID: ca1cab
File 146881243981.png - (111.67KB , 1280x1024 , 42.png )

What the hells did I just say?

"The hells was that?"

:lylia:"It is what the Houses see. What I used to see. You cannot see it yet, because the mask isn't ready."

"Want to explain that a little more?"

:lylia:"It is hard, you did not live among the Houses, they have words for things you don't. I'm trying to explain, but 'see' is the best word I can think of. You need the mask to see, but if the mask isn't ready for you, then what you 'see' and what you 'are' become harder to know. I don't know if that made any sense."
No. 736634 ID: b2d501

Does that thing access your subconscious and stuff cocaine in the holes?

Your trip got weirder and weirder, so wearing the mask for extended periods may cause brain damage.

Specifically, through an axe to the head by anyone you piss off while tripping.
No. 736663 ID: 3663d3

okay so, several layers of magic interacting with your perception at the same time. that means the mask actually DOES alter their personalities and they aren't just acting.
No. 736693 ID: a22f87

ok from what I'm getting off her is that the mask let's you see things in a new way (kinda like a drug trip) but since she isn't done working on the mask, when you put it on you lost the ability to tell what was real and what was fake (like a bad drug trip). So in order for you you see and actually understand what the fuck the elves are talking about you need to wait for her to finish the mask so it can filter out the unwanted noise so you can go on the drug trip without it fucking with your mind.

Or in short, the elves are hippy druggies that are baked 24/7 just without the drugs. The mask (once finished) will let you join there drug trip without actually going crazy since only a druggy can truly talk to another druggy and hope to understand each other.

Ask how long she think it's going to take until it's ready, because it would be nice to actually experience the masked sights and get use to them BEFORE we try and talk to her family.
No. 739050 ID: ca1cab
File 146967978435.png - (152.75KB , 1400x1050 , 43.png )

Okay I understood about half of that. All I want to know is how much this sets me back.

"Just tell me how long I have to wait before the mask is finished."

:lylia:"Well that's a problem. I don't know how long."


:lylia:"Because I don't know enough of YOU."

"What about me do you need to know."

:lylia:"Not you as in you, I mean the YOU that makes you."

"I don't follow."

:gwendolyn:"Told ya they be a pain to figure out."

:lylia:"You're not helping either!"
No. 739056 ID: b2d501

<sarcasm> Oh absolutely, do you want an entire autobiography in BACON WRAP AND METH or are you willing to wait for FIVE WEEKS for the lifetime analysis to arrive in the TIME TRAVEL?! </sarcasm>

We can't help you here boss, your personality core isn't something we can grab from your mind. Or even read.

What if you find a fairy-like lifeform and face@#$% them between your face and the mask? Let someone else take the drug trip for you.

We're not really useful when our clients are drugged out. Most of our suggestions to stoned clients are either A) trying to get them to snap out of it or B) trolling them.

And no, we're not giving you a @#$%ing encyclopedia on all of us, so don't try to shove the mask trip on our perspective in your stead.
No. 739088 ID: a22f87

she basically saying that she's basing the mask off who you are. As in the type of person you are. From what I'm getting the mask is more or less a physical representation of you. You know like how some people get paintings or bust done of them, she trying to do something similar with the mask but wants to it to representing who you are as a person instead of representing you at that point and time.

Or if none of that is making sense to you she's basically making you a second face and like real faces no to faces are exactly alike. Also she basically asking you about yourself so she's probably going to follow you around for awhile so be ready for that.
No. 739219 ID: b439eb

She needs a personality profile, not the details of your history. Even though the former influences the latter directly, it isn't the same thing.

Assign her as an escort and bodyguard while you go about your normal daily tasks of.. what, inspection, exercise, and paperwork?
No. 739272 ID: 066a87

Wait, she needs to "know" you? Is she saying she has to sleep with you?

Well. She does have nice eyes.
No. 739470 ID: 3663d3

i'd say be careful about the mask interacting with the guardians, if one of those sees through you while you are altered then shit WILL go tits up.
No. 740650 ID: 3784a5
File 147046001273.png - (56.85KB , 1400x1050 , 44.png )

Of course you think she has to sleep with me. It seems I'm doing that with every woman I run into ever since I picked you up, like I'm some Gamin slut fresh out of Primary Academia.

Frankly I don't know how the magic of the mask works, but it's strong. Very strong. Before I lost myself I could practically taste the stuff oozing off the mask. That's the sort of magic I don't want to tamper with unless I know damn sure what will happen. Jumping into the unknown like that is what lead to a Makag Patriarch exploding.

Perhaps having Lylia accompany as an assistance has some credence. If that fails perhaps I can get some help from Mangalo. We are heading for the border town Amicelli. Mangalo did say he had business here so I does mean I'll have an alternative if her observing me and...laying with me doesn't work.

"Lylia, if you need to KNOW me, perhaps you can accompany me today, we won't be leaving for House land for a few days yes? So maybe we can use this as a chance to-"

:Gwendolyn:"Did I just see...?"
No. 740657 ID: b6034b

Nope, didn't see a thing. What's up, doc?
No. 740658 ID: a22f87

there seems to be a larger red glow coming from the bushes, kinda looks like you're holding something.

also see what?
No. 740663 ID: 3663d3

gonna need you to rotate the uhh... viewpoint for us boss. our current angle puts you behind gwen.
No. 742409 ID: ca1cab
File 147124431538.png - (58.48KB , 1280x1024 , 45.png )

"What? What? What am I looking at?"

:gwendolyn:"You see it don't you? That flash of purple!"


:gwendolyn:"Down there by the orchard! It's him! It has to be."

"Pretend I don't know anything about your people for a moment. Who is he?

:gwendolyn:"One Eye we called him. Bastard lead a raid gainst us. Killed my father...my mother disappeared hunting him. Ta think he came this far south..."
No. 742429 ID: 3663d3

does she want the guardian to step on him or fight him herself?
No. 743857 ID: ca1cab
File 147185201411.png - (335.93KB , 1280x1024 , 46.png )

I can barely get the Guardian to even speak to me, getting it to move halfway across the country to step on someone is beyond my ability.

"And if it is him, what do you-hey!"

:gwendolyn:"I have tae see it with me own eyes. I need tae see the beast fer meself!"

"Wait! We need to set up a search party! A group! Anything! Don't just-"

:gwendolyn:"I'm not lettin him get away! Not this time!"

"At least take the road!"

:lylia:"Not surprising to see her run off. Her kind were always too headstrong for their own good."
No. 743871 ID: 3663d3

just need to sweet talk it is all.
anyway, give her support, stealthily. only step in if it's too much for her to handle.
No. 745649 ID: ca1cab
File 147280093082.png - (287.12KB , 1280x1024 , 47.png )

Stealthily? I can barely


I can barely keep up with her.

:Gwendolyn:"...taking it. My problems outweigh yours!"
No. 745650 ID: ca1cab
File 147280126248.png - (155.24KB , 1280x1024 , 48.png )

"Dammit! She's gone..."

:lylia:"Apologies sir. If you wish, the Order will compensate your for your 'appropriated' horse."

"Order? That firebrand was part of the Order?"

:lylia:"It seems so...sir...we'll never catch her on foot. I seriously recommend we go to the town."

"But what if that red...whatver thing she said is too much for her?"

:lylia:"We can only hope that it isn't. Please, we must make for the town. At least then we can organize a search party. Yes it will take precious time away from out quest but..."
No. 745656 ID: 3663d3

damn, okay can't hurt to try. just call up the robot, think of her face and think something like 'priority: protect'. if that fails you will have at least tried.
No. 745658 ID: ba506f

...damn, you know someone has problems when it makes us look sane by comparison.

But yeah, unless you want us to try and use our freaking search ability to track her down I think the search party would be best.
No. 747658 ID: ca1cab
File 147366028443.png - (44.15KB , 1280x1024 , 49.png )

Why do you keep telling me to tell the machine to search? I am still not totally sure how to even talk to the damn things and you want me to-what-command it to march out here and look for one woman?

How do I do that? Just say Guardian start scan and that will

No. 747659 ID: ca1cab
File 147366059265.png - (28.23KB , 1280x1024 , 50.png )

Moving to Optimal Position

"What the-"

:lylia:"What is that sound-The Guardian?! What's it doing coming out he-!"

Parameter Missing: <Scan filter> Awaiting input

:lylia:"What did you do?!"

"What did who do?"
No. 747687 ID: 094652

Filter: Bunny Heartbeat
No. 747698 ID: 4854ef

Looks like the guardian is simpler to command at times then you think, but you could insert what you know of her features and now have it scan.
No. 747702 ID: ba506f

well the guardian is ready to look for your girl

Just tell it search parameters are her gender, her race, her age (ball park it if you need to), and maybe even her name. That should give your guardian what it needs to know what to look for.
No. 747707 ID: 3663d3

just think of what she looks like.
No. 747777 ID: 987bda

Find Nearest: Female Biped WEARING purple cloth WITH sword
Return: Image, location, Unique identifier.
No. 748873 ID: ca1cab
File 147444052468.png - (42.47KB , 1600x1200 , 51.png )

Fine ub-de-uh. Filter: Bunny Heartbeat?

20,602 results
:lylia: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Okay that's a number far bigger than one. Find Nearest: Female Biped WEARING purple cloth WITH sword

:lylia: sssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddid

Parameter overload

:lylia: wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What does that even mean?! uh...find daoine female age...adult?

...1 match.


Unknown command

Stop being so damned stupid! Where is she?!


No. 748874 ID: dc8e27

The hell happened to his code? You'd expect a command prompt for nonzero search results. Fine whatever just say "PRINTLN(ans)" and wait for the information overload. There MIGHT be coordinates. Or just biodata on her.
No. 748880 ID: 4854ef

Guardian user manual certainly wasn't in the first print... Oh wait lylia is talking to us, say your thoughts connected with the guardian and now it's scanning for Gwendoylin, technically true enough.
No. 748881 ID: ba506f

uh, say "identify location of target" or "relay target's location"

Those should work.

Also the blond mask elf wants to know that we're trying to play with our giant robot.
No. 748892 ID: 987bda

[Return: Target Location]
No. 750121 ID: 46f576
File 147501984595.png - (24.71KB , 1280x1024 , 52.png )

Return target location."

Locations marked.

3?! you said one match! How can there be

:lylia:"You. Will. Stop. Ignoring me!"
No. 750122 ID: 46f576
File 147501996804.png - (28.19KB , 1280x1024 , 53.png )

:lylia:"Damn you, answer me! Why is the Guardian here? What did you do?! What in all of the Holy have you done?!"

"Lady Lylia, the Guardian! It's-"

:lylia:"I know! And so help me I will get my answers!"
No. 750124 ID: ba506f

>3?! you said one match! How can there be

well either it's triangulating her location giving you a rough estimate of where to find her... or she's been torn into three pieces. But seeing how she only really just left and how far apart those pieces are from each other I doubt the second one.

But anyways we now know she's on that hill so let's get to looking. Oh and tell your girlfriend that our giant friend might have found our bunny.
No. 750127 ID: 3663d3

all you did was ask it to find your rabbity friend. and it did.
No. 750271 ID: 9dc26d

Possibly a symptom of the system so old. An error, but one that's not insurmountable.

Or maybe it's looking into alternate dimensions simultaneously and it picked out the three best matches based on where she is in this dimension and its neighboring dimensions!

Who know! This is fun!
No. 750272 ID: 9dc26d

She's grabbing you again. You should grab her back.
No. 752072 ID: ca1cab
File 147606149895.png - (49.49KB , 1400x1050 , 54.png )

"Look-stop shaking me-"

"Hands off barbarian!"

:lylia:"Explain yourself, what. Did. You. Do?"

"All I know is that the Guardian is here, and it's saying that Gwendolyn is in three places."

:lylia:"Three? You don't think-"

"I don't know what it means. All I know is that you're busy interrogating me when we can be out there looking for her! Unless there's some elf magic playing with this too."

:lylia:"N-no! No...maybe? I don't think so. But-

"Whatever the reason, we now know where she MIGHT be. We should split and search the locations the Guardian marked. And can you tell this man to let me go?"

:lylia:"Oh! Yes! Yes! We should but at such short notice...

"Dammit...just...hold this."

:lylia:"Why what is it?

"You will find out soon enough."

:lylia:"What's that supposed to mean?"

No. 752075 ID: ba506f

not sure what he means, he's just weird some times... by the way, sup.

could you tell your pet goon to let go of our friend. We were trying to help him find the bunny girl with anger issues and poor self control.
No. 752093 ID: 3663d3

hi, we're the brains of this operation. our good buddy has to deal with us alll the time, so chill on thinking he is a spaz.
No. 752183 ID: 9dc26d

I cast the mystic spell SWORD TO DILDO on that goon's sword. Blatant abuse of reality bending powers to the rescue!
No. 753799 ID: ca1cab
File 147685462692.png - (1.05MB , 1400x1050 , 55.png )

:lylia: "Gah! Voices!"

"What are you doooooooooooooooooooo

:lylia: "I wasn't ready! I wasn't ready!"
No. 753800 ID: ca1cab
File 147685468699.png - (653.09KB , 1400x1050 , 56.png )

No. 753813 ID: 9dc26d

Whoops. Level three involuntary astral projection. I don't think that's happened since that time in the noodle shop.

Those were some really great noodles though.
No. 753835 ID: ba506f

huh... you ok their kid? You're spirt self is showing a little.
No. 753884 ID: 2dee8e

[turn completely off for 2 seconds.]
No. 753885 ID: 2a7417

It is a good pain, yesss?
No. 753904 ID: 4854ef

Oh jeeze magical backlash against a different type of magic? We are not WRONG though! *Attempt autocorrection*
No. 756165 ID: ca1cab
File 147786333691.png - (40.17KB , 1200x1000 , 56.png )

No. 756166 ID: ca1cab
File 147786340969.png - (237.34KB , 1200x1000 , 57.png )

Where is this?

What have you done?

And what noodles?

No. 756171 ID: c10644

Looks like an obligatory inner-characterization trial. Basically, some disembodied voice asks you questions and you poke some objects to answer and it gives you powers and contracts and ^&*(. Just wait for the prompt.
No. 756172 ID: ba506f

huh, haven't seen anything like this except for that time we accidentally erased reality for a day. But to answer your questions

>Where is this?
either we're inside your mind or some kind of pocket space... or again, we accidentally erased reality. Don't worry it'll come back in a few hours if that's the case but I don't think it is.

>What have you done?
Sorry love but this one is on you. You panicked when you grabbed us and tapped into something, not sure what though.

>And what noodles?
cheap and tasty food stuff. When we get back we should go out and see if we can't find some.

Any more questions?
No. 756190 ID: 987bda

We're an ancient artifact of immense power.
Well, 'ancient' is a misnomer; we exist outside of time and don't follow it the way mundane artifacts of immense power do.

We're not sure where you are.

You touched something you shouldn't have, with unpredictable results - every time we crop up people are warned not to touch us because it winds up being a huge debacle.
I think whatever magic was on you might have conflicted with our nature, and we may have purged it.

Lets not talk about the noodle incident.
No. 756196 ID: 3663d3

we worked fine for everyone else, meaning something is up with you that didn't agree with us.
No. 756212 ID: 9dc26d

No no, let's not blame her for this, We tried to mess with that sword when we were loose, and my guess is THAT is what interacted with her own mojo.

Which is startlingly similar to what happened in the noodle shop, come to think of it. Man that feels like ages ago.
No. 756245 ID: 79a07e


Aw, thanks for reminding me of that. Well, at least she's not screaming like a banshee.
No. 756272 ID: 9dc26d

Yes, she's taking it quite well compared to our friend at the noodle shop.

I can still remember all the cursing and crying and screaming like it was yesterday, instead of an eternity.
No. 757132 ID: ca1cab
File 147839403898.gif - (599.02KB , 1200x1000 , 58.gif )

Noodle-wait no! If you are what I think you are, this shouldn't be! You aren't supposed to dispel my magic! You can't! Take me back! TAKE ME BACK!
No. 757133 ID: ca1cab
File 147839409764.png - (48.83KB , 1200x1000 , 59.png )

"Veni?! Oh you couldn't have picked a worse ti-"

"I know I know, my father wants to see me."

"Yes but before that, please see to that Tsang Naji you bought home, she's causing a real fuss. The Marker is at his wits end trying to hold her."


"I'm guessing Ju Gwah is you?"

I can't tell if that was you or me that did this.
No. 757135 ID: 094652

Well, that was literal.

This is Veni before he met you, but after he met us. Seeing as how this universe has paradox crumple-zones, I suggest you go straight to Veni and say something only WE would say.
No. 757139 ID: 9dc26d

It's easier to figure out what we would NOT say. We talk a lot of gibberish when we feel like it.
No. 757145 ID: 3663d3

both. our power and your desires. please wait until he is alone before running up to him and talking about how his dang orb time traveled you.
we may be able to return to your present if you can make a more accurate description of it.
No. 757184 ID: 987bda

What, exactly, do you think we are?
This is important.
No. 757454 ID: 9dc26d

You got your face right up next to that statue's junk.

No. 758302 ID: ca1cab
File 147908576468.png - (354.68KB , 1400x1050 , 60.png )

"Veni! Finally, can you help me with your slave? She's being very disruptive. Even the soldiers you bought back can't hold her down long enough for me to karve it. And if I mess up her Mark, who knows how it will affect her personality."

My desires? My only desire is to leave whatever this place is. Where even am I? Who is Veni?


"Gyoji, calm yourself."

"But Lord Ju-"

"My name is Venian."


Wait. What you are? How can you not even know what you are?

You're the Antithesis. We try and create order, you sow chaos. We create through the Linear Lattice, but you? You draw What Shouldn't Be. It cuts the Lattice and dilutes Creation. And my own magic unravels around you. I don't know how, but you managed to tug on the Lattice and tried to merge it with The Foundations.

"And I said calm down."

Also shut up, the statue barely even has a crotch.
No. 758306 ID: ba506f

>Wait. What you are? How can you not even know what you are?
because our memories get wiped from time to time. Usually whenever we find a new guy to claim us and carry us around. And before you ask you're just borrowing us so that's why we didn't start over as a blank slate. But hey since you actually seem to know that the hell is going on mind explaining why things from other realities and myths are starting to pop into this world? I mean We're pretty sure those giant metal guardians came from the future and that's why the recognize Vini. He's kinda someone of importance in the days of tomorrow.
No. 758309 ID: 3663d3

chaos and order need to be balanced. we probably exist specifically because something is trying to create extra amounts of order, so the universe itself has created us, a singularity of chaos. besides, if you really wanted order you would have just used ice 9 and sealed the planet.
No. 758339 ID: 13c96a

Think of us as a collection of drunk auditors.

You might think that perfect order is the ultimate and unattainable ideal, but there's always a chance that even the most stable system has a gruesome epilogue. And sometimes, that epilogue has a ruthless yet logical motive, sometimes even for a good yet misguided cause! There are entire universes where the Linear Lattice's end goal is the systematic destruction of all existing life. Why? @#$% would I know? Some 'guardians of order' will even go so far as to create self-destructive life and uplift it into creating celestial plagues to ensure that even the diseases don't survive.

We don't know what your system hopes to accomplish any more than we know the full extent of the consequences of our chaos. But if you push and we pull, cracks will form in the system and we can analyze what outcomes have been considered.

For example, you're witnessing a standard episode of Rezan's criminal culture as it happened. Take a look around, see if you can find something we didn't the first time.
No. 761699 ID: ca1cab
File 148021032511.png - (95.73KB , 1400x1050 , 61.png )

That's incredibly vague...this talk of futures and nonlinear time. This only sets to upset it all.

You don't understand. I don't want order. We now longer seek it. We seek balance. Between order and chaos, between change and stasis. We want unison in the Lattice. Yet you...you disrupt it with something else. You were able to merge myself and my Self before ripping it apart again. I don't know what you are. I can only say you shouldn't be. There are many things that shouldn't be according to my people, but you are probably the highest concentration of wrongness.

"You there, elf, who are you?"

"Who, m-me?"

"I don't recognize you, and your collar is unknown to me. Only Makag and its client families are allowed here. What family owns you? Why are you here?"

"I. I-ah."

This is actually the past? Not a memory?

"What's wrong? Is your family too poor to teach your the basics of our speech?"
No. 761706 ID: ff10db

Quick, recite Fernat's Last Theorem in reverse-falsetto!

"Any two natural numbers, no matter their rational wonder, can NEVER solve the equation of pythagoreas exponentiation modded beyond two~

The meaning of this quip, is to answer with a record thwip, that any attempt at combining inferior magical scrying powers, will not overcome your ORB OF INFINITE PSYCHE'S Crypto-Tower!

So by cryptosecurity protocols, shattered to bits by a mere password from a ball, you must listen to me, I am you(R-servant) from the will be now to THEE!"
No. 761740 ID: d79f26

just say that the orb has done some time stuff and you are from the future so he should just ignore you until you go back.
No. 761743 ID: ba506f

Just say you're trying to figure things out about life and the ways of the universe. Also ask if he doesn't have anywhere more important to be or someone more important to talk to. Like his dad, or friend, or anyone really.

Because right now is when he has been summoned by his father to be told about the problems in the west where all the local tribes have banded together because sergals "a race from another reality" have shown up and are basically kicking their ass and pushing them west. He don't know any of this yet though.
No. 761811 ID: 40f57f

Wait a sec, did we already do this? Will have done this? Did do this in the present-past of our own tangled timeline? I should check the archive to make sure, see if you have a line. Wouldn't do to attempt to introduce a paradox, even if that might be impossible.

…Okay, good news and bad news. Good news, you don't have to worry about any lines, because this is new territory we're treading here! We didn't have already will done this yet! That, unfortunately is also the bad news. Isn't this exciting? Let's try not to mess anything up! I mean, any more than we already have, because we just interrupted a conversation that wasn't interrupted the first time through.

Um. Shit… Okay, first off, don't panic! Panic will only make it worse. Second, uh… anyone else got a good idea? I'm no good at smoothing over paradoxes. Do we need to redirect back to his original actions in this situation, or do we try to give him an advantage with future knowledge?
No. 761995 ID: ca1cab
File 148030705291.jpg - (531.52KB , 1400x1050 , 62.jpg )

"Um-ah-buh any two natural numbers, no matter their rational wonder, can NEVER solve the equation of pythagoreas exponentiation modded beyond two-why am I saying this?"

"Why are you saying that? Has the karving loosened your mind?"

"Um...no I'm trying to figure out the ways of the universe. That makes even less sense. Also don't you need to visit your father? Because right now you will be summoned by to be told about the problems in the west where all the local tribes have banded together because a race from another reality have are threatening your holds."


That's an unhappy face. I don't want to be here. Please, this time take me back.

"At the speed we're going, we'll hit Yang Quay by nightfall. And all it's pretty ladies...with those shining eyes...and welcoming smiles...and spread-"
"Please focus on the road Fayjinwa. I do not need to hear about your sexual escapades with half the city's prostitute population."

It happened again didn't it?

:gyoji:You get one explanation. Then I call the guards: Why did you suddenly appear?"
No. 762007 ID: d79f26

say magic orb

and hold us up.

and everyone else thinking of a suggestion, keep it short and simple.
No. 762010 ID: ff10db

... Seriously?

Recite the words "Take me FORWARD". Idiot.

> What do
Kiss and grope her.
No. 762011 ID: 595d54

Yeah, this is the sensible option.
No. 762036 ID: ba506f

you know when I told you all that stuff about Veni, I didn't mean for you to repeat all of that in front of him. I was just trying to fill you in so you wouldn't be confused.

Anyways since you said take me back you have brought us back to our very first memory. Where all the crazy started. So congrats, if you jump any further back in time we'll be just as clueless as you are.

Oh and as for what to say, just say "magic orb" and leave it at that.

Oh and don't say this but you don't need to worry about her guards. They're going to be busy in a few moments.

wait for the third date guys.
No. 762041 ID: 79a07e


What these two said.
No. 765252 ID: ca1cab
File 148150583512.png - (279.60KB , 1400x1050 , 63.png )

Well how am I supposed to know how you work? Why does your stupid magic have to be so literal?

"Um. Magic orb. Also your guards are going to be busy soon?"

:gyoji:"What do you mean-"



:gyoji:"What's going on out there?!

"Ach-ka...tze igoga chuva roktsudi."

"What kind of speech is that?"
No. 765254 ID: ba506f

Oh that, that's just Rezan slavers attacking the caravan so they can steal it's wealth and capture slaves for their kingdom. If I recall this is these bands rite trail, the thing they have to do before they are consider an true slaver and an equal among their peers. Also I think they might be fucking with this chicks birds in a moment.

Also about our magic, it's a bit random but once you get a feel for it you can usually nudge it where you want to go... It's more fun that way.
No. 765336 ID: 40f57f

Might as well tell her she's going to meet her future love today in an unexpected location! Should distract her enough for us to return you to when you left. Hopefully.

Otherwise, things will get really interesting!
No. 768188 ID: ca1cab
File 148271088974.png - (278.97KB , 1000x1000 , 64.png )

" You're magic jewel thing wants me to tell you your lover is with them."

:gyoji:"I don't have a lover..."

"Well the jewel also says there are slavers out there. Slavers?"

:gyoji:"Slavers? Here?"

"Gakh! Tso tud'luo! Anikle! Anikle!"

"Wait! That's Jia! Stop hurting my bird!"

"That's a giant bird. That shouldn't...no. I've had enough. Take me b- forward. Take me forward."

No. 768189 ID: ca1cab
File 148271107306.png - (119.80KB , 847x692 , 65.png )

"Could you not scream so loudly? When I touched for the first time it I didn't scream."

"Ugh...what was the purpose of that?"

"To split us up. I can still speak with it even if I don't hold it. And they in turn can speak to you. You can hear them now yes?"


"Good. By the way, when you started screaming, the magic practically exploded off of you. Want to explain what happened there?"

"I'm not too sure myself..."

No. 768198 ID: d79f26

that was time travel, you appeared at the exact same time and place you left so it doesn't LOOK like anything happened at all. ask him to think about the time Gyoji was causing trouble about her slave mark tattoo. we appeared there for a little bit and ran into him, does he remember that?
No. 768250 ID: e85fea

we jumped back to random points of our pass right up to where he met us for the first time in his little raid. Also tell him he was kinda of an asshole when we talked to past him, also what is he doing to that guard, also why are your eyes glowing?
No. 768293 ID: eb1660

Hey Venian it was awesome! Her clothes exploded off and ten we did some time travel and she put her face near a statue's junk and she looks pretty good in a kimono I think I tried to turn that guard's sword into a dildo, did that happen?

Anyway hi.
No. 768415 ID: 094652

Hopefully we didn't break anything important. Major reason we don't resort to time travel for everything: paradox-vulnerable time travel, by definition, breaks EVERYTHING. Well, there is some precedent for debate as to the nature of the atomic structure and time-space in general; if you make a sound in one galaxy, does it affect any atom or spatial disortion in another galaxy that's millions of light-years away instantly? Gravitational theory says yes, but the changes would be so utterly miniscule that anything non-nuclear would be practically the same. Point is, when time travel destroys everything by definition, we don't resort to it.
No. 770159 ID: ca1cab
File 148343062146.png - (67.28KB , 1000x1000 , 66.png )

No, but you did make him drop it. At least I'm assuming it was you that made the guard drop it and not Lylia's annoying tantrum. Disabling him was much easier afterwards. So when were you planning on telling me you can go to the past?

:lylia:"Something about time travel? I don't know. But I saw you. "

"Fascinating. Can we go now?"

:lylia:"Not so fast. Do you recognize me? Do you think I'm familiar to someone back home? Remember the elf you spoke to when Gyoji was having trouble?"

"How do you know about Gyo-wait...you seem familiar...it can't be."

:lylia:"I need to know. Who are you? Really?

"A simple northman-"

:lylia:"No, you're not. I've seen the memories. I know you're more than some hired muscle, but I don't know what. If I'm to trust you I must know more. Who are you?"
No. 770171 ID: 094652

Wait I'm confused.

You didn't tell her you're a prince? You took ownership of a Titan, go on diplomatic missions across decadent noble houses, you're always haughty and self-righteous and all that, you practically announced to her that you're planning to become an emperor starting with this island Tropico! And you didn't tell her who you are yet?!

Look, we (by which we mean us and "Oh-How-Dare-You-Take-Me-Back" Lylia) accidentally screwed around with your history two times: once with you when Gyoji was making a scene back when you first arrived with her in tow, and once with Gyoji right before you met us. We're worried that we broke something, hard. Gyoji is still your girlfriend, right? I mean, she's still sexually attracted to you out of sheer submissiveness and grew that huge rack, right?

... Oh wait, that last thing was a myth from the play that's going to be about you in the future. Sorry.
No. 770173 ID: d79f26

we kinda don't know what we can do until it happens, memory loss and all that.

but yeah, you should really tell her who you are.
No. 770184 ID: e85fea

>So when were you planning on telling me you can go to the past?
Didn't know we could and I don't think we could do it again. From what I understand our chaotic powers when mixed with her powers which she said are meant to be all about balance the two sorta backlashed off each other and we got the ability to travel through our past. She saw you right before you were crowned and during your slave run were you met us sooooo...

yeah not sure how much you can bullshit your way out of this one so might as well tell her who you are but leave out anything that might make you look bad since whenever we saw past you, you were kind of a dick to her. Just saying.
No. 770348 ID: 987bda

We'll tell you we can do that as soon as we figure out how.
Time doesn't work for us like it does you.
No. 771350 ID: ca1cab
File 148392158723.png - (204.81KB , 709x595 , 67.png )

I'm supposed to keep as much secret as I can! Letting what little I have slip is going to be hells below to explain enough when I return to Rezo! Though if it will help move things along, I'll make a few more exceptions.

And as for the issue with time travel. You and I are going to have a session later, see how much you can tamper with events passed. But for now-

"I can't tell you. Not right now at least. Right now Gwendolyn is out there with potential danger, and the matter of your parents are unresolved. I promise to tell you later."



:lylia:"Alright then. The soldiers are assembling. Do you remember where the Guardian told you the lady was?"

"Yes I can mark them on a map, do you have one?"

:lylia:"Of course I do! We should split into two parties to cover ground faster. You can investigate one, I another, and then we can meet at the third."
No. 771352 ID: ca1cab
File 148392194351.png - (248.15KB , 1000x1000 , 68.png )

"The Guardian revealed these three locations. Here, here, and here."

:lylia:"Well one on the top right makes sense. That's the deep woods, close to House Dyaine. If a beast wants to lose pursiot, they would go there. The center one is in the middle of Dominiore Agicavalo's hunting meadows, that makes less sense. "

"And the left-most?"

:lylia:"That's...typical woodland. It's area marked for the wood sellers and carpenters. Not much to say about it. It wouldn't make much sense to find a beast there since it sees so many people using it. I suppose one could hide by one of the falls, there seems to be an abundance of those I guess.

Well Northman, which shall I take and which shall you?"
No. 771353 ID: ba506f

> And as for the issue with time travel. You and I are going to have a session later, see how much you can tamper with events passed.
uh, I think the only reason we pulled that off is because whatever magic she has running through her mix with our magic and we got time travel as a result. Kinda like how we erased existence for a day when we killed that one thing because of all the magic we pumped into that blow. Still doesn't hurt to try... well it shouldn't hurt in theory.

but yeah since we can be with you and blondy now might as well split up to get this show moving.
No. 771354 ID: 094652

I recommend you send an expedition to that inconspicuous third place. There might be ruins buried in that area. Take the titan with you, he can DIG A HOLE, DIG A HOLE, DIG A HOLE, etc.

But yeah, have a squad search the middle area. You'll catch up at the northwest area.
No. 771388 ID: ba506f

also because I didn't see you update

we'll start from least likely and work up. So you take the left most area, Lylia can take center and then you both can move to the right spot. Also she's a local so it would probably be easier for her to bullshit her way into private property.
No. 771422 ID: d79f26

and don't forget it could have been triangulating so she is actually in the middle between all three points.
No. 771729 ID: ca1cab
File 148412653919.png - (161.51KB , 1000x1000 , PAUSE.png )

Just a heads up, I'm dropping a lore bomb in the discussion thread I just remembered is a thing.

No. 774023 ID: ca1cab
File 148512854159.png - (413.47KB , 1600x1200 , 68.png )

Well Lylia was right about this place. I don't think Gwendolyn's here. And I don't see how having the Guardian tearing up the place will help besides making a lot of locals angry. Though there might be a c ave network nearby. Could be worth investigating.

There's a daoine sword over there, but it isn't hers. The crossguard is made of a different material and the grip is wrapped in...I dunno what that stuff is. Monster leather?

No. 774042 ID: ba506f

huh, think the sword is being used as a grave marker? I know some warrior cultures use the fallen's weapons as grave markers since a warrior should never be without their weapon. I also know some cultures like to plant trees over their fallen as a sort of cycle of life thing. You know life from death.

Anyways if this place is a grave sight it would give the bunny a reason to actually come here. You know to pay her respects and what not.
No. 774046 ID: d79f26

it could also be what made a false positive, a different bunny is in the dirt here.
No. 774097 ID: 094652

Record the location, dig up the grave. That sword is hella sweeet.
No. 774110 ID: 791a6c

Leave the grave alone.
No. 775536 ID: ca1cab
File 148573665385.png - (404.78KB , 1600x1200 , 69.png )

Alright, take sword, don't take sword. Dig up the grave, don't touch it. How about I take the middle ground and just look it over?

It's Daoine make for certain, the crude iron is full of imperfections. It's big. Bigger than Gwendolyn's. Something's inscribed on it. Delicate work.

Eagodhain Ui'Feginte - Loving Husband of Annael Ui'Feginte, Doting Father of Gwendolyn and Kellach Ui'Feginte. Taken by a bad fall. Till the End of All Things when we meet again.
No. 775542 ID: ba506f

yup grave, so she might have actually have come by here then. That's nice to know but still doesn't really help tell us where she is now other then not here.

Also probably best not to mess with the sword to much. We all know how hard that bunny can hit when she's pissed... and drugged.

Anyways call out for her and if she doesn't respond or we don't see anything let's go regroup and check out the last spot. And speaking of seeing anything I think their might be a cave or something behind the waterfall but it could just be a trick of the light.
No. 775659 ID: d79f26

yep, false positive, this was her dad so the scanner mixed him and her up due to genetic similarities.
No. 775660 ID: a34124

Huh. I wonder if he literally fell in battle or just slipped on that giant rock.

Have a small regiment stand guard and post a banner saying that they're here to escort Gwyn. Also, post a security key in the form of an inside joke that only we would make. If they complain, just say that while the grave is off limits they can look around for buried treasures and jewels behind the waterfall and stuff.
No. 779016 ID: ca1cab
File 148693570542.png - (404.23KB , 1600x1200 , 70.png )

So Gwendolyn's father died out here. That does raise an interesting question. Gwendolyn said he died fighting One Eye, so why is there a grave for him out here?

Well now that you mention it, I did see a glint behind the falls...and another clue. I...can't think of any jokes you or any of them would get so I don't think that would help...

"Split your men, have some of them guard this area outside this cave, keep that grave marked. It may help in this investigation."

Another Daoine blade, and a shield with a Daoine pattern. But the spears aren't. They don't seem to be iron, but instead a bronze kind of metal. At least it looks like bronze. It looks like the same kind of weapons used by those monsters I ran into underground. What did Gwendolyn call them? And a pendant.

Daoine make again.
Annae is carved in the back.
No. 779020 ID: ba506f

does she live here or something? I can't tell from here, does it look like anyone has been here in awhile or does this place look like it's been abandoned for some time?
No. 779047 ID: 094652

Fishing harpoons? Investigate further, then leave. This base isn't going anywhere.
No. 779053 ID: d79f26

hold on to the pendant and move to the next area. we can ask her about this place later.
No. 781250 ID: ca1cab
File 148754573169.png - (349.61KB , 1600x1200 , 71.png )

This place has been lived in very recently. The smell is a good enough indicator someone uses this place regularly, and unless Gwendolyn's mother has a terrible bowel problem I doubt it's her. The place smells like a goblin nest back home!

Perhaps they are fishing harpoons? But it seems a bit overkill for this area. Fish speared by this thing will get cut into chunks. Not much meat left if you did that. They also have a lot of weight so unless the user has the strength of the Daoine or those beasts, they aren't spearing anything.

I suppose I learned all I can from this place. Why don't you see what Lylia has found? How do I make you do that?

No. 781258 ID: d79f26

we do that by thinking about it, see ya
[switch to lylia]
No. 781269 ID: 094652

Holy crap, you've never heard of sushi have you?

Lol of course you have... right?

Quick explanation on the off-chance that you don't know, just ignore this if you already know what I'm talking about: There's a special form of grain that can be boiled to fluffy perfection, known as rice. You've probably seen this during your company tour in the Eastaland Islands. Pack a small bundle of rice together to make a ball. Next, there's a specialized underwater plant that looks like grass but grows like ivy vines. Most of this stuff gets caught on fishing nets, hence the name seaweed, and can be fried or roasted, then seasoned with sea salt for a snack. Place this on top of the rice. Then either cook the fish or take it raw and place on top of the seaweed. Serve with soy sauce or any other spicy / salty sauce that can kill the bacteria in unprocessed food. This stuff's worth a fortune, so consume sparingly.

Okay, you ruminate on that and maybe you can order a sushi dinner at Lylia's mother's place bye!
No. 781308 ID: ca1cab
File 148756003464.png - (651.51KB , 1600x1200 , 72.png )

I can feel you. In the back of my head. I'm not sure if I like that feeling. It's always there, until you arrive proper. Then it becomes impossible to ignore.

I suppose you're here on behalf of our mutual companion. His investigation has finished? You can tell him I found a grave marker. It's Daoine, follows typical Daoine customs. Though it is odd. The grave was done rather haphazardly, as if the one doing it had no idea what the practices of the Daoine are and was simply trying to mimic it.

I also found a pendant here. Eagodhain is marked on the back. Which clashes with the actual marker.

Annael Ui'Feginte - Caring Mother for an Unworthy Son. Taken by peace of age. Till the End of All Things when we meet again.

It may be relevant to the investigation. Daoine don't travel this far south unless they're traders, and they often take their dead back home with them. This burial is quite out of place.
No. 781312 ID: d79f26

the other site had her husband's grave. timeline rundown. the father died in.. grave said 'bad fall', and she buried him. when she died the only person to bury her wasn't taught the customs properly so it's haphazard. these two are Gwendolyn's parents, so the scanning system picked them up as false positives. meaning the third spot must be her, but it also means the system picks up dead things as valid targets so be careful.
No. 784919 ID: ca1cab
File 148867733405.png - (133.44KB , 1200x1000 , 73.png )

:lylia:"So that wasn't the only grave marker. Both of Gwendolyn's parents were buried, but why? If they were aware of Daoine customs that still raises the question as to why weren't the bodies returned. The father is understandable at least, the wife made the decision to let him rest here, but who buried her?"

"I suppose we'll find out soon."

:lylia:"When did you arrive?"

"I think a better question is 'Who is that?'.
No. 784994 ID: 094652

We'd better stop Gwendolyn. That girl might know something, I'd rather we capture her alive.

And if there are any traps on her we can just superscan her with the titan.
No. 785047 ID: d79f26

provide backup to... whoever is losing. but don't let anyone run away. detain until everyone calms down.
No. 785050 ID: ba506f

whelp time to involve ourselves in something that is probably none of our business but we're going to plant ourselves right in the middle anyways.
No. 789164 ID: 5c5d03
File 149006516737.png - (184.59KB , 1200x1000 , 74.png )

I feel like I will regret this, but this mystery needs to be buried

"Stop! Don't strike it down!"

:gwendolyn:"He's the reason me parents are dead!"

"You said One Eye was a man. This one is not a man. Nor does she had only one eye."

:gwendolyn:"Then it's just another beast that needs to die!"

"She's right...let me die..."

"I didn't know these things could speak anything but their garble talk"

:gwendolyn:"They can't. Gormoamhi are too stupid to speak."

"I'm not full blooded Gormoamhi sister."

:gwendolyn:"If ye won't let me kill her can I at least kick her teeth in fer that?"
No. 789235 ID: 3a5580

"Kick something else, I need her able to talk."
No. 789237 ID: 094652

GWEN, get the ^&*( out of your eyes and look at her! She's just a kid, she might be as much a victim of her own parents as you!

And you! Stay right where you are. Just because I don't want you to die doesn't mean I don't want to see you suffer for espionage! Why are you here! And everything I learn in the future that you don't tell me about right now means another serrated dagger [i]in your vagina NOW SPILL IT[i]!
No. 789260 ID: ba506f

no you can't kick her teeth in as that would make it harder for you two to tell us what the hell is going on!?
No. 789263 ID: d79f26

maybe later
investigate, who are her parents? by which i mean, which one was which? and where are they?
No. 792564 ID: ca1cab
File 149109429486.png - (45.54KB , 1024x768 , 1-4.png )

Then the robot shot everyone and they died
No. 792566 ID: 70983e

That day, everyone learned a valuable lesson about trusting silicon lifeforms. Also they died.
No. 792684 ID: e01e87

robot kiss rezo
No. 792934 ID: ca1cab
File 149118336562.png - (30.25KB , 1400x1050 , 75.png )

"Gwen, this is a child! And until I know who she is and what is happening you are kicking no one! You! Tell me who you are and who your parents are."

"My name...is Goraelden I think. I seld had to use it since mother-our mother passed on."

"You keep saying our mother, you mean-"

"My parents were Annae and gol-Harzan. Also known as One Eye."

:gwendolyn:"I didnae hear that."

"She is your half-sis-"

:gwendolyn:"I said I heard not!"
No. 793023 ID: 094652

"... Do you honestly think 'half-fratricide' is a thing? Because I can make our relationship 'half=slavery' if you murder your sister WHAT THE HELL GWEN?!

You know, I would honestly doubt that more if you refrained from saying 'I did not hear that' in your poorly imitated Dwarven accent, but you KNOW something about this girl. I saw the graves, I know something happened to your family, something horrible. Please tell me the whole truth now, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, I might consider raping this poor One-Eye spawn to death if you can prove that she's just a backstabbing spy. Or I could force you to fight naked for me. Again."

Abuse followed by awkward joke. Make the girl realize she is not under your protection here, but at the same time you intend to greet any friend under the sun with the same respect and dignity you give your comrades. Which is none whatsoever. But you'll protect her and stuff if she's willing to join you, just make it sound funny.
No. 793040 ID: eeb27f

"Your mother saw it fit to care for this girl until she died. Would you make that effort go to waste? Are you questioning your mother's wisdom?"
No. 793058 ID: ba506f

so next question, What happened to one eye seeing how this seems to be focused around him and is the original reason Gwen ran off and made us spend half the freakin day tracker her down to make sure she didn't get offed or captured again.
No. 793844 ID: ca1cab
File 149145086170.png - (10.78KB , 1400x1050 , 76.png )

Less talk about the slave thing they aren't supposed to know that remember? You're suddenly getting rather creative in interrogation. What changed in you?

"Gwendolyn you're not helping...do you honestly think 'half-fratricide' is a thing?"

:gwendolyn:"I dun care what is 'a thing' as ye say. It's lyin'! My mother came ta kill One Eye, not...I can't even say it!"

"Your mother saw it fit to care for this girl until she died. Would you make that effort go to waste? Are you questioning your mother's wisdom?"

:gwendolyn:"How do we even know mothered care fer that thing? How do ye know it ain't lyin'?"

[b]"I saw the graves, I know something happened to your family, something horrible. One of you tell me the whole truth now."

"I doubt she knows the truth. What mothe-Annae told me may not be what you think sister."

:gwendolyn:"...don't call me that..."

"One Eye used to be like the others of his tribe. He cared only to satisfy his needs and didn't care what he had to do to get it. One day however he found...something. He didn't know, mother didn't know, I don't know. But it cleared his mind. Made him think about things beyond how to satisfy himself. He realized the pointless war our people fought with each other would only doom us both. He tried to find peace."
No. 793845 ID: ca1cab
File 149145106379.png - (13.56KB , 1400x1050 , 77.png )

"The first people he tried to reach out to were your father and our mother. They agreed to help him."

:gwendolyn:"Don't say she's yer mother."

"They tried to find a way to bring our people together. What they didn't know was One Eye was followed by a rival clan. He lead them to your village by mistake. They raided your land, but One Eye fought to protect you. The others didn't see it that way. It was clear to him and ou-your parents that we had to find a way to bring his clear mindedness to the rest of his people or peace wouldn't happen."

"Do you know what this thing One Eye had looked like?"

"...no, he lost it."
No. 793846 ID: ca1cab
File 149145114467.png - (13.69KB , 1400x1050 , 78.png )

"One Eye and your parents swore to find more so they traveled with him back to where he found it. In the mountains.

Then your father. He slipped and fell. One Eye tried to help him but failed. And worse. He lost the very thing that cleared his mind."
No. 793847 ID: ca1cab
File 149145126066.png - (27.36KB , 1400x1050 , 79.png )

"Without it One Eye started to become more like his old self. He tried to hold on to his mind, but it slowly became more clouded. Annae noticed this, and tried her best to keep him intact, but eventually he reverted back into the old monster that our kind is. His instincts took hold again. His hunger surged up and he sought only to satiate it. He started with Annae."

No. 793849 ID: ca1cab
File 149145135542.png - (15.82KB , 1400x1050 , 80.png )

"She fought back, she was a warrior after all. But One Eye was stronger. Daoine never fight Goroamhi alone. He overpowered her and claimed her."

No. 793850 ID: ca1cab
File 149145156259.png - (11.67KB , 1400x1050 , 81.png )

"One Eye kept her as Goroamhi do with Daoine, using her to satisfy himself again and again. Eventually I was born."

"Your race...can breed with Gwendolyn's?"

"It is difficult, but yes, Goroamhi can breed with many, but it only works a fraction of the time. The males need to satisfy themselves with a female many times before offspring are made, and if they have none they get violent. It is why the females horde women of other races to keep the males from harming others."

:gwendolyn:"Stop talking!"

"Let her finish. Where is One Eye now?"

No. 793853 ID: ca1cab
File 149145177619.png - (14.09KB , 1400x1050 , 82.png )

"As I became older it was clear One Eye intended to use me as he did mother. So we ended his life. It was difficult. He was large, even for Goroamhi. Mother was injured. But in the end we managed to put him down. Mother could never lift her sword again after that.

She taught me much in our years together. When she finally passed on, I buried her in a grove she liked to visit. She told me my half sister would come one day. Possibly to kill me. And I'm afraid that I'll become like One Eye. I...had hoped she would kill me before I saw it coming. I'm too afraid to face death knowing when it will happen."

:gwendolyn:"I. Said. Don't. Call. Her. MOTHER!"

No. 793854 ID: ca1cab
File 149145183512.png - (31.96KB , 1400x1050 , 83.png )


"Wait not like this!"
No. 793860 ID: 094652

No. 793861 ID: 4854ef

At this point she's proven to be a constant pain, constant anger, constant berating of everyone and everything.. Stop her, stab her even.
No. 794046 ID: 094652

"Gwen, I know she's sugar-coating her sob story. One-Eye was not some sympathetic beast-man with a chance for reeducation, nor was he a diplomat or a peacekeeper. He was a junkie, a murderer, and a traitor, he lost control of his addictions, backstabbed your father, and raped your mother. And yet right now, I see more of him in you than in his own daughter.

One-Eye was weak; he gave in to his instincts, let them enslave him, turn him into a @#$%ing monster. Right now, your instincts are ordering you to murder this girl, whose only crime was getting the vengeance you craved. If you obey your instincts without question and murder your own defenseless, compassionate little sister, you'll accept the creed of a man you've wanted dead your whole life. Surpass him, even. Is that what this is about? That you didn't want revenge, you just wanted to be better at being a rabid little psycho8!+(# than some giant cripple whose brains were overridden by his dick? Because if you truly want that, you are of no use to me. At least, less use than her. *Brandish weapon*"
No. 794047 ID: ca1cab
File 149154548528.png - (199.51KB , 1400x1050 , 84.png )

"Gwendolyn! Enough!"

:gwendolyn:"She wants to die and she deserves it let me go!"

"She's a child!"

:gwendolyn:"She's One Eye's spawn! She deserves nothin!"

"Gwendolyn! One Eye is dead! It's over!"

:gwendolyn:"It can't be over! Not like this! Not like this..."
No. 794048 ID: ca1cab
File 149154580683.png - (159.89KB , 1400x1050 , 85.png )

:gwendolyn:"One Eye stole my home, my friends, my family...he even stole my revenge! This wasn't how it was supposed to end...h-he shamed my ma! HE MADE ME SISTER TO A MONSTER! All my fighting, all my pain, it was all aught! Holy above, where's my justice?"
No. 794050 ID: 094652

"Justice? When you were down there, bloodied in the mud, how often did you think about the others that were raped and beaten and forced to watch their babies shoved face-first into an open stove? I bet you were thinking more vigorously about how good it felt to slice open your captor's torsos and splay the blood all over your bare chest.

How thoroughly did you want to kill your sister for something her father did.

Justice is no good pursuit. There are too many ghosts in the earth to ever pay that debt in full. And one woman's satisfying justice can always be another woman's cruel torment.

This world is built on suffering. I want to create a legacy that will make endless suffering WORTH keeping it alive."
No. 794051 ID: 3e0814

"If you call it 'your' justice, then it's not justice, it's revenge. A perilous path, that in your case will lead to One-Eye's victory. If you too succomb to your base instinct, then he has succeeded at turning you into him."

"If you truly want to destroy his legacy, then you need to completely detach his daughter from him. Deny his parentage. Make her everything he was not. Make a Daoine out of her."

You know, there's usually a lot I don't like in Kome's suggestions, but I like most of >>794046
No. 794057 ID: d79f26

you can make it better, this is a chance to help bring real peace, instead of constant fighting one-eye was two things at once, a monster and a normal man.

instincts that strong in a thinking race are abnormal. we should get the robot to scan for energy signatures near the site of her father's death for the object.

and you two need to stop using quotation marks
No. 794068 ID: 3e0814

I can't be arsed to write "Tell her that if..." and a whole speech in indirect style, especially not on a smartphone.
No. 794084 ID: 987bda

Hmm... I wonder...
[Summon spirit of Annae]
No. 794121 ID: d79f26

i write directly but just drop the quotation marks, as in, write a big speech all you want just drop the quotes when you are done.
No. 796354 ID: ca1cab
File 149239232559.png - (88.08KB , 1400x1050 , 86.png )

"Justice? How much did you want to kill your sister for something her father did?"

"If you call it 'your' justice, then it's not justice, it's revenge. A perilous path, that in your case will lead to One-Eye's victory. If you too succumb to your base instinct, then he has succeeded at turning you into him."

:gwendolyn:"Justice, revenge, I don't care what it is. When I think of mother now, when I see my family, I know what One Eye did to it. He destroyed it all."

"Then destroy his. If you truly want to destroy his legacy, then you need to completely detach his daughter from him. Deny his parentage. Make her everything he was not. Make a Daoine out of her."

:gwendolyn:"I-I...what...what would mother want from me?"

Gwendy...dear child...


Stop with the illusion you!

"This isn't about your mother Gwendolyn. You don't need her guidance now. You didn't need it coming here, and you don't need it to know you should stop looking for revenge. End the cycle One Eye began."

:gwendolyn:"Ma is gone...the whole family's gone. I knew that for a long time but now? I feel...I feel alone..."
No. 796361 ID: 094652

Uh, what? You still have a little brother.

But anyway. One-Eye is dead. He died a feral psychopath. He died with his dreams of diplomatic conquest trampled and his sanity eaten alive by his inner beast. He died with nothing left. We will forget about him, you can forget about him, and you can make Goraelden forget about him too. That's as bitter a revenge I can think of at this point.
No. 796369 ID: d79f26

but she still has family, Goraelden.
No. 796379 ID: 987bda

She touched us before, right?:

We don't do illusions. We rip people out of their place in time, warp reality, and pull the dead from beyond the veil, but not illusions.
We have no interest in making people question reality, since it's much more satisfying working to make reality the way we want it to be.
Also, that would be the biggest dick move we could pull. It's ok to give somebody a chance to say goodbye, but not to fake it as a means of emotional manipulation.

I guess we could try to bind her spirit to her body? I mean, I'm pretty sure we could make her into a lich, but I don't know how well we can mend the body and depending how long she's been dead that could get pretty gross. We can do that, and call it a freebie.

Alternatively, I guess we could always just rip her out of time from before she died and pull her here, but that kind of time dickery tends to draw the kind of attention that dwells in the nameless void.
I mean, if you want your parents back alive and well, then we can probably do it. However, it WOULD cost you - the kind of deal where if you're going ask the price then it's not something you can pay.
No. 799006 ID: ca1cab
File 149359150381.png - (82.01KB , 1400x1050 , 87.png )

No, no necromancy, that's barely tolerated in Rezo, I doubt Eastalanders have even that, what with their 'respecting the dead' platitudes they always preach.

"You aren't alone, there's still your brother an-"

:gwendolyn:"That's not what I mean! The clan was family. To be reduced to just me and my brother...there is such silence!

When One Eye destroyed the town, I never realized it, I just took an old sword and left to kill him. I never had to face the truth! Now that he is dead...I don't know what I'm supposed to do..."

"You take your new sister and rebuild. You reforge your clan, and inflict the greatest victory you can over One Eye: to be forgotten."

:gwendolyn:"Could you please...stay a while longer?"

"Of course Gwendolyn. As long as need be."

:lylia:"Actually we should probably leave. There are things dwelling here even the elves don't dare disturb, and night is when they awaken."

"I never ran into anything."

:lylia:"...and you are?"

"Goraelden. I'm Gwendy's half sister."

:lylia:"Someone will have to explain this to me."
No. 799015 ID: d79f26

later, for now we should listen to her and just get back to town.
No. 799016 ID: 987bda

Necromancy is a pale imitation of what we do, but your point is made!

Ripping her parents out of time is still on the table. It wouldn't be the first time we left a paradox in our wake.
No. 799057 ID: 094652

I suggest you protect Goraelden and stay very alert.

Elven factions have a tendency to purge incoming non-eldar refugees 'because they could potentially become citizens'. In one dimension (which we have no connections to but we can observe), @#$%ing purge fanatics killed a bunch of innocent survivors who were fleeing from wannabe vampires because they weren't the same exact faction of elves.

So you may want to sleep in the same room and have someone take watch.
No. 800978 ID: ca1cab
File 149445603309.png - (54.92KB , 1400x1050 , 88.png )

Well no problem with that. The office we were given as temporary quarters has a barracks for us all. A cramped barracks, but still that means I can watch everyone. Or they can watch me.

:lylia:"I've been looking for you."

"I'm sure. How is the hybrid girl taking this life.

:lylia:"With a lot of difficulty. Many of our conveniences she has had little experience with. Like bedsheets. And stoves. She will need to be watched over so she doesn't hurt herself on something mundane."

"And Gwendolyn?"

:lylia:"Stopped crying, and now is just listless. She responds to Goraelden but she's still distraught about the news."

[b]"Dammit, and after all that time talking her down.

:lylia:"Give her time she will accept it. She's daoine. It's how they survive. But that's not why I was looking for you. You promised me you'd talk when that whole affair with Gwendolyn was finished. Who are you?"
No. 801024 ID: 094652

Explain it carefully; You're the new head of your house, you live on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, and your people are uncultured bastards who need slavery to survive. Naturally, improving the intellectual condition of your barbaric people is your first priority. And it starts with the precursor technology YOUR people have lost.
No. 801058 ID: d79f26

explain the truth, and don't skimp on the time travel, she knows we can do that, so he robot being from the future should at least make some sense to her.
No. 802609 ID: ff9418
File 149505730275.png - (52.42KB , 1400x1050 , 89.png )

Everything huh? I want this to be remembered that I think this is a terrible idea.

"Where do I begin? For a start, I am a foreigner, that is true. I'm not from this country, or the next country over, or the one after that. I am from across the sea, far far across the sea. I am, I supposed you can call it 'crown prince', of a large noble house, and I'm here to help expand the knowledge of our people, possibly looking for another wife."

:lylia:"W-wife?! Another?"

One of the practices of my people. Men of high standing are expected to have multiple wives and women many husbands. It strengthens the family and thins the blood. A practice that is doubtless backwards and stunted. All the more reason for me to be here. To learn from a more enlightened people. Starting with technology that we seem to have lost or may lose at some point. The Guardian is one such example."

:lylia: "...what?"

"Pure madness you must be thinking yes? Well it isn't. The Guardian speaks to me in my native tongue. Under the gold, and garish jewelry and mosaics is a heavily altered form of my people's written language."

:lylia:"And what does the Guardian tell you?"

"A lot of things, things I don't understand. Power sources, cleaning protocols, piloting interfaces. It's all in some butchered version of my mother tongue that even I struggle to understand. As we have no such ability to manufacture them, I can only assume some sort of phenomena has moved it from our distant future or some lost past. I do not know."

:lylia:"You tell me these things, and you sound honest, but the words you speak sound strange, even by what I've seen. I know you are from far away, and I know you're a noble, or something similar your backwards people share. That just makes the claim that your people built the Guardian that much harder to see. What proof do you have of this?"

"You mean besides how the Guardian responds to me?"

:lylia:"Dominore Egicius Mongicello did the same yet he wasn't a-whatever you are."
No. 802690 ID: d79f26

that's us, the voices, we can commune with the guardian from a distance and it accepts our requests. that is why it did a search for our fuzzy friend.
No. 802694 ID: 094652

Right now, it doesn't really matter if this really is Rezo tech or yet another alien crash-landing into your world. What's important is that Venian has authorization to use a giant robot, and we have the technical skill to unlock its processing power.

This world of yours is ripe for the conquering. All you have to do is help us.
No. 802702 ID: ba506f

well if the thing is from the future or some lost past it really shouldn't be that surprising that it seems so advance since things tend to change with time so something that may seem far fetch or imposable now can be mundane or commonplace at some other point.

But yeah in the end it really up to her wether she wants to believe you or not. Either way it doesn't really effect us to much. Also drunken bunny is closing in on you.
No. 804922 ID: ca1cab
File 149601950376.png - (44.64KB , 1400x1050 , 90.png )

"Here is my proof, I think you've met?"

:lylia:"Yeees, please put that away."

"They claim to be responsible. I have my doubts, but stranger things have happened, and one thing that is true, is that those machines speak my language.

It spoke to me. Told me where to find Gwendolyn. I have a connection with them. You've noticed that Lylia."

:lylia:"That's...true. Suppose I do believe you-"

:gwendolyn:"Oi wass this about findin' meh?"

:lylia:"Oh dear."
No. 804925 ID: 094652

Administer a hangover cure, some carrot juice, and lesbian prostitutes. Because if lesbians don't arouse her they'll gross her out of the high phase.

Also, where is Goraelden?
No. 806725 ID: ca1cab
File 149688682441.png - (237.75KB , 1400x1050 , 91.png )

I don't think she's in the mood for a Rezan hangover cure. That stuff peels a few layers off your tongue.

"Gwendolyn, where's Goraelden?"

:gwendolyn:"Why do I gotta keep track o' her all the time? She's a grown girl! Answer the question. Whattya mean findin meh? Whar if I dididn't want no findin' then? Whatr ye to do then eh? Eh?"

"I thought you were in danger, and I needed to find you. If One-Eye-"

:gwendolyn:"An' what? 'E was dead! How'd ye even findsh me anyway?"

"The Guardian-"

:gwendolyn:"Oh well pardon me! The GUARJIAN! Oh Holy of Holiest of guarjiansh needed to find me! An' it listened to you like ye were some holy man? Well tell meh holy man, why ye think I couldnae handle One Eye? E was dead!"

"I didn't kno-"

:gwendolyn:"Were ye tryin' ta woo meh? Come swoopin' in like a brave hero savin' the damsel?"
No. 806733 ID: 51b8ec

You either deck her in the schnozz and put her to sleep, or you go full ham and say "Damsel in distress? No, I did it because I am considering you for my future wife."

Also be prepared to get punched either way.
No. 806742 ID: 094652

I'm no expert, but you DON'T leave someone with a death wish unattended. And even if she's lightly watched over by an entire castle of Eldar Nobles... well... they're Eldar Nobles. Go look for Goraelden.

"More like the ruthless hunter catching a feral beast in need of a deep"

Block with right hand
No. 806966 ID: 9dc26d

"Excuse me for giving a shit about the welfare of someone I've fought alongside."
No. 806970 ID: 600f38

You should ask her 'How would you feel if I was trying to woo you?'
Then you should ause so she can respond, then cut her off once you've heard enough and continue with something like 'You've fought by my side, you don't face your battles alone. If you found One-eye alive I'd have kept anybody from getting in your way, and if you fell I'd have made sure he died.'

You might want to ask Gyoji to watch her and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid.
Then have Gyoji and her share your bed, and when you wake up tommorow tell her she declared herself your wife last night and you and Gyoji agreed. Get Gyoji in on the prank beforehand so she can play along. See how long it it takes for her to either figure out she's being pranked or to completely lose her cool.
No. 806992 ID: 9dc26d

She's drunk, long explanations won't work.

Caring about a comrade in arms is easy to understand.
No. 808765 ID: ca1cab
File 149775791465.png - (236.66KB , 1400x1050 , 92.png )

Good thinking. Drunk Daoine don't have much logic left in them. It may be best to just let it play out how she wants.

:Gwendolyn:"Hey! I'm talkin' ta ye!"

:Lylia:"Daoine I'm warning you-"

:Gwendolyn:"Ah go plow yerself, I ain't talkin' wif ya. I'm talkin' ta tall, pale, an' clammy. Whacha wan' outta meh?"


:Gwendolyn: "A waif innit? Ye wan' a cutsey little bunneh lass fer wife eh? Thinkin' ifn' ye save me enough, I'll spread legs fer ye?"

"You're pushing too hard on the chair."

:Gwendolyn:"Well whaddya think I think o you milk skin?"

"You don't seem to think much at all!"

:Gwendolyn:"Wot ye say ya ghost faced bampot? Ye wanna scrum?"

"I thought you wanted me to woo you."
No. 808766 ID: ca1cab
File 149775833838.png - (204.33KB , 1400x1050 , 93.png )

:Gwendolyn:"Ha! I knew it, ye wantsh meh! All the boys want Gwendy!"

"You sure you don't want me? You seem very focused on me instead of your sister."

:lylia:"Don't encourage her!"

:Gwendolyn:"Pff, Look at ghostface gettin all flammered up!"

"What if I did, as you said, 'want you for wife'?"

:Gwendolyn:"Oh big man tossin wot I said back at meh. Ah tell ye wot. I'd toss ye on tha floor an IAAAUUURP!"
No. 808769 ID: ca1cab
File 149775861624.png - (187.88KB , 1400x1050 , 94.png )

"You smell life fermented fish and death."

:Gwendolyn:"Ye know jus wot tae say to a girl. An' that's why I want ye to stop sillypacin' 'round and just tell me so we can start rollin around in fungobber already!"

:lylia:"Is..is she propositioning you?"

"I don't know. What's a fungobber?"

:Gwendolyn:"Me mar did say to take the horse by the teeth'n' smack it in the eyegob."
No. 808780 ID: b4e802

No. 808785 ID: 600f38

I were you, I'd say "Sure, I'll take you to bed. You seem to need it."
Then have Gyoji help you prank her as per >>806970

Trust me, this is going to be hilarious.
No. 808790 ID: 51b8ec


Then accept her proposal.
No. 808794 ID: 706345

Steal her wine bottle and stuff it up her other thirsty hole.
No. 808795 ID: 9dc26d

Drunk people aren't rational. Sleeping it off is a good idea. Make her brother take care of her, he's still around right?
No. 808797 ID: 58a78f

She's drunk. You don't do drunk people. Put her to bed to sober up, tell her you'll see if she's still up for it.
No. 811131 ID: ca1cab
File 149871913747.png - (278.87KB , 1600x1200 , 95.png )

Are you alright? Her brother is leagues away and Gyoji is even further. How can they help with anything?"

"You're being irrational. Put down the bottle."

:gwendolyn:"You're a bottle."

"Alright, you need to sleep the liquor off."

:gwendolyn:"You're a liquor!"

:lylia:"Wait! My questions!"

"You've met the voices in the jewel, ask them."

:gwendolyn:"No, you're a jewel."

"That's a compliment."

:gwendolyn:"You're a compliment."


:lylia:Well...he said I should ask it but, how do I ask the bauble a question..?
No. 811160 ID: 7fad5d

Not like that, try again.
No. 811162 ID: 8ad5aa

I dunno, but expect a lot of nods.

No. 811165 ID: d79f26

hello, he wanted us to talk to you and you wanted to talk to us, that really is all there is to it. so what you want, future, past, alternate dimension?
No. 811178 ID: 600f38

Just ask.
No. 813312 ID: ca1cab
File 149932535931.png - (142.37KB , 1600x1200 , 96.png )

Alright...you're an abomination. You shouldn't exist. And yet you do. You know things even he doesn't. So what do I want to know?
No. 813313 ID: ca1cab
File 149932542646.png - (2.82MB , 1600x1200 , 97.png )

Everything. Tell me everything about him. Everything you know. If he doesn't but you know, tell me. He will be among the Ascendant. If he is to survive, his Mask must be perfect.
No. 813325 ID: 094652

The others will flesh out the story, but here's the basic version:

Venian is the current king of an island nation called Rezo, located near the heart of the ocean. This nation functions, revolves around, and worships slavery in its purest form: kidnapping various peoples from the mainlands and other islands to be owned as property by the nobles.

Disgusted yet? Good. While the slaves are treated with relative care, it's clear that the Rezans are complete racists, parading their supposed "Rezan Superiority" and preventing hybrid rezans, let alone non-rezans, from attaining high ranks of official power. Note that there are MANY hybrids; hell, Venian knocked up an old lady!

Rezans have a lifespan comparable to elves. At around age 300, they (and other hybrids who are nearing their own adulthood) are sent out as slavers to find and enslave foreigners and their lands. They are not considered full citizens until they complete at least one mission or successfully defend the life of a rezan noble. Which is where our interaction with Venian began.

Venian found us during a caravan raid on the Tsang Naji nation. Tsang Naji are basically wolves with four arms. We were in possession of a princess, whose father used this crystal to enlist some voices as advisers but got bored of them and discarded it, along with his nymphomaniac daughter.

We were tasked by the emperor's favorite concubine to make her daughter-in-law disappear so she could get one of her brats on the next-in-line. It took some time, but Venian's party found extra allies and pulled off an illusion spell or five to evade hunting troops for about three months. One of Venian's rivals got more slaves, but made the unfortunate mistake of grouping an entire city together and they revolted in the cargo brig. We used engineering to smoke them out, and Venian decided he wanted the rebel leader to die painfully.

Venian made it back, found out he knocked up an old elf, had sex with the princess and she may or may not be pregnant also but we're planning on that, and got crowned. Then he came to this archipelago and you pretty much know the rest.

Also, Venian's part of some ancient prophecy that involves inserting his brain in the body of a hybrid found in the far-future and sticking us in his heart to create the antichrist or something. I dunno, I was too busy laughing at how we overloaded an eldritch demon with dank memes.
No. 813334 ID: d79f26

mostly correct, after much cajoling we have gotten veni to agree that the slavery thing is unsustainable and should be phased out, but you can' just pull the plug and tell all slaves they are now free, that would cause riots and chaos. the only reason it has lasted this long is they have a magic that can enforce the whole slave thing so they CAN'T revolt.

as for the guardians, time travel. they are from the future, and as such they have knowledge of us and veni because it was given that knowledge at some point before it came back.

holding a card gives you a rank, but a better rank and override a lower one, which is why even though you have a card it ignored you earlier, it just considers what we say to be more important.

the new one in the ground has installed a pilot controller into veni, a device in his head that lets his mind and the guardian's combine, giving him complete control over it, after some training, mind linking is a two way street so he feels the guardian's thoughts as well. we actually had to convince it to not crush EVERYONE down there because it's a little.... racist. this is also why his face glows blue sometimes.

question for you, why do you seem to flicker between two appearances? the one you normally have and then you become.. a little more beastly looking and are a golden yellow color.
No. 813404 ID: 2ccee9

He's preoccupied, means well, and does his best to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

He's a leader but he has a tendency to be... unfocused or occasionally uncertain, which is where we come in.

Hopefully he will become more self-reliant one of these days when those doubts he's been having are finally ground away.

Before we got to him he was mostly a self-interested narcissist trending towards hedonism, with firm ideas of right and wrong. Namely he was right and everyone adjacent to him, and everyone else was wrong.

Doesn't crack under stress and can juggle a lot of problems at once.

He can fight, he probably has some sort of musical talent, he was brought up to be an administrator and a director of people, so all these things aren't really surprising.
No. 813512 ID: 600f38

I should note that the set of "Things that should not exist" doesn't include us, unless you're speaking subjectively.
We're a... counterbalance, would be the closest word. We ride a whirlwind of chaos and warp the fabric of reality, insofar as you understand it to be, because it is necessary.
Our actions may be unpleasant, but we're not heartless - you've seen yourself how we try to help those we can, and deal harshly with those who are full of malice.
We do not fit in your doctrine or worldview, but disbelieving that rain could exist won't keep you dry.
No. 815232 ID: ca1cab
File 149989787572.png - (129.25KB , 1600x1200 , 98.png )

Your words sound true, but things yo're telling me are so difficult to accept. Machines back from the future? And that he was chosen for one? A nation lost found again in the sea? And Venian. Such an angry name. VUh-NI-An. A burden of leadership of an empire of domination tied into a play of politics he has little stake in but thrusts him into a prophecy of damnation. And he's a musician? What instrument?

This is all necessary to sculpt his appearance. To be among the Others, he must be ready to assume more than his identity. As to why I am what you See is that is what I once was and will always be. As part of my own imposed exile, I prefer to lock away this part of Me, memories and all, but there are times when it is necessary. I had once been something more permanent than a wolf you know. My family had always chosen to mantle an aspect of things that were ancient and withstood the millennia like sand in the desert. That was before I chose exile rather than existing with the Ascended. The Lattice will do without me.

You say you are a counterbalance, which leads me to believe you yourself do not comprehend what you are. Sentience perhaps? Hard to tell. But there is something about you that is ancient. Something that disrupts the Lattice, and brings disorder, not the disorder you say acts as counterbalance, but the disorder that ran rampant when We...nearly destroyed the world. It's not that you exist that makes me afraid, it's what part you will play in the grand scheme of another that does. And I'm not referring to Venian. He, like you and I, is just another piece. What he is however is frustratingly difficult to ascertain.

No. 815233 ID: ca1cab
File 149989798167.png - (1.63MB , 1564x1124 , 99.png )

And worse still, I fear what will happen when you, and Venian come into contact with the Lattice...and father...
No. 816687 ID: 094652

... Is this thread finished? I think your cinematic with a lack of questions caused us to assume this thread was done. Honestly, this seems like a good time to switch to Sergei. If not,

So, you're not really a fundamentalist (s)elf-hating fanatic? Seems legit, you're too unique to be that one-dimensional. Can you give us information about cosmic threats to the fabric of the universe? Also, how much do you know about the universe at large?
No. 816695 ID: d79f26

so long as nobody tries anything evil things should go fine.
No. 816749 ID: 600f38

If there had already been something creating perturbations in the lattice, then would You have taken the actions which resulted in the potentially world-ending levels of disorder?

We do agree that somebody is playing chess with us which we cannot abide.
No. 817709 ID: ca1cab
File 150078984955.png - (288.46KB , 1600x1200 , 100.png )

Are you hoping to learn more from me, or testing my knowledge with yours? I suppose I can humor you either way. There are plenty of threats to existence on this plane. And on to the plane Above, and the one Above that, and the one Above that. However this is such a infinitely small section of a subspace that the worst of them will never notice us thankfully. The Lattice conceals as it protects. If you ask the worst that are aware of this place, the two worst are...I'm afriad I don't know their names. They are kept secret whispered only with tongues that do not speak. I know them only by their myriad titles that are as much names as they are givers of Power.

The Power That Consumes, The Blind Eye That Sees All That is True and Will Be True, The Waiting Wall, The Storm Unabated.
It knows, and it if given the opprotunity could snuff out this reality in an instant if it wished. But it doesn't. It just waits.

And The War Unending, the Domination Eternal, the Chorus of a Million Pleasures and Pains, The Path Forever Open

Broken, but not dead, for things like them do not die conventionally.

Both exist in the Plane Above Ours. And the Plane Below Ours. However, The War Unending, the Domination Eternal, the Chorus of a Million Pleasures and Pains, The Path Forever Open, briefly attempted to transition to this Plane. That resulted in its destruction, and the sundering of its soul.

The disturbances to the Lattice is what nearly caused the destruction of all things, but we prevented it. Fitting as we were the cause. It was before our Ascension. Before we became one with the Lattice.

No. 817713 ID: 094652

Oh @#$%

No. 817714 ID: ca1cab
File 150079035483.png - (621.69KB , 1600x1200 , 101.png )

I am nearly completed with the mask. You're services and company, while welcome, are no longer required. It is best you see to Venian. The Daoine will probably attempt something with him. With my senses free now, I can smell her arousal from here.

You'd best see how Venian fares. Goodbye.

"So you left your sister in the Wine Cellar??"

:Gwendolyn:"Yeah I 'member now. Was gonna ask ye if ye knew ifn'there t'were more of the '23 red."

"So you left her here to drink herself silly."

:Gwendolyn:"Hey, t'be fair, she did most the drinkin afore I even left. Sss'why I wanted tae ask for more of that wine."

"She could have been in danger drinking so much!"

:Gwendolyn:"Nah, if she takes after mum even a smidge, she can handle her drink!"

"The world's spinning too fast. Can sume-can somebody slow it down?"

:Gwendolyn:"See she's fine!"
No. 817728 ID: 600f38

I'd roll Gora on her side so she won't choke on her own vomit, then send somebody to haul her to bed.
Gwen can share your bed, since she's not drunk enough to purge all over it.
No. 817734 ID: af1c83

Yeah, that definitely sounds like the one we encountered. An asshole without an ass.
No. 817742 ID: ba506f

I have to ask, when the crown was placed on your head did you see yourself ever surrounded by drunk horny women and if so how does it compare to your fantasies?
No. 819373 ID: ca1cab
File 150137311121.png - (212.92KB , 1600x1200 , 102.png )

Honestly when I put on the crown I was expecting a few centuries of building the family, expanding our holds and generally exalting my name before someone I get murdered by a rival or my heir whoever that'd be.

I'll admit since having you around, there have been a lot more ladies in that future, but handling drunks? No. I didn't envision that. Ach-ka she's heavy.

"Ach-ka you're heavy."

"No, YOU'RE the heavy."

"You really are her sister..."

"No, YOU'RE her sister."

:Gwendolyn:"Goooooor, yer mah sister."

"No, YOU'RE my sister."
No. 819379 ID: d79f26

ask if they want to bond down here or if they want a comfy couch or something.
No. 819388 ID: 094652

Waste of good wine. And the bill is on you.

Burn their clothes, get some fancy frills from the closet. Ignore this ever happened.
No. 819411 ID: 600f38

You can't drag her very far.
Your best option is to roll Blue here onto her stomach, then take Gwen to your bedroom.
Since she's blackout drunk, when she wakes up you can tell her all about accepting her drunken marriage proposal and how she's now your second wife.
No. 823405 ID: ca1cab
File 150293845536.png - (215.94KB , 1600x1200 , 103.png )

Good advice. I dumped Gora on her side and draped some cloth over her. I think it was an old sack. I don't know. I'll get some better clothes for them later when I'm sure they won't be sick all over it.

"I know I've said this already, but you. Are. Heavy."

:gwendolyn:"Mebbe ye just have weak arms."

"You are by far the worst drunk Daoine I've ever met."

:gwendolyn:"Aw did I hurt pasty boy's fee fees? Come on ya bampot, prove ye stronger than a wet biscuit!"

"No, now get your shoes off and sleep this off. I need you sober."

:gwendolyn:"Ye need me? The pasty boy needs me? Oh me stars, aren't ye a sweet talker."

"That's not even close to what I meant."
No. 823406 ID: ca1cab
File 150293864681.png - (191.72KB , 1600x1200 , 104.png )

:gwendolyn:"Hey. Hey pasty boy."


:gwendolyn:"Wanna wrestle?"


:gwendolyn:"Yess'ye do. It's all gud fun. Jus' take off yer shirt, oil up an' I'll try tae pull yer pants off and you try to pull mine off!"

"Are you even wearing pants?"

:gwendolyn:"I dunno. If ye wanna know, better take yer shirt off pasty boy."

"This is just an attempt to get me to bed you isn't it?"

:gwendolyn:"Show me yer arms are stronger than twigs pasty boy!"
No. 823415 ID: 600f38

I'd as her if she really wants to be your concubine, or if she's just looking for a quick plowing.
After that you can sit on her and pin her down. Tell her she's not even strong enough to undress herself, let alone you. She's too drunk to fumble her clothing off with you in the way, and once she's lying down she'll pass out pretty quick.

Regardless, stay here with her.

Meanwhile, why don't we see if we can talk some sanity into her?

Hey, Gwen? What brings this on?
No. 823417 ID: 094652

Give her a few back scratches. Literally.

What's next on the agenda?
No. 823426 ID: fc72e2

Leave, saying that you'll see if she's still up for it once sober.
No. 823438 ID: 3abd97

Nail that bun in the butt.
No. 823537 ID: 65f295

Don't rape your friends yo.
No. 823541 ID: 600f38

Oh, of course not.
But you know what the son says to do with a drunken sailor, right?
No. 825566 ID: ca1cab
File 150387677990.png - (239.34KB , 1600x1200 , 105.png )

I'm sure somewhere out there the Breeder is laughing at me right now. Fine I'll get on top and give her some scratching but that's it!

:Gwendolyn: "Hah! Knew ye wanted to tussle!"

"No Gwendolyn, you're drunk, I need you immobile before you do something stupid."

:Gwendolyn: "Oi gerrof! That's cheat-oooh! That's good..."

"Gwen, you know who my people are. Do you really want me, or just stress relief? What do you want?"

:Gwendolyn: "What do I want? Huh. Never did think o' that fer a long time. I dunno."

"What do you mean you don't know."

:Gwendolyn:"I mean all this time I been thinkin' about me brother Kells, avenging me Ma n' Pa, getting a clan back t'gether. Never done thought what I'd want fer meself an' only meself."

"Then give it thought. Don't rush into things you may regret when you sober up."

:Gwendolyn: "Pish posh, I'm sober 'nuff. You think this pisswater's enough to get me drunk?"

"You were stumbling over yourself not a moment ago trying to get your dress off."

:Gwendolyn: "An act. Thass all it was. I know wot I want."

"No you don't. You don't even know that being with me could make you my concubine."

:Gwendolyn: "Naw, it'd make me a queen wouldnae?"


:Gwendolyn: "Ye're one o' them noble types yeah? Ye ferget you folks were tradin' with mine fer a while. I pick up wot yer sailerzz say. Piece it wif wot you said to tall pasty, an' elfy downstrrs."

"And...what do they say?"

:Gwendolyn: "By being wif ye, I could be a queen."


No. 825617 ID: 094652

"You do realize how @#$%ed in the head the concubines and consorts get when they argue over whose child gets to be Xth in line. Gyoji's stepmother got her exiled, disowned, and enslaved, and marrying me means you have to share with her."
No. 825621 ID: 600f38

I'd tell her "No, I already have a queen. You would be second under her. Mistress, not a queen, and not line for the throne.
The quality of life is the same, but with less power and authority.

Knowing that, do you still want me to claim you?
What do you really want? What's your goal here?"
No. 825622 ID: 3abd97

>"By being wif ye, I could be a queen."
Sure, but fucking isn't marriage. There's politics to marrying. There's more hoops to jump than getting drunk in bed if you're after a title.
No. 825639 ID: ca1cab
File 150390105652.png - (240.34KB , 1070x892 , 106.png )

"You do realize how messed in the head the concubines and consorts get when they argue over whose child is in line to inherit the throne. Gyoji's stepmother got her exiled, disowned, and enslaved, and marrying me means you have to share with her."

"I already have a queen. You would be second under her. There's politics to marrying. A lot more work to it than getting drunk in bed and getting shafted if you're after a title."

:Gwendolyn: "Sounds like fun. I don' mind sharin' since it ain't the tile I'm after."

"Listen to me-"

:Gwendolyn: "No you listen, I wanna be a queen! I'm sick o' bein' some no-nothin' tart wot gets married off by her da tae some wood choppin lackwit! My da is dead which means gettin plowed by a pig feckin' farm sloot is too high fer me!"

Oh hells she has a strong grip!

:Gwendolyn: "I dun care if I be a queen o' a nation, a city, or a feckin puddle! I don't care who else ye have! I want it, that power tae kill all the blue fecks an' the basterd clans! I wanna see em grovel when ye put em in collars! An' I want you tae do it! I wanna powerful man tae be my king! Ye got the power, I know ye do! Makag name used tae pull 'lotta weight back home. I saw the folks ye'd take away to be slaves. Oh that control o'er others! That power to control! THE POWER! Take me pasty boy! Make me yer woman! Make me yer queen!"

"You just want me for power?!"

:Gwendolyn: "Oh that's a real big part yeah. But I also want ye. I see ye fight, I know ye can kill any fecker wot shiks ya easy! I know ye must gots armies wot listen to ye, and you can fight the lot o' them! I want that in a husband! I wanna man wot can fight an' kill fer wot he wants! There ain't none left alive back home, and I sure as feck ain't gonna be some sow fer a southern blasphemen' shlat! I want that fer our kids! I wanna be yours pasty boy! An' we can kill every fucker wot standss in our way!"

"Now hold on!"

:Gwendolyn: "No more holdin!"

"Are you honestly gettin turned on by a power fantasy?!"

:Gwendolyn: "Damn straight I am! Make me a proper woman an' plow me! Put yer babies in me and let's start ruling like proper kings an' queens!"
No. 825640 ID: ca1cab
File 150390112132.png - (136.67KB , 1400x1050 , 107.png )


:Gwendolyn: "Oi!"
No. 825641 ID: ca1cab
File 150390114937.png - (65.56KB , 933x671 , 108.png )

:Gwendolyn: "Oi I ain't done wif ye!"
No. 825642 ID: ca1cab
File 150390118357.png - (144.01KB , 1400x1050 , 109.png )

Gods I knew it! I knew she couldn't fall for me so quickly! She wants me for power. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!
No. 825643 ID: ca1cab
File 150390121342.png - (197.41KB , 1400x1050 , 110.png )

No. 825644 ID: c65420

"Why the hell didn't you just lead with that? Get your sweet little ass back on the bed, it's time to make with the scandals."
No. 825650 ID: 4854ef

Well.. that's actually unexpected from her, but she does seem to actually enjoy the natural strength you exude, not just the power from the title..

But that one does make sense, she seems to respect physical and mental strength quite a bit. But it's definitely surprising this is what turns you on loverboy.
No. 825652 ID: 68f785


No. 825653 ID: 094652

Your culture has issues.

But let's crank it up. Now that you're raring to go, do a 180 and tease her by claiming you're going to hit on her sister.

Make sure you dodge the speeding vagina.
No. 825656 ID: e8f4bd

Based on the fact that she just revealed her whole hand, it looks like she's pretty harmless. The morality of the situation is sound because she understands what she wants, what she's getting into and yet remains modest in the grand scheme of things.

Tell her that the babies can wait, but that you have no problems showing her your power. Let her feel it deep inside of her. On the bed. Did I say bed? I meant the against the wall. But the floor is fine too.
No. 825658 ID: 3abd97

So... a win-win situation, then? You're both getting what you want.
No. 825660 ID: 600f38

You might as well do it.
You can make her Gyoji's bodyguard, which would be extremely useful.
No. 825681 ID: 8b2654

I wanna see you slam her against a wall and plow her like a team of bull elephants in musth!
No. 825687 ID: d79f26

[negate quote]
No. 825830 ID: fc33ea

Oh man, remember when you were running away from knocking over that caravan and you were worried about fetishism infecting your ranks over getting spanked or whatever? How far things have gone now.
No. 827311 ID: ca1cab
File 150441821326.png - (240.16KB , 1400x1050 , 111.png )

Fuck, this is your fault isn't it?! I never felt this way before! Never before have I seen a woman that I just want to bend over and-

:Gwendolyn: "I knew ye weren't done wit me pasty boy."

"I have a name."

:Gwendolyn: "Oh do ye?"

"It's Venian. Remember it."
No. 827312 ID: ca1cab
File 150441827526.png - (247.80KB , 1400x1050 , 112.png )

Because you'll be screaming it all night!

:Gwendolyn: "Oh I better. Don't disappoint me pasty boy."
No. 827316 ID: 600f38

No. 827317 ID: 094652

Hey Venian, sex scene in your universe usually means we pass out or transition to someone else. Kay bye.

And see if Gwendolyn can bend enough to lick her clitoris while you pound her labia.
No. 827318 ID: fc33ea

Git 'er dun buddy, we'd power you up but that would end in absolute fucking disaster so we'll just leave you lovebirds to it.
No. 827320 ID: c31aac

fuck that, empower that dick
No. 827322 ID: e8f4bd

Be very smooth and gentle. Just kidding. Hold her tight and plow her like she wants.
No. 827462 ID: d79f26

[switch to whoever we know that needs us the most right now]
No. 830931 ID: ca1cab
File 150560248726.png - (271.02KB , 1400x1050 , 113.png )

:Gwendolyn: "Oh come now ye can try harder than tha

:Mangalo: "Commander Hadrius, you summoned me?"

:hadrius: "Mangalo, there is no need for rank here. This is more personal, and we best keep this between us."

:Mangalo: "What about the Guardian is so secretive we can't even tell the other Dominore?"

:hadrius: "Because I do not trust them with this information. You're research into Resao may give you some insight into this that they won't see. Which is why I ask you. And only you."

:Mangalo: "Of course, but what is it?"

:hadrius: "This is a section of the Guardian we had sealed away, few know how to access it or even that it exists. For the most part, not even a light shone here since we began using it. Yet now, the place hums with life. It happened a little before we warded off the attack from the South. I do not know what to make of it."
No. 830934 ID: 094652

How have you NOT figured out what this is?!

That's a person. This is a preservation module. And if this thing works on regeneration rather than cryostasis, they're coming back from the dead.

And given the straitjacket they're in, I don't think you should let them wake up just yet. Try to disable the power supply, but don't destroy the pod itself.
No. 830937 ID: a633c6

Don't mind us, we just dropped in. What's this about wanting to keep a secret?
No. 830954 ID: 600f38

We can field this one.

That looks like a person because inside that suit is a person. That person is being held in stasis to preserve them. Alive, but unaware of the world around them.

I believe that is the guardian's pilot. They are the legitimate owner of the guardian, and by rights would be the the heir to the facilities of the nation that preserved them, such as this one.

If you would direct your attention to the glowing panel, and get Hadrius away from it, we'll try to translate so that you can properly awaken them.

[Translate control panel for Mangalo]
No. 831002 ID: d79f26

i would advise caution, veni may be the only one around that this person would be amicable to, because veni has an interface system for the guardian lodged in his head.
No. 832143 ID: 9dc26d

It's Grandma! Hi Grandma, how are you in there? Is the water a comfortable temperature?
No. 833870 ID: ca1cab
File 150688605752.png - (97.80KB , 1400x1050 , 114.png )

Oh good you're here, that should make this much easier. The text is unmistakably Rezan but the word and structure is so radically different than what I know translation would have been spotty.

Secondary Unit Detected. Attempting contact. Commence Handshaking.

Unit suspension deactivating -WARNING- Unit suspension exceeds recommended time threshold. Brain scanning suspended.

Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182
Tertiary Integration Protocol 004-1192-A

No. 833879 ID: 600f38

Begin Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182

Define: Tertiary Integration Protocol 004-1192-A
No. 833937 ID: 094652

Resume Brain Scan
Define Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182
No. 833981 ID: 9dc26d

Oh no, Grandma is dead. Damn. We should fix that so she's alive again.
No. 836088 ID: ca1cab
File 150779004697.png - (110.04KB , 1400x1050 , 115.png )

Begin: Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182

Medical Confirmation Number Required :

Define: Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182

Begin revival process.Following input of Confirmation Number by medical team, Tank shall attempt cold shock revival process. May cause cardiac arrest.

Define: Tertiary Integration Protocol 004-1192-A

Tank shall attempt transfer of mindscape via brain wave pattern synchronization. Warning: Unit component will expire upon completion. Platform and Unit integration shall begin Platform system restart.

No. 836121 ID: 5b93d3

>Tank shall attempt transfer of mindscape via brain wave pattern synchronization. Warning: Unit component will expire upon completion. Platform and Unit integration shall begin Platform system restart.

Nope nope nope. Do not want to upload some random corpsicle's mind into the giant robot.
No. 836139 ID: 600f38

Well, we seem to need a confirmation number.

Lets [Spy on when this was last used] to get that, and find out more about the process.
No. 838624 ID: ca1cab
File 150865480455.png - (4.89MB , 3500x3500 , 116.png )

"Pilot's brainwaves erratic. Feedback loop more damaging than previously anticipated. Procedure not recommended."

"He's sustained horrible injuries, he won't survive without preservation!"

"Acknowledged. Entering confirmation code. Stand by."


"Scans concluded. Sustained damage exceed expectations. Beginning emergency integration."

"No! The shock could kill us all if the pilot rejects the mech!"

"In middle of conflict. Lack of pilot ensures survival inconclusive."

"We can't just-"

No. 838629 ID: ca1cab
File 150865634324.png - (7.45MB , 3500x3500 , 117.png )

No. 838630 ID: ca1cab
File 150865652101.png - (4.08MB , 3500x3500 , 118.png )

"Dominore Mongicello, we have found another chamber. It appears there is life within."

"Hmph, the stone speaks. It says there is none. Seal this up. All within is for the Holy and none other."

No. 838635 ID: 094652

... da @#$%? Was that an Asari?

Not important! We found out he's one of the Guardian pilots! We found the security key to awaken him!


BUT, and this is extremely important, he's only in here because he took enough damage to be re-classified as plant food! He went in that pod insane and dying! He might still be insane and dying! And according to the logs, since he's a pilot, his brain feed could hijack the guardians and kill us all! So think REAL carefully if you want him to wake up, preserve his ghost, or do the lethally non-violent thing and let him die, because the first two might resurrect a mind-ravaged trigger-happy gundam captain with immediate access to the strongest titans on the planet!
No. 838638 ID: d79f26

except he is already dying waking him up will still just have a time limit without some serious healing mojo.
No. 838663 ID: 600f38

Begin Emergency Revival Protocol 007-8182. Code 77177282730199-223-11-42342-33312-93747-00912

[Heal target as necessary]
No. 844317 ID: ca1cab
File 151043391980.png - (226.62KB , 1400x1050 , 119.png )

Command accepted. Initiating.

Wait no! We aren't ready!

:hadrius:"Mangalo, what's happening?!"

:mangalo:"The device! It's releasing the person inside! Get your escort here now, they'll die without proper attention!"

"aprotunilakshatabooff! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!"
No. 844319 ID: ca1cab
File 151043455883.png - (136.60KB , 1400x1050 , 120.png )

:mangalo:"Hurry up holy damn it! They're in shock!"

"Pull back! Pull back and regroup! Enemy reinforcements inbound!"

:mangalo:"Do you understand me? Focus on me miss. Focus on me!"

"Hala Rokof, Major, 7710-10. Hala Rokof, Major, 7710-10. Hala Rokof, Major, 7710-10!"
No. 844320 ID: ca1cab
File 151043461446.png - (116.49KB , 479x364 , end.png )

"Walker compromised. Prime detonation sequence!"
No. 844330 ID: 600f38

You should touch us to her!

"BELAY THAT! STAND DOWN, MAJOR! These are friendlies! You're wounded, you've been in stasis, medics are inbound. Your walker is secure."
[Freeze time for Major Hala Rokof until medics arrive]
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