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File 144726872949.png - (12.21KB , 386x193 , i0.png )
683261 No. 683261 ID: 8f84ee

The following quest is based heavily around the pathfinder system (d20 dungeons and dragons), and every resource can be easily accessed here http://www.d20pfsrd.com/

That being said, system mastery isn't a requirement for suggesting; if it's possible to do something that gets suggested in the rules it'll happen even if you don't use the game's terminology. However, knowing the basics (skills, ability scores, and magic) will probably help. You can certainly suggest more technical things, too.

Allergy Advisement: Contents may include kobolds, magic, magic kobolds, and nuts. Precautions have been taken to remove these elements, but cross-contamination is still possible.
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No. 683269 ID: 8f84ee
File 144726921968.png - (36.39KB , 474x334 , i1.png )

Character Sheet: http://tinyurl.com/p4crn6o

:kobolddark: Hah.. hah... Okay.. No need to panic. Just need to... calm down, try to figure out where I am... and how I got here.

My head is so sore...
No. 683271 ID: b3dd38

What are your surroundings made of? If it's dirt and rocks, you may be underground.
No. 683278 ID: 56b266

Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself. If there's any glimmer of light, examine your surroundings best you can. If not, carefully feel around to see what they are, and if there's any exits or objects close by.
No. 683282 ID: 8f84ee


:kobolddark: No, It's-it's more yielding than that. I think it's cloth, like a... a sack...


:kobolddarkdetermined: Haah.. Haah... Well there seems to be enough air, at least. There's NO light, though, absolutely none... Alright, I'll try to--

:kobolddark: ...Ohgod, I can't separate my hands! There's.. There's something around them... I think I'm tied up!
No. 683285 ID: defceb

Try to wriggle out of your bonds and then bite a hole in whatever is holding you.
No. 683288 ID: 56b266

Well, if wriggling out of your bonds doesn't work, try chewing through whatever's around your wrists. Kobolds have sharp teeth, right?
No. 683299 ID: 225f37

Attempt to wriggle out of bonds- if that fails, try to break them (unlikely). Then, yeah, try to chew them off.

If nothing seems to be working, use Detect Magic and hope if gives you some clue as to your surroundings or captors.
No. 683301 ID: 5ad4a7

Can you cast Light?
No. 683303 ID: 0c9cbe

Try a Liberating Command. You are a spellcaster, right?
No. 683312 ID: 8f84ee
File 144727870108.png - (31.50KB , 474x334 , i2-b.png )

:kobolddark: 'Spellcaster?' I don't know I'd go so far as to call myself that, I mean, I just have a little bit of magic. Making pretty lights, fixing clothes... A protection charm, too, but it's really hard to cast it. 'Liberating command'? I-is that a spell? I sure would like to be liberated right now, but that sounds like you'd have to be a powerful wizard or something for that kind of power...

:kobolddarkdetermined: Hey, yeah! I can make light without having to move my body! Alright, here we go...

:kobolddarkfocus: Mmm.. Come on... Come on... ?????!

You concentrate hard, and are rewarded as your surroundings begin to shimmer with light.

:koboldfocus: Nnnh...!

:koboldlight: Well... I can definitely see now, at least.. but I'm still in what looks like a linen bag.

:koboldfocus: "Nngh.. Nnrf...!"

:koboldlight: ...It's no use, they're really really tight! I.. think my blood's getting cut off, actually.. 'Cuz yeah, that's what I need right now on top of all this.

:koboldfocus: And my teeth are kind of sharp I guess, but this rope is pretty thick. I don't think they're gonna be enough. Can't hurt to give it a try, though.

:koboldchomp: *CHOMP* *CHOMP* *CHOMP*

To hit: d20=13, 1 damage.
To hit: d20=20*
Critical confirm: 1d20=18, 2x2=4 damage, rope sundered.

:koboldhappy: It... It actually worked! I'm free!

You carefully untie your feet, next.

:koboldfocus: Alright. Now I can look for magic. "Hmmmh... Maaooohh... ๔...є...t...є...ς...t... ๓...ค...ɠ...เ...ς..."

You focus your mind and open your eyes, concentrating as the magical auras appear to your sight. Aside from your spell, there is no magic on this sack. There is, however, a faint magical glow directly beneath you.
No. 683313 ID: fad500

Are you being carried or moved? Can you hear or smell anything through the sack?
No. 683321 ID: 5ad4a7

Poke at magic. Also look for the opening in the sack. You may be able to loosen it and get out.
No. 683342 ID: fad500

If the coast sounds clear, maybe try chewing your way out?
No. 683386 ID: 12b273

Gather up the rope you chewed out of, and cast mending. Now you have some rope! Maybe you can find something useful to do with it. You know, not tying yourself up.

Try poking a claw in the side of the sack. Make a peephole and look out.
No. 683419 ID: 225f37

Do you seem to be moving, or no? Do you hear anyone or anything?

If you aren't moving and can't hear anyone, tear open the sack if you can. If you are moving or hear anyone nearby, try calling out to them.
No. 683443 ID: 8f84ee


:koboldlight: I... can't tell if I'm being moved or not. I can't feel the sack being swung or jostled, but... the walls are shifting slightly. It's either from moving or from wind, and I'm not sure which it is.

:koboldfocus: *Sniff sniff*

:koboldlight: ...Well, I think this bag was used to hold grain or something, because all I can smell is flour. Sorry..

:koboldfocus: From outside, I can hear...

:koboldfocus: ...

:koboldlight: ...Nothing. It's--

:inhunknown: "Are you quite sure we have the right one?"

:inhunknown: "Of course I am sure, we analyzed him as much as we needed. He bears his magic unmistakably.

:inhunknown: "We could have been more thorough."

:inhunknown: "The Font said we would find him there. He is not prone to speaking more than necessary."

:inhunknown: "Very well. But if it should come to pass that we sacrifice the wrong one, I will remember this."

:koboldterror: "..."

:inhunknown: "I certanly hope this will be the only one."

:inhunknown: "You know that it will not. Sacrifices, you heard it yourself. As you said, he is not prone to speak more than needed."

:inhunknown: "Yes, but in the words there are loopholes and uncertainty. It did not specify more of... 'this'."

:inhunknown: "It is distasteful.. The needs of the many, however."

:inhunknown: "Mmm."

:koboldterror: I need to get out of here.


:koboldstress: The top of the bag is tied, I can't get out that way! Teeth, claws, please don't fail me now!

:koboldchomp: *CHOMP* *CHOMP* *RIP*

You pull the sides of the cloth into your mouth and tear them with your teath and claws. You grab ahold and split the bag apart, which seems to have been floating magically five feet above the ground.

:koboldterror: ...That was WAY LOUDER THAN I WANTED, I see trees and--TWO FIGURES IN WHAT I REALLY HOPE ARE MASKS!

You break for the trees in the opposite direction of the figures, falling from the floating platform in the process. d20 will save = 7, failure Suddenly you feel your feet begin to tread on air, and you raise upwards instead of continuing forwards.
No. 683444 ID: 8f84ee
File 144730932180.png - (48.56KB , 702x401 , i3.png )

:koboldscared: "...No!"

You find yourself suspended in the air encased in a bubble. A red-clad robed figure with a spiky mask bearing tendrils upon it approaches from behind, while a blue-clad robed figure wrapped in cloth with a flat mask steps in front of you, holding its hand out towards you.

:figureblue: "I thought you said you would keep him unaware."

:figurered: "And I thought I told YOU I wanted to tag him with five more. The reliability of any single spell--"

:figureblue: "I do not want to overdo it, the natural humors must be preserved. That's what the font said."

:figurered: "You are a fool to think simple spells could--"

:figureblue: "And YOU are a fool for wanting to take the chance when we don't know for sure."

:figurered: "Fine. May I incapacitate him, then?"

:figureblue: "Put him under something more difficult to break free of this time."

:figurered: "ค๓ςђtợคץг"

d20 will save = 4, failure

:koboldweak: N-no...

:koboldasleep: ...

:koboldasleep: "ZZzzzhh..."
No. 683445 ID: fe5d85

Well this is turning out to be one of the shortest quest I've ever seen
No. 683449 ID: 5ad4a7

WELP. Will saves are a bitch.

No. 683452 ID: 8f84ee
File 144731136441.png - (53.85KB , 525x507 , i4.png )


:kobolddepression: I lost.. I don't.. I just don't get it... what did I ever do to these guys...? W-why do they wanna hurt me so bad...?

You have awoken laid out upon a stone altar. There is a lethal-looking implement above your chest, pointing down below your sternum. Your eyes are somewhat blurry but you are awake.
No. 683453 ID: 225f37

From what we heard, sounded like they need to sacrifice you for some ritual, due to some... prophecy or something? Hard to tell. Importantly, they don't seem super-into the idea of killing you. So, uh, considering biting off your restraints doesn't seem like an option this time, maybe try to work the hey-I'm-an-intelligent-being-and-I-would-really-appreciate-if-you-didn't-kill-me angle of things.
No. 683459 ID: fad500

Try groaning about how these restraints are totally throwing off your humors.
No. 683460 ID: 5ad4a7

Time to roll Escape Artist. Your tail's free, maybe it can assist?
No. 683464 ID: f2461f

Look around, if there is anyone there request a final meal.
No. 683491 ID: 58f9ec

What kind of restraints are you tied with? If they are buckled rather than tied you may be able loosen them by pulling them tight and unlatching the buckle as you loosen them.
Knots will be harder but widening any gaps should work for recent knots.
No. 683518 ID: 77e68b

Try moving your head side to side, see what's in the room aside from the horrible death table.
No. 683532 ID: bd240f

Start spitting. Phlegm is one of those humors they are so concerned about.
No. 683650 ID: 8f84ee


:koboldexamine: I'm looking around, but.. I'm not really in a room. I can't see all that much c-cuz I'm.. here.. but I think I'm on top of a really big hill. I can feel air blowing on me. It's.. warmer than this stone. It's hard to move my head, I can't look behind me.. horns are in the way. I think there are big stone spires, though...

:koboldworry: ...Oh, great.. Those robed guys are here. And they're kneeling next to the this s-stupid table..

:koboldexamine: Yeah, I... I can't get out. Damnit... Damnit..! They're made of metal, and they're really c-cold, too.. I can't see any locks or way to open them...

d20=9 escape artist, failure

:kobolddepression: It's no use.. They're so tight I can't even wiggle. And my tail isn't strong enough to pull them off. I'm stuck..


:kobolddepression: Hehh.. it's a funny thing.. my mouth's too dry to try it right now.

:kobolddepression: ...

:koboldexamine: ...besides, those s-stupid robed guys are too far away to hit with it.

:figurered: "He is awake."

:figureblue: "It's time to start, then."

:koboldworry: Ohhh.. Oh no.. T-this looks bad..!

:figurered: "Oh great Font of magic, lord of Azoth, rise to our voices."

:figureblue: "We have returned, your task is complete."


:kobolddepression: They're gonna kill me just because of a s-stupid prophecy thing...? That's.. That's s-so messed up...!

:koboldworry: I don't w-wanna die like this... I-I want t'go home!

:koboldcry: "S-someone, anyone, please h-help me! Uaaaahhh!"

:figurered: "We have retrieved what you desired, as per your instructions."

:figureblue: "Stolen from its land to the peak of Azoth, and laid out beneath your throne."

:figurered: "His body, mind, and magic are intact, no unwholesome flaw has spoiled them."

:figureblue: "We hope that this sacrifice will ease your troubles, our liege."

:koboldinconsolable: "N-no.. p-please don't... *sniff* puh-please..."

You watch as a light begins to gather above you, above the metallic point suspended by chains. It quickly becomes to the point of nearly being blinding.

:figurered: "He lies here before you, as do we."

:figureblue: "We await your will."

:font: "I can see that you have retrieved him, there is no need to posture."

:koboldwatching: *sniff* D-did... Did the light just... talk?

:figureblue: "How might we assist you in this ritual, our lord?"

:figurered: "Our will is yours. What do you desire of us?"

:font: "Nothing."

:figurered: "I... do not understand."

:font: "That is clear to me. It would seem that you two are under false conceptions of the nature of this occasion."

:koboldwatching: "W-wh.. wait.. what...?"

:figureblue: "Ah...? My.. my lord, your body... You said that you needed sacrifices if--"

:font: "What I said was that we all would have to make sacrifices if we were to move forwards. It seems that my efforts to be succinct have led to gross error on your part."

:figurered: "We.. we had no idea, my liege... Then, what kind of--?"

:font: "My physical state is obvious, and the replenishment is far too temporary, a permanent solution too risky for the time it would require. I desired this creature because should I be broken, the twined divinities of Azoth would be split and destroyed. He is here because I need a suitable vessel."

:figurered: "WHAT?!"

:figureblue: "WHAT??"

:koboldwatching: "W-wait, what??"
No. 683652 ID: f2461f

Sounds good enough, let's just roll with this.
No. 683653 ID: 58f9ec

Well, either you are going to become a paladin, or be walked around as a meat suit by a powerful spirit.
Suppose it's time for more demands for explanations, begging, maybe threats of tongue swallowing, etc...
No. 683654 ID: 8896fc

Why does the god need you instead of one of those masky people? They seem like they would actually want a god living in their head.
No. 683663 ID: 12b273

Uh, mister glowing light thing? I'm happy to hear I'm not gonna be killed, but being possessed isn't a whole lot better.
No. 683675 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright, you should probably tell us who the fuck Azoth is.
No. 683812 ID: 8f84ee

:koboldwhat: "O-Okay wait a minute, who the heck is Azoth?!"

:font: "I am Azoth, and thus is this land Azoth as well. It is of my domain, an extension of myself. It is my dominion, and I am its sovereign."

:figurered: "Azoth lies all around this peak, the city of twinned spirits.."

:figureblue: "It is a glorious city..."

:koboldwatching: "H-hahah, h-here's a thought, how about you let me go, a-and use one of these guys instead? T-they seem pretty into following anything you say!"

:font: They are not suitable for holding this power, you are. They will also be needed to continue their duties for the interim Azoth shall be without a ruler. The vessel shall be you, and no other, and the more time that is wasted the more likely disaster shall strike. Already the clouds of strife gather around to laugh at our misfortune.

The chains holding the metallic spire begin to lift and loosen of their own accord, then pull tighter, causing it to raise up higher above you.

:koboldwatching: "M-my body is mine, I don't want to be possessed! I-I'll bite my tongue!"

:koboldinconsolable: Ohgod I really don't want to bite my tongue off!

:figurered: "My lord, is.. is this truly what you have chosen?"

:figureblue: "And of all creatures, one so weak..?"

:font: "It does not matter what form the font shall take; its existence alone is paramount, regardless of who holds it, so long as they are not of those forces that should seek the end of its magic. You are in the midst of powerful healers, and such fears are worthless to hold. You must make a sacrifice, as must all those present here, but my sacrifice is my form to you."

:koboldwatching: "I-I don't understand..."

:font: "To possess you would render this form even more unstable than it currently is. While the option is still available, I intend to sacrifice this form to infuse the power of Azoth into a new vessel."

:figureblue: "I cannot believe this.."

:figurered: "Nor can I. My liege, what--"

The chains slowly begin to flex.

:koboldwatching: !

:font: "The time of dialogue is at an end. It is time now for Azoth to be brought back from the spears of entropy, into a new epoch torn from ruin. The twinned fire of Azoth will be infused into your very spirit. Your body shall be ravaged, tested for weakness, consumed in flames and forged to its limits, and all that you are shall be multiplied a thousandfold. This land and its people I bequeath to you, its bounties and challenges, its enemies and glory, and its legacy. This is my decree. Are you ready to accept the mantle of Azoth, the responsibilities, and the power that all are carried with it?"

The chains begin to glow a blinding blue, and arcane glyphs meticulously inscribed upon the spire begin to bleed with a similar light. A loud, all-encompassing hum begins to fill the air.

:koboldwatching: "I.. I..."
No. 683829 ID: 12b273

>are you ready to be infused with the power of a morally dubious quasi-deity
Use today's silent spell to cast protection from evil.

Could we make an engineering check against the thing above us? We still have our prehensile tail free, we might be able to try disabling the device, if it can be disabled by pulling out a small component.
No. 683842 ID: 5ad4a7

Well I mean it sounds like you're about to be made into some sort of demigod so if I were you I'd accept.
No. 683847 ID: 77e68b

Protection from Evil is a great idea. Do that. In the meantime, play nice with the morally-dubious god because I don't see an alternate way out of this.
No. 683880 ID: ca183f

Not like you have much of a choice. But yes totes protect from evil.
No. 683934 ID: 6cb462

Sorry Azoth, but Kobold's body is already being possessed by tgchan (us).
No. 684096 ID: 8f84ee


d20+6=11 engineering

:koboldworry: Would that I could; without my hands free, I can't cast the charm. My tail... wouldn't even reach more than the tip of that thing before it raised up. Looking at it, it.. it looks almost like a funnel..? Like one of those things you pour stuff into.



:koboldwhat: "...No??"

:font: "That is unfortunate."

The light suddenly dims, and the chains holding up the spike suddenly go slack. The funnel-like spire plunges down, piercing deep through your chest.

:koboldpain: "Ghhk..!"

:koboldpain: "..."

:koboldascension: "H-HHAAAAHAAAAAAA!!"
No. 684097 ID: 8f84ee
File 144758492249.png - (53.37KB , 602x378 , i5-b.png )

No. 684098 ID: 58f9ec

No. 684101 ID: 8f84ee
File 144758723669.png - (58.83KB , 1132x391 , i5 statistics.png )

Please select an attribute. STRENGTH: Physical prowess, athleticism, and carrying capacity. DEXTERITY: Agility, maneuverability, and fine motor control. INTELLIGENCE: Knowledge, artifice, and scholastic pursuits. WISDOM: Awareness, patience, and understanding. CHARISMA: Charm, social aptitude, and manipulation.
No. 684107 ID: 225f37

Hm. Hard to say without knowing what class we're getting. Dex and Cha are our highest stats though, so we should probably stick to increasing them and getting classes that synergize.

Without knowing what class we're going into, it's hard to choose between the two- Dex is great all-round since it increases your defense, makes ranged attacks hit easier, and in some builds can do a whole lot more- but if we're going to be a caster (which, since we're an adept right now, seems likely?) we're probably going to be a charisma-based one and are gonna want more of that. Plus, it increases our will save for some of the worst effects that target the will save thanks to that nifty trait.

So I'm going to recommend Charisma here.
No. 684128 ID: 12b273

>"That is unfortunate."
I don't know you, I don't trust you, and the company you keep and the means you employ reflect poorly on you. You kidnapped me. Why ever would I want to offer myself to you?

(I'm kind of amused on this variant of blatantly distrusting the divine power making us a chosen one thing, especially since we pretty much have good reason to!).

Pretty much my thoughts on the matter. CHA.
No. 684134 ID: 4e78b4

Well seeing as he has a lot of points into building shit and is a kobold, I'm going to go the stereotypical route and go with what I feel would make him a good trap master.

I'm going with dex here.
No. 684135 ID: 6cb462

No. 684161 ID: fad500

Let's go with CHA. That way, next time we ask someone to not freaking sacrifice us or make us their weird avatar thing, they might listen. ;^;
No. 684186 ID: b50be8

We have enough Cha driven Kobolds lets go with Wisdom with this one
No. 684231 ID: 5ad4a7

Ugh guys no. Look at the character sheet. The kobold is an Adept, which is a WISDOM based class:

So I say WISDOM.
No. 684234 ID: 225f37

Adept is an NPC class- my assumption is that he starts getting PC levels from here on out, and if he's doing so, based on his stats and traits, Charisma would be the way to go.
No. 684235 ID: 77e68b

Charisma! Put enough points in Bluff and you don't even NEED other skills!
No. 684252 ID: 58f9ec

No. 684263 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765646580.png - (1.29KB , 482x315 , i6-a.png )

Dexterity: 1 vote Wisdom: 3 votes Charisma: 5 votes * Charisma wins *

Ability Gained: Display of Charisma
No. 684264 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765649602.png - (7.92KB , 482x315 , i6.png )

Three years pass.
No. 684266 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765660774.png - (25.92KB , 509x549 , i7.png )

Something stirs within the swirling muck of magical power.

No. 684267 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765665602.png - (30.01KB , 509x549 , i8.png )

No. 684269 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765681345.png - (33.16KB , 509x549 , i9-b.png )

"Hello, world..."
No. 684274 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765747275.png - (111.69KB , 510x549 , i10.png )

Character sheet: http://tinyurl.com/npzddef


A flurry of colors burst out across the ground, scintillating around your body as you slowly stride out from their center. You are standing on the peak of a small mountain, and the cool morning air whips against your scales as you walk past the heat of two enormous metal braziers that burn with white flames. A familiar-looking stone table lies behind you.
No. 684275 ID: 8f84ee
File 144765758736.png - (221.90KB , 1031x676 , i11.png )

You step forwards, and underneath you are grooves that glow with a magical light within the stone floor, running down past the edge of the platform to branch off throughout the sprawling metropolis that spans out below you in levels upon the mountain. It looks as if the different segments of the city are on different vertical shelves, with vast plains and forests off in the distance.

"I've been asleep for way too long, but now that I'm awake, the magical fires of Azoth that burn within me are going to drive on a new era, and blaze a path into a brighter future! I swear upon this world that I will better this land, and bring prosperity to all those living in it! Rejoice, all of you in Azoth that sees this day, for I have been imbued with the power of kings! Your ruler walks among you once more!!"

:inhmegalomaniacal: "..."

:inhserious: Aaaand there's nobody here.

:inhfrustrated: Great... My first act as king, and I make a complete idiot out of myself.

Well, whatever, I guess it is my first day on the job. I kind of expected a better reception than 'none', though...

So... What now? There's a kind of stone palace-building behind me on the peak of this mountain. It's curving around the perimeter kind of like a half-moon with a central pillar coming out of the middle, and all along the top are all these spiky stone spires. Two entrances, one on either side, and that table is pressed up against the pillar in the center. ...I can see that guy in the red robes is over there by the far wall, too.

[Check abilities] [Examine something] [Speak with red-robe] [Check domain] [Ask something] [Other] [Check inventory] [Check quest log]
No. 684276 ID: a22f87

hey, been a long three years huh? So how much of the kobold is left in there and how much of the light is in there now?

Anyways go talk to red and see what's happen since you've been gone.
No. 684277 ID: 12b273

Awaken, and remember yourself. Your true self, not the glowing bodysnatcher.
No. 684278 ID: 225f37

Check ALL the things!
And then, yeah, standard question. Are you the kobold, or the light, or both? After that if the red guy is around I guess talk to him and get caught up on things.
No. 684292 ID: 58f9ec

Judging by the position of the sun in the sky, you've overslept and missed the reception.
No. 684295 ID: 6cb462

Speak with red-robe. Ask him for clothes. You can't rule naked, that would be awkward.
No. 684307 ID: ca183f

Three years, how dafuq did that happen?

[Check domain and IP address]
No. 684348 ID: 5773b9

Well that's just typical mortals, isn't it? You let them out of your sight for just three years and they move on with their lives and/or deaths.
No. 684409 ID: ad936f

But his true self was kind of a wimp.

Go complain to red face about how boring your reception is.
No. 684436 ID: fad500

Wild Arcana: Clarion Call.
Display of Charisma.

We don't need a reception. Let's give this city a speech.
No. 684438 ID: 3989a4

You were just practicing! That's all. Nothing unusual to see here.

Well, if you're going to lead your city to a golden new age, then you are going to need to look at the hard facts confront you. Ask red robe for a list of the city's most pressing problems. Also acquire an economic report detailing the current state of the treasury and general standard of living of the populous. Speaking of them, get some census data so we know who have to work with!
No. 684466 ID: 8f84ee
File 144773464610.png - (38.63KB , 930x610 , i12.png )



:inhempathetic: Guys, hey.. Don't.. don't worry so much, alright? It's still me here, even if I'm a little more glowy than I used to be. I appreciate you caring about my well-being, heh.. But really, I am the same kobold as I've always been, promise. My head's just...

:inhserious: ...a little more scrambled than before. There's a lot of information in there that wasn't in there before, and on top of that, I'm pretty sure there's some things that should be in there that I can't seem to be able to remember. I definitely feel more confident than before, too, but that's not really something I'd label as a 'problem'..

:inhpensive: As far as I can tell, the glowing light thing from before is just gone, which I guess was what it was talking about would happen. I don't know for sure, really. I wasn't exactly in a position to pay much attention to what was happening at the time.


:inhsurprised: Well, yeah, that would certainly work, but I think I'll wait on it to see if I can figure out why nobody's here, first.


:inhserious: Yeaahh... Some clothes would be really nice about now. ᴬᶫˢᵒ ᴵ ʲᵘˢᵗ ʳᵉᵃᶫᶦᶻᵉᵈ ᴵ'ᵛᵉ ᵇᵉᵉᶰ ᶰᵃᵏᵉᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰʳᵉᵉ ʸᵉᵃʳˢ ˢᵗʳᵃᶦᵍʰᵗ⋅

Let's just make a note for that...

http://tinyurl.com/pkwbm74 Quest log updated: Get some clothes

:inhnormal: There.


:inhnormal: Ahh, yes. Azoth, city of twinned spirits. Alright, let me just break it down a little from what I know now.

① This is where I am now. It's the peak of mount Azoth, and it's also where the stone castle is. It seems like it goes inside the mountain, which is why it's mostly just a bunch of spiky rocks up here.
② This is the Shadow District. From what I can remember, this is where production factories are, both magical and mundane. It's kind of in the shadow of the mountain, hence the name.
③ This is the Star District. It's the smallest district, but it's where all the magically-inclined people are. There should be schools for magic and artificers here, too. Predictably, it's the most opulent, or at least it was, I don't know what its state is now.
④ This is the Light District. A lot of people live here, but this is also a central hub of entertainment, food, and artistic stuff like plays and bookstores. Just to mention, if I'm going to buy some clothes that can fit me, this is where I'd find them.
⑤ This is the Ring District. It's the lowest and largest, most people live here. This is where all the shops are, too, and it's where you'd go if you wanted to do a lot of materials trading, manufactured goods trading, well, pretty much all trading, really.
⑥ Here's where it gets a little hazier. I don't know much about what's outside the Ring District, but it's called the Sun District, and it's where crops are grown. I think it's because people rise and fall with the sun... Anyway, it's a little more... rustic, but there are wells of magical power down there, so they're not isolated or anything.
⑦ And here's... the deep woods, outside of Azoth, I guess. Weird, I.. sort of feel like there should be more of the city, but I guess it's just heavy jungle. Anyway, this is pretty much the limit of the city. Apart from all this, I'm actually kind of unclear... but this was in my memories, so I'm going to assume it's right.


:inhcalm: Heh.. uh, about that.

:inhnormal: I can't die.

:inhcalm: I mean.. I can die, but from what I can tell, my existence has sort of been.. written into reality, if that makes any sense. I kind of just am. If I die, I'll regenerate back here in a day or so, and it'll take a lot to kill me in the first place. I mean, I guess I can still get hurt, but after three years...

:inhserious: ...well, let's just say my pain tolerance is very high.


:inhserious: Uuughh... I guess I can't keep putting it off. Okay, I know just a little about these guys. They're the Servitors. They served the font, kind of like high-priests, you might say. What they actually did, I have no idea.

I walk closer. He's writing something into the stone wall with his claw, and it's glowing and shifting around like letters. Wait... claw?

He turns around, his red robes shifting as he moves, and I see the tip of a tail beneath them. And he's... almost the same height as me.

And covered in scales.

:servitorm: "Greetings. I see that you have awakened, Inheritor."

:inhsurprised: ...Uh

[Where is everyone] [who are you] [chide] [why do I feel so weak] [you look different] [other] [where can I find clothes]
No. 684472 ID: a22f87

ask what happened during the last three years, if he's the same guy that kidnapped you, and if not where the two people who did kidnapped you are. Also clothes, clothes would be nice
No. 684473 ID: fbc59e

you look different. weren't you bigger than I was?
No. 684480 ID: 86cfc3

>Guys, hey.. Don't.. don't worry so much, alright? It's still me here, even if I'm a little more glowy than I used to be.
Uh-huh. That's exactly what a glowy possessing impostor would say.

The obvious question is how much you want to go along with your implanted designs. The mandate and will to rule- these are things that were given to you. They're not choices you made. (Well, except for that possibly ill advised oath you just shouted over the mountainside). You're only bound by responsibilities you accept.

That, and I'm still dubious how far you should be trusting your predecessor, or the followers it left you.

>you look different
Please tell me you didn't possess some poor sod too, just to fit in.

Why did that take so long.

>where can I find clothes
You could just cast Silent Image to produce whatever outfit you desire. It's not as if you actually need protection from the elements, it's more a matter of appearance.

Tangible benefits from clothing would be if it provided comfort to wear, or the utility of pockets. ...and enchanted gear, but it's not as if you need epic equipment at the moment.
No. 684483 ID: 56b266

Hmm, seems perhaps the Servitors reflect the physical aspect of the Vessel (being yourself)? Might be a good idea to ask why he looks like a kobold now. Alsp ask where the hell everyone is, and what's happened while you were conked out post-Infusion. Also ask him where you can get clothing.
No. 684489 ID: f2461f

We require some fine garments befitting of our role. Also you look different, did you do something with your hair?
No. 684525 ID: fad500

So... looks like we got some pretty sweet powers from the mantle of Azoth. What are the responsibilities?
No. 684539 ID: 5ad4a7

This isn't the same red figure as before.
No. 684541 ID: 58f9ec

Hm, maybe your existence being written into reality affected other things, hopefully it extends to things like the height of staircase steps and ladders in this building...
Aside from finding fitting clothes, you may have to make sure that you and others of your stature can make use of the furniture properly.
A two foot height isn't much if you are living in a five foot-sized mansion.
No. 684591 ID: d5f35d

I would guess the red robes and mask are a rank rather than something only one person wore.

Ask where everyone is. The city didn't go into catastrophic decline because their god was asleep for a few years, did they? Also ask where we can get clothes.
No. 684914 ID: 14039b

[your clothes, give them to me, now]
No. 685057 ID: 8f84ee


:inhserious: "...Have we ever spoken before?"

:servitorm: "Yes, my lord."

:inhpensive: Well, that settles that part, at least.

:inhserious: "What the heck happened? You're not the same species."

:servitorm: "Indeed, my lord. The Servitors' magic flows directly from the Font, and our bodies are inextricably linked to it. We take the form of our liege, whatever form that may be. Even if it is... inappropriate."

:inhsurprised: Hnh. Guess you were right.

:inhserious: "Okay... Now are you going to tell me why there's nobody here? I must've been tossing and turning for hours, why didn't anyone come to see me wake up?"

:servitorm: "It is because we did not tell them, my lord."

:inhwhat: "...What."

:servitorm: "We believed that the sudden appearance of a weak, power-drained successor of unimpressive stature would have the effect opposite to inspiring confidence given the circumstances of the city prior to your awakening."

:inhserious: "..."

:servitorm: "...You are.. very small, my lord."

:inhserious: "You said 'circumstances of the city', what do you mean by that?"

:servitorm: "Before you were brought, Azoth had been falling into disrepair. All resources were rerouted towards the Font's recovery, and so the lines of power became inoperable, as did all systems dependent upon them. When the rabble that would not dare attack this city heard of our lord's injuries, they began skirmishes at our borders, pilfering our land and taking our people as slaves. Upon the Font's disappearance... we were able to take more direct control, but all problems increased tenfold. The treasury was robbed, and your own power was siphoned away by unworthy brigands. The people became severely disheartened upon the loss of the Font's power, and the lack of a successor for so many years."

:inhserious: "How.. how bad is it?"

:servitorm: "Azoth is still a glorious metropolis, but it has declined severely compared to its previous status."

The POWER METHOD is: LEY LINE. The LEY LINE power source is: AMBIENT MAGIC. The LEY LINE power output is: POOR. The SOUL WEB is: ENABLED. The TREASURY's overall status is: POOR. There is a 4,320gp SURLPUS. The transportation methods are: WALKING, HORSE. Many factories, buildings, and roads are: RANSACKED. Luxuries are: COMMON. The military is composed of: GUARDS, STAR WARRIORS. The economy is: ACCEPTABLE. Health care is: ACCEPTABLE. The overall quality of life is: ACCEPTABLE.

:servitorm: "Tell me what you wish to know, that I might inform you of the status or details of anything else."

:inhfrustrated: "..Okay, I only understood about half of that."

:servitorm: "The stone spires upon the palace draw in ambient magic from the æther. The glowing lines within the stone are the ley lines, which take in this magic like the veins of sorcerers. They give this land a cohesion, and with enough power, effects may be imbued on the magic that flows through them, spreading out into the city. The magic within the ley lines may also be siphoned off to power magical lanterns and other such wonders throughout the city.

:inhserious: "What's a 'soul web'?"

:servitorm: "Azoth's might used to be so great that all citizens lived out their full lifespans within its walls. Should an accident occur, their souls would be collected by the soul web, locking them within crystals, whereupon they would be resurrected by the mages. Unfortunately, many of these crystals were stolen due to their value, and the cost of such powerful magics is too great for the treasury to bear right now. The soul web, however, is still functioning and active with the crystals that remain. Do not worry, my lord, we will return to to that prosperity one day."

:inhsurprised: "It really had that...? Okay, what was that about the treasury before?"

:servitorm: "The treasury is located within the palace. The treasury funds are very meticulously delineated for the maximum effectiveness. If a higher bracket of funding is reached, the services that it may fund will be increased, but currency and supplies short of that of that is not useful. The surplus is this remainder, to be used how you please."

:inhpeppy: "So.. spare money for anything?"

:servitorm: "In a sense, my lord. But this surplus will not replenish quickly without increasing the general wealth as well."

:inhcalm: Better use it carefully, I guess.

:inhcalm: "'Star warriors'?"

:servitorm: They are magically-gifted forces from the Star District, my lord. Unfortunately, most of them have perished over the years, and many of their soul crystals have been stolen.

:inhserious: "Great... But.. that was still a while ago, wasn't it? Why haven't more people joined up to protect their homes?"

:servitorm: "The Font... dissuaded such notions, my lord. The land of Azoth is glorious and unchanging, and those that dared to attack faced his wrath directly. When the Font would see fit to intercede, the occasion would be momentous. All were trained to lay down their weapons and bow to his glory, even if it should cost them their lives to do so, for their faith in his power would be rewarded with replenished life once the situation had been dealt with. Azoth's enemies trembled before him, and were eradicated without question, and the attacks would cease. There was no need for the people to take up arms themselves."

:inhpensive: This Font guy is starting to sound kind of creepy...


:inhnormal: "You changed to be a kobold, did the rest of the city change sizes too?"

:servitorm: "No, my lord. All of Azoth is saturated in your magic, but its physical properties are static aside from us. Getting around the city and palace has.. not been consistently trivial, at times."

:inhserious: If I get trapped because a ladder is too small, I'm going to be really depressed.


:inhfrustrated: To tell you the truth... I don't really know how to feel about all this. I mean, I want to help, but... Is it really me? These things were ready to sacrifice me just to give their emperor an energy snack, and that Font thing.. doesn't exactly seem like the best person.

:inhserious: I've only seen one of the Servitors now, but they also seem like they've thrown their line in pretty far with him. And.. then again... Azoth did seem like a good place to live, for the most part... And even if it didn't come from me, I do still feel this sort of.. familiarity, I guess, with this place.

:inhfrustrated: Guh, this is making my head hurt.


:inhempathetic: Well.. Actually, I don't need to sleep, but the weather still affects me. If it's cold I'm going to freeze, especially since kobolds are kind of cool-blooded..

:inhserious: And making a silent image of clothes is a baaad idea. If I stop concentrating for even a moment, like if something surprises me? Suddenly I'm completely naked again.


:inhfrustrated: Yeaaah... I really want some clothes.

:inhnormal: "So.. If none of the other objects changed.. I'm guessing there isn't any clothing in my size."

:servitorm: "That would be correct."

:inhcalm: "So where can I get some, exactly?"

:servitorm: "The king of Azoth does not typically attempt to obscure themselves, but if you truly wish, you may take some from a specialty store if you can find such in town. In addition, I will transmogrify cloth into clothing if you bring the materials to me."

:inhnormal: Hmh.

[Retrieve surplus treasure] [go somewhere] [check abilities] [quest log] [drained power] [where is the blue one] [other] [take off your mask]
No. 685058 ID: 77e68b

Take off that mask unless it's like dogma to never take it off. It'd be nice to know who you're dealing with! Also in terms of clothing, robes ought to be warm enough, and maybe the appearance of a humble god-emperor would help morale!
No. 685059 ID: 5ad4a7

Maybe a simple cloak would be better, then. If nakedness is appropriate for the King, then you simply desire some protection from the elements.
Alternatively, we could get a magic ring/necklace that does the same thing.
[where is the blue one]
No. 685060 ID: 86cfc3

>complains about your height and that they adopted your form
Yes, well it's not as if you forced this on them. Perhaps they'll think twice the next time they get the urge to kidnap someone smaller and weaker for a sacrificial ritual.

They could us the lesson in humility.

>what else
Where's his partner? (Um. He is a he, right?). What's his name, for that matter?

>The Font... dissuaded such notions, my lord. [...] There was no need for the people to take up arms themselves.
It sounds like the first thing we might have to do is to teach people to take some measure of responsibility for their own lives, again. You will not be powerful enough to directly intercede on their behalf in all situations for a long time, if you ever are.

>The king of Azoth does not typically attempt to obscure themselves
Yeah well the last dude was a ball of light. Nudity looks less impressive on you.
No. 685072 ID: a22f87

so where is the blue one... and I guess we should pick up there names as well since it seems we're going to be stuck with them for awhile. As for things to do, Once we get some clothes we should check out the city and see exactly what we have to work with. From the sounds of things the city itself is pretty fine but we're going to need to beef up the guards and star warriors so we can actually protect/reclaim settlements outside of the city. I guess we also need to find new ways to make money and see if we can't find people to rebuild all the shit that got smashed while the city was in decline But I'm sure we'll have a solid plan soon enough.
No. 685232 ID: e730ab

Hm, how many people currently live in the city now? Unless the city walls have been closed off and ...things done to drive everyone away there should still be a fairly large population living in the city.

As for clothes, I suggest going with whatever standard uniform the Servitors offer to their own people, it's cheap, can be obtained on a moments notice, will hide the fact that you are a living god, and most importantly annoy anyone who knows what you are.
No. 685269 ID: 8f84ee

:inhcalm: Hmm. 'Clothes Ring'? That actually sounds pretty easy to make! You'd just need to imbue some transmutative power into a ring or something.

'Ring of Clothes' - 200gp estimated cost, spellcraft DC 16

:inhserious: ..Unless you mean a ring to let me endure the elements, in which case that would be a bit more involved. I bet I could still do it, though.

'Ring of Endure Elements' - 2,000gp estimated cost, spellcraft DC 17


:inhpensive: Yeah, I know what you mean. By the sound of it, this font thing was almost training people not to think for themselves. No wonder things went bad...

:inhserious: I don't really know how to train guards, though, much less star warriors. I guess I'll have to fake it or try to get someone else.

Quest log updated: Strengthen Azoth's defenses


:inhnormal: Well, I hiding who I am shouldn't be too hard, I can probably just use my powers to Disguise myself as a different kobold. I can stay Disguised indefinitely, too, so maintaining it wouldn't be very hard. Not that I wouldn't still need clothes...

:inhcalm: "What do people wear in Azoth anyway?"

:servitorm: "Whatever they believe would befit them, I would assume, my liege."

:inhnormal: Well, there doesn't seem to be a uniform thing to follow.

:inhdevilgrin: I am all for annoying people by wearing things I'm not supposed to, though, just for the record.

:inhnormal: "So.. How many people live here? Total, I mean."

:servitorm: "There are exactly 42,830 individuals living in Azoth."

:inhempathetic: "Hah... oh, is that all...?"

:inhempathetic: That is not a small amount of people. Hahaa..


:inhnormal: Sounds like either a magic ring, or simple robes is the best choice I guess.

:inhempathetic: "Is there anywhere I could.. make something?"

:servitorm: "My liege?"

:inhcalm: "Like, jewelry. Something made out of metal. Maybe somewhere with magical reagents to work with..?"

:servitorm: "..."

:servitorm: "I suppose.. there are manufacturing facilities within the shadow district that could serve."


:inhpensive: "..."

:inhnormal: "Take off your mask."

:servitorm: "M-my... lord?"

:inhnormal: "Your mask. Take it off."

:servitorm: "I.. I do not see any reason that I should, sir."

:inhnormal: "So, where does your magic flow directly from again?"

:servitorm: "You, my lord. But--"

:inhserious: "And who's the one who was going to sacrifice me because someone told them to?
Display of Charisma used, 7/8 MPP left. 1d20+27=42 diplomacy.
:servitorm: "..."

:inhnormal: "..."

:servitormunmasked: "..."

:inhdevilgrin: "..."

:servitormunmasked: "⋅⋅⋅ᶜᵃᶰ ᴵ ᵖᵘᵗ ᵐʸ ᵐᵃˢᵏ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ ᵒᶰ ᶰᵒʷ"


:inhnormal: Yeah, that's a guy.

:inhnormal: "Where's the blue one?"

:servitorm: "She is surveying our borders and the rabble outside from afar. You will find her near to here, behind the palace."

:inhserious: "What are your names, anyway?"

:servitorm: "We do not have them, my lord. We gave them up long ago so that we would better serve our master."

:inhpensive: Well that's not... creepy or anything..

You step away and walk to the edge of the stone platform, where there is a small path around the half-moon-shaped stone palace. There are a few fallen spires like the ones on atop the castle here, and someone in a blue robe is kneeling down on the ground.

:servitorf: "..."

:inhserious: "Hello?"

:servitorf: "Oh. Good day, sir, it is good to see you awake."

[What's outside] [check abilities] [what are you doing] [about that drained power] [go somewhere] [other] [take off your mask]
No. 685270 ID: 86cfc3

>rings for clothes making
Being able to change your outfit on the fly would have all kinds of practical utility, but it's perhaps not our immediate priority.

>"Whatever they believe would befit them, I would assume, my liege."
You'd think there would still be cultural trends or styles, but I guess Red and Blue aren't very plugged into those.

>take off your mask
...geeze. Okay, that's enough humiliation / intimidation for now.

Although continue to show no sympathy for any further complaints as to their shape or form. They chose this, not you. And if they find your form uncomfortable, that's poetic justice for their callousness.

>don't have names
Yeah, that's silly. They are officially Red and Blue, now. They can deal with that. It's too formal to address them as "servitor" all the time.

>what do
They've had three years while you've been incapacitated. What have they been up to? I'd assume you have more raw power at your disposal, but they have a good deal more experience actually helping this town to work. I hope they put that time to good use?

Also yes, ask what she's going, and inquire as to their own abilities and powers. If they're going to help us, we need to know their capabilities.
No. 685273 ID: 5ad4a7

[about that drained power]

Also, just to be fair
[take off your mask]
No. 685274 ID: 64b434

Sounds like you/ the previous Inheritor lived after "Il Principe":
"Therefore a wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him."

Careful with toppling such a system over, the backlash could be letal.

But for now:[What's outside] Lets see if there are immediate threats of oportunitys we have to adress.
No. 685275 ID: 3989a4

You need to find out about the tactics used by the people attacking the city currently? Are they a formal army, or mostly thieves?

Securing the city from attack is pretty important. When you're getting overwhelmed, building some defenses is the order of the day. If there is plenty of wood available, you should be able to build a bunch a crap-ton (that's a technical term) of ballista to supplement the defenses.

Also, try to get some allies. Maybe invite your former kobold tribes in?
No. 685276 ID: 3989a4

"We can hold up in these bunkers if things get too dicey!" -- Terran Marine from Starcraft who actually survived the map! Learn from his success!
No. 685277 ID: 5ad4a7

It's too bad we don't have any perks that let us craft items instantly or for free.
No. 685279 ID: cdd35c

Ask them what about their day and what are they currently doing?
No. 685774 ID: 8f84ee


:inhcalm: "What are you doing?"

:servitorf: "Observing our borders from this vantage point, and glimpsing beyond into the affairs of neighboring nations. It is important to be informed of events that take place, especially given the weakened state of Azoth and the theft of many of our dangerous artifacts."

:inhsurprised: "Dangerous artifacts?"

:servitorf: "Yes, sir. There is an artifact vault within the palace, where many magical artifacts have been sealed away."

:inhcalm: "To.. prevent them from hurting people?"

:servitorf: "It is more accurate to say they are there as part of Azoth's bounty, but the end result is indeed the protection of those who could not comprehend their power from being overwhelmed by them. Unfortunately, the artifact vault was a target for raids over the past years, and the quarantine zones were breached frequently. The vault now is much more empty than it should be."

:inhserious: "I see..."

:inhpensive: ...Artifacts? Plural? Those sound like they're a big deal. I'm starting to feel really uneasy about this... Whatever were in those 'quarantine' zones aren't anymore. If that's not cause for concern, I'm not sure what is.


:inhpensive: "..."

:inhnormal: "Hey Blue, take off your mask."

:servitorf: "! I-I would really prefer not to, my lord."

:inhdevilgrin: "I wanna see your face."

:servitorf: "M-my lord, is there anything else that you--"

:inhempathetic: "What's all the fuss about?"

:servitorf: "S-sir, the servitors' masks have not been removed for at least--"

:inhnormal: "Red over there took his off."
1d20+7=26 Diplomacy.
:servitorf: "..."

:inhcalm: "..."

:servitorfunmasked: "..."

:inhcalm: Aaah.. I feel so much better now.

:servitorf: "...isthereanything else I may help you with, my lord?"


:inhempathetic: Heh, yeah... good idea.

:inhcalm: Too bad I.. can't for the life of me remember my former tribe. Or.. well.. anything about them at all, really. There's a whole lot like that that's just.. missing now, I guess.


:inhserious: "So.. I'm awake now."

:servitorf: "Sir?"

:inhserious: "I can tell that there is so much power inside me now, but something doesn't feel quite right. And Red said something about me being 'power-drained'...? What happened?"

:servitorf: "Ah, yes, it is unfortunately true. When the Font transferred his domain to you, and you laid there upon the altar for three years, a kind of leakage occurred as your form rejected the energies. It could not be helped; your body could not take so much power at one time, and before you had a chance to absorb the rest, it was scattered away and stolen by opportunistic scavengers and fortunate vagabonds. We ought be thankful to providence ourselves that the leakage was all that occurred; it was a very risky endeavor after all, usually power of that magnitude is impossible to transfer owners, much less from one of such sheer, glorious majesty to one of such insignificant prowess."

You do indeed feel a strange, faint feeling of loss within you, as if a swathe of information had been stricken from your character sheet.

:inhsurprised: "Hold on a second, you mean to tell me you didn't even know if that ritual was going to work or not at all?"

:servitorf: "Well... yes and no, my liege. Our lord, you see, possessed a kind of precognitive sight, able to observe events in the future as one would remember the past, choosing lines of action that would lead to his desired outcome. It was a very real risk that the attempt of the ritual on your body would have destroyed you irrevocably, but I surmise our lord had already known the result before the attempt had even begun."

:servitorf: "In more simple terms, you could say that his dice were loaded."

:inhpensive: "I... I see. And this drained power.."

:servitorf: "If you should come in contact with the power, it would not be difficult to absorb it yourself. You are its rightful owner. You may have to kill whoever possesses it currently, however, or manage to get them to agree to relinquish it. If you should ask, I will search for the location of one of your lost pieces of power to the best of my ability."


:inhpensive: Yeah.. I don't really look forward to getting killed by my own people. I guess I shouldn't be expecting this to be easy, but.. I have to do something, don't I...?

:inhserious: "Alright, well.. for now, I think you'd better tell me the layout of everything, and about those places you're spying on."

:servitorf: "Very well, my liege. Here is the status of the outlying nations in this area. I will list them in order of proximity to us."

To the North-West are GNOLL TRIBALS, collectively known as the Rimewind clan. They used to be many warring tribes, but they banded together under one leader twenty years ago, raising their level of formidability. They have attempted failed skirmishes against Azoth in the past, and then several successful ones in the last five years, however, they have stopped hostilities all but completely since late last year. Your HONOR amongst the Rimewind clan is 23%; they have high animosity for you, but seem more interested in their own affairs than acting upon hostilities. To the North is CRADLE, a drow city situated beneath the shadow of a great forest. The dark elves are known for their brutal social orders, operating on betrayal and heavy subjugation of males and other races to uphold a theocratic matriarchy in worship of their goddess. It is believed that they are the primary culprits behind the thefts within the artifact vault. Your HONOR amongst CRADLE 46%; they hold a some measure of admiration for your power, but have disdain for your gender, your not being a drow, and for Azoth's weakness in recent times. To the North-East is MUR-GAHANA, the cosmopolitan home of several different races. It is a comparatively new, democratic civilization, formed of refugees that fled down from the far North-West. There is not much of note in this large town, but they are still of interest because of the magician's academy located within their borders, which has grown in prestige surprisingly quickly. Your HONOR amongst MUR-GAHANA is 38%; they have no particular hatred of you, but early on, they learned quickly and bitterly that Azoth is not obligated to assist them. To the South-East is the port city of Franza, a wealthy offshoot city of a distant empire. Franza is a metropolis, possessing developed infrastructure and a large population composed mainly of two social castes, celestial-blooded beings and those touched by hell. The upper caste performs such tasks as administration and fine artisanry, while the lower caste is set to more manual labor. Franza is a ways away, and its people have scarcely had any contact with Azoth. Your HONOR within FRANZA is 46%; Franza has not heard of you, but your race is disfavored within its society.

:inhsurprised: "Wow, all of that? How do you know what you're telling me is correct?"

:servitorf: "Much of it I am aware of from direct observation, my lord. It is within my power to observe in this manner, when I am free of other duties to do so."

:inhcalm: "Huh, alright. I think you missed one, though."

:servitorf: "My lord..?"

:servitorf: "..Ah, of course."

AZOTH is almost as much a city as it is an organism. Isolated from outside influences by thick forestation and magical wards, it is a world of its own. The lifeblood of Azoth flows from the Palace of Stone, which in turn draws its power from the lord of Azoth, the scattered magical power that permeates the land. These veins of power run throughout the city, supplying these magical energies to all that live within its borders. Needless to say, what others would deem to be incredible feats of magic are commonplace in the city of twinned souls, and its people have a deep devotion to their lord, worshiping their power and leadership. Azoth has existed in the same state, unchanging for eons, frozen in time and prosperous until quite recently when their king became injured. After many years with an infirm ruler, and three without any at all, the city has fallen into decline, and quickly. It still is, however, a wonder to behold. Your HONOR within AZOTH is 62%; the people are devoted to your well-being even over their own, and they welcome your presence once more within the city, but they have been left to suffer alone for quite an extended period, and their minds have become jaded and afflicted with anxieties.

:inhsurprised: "Sixty two? That's... that's all?"

:servitorf: "Yes, my lord."

:inhfrustrated: "That's.. not very much! That's how much they trust me...?"

:servitorf: "Somewhat, my lord. It is a general measure of your reputation amongst a given people, which corresponds to their trust in you, their devotion to assisting you, their view of Azoth and your position, how much you ask of them, and other such factors."

:inhsurprised: "Still, only sixty two..?"

:servitorf: "That is still a firmly positive outlook upon you, my liege!"

:inhsurprised: "I was hoping people were going to trust me a little more than that! How am I going to help everyone if they don't trust me enough to go along with my plans...?"

:servitorf: "Oh, is that all? I hardly think you should be worrying about such things, my lord."

:inhsurprised: "Huh..?"

:servitorf: "You may relax, my liege, people don't truly expect you to lead them. You are simply a creature that must exist to power the ley lines and keep the city active, nobody is going to attempt to hold you to these difficult standards."

:inhsurprised: "I..."

:servitorf: "We will, of course, assist you regardless my lord. Would you like for me to attempt to locate a piece of your splintered power?"

:inhsurprised: "..."

[Check for power] [view abilities] [check vault] [travel] [other]
No. 685777 ID: a22f87

alright I after hearing that I think I got a general idea on how we should handle this. First worry about becoming more powerful yourself. If we want to help anyone we're going to have to be able to help ourselves first. Plus if we can regain some of Azoth's power it will be much easier to convice people to help us and put some fear into the other nations since it seems like half of them only respect us for our strength.

After we get some personal power we can then focus on building up the city's defensives. Train more guards into a force that can actually protect the realm without you needing to be there to hold there hand and getting the star warriors numbers up so they can actually be a valuable part of the city's defenders.

The lastly AFTER we have become more powerful AND build up our city's fighting forces we can start looking towards the other kingdoms since we should be strong enough to safely leave our lands to regain our lost powers/items and the city should be strong enough to protect itself should someone try to pull something while we're not home.

This is just a general idea of course and if something comes up out of order I see no reason why we shouldn't take any opportunity that comes up if it helps rebuild the city to it's former glory. But for now see what's left in the vault, see what you can do (check abilities) and see if you can't find some of your lost power.
No. 685780 ID: ca183f

> locate shards of power
This is probably a good thing to be doing all the time, in general. The constant B-quest, yanno.

> people don't expect you to be a leader
Don't care. If you're going to be a king, you may as well BE A KING.
(I mean, unless you don't want to, we're here to support and guide you, not make life choices for you.)

> neighboring areas

> Rimewind clan
They'll inevitably harass us again, but until they do, the best policy is probably to just leave them alone. Then when they attack you can have the moral high ground of keeping the peace for however long.

> Cradle
Buncha racist dicks bitches. I don't think there's much we can do to improve relations, especially when we'll be wanting to get our artifacts back from them.

Probably the easiest to improve relations with; just make it clear that Azoth is under new leadership and now willing to help when reasonable.

A blank slate, which is better than we've got with anyone else. I wouldn't initiate diplomacy at this point though. Wait until we have our domestic problems under control.

> And speaking of which...
62%... is better than I was expecting, honestly. But we've still got our work cut out for us, starting with proving to the populace that we're worthy of actually leading them. Which might be tough, especially if it's a policy change from the last king.

So let's get started! Probably with increasing either our personal power or the city defences. The former is easier, but the latter more important.
No. 685808 ID: 225f37

Yeah, seems like recovering power should be a priority- any way of tracking down where that went?

OH, also, was your old kobold tribe anywhere nearby? Unless I'm way off my mark here, kobolds are known for living in places rich with rare minerals- jewels, gold, the like. If that's true, and they're nearby, it might be worth stopping by and including them into the kingdom. Should help increase the treasury and all that.
No. 685849 ID: 3989a4

They don't expect you to do anything besides power the system. Heh. Talk about low expectations!

Ask him why you are only expected to do such a bare minimum? Is it because you're a small kobold now, or is there something else you should know?
No. 685908 ID: 742b4a

Check the vault. Time is not yet pressing so we should prepare a little bit with what artifacts we have available already.
...on the other hand if you were to die in your weakened state you are likely to lose whatever items you have on you. Anything we carry is at risk, so we should only take things that are easily replaced.
No. 686015 ID: 91d220

Heh, given this, Azoth may not have been the ruler of the city for the time that the Font was failing,as repairing the Font could have adsorbed enough of their attention to cause them to be unable to fulfil such duties to their satisfaction.
Depending on the political situation and the attitudes of the current rulers, they may desire to keep you mostly focused on dealing with maintaining and repairing the Font rather than decisions on policy and economics...
Can't blame them though, you are a kobold, what did you use to do again? In addition they probably have more experience and competence doing this task.
That being said, politics and other duties can come later, if you desire to help with running the city in other ways than just Font related stuff, right now we need to assess what we have to work with and start a strategy.
[Check for Power]
No. 686017 ID: ca183f

Oh, hey, that's a concern... who's been running the city during this whole shebanter and are they going to be upset about having to give it back?
No. 686020 ID: 8f84ee


:inhuneasy: "They don't want me to lead them..?"

:servitorf: "Well no, my liege. The Font's radiance reached far across the land, providing for all those within his domain. Even were you to possess all of the original power of the Font, you are young, inexperienced with the task of ruling Azoth, not to mention your low stature. It is unfair to wish for you to replace what He was, but you still provide a priceless service to your people."

:inhuneasyback: "So that's.. all I am? Just an energy supply...?"

:servitorf: "My lord, you do yourself a disservice! You are responsible for a major source of power to unaligned wielders of magic everywhere!"

:inhuneasy: "Unaligned wielders..?"

:servitorf: "Yes, my lord. There are many gods in aeternia, nenevolent and malevolent, axiomatic and anarchic, mirthful and solemn. Some were once men, while others have existed since time immemorial. Whatever their individual goals, they all extend divine fingers to grip at the lives of mortals, offering power in return for their servitude. You assist those who have no god, charging their magic with your own so as to equal the others."

:inhglum: "Wait a second, that's.. kind of unfair, isn't it? I mean, don't a lot of nice gods just want to protect people from trying to hurt them...?"

:servitorf: "Perhaps, my lord. But they, too, may have their agendas, which are capable of causing a good deal of harm, whether intended or not. Ascended men may sometimes carry petty grievances with them into their next incarnation, for instance. Such things then often become magnified with such ascension. Do not expect one who has hated a race in life to look upon them favorably in immortality."

"I.. I see."

:servitorf: "And so you are able to see a dilemma in the making. Let us imagine an isolated village of orcs, for example, at odds with humans in close proximity. An orc child is stricken by a poison from an injury outside the village. Only magical assistance will save the child in time. Knowing that the gods the humans worship would not show mercy to them, and with only limited knowledge of other gods that might favor them, the orcs must entreat the aid of other forces to use the magic they need. And so a price is paid, the disruption of the machinations of the humans' deities. The pact has transformed the orcs into pawns, the humans respond at the will of their gods, and all-out war soon results. A generation-spanning animosity is inflamed."

:servitorf: "It is often in the gods' favors to force mortals to choose, to take a patron when they would not wish to do so otherwise. Without your presence to strengthen the ambient magics, it is theorized that the gods could possibly establish systems to dampen the magic of those who practice their craft independently."

:inhuneasyback: "..."

:inhuneasy: "But.. that's still just from me standing around, isn't it..?"

:servitorf: "Do not worry my lord, I am sure that in a few decades when the city has regained some of its glory, we will be able to groom you into a proper king, perhaps even do something to change your form as well."

:inhglumback: "..."


:inhserious: Yeah.. I can't just stand around and do nothing. Red told me about a whole bunch of problems... Maybe I could figure out how to fix some of those, or get him to tell me about other things that need improvement.


:inhsurprised: Oh! Right, let's break it down a little bit.

:inhserious: Now, I'm not completely sure about this stuff, I haven't been awake for very long. I'll do my best, though.

:inhnormal: I guess we can start on the basics. I've got both arcane and divine magic running through me. I guess that's what people kept meaning when they said 'twinned spirits' or whatever, cuz they both feel pretty natural to me. I can tap into either, but unless it's a really small thing like making light, I can only cast about 10 spells every day before I need to recharge. Unless it's really expensive, I don't need magical foci to cast spells, either, and I can cast spells without talking! I can do stuff like healing small injuries, making illusionary images, magically ordering people around, masking something so people can't tell that it's magic, identifying magic items, and...

:inhserious: A protection charm. Huh. Weird.. feels kind of familiar, but I'm pretty sure I only just got all my magic.

:inhnormal: Oh, and rainbows. I can shoot rainbows at people.

You can cast 10 Lv1 spells per day. You can cast an infinite number of Lv0 spells per day. The spells you know are detailed on your character sheet ( http://tinyurl.com/npzddef ), and detailed descriptions of them can be found here. http://tinyurl.com/cgmt5oa http://tinyurl.com/cr3qq4k You are a multiclass Sorcerer/Oracle, and CHARISMA is your casting stat.

:inhcalm: I'll be honest.. I'm a lot stronger than I was, but I'm still a kobold. I'm not one for direct fighting with someone if I can help it.

:inhnormal: ...Even so, I won't go down without a fight. I'm a lot hardier than I look, and all that information that's in my head? ...A lot of it is in my muscle memory, too. I'll have to sort through it a little bit, but I'm flexible enough in martial combat that I can perform feats that you'd probably only expect warriors to be able to do. I can still fight with a weapon, and I'm not afraid to go tail to toe with someone if it comes to that.

You have 4 points of Martial Flexibility per day. Using one point will allow you to gain a Combat Feat temporarily, such as Weapon Proficiency with scimitars. A list of combat feats can be found here. http://tinyurl.com/7sefxc6

:inhempathetic: Worst comes to worse, I'll just come back later, right..? Heh..

If Inheritor dies, he will revive back in Azoth a small amount of time later.

:inhnormal: I have skills too, so don't hesitate to get me to use them! I can sneak around pretty well since I'm so small, and I have a knack for magic items. I think I'm a pretty decent talker in general, and I guess I can make disguises fairly well.

:inhdevilgrin: I am a kobold, though.. Working with devices and mechanisms is in my blood.

Your total Skill modifiers are listed directly adjacent to their skills on your character sheet.

:inhserious: Okay, here's where things get weird. I have mythic power that I can use to do things.. that most people can't do. I can use it to cast any spell so long as it's not stronger than the rest I can cast normally. I can also use it to perform incredible feats of charisma.

:inhfrustrated: ...Wow, that sounded really pretentious. Okay just, let's put it this way, I can use it to be very good at lying, being diplomatic, disguising myself, calming animals, scaring people, and using magic items when I have no idea what I'm doing.

:inhnormal: Oh, uh, and performance art, too, I guess. I can throw mythic power around when doing other things too, and it'll probably do something helpful.

If you wish to use a mythic power point while performing an action, please state so. Many actions are applicable, and the point will not be spent if otherwise. Inheritor may or may not use them automatically.

I only have about 8 uses per day, though, so I have to be careful not to go overboard. I've already used one so far.

:inhfocus: Here, let me just...
No. 686021 ID: 8f84ee

:inhnormal: There, much better. ᴰᶦᵈᶰ'ᵗ ᶰᵉᵉᵈ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵗʷᶦᶜᵉ⋅⋅⋅

:inhserious: Last things, I guess... So, usually it takes a lot of effort to learn how to enchant items to be magical, but I.. I get it. I don't know if I always have or if that's new, but I just.. understand how it works. I should be able to make anything if I have enough resources and can manage the rituals.

:inhpensive: The only other stuff I can think of is that I shouldn't need food, water, or sleep, and things like curses and cursed equipment shouldn't affect me at all.


:inhpensive: "Hey... Do you know where the kobold tribes are? I mean... where I came from?"

:servitorf: "They are hardly notable, my lord."

:inhserious: "... Humor me."

:servitorf: "Very well."

To the far North is the town of Daehli. It is an insignificant locale, far removed enough from the world to have developed with few strains of old grudges, yet not far enough to have a particularly vibrant culture aside from basics brought there by its inhabitants. It is mainly a mining and logging town. Half the town is located outside of a mountain, the other half inside where a small tribe of kobold and goblin refugees merged peaceably with a nearby human settlement by means of goods and laborer exchange.

:servitorf: "There, is that sufficient, my lord?"


:inhserious: "So, you two have been running things yourselves while I've been in a coma?"

:servitorf: "Yes, my lord. Much of Azoth is automated, however. We assisted as best we could while such wonders were forbidden to the populace, but with your return, we envision a return to such times of glory, even if it may take time."

:inhpensive: Yeah, I figured as much. From what the Font said, these two seem kind of like the caretakers here. I'm not surprised they were keeping things running for that time..


:inhserious: "You can check for the power that got drained away?"

:servitorf: "Yes, sir. Shall I?"

:inhserious: "Yeah."

:servitorf: "..."

:inhserious: "..."

:servitorf: "..."

:inhserious: "..."

:servitorf: "..."

:inhpensive: "..."

:servitorf: "I have felt two uses of your powers this time. The first is within Cradle. The second is close by to the Rimewind clan's territory."

:inhserious: "Alright, good to know I guess... How do I find them when I go there?"

:servitorf: "I am unsure, my lord, unfortunately you must solve that dilemma yourself. I recommend searching for creatures exhibiting strange powers, or disproportionate skill in those two areas."


:inhserious: "Anything I need to know about the vault before going in?"

:servitorf: "I need not tell you that many objects inside are quite dangerous. Please do also remember that you cannot take any others with you into the vault, for the dangers are far too extreme for mortal bodies to withstand."

:inhsurprised: "Dangers?"

:servitorf: "Yes, my lord. You are immune to the effects by virtue of your timeless existence, but mortals that attempt to enter the vault are torn apart by the jagged timestreams within."

:inhsurprised: ...That sounds terrifying.

:inhserious: "Okay.. well, I'm going to check and see what's there at least, even if I can't take anything out.."

:servitorf: "You may if you wish, my lord. The artifacts are yours to manipulate."

:inhserious: "I mean I don't want any more getting stolen."

:servitorf: "...A-ah. I see, my.. lord."

:inhserious: "...? What, what is it?"

:servitorf: "I.. do not know what you mean, my lord."
Sense motive 1d20=19+1=20
:inhsurprised: ...Did.. did she just lie to me?

[Inquire gingerly] [Demand/threaten] [Ask bluntly] [Guilt trip] [Ask repeatedly] [Lie?] [Other] [Just leave]
No. 686022 ID: 46df9e

>mortals that attempt to enter the vault are torn apart by the jagged timestreams within.

Wait, how was anything stolen? Were immortals involved, or are there ways to remove the artifacts without entering the vault?
No. 686025 ID: 225f37

Okay, so the nobody-expects-anything-of-you bit is a little disheartening, but look on the bright side: due to the way the Font works you're being quite useful to everyone just by being around, so there's less pressure to immediately dive right into everything. You can sorta do things at your own pace.

If you think she's lying, inquire gingery about it- you're new to the job, she didn't really know you, and you're sure she had her reasons. Hell, it could just be that something was stolen while she was supposed to be watching and she's too embarrassed to admit it. In either case you should A. figure out what if anything happened and B. How t avoid it happening again if so

(Unrelatedly, next time you level, consider putting two points into Perform: Dance. It's a prerequisite to Dervish Dancer, the only way to get or fairly-high Dex to our Melee damage- useful if we get into melee range. But that's for much later, I think)
No. 686037 ID: a22f87

>A protection charm. Huh. Weird.. feels kind of familiar, but I'm pretty sure I only just got all my magic.
You had a few small spells before you got captured remember? That was the one spell we kept trying to get you to cast before Azoth merged with you.

But yeah, start by asking gingerly and if that fails then just ask bluntly and mix it with a guilt trip.
No. 686089 ID: 86cfc3

So did Red not follow you, or has he just been content to let Blue do all the talking?

>"Sixty two? That's... that's all?"
I dunno, that's actually a pretty high approval rating, by our standards. Especially since you've been operating in absentia for three years.

>Well no, my liege. The Font's radiance reached far across the land, providing for all those within his domain. Even were you to possess all of the original power of the Font, you are young, inexperienced with the task of ruling Azoth, not to mention your low stature. It is unfair to wish for you to replace what He was, but you still provide a priceless service to your people.
I think that's the first sensible thing they've said. Just because you've got superpowers doesn't suddenly mean you have the skills and experience of a ruler.

That said, Red and Blue have a lot of experience in the administration and upkeep of this city. We if have an agenda, we should be leaning on them for a means to implement it, and using our own power and charisma as tools to further it. You are going to need their help to bring any agenda to a meaningful fruition, though.

>I am sure that in a few decades when the city has regained some of its glory, we will be able to groom you into a proper king, perhaps even do something to change your form as well.
You'll concede that you're not fit to rule outright with your current experience. That doesn't mean you can afford to take no action, though. The city is facing difficulties and you have to believe their is proactive action possible that is within your means.

You'll need their help with that. They have more experience in these matters, and you'll need consul.

...and you have no intention of changing your form. We'll work on overcoming local social prejudices instead.

>"They are hardly notable, my lord."
That changes. Despite the holes in your memory, they are your people. Your past. As much as is is your inherited obligation to aid Azoth, it should be your obligation to aid them as well. Extending our bounty to include to kobolds, or otherwise raising their standard of living, is a goal in your agenda. (Which could meany anything from trying to incorporate them into Azothian society, or making them trading partners, or any number of things, depending on how they feel about you and Azoth in general).

>Did.. did she just lie to me?
Sounds like it.

>Inquire gingerly
We need her assistance long term, this needs to be handled with care.

If the "timestreams" in the vault would tear any mortal thief apart, that suggests the theft was accomplished by another immortal. Or a mortal with massive skill in time based magics to protect themselves. Or... that the objects weren't stolen as such.

You two are tied to my nature, are you not? Could you be said to be functionally immortal? Can you safely enter the vault?

My suspicion is she's been selling artifacts on the side in order to fund the city, or something along those lines. Which is an infraction we can forgive- sometimes it's necessary to expend resources to survive. (Especially when she expected her new Lord would eventually appear and forcibly reclaim the items from their buyers, resulting in no net loss). That said, we need stop bleeding, and we need to know what went where.
No. 686124 ID: 91d220

It doesn't look like Red followed the Inheritor here, no...

>Font supplying magic users with power.
>Font power source is Inheritor symbiotic spirit
>Potential risk of side effects if host and spirit are affected
Hm. So the Font is also designed to bleed magic across the landscape to amplify the talents of non-divine magic users.
Given it can also be used as a powerful weapon, it's possible that side effects and other strangeness could result from a disrupted Font too.
Might want to ask about any side effects of Font usage and potential dangers of bringing artifacts into close proximity of it - good thing you are immune to curses!

>Potential divine threat
Gods being the main source of magic is worrying, in addition to possible threats from divine magic we may also have to deal with religion being used as a propaganda tool.
Depending on how closely these gods desire to hold control over magic use you may have to discount any long term alliances with them.

>Discarded Power Locations
The location near Rimewind is way more desirable than infiltrating a city of Drow, since her response was somewhat vague we'ld probably need a map and a search party to pinpoint it better, unless you can sense it yourself from this distance.
Even then, a group coming with use would help provide protection and make it easier to search in more populated areas, as well as provide useful information about current events.
Users of said power fragments becoming well known is going to be a problem, as they will become difficult to deal with if we desire to obtain the fragment for ourselves.
They may also be similarly imbued as the Inheritor, and might be able to use Azoths mechanisms in the same manner as him.

When you are in a position that has far reaching effects, being honest with your co-workers is in the best interests of everyone.
Not voicing concerns, personal limits or weaknesses are all things that can cause strife and even topple the city from the inside, we can't allow that to happen if we are in a precarious position.
It doesn't matter what has happened, but if we don't know about it we can't adapt to it and find solutions that can accommodate any problems that may occur.
Probably a good idea to remind Blue of this, and to bring her with you to a safe area near the vault to discuss issues with the vault.
No. 686186 ID: 8f84ee


:inhsurprised: "You sure? Because.. information would be pretty helpful right now."
Diplomacy 1d20=2+7
:servitorf: "It is nothing, my lord, do not trouble yourself."

:inhserious: "Okay seriously, tell me what's going on. You're clearly not saying something and I want to hear it."

:servitorf: *Sigh...*

:servitorf: "My lord once came into possession of an artifact that was said to be able to skein souls and matter together. I was considering your worry of artifacts being taken from your person, and musing whether or not it would have the power to assist in that regard. But either way, it does not matter."

:inhserious: "How would it... Oh."

:servitorf: "It was also stolen, yes. I was merely attempting not to get your hopes up, my lord. I apologize."

:inhfrustrated: Well, back to square one I guess, not wanting to take these things out much.

:inhnormal: "Well.. Alright. What's this thing look like?"

:servitorf: "It will appear as a large, perfect sphere of water, blue in coloration."


:inhserious: "You said 'jagged timestreams', how the heck did anyone get in to steal things in the first place?"

:servitorf: "...Numbers, my lord. The warped passage is not impassible, merely so treacherous as to be foolhardy to even consider an attempt. They entered en masse, the majority were slain. It is likely that the survivors were well-rewarded."

:servitorf: "Do not inhale the dust left in the passage."

:inhfrustrated: "...Gross. Can you two enter the vault? I mean, are you..?"

:servitorf: "We are not as immortal as you are, my lord. Needless to say, it is possible, but it is an undertaking we would generally prefer not to go through."


:inhsurprised: ..Really?

:inhserious: Well, guess I was wrong, then. Stupid head.

:inhserious: 'Daehli' doesn't even sound all that familiar to me. I feel like I should be more concerned about this, but for some reason I don't feel that anxious.

:inhfrustrated: ...I wonder what else I've lost.


:inhpensive: Uh.. Yes, let's not deal with the drow right now. I might have scrambled eggs for brains, but even I know how bad of a reputation they have.

:inhsurprised: I guess people could say the same about kobolds, though. Maybe they're not so bad.

:inhfrustrated: ...Yeah, probably not. Anyway, the area around Rimewind sounds like a good place to start looking.

http://tinyurl.com/pkwbm74 Quest log updated: Search near the Rimewind clan for fragments of your lost power

:inhcalm: "So, if someone else had any of these fragments, would they be able to.. also run the city?"

:servitorf: "Definitely not, my lord. You are Azoth now, in body and soul. Small pieces of your power may have been taken from you, but you alone are the true heir. You are the fountain, my lord. The others have merely stolen a drink."

:inhcalm: "And I won't destroy the world or something if I pick up the wrong artifact made by some all-destroying devil, will I?"

:servitorf: "I would exercise caution, my lord, they are still artifacts of immense power, but no. In fact, your power may shield you from many of the ill-effects of such things."

:inhpeppy: "Oh, like curses?"

:servitorf: "Well, yes, that will certainly help with cursed equipment and such objects, but it is more than that. You are not bound to the same diases that others must be, your spirit can flow freely, without regard of shackles that would judge or condemn you. All creeds will count you among them, for by your nature, you have the right to be deemed 'master', both to the sacred and the profane."

:servitorf: "...Your body is still as it is, though, and those such restrictions will still be imposed upon you."

:inhserious: "Uh.. Alright."

:inhpensive: ..I didn't get all that. I guess I'm safe from devil power I guess?


:inhserious: Yeah...

:inhnormal: Yeah! This is an opportunity! I'm going to show them what I'm made of! Alright, time to get into the vault.

You step around the palace again, and return to the entrance. The Red servitor is nowhere to be seen. There are two ramps that lead downwards, into the palace.

:inhnormal: Hmm.. I think I know the layout of this place.

You walk through the cool, vacant corridors of stone, and deeper within the stone palace you go. The air begins to taste almost fuzzy, and you feel lighter, your step faster. The stone, you realize is being illuminated slightly by some kind of ambient haze... despite no light sources, magical or otherwise, visible. It still becomes darker the deeper you go, however, but you find yourself taking twists and turns inside, effortlessly navigating the structure with no vision. Finally, you come to an enormous circular door, pulled open partways to the side.

:inhalertdark: "?????."

:inhalert: ...Here we go.

You step through the doorway, and walk through a long, straight corridor. It does not take long to see what the servitor was talking about, your bare claws scuff through ancient dust upon the floor. There are a lot of dust piles, seemingly undisturbed. Some of the dust piles have footprints and drag marks running through them.

:inhuneasyback: ...

You continue on. The hallway is very long. Eventually, you reach the end. There are a few unknown stains upon the floor. In front of you, the hallway begins to branch and the ceiling is raised into a much larger room, with branching passages. You can see a side room to your right, rooms in front of you, and ones further on to your left, as well. There are many empty racks.

:inhuneasy: ...Alright. I guess I'll take a quick look at everything, at least.
Perception 1d20=2+2

In the side room to your right, there are a few tables. Further on, it reconnects back into the other rooms. You can see a large blackened spike laying upon the table, and an amulet on a chain featuring an open-mawed monster of some sort next to it. There are diagrams underneath them. You continue on back to the main room, and see a strange empty space floating in the air next to the wall, as well as a very large sack that looks as if it's filled with some kind of reddish sand. In the next room over to your left, there is a pedestal with a thick, dusty-looking book upon it, and a brown leather bag is laying next to it on the ground. It looks as if it was knocked over. You see a small music box one more room over, made of lustrous silver and painted black wood. There is also a piece of green cloth, laid out innocuously in one corner of the room. The rest of the rooms appear to have been thoroughly ransacked, and are empty. Their architecture is strange, disjointed shapes that look as though they have been made to contain very strange objects.

:inhalert: Alright. So... what now?

[Examine something] [Cast a spell] [Obtain item] [Other] [Leave]
No. 686188 ID: a22f87

check out the brown leather bag on the floor. See if you can't see if it has any magic in it because it sounds more like whoever was robbing this place dropped it for one reason or another while trying to steal the book. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some clothes.
No. 686190 ID: 91d220

Hm, try going back to the dust piles and chuck some of the remains at that empty space, that should tell us if it can be removed from where it is currently sitting.

Otherwise, look for trails that you can follow in the dust, try not the disturb the trails too much, as it might be able to tell us what was looted first and the potential size of the missing object.

You could also try casting detect magic if you are prepared to deal with a very heavy amount of auras popping up.
No. 686194 ID: 225f37

Detect magic on ALL the things! That should give you some idea what they are, at least.
No. 686229 ID: ca183f

I think the best plan is to memorize what's there, then head back to Blue and take inventory, both to determine how many are missing, and what the remaining artifacts do.

Luckily, we're good at memorizing, you just have to make sure to tell us all the deets.
No. 686238 ID: 8f84ee


:inhfocus: Oh, don't worry, you can't get overloaded from seeing magic. Right, let's see what we've got.. ๔єtєςt ๓คﻮเς~

:inhcheeky: Heehee, this is so much easier for me than last time...!

:inhcalm: Okay, most everything here is showing up pretty vividly as magic. Let's see...

:inhnormal: Looks like those diagrams are not magic, but the spike and the amulet on top of them are.

:inhsurprised: ...Huh. The amulet is.. actually not giving off as strong an aura as the rest. It's pretty weak, actually. Either way, it's necromantic, so that probably means it does something with life or zombies or something.

:inhserious: This nail thing looks really innocuous, but it's blaring out strong as can be. Abjuration, so whatever it is it probably has something to do with protection or making shields.

:inhnormal: I'm heading back over now.
Survival 1d20=6+0

You look at the dust piles once more, and see many trails running through them.

:inhserious: It.. just looks like a mess. I mean, there could be things that got dragged over them, but I have no idea how to tell what they would be.

:inhuneasy: Look, I.. don't want to offend, but I'd really prefer not to touch what's on the floor any more than I have to.

:inhserious: "קгєรt๏."

A small rock appears in your hand.

:inhnormal: I can do this, though.

You head closer inside, and then hurl the rock into into the empty space.

:inhserious: ...It vanished. Did not come out the other side. The position of the empty space didn't change, either. It's weird, like.. it looks like a hole in the world, almost. Just.. black.

:inhsurprised: Oh, right! Sorry, the black thing is transmutation, so it.. changes things.


:inhserious: Back over here.. Alright, there's a conjuration aura around the bag, so that means it could make things, summons things, opens portals, teleport things.. Stuff like that.

:inhnormal: Here, let me just..

You pull the half-open bag open the rest of the way, and peer inside.

:inhnormal: ...There's a folded up bag inside, and some kind of metallic charm. The bag inside isn't giving off an aura, but the metal charm is strong evocation. Evocation is usually bursts of energy, like fireballs and such. As for the book... Huh.

:inhcalm: I.. can't tell. It's.. Transmut.. wait, Abjur.. It's all thr--...

:inhsurprised: ...All of it? This book is every kind of magic. And all of it is strong, too!

:inhcalm: The book is closed. The top of it looks really dusty... it's bound in leather, got a nice 12-pointed star embossed on the cover. No title though, go figure. Why can't old wizards ever label things?

:inhnormal: Huh.. That red sand has a very weak aura. The huge bag is a lot stronger, though. Both are transmutation. It's a nice bag, too, patterned all with yellow dots and red wavy lines.. Kind of gnoll-esque.

:inhserious: ...Well that's disappointing. That cloth is totally non-magical. The music box is powerfully transmutation, though.

[Attempt to identify] [Examine something] [Cast a spell] [Obtain item] [Other] [Leave]
No. 686244 ID: 225f37

See if you can identify this stuff. The book seems most importnat- spend a mythic point on that to make sure we figure it out.

I'd say spend mythic points on identifying the other powerful stuff as well, starting with whatever has the strongest auras- we can always rest later to get our points back.
No. 686248 ID: 86cfc3

>...Numbers, my lord
Well that certainly narrows down the list of suspects. It has to be people who can rally forces of sufficient size, and afford to spend lives so freely.

>what do
I don't suppose the vault has a manifest or logbook you can access? It would make sense for whoever established this to have some way to track the contents. If such a thing exists, it would likely be tied to or keyed to your nature.

Failing that, casting Identify or non-invasive divinations to determine what some of these things are might be a good idea. (Though don't burn all your spell slots).

I don't think we should remove anything from the vault without a good and specific reason.
No. 686250 ID: a22f87

hell since we can come back her anytime that book could be quite useful it boasting our spell list as you grow in power.

Also once we get some more matirals we should build a big ass door right before the time trap bullshit to try and stop people from getting in again. I mean if this place was ransacked then whoever did it probably has the timelines mapped out so they could sneak back in again if the wished... Which also makes me think we should hunt down the people that did brake in her so they can't share that knowledge. I mean can you imagine how bad it would be if we got everything back only for one of the guys who robbed this place to start selling maps on how to get in and out alive? We'd have to devote all our time to stop piss ant adventurers from brake in almost 24/7
No. 686276 ID: 77e68b

Hmm. Identifying those items is a good idea. I'd be willing to bet the book is a spellbook of some kind, if it's giving off multiple auras.
No. 686304 ID: 5ad4a7

Uh, I think we might want to roll Perception and Survival again. Can we just do a Take 20 on Perception? I mean, what if there's a secret panel somewhere with something really cool in it? Messing with the dust isn't as important.

Take the cloth. It's free cloth you can use to make clothing out of. It's non-magical so it's probably not something you need to worry about getting stolen.

The book is likely a Book of Infinite Spells. Which really isn't infinite at all. It just lets you cast some spells that you wouldn't normally be able to cast. Useful but not hugely powerful, I wouldn't mind taking it out and risking it being stolen.

The black hole is a Sphere of Annihilation. DC check of 35 to move it with your mind. Very dangerous, anything that touches it is destroyed. Best to leave it in here, I think.

The spike is a maleficus spike. It lets you infuse a structure with an anti-Outsider ward. Not useful for us, leave it.

The conjuration-bag is probably a bag of holding of some sort. Are the dimensions of the inside bigger than the outside? A bag of Concealment works a little differently- it's attuned to an owner and if anyone else puts something in it, the true contents cannot be accessed until the fake "normal" bag is empty again. So try taking everything out then looking inside it again.

I dunno what anything else is. Cast Identify on everything else that's magical. ...wait
"This spell does not allow you to identify artifacts."
If these things are literally Artifacts then Identify is useless. Legend Lore would work but that's beyond our casting level and takes days to cast besides.
No. 686317 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh hang on, it occurs to me that we could sell the spike (and/or some other not-useful items) to another town, and thus get some more money for the kingdom.
No. 686324 ID: 8f84ee


:inhcalm: Well, I do need something to wear still..

You retrieve the piece of cloth. It appears to be a tattered cloak, for someone quite a lot taller than you. Any magic it may or may not have once possessed is long gone. Obtained TATTERED GARMENT.


:inhserious: A large population, and willingness to send them to their deaths? A bunch of refugees doesn't sound very likely to do that, and Franza doesn't even know we're here, I think. I don't know about gnolls, Blue did say they grouped up, so maybe they're all fanatics. ...She also said that the dark elves were the most likely culprits though.

:inhpensive: I didn't see any log books or anything here, the Font must have just remembered them all. I don't get the feeling that he was the kind of pers.. thing, to let other people in here at all.

:inhfrustrated: And yeah.. Casting identification spells won't help me much, most of these things are way too strong for it to work.

:inhnormal: Not all of them are, though.

:inhserious: At any rate though, I'm not attached to the idea of taking anything out of here right now. I'm still new at all this, maybe I won't need any of their help. That Font guy didn't.


:inhpensive: ...I don't like the sound of someone having a map to this place. Would that even work? I'd better remember to ask Blue when I get out of here... Either way, a lock on that giant door wouldn't be amiss. Though, I um.. might have trouble getting in that way. It's a really, really big door...

:inhcalm: Oh, but I don't need to use a spellbook to cast magic! It all comes from right here.

You put a hand on your chest.


:inhserious: Mmm.. I don't know about that. I mean, it's possible, but what would a fair price be for something like this? Aside from that, though..

:inhpensive: ...These diagrams look related to this nail. I'm not sure it's a good idea to trade it away until I know it's not important for something.


:inhnormal: Alright, no more putting it off.

:inhmegalomaniacal: Time to figure out what this stuff is.

You survey the objects with weaker auras, sending out tendrils of magic laced with spells to discern their properties.

:inhnormal: "i໓ēຖtifฯ."

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=5+27; 8 level 1 spells remaining.

:inhconcentrate: It seems as though... this is a talisman of soul-eating.

:inhfocus: Ooh.. I see. It lets you turn dead people's souls into soul gems by holding it nearby their corpses. Only once per day, though. Is this how this city's soul web works?

:inhconcentrate: ...Oh. You can also eat the soul gems. They'll heal, but also condemn the soul inside to the hells.

:inhalert: Still, having someone's soul sounds like it'll help with resurrection magic quite a lot, even if the wait won't exactly be the most pleasant possible.

:inhrelaxedlistening: "i໓ēຖtifฯ~"

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=6+27; 7 level 1 spells remaining.

:inhfocus: ...Interesting. This red sand is a completely different magic item from the bag it's in. At least, I think it is. It's restoration sand, and on top of being very comfortable to take naps in, it can restore damaged corpses to better condition.

:inhserious: So I guess you can make prettier zombies...?

:inhalert: Lots of death-related things here. Alright, time for the big ones.

And thus begins the lengthy process of meticulous testing. You don't spend too long on any one attempt, but you do your best, running through different tests, feeling over the auras the artifacts give off with your magically-enhanced vision. Three times you let a burst of your inner might shine through to enhance your tests, but rarely do you make any headway in determining the properties of anything.

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=15+7 Surge 1d6=+2

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=19+7 Surge 1d6=+6

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=8+7

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=1+7

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=7+7

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=20+7 Surge 1d6=+6

Spellcraft to identify 1d20=2+7

Four and a half hours later...

:inhwhat: Well that didn't work very well.

:inhfrustrated: Alright.. alright.. I shouldn't be complaining. I guess I shouldn't really have expected to be able to figure out any of these.

:inhnormal: ...I got lucky. That book? It's got pages that only turn one way. Whenever I open it, no matter where I open it to, it's still on the same page, and has 15 pages after it.

:inhcalm: It's a book of infinite spells. It'll let its owner cast whatever spell is on the page of the spellbook it opens to. And here's the best part..!

:inhnormal: You only have to claim yourself as its owner to use its power, it'll supply it no matter how far apart you are. If I claim myself as its owner, I won't have to take it out of the vault!

:inhserious: Every time I cast one of its spells, though, the page might turn and change the spell. 16 pages left.

:inhpensive: ...As for the rest, though, I have absolutely no idea. I guess that black hole 'annihilating' things sounds pretty plausible though, it sure destroyed my conjured pebble. I'm going to... not touch that.

:inhnormal: The spike looks really shady-looking, but I have no clue. The sand bag? No idea. The music box, still no.

:inhserious: The bag just looks like a regular bag. I dumped the metal thing and the other bag out, and now there's two bags. Only one is magical, the other one seems to literally just be a cloth bag. But even the magical bag seems completely normal. It isn't bigger on the inside or anything, and with everything out of it, now it's an empty bag.

:inhconcentrate: Urgh.. I give up. It feels like I've been staring at these things forever.


:inhfrustrated: Fiiine... I'll take one more look around.

Survival 1d20=15
Perception take20=20+2

:inhserious: Hold on a second... it looks like something very large and heavy has been dragged out of here through the dust. And it was dragged.. in a straight line, I can see the edges of it! They just.. went straight through the hallway. They can't have all survived that, did the thieves just get replaced as soon as they died? What could've possibly been so valuable as to kill yourself getting it out?

:inhpensive: Apart from that, I don't see anything else new... So, I'm not taking anything out of here right now, right?

[Attune to book] [Take item] [Travel somewhere] [Speak to someone] [Use inventory item] [Experiment manually]
No. 686326 ID: 91d220

A straight path sounds more like a crane or winch was used to pull it out of the vault, the time taken for something like that wouldn't be too long, if the crane was able to be assembled quickly.

[Take Conjuration Bag and Evocation amulet]
No. 686327 ID: a22f87

might as well attune yourself to the book just so we don't have to worry about anyone else stealing it. Other then that I think we should probably head out to the city now that we have some clothes. Let's see what it's like for ourselves.
No. 686332 ID: 88960e

>I'm not sure it's a good idea to trade it away until I know it's not important for something.
Of note is that the big glowy guy thought everything in here was once worth sealing away. Still not sure I trust his methods or motives, but I think we can trust him to have recognized power. Or at least, the potential for it.

>sphere of annihilation
That's pretty smart, actually. Anything too dangerous to even safety store in the vault can still be disposed of.

>book of infinite spells
And nothing terrible or world ending will occur when it reaches zero?

I would leave everything here until we have a reason to use it. It may be possible to steal from this vault, but they're more secure here than on your person.

>might have brute force mapped the place
That would have been the smart thing to do.

Could we maybe reconfigure the time streams? A different pattern would mean any thief would have to start over with a whole new bunch of disposable minions.

Hmm. Could someone have used undead, or summoned servants as cannon fodder before? That might well have been cheaper than raising mortal forces to send to their deaths.

>what do
I would confer with Red or Blue, tell them what you found, since it's hard for them to enter here. Perhaps when you tell them what you have, they can list what is missing?
No. 686370 ID: ca183f

I still say we should talk with Red and Blue, ask if they know what the unidentified ones are and what the missing ones might be.

May as well claim the book even if we decide not to use it, right? ...or maybe it would be safer to do that after we ask them. We're immune to curses but if it has a broader-reaching drawback...
No. 686374 ID: 5ad4a7

Take the talisman, so you can hand it over to the city. They can keep it in a hospital, as a last ditch way to save someone now that the soul network is down.

I'd say attune to the book. It'll give us a spell we can use for free, possibly four times a day.

Take out the items we have no idea what they are. Show them to Blue and/or Red, see if they know what they do. Put them back afterwards, unless they're important enough to keep available for the city's use.
No. 686379 ID: 5ad4a7

Wait maybe we don't need to take out unknown items. We can just describe them.
No. 686568 ID: 189f7b

Attune to the book; we can always choose not to use it afterwards.

I think the non-magical diagrams around the amulet and spike together with the nature of the amulet means that those were here to be studied and have planned or active city systems based on them (like the soul web off the amulet).

>Take the talisman, so you can hand it over to the city. They can keep it in a hospital, as a last ditch way to save someone now that the soul network is down.
The storage part of the soul web is still functional but the resurrection part is down, so that wouldn't be neccesary.
No. 687493 ID: f35ea3

So... uh... My computer died, and all my notes are on that computer, and I don't think I'll have an opportunity to get a hard drive bridge until after finals, so there probably won't be updates until mid next week.
No. 687509 ID: a22f87

don't worry about it, shit happens. Just get back to it when it works for you.
No. 689541 ID: fea4cb


:inhcalm: As far as I know, the only thing that happens when the book runs out of pages is that it becomes a doorstop. Can't really use it anymore if there's no spells in it!


:inhnormal: First thing's first.

You press your scaled hand against the open page of the book and attune yourself to it, an eerie gold glow flowing up into your arm and suffusing your body. You may now cast Aggravate Affliction http://tinyurl.com/jgxj5es up to four times every day. Each casting has a 20% chance of turning the page and changing the spell.

:inhnormal: Hm. This spell works on people suffering from something, like curses and poisons and stuff. It makes the.. um, affliction, worse. Kind of gruesome, but I guess it could be useful.


:inhpeppy: Ohhh.. Like pulling things out with a fishing rod? That would be smart, but they'd have to get pretty far in to line that up in the first place, it's a long hallway and there isn't a clear shot. Either way, someone or something would have to go in.

:inhpensive: I don't know how the streams work, but if they're time-based, spells would probably run out pretty fast. They'd have to be permanent somehow, and even then, most would probably still be affected.


:inhcalm: Yeah, the soul web should have enough of those gemstone things, just that some are missing. Possibly with souls in them. If someone dies in the city, they'll be pulled into a crystal.

:inhserious: …Not that there's anything that can be done with them afterwards. I sure can't raise the dead, and even if I could, Red said the city was too poor to fund doing so. I guess they just have to stay stuck there until someone figures something out.

:inhpensive: It certainly makes sense that this kind of stuff is what they used to make the city systems. It feels a little weird seeing it; I kind of got the impression that the last king didn't like ingenuity.

:inhnormal: These diagrams look pretty old, though, so maybe something changed?


:inhuneasyback: Eehhh…

You opt to take the non-magical bag, the non-magical green cloth from before, and the talisman of soul-eating with you.

:inhalert: Alright. That's enough for now, I guess.

You head out of the artifact vault and into the wide entrance hallway once again. It's eerily silent, your soft footsteps the only noise sounding out, and you can't hear any echoes. Eventually, you move past the dust and back into the corridors beneath the stone palace. Back into the daylight once more, you find Blue with little trouble. You describe the objects within and ask about what might be missing, but she shakes her head.

:servitorf: "I am sorry, sir, but I know little of what the vault once possessed. It was not often that we observed the acquisition of these objects of power, and rarely were they used."

:inhpensive: "Oh.. Well, thanks anyway."

:servitorf: "I can tell you three things of note, however. Firstly, we were given explicit instructions not to wind up the music box when it was retrieved from its prior location. Secondly, the nail you speak of is a maleficus spike. The stone palace and the ley lines were created with similar properties. Lastly, the bag I know little of, but we were given no warnings when obtaining it, save that it must be examined magically. Its appearance can change, I understand."

:inhserious: "I see.."

:servitorf: "…You say you found but one book within the vault?"

:inhcalm: "Yeah. Book of infinite spells, right?"

:servitorf: "Y-…yes, that is correct. It is strange, though.. I am almost certain that our lord once possessed two of them."

:inhsurprised: "…Two?"

:servitorf: "Indeed, my lord. I suppose the other must have been stolen."

:inhincredulous: Wow, no wonder stuff like this is so rare. I've heard of dragons with less of a hoarding problem.


:inhnormal: "So… How do these timestreams work, exactly?"

:servitorf: "They are a devastating defense system, my lord. Time itself speeds and slows within the vault, and those traversing its deadly corridors are ravaged by the ages. They may rip against frozen time, de-age to nothingness, or accelerate and become dust before your eyes."

:inhserious: "But people still got in."

:servitorf: "Y-yes, my lord, unfortunately."

:inhserious: "Can the streams be changed? I don't want anyone to have a map into the vault."

:servitorf: "They change on their own, my lord, do not worry. It.. is unpredictable whether they will change or stay the same. Entering is suicide, and only those willing to make such a sacrifice have even a chance at passing unharmed."

:inhpensive: "Mmm."


:inhcalm: Ah, not quite yet…!

You find Red outside of the stone palace again.

:inhnormal: Hmm… What should I get him to make? I mean, there's this green cloth, and I guess this bag, too. Should I have him use these?

[Create clothing] [Find more cloth] [Retrieve artifact] [Retrieve surplus] [Ask about something] [Other] [Speak to someone] [Travel somewhere]
No. 689543 ID: a22f87

well if the bag can change shape (unless you meant a different bag) probably shouldn't use that to make clothes, the green thing on the other hand, if you got enough might as well use it for something.
No. 689544 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask about a library in town. If we can't figure out the artifacts from identifying, then we can experiment and research them. Take the magic bag out for this purpose. It seems to be the least dangerous one to experiment with. Just don't put anything important in it.

What clothes can he make with the amount of cloth we have? Also take out a little bit of spending money. Like, I dunno, 200g. Keep the regular bag to keep your coins in for now.
No. 791639 ID: c79efb

:inhfrustrated: Urrgh… What was I doing again? Oh right, preparing to head out.

You head back down to the artifact vault and retrieve the magical bag of unknown function, leaving it empty. You then take a trip to the treasury (which appears to have been fashioned identically to the artifact vault, filled with not only gold, but gemstones and rare reagents) to retrieve 200g of spending money, leaving the treasury with a 4,120gp surplus. You place the artifact and the gold inside the mundane bag, and return to the surface.

:inhnormal: “Hey, you.”

:servitorm: “Yes, my lord?”

:inhnormal: “Make me some robes out of this cloth. Something approachable.”

:servitorm: “Very well, my lord..“

:servitorm: “мᾄќἔ ᾧђὄłἔ, Fλϐгιςλτε.”

The green fabric unravels and frays itself apart as the threads shimmer, soon becoming a full spool before it begins to restitch. Sleeves and a neckline weave themselves together in mid-air, the pattern continuing down until you have a serviceable set of green robes.

:inhcalm: Hmh. Not bad-looking.

:inhnormal: Before I go, let’s just add a few things to the list…

Quest log updated: Determine the abilities of the magical bag.
Quest log updated: Search near Cradle for fragments of your lost power.
Quest log updated: Discover information about the missing artifacts.

:inhnormal: To the Rimewind gnoll clan’s territory, right?

[Travel to Rimewind territory] [Travel somewhere else] [Buy something] [Ask more questions] [Quest recap] [Other]
No. 791644 ID: d9d492

If you're going to check out the Rimewind territory, you should get better equipped and take some travelling companions. Time to meet your star warriors!
No. 791667 ID: 398fe1

Maybe you should buy a weapon first?
No. 791811 ID: deea3d

I mean, traditional kobold weapon is the pointy stick, right? I'm sure you can find one of those along the way.
No. 794391 ID: 4cd945


:inhnormal: Hmm.. I could certainly USE an improvised weapon, but those things aren't exactly reliable. ᴬᶫˢᵒ ᵗʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ᵏᶦᶰᵈ ᵒᶠ ʳᵃᶜᶦˢᵗ... Anyway, it'd be a good idea to get something that won't break and was actually designed for fighting.

:inhfrustrated: But.. there's that exact same problem as before...

:inhserious: "Hey Red, there wouldn't happen to be any weapons the size of my hands, would there?"

:servitorm: "One of the star warriors, I believe, is about your height. She can likely supply something for you to use."

:inhsurprised: "Wait.. what? Couldn't I have just... gotten clothes from her?"

:servitorm: "Unlikely, my lord. The star warriors are Azoth's greatest fighters, and they have been gifted with armor of the stars. It is a flexible material that provides great defense, and does not impede the magic all star warriors are required to possess. They never wear anything else."

:inhpensive: "We... can't make more of those, can we."

:servitorm: "The facilities used to create them are still in ruins, my lord. Not until they are restored."

:inhfrustrated: "Figures."


:inhserious: "Well anyway, bring them out. I'm going to have to talk with them sooner or later, aren't I?"

:servitorm: "I.. suppose so, yes my lord. I will order them all to meet at the stone palace."

:servitorm: "As a primer: the star warriors are required to possess magical prowess, as well as some manner of martial skill, though the amount of each varies greatly with the individual. They are the strongest forces in Azoth hand-picked by its lord to defend it and carry out its will. Mostly to defend."

:servitorm: "Just a warning, though, my lord. To let them retain their uniquely effective magics and fighting styles intact, they have been allowed to retain their near-complete individuality. They can be... juvenile at times."

:inhpensive: "Uh.. ok."

You wait there for a while as the red servitor appears to concentrate, and before long, individuals start to gather on the steps to the stone palace. A pale-faced gnome appears, and then what looks like some sort of anthropomorphic insect, both clad in shimmering black fabric patterned with white markings that are distinct from but very reminiscent of your own. There also appears to be some sort of dark grey mesh underweave set in the fabric. The gnome has two weapon sheaths on her belt, while the insect appears to be holding a gnarled wooden staff with an acid-green crystal set at the top. A drow appears from thin air, just as what looks to be an anthropomorphized dragon steps into view with one long weapon sheath at his belt, folding his wings back up, all of them looking on edge and wearing the same white-patterned shimmery black armor. The red servitor nods, and gestures to them as they step closer and independently frown.

:servitorm: "The star warriors are assembled, my lord."

:inhgasp: "Wait, there's four? There's only four of them??"

:servitorm: "Five. One star warrior is currently fending off roving wildlife."

:inhwhat: "Oh, five then, I feel so much better now."

:dragonbornstar: "In all my years, in all my time in service to Azoth, I have fought with and killed countless worthy warriors, and I have suffered grievous injuries in the process. I have never questioned my lord, but served with the utmost obedience to his orders."

:dragonbornstar: "...and this. This is my reward."

:bleachlingstarexasperated: "Truly the end times are upon us."

:drowstar: "A kobold? For real? Tell us the truth, are you fucking with us, servitor?"

:bugstardwoo: "Chrrrk!"

:bleachlingstar: "Shut up, bug."

:servitorm: "This is the inheritor of the Font of Azoth. Your new lord, just recently awoken."

:inhcalm: "Yes, I--"

:bleachlingstar: "No wonder it took two years."

:bugstar: "Chk-chk."

:bleachlingstar: "Three years."

:dragonbornstar: "I am in disgust."

:drowstar: "Oh, I don't know. He reminds me of a concubine I once owned. Such a sweet thing. I think the statue I turned him into still decorates the black palace gardens."

:bleachlingstar: "I'm out."

:inhsurprised: "Uh--wait a second!"

:bugstardwoo: "Vhrrrk..."

:dragonbornstar: "I am inclined to agree, gnome. He is so.. egregiously young. What was the font thinking? My family line would be ashamed of me."

:drowstar: "You're just angry because he looks like a knock-off version of you without the tasteless wings."

:dragonbornstar: "Hurrmph!"

:bleachlingstar: "Yeah, seeya."

:drowstar: "Hard to deny it, though, I can't see how this creature could be qualified to run Azoth."

The gnome turns around, starting to walk back down the steps again.

:inhuneasy: "W-wait, come back! Hold on a second!"

:inhglumback: This is not going well! ..D-damnit, what should I do?

[scold them] [apologize to them] [ask about a weapon] [other] [ask about traveling together] [challenge them] [ask them something else] [use mythic power somehow] [cast a spell]
No. 794466 ID: affd99

Scold them, is their faith so easily shaken? You may not be the grand power they were expecting but the font still chose you to restore Azoth. You're not expecting them to put their complete trust in you, but to dismiss you after having done little but look upon you is disturbing for ones in their position.

A small show of Mythic power to draw their attention before you start the scolding might be good as well.
No. 794489 ID: 91ee5f

"Wow, Red, you were right, they really do act like a bunch of children! Are you sure these guys are the real star warriors? Because their lack of faith in their master's choice based on my race is a little concerning!"
No. 794495 ID: 398fe1

The kobold body was an emergency measure. This form may not be optimal but it's what we have to work with, and they can damn well give you the respect deserving of the Font.
No. 794585 ID: d9d492

Mythic power for a charisma check.

Scold them and challenge them - "Are you children or the chosen defenders of Azoth? The power and gifts of the Font are diminished, true, but that only means every piece that remains must be used to best of its ability if Azoth's glory is to be restored."

Then talk about your plan to investigate one of the pieces of the Font's power near the gnolls.
No. 794586 ID: 72ed6b

No. 794775 ID: a5c2b3

"And despite such blatant disrespect you don't see me questioning your ability. Rather, I question your devotion. Are your loyalties so flimsy you'd disregard your duties on a single glance? Because while I'd prefer we got along, if you wish me to be antagonistic and hostile *shouting* I WILL GLADLY OBLIGE YOU! *clears throat* So. You may call me The Inheritor, The Reborn Font of Azoth. Speak, and make yourselves known Star Warriors."
No. 796208 ID: 59e1df


Display of Charisma used, 3/8 mythic power points left for the day. 1d20+29=30 intimidate. Natural 1 partially mitigated by mythic power use, tone of dialogue altered.


:inhlivid: "Q͉̬̤U̩͈͎͈͇͙I̹̜̮E̖̠̖̫͕̼T!"

:inhmad: "I didn't believe Red when he told me you how petulant you could be, but now I’m wondering if he didn’t go far enough.”

:inhfurious: "Are you kidding me? This is Azoth’s best?? I’d say you were acting like hatchlings, but even they have the good sense to keep their mouths shut when they’re not eating.”

:inhmad: "Is this really all it takes for you to give up? You looked at me for less than two minutes, and you’re already writing me off as a lost cause. How did you stay star warriors this long with this kind of pathetic commitment?”

:inhserious: “Yeah, I know I’m not much to look at. I’m weaker than the font, and I only woke up five hours ago. But he was dying, and all that power? He put it in me. I didn’t exactly get an option otherwise. None of us are getting out of this without having to adapt.”

:inhmad: “And listen carefully, because this is the only time I’m going to say this. I might be small. I might be weak. But you will treat me with respect and decency. Do you understand?

:inhpensive: "This broken, decaying city is all our problem to deal with. I don't care if you think I can't handle it. The truth is, you're probably right. I’m not the font, and I’m missing a significant amount of his power anyway. But that isn’t going to stop me from trying."

:inhserious: “If you really think it isn’t worth it to even try, then you can go back to doing whatever the hell you want. Because if I’m not even worth that… then there isn’t any more point in you being here.”

:drowstarserious: "..."

:bleachlingstar: "..."

:bugstar: "..."

:bugstardwoo: "Kk.."

:dragonbornstar: "...Hrmh."

:inhfrustrated: That was... I'm not sure where that came from. I'm sorry. I think I might’ve gone overboard.

:inhserious: "…Red told me you would have a weapon my size.”

:bleachlingstar: “…”

The gnome unhooks a scabbard from her belt, and tosses it. You catch it deftly. It appears to be some manner of machete.

:bleachlingstar: “Here.”

:inhserious: “Thanks.”

:servitorm: “..Is there anything else, my lord?”

[ask their names] [pick one to bring] [scold them again] [apologize] [other] [ask about the star warriors] [ask for a specific weapon]
No. 796210 ID: 398fe1

[ask about the star warriors] and [ask their names]
Gotta find out what they can do. Then we'll decide who to bring.
No. 796217 ID: 48237d

For now just learn who they are, what they do and what they are good at. This will be relevant latter.
Don't take anyone with you this time. Having someone powerful at your side would certainly help dealing with conflict and situation requiring intimidation, but maybe that's not the best approach to deal with barbarians in conflict.
We should take advantage of their lack of unity and turn tribes against each others. For that strength will make your faction more attractive as allies but it will also unify opposing factions against a common foreign threat.
Before resourcing to tactics that will attract conflict to this nation you should resource to subterfuge. Go alone disguised as someone harmless and use your silver tong to instigate conflict. This way you can defeat enemies without them blaming the kingdom of Azoth.
No. 796230 ID: 72ed6b

No. 796252 ID: 91ee5f

No. 798431 ID: c89f7a

[ask their names]
it's only polite, and maybe you can score some points with them?
[ask about star warriors]
knowledge is power, and it seems one has to -display- power to get anything from them. I say use it while you can and pick their brains.
No. 799093 ID: ded933


:inhserious: Yeah, that's a good point. I can't make any informed ideas without knowing what we have to work with. I hope they have names.

:inhserious: "Could you all take turns telling me who you are, and what you can do?"

:drowstarserious: "Goodness, you don't know?

:drowstar: "A tip for next time dear, research as much as you can before meeting with your targets. You have more sharp edges to brandish when communicating when you have information on your side."

:drowstar: "Well! Never let it be said that I cannot graciously introduce myself. I am Verica Llandroth, former matriarch of the Llandroth noble house, and star warrior to now the smallest little sovereign overlord I've seen since house Kelanos appointed a three-year-old child to grand matriarch."

:inhserious: "Uh.. Sorry, a three-year-old?"

:drowstarserious: "Vicious little monster, she was. And such blatant boasting they did, appointing her that way. But then, the Kelanos have always been inept at subtlety. Ah, but I digress."

:dragonbornstar: "Hrrmph. Yes, indeed."

:drowstar: "I am skilled in the art of subterfuge. Manipulation of people's perceptions, stealth, warfare, stalking, assasination, and the gathering of information."

:servitorm: "Star warrior Verica has proven to be a capable spy. Your predecessor accepted her into the city as a star warrior when she requested asylum from the dark elves overthrowing her as grand matriarch."

:drowstarserious: "Yes, well it was better than what happens to most."

:drowstar: "On the magical side of things, I am a powerful illusionist. I've been known to weave some enchantments, too."

:inhserious: Well, that.. certainly seems to fit with the drow stereotypes. They keep saying 'grand matriarch', too.

:inhserious: "Is grand matriarch a big deal?"

:drowstar: "I should certainly think so! The grand matriarch is the figure of Cradle itself, the highest of all positions and direct priestess to Lloth herself. She is the most powerful figure, and enjoys all the luxuries, entertainment, and pleasures she desires. The grand matriarch is always the matriarch of the most powerful noble house, and is only unseated when one of the other houses manages to worm their way into higher prominence."

:servitorm: "The patron most dark elves follow is Lloth, the queen of spiders. She encourages subtlety as well as backstabbing peers to advance, and punishes those who stray from her worship. Star warrior Verica chose a different path when another noble house overthrew her. She would likely not survived if she did not swear fealty to Azoth."

:drowstar: "Despite the city's current state of affairs, it's a better option than being dead. Or worse, decoration."

:inhpensive: Hm. Is this related to what Blue was talking about before about being a neutral party?

:inhnormal: "Ok, how about you?"

:bleachlingstar: "Arva Pimm. I'm skilled in martial warfare, and I have unparalleled battlefield maneuverability. All the magic I have is for strengthening myself or enhancing my weapons, I don't cast on others. There isn't a weapon that's been made that I don't know how to use."

:inhpensive: Well that was.. terse. At least we're getting something out of her, though.

:inhserious: She looks like a gnome, but.. nothing I knew before, or any of the newer information I have now, tells me why she looks all white like that.

:servitorm: "Star warrior Arva is one of the oldest star warriors in Azoth. She has time and again proven her excellence in combat."

:inhnormal: "And.. you?"

:bugstar: "Chihik! Ch-chik-kwa, kachi chizki chik-chik kzurchik, khch kzik--"

:inhsurprised: "Uh--"

:bleachlingstar: "Can you not understand him?"

:inhuneasy: "Um.. 'fraid not."

:drowstar: "Here, let me fill you in. Our vowel-challenged friend is Kizki, and he's mostly used as a punching bag."

:dragonbornstar: "Hrrmph. He has a knack for taking hits that we all would simply dodge out of the way of. His healing magicks are highly impressive for his age, however. His fighting style is... shoddy and undisciplined."

:bleachlingstar: "He's mostly just there to keep them busy until one of us comes, but he hasn't died yet because his healing magic is so strong."

:bugstardwoo: "Chzzk..."

:servitorm: "Star warrior Kizki is not as powerful as the others, but make no mistake, he is still a competent warrior. All star warriors must be proficient in martial combat. Like Arva, he lacks offensive magic, but the other star warriors owe their good health to his support."

:inhcalm: Still, it sounds a little like he's more of a healer than a fighter..

:inhpensive: Too bad I have no idea what he's saying. I guess don't speak Thri-Kreen.

:inhnormal: "You said he was impressive for his age? How old is he?"

:drowstar: "Ah, well that becomes complicate--"

:bleachlingstar: "He's 7."

:dragonbornstar: "He is not 7."

:drowstar: "He's... been 7 for a good number of years now. Magic and lifespan sometimes mingle with one other."

:bugstardwoo: "Chizik.."

:inhserious: "Well, alright then. What about.. uh.. You?"

:dragonbornstar: "Hrrrmph. Volgin Kazarov Dazano-Krochevskoy. I am the strongest warrior of clan Dazano, recipient of blessings from the sky dragon Kazarov, and destroyer of the Order of the Black Lotus. I have earned my horns from the blood of my clan's enemies,--"

:bleachlingstarexasperated: "And he never shuts up about it."

:dragonbornstar: "I have been called on to show my banner of conquest, and I will do so without further interruption. I have fought

:inhsurprised: He's still going?

:dragonbornstar: "--war with the legion of the Emerald, and driven them back with the aid of my comrades in arms. I was decorated with Heaven's Sword, and was brought to this land to serve its glory. I face my foes head on and destroy them with blade, claw, breath and storm. I do not use illusions or enchantment trickery in battle like the drow."

:inhnormal: "Heh.. Good to know."

:servitorm: "Star warrior Volgin was given to us by the dragon Kazarov many years ago to bring honor to his people. He has faithfully defended Azoth and destroyed its enemies since that time."

:inhpensive: Another old one, huh. Sounds like he's pretty well rounded. Wait, but..

:inhserious: "Didn't you say there was another star warrior that couldn't make it?"

:servitorm: "Indeed, my lord. The last remaining star warrior is Skovis Alandi. He has been a new addition to the star warriors, one of the last to successfully join the ranks before your predecessor's disappearance. He is a tiefling, and though he has a terrible streak of rashness and immaturity, he has demonstrated that this appointment was not misplaced with his mastery of blade magic."

:inhserious: I guess that's all of them, then. I know there are cities bigger than Azoth, even though it's been apparently reduced in size, but I'm still a little concerned that in the whole thing, there's only five star warriors left.

[ask for clarification] [ask for more details] [take one with you] [travel to the GNOLL TRIBALS territory] [travel to CRADLE] [travel to MUR-GAHANA] [travel to FRANZA] [travel to Daehli] [other]
No. 799110 ID: c89f7a

[take one with you]
Grab the drow, Verica. Someone who can sneak with you and help out with illusions if shit hits the fan is a good idea. Plus she seems the least...prickly of the bunch.
[travel to the GNOLL TRIBALS territory]
It's about time to go, I think.
No. 799481 ID: 3ce125

Yeah the plan was to go to the gnolls and find the power fragment, alongside finding out why they're not attacking anymore. Bringing the illusionist seems very useful for what is mostly a scouting mission.
No. 799582 ID: 35acf0

Yeah she seems like the obvious choice.
No. 799584 ID: 91ee5f

>"Goodness, you don't know?"
"Well I would know if a certain someone actually left me that information when he gave me this power!"
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