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File 144497479503.png - (16.59KB , 840x600 , 7001.png )
676739 No. 676739 ID: defceb

Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
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No. 681295 ID: 5ad4a7

It looks different. Not wearing a helmet anymore, I think. Also it is very much shaped like you now. What's that blue thing hovering over its shoulder? If it's something like an incoming energy blast maybe you should dodge.

Anyway I don't think you can really fight it, unless you can do so efficiently. With some sort of weapon like the gun you got shot with, or something you can wield with one arm... maybe then. Was there anything under that desk you ran past, in the room with the red tape?
Which means you may want to try negotiation. Ask what it wants. Tell it you need to get past.
No. 681298 ID: 12b273

>What's that blue thing hovering over its shoulder?
...does it have a psychopomp?

The non-combat option might be the right answer, here. There's no other way past it in time.

I wonder if we can use our quarantined "guest" to bypass it. Or the right code phrase? ("Our obsessions became us" has to be good for something, after all that).
No. 681320 ID: a107fd

Shout at the stalker, "Sydney, quit screwing around! Go fetch medical supplies to help Doc Anselm, or at least stay out of my way."
No. 681321 ID: 2f4b71

Focus! Hayley first, investigate semi-invisible stalker afterwards.
No. 681413 ID: ca183f

Is it in your way? If not, ignore for now. We can come back after we've saved Haley.
No. 681420 ID: defceb
File 144667834564.png - (21.44KB , 840x600 , 7031.png )

>Punch through the window and enlist the guy!
>...I wonder if we could hack the shit out of it.
>Anyway I don't think you can really fight it,
> Was there anything under that desk you ran past?
>The non-combat option might be the right answer, here.
>Which means you may want to try negotiation.
>There's no other way past it in time.

...fuck it. I pick up something heavy and metallic from the scraps under the desk.
No. 681421 ID: defceb
File 144667836935.png - (22.97KB , 840x600 , 7032.png )

There’s a satisfying crunch of machinery as I ‘negotiate’ with it. The thing doesn’t even try to dodge, it just stares at me dumbly as I bash open it’s hardware.

Now it’s dead.

I give it a few more thwacks for good measure.
No. 681422 ID: defceb
File 144667838721.png - (26.61KB , 840x600 , 7033.png )

There it is. Hot Storage. Whatever is on the other side better help.
No. 681423 ID: defceb
File 144667841732.png - (43.76KB , 840x600 , 7034.png )

The door opens with a series of dull thuds. A wave of heat pours out from the storage room, setting off a temperature alarm in my head. This heart is useless to me, it’s already getting pushed too far with just a light workout.

The walls are lined with clumps of artificial muscle and unfinished brains, all bathing in vats of clear liquid. Cables connect abstract machinery to lumps of metal that almost resemble organs. I find what I’ve come for against the back wall.

A half-built face stares back at me from within the pile of machinery. The pieces are all there, just waiting for someone to put them together and move in.
No. 681424 ID: 12b273

>now it's dead
Well, not if the hard drive is still intact in there somewhere. Which I kind of hope it is, cause it wasn't fighting back at all.

The brain is the important bit. We just need something we can upload her into. You can assemble the rest around her later.

Grab what you need and go.
No. 681425 ID: 5ad4a7

The brain may be the most important bit, but we can't just condemn Haley to a black box with no sensory input.

Take what you can carry without breaking yourself. Remember, you are important too.
No. 681429 ID: 2ccbb3

A stasis brain should be more than enough. Just store her brain in there with no thought processes active until you find some functioning robots.
No. 681531 ID: 243dc7

I'd say take at least the full head. If you can't put the brain in stasis, it will at least have sensory input until plugged onto a body.
No. 681532 ID: 88960e

Don't damage anything- take whatever is already hooked together.
No. 681572 ID: 88960e

Actually, wait. This is a cleanroom, isn't it? Is there anything you need to assemble before we can safely move stuff out to her?
No. 681720 ID: 5ad4a7

Marie, I have a concern. What if you're not supposed to do this? What if the timeline was changed in order to keep Haley from being uplifted? What if she's responsible for what goes wrong in the future?

How much do you know her, in her later years? Can we trust her?
No. 681722 ID: 8896fc

I don't suppose there are any spare hearts in view while you are here?

>What if the timeline was changed in order to keep Haley from being uplifted? What if she's responsible for what goes wrong in the future?
They would have to be a singularly incompetent assassin, considering how they killed like 90% of everyone in the facility but not her.
No. 681729 ID: 12b273

That way lies madness. It assumes there are things we're 'supposed' to do. It also assumes that we trust / agree with the person who's changed things, and that we think their plan isn't already derailed.

Frankly, all we can do is all anyone has been able to do: make choice that makes the sense in the moment. It doesn't make sense to let someone die when you could help them because of hypothetical future maybes.
No. 682097 ID: defceb
File 144689223068.png - (15.09KB , 840x600 , 7035.png )

>Marie, I have a concern. What if you're not supposed to do this?
>What if the timeline was changed in order to keep Haley from being uplifted? What if she's responsible for what goes wrong in the future?
>They would have to be a singularly incompetent assassin
>That way lies madness. It assumes there are things we're 'supposed' to do. It also assumes that we trust / agree with the person who's changed things, and that we think their plan isn't already derailed.
Is this really the time for a debate? I’m baking in here. Actually baking, at this rate. I’m feeling pretty light headed…

>How much do you know her, in her later years? Can we trust her?
I’m still missing large parts of my memories. I think we’re on the same page for how much we know her.

>This is a cleanroom, isn't it? Is there anything you need to assemble before we can safely move stuff out to her?
I think I’ve already broken the cleanroom protocol. Oops.

>I don't suppose there are any spare hearts in view while you are here?
There’s one sitting in a clear box, bathing in that weird liquid as well. I seal the box and add it to my inventory.

I unplug the wires and snap the body together as best I can. It feels like I’m putting together one of those plastic models, only this time with a staggering price tag.
No. 682098 ID: defceb
File 144689225290.png - (28.62KB , 840x600 , 7036.png )

I haul robo-Haley’s body over my shoulders and step out of Hot Storage. I’m greeted by what’s left of my stalker. I could’ve sworn I busted it’s hard drive wide open. Now it’s just staring at me again.
No. 682100 ID: 89941a

Oh let the weirdo stalk you, you have stuff to do.
No. 682101 ID: 7804e4

tell it to follow, grab newspaper and go for the uplift machine
No. 682105 ID: 5ad4a7

Ignore it. It was probably receiving orders from your wireless, and now that you're not transmitting anything it's just acting on its last orders, which is to follow you and observe.

...alternatively, it's a remotely-controlled body, and whoever's driving it was only ever doing so to observe, not to attack.

In any case at most you should ask if it can talk. If it can, come back after delivering the body and ask what the hell is up with it. We're on a time limit here.

On the subject of Haley... well uh, to be safe, why don't you sabotage her new body in some way so that she can't immediately go psycho on you/everyone? If the uplift goes wrong you are in no condition to fight a fully operational cyborg.
No. 682107 ID: a21c7b

No. 682116 ID: 2ccbb3

That's odd, I don't see the stalker. I definitely see their coolant stains, though.

So WHY didn't you just rip their limbs out and use them later? Waste of a good android...
No. 682130 ID: 12b273

>I think I’ve already broken the cleanroom protocol. Oops.
Nah, you're being baked clean. It's fiiiiine.

>Now it’s just staring at me again.
Ugh, what do you want.

Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm under a lot of stress right now. Don't try to stop me.

Go around it.
No. 682131 ID: 12b273

>sabotage body
Well, we want to disable her wireless, I assume. Stop our old friend getting into her thataway.

I don't suppose we could update her body's build in firewall or something? Use the thing we have in quarantine as an example so it knows what to keep out? Cyber-immunization, as it were.

We already read that paper (at least the front) when we were here with Liz.
No. 682378 ID: defceb
File 144698480301.png - (20.79KB , 840x600 , 7037.png )

>Sabotage Haley’s new body.
I’m not comfortable doing that myself. I’ll ask Pat when I see him.

>Oh let the weirdo stalk you, you have stuff to do.
>tell it to follow
I don’t feel comfortable encouraging the thing.

>That's odd, I don't see the stalker.
It’s right there. Are we not seeing the same thing?

>Ignore it.
>Go around it.
I just walk past it. The thing attempts to turn and follow me, but it’s so slow that I’m up the ramp and into the next room before it can do anything.
No. 682379 ID: defceb
File 144698481942.png - (26.87KB , 840x600 , 7038.png )

“Hey, look on the bright side. The older model would have required us to dig holes along her spine and plant these metal bits in there.”

“Morgan, please. Is this really the time?”

“Haley says that I run my mouth as a coping mechanism. Anyway, like I was saying, the previous model would have been extremely painful. Haley’s notes said that it was an acceptable risk, though, since the vict- volunteer wouldn’t be able to form any memories during the process.”

“I’m trying to get her heart started again. Also, wait, isn’t that stuff classified?”

“Sure, technically, but the password was pAsswOrd!23. Not exactly the highest level of security, and, besides, my late-night reading is helping us!”

I walk into the room. “Pat.”

She turns around. “What?”

“Sorry. I meant Other Pat.”
No. 682380 ID: defceb
File 144698486537.png - (20.35KB , 840x600 , 7039.png )

“Down here.” I look down, spotting him underneath the machine. Strange. Come to think of it, I feel like I’ve never actually gotten a good look at him before now. He points to a pile of cables which he had laid out across from the machine, all coiled up on the ground. “This model should have a power node at the base of the neck. Just plug her in, and she’ll be good to go.”

“Do you have time to modify this body? Remove the wireless, maybe sabotage it in case something goes wrong?”

Other Pat groans and rubs his forehead. “I haven’t finished double-checking the uplift machine. How are we on time?”


Other Pat curses under his breath. “I can finish checking the machine or I can work on her body. What's it going to be?”

“We’re ready up here.” First Pat chimes in. “We could do neither and fire up the machine right now. Assuming it works, it’d save whatever is left of her.”
No. 682381 ID: 0ed6e9

>It’s right there. Are we not seeing the same thing?
Only if we really look. No idea why but the thing is about 90% transparent to us. I can only make out a vague outline and even that seems to be more of it's skeletal system then that actual body... that could just be because you fucked it up though.

I think we need to move her before we "fix" the body. I mean how strong is that thing? if worse comes to worse you can just dog pile the thing and have someone shutoff/remove her limbs.
No. 682383 ID: a21c7b

I think the wireless at least has to go, if it can be disabled fast.
No. 682396 ID: 2ccbb3

Other Pat, run a basic diagnostic on the body while we check up on Haley. We want as much of her mind uploaded as we can get. Just keep the internet connections disabled and focus on getting her identity stored.

Marie, check up on Haley, see if there's anything going on with her right now. And yes, we can't see that stalker bot but we COULD see the coolant trail that they left, so that means your perception of reality might be able to see something that we aren't analyzing.

Pat, double-check the wiring, make sure that nothing seems out of place.

Morgan, run an extra diagnostic on the uplift machine. Focus on transferring data into safe memory databanks identified sub-sectors, we can worry about transferring Haley into a better brain later.
No. 682397 ID: 83ea67

fuck the sabotage, getting her out is more important. every moment spent is another bit of brain damage setting in.

if anything checking the uplift machine is a must though. wouldn't do to cut corners now and have the procedure fail.

you could also do the sabotage yourself.
damage the wireless bits, have other pat confirm youre not doing any terrible damage to other systems first if you can. or, like, just tie her up or even just sit on her. in other words, act as his assistant, thus accomplishing both actions.
No. 682409 ID: 12b273

>I’m not comfortable doing that myself.
Don't you have the schematics in your head? Unless her model significantly diverged from yours.

>It’s right there. Are we not seeing the same thing?
I see very faint pink and green squiggles in the coolant puddle. The optical cameo seems to still be active, which seems unusual considering the beating you gave it. Pretty much any non-perception hacking method of camouflage I can think of would be negatively impacted by physical trauma.

>“I can finish checking the machine or I can work on her body. What's it going to be?”
Machine, no question. If we don't get her uploaded, it won't matter what state her body is in.

Besides, if your memories of your own uplift are correct, there's a period of adaptation where one doesn't know fully how to work the new body. She shouldn't be an immediate threat, even if she loses it.

>what do
Set the new body up for the procedure. Time allowing, physically disconnect the wireless yourself.

Failing that, could you connect yourself to her with a cable or something? I don't know if there's anything a second mind could do to supervise or ease the processes. Or if you could send a software command to turn off the wireless, since she isn't compromised yet. Or maybe use the baddie you got in quarantine as a reference point to update her body's firewalls with, so he won't get in.

>emergency measures
...if we really want to be prepared to put down an android body gone berserk, you need that gun from before.
No. 682680 ID: defceb
File 144706059985.png - (16.44KB , 840x600 , 7040.png )

>Do the sabotage yourself.
I don’t know how. Her body is a different model, I don’t even know if I snapped it together right earlier.

“Just fix the machine.” I lay the body down in the cables and connect her to them. Other Pat gets to work and before I know it he’s giving Morgan the thumbs up.

“I started the process, everyone out.” Morgan announces. I shoot him a confused look but he just shrugs and says “Safety precaution, manual says so.”
No. 682681 ID: defceb
File 144706061594.png - (13.02KB , 840x600 , 7041.png )

The machine comes to life with a soft humm. Haley’s body, the organic one, starts twitching erratically. I’m thankful that there’s a tarp draped over her face, as I can see movement that I know is best left unseen. She’s moving like a marionette, pulled by the wires plugged into her.

Morgan leans in towards me. “Somehow I thought it’d be more dramatic. Was your uplift like this?”

“I don’t remember it.” Haley, or rather what used to be her, slumps back into the table. There’s no fanfare declaring success, nor confetti bursting out of the roof to herald saving a woman’s life. Instead there’s just a growing knot of doubt in my stomach.

There’s a dull, distant thud followed by a cascade of closer ones. The lights flicker, then go out.

“...is that normal?”

“I think the machine pulled too much power. Give it a minute.” Other Pat says with a heavy sigh.

“Maybe a spooky ghost did it.” Morgan again.
No. 682682 ID: defceb
File 144706063185.png - (2.87KB , 840x600 , 7042.png )

I can practically feel the anxiety crawling up my back. I feel like I made a mistake, but I don’t know where. Is Haley okay? Is everyone else okay? Maybe it’s just nerves getting to me. I speak up, “Everyone still here?”

“I’m here, I think I have a flashlight on me somewhere…” I hear Pat speak up first. The other two follow up with their own “I’m here!”

There’s a sound of stumbling machinery, and I hear a familiar voice whisper “Can you hear me? Is anyone there?”
No. 682683 ID: 3bc92d

"We hear you, and we're here. Are you okay?"
No. 682684 ID: a107fd

In the most emotionless monotone you can manage, "Yes, someone is here. State your name, rank, and serial number."
No. 682685 ID: 58f9ec

No. 682686 ID: f56624

mixed with
No. 682703 ID: 88960e

Turn your night vision on, already.

>“Can you hear me? Is anyone there?”
Yeah. I'm here.
No. 682743 ID: defceb
File 144710596270.png - (5.62KB , 840x600 , 7043.png )

>Turn your night vision on, already.
I flick it on. She’s trying to move, but her actions are clumsy and uncoordinated. She’s just stumbling in place.

Morgan moves to speak first. I clasp a hand over his mouth to silence him.

>In the most emotionless monotone you can manage, "Yes, someone is here. State your name, rank, and serial number."
I demand her name and last memory in an emotionless monotone. It’s easier to do than I would have expected.

“Marie? Is that you? Where are you? I can’t see you.”

I repeat the demand.

“I… did something happen? Where am I? Why can’t I see anything?”

“Answer the question.”

“I’m.... Haley. Haley Anselm. I was… I was…” She puts her hands over her face. “This headache… why does my head hurt so much?”
No. 682745 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell her please, it's very important that she remember something. Anything she can.
No. 682748 ID: 12b273

Take her hand.

Your head hurts cause it's not your head. We got you a new one.
No. 682754 ID: 5ad4a7

Also uh, Marie, be prepared for her to be very upset when she finds out she got uplifted. We found a body ready to be used, and the uplift machine wasn't hard to get set up either. So, don't you think she would have done it already, if she thought it was a good idea? I believe she even told us that the second uplift experiment didn't go well.

I think the mistake we made was not letting her die.
No. 682756 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh shit make sure her wireless is off.
No. 682764 ID: 12b273

>paranoia paranoia paranoia
...you realize if there's nothing wrong with her we're just alienating and scaring her in a scary and vulnerable time. Could we show a little emotional sensitivity here?
No. 682769 ID: defceb
File 144711014559.png - (8.03KB , 840x600 , 7044.png )

I take her hand. “Haley, please. It’s important for you to remember something right now.”

“Weren’t we… just at a conference? Or, no, you were in a coma and you just woke up. Wait, no, I was in New York and…” She emits a deep, guttural groan of pain. “My head! Why does my head hurt so much!? Why can’t I see you!?”

“It’s okay, Haley. You’re okay. There was an accident, we had to uplift you. You’re not in your old head anymore.”
No. 682770 ID: defceb
File 144711016031.png - (5.65KB , 840x600 , 7045.png )

She attempts to stand up, but only manages to fall forward into me. I’m taken by surprise and we both fall down. “I’m not…” She whispers again, resting her hands on my cheeks. “...I’m okay?”
No. 682771 ID: 3bc92d

"You're okay."

Give her a hug.
No. 682773 ID: 89941a

I swear, if anything ruins this in a malicious manner, go ahead and murder them.
No. 682774 ID: 12b273

>“...I’m okay?”
...well, you're not bleeding out your face anymore. I hope you're okay. We kind of had to do this in a hurry, and you're the expert.

Headache is normal. I had one too.

>falls over
Don't try to run before you walk.


>Now kiss. Or not.
No. 682775 ID: 5ad4a7

She... should be, hopefully? Um. I am so worried right now.

Explain that the power went out after the uplift, that's why she can't see. Maybe she can activate her night vision mode?
No. 682783 ID: 5d5fc8

>“...I’m okay?”
As much as any of us are. This place is kind of messed up right now.
No. 682797 ID: defceb
File 144711451532.png - (24.60KB , 840x600 , 7046.png )

“You’re okay. You’re okay, Haley, I promise.” Her touch feels the same as it used to. Like I’m with the woman I used to know, and not in this hellhole. For a brief moment it feels like home.

>Now kiss, or not.
C’mon guys don’t watch this part I’m getting all emotional. This is embarrassing.
No. 682804 ID: 12b273

Hey c'mon, we wanna watch the happy bits after all the scary and crazy bits!

It's not embarrassing to care.
No. 682805 ID: 0ed6e9

pat have any luck finding that light yet?
No. 682808 ID: 5ad4a7

Sorry Marie I don't think we really have a choice as to what we see or what we don't. I'm still kindof worried something horrible is about to happen anyway. I don't want to let my guard down.

So uh when are you supposed to take those wires out? I don't know how the machine works.
No. 682812 ID: defceb
File 144711671436.png - (2.87KB , 840x600 , 7047.png )

"Marie, why do I feel so..."
No. 682813 ID: defceb
File 144711672821.png - (11.63KB , 840x600 , 7048.png )

No. 682815 ID: 12b273

See, this is why we should have locked her up in your head instead of trusting her with her own battle body.

...that's a known side effect. You don't have to act on it. I stopped myself earlier even though it was one of those... things.

Please, Haley. Come back to us. Be okay.
No. 682818 ID: 2ccbb3

Hello Haley, can you hear us?

That's your exaltation machine spirit; they're an AI that helped put your mind back together. Do not trust them; they led Marie to butcher, and they're leading you to hunger. Break some internal wiring and confront the spirit head-on. If you can store them, we might be able to negotiate a truce, but only after they stop telling you to eat people.
No. 682822 ID: 0ed6e9

well not to make you panic but you where kind of a rush job since you kinda died before we switched you over. You may have a few software problems but we can fix those up with time. Oh just DON'T ACT ON THEM!
No. 682826 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell her that the new body had an empty stomach and you can get her some food in a second, and to just stay put. Get her hands off of you and step away, tell someone to go get some food. Don't let Haley know there's anything wrong just yet, we need to keep her from getting desperate.

Marie, I don't suppose you have any memories about robot cannibalism that we didn't see personally? Can it be fixed or what? If not then you're just gonna have to put her down, assuming this isn't normal hunger. If you don't know, and food doesn't fix the problem, then we're going to have to restrain her, possibly with her cooperation, and do troubleshooting to see if we can repair the problem.

Worst case scenario you can maybe try to preserve her brain data? You picked up a hard drive or something earlier. You can also use the body for parts. I mean, your arm needs repairs. Or was there one in the hot room?

If the situation remains stable, have someone install your new heart.
No. 682853 ID: a107fd

Haley do NOT eat people. Not even one, not even if you're sure you wouldn't get caught! You're like the second human uplift ever in history, we've got an image to maintain. Also it's probably morally wrong or something.
No. 682875 ID: 12b273

I think maybe our only chance is if we can provoke an emotional response in Haley strong enough to overpower / get through what's messing with her, or that she's experiencing.

I took a leap of faith for you once, Haley. You didn't let me down. You said you'd never forget. Don't you dare let me down this time.

...Haley, don't focus on the hunger. There's something else you have to do first. Before, you were always haunted by the fact you never got to bury your body. This time- you need to face your past. You need to say goodbye before you can move forward.

Failing this, I don't know if hacking is an option, but it would be real nice if we could get in her head and confront the problem directly.
No. 682883 ID: 11f494

well then.

time to disconnect the wireless.
No. 682884 ID: 11f494

also say 'no, bad haley! down!' bop her on the head for good measure
No. 682894 ID: 3bc92d

"Well, I don't exactly have any sandwiches on hand, but we'll see what we can do. Just stay patient."

Be prepared to grab her and keep her away from the others. If you end up needing to transfer her out of the robot, then put her into your head.
No. 682902 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, if we can transfer her into Marie's head, she might still have the cannibalistic brain patterns. She'd be another red ghost to quarantine, unless we can fix it.

I guess it's better than letting her stay in the robot body though, and she might go willingly since she hasn't gone completely mad yet. ...I really hope she hasn't gone completely mad yet.
No. 683708 ID: defceb
File 144739860059.png - (33.46KB , 840x600 , 7048.png )

“It’s a side effect. Try to ignore it.” Her grip tightens around my face. “Just take a step back and stay calm, you’ll be okay. Focus on anything else.”

Another series of dull thuds prelude the lights flickering back on. I don’t like what I see.

“What’s wrong, Marie? You look scared.”
No. 683709 ID: defceb
File 144739861576.png - (38.30KB , 840x600 , 7049.png )

Then Morgan sweeps in with a dive-tackle.
No. 683711 ID: 2ccbb3

Fine, tear off her arms for now. You just need the head.
No. 683713 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright, help Morgan restrain Haley. Tell her you're sorry but you're going to have to transfer her again! She can stay in your head until you figure out how to fix whatever's wrong with the body. It'll be okay, she will still survive.
Then try to uh, actually figure out how to transfer her into your brain because I don't know how. Wired network connection?

Also Marie you're not supposed to be seeing that static nonsense anymore. What's with you?
No. 683717 ID: 225f37

I don't think she is- I think WE are. She said she could see her stalker when we still couldn't.
No. 683743 ID: 7804e4

time for PANIC SURGERY. disable wireless. tell haley there's someone in her head with her and that she needs to fight him out.
No. 683744 ID: 88960e

Uh, Marie, we're getting visual static. And distortion of her speech. Are you? I thought that wasn't supposed to happen, anymore?


>what do
We can't afford to wreck her body, or yours any further. And we can't let her hurt Morgan or anyone.

Go for the wired connection. Grab a cable and plug into the port on the back of her neck- it's time for some brain to brain. We'll confront the crazy in her head directly, and/or force her into sleep mode.
No. 684519 ID: defceb
File 144774435393.png - (25.74KB , 840x600 , 7050.png )

I don’t see any.

>She can stay in your head until you figure out how to fix whatever's wrong with the body.
I am NOT taking that into me.

>Go for the wired connection.
She still has the wire plugged into the back of her neck! I scramble back towards the other end, plugged into the machine, while Haley and Morgan go to fists. It’s a terribly lopsided fight, he swings and hurts his hand, she swings and re-breaks his ribs. She lands a couple more blows, each joined with a sickening crack. Morgan slumps over into the ground
No. 684520 ID: defceb
File 144774437532.png - (34.20KB , 840x600 , 7051.png )

Then she’s upon me again, before I can reach the cable. Her fingers- no, claws dig into my shoulder, shooting pain signals into my system. Other Pat’s cowering in the corner, wheezing through an apparent panic attack. First Pat has vanished. I hope she’s finding something to help with.
No. 684522 ID: 5ad4a7

>I am NOT taking that into me.
Complete failure, then. RIP Haley. You will be missed.

Why are you going for the other end? Just pull it out from here! Or bite through the damn cord. Keep her from disabling you, get her away from you by any means necessary. Keep in mind your current body is mostly disposable- the enemy's parts can be used to replace your own.
No. 684529 ID: f56624

<_Apollo_> hahaha
<_Apollo_> just link your comic
<_Apollo_> It'll never stop being relevant


punch her.
right inna tit / cord dongle.
No. 684531 ID: 3663d3

just break her arms and legs. you can sort her out after she stops being a threat.
No. 684534 ID: defceb
File 144775291132.png - (22.90KB , 840x600 , 7052.png )

“-our current condition worries me. If there is anything I can do after all, don't be afraid to-" Her voice breaks into a stutter. “-ave you had any problems with your vision? Loss of detail? Color? Pixelation?”

Now she’s talking weird, too.

>Break her arms/legs.
I bring my hands together around hers with as much force as I can muster. I manage to crush her hand and tear it off with a quick twist. Then she stabs me in the neck with her pointy arm stump.


Can I please just kill ONE of these damn things without getting chopped up!?
No. 684535 ID: 5ad4a7

Watch the other hand. Maybe you can attack her eyes? If she can't see she'll have a much harder time attacking you, and you can circle around her to get at the wire.
No. 684536 ID: 3663d3

break at the shoulder, so she is a quadruple amputee.
No. 684537 ID: 0e16cd

Grab some wires and yank!
No. 684542 ID: defceb
File 144775506737.png - (18.99KB , 840x600 , 7053.png )

>Watch the other hand
>break at the shoulder
I shove my fist into her shoulder, and she shoves hers into my gut. My arm fails at the shoulder, breaking at Other Pat’s patch job instead of finishing the attack. Her arm, on the other hand, manages to rake through my guts and disembowel me. This


No. 684543 ID: 5ad4a7

Well... fuck. Turn off your pain receptors?

I say just distract her. Focus on dodging and blocking. The missing person is hopefully going to get that hand cannon you got off the serial killer.
No. 684545 ID: 225f37

We're getting torn apart because we won't take lethal measures, here- the best that's going to happen is we stall for time until someone ELSE does.

I hate to say it, but saving her was always a longshot, Marie. Better to put her out of her misery than leave her like this.
No. 684548 ID: defceb
File 144775614560.png - (20.82KB , 840x600 , 7054.png )

>distract her
I try, and instead fall flat on my ass. I can’t feel my legs. I think they’re still there. A dozen windows pop into my vision. Temperature warnings, pressure warnings, unresponsive systems. I’m choking on coolant from the neck wound. I try to shut off the pain but it’s not working. I can’t focus.

I think I hear a woman screaming. There’s a wet thud, and they stop.

You guys are still there, right?

C’mon, say something.

Tell me it’ll be okay.

please be okay
No. 684549 ID: 5ad4a7


We're here, but... sorry. I think there's no making up for this mistake. I think it's over.
No. 684550 ID: 3b5176

We tried to save as many as possible, but now lost everyone.
No. 684551 ID: 225f37

Yeah, we're still here. Things are going to be okay, just hang tight, alright?
No. 684553 ID: defceb
File 144775680235.png - (47.39KB , 840x600 , 7055.png )

i_m s.orr

No. 684554 ID: defceb
File 144775681491.png - (112.31KB , 840x600 , 7056.png )

$*} ~@ |{&e@! #
No. 684555 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, now what?
No. 684556 ID: 0e16cd

Hey, get up.
No. 684590 ID: 0207a0

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