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File 144496751989.png - (148.85KB , 700x600 , i1.png )
676703 No. 676703 ID: a6f913

ch1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/663996.html

You've got LOLITANO.18 blaring in your headphones and you're thinking about how sick you are of people calling you a dyke.
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No. 676704 ID: a6f913
File 144496753662.png - (120.51KB , 700x600 , i2.png )

The bat feels good in your hand. They always have, ever since high school when Chidori used to watch you on the field. She laughed when you beat the shit out of the softball coach. Softball, you fucking hate that. Softball. They wouldn't let you just play fucking baseball. Pricks.

He's getting kind of pulpy and the track just switched to SPURRER, which is the second-worst song on the album.

>A. Stop hitting him
>B. Hit him harder
>C. Turn the volume down
>D. Turn the volume up
>E. Shuffle play
No. 676706 ID: f80256

E, obviously. Making sure you got the right beats for the beats you're handing out is much more important than Ne's condition.
No. 676707 ID: 2ccbb3

A, Take off your headphones, electrocute him unconscious using his precious computer as a conductor.
No. 676708 ID: bb78f2

No. 676716 ID: 401f23

E & A
No. 676721 ID: 0543a8

e & b
No. 676723 ID: c627a7

E -> D -> B
No. 676782 ID: bc56cf

No. 676783 ID: 67e40b

No. 676802 ID: 0c1a2a

No. 676946 ID: a1c0c2

Someone who's dead can't get back at us for going back on a deal.
No. 676960 ID: a6f913
File 144504593586.png - (145.36KB , 700x600 , i3.png )

You hit shuffle and you were thinking about stopping but then Gay For Johnny Depp comes on and so of course you have no choice but to crank the volume and start hitting him harder.
No. 676961 ID: a6f913
File 144504595125.png - (74.29KB , 700x600 , i4.png )

The song is only like a minute and a half long - exactly as long as a song is supposed to be before it starts sucking - and once it stops the player whirrs on to Courtney Barnett instead so you can calm down and take a step back.
No. 676962 ID: a6f913
File 144504597014.png - (64.91KB , 700x600 , i5.png )

The major problem here is that the dude you just reduced to a smear is not Ne. Ne's apartment was empty. You figure he must have cleared out sometime last night, since Lowry is apparently too fucking stupid to use her cell phone and waited overnight to tell you guys about him - overnight is ample time for a weasel (bear? what the fuck is he) like him to slither away.

But then you got down here and one of Rabies' little fuckhead dudes was sulking around and when you told him to shove off he called you "bunny" and when you cursed him out he called you a dyke and then you just kind of. Lost it. Just a little bit.

>A. Oh fuck you fucked up this is really bad
>B. Oh fuck this seifuku is dry-clean only. Like for real dry-clean only.
>C. Oh fuck Chidori needs to know about this let's go home
>D. Haha whatever the only good Rabies Minion is a dead Rabies Minion
>E. Haha whatever let's go home
No. 676964 ID: 37b8ce

No. 676965 ID: f80256

No. 676966 ID: f36501

No. 676973 ID: 0ee153

No. 676975 ID: 2ccbb3

A. Lowry is a wimp, you just put her in danger, and even though you hate her guts your girlfriend could break up with you if she figures out how HARD you @#$%ED UP.

Please clean the mess. And steal all of Ne's expensive hacking ^&*(. And burn the apartment.

Make the hit look as unprofessional as possible, cover your tracks by expanding the suspect pool to "every @#$%ing thug in the @#$%ing country". In fact, post using Ne's computer in such a way that looks like a gang of idiots decided to get suicidal just to kill him based on how UTTERLY he COMPLETELY INSULTED THEM.
No. 676980 ID: c627a7

No. 677055 ID: ad936f

No. 677065 ID: bb78f2

Who CAAAAAARES about a minion. He's a nobody in this town. If Rabies hears about him he'll go "Who?"
"Him?" Really? Him?"
No. 677080 ID: e2e5b3

No. 677100 ID: e38635

No. 677200 ID: 4b209f

everything but a lol
No. 677254 ID: a1c0c2

Yeeeah, B/D/E.
No. 677361 ID: 99cfa8

No. 677903 ID: a6f913
File 144527022682.png - (87.24KB , 700x600 , i6.png )

At first you're just kinda giggly because, like, the only good Rabies' dude is a dead one, so at least the day isn't a total loss. But then you notice what a mess you are and you start cursing under your breath. You'd think that with how often stuff like this happens the Sukebun would've picked a uniform a little less high maintenence, but noooo, you gotta maintain the aesthetic, and if you machine wash your seifuku all the pleats come out and it gets all rumpled and it's not intimidating at all. This sucks.

The only thing that snaps you out of it is realizing that regardless of whether or not you care, Chidori is gonna want to know about you smashing one of Rabies' dudes, so you better get home. That also sucks.

You're stomping your way back west and that shitty feeling is still clicking through your fingerbones, that boiling misery-rage (miserage?) that only a piece of shit like you can really feel, and it only goes away when you're beating the shit out of someone so you wish you were still beating the shit out of someone. Maybe even yourself.
No. 677904 ID: a6f913
File 144527024696.png - (100.69KB , 700x600 , i7.png )

Somebody goes "um?" and grabs your sleeve and you're about to spin around and nail them with your bat but then you see it's just some chick. You can't think of who she is. You know she's under Sukebun protection but you don't remember what for.

"Um, um!" She lets go of your sleeve real quick and seems to be trying to figure out what to do with her hand besides wiping the blood on her skirt. "Sorry! I just recognized you and I thought I'd say hi!" You're trying to figure out where her voice is coming from. This is weird. People around here are weird. "I, uh, I'm sorry, I don't remember your name ... are you okay? That's a whole lot of blood." She cocks her head (eyeball? headball? eyehead) to the side. "Where's Chidori?"

>A. Ignore her
>B. "It's cool, I don't know your name either."
>C. "It's Nanako."
>D. "You know we're not like, a unit, right?"
>E. "She's at home."
>F. "She's at home, probably cheating on me with a bald bitch."
>G. "I'm okay."
>H. "I'm not okay."
No. 677905 ID: dea183

B, D.
No. 677906 ID: ae7339

B > C > D
No. 677909 ID: bb78f2

No. 677910 ID: 2ccbb3

E, H, "Do you need me to do a job? You hand out our paychecks, we're obligated to help."
No. 677915 ID: 88960e

It's okay, it's not my blood.

What do you need with Chidori?
No. 677916 ID: 783117

No. 677918 ID: a6f913
File 144527339120.png - (127.23KB , 700x600 , i8.png )

You rub the back of your neck and shrug. “It’s cool. It’s not my blood. And I don’t know your name either.” You pause, and when you catch her looking at you expectantly you sigh and continue. “It’s Nanako.”

“Nanako! Nanako, that’s right! That’s a pretty name. Um, I’m Gretchen!” She gives a little wave. It looks stupid. You kind of want to laugh but you don’t. “Um, you guys have been taking care of me lately, since … things with my folks went so badly. It’s really nice of you.”

“You know Chidori and I aren’t, like, a unit, right?”

“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry - yeah, I just -” Where’s her mouth. Is her voice coming from her pupil. What’s going on. “I’m so used to seeing the two of you together all the time,” she finally explains, sheepish. “It’s kinda cool, you know? Gangsters in love … haha …”

“Yeah, well. She’s at home.” She’s still keeping her bloodied hand hovering away from her clean dress and it’s starting to annoy you. “Do you need us to do something for you?”

“Uh … no, well - since I saw you I just thought we could talk a little … nobody else in the Sukebun is, um, really much for conversation, but I’d like to get to know you guys …”

>A. “I’m not much for conversation either.”
>B. “I’m kind of in a hurry.”
>C. “I don’t wanna.”
>D. “Sure. Walk and talk.”
>E. “Sure. We can hang out for a bit.”
>F. Wipe her hand off on your skirt
No. 677919 ID: 401f23

D & f
No. 677920 ID: 9bdd1a

D and F
No. 677921 ID: 783117

No. 677922 ID: f2461f

D and F.
No. 677923 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 677925 ID: dea183

D, F.
No. 678001 ID: 025c3c

>Where’s her mouth. Is her voice coming from her pupil.
That line of thinking lies madness. How's she breathe. How's she eat.

>what do
Sure, come on. You can't be worse than Chidori's hanger on.

D, F.
No. 678004 ID: e53226

ok no D&G wipe bat off on her dress
No. 678018 ID: 37b8ce

Start asking the questions like "how are you talking" "how do you eat" as you walk!
No. 678036 ID: ad936f

D&F, You provide a high quality service, if she doesn't want blood on her then she she doesn't need it.
No. 678046 ID: a6f913
File 144530021820.png - (171.38KB , 700x600 , i9.png )

“Sure. I’m kind of in a hurry, but we can walk and talk.” Before you turn to continue you grab her hand and start scrubbing at it with a less-bloody portion of your skirt.

“EEK -”

You stop and look up at her. “You good?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I just … I’m not used to … um.” Once you’re done she takes her hand back and holds it to her chest. “Thanks.”
No. 678047 ID: a6f913
File 144530023864.png - (145.06KB , 700x600 , i10.png )

“Yeah.” You walk. She scurries to keep up. “Hey, how are you talking?”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Like where’s the sound coming from. Seeing as you’re an eyeball.”

“Oh!” She lets out a pretty little laugh. “I don’t know!” She shrugs breezily. “I’m an eyeball!”
That … doesn’t really clear anything up. “What about breathing?”

“Uh, I have some kind of membrane, I guess? Like water and air gets through but dirt and stuff doesn’t … um, what about you?”

“How do I breathe and talk?”


“I have a mouth. Under the mask.”

No. 678048 ID: a6f913
File 144530025660.png - (121.17KB , 700x600 , i11.png )

You lapse into silence for a little bit, but then Gretchen speaks up again. “So uh! All that, uh, blood. Who was that from?” She’s kind of weirdly excited. “Do you do stuff like this all the time? Um, like, as a Sukebun member? Do members have to be rabbits? Can I be … a member … if I’m not a rabbit …”

>A. “It was an annoying eyeball girl who asked too many questions.”
>B. “It was a rival gang member.”
>C. “Yeah, you have to be a rabbit.”
>D. “You don’t have to be a rabbit, but we’re all rabbits anyway, so …”
>E. “Are you some kind of kinkster?”
No. 678049 ID: bb78f2

B, D
Also drop that you have a girlfriend somehow to uncomplicate matters quickly, tactfully and respectfully. Something like, "You don't have to be a rabbit, but me, my girlfriend, and the rest of us are definitely rabbits, so like, no one beside's them has applied. We DO need to wear these sailor uniforms though. Incredibly important stuff."
No. 678050 ID: 025c3c

B, D. ...E.
No. 678052 ID: ae7339

She knows Nanako and Chidori are dating - she mentioned them being "gangsters in love."

Looks like Gretchen is not only a kinkster . . . she's a swinger!

Anyway, do A, but playfully.
No. 678053 ID: 401f23

BD and yeah, be firm about the uniform
No. 678057 ID: 37b8ce

No. 678086 ID: c627a7

B & D, and try to avoid romanticizing it.
No. 678115 ID: a107fd

Warn her how much the uniform costs and how often it ends up needing to be dry cleaned. Don't specify hiring practices one way or another without asking Chidori first. There are, currently, fewer eyeballs on the team than you and she would almost certainly prefer, so no sense rudely excluding a volunteer.
No. 678148 ID: 2ccbb3

... Is this the part where she somehow produces eyeballs that can replace your sockets?

D, but tell Gretchen that if she doesn't want to commit murder on people who don't deserve it, and then risk her life for stupid stuff, she might want to stay a civie. Otherwise, you're always hiring.
No. 678159 ID: e53226

B and E seriusly
No. 678164 ID: 43f06c

B, D, but the uniforms are dry clean only.
No. 678185 ID: 88960e

>... Is this the part where she somehow produces eyeballs that can replace your sockets?
No, wait. Is this the point where you realize the person weirdly obessed with you is made out of your own missing eye.
No. 678389 ID: 81df8a

please let gretchen be a sukebun member and commit crimes like stealing food for hungry people and or planting plants in NO PLANTING zones
No. 678390 ID: 81df8a

please let gretchen be a sukebun member and commit crimes like stealing food for hungry people and or planting plants in NO PLANTING zones
No. 679556 ID: a6f913
File 144591395590.png - (176.47KB , 700x600 , i12.png )

"It was a rival gang member," you mutter. You're trying to make it sound as inconsequential as you can manage, but she's not dissuaded.

"Are you in a gang war? Is this the beginning of a turf war? Is this your turf or was it his?"

"It's not a fuckin' turf war. God." You can feel her staring at you even when you crank your head the opposite direction. "It was personal. Hell, not even personal. It wasn't anything."

"Oh." She seems a little disappointed. "But, uh, does a Sukebun member ... would you, like, normally have to-"

"Are you some kinda kinkster?"

She jumps in an exaggerated manner than makes you grind your teeth together. "Wh-wh-wh-what?? What do you mean by that?"

"I mean do you get off on murder and stuff. You seem awful interested in all this."

"I ... it's ... it's not really the murder, specifically, it's just ..." She sighs. "Isn't there something kind of romantic in all of it? Outlaw girls, making their own way ... you do whatever you want ... you take care of each other ... it just seems really ideal."

"It's not." You don't know what else to say, so you don't say anything. She looks down at the ground. You're pretty close to home.
No. 679557 ID: a6f913
File 144591396224.png - (163.09KB , 700x600 , i13.png )

"You don't gotta be a rabbit, you know," you say finally, remembering the second half of her questioning. "But you do gotta wear the uniform, and it's a pain in the ass."

"You don't like it? But it's so cool ..."

"It's dry-clean only," you grumble.

She bumps against your arm mischeviously. "Whenever my stuff says that I just throw it in the washing machine anyway."
No. 679558 ID: a6f913
File 144591400277.png - (150.59KB , 700x600 , i14.png )

"No, I mean it." You heft the bat over your shoulder. "Unless you wanna stay up all night ironing all the pleats back, one at a time. And even then the Oyabun would end up kicking your ass, because it wouldn't be perfect."

"The Oyabun? Who's that?"

You suppress a groan. You don't know why you're talking this much. Everything you say just gives her more to ask about.

"She's - man, I dunno how to - she's just our Oyabun, you know? We're her kobun. It's just the way things are. She takes care of us. Everything goes through her." You start ticking off on the fingers of your free hand. "She's got her first lieutenant, second lieutenant - that's Chidori - then you've got your kyodai, like me, yeah? And then your shatei, your little fish."

Gretchen is enraptured. "So if I joined, I'd be a sh- a shatei?"

>A. "Yeah."
>B. "You'd be lunch, is what you'd be."
>C. "You're not joining."
>D. "Until you moved up in the ranks, I guess."
>E. "If they even let you in."
No. 679561 ID: 401f23

D, then C
No. 679562 ID: 2ccbb3

B. "Don't throw your life away just to be the chew toy of punk chicks in sailor uniforms with anger issues.

You're a nice girl, but you don't have to join the soldiers to be part of the gang. Just pay the protection fees and we'll invite you to a few gang-affiliated-only festivals."
No. 679565 ID: 0543a8

a, c
No. 679567 ID: 2ee598

A, pause, C... When she inevitably protests, B.
No. 679578 ID: a6f913
File 144591976266.png - (151.07KB , 700x600 , i15.png )

"...Yeah." You tilt your head just enough to glance at her sidelong. "Until you moved up in the ranks, I guess."

She's getting all sparkly and breathless again, and once you realize that your previous statement sounded a little bit encouraging, you clear your throat and speak again. "You're not joining."

"But -"

"Be quiet." Your fingers are sore around the bat, and you pause to flex them, working out the prickling stiffness. "It's not happening."

Even without any real face to speak of, you can tell she's pouting as hard as she can. "But you even said that I don't have to be a rabbit -"

"You'd get devoured." Your tone is loose, limp. "Eaten for lunch. You know that, right?"
No. 679579 ID: a6f913
File 144591978267.png - (169.26KB , 700x600 , i16.png )

"No, I don't know that, and neither do you!" She suddenly cuts in front of you and draws herself up to her full height, legs spread out in what she clearly thinks is a power stance. "Besides, isn't all of that just - just part of the like, hazing and stuff when you first join? I can handle it!"

"There's always gonna be someone higher ranked than you, and you're always gonna be stepped on. That's how it works."

"I don't care. I'll work my way up."

"You don't have the stuff for it."

"You know," she shouts, voice trembling, "you're making a lot of assumptions about me right now!"

>A. "... I'm sorry."
>B. "And you're making a lot of assumptions about the Sukebun."
>C. "You haven't given me anything else to think."
>D. "I don't have time for this. Get out of my way."
>E. Attack her
No. 679580 ID: 5ad4a7

C. She doesn't seem to want to get her hands dirty. How's a pampered girl like her gonna deal with this kind of bloody mess? Has she ever been in a fight before? Killed anyone?
No. 679581 ID: 12b273

>"You know," she shouts, voice trembling, "you're making a lot of assumptions about me right now!"
Well, yeah, I don't know you. That's what you do.

..why's the heck is this so important to you?

>E. Attack her
You can't. She's under Sukebun protection, remember? Even if she's being stupid, breaking your own protection is gonna get you in trouble.
No. 679583 ID: f726da

B, C

She didn't even want the blood on her hand, she's romanticizing the Sukebun, and she's rather defensive
No. 679585 ID: 0543a8

b, c. hesitantly, a
No. 679586 ID: bb78f2

Being a gang member is like being a glorified mall cop, do you understand? Maybe you get high with a few cute bunny girls, and then maybe you get some nice emotionaless drug-fueled sex, maybe, but that's way more dependent on you than the gang life.

There's no romance, no real fun violence. The ONLY reason I'm covered in blood and a had a nice adrenaline rush wasn't even because I was Sukebun, it was because I was me. My gang status had nothing to do with it, that was straight up cold-blooded murder I did to relieve some stress. And I'm going to probably get sold out for it.

So, congrats if they do let you in, because the first thing you're probably going to do is security for my funeral. You're not even going to get the tasty tiny weenies they'll be serving there, you'll be sitting out front saying sorry for your loss.

So sorry if I'm not supporting your dreams when all it means is that you'll be BARELY aware of who the next dead Sukebun is, so let me just say it right now, thank you for attending and guarding my future funeral.
No. 679587 ID: 2ccbb3

A. "OKAY, OKAY, SHEESH. You're even worse than Lowry...

... I'm sorry. Look, I've watched a lot of shatei get killed during their first missions. Girls with real tits and neurotic instincts and even some nerds with actual skills. They all thought that they had what it took to be "the chosen one", like those hero protagonists who survive everything because the plot says so.

You know what it takes out here? Not strength, not speed, not intelligence or charisma, not even luck. It takes a bitter heart and a ^&*(ty outlook; you either act like an ant in a corner, or build so much drama in your life that the higher powers stare at you and laugh in genuine humor, guiding you to further depravity and ^&*(tiness.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone who keeps a positive outlook and joins the Sukebun gang gets killed. The rest of us have violent fun and feel shades of happiness by risking our lives for chump change and more angst. My girlfriend's a mess after Rabes, Lowry's lobotomized and doesn't give two @#$%s anymore, and here I am, trying to break apart the ambitious dreams of a courageous little girl.

... Jesus, I'm a monster. Please hug me."

And then sit down and shiver. Let Gretchen hug you or punch you or something.
No. 679597 ID: a6f913
File 144592734010.png - (199.90KB , 700x600 , i17.png )

"And you're making a lot of assumptions about the Sukeban." You slip the bat off your shoulder and let it hang at your side. "And besides, you haven't given me anything else to think."

You jerk your chin at her pristine dress. "You couldn't even stand the thought of blood on you. And look at me. You want me to believe you can do this?"

She takes a deep breath, then suddenly she's lunging at you. You have to drop the bat to stop your instincts from kicking in, force yourself to go limp and accepting so that you wont hurt her -


She's got you by the wrist, shaking so bad that you feel like she's going to accidentally pull it off, and she's used your hand like a paintbrush, dragging a big bloody streak over her chest and down to her hip. "I - I don't care about that stuff. And I'm not scared of you, either."
No. 679599 ID: a6f913
File 144592735681.png - (95.33KB , 700x600 , i18.png )

"I haven't given you any reason to be scared of me. I could if you want." You look down at where she's clutching at you. "I don't like being touched."

"O-Oh ..." She lets go immediately. "I'm sorry. I just... I wanted to show you that I'm tough. And that I can do stuff."

You want to look at the blood on her dress but you don't want to look like you're staring at her chest. "Have you ever even been in a fight?"

She's silent. For once, you can't help thinking.

"Then I guess it's not worth asking if you've killed anybody."

She shakes her head. You sigh and lean back, linking your hands behind your head. "See? So what are you gonna do when someone comes at you for the first time? How do you know you won't just freeze up and end up biting it?"

She's quiet when she speaks up again. "I've never been in a fight, but that doesn't mean nobody's ever come at me." She looks up at you. "I can take a hit, Nana."


"Make me." She's shaking like a leaf. "I told you I'm not scared of you. People have been trying to hurt me for too long for me to worry about stuff like that. I'm tired of just letting people tell me what's going to happen to me. Even if that means I have to start with you."

>A. "Okay, maybe I underestimated you. A little."
>B. "Do I have to break your arm to make you shut the fuck up."
>C. "Chill. I'm not gonna fight you."
>D. "Go home, kid."
>E. "Go home, Gretchen."
No. 679602 ID: 2ee598

C. Tell her that you're not saying she's weak - just that this isn't the life for her. They don't necessarily mean the same thing.
No. 679603 ID: 2ccbb3

A. But if she's going to join then you're not going to let her start out as a shatei - most of them are sent to the warzones to shut them up.

She can tag along, you'll put in a word with the boss later. You might be able to hire her as a noncombatant - that doesn't mean she won't have to defend herself from time to time. Ask her what her skills are and go back to base before something bad happens.
No. 679604 ID: bb78f2

E]] You're having a little tantrum. They already have a hotblood in me, they don't need another person like you. No gang needs another hotblood if you start looking elsewhere either, they're all flooded with them. The world will always underestimate you; you can't just get a little mad when it calls you out. Let me say one more time: Sukebun doesn't need more hot blood.
No. 679606 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 679608 ID: 495052

No. 679610 ID: a107fd

A, C. "You wanna make a big heroic stand? Alright, fine. Just stay right there, on that square of sidewalk, until we tell you otherwise or you change your mind about wanting to join. I gotta go talk to the second lieutenant about business. I'll come back and check on you in... I dunno, probably less than a week."

See if some combination of boredom and fear of being outside at night can cure her infatuation.
No. 679635 ID: ab44de

No. 679637 ID: 370962

No. 679638 ID: f2461f

C and D.
No. 679639 ID: 9a7fd8

A, B, C
No. 679640 ID: 37b8ce

No. 679641 ID: ae3acd

A then E
No. 679796 ID: a1c0c2

No. 679856 ID: a56160

No. 679873 ID: 2f4b71

>"I've never been in a fight, but that doesn't mean nobody's ever come at me." She looks up at you. "I can take a hit, Nana."
And that's the problem. Doesn't matter how many hits you take, if you can't fight back you'll still end up as pulp eventually.
No. 680122 ID: 6b5bc6

E. at the inevitable protest A, to satisfy her just a little, maybe. no aggression for now. doesnt seem like a threat
No. 680123 ID: 9a7fd8

"Hit me."
No. 680154 ID: 4b209f

No. 681945 ID: a6f913
File 144685591590.png - (113.88KB , 700x600 , i19.png )

You're tired of this and frustrated and you don't want to go up and tell Chidori you fucked up and violence is still pounding in your knuckles and suddenly you feel yourself rip your mask off and your voice is barking out, so harsh it hurts your throat.

"Do I have to break your fucking arm to make you shut up?"
No. 681946 ID: a6f913
File 144685592896.png - (106.26KB , 700x600 , i20.png )

Gretchen balks, folding into herself. You feel like a cold little metal ball just dropped into your stomach and now it's sitting there, heavy and accusing. You swallow. "Hey ... hey, chill, I'm not gonna fight you."

She tightens her hands on her arms and seems to collect herself before looking back up at you, defiant, even through the wobbly sheen of tears collecting in a thin layer over her face (?). Your tongue feels like it's filling up your mouth. You're waiting to choke. When you don't, you speak again.
No. 681947 ID: a6f913
File 144685594431.png - (135.66KB , 700x600 , i21.png )

"Maybe I underestimated you a little." You think it's maybe the nicest you've ever sounded. You're trying really hard. You don't really know why, but you are. "But, like ... that doesn't mean I'm wrong."

She's too busy trying not to cry to say anything back. You feel sick. You turn away before saying anything else, trying to ease your way out as fast as you can. "Go home, Gretchen."


You look back over your shoulder. "Gretchen -"

"I'm staying right here." She's crying for real now, the tears way too big and heavy, splashing all down the front of her dress and making the blood smears run. "Right on this sidewalk. Until you change your mind." She gives a big hiccupy inhale before stamping her foot. "Until you take me seriously!"

>A. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
>B. "God. Suit yourself."
>C. "Gretchen, don't do that."
>D. Leave
>E. Stay with her
No. 681948 ID: bb78f2

A]] That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard? Don't both of us have better things to do?
No. 681949 ID: 2ccbb3

She chose.

If Gretchen dies in your gang, then it's not your fault even if you murder her yourself; you gave her multiple warnings, told her just how WORTHLESS her life would become to the gang, and tried to mercifully ward her off with abuse and contempt.

But if you leave her here, she could literally sit down and wait to die of starvation. Or just throw herself into traffic. Or turn rotten and try to destroy the Sukebun.

She's in. For better or for worse.
No. 681950 ID: 13c4a5

C, followed by B.
No. 681951 ID: 5f940c

C, D. Maybe making Gretchen feel like her feelings are invalidated is the way to make her go away tho? its only going to make her dig her heels in more. whatever she is trying to accomplish here isn't going to be by what she's threatening.
No. 681959 ID: 12b273

>"Right on this sidewalk. Until you change your mind." She gives a big hiccupy inhale before stamping her foot. "Until you take me seriously!"
That's not gonna work so well if you're still standing there when it gets dark.
No. 681974 ID: cfeb22

a, c, E!!!!! EE!E !E !E!EE!!!!!!EE!E!EE!E!E!E!!!!!!
No. 681976 ID: 4f4b31

Hold Her Hand
No. 681977 ID: 3bc92d

A, C, E.
No. 681979 ID: 15a025

B, and then D.
No. 682004 ID: 401f23

D then E
No. 682084 ID: 67e40b

A, B, D
No. 682125 ID: 2ca47b

B then D byee gretchen
No. 682136 ID: a1c0c2

A, B, E.
No. 682197 ID: c3e58e

B, D
No. 682226 ID: a6f913
File 144694997585.png - (86.18KB , 700x600 , i22.png )

"You know what? Fine. Suit yourself." You yank your mask back over your face, suffocating yourself with the smell of drying blood, and turn away. "God."

"I'll still be here when you come back!" she yells, voice wobbling. You fish out your key to the building without saying anything, because you don't doubt her at all.

You let the bat bump against the stairs on your way up. It's gonna dull the nails and you don't really care. When you get back up the door is unlocked, so you just have to shove your weight against it and turn and it creaks open.
No. 682227 ID: a6f913
File 144694998709.png - (116.53KB , 700x600 , i23.png )

Chidori and that bald bitch are still sitting at the table, nursing their beers. They both look up at you like they're surprised to see you.

"Hey, uh." You cough a little. "We've got a little problem."

Chidori stands up. She takes a step towards you, but then she stops. "You okay? You're not hurt?"

"I'm fine, it's just..."

>A. "Ne skipped town. We were too late."
>B. [LIE!] "Haha just kidding. Ne's dead. Everything's fine."
>C. "I killed one of Rabies' dudes outside of Ne's place."
>D. "Some chick out there won't leave me alone."
>E. "What is she still doing here?"
>F. [LIE!] "I wanna break up."
No. 682234 ID: 2a8e5b

I don't see any benefit to lying right now. A and C.
No. 682235 ID: 12b273

A, C. That's the important intel.

...oh and also, (modified D) there's some chick outside who won't leave me alone outside with crazy ideas about wanting to be in the gang. I tried to brush her off easy, but I'm not really good at that, yanno?

>E. "What is she still doing here?"
Don't say it, just shoot her a glare so she knows you're thinking it.
No. 682241 ID: 37b8ce

A only
No. 682242 ID: 13c4a5

A and D.
No. 682244 ID: bb78f2

A, C and D
No. 682247 ID: a6f913
File 144695368738.png - (133.26KB , 700x600 , i24.png )

You close the door behind you and remind yourself not to lean against the wall. Chidori hates when you get blood on stuff. "Ne wasn't there. He skipped town."

"Fuck." Chidori locks her hand into her hair and twists - it's something she always does whenever she gets stressed out. After a beat, she seems to realize something. "Then whose blood is that?"

"Uh, that's the other thing. I killed one of Rabies' dudes outside of Ne's place."

She twists a little harder. "Nanako -"

"I know, okay?" You interrupt. "God."

"No, you don't know!" Her hand drops from her hair and forms a fist dangling by her hip instead. "Why do you always do this shit?"

"Oh, what, so you want us to play nice with the dogs now?"

"That's not what I mean and you know it."

You kick off your shoes and start walking towards the hall. Chidori pivots, her voice getting louder as it follows you.

"This causes problems for everyone! When you do shit in that uniform, it means something!"

You stop, right by the chair Lowry's in. She's sitting really still. You turn your head just enough to glare at the back of her head, but she probably doesn't notice.

>A. "He had it coming."
>B. "I can do whatever I want."
>C. "I'm sick of the uniform."
>D. "I'm sick of you."
>E. "I'm sorry."
>F. Go to your room.
>G. Go to the bathroom.
No. 682249 ID: 13c4a5

A, G, E.
In that order.
No. 682251 ID: 12b273


And I still think we should do D from the previous update.
No. 682252 ID: 2ccbb3

C, "I'm sick of fangirls signing up for meatshield duty, and I'm sick of being called a complete moron when everyone else literally can't get their ^&*( sorted out. @#$% this life, it was supposed to be an easy way to hell..."
No. 682255 ID: 0543a8

c. then g. you're gonna wanna get that uniform to the dry cleaners right away.'
No. 682279 ID: 401f23

No. 682307 ID: 15a025

No. 682325 ID: b1b975

a e g f
No. 682328 ID: d4940a

No. 682333 ID: a6f913
File 144696652133.png - (179.92KB , 700x600 , i25.png )

"He had it coming."

"I don't doubt it!" You hear her exhale and you know she's dragging her hand down her face, hard over her mouth, and you can see it without looking. "But that's what the uniform is. You can't just do what you want. You have to act within the interests of all of us. You have to think."

"You know what? I'm sick of the uniform," you mutter.

You can feel Chidori's eyeless glare burning holes in your shirt. "What?"

"I'm sick of it," you repeat, louder. "I'm sick of the Sukebun." You grind your teeth back and forth, once, feeling the tendons in your jaw snap to attention. "And I'm sick of you."


You storm down the hallway and into the bathroom before she can say anything else, slamming the door as hard as you can behind you. It feels like it echoes.
No. 682334 ID: a6f913
File 144696653569.png - (123.31KB , 700x600 , i26.png )

You start yanking your clothes off as if they burn, throwing them across the floor. The blood is crusted in your fur and the smell is permanently in your nose, acidic and a thousand times less satisfying now that you're home.

It's not til you're naked that the tears come, sudden and enormous, swelling in your mouth and bursting out in sharp gasps. You clutch the sink and bend over and will your voice to collapse back into you, forcing the sobs down into rasping, noiseless coughs instead of the howls that they want to be. Keeping quiet hurts your throat and fills your nose with mucous but all you can think is that you don't want Chidori to hear. You want to die.

>A. Fuck it. Cry really loud.
>B. Stop crying.
>C. Keep crying. Take a bath.
>D. Keep crying. Take a shower.
>E. Stop crying. Take a bath.
>F. Stop crying. Take a shower.
No. 682337 ID: 2ccbb3

Begin shouting @#$% over and over. Take a shower as you contemplate what your life has become. Scrub every part of your body and use the showerhead to rinse water in your [[empty gaping eye sockets]].

When you're done, go back to where you left Gretchen and show her the hardest stare you've ever given. If she still wants in after seeing what gang life has turned you into, then there's nothing doing for the idiot, just let the poor girl in.
No. 682338 ID: 15f1dd

No. 682339 ID: defceb

D. A bath would be really messy.
No. 682343 ID: dee33c

d. showers are louder n you get cleaner
No. 682344 ID: ad936f

Shower, then cry while in the shower, she won't be able to hear.
No. 682346 ID: f56624

A all the way
No. 682348 ID: 12b273

No. 682351 ID: a413cd

c or d. get clean and cry
No. 682371 ID: dc48d3

No. 682376 ID: 90b77c

No. 682382 ID: cfeb22

a, d
No. 682387 ID: b1b975

A & D
No. 682388 ID: 4b209f

No. 682393 ID: 6898d3

No. 682442 ID: 2ca47b

No. 682477 ID: 1a54f7

Time for the feels.

A, D.
No. 682499 ID: d4940a

A and D, but hold in the tears till the shower is going. Can't show that much weakness.
No. 682512 ID: 0c9cbe

Go with D
No. 682538 ID: a6f913
File 144703538910.png - (68.08KB , 700x600 , i27.png )

"Fuck." You slam the heel of your hand against the edge of the sink, hard enough to sting. "Fuck." Again. "Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK-"

The last blow is hard enough to really hurt. It sets your bones vibrating, and you stop and press your palm against your hip to rub out the pain. While you were yelling you started crying for real and now you can't stop. You think about how you felt when Gretchen was crying like this, just sort of sick and annoyed, and you think about someone feeling the same way when they look at you. It makes your stomach contract like a dying star. You stumble over to the shower, just to turn it on, to mask the ugly sounds you're making. When you get in it's way too hot and you don't change it.

You tip your head back. The water pounds against the backs of your empty eye sockets, flushing out your tears. You howl.

You're thinking a lot about how people look at you like you're some kind of zit on Chidori's face and you want to think about something else.

>A. Think about when Rabies dug your eyeballs out
>B. Think about the burns on your arms
>C. Think about the last time you and Chidori had fun together
>D. Think about that thing your mom said

You will only stay in the shower long enough to think about one thing.
No. 682543 ID: 12b273

No. 682546 ID: 1b60c0

Voting A for super happy fun memory trip
No. 682547 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 682548 ID: 13c4a5

No. 682552 ID: b1b975

No. 682556 ID: 81df8a

No. 682558 ID: ace271

c. tho d is tempting
No. 682561 ID: 2ca47b

No. 682567 ID: 4b209f

No. 682568 ID: 5f940c

No. 682571 ID: a1c0c2

A, because misery loves company.
No. 682586 ID: dc48d3

No. 682587 ID: 57c391

No. 682594 ID: d4940a

C, then D and how it applied to A
No. 682608 ID: c3e58e

No. 682616 ID: 401f23

No. 682620 ID: a6f913
File 144704890861.png - (121.17KB , 700x600 , i28.png )

"When are you going to stop wasting all our time with this softball garbage?"

You're seventeen. You don't know how to look people in the face without spitting. "I play baseball."

"Baseball, softball, I don't care what it's called!" She's taller than you and her voice is loud. "Whatever it is, it's not doing your bad attitude any favors. When are you going to stop this?"

You don't say anything. There's no right answer. You know that by now.
No. 682621 ID: a6f913
File 144704892270.png - (75.55KB , 700x600 , i29.png )

"I work all day and then when I come home it's a pigsty in here, because you're too busy out there messing around with your little hobbies." You look at her long, red nails instead of the floor. A surgeon's hands. You imagine them poking through those blue medical gloves and wonder why they don't make her wear them shorter. "Fine, whatever! I get it! It's cute that you're a girl that plays sports. But it stops here. You realize that, right? It can't be anything after high school! And you're pissing away the time you do have in school on something that's never going to do anything for you!"

"It's not like -" You cut yourself off almost immediately. Sometimes you forget. You're never supposed to talk during this.

"What? Speak up or shut up!"

"It's not - I don't think it's going to make me famous or anything," you manage to gasp out. Terror is sinking between your ribs, cold and sharp. Why are you still talking? "I know I'm never going to be a professional athlete."
No. 682622 ID: a6f913
File 144704893763.png - (104.47KB , 700x600 , i30.png )

Now she's screaming. That's all it takes. "Then what the fuck are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm not doing anything to you!" Your eyes are prickling. "I just want to do stuff I like. I'm not doing anything wrong."

"You are! You're so selfish! You're ruining everything!" She's getting closer. You can't move. "Do you think I had you so you could do stuff you like? Oh, god," she says now, because you've started weeping, as quietly as you can. You were trying to hide it behind your hands but it wasn't good enough. "This is ridiculous. Stop crying."

"I can't," you protest, and her voice is automatically ricocheting back at you, loud and shrill.

[i]"'I can't, I can't!' Oh, you're just such a perfect victim, aren't you? Stop that. You're going to have to try harder than that to make me look like the bad guy here." She lets out a hard, high laugh, jagged with disgust. "You know what? I'm glad you're crying! It means you know that you're doing something wrong!"
No. 682623 ID: a6f913
File 144704896356.png - (90.49KB , 700x600 , i31.png )

"I'm not." You know how pathetic you sound, but you don't know what else to say. "I'm not, I'm not - I'm not doing anything wrong - Mom, please stop -"

"'Mom, stop!'" she screams back. "God, listen to you. You'd think I fucking beat you. You're so lucky I've never laid a hand on you. Do you know how badly I want to right now? You have no idea how lucky you are. No idea."

You've finally come back to your senses enough to stop trying to talk back. You're trying your best to stop crying. You just want to be complacent, quiet, pliable, so that she'll lose interest. Playing dead.
No. 682624 ID: a6f913
File 144704897672.png - (53.45KB , 700x600 , i32.png )

"God," she says again. "You should be grateful I didn't abort you."
No. 682625 ID: a6f913
File 144704898329.png - (82.20KB , 700x600 , i33.png )

No. 682626 ID: a6f913
File 144704899645.png - (90.44KB , 700x600 , i34.png )

You're done crying.

>A. Stay in the shower
>B. Get out of the shower
No. 682627 ID: 1b60c0


Anyway, B
No. 682628 ID: 2ccbb3

...Here is a woman who never stopped working hard and earning her fortune. Because she was running from something.

She must have known. Must have realized what you were becoming; the bully that has haunted her all her life, the one that prompted her to become really smart and talented and rich, all to stop the unholy gang reaper that tormented her childhood from barging through her doors and stabbing her in the face.

And then it turns out that you're growing up to be that reaper. Can you imagine what delusions were going through her head? It was if she gave birth to the spawn of her most hated enemy.

Yet here you are, stronger and more @#$%ed up than she'll ever be. And it SCARES her. It scares her that you turned yourself into a killer. That you run the streets. That you're less afraid of death than you are of her, and that you have the means to do something about it. You are her worst nightmare and she hates you for that.

If you ever want to make amends, you have to show her that in the end, you're still a person.

And you can't let Gretchen turn out like your mother did.

No. 682632 ID: b1b975

b, and also note that your mom is an abusive piece of shit
No. 682633 ID: 401f23

what a fucking horrible person she is. B, get out but only if you're all clean
No. 682635 ID: 13c4a5

No. 682637 ID: 15f1dd

that woman is so vile. and by no means do u need to make 'amends' with her, like it would do any good.
B. please remember yr strong.
No. 682648 ID: bb78f2

Showers feel good
Work out your feels more. Even if you only had tiem for one, just let it happen a bit more longer.
No. 682656 ID: 0ec92e

No. 682668 ID: 82d576

wtf, that's such a fucked up thing to say to her own child, she's so fucking awful. you didn't deserve any of that, you did nothing wrong. you don't owe her anything, you don't have to "make amends".
stay a little longer in the shower, then get out and dry yourself.
No. 682699 ID: eeb31a

"God, you're lucky I never hit you."

At least cuts and bruises are a testament to what happened, they're visceral and they're proof. You can't prove a broken heart or a broken head. You just have to trust yourself, and when you're sick it's difficult to do that.
So look to everyone who loves you properly, and they will help you find that trust again. It was real, it was not right, but you know that now. So you don't have to be trapped in your head any more.

"God, I'M lucky I never hit you... Because then it would have been obvious what I did to you."
No. 682719 ID: 276e80

that was awful, and you in no way deserved it.
B: get dry, put on something other than your uniform
No. 682731 ID: dee33c

what's your damage?
No. 682742 ID: f36501

wow damn that hit me a lil closer to home than i would have preferred.

b. and go try to apologize or at least get everyone more informed on the various types of shit that are about to go down
No. 682752 ID: 2f5a7c

That feel train had no brakes.

A. Try to clean yourself of that filthy memory.
No. 682781 ID: c3e58e

That wasn't the kind of memory I was hoping for.

B) I think it's time you left.
No. 682820 ID: a6f913
File 144711814519.png - (112.09KB , 700x600 , i35.png )

You sit in the shower for a few minutes longer, until your hollowness rounds out on the edges and settles. It occurs to you, distantly, that you're hungry. The water has started to go lukewarm, so you finally turn it off and step out.

You're drying off when Chidori knocks on the door. "Nana? You good?"


You hear her sigh. After a beat, she tries again. "We have to go see the Oyabun, you know."

>A. "Go by yourself."
>B. "Go with Lowry."
>C. "Fine."
>D. "Why?"
>E. Say nothing
No. 682821 ID: 12b273


I know.
No. 682825 ID: 4bb54c

No. 682829 ID: c3e58e

No. 682832 ID: 276e80

Is resigning from gang life something you can do and still be reasonably safe? (Either from the gang or from whatever enemies you've made)?
If so, you might want to think about... if you want to, if you're capable of it, getting out of this. There has to be something better than this.

(I know it's not as easy as that, there are reasons you haven't done it already)

Whatever your intentions, C. You should probably go. Have something to eat first, though
No. 682833 ID: 15a025

No. 682839 ID: 2f5a7c

No. 682840 ID: 15f1dd

No. 682847 ID: 548a94

No. 682876 ID: 6518df


You don't have to put up with this shit.
No. 682878 ID: bb78f2

How do ya know the Oyabun weren't the ones that set up the hit for us, Chidori? They're the only ones I can think of that might want us dead or out of the way and have the means to pay Ne. It's why they would need to have to pay Ne, they can't kill fellow Sukebun publicly.
Rabie's already got his kick out of us when he took our eyes. He didn't need a hit, at least until now.
No. 682880 ID: 57c391

No. 682882 ID: 2ca47b

No. 682896 ID: 37b8ce

No. 682961 ID: 7df347

No. 682995 ID: 1b60c0

Life, it's all about the D
No. 682998 ID: 2ccbb3

C. "But only if you back me up on this."
No. 683078 ID: 6b5bc6

No. 683160 ID: 97988a

No. 683845 ID: 09bd04

No. 683920 ID: cc08c7

C. Don't start a fight in your own apartment.
No. 684245 ID: a6f913
File 144765219881.png - (72.84KB , 700x600 , i36.png )

You laugh into the towel, all teeth. "Why? You can just go with Lowry."

"Nana." You hear the door creak as Chidori presses the side of her hand against it. "Nana, don't do that."

You don't say anything. "Don't do that," she repeats again, softly, and bitterness builds up in layers on the back of your tongue until you can't help but laugh again.

"Don't do what?"

"We've talked about the Lowry thing."

"Whatever." You throw the towel draped over your head against the door, halfheartedly, and shake your hair out. "Are you gonna back me up in there?"

"As much as I can."

"That's not a good answer, Chidori."
No. 684246 ID: a6f913
File 144765221032.png - (239.70KB , 700x600 , i37.png )

She exhales, frustrated. Finally the door creaks again as she pulls away from it. "Wear something nice, okay?"

After you hear her walk away, you leave the bathroom and head down the hall into your room.

You and Chidori have always had separate rooms - you have too much stuff not to - but at least you used to sleep together. You haven't for a while now. You start to kick halfheartedly through the piles of clothes on your floor.

>A. Wear a spare uniform. It's wrinkled, but at least you know it's up to code.
>B. Wear a plain button-down shirt, blazer, and slacks. It's probably similar to what Chidori will wear.
>C. Wear your nicest yukata and sarashi. It might come off as a little casual, but it's probably similar to what the Oyabun will be wearing.
>D. Wear a stained hoodie and some jogging shorts. Fuck this.
>E. Kick over your dresser.
No. 684247 ID: 2ccbb3

C, "relieve tension" first.
No. 684248 ID: bf76d7

No. 684249 ID: 79232a

d or c, depending on what you're feeling
No. 684250 ID: b1b975

No. 684251 ID: 2ca47b

No. 684256 ID: ace271

No. 684258 ID: 57c391

B. give a few punches to your pillow first if you want
No. 684259 ID: d4940a

E then A
No. 684261 ID: 401f23

B then E
No. 684280 ID: d3ff38

e, then c
No. 684281 ID: 38cb3f

No. 684283 ID: 67e40b

dont kick over your dresser. youre the one wholl have to pick it up later
No. 684285 ID: a6f913
File 144765939513.png - (99.96KB , 700x600 , i38.png )

You think about kicking over your dresser, but stop yourself. Your room is enough of a mess as it is.

Thankfully, your nice yukata is hanging up, free of wrinkles. You dig your sarashi out from underneath a pile of band shirts and get dressed.

It's a little old-school, you think, as you double-check yourself in the mirror. But so is the Oyabun. With any luck, she'll appreciate it.
No. 684286 ID: a6f913
File 144765941038.png - (128.78KB , 700x600 , i39.png )

"Chidori?" You grab your phone out of the pocket in your discarded uniform skirt before walking out into the hallway. The angel is nowhere to be seen, but Lowry is still sitting at the table. "You seen my geta?"

"They're in the hall closet." Chidori's in a regular shirt and blazer, like you thought she'd be. Her brow furrows when she glances up at you. "Isn't that a little laid-back?"

"It's traditional," you retort. "She likes traditional."

"She likes when we have our shit together," Chidori mutters. She finishes buttoning up her shirt and sighs. "You ready, Lowry?"

"I guess," Lowry mutters. You look up sharply.

"You know I was being sarcastic when I said to go with her, right?"

"She's gotta come, sarcasm or not," Chidori replies. "She's involved in the Ne thing. The Oyabun will wanna talk to her either way."


"Come on. Junko's driving us over."
No. 684287 ID: a6f913
File 144765942806.png - (204.26KB , 700x600 , i40.png )

When you get downstairs, Chidori gets into the passenger's side of the waiting car, leaving you to sit in the back with Lowry. You wonder if she did it on purpose. Junko's chattering on about something stupid as she starts the car up, some movie or something, and Chidori is offering patient but clearly insincere murmurs of interest. Lowry's shoved up against the window, her forehead pressed against the glass, as tense as she always is.

>A. Talk to Lowry [choose topic]
>B. Talk to Junko [choose topic]
>C. Talk to Chidori [choose topic]
>D. Look out the window [choose thought topic]
No. 684289 ID: d3ff38

No. 684290 ID: 6e7056

A, ask where Sweat went
No. 684291 ID: 57c391

A "nice coat"

why does nana bind her chest with bandages? isnt it kinda dangerous?
No. 684293 ID: a6f913

sarashi are not bound as tightly as like, if you were using ace bandages or something to bind your breasts - it's just a casual undergarment for use under a kimono or yukata. the purpose is to bind the breasts somewhat, but not tightly enough to be harmful. also it's just a yankii/sukeban trope.
No. 684294 ID: 2ccbb3

B, "Watch out for any jumping eyeballs".
D, look for Gretchen.
No. 684297 ID: dee33c

c, bring up the interaction w/ gretchen?
No. 684298 ID: dee33c

d -- think about one of the flashbacks we could have gotten in the shower. maybe think about good times with chidori, the two of you need to be a tight unit again if things around you are going so far south
No. 684355 ID: 6e7056

d - look for gretchen
then bring her up to chidori/junko
No. 684384 ID: 50942c

Think about good chidori times
No. 684434 ID: 9c4b58

A [inquire why lowry told you and nanako about Ne when it would have been easier/safer to kill you]
No. 684435 ID: 86cfc3

D, this.
No. 684439 ID: 2ca47b

D, think about chidori
No. 684495 ID: a6f913
File 144773980658.png - (88.01KB , 700x600 , i41.png )

As the car pulls away, you suddenly realize that in all the bustle of the past half-hour, you'd completely forgotten about Gretchen. You'd fully expected to be ambushed by her when you left the apartment, but no confrontation had happened. You quickly crane your neck to peer out the window back at the complex, just in time to catch a glimpse of her sitting on the same square of sidewalk as before.

Apparently she'd been distracted. You sigh and flop back into your seat. "Chidori?"
No. 684496 ID: a6f913
File 144773982101.png - (203.50KB , 700x600 , i42.png )


"There's some girl outside our apartment. She wouldn't leave me alone earlier. One of the girls under our protection, actually - Gretchen something."

"The eyeball one?" Junko interjects.

"Gretchen Gott," Chidori says quietly. "Been under Sukebun protection for a few weeks now. What did she want?"

"She wants to join."

There's a beat, then Chidori and Junko burst into laughter.

"Holy shit!" Junko barks out. "What did you tell her?"

"No, obviously." You're getting annoyed again and you don't know why. "But she's really set on it. Said she was gonna sit outside our apartment until I change my mind."
No. 684497 ID: a6f913
File 144773990421.png - (89.96KB , 700x600 , i43.png )

Chidori's laughter peters out into a chuckle, and she leans her forehead against her bent fingers, looking out the window. "Fine. Then it's a problem that solves itself. She'll get hot and hungry and scared and go home. Probably before we even get back."

You're not so sure, but you don't say so. Instead you mimic her, letting your head fall sideways and letting your gaze fall out the window, rubbing the fabric of your sleeve between your fingers. You'd honestly kind of hoped that when you came out wearing it, Chidori would have said something nice. She's the one who got it for you, after all.
No. 684498 ID: a6f913
File 144773993901.png - (120.11KB , 700x600 , i44.png )

"Oh, Chidori, what -" You're immediately embarrassed when you open the box, maybe by how nice the garment is, or maybe because this whole thing is corny, maybe because you're still not used to presents. "I mean - it's pretty and everything, but like..."

"Come on! You don't even have a nice one."

"I have a yukata," you protest.
No. 684499 ID: a6f913
File 144773995828.png - (97.82KB , 700x600 , i45.png )

"A plain one! That you stole from a hotel." Chidori leans forward and suddenly she's swinging her leg over to straddle your lap and you aren't used to that yet either. "You needed something cute."

"When will I even wear it?" you demand, raising your voice because you're half-hoping it'll smooth out the tremor.

"We'll make an event," she says confidently. "Get the girls together. Have a cookout or something."

Her face is really close and she smells like beer and weed, in a good way. You don't know where to look. "It's dumb to plan something just so I can wear an outfit ..."
No. 684500 ID: a6f913
File 144773997466.png - (123.66KB , 700x600 , i46.png )

Then she's got your face in her hands and they're bigger than yours, scarred and long-fingered, and she's laughing against the corner of your mouth. "Just say thank you, jackass."

You kiss her instead. You don't like beer but you like her. You like the way she always opens her mouth first and waits for you, and how patient she is when you kiss, and how if she laughs at the way you shake it's always kindly.
No. 684501 ID: a6f913
File 144773998967.png - (74.78KB , 700x600 , i47.png )

And you are starting to shake, just a little, when her phone goes off in her pocket. She pulls away, grinning ruefully at you as she fishes it out.

"Work stuff?" you ask.

She glances at the screen. "Uh, no, it's Lowry. Lemme get this, 'kay? Be right back."
No. 684502 ID: a6f913
File 144774000322.png - (88.08KB , 700x600 , i48.png )

Oh. Right. That's how that memory ends.

>A. Ask Chidori if she wants to go out or something tonight
>B. Ask Junko how much longer til you arrive
>C. Ask Lowry why she decided to fuck Ne over
>D. Ask Chidori about Gretchen
No. 684506 ID: 9c4b58

No. 684509 ID: d71d15

No. 684510 ID: f2461f

C and D.
No. 684512 ID: e16f63

No. 684516 ID: 9a7fd8

No. 684517 ID: 401f23

No. 684521 ID: 2ca47b

No. 684530 ID: fb584a

c hell yea
No. 684552 ID: dc48d3

No. 684581 ID: 3641d4

No. 684589 ID: 2ccbb3


B, D
No. 684645 ID: dee33c

No. 684731 ID: 09bd04

No. 684736 ID: 15a025

No. 687691 ID: b1b975

a & c
No. 689060 ID: 8679fe
File 145024736333.png - (143.25KB , 700x600 , i49.png )

“Hey.” She doesn’t look up and you try again. “HEY.”

She blinks at you. She looks tired, and like she could use a shower. You fucking hate her.

“I wanna ask you something,” you say, and she blinks again, with sleep-deprived slowness.


“Why’d you fuck Ne over?” You resettle in your seat, arms crossed and back hunched, head craned to look at her. “That’s a big resource to give up. Especially if you’re looking for stuff, which I know you are.”

Her laughter is raspy. “Don’t remind me.” She turns to look out the window and you’re gut-punched by anger. Everything about her pisses you off. Everything she does pisses you off. Even now, the fact that you’re talking to her, you’re talking to her and she won’t even look at you -

“You guys have been good to me,” she says finally, and it’s all you can do not to stuff your fist in your mouth to stop yourself from screaming. She keeps going. “To ignore that and let you guys get fucked over … I don’t know. It’s not how I wanna do things.”

Don’t fucking look down on me. You know that’s not what she’s doing, you know that, but the thought is hissing out in your ear anyway. You holier-than-thou bitch. I haven’t done a fucking thing for you. I never will.

You’ve both gone silent and you feel like if you were clenching your teeth any harder your molars would splinter into a cracked bloody mess but before you can really start worrying about it the car stops, and Junko’s voice is loud and jarring and telling you that you’re here.
No. 689061 ID: 8679fe
File 145024738561.png - (309.82KB , 700x600 , i50.png )

The building the Sukebun uses as a base of operations is usually just referred to as “the main house.” You’ve been here plenty of times before, but not always to see the Oyabun. Junko stays outside, and you’re escorted in quickly and quietly, straight back, to her main room.

It’s thick with smoke. You and Chidori sit, and after a moment of fumbling, Lowry follows suit. There’s an extended silence as the Oyabun finishes her pipe, and it’s not until she sets it down that she speaks.

“So. You wanna explain to me why you suddenly started thinking you can run operations without my say-so?”

Chidori bends at the waist, hands planted on either side of her knees. “With respect, ma’am, it wasn’t an operation. I sent Nanako on my own to pursue a personal matter.”
No. 689065 ID: 2f4b71

>A. Stay quiet.
No. 689066 ID: 8679fe
File 145024759918.png - (276.07KB , 700x600 , i51.png )

The Oyabun stands slowly and turns. She’s taller than everyone else here. You avert your eyes. “Who does Nanako answer to, Chidori?” When Chidori hesitates, she speaks again. “It’s not a trick question.”

“To me, ma’am.”

“And who do you answer to?”

“To Sada.”

“And who does Sada answer to, Chidori?”

“To you.”

The Oyabun hands her pipe off. One of the girls behind her taps it out and refills it. Your hands are twitching in your lap.

“As does everyone.” The pipe is relit and handed to her, and she places it between her teeth without looking away from Chidori’s bowed head. “So when you send your kobun out to kill someone, you’re moving my resources without approval. And when she fucks up and you make an enemy, you just made me an enemy.” She squats until she’s at eye level. Chidori doesn’t flinch, but you see her jaw tightening. The Oyabun blows a slow stream of smoke into her face. “That is fucking unacceptable.”

>A. Stay quiet.
>B. Apologize.
>C. “It wasn’t Sukebun business.”
>D. “I didn’t fuck up.”
>E. “It’s not Chidori’s fault.”
>F. “It’s Lowry’s fault.”
No. 689070 ID: 401f23

No. 689071 ID: fb7dbf

No. 689072 ID: 86cfc3

A, and bow your head in acceptance.

You already fucked up once today, and Chidori is paying the price for that. Don't make things worse for her challenging her boss, embarrassing her further, or proving she can't control you.

Maybe if Oyabun gives you a chance to fall on your sword for her (or to apologize) you can take it, but trying to defend her (or yourself), or speaking out of turn are bad moves here.
No. 689077 ID: b266e5

A. You dun goofed, so take your punishment graciously.
No. 689080 ID: 4645ac

a. the oyabun's not speaking to you, she'd probably get angrier if you spoke out of turn. there's not much you can do right now, but if the oyabun speaks to you we'll see.
No. 689120 ID: f73e92

No. 689129 ID: b1b975

No. 689156 ID: 15a025

No. 689166 ID: 4b209f

A, no use in getting her angrier
Can you tell us more about her so we can figure out what to do?
No. 689209 ID: 9476b6

A. No rhyme or reason about it.
No. 689210 ID: 2ccbb3

Wow, she sounds like your mother on medication.

Slowly inch towards the door, see what happens.
No. 689214 ID: 0543a8

a, let chidori talk
No. 689231 ID: 39247f

B), but stay silent in doing so. kind of like a head bow? i'm not sure how to explain it
No. 689232 ID: 5ea852

A. Wait to see what happens.

I think apologising would involve self-mutilation as the fuck-up has the undertones of disrespect.
No. 689261 ID: 8679fe
File 145032932172.png - (169.33KB , 700x600 , i52.png )

“It won’t happen again,” Chidori says quietly.

“You shouldn’t have to fuckin’ say that, Chidori,” the Oyabun snarls, “I’d fuckin’ hope it’s not gonna happen again -”

- And you’re flinching into yourself because again, again, you don’t understand why that was the wrong thing to say, you don’t understand why she’s suddenly angry, you’re tired of women who are bigger and stronger than you suddenly being angry, and the only reason you even came out here in the first place was to get away from that. But she’s not talking to you, and after all this time you should at least remember that there’s no right answers, and you play dead.
No. 689262 ID: 8679fe
File 145032933801.png - (246.58KB , 700x600 , i53.png )

“Get up.”

Chidori does. Your hands are cold and shaking and you close your fists on the fabric spread over your lap to try to hold them still.

“I understand there will have to be reparations,” Chidori murmurs.

“You’re right.” The Oyabun looks over her shoulder, and Sada - the first lieutenant - comes up to her side. You look up for long enough to see her withdraw a tanto, still sheathed, and suddenly your throat feels like it’s coated in sandpaper. You look back down, struggling to keep your breathing even and quiet.

Chidori’s voice is tight as she accepts the knife. “How much?”
No. 689263 ID: 8679fe
File 145032935374.png - (234.96KB , 700x600 , i54.png )

“Two inches,” says the Oyabun, and Sada has already turned away to spread the white cloth on the table. Lowry’s shifting beside you and before you can think to stop her she’s speaking.

“What the fuck is going on? Two inches of what?”

You want to kill her. You want her dead. You tighten your grip on your clothes until your knuckles hurt and you know everyone in the room is staring at her. When the Oyabun speaks, though, she doesn’t seem irritated.

”Mimitsume.” She reaches up and runs a finger along the scarred edge of her own truncated left ear. “Repayment.” She lifts her chin to look over Chidori’s ears, whole, and sighs softly. “Until now, Chidori hasn’t fucked up. But everyone fucks up, sooner or later. And this is how we keep the fuckups in check.”

Lowry’s about to say something else and you’re this close to turning and punching her in the jaw but Chidori’s already interrupting, hard and cold. “You don’t belong here, Lowry. You don’t have anything valuable to say about this. Please be quiet.”
No. 689264 ID: 8679fe
File 145032936740.png - (279.54KB , 700x600 , i55.png )

For a split second you think she’s going to protest. But she’s quiet, thank fucking god, and Chidori walks forward and kneels in front of the table. Something’s pounding in your throat and you think it might be words.

>A. Stay quiet. You’ve already been mutilated once on Chidori’s behalf.
>B. Offer your ear instead. This was your mistake.
>C. Request mercy and offer to fix the problem. You’ll find Ne and apologize to the Junkyard.
No. 689265 ID: 4645ac

b. now's the time to interrupt, because you decided to kill rabies's minion guy, not chidori. you fucked up, did something without permission, and you should pay the price. that being said, the punishment might get worse as you're lower in the ranks, but... it wasn't chidori's fault.

besides, you reason to yourself, one of your ears has a mark anyway... chidori's are perfect. may as well fuck up the already fucked up.
No. 689266 ID: 2ca47b

A. there are no right answers, and one chopped ear is better than two. chidori will forigve you for this or she wont, speaking up isnt going to help anything.
No. 689267 ID: b1b975

No. 689268 ID: f2461f

No. 689269 ID: 2ccbb3

"Lowry, you got ^&*(?"

If not:

"@#$% IT, JUST KILL ME. It's always the same, disobey orders and you've @#$%ed up, that's common sense, but obey orders and someone @#$%s up for you, and then it's somehow your fault and you're rewarded with a gift' turns your brains inside out, that's apparently the fundamental theorem of the universe!

I'm going to kill Ne. And you're going to stop me now."

Fight the boss to the death. Slaughter for every second of life you can get.
No. 689270 ID: bb78f2

Fuck it. Let's go B.
I know the Oyabun made certain to let Chidori know this was much more HER fault and less yours, but if you don't TRY, well you're in trouble with the missus AND Oyabun might think you're being a coward. Plus, well, dopamine is a BADASS natural drug and it's gonna feel fucking SO GOOD after that pain wears off... maybe.

At least offer to cut yours along side hers. You can't let her show you up.
No. 689276 ID: f36501

No. 689279 ID: 401f23

B. You and Chidori need to break up anyway, losing an ear will be one less thing for her to be pissed at you about when you finally leave this all behind
No. 689289 ID: ddbbe4

God what a fucking bitch! A
No. 689297 ID: 3641d4

B. Maybe you'll earn some respect from this bitch just for offering to do it instead.
No. 689301 ID: 5ea852

B. Honour among thieves and all that.

It's like you don't know how crime syndicates function.
No. 689302 ID: 0878c4

No. 689303 ID: 88960e

B. Own your mistake.
No. 689308 ID: 5ae7a8

D) interrupt: "Chidori still hasn't fucked up and I'm not part of this gang anymore so you can't have my ear either." Take tan to from chidori and, if nessessary proceed to violence.
No. 689363 ID: 457d84

If it's not accepted, bargain that you'll both do it for half the length. 1 inch each.
No. 689383 ID: 4b209f

。。。 B?
No. 689399 ID: ad936f

Oh... that's not actually as bad as I thought it'd be, figured she'd be losing a finger. I guess we have to go with B, but I don't expect it to go well. Hell, worst case scenario we both end up losing an ear, and then at least we're in pain together, and she can't resent us as much.
No. 689401 ID: 86cfc3

Dat as- ohwait you're supposed to be serious right now.
No. 689408 ID: 39247f

B. I can't imagine how painful that has to be...
No. 689409 ID: 39247f

B. I can't imagine how painful that has to be...
No. 689492 ID: 2f4b71

>At least offer to cut yours along side hers. You can't let her show you up.
Both Chidori and Nanako being punished is the only possible outcome to (B). The Oyabun is correct: Chidori is at fault here, for acting without authorisation. Whether or not the decision was a correct one is irrelevant, the failure to follow that hierarchy remains. (B) will also annoy Chidori at you inviting yourself to be hurt for no reason. (C) will royally piss off the Oyabun. (A) is about the only option that won't just make things worse.
No. 689549 ID: 66b371

will chidori get mad if you interrupt? if not, B

it's your mistake and if you're in a system that makes you pay for mistakes in this way--it's not chidori's place to be punished. it's yours. speak up.

but if speaking up won't end well, if chidori will be punished along with you...A. stay quiet. i still lean towards b.
No. 689567 ID: 7c0350


like it or not, you care about her. you won't be able to forgive yourself if you won't.
No. 690021 ID: 6eee93

A. if you offer your ear the oyabun'll just take four inches, half yours half hers
No. 690400 ID: f8a2f8

B, but only if you're prepared to take that risk - having to take four inches instead, two, if not more for your disruption and two for the original offense.
No. 690402 ID: 315927

"Hey cunt, if it's her fuckup for picking me then it's your fuckup for picking her, too. Go cut off your tits."
No. 690455 ID: 5ea852

You got a fucking death wish, omae?!
No. 690486 ID: 1a7e25

do /not/ say that
No. 691100 ID: 8679fe
File 145168375188.png - (166.77KB , 700x600 , i56.png )

"Please wait."

You voice sounds weird. It feels weird, too, falling out of your mouth like broken teeth, and at first you worry that you were too quiet - what a novel problem - but Chidori has stopped and so has the Oyabun. There's terrifying, ringing silence, and then the Oyabun gestures for you to continue.

"I am the one who acted out." You usually don't do the talking in the main house, and you're struggling to put your words together in a way that sounds formal enough. "I attacked the dog for ... for personal reasons. It wasn't ... how I should have acted."

You look up, just enough to see Chidori's shoulders stiffening. You swallow. "When I do things in our uniform," you say shakily, and now she's trembling, knuckles white on the handle of the tanto, "it means something. And I disrespected that."

The Oyabun's eyes are moving slowly over your face. She makes a small, considering noise in the back of her throat before speaking. "Are you offering reparation in your superior's place?"

There's a loud buzzing at the base of your skull. "Yes."
No. 691101 ID: 8679fe
File 145168377192.png - (253.74KB , 700x600 , i57.png )

You stand and so does Chidori. Nobody ever taught you the slow, ritualized steps you take to trade places - you're following her lead and it feels instinctive. When she hands you the tanto, it's with both hands, reverently. She's looking at you but you can't meet her eyes. Neither of you speak.

You kneel. You don't do it as smoothly or gracefully as Chidori did. You know you're shaking visibly. You're staring at the white cloth Sada set out and it seems to be vibrating at the edges as you slowly unsheath the tanto - two-handed, reverently. Sada takes the sheath from you, a square of fabric folded over her hand. You reach up and pull your ear taut and set the edge of the blade against the notch in your ear.

You are so, so scared.
No. 691102 ID: 8679fe
File 145168378288.png - (73.44KB , 700x600 , i58.png )

Your arm jerks and you feel nothing at first, but there's a sound like fabric tearing neatly along the weft and suddenly there's a blinding, searing pain - you'd call it a sting but that word has none of the weight you need - your mouth fills with bile and you want to cover your mouth but you can't, you know instinctively that dropping the blade or the ear (the ear, the tip of your ear, it's in your hand, you're holding it) would be unforgiveable so you choke and clamp your mouth shut and swallow it back down.

The entire left side of your head feels hot. There's pressure - Sada is clamping fabric down on the sliced edge, pressing, and you can't process how much it hurts. You watch your hands lay the ear (your ear, a piece of your ear, you're holding it) on the white fabric and slowly slowly slowly wrap it up.

You're breathing loudly and as soon as Sada has stopped the bleeding and covered your ear in gauze she steps away. You swing your head to look at her, wildly, almost just to see a reaction, to confirm that what just happened was real, but with the mask all you can do is wonder if the glint in her eye is disgust.

No. 691103 ID: 8679fe
File 145168379903.png - (85.86KB , 700x600 , i59.png )

It's the Oyabun's voice and you turn slowly.

"The apology."

You follow the nod of her chin to the bundle still laying on the table. One corner is a slowly spreading red spot. You pick it up with shaking hands and turn back to her. You kneel. You offer. She takes it. You think you must have said something. You probably said "forgive me."

Whatever it was, Sada is at her side again, and the Oyabun hands the package off to her. She leans down. You hold your breath.

"What you did just now," says the Oyabun, "was exactly what I want and expect out of my kobun."

You don't know what to say, so you say nothing. She continues.

"What you've done has wiped the slate clean. For yourself, and for your superior. Even moreso because it has showed me that you are capable of the exact opposite of the disrespect that brought you here." Her hand comes to your cheek and you're too hollow and absent to flinch away. "Thank you, Nanako."

>A. iw ant to go home
>b. i want to go home
>C. i want tot go home
>D. i want tto go home
No. 691106 ID: 15a025

I'd say go with A,B,C, and D.
No. 691108 ID: 4b209f

A) thank her, let chidori handle the rest. you'll get home soon.
No. 691109 ID: d0868f

No. 691113 ID: 6eee93

Nanako. I know it hurts right now, so much. But this is the start of a better future. Chidori will respect you again. You'll be in good standing with the Oyabun, or at least not watched so critically by her. Just hang on a little longer, just be patient, just wait it out, pay your respects and wait for her to dismiss you. You can cry when you get home. Just hold it in a little longer, please.
No. 691114 ID: 401f23

A. Get out of there. See if you can leave without Lowry and Chidori, have some time to yourself.
No. 691121 ID: 8679fe
File 145168830368.png - (143.26KB , 700x600 , i60.png )

You're thanking her and doing all the pleasantries of ending a meeting and you don't cry. There's a hand on you, warm and calloused - Chidori's - and you're being guided through a labyrinth of halls full of girls whose ears look like yours and then you're outside, and it's hot and suffocating, and you throw up on the sidewalk.

"What the fuck was that?"

It's Lowry who's yelling, all up in Chidori's face. You half-listen because you don't know what else to do. Chidori's voice is low and rough when she responds. "I told you, Lowry, I told you that you don't belong here and you couldn't possibly understand -"

"What the fuck is there to understand? They just made your girlfriend chop her god damn ear off and you stood there and watched-"

"Oh, my god. Holy shit.” That’s the laugh that only comes out when Chidori is really angry, really really angry. “You are not going to fucking lecture me about standing by while other people get hurt -”

“This isn’t the same fucking THING, CHIDORI -

“You don’t know anything. You don’t understand anything. Nanako did exactly what she was supposed to do and -”

“And that’s exactly what’s fucked up about it! Jesus Christ! I don't need to be a part of your fucking gang shit to see that something is wrong! What the fuck is wrong with you? I don’t -”

>A. “Stop it, Lowry.”
>B. “Stop it, Chidori.”
>C. “I want to go home.”
>D. Say nothing.
No. 691122 ID: bcce6e

No. 691123 ID: b142a5

No. 691124 ID: d0868f


She couldn't have stopped that. I stopped her from getting hurt, but no one could have stopped it all together without making it worse.

No. 691125 ID: d09f7a

what you did was brave and selfless
what you did was difficult and many a person would halt and fumble
it wasn't easy but it's done
it's gonna be okay
No. 691126 ID: 0878c4

No. 691127 ID: 39247f

c or d. i can't imagine any of the first two options to do anything but harm. the both of them are too... angry at the minute to really fix anything by asking them to stop.
No. 691128 ID: b142a5

also when you get home get rid of the yukata somehow. a cheap one stolen from a hotel is better than one with the memory of having yourself mutilated all around it.
No. 691130 ID: bb78f2

B, let her have an opinion.
It's we who don't understand her, we shouldn't disrespect her for it, we might hate her for it, but it's an irrational hate and I still want to punch her in the face.

And Chidori, she stood back and did nothing when she was a different person, a person you liked more than the current one. Don't scold someone over a dead version of them's actions, and don't speak ill of the dead neither.
No. 691132 ID: 2ca47b

No. 691133 ID: 7b7ab3

B and C.

Chidori's spewed enough toxin. Let's just get away from this hellhole.
No. 691134 ID: 8679fe
File 145169267247.png - (77.28KB , 700x600 , i61.png )

"I want to go home." Your voice is hoarse and quiet but somehow it still cuts through their arguing, and they stop on the spot. Lowry falls back, scratching at the back of her neck, and Chidori takes a few steps towards you.

"Nana ..."

"I want to go home," you repeat, and this time your voice breaks and you cover your mouth with your hands, feeling your shoulders drawn into your chest by some irresistable force, and you manage one breathless, howling sob before Chidori has you gathered up in her arms.

She's got you crushed against her chest and you don't know if it's helping or not but you know that it's better than being ignored and you take huge shuddering gasping breaths, big loud swallows of air - you're not even really crying, you don't think, just making noise, and she's whispering apologies into your hair.
No. 691135 ID: 8679fe
File 145169268959.png - (106.26KB , 700x600 , i62.png )

When you finally start to wind down, shrinking into a little shivering mass, Junko's ready with the car and Lowry is standing to the side, quiet and uncomfortable. Chidori helps you into the back, but turns to look at her before getting in with you. "Get your fucking head on straight, Lowry."

"That's what I'm trying to do," she spits back, but then she catches sight of you hunched over in the back seat and you guess she decides she doesn't want to fight anymore. "Um." She coughs into one big hand and turns her face away. "I, uh. I hope she's gonna be okay."

Chidori doesn't say anything and the car door closes and you're going home. All you can think is that for once you have to agree with Lowry. You hope you'll be okay too.

No. 691138 ID: 8679fe

No. 691139 ID: d0868f

It's kind of fucked up, but I think this might actually leave Chidori / Nanako in a better place then they started the thread in.
No. 691141 ID: 5f940c

c, just be honest. also like lets not escalate anything rn
No. 691148 ID: 2ccbb3

... I don't think it was right for you to self-mutilate just for the Oyabun's demand of respect.

But you did murder someone in blind anger. The mark you've drawn on yourself might stop you from going off the deep end. But only if you choose to interpret it that way.

Maybe now you can find what you stand for. What the two of you stand for. Good luck, kid.
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