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File 144461489852.png - (137.73KB , 912x547 , CQ2title7.png )
676040 No. 676040 ID: fe06ff

>an emergency is declared, Oken rushes to the scene

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No. 676042 ID: fe06ff
File 144461514188.png - (124.25KB , 912x547 , CQ2page192.png )

Having just heard from Solar Commando Ceckail that Solar Marshal Droegen needs her presence urgently, Oken rushes to Hanger-seven unsure what to expect.
No. 676053 ID: 2ccbb3

Find a good vantage point, somewhere high with multiple escape routes!
No. 676084 ID: 3f9dc0

How is that new underwear working for you? Seems like a sudden field test.
No. 676118 ID: 3663d3

enter the battle zone cautiously, don't want to get hit due to lack of situational awareness.
No. 676331 ID: fe06ff
File 144479402909.png - (105.32KB , 912x547 , CQ2page193.png )

>How is that new underwear working for you? Seems like a sudden field test.
This Solar underwear is rather unpleasant but better than nothing . . .

Well here's the place, no sign of danger yet . . .
No. 676332 ID: 2ccbb3

Scan the area for threats and move in on one of the doors.

Do you know anything about this place?
No. 676376 ID: 1f8505


Investigate one of the buildings to see if you can ascertain the situation.
No. 676560 ID: fe06ff
File 144487389176.png - (139.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page194.png )

I get close to one of the doors and open it, looks like a small room with a little computer
No. 676564 ID: 260951

check the computer. anything immediately interesting?
No. 676575 ID: 1f8505


Start calling out for Marshal Droegen. We need to find him posthaste.
No. 676584 ID: 2ccbb3

Careful, it might be a bomb. Check in with Marshal, see if a terminal on the door is standard protocol.
No. 676585 ID: c43722

The hangar itself is underground, right? That means this is most likely a lift down there and the little computer is the controls. Go take a closer look at them and see if you can select the hangar floor level. Hopefully they aren't locked or something.
No. 676656 ID: fe06ff
File 144493918674.png - (111.62KB , 912x547 , CQ2page195.png )

Let's take a closer look.
No. 676660 ID: 90f3c0

Well, you're not going to get anywhere hanging around the surface. Step into the obvious trap/elevator and push the button. Be ready to open fire when the door opens.
No. 676661 ID: 1f8505


Welp, I guess we're going down.

Keep your sidearm at the ready as you descend.
No. 676680 ID: fe06ff
File 144495666066.png - (116.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page196.png )

Oken presses the go button . . . nothing happens

No. 676681 ID: 1f8505


Huh. Maybe we can shoot the door open?
No. 676684 ID: 0fc976

Press the 0 key to get an operator.
No. 676687 ID: 2ccbb3

Call Mission Control and ask for assistance, but if you don't get anything within 120 seconds just brute force the door open.
No. 676699 ID: 90f3c0

No Location? Maybe you need to enter a floor number the press the button.
No. 676798 ID: fe06ff
File 144501329585.png - (149.51KB , 912x547 , CQ2page197.png )

Oken draws her Raygun

Oken: "Looks like I'm going to need a skeleton key for THIS lock!"

Ceckail: "Please don't shoot the elevator controls."

Oken: "there's no other way through!"

Ceckail: "I didn't get a chance to tell you the code before you ran off"

Ceckail enters a series of numbers and the room begins to move
No. 676805 ID: 1f8505


Alrighty, let's hang out with Ceckail until we get to where we need to go.
No. 676807 ID: 88960e

Well that takes the fun out of it.
No. 676912 ID: 2ccbb3

Cut the chatter, take cover, and aim!
No. 676982 ID: fe06ff
File 144505186133.png - (205.41KB , 912x547 , CQ2page198.png )

The room stops, the door opens and Oken hops out gun ready.

Droegen: "Oh good you're here, we've got a real problem."
No. 676983 ID: 92a560

Stand down and ask whats the emergency
No. 677067 ID: 73c49c

"whats the problem?"
No. 677382 ID: fe06ff
File 144514254885.png - (75.72KB , 912x547 , CQ2page199.png )

Oken:"What's the problem?"

Droegen: "Take a look at this screen"

Oken:"Radiaion Danger?"

Droegen: "It's a false positive, but does tell us something."

Oken: "yeah?"

Droegen: "It means an Astranian carrier has entered the system."
No. 677383 ID: 3663d3

and he wants us to call them and ask to not be blown to smitheroons.
No. 677385 ID: 92a560

Could Mint have teleported there?
Check planet for tracking beacons.
Have they made contact with Mint?

And what do you want Oken? This is a chance to go home. To seek medical aid for Hoft.
Perhaps discuss with Fuze.
No. 677398 ID: 73c49c

could you hail them? tell them that you have injured and to not carpet bomb / attack the neutral port?
No. 677490 ID: fe06ff
File 144518101992.png - (127.55KB , 912x547 , CQ2page200.png )

Oken: "You want me to contact them."

Droegen: "Smart girl, unfortunately the don't want to talk, their' sensor tower is retracted, nothing will get through those shields."

Oken: "Wait what are they doing here, if not to respond a distress call?"

Droegen: "that's a good question, funnily enough there WAS a astranian distress call, activated an hour ago"

Oken: "Geragine Mint . . ."

Droegen: "Maybe, But it takes Three days for a standard line Astranian carrier to plot and power up for a system jump"

Oken: "It was already coming here?"

Droegen: "It takes Three days for a standard line Astranian carrier"
No. 677494 ID: 1a8bd7

Its not standard.
No. 677497 ID: 3663d3

shit, special forces.
No. 677507 ID: 73c49c

Spec ops or some other elite force then then. If there here for a distress call they SHOULD have there coms up to take calls, but they don't. distress call might have just been used as a ping to get those guys here, they might not be looking for a rescue but a mop up.....

lets hope there in a good mood today and won't hit us with a air to ground troop drop (followed by them shooting us).
No. 677509 ID: 8a3061

Mint knew they were coming
No. 677515 ID: bb78f2

This must be why she shot Jones. And bribed the humans the try and kill Jones at the hanger, and then cover up all the lies that wouldn't add up by finally killing him at the mines.

They must have been tailing the Space Pirates for a long time. This was our extraction team. Shit, she probably sabotaged our original mission and got us to crash on that desert planet. She completed it and then just went with our own extraction plan with the space pirates then because she didn't have any choice and had no flexibility to do what she did today. Of course there was some secret mission there, Astranian Command didn't fluke and give us a civilian target to annhilate with a nuke, that was the cover story for a BLACK OPS MISSION.

Eventually, that Astranian ship would board the Space Pirates and rescue us, no doubt she used her mechanical skills to somehow have that ship follow it. Or she sabotaged the Space Pirate ship again and made it crash so she DID have flexibility. That way, none of us would be court martialed for giving Astranian blood to the space pirates and she could accomplish her real mission. I'm not even sure Black Ops members like Mint would have been forgiven for that.

Fuze, you were an unexpected variable on that dust planet, you were supposed to be dead from the beginning. That's why Mint was more willing to do shadier shit around you, because she was either going to kill you later, or have someone else do it to get you out of the way anyway, which explains why that dude was going to kill you after figuring out Mint killed Jones.
No. 677574 ID: fe06ff
File 144520516545.png - (90.81KB , 912x547 , CQ2page201.png )

Oken: "There's only one ship that could make a jump that fast . . ."

Droegen:"That's right, The Astranian Flagship; Ecliptor-Atla"

Oken: "Commander Flek's ship . . ."

Droegen:"The Master of Raytech himself, which begs the questions, why? why is this so important?"

Oken: ". . . It has to be Mint, she was up to something, she's been up to something for a long time"


Oken: "She might be on that ship right now."
No. 677577 ID: bb78f2

Then it all has something to do with the Ice World and the bugs and the raytech.
Flek had picked us for this mission.
Flek has been working with Mint since the beginning. Mint sabotaged our ship to crash, to do something. He chose the bug ridden planet Dorean for us to nuke, then had Mint crash land us on it.

He didn't choose me because I'm an Ace Pilot, he chose me to lead because I'm naive to notice Mint doing all her work. Because I'm Mint's friend and would trust her until the end.

Do we still have Prince? As much as I don't want to betray our people's secrets to pinkies, and the fact we'll probably be executed for it, if we dismantle his memory banks, we can learn more. Hopefully, Prince didn't fry it all out when he went 404. You probably already have begun to do that Droegun, what have you found?
No. 677814 ID: 73c49c

Droegen, got any idea what we can do about Flek rocking up? I don't think his here for a day trip.The fact his from the ice planet that the bugs are from means his most likely under there influence one way or other.
No. 678938 ID: fe06ff
File 144564386155.png - (172.27KB , 912x547 , CQ2page202.png )

Oken: Fuze could we get any more info from Prince's robotic brain?

Fuze: "I doubt it robot brains are very complex, even the most experienced engineers have trouble working with them after they've been activated.

Oken: "darn he seemed to know something before he shorted out!"

Fuze: "It seems Commander Flek must have some other adgenda, A number of clues have all lead back to the IceWorld:Vin-Malor, as Councilar of Vin-Malor perhaps the bugs even have influence over him?"

Oken: "NO! the Commander is NOT working with those monsters! If we could just get in contact with him, we'd be able to figure all of this out!"

there is an air of silence after my statement

Droegen: "I might be able to help with that, you see a signal would be able to get through to the ship if came from within the shield bubble"

Oken: "how does that help?"

Droegen: "Because right over there is a Astranian shuttle, and if I recall correctly astranian vessels can pas through their own shields."
No. 678948 ID: bb78f2

You mean if Mint isn't already in it, right?

We should go, now.

Oken, don't let your idolization of Flek get in the way of possibility that he may have been infested. Do NOT endanger your team because you don't want to hear it.

How many times will you allow your trusting nature to hurt you and your team? Grow up, be a leader, and accept all possible risks in the mission, from betrayal to ambushes. Look at how much you've been betrayed today, are you going to allow it again?
No. 679080 ID: d5e94c

They loaded explosives in that thing didn't they?

ASSUMING they even allow us to dock I'm not seeing too many viable plans of attack using a shuttle and resting our hopes on successful diplomacy is a vanishingly slim one.
No. 679105 ID: 3663d3

here's a middle ground idea. someone being conrolled by the bugs is feeding flex lies. they gave him a reason to come here. perhaps they said the bugs have taken control and he is here to blow them up?
regardless of his reasoning for being here, he is dangerous to us right now.
No. 679179 ID: fe06ff
File 144573803925.png - (203.54KB , 912x547 , CQ2page203.png )

Fuze: "I know you admire Flek, but these creatures-"

Oken:"Flek is a councilar, councilars are pure of conviction and can never be manipulated! or controlled!"

Fuze:"Perhaps Flek isn't being controlled? perhaps others are under influence and lying to him?"

Oken: "Like Mint."

Fuze: "Precisely!"

Oken: "not that is matters, if Mint is behind things our shuttle will never even get close! it'll be blasted to pieces."

Droegen: "You have a better plan?"
No. 679217 ID: 3663d3

is there a solar spacecraft around? can have a 'chase', if the shuttle appears to be under attack they may be more likely to move in to assist. the human ship will break off before it gets in range because the carrier 'scared it off'. will probably need to be shot at a little to make it believable, but nothing an ace pilot can't handle.
No. 679469 ID: fe06ff
File 144587704523.png - (88.82KB , 912x547 , CQ2page204.png )

Fuze: perhaps if the shuttle was under attack The Ecliptor would move in to assist?

Droegen: "What are you suggesting?"

Fuze: "Do you have any small pursuit craft?"

Droegen: "So you're suggesting I send some attack craft after you? sounds like you're planning to throw me under the bus, they'll think this is a military installation and blast Memora to smithereens"
No. 679472 ID: bb78f2

Not if it's a Guilder vessel, your operation is primarily human with some Guilder's intermixed here and there. A Guilder ship would throw off suspicion towards yourself, and if you're low on Guilder ships, we DO know where one crash landed, a few parts might make any ship you have look Guilder.

If that's too difficult to pull off in a short amount of time, human space pirates are believable enough too.

The Astranian's will simply rescue fellow Astranian's from criminals, they're not going to care about destroying a criminal organization if they peg this as a mostly criminal installation, too much of a chance of killing innocents with the criminals, and it's not they're job to fight crime that mostly affects humans. They might investigate, but if you hide most of your Astranian criminals and illegal raytech operations, they'll just pick us up and skidaddle.
No. 679512 ID: dd0e59

How do we know they're not going to blow it to smithereens anyway?
No. 680749 ID: fe06ff
File 144642999875.png - (117.98KB , 912x547 , CQ2page205.png )

Fuze: "Not if it's guilder ships after us, when they scan for pirate activity it will lead them away from Memora and instead to the wreckage"

Droegen: "hmmm, that might just work, I'll see what ships I can scrounge up, in the mean time you might want to take that shuttle and get it way from the city"

Oken enters the shuttle
This small ship has charm and spirit. it's just waiting for a good pilot, I can feel it.
No. 680751 ID: 12b273

Start running preflight checks, and assessing the condition of the vessel. Gotta have everything as shipshape as you can make it.
No. 680761 ID: 1f8505


Agreeing with running checks. Also do a visual inspection of the engines too.
No. 680861 ID: 63658b

What are we gonna name it?
No. 680881 ID: 3663d3

sit in it for a bit and feel it out.
No. 680920 ID: fe06ff
File 144649118805.png - (216.61KB , 912x547 , CQ2page206.png )

Oken sits down

All systems check out

. . . it is eager to fly

Fuel low, but sufficient for the mission

. . . eager to see the stars again

shields charge and weapons armed

. . . I shall call you "Patient Ember"
No. 680921 ID: 28bcec

Hate to be paranoid but should probably check for any bombs/devices stuck under control panels or in a engine compartment.

If you have time.
No. 680975 ID: 73c49c

We should bring Holf, even if they blow us up hes not going to make it without the medical station on that ship.Its up to Fuze if he wants to ride with us though.
No. 680987 ID: 2ccbb3

Rub yourself all over the controls.

No. 681391 ID: fe06ff
File 144666898478.png - (148.10KB , 912x547 , CQ2page207.png )

Oken's Team mates are brought on board

Fuze: "Do you think this could be a trap? perhaps there's a bomb on board"

Oken: "all the ship's weight is fully accounted for, there are no extra components"

Soon the ember will reignite back into flame, your patience will be rewarded.
No. 681395 ID: bb78f2

Oken, ask Fuze if Flek's ship might have the compenants to replace Hoft's legs with organic replacements so he won't be considered an robot object by the government, or if he thinks that Hoft will be going to a veteren's hospital to live the rest of his days once we all get home?
No. 681906 ID: fe06ff
File 144684627577.png - (165.39KB , 912x547 , CQ2page208.png )

Deep sadness fills Oken as she looks at Hoft's broken form

Oken: "Is the Ecliptor equipped to replace Hoft's legs?"

Fuze: "short of cybernatics I'm not sure what could be done, his cell structure is no longer stable enough to withstand grafting, Doctor Yeli might know more but I suspect she'll say the same"

Oken: " . . ."

Oken Signals for the hanger doors to open, then launches the ship
No. 681998 ID: fe06ff
File 144687032694.png - (77.65KB , 912x547 , CQ2page209.png )

Oken takes note of a warning on the ship's Ray-Dar

Oken: "three guilder vessels closing in"
No. 682002 ID: 2ccbb3

Something tells me that this ship doesn't have a hacking beacon.

Send a one-way broadcast of your intentions of non-aggression, then get to evasive maneuvers! If any of you have a smart idea and/or technology, now's the time!
No. 682003 ID: 1f8505

Relay to the Astrainan ship that there's wounded that need urgent medical attention.
No. 682122 ID: 73c49c

send a message to the Astrainan ship in the form of a Mayday, "we have a solder critically injured on board and are in need of assistance!".
No. 682123 ID: 3663d3

sos flagship. we "barely managed to escape" enmy hands
No. 682248 ID: fe06ff
File 144695380763.png - (100.41KB , 912x547 , CQ2page210.png )

Shots fire past

Fuze: "Oken they're shooting at us! we have to contact the Ecliptor for help!"

Oken: "their antenna is still lowered we'll never get a message through the shield bubble."
No. 682254 ID: bb78f2

Use the boost to get through
No. 682261 ID: 3663d3

barrel roll! do some of those ace pilot maneuvers.
No. 682860 ID: fe06ff
File 144712850545.png - (138.32KB , 912x547 , CQ2page211.png )

Pilfered Kurdian Blast-Cannons, dangerous at close range, but the shot velocity is too low to be accurate over longer distance.

Oken accelerates as fast as the ship is capable

this will give me the distance I need and get me closer to the Ecliptor

Oken narrowly manages to dodge the enemy fire
No. 682862 ID: bb78f2

How much longer until we get into range?
No. 682866 ID: 4ce42a

Barrel roll! Barrel roll!

I mean Aileron roll! That'll deflect their shots!
No. 682888 ID: 73c49c

they should be able to see that were being shot at, they got to do something! keep getting closer, park behind there ship if you have to!
No. 682889 ID: 3663d3

keep up the dodging, you are almost there.
No. 683577 ID: fe06ff
File 144736651397.png - (160.84KB , 912x547 , CQ2page212.png )

Oken does a barrel roll dodging several more shots

The Ecliptor, it's Fire-Array is charging up!
No. 683625 ID: 3663d3

be ready to dodge the ecliptor's shots too. remember, the guy in charge of the guns is not flek. is simple enough to report to him that an unknown ship is approaching and get permission to fire on it. wont be able to lie about a incoming message on an astranian channel.
No. 684015 ID: fe06ff
File 144755268490.png - (74.50KB , 912x547 , CQ2page213.png )

Oken notices a com bleep

Fuze: "Is that the Ecliptor? can we contact them"

Oken: "It's a multiwave broadcast, our messages still won't get through, we still need to be closer"

Fuze: "What's the broadcast?"

Oken turns on the Raydio

????: "To all possible Astranian ships in the area this is Ecliptor-Alta. We will be performing a completely random weapons test. You are advised to keep your distance."
No. 684016 ID: 92a560

If you don't think you can out maneuver the ships weapons, keep out of range, the signaler looks like Mint and she would probably aim at us
No. 684018 ID: 3663d3

god dammit, shift in to maximum overdrive!
No. 684092 ID: 73c49c

do we know what weapons they could be firing to try and avoid them? Mint is going to do everything she can to stop us from getting to that ship, so we have to turn the ace pilot skills to 11!
No. 684093 ID: fe06ff
File 144758349308.png - (223.89KB , 912x547 , CQ2page214.png )

Fuze:"They're going to shoot us out of the sky!"

Oken:"It's nothing I can't handle"

Fuze: "The Ecliptor's Targeting is the most advanced in the fleet, not even Solar fighters are manuverable enough to dodge them!

Oken: "The Ecliptor's Fire Array still has a two second charge time it achieves it's apparent quick reaction speed from AI trajectory mapping, If I play into the systems expectations I can dodge the attacks.

Fuze: "That's insane! Astranian ships aren't meant to dodge!"

Oken: "I know that ship and I know this ship, I can do it"

Fuze: "We should turn back while we can . . ."
No. 684094 ID: 3663d3

if we turn back we die anyway. mint will show how there are bugs on the surface that need to be destroyed, wiping the surface. and then what will our little shuttle do? limp to the next system in a hundred years?

no, the only option we have is to break through. show them why you are an ace pilot.
No. 684112 ID: b8ceae

"I am Ace Pilot Oken for a reason!"
Go for it.
No. 684137 ID: 12b273

It's time to show you what Ace Pilot means.
No. 684282 ID: 73c49c

You're ace pilot Oken, the best darn pilot in the whole fleet! let get in there!
No. 684315 ID: 1f8505


Work your magic, Ace Pilot!
No. 684387 ID: fe06ff
File 144769838450.png - (85.56KB , 912x547 , CQ2page215.png )

Oken: "The only way is foreward.
I am the new star.
Like the heroes of the cult war, I will channel the history of my clan and become everything they were "

Fuze: "WHAT?!"
No. 684388 ID: fe06ff
File 144769842087.png - (238.36KB , 912x547 , CQ2page216.png )

Oken: "I am Ace Pilot Oken, and there is nothing I can't do!
Oken Dodges the first three laser strikes
No. 684397 ID: b8ceae

No. 684399 ID: 12b273

Those don't look totally random! They're not random at all!

>what do
Nowhere to go but forward. If you slowed down to reverse course or retreat, you'd get nailed.

Fly well. It's bullet hell time.
No. 684408 ID: ddcac0


No. 684411 ID: 3663d3

you know this ship, inside and out, you know exactly what miniscule weaknesses it has. exploit them.

and the AI will try to compensate, you can only do a maneuver once before it will expect it. go through every one you know, make new ones. surprise it every time.
No. 684518 ID: 73c49c

what this guy said, we will show Mint what for!
No. 684643 ID: 68fefd

Use the boost to get through!

For the emprah!!
No. 684916 ID: 98195e

Have we used our lucky earing yet? If not, let's use our lucky earing.

Either way, DODGE, DODGE, DODGE!
No. 685251 ID: cee89f




Also, get someone else on comms. You're going to need full focus for this.
No. 685257 ID: a33f42

I'm scared. Oken becomes a whole new beast when in a pilot seat...
Just survive Oken. Just survive.
No. 685926 ID: fe06ff
File 144861201384.png - (81.22KB , 912x547 , CQ2page217.png )

Mint:"If for some reason a ship OUT OF SHEER DUMB LUCK was able to survive the first volley . . .

Fuze: "Oken maybe we-

Luck isn't what guides me, everything holds the same
Oken: "You're looking for a pattern but you can't predict the heart of a free spirit!"
No. 685927 ID: fe06ff
File 144861206967.png - (346.61KB , 912x547 , CQ2page218.png )

Mint: ". . . It would be obliterated from the NOW FULLY ACTIVATED ARRAY!"

a more complex pattern only makes clearer the path
Oken: "I see them trying to understand, but the robots they need to feel!"
No. 685928 ID: fe06ff
File 144861218367.png - (78.93KB , 912x547 , CQ2page219.png )

Mint: " Th-there's no way in hell she . . . wait . . . heh heh Hah Hah HAHAHAHA"

Fuze: "The shield bubble, I-I can see it!"

The Ecliptor's shield generators begin to glow brighter
No. 685929 ID: fe06ff
File 144861226904.png - (224.48KB , 912x547 , CQ2page220.png )

Damnit! so close!
Oken: "She's preparing a shield pulse . . . "

Fuze: "Carriers don't have-"

Oken: "this one does. there's no dodging it"
an omni-directional attack.

Fuze: "Maybe we could turn away or-"

Oken: "If we slow down or turn, the Array will catch us"
there's no way to dodge . . .
No. 685930 ID: 742b4a

The shield burst doesn't even matter, Astranian shields don't affect Astranian ships.
No. 685931 ID: fe7899

Fuze: Analyze enemy shields and note that things are starting to heat up.

Oken scream about how you can't lose! Get into the crazy!

No. 685932 ID: 90f3c0

How does shield burst work? Will you be safe if you can get close enough to the ship? Obviously it would be designed not to damage itself. Recklessly close the distance at max speed.
No. 685934 ID: 92a560

Find the nearest airlock or hanger and ram into it, hopefully you can maneuver into the ship before the pulse goes off, or if it's possible, land onto the ship, hopefully the pulse would recognize your shuttle as the same faction and form over you instead
No. 685937 ID: 1f8505


We could try heroically ramming the array.
No. 685950 ID: 1b9257

Do it the way the Pinkskins deal with shields. Hit target with heavy object. In other words: Go for a delicate part of the ship and ram it.
No. 685952 ID: bb78f2

Shield pulse at the same exact time
If Astranian ships can be affected by the pulse for SOME weird reason, then that means your OWN shield pulse should be able to fight the pulse back.

Magnitude and size of the ship shouldn't matter. In fact, the opposite matters. YOUR own shield pulse should be stronger than hers anyway, due to speed and your tiny size. It has to spread OUT it's force to pulse it's GIANT shield. You don't. You'll pierce right through it.
No. 685953 ID: 3663d3

get inside the shield. the burst wont head inward, that would damage the ship it's trying to protect.
No. 685957 ID: 86cfc3

Unless you can surf or ride the pulse safely (which isn't a great plan cause it would force you to run the gauntlet again) the only real option is to get through it.

Can we shoot our way through a shield pulse? Hide in the shadow of some of the jutting out superstructure of the carrier to dodge the attack? Can we accelerate and pass through the shield before it pulses, so we're on the inside? Can we adjust shield frequencies to match such that the pulse won't harm us?
No. 686019 ID: c3e58e

>all this talk about ramming
Is that glass I can see on the far right there?

Just put the fuckin shuttle through it (if we can close the gap fast enough)
No. 686049 ID: 2f4b71

Charge right in. You can't outrun it on the way out, so outrun it on the way in before it charges.
No. 686277 ID: fe06ff
File 144884546428.png - (155.11KB , 912x547 , CQ2page221.png )

At full speed and max power to shield our duration of exposure to the pulse energy should be less then a tenth of a second
But the power output, for even that long . . . MIGHT be more than this ship can take.
Patient Ember I place my faith in you

Fuze: "Oken! do something!"


* * *
No. 686278 ID: fe06ff
File 144884554787.png - (111.70KB , 912x547 , CQ2page222.png )

Heavy damage sustained
Please Ember we can still do this!

Main thrusters offline
Manuvering pulse field offline
Manuvering thrusters at 2% power
Sheilds offline
Life support offline

Total systems shut down in 1 minute
I don't think we're going to live that long!

Raydio signal active. Ecliptor receiving transmissions
. . .
No. 686279 ID: fe06ff
File 144884569459.png - (254.18KB , 912x547 , CQ2page223.png )

Mint: "All that just so you could crash into the ecliptor's reinforced Carbosteel hull? so much for heroics. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE . . . ACE PILOT OKEN!"

Impact imminent.
No. 686280 ID: fd6c57

No. 686281 ID: 3663d3

wedge yourself into a nook!
No. 686282 ID: 211d83

This is your chance to transmit to the ship! Let them know who you are and the AI might be fast enough to catch you in a tractor beam.
No. 686283 ID: b8ceae

Get on comms to tell them that Mint is a traitor.

No. 686284 ID: 86cfc3

>Life support offline
Oh that doesn't matter. One way or another, this fight was never gonna last long to burn through all the oxygen in the room.

>what do
Aim for an airlock or landing bay?

Or... I didn't see weapons listed on that damage report. We could always cut our own entrance, and crash on a deck instead of against the hull. We'd have to hope the cruiser would close emergency bulkheads or get the breach closed off after you, though.
No. 686308 ID: b09acc

>Or... I didn't see weapons listed on that damage report. We could always cut our own entrance, and crash on a deck instead of against the hull.

I like this idea... I mean... as opposed to being turned into dust and shrapnal on impact... could we even exploit weapons as emergency maneuvering thrust?
No. 686491 ID: fe06ff
File 144900276974.png - (129.26KB , 912x547 , CQ2page224.png )

Will this work? I guess it doesn't matter.
It's all I've got left!
No. 686492 ID: fe06ff
File 144900283997.png - (84.71KB , 912x547 , CQ2page225.png )

There is a burst of fire, and the small shuttle disappears into the Ecliptor


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