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File 144269019972.png - (9.34KB , 800x800 , Nautquest Intro.png )
670566 No. 670566 ID: 329fef

>Welcome to Nautquest! You know the drill
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No. 670567 ID: 329fef
File 144269025381.png - (15.83KB , 800x600 , Nautquest1.png )

>It's dark, and cold. What do?
No. 670569 ID: 2ccbb3

Bash doors.
No. 670571 ID: 329fef
File 144269069652.png - (15.13KB , 800x600 , Nautquest2.png )

>These are scribbled onto the wall. You give them a little push anyway, just in case.
No. 670573 ID: 2ccbb3

Tap dance around the room. If it is a room, anyway.
No. 670574 ID: 329fef
File 144269105268.png - (16.27KB , 800x600 , Nautquest3.png )

>You consider dancing for a few moments. You don't really know how to.

>You're pretty sure this is indeed a room, though.
No. 670578 ID: 2ccbb3

You have a diving helmet equipped, just bash stuff until something gives. Tap the walls to find structural weaknesses if you have the skill.
No. 670585 ID: 329fef
File 144269305586.png - (21.16KB , 800x600 , Nautquest4.png )

No. 670586 ID: 329fef
File 144269307172.png - (22.91KB , 800x600 , Nautquest5.png )

No. 670587 ID: 329fef
File 144269309354.png - (22.07KB , 800x600 , Nautquest6.png )

No. 670588 ID: 329fef
File 144269312829.png - (28.05KB , 800x600 , Nautquest7.png )

No. 670590 ID: 330ce5

Examine the wall, ignore the blood for now.
No. 670593 ID: 329fef
File 144269370420.png - (25.62KB , 800x600 , Nautquest8.png )

>That's the DEATH design, one of the six elements. People are bowing in front of it. A bit tacky.
No. 670594 ID: ad936f

bust in that door!
No. 670602 ID: 329fef
File 144269470908.png - (24.13KB , 800x600 , Nautquest9.png )

>The door was already unlocked, but You bash through anyway. Maybe this much force wasn't necessary. Oh well.
No. 670609 ID: 149da0

Why is that person cut in half. ...or is that just a drawing of a person?
No. 670610 ID: 329fef
File 144269632729.png - (23.95KB , 800x600 , Nautquest10.png )

>You look to the cut in half person. They look back.

"How goes it?"

>They're just like that, you think.
No. 670617 ID: ad936f

Are they clothed? Do they have anything on them?
No. 670618 ID: 329fef
File 144269811403.png - (12.64KB , 800x600 , Nautquest11.png )

>You inquire if they have any items.

"Yea, i got this key here."

>You now inquire if they're naked.

"Yea, but it's not like I got a dick, so."
No. 670620 ID: ad936f

how is he talking? ask if you can have the key, take it regardless of his answer.
No. 670622 ID: 329fef
File 144269910569.png - (24.12KB , 800x600 , Nautquest12.png )

>You ask if you can have the key

"You got a keyring? Or somewhere to put it?"

>Now that you think about it, you don't. You're unable to take the key, you'd drop it.

>You ask how he's talking. He now stops talking. Way to go, physics.
No. 670631 ID: 149da0

Um. Hey dude, are you okay?
No. 670632 ID: 329fef
File 144270116988.png - (24.04KB , 800x600 , Nautquest13.png )

>That's a corpse. It was never talking to begin with...

>By extension. I don't think they were ever okay.
No. 670636 ID: 149da0

So... how'd they give you the key? Do you still have the key?
No. 670640 ID: 329fef
File 144270349253.png - (26.08KB , 800x600 , Nautquest14.png )

>You mean this thing? Yea, I always had this. Your eyes must still be adjusting to the dark. Alternatively, something weird is going on. I don't know.

>You have obtained OLD KEY.
No. 670642 ID: b9cef6

Looks like, in his last moments, he drew a map of the exit. Proceed... left!
No. 670643 ID: b2192d

Uh, is there anything else in your inventory we were previously... unaware of?
No. 670649 ID: 329fef
File 144270474546.png - (13.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest15.png )

>You move on to the left area of the room. There's an already opened door here. At least you don't have to bash this one in.

>There's nothing else in my inventory. Should there be?
No. 670653 ID: 2ccbb3

Bash sarcophagus lock until it is jammed.
No. 670659 ID: a19cd5

Suplex the sarcophagus
No. 670663 ID: 329fef
File 144270594055.png - (14.46KB , 800x600 , Nautquest16.png )


>...It's too sturdy break, and doesn't have a lock. Honestly, it looks like a statue more than a sarcophagus. It's also too heavy to move or open, so don't ask.
No. 670681 ID: b2192d

Is that writing on the statue? If so, read it, then look at the symbol above the door to the left.

Also, do you know anything about your current location? Are you actually underwater? Is your suit all properly sealed up, no leaks?
No. 670684 ID: 329fef
File 144271026990.png - (14.29KB , 800x600 , Nautquest17.png )

>Nah, there's no writing on the Sarcophagus. Only a strangely simplistic skeleton design. It's a little spooky. Almost 2spooky, but not quite.

>I'm definitely not underwater. Frankly, water scares the heck out of me, which is why I'm always wearing this suit. The idea of that stuff touching me gives me the jibblies.
No. 670686 ID: 329fef
File 144271031970.png - (39.34KB , 800x600 , Nautquest18.png )

>That symbol is one of the 6 elements, FLESH. No bowing figures this time, at least, so it doesn't look quite as tacky.
No. 670732 ID: 77abcd

Charge into the next room with an intense fervor.

Show what ever is in there who is the boss.
No. 670739 ID: 329fef
File 144272489250.png - (14.02KB , 800x600 , Nautquest19.png )

>I feel like this symbol is over the door for a reason...
No. 670740 ID: 329fef
File 144272491181.png - (13.30KB , 800x600 , Nautquest20.png )

>Oh well.
No. 670741 ID: 329fef
File 144272494263.png - (10.39KB , 800x600 , Nautquest21.png )

No. 670742 ID: 329fef
File 144272495124.png - (11.93KB , 800x600 , Nautquest22.png )

No. 670743 ID: 329fef
File 144272497566.png - (20.63KB , 800x600 , Nautquest23.png )

>Tally hO SHIT
No. 670748 ID: 329fef
File 144272520652.png - (20.97KB , 800x600 , Nautquest24.png )

>...Maybe I shouldn't rush into things from now on.
No. 670750 ID: a6f913

this is like those things in klonoa 2. find some small round unassuming dungeon monster, inflate it, and throw it in front of th- well we can't because of the grate. uh. go back and punch the sarcophagus in the face
No. 670755 ID: 329fef
File 144272606308.png - (12.87KB , 800x600 , Nautquest25.png )

> ...It's gone. Pretty impressive, honestly. That thing was heavy as shit. I already beat it in the face, though. That said, there's a new pathway, to some room we haven't been yet.
No. 670756 ID: 330ce5

Try to engage wall monster in conversation.
No. 670760 ID: 329fef
File 144272636933.png - (20.56KB , 800x600 , Nautquest26.png )

>On closer observation, I'm pretty sure that's actually a very very misleading painting. Sort of like the doors from earlier.
No. 670771 ID: 329fef
File 144273028764.png - (23.02KB , 800x600 , Nautquest26_5.png )

>You feel like you need a rest. You think you'll pause here, for now.
No. 670828 ID: 2be160

Hyperventilate until you're ready to get back into the action.
No. 670832 ID: 329fef
File 144276338835.png - (20.58KB , 800x600 , Nautquest26_75.png )

> You're pretty sure you passed out from breathing weird, at least for a little while. But you're ready to go, now!
No. 670833 ID: b9cef6

Break the bars and walk through.
No. 670834 ID: 329fef
File 144276478611.png - (19.23KB , 800x600 , Nautquest27.png )

> ...Honestly you thought that would be harder. Like, a running start, at LEAST. But nah. Putty in your hands.
No. 670837 ID: ad936f

It must be one of your hidden items, like the one in slot number 2 >>670663, what is a toothy face doin in your inventory?
No. 670840 ID: 329fef
File 144276590743.png - (19.19KB , 800x600 , Nautquest28.png )

> At the moment, I really only have the key in my inventory. Maybe your eyes are playing tricks on you. Probably not, though. A few things have gone missing.

>In fact, there's something more important missing in this room right now, I think, but I can't remember what.
No. 670841 ID: b9cef6

You're clearly the monster, and as such, possess MONSTROUS STRENGTH.
Investigate face drawing.
No. 670842 ID: 329fef
File 144276634665.png - (9.50KB , 800x600 , Nautquest29.png )

>It's a drawing of an incredibly oversized snaggletooth. I owned one of these as a pet, before. They're cute, if a little bitey.
No. 670844 ID: 2be160

Search the drawing for any keyholes. Could be just there to try and scare people away from the locks?
No. 670849 ID: 329fef
File 144276725660.png - (20.64KB , 800x600 , Nautquest30.png )

>No key holes, but there is a sneaky ass door. Doors have no business being so sneaky. What are you even trying to accomplish being so sneaky, door?
No. 670850 ID: 194687

Go through the snaggledoor!
No. 670851 ID: 329fef
File 144276823270.png - (15.99KB , 800x600 , Nautquest31.png )

> Through the snaggledoor is a surprisingly tiny room. There's a skull on a pedestal, and some drawings on the wall, but otherwise not much.
No. 670853 ID: 2be160

Admire Weaver doodles.
No. 670856 ID: 329fef
File 144276872741.png - (8.98KB , 800x600 , Nautquest32.png )

>The first doodle is one of an accomplished DIVER. A handsome, powerful, and all around swell guy. My adventure pales in comparison.

>Alternatively it's a large carrot with an eyeball. Probably would taste good in a stew.
No. 670857 ID: 329fef
File 144276881098.png - (8.57KB , 800x600 , Nautquest33.png )

>The second is off a rabbit. A very simplified one, yes, but a rabbit nonetheless. I've heard they're pretty good at questing.

>Their pink noses and fluffy exteriors give me the willies. I hope I never run into one in real life.
No. 670858 ID: 329fef
File 144276885465.png - (6.41KB , 800x600 , Nautquest34.png )

>The third is instructions on how to use RED SIGHT. a BLOOD element skill. I already know how to do this, though.
No. 670870 ID: b2192d

Could you demonstrate this RED SIGHT skill?
No. 670871 ID: b9cef6

No. 670875 ID: 329fef
File 144277387788.png - (15.78KB , 800x600 , Nautquest35.png )

>If you all insist...
No. 670876 ID: 329fef
File 144277389473.png - (17.03KB , 800x600 , Nautquest36.png )

> ...There. Better?
No. 670877 ID: 330ce5

Pick up the skull and talk to the it.
No. 670879 ID: 329fef
File 144277445422.png - (16.84KB , 800x600 , Nautquest37.png )

> They don't seem too talkative. And I can't move from my current spot while i'm using the RED SIGHT. Kind of sucks, really. I can deactivate the RED SIGHT and pick up the skull if you'd rather?
No. 670880 ID: b2192d

... Are you wearing a helmet, diver?

The skull seems to be staring at you; you should introduce yourself!
No. 670884 ID: 329fef
File 144277530531.png - (17.04KB , 800x600 , Nautquest38.png )

>...Yes. And also no. I am wearing a helmet, but this helmet is also my face. It's somewhat complicated, really.
No. 670885 ID: 329fef
File 144277536061.png - (14.34KB , 800x600 , Nautquest39.png )

>You opt to talk to the skull.


> Well that was an enlightening little chat. What am I talking about, exactly?
No. 670886 ID: b2192d

That does indeed sound complicated.

Introduce yourself to the skull, and then reexamine your surroundings if you can, they seem to have changed.
No. 670887 ID: b2192d

Oh, perhaps who he (or she) is? What is their name, and what were they before they lost most of their guts.
No. 670892 ID: 329fef
File 144277571540.png - (14.34KB , 800x600 , Nautquest40.png )

> You introduce yourself (Naut) to the skull, and ask it their name.


> Well. It appears insane tittering is all they can really accomplish.
No. 670893 ID: 329fef
File 144277580716.png - (16.93KB , 800x600 , Nautquest41.png )

>You take another look at the room, observing the changes RED SIGHT has allowed you to see. The drawings have changed to an anguished look, Screaming faces have appeared on the walls, and everything is a startling crimson.

>Standard fare, really.
No. 670896 ID: b2192d

Well, that's kind of disappointing, don't get to see a talking, three-eyed skull every day.

Reexamine your surroundings, they have changed. Focus on what was the instructions to use RED SIGHT.
No. 670898 ID: 329fef
File 144277607780.png - (6.24KB , 800x600 , Nautquest42.png )

>A crude, incorrect DEATH symbol. This is borderline heresy, really. What kind of smuck fucks up the DEATH symbol this badly? Disappointing.
No. 670901 ID: b2192d

Isn't the DEATH symbol an X surrounded by a circle? They really did screw it up.

What are the six elements of the world? DEATH, FLESH, and BLOOD have been mentioned, what are the other three?

You seem to have control over BLOOD, what abilities do you have? What other elements do have control over?

Does controlling an element cost anything, physical, mental, or spiritual? Does using RED SIGHT negatively affect you in any way?
No. 670905 ID: 2ccbb3

I think I get it: whichever element you're phasing through allows you better communication with entities that seem non-sentient but are operating on a different phase. So if you talk to that corpse in blood phase, you should get more responses. It's also possible that multiple entities could be possessing the same object at once on different elemental phases.
No. 670909 ID: 329fef
File 144277723105.png - (8.15KB , 800x600 , Nautquest43.png )

>The elements are as follows! Following clockwise from DEATH (White) we have VIRUS, RUST, FLESH, BLOOD, and ASH. These are the six elements that make up our world. I am not affiliated particularly to any set group, though I'm usually DEATH aligned. I can switch my alignment to see things in a different manner, though at the moment I really only know how to switch to BLOOD affiliation.

> ...There's also a 7th element, but It's something I don't like to talk about. Sort of spooky.
No. 670911 ID: 329fef
File 144277780003.png - (17.30KB , 800x600 , Nautquest44.png )

> ...So pay attention to the color of things now on! You'll note that the corpse from before was a solid FLESH color, meaning they identified with the FLESH alignment.
No. 670912 ID: b9cef6

Alright, neato. Might as well turn off the redeye vision.
Why do you identify with death? What do you do?
No. 670914 ID: 329fef
File 144277840679.png - (16.08KB , 800x600 , Nautquest45.png )

>...Not. Entirely sure what I do. But I'm pretty sure death is just easiest to affiliate with.

>Either that or I'm secretly a cold hearted murderer. That's equally likely.

>And before you ask, no I don't have amnesia. I just haven't really thought about what I do before.
No. 670915 ID: 330ce5

Put the skull into your inventory.
No. 670918 ID: 329fef
File 144277899320.png - (17.28KB , 800x600 , Nautquest46.png )

>You got it, buster brown.

>SKULL put into inventory!
No. 670921 ID: b2192d

Go back, use RED SIGHT, and speak to the corpse. I know it's likely FLESH-aligned, but maybe we'll see something we didn't before.

Why is the seventh element spooky? Is it dangerous in any way?
No. 670923 ID: 329fef
File 144277935368.png - (16.84KB , 800x600 , NautquestHors.png )

> Oh no.
No. 670924 ID: 329fef
File 144277937623.png - (17.86KB , 800x600 , NautquestHors2.png )

No. 670925 ID: 329fef
File 144277942724.png - (16.66KB , 800x600 , NautquestHors3.png )


>...Okay. You're not gonna be going that way until you're a bit stronger. On to the corpse!
No. 670926 ID: b9cef6

Whiny at HORS.
No. 670927 ID: b2192d

what the fuck is that thing
No. 670937 ID: 329fef
File 144277982338.png - (24.85KB , 800x600 , Nautquest47.png )

>Okay. I'm here.

>That was a Hors. Terrifying creature. Not at all pleasant.

>Whinny at it? do you WANT this adventure to end now? That's a death wish.

>I refuse to speak about the seventh element.
No. 670939 ID: ad936f

watch the seventh element be life or love or something. anyway, try talking to him whilst blood aligned.
No. 670941 ID: b9cef6

...the seventh element is horse?
Anyway, chat up dedman.
No. 670949 ID: 329fef
File 144278035508.png - (24.74KB , 800x600 , Nautquest48.png )

>...You're just trying to gross me out now, aren't you. Life, Love? Ick. I'm not looking to be weighed down by commitment. ...Unless they're really cute.

>You try talking to the corpse. Being FLESH aligned, it doesn't really respond. The spider looks at you confusedly. You probably look pretty weird right now.
No. 670957 ID: b2192d

... What spider?
No. 670963 ID: ad936f

why is the virus symbol above that door?
No. 670966 ID: 329fef
File 144278104669.png - (25.18KB , 800x600 , Nautquest49.png )

>That spider.

>Also, I'm unsure as to why the VIRUS symbol is above the door. Maybe we can ask someone.
No. 670974 ID: b9cef6

...chat up the spider?
As a gross bug, it probably knows all about viruses.
No. 670980 ID: 329fef
File 144278202139.png - (14.75KB , 800x600 , Nautquest50.png )

>You decide to chat up the ADORABLE SPIDER FRIEND.

"Hello. Who are you?"

>You have no idea what to say. Any ideas?
No. 670984 ID: b2192d

Introduce yourself as Diver or The Nautilist. Ask the ADORABLE SPIDER FRIEND if he or she knows what happened to the dead person.
No. 670987 ID: 329fef
File 144278255174.png - (14.73KB , 800x600 , Nautquest51.png )

>You introduce yourself (Naut) And ask what happened to the corpse.

"Hello Naut. Terrible Business, that. they had a run in with a Bumbling Billybuzzer. Horrible. Brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about it."

>The Spider begins to cry. Aw. What now?
No. 670988 ID: 330ce5

Show it your insane skull.
No. 670994 ID: 329fef
File 144278297614.png - (26.55KB , 800x600 , Nautquest52.png )

>You show it your fancy skull. It seems bemused.

"That's an interesting skull."

>No other response from them.
No. 670997 ID: b2192d

Can you hug the spider without crushing it, Naut?
No. 671004 ID: ad936f

Switch your blood vision on and off to check what color the spider is. Ask it about the virus symbol.
No. 671006 ID: 329fef
File 144278352564.png - (10.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest53.png )

>Boy howdy I wish.

>You daydream about hugging the spider for a short moment.
No. 671011 ID: 329fef
File 144278366337.png - (23.99KB , 800x600 , Nautquest54.png )

>You switch off your RED SIGHT for now. The spider isn't here in normal vision. looks like it's a BLOOD SIGHT exclusive. I don't think it knows anything about the VIRUS symbol, as a result.
No. 671012 ID: b9cef6

Thats dangerously close to icky love, Naut.
Anyway... anywhere else we saw, but didn't enter? Besides the horshole.
No. 671015 ID: b2192d

But the spider was ADORABLE, which is a synonym for cute, and is therefore an acceptable person to hold such feelings for.
No. 671016 ID: 329fef
File 144278418239.png - (8.15KB , 800x600 , Nautquest55.png )

> Love and adoration is a different feeling.

>Anyway, here's our map so far. Anywhere you wanna go?
No. 671022 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 671024 ID: 329fef
File 144278574171.png - (12.21KB , 800x600 , Nautquest56.png )

>You head to the only SOUTH way you can. This room is larger than it looks. You can continue WEST from here, or go back.
No. 671041 ID: b9cef6

EAST it up, bruh. Check out them bloodstains.
No. 671043 ID: 329fef
File 144278904744.png - (19.03KB , 800x600 , Nautquest57.png )

> ...We interrupted someone. Well, we would hvae if I wasn't impressively quiet. They're busy eating.
No. 671044 ID: 2be160

Back away for now. You should bring back some food at some point, maybe it'll give them a good first impression.
No. 671045 ID: 2ccbb3

Rotate your elemental phases, talk until you get a friendly response.
No. 671049 ID: 329fef
File 144278981040.png - (19.19KB , 800x600 , Nautquest58.png )

>Even if I back away, I'd still be within viewing range. Unless you have an idea on where I should go.

>They're clearly white, meaning they align with DEATH like I do right now. Switching my alignment to BLOOD wouldn't help here.
No. 671057 ID: 77abcd

Greet the fellow. He's clearly a friend since he has defeated a dreaded fleshy foe, right? Ask him how the hunt is going in this...dungeon?
No. 671059 ID: 329fef
File 144279218190.png - (19.65KB , 800x600 , Nautquest59.png )

>Greet them? Well, they seem a bit busy right no--
No. 671060 ID: 329fef
File 144279220925.png - (26.28KB , 800x600 , Nautquest60.png )

No. 671061 ID: 329fef
File 144279223095.png - (10.78KB , 800x600 , Nautquest61.png )

No. 671062 ID: 329fef
File 144279225005.png - (11.83KB , 800x600 , Nautquest62.png )

No. 671063 ID: 3663d3

offer skull
No. 671064 ID: 329fef
File 144279269453.png - (19.13KB , 800x600 , Nautquest63.png )

>I'm really bad at this whole romance thing. I would offer the Skull but I was never good at talking to ladies.

>At the very least, she's finished hissing at me and licked the blood off herself. She looks a bit annoyed to be honest.
No. 671066 ID: 2be160

Give her the skull and maintain eye contact. Go for the kill.
No. 671068 ID: 329fef
File 144279317284.png - (18.22KB , 800x600 , Nautquest64.png )

>You build up the courage to hand over the skull! Her attitude has shifted from Annoyed to unimpressed.
No. 671069 ID: b2192d

Come on, offer the skull as a gift! If you shift through the elemental planes, you can totally woo her heart!
No. 671071 ID: 329fef
File 144279356454.png - (18.22KB , 800x600 , Nautquest65.png )

>She refused the gift... Oh well.
No. 671072 ID: 2be160

Might as well make small talk and at least become friends?
No. 671073 ID: b9cef6

This is getting dangerously close to LOVE once again!
That said, you better woo that lady with that skull. Or, y'know, ask her how she's doing.
No. 671074 ID: 329fef
File 144279380828.png - (18.27KB , 800x600 , Nautquest66.png )

>You decide to talk. You introduce yourself, (Naut) and ask how she's doing.

"Well, I was eating this corpse until you showed up and tried to woo me without even getting to know me first. That was new."

>...What now?
No. 671081 ID: 2be160

Ask about the key, maybe she knows where it goes?
No. 671083 ID: b9cef6

Mind if we grab a slice of that human?
If that's a thing we like.
No. 671088 ID: 329fef
File 144279441574.png - (18.93KB , 800x600 , Nautquest67.png )

>You inquire about the key, first.

"Nah, never seen anything that has a keyhole. Except for those wily mimics. Always shuffling around."

>You then inquire about the corpse

"You don't even have a mouth."
No. 671092 ID: 46df9e

Try breaking the ice a little better with a joke; inform her that it is a good thing then that you don't have to scream.
No. 671093 ID: 329fef
File 144279534064.png - (18.20KB , 800x600 , Nautquest68.png )

>You tell a joke, but she seems to be focused on something behind you...
No. 671094 ID: 1cc24b

Should we be running?
No. 671096 ID: 2be160

Turn around and show the potential attacker your guns. Surely they'll flee at the sight of them!
No. 671102 ID: 329fef
File 144279631985.png - (35.82KB , 800x600 , Nautquest69.png )

No. 671103 ID: 3663d3

kick it in the nose and RUN!
No. 671105 ID: 2be160

Throw the skull at its face and run!
No. 671106 ID: 329fef
File 144279663642.png - (465.91KB , 800x600 , Nautquest70.png )

>HORS has initiated combat!

>NAUT is ready to fight! NOMI is ready to fight!


No. 671107 ID: 2be160

Naut should smash it while Nomi bites its nose.
No. 671109 ID: 2ccbb3

Naut, Bash the enemy to stun them. Nomi, bite the enemy, try to get a critical hit.

Once the enemy is down to one skull life, demand their surrender.

BTW, could you explain the combat HUD? We understand the acts of violence and murder but HOW they are interpreted is a complex structure.
No. 671110 ID: 0f1c4d

Bash. Everyone knows you don't use your FINAL MOVE first.
No. 671112 ID: 329fef
File 144279729836.png - (466.44KB , 800x600 , Nautquest71.png )

>Naut uses his SMAAAAAAAASH!!! He's unable to attack next turn with the SMAAAAAASH!!! Attack. They deal a solid HEALTH.

>Nomi BITES the Hors! They deal half a health!

>The HORS attacks with their HORS NIP. NAUT takes half a health in damage!
No. 671113 ID: 2be160

Being unable to attack doesn't exclude the shield, right? If not, have Naut shield himself.
No. 671114 ID: 2ccbb3

Does talking cost a turn or can you talk while butchering?

If you can, demand the enemy's surrender. You brought them to half health in a single turn and have the initiative on this round. They could DIE, and you have enough incentive from fear of your own death to carry that out.

If not, then end this. Don't let the enemy kill you.
No. 671115 ID: 0f1c4d

If you can't attack then shield.
No. 671117 ID: 329fef
File 144279787202.png - (466.44KB , 800x600 , Nautquest71.png )

>You'd sure love to talk this out, but HORS don't ever listen to reason. Which is unfortunate.

>NAUT is ready to shield, but combat can't continue until NOMI does something.
No. 671118 ID: 1cc24b

We don't know what any of her actions do, though!
uh, attack?
No. 671120 ID: 330ce5

No. 671121 ID: 2be160

Well, as biting is the only action we completely understand, might as well use that move.
No. 671122 ID: 329fef
File 144279826812.png - (458.10KB , 800x600 , Nautquest72.png )

>NAUT Defends! If the HORS attacks him, it'll be vulnerable!

>The HORS attempt to attack NAUT this round, meaning it's vulnerable!

>NOMI used their BITE! The HORS is vulnerable, and takes double damage!

>Naut notes that they've left combat intentionally confusing, but notes that the order is as follows:


>And that this applies to all characters.
No. 671124 ID: 2be160

If you're faster that the Hors, smash it again and have Nomi use glutton.

Otherwise have Naut shield again, with Nomi biting for a third time.
No. 671125 ID: 329fef
File 144279909380.png - (45.01KB , 800x600 , Nautquest73.png )


> This battle is over! There goes the HORS.

>NOMI gained 1/2 SKULL.

>NAUT would SMASH but half his foe is missing. that would be rude.
No. 671127 ID: 2be160

Tell Nomi that her combat skills are unmatched! She did well!
No. 671128 ID: b9cef6

Very good.
Loot HORS for valuable parts, gold, bones sturdy enough to be used as beatin' sticks.
No. 671129 ID: 329fef
File 144279961025.png - (20.73KB , 800x600 , Nautquest75.png )

>You loot the body, and obtain HORS TOOTH. Valuable.

>You let Nomi know she did well. She liked that.

>The COLLECTIVE(You all) can now control NOMI.
No. 671131 ID: 2be160

Inspect the tooth, is there anything unusual about it?
No. 671132 ID: ad936f

No. 671133 ID: b9cef6

We should enter the HORS hole! We can loot it's nest for valuable hors eggs.
No. 671135 ID: 329fef
File 144280052306.png - (20.69KB , 800x600 , Nautquest76.png )

>There's nothing unusual about the tooth.

>Nomi isn't kissing this nerd for all the chili dogs in the world. Nice try.
No. 671136 ID: 3663d3

naut, say this may look weird and switch on red vision.
No. 671137 ID: 2be160

Well, now I vote for the Hors hole. Bring Nomi along, she could prove useful for any further offensive encounters.
No. 671138 ID: b9cef6

She thinks you're a nerd, Naut
A big NERD
Assert your non-nerditude.
No. 671139 ID: 329fef
File 144280090799.png - (20.04KB , 800x600 , Nautquest77.png )

>You decide to enter the CRACK IN THE WALL. you bring Nomi along for good measure. You'll check out where you were with RED SIGHT at a later point in the story.
No. 671140 ID: 3663d3

explore here in red
No. 671141 ID: 2be160

Examine hand prints and graffiti.
No. 671144 ID: b9cef6

Apply rose filter.
No. 671145 ID: 329fef
File 144280136026.png - (21.10KB , 800x600 , Nautquest78.png )

>You shift to your RED SIGHT. You note that Nomi is still here, but they're occupying the DEATH plane, so they aren't visible.
No. 671146 ID: 3663d3

check chest for mimic.
No. 671147 ID: 2be160

Try using the key with the chest.
No. 671148 ID: b9cef6

No. 671149 ID: 329fef
File 144280164534.png - (21.11KB , 800x600 , Nautquest79.png )

>Now would be a good time to remind you all that I cannot move from my spot while using the RED SIGHT. That chest will have to remain unopened for now, but at least we know it's there.
No. 671152 ID: 2be160

Return to Death and move towards where the chest is, and warn Nomi in case it's a mimic.
No. 671153 ID: 329fef
File 144280212236.png - (18.31KB , 800x600 , Nautquest80.png )



>...She left.
No. 671154 ID: 2be160

Become Nomi.
No. 671155 ID: 3663d3

that means we need to find a blood aligned party member, somehow. party management will get confusing with only some of them visible at one time.

anyway yeah, switch to nomi.
No. 671156 ID: 329fef
File 144280276822.png - (21.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest81.png )

>Nomi here. What's up?
No. 671158 ID: 2be160

Nomi> So what are you doing in this place?
No. 671159 ID: b9cef6

Mind giving us a low-down of your abilities?
No. 671160 ID: 3663d3

what did naut look like when he did that thing?
No. 671161 ID: 329fef
File 144280389437.png - (21.95KB , 800x600 , Nautquest82.png )

>I'm here because I'm looking for something. It was here, now it's not.

>I can eat. It's what I do. I can eat nearly anything.

>Naut just straight up fucked off to another elemental plain. No class.
No. 671162 ID: 2be160

What is this thing you're looking for? Or is it classified?
No. 671163 ID: 329fef
File 144280430659.png - (21.96KB , 800x600 , Nautquest83.png )

> A chest. About yay big. Naut has the key for it, but I opted not to tell him. Don't go ratting me out.
No. 671170 ID: 2be160

Say... Naut saw a chest about that size while using Blood Sight, maybe he'd be willing to help you out? He does seem to like you, after all.
No. 671171 ID: 4780ef

so Nomi, do you have control over any other elements or just death?
No. 671173 ID: 329fef
File 144280482544.png - (23.62KB , 800x600 , Nautquest84.png )

>that's a BLOOD affiliated chest. Naut's key is DEATH affiliated. The key should change to show it'll only work in the DEATH plain. If he wants to open that one, he'll have to find the
No. 671175 ID: 329fef
File 144280495672.png - (22.26KB , 800x600 , Nautquest85.png )

No. 671176 ID: 329fef
File 144280497096.png - (21.93KB , 800x600 , Nautquest86.png )

No. 671178 ID: 329fef
File 144280504548.png - (21.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest87.png )

>...The key affiliated with BLOOD.

>I have minor dominion over flesh, but I can't change at will. I need a big meal before I can. But i'm not rooted to the spot when I do, even if it only lasts a little.
No. 671179 ID: 2be160

What is it Nomi? Another Hors?
No. 671180 ID: 2be160

[Shoot sorry, I was unaware that it was a sequence]

Wasn't that Hors enough to let you switch, or do you need more?
No. 671183 ID: 329fef
File 144280531752.png - (21.78KB , 800x600 , Nautquest88.png )

>It was nothing important.

>Do I look overstuffed with food?
No. 671185 ID: 4780ef

well there was a room with the flesh symbol scribbled on it so you might find something in there. I mean there was a big ass coffin thing in there as well so you could probably eat that and then switch over.

Also how do you move when you switch to another plane?
No. 671187 ID: 2be160

No, you actually look hungry still. It's just that the Hors seemed quite large. I guess you should finish off the rest of it, and maybe the corpse you were eating before Naut found you.
No. 671188 ID: 329fef
File 144280562596.png - (21.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest89.png )

>I saw that symbol, yea. It just means there's something neat there in that plain. I'd need to stuff myself and then go there for the switch to get it, though. Also, I didn't see a coffin.

>If you knew how to switch planes you wouldn't be chatting with us like this now would you?
No. 671191 ID: 4780ef

so how much crap do you need to eat to switch to a different plane and I guess we should start exploring to find more crap to eat.
No. 671192 ID: 2be160

Is there a way we can tell when you've got enough juice?
No. 671194 ID: 1cc24b

oh, there's instructions on how to switch plains through that door.
No. 671195 ID: b9cef6

If I recall, there's instructions as to how to swap to the plain of Blood in the room to your north. Check 'em out?
No. 671197 ID: 329fef
File 144280648861.png - (21.47KB , 800x600 , Nautquest90.png )

>Listen. Sorry to call you guys back when you're in the middle of something, but this asshole has been staring me down for a short while.

No. 671198 ID: 2be160

Claim it as your pet, and continue.
No. 671199 ID: 4780ef

is it friendly or no? If it isn't I say smash the shit out of it and give it to Nomi as a gift.
No. 671200 ID: 0f1c4d

Any more eatings on the remaining half of the HORS?
No. 671201 ID: b9cef6

What, uh...
Is that a... Horslet?
No. 671203 ID: 329fef
File 144280703017.png - (761.45KB , 800x600 , Nautquest91.png )

>It's a RETT. And they are NOT friendly.

>RETT has engaged in combat!

>Naut is ready to go!

No. 671204 ID: 2be160

I'd say smash it, but it's small so it probably would have no issue evading the attack, so let's go with a bash.
No. 671205 ID: 4780ef

shield then bash it
No. 671206 ID: 329fef
File 144280769363.png - (773.10KB , 800x600 , Nautquest92.png )

>Taking everything into account, you decide to Bash it.

>The RETT reveals it's true head! It's too disoriented to react!
No. 671207 ID: 4780ef

bash it again
No. 671209 ID: 2ccbb3

The enemy has charged their bomb attack! You can't give them an inch!

Bash the enemy into the wall! That might knock them unconscious if the bomb doesn't go off...
No. 671210 ID: 329fef
File 144280886453.png - (23.54KB , 800x600 , Nautquest93.png )

>One good bash and the enemy is defeated! Exterminate THIS.

>You lot can go back to what you were doing now.
No. 671212 ID: 2be160

Naut>Bring Rett to Nomi
Nomi>Patiently await meal.
No. 671214 ID: 329fef
File 144280928401.png - (18.93KB , 800x600 , Nautquest94.png )

>I appreciate the gesture, but I'm stuffed. Eating a few corpses will do that.

No. 671215 ID: 4780ef

well we can always save it for later so we don't have to track something down.

So ready to try the plane of flesh then?
No. 671216 ID: 2be160

Nomi> Go to the flesh symbol and switch to the flesh plane.
No. 671217 ID: 329fef
File 144280957091.png - (18.93KB , 800x600 , Nautquest95.png )

>Sure. Just lemme know where. I only have a limited time, so I won't be able to leave the room I'm in.
No. 671218 ID: 4780ef

well unless you already been to the plane of flesh in this room you might as well do it here. If you have then try another room with the flesh symbol.
No. 671222 ID: 329fef
File 144281057283.png - (20.72KB , 800x600 , Nautquest96.png )

> Yea, alright. Sounds good to me.

> Now what.
No. 671224 ID: 2be160

Can you drag objects into other planes. If so, grab the chest.
No. 671225 ID: 4780ef

well we found a chest, but now the question is, is it your chest?

if so you said all the chest were mimics right? any way you think you could get it to come over to you?
No. 671227 ID: 329fef
File 144281129809.png - (20.76KB , 800x600 , Nautquest97.png )

>Nah, I can't. It's unlocked, though, so I can just take a straight look at what's in the chest.
No. 671230 ID: 4780ef

so what's in the chest then?
No. 671231 ID: 2be160

Open the chest and inspect the inside.
No. 671234 ID: 329fef
File 144281170462.png - (8.28KB , 800x600 , Nautquest98.png )

>There's a map in here. Pointing out a few secrets. Make of it what you will, I'm out of time for my Plainar shift.
No. 671235 ID: 329fef
File 144281174113.png - (19.14KB , 800x600 , Nautquest99.png )

>So it's back to the DEATH plain.
No. 671242 ID: 2be160

Any idea of where you are on the map?
No. 671244 ID: 329fef
File 144281296347.png - (8.17KB , 800x600 , Nautquest100.png )

>About here, or so.
No. 671247 ID: 4780ef

so since the chest was white does that mean that the death plane chest is in the top right most room on the map then?
No. 671250 ID: 329fef
File 144281338079.png - (19.16KB , 800x600 , Nautquest101.png )

> Mm. Yea. That's likely. Wanna go recover it? I'm sure Naut won't mind too much.
No. 671251 ID: 2be160

Just make sure to ask for Naut's key. I'm sure he'd be happy to oblige.
No. 671253 ID: 4780ef

it's not like we have anything much better to do right now so I don't see why not.
No. 671262 ID: 329fef
File 144281394458.png - (23.35KB , 800x600 , Nautquest102.png )

>Naut thinks this is a good time to PAUSE. Right here. right now.
No. 671315 ID: 329fef
File 144284273246.png - (19.10KB , 800x600 , Nautquest103.png )

> Now is a pretty okay time to get back into things. Though it'll probably be a bit slower today at times. It usually is through the week.
No. 671316 ID: 2be160

Cradle Rett skeleton and whisper sweet nothings to it.
No. 671317 ID: 329fef
File 144284345519.png - (18.58KB , 800x600 , Nautquest104.png )

>You'd be up for that if things didn't decompose so fast.

>See, look, it's already a pile of dust. It'll just be gone next image.
No. 671318 ID: 2be160

Check on Nomi and see if she needs anything.
No. 671321 ID: 329fef
File 144284403703.png - (43.14KB , 800x600 , Nautquest105.png )

>... That's not good.
No. 671322 ID: 2be160

What's wrong here?
No. 671323 ID: 329fef
File 144284429663.png - (43.16KB , 800x600 , Nautquest106.png )

>See that blue colored fog? It means something affiliated with the seventh element is in there. Me and Naut together might have been able to take out the HORS, but we'll need at least 3 people to take this thing out.

>Take a guess where the treasure chest is.
No. 671324 ID: 2be160

Go to the west, just off of the map. Hopefully there's someone there.
No. 671325 ID: 329fef
File 144284480560.png - (13.02KB , 800x600 , Nautquest107.png )

>Dead end over here. Some symbols on the wall, though.
No. 671326 ID: 2be160

Do these symbols hold any significance to you?
No. 671328 ID: 329fef
File 144284519769.png - (13.01KB , 800x600 , Nautquest108.png )

>I know the Eye of Providence usually holds secrets. That's the BLOOD symbol over there. The third... I haven't any clue.
No. 671329 ID: 2be160

The Eye of Providence usually holds secrets? Let's get this potential secret!
No. 671330 ID: 329fef
File 144284612318.png - (12.94KB , 800x600 , Nautquest109.png )

>Alright. Whatever you say.
No. 671331 ID: 329fef
File 144284617299.png - (14.81KB , 800x600 , Nautquest110.png )

>It's a set of buttons. Lemme know the order you think I should press 'em.

>I'll give you some time to think about this.
No. 671335 ID: 372719

Its alchemical symbols, though in this case probably referring to the planets rather than the elements
0: An eye(?)
1: Earth
2: Lead / Saturn
3: Mercury / mercury
4: Iron / mars
5: Gold / sun
6: Tin / jupiter
7: Copper / venus

From that and the moon not being in there I guess it is the sun and planets (those visible without really good telescopes) from the center out, so you should press 5,3,7,1,4,6,2,0
No. 671346 ID: 329fef
File 144285330526.png - (13.50KB , 800x600 , Nautquest111.png )

>Whatever you say.
No. 671347 ID: 329fef
File 144285331908.png - (8.01KB , 800x600 , Nautquest112.png )

No. 671348 ID: 329fef
File 144285333011.png - (15.43KB , 800x600 , Nautquest113.png )

No. 671349 ID: 329fef
File 144285334484.png - (14.02KB , 800x600 , Nautquest114.png )

No. 671350 ID: 329fef
File 144285335697.png - (12.76KB , 800x600 , Nautquest115.png )

No. 671351 ID: 329fef
File 144285337641.png - (12.94KB , 800x600 , Nautquest116.png )



>...Nothing happened.
No. 671354 ID: 4780ef

head back to the main hall, I think I heard something get knocked down.
No. 671356 ID: 329fef
File 144285492311.png - (15.92KB , 800x600 , Nautquest117.png )

>Looks like a hole has been made in the wall, leading to a new room. Naut is here, too.


>Whatever you say, Naut
No. 671357 ID: 4780ef

so what's in the room and why is he screaming?
No. 671359 ID: 329fef
File 144285567394.png - (15.83KB , 800x600 , Nautquest118.png )

>...That's. Just how he talks. Didn't you know?
No. 671360 ID: 329fef
File 144285570515.png - (12.29KB , 800x600 , Nautquest119.png )

>Anyway, it's a pretty small room. Nothing really in here that I can see.
No. 671365 ID: 5d5405

Ask Naut to usw blood sight.
No. 671367 ID: 329fef
File 144285972084.png - (18.69KB , 800x600 , Nautquest120.png )

>Naut uses their RED SIGHT.

>There's a small fellow with what looks to be a rather undersized cello and a NAYKIDD here.

"Oh! That's what that noise was! If it isn't too much to ask, could you help me out? I heard music soothed the savage beast, but that only works so long as I keep playing!"
No. 671374 ID: 05502b

Explain that you cannot move, then ask how you could help if you were to be in the Death plane.
No. 671378 ID: 3663d3

yeah, you are kinda stuck in place when here.
No. 671392 ID: 4780ef

well if the kid can tell you how to move in different planes then yeah we'll gladly help.
No. 671401 ID: 329fef
File 144287072198.png - (18.85KB , 800x600 , Nautquest122.png )

>You let them know that you'd love to help, but you can't move from your current spot.

"O-oh. Guess I'll have to keep playing then."

>You inquire how you could help if you were in the death plain.

"Well, I suppose if you brought back a skull or something it would frighten the thing off..."

>You inquire as to how you could move in the BLOOD plain.

"I don't know, I'm a native."
No. 671406 ID: 4780ef

well we have one right now so i guess show it the skull and see what happens.
No. 671410 ID: 329fef
File 144287262649.png - (22.08KB , 800x600 , Nautquest123.png )

>Here goes nothing.
No. 671411 ID: 329fef
File 144287263867.png - (35.21KB , 800x600 , Nautquest124.png )

No. 671412 ID: 329fef
File 144287267040.png - (19.04KB , 800x600 , Nautquest125.png )

> ... Okay... then...
No. 671413 ID: 4780ef

huh, well that worked better then expected. so what's the kid going to do now that he doesn't have to play anymore?
No. 671415 ID: 329fef
File 144287444884.png - (13.89KB , 800x600 , Nautquest126.png )

>You inquire this.

"I'm... not entirely sure. what are you doing here, anyway?"
No. 671416 ID: 4780ef

looking for chest, fighting things that are trying to kill us, haven't thought much further ahead then that though.
No. 671417 ID: 2be160

You never really specified your goal, have you?
No. 671420 ID: 329fef
File 144287674611.png - (13.85KB , 800x600 , Nautquest127.png )

>Weeeee have not. Want to set a goal now?
No. 671422 ID: 4780ef

get loot, don't die, maybe become more powerful, and whatever personal goals you guys set for yourself? Like I'm guessing you want to at least get Nomi to go out on a date with you or something.
No. 671423 ID: 3663d3

ask to the kid to try and move you, maybe if you get moved while here you can move yourself.
No. 671426 ID: 2be160

The main goal should be something personal... but the only personal thing as of now is to woo Nomi, and that isn't going well.
No. 671427 ID: 329fef
File 144287802479.png - (8.55KB , 800x600 , Nautquest128.png )

>Nomi has already made it very clear she's less than interested.
No. 671428 ID: 3663d3

that's cause you haven't done anything amazing. be persistent but not pushy.

also, hasn't seen you under the suit, you could be a hunk.
No. 671429 ID: 329fef
File 144287813962.png - (13.87KB , 800x600 , Nautquest129.png )

>And I guess Looting and Pillaging works, but There's probably a better goal in mind. I could sit in one place if I just wanted to kill things.
No. 671432 ID: 2be160

Find what's outside of this place? Maybe there's some neat treasure?
No. 671435 ID: 329fef
File 144287852029.png - (13.89KB , 800x600 , Nautquest130.png )

>I'm... Not actually sure. I've never been outside before. It's a perilous journey.
No. 671437 ID: 2be160

Our goal should be to see the outside world. Who knows what awaits us there!
No. 671438 ID: 4780ef

I mean yeah, this place is going to more then likely get boring after awhile, might as well expand your horizons.
No. 671440 ID: 329fef
File 144287990857.png - (13.96KB , 800x600 , Nautquest131.png )

>Sure, that sounds good.

>You inform them you're going to go see the outside world.

"Oh! That sounds neat! I've never been there. can I come, too?"
No. 671441 ID: 4780ef

don't see why not
No. 671442 ID: 2be160

Let him join in! It's nice to have friends.
(Just warn him that most of your traveling is in the Death plain)
No. 671444 ID: 329fef
File 144288036961.png - (13.87KB , 800x600 , Nautquest132.png )

>You let him know.

"I don't really mind!"

>Dip is now controllable!
No. 671445 ID: 2be160

If you can, try to introduce Dip to Nomi, she'd probably be happy to hear about more support. If Dip cannot go to the Death plane, just let Nomi know of his existance.
No. 671447 ID: 4780ef

so what can Dip do?
No. 671454 ID: 329fef
File 144288470360.png - (12.01KB , 800x600 , Nautquest133.png )

>Dip is a master of music, and able to enhance his compatriot's attacks with his melody! He's also able to switch to the VIRUS plain should the need arise, though he normally resides on the BLOOD plain.
No. 671455 ID: 329fef
File 144288473272.png - (9.91KB , 800x600 , Nautquest134.png )

>You opt to tell Nomi the news.


No. 671459 ID: 4780ef

eh whatever. Hey is there a way for you to to travel to different planes other then blood and death and if so how could we get the others to travel to different planes as well?

Oh and Nomi, good news, we found a third guy to join the party, bad news is he can only travel to the realms of blood and virus for the time being so if we want to beat that one thing we're going to need a way for the three of you to be able to travel to all the same plane.
No. 671460 ID: 2be160

Hmm, is it at all possible to teach the other how to work in other planes? If so, Dip should teach Naut the ways of moving in Blood.
No. 671470 ID: b9cef6

Hotswap to Nomi.
No. 671471 ID: 329fef
File 144288899818.png - (19.07KB , 800x600 , Nautquest135.png )


>Nah, you can't teach others how to switch plains. Except naut, apparently. Eventually they'll be able to switch to every plain. I'm jealous.

>Battle takes place in an entirely different plain. You can have multiple different plains attacking the same thing at once.
No. 671472 ID: 2be160

Why is it that Naut can learn it them, but you can't?

Anyways, what are you after right now?
No. 671473 ID: 329fef
File 144288969227.png - (19.05KB , 800x600 , Nautquest136.png )

>I don't fuckin' know, Naut is special or some shit? It's not like I have any clue.

>I went somewhere that seemed suspicious. By which I mean wasn't boring.
No. 671475 ID: 2be160

Well in the limited space we have, just about everywhere is kind of boring, minus that place with the seventh element. Check to see if that's still lingering around.
No. 671476 ID: 0f1c4d

About going places that aren't boring, Naut is interested in seeing what is outside of this place. You in?
No. 671478 ID: 4780ef

so what's left of this place that we haven't explored yet? I mean if you can find another corps I think there was another room with the flesh symbol in it. If you are going to take a quick snack brake though let us know so we can go exploring with Dip to see if we can't find anything else useful/helpful/interesting to help us out.

Also what are your thoughts on traveling?
No. 671479 ID: 329fef
File 144289078818.png - (43.10KB , 800x600 , Nautquest137.png )

>Yea, It's still here.

>There's not much left to explore. just to the east of where I was, and east of here.

>I guess I could try to see the outside world.
No. 671480 ID: 4780ef

well let's head east then and see what we can see.
No. 671489 ID: 329fef
File 144289176239.png - (17.44KB , 800x600 , Nautquest138.png )

>Ew, there's Oil dripping from the ceiling. That usually happens in rust environments.

>There's a radio here, too.

>Looks like I can head south from here, but the arrow makes it pretty clear there's no turning back if I do.
No. 671491 ID: 2be160

Toy with the radio, see if the news is on.
No. 671493 ID: 4780ef

well look up to see if you can't spot what's leaking and see if the radio works.
then explore that eastern room form the room we found you in. No since in going to the point of no return when you still have crap to see around here. Plus if you can't return that probably means something nasty is that way so it would probably be a good idea to have backup with you when you go.
No. 671494 ID: 329fef
File 144289231477.png - (16.18KB , 800x600 , Nautquest139.png )

>The radio still works, but all I get from it is static. Oh well.

>The ceiling is dripping oil. The ceiling itself is. Gross.

>I'm not gonna walk all the way back there myself. Make someone else do it.
No. 671495 ID: 2be160

Angle the antenna of the radio, you might just get a signal. Let's try aiming them towards the north first.
No. 671496 ID: 4780ef

alright fine, dick around with the radio and see if you can't get it to do something other then static, Well get Naut to head over there and then send him your way while we look around with Dib.

Hey Naut, mind checking that room east of where you found Nomi? We want to make sure we haven't missed anything.
No. 671499 ID: 329fef
File 144289348353.png - (15.72KB , 800x600 , Nautquest140.png )

>You arrive at the only room you haven't explored yet, you think. At least on this floor.

>There's a hole in the wall leading into the room you started in. You can peek in if you want.

>There's the bottom half of that corpse from earlier. Yay.
No. 671500 ID: 2be160

Wear the bottom half of the corpse as a hat and peek in the hole.
No. 671501 ID: 4780ef

huh, looks like something sliced him in half. sure take a peek, then head to the room with the coffin thing in it. While you're heading there we can explore with Bip and see what he can find.
No. 671503 ID: 329fef
File 144289401959.png - (19.35KB , 800x600 , Nautquest141.png )

>You opt to wear the corpse as a hat, but as soon as you touch it, it decomposes. Unfortunate...

>You take a peek inside the hole...
No. 671504 ID: 3663d3

that thing totally moved. fuck it up.
No. 671505 ID: 4780ef

huh, so who and what is that?
No. 671506 ID: 2be160

That coffin is really weird, wasn't it in another place before?
No. 671509 ID: 0f1c4d

That slippery coffin isn't sneaking away this time. Break down the wall so you can investigate without taking your eyes off of it.
No. 671516 ID: 329fef
File 144289517117.png - (20.00KB , 800x600 , Nautquest142.png )

>You break through the wall, and the coffin comes to life!

"YOU! You're the one that bashed my face earlier! Now that I've stolen that treasure you neglected, I'll mop the floor with you!"
No. 671517 ID: 329fef
File 144289521259.png - (100.21KB , 800x600 , Nautquest143.png )


>NAUT is ready to go!
No. 671518 ID: 329fef
File 144289525472.png - (302.50KB , 800x600 , Nautquest144.png )

>NAUT feels a bit in over his head!

No. 671519 ID: 2be160

Definitely call for backup!
No. 671520 ID: 329fef
File 144289551242.png - (295.97KB , 800x600 , Nautquest145.png )

>NAUT calls for backup! the closest companion comes to his aid!

>MORTUARY uses his Gauze Fondle! NAUT is grossed out and takes half a health!

"You call this a fight!? I could do this with my eyes closed!"


No. 671521 ID: 4780ef


No. 671523 ID: 2be160

No. 671525 ID: 329fef
File 144289624990.png - (289.67KB , 800x600 , Nautquest146.png )

>NAUT shileds themselves! They're invulnerable this round and could make the opponent vulnerable!

>NOMI calls for backup! DIP shows up to help out!

>MORTUARY is charging an attack! This is gonna hurt....



No. 671527 ID: 2ccbb3

If it has ANY nonzero probability of interrupting an attack, USE IT NOW!!!
No. 671528 ID: 4780ef



No. 671529 ID: 329fef
File 144289696078.png - (289.55KB , 800x600 , Nautquest147.png )


>NAUT used SHIELD! They weren't targeted...

>NOMI used FRISK! She steals half a skull of health from the target!

>DIP used SYMPHONY! The group's next attack is double damage!
No. 671530 ID: a19cd5

"Yo thought you were just a coffin man, my bad."
No. 671532 ID: 329fef
File 144289732247.png - (289.80KB , 800x600 , Nautquest148.png )

"Wait... Really? You should know better than that... What kind of idiot just bashes a random coffin, anyway?"
No. 671533 ID: 2be160

"One under control by a bunch of ethereal weirdos"
No. 671534 ID: 4780ef

one's who don't want to go looking for keys and try to solve all there problems with violence
No. 671536 ID: 329fef
File 144289796517.png - (289.55KB , 800x600 , Nautquest149.png )

"A collective? You lucky dog! Those fetch a high price on the black market. I'm still kinda annoyed at you, though. Still gonna bash your face in. Nice talk, though."

>MORTUARY has softened up a little!



No. 671538 ID: fb17e6

That's cool, really dig the crown though, sweet theme you've got.
No. 671539 ID: 330ce5



No. 671540 ID: 329fef
File 144289886790.png - (288.47KB , 800x600 , Nautquest150.png )

>NAUT uses BASH! They're boosted! They deal a skull in damage!

>NOMI used GLUTTON! They heal themselves! They're boosted, they deal 2 SKULLS! NOMI can't move next turn!

>DIP uses SHRIEK! They're Boosted! They deal a skull in damage!

>MORTUARY has taken an attack more than 1 skull's worth in damage! They're stunned!

"AIIIIEEE! Overkill! Overkill!"
No. 671541 ID: 2be160

Ask if the Coffin would like to quit before being pummeled.
No. 671542 ID: 2be160

If he refuses, Naut should smash him, Nomi go on defensive, and Dip should shriek.
No. 671543 ID: fb17e6

No. 671544 ID: 329fef
File 144289989842.png - (288.40KB , 800x600 , Nautquest151.png )

"To be totally honest, I'm not keen on biting the dust today. I'll give."

>MORTUARY is defeated!
No. 671545 ID: 329fef
File 144289995504.png - (23.91KB , 800x600 , Nautquest152.png )

"I hope there's no hard feelings or anything."
No. 671546 ID: fb17e6

Naw man, one day we'll look back on this and laugh.
No. 671548 ID: fb17e6

Actually we should ask if Mortuary would like to come scrounging with us for loot and adventure.
No. 671549 ID: 329fef
File 144290097133.png - (23.89KB , 800x600 , Nautquest153.png )

>You inquire if they'd like to join you.

"Nah, I ain't about that adventurin' life. Tell you what, though. For being such a good sport about this, I'll give you something I found in the chest.
No. 671550 ID: 329fef
File 144290102955.png - (8.44KB , 800x600 , Nautquest154.png )

>Obtained SPIRIT emblem!

>Naut can now switch to the SPIRIT plain! He seems... iffy about this, to be honest.
No. 671551 ID: 329fef
File 144290106622.png - (17.16KB , 800x600 , Nautquest155.png )

>Naut thinks we should stop here for today, just in case. Feel free to suggest things still, though.
No. 671553 ID: e114bc

Immediately try it out!
No. 671554 ID: 4780ef

ask the coffin guy where the best spot to try switching to the spirt plane would be.

Oh and also sorry about attacking the guy earlier.
No. 671565 ID: 2ccbb3

Yeah, this just screams trap. Using the sprit plane shift might kill you, and then Coffin Man could easily re-enter combat and finish your squad off.

Just leave.
No. 671571 ID: 3663d3

how the hell would plane shifting kill us?
No. 671591 ID: 2be160

I dunno, explosives? Some kind of magic that melts out brains? There's really no telling what it'd do, especially since it came from such an untrustworthy source.
No. 671593 ID: 2be160

Hey wait a minute, wouldn't Spirit be the 7th element? That just makes it all the more suspicious. If you can't find anything else to do, you might as well switch to the spirit plain and travel into the hole filled with the 7th element. Assuming you can move there.
No. 671594 ID: 3663d3

we have been shifting to blood and back just fine. would require someone to have trapped the entire plane for it to be that dangerous.
No. 671606 ID: 329fef
File 144293387359.png - (23.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest156.png )

>Naut thinks it's about time to get things started again.

>Naut notes that switching to different plains is never dangerous, but the spirit plain is, like it's element, creepy as all get out. He's tentative to switch.
No. 671607 ID: 329fef
File 144293404864.png - (23.80KB , 800x600 , Nautquest157.png )

>Naut also notes we are in the spirit hole. Right now. Currently. We fought the thing that was spirit aligned. Just now.
No. 671610 ID: f4b76f

Try it; if there is something bad you can just switch back.
No. 671611 ID: 4780ef

ah, well I say we should give you a choice. You can either try out the spirt plane now and if so let Nomi now before you switch this time or we can go bother Dib for awhile while you two can see whether or not you can get that radio working.
No. 671613 ID: 329fef
File 144293668646.png - (12.31KB , 800x600 , Nautquest158.png )

>You decide to try out this SPIRIT plain thing.

>Everything is so bright.


No. 671614 ID: 4780ef

huh, thought there'd be more truth be told. Still stuck with the "can't move while on a different plane" deal or can you actually explore now?
No. 671615 ID: 329fef
File 144293700329.png - (12.20KB , 800x600 , Nautquest159.png )

>Still stuck in one place, yea.
No. 671616 ID: 4780ef

the door in front of you is opening.
No. 671617 ID: ad936f

How could this plane possibly be bad? It looks so happy! See what comes through that door.
No. 671618 ID: 329fef
File 144293819665.png - (12.53KB , 800x600 , Nautquest160.png )

>...It's a rabbit.
No. 671619 ID: 329fef
File 144293821032.png - (9.04KB , 800x600 , Nautquest161.png )

No. 671620 ID: 329fef
File 144293824681.png - (8.88KB , 800x600 , Nautquest162.png )

>Internally I am screaming.
No. 671621 ID: 4780ef

isn't that the same rabbit we saw a drawing of on the wall in the room where we found the skull?

See if it can talk and if not go back to the plane of death. If so see what it knows about this place.
No. 671622 ID: 329fef
File 144293874305.png - (13.35KB , 800x600 , Nautquest163.png )

>I refuse to talk to this horrible creature.

"Hi there stranger, are you trying to escape this dungeon too?"

>Maybe if I don't move it'll ignore me
No. 671623 ID: 4780ef

well if you're not going to do anything then just shift back to the plane of death and go see if you can't figure out what Nomi is doing, we check in with Dib
No. 671625 ID: ad936f

Oh my god this plane is the best! That rabbit is adorable! Ask it to come with you to escape.
No. 671626 ID: 329fef
File 144293945827.png - (21.18KB , 800x600 , Nautquest164.png )

>Dip is loudly playing the John Cena theme. They haven't noticed the collective yet.
No. 671627 ID: ad936f

John Cena suuuuuuucks
John Cena suuuuuuucks
John Cena suuuuuuucks
No. 671628 ID: 4780ef

got a key for the chest there?
No. 671629 ID: 329fef
File 144294000222.png - (20.92KB , 800x600 , Nautquest165.png )

>Oh! You're here. I didn't notice you.

>No, but I saw where there WAS a key. it was blocked by a grate, though, I couldn't get through.
No. 671633 ID: 4780ef

any way around the grate?
No. 671634 ID: 329fef
File 144294118270.png - (11.85KB , 800x600 , Nautquest166.png )

>Well, the...

>Hey, the Grate has been broken! Nice.
No. 671635 ID: 4780ef

neat... so you think it would be a good idea or a bad idea to pull the rope in there?
No. 671636 ID: 329fef
File 144294181023.png - (11.72KB , 800x600 , Nautquest167.png )

>Moneybags Monroe doesn't like to be bothered unless you've got something to trade. I guess we could trade the key, seeing as mortuary has the chest it goes to.
No. 671638 ID: 4780ef

wait, mortuary has a chest?

eh fuck it, anything else up here or is it one of those, I haven't checked yet cases?
No. 671679 ID: 329fef
File 144295614984.png - (11.69KB , 800x600 , Nautquest168.png )

>In the room next to us there's a key, but otherwise there really isn't anything. Just so you know.
No. 671681 ID: 3663d3

get key, open chest, decide if treasure is worth it or tradeable.
No. 671688 ID: ac7b02

Well if the key you have is useless to us might as well trade it for something more useful. Oh and do you know of any rooms around here that have the virus symbol in them? Could try seeing what's in the virus planes.
No. 671691 ID: 329fef
File 144295783189.png - (13.20KB , 800x600 , Nautquest169.png )

>I don't know of any rooms with the virus symbol. If you see any you could let me know!

>I'll get right on that. Bada bing...
No. 671692 ID: 329fef
File 144295785213.png - (20.92KB , 800x600 , Nautquest170.png )

>...Bada boom.
No. 671693 ID: 329fef
File 144295789016.png - (17.02KB , 800x600 , Nautquest171.png )

No. 671699 ID: 4780ef

so any idea what that does?

also rooms with the virus symbol where the room with the spider web in it and the half a corps (the top half) and thats about it. So how do you switch from one plane to another?
No. 671704 ID: 329fef
File 144295975479.png - (24.73KB , 800x600 , Nautquest172.png )

>You mean this one? Oh, I see it! Cool!

>THE SACRIFICE is a one use upgrade item. Choose someone you want to upgrade and watch it work it's magic!

>To switch to the VIRUS plain, I think really really hard about mugs. REALLY hard.
No. 671707 ID: 3663d3

look at the corpse's face. it's a mugshot
get it
No. 671708 ID: ad936f

We should give that to Naut, he can go to the largest number of plains so he'll get the most use out of it.
No. 671709 ID: 329fef
File 144296012285.png - (9.52KB , 800x600 , Nautquest173.png )

>Good pun. But this guy is really fucking ugly. They'd look better with a mustache. Y'know? A big bushy one.
No. 671710 ID: ad936f

Also it'll help him woo Nomi.
No. 671711 ID: 329fef
File 144296020617.png - (14.37KB , 800x600 , Nautquest175.png )

>Naut is busy.

"Hehehe! You look good in that flower crown!"

>(send help)
No. 671712 ID: ad936f

Y'know what else is ugly? Crime. And criminals get mugshots. THINK ABOUT MUGS.
No. 671713 ID: ad936f

I'm certain that rabbit will help you.
No. 671714 ID: fbc59e

Deploy the swap out of spirit mode!
No. 671716 ID: 3663d3

check skull has it transformed into something else here?
No. 671718 ID: 2ccbb3

The rabbit is being nice. You can be paranoid but please do not hate the rabbit for being nice.
No. 671720 ID: ad936f

NO! Naut has to conquer his stupid wussie fears by facing them head on! How else will he get Nomi to love him?
No. 671722 ID: 329fef
File 144296112167.png - (13.74KB , 800x600 , Nautquest176.png )

"What's wrong? You're not leaving already, are you?"

>I think you misunderstand here. Regardless of how nice and helpful they're being, they are undoubtedly incredibly dangerous. As mentioned before, rabbits are professional questers, but they're also highly suspecting. Switching plains would probably tip them off that I'm not from this plain, so I can't move from my spot or switch plains until you find some way to get them out of the room.

>On the flipside, they can hear you with their big ears of theirs, but they can't hear me.
No. 671724 ID: 4780ef

Well little one, the big guy here is just shy and tend to freeze up around new people. I'm sure if you give him time he'll come around but you should probably just move on for now or else you'll probably be stuck here all day. OH and if you don't mind me asking what's your name?

Hey nomi, what are you doing?
No. 671727 ID: b9cef6

Rabbit! Our silent friend here has fallen in LOVE. Unfortunately, she lives on another plain; forbiden love!
She also doesn't actually like us much.
Anyway, could you grab something from somewhere else in the dungeon to help us?
No. 671728 ID: 329fef
File 144296250850.png - (13.74KB , 800x600 , Nautquest177.png )

"Hm? In love? Another plain? That's weird. The only things on other plains are terrifying bloodthirsty monsters! I guess I could go try to find something to help you. My name is Sapphire! Sapphy for short.!"

>Sapphire begins to leave. Naut is relieved.
No. 671729 ID: 329fef
File 144296258745.png - (16.18KB , 800x600 , Nautquest178.png )

>Yo. I'm trying to get this radio to work, but it seems completely nonfunctional.
No. 671730 ID: ad936f

Don't worry sapphy, those monsters are more scared of you than you are of them. Naut check the room!
No. 671731 ID: ad936f

Have you tried turning it off and on again?
No. 671732 ID: 2be160

Nomi> Open it up and see if any parts are damaged or missing.
No. 671733 ID: b9cef6

Nomi> Have you tried percussive maintenance?
No. 671734 ID: 329fef
File 144296337394.png - (23.79KB , 800x600 , Nautquest179.png )

>Har de har. It's not even plugged in.

>Nomi opens up the radio. It's filled with Moneybees.

>Nomi decides percussive maintenance is a bad idea.
No. 671735 ID: 329fef
File 144296360583.png - (22.03KB , 800x600 , Nautquest180.png )

>Naut decides to leave the spirit plain as soon as the rabbit has left.

"Nice flower crown."

>Naut is embarrassed.
No. 671736 ID: b9cef6

Uh... maybe close the radio.
Do moneybees eat money, or are they worth a lot?
No. 671737 ID: 4780ef

well close that quickly then. Guess that explains the static. Well good news is that after meeting a bunny in the spirt plane Naut is still ok if scared shitless and we only have one more room to check out in the virus plane before we head on up. Want us to send Naut your way and see how Dib is doing?
No. 671738 ID: 329fef
File 144296383325.png - (16.82KB , 800x600 , Nautquest181.png )

>Nomi opts to close the radio again.

>Neither. Moneybees make money. Like honeybees make honey. Except moneybees have to work 9 to 5 jobs as telemarketers, while honeybees get to buzz around flowers all day.
No. 671740 ID: 329fef
File 144296395777.png - (9.37KB , 800x600 , Nautquest182.png )

>Dip is thinking really hard about mugs. They'd like to point out their name is Dip, as in Diptera, not Dib, as in Bite sized ice cream snacks. clearly we know which is the better (and more delicious) of the two.
No. 671745 ID: 4780ef

so does that make the radio worthless or better?

So will we just shoot over to Dip, when he brakes through to the other side or should we just keep checking back on him? Also if we have Nomi and Naut follow the arrow will that force Dip to the next floor with them or no?
No. 671746 ID: b9cef6

Shh, Dip
Quiet your mind
Become one with the mug
You are mug
No. 671748 ID: 329fef
File 144296450927.png - (27.61KB , 800x600 , Nautquest183.png )

>Dip's here in the VIRUS plain.

>Dip notes they should finish up everything they could do on this floor before following the arrow.

>Maybe sell some things to Moneybags Monroe.
No. 671749 ID: b9cef6

Nomi> Grab the radio and take it to the room Dip's in, so we can pass it off to him, so he can pull Moneybag's lever, so he can pawn the radio full of bees off at him.
Dip> Is that another Sacrifice in that guys chest?
No. 671750 ID: 4780ef

so I take it you're stuck and can't move here? well what can you tell us from what you see?
No. 671752 ID: fb17e6

Why can't we take the moneybee radio with us to hopefully make money?
No. 671754 ID: 3663d3

i bet monroe would take the moneybees. we don't have time to sit around waiting for a harvest.
No. 671755 ID: 329fef
File 144296534517.png - (27.61KB , 800x600 , Nautquest183.png )

>Nomi opts to do the easier thing and add it to the COLLECTIVE INVENTORY. You can only hold five things, and Moneybags doesn't accept legal tender, only trades.

>Dip can totally move around! He investigates the CHEST HOLLOW.
No. 671756 ID: 329fef
File 144296539208.png - (12.64KB , 800x600 , Nautquest184.png )

>SCORE! a PHANTASMAL HYPERCUBE! You have no idea what it does and it's hard to look at, but IT FEELS LIKE IT'S IMPORTANT SOMEHOW!
No. 671757 ID: 329fef
File 144296548831.png - (29.40KB , 800x600 , Nautquest185.png )

>Well, that's all good and dandy. Dip notes neither THE SACRIFICE or THE PHANTASMAL HYPERCUBE is in the inventory. They're probably stored somewhere else.
No. 671760 ID: 4780ef

sweet, looks like a map somewhat.

so see anything else worth noting around here or should we see the trader?
No. 671764 ID: 329fef
File 144296661594.png - (24.64KB , 800x600 , Nautquest186.png )

>Nothing else around here that I know of. We could always just head to the trader, really. Unless you all wanna make a pit stop first.
No. 671767 ID: 4780ef

well you could ask the spider up there for his advice if you want but I can't think of anything else to do before seeing the trader unless you mean you guys want to take a brake before moving on?
No. 671769 ID: ad936f

Maybe that stuff is in OUR inventory? Yeah, lets get going.
No. 671782 ID: 329fef
File 144296968334.png - (11.90KB , 800x600 , Nautquest187.png )

>Dip pulls the cord to summon MONEYBAGS MONROE!
No. 671783 ID: 329fef
File 144296975105.png - (14.45KB , 800x600 , Nautquest188.png )

"Boy oh boy oh boy do I got a deal for you lot! Listen, listen, I'll take this junk off your hands in return for an OUT OF INVENTORY ITEM and ANOTHER INVENTORY SLOT! Whaddya say, pals!?"
No. 671785 ID: 2ccbb3

Can we trust this guy? A new inventory slot sounds enticing.
No. 671786 ID: b9cef6

We might need that key! What'll you give us for just the boombox full of bees and the skull?
No. 671787 ID: 329fef
File 144297012723.png - (15.33KB , 800x600 , Nautquest189.png )

"Aw, you can trust me, chum! After all, I'm the only merchant in the game, at least, the only merchant that isn't prone to snooping for items you lot have missed, anyway!"

"I'll trade for all three items, no more, no less! Besides, that key goes to the chest Mortuary has! Since you beat him, you got the item you needed from him anyway!"
No. 671788 ID: b9cef6

Oh! Sure, then. Give us those sweet sweet inventory slots.
No. 671789 ID: 329fef
File 144297054965.png - (14.49KB , 800x600 , Nautquest190.png )

"A fine deal, a fine deal! You won't regret it!"
No. 671790 ID: 329fef
File 144297059567.png - (6.83KB , 800x600 , Nautquest191.png )

>The DEADMAN TOOTH has been obtained! You're not entirely sure what this does...

>Inventory has been upgraded!
No. 671791 ID: 3663d3

perhaps it is another plane shift talisman for naut.
No. 671792 ID: 329fef
File 144297204781.png - (21.85KB , 800x600 , Nautquest192.png )

>Anywho, what are we going to do now?
No. 671793 ID: 4780ef

well with nothing else to do might as well move on following the arrow.
No. 671795 ID: 2be160

Give the coffin a comforting pap and be on your way, following the >>671793 order.
No. 671796 ID: 329fef
File 144297265040.png - (9.04KB , 800x600 , Nautquest193.png )

>No... NO... IT CANNOT BE!
No. 671799 ID: 329fef
File 144297287774.png - (36.97KB , 800x600 , Nautquest194.png )


No. 671800 ID: 329fef
File 144297294528.png - (366.29KB , 800x600 , Nautquest195.png )

>... I stand corrected.

>NAUT is ready to fight!
>NOMI is ready to fight!
>DIP is ready to fight!



No. 671802 ID: 2be160

Er... okay. Have everyone but Nomi go on the defensive, with Nomi using glutton. More food for her.
No. 671804 ID: 329fef
File 144297389130.png - (366.37KB , 800x600 , Nautquest196.png )

>NAUT shields! They can't be hurt, and if they're attacked the target is vulnerable!

>NOMI uses glutton! She deals a skull and recovers half a skull in health! She'salready full health, though.

>DIP hides! They won't be targeted next turn!

>E.D.D.R.Y. cries goffik tears! There's no effect...


"i'm liek totally immortal! fack u!"

>Shit. What now?




-Phantasmal Hypercube
-The Sacrifice
-Deadman Tooth
No. 671806 ID: 4780ef

uh, try the cube?

if attacking doesn't do shit then we just have to find a way to get rid of her. problem is, unless Nomi can devour her whole and leave nothing left we don't really have a way to beat her outside of items that we have no idea how they work... expects the sacrifice but it doesn't really help now unless it could upgrade someone with something that will let us win.
No. 671807 ID: b9cef6

Just... ignore it and wait for it to go away?
No. 671808 ID: 3663d3

say "ur a faggit"
No. 671810 ID: 329fef
File 144297537574.png - (365.70KB , 800x600 , Nautquest197.png )

>You use the PHANTASMAL HYPERCUBE! the truth is revealed!

>E.D.D.R.W. uses TEEN ANGST! Everyone takes half a skull of damage!

>Dip was hiding! They're unaffected!




-The Sacrifice
-Deadman Tooth
No. 671811 ID: 4780ef

aw shit



No. 671816 ID: 2ccbb3

Naut: Bash

Nomi: Glutton

Dip: Symphony

Can we call for more help? This is a seasoned adventurer whose main intent is to bash your squad into pulp, and express her angst in the most destructive and unhelpful way possible! That rabbit adventurer might be capable of psychologically damaging her!
No. 671818 ID: 3663d3

dip, try to make them more depressed so they cut themselves.
No. 671820 ID: fb17e6

Call her a prep, and tell her Draco and Vampire are dating
No. 671828 ID: 329fef
File 144297839975.png - (365.70KB , 800x600 , Nautquest198.png )

>DIP uses SYMPHONY! their moves are buffed! He can't use this next turn.

>NAUT uses their SMAAAASH!!! He's been boosted! It deals 2 skulls of health! His powerful smash has made the opponent dazed next turn! He cannot use this attack next turn...

>NOMI uses GLUTTON! She's been boosted! She drains 2 SKULLS worth of health! NOMI is healed! She can't use this skill next turn...

>E.D.D.R.W took an attack that was over 2 skull's worth! She's reeling and can't attack this turn!





-The Sacrifice
-Deadman Tooth
No. 671829 ID: 4780ef

everyone use your defensive ability.
No. 671837 ID: fb17e6

The only way to end this is to end her story. Before the hogsmead recursion. I would say Naut defends and the others attack.
No. 671846 ID: 329fef
File 144298029377.png - (378.16KB , 800x600 , Nautquest199.png )

>NOMI uses her BITE attack! She deals half a skull of health!

>DIP SHRIEKS loudly! He deals half a health in damage!

>NAUT shields! He's not being targeted this round.

>E.D.D.R.W. is still dazed from NAUT's attack! They'll recover and attack next round.




-The Sacrifice
-Deadman Tooth
No. 671848 ID: 4780ef

smash, gluttony, and Symphony
No. 671849 ID: b9cef6

This, but Symphony first.
No. 671851 ID: 329fef
File 144298135868.png - (378.80KB , 800x600 , Nautquest200.png )

>DIP uses SYMPHONY! their moves are buffed!

>NAUT uses their SMAAAASH!!! He's been boosted! It deals 2 skulls of health! His powerful smash has made the opponent dazed next turn!

>NOMI uses GLUTTON! She's been boosted! She drains 2 SKULLS worth of health! NOMI is healed!

No. 671852 ID: 329fef
File 144298141659.png - (23.39KB , 800x600 , Nautquest201.png )

>...She was much smaller than she looked in the battle sequence, honestly.

>An Impenetrable grate has barred the way back! Nowhere to go but forward now.
No. 671854 ID: 329fef
File 144298194386.png - (19.60KB , 800x600 , NautquestEnd1.png )

No. 671855 ID: 4780ef

do we have any other choice? I mean we can look at things with Dib from the blood side but I'm sure we still need to go down so

Yes, descend.
No. 671856 ID: a19cd5

no, frisk!
No. 671857 ID: 2be160

Definitely descend, but do a flip on the way down!
No. 671866 ID: 329fef
File 144298355002.png - (17.82KB , 800x600 , NautquestTransition1.png )

>NAUTQUEST: 2ND FLOOR begins Wednesday!

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