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File 144148294156.png - (12.74KB , 500x500 , t1p1.png )
667436 No. 667436 ID: d6f6ff

You are some flying thing that is BORED and has nothing to do.

You do not have any paranormal abilities like some of your peers, but you can:

SHIT (but only after eating!)
PISS (but only after drinking!)
MAKE LOUD NOISES (as much as you want!)

As well as being BORED, you are also HUNGRY and THIRSTY.

What ever will you do?
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No. 667441 ID: 9297f4

Get food, drink then scream at things.
No. 667443 ID: 57dfcc

Make loud noises.
No. 667444 ID: c0fe75

No. 667448 ID: 46df9e

Make sure that everything in the immediate area knows how unsatisfied with your current state with loud noises, before going to find something to drink.
No. 667455 ID: d6f6ff
File 144148559742.png - (10.79KB , 500x500 , t1p2.png )

You open your mouth to let the world know how HUNGRY, THIRSTY, and most importantly BORED you are.
No. 667473 ID: d6f6ff
File 144148673983.png - (14.56KB , 500x500 , t1p3.png )

No. 667486 ID: d6f6ff
File 144148885435.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , t1p4.png )

Satisfied (but still BORED) with your noise making, you take off from the branch you temporarily called home and made your way into the skies to find FOOD and DRINK.

There are two places you know about that can get you both FOOD and DRINK:

THE VILLAGE: A village of people who are about your size and live in square, brown, adobe abodes. They strongly dislike your presence, but FOOD and DRINK is in abundance there.

THE CAVE SYSTEM: A series of tunnels underneath the hill that THE VILLAGE sits on top of. FOOD and DRINK can also be found there, maybe even in a safer manner than in THE VILLAGE (though there are still dangers lurking in the dark!). The only issue is, FOOD and DRINK are almost never found together in the same spot, and is in much smaller abundance than in THE VILLAGE.

Wherever shall you go?
No. 667504 ID: 2eeb65

Cave system.

We shall eat and drink, and then fly to the village and take them by surprise.
No. 667506 ID: c0fe75

Head for the caves. We can return to the village once it's time to SHIT and PISS.
No. 667511 ID: 46df9e

I am disliking the idea of my food and drink not being together, so let us go to the village for convenience.
No. 667542 ID: d6f6ff
File 144149807211.png - (16.26KB , 500x500 , t1p5.png )

A thought comes into your head!

Maybe if you get your food from the caves first, then flew to the village you can cure your BOREDOM by SHITTING and PISSING on the villagers! Maybe even make some NOISE!

There is some time that needs to pass between EATING and DRINKING and SHITTING and PISSING, so you decide that going to THE VILLAGE for such things would only serve to make curing your BOREDOM a harder task than if you were to go into THE CAVES to do it.

So here you are, standing in front of the only way in and out of THE CAVES.
No. 667566 ID: 57dfcc

Man, for what I thought was a bird, you sure have bug-like wings.

Into the caves, already.
No. 667589 ID: d6f6ff
File 144150516157.png - (26.35KB , 500x500 , t1p6.png )

alright, sheesh

You enter THE CAVES, and are instantly not BORED anymore. You are something much worse, you are SCARED. You HATE being SCARED. And to make matters worse, if you leave the cave without satisfying your HUNGER and THIRST, you will just be BORED again! Tough titties about your fear, your HUNGER, THIRST, and potential BOREDOM take precedence.

The cave goes deeper straight ahead, there is also a small tunnel that goes inwards on the left cave wall. From this tunnel, is a SQUEAKING. It may sound harmless, but who knows! You don't.

What do you do?
No. 667614 ID: f4d940

Peer around the corner. If something attacks you, make as loud a noise as possible.
No. 667701 ID: d6f6ff
File 144152199299.png - (14.57KB , 500x500 , t1p7.png )

As you tip-toe your way to the tunnel, you begin to recognize the squeaking. Then your heart sank, as you realized what this squeaking is coming from, another Thing like you, only it does not fly, or make any loud noise other than the weak squeaking sounds. It does, however, bite, scratch, and all sorts of other unpleasant things that make you HATE it, as do many others. You approach the entrance into the chamber where IT is, and IT squeaks a squeak of alert, calling you to show yourself.

You hesitate, but decide it would be best not to make it suspicious of direct wrong-doing (much of which you'd love to do to IT). Between you and IT, there is a PUDDLE OF DRANK. Beyond IT there is another tunnel. The chamber is heavy with reverb! Each squeak drilling a little bit into your skull.

IT squeaks again, and you interpret the sound as IT wandering why you are there. You look at the puddle, and IT squeaks defensively.

do? you what do
No. 667703 ID: e114bc

Tell it you are looking for EAT and DRINK.
No. 667781 ID: 2eeb65

Invite IT to shit and piss on humans together.
No. 667790 ID: f4d940

Hmm. It cannot fly - but perhaps you could carry it, in exchange for drink?
No. 667793 ID: 2eeb65

Maybe it can fly, who knows

Or we can throw it at humans while it pees and shits on them. Like a shit-pee-bird grenade.
No. 667863 ID: 41fd27

Preform the dance of your people in return for DRINK.
No. 667877 ID: d6f6ff
File 144158266026.png - (10.89KB , 500x500 , t1p8.png )

You explain to IT your predicament, how you are trying to cure BOREDOM by finding FOOD and DRINK so that you can PISS and SHIT on the villagers above. You then say, despite the differences between you and IT in the past, you hope that IT can look past it in favor of the villagers getting SHIT and PISSED on. You even ask IT to join you in this!

IT harshly declines, making a squeaking sound that you understand as an unintelligent way of IT saying that both FOOD and DRINK in the cave is ITS and ITS only!

The supposed domination of the cave and the resources therein really ANNOYS you, as well as the PAIN caused by the reverberated SQUEAKS in your ears.
No. 667893 ID: 3d900d

Channel your anger into a powerful loud noise.
No. 667916 ID: d6f6ff
File 144158913511.png - (13.13KB , 500x500 , t1p9.png )

No. 667922 ID: d6f6ff
File 144158974348.png - (23.80KB , 500x500 , t1p10.png )

No. 667926 ID: c0fe75


This reveals your new purpose in life: annihilate all living creatures by screeching at them until they explode.

After PISSING and SHITTING on them, of course.

Anyway, fill yourself with ecto cooler and then seek further within the caves for victuals.
No. 667928 ID: d6f6ff
File 144159113754.png - (12.87KB , 500x500 , t1p11.png )

Chunks of FOOD and puddles of DRINK are all over the place! Your luck with THE CAVES are astounding today! You get your FOOD and DRINK at the same time, as well as killing that SHIThead IT!

You proceed to satisfy your THIRST and HUNGER! One step closer to PISSING and SHITTING on THE VILLAGERS, and eventually curing your BOREDOM!
No. 667935 ID: d6f6ff
File 144159233081.png - (17.71KB , 500x500 , t1p12.png )

If you were to go deeper into THE CAVES you will eventually have to SHIT or PISS, maybe at the same time, maybe not! When that happens you will be either HUNGRY, THIRSTY, or both! You can always find more FOOD and DRINK, but you wander if luck will be as closely on your side as it is now.

¿Qué haces?
No. 667944 ID: c0fe75

Oh, eating the other IT changes things. Time to bombard the village with urine and dung, then!
No. 667946 ID: 57dfcc

Time to torture the village.
No. 668050 ID: d6f6ff
File 144164766565.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , t2p13.png )

Standing on the edge of THE CAVE system's entrance, full with FOOD and DRINK, you set your sights on the town above, preparing to take off for the short trip upwards!

The skies are blue, not a single cloud in the sky, perfect day for emptying your bowels and bladder over THE VILLAGE! Too bad IT won't be around to appreciate your efforts...
No. 668074 ID: d6f6ff
File 144165163539.png - (13.36KB , 500x500 , t1p14.png )


Before you can take off towards the village, a pink-hued IT comes rushing at you from the darkness of THE CAVES! It has tears streaming from its eyes! You are caught off guard by how quickly PINK IT showed up due the to sheer speed at which the PINK IT is making its advance towards you!

Mɥɐʇ po ʎon po¿
No. 668080 ID: c0fe75


Fly up into the air and screech horrible noises at it. We must not be impeded in our mission to cover the village with dung!
No. 668099 ID: 2eeb65

No. 668151 ID: 05964c
File 144166965137.png - (10.69KB , 500x500 , t1p15.png )

You struggle very hard to go up as fast as you can to create enough distance between yourself and the pissed off PINK IT. Not looking back, you make your way up to the higher reaches of the cliff side where non-flying creatures cannot.
No. 668161 ID: 05964c
File 144167221315.png - (6.62KB , 500x500 , t1p16.png )

As you make your ascent, you can hear defeated squeaks coming from below. You decide to peak back down at the PINK IT, to see a face of extreme HATE. HATE and DESTRUCTION. For a fleeting moment you feel a hint of regret for killing probably the only thing the PINK IT loved (or ever will love, as viable mates are few and far between). You are quickly distracted by a sharp pain in your bowels...
No. 668164 ID: 3663d3

it is time. release over the humans.
No. 668166 ID: c0fe75

Release dung-bomb on the PINK IT. (But don't use all of our dung reserves, for we have unsuspecting villagers to upset.)
No. 668167 ID: 05964c
File 144167251563.png - (7.92KB , 500x500 , t1p17.png )

You uncontrollably let a little SHIT out!
No. 668170 ID: 05964c
File 144167270999.png - (13.63KB , 500x500 , t1p18.png )

A loud SQUEEE comes from below, a noise loud enough to rival even YOURS!

It would be best to not go near THE CAVES for a good long time.
No. 668172 ID: 9cf2e1

soooo let's go shit and piss divebomb the village, possibly while making adrenaline fueled loud noises?
No. 668174 ID: c0fe75

We must cover every surface in a thick layer of excreta.
No. 668187 ID: 57dfcc

Hey, at least the pink thing got a part of their mate back.
No. 668373 ID: 2eeb65

...Fuck. Dammit, tgchan.
No. 668375 ID: a8ea9f
File 144174523401.png - (18.18KB , 500x500 , t1p19.png )

You are now at the top of THE HILL, where THE VILLAGE sits. You can HARDLY WAIT to shower THE VILLAGERS with your gifts!
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