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File 143900097516.png - (8.11KB , 840x600 , 6001.png )
660910 No. 660910 ID: defceb

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No. 660911 ID: defceb
File 143900099047.png - (181.09KB , 840x600 , 6002.png )

01100110 01101110 01101010 01110101 00100000 01100111 01110000 00100000 01100110 01110101 01110100 01100010 01111000 00100000 01100010 00100000 01101101 01101101 01100010 00100000 01110100 01100010 01111000 00100000 01110101 01101010 00100000 01110101 01110110 01100011 00100000 01110101 01101101 01101010 01110110 01100011 00100000 01001010 00100000 01100101 01101111 01100010 00100000 01110101 01101101 01101010 01110110 01100011 00100000 01001010 00100000 01110101 01101101 01101010 01110110 01100011 00100000 01001010
No. 660913 ID: e114bc

Aw hell, that's a black hole.

"I built I built and I built but it was all a waste of time"
Shift -1, reverse it.

Hmm. Do we have to respond in kind, here?

00111111 01100101 01101101 01101010 01110110 01100011 00100000 01110110 01110000 01111010 00100000 01100101 01101010 01100101 00100000 01110101 01100010 01101001 01111000
(what did you build?)
No. 660916 ID: ab7529

Oh, hey, we're in the blue. Blue is good, right? Blue is safe.

>date fragment
That bothers me more than it probably should.

It wasn't a waste. It's the journey, not the destination that matters. Building was more important than the result, or if it endured.
No. 660922 ID: 1cebc8

Looks like a pair of scissors to me. Or Saturn. Can't tell which.

No, blue means BLEEDING COOLANT.
Blue is BAD.
Red is ALSO BAD.

In other words Marie you're probably screwed if you don't WAKE UP
No. 661007 ID: defceb
File 143902300838.png - (25.19KB , 840x600 , 6003.png )

01010110 01110001 01111001 01100111 01110100 01110101 00101110 00100000 01000110 01101101 01101010 01100011 01110001 00101110 00100000 01001000 01110111 01110110 01101011 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100110 01101101 01101110 01100011 01110001 00101110 00100000 01000111 01111000 01100111 01110100 01100001 01110110 01101010 01101011 01110000 01101001 00100000 01100001 01101101 01101010 01101010 01111001 01101110 01110001 01100011 01100010 00101110
No. 661008 ID: 89941a

"Towers. Holes. Futile hopes. Everything collapsed."

Well, the road to success is paved with failure. Don't lose heart, even if your physical one was blasted into oblivion.
No. 661013 ID: e114bc

00101110 01101111 01101010 01100010 01101000 01100010 00100000 01111010 01110011 01110101 00100000 01100101 01101111 01100010 00100000 01110101 01110001 01101110 01100110 01110101 01110101 01100010 00100000 01100110 01101001 01110101 00100000 01101110 01110000 01110011 01100111 00100000 01101111 01110011 01100010 01100110 01101101 00100000 01101111 01100010 01100100 00100000 01110110 01110000 01111010 00001101 00001010 00111111 01110011 01110000 01100111 00100000 01101110 01100110 01101001 01110101 00100000 01100101 01101101 01101010 01110110 01100011 00100000 01110110 01110000 01111010 00100000 01100101 01101010 01100101 00100000 01110101 01100010 01101001 01111000
(what did you build them for?
you can learn from the attempt and try again.)
No. 661018 ID: defceb
File 143903002139.png - (109.70KB , 840x600 , 6004.png )

000001110 000000011 00000100 000000011 000000111 000001110 000001101 000001110 000000111
000001100 000000111 000001111 00000010 000001110
000001101 000001101 00000001 000001101 000001110 000001101
No. 661019 ID: e114bc

Marie, swim!
No. 661021 ID: 3e2cae

try to find your daughter's bookcase.
No. 661024 ID: 89941a

Stop drowning. You don't need air.
No. 661025 ID: ddcf3c

marie! expand knockers to float!
No. 661038 ID: 1cebc8

You've been out for a whole thread, it's time to wake up and smell the radio waves!
No. 661065 ID: ab7529

You're not bleeding coolant if you're in an infinite sea of all you'd ever need.
No. 661219 ID: defceb
File 143910388305.png - (133.20KB , 840x600 , 6005.png )

No. 661229 ID: 1cebc8

Ha ha very funny

01001110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01110101 01110000 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110011 01100011 01110010 01100101 01110111 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 01100010 01101111 01100100 01111001 00100000 01100001 01101100 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 01111001 00101110
No. 661230 ID: ab7529

Well, your problem is you're heavier than the fluid you're sinking in. And you're not able to generate enough thrust swimming to oppose that.

We don't really have a way to fix that, unless you've got hidden thrusters or propellers. Or something relevant in inventory, which you probably don't have here.
No. 661231 ID: fef726

I think your problem of sinking is about to be replaced by a problem of being eaten. Giant multi-eyed thing incoming!
No. 661237 ID: e114bc

I think that's the static beast.

I don't suppose you have the hand cannon in this weird watery mindscape?
No. 661238 ID: e114bc

00101110 01101000 01101111 01101010 01111010 01100010 01110100 00100000 01100110 01110011 00100111 01110110 01110000 01111010 00100000 01110101 01100010 01101001 01111000 00100000 01110101 01110110 01110000 00100000 01100110 01110011 01110110 01101000 01101010 01100111 00100000 01110101 00100111 01101111 01100010 01100100 00100000 01001010 00100000 00100000 00111111 01111010 01101101 01110101 01101111 01100110 01110011 01100110 01100111 01100111 01101010 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101101 01110101 01110101 01101010 01101101 00100000 01100010 00100000 00101100 01101111 01101010 01100010 01101000 01100010 00100000 01110101 01100010 01101001 01110101 00100000 01111010 01100010 01110100 00100000 01110110 01110000 01111010 00100000 01100101 01101101 01110110 01110000 01000100 00100000
(Could you say that again, a little differently? I can't figure out what you're saying.)
No. 661255 ID: 34a64b

Sharks are attracted to erratic movements and weak vs being poked in the eye or punched in the nose. I can't see why a static beast would be any different.
No. 661266 ID: defceb
File 143911129973.png - (145.20KB , 840x600 , 6006.png )

No. 661267 ID: defceb
File 143911131195.png - (163.85KB , 840x600 , 6007.png )

No. 661268 ID: defceb
File 143911131919.png - (2.87KB , 840x600 , 6008.png )

No. 661269 ID: defceb
File 143911135781.png - (47.00KB , 840x600 , 6009.png )

Your name is Marie Castillo and apparently you're pretty awful at swimming. That information would have probably been more helpful a while ago. Oh well.
No. 661270 ID: e114bc

Inspect chest for massive hole. Also get a good look at that symbol, does it look familiar?
No. 661274 ID: 1cebc8

Looks like your cosmetics have been removed or you were transferred to a different chassis. Small price to pay for losing the fatal wound.

Inspect area. Looks like you were swallowed by a submersible android, but those stalactites look organic. Inspect the stalactites and see if you can chip a small piece off.

Check inventory for Rudy's brain chip.

Also, make sure you're not talking in binary anymore.
No. 661277 ID: 99cfa8

Enhance knockers. Just to see if you can, anymore.
No. 661281 ID: 8adffb

Check date on internal clock (for whatever good it does), check torso for novelty air vent.
No. 661294 ID: 34a64b

How are you feeling?
No. 661326 ID: d4a543

Looks like some demon lord's seal out of the Key of Solomon, but I can't figure which one.

No. 661329 ID: ab7529

Examine self for damage, check internal clock, check inventory. (And give us a close up of the new poster if you still have it).

Look around surroundings- what lies down this beach?

>Also get a good look at that symbol, does it look familiar?
We've seen a more zoomed in version a few times before.


To me, it looks a whole lot like Marie's circulatory system. >>/questarch/642613 (Zoomed in on the chest, with more resolution).
No. 661337 ID: e114bc

No, that's a different symbol.
No. 661346 ID: ab7529

It's right frigging there on the ground in front of her. >>661269

As as for the other symbol it doesn't quite match, one could almost be a subset of the other.
No. 661460 ID: e114bc

Ah, I hadn't looked closely at the symbol on the ground, I assumed it was the same as the blue symbol. That's Marie's symbol on the ground alright.
No. 661467 ID: 7aeb02

Retrieve link to thread 5 from internal memory storage.
No. 661676 ID: defceb
File 143928793470.png - (28.63KB , 840x600 , 6010.png )

You double-check your inventory, finding it to be empty. You then move to inspect your chest for the massive hole that should be there. Instead, you find a very much intact chestplate where the injury would be. In fact, the chest plate seems to be entirely unfamiliar to you. Your hands are of a different build than expected as well. Which doesn’t make sense unless...

You inspect your current chassis.
No. 661677 ID: defceb
File 143928795958.png - (33.64KB , 840x600 , 6011.png )

Wait, no, ignore this.
No. 661678 ID: defceb
File 143928797936.png - (49.58KB , 840x600 , 6012.png )

Forget that. Didn’t happen. Let's move along.
No. 661679 ID: e114bc

No. Elaborate.

I'm not even going to point out that thing I'm supposed to point out. Talk.
No. 661680 ID: 1cebc8

Armor is armor, so that's a plus.

You can get knockers AFTER you've escaped the giant whale-based submarine.

So, what's in front of you? Other than your fingers and stuff. Do a few exercises to test out your new mods.
No. 661681 ID: 89941a

Love your new blue eyes.
No. 661697 ID: fef726

Something you are ashamed of... well I have a few guesses and those aren't things I particularly want to force you to revisit so instead pay attention to the shadowy figure to your left.

I think its your left anyway.
No. 661698 ID: 88960e

You've got facial markings. They resemble Haley's, post-uplift. Except you've got double curves below your eyes rather than single. Haley's markings went above her eyes too, but if yours do, it's covered by your bangs.

...not looking very anatomically correct, there. Naked shell, not naked naked. Doubt these knockers adjust. At least your eyes aren't red, and you got your ear back.

>Forget that. Didn’t happen. Let's move along.
You've done enough forgetting already. More than enough.

Who's that, to your left?
No. 661787 ID: ab7529

Did you just materialize a scarf / neckerchief out of thin air?
No. 661791 ID: defceb
File 143934787241.png - (32.07KB , 840x600 , 6013.png )



>“I said no. I don’t want to forget that. I’ve forgotten too much already.”

Ahem, as I was saying before, that was nothing. There was nothing there, and nothing to remember because nothing happened. You are currently on a beach somewhere and there is a person off-

>”A person I’m supposed to go interact with and have some supposedly meaningful re-enactment of my memories with vague distant consequences, I get it. I’m tired of playing these information games.”

It’s Haley. Haley’s hanging out right over there reading a book she wrote. She doesn’t remember writing it, but apparently it’s kind of important and-

>”I don’t care.”

It’s called The Giant’s Grave, a big old book about-

>”No, I don’t.”

You walk over to her and-

>”I. Don’t. Care.”
No. 661795 ID: ab7529

>”I. Don’t. Care.”
Well the important question now: what do you care about, Marie?

If you're not letting the narrative define you, it's time to define yourself.
No. 661796 ID: e114bc

Oh, so the narrator IS a person separate from Marie, that wasn't just a mental breakdown in the hallway. Or maybe this is a further mental breakdown? Fuck it, let's keep going in this direction regardless. It's a new direction at least.

Alright Marie, you're fighting back a little. Fight back a LOT. Remember, you had blue eyes, tiger stripes on your face... drills in your fingers? Or just one finger? Force that memory through for us.
Is Marie even your name? We got that from the narrator, not you.

Who was that talking through you in the hallway? “If you should need me, just say the word, and I’ll have always been there.” Do you think this is a good time to invoke that?
No. 661797 ID: fbc59e

...So what, I suppose do you want?
No. 661798 ID: 1cebc8

Well, which direction do you want to go towards and what do you see in said direction? Towards Haley, away from Haley, into the sea, burrow with your new drill-augmentations, screw gravity and float into the sky, or some other cardinal direction that is incomprehensible to two-dimensional sight?
No. 661799 ID: defceb

It's not a drill that's just her left ear.
No. 661800 ID: e114bc

Aw. That would've been cool.
No. 661812 ID: d4a543

Retrieve Rudy's brain chip from lack-of-inventory and install it in the narrator. Once you've got hardware access, it's all over.

Believe in the me that believes in you! Yours is the ear that will pierce the heavens!
No. 661816 ID: e114bc

...ah. Wanna bet the narrator was the one Kirkman was talking to?
No. 661850 ID: e85915

soooo, about that chasis?
also, about a lot of stuff the narrator didn't let you think about?
No. 664258 ID: defceb
File 144013563206.png - (60.21KB , 840x600 , 6014.png )

>”I want answers. Why are you doing this to me, where am I, what was with that body, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IN MY HEAD!?”

>”...what, actually staying quiet for once?”
No. 664259 ID: 3663d3

No. 664261 ID: 89941a

Seems more like a representation of some inner conflict at this point, especially with the ground seemingly cracking like that.

Might still want to dodge though.
No. 664262 ID: e114bc

Redeyes, to your left!
No. 664275 ID: 225f37

Yeah, dodging sounds good about now.
No. 664276 ID: d092ac

Hit the floor!
No. 664286 ID: defceb
File 144014343471.png - (20.91KB , 840x600 , 6015.png )

Unfortunately you are not faster than-

Wait that wasn’t supposed to happen.
No. 664288 ID: defceb
File 144014351029.png - (19.39KB , 840x600 , 6016.png )

>”Not this time!”

[Your/My] punch breaks through the glass of their faceplate, tearing through the underlying machinery and ripping into [their/Their/it’s] supple flesh.
No. 664289 ID: defceb
File 144014353197.png - (14.16KB , 840x600 , 6017.png )

[They/It] buckle from the sudden strike, falling into a heap of scrap metal upon the floor.
No. 664290 ID: defceb
File 144014356115.png - (19.47KB , 840x600 , 6018.png )

[My/Your/Their] fingers wrap and pull at each [string/cable/artery], severing [heart/wheat] from [bone/chaff].
No. 664291 ID: defceb
File 144014360981.png - (64.32KB , 840x600 , 6019.png )



/id] stripped bare


o mer


No. 664293 ID: e114bc

...are you about to partake in digital cannibalism? Are you sure you want to do that? Is this who you are? I'm worried if you go any farther you will become like them. Or will this help stabilize you? I don't know.

Whatever you do, you should do it with a clear head.
No. 664295 ID: 3bc92d

Don't do it!

You're losing a hold on yourself. Don't do anything you'll regret. Think it over.
No. 664304 ID: 8177e7

Hey, Marie. What are you doing?
No. 664305 ID: 1cebc8

You have a choice to make.

Snap out of it and calm down, or keep going and rip something to shreds. Can't tell you which is the correct decision here.

Just remember that you will be responsible for any destruction that follows if you choose to defy your fear. My suggestion? Revel in the blood of your enemies' children. Their SCREAMS.

If you don't take pleasure and depravity from their suffering you'll take in madness instead. But like I said. Your choice.
No. 664308 ID: 5a02f7

I feel like this is the answer to something we've asked. I feel like this might be right. I feel like we should do this.

Take it into yourself, but don't lose yourself to it.
No. 664312 ID: 62a84f

Get some grip on yourself. This isn't you.
No. 664313 ID: 88960e

Geeze, I sure hope we're not simultaneously murdering someone who isn't an asshole while we're fighting in this vision place.

>no mercy
Why? You want answers, not vengeance. And I can think of several times you depended on the mercy of others yourself. (Even if the reality of said events is questionable).

Remember how you reached out to Liz despite having reason to fear or hate the other. Remember your argument with Victor about holding out hope for people instead of giving up. Real or not, the choices you made inform a personality and set of beliefs. "No mercy" isn't what you believe.
No. 664325 ID: 89941a

Bad Marie! Put that down or you won't get any coolant biscuits!
No. 664369 ID: a107fd

Eat it to gain it's strength.
No. 664380 ID: a191d7

Better off studying it than eating it.
You might be able to predict something.
No. 664385 ID: 8177e7

Put soul in inventory.
No. 664399 ID: 0fc976

Tear out a nice juicy chunk of data and save the rest for later.
No. 664420 ID: defceb
File 144023133917.png - (90.16KB , 840x600 , 6020.png )

>Tear out a nice juicy chunk of data and save the rest for later.
>Are you sure you want to do that?
>Revel in the blood of your enemies' children. Their SCREAMS.
>If you don't take pleasure and depravity from their suffering you'll take in madness instead.
>Take it into yourself, but don't lose yourself to it.
>Eat it to gain it's strength.
No. 664421 ID: defceb
File 144023138750.png - (39.78KB , 840x600 , 6021.png )

>Don't do it!
>Get some grip on yourself. This isn't you.
>You want answers, not vengeance. And I can think of several times you depended on the mercy of others yourself.
>I'm worried if you go any farther you will become like them.

>Real or not, the choices you made inform a personality and set of beliefs.
>"No mercy" isn't what you believe.
No. 664422 ID: fef726

Welcome back Marie.
No. 664423 ID: e114bc

Alright, first look around/behind you to make sure nobody else is being sneaky. Then check to see who/what exactly you just wrecked here. What is that in your hands? Anything useful on the body?

You can still move, obviously. How well can you do so without coolant and with that structural damage? Consider scavenging the body for replacement parts that you can install later. Or heck, upgrades.
No. 664425 ID: 1cebc8

Looks like you acted on instinct and pounced on another cyborg. Take his brain chip as well.

Check around, figure out how much time has passed, and PLEASE STUFF YOUR CHEST HOLE BEFORE IT BLEEDS OUT. Even if the wound is stable, too much movement may open it and you'll bleed out for real.
No. 664428 ID: 8de763

wait. wait wait. who's body is that? why does it have your gloves and hair? also why is there blood on your head? you don't even have blood.
who's shadow is that behind you? do you still have a hugeass hole in your chest? which digital consciousness layer are we even on this time?
No. 664436 ID: 0fc976

Examine eyeball (or eyeballs). How was this thing able to see out of a monocular lens with a stereoscopic set of peepers?
No. 664450 ID: ab7529

It looks a whole lot like the shadow guy was another you-type cyborg in a costume.

Are they dead? If I remember right, the flamethrower one you fought stored it's "brain" somewhere in it's chest, not it's head. Bot sure where yours is, come to think of it.

If we can tell, I'd be interested in what model eye it is. The kind we thought we started with, or the new weird one that turned yet?

How are you still mobile without a heart? Is it purely for coolant pumping? (Which I guess is fine till the first time we have to do anything strenuous).

What does your body use as a power source, anyways?
No. 664489 ID: a107fd

Ooh, spare eye! Check if it's the kind you normally use.
No. 664689 ID: defceb
File 144037017482.png - (13.27KB , 840x600 , 6023.png )

“I think you broke their eye. Amongst other things.”
No. 664690 ID: defceb
File 144037019417.png - (13.16KB , 840x600 , 6022.png )

“Between you and me, I think it was kind of fucked up.”
No. 664691 ID: ab7529

Agree with her. Yeah, it was kind of fucked up. You're not very happy with it.

So! Things are obviously going kind of shitty for you. How are things with her?
No. 664693 ID: e114bc

This whole situation is a bit fucked up, really. At least you didn't eat them. Ask if she's here to try to kill you too, or just taunt you.

Can you use the arm cannon now that it's detached from that psycho? Having an actual good weapon would be useful, especially if that beast that ate the room comes back... (although it's starting to look like everything here is a mental construct of some sort... would a weapon even do anything?)

...that sure is a long shadow you're casting. The hallway wasn't that long either.
No. 664694 ID: 5a02f7

"What you're doing is even more fucked up."
No. 664699 ID: 3663d3

"does it really matter?"
No. 664700 ID: 225f37

Everything has been, recently. Beginning to think this whole immortality thing isn't what it was cracked up to be. Had some good years between then and now, at least. Whenever now is.
No. 664701 ID: ab7529

I don't know if that's fair, considering we don't know what she's up to. That, and that she seemed to have her own agenda in between being controlled by the static eyeball dudes.
No. 664792 ID: 74a1bb

was that Narrator?
No. 664793 ID: 74a1bb

also, we're back to sketchy art style. i wonder what that means
No. 664797 ID: 89941a

Is it time to deploy the sweater and bop her on the cheek?
No. 664959 ID: defceb
File 144048618436.png - (9.90KB , 840x600 , 6024.png )

>So! Things are obviously going kind of shitty for you. How are things with her?
“Your little outburst finally shut him up for once. The silence is nice. I like not having someone describing my actions and telling me how I feel for once. What do you think, Marie?”
No. 664960 ID: defceb
File 144048620166.png - (20.72KB , 840x600 , 6025.png )

No. 664961 ID: defceb
File 144048624162.png - (11.11KB , 840x600 , 6026.png )


>Ask if she's here to try to kill you too, or just taunt you.
“Huh? I’m… not sure. I don’t think I really am here. It’s warm where I am. Too warm. I don’t like it. I think I took a freight elevator down here…? or maybe a ladder.”

>does it really matter?
“Hmm, I suppose not.”

>What you're doing is even more fucked up.

>I don't know if that's fair, considering we don't know what she's up to.

>Beginning to think this whole immortality thing isn't what it was cracked up to be. Had some good years between then and now, at least. Whenever now is.
“....do you think it was a mistake?”
No. 664963 ID: e114bc

Well that explains why Marie wasn't talking.

...no. Experimental research always has flaws. Progress marches on, the neural net tech is refined over time, future cyborgs are better off. Also, the new lease on life was pretty good before the memory leak became apparent, wasn't it?

Hey. Can you tell us who the narrator is? I would say he's some sort of AI psychologist but he was really unprofessional and insulting a little while ago.
No. 664965 ID: 99cfa8

Wait. You're hearing us? How does that work? I thought we were, like-
fragments of Marie's mind? I dunno.
Guess I shouldn't be taking stuff for granted.

Um, so, lady- er, can we get a name btw? also nice to meet you and all that jazz- any chance you could help Marie with her bleeding-out-a-giant-hole-in-her-chest problem?
No. 664967 ID: d5464d

fuck no. we'd have died back then. haley and us wouldn't have happened. there were many good times. the 50 years of alone time was a huge dumb mistake though.
No. 664968 ID: e114bc

No, we're connecting to her electronically through part of her neural net or something. You saw the computer, it used the ID of one of us. Then there's the tree-like symbol related to Marie, it had a branch with one of our IDs attached to it.
No. 664969 ID: 1cebc8

There are millennia of 'mistakes' hidden in genetics. We grew dependent on them, began worshipping mental chains and pituitary glands; too blind to realize that religion was a living organism made of evolving interpretations and complex social structures, that all this power came from within us. We couldn't realize that we had to participate in what we believed, make changes wherever necessary. We obeyed and shut off our minds and this is the result.

Immortality? It's a tool. You either learn to work alongside it or you discard it. The moment you obey, assume that it's permanent and needs no further thought, you're screwed.

So I don't regret giving humanity extra time or powerful technology. I regret that I didn't participate in the world's reaction to it. I shut myself from the world and shot myself into space and now everything's gone to ^&*(.
No. 664980 ID: a107fd

>It’s warm where I am. Too warm. I don’t like it.

Coolant shortage problems? Join the club.

Where were you/actually are you? What year is this?
No. 664993 ID: 88960e

>“....do you think it was a mistake?”
No. She tried to live. She tried to do good. Pretty sure she accomplished both. Even the attempt by itself would have been worth it, though.
No. 664995 ID: 19e658

>“....do you think it was a mistake?”
Nah. Its not like being made of meat makes you any less vulnerable to mental and/or spacetime anomalies.
No. 665006 ID: 2e5e5f

i feel like we already have her name http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/644296.html#644678
No. 665007 ID: fef726

Immortality itself isn't a bad thing and I think Marie is one of those kind of people who isn't corrupted by it. She has never let herself see those who don't live as long as her as less then her. Which is the trap some others seem to have fallen into.

Honestly Marie made the right choices she could at the time she was presented with them. Hindsight will always point out your flaws, but you have to take in your successes as well and Marie has had a lot of good things going for her.
No. 665010 ID: c090e6

>....do you think it was a mistake?
No. I mean, I feel awkward speaking for Marie here, since I'm pretty sure we're not the same person right now, but she got the chance to, y'know, live. And from what we saw she spent much of her life living well. That's about as much as anyone can ask for.

It'd be great if we could sort out just what exactly is going on, so she could keep on living, but I'm beginning to worry that won't be possible.
No. 665030 ID: 57dfcc

Do you think you could help her out? I think she's having a little trouble processing things after ripping him out. She's not talking to us. I'm not sure she knows she can.
No. 665139 ID: defceb
File 144058162092.png - (30.01KB , 840x600 , 6027.png )

“We would have died if we didn’t try. Though to be one of those mistakes from progress… hahHahahHAHAhA-Hhnk! Guess our time is up for now.”

>Can you tell us who the narrator is?

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s-”
No. 665140 ID: defceb
File 144058163081.png - (16.01KB , 840x600 , 6028.png )

No. 665141 ID: defceb
File 144058171026.png - (18.84KB , 840x600 , 6029.png )

“As the closest thing to a real welcoming party, welcome back to Mars. I hope it’s everything you expected, given the time away.”

>”Colder than I thought it’d be.”

“Hmm? I hardly notice. Internal temperature control. I find it more convenient than a jacket.”

>“Small comforts, Marc. Food, drink, things that help me keep it all together. Has Haley…?”

“She opted to stay on the Jupiter station for now. She hasn’t been very fond of Mars as of late.”

>”And Roderick?”

“Busy, as always. You could say he’s obsessed with building things. I got a memo saying he made a new body for you and is keeping it ready for your return.”

“Nice scarf.”

>”Thanks, a space bird gave it to me.”

Marc steps to turn away, but pauses on his heel. Unspoken words crawl across their face, straining to burst out. True to their quiet nature, Marc doesn’t press on their concerns.

“I should… I should go call Victor. He wanted to talk to you.”
No. 665146 ID: 1cebc8




We're reprogramming the script.

Marie, grab Marc and jump off the wall. Tribal screech your way down.
No. 665147 ID: 5a02f7

No, what was that you wanted to say?
No. 665150 ID: 2e5e5f

wait, is this even a flashback? the date is.. today. also wasn't marceline a girl at some point? who the fuck is marc.
No. 665152 ID: 88960e

Oh man, an actual date again. Timeline is finally useful again. That puts us 45 years after bird person first contact and... a day before when Marie thinks the crash should have happened? Great, this isn't gonna be good.

>a new body for you and is keeping it ready for your return
Have you even swapped out your chasis before, or have you been using the same on since uplift?

Ask him. You've waited a long time to hear from people in person again, you don't really want to dance around stuff.
No. 665208 ID: e114bc

...I wonder if something went wrong with the new body.

Ask him what he was about to say.
No. 665234 ID: defceb
File 144063985782.png - (14.88KB , 840x600 , 6030.png )

>“Out with it, Marc. I can see you’ve got something you want to ask.”

He spins back on his heel to face you. “Ah, s-sorry. I’ve been worried, as of late. I’m still adjusting to this new body. The weight, strength, even the smell are all still foreign to me in some way.”

>”Feeling nostalgic for the old one?”

“No.” They snap. “I’m coming to terms with my new status. Each day I awake feeling full of energy, though inside I know that is a result of simulated chemicals in my head. It’s like I’m back in the prime of my life. Victor believes we’re functionally immortal, but… I’ve come to think otherwise. I’ve seen how everyone changes over time. We don’t live forever, but rather we suffer an endless circle of tiny deaths each day. Who we were sheds away into who we become. Now I’m on this circle as well.”

>”You’re not the first person to ask these questions.”

“How long will we last, Marie? A thousand years? A million? Last I checked the estimate for the universe’s life is 15 billion before it all collapses in on itself. Will we still be there, or strangers in our skin?”

He coughs and adjusts his glasses, turning away again. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bother you with my thoughts.”

>”I think this is the most I’ve ever heard you talk.”

“It’s the first time you’ve asked me to.”
No. 665237 ID: e114bc

If we stayed the same forever, we'd probably just get sick of it and self-destruct.
No. 665241 ID: 57dfcc

>It’s the first time you’ve asked me to.
Heh. I guess a few decades alone made me a little less willing to tolerate the silence of others. I'm sorry I didn't intrude on yours earlier.

>We don’t live forever, but rather we suffer an endless circle of tiny deaths each day. Who we were sheds away into who we become. Now I’m on this circle as well.
>Will we still be there, or strangers in our skin?
If we die every day, it's because we're born again, too. Even before the uplift, if you thought you were the same person your entire life, you were lying to yourself. It's natural for people to change and reinvent themselves, we just have the limits off.

If in the end, I'm succeeded by the child of my own mind... well, it's not the worst fate I could imagine. I don't think she'd be a stranger. I'd like to hope she'd be a better person than I am.
No. 665268 ID: defceb
File 144065721565.png - (15.99KB , 840x600 , 6031.png )

>”Hah, I guess all that time alone left me more intolerant to the silence of others. I’m sorry I didn’t intrude on yours before.”

“Nothing to apologize for.”

>”If we’re really dying every day, then we’re being reborn each day all the same. Even before the uplift this was true. It’s natural for us to change and reinvent ourselves, only difference is that uplifts like us live with limits off. In the end, we’ll be succeeded by the children of our mind… I can’t imagine that being so bad.”

>”Besides, if we stayed the same forever we’d get of it and one day just...”

You make a mock hand gesture of firing a gun at your own head. He laughs. A quiet, reserved kind, but still the first one you’ve ever heard from him. His phone interrupts with a sharp chirp.

“...ah, it seems Victor would like to meet you in his office. Whenever you’re ready, I can take you there.”
No. 665269 ID: e114bc

Alright sure let's talk to Mr Narrator again.
No. 665273 ID: 5ffd12

Make yourself presentable. Enhance away~
No. 665278 ID: 1cebc8

That may not be a good idea. I'm worried that enhancing knockers in the flashback will trigger an attempt to enhance knockers in the real world

which might blow out the coolant scabs in Marie's torso hole.
No. 665279 ID: a107fd

Did he say what it was about?

For some reason I thought that, as history's greatest interstellar conqueror, I'd have more of a fan club awaiting my return.
No. 665289 ID: 88960e

Why's your jacket have a Brazilian flag patch? Another reference to the South American war? Seems weird to bring that back a century and half later, especially when you should have been too young to have been involved yourself, unless you were a civilian caught up in it.

Which could be possible, actually. Castillo is a Spanish surname, and if Marie was displaced by the war, that might explain why neither we nor the guy who left the notes in Liz's room could find past-Marie. No good records of her movements, and too much chaos.

>it seems Victor would like to meet you in his office
We're off to see the wizard, then. The wonderful wizard of Mars.

Lead on, through the Ruby city.
No. 665348 ID: defceb
File 144073248861.png - (10.47KB , 840x600 , 6032.png )

“Marie! So good to see you alive and- wait, Marc, the lights please? Thank you- well again! ...hm? That patch-”

“Oh, this? I found it in a pile of my old clothes. Jacket was fubar but the patch was still whole so… here it is.”

“Are you from Brazil then?”

>”I guess so?”

“What a fine lot we are, picking up our past from the clues around us. Though, given everything that happened in Brazil perhaps we’re best off not remembering it. So! Welcome back. Had fun conquering the stars?”
No. 665349 ID: defceb
File 144073250995.png - (11.49KB , 840x600 , 6033.png )

>”Me? Conquer? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
No. 665350 ID: defceb
File 144073254101.png - (21.45KB , 840x600 , 6034.png )

>”...though I will admit, I thought there’d be a bigger welcoming party for my return.”

“That party was well over twenty years ago. Since then the nature of your discovery has become… muddled, so to speak.”

>”They’re intelligent, space-faring aliens, what’s there to be confused over?”

“Are they proof that wholly organic persons cannot survive through space? They do replace most of their body with machinery just to survive out there. But at the same time, the uh… what did your report say happened to their homeworld?”

>”Chemical warfare, as far as I could understand.”

“Environmentalists have had a field day with that one. They already thought science was the devil. And why do they look like birds?”

>”They’re aliens. Bird aliens! From space! Why are people bickering over this!?”

“Nobody cares about the actual information anymore, it’s their interpretations that matter now. But, you’re here. We can put a new spin on all this. Establish a narrative.”


“We could provide context, like a frame to see the information through. A way of… selectively retelling information to show the story that would best suit us. Your word could cement an interpretation as the truth of the matter.”
No. 665351 ID: 0fc976

Convince the public they are the spacefaring descendants of Earth dinosaurs who fled the asteroid impacts.
No. 665352 ID: a19cd5

...you know what? Yeah.
No. 665355 ID: 57dfcc

>”I guess so?”
RIP, memories.

>Are they proof that wholly organic persons cannot survive through space?
no, of course not. One datapoint isn't proof of a larger trend- it's an anecdote.

Make a face.

First day back from a mission of science and discovery, and right to propaganda? Geeze.

What narrative did you have in mind? (Hear him out. Even if the idea is distasteful, it still might be better to try and do some social media stuff to protect the science and discovery of a new species / society / people / life from whatever politics it got tangled in).
No. 665358 ID: 485b7e

Do not make the same mistake twice
No. 665359 ID: defceb
File 144073702615.png - (15.27KB , 840x600 , 6035.png )

You make a displeased face.

>“I’ve been out of debrief for all of ten minutes and we’re talking propaganda? This kind of shit is why I left in the first place.”

Victor gives a sharp exhalation, deflating as much in personality as in action. “I’m sorry, I jumped the gun a little, that was rude of me. I suppose we do have time to discuss this later, if you’d prefer. It’s not like they’re about the knock on our doorstep.”


“...is this the part where you tell me that you told them about Mars, where we are, and conveniently pointed a whole path back here in the hope that they would follow in one of those… what did your translation call them? Wandering Stars?”
No. 665360 ID: e114bc

I think it would be very unwise to tell the space birds where our homeworld is, considering they blew theirs to space debris.
No. 665363 ID: 57dfcc

We sent the voyager and pioneer probes out centuries ago. To say nothing of the ever expanding bubble of EM transmissions. There are already maps out there that point back to earth.

And even if I'd kept mum, a determined space-faring civilization could have just followed the trajectory of my exhaust and done the math. There's no stealth in space, Victor.

To get back to this, we should find out what message he actually wants to send. See if it's more about freeing the discovery from the politics, or him being self serving.

We totally did though. We made up our own plaque in the style of the earlier probes.
No. 665366 ID: 1430b4

This is the best idea.
No. 665372 ID: a107fd

I'd be okay with a simplified or slightly distorted version being deliberately popularized, so long as proper scientific data is also preserved and made available on public networks for anyone who cares to know the whole truth. Exiled dinosaur astronauts could make for a cool kids show.

As for telling them about our homeworld... anyone with a good enough telescope would be able to figure out from hundreds of parsecs away that there are two rocky planets in or near the habitable zone of this particular star, just by looking at emission spectra, and my ship's heat radiators were at least as obvious against the three-kelvin cosmic background. I was just trying to be polite by freely sharing information that they probably already knew, and putting it in context. How cagey was I supposed to be around the guys who were so non-hostile that they surrendered to a solitary unarmed survey drone?
No. 665379 ID: 225f37

Let's not make humanity think they're dinosaur descendants, that could be awkward. (Save that for the B-movie film spin-off of your adventure)

As for their story, they should be the ones to tell it. You may have been the first to come into contact with them, but you don't know everything about them. What happened to their civilization is part of their culture- we should find out what happened so we- no longer just as a single species but as a group- can learn from past mistakes and successes. The meeting of these two species could be the single greatest period in either of our histories for scientific, technological- hell, maybe even philosophical and ethical advancement.

I don't want political spin to jeopardize that- if a statement from me will really have that much of an affect, the best I can say is that contextualizing what we've seen of them in terms of our own history risks missing the real lessons we have to learn from them.
No. 665605 ID: defceb
File 144089007391.png - (19.99KB , 840x600 , 6036.png )

>”People have been sending invitations out into space for centuries now. Even if I didn’t drop a line too, they could have just as easily watched me go and done the math. Nothing is really hidden on the stellar scale.”

“...that is going to complicate things.”

>”Going to complica-? Oh. Ohhh, I see how it is. You want to use this. You want to use me.”

“I’m not wholly self-serving. I believe it’s necessary to get…” He gestures off into the air. “… back on track. For progress.”

>”This is a major discovery. I don’t want to see any political spin jeopardize it.”

“‘Just the facts’, then? That’s just going to leave every speaker to spin it for themselves.”

>”I could say that they’re dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that jumped ship from Earth to escape the meteor.”

“...Marie, please. I’m trying to be serious.”

>”Well, I-”
No. 665606 ID: defceb
File 144089009830.png - (81.47KB , 840x600 , 6037.png )

No. 665607 ID: defceb
File 144089013835.png - (25.58KB , 840x600 , 6038.png )

>”S-sorry. I uh… have a headache.”

“Are you okay?”

>”They’ve been happening a lot, recently. I’m okay. I think.”

“Perhaps we should have this discussion another time.”

>”I… I need some fresh air.”
No. 665608 ID: e114bc

Hmm. Memory leak? I wonder if the new body helped stop it. Ask him about the new body, by the way. Does it have markings on the face? Blue eyes?

Anyway, the space birds seem to confirm that some augmentation is necessary for space travel, but it DEFINITELY proves that you don't have to be entirely inorganic. They only replaced parts of themselves with cybernetics. Spin it that way- we don't have to all become robots, but we do need to use cybernetics to survive.

They also prove that continuing to fight amongst ourselves will only lead to the eventual destruction of the planet. We can show ourselves to be better than them.
No. 665612 ID: 57dfcc

What's that grid. Are those holodeck walls. Are we in the holodeck.
No. 665922 ID: defceb
File 144100231579.png - (18.53KB , 840x600 , 6039.png )

>”If we really have to spin it some way, just highlight the middle path. We don’t all have to become robots to survive spaceflight. But cybernetics can bridge the gap.”

You stumble to the side.

>”We need all the fighting and politics to stop, Victor. They’ve shown us where that ends.”

And then you fall flat on your face.

“Marie? Marie- Marc, please call an ambulance.”
No. 665923 ID: defceb
File 144100233713.png - (4.58KB , 840x600 , 6040.png )

Testing, testing, is this thing working right again?
No. 665924 ID: defceb
File 144100235710.png - (25.67KB , 840x600 , 6041.png )


Anyway, did you know that you snore in your sleep? It’s kind of weird. A cyborg snoring. Weird weird weird.
No. 665925 ID: e114bc

Who's talking?
No. 665926 ID: 9ddf68

holy fuck we're not dead.
No. 665932 ID: 57dfcc

Hey, someone patched you up. Who patched you up?

Open your eyes (or whoever's eyes those are at this point) and look around.
No. 665966 ID: d93d23

Is that you, Liz?
No. 665967 ID: 1cebc8

Make sure that your uplink didn't download a copy of your brain somewhere.
No. 666049 ID: defceb
File 144106292793.png - (27.27KB , 840x600 , 6043.png )

>Open your eyes

You wake up.

Your joints ache and you feel a dull pain emanating from the hole in your chest, but you’re not dead, at least.

You sit up and look around. Clear plastic tarps seem to be draped around the room, creating an improvised clean space.

Tools, cables, and chunks of machinery litter the area. You can just barely hear someone talking from outside the clean space, though you can’t make out any of the words.
No. 666050 ID: 9ddf68


wait do you still have legs?
Well you're not dead and not restrained or missing all your limbs so the people around are probably friendly. May was well call out to them.
No. 666053 ID: e114bc

Boy, you sure are a wreck. ...looks like you've got some damage on your lower back too. From overexertion perhaps?

Check out the computer. Then call out to whoever's trying to repair you. You can probably help with the repair process.

Also I guess now we know this is your old body. You switched bodies later in your memories. Question is, did you switch back at some point, or are you only in your old body because this all isn't real, and this is the only body you remembered using when this... place was constructed?
No. 666054 ID: 0fc976

Check out the laptop.
No. 666065 ID: 57dfcc

They removed the shoulder to get to the interior damage, they've got you hooked up to an artificial heart external pump to make up for the loss of the heart (her heart was artificial anyways), and it doesn't look like they made anything worse in the process.

Clearly whoever did this has technical expertise. And there's an implication they're either familiar with your design, or were able to access your on-board blueprints for disassemble instructions while you were out of it.

...check your logs. Did your processor go offline? Were you 'dead'? Or more accurately- did you persist through a hard power cycle?

Also check timestamps, if you can. Long long has it been?

Is it weird not having a heartbeat?

What's open on the laptop?

>though you can’t make out any of the words
Can you crank the gain from your ears ear?
No. 666175 ID: 89941a

Huh, well, covering your back's going to be easy now that you only have half of it.
No. 666213 ID: bc7248

>looks like you've got some damage on your lower back too. From overexertion perhaps?
I think that's from the thrown spike early in the quest.
No. 666226 ID: 88960e

Yeah. The damage I'm not sure on is what looks like a hole in our opposite shoulder. When did we pick that up?
No. 666253 ID: 19ebbe

marie, you're naked. there's really not much left to hide though so it's kind of moot.
do your legs function? looks like you have damage on your lower right back.
No. 668267 ID: defceb
File 144169942032.png - (20.24KB , 840x600 , 6045.png )

You proceed to scream internally at your current situation. Screaming externally would require some degree of lung capacity, and apparently you’re short a full set.

You move to inspect the computer… or not. Or you could flap back on to bed and bury your face in the pillow like some angsty teenager. Could you at least try turning your ears up? Is that something you can do at least.


As in no, you can’t do it, or-?

>”Please shut up.”

Oh, come on. Just a little?


“...I’m just saying it’s impressive they could move around at all. Most of the internal components are completely shot.”

“Can I take a look…?”

“Haley, it’s a clean room, or the closest I could manage, given the situation.”

“I can keep my hands to myself.”

“It’s your hair I’m worried about.’


“I’m not cleaning up any more cyborg organs. It took me all week just to get them back in shape as is. Well, for a certain given value of ‘shape’. They’re still fucked up, but at least they’re clean.”

“Has it been a week already?”

“I think so. I don’t know.”

No. 668270 ID: 9ddf68

You've been out a week? shit what'd we miss?
No. 668286 ID: 3bc92d

Rap your fingers on the closest hard object. Try to get their attention.

The first time someone gets close to you, hug them as best you can. That goes double if it's Haley. You really need some comforting right now.
No. 668287 ID: 1cebc8

Actually, find the nearest weapon at your disposal and play dead-dead. You saw what happened to Rudy, what if Haley is also a threat? Probably not, but it's best to play it safe now that you're in critical condition.
No. 668306 ID: 88960e

Hey Marie, can you hear us? We're not the same as that narrator jerk, you know. We want to help you, not jerk you around. We're as much in the dark as you.

>Haley didn't patch you up
That raises the reasonable question who did. We don't know many people down here who specialize in patching up cyborgs. Maybe we finally found Roderick?

>hair contamination
She's a doctor, I'm sure she knows how to scrub up. Must be hairnets somewhere.

>can't speak without lungs
You have one hand. You could try snapping loudly for attention. You'd need something to write on, or an output device like a speaker or monitor to "talk" after that. Hopefully they're smart enough to provide something so you're not left trying to communicate like lassie. (What's that robot? Trouble? Good robot!).

Important thing is to do what you want, though. You took the narrator once, you can do it again, if you have to.
No. 668310 ID: 4589b3

Marie, you don't have a backup microphone to speak with by any chance? Anyway just wait for them to come in. Time's something you've got plenty of.

Heeeey narrator person, what is even your deaaaaaaal?
No. 668391 ID: defceb
File 144175135019.png - (16.54KB , 840x600 , 6046.png )

You snap loudly, catching their attention.

“Ah, I think they’re up. Marie, is that you?”

“They shouldn’t be moving around right now.”

“What, afraid they’ll get shot again?”

“Most of their chest cavity is empty, it’s structurally unsound.”


“Well, I think there’s still the right lung, some rib structure, a bit of musculature…”

“Ah. Can’t you just put them back together?”


“Ew? You build cyborg parts all the time.”

“I’ve never had to have my hands inside someone’s chest while they can still look me in the eye. So, yeah, ew. It’s gross.”

No. 668393 ID: 5a02f7

Try to speak; if you can't, just snap again.
No. 668394 ID: 57dfcc

Snap twice.

If (I assume Roderick?) is grossed out by robot surgery, why can't Haley do it? (Not sure how you're supposed to do this without talking).

You may want to grab the laptop. See if you can plug into it so you can talk though the speakers. Or maybe it has a text to speech program you can type in.
No. 668564 ID: a107fd

You don't need lungs to talk. Just ping Haley's wifi.
No. 668565 ID: 1cebc8

Literally place hand inside your chest. Feel around for various parts and recall your schematics. See if there's anything you can extract for the moment to make room for clunky replacement parts.
No. 668589 ID: e114bc

Why are they calling you "they" and "them"...? Do they know you have more than one connection running?

Anyway, find out who the new person is. I'm guessing Victor.
No. 669763 ID: 9e28c0

that's, with - being a snap and _ being silence, -_---___ repeat until they bring out the THERAPEUTIC TEDDY BEAR again.

also, didn't you kill Narrator? how is it still narrating?
No. 671258 ID: defceb
File 144281387062.png - (12.22KB , 840x600 , 6047.png )

>”I’m up.”

You barely managed to croak out a whisper. No reply. You snap the letter A repeatedly until Haley finally pokes her head through the curtain.

“Marie? Are you okay?”


Missing a large section of your torso. Mentally unhinged. Being bothered by an invasive and rather rude narrator. Oh, oh, how about “capable of tearing a person limb from limb and cracking open their skull with my bear hands”? That was gruesome.

>”...please stop...”

Haley makes a confused frown. “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.” If she didn’t think you were a little off before then she sure does now.
No. 671261 ID: defceb
File 144281390845.png - (40.61KB , 840x600 , 6048.png )

“No,no,no,no,no,no.” A man interrupts, grabbing Haley by the collar and dragging her away. “You’re not going in there as is.”

“Let me go! I’m a respected doctor!”

“My house, my rules.”

Their voices are quashed by the sound of a door slamming, signaling their exit.
No. 671265 ID: 1b358e

You should probably just roll over and wait for another while. You can't walk anywhere like that.

Rollover quest, begin!
No. 671266 ID: 149da0

Grab laptop, and start figuring out how you can plug into it. You're not going to be silent when they come back, you're going to have speakers!

...or worst case you can just type on the screen one handed.

At least you know Haley is okay, and at least interested in your well being. And the other guy is too. That's good, right?
No. 671267 ID: 4780ef

can you look at the computer and see what it says about you. Hell we might luck out and it could have a decent game on it that you could use to kill time with.
No. 671270 ID: 2ccbb3

That was both funny and slightly disturbing.

Alright, your main problems are:

1: Critical condition
2: Left arm needs replacing
3: Communication systems damaged

Since you can't work on the first two, find a way to strengthen your signaling abilities. Hum a tune or keep yelling until your internal systems figure out how to increase your volume.
No. 671302 ID: 0fc976

Snap off one of your extremely pointy ears and use it like a shiv on the first person through the curtain.
No. 671556 ID: defceb
File 144290189047.png - (21.36KB , 840x600 , 6049.png )

You roll over and inspect the nearby laptop. Looks like whoever was using it last was busy playing some visual novel on it.
No. 671557 ID: 1b358e

Oh hey, this is a good one. Save in a fresh slot and then continue.
No. 671560 ID: 4780ef

save, quit, and then see what you can pull up about yourself on that thing. See just how bad the damage really is.
No. 671573 ID: defceb
File 144291495156.png - (17.29KB , 840x600 , 6050.png )

You save in a fresh slot and continue playing the game. It appears to be about a golem trying to get a party together to run a dungeon.

You waste a lot of time trying to get your OTP together. Though some details fly over your head from missing the first part of the story, you feel a strong relation to the main character. Maybe it’s because you’re both literally heartless. HA! Get it, heartless? C’mon Marie that was my best one yet.

...Yeesh, did Rudy shoot your humor center, too?
No. 671574 ID: defceb
File 144291496901.png - (25.50KB , 840x600 , 6051.png )

You put away the game for now and sift through the files. Looks like whoever was using it kept a shoddy repair log.
No. 671576 ID: e114bc

Keep scrolling. Find out how he fixed you.
No. 671580 ID: defceb
File 144291680938.png - (25.39KB , 840x600 , 6052.png )

You scroll further down the document and read through it. It continues to trail off in frustrated ramblings, remarking on how basically everything was broken one way or another.
No. 671581 ID: 3663d3

you are up, meaning the figure something out, get to the last one.
No. 671585 ID: 1b358e

What's at the bottom? Besides more butts. Perhaps there was a buttbot invasion?
No. 671587 ID: 0fc976

Download brownies and VN to your hard drive.
No. 671588 ID: 88960e

Hey! He had access to your radio / wireless, now that you're completely open. Maybe you could ask him to unplug that so people stop getting in your brain.

>no neural activity
Yep. You were dead. Looks like uplifts can restore from hard reset after all. Score one for science.

>none of the logs are dated
Damnit, it's like no one wants to let you keep track of when things are happening.
No. 671631 ID: 6995fb

probably just a buttload of boredom.
No. 671632 ID: 4780ef

check your own butt to make sure he didn't do anything to it. He seems like an ass man
No. 671662 ID: defceb
File 144295314828.png - (25.13KB , 840x600 , 6053.png )

You download the recipe for brownies and a copy of the VN game for later. Nerd.

>"h-hey I just liked it..."

Uh huh, nerd.

>"you're mean."

You're a nerd. Maybe if we ask nicely they can hook you up with one of those body pillows, too.

>"were you always this bad?"

You scroll down to the bottom of the document. It consist mostly of them being frustrated, making off-hand observations, and remarking on whatever part they've cleaned or attempted to repair.
No. 671675 ID: 149da0

>you're a nerd
You're literally the first person in the world to volunteer for full robotic conversion. Was your nerd status ever really in question?

>you save a local copy of the game
You didn't already have it in your local library from when you loaded up with tons and tons of media for the exosolar flight? I'd have thought you'd have downloaded all of steam before you left the solar system or something. Interesting that it wasn't available in the future. (Or it just wasn't high profile enough for you to find it?)

Then again, I suppose the holes in you memory don't have to be limited to memories memory. There could be games and stuff missing or sealed off.

>what do
Still think you should see if you can plug in anywhere for speaker access, so you're not mute when someone comes back. The only person who can hear you right now (well besides us) is the narrator, and he's a jerk.
No. 671696 ID: e114bc

So... you just... woke up a while after the coolant started flowing again?

Nose around on the computer for other info.

Also quit being an asshole, Victor.
No. 671723 ID: 3663d3

yeah, sounds like once your system registered it wasn't going to explode from heat if it turned on, it turned on.
No. 671739 ID: 4780ef

... so what I'm getting from this is we're basically stuck in an iron lung... greeeeeaaaaat. We better be able to hack a drone or something so we can at least somewhat move around.
No. 671753 ID: defceb
File 144296520511.png - (28.90KB , 840x600 , 6055.png )

You take the wire plugged under your jaw and plug it into the computer. A small test confirms you can use it to speak through the computer's audio.

You nose around the other files, finding it to be mostly irrelevant information, cooking recipes, and junk data. With nothing else to find in this folder, you close it and open the only other file on the desktop.

You hear the door swing open. Someone else is here now.
No. 671758 ID: 0fc976

Find yourself a two-headed coin, scratch one side out and carry it on you at all times. You realize now that your destiny is to become Two-Face.
No. 671759 ID: 4780ef

quickly bring the game back up
No. 671762 ID: 149da0

Hey, it's Jeannine, I think.

>Someone else is here now.
Look up, see who it is. Speakers:

"Hey, there's neural activity now."
No. 671766 ID: e114bc

That doesn't look like Marie, that looks like Morgan's girlfriend.
No. 671831 ID: defceb
File 144297898110.png - (16.99KB , 840x600 , 6056.png )

You swap back to the game just as a man steps in.

>”Hey, there’s neural activity now.”

“At long last, welcome back to- are you playing my game?”


No. 671833 ID: defceb
File 144297905350.png - (10.74KB , 840x600 , 6057.png )

“I’m just saying, the Merud path is clearly what the author intended to the be the canon path.”

Oh my god

>”No way, you saw the sparks fly when Deem fought Moriko. They’re clearly meant for eachother.”

“But Merud is a golemancer! He understands Deem in ways others can’t even begin to.”

Make it stop

>”This ship has long left port. If you’re trying to convert me to Deem X Merud it’s not working.”

“Are you sure your head is screwed on right? You might be experiencing side-effects such as having trash tastes.”

>”Oh, I’m trash now?”


>”Second best, on the count of three. Three, two, one-”

“Hin Ivac!”
>”Hin Ivac!”


>”I guess your taste isn’t all bad then.”

“They’re the cutest.”

No. 671836 ID: 2ccbb3

Dude you have the right to take a break on the narration and let us play with rubber bands. Also Marie hates you so I don't think telling her to stop playing visual novels is going to be anything less than an incentive.
No. 671838 ID: e114bc

Huh? We missed some time. Did you find out who this guy is? How are things outside, in the facility at large?
No. 671841 ID: 149da0

Sorry narrator, this is now the waifu channel. All waifus, all shipping, all the time. We'll load every VN in existence into our brain and play them all. And if we ever run out, we can start writing our own. Or doing fan-fiction or reboots.

Did you know there's a spinoff of that game where they're all magical girls? I think we'll do that next.

>what else do
Probably should thank him for patching you up, and get his name (it's Roderick, right?). Ask how long you were out. And if they've seen Liz or Pat or any of the other people.

If there's local email access, maybe shoot Haley a message along the lines of "I'm aliiiiiive! And okay.".
No. 671861 ID: b5b419

Right, but how does that work. Deem is a dungeon. Reproduction is mostly out of her purview. If anything, waifu'ing Deem will result in her turning the whole thing into a monster rancher/harem style, as she'll out-live everyone involved.
No. 671869 ID: a107fd

The file names for "to do(actually important)" and "to do(PAT_DO_THESE)" got corrupted while you were reading the repair log.
No. 671871 ID: 0fc976

We Dungeoneer /questdis/ now

Personally, I think the first thing they should have done in their new dungeon was set up some automated turrets and monofilament tripwires.

Ask the good doctor if they can use the, uh, 'spare parts' from that guy you tore up to fix you. Compliment the desktop wallpaper, too.
No. 671874 ID: 149da0

You say that like there's something wrong with running a harem dungeon.
No. 671900 ID: 6995fb

we found its weakness. go for the jugular. discuss the forbidden yet alluring Merud X Kallia X Deem love triangle.
No. 671907 ID: defceb
File 144299298367.png - (10.53KB , 840x600 , 6058.png )

>”You know what the best path is?”



>”Deem x Merud x Kallia.”

“No, don’t tell me you’re into that?”

>”Forbidden! Yet alluring. It’s perfect in every way.”


“Deem is just going to outlive everyone though.”

>“All the better for the harem end.”

“Did you know there’s a magical girl spinoff?”

>“Tell me everything.”

“I’ve got a spare copy on my hard-drive if you want to try it.”

>“Wait, shh.”


>”It’s quiet.”

“Uh… do you want me to put on some music?”

>”I think we’re actually alone now.”

No. 671908 ID: e114bc

Ask him to do a brain scan on you.
No. 671910 ID: 2ccbb3

You'd like to discuss



No seriously, upgrade your knockers while you have the chance.
No. 671911 ID: e114bc

kome, I hate to break it to you, but... Marie's down to one knocker.
No. 671912 ID: defceb
File 144299566865.png - (6.25KB , 840x600 , 6059.png )

>”Run a brain scan.”

“uhm, okay?”

>”There might not be time to explain, do it.”

“Alright. I’m not exactly an expert on brains but… nothing strikes me as being unusual here. I think. Haley would understand this better than me, though. Your wireless is quiet for once, though.”

>”Radio, wifi, so on?”

“Yeah, that was running even when you were asleep before.”

>”Tear it out.”

“Maybe it- wait, what?”
No. 671913 ID: e114bc

Sure. We can do without a narrator for a while. It's inconvenient for following what's going on, but he's gotten abusive.

Explain that someone's been connecting to you and you don't like it.
No. 671914 ID: 2ccbb3

Find a way to disable the Wi-Fi, make it external and easily disconnected. You've had enough direct hacks into your pre-conditioned hack-susceptible software for too long.
No. 671916 ID: 3663d3

pop it.
No. 671918 ID: a107fd

"A lot of that damage I came in here with was due to erratic behavior, which was in turn due to something somebody was doing to me remotely. I want to reestablish basic data security on my own head. Step one was scaring them off with shipping talk, step two is closing the door behind them. I want an air gap. Unplug that damn radio, and don't worry too much about being able to reinstall it in a hurry."
No. 671920 ID: 89941a

Yeah. Rip out the wireless.

(Although, that might be the end of us as well to some extent?)
No. 671922 ID: 99cfa8

(He said the wireless isn't active now and we're still here so don't think so.)
No. 671930 ID: 88960e

>wait what
I'm pretty sure whatever is on the grid that was making patients and prosthetics go crazy has been messing with my head and hacking me via wireless communication.

...I think he tuned out during our nerd talk.

My software permissions are blocked- they won't accept shutdown commands. We've got nice convenient hardware access right now. I need you to disable my wireless.

If he's reluctant to rip anything out, start uploading schematics onto the screen from internal bluebrints, so he can disconnect them properly.

Please, If I'm not crazy, this is really important. And even if I am, taking away my network access doesn't hurt me. Worst case I need a cable to connect to a computer, which still leaves me leg up on everyone limited to keyboards and mice.
No. 671935 ID: 6a3260

The grid weirdness is using wireless access; we want it gone (or at least disconnected from communicating with the rest of the grid).
No. 671936 ID: 0fc976

No. 672218 ID: defceb
File 144308433190.png - (20.72KB , 840x600 , 6060.png )

>”There’s someone in my head. Or hacking through my wireless. Or I don’t know just CUT THEM OUT.”



“O-okay, roll over then. I need to access your back. Also I uh… don’t like working on things that can look back at me. No offense.”

So did I miss anything other than nerd talk- whoa, whoa, HEY!

No. 672219 ID: e114bc

Unless he can do it in the next few seconds I think he might want to get clear!
No. 672220 ID: e114bc

Wait I know what you can do. Disconnect yourself from the coolant and you'll be paralyzed again, which means he can remove the wireless without worrying about your body. Then he can reconnect the coolant.
No. 672221 ID: 1b358e

Jerk to the side away from the pump thning, try to quickly dislodge the coolant tube. Can't do much damage without that.
No. 672222 ID: e114bc

Oh! Another option is to fork-bomb yourself again, except make it EVEN MORE EXPONENTIAL so that you shut down even faster. He's got a laptop right there he can use to fix you with afterwards.
No. 672234 ID: 62a84f

We need to do BOTH, since we already know we can be very dangerous even without coolant; so we must make sure to overheat quickly.

Just say "it's back", remove the coolant line, and fork-bomb yourself again.
No. 672235 ID: 88960e

Yell at him to get back, not safe!

Dump text message over connection to laptop:

Sorry, It's back, he knows, disabling myself for your safety. PLEASE kill my wireless before you turn me back on. You're gonna need to reset a fork bomb too, sorry. Ask Morgan if help needed, he did it last time.

Jerk to disconnect the coolant line and fork bomb yourself again. Edit the bomb to this time also replay the waifu conversation on loop, and to keep opening new local instances of the game.

Squirt a copy of as much of your blueprints as you can over the laptop connection to his laptop before you crash.
No. 672239 ID: 2a7417

Karate-chop the coolant pump!
No. 672260 ID: 0f858a

fuck this, no fork bombs, it took us like 3 threads to come back from the last one
No. 672282 ID: a107fd

Yes! No, you didn't! Nothing but nerd talk here, Stargazer is the most adorable tentacle waifu but she's into shota I guess so that's awkward!
No. 672303 ID: 149da0

Alkaline is super cute but only in the sense of a kid slash pet. I guess it's okay keeping people as pets when they're monsters.

The bonding / teaching / playtime minigames with her were fun! Unusual for a VN to put that much work into a non romance route character.
No. 672326 ID: e114bc

...I guess something to consider is that there is no real indication the narrator can force you to harm the doctor, or stop the surgery or anything. I mean, there's the fear it might happen but we should be more worried about another cyborg showing up to force the wireless implant back into your body before you can relocate.
No. 672366 ID: d5b784

You didn't unlock her romance route?
No. 672685 ID: defceb
File 144322416596.png - (45.84KB , 840x600 , 6061.png )

>”It’s back, I’m disabling myself, GET THE WIRELESS OUT NOW.”

“What ARE you talking abou- hey don’t pull thaaaAAA@@@!-/_
No. 672686 ID: defceb
File 144322418264.png - (11.12KB , 840x600 , 6062.png )

No. 672687 ID: defceb
File 144322420114.png - (4.83KB , 840x600 , 6063.png )

No. 672688 ID: defceb
File 144322421624.png - (8.95KB , 840x600 , 6064.png )

No. 672690 ID: defceb
File 144322424380.png - (7.37KB , 840x600 , 6065.png )

No. 672691 ID: defceb
File 144322426334.png - (22.86KB , 840x600 , 6066.png )

No. 672692 ID: 2ccbb3

*Giant Signpost* Long way down, isn't it?

Uh... hello there.
No. 672693 ID: 3663d3

uhhh, hi?
No. 672694 ID: e114bc

Is it time to wake up?
No. 672695 ID: 0fc976

Soo... come here often?
No. 672702 ID: 149da0

That kind of looks like the robot(s) we kept seeing. Cyclops eye, horns. Except done in red instead of black, and made out of creepy tendrils.

Wild guessing... but maybe this "tumor" is the local hold the Narrator has set up? Something that took root. The part we need to deal with even if we're offline or our wireless is dead.
No. 672743 ID: defceb
File 144323786053.png - (25.76KB , 840x600 , 6067.png )

No. 672744 ID: defceb
File 144323787631.png - (28.72KB , 840x600 , 6068.png )

No. 672745 ID: defceb
File 144323788812.png - (9.62KB , 840x600 , 6069.png )

No. 672749 ID: e114bc

...well that's new. Hello there... white thing. I'm guessing you can't respond to us. Try going forwards along this path?
No. 672753 ID: 3bc92d

Are you okay?
No. 672757 ID: 0fc976

Roll around.
No. 672758 ID: 149da0

Oh hey, it's a little person! It's free now! Hopefully that's a good thing.
No. 672760 ID: defceb
File 144324093979.png - (11.87KB , 840x600 , 6070.png )

No. 672761 ID: defceb
File 144324094712.png - (51.65KB , 840x600 , 6071.png )

No. 672766 ID: 3bc92d

Walk up to that floating ball.

If it isn't aggressive, hug it.

If it is aggressive, run back and follow the leftmost path.
No. 672767 ID: e114bc

Oh! This is Marie's symbol thing. Go right.
No. 672769 ID: 3663d3

save ball from red path.
No. 672773 ID: 0fc976

Ball! Roll it around.
No. 672775 ID: 149da0

Retrieve ball from creeping red tentacle tree horror roots.
No. 672779 ID: defceb
File 144324403584.png - (50.48KB , 840x600 , 6072.png )

No. 672780 ID: defceb
File 144324415356.png - (13.05KB , 840x600 , 6073.png )

"You deleted it?"

"They deleted it. Left a heartfelt note and everything. I'm just what's left."

"Roderick that's..."

"A form of suicide, I guess. Whoever I was before must've really hated themselves to go through with it."
No. 672781 ID: defceb
File 144324416088.png - (50.43KB , 840x600 , 6074.png )

No. 672783 ID: 3663d3

explore right path.
No. 672784 ID: 149da0

Memory packets. And it looks like the children of the mind idea was the right one after all.

Question is... which Marie are you? The one who came before, or her daughter-sucessor?

That works. Previous sightings of the symbol don't give a hint which way would be better, so right / left is largely arbitrary. (Although I suppose we still have a right hand).
No. 672791 ID: fef726

Though in this case it isn't suicide its murder.
No. 672793 ID: defceb
File 144324652063.png - (22.29KB , 840x600 , 6075.png )

No. 672794 ID: 3663d3

consume power pellet, examine slab.
No. 672797 ID: 149da0

Touch monolith slash locker, star-child.
No. 672806 ID: defceb
File 144324979759.png - (22.80KB , 840x600 , 6076.png )

No. 672807 ID: defceb
File 144324988668.png - (14.07KB , 840x600 , 6077.png )

"Please, stop. They're not ready. The world is cruel."
No. 672808 ID: defceb
File 144324989555.png - (22.42KB , 840x600 , 6078.png )

No. 672809 ID: defceb
File 144324990376.png - (9.43KB , 840x600 , 6079.png )

No. 672811 ID: 149da0

Oh hey, you met / will meet Alex. ...and you're begging him not to disconnect the psychopomps, I'm guessing.

Oh, hey. That's me! Frozen in the carbonite slab of the palace of your mind.

Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere, unless you have a thermal detonator to wave around handy.
No. 672813 ID: fef726

Anything further along this path?
No. 672815 ID: ad936f

Is Marie Photina somehow? Nawww... Everything is making less and less sense, all we can rely on now is that the narrator is a dick.
No. 672817 ID: e114bc

I think it's time to try the other branch.
No. 672827 ID: defceb
File 144325574697.png - (20.46KB , 840x600 , 6080.png )

No. 672828 ID: e114bc

Ah, something you can use to cut the red vines?
But... should you?
No. 672830 ID: 364cad

Hey, looks like absorbing the memory balls helps you grow up.
No. 672832 ID: 2f4b71

Is that a body stuck to the underside of the path?
No. 672833 ID: 3663d3

where the sidewalk ends
No. 672834 ID: 99cfa8

Yeah that is totally a body pinned by the sword/whatever to the underside of the path.

Also I think we're rebuilding Marie's self-image by absorbing the memory balls? But uhhhhhh, Marie you've got a hole in your self-image. That can't be good.

Whatevs. Girl look at that body.
No. 672837 ID: d853e8

examine corpse before dislodging the sword keeping it from falling.
No. 672850 ID: 149da0

Hey! You're not a featureless snowman no more. Your ears grew back!

Touch sword in the stone scaffolding.
No. 672852 ID: 9ddf68

hey someone is under the path. think you could help them up?
No. 672860 ID: 0fc976

Grab one of their hands before you pull that sword out, I think it's pinning them there.
No. 672931 ID: defceb
File 144330781138.png - (21.96KB , 840x600 , 6081.png )

No. 672932 ID: defceb
File 144330784780.png - (11.52KB , 840x600 , 6082.png )

"I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the guy to tell Haley that the uplift machine is making funny noises."
No. 672933 ID: defceb
File 144330786537.png - (21.40KB , 840x600 , 6083.png )

No. 672935 ID: e114bc

Well. Let's uh, go cut those red vines.
No. 672936 ID: 3663d3

test it on nearest ones before getting into the thick of it.
No. 672941 ID: 149da0

Blue ribbon katana. You're like an alternate universe Moriko now.

Huh. They went grey and (upside down) prone. And no ID tag. Not one of us?
No. 672961 ID: 3bc92d

Alright, you got a sword!

Now you're a teeny tiny marshmallow samurai.

Go on, then, it's time to slice those twizzler vines up. If you see any more caskets or spheres or hands, don't hesitate to touch them.
No. 672968 ID: fef726

We should go up the other path first.
No. 673030 ID: 0fc976

Slice the floaty grey text in the backg- Ahhhh! Why did I suggest that? Ow; my friggin' semicolon!
No. 673141 ID: a107fd

So memories aren't necessarily spherical... Slice a corner off the end of the sidewalk and eat it.
No. 674186 ID: defceb
File 144373455222.png - (25.09KB , 840x600 , 6084.png )

No. 674187 ID: defceb
File 144373456337.png - (19.80KB , 840x600 , 6085.png )

No. 674188 ID: defceb
File 144373457325.png - (24.15KB , 840x600 , 6086.png )

No. 674189 ID: defceb
File 144373458310.png - (25.73KB , 840x600 , 6087.png )

No. 674191 ID: defceb
File 144373460203.png - (15.25KB , 840x600 , 6088.png )

No. 674192 ID: defceb
File 144373462028.png - (33.24KB , 840x600 , 6089.png )

No. 674193 ID: 3663d3

cut floor vines, destroy red orb.
No. 674194 ID: 149da0

Always check sideroutes for loot before going for the boss. Strait ahead looks pretty boss encounter-y to me.

Take the left path.
No. 674205 ID: 99cfa8

This is her mind, not a video game. First cut out the external influence, then check out the "treasure".

Of course this is assuming she can hear us at all, anymore.
No. 674210 ID: defceb
File 144374122502.png - (32.31KB , 840x600 , 6090.png )

No. 674211 ID: defceb
File 144374123372.png - (12.98KB , 840x600 , 6091.png )

No. 674212 ID: 3663d3

pet fish, collect ball.
No. 674215 ID: e114bc

Careful. Don't drown.
No. 674216 ID: 149da0

Go space swimming!
No. 674217 ID: 2ccbb3

Poke orb with sword, use feet to test space liquid.
No. 674221 ID: 729986

Is that your pod you crashed here with circling a planet?
No. 674228 ID: defceb
File 144375063037.png - (13.06KB , 840x600 , 6092.png )

No. 674230 ID: defceb
File 144375067692.png - (14.45KB , 840x600 , 6093.png )

“Promise not to laugh? I want to dye it.”

“Missing your white streak already?”

“I’ve had it for so long, I feel naked without it.”
No. 674231 ID: defceb
File 144375068319.png - (12.39KB , 840x600 , 6094.png )

No. 674232 ID: 3663d3

nice, you got a fish OPTION.
No. 674234 ID: 149da0

White streak? So we were there when she was uplifted, then. You knew her.

Hey, fishy followed you! Pet your new pet.
No. 674235 ID: 729986

You alright?
No. 674273 ID: 89941a

Something about all of this seems a little... Fishy.
No. 674275 ID: defceb
File 144376239246.png - (15.28KB , 840x600 , 6095.png )

No. 674276 ID: defceb
File 144376240131.png - (32.82KB , 840x600 , 6096.png )

No. 674277 ID: defceb
File 144376240729.png - (16.78KB , 840x600 , 6097.png )

No. 674281 ID: 3bc92d


Dive forward and save the fish!

It's your adorable friend. You have to protect it!
No. 674284 ID: 0fc976

This is bait.
No. 674285 ID: e114bc

Cut the line before the fish reaches the hook.
No. 674287 ID: 3663d3

use hook as step to swing across
No. 674302 ID: 2ccbb3

Slice the hook's end off with your katana.
No. 674313 ID: 99cfa8

Swing across, high five bound dude.
No. 674337 ID: a107fd

Just the barbed part, be careful not to destroy the entire hook.
No. 674339 ID: 1b358e

Leap onto line, cut hook, swing, highfive!
No. 674525 ID: defceb
File 144384677173.png - (17.77KB , 840x600 , 6098.png )

No. 674526 ID: defceb
File 144384678288.png - (16.28KB , 840x600 , 6099.png )

No. 674527 ID: defceb
File 144384678826.png - (26.88KB , 840x600 , 6100.png )

No. 674530 ID: 2ccbb3

Inspect Monolith and Crow Guy
No. 674541 ID: 149da0

Touch its scarf.
No. 674551 ID: e114bc

Whoa hey it's a bird alien, say hello. Why the heck is one of those in here? A memory construct, perhaps?
No. 674552 ID: 3663d3

use hook to pull red stuff from monolith
No. 674567 ID: 89941a

You should apologize for being a fake catch, and then let him get pack to it.

Fishing takes patience after all, so he's unlikely to blow up in your face.
No. 674594 ID: d853e8

politely ask to be lowered so you can high five the guy and check if there's a ball to the right of him. promise you'll be back real quick.
also, where's fish?
No. 674641 ID: 0fc976

Push it off the cliff.
No. 675295 ID: defceb
File 144425173066.png - (26.56KB , 840x600 , 6101.png )

No. 675296 ID: defceb
File 144425173779.png - (27.54KB , 840x600 , 6102.png )

No. 675297 ID: 2a7417

Noo! Don't jump! You have so much to live for! Like... uh... fishing?
No. 675298 ID: 89941a

Yo not cool. Don't just take a fella's scarf like that.
No. 675299 ID: 5ad4a7

Hmm, that monolith is turning the starfield behind it red. Possible source of corruption?

Should we destroy it?
No. 675301 ID: 149da0

>Don't jump.

Bap that monolith. Also slash the red cord connecting to it.
No. 675309 ID: 3663d3

use hook to pull red out of monolith.
No. 675466 ID: defceb
File 144434372352.png - (25.58KB , 840x600 , 6103.png )

No. 675473 ID: 5ad4a7

It's stuck, huh? Okay if that's actually invasive and not originating from the monolith, we can eventually follow the red to the source and destroy that.

For now let's explore a bit more. How about off to the left?
No. 675474 ID: 19540d

Use da sord.

Then bap it.
No. 675536 ID: defceb
File 144436432396.png - (24.79KB , 840x600 , 6104.png )

No. 675537 ID: defceb
File 144436433173.png - (40.72KB , 840x600 , 6105.png )

No. 675539 ID: 19540d

Maybe go back down and high five the guy hanging out in front of the other pool?
No. 675541 ID: 5ad4a7

Ah, so that's how it connects back to the trunk. Go back and go right.
No. 675551 ID: defceb
File 144437099586.png - (25.35KB , 840x600 , 6106.png )

No. 675552 ID: defceb
File 144437100215.png - (24.36KB , 840x600 , 6107.png )

No. 675553 ID: defceb
File 144437101054.png - (30.83KB , 840x600 , 6108.png )

No. 675554 ID: 3663d3

jump over red stuff, save orb, examine pillar.
No. 675555 ID: 5ad4a7

I'd try to scrape off some of that red stuff, personally.
No. 675561 ID: defceb
File 144437680445.png - (29.17KB , 840x600 , 6109.png )

No. 675562 ID: defceb
File 144437695481.png - (14.79KB , 840x600 , 6110.png )



"No, seriously, just look! You can see it now."

"...what is it?"

"Depends on who you ask."

"I'm asking you."

"It's a path. Or, a door. Or-"

"This is going to take a while to explain, isn't it?"

"...let's talk about it over a drink? On me."
No. 675563 ID: defceb
File 144437696388.png - (29.11KB , 840x600 , 6111.png )

No. 675564 ID: 5ad4a7

Uh, oops?

I suppose that's all we can do on these branches, unless we can get over to that ring on the right without being stranded. I'm not confident.

It might be time for the red orb. Or maybe we shouldn't touch it?
No. 675566 ID: defceb
File 144437823346.png - (42.44KB , 840x600 , 6112.png )

No. 675567 ID: 2ccbb3

Ignore the red ball and go to the next area.
No. 675568 ID: 3663d3

go back to lower right path we never high fived that guy.
No. 675569 ID: c11eda

Do you still have the sword?

If so, can you cut that ball?
No. 675573 ID: defceb
File 144438091598.png - (20.32KB , 840x600 , 6113.png )

No. 675575 ID: 3d43fb

that green stuff wasn't here before. examine. highfive/bap staue.
No. 675577 ID: 88960e

High jump, high five.
No. 675593 ID: 2a7417

Feed the statue some spinach.
No. 675604 ID: 2ccbb3

Good idea!
No. 675620 ID: defceb
File 144442035132.png - (20.50KB , 840x600 , 6114.png )

No. 675621 ID: 3663d3

perfect. enter the dark abyss. take some green stuff.
No. 675622 ID: defceb
File 144442258403.png - (19.16KB , 840x600 , 6115.png )

No. 675623 ID: defceb
File 144442259121.png - (15.54KB , 840x600 , 6116.png )

No. 675624 ID: 3663d3

wow what?
No. 675625 ID: 3663d3

go back and get hands from lower right path.
No. 675627 ID: 2a7417

Scientific method! We have a hypothesis, now experiment by sticking them in again and observe!
No. 675630 ID: 2ccbb3

Crap. Just walk into the beasts' lair. Or whatever.
No. 675631 ID: defceb
File 144442412845.png - (19.39KB , 840x600 , 6117.png )

No. 675632 ID: defceb
File 144442413682.png - (18.15KB , 840x600 , 6118.png )

No. 675633 ID: 2a7417

Stellar high-five the second, goooo!
No. 675634 ID: 3663d3

go long
No. 675635 ID: 19540d

I hope that grows bac- aaaah it's eating you and spreading.

Dive into the water, hope it washes off.
No. 675636 ID: 2ccbb3

Attach statue hand to arm stub!
No. 675640 ID: defceb
File 144442756745.png - (18.28KB , 840x600 , 6119.png )

No. 675641 ID: defceb
File 144442757503.png - (18.67KB , 840x600 , 6120.png )

No. 675642 ID: 5ad4a7

Try the other side of the tree. There was a watery pool, maybe that'll wash off the acid.
No. 675643 ID: 3663d3

climb to the upper path, drop on to it.
No. 675645 ID: 19540d

Run back up and kick the red soccer ball while you still have legs.

Maybe getting a vision will reset / repair your mental avatar construct.
No. 675651 ID: 5ad4a7

Well it worked, but at what cost?

Nothing more to mess with. I guess we have to go deal with what's behind that gate now.
No. 675660 ID: 3663d3

doesn't look like we can, gate's closed again. go hang out with bird man.
No. 675662 ID: 5ad4a7

...if the gate's closed again maybe we have to push the drum again?
No. 675663 ID: defceb
File 144443409429.png - (34.23KB , 840x600 , 6121.png )

No. 675664 ID: defceb
File 144443410726.png - (22.50KB , 840x600 , 6122.png )


“I just”


“I j-jjjjJUst need m,m,*(&^ore ti

No. 675665 ID: defceb
File 144443412292.png - (34.32KB , 840x600 , 6123.png )

No. 675666 ID: defceb

oops fix'd
No. 675672 ID: 19540d

Huh. That sure looks like Victor, I think.

Did we explore everything before using the sword to get through that gate? I feel like we only checked one or two of the three paths available there.

Oh, that's where the green came from. It's toxic waste from the barrel we spilled. (How did I completely miss that update).
No. 675674 ID: defceb
File 144443695137.png - (20.24KB , 840x600 , 6124.png )

No. 675675 ID: defceb
File 144443695709.png - (26.79KB , 840x600 , 6125.png )

No. 675676 ID: defceb
File 144443698005.png - (43.09KB , 840x600 , 6126.png )

No. 675677 ID: defceb
File 144443698637.png - (15.50KB , 840x600 , 6127.png )

No. 675680 ID: 3663d3

touch with ear
No. 675681 ID: 19540d

There are what look like people in those rocks. I bet if you examine them, you'll find they're more suggestor obelisks.

Oh! And maybe the one from here is backwards. You need to check the backside to see if it's a person.

Last memory. End of the road.

When you're done checking everything else... do a headstand on it.
No. 675686 ID: 3bc92d

Hug all of us suggesters.

You adorable little thing, you.
No. 675692 ID: 0fc976

Run all the way back to the start of the trail and back here, looking for bonus points you may have missed.
No. 675699 ID: 2ccbb3

You have a round hole in your torso. That is a giant white ball.

You know what to do.
No. 675722 ID: defceb
File 144445009694.png - (15.74KB , 840x600 , 6128.png )

No. 675723 ID: defceb
File 144445011365.png - (19.31KB , 840x600 , 6129.png )

“How much longer, then? 200 years? 400? At some point our memories of each other will slip away, and that’ll be that.”
No. 675724 ID: defceb
File 144445012989.png - (18.39KB , 840x600 , 6130.png )

No. 675725 ID: defceb
File 144445014211.png - (26.15KB , 840x600 , 6131.png )

No. 675726 ID: defceb
File 144445015577.png - (28.21KB , 840x600 , 6132.png )

No. 675727 ID: defceb
File 144445016421.png - (14.11KB , 840x600 , 6133.png )

“I just wanted to help.”

No. 675728 ID: defceb
File 144445018755.png - (17.76KB , 840x600 , 6134.png )

Ah. Ah!!
No. 675730 ID: 5ad4a7

Are you alright? You lost the scarf...
No. 675732 ID: 2ccbb3

...Is this what you really are? A bundle of dying memories, forced to accept that yours is the fate of the humanity that everyone on Earth had claimed you had lost?

If you want to help, then read a manual. If they ask for help, be sure you're listening with the RIGHT EAR.

Marie, stay alive!
No. 675738 ID: defceb
File 144445184224.png - (17.56KB , 840x600 , 6135.png )

>Are you alright?
Fire. Dancing along the spine and off the tips of the nerves. Atrophied paths bend and break under new pressures. Emergency repairs. Digital patchwork. Piecemeal from self and others. Ants crawling along roots. Invasive species. A choked mind gasps for air. A first light. A new dawn. One step out of the grave.

I’m not alright I’m freaking the fuck out.
No. 675739 ID: 59ae77

Here's a descrambled version: >>/questdis/95411

Not if you keep making new memories of each other. What does it matter if the oldest ones fade away if you're just replacing them with new ones?

But hey, you're responding directly to our queries, and speaking in the first person! That's an improvement over all this narrator business.

Is there anything we can do to help?
No. 675740 ID: ad936f

>I’m not alright I’m freaking the fuck out.
Stop that shit then, flipping out ain't no help to nobody. Just calm down and try to remember, remember why you can't remember. If the answer to our dilemma isn't just soul-searching then we should go back and retrace our steps.
No. 675742 ID: 5ad4a7

Invasive species... that isn't us, is it...?

Do you know who you are? Where you are?
No. 675743 ID: 2ccbb3

Marie, talk to us! You're on the verge of killing someone, FORCE AN EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN!!!

If you're worried about your memories, broadcast them across your system, we'll catch as many as we can in our data logs!

No. 675744 ID: 5ad4a7

Naw she's just holding him by his collar. I'm not even sure that's happening right now-- all the other orbs were memories.
No. 675746 ID: 59ae77

Marie, let go of Roderick. You asked him to nix your wireless.
No. 675747 ID: defceb
File 144445706805.png - (17.66KB , 840x600 , 6136.png )

Right. Just have to calm down. Just. Calm down.

Breathe in. And out. In. And out.

In. Feel the air enter my lungs. Simulated gases into simulated organs. Numbers crunching in machines. Artificial synapses firing in a mechanical brain.

Out. Mechanical muscles forcing down mechanical lungs. A simulation of organs.

In. The other. Outside influences entering the system. Blurred boundaries.

Out. The void. Expelling the outside world. A moment alone.

...though I guess I’m not actually alone anymore. So, who wants to go get this red shit out of my head?
No. 675749 ID: 5ad4a7

Ooh ooh I do I do! Let's clean house. May as well start here and work towards the door.
No. 675750 ID: 59ae77

>So, who wants to go get this red shit out of my head?
Can we do that? I suppose I don't mind paying my head-rent with cleaning.
No. 675757 ID: 2ccbb3

Not sure if that's a virus or your identity...

Just quarantine all the various stuffs. You can incinerate them when you find out what they are.
No. 675763 ID: 3d43fb

we really should not have touched that red ball.
any way to throw it up?
No. 675764 ID: 3d43fb

if tha doesn't work we can burn it off with the green shit. the green shit can be used to incinerate the red if we can find a way to bring out to the other.

do you still have the sword?
No. 675773 ID: 89941a

Is it time to paint it black?

*cue music*
No. 676110 ID: defceb
File 144463272133.png - (31.29KB , 840x600 , 6137.png )

>do you still have the sword?
Spent it on that gateway. Shame it didn’t last longer, I liked it.

>Ooh ooh I do I do! Let's clean house.
>Can we do that?

We have to find the heart and rip it out. I suppose we could wander aimlessly around here until we find it, have a jolly ol’ adventure, and maybe even learn the meaning of friendship while we do it. But that would take a long time so let’s skip that part.
No. 676111 ID: defceb
File 144463273528.png - (27.67KB , 848x607 , 6404.png )

Ah. There they are.

“Ah. There you are.”

“That was you in the plural form, by the way.”

“I suppose ‘there’ is a relative term to use in this space anyway. Any where we are, we’re still in the same location in the real world.”

“or is this the real world and out there fake or…”

“Bit of a head scratcher.”

“Wait no I understand it now.”

No. 676112 ID: 2ccbb3

Assert your authority with a few well-timed kicks.
No. 676114 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, if you have some representation of your inventory in here, you could use the arm cannon.

...ah, that symbol is the same as the one on that giant water creature that "ate" you in the vision you had where you were "drowning". Same person that's been hounding us all this time, I'm guessing.
No. 676115 ID: fef726

This is a representation of your mind isn't it? Why not simply take out the sword anyway? I mean this guy is clearly manifesting things to disrupt you, it is kinda your turn.
No. 676124 ID: 4f073a

>or is this the real world and out there fake or…
Oh yes, it's really ambiguous if the dreamscape filled with floating literal metaphors that can be interacted with is real or not! We sure are confused by that.

>Spent it on that gateway
...could we wonder-twins form of a sword for you, maybe? I mean, we're just minds here, maybe we can manifest in a helpful way.

Could we remake that in the shape of your symbol?
No. 676211 ID: defceb
File 144471286107.png - (25.58KB , 873x632 , 6405.png )

“Oh yes it’s so ambiguous if the dreamscape filled with floating literal metaphors that can be interacted with is real or not! We sure are confused by that.” I reply.

“If that’s how you want to see it then I guess I can’t stop you now.”

>Assert your authority with a few well-timed kicks.
>you could use the arm cannon.
>this guy is clearly manifesting things to disrupt you, it is kinda your turn.
>...could we wonder-twins form of a sword for you, maybe?

“ruderudeRUDE!” It shouts. I think that hit a nerve. “Why do you hate me so much? I’m not all bad. I gave you your name! Well, a name. I didn’t have to do that. Is it because I don’t have a face? Hating the faceless villain? I can fix that.”
No. 676212 ID: defceb
File 144471287582.png - (20.15KB , 884x660 , 6406.png )

“See? Now I’ve got a face. Can’t hurt me, I’ve got a face! It’s like that glasses rule.”
No. 676213 ID: defceb
File 144471288892.png - (21.18KB , 900x700 , 6407.png )

“Can’t hurt a kid with glasses.”
No. 676214 ID: 0fc976

Hit the kid with his glasses.
No. 676215 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh. It's using the same shape you're using.

If that's the real Marie, well... tell her it's time for her to finally throw in the towel. She's lived long enough, it's time to pass on the torch to someone new. The torch, in this case, being this body.
No. 676216 ID: 2ccbb3

Grab the tilting screen and spin it around a few times.
No. 676217 ID: 4f073a

It's not about hurting you. It's not about you at all. That's the whole point, you self inserting narcissistic.

It's about getting our agency back. Removing you is just a necessary step to that end.
No. 676223 ID: defceb

No. 676224 ID: defceb
File 144472226019.png - (21.46KB , 950x740 , 6408.png )

“It's not about hurting you. It's not about you at all. That's the whole point, you self inserting narcissist.”

“Not about- this is all about me! I’m the one that helped you! I’m the one that gave you a story! I’ve been with you the whole way! Do you think those vines are an infestation? When my whole first found you, you were just scraps of brains floating around machines. I fixed you! I made you whole! I put you in that thing!”

Did they just call me a thing?

>Oh. It's using the same shape you're using.

“You think I look like you? NO! I LOOK LIKE ME. I’m ME and only ME!”

I can’t keep track of who they’re talking to anymore.
No. 676225 ID: defceb
File 144472227497.png - (43.84KB , 960x1000 , 6409.png )

“Why would anyone want to look like YOU anyway?”

Now they’ve just ranting.

“With your floofy hair and pointy ears and and and-”

I don’t think they’re about to shut up.

“-and that sad look that’s always on your face! Going around like, ‘oh look at me I’m Marie life is so hard when I’m an immortal robot boo hoo a bad guy shot my heart boo hoo’. Why, without me to have lead you around, you probably wouldn’t have even gotten this far! You’re not particularly observant. Nor are you any good at fighting. You would have been torn apart by now. You need me! You NEED me!”

I’d like them to, though.

“You would be NOTHING. WITHOUT. ME”

Can I just… punch them?
No. 676226 ID: f56624

Dude. Bro. Dude.

ur fat
No. 676227 ID: 5ad4a7

Does "Stop trying to fix me" ring a bell, crazy red person?

Yeah I guess a punch to the face may be appropriate here, if they won't leave on their own.
No. 676229 ID: 844515

Pull their glasses off first.
No. 676231 ID: 2ccbb3



Don't make us talk about shipping FUTA FORCE MEMBERS.

You have been SERIOUSLY warned.
No. 676237 ID: 284bd4

Nothing huh, what are you then?
No. 676238 ID: defceb
File 144472539590.png - (18.24KB , 700x860 , 6410.png )







>ur fat

"WHY Y-"
No. 676239 ID: defceb
File 144472542303.png - (25.31KB , 840x600 , 6411.png )

No. 676240 ID: defceb
File 144472543318.png - (19.14KB , 840x600 , 6412.png )

Got 'em.
No. 676241 ID: 5ad4a7

So should we try to throw it outside somehow or... what? Maybe make a monolith for it so it can't interfere directly?

I don't really like to kill unless it's necessary. If that's the only way to expel its influence then I guess we'll have to.
No. 676243 ID: ad936f

Crush it.
No. 676246 ID: 89941a

Break it.
No. 676249 ID: 715feb

...Okay, so now what? Will you break it like the two before suggest? Will you consume it? Use it? I mean this is ridiculously ambiguous. Though you should thoroughly mutilate the 3-eyed drama queen at some point regardless.
No. 676250 ID: 88960e

Time to run quarantine protocols.

We probably don't want to just delete it, cause if we can use the captured fragment to make an exploit or countermeasure, we could help others tied in this web, like the gal who can't remember her name, without going to these lengths.

You sort of need samples to develop vaccines.
No. 676257 ID: 2a7417

Shove it where the sun don't shine.
No. 676258 ID: 2ccbb3

This one.
No. 676320 ID: 799984

Yeah put it in your butt.
No. 676322 ID: defceb
File 144479068786.png - (18.72KB , 840x600 , 6413.png )

I quarantine the thing for now. Maybe we can find some use for this drama queen later.
Or not. Who knows? They won’t be mucking around in my head anymore though.
No. 676323 ID: defceb
File 144479070620.png - (23.28KB , 840x600 , 6414.png )

Now that they’re taken care of, I won’t have to worry about those red growths spreading all over this place. I can already feel them rotting away and sloughing off in chunks.
No. 676324 ID: defceb
File 144479072264.png - (4.14KB , 840x600 , 6415.png )

Time to wake up.

___ __ ______ _
No. 676325 ID: 5ad4a7

You do realize there's red on you too, right? I just hope it's YOUR red.
No. 676334 ID: 2ccbb3

So, can you remember everything yet?
No. 676342 ID: 5ad4a7

btw, >>676324 says "End of Thread 6"
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