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File 143683340980.jpg - (238.05KB , 1100x850 , image.jpg )
655771 No. 655771 ID: bc7df6

My name's John and the past few days have been terribly spooky. I bought a computer at a flea market for free that almost killed me. And just yesterday the spooks continued when I woke up in the hospital.

>I woke up in a hospital bed in a hospital. There was another guy laying in the bed across from me. It was sorta spooky but not too much. Everything was a blur, and I wasn't sure what to do next....
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No. 655774 ID: ab7529

Lay in hospital bed. Relax.
No. 655788 ID: 1cebc8

Check your stats. Make sure they took out all the knife shards.

Then find a scalpel and fight your way out.
No. 655798 ID: 586e57

Look under the pillow.
No. 655809 ID: bc7df6
File 143685013857.jpg - (2.36MB , 4000x3000 , image.jpg )

I laid there for a while, sort of out of it. I was in the hospital, right? I should rest.

And then I remembered!!1

I cheked over myself. My right hand was wrapped in bandages and was a little sore, but I could still move it and there didn't seem to be any metal left stuck in it. Nothing else was hurt or missing from me. I was fine.

But then why did I feel spooked? Almost subconsciously, I slipped a hand under my pillow.

There was a knife under there!!

>I was in full spook mode immediately. It was the knife! The same fucking knife from before, completely intact. My heart started pounding, I didn't know to call a doctor or stay put or get up and bolt....
No. 655810 ID: 0ee153

Got a heart rate monitor? Have yourself a good wank and scare the nurses.
No. 655812 ID: 586e57

Well at least you're far away from that haunted computer, right? No more depressing pinball or creepy comics. What's the worst that could ha
No. 655814 ID: 1cebc8

The knife might be somewhat... fragile. Be sure to use it as a throwing weapon.

Recall EVERYTHING you know about juryrigging combat weapons. You're going to need something better than an exploding knife...
No. 655836 ID: cdec48

Play with the bed settings.
No. 655845 ID: bc7df6
File 143687254314.jpg - (22.86KB , 250x320 , image.jpg )

I tried to get myself under control. I was still too spooked to jerk off but I screwed around with the settings of my bed instead and that was kinda fun, I'd always wanted to do that as a kid.

I tried looking on the bright side with some of that 2000s optimism from bygone days!! At least I was away from that computer, right? I was safe now, sort of. No more hacked games and spooky comics.... It wasn't messing with me anymore....

I felt under my pillow again....

No. 655848 ID: 1cebc8

So? Hospitals have skeleton dummies for reference. That, or someone failed a liposuction operation.

Put the skeletons to the side and check the closet for stuff.
No. 655849 ID: 586e57

Important question, is it alive and potentially trying to kill you? If so then you might wanna get out of there. Otherwise you should get ready to do it anyways. Are your clothes around?
No. 655850 ID: 88960e

Greet skeleton politely.
No. 656060 ID: bc7df6
File 143697835121.jpg - (34.18KB , 507x338 , image.jpg )

>I fell out the bed with a scream!! I ducked behind it and watched the deadly skelly! "Hello?!" I yelled, spooked but also polite!

>The skeleton didn't budge. It looked like just a diagram thing. I moved closer to the closet and looked inside. There were my clothes and an extra set of hospital stuff. I grabbed it all up and planned my next move...
No. 656072 ID: 5a7179

Ok, we need a plan. Maybe finding whoever sold you the computer. First things first, get out of the hospital, quietly. You don't know what could be waiting out there.
No. 656593 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143716545317.jpg - (31.38KB , 392x470 , image.jpg )

I grabbed up all the clothes and hid the knife in the pile. I had to get out of here, maybe find the old man, do anything but lay around being spooked. I slipped into the hall and started walking, quietly.

There weren't many people in the hallways, just some nurses too busy doing what they were doing to even lool in my direction. I was still disoriented as hell but I managed to find my way to an elevator with a big number 12 over it. I pushed the down button and waited.

>The door opened and I nearly smacked right into a doctor!! He grabbed me by the shoulders, tried to keep me still. "Whoa buddy, calm down there. Where're you sprinting off to?"
No. 656595 ID: 1cebc8



No. 656596 ID: 91cfcf

Offer up your tight, stinky boypussy.
No. 656602 ID: ab7529

>Where're you sprinting off to?
Lie. Bathroom!
No. 656626 ID: 24a5ea

It may work. Go with that.
No. 656640 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143717960302.jpg - (12.68KB , 400x224 , image.jpg )

I'm embarassed to say I sort of panicked. I completely froze up, going through a billion plans in my head, everything from stabbing the doctor and running to offering my ass if he'd let me go.

>I don't know how long I just stood there staring. His voice snapped me out of it, and when I focused again he was looking more than a little spooked. "Uh.... You okay, bud?"

>"Bathroom!" I blurted out. "Er, I'm...I'm looking for a bathroom."

>He gave me a little grin. "Ohhh, sure. No need to be shy about it, there's one on the floor below us. I can show you then take you back to your room."


>The two of us got in the elevator. The doctor pushed the button for the 11th floor. "I'm Dr. Matt, by the way," he said. "And you're that guy from (my adress), huh. How're you feeling, man? I can carry those clothes for you if you're not feeling too hot."
No. 656647 ID: ab7529

>How're you feeling, man?
Kind of confused. I don't know how I got here.

Who found me? What happened to me?
No. 656772 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143726085059.jpg - (37.87KB , 333x523 , image.jpg )

>I held the clothes a little closer to me. "Oh no, uh, I'm just confused," I replied. "I don't remember much...how'd I get here?"

>"You don't remember?" He looked nervous and maybe a little spooked too. "You...you attempted suicide, bud. Cut up your hand and tried electrocuting yourself with some computer wires. You're mad lucky you're up and walking around--we thought you'd go comatose."

>"Oh. Oh, damn. Who found me?"

>"Your neighbors heard screaming and glass shattering and called the police, I think," Matt explained. I had to smile a little at that. It was probably this one old couple from the apartment next to mine--they'd call the cops over *anything.*

>We reached the eleventh floor and stepped out. Matt led me to the bathroom and leaned against the wall by the door. "You do what you gotta do and then I can take you back, alright man?" he said with a grin.

I had no intention of letting that happen.

>I walked in and closed the door behind me. The bathroom was dark and spooky, and it looked like the only ways out besides the door was a vent over one of the stalls and a window to my right. I had to come up with a way to get out of this spot and out of this hospital, fast....
No. 657172 ID: f65901

Ok, check the window, then the vent and put your clothes on if you haven't done it yet.
No. 657415 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143752564430.jpg - (133.45KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )

I went ahead and changed into my own clothes. It wasn't much, but somehow being back in my nerdy retro gamer threads made me a little less spooked!! I tucked the knife into my back pocket and set the pile of hospital clothes on the floor.

With that out of the way I focused on finding a way out. Looking at the window, it seemed like any easy thing to get open, just one of those sliding locks...but I was still on the eleventh floor, I reminded myself with a wince. The vent on the other hand.... It was dark and spooky but it looked big enough for me to fit through, if I could find a way to get it open.

>There was a knock on the door. "Hey, try to make it quick in there, okay bud? You need anything in there?"
No. 657418 ID: 1cebc8

You could use the knife as a screwdriver. I doubt it would last long enough to pry open the vent.

Look around for more tools and weapons.
No. 657420 ID: b8ceae

Ventilation ducts are full of things like fans and filters and grates.
Don't even bother trying it.

Instead, tell the guy you're having hallucinations, and you think you've been drugged or are having a nervous breakdown or something.
They only come when you're alone, so stay near people.
No. 657421 ID: ab7529

He makes a point. Why are we afraid of the people who patched you up? It's the evil computer that's out to get you.
No. 657533 ID: f3658a
File 143758695339.jpg - (27.31KB , 338x507 , image.jpg )

I looked for any other tools but the room was pretty barren. I'd have to use the knife to undo the screws, then, and after that....

After that...what?

A wave of spooks passed over me!! I leaned over the sink, looked into the mirror at my spooked face. What was I *doing?!* Why was I trying to get away from the people that helped me? Why did I want to get out so bad, out to where that thing was? My chest tightened with spooked spasms.

Was I going crazy??!?

>"Matt?!" I called through the door.


>"I...I think I've been drugged something," I said, eyes never leaving the spooked man in the mirror. "I-I'm panicking, dude."

Matt said something, my vision got all blurry. The next thing I knew I was in the room I'd started in. There were a bunch more people in there now, nurses talking fast and a security guard standing by the door.

>Matt was staring down at me, looking worried and moderately spooked. "John? Listen, bud, where'd--are you listening!" He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me around. "Where did you get a knife from, man?!"
No. 657540 ID: 0ee153

"From my butthole. Here, let me show you how I hid it there."

Then stab him. Don't you know he's secretly a skeleton in a meatsuit?
No. 657544 ID: 88960e

>"Where did you get a knife from, man?!"
Be honest.

I have no idea. I don't remember getting it. Either I'm having blackouts or someone else planted it here. I'm not sure which is scarier.
No. 657550 ID: 21b946

Wide eyes. "Under the pillow".
No. 657597 ID: 1cebc8

No. 657713 ID: f3658a
File 143767390026.jpg - (40.55KB , 338x507 , image.jpg )

I searched my bedsheets frantically until I found the knife. It was dangling in one of the nurses' hands.

>Matt followed my eyes without loosening his grip. "Looking for that?" he snapped. "No dice, dude, now answer!"

>I was thoroughly spooked by his behavior!! Wide-eyed I started, "I-I don't know, it was under the pillow--"

>The doctor let go and took a step back. "Christ...." He turned to the nurses. "Get that thing out of here, get this guy locked down until the head gets up here. Something's going on here...."

And then it all made sense!!!1

They were trying to keep me trapped here, unarmed, until their boss got to me. Why? How could it not be obvious before?!

Couldn't I see they were skeletons in disguise?!?!!

>I bolted out of the bed and past Matt before he could react!! Spooked beyond belief I shoved the guard and took off down the hall for...for where?!
No. 657735 ID: ab7529

So... medical people discover their supposedly suicidal patient somehow snuck a knife into his room, and you're surprised they're agitated?

>They were trying to keep me trapped here, unarmed, until their boss got to me. Why? How could it not be obvious before?!
Or they don't want you to get hurt. Or maybe more accurately, they don't want to lose their jobs and/or get sued for screwing up and letting you hurt yourself.
No. 657736 ID: 0ee153

The only things skeletons fear is a lack of calcium. So you have to remove calcium from their bones, and to do that you'll need something that bonds with it more easily. I recommend chlorine, bromine, and phosphate. Let's start with chlorine- bleach should do. Find a big jug of bleach in a janitorial supply closet and apply it to their orifices as hard as you can.
No. 657761 ID: b8ceae

Hide in your room! They'll NEVER look there!
No. 657771 ID: 1cebc8

Out of the hospital, steal an ambulance and drive out of the city!

You can come back after the heat dies down. If you get arrested, they'll have your dementia on record in the SWAT database forever!
No. 657775 ID: cdec48

Hop into a laundry chute if you can find one. After you land in the laundry, you'll be able to go upstairs and escape out the front.
No. 657804 ID: 7cfafe

Too many skeletons in disguise. You need to got outta here! Try to lose them by going into a random room and then stealth your way out.
No. 657840 ID: d60fe8
File 143776008970.jpg - (17.42KB , 300x300 , image.jpg )

I was on a whole new level of spooks, it all felt like a freaking nightmare! They were already chasing after me--I had to get off this floor, out of the hospital, out of the city.

Things were happening too fast. I was doubting everything but it was too late to turn back. I had to find a janitor's closet or something, somewhere I could get some chlorine--there!!

I burst through a door almost on instinct!! I slammed it shut behind me and locked it. I'd found the janitor's stash, somehow. And right in the middle of the mess was my saving grace, a big jug full of bleach.

>From in here I could hear just how many people were running around looking for me. I could hear Matt and someone else shouting nearby. I held the bleach jug tight and tried to plan my next move....
No. 657848 ID: 638d1f

Listen what are they talking about, hide in a corner and wait until things calm a little... maybe?
No. 657892 ID: d60fe8
File 143779214425.jpg - (27.30KB , 450x320 , image.jpg )

I tried to keep quiet as the voices came closer....

>"Do you understand what this *means,* doctor? We will all be out of a job before sunset!"

>"It's more than a f--! It's...more than just a job to be concerned about, sir, there's a life that we just worked very hard to save on the line here!"

>"A life so important to you that you've managed to lose it on the same damn floor."

>"There's upwards of fifty rooms and closets and compartments on this floor, sir, there's lots of dark spots to hide. Hell, he could be in the janitor's closet right now, or even--oh, fuck!!"


>"The elevator! He knows where the elevator is!!"

>"Shit. Grab the others, start heading downward. If he's gotten out of this building we're dead!"

>Their voices started getting more and more distant. I noticed less people running around nearby, too. Was I safe...?
No. 657893 ID: ab7529

Notice they didn't talk about any of the stuff you were worried about. Maybe you overreached?

Peek out.
No. 657898 ID: 638d1f

I'm still skeptical. Why don't they just call the cops, send security and keep attending any other patient?
I agree about taking a peek, though.
No. 657901 ID: ab7529

>Why don't they just call the cops, send security
Well, once they call the cops, it becomes a matter of public record. And once security gets involved, it's too late for covering up there screwup. The window for getting away with a patient but finding them before you get in any trouble is rapidly closing.
No. 657906 ID: 1cebc8

No, this doesn't make sense.

Hospital staff in the US are in high demand. They get paid millions to fix what should have been a death sentence one thousand years ago, or even one hundred years ago. They're also the first to get blamed when people in their vicinity start dying.

Calling a small team of cops should be EASY for a hospital doctor. A few discounts and casualties averted can buy favors for every member of the staff, and stopping a mental case who was being treated for physical injuries is nothing out of the police code. A few favors, some discrete donations to the policeman's ball, and this incident gets swept under the rug. Otherwise, the police lose their medics for a few months.

These guys are up to something. Probably not to murder you, but they need you alive for more than just moral ethics and job security. You have to escape.

Going downstairs is no longer your best route, and some of them might think you'll jump off the roof. Craft some landing gear (a rubber raft or some rope) and choose a random floor to get out of. Don't stay on this floor, they'll probably have some stragglers.
No. 658314 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143795500829.jpg - (43.03KB , 411x418 , image.jpg )

A really, really sick feeling settled in my stomach when I realized they hadn't mentioned any of the things I'd neen worried about. Had I...I couldn't be overreacting, could I? I was in too deep now, I couldn't be. If all this was over nothing...!

No no no no, I shook my head free of the spooky thoughts. If I spaced now I'd be in serious trouble. I needed to get off this floor and find something I could use to get out of here, down the outside of the building if I had to....

>I carefully unlocked the door and peeked out into the hall. It looked like almost everyone was searching somewhere else now, probably the stairs and the lower floors. The security guard was still around though, standing at the left end of this corridor. That end was the only way back into the floor's other hallways, it looked like. I loosened my jug's cap a little and thought of how I could get past him without making a scene....
No. 658316 ID: ab7529

>If all this was over nothing...!
Then the wost case is they take you in, you get treated, and the help you need. Maybe you'll never get a security clearance if you have a mental health episode on your record, but so what. It didn't seem to me like you were headed in that direction anyways.

>how I could get past him without making a scene....
I don't suppose there's enough stuff in the closet you could pose as a janitor.
No. 658399 ID: 1cebc8

Use a mop and choke him from behind.
No. 658547 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143802127464.jpg - (148.78KB , 1300x867 , image.jpg )

I looked around the closet for anything I could use as a disguise. I found an old grey hat with, ironically enough, the name "John" on the front. I put it on and tucked the brim low, and grabbed a mop and bucket. I uttered a prayer and stepped out....

>The guard jumped at the sound of the closet door opening, but relaxed when he saw the hat. "Hey John," he said as I came closer. "You see anybody down that way?"

I shook my head and tried scooting past him, but he caught my arm!

>"John? You alright--hey, wait a second!"

>He'd caught me! I acted fast, dodging behind him, wrapping the mop handle around his neck and pulling hard!! He let out a cough and started struggling to break my grip!!1
No. 658553 ID: 1cebc8

Control your chokehold, make him fall asleep DO NOT KILL HIM.

Then tie him up. You need to choose between a light escape or a hostage, but given how important you are (the other doctors would rather catch you than PROTECT THE OTHER PATIENTS FROM YOUR WRATH), I'd vote light escape.
No. 658585 ID: ab7529

>wrapping the mop handle around his neck
Wow. That's some weird mop. Usually the handle is rigid.
No. 658669 ID: b8208b

Knock him out or kill him or whatever is most practical and leave him in the closet.
But steal his uniform. It'll be a better disguise than the janitor's outfit, given the current situation.
No. 658673 ID: 2eb073

Lucky us.
Well, it's already happening. Try to leave him unconscious and drag him to the closet. If you lose your grip try to make a run for it, keeping the mop with you as a weapon.
No. 659224 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143822247586.jpg - (29.68KB , 300x470 , image.jpg )

It was a ROPE HANDLE MOP imported from EUROPE, OKAY11

ANYWAY, I kept my hold on tight as the guard flailed around!! He started making these weird gurgling noises as he reached for his pistol...!

And suddenly he wasn't struggling much. He seemed to give up, slumping to the ground and twitching like a sped. I Unwrapped the handle and he went still, just unconscious I hoped.... Without missing a beat I dragged him back to the closet.

Stripping the guy for his uniform was fucking hard. I don't know how long it took to angle his body right to slip it all off in that tight space. And then changing into it, too! I took a lot more time than I'd expected to, but at the end I was in the guard's uniform, wearing his belt of key cards and strapped with a loaded gun. I kept the mop with me too, if only for its EXOTIC VALUE.

I stepped out of the closet and into the halls in my new disguise. There was nobody in this area of halls, it looked like.

>I had to get a plan together. This floor looked more or less safe--I'd have to use that to my advantage and stock up on...whatever it was I needed while I was here. It seemed to me the only places I could go from here were this floor's labs, the patient rooms, or the common room. When I was done with that, the stairwell and elevator looked like the only ways up or down.
No. 659298 ID: 1cebc8

Attach knife to mop using duct tape in the janitor's closet to make a spear. Make a piling mess to trap the guard further. Equip pistol and spear.

Call elevator, then use the stairs to administration. Find the file database and erase your files, be sure to copy any suspicious information you find to a flash hard drive. Then find the secret exit that every bureaucrat keeps hidden for a quick getaway after a hard day's embezzling.
No. 659385 ID: ab7529

Try the patient's rooms. That should connect to several parts of the hospital, and there will be people to lose yourself among. Remember to walk like you've got a purpose and are busy- don't look lost or confused.

A improvised spear completely defeats the purpose of trying to pose as an ordinary guard. We want to look normal.
No. 659917 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143856705946.jpg - (169.63KB , 1300x866 , image.jpg )

I thought about making the mop into a makeshift spear. The faculty still had that knife with them though, wherever they were running around now. Besides, I doubted walking around with something like that would help with my new disguise.... In the end I ended up trying my best to jam the closet door shut with the mop handle and leaving it behind.

I was back on the floor's main pathways, now. Rooms for different patients lined both sides of the hall. My retro gamer instincts always told me it was best to start at the beginning, so.... I walked into the first door on my right and tried to look important.

It was one of the bigger areas like the room I'd been in. Two patients lay in beds while an old doctor leaned against the window and looked out at the setting--holy shit, the sun was already setting. I could faintly hear sirens somewhere out in the city. I wondered if any were for me....

>The old guy waved without looking away from the window. "Officer," he grunted. "Good seeing you. How's that scare downstairs going?"
No. 659970 ID: ab7529

>How's that scare downstairs going?
Better than it sounds. We'll have everything sorted soon enough.
No. 660044 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143859999484.jpg - (35.46KB , 450x300 , image.jpg )

>"Uh, better than it sounds," I said. "We'll have it all sorted out soon.

>The doctor let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God. After that mess at the flea market the other day I'd rather not see any more kids die...."

>"The flea market?!"

>"Terrible scene," the doctor said. "Some young guy ran in with a gun, screaming at one of the store owners about something. Before anyone could react he'd shot the man, then turned the gun on himself. Poor old man never had a chance...."

>Oh no. It couldn't be *the* old man, though? Not my one chance at getting some answers?! "I-I've got to go," I said, moving for the door.

>"Yeah, your shift's probably ended by now. Take care, John."

>I hurried out of the room, freshly spooked and confused. Just when things had been almost going right.... I could probably walk out safe now, but it all seemed so pointless. Where could I go when I got out of here? Was there anywhere left for me to get answers? Maybe the old man's place at the flea market would still be there, still have some clues. My stomach turned at the thought but going back to that computer and trying to get something out of it was looking like my only option besides that....
No. 660052 ID: 1cebc8

Seems odd that the old man would give away multiple demon-infested computers to a bunch of kids, only to leave himself defenseless against a hysterical test subject. Maybe the demon possessed you, only for the "self destruct phase" to backfire? Whatever, doesn't matter.

The old man had a shop. That means there might be intel on the computer in there. Also, you should find any other whacked out computers the old man gave away, and stop others from getting killed.
No. 660060 ID: 88960e

Maybe you could find people who knew the old man. Or maybe he kept records of some kind that would be useful to you. Follow up on him. He's you only lead.

Walk out, then find a place to ditch the cop clothes and dress normal before they find the guy you knocked out and start looking for a fake cop.
No. 660163 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143865023223.jpg - (179.96KB , 866x1300 , image.jpg )

I pulled myself together and started for the elevator. With this disguise and a little speed, I could get out of here. Then I'd need a change of clothes...and directions to the flea market.

The old man was the center of all this, I knew! Even if he was dead there had to be more, some clues at his store, people that knew him.... Maybe other guys like me.

For the first time in days, that old 2000s kid spirit was starting to come back!! The situation wasn't good but I had a direction, at least. And with a goal in mind a hardcore gamer has nothing to fear!11

Some new threads and a ride.... I fished in the uniform's pocket and found some spare change. Perfect!

I had a call to make.

THE END!!!11
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