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File 142574722970.png - (30.39KB , 640x400 , Title.png )
628023 No. 628023 ID: 3bf7ce

- The fool, he is now trapped! –

-HA! Now we only need to search for him, and the Glory will be ours! –

-The Glory will be for the first one to catch him. He is hiding somewhere, so stop wasting time and move on already! –

-Yes, sir… -

-And remember, we must get that demon alive, so we can cleanse his soul with fire! -
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No. 628024 ID: 3bf7ce
File 142574730339.png - (11.47KB , 640x400 , Start.png )

Dammit, they were faster that I thought… Now those knights of the inquisition are all over the place and it won`t take too much time for one of them to find me… I have to be careful…
No. 628049 ID: d958ad

A chest! Loot it!
No. 628057 ID: c4d737

so, where are you and what's your goal.
No. 628058 ID: bd8b82

get loot and sneak.
No. 628059 ID: 256d52

Are you like some sort of Glory pinata or something? Or a demon I guess.
No. 628076 ID: e3d207
File 142577573709.png - (12.16KB , 640x400 , Who is there!.png )

??? : Wha... Who is there?!

...I could have sworn I heard someone... or something... Maybe this cave is getting into me? Anyway I need to escape from here, then maybe I will be able to buy some time... Maybe even enough for them to get tired of their stupid "sacred" quest...
No. 628084 ID: d958ad

Open iiiiiit
No. 628098 ID: e3d207
File 142578321812.png - (12.47KB , 640x400 , Hell___.png )

Ok... I did heard that... But I don´t see where it came from.... ahh...
Great, Awesome, Fantastic, incredible, Convenient. Adding to the list:
-Surrounded by fanatics.
-trapped in a cave.
-A Bit of hunger.
-And Hearing voices in my mind...

I don`t know what is worse, but lets hope that at least I can restrain my sanity until I am out of here...

??? Trust in "The Voices": 0%

(Author: I going to sleep now, See you all tomorrow.)
No. 628100 ID: 256d52

Trust in the chest being full of loot and open it already.
No. 628102 ID: e3d207

(Author post-note: You may want to calm our friend here, as he is a bit aggressive right now. And also a bit paranoic.)
No. 628112 ID: 6d4595

Don't worry, we're here to help you. We can't really do much more than talk to you, though. All we really need you to do is listen to what we have to say and decide for yourself whether you want to follow our advice.
No. 628113 ID: a2236e

Juuust try not to listen the the less then.... dignified and moral suggestions....
No. 628150 ID: d958ad

You are probably not crazy.
No. 628171 ID: f5705c
File 142581511286.png - (11.63KB , 640x400 , Well___.png )

Emm... Ok, I will accept that, for now... whoever or whatever you all are...

??? Trust in "The Voices": 5%
Thanks I suppouse, if you are trying to help.

...Less...? Do I even want to ask?

Oh, right, You where talking about a chest... oh, there it is... In my defense, i have to say that I rushed in here... So let´s see what`s in there
No. 628172 ID: f5705c
File 142581572986.png - (19.61KB , 640x400 , Opening chest.png )

ok, there is:
-3 old pikeaxes
-Some unknown mineral ores, probably Iron
-And... oh, a coin bag with 20 gold coins. What was it doing here?
I suppouse I shall take the gold then... I think that nobody else needed those.

??? TRust in the voices: 6%
No. 628174 ID: f5705c
File 142581690635.png - (12.33KB , 640x400 , there___.png )

So... is there anything else that calls your attention, or shall we move on?

with luck, I will not fight my way out... Which is nearly impossible, so if there is any quick question you want to ask, I would advice do it now.


That is yet to be seen, I think.
No. 628180 ID: 7656df

try to peek around the corner, to see if anyone is out there.
No. 628182 ID: bd8b82

do you need light to see or do you have dark vision? if you need light then take that torch, if you don't then leave it.
No. 628241 ID: 9ddf68

could probably grab an ore sample or two to use to make a noise to distract some guards if you need to sneak past some guards.
No. 628250 ID: f5705c
File 142585069071.png - (13.96KB , 640x400 , A peek.png )

No questions then? Yea, will be better ask questions when I`m in a safer place.
Seems Clear for both sides. But I can hear knights on the surroundings, for better or for worse, they seem to be searching away from each other.

I don`t have any night vision spell or something similar, yet this place is pretty well illuminated, so I don't think that light will be a problem.

That`s... Actually a very good idea.
-2 unknown mineral ore added.

??? Trust in "the voices": 8%
No. 628253 ID: bd8b82

okay, now try to keep moving, listen carefully for those jerks running around and duck into side rooms regularly. if there are any weird paths or hidden passages, you should try to use those.
No. 628254 ID: 9ddf68

you know the way out right? Oh and if you do want us to ask questions, I'll have to ask what gear you have on you? Just so we know what you do and don't have so we don't tell you to run up a tower then jump out a window because we thought you had some rope you could use to repeal safely down.
No. 628255 ID: 8f01e8

Take one of the pickaxes if you don't already have an anti-armor weapon. Yes, you'd prefer solutions other than fighting your way out, but inflicting some attrition with sneak attacks might make your life easier.
No. 628293 ID: f5705c
File 142586148060.png - (12.32KB , 640x400 , In Summary.png )

Yea, I just have to continue trought the Main road, until I arrive at the exit.
Right now, I am wearing a reinforced leather suit wich covers mostly of my body, and I have a fine straight sword.
Other than that, I have my last health potion, and two unknown mineral ores. I used to have a lot more of alchemic tonics and potions, but I think I ended up using them before I got here...

I think my stright sword may be useful enough. A pikeaxe may be too bulky for me. Also they seemed old, and they may break at the first hit. Yet I will consider that idea.

Yes, in fact, I heard one coming this way. He seems to be wearing a more light arsenal that his other companions. Than would mean that he is either smarter, or poorer than them.

Ok, One thing to do would be hide, going back to where I was may be the correct thing to do.

(Author: That`s all for now, see you later)
No. 628307 ID: 9ddf68

hiding is probably a good thing. If we're running away you don't want to give them more of a reason to keep chasing you. That and hiding a dead body can be a pain if blood is involved and any fighting might attract more of his friends to come say hi.
No. 628323 ID: f5705c

There seems to be two entrances that I can reach before he sees me. One Is darker, and I don`t really know what could be there, the other one is the room where I was and I know pretty well.

(Author: Sorry, forgot to mention that.)
No. 628452 ID: 962f6d
File 142594361782.png - (12.93KB , 640x400 , Running.png )

He is getting closer.

ok, the dark corridor will probably be a better hiding spot. He won't see me even if he passes by, and I don`t hear anyone there.
No. 628453 ID: 9ddf68

sounds like a plan
No. 628454 ID: 962f6d
File 142594400197.png - (21.61KB , 640x400 , Hidding in the dark.png )

He is heading into the room where I was.
No. 628456 ID: 9ddf68

great, once he's out of sight continue moving forward so you can get out of this place.
No. 628459 ID: 962f6d
File 142594669245.png - (14.08KB , 640x400 , Made it.png )

Made it, He seemed to took interest on the chest, and got distracted from his goal. But there he goes, continuing his search.
No. 628460 ID: 962f6d
File 142594684675.png - (6.10KB , 640x400 , Hey there.png )

Now all I have to do is...

Knight: Hey there mate! *hic

oh great...

Knight: What are you doin´here? *hic You are not suppoused to be *hic here...
No. 628461 ID: 9ddf68

"I'm on brake, what are you doing here?"
No. 628464 ID: bd8b82

"and you aren't supposed to be drinking. how about we both forget we saw eachother"
No. 628475 ID: 962f6d
File 142595135286.png - (6.29KB , 640x400 , little talk.png )

???: Well, you see...

Knight: oh *hic I did´t mean to sound that aggressive. What I tried to say was that We have closed the entrace to this *hic route. Do you know how dangerous it is? with the demon and all that... You could get yourself killed young man.

???: I... Didn`t thought of that...

Knight: Don´t worry kid, I won´t stop you now, you seemed in a Hurry. Is it a special person we are talking about, right?

(author: all for now, we see later)
No. 628478 ID: d958ad

Yeah she's a real beauty.

...are you the demon he's talking about? I mean it's cool if you are, we're not picky.
No. 628482 ID: 9ddf68

thank him for understanding and continue on your way. Know any other ways out since this one has been blocked?

The glowing eyes kinda tipped me off but I'm guessing you're not human, or at least altered in some way. Was going to ask once we found a safe spot but since it's been brought up might as well ask now.
No. 628628 ID: 85d3f7
File 142602843488.png - (6.49KB , 640x400 , Thought.png )

???: I don`t know if I should tell...

Knight: Understood, kid, Won`t tell anyone. *wink

NO, I am not a demon! I am just uh... different.

Knight: *glup *glup *glup

There is only one other way out, And it is on the other way around, so I hope that is only "blocked" and not "destroyed".

Knight: *glup *glup *glup

By the...! How much does he have on that?!
No. 628629 ID: d3be40

Knock him out and steal the flask of infinite liquid?

You can worry about this later, just keep moving or the real soldiers are going to catch up!
No. 628632 ID: 85d3f7
File 142602993624.png - (13.18KB , 640x400 , Walking.png )

???: umm, sorry, but could you lead me to the exit?

Knight: oh, yeah, sorry for that, follow me.

???: huh… thanks, I really appreciate this.

Knight: Don`t worry kid, I got the feeling you may be late for your date, and you better not keep a girl waiting, in case you are late, just tell that the inquisition stopped you from crossing, I will even declare to that!
No. 628634 ID: 85d3f7
File 142603030753.png - (96.08KB , 640x400 , Barrier.png )

Knight: Here it is,*hic I sealed with a Sacred ward, so nobody would be able to come in or out. just let me unward it.

Wait, That flask is his sacred talisman?!

knight: Are you ready, kid?

???: for wha... OH, NO PLEA...
No. 628635 ID: 85d3f7
File 142603035619.png - (6.42KB , 640x400 , White.png )

No. 628637 ID: 85d3f7
File 142603074506.png - (10.16KB , 640x400 , Freedom.png )

Knight: hahahaha! I love doing that to the recruits!

???: ... I think I am not blind... Wait, Recruits? What rank are you then?

Sir Mark: oh! Didn't I introduced me? *hic sorry for that, My name is Sir Mark, Grand Warden of the knights of the Inquisition! and off you go kid! *hic Maybe we will cross roads again.
No. 628643 ID: d958ad

Hah, of course you'll meet again. After he said that it's practically guaranteed. Wave at him as you go. As soon as you're out of sight fucking run and don't stop until you're somewhere safe.
No. 628645 ID: 8d0e32

Thank him for being a bro and take off once you're out of sight like the devil himself is after you, then once you're safe we'll ask questions and answer yours should you have any
No. 628646 ID: 85d3f7
File 142603603061.png - (37.28KB , 640x400 , Farewell.png )

???: Thanks Sir Mark.

Sir Mark: Don`t mention it kid *hic... What are you doing? Start running! You are going to be late! *hic

???: Right, Farewell!

I start running as he said, to a safer place, once there, I... We will plan mi next move, and probably freak out.

Actually, I kinda want to meet again with him, under better circumstances, Aside from the fact that he was very drunk, he seemed more smarter that the rest of the knights, but that is not saying much.

(that´s all for now, see you later.)
No. 628743 ID: e8d986
File 142611707965.png - (10.23KB , 640x400 , Sir!.png )

...I just hope he can escape.

Knight: Sir! I saw a bright light, What happened?

Sir Mark: As you can see, nothing in particular.

Knight: But sir, Why have you opened the seal?

Sir Mark: Because I was suffocating you idiot, I needed some fresh air. Why Have you come back? Did you find the Demon?

Knight: no sir... I starting to...

Sir Mark: Don`t you Fucking dare to start with that! You and your friends were the ones that wanted to come in and try to capture this demon!

Knight: At least you could help, you know?! All what you did was waiting here and drink from that stupid flask!

Sir Mark: My Sacred artifact is not reacting to anything, So I am completely sure that there is no demon on the surroundings.

Knight: Well, maybe your devotion to your god isn`t that Big and pure as you say.
No. 628744 ID: e8d986
File 142611711471.png - (10.31KB , 640x400 , Rookies.png )

Sir Mark:...What did you just said about my devotion?!


Sir Mark: I have been in the order for way much longer that you have, initiate, And you are in no position to argue about devotion, especially since you don´t even have an sacred artifact with you, or even a simple charm.
Sir Mark: I have been waiting for more than twelve hours, Because the kids I was asked to babysit, are some stupid glory seekers. Some other wardens may like it, but I don't.
Sir Mark: I have been drinking for passing the time, because some stupid and undisciplined initiates have entered this caves and started looking for something that may even not be there, without my order.
Sir Mark: So what do you have to say to that?!

Knight: ...I... I am sure that... The demon must be using some kind of dark magic for blind us...Making you... unable to... detect him, Sir!

Sir Mark: So do you still believe on that? Well then, go back in there, and find this demon! and when you surrender, seek for your friends, and report back to me. Did you understood?!

Knight: y... yes sir!

And there he goes...How much time do I have to do this?...
No. 628745 ID: e8d986

Sir Mark: "And what are you all still doing here?! Follow that kid!"
No. 628747 ID: bd8b82

as long as your god says you do. it's hard but that's what you gotta do when the big man asks.
No. 628748 ID: e8d986
File 142611789513.png - (14.77KB , 640x400 , Oh, Hello.png )

Oh, hello there! How have you been?
Your help may have been useful a moment ago, you know?
Any way, I am so glad to have escaped that cave, and really appreciate your help, In fact I am Happy!
And look! I have a campfire, a river where I already caught some fish from, and the fresh air, and the birds. For one that have lost everything, I would say that I have many things right now!
I am euphoric, like, really euphoric, like when you are picking up healing herbs and confuse one with other?
Well, Ain`t I lucky for it not being a mortal poison?! And don`t worry, It will wear off eventually...
No. 628751 ID: e8d986
File 142611848586.png - (14.33KB , 640x400 , Weared off.png )

...Dammit... How could I have made a Mistake such as That!?

Anyway, As I think I may have said, I somewhat thankful to you for helping me back there, and for calming me a bit.

"???" Trust in the voices: 10%

Well, You seemed to have some questions I believe, go on with those then, I only have one question right now, and it can wait until you all are done.
No. 628754 ID: d3be40

Pick one:

Who ARE you?

What is your goal?

Why do those knights-for-hire think that you're some kind of demon?

What do you normally eat?

Do you have any squad members? (Friends, minions, etc.)
No. 628756 ID: d958ad

So uh, what did you lose? Are there others like you? Are you a guy or a girl?
No. 628761 ID: 330ce5

Do you mind sharing your name with us?
No. 628763 ID: 8d0e32

So what's the plan now that nobody trying to gut you?
No. 628804 ID: fa07c2

Why don't you dance to celebrate your successful escape? amuse us a bit
No. 628846 ID: 2ecd7f
File 142620690863.png - (20.78KB , 640x400 , Answers.png )

Well, My name Is Sheik (and I am a guy), A commander Graduated from the military academy of the old empire, at the age of 16. But all of that went down when The inquisition indicted me of being a demon. Who would have thought I would retire so soon...?

My Actual goal is... well, With surviving I will be quite satisfied, But right now, I would like to escape as far away as I can, until the knights get tired of their search.

Those Weren't knights for hire... They were members of the order of the "Knights of the inquisition". That order was born because of the numerous demons and Dark magic users that were threatening the old empire, centuries ago. Now they believe that it is their duty to protect everyone from anything that looks suspicious. Including me apparently, Because of the fact that I dont want to show my face to anyone. They have a hall on almost all the kingdoms, but their influence varies. They use Holy Magic(or sacred, whatever you prefer), and is based more on the devotion to their gods, than the magic affinity or magic power of each of them.

What do I normally eat...? I prefer meat, or cheese, also apples are nice... Though I don't know how would that help.

I Had some friends, but i would prefer to stay away from them for now, They could be in Great danger around me, And I can travel faster on my own. As for minnions... I would prefer to call them soldiers, or subordinates, for example, and I had them too, with luck, they managed to escape, and are working under someone else command, maybe for better. Also, Squad... I like that word.

...I am not longer in the effects of that herb, you know? Also there is no music.

-"Are there others like you?"-
Others like me? what do you mean?

Why this fish doesn´t look tasteful? Am I doing something wrong?
No. 628847 ID: 2ecd7f
File 142620699525.png - (20.48KB , 640x400 , Actual location.png )

HA! "nobody trying to gut me"... You all know little about this world then... The knights won`t give up easily and there are bandits that may want to rob me, and while at it, kill me, and those are only the Human threats. the only difference now, is that I can go on almost freely, let me make a simple map of what I can remember of the local area.

There is a small village at the south, there is little to be said about it, and I could buy some supplies, or I could go directly to the Republic of Soria, a city under protection of the king, but with government of merchants. A Fancy, but dangerous place. Right now, anywere is nice.
No. 628850 ID: d3be40

Buy some supplies. The road to the republic looks like a long trek.
No. 628854 ID: 8d0e32

Hit up the town, pretend to be a prospected who might have found a potential mining spot and want to see what kind of oar you dug up. Sell oar you have on you and buy supplies with cash. Then leave before you're knightly shadows show up again.

Also why did they mark you a demon?
No. 628879 ID: d958ad

So, why don't you want to show your face to anyone?
No. 628927 ID: 07e178
File 142627907231.png - (14.01KB , 640x400 , ___.png )

...That is something personal, and I don´t Think it will help talking about it right now...

I don´t think I will be able to act as an prospector, If they asked, I know near to nothing about minerals or stones...

-"Also why did they mark you a demon?"-
I don`t know, and I wasn`t going to stay put until the trial to find out, especially since I could smell a trap. As soon as I saw my chance, I escaped.
No. 628928 ID: 07e178
File 142627915374.png - (13.95KB , 640x400 , So.png )

Anyway, before we start planning, Here is my question:
Who or what are you? I mean, do you have a clue?
No. 628929 ID: d958ad

No idea. Maybe we're the restless spirits of the innocent victims of the inquisition?
No. 628932 ID: 9ddf68

your guess is as good as ours. One moment we weren't here and the next we were. If you want you can name us whatever you want.
No. 628942 ID: 9297f4

Your guess is as good as ours. I like to think that we are just your inner voice, but broken up and very loud.
No. 628953 ID: 07e178
File 142629225484.png - (16.84KB , 640x400 , Really.png )

...Really? You don´t remember anything of importance?

Well, I supouse its all right... So, How should I call you as a Whole? Or Should I keep calling you "voices"? It would be fair if it is your choice.
No. 628954 ID: 2fe45a

You can call us god.

Just kidding, would be good for you to call us "partner". After all we are gonna try to help you as far as we can
No. 628956 ID: 9ddf68

name us whatever you want, I mean we just kinda showed up out of no where and won't leave you alone, least we can do is let you name us.
No. 628971 ID: d3be40

We're a small network of people, each with their own opinions and tactics, so "voices" would be more appropriate than "whole".
No. 628976 ID: 330ce5

Voices usually works but 'partner' could work too. I think it would be cool calling us the 'the wind' but it matters less than you think.
No. 629038 ID: f75cf9

We've been called "Voice of the Many" at other times (in other worlds?) so you can call us that if you want a Fancy name.
No. 629072 ID: 49e870
File 142634715131.png - (14.89KB , 640x400 , Named.png )

Well, "Voice of the many" Sounds good, or at least better that what was I thinking, "Advisors".
Partner sounds good, but I would prefer to give that title to someone who is physically present.
Wind may also be good, if it wasn´t an element of the "spiritual magic".
So I think it will be "The voice of the many", for now at least.

Sheik Trust in "the voice of the many": 15%

Also, I don´t think I want to ask about that "in other times/worlds" thing.

Wait... Did you heard that?
No. 629074 ID: 49e870
File 142634783473.png - (5.55KB , 640x400 , Listen.png )

The birds aren't singing... and most of the animals have gone away... it is silent, and then again I am listening something...

It seems to be far away, but it's coming...
No. 629075 ID: 49e870
File 142634807839.png - (28.31KB , 640x400 , Sound.png )

...I hear steps... it's seems to have an humanoid shape, yet it is light, and apparently small.

It seems to be running, and doesn´t care about making noice...
No. 629089 ID: 9ddf68

this the kind of thing where you want to quickly put out your fire and clime a tree and hope it leaves or something you want to investigate? Because I'm leaning towards the tree myself.
No. 629097 ID: d958ad

Far away? Well, yeah, put out the fire and get out of sight so you can see what it is safely.
No. 629100 ID: bf31c9
File 142636449124.png - (17.98KB , 640x400 , Sound2.png )

Wait... There is more... wolves! at least 3 of them, they seem to be chasing the first Being!
No. 629101 ID: bf31c9
File 142636488015.png - (18.58KB , 640x400 , Sound3.png )

Dammit! The one running away is a child! What is doing in middle of the forest?!
No. 629102 ID: d958ad

Oh. New plan, grab a flaming log from the fire and prepare to use it to chase off the wolves.
No. 629152 ID: bf31c9
File 142638545436.png - (17.14KB , 640x400 , Hurry.png )

Normally i would take some time, But now, Only my life is at risk by taking this decision.

I would like to do that, but this is closed terrain, and everything surrounding me is flammable. Maybe I won´t cause a fire, but safety first...
No. 629153 ID: bf31c9
File 142638550648.png - (7.57KB , 640x400 , fallen tree.png )

Come on! Faster!
No. 629154 ID: bf31c9
File 142638553853.png - (12.53KB , 640x400 , She.png )

There! Dammit! She is already surrounded!
No. 629155 ID: bf31c9
File 142638562299.png - (19.21KB , 640x400 , Stay Back.png )

Get out of the way!

Sheik: Stay back!


Ok... There are other 2 wolves Left... What are they waiting for!?
Wait... they seem sick, Whatever they have, it may be contagious...
No. 629156 ID: 9297f4

Damn, the girl's been bitten/scratched. She may already have whatever the dog's are infected with. Take care of them quickly and clean out her wounds to the best of your ability before making your way to the town we talked about.
No. 629157 ID: 9ddf68

ok assuming the wolves haven't gone completely mad they're probably going to have one distract you and the other is going to try and get behind you so keep an eye on both of them. Stick near the tree since that can't sneak up on you that way and you'll be able to protect the girl easier and when the close in pick on and finish it off quickly so you can deal with the other.
No. 629159 ID: d958ad

Oh, you have a sword. Yeah that's better than a burning log.

This is a good plan. You could also throw a rock at one of them.
No. 629162 ID: d3be40

Intimidate the wolves, you don't want to risk the girl getting killed in the crossfire!

Try using acid or alcohol to clean the wounds. Having a giant scar on your face is preferable to your BRAIN EXPANDING FROM INFLAMMATION AND YOUR MIND RIPPING ITSELF APART FROM THE STRAIN. Rabies is a serious disease if the cure isn't administered in a few minutes.
No. 629274 ID: 1ce174
File 142646171180.png - (18.35KB , 640x400 , Standing.png )

The again, you are right about the girl...

Sheik: You, stay behind of the tree, and if you hear a wolf coming, go to the other side, Always keep the tree in the way, Understand? And don´t run away, unless there is no other option, if you do, I may not be able to help you.
Girl: y...yes...
With luck, that may make them focus only on me.

They won´t do anything... They just stand there...
Itry trowing some stones at them, they just dodge them and stand still... I hate attrition battles...And this is one I can't win, I haven't eaten since yesterday...
Also, I am hearing something Big coming.
I need to act, and I have a plan but it may be risky...

I will take care of her once we take care of the problem at hand.
No. 629275 ID: 1ce174
File 142646182195.png - (3.96KB , 640x400 , Tactic1.png )

Also, let me show you. Thanks to my trained senses, I can get some basic information about the battlefield on my surroundings. helping me locate friendlies and foes alike. But with this, I can´t show you details. In this case, there is not much details to be said on wolves.
Or at least I don`t know much about them. The point is, if I were fighting a man, I could show if he is afraid, or enraged, or if they are trained or not. But I can tell where are them. It may come in handy after.

Here is my plan:
First of all, once the girl is behind the tree, I will strike the one on the left. I will only use my right hand for the strike, the other one will be for moving my cape for confusing the other one, that may come after me. he will try to jump and bite me in the neck, With my cape moving, It may commit a mistake.
Then I will turn and kill it. And then I will take care of the other wolf.
No. 629276 ID: 1ce174

Unless you have a better plan...
No. 629280 ID: 9ddf68

sounds good assuming the wolf you ignore doesn't just go straight for the girl. Also don't worry so much about killing, a crippling blow will work just as well and might even slow whatever big thing is coming this way seeing as it would probably go for the easier meal.
No. 629285 ID: 1ce174
File 142646351592.png - (27.38KB , 640x400 , Trap.png )

Well no time to waste, Whatever is coming, is getting closer. It´s now or death!

I have missed the first strike, but it seems that they fell for it. The other one is jumping, and thinking I am way closer that I really am.
No. 629286 ID: 1ce174
File 142646358072.png - (10.90KB , 640x400 , Strike.png )

Now I turn, And strike!
No. 629289 ID: 1ce174
File 142646395463.png - (25.29KB , 640x400 , Sasha.png )

Dammit! He was heavier that I thought! Get up!

There, now... By all the... I have to fight THAT!?
Or maybe it´s not hostile? I will just...

Wolf: GRRR...

Yes, its is hostile, and it wants to rip me apart.

Girl: Sasha! You arrive just in time!

Sheik: Sasha?
No. 629290 ID: d3be40

Okay, all hostiles eliminated. Make sure that the girl and her pet wolf can get to safety. Be sure to tell the girl to take a bath in disinfectant to prevent a fatal disease. Give the wolf a bath just in case.

Good job, get paid (don't ask for money yet, just explain that you need to get to safety yourself) and buy supplies!
No. 629291 ID: bd8b82

slowly move sideways so that you are not in between this sasha and the girl.
No. 629293 ID: d3877a

Now take care of the girl and when you're done leave like a hero whose heroic moment was stolen by a pet
No. 629298 ID: 330ce5

Maybe it is the girl's pet or something, lower your sword but don't put it away. Talk to the girl see if she can calm 'Sasha' down.
No. 629308 ID: 1ce174
File 142646746832.png - (15.58KB , 640x400 , Reunion.png )

I stand aside, the girl moves forward and hugs her wolf... doesnt matter how many times I see it, I am suprised, That wolf could easily rip one of mi limbs apart if she wanted... And by that vicious look that Sasha just gave me, I think she´is just waiting for a reason to do so...

I clean off some of the blood on my sword and after that, I try to clean of the girl wounds, Sasha puts her away.

Girl: It´s all right Sasha... He Saved me... You both saved me.

Sasha seems to doubt for a second, but then she let me examine the girl... Her wounds don´t seem to be letal, but I fear for the Disease those Wolves may had. I do the best to apply some healing herbs to the wounds. But knowing nothing about the disease makes makes it harder to think on something that may help in her condition, specially without proper equipement...

Unfortunately, I am not a hero, And never call me like that again... sorry... Just don´t do it, ok?

Well, The girl seems to be able to command her...
No. 629311 ID: 9ddf68

ask what the girl's plans are now and why she was being chased. Then say if she want's she can follow you to town since you need supplies anyways.
No. 629312 ID: bd8b82

tell her to find a priest that can heal disease.

unless you can use infernal powers to do that.
No. 629313 ID: d958ad

You might want to ask where the nearest town with a doctor is. Warn her that the wolves seemed diseased and she might have caught it from those wounds, so she should try to get further medical attention.
No. 629325 ID: d3be40


Also, ask her where to find a dungeon or something. You'll want to delve for loot to buy real supplies.
No. 629404 ID: 3fc285
File 142652248713.png - (8.99KB , 640x400 , Quest1.png )

Sheik: well...

Sasha: *stares

I don´t think she likes me...

Girl: What is it? Don´t worry, Sasha won´t hurt you... at least for now.

Sheik: wh... where is she going?

Girl: She dislikes being seen, especially when she feels more than one person around... She is weird sometimes.

Well, even with her white fur, I can't even see her through the forest, but at least I can hear her

Sheik: What were you doing here? Isn´t dangerous to be here, even with Sasha?


Suddenly Sasha stays quiet. Time to change the approach.

Sheik: don´t feel sorry, I just want to know what made you come here in the middle of the forest.

Girl: I was... playing with Sasha when those wolves appeared...

Well... That´s a rather simple answer... But I understand why wouldn't she tell me the truth. Sasha continues moving around... Does she know I can hear her?


Sheik: Those wolves... they seemed to carry a disease... Maybe you...

Girl: Don´t worry, I already survived that. And the doctor said I was inmune now.

Sheik: what do you mean?

Girl: Every one in the village is sick from this, and I was one of the first ones that was cured.

Sheik: So you came here to see what was causing the disease, isn't it?

Girl: ...

That seem to have hit the spot... But Sasha seems to be somewhat angry...

Girl: Wait... Have you eaten anything from here, specially from the river?!

Sheik: No... I haven´t eaten since yesterday... I was trying to cook a Fish but it may be ruined by now...

Girl: oh... that is good, That means you are not sick.

Yet I am still hungry...

Girl: well, Thanks for the help... but will you help me to find the cause of the disease?

[accept quest?]
No. 629406 ID: d3be40

As long as it involves trekking into territory that the knights won't tread.
No. 629409 ID: 330ce5

Sure, but in exchange can she show us where we can eat non-contaminated food? Can't save lives on an empty stomach.
No. 629438 ID: 9ddf68

...well if she comes from the village and you find out what is making them sick it might mean they'll give you a reward which could be helpful with resupplying since you're flat broke. That and seeing how well she's been doing so far I really don't like the idea of leaving a little girl alone in the woods, wolf or no wolf. Just keep some distance as not to piss of the white wolf.
No. 629441 ID: bd8b82

if it's in the fish, then it's probably coming from upriver.
No. 629446 ID: 3fc285
File 142654644103.png - (13.49KB , 640x400 , Going back.png )

[Quest accepted]

Sheik: I will help you, for now at least.

Girl: Yes, Thank you!

Sheik: But, I haven´t eaten since yesterday, would you have some food that is not infected?

Girl, Yes, have some of the bread that they gave me for eating, I am already full... As far as I know, it´s not infected, so you should be fine.

...oh this bread tastes good, And better save it for now, Who knows when I will be able to eat something else... -HALF EATEN BREAD added to inventory.-

Sheik: So What do you know about the disease? Any clue about its origins?

Girl:...The Villagers say that it is dark magic...

Sheik: They always say that.

Girl:... It was the Monk of the chapel... and The doctor, they Where the first ones said that...

Sheik: oh... Well...

Girl: And they all think it´s Sasha´s Fault.

Sheik: What?

Girl: Well, every villager does, and the monk and the doctor Haven´t said it, But I know they think that she did it, they think that she may be a demon in the form of a wolf, or at least a demonic familiar.

How interesting... How people starts blaming of everything they dont understand or they dont know, to someone without any proof... Only because of fear. Well, Maybe is not dark magic, I have my doubts that somebody will go so far as to use dark magic just to cause a disease, or even use any kind of magic...

Sheik: Well, Follow me, We will go to where I was camping, maybe the disease is coming from the river?

Girl: Maybe, it´s a possibility...

Sheik: Also, before I forget, My name is Sheik, What's yours?

Rose: My name is Rose, but you can call me whatever you want, everyone does.

I don´t think she likes that Though.

[Rose and Sasha Have joined Temporarily to the party]

Yea, maybe, first we will see how everthing ends. Also I am not Flat broke, I have 120 gold coins!... which is enough to buy some food and... maybe staying in some inn for a night or two.

Wait a Second... Now that I think of it... Did I ever told you about my skills or general knowledge? I mean, I dont remember you asking that, and I don't remember mentioning it... Or do you already know, more or less, what I am capable of? I am still new to this... thing which you all seem so familiar with.
No. 629448 ID: d958ad

Nope, you may as well tell us your skills and such.
No. 629452 ID: 9ddf68

only thing you told us is you use to be a general, have damn good ears, and that dip shits think you're a demon. But if you left anything out feel free to tell us.
No. 629453 ID: 3fc285
File 142654917636.png - (9.81KB , 640x400 , Sheik.png )

Well, Where should I start?
I have some basic knowledge about fighting hand to hand and with weapons.
My Favorite weapon is the spear or some other polearm, but a Sword is also nice. Yet I know how to use other kind of weapons, but I kind of dislike maces and axes.

I have basic knowledge about all kind of magic (Alchemy, Holy magic, spiritual magic, pyromancy and Dark magic) but I am not a Natural magic user, my Magical power does not regenerate naturally, and I only know how to use alchemy, The magic that allow us to improve or reduce some of the properties of elements surrounding us, like making an healing herb more powerful.

I also have some knowledge about herbs and other natural resources that may come helpful for making good medicines or dangerous poisons.

And I know some of strategy, But I don´t know how that may help.

And i don't think I am forgetting something else... maybe.
No. 629455 ID: 9ddf68

well may as well head back to camp and see if the girl wants that fish since she said it wouldn't bother her anymore and you can have some bread. then if the day isn't to late you can try to follow the river and see what you can find. Just remember to always keep an eye on the white wolf (or ear) and try to stay at arms length of Rose so not to piss it off.
No. 629456 ID: bd8b82

>my Magical power does not regenerate naturally

so can it regenerate unnaturally?
No. 629641 ID: 962bff
File 142662078724.png - (23.18KB , 640x400 , In the camp.png )

It can regenerate If I take ot from other sources, such as a magic potion or an ingredient, while someone with a natural affinity to magic power can regenerate it, most of the time they just need to wait, But their magic normally is a bit weaker.
My Actual Magic power balance is... 0/100?! I don't remember using magical power for anything since I started to flee... well, I think it dosen´t matter for now, I don´t depend on magic.

Sheik: Emm...This fish looks well?

Rose: You don't know how to cook, right?

Sheik: Well, I never cooked a Fish before, from where I come from, fishes are only brought by merchants...

Rose: Well, For a start is ok... But next time, Try at least to spin it...

Sheik: Wait, that's it? Just like any other animal?

Rose: yes, and remember to take out it´s scales, or at least that´s all they showed me.

Sheik: oh, ok...

She takes the fish, Though she reminds me that she is not hungry. I think it still is early, more or less 11:00 a.m.? I Think we have time to search along the river for anything suspicious.

Which reminds me you all know little about this world... Well In summary, Dark Magic is a kind of magic only used by demons and their helpers, Being a minion or a human who made a deal with them. If it is truth that this disease was made thanks to dark magic, We may expect some nasty surprises.

Well, I don´t know much else we can do for preparing ourselves, but I don´t think that a sword will be enough to deal with a dark mage. Maybe you have some ideas?
No. 629642 ID: bd8b82

well if you DO have some demon blood maybe you can just... suck it up? find the dark magic and steal it's energy.
No. 629643 ID: d3be40


Sorry about that. We may not know much about this world, but there might be things in your world that are unexplainable to you but pounded into our heads since elementary school. Take us with you and we might be able to sabotage the source of the black magic, without even casting ANY magic (other than whatever we're using to communicate with you)!
No. 629655 ID: f75cf9

Yeah, we don't know much about dark magic... but if the disease isn't magical in nature, we just may be able to figure out what is causing it.

First thing to figure that out would be, what are the symptoms? We already know it can infect both humans and wolves, and it can apparently be transmitted by food and/or water... oh yeah, you should boil any water here before drinking it.

...So if they have a cure, you can't get the disease more than once, and everyone in the village already has it... why is it such a big deal where it came from? Your effort might be better spent on curing anyone who still has the disease. Mind finding that out is still good, but it doesn't seem like the highest priority. Well, unless the villagers are on the verge of lynching Sasha... which they probably are... okay, yeah, disregard that.
No. 629666 ID: 962bff
File 142663145429.png - (20.47KB , 640x400 , Thanks.png )


Rose: What are you staring at?

Sheik: uhh.. oh! nothing, I am just thinking.

Rose:... You are weird...

Well, Even if they managed to cure the disease, and get themselves inmune to that, animals may spread the disease faster that the villagers may be able to spread the cure.
Also if there is dark magic involved, once the mage sees this, he could just make some changes, and there you have it, a new disease spreading. Stopping him or her may be the only way to stop the disease permanently.

Sheik: So... How did the doctor cured you?

Rose: The doct... yes the doctor cured me

Sheik: well... How did he?

Rose: I don´t know.... Using his doctor skills?

Either she is lying or or she is not paying much attention. I Think that it´s the first one.

Anyway, As I said, My sword may be not enough because mages love to be as far away of their foes as possible, usually. Getting close may be my only option, But I may need to be ready in case of it not being possible. He or She probably doesn't wear any armor aside from his clothes, Mages always do that for some reason.
No. 629668 ID: 962bff

Now that i think of it... Just when I asked about how she was cured, Sasha was a bit more agitated...
No. 629674 ID: bd8b82

hmm... drop it for now. think we should scout the place out first. intel is important. as the saying goes, "knowing is half the battle", and we know too little.
No. 629681 ID: d3be40

Well, imagine how much it would hurt if you set your armor on fire. Or cast a thunderstorm with metal armor. Or froze your chainmail to be unresponsive AND brittle. Or caused a chemical reaction that was NOT compliant with health and safety regulations. And then there's all the hassle and risk when inscribing pre-programmed magic into heavy armor, compared to enchanting small threads throughout a robe. And THEN there's the physical encumbrances of weight, equip/unequip time, blind spots, maneuverability, etc. Which are dangerous when you need to perform actions that require dexterous hands.

Some mages are capable of wearing armor, but it takes skill to prevent that armor from working against them.
No. 629682 ID: 330ce5

Maybe you can craft a makeshift bow with some arrows or maybe a spear will do the trick. If that is too far out of your wheelhouse we could check out the village this girl is from for supplies.
No. 629690 ID: d958ad

If you know alchemy, could you find something to turn into a bomb? Or if you have experience with making bows, you could try carving one.
No. 629694 ID: f75cf9

Hmm... Maybe Sasha cured her?

Probably don't press it for now. If you do ask her about it, be sure to let her know you're only asking to find out where it came from. Also that you won't assume Sasha started it because she can cure it.

As for the dark mage. I don't suppose there's any magic-resistant material you might find nearby? Barring that, ranged weapons are your best bet, yeah. A sling is relatively easy to make and get ammunition for, if you know how to aim one. Otherwise a javelin may be your best bet. Bows are highly effective but you'd need something to make a bowstring from. Plus unless you get fletching the arrows aren't going to be very accurate.

Of course if you can visit the village and get some real weaponry there, that'd be ideal, but I suspect that won't be an option.
No. 629780 ID: 79c990
File 142669448579.png - (21.57KB , 640x400 , Javelins.png )

... I... I can´t believe this... I asked mages of all over the world why they used clothes instead of some armor when going to battle, And all they would answer me is "My master used them" or "In the arcane books, every mage appears with them" And they would never give me a logical Reason! And to think that we needed someone from another world to figure this out...

Well, Point taken!

Sheik Trust in "the voice of the many": 17%


Well, I think you may be confusing alchemy with Herbology, wich is actually pretty common, The difference is that Alchemy needs an reaction to work with, and once you have it, you add magical power to it in order to make the reaction more powerful without need if adding more ingredients. While herbology works on the reaction that every ingredient has, and how they could combine.

Right now, without any magical power at hand, I can´t do much, and making a bomb strong enough would require me to have some tools to work on that.


I don´t know how to make a Bow, And even if I knew, I dont have anything to use as a string, But some improvised javelins will do the trick, I think. I will have two for be sure, and small enough to have them hidden behind my cape.

I don´t think there are many magical resistant materials around here, and i don´t know how would they look like.

Also, the village is not an option, the knights of the inquisition may, or may not, be there, and I hope they don´t, because if they feel any kind dark magic, they are capable of burning the entire village to the ground, and me being there will be an interesting coincidence. I intend to go to the village but once it is secure.

Sheik: Well, looks like i am ready, let´s get moving.

Rose: You took quite some time...

We start walking, and just for safety, We stay inside the forest. Sasha Is following us, I Thought of asking Rose to tell her to scout the area in front of us, but it may be best to not do so, who knows how she would react...
No. 629789 ID: 6c147a

So why don't you ask about where the hell did she found out a pet like sasha!? that bothers me a lot and it may be linked to the disease perhaps. I'm just saying
No. 629791 ID: bd8b82

obviously don't MENTION sasha could be linked.
No. 629796 ID: 79c990
File 142671156386.png - (6.71KB , 640x400 , Villagers.png )

I don´t think it is convenient to speak about Shasha for now, I think she may get upset...

We walked for some hours, but we did´t find anything.

Rose: So... You don´t speak much, don´t you?

Sheik: I think I have spoken much, for a day

Rose: Hum...

We finally arrive somewhere, there is a hut here, and two persons, one with a woodman axe and the other one with a hunting bow. I hear others searching around the area. Sasha seems very worried about this.

Rose: (Whispers) They are from the village...

This is weird, what are they doing out here? If they were searching for Sasha, they would do it closer to their town... Should I go talk to them?
No. 629816 ID: f75cf9

Yes, but tell Rose and Sasha to hide until you give a signal.

And uh... try to stay near some cover if at all possible.
No. 629841 ID: bd8b82

announce yourself, and ask what news.
No. 629844 ID: 6c147a

Try avoid them, if they have fear of an animal like sasha they won't be nice with strangers. Even more if you don't show your face

Maybe they are looking for the cause just like you and think that you are the bad guy here. Don't risk yourself
No. 629914 ID: c8f6c1
File 142677855492.png - (6.73KB , 640x400 , Meeting.png )

That may be true...

They are just standing there though, the other ones may be the ones looking for the wolf, but these two aren´t doing anything, Just watching. It seems I am not going to get any more information about this situation here...

Sheik: Stay here.

Rose: What are you going to do?

Sheik: Find out what is going on.

I step out of the Forest. Inmediantly the two Villagers see me, .

Sheik: Hi

Villager: What? Who are you? What are you doing here?

Sheik: I am just a traveler and I got lost in the forest..

Villager: But how did you end up here?

Sheik: I got distracted and lost my way.

Villager: oh... look, stranger, we are on the hunt here. There is a very big wolf in the forest, you are lucky you haven´t found it, It could rip your arms apart if it wanted.

...Something smells, This guy isn't trying to lie me, but somehow it seems that those aren't his words... I hear how the other ones that were inside the forest suddenly stop searching, and keep themselves quiet. Sasha and Rose are still hiding behind me, And there was no one in their proximity.

Villager: So... Is there anything I can do for you?
No. 629918 ID: bd8b82

half truth time, say you were attacked by three smaller wolves, and they looked ill. what do they know about it?
No. 629937 ID: f75cf9

"Somehow you don't sound too convinced of that..."
No. 630000 ID: c8f6c1
File 142681035691.png - (6.76KB , 640x400 , Hostiles.png )


Sheik: I was attacked By three wolfs on the way here, they seemed to have some kind of disease.

Villager: Did they bite you?!

Sheik: No, I managed to come out of it without a scratch

Villager: Thats a sh... I mean, good, that´s good, I don´t know what could they have, but is better to be safe and avoid direct contact.

Sheik: ... I see...

Villager: So, You seem to have not eaten very well lately, Come, I have some fish that we caught from river, We could cook it, and then you can follow your way. In fact, I think that is almost time for our meal, Every one should be coming back. Why don´t you stay with us?

...Yes, just as he said, every one that was inside the forest seems to be heading this way...
I won´t keep with this charade.
Sheik: By any chance... The host is a dark mage?

Villager: Wha...?! You have been listening to that child Rose Haven´t you?! Well, I tell you can´t trust in... HER!

He throws something at me!
No. 630001 ID: c8f6c1
File 142681038752.png - (15.19KB , 640x400 , Block.png )

I instinctively block whatever he threw, but it shatters, and in the inside it contains a black gas, but it doesn´t take long until it fades away.

???: Hm, Another one for me...

Sheik: Well, I should have seen that coming... You must be our Host...

Dark Mage: Well, Someone that is not very impressed I see.
No. 630002 ID: c8f6c1
File 142681047861.png - (4.20KB , 640x400 , Dark mage.png )

Sheik: Well, You aren´t the first mage I see...

Dark Mage: It doesn´t matter, That gas you just breathed, it carried the disease, and soon I will be able to control you.

Sheik: Unless I Take you down first.

Dark Mage: O really? Well, "Great" Hero, You wouldn´t kill inocent villagers who are just being controlled by me, Right? They are still alive, but they can control themselves...

Sasha: *Howl

Dark mage: AH!

Villagers: oh.. what?...

Did the villagers managed to control themselves?

Dark mage: Argh... You bring that wolf with you?! Well doesn´t matter, Once You are under my control, I will use you to kill it.

The Villagers are back under his control. Looks like the dark mage needs to be concentrated in order to control them.

Dark Mage: anyway, it is your choise. Will try to kill me, but having to kill innocent in order to do it?

I don't intend to lose here, I dislike killing innocet, But if I have no otehr option, I will do it... Looks like It´s time for some planifications...
No. 630006 ID: 296917

Is your face really distracting? You could use it to break his control for just long enough to get close and gut him.
No. 630007 ID: c8f6c1
File 142681146625.png - (4.10KB , 640x400 , Tacticalmap2.png )

I am mostly surrounded by villagers, Most of them are carrying tools instead of weapons, and the Dark mage is straight ahead. If he loses control over the villagers By losing his concentration, I may be able to advance without needing to hurt anyone but him.

I don´t hear any other villagers coming, it looks like all of them rushed and are already here, but they seem to not had time to organize themselves.

Sasha and Rose are Hiding in the forest at my back, I don´t know what are they going to do, but at the moment they don't seem to have been spotted.

I think the first thing to do is throw a Javelin at him, I am pretty sure that I will get him, But it won´t kill him, not instantly at least...
No. 630009 ID: d3be40

Reverse psychology:

Yell at the dark mage to shoot you in the face. Make your point across that you want him to hit your face with as many mutilating and painful spells as possible.

While he's confused, Sasha dives across the left and aims for his throat.
No. 630010 ID: f75cf9

Yes! Throw the javelin, then lunge between those two villagers and try to get a good stab in on the mage. If that doesn't work try and get around to his other side so Sasha and Rose can flank him. Keep his attention on you and try to back him up and disrupt his concentration as much as you can.
No. 630012 ID: fef726

You don't have to kill the villagers to get at him. They are untrained peasants, parry their blows, and get by them to strike at the mage.

If you do have to harm them, aim for their hands or legs. Try for debilitating wounds that won't immediately lead to death. Maybe even aim for tendons and such if healing magic can heal it.
No. 630013 ID: c8f6c1
File 142681395903.png - (4.84KB , 640x400 , Tacticalmap2up.png )

The Villagers seem to be moving in order to stay between the Dark mage and me, So whatever we do, We better not take much time on doing it, or there will be more obstacles on the way.

But, Will Sasha understand what I want her to do? Then again, those plans are good if we manage to do it...

But on my own, I better throw a Javelin at him and then charge straightforward, unless you have a better idea.

Author: While you are planning, Nothing moves, unless you wait.
No. 630047 ID: bd8b82

charge! uppercut or backhand the guy in your way.
No. 630053 ID: 9df1fd

Try to draw the villagers as close as posibble while moving at the river and when everyone has their eyes on you the dark mage will be expose, Sasha should take that chance if she is intelligent.

I don't think of she as an idiot but if she is an animal at least she should now what to do when a prey is expose
No. 630114 ID: 706e77
File 142688191935.png - (18.23KB , 640x400 , Throw.png )

I will try my best, But I make no promises.

That´s a good point. And Sasha will probably do better against the dark mage that me.

I throw the javelin against him without giving him time to react, he even looks surprised for a second.
No. 630115 ID: 706e77
File 142688193819.png - (9.15KB , 640x400 , Kill Him.png )

He tries to cover his face with some kind of magic shield, But I did´t aimed for that.

Dark mage: Argh...Full of tricks aren´t you?! KILL HIM! KILL HIM NOW!

As soon as he Shouts that, all of the villagers rush at me. I decide to go to the side of the river, Bringing the villagers with me
No. 630116 ID: 706e77
File 142688197962.png - (22.03KB , 640x400 , Hit.png )

One of the Villagers shoots an arrow, But I manage to doge that, But I couldn´t dodge the Spell that the Dark Mage launched at me... No time for damage check... I keep dodging projectiles coming at me, until I have some villagers between me and them.

I parry and dodge as much as I can, but I don´t know how much I will last until I am forced to take a more offensive Stance...
No. 630117 ID: 706e77
File 142688200512.png - (4.46KB , 640x400 , the trap.png )

Luckly, Sasha seem to understand what i wanted to do, and leaps out of the forest, attacking the dark mage while he was distracted, finishing him...
No. 630118 ID: 706e77
File 142688209625.png - (19.56KB , 640x400 , Victory___.png )

After that... The villagers stop attacking me... And they back off...
They say they are sorry for attacking me... I think...
No. 630122 ID: 9df1fd

looks like my plan work as well as expected, except for the part in which you result injured. Sorry for that I wasn't considering that you could get hurt.

So you're gonna leave or going to try to talk with the villagers who don't look too much well from what you said? I'm just curious about your decision
No. 630125 ID: 296917

I see blood at the bottom of your hood. I expect your face is bleeding due to that spell the dark mage hit you with. Get some privacy and inspect yourself to see how bad it is.
No. 630129 ID: f75cf9

Okay, that's him taken care of.

Now it's time for damage report. I expect the villagers will be grateful enough to help you out, but you'll probably have to expose yourself a bit. Looks like you're bleeding out of your mouth? Which is often serious, so get that taken care of NOW.
No. 630131 ID: 706e77
File 142688665820.png - (19.83KB , 640x400 , Or not.png )

Are.... Are you sure...?
ah... Now I... Argh.... I... Can´t hear... clearly what the... Villagers are saying... This... Can´t be good...

Argh... The pain!... Now I feel it...
I Barely can... think... Wha... What I Have to do?!
No. 630134 ID: 9ddf68

find somewhere quiet and see what the guy did to you.
No. 630136 ID: 296917

Probably beg for help. You have the plague, I think. Rose survived it, maybe she can help you?

Put away your sword just in case.
No. 630137 ID: bd8b82

get help. them being scared is better then you being dead.
No. 630170 ID: 706e77
File 142690603350.png - (18.21KB , 640x400 , Not sure.png )

I... Can´t move that... much... I... kind of losing my balance... argh... *cough Great... More blood...

I... ask for help.... I Think... I don´t know if I actually doing it... I... I am probably on my own in this...
I use my... my sword to hold me up... I don´t think this is the plague... These seem to be... internal wounds...
No. 630171 ID: 296917

Oh! Eat a healing herb then.
No. 630174 ID: 13c4a5

You said you have some magic, can you use it to fight whatever this is?
No. 630175 ID: 9ddf68

probably whatever that wizard hit you with, anything come to mind on how to fix that or are you going to have to down your last health potion?
No. 630233 ID: 9df1fd

Where did the magic hit you? Maybe it just a few ribs broken, if you can breath it's mean that is not that bad, you only need to rest and a little help for the damage.

I would recommend you to scream or do whatever you can for help but I can assure you that the villagers gonna see your face while you are asleep.
No. 630235 ID: 9df1fd

Throw yourself to the floor and pray for the villagers to help you. After all there is nothing you can do in that state, unless you have a magic potion or something that could heal you
No. 630244 ID: 706e77
File 142695955127.png - (14.24KB , 640x400 , Health potion.png )

...!...Right... the health potion...

I reach for it... and drink it...

Agh... the effects take some time, but then I feel how the pain is reduced slowly... Well... I think it worked...
No. 630245 ID: 706e77
File 142695964592.png - (15.06KB , 640x400 , Survived.png )

Well, I feel a lot better now... Though there are still some annoyances, I am no longer bleeding and I can stand.

Villager: What happened? Are you okay?

Sheik: I... guess...

Rose: Oh... I was so worr... See Sasha? I told you he was stronger that he looks!

Sasha: *Stares (Smiling?)

The other villagers say thanks too, but they go to the Hut, then, they appear carrying packages of wheat, Cotton and other stuff, they are carrying them to the village, looks like.
No. 630246 ID: 706e77
File 142695976019.png - (14.64KB , 640x400 , Celebration.png )

Villager: Stranger, we owe you our lives, Who knows what that madman thinking to do with us! My door will always be open for you or your friends!

Rose: And he doesn´t say that ofthen!

Villager: Rose... I Trying to make friends here!

Rose: Hee hee, Sorry uncle Ray.

Sheik: Well, I did´t do it alone...

"Uncle" Ray: Of course! Rose... tell Sasha that I am sorry for... My behavior against her...

Rose: She is not dumb, you know? Hee hee, I think she understands you, and she accepts to forgive you.

Sasha: *howl

"Uncle" Ray: ah... Are you sure?

Rose: She is just playing with you.

"Uncle" Ray: Well... Anyway, she is also welcome in our home from now on!

Rose: Well, You heard that Sasha.

Sasha: *Bark

"Uncle" Ray: Well... With that solved, Let us go back to the village, once there we will be able to talk more comfortably. Unless you have some urgent questions.
No. 630247 ID: a9753c

"I need to get to the Republic of Soria as fast as I can. It's not like the fate of the continent is at stake or anything, but if you know any secret passages or something...

Also, I need a few days' supplies to get there. I can handle myself once I get back to my job."
No. 630257 ID: 9ddf68

well most can wait until we get somewhere more comfortable but along the way does your village have a store where I can restock on supplies? While I am glad to have helped I planned to keep traveling once I rested my legs a bit and had enough supplies to move on.
No. 630259 ID: 706e77
File 142696677898.png - (4.08KB , 640x400 , Village map.png )

I not necessarily have to go to the Republic of Soria, But we will discuss about that later.

Sheik: It is possible that I will need to keep traveling, I am a bit short of supplies in general

"Uncle" Ray: I will see what can we do about that. Well, Here we are, you seemed like you could use a walk, I manage the INN.

Rose: You are leaving?

Sheik: First I will rest, at least. Then, it's possible.

Rose: ...Sasha wants to see you before you depart.

Once she said that, Sasha howls and goes inside the forest, disappearing from sight.

[Quest Completed]

Well, Here we are. This village is rather small and scattered, almost all the business and services are in the center of the town, After all, This Town is comonly visited by merchants and travelers moving between the Castle of Aldiamir, The Republic of Soria and the West - East barony.

There is the INN of "Uncle" Ray, an Blacksmith, and it sounds like he is already back to work, A general store, A Medical Consultory, and a Chapel.

There is almost no one around, Which is normal, after all it's harvesting season, almost all of them would be working at their farms.

So, where should we go first?
No. 630260 ID: 9ddf68

Medical Consultory, you're going to need more health potions.
No. 630281 ID: f75cf9

Plus we should make sure we've healed well after that spell.
No. 630330 ID: c95f2f

I'm agree with going to the Medical Consultory then you can restock on supplies. After all, safety first
No. 630346 ID: 34bb38
File 142705511971.png - (13.52KB , 640x400 , Consultory.png )

I Head towards the Medical consultory. Inside I see The doctor.

Doctor: Sorry, we are close!

Sheik: Oh, I will leave then.

Doctor: oh, Wait, wait! You are the one who helped us! Are you in need of medical supplies?

Sheik: Well...

Doctor: Don´t say anything, first, I have to say thanks, Who knows how many lifes you saved. Here, it´s not much, but take them.

I Recieved 3 health potions.

Sheik: Thanks.

Doctor: Now, What do you need? With all the problem with the disease and the dark mage, my consultory is a mess...

Sheik: you see, I was hurt during the battle against the Dark Mage. I used a health potion, but I feel a bit of annoyance in my shoulder, could you Check it?

Doctor: Certainly, Hold still...

He start inspecting me with his magic Staff.

Doctor: Yes... I see what the problems is...

He Hits me with his staff...

Sheik: Ouch!... Why was...?

Doctor: There! One of the bones was a bit out of place, all fixed now.

Sheik: I... See...

I don´t feel any annoyance now.

Doctor: Well, that´s settled then. So, you want to buy something? See what I can offer now, though I still have to make an inventory check.

I have 120 gold coins.

He has (for now at least):
- 2 bandages, useful for taking care of bleeding wounds. - 10 gold coins
- 1 Disinfectant, for making sure wounds not get infected - 20 gold coins
- 1 Health potions, you know what it does. - 50 gold coins (already have: 3)
- 2 Medicines, For curing, or debilitating, poison - 20 gold coins
- 1 resist disease potion, for weakening a disease (Not curing it) - 15 gold coins
- 1 magical potion, for restoring magical power - 40 gold coins
- 1 bottle of remedy, used for curing instantly diseases (Though they say it is dangerous to use it in battle) - 80 gold coins
- 1 potion of the Warrior... A fancy one. I don´t think I have enough money to buy it. It´s effect grants an superior resistance to Whoever drinks it, Giving them strength, health, speed, and willpower. Though it is said that it doesn´t help a lot to the mages. (also, they say it is addictive...) - 200 gold coins

Before buying anything, I think it will be better to see in other places first.
I will write down a list for now...I hate shopping, but i guess I will have to accept it for now.

Sheik: Well, I will be leaving for now.

Doctor: Sure, Do come back, I might find something interesting then.

Next stop is the general store, I am curious to see what´s in there. And I think I may be in need of your help there.
No. 630347 ID: 34bb38
File 142705533369.png - (11.95KB , 640x400 , General Store.png )

Well, here we...

Merchant: Welcome! Welcome! Well, look at that, you are the hero of the village Am I right?

Sheik: My name is Sheik and ple...

Merchant: Well! That´s a name you dont hear very often! Anyway, you saved my business, and what kind of merchant would I be if I not pay my debts?! Here, Have some money, and buy yourself something fancy! Maybe you want something I sell, eh?

I Received 150 gold coins before I could say anything...

Merchant: So, Sheik, What it will be today?

Sheik: I am just watching, trying to organize my spends Before buying.

Merchant: But of course! What could anyone do without money? Well, This is my stock, take a look around!

From all what he has, there are only few things that I consider useful...
I have 270 gold coins

Food for a day. - 5 gold coins

a 10 meters length rope - 30 gold coins

1 meter of wire - 10 gold coins

If you think there is anything specifically that would be useful, we might as well ask him, I am not an expert about traveling alone after all.
If there is nothing, I think we might as well see the blacksmith.
No. 630349 ID: c95f2f

Earlier, you make sound the fact that you have 120 golds like it was too much but seeing the prices...You are kinda poor
No. 630350 ID: c95f2f

The wire will be useful for traps but if you don't plan to kill someone o infiltrate in somewhere it's a waste. You need the food to survive and the rope...well...I suppose you could use it somehow
No. 630351 ID: a9753c

Apothecary: Buy disinfectant. You can make bandages from the clothes of your enemies and some disinfectant. Buy some medicine, since poison users seems like a theme in this area.

General Store: 7 Days of rations should be sufficient. Buy the rope so that you can tie up enemies rather than constantly kill them.

Blacksmith: Buy some metal wire, copper or iron will do; we can teach you how to use it with magic to make cool stuff. And chains, for reinforcing rope ties.
No. 630438 ID: 296917

I suggest buying a day's worth of rations. You appear to be capable of feeding yourself in the wilderness, but rations could be useful in an emergency. Also rope, since you don't have any just yet.

I think I'd like to see what the blacksmith has before we spend much more than that.
No. 630539 ID: a60845
File 142715344566.png - (14.85KB , 640x400 , Blacksmith.png )

Yes, For now it will be better to not spend much money, as it is limited, and we are yet to determine any potential danger on the road.

I go to the blacksmith, and found him on the work, forging a sword.

Blacksmith: Oh, Hold on! Let me finish this blade, I will be with you in a moment...

And, once he finished his work, he comes.

Blacksmith: Well, What do you want to buy? Oh, it´s you....

Sheik: I just...

Blacksmith: Hold on! I know what you need! You require a helmet, right?

Sheik: I am...

Blacksmith: But of course! What am I thinking? With that hood of yours It will be hard to wear it!

Sheik: thats...

Blacksmith: Then it´s settled! It has to be a Sword! No... You already have a sword... Then what About...

Sheik: HEY!

Blacksmith: Oh... I was getting carried away, isn't it...? Sorry for that...

Sheik: It's ok, I suppose.

Blacksmith: Well, Anyway, You saved us all, I don´t know what the others think, but Let me give you a reward, You can choose one objet of my store, And I will give it to you for free... Except that sword and shield of over there, They have been already requested by a knight.

Sheik: I see, well what do you have?

Blacksmith: Well:
-"That other shield there was requested by a knight whose shield was broken on his way here. But he rejected it because it was lighter than he expected, (I don´t understand those knights sometimes) But I can assure you, it is sturdy."
-"Those Axes are mostly made for woodcutting, but i think they will last in a fight, and they are easy to reapair."
-"I also have some spears and halberds, easy to maintain and easy to use (Most of the time, at least). Many of those are already requested by the Captain of the guard in the Republic of Soria, But I can make one for you."
-"I have some tools too, hammers, shovels and that kind of things, if you want one."

Well... What should I Choose? The shield looks interesting and small enough to put it in my arm, and hid it inside my cape (But it may be a bit uncomfortable), and those polearms seem to be very reliable.
I am not that good using axes and I don´t think I will be needing tools, not for now at least.
No. 630583 ID: 08de76

You want a shield, don't you?

I'm not against that, beside it may expand your options in battles and if you can hide it you can surprise the enemies who didn't notice it
No. 630587 ID: a9753c

Can you request armor? Be sure to pay for it, since it's a stretch from getting a free weapon.

If not, then ask about shovels. Did you know that some wars involved using Battle Shovels? They're designed for archers and defenders; if you don't care about dealing damage, you can knock your opponent silly with the flat end, and then DIG THEIR THROATS OUT by stabbing them in the neck and stepping on one of the shovel guards. Scary effective, AND it makes a good tool for digging out obstacles!
No. 630589 ID: f75cf9

Shield's a good defensive option. We're talking the square shield, right? It looks a little small, is it meant to be worn with the long end down the arm or something? If so that would probably make it easier to conceal.

Polearms aren't as defensive but reach is still pretty defensive. Halberds are the most versatile, but complex; don't take one unless you have experience. A glaive is a bit more versatile than a spear without being too complex so my vote's on one of those.

A hatchet isn't much good in combat but it's pretty great for wilderness survival. You ever read the book about a city kid that survived a summer alone with one of them? Me neither but the point stands.

Tools aren't gonna do you much good unless you have something specific to do with them. So unless you get a job in town, not much use. And if you did, you could probably borrow them.
No. 630751 ID: 892490
File 142722797725.png - (6.45KB , 640x400 , Shield.png )

Mi armor right now is good, I would prefer to not have more, it may make me go slower and, especially with a chainmail or something similar, I might make much noise even when I am moving carefully. But maybe you were thinking of other kind of armor?

Also, about the shovel, I am well aware of the military use that they have, But right now, a shovel might not be what I am looking for.


Sheik: I will take the shield.

Blacksmith: oh, good. Here you have it.

He was not lying, it is light and it seems sturdy enough to resist many attacks.

Blacsmith: Now, Would you want to paint it or you would take it like that?

Considering I will conceal it beneath my cape, I don´t see why would I paint it with a simbol or some kind of pattern, especially since I am not representing anyone right now, not even my mercenary band. Maybe you want to do something about it?

Sheik: Maybe... But first, Do you know why the republic is requesting more spears? I thought they had their own blacksmiths.

Blacksmith: I really don´t know, all I heard is that the republic is demanding more guardsmen and soldiers, and their blacksmiths aren't capable of supply all of them... Now that I think of it, they have not come for this shipment yet.

That sounds like trouble, Bandits maybe, but either not common bandits or they have the worst guards of any republic.
No. 630778 ID: 296917

Maybe we can look into it.

Hey, does the blacksmith have any real javelins or other ranged weaponry?
No. 630982 ID: 5a4656

Why don't you take a look? In the worst case you could escape
No. 631127 ID: c45e79
File 142741175050.png - (15.08KB , 640x400 , Alert.png )

Sheik: So, do you have Javelins on sale?

Blacksmith: What? Javelins? No, I don´t have them, and they are a bit rare on this parts... But if you are looking for ranged weapons, mostly all of the hunters are using my bows, I may be able to make one for you, but It will take some time...

Sheik: I understand...

Wait... Footsteps, and metal sounds are coming from outside... The knights!

sheik: Look, I need to hide somewhere fast!

Blacksmith: what...? Hide behind the shop! Quickly!
No. 631128 ID: c45e79
File 142741180937.png - (9.35KB , 640x400 , Knight.png )

Blacksmith: Oh, hello, What can I be of assistance?

Knight: Have you seen Someone suspicious?

Blacksmith: Would you care to elaborate?

Knight: He is male and should have my stature.

Blacksmith: there are a lot of travelers around here...

Knight:... He wears a green cape, And he woouldn´t show his face to anyone.

Blacksmith: Many travelers have capes, and many travelers are impolite. But I don´t think I saw someone with a green cape.

Knight: ... Are you sure? Think more carefully...

Blacksmith: ...I Already said it, I don´t think I saw someone like the one you are describing... Maybe I saw him, but I don´t remember...
No. 631130 ID: c45e79
File 142741184595.png - (13.32KB , 640x400 , Sir Mark.png )

Knight: ...I dislike liars...

Sir Mark: Hey rookie! How is it going?

Knight: ...SIR!

Sir Mark: You aren´t annoying this local, right?

Knight: ...No sir!

Blacksmith: oh you!

Sir Mark: Hey! I almost forgot about you! How are you? Have you finished my request?

Blacksmith: Yes, I was almost thinking That you were going to forget about them.

Knight: My lord...

Sir Mark: Yes, Just perfect, that shield and sword will be an excellent gift to my little cousin!

Blacksmith: Are you sure that you don´t want me to paint the shield with some kind of patron besides of the triangle?

Knight: emmm... Sir?

Sir Mark: No, in my family, the colors are chosen by its user, only the family simbol is always there.

Blacksmith: oh, well, suit yourself then.

Knight: My lord, If you have ended your chitchat, I have to remind you that we are on a quest! This blacksmith seems suspicious.

Sir Mark: Rookie, This wouldn't be the first time something seems suspicious to you...

Knight: Dammit! This man is lying, I know it!

Sir Mark: ... Blacksmith, You wouldn't lie to me don´t you?

Blacksmith: Well... I would, But only to see your face when I say I have not a single drop of my uncle`s wine.

Sir Mark: Oh! You wouldn't!

Knight: SIR! I know he is in here somewhere! Let me search for him.

Sir Mark: Fine!... you only have one chance, a quick glance and I want you back here, and if you don´t find anything, you will be hushed for the rest of the mission.
No. 631132 ID: c45e79
File 142741190433.png - (13.38KB , 640x400 , The Captain.png )

???: Have you both endend there!

Knight: Knight commander, can you wait?

Knight Commander: I CAN´T WAIT! Don´t you ever suggest that again! We have already lost a lot of time in those caverns, and most of our coward horses did´t presicely wanted to go inside the caves so we could continue our search faster!

Sir Mark: Sir...

Knight Commander: As far as we know, He could even be crossing the border right now, and I don´t intend on letting him escape! I will capture him even if I lose my ARM! Now get over here, we have to start moving!

Sir Mark: Well... looks like it´s your luky day. Now about that wine?

Knight Commander: AND DONT YOU DARE ON DRINKING ANY MORE, SIR MARK! I need you with all your senses RIGHT NOW!

Sir Mark: ...Dammit...

Blacksmith: Don´t worry, I will have some saved for when you come back, and remember to bring some coin!

Sir Mark: Yes, also, here you have the money in exchange of the sword an shield. Now if you excuse us, We have to leave.

Blacksmith: Come back again...

Well...That one was close... I can still hear them though...

Knight commander: Sir Mark, We have spoken to every one in the village, and the ones that saw him, weren´t sure where did he go. others put us on a hold, seending us to places where he wasn´t! But it is sure that he was here. Now We have to split in order to chase him.

Sir Mark: My lord, What are your orders?

Knight Commander: I will go south, to the barony. If he could choose, he would have gone there as he would be closer to the border. But if he, by any chance, went to the Republic of Soria, you and a smaller group will go there. If you find any track of him, send a messenger to me quickly!

Sir Mark: Yes sir.

They start moving, It seems that they had left the horses way back, but once there, they start riding away, separing into the two roads... I no longer hear them...
No. 631133 ID: c45e79
File 142741205230.png - (13.32KB , 640x400 , Safe.png )

sheik: Are you fine?

Blacksmith:...I think...a-and you?

Sheik: Well, I am alive thanks to you... Can you move?

Blacksmith: I... don´t... know...

Well... I think he will be fine... Now... what just happened was just interesting... in more than one way... I might need to go to the INN and talk to "Uncle" Ray about this. And We should be thinking about where should we go now...
No. 631134 ID: f75cf9

Okay, so the one that's sympathetic to you went to the Republic. That's a good point in favor of going there... I don't suppose there's somewhere else entirely we could go, though, so as to not have to evade knights at all?
No. 631137 ID: a9753c

The barony might be a good place to run. It looks like the Republic has some civil war issues or something, so going there might land you in a war zone. If you go to the barony you could buy some new clothes and keep running south.
No. 631155 ID: 296917

If you go to the Republic, Mark should be able to divert forces away from you... It's probably a bit safer than trying to sneak past the warzone, too.

How about we get some stuff from the doctor? One thing of bandages, one medicine, and a magical potion. Then the other stuff from the general store.
No. 631167 ID: 8e8341

I suppose you could go to Soria if you want to move but if not you could stay in the inn for a while until you hear news that may help you to decide where to go.

On the other hand you could also stay away from civilization for a while after buy enough food for a week more or less
No. 631404 ID: 9300d2
File 142756355276.png - (8.94KB , 640x400 , INN.png )

I don´t really know... The barony right now would be infested by knights, And the two "Barons" (The "east baron" and the "west baron") aren't particularly in good terms with each other... I wonder who was the one who got the great idea of splitting the barony in two...

Well, the other direction we could go by the road, is going back trough the tunnels, until we arrive outside, in the territory of the Castle of Arldiamir, which is the place where they started to chase me. All of the guards of the other side of the mountain are probably looking for me.
another choise may be just traveling blindly through forests and plains, and hope to end in a better place. This idea it´s not particulary good on my opinion.

I don´t know about that... Mark may attract attention, But most of the time, no one wants to mess with the knights of the inquisition. I could use them as some kind of escort and bandits and other dangers won't pay attention to me, but if the knights saw me, I would be in a great trouble.

As for the buying, Yes, I should buy some basic supplies for now.

Acquired: 1 bandage, 1 medicine, 1 magical potion, 1 disinfectant, 2 rations of food, 1 rope ( - 130 gold coins)

I have 140 gold coins now.

Stay away from civilization? I don´t like that idea, What if I become crazy? Wait... Nevermind.

Well, The INN, Looks quite bigger than other buildings around here, But it doesn't seem to have many clients today, and it´s getting late.
I may be able to get some information about the roads here.
No. 631405 ID: 9300d2
File 142756357553.png - (11.66KB , 640x400 , food.png )

"Uncle" Ray: Ah, You are back, welcome to my INN.

Sheik: Hi, Have you seen those knights that passed recently?

"Uncle" Ray: Yes, And when they asked, I knew they were looking for you. I don´t know what you did, or even if you did anything, but you saved us, and all of the village cooperated in order to distract them. I Hope they did´t give you much trouble.

Sheik: No, they haven´t, But I will be leaving soon, I don´t want to be of any trouble, and who knows what would happen to you if they discover what you all did. Do you know anything about the roads ahead?

"Uncle" Ray:... These are bad times I tell you, In the republic of Soria there is a fight between two of the most respected and wealthy families, while a great group of bandits are destroying most of the caravans. Also, thanks to the new king that has allowed internal fights between lords, The East - West barony is a war-zone, the two barons went on fight each other, They both claim that the barony should be theirs, and they are too coward to simply fight a duel with each other. As for the Castle of aldiamir is in an alert state, looking for some kind of fugitive. That may be you I presume?

Sheik: Maybe.

Oh great, Wherever I go, there seem to always be conflict... It wasn't a trouble when I was a mercenary.

"Uncle" Ray: Well, It´s getting dark outside, Here, have some drink while I fetch something for you to eat.

Sheik: I thank you, but I don´t drink wine.

"Uncle" Ray: Oh, then I will bring something, just hold on.

I Wait, but it doesn't take him long to come back.

"Uncle" Ray: Here you have, enjoy.

Well, let´s eat.

"Uncle" Ray: Well, It´s getting dark outside, As I said earlier, My house has the door open for you, if you want to sleep, I have a room available, just in the second floor, right door.

Sheik: Well, Thanks again.

I think I will take that, I haven't slept in two days. Maybe if you have some questions you want to ask him.
No. 631410 ID: 296917

Ask about Sasha and Rose.
No. 631481 ID: f75cf9

>Go back to the castle the knights came from
>Wander aimlessly through forests and plains
Yeahh, both those options suck. Republic looks like the best option by far, then.

>entire territory is in alert state looking for fugitive

...What did you do (or what do they think you did) to attract so much attention?
At first I thought they were just after you because they thought you were a demon but this is way too organized and broad-reaching to be a monster hunt.
No. 631815 ID: 844bfd
File 142775634775.png - (13.54KB , 640x400 , Eating.png )

...mmm, You are right, The knights of the inquisition don´t ask for help from the local lords, for "Keeping everyone Safe". Well, maybe they are looking for someone else entirely...
Maybe... No, nevermind.

Sheik: So, How are Sasha and Rose doing?

"Uncle" Ray: Well, Sasha is in the forest right now, doing her thing, Now Rose has been very happy, heh, I don´t know why, but she tried to help me with the INN, even if there was little to help. She wanted to learn new ways to cook food and that kind of stuff, but she got tired and she is probably sleeping right now.

Sheik: I see. Is she alright? She was hurt by some wolves when I found her...

"Uncle" Ray: Don´t worry, the doctor already chek on those wounds, He said that those were mostly cured, thanks to "whoever" treated those wounds.

There is silence when he stops for a drink.

Uncle Ray: Well... I will be going for now, I should get some sleep too, and it doesn´t seem We will get any visitors. Good night.

Sheik: We see us tomorrow.

Well, I already finished my meal, and ate my bread too, so Maybe I should get moving into my room too.

When I get closer to the door, I hear someone running, judging by the sounds, It was Rose, eavesdropping through the door, probably. And now I hear a door closing. She probably doesn't want to be annoyed.
No. 631816 ID: 844bfd
File 142775651329.png - (12.00KB , 640x400 , Room.png )

Well, Here I am... And now that we have time, I have to say:

Thanks for saving my life when I was Hurt that badly. I don´t know if I would have made it if you did´t remind me of the health potion in time...

Sheik Trust in "the voice of the many": 37% (Cooperative, Sheik Will no longer lie, but he eill still try to evade some questions.)

And, I have to tell you, that I lied to you. About the knights, They are as any other order or group, there are the ones that follow a code, or the ones that only want to be remembered as Great demon slayers. The ones that actually want to help, and the ones that don´t even know anything about the order, but you have already seen that probably.

And, I lied About my Friends... The ones I had are probably dead by now, most of them were with my mercenary group. But in the end, they were more followers than friends, for me at least. I learned to not make many friends, especially in this job.
Maybe some lords that I known may want to help me, but it will be better to not risk it.

I am sorry for that...
No. 631817 ID: 9297f4

Everyone has secrets or things they don't want to say, doesn't make you a horrible person, unless it means the lives of innocents.
Unfortunate about your friends. There may be chance a few are still about, but hope is only a feeling, not results.
Thinking away from that, a map would be nice to see what we're dealing with here. My sense of direction is a bit thrown off with all this news. That can wait for tomorrow. You are all kinds of tired and you said that you haven't slept in two days. But keep a weapon under your within arm's reach. You can never know when someone will sneak in.
No. 631824 ID: 296917

Followers, huh? So you were the leader? I gotta ask again, now. Why do they think you're a demon?
No. 631827 ID: d3be40

You may want to take a nap, it's been a stressful day.

One question though:

Where do you want to go?
No. 631870 ID: d62d16

I don't really care if you keeps secrets from us. We only want to help. Just tell us the important things that could hurt you and we will try our best to help.

Sleep for now and we will talk once you're relaxed
No. 632488 ID: 735a83
File 142794897277.png - (5.00KB , 640x400 , Sleeping.png )

Yes, I was a leader of a mercenary group, and most of the time I was Hired for commanding another Army, with mine as auxiliars, against another kingdom, other times, as an Warfare advisor, or teacher... Like if I were old enough for that. My Mercenary group was mostly like my personal army, I had around 290 soldiers, and my "followers" were the most skillful and Trustworthy of them, serving me as advisors and personal bodyguard.

Why do they think I am a demon?... As I already said, I don´t know. Also They aren´t very influential in this kingdom. Maybe they thought that by "bringing me to justice" They will get more influence in this area?... I don´t think it's healthy to have such thoughts outside my line of work...

Where do I wan´t to go?... That´s a very good question... I don´t really know where to go, or what I want right now... curious.

Yes, It will be better If I sleep for now... I keep my sword near, But I will be sleeping with my improvised javelin at hand if by any chance someone gets closer without making the slightest noise.

Well, Good nights...

Author: Also Quest discussion Thread started! - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/89988.html -
No. 633069 ID: 92ce18

(End of the Chapter. New Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/633065.html)
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