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File 142439072118.png - (132.15KB , 1000x666 , title.png )
625675 No. 625675 ID: 7413f4

”ORTISE! Come on man! Rule 1! You blew it. Get out! You really are some kind of bastard.” I heard everyone’s voices calling around me, some of which I could put a name to.

”Hector, please… don’t make him leave! It won’t happen again!”

”Oh, you shut up. I’ll have a word with you, too.



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No. 625676 ID: 7413f4
File 142439075749.png - (112.78KB , 900x666 , 1.png )

Grumble… fuck shit

Ah damn it, are you kidding me. Bout to start raining too I bet. Son of a bitch. Did I say “ass”? Well ass. I feel like grease and my head is killing me. I don’t know where any of my people are. I think I remember something about… disciplinary… something. Ugh.

what do
No. 625677 ID: 161883

Get revenge on head
No. 625678 ID: 46df9e

Read the sealed envelope perhaps it is a clue to who you are or what you were doing.
No. 625682 ID: 330ce5

Run inventory, then look around the area we find ourselves in.
No. 625699 ID: 7413f4
File 142440210926.png - (116.68KB , 900x666 , 2.png )

(Sorry for the delay. Stuff happened.)

I pick up the envelope and open it up.

I know it was a sex cult and everything, but you can’t just go around having sex with anyone you want. My concubines were off limits, man, and you knew it. Well, anyway, I don’t hate you or anything, but I don’t want your ass around the compound anymore. I had you clothed and deposited south of Als Eyvor with your dinky little sword and a little food and water. Have fun getting killed out there.


Hector Contos

P.S. fuck you

Oh yeah… I remember now. My boss’ girlfriend. I got kicked out for that?
No. 625700 ID: 7413f4
File 142440213553.png - (54.94KB , 900x666 , awesome.png )

No. 625701 ID: 7413f4
File 142440218329.png - (116.71KB , 900x666 , 3.png )

Anyway, my life pretty much sucks now. Might as well kick some ass.

I have my clothes, my sword, and enough food and water in my pockets for a couple of days I’d say. I figure if I’m gonna get a proper slice of life, I’m gonna need to find myself a venue. I happen to know a little about the area from my work at the cul… the club. There are a couple of vacant plots in the realm.

Will I pick...

The tower? Looks like the thing crashed out of space or something.
The cathedral? Looks like it was a pretty building at one time. Was.
The floating island? Not afraid of heights or anything.
No. 625704 ID: 330ce5

Venture forth to the cathedral.
No. 625714 ID: ce3b31

the tower
space towers are the best towers
unless you have to do giant robot jumping puzzles with load time bugs then FUCK THAT
No. 625716 ID: b63711

Cathedral sounds like a winner.
No. 625717 ID: b63711

What happened to your arm also?
No. 625721 ID: 7413f4
File 142440862154.gif - (37.21KB , 900x666 , wiggles.gif )

My arm? It was cut off by my worthless fucking kiss-ass little brother Rufio! That’s another story, though. Doesn’t stop me from being one of the finest swordsmen in the realm. They don’t call my sabre Ol’ Freehand for nothing. I think I’ll head over to that cathedral and see if I can’t make it mine.
No. 625723 ID: 7413f4
File 142440868201.png - (171.47KB , 900x666 , outside.png )

Ok, this place is more of a dump than I remember. I just kind of swung by here once while I was taking this girl to Als Eyvor. I wanted to go in, but I… er… she got creeped out. Everything Avigrade makes is just all around a creepy as shit white blob it seems like.
No. 625724 ID: 7413f4
File 142440879608.png - (83.54KB , 900x666 , cath_1.png )

The sanctum is kind of clean, but it smells bad and there is just a thin layer of gunk on everything. There are three doors inside, not including the entrance, and the center aisle leads up to an unadorned altar. Looks like the kind of place that my brother would hang out at while kissing Avigrade's ass.

There is something in between two of the benches near the front that looks like it might be moving. Crying, or coughing maybe. Whatever it is is matte blue with thick hairs sticking out of its back - or at least what I assume is the back.
No. 625725 ID: 762968

Touch it
No. 625727 ID: 330ce5

Check to see if can understand you by yelling at it.
No. 625739 ID: 7413f4
File 142442018165.png - (78.48KB , 900x666 , hey.png )

> yell at it

No. 625740 ID: 7413f4
File 142442022043.png - (93.65KB , 900x666 , what.png )

It looks up with a morbid splash of blood. A deep buzzing noise emanates from its face, echoing through the chamber. It looks a little unhappy, and possibly also hungry.
No. 625744 ID: d958ad

Kill it.
No. 625746 ID: d3be40

Try negotiating with it first, and THEN eviscerate the oversized blood-junkie. If it's not capable of expressing self-awareness, you can chalk up your excessive violence to self-defense, as a means of protecting whoever the hell it was sitting on.

As in, paint the cathedral green. Make ART.
No. 625785 ID: 46df9e

Looks like a simple monster, unless you know some way to tame such a creature for a guardian just slay it and be done. What are we here for anyway, are we planning to turn this place into our own sex cult or something else?
No. 625805 ID: 7413f4
File 142445852747.png - (102.26KB , 900x666 , negotiate.png )

My own sex cult? Hm, I never really thought about that. Sure would be sweet, though. Well, actually… having been head of security for one for a couple of years, I know it’s a lot of work. I’ll have to think about that. I just kind of want to be my own boss for once. Get some land, get some followers - just like the titans did in the old days. Anyway, I gotta take care of this freak.

“Hey. I said hey. What are you killing in here? Knock it off, man.”

It sits up and glares. The weird insect thing doesn’t seem to be responding to me. It clicks and rattles, panning its head. I really don’t like the way that thing is looking at all my blood, and I don’t think it’s all about negotiation.
No. 625806 ID: 330ce5

Prepare for combat and kill the bug.
No. 625808 ID: 7413f4
File 142445987332.png - (177.26KB , 900x666 , swat.png )

I draw Ol’ Freehand and give the bug a playful swat in the eye.


Looks like it doesn’t have the reflexes of your average housefly. It staggers forward, injured and half-blinded, and I poke it a few more times in the other eye until its brain is all mashed up and it quits moving. Well that was a dreadful looking thing.
No. 625809 ID: 7413f4
File 142445990425.png - (90.93KB , 900x666 , cath_mental-map.png )

I take a quick mental note of the sanctum. It looks about like this. Now what?
No. 625810 ID: 762968

Go through all the doors.
No. 625817 ID: 7413f4
File 142446137163.png - (100.75KB , 900x666 , consider.png )

Well, I can either pick a door, or search the room. I’ll have to think of-

“I’ve… never actually seen anyone beat one of those things before.”

“Wah!” I shout, startled. I turn around to swing at whomever is behind me, and my sword passes right through him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. You are very brave, my son,” he says.
No. 625818 ID: 762968

'Twas just a specter. Talk to the spirit of the dead
No. 625819 ID: 330ce5

Ask for their name, then ask why they haven't moved on.
No. 625820 ID: 7413f4
File 142446232925.png - (55.00KB , 900x666 , idfk.png )

“What are you, a ghost? Why haven’t you… you know, moved on up?” I ask.

“A ghost? I suppose. My name’s Alvin,” he says, “Father Alvin. I don’t know why I haven’t ascended to the Death Realm. I don’t know how I died, or what happened to…”

“To what?”

“Er… well, This is a long story, I suppose. Don’t think less of me, please. When I was living, the cathedral was struck by a plague of man-eating weevils. You see, back then, they were not so big. They were, you know, bug-sized. Still, they swarmed our people if they came indoors. The Primordial Gods were angered, but we didn’t know why. The last thing I remember was preparing a goat for sacrifice.”
No. 625821 ID: 762968

Must have been the goat...
No. 625822 ID: 330ce5

Everyone knows your suppose to sacrifice lambs not goats. Any way ask him if there is anything dangerous or valuable that we should look out for.
No. 625823 ID: 7413f4
File 142446368549.png - (41.67KB , 900x666 , idfk_2.png )

"The goat? Well, I'm no fighter, I suppose, but I highly doubt a young goat could have overpowered me. I am frustrated because I cannot pass through any of these closed doors, or alter anything here in the sanctum. My memory on what is behind the doors is beginning to fade, but I DO remember that the statue against the wall can be moved to reach the catacombs." He points to a statue of an old man against the wall near where the bug beast was.
No. 625837 ID: 6142df

Try to get more information out of the spectre. Ask if anything valuable was ever stored inside the cathedral
No. 625838 ID: 7413f4
File 142446724144.png - (57.71KB , 900x666 , wait.png )

“Anything valuable? Er… yes, there are several things of tremendous value in here. WAIT… you’re not a grave robber are you?” says Father Alvin.


“Oh, good! There are numerous things of value… uh, namely a font which can heal the sick and the wounded. I can’t quite remember where it is. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around the place. I should mention, also, er… I had a little bit of a relationship with one of the nuns here. Her name was Orlanda. See, I kept this secret because I am a celibate man, and I did not want the people, you know… blaming me for the plague. I never really did find out what became of her, but it sounded like the weevils got her, like most everyone else in the place. If you could find out more, I would be eternally grateful, my son. Literally eternal, I’m dead.”

“Well,” I say, “what’s in it for me, padre?”

“I suppose you can make use of this building. It’s old, and possibly unsafe, but it could be fixed up with a little manual labor. I may be able to travel with you through the building if you were to open the doors for me, but I’m afraid I won’t by much use in a fight in this form. I’ve studied the holy texts, which say that I cannot attain the power of the Death Realm until I resolve the issue that is trying me to this realm.”
No. 625840 ID: 7413f4
File 142446743080.png - (100.04KB , 900x666 , cath_mental-map_2.png )

Ok, thanks to the padre's hints, I've updated my mental map of the place. Looks like I've got four choices now.

a) Door to my left. It's a little more ornate than the others, and angled down some steps.
b) Moveable statue to the catacombs. It looks like a statue of Avigrade of Als Eyvor.
c) Door to the left of the altar - it's tall but not ornate. It has some greasy bug goo seeping from it.
d) Door to the right of the altar - it's like the other one, but without the goo.
No. 625844 ID: 330ce5

Let's go to the catacombs, if we're looking for this nun I bet she would have fled down there.
No. 625846 ID: d3be40

Check on the victim, but if their corpse looks infected do NOT touch without a two-foot pole.

Ask Alvin where to find the font, so that you can stock up on healing potions.

The bench things are called pews.
No. 625850 ID: 6142df

Keep prying information. Would it be possible the font regenerates body parts? Or would you even care about that to begin with, not having a right arm for x amount of time

It might be obligatory to ask if it regenerates youth
No. 625855 ID: 7413f4
File 142446983468.png - (100.30KB , 900x666 , victim.png )

I head over to check on the victim first. Oh shit, I didn’t need to see that. It’s just a kid. He’s still breathing, but it is hoarse. His legs are twitching, and his eyes won’t follow my hand. He has a pulse, but it’s only about 60 BPM. He won’t respond to me at all. He looks like he has lost a lot of blood, but there is very little spilled. The weevils must feed on it. Now would be a good time to ask about that font, I think.

“Father, what exactly does the font do?” I ask.

“It will heal wounds, and cure most diseases. Which ones it will not cure, we are sadly not sure, but people came from far and wide to use the font,” he said.

“Will it bring back my arm?”

“No,” Alvin replied almost instantly, as if he had been expecting the question. “Soldiers from the Eight Wars came to us looking to have limbs restored. It will only heal the wound where the limb used to be. It does that rather admirably, though, and that alone saved many lives. To this day I thank Lord Avigrade for blessing us with the font.”

“Can it regenerate youth? Where even is the thing?” I ask.
No. 625856 ID: 7413f4

Whoops, forgot a bit of text.

“Youth? Haha, no, no! Of course not! Only a titan or a wizard could do something so miraculous,” said Alvin, “It’s but a droplet of Avigrade’s power. It’s… it’s around here somewhere. I’m sorry. I lived here for decades and I just can’t remember,”
No. 625860 ID: b0910f

Hey mind if i use this place as some kind of monument to heretic debauchery? Like blood orgies and peeing on religious icons and whatnot. A real old fashioned blasphemery. Or we can build a hotel on top of it. Do you happen to have a large furnace, padre?
No. 625862 ID: 7413f4
File 142447270215.png - (108.89KB , 900x666 , catacombs.png )

Hey, even Hector’s place didn’t do blood orgies. That’s just barbaric.

I head into the catacombs next, and Alvin follows me in once the statue is moved. It smells mildew and dust, plus the unappealing, vinegar-like stench of the weevils. It is rather dark, but the newly open passage from the statue sheds a bit of light in. These ones look like they haven’t eaten in a while. There are two of them in here - what’s the battle plan?
No. 625870 ID: 46df9e

They're looking right at each other so you probably won't be able to attack one without alerting the other. Sneak up on and attack the one on the ground that way you won't have to turn your back on the other like you would have to to attack the one on the wall. Try piercing its skull with the first strike so you only have to deal with one.
No. 625875 ID: ce3b31

.. does that mean you DID pee on religious icons?
No. 625879 ID: 7413f4
File 142448293756.png - (128.52KB , 900x666 , bigweirdbugeye.png )


Uh... I dunno. These things have some big weird bug eyes, and I'm pretty sure they can see all around them. I bet they've seen me already. I can't really assume I have the element of surprise with these freaks.


No. 625887 ID: 2f7ead

Go for ground floor gary first. See if padre can possibly distract the other one. You're going to have to try to kill them as quickly as possible.
No. 625888 ID: d3be40

Too bad Alvin can't act as a decoy. Alright, just focus on attacking the one that has less mobility at the moment.

You may want to find some kind of attachable shield or hookblade augment so that your right arm isn't useless in battle.
No. 625889 ID: a40a59

Is there any chance you can lure them up to the secret opening so you can fight them one-on-one? Shouting got the last one's attention is there something you can throw at them to get them to come up to the door and stab them in the face?
No. 625892 ID: 2f7ead

Actually I'm going to change my suggestion to this.
No. 625897 ID: 7413f4
File 142449034501.png - (155.73KB , 900x666 , FIGHT.png )

I already nearly finished all of this up before the new suggestions came in. Sorry about that - not trying to ignore you all! Don’t forget those new ideas for the future, though!

I send Father Alvin over there to distract them. Since Alvin has not been in this room, the weevils are not used to the sight of him, and one of them kind of freaks out a little bit. It works long enough for me to jab and kill the one that was on the wall!

Yeah get some you church-ass bug fuck
No. 625898 ID: 7413f4
File 142449037294.png - (96.88KB , 900x666 , FIGHT2.png )

I turn around really fast, only to see the stupid shit right in my face already. It jabs its proboscis into my shoulder, and I jab Ol’ Freehand into its brain. Ass, that hurts, son of a bitch!

Oh well. I’ve taken worse on the job. I’ll be fine. Both weevils are dead now, but I give them both a couple more stabs just to make sure.
No. 625899 ID: 7413f4
File 142449039329.png - (50.72KB , 900x666 , fuck_dude.png )

“Th-that was such a THRILL! You were magnificent, my son! Oh, if only Orlanda could see me now,” says Alvin.

“Easy padre,” I say, “we’re just getting started.” I am the only living thing in the catacombs. Now what?
No. 625900 ID: 2f7ead

Check the box and blue area behind the far statue. We're looking for the fountain. I mean, I don't think it will be in the box, but we can't exactly just NOT open a box, can we?
No. 625909 ID: 7413f4
File 142449298698.png - (97.02KB , 900x666 , thebox.png )

The box contains a key and a book. The book is an old text called Fargo Berlios’ Conclusive Reference on the Fair and Just Administration of Provincial Capitals: Volume 57. I am falling asleep already. Wait… there’s some handwriting written over the text on the first few pages. It’s a little hard to make out.

After two weeks, I feel it is appropriate to record what has happened here. We are the clergy of the Great Blue Ronron cathedral, trapped in by a mysterious plague of carnivorous weevils. We have sealed ourselves in the catacombs, and in our haste, forgot to bring food. We brought a few liters of water from the Font of Avigrade, which will hydrate us and keep us in good health. Doesn’t help with starvation. Haven’t told Father Alvin about the thing. Preparing the goat for sacrifice to rid us of these hellish demon weevils.

It stops for a few pages, then continues.

Not talking about what happened in the catacombs. Went out to look in the sanctum. Weevils gone now. Made sacrifice in Sacrificial Altar. Weevils still here.

*flip flip flip flip flip*

wnore is gone. weevils still here? Phoenix plum behind Primordial Glory. Kill weevils with it. fuck this will write more. Can’t be seen writing in old book. No one goes in catacombs since, will hide book there

That’s the last of what is written. What the hell is a wnore? This is some creepy shit. I pocket the key, and head over to the tomb in the far corner.
No. 625910 ID: 7413f4
File 142449300959.png - (63.04KB , 900x666 , behind_tomb.png )

There is a weird door back here. It’s really, really, really, really locked. The key from the chest doesn’t work in the hole. This is like four inches of solid oak with an iron lock. Not about to open without the right key.
No. 625918 ID: 2f7ead

Nothing else down here? You could ask padre if he knows what any of it means. It might jog his memory if he wrote it or something. he said the last thing he remembered was sacrificing a goat.
No. 625922 ID: 7413f4
File 142449371211.png - (36.41KB , 900x666 , remember.png )

“Do you remember any of this shit, padre?” I say.

“I’m… I’m sorry, my son. It’s kind of like a dream. I vaguely remember being stuck in the catacombs. The goat was there. It was all rotten after a while.” he replies.

Well, that’s not really helpful at all. Looks like there is fuck nothing else behind the statue. The big, awesome sword it is holding is not even a real sword.
No. 625923 ID: 2f7ead

So there were no corpses or water or anything down here either... back upstairs and uh, the ornate door. That seems like where a fountain might be.
No. 625925 ID: a40a59

Welp, time to keep looking for stuff? An ornate door sounds more important than not ornate doors so let's check that one out before we stick our heads in uh bug juice door.
No. 625931 ID: 7413f4
File 142449563091.png - (74.35KB , 900x666 , ornate_door.png )

Yeah, that looks like a door that something important would be behind.
No. 625932 ID: 7413f4
File 142449566407.png - (86.06KB , 900x666 , room_1.png )

There really is not a whole lot in this room.

“LOOK OUT, my son!” Alvin cries, “A weevil!”
No. 625933 ID: 7413f4
File 142449569484.png - (121.74KB , 900x666 , like_i_give_a_fuck.png )

Swish. I don’t even care

“Oh, ok, looks like you’ve got it, I suppose,” he says. “I never got your name.”

“What’s it matter? You’re dead, padre,” I say.

“Well… I don’t know. Never mind, sorry.”

I kick the dead weevil over to the wall and look back at the ghost, “I’m Ortise. Know anything about this room?”

“Uh… not really. I remember it being a place where we spend a lot of time. There used to be a sofa there where there’s no dust. It was a green sofa with gold embroidery and glossy chestnut feet. There was a big tear in the back, that’s why it was against the wall.”
No. 625934 ID: 7413f4
File 142449572083.png - (47.90KB , 900x666 , room_1_empty.png )

“How is it that you remember all that stuff, and none of the important stuff?” I ask, and Father Alvin shrugs. There doesn’t seem to be anything here except for a kind of faded painting and a melted candelabra on the wall. There’s one door leading out, not including the ornate one where we walked in.
No. 625936 ID: 2f7ead

Check behind the picture and even though it's probably not anything, move the candelabra around just to make sure it's not a secret door or something. I guess check through the new door after being a stereotypical adventurer.

Wonder aloud what happened to the couch anyway.
No. 625937 ID: a19cd5

wnore might just be whore in terrible handwriting. Wouldn't surprise me given the padre's own indiscretion.
No. 625938 ID: a40a59

Check behind the painting and pull the candelabra on the wall! Find the other secret passages or get very disappointed when nothing interesting happens and then blame it on Alvin.
No. 625939 ID: ce3b31

attack candle in case of hearts or meat
No. 625951 ID: 330ce5

Check behind the painting but first look at the painting itself.
No. 625953 ID: 7413f4
File 142449850523.png - (145.50KB , 900x666 , painting.png )

The candelabra is too high for me to reach, but I’m definitely going after this fuckin’ painting. The title, Primordial Glory, sounds awfully promising…
No. 625954 ID: 7413f4
File 142449853507.png - (39.77KB , 900x666 , bingobango.png )

Aw yeah. Bingo bango. Not the first time I’m gotten lucky at a “glory” hole. Heh heh. Anyway, it’s a locked wall safe. I BET I know what will fit in this one.
No. 625957 ID: 7413f4
File 142449865390.png - (62.42KB , 900x666 , feather.png )

I stick in the key that I found in the catacombs. Inside the safe is a long feather in a glass case with a note attached that reads ‘CAUTION: VOLATILE. EXPLODES VIOLENTLY WITH TRAUMA.’
No. 625968 ID: 762968

No. 625969 ID: 7413f4

BTW that was the last update for tonight. Feel free to leave your suggestions for the next update session on SUNDAY NIGHT 2/22.

All of your participation has been great appreciated. Thanks, and I foresee funtimes ahead!
No. 625972 ID: 330ce5

That feather is obviously a weapon of massive destruction and should be used with cation. Break the glass then hit the feather on the nearest wall to see what happens.
No. 625978 ID: b97f3a

Let's uh, not kill ourselves with the dangerous thing. Assuming padre knows nothing about it (ask, obvs) we should probably put it back in the safe until we find a use for it. We've been fighting so the last thing we want is for a stray hit to blow us up.
No. 625984 ID: 46df9e

That must be our phoenix plume the question is how does it help kill the Weevil's. I mean I guess we could also just continue to kill the Weevils the old fashioned way and sell the plum for some nice seed money for whatever plans we make later.
No. 625992 ID: 161883

Physical trauma or emotional
No. 625994 ID: a40a59

Well ok that was their anti-weevil weapon. We uh, so far haven't seemed to need it so let's keep it as a back-up plan. Maybe while we go and check out (quietly) the bug-juice door. If there are enough weevils to warrant using it I bet it's behind there.
No. 626078 ID: 7413f4
File 142457775223.png - (45.31KB , 900x666 , cath_mental-map_3.png )

Surprise early update session! May not be as long as the Sunday one, but I’ll see how long I can go.

I'm not nearly drunk enough to do something that stupid.

"Padre, you know anything about this?" I ask, carefully showing him the feather.

"Nnnn... no. I'm sorry," he replies, "it seems almost familiar, but I really cannot place it."

I commit this new information to my mental map. Where am I gonna go next? Bug slime door?
No. 626083 ID: d958ad

Bug slime door.
No. 626095 ID: 330ce5

Go for the bug slime door.
No. 626098 ID: 82efdc

Obviously the exploding feather is only to be used as a last ditch emergency measure.

Slime bug door go.
No. 626099 ID: b97f3a

yeah sure bug slime door I GUESS.
No. 626101 ID: 7413f4
File 142458402333.png - (117.54KB , 900x666 , sonofabitch.png )

I head over to the slime-plastered door.

> last ditch escape

These bug shits are complete pushovers. I’m not about to need a bail-out when it comes to

No. 626102 ID: 7413f4
File 142458405034.png - (293.45KB , 900x666 , whatthefuck.png )

No. 626103 ID: b97f3a

Yes, ok. I think we need the feather for this. Can you just javelin toss it as hard as you can into there or will that not actually cause trauma do you think?
No. 626104 ID: 82efdc

Throw the feather in there, spinning. Aim for the thing in the middle, and dive for cover.
No. 626105 ID: 7413f4
File 142458535140.png - (112.75KB , 900x666 , nnggyaaaa.png )

> aiming
> spinning
> precision

No. 626106 ID: 7413f4
File 142458538331.png - (93.78KB , 900x666 , gaaaahaah.png )

Fuck fuck fuck it’s gonna blow FUUUUUUUUUUU-
No. 626107 ID: 7413f4
File 142458542533.gif - (9.20KB , 250x185 , prakk.gif )



No. 626109 ID: 330ce5

Do we still have most our limbs and did we get all of the bugs?
No. 626110 ID: a40a59

Was uh. Was that a good idea.

Are you still alive enough to consider if that was a good idea or not.
No. 626111 ID: b97f3a

Are you ok? Are any Weevils still alive? Check your genitals for missing parts.
No. 626113 ID: 82efdc

Get up! If any survived that and are coming your way, we want to us the door as a choke point so you can kill them one at a time and not get overwhelmed.
No. 626115 ID: 7413f4
File 142458730388.png - (124.04KB , 900x666 , mawp.png )

Bugs are dead. Room’s fucked up. Ash and slime shit. Everywhere. Padre’s talking. Can’t hear. Ears ringing.



“My son!” says Father Alvin, his voice fading in as the ringing subsides. “Are you ok? You don’t look like a ghost. You are bleeding a lot!”

Feck. Genitals ok. Arm ok. Piece of shrapnel. Lodged. In my left side. Kind of hurts.

I. Don't. Regret doing this. It was. Awesome.
No. 626116 ID: 82efdc

You screwed up the diving for cover bit, but okay, that worked.

Anything left in the room, or are there any doors through it?
No. 626119 ID: 7413f4
File 142458856292.png - (50.98KB , 900x666 , cath_mental-map_4.png )

Bug room didn't have. Doors. Only one. Dead end.

"Are you sure you are alright, my son?" asks Alvin.

"Fine," I reply.
No. 626120 ID: d958ad

Okay you really need to find that font. Try the plain door, it's closest right now.
No. 626122 ID: d3be40

Do your best to squash any remaining eggs. You don't have the facilities to herd a swarm and each egg that reaches maturity is a potential enemy who can kill you or your allies.

Afterwards, clear out the remaining rooms and find something to attach to your arm.
No. 626136 ID: b97f3a

No ornate key anywhere, right? Yeah, we need to check the plain door. Also ask padre to check everywhere in the main room (like under the altar maybe?) for a key that might fit into the catacomb statue lock.
No. 626203 ID: 7413f4
File 142466601057.png - (102.19KB , 900x666 , lean.png )

Sunday update session begins!

Doing my best to stomp. Really hurts. Not playing around. I huff through the pain and kick as many eggs as I can. “Gotta help me, Padre,” I say, looking down at the mess of blood. “Gotta remember. Where. The font is.”

He thinks hard, closing his dull, grey eyes. “I remember it’s… it’s not a decorated thing. The font, I mean. I suppose it just looks like a normal white font. It’s not fancy. We always, uh… we kept it sort of in with the supplies and the food.”

No sign. Of the. Statue key. Can’t think about that. Not right now. Plain door it is.

“Please tell me you are alright,” says Alvin, “Ortise?”

“Got arm… my arm cut off… with a sword,” I say, pulling open the plain door across the aisle from the slime-caked one, “this is nothing.”
No. 626204 ID: 7413f4
File 142466603295.png - (105.00KB , 900x666 , are_you_kidding_me.png )

The room is rubbish. You kidding me. The fugg is this. Shit. Is that a toilet.
No. 626205 ID: 46df9e

Well he said the font looked plain, it is worth a shot if you don't want to just continue bleeding there.
No. 626206 ID: 82efdc

>found the bathroom
Well, you could wash up a little bit. Clean the bug bits and blood off.

The diary says they brought font water with them into the catacombs, which implies the font isn't down there. So that leaves the other door by the painting to check.
No. 626210 ID: 7413f4
File 142466757768.png - (112.55KB , 900x666 , bidet.png )

> clean the wound

I wash out the wound in the weird bidet thing. Hope I’m not rubbing 500 year old pisswater in my injury. The water runs clear and cold, stinging my skin. Huh…
No. 626211 ID: 7413f4
File 142466761067.png - (103.17KB , 900x666 , this_is_probably_the_right_font.png )

With a tinge of pain, the wound begins to sizzle, and closes, leaving a hairless patch of lightened skin in its place.
No. 626214 ID: d958ad

You found the font. Get some of that water to the guy in the main room. It might not be too late.

...I hope you didn't seal the wound over the shrapnel.
No. 626215 ID: 62568c

>Ortise: Fill up those jugs. Tie them to your belt so you can carry them both at the same time.
>Padre: fly sideways n shit what even is right side up u a ghost man
No. 626217 ID: 2dde62

Probably should've gotten the shrapnel out of the wound first

Now you have shit under your skin
No. 626218 ID: 82efdc

Okay then!

Treat your injuries, then see about getting some water back to that poor sap in the pews, who hopefully isn't dead already.
No. 626221 ID: 7413f4
File 142467100708.png - (78.27KB , 900x666 , rollin.png )

Of course I removed the shrapnel. It was a small piece of plastered stone. I washed my face and hair, too. Fuck, I feel amazing now! As for the water jugs, I can’t carry both at once, my belt won’t support them either. I’m gonna have to roll them out to the sanctum one at a time.

“Hey Padre,” I say, “you like big jugs?”
No. 626222 ID: 7413f4
File 142467102894.png - (47.92KB , 900x666 , yeah.png )

“Yes, my son, of course! What better to hold large amounts of water?” he replies, flying sideways.
No. 626223 ID: 7413f4
File 142467105256.png - (76.98KB , 900x666 , come_on.png )

“No, I mean, you know… jugs.”

“Yes, I heard you correctly, my son!” he says, “I too am excited to help the troubled with this sacred Avi Water!”
No. 626224 ID: 7413f4
File 142467107790.png - (154.76KB , 900x666 , victim2.png )

I wheel a carboy of Avi Water out into the sanctum. The kid’s still there. Fuck, it’s hard to look at. Poor dumbass has been clinging to life for hours now. His chest is barely moving, and his pulse is even slower than before. He’s pale, and his fur is all brittle. Looks like he lost a lot of blood to that weevil. Well, he’s still alive, technically. Should I do this?
No. 626226 ID: d90668

Well pour some water on his wound and then start pouring some in his mouth.

If you can find a cup would help. That or using your hands or wetting a rag and using that.

He might be in bad shape now but its worth a shot to try the water. Worst case it heals him but he will need time to recover and plenty of food to replace the blood lost.
No. 626229 ID: 82efdc

Use a cup or your hands, don't just douse him with the jug.

Start by pouring water into his chest wound until it fills over, then start trying to get him to drink some. Hopefully that will heal the missing blood.
No. 626233 ID: 7413f4
File 142467313660.png - (124.74KB , 900x666 , treatment.png )

I pour some Avi Water onto the wounds, then carefully poor some into his mouth. I had to find a bowl to dump it into from the carboy, and spilled a lot in the process. I can’t exactly hold it while I pour it.

come on drink the water you dumb little shit

It sizzles over the wounds, healing them up instantly. He seems a little more willing to swallow some of the water once the wounds are healed, and looks to be in a great deal less pain. His pulse hasn’t picked up, and his breathing is still barely existent.
No. 626234 ID: d90668

Well keep spooning him water for awhile. Hopefully if you get enough in his system it will help with the blood loss.

Try to get him to drink a water bottle or two worth of water. Then watch and wait to see if it helps. This might take awhile to have a visible affect.

The goal is to get him well enough to eat something. If we can do that he might recover. Course you will need to find food next.
No. 626237 ID: 82efdc

Give him a few more handfuls of water. Best base, it heals back into blood. Worst case, at least you're getting some hydration into him, and he's badly dehydrated by that bug.

If he doesn't wake up after that, we may want to move him to a room, and close the door, so a wandering bug is less likely to come across him and finish him off.
No. 626240 ID: 7413f4
File 142467599528.png - (116.53KB , 900x666 , victim3.png )

I give him four or five bowls of water. I ask Padre if this stuff can restore blood. With a frown, he shakes his head in return. His heart is about forty BPM now. He still can’t see, and apparently can’t hear. His tongue is pale, almost completely white. Light as he is, I don’t think I can pick him up safely with one arm. I’ll have to leave him where he is.
No. 626241 ID: 7413f4
File 142467602618.png - (59.50KB , 900x666 , cath_mental-map_5.png )

I also update my mental map of the place now that I know where the font is.
No. 626242 ID: 82efdc

Well, check the door by the painting, I suppose.
No. 626249 ID: a19cd5

He needs iron and shit to restore his blood, so lets try finding some meat to shove in his orifice.
No. 626256 ID: d3be40


One of the main reasons why surgery is so dangerous is because all that damage required to get to a mortal injury can also sum up to death. You have a jar of magic water that can heal any incision, so I suggest that if he doesn't stabilize in five hours, slice open his chest cavity, and see if there is something wrong inside. There should be some internal bleeding but if you dump a whole jug of supercharged healing water into his chest cavity he should be fine.

I suggest you find a medic, though. Medic + Healing Nanomachines ~>= Professional Doctor. For now, carry a jug of healing water for emergencies. Open the bottle and let it spill out in the event of a serious battle, so that you have access to instant healing. The enemy probably don't realize that the water can heal them, since they weren't carrying small healing potions with them.
No. 626266 ID: d958ad

Dude no. He was sucked nearly dry by a giant bug. If there was an internal injury the water healed it.
No. 626282 ID: 7413f4
File 142471148513.png - (94.57KB , 900x666 , dontevencare.png )

> conflicting medical opinions

“You know what, I don’t give a shit,” I say. “Why should I even care? It’s just some random-ass kid. Not my damn kid.”

“Are you… crying, my son?” asks Alvin.

“I’m not crying.”

“I can tell that you’re crying,” he says.

“What, because you’re a ghost?”

“No, my son,” he replies, “because I’m a priest. I have no control over you, so I cannot make you save this child, but I can at least see that you desire to.”

“Right,” I say. “You’re right. I need a clear head, and a prime directive.”

What I know:

1) I can’t move the kid.
2) He’s not responding to additional Avigrade Water. It’s healed all it can heal.
3) He has frighteningly little blood in his body.
4) I need a doctor who knows the effects of massive blood loss. All I know about it is: people die when you stab them a lot.

It is coming down to this. Do I search the rest of the cathedral right now to keep helping the Padre, or do I venture out in search of help for the kid?
No. 626285 ID: e6e219

The kid needs help now while exploring the cathedral can wait. But if you leave him here without making sure there are no bugs left they might finish him off while you are away. So might be worth it to make sure there are no remaining threats before you go for a doctor. Should not take long if you move fast.

As for the blood loss you need to get more blood in him. Your body can replace it with time and food but getting him to eat would be hard. Would have to be a hearty broth that you could spoon into him.

But even if you could get him to eat his body needs blood to digest food so feeding him might just make things worse.

If you can find a doctor that can perform a blood transfusion it would be ideal. You do not have the equipment or expertise to do it yourself.
No. 626292 ID: 7413f4
File 142471943103.png - (62.83KB , 900x666 , this_time_its_personal.png )

The Padre and I head back through the painting room and through the far door.

“You know, it’s funny,” says Father Alvin, “Well, not funny, but strange. In this state, I cannot die or be harmed, and yet I still fear what we might find.”
No. 626293 ID: 7413f4
File 142471945860.png - (322.91KB , 900x666 , library.png )

Looks like some kinda library through the door. There’s a door directly across from us. There are a few hundred large tomes in the shelves. It smells musty in here, like a… well, like a library.
No. 626295 ID: e6e219

Whats with the lines across the room? Is that a rug or are those drag marks from something?

Inspect the two out of place oddly colored books. While doing so ask the Padre if he remembers anything about the library.
No. 626306 ID: 7413f4

Sorry for the sparse updates last night and today! Will be resuming tomorrow morning, and POSSIBLY briefly tonight as well. I look forward to your suggestions!
No. 626315 ID: 1324fc

Yeah, this is good logic. We finish sweeping the cathedral, make sure there are no bugs left, and see if there's anyone else left alive to help, or who knows how to treat the kid. If not, we go looking for help as soon as the place is secure.

Drag marks? Scratches? Check.

There are also two books missing. There's not, say, an ambush watching you from behind the shelf?
No. 626317 ID: d958ad

Go look at the missing book spots. See if you can tell, based on surrounding books, what was taken.
No. 626318 ID: d3be40

"I think that fear stems from what you don't know. Are you SURE that you cannot be harmed further, or descend into a greater state of death? Of course not. And the answers may violently reveal themselves soon enough...

Besides, you have a lot to be scared about: the deaths of those still alive, the mental state of Orlanda's spirit, the possibility of failing to protect the cathedral resulting in the loss of your planet's most famous source of healing and the victory of an unrelenting enemy.

For what it's worth, I still wonder what would happen if I visited somewhere else first. That kid probably would have died... but is there someone out in the tower or castle who is currently dying an even more tragic death?

I dunno. Now, can you please shift through the bookcases and detect traps?"
No. 626418 ID: 7413f4
File 142480144178.png - (316.83KB , 900x666 , book_check.png )

“You’ve got plenty of shit to be scared of, Padre. You’re trapped in a fuckin’ haunted cathedral full of mutant, man-eating bugs,” I say. “Now, can you… you know, phase through the bookshelf or something? This looks like a trap.”

Alvin shakes his head, wringing his hands, “I’m sorry my son, but I can’t. See, I was trapped in the sanctum until you opened those doors. If there is an obstacle, I just bump into it.”

“Well, my sword cut right through you,” I say, “that’s a solid thing.”

“So did the weevil,” he says, “but it has more to do with why I am trapped here. Doors and walls are meant to keep me at bay.” He closes his eyes and presses against the bookshelf, and it just kind of squishes his cheek a bit.

Cautiously and with my sword drawn, I walk over to look at the missing book. Behind it is just the back wall of the bookshelf. No ambush.

Fargo Berlios’ Conclusive Reference on the Fair and Just Administration of Provincial Capitals: Volumes 56 and 58,” the Padre reads, looking at the two green books in one of the center shelves. As for me, I can’t tell which book is missing. The book next to it is called The Sojourner’s Heresy. Next, I look at the strange markings on the floor. They are definitely scratches, like something heavy has been dragged across.
No. 626425 ID: 815748

I wonder if that book you found has any importance here.
No. 626434 ID: e6e219

Looks like one of the spots is for the book you found. Whoever wrote in it did not have any paper handy and just grabbed one.

Might find the other book later I guess. If there are any secret passages here we can search for them later.

I say continue following the scratch marks for now.
No. 626437 ID: d958ad

Put the book you found back in its proper place.

I suspect the Padre has not moved on because the library is not in order!
No. 626443 ID: 1324fc

Huh. I don't suppose those scratches would match the missing cough being dragged through here?

Not much else to do but press onwards.
No. 626573 ID: 7413f4

Next update session: Thursday 2/26!
No. 626688 ID: 7413f4
File 142497597802.png - (118.26KB , 900x666 , spoopy.png )

The next room is very large, and there are no other doors. The ceiling is high and dark, and there is dust suspended in the air.

“I feel… rather sick. I have not felt that way since I was living,” says Father Alvin.
No. 626689 ID: e3cf80

Prepare yourself and approach with cation. I get the feeling that couch is gonna be a problem
No. 626690 ID: 8f27ea

Check the ceiling as you go as well, you might of destroyed the hive, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any more of those bugs around.
No. 626694 ID: 7413f4
File 142497864634.png - (110.91KB , 900x666 , even_spoopier.png )

I kneel in front of one of the skeletons to take a look. “Padre,” I say, “can you go check the ceiling for more weevils? Too dark for me to see, but you can fly.”

“Yes, yes! Of course!” he says, floating up to the ceiling. “Hm… I’m sorry, I still can’t see much. I’ll alert you at the first sign of movement.”

The skeletons each have a steel dagger next to them, and they are both wearing robes identical to Alvin’s. There’s a red book here called The Cloister’s Virtue.
No. 626695 ID: fe4bfc

If he is feeling sick it might be because one of these bodies is his. Tell him to be prepared for the sight.

Getting him a proper burial might help him move on or it could be something else he has to do. Hopefully will find more clues in here.

For those corpses to be skeletons there had to be insects in here at one point. Hopefully normal ones. Larger animals would have scattered and chewed on the bones. And if it was completely sealed you would have mummified bodies instead.

So keep a eye out just in case.
No. 626696 ID: e3cf80

Check the book but be wary of your surroundings.
No. 626698 ID: 7413f4
File 142498054521.png - (104.88KB , 900x666 , reading.png )

Sure enough, there is handwriting over the print of this old book as well.

A mere goatling will not appease the Primordial Gods whom we have angered with our sins. That has become clear. To rid this place of its curse, we must rid it of its true plague, and return this sacred place to the land, vacating it for Lord Avigrade’s further judgement. Whether you are a god, man, wizard, or titan, look upon this book with disdain for our considerable failure. Father Alvin, the unwitting martyr in the catacombs gave us life, and for this he should be atoned for his lechery. This sacrifice, as such, has been in vain and error, and we are not holy men. We are merely murderers

The note carries on to the next page.

and cannibals.
No. 626699 ID: e3cf80

Oh shit, looks like they killed the father and ate him. Might not want to tell him quite yet.
There might be more than meets the eye in this church, be careful.
No. 626700 ID: fe4bfc

Wow I don't know much about religion in these parts but I think they might have gone a bit off the deep end.

I would hold off mentioning the cannibal thing to Alvin until we have made sure things are safe. Will probably have to tell him so he can pass on but wait until the time is right.

So do you know anything about old gods or curses? If this place is cursed you will need to fix that or find another spot to move into.

For now keep exploring the room while keeping a eye out for monsters.
No. 626703 ID: 7413f4
File 142498356475.png - (55.56KB , 900x666 , hmmm.png )

Man, this is some heavy-ass shit. I feel like I didn’t need to know any of this crap.

“What did that book say, by the way?” Padre calls out.

“Nothin’. Some boring shit.”

> gods and curses

I don’t know shit about curses. That’s all black smoke. Are they even real? I dunno. I know there were some primordial gods who created the world. Don’t really know much about them. Supposedly they created the Titans, who overthrew them and took over the world. There are like seven Titans or something. They’re living throughout this shitty realm. Avigrade is the oldest and most powerful Titan. He lives up in Als Eyvor. My little brother is his most loyalest vassal. Oh and, uh… the club I was in worshiped a Titan named Mighty Mighty Redhawk. Never actually seen him, though. He lives pretty far away.

> explore more

What should I look at, specifically?
No. 626706 ID: d3be40

Check the stairs for traps, there's a green couch on top of them.

Seriously, what?
No. 626712 ID: 9ddf68

well there still is the other half of this room we should probably check out.
No. 626713 ID: d958ad

Investigate the couch.
No. 626715 ID: 7413f4
File 142498807711.png - (90.38KB , 900x666 , actual_couch.png )

Huh, yeah, no shit. There’s an actual couch up here. It must be the one that Padre was talking about earlier. I walk up to the stairs and inspect them for any kind of trap. No tripwires, no pressure plates. Nothing, really. Almost like a fucking church wouldn’t be full of booby traps. Who would have thought?

There’s something on the couch. Looks like another skeleton
No. 626717 ID: 7413f4
File 142498817151.png - (150.78KB , 900x666 , owww.png )



"Sorry, my son!" he shouts, floating over while biting his ghostly nails, "It's kind of hazy! Sorry!"

No. 626718 ID: 9ddf68

Stab the shit out of that fucker before it can pin your good arm. Just throw your arm back and stab that fucker through the gut.
No. 626720 ID: 7413f4
File 142499029910.png - (165.67KB , 900x666 , uncle.png )

The weevil has managed to pin me against the stairs. It's heavy as shit! I throw back my arm and stab at it, but I miss the stomach, and the blade of the steel dagger lodges into its shell.


I can hear it trying to suck up blood, but it's proboscis is stuck out the front of my shoulder, and it's not getting any.
No. 626724 ID: a19cd5

>Realize it looks like the weevil's taking you from behind
>Berserker mode
No. 626726 ID: 5db52c

Roll over! With your knife and the proboscis you can force it to move (unless it wants to suffer a snapped proboscis or the knife to dig more), and then you'll be pinning it, and in a better position to stab repeatedly.

...this would be so much easier with two hands.
No. 626727 ID: 7413f4
File 142499274490.png - (169.10KB , 900x666 , pinned.png )

> roll over

I can’t! It’s too heavy for me too overthrow onto its own back with a single arm and not enough leverage from my legs

> would be easier with two hands


No. 626730 ID: d958ad

I think you can probably reach around and stab behind your head, though it would be easier if you flipped your grip on the dagger.
No. 626736 ID: d90668

Attack the parts you can get to then. The end of its proboscis and its front foot. If you can hurt it enough it will try to get away from you and you will be unpinned.
No. 626738 ID: 2a6915

You want that thing dead, and right now it's just pinning you and not doing anymore damage.
Once you kill it, retreat to the fountain if you can make it, and THEN remove the proboscis. Cut away the rest of the body, but be sure it's dead first.
Go for the eyes and it's brain and that should do it...I hope.
No. 626742 ID: d3be40

Switch the blade upwards, place your hand next to your head, and stab eight inches above your ears!
No. 626755 ID: 5db52c

You're very limited in mobility. The only things you look like you can do is stab it in the side, or headbutt it, trying to damage an eye.

There's nothing between the legs to kick, even!

I suppose the padre could try to distract it? Or... he can't pass through things. What happens if the padre plugs the proboscis? Can it choke?
No. 626767 ID: 7413f4
File 142500706706.png - (115.48KB , 900x666 , ARGH.png )

> reverse grip
> stab eye

Now THAT sounds like a plan. The weevil has been trying to pull its proboscis back enough to begin inhaling the blood, as the gross little nostrils on the end of it went out the other side. I jab in the dagger and gyrate it to lobotomize the beast, not stopping until it convulses and dies.
No. 626768 ID: 7413f4
File 142500709071.png - (50.61KB , 900x666 , worried.png )

“Ortise! ORTISE!” Father Alvin shrieks, “are you ok? Please, please get up. Oh please, you’re the only friend I’ve had since I died!”

I need to take a moment to catch my breath. The Padre is babbling about something up there.

“Of course, of course. I find one person willing to stay, and he gets killed by those god da-… god blessed bugs! Just my luck!”

“Calm down, Padre,” I finally manage to croak, “I’m fine.” This son of a bitch is really heavy, and I’m still kind of pinned down by the proboscis jabbing my shoulder.
No. 626772 ID: 330ce5

what do you mean god blessed and have other people been here other than us?
No. 626773 ID: d3be40

Alvin, just swear like a regular person.

About what the book said: this cathedral could make a good base, but might not be worth the trouble. See if you can lift the true curse (or befriend whatever is causing it), because it would be a shame to just destroy your healing fountain.

Inspect the couch, check on the kid, and then heal up at the fountain. You may want to look for some potion bottles. Possibly sterilized.
No. 626781 ID: 7413f4
File 142501013287.png - (118.28KB , 900x666 , sacrifice.png )

I lurch the weevil’s proboscis from my shoulder. After that is out, it is fairly easy to get the body off of my. The wound missed all of my arteries and organs.

"Padre, you can say 'god damn'. I'm not gonna tell your mama," I say. At the oath, he flinches. This injury actually hurts less than the shrapnel, but I am still in severe-ass pain. “Has anyone else besides me come here?”

“Y-yes,” he says, “I’m glad you’re ok-”

“Shh. Shut up. Who else came in here?”

“Just… random people. All of them either ran from the weevils,” says Alvin, “or ran from me. The exceptions are you and the boy.”

I walk up the rest of the way to get a look at the couch. Padre follows, covering his mouth at what he sees.
No. 626782 ID: d3be40

Well, not the most sane way to go, but whatever.

So, who is that? Orlanda or someone else?
No. 626786 ID: 5db52c

...I'm sorry padre, I think we found your nun. ...and the bugs don't use swords.
No. 626788 ID: d958ad

Why is there no blood on the couch? Beware. I see glowing dots in the skull. This is a SKELETON AMBUSH!
No. 626883 ID: 7413f4
File 142507251769.png - (108.45KB , 900x666 , shit.png )

This ordeal has been some pretty solid nightmare fuel. This is fucked up.

>no blood on the couch
You know what? I don’t even know how long ago any of this happened. Last week? Five hundred years ago? God damn it

> skeleton ambush
That bitch is as dead as dead gets

“This is… this is my fault,” says Padre, “they would not have killed her if we had not fallen in love. I am sorry that you had to learn this about me, my son.”

Getting kind of dizzy now. Should I tell Padre about the book? Should I go heal myself? The second one sounds pretty good, but I'm not about to pass out yet
No. 626893 ID: 9ddf68

why are there little pinpricks in her eye sockets?

Anyways I say grab the sword in her, the daggers the other two dead guys had and go back to fountain room and drop them off while you hell up. Try to comfort the ghost on the way back and we can probably show him the books after we've search the whole building just to make sure we have the full puzzle before we tell him.
No. 626900 ID: d90668

Go get healing water on you. Exploring here can wait a few minutes.

Then come back and look over stuff. Got to make sure there are no more bugs hiding in the rafters.
No. 626909 ID: d3be40

Have Alvin try to communicate with the fellow dead. Meanwhile, you should probably heal up before you pass out from blood loss. Check on the kid's pulse and head straight for the fountain.

Time to find some food - bleeding likely drained your vitamins.
No. 626915 ID: 7413f4
File 142508289843.png - (143.06KB , 900x666 , eye_sockets.png )

Upon closer inspection, there is not really anything in her eye sockets, least of all eyes. I tuck both of the daggers into my belt, grab the sword, and head back to the font room. On the way back, I ask if Father Alvin is able to speak with the dead.

“Presumably I could speak with another ghost,” he says, “however it looks to be that all of the others, including my sweet Orlanda, have ascended to the Death Realm.”

> comfort the ghost
Fuck that. I don’t really do that stuff. No good at it. He’s all weepy now, and it’s making me uncomfortable.
No. 626916 ID: 7413f4
File 142508292877.png - (91.31KB , 900x666 , bath.png )

I try to give myself a complete bath this time. The healing water seems to give a kind of euphoric feeling, too. I have a little bit of food with me from the cult. It’s just some stale bread, which I the proceed to eat. It’s pretty fucking stale, but it has little bits of rosemary in it. So that’s cool, I guess. All of that stale-ass bread didn’t really fill me up much. I thought that would all last longer. It’ll tide me over for now, but I need to find some better food somewhere soon. Ok, I’m all healed up now. I have had plenty of water to drink, which made me feel better than the food did. I manage to wash my clothes in the water as well, and stow the weapons that I found in the font room. I didn’t get a chance to check on the kid yet. I was feeling pretty assy, but I’m all better now.
No. 626918 ID: d90668

Well any places we might have missed that bugs could hide? If we are reasonably sure the kid will be safe we should head out to find food and a doctor.

It might be to late for the kid but will try our best to save him if its possible.
No. 626921 ID: d958ad

We never found that second key... it wasn't on any of the corpses?
No. 626922 ID: 7413f4
File 142508482994.png - (68.63KB , 900x666 , cath_mental-map_6.png )

On that note, I build a new map in my head. I think I've searched every room. Unless there are more bugs in the ceiling of the sofa room, I think it's clear. Eventually I gotta get some lighting up in that bitch.

I'm willing to certify this fucking place 100% weevil-free. Now what?
No. 626929 ID: 9ddf68

well maybe grab a pillow or something for the kid to rest his head on, ask the ghost to watch over the kid for a bit and head out to find some real food and just scout the area. If we're going to be setting up camp here for a bit might as well get a lay of the land.
No. 626931 ID: 5db52c

It's... possible that not knowing he was murdered is what's keeping the padre back. So we should probably tell him the truth, eventually.

Now's not the time, though. If this place is secure, you should be out there, scouting around to see if there's anyone nearby who can help the kid. Ask the padre to watch over him, promise you'll be back.
No. 626944 ID: a9753c

Spare bandages, water jugs, hold it in your mouth, just obtain as much healing potion as you can.

Go back to Ground Zero and make sure all eggs are accounted for.
No. 626945 ID: 7413f4
File 142509482158.png - (57.10KB , 900x666 , embark.png )

I take a moment to stomp out any eggs that I can find. If I had any fire, I’d use it. I don’t know what qualifies as a dead weevil egg, so I pretty much just make bug-juice wine out of all of them. I couldn’t find a pillow for the kid (the monks and nuns here must have slept on hard floor or something). Padre tries to come along, but he can’t pass through the door out of the cathedral - even when it’s open. Telling him to watch over the kid is kind of pointless. He seems to be unable to pass through anything that is still the same as it was when he died. I leave all the doors inside open for him so he has a little more room to fly around. Out the door, I bring with me some torn cloth to use as bandages and a carboy of Avigrade Water.

Things that I need:

1. A pillow
2. A doctor
3. Some fine ass
4. Food

Anything else?
No. 626947 ID: 9297f4

Some more swordsmanship never hurts.
No. 626949 ID: d958ad

A locksmith, to open the last door there's no key for.
No. 626952 ID: 330ce5

We could get a cool hat, boost charisma and attract more attention.
No. 626955 ID: 9ddf68

find a bed roll or something unless you want to sleep on the pews in the church tonight. Also you don't need to grab these things but keep an eye open for places that may have useful supplies to help buff up the church. And by buff up I mean things you'd like to drag back to the church once you get some crap off your chest like a fucking bed, I mean if the bug room isn't to badly damaged you can turn it into whatever you want. Plus things that you could use to make the church into a fortress if you ever find yourself in need a something to keep assholes out should they ever get the same idea as you and decide that they want to make it there new home as well and try to evict you out of the place after you cleared it of it's damn bug problem.
No. 626970 ID: 5db52c

Minions? Someone's gotta fix this place up and do the grunt work for you.

That's a lower priority than anything already on your list, though.
No. 627122 ID: 7413f4
File 142518768472.png - (181.12KB , 900x666 , landscape1.png )

> minions
Definitely not on the bottom of the list.. Gaining some followers actually is one of my primary goals. As for how to do that… uh, I dunno. I’ll have to think of something. Hector back at the cult had a fairly obvious lure. Sex sells, after all. Anyway, I’m not terribly strong, and I only have one fucking arm, so I’m not going to be much use for hard labor. It would take me far too long to make any serious renovations to the cathedral without considerable help.

> locksmith
No kidding. I’m dying to figure out what’s behind that stupid door. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a locksmith.

> cool hat, bedroll
I could get behind a hat. Not to mention it’s fucking raining now. I’m soaking wet. A bedroll would be might useful, too. Nothing in that old cathedral looks to have been made with comfort in mind except for that fuckin’ couch, but… eugh. Not only does it have a dried up corpse on it, but I’m 90% sure Orlanda and the Padre got busy on that thing.

I head out of the cathedral and down the road into the ensuing valley. It’s cold and wet. I can see a village, and that weird floating island in the distance. I remember the Space Tower is down the road beyond that village, and I have no idea what is down the other road. Looks like there something in the crossroads too.
No. 627123 ID: a19cd5

ooh, idea! We should see if there's a mage or something that can craft you a badass magic robot arm
No. 627125 ID: 330ce5

it is time to go sign reading after that we can search the village for supplies. AS for recruiting people we could promise people adventure, the secrets of the realm, and companionship!
No. 627149 ID: 9ddf68

when we get to the minion stage I figured we'd just find people and play it by ear. That way we can actually find people we like. As for what to do now? go to the village and see what you can find, might as well start close right? I mean until you get some more hands (no pun intended) around to help you move shit or a wagon or something I don't think the idea of dragging something cool you found all the way back to the church by yourself over long distances sounds very fun.
No. 627173 ID: a9753c

Ask around for a doctor. Don't yell for one yet, or they might charge you extra. If anyone asks, you know what to do with your right arm stub.

Purchase supplies and head straight back to the cathedral. Once the kid is stable, you can hire some guards (having an unlimited supply of healing nanomachines should help) and venture out to other places.

See if you can save the lives of others in the tower and island, as well.
No. 627195 ID: df6309


Wait what do you mean by space tower?
No. 627290 ID: 5db52c

Try the village, first. Easier to approach than a floating island or a tower. You can ask for information, and find out if there's a doctor in the area.

Minions will have to wait till we have a way to pay them, or otherwise entice them into employment. I don't think you'll be able to charm them into it purely on your oratory skills.
No. 627294 ID: b9cef6

We need to head to the village, because that's the place most likely to have a doctor. That kid isn't going to be clinging to the edge of life forever. We can worry about becoming more badass when we save him.
If there isn't one there, there's probaby a wizard or some shit at the space tower who can do healing stuff, because wizards love towers and their phallic imagery.
No. 627313 ID: 7413f4
File 142527342802.png - (148.99KB , 900x666 , soaked.png )

I am very, very certain there’s no wizard in this small-ass village. Only a few of the living Titans are wizards, and then there’s the Wandering Wizard, but he’s probably not real. I mean this crazy world is full of shit, but there are like a hundred similar legends about vagrant titans and wizards that are 100% bullshit.

The “space tower” is just what I’ve been calling it. It’s a big tower that looks like it fell out of the sky. Big crater, weird stuff sticking out of it. Seems like a place a Titan would visit, but it didn’t look all that big from what I saw.
No. 627314 ID: 7413f4
File 142527345161.png - (415.99KB , 1800x1344 , map_sign.png )

The sign has a map of the realm. It’s a small peninsula with IMPASSABLE FUCK-NOTHING to the far east. It does not have much on it. No roads, no rivers. It just marks my current location, and it looks like the homes of each of the living Titans. I’m facing SOUTH.
No. 627315 ID: 7413f4
File 142527346909.png - (186.61KB , 900x666 , village.png )

I do a quick sweep of the village when I get there to see what everything is. I don’t really see anyone who is explicitly a doctor, and it doesn’t help that everyone is inside due to the weather.
No. 627318 ID: d958ad

Erm, if wizards are rare, what's with the floating mountain?

I say go talk to the chief. You can find out who would be best at nursing the poor near-dead boy back to health, and you'd have to ask permission from the chief to take that person off to the spooky abandoned church anyway.
No. 627319 ID: 5db52c

Try the shaman. They do healing and basic medicine, right? Gotta be at least one villager who's lost blood and needed treating in the past.
No. 627322 ID: 330ce5

We should go to the shaman first.
No. 627326 ID: a9753c

Hire an apprentice shaman and get recommendations for appropriate treatment to blood loss.

Purchase supplies for long-term holdouts. Be sure to find something to attach to your arm stub.
No. 627327 ID: 9ddf68

Don't see a point in braking into people's house cause they probably have fuck all, Don't see why we should bother the chief when we don't have jack shit to do with this town, Tavern could be nice but do we have any money? Unless that's somewhere you could find work should we ever find a reason to do so. I say head to the shaman's place for now seeing as we are trying to see if there is a way to help patch up the kid back at the base. Wait, do shamans know anything about healing around here or are they more or less priest in different clothing that just preach there beliefs at people who walk by?
No. 627328 ID: 7413f4
File 142527586367.png - (46.60KB , 900x666 , shaman.png )

I go to the shaman’s hut. She greets me.

> “Hello.”

“Hey,” I say, “Listen, I need a healer. I’ve got a kid who’s just barely clinging to life up there on the plateau.”

> “At the cathedral?”

“How did you know?” I say.

> “Because three orphan Daiqi children of the village left for that place last night. Only two of them returned. That is a cursed, evil place that has taken the lives of many of the foolish. Why did you go to a place like that?”
No. 627330 ID: 9ddf68

>Why did you go to a place like that?
because I needed a place to stay and that spot looked like it was in good enough condition to call home for a few nights. As for the "curse" thing I killed all the man eating bugs in there and found the kid while doing so. And on that point are you going to help or not?
No. 627335 ID: 7413f4
File 142527701152.png - (44.81KB , 900x666 , shaman2.png )

> “Sorry. I’m not allowed to leave the village without the permission of the chief, and he must have the permission of our protector, Lord Basstrid.”

Well that sounds like some old bullshit. Basstrid, hm. That sounds kind of familiar. Can’t put my finger on it. Well, now what?

“I might as well talk to this Basstrid guy. Where’s he at?” I ask.

> “Lord Basstrid is currently out of the village, patrolling the area.”
No. 627340 ID: d958ad

What are the names of the Titans? What are the Titans, anyway?

Ask her if there's a locksmith in town. Or how long it'll be until Basstrid is back. Or how far out he patrols, maybe we can go find him?
No. 627343 ID: 7413f4
File 142527942436.png - (47.86KB , 900x666 , shaman3.png )

The Titans are the living usurpers of the alleged Primordial Gods. We don’t know much about those. At least I don’t. I’m sure some egghead does, but I just don’t give a shit. Anyway, they’re pretty much the rulers of the realm, and they are powerfully magical. The Eight Wars, also known as the Wars of the Eight, were a bunch of really bad conflicts between the Titans. I think. They happened about two hundred years ago... I think? I don’t know. Do I fucking look like I went to school? I dropped out and joined a sex cult. There’s eight of them, thereabouts, based on the name of the wars. They were all on that map, which I didn’t memorize. I know there’s Mighty Mighty Redhawk and Avigrade. Redhawk was the idol of the cult. Don’t know much about him, really, but Hector met him once. Avigrade sometimes gets called ‘The Old Man’ or just ‘The Man’. There's a painting and a statue of him back at the cathedral.

Anyway, I ask the shaman about a locksmith.

> “We do not have a locksmith here. A Pilosian is staying here on her way to Kuvaats. She had a tool kit. Perhaps she can help.”

This tiny shaman is creeping me out a little bit. Should I go to the Pilosian traveler, or cut straight to the chief?
No. 627348 ID: d958ad

Talk to the Pilosian.
No. 627349 ID: 1f1d59

Is there anything shes willing to give us for the kid to help him? (not that you arnt going to use it yourself first) Food, water, something to keep the kid warm (hes in shock you know)
No. 627381 ID: b9cef6

Could she even treat heavy blood loss? If so, is it just some magic chug-this-4-blud herbal remedy thing she can give us?
If she can treat him but needs to be there, ask the Chief. Chief'll probably tell us no, in which case, we book it to the Space Needle.
No. 627406 ID: d3be40

Talk to the chief. You need a healer now. The chief can also recommend a craftsman; possibly even a small army of misfits that the town wants gone.

Ask the shaman for a writ of permission to audience with the chief. Should make procedures faster.
No. 627475 ID: 7413f4
File 142533738367.png - (76.57KB , 900x666 , chief.png )

I go to the chief next. His house is much larger than the others, housing him as well as three female consorts. The consorts each appear to be of a different race.

> “What? Make this quick.” he asks.

I explain the situation up at the cathedral, and that the child there is likely from this village.

> “An orphan? You want me to send away my only shaman to a cursed place with a stranger to the aid some bastard child?”

“Yes,” I say, “that’s right.”

> “Even if I had permission from the Protector, I would never condone such a flagrant waste of resources. Begone.”
No. 627477 ID: d3be40

Before you punch him in the face with your arm stub (which is a viable option):

Tell him about lifting a horrible curse rooted within the cathedral, which would earn him favor with the titans.

Then tell him about the large supply of healing potions that you found. THAT'S worth the risk.

"You have a lake of healing water... and you're too stupid to pour it in his mouth?"
"I poured like two barrels into him and it wasn't enough! The potions worked wonders on the giant gaping holes, but I need a real healer to fix all the diseases! I can slice my gut open and take a potion and I'll be fine, but I can't regenerate my limb or cure starvation."
No. 627484 ID: d958ad

It didn't seem that cursed to you. The weevils are dead and there's only one ghost there. A peaceful mostly-senile ghost.

Plus, you know, we could trade some healing water for the service of the shaman.
No. 627490 ID: 5db52c

Bugs don't seem like much of a curse. I fixed those with just a sword.
No. 627492 ID: 9ddf68

...if it wasn't raining so god damn much I would suggest burning this place to the ground at night. Seeing how it is raining, flip the savage off as you walk out and look for the lock smith. Other then the lock smith the only thing I can think of that we'd want here is supplies, so is there anywhere we could buy/trade for shit... or steal if this guys keep pissing us off?
No. 627519 ID: b9cef6

Wait. Couldn't we just... Tell the shaman the Chief said sure?
"I've got to check myself I don't believe you"
"You old bitch there's a kid with no blood, we need to put blood in him, there's no time"
Worth a shot.
No. 627526 ID: d3be40

As a last resort you could kidnap the shaman. Be sure to take medical supplies.
No. 627528 ID: 825af6

Uh, have you considered perhaps instead of bringing the shaman to the kid you brought the kid to the shaman? The chief would almost certainly be more amicable to permitting a couple strong village lads to take a stretcher out there, fetch the kid and run him back instead of sending the shaman out. Of course there's no doubt you'll have to offer up something to pay for their time and effort, as well as for the shaman's services.
No. 627532 ID: d3be40

I don't think he would survive the journey...
No. 627579 ID: 7413f4
File 142540496224.png - (67.47KB , 900x666 , hebahebullaebehebeh.png )

>tell him it is safe now
“It wasn’t even really a fucking curse! It was just a bunch of damn giant bugs infesting the place! I killed them all with a plain, un-enchanted sword without divine intervention.”

>healing water
“On top of that, there’s a font there that spews magical healing water! Look, I brought some of that shit with me!”

> “Then why didn’t you just use-”

“Ahp ahp ahp,” I say, “gonna stop you right there, Chiefy. I gave that little bitch all the water he could drink, and it healed his wounds like magic, but it won’t restore all the blood he lost. I just need someone to give him some damn blood.”

> “You should really watch your tone of voice here,” says the chief, “and like I said, it’s just an orphan boy without status. What you’re suggesting I do is simply unrealistic.”

“I just told you it’s safe up there!” I say.
No. 627580 ID: 7413f4
File 142540500166.png - (75.96KB , 900x666 , sarcasm.png )

> The chief thinks for a moment, “Hm… generations of local lore and custom, or the ramblings of an anonymous cripple with a jug of water? Gonna have to think about that.”

Oh fuck this dude.

A. Take the shaman away without the chief’s permission (note: this seems like it might have some lasting consequences)
B. Try to get the kid here (note: this may very well kill the kid)
C. Something else?
No. 627586 ID: 8f27ea

As much as it would be amusing to stab him and dump the healing water on him, I feel that there might be a expiration time on the healing properties. Stab your stub and splash some water on it to prove your point.
No. 627590 ID: 62f2d6

I agree, just give yourself a small wound and put some water on it.
No. 627592 ID: 7413f4
File 142541051941.png - (82.70KB , 900x666 , demonstration.png )

“Wait, wait. Don’t believe me? Allow me to demonstrate.” I draw old freehand, causing the chief’s consorts to gasp, and then poke myself in the arm stub. “HNNNNGG.” I uncork the carboy of Avigrade Water and kneel down to pour it over the wound. The chief raises an eyebrow, watching carefully.

The water washes the blood from the wound. The wound remains. “It might take a second,” I say, “Here, let me put on a bit more.” The wound, though well-cleaned, remains.

> “You are… absolutely insane,” says the chief, “get the hell out of my village.”
No. 627593 ID: d3be40

Looks like the healing water loses its potency after a while. Buy some supplies and hire an assistant healer or something.
No. 627594 ID: e6e219

Bah the fucking water only works at the holy site. Well at least you confused the fuck out of this guy.

Nothing to do now but sigh and leave.
No. 627605 ID: 330ce5

Looks like that kid is sadly out of luck, time to move on unfortunately. Let's good to the market then get out of this village.
No. 627610 ID: 5db52c

Bleed on his floor out of spite and go.
No. 627619 ID: d3be40

Wait, what about the kid's two friends?!

Ask the chief if he's willing to let you kidnap them! Since the chief shows an extreme loathing for street rats, he'll probably like the idea of sending them off with a crazed lunatic!

And then the three of you knock the shaman unconscious and carry her to the cathedral.
No. 627651 ID: b9cef6

Oh son of a bitch. I guess infinite healing potions would be too good to ask for. Do have anything we could use as insurance, so that if we hypothetically never come back with his Shaman, he isn't totally screwed?
We don't, do we.
If not, we need to convince the shaman herself to come with us anyway. I propose lying like a bitch.
>Lasting consequences
Fuck this village. It's not like we're ever going to come back here. I mean, really, whats the worst that could possibly happen? The chief shakes his fist at us from in front of our kick-ass church? Or, from the bottom of Space Mountain after we conquer it?
No. 627729 ID: 7413f4
File 142549061140.png - (63.72KB , 900x666 , ok.png )

“Ok. You want me to leave? I’ll leave, chief.”

I don’t think I’m going to kidnap those orphans - mostly because I don’t want a bunch of dumbass kids running around my awesome cathedral. I had better try to convince the shaman to come with me.

> lying like a bitch
What should I say to convince her to come along?
No. 627735 ID: fe4bfc

Go to the Shaman and say that the Chief said to help the crazy idiot so he would go away and leave us alone.
No. 627757 ID: 7aa8c3

Or we could sit down and have a serious talk with the chief.
Dose it bpmatter that the boy is an orphan? He's still a child and a member of the village, and the shaman's not doing anything. He's the chief its his duty to look after everyone from his village.
All you want is a little help to get a chance to save a life, please?
No. 627876 ID: 7413f4
File 142559572098.png - (84.11KB , 900x666 , pls.png )

Sorry for the wait!

“You’re turning down an opportunity to save the life of one of your own!” I say. I’m starting to sound like a bleeding heart. Have I gone soft after leaving the cult? Whatever. This guy’s a dick. “Your shaman isn’t even doing anything right now.”

> “Alright, alright. No need to turn into a gigantic pussy on me,” he says, “You have one hour with my shaman. If you take a minute longer, I will send orders for Lord Basstrid to knock on your door. You do not want that.”

I leave without thanking the chief, and his consorts giggle as I go. I head back over to the shaman’s hut.
No. 627877 ID: 7413f4
File 142559573943.png - (104.91KB , 900x666 , examine.png )

We head back to the cathedral. She seems hesitant to enter.

> “I misjudged you,” she says, “there is no curse on this place. There is, however, an errant spirit.”

“Oh, that’s just the padre,” I say.

“Hi!” says Alvin, peeking from behind one of the pews. “Oh, how lovely! Another visitor! I am Father Alvin. I am so pleased to meet you.”

> The shaman nods, “I am Ayel. It is good to see another faithful soul in this realm.” Ayel kneels down in front of the boy, looking over him. She inspects where the wounds were, astonished by the healing. “This healing is the work of a wizard. I must say, though, it would take nothing short of a wizard to restore the blood that he has lost. This boy is a husk of life. His death is certain and imminent.”
No. 627879 ID: d90668

Can you give him some of your blood somehow? If its his time then we understand but you are going to damn well try your hardest.
No. 627880 ID: d958ad

Er, really? From what? He's been on the brink of death for hours now and you healed his wounds so he's not losing any more blood. He should recover, surely? If his organs are failing due to lack of blood, regular doses of healing water should keep him alive until he makes enough blood to stay alive on his own...

Anyway, tell her about the healing water, but that it doesn't seem to work outside the temple. Or maybe it spoils fast. You can give her a demonstration on the wound you still have on your stump, so she can give her word to the chief that it actually works.
No. 627884 ID: d3be40

Ayel, check the library. See if they have any books on using the fountain to restore blood with the correct rituals or something.

Ortise, keep injecting the kid with healing water.

Alvin, do one last sweep for any enemies.
No. 627892 ID: f73c29

Oh. Can we comfort him? Make things easier for him before...
No. 627912 ID: 7413f4
File 142566862654.png - (139.65KB , 900x666 , reading2.png )

I take a moment to heal up my shoulder, and Ayel watches in bewilderment as the water does its work. We all split up, and I take a second to wrench the ladder out from between the bookshelves in the library for Ayel to climb. She’s real short. There are several hundred books on the shelves, so an hour might not be long enough for her to search them all - especially since she has to scoot herself from side to side on the ladder whenever she wants to move. The Padre soars around the place a few more times, focusing on the high, dark ceiling of the sacrifice room, and the remains of the former weevil nest.

He returns to me, confirming that the place is completely rid of the bugs. Meanwhile, I just keep giving the kid more water. The font does not seem to ever run out, or at least it is attached to some huge aquifer. I give him what little food I have left, but force-feeding him is really difficult. After about forty-five minutes, Ayel shuffles down the ladder and returns with a single book. It is a thin, hand-written journal bound with metal rings. It is entitled Observations on the Holy Font of Avigrade. With little time left, we leaf through it, and find some pretty useful information regarding the font.

Lord Avigrade has not given us information on the font, and so we have had to take it upon ourselves to discover its limitations.

- The font will heal any wound of the flesh, cleaning and fusing it instantly.
- The font will mend broken bones.
- The font will cure most pox, along with cholera and tuberculosis.
- The font will ease pain anywhere in the body if drank (helpful for childbirth)

Drinking the water of the font is supernaturally quenching and refreshing, having an effect similar to caffeine. It will cure canker soars in the mouth, and sooth headaches, soar throat, heartburn, and stomach ache.

- The font will not regrow lost limbs, eyes, or organs.
- The font will not restore youth.
- The font will not cure a common cold.
- The font will not cure infertility.
- The font will not restore lost blood.
- The font will not awaken one who is resting in a coma.
- The font will NOT kill parasites or fungus, however it will heal any rashes or abrasions caused by them.
- The font will not cure any diseases or disorders of the mind.
- The font will not reanimate the dead.

As long as we have had it, we have been unable to deplete the font.

A lot of this makes me wonder how they found this stuff out. I wonder if any of this stuff could be helpful for the kid. It’s almost been an hour, so we’ll have to make good use of the shaman.

“If he has lost so much blood,” says Ayel, “then his organs are failing. Without persistent nourishment, it will be nearly impossible for his body to restore what he has lost. Even if he does revive, he will likely be permanently disabled. What is keeping him alive now, I am not sure.” She talks without any emotion, which pisses me off a little bit.
No. 627914 ID: e6e219

Well how far are you willing to go to save him? You might be able to nurse him back to health on a diet of a hearty broth made out of the font water. But it could take quite awhile and he might not survive anyway.

Without a direct transfusion of blood I am not sure what else you could do.
No. 627923 ID: d958ad

Permanently disabled how? Everything's intact. The font should be able to heal everything that's intact. Unless she means disabled in the mind? Brain damage? Then we have a choice: let the kid die, or tend to him constantly for the next two days and maybe he'll come out the other end without serious mental impairment. Then you'll have an EXTREMELY LOYAL minion. I say go for it. Worst case scenario he's so fucked in the head he's useless and you can just put him out of his misery. Hell, you can even heal the wound after killing him, and claim he passed away in the night, because obviously you didn't want to stay up all night to feed him more water.

...as for why he's still alive at all... that's a good question. He kinda looks like he's been fed on by the weevils for a while. I wonder if the weevils were administering some sort of drug to him to keep him alive as a kind of blood factory? Perhaps there's still some of that drug still present in his system, keeping him from dying fully. If that's the case he could be outright brain-dead, and we wouldn't know until he recovered enough to potentially respond to stimulus.
No. 627924 ID: b9cef6

This, basically. If we could make a stew with the font's water as the base, and kept him fed for a few days, he'd recover. But he'd be frail and infirm all his life, as well as being our responsibility considering he's an orphan.
When you really boil it down, the question is "do you want a kid?"
No. 627930 ID: 7413f4
File 142567642489.png - (50.92KB , 900x666 , ohgod.png )

> having a kid
> didn’t even get to fuck anyone
No! That’s like my worst nightmare!

But… damn it. I can’t just kill the punk. What if he is just brain-dead? Maybe I should just get it over with and give him a burial. I don’t know how to cook stew, and I don’t have any supplies. I’m going to have to get food somehow. I’m not cut out to be a father or a nurse or whatever it takes! I’m a just a professional guardsman! Taking care of some random kid just isn’t on my agenda! It’s not where I want my life to go! It’s a waste of time but I can’t just kill him.

“Are you alright, my son?” asks the Padre. Ayel stands up.

“I’m fine,” I say. “Just gotta figure out what to do with this kid. I wasn’t planning on being a nurse but… I guess that’s just where I’m at. Building an awesome fortress of power is gonna have to go on hold. I need to get some food, but I don’t have any money, and I don’t know if this kid is just going to up and die at any moment anyway.”

FOOD is my new objective. Maybe I’ll get lucky, and this’ll help me build my fucking base in the long run anyway. I’m gonna have to take a risk and leave the kid alone again. Well, this wasn’t a complete loss. I learned a hell of a lot about the fountain, and I think I might have made friends with a shaman.
No. 627935 ID: d958ad

The market has food, but... can you cook the weevils?
No. 627936 ID: 9ddf68

is there any fish in the ponds out in front of the church or no? because fishing would have been nice easy way to get food.
No. 627945 ID: b9cef6

Well, lets see.
>Owns a rapier
>Spearfishing is a thing
>Rapiers are kinda spears right
To a shallow lake!
No. 627949 ID: d3be40

For now, you've proven to the local shaman that the waters can heal most wounds and cure some specific diseases, but cannot do more than that.

Have Ayel set up a business trading route: you can't export the water but you CAN charge loads of cash to heal people with serious injuries - broken bones, torn flesh, all restored in seconds for five pounds of gold (or whatever the equivalent of one-tenth a transportation vehicle is worth on this planet).

Food should not be a problem.

For now, escort Ayel back to the village and have her explain the limitations of the healing water. Then look for someone with serious injuries or pains and pay them to come with you. They'll pay you back tenfold if you can heal them.
No. 627956 ID: 7413f4
File 142569120825.png - (139.49KB , 900x666 , dropoff.png )

> charging people money for healing

That’s fucking brilliant. This whole ‘dying kid’ thing really hasn’t been the waste of time I thought it was. If anything is going to help me rise to power, it’s a nifty source of revenue like this. I take Ayel back to the village and drop her off, instructing her to spread the word of the miraculous healing services that my awesome cathedral provides. Now I just need to wait for the sick and the injured to roll in, purses in hand, and get some work done.

In the meantime, though, I’m gonna need food. I do not know of a lake nearby, but there are a couple of rivers that run through the area. I’ll head over to the bank.
No. 627957 ID: 7413f4
File 142569125061.png - (129.15KB , 900x666 , riverbank.png )

One path behind the cathedral leads to the river bank. Looks like there is a group of Bilks already doing some harpoon fishing.
No. 627958 ID: 7413f4
File 142569126793.png - (166.58KB , 900x666 , bilks_rain.png )

> “D… we’re not causing any trouble, are we? D-don’t steal our fish, sir.”

Admittedly, stealing fish from these tiny bunny people would probably be pretty damn easy.
No. 627959 ID: f83ccc

Nah, I'm just looking for food.
Mind tossing me a spear?
No. 627960 ID: 9ddf68

don't steal fish, gain there trust, once they trust you tell them about healing water, trade healing for food instead of cash so you don't have to worry about food after a while either freeing up even more of your time.

Also what's the difference between your race and the bliks?
No. 627969 ID: d90668

Yeah got to make friends with the neighbors. Have them teach you to fish and get some food in exchange for healing services.
No. 627973 ID: 9297f4

Look at them bunny tits.
No. 627995 ID: 7413f4
File 142571218272.png - (103.78KB , 900x666 , fishing.png )

The Bilks are happy to give me a spear (read: sharpened stick) to fish with after I demonstrate that I’m not about to kill them

“My name’s Ortise,” I say, “I live in the cathedral up the hill.”

> look at bunny tits
Actually trying really hard not to do that right now. I mean, there’s three guys. I can’t cop a peek under these conditions!

> “I’m Levna,” says the lady Bilk. “That place is cursed, isn’t it?”

“Well, turns out it wasn’t actually cursed. Just infested with bugs. I cleared that shit out, and it’s safe now.”

> “Really?” says one of the men, “It’s safe? Are you from that village on the other side of the hill?”

“Fuck no,” I say, “I went there, though. The chief is living shit.”

> “We’ve been having trouble with Lord Basstrid. He’s the ‘protector’ of the villages around here, but really all he does is make us pay him to boss us around,” says Levna, walking out of the river to deposit a couple of fish into the basket on the bank. “I don’t even feel safe in our own village, anymore.”

I have speared three fish of my own, but they are becoming a bit more sparse.

> “You’re actually pretty good at this,” says Levna, “Why are you good?”

“Huh?” I say, and her condescending look forces me a laugh. “I’m a fighter. A guardsman. I’m a crack shot with a bow, but… well, you know.” I wag my arm stump at her.

> “Is that why you dress like a bravo cultist whackjob?” she says.

“Actually, I’m kind of a healer.”

> “You’ve got a foul mouth for a healer,” says the man nearest to me. “Name’s Jaco. You won’t find a better wound medic than me around here.”

> “Uh… I… I’m. Hello,” says a third Bilk, the youngest of the men. He won’t make eye contact with me or anyone. Jaco gives him a harsh look, and the boy returns to fishing.

> “That’s Yol. Don’t mind him, he’s slow in the head. So, did you just come here to fish our river, stranger?” says Jaco.

“Well, yes, but I also have come to offer my healing services up at the cathedral to anyone who needs it. I’ll charge pretty reasonably,” I say.

> Jaco starts to laugh. “Maybe I didn’t annunciate. I’m the best medic around.”

“Hm, maybe you can help me, then. There’s a boy up in that cathedral who’s lost most of his blood. Can you treat that?”

> “Uh… I said medic, not wizard,” says Jaco.
No. 627996 ID: daf2af

"Why don't you come up and take a look? If you can do somnething, great. If you can't, it's alright. You wouldn't know just by me talking about it."
No. 627997 ID: a19cd5

Well, despite having like a teaspoon of blood for god know's how long the poor kid's still hanging on pretty tight. Also, eat me. Also also, hey if you're that good maybe I can find employ for you. Start up a hospital, put you on payroll once cash starts flowing in.
No. 627998 ID: d958ad

Ask him if he wouldn't at least help you nurse him back to health. You'll be getting some income soon probably so you may be able to pay him. Or maybe you can check out this Lord Basstrid, see how tough he is. Maybe you can take care of him? Become the new "protector"?

Be a little less bossy and they'll even like you.
No. 628000 ID: 9ddf68

well if you ever have someone who needs some wizardly healing bring them up to the cathedral. Got something in there that can fix just about anything that goes beyond mundane. Won't regrow limbs or replace lost blood as I have found out. Honestly why I'm fishing, did all I could for the kid and then some but right now it seems to be down to pure luck and the kids will to live. All I can do is make sure he has food and water and hope he pulls through.

just plant this little thought in there heads and sooner or later someone will come to the cathedral looking for you, and once they realize what we can do we've got them. OH and from what they're saying I have a feeling we're going to want to deal with chief asshat at some point in some way. We'll cross that bridge when we get there though.
No. 628009 ID: bd8b82

damn, if we could figure out blood types, or if blood types are even a thing. we could just do a transfusion.
No. 628052 ID: 535199

There's probably nothing they can do for us, but tell them that thry're free to come by to get out of the rain.
Oh, and ask them for a recipe for fish stew.
For later:
Fuck up that cunt chief, punch 'im right in da jabba, become less-asshole ruler of the land
Get to know these bunnyfolk
Raise adopted son
Fuck bitches
Conquer space mountain
In no real order.
No. 628170 ID: 27c0e0

Can any of them cook?
No. 628181 ID: c1a40d

"How does a body make its own blood then? Are there any medicines or foods that help that? The kid's a little nobody, and even his own village chief was ready to abandon him, but he's a survivor. Like me."
No. 628524 ID: 2dde62

Wait wait wait


The Priest ghost dude said that the weevils were only bug sized before he got murderated right? And you only found the skeleton of the nun right? The last book you picked up said that the survivors angered the gods by sacrificing the nun, and that they were cannibals, right?

Maybe there /was/ a curse. Maybe they were cursed into giant bipedal bloodsucking man eating weevils!
No. 628589 ID: d3be40

Yeah, that makes sense. Which means that you just aborted over five hundred innocent beastman(weevil) children. Well, they were hostile, but it's somewhat disturbing.

You ever wonder if the titans care about their subjects but not their subjects' infant children?

Maybe you could try raising one of the surviving eggs? If there ARE any left...
No. 628603 ID: 7413f4
File 142601287728.png - (91.66KB , 900x666 , tiny_bunny.png )

I ask Jaco if he wants to join me as a house medic, or at least help me out in curing the people come to me.

> Jaco: “Hm… I appreciate the offer, stranger, but even if you did have some magical healing water, seems like kind of an insult to my profession. I’m out.”

Jaco takes Yol back to the bank, where they meet up with the fourth Bilk. Levna stays behind on the water, spearing the last fish within range.
No. 628604 ID: 7413f4
File 142601291094.png - (128.29KB , 900x666 , psst.png )

> Levna: “So, what’re you trying to do exactly? Start a damn magic hospital?”

“Not exactly,” I say, “but it’s looking like ‘magic hospital’ is going to be the key to my success. I want to carve out some territory and be a lord. Yeah. Count Ortise.”

Levna looks over her shoulder to see if the other three are in earshot.

> Levna: “That sounds a lot more interesting than being a fishmonger’s wife. Count me in.”

I lean in to whisper, “Well, what are your skills, tiny rabbit?”

> Levna: “I can sell things, cook things, make wine, and I am alright with a slingshot. What do you say, giant weirdo?”

What could possibly go wrong? Hire Levna y/n

>defeat the chief
> defeat Lord Basstrid
I will have to cross these bridges when I come to them. I can kick that chief’s ass with my hand tied behind my back, but Lord Basstrid… I dunno what he’s all about. I’ve got no manpower.

> priests and nuns turned into weevils
Well that’s terrifying as shit. Hope I don’t turn into one.

> raising a weevil
Pretty sure I annihilated all of the eggs, but if any remain, I’ll find them within the next couple of days.
No. 628605 ID: d3be40

You got your first squad member! Good for you!
No. 628606 ID: 330ce5

Let's hire her.
No. 628607 ID: e3cf80

Hell ya hire her, bunny minion time.
Maybe a possible love interest?
No. 628619 ID: bfa142

Well she can cook so that's good. Also you may end up getting a different kind of wet if you know what I mean.
No. 628621 ID: b6178d


Gotta keep in mind the healing water's limitations. Only works in that one place, not on blood loss, etc. There'll still be a need for wound medics. More short-term need, sure, but still need.

Also, with the magic water around, more disabling, potentially deadly injuries can likely be healed, so less need for amputations, 'n such. People who'd ordinarily die could, if treated for long enough to be brought to the temple alive, survive too.

So, yeah, some 'competition', sure, but it doesn't really make a mockery of a competent medic's skills, especially if that medic is being referred to by the temple itself. Without that person's skills, after all, it's likely some people who could do with the font's water wouldn't be able to make it to the font in the first place.

Say as much. Tell him if he's still being a doubting thomas, that if there's ever a need in his village for a last-minute miracle, he could at least bring 'em to the temple for a shot. Keeping the fount's limitations in mind, of course.


Hire. You were always gonna need some help, to move and treat the poor kid if nothing else, and she claims to be good at a few stewardly tasks (selling, cooking, wine-craft), so that's a bonus.

You can always store money and any particularly valuable stuff in that wall safe you have the key for if you don't trust her.
No. 628627 ID: b9cef6

Why yes, bunnyperson, I will gladly take your services for free.
No. 628742 ID: b6178d


Hah! Yeah, no. Not free. But payment is contingent on the success of the venture. She's getting in on the ground floor, so she's due more, mind.
No. 628823 ID: 7413f4
File 142619243697.png - (71.49KB , 900x666 , lock_and_key.png )

> love interest
No. 628824 ID: 7413f4
File 142619247536.png - (90.65KB , 900x666 , no.png )

I begin to try to convince Jaco to join me. “We’re gonna need someone to keep people alive and well on the way to the fountain. I mean, nothing’s gonna replace a skilled medic. Just think of the Avigrade Water as… a tool you can use. Yeah.”

> “I’m not touching that crap,” he says, “it’s just a perversion like all magic. It’s a cheat. Go ahead, Levna. This creep’s probably harmless. His intentions are good even if he’s a little bit thick.”

I put on my clothes and start to head back with Levna. “If anyone at your village is ever seriously hurt,” I say back to Jaco, though it pains me to, “bring ‘em over.”
No. 628825 ID: 7413f4
File 142619251150.png - (87.98KB , 900x666 , steps.png )

> “I hope you realize I’m not working for free,” she says.

“Of course. You’re my first employee. When the money comes rolling in, you’re getting a big-ass cut.”

> “Why so trusting?”

“It’s looking like people aren’t quick to trust me, lately,” I say, “so you’re taking a risk. Dumb as I seem, I can appreciate that.”

> Levna smiles, looking fairly excited. “I’ve always wanted to make a name for myself.”

“Good. There are some supplies for cooking over in the storage room. Be careful not to damage the little font in there. It’s important,” I say, opening up the cathedral doors to let her in. It is easy to forget how musty it smells in there while you are gone, “Looks like the rain is letting up a bit, so if I build a fire, can you make some fish stew?”

> “Easy peasy.”
No. 628826 ID: 7413f4
File 142619257429.png - (121.17KB , 900x666 , crowd.png )

Around the front of the building, there is a small group of injured people gathered. All of them are injured and some of them are moaning. Huh! Looks like the shaman kept to her word. If she can convince these people to leave the village without the chief knowing to a place that is known to be cursed… I need to remember that. They see her as a leader, and that could be pretty damn useful in the future.

I should probably also give her a cut. Time to get to work now, though.

I’m gonna be so rich. My life sucks a lot less now. Fuck Hector.



+ Captured Great Blue Ronron Cathedral
+ 1 follower (Levna)
+ Gained trust of villagers


- Help the Padre ascend to the Death Realm
- Nurse the kid back to health
- Gain more followers
No. 628829 ID: b6178d


Not bad, Ortise. Not bad.
No. 628832 ID: 5db52c

She's still got a mouth. And hands. More than you, even!

A reasonable attitude for a skilled craftsperson, a bad one for a healer. Medicine all about patient outcomes, full stop. Leave your ego out of it.
No. 628836 ID: 62f2d6

Come on ortise, of course it would never work with that attitude. You gotta believe.
No. 628864 ID: b9cef6

Not bad! We're well on our way to.
Did we actually ever have an overarching goal?
It probably doesn't matter. If we can't think of anything good we can always go for the old standby of a Morally Grey But Mostly Good Overlord.
No. 628901 ID: 2ae7d5

She's not that small and tour not that big.
How do you now it won't work without ever trying? You have a magic font that heals all wounds, give it a shot what have you got to loss?

If there from the asshole chief's village let them heal for free both to help gain followers and to show up asshole chief.
No. 628922 ID: 7413f4
File 142627390541.png - (117.82KB , 900x666 , ch2.png )

These suggestions will be coming into play in the ensuing chapter!

That evening...

How could this happen? I don’t understand. Things were going so well, and then she just got sick, just like that!
No. 628923 ID: b6178d


Sick how, and when?

Might want to consult with the padre to see if anything like this ever happened before. And look at the book on the fountain.

Though, perhaps the answer is already found in the book on the fountain. If her malady was parasite or fungus-related, that might have cured the obvious symptoms (pains, sores, lesions, etc.), but not actually gotten rid of her troubles. In fact, may have made them worse.

Those flesh-eating beetles had to have come from somewhere, I'm thinking. Maybe the magic of the fount somehow... activated/enhanced them within the body of a suffering pilgrim looking to heal up.
No. 628924 ID: b9cef6

This seems to be someone new; some guy named Abar. My guess is that we're at the church, that's Abar's wife, and he took her here because she has some kind of disease. Unfortunately the Font doesnt do diseases, or I dont think it does.
Am I right, Abar?
No. 628931 ID: d958ad

Who's that, who are you, where are you, what time is it?
No. 628934 ID: 9ddf68

so go over what happened? what did she do the day she got sick from when she woke up to after she fell ill.
No. 628935 ID: 7413f4
File 142628094328.png - (56.66KB , 900x666 , 2.png )

My name is Arnel Abar, chief of the village of Pernille. Of course my first thoughts have been of that insane cultist who approached me earlier, but I am certain that his kind are full of tricks, so I dare not approach him for help. Cultists like him have only proven to be traitorous to my people in the past. Lord Basstrid will be back shortly - perhaps he will know what to do. Until then, I can only care for my dear Lucile. I am ashamed that I took her for granted as a consort. She is my favorite.

Lucille became ill rather rapidly with a fever and chills this afternoon, though there does not seem to be a definite cause. It appears to be some rather severe flu, but there have not been other cases in the village. She can speak to me, but only faintly, and she vomited a few times earlier today. Otherwise, she is in good spirits, and her mind is completely intact. Lord Basstrid has requested that I meet him outside of the village when he arrives, and I dare not let him see me grieving over a mere orphan girl.
No. 628936 ID: 9ddf68

has she gone anywhere recently? I mean if she's the only one who's sick it might have something to do with somewhere she wondered off two.
No. 628937 ID: 806039

what IS your beef with orphans, anygow? Don't they have enough to contend with?
No. 628940 ID: b9cef6

It sounds like some kind of sickness. Or maybe food poisoning, actyally. Did she eat anything this morning, or last night?
And have you asked the shaman? She's a nice woman, I doubt she'd judge you.
No. 628941 ID: d958ad

Sounds like your pride is getting in the way of caring for your loved one. Get a second opinion about the cultist's claims, like say, from the shaman.
No. 628946 ID: 2ae7d5

So you wouldn't lift a finger to save the life of a dying child who happens to be an orphan but you worry about the life of one of your dying fuck buddies who also happens to be an orphan and thus you want no one to know about you worrying. There's a word for that I think. Anyways go talk to the shaman about the crazy one armed guy if you have time.

Oh and the sickness is probably a curse for being a dick to orphans, and just being a Dick in general.
No. 628958 ID: d3be40

I wonder if he isn't aware of our influence or if he really likes monologues.

Disclaimer: Words in brackets may be replaced by a subset of non-similar words.

Testing in 3... 2... 1...

Your [[Female Characteristic]] is on [[fire]]. Please [[sneeze]] your [[Party Pal]]'s [[USB cable]].

Also, Lord Basstrid can go [[hit]] his [[head]] on the nearest [[mountain]] until it makes [[ambrosia]] [[tart candies]].

No. 628961 ID: 5db52c

...are you a religious man? Do you believe in karma? Do you wonder if your callousness towards one orphan is being repaid?
No. 628964 ID: 7413f4
File 142629616952.png - (87.20KB , 900x666 , consultation.png )

> Has she gone anywhere
None that I know of.

> Problem with orphans
My people of Pernille are concerned with status. Orphans have no parents, no history, no family, and they’re usually prone to crime and laziness. They rob homes, start fights, cause mischief, and rarely make any name for themselves.

> See the shaman
Hm, this is probably a good idea. I can probably visit her before I see Lord Basstrid.


“She’s ill, and rather suddenly. You are aware that Lucille is an orphan… could it be a curse on me for disparaging them?”

> “A curse? No, sir, this is just life. A curse would likely have come upon you instead. I cannot say that you would not deserve it.”

“So you have pity on orphans?” I say, “Are you with that cultist, then?”

> “No, I am not with him, but I have not made any opposition to him. He showed me his facilities and his intentions, and they are sound. I would recommend that you take Lucille to him.”

Hm, it is very strange that my own shaman is sympathizing with that nutjob. I will have to meet with Lord Basstrid either way. Should I tell him about the cultist in the cathedral? Maybe he will have wiser counsel on him.
No. 628965 ID: 9ddf68

I say see what Lord Basstrid wants first and then go from there. I mean if the guy shows up because he's in a bad mood and wants your help to deal with something I feel that giving him more things to worry about would probably bite you in the ass. Plus If we leave the cultist guy alone but keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't become to powerful he could always make a good scapegoat if we need one.
No. 628966 ID: b9cef6

Isn't that stuff with the orphans kinda self-perpetuating?
"Please sir can I have some bread?"
"Go to hell you filthy orphan, get a job!"
"Can I work for you then?"
"No, you're a filthy orphan!"
"Well in that case I'll just mug you so that I do not starve."

I really doubt Lord Bastard has any insightful insight in getting your concubine healed. Best bet is the cultist. Worst case? You have to talk to the guy. Best case? He punches you right in the jobber. Healing.
So, lets head to his church so that we can get that Food poisoning, probably from the fish from the stream we were fishing out of earlier which is currently being spoonfed to that kid as we speak GOD FUCKING DAMN IT ARE WE FEEDING THE KID TAINTED FISH illness checked out.
No. 628968 ID: 5db52c

First thought: do you trust her words to be true?

Second thought: that cultist is going to gloat, and hold it over you, if you come crawling to him to heal her. You'll have to be prepared to bear that. Does she mean more to you than your pride?

>ask lord for advise
...this is going to be a humiliating exercise. Do you really want to get him involved, or for him to know?
No. 628970 ID: d3be40

Intelligent people siding with psychos usually indicates an interest in their resources and points of view, indicating a desire to analyze/profit from what is articulated from beings who nobody else understands.

Basically, Ayel FOUND something; that's why she's working with the unstable merc. Ask her about it, maybe it can help.
No. 628972 ID: d958ad

Ask for further explanation. Why does she trust him?
No. 628977 ID: 7413f4
File 142630354682.png - (54.85KB , 900x666 , 3.png )

I… I guess it’s a little self-defeating to put the orphans down the way I do. They get left behind in large numbers as their parents get called to war and never come back. Sometimes they just leave in search of adventure. Something has to be done about the delinquent kids left here. There are not enough jobs for them all.

> ask for more details from Ayel
“Why exactly do you trust that man?”

> “He was able to demonstrate for me the healing ability of his water.”

“Are you kidding me? He brought a jug of water here and tried to heal himself. Needless to say, it didn’t work.”

> “It seems to only work within the walls of the cathedral.”

“Hm… I’ll still have to face that jackass.” I take a deep breath specifically to sigh as deeply as possible. “But I’ll do it for Lucille.”

A servant walks into the hut, bowing and announcing the arrival of Lord Basstrid. I decide that I will withhold the information from him unless he asks.
No. 628978 ID: 7413f4
File 142630356728.png - (114.98KB , 900x666 , basstrid.png )

Lord Basstrid stands outside of the village near the crossroads. He stands nearly eight feet tall, wearing a strange cuirass and helmet. His eyes reflect light like a wolf’s.

> “Abar,” he says, standing stiff as he always does. His voice has a hollow, metallic quality. “I need more conscripts. Alert your people that all able-bodied men over the age of sixteen are to report to me for military service. They may bring their wives.”

“Yes sir. Of course, sir.” Perhaps this will be a fortunate way to get rid of all those orphans.

> “One of my scouts reported a congregation of villagers near the abandoned cathedral on the hill. Explain.”
No. 628980 ID: 5db52c

>Something has to be done about the delinquent kids left here. There are not enough jobs for them all.
All I hear is 'recruit rich environment' for Ortise.

>Lord Basstrid
Why's he glow?

A one armed cultist passed though the village. He claimed to have cleared out the creatures infesting the place, and made some ridiculous claims.

I was thinking of investigating what was going on, myself.
No. 628987 ID: d958ad

Well, he asked, so tell him about the cultist. ...telling Basstrid about the healing water depends on if you would rather pay him for the use of the water, or the cultist.
No. 628993 ID: d3be40

That is one @#$%ing wrong introduction.

Tell him that some nutjob with one arm raided the cathedral and came here with water he claimed was magically healing... and it failed to heal his wounds. All the idiots who DON'T have able bodies decided to pay him a visit, so that makes conscription much easier.

Make sure you leave all the NON-able bodied men and women of sixteen years or older at the cathedral, and as many people as you can make excuses for. You don't know what purpose Basstrid has for the poor kids.
No. 628997 ID: d958ad

>what he's doing with conscripts
It's for his private army, obviously.
No. 629009 ID: 7413f4
File 142630935532.png - (58.28KB , 900x666 , 4.png )

> Explain.
“An insane, crippled man has taken residence there, my lord.”

> “Do not waste my time. Why are villagers gathered there?”

I need to decide once and for all if I will tell Lord Basstrid about the healing water.

Tell him? y/n

Then I will ask him what he plans to do with the conscripts.
No. 629014 ID: d3be40

I don't think you should tell him about the water. But if you do, then tell him that as far as you know, it doesn't work.
No. 629016 ID: 9ddf68


I mean if he's already scouted that area he's going to find out at some point so may as well tell him that some cultist wannabe claiming he's some kind of healer walked into your hut stabbed himself and put some "healing water" on the wound and nothing happened, however one of the villagers that went with him to the cathedral claims that the water actually works inside the cathedral's walls. Your not really sure if you believe it but some of the villagers seem to.
No. 629019 ID: 7413f4
File 142631052607.png - (148.20KB , 900x666 , 5.png )

Given that a scout as already patrolled the area, claiming ignorance of the water might be incriminating for me. I explain that the man looks to be a fanatical cultist who claims to have magical “healing water”, but in truth it sounds like nonsense. His live demonstration failed. Some of the villagers, including the village shaman, believe that the cultist is telling the truth.

> “This man may rise to power and become a threat to my realm. Eliminate him.”


> “Eliminate the shaman as well. As long as her loyalties falter, she is of no use to me. Have my conscripts ready within two days. I will be embarking on an eastern campaign soon.”
No. 629021 ID: 9ddf68

... So is he normally this rash or what?

Also, the way it sounds he takes anyone who could be of any use in a fight with him whenever he passes through so do you even have anyone in the village that could fight him or would it be something you'd have to do yourself?

Also how closely does this guy actually pay attention to your village? I mean if he only sees it as a means to get fresh bodies and doesn't pay any attention to it beyond that I may have a plan to get around this, if he actually does pay attention to your village then we're going to have to get creative.
No. 629023 ID: d90668

Tell him they will be ready and that you will deal with the problem.

Then once he is far gone you need to decide what to do. If you kill your shaman and the stranger you will be crippling your tribes healing abilities. Plus the crazy guy killed all the crap infesting the ruins so fighting him might be a bad idea.

The way I see it you have two choices. Obey lord murder here and keep the status quo. You will be good with him at least for the moment but missing all your healers. Plus he will keep taking villagers off to get killed in military campaigns.

Or you can have a conference with your shaman and the crazy stranger. With there help you might be able to stand up to lord crazy and make your own path.
No. 629034 ID: d3be40


Rise to power? You're dealing with a one-armed mercenary who may be insane! Sure, he could become a corrupt merchant, but you can't honestly think that a madman selling water that doesn't heal people would be a threat to your ruler!

Because if he really is selling healing water, then Lord Basstrid just ordered you to kill a hospital director, their top doctor, and indirectly kill dozens of your own citizens who went there for healing their grievous wounds and maladies. And THEN he ordered you to take the remaining citizens and march them off to war without proper training and equipment.

Does this LOOK like a sane act to you?

If you need further convincing, ask him about your sick girlfriend and if there's anything that he or you can do to heal her. See what happens.
No. 629044 ID: d958ad

Ask him if it wouldn't be better to just convert the cultist? Then you wouldn't have to piss off the village by killing two people for seemingly no reason. I mean, if you lose the village's trust, you won't be leading it anymore. If you're not leading it, how will he retain control?
No. 629046 ID: 948196

"sire, the shaman remains loyal. that she has been taken in by this mad fool shows only that she is too trusting, not that she is disloyal."

assuming he doesn't have a habit of killing people for back talk. if he does merely beg him time to try and bring the shaman around. your village may well die out without a healer.
No. 629069 ID: b9cef6

"The shaman is loyal, simply too trusting. Perhaps he fooled her with some trick. I'll deal with the cultist.
Where are you taking everyone this time?"
This guy is responsible for all the damn orphans. How often does he roll through here to gather everyone who likes the idea of dying for him in a war?
And is that a flashlight on his belt?
No. 629086 ID: ad7bba

Let's not argue or even reason with this guy since he's obviously not hearing it.

He's leaving on a campaign soon, there's room to hide your actions until he comes back if you're careful. What those actions will be.... Who knows?

Careful thought must be given for what's best for Lucille.
No. 629123 ID: 5db52c

...I would be reluctant to remove my village's healer simply because she is willing to believe in miracles, my lord. Eliminating her may be rash. If the village's health suffers, we may be less able to provide enough healthy recruits in the future.
No. 629344 ID: 0ddc24

Sorry for the wait! Busy with work and tired. Update(s) coming March 16th!
No. 629411 ID: 0ddc24
File 142652670092.png - (47.49KB , 900x666 , 6.png )

> Is he normally this rash?
Yes, he is always like this.

> How closely does he examine the village?
When he is not on campaign, he checks in every few days. He frequently takes time to patrol the region and its many villages. When he is on campaign, he appoints officers to watch the village. The officers are typically a bit more… down-to-earth than he is.

> Is that a flashlight on his belt?
A what? No, it is some kind of strange weapon. I have only seen him use it a few times, and none of them were pretty.

I attempt to reason with Lord Basstrid. “My lord, I… I think it would be unwise to kill our shaman. Without a healer, we will have less people in good health to serve in your campaigns.”

> Lord Basstrid stands silent and still for about twenty seconds, calculating his response. In his unchanging tone, he says, “Place the shaman under house arrest, and forbid her from attending the cultist’s facility. Once she is in the village, destroy the cultist and his followers. The safety of this region is of vital importance.”

“Uh… to what, my lord?”
No. 629412 ID: 0ddc24
File 142652671357.png - (96.98KB , 900x666 , 7.png )

> “The realm. Anqqi the Legged and her forces have invaded and captured the city of Dancing Flea with a host of fifty thousand. They are moving west. Avigrade refuses to send aid to Uugh the Limpid, so I am the lone protector. Have my conscripts ready.”

“There is one more thing, my lord.”

> “What.”

“My consort has fallen ill-”

> “Do not attempt to concern me with trivialities. Have my conscripts ready.”

This is the first that I have heard of any recent aggression from the titan Anqqi. She attempted to expand her territory through aggressive conquest during the Eight Wars, but since then, she has been dormant. Lord Basstrid departs to his barracks. I need to gather the able-bodied of the village, return Ayel to her hut, and get rid of the cultist, but all I can think about is Lucille.
No. 629416 ID: d3be40

Your best bet is to bring Lucille to the fountain for healing, and do stuff when you're at the cathedral.

Explain the matter to Ayel and ask for her advice.

Perhaps you should challenge the merc to a duel; winner takes everything the loser has.

I'd suggest twin shields to keep him pinned because he doesn't have two arms. Why not take the two most powerful shields in the village and just charge him senseless?

This should boost Ortise's power base quickly!
No. 629419 ID: bd8b82

that's retarded.

bring lucille to the cultist. if he heals her he lives, if he fails he dies, simple as that. you are giving him another chance because you are desperate not because you trust him.
No. 629424 ID: b9cef6

Ortise may not actually want to conquer this village right now. At least not for a while. Because if he did, he'd have to deal with this shithead, and then he'd probably get lightsabre'd. Which is a bad thing.

So, Abar. What are these Titans like? Have you ever seen one, or do you know much about them?
And why does Bassist appoint people to watch your village? Surely as the chief you'd be the one in charge of the village, and you report to him.
Plan of action: We go tell the shaman she needs to stay inside until the Basshole leaves. She can resume life as normal when we can speak to someone more reasonable.
Then, we head to the church with the girl. If this miracle cure works, boom! She's better, and, it's a ripe breeding ground of healthy males, the water making them into that. If it doesn't, not much harm done.
No. 629426 ID: d958ad

Well if you kill the cultist first you'll probably have some trouble healing Lucille. I don't really think you should kill the cultist anyway. Convince him to leave; tell him Lord Basstrid will kill him if he does not.
No. 629437 ID: 5db52c

*Bow* My Lord.

Go, and give the orders for the recruits. If the shaman is here, speak with here, and see her sealed in her home.

Then you're off to see the cultist. Whether you kill him or not, you need to travel to him, and you might as well bring Lucille with you. If he cannot save her, he dies for giving you false hope. If he saves her... you'll consider whether to defy your lord or just kill him anyways.
No. 629632 ID: 14ce88
File 142661810948.png - (30.61KB , 900x666 , 8.png )

> twin shields

> What are the Titans like? Have you ever seen one?
I’ve never seen one, but it’s hard to go a week without hearing about one doing something absurd or grand. From depictions that I have seen, they are large people, sometimes with great mystical or physical ability. My village sits about halfway between Avigrade in Als Eyvor, and Redhawk in the city of Roost. If Lord Basstrid is correct, and he typically is when it comes to world events, there is a conflict brewing between two Titans to the east.

> Why does Basstrid appoint people to watch the village
It’s pretty simple: he doesn’t trust me. About three weeks ago, he gave me a long, monotone speech about being emotional and petty. I’m not emotional, damn it! If being passionate about people is petty… erg. He then proceeded to scold me for wasting food scraps on orphans which could have gone to feeding his garrison. They were just boiled corncobs and chicken broth. It’s not like we would give them actual food, but I don’t want them lying around dead or anything. Since then, he has appointed a person named Officer Gurath to oversee the village. Gurath is armed, and has the power to veto my edicts, which makes it difficult t manage affairs. This cultist really is not helping the situation.
No. 629633 ID: 14ce88
File 142661812971.png - (59.43KB , 900x666 , 9.png )


I head over to talk to Ayel. “You have to remain inside,” I say.

> “Why?”

“Lord Basstrid has ordered me to execute you for sympathizing with the cultist. If I don’t do it, Gurath probably will. Remain here, and do not answer the door to anyone but me.”

> “Very well,” she says, pouring herself a cup of warm wine.
No. 629634 ID: 14ce88
File 142661814806.png - (62.06KB , 900x666 , carry.png )

Next it is time to take Lucille to the cathedral. The lot in front of the building is empty, but I hear something strange from inside.


This could be a trap.
No. 629635 ID: bd8b82

a trap for who? you think he just set a trap and is waiting for anyone to pass by?
No. 629636 ID: e6e219

You honestly think that music in a cathedral is a trap? I am sure the cultist had someone spying on your meeting and they ran back here yelling "Quick start up the music we need to trap some guy!"

So yeah its probably just music. I mean you came here alone carrying someone. There first response is probably not going to be hostile.

So go knock or open the door or whatever.
No. 629637 ID: 2b76c7

>It's a trap!
Abar Plz.
No. 629639 ID: 330ce5

Music is not going to stop you now is it? Go on and knock on the door, we need to save this girl.
No. 629650 ID: 2c759a

please let there be an orgy
No. 629665 ID: 5db52c

What kind of music? Instrumental? Sung? Recorded? How near?

...if it's a trap, for who? They wouldn't know you specifically were coming would, they?
No. 629923 ID: 14ce88
File 142678811898.png - (44.90KB , 900x666 , yes.png )

Look, I just don’t trust cultists, OK?!

I knock on the door, and the one-armed idiot opens it. The music, vocal music with some strings, booms through.

> “Count Ortise’s Heal-o-rama: you rend ‘em, we mend ‘em!”
No. 629924 ID: 14ce88
File 142678813630.png - (42.12KB , 900x666 , oh.png )

> “Oh, it’s you. What do you want.”
No. 629935 ID: a19cd5

Explain the dillyo. Big scary elephant man wants me to make you dead. Fix my orphan girl and I'll try and shake that.
Maybe apologize for the orphan stuff too.
No. 629943 ID: b9cef6

Say that you're sorry for refusing to help earlier, and that now we need his help. And also that he needs to convince Bassoon to not want him dead. Hell, maybe you two could end up working together to get rid of Bass Fisher. You have pretty equal reasons to hate him.
No. 629944 ID: d3be40

That's just nutty.

Ask for healing, then demand that he leave so Lord Basstrid can claim Avigarde's cathedral. Compensation will be given. Challenge him to a duel if he relents.
No. 629945 ID: bd8b82

tell him straight up that you don't trust him, but you are desperate.
No. 629957 ID: 5db52c

Tell him you are giving him a second, and final chance to prove this font of his works.

Be intimidating.
No. 629964 ID: 14ce88
File 142680178461.png - (77.05KB , 900x666 , 10.png )

“Listen here, cultist. My consort is fallen ill, and she needs treatment. Treat her at once, or I will command my retainers to lay siege on his pitiful building. Let it be clear that I do not trust you, but my situation is dire.”
No. 629965 ID: 14ce88
File 142680180761.png - (69.56KB , 900x666 , 11.png )

He is having a gay old time with this. This is why I dreaded asking this fool for help.

> apologize for the orphan stuff
I will neither apologize to this brute, nor will I say ‘please’.

“Lord Basstrid wishes to have you dead. Do not make a poor impression for your own sake,” I say.

> The cultist just laughs.
No. 629966 ID: 14ce88
File 142680183354.png - (37.81KB , 900x666 , 12.png )

A ghost - an actual ghost - appears behind Ortise. Between that, the cultist, and the music, this place is a madhouse worthy of burning to the ground were it not made of stone.

> “My son, please let this man in. You must not discriminate amongst those in need!” The ghost floats left and right in a panic.

> Ortise gives an exaggerated sigh. “Fiiiiiiine. Come in, asshole. Lots of orphans in here, though. Try not to starve any of them on your way in.”

There are people dining on fish stew and fresh bread. It all smells… delicious. There is more flavor in the aroma here than in anything that my cooks made for me at the village! There is a group of people gathered around a woman with a lute, singing joyously and dancing like fools. A man takes Lucille from my arms, and carries her to a room in the back. The ghost levels beside me.

> “Fear not, good man. We will administer the water and have her fed well. She should be better in no more than half an hour.”

“We’ll see about that,” I say. These people are from my village, and I have never seen them so happy. This is how cultists and tyrants rise to power! Not in terror, but in festivity! I don’t like this one bit.
No. 629967 ID: d90668

You sir are a stick in the mud. Have fun living in your village being afraid of a lord who steals away all of your kids.

I mean people having fun and enjoying life? Good food and music? If you hate that sort of thing you probably deserve a miserable life.
No. 629968 ID: 6e79d4

Shouldn't you be more worried about the actual, current tyrant, the one sending your people to their deaths?
No. 629971 ID: b9cef6

Alright Abar imma level with you. He's already risen to power through festivity. Because he's known as a good guy with magic healing stuff, there is now no way for you to get rid of him, and not get your shut kicked in by angry injured orphans later. Your best bet at this moment is to apologize, and try to join up with this guy, cause there is no way any alternative goes well for you.

And then when we get back to Ortise we can say no and laugh at you because seriously fuck you but you don't know that shh
No. 629974 ID: 7e15da

Honestly this guy seems way too incompitent to do anything right, it would probably be best to drive him out of the area with a checkmate and then occupy the cathedral. We should play it by ear, and i doubt attacking a man head-on who has killed countless beasts and obviously has supernatural relations is a strategically sound idea. If he refuses to leave then the cathedral will be laid to waste by the lord's legions, we dont want the lord thinking of our village as incompitent, and losing the healing font would be also terrible.
No. 629975 ID: 7e15da

The orphans are getting drafted, and it would be unwise to go up against someone preparing to kill a titan, mainly because all we know and love would get powderized.
No. 629976 ID: 296917

If you kill the cultist (or try to) in front of all these people they will all abandon you. Look around, how many of them are candidates for Basstrid's military service? You will gain his favor if you manage to solve this problem without losing him troops.

How good are you in a fight, anyway? The cultist cleared out this place alone. Could you have done the same? If not, you have little chance of beating him in a fair fight. You'll have to be sneaky about it. Stab him in the back after luring him outside, maybe. On the other hand you could just gather up those soldiers still here under Basstrid's employ, and take the church by force. How many of those are there?
No. 629992 ID: d3be40

Makes sense, but his powerbase is structured around an unknown liquid that supposedly heals all injuries. Once the casualties pile up (from ANY source), the peoples' faith will crack and he'll risk losing everything because of a few unrestrained social networks.

Take a look around. How much propaganda is there in the cathedral? What is the level of paranoia and rumor between the whispering orphans? If Ortise doesn't have enough false belief when this fountain of healing comes crashing down his ears, then the people will create their own. So don't panic too much, this problem might solve itself.

Finally, ask Ortise if he is, was, or intends to be a cultist. See what he says and gauge it against his laid-back demeanor.
No. 630024 ID: 14ce88
File 142681918328.png - (76.08KB , 900x666 , 13.png )

> How are you in a fight?
I am considering killing this upstart, or at least driving him away. I will need a solid plan on this when the opportunity arises. I am not a trained fighter, myself.

>How much propaganda is in the cathedral? What is the level of paranoia?
…None as far as I can tell. There is a statue of Avigrade against the wall, but there are no posters or mantras or chants. It just looks like a dinner party.

I ask Ortise if he is a cultist.

> “No,” he replies, “I’m not a cultist anymore. I used to be, but I got kicked out.”

“So you didn’t leave? They just kicked you out?”

> “Yup. It wasn’t even an evil cult. I’m not about that stuff. In fact, I’m not even about treating you the way you treat your people, so drink your damn fish broth.”
No. 630025 ID: d90668

Have some food and have him give you the grand tour. The more you learn about this guy the better prepared you will be to do whatever.
No. 630029 ID: 296917

Then you have misled Lord Basstrid. Maybe you go back to him and give him a better report on the situation later, after discovering Ortise is too strong a fighter for you to eliminate on your own. Do you even have a weapon?

Take the soup. Tell him you may have misjudged him and you'd like to start over. Ask him about the cathedral. Was it hard to clear out? He's only got one arm, did he lose it while fighting the weevils? What are his plans now that he has claim over the place?
No. 630033 ID: 5db52c

>I am not a trained fighter, myself.
That makes killing a trained fighter difficult. You cannot rely on skill, and need to rely on either surprise, or betrayal.

And since you have been hostile he will be wary, and hard to surprise. And since he will be reluctant to trust you, he will be hard to betray.

Worse, if he's already won over much of your village, you can't even follow your orders, and raise a force to crush him with numbers.
No. 630040 ID: d3be40

"You first. I'm not stupid enough to drink your cursed water."

"You're stupid enough to give your little [[Hector taught you a LOT about verbally abusing people, didn't he?]] to us, though."

"Do the words "socially unacceptable" mean ANYTHING to you?"
No. 630048 ID: bd8b82

kome, seriously, you can not make a suggestion for any character other then the one we host to, yes we were in the other guy before but that doesn't matter.

ask what proof he has.
No. 630052 ID: 7e15da

Probably poisoned just so he can show you the water works or something like that, yum!
No. 630055 ID: d3be40

I'm predicting what Abar would think "the cultist" would say.

A good question to ask is "why fish broth"? You'd think that the LAST thing you want patients to think about their food is "If the miracle water can heal people, and you're using the water for the broth, does that mean my fish broth is going to come back to life and flop dirty hot water in my face?". Ew.
No. 631190 ID: 14ce88
File 142743723823.png - (69.28KB , 900x666 , 14.png )

I cautiously accept the soup, taking a few whiffs of it. Everyone else around seems to be drinking it. A small Bilk woman is ladling it from a large cauldron. When I finally take a sip… it is delicious. Damn it.

>Do you even have a weapon?
I have an heirloom spear that my father gave to me. I am supposed to sharpen and restore that like he did, but… er… I have been preoccupied.

> Was the cathedral hard to clear out?
Ortise seems oddly happy to share his plans. Why is he not more wary of me? What game is this?

> “It wasn’t all that easy, and to be honest, I would be dead three times over if it was not for that magic font.”

>Did you lose your arm to the demons here?
> “No,” Ortise replies, “I lost my arm about eight months ago in an unrelated incident near Als Eyvor.”

>What do you plan to do with this place?
> “I am playing it by ear, chiefy. The way it looks, I’m running a damn hospital-slash-tavern. Originally I was in it for the money, but now that that looks like it’s not going to be an issue, I’ll take helping these poor bastards as a bonus.”

He looks at me as a scolding father would, but then his face morphs into a shit-eating grin.

> “Look, I don’t know what orphans did to you, chief, but you’ve sure got a lot of them,” says Ortise, showing me around the place. There are people to the left and right of me, practically ignoring my presence. I am their chief, and they barely notice me over their misguided merriment. “How about you let them work for me? Doesn’t seem like you want them, anyway. Let me fuckin’ tell you, people are going to come from far and wide to this place to be healed, and it is going to bring mondo money into this area. Your little village is going to have paved streets, night watch, a booming bazaar, and a big fat wall with fifty archers. I’m not here to step on your feet, pal.”

I need to make an executive decision, here.

A. Join Ortise (tell him I have misjudged him)
B. Betray Ortise (use guile to kill him)
C. Tell Lord Basstrid that I cannot do this alone
D. ???
No. 631191 ID: bd8b82

almost A. but you must see if this font works. that is all that matters
No. 631192 ID: a19cd5

A. this dude is clearly the protagonist and therefore likely to succeed against impossible odds I mean clearly a better man than Lord Basstrid, who to be frank is kind of a bastard.
We'll need a plan though.
No. 631197 ID: 296917

D. Hang on why is money not going to be an issue?

(Oh god did he get that door open? I bet there's a fucking VAULT behind it!)
No. 631200 ID: a9753c

D. Warn Ortise that war is coming, and he is IN THE WAY. Either he runs or he becomes a major player with less assets than the other factions.
No. 631222 ID: 2ae7d5

Tell him that if he wants to keep up this little scheme he'll have to swear allegiance to Lord Basstrid.
No. 631244 ID: d90668

You may have misjudged this guy. I would tell him why you have so many orphans around here.

Starting with how your lord has been conscripting all the fathers for who battles who knows where and they don't come back.
No. 631250 ID: 827cdf

Streets paved with blood more like, either you decide to help the cultist or the lord, cant really choose between both, but we should definetly still play a bit by ear, >>631222 might be the best way to go about things but I doubt its going to work as planned. Best case scenario we retain both alliances between the cultist and Bastrid, the font and your village remain unharmed, and your orphans are put to a greater use than just mucking about your village, we still need to lead with sending Bastrid our possible recruits, but we can deal with that when introductions are over with.
No. 632773 ID: 14ce88
File 142808801880.png - (62.32KB , 900x666 , 15.png )

Sorry I have been so busy! This is not a dead quest.

“If you don’t swear allegiance to Lord Basstrid, you will simply be in the way. Don’t you know a war is coming from the east?” I say, “You have to think about someone other than yourself if you want to survive.”

“Well look at the crow calling the raven black!” says the cultist, throwing his arm and arm-stub up in the air. He leans toward me, and I match his gaze. “If you are willing to give up all of your of your autonomy for a whisper of safety, then you’ll end up with neither.”

I really wish that he was not topless and reeking of fish. Doesn’t matter. Have to out-stare him. “Lord Basstrid has enlisted most of my village to fight in the war. If I don’t get him his conscripts, he will kill me. He’ll kill all of us.”

“I’m not scared of some blowhard,” says Ortise, “the people are on my side, and you ought to fucking be, too. You want to call yourself a public servant? Then serve the damn public for once.”

He doesn’t seem to willing to join Basstrid.
No. 632774 ID: 14ce88
File 142808803638.png - (86.41KB , 900x666 , 16.png )

”This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, eh padre?” whispers the Bilk from the soup cauldron.

”I don’t know, my child. They say wolves look each other down before they tear each other apart.”
No. 632786 ID: bd8b82

(now kiss)

but seriously,
"Basstrid is stronger then all of us put together, he will kill me, you, and everyone else here"
No. 632795 ID: 00c435

Really, what's Lord Basstrid going to do? He's one guy. One single guy. Who does he have with him, three guards, right? So that makes four. You've got yourself, your spear - okay maybe you're not that good at this but this crazy cultist (he isn't a cultist anymore) seems pretty decent with his sword.

He did kill all the weevils in here, after all.
You're definitely not going to do yourself any favours by going against him and the public, though. You should join him. Fuck Lord Basstrid.

And fuck Gurath too. Don't let some asshole veto your verdicts. This is your town, fuck them both. Viva la revolución!
No. 632801 ID: 296917

...then we'll have to ambush him. If Lord Basstrid knows we're going to betray him, he'll just throw his army at us and that'll be that.

But make something clear. You are not working under this one-armed rascal. You will still be chief.
No. 632805 ID: 00c435

Man he can't even afford conscripts. What army can he spare to go deal with one, small town?

As I said;
fuck that dude.
No. 632808 ID: 65b947

Well its his loss, we should probably find a way to drive him out now, unless lord bastrid has some sort of explotable weakness that a one armed swordsman and a somewhat poor village can use.
No. 632812 ID: d3be40

"Basstrid has weapons and technology that make your little party look like a puppet show. How do you expect to stand against a sword that can butcher armies in seconds?"
No. 632849 ID: 5db52c

End up rolling around on the floor, ineffectively fighting like idiot children.
No. 634791 ID: 14ce88
File 142921225780.png - (70.53KB , 900x666 , 17.png )

Hm, yes. All warfare is based on deception after all. Perhaps it is in my best interest now to join the cultist, and bide my time until the proper moment to strike. For someone who was just covered in rain and raving about magic water in my hut, he has garnered a very large amount of resources and support. Not enough to oppose Lord Basstrid now, perhaps, but we shall see how the trend continues.

“Very well, cultist. You have changed my mind. You have showed me the error of my ways, and you have my administration behind you,” I say.

Ortise squints. “Ok, then,” he says. “You will have a hard life if you take yourself that seriously all the time. You should dance.”

He must be trying to get on my nerves! “Dancing? At a time like this? Why on earth would I do that?”

“Well, I think someone here would like to dance with you,” he says, pointing toward the front.
No. 634792 ID: 14ce88
File 142921229576.png - (37.42KB , 900x666 , 18.png )

“Lucille!” I say, embracing her as she stands among the pews.

“I feel better. Better than before I was even sick,” she says.

“Well, from now on, it’s just you,” I say, not even worried about what the cultist will think, “We’ll be married.”

“I want the wedding here,” she says, looking up at the altar. There are guts all over the walls, and dancing fools all about the disarrayed pews.

“Yes, yes, whatever you want. The village would be a better venue, but whatever. I’m not going to raise a fuss,” I say, swallowing every argument against her request. I look over to Ortise again, and say, “What did say you were kicked out of that cult for, again?”
No. 634793 ID: 14ce88
File 142921231620.png - (48.79KB , 900x666 , 19.png )

“What? Nothing important. I don’t remember. Doesn’t matter. Probably nothing.”
No. 634794 ID: bd8b82

meh, he kept his end of the bargain, she's healed, so who cares what he's a cultist about?
No. 634798 ID: f0a5e4

Would the padre be able to conduct the service? I presume there are no taboos against the revered *cough* dead conducting prayer for the living, not to mention he's a pretty swell guy.
There's plenty of symbolism, after all, in starting a new life where so many have ended.
Also, that avoidance appears to be the shame of an embarrassed man, not a devious one. It appears the reason he was thrown out was more frivolous than fiendish.
No. 634802 ID: b9cef6

Sounds like he's just covering up for something he's not proud of, rather than something serious. I wouldn't press.
So. Yay! Alliance forged! Now all we have to do is find a way to drive off Lord Bagels.
Maybe we could do some recruitment of our own? So that when Baggage shows up looking for recruits, we tell him exactly where he can shove that request, assisted by twenty villagers with crude arms.
Unless we already had a plan, in which case ignore me.
No. 634811 ID: 296917

Tell him if you two are going to be working together you need full disclosure.
No. 634849 ID: d3be40

You're weird.

That's the look of a guy who did something horrifying, but probably without forethought.

Well, get the marriage ceremony over with. The ghost looks like a priest, so... yeah. Make sure it's as formal (but fast) as possible in terms of religious contracts (basically, don't skip any of the vows and stuff but don't pause too much). Then go home and mull.
No. 634940 ID: 2dc877

This is going to be one of the most weird weddings ever, you have a ghost priest, the pews will be filled with dancing orphans and bunny-things eating fish broth, and the walls are covered in god knows what kind of blood and gore. At least it'll be a day to remember, more so then weddings usually are I mean.
No. 636190 ID: 14ce88
File 142989773323.png - (64.83KB , 900x666 , 20.png )


I’ve no doubt that Ortise has a myriad of humiliating secrets. They are no concern of mine unless they can be used to blackmail him. Until then, I will let him have his discretion if it will earn me his trust.

“Will you really trust this fool?” Lucille whispers.

“I will for now, but I feel that it is still a good course. A fool he may be, but a relatively charismatic one,” I reply.

“You are chief. You should be subservient to no one,” she says.


“I know, my love. Sometimes, absolute power is attained not through brute force, but through intrigue. First, I will work with the fool to depose Lord Basstrid, and then I shall twist into my throne,” I say, “and you will be my queen. You just worry about planning our royal wedding.”

A new alliance is formed near the village of Pernille.

End chapter II.

No. 636191 ID: 14ce88
File 142989777348.png - (114.17KB , 900x666 , 1.png )

I’m so tired. So, so damn tired. I’m being followed, I just know it. I haven’t seen anyone, but I know someone’s after me.
No. 636192 ID: 14ce88
File 142989783940.png - (96.95KB , 900x666 , 2.png )

This is the first peace and quiet I have had in weeks. Maybe I could just… no. No, I can’t stop. Not again. I need to find a place to sleep. I need help. The last people who helped me couldn’t be trusted. They were working for him. I just know it. Everyone’s working for him. I bet I’m being watched right now. From where?

I can’t trust anyone. I won’t make that mistake again. Nope. Should I find an inn, or a village, or should I try to hide somewhere to get some sleep?
No. 636198 ID: 9297f4

Is there a church nearby?
No. 636201 ID: 3fe4d8

Well if you can find somewhere to hide that would be best, but maybe a more subtle costume choice would keep yourself hidden much more?
No. 636203 ID: dbe554

You should probably avoid the roads then, you stand out like a bright light in the darkness with what you wear.
No. 636209 ID: b9cef6

Who is he?
If you're tired, but can't trust anyone not to reveal your hiding place, clearly you need to create a hiding place only you know about. Or, perhaps, sneak into one. A homeowner can't be pressed into revealing that they're hiding you in their attic if they don't know.
No. 636214 ID: d3be40

Take to the nearest inn. You need to build some quick defenses, and doing so out in the wilderness isn't very safe. Reinforcing the doors and windows of an inn is easier.
No. 636222 ID: e114bc

What's with that... rubble or whatever along the sand behind you?
No. 636267 ID: 05171d
File 142993174796.png - (59.00KB , 900x666 , 3.png )

> who is he
He is Rufio Ortise. The White Dragon of Als Eyvor. I cannot go back there again. I would kill myself first.

> find something different to wear
I would, but this armor is all I have. I could do with some new clothes.

>sneak into a home
I don’t want to look like a burglar. I have tried my best to avoid crime since I escaped. The last thing I want is that kind of attention.

> is there a church nearby
If my bearings are correct, there is. I wouldn’t trust the clergy of Als Eyvor, though. Them least of all. I hid in an abandoned church for a while, but it was full of monsters and surrounded by criminals. That’s where I hid the Dagger of Breath, in a magic vault. If someone follows me there, it’s all over. Bad idea.

>go to an inn
I will try this. Maybe the greatest security will be in a group, and an inn is most likely to have more people.

It’s just rubble. Rubble that a pursuer could hide behind easily. I should go.
No. 636268 ID: 05171d
File 142993178555.png - (115.80KB , 900x666 , inn.png )

I am able to find a small inn tucked behind a hill. There are probably quite a few of them along the road from Als Eyvor, but they’re all along the road. That’s a problem. I can’t stay here long. I just need a quick nap.
No. 636269 ID: 05171d
File 142993180965.png - (83.77KB , 900x666 , 4.png )

“Hello there, soldier,” says the owner, a Bilk seated behind the counter. “I’m Ollie. Need a room?”

He could have people waiting to take me. I also don’t have any money. Maybe this was a bad idea.
No. 636271 ID: d3be40

Ask him if there are any paying jobs.
No. 636272 ID: 57d76a

right, his "worthless fucking kiss-ass little brother"

Well, you could always offer labor in exchange.
No. 636275 ID: e114bc

Perhaps he will accept one of your possessions as payment.

Or maybe you could pay with your body?
No. 636282 ID: 05171d
File 142993623889.png - (68.57KB , 900x666 , 5.png )

“I don’t have any money, but-”

The innkeeper’s expression sours.

I continue, “but I’m willing to do a bit of work. I only need a brief stay.”

“I understand,” he says, “if we only served people with money, the chores would never get done around here.” He eyes his cleaning staff, and they roll their eyes in response. “Actually, there is something you could do.
No. 636283 ID: 05171d
File 142993625795.png - (45.45KB , 900x666 , 6.png )

“Over the past couple of days, there’s been a weird fellow showing up here. Well, weirder than you. He’s been hassling the staff and scaring away the guests. If you can get him to leave, I’ll not only let you stay here a night, but I’ll also pay you a hundred grimps. Tell him Ollie sent you.”
No. 636284 ID: 9297f4

Time to kick ass. Ask where he normally hangs out.
No. 636296 ID: e114bc

You'll be making an enemy... Ask if he needs to leave alive.
No. 636331 ID: 809713

Right. I'll see what I can do.
No. 636641 ID: 05171d
File 143015623878.png - (50.84KB , 900x666 , 7.png )

”He spends the day walking up and down the road, and stops here for tea every evening. I’m surprised you didn’t run into him. Maybe he was hiding behind a rock or something," says Ollie, "I don’t PREFER you killing people in my inn, but I really just want him gone.”

I wait outside the inn for the next two hours. Each time I nod off a bit, I am awakened by visions. If it comes to a fight, I’m not at my best. I need sleep badly. An oddly-styled man walks by the inn with his back to me and stops without looking.
No. 636642 ID: d3be40

Make sure you're in a public place before talking to him.
No. 636645 ID: e114bc

You... you have no description. We have no idea if this is the guy. Get a description.
No. 636649 ID: 05171d
File 143015926209.png - (48.15KB , 900x666 , 8.png )

Need a description. That’s right. I’ll talk to the innkeeper again. The man continues to walk down the road.
No. 636650 ID: 05171d
File 143015928735.png - (28.87KB , 900x666 , 9.png )

The inn is completely empty.
No. 636652 ID: e114bc

...what? Maybe you're dreaming. Go talk to the odd-looking guy. Ask if he's been bothering the inn's employees.
No. 636656 ID: 05171d
File 143016128875.gif - (64.70KB , 500x370 , fuckno.gif )

I’ll look around. They always make me think I’m imagining things. Try... trying to trick my mind. Weird things always happen before they show up.

No. 636657 ID: 05171d
File 143016132027.png - (80.80KB , 900x666 , 10.png )

No. 636658 ID: b9cef6

(Could someone post a shot-by-shot of that animation? I don't have any way to stop on those images.)
No. 636659 ID: e40050

Ready your weapon...
No. 636660 ID: e114bc

It's a bunch of flashes of someone being tortured by the same two people. Question is, is Crus the tortured, or one of the torturers?

Make them leave.
No. 636677 ID: 6b82a3

back away and examine the dude, is it a construct or what?
No. 636753 ID: a19cd5

Favicon up for approval in questdis

No. 636775 ID: 05171d
File 143024267877.png - (76.05KB , 900x666 , 11.png )

>ready weapon

It’s a Pilosian. People ruled by the titan Uuhg.

“There is no need for violence. Please follow me, and I will take you to Als Eyvor, the beautiful capital,” he says.
No. 636776 ID: 05171d
File 143024273994.png - (96.93KB , 900x666 , 12.png )

No. 636777 ID: 05171d
File 143024277257.png - (83.57KB , 900x666 , 13.png )

Up the road is the strange man from earlier.

“Eh?” he says. “You again? What do you want from me? Going to hit me with that stick, are you? I’d like to see you try.”

“Are you terrorizing the inn?” I ask. “Stop.”

“Me? Terrorizing the inn? Of course not! If anything, they were terrorizing me with what they charged for that spittle they call beer.”
No. 636795 ID: b9cef6

"So... you know anything about the Pilosian back there?"
Because we don't know what this guy is capable of, we should try and keep as calm as we can.
What do you know about Pilosians and Uuhg?
No. 636807 ID: e114bc

Ask if he knows who the man is who's scaring the employees, then. ...not that it matters. The inn is compromised now. Maybe you should ask where else you can sleep. You need to find a safe place.
No. 637215 ID: 05171d
File 143046051350.png - (56.48KB , 900x666 , 14.png )

>Ask about the Pilosian at the inn
“A Pilosian? Simply preposterous. If there was a Pilosian, I would have seen them. What of you, then? I suppose you’re a vagrant, too. Deserting the war, no doubt.”

>What do I know about Uuhg?
I have not met him, but I know that he is a titan involved in the war. Uuhg is raising a host to defend the west from Anqqi the Legged, another titan who has begun to raise havoc against the realm.

>stay calm
I have a very hard time with that.

I speak to the stranger. “I’m no deserter. Please, can you tell me where I can find a safe place to sleep?”

“There’s an inn right behind you,” he replies.

“The inn is empty. The innkeeper is gone! There is a Pilosian trying to take me away-”

“You are raving mad,” he says, “the inn is full of people. I was just there. I’ve been patrolling this road to defend the common folk from brigands, and perhaps I’ve stumbled upon one just now.”
No. 637219 ID: bd8b82

well then, let us go back to the inn, and if there are no pilosians then i suppose i am mad.
No. 637220 ID: a19cd5

sigh heavily.
"You may be right. This'd be one of those situations I'd go 'no, come see!' then when we get there everything would be normal. Apologies. The bartender contracted me to make someone stop coming to his bar, they've been disturbing customers. Any idea who that'd be?"
No. 637221 ID: 05171d
File 143046504761.png - (61.68KB , 900x666 , 15.png )

“Sorry,” I say, “nevermind.” I am not as good at speaking out loud as I am inside my head. “The innkeeper told me to investigate who has been harassing the guests.”

“Wellllll, not that it is any of your business, but I did have a run-in with Ollie the Innkeeper a couple of days ago. A young horse thief that I had been pursuing took refuge in the inn, so I caught up to the scoundrel and decided to interrogate him then and there,” the man folds his arms and rolls his eyes. “Apparently there is a time and place for justice, and when I make criminals take responsibility for their vile deeds, I am disrupting the atmosphere, and scaring the children. Feh. Can you believe that?”
No. 637222 ID: d3be40


Now then, problem solved? Or does he need something before he can stop interrogating people at the inn?
No. 637226 ID: e114bc

Alright, ask him to return with you to the inn so that he and the innkeeper can settle their drama and you can get your room.

The vacant inn was probably a hallucination caused by your sleep-deprived state.
No. 637241 ID: b9cef6

Yes. Yes I can.
Ask him if he'd come back to the inn with you and apologize to the innkeeper. He doesn't have to mean it, but it would get us a free night of sleep we really need.
And if the inn is still empty except for StayPuft then he might be able to help you kill it, if he's a man of justice.
No. 637280 ID: 05171d
File 143050179610.png - (65.52KB , 900x666 , 16.png )


The man begrudgingly agrees to come with me back to the inn to speak with Ollie. “I am for keeping the peace, not starting conflict with the good folk,” he says. When we arrive back there, it comes of little surprise that Ollie is there, along with the rest of the guests, some of them having sauntered to their rooms or out into the yard. I might be going crazy. How much of what I experienced was actually real?

I can’t slip into a panic now. I just need to sleep. Ollie looks between the stranger and me. “First of all,” he says, drawing a deep breath, “who are you people?”

“I am Irmano Disotto,” the stranger bellows, flicking his cape in a deep bow. “I carry no banner and bear no seal, but each day I fight for the peace of the realm. Why, just today I-”

“Ok, ok,” Ollie interrupts, “what about you?”

“I am Crus,” I say. I knew he would call upon me next, and still it caught me off guard. I feel as though I am presenting myself before a massive crowd.

Ollie leans his elbows on the counter, and says, “I’ll be honest. When I saw you in that armor, and knowing mister Disotto here, I didn’t think you’d make any attempt to solve this diplomatically. Are you a soldier, mister Crus?”

“No,” I say.

“You wear the armor of a banner warlord campaigning in the east, you know. Do you work for a mister Lord Basstrid?”


“And just why are you of so few words? No, you know what, never mind. This is all off topic,” says Ollie, waving his arms in front of his face. “I just want peace for my inn. Not the kind of peace you are bringing.” He points to Mister Disotto.

“Peace is peace! I will not stand for-” cries Disotto, but Ollie again cuts him off.

“None of it. Do not do me wrong, Mister Disotto. If you are presumably just as you say, then your work is exactly what the realm needs. I’ll charge you only nine grimps for a night.”

Disotto scoffs, throwing up his arms. “Nine grimps! That is only two off of the going rate!”

“Ten grimps,” says Ollie.

“I do not have to sit here and be cheated! The beer was well enough a scam. Good day, bilk sir.” With an aggressive flourish, Disotto turns about on his heel and storms out the door. The guests snicker as he leaves.
No. 637294 ID: 57d76a

Uhh.. soooo... can we get that room then?
No. 637298 ID: e114bc

Ask Ollie if you can go sleep now.
No. 637303 ID: 05171d
File 143051559111.png - (120.72KB , 900x666 , 17.png )

> ask if I can have the room now
“Yes, yes, go ahead,” says Ollie, “it’s yours for today and tonight. I’ll have your payment in the morning, assuming that guy doesn’t come back.”

I head back into the room. It is a very simple room - a bed and a rug with a small cabinet, adjacent to the bath house. I lock the door and remove my cloak.
No. 637305 ID: e114bc

Are you going to sleep in that armor? Take off the helmet at least.
No. 637306 ID: 6b82a3

Do it, show us your secret identity/horribly scarred face
No. 637308 ID: fbc59e

Rest, Hunted Soldier. You may be prey when you awaken, but for now, you can be at ease...
No. 637310 ID: a9753c

Pity you don't have any traps. Still, you can put little markers around the room to ensure that you aren't being watched.

Place a coin between the door crack. If it falls out, that's a good indication that someone opened your door. Get creative and place other markers around the room.

Take a bath but sleep with the armor on. This inn is plagued by something and you know it.
No. 637313 ID: 05171d
File 143051970523.png - (86.08KB , 900x666 , 18.png )

> remove armor, helmet
Helmet only. It is nice to feel fresh air on my face. I don’t want to take this armor off. I have something of vital importance on me now, and I cannot afford to let it out of my sight.

> coin marker in the door
That’s a really good idea, but I haven’t been paid by Ollie, yet. I don’t have any coins. I’ll have to think of something else to mark it with.

> take a bath
That sounds nice, and I am sure that I smell rank, but I am… afraid to lose what I have in my pocket.
No. 637320 ID: e114bc

Looks like she was the tortured one, then.

What's in your pocketses?
Wash your face and hair, then. Maybe take off your boots, gloves... just keep on the parts that are important. Wash what you can. Let the air in otherwise.

How long have you been running?
You could prop your helmet up against the door in a way so that it would fall over if the door was opened.
No. 637322 ID: 809713

>I don’t have any coins. I’ll have to think of something else to mark it with.
An old trick is to place or stick a hair across the door. Advantage over a coin is it's harder for an intruder to notice they disturbed your marker, although you do have to be careful in setup to avoid false positives.

>I am… afraid to lose what I have in my pocket.
What have you got in your pocketses?
No. 637327 ID: 3b11c6

Surely you can just put it on the edge of the tub.
What has it got in it's pocketses?
No. 637374 ID: 05171d
File 143053956964.png - (62.36KB , 900x666 , 19.png )

> How long have I been running
I escaped two days ago, and I haven’t had a blink of sleep since then. When I think of my time in Als Eyvor, I panic, and sometimes I throw up or wet myself. If I can get to safety, it will be behind me.

> What is in my pocket
This single key. I was tortured for its location, but I kept it secret. Wars may be fought over this key, but maybe I can prevent that from happening.

I decide to use my helmet to check for tampering in my room. It is less subtle, but I have arranged it on the cabinet near the door so that I will hear it when it falls to the floor. I will go for a bath now, and maybe a nap in the water. The door to the bath is easy enough to have locked, and it’s still early in the day. No one is taking a bath at this hour.
No. 637375 ID: 05171d
File 143053959424.png - (113.26KB , 900x666 , 20.png )

I disrobe, leaving my armor and the key within arm’s reach. I am already entranced by the quietude of this room. It is open and bright. I am alone, but that does not stop me from fearfully tearing open the curtain on each of the privacy booths against the walls. Seems like a good place for a pursuer to hide. They’re all empty.
No. 637376 ID: 05171d
File 143053961754.png - (81.40KB , 900x666 , 21.png )

This is nice. Alone with my thoughts.

Sleep now: y/n
No. 637377 ID: 7656df

n, you can sleep later when you dont have the key up for anyone to grab. just relax for now, but dont sleep.
No. 637379 ID: e114bc

What is the key for? How do you plan to prevent a war over it?
No. 637380 ID: 809713

N. Let's not drown in our sleep.
No. 637387 ID: a9753c

N. Begin fun bath time.

And be sure to wash your hair thoroughly, you might not get another bath for a long time!
No. 637389 ID: 05171d
File 143054189023.png - (70.37KB , 900x666 , 22.png )

>don’t sleep
Ok. I'll just wash up a bit.

>What is the key for? How do I plan to prevent a war over it?
The key… there’s nothing special about the key itself. It’s just a piece of bronze, but what it opens is important. It opens an impenetrable vault hidden in the countryside behind a statue in a haunted cathedral, infested with monsters. Only an insane person would go in there. That’s how I kept the secret safe. I hid something there - an object so powerful that it is the envy of titans, and titans will always war for what they want. In their envy, they revealed to me something disturbing about themselves as well - something that they do not want the world at large to know.

The object is called the Dagger of Breath. Piercing a cadaver, a corpse… even a skeleton with the dagger will return life and youth to that being. This is a power that most people assumed the titans to have, but they don’t. The dagger was given to me by a strange man I passed in the woods. He told me to hide it, and then ran. I never saw him again, but I took his advice. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I was telling the story to a shaman in Als Eyvor when Ortise’s men took me.

I am torn between traveling to that cathedral to take the dagger back. Maybe I’ll try to destroy it, or use it, or cast it into the ocean. I’m also just tempted to leave it there. That cathedral has been standing abandoned for centuries, soaring with ghosts and crawling with beasts. Nothing would call attention to it, and even if it did, the magic vault would be impossible for any mortal to crack. That is how I am keeping the realm from war.

I really want to sleep now.
No. 637390 ID: 1f0b26

About the cathedral........
No. 637404 ID: e114bc

Wait, Ortise captured and tortured you to try to get the dagger? Man, what the fuck happened to his moral compass? Leave it in the Cathedral. How did you even get that much security around it?

Go to bed. Sleep.
No. 637409 ID: 57d76a

....uhh, soooooo, Ortise's big brother (no love lost between them) kinda cleared that place out of monsters and found a font of healng (related to the dagger? Probably, but much less potent). Sooooo it's being used as a hospital now.

Sorry, but I think a change of plans is warranted.

...unrelated but uh, what is your gender? I'd kind of assumed you were male but now that I actually see you without the armor you're a bit androgynous. Or is it just that you're haggard from your harrowing flight?
No. 637412 ID: 57d76a

Rufio Ortise. The same guy that chopped off the arm of our cultist buddy. Also happens to be his little brother.
No. 637416 ID: e114bc

Oh, and Als Eyvor isn't where our Ortise set up shop... Okay, so there probably wasn't a huge timeskip then. ...waaaaait a minute. She's talking about OUR Cathedral. It had a big locked door in the back.

I changed my mind. Go back to the Cathedral and try to retrieve the dagger, after getting a good night's sleep in your bed.
No. 637420 ID: 05171d
File 143054864198.png - (73.66KB , 900x666 , 23.png )

>what is my gender
My CURVACEOUS FIGURE and AMPLE BUST make it plainly obvious that I am FEMALE. I can’t think like that. I don’t want people to think that I am SELF-CONSCIOUS.

>change of plans
I never… I never had much of a plan to start with. I need to decide what to-
No. 637421 ID: 05171d
File 143054866033.png - (96.18KB , 900x666 , 24.png )


I hear my helmet topple to the floor in the next room.
No. 637430 ID: 27c0e0

Arm thy self! He he arm. And maybe some pants
No. 637431 ID: bd8b82

put on a towel and get weapon, no time for clothes.
No. 637435 ID: 9ddf68

shit, armor up as quickly as you can and find somewhere in the room for you to either ambush whoever entered your room are to flee the room. Whatever is quicker.
No. 637441 ID: e114bc

Grab the key, get your weapon ready, put on any amount of armor you can in the scant few moments before someone tries to come through that locked door. Also pinch yourself to make sure you aren't hallucinating. Then stand against the wall by the door to whallop anyone that tries to come in. Oh, also close one of the curtains to make it look like you're hiding in there.

Are there any other exits?
No. 637474 ID: b9cef6

Grab your stuff, and into one of those privacy booths! We armor up there.
The key is in your armor's pocket, right?
No. 637807 ID: 05171d
File 143063224845.png - (106.33KB , 900x666 , 25.png )

>suit up
Since there are no other exits from the bathing room, I scramble into as much armor as I can manage, then close one of the privacy curtains to mislead the intruder. The key is in my pocket.

I wait next to the door, and the knob begins to rattle. I’m not helpless ANYMORE. They won’t take me again…
No. 637808 ID: 05171d
File 143063227418.png - (140.04KB , 900x666 , 26.png )

No. 637810 ID: e114bc

Oops. Apologize to the poor lady, ask if she's alright. Why didn't she knock?
No. 637813 ID: a19cd5

No. 637814 ID: bd8b82

oh god oh god oh god
help them. put tooth back in.
No. 637823 ID: 05171d
File 143063411795.png - (78.31KB , 900x666 , 28.png )

“Oh… yikes… I’m sorry,” I say, “A-are you ok? Why didn’t you knock?”
No. 637824 ID: 05171d
File 143063413369.png - (86.21KB , 900x666 , 27.png )

Conscious. No concussion. Cut on face, possible broken nose. She will be ok, though she has been stunned by the blow.

“H… house… keeping… fresh… linens…”
No. 637825 ID: bd8b82

take tooth, carefully put it back in her face.
No. 637836 ID: e114bc

Just... just give her her tooth, and tell her thanks, but you have to insist that noone disturb you. In fact ask if there's a way for you to lock your door from the inside.
No. 637841 ID: a9753c

Hold the key in your hand, she might be a spy.

Other than that, ask about what you can do to repair her broken tooth.
No. 637843 ID: 5d4fc9

give tooth back.

but know that you've ruined her smile forever. she'll have to live with this disfigurement.
No. 637849 ID: 05171d
File 143063605416.png - (78.36KB , 900x666 , 30.png )

“Tha-thank you for giving m-my tooth back miss. I didn’t mean to intrude or get in the way, I’m sorry! Please don’t tell mister Ollie! He’ll make me clean the latrines again!”

I don’t need a reminder on this. I send the servant on her way.

> lock the door from the inside
I don’t need to ask. I can think of a way.
No. 637850 ID: 05171d
File 143063608958.png - (121.71KB , 900x666 , 29.png )

I pushed the chest of drawers in front of the door. Ok, now. Got to sleep. Got to sleep. Gotta sleep. Key is safe. I just want this to be over.

Gotta sleep.
No. 637853 ID: d90668

If you move the bed so the foot of the bed is up against that dresser you will make the room as secure as possible. Then you can sleep soundly knowing anyone trying to sneak around will jostle you directly and be blocked by a bunch of weight.

Once you are ready dry closing your eyes and thinking of nothing if you can. Then slowly breath in and out until you relax a bit.
No. 637859 ID: e114bc

How did you escape, anyway? Just lie down on the bed with your head resting on the pillow, the adrenaline will wear off eventually and exhaustion will set in.
No. 637872 ID: 57d76a

Oh sorry, couldn't see either of those things since they were underwater. And before that, obscured by a towel.

Assuming there are no windows, or other entrances.

Making it so anyone would have to move you to get into the room should make it pretty hard for them to jump you though.
No. 638125 ID: 329569

Some guys are living in the church. You better get that dagger soon
No. 638128 ID: fbc59e

What's your favorite song Crus?
No. 638153 ID: 8a37f2

So uh, were you always like this under that mask?
No. 638155 ID: b9cef6

Now is sleepy time
No. 639523 ID: 8371c4

No. 639708 ID: 05171d
File 143136878933.png - (74.38KB , 900x666 , 31.png )

I push the bed up against the dresser, against the door. Lying down, I close my eyes.
No. 639709 ID: 05171d
File 143136880747.png - (107.41KB , 900x666 , 32.png )


I scream and snap awake. How long was I asleep?! No, no! What’s happening! Help! The door is rattling.
No. 639713 ID: a19cd5

calm down, sit up, ask who's there
No. 639715 ID: bd8b82

calm down, it could be anyone. could be the owner asking what you are doing.
No. 639716 ID: 05171d
File 143137053240.png - (78.21KB , 900x666 , 33.png )

“Wh-who’s there?” I say, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“It’s Ollie. Why’d you beat up my servant? Open the door!”
No. 639717 ID: bd8b82

wiggle the door one enough to see through.

"you see these scars, people walking in on me make me freak the fuck out"
No. 639718 ID: b9cef6

"She snuck up on me and I got spoop'd and hit her. Is she okay?"
No. 639719 ID: 5d4fc9

apologize for smashing her face in
No. 639724 ID: 9ddf68

say you're sorry, but she startled you. Ask what he wants and if he's alone.
No. 639760 ID: 79940c

Helmet on. You have to look strong and mysterious, not scared.

>Why’d you beat up my servant?
She disturbed me. Why do you disturb me now?
No. 639806 ID: 5319a0

You were sleep deprived and paranoid.
No. 640983 ID: 05171d
File 143183168097.png - (78.51KB , 900x666 , 34.png )

I put the helmet back on. It makes me look more intimidating, and masks my voice as well. “She sneaked up on me and startled me,” I say.

“I think you have a bit of a problem. You need help,” says Ollie. “Can you let me in?”

“Are you alone?”

The innkeeper groans and pauses. “Yes. I’m alone. I’m trying to pay you like I promised, but I hope you can understand if I take a little away to get my servant some medical treatment. I’ll give you sixty grimps, and I’ve gotta ask you to leave.”
No. 640988 ID: 79940c

Accept his terms. Take the money and go.

You'll have to be more careful in the future. You can't let fear and paranoia make you lash out at innocents.
No. 640990 ID: 6e1eb1

Those terms are acceptable, but consider that he knows you're not a guard etc, and his maid saw your face. She may have been outright instructed to barge in on you to find out who you are. If he dug deep enough he may know that you are wanted. Let's not assume the innkeeper is on our side.

Move the dresser and bed so that the door opens enough that you can see out. Be fully armored and armed. Ask him how this is going to go down.
No. 641005 ID: a19cd5

"That's fine. I am sorry for hurting her, I'm a bit twitchy."
No. 641210 ID: 05171d
File 143197063347.png - (86.29KB , 900x666 , 35.png )

Ollie hands me a small bag of coins when I open the door. He is alone. “Here’s your money. Sixty grimps. Go ahead and count ‘em if you want, but you gotta leave after that. I can’t have violence in my inn. If anyone else catches wind, there will be more fights, and I don’t want to have to hire security.”

>maid saw my face
>instructed to spy on me
>might know that I am wanted

I rush back into the room to grab my things, then leave as quickly as possible. I was a fool for trusting strangers’ hospitality.
No. 641211 ID: 05171d
File 143197065609.png - (81.06KB , 900x666 , 36.png )

I lost track of time while I was asleep. It’s dark now. Really dark. I must be brave. I am now fully rested and freshly bathed, and I have a bit of money. I know the realm well enough, so I just need to decide where to go next.
No. 641228 ID: bd8b82

we should check on the dagger.
No. 641244 ID: ad7bba

I say we find a cave or something we can hide out in. Inns are too dangerous, too many eyes, too many ears, too many people. Threats.
No. 641252 ID: e114bc

I think you should go somewhere vaguely near the Cathedral and check up on it by asking about local news.
No. 641265 ID: 063543

Who would think to look for you in a supposedly monster-infested church? Whatever's inside aught to be no challenge at all for you, and then you can stay there without a care in the world. Other than, well, food, but that's something to worry about later.
No. 641282 ID: b9cef6

>That maid was a spy!
I think we're gettimg just a bit too paranoid.
We should probably head to the church. Guard that knife. We need to stay out of sight while we do it, though: Being seen there will just be a signal for "IT'S RIGHT HERE."
No. 641492 ID: 05171d
File 143205505676.png - (34.29KB , 900x666 , 37.png )

> return to the cathedral

I guess it is important to protect the realm. I just need to make sure that I am not seen while I am there, or that will be the end of it all. If I can manage to get there unseen, then it would be a sanctuary for me. I feel much safer around monsters than men. Judging by how far I am from Als Eyvor now, it will be a night’s walk to get there. I’m very hungry, but I have given up on the prospect of finding food.
No. 641493 ID: 05171d
File 143205508211.png - (31.16KB , 900x666 , 38.png )

There are strange, hunched figures sleeping like gargoyles in the rocks. If they did not ebb and swell with breath and flicker in the wind, I might mistake them for sculptures.

I hear something, but I might just be paranoid. I think I really do have a problem. It’s probably nothing.
No. 641494 ID: 05171d
File 143205515777.png - (125.78KB , 900x666 , 39.png )


No. 641495 ID: d3be40

Throw the purse to distract them, and then smash their ribcages in.

Loot them afterwards.
No. 641500 ID: e114bc

You look like a guard under the employ of the White Dragon. Maybe you can intimidate them by claiming to be one.
No. 641505 ID: b9cef6

Alright. Experienced (But weakened) fighter with milotary arms and armor V two jackasses.
With your weapon, all the force comes from distance. Optimum targets are the wrong sides of joints, but arms will do fine.
Keep your distance, and whap them as best you can. I reccomend focusing on Spear Dude if you can, because you can't block that as easily as a sword swing.
No. 641624 ID: 05171d
File 143210980723.png - (150.80KB , 900x666 , 40.png )

>throw the purse
No. If they make off with the purse, I'm not in any condition to catch them. I doubt they're stupid enough to dive for the purse like dogs after meat with an armed opponent in front of them.

>Pose as a guard
It wouldn’t work. Ortise’s van wears white armor, and this is the armor of an eastern soldier.

>make distance
>strike arms
I dance aside from the spearman’s jab, and it pierces my cloak. Using my staff to push him away, I seize the opportunity to strike his forearms. He wails and drops his spear, reeling back with his arms quivering in pain. I strike his chin, and he bites off his own tongue.
No. 641625 ID: 05171d
File 143210982712.png - (95.37KB , 900x666 , 41.png )


I feel a bite on my shoulder, forcing me to cringe. The swordsman cleaves into the boiled leather of my armor, dragging the rough, rusted blade through my skin. It feels so familiar and so frightening. I become disoriented in the dark of the pass and run forward, away from the pain.
No. 641626 ID: e114bc

Hope you don't get tetanus from that hit. Don't run, though. You can't. Turn around, defend yourself. Parry any follow-up strike then feint to get him to try to block. Hit anywhere he's not blocking at. Preferably the face or legs. Just injuring his legs will let you escape.
No. 641645 ID: bd8b82

and that's why armor is important,

finish this other guy then yo really need to get to the cathedral. remember is has a healing fountain.
No. 641689 ID: 05171d
File 143214400297.png - (88.05KB , 900x666 , 42.png )

>turn and fight
Yeah! I’m finished being helpless!

I turn around, ready to parry…
No. 641690 ID: 05171d
File 143214403399.png - (52.40KB , 900x666 , 43.png )

“A pity you had to witness that, sir. Stabbing a man in the back reflects poorly on my honor, but I assure you that such an underhanded slight is one that I reserve only for the most dire of circumstances.”
No. 641691 ID: e114bc

Oh, it's that vigilante from before. Thank him, but also ask why he's following you.
No. 641697 ID: 063543

He just helped you, but be on your guard. Don't start bashing unless he threatens you, and ask him what he's doing out here.
No. 641706 ID: 05171d
File 143214889644.png - (52.45KB , 900x666 , 44.png )

“Why are you following me?” I ask.

> “I’m not, and I was about to ask you the same question,” says Mister Disotto, wiping his sword clean on the stabbed man’s shirt.

Both of the highwaymen are still alive. The stabbed one is slowly bleeding to death and struggling to breathe, and the other is knocked out, bleeding more mildly from his mouth.

“Why would I be following you?”

> “It is not an accusation, sir. Merely an observation. It seems we’ve both gone in the same direction, and there needs not be suspicion in that.”

“Why did you help me?” I ask. I don’t feel the need to thank him. I could have handled it myself.

> “You were in need to it,” says Disotto, sheathing his rapier. “You appear to be in pain, and rightly so. You should seek medical attention, however I fear I am not qualified to give it. Should you need accompaniment, I could offer that.”

“I got you kicked out of the inn. Why would you want to help me?”

> “Amid my evening patrol, I came to realize that my behavior there was not in accordance with the manner of a civilized gentleman,” he says, “and I now realize that I was, in fact, in the wrong. I do not fault you for upholding your word to the innsman.”

I’d never expect a man as pompous as him to admit to being wrong. I don’t know what to make of him. I also need to decide what to do with the highwaymen.
No. 641707 ID: e114bc

He's the vigilante. He should decide, he has more experience with it anyway.

As for you, just head to the nearest town, wherever it is. Bonus points if it's a different direction than where you were going, because then he'll have to either admit to following you, or move on and no longer be a problem. Get medical attention, maybe pick up a few basic supplies now that you have money (backpack, food/water, bandages, change of clothes?), then keep going towards your true destination.
No. 641711 ID: b9cef6

>Highwaymen: what do?
Wake the KO'd one. Tell him to tend to himself and his friend and get the hell out of here before you finish the job.
>Guy: What do?
I see no reason that he can't come with us. Why was he headed this way?
Don't mention him being wrong. If he thinks he's some honorable guy, he would take offense to us being suprised by him admitting wrongdoing.
>Become childishly angry over him assuming you needed help
No. 641721 ID: 78a595

>Stabbing a man in the back reflects poorly on my honor
Considering he stabbed me in the back first, I'd say he deserved it.
No. 641792 ID: a19cd5

eh, sure, for a while. There are things I need to do alone, however.
Keep the fact you aren't a Sir hidden. Don't actively hide it, just don't tell him otherwise.
No. 641801 ID: 05171d
File 143219168122.png - (62.04KB , 900x666 , 45.png )

> “Oh, you’re going south?”

He says as I stop to wake up the unconscious highwayman. He is mute, having severed his tongue, and his mouth is crusty with scabbed and clotted blood. He reels in horror at the sight of his dying friend, and retreats.

“What?” I say, distracted by the mugger.

> “I am going south myself.”


> “I’ve decided to elevate my cause. Word has reached me of a new order which has arisen in the bluffs to the south, not far from here, which seeks to cure the sick and heal the wounded. A peasant came to me with word that a man there has taken to performing astonishing miracles of healing. Someone like that can be nothing short of a saint walking among us, and I seek to be in his service.”

I take one last glance back at the remaining highwayman. He has passed out from loss of blood. The adrenaline has worn out of my system, and the pain begins to course through my shoulder.

> “This man has taken residence in an old cathedral,” says Disotto, “An unlikely thing, if you ask me. Well, follow if you will. I don’t care.”

My heart skips a beat, and the adrenaline nearly returns.
No. 641802 ID: e114bc

...right. Yeah, this seems legit. He's got a rumor that sounds quite valid, and it means someone's in the cathedral. Wash out your wound at least so that it doesn't get SUPER infected. You can get it healed at the cathedral.
No. 641808 ID: a19cd5

Put that bandit out of his misery, or carry him along to be healed when you arrive.
Either way, we'll want to not have him pop up later to try and kill us for killing all his friends.
No. 641828 ID: 18d18f

well alright then, lets just loot the bandits and be on our way then. Also might wanna patch up your armour (and shoulder) with something nearby.
No. 641841 ID: 05171d
File 143223275856.png - (67.01KB , 900x666 , 46.png )


I look over the groaning man. He has nothing of value. No money, no food, no water, no possessions. Just his clothes and his rusty old Messer. Maybe that is why they were robbing us. He is shivering under my hands, and will probably die within the hour.

> patch armor

I will need a bandage or at least a poultice to do that. I don’t want to disturb this man anymore by tearing his clothes. I am not bleeding very severely, as the blade was not able to cut very deeply. It just hurts.
No. 641842 ID: 05171d
File 143223277851.png - (43.00KB , 900x666 , 47.png )

> “Perhaps this will teach them to take up an honest line of work for a change. A job well done, I’d say. Will we get a move on, then, or will I have to leave you behind?”
No. 641844 ID: 353142

Assuming you can make it to the church on time, carry him with you for healing. He might learn a lesson, and it's not like he'll be very dangerous if he's still hostile once healed; both of you are more than a match for him.
No. 641845 ID: 2c759a

the bandit is as good as dead. let's go
No. 641848 ID: 69048a

They would have killed you or worse given the chance. Regardless of what brought them down this path it was there choice.

So leave them here and get a move on.
No. 641849 ID: 05171d
File 143223494564.png - (61.54KB , 900x666 , 48.png )


Taking the brigand with me would be a burden, but killing him would be a mercy, and I have none of that to pay forward. I proceed to the south with Mister Disotto, wary of him all the while. Maybe by some stroke of luck we aren’t going to the same place.

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