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File 141965234019.png - (3.01KB , 700x500 , Arrow 1.png )
615732 No. 615732 ID: 189a54

"I'm telling you, it's dangerous."

"For the love of--! You don't know that, man, it's just a tube!"

"If you're going to keep being difficult, we can just go to command about it."

"Dude! We're trapped in a fuckin' void! The radio hasn't worked for months!"

"Shhhh! Command Four, this is Hafner of Flight Two-Three, 'Devil Dogs,' do you read me?"

"Whatever man, play make-believe if you want. If you still got half a brain left, 'command''ll tell you the same thing...."

"Command Four, this is Hafner of Flight Two-Three, 'Devil Dogs,' over? We have come across a cylinder floating up ahead. This is the first contact we've had since we've come to this place, alive or otherwise. I have reason to suspect it to be dangerous but my wingman says otherwise, how should we proceed?"
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No. 615733 ID: a19cd5

do a barrel roll
No. 615736 ID: 742b4a

No. 615741 ID: 9ddf68

who the hell are you? how'd you get this channel? wait what about a tube... can you tell use more about it? I mean can either of you scan the thing or are you stuck to visuals only? The more information you can give us the better advice we can give back.
No. 615742 ID: 189a54
File 141965300910.png - (4.45KB , 700x500 , Arrow 2.png )

"Well, what does 'command' say--why the hell are you rolling like that?"

"Command ordered for me to do a barrel roll."



"Oh Christ, he's fully snapped. Uh, look here, uh, 'command'.... I'm just gonna get a little closer and scan this thing, okay? Is that, uh...am I clear to do that, 'sirs?'"
No. 615746 ID: a19cd5

Yeah sure, but before you do that you gotta answer my riddle:
What's this I have in my pocket?
No. 615759 ID: 90504c

I don't see why you shouldn't scan it.

And trapped in a void? For at least several months? You okay on supplies and all that?
No. 615769 ID: 13c4a5

Be careful when proceeding the object. Also stop rolling around and produce some light! Rolling around in the dark only leads to misfortune.
No. 615773 ID: db83ac

Hafner-23, this is Traditional Games Channel, we have received your signal. Unfortunately, this is a media network and we are unable to provide professional assistance. Do you have access countersigns for Command Four or radio frequency of your superior of-

Oh WHO the hell are we FOOLING, you're crazy and we don't even think that you're REAL. You may as well CRASH into that red BLIP that we see on our analysis screens!

But seriously what is that thing in front of your ships? Our sponsor has given us a imaging of your two ships and... something.
No. 615777 ID: 189a54
File 141965918828.png - (8.11KB , 700x500 , Arrow 3.png )

"Command says you're clear to scan it, but first...what do I have in my pocket?"

"You're just fuckin' with me, now. I'm scanning it."

"Yes, yes...thank you for your concern Command, but supplies are all in the green. Fuel's fine, food amounts are good--"

"Because we haven't used any of it! Since we got here we haven't had to use shit, nothing depletes. It's not normal man, what if we're in purgatory or something?"

"Who's the crazy one, now?"

"Whatever, it's just a thought...oh, scan's done.
"Looks like the thing's made out of Plate, same as our ships. Scan's showing something rolled up inside it, some sort of paper. There's some sort of metal bit attached to the roll though, could be a pin or could be a bomb...what do you think, should I bring it in?"

"Let me see. Command Four, we have completed the scan--"


"Shhhhhhhh! Anyway, should we bring it in for closer study, sirs? Or leave it where it is?"
No. 615781 ID: db83ac

Just attach it to one of your ships, open it later.
No. 615787 ID: d45ea1

It's a time capsule! Or, a message in a bottle! Immediately open it. Disregard all possible danger in doing so.
No. 615792 ID: 742b4a

Leave the one object you've found in a void alone? Are you nuts? Mess with it.
No. 615812 ID: 9ddf68

unless you have a base to bring that thing back to so it can be safely open just open the damn thing. You've said it yourself this is the first thing you've found in how Long? some like a waste of resources to put a trop out where practically NO ONE goes.
No. 615814 ID: 01f35a

Hah my guess is that it's an alien message to warn any species to come across it that someone is coming to invade and you happen to be the closest.
No. 615843 ID: f5baae

If you can, try and take it with you without taking it into your ship, perhaps a tractor beam would do?
No. 615857 ID: 189a54
File 141968337249.png - (3.59KB , 700x500 , Arrow 4.png )

"Command's mostly calling to bring it in, Mac."

"Yeah, yeah--"

"Disregard ALL POSSIBLE DANGER in doing so!!"

"Fuckin'--! Whatever dude, quit scaring me!"

"What is it? A message in a bottle? An alien message?"

"Hang on, let me open it. Huh, fancy pin...it's a sorta weird design, nice though. And now it's on my vest."

"That's totally against uniform regulations--"

"We're in a fuckin' void with nobody but the voices in your head, Hafner. I can put on a stupid little pin if I want--um."

"What is it, man?"

"It's, uh...it's probably just some weird language like Japanese or something. Looks serious, a big title in red and the message looks like it was scribbled fast...or maybe that's how this is normally written? Hell if I know dude, I don't think I've ever seen this language before."

"I'll call it in. Command Four, we have retrieved the tube and opened it. Inside was a letter or notice of some kind, language unknown. Please advise?"

"Yeah, 'cause we need 'command' telling us what to do. I swear, if 'they' say 'fly in a straight line until contact' again...."

"Shhhhh! We are ready for command, sirs, direct us as you see fit. Perhaps we should continue scouting?"

"I knew it! Fuckin' 'fly in a straight line for months' again! Whatever, go ahead, 'command,' give the fuckin' word...."
No. 615863 ID: 01f35a

If you can send a picture or send the thing itself.
No. 615866 ID: 246006

Hrrm, I'd like to do an experiment. Whiny, you get to do the flying off thing, while Hafner or whatever the other guy's name is maintains a holding pattern, see if this place loops.
Actually, on second thought, leave the tube behind for a marker, and take the note with you.
No. 615867 ID: 189a54
File 141969128556.png - (374.10KB , 700x500 , Arrow 5.png )

"Command is requesting a visual on the note, Mac."

"Here. Does 'command' make any sense of this stuff?"



"Not sure."

"I swear to god!"
No. 615868 ID: 189a54
File 141969153860.png - (4.03KB , 700x500 , Arrow 6.png )

"Hang on, a plan's coming in. Mac, you fly on ahead while I wait here. They want to test if this place is just looping or not."

"Flying in a straight fuckin' line! I knew it!"

"Command informs me that you're being whiny."

"Yeah I'm being fuckin' whiny! I'm stuck in some paradox bullshit wi*ksshhh* 'comma*kshhhhhhhhhhh*"
No. 615869 ID: 189a54
File 141969174492.png - (3.17KB , 700x500 , Arrow 8 PA 6.png )

"He's out of range already...I don't know what sort of rules this place follows but the only radio that works is the short-range--oh, and the channel for Command Four, of course!
"So, uh... I'd like to apologize for Mac while I have a chance. He's a good man, just a little short-tempered. He's been--the hell?"

No. 615870 ID: 189a54
File 141969182578.png - (11.20KB , 700x500 , Arrow 7.png )

"Contact up ahead?! Mac's getting chased by something, please advise!"
No. 615871 ID: 2ec61a

counter attack. use tube as weapon if you have to.
No. 615874 ID: cf8ccd

Assist Mac!
No. 615875 ID: db83ac

Try to contact them first, see if the enemy is also lost and as high strung as mac.

If they don't respond, open fire and disable as many ships as you can.

If they do respond, explain as carefully as you can that you've been stranded for months. If they don't speak your language, try to use whatever communication methods you can to explain that you're willing to accept cease-fire. Otherwise, fight for your life.
No. 615876 ID: 3f0c1b

Is that weapons fire you have on your visual? Move in to assist post-haste!
No. 615877 ID: 189a54
File 141969644560.png - (17.90KB , 700x500 , Arrow 9.png )

"Roger, going in!"

"*kshhhhhh*kin'*shhhhh*ards*shh* on! I can fuckin' take three, of--Haff! Haff, get these guys off of me!"

"Hang on, let's try talking first!"

"Talking?! These fucks almost smoked me--watch it, one's getting behind you!"

No. 615879 ID: 189a54
File 141969715396.png - (20.24KB , 700x500 , Arrow 10.png )

"Switching to the open channel!"

"You fuckin' mania*kshhk*"

"Hold off, we're not trying to fight!"

"Epharem epharem!"


"Uh, uh, keletchk nekash?"

"'Kwhat'...thry khyumen?"

"Kwhat kyoo whkant? Kyoo uhknterstahnd? Kwhat kyoo hekre phore?"

No. 615880 ID: 2ec61a

state your stance of explorers.
No. 615881 ID: db83ac

Tell them you've been stranded for months! Tell them you're willing to accept a cease-fire!
No. 615884 ID: 742b4a

Tell them you just want to go home.
No. 615887 ID: a19cd5

No. 615888 ID: ea0ad9

Okay, the note, it's a little staticky, but I managed to make out: "Warning! If you read this, you are con--" and I can't seem to read anything further than that. Probably says confined, meaning trapped.

>"'Kwhat'...thry khyumen?"
Oh, hey, I can translate this bit.
"'What'... Try human?"
>"Kwhat kyoo whkant? Kyoo uhknterstahnd? Kwhat kyoo hekre phore?"
"What you want? You understand? What you here for?"

Well, at the moment you're kinda just exploring and figuring out what the place is, so let them know that. They don't got Command Four radios so we can't tell them ourselves.
No. 615890 ID: 189a54
File 141970157588.png - (2.91KB , 700x500 , Arrow 11.png )

"We've been stuck in this place for months, we're not trying to fight!"

"Teghll thaght to wengmagn! Dagmn geresh ahlmost kilt Kem!"

"*kshk* Hey, we not shooting anymore? These two want to get off my tail now?"

"Buk who akre kyoo?"

"Uh, explorers--"

"Eksplokres...wikth khyumen kereshka."

"With what?"

"Fighting plagnes."

"Er, we--"

"I wikll nokt aks. Kyoo akre thrapped, like uks. Kome wikth uks, uks wouldk nokt loose firkst kontakt. Uks gokt khyumen thinks, foodkt, dhrink. Ghood, yeks?"

"...What. Haff, does 'command' even understand what this fucker's saying?"
No. 615892 ID: db83ac

I'll try to clear up the translator noise, hang on:

Expected Communications:

"We've been stuck in this place for months, we're not trying to fight!"

"Tell that to your wingman! Damn [???] almost killed Kem!"

"*kshk* Hey, we not shooting anymore? These two want to get off my tail now?"

"But who are you?"

"Uh, explorers--"

"Explorers...with human [battle jets]."

"With what?"

"Fighting planes."

"Er, we--"

"I will not ask. You are trapped, like us. Come with us, we would not lose first contact (We would not screw up first contact). Us got human things, food, drink (We have supplies fit for humans, food and drink.). Good, yes?"

"...What. Haff, does 'command' even understand what this fucker's saying?"

Analysis Ends

This just screams trap. But right now, you need allies and your options are very limited. Agree to partner up with them as their rear guard, but do not accept supplies (you don't need them anyway). You can always shoot them later if they betray you, but if there's something dangerous in this void, more squadmates means more options to deal with it.
No. 615894 ID: a19cd5

>Hop back on shortband, tell our partner what's up
No. 615896 ID: 9ddf68

so why'd they jump out and attack your partner? I mean we were just trying to see if this place loops, next thing we know we're in a dog fight.
No. 615906 ID: 189a54
File 141970658595.png - (22.41KB , 700x500 , Arrow 12.png )

"But wait...why did you attack Mac?"

"Good fuckin' question!"

"Its flighkt, its kraft. Uks thougkt it khyumen kereshkamen."

"A fighting pilot."

"Uks' misktake."

"Okay...we'll go with you, but we'll stick to rear guard."

"Uks' harkts akre warkm. Kome."

"Mac, let's get back on our channel."

"*kshhk* I swear to god dude, 'command''s got one more batshit crazy order before I have a heart attack!"

"What? It's fine, if they pull anything we can smoke them and get out of here fast."

"Oh, I'm not worried about them pulling anything, man. If they're what I think they are, they're gonna be nice and friendly with us. And that's the problem!"

"What do you mean--hang on, they're calling."

"*ksshk* Uks arrkive."

"*ksshk* Oh, Christ..."
No. 615908 ID: 189a54
File 141970703390.png - (17.71KB , 700x500 , Arrow 13.png )

"Somekthink's wronk?"

"Nothing, one second. Hey Haff, our channel please?"


"*kshhk* That's a fuckin' Flying Hourglass! We're buddies with fuckin' bugs!"

"Agh!! Command, please, this doesn't count as fraternizing with the enemy, does it?! It's just necessity right? It's fine for now, just while we're in here, right? Please advise, we can go through with this for now, right?!"
No. 615909 ID: ea0ad9

>"...What. Haff, does 'command' even understand what this fucker's saying?"
Wait, are you running both radios at once, or is the void somehow transmitting short-range into Command 4 frequency?
>This just screams trap.
Trap? These three are stuck in the void as well, and want somebody new to talk with.

>"Uks' harkts akre warkm. Kome."
"Our hearts are warm. Come." I think that's a way of saying "We are comfortable with that arrangement."
>If they're what I think they are, they're gonna be nice and friendly with us. And that's the problem!
Was about to post a response to this part, but I refreshed just before hitting reply, and saw a new update. Need to use 1/2 in the title so we know you got more coming, man.
>"Agh!! Command, please, this doesn't count as fraternizing with the enemy, does it?!
The enemy? Hafner, perhaps you haven't noticed, but you're not in human or bug territory. The war doesn't matter there! If you want to be all buddy buddy there, then go right on ahead, but what happens in the void stays in the void, understood? When you make it out of there, I expect hush on the matter. That goes to Mac, too. This officer's personal recommendation is that you treat them with courtesy and respect, be friendly to them as they are to you, and work together to find a way out, but once you're out, you'll part ways and come back to us.
No. 615964 ID: 189a54
File 141972111191.png - (23.67KB , 700x500 , Arrow 14.png )

"Radios? I'm running Command frequency on one, and juggling the other channels on another."

"You only got one fuckin' radio! You're really still doing this?!"

"It's fine, it's fine! Command says we're clear to be with these things as long as we're stuck here. Just gotta keep quiet about it when we get out, alright? Now we have orders to show some respect and work with the bugs until we get out of this place. Just think it a neutral zone, okay?"



"Fuck me.... If we're really about to do this I'm taking the lead, alright? Just...just let me talk first. Let's go."
No. 615985 ID: 189a54
File 141972452817.png - (60.33KB , 700x500 , Arrow 15.png )

Command Four, this is Hafner of Flight Two-Three, "Devil Dogs," do you read me? I've switched to mental comms while we're away from the ships.

"Heukhhhh! Thekse akre khyumen? Sokft...I nekver taskted one bekforke...."

"Nekesh herekhe, Kem!"

"Perekhne, perekhne..."

"I thought kereshkamen showed respect to people they brought into their homes."

"Oh, a learned man!"

"You'd be the kereshmehen? Our hearts are warmed by your offer."

"Yakov, at your service. Our hearts are warmed by your entry. It would seem that even among humans, the short ones are the cultured folk!"

"I, uh...pick up things, is all...."

"Well, you're the first human I've met that picked up our entry etiquette. That makes you special to me, sir, and I treat special people...well, specially!"

"Uks offekred to kyoo for reakson. Yakovmehen?"

"Of course. You two know as well as us, we all seem to be trapped...somewhere. A void of some kind. We've been wandering for about two human weeks, and you were the first things we found.
"This place is quite large and quite empty. If we want to get, we'll need anyone and anything we find on our side and helping."

"So you have offered, so will we help..."

"Oooh, you are a keeper!"


"You, tall fellow. You're the one that defused our little misunderstanding, yes? I'd guess you're in charge of the two of you."

"Yes sir, I am."

"We have some human supplies in the cargo hold from a gunship we defeated before ending up here. You're welcome to look over them, if you want. If you'd rather take a rest, we have some rooms fit for humans around here somewhere."


What do you think, sirs?

No. 615991 ID: 2ec61a

accept, but you want to be in the same room (to watch each other's backs, but don't say it).
No. 615992 ID: ea0ad9

...Pop quiz: How many bugs are typically on a Flying Hourglass, how many would make a skeleton crew, and how many could it hold total?
Having been trapped here for months, I'd say rest is well deserved.

By the way, did Mac just perform studies on the Bugs, or did he fraternize with them? I suppose as long as he's serious about the war, it doesn't matter one way or the other, but color me curious.
No. 615996 ID: db83ac

Important question: How well can you trust the hospitality of one of these guys? Also, please tell us everything you know about them - hierarchy, tactics, culture, etc.

Don't tell them about us yet. You don't have enough information to prove that you have a connection to us, they might not understand how mental comm augments work. And how the hell did you get a mental comm augment? Aren't those expensive?

Make sure that shiny pin doesn't cause any misunderstandings. We don't know what it is. Ask them about it if you want to.
No. 616209 ID: 189a54
File 141976882787.png - (51.30KB , 700x500 , Arrow 16.png )

"A room to rest in would be nice...oh, but first!"


"Before we got here we found a pin. We don't know what it is, maybe you would?"


"You know it?"

"Oh, er, no. No, I've never seen it. You, ah, you want a room, yes? This way, this way!"
No. 616210 ID: 189a54
File 141976927073.png - (49.54KB , 700x500 , Arrow 17.png )

"This one is a bit sparse, but it's usable by humans. When you're done resting, feel free to look around the ship--if it takes as long as I think it will for us to find something else, you may be living here for a bit.
"If you need anything, I'll be steering from the bridge. You human kereshkamen have taken enough of our 'flying hourglasses' to know how to get there from here, yes?"

"O-oh, we're not--"

"Of course not, you're just explorers. And I'm just a yeme trader that somehow got his hands on a navy gunship. I'll see you later, friends, there's a million things to do to get this craft moving again."

No. 616212 ID: 189a54
File 141977147207.png - (63.08KB , 700x500 , Arrow 18.png )

"Uff! I never thought I'd be this glad to be laying on a bug mat. I was ready to fuckin' snap man, that cockpit is not meant for more than one--oh, no."

A skeleton crew for a Flying Hourglass is one, we think, if it's already started up and the weapons are primed. Huh? The mental comlink? Oh, it wasn't too expensive, sirs. They give one to every flight lead for better--

"That fuckin' face you're making, you're still talking to 'command,' aren't you!"

"Yeah, through mental comms."

"Mental--! That's not even a thing!"

"It's just for flight leads, you wouldn't know about it. Anyways, Command has some questions since you seem to know abou the--"

"I just fuckin' picked up some things, alright? So don't even ask if I know them from anywhere else. I just picked up some things."

"Okay, okay...well, whatever you know about the bugs they want to know."

"Fine, I'll tell 'command.' It's a lot of shit, so listen good, 'sirs.'
"Now I only picked this up, but their whole military's pretty much its own culture. I dunno how their noncombatant life works. In their armies and fleets though, it mostly breaks down to two groups, these 'kamen' and 'mehen.' The kamen are the grunts and officers, and the mehen are...I dunno how to describe it. I'd say 'nobles' but they're not really that, they're just...they're important, and everyone fuckin' respects them. The big losses our guys have had were almost all because we killed one of these mehen, pissed the bugs off something fierce."

"And their tactics?"

"You know as well as me. They don't do that swarm shit from the holos anymore, I dunno if they learned from us or something but they fight a lot like us now. Actual maneuvers, smarter moves than just throwing bodies at us. Fuckin' scary, 'cause one of the only things we had going against their numbers was better tactics."

"And can we trust them?"

"Oh, definitely. Their offer is like a blood bond man, if there's any betrayal on this ship it'll come from us before them. They'll be buddies with us all the way out of this place, and then we'll get the noose for fraternization...oh, no, we'll be perfectly fine because 'command' has our backs, right?"

"*veeeen*Ship's in motion, friends. Feel free to explore him if you'd like."

What's that, a PA? Should we head out or can we take some time to ourselves, sirs?
No. 616226 ID: db83ac

Sounds like you're not the first humans to accept their hospitality. They probably converted some surrendering humans to their side, which would explain the improvement in tactics. If their hospitality is that sacred, it wouldn't be that hard.

Look, forget about the war for now. You're still in uncharted territory, with no idea where you are or how this place works. You don't even know if the laws of physics apply since resources haven't been drained ever since you arrived.

You should probably case the gunship. Make sure you know where the important areas are; the helm, the engine room, the life-support systems, the hangar, etc.

If you don't want to feel like traitors, then just learn as much as you can and report back to base. You might be able to engineer a cease-fire if you find out how their culture works.

And WHAT are they called, anyway? You didn't give us a name for their actual civilization.
No. 616229 ID: 2ec61a

think it's time to admit it. we are not command, no idea how you got this signal, but we have no idea what these bugs are or what you were doing before this happened. could be this place that's causing your signal to reach us instead.
No. 616259 ID: 189a54
File 141980051708.png - (44.69KB , 700x500 , Arrow 19.png )

"C'mon, Command wants us to case the ship."


"Oh, and what're the bugs really called, anyway?"

"We're both fucked enough, 'command''s not gonna make me say the birthname too. We know that and it's not the noose, it's the interrogation room for us...."

I guess that's all the information we got on them, command--


What do you mean you're not command--what--oh. Ohhhh, I know what's happened. You're right, it must be this place mixing up frequencies. My bad, this must be Command Five instead. Yes, you must be Command Five.

"Making that dumb face again...you gotta work on that if you're gonna be talking to 'command' about everything dude, people'll think you're touched in the head."


"What! It's the truth, you look weird!"

No. 616261 ID: 189a54
File 141980089689.png - (65.40KB , 700x500 , Arrow 20.png )

"So what're we looking for, important stuff? This big gem's a lift, it takes you up to the bridge. Lifts to guns are to the left, down the right way should be...damn, it's been a while. Right goes down to more guns I think, and then another lift down takes you to the mess, storage, other shit like that."

"Maybe we should go check out that storage--"

"Perekhne! Perekhne, perekhne--"

"The fuck?"
No. 616263 ID: 189a54
File 141980153076.png - (89.84KB , 700x500 , Arrow 21.png )

"Kehke-ke ereh! Kyoo ehe kereshkamen! Elks ehe kereshkamen!"

"Perekhne, Lair, perekhne--"


"Shit dude, that bug's getting worked over. Should we--"


"Kyoo ehe-ke kehke?"



"Perekhne! Perekhne!"

"Shit! I only got what I picked up but I'm pretty sure this isn't normal. We gonna step in, or--"


No. 616266 ID: ea0ad9

D'oh, went to the store and forgot to refresh... deleted that response
>You're right, it must be this place mixing up frequencies. My bad, this must be Command Five instead.
Command Void. We're a branch that... Well, I don't really know how to explain it, but I'm not sure we can even reach outside of the void. We're human, yes, but things are a bit different for us than your other commands. Who knows, maybe we were stuck in the void long enough that we lost sense of what once was.
Did, uh, any large groups just vanish, no trace of war or anything? Because that might be us, only we forgot.
That, or, the ambience of the void is mixing things up, and you got the wrong time or dimension or something.
>"What! It's the truth, you look weird!"
The guy would know, Hafner. If your face is distorting to access the com link, you need to work on that. Take some time out at some point to practice talking to us without moving your face.
>damn, it's been a while.
...Please tell me Mac was a Prisoner, and not fraternizing. Or that he has had practice in the field of espionage. I'm assuming that's the case since he was freaking out over the thought that you made friends with the bugs, but still.
>"Kehke-ke ereh! Kyoo ehe kereshkamen! Elks ehe kereshkamen!
"You are a Kereshkamen (Soldier Tribe)! I'm a Kereshkamen!" I think he was trying to remind the bug that they're part of the same class... And they aren't supposed to be doing stuff like that to each other.
>"Perekhne, Lair, perekhne--"
Lair must have been the panicking one's name, and I'm guessing the other one was saying he's not a kereshkamen, but a Perekhne. He asked what Lair was, and Lair once more tried to answer Kereshkamen, but got hit for it, and called out that he was a Perekhne instead.
No. 616268 ID: db83ac

Ask them if they're @#$%ing. Seriously, is this some kind of mating ritual? Explain that you won't tell, since from your point of view this is just plain weird.
No. 616277 ID: 2ec61a

just walk past them. fighting in front of guests is probably bad.
No. 616430 ID: 189a54
File 141985602476.png - (33.13KB , 700x500 , Arrow 22.png )

"Let's just get past..."

"Perekhne! Perekhne!"

"Kyoo ehekun mekhael pokre kereshmehen, kyoo--"




"Um...uh, you doing some mating thing, or--"

"Nekesh herekhe!"


"Shut up, dude!"
No. 616431 ID: 189a54
File 141985611769.png - (18.71KB , 700x500 , Arrow 23.png )



No. 616432 ID: 01f35a

It would be a good idea to let a pro handle this, so be quiet.
No. 616433 ID: 189a54
File 141985706011.png - (72.08KB , 700x500 , Arrow 24.png )

"What was that about?! I was just trying to--"

"You fuckin'--! Look, with bugs you either step in or you shut up, tossing in shit like that's--I dunno, you just don't do it, alright?"

"Okay, okay. But what was that even about? The one was calling himself a 'perekhne' instead of a fighter or something?"

"Perekhne's a form of apology between kamen. It's serious shit, it should've been enough for the big guy but it wasn't...I'd guess--nope, we're not starting this again. I don't guess shit!"

"Come on, Command says forget about the war while we're in here. If you got more--"

"Fuck 'command,' I know you too good, man! I tell you more shit and for all 'command''s orders you'd end up spilling to someone when we get out. I know as much as you, that's it!"


"This is where we step off, come on."
No. 616434 ID: 189a54
File 141985783417.png - (76.64KB , 700x500 , Arrow 25.png )

"I was right, gun floor. After this should be--"

"Augh, heghllo! My soughl is clearghed by yourgh presegnse."


"Kyoo aghre nogt a geresh, was cgruel to speagk."

"Oh, that...gelehe, kereshkamen."

"Ehhee, gelegolgu, gelegol! Kyoo flattergh me! Bigh wan, smaughll wan, whagt kyoo neeghd, I wagnt helghp kyoo."
No. 616435 ID: 01f35a

Well this one wants to help so there's that.
No. 616475 ID: db83ac

Is she FLIRTING with you?!

Look, just ask for some weapons upgrades. Make sure you figure out how they work, so that the bugs don't install a killswitch or something.
No. 616478 ID: 2ec61a

you wanna check the gunship.
No. 616479 ID: ea0ad9

>I tell you more shit and for all 'command''s orders you'd end up spilling to someone when we get out. I know as much as you, that's it!
You serve Command Four and we aren't them... For all we know, that may just happen.
For all our suspicions and willingness to defend, it's up to Command Four what to do, so perhaps a good thing he keeps quiet.
>"Augh, heghllo! My soughl is clearghed by yourgh presegnse."
"Ah, hello! My soul is cleared by your presence."
I, uh. That's different than warming the heart.
>"Kyoo aghre nogt a geresh, was cgruel to speagk."
"You are not a Geresh, was cruel to speak." I assume Geresh is the engineer community, perhaps "Soul is cleared" is their version of "Heart is warmed." You could ask about that, but after that previous mishap--
>gelegolgu, gelegol!
I assume this is "Potato, potahto!" or something along those lines. Probably means what it sounds close to is what it is, between the Geresh and the Kereshkamen. I suppose it should be safe to--
>Kyoo flattergh me! Bigh wan, smaughll wan, whagt kyoo neeghd, I wagnt helghp kyoo.
Unless of course he translated it for you. "You flatter me."
"Big one, small one, what do you need; I would like to help you."
No. 616482 ID: ea0ad9

>Is she FLIRTING with you?!
...Sir, you have the strangest thoughts. We don't even get a clear enough image to tell much specifics, nor a clear enough audio to get much difference on voices. We do not know how to tell their genders apart, nor do we care; nor does anything they say sound like a flirt. "My soul is cleared of its troubles to be visited by another... Oh, did not realize you were kereshkamen! I am flattered you would come to this Geresh's company!"
No. 616496 ID: 189a54
File 141988658937.png - (85.68KB , 700x500 , Arrow 26.png )

"We'd just like to check the gunship."

"Augh, yeh! Kyoo wigll like, I keegp it googd whegn nnogt flying. "

"Are you good at improving weapons, too?"

"Augh no, Yakovmehen doegs gugns."

"It's fine, our shit's not too bad."

"Wegll, if kyoo neegd a thigng, I agm hegre."

"Thanks. Kyoo ehe kereshkamen."

"Ehheeeee, staughp it, kyoo!"

No. 616500 ID: 189a54
File 141988731584.png - (67.67KB , 700x500 , Arrow 27.png )

"Well, he's nice."

"Uuuuugh, not nice at all...I have a feeling he thinks he owes me something for calling me a geresh earlier."

"Eh, at least--"



"What was that?!"

"Berkhes fakrhe! Kereshkamen, val, val!!"


"Shots fired outside, man, he wants the fighters to scramble!"

"Command, should we assist? Please advise!"

"We got to! I swear, if 'command' doesn't want you to I'm making some orders of my own..."

No. 616502 ID: 01f35a

What do you think. HELP, they decided to help you so now it's time to return the favor.
No. 616506 ID: 2ec61a

also, if this station blows up you're dead too.
No. 616568 ID: 189a54
File 141989875245.png - (114.76KB , 700x500 , Arrow 28.png )

"Command says go!"

"Like 'they' fuckin' should!"



"Quick, before another hits!"
No. 616574 ID: 189a54
File 141989950237.png - (103.39KB , 700x500 , Arrow 29.png )

"Fuckin'--! The fuck is this, where did these guys come from?"

"Looks like the bugs made it up alright.

"Good, we need everything we got for whatever did--is that a fuckin' Diamante's Finger?!"

"Command, we've got four visible fighters and a Diamante's Finger coming after us!"

"*Ksshk* Khyumen kereshkamen, uks kome wikth kyoo. How uks attack?"

"I'm here, too! This ship's shields can take love taps like that just fine. Our batteries can shoot where you need them to!"

No. 616579 ID: db83ac

Try to open a communication channel and negotiate, but expect a fight!

Fighters, flank the enemy and shoot the engines, but concentrate on suppressing enemy fire and eliminating enemy fighters! Gunship, fire at the enemy warship and concentrate on eliminating enemy weapons systems!

If the enemy warship's engines are down, fighters will return to escort the gunship, which will then flank the enemy warship. Pelt that sucker with a constant barrage until they surrender or die!
No. 616580 ID: 2ec61a

anyone got torpedos? need something that can ignore shields and do a lot of damage. is a role bombers are perfect in.
No. 616676 ID: ea0ad9

>How uks attack?
Whoever said that the bugs must have had humans helping them with their tactics must have been right. They're falling to you to help them out of this.
No. 616708 ID: 01f35a

Okay, first off the engines, this will stop it from moving or turning to point the weapons. Second the weapons for obvious reasons. Third get rid of the fighters, that will be wonderful. Fourth blow it up and make sure no survivors.
No. 616750 ID: 189a54
File 141993172161.png - (37.82KB , 700x500 , Arrow 30.png )

"Switching to public for a sec, I'll try to--"


"They got static up, no chance of talking then.... Raise altitude and form up, we'll go for the engines. Does anyone have torpedoes, or anything that can get through the shields?"

"I hagve fougr breagkers!"

"We get solid hits with those things and even this big fucker's engines will burst easy."

"Gunship, keep pounding this thing, concentrate on breaking through to their weapons!"

"Of course!"

"Their fighters are coming up dude, we'll need someone keeping them off whoever goes for the engines! Who do you want intercepting them?"

No. 616751 ID: 01f35a

You and your pal should hold them off and let the bugs hammer the ship.
No. 616752 ID: f461c5

Whoever has the missiles go with a blue wingman to hit the ship, the other blue fighter should engage the incoming fighters with the other two greens.
No. 616761 ID: 189a54
File 141994604712.png - (83.24KB , 700x500 , Arrow 32 PA 30.png )

"Mac, you and me could take them, right?"

"Your ship's got a couple busters in them, you should keep for the engines. Leave it to me and the bugs man, go on with breaker bug here!"

"Alright then, keep them busy!"

"Kereshkamen, ekye-val!"

No. 616762 ID: 189a54
File 141994622199.png - (143.48KB , 700x500 , Arrow 31.png )

"Alright, let's--geeze!"

"Augh, aighr defegnse! Howgh we ghet thgrough?!"
No. 616764 ID: 01f35a

Fire a missile or something to let the turrets go for it, and you go for a strafing run and destroy them.
No. 616846 ID: 189a54
File 141997424201.png - (77.27KB , 700x500 , Arrow 33.png )

"I'm firing my distractor, we'll go in while the fire's off!"

"Ekye-val, khyumen!"
No. 616847 ID: 189a54
File 141997439214.png - (105.44KB , 700x500 , Arrow 34.png )

"They're back already--! Busters away!"

No. 616850 ID: 189a54
File 141997483746.png - (67.58KB , 700x500 , Arrow 35.png )

"You alright?"

"Yeh, yeh...oughnly ligttle higt."

"My shots hurt the turrets, but the engines are still intact. Your turn!"

"Yeh, breagkers awaygh--huh?"

"What is it?"

"Augh no...weng dagmage hurgt weagpons sygstegms!"

"How can we destroy the engines without the breakers? Our main cannons alone can't cause nearly enough damage to them!"

No. 616854 ID: 01f35a

If you can't directly destroy an engine then find a secondary way, like setting it on fire or go straight for the "cockpit".
No. 616855 ID: 2ec61a

tell em to set their ship on a suicide burn with weapons hot and eject, you'll scoop em up.
No. 616881 ID: db83ac


Can you land next to the engines and overload or short-circuit an engine? If not, fire anything you got at that thing!

You think that red tube might do something?!
No. 617070 ID: 189a54
File 142006113772.png - (92.15KB , 700x500 , Arrow 36.png )

"The problem with Diamante's Fingers, sirs, there isn't a secondary way! Argh, just hit it with whatever we have!"


"I think this place works a bit like space, having him jump out may not work too well--"

"Waight, wat?"

"What, the tube? It's just a hunk of Plate, we left that back where we found it!"

"*kssssshhhh*lp me! F*kssshh* get these guys off me or I'm--the fuck are you guys doing back here, the engines aren't done yet?! Since you're not doing jack-shit back here could you get these two off my tail for me?"
No. 617072 ID: 01f35a

Help him out, I guess that the objective with the engines has been postponed.
No. 617085 ID: 189a54
File 142006375250.png - (40.98KB , 700x500 , Arrow 37.png )

"Don't worry, we got you--whoa."

"You feel it too, yeah? No games man, smoke them while you got the jump!"
No. 617087 ID: 189a54
File 142006425880.png - (56.70KB , 700x500 , Arrow 38.png )


"Got this one, too. They were tough, huh?"

"You're fuckin' crazy but you still got good feel, man. Aces, all four of them, it was hell trying to fight them head-on like that."

"Looks like the other bugs're cleaning the last one up now."

"Now if only the fuckin' engines were down like they were supposed to be!"

"The bug got hit by some turret fire going in, his weapons malfunctioned."

"Perekhne, I'm faiglugre..."

"Not your fault, kereshkamen. But now how're we supposed to--?"

"What is it?"

"What is Yakovmehen doing?"

No. 617088 ID: 189a54
File 142006454967.png - (88.50KB , 700x500 , Arrow 39.png )

"Nogt syure, higs shieglds agre dowgn. Whagt is...?"

"He's not really--!! Quick, climb!"
No. 617091 ID: 189a54
File 142006532570.png - (77.03KB , 700x500 , Arrow 40.png )


"Maniac fired his shield at the ship! He could've blown that Flying Hourglass apart trying that, not to mention he almost fuckin' vaporized us!"

"Incoming audio on one of the open channels, patching it through to command--"

"God, everyone in this place is insane!"

"*ksshk* For the condemned our final words hold no length. We've discussed and our words are as such. 'Well played. Now end us.' Respond."
No. 617095 ID: 01f35a

No. 617125 ID: 2ec61a

"how do we leave the void?"
No. 617135 ID: ea0ad9

If their terms of surrender are "Noble death," then simply ask them how they want to go.
No. 617306 ID: 189a54
File 142015033887.png - (59.67KB , 700x500 , Arrow 41.png )

"How do you want to go?"

"Quickly. Decisively. Respond."

"We can do that. But first, how do we leave this void?"

"For the condemned, there is no way out. For the hunters, there is the Door. Respond."

"And where is that?"

"For the condemned? Through the fingers of death. End."

"So I'm guessing you won't want to explain just what the fuck that even means, or anything--"


"Wonderful. God, there's not a sane person in this place!"

"Alright. If that's all, then..."
No. 617307 ID: 189a54
File 142015056359.png - (104.96KB , 700x500 , Arrow 42.png )


"Hang on, what is this?"
No. 617309 ID: 189a54
File 142015070439.png - (121.04KB , 700x500 , Arrow 43.png )

"This blast is too large, everyone eva*KSHHHHHH*"

Command, what's--
No. 617310 ID: 01f35a

We'll see you in the other side.
No. 617311 ID: 189a54
File 142015101543.png - (43.21KB , 700x500 , Arrow 44.png )

"Are you alright out there?! Kereshkamen, rekte!"


"Gelene, gelegehe gelene..."

"Oh fuck, my eyes! It's all white dude, I'm fuckin' blind!!"

"Kekren, kehke-ke ereh?!"

"Er, Command? What exactly's happened? Please advise?"
No. 617312 ID: 01f35a

Hmmmm maybe the explosion caused a hole in the area and that is a reversed universe, like a mirror universe where everything has been switched. The humans switched roles with the bugs and vica versa.
No. 617316 ID: fef726

Oh I get it. The only way out is to battle something, be a 'Hunter', Being hunted is losing, winning opens a 'door.' Which is that explosion. You escape by killing basically. My guess is someone is playing a game with you.

Most likely there are several of these places and that is going to have to happen again. You made the right choice by allying yourselves with the bugs. You have more firepower together and can hunt more successfully.
No. 617326 ID: 2ec61a

this is probably level 2.
No. 617331 ID: 90504c

You've still got the note, right? Maybe the bugs can translate it?

It might actually be the 'rules' of this game. The pin could actually be some sort of 'participation' thing. I don't think it's too likely though. Might be a 'seal' denoting who sent the message.

Also judging by mysterious words person, you're one of the 'condemned'. Or that they thought you were. Or that they were. In any case it was stupidly vague.
No. 617373 ID: db83ac

Status report from all ships, NOW!
No. 617682 ID: 189a54
File 142029685709.png - (111.51KB , 700x500 , Arrow 45.png )

"Status report from all ships, now!"

"The Hourglass didn't take much damage, everything looks alright."

"My eyes are on fire but my ship's fine...."

"My heagvy weagpons agre stigll brogken."

"Uks akre okay, yeks?"

"Huh? Yeks, yeks..."

"Command's come up with their best analysis, and they're thinking that someone's playing a game with us."

"I'm not quite sure who 'command' is, but they're correct. Bah, I should've guessed when I saw that pin!"

"We found a note with the pin. Mac can send an image, maybe you can translate?"

"I doubt I have to see it to know what it says. It's in a jumble of languages, yes?"

"I guess? I dunno what any of it says."

"'Beware: Your crimes are recorded. You fly our fields alone. If you are reading this, you are condemned. We are the hunters and your lives are our game. You will never see the Door.' That's what it reads, I'm certain of it. We're in the void of the Phoenix Fleet, kereshkamen."

"Darn, I was hoping it might be the rules to whatever this is."

"There's no written rules, but I'm well aware of how this works. The Phoenix Fleet is spread through multiple...'layers' of this void, I'd guess would be the way to describe it."

"So this is like level two?"

"Er, yes, something like that. Each 'level' holds a stronger presence of the Fleet than the last, leading to the Door, their flagship. The only way to proceed, as we just experienced, is to destroy the Fleet's main ship in the level, which will open a gate to the next one. To escape this, we'll have to somehow manage to destroy the entire Phoenix Fleet, level by level."

"We're a gunship and four fighters following a lunatic, how the fuck can we do that--"


"We can't, by ourselves. If we're to reach the Door, we'll have to locate and ally ourselves with as many others of the condemned to have gotten to each level before the Phoenix Fleet's ships find and destroy them."

"And how're we gonna do that? If this is like the last place, it's enormous. It took months just to bump into you!"

"It will be a time sink, I'll admit, but setting up some sort of patrolling system and simply searching for as long as necessary is the only way we'll have a chance of getting out of here. Perhaps your Command has some ideas of how to proceed?"

"I'll ask them. What do you think, sirs, orders on what to do from here?"
No. 617687 ID: 2ec61a

pyramid to cylinder. each small fighter points in one of five directions, as far apart from the others as you can, and move away from the station while moving in an overly dramatic barrel roll that is several hundred meters wide.
No. 617689 ID: c6d84f

Idea send some sort of long range message out in all frequencies in human, bug, or any race language.
No. 617697 ID: d3be40

Try to figure out the topology of this layer of the void. Do some experiments and figure out how space works here.

Use your computers to draw a multi-dimensional simulation of the void, and then calculate the statistically best method of finding other ships, as well as communication pings and escape routes.

If the layer is in realspace (normal), just use a normal searching heuristic.
No. 617711 ID: ea0ad9

...Did you forget that we don't possess long range radios? Except for the one geared to talk only to Command 4, that is.
No. 617927 ID: 189a54
File 142040270829.png - (86.52KB , 700x500 , Arrow 46.png )

"How about a long range--oh wait, our long-range radio still doesn't work...Yakov, can you use your ship's computers to find out more about this layer of the void? Maybe run some simulations or something?"

"I'm sorry, but our Hourglass doesn't have anything capable of doing that. Our higher-ups had those sorts of computers taken out for more guns."

"Darn. Looks like there's nothing to it but spreading out, then.... Everyone pick a different direction, I guess, we'll just have to each search until we find something. Keep rolling wide, try to cover as much area as possible."

"Oh, boy, more flying in a strai*kshhh* wonder how l*ksshhhh* time, fou*kssshhhhhhh*"
No. 617932 ID: 189a54
File 142040327646.png - (126.81KB , 700x500 , Arrow 47.png )

"Looks like it's just you and me for a bit, sirs.

"Uff, maybe I should've suggested we rested for a bit before we took off again. That fight drained me a little more than I'd thought...I'm fine though, there'll be plenty of time to sleep when we're out of this mess. But how long will it take, you think? It was months before that action happened, do you think the other layers are larger than the previous ones or smaller?

"My apologies, sirs, I'm just rambling some. I think I'm a little more tired than I'm letting myself

No. 617939 ID: 189a54
File 142040369228.png - (83.21KB , 700x500 , Arrow 48.png )

"*kssshhhhh*, pilot! Wh*ksshhhh*d what is your detachment? Respond, dammit!"

"Waugh!!! What? Huh?"

"Asleep on the fly, were you? Damned amateurs.... For the fifth time,pilot, I'll require your name and your detachment. Be quick about it, boy, this is Coalition-infested space and we're trying to be out of here as soon as possible!"
No. 617949 ID: 2ec61a

tell him your info, but not about us. they probably wont believe that you could contact us when their larger more powerful systems couldn't. careful not to lose your bearings, you have been flying straight since you slept so a perfect 180 should take us back.

also, "negative on the coalition infestation, they did not come here willingly, this is Phoenix Fleet territory."
No. 618002 ID: ea0ad9

Could be they're calling Phoenix Fleet the Coalition. Tell them your name and rank, and the task you're on, Hafner.
No. 618380 ID: 189a54
File 142050676663.png - (143.34KB , 700x500 , Arrow 49.png )

"This is flight leader Hafner of Flight Two-Three, 'Devil Dogs,' sir!"

"You speak to Commander Ornel of Rifles 3. You've an awful dated name and an awful dated rank, pilot. What detachment is your flight with?"

"Combat Fleet A, sir, from Home!"

"Ah, that makes more sense, then. But I thought the legacy fleets were all still stationed near Home? How have you gotten out here, pilot?"

"I'm not entirely sure how we entered this place, sir. Me and Mac, we've been stuck in the first layer of this place for months. We only got here with the help of some bugs, you see, and we were trying to get out together. If the bugs're this Coalition you're talking about, they're actually in the same place as us, you know--this is Phoenix Fleet territory, not theirs."

"I, ah......I see."

"I was flying this way as a scout for them, actually; in fact, if I could turn around and tell my friends, we could link up and--"

"Flight leader Hafner, would you care to land aboard the Cannonade?"

"If I could have a bit sir, just to head back and tell--"

"I insist, pilot."

"Oh. Oh.... Command, what do I--!"


"Er, just a moment, sir...."
No. 618386 ID: 2ec61a

flee, they seem to hate bugs. they are gonna want to interrogate you.
No. 618392 ID: f5c3f5

Hrrrm...Let's do it.
I'm reading these guys as having four large ships and one mega-carrier in the center, and you're only a dinky fighter.
Thus, even if it comes down to chosing between these guys and the bugs, these guys win in terms of firepower and might.
No. 618404 ID: 90504c

They might be wanting to interrogate you for using OUTDATED information. Or at least outdated to them. If someone can mess with space, surely they can mess with time.

In any case, you're way outnumbered and outgunned. Especially since you're alone now.

I guess you could ask about who is the coalition before you land. To get better knowledge of what's going on.

Hold on, just thought of something. How believable would it be if you claim that the date on your ship computers went on the fritz at some point? And use that as an excuse to ask what the date is. Specifically the year, as well. Add in the long distance radio being broken, and you might be able to get what year these people think it is.

And if it's way off...
No. 618415 ID: d3be40

Like before, add them to your squad but don't trust them any farther than you can throw them.

You still need a larger army, so request that you keep searching for the end. Explain your goals and how obtaining the largest army (and honor-bound meatshields, to keep them entertained at the idea of bug front-soldiers in a human army) is vital to victory against these tournament-obsessed psychopath bosses.
No. 618543 ID: 189a54
File 142058634799.png - (137.14KB , 700x500 , Arrow 50.png )

"Uh, before I land...I think my ship's calendar is on the fritz--"

"Classic. This unit supposes your long range radio is shot too, yes? Maybe your map chips, as well?"

"Map chips? I don't--"


"Wait, wait--!"

"You Coalition bastards are getting dumber and dumber. Hero, burn him."

"With pleasure."

"Hang on a second! What is--"


"Command, I--!!"
No. 618544 ID: 189a54
File 142058638951.png - (141.22KB , 800x600 , Arrow 51.png )

No. 618550 ID: 90504c

You okay there?
No. 618572 ID: 2ec61a

god dammit, this is why i said run, i knew they would be enormous assholes. no matter what you try to run from assholes, cause all you will get by trying to work with them is a knife in the back.
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