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File 141741336081.png - (2.66KB , 600x480 , rollback3.png )
607262 No. 607262 ID: defceb

Expand all images
No. 607263 ID: defceb
File 141741337658.png - (4.37KB , 600x480 , Messages1.png )

You have three new messages.
No. 607266 ID: 9ddf68

damage report
No. 607269 ID: 2ec61a

open warning.
No. 607273 ID: f461c5

the damage report first, then the warning. No use punching a threat with arms we dont have.

We can see how many eternities we have been asleep later.
No. 607274 ID: 4c5cf2

Open all three, in order.

Dangit, we didn't even bring any cool eyepatches.
No. 607289 ID: fef726

Warning is probably low coolant. Damage report is more serious. So that first.
No. 607367 ID: 53f127

Warning first. It might be urgent.
No. 607528 ID: defceb
File 141746625251.png - (5.88KB , 600x480 , Messages2.png )

No. 607529 ID: defceb
File 141746627241.png - (14.26KB , 600x480 , Messages3.png )

>Damage Report
No. 607532 ID: 2ec61a

wait on that. we kinda have things to do.
No. 607545 ID: e878df

it might be a security fix. that static shit is annoying.
No. 607547 ID: 9ddf68

ignore upgrade, check final message, pray you're getting fixed, curse your rotten luck.
No. 607549 ID: bc450e

>install update
I mean might as well, we're pretty busted right now
No. 607556 ID: 07a835

So long as you're off the grid an update probably won't be malware.

...that text on the left is probably decipherable...
No. 607561 ID: defceb
File 141747119866.png - (2.50KB , 600x480 , Messages4.png )

No. 607562 ID: defceb
File 141747120652.png - (4.56KB , 840x600 , Messages5.png )

No. 607563 ID: defceb
File 141747123398.png - (3.33KB , 840x600 , Messages6.png )

>Sleep Timer

You are now out of messages.
No. 607564 ID: 07a835

Check those contacts and profiles. Might have to wake up first.
No. 607566 ID: 9ddf68

wake up?
No. 607580 ID: 53f127

our optic blasters had better have been in that last update.
No. 607690 ID: 4c5cf2

3 Days? Damn, they got us good.

Do we have any old messages we could check? Or what about the non-messages part of the UI?
No. 607699 ID: defceb
File 141750805730.png - (53.79KB , 840x600 , Mars01.png )

>Wake up
No. 607701 ID: 07a835

Ok, what? This isn't where you used to be. Check inventory. Also, see if you can check your GPS logs or whatever records of your movement you have. See how you got here.
No. 607703 ID: 01745f

Goodness, only 30ish years since your first cyborg body and Mars is already looking pretty terraformed, with an atmosphere supporting clouds and everything.
So how are things on the (now somewhat less) red plains of yesteryear?
No. 607714 ID: defceb
File 141751259915.png - (54.03KB , 840x600 , Mars02.png )

You... actually remember this view! It was quite some time ago, but seems just as real now. Unfortunately, you don't quite recall what you did the rest of this day.

Back then it was certainly pretty! But hardly a healthy atmosphere. You were afforded the luxury of surviving because you no longer needed to concern yourself with things like 'oxygen' for 'breathing' or 'dangerous radiation'. If an organic were to look at the sky and say 'seems right' before taking their helmet off? At least the dirt is loose.

>Optic blasters?
Hmm, doesn't look like you have any right now.

>Older messages
You search, but can't seem to find any available.

>Inventory check
You are currently wearing the cloak you found before. Looking at it now it's really obvious how worn it is. You search your pockets and find a set of keys, a cellphone (useless outside earth satellites), and a pocket knife.

>Contacts and profiles
You're about to pull open your contact list when two new messages pop up.

The first is from Roderick, probably in regards to some new invention of his. It'll be something great, but at the same time it's always followed by discovering what he 'borrowed' to make it.

The second is from Haley. Formal, too. She still doesn't seem to get the concept of 'casual communication'. A few days ago she had spotted something floating around one of the moons and said she'd contact you after she was done looking into them. Apparently, she wants you to come over.

The two are rather far apart, you will only be able to visit one of them tonight. Which will you choose?
No. 607715 ID: d5e4f8

Haley's 'moon' thing might not be there much longer, while Roderick's invention will keep for another day...if it doesn't blow up. And if it DOES blow up, all the better to not be there to see it.
No. 607758 ID: 4c5cf2

Let's go see Haley's space mystery.

Send your regrets to Roderick, and that you'll have to stop by later to see what he's come up with this time. No need to leave a friend hanging, after all.
No. 607770 ID: e878df

> A few days ago she had spotted
how in all fucks do you know that? you've been asleep for almost 4 days.
No. 607774 ID: d16e4e

It's a memory. A few days before she lived this moment Haley had told her about spotting the thing.
No. 607775 ID: 9ddf68

Haley thing sounds interesting, let's start there.
No. 607785 ID: defceb
File 141754193954.png - (55.31KB , 840x600 , Mars03.png )

>Go to Haley, leave Roderick a message.
That just leaves one more question. How do I get there? Besides walking, that would take all night.
No. 607789 ID: 4c5cf2

Well, this is a memory. We could just skip ahead.

*Cough*. I mean, what other options do you have besides walking? Running? Do you have a vehicle hidden somewhere around here? Do you secretly have wheels or wings built into that body?
No. 607813 ID: defceb
File 141754731746.png - (53.89KB , 840x600 , Mars04.png )

You have some keys on you, so it would make sense if you had some sort of vehicle parked around here. The details escape you though, what was it you rode?
No. 607815 ID: 4c5cf2

Martian dirt bike. There aren't any roads, after all.
No. 607817 ID: 9ddf68

an all terrain motorbike of course, something small, easy to fix, and build to take you anywhere quickly.
No. 607886 ID: 687279

No. 607898 ID: 2f4b71
File 141755897563.jpg - (59.40KB , 600x418 , escapeTheMoon02.jpg )

Either a very large-winged powered glider - something like an enormous inflatable hanglider delta wing with a little electric arc-jet (props don't do too well in the thin Martian atmosphere), or forgo aerodynamic lift entirely with a little one/two man runabout (see image).
No. 607901 ID: 53f127

A futuristic motorbike with spherical wheels!
No. 608105 ID: bdd703

>powered hanglider
Aircraft (including hovercraft) don't do well on Mars.
The air is too thin for lift, and the wind too strong for control.

The most pragmatic vehicle would be a small electric buggy with large soft tires. Small enough to be looked after by one person, plenty of traction in the sand despite the low gravity, enclosed enough to protect from the wind, and with enough batteries to have a decent range.

...Though a large tyred electric motorcycle would also work fine.
No. 608111 ID: 0cd359

if compact fusion reactors are available, have a fusion-powered two-seater in the vein of >>607898. maybe with a bubble shaped capsule of micrometeorite shielding for excursions beyond the atmosphere.
No. 608385 ID: 2f4b71

If Marie's body is rad-hardened (she's OK on the surface of Mars, so maybe), then even a small fission reactor might work (think SAFE-400) as a nuclear-thermal engine.
No. 608471 ID: 01745f

>The air is too thin for lift, and the wind too strong for control.
Was too thin. The terraforming isn't finished enough for meat-human breathing, but there is still a thick and stable enough for earth style clouds.
No. 608516 ID: 8f01e8

Hamsterball. When parked, it looks like a folded-up beach chair inside a plastic bag, because that's almost exactly what it is. Not very fast, and no amenities, but the only possible way for it to be immobilized by bad terrain and require rescue is if it's completely buried in an avalanche, driven into an erupting volcano, or comparable acts of God.
No. 608631 ID: defceb
File 141768561289.png - (80.26KB , 840x600 , Mars05.png )

You took the practical route of riding your motorbike. On a whim, you make a note to take one of your flying machines out for a spin tomorrow.
No. 608632 ID: defceb
File 141768564588.png - (81.31KB , 840x600 , Mars06.png )

That must be what Haley wanted to talk to you about.
No. 608637 ID: 256d52

Do your eyes come with a zoom function?

Why do you even need a helmet anyway? Is your robot head fragile?
No. 608639 ID: 9ddf68

oh, that x doesn't look good. Check in with Haley to get more details.
No. 608642 ID: bdd703

>Is your robot head fragile?
Everything is fragile when you're on a motorbike.

>oh, that x doesn't look good.
I think it's a predicted disintegration.
No. 608668 ID: 4c5cf2

There was someone on the ridge to your left, but they disappeared from your field of view as the meteor broke up.

None of those trajectories look like they pose a direct risk to you, although one looks on course for those stacks over there. Is that what the red X stands for on your hud?
No. 608743 ID: 687279

Head towards the landing site of the middle one.
No. 609043 ID: defceb
File 141776679169.png - (27.43KB , 840x600 , Mars07.png )

Safety first, especially in space.

All the meteors are quite some distance from the smokestacks. They should be fine.

You continue to meet up with Haley.
No. 609045 ID: defceb
File 141776722733.png - (45.41KB , 840x600 , Mars08.png )

She turns at the sound of your approach.

"Thank you for showing up." She says as she uncorks some wine. "Do you still drink? I know several others choose not to now, since we don't need it. But I spent a lot of money making working taste buds and I'm not about to waste them."

She used to be rather demure before the uplift procedure. But ever since it's like something awoke within her. Something youthful, energetic, and predatory. At times she still acts how she was before, quiet and contemplative. But even then you can see it lurking in the corners of her eyes. She's not the same woman she was, and probably never will be.

She offers you a glass. "We have something important to discuss."
No. 609046 ID: 9ddf68

if she's offering drinks it would be rude to turn her down.

>We have something important to discuss
lay it on me.
No. 609048 ID: 687279

Sure do, toots.
No. 609064 ID: 53f127

She's breaking up with you! Dump her first so you come out on top.
No. 609065 ID: defceb

[It's 2am and now my gf is mad 'cause I woke her up from laughing. I hope you're proud.]
No. 609096 ID: 4c5cf2

Weird how different her tone is in person versus in writing.

>Do you still drink?
Yes, and thank you. I didn't make that choice so I could give things up. The opposite, really.

>She's not the same woman she was, and probably never will be.
What about you?
No. 609232 ID: defceb
File 141783300806.png - (51.59KB , 840x600 , Mars09.png )

>Yes, and thank you. I didn't make that choice so I could give things up. The opposite, really.

She hands you a glass. “Yes… choice.” She takes a sip and savors it, contemplating her next words.

“I don’t know what wisdom guides you, but you have a habit of making the right choices. Before we left for Mars I told you that no child can remain in the crib forever. This is true for all things, be it a home, our bodies, or even our planet. It seems the organics on Earth have finally decided it is time for them to leave home. Our friends up there are the first colony ship coming to Mars. In our land, too.”

“They know we’re here, of course. But this leaves us at a difficult decision. We could very easily travel over there and greet these organics with open arms, welcoming them to our homes. Others would follow, seeing a new place to make their home. They will no doubt choose a piece of land of their own, borders will be drawn, and this world will become split up in nations like Earth. If we’re lucky, they might even stay away from us.

“But… that is assuming they come with good intentions.”
No. 609233 ID: defceb
File 141783312426.png - (49.07KB , 840x600 , Mars10.png )

“Did you know their communications is poorly secured? I've been listening in for a while now. They've come up with quite a few colorful slurs for us since we left Earth. Oh, I thought calling us prosthetics was funny for a while. And then Terminators. I even was labelled Frankenstein once. Do you know what we’re called now? Silics. They are quick to forget we were once flesh and blood like them.”

“Not that I’m surprised, public opinion was against us from early on. Quite a few people lined their pockets by rallying against our kind. Then the riots came. The day those ‘protesters’ raided our facility is still etched clearly in to my mind. Fire, guns, it was a real shitshow. Ah, but you were there. Shot 12 times in the chest. You were lucky they didn't know how to tell the difference between you sleeping and you being dead. But my body…”
No. 609236 ID: defceb
File 141783317021.png - (30.68KB , 840x600 , Mars11.png )

“...I was never able to bury it. I don’t even know where it went. They probably threw it off a cliff when they were done beating it. Not that I was home, of course. They were an hour too late to catch my mind.”

“So we have other options. We could also saunter over there and tell them this is OUR home. That we don’t welcome them here. We could even get violent, if we wish. Their economy is barely able to send colony ships here, but waging war? Impossible. I won’t lie, I’ll even enjoy the chance. Not that it’d have to get violent.”

“These are just suggestions, of course. I’ll side with whatever you decide is best. So, please take your time to mull this over, what do we do?”
No. 609238 ID: 687279

Those are colony ships? They're pretty shitty if they can't even reliably enter atmosphere.

Anyway, she's thinking in the long term and that's good, but we need to think in the short term right now. Find out if they have good intentions. Find out why they're here without contacting us first for permission to land. If they're making a land grab then we will... dissuade them from that route. If they truly wish to live among the uplifted, then they will have to live under our laws. This is our land, they are immigrants. That is not to say they will be second-class citizens. Their minds are human, same as us, and they deserve the same rights. I expect employment will be an issue however.
No. 609239 ID: 88960e

Pause, stop, shake your head.

...If they're children leaving the cradle, it's probably not right for us to shove them back in. Even if we can. Even if they were too stupid or ignorant or afraid to take the way out we did.

The ones on the ship, that has to be a one-way trip for them. You said their coms weren't secure, what are they saying?
No. 609341 ID: 9ddf68

she brings up some good points but I don't think a fight should be our first action. I mean if you just rush out there and strike just because you don't like them since they're different then you it kinda puts you in the same boat as those assholes that attacked you so long ago. At the same time though people can be assholes so to just ignore them might hurt you later. I say for now just keep an eye on them, maybe let them know you guys are out here but try to keep interactions with them spares at first until you can gauge there attitude. If they prove to be reasonable maybe start interacting more, if they prove to be like those that drove you off earth in the first place... well you were here first and if you can't share then I think it's only fair that they be the ones to leave. Just remember while people can be dicks they can also be decent folk just trying to make a living and if it should prove that you can't coexist let it be on there hands not yours. Just keep an eye on them for now, we can figure out the rest as it comes.
No. 609346 ID: 01745f

How many of us are there? If there are a few dozen of us in space-homesteads then we will probably not be able to do much more than claim some chunk of territory as our own, but if our numbers are a sizable fraction or more of theirs and we have some infrastructure than I like the >>609238 approach.

If they are heading towards areas we have settled than they either intent a diplomatic approach or are massively incompetent (or both I suppose). We can find that out by communicating with them before they land while listening to their comms chatter among themselves.

(Also, what is the proper term for us metal people?)
No. 609348 ID: 4c5cf2

Would a hand on her shoulder or a hug be appropriate, here? I dunno how close you two are, but she's pretty clearly in pain now. And you went through some of the same dark stuff.
No. 609381 ID: 8f01e8

Tell them, on their own internal comms, that they're being allowed to set up a refugee camp at such-and-such coordinates, but not to leave those few square miles. If, after a one-year probationary period, their behavior has been consistent with Martian ethical standards, the possibility of trade agreements and permanent settlement can be discussed.

Violations of these terms will be dealt with harshly, and further use of the term "silic" is NOT consistent with Martian ethical standards.
No. 609396 ID: 9b35bd

Wreck them
No. 609409 ID: 7bb010

[I was initially going to go with uplifted, but now that I'm thinking about it this is a good chance to suggest an offici term.]
No. 609416 ID: 256d52

Welcome them. You're on a whole different planet now. You don't want to be carrying a whole lot of baggage from the old world.

Plus it's a new frontier. Things are going to be very rough for them. They ought to be happy of any help they can get.
No. 609420 ID: 53f127

We should pack up and leave Mars. Go far away to another planet where they'll never find us.
No. 610070 ID: defceb
File 141808225952.png - (53.14KB , 840x600 , Mars12.png )

You taste the wine. It has a deep, rich flavor. The wine is already getting hit by dust.

“...If they’re children leaving the cradle, it’s probably not right for us to shove them back in. Even if we can. Even if they were too stupid or ignorant or afraid to take the way out we did.”

She seems surprised by your words.

“We should welcome them. This is no time to carry our baggage from the old world. Maybe we can co-exist this time. And if we can’t… then it will be on their hands, not ours.”
No. 610071 ID: defceb
File 141808229651.png - (25.74KB , 840x600 , Mars13.png )

She goes quiet for a long time. You step towards her to put a hand on her shoulder, but she steps back.

“...you’re right, I let my bias cloud my judgement. I’m sorry.” She re-corks the wine “You should take care of this, I’m not fit for it. But let’s meet later to finish this wine?”
No. 610072 ID: 53f127

JK actually nuke them.
No. 610073 ID: 53f127

Also, enhance butt.
No. 610075 ID: fef726

Finishing the wine together sounds nice.
No. 610076 ID: 687279


Let's go see why they're here.
No. 610079 ID: 88960e

All right. I'll handle it.

Thank her for the drink, and return the glass. You'll be back to finish the bottle an other day. Then go.

What next? Do we go check out the landing site? Is there anyone else you need to talk to before messing with a first contact situation?
No. 610117 ID: 9ddf68

sure, I'd like that.
No. 610167 ID: defceb
File 141810574927.png - (166.55KB , 840x600 , Mars14.png )

You thank her for the drink, and promise to visit later. She nods and leaves quietly.

You are not left alone.
No. 610172 ID: 687279

"Must you invade my dreams?"
No. 610187 ID: 9ddf68

(sigh) nothing is ever simple is it
No. 610188 ID: 4c5cf2

You're not a memory.

At least, not of Mars.
No. 610209 ID: defceb
File 141811370178.png - (90.95KB , 840x600 , Mars15.png )

>You're not a memory.

"And this dream is over."
No. 610210 ID: defceb
File 141811370667.png - (166.07KB , 840x600 , Mars16.png )

No. 610211 ID: defceb
File 141811373761.png - (15.11KB , 840x600 , Surgery01.png )

You are now in the Operating Room!
No. 610215 ID: 9ddf68

Oh god I think I see parts of you on that table over there, quick, remove the blanket and see what's left of yourself. then maybe see if you can't find that guy you helped since I don't think having only one arm is going to help him in the moving around department.
No. 610216 ID: aa6b85

Inspect self.
No. 610219 ID: defceb
File 141811796816.png - (15.18KB , 840x600 , Surgery02.png )

You don't seem to be missing anything obvious. Besides all of your clothes.

Your current inventory is:
No. 610220 ID: 2ec61a

and? you don't have togglable nipples? just toggle things and look around.
No. 610224 ID: db0182

You've got mail! Check your mail.
No. 610225 ID: bdd703

Checking your email is clearly the top priority in a situation like this.
No. 610231 ID: b73460

welp, congrats. someone saw you naked.
i hope you remembered to instal an anti-groping trap.
No. 610242 ID: 4c5cf2

Well great. Does that mean the thing that attacked you before can spy on your dreams? That it's reading your memories? Less than helpful.

>what do
Check internal chronometer, double checking how long you were out. Check your mail. Run self-diagnostic, since someone untrained just did repairs without a manual.

Check the bureau behind you for clothes, there seems to be some sticking out of it.

There appears to be a handwritten not on the chair over on the right. Might be worth reading. And see what that file is, on the floor.

Idly wonder, if someone (presumably the good doctor) repaired you, why they left you on the floor instead of a table or bed or something.

Do you remember what happened after? Did things work out with the colonists?
No. 610244 ID: fef726

For clothes the dresser you are leaning against is a good bet.

Other things to note: There might be more sueful things on the dresser, I see a folder near your feet, and a note next to the table with your coolant stained clothes.
No. 610253 ID: 9ddf68

then what's that stuff on the table with a bunch of your coolant laying around it. Also check you mail and see if it's something other then spam.
No. 610420 ID: defceb
File 141820044228.png - (43.86KB , 840x600 , Surgery03.png )

>Check messages
>So what happened on Mars?

They were quite friendly to say the least! Turned out it was a small group of settlers spread across several landers. They seemed incredibly relieved to see that there was some help already here once they landed. They kept mostly to themselves in social times, though. But that may have had more to do with them needing to stay inside their homes to breathe freely.
No. 610421 ID: defceb
File 141820048536.png - (26.74KB , 840x600 , Surgery04.png )


Oh my... uh... moving along!
No. 610423 ID: defceb
File 141820058946.png - (30.30KB , 840x600 , PaperDoll01.png )

You check the dresser next to you for clothes. It seems to have all the stuff you picked up from your escape pod stuffed in haphazardly with capped syringes, some tubing, a therapy teddy bear, and a collection of medical warning stickers.

You could put together just about any outfit from here, so what do you wear?
No. 610426 ID: fef726

You are quite the lady killer aren't you? Both memories you've shared with us ended that way.

No idea what you should wear, though it should be something you can fight in. No tight dresses or high heels.
No. 610457 ID: 74b1ed

Well assuming you are going to keep on fighting things with particularly grabby hands maybe something form fitting and a bit thick to provide some protection against stabbing? If there is anything like that.
No. 610458 ID: 0d453b
File 141822515978.png - (36.51KB , 840x725 , Objectively superior.png )


"Just about any" you said?
No. 610460 ID: 8f01e8

Start by inventorying items heavy enough to qualify as protective equipment. Motorcycle helmet, steel-toed boots, kneepads, some kind of rigid plate about the size of your torso, and anything at all made from sturdy aramid fibers. I know knife-resistant gloves are common in foodservice, presumably something similar would be available in a surgical facility?

Someone out there is trying to maim you with sharp bits of metal, and out of two hostile encounters so far, you've taken damage both times, despite decisively winning the first and successfully disengaging from the second. Don't make it so easy for assailant #3.
No. 610470 ID: 4c5cf2

Haha! That's great. And here I was expecting things to go bad and that was part of why Morgan didn't know about it.

Although if there were some kind of strong anti-cyborg movement on earth, or the government wasn't happy with the astronauts / colonists on the ground, I guess it could have ended up covered up anyways?

Apparently you were good enough to get her to crack her formal writing facade. She used an emoticon and everything!

Scaring or damage on your torso, but none on the face. Either their wasn't an exit wound when the spike hit your head, or the good doc did a better patch job on your face.

>how dress
Make yourself into a mummy of medical warning stickers!

Look for a jacket. And pants. And a sweater or something. Although you'll take what you can get, at this point.
No. 610492 ID: 88960e

Hey, you got built-in garters!
No. 610497 ID: 2f4b71

I guess the main priority is some sort of armoured cummerbund. Keep that vulnerable hole protected.
No. 610548 ID: 2a1897
File 141825815532.png - (28.65KB , 840x600 , roboOutfit.png )


also: enhance knockers.
No. 610597 ID: a19cd5
File 141827037261.png - (54.01KB , 840x600 , knockers.png )

No. 610637 ID: defceb
File 141828109347.png - (26.64KB , 840x600 , PaperDoll02.png )

>Something form fitting and tough with a pinch of Overlord

You scavenge up some durable looking clothes and spot a few trinkets as well. Yes/no?
No. 610646 ID: a19cd5

Throw in some sweet shades and it's a Y from me
No. 610647 ID: 687279

By all means yes.
No. 610648 ID: defceb
File 141828459307.png - (2.85KB , 250x200 , SwiggitySwooty.png )

>Equip shades.
No. 610655 ID: a19cd5

No. 610660 ID: 01745f

We wear our sunglasses at space-night.
No. 610661 ID: 0d453b


Her vision is augmented.
No. 610668 ID: 5fa955

Also a hat like Darkwing Duck wears.
No. 610738 ID: defceb
File 141833476020.png - (14.94KB , 840x600 , Surgery05.png )

You take a moment to consider that maybe wearing sunglasses inside would make you look like one of those assholes. Or maybe other people just don't appreciate the importance of FASHION.
No. 610740 ID: 687279

Yeah maybe. Go check out the operating table, what's that brown stuff?
No. 610743 ID: defceb
File 141833584013.png - (14.74KB , 840x600 , Surgery06.png )

>Inspect operating table
>A whole list of backlogged inspects

The operating table appears to just be the cushion left behind. It's been badly scorched and has coolant stains all over it.

On top of the dresser is your emergency cookie supply, the Swiss army knife, the cloak, and the small mirror.

On top of the... chair? thing is a scalpel, and a handwritten note. You also pick up the folder laying on the ground.
No. 610744 ID: 687279

Read the note! It might explain why nobody was here to see you wake up.
No. 610751 ID: defceb
File 141833792777.png - (21.76KB , 840x600 , Surgery07.png )

>Inspect note
The rest of the page devolves into idle doodles.
No. 610752 ID: 3d60ec

don't force me to tell you to read that note, that should be obvious.
it's like telling you to loot the bodies of your slain foes. if you don't remember to loot then you don't deserve the loot.
No. 610754 ID: 687279

Sounds like you're still low on coolant. You'll have to find more. That other blue stain must be the entrance where you were dragged in.

Put the note back, look through the files.
No. 610755 ID: 8f01e8

How's your coolant supply holding up? Any other internal diagnostics available?
No. 610835 ID: defceb
File 141836058963.png - (23.12KB , 840x600 , File1.png )

You seem to be running on fumes at this point. It'd probably be best not to stress your system.

The same info as the Damage Report pops up, without the update request.

>Check the files
Redacted, redacted, redacted. Lot of help this is.
No. 610836 ID: defceb
File 141836064312.png - (22.28KB , 840x600 , File2.png )

You flip to the next page. Well that's odd.
No. 610837 ID: defceb
File 141836072419.png - (23.80KB , 840x600 , File3.png )

No. 610838 ID: defceb
File 141836075190.png - (18.29KB , 840x600 , File4.png )

This is the last page.
No. 610840 ID: 687279

Okay hang on a second. Your diagnostics say that your eye is damaged, but that was apparently not from the thrown spike. Find a mirror and check your eye out.
No. 610841 ID: a19cd5

>Damaged eye
this may be a leftover report for the other guy, not us.
No. 610842 ID: 687279

What? It's our own internal diagnostics, dude. Check it out: >>607529
No. 610847 ID: c9f2af

Kinda funny they hung up the poster you brought along.

Recollect your tools (emergency cookie supply, the Swiss army knife, the cloak, and the small mirror).

Start exploring. If this is where The Doctor was holed up while things went to hell (and where he was sleeping), you can probably safely assume the area isn't very big. Morgan and the Doc should be somewhere nearby.
No. 610878 ID: f461c5

No. 610881 ID: defceb
File 141837706866.png - (13.27KB , 800x600 , mirror01.png )

You add the cookies, Swiss army knife, cloak, and mirror back into your inventory.

>Inspect eye.
You equip the mirror and use it to take a look at yourself.
No. 610882 ID: 2ec61a

remove eye.
No. 610884 ID: 3d60ec

No. 610885 ID: 01745f

Well that isn't good. Though if it is in just in one eye, maybe we can keep it from spying through it with a makeshift eyepatch?

...It occur to me that we just missed a huge opportunity with that costume selection to solve a lot of our problems. We might have gotten ourselves a tinfoil hat.
No. 610890 ID: 5fa955

Time for some Paul Verhoven style self-surgery. Take out that eye! Also while you're in there see if you can pull off a manual shutdown of your wifi
No. 610891 ID: fef726

We keep on trying the shutdown of wifi.

She keeps on telling us it doesn't work.
No. 610900 ID: 8f01e8

But this time we have the right tool for the job!

Suggestions: Uninstall left eye using scalpel.

Deactivate wifi using scalpel.

Chew on operating table cushion and/or floor in an effort to reclaim material from coolant stains.
No. 610908 ID: c9f2af

Wait, wait wait. Don't go self mutilating just yet. You can't necessarily put that back. And we don't have an immediate reason to rush to action. Plus you don't want to immediately come off as crazy to the other people here.

First off, make sure that's not red stuff someone painted or put on the mirror to fuck with you when you looked at it.

Second, I think we've already established this thing can perception hack you. You see static that isn't really there, and it got into your dreams. There's a reasonable chance it's fucking with you, right now. That you're seeing something that's not there. (Would something that impaled you try to trick you into blinding yourself? Why not).

Flip to diagnostics. Dig up details as to what's wrong with your eye, and how the reading from the two differ.
No. 610913 ID: fef726

seconded, for the love of god seconded.
No. 610915 ID: ab37f2

Yeah good thinking. Do a diagnostic on your eye but also look into the feasibility of severing your WiFi connection (it might not even be in your head, if it's in your torso or something then easy peasy).
No. 610917 ID: 8f01e8

Fair enough.

Any objections to chewing on the mattress and floor, though? We've already seen she's got some sophisticated chemical analysis capability.
No. 611120 ID: e75545

Is this room off-grid?
No. 611212 ID: defceb
File 141850668545.png - (19.06KB , 840x600 , Surgery08.png )

You dropped the mirror. Oops.
You feel a little warm.

>Pull up diagnostics
The two should have the same info pop up. They HAVE to.

But they don't.
No. 611213 ID: defceb
File 141850675757.png - (38.36KB , 840x600 , Surgery09.png )

>Panic surgery

>Equip scalpel

Your hands won't stop shaking.
No. 611215 ID: c9f2af

Look, no, bad, stop.

You have no pressing reason to preform messy, dangerous self-surgery. You're in no immediate danger that we're aware of.

If your eye is damaged or compromised, this isn't the way to do it, anyways. There's a medical professional nearby with actual tools- we could get assistance and neatly uninstall and remove the competent instead of damaging something by cutting or tearing it out in a panic.
No. 611216 ID: 687279

If you do that before getting more coolant you will lose all you have left! Plus you should probably have someone else do it so they can see what they're DOING.
No. 611226 ID: a19cd5

It's probably the experimental eye from before, it was mentioned it had some issues. You're all-robot, so its probably still around somewhere.
Chill out and try to find that doctor dude we talked to through the console
No. 611227 ID: e607cd

obey the cat
No. 611229 ID: a19cd5

You original eye, I mean. We'll have a looksie for it, can't have gotten far.
No. 611239 ID: 9ddf68

You've been seeing whacky shit since you landed here like static and what not, do you really think that a trick of the light is beyond shit you're seeing that isn't really there. Plus you kinda burn the doctor's bed and I really think we'd be pushing our luck with his hospitality if he walked in while you where cutting out your eye and then had to patch your dumb ass up again.
No. 611312 ID: 82c018

We don't need to destroy the eye right now. Its potential threats are a wireless connection hardware and as a sensor for the evil AI. We already have one of the former so that isn't much additional threat, and the latter can be dealt with without risking self-damage by making an eye-patch out of some spare clothes.
No. 611328 ID: 8f01e8

Set gain on audio output to maximum and feed the temperature warning popup into text-to-speech. Continue with other status alerts, repeating if necessary, until help arrives.

Do not attempt surgery while your hands are shaking.
No. 611344 ID: e75545

Ignoring the eye isn't an option. What if whatever-the-fuck-it-is starts spreading?

See if you can find the doctor. If they're not around, start cutting.
No. 611478 ID: defceb
File 141853677882.png - (16.84KB , 840x600 , Surgery10.png )

You drop the knife.
You feel dizzy. And hot. Like it's an oven in here.

>Set gain on audio output to maximum and feed the temperature warning popup into text-to-speech. Continue with other status alerts, repeating if necessary, until help arrives.

"Temperature Warning! You appear to be under stress or suffering a panic attack. Internal temperatures are rising rapidly. Please seek assistance."

"Temperature Warning! You appear to be under stress or suffering a panic attack. Internal temperatures are rising rapidly. Please seek assistance."

Someone opens the door at the far side of the room. "Hold that thought Morgan, I think our friend is awake." They say as they enter the room.
No. 611479 ID: 2ec61a

pull open shirt, open heat vents. then ask the doc for some coolent.
No. 611480 ID: 687279

No. 611482 ID: 687279

Or rather maybe you should say "This is not MY eye!"
No. 611493 ID: c9f2af

Doctor Anselm, I presume?

Mute the warning, calm down, and talk to the nice doctor. (Person who helped you. Not a threat. Calm). Sorry, stress and low coolant don't mix.

Thank her for fixing you up, apologize for the bed you wrecked.

Ask about Morgan's condition. You went through a lot to get him fixed up, it might calm you to know it paid off.

Raise the concern that something's wrong with your eye. It's not responding correctly to diagnostics, and seems to be the wrong color. Was that her? (You'd much rather have an explanation than have it caused by an unknown).
No. 611497 ID: defceb
File 141853875138.png - (17.06KB , 840x600 , Surgery11.png )

"Temperature Warning! You appear to be under stress or suffering a panic attack. Internal temperatures are rising rapidly. Please seek assistance."

"Oh shush, I heard you already."

You take a deep breath to speak and-
No. 611499 ID: defceb
File 141853878717.png - (17.50KB , 840x600 , Surgery12.png )


"Hold that 'till you calm down."

No. 611502 ID: 687279

No. 611503 ID: c9f2af

Hug bear. Mute alarm. Calm down.

...wonder to to yourself how weird it is that apply padding somehow deals with a heat problem.

Then do this stuff.
No. 611518 ID: 8f01e8

Adjust clothing and/or Therapy Bear to minimize risk of damage from thermal venting.

Politely request that mystery eye be safely removed, or at least explained.
No. 611540 ID: 9ddf68

give the doctor an odd look, then hug that bear for all it's worth cause fuck it you could use a hug.
No. 611571 ID: fef726

I like her. I can see how you might have fallen for her in your time.
No. 611970 ID: a33bb5

Hold the bear.
Show them the eye.
No. 612125 ID: defceb
File 141869012319.png - (21.25KB , 840x600 , BearHug.png )

You remove the bulky vest and the sunglasses before hugging the shit out of that teddy bear. The three of your share a long silent moment, punctuated only by the sound of your heat vents. After a while your temperature warning goes away.

:RollbackMarie2Sad: "Thanks for that... and for fixing me earlier. And I'm sorry about burning your bed."

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses: "Don't worry about it. I'm not about to die from a lack of bedding."

:RollbackMarie2Sad: "Is Morgan okay?"

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses: "He's seen better days, but he'll be fine. Now that you're calmed down, mind telling me what got you?"

:RollbackMarie2Sad:"It's uh... well, my eye. It's not my eye. I mean, it's mine like it's in my head but-"

She gives a heavy sigh and pulls out her glasses.

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses: "Alright, alright, let me take a look."
No. 612128 ID: defceb
File 141869027177.png - (20.10KB , 840x600 , Haley.png )

"Hmmm... yeah, that would scare me too. Looks like one of the newer models we cooked up. Have you had any problems with your vision? Loss of detail? Color? Pixelation? Seeing things that aren't real or otherwise distorted perception?"
No. 612134 ID: 687279

Static creeps into your vision whenever you start thinking about your past, and whenever you're near one of the... prosthetic swarms? Conglomerations of prosthetics, they have one glowing red eye. In that case, the static stops where the Grid ends.

...hey, ask if Morgan saw that thing in the elevator. That may have been a hallucination... but something threw that bone at you, so maybe it was real and Morgan simply couldn't see it?
No. 612137 ID: 9ddf68

whenever I was in the grid zone sometimes everything became full of static and I kept seeing a figure's silhouette even in a fully let room with the only detail I could ever make out was a big glowing red eye. Not sure if there was anything else.
No. 612140 ID: fef726

explain you've been seeing things since you landed here. Hallucinations, or interference from the local wifi? You aren't sure why or what is causing it but its extremely disturbing.
No. 612149 ID: 8f01e8

>Loss of detail? Color? Pixelation? Seeing things that aren't real or otherwise distorted perception?

Tell her to keep going and you'll stop her as soon as she names a symptom you haven't had since landing here.

Also, ask to have a manual cutoff installed in your wireless networking gizmo(s). Seems like it should be a pretty simple engineering task with enormous security benefits.
No. 612187 ID: 82c018

Show her the paper with the blood scribblings on them, and see if she sees those as well. Also ask her what exactly those eyes of theirs do.

By the way, do we know anything about the past of Space!Haley from before she became cybernetic? If we do we might be able to discuss the whole alternate-future thing with some evidence (aside from our systems) to back us up.
No. 612280 ID: defceb
File 141870833506.png - (21.29KB , 840x600 , Haley2.png )

>Space!Haley's past?
Not much. She had a cat named Alfred, she studied neuroscience, she didn't have a driver's license 'till she was 24 and crashed a year later. After your uplift she would talk more freely, but often in rambling philosophical talk or in exasperation at others. Talking about her past just wasn't something that came naturally to her.

>Explain static/grid/red-eyes/everything else.
You explain everything weird that's been going on so far. She nods quietly and pulls out a little notepad from her pocket, scribbling everything down.

>Show her the pages
She seems shocked at first, but you explain that you found them like this.

>Request manual wifi shut-off
She chews on the end of her pencil in thought. "Well, this is quite a lot to think about. But honestly, I don't know how I could help. Morgan is insistent you're some sort of Martian invader. I have my own theories but either way I don't know enough about you or your body to be helpful. I don't even know your last name."
No. 612285 ID: a19cd5

wow, so we ARE from the future. Dang.
That, or Haley's pulling a prank.
Know any race results or something? We could abuse our from-the-futureness.
No. 612288 ID: a33bb5

Actually, the simplest explanation is that something's fucking with your head.

Anyway, now you're not in any immediate danger, we need to think about your coolant levels. What's that stuff made out of? Is it water based? Improvisation is still better than nothing.
No. 612289 ID: c9f2af

Yeah, so unless they started cloning people down here, or all your memories are wrong, you're clearly in an alternate timeline or universe here.

Should you be? Was your ship capable of time or dimension travel, or were you guys experimenting with that kind of thing?

Um. Wait. If it's 2413, and she was born in 2225, she should be 188. So if this Haley wasn't uplifted... she's a clone? Or she was born much later in this timeline? Or 2413 is the year according to your internal clock, but not the place you've landed (I don't think the date comparison with Morgan ever explicitly had us agree the year was 2413?).

Kind of funny to see her all awkward and cute in the giant glasses after getting to know the future-her.

>eye problems
Honestly the most disturbing thing is that someone somehow got it in my head without my knowing.

>Morgan is insistent you're some sort of Martian invader
Been to mars, but I'm no invader. Human, only without the wetware. Mental upload. *knock on head*

>I don't even know your last name
Tell her.

(It's only fair. I mean, heck, you know her full name. You've seen her naked!)
No. 612290 ID: 687279

Ask what Haley's age is. Also, what year it is. That'll confirm it one way or the other. Personally I'm thinking this is an alternate universe you've somehow entered.

Tell her you lived on mars, but you're not a martian. You used to live on earth, before and for a time after your uplift. Explain that you used to have a fleshy body like hers, but your mind was transferred to this fully robotic body.

As for your last name... funny, I don't think it was ever mentioned. Can you remember it?
No. 612310 ID: defceb
File 141871787777.png - (21.95KB , 840x600 , Haley3.png )

Your last name is... right on the tip of your tongue. You can't quite recall it, but you're sure you just saw it not too long ago.

>Does your ship have time/dimensional travel?
Not that you knew of.

:RollbackMarie2Talk: "Hey, uhm... how old are you? What year is it?"

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses: "2262, and I'm 37, Why?"

:RollbackMarie2Talk: "Do you believe in time travel? Or alternate dimensions?"

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses:"Not unless you can destroy relativity."

:RollbackMarie2Talk:"I'm just trying to make sense of something. By my perception it's supposed to be 2413. At least I think so."

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses: "And what would give you that idea?"

:RollbackMarie2Sad: "When I first landed I saw it listed as the date, same way I've seen the date listed when I get flashbacks."

:RollbackHaleyNoGlasses: "The exact same way?"
No. 612311 ID: b95e16

also tell her you knew her in the future? or something?
>Marie Castillo
there you go. maybe. that's a kinda roundabout way to find out your last name. why can't you remember it? it's incredibly suspicious.
No. 612312 ID: 687279

Why do you have any trouble at all remembering your own last name?

...hey, when you got the three messages, the date read 12 June 2298. 10 May 2413 was the date when you climbed out of the escape pod. I think your internal clock might be on the fritz. Like for instance, ask if you were asleep for 3 days.

...hey, you didn't get a date readout on the last flashback.
No. 612316 ID: 82c018

>"The exact same way?"
Yes, though there isn't much use in worrying whether this is another flashback.
So, for evidence of our future being more than just mind-trickery, we have our advanced physical systems and a few facts about Hailey's past. While there are a lot of reasons to be suspicious, if we assume that anything we are currently perceiving is real I can't think of any explanations other than time/dimension travel or a bizarre setup by inscrutable super-aliens.

Since this place has an alternate-past-Haley, when you tell her your name she might recognize an alternate-past-you. (Alternate-you might even be Helmet-Man. That kind of thing happens when you dimension travel.)

>...hey, you didn't get a date readout on the last flashback.
There was a date for the Mars flashback; it was before the updates though.
No. 612369 ID: c9f2af

Oh man. Past-you isn't even uplifted yet. If you really are back in time, there's a flesh and blood version of you still running around. (Or slowly dying in a hospital bed, whatever).

>The exact same way?
Check how long you were unconscious. Be nice to know if your internal chronometer is completely shot.

12 June 2298 was the date for the mars flashback. We just checked our messages mid flashback. Apparently our UI is cool with that.
No. 612401 ID: 687279

Hang on, there was no flashback for the 2413 date.
No. 612507 ID: 8f01e8

>I don't know enough about you or your body to be helpful.

Ten minutes ago "jam a knife into my face until the problem goes away" was looking like a plausible option. You're really underselling yourself, Dr. Anselm, if you think you can't be more helpful than that.

First of all, let's get an inventory on the tools and parts available.

Then we're going to want to find, or build, a simple radio detection finder. That shouldn't be tricky, it's on the level of a junior-high science-fair project if you're not worried about making it work outside lab conditions. Key components are a highly-directional antenna and some way to measure signal strength.

Once that's set up, have Morgan send a carrier wave (or really any max-strength signal) over her wireless thing, and use the RDF to figure out where in her body it is.

Once the location is narrowed down a bit, try to identify the specific component with a combination of whatever more specialized sensors you've got on hand (ultrasound? x-rays?), Morgan's internal diagnostics, and as a last resort exploratory surgery.

After you've found the right chip, identify one (or more) of the important wires connected to it and splice in a toggle switch. Again, very simple if you're not too worried about making it rugged and/or pretty.
No. 612659 ID: defceb
File 141879699297.png - (14.04KB , 840x600 , Haley4.png )

"...yeah, it was. Was I asleep for three days? Maybe my clock is out of whack."

Haley nods and confirms that you were out for roughly three days.

"My name is Marie Castillo, by the way. I was actually human, but uplifted into this cyborg body. Morgan just thinks I'm a martian because I used to live there."
No. 612660 ID: defceb
File 141879757673.png - (24.70KB , 840x600 , Haley5.png )

"Oh reeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyy?" she says, suddenly quite attentive. "Maybe I can help you after all. If you help me first."

She leans in closer. A little too close.

"I noticed you hesitated in telling me your name. Did you have a problem remembering it? Do you remember any friends or family? Homeland? Pets?"

It's all... vague. Shapes, smells, practically just echoes of memories. Haley notes the silence as you think and frowns.

"I suppose it'd be useless to ask if you've had any dramatic changes in personality then. What's the first thing you remember clearly?" She says in a deflated tone as she scribbles more notes.

"It was just after I was uplifted. It's pretty clear in my mind still." You say. She seems less than pleased to hear it, though.

With a heavy sigh she puts away the notepad. "Very well... so how can I help you now?"
No. 612661 ID: 687279

Remove eye pls.
No. 612663 ID: 185cb8

>Answering her questions
I'm reasonably certain my memory problems are more due to crashing to earth and/or whatever's been messing with me than the uplift process.

...I've known people who had something of a change in personality after. (*sideways look*). I don't know how much you could attribute it to the process itself versus a psychological reaction, though.

>Very well... so how can I help you now?
I don't suppose you could tell me what's going on, down here? Something's obviously gone very wrong.
No. 612672 ID: 9ddf68

any idea where I could find some coolant so I don't melt any more beds? I'd like to be able to actually help without worrying about burning something to cinders.
No. 612675 ID: defceb
File 141880069611.png - (21.13KB , 840x600 , Haley6.png )

>Remove eye plz
"I'm more than a little hesitant to do that. For one, I'm not an oculoplastic surgeon. Two, I don't have the right tools here anymore."

"You can probably find the materials the next floor up. All of our tech labs were based there, so they have an abundance of materials. Fair warning, I'm pretty sure it's swimming with corrupted prosthetics too."

"...though if you happen to find an arm and a leg that has never been powered on, I'd like you to bring it back so I can try something. If it works Morgan could use them, and I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help you after that."

>I don't suppose you could tell me what's going on, down here? Something's obviously gone very wrong.
"If I knew what went wrong, I would have prevented it from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, in a place like this even I only know bits and pieces. We were researching a more advanced form of prosthesis. It... well, there's not use mincing words with you. We were researching uplift technology. Most of the tech already existed, we just had to put together the pieces."

"Except for the brain of course. Hard to get conclusive research on that. Not many people would volunteer to let us open their skulls and get to work. Only the desperate or terminal would take that kind of offer."

"But for what went wrong? I was in my office when everything went to hell. Computers, prosthesis, everything digital went wild. I'm lucky enough to have been off-grid when it happened. Architect thought I was paranoid, asking to be separate from it. Jokes on him, I still have my head."
No. 612677 ID: 9ddf68

so you guys have like a mainframe around here or something? Because the only things I can think of that could do something like this is either a bug in the system, a hacker who was REALLY against the uplift idea and is doing this to prove a point, or someone you managed to download there brain into the system and for whatever reason is fucking everything up for everyone else. If there's some master control center we could probably try and head there and shut the grid down.

Also do you have any ice around here, I mean without any coolant I can't really do anything with to much effort without the risk of frying my systems or burning something and if I have to fight drones or whatever to get some coolant so I don't burn the building down I'm willing to try some alternative means to not start a fire.
No. 612678 ID: 2ec61a

your body is full robit. can just pull the eye out and cut the wires and tie off any hoses. you just need a hand with it because it's really hard to see in there.
No. 612679 ID: 687279

The pieces are coming together and I don't like what the picture looks like...

How come your bad eye doesn't have an easy detach like Morgan's?

Tell her if everything goes well and after whatever's controlling the prosthetics is dealt with, maybe you can let them research your body! You know, help with the uplift effort. Um. But first, can she help reassure you about something? None of the advanced prosthetics they were working on looked like your body, right? Ask her to tell you if there's any way to know for sure that your memories are real.
No. 612681 ID: 185cb8

>We were researching uplift technology. Most of the tech already existed, we just had to put together the pieces.
>Except for the brain of course. Hard to get conclusive research on that. Not many people would volunteer to let us open their skulls and get to work. Only the desperate or terminal would take that kind of offer.
If I'm not crazy and I really have traveled back in time? You're close. You would have found that first volunteer in about another year.

Let's not mention that it's you, yet. It would only make your story seem more implausible. But first chance we get, we should try and look up if there is a past you out there.

...and if this is the past, did this happen the first time, or have you changed history / created a new timeline? No way to know right now, though.

>hesitant to remove eye
What are the know adverse effects of eyes like this? You had me remove Morgan's for a reason. Can we do anything to prevent it from being remotely accessed? I was concerned that my own wireless was vulverable before, but foreign hardware spliced into my system provides a worryingly direct means for hacking. Especially since you made it clear your prosthetics aren't secure, and have been compromised.

Looks, um. I don't really like the idea of being a cyclops, but I like the idea of ending up like one of those not-zombies-because-that-would-be-insensitive even less.
No. 612692 ID: 8f01e8

I'd be fine with telling her your world's Haley Anselm's uplift date, along with your own. Don't withhold any potentially relevant information from someone you're trusting to stick sharp things into your head.

>You can probably find the materials the next floor up.

Alright, can we scrounge up a ladder and, say, a crowbar? Or that spike? Any sort of heavy, sharp tool, really. There are a lot of potential problems with the elevator which could be neatly circumvented by ripping a hole in the ceiling.

Be careful about damaging a Faraday cage if you go that route, though. Letting cyberzombies into the safe zone is one of the few ways it would be possible to make this situation worse.
No. 612693 ID: defceb
File 141880866689.png - (17.33KB , 840x600 , Haley7.png )

"Perhaps I should better explain the difference between your situation and Morgan's."

"Morgan's prosthetic eye was not just a surface level implant. As I mentioned when we talked over the screen we had replaced a section of his optic nerve. The one we put in was designed so as to more easily facility the implanting and removal of artificial eyes. It was not the eye itself that triggered the separation when you twisted it, but the connector between the nerve and the eye."

"Now, in your case I can not be sure that you have a similar system in place. In fact, I highly doubt it. Enucleation has many inherent risks, including damage to the orbit, optic nerve, and so on. Then there is the fact that I have no way to relieve the pain for you. Given your lack of biology, the already limited supply of pain killers is useless."

"Now, I could go hacking in there with the scalpel but it would probably result in irreparable damage and intense pain. That said, you've made it very clear that you want that eye out so if you insist I could try. But please weigh the risk of this carefully beforehand."
No. 612695 ID: 2ec61a

try activating maintenance mode. the eye had to be built in somehow. so there is probably a plate that can come off or move out of the way.
No. 612697 ID: f34266

Can we take another, closer look look at that bad eye?
I know getting it out is the obvious thing to focus on, but I'm actually curious how it got IN.

Is it your old eye that's somehow been modified? Or was that taken out and this thing spliced in there somehow?
No. 612698 ID: dab236

Keep your eye for now, see what Haleys plans are for escaping or some how fixing your current predicament.
No. 612699 ID: 2ec61a

if we can't get it out we can try an eyepatch
No. 612700 ID: f34266

I not sure how an eyepatch would help; the main issue here is that it's in Marie's head, not that it can see or be seen.
No. 612726 ID: 185cb8

>removing it would likely be messy
...that raises the uncomfortable question of how someone successfully completed the replacement surgery.

>intense pain
Would we, actually? You powered through getting impaled reasonably well, and you'd think there'd be an off switch for pain in an artificial body.

Although I suppose the problem would be if we severed an optic nerve equivalent you'd then be getting noise instead of signal, dumped right into the vision center of your brain. Which would probably be highly unpleasant. Welcome to headache land.

>But please weigh the risk of this carefully beforehand.
Then could you explain the risk of leaving it in place, or more specifically, why you think it's less than the risk of removing it? You're more familiar with this tech than I am.

You've made it clear these things are vulnerable to being hijacked by the grid, and someone wired this to my brain!

Do you have a way to prevent that? To make sure it stays off grid? Can you factory reset it to wipe any malicious code that might have been left in it?
No. 612736 ID: 687279

Sigh, okay, surgery is not an option here. I say just wear an eyepatch over it.
No. 612739 ID: 82c018

>I not sure how an eyepatch would help; the main issue here is that it's in Marie's head, not that it can see or be seen.
But we already have a hardware connection to the net via our other wireless connection. What is it going to do, hack while it hacks?

Do we perhaps have repair nanotech in us that could explain how the eye got in there?
No. 612784 ID: 88960e

>What is it going to do, hack while it hacks?
The eye is a direct hardware connection to Marie's brain. Our wireless has protocols and presumably some kind of firewall to hack through. The optic nerve won't.

Our security was questionable before, it's potentially completely compromised, now. That's the concern we need her to answer.
No. 612791 ID: 687279

It occurs to me that we downloaded an update for an eye that isn't ours.

Could be bad. Maybe try reverting the update?
No. 612860 ID: 8f01e8

What? No, surgery totally is an option! It's not a SAFE option, but we're stuck in a haunted hospital full of malignantly reanimated corpses so there aren't many of those anyhow. The question now is whether Marie wants to have a gaping wound in her face on the information-security level, or in a more literal sense.

Pre-uplift, Dr. Anselm is very familiar with the risks of botched surgery, but a hackable brain presents exciting new risks that she has no way to meaningfully assess. That's why she's explaining her side of it and then leaving the choice up to Marie, who has more personally at stake and at least some inkling of the latter, rather than forbidding it outright.
No. 612898 ID: 53f127

Something tells me Haley isn't what she seems. If we rule out time travel and alternate dimensions, logically you've been here the whole time.
Also, Haley's the only person we know of walking around performing surgery. That eye didn't install itself.
Keep a very close watch on her. Ask her if she remembers you and scan her with your lie-detector app.
No. 612911 ID: fef726

There are a lot of doctors in a facility this size. My guess is someone decided to do an unvoluntarily mind upload and they slipped the leash and got into the Grid mainframe.
No. 612916 ID: 185cb8

Presumably, we weren't closely supervised the whole three days of our recovery. And Haley has to sleep, sometimes.

The best time for someone else to have preformed the swap would have been to sneak in while she was out of the room and/or asleep, and we were still unconscious. That's a window hours long to work in.

...that does raise the unfortunate assumption that her little hideout here isn't secure, though.

>what do
I'm still for asking her what she thinks about / can do about our information security slash staying sane concerns. It's possible there are non-surgical safeguards.

Marie, do you have a blueprint or schematic of your systems saved locally, anywhere? That would be a handy thing to have, when considering makeshift surgery and/or repairs.
No. 613628 ID: defceb
File 141913399687.png - (59.96KB , 840x600 , EyeBluePrint.png )

>Risks of leaving it in?
"I'm not the IT department here but... my best guess would be that someone else had remote access to that eye, and they can use it to dump information to you through it. It could just be a visual data link, or worse. I'm really not the person to ask for 100% certainty though."

>Blueprints or schematics saved locally?
You sift through local files and pull up a copy of your blueprints. It.. might actually be possible to remove the eye with relative safety. At least in the same way having a pillow makes for a relatively safe landing off a cliff.

If you remove cover plates, disengage synthetic muscles, and essentially open up half your face Haley could reach in there and sever the nerve connection.
No. 613629 ID: 742b4a

I don't like this analogy. Don't do it.
No. 613632 ID: 1ae57f

Is there a software option, here? Can you just shut down and lock off whatever port the optic nerve for that eye connects to? If you don't allow any data transition, it doesn't matter what it tries to transmit.

Or... set the permissions for anything from the eye to 'read only'. Don't let it write or edit data.

Or could you set up a quarantine, or antivirus scan to watch anything coming from that eye very closely? If you're right, you're dealing with 150 year old tech, here. Surly a computer from the future can kick the butt off anything from the past?

Or, if you examine the eye, is there an option to reformat it? We could wipe anything installed on there, including communication protocols our mysterious outsider could use.

That helps, but to be effective you would really need a way to get that data to Haley. Upload it to an off-network tablet or laptop for her. (Actually, we might want to do that just in case we get hurt again and she has to operate more. We'd want to encrypt the data with a password Haley would know / could guess, in case someone else tries to access the data).

>what do
*Sigh* You've talked me out of it, for the moment. Tell me if I start acting weird or anything, though? I want to know if this starts messing with me.

We should ask to see Morgan, now.
No. 613692 ID: defceb
File 141915012891.png - (15.21KB , 840x600 , Office01.png )

>Software solutions
You try to access the software in the eye. A series of windows pop up saying you need administrator access for that.

You opt instead to bury the thing under quarantines and firewalls instead. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of making you blind in the left eye.

>Go see Morgan
"I think I'll keep the eye for now. But let me know if I start doing anything weird. I need to know if this starts messing with me." You say before moving to the next room.

You enter Haley's office! It seems a little claustrophobic.

Morgan is humming to himself as he draws something. He doesn't notice your entrance.
No. 613694 ID: 1ae57f

>Unfortunately, this has the side effect of making you blind in the left eye.
Well, you'd be blind if you cut it out, too. This is just easier to reverse!

Does lefty still track with righty? It'll be a little creepy if you've now got one lazy eye.

>He doesn't notice your entrance.
No. 613695 ID: 9ddf68

ask him how he's doing? you haven't seen him in three days.
No. 613709 ID: defceb
File 141915441699.png - (15.34KB , 840x600 , Office02.png )


"Not now Haley, I'm working on a ~clever~ idea."

He seems to be absorbed in his work. Maybe there's something you can do to get his attention?
No. 613710 ID: 2ec61a

"whoops my bra broke"
No. 613711 ID: 1ae57f

Get close and peer over his shoulder at what he's doing.

Then enhance knockers.
No. 613724 ID: 1071f4

just saying 'i'm not Haley' should do the trick.
No. 613763 ID: 742b4a

Hey, you blocked the eye from sending data to you, but it could probably send data OUT. Get an eyepatch.
No. 614123 ID: 8f01e8

Ask Morgan if your eyes look the same to him as when he saw you the first time.

>If you're right, you're dealing with 150 year old tech, here. Surly a computer from the future can kick the butt off anything from the past?

Given that time/dimension travel is apparently involved, but hadn't been invented in 2413, and this model of eye is not fully covered by Marie's backward compatibility, the assumption that it is 150 years less advanced than the rest of her body is unjustified. If anything, the reverse would be more likely.

>A series of windows pop up saying you need administrator access for that.

...that you don't already have admin access is unsettling. Check a few default passwords and any other cheap tricks you can think of.
No. 614156 ID: 9ddf68

ask if it has anything to do with the martian.

Also maybe find something to cover the red eye? Just because it can't easily mess with you now doesn't mean it still can't be recording things for whoever put the damn thing in, even if it isn't better to be safe then sorry.
No. 614177 ID: defceb
File 141930881554.png - (18.46KB , 840x600 , Morgan01.png )

You get reaaaaaaalllly close and peer over his shoulder.

>Covering the eye.
The best you have on your right now is the sunglasses. It looks like Morgan has an eyepatch though.

>Does it have anything to do with the Martian?
"Of course! I wouldn't come up with a daring solution to everything without her help! Do you know if she has optic blasters? I'll need optic blasters for this plan to work."
No. 614178 ID: ecd0ab

Does our new eye have optic blasters?
No. 614179 ID: defceb
File 141930938225.png - (19.05KB , 840x600 , Morgan02.png )

>Enhance knockers
>"Whoops my bra broke."
Well THAT certainly got his attention.

"o-oh, hi Marie." He stammers.
No. 614180 ID: 9ddf68

well we found out she has an optic problem but sadly no blasters, from what we've fingered together it seems that the reason she melted the bed was because she bleed out of coolant so is always at risk of overheating if she exerts herself to much... might be able to burn something with it but would most likely just catch the building on fire.

Lets just play along until he figures it out for himself, this is kinda fun.
No. 614181 ID: 742b4a

Tell him you don't have optic blasters. In fact you're basically down one eye since you found out it's not your original eye.
No. 614187 ID: defceb
File 141931207816.png - (13.03KB , 840x600 , Morgan03.png )

>"Sorry, no optic blasters here. Speaking of eyes though, do my eyes look the same from when we first met?"

"You mean when you took my eye? Yeah, they look the same to me. Personally I'm not a fan of having two differently colored eyes but hey whatever floats your boat." He responds, while keeping his sight decisively below eye level.
No. 614191 ID: 1ae57f

Haha, yes. Best plan.

>looks the same to me
He was kind of injured and high on the painkillers we drugged him with last time. I'm not sure we could trust his memory of our eyes to be accurate, anyways.

>Personally I'm not a fan of having two differently colored eyes
...I'm not really a fan of it either, but Halley talked me out of joining you in eyepatch-land.

What's the plan, so far?
No. 614195 ID: 9ddf68

can you enhance your knockers more? could be good for a laugh.

So what he's saying is that we have had two different color eyes since we first met? We're fairly sure we didn't have that when we first showed up and the only thing I can think of is where they could have installed it was when you had that flash back to when you first got a full robotic body.
No. 614203 ID: defceb
File 141931600047.png - (13.57KB , 840x600 , Morgan04.png )

>Enhance knockers more
No. 614204 ID: defceb
File 141931629730.png - (28.23KB , 840x600 , MorgansAwesomePlan.png )

>"...I'm not really a fan of it either, but Halley talked me out of joining you in eyepatch-land."

"Oh pssht, she's just being overly cautious as usual. 'It's too dangerous' this, 'You haven't recovered' that. You get the idea."

>"So what's the plan?"
"It's a little rough, and I'll have to change the optic blast part, but here's what I got so far."

"See, first I need to find something to replace my arm and leg. Then, I can turn 'em into an arm cannon and a rocket kick which I'll use to beat up that weirdo in the helmet. Meanwhile, you use your optic blasters...or something else, to wreck that other weird thing. Haley can be doing something sciencey during this time, I don't know."

"So after beating up those two, we'll rescue like ALL of the ladies and fly out of the place. Bonus points if we can make it explode behind us."

"Also I'll need a hook hand 'cause I look like a pirate now."

"Waddya think?"
No. 614216 ID: 742b4a

I think you're a goof.
No. 614218 ID: defceb
File 141931755164.png - (6.60KB , 400x400 , MorganFace.png )

>"You're a goof."

"I thought the plan was good..."

"What about you? You got any ideas?"
No. 614228 ID: 1ae57f

Geeze! Don't kill the boy.

>Data corrupt
...attempt data recovery? Rollback to an earlier version of the file?

>What about you? You got any ideas?
Well, you're right, we definitely need to find you a new arm and a leg. And I definitely wouldn't object to getting out of here and blowing the creepy stuff up.

...are there really a bunch of fly ladies down here?

(I am starting to wonder if he's still heavily medicated or just a little weird in the head).
No. 614230 ID: 8f01e8

>can you enhance your knockers more? could be good for a laugh.

Test out his response to asymmetry! Make one huge and the other flat, then reverse.
No. 614234 ID: 8f01e8

>"What about you? You got any ideas?"

Tear a hole in the ceiling to reach the floor with all the tools and spare parts while bypassing the compromised elevator and disrupting enemy defensive plans.
No. 614267 ID: 9ddf68

see if I can't find the building's layout plans to know where everything is and where to go. Head to floor 8 to gather coolant so I can walk down a hallway without worrying about bursting into flames and find you some robotic limbs that won't make you go crazy and try and kill me. After that, wing it until something else comes along.
No. 614304 ID: 379086

Enough with the knockers.

"You're right in that you need new prosthetics. I wonder if there's a way to reset existing ones and shut down their wireless, that would spare use the search."
No. 614483 ID: b66bbe

Finding coolant and building plans seems like a good place to start. Then we can figure out where to go from there.
No. 614484 ID: 742b4a

I agree coolant should be our first priority.
No. 614532 ID: defceb
File 141936869896.png - (19.08KB , 840x600 , MorgansAwesomeMap.png )

>"...are there really a bunch of fly ladies down here?"
"Of course! Or at least there were a lot of cutiepatooties before everything went down. I'm sure a decent number of 'em survived. Some of the guys were pretty cute, now that I think about it. We can rescue them too, I guess."

>"Is there a way to reset an existing prosthetic and shut down their wireless?"
"Well everything is done digitally now, so I could force a factory reset if I had some sort of computer. Tearing out the wireless is easy enough, I can do that too."

>"I need to find coolant and a layout for the building."
"This stuff?" He says, pulling a small vial from his inventory. "Looks like tetrahoxinal. It might be in chemical storage on the tech floor. This is expensive stuff though, I'm impressed you had so much in you."

He then flips over the paper and starts scribbling on it. "Here's what I know of the building so far. I couldn't go anywhere else with my security clearance. More thorough plans might be hiding around in security rooms or administration offices."

>"Also we should get you some limbs."
"I like that plan."
No. 614549 ID: 4c088a

Hmm. Do we know where we'd be likely to find a computer or limbs?
No. 614554 ID: 742b4a

No. 614555 ID: b66bbe

hmm so the coolant in in level six, but there are also lots of corrupted prosthetics according to Hayley.

Maybe there are weapons in security that we can use to help clear out the the tech area.

looks like it all depends on how well that bit of coolant there will do.
No. 614603 ID: 8f01e8

Yes. Consume the test tube full of coolant with all reasonable haste.
No. 614614 ID: defceb
File 141938111537.png - (19.35KB , 840x600 , MorgansAwesomeMap2.png )

>Take back the coolant.
You swipe the coolant and down it like a shot of whiskey. It's not much, but it should keep you from burning up when you run around.

>Limbs/weapon/more coolant/computer
"I already told you all I know so far. I don't think there's much else we can plan for in here."
No. 614672 ID: 742b4a

Let's just mosey on over to the elevator and go up to level 2. I suggest covering your bad eye with something so that it can't transfer your visuals and tell the enemy where you are.
No. 614703 ID: b66bbe

ok then take the stairs to the security area and try to find a weapon.
No. 614763 ID: 5f402f

Right. I'll see what I can find, then.

Take map, adjust knockers down to a reasonable level, and prepare to head out. Maybe check with Haley again.

Is there anything in particular we should be looking for in the ways of computers or replacements limbs for Morgan? Any advice for getting around this place?
No. 614775 ID: fef726

Adjust knockers AFTER talking to Haley. He isn't the only one who might like them.
No. 614835 ID: defceb
File 141941415149.png - (13.12KB , 840x600 , 185.png )

>"Anything in particular I should be looking for?"
"I don't suppose you happened to find the key to that locker way back? My bag should be in there, if you get that then we should be set for a computer."

>"Any advice for moving around?"
"Avoid the cameras. The guys who used to operate them bit the dust early, so whoever is using them now shouldn't be."

You take the map and bid him farewell for now.
No. 614837 ID: defceb
File 141941477856.png - (14.54KB , 840x600 , 186.png )

You enter the surgery room. Haley appears to be waiting for you by the exit.

"Leaving so soon? Probably for the best, we won't be getting any younger in here."

>"Before I go, I just needed to know. Something you could reassure me about. Did any of the advanced prosthetics you were working with look like me?"
"Some parts seem similar, but I don't recall anything that looked like you in total. Especially the ears. Never even approached the subject of artistic liberties with design."

>"Also did you know anyone with my name?"
"Marie is a fairly common name, but nobody comes to mind with the last name of Castillo."
No. 614840 ID: 9ddf68

any last minute advice before I go back out into the thick of it?
No. 614872 ID: ec2e47

One more thing: Does the Grid run off some central computer somewhere, and what does it use for a power source? It occurs to me that if it uses external power we might just be able to make our way outside and slice a power line, and if there is a reactor somewhere deactivating that would be a win condition.
No. 614918 ID: 742b4a

Ask her if she knows the term "rollback".
No. 614932 ID: 5f402f

>Marie is a fairly common name, but nobody comes to mind with the last name of Castillo.
The date Haley gave you is still a year before you were uplifted. You probably didn't meet before they had almost gotten the mental uplift tech working (or almost working) and started looking for volunteers.

Can you remember when you first met? You memories are kind of a mess, still, and you admitted the ones from before uplift were harder.

>Especially the ears
Touch ear, vaguely self consciously, and try to remember if you suggested that part of the design yourself.
No. 615010 ID: defceb
File 141945472344.png - (7.34KB , 840x600 , 187.png )

>Touch ear, vaguely self consciously, and try to remember if you suggested that part of the design yourself.
The ears were your idea. Someone had mentioned that you could be built to look like anything, and you had originally proposed ears as a joke. They ended up being really fun to have, although sometimes others would make a joke at their expense.

>Can you remember when you first met?
You try to remember when that was, but it slips right through your fingers. A year before the uplift. Or a month. It's too nebulous at this point.

>"Do you know the term 'rollback'?"
"As it relates to you? I could make guesses, but they'd be no better than wild assumptions. Perhaps it's like a backup restore on computers? Or a hiccup in software. I'm loath to make a serious answer without knowing more though."

>"One more thing: Does the Grid run off some central computer somewhere, and what does it use for a power source? It occurs to me that if it uses external power we might just be able to make our way outside and slice a power line, and if there is a reactor somewhere deactivating that would be a win condition."
"Everything here is powered by the geothermal plant it was built upon. Some facilities, like this room, use a separate generator. I was uninvolved in it's restoration, if you want to shut down power I'd seek out one of our engineers."

>"Any last minute advice before I go back out into the thick of it?"
"Here, take this." She holds out a... uh... it's a...

>"Okay I give up, what is that?"
"It's a cassette player. Archaic tech, I know. But it's analog, and several of the people who worked here used them as a journal of sorts. Perhaps you can find some insight in their words."

Cassette player added to your inventory!

"Stay safe out there. Your current condition worries me. If there is anything I can do after all, don't be afraid to ask."

You bid each other farewell and then you leave the room.
No. 615013 ID: 742b4a

Start listening to the tape.
No. 615019 ID: defceb
File 141945501327.png - (25.21KB , 840x600 , 188.png )

You enter the hallway!

An automated voice plays over the loudspeaker. It's feminine, stilted, and discomforting.

"A quarantine has been declared on this floor. The [incubation room] has been breached and [biological contaminants] are present. Please await further instruction."

The message repeats every minute.
No. 615027 ID: 1071f4

i-is that YOUR blood, i mean coolant? unnerving.
what's the purple/pink stuff?
No. 615028 ID: 742b4a

Is that the hole from your escape pod? Look up it.
No. 615034 ID: 5f402f

>Your current condition worries me.
...it worries you too. At least you have someone trying to help, now.

>biological contaminants
Well, luckily that doesn't present an immediate threat to you, unless we're talking macro-sized science project monsters. Or caustic enough chemicals to damage your artificial chassis.

Although you might have to be decontaminated before returning to the others if you're exposed. Luckily, they're holed up in surgery, where there should have some sterilization stuff.

...yeah. Looks like blood, coolant... and unknown purple stuff.

It saw you already, too. Maybe we should disable it? So it can't tell when you come and go in the future. Chuck a piece of rubble at it, maybe.
No. 615038 ID: 9ddf68

this is outside of the grid right? who made this?

Well unless you know how to open the door let's see what down the other end of the hallway.
No. 615392 ID: 8f01e8

Geothermal means the power supply is almost certainly in the basement. Fire-escape stairs seem like a reasonable route to explore.

One more thing about the mystery-meat eye problem: how long ago (by your own internal clock) was the last time you downloaded any sort of software update, what was the date that update was officially released, and which server did you download it from? If the answer to part one of that question is "after I crashed" I don't think there's any available good answer to part three.
No. 616722 ID: defceb
File 141992423358.png - (7.88KB , 840x600 , 189.png )

>Listen to the tape.
“...is this thing on? Testing, testing. This is Engineer Kirkman and today’s date is uh… well anyway. I’ll be recording future notes on this old device. I’ve come to believe that our digital security is compromised. My colleagues wish to deflect my concerns given my therapeutic difficulties but I am firmly convinced that there is a very real problem. I first noticed something off when my tools were slightly out of place. Now, normally others would not handle my equipment given my need for them to be in the EXACT right order and place, but it’s not entirely unheard of for a friend in need to borrow them.”

“But then I noticed that the cameras had begun moving outside their normal routine. After that some of the doors wouldn’t close all the way. Now the elevator is moving a little slower between floors. Everything is just slightly out of place.”

“I thought it would be clever to set up a camera, so course when I checked it had been wiped clean. Now they’re just playing with me. Someone in this building is not who they claim to be. They’re out of place, and I don’t like things that are out of place.”
No. 616723 ID: defceb
File 141992430035.png - (25.66KB , 840x600 , 190.png )

"A quarantine has been declared on this floor. The [incubation room] has been breached and [biological contaminants] are present. Please await further instruction."

>Throw rubble at the camera
Take that, camera!

"A quarantine has been declared on this floor-” CRUNCH ”-That was not very nice, Marie.”
No. 616725 ID: 687279

Uh, what? Ask who that is.
No. 616731 ID: dd4ed3

>That was not very nice, Marie
Cameras don't have feelings, and you can't complain about property damage on property you stole in the first place.

(Jump to the end end of the tape, and start recording. Be nice to know later if this conversation is audible or in our head).

Who am I speaking with? You know my name, what you you called?

Also, look for the speaker as you're talking.
No. 616789 ID: 82c018

Are you? And while we are talking, you know who I am, so would you mind saying who you are?
No. 616844 ID: 76155a

>That was not very nice, Marie
Neither is spying!
No. 616911 ID: defceb
File 141999888693.png - (25.85KB , 840x600 , 191.png )

>Check last software updated.
The most recent one recorded was the software update you just had before waking up. It's listed as being from an alm_r_repairprotocol.

You jump to the end of the tape and hit record.
>"Cameras don't have feelings, and you can't complain about property damage on property you stole in the first place. "
"A quarantine has been declared on this floor. The [incubation room] has been breached and [biological contaminants] are present. Please await further instruction."

A brief look around doesn't reveal any visible speakers.
>"Who are you?"
"A quarantine has been declared on this floor. The [surgery hall] has been breached and [a nosy jerk] is present. Please await further instruction."

You take a look up the hole in the roof. It's too dark to see anything up there, but it couldn't have been from your escape pod, you're in the wrong side of the building.
"A quarantine has been declared on this floor. The [error: location null] has been breached and [psychological contaminants] are present. Please await further instruction."

This is fruitless. You climb over the rubble and into the stairway.
No. 616913 ID: defceb
File 141999910609.png - (36.76KB , 840x600 , 192.png )

There's that noise again. The one you heard on the third floor. Or more accurately, didn't hear on the second trip.
No. 616914 ID: 687279

Time for more hallucinations. Just climb. Ignore everything.
No. 616915 ID: 2ec61a

down first, is a little key on a string.
No. 616916 ID: 82c018

Ok, assuming that painting is actually there our baddie has finally impressed me with their artistic ability.
First consideration, do we have a head-light or other means of seeing in the dark if that very precarious looking light goes off?
Second, is that a can of paint on the stairs? (Now that I think about it the other stuff might be paint as well rather than blood, which would explain it staying red rather than turning brown.)
Third, what is downwards? How far does the broken section of the stairway go?
Fourth, there is another one of those strange keys. It looks rather precarious, so we should come back with a stick (or metal cyber-zombie-part euqivalent).
No. 616917 ID: 95c255

It's not a hallucination, just a huge painting.

We really should be checking to see how fresh these images are. It's a good idea to make sure we aren't ten seconds behind the enemy.
No. 616923 ID: 9ddf68

hay look a bucket, can you tell what's in it?
No. 616930 ID: defceb
File 142000397949.png - (24.26KB , 840x600 , 193.png )

>What's down?
No. 616935 ID: 687279

I thought we were only like two floors above the pod. The floors here must be pretty tall.

Get the key I guess.
No. 616939 ID: defceb
File 142000629083.png - (35.91KB , 840x600 , 194.png )

>Retrieve the key
Your reach isn't quite far enough to get the key. The steps creak uncomfortably under your weight.
No. 616941 ID: dd4ed3

>A brief look around doesn't reveal any visible speakers.
Poor explanation is hidden speakers. Bad explanation is you were perception hacked, via the eye. ...really bad explanation is you're hallucinating.

The geothermal source we're tapping into, maybe?

>Get the key I guess.
Check the stairs down for structural stability, first. We're not getting any closer if they're unsteady, or can't take you weight.

If it will hold you weight, you could try getting close enough to reel the key in. Looks like it's on a piece of string or wire or something.
No. 616942 ID: dd4ed3

Can you grab the thing the keys are caught on and bend it back towards yourself?

If not, back off. No need to temp fate. We can come back with a pole or grasper or something.
No. 616943 ID: 687279

Every goddamn time there's a key we can't get it. FOREVER KEYBLOCKED.

Go up.
No. 616946 ID: 2ec61a

remove shoe, hold on to upper stairs with both arms, grab key with toes.
No. 616947 ID: 82c018

We really need to get a ten foot pole (right after we get a tinfoil hat).
No. 616949 ID: dd4ed3

...actually wait, don't we have a belt? With a silly little doorknocker on it?

We could totally dangle it down and hook the key with that.
No. 616951 ID: defceb
File 142000815689.png - (35.99KB , 840x600 , 195.png )

>remove shoe, hold on to upper stairs with both arms, grab key with toes.

Almost. Almooooooost.
No. 616953 ID: defceb
File 142000887550.png - (36.32KB , 840x600 , 196.png )



Uh oh
No. 616954 ID: 9ddf68

quick grab the next bar up before the stairs fall out from under you.
No. 616955 ID: 687279

Those are not the upper stairs aaaa
No. 616957 ID: 381e24

ok, do both these things simultaneously:
1. grab hold of something higher, the guardrails or the stairs themselves, doesn't matter as long as it's higher than what you're holding right now.

No. 616960 ID: dd4ed3

Grab the next bars up and hold on tight, the floor is gonna fall out from under you and you're going to have to drag youself up.

Use the magic of the UI to place the key and shoe you're holding in your inventory before you can drop them.
No. 616961 ID: defceb
File 142001081218.png - (36.90KB , 840x600 , 197.png )

>Grab the next rail and DON'T LET GO OF THAT KEY
You FLAIL WILDLY at the next rail.
No. 616962 ID: dd4ed3

Less flailing, more precision!
No. 616963 ID: 81960a

If you can't get the next rail, grab the next step first, and use it to reach the rail.
No. 616964 ID: defceb
File 142001196364.png - (36.56KB , 840x600 , 198.png )

>Less flailing more precision!
>Grab the next step first

Safe landing! Sort of.
Now about that key...
No. 616965 ID: dd4ed3

Flip the key up so the loop of string or wire it's hanging from catches on the skull and/or doorknocker on your belt.

Then you can climb up.
No. 616967 ID: 9ddf68

if you think you have a good grip just grab the next bar in the rails up and pull yourself up. if not then make sure you have a good grip on the rail bar you're holding onto now and reach for the key with your other hand. Once you have it firmly THEN pull yourself up.
No. 616970 ID: defceb
File 142001388778.png - (36.63KB , 840x600 , 199.png )

>Flip the key up so the loop of string or wire it's hanging from catches on the skull and/or doorknocker on your belt.

Up and over aaaannnddd.... got it!
No. 616971 ID: defceb
File 142001394302.png - (4.24KB , 420x300 , 200.png )

Key added to your inventory!
No. 616972 ID: dd4ed3

Success! Climb up, replace boot, if you didn't lose it.
No. 616978 ID: 687279

Hmm you know, you could go down and get the key at the top of the shelves too. Then see if either key fits that locker down where you crashed.
No. 616979 ID: a19cd5

haha, enhanced knockers save the day yet again.
Climb up, replace boot, and let's get on up the rest of these stairs after we inspect the wall painting(?) of dudes dancing on buildings
No. 617101 ID: defceb
File 142006693894.png - (61.13KB , 840x600 , 201.png )

You haul yourself back up, re-equip boot, and climb up the stairs. Along the way you confirm that the bucket does indeed hold red paint.
No. 617104 ID: 687279

This is a pretty fucked up mural, yo. Try that door on the next landing.
No. 617105 ID: 9ddf68

take green paint, write a message in the unpainted corner where the buckets are at. Put down "guess you have a lot a free time huh" and keep moving forward. Not much else you can do, and if you happen to come back this way and see a response then you know someone has also been through here after we have.
No. 617106 ID: dd4ed3

Is that a flashlight sitting on the stairs? Might be useful.
No. 617139 ID: fef726

Huh, is that your face on the mural?
No. 617360 ID: defceb
File 142016920425.png - (54.57KB , 840x600 , 202.png )

>take green paint, write a message in the unpainted corner where the buckets are at. Put down "guess you have a lot a free time huh" and keep moving forward.

>Is that a flashlight?
Apparently so. You gain a flashlight!

>Is that your face on the mural?
You suppose there's a passing resemblance. Why would someone want to paint your face on a creepy mural though?
No. 617361 ID: defceb
File 142016936108.png - (27.35KB , 840x600 , 203.png )

>Try that door on the next landing.
You ascend the stairs to the next doorway. Somebody steps out of the door before you get there.

"... I know, honey, I know. This should just take a second I'm sure I forgot it over here."
No. 617362 ID: 687279

Oh wow, another survivor! Greet her and introduce yourself, explain your situation. Also I suppose the flashlight is hers.
No. 617364 ID: 9ddf68

When she notices you ask if she's going to try and kill you. Because you'd rather she not
No. 617365 ID: dd4ed3

The mural artist? She's only got blue on her though, and there's not much of that. Um. That's more the color of coolant actually, but you haven't crossed paths with her yet.

>what do
Stop, raise your hand and wave, and say hi. Don't blind her by pointing the flashlight in her face, or make sudden moves, or close, yet. If she's trapped down here with crazy not-actually-zombies, you don't want to spook her.
No. 617420 ID: defceb
File 142018189435.png - (21.86KB , 840x600 , 204.png )

>Stop, raise your hand and wave, and say hi.
She leaps at the sound of your voice.
No. 617421 ID: defceb
File 142018190889.png - (15.34KB , 840x600 , 205.png )

She then flees.
No. 617423 ID: dd4ed3

Well, that's a perfectly rational response from a scared survivor in this situation. You're an unknown, and unknowns are dangerous.

So plus side, she's probably not one of the crazies. Down side, you scared her off.

Wait, stay where you are for a minute. See if she peeks her head out again.

If she doesn't come back, we could try going up to the door and knocking and/or trying to talk through it.

...or she was carrying a walkie talkie. Can the coms in your head spoof that? You could try and talk to her without going after her or cornering her or anything. (Hello? I'm not going to hurt you, really).
No. 617426 ID: 687279

Open the door and peek through.
No. 617479 ID: 8f01e8

Go up to the door but don't try to open it. Loudly apologize for scaring her. Introduce yourself - name, not backstory. Ask if she has any spare tetrahoxinal, or even just a decent map of this place. Offer to retrieve whatever it is she was going to look for as a show of good faith.
No. 617480 ID: 82c018

I believe the traditional phrase we neglected to say is "I come in peace". We will have to remember that next time.

Try knocking on the door.
No. 617665 ID: defceb
File 142027397464.png - (32.01KB , 840x600 , 206.png )

You wait for a bit, but she doesn't return. You then go up and knock on the door. It appears to be double-hinged, and sways gently at your touch.

>"I'm sorry I scared you."
Silence follows.

You take a peek through the door and the hum of static greets you. A muffled voice speaks up from beyond the static. A man's voice.

"Hello? Is anyone there? I'm kind of stuck."
No. 617666 ID: 687279

Reboot? What is rebooting? It better not be resetting those firewalls you put up on your eye.

Also it's weird that you can even still see the static. I thought you couldn't see out of your compromised eye anymore? Go looking in the hallway but do not approach the static. Ask where he is and how he's stuck.
No. 617667 ID: dd4ed3

>Reboot? What is rebooting?
Internal comms, looks like.

>Hello? Is anyone there? I'm kind of stuck.
Um, yes, I'm here. What's wrong?

...that woman from before couldn't help you?

Don't cross into the grid, yet.
No. 617669 ID: defceb
File 142027971432.png - (49.37KB , 840x600 , 207.png )

>"Uh... yes, I'm here. What's wrong?"
"I'm kind of stuck in here and can't get out. It's very dark. I don't like it. Did I mention I'm claustrophobic? Please help."

>"the woman from before couldn't help you?"
"Who? If someone passed by before you I didn't hear them."

>"How are you stuck?"
"Oh I don't know, it's some kind of locker I think. I can't open it from the inside."
No. 617674 ID: 724518

"... Ruby?"
No. 617686 ID: 780763

this screams trap.
ask who he is, how did he get there, what was his role etc. then go back a little and radio your friends and ask if he's legit.
No. 617692 ID: 8f01e8

Explain that normally you would be a lot quicker to help someone in a situation like this, but your last couple of subjective hours have seen a disproportionate amount of psychological warfare and unexpected attempts to ventilate your internal organs.

Ask them to knock on the lid of the locker so you can figure out where it is, because you're having some visual problems.

Consider going back and ripping a bar off the damaged end of the stairs to use as a nonvisual sensor extension/crude remote manipulator/spear.
No. 617698 ID: 82c018

Use mirror on static corridor.
No. 617699 ID: 687279

Tell him you uh, can't see past the grid, so you can't help him. Don't go in there.

...unless using the flashlight cuts through the static?
No. 617702 ID: dd4ed3

How'd you get inside a locker?

Might want to ask if he's got any prosthetics. He's kind of on grid, there. (Meaning letting him out could be dangerous).

Experiment with tuning your radio while you're talking to him. If you can find the frequency the woman was talking on, maybe you can listen in to what she's saying now. (Which might be relevant).
No. 617774 ID: defceb
File 142034297863.png - (42.27KB , 840x600 , 208.png )

The flashlight doesn't have a noticeable effect on the wall of static.

“Close! Promise not to laugh please, but my name is Rudolf Svensson. You can just call me Rudy.”

>”How did you get in there?”
“I was running away from some big scary thing. This looked like a good place to hide but I didn't know I couldn't open it from the inside.”

>”I can’t see where you are.”
You hear a knocking sound from beyond the static. “I’m over here! Please hurry it’s very uncomfortable in here.”

>”Do you have any prosthetics?”
“uh… no?”

>”Wait a minute, I’d be quick to help normally but there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on.”
“What, no please come back I don’t like it in here. You’re the first person I know of that came by come back pleaaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeee” They’re… crying?
No. 617776 ID: 687279

Tell him you don't think you CAN help him; if you go where he is, you'll be blind. Tell him to hold tight, you'll get help as soon as you can.

I'm guessing this is a straight corridor into the static? Go back out and climb upwards some more. Maybe the next floor won't have so much static.
No. 617779 ID: 42443a

*Sigh*. Time to be a good person, I suppose.

Take a peek inside the static, see if you can see anything or if anything attacks you. If nothing immediately horrifying happens, try making your way to him. We can open the locker, or probably rip it off it's hinges if we have to.

Hey, radio's working, apparently! We'll have to fool around with the dial and see if there's a frequency we can hear anything on.
No. 617784 ID: 82c018

By use mirror, I mean angle the mirror so the corridor is reflected and look at that.
No. 617812 ID: 780763

tell him to calm the fuck down and that you're not leaving for long. tell him you need to make sure it's not a trap first.
then go radio your friends and ask about rudy. risking your hide for little benefit is how you get hurt.
No. 618047 ID: defceb
File 142041820243.png - (56.60KB , 840x600 , 209.png )

>use a mirror
The mirror was broken back in the surgery room. Maybe you can find a replacement somewhere?

>”Just hold tight, I have to check something first.”
“What noooooo nononononono pleaaasee.”

The knocking sound turns into a desperate banging noise. If it’s a trap it’s certainly an emotional trap.

You step back out into the stairway and start fiddling with the radio. Static, static, more static channels. Oh, found something.

”...probably another way around the stairs anyway. I’m sure we can still find a way down. Almost at the door now, let me in.”

It sounds like the voice from that woman from a moment ago.
No. 618059 ID: 687279

Ah, try to contact her. Introduce yourself and assure her you are not a threat. Also ask her about the man supposedly trapped in a locker. Also maybe ask if she knows how to get to the coolant we're looking for?
No. 618061 ID: 42443a

>It sounds like the voice from that woman from a moment ago.
Um, hello? It's me, the person you ran away from on the stars.

I don't mean you any harm. I'm not even from here! I kind of fell into this facility by accident.
No. 618089 ID: 82c018

Now is the time to say the thing: "I come in peace."
No. 618114 ID: 8f01e8

Ask if she knows a guy named Rudolph Svensson.
No. 618230 ID: defceb
File 142044407411.png - (17.39KB , 840x600 , 210.png )

>”Hello? This is the person you ran away from a moment ago.”

“In the stairwell? Right, bye”

>”I come in peace! I’m not even from here, I kind of fell into this place.”

“...loud noise, sudden boom, big holes in the facility type of fall? Alright, you piqued my curiosity at least.”

>”Do you happen to know a Rudolph Svensson?”

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

A second voice chimes in, deep and masculine. “I knew the guy! Bit clumsy, a lot of a coward, but nice enough fellow.”

“Oh waaait, is this the therapist? I met him once, he was kind of a creeper.”

“Maybe he was just flabbergasted at seeing a lady as beautiful as yourself.”

“Oh stop it you, you’re gonna make me blush!”

>”I’m still here.”

“Oh, uh… sorry.”

>”Rrrriiiiight. Do you know where I can get any tetrahoxinal as well?”

“I worked with that stuff all the time. There should be some in the chemical storage. Where are you currently?”

“Stairwell, dear, we covered this earlier.”

“Oh then it should be past the door and to the right. You’ll need an ID card from someone who worked on that floor or an admin’s passcode to get in though. Or find a way around the lock I suppose.”

“Everything is locked around here. The architects must’ve had a stick up their ass as wide as the state. What do you need that for anyway? Who are you?”
No. 618231 ID: 42443a

>Who are you?

I uh, crashed near Morgan. He was hurt, I got him to Haley Anselm, and she patched him up. Me too, after one of the things you have running around here stabbed me, so I'm not offended you were jumpy.

>What do you need that for anyway?
I use tetrahoxinal as a coolant. I lost a lot during the, uh, stabbing. I'm a full uplift.

If they response incredulously, or like you're crazy: did you get a look at me before you left? Did you notice my ears? ...or that I wasn't carrying a radio?

>they know Rudy
*Sigh*. I guess that means that's probably a real person trapped over there asking for help, and maybe not this place trying to mess with me again.

If they question that, explain their grid messes with your senses. It throws up a lot of interference. She didn't see anything when she passed by?

We should probably try and get him out. Even feeling around blind, you should be able to get a locker open. By brute strength, if you have to.
No. 618257 ID: dccc95

>Who are you?
I'm lost.
No. 618267 ID: 82c018

Mary. I am sort of from space. Long story.
They should go speak with Dr. Ansalem in the fifth floor off-grid area when they have the time; the stairwell door is no longer blocked. We non-zombies should work together.

Would she be able to unlock the door to chemicals for us after we go help Rudy out of a locker?
No. 618279 ID: 780763

>Who are you?
marie. probably.

telling them why you need tetrahoxinal means telling them you're 100% prosthetic, which is counterproductive to making them trust you.
tell them "for reasons".
No. 618284 ID: 42443a

We couldn't be one of those people who's prosthetic have gone all zombie on them! The stairs aren't on the grid!

>worried about the grid / wifi
I just realized we missed a chance with the clothing selection. Screw tinfoil hats- we could have protected ourself from wireless intrusion by making ourselves a full Faraday cage suit!
No. 618363 ID: 8f01e8

You need tetrahoxinal because an angry corpse tore a hole in a coolant pipe and you and Haley couldn't get it patched before the reserve dropped to 'critical.'

Was that item she was going to retrieve from the stairwell a flashlight or a key? Found those, maybe willing to share as a show of good faith.

Also tell them that Rudy's stuck in a locker. You want to help him but it's out of your effective reach, since after the 'angry corpse' incident you're skittish about going back to on-grid areas.

None of that is at all false, or even especially misleading, it just dodges the issue of you being full prosthetic.
No. 618652 ID: defceb
File 142062068810.png - (25.35KB , 840x600 , 211.png )

>”I’m Marie, and I’m kind of from space. Long story. I need the tetrahoxinal ‘cause an angry corpse tore a hole in a coolant pipe. I couldn't fix it until it hit critical lows. Were you looking for a flashlight or a key by chance?”

“Nope, and what I look for is my secret to keep.”

>”Fair enough. I think the real Rudy is stuck in a locker so I’m going to go lend him a hand. Any chance you could open the chemical room afterwards?”

“Even if I could, I wouldn't stick my neck out again so soon. The real Rudy?”

>”The grid has been messing with my… tech.”

“Grid problem, you owe me $10 dearie.”

>”...right. Stairs are open to the fifth floor now by the way. You can find Dr. Anselm and Morgan in the surgery room.”

“I’ll think about it. Have fun out there!”

The line goes silent.

You rip off an iron bar from the stairs for an improvised weapon and then take a peek beyond the static.
No. 618657 ID: 256d52

Chances are Rudy's in the locker with the battered door. Check if it's locked. Think that blue switch closes the hallway door? The red glow feels a little ominous.
No. 618658 ID: 687279

Oh, the static is just a thin wall? Weird. Go over to the lockers and call out for Rudy. Still don't know exactly which locker he's in.
No. 618669 ID: 8f01e8

Advance cautiously. Don't step in the orange puddles. Let Rudy know you're coming but don't make more noise than necessary. Take a look at that poster as you pass, it might be another anachronistic clue to what's going on.
No. 618673 ID: 42443a

Blood puddles. Great.

At least the static seems like a boundary effect. Which is... strange, to be honest.

Is Rudy still crying or banging? Can you tell where he is? If not, try talking to him. Rudy, tell me where you are. Then approach carefully.

The coolant on the button make it look the woman whose name we never got took that door. Might explain how she missed Rudy if she quickly went from one door to the other when running from you, but it's weird he didn't speak up when she walked through, talking on her radio, the first time.
No. 618831 ID: defceb
File 142070493831.png - (18.62KB , 600x840 , 212.png )

>Think that blue switch closes the hallway door?
The button is unmarked. Looks like the only way to find out would be to push it!

>Advance cautiously. Take a look at that poster as you pass, it might be another anachronistic clue to what's going on.
Looks like a movie poster. It's only held to the wall by push-pins, you could easily take it with you if you wish.
No. 618836 ID: fef726

Sure, might as well take it. Examine the back of it before you roll it into something more manageable.

Also press the button.
No. 618842 ID: defceb
File 142070678109.png - (21.19KB , 840x600 , 213.png )

You add the poster to your inventory. In checking the back, you discover that it's autographed. Collector's value!

>Also push the button.
The metal shutter slams down over the exit path. Looks like you'll need to find a new way out.

>"Psst, hey Rudy you still here?"

"You're back!"


He quiets down to a whisper, "Thank goodness you're back! I thought you were going to leave me to die in here."

Judging by the sound of his voice, he is in the furthest right locker.
No. 618845 ID: 687279

Open it. Quietly.

God damn it don't push buttons when you don't know what they do! At least we know there IS a way out. After Rudy is out of there, ask him how to re-open the shutters.
No. 618863 ID: 69ab8d

The poster was numbered. Could it be part of a set?

>The metal shutter slams down over the exit path. Looks like you'll need to find a new way out.
Ooooor you need to push the button again. Or try lifting the shutter the hard way.

Biggest drawback is that if Rudy is a trap or some kind of monster, we just lost our retreat route. And with you low on coolant, you're not in good shape to fight.

>what do
Try opening the locker, and stand back. If it's jammed or locked, try forcing it with your strength. If that doesn't work, examine the lock and/or jam. (Maybe it takes the key we found?).
No. 618889 ID: 95c255

Open the locker while standing off to the side.
No. 618934 ID: 8f01e8

Mess with Rudy's head.

I mean, yes, obviously let him out of the locker and apologize for taking so long, but then ask him how long he thinks he was in there. It's a standard thing for assessing the severity of a claustrophobic reaction, like taking somebody's temperature when they have a fever.

Then ask about when he got stuck in there, including the date, and act astonished. "Wow, that's more than a hundred and fifty years ago, before I was even uploaded. It really seemed like less than a day?"
No. 618955 ID: 88960e

No fucking with his head. Marie's had enough fucking with her own head since she got her to not feel comfortable with that. Especially when it comes to time.
No. 618958 ID: 8f3b8c


this. don't you have x-ray or infrared or something?
No. 618964 ID: 8f3b8c

in fact, just list off all your added functions and run diagnostics on 'em.
No. 618996 ID: 69ab8d

>asking someone with memory problems to list all her capabilities
No. 619174 ID: defceb
File 142086550503.png - (21.39KB , 840x600 , 214.png )

>Open the locker while standing off to the side.
It seems to be stuck. Upon closer inspection it looks like the handle had been bashed in.

>If it's jammed or locked, try forcing it with your strength.
You give it a mighty pull!
No. 619175 ID: defceb
File 142086555252.png - (23.44KB , 840x600 , 215.png )

The handle makes a loud snap as it breaks apart.

No. 619178 ID: 9ddf68

quick get back to your feet before it can attack

if it seems that you are not about to be attacked then start asking Rudy how he got in the locker in the first place and if he has any idea what is going on around here.
No. 619180 ID: 69ab8d

Use right hand to catch that shelving behind you to keep yourself from falling.

Then see about helping Rudy up, making sure he isn't a science fiction monster, etc.

Assuming he isn't: introductions.
No. 619183 ID: 01745f

He seems to have biological arms, so unless he has robot legs that want to kick us to death we should be ok on that account.
After that try pressing the shutter button again. The bloodstain is partly on the shutter but it was up when we found it, so the shutter has been opened at least once after the outbreak started.
No. 619207 ID: 9a8629


maybe the UI can. I figured it was a try.


tell him to be quiet. help him retrieve his legs from the next locker.
No. 619220 ID: 687279

Tell him to be quiet! Actually nevermind it's too late, the red thing down the hall heard you and is coming closer (the red light is brighter). We need an escape route that isn't that direction!

That, or hide in a different locker.
No. 619377 ID: defceb
File 142094984974.png - (23.98KB , 840x600 , 216.png )

You catch yourself on the shelf, averting another graceful landing. Rudy busies himself with stretching before rolling over to face you.

"Oh it feels so good to move again. It's been way too long."


"Oh, sorry."

>"Why were you in there?"

"I thought I told you already, I was running from something and thought it would be a good idea to hide in the locker."

>"How long were you in there?"

"Uh... days? I think? Or... I don't know it all kind of just blended together. Do you have a light? I can barely see in here."
No. 619379 ID: 687279

Yes, give him the flashlight and tell him we have to move, because the red thing is nearly here.
No. 619381 ID: 9ddf68

well ask him if he knows the layout of the building and how close you are to finding any coolant, then head down the only path you have to get out of here. Also keep an eye out for food to give to Rudy since he's probably hungry if he's been in there that long. Plus whatever he doesn't eat would be useful for the other two back in home base.
No. 619382 ID: 8f01e8

Rudy, we need to get somewhere off-grid in a hurry. How fast can that big shutter blocking the stairwell be re-opened?
No. 619383 ID: 69ab8d

Help him up, and put the flashlight in his hand. Keep a watch on the door.

We either need to depend on stealth (hide?) or get past the shutter. You're low on coolant- a fight would be very bad.
No. 619490 ID: bd1216

yeah, go to the other side of the room and look for a way out. something's coming.
No. 619498 ID: 86815f

is that red light getting closer? it looks closer
No. 619668 ID: defceb
File 142103360726.png - (26.25KB , 840x600 , 217.png )

You put the flashlight in his hand and then grab him to leave.

>"We need to get going now. How fast can the shutter be opened?"

"What, that shutter? It's uh... it's part of an alarm system I think. There's a security office past the tech labs that should be able to open it."
No. 619673 ID: defceb
File 142103389160.png - (21.47KB , 840x600 , 218.png )

"Tech labs should be just this... way... that's new." He shines the flashlight down the hole, but you can't see the end of it. He then points the flashlight at you. "...and apparently I've been in the locker for so long I'm now hallucinating an escape plan with an elf."

There's no time to explain everything to Rudy, which door do you take?
No. 619676 ID: 687279

These look more like bathrooms. Get it? Nuts and bolts? Take the nut room since it's unlikely the beast following you will be able to get to the door.

Also tell him you're a cyborg, they're custom ears.
No. 619678 ID: 69ab8d

You're not hallucinating. I wasn't born with these.

Take the right hand door.
No. 619687 ID: d9999b

enter the nuts door.
No. 619691 ID: 53f127

Go in the nut room but leave the door to the bolt room ajar so it looks like you went in there.
No. 619723 ID: b66bbe

oh yeah leave one door open
No. 619728 ID: 9ddf68

well you're going nuts around here so might as well head for the nut room
No. 619828 ID: defceb
File 142104958865.png - (38.99KB , 840x600 , 219.png )

>"I'm a cyborg, custom ears, long story."

>Go in the nut room but leave the door to the bolt room ajar so it looks like you went in there.

"Cyborg, really? I specialized in therapy for people who've suffered from limb loss and-" He blanches when he gets a look at the room. "d-d-do you see that too?"
No. 619833 ID: 69ab8d

Oh, great. They actually were clever bathroom signs. Which means this is a dead end unless that hole in the wall goes somewhere.

>do you see that too?
Unless the grid can mess with both our heads, yes. It's a slaughterhouse in here.

Check body (more spikes? Another one like the one that got you) and see if the hole in the back wall goes anywhere.

Huh. Do you see that grey stuff on Rudy? He's been burned, or has a rash or something.
No. 619836 ID: d9999b

first things to check are the stalls and the hole with a flashlight. then try to discern the means by which that guy was killed. grab a spike if it looks weaponizable. loot the corpse. check inside the toilets and the reservoirs. examine the broken mirror.
No. 619840 ID: 687279

I was right! Bathrooms.
What's that on the mirror?
Ask him why this is surprising. How does he not know of the prosthetics going nuts?
No. 619867 ID: 9ddf68

tell him as long as the body doesn't have any cybernetic limbs it won't get back up and try and kill us, they're something wrong with the grid and it's messing with pretty much all cybernetics in some way. If he ask if you're effect tell him when you're in the grid you somethings see things and things get static-y sometimes but not much beyond that.

Also seeing blood in the third stall so there might be a drone in there as well. Just keep an eye on the body and be weary of the last stall and see if the hole in back leads anywhere.
No. 619870 ID: 86815f

that lady is probably dead but better check to make sure.
also, obviously this room is not safe.
too bad there's no time to check the men's room, there might be someone hiding there. you should check the stalls here for hiding people/cyborg zombies too.
No. 619878 ID: a2f9bc

Hopefully that's just a dead person and not another crazy cyborg.

Kneel down and look under the stalls.
No. 620014 ID: 8f01e8

Assign Rudy to shine the flashlight into the hole in the far wall. Retrieve spikes from corpse, if they'd be better weapons than the iron bar from the staircase... or if you dropped it.

Keep an eye on the door. If the pursuing cyclope appears about to enter, kick it down the pit, being careful not to fall yourself or become entangled in an extended melee.
No. 620053 ID: defceb
File 142113635950.png - (35.98KB , 840x600 , 220.png )

>"What, you weren't aware of all the stuff going on around here?"

"The normal reaction to violence is disgust. You're the weird one being so unmovable."

>"By the way, what's with your skin?"

"It's called a skin graft and in the vast majority of cases they get a perfect match to skin tone."

>Inspect everything

You inspect the woman first. Cold hands, rigor mortis, they're all dead. No signs of cybernetics either. All the blood on the tiles has coagulated into a gross jelly as well. You pull one of spikes out of her corpse.

The mirror appears to have been painted over with hasty brush strokes.

Rudy looks down the hole. "I can't see where it leads with this flashlight. How can this hole even be here, there should be a storage closet behind this wall."
No. 620054 ID: 9ddf68

>How can this hole even be here, there should be a storage closet behind this wall.
is that where you pod landed or no? Because if not that means there's something else in the building with the power to knock down walls.
No. 620056 ID: defceb
File 142113661022.png - (22.19KB , 840x600 , 221.png )

>Kneel down and look under the stalls.
No. 620058 ID: 01efb5

>skin graft
Whups. Tactless.

Shit, cybernetics. The one over there might not be dead-dead.

Quietly, quickly, get Rudy to move away from that stall before we have to do something stupid and heroic and coolant overburdening.
No. 620061 ID: defceb
File 142113787297.png - (16.10KB , 840x600 , 222.png )

>is that where you pod landed or no?
You make a quick mental map of the place. It doesn't seem like it would be from your escape pod based on what you know so far.
No. 620065 ID: 687279

>gross jelly
...I don't think that's normal. Blood dries, doesn't it?

Open the stall door and be prepared to nail the corpse to the wall if it so much as whirrs.
No. 620117 ID: 9ddf68

so we going down the hole? if so I think we should do it as quickly and quietly as we can so as to not alert the maybe drone in the 3rd stall. I mean without coolant the last thing we want to do is get involved in to much strenuous activity and risk overheating.
No. 620163 ID: 8f01e8

>...I don't think that's normal. Blood dries, doesn't it?
If there's enough of it, especially on a nonporous surface in humid air (conditions you'd expect to see in a bathroom) it doesn't really coagulate any further than the consistency of, say, the coating on a caramel apple. Mix in some bile from punctured intestines and other miscellaneous corpse-juice, yeah, "gross jelly" would summarize it pretty well.

Don't turn your nose back on, Marie. In fact, wipe that spike off with paper towels and wash your hands.

Rather than getting sidetracked into exploring the impossible mystery hole, I recommend disassembling the currently unoccupied bathroom stall and using those parts to construct a bridge across the gap out in the hallway.
No. 620264 ID: defceb
File 142121405369.png - (37.84KB , 840x600 , 223.png )

You motion Rudy to come back and stay quiet.

>"I don't know if you noticed, but we're not alone in here. They're not awake, in a manner of speaking. Or at least I don't think they are. But I'm in no condition to fight them."

"Oh that's no good, I'm not a fighter at all."

>"And to make matters worse, we have something else outside. If we're lucky it bought the door trick and is stalking the other bathroom. So the way I see it we have three choices. We can rush the hole-"

"The deep, dark, mysterious hole to who knows where?"

>"Yeah, that hole. We can probably just jump in, but if we want to be safe I can try sticking the drone with this thing-"

"The really disgusting spike you pulled out of a corpse."

>"...yes. Or we can rip off parts of this stall and use it to get to the big door. You said that goes to the tech labs, right?"

"aaand past the labs is the security room where we can open the shutter."

>"Right. Last option, we hope the big thing IS in the other bathroom and split to hallway it came from. Is there anything important down there?"

"Uh... chemical storage, alternate entrance to the tech labs, a janitor's closet, and a path to the catwalks in the labs come to mind. So which way are we going to go?"
No. 620287 ID: 687279

Chemical storage would be really good considering we can get some tetra from there. On the other hand, we would then have to cross paths with it again to open the gate. So let's rip a door off the hinges and use it as a bridge to get to the tech lab. Open the door from there, have Rudy wait past the end of the Grid, then try to sneak into chemical storage alone. Or he could come with I guess if he's feeling brave.
No. 620298 ID: 9ddf68

build a bridge so we can burn it down later, hopefully with something mean and nasty on it so we don't have to worry about it later. Plus out of all the options this one doesn't really so much on chance as the others and gets us to where we want to go.
No. 620302 ID: a18f15

>The really disgusting spike you pulled out of a corpse
As the unfortunate copse and your own injuries attest, the disgusting spikes do work.

>rabit hole, bridge, or sneak
I'm not one for jumping down the hole. I'd think we should sneak or bridge.

Not sure about sticking the drone, either way. It's hard to guess if ignoring it or trying to kill it is asking for more trouble. ...I'm kind of thinking sticking it might be bad, as we can't be sure we'd 'kill' it one stab. Hitting vital areas on the body doesn't mean the machinery stops.
No. 620372 ID: 8f01e8

Oh, man, chemical storage is where the tanks of spare coolant would be.

New plan: use bathroom stall parts to barricade the "bolt" door, hopefully inconveniencing antagonist, then head for chemical storage as quickly as reasonably possible.
No. 620569 ID: defceb
File 142139064445.png - (40.43KB , 840x600 , 224.png )

>Take the door, make a bridge.
The hinges of the door buckle with surprising ease. The screech of broken metal is accentuated by the sudden purr of electric motors.

"i-I'd like to leave here please."

Something in the next room makes a loud banging noise.

No. 620571 ID: 687279

Yes, let's. Cross the bridge, then grab the door again so that they can't follow you.
No. 620582 ID: 9ddf68

yeah, the third stall is starting to freak out as well now so leaving is probably a really good options here.
No. 620588 ID: a18f15

Yes very good let's go now, excellent.

Interesting that static kicked in as soon as you woke it up. And from the sounds of it, your door trick worked. Too bad we alerted both things. Maybe we should have gone the sneaky route.

Get out and across asap, make sure the fragile meat-person gets across first.
No. 620647 ID: defceb
File 142147954728.png - (51.87KB , 840x600 , 225.png )

The two of you scramble out of the restroom and use the makeshift bridge to cross over the hole. As you cross, the thing slowly creeps out of the other bathroom. It moves in a jerky, uneven fashion, as the various pistons, motors, and joints covering it's form fire off. The orchestra of machinery pours a cloud of static out from itself.

You're only vaguely aware of Rudy forcing open the door and grabbing your wrist. "Snap out of it!"
No. 620649 ID: defceb
File 142147993591.png - (65.46KB , 840x600 , 226.png )

A fog rests over your mind. You know to flee, but this knowledge never becomes action. You know to cry out, but the voice stays quiet. The world tilts.

Rudy pulls you into the Tech Lab.
No. 620650 ID: defceb
File 142148000305.png - (2.87KB , 840x600 , 227.png )

The door makes a series of clicks as it slams shut.

"Wow, it's actually darker in here."
No. 620654 ID: a19cd5

>Activate flashlight eyes you probably totally have
No. 620663 ID: a18f15

I would have suggest kicking the bridge out, if you hadn't completely locked up.

Diagnostic- is something interfering with your control systems? If your commands to your own systems are being blocked or jammed, that's bad. If that was a psychological lockup, that's still frustrating, but less bad.

>Wow, it's actually darker in here
Turn on night-vision, if you haven't already. The flashlight will alert anything else that might be in here, and you might as well try and see them first. Set to auto-back to regular vision when Rudy remembers he has a flashlight in a moment. If he doesn't remember, ask him if he still has it to prompt him.
No. 620679 ID: 9ddf68

find a light source to Rudy can see. Just turn on any night vision thing you may have so you can see in the dark.
No. 621272 ID: defceb
File 142174112106.png - (4.37KB , 840x600 , 228.png )

>Diagnostic- is something interfering with your control systems?
No. 621273 ID: defceb
File 142174115241.png - (31.53KB , 840x600 , 229.png )

>Try night vision
No. 621275 ID: 256d52

Sooo, think they can see in the dark too? Try closing one eye, then the other.

Also, run! Silently!
No. 621276 ID: 687279

Oh god this was a bad idea. Tell him to be very quiet and not use the flashlight. You will guide him through this area.

Avoid the nasties. If there's an artificial leg sitting around, grab it.
No. 621283 ID: 9ddf68

don't talk! don't make a single sound, cover Rudy's mouth so he doesn't give your position away either. These things don't seem to have noticed you yet so scan for an exit with the lest number of things that want to kill you then QUIETLY and as quickly as you dare move yourself and Rudy that way and away from here.
No. 621286 ID: a08637

those are a lot of cameras.

move to your left, that seems least unsafe.
No. 621289 ID: 8f01e8

Hand over Rudy's mouth and whisper for him to stay quiet. Then, move cautiously around the room, using the grody spike to disable cameras, prioritizing bubble-dome types that could point in any direction.

She's only got one working eye, remember? The other one is effectively blind due to firewalled foreign hardware.
No. 621294 ID: a18f15

Damnit. We'll have to try running a diagnostic again when we're off grid, again. See if we can trace, after the fact, how we were being messed with.

>cameras and drones everywhere
Oh shit. Hopefully the cameras don't have night vision. And hopefully the drones aren't awake.

>what do
Put finger to Rudy's lips in the "be quiet" gesture, and put a hand on the flashlight to stop him turning in on (shake your head "no" at that? Maybe he'll see your glowing eye move).

If there a passage to your left along the wall? (Stage right, from our perspective). it looks like there might be, or maybe there's just wall behind the pillar and this is just a hallway.

Carefully, quietly, guide Rudy away from the monsters, to the left (if there's a passage). If not, guide him carefully and quietly down the hall, around and away from the monsters.
No. 621414 ID: defceb
File 142181985606.png - (39.69KB , 840x600 , 230.png )

"Do you see-" You cover Rudy's mouth to silence him and lead him by the wrist. If the things have night vision they haven't reacted yet. You go left.
No. 621431 ID: a18f15

Far left path behind the pillar has two things looking down it (maybe blocking it?) and... a body in a puddle of coolant. Shit, what besides you around here would bleed coolant? (I guess some of the prosthetics people have here must use it? If this is precursor tech to what you would / will / do use, I guess that makes sense).

The middle path, sneaking behind the 'receptionist' seems clearer. Stay low, and keep close to that block in the middle. Keep yourself between Rudy and the receptionist in case it turns.

Maybe snag that knife on the block as you go by.
No. 621436 ID: 687279

Is that a spare leg sitting on the counter?
No. 621440 ID: 9ddf68

huh, Rudy's skin grafts are showing for some reason.

quick qestoin, are any of these things moving or are they just standing still? because if they're moving that makes things harder but if not, well next to the wall there are two more of the bloody things on is standing between the two desk, on is off to the right standing by the pillars and I see a few more way down the hall. Also speaking of the hall, does it really need that many fucking cameras?

Anyways if that one guy by the desk is looking away from the wall you might be able to sneak past him, if not we may need to try the other wall.
No. 621446 ID: a08637

unless he started glowing himself there's something RIGHT FUCKING BEHIND YOU KILL IT!

but kill it quietly.
No. 621530 ID: defceb
File 142190010242.png - (40.85KB , 840x600 , 231.png )

>are any of these things moving or are they just standing still?
As far as you can tell they're standing perfectly still.

You poke his face. "Hey-" You silence him again. Yep, still Rudy.

You sneak down the middle path, grabbing the screwdriver.

>Is that a spare leg sitting on the counter?
It appears to be a prosthetic arm. Still in the packaging too.
No. 621531 ID: 9ddf68

pocket the arm if you think it won't try to kill you once you give it to that guy back in the clinic, Oh and the drone to your right by the pillar is starting to move towards you so you might want to not be where you're at once it comes over.
No. 621532 ID: 687279

That's one item we're supposed to retrieve. Put it in your Pocketspace Inventory, keep moving. Try to stay out of the view of the cameras, as difficult as that may be since they're fucking everywhere.

Also you're being followed by something that seems to have some sort of optical camouflage. I suppose since it's not attacking you it's fine, but...
No. 621541 ID: a18f15

Drone to the right, over the counter, behind the pillar. Sticking it's head out. Did it notice you?

>optical camouflage
Yeah, there's something behind you, by the corner of the slab, there. Pointed ears / horns / antenna, slim build, tattered robe, shoulder-pad / frilled ear?

...can't see it very well, but the design ascetic seems more like yours than the things here. There shouldn't be any full uplifts at this point in history, though.

Two cameras moved, but not pointing towards you. Maybe they're random-walking? ...actually, one camera appears to be pointed at the drone that moved, and the other at the cloaked thing. The cameras can see them, and are tracking them?

>grab spare prosthetic?
If you can, without attracting more attention.
No. 621715 ID: defceb
File 142199558125.png - (33.64KB , 840x600 , 232.png )

You add the arm to your inventory before moving quickly to the next area, doing your best to stay out of sight of the moving drone and million plus cameras.
No. 621716 ID: fef726

I think you need to take this one out to proceed. He is looking directly out through the gap.

How about going over the counter and eviscerating him? You'll be going in from his blind spot and whatever is looking through his eyes won't see you. Then you can proceed to grab that book.
No. 621718 ID: a18f15

Your invisible friend is still following you. Still, so long as they don't interfere, I don't think stopping to confront them in the middle of this is a good idea.

Also, more wall art. That's Rudy, on the left. And that's the walkie-talkie girl and her companion running on the right.

>gap, watcher
Can you... get up on the counter and just hop over the gap? If that one just stares dully ahead without looking up, that should work.

Although you can probably make that hop easy, it might not be so easy for Rudy, in the dark, without you being able to tell him to jump. (Unless you can just carry him over?).
No. 621726 ID: 527a38

What about throwing something at the far end if the room for distraction?
No. 621733 ID: 687279

Jumping will likely create a thump. I'm not sure it's looking this way anyway. Wait for the cameras to rotate around behind you, then cross. Reach over and grab that remote on the way.
No. 621746 ID: f61b8d

Are we actually sure they can see anything in the dark? Seems like we were walking willy-nilly through spaces full of things before; surely we crossed one's line of sight?
No. 621747 ID: 8f01e8

The disturbing wall art there reminds me of something... Marie, that nonstandard eye you've got is firewalled away from your own internals, but did you also cover it with something full-spectrum opaque so it can't report your position? If not, do so now.
No. 621748 ID: 256d52

Is that just a panel or some sot of remote on the floor?
No. 621761 ID: a18f15

Great, now we need a lead eyepatch.
No. 621929 ID: defceb
File 142209350084.png - (33.80KB , 840x600 , 233.png )

You suppose you could manage to attack the thing, if you were lucky enough to disable it before it could react. Distraction? Eyepatch? You check your inventory for something you could use.

You currently have:
The emergency cookie supply
Swiss Army Knife
Morgan's ID card
The Cloak
Cassette Player-
No. 621930 ID: defceb
File 142209353217.png - (19.73KB , 840x600 , 234.png )

-hey what's that noise?
No. 621931 ID: defceb
File 142209358785.png - (32.50KB , 840x600 , 235.png )

...anyway, you also have:
That one key
Movie Poster
Prosthetic Arm
No. 621932 ID: 321d85

O...kay.... Looks like we no longer need a distraction. Uh, hurry on through, I guess?
No. 621934 ID: fef726

Your follower is gone, and you can now proceed. I think you can safely grab that thing on the floor too. Get the guy to do it with his non-grafted arm in case that warning stripe is for a metal detector.
No. 621950 ID: 9ddf68

they're... they're gone. As is the invisible guy that's been tailing you. Well might as well move forward then, just try to avoid the cameras that are everywhere still. Last thing you want is for all the drones to come rushing back.
No. 621958 ID: a18f15

Your invisible companion seems to have removed the floor-watcher. Convenient.

Continue on, and scoop up that thing on the floor. (Movie? Tape? Book?).
No. 622093 ID: defceb
File 142217191901.png - (35.50KB , 840x600 , 236.png )

You go on ahead, adding the book to your inventory.
No. 622094 ID: defceb
File 142217201527.png - (35.31KB , 840x600 , 237.png )

You hear a sudden burst of air before Rudy is pushed forcefully against you.
No. 622095 ID: a18f15

Shit. The one we thought was gone popped up from behind the counter and attacked Morgan. Harpooned him or something?

...I don't know whether to to impressed he didn't cry out, or to be really worried he didn't.

Can you whip around and cut the tether with the knife?
No. 622096 ID: d958ad

Grab the cable on the gauntlet that's now attached to your friend, and pull it to yank the drone off balance. Apply spike to drone, aim for its optics. Then try to get the gauntlet off of Rudy and run for it.
No. 622115 ID: 9ddf68

fuckers just shot rudy!!!
No. 622232 ID: defceb
File 142224600656.png - (35.36KB , 840x600 , 238.png )

The drone rips out the knife before you can grab it.
No. 622233 ID: defceb
File 142224604483.png - (38.28KB , 840x600 , 239.png )

You whip around and introduce the drone to your spike.
No. 622235 ID: 9ddf68

damn, grab Rudy and see if you can't find a way out. We need to see how badly hurt Rudy is and then find a way to treat it.
No. 622236 ID: a18f15

Shit. Rudy's been stabbed. And killing that drone will have made noise.

Look around, see how much attention that attracted, and get to Rudy. We gotta get him out of here.
No. 622255 ID: d958ad

Stealth is no longer favorable. Get to the exit quickly. Find somewhere you can make light without attracting attention, then find a medkit. Should be one somewhere. Hell, there might be one in here.
No. 622263 ID: defceb
File 142225596171.png - (37.70KB , 840x600 , 240.png )

>Look around, see how much attention that attracted

Doesn't look like anyone noticed.
No. 622264 ID: defceb
File 142225608812.png - (35.46KB , 840x600 , 241.png )


"I don't want to cause any alarm but I think something punched me in the back." Rudy speaks up meekly.
No. 622265 ID: 9ddf68

and I'd hate to tell you that we need to run like the building is on fire.
No. 622266 ID: a19cd5

"Actually it was a stab, they see us, RUN."
>skedaddle the fuck out
No. 622267 ID: 01745f

Good, it seems to have just pushed him instead of piercing (perhaps his skin grafts have some perks).
That is especially good since now is time to tell him to open his eyes and run (doing the same yourself).
No. 622271 ID: 256d52

Drone's not down for the count - tell Rudy to get out and fend off the drone. Looks like it hasn't retracted its knife yet. Grab the knife, maybe see if you can cut the cable.
No. 622284 ID: 89941a

Alarm has already been caused, you need to get out of there and examine the potential stab wound and/or injection of unknown material.
No. 622285 ID: fef726

You could barely handle one of these things in a fight and that was in top form. Giving the ones that just spotted you time to close in? Bad idea.

So grab him and run.
No. 622294 ID: a18f15

Ready says 'punched', but the UI said 'knife', and I'm pretty sure I can see blood on his shirt, even with all that red light. Not good. I'm pretty sure it's just shock and the dark keeping him from realizing how bad it is.

Get him the fuck out of here. I know you're not supposed to run or do anything strenuous while low on coolant, but no choice right now. (Worst case, you may have to [i]carry[i/] him).

Objectives just changed. We were trying to find our way to the coolant and then eventually hook back up with the others. Priority now is getting him back to medical.
No. 622323 ID: defceb
File 142231251821.png - (26.18KB , 840x600 , 242.png )

>"Actually it was a stab, they see us, we need to run like this place is on fire."

You grab Rudy's hand and run as fast as possible.

"Stabbed? You're joking right I hardly feel it."
No. 622329 ID: 88960e

I hope he's right and you're wrong but first we got to get the heck out of this room. We'll check how bad he's hurt once we've got a shut door behind us.
No. 622331 ID: 89941a

Ok, then he was punched with the pointy end of a bladed weapon.
No. 622333 ID: d958ad

Well, it looked like it hit him with a knife. Maybe it wasn't a knife, and just something that looked like one?

Keep an eye on the drones to the left, but... what's that red light?
No. 622346 ID: 9ddf68

>Stabbed? You're joking right I hardly feel it.
maybe my eye's have been playing tricks on me when I'm in grid effect areas, or you're in shock. Anyways we need to leave NOW.
No. 622347 ID: fef726

We got hostiles in between the pillars on your left. And your old follower in at the door you are heading for.
No. 622372 ID: defceb
File 142233148001.png - (31.93KB , 840x600 , 243.png )

>What's that red light?
Suffice to say, bad news approaching fast.

You run to the door, forcing it open for Rudy.
No. 622373 ID: defceb
File 142233149009.png - (2.87KB , 840x600 , 244.png )

No. 622374 ID: defceb
File 142233151752.png - (18.29KB , 840x600 , 245.png )

"Sweet merciful light I can see again!"
No. 622380 ID: 9ddf68

keep moving, find somewhere kinda safe for now and treat Rudy's wound.
No. 622384 ID: d3be40

Maybe you should check his wounds to make sure they haven't worsened.
No. 622388 ID: d958ad

Close the door behind you. Then tell Rudy he is bleeding heavily and he needs to tell you where the nearest medical station is.
No. 622389 ID: a18f15

Answers that. It was definitely shock.

Jam door behind you.

Take something cloth and bind it tightly around where he's cut. Sacrifice your old cloak, or your new jacket, or his shirt or something.

Then ask him where we are. Which way do we need to go to get that door open, and get to the stairs? (Priority is getting to the stairs, safely off gird, and then getting him to medical).

...your invisible friend doesn't appear to have followed.
No. 622390 ID: b66bbe

oh god blood get some pressure on that. use a shirt or some kind of cloth.
No. 622391 ID: fef726

Right, he needs to be sewn up, and probably needs some blood as well. head to security, they probably have a first aid kit there and we wanted to head there anyway.

But before you go swipe everything off that bulletin board. No time to read it but a few seconds to stuff it all in your inventory won't hurt and it might contain clues.

Oh and destroy any and all cameras you come across.
No. 622400 ID: 89941a

I er.. don't think you can save him. Might want to apologise in advance.
No. 622422 ID: defceb
File 142234294670.png - (18.22KB , 840x600 , 246.png )

"Medkit? Treat my wounds? I already told you I feel f-"
No. 622423 ID: defceb
File 142234298118.png - (18.49KB , 840x600 , 247.png )

No. 622424 ID: 89941a

Time to catch him.
No. 622425 ID: defceb
File 142234302412.png - (17.47KB , 840x600 , 248.png )

"-udgesicles, it's starting to hurt."
No. 622426 ID: a18f15

...do we still have those painkillers?

>udgesicles, it's starting to hurt

Seriously, though, the best we can do for now is bind the wound to try and prevent blood loss. And then get him to medical, asap.
No. 622427 ID: d958ad

Painter lady ran past back there! Radio her for help. Grab Rudy before he passes out and help him towards the lady.
No. 622435 ID: d958ad

Wait actually that... looked more like you than the painter lady. What the fuck?
No. 622437 ID: d958ad


Okay consider that you've got a bit of evidence that you went back in time somehow. What if there are multiple versions of yourself that went back in time, all running around here? That would explain how your face is painted on the walls, and the painter lady's reaction to you as well- some of the versions of you are hostile to humans. Heck, maybe the entity that started all this is another version of you!
No. 622438 ID: 89941a

Fella is probably stunned while she's off grabbing stuff.
No. 622472 ID: 01745f

Entirely reasonable theory considering what we have seen so far. Multiple alternate versions of you, some of whom are hostile, would explain a lot. Not only would it explain "painter lady"'s reaction to you, it would also explain why the blue 'paint' on her looks exactly like your coolant.
No. 622485 ID: 9ddf68

what the fuck? was that you? Or is that just the grid fucking with us again?

relax you're going to be fine Rudy, we just need something to bandage the wound and get you out of the grid and you'll be fine.

Then see if there's something we can do to bandage the wound. Also I think we should keep moving seeing how there was a small army of drones behind us and the only thing keeping them away from us is a door which I don't believe is locked.
No. 622505 ID: 8f01e8

Alright, Rudy, the good news is it looks like you maybe got hit in the liver. If you're gonna be impaled through the torso, as a baseline organic human, that's one of the better spots for it. Punctured intestines would mean a massive e. coli infection, lungs or kidneys bleed so fast you might already be unconscious by now, stomach's got all that acid and digestive enzymes, spine... you get the idea. Liver doesn't have a lot of tricky internal macrostructure, all the important functionality is at the cellular level. Stop the bleeding, keep the wound clean, and you'll be fine.
No. 622602 ID: defceb
File 142242104431.png - (3.82KB , 840x600 , 249.png )

>"Is there a way to jam this door?"

"y-yeah, just break the part by the handle it should trigger an-" SMASH "...emergency lock mechanism." A dull series of thuds emanate from the door.

>"Great, now where's the security room? We need to patch you up fast."

Rudy's voice wavers with uncertainty. "Do you... think I'll die?"

>"You'll be fine, it looks like they just hit your liver. We need to tend to it fast. Just relax, let's go."

"I don't want to die."

"I really don't want to die down here."

End of Thread 2
No. 622604 ID: 9ddf68

huh, at least this time it didn't end with US getting stabbed. progress. Now we just need to get it to where the threads end with the bad guy getting stabbed instead of us or people we like and we'll be in the clear.
No. 622605 ID: a18f15

>I really don't want to die down here.
You'll be fine! I got stabbed and I was okay!

...let's just get out of here and get you to medical as soon as possible, okay.

(And don't forget to bind the wound to limit blood loss).
No. 622653 ID: 8bd2b1

Might wanna turn night vision back on, too.
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